Agni Yoga's facets, 1963 (101-250)

101. (Feb. 21). Clarification of covers the triple: body clarification, clarification of an astral and clarification of a mental body. Clarification of a physical body is made by water and daily ablution; breath and everyday short pranayama and intestines clarification. Purity is observed both in clothes and in people around directly conditions. The astral is cleared by switching off of those emotions and experiences, which are incommensurable to the highest aspirations of spirit, and by severe control over consciousness reflexes. Mental perhaps is cleared only under a condition if the thought if consciousness on continuous patrol is observed. Certainly, some terrestrial conditions are infectious awfully. They should be avoided, as well as the people bearing an infection. They are dangerous, completeness of clarification isn't reached yet and immunity of spirit isn't established. Certainly, the center of gravity not in a physical body, and at all in menthol, but in an astral, and in the course of clarification emphasis is placed on it. But also on thoughts depends much because conducts thought. Yoga without clarification is impossible.
102. (M. A. Y.). Prometheus stole fire from the sky; fire spirit not from Earth. But it is necessary to live on Earth, in a body terrestrial and in the conditions of the dense world. How to combine heavenly and terrestrial and how spirit through life to carry by the lamp, not going out? – Here in what a problem of in who spirit fires are lit. Whirlwinds terrestrial seek to extinguish fire. Quenchers and extinguishing many, therefore also fight, fight to allowing fire of spirit to die away. As they courageously fought, Light Carriers, for the statement of fiery reality! Hands are given to the Bowl, and in the Bowl – Fire. It collected for eyelids. It is saved up, and it is necessary to carry by it up to the end. The darkness strong directs on them, and everything, who behind it and with it. Fiery-bearer isn't enough, but it is a lot of attendants of darkness. Heroes of spirit call them bearing the light for the world. In the world are lonely, but are close to the Teacher of Light and know the way.
103. (Feb. 22). I can protect from external influences but how to preserve against own impulses and the desires going from depth of the microcosm through own covers? After all the will is free and when there is a desire, it chooses and solves, to approve it or to reject. Each indulgence to the desire which is contrary to ascension of spirit, forces it to go down, commensurable on purpose self-improvement ennobles everyone. The concession to voices of the past won't lead to the purpose. Not too expensive price not gets rid feelings? Burdening’s by circumstances are allowed by me not in order that the will broke under their weight and in order that got stronger. It is possible to struggle with it, having resorted to the help of a rhythm and creating mentally bright images of overcoming everything that a barrier tries to follow Ways.
104. (M. A. Y.). And others crucified, tormented with animals, in prisons wearied and betrayed to tortures. How many them which were injured for Light? It is possible to imagine when it is heavy as that suffered former before. And then personal, small adversities will lose the sharpness. And loneliness seems. There can't be a loneliness when are connected in the spirit of with the Lord. Also we can't be left. But it is necessary to undergo, it is necessary for the sake of the future and, having undergone, to overcome in it for the sake of what the next test is given. And the pleasure will come together with the sun. Sun of Great Heart over the world, and its Beam with you!!!
105. The problem of clarification of conductors and their psycho - a chemical composition demands replacement of elements rougher and heavier easier and being more shone. Then there is a harmonious merge of the highest of three with the lowest four – the flesh is combined with fire. Wine, tobacco, meat, heavy rough food enters heavy elements of Earth into an organism. Low feelings and low thoughts terrestrial отемняют the lowest conductors, and Light of the Triad through them can't break through. But happens and so that the body is shone and the person shines. After all you speak: "It like thunder", or: "His face shines for pleasure", – only you don't want to ponder. So every instant the person in the covers causes light or darkness. But it is possible to cause light consciously and at the will. Light in the Triad and Light in Me! When personal "I" direct up, covers start shining. Coherence the highest demands coherence of all centenary! When you are torn in clouds, and the body pulls from top to bottom and the astral is torn apart by desires, the accord of coherence isn't present and can't be. Krylov was right... and nowadays there a cart of unlucky spirit which was won by terrestrial Maya.
106. (Feb. 23). The fifth principle can be shown in all other the lowest, in any every day. The physical consciousness touches a body and the outside world through five feelings. The astral and menthol are shown so on the physical plan. At an astral exit the consciousness is shown in a body, but not physical, but thin. Any experience goes communication with any of the covers or with their combination. This or that cover can be excluded from consciousness. For example, it is possible to live strong only emotions, or only menthol, or a stomach (completely to separate them while in a physical body, it is impossible). Directly the thought affects any if it is purposeful with a certain task. Thoughts vagrant, thoughts casual aren't effective. The purposeful thought always gives a consequence. Thought – the tool, the working tool, working energy. The lever of thought it is possible to lift big affairs. The thought needs control over it, in the same way, as any tool – in hands that to hold it and to it to boss. But people of it don't understand and are in the habit to send itself to the power to thoughts. The thought generated by consciousness and will, is allowed to the power over the creator and beget. Generation seizes that who generated it, seizes on ignorance of beget, that is the founder and mister. Situation unnatural, because the owner of thought – her creator and the founder, that is the thinker, that is the person, the lord of the world of thoughts. Complaints and exasperation! On what? After all of them – only thoughts, our thoughts created and allowed by us. We cherished them and rushed with them, submitting to them and kowtowing to them when were in their power while the whole world, both all happiness, and all pleasure of a plainness are open for us and when gifts of spirit wait and the inheritance of the Father waits, but wait behind the Threshold. Watchman is their Maya. Reject it, drive away all shadows. Light ahead! In World Aboveground conducts thought, as, however, and in the world terrestrial. But there especially freely and especially sharply its force comes to light. It is long possible to think and it is persistent on Earth, but from a place not to shift the house and thought not to build one house, but in World Thin it is possible because everything that is created there by thought, pours out in the real forms seen so distinctly and clearly as subjects of a material world are visible on Earth. And these forms become evidence of that plan. There the thought creates directly, here the thought creates, and that is carried out through purely material factors without which not to do. This difference in operation on plans various should be acquired thoughts well. Where everything is movable by though, the thought but if not her creator and the lord, that is the person, there owns it dominates and dominates, it seizes him, and subordinates him to itself, and captures him, absorbing itself his being. So the person in a condition of the strong affect, committed serious crime and passed to the World Thin, will be in the power of mental whirlwinds astral, entirely and completely absorbed by their violent whirlpool. Therefore mastering by thought on Earth is guarantee of freedom of spirit and in World Aboveground. Release from all types of slavery can come only through thought. The terrestrial lord or the governor allocated with people with the higher authority terrestrial, can be the pity slave to the thoughts, while the simplest person who hasn't been allocated with the power terrestrial, perhaps with the lord of and free with freedom of spirit. It is necessary to reconsider these concepts of a root. Freedom can be only in the spirit of. Money won't give it. Millionaires – slaves to the property and conditions in which lay down their money. The one who has no property can have true freedom only or, having it, refused it in the spirit of. Slaves to conditions terrestrial slaves go to the World Thin and in slavery at the thoughts and the desires there stay. How the slave can tell generations, guarding him at the Threshold, what he isn't afraid of them when he is their slave, in the power of them being on Earth and not dumped in a body of their yoke? It is possible to think always and of anything, but on condition of the will sanction on this thought, accept or reject which the will can during any instant. The thought is the will tool, but not her lord. However, the generated thought will be at beget, but also the bought tool remains at the buyer and remains his tool, but not the owner of the owner. Even unsuccessful either the notion of compulsion or idea remains under all conditions property of the founder who has the full power to dispose of it as he wants, and even to betray to burning in the fiery aspiration to Light. Thought it is necessary to pass through a step of mastering.
107. (Feb. 24). Not always spirit on take-off, but always, even when the consciousness is shipped in commonness, it is possible to sate it with something useful and necessary in the Way. From the Way not leave. And in the Way something is necessary always without what not to do. And here it which is most necessary, also it is possible to prepare and reserve in the most usual time. The way is long, and a lot of things from this that around, it is necessary to leave and it are necessary to leave much, but there are things with which it is necessary to go all the way which isn't present. Certainly, the most valuable undertakes with itself and that is necessary in any conditions and in all worlds, on all plans of existence through which the Way to Boundlessness lies; it is possible to distinguish this most necessary from usual use. These are thoughts and feelings, attachments and aspirations, pictures and images of those phenomena which don't depend on temporariness of conditions and aren't connected with them, but atop. Let's tell if the Image of the Lord is imprinted in heart, it belongs already to area of those phenomena which are necessary at all moments of the Way – either devotion, or love to the Highest Shape, or all other qualities of spirit if from Light they. So, we will select true values to take them with itself in the Way distant which has no end.
108. (M. A. Y.). The spirit sates with the qualities all covers. Covers temporarily, but qualities of spirit endure them everything. But, worrying, they are in process of the continuous growth and change. It is good when kind qualities of spirit change and grow. But if grow and the bad develop?! They after all grow not in it, not spontaneously, but at will influence, at her statement of these or those phenomena or with its connivance. Qualities of spirit are the threads stretched from the remote past in infinity of the future. Also their growth is infinite. The main property of quality is its boundlessness. Only dark qualities nevertheless are limited to the sphere, more precisely, lasting spheres of existence of darkness. Darkness is temporarily. Light is eternal. And fiery, light qualities of spirit, being expression of its essence and developing in the fiery and a lightful, accompany always the person on his infinite way to Boundlessness.
109. (Feb. 25). Yes! Yes! Change of character of dreams is very indicative. Let's remember and note all details of a new step. It is right: deprivation in external is finding in the internal. For the external we won't grieve, too a little they needed to live, but of the internal we will take care more because remains with us and after. Time, and for any more will come there will be no place neither in thoughts, nor in feelings. Everything will be ours.
110. Clairvoyance and claurluhear and all other Clair sense are other than experiences of the medium by that at the medium the astral and astral lowest abilities are open to the World Thin, but without will control, automatically and usually aren't accompanied by consciousness clarification, - therefore danger of contact with the lower class of an astral of a bike. Even in case of purity of the medium it constantly under the threat if has no Head and is in usual conditions. Clairsense is result of the disclosure full or partial, the centers which fires serve as protection against darkness. Development of abilities of the pupil goes very consistently and systematically, because each conceals in itself equal to it on force danger if over it will control isn't established. It is possible to imagine, what stream can rush in an open ear if it isn't protected by communication with the Teacher and patrol of own will. Sharpening of perceptions of the Thin order always two-edgily and dangerously always is. Only fiery tendency of heart to the Hidden Driver protects it from darkness invasion. And it is constant on the guard, ready to turn each achievement into spirit falling. Therefore it is said that through life it is necessary to go as on a string through a chasm because the weeds above, the possibility of falling is more terrible. And the chasm is open for the begun to see clearly spirit that saw and knew how strong it is necessary to keep Me. But we go and darkness we don't fear because together we go.
111. (M. A. Y.). The highest happiness which the person can have is a happiness of merge in the spirit of with the Lord. And the pleasure of merge to me only as far as concerns the highest happiness as I am connected with It. I want to tell that in itself me as anything, as well as everyone, standing on Light Ladder, without The one Who Stands behind It and Who is higher. This sequence of steps of Hierarchy of Light is shown as a basis, in all Doctrines of Light. The power of Hierarchy when for each Hierarch, as though He was high as though is confirmed by it, there is it’s the Highest, - also and Boundlessness of Hierarchy display in continuity of his chain. Distribution of the spirits gravitating to the Hierarch goes on Beams. On Beams the Space Paternity is established also. This distribution, or Space communication of spirits, doesn't depend at all on conditions of the dense world. It is possible to call bonds of spirit this communication. To its understanding the spirit wakes up gradually, in process of disclosure of the internal consciousness. But the physical or terrestrial consciousness concerns only the outside world, but internal, or spiritual, goes deep into. Not interruptibility of consciousness not from a body, but spirit. The spirit is live and succeeds accumulation of fiery qualities. When the consciousness concentrates on hidden and accumulates the invisible wealth, it starts coming nearer to not interruptibility step, claiming life among everything that is subject to death.
112. Whether everything is equal, where and as external life when the Lord is close proceeds. Life of spirit goes to an isolated.* It is possible to deepen it endlessly. Maya around, but not Maya Lord! Having concentrated five feelings on Me, it is necessary to strain heart devotion, love and aspiration and all other qualities, fiery to strain to Me. There is a scale of feelings fiery. There is a fiery pleasure, love, feeling of our Proximity. All usual emotions of an astral cleared and realized, can ascend above, for example, feeling of compassion. If We are loved by you, and We love you, and not only you, but also all mankind! All the lowest energy of a microcosm can be transmutation in the highest, would be that transmutation. Lukewarm is anything. Therefore also mistakes are anything when the love to the Hierarch burns in heart. Fiery highest feelings to Light we ascend also a transmutation of the lowest fires in light Agni.
113. (Feb. 26). All hostile influences and everything becoming a barrier on the Way are overcome by ardent merge to Heart Great. And then because of a back there is the Mighty Torch, capable to melt any candle, trying to scorch the smoking flame. There is a lot of fellow travelers, but to the first burn. It is surprising to observe how often people will wound each other, - and even not so such bad. Ignorance and misunderstanding is great – what energy own, - from here and angrily.
114. (M. A. Y.). That degree of proximity which is reached by communication with me, gives absolutely special feeling of karmic coherence of two microcosms, among the boundless Universe, magnitic carrying to each other. It is possible to think of the world outside, of billion consciousness’s, of three billions incarnate, and, having thought, to understand how it isn't enough among them spirits of relatives and the communications connected by strong hidden threads spiritual; to understand and estimate those opportunities which are given by them. It is possible to think of how to strengthen and strengthen a heart thread also. Death – anything for love. This feeling is immortal. It can be raised infinitely. Its growth will cause also the future. Fiery energy in future space directs and it there makes out the Karma current. The meetings having special value always are karmic. But the Karma is created by will of spirit, - thought and feeling weave a yarn of karmic communication. Action by thought and feeling at first, and the Karma is only a consequence of these both. The thought without feeling is powerless; the feeling without thought has no commitment. Feelings and thoughts mutually strengthen each other. But that and another can be raised infinitely and absolutely consciously, knowing that they are immortal.
115. (M. A. Y.). Approach to Focus of Light lights up all hidden corners of consciousness and finds there things about which existence I forgot the coming nearer. But Light, revealing all until then hidden, properties, incompatibility of the highest with the lowest and uselessness of much from this gives the chance to understand at the same time that once was considered admissible or tolerant. And then in consciousness there is a revaluation of values when each phenomenon starts taking already decent to it a place. There is as though a reinstallation of the saved-up property, and all unusable and inappropriate to the increased understanding of spirit simply jumps out as superfluous. The concept of the Way of subjects and is good that doesn't allow to take with itself load more than what it is necessary. Each excess freight weight will lie down on shoulders. And then further, it will become that it is heavier. Therefore revision of all loads and especially revision of new acquisitions becomes from time to time inevitable, especially when freight starts delaying shoulders and to shorten a stride. As a matter of fact, it isn't necessary anything and it is good when the spirit goes without any load. It belongs, first of all, to things which it is owned. This freight is especially heavy and especially isn't necessary. But also the intellectual baggage can burden not less usual at times. So and here revision and release from excessive stuff or even litter too is required. It is a lot of unnecessary in the thoughts people bear on the way. Whether turned when attention to how uncertainly and shy indecision or doubt, either instability or mistrust, or concern and fear goes? So, even usual emotions are reflected in step hardness. Stratifications of the past demand cleaning; Light, which inside, will allow to see everything that is subject to withdrawal as garbage inutile and the litter concealing in microbes of an infection.
116. (Feb. 28). The management individually because there are no two blades even similar and isn't present the standard in approach to soul of the person. The accord excludes a cliché. In it everyone is right, including correct the approach if thus it isn't forgotten that it is so correct and at everyone coming nearer to Light the way. Go the way. Let everyone know the way, without crossing the stranger. The accord goes on heart strings. But after all each heart knows the harmony created in lives last. It is impossible neither destroy, nor to break it because it will be infringement of a free will, our code forbidden. The flower simply reaches for the sun and is dismissed under its beams. Heart simply reaches for Heart, being filled with vibrations of more powerful Magnet. But heart too magnet. After this entire is receptacle fiery. And fire magnetic. You know force of an attraction of the lowest fires and that as difficultly at times to resist to them. But force of light fires is more powerful. The aspiration to the Fiery Magnet of Heart of the Hierarch causes an answer, that is, the accord. And then the directed heart starts sounding on a system of the highest tonality. The love gives the highest tonality. The love reaches the merge phenomenon, is reached without couriers of thoughts, exercises and any magic receptions. You love and will double rapprochement force. You love and will strengthen Proximity. You love and will reach more simply and easier to reach what you achieve and still not in forces other ways.
117. (M. A. Y.). . Flowers can be raised, carefully, attentively and lovingly looking after them. As it is possible to raise and love to Great Heart. Flowers demand everyday leaving and watering, as also feeling of love to the Teacher of Light. Only instead of water heart fires, and instead of watering of a thought and thought of It, all are necessary to us Given. If we love whom from people, it is a lot of thoughts and feelings we give us to darlings, both naturally and simply we allocate for them a place both in heart and in thoughts, without any squeezed-out efforts. It in life usual, - but the Way to Light is unusual and the love to Great Heart because has to exceed feelings terrestrial is unusual. For this love this, who so loves, went on fires, went on tortures, on feats went; all life, all thoughts, all aspirations, desires and feelings giving to the Lord. Unless who forced it to do, unless someone suppressed their free will? No, the powerful flame of love burning in fiery heart, indulged in Light on a feat, conducted to achievements, not achievable other ways. That is why the precept about love is the highest. That is why it is given as the shortest way of achievement. That is why love it is possible to overcome the impossible. Conscious education of this feeling will lead to a desired gate before all other efforts. But in love consists both devotion, and aspiration, both dedication, and ardent burning of heart. That is why the Decree is given: "Go love" because it reaches all.
118. Someone finds time for anything, but only not for the most necessary. Let's do everything together with Me that thoughts merged. It is possible to be filled with the Lord without any efforts – easily, simply and naturally if heart flares love to Tom Who Called.
119. (March 1). There is no return! Where? Return to a vice of former limitation of consciousness? How flying will want to cut off and wings? Concerned Light doesn't aspire in a gloom. Or begun to see clearly will agree to refuse eyes? Yes! Yes! Return isn't present because the grown spirit back, is similar started to fly to a baby bird, in a former shell already isn't able to hold, - it on the one hand. With another, each quality of spirit, and especially increased, has the contrast, so to speak, potentially. And the return movement leads to identification of this potential on an opposite pole of the increased quality. From here each turncoat it becomes moral so many times worse, in his merits how many amplified at ascending aspiration up. Suitable we Test always. Without tests it is possible to allow absolutely unusable, though showing a look lightens. And wishing many to receive Light gifts, having given nothing, both having renounced nothing, and having brought nothing, even baskets for gifts. Severely test the being knocked. Don't pass by attention, especially trifles – they are often more indicative than the phenomena big and noticeable. And, having each trifle, a root look his and the reason. Behind a small crack there can be the whole hollow full of bats and nasty thing everyone. Sharp-sightedly you look. The payment and responsibility for allowed blindly is great.
120. (M. A. Y.). It is impossible to break a fruit earlier, than it will ripen. There will be no assimilation if the consciousness isn't ready. Take your time. All aspirations expressed in definitely finished form, will be carried out. But as it is possible reach, say, clairvoyance if this center didn't reveal yet. Violently opened centers will bring accident. Why? There has to be compliance between achievement and ability to keep it that is to approve that is to protect will. And, if it is weak? And, if she isn't able to keeps consciousness at height beseeming achievement? From where is falling, swaying and other disbalance? That is why It is told: take your time. Everything will come in due time simply, openly and naturally.
121. We Take all measures that Communication was orotund. But it isn't enough our measures if the same efforts aren't undertaken from perceiving consciousness. The full chord has to be seven-stringed. Usually five acts, is more rare – six strings. The sixth – heart. Heart – a receptacle of the sixth. The medium acts without heart means. We – heart. No wonder that silent heart don't know Us. The heart given to us succeeds in the fiery development. The body lives on Earth, and heart at Us. Why (our) approximations are so rare? Not to incinerate. Life of heart can't be forced. Heart doesn't suffer violence. Whether it is possible to love violently? The aura is felt as aura. The aura is felt according to the accord of related elements. The vibrations are higher and purer, the coherence chord is fuller. That is why clarification is necessary. You want Us to have closer? And what becomes for this purpose? After all from so many it is necessary to be released, stirring to volume to merge in completeness of the accord. It is possible to have either it or that, either or our, either darkness or Light, either cockroaches in the bosom, or sparks, stars, fires; thoughts about or about Us; either small "I" or Image of the Lord. How to tear off the consciousness which has grown into Earth from Earth? Thought lever, the heart, of the thought going from heart and not refusal, but containment!
122. (March 3). Magnets are scattered everywhere. And some with absolutely certain purpose put in them. They act constantly, magnetizing consciousness of people around and sometimes on huge distance. At the time of tension of terms their power increases respectively. When there will goes a deadline, they will flash energy of tension extraordinary, transmutating energy of consciousness on Light waves. Anything doesn't vanish, any mental grain put till time to terms in judgment places. Flash not the fires as electric bulbs when suddenly starts working stopped for the period of a dynamo of the central station flash. So even the word one told on a nice ear bears in itself a fixed message.
123. (M. A. Y.). Just as on planet spaces in due places magnets of distant action are put, psych grains and in consciousness of the person, in a receptacle of his memory are in the same way put. They too, everyone, lie there till time that when term will come, to flash to fires, to yield the fruit and to light up consciousness energy of Light. But also psych grains happens different quality. Weeds come across also. It is better to move away them from consciousness beforehand. Perfect seeds are cleared of weeds and all other unusable impurity that crops and without defects a harvest were pure. From time to time sprouts grain, and at these moments it is possible to define its essence. The person knows always that is good in him and that is bad. So cleaning of seed fund of consciousness, that is its psych grains of litter, it is possible to conduct constantly.
124. (March 7). In Akasha's rolls all is depicted. From Akasha's rolls nothing disappears. Records of space collapse neither during Pralaya, nor after it. Even Night of Bramah doesn't influence Archives of Memory of the Nature. Space process is that the visible and visible collects and grows the World Is invisible Real finally never to stop the life. In it Boundlessness! The terrestrial mankind creates the astral, mental and Fiery World of the planet and when the planet will disappear, the Fiery World will continue to exist, because it from eternity. The wreath of Space Reason lives in conditions never stopping Life. But these conditions are created by its Participants, the Tallest Fire Spirits, and their creative Will. Only one world hot transient is the World Fiery. On its constructions They Direct of Energy. And among the born and dying worlds erect the Fiery Stronghold, the Temple of the eternal Life, those spheres where the Fire Spirit can have life in aspect of Uninterrupted Consciousness on Eternity Cycles. Just as Arhat is awake in the afternoon in a body physical, and at night consciously lives in the highest covers, without interrupting consciousness, in the same way Planetary Spirits live, without interrupting it, during Manvantara and the worlds Pralaya. Life is infinite.
125. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to realize that, despite variability of conditions of all covers, there is something over them, something over the movements happening in everyone, over that stream of a matter which flows through each of covers and corresponds to it. It something which isn't depending on the phenomena of the passing world inside and outside, also is that basis on which it is necessary to place emphasis, knowing that the transient is below the plane of this highest consciousness. When in strong embraces of the passing the consciousness of this emphasis in itself remains, then isn’t terrible and waves of the ocean of the temporary and passing phenomena aren't dangerous. It is necessary to keep only consciousness on this Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life.
126. (March 8). (M. A. Y.). . "Terrestrial wisdom is hostility against the Lord" is means that the phenomena of the dense world are so far from conditions of the Highest Worlds that on them it is impossible to present magnificence Fiery or open spaces even the Thin World and freedom which the spirit enjoys in them. It is necessary to feel stone burden of a flesh, its restriction and coherence of spirit to compare and understand, extra dense conditions how are other than the dense. Flights even in a thin body are so other than movement in a physical body. There moves thought, here too thoughts, but through nerves and muscles; in the same place directly influencing a thin body. The food, clothes, diseases, need have known and very difficult details of life terrestrial stir freedom, creating for spirit prison. Plunge in bonds of a matter it is possible to call an embodiment in a body and life on Earth. But there is no life for people of Earth of other way to release from terrestrial, how on Earth in a body dense to understand sense and value of each embodiment as only way for self-knowledge and for release of spirit from a wheel of death and births. For incarnate other ways not present. Through death, through hundreds death to life, through a dungeon of dense conditions is release from them.
127. (March 9). What there was a condition of consciousness and how spatial currents or the general provision in the world were heavy, time always can be spent fruit full and with advantage. There can't be such situation when it would be boring, or there would be nothing to do, or to occupy itself fruitfully. For example, as ability of bright, full and accurate imprinting of subjects in the third eye is far from perfect; any exercise won't take place without result. But what these results if to be engaged in this exercise systematically and systematically and, in addition to that, every time when the mental condition wearies spirit will be. This ability, in addition, has very big, purely practical value. Development can devote it all life, and life then this embodiment it will be lived not in vain. Each free moment of unemployment can be devoted as well to mastering by a body, concentrating on weaker and threatened disbalance that is diseases, body organs. It is possible to create also before the internal look any fancy of such brightness to see it as it is distinct, as subjects of the dense world. Or it is possible to help distant and close friends or it is simple that who in need, creating the pictures of a dense environment opposite to what caused this. As distinctly also it is brightly possible to think of transformation of a planet and people of Earth, in space the blossoming earth and the changed life. Psychic is harmful and dangerous, but the accurate, clear, strong and steady thinking certainly is useful. Many think foggy and not clearly, generating spatial slime and littering aura of a planet. The above exercises will help to advance consciousness much and to help and to people around and.
128. (M. An. Y.). . The echidna of doubt of subjects also is dangerous that is Maya persuasiveness of evidence. And in it her lie, but trouble that the fiery of the basis of vitality of spirit is undermined and its fire hangs. And without fire the person is destroyed and becomes an empty peel, and persuasiveness of evidence, apparently, is incontestable and the logic is well-founded, but results are tragic because stop advance and tend to throw consciousness back into embrace of thoughts and feelings not gets rid and that to deprive of it all achievements. It is always heavy to climb up the mountain, but to go down – easily. Descent is fast. That, on achievement of that were required for many years, it is possible to destroy during some instants unreasonable actions of the consciousness saddened by doubts. Not the doubt is dangerous, but its consequences are terrible. It would seem small thought and not effective, not active strong, but how many in it killing poison. Beware of persuasiveness and logic of the doubt, whatever actual material it bossed. Already on the essence of the nature it is absolutely inadmissible, and under no circumstances an entrance it can't open. Doubt – the murderer of spirit, a quencher of fires, the destroyer of power of the Triad. Certainly, it is invariable and always thrown dark when they see that the aura starts growing dull or in an armor of spirit there are treacherous cracks. Here also try with might and main, all ways, all methods to throw the poisonous shaggy balls. What victory for them if it is possible to extinguish spirit fires, the Lord the lit! What spiteful pleasure! But on the guard Leading, ready every instant to give the Helping hand and to open eyes on a darkness malefactor.
129. (March 10). It is necessary to remember always that in the world of dual contrasts any phenomenon has the antipode, the opposite pole. Conditions of consciousness and its mood submit to this law also. And any mood of a present situation, it steadily comprises the contrast which won't be slow to rise on its place. There is no condition long very much. The consciousness doesn't maintain monotony and monotony, and sounding on this wave gradually fades to be replaced with a condition of other order. It is necessary to watch that during the difficult moments it wasn't allowed any acts burdening karma only. It is well simple to wait the moment when the dark strip will be replaced with the light. But patrol it isn't necessary to leave never because dark influences can get into unprotected consciousness from the party and bring the decomposing influence. They after all seek to strengthen each weakness and to recover and inflate everything that is subject to a gets rid. Their purpose – darken aura and to bring decomposition. Immunity of spirit is maintained by constancy of contact with the Head and constancy of pretending before the Highest. The course of the ship doesn't depend on inconstancy of weather.
130. (M. A. Y.). It is hard to separate thought from itself and to understand that it is for spirit the phenomenon external, as well as clothes or a body, or emotions or feelings. The thought isn't "I" the person, but only his generation, its creation, as well as each subject made his hands. If to understand separateness of thought from consciousness, the creator – from the generation, it is easier, it having separated, to seize it. It is impossible, thought from itself without having separated and considering it "I", to operate it and to take under severe control. At the time of attempt of mastering by this thought it is possible, having as though risen from it aside, quietly to provide to it to spend the charge, the energy to see that, provided to herself and separated from consciousness, it starts losing the force and to fade. But association with it strengthens it constantly and maintains its vitality because the thought eats mental energy of beget. Lightful thoughts don't mean. The thought of light feeds and increases energy of consciousness. But the thought of darkness devours it and weakens the person and all his covers. The thought can not only weaken, the thought can cause a disease of all system, and the thought can stop heart that is killing. It is necessary to distinguish accurately these two orders of thoughts – destroyers, devourers, force sucking, from thoughts of Light, life-giving. Control needs both that and others: devourers – for management of them and exiles from consciousness, life-giving – for deduction and growth. But in that and other case to separate thought from itself, beget and the creator, it is necessary. Separated, it becomes more obedient and easier submits to will. After all finally consciously or unconsciously, but the thought is generated by will, and will her lord. When there is an office and consciousness and will become away from thought, them given rise, it can be owned and it too direct as the horseback rider directs a horse. The horse is lucky the horseback rider, the mister, the thought bears, like a horse, bears on itself beget and the creator, but the bridle in a hand of the horseback rider, and a horse directs it, as well as the thought directs and if the person – the creator of the thought and its lord directs.
131. (March 11). Approach of terms is realized only by the few. Hearts of many unconsciously feel and heavy pine, but the knowledge of the events isn't present. Visible it is caused invisible, but invisible it is necessary to see to understand situation in the world, - and it difficult extraordinary. The last attempts of the leaving old world already far stepped over line of prudence and common sense. The logic of its existence is insolvent therefore he and suffers a defeat one behind another, despite seeming and temporary and very unreliable advantages in some places. Restlessly is in the world. All old, leaving and becoming obsolete comes into the hopeless deadlock of contradictions. Leaving energy gradually lose a support on which they kept on Earth.
132. (M. A. Y.). Any live form of life never was the evolution purpose, but was only means, using which evolution goes to the purpose. All live forms from an infusorian to the person, living ever, died, and all will die living nowadays. All are doomed to destruction that evolution and improvement of new forms could move ahead. To focus sense of the life in that temporary form into which the spirit of the person is put at present, – means to doom itself to death at the same time with a form. But as in grain dying for new life nothing dies, also the spirit, despite death of a form so doesn't die, both doesn't die and the life recovering billion forms living and living once didn't die. Here this never-dying essence of life in eternally dying and its external forms also should be felt and realized in itself before starting approving immortality of spirit. This never-dying life as the personality is a temporariness and transient symbol that is death is impersonal. To see and approve immortal in mortal, eternal – in passing, super personal and Space – in personal and will be a way to Boundlessness, that is to a life not finished.
133. (March 12). Entering into Communication, all is left below: thoughts, feelings and moods. The consciousness mirror, like a surface of the stiffened lake, reflects only my World, the World of my thoughts, the sphere of the thinnest of energy. Yourself anything, except aspiration and ardent renunciation of everything that "I" sound in the small sphere personal; where steps of the millennia, don't beseem an egoism phenomena, when activity of personal consciousness fades, the perception of thin energy begins. One is incompatible with another. Either the, or mine. Either you or I in your consciousness pulse. To whom from us heart is opened and who prevails, that and phenomena itself; didn't reconcile yet and it isn't bridled small "I" and his master – an astral, My Voice silent can't be heard. Be rejected from itself and follow Me, without paying attention to a kaleidoscope of the phenomena of the matter flowing through three covers, because all of them – not you. Your life of spirit is in Me, out of it – crying and a gnash tooth.
134. (March 13). Thirst of Communication is based on aspiration up. Let's explain as far as possible a difference between a dense and thin condition of consciousness when it dumped a physical body. The physical environment isn't present, there are only its stratifications in memories and a consciousness attraction to with what it is connected more. There are receipts through astral feelings, but already environments of other order, namely, conditions of the Elevated World. They very much differ from terrestrial and can quickly change as the thought directs to about what thinks of consciousness, and is surrounded with it. It is necessary to adapt and get used to new conditions as the one incarnation gets used gradually to the world terrestrial. Process depends on height and experience of consciousness. At one it goes quickly, at others more slowly, as, however, and on Earth. One acquires quickly one, another, on abilities. It is required to realize the condition. Hardly it and isn't simple. Denying possibility of life of spirit in Elevated has no it, that is has at a rate of force and denial depth: it is more certain and is stronger; the less than life. Life there is on consciousness. The consciousness is defined by that was brought and approved in it on Earth, but plus of opportunity and advantage of extra dense existence. Knowing that there it is possible to move thought, will move and fly power of thought while on Earth the knowledge of this opportunity to fly didn't give it. There is a lot of advantages of thin existence if terrestrial outgrowths and desires, say, food, drink, smoking and other habits, don't immerse consciousness in their illusive satisfaction. Those who lived interests of higher order, can continue to live them, but not limited by coherence of dense conditions. The imagination is developed widely because creativity of spirit has unlimited possibilities of manifestation. The imagination being at known height means. Because excesses are counterbalanced by the return influence of elements if the imagination is dirty. Life there can be very interesting and fascinating if there is a material collected on Earth which allows to be developed on lines of aspirations of spirit and vice versa if any aspirations not roughly material order it is approved on Earth wasn't. All seeds put in a microcosm of the person, give the shoots on compliance with them. Kind is kind, bad is angry. Everything about what people think is carried out in World Aboveground, in mental forms which make part of the maintenance of the Hidden World. And people live in environments of these images, attracted by them and attracting them according to the accord. The world of the composer, either the world of the scientist, or the world of the poet strongly differs from the world of the drunkard, the gambler or the addict. On the mental atmosphere of a one incarnation it is possible to judge that environment which he prepares for itself (himself) after release from a body unmistakably. The law of compliance or the accord works unmistakably because lines of a magnetic attraction attract to themselves related with it elements, and everyone receives the he wants to what its internal essence aspires. Besides, going to fathers goes to them, going to Us goes to Us. Going and directed anywhere goes to that and is attracted exactly there, to what or where he aspires. The aspiration and thoughts define the sphere and spirit stay. Not casual desire and not casual fleeting thought, but taken roots, grown into essence of the person of aspiration form its elevated stay. Nobody can receive to what it didn't direct, or to reap what it didn't sow or to have that it denied. So, each thought accepted on Earth and approved in consciousness, will be a seed in a microcosm of the person, a fruit bearing by the nature of the in World Aboveground.
135. (M. A. Y.). The kind sower won't regret about the crops. But won't be mourn too if not all seeds are sound because in this case timely weeding which it is possible from time will help to see to time when conditions of consciousness allow. Knowing knows what seeds are more useless, and in time will manage to select them and to reject. The knowing knows what seeds are more useless, and in time will manage to select them and to reject.
136. (March 15). The present is to some extent realized future, and the future – yet not carried out present. Without the future there is no present because the present projection in the future only and gives the chance of it to carry out. Thus, the future represents itself that sphere or that laboratory where the present is created. Not to do without the future. In it everything is concluded, all opportunities. And as these opportunities aren't limited to anything and can't be limited, the laboratory of the future is full really inexhaustible opportunities. It is necessary to understand only precisely that operating factor in the sphere of the future is the thought, besides not able to be moved into any framework limiting it. The present, thus, is only the aspect of the future which has been carried out either completely, or partially. Usually is partially. The bridge between the present and can be passed only by a foot human future. In this process by the major condition there will be an understanding of that all opportunities or impossibility of implementation are defined by thought. Can’t project itself in the future and if does it, instinctively and unconsciously. Creativity mental is always directed in the future because what isn't present in the present because the thought, whatever unattainable she at the moment seemed, sooner or later, in this or that form is created and created, but will be carried out, and on Earth in the conditions of the dense world. The most impudent flights of the creative imagination, creating dream are useful, vital and real as create preliminary and necessary conditions in order that the dream turned into reality. Icarus flied on wax wings in Ovidy's imagination tens centuries ago, but now people nevertheless fly. The dream became a reality though during the origin seemed fantastic and impracticable. Unattainable and impracticable anything isn't present if only it isn't contrary to laws of the world in which we live. Possibilities of this world still are so a little studied. Even the body of the person still isn't investigated absolutely not, at least in sphere of activity of nerves, a brain, both nervous textures, and some glands. We don't speak already about insects or animals or birds. Animals and insects feel bad weather long before, and birds fly without a compass of one thousand miles. It is a lot of in the nature of the phenomena which are subject to the most attentive and serious studying and supervision because above the nature and laws of the world surrounding it the person not to step.
137. (March 16). For a long time it was told that it is necessary to pass through loneliness. It is one of inevitable steps of ascension. All passed through it, passed before. Only forms of this test were various, to very heavy inclusive, for example, at Origen – pined in a dungeon. This test especially well helps to distinguish friends from passersby. And these last will meet on a way much, and recognition is necessary. Each mistake in recognition will entail for itself consequences, duration and which value depends on the size of the made mistake. Not on consciousness the word told the passerby too will cease everyone completely on the one who told. Better sometimes to keep silent, than to set up itself under blow. It is interesting to note that blow striking in the beginning very much aspire to more to hear, and seem very kind, the consciousness pole the opposite yet won't start working. And only to loneliness already nothing will change. It is difficult to combine feeling of loneliness with self-sacrificing love to people. And only when this love becomes super personal, its difficulty disappears. To it also conducts loneliness if test is carried out by it correctly. Not alienation from people, but love to them, ignorant and uneducated, generates loneliness when the spirit passes through it correctly, testing the experience, but passersby nevertheless should be known and defined unmistakably not to waste time on them. And the infection from them which haven't accepted messages can be great because among passersby it is possible to meet enemies. These, having appeared under a mask of the friend, the true face, and then a payment for each opening of won't be slow to reveal – is great. But we won't be confused anything, it is necessary because to pass through everything, taking usefulness. Feelings terrestrial are short. Isn’t worth it that on them to build calculations? All of them usually are expression of experiences of an astral. And it is how possible to rely on them, life showed.
138. (M. A. Y.). With the Leader inseparably it is necessary to pass through pleasure and through a grief, only then test can be considered successful. But most often happens that in pleasure it is forgotten about the Leader, and the grief hardens also that separates from the Head. But anything on Earth can't force to forget about the most necessary the one who understood illusoriness of dreams of terrestrial existence, their transient and the inevitable end of everyone, whatever steady and strong it seemed. Check of these dreams is easy extraordinary, it is worth imagining a condition of the consciousness on the deathbed when already it is necessary nothing and when lose any value and senses all terrestrial occupations, affairs and things which own. It is useful to pass mentally through this condition when the terrestrial starts sounding too importunately and loudly, forcing to forget the loud that all this only Maya.
139. (March 17). Constant thought about the future and dreams of it and stay in it thought create a place corresponding to a tonality of thought in this future. It is possible to plan as though in it the role and the sphere of identifications of energy of the microcosm. Future, individual future is forged by thought. The thought projection in the future in obviously expressed form allows carrying out the conceived. People usually think that they will do now, in an hour, today, tomorrow, in week, month, the year, five – ten years at most. Sometimes dream of an old age, - but seldom who thinks that it will do in Elevated or in the following embodiment. In any case, they don't do it on Earth in the conditions of dense existence. And it would be good because life is defined by thought. Each thought of a similar order creates the channel or a track on which will begin to flow energy of a microcosm human in space. Even in life usual there can't normally live the person who doesn’t know that to do to him and as, - and in big, and in the small. Knowing plans the way, understanding that not only in space the line of future life is approved, but also in its microcosm indestructible crystals of certain thoughts which will attract magnitic to itself conformable to thoughts of a condition are deposited. Anchors of long voyage can be thrown very far, at all without reckoning with possibility of implementation conceived in the present, but knowing that in the future all is feasible and achievable and that flights of thought don't have neither borders, nor limits. Thoughts about the future, about and about the world can devote specially allowed time. About itself and about the world because without the world and its prosperity own prosperity will be one-sided and imperfect and even impossible as the person part of the world, part whole, inseparable size from it. Someone spoke: "The state is I", – and spoke unsuccessfully. One might say: "The world is I and if is to it and in it is good, it will be good everything and me among them, because I – part of a whole".
140. (Guru). Time – the great Teacher and experience is confirmed by life. Both knowing all this and knowing people, nevertheless it is necessary not to stuff up ears misunderstanding and not to pass knock being knocked. It is hard to distinguish being knocked from the passerby because both are knocked. But their knock is various. By one heart are knocked, others – a brain. Brainy are unreliable. But the emotionally unbalanced are even worse. Worse psychic. These are unrecoverable. To allow them in the heart – means to connect it to channels of those influences under which there are these psychic, and to put it under waves of third-party influences which can be very strong and dangerous. That is why vigilance, both vigilance, and knowledge of the person are necessary.
141. (March 18). It was many times said that life of spirit goes atop and over life usual: over body life, because body not spirit; over astral life because its experiences, whatever strong were they, always temporarily and final; over thoughts current because their kaleidoscope and fast change of spirit by doesn't show. It is necessary to separate the sphere of life of spirit from everything in what it to be compelled, staying in the covers. Covers, like clothes, don't show spirit, but only covers, or conductors, its energy. It is possible to take away a body, but the spirit remains indestructible. It is possible to leave for a while a body, and still to remain out of a body itself, that is spirit. It is possible to leave an astral and to work only in menthol, nevertheless remaining the same spirit, irrespective of the covers. They are tools of the tool of spirit, and only, but not spirit. Let's learn to separate the spirit from its covers and that continuously and constantly in them occurs. When the spirit, at least for a while, leaves this or that cover, its activity fades. When the spirit, at least for a while, leaves this or that cover, its activity fades. When leaves absolutely, the cover then dies and starts decaying. Physical – quickly, astral – more slowly, mental – too. But all of them without spirit – corpses. If at the time of the roughest experiences of an astral to withdraw spirit from it, the astral will break off instantly. So, consciousness and spirit withdrawal from any of the covers imposes a bridle on the movements which are occurring in them. The consciousness strengthens that point on which concentrates. Any flash of an astral can be extinguished in itself, having transferred consciousness to something another or having enclosed it in any third-party thought. Uninterrupted consciousness is attributing of spirit of Arhat. The spirit and consciousness are connected. Only ordinary people have no not interruptibility of consciousness. Consciousness personal already on only one, that it personal is limited to term of life of this personality. Even during a dream it interrupts. Arhat’s dream and dream of the ordinary person is various. The dream of death is similar, and Arhat both during a dream and in a condition of death keeps not interruptibility of consciousness, that is both the winner of a dream, and the winner of death. But the consciousness he doesn't attribute any of the covers and doesn't identify itself with them, always remembering that its covers is not he, but only a spirit attire, temporary, as any clothes. The spirit – out of them, that is isn't the covers and isn't them but only it is only shown in them and through them, itself staying atop and over them.
142. (M. A. Y.). At contact, itself leaving below, we release consciousness for perceptions of other order. – Dismissal from itself. I would like to pour in the thoughts widely, without squeezing them in the narrowed throat of the brought jugs. Certainly, our sphere of the personal world is completely replaced with the sphere planetary and space. Also that consciousness’s which are capable at least of time to exclude what usually filled personal worlds of the person from the sphere are valuable to us. Our work in all worlds is for evolution. After all even in Elevated the majority of people roll in remnants of that, than they lived on Earth. Therefore the spiritualizing of a terrestrial environment and a consciousness raising up very much help to hold during lifetime contact in a body at level higher, conformable with those spheres which surround us. We can't go down to you, but you to Us, having directed, could rise always at any moment of a spirit and consciousness eminence. When the Lord Speaks: "I with you always", – am supposed in a look that the consciousness of the pupil seeks to rise to the Teacher of Light, but not to lower it to itself. About it is usually forgotten and therefore the voice addressing usually isn't audible. How it is possible to concern through the lowest the Highest? The aspiration, that is consciousness eminence to the purpose to which it is attracted, is given as the unique means of contact. Especially this aspiration is strong when it is sated with feelings of devotion, love, self-rejection, that is renunciation from personal "I". Gate to our World is open for this purpose that can rise to them, - but, creeping on the ground, to them not rise. The aspiration will give to spirit wings, and love – to wings force. We witch you, but in the spirit of. We it is close, but over and over commonness life.
143. I recognize correct to begin day with Me and to graduate from it Me so that between the end and the beginning the thread of a memory uninterrupted was stretched. Night then will be a consequence of day, the reason – a consequence through related contrasts. World of the reasons and world of consequences; life in a body is in the world of the reasons, after death is life in the world of consequences. But the consequence is reason generation. In the course of a gets rid of consequences they, in turn, can become a condition of origin of the new reasons. Therefore stay in World Aboveground causes character of a new embodiment. Something there perhaps gets rid, and something is strengthened. There the spirit forms the desires and the aspirations and how it phenomenon wants energy the in the following embodiment, that is to define the mission on Earth. Any thought of the future forms it on power of thought. The karma can be made out consciously thought: both terrestrial, and elevated. If it doesn't become consciously and in understanding, karma registration by action of thought goes automatically and drift. Also goes constantly. It is better to take a wheel, either reins, or a bridle in the hands. Thought the will operates, and the karma goes thought. It is possible to create will a karma consciously and systematically, - because the karma is a chain of the reasons and a chain of the consequences generating the new reasons. Consequences can't be avoided, but трансмутировать everyone in the contrast probably. Robber and the loose woman is an example.
144. (March 19). We carry constantly with them the idea of. It should be replaced with me, representation Me in itself so that the thought of departed and it was replaced with thoughts of Me. It is possible to see itself at the moments of division of spirit. It is possible to see and Me, at first at the same moments, then – it is constant. It is impossible to see the Image at once, but, accumulating impressions, it is possible to condense the Image represented in imagination until It won't pour out in obviously visible form. Abstractedly to understand the most necessary is one, practically in application – another is perfect. The love will be a fixer of firmness of the Image. It too can be strengthened and developed. Amplifies heart opening towards to the Beam, - but the Beam demands constancy of its understanding, without conscious acceptance will pass by as passes by consciousness everything, on what the attention isn't paid. In it is the main thing. On what the attention directs, in consciousness and prevails at present. And the attention goes will. Reading the book, we direct attention to its contents; differently sense of the read won't reach understanding, - also and with Face representation. Focus of attention concentrates on it until there is It an integral part of the consciousness integral and constant. That doesn't work well after ten-thousand attempt, works well after ten-thousand N plus where N is the size expressing distance from this point to the purpose that is obvious visibility of the Face of the Teacher.
145. (M. A. Y.). Wanting all thought, all heart, all being – receives. Therefore, for receiving or achievement desirable it is necessary to concentrate on it completely. The vague aspiration won't yield results. Everything is achievable, but on condition of full-tendency. How it is possible to reach if the consciousness by the stranger, to wished not relating in any way or even going with it counter is occupied? Full-tendency is necessary.
146. Each achievement imposes a certain responsibility and orders a known line of conduct, as well as each new step. Without assimilation of this situation to become stronger in new achievement or at a new step it is impossible. When there is an internal impulse to change behavior in something, it is necessary to listen accurately to this requirement and to execute it. Non-execution will entail for itself loss of achievement or impossibility to keep at a new step. Inertness and resistance of covers will counteract in every possible way to this phenomenon, but this counteraction needs to be overcome because it goes from the old person in itself. Anyhow move further? The impulse going from within is valuable. The external instruction is defective as it anyway influences free will of the person. But the impulse self-proceeding will be expression of will of going consciousness. Internal fight old with the new is inevitable on an ascension way, and it has to come to an end inevitably with a victory new over the old. Otherwise advance is impossible. Parting with century litter with which all being as though grew together is painful and heavy. Will seem that if reject some stratification and to live there will be already nothing. But it is Maya illusion – and especially Maya of an astral. Maya all types terrestrial, astral and mental; it is necessary to overcome consistently, and the earlier, the better. Frequent and sharp change external conditions are given to see their fragility and passability and that without them it is possible to continue to live, without losing the inner world, and only approving by these changes its independence of an external environment. All changes inside and outside, as all this only accidents of that meets on a way. Pass everything, but remains going!
147. (M. A.Y.). The highest principles of a planet are concluded in its mankind. In a body usual disbalance in covers causes disbalance, or an illness, bodies. The same happens and to Earth body when her astral body is shaken by madness of masses or those who spitefully, egoistically and unreasonably governs this masses. By disbalance of a planetary body it is caused disbalance the mental device of mankind in weight. It is a lot of excesses, it is a lot of rage, it is a lot of egoism ardent and desires to live and prosper by violence and at the expense of small these. Such situation in the world is intolerant. But people precisely went blind and try to keep rotten and dark heritage of the old world and with it to move ahead in the future. But it is impossible because the future doesn't take in itself a place for the old world. From here fight new, arising, with old, doomed to death, but still strong and strong the resisting. From here and failures of supporters of the old world, their frequent defeats and those awful measures in which they trade to hold on any price, despite an awful consequence of their terrible undertakings. But are doomed, but will leave, but the World New to a victory judgment, and it will win. Heavy time of transition should manage to be had, remembering that pleasure and light ahead and a victory.
148. (March 21). I bear in Myself enough energy to give it to the world. I give another not for Myself, but to the world. The mental condition of a planet will be organized and ordered. What to do now? Now it is possible to make still a lot of things. Late try do it before the end. And now it is possible. Namely: to rearrange consciousness on new rails. The consciousness corner on the relation to everything, as if before train arrival to the destination when in the car it is necessary to leave already rendered habitable place for the traveler, all – only way milestones changes; everything that surrounds it for a while, – only milestones, only for a while. Ahead – the purpose. The purpose, its sense and value remain invariable on all the time. Here also it is necessary to be able to combine an invariance and constancy of the purpose with variability of external conditions of a way. They can be any, but the purpose from their variety and relativity doesn't change. As also counter passersby, fellow travelers, fellow traveller and friends can be peculiar. But also they don't influence the purpose. The purpose is a Focus of the center of Light of Uniform Heart. The purpose is atop both terrestrial, and astral, and evens the mental world; atop and Elevated, - atop, over all events in them and in accord to them covers. Plunging into the events in covers, it is necessary but to forget not for a moment that the purpose – over movements, in them constantly going. When the person in a dream understands that it is a dream, it is a victory of consciousness over a condition of a dream. In the same way and understanding of terrestrial and elevated dreams of Maya will be a victory over it. We speak constantly about Maya, but before awareness of illusoriness of its dreams far. Everything we take for reality, forgetting that the reality lies behind Maya covers, behind her veil. Evidence of the personal world already only because it is personal, that is false, already represents itself the brightest type of delusiveness of Maya dreams. Two casual passers in the tram sit close side by side but as their personal worlds are various, and how many are far from reality and as are unlike spheres of the identifications one another because Maya creations. Only Arhat lives in peace reality. But he knows the purpose and goes to it over Maya ghosts, terrestrial and elevated; the other rolls in its phantoms. The traveler of the Great Way goes to the Purpose which lies far outside evidence. Passing through the bridge, aren't going to take it further with itself. But passing through life on the ground, for some reason seek to take with itself everything that is possible and that it is impossible to carry away with itself in a way. In the Precept "not to become attached to anything and nothing to consider" great value and understanding of sense of the Way of the person on Earth and in the Worlds is hidden. In three the lowest to us doesn't belong anything and nothing can be taken with itself because everything in them is given, or borrowed only, term. The worlds the others are urgent also, but only Fiery World is termless.
149. (M. A. Y.). To the person is intended to be the carrier of elements enduring.
150. (March 26). My son, ignorant and not doing condemnations have no, but knowing and not doing bear on itself all burden of consequences. We Have no Ban, but only for those who own it (himself) and the acts. The one who has the power over acts, over that acts of the power have no, and consequences them don't grow out of slavery and submission to circumstances. It is possible to be in poverty and need, but in the spirit of free, and it is possible to be in wealth and wellbeing, but in the spirit of the slave and people, both thoughts human, and conditions of people around. We Approve: freedom of spirit from all external influences; and the power of spirit over all its covers. Let's begin with the physical. Body it is impossible to subordinate to it at once is time is necessary. But each attempt or efforts seize the body, its illnesses, weaknesses and work of its bodies is a victory over a flesh. One can be told that each effort in this direction is the grain put in the sphere of the microcosm which in due time, but is immutable and will inevitably yield the fruit, the results, that is will lead to mastering by a body. And sooner or later it is necessary to seize it, both conscious, and its subconscious functions. Will each healthy person can raise, force a hand is more vigorous to function kidneys, either a liver, or intestines can only the one who put to that time, both forces, and knowledge as to do it. That whatever difficult and unattainable mastering by a body seemed is emphasized here, it is achievable, but demands time depending on abilities of spirit. To stop a wound at a cut will very easily, it is necessary to know only that it is possible and that blood submits to will action very willingly and quickly. It is possible to practice on everything both always and, especially, at any various diseases. It is impossible to treat suggestion infectious diseases, but, sending to the struck bodies of a wave of mental energy and causing a rush of blood in sick fabrics, it is possible to help. It is possible to help both and another. Only in case of others it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to apply commensurability and expediency. The quantity of given-out mental energy shouldn't exceed a lawful expenditure, differently not avoid own a disbalance. It isn't necessary to forget that Ramakrishna was torn to pieces mentally. The battery always has to be loaded positively. To devastate a treasury to very easily the one who knows how to give, but difficultly to restore super lawful delivery extraordinary. Wise return is underline expediency.
151. (M. A. Y.). There are actions absolutely positive, for example, work of the farmer either each attempt or effort to seize a physical body and to subordinate him to will. 151. (M. A. Y.). There are actions absolutely positive, for example, work of the farmer either each attempt or effort to seize a physical body and to subordinate him to will. Certainly, torture of a flesh and other fanatic, but normal and healthy aspiration from the slave to the body doesn’t mean to turn into his owner and the lord. Let's not forget thus that the hatch-yoga too is near from extremes. Therefore also hatch-yoga I don't mean when I speak about mastering by a body. Follows is thin to understand these phenomena because in case of hatch-yoga it seizes consciousness, but not on the contrary, seizes and stops spirit growth. The border between unnecessary achievements of hatch-yogis and Arhat’s power over the body which is carried out at the same time with mastering and other covers is thin.
152. (March 27). I assume all burden of imperfections of the pupil and I Pour everything given to me, in my Tower, but under a condition if together with all shortcomings and weaknesses to me it is given as well heart. Returned once doesn't undertake because as then transmutation the most bitter in the sweetest if again and again it is given for transformation and again undertakes back? Sisyphean task * is inexpedient because a lot of energy is lost in vain. It is correct to think that recurrence, apparently, gets rid shortcomings, is inflated thanks to diligence of the dark. It is easy to find it; it is worth directing on them, carefully and carefully being covered from the exposure, a striking beam of thought; usually, awakening of the as leap impulses, or the tendencies, attracting back, stops instantly. Can't dark whispers continue the dark business under a striking beam of thought because this thought burns down? They immediately recede in darkness immediately to begin new evil-tilts under new, the cunning thought up cover. It is necessary to take for the rule: at each strengthening of the fallen asleep or gets rid properties to direct thought on whisper dark because this phenomenon seldom does without their participation. Only this way this process can be stopped right at the beginning, differently fight against windmills as to energy of own counteraction will be sent wide of the mark, by gold prospectors will turn out, is covered seeking to inflate the lowest flame. It is interesting to note that at once the thought of gold prospectors having a tail never occurs. It occurs because they take careful measures to that not only are noticed, but also to that the thought of it didn't occur even. They as use thus power of thought. Work is thin, and diligence the sophisticated, because thought beam, on them turned, very much are afraid. As soon as are found, it after application of a striking beam of thought, attempt stop and approaches will be paralyzed. It is possible to start that to strengthen itself on a case of the subsequent evil-silts which won't slow down as soon as patrol though will a little weaken, and the main thing as soon as they will try to force to forget again influence of thought that the reason of all similar attempts are they, the dark evil-whisper who aren't knowing neither pity, nor rest in the persistent and constant diligence to extinguish light. Legions having a tail trade in Light suppression. So they also call – light-go out or light quenchers. Exposed and found, they instantly lose force and opportunity to harm, the thought of their participation in this work won't weaken yet in consciousness. Patrol is necessary constant and a memory unforgettable.
* Sisyphean task – hard fruitless work.
153. (M. A. Y.). For fuller and best recognition of internal essence of the person it is good to reject all labels, ranks and differences which people put on themselves that to be covered with them. Under external names people very skillfully hide the true face. Here all these covers also should be torn off from them inconsiderately and without hesitating to see behind them the person what he is, barefaced. Be surprises much. And it is frequent for comely and even patriarchal appearance it will be possible to see anything to that, another not the corresponding. The words which are often covering thoughts, to said words the opposite are especially dangerous. And then behind an external smile it is possible to see a dead grin of a skull. Refinement of the biped is very great. These instructions attach widely.
154. (March 28). The gluttony, lust, alcoholism, smoking and other purely corporal negative qualities of spirit and the related desire can't be satisfied after release from a body, but can be taken with itself in the World Thin, if not gets rid on Earth. If on Earth of desire burn down the person where them there is an opportunity temporarily to satisfy what to tell about Elevated where them burn on it can be satisfied not for a moment? Hatred, rage, greed, envy and other not corporal, but astral feelings in the world astral phenomena especially sharply, because the body doesn't prevent to vibrate entirely them, and surrounding doesn't distract. It is impossible to take these feelings for Devachan's Threshold. This plan is inaccessible to an astral. Therefore, there is a choice: or to remain with all astral negative qualities before the Threshold and to return back, or, them having rejected and having dumped an astral, to move above. What it is possible to take with itself above? It is possible love, devotion, courage, aspiration, dedication, that is all merits of spirit. Thus, living on Earth, it is possible to select unmistakably all qualities of spirit on their advantage and the value, one leaving behind their uselessness in the future, others strengthening and developing for life in the Highest Worlds. This selection is very necessary and important now, exactly in the conditions of dense because then in the conditions of Thin will be already late and it is improbably difficult to be exempted from that on Earth wasn't get rid. Of the future usually think a little, believing that all this isn't necessary and it is excessive. And even knowing often doesn’t find in it enough forces to be exempted from heaps. But all in the spirit of and outgrowths of spirit separate force spiritual. It is necessary only to start it to do and, having begun, not to stop any more the efforts in this direction. When line of seeming impossibility of to overcome in everything is passed, there is an ascension a lung because grow to wings which bear over attractions terrestrial and astral. The way to Light perhaps only the victorious – isn't present other way.
155. (M. A. Y.). Animal emanations aren't useful. Cats are harmful to that especially easily serve as the tool for dark influences. When there are from outside any vagrant dogs and especially cats, it is necessary to know that through them something will be thrown. Attempts will harm to become constantly, but them easy to neutralize if every time to see sources of conductors. On big the power isn't given them, here and recoup on trifles.
156. (M. A. Y.). That coasted by love, if it afflicts with the acts darlings? Whether something incompatible with this fiery feeling is covered in it? That the love became the winner fiery, it is necessary to strengthen it to such an extent that overcoming by it everything that prevents it itself to claim becomes spontaneous that is all-flexible and all-conquering. Power of this feeling it is possible to win itself against everything that becomes on a rapprochement way with to which the love is directed. It is strange to tell, but the imperfections are got rid by love to the Leader because there is no such victim which couldn't be brought for the sake of the one Whom we love. If it this love in words and in a brain, but not in heart doesn't become, so.
157. (Apr. 1). Each action which is made by the person, seeks to repeat itself in the future and especially in World Aboveground. Therefore and, working, it is necessary to remember that we prepare for themselves conditions of repeatability of that we do at the moment. The action which condemned and rejected by consciousness and hasn't been repeated when it shows to it opportunity and a tendency loses this opportunity depending on the hardness of the decision it not to repeat. It concerns all actions, thoughts, acts, feelings and words human. Consciousness clarification from unnecessary litter begins with the moment of fight against frequency of actions. After all and habits or in rooting properties of character are no other than these strongly eaten, thanks to frequency, actions. Pernicious habits are created by the same way. Smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, garrulity, fussiness, timidity and all thickets of a thistle in consciousness are formed and become stronger in a similar way. And counteraction by it can be effective at the moment of frequency, when energy of the previous, allowed action again phenomena the force. The question is raised clearly and definitely: what it is more expensive and kinder to heart – indulgence to minute indulgence or release from it and movement up on a life ladder? A lot of very good people stop the way impossibility and unwillingness to be exempted from small habits of the ordinary, for example, to condemn, or to be irritated, or feather to burden a stomach, not to mention larger – smoking or a usual shot glass of wine at dinner. Meat eating also deprives of opportunity to show a known subtlety of perceptions. Speaking in general, living conditions of the modern city exclude development of refinement of the mental device, do it often irreparable harm. From there are so much mental disbalance and so much obsession. The way of yoga is dangerous if conditions are abnormal. Clean mountain air and known degree of isolation can give known conditions.
158. Application of received knowledge is necessary now, more than ever, and besides so that all thoughts, actions, words and acts became Doctrine expression. Whether it is possible? Probably. But how? Love to Me.
159. (Apr. 3). The synthetic chemistry is an area where the person reproduces not only those substances which are available in the nature, but also what in it aren't present. It is area of true creativity of new connections. Basic elements of a scale of Mendeleyev the same, but derivatives from them is products of human creativity and what wasn't created by the nature. This area is full inexhaustible opportunities, and future stays in the sphere of synthetic chemistry will form a basis not only changes of external living conditions on Earth, but also a structure and structure of a human body. After all visible the invisible or astral doubles have elements, and connection of the worlds will allow deepening the phenomenon of synthesis and out of limits of the visible world. And already this line is passed long ago, but then work of creation of new chemical compounds will concern consciously and obviously astral plan. To iatrochemistry the chemistry astral will be added. Influence of some substances, for example, mint and a eucalyptus, on the World Thin is very strong; it already area of chemistry astral, which waits itself researchers. Many new opening expect people of Earth and much the most wonderful, but purely scientific stays.
160. (M. A. Y.). Let's note that each attempt to approve still big clarity of the Face causes ardent counteraction of all dark accumulation, the counteraction going from last, yet gets rid tendencies of an astral. These peculiar guards of the Threshold which aren't letting further, will disturb and detain advance, won't be won yet. Dark are very involved in this phenomenon as very much try to strengthen counteraction by all ways available to them.
161. (Apr. 4). The person has a thin body. In the same way has hidden to a terrestrial eye doubles and everything that exists in the dense world. Each metal too has the soul, the special, invisible characteristics, which become very notable at soil metallization. The alloy of metals strengthens or weakens these properties, as well as a bouquet from different flowers or a mix of aromas. Certainly, these properties psycho - are material or psycho-matter, that is can be established at known refinement of the equipment. They are felt by Sensitive enough definitely, but the device gives the chance of scientific approach. The soul of the book read excitedly by many readers, creates round it the strong aura sated in the images, reading consciousness’s enclosed in it. All chemical compositions natural and artificial also possess good or bad aura that often is determined by a connection smell. The hidden properties of plants, especially medical, will make a subject of a pharmacopeia of the future. Once you work over such wonderful plants, a root a ginseng or a usual rose. Nuts too are interesting to studying by the vitamin content. But after all vitamins is not all. Behind them there is a version of the phenomena of mental energy. Comparative studying of the plants degenerating, say, ferny, and cedars or a pine, as their antipodes would be very instructive. Many secrets are kept by the nature for the person in the storerooms.
162. (M. A. Y.). .If those, whom it is possible to call by the promoted spirits, thought, instead of advance forward, of the imperfections and shortcomings and of other freight from last remnants, their progress towards evolution would stop. All how the person was perfect have imperfections and therefore care of moving further, despite everything. Not the one who became perfect because perfection on Earth is impossible, but the one who, despite the imperfections, persistently and firmly ascends on a life ladder will be the winner. Ascension of spirit so versatile and so far from usual understanding of this process, that at aspiration it is possible to evolve always. For example, one of problems of evolution is acquisition of a perfect visual memory. Each conscious effort in this direction will advance the person. And at evolution there are a lot of tasks. Development needs both taste, and sense of smell, both all obvious and hidden abilities of the person. It is so much tasks and so much work ahead over the spirit device. Each free instant can be spent with advantage and fruit full, multiplying possibilities of achievements. Every minute is expensive. And each effort or attempt will give the good and necessary consequences. We hurry. You hurry also. Now time is very urgent. And skilled accumulation is very necessary. But many at all don't know how to go to the future, with whom and to what.
163. (Apr. 5). I remind of the major. The world external is filled with the affairs which or are deprived of final sense if are short on the duration and is passing, or are comprehended by understanding of evolution and moved into its streams as the components which are harmoniously merging with its current. Therefore all affairs human are various at the heart of the. Let's divide them into two look: one – going against evolution; others – conformable with it. Pass ability and temporariness of these last sharply differs from pass ability and temporariness of the phenomena antievolutionary because evolution real unceasingly and an extremity of the phenomena terrestrial, merging with a great stream of an evolutionary tide of life, joins infinity and gets aspect of boundlessness. And temporary then is any more hopelessness terrestrial, judgment on destruction, but a section eternal and enduring, that is the Boundlessness Face. Antievolutionary processes and everything that is connected with them will be thrown out from life as garbage and processes of an evolutionary order and the spirits involved in an orbit of the Space Stream will go to processing, but, entering into life of boundlessness and making its part, take the integral place in the general scheme of things. It also is a way to a not finished, that is eternity, and familiarizing with life eternal, irrespective of, conscious it or not the conscious. Each evolutionary act of the person and all affairs human the same order represent itself, knows about that asking them or not, aspect enduring and enter it into the Way of eternal Life that results finally in conscious immortality. Therefore everything that is created by people, it is possible to divide into affairs of life and business of death, the affairs merged with a current of Space life, and the affairs going against its commands and that doomed to destruction, into affairs of Light and darkness business. Applying this criterion to everything that is made on a planet, it is easy to differentiate these two courses of affairs human. In aspect of the future becomes here clear much, and it will be possible to see the countries going to a bottom, and the countries rising on steps of a ladder of life; races leaving and races arising; energy leaving and energy the arising; the forms of life doomed to destruction, and life forms, judgment to the future. Efforts of those who try to go against the stream Space Evolution are vain, fruitless, aimless and useless. Sun of life is over the countries of the New World. Sun of death is over those, who against it.
164. (M. A. Y.). . The person as the water drop from the ocean reflects in itself all Universe. The microcosm repeats, as though duplicating, the processes happening in Macrocosm. And life of the world big, say, our planet is reflected in consciousness of each her inhabitant. The same fight of two currents goes incessantly and in soul of the person: currents evolutionary, directing spirit up, and currents involution, attracting spirit down, - Current of Light and darkness current. In this collision of two opposite principles in consciousness the will can choose any current and follow it. This choice is created every minute by thoughts, feelings and acts of the person, which from Light or from darkness. Collisions not to avoid them, and it is very important that equally effective these two opposite forces, as a result of their collision, it was always directed towards Light that is that luminous intensity prevailed over power of darkness. And whether then quickly or slowly, but movement on the correct direction is made steadily.
165. (Guru). Through shape of the left you adjoin to their essence and you receive from their spirit on degree of accord of consciousness. By the same principle there is a contact and receiving from the spirits standing at different steps of a scale of ranks. But after all, except Light Ladder, there is still the ladder of darkness descending in a chasm. And many, many adjoin to it and, adjoining, enter at its step and go down. Each aspiration to the Highest or lowest contact brings the echo, brings always under the accord and compliance law.
166. (Apr. 6). It is wrong to think that since E.P. Blavatsky people changed a little. The external form can't replace it the internal contents. For the last two thousand years the essence of the nature human remained the same. We hope that going changes in all areas of life will change people and their spirit will wake up to reality enlightenment. Shifts go, and we Wait for spirit awakening. The old world nests on consciousness back streets. It isn't enough to consider of itself as the supporter of the New World, if in consciousness old yet gets rid. Not how the person calls himself, his belonging to the old or New World, but is determined by a condition of his consciousness, or, even more precisely, by its treatment of light and shade. Luminosity of an organism is in close connection with level of consciousness and will be shortly defined by means of the devices giving pictures of radiations. Need will force to resort to their help as differently life construction by unusable hands can't be conducted. And now they harm too much, being covered with words, but pictures of radiations of aura will allow to be exempted from phrasemongers, thieves, parasites and all being covered with paper boards. It occupied suitability of everyone, whatever place, will be defined by radiations of its own aura. Then the teacher to school won't send the person with dirty and unhealthy aura or the grabber on an important post. A lot of things in life will change application of pictures of aura in addition to passports.
167. (Guru). It is possible to pass without advantage by the favor ablest circumstances and it is possible useful to take from the most opposite. Actually fruit full also it is completely possible to use any and any circumstances if installation of consciousness is correct that is if to go through life with the purpose to study everything, both everywhere, and always.
168. The ardent aspiration to Me weakens lines of a magnetic attraction of the past and a pressure of an external environment. The disbalance of the nature and disbalance the human goes in parallel. I remind of the most necessary. It is a lot of poison in space. Outlet is in Communication with Us and thoughts of Us. We feed invisibly. After all the person needs not that outside, but that gives food to spirit.
169. (Apr. 7). (M. A. Y.). . It is necessary to reach so much and so in itself to improve a lot of things that literally every instant life can be used expediently and fruit full. All feelings need an aggravation and mastering by them, all qualities in growth and the strengthening, all unusable habits – eradication. It is so much work on and so much it ahead that it is difficult to imagine that, it realizing, it is possible to stop because of ignorance of the best way when strong each step in the correct direction is useful. And the direction one is to the Lord. We come nearer to It through them, I overcoming. Fruits of these efforts are reaped where spheres of terrestrial gravitations and where the dense body any more doesn't prevent the spirit released from it to direct to an orbit of high magnetic inclinations come to an end. Each aspiration to Light will be saturated on the force; in it the sense and value of the terrestrial way, which every minute can be used expediently.
170. (Guru). Whether who will claim, what knows the Lord and all Books of his Lives? No, it can't be claimed. But everyone, going on the way, through the Shape of the Leader available and close it to consciousness, comes nearer to some extent to the purpose far. Thus, approach to each spirit standing on the Ladder of Light and connected with that that follows it, is made through shape or the form of expression available to consciousness going at present. And called, representing shape of the understanding which has called on degree, creates to itself opportunity to move and rise by new steps of an ascension. In whatever various expressions or forms it was embodied or nor the Leader, a conducted beret to him the closest form on expression came to light and, having connected itself with it and through it with Essence of Spirit of the Driver, quietly, surely and firmly goes on the way. Has no value to what of temporary forms the consciousness going if Shape the Next is found is attracted and connection is established with It. Through external, mortal, a cover of the Leader the conducted adjoin to his Immortal Identity communication with Which interrupts never. External form of the Leader is only the intermediary, an intermediate link of communication which doesn't stop and doesn't interrupt with death of a physical form. This condition is applied very widely in the sphere of communications hierarchical from top to a bottom, from the Lord and to pupils of his pupils and these pupils of the last below.
171. (Apr. 10). There are spheres where all most the impudent aspirations and the most unattainable dreams are carried out are Devachan's sphere, area of execution of dreams of brighter, than the brightest life on Earth, but is also area another where too everything moves thought, the sphere of the Hidden World which for Arhat is the reality sphere where his thought reigns. Here all is feasible for this purpose who owns the thought. And that on Earth is impossibility or dream, there pours out in the bright, real forms, allowing creating in the conditions of boundless freedom. It is spoken about thoughts high and creativity light because excesses of thoughts vicious are regulated by the balance law. Let's not think that something is impracticable also thoughts of it without consequences, we will better consider that in World Thin it is possible to live and create as the ceiling of creative imagination allows. Unattainable and impossible on Earth it is possible to transfer to the World Hidden and to achieve in it the dream which not hasn't been connected by conditions and restrictions of the dense world, having thus in a look that once and somewhere the creating thought will pour out and in dense forms, that is will be carried out and on Earth. But while let flight of creative thought won't be stopped by impossibility of dense conditions because the reality of the Hidden World gives life to each thought way, its each form. Arhat in a thin body creates and lives in peace the elevated reality which prototypes, finally, create life on Earth. Of flights of dream we won't be afraid if the dream is creative, either vital, or bringing real consequences. Only groundless dreams filled with egoism, we will reject because they are fruitless. Conceived and thought it is possible to carry out at night, on the plan hidden if external conditions don't allow making it in the regular way in the afternoon. It is possible to contact the friend far; it is possible to put the basis for dream realization on Earth, a lot of things can be created thought on Earth through spheres of the Elevated World.
172. (M. A. Y.). . Full transfer of consciousness and the will to the Lord before withdrawal to a dream will facilitate a lot of things concerning elevated work. The violence over will isn't allowed but when the will is freely given to the Teacher of Light, It Perhaps without breaking the Law, this will to direct in the desirable direction. It is so much spirits in need that the desire to help very valuably, and work will be always. It is allowed to choose and the course of activity if desire it is conformable with moment requirements. But there are such provisions when the Teacher in special need, and then He directs energy of the pupil on channels of an urgent need. Work in a dream is area of special care of the Teacher, but voluntary return of the will is necessary to the Lord because it is demanded by the Law. Cooperation with Us is carried out under the same Law. The aspiration and initiative have to proceed from the one who wishes this cooperation. Many wait and wait in vain. Expectation without active, voluntary and self-sacrificing aspiration to collaboration on the plan of invisibility dense won't yield results.
173. (Guru). The will becomes stronger constancy, persistence and stability. With duration of strong-willed action temporariness of resistance of internal inertness and counteraction is won. The strongest attempts of aspiration or bright flashes of enthusiasm are anything in comparison with constancy and an inflexible of hardly noticeable strong-willed effort. It is most really expressed in beat. The rhythm of strong-willed action is strong extraordinary, at least its luminosity in comparison with bright flash of enthusiasm would be small. Flashes fade as quickly, as well as inflame, – in it their weakness, constancy will be property of an exactly burning, inextinguishable flame of spirit. From small it will grow in an ardent bulk while flash will quickly go out. Fire of unrestrained aspiration grows from constancy of an uninterrupted rhythm. Force of a rhythm should be understood not only in movement of heavenly bodies, but also in consciousness life also.
174. (Apr. 11). Let's show big severity and tranquility in operation, tranquility among whirlwinds, tranquility in thoughts and feelings and the body. Let's direct to think on overcoming of illusion of space. The spirit is ubiquitous, not a body, but spirit. Attributes of spirit from Fire, and it is Fire. Association at distance is too in the spirit of, but through heart because heart is the fiery device of spirit. The spirit is eternal because it is lit from an eternal flame of life. The essence of a matter too is eternal. Essence of a matter – too Fire. We live in peace Fire covered with an external form of things. Atomic energy is energy fiery. Elements of Fire are the pervasive. Communication at distance goes Fire. We call it Communication Fiery. Mastering by all feelings is necessary because leads to tranquility, that is an equilibration of all energy of an organism, that is to balance. The phenomenon of astral currents and whirlwinds disturb restraint of the same phenomena in human microcosm, but the spirit which has seized and their bridled in, thereby, at exit from a body in space, in tranquility and balance full, becomes their lord and doesn't submit of. The winner becomes the master of elements. That is why I insist on a victory in myself over everything that isn't conformable to the spirit advantage that is obscene to the phenomenon of a way to Boundlessness, over everything that won't be coordinated with Great Service. Let it will be even a trifle, but value small in great is often absolutely lost sight, and the giant of spirit slip on an orange-peel. On use trifles be tested a fiery of spirit, that use which go out is so much fires. To keep singularity in usual and a spirit fiery in twilight of the ordinary will be a victory over it. How many people began life on fires of aspirations, and how many they died away, suffocated by the ordinary? In the spirit of the burden and limitation of the dense world is overcome. Fiery attributes of spirit are approved contrary to and in the face of the most ardent, most convincing, and most not denied evidence. The spirit remains is true until the end of lightful essence of the Primogeniture, and understanding bears it through life what it was and what with it, to its covers happened. It separates itself (himself) from four the lowest, knowing that temporarily all of them, its investing only for term. The peace of mind, balance of spirit gives tranquility to a body and all covers. Recognizing the fiery beginning of spirit in itself, attributes it is approved for manifestation them and in conductors investing it.
175. (M. A. Y.). We live in very hard time. The highest communication should be held all strength of mind. Dark in fury reached madness. Contradictions and illogicality is obvious signs of all actions of darkness. Are ready and the whole world to ruin if only to carry out the terrible plans? Any more everything has no value that they speak because actions find them their essence. The aggravation and aggravation of events will go the same speed to the limit beyond which the blow waits for them further. Blows receive and now. But that will be fatal. Even seeming successes and good luck will address in failures and defeat. While know that each their visible success and a victory bear in itself breaking force of defeat. All their undertakings against them with a force increased many times over also will address. Won't help gold, will help nothing to them doomed to destruction by power of Space Will.
176. (Guru). You fix spirit communications. Let they will be stronger and brighter and strongest than other terrestrial impressions. Let they will enter into life as a strong rope, keeping for which it will be possible to get over quietly through all crevices, abysses, streams and the rivers, through all lower class of the astral world, through everything that separates us from the Lord and that prevents to approach to It even closer.
177. Whether paid attention what each take-off of spirit causes especially ardent and especially sophisticated attempts of darkness it to stop? Special baits are invented, and the last, died-away desires and even the fleeting thoughts are inflated, able to carry away consciousness down. It is necessary to be very sharp-sighted and attentive to these attempts because, not seen, they will harm as to stop their influence it is impossible, the source isn't seen yet. Each strengthening of light inside causes on itself attacks dark because Light for them is intolerant. Knowing it, we will use powers of darkness for Light ignition. The darkness decays for flowers of Light. They leave only when will see that all their diligence cause the consequences opposite to what they solicited. Battle with darkness is conducted by a skillful hand, inexperience here won't do at all, as well as an lulling to slip, either blind enthusiasm, or nonresistance, or lack of the phenomenon of a memory, or affection masks, or everything that prevents to be on patrol.
178. (M. A. Y.). Approving fiery reality, we will remember that Light Stronghold in all worlds is indestructible and that its basis is put in World Aboveground. From here and force it because anything temporary and passing can't destroy the basis, erected that certainly. With the World of Light it is necessary to grow together and enter into its Orbit forever. From these spheres Envoys of Light come to Earth and to them come back again. The basis of the Stronghold is put on four ends: in the world terrestrial, in the world astral, in the world mental and in World Fiery. In each sphere the shelter is or, or rather, a camp of soldier of Light; from there streams of beams to the aid of everything stream that directs to Light, and everything here direct, who from Light.
179. (Guru). Communication with the chosen spirit goes through its external cover which forms in this or that look was imprinted in consciousness. Through the external there is a contact with internal, through terrestrial – with spiritual; from here and interest to an iconography. In an icon something is hidden much bigger, than those who will read them, or those who doesn't recognize them think. With hidden it is necessary for communication visible and tangible if invisible to an eye it is still inaccessible. A lot of Light is concentrated in sacred subjects and some icons. Sacred images cover in themselves something inaccessible to physical sight. If the ordinary photo connects looking at it to its original what tell about the sacred Image? It is a lot of hidden in the world behind an external form of things.
180. (Apr. 13). The consciousness extends and grows, and together with it the understanding of essence of the Doctrine which is the ocean of boundless knowledge grows and goes deep. Yes! Yes! Yes! The knowledge has no limits, and the end to it isn't present. The end comes to human undertakings when they are contrary to command of Space Will. Therefore civilizations were lost, and the people disappeared, both sand and oceans covered ruins of their cities. The people and its culture can hold on the millennia only on completeness of cooperation and the accord with evolution requirements. There was Egypt, but blossomed and fell; there was Greece, but blossomed and fell; there was Rome, but blossomed and fell. The durability of the country and its culture depends on its accord with Space Laws. When the Community of the World will come and the mankind of your planet will be common brotherly collective of all people without all nowadays existing distinctions when the herd becomes uniform and the Pastor will be One, duration of existence of this collective will surpass all civilizations which ever were on your planet for all millions years of life of its mankind.
181. (M. A. Y.). Loved the first thoughts; to Darling the first hello; to Darling of heart aspiration; to darling pleasure and light.
182. (Guru). Constancy and not interruptibility of Service to Light is Arhat's distinctive feature.
183. (Apr. 15). (M. A. Y.). . Correct will consider such condition of consciousness when progress any more in forces to stop anything. Whether a little that can detain the traveler in a way, the way proceeds nevertheless, because the purpose as if the fiery torch, invitingly shines in the distance.
184. (M. A. Y.). Efforts and attempts to seize an astral cover and to subordinate it to will repeat innumerable quantity of times, without looking at any temporary concessions, repeat until the power over it won't be approved finally and irrevocably. It is very important to understand where willfulness of this conductor attracts the person. After all the conductor is a tool or the will tool, but at all on the contrary. Glance in madhouses, in brothels of gamblers, addicts and drunkards, in doss houses of the lost people and you will understand where the astral the victims direct. It is a lot of misfortunes, and over these all, it generates many tragedies, violence, murders, scandals and quarrels. Reason of misfortunes human is in an irrepressible astral. And the scariest tragedy of mankind, obsession, is caused by it, because obsession affect always an astral and through an astral. Mastering by it – a step through which it is necessary to pass, the victory having approved.
185. Eradication of the lowest emotions nesting in an astral body, it is necessary to begin with it, having left alone those external phantoms which clothe a form and come to life only because them feeds and the root approved in the astral conductor, as if a painful tooth gives them energy. If tooth is hopeless, it deletes. If the root of emotion is bad, it should be pulled out. But for this purpose it is necessary to understand that the enemy disappears inside and that external identifications only phantoms under which external form the true reasons of all so-called temptations hide. The temptations St. Antonia given shapes and visions surrounding it rooted in astral elements, in it yet gets rid, accepting appearances of the external phenomena. There is in this case as though an objectification of own subjectivity. Fight is useless, that fact isn't realized yet that its reason roots inside. Anything from the outside can't affect the one who in itself (himself) has no anything able accord with external influence. Smoking any more temptation for this purpose, who won against it, at least smokers and smoked around. The astral demands experiences, the astral wants to react to everything to live. At a known step of evolution of spirit this cover isn't so necessary. It is possible to spend some periods of day in the conditions of a full fall silent of an astral, astral without reacting in any way to the influences which are usually causing in it movement. This lack of astral reactions in the person it is so unusual to people that they have feeling of concern and even fear when see that someone doesn't react in any way that, in their opinion, has to excite the person! If it is impossible to spend the whole day, without giving to an astral of phenomenon, for some time always it is possible to force effort of will it to become silent. Silence of an astral will be a victory over this importunate cover, not knowing I will hold in anything if the will didn't subordinate him to itself. It is necessary to win against it any price, differently it is impossible to raise further a known step. It is good when something or someone, is constant us test, causes undesirable emotions of an astral because it gives the chance to begin with them fight, but not with that who or that causes these emotions because it or it or something here at anything, namely with a root, with the reason which has sat down inside. Fight is hard, but the victory gives so much that it is worth working at it.
186. We will achieve a victory a rhythm. Rhythm, gaining power, focuses it, and it grows every day, amplifying repetition in the spiral, ascending movement. Without being confused anything, without stopping before anything, without turning around on anything is, ardently, directed there is a traveler of the Great Way for Called. Envoys of Light come to the one who to Light judgment. And then the course of life of that person the Messenger to which was knocked to tell it that its time came is solved forever. The sense of this phenomenon is understood a little, but its value is deep. Appearance of the Messenger changes all life.
187. (Apr. 16). It is necessary that the Shape of the Lord forced out from consciousness everything, not conformable with Light. Therefore how many and as though strenuously to practice in this most necessary making, except advantage and the statement in Light, exercise it won't give anything. Finishing of brightness of the Image to visibility degree – the achievement, which value needs to be understood in all its depth? When the thought is constantly directed on a known subject, it becomes close. Thought we approach possibilities of on what its force concentrates. But it is frequent persistence, the persistence for this purpose not suffices, and then achievement is impracticable. The slowness of process indicates only, achievement how is great. After all at the same time with it and parallel to it ability and force to coagulate a matter of the Thin Plan in visible forms grows, -and it already Arhat’s ability. The power it, power of spirit over substance of a spontaneous matter, externally maybe not to be shown in any way, because externally the carrier its same as everything, but internally, and the main thing in World Aboveground, in this direction arises future Teacher. From the small and imperceptible will be born big and great.
188. (M. A. Y.). On force and degree of love it is received from those whom we love, but on condition of reciprocity. The winner fiery, love, obviously approves herself over all restrictions of time, space and a body. It also is the world of fiery reality and reality of life of heart. To live psych life of all heart – means to claim that isn't visible to an eye terrestrial but that vibrates in thoughts and feelings atop vision dense. Time the chosen direction on a chain of Hierarchy changes already never: neither in this life, nor in World Aboveground, in future lives. Therefore strengthening and consolidation of threads of heart will serve only in the benefit. We answer heart calls always because they not greatly reach Us. Over life of the usual world there is a life of singularity of all three worlds. Heart participates in it, and contact with them goes through heart.
189. (Apr. 17). (M. A. Y.) The growing force use in the benefit, and then its growth it will be lawful. It is a lot of sufferings on a planet and where it is possible, it is necessary to help. Activity of Hierarchy consists to a certain extent in the help to people. For the sake of people Lords from a far star came. To them imitating, we will be to help also.
190. (Guru). By request neither to write, nor it is impossible to perceive. But when the wave is favorable, it is necessary to use it probably more stoutly. Missed doesn't repeat. Ask – why? Two identical moments never happens. Every instant the world changes; the nature doesn't repeat itself, seeming repetition always goes on the highest or lowest turn of a spiral. Identity of the phenomena isn't their repetition. Even the same notes of a musical scale are various on octaves. Meetings are unique also, live, and in its pledge of updating of life are unique also.
191. (Apr. 18). Dreams will gradually gain symmetry and sense and enlightenment in reality of the Thin World. At once it is impossible – without training of thinning of perception the dense cover won't sustain. Unattractiveness of some movements of an astral at some people so obviously that pushes away the ugliness. Smell, color of radiations and coloring of thoughts – everything is ugly. Habitual thoughts become "larvas" and absorb luminosity and leave the mark on a physical body. Exactly so habitual low thoughts work. Nests twist them in aura of the person. Clarification of aura is reached by release from these ghouls and vampires. After all the thought is live essence of the Thin World, irrespective of, high it or low. Ordinary thoughts go to the space, habitual settle on aura. During their life collects much. They grow into aura. Conductors get used to vibrate on them, collecting and accumulating in itself conformable to them elements (or substance of different conditions). Clarification from them is necessary for uninterrupted advance. It is difficult to heal spirit ulcers in Elevated because attraction force from conformable to aura of layers of the corresponding matter of thoughts is almost insuperable. If to them not to win against these thoughts and force of their magnetic attraction and an attraction here how to overcome them where all becomes aggravated and amplifies to a limit and gains bright visibility? Attraction of the lower class awfully. Only that is free from these layers who from them have in it (himself) no anything, able to them accord. The law of the accord acts on all plans, in all worlds, - from it not to leave. But to use force if it is conscious, purposeful and at the level of the upper class of the Thin World probably, but it is necessary to begin here.
192. Formula of the Delphic oracle of “Nosce te ipsum...” it is significant that specifies a way, following to which it is possible to define quality of the energy and those attractions on which they act and will work and after release of spirit from a body. The meeting with guards of the Threshold also is that moment when images of own thoughts which have poured out in bright and resistant forms, arise before consciousness and invincibly involve it in the orbit of an attraction. All life on Earth of people it was combined with them that is I lived in their environment, feeding them with the desires and aspiration and forcing these survivability, that is thinking of them known time. And now its own generations which have grown together with it is very strong, show the account and the right to further coexistence with them. If desires and aspirations of a high order, they lift spirit to the sphere if low – carry away it down. But who wants carried away to be in a chasm? From here the last, deadly fight meanwhile that, the highest is in the person and that, the lowest in it. It is better to begin this fight much earlier, now, when in a body when it is possible to weaken or even absolutely to overcome an attraction of undesirable thoughts, with ease bigger than where this fight is so difficult. If it is possible hour or day to carry out in pure thoughts, in the sphere it is possible to carry out them both week, and month, both year and all life. Light kingdom force undertakes, and making effort admires it.
193. (M. A. Y.). As a matter of fact, fight with itself stops never, at whatever step there was a person because each following step demands fixing new, reached and overcoming old, passable, still remaining in soul. And the lifting is higher, the overcoming is more difficult. Not in power costing on a ladder of life some steps lower to overcome that overcomes the higher. That is why the sequence and gradualness is necessary. Not to pass through the bridge, without having reached it, - but a problem of the current step of forces always, differently it not to reach. The phenomenon of impossibility occurs not from a lack of forces, and from inability to concentrate them everything in this point, on this task, to concentrate and collect as the lens collects in focus beams or the commander – a ram in a place of the main blow. It is possible to pay attention and time to collecting of forces for overcoming in itself that yet gets rid and that demands an urgent get rid. Time presses, and oils in an icon lamp remains not much.
194. (Guru.). It is impossible to jump above itself in a body physical, but in thin above easy to rise if to leave a body. Hand not to lift metal ton, but in the spirit of impossible there is nothing. There is no impossibility to win against what to be already obscene itself. But preparation is necessary, preparation for this strong effort of spirit. The one who has nothing fight, that doesn't go anywhere and, without going, won't reach. The urgency of overcoming indicates the phenomenon of urgency of a way. Tooth rotten pull out. Also pull out from consciousness and that disturbs at present. It is necessary to decide and decide only irrevocably. Very much it is unprofitable to risk because of a decayed tooth an inflammation of a jaw and even infection of all organisms. It is lost because of unnecessary delays so much.
195. The phenomenon of perception of the highest is accompanied by the Beam of the Hierarch. Communication out of corporal and therefore doesn't interrupt death. You love Me and double force. Love your Lord all heart, all understanding... – same formula of ancient precepts of the same order.
196. (Apr. 19). Can ask: why so we insist on clarification? Answer: at an absolute visual memory and ability to create bright and accurate images of thought they will be the real disaster and for beget, both for surrounding, and for space if the consciousness is dirty. As well the aggravated susceptibility in the presence in conductors of the matter infected with low thoughts will cause also accords corresponding. In a word, the evil conveyor will turn out. That is why not ready consciousness’s which have recklessly concerned without preliminary clarification, finish obsession, either madness, or health frustration. Wisely the Teacher conducts, gradually deepening knowledge and strengthening organism councils of yoga. Someone complains about a slowness of the Way and that the centers in a desirable measure don't open. Not from wisdom these thoughts. After all it is very easy to burn through the fiery device of the person. It is difficult to combine burden of dense existence with opportunities of impetuous aspiration and knowledge of the Thin World. Only balance will help to keep on the roll. And balance of spirit – one of the most hard-hitting qualities. But the advantage of all merits of spirit in that, that they can be developed and strengthened infinitely and besides absolutely safely for an organism. How devotion, or love to the Hierarch, either courage, or tranquility, or self-control, except advantage to the owner grew, they won't give anything. It is possible to think of, this imperishable and integral accumulation and as are necessary for advance as they are necessary in World Aboveground how are valuable. What is the most necessary in life terrestrial? Statement of qualities all thoughts, all aspiration, all desire! But who will want to lose time over that has in itself no what usually chase and that people look for. But wanted and a hand to that laid sang will reap and in this life, both in that, and in what will be.
197. (M. A. Y.). The Teacher sees aura and each speck of dirt on it, and it prevents It to approach even closer and to give even more. After all in each outgrowth of spirit the greatest danger if the knowledge arrives not in parallel with clarification is covered. At desire to move ahead quicker process of clarification of covers should be conducted in full accordance with power of this desire. Usually it turns out so what to promote everyone wishes, but doesn't want to leave century litter; commensurability in everything, and the Teacher commensurate donation degree with degree of tension of process of release from all dark and gray heaps. Think approached to the Doctrine of a little, this release how is insistently necessary. The Teacher has a care how to move further, and the pupil of force sometimes doesn't find in himself how to dump stirring freight, and continues to mark time, wasting precious time. Certainly, it is possible to live even in a shed, but the spirit palace was promised after all. Let's hasten, we will hasten because time presses and terrible terms approach.
198. (Guru). If there is an aspiration to approach even closer and to be with Us together always, for this purpose it is necessary to bring itself into a condition corresponding to that environment in which there are we. From our conversations and from books you know, than we live, and a circle of our aspirations, and the spiritual atmosphere accompanying us, and therefore your task – to rise to it, to enter into it and to be filled with it. Something should be left, to leave something and something feather to give rise. Your desire we accept, accept ours and you – to see you in light attires of spirit and without any freight of terrestrial remnants.
199. (Apr. 20). One of secrets of the Elevated World comprises understanding of that in this world all moves thought, and everything creates thought, and everything depends on thought. The astral body is movable by thought and all desires it lights and supports or goes out thought. So and in the world terrestrial, but and in it the desire or desire can be kindled or extinguished thought. But there in addition to its movement in space makes too thought is same energy phenomenon and in the world mental. Released by knowledge from ignorance, the thought freely creates that is available to it on level of its development. The thought of the poet, the artist and the composer, thought of the writer on the creative scope strongly differs from though market money changer because each of them lives in the sphere of the thoughts. Where will go changed from the bench and a jug with gold? Thought – either the liberator or the jailer. Creates thought of people, her creator and beget, but, created by it, she becomes his lord. And even the authorities knowing about opportunity over thought and its generations not always can show this power. Except knowledge, experience of mastering by thought is necessary still. The addict, the drunkard and the smoker perfectly know about harm of drugs, wine and nicotine and, knowing, nevertheless remain slaves to the habits once allowed to the birth by thought. Only application in life of the phenomenon of the power over thought exempts from slavery at the thoughts. The majority of people – slaves to the thoughts, slaves to the generations. At first generated, and then went to servitude, at first voluntary, and then to the dependent. How there can be free a spirit in World Aboveground and dispose of the thoughts if here, on Earth, it was in the power and submission of the thoughts? But there are the thoughts giving freedom, for example, thought that its energy moves in space and the thin body flies; also there are the thoughts forging chains, for example, thought that the person dies with death of the physical body, depriving its opportunities to be there live, instead of a motionless block or the stone idol; denying no life and movement there in the thoughts – them has, claiming by thought – lives. It is necessary to understand only that the Supreme factor of life of spirit is the thought, but the thought lit up by knowledge of the supreme laws and armed with experience of their application in practice, – at first on Earth, and then and in Elevated. Only the thought applied in life, gives strength it to create. The person is imperious to create the reason this or that act, but isn't imperious to destroy its consequence. The person is imperious to create thought, but isn't imperious to neutralize its consequence until the thought another, by it opposite and bigger potential will be created. So circumstances it is necessary to be very legible in what thoughts are invited and allowed to the sphere of the consciousness because everyone either ennobles or directs down; releases or imposes chains; clarifies aura or darken it, because everyone from darkness or Light. But from the thought not leave anywhere.
200. (M. A. Y.). On Earth thought it is impossible to change a hair color or an eye. It is the sphere of the karmic statements concerning very wide area of human life. But the attitude towards them – already in the power of will, and it depends on thoughts. They can go spontaneously, being type of reflex thinking, but can go and be supervised by will, and in this regard the power of thought over karma has no usual restrictions. Over karma the thought dominates.
201. (Guru). The thought amplifies feeling that is energy of heart. Without it thought – from a brain. And the thought brain is a bird about one only a wing. The bird such because can't won't depart.
202. (Apr. 21). I shouldn't judge, everyone condemns itself (himself) to darkness or Light. Astral as water, seeks to break through each crack. Even small cracks are dangerous because become more, - through everyone willfulness of an astral creeps. Minutes of a full fall silent of an astral are useful. Its experiences aren't necessary to spirit. It is possible to do and without them. An act it is easier to follow, than the word, and behind the word – it is easier, than behind thought.
203. (M. A. Y.). Dismissal from something consists not in that not to have it, but in to being attached to it and not to be it connected. Everything that the person makes is made by him or in freedom, or slavery at the made. It is possible to imagine the player at a table, absolutely quiet, passionless and indifferent to, whether he will win or will lose, theoretically – it is possible. It also will be freedom of that the person does. And then he is the lord of the acts and actions. Similarity in good luck and failure, in pleasure and a grief, in health and diseases and in all circumstances of life will be a step of achievement of balance of the spirit, the superior fiery quality giving the power over a polar of the opposite phenomena. Not to react in any way astral to waves of external influences means astral submission to will and mastering of. Achievement is from the rarest.
204. (Guru). If something didn't manage to be reached from the first, it will be possible from the second, either from the third, or with thousand, or hundred-thousandth, but it will be possible surely and by all means because unattainable isn't present. Wanting will achieve, persistence will take.
205. (Apr. 22). Any life human is as though unusual and interesting it was, comes to an end with death with which stop both all undertakings, and all creation of the person concerning it to the personality. The personality dies with a body. Therefore it is very useful to look at all private matters as on the phenomena, strong limited lasting one embodiment, that is to know their real value. All externally physical and all things which it is owned, matter only for this time. It is good to separate that surrounds the person in consciousness and life in a body, that proceeds with it outside death of a body lasts for it on one only. Nor bodies, nor clothes, things Elevated not to take in the World. Neither desires, nor passions, neither irritation, nor fear, neither habits, nor weaknesses and all experiences of an astral not to take in Devachan because in Devachan there will be no astral body and that, than it lives. Thus reflecting, it is possible to separate in itself elements duration and to allocate for them in consciousness a due place. It is impossible to mix them as the confusion will lead to incommensurability. The load which is born by the person in life terrestrial can be facilitated by release from the unnecessary. A lot of the unnecessary hangs behind the back, burdening the traveler of an infinite way. The analysis will show duration of each thing, each habit, each quality and their mutually relative value. From unnecessary things and property will exempt death. But what will exempt from rage, fear and lust? The rage not in a physical body, but is deeper. Than the astral is infected and saturated? What will it carry away with itself to the World Thin, - and how to be exempted from this heavy freight? It is best of all to do it now, without losing an instant: useful to take, harmful, dark and bad to reject. After all it is possible to dump an astral body not before it will get rid of itself. Only elements enduring can be taken quietly in a way far are qualities of spirit, but the light scale, giving the chance to the Highest Triad to come to light and live on the plan of its existence consciously.
206. (M. A. Y.). On what the thought is directed – will yield a fruit in the sphere of aspiration of thought. Terrestrial give to Earth, but remembering, what not for the sake of terrestrial to Earth came but in life terrestrial to collect through terrestrial those accumulation of spirit which don't die, but continue to accompany spirit and in the Highest Worlds. In it the purpose of your life, it don't forget among vanity of life usual.
207. (Guru). Art demands to give it heart and to put it above all the rest. After all it is a way of improvement of spirit. Art is the world of creativity of spirit, and creativity – destiny of the person both on Earth and in the Worlds. The understanding of the deepest value of art will be call of the New World.
208. (Apr. 23). It is so much works, it is so much cares, it is so many experiences, and all to be replaced new and to be forgotten even already in this life, not to mention the following. Whether it is worth making a fuss each time once again soon to be engaged in another? Not indifference and indifference be underline, but expediency and commensurability. Whether it is better to direct efforts what doesn't lose the value in time, and on the contrary, amplifies increases and gets the increasing and bigger sense? So, we will divide everything that occupies consciousness of the person, on two spheres: one consists of things passing, connected with external and changing constantly; another – from things enduring, proceeding from life in life. To this other sphere also we will give the heart, knowing that where heart, there and consciousness. To area of the phenomena having very long existence, qualities of spirit which grow belong or decrease depending on ascension or a spirit of descends. Let's tell the fear or courage will accompany the person from life in life, increasing or weakening in the force. Qualities of spirit develop and grow on an ascending or descending arch – either evolution or involution. Throughout several embodiments it is possible to track evolution or involution of growing quality when it ennobles spirit or reduces it on steps of a ladder of life. Small and not having value isn't present anything. The kernel small in life of one can give shoots big in another, and it is good if the seed was good. After all and weeds give the young growth. The consciousness field let will be care of day because during the days and nights of life terrestrial sprouts of grains kind and angry expand or die. So among a changeable stream of the phenomena terrestrial there are streams of currents deeper, leaving inside. The external person will be born, grows old and dies, and his shape during life quickly changes, but its internal essence remains almost invariable if only he doesn't lay consciously to it a hand. On the example of the alcoholic it is possible to see already more accelerated, than usually, spirit falling because falling is made sometimes very quickly, but not without the far reasons. As also the ascension can go systematically and quickly, as, for example, in case of an apprenticeship. These internal processes of consciousness, so are a little depending on external conditions, are the most considerable in human life. Anything external can't replace them and any terrestrial wellbeing to cover the tragedy of falling of spirit or to belittle a feat of ascension it on Light Ladder. Two lives at each person, also it is necessary to think of what value has each of them.
209. (Apr. 25). If heart is averted from contact with someone, heart can believe and contacts to avoid. What how not heart, will give the first message? Relying on its voice and preventions, refined it. Heart – the guard true. How many wishing cling to a magnet of burning heart. Last all: and those who from light, and those who from darkness. Not on purpose the good dark hands last. Are especially dangerous being covered because differently as they can approach? And grief not distinguished. Recognition – the quality which is absolutely necessary, - distinguishes heart. Means, to education and thinning, that is culture of heart, it is necessary to find enough time, and the main thing – attention, because very often signals of heart remain in neglect. Heart demands only freedom phenomena the sense-knowledge and feelings and wants that with them reckoned. Many mistakes result from that the first preventions of heart aren't taken into account. Heart is given to the person as independent body or the device for perception of that imperceptibly for a brain. Let's do justice to heart.
210. (M. A. Y.). To live psych life of all heart, it is necessary that it is similar to the sun, everything shined, on what its beam when in the light of it is visible distinctly clearly and that is beautiful falls and the eye attracts and that is ugly, on what the eye doesn't want to look. Heart as the sun, has beams and sends them around naturally and without any efforts. The singular ray is formed when energy of heart concentrates on the chosen object or the subject, and then action of warm energy is especially powerful. Certainly, such parcels burden burning heart, but after all the best transmitter of energy of this is love. It is important to note, as other feelings, such as, for example, devotion or aspiration, too serve as fine transmitters. Heart is the wonderful device of spirit demanding careful studying and thin approach. The way of ascension of spirit is covered with heart. Everyone has in itself the judge, and this judge – heart.
211. (Apr. 26). Astral body is the conductor of emotions. It consists of a matter of the Thin Plan in the same way as the physical body is made of a matter of the dense world. This matter on the structure, that is on roughness and a sparseness as differs at various people as the physical body at the drunkard differs from a physical body of the devotee. The difference as a part of physical bodies of people is huge, and a variety it is great. The difference and in a matter of astral bodies, both at live, and at the dyed people is in the same way great. The rough and infected physical body poisoned with poisons of decomposition, has also an astral body of the relevant structure; thin and rarefied and cleared of everyone are nasty and on structure of the matter it is absolutely other than the first. Task in rarefying and clearing a body physical both at the same time and in parallel with it will refine and to rarefy a body astral. Both bodies refine thought, words, actions and the emotions accompanying them. Everything that occurs in the person, immediately darken or clarifies him and besides – in all covers. Small introspection will show how emotions work, thoughts, feelings on all body and as qualities of spirit, for example, fearlessness, either confidence, or aspiration acts them. Works on the plenty, and the more is knowledge, the more than work. To refine and rarefy the conductors – whether it is a task? After all it is so necessary, and especially for elevated stay. The substance of a matter of the astral body, got used to vibrate on a certain wave and to react to impressions of this or that, but a habitual order, represents itself something established, capable to answer influence of that number of the phenomena which were approved during life. Having dumped a physical body, the person remains in that cover which is hardened or refined by him and which is capable to reply only on those to energy from the outside which are habitual and with which it got used and grew together on Earth. That is why clarification of conductors or covers, including and dense, so insistently it is necessary. Everything it is easier to make this process on Earth, it is more difficult than everything in Elevated. Vibrations in covers of an undesirable order are excluded completely because they отемняют aura and bring elements of the lowest quality in covers. It would be time to understand that though a tree from the gallows and a cross, we will tell a pine, equally, mentally its saturation variously. But the physical body not a tree, and on the poisoned cover of the deep drunkard, on the one hand, and the good athlete – with another, is visible as the structure of their bodies is various, even at low spirituality of the athlete. Depression and thinning of conductors is a task urgently important because this process is long and demands years and years. But the purpose of human evolution rarefies and refine and a matter of a physical body, and a planet matter. In a circle the seventh, in the seventh race, Earth and bodies of people will be incorporeal, they will be incorporeal, but material nevertheless because from a matter, as though distinguished and lightful it was, not to leave anywhere.
212. People often complain about diseases, and meanwhile anything so not refine an organism, as physical sufferings. It is possible, of course, and without diseases, but on condition of ardent aspiration of spirit and ardent strong-willed effort, long and constant, to take process in hand. However, without pains it is impossible, nevertheless not to do without pains, but it will be already sacred pains, and their character other. Paid attention to how High Spirits and the majority of pupils strongly suffered? The weeds above, they are more than sufferings because even sufferings and pain should be overcome fiery. The substance developed by suffering in substance of covers, lightful also is blessing for the sufferer when he was exempted from a body. So the sense of the various phenomena from the point of view of the Thin World gets other value is perfect. And the heavy karma can appear the light liberator. Some animals aren't ill all life and die of an old age and without pain. Let's not envy of.
213. (Apr. 27). Giving terrestrial and to people about what they ask, it is necessary not to forget that each contact with terrestrial, like a funnel, seeks to tighten consciousness to the sphere. The device of spirit demands for success of perceptions of a special mood which people and break, it is possible to keep it only under a condition if at the time of contact not to allow consciousness to leave the sphere, considering all events as though from the party and without daring to vibrate astral in unison with the events. If the blind leads blind, both will fall in a hole. If to plunge into a small personal world of someone's limitation, approved as works, it will be broken. Exactly here, as anywhere, the ancient rule of life of spirit is applied: to be in the world, but to be "other-worldly". Warm participation yet doesn't mean dissolution of the world in foreign consciousness and its vanities. And, helping people, it is necessary to fence off carefully from them "a spirit sanctuary" because will enter, and will crush a shrine, and the sacred flame lit in it, will extinguish. It is possible to give the soul "for the friend the", but not spirit; the spirit indulges in the Lord. These two spheres are differentiated. It is possible to lose the soul to find spirit. The soul remains on a crucifixion in the world terrestrial together with a body, but the spirit and its other-worldly kingdom, and the purpose of all sufferings terrestrial means only one – release of spirit from everything, than it is connected and chained, to Prometheus is similar, to Earth.
214. Life showed how it is difficult to establish a mood of a harp of spirit and as it is easy to break it at invasion of foreign influences, especially if not to be protected from them with special measures. Too the terrestrial is other than Spheres of the Highest, and it is too much wishing consciously and unconsciously to interfere there, where to allow them it is impossible. And as among these wishing powers of darkness constantly try to get, care trebles. Patrol, patrol, patrol and protection! Not without reason the protecting network is given to spirit as protection against the evil. It can be strengthened.
215. (Apr. 30). (M. A. Y.). . Insufficiently – you’re the answer and your love is necessary to one our love to you. On reciprocity the heart stronghold is under construction. When the reciprocity isn't present or it dies away – there is nothing. And then it is difficult to help. And our help is necessary constantly because life is hard. If people are close to you, and We are far, there is no advantage to you in that. But even if you are lonely and left all, but you feel Proximity ours – that everything well.
216. (Guru). Define correctness or an inaccuracy of the actions very easily. If at our presence you are able to repeat them, without being confused, without fluctuating and without doubting, action is correct and good.
217. Emphasis on Me. Certainly, any influence which is pulling together with Us, well; separating from Us – it is bad. Rapprochement with Us is the life purpose. If it didn't take place, life goes to nothing. If it amplifies, the spirit goes up if it is weakened – down. But the will is free, and it is possible to go freely either up or down. But it is necessary to know precisely not to be mistaken and that eyes were open and the self-deception is impossible.
218. (May 1). 218. (May 1). Never before didn't happen in planet life that everything occurring on it, so quickly became common property. In that a merit of the radio attaching consciousness of people to width of scope of life planetary. Already necessarily it is necessary to leave the small orbit of the personal world and to concern an orbit of world consciousness. It conducts to that the mankind felt itself as one family, a single whole and collective huge. When the huge mass of people lives one emotion or feeling of lifting as it was at a recent meeting of the hero, waves, powerful waves rush far, approving the World New. New energy enters into the board, crumpled resistance of units or even group of people of the old world. Not to stop power of this influence. The victory goes.
219. (M. A. Y.). Benefit that, which brings love! On a gift is and receiving but as want to receive not bringing anything. Only the gift can create a life-giving exchange of energy. These it was understood once. Then began bring to temples gifts, then money. And under a ring of metal the sense of gifts was lost. Interchange stopped, and their temple became empty. Degeneration of religious cults finishes itself existence of everyone because the understanding of bases is lost. There is a form without the contents. Is instructive to observe how internal it is replaced external, and external loses meaning. How many cults died so, already in the face of history, died, buried under fragments of the broken-up material heaps. The letter replaced spirit, and a form – the contents.
220. (Guru). The holiday can be considered On the First of May as day of mental association of all supporters of the New World – in it its sense. Than association is deeper, it is more sincerely lifting, the more consciousness’s joins this process, clear and final victory of the New World is closer. It is necessary only that heart took the valid part in festival it because without heart association will be dead. Value of holidays new is in association of people in one powerful collective of New mankind.
221. To learn to expel the thoughts a time. I send thoughts of strengthening of conscious activity of heart. Heart – the best performer of spatial instructions. The messenger of Light is heart. Heart transfers also thought. Energy of heart is more powerful than energy of a brain. Heart and at night actively when the brain sleeps. Heart sleeps never. Also it executes and personal instructions. Heart it is possible to persuade to work. And it is possible to talk to it, - and a wire is from heart to Heart. When heart is given to the Lord, it unites spirit and consciousness with It. Not a brain, not thought, but heart is the combiner. It is possible to consider heart as a spirit citadel.
222. When the rhythm is observed, terrestrial nothing disturbs. Fluctuations of degree of sharpness of ease and difficulty are inevitable, but receipts go, despite everything. Let's pay thus special attention to heart clarification from litter. Basis there is the same situation, what not that profanes heart that that proceeds enters into it, but. Proceeding from the person plays a crucial role, whether it concerns words, either feelings, or thoughts, or acts. That is taken out outside, surely has to be approved somehow before this removal inside while entering into the person can there and not to be approved and leave it as it is easy as entered. But also entering demands too attention, that is control that on to allow it to nestle. But that already entered and that nestled and sprouted weeds, is subject to withdrawal that is clarification from it. Process of cleaning is simple, so simple, as housing cleaning: dirt is cleaned, the litter is cleaned, everything is cleaned that isn't necessary, and everything that disturbs spirit phenomena on the highest scale. The scale of fires of spirit is huge. All fires need mastering by them. Character of fire depends on extent of mastering that is whether fire is eating or creating. The slave to habits, defects, passions is the slave to the lowest fires, him in himself will lit, the slave to fire, from the tool of spirit become the tyrant and subordinated the will which has created it to himself. The person in the microcosm is the slave or the lord of his energy. Mastering by fires is connected with heart clarification, because heart – a spirit citadel in which sanctuary sacred fire burns.
223. (M. A. Y.). Desirable image of a phenomenon of in lives, that is the ideal, brightness can finish to such an extent and vitality that it will merge with consciousness and, having become its part, becomes the spokesman of shape of the creator. Process of consolidation and revival of an ideal and introduction it in a resistant and constant mental form can take away all free time, but also here it is better to enter a rhythm into process. The persistence of counteraction of covers can oppose persistence and constancy of a rhythm. Anyhow to overcome in itself what collected, perhaps, for eyelids? Direct fight demands terrible expense of forces, but continuous strengthening of an ideal and consolidation of its form will allow it, without entering fight at once when it is still weak, grow to such an extent forces that it will overcome already without special work and without especially intense fight that at present it to overcome not in power. When strengthening can't be taken in a forehead, it undertakes a roundabout way.
224. (Guru). Whether it is possible to remain thus with what life was begun? Whether it is possible to leave without having saved up? Whether it is possible to return back – to a point of a starting way? Whether it is possible to allow that all life came to nothing and that everything should be begun once again? No, it is impossible! Means, a way only forward, so nothing has to stop. In it there will be a pledge and the victory guarantee. The rhythm approved will help. But it can enter new rhythms into help.
225. (May 2). Let's develop the new page of life of spirit. As spirit we will consider that clothes covers. Yes, the spirit – is material, though is hidden. Gradation of a matter ascends in Boundlessness. The body of spirit is Light body. At different spirits of degree of a lightful of a body of spirit are various are depends on accumulation. Because the spirit increases in a lightful, refine with it and covers. Covers change spirit. When the consciousness is entirely transferred to spirit area, transformation of covers goes quickly. Even usual spiritual lifting often lights up a face of the person. But singularity and singularity of constancy of spiritual lifting or spirit admiration is necessary to us. Certainly, changes fire. Evolution of spirit is a process of thinning of its fires. We Consider as big achievement when the person begins consciously will refine the fires, replacing their lowest manifestations the highest. Let's be glad if we are able to note as the relations of a terrestrial order are replaced with proximity of the highest spirituality and over a phenomenon of covers. The spirituality exempted from influence four, pulls together people forever. Therefore coming to Us and passed line when there is no return back, come to Us forever. So, rapprochement – forever, in all worlds, on all plans and in all covers and forever because the spirit approaches and rapprochement goes spirit which is eternal, we won't destroy and we don't destroy. Life is transferred to thought, and thought to the spirit sphere.
226. (May 3). I call for understanding of gravity of the events in the world. The mighty underground currents invisible to an eye, will escape outside, crumpled seeming strong creation of human ignorance; unless it is possible stop growth of the New World? Beams of distant planets work strong! The person is the center of star beams sounding on their combinations. And as these combinations are new and unusual, and life on a planet already left long ago a commonness framework. Thinnest and sophisticated diplomats not in forces already provide a current of events. But We Provide them, - and, Knowing a current of stars, we Warn about singularity of reflection of these influences that occurs now on Earth. It is good when it is possible to meet them in readiness of understanding and expected surprise.
227. (M. A. Y.). Life of the Thin World is on consciousness. The contents it so variously and variously as consciousness’s of his inhabitants are various between themselves. There are no two similar ideas of it. Who that brought, that that and lives. The dream is necessary for rest and accumulation of forces. Conditions of consciousness and duration of stay in them are various, and this duration depends on many reasons. Has to cease everything generated in life terrestrial. The best crystallizes for life on plans more the highest, the lowest is got rid rather settled, in the lower class. Overcome ascend above, not overcome go down. Who to whom or to that goes that with those or with that and will come. The aspiration solves everything. But interesting there is a lot of and opportunities endlessly if the consciousness allows. Conditions are too other than conditions terrestrial that comparison was correct.
228. (Guru). There is time of execution of ancient prophecies on Earth and person transformation. Them in old books it is easy explain inaccuracy and symbolism of a statement if to understand, that was then, that now is how excellent. After all even words and concepts weren't to it corresponding. Here also expressed the enlightenments in the future as could. But the future will surpass everything in the beauty that was thought, told or drawn about it. Really New Sky and Novaya Zemlya become such that old, that is the world old, won't come one heart more and won't be remembered.
229. (May 4). Time is in vain wasted. Blossoming of spirit is reached in Elevated when it’s all covers because isn't present at the person of more dangerous enemy, than he, it’s the lowest "I", being shown through his covers are dumped. Crucifying understood it. The torturers of a flesh castigating the body understood it though the understanding and was shown in fanatic extremes. It is easier to carry a "vlasyanitsa", than to seize thought and to hold over it control. It is difficult to reach top when pull down covers. Difficultly, difficultly on it to keep while covers aren't changed. Transformation of covers goes Light – Fire. At clarification the body brightens, the astral and menthol shines. Transformation of conductors is made by thought. Certainly, changes thought, thought of Light, thought light. Darken is transformation by darkness. Each dark thought changes by the nature. What to speak about planet or person transformation when own essence didn't change yet? It is necessary to begin with it. Yet there are no people others, not to be neither to New Earth, nor the New Sky. Nowadays space forces are involved in this process. Beams of the highest planets work powerfully, changing and life on Earth, and the nature human.
230. The food mode changes a physical body, emotional – an astral, mental – a mental body. But if no aren't observed thoughts, nor an astral, nor a dense body no can change. And if the astral, a body terrestrial isn't bridled will remain the same, despite the most fanatic to fast. Emphasis on thought! Therefore it is most correct to begin transformation with thoughts. The thought pushes the hero on a feat and forces the coward to shiver.
231. (M. A. Y.). . All present fairy tales, the most wonderful, the most fantastic are attempts to express terrestrial language miraculousness of the Elevated World. Yes! Yes! There is in space such area, where the person, as the wizard as the magician, causes everything to existence that his thought and imagination allow it to create. Often in dreams people that would be if they had the power that each their desire was granted think. The thin World where everything moves thought, and is this wonderful area of execution of all desires. Only to think – everything is carried out, in the bright finished forms if the thought is rather strong and is rather fully issued. Causing thought and imagination a number of images, the person is surrounded with them and in them stays, and they make for it that world or that environment in which he and lives this or that time. It is possible to understand, it is how important thus if thoughts are saturated with Beauty. Because that it is possible create on a disgrace? And creativity by everyone happens. Dark too create. The lower class is full of the most repellent and disgusting forms, and founders of this ugliness’s roll in them. Light spirits build on Beauty and Beauty. Well that who loves flowers who loves the nature who aspires to stars who in sounds fine wants itself to forget. The service to Beauty began here, proceeds there. But what tell about holders of brothels and brothels? What to tell about beget of all outrage? Where they stay and what create in this world where everything is created by thought? Thought Beauty observes if to Light you want to serve.
232. (M. A. Y.). . Life is in the spirit of. Life is poor and poor if the spirit is feeble-minded because that has is taken away from the poor also. In prisons, imprisonments, exiles High Spirits life bright and full led. Life wonderful, in a privacy mountain, eremites yogis live. Not the richness of internal life depends on the external. If it is empty inside, life is empty and senseless. You know frequent cases of millionaire’s suicides. Externally there is everything, and inside – anything. Therefore at the center we put spirit life. The one who devoted the time to aspirations of spirit won't regret: everyone will be saturated and will yield a fruit. If those who up aspire could understand, what wealth attachment in the spirit of to the phenomena of small habits and tendencies of purely terrestrial order deprives of them? After all this is carried away with spirit to the World Thin, burdening it. Let's tell attachment to food, desire sweet and to eat well. Not the food is harmful, but attachment to food and slavery at it. Food desires in World Aboveground are similar to heavy chains. Terrestrial habits as a kernel standing, stir spirit movements.
233. (Guru). A food of thought goes hierarchically. This is best sign of Proximity of the Highest. The garden watered won't become scanty. The spirit following the Hierarch is eternally new. Growth of spirit is expressed in growth of thought, a limit to which isn't present. Release from unnecessary appendages strongly promotes growth. For the sake of the future we are exempted from unnecessary freight. Not having anything the in covers can freely go. Not having – means, the soul lost that to find it.
234. (May 7). How after all to be when fires hang? How to be when everything leaves somewhere and it seems, what all is lost? How to be when there come Pralaya of consciousness and Maya takes up a place of tendency of spirit? I will answer: rhythm observe. Nullify activity of revolting covers. Extinguish desires them to be shown in affairs and the acts dissonant with the reached. Astral attempts from time until themselves are inevitable to claim on the former. We know cases much when already much reached back came back and right there I lost fruits of long efforts. It is so much works and so many sufferings – and to lose everything in a flash. But the instant will pass, and what further? Make a fresh start? The way repeated is twice more difficult, whether and not therefore that increasing mental energy does the person strong in manifestations of both poles of consciousness. Fire is very dangerous if there is no mastering full by it. All crimes ever made by the person, are made by means of mental energy. Fire – force two-edged. Only mastering by it leads to a final victory. And it is good when he seeks to be shown on a negative pole because this opportunity will give its strength to see and it to bridle, would be worse to calm itself delusiveness of an imagined victory. The spear over a dragon let will be brought always, and the spirit let in readiness will be to stand for itself.
235. (M. A. Y.). Each test we will consider as check of the next achievements. Anyhow then define difference of the valid achievements from the imagined. It is a lot of going to Top was lost because imagined qualities of spirit were accepted for valid, and when there came time of resolute tests, their destroyed was great. The: both good, and bad – it is necessary to know up to the end, in completeness of identifications. Self-deception – the most dangerous property conducting to self-flattery. Better severely and impartially to consider the shortcomings, than to imagine itself reached. The self-knowledge of is necessary.
236. (May 8). The aspiration defines a circle of perceptions. If it concentrates over a scum dense, receipts can go, enriching consciousness. Astral it is necessary to know about the world so not to fall under its charm and not to be cast into new Maya, but not to roll in it. Many drown also that cut off itself from reality. World mental too Maya world, because people usually live in the illusive < … >thoughts and in the world mental. Only the fiery reality exempts from Maya. The doctrine of Life isn't Maya, because this Doctrine Fiery. We are realists-activity. Sometimes it is useful to approve it in the reality phenomena. For example: life in this body certainly, comes to the end with his death. With death of a body the terrestrial fairy tale comes to an end and the fairy tale of the Elevated World begins. Therefore all terrestrial is as a dream, Maya phenomenon. The thought defines conditions of elevated existence. The thought applied not in words, but in practice is valid only. The Hierarchy of Light is real. The Lord is real. Communication is real. The proximity is real it. So, approving reality, among Maya ghosts, we advance them in Boundlessness.
237. (M. A. Y.). To you it is hard, and to us it is even heavier. Space cares exceed the terrestrial. Eyes on reality are open. The sick mankind chokes in own generations. We see darkness over a planet; fight is cruel; hardly over of Earth.
238. (Guru). To go, without being unsteady, under a press of spatial whirlwinds is and will be heroism. It is our Way.
239. (May 9). The question of movement in the Thin World is more important, than in the terrestrial. Ability there this depends on thought. If this opportunity mentally doesn't admit, movement can't be carried out. Ways of movement also depend on thought. If someone sating sat thirty years, and then died with thought of the same, he will sat and there, not movably and strong. Before moving, it is necessary to liberate thought. It is difficult to understand this special value of thought on the plan hidden if to proceed from Earth. But if situation is accepted that in the Thin World everything moves thought, not only movement, but also its all ways depend on thought. Depend on it and flights. But not fly, without having recognized this opportunity. Speed and ease of flight too depends on thought. Witches fly on grind. It is very convenient to them because don't know other ways. Someone flies on a carpet plane, - someone on swans. Someone moves on a gray wolf, on horses, on elephants. As well as in fairy tales magic, all this is possible in Elevated, as a limit the wealth or poverty of imagination, and consequently, and images of thought serves. Much now appeared there and new ways of movement. If here people fly on devices of a different design and a form, fly as and there. All ways of the movement which have been carried out on Earth, repeat there? But knowing doesn't need any devices as them everything replaces own microcosm by means of thought. The question of the dwelling there too isn't simple. Better others wanderers resolve it. They easier than all enter into conditions of the Thin World, without needing houses. But the majority nevertheless huddles on imagined back streets and is closer to Earth. Pity conditions are created by ignorance. When all wealth and possibilities of space at the disposal of the person, he creates the poor imagination poor prototypes of that surrounded it on Earth. To artists it is better. Well that who loved Beauty in all forms. To creators fine on Earth it is good. But gloomily darkly beget of a disgrace and makers of the evil. Let's not envy them, whatever their riches surrounded. Mental travel on the ground if are impossible usual, are very useful. Flights are useful. It is useful to fly thought about the world. It is useful in the spirit of to come off a brood hen nest. In the spirit of to be free it is useful and to believe, knowing firmly that flights in dreams have the deep, intimate and valid value releasing spirit from many restrictions. As flights both in the future and in far or close, but the impersonal past are useful. When external conditions don't allow, in the spirit of movement anybody and anything to forbid has no power. The consciousness is free always if to understand it.
240. (Guru). Mobility in the spirit of, mobility in thoughts, mobility and ease of thought – the qualities necessary to spirit both on Earth, and in the Worlds. The consciousness attached to the direct environment, like the prisoner concluded in a dungeon. Only this prison is voluntary. It is possible to call bonds of self-rejection similar constraint of consciousness. All sit on the dungeons, imagining on the ignorance of free, - but freedom only in the spirit of and thoughts. There is no freedom other. And in the spirit of it is possible to become free in any living conditions, if achievements of this freedom to put above all. Those who aspires to the power terrestrial, in slavery at it stays, – slaves doubled. In terrestrial there is no freedom for spirit. Only in the spirit of freedom, it also is created only by thought, free from shortcomings terrestrial.
241. (May 10). Full-dismissal from everything that prevents to go is a condition on which the success depends. If, on the one hand, there is a desire to move ahead, and with another – a reluctance to leave favorite cockroaches in the bosom, pernicious incompleteness when each step forward comes to an end with a step back turns out. Run, or trample, on a place is a consequence of this incompleteness that is unwillingness completely to be exempted from harmful heaps in consciousness. It is possible to refuse something, but it doesn't mean yet to get rid because somewhere there are roots of poisonous crops. After the entire question goes not about refusal, but about eradication nesting in properties. Both the love, and aspiration, and calls in the future nevertheless can't overcome kind to heart of weaknesses and shortcomings. And they live somewhere inside, the semi-dismissals covered from above with incompleteness, live, without allowing to move further the line put by them. Each possibility of new achievements goes out them because by them it is cut off.
242. (M. A. Y.). To find in itself the delay reason already will be a success half. "Find in itself root of all evil and pull out it. It can grow for eyelids... «This rule is written for all pupils. To find and pull out is here the solution of life. In process of advance the unnecessary things burdening lifting are rejected. How to climb up on the steep rock if hands are occupied? How to fill heart with the Lord if thoughts, not gets rid and darking heart are occupied? How to combine Light with darkness? When probably it is clear that it is necessary to rip out of heart, other decision isn't present as soon as to pull out. To any step with this freight it was still possible to go, but that moment here approached, it is impossible when further to go, and then it is necessary to solve: or forward, or on a place and... back.
243. (Guru). Before each new step there comes the moment when it is necessary to overcome in itself something demanded by this step. All Way consists in overcoming of. Means, forces should be collected for mighty effort of the spirit, seeking to approve one more release.
244. (M. And. Й.). Spirituality can be accompanied by phenomena, but not on the contrary. Otherwise each medium could be considered reached, while actually a medium is misfortune for the person. As well sorcerers could be considered "reached" while it is the people who lost the Way and have indulged in darkness. So, only spirituality also we will consider as criterion of achievements. To the phenomenal party we won't begin to direct because it gives nothing and on the way doesn't advance. Consciousness clarification from litter is much more important, than consciousness and heart. Force of clean heart is invincible. Pure fire on a scale of fiery identifications is so high that all other fires which are lower on purity, before force it hang. Clean heart – a power stronghold. Pure heart will see Fohat's light and the highest forms of a being shone matter. Eyes of heart we will look and we will see when there is pure it.
245. (Guru). Belief – till the end and confidence – up to the end; confidence that inevitably approach of the New Eyelid, - in total point on that. The monstrosity and singularity of manifestations of darkness testifies to its inevitable end. On change of eras it is necessary to keep consciousness on thought of a final victory of Light. Evidence dims the future horizon, but it is. It already exists as a prototype of what should be. While the belief in a victory lives in devoted heart, all darkness is powerless to break its force.
246. (May 15). We attach very great value to space cementation. Ideas of an eyelid conducting in evolution are created by us and let in space for realization them by mankind. It would seem hidden and inaudible thought, but its impact on life of the people – it is huge. To work with thought, it is necessary to realize its power and to master psych equipment of the process. Everything thinks, but units are able to think only. The thinking is the art demanding big ability and skill. Usual thinking so randomly and unorganized and so arrhythmic ally that doesn't yield fruits. However, when thoughts are directed on the evil, these poisonous flowers rather magnificently blossom. It is necessary to pay special attention to extremes. For example, on the phenomenon of the notions of compulsion or hallucinations when the killed, or victims, pursue the murderer. Dynamics of the fancies created at the moments of big tension of consciousness, is strong extraordinary. It is possible to specify that after death many criminals spend long time in the atmosphere of continuously repeating scenes of the acts made by them. And there is no place to leave from them. The thoughts which have been loaded emotionally, are especially strong because pulse an astral charge, a charge of astral fires. However, the thought of tranquility is stronger, but after all and the tranquility is a form of the crystallized fire, influencing force of the polarity on the phenomenon of an opposite order. One is invariable – the thoughts loaded with mental energy, but in degree different, and this energy and is Fire. At coordination of all conductors in one tonality the thought becomes especially strong. Such thought will resist and will overcome counteraction of thought usual. Once the mankind will come to opportunity consciously to create the integrated thought – and besides that seems now absolutely improbable. Power of the coordinated collective thought of the people or the population of the whole planet is improbable.
247. (May 16). Mystery should unveil, musical superstitions and ignorance from the phenomena of the Thin World and it isn't enough still the studied life of human mentality. Supernatural anything isn't present, all gives in also to well scientific research. The new equipment will allow suiting to incomprehensible until then to the phenomena and to prove that all these phenomena are material, though other order. The theory of relativity got moving forward the concepts which have hardened in centuries of time and space. Deepening will go further. Studying of properties of any matter, to being shone above inclusive, will confirm that in this area the mankind and its science take only the first shy steps. That was known only to the little earlier, becomes common property and will enter into their consciousness as the phenomena of magnetic entered, electricity, atomic energy and space beams. Boundlessness remains that that is opportunity still storing for mankind all of new and new opening, but the secret of two world’s secret already any more won't be. And life of the Thin World will be fixed on a supersensitive film in the same way as life terrestrial is imprinted on usual. Consciousness shifts difficult are given, but against discoveries it will be already impossible to rise and reject not denied, that is undoubted. It is necessary to reconstruct also mentality respectively, and a way of life. Consequences of thought will be visible obviously on radiations of the person, and the discipline of thoughts becomes so necessary, as well as the rule of usual behavior. Education becomes bilateral: external and internal. From pictures of radiations not to leave anywhere, their photo will replace the modern passport or the identity card and will grant the right to occupation of this or that situation in society and for a certain work. So, for example, pictures with daring emanations, indicating on not gets rid ulcers of spirit, will be an obstacle for a hold of this or that position demanding a certain purity of radiations. The dark spirit any more won't hold a high public post. Especially dark will isolate from people, they yet won't get rid of the ulcers. Division of people will go on a treatment of light and shade, and unworthy in heads won't get. A lot of things will change in society life. And the lecturer reading about purity or moral improvement, lecturing, on the screen, purity of the radiations, will testify that he has the right to teaching others. As well the lie of the speaker will immediately be reflected in the screen standing behind it. It is necessary to tell only the truth. Now it is difficult to present it, but the science will bring to that. Unhappy marriages, because of discrepancy of auras, won't be because the people belonging to the same vibration key will be allowed to marriage. People beautiful become also very healthy, thanks to coherence of aura radiations. The beauty will be included into life. Beauty – the basis of the New World.
248. (M. A. Y.). Difficulty of a passable step becomes complicated thinning of the consciousness which is sharply perceiving currents of space. The device of spirit becomes especially sensitive to sounding of a spatial note. Any more is mentioned by harp strings, and everything that invisibly vibrates in space and is close further. It is a payment for thinning. The space is saturated currents of Light and darkness currents. All this has to perceive the poor heart which has opened for spatial life. And to it is hard. Who when spoke about ease of achievements? On receiving and payment! That is why reached known steps allow in the Stronghold – in usual conditions life for them becomes intolerable. The supersensitive office of their spiritual organization isn't able to sustain the atmosphere of lowlands and in particular the cities. Many distinguished organisms fuse thanks to acuteness of the susceptibility.
249. (Guru). Booking is process of strengthening of the protecting network, very necessary during the periods of a condensation of currents, - as though the armor is put on the aura, covering internal radiations. Breath is thus deep and rhythmical. The consciousness of power communication with the Teacher amplifies. From spatial poison in space and there are a lot of arrows.
250. (May 17). Preparation of consciousness for a post mortal condition is very useful. When the person knows in advance that he will do and that he wants to do and that can, it facilitates his situation and exempts from meaningless and aimless wandering. There are too much opportunities and activity channels; both ignorant and not solved it is given to the power of casual currents – a perfect analogy to a castle without a wheel and sails. The one who has the purpose and realizes possibilities of elevated stay, knows that to do to it where to go and as. The confusion accompanies ignorant and not having the direction. Where everything moves thought, the thought directs but if the clearness of thinking isn't present and the consciousness didn't seize thought, bear his thoughts where want, and not the reverse. And thoughts happen different, and they can carry away anywhere. Therefore commitment of thoughts is necessary, as the phenomenon conducting to those conditions of thin existence which are wanted by spirit. It is possible and terrestrial to vegetate in life on a planet aimlessly. It is possible to wander aimlessly about city streets, without knowing that wanted by will. It is a lot of aimlessly unsteady in World Aboveground. Concentration of will and concentration of thoughts are necessary. They are necessary, however, and here, on Earth. Well directly to ask itself: and what I will do when I will be exempted from a body, things and all other restrictions of dense existence? After all it won't be necessary anything from this that now surrounds anything. Also there will be excessive needs of a body for food and drink and all other. But after all and there continue to smoke, however, it is illusive. Therefore, it is illusive continue, on ignorance, to do everything that got used to do on Earth. The fog or stupor of illusive existence under oppression of the approved and grown habits turns out. Release from them lies in the spirit of, but to separate everything that is necessary and it is necessary on Earth, that isn't necessary in World Aboveground it is necessary already on Earth. Otherwise not escape from an environment of ghosts of terrestrial remnants. It is good to present itself already not needing absolutely not in subjects terrestrial. It is also useful to understand a difference between clothes terrestrial and elevated. Elevated clothes one, its stocks are absolutely excessive, and it is created by imagination, and the person by means of thought invests it himself, - by bright representation of in it. Naked, even in World Aboveground, it is unpleasantly to go. Terrestrial, usual terrestrial clothes at times are ridiculous, for example, a dress coat with a starched shirt or a magnificent court uniform, a corset and all other extremes of fashion. The beauty of vestments of spirit is justified and in the conditions of the Thin World. But the beauty is combined with simplicity. Crowds of the astral plan are dressed on consciousness and a nationality, time and an era, - but there are attires universal, suitable for all times and civilizations. Vestments of Spirits High are beautiful and simple extraordinary. Prototype you have them on Earth. The dwelling isn't necessary – everywhere the house. In the lower class it is close and stuffy, as well as in big cities. Who loves the nature, with it and will arrive. Who – narrowness of man-made structures and crowd, will be in them and with them, and who brothels – in brothels. In a word, who that wants and aspires to what or to whom, will arrive in a desirable environment, - from here, and darkness of the lower class, both paradise gardens and beauty of the Elevated World, - all on layers and on aspiration to them. And on Earth the same limits, but seldom who will compare beauty of mountains or the rivers or the seas with city slums, brothels and other conditions of terrestrial life. On consciousness and environment; but on Earth is not always. In the same place is a law.