Agni Yoga's facets, 1963 (251-400)

251. (M. A. Y.). Why we speak about the Far Worlds and to them it is directed? Yes only because on Earth there is no their beauty, there is no their refinement, there is no their spirituality and there is no their freedom. Impracticable at present on Earth it is carried out and reached there. To what the spirit the highest aspires, is already created there. World Distant is a window in boundlessness of future achievements of the directed spirit.
252. (Guru). Let's remember the Directed Eternally symbol. To know the way and on it to direct, never losing sight of a fiery thread in the future, there is a way of the called and replying spirit. All external is created as if to distract consciousness from reality, from the uniform purpose of cognition real for the sake of which we live. The Teacher, the indicating calls a way and constancy of the purpose for it. Now we live, or one thousand years ago, or years through some thousands, sense and the life purpose – knowledge real – remain invariable. Also the Teacher is invariable. Also binding bonds with It are indissoluble. Fathers, mothers, wives, brothers change, sisters, children, friends and the enemies, all living conditions, life of the people changes, dies and the spirit will be born again in a body, but the bonds binding our spirit with the Lord if this communication is approved don't change. From life in life Light thread lasts. Strengthen it and to come nearer more – here our purpose because all depends on it the rest. And this only one is important, all the rest – so far as. And if in this life we managed to strengthen and approach this thread more, life is lived not in vain and it isn't necessary to be sorry about it because imperceptible and invisible externally decides all our destiny on Earth, both in the Worlds, and in this century, both in the future, and in future lives. Lord we will give to the Lord and the spirit in addition to It, and the rest will be put to us.
253. (May 18). In the sky always the sun, in the spirit of always Lord, also it is close. But the head should be raised, and – up, that that below, left from a field of vision.
254. (Guru). What on the earth occurred, it rushes in space forward to the fiery purpose. And the spirit of the person goes to the same purpose whatever occurred in his covers by which it is cloudy. They temporarily – the spirit is eternal and all events in them are limited to term. Knowing it, quietly we will pass through storms, calm, a bad weather and darkness – these signs of a terrestrial way to Boundlessness.
255. (May 19). Life consists of a constant phenomenon and contrasts. In consciousness it is expressed by change of its conditions. If it wasn't and monotony replaced, life of consciousness would stop, in any case, its advance would stop. Monotony even the best conditions are intolerable for consciousness. The changes which are breaking monotony are necessary. Alternation of contrasts creates a rhythm of the developed consciousness, and then its advance becomes natural. When the consciousness becomes silent, it isn't necessary to be afflicted and think that progress stopped, – it is just necessary to be prepared for receiving new elements and again to ascend on a new step of a ladder of life. Certainly, at these moments creativity as though fades and fire doesn't flare already, as usual. It is necessary to wait then quietly and in understanding of the events.
256. To usual drugs it is necessary to add suggestion, and to suggestion – breathe. This threefold draft it is possible to extinguish any illness.
257. (M. A. Y.). How there was a life, it is all the same necessary to live. Better from this what to eat, make good, than from the good – bad or from bad still the worst. But there are such conditions of spirit when it is best of all not to reveal externally itself in any way are the moments of Pralaya of consciousness. And he too should have a rest sometimes from continuous change of the phenomena that it gained new strength for life.
258. (May 20). Any phenomenon if on it to concentrate, can be deepened, expanded and improved in its evolutionary aspect. At concentration on it as though grows, as though concerns boundlessness in which there is all and by which each phenomenon the sides touches. The individualization of the phenomenon is necessary that it could be conscious and reveal itself that. The essence it is reduced to that there are no two human eyes even identical. Individualism not the enemy of collective, but the separate tool in a huge orchestra, and enemies of collective not identity, but egoism, egocentrism and self-eminence. The cult of a self-service is harmful extraordinary. But the best violin of an orchestra is its ornament and pride. Individual creativity of the writer relieves it of imitation. Not the egoism, but individualism, that is originality and originality of creativity is valuable. Individual joins the general as conformable, its harmonious part decorating, enriching and expanding it.
259. (Guru). I will tell only the word is balance.
260. (May 21). Everything is good in its season, and time of anything under the sun, it is impossible to force consciousness is on the one hand, and with another, – it is impossible to allow that covers operated will. Conducts thought, but thought the purposeful will directs, - but what? There are two will: brain and warm. The warm will is stronger, because it from fire. The center of gravity, is more right the life center, is transferred to heart, and then the warm will works naturally and freely. The actions decided by a brain are unconvincing. Cold happens from such far-fetched kindness and other feelings. The help such for this purpose to who help is burdensome; when acts from heart go, their value another, real, very pleasant to people the warmth. And the sermon therefore is cancelled that there is it usually from a brain, without changing people, goes at heart silent. There comes a century of heart. Sixth principle is in it. Immortality of heart isn't understood at all. Certainly, not the physical body flies, but when there is a thin body, heart pulsing by energy is clearly and accurately felt in it. It pulses and in a fiery body. Transformation of heart goes highly and when all covers are dumped, heart then shines all fires, being the center of the Immortal Triad. When the consciousness rises over all beliefs and over all cults, there is a heart cult which will mark fire era.
261. (Guru). Energy treasures too not in a brain, but in the Bowl. And heart is tied with the Bowl.
262. Evident studying of reality of the Thin World will exempt mind from superstitions and will remove from it the Secret cover. Everything is available to scientific approach to things. Two, seen one, thereby will confirm reality of the seen. New devices will help. The terrestrial person expresses himself only part of the Secret. Yes, his memory is short, especially about stay in Elevated. Secret not only in the accumulation collected in the Bowl, but also in the unsolved a potential more of spirit. "I" consist in gradually revealing opportunities of the highest the most part of Secret. Possibilities of spirit are inexhaustible and immeasurable: their small part is opened while to the person only very much. But if to collect reached by certain people at different times and to connect it everything in one person, it will be only small part of his Secret because in these achievements – the past, but the Secret includes both the future, and future achievements of mankind which aren't limited to anything. If to proceed only from the present or the past and only from the accumulation revealed in this embodiment when only small part of the past reveals, representations even small about the size of Secret won't be. Embraces in it all of people and everything in itself concludes, and everything is concentrated in it. Not without reason heart is called the center and the sun of system of its microcosm. Somewhere to go, first of all it is necessary to know where. Also it is necessary to know the main direction of evolution real and mankind. It is necessary to realize that is planned evolution for the person and in what direction development of the properties hidden in it will go. In a germ all these properties are put in the person from the beginning of times. Potential of its spirit comprises these opportunities in their embryonic and extra mental to them a condition. It is necessary to understand that if something was once reached by one person, it means that achievement it perhaps is reached by everyone. Question another, where and when, but – can. This situation should be acquired firmly. Reached by one person, it is achievable another. Without acceptance of idea of transformation the provision it can't be adopted because for one life it is possible to reach only small part of disclosure of Secret. But when these or those abilities of spirit consciously are cultivated and develop for eyelids, their growth and their development goes over restrictions of short term of one life. Boundlessness is given to the person for deepening in knowledge of Secret of. The precept of the Delphic oracle of Nosce te ipsum" covers in itself something immeasurably more, than those who says it think. And the Secret faces the person as the shining, fiery Magnet conducting it in boundlessness of future achievements, isn't present which end. We have examples of the fifth circle, we have even the sixth, but after all far time will come when all mankind will reach a circle of the seventh!! ! But even it yet the end as the seventh and Pralaya follows a circle the new cycle, new Manvantara, about seven new circles.
263. (Guru). When the rhythm can't be held external actions, we will hold it in the spirit of. No external actions can prevent observance of a spiritual rhythm. Even on the edge of an abyss, even among the most desperate turmoil of life it is possible to hold a rhythm in the spirit of. Among intensity of actions external nevertheless it is possible to keep hidden contact in consciousness. Therefore let never, no external circumstances will cause loss of internal contact and a rhythm cause of infringement. Behind any action the thought can direct to the Lord and as though with It stays. Partition of consciousness and spirit division is the phenomena close and clear to each pupil, wanting to keep inseparably. The rhythm which has been indestructibly carried by through terrestrial life will stand in good stead the and in Elevated. Let's be glad to each effort made on strengthening of a rhythm. Carrying out longer line already is the winner, because the line of spirit has no end.
264. (May 26). (M. A. Y.). . Here already it was many times possible to note that spatial keep an open mind and freely join consciousness in unusual time, to records not taken away. About it the prevention was given already long ago. I advise, whenever possible, to write down and them because missed and not recorded on paper runs low already for Earth. Written down after on memory won't bear on itself the press of feature and an originality with which these records differ. In each record – a rhythm, special, not repeated. It they are other than the usual writing. After all it is fire rhythm, a rhythm fiery, sating with the flame each line. Fiery of records can't be denied though saturation degree their fire is very various as the rhythms are various also. Many outstanding writers have too rhythm and too this or that degree of a saturation fire, - but fires these a bit different order as aren't connected directly with the Beam of the Hierarch. But fire remains fire and the only thing, though unconscious, a criterion of talent or genius of the writer.
265. (May 27). Certainly, all is in the spirit of. The condition of continuous advance in the spirit of becomes property of consciousness. To move, that is to expand consciousness and to study, it is possible always. Always it is possible to exercise the will over mastering by the covers, all in general and a body physical in particular. It is possible to observe on different people as their power over a body is various. The body constantly submits to one, and he is his owner, at another – on the contrary. Especially in not relics and diseases the power of spirit over a body is shown. Arhat – the lord of the body, a body – his obedient servant. Eyelids approved this power. On everything, on all trifles in life usual it is possible to exercise itself over mastering by a body. That not the hatch-yoga interfering spiritual development, but conscious establishment of the power of spirit and its priority over all departures and conditions of a body. Any illness, any indisposition, any frustration or a disbalance can't give in, without having made all efforts restoring balance will. The foremost factor for restoration of balance is a thought. It is necessary to distinguish thus suggestion from creative power of imagination. Infectious diseases don't give in to suggestion, but power of creative thought doesn't know restrictions. It would seem, this same because both here and there the thought, but this similarity – seeming works. The mental energy, the creating fire causing to manifestation vital energy of an organism, works powerfully, without knowing restrictions. Suggestion is only as though a limited field of activity of power of creative imagination of spirit. Treatment by beams belongs to this area of boundless opportunities of spirit. For a start we will note that beams seven: seven main and five additional. For example, it is possible to tell that the blue beam lowers temperature, and the environment of blue light extinguishes any abnormal, increased thermal processes and inflammations in a body. Beam therapy is a science of the future. Light therapy is applied, though it is a little, and now, but impact on an organism color beams of mental energy and change of color radiation of aura here means. When pictures of aura will be allowed and accepted by official science, the door in this area will be open. While it is necessary to be limited to the statement that each illness causes violation of color scale of aura, bringing in it smoky, dark, gray, brown or dirty and reddish shades or spots. Replacement in the struck body or in all organism of such radiation light, pure or dense, but too a pure shade, suppresses the disease center in its root. Similar amplifies similar and it is neutralized by the opposite. But color of a beam what it was, has to be pure. The healthy aura is characterized by purity of color radiations. Art and ability of application of a beam therapy is developed by long experience of life and continuous practice. Even the mental phenomena it is possible to treat this way – for example, the despondency, concern, fear and all other unhealthy emotions of the person, each of which is accompanied by color radiation, characteristic for this feeling. The area of a beam therapy is very extensive, and a lot of diligence is necessary to settle it. Let all told will serve as a basic point for the thinking, wishing to go deep into it.
266. (M. A.Y.). Let's pass without attention everything that has no relation to the purpose far, you shouldn't arrest consciousness to litter around, it is better to direct it on the most important. And most important is a condition of a constant apprenticeship at great school of life. Here it was necessary to note that each statement turned to people, causes from their party the ardent answer, kind or antagonistic, on essence of the replying. But, not to put itself under unnecessary blow, it is necessary to be very circumspect in the address, without giving the chance to cling to anything. But many only also wait for that to prick, having hooked for something. And here patrol, differently not to avoid blows to aura is also necessary.
267. (Guru). Good expression: "my Hierarchy". Here It also holds. Another such isn't present for you and can't be at all as communication with it was forged within long centuries. Understanding of it will help with aspiration crystallization to it much. Understanding deepening immediately gives a response and strengthens warm proximity. Refusal isn't present, but approach demands full-string understanding. And We have a pleasure because full-understanding we appreciate.
268. (May 28). Many suitable to Us don't maintain tension and recede, - situation on the edge of an abyss not from the pleasant. Commonness framework is destroyed. Consciousnesses of people around are far from spatial treasures. The loneliness becomes destiny till time. Test – from the most difficult. Last calls disturb when it is so quiet and life was simple. But it is necessary to go. Also it is necessary to reject everything that was once and it seemed so lovely to heart. Everything really valuable and integral is laid in a way distant. And superfluous is anything. Omnia mea-mecum*, - all in itself and all with itself. Also became clear, what not things are necessary to the person, and those feelings which they deliver. But after the entire person is laboratory for all feelings, and it is possible to cause them according to the solution of will. But also they aren't necessary: neither things, nor the feelings which have been given rise by them. People for eyelids live in the Thin World without things. To live without things is too it is necessary to understand. How to live without that seems inseparable. For a start we will understand that nothing belongs to us. Then to it we will add that everything, than is owned, – is temporary. We will so be exempted in consciousness from feeling of property. In the future people will have no personal belongings, except the most necessary. The person won't be attached to the house terrestrial then and will be free from slavery of things. Not for the sake of things people will work, but for the sake of work, for the sake of pleasure of creativity of spirit which will give rise to work, free from attachment to imagined property. Yes! Yes! It is possible if the consciousness is rather expanded. Abundance of all and availability will exempt from desire to take something excessively, - to what and what for? Two dinners not eat and not to put on two couples boots. Everything depends on a consciousness step. Not before there will come this time of release from things and from property, than will permit consciousness. The question of education of consciousness becomes paramount. It to regenerate, that is has to change. As the consciousness of the old world and as it is impossible to enter with it into the World New is far from this transformation.
* All mines I carry with myself (Latin).
269. (M. A.Y.). . The following step of human existence on Earth should be imagined distinctly and clearly. It is necessary that pictures of the future were crystallized in consciousness to "drawing in a brain". On these drawings life as on a cliché the desirable form is created will be under construction. Not life becomes a cliché, but the exact, stamping method of implementation of visible forms of life through preliminary creation of forms of the Thin World will be accepted. Through the hidden in visible, is through ideas in life. It becomes and now, but isn't realized. Ideas are propagandized, but Platon's saying the formula is denied that "ideas operate the world". But from reality not leave anywhere. And now there comes great cleaning of ideas or ideologies. That ideology which has under itself a basis evolutionary, conducting mankind on a new step will win. And be ruling the idea world, conformable evolutions real in general and planetary mankind in particular.
270. (Guru). Value of Envoys of the Shambhala is that they bear to the world the notification about the future step of evolution of consciousness and give a prototype it, being a form of this new consciousness. As though the example and the activity Show to people they and all life in again going Era have to become what. They lay out a way on a little-used virgin soil, and in it their merit before mankind. Their value increases in time as from a distance of times the sense of their terrestrial mission becomes clearer. Contemporaries usually don't understand their purpose of arrival or understand only partially. Value of Envoys of the Shambhala in planet life – is huge.
271. (May 29). I call for tranquility among accruing a disbalance of elements which is reflected in all aspects of life. Disbalance is a chaos echo. The chaos is an antipode of the organized matter and all live forms. Harmony, symmetry, organization, number and measure lie in the basis of each life and those covers in which it is shown. Whether to take a crystal, either a molecule, or atom, either a flower, or a human body, or system of the worlds – everywhere it is possible to see symmetry or a harmony of a combination of the elements entering into them submitting to action of certain laws. Regularity is a condition of the shown matter. The chaos is so far from the organized life that only in the phenomena of decomposition and chaotic destruction it is possible to observe its echoes. From chaos depths elements of elements unorganized until then which in the course of very long evolution are coagulated round a spirit-monad being a magnet, collecting them are caused by Will Creative to manifestation. Wreath of this process is people, this highest form of the organized matter. But the chaos doesn't doze. Its terrible destructive forces phenomenon when the course of evolution is broken for any reasons. Only destruction for creation is admissible. Destruction for the sake of destruction is chaotic, that is a chaos face. The chaos isn't anything. That ardent, powerful something, strong opposite to all shown life, in all its forms from top to a bottom. For menacing disbalance elements are coasted by chaos. Dark cause powers of chaos to action. Danger in that, what, having caused them, they aren't able to operate them. Calling for tranquility, I Can't but specify that the chaos interfering in consciousness, threatens not certain people, but mankind as a whole, threatens with possibility of mass possession, madness’s and other violations of human mentality. It is a lot of signs around. The nature is restless. Powers of chaos already intruded in it. Heat and cold fluctuations, unknown deviations from usual norms – there are a lot of signs, showing on terrible danger. Everyone disbalance is the forerunner of chaos. Therefore I Call for tranquility and balance which will be able to help to be protected from invasion of chaos into consciousness.
272. (M. A. Y.). Streamlining of life is results in harmony. In the nature it is expressed in beat. As well in human life the rhythm is a basis of its prosperity. Arrhythmia of action is dangerous that destroys that is reached earlier. If this or that action is impossible, owing to surrounding conditions, to make externally, it always can be executed internally and that not to break a rhythm. If you want to succeed, rhythm observes. The drunkard in hard drinking in vain observes him, and his terrible force directed to destruction, you see obviously, without everyone’s varnished. We speak about the creative rhythm directing up on a ladder of life.
273. (Guru). When everything fluctuates, you stand strong and you remember that the Hierarchy Ladder is unshakable only.
274. (May 31). I Won't be tired to repeat that all temporary is passing, yet you don't realize fragility and illusoriness of all foundations terrestrial; especially strong the pass ability of feeling of an astral. Only variability of the experiences he also lives; it in the power of a polar of the phenomena. Behind charm the disappointment, follows love – indifference and oblivion, friendship – loss of friends always. Behind one is its contrast another, - and their lives the consciousness shipped in changes of astral conditions, from one pole to another, without having been able to stop on one. That is why I Say that our communication – over the movements happening in covers, subject to replacement, that is forced to die. To be born from spirit – means to transfer consciousness to area of the Immortal Triad, which over covers investing it. It should be noted, how much time during life the astral and mental condition of consciousness changed. As it was other than the present if take any moment, say, to twenty-year prescription. But the core, round which there are these changes, remains the not transient center. So, even in life usual it is possible to separate passing from the enduring. To area of the last also we will carry everything that connects us with the Hierarch, and on him we will be approved. And movements in covers it is impossible to find that in a kaleidoscope of external events and internal changes, on what it would be possible to lean. Support one – the Teacher. On this Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life also we will build the house of spirit.
275. (M. A. Y.). It and is good when are narrowed narrows lives. After all they restrict to Us. Where to go, except Us and to whom to address? "So, close conditions let will be also blessed". And it is good when on Earth there is nothing to grasp already – that easier a separation and the quicker rapprochement with Us. After all behind Us there is a Lord, and therefore rapprochement – the benefit. Earth rushes about torment the births of the New World, and close becomes life. But when with Us, we will endure also it; we will endure everything to reach.
276. For Me it is very important to keep confidence of inalterability of your decision to be with Us always. Apprenticeship temporary and constant is various, as day and night. Constant grants the right to eternal Proximity. The temporary apprenticeship is at the same time and conditional as it is limited to time condition. Rapprochement forever obliges too much and Me and the pupil. Certainly, it is carried out only by love. Certainly, it is approved only by the love strengthened by versatility of qualities, it caused to manifestation. Without love there is no way. Thought, that this mighty engine is installed in heart and moves spirit evolution. Now in the world darkness, but before a dawn; to heart in it is close, but there will come a dawn. The darkness has to come to light up to the end for elimination. It is necessary to endure it love to Me. The lapidary of jewels knows how from diamond the brilliant is created, flaring fires of the sides. And the love to be lit, demands attention and efforts. Of the Lord love being jealous, heart with it we will fill the. 277. (June 1). A lot of energy leaves on groundless concerns and fears. They create a bad magnet which, having collected enough energy can attract of what the consciousness is afraid. It is better to extinguish similar thoughts in the germ, having thus in a look that circumstance that they are in most cases sent dark whispers, which are constantly anxious with to throw though any harm. Even it is better to meet the valid danger fearlessly and in full tranquility. The majority of people to whom it is necessary to adjoin, is used dark for harming. These channels should be provided to be on the alert and not to give any reason for a catch. Each unreasoned activity, each excess word can serve as a similar catch. Many times it was already possible to note as, apparently, the most usual word or the remark caused attacks for no reason at all. Therefore silence always will be gold. Silence does aura oval and smooth, without ledges, and then it there is nothing to catch. The same condition generates also balance. The concern, fear, expectation of troubles and all other similar feelings throw out from aura in surrounding space bunches of the corresponding energy which serve as a catch to the enemy that through them to throw an additional portion of feelings and thoughts conformable. It is necessary to be preserved against any causeless concerns and fears. That, what must be must be, and that should be met quietly. Therefore justifications and justifications these small feelings are deprived. It is necessary to be aware that all this is cunning mechanics dark, dexterously arranged to sadden consciousness. When it is realized, harm decreases twice and when self-defense measures are taken, it is eliminated completely. So again we come to constancy of patrol from darkness and necessity of control over everything that arrives from outside.
278. (M. A. Y.). Trifles aren't present, everything because everything somehow influences is important and yields result. Small thoughts of subjects also are dangerous that are too small that to notice them. But also the scorpion is insignificant, but bites fatally. With this measure also we will approach to the phenomenon of thoughts and the feelings plowing a surface of consciousness. Magnetism of thoughts is carried out according to the accord, and that arises in consciousness, serves as the focus magneto attracting from space related educations. With connivance or an assumption of thoughts of a known order they will steadily grow and amplify, and the damage will be great if these thoughts are bad, uneasy or disturbing. How many concern and alarm in space. After this entire locust can be attracted if not be preserved. These heavy days for a planet great vigilance is necessary also a great protect. Otherwise not resist and not keep balance.
279. (Guru). Awareness of all-planet trouble forces to rally even more amicably round Hierarchy Focus. This support is reliable; as though perimeter defense from darkness, which furiously comes is engaged. The darkness is very active now, because and heavy. Everything sank in twilight. Support one – Hierarchy of Light; are awake on patrol, on protection of a network of Light of the planetary. If it weakens or will disappear, is there will be an end. The lord Entrusted it to protect to the relatives on whom responsibility for Earth in a measure any lays down. Everyone is responsible, concerned Light.
280. (June 3). Fire not always burns, and then even close it seems far. But fire can be supported by a rhythm. Before lifting the consciousness becomes silent. And still under all circumstances it needs the everyday statement because the darkness is great. It isn't violence over, but repetition of bases which remain invariable under all conditions. Whatever occurred around, life terrestrial will end with death of a body and the full termination of the events on the plan terrestrial for consciousness. One understanding of it will force to see on surrounding in a different light. Not to hold anything and it is good when circumstances are that, as it will want to hold nothing. Let it will be the compelled separation from terrestrial, but it nevertheless a separation. When the terrestrial holds too strong, elevated stay becomes complicated terrestrial remnants and attachment to the illusive existence consisting of splinters of memoirs of life terrestrial. Better in need, than in wellbeing; better in an illness, than in bull health; it is better not to have anything, than to possess much; it is better alone, than with incorrect friends; better with the Lord, than with denying; better, better with Light, than with darkness. It is better to direct in the future, than to drown in the past. It is better to be released from itself, than to rush with itself. It is better to give, than to take from others. Better, it is better to wish nothing, than to pine under oppression of desires.
281. (June 4). Expelled of a door, it will get into a window; expelled through a window, will creep through a crack, even the smallest. The astral actions which impulses stopped in one direction get in other and under absolutely new coloring is that. The chopped-off heads of a serpent grow again. Its aspiration is about to vibrate by all means and any price, - in it his life. And as vibrations conduct it consciousness back, and their measures of restraint have to be corresponding. The astral eats emotions of a different order: these emotions arise from feelings of a body through its feelings. If the will closes one of channels, the astral breaks through another, the weakest. It can rush at once to all sensual excesses: gluttony, alcoholism, smoking and so on. If them to stop all, he will choose the most available; if to stop it under any pretext, it and somehow will find something that anyway to show itself. Therefore fight against it demands very big discretion. It becomes complicated and is aggravated with continuous intervention dark which uses each opportunity and each crack to inflate the low-slightest desire what it was. So, on the one hand, passionate, persistent and tenacious desire of an astral to worry, with another, not to doze diligence dark to support and inflate this desire. Just as ordinary people greedy grab life and often very much are afraid of death, and the astral greedy grabs everything that gives the chance to it to live, that is to worry, that is to come to light in movements of the cover. But she should be subordinated, but she should be seized, but it is necessary to understand that without restraint of feelings further advance is impossible. Let's enclose its conscious understanding in each movement of an astral. He wants to worry, worry, and be afraid, to be anxious and so on and further, any more without speaking about feelings of even more negative order. But these feelings as all habits aren't necessary aren't necessary to tendency, passions and shortcomings of this irrepressible cover. The question is raised so: who – whom. Or he wins, or he is won. There is no middle. It can, being not struck, to seem won, that in the most unexpected way suddenly phenomena the force; enemy ancient, and very skillful, and sophisticated in fight. It is insatiable. It can't be satisfied with indulgence. Each indulgence only increases appetite. The end isn't present. So the addict, increasing poison doses, brings itself to death - and the drunkard – too. Monsters of lust and other desires grow from this indulgence. Fight against all attempts of an astral to approve the power over the person has to be ruthless. The enemy terrible, persistent and cunning, strengthened constantly evil-shifts shaggy whispers, he has to be won.
282. (M. A. Y.). It is lost opportunities because of unwillingness to operate itself so much. Especially this unwillingness when these opportunities fiery come nearer amplifies. It is missed happens in days of kindly of spirit so much. These are guards of the Threshold prevent to pass through it. Each step has the Threshold and there are guards; each step demands overcoming them, these guards. It is necessary to see sharp-sightedly what exactly before a new step an interfering condition is. The Highest Spirits too ascend, having everyone that it should overcome. Everywhere work of ascension and everywhere overcoming old, previous, for the sake of new and more the highest. The one who stands still doesn't overcome only or moves back and recedes back. And who knows, in how many time these difficulties of overcoming at Spirits High is more difficult, than at those who much below them on a life ladder. Therefore we will remember well that, whatever height I reached human spirit, fight stops never. Let's not consider Devachan's time is only rest on the Way of an infinite ascension.
283. (Guru). To grieve for the imperfections too we won't be, and we will better think of that, as though to move further to them contrary to. All have them. Achievements of one step won't be those on higher. Concepts good and bad are relative. So, a lot of things depend on the points of view. But undoubtedly one that for this person certainly is good that attracts him up and it is bad that forces to go down. With these measures it is possible to approach to each action, an act, an impulse or thought. Human life is either ascension up or descends down. There is no middle because even seeming marking time is already stagnation that descends.
284. (June 6). Thinning of an organism is accompanied by booking fiery. But on it time is required. Here it is necessary to put in isolation conditions. Otherwise not sustain. Besides, each achievement needs fixing. Otherwise it won't serve, and will be action of casual energy, as a loose sail under a wind. And one more circumstance should be remembered always is a constant activity and vigilance dark to harm. Rest isn't present and won't be. And aimlessly aspire to it. And sense of terrestrial stay not in a rest and in gaining experience. Rest is insolvent that, what gives nothing.If oppresses uncertainty in tomorrow and instability of surrounding conditions, after all in life terrestrial her person and can't but be. The one who considers itself provided, rolls in Maya illusions which scatter the splashes, crumpled seeming wellbeing. The wise is content with that quantity of happiness which is given it, knowing that no changes of external conditions will increase it. Let's not deceive them, believing that here if there will be so and so, I will be quiet and happy. That too is illusion. When the destiny gives desirable, general feeling of happiness remains the same. Otherwise from where there are so much shattered unrealized hopes and dreams. Not there look for happiness. In the spirit of it but who puts spirit above all the other phenomena? For this purpose even time doesn't suffice, - suffices on everything, but not for the most necessary. And then, when the spirit is tired out on boondocks, are surprised why it is so stuffy and is close to consciousness in a dungeon self-put by own hands.
285. (Guru). It is necessary to understand that such thought small and thought big. From thoughts small it becomes stuffy, but the thought big brings consciousness to an evolutionary scope. We mean creating thoughts, the thoughts creating the benefit. When the world is divided on Light and darkness poles, the thought creating Light, special force gets if it contacts Light Focus. It is so possible to strengthen extraordinary actions, in common leading. Unless we are affairs which we created, them created in the name? No, not in the name we created them, but for the sake of Sent. In it is their force. As also you, working for the sake of the Lord, you multiply energy them, you create the actions of the big duration which have been evolutionarily sated with creative impulses of life.
286. Thought it is possible to set the statement seal to each positive phenomenon. Thought it is possible to set the destruction seal to each negative phenomenon. The thought creates, and the thought destroys or burns on the fire. Fire creating and fire of eaten were specified long ago.
287. (June 8). It is difficult to combine willfulness of an astral with aspiration to the Highest Shape. One excludes another. And still the rhythm of aspiration can't be broken. Languor of spirit is necessary for overcoming of that wearies. The final victory should achieve any price because when life in a body will end, it is impossible even to think of sending itself to the power to an arbitrariness of the astral beginning. Released from a body, it will direct to satisfaction of all the unnecessary desires and if they are low, spirit of heights not to reach. Restraint of an astral is approved in a body terrestrial.
288. (June 9). It is useful to think sometimes of death, especially when it is necessary to moderate triumph of vanity. Certainly, terrestrial – terrestrial, and the debt to people and Earth remains long, demanding execution but if the consciousness is tightened in strong funnels of personal experiences and all surrounding starts seeming already too real and self-sufficing, the thought of death puts at once all phenomena on their real place. And clear there is that all surrounding and all events, whatever real and considerable it seemed, immediately lose the force to influence consciousness when it sees that at the moment of death or at its approach terrestrial affairs lose usual meaning and are limited to a small orbit of the manifestation. Affairs personal and private life with all special sharpness of its experiences mean, mainly. Affairs super personal on the extent can leave far beyond an orbit of the identity of the person and subjects to acquaint him to the sphere of wider. But it is a question of personal experiences and interests of a vicious circle of short human life. Wisdom of tranquility can come only over private life. The one who gives the two energy, thoughts and feelings not to itself(himself), but people, collective, the people, the country or mankind, that leaves a small circle of the personality and in super personal lives. Great causes are affairs super personal, the affairs of the big duration stepping out of limits of one life; the person already died long ago, but his affairs live. Life of Great Spirits is noted also by affairs of big duration, be it the writer, the composer, the hero, either the Educator of the people, or political, either the public figure, or the leader. To separate passing from enduring, temporary from eternal, important from trifles, reality from vanity, super personal from personal, the true property of that is given for a while, it is necessary to think of death, that is the moment of release from the terrestrial.
289. (Guru). Let's honor Great Figures of General Welfare for their affairs and we will understand that if not They, the world would sink in a gloom. To them imitating, we enter into an orbit of their affairs which far aren't coming to an end with death of each of Them. Duration of affairs of General Welfare characterizes greatness of Makers. Great Making demands greatness of Spirit. The thought directed on Great Making, releases consciousness from a dungeon of personal prison. Going on tops, we don't concern a gloom of gorges and the atmosphere of tops. Wings are given for flight.
290. (June 10). Let's not judge, but we Will fill consciousness with our Light, it yet won't force out the light and our Light doesn't become light, self-proceeding, giving a self-proceeding Beam. In life it is possible to attract our Beams with aspiration to Them. The magnet of spirit works through consciousness. The magnet of spirit works through consciousness. The sphere of an attraction or the world, in which he lives, is created by aspiration of consciousness. All steady aspirations create an attraction the spheres differing on layers or height or degree of spirituality of their vibrations. The essence and the nature of aspirations create spheres of an environment of spirit by an attraction conformable it space elements. Conformable spheres of space are sated with aspirations of spirit, enriching and expanding them and are mutual, in turn, being enriched with them. Interaction and mutually attraction wheel.Spirit we feed with space. Poverty of consciousness is caused by poverty and weakness of aspiration as the law says: only direct... The law of the accord is powerful so that operates the worlds and life of all spheres highest and lowest. And receipts from spatial storage too go according to the accord. And all life of spirit in Elevated is regulated and created by this Law. Both the payment and receiving on it go. If to take internal life of two absolutely various people living in the same external environment, it is possible to see, their spheres in which consciousnesses of these people stay how are various. External same, but internal depends on an attraction corresponding to thoughts and sense-knowledge of elements from various layers of space. The wretchedness of consciousness not depends on space, but on wretchedness of the thoughts arising in it, and wretchedness of aspirations. The external environment is created by karma, but the karma of internal life is very plastic and is easily combined with strong-willed currents of spirit. It is possible to imagine all severity of an external environment of the eremite yogi in mountains and all boundless richness of its inner spiritual world. Consider that the happiness consists in material welfare and prosperity and corporal health. But how many physically healthy people unfortunate and as few happy rich men! And as it is possible read happiness that owing to the nature is doomed to destruction by a little. Therefore and few happy people, because their fateful happiness is short. The happiness of an astral order is especially short-lived. On the most essence any long astral experience becomes obsolete, becoming monotonous. And then the astral demands change. Astral feelings are fragile and changeable very much. Accords on an astral are unstable. The main thing is that the astral, as well as a physical body, is limited by a certain term of existence. And to put in it the of energy it is equal to a contribution of the capital to obviously fragile business and besides too short duration. Life of menthol is longer, but is limited too. Only fiery contribution is constant and isn't limited to anything: neither time, nor other conditions because World Fiery, that is bases concerns, the life basis. The spirit of the person unconsciously aspires to the strongest, and the longest, that is too eternal and enduring. Both sphinxes and pyramids were created in order that eternal to embody and hold in temporary, but the steadiest forms. The matter is eternal, but not forms of its manifestation. The spirit of the person, but not covers, in which or through which it is shown is eternal. The eternal is in the spirit of, and phenomenon in itself eternal – means in the sphere it to focus conformable to spirit of energy of consciousness.
291. (June 11). My son, every day, each hour, every instant inevitably approaches to the future. This inevitability should be felt in heart. Time conveyor a continuous stream makes changes of existing conditions. If they aren't always visible to an eye, it still at all doesn't mean that they aren't present. These constantly occurring changes are visible to only the Eagle Eye, - their depth not on a life surface. To usual consciousness are noticeable only when small streams of depth of currents start making the way outside, on a stream surface. And meanwhile all planets are embraced with strong aspiration to changes. They occur everywhere. Not be another never on a planet of such powerful and prompt movement and basic changes of all forms of relationship of life conditions. Really, there is a revolution of life of the planet, bearing about itself updating and regeneration. Precipitancy of evolution is expressed that century proceeds in five years, that is the consciousness incorporates so many impressions and changes in five years, how many in usual time it received for hundred. Unusual time, - Great time! Great Era of changes of the greatest. Currents two: one evolutionary, another – anti-. Everything that doesn't enter into the Space Evolutionary Stream of Life will be cast ashore as Space litter. Therefore to lag behind nowadays life – means to be lost. In usual conditions this process is slow extraordinary. On endangered tribes, the remains once the great people, it is possible to see how gradually there is their fading. But now this process is prompt. Everything that rises or will rise against requirements of Evolution and its Laws will be lost and from a world scene will leave. Changes space, that is the will human against them won't resist, can't resist a huge wave of Evolution. Expectations of those who confronts to command of Space Will are vain, seeking to keep on the former. Choice one: either to accept Evolution or to be lost. Other decision isn't present.
292. These difficult days of powerful shifts planetary special firmness of consciousness that it could keep on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life is necessary. Everything changes, but not Bases, because Bases – as an outline for new patterns: patterns are various, the outline is invariable. The harmony and proportion Laws giving beauty and refinement of new patterns are invariable. When the Basis is seen, it is possible to build quietly, knowing that construction goes in consent with Evolution Laws. The success is provided where the Basis is put the correct. The new World chose the basis Evolution. Revolutions – Evolution stages because are forward too. Great changes also are Great Revolution of all life from a bottom to top.
293. (M. A. Y.). We, standing close by, are conscious in life in Elevated. The proximity to Hierarchy gives the chance to cooperate with It. This consciousness – not the rule, but an exception also extends on those who cooperated with Lords and during lifetime of the terrestrial. Dark hierophant of different degrees is conscious too, but this immortality of darkness and their final fate is awful. Ordinary people of full consciousness have no. Consciousness in Devachan is other than consciousness of the employees working at the Plan Hidden. Ordinary people usually there sleep, but it is a lot of distinctions of their conditions. Life is on consciousness. Now for us it is important to note the consciousness phenomenon at close cooperation with the Lord. It is an award for Proximity though the Proximity already will be an award, and will be and is. On relatives usual conditions of post mortal existence don't extend. Are under special protection and special supervision and are isolated from others. And that in a body wasn't visible during lifetime, but was felt by the heart, visible becomes there. Who to whom goes that with that and will arrive.
294. (June 13). The narrow track conducting in life is too gold, or median, a way about which East Wisdom speaks. But as it is difficult the simplicity, people and prefer various deviations and evasion from it, various fanatic, self-torture, extremes and fanaticism. Where abstention from food and the most severe post, than abstention from bad thoughts is easier; where it is easier to give money or things, than to distribute spiritual wealth, - from here and sectarianism and other zigzags of human mentality. Only the skilled traveler who has found the Life, never already more will be seduced nor someone else's words, nor someone else's and false doctrines, the prophets inviting in the belief. It will find at once the remains of the truth hidden under the subsequent heaps in provisions of Founders of all Great Doctrines, but the way will know not greatly and another won't begin to look for. Such, firmly standing on the feet and not looking for someone else's doctrines, other instructors, it is a little among even spiritual people. After all it is absolutely hard to approach to the Primary source and, having approached, to distinguish its value. Only very long experience teaches this recognition and value of that is approved by followers of various schools of thought. And there are a lot of them, and in many there are the pearls of knowledge scattered everywhere. Having the strong base under feet, it is possible to collect them for generalization in the Treasury of human thought. Synthesis of religions and science is hard that demands very big knowledge, and especially in the field of religions where stratifications of centuries distorted a pure basis of statements of first-Teacher. Depth of deviations, delusions and fanaticism shows on that ease with which the consciousness in a misunderstanding jungle is ready to rush. Neither education, nor wealth, situation doesn’t protect the person from possibility of delusions. But when the mankind reaches a deadlock desperate contradictions, then Hierarch-Announce again comes and again gives known part of the Intimate Doctrine of the Life, corresponding to the step of evolution of consciousness reached by mankind at present. The fiery Era begins Announce Fiery, and the Doctrine of Life marks him.
295. (M. A. Y.). You are sure of the validity of the Doctrine of Life, but after all both all fanatics and fanatics are also sure that they are right only and their statements. Where criterion? How distinguish Light from darkness, - only on of light and shade. Only how in each phenomenon there are elements of that and another; Light and the shade. As on a shadow rejected by a subject, it is possible to determine its height, and on degree of a shadow the nature and quantity of Light is established. Light without a shadow isn't present on Earth. There was Light, but people crucified it and therefore it is necessary to judge only on a treatment of light and shade. The there is less than shadow; it is more than Light. And the judge – heart, but the heart cleared in a measure any from darkness. The brain any more won't help. Ways of a brain are so twisting, as well as its crinkles. And therefore the way of a brain is replaced by heart in which there can be a litter, but there are no crinkles. The fiery Era is the Heart Era because heart is a device fiery and heart is immortal. Therefore also immortality should be looked for in heart and through heart. It is difficult to present in itself that heart pulses eternally that its physical form – only a cover, an external cover never-dying never the fiery device of spirit. Those who ever left in a thin body, know that feelings of heart beat remain at them and out of a physical body. There are they in a body mental and fiery and don't abandon the person never, because heart – it’s eternal property. Therefore transferring of consciousness to heart, this center of a human microcosm, will be the only solution of life, because spirit life – in heart. The yoga of Heart for this reason also is that correct median life which results in immortality of spirit that is in not interruptibility of the consciousness transferred to heart. To live psych life of all heart is that is to transfer life to heart and to transfer there thought. In heart all is concentrated.
296. (June 14). Well everything that ennobles and moves further, everything is bad that disturbs and pushes back, down. We often Give hope, Foreknowing that it is impracticable. But it helps, it gives strength to endure or overcome that without it neither to worry, nor to overcome forces didn't suffice. Therefore it is better to rise and go forward by means of impracticable hope, than to move back or to stand still, having doubted this hope or having rejected it. Often we Claim for this reason of dream and the desires attracting to Light and helping on difficult and dangerous transitions. The hope gives energy of life, and to kill her – a crime both before itself and before others if the hope is killed at others. Without hope it is impossible. Where then to go, if to hope there is nothing. In process of dissolution of the personality and replacement with its super personal hopes of personal character die away also, regenerating in hopes fortunately all mankind and care of it. Value of hope as engine of life should be understood.
297. (June 15). All feelings transmutation on heart fires; heart also is that laboratory for all feelings, in which they receive the final registration. Only the mind often breaks symmetry of work of this laboratory if to it is preferred. And still the hero is strong not a brain, but heart. And courage not in a brain, a courage citadel – heart. But in the heart shelter human. The intelligence, or reason terrestrial, replaced its place – from here both not devices human and limitation of understanding of life. When life is transferred to heart, the consciousness extends and, breaking through an aura shell, comes to a spatial scope. It is possible to focus consciously thoughts on heart that is to transfer to heart thought for a transmutation it on heart fires. Even physical pains трансмутируются heart, and only flaring, fiery heart can overcome them. Here we Tell about qualities of spirit, but where that place in which they stay? If courage lives in heart, in the same place there live all other qualities of spirit. If there were from a brain they, with a brain they and died, but qualities of spirit are brought with himself by the person from antecedents in the heart which is immortal, as well as the Bowl – the keeper of all accumulation. Heart and Bowl aren't separable one from another. Heart fires then start flaring when the thoughts transferred to heart, receive the statement and granulation in it, that is crystallize to give deposits in the Bowl. The thought applied crystallizes only. The abstract dreams which aren't enclosed in life, don't give deposits of fires. They are fruitless. Dreamers happens two types: one apply dreams for implementation, others are limited to dream, fruits not yielding. The hopes which aren't confirmed by affairs won't be creative, fiery force and to heart of fires won't give. So heart, being the center of all system, is the son of a microcosm of the person. It needs to be acquired strongly before approving its power in the annex to life.
298. (M. A. Y.). The love – the winner, but lives it in heart. "It is strong, as death, love". Yes! Yes! The love is stronger than death, as a place of its stay in heart which is immortal. Therefore love to the Highest Shape it is possible to reach the so many. Hatred will be its opposite pole. Hatred of black heart lives in Avitchi, having passed limits of the terrestrial. Two-polar is the fires hearts. A lot of discretion fires, gets rid in heart demand. It is possible to light both that and others, both light and black. Life bipolar where is still a shadow.
299. (Guru). Bringing Us fires the hearts which aren't belittled by mind, you receive right there the answer. Power of fires of heart isn't limited nor time, nor distances, an environment dense.
300. (June 16). The phenomenon of dreams not denied. The reality indicates them reality of the Thin World. Substance of dreams is of other order, than nature of a material world. The name "world material" isn't exact because all worlds are material. More exact to call it the world dense. But irrespective of it dreams nevertheless are real, and the forms observed during a dream, are connected very much with thinking in a body terrestrial. It as though variations on terrestrial subjects, but not connected by terrestrial restrictions. Dreams can be operated and them to regulate the will order. The thin consciousness submits to it after some training. The moment before a backfilling is very important if the will imposes the decision on the further current of thoughts at this moment. Not passive immersion in Morpheus's embraces, but consciously strong-willed transition to the World Thin. It isn't enough one desire, the order; accurate, firm and certain is necessary. It is also necessary to choose and the sphere of activity of consciousness. Eructation of terrestrial activity of a brain can't replace conscious activity on the plan hidden during a dream. A lot of things occur and becomes at this time if the consciousness is rather expanded, only to memory of the events doesn't remain. On the one hand, it can't be allowed too not to come off Earth; with another, connection of the world’s goes through the consciousness which centers of an organism have to be rather developed. Practically it is necessary to approach to the solution of this question through conscious and systematic use of the moments of a backfilling and application of the strong-willed order of all consciousness. Value of dreams can be very deep if to approach to them with knowledge of a role of a dream in human life. The dream is so necessary for body life, as well as food because it is a system food by mental energy with which the thin body is sated. Mental energy is Fire. Its homeland is the Fiery World. Through the thin there is a contact with fiery, but it is necessary that the physical body didn't disturb. The deep understanding of the phenomenon of a dream if there is a desire to take from it everything is necessary that it can give.
301. (M. A. Y.). The accord comes into contact with the phenomena of the Thin World, the accord of thoughts and feelings and all aspirations. The unicorn shown aspirations punches a veil separating two worlds, and instead of sketchy, unsystematic and separate dreams harmonius clarity and sequence of dreams or the impressions going from the Thin World is reached. It is necessary to work well over it, and then it is possible to reach desirable streamlining of dreams. For nothing it is given nothing, everywhere work and constancy of aspiration.
302. (Guru). It is possible to collect all details of life usual and, having raised over them, to understand that the Lord – atop. Thus, a dense environment is not a hindrance, but the bottom on which it is possible to raise that over it to see Called. If not to rise, that is not to tower spirit, not to see it, because among smoky conditions terrestrial Light it isn't visible, Light Celestial – atop; if eyes are dropped to Earth, Earth, if to the Sky – the Sky is visible. Both below, and above – laws are identical. The aspiration of consciousness up opens the horizons in process of a consciousness eminence. Attachment to Earth is in the spirit of, release too. All process happens inside, - external here at anything. What in it, in this external, occurred, the spirit is free always if he wants freedom above all.
303. (June 17). The introduction on a way yet doesn't mean perfection, but fight for it; vessels aren't present, there is supervision over that, some it proceeds successfully to help at the moment of need. Work on advantage of Evolution is appreciated in people thus. Shortcomings – not obstacles at the introduction on the Way. The unrestrained aspiration and desire of to overcome, in itself is necessary.
304. (June 21). Anything personal doesn't have a place in the Stronghold. Those who got rid personal "I" are allowed only and transferred consciousness to the Immortal Identity. That is why so seldom reach Us. The task to be released from personal and super personal to fill the world is hard. One of the strongest guards of the Threshold is the egoism. Without having stepped through it, not to come nearer to Us.
305. (June 22). About what is thoughts? Bases remain firm at all fluctuations of an astral. As well death the moment separates that undertakes with itself, that remains behind. As well the way phenomenon, that is consciousness advance in time, isn't denied. Only ways happen different: way right – with Us and a way left – in darkness. It is impossible to come off Us even in thoughts. At thinking office the consciousness is filled with darkness. And the darkness on the guard also uses every instant to replace Light with itself, - about what thoughts? Property of an astral is constancy of changes occurring in it. But the Leader is unchangeable, both the Triad Is immortal, and its accumulation aren't destroyed. And sadness of difficult Hour will be replaced by pleasure of Proximity of the Highest.
306. (M. A. Y.). Because of a condensation of spatial darkness and all surrounding seems black out. But this darken temporary. Space currents will change, and becomes lighter. And the Proximity will appear again and becomes again notable. Not to avoid sounding on a space post. About spatial heavy pressure of the prevention were given. It is necessary to sustain waves, yet won't pass. After all it is the highest wave of the elements which were out of balance. Not at once they will enter into coast. Alternation of going waves of evolution and leaving energy of the fateful world inevitably. Force of ant provisions specifies that spheres are strained to a limit. Too we won't grieve. Let's better keep in consciousness thought that among rough waves of the ocean of life motionlessly and with firmness there is a rock of the Eternal Basis Real.
307. (Guru). Inflexible and firmness is from spirit. If in it to keep, firmly remembering that all in the spirit of, it is possible and to resist even then when is unsteady ground? The spirit anything external is impregnable, and in it is force it.
308. (June 24). Anything good it is impossible from this that is created in the name. People choke in created by them conditions. The decision in that in everything departs from itself that to exclude itself. Thinking of General Welfare, and for itself receives thinking the part by right. But thinking of itself it the part deprives because losing the soul finds it, but living only it and its interests loses it. The personality in aspect of her egoism means. The personality is connected strong with emotions of an astral. These last should be excluded absolutely from the address at communication with people, to exclude them from letters, from thoughts, from words – the word, from everywhere. By them are burdened both surrounding, and close, and space. It catches and black out egoism display in all its types and forms. The egoism is "I", it to "Me", this "Mine", but not yours and not yours, and it not ours. It isn't necessary for us: It prevents to approach us closer to you, becoming it is difficult a passable barrier between you and Us. It is necessary to store grieves and cares about itself. It gives at once force because burdening of people around and space burdens, first of all, the most burdening. Think itself to facilitate, burdening others, but both fall in a hole: and burdening and burdened. Restraint of the feelings brings consciousness of reserved force, brings it and a not thought about it. Small "I" and "" are so insignificant in the general scheme of things that, the right, you shouldn't give it to time. The stomach demands food, and a body – clothes, but, satisfying these legal requirements, it is absolutely optional to rush with itself and the experiences of an emotional and personal and astral order. It is useful to think thus that there is the whole area of the phenomena, and the main thing, tests which should be transferred alone. Even cold, both hunger, and pain the person, but not feel another. Centralization of feelings means very deep meaning. On the way it is necessary to go most, bearing the cross on own shoulders, without trying to shift it to others. Restraint and isolation of personal emotions and experiences give strength and spirit temper in fight.
309. (M. A. Y.). When to Us approach, having rejected itself and having released from the personal beginning, and rapprochement turns out full-string. The only obstacle becoming the mountain between Us, is an inability to depart from itself. It and is clear because how to fill consciousness with ours when it is replaced by the? Consciousness field everything is occupied by the, and for our place any more doesn't remain. It is so clear and simple, it is necessary to apply only in practice these conditions of Communication in the spirit of. Thought the highest demands concentration on it; thought everyone demands concentration, even reading the book, even simple conversation, even preparation by the school student of lessons. Without concentration life is impossible. Only in case of Communication it is applied consciously. Consciousness in everything, that is phenomenon understanding, marks understanding of the phenomenon of the Way.
310. (Guru). Lifting is always characterized by difficulties and obstacles. The more them it is overcome, the ascension are poorer. Terrestrial life is given to break at all spirit under its burden, and, on the contrary, that spirit to get stronger in continued fight against them. The merit spirit isn't great to hang and, having saddened, to extend an infection to everything and to all. But stand it contrary be a victory and in the shortest way rapprochements with Us. Properly it would be desirable to be exempted from them very much. But we will assume that it worked well that there are neither cares, nor obstacles that silently and peacefully around and there is nothing to fight and there is nothing spirit to temper. This wellbeing well at present but if there is it to constants how then with spirit increase? It is told that "increase of spirit needs burdening by circumstances". From it not leave anywhere. Or smoothly accept it, or refuse advance. It would be time to accept without reservations and evasion of the Lord of the word. And then it is possible to take a step following: to rejoice to each burdening as the opportunity given by the Teacher, for faster lifting. Each difficulty is opportunity for spirit increase. Each obstacle demands that spirit to rise over it and it to outgrow that is to become stronger than it.
311. (June 25). The small reflection will show that the internal state of consciousness causes the relation to external living conditions. If it is good, and external it seems not such bad and, in any case, not burdening spirit but when inside it is unsuccessful, even at happy external combinations it seems that everything is bad. Thus, a measure of things there is a consciousness. It isn't enough to understand this independence of spirit of circumstances of the outside world, it is necessary to put still this understanding to life that is to approve the freedom from influences of the dense world. When the person contrary to everything approves pleasure is already a step to internal freedom. The aspiration of the person immediately to react to influences of the surrounding should learn to be stopped at the beginning and to try not to react to them in any way. Conscious, strong-willed, intense and quiet lack of reaction – the phenomenon so unusual that affects it people extremely strongly. On this influence it is possible to judge, what force of internal fire is generated by this freedom of spirit born inside from the power of circumstances over it. In laboratory of a human microcosm effort of will it is possible to generate any feeling, any feeling, and any reaction if to concentrate on them long enough and strongly. Bright and long representation in imagination of desirable reaction will yield expected result. Only this reaction won't be automatic and involuntary, but conscious and strong-willed. Lunar life can be lived if to destroy a reflex of reactions of consciousness on influence of the outside world. It is spoken not about destruction of reactions, but about destruction of their reflex character. As soon as the will interferes in a reflex, there is it not automatic and unconscious answer of consciousness to the vibrations going from the outside, but action conscious and strong-willed. Puppets too make various actions, but will they are deprived. Therefore everywhere and always, in all conditions and under all circumstances the reflex of behavior strong-willed is replaced, that is the condition of uninterrupted wakefulness of spirit or continuous patrol is established. About a patrol condition it is told quite a lot, its urgency and still isn't understood. It is possible even to approve a habit to consider to seven before responding at first to human words, actions and acts, and then and on everything occurring in own consciousness, and the main thing that from it or proceeds from it because the person is responsible for everything that goes from it.
312. (M. A. Y.). At full-return of replaced with ours. And the World our bike includes part Mira Lord. And then there is the valid expansion of consciousness. Loss of the soul, that is the small, limited, temporary personal world, and only loss it can give finding of the world big, the world of super personal opportunities. Everyone released from an egocentrism, in any form, releases spirit personal prison and comes to a scope of spatial existence, punching that a shell of the aura. It is a lot of them sitting in dungeons of, not knowing world of dedication. Giving the soul for the friend expands it, finding new, super personal consciousness. Each act of oblivion of is the benefit. Thought about itself it is harmful. Release is in life super personal.
313. (June 26). Four conditions of a matter – firm, liquid, gaseous and radiant – repeat on all plans of life. In total their seven, but three highest are so removed from our understanding what to speak about them it isn't necessary. Four elements – the earth, water, air and fire – are forms of expression of life of a matter. On plans above terrestrial they repeat too, but altered by an originality and feature of the plan. So, for example, in World Thin it is possible to see and mountains and plains, the seas and the rivers and to feel elements of air, but in changed their condition. On each plan, being transformed and refined, the matter passes changes corresponding to the plan, being characterized by the increasing mobility I luminosity. It is spoken about a positive pole of life because also the chasm has the laws. Them we won't concern. On the plan terrestrial the person changes the world the hands and mechanical force. On plans of the highest of the car isn't present. Manual skills aren't necessary. But work – both there, and there too construction and life transformation, - and their creativity too. But everything is created there and moves thought, the thought creates forms and conditions, in which their lives the person. Here cities and dwellings and other material conditions plus mental condition and internal human life. The same and there, that is external environment of a thin body and plus its internal life. Difference in that, what internal state the law of a magnet causes also an external environment. Accord and compliance law in operation the constant. He acts and here, but without ardent mobility of conditions of the Thin World. Dreams of the drunkard and the criminal are other than dreams of the devotee or the hero. In dreams the thin condition of consciousness is expressed and reflected. Dreams Solve are penetrated by Light. The person is the magnetic center attracting to on all plans of a condition on compliance. Even the karma is conformable with conditions and aspirations of spirit.
314. (M. A. Y.). Borders of the worlds are destroyed by the mind which isn't recognizing more than that can apprehend a brain. Therefore the problem of connection of the worlds is assigned to heart. Even in the Thin World visibility – on consciousness. Therefore before seeing, it is necessary to allow in consciousness that is to leave denials. Recognition and understanding approach to mastering. Long time the mind was engaged in denial of the undoubted. Any time is required to counterbalance his delusions. The future conducts to that the person, being in a physical body, could live in both worlds. Approach to it will go gradually not to break balance of mentality. To the World Thin there are a lot of enlightenments already and now, but they are hidden by mind. The science approaches to border of the worlds, and nearby time when it will step through them. Already I stepped, but the victory isn't realized yet. Revolution nowadays in everything, as well as in understanding of that surrounds the person and in what he lives.
315. (Guru). And in the world terrestrial its visibility, that is understanding, – on consciousness. Worlds of the philosopher, the scientist and the savage are various, - variously and relation to life, people and things. As though the beam of consciousness lights up the light everything, on what is turned. And if this beam is small and if this beam darkness what it can shine and how? So there is firm a formula of the ancient philosopher that "the person is a measure of things".
316. (June 28). Power of creative imagination is that all being of the person, as though merging with his creations, seeks to embody them in itself and to express them itself. Each person is the creator of the karma. And the karma is created by imagination that is thought. The imagination decks thoughts all flowers of a rainbow and is frequent contrary to reality. The unrestrained imagination can do many troubles. On the basest acts of the person it pushes. When we Speak about consciousness clarification, we Mean also imagination clarification. And it is created by pure thought.
317. (June 30). Every time when the thought directs to Us, is created the Benefit wave. It is impossible even to imagine as life without participation in it our Energy would turn back. Everything eats energy of the Sun, and Light of Focus of Hierarchy sates consciousness on force of their susceptibility to Its Light. The successful pupil the Energy received from the Teacher uses in the benefit, unsuccessful – in harm both, and another. Transmutation traffic controller is heart. It is necessary to remember that Agni is neutral and that the person can turn him both on good, and on the evil. Everything depends on the direction and the annex of will to it. The teacher is very circumspect in energy delivery as, given; it depends any more on his will, but received. All pupils received Agni's gift from the Teacher: one went on noisy concourse and spent fire for unnecessary speeches; another got to the cheerful company and at it left the gift; the third started complaining of the ill-fated destiny and to blame for it all and everything, except itself(himself), and for complaints and complaints spent the forces; the fourth quarreled and devastated itself irritation; the fifth doubted reality received, and the doubt devoured its forces; the sixth plunged into the past and the lost wellbeing and on thoughts of the past spent the gift; the seventh, carefully bearing the overflowed Bowl, spirit go out, pouring out light in space and on the surrounding. So seven variously used the Energy received by them from the Teacher of Light. But it is circumspect in delivery Light Teacher, and the pupil who was unreasonably using received, can't already count in the future on the same generosity of a pay.
318. (M. A. Y.). Agni's accumulation matters not only for life terrestrial, but also in Elevated. There everything moves thought, and the thought is fire, and the saved-up Agni gives there freedom for spirit identification. The body thin moves thought fire and if fire isn't saved up, movement there is complicated. Someone flies, someone goes, and someone is immovable. As well protection of against undesirable influence depends on Agni; all actions of the person and his creative force as creativity of spirit is managed by fire depend on it both. Restraint and self-checking is as a dam for Agni's collecting. All merits of spirit – stores. It is necessary to accumulate Agni, while the getting is good, that is on Earth.
319. (Guru). The lamp which has carried by through life of the spirit the not go out – already the winner. Care of it, - care of that the spirit didn't die away. Go out of spirit is the worst that can happen to the person. Despite everything and to all contrary to, to spirit let's die away.
320. (July 1). So, living in time, we can't stop its run which conducts to end of everything that is temporary, from here clear there is a statement that everything doomed by time, doesn't cost that entirely to plunge into it consciousness and to give heart to it entirely. It is necessary to leave any part of consciousness and heart and for enduring. In process of growth and consciousness expansion its focus from the temporary is transferred in enduring, that is eternal which, increasing in the orbit, that is more and more revealing to consciousness, accumulates immortality elements in the Bowl. As a matter of fact, it also is the purpose of terrestrial embodiments because terrestrial anything the spirit can't hold other of embodiments with itself, dumping in a cycle of each turn of incarnation all the temporary covers. Not to mention property and things, even the bodies, or conductors, the person can't take in a way boundless with himself. The understanding of it leads to understanding of sense of things and all that surrounds spirit in wanderings it through all worlds. And these worlds, as well as spirit covers, временны too. Only Fiery World is untimely. In it there live people of the Fiery Fog which is the Fog only for not reached it, but – the finely for realized. I emphasize: for realized because only understanding approaches the world this wonderful. On the highest tops of creative power of art and the highest knowledge it is possible to judge, though remotely, about opportunities of the Fiery World. They aren't limited to anything. And creativity is limited only to a framework of those space laws within which the shown world is approved. But creativity is boundless. So art and science are a way to Boundlessness.
321. (Guru). To closer, anything if hearts fire is rather powerful can't prevent our rapprochement, rapprochement. Heart forges communication of the worlds. Energy of heart doesn't know barriers. And as heart is the perpetual motion machine of spirit, it is possible to imagine as it lies to spirit a way to Boundlessness. Engine this is reliable. It is possible to rely on it. He can even allow move an assignment the near road. It can believe if it is cleared of all foreign stratifications and litter. Pure heart fire shines in all worlds and over all covers. The concept of an inextinguishable flame is transferred to heart – the spirit temple.
322. (July 2). Think of alarms, concerns are usually thrown from outside dark whispers. Will intervention is necessary to stop a malefactor, differently will exhaust. As well in a dream oppressive thoughts and feelings are in the same way thrown. Behind all this rack of intrusive darking ideas control is necessary. All these thoughts bite, as mosquitoes or wasps, - better without them. Better without concerns and fear to meet the valid trouble, than to be tormented nonexistent as the advantage of these experiences isn't present any. If not to struggle with these thoughts, they will begin to amplify while so won't seize consciousness that balance will be lost forever. There are people who carry out all life under the power of tormenting thoughts.
323. (Guru). In thoughts of Us and communication with Us is a consolation and support. Concerning spheres of our thoughts, you make contact with a chain Hierarchical.
324. (July 3). It is a lot of grief that doesn't deserve it, and it is a lot of cares of improvement of that can't be perfect, and it is a lot of lost labors. From all affairs which were before, from cares and grieves there was only an experience, and except it – anything, it was possible what to take further with itself. Change of vital conditions is very useful also to that shows all their fast-fluidity, as well as what to give them to the power the consciousness is inexpedient in view of this reason. The Hierarchy of Light is firm only. On it approved doesn't know this burdensome dependence on the outside world because internally it is free. The right, it is worth undergoing the heaviest tests if only to reach this internal freedom of spirit. Why to bind consciousness to what so unsteadily and unstably and by all means is subject to changes? The purpose of this changeability and transience of external conditions – to teach stability and understanding that everything, on what it is possible to lean, it is concentrated inside because external, changing, leaves, and internal remains always with us. And not only internal remains which moves before a spiritual eye of the contemplator, but itself Looking because movement happens in the covers too changing constantly. In any form, but this basis inside should be found. Without it there is no abutment, there is no support, there is no base on which it would be possible to erect the spirit house. On sand all build, but these constructions fall. The death of a body serves as the certificate of such destroyed at the majority of the incarnate. Therefore, the house of spirit has to be under construction on the base stronger and duration enduring. Boundlessness to which spheres direct and attracted energy of a human microcosm will be this base. Construction is conducted for eternity and forever. In covers isn't present and elements of the enduring can't be postponed. Can gather, but deposits collect only in the Bowl – eternal storage of all accumulation? Covers and through covers these accumulation gather, and covers are only process tools. It is very necessary to understand temporariness of covers and constancy of the one who in them stays and it is shown through them. It is eternal, but not its covers. This "it" also is "I" in the person, it’s the highest "I", that is he. To separate "I" from covers, it investing, there will be a task the way of the found spirit. Life terrestrial gives much to that opportunities because constantly abounds with a set of the phenomena flowing by consciousness. Without identifying with it the "I", it is possible to separate them from itself and to take a detached view of them as at theater on a scene the viewer looks at the game of actors which is taking place before his eyes, or even – as the actor, the good actor, looks at itself playing a role, fallen to his lot. Life is a scene, and Sutratma – the actor, and his role what it was, – times, but itself executing – is eternal.
325. (M. A. Y.). . It is possible to wonder in the morning: "What day future prepares for me? ", – remembering thus that, what he prepared, it will pass, and the one for whom this day prepares the day affairs, remains next morning to meet day new. Cycle of day and night, life cycle, cycle of lives and cycle of cycles is only the steps, passed by spirit on a way of its ascension in Boundlessness. How many they were, and how many they will be still ahead, but all of them too will pass as passed day yesterday's, carrying away in the past everything that with itself brought, but experience having left in Bowl deposits. Being eternal, the spirit with a transient surrounding doesn't want to reconcile and constantly seeks to keep it about itself. He tries to embody idea in temporary forms of the eternal. In pyramids and sphinxes this aspiration, in monuments and huge barrows long ago the dyed leaders, in statues and stone sculptures is imprinted. All this memory about former, but sank in years. To itself the spirit erects from Earth ashes these monuments of life leaked, but true and indestructible storage of everything, through what passed spirit, is a Bowl: The collector and collected and in what it is stored... And it is more anything the, anything from everything that was once and is or will be. Really, the mankind is the great orphan not having on Earth of anything and using everything only for a while. And is only experience and memory of lives terrestrial, which full roll will once be developed before it from a bottom to top. The heritage of spirit not on Earth, but in Boundlessness because time will come when the minor planet will burn down or will freeze in space, like the Moon.
326. (Guru). It is necessary that terrestrial it was outweighed by the spiritual. Otherwise – regress. Two forces work in the person: one pulls down, another – up. And which of two surely draws. Having looked at any person, it is possible to tell that in him drew. As it is possible to know and feel in itself. And it is good when force attracting up overcomes. The choice depends on will which is free always it to make. We made this choice long ago and we follow it steadily. There can't be fluctuations about correctness of the chosen way. Forces can not suffice, and there can be tests and difficulties, but the direction and a way remain invariable on all lives. In it features of the judgment pupil. In it force entered on Great Service. In it sense of Great Making. Understanding of it marks itself line behind which return back already isn't present.
327. (July 4). My son, the knowledge which hasn't been applied in life, – it is dead. It doesn't give crystal deposits in the Bowl and doesn't multiply fires. Just as the mere words which haven't been sated with energy of heart, the knowledge which hasn't been enclosed in practice is so fruitless also. Enclosed grows into consciousness and becomes part of his owner. Those who come to Earth, allocated with knacks and qualities of spirit, once and somewhere applied them practically. The appendix only in words, but not in practice, won't have results. It is necessary to show itself that is approved by thought. The thought applied is a part of the elements of immortality collected from each embodiment. There are the lives giving a plentiful harvest, and there are lives empty, not bringing anything when there are a lot of efforts and many cares of anything. The parable about talents is expression of life of people on Earth. One increase Bowl treasure, others spend also that have.
328. (M. A. Y.). If reproach in repetition or in that, that records speak about same, be not surprised and be not afflicted. They speaking so, don't understand spiral creation of records, they don't understand that a spiral, ascending, repeats a round behind a round, but at level the highest; they didn't realize any advance spiral. After all and day today's is similar per day yesterday's and many last days, the same morning, both evening, and midday. But the spiral of time of days and nights will be not denied by anybody because there are no two days identical as there are any two persons human, identical is perfect. Each new turn of a spiral bears in itself the new elements supplementing and composing the preceding. The consciousness increases slowly, and to it corresponds spirals. Following the spiral rhythm, everyone can enrich with its own consciousness. Criticism of spiral creation of records we will provide to ignoramuses because they aren't able to construct the spiral.
329. (Guru). The phenomenon of the everyday Address gives a rhythm consisting of answers to it. It brings new elements in consciousness and promotes its growth. Process of expansion of consciousness is difficult the constancy. But if he is supported by a rhythm, constancy becomes everyday quality of spirit.
330. (July 5). The world the Highest in all the aspects is expressed by Beauty. Also are approached to it through Beauty. Splinters can be seen and observed it in the world terrestrial and the worlds intermediate, but not in the lower class of an astral where everything is characterized by a disgrace. Beauty and disgrace – antipodes, Light and darkness strip; fine there is a way to Light. Rescue through Beauty. It can be observed often in the nature. Meadow, the woods, the rivers, lakes, mountains, the seas, snow – everything is beautiful. Flowers, herbs, especially flowers, are the Beauty Face. Fine art serves. "Through Art you have Light". The attendant fine is the attendant of Light. Remains of Beauty can be collected and in life usual. It is possible to seek to surround itself with Beauty. Wealth and luxury is not Beauty. Life of the New World will be under construction Beauty; it won't enter yet extensively lives. If absence of Beauty is absence of Light, it is possible to imagine as far as it needs the statement in life. The modern clothes are far from Beauty. Prevalence of dark and gray tones creates dissonances. In the nature autumn and spring paints are various: autumn colors – colors of death and withering, spring – revival and life. Colors and shades of clothes can be taken from the nature, - and not only for clothes, but also all use, all life, everything that surrounds the person. Gloomy, gray, dark stone houses boxes have to leave absolutely from a scene. The beauty will be included into life, into all its spheres, and there is then a life other. Beauty of thoughts, feelings and emotions especially lightful. It life is under construction, and it relationship between people will be under construction. There will be time: won't be neither dirt, nor a smoke, litter in spacious and pure and light, decorated with flowers and works of art, premises of the changed plants and factories. Everything will be hall-marked on itself Beauty, and first of all, the person, and not so much externally, how many internally. With internal Beauty also the external over time will come. After all even health is no other than balance or harmony that is beauty of a body. Also it isn't necessary to be the handsome that the person was attractive and lit up with internal Beauty. The future is fanned by Beauty, because it will be constructed on the basis of Fine.
331. (M. A. Y.). . Communication with Us happen top-level spirit. Means, to Us it is necessary to rise and rise every time when it is established. The obsession is too communication some kind of, but at level the lowest and with spirits of the lowest order. Communication in the broadest sense of this word happens very often but as both parties absolutely aren't legible neither in process, nor in with whom communicate mentally, and results happen are very bad. It is too little given attention to mental communications, and too carefree and superficially treat possibility of influences from the astral world. But as a result of the obsessed it is full, and under influence – the majority of mankind. These influences are dangerous that they usually very low order and will paralyze will. Communication as communication with the Highest assumes the moments of lifting of consciousness up to the possible height for it. Not to lower to itself, but to rise to required Shape and will be that task which is carried out each time when the necessary contact is approved. Action happens from the directed spirit. And seldom on the contrary, not to break the law of free will. At dark all inside out – also occur violation and will suppression. Therefore and not Communication, but enslavement or obsession; in it difference between the Highest Communication and dark enslavement of enrages.
332. (Guru). When waves of influences opposite too become strong, it is necessary to leave in it, having protected as though with fire arrows through which anything external doesn't get. It having brought together inside, that is all of energy of the spirit, earlier directed outside, and the inviolability approving (inviolability of spirit), it is possible to stand the next attack of waves external.
333. (July 8). Everything, that is shown, is imperfectly, but goes to perfection. Therefore everything that is whatever good or bad it seemed is replaced with better. Old the present – is replaced new future. In this process of replacement always there is a fight of that is, that will be. This fight is the inevitable satellite of evolution and any progress. There is it constantly and in consciousness of the person, is as though high he stood. Perfect people aren't present. Everyone can rise above, than it costs. There is no limit also to improvement. In this great world process everything going against evolution and counteracting it, finally goes back and addresses in Space garbage or the Space litter doomed to destruction. Life of spirit is a process never stopping fight of the past against the future, overcoming process. It is told truly that life is that overcomes itself. Your life is too fight. All surrounding seeks to chain spirit to Earth because it lives in the world terrestrial. To win against the world – means to be exempted from its power over consciousness. To wish nothing in this world, anything for itself, and to have nothing or won't consider anything as a track conducting to freedom. To assume the cross, that is to bear karma, without complaining about it and without becoming hardened, will be the decision wise. To accept equally both poles of the phenomena will be the statement of balance. And it is good to leave concern and alarm for the future and to rely on wisdom of the Teacher.
334. (M. A.Y.). On a difficult and thorny road of life there was everything, former before you. And it isn't difficulties or in ease, and in resisting, and not only to resist, but also to move ahead. Also it is necessary to leave cares of life details. Do everything that she demands, but it is necessary to leave torments because there is no end to them. Therefore it is better to rely on the Leader and to entrust him the destiny.
335. (July 10). For the statement eternal it is possible to call fight human life. He knows about it or not knows this circumstance changes nothing. The purpose of life remains invariable, and it consists in layering immortality elements on spirit grain until them the consciousness won't seize and evolution of spirit doesn't become conscious. All have an immortal Triad, only to live it and in it is possible then only when from temporary embodiments the extra temporariness harvest is collected. Among life terrestrial and everything that occurs and is left the person on Earth after each parting with a body and that surrounds it and in what it lives, the consciousness postpones fruits of life experience in the Bowl. In the beginning this process goes unconsciously but when the formula is claimed that the spirit is indestructible and immortal, and the purpose of life became clear, conscious evolution of the person begins. Quality of spirit, ability and his talents are not destroyed accumulation. They gather and grow from life in life. The genius who is born in a family of the most ordinary people and not leaving after ingenious descendants, serves as the certificate of that the genius is a product of accumulation of the Immortal, reincarnating Triad, but not a mortal body because usually to posterity it isn't transferred. Than then to explain, what in the same family where the genius, other children usual is born? The spirit simply knows truth about the immortality if it reached this step, and anything terrestrial can't deprive of it this knowledge any more. Flights in a thin body and the actual acquaintance to the World Elevated do this knowledge practical and undoubted. Not always it gives happiness in life terrestrial, but to exchange it for darkness of blind existence reached it already never will agree. Payment for this knowledge of a bike, because all evidence rises against it, depriving usually of happiness terrestrial, but when the step of uninterrupted consciousness is reached, Life of the Identity which has consciously stepped through borders of death begins.
336. (M. A. Y.). Evidence muffles knowledge of spirit and constantly seeks to darken it. From here persistent, continuous fight against logic of evidence, or logic of the dense world, which deification is terrestrial wisdom. The logic of the highest world other and fiery thinking doesn't keep within a framework of activity of a brain. The spirit knows, and the knowledge it doesn't go on ordinary channels and often has no basis in the evidence world. This knowledge is shown much more often than think though the account in it usually to itself don't give. Often at a meeting the absolutely unfamiliar person instantly there is a feeling of hostility, or a love. This knowledge is deeper brain because goes from heart – the spirit device. Feelings and this feeling-knowledge can be aggravated if to pay them enough attention. The first message of spirit because the brain then interferes is valuable, darkening the first feelings. Feeling-knowledge can be developed if to find for him enough time. Heart usually – in the shelter, and with its voice don't reckon. And after all it is the center of a human microcosm.
337. (July 11). Let's consider process of record by space cementation. Actually indeed, because the issued thought doesn't remain in consciousness, but goes to spheres around, creating stratifications of mental educations. The rhythm and the accord with Me strengthen the phenomenon, and about the saved-up center the flame feeding surrounding spheres inflames. The thought, besides, goes and there where the consciousness directs, expanding thus the spatial distribution. Certainly, this process isn't obvious to the creator of thoughts as ability to see created images demands the opened centers that in living conditions of the modern city, even small, it is absolutely impossible. The organism won't sustain tension and will fuse. In our century thought, sating space, doesn't remain about the person as cosmo-spatial conditions of aura the planets penetrated by new beams, strongly changed. As well the privacy became very relative and doesn't give already that isolation as it was earlier. Changed in a psychophysical condition of the atmosphere, hardly sensitive heart much. Drain of spatial poison goes along with space saturation because active and passive conditions of consciousness alternate. Only the Proximity of Hierarchy allows store balance. But not avoid neither burdening’s, nor melancholy attacks, because around not the light-. Waves of spatial currents seek to break both a rhythm, and concentration, and Proximity. But mourn much we won't be because time when spatial conditions will change will come. There will be Novaya Zemlya and the New Sky how it was heavy to wait for them. It is necessary to remember that the worse, the better, that is that spatial heavy press and feelings of surrounding imperfection aggravate all abilities of spirit and strong increase experience, accumulating skilled knowledge, that is that knowledge which becomes already integral because skilled means actual, tested for lives. In parallel with it there is also a process of cognition of the person, bringing all new and new accumulation. Records are imprinted by the life, and life causes and generates their speed. So the rhythm and the accord bear fruit, enriching and expanding consciousness. I know that is difficult, but not darkness ahead.
338. (July 12). The person can be very strong a body, but is weak in spirit. It can be strong spirit, but it is weak a body. It can be strong and mind and body or to be weak both that and another. Weakness or body force temporarily, but weakness or strength of mind goes, weakening or increasing from life in life. When mastering by a body of its infirmity submit to will and opportunity to dominate over spirit life lose. The evolution purpose is creating a perfect physical body – a spirit cover is and reaches possible degree of perfection of spirit. Evolution of a physical cover consists in its thinning and depression. In parallel with evolution of a planet and thinning of its matter will be will be refined also a dense body. Distinguished astral – a new cover of spirit. In the seventh circle in the seventh race of a body human and a body of a planet will reach degree of refinement of the hidden world. Many occupied worlds stay, invisible to a physical eye, in a condition of this or that degree of a sparseness. And where to an eye the empty space seems, there is the life inaccessible to supervision of usual feelings. It is a lot of monasteries in Space for the person. The visible world – only infinitesimal part of the world’s invisible. Visible Universe only as though section, as though plane of the infinite worlds of another dimensions. Yes! The matter is eternal and, the quantity it is invariable and, one form of energy passes to another – all this true, but transformation of one type of a matter in others and its thinning on a fiery scale in the direction of matrix matter * infinitely almost expand its gradation, as well as opportunity. The area of a matter is considered more or less studied science, but this deepest delusion. The secret of a matter is so great and deep, as well as the secret of the person, and only on an infinite way to Boundlessness reveals and developed it before spirit comprehending it step by step, a step behind a step. Spirit and matter – only poles of the Thing Uniform: cognizable and Learning, created and Creating, changing and the Witness of these changes – one without another can't be shown. Spirit without a matter, at least the most refined, – anything. The spirit is Fire. Matter without Fire, without a fiery basis itself too is anything.
* Lightful.
339. (M. A. Y.). . From everything, than the person and that is at his disposal, the long, the steadiest owns, the strongest and integral is the thought – the thinnest, intangible and invisible. Yes! Yes! Things you won't take with yourself in the Way Distant where it is impossible to take already a body, but the thought can be taken because it will accompany the person and outside death. The thought can be taken. Riches terrestrial which with it can't be taken is appreciated, but the thought treasure isn't appreciated. And after all there the thought becomes the reality given visible shapes and creating an environment already seen to thin sight of the person. It is necessary to care of culture of thought very much. It is necessary to think over well, what satellites we take with them in the future. The thought is issued fire and as that, it, being shown through consciousness, already continues to exist in that form which is given it by spirit. Mental creativity is process very real on the plan of thin visibility. The world Thin is conspirator by products of this creativity, and important extraordinary that it was made in the accord with laws of evolution and its requirements. All dissonant is subject to final destruction. But even on the plan material any destruction are painful. What they in the Thin World when bulks of anti-evolutionary heaps of thought fall. To think evolutionarily and clair-radiant it is possible only on condition of following to bases. But they should be known, and it is necessary to know the evolution direction. And then it is possible to build and in the spirit of thought and hands. All constructions going against bases of evolution are buildings on sand.
340. (Guru). The thought is transferred at contact. Means, for enrichment of thought it is necessary to seek to establish connection and contact. Even the simple thought about Hierarchy sates consciousness with new images of thought. At constancy of contact and a rhythm process becomes uninterrupted. The rhythm also is useful to these. At first energy is spent for the statement of a rhythm, then the rhythm bears already. It is necessary not to interrupt it only. When external conditions don't allow, it is possible to support him in the spirit of. After all receiving thoughts is important, they or not because the rhythm is observed register. Also it isn't necessary to be afraid of opportunity that the spatial thought will be ever settled. Spatial treasures of thought are inexhaustible. While fire burns in heart, receipts can't interrupt if the rhythm isn't broken. So with new confidence in infinite possibilities of expansion of consciousness we will continue our way to Boundlessness.
341. (July 14). Thinking of the Distant Worlds, thinking elevated and terrestrial – all between themselves differ. Speaking about thinking elevated, it is necessary to specify that its character substantially depends on Identity accumulation. There are no general measures. But at saved up it extends and takes the next embodiments. Memory of last embodiments can be shown not in memoirs, but accumulation as it is shown, for example, at the talented musician when he executes four-five years old (on a grand piano) the most difficult things. He doesn't remember when and where and in what embodiment it gained the abilities, and, without remembering, nevertheless the knowledge in accumulation pours out. This type of memory not realizing the past in this or that form comes to light in abilities and qualities of spirit, or as We Speak, in spirit accumulation. All accumulation by Identity of the person, but nevertheless all his essence in the form of terrestrial can't be expressed completely in this life represents itself result of its antecedents, though being expressed only partially. In Elevated the consciousness touches comprehension of the Secret, but only partially. Conditions of the Elevated World allow to reject terrestrial restrictions, and developed the spirit continues consciousness and in that world. Certainly, the terrestrial consciousness goes out because it lives through the feelings which are carrying out vibrations, available of. For skilled spirit everything there is familiar. Other provision of negate not saved up, and is heavy it for spirits spiteful, strong terrestrial. Not attachment to the terrestrial gives wings. The knowledge of laws of that world opens a gate. The accord establishes connection and causes stay in the respective spheres. Also the Hierarchy comes nearer. Where everything moves thought, the thought of Light approaches it. The thought, only thought immerses in darkness or Light.
342. (M. A. Y.). Minutes of proximity in the spirit of with Those Whom we will read and we love, have huge value for the future. After all it is the steps of rapprochement forging communication forever. To disdain distances, to disdain all barriers, and even death, will be a victory of spirit over evidence of the dense world. Certainly, wins against heart because heart directs and remembers heart. There is no love – there is also no memory of the unloved. However, there is a memory of hatred, but it is memory from darkness. We feel these aspirations of spirit and we react to them. So, the death is won by heart and its feelings which don't die in time. At the majority they die still during lifetime. Duration of such feelings isn't great. But feelings of those who is close to us and to whom We are congenial, stretched in infinity of the future. In the face of death they destroy its seeming power over the person. You love, you love, you love; you love those who called you to the Lord and I opened possibilities of a way to Boundlessness.
343. (Guru). Us call Intermediaries, and it is right because through our mediation is established or a straight line, or through us communication with the Lord. Through us it is given the chance of a shave. It is possible to remember as the book read to us and after us, differed in understanding. After us the veil was as though removed from us, -this very considerable supervision. Those who are connected with Hierarchy, open a gate suitable on degree of the proximity to It. In it value of Intermediaries. Someone approaches itself, but such it is a little. Is those who already approached earlier, in last embodiments, but again easier to approach through the Next. Sensitive heart feels this blessing of Proximity by the Highest and reply on it with understanding and heart. Reply often and very strongly in the beginning. Let's not be deceived and under a delusion with this flash. The fire it is possible to light even a stub. Let will prove at first that it isn't casual and that will sustain the lit sparks cold whiff of life. In the beginning all go torches, but someone finishes smoky brands. The steady, exactly burning flame is necessary. And check of fires is necessary. Only time will show, heart burning is how strong.
344. (July 16). Versatility of the Universe allows consider it from each side, finding all new and new opportunities for consciousness expansion. How the world was rich, but a measure of things nevertheless there is a person, and consciousness – a lens through which mind receives about it representation. No matter how existence of the objective world wasn't denied, it is comprehended through consciousness. When it is limited to ignorance, the world is limited also; when it is expanded to Boundlessness limits, grows together with it and world around, especially in World Thin – life on consciousness. It is open for the Adherent in all the width and opportunities, but doesn't exist for and negate. Life there is defined by thought. It is possible to fly on open spaces of the Hidden World; it is possible to stand the idol. The consciousness collects on Earth to a step of uninterrupted consciousness when immortality becomes reached. The spirit is immortal, but that advantage in this immortality if it isn't realized, that is the consciousness didn't seize the subsequent condition. In a dream the thin body is allocated. But if it isn't realized if there is no conscious allocation, and the fact this, so well-known by experience of the Adherent, doesn't admit and it is considered an invention. It is impossible to prove it to the one who has no this experience. If even there is someone's allocated thin body and it’s negate will see, he will tell that the hallucination though to explain the hallucination phenomenon he isn't able. Not that is surprising that at high temperature to the patient something seems, but it is amazing that two same patients seem at the same time same things. It confirms objectivity of thin visibility, though in abnormal conditions. For denying consciousness that it denies, doesn't exist. For negate there is no World Thin. He loses life in it. When it is spoken about belief in the Invisible World, means not only belief in it, how many recognition that is an assumption in consciousness of the fact which becomes reality in that world where the thought reigns. The human ignorance rejecting reality is great. But to it we won't be surprised because still quite recently Earth stood on three foundations, and so-called witches and sorcerers the live burned on fires. Behind examples far it isn't necessary to go. Martyrs of science for a long time remain a reproach for mankind. Denial of the undoubted is an ulcer all-widespread. It recovers practice and personal experience of spirit. But for this purpose it is necessary to direct. Directed a gate of cognition of reality is open.
345. (M. A. Y.). Can reproach: why we tell everything about the same, - Let's explain: to take a rose for an example. All see it and catch its smell. But having thin sight sees its thin form and radiations ,which Reyhenbah tried to photograph still and which could remove already now thanks to Kirlian's invention. Behind a thin form there is a form fiery, kept in a seed. So, behind physical visibility of a flower – its fiery essence connected with the Fiery World by its forms and emanations. Let's speak so about flowers while the consciousness won't concern the Fiery World and each word will be not repetition, but consciousness expansion therefore doesn't repeat anything, but one layer of understanding over another, as turns of an ascending spiral is gradually strung. In total about the same, about the world out of us, but in more and more extends aspect of its boundless opportunities.
346. (M. A. Y.). Each come nearer the darkness, and furthermore seeks to take away the one who is supposed to render special trust. The closer approach is more than danger and the more so dark attacks and traps. All ways of an allure, delusion and seduction, and on the weakest places – especially sophisticated are used. How to hold? It is especially difficult because the will is free. It is possible to explain, it is possible to support, but it is impossible to suppress will – the consequence will be even more bitterly. It is necessary to show wisdom, having protected and defended from the dark. Usually destruction of their circle yields result and clearing darken them consciousnesses. But it is impossible to guarantee against repeated attempts. For everyone it is necessary to battle, again and again exposing the reasons of falling and those who caused them. Hunting dark on relatives is conducted constantly and continuously. The reason should be looked for in the dark. The reason is seen – and dark malefactor, being opened, will recede to find new ways and ways to come nearer again. So was almost with all who approached close.
347. (Guru). Everyone coming nearer to the Doctrine has to reveal itself in full accordance with power of the aspiration. The aspiration, the fuller and opening of all essence of the approached is stronger. Everything comes to light for a gets rid and a victory over. From here both the recreancy and treachery and many other things that so unexpectedly comes to light in of whom it even isn't suspected. But differently it is impossible. The hidden evil is more dangerous revealed because, being hidden, it nevertheless grows to be shown when will try to eradicate it already late, - that on the one hand. With another, dugpa it is given the chance to work at it and to accelerate process. The purpose is a victory and overcoming itself in that, what resisting in the Doctrine. Dark come nearer to everyone, concerned the Doctrine. They came nearer and to Spirits Great. Only the victory over them and overcoming in itself not gets rid properties give the chance to continue the way to Light.
348. (July 20). Not be to consider as a mistake, that the big half only, that occurs in consciousness, it is inexpedient and incommensurable to true appointment of the person. In case of the ordinary inhabitant of Earth incommensurably all. But, irrespective of, what content of consciousness, life remains school and, he understands it or not, teaches it karmic, gradually approaching to understanding of sense of existence of the person. This sense consists in one word – Evolution. Everything evolves, to galaxies inclusive. In the course of Evolution there is all Space. However, separate Identity degrades and, becoming Space litter, jumps out of a world universal stream of life, but even the become obsolete, dead cages jump out of a live organism, without stopping its development. Circle cycle – the birth, blossoming and a decline, that is its end, for a new cycle of the birth and a decline, at a new step of Evolution real. Everything is destroyed, as a rule, that doesn't correspond to Evolution because Space Laws are relentless. At times it seems, what not soon "the fairy tale affects and work is done", but it only for an eye terrestrial. In aspect of Eternity when Space distances between stars are measured by billions light years, scales others and measures not the human; the whole worlds on test and even systems of the worlds. Life is school not only for the person, but also the worlds and star systems. The mankind of our solar system too rises from a star by a star on a ladder of Evolution which has no end. Space scales, coming to light in Boundlessness, cover the incalculable periods of time, practically to capture which mind human isn't able. But we live not in Boundlessness, but no have no end, because we, people, only eternal travelers on ways to boundless life.
349. (M. A. Y.). . All people – of the past, result of the past, a product of that was and that, having yielded a fruit, that is that this person at the moment represents, left and sank into oblivion. The person is the past, but light which inflames in him, – of the future because is the guarantee still bigger Light, still bigger knowledge and wisdom; the past is that the future – that is subject to further disclosure is already opened in the person. Potential of human spirit isn't covered its past. And only the past of Spirits Great, phenomenon in a body of the present in which they live, indicates their great achievements and that each person has in himself and can reach not only that They reached, but even bigger because on ways to the future which has no end, all is achievable. Certainly, Evolution is slow; certainly, she embraces the huge periods of time, but it only to a step conscious that is Evolution realized by spirit when its advance in the future becomes prompt. Then the centers waken and the veil over the World Hidden opens. Partially memory of last existence wakens, and the person consciously takes a way of Evolution of spirit. About these opportunities Tell to mankind Great Spirits and an example of point narrow track of life, in life, but not in death life. It is correct that people call themselves mortal because at their condition of consciousness and a small circle of their undertakings and affairs death both that and others are doomed, but the spirit of the person is immortal and eternal, and, lifting consciousness to its spheres, everyone can reach and be approved immortality at a step of uninterrupted consciousness; about this opportunity and this step Speak and to it Learn Great Spirits, the Teacher of Life.
350. (Guru). It is impossible to pull out a body from a life stream in which it is, but consciousness it is possible to come to coast of eternity and from them to behold stream movement. Over life usual it is possible to rise, and these lifting are of consciousness being a ceiling of spirit, present themselves those milestones it to evolution which note its way to the future and the moments of its enlightenment in enduring and familiarizing with it. Well also it is necessary to rise over the life abyss. Well consciously to tower spirit, it is good when the rhythm is established for this purpose. These lifting’s – the most considerable phenomenon in the human lives defining its destiny. Let's be glad for those who in the life approved this opportunity and a rhythm. Let's be glad and will approve them more and more in awareness of deep value of what managed to them to be reached, despite all counteractions surrounding and all evil-shift of darkness.
351. (July 21). The past is the future basis. As last day, faces Us the future. The past in the world dense is that, having poured out in the present in dense forms, goes to area of memory of the nature. Our future is designated by us last because We already issued it in the Fiery World, in the World of Fiery thought, and in such look it already exists there long ago, without being already more than future. Future it is for those who don’t know about it. Pictures and forms of evolution of life are cut down by us from substance of elements to join when terms, will come to dense forms. Bases of life and that is created on these bases, represent themselves Evolution Real and are expression of Space Will, or Evolutionary character Laws, but the will human is free. It too creates. If creativity it in a consent with Evolutionary character Bases, merges it with our creativity and multiplies it if against, it is destroyed by waves of progress of Space Evolution. Our present and our past future send the course of Evolution to the due course. It goes to depth of the millennia both forward, and back. We See the planet future because it exists already and the past and the future of the person from this world other is imprinted in Akasha's rolls, but. It too shortly and covers a small circle of private life and is connected only with the identity of this embodiment. Both past and present and future such one incarnation are limited to a framework of the Maya evidence which hasn't been proved on reality, the eternity which was aspect, and therefore duration much bigger in the expression. Affairs long, the huge duration, stretched from the infinite past in infinity of the future. Affairs short, affairs small ten years taking at the best, are affairs human. Pyramids and sphinxes tried to destroy barriers of limited time. But they collapse also. Our Fiery Creation of the future imprinted in the past is indestructible. To us imitating, and you stretch a chain of your actions in the far future out of limits of one private life to spheres of the Immortal, reincarnating Triad being expression of true Identity of the person.
352. (M. A.Y.). The thought dense, that is engendered in the dense world, thought terrestrial, can cause and in a thin body the corresponding consequences, on the sort. Thought the constant and thought persistent and yields results the steady. Care in thoughts is necessary to be preserved against disgrace generation. The thought of beauty, thought of the fine can't give rise to ugly forms. Therefore, it isn't thinking, but in its direction and character. Karmic thoughts have bigger value, than an act because in an act and its energy while the thought over, but unrealized will be beget of karmic consequences is settled. Mastering by thought means mastering by the Karma, because the Karma is created thought. Person – the lord itself of the Karma, if the thought is bridled.
353. (Guru). Our answer – according to the address, if it full-string, that is full-heard. Address from mind, but without heart participation, fruitlessly. It is necessary that heart took part in this process. Then call and a response become poles of a thing uniform and, united by heart, give inalterability of a desirable consequence.
354. (July 23). Motive force in the visible world is different types of energy, in World Invisible – thought. It sets in motion all forms and types of energy in Elevated, it creates. The creators, creating thought and ladders of life standing at various steps, are various on degrees of the power or force, from the whole world’s lowest to founders; and the ordinary person standing at any steps of this ladder, there too the creator, on degree itself of the understanding and aspirations. With products of creative will the World Thin is saturated. Visibility of the Thin World is on consciousness, - that higher it, what wider it horizon. This visibility as well according to the accord of essence beholding with spheres, which he sees. The thin World, besides the forms which haven't been created by the person, is filled with the forms created by imagination of people. The mankind in weight means. These spheres in character, to a structure and structure are as various as creators are various also, that is people. But on the density they are distributed on layers. More dense and heavy particles – below, more rarefied – above. Even on Earth there are thoughts, weighty a body when feet are as though poured by lead and gait becomes heavy, and there are the thoughts giving wings when the body becomes a lung as if at the person wings grow. In World Invisible this distinction becomes aggravated to a limit when the thought can chain one incarnation to one place and make of it the idol or give it wings and a freedom of movement and flights. Yes! Yes! There people thought fly, that is fly in the thin body together with thought. But the one who in thoughts doesn't allow flights can't fly. Is of great importance as well ability to understand living conditions Elevated and knowledge of laws of that world? Everything that in this regard gains suddenly taking priority value! Here – the knowledge or belief is simple that there the person can fly, there – it to do ability and ability. Here – thought of opportunity something, there real implementation of this thought. That is why conscious preparation for elevated stay has such huge and crucial importance for the subsequent existence. Denial of that because for negate that he denies ceases to exist as visibility there on consciousness, that is that the person recognizes or that rejects matters also. Belief phenomenon very considerably and critically, - call more precisely such belief and faith-knowledge, because such faith-knowledge isn't belief blind, groundless, fruitless and not giving consequences in something, but such belief is the real power causing details of life of spirit in difficult-thin, mobile conditions submitting to think of the Elevated World. Only to think, how many billion one incarnation spirits fill space of the Thin World, and everyone stays in spheres, conformable its essence in full accordance with accumulation of those elements which were collected by it during lifetime, both in this embodiment, and in the last. Very important thus, having dumped a body, pass the lower class, without being late in one. Only the fiery aspiration to the Highest can carry by through them. To be late – means to remain because are infectious awfully. Aren't dangerous to the one who completely got rid of all lowest attractions, but even under these conditions the stop in the lower class can cause the fallen asleep karmic statements and as though recover them. It dangerously last for the ordinary person. It memoirs are dangerous. It immersion in the past is dangerous. From the past it is possible to take the moments of lifting and admiration of spirit and proximity to Hierarchy of Light, but not terrestrial splinters and a tatter of thinking of feelings not get rid, corporal, terrestrial; terrestrial stay and thoughts have very great value for life in Elevated. With what the person and that brings with itself – important extraordinary comes there. Someone all life collected knowledge of the Hidden Worlds, and someone denied them persistently and stupidly. It is possible to imagine that reaps each of them. Can ask why we go on all about the same. Answer: all live and all die, and it is necessary to know, eventually, that expects the person, crossing the border so-called death.
355. (M. A. Y.). «Be to a bull-calf on a string". However many the astral tried to be willful; it will be subordinated and bridled. The aspiration rhythm to Great Heart can't but give the powerful consequences. Directed to the Highest the thought gradually and imperceptibly for itself, bringing more and more distinguished and cleared elements in consciousness and accumulating them in the Bowl, will extinguish and will overcome everything that is subject to an gets rid and that doesn't correspond to the reached step. The thought of the directed spirit will release and will ennoble. Nothing will stop aspiring if the rhythm therefore we will enclose even more conscious will in everything is observed that ennobles thought and tears off consciousness from a commonness false and, false because Maya lie envelops brains evidence ghosts, and this visibility creates persuasiveness of a dense environment in which not released spirits choke. Freedom will come not earlier, than there will be "a bull-calf on a string". Also we will remember: release – in thoughts.
356. (Guru). If, undertaking nothing, persistently and persistently to start thinking of something, sooner or later, well or badly, here or there or anywhere, but the thought will be embodied in obvious forms and actions, good – in good, bad – in bad. It should be remembered. It also concerns thoughts flying, but accepted for consciousness and bearing on itself the press of this acceptability that is acceptance or the statement. Let there will be fleeting a thought: "This person – my enemy". But once and somewhere, can be even in World Thin, at a meeting with this person the forgotten and short thought will be decisive. As well contact with various living conditions of the elevated will cause in the person reaction in full accordance with those thoughts, habits and actions which were allowed and approved on Earth by the last solution of will. Begun once, she will receive logical, deductive continuation that is continuation of movement on earlier accepted direction. Many such directions remain in the person and as soon as conditions begin them accord, continuation follows in a consent to that was earlier and over what the will didn't set the seal of the stopping and bridling decision. So the spirit bears responsibility for their continuation or the termination, that is withdrawal or a gets rid for each word, thought or action in itself.
357. (July 25). The teacher is new always. It indicates a condition of a constant ascension, constancy and stability of a flame of heart and the centers. Intensity of fires changes on need degree, but fire burns always. He wants to see the same burning of heart and in the pupil, though not the same degree of intensity. Each heart can sustain only certain force of fiery tension. Burn out of organisms is the phenomenon frequent. Therefore care and balance. You see how some people cross lawful borders and settle the forces. The condition of exhaustion is very undesirable because immerses consciousness as though in prostration and does it vulnerable for hostile influences. The lamp brought in darkness, disseminates it, itself from that without decreasing in the force. It is possible only on condition of balance, that is at exactly and steadily burning flame. Surrounding and to people light of a flame, but not a flame is given. Heart fire as in ancient sanctuaries, it was protected under death threat. And really, flame loss actually means death of spirit. Dead hearts are the hearts which have lost the fire. Live dead persons – the phenomenon of the same order. Protect the fires from a go out – the debt, a taking priority debt of the person. And not only to protect, but also, supporting, to strengthen and multiply their force. The steady flame gives crystals of fiery deposits which are imperishable, constant and integral treasure of the person. In the Thin World of people without Agni is anything. All possibilities of life, manifestation, movement and flights are caused by Agni's presence. Therefore accumulation of crystals of fire is the most important task of the person embodied on Earth. Accumulation and Agni's squandering happens in life, among the most everyday occurrences of a terrestrial order. On trifles and details of life there is a multiplication or loss. Imperceptibly there is this process, but it is unmistakably possible to know that multiplies fires and that go out. Gradually, and the main thing is imperceptible, fires grow or leave. It is spoken about Light Agni's accumulation because it is possible to raise and crystals of black fire; garrulity, timidity, excitements, fussiness, concern, fear, doubts, ingratiation before people, lack of advantage of spirit, irritation, despondency, discontent, complaints and without an exception all other negative qualities of spirit – all waste fires. Already I Said that spirit merits essence condensers of fiery energy. Them approving, containers we create for a flame receptacle. Especially smoking, alcoholism, drugs and various indulgences to the weaknesses, dissoluteness and connivance exhaust a fiery. There are the thoughts which are giving birth to the fire of heart, and there are thoughts, it killing. Fiery thoughts and fiery thinking sharply differ from thought twilight, from the thoughts extinguishing a flame of spirit. Even thoughts of devotion, courage, fearlessness, love to the Teacher of Light immediately ignition heart fires. At frequency they become steady. The rhythm does this firmness constant that is the rhythm creates conditions for maintenance of inextinguishable fires. Пралайя the consciousness isn't a flame go out, but its condensation in crystals before new, more its strong manifestation. The pupil can direct all life on Agni's conscious, systematic, persistent and persistent accumulation. The treasure can't be saved up suddenly. Time is necessary and the persistent sequence and constancy in achievement of times forever is necessary to a goal. Every instant Agni is wasted or accrues. Certainly, the keynote will be a basis. If it is take priority in the consciousness, removing all the others on a background, process of collecting of Agni can successfully take place. It is possible rhythmically and to give every day to itself this task, updating its every morning energy of new thoughts of the same just as the gardener waters the garden every day and has behind it leaving and care. It is possible to take care of the most necessary. After all differently there is nothing will be to enter into the World Thin, fine, shining boundless opportunities for those who enter into it with the saved-up Agni.
358. Around there is too much all – eyes can run up. Therefore the thought should be put in eyes at aspiration to the planned purpose, on the chosen object or a task. About everything that around, you won't change the mind – time won't suffice. Means, over what the thought works, it has to be chosen circumspectly and expediently. Everything can be detailed in detail indefinitely. Let the favorites will be in the accord with the purpose and sense of terrestrial stay of the person. This sense in that, what in life terrestrial collect experience and knowledge, necessary on a way to Boundlessness. All the rest isn't necessary, because not ours. Correctly the poet told about nonsense of terrestrial life: if to believe that the person is given only one "let a golden bowl and that drink in it dream and that it not ours".
359. (M. A. Y.). Perfect people aren't present. Means, it is necessary to direct to the Lord in awareness of the imperfection. It will kill someone or will stop. But the winner judgment to the Lord will go, despite everything and at the most ardent expressions of the imperfection while rage won't start decreasing and fusing them on fire of the heart directed to It. It is necessary to go to It, without stopping, without fluctuating, without doubting, despite everything, without looking at any accidents or past recurrence. In constancy of fires of aspiration sooner or later will fuse everything. There are no such shortcomings, there are no such offenses, and there is nothing, except for treachery and the Hierarchy insult that could become a barrier on a way or not to be the won and overcome rhythm and resistance of aspiration to Great Heart. Whatever occurred inside or outside, it is necessary to remember fiery that all this temporary that the Lord is constant and invariable that, to Him directing, the person of stratification of last fulfillments washes away from himself. In everything and always, in all affairs will be thought with the Lord the decision true. How many the approached stopped because of understanding of the shortcomings and thought of impossibility to move further with their freight? But after all Is specified to take the cross with itself and to follow for Called. To take the cross – means in the face of all the imperfections, in fiery aspiration to Perfect Heart, to go and go, despite everything, itself with them without identifying, but knowing that how the person was cold or hot, it will reject the Lord won't be.
360. (Guru). The shave is through feeling, which in heart. Through a brain not approach and not come nearer. Means, it is possible to work only with heart. On heart call is and a response instant. After all energy of heart, or fire, aren't limited neither time, nor distances, neither life, nor death. Heart – a sign of future eyelid, a sign of the New Era, Fire Era, - because heart is the device fiery. To the future and to Hierarchy we go heart. The future in centuries, in boundlessness, and heart – is immortal and is eternal. Therefore, association and with boundlessness can happen to the future only through heart. The thicket can think of it that it could be shown, and not to disturb it. Denials of a brain disturb. The brain – the tool temporary, on one embodiment, also is limited by the feelers – five sense organs, - but nothing limited heart. Transferring of consciousness and thought to heart also will be the next approach to the most wonderful opportunities of a coming Era of Fire.
361. (July 26). Enrages of all degrees come from space, if the receiver of consciousness adjusted, or, rather, it is upset suitably. It is necessary to allow thoughts and feelings dissonant that this lawlessness took place much. But besides obvious obsession, exists also other danger, less sharp, but harmful too, is a mental suggestion from dark. It too goes according to the accord. As soon as unworthy or low thoughts and in general thoughts of negative property, the thoughts deprived of light, start moving in consciousness, the dark hand immediately seizes these moments of weakness to throw the "shaggy balls". Doors open, the bridge of penetration it is possible to call unworthy thoughts because having them addition immediately is given from dark whispers. They constantly watch and especially everyone concerned Light to extinguish each its sparkle. Control over thought is necessary as protection against darkness invasion. Not in itself the unusable thought is dangerous, but it is dangerous as a magnet opening possibility of approach of thoughts, consciously thrown by the dark. Protection is necessary, as a ram breaking waves of low-standard spatial thoughts. Main danger is from the Hidden World. Ignoramuses deny it that especially strong to give in to his influence and to be, thereof, especially defenseless. From where there are so much mental disbalance, diseases and the evil? Anyhow destroyers of all best undertakings, how not influence strong and shift on mentality of negate can strengthen themselves? The thought as the spatial energy operating powerfully and purposefully and in the set direction is denied, spatial life is denied, possibility of existence of the one incarnation person and essence, spiteful and strong is denied, and put subjects of people in absolutely defenseless situation from the strong, thin and sophisticated enemy in an evil-make. It denial is terrible, from there are so much unfortunate, not knowing, as well as in their consciousness the darkness from where creeps. Good by the nature, firm and strong people it so isn't terrible, as weak, weak-willed, both fluctuating, and to easily giving in dark suggestions. From where there is so much drunkard, nasty words, blaspheme and other black out consciousness’s? Whom black out and how? It is necessary to think of it, and it is necessary to help and examine consciousness of many.
362. Yes, it is right; each seed is a grain of the transmutation energy capable from a matter surrounding it to create forms on the sort and essence. From a transmutation of elements activity of grain is characteristic. In the same soil seeds of a rose, gillyflowers, geraniums, an oak, corn and so on give forms absolutely various, characteristic the special characteristics and features. It is worth thinking of a smell of roses or wormwood to imagine all power of the transmutation force of grain. As also the person, a transmutation of a matter and spatial energy, will transform that arrives in it in the microcosm, and gives to these receipts the new forms peculiar to this person and excellent from created another person. Both kind and angry from treasure of heart take out not only good or the evil, but also set the seal of the essence of the transmutation force to all that huge and constantly going stream of a matter which flows through his physical, astral and mental body. It is possible to imagine as this stream taken on the scale of all mankind is great. Really, a transmutation of all types of the matter passing through its microcosm, the person on Earth, refined, rarefying and clarifying psychophysical structure of a planet is. It is possible to imagine and give the clear account, what distinction of this matter which have passed through the person of all plans if to take the going Arhat’s phenomenon, on the one hand, and drunkards, the glutton and a vicious, with another. It is possible to understand, than sates everyone them a body and all bodies of a planet, its aura and the World surrounding it Hidden. How many thoughts during only one life will pass through the consciousness conveyor? And, if they from darkness, that what darkness? Let's understand and will remember that the person is a transmutation of all types of a matter and energy which pass constantly and a continuous stream through its microcosm, a transmutation or the evils, or the benefits.
363. (M. A. Y.). We will be preserved against invasion of alien consciousness’s which from everywhere, both from dense, and from the astral world, seek to cling to a magnet of the lit heart. They devastate and vampires heart. They, unconsciously often, but persistently and importunately as though want to stick and to come into the next contact. Caustic very much also are very harmful not so much darkness, how many ability to exhaust and devour forces. And we call them – devourers. Let's not be tired to go on as continuous patrol and readiness for protection of precious energy of Agni who so necessary for much, really needs it and having the legitimate right for the help because won't dispel downwind it are necessary from them.
364. (Guru). How we come nearer to the Highest? Understanding is more true attempts to realize their essence. In this aspiration, at its constancy, there is a process of transformation of consciousness because, trying to come nearer to the Highest, tower. Saw Us all the terrestrial eyes to whom We approached, and in due time all recognized Us or Us rejected, but forgot both that and others, and only the few remember, and units not only didn't forget and didn't move away, but even came nearer more, than earlier, and reached still bigger understanding of sense of our arrival and a announces. For someone death the end to everything, and for someone – continuation and finding of new and closer opportunities because understood that no death is present and that release from a body isn't destruction, but the birth in the new life full of new, wonderful opportunities. The one who learned that love is stronger than death, found the narrow track conducting in Life.
365. (July 28). Understanding of Fiery Treasure, which we have, forces carefully it to protect. The condition of a constant, intense the patrol and care of how not only to hold it but also to increase, causes of every minute control over all feelings, thoughts and the movements happening in the person. There can't be an indifferent relation to that has such crucial importance for all life of spirit in all worlds. Fire can be born, without wasting if the condition of internal concentration with thought that occurs every instant either accumulation, or Agni's squandering is aggravated. The word "restraint" specifies that something restrains. What restrains patrol will? Mental energy or fire with which each manifestation of the person, each feeling, thought, action and an act is sated. It is very difficult to spend not only one day, but even hour at complete and intense control over itself. The first contact with people – and waves of the everyday phenomena, capturing consciousness, force to forget about the major, immersing consciousness entirely in the world external. At least, so occurs at ordinary people. We go an extraordinariness track. Restraint, self-control, control – all this only aspects of the superior synthetic quality of spirit which We call balance – I am familiar to internal power. Everything direct to terrestrial power, though its terms, but about power of the spirit based on balance are short, the few dream only, practically claim or seek to approve it in an everyday dense only units. Who needs this power if it in life terrestrial neither doesn't bring wealth, nor that entire ordinary people appreciate. And very few people interest a question that in the Worlds Hidden power it opens all opportunities of conscious, bright and saturated existence before the person. So imperceptible on Earth, it is there a life source. The power of Spirit of the Hierarch is shown and on Earth, but not in that understanding, as at ordinary people. Anything on Earth Not having and Told: "There is a Prince of this World and has in Me no anything", – showed the highest measure of power of the Spirit, reached on Earth the person.
366. (M. A. Y.). Love fire, appreciation fire, aspiration fire, devotion fire, feat fire, tranquility fire. Fires, fires, everywhere fires; without fire - not on a step. So there is all life the fiery fairy tale, and the person in a being fiery changes, changes fire and feelings fiery. The terrestrial love burns with terrestrial fires, but love to the Highest Shape, not limited terrestrial, triumphs over an infirmity of a flesh and brevity of life terrestrial. So feelings human it is possible to ennoble and prolong them far beyond one embodiment that is to put them above death restrictions. And in human feelings carrying out longer line will be the solution of wisdom.
367. (July 29). Now everything disturbs, and all counteracts aspirations of spirit. But it is possible to imagine conditions when the lowest attractions will disappear also spirit free from them will freely ascend to the judgment sphere. The world dense and the world astral are full energy of counteractions. But in the menthol sphere the spirit can already have a rest from constantly intense fight for the primogeniture. And really, the dense environment doesn't promote a separation from the terrestrial. In the world following it, attractions become aggravated, thanks to seeming possibility of illusive implementation of all desires and aspirations. Experience shows that ghosts break up and disappear, and the dissatisfaction of desire remains in former force. Mookie Tantala – a symbol of impossibility to extinguish a flame of desires by immersion in created energy of desires, images of astral heaps. Brightness and intensity of the images generated by desires hides in itself impossibility to satisfy them physically as the physical body is absent. And a flame of desires, passions and desires of a terrestrial order, being not satisfied, painfully burns down, inflaming more and more brightly while the beget won't find forces it to tower spirit over spheres of an attraction of the lowest fires. But when during lifetime of terrestrial the will seized fires of desires and the thought, which has caused them, fight in the world astral with ghosts, seductions and generation of desires takes place successfully and comes to an end quickly with a victory. The way of not gets rid feelings is heavy. Release from them – in the spirit of. Indulgence and connivance won't help but only will burden. Not gets rid here is hardly got rid there. Focus of Hierarchy is given as object for aspiration. It is possible to direct both up and down. Focus shines from Spheres of the Highest, and the consciousness directed on it, creates lines of a magnetic attraction to Light. Dark attractions to the lower class and light upwards challenge the right to attraction of one incarnation spirits to the respective spheres. But the choice is free, and chooses between Light and darkness a way the each spirit. The choice is accompanied by terrible fight in the person of the energy attracting it in darkness or to Light. Fight is aggravated to a limit, and the choice is solved spirit. One goes to Light, others to darkness.
368. (M. A. Y.). The lord not without reason Told about darkness external, where crying and a gnash tooth. Those spheres where the spirit received the granulation are already deprived of attractions terrestrial, and there for the first time the spirit of the person feels freedom and stability already not shattered aspirations. Lit fire isn't blown any more by whirlwinds of spheres dense, and there are no cloud, quenchers and vampires of all types and forms. Dark there is no access to these layers. They are protected by fiery guards of Hierarchy. The right to an entrance to them is granted by those elements of deposits in the Bowl which were collected at life and which are conformable matters of Spheres of the Highest. That is why collecting and accumulation of crystals of light Agni so insistently is necessary in life terrestrial.
369. (Guru). It is wrong to think that We have singing of anthems and glorification. Everywhere work and tension. Tension of these spheres extremely. It is necessary to conduct as well as on Earth, it is necessary to protect and protect and care, in addition sometimes and about you who have remained on Earth. Pink dreams and rest not for those who are close to the Lord.
370. (M. A. Y.). It is good when life deprives of everything which is even most necessary, – it will be easier to that to gather in a way distant. It is good to think that is necessary for this way. It is good when life carefully exempts from unnecessary load and subjects facilitates advance. At understanding of it a source of pleasure and satisfaction is that afflicts ordinary people and that would sadden consciousness if the new highest understanding didn't light up it. Teacher in position of detachment from usual conditions and deprivation, apparently, the necessary things and details for this purpose puts to exempt spirit before a long journey from attachment to the surrounding. If it isn't a pity for anything from this that around, and it isn't a pity to leave anything, whether that will be it already release of spirit from chains of a material world. Let's be glad instead of grief to that life itself does for us that, on what, perhaps, own forces could and not suffice.
371. (July 30). There is no such dungeon where heart fire couldn't burn, there are no such conditions in which the spirit couldn't grow and develop, there is no such darkness which wouldn't dissipate from rays of light, and there are no such obstacles which not in forces to overcome mental energy. Overcoming should be understood as a victory. And wins against everything the one who will manage to win against itself .So from external attempts we pass to internal making which only one and brings the person on the Life; usually people put energy the and the purpose of aspirations that outside while external it is impossible to replace internal because the external doesn't belong to us, and on a planet we only travelers temporary. Certainly, the planet – our house, though for a while, however, as any house, it demands ornament and care of it, but on condition of a fair idea that an ultimate goal of stay of the person on Earth isn't this small heavenly body among billion others. Thus, and a way of the person on stars, a way star, and need of change of embodiments and all covers of spirit force to realize that everything that we have, doesn't belong to us and isn't ours. Ours is a result of all life experiences that is the knowledge drawn from embodiments, and those deposits in the Bowl which it gives. The skilled knowledge – means, knowledge the applied, giving stratifications of crystal deposits of fire, and doesn't depend on destruction by time and on change of covers. Not in them experience, but in the Bowl, which one for all embodiments is deposited. The soil on a meadow one, but flowers on it different, both each flower and each grass, from poisonous to life-giving, takes from the same soil and will crystallize in forms elements, conformable essence of grain. So spirit grain in any living conditions from them takes experience and knowledge of essence of spirit and its aspirations out of ardent dependence on these external conditions. As two seeds of herbs, poisonous and useful, from the same soil take the poisonous or useful properties, so two persons under the same external living conditions from life take: one – Light elements, another – darkness. The beginning transmutation external energy causes this process both its direction and character. One from of treasure of heart take out of the good, another - the evil, one – the Light, another – darkness, - that, what transmutation not is nor angrily, nor kindly. The darkness or Light is created by heart black and light. Heart is a great transmutator of a matter and the energy flowing through covers of spirit. So every instant the person creates Light or darkness. It is created by thoughts and feelings because creativity is a destiny of the person. Creative abilities grow in Boundlessness, but no borders have. The worlds are conceived by creative thought. Creative power of human spirit in potentially itself is boundless.
372. (M. A. Y.). Prestanding is made by thought. It is possible to understand and imagine what value has such prestanding in the Mental World. On Earth we prepare for life in Elevated and we break through channels in space for leaky stay. There the aspiration moves, but without burden of dense conditions. Life is easy there, as though. But after all and thoughts happen various, one pull up, others – down. People go by the habitual skates of thought. It habitual thoughts are considerable. Let's get used to think about the best in everything. Otherwise as we lift thought a planet. After all thought, even without words, it is possible to ennoble others. Itself ennobling – others we ennoble with themselves. Ennobling the consciousness, we won't assimilate to mumpish bubbles – can burst.
373. (Aug. 1). How to force to flare heart fires? Love! How the love to impart, strengthen and force to burn, - truly, rhythm an aspiration to the Highest that have. Light one – Hierarchy. Focus one – the Hierarch. To It we will direct both thought and feeling. But it seems if, that as left, what know, this is Maya. The Lord can’t leave. Only a scum terrestrial both noise of vanity and burden of tiresome thoughts create evidence of reality of Maya. To it tell: "Depart, don't take up my way to Light. Many times your ghosts of vagueness lunar seduced me, of communication depriving with a light source. Recede, many-sided Maya. You can't stop a way My, judgment from time beginning. You will depart because temporarily waves of your generations, but My communication with the Lord and over your dreams and illusions are indissoluble. In the heart I approve the Lord to all your suggestions contrary to. I am not afraid of you, Maya. I am not afraid of fabrications and your allure. I am eternal, but temporarily you and your veil over consciousness. The lunar stupor will vanish, the haze will dissipate, and again to me the Beam of Great Heart will shine and there Will be a Lord". So addressed going to the Lord when Maya ghosts a way took up to it.
374. The inflexible belief in a final victory of Light in itself that in the face of evidence external to approve fiery reality is required. Well at this time in itself to repeat bases. From bases not leave anywhere. It is impossible to deny the undoubted. It is impossible to deny, experience having, transition to the World Elevated after death of a physical body. It is impossible to deny the thin body because it more than once was allocated in consciousness dense and was in that World where one incarnation leave. It is impossible to deny a primacy of spirit, because force it phenomenon more than once in the phenomena of the Thin World and in the world terrestrial. The lord can't be denied because certificates were its Phenomena. Two worlds can't be rejected – terrestrial and Elevated because experience is available in that and another. In seven years the dense body in the elements changes, being replaced with new structure of a matter, but his owner who over a body, it remains and continues to live in a chemical body another and having only externally the same, former form which grows, reaches blossoming, grows old and disintegrates to release spirit for life in Elevated. In this stream of life and change of conductors – billion people. Stream is evolution. At first going down in a matter and then rising and refined, develops and all grows live to reach forms extra dense, the same extra density with which this life, but at the highest step in consciousness full in the passable way and a way coming in a new cycle of times began. There the aspiration moves, but without burden of dense conditions. Life is easy there, as though. But after all and thoughts happen various, one pull up, others – down. People go by the habitual skates of thought. It habitual thoughts are considerable. Let's get used to think about the best in everything. Otherwise as we lift thought a planet. After all thought, even without words, it is possible to ennoble others. Itself ennobling – others we ennoble with themselves. Ennobling the consciousness, we won't assimilate to lumpish bubbles – can burst. So the Way is defined, it goes to boundlessness of achievements. It has no end. All life terrestrial in this body – only an instant short on this way, endlessly also began.
375. (M. A. Y.). The terrestrial way is necessary. It is necessary to acquire knowledge and experience and to save up those elements which are necessary for conscious life in Elevated. Than live there if not save up and collect? Than those who lived only terrestrial and, except it will live there, never thought even of possibility of life out of a body or stupidly denied this opportunity? Where life – on consciousness, there all it pass the circle, determined by width of consciousness and that, what it recognizes, or denies. That is denied by consciousness, ceases to exist for it. Living conditions in Elevated are defined by thought. The creator of the destiny and the future is the person. Than will connect or it will release itself on Earth, by that is connected or will be released there. So each thought forges to itself chains of slavery or breaks fetters of restrictions. Where everything moves thought, the thought, undividedly and imperiously there reigns. Who seized thought of the free and liberated it from fabrications, ignorance and prejudices human, that there the lord of the thought and all those opportunities which free are given by thought. Sower here and there is reaper itself of the thoughts.
376. (Guru). Reading well and is useful, but the reflection is more necessary. Once there were no books and there was nothing to read, but moved ahead reflection. And even reading good books without reflection is useless. Only thought over consciously assimilates spirit. Only the thought over and accepted is approved in application. Eremites of Yoga without books reflection reached. The thought grows if to concentrate on it. Concentration is as watering of flowers. In consciousness only useful thoughts are allowed. It is a lot of the thoughts going from outside, they need strict control. Thoughts the accord law operates. That is conformable to it gets into consciousness. Control in what thoughts are allowed to stay, encouragement and the statement. Without a patrol condition of spirit advance is impossible. Without control over thought it can't be seized. The condition of continuous wakefulness is offered by thought to the going pupil.
377. (Aug. 3). My son is time to sum up past life and to stack collected in a treasured labrets. To select carefully necessary from unnecessary, valuable from stuff and litter, without what it is impossible to do, from excessive things and enduring – from temporary. Quality of spirit we won't forget to take, but only positive. Thoughts we will check and it is separable terrestrial from thoughts elevated. Travelers of the Way boundless have to know that is necessary in the Way and that isn't necessary, and this selection of a message is constant as the unnecessary tends to accumulate and accrue. Every decade has the value; the seventh – special, finishing when it is possible to begin the mental introduction in conditions of thin existence. The tenth seventh anniversary or the seventh decade – it is possible to think over it. The thinking of the Distant Worlds is connected with life in Elevated. Under the Distant Worlds It is implied the Highest planets, the highest steps of evolution. The forms of the life which have been carried out there, will once be carried out and on Earth, but mentally they can be introduced and now in the atmosphere terrestrial, sating with them aura of a planet. The conveyor of consciousness permits space cementation by thought. And when it becomes consciously, persistently and systematically, cooperation with Us enters a special phase. Each stone or the pebble brought for the public good, is valuable to evolution. Let's not consider such gift from the personal point of view because the personal point of view is caused as that, can't serve as Maya phenomenon and a criterion. Let's look on surrounding to study not only from the point of view of other people and besides provisions various, but also from this point of view super personal, not concerning a limited circle in which "I" live usual the person. Rising over life as an eagle over Earth, it is possible to see relationship of many things, which by consideration personal occupy all horizon of consciousness as the huge house before a window from height. But the horizons are visible from height. Over the Earth not lighten, it without having come off. Those ties to Earth, it is possible to think. Freedoms of thinking not reach, Earth without having come off. The personality, in whom everyone temporarily lives, is that connects thinking and litters the horizons of distant visibility. Identity – not the personality; having risen to its sphere, it is easier to judge the Invisible and visible worlds. Two worlds unite in super personal consciousness, and in this association – one of the most important problems of the real step of evolution of mankind of our planet.
378. (M. A. Y.). . Nobody will begin to deny that the thought is a taking priority factor of life of each person. Everything thinks, but thinking art – in possession only the few; it consists, mainly, in that being able to exempt consciousness from the huge weight of casual and absolutely unnecessary thoughts which usually fill consciousness. The work, the concentrated work, that also is good that at least for a while collects thoughts on one subject, complicating their habitual scattering and wandering. Work comes to an end, and thoughts start skipping again with a subject on a subject. If to find forces every instant thought to direct only on useful thinking, commensurable with the purpose and sense of existence of the person, the general character of a stream of thoughts will change and will be ordered and will gain the necessary character. After all every moment it is possible to benefit wherever to be and whatever to do. The most boring expectation can be turned into something very useful and good. A lot of good it is possible to create and bring thought it Light in area of life usual.
379. (Guru). As a matter of fact, the Yoga is a way of transformation of life thought, - and therefore – on thought an emphasis. It isn't necessary any violent acts, it isn't necessary any squeezed-out efforts, but it is necessary to show strong, accurate, going from heart, purposeful thought. If the thought conducts the person, it is possible to wonder: what my thoughts and where they, finally, will bring Me? Conduct and give thoughts, but what, but where? After all too thoughts bring into brothels, they lead and to all types of weaknesses, defects and connivance. The conscious choice of thoughts has crucial importance. From here and need of control over the thoughts which not are corresponding to the best aspirations of spirit and slowing down its evolution. Constancy of control is at a loss that often forget about it, and then thoughts rush where the astral wants, then they on an egoism service, then advance of spirit stops and then the thought conducts anywhere, but only not up. So the most precious gift of evolution is scattered in vain, and aimless trample on one place begins.
380. (Aug. 4). Here we Speak about control over thought but who supervises it? Will. And who supervises and directs will? Who lives in a body and covers? Who remembers and records everything, what flows before consciousness? Who records life of the poor and lord terrestrial? Who collects experience and knowledge in the Bowl? Who Bowls owner? Who? Who? So separating the events from the one who observes it and puts in memory archives, it is possible to approach to the center in itself, round which as planets round the Sun, the world of the person rotates. Body we will reject is not "I". Thin too we will reject, it too not "I". Today mind is occupied with one thought, tomorrow others. Thoughts flow as stream waters, being constantly replaced. The thought is too not "I". But often "I" identify myself with the covers and considers that "I" am they. But can't beheld and the contemplator, visible and seeing, felt and feeling, imaginable and the thinker to be same. Let's call it "I" in the person the spirit invested by external covers, or conductors. Covers – its tools, for the intercourse and the message with external, in relation to spirit, the worlds. These bodies, physical, thin and mental, he builds, investing itself a matter of the corresponding plans and a certain structure, depending on the aspirations. It is necessary to remember and know that two physical bodies, say, the eremite yogi and the drunkard and the glutton, are various on the structure that their matter in one case is rarefied and cleared of rough and heavy terrestrial elements, in other case is infected by them to such an extent that its decomposition sometimes begins already during lifetime, long before death of a body. Clarification of a physical body from the heavy terrestrial fluids causing premature decomposition, diseases and an old age, is a problem of the one who wants to seize and rarefy and refine the body its structure. The body physical can easily black out or, on the contrary, be clarified. It depends on a condition of spirit and a condition of other covers. Black out of thought and a thin body is immediately reflected and in a dense body. Speak: "It was like thunder", "On his face ran a shadow". Many expressions testify to how the dense body reacts to thoughts and feelings of the owner. One ennoble it, others отемняют. Here that ennobles, that is clarifies and to Light attracts, and that Black out, that is immerses in darkness, and continuous and firm control is necessary. The one supervises who over them, over all these changing and passable conditions of all the covers. Not small "I", not the small personality dying in each embodiment, but the Immortal Identity of the person which is saving up in the Bowl experience of lives of all persons through which She was shown, only It can seize the personality mortal and limited by a small circle of one embodiment. Consciousness small "I" rise before understanding big and through it starts looking at everything occurring to it. So gradually, lifting covers, it is possible to come nearer to the sphere of the Silent Recorder Eternally Looking and enduring all covers in which the spirit that in their respective worlds to take for it the necessary experience clothes temporarily. The castle without a wheel assimilates to the mortal, not knowing purpose of the embodiment. But, when the purpose is conducted, the direction and a wheel in a firm hand of the spirit directed in Boundlessness is known, then it is possible to reach, they are as though far were, coast of the Fiery World, already enduring in eternity, and, having dumped all covers, to clothe fiery, too enduring, having issued it in constant aspiration to Light.
381. (Guru). Before a space face a lot of things can be told about behavior. Someone tries before people and tries to show what isn't present, or to seem not to what it is actually. Work this vain and useless, because the space sees and hear, and records all from to thoughts slightest Therefore the one who knows Bases, dumps from itself all external the alluvial and not before people, but before itself and before the Eye of Omniscience of space behaves as that is demanded by the advantage of spirit and understanding that there is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious once and somewhere and that obviously already now in Akasha's rolls. The moment when naked essence of the person of the visible it becomes obvious, is the moment of a sharp shame for dark and a celebration for this purpose who won't be ashamed the Light. Knowing it, it is possible to understand that the behavior alone before a face of space shows already on achievement of a high step of consciousness.
382. (Aug. 6). At ardent understanding of the phenomenon of the Way the relation to life and to everything changes that happens in it. Noting road impressions, we don't stop on them too and we don't tie consciousness to one because we know that for the next day will be replaced with others. The stream of life and its detail flowing before Looking at it can't stop. Eternal change and replacement of one impression with another accompanies this supervision. And when Looking already more doesn't identify itself with a stream, separating it from itself, possible there is a statement in that balance which forces anything can't resist. The tranquility of perception of the external phenomena is caused by their pass ability and fluidity. That will pass and constantly passes, can't seize more already so consciousness as it was usually. In it is freedom from the power of external conditions over spirit. Persistently and persistently take root into consciousness of thought that everything and only experience and the knowledge drawn from life, remain property of the person is temporary. It is difficult to imagine that all surrounding only a dream but if to remember all last life and everything that passed before consciousness and sank into oblivion, whether a dream stay of spirit in a physical body will seem. The transient of dense conditions is as though opposition of their materiality and firmness. Fragile and unstably everything, only the Ladder of Hierarchy is unshakable and can serve as a support in this world where flows, the environment of the person changes.
383. (Aug. 9). World Distant are close. Are far in a terrestrial way, but there are no distances for spirit, and there are no distances for thought. When thought the spirit of the remote object concerns, magnetic connection and the channel on which inflow of impressions begins is established with it. At frequency or constancy of thoughts the stream starts growing and increasing in volume. It is possible to note that everything, than is filled consciousness of the person and that prevails in it, forcing out all other thoughts, grew and extended exactly thanks to that the thought stopped on this phenomenon. Also the specialty grows and with it narrow-mindedness of thinking, replacing with itself possibility of synthesis. But now it is a question of directing the thoughts to spheres of the Distant Worlds. Astronomy – science Space. It brings the person to Boundlessness open spaces, it and will liberate his consciousness. On Earth not find those forms of life which exist on the Highest planets. They on Earth still aren't present. No, but will be when our planet will reach higher steps of evolution. The connection established with the next star, will show visually to what and as the mankind has to direct to reach the same step. While the future is in area of abstract representations, it won't set weight forward but when people will see personally that was reached by people on the Distant Worlds, life on Earth will promptly move to an ideal, people will see concrete which forms of an embodiment on a distant star. The space intercourses will give a new impetus to advance because undoubted, poured out in visible forms, it will be already impossible to deny.
384. (M. A. Y.). Kindly it is possible to create without personal interest in the created. In it is freedom of making. The person is good or is bad, but it is possible to give also to him, even bad, from the light. Donation it is not personal, but impersonal - spatial. When the lamp is brought in the dark room, it, to the sun is similar, lights up kind and angry. Not to us to judge on whom or that light as doesn't judge it a beam of the sun falls and doesn't choose a subject to which to fall. Spatial service assumes impersonal distribution. Pupils are not the rule, but more likely an exception. Some pupils of Great Spirit don't prevent It to shine millions and don't break the principle of impersonal distribution of Its Light. About spatial service It was already spoken, but its essence is comprehensively considered yet wasn't. Consciousness focus is similar to the sun, and heart as the sun, scatters round itself beams of self-proceeding light. Let's assimilate to the sun in impersonal distribution of Light round the sphere in which we live.
385. (Guru). Heart feasibly takes part in all phenomena of the highest order, - and it perfectly. After all heart is immortal and if it is pulled in in focus of certain actions now, both then, and always and when and anywhere: here or there, in this world or in that is heart will continue begun and the owner will hold in the sphere of the action approved by it. Conscious attraction of heart to affairs and the actions having special value will have huge influence on destiny of the person who has called the heart for this kind of activity.
386. (Aug. 10). Here we speak about the highest things, and the smallest in me yet didn't overcome. The gap which is painfully reflected in consciousness turns out. It is possible to expostulate only on it. Keep in mind that We Are always ready to give, but isn't able to give, even at desire, it is more than that, than the person can contain. To containment often stirs egoism. As also jugs if are brought, can be not always filled with that it would be desirable to give because already, at least partially, are filled by the. And, personal, sated with emotions of an astral, it isn't necessary for us. It was told: either mine, or the. And My and aren't combined. Beams self-proceeding aren't generation small "I", but big. Their self-reference not from egoism. So, approach and receiving are possible only on condition of self-dismissal that is formula "be rejected from itself" observance. Completeness of an accord gives the accord. Not to replace it with words. Assimilation of our Beams can't be caused any artificial or squeezed-out efforts. The attraction is natural on a gift of all of that is all heart and thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and consciousness there, where heart. Heart return to Tom, Who Conducts is a condition unconditional. Often poor heart is broken off between its return: one half to itself, other half to the Teacher. Incompleteness and, as result, is a dissatisfaction turns out. Completeness of return and completeness of service accompany the valid apprenticeship. They can be reached at the ardent, self-released aspiration of all being. All atoms of a flying arrow are directed to the purpose. All are given to energy of a microcosm on service to Light. Receiving – on completeness of devotion, that is a return, or the legend of to the Lord. Formula "in your hands I betray my spirit" – the most intimate mystery of life.
387. (Guru). The lord Told: direct! In one word they are keys from all gate and all achievements. All heart, all thought, all being strain aspiration.
388. (Aug. 12). My Hand sends a current of world events to the necessary party. Thus all has to come to light for elimination unsuitable for evolution. Half measures are inexpedient. We Act in consent with Space Will which is expressed during stars. Evolution – the phenomenon unconditional. Astrophysical and according to a step of development of a planetary body of Earth the new step of evolution Is approved by us, the Beginning of the Era of Fire is traced in stars. As the huge wave goes evolutionary inflow. Everything that can rise, everything will rise with it, that won't be able; with it will be covered and will go on a bottom that is will be lost. More than once already the death of the whole people visited Earth, - but we Know examples, when the states existed in throughout the whole millennial. Space Laws are immutable and relentless. The will human can counteract them only to a known limit beyond which it will be swept away as a house of cards under a wind. Power of Hierarchy is invincible. The hierarchy expresses itself essence of Space Will. New it is fated to be. The new Sky and the changed planet will be expression of the Era of Mother of the World. So I Speak on a threshold of events.
389. (Guru). Appreciation and gratitude the higher is quality, very rare in people. Those on themselves tested, from ungrateful and ungrateful, we will seek to burn out in themselves even the slightest traces of these shortcomings. Ungrateful – it isn't noble. Ungrateful denies both in us and in itself that, without recognition of that it can't move further, that is itself block the way. On these qualities, appreciation and gratitude, it is possible to judge readiness of the consciousness which has touched the Doctrine of Life.
390. (Aug. 15). Heart can be trusted if the egoism doesn't darken it. Hidden communications between people go in the area of heart. Therefore they from life in life proceed and don't interrupt and in World Aboveground. After all heart is immortal, and its fiery feelings are immortal. Immortality is reached through the heart cleared of rough stratifications. Clean heart – great force. Transferring of life to thought, and thought – in heart will be the statement of uninterrupted consciousness. After all and the consciousness too is transferred to heart. The brain possesses the organs of vision, hearing and so on, and heart – the. Only these bodies or feelings possess ability of direct perception or knowledge. Heart simply knows and simply sees. We call these feelings feeling-knowledge. The feeling-knowledge device – heart. The brain feeling-know can't. It only registers if it is accustomed, feelings of heart because they demand attention to be noted, - but heart usually in the shelter and a feeling-knowledge not phenomenon. And at all this a brain, interfering, stirs feeling-knowledge spontaneities. About education of heart It was spoken enough. Best of all simply not disturb it. It is best of all to allow express freely to it the feelings if it was exempted from litter, - under its stratifications of heart of many sleep. It is possible to call awakening of the cleared heart the future Era of transformation of mankind. Not one heart in itself will lead the person to this step of transformation, but the heart tied with Hierarchy. Through heart you have Light.
391. (M. A.Y.). How we move up? Only love. Without this fiery feeling to higher on the Ladder of Hierarchy of ascension isn't present. Who understood it and applied, that goes, without fluctuating, without doubting, without knowing fear. Yes! Yes! Yes! All shortcomings and all obstacles, all difficulties are won and overcome by love to the Highest that we have. Many forget about this shortest way, preferring roundabout tracks. But no exercises, any concentration, and any achievements will give that gives and can give love. If forces you want to increase, you love the Lord. If with Us you want to arrive, with us fall in love. If world you want to take gifts everything, with the world fall in love. Meanwhile, whom or that love, direct magnetic link on which freely there are vibrations from object or the subject of feelings of heart is established. In the world dense there is nothing, able to become a barrier on a way of this direct magnetic link of feelings of heart, they overcome everything. That is why we call love the winner fiery and due to it we render.
392. Let's consider reading our books from the point of view of thoughts. Reading thoughtful is action spatial because thus the thought arising in consciousness, being made out, goes to space and sates it. Any thought doesn't vanish, but everyone strengthens proceeding and cements spheres around. Time strengthens thought crystallization, creating the center about which accumulation of stratifications of lightful deposits burn. Who can tell that rhythmically and constantly serves as focus of accumulation of mental educations on the highest scale? This process can be strengthened, consciously increasing the periods, devoted to this making. When there is it continuous, Making will be great. Great Making is Arhat’s feature; anything about itself, anything for itself and all for space. The personal donation is replaced with the spatial. Spatial service becomes rhythmic and constant. Operate the idea world, that is thought. But the thought is generated by consciousness, therefore, probably consciously to take part in management of the world, in the direction of world events, directing their current thought. Thoughts human as herd of horses, seek to run up in different directions. But the one to whom the herd is charged, holds them together and conducts where it is necessary. And the thoughts and thoughts spatial, generated by a set of consciousness’s, it is possible to direct to the necessary course, in advance its prepare and choosing the direction. The usual consciousness thinks chaotically, without knowing control. The one who operated itself and over itself approved control, maybe in forces to operate both thought others and the mass of thoughts in space. They can be condensed, they can be rarefied, they can be cleared a ray of light of a gloom and darkness. In a word, thoughts personal and others' can be operated will. If the forces seem insufficient, they can be increased, having united with Hierarchy of the Benefit. Relics of conscious thought aren't present a limit. Thought it is possible to create. It eremites yogis create.
393. (M. A. Y.). And not to condemn the nobility – it is hard and difficult. But it is necessary to know nevertheless because without knowledge of the person Arhat’s step is unattainable. Experience of knowledge of a human nature is bitter, but without it advance is impossible. Learning others, we learn also them. And nosce te ipsum *- a basis of all and a precept for all times. Correctly, seeing shortcomings of others, first of all to look, whether there are no them in themselves. In others easier than all is noticed that in itself yet gets rid. And it is easier than all others are suspected that the suspect would make on their place. In any case that is clearer, through what the person passed it and that experienced. Not judgment and tolerance – too advantages without which justice suffers. The nobility not to condemn and even wanting a message is destiny of those who wants to be with us.
394. (Aug. 18). Here one more day before us. How it we will carry out, day of generations of the reasons, consequences of the bringing? It is possible to tell it: I, in a body living, will die and again I will put on weight another, reaping the fruits of acts of the one who now lives in the body. In a former embodiment there was I in a body the friend, and there was I the father and a beget of that form in which I am at present. If day I spend to understanding of that I form now conditions of future embodiment in a new body, and each movement in the covers is subordinated to this thought to create conditions the best, generating for this purpose the best reasons, whether that day will be spent with great advantage for future new my embodiment on Earth. Late think of the future when the reasons of future consequences are already generated in the past. But day going – mine, belongs to me, and in it I can create so the actions that there were in the accord they with the best aspirations of spirit. Every instant I can create Light or darkness, them clarifying or black out myself and determining by it the future. It isn't necessary special lifting’s not to create darkness, but patrol constant and a memory about the Leader is necessary. As I will spend day going – let everyone will wonder. The thought lit by imagination creates karma. Creativity can go through contrasts of the qualities which are already approved and subject to a transmutation. Who is cold, can become hot, transmutation the phenomena on poles. Transformation goes through related contrasts. Any negative quality of spirit can be transmutation in itself opposite. Only lukewarm, only the one who neither is cold, nor is hot, трансмутировать in itself anything can't do because трансмутировать lukewarm there is nothing. All shortcomings are opportunities for spirit transformation. They are more sharply expressed; it is more than opportunities for their transformation. The robber and the loose woman can be approached and to become changed in Light, but the tepid pettiness of Light won't give. The process of a transmutation going in the area of related contrasts when hatred is replaced with love, and shortcomings advantages, depends on the direction and aspiration of spirit. Directed possibilities of all achievements of to change in Light Carrier are open.
395. (Guru). 395. (Guru). It is necessary to know that the aspiration to a get rid in itself everything which is subject to elimination, will yield the fruit, and especially where the knowledge of an attraction loses the force. Unrealized and unachieved on Earth it is carried out and it will be reached where everything is achievable if power of aspiration endures counteraction of temporary conditions of the dense world. Who decided to struggle with itself(himself) up to the end, that will win is immutable because the spirit is eternal, but temporarily those covers in which counteraction to spirit is generated.
396. (Aug. 20). Let's be filled with belief, we will be filled with hope; we will be filled with expectation. Expectation let will be unexpected, without purpose of terms, impatience and disappointment. Wait unexpectedly, but in a condition of constant readiness. Eternal expectation is Arhat’s feature. But why the eternal? We go to Boundlessness, rising on steps. Reached on one, forces to expect achievements of the step following it, and steps don't have the end. There is no end and to expectation of opportunity by everyone. Certainly, Great Arrival doesn't depend on steps. Certainly, Great Arrival is preceded by expectation, but understanding of the phenomenon of Arrival is connected with a passable step. Both expectation of Arrival and expectation of the phenomenon of a new step of consciousness merge together. The one who doesn't wait for anything, that has the broken-off heart because the future lives in heart and is anticipated by heart. Expectation becomes difficult when the space is strained by vibrations of opposite currents. But also it should be overcome to keep the direction. The problem of the moment is to keep. It is hard. Currents are condensed, and the darkness, but ahead Light is condensed.
397. (Aug. 21). In an astral the medium is allocated consciously, the sorcerer is allocated and the Adherent and the pupil are allocated. After death into a dream plunge all, - but how then with not interruptibility of consciousness of the sorcerer and the Adherent? Life in a body dense doesn't interrupt, despite an everyday dream. Same and after death. The feeling of not interruptibility of consciousness comes after posthumous rest – a dream, with full understanding of the new condition. Only the Adherent and the sorcerer know that they died in a physical body. Condition of all of the others is on consciousness. Ask: and how mortal fight between the Highest and lowest duady? How it can take place in the absence of consciousness? But after all awareness of not interruptibility it of life and understanding itself is the phenomenon of a different order. And on Earth the consciousness of the Adherent and the inhabitant differs with that one can know about the immortality on the basis of experience, and another denies it, - all difference in consciousness. Fight often happens and in a dream in the absence of usual consciousness. Business in this case not in it, and in what aspirations and attractions will appear stronger. Not the consciousness, but attractions to Light or darkness will be decisive. In the afternoon to the person can seem that its some properties are won and get rid, and in a dream the lowest nature can reveal itself contrary to seeming victory. In a condition of a dream of people arrives more truthfully, than in the afternoon, revealing the true essence. But the dream of death is similar, and death – to a dream. Also is able posthumous as well as in a dream, true, but covered and not get rid still the human nature reveals itself. Dream very true condition, as well as death. It seems to the person that he reached any steps of improvement, and in practice there can absolutely be all this other. I don’t speak about hypocrites and hypocrites, those receive the award. It is a question of imagined qualities and imagined achievements which at a posthumous condition, extremely fair, vanish into thin air. Therefore the valid knowledge of is essential it is necessary not to appear with a chipped washing-tub or in an environment of unexpected and unpleasant neighbors, but deserved. Here also the difference between consciousness of the Adherent and the inhabitant affects. One understands the situation and can choose and consciously fight still, of other freedom of choice is deprived and is inevitably attracted in darkness or to Light according to the accumulation brought in the world that. If against people we don't win the accumulation here, we don't win it and there. Here it is conscious, there automatically, as a fair consequence seeded before the reasons. Here sower, there reaper of the crops. Therefore from a harvest and not to leave as the condition of consciousness doesn't allow. Here the condition of consciousness is active, there is passive, just the same, as well as in a dream, only everything is aggravated to a limit, - condition not from pleasant, if crops are bad. The train goes on the same rails, but already without the driver, both not to stop and not to curtail anywhere, all force of steam, in it both automatism and a reflex of a post mortal condition won't be spent yet. It is necessary to get rid of everything here and to fight against everything. With what the person leaves there, with that there and remains and with that stays while power of the desires brought with and aspirations won't sputter out on him, their beget. Habits are good if they attract to Light, for example, a habit to pray or the everyday address to the Highest or Communication. Is very characteristic note that in a dream logical end of day decisions and the thoughts which are really expressing a true condition of day consciousness proceeds? Thus don't mean nor consequences of bad digestion, or thinking splinters, but main current of thoughts. The adherent is an exception of the general rules. It isn't necessary to speak about mediums because are usually deprived of will and are victims of astral currents. Once again persistently I Recommend to pay special attention to a condition of a dream and before withdrawal to it to take the necessary measures for installation of the corresponding condition of consciousness the desirable accord took place. As the last minutes before death have crucial importance for the subsequent condition, also the last minutes before a backfilling in the same way matter. The dream of death is similar.
398. (Guru). Longer line is carried out to the future, in which all. In the past there is nothing because it passed. The present doesn't satisfy. Therefore, the center of gravity can be transferred only to the future and in it to create and create of what are so severely deprived in the present. In it Arhat’s is wisdom.
399. (Aug. 22). I show visibility of the Thin World, visibility, because it on consciousness. Its reality consists that inhabitants of this world live, surrounded with products of the mental creativity and creativity of others to them conformable consciousness’s. Division on layers is very characteristic for these spheres. And each sphere of space consists of particles of a certain density and a mental saturation. And in the upper and lower class creates and moves thought. The immovability and slowness of thought is reflected and in an environment created by it. Poverty of imagination limits opportunity to create. Desires move thought. Aspirations eat desires of various properties – from the highest to the lowest. The creator of the environment sees that created it and those others close and related to it on the aspirations created spirits. The adherent will see both high and low forms of this creativity of various consciousnesses and will see distinction of layers. Usual one incarnation – only that sounds for his consciousness and to what it is attracted on compliance with put by it in itself elements. Release from litter and clarification from accumulation subject and get rid define a magnetic attraction to higher layers. Light and darkness elements which are available in each ordinary person cause a condition of intense fight between attractions up or from top to bottom. That pole of an attraction, which overcame, defines also the sphere of stay of spirit. The purgatory and is called because there dumps from itself spirit unusable rags. Much the unnecessary is brought with himself by the person to the world astral, encumbering it with generations. Leaving a physical body, it is good to leave together with it on Earth all terrestrial. Not from wisdom before at a funeral to the dead put in a grave favorite things and different subjects of use for using by them in that world, burdening these even more consciousness departed and preventing it to come off Earth. In the spirit of in advance it is necessary to be exempted from all terrestrial remnants that nothing to burden spirit. The death from accidents, the death caused without preparation, is bad that the person goes to that world, strong shipped in terrestrial, and it is a lot of efforts and the help it is required to promote its release from evidence dense. Even small acquaintance to the Doctrine is extraordinary necessary and it is useful upon transition to that world because a lot of things help to understand and reject. And as the death of a body isn't passed by anybody, doesn't prevent to think over that expects the person passing to the Thin World.
*400. (M. A. Y.). The lord is a shelter to spirit in all worlds. The lord is the Leader and the direction Pointing. Lord – Light a beacon. Time the accepted direction to the Lord remains to that forever and in all worlds.