Agni Yoga's facets, 1963 (401-580)

401. (Aug. 25). Labor have a service light, but of consciousness of the worker; talking about labor, giving the full voltage of the lamps. Is the work of a fiery, and indeed it is, because if labor becomes an intense fiery nature of man and the luminosity of the organism increases. Each movement, each nerve impulse is fire. When the voltage is rhythmically and surge destructive, light body is strengthened, reaching a level of visibility of thin. Work is inspirational, work light is good. Psychic energy grows at work and stops when work stops. Of course, a lot depends on the State of the spirit. Because we will add: and conscious work. Idlers, idlers, afford wearing are the transgressors of the law of life, for destroying not only your body, depriving it of the fire, but also spread the decay around us, infecting others, unsustainable consciousness. Work is required to fire apparatus could be human in due course. Even without a machine of steel rusts and breaks down. Fruitful work is a joyful and clarified, but ruinous if him black out, if he is sorry if he has done with distaste and reluctance. You can force yourself to make a full and joyful the gloomy work, if you understand its meaning and value, and if it not for myself, not in his own name, but for the common good, for the sake of the people, the people of the country. Therefore, the work must be not only deliberate but purposeful. Work on the internal importance and luminosity if it is created only for the sake of small "I" and its small interests is insignificant. Great people worked in his own name, but people taking the full Cup of the common good. Labor is heading toward the common good of man is always lightful. It can increase their mental energy is unlimited. And know you know such giants – workers of the spirit. Great converters, reformers, leaders, scientists, writers, artists have the inexhaustible supply of energy, born of fire specified constant and inspirational work. Rarely see labor as the drive invisible Agni, invisible, but so obvious in all actions of a true worker. There is no greater happiness than the beloved work, joyful and inspired. Labor-like glow composed best songs and We Raise it as a way of improving the spirit. Work Light-give work-Light bringer indefinitely is multilateral in its diversity. Not apply to work of a cliché, because the value of his tests light. Work is everywhere in this world and in fact; all the gains won goes to the spirit. Someone wants to reach easily – in vain hope. Labor, in rhythm, increases fruitful entered her repeatedly. Destructive work is spasmodic. Work, work, chaotic, messy labor of gusts and sentiment is unproductive and astral accumulation of Agni. When the labor process captures all the consciousness of man, his body, nerves and the brain, then the work is monolithic and rhythm of his hugs the whole psycho-physical apparatus of the worker. Work culture – the most essential task of mankind. You could even say to yours remember: «without effort is going nowhere, "that is, without the awareness of the importance of labor and its fiery essence of the way of the future, and the improvement and growth of the spirit are unthinkable.
402. (M. A. Y.). If only to understand how careful one must accumulate the Agni and how easy it is to lose if it loosen the permanence of watch. There is nothing on Earth is more precious than fire.
403. (Guru). Learn, learn, learn, learn and constantly exercising himself in the achievements of the spirit. Let the whole life and every moment she will be serving light and each achievement – for and in the name of the Lord. And then when going great you can be not ashamed of Border lights his.
404. (Aug. 27). Do not attempt to conclude but verbiage Infinity in words – attempt hopeless, though expanding consciousness. Therefore, the objective is to enrich the consciousness of new thoughts on the universe. The universe is still the same, but the idea of it being expanded. What was once considered outdated, and, remaining unclear, surrenders to the archive? Have to put the old, i.e. constant truth in new forms that match the historical moment. An open-minded consciousness sees part of unified Truth and Teachings in the old and new Lives, reconciling and seeing them each a majestic stairs light, - but what about not containing? Now science has been handed out to give what was unable to give a religion, that is, knowledge of matter and space. Does it matter from where will come the knowledge explicitly. Let everyone who takes the trouble to satiate the leading ideas of the era. One is psychic energy; treasure given to mankind is evolution. Do not tire of harping about it, - a treasure, which could only be understood. It is available to all, but not realized, could, without the use of, and the evil is applied, even unconsciously bring great harm. So, psychic, or fire, energy, Great Agni, first requires awareness and skills through training and experience, use it. How to apply? With small-small! Don't start moving the mountains without training, which requires a century and many lives. School end up in ten years, school of cognition Agni – never, because mastering the Fiery power leads to the power of the spirit, which is the limit of omnipotence, i.e. infinity for this property. Every person against conscious or unconscious to Master Agni stands on agreement. But this step did not end, because there is no end. Think only: there is no end to the fire and power in him. Small-small is granted only to start with, so that everyone can see and make sure both from small beginnings grow lights, and lights – lights and fire community. The fire is moving. Even the atomic bomb is a phenomenon of nature. Now comes the age of fire and evolution requires his consciousness and in nature and in the human being. Even the thought of fire increases its manifestation. When Agni is leaving the useless containers, begins decomposing and consciousness and the physical body. The body can treat mental energy – and the body and mind. Cannot be healed mind, extinguishing the fire. Breathing is the process of merging with TELA's fiery spatial fire. Increasing respiration, increase the flow of Agni. In the event of illness, first of all the medicines, is reinforced by a parcel of psychic energy in the sick place. Drugs then, but also reinforced in his action the Fiery thought or suggestion about their usefulness. Mental energy is charging and is first small, then large; first personal and common good, however, you'd better – on the contrary. But with something and somehow we need to begin, you must have, because time is running out and overseas were already moving up light poles. But without a fire light does not accept.
405. (M. A. Y.). Belief in immutable force desired brings it. Let's call this fiery and unflinching self-confidence. It has elements of faith or faith-knowledge. Faith-knowledge magnetic force so great that attracts the Fiery desired irresistibly. Of course, many people desire and get what you want but are not really what is today going to be forgotten tomorrow or be replaced by new desires. We will vote and approve the desires that never change and not will satiate of the spirit and mind. Accumulate and accumulate a Treasure of Agni is never changing his begets desire that you can adopt at all times of his life on Earth and in the worlds.
406. (Aug. 28). Focusing on the thoughts of the teachings of the unseen, but definitely and gradually releases the mind from the clutter of the past. In summing up the strong base under the entire human Outlook on life, a repetition reinforces the Foundation. That's why have from time-to-time to return to the same regulations as their expanding and deepening. Fire is Foundation of Things. He is everywhere and in everything. When talking about elements and mastering them, it should be borne in mind that occupies the first place among the rest on request of the mastery. The purpose of Agni Yoga is the mastery of the element, the element of fire. Fire everywhere, and especially in all. Not mastered them in yourself, you cannot master and other elements, because the fire of the elements earth, excels the water and air. It was stated already at the stage of mastering the small lights that begins this process. If something fails and the desired results no, Agni here at anything, just a lack of knowledge, impact and that its own Agni is too weak. Have to arm yourself with patience, perseverance and persistence with an unquenchable. Know many examples of fire forces in the human phenomenon. What was once and one person has committed, is committing and another if he can want. All the exploits of the retreat, silence, sacrifice, heroism is fiery and actions are a consequence of the accumulation of Agni. Silence accumulate lights feat. Harness the Astral grows his feat of fiery wings. Deed of Light making fiery body argues. Fire is ubiquitous. Quality everywhere the existing spirit is reached only by fire. The baptism of fire is just one of the steps towards the realization of this great quality. Its steps is variety, – from clairvoyance and division spirit from sensitivity transferring to a full victory over time and space. But let the great will cover small not because small begins mastering. How to approach the great, not after passing through a small? The body gives a person a lot of opportunities to overcome the small fire claims over other elements, all of which are fully represented in the human microcosm. Mastery of the body and rule over them is the way of mastering the Fiery elements within itself. Way is through yourself. Vlasânicy, chains, self-flagellation and all other cruel treatment of the flesh were nothing but clumsy attempts to master the body and to subordinate his will. Yogi does not accept torment. Struggle for mastery of the elements in itself it is a start of the spirit. No need to have removed. Life itself gives ample opportunities to assert power over infirmity of the flesh and spirit, beginning with small; accessible to large mastering .The path is open, and opportunities under the hand.
407. Victory over the disease may be twofold. One is the victory at all driving the illness and recovery. The second is a sense of victory, that the spirit may not be sick of body disease, towering over them, and no matter how infirm spirit in it, it can be very powerful and not won disease. Get sick and be not won infirmity of the flesh-second victory. Not all diseases and not always curable at the present stage. But the victory of the spirit in the first or second form over any disease is achievable.
408. (M. A. Y.). In the small and in the large, in personal and all-planetary scale the human nature phenomenon the essence of. And the betrayal and ingratitude and forgetfulness of goodness made for assistance. Human memory is short, especially the welcome. Gratitude is a rare quality, whatever the scale of the measure. Understand the trend of how vivid expression of the highest and lowest properties in man.
409. (Guru). The spirit does not break anything, unless it has itself lost he. Inflexibility spirit demonstration in all conditions of life will display the fire power in him.
410. (Aug. 29). Control of consciousness requires the approval of only those thoughts and feelings and emotions that are commensurate with the time taken by the aspiration to the light. In his internal world, where the higher self is ruler, he belongs to the highest power over everything that is happening there. Energy upward movement cannot permanently extinguished, double consciousness energies down. This barren and devoid of expediency of the struggle between the pole attraction light and darkness must stop, ending in the complete victory of light. Unwisely, knowing the value of each thought, give rise to thoughts, leading down. The mastery of thought is indecisive and involves the destruction of duality of thinking. Awareness of the importance of neutralizing power of thought gives the spirit of strong and fiery claim a luminiferous thought. A victory is necessary for a future where their generation will be the Threshold, blocking the road, and when the latter have to choose between aspiration toward the light and the offspring of lower self. Control of thought leads mastering it. Power over thought opens the gate.
411. (M. A. Y.). You cannot fly for His fruitful life without destroying the evil half side of thinking. When everyone on the planet was divided by the poles and tends to one or to the other half thinking makes painfully and aimlessly around the Fiery Sword blades stumping the Archangel, who believed the border between light and darkness. Ignoramus cans still think that unrestrained and no tamed thought matter, but who knows what this great disaster which has steadily maintained the spirit to disaster. Disaster, or a drop of spirit, is how many people think about it. Scourge of humanity descended from recklessness might have thought creative good or evil, peace or destruction, light or darkness. Each thought is one of the poles and reinforces that. Servants of the light and darkness are the servants of the light or the darkness of his mind. Subsequent acts of investigation there are only thoughts. The emphasis now is on the thought, because thought is the engine life.
412. (Aug. 30). All the senses the Earth: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, go back to the world of fiery. There is still a sense of the sixth, but about it after. All guides, or body: physical, Astral, mental and fiery – have these feelings. Refined and realize to the extent and in accordance with the substance of the bodies that have the property of infinite feelings of their development and expansion. In total vision, all- luhear, all- sense of smell, all-touch and so on-this is the height to which in some way may they walk in its development along the path of the human spirit to infinity. None of the highest Adepts will argue that he has reached this stage in total vision, or all-luhear, or all-develorment any of these feelings, because the limit does not exist. Residents of the subtle world and see and hear, but not earthly eyes, and no earthly ears. Just see and hear and perceive all other feelings and in a world of fire. Body senses the higher is the heart that can not only see and hear but know directly. This property is called feeling-knowledge hearts set 4. By degree of sophistication all human bodies are developed and their feelings. You could be blind in the world Invisible, depending on the condition and maturity of spirit. The sophistication of the earthly senses sharpens and thin. Musician hears in the World Can more than an ordinary man, and the artist sees more. Visibility, audibility and phenomenon all other senses are by consciousness. Very much depends on the degree of perfection of higher conductors. The man, whose body was not made of fire, in the Fiery world can neither see nor hear. In addition, clarity of feelings depends on clarity of consciousness and lucidity – the clarity of thought. Borders of consciousness are thought. It is wrong to think that in World Aboveground, it is similar terrestrial, consciousness all comers there possess. The degree of consciousness are different, and many are asleep because consciousness depends on the situation at the moment is converted. Adept has attained only a coherent level of consciousness, awake all your senses. The immortality of the spirit of everyone quite yet does not mean conservation consciousness. Though the spirit also not dies, but the consciousness sleeps. How and how long it is depends on the person. General rule no. When trying to describe the essence of a transcendent status must take into account the relativity of this condition and the impossibility to express all the variety mental lives, gone from tight world.
413. (M. A. Y.). Knowing the truth can we bind ourselves to transient conditions of life on Earth? If you have to go back to Earth, say, in a thousand years and, perhaps, to another continent and another nation, it should not obscure the reality of the current hour by Maya? Duty to the family, the birthplace of humanity and should be executed, but in understanding transient dense conditions. Be not of this world is to realize the true meaning and purpose of life and the meaning of a brief stay in the body of the Earth. Participation in the life of the ordinary and the execution of their duties and the work being done with great understanding of debt more than others, but with constant memory that man only traveller on this earth and that it is the path to the stars.
414. (Guru). Reality proximity is approved in the face of apparent Hierarchy of dense and contrary to her how would all the obstacles are being overcome in the spirit world of dense and are by the power of thought. Just wash and borders of a future judgment from surroundings, separating the present moment. In the spirit, and the spirit is all that separates reality from appearances.
415. (Sept. 1). And in fact, why not clear the mind and heart of the rubbish, i.e. from darkness? What prevents the spirit aspires to light? What can I trade the light of Agni? Light and darkness are struggling in the minds of priority. But you can reach that Light always prevailed. When constant monitoring, when the installation is done by light, the darkness is already easier to fight. It should be remembered that this is the future and that if we live now in a world of reasons and those reasons will from darkness, then what will be the investigation of the World Aboveground. Reason, whatever it may be in its composition, truth will result, and now the choice is free to produce reasons for any order. But there is no choice where there is already a State of mind is the result generated by the causality’s that is on the Earth. The situation remains unchanged: the sower here, there, and the reapers reap is what you sow. Knowing the immutability of the law, you can use it as a lever to obtain the desired result, firmly remembering that good begets good and evil – investigation evil. So the service of the light and darkness of the Ministry never remains infertile, that is inconclusive, that is the consequence of not bringing. You can reach such a tension in his obstinate, persistent and steady aspiration to light to each deed, feeling and thoughts were dark so that the magnet man became luminous. This is not an abstraction, because light-aura instantly reacts to the effects of light and dark, the being clarified, or being darkened depending on the entity are lightened in the microcosm of lights. All movements are determined by their consciousness of chiaroscuro, and select items the lightful, in contrast to the darkness, in the will to always human. Why it is lawful to ask: what prevents Light serve reliably when darkness sets in Avitči Ministry? Provides a basic knowledge of consciousness all the human consequences of immutability, all feelings and thoughts, and his choice approved by energies in your own microcosm, is said to have understood the full responsibility for their surroundings. Desire for transformation is based on knowledge of the law, which leads to truth. There is much to do and so much to achieve, if you know what and why, is the foundation of determination. Transmutation of the human essence of the kindred of opposite’s prisoners into a human qualities becomes then Statute all life consciousness.
416. (M. A. Y.). The highest form of service Light has a bearing of light in his aura. Well, when this is understood, but it is not good if this desire come half-heartedness. Merely monolith aspirations is required when the service Light as the basis. From the awareness of this need is born strength of will, transforming the old man in himself. The knowledge of the truth makes man free, giving rise to its will to the Fiery struggle for freedom, i.e. freedom from darkness. The fight was inevitable, because you need to defeat the hordes of hell shall not only ", but first they have to beat themselves. After all the darkness and is conquered all darkness. Victory over darkness in you means to defeat it. And then there is touching darkness will be victorious. And then all the attempts and dark will result in evil-shifts their defeat and failure. Be glad to how much opportunity is given by teacher on a daily basis to assert itself in the world.
417. (Guru). Our proximity can be reinforced and weakened – all depends not on us but on my own. The Bishop said: I am with you always. But not always appreciated His Proximity. On degrees of a fiery of aspiration and openness of heart, - and of Proximity. It is difficult to understand how its merit is approximation and distance – as an error. But State of mind gives rise to both. Take voltage aspirations as a basis for rapprochement with the lead. Open everything, and much was possible now. Special time of special features and difficulties of extraordinary; the main difficulty is to hold the thread connection, because the space is full to the limit currents often opposite nature. You can only be approved by the Hierarchy and the aspiration to it.
418. (Sept. 2). Out of the egg comes out of the cocoon, Chick-butterfly, from seed to sprout. Shell, or shell, is reset. Just resets and the physical body at the time of death, the same at birth of individuality in the triad goes she is from the immortal four, dropping off the shell of the fourth principle and the dregs of the fifth, which become callous peel; this is essentially a cocoon, from which was born the butterfly, - the analogy very demonstrative. Butterfly cannot become one while it is still in the cocoon; foul – Triad, an Acorn, an oak tree, until you reset the form, which should give birth to a new one. Personality is a personality, but not one but a number of them, each of which brings new elements of the experience and knowledge to build the Immortal triad. Personality is the builders of individuality. Individuality is usually expressed in personalities is incomplete. The memory of the past and of all the personalities that epitomized a triad is concentrated in the latter, as all other body, or guides, to time, single embodiment. It should realize firmly. The physical, Astral and mental bodies are created only on one incarnation of the Supreme Triad and drop consistently. The spirit comes through the death of the physical body, Astral and mental. All these are temporary body shell of the spirit. The permanent body of the fire, the media Capital of the triad is the individuality of the person. Consciousness is transferred into it when the body is made of fire. This happens gradually, while individuals are collecting items for her immortality, so you want to decorate the body of fire vehicle of the higher self. This process will be "collecting Treasures in heaven and not in wrappers, destroyed by time, but after that it is picking up and the accumulation of sediments in a fiery Bowl of life. Each one can ask what he collected during the life of the Earth and assembled there. Maybe wasted his and what came. And this happens: going and is wasted Agni. So come to the basis of life is fire. When life departs from shell fire, it becomes peel. When consciousness becomes fiery, it defeats the phenomenon of death. The body die, but the Fiery consciousness continues to live, because it becomes starts. This is achievement of an Arhat.
419. (M. A. Y.). Think about death with joy, as we go into the garden beautiful. When Beauty becomes a target service life, and death, which is not to be crowned Beauty? Of course, elements of beauty are concentrated in the spirit. Earthly all mortally and is subject to breakage. In a dying condition, and its decomposition is no beauty. But the beauty of qualities and savings is not subject to either death spiritual, nor destroyed. Everything from beauty, is immortal and is accompanied by a spirit in the higher realms as his inalienable heritage, collected them in the bowl. This domain is unique, as is the savings of the bowl, and at the same time, spatial, because drew shapes of consonant. Images of beauty are domain space. The aura of the planet is decorated and serves as food for everyone who lives with beauty. Without a regret and even ideas of them dismisses spirit ascending consistently all the covers, without being late on them and itself with them without identifying; in it freedom upon transition from one condition in another. Just an old, disused term and service clothes replaced by new, relevant areas, in which moves the spirit. The new spiritual robes or wrappers, you can advance, garnished their Beauty. The one who builds on the beauty and the beauty of the light is coming and framed glow.
420. (Guru). People usually establish among themselves the relations for term, at the best on one this life. We establish the relations with those who to us judgment, it is termless, that is on all the time which is, on all future, on this life and on all future lives. We throw our anchors far. Short affairs we don't recognize. In it difference of our activity from activity of ordinary people. As also you seek to extend your affairs by carrying out longer line. In it is wisdom of centuries. Then borders of dense restrictions and consciousness of mind will be swept away. Walls of man-made cellars on which people from the truth of spatial life hide are distressed it, approving a small circle of evidence dense. Very much of depends from understanding. The consciousness can be expanded infinitely or to narrow it up to the size of a pin head. The issue of life is resolved by consciousness, because Boundlessness is expressed in it.
421. (Sept. 3). To gain the university diploma, it is necessary to work some years and to learn. How many years or lives it is necessary to work at acquiring the right to an entrance to spheres of spatial Secret. Someone thinks, having read some books, to get the right to an entrance. But that is delusion. While all being, all thoughts, all of the energy, all aspiration and all efforts aren't directed to this purpose, the right to an entrance isn't granted. Everything is available, everything is opened, but on known conditions. The first from them is self-dismissal that is rejection from itself that is a victory over egoism and the personal beginning in itself. Who will want to accept from million people in the annex to life a formula "be rejected from itself"? The formula ancient, but followers isn't and hitherto if to mean not units, but many. The self-rejection formula is rejected, and doors to intimate knowledge are closed, and the space sharp-sightedly keeps the secrets from those who didn't accept this formula of life.
422. (M. A. Y.). Can't to contain consciousness it is more the volume. Therefore care of how to expand it. The thought grows if enough attention and time is paid to it. It is good when questions ripen. On them there will be an answer, it will be timely. The persistence and clearness of a question determine the answer.
423. (Sept. 5). The nature repeats itself both in big, and in small, Manvantara and Pralaya are reflected in a cycle of circles of human embodiments, life and death, day and night, wakefulness and a dream. Therefore day for night is the world of the reasons, and a dream – the world of consequences, and, as well as at the moment of death, the last minutes before a backfilling have special value for the subsequent condition of the person. And all day behavior, thoughts and feelings will be reflected in a condition of a dream, but the last instants decisive. And not that wants to dream wishing, he will see, but that will be reflected in a dream that during the day and before going to bed was the brightest and intense in consciousness, and spheres will be visited by him, conformable to aspiration. Condition of a dream very more sincere as the person in a dream is the true essence. It would seem, the most sublime thoughts were carried by in the afternoon before consciousness, and at night in dreams something is reflected absolutely differently, and the dreams-having at times absolutely unworthy sees himself. It shows that something else not gets rid and nests somewhere in depths and soul back streets. Dream very fair condition, and his impressions are based on the accord law. The dream demands to itself very attentive relation, and desire to order it, and the main thing – aspiration to hold in and a wake condition of impression about stay in World Aboveground. Usually these impressions are very chaotic, and it is difficult to separate phantasmagoria of splinters of thinking from reality of the Thin World, but breaks in this reality nevertheless happen at all, it is necessary to bring these gleams into system only. At a known step the condition of a dream enters the consciousness period, and then life of the person is enriched with contact with the Thin World on condition of this or that degree of consciousness. Further this consciousness, wake consciousness", during a dream can become uninterrupted and very active. The first condition for achievement of this step is a clarification of all being of the person from everything that is subject to the fastest gets rid. Because the crude consciousness can establish connection with the lower class of an astral and carry away on itself decomposition and infection fluids. Danger to crude heart is very great. Therefore it isn't held in remembrance impressions of a dream at ordinary people. Mediums and psychic see and remember more, but we won't envy them because if they are insufficiently pure, the darkness seizes weak-willed and dirty consciousness. From there obsession, this is disaster of mankind. The question of streamlining of dreams and the covers connected with this clarification can devote enough time. On the other hand, it is as well preparation for a post mortal condition because as east wisdom says, "the dream of death is similar".
424. (M. A. Y.). . Yes! Yes! It is necessary to find forces to overcome in itself everything that else Light Lord prevents to enter into full light, - And disturbs very much. On the one hand, desire to move and succeed, with another – cockroaches in the bosom. The love to "the" Hierarchy has to not in words and not in feelings, and in practice to reach such degree of intensity that force it was possible to overcome it in itself the remains not gets rid still, but accumulation subject to an gets rid. Power of aspiration can be measured by this determination to struggle with itself till the end and to win. The love fiery, full devotion won't mark time. It is enough fine words and feelings and thoughts, strong affairs and acts, their approving are necessary. That there are most sublime dreams, affairs and life not supported? Let's severely and impartially reconsider load which we bear with them and we are going to bear on the way to Boundlessness. The most necessary undertakes only, the most necessary because each excess baby burdens. Even the pebble small, in footwear got, stirs ways. Freight delays shoulders. So systematically and systematically, step by step, we will exempt them from everything that it isn't necessary to take with it and that can't be taken as superfluous in a way distant which lies before us on this Earth and outside death.
425. (Sept. 6). A lot of things we Do not finish speaking up to the end. Everything is simpler and closer. And the World Thin not far off and right there, rounds us, taking part in events of life terrestrial. Not all accept but who can and who lives interests of all mankind. Interests of General Welfare open opportunities for service to all planets. If powers of darkness so strong are active in both worlds, really Light can be weaker than them or are more limited in the activity? Association of the worlds won't happen without understanding by the person both. Therefore, an axis round which this opportunity rotates, the human consciousness is. And for this purpose it is necessary that heart was averted from life dead and would like Light and knowledge. People in egoism hen houses choke. Put walls of the restrictions, both have to destroy and liberate hearts. Self-service of happiness don't know it isn't shone in their eyes. Also drink, and in things and money-making try to find meaning of the life and the purpose while to find it is possible only in self-dismissal from itself both from things and in service to General Welfare. But hunger of heart is great. Many already start living heart, putting it in work. Difficult time that, the heart, to see clearly to Light, bears on itself unreasonable loading, - but and it pass, pass everything, - and we worry, and we reach.
426. (M. A. Y.). . In consciousness of the person everything is concluded, Boundlessness. It is necessary to look for only in consciousness because that out of it, without being conscious, can become property of spirit. But the consciousness is limited to the ideas of the world and things. They should be destroyed if they prevent to see more widely the horizons. As a matter of fact, any terrestrial knowledge or terrestrial wisdom is restrictions, and only the Knowledge Space releases. Maya of rising and a sunset can be destroyed only knowledge of spatial reality. Thus, only in expansion of consciousness the solution of a question lies. It is possible to expand only on condition of understanding of that limits. Not to leave for fencing, it without having seen. The plainness that wings of spirit to wave and direct to the unknown is necessary. In courage of aspiration is pledge of achievements. Even the proverb is, that «under the lying stone water not flow", means activity of consciousness in the direction of finding of new opportunities. Desirable consequences won't be while fire of aspiration won't flash in daring heart.
427. (Guru). What is necessary now from you most of all? Light is necessary to the world. The light to the world bearing, you help both to the world and people. Let's not think of that as well as to whom we bear the help, support, but we will shine everywhere and always. It is impossible to force to shine heart others, but the next – is possible. And it is unimportant if someone's hearts weren't lit yet, but it is very important if the was lit. Others can light up from light of the lit-up heart. If all understood this simple truth, life would change. But the majority tries to change others; the heart without having remade that is it without having changed light. From the gone-out heart there is nothing to take and there is nothing at it to learn. It deadens any kind undertaking. It is possible to study only at burning heart. If the device photographing radiations was accepted, it would be possible to determine suitability of his owner for this or that situation by luminosity of heart at steps of a public ladder of life. And a lot of things could be facilitated and unusable to clean from places, not by right them taken. Then construction of the New World would move quicker. The died-away heart disturbs and takes up the road to burning hearts.
428. (M.A. Y.). The love to Hierarchy, ardent, active, self-sacrificing, full of inflexible devotion, is the great transmutating force, regiving birth to the old person in in a being of Light. If the love to Hierarchy it not do, so it is insufficiently strong, so this love at words, but not in affairs. The power of love can be approved only by affairs, and the most the proving affairs are an overcoming in themselves the old person. In the fire of love the shortcomings, weaknesses and imperfections and are burned on this fire rely. For the sake of My it is possible not to make something and not to overcome something, but for the sake of Those Whom really we love, it is possible to make everything. It is so possible to strengthen the feelings and to strengthen them. The love to Hierarchy can grow infinitely. For the sake of it people went on fires and on torments and won itself against everything that prevented them to approve in itself Light.
429. (M. A. Y.). Entering thought into our world and to it adjoining, the spirit builds that sphere of an attraction which will involve it in these layers when the body will be dumped. Truly, the wonderful person erects a dungeon of spirit or the lock to himself, when he on Earth. And thoughts and the aspirations which are so imperceptible in life usual, become forces defining destiny of spirit in Elevated. On Earth the thought can be absolutely free, but the body to pine in the environment caused by a dense karma but where the thought reigns and restrictions of the dense world come to an end, there the rich harvest is brought by each thought directed to Light. The rhythm of aspirations will crystallize her thoughts in steady forms, strengthening magnetic relations between forms of created thoughts and their creator. The spirit future on Earth and in the worlds is under construction thought.
430. (Sept. 9). If after death the consciousness comes back only after end of a condition of "increase", the fight preceding this increase, happens between the lowest and the Highest duada's in a condition of an unconscious. In the person two focuses of an attraction – to Light and darkness work constantly. That prevails one, another. Thoughts light and dirty, as well as feelings are allowed. And passes all the life of people, inclining and gravitating variable that to one, to other pole and having before it always possibility of a free and conscious choice. If this condition remained invariable and after death, of course, the usual consciousness would choose a way to Light and happy stay in World Aboveground, having rejected all dark accumulation. But posthumous condition is very fair. The consciousness goes out, and fight is conducted unconscious, but sharper and even deadly between the opposite energy which has been saved up by spirit during terrestrial life. Two forces become one against another, challenging superiority on possession the center of gravity. The court is made not by consciousness, but automatically, and wins against that pole which forces are prevailing in this duel. And the want of the person to go up or down at this moment can't even come to light as fight happens between crystallized deposits of the highest and lowest fires in due time generated by the same will, but at present not able not display itself is conscious in view of the fact that the consciousness is absent. Something similar happens sometimes and in a dream when the free will is as though paralyzed and the person is compelled to endure what he doesn't want. At this fight duads the formula "that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected and in the Sky", that is after release from a body works. Everything rises from an interior to the statement for the right to further existence that there collected, – both good and bad, and wins against what energy prevail over opposite of. Certainly, than energy spiritual is immeasurably stronger material, and even the sparkle of Light disseminates darkness, and the belief about mustard grain in the force works wonders. But it has to be nevertheless because without it is almost impossible to pull out spirit from tenacious embraces of the lowest energy. The attraction of the lower class if are touched is awful. On Earth of the drunkard and gamblers often struggle with themselves not to give in to temptation, and the habitual attraction of impulses of darkness, but this fight conscious try to win. If at this moment to deprive of it conscious will, falling becomes inevitable, and the choice, a free choice won't be. Here so unconscious, automatically wins the person either the lowest or the Highest дуада force saved up by them each of them energy for all life on Earth in this last embodiment. Scales of justice work smoothly: that seeded, you will reap. It is possible to imagine, what huge value has the phenomenon of uninterrupted consciousness when he will free can choose and solve the way in Elevated for the dead, as Adherents of the right way, on the one hand, and conscious attendants of darkness, her hierarches – with another do.
431. (M. A. Y.). At Archat at usual allocation of an astral body and at the phenomenon of death of a difference in a condition of consciousness isn't present any. It also oversteps the limits during lifetime of death consciously. The difference at ordinary people also is that the consciousness goes out for known time and never doesn't waken any more within consciousness terrestrial, but as though changes, being applied to conditions of the Thin World. Conditions of the consciousness awakened there the accord law operates. The elements which have been saved up in the microcosm, созвучит the person with related to it spheres of the Elevated World and the energy is combined with them in association. There is no general rule because spirits are various on the accumulation, but the law one: the similar lasts to similar and unites with the similar. Attraction is on compliance or the accord. Conditions of the one incarnation are so various and difficult that it is impossible to describe them and in hundred volumes. It is possible to hint only at Basic Laws and to point to space division on layers, or the spheres corresponding to heterogeneity of mental activity and life of people. Who to what or to whom aspires, that from subjects or darkness and will arrive. Stay – on aspiration. In darkness staying on Earth in darkness of the Elevated World will arrive; staying on Earth in Light will be in Light and there. Immortality of spirit by no means yet doesn't mean immortality, or not interruptibility, consciousness. It is a lot of Secrets in Space. They can be learned by unrestrained and ardent aspiration to their studying.
432. (Guru). The aspiration creates a miracle. Aspiration it is possible to solve all problems. Aspiration combined with Hierarchy, fruitful extraordinary. But the knowledge comes at the right time. Not to all it is let know Secrets of the God's Kingdom, but that who is able to want, it is able to be knocked, is able to look for and is able to aspire and demand that belongs to it by the right of its primogeniture, and to the one who will win against itself(himself).
433. (Sept. 10). The consciousness shared in, can't concentrate on perception completely. It is necessary to understand nevertheless that counteracts in itself full-return unification with that, Who Conducts. If all actions, feelings and thoughts are directed on Service, the accord becomes easily achievable. For this purpose each action is devoted to the Teacher of Light. But after all during the day it is necessary to make many actions which don't have any relation to the Teacher. Yes, it so but when the ship goes towards the aim, everything that is made on it, moves in the same direction. As precisely in one direction all microcosm of the person is adjusted also. This direction is movement to the Lord which tendency embraces itself all consciousness and all conductors of spirit. And then, whatever became and whatever it was spoken and whatever it was thought and felt, the keynote will paint all events outside and inside. Everything will be comprehended by aspiration to the Lord, and everything will be created in the atmosphere of the aura which has been adjusted on a wave, conformable main thought. The concept of a way very much promotes removal of consciousness from usual and habitual conditions. Habitual inertness should overcome so much in itself and to make mobility the code of day that only completeness of return of all the being on Service to Light it is possible to reach the desirable.
434. (M. A. Y.). When the most sublime and fine thoughts and feelings aren't accompanied by the same actions, pernicious incompleteness and division of consciousness turns out. The internal being of the person is as though torn apart on part, and reaction of such condition affects decomposed beget. It is possible to avoid this division only at continuous and severe control over each movement happening in consciousness. After all covers seek to work as were accustomed once and if these lessons were not at height, whether that recurrence of can be surprised that with a growth of consciousness would shouldn't repeat more. The astral demands restraints, and thought – mastering by it. And only control over itself can help.
435. (Guru). Any action, being mentally rejected on the future screen, reveals the valid value or uselessness. The sense of each action can be revealed this way. Not bringing is especially deprived of any sense of action short, consequences. If to make actions only such, all circle of human life will pass small radius, without leaving it anything for life outside this circle. So there lives the majority. And when time of final calculations comes, it appears that there is nothing to take with itself in a way further. These are the people who robbed and have concluded all the actions in an orbit of one only to life or even of its short piece. Carrying out longer line we remove the actions out of limits of life terrestrial and we destroy restrictions of the dense world. Long affairs and the long actions stretched from life in life in the far future, – a basis of our activity.

436. (Sept. 11). The same persistence and rhythm are necessary at self-treatment, how many it was required to time for it. Result can't but be. Duration of an indisposition demands also longer self-treatment. Mental energy is panacea from all diseases. All these efforts to seize until then not operated conditions of an organism develop and strengthen fires. Fires grow in their application in practice. In all cases of life, at all actions in this or that form, the same mental energy that is great Agni is applied.
437. (M. A. Y.). Pleasure not is about terrestrial, but about Elevated. Only this way the pleasure terrestrial will come also, - twilight in the world. Fires of pleasure disseminate a gloom. If doesn't please the present, in thoughts of the future pleasure we will find because the future is lit up by pleasure of spirit. In the future all: in the meeting future, in the future implementation of the most impudent aspirations, in the future completeness of merge to consciousness of the one Who Conducts. But the future is approved present. The projection of the future is created by thoughts of the present. The thought creates the future. Only to think that thought it is possible to create everything, on what the imagination is capable, and there is nothing that could limit from the outside force and scope of creative imagination. If the thought conducts the person on Earth and in the Worlds if in Elevated everything moves thought, what its force when mastering by this basis took place? !
438. Consider that each thought of Me is an order to Light. The beauty is approved in everything: in thoughts, feelings, actions. Consider: each attempt to Me strengthens relations.
439. (M. A. Y.). It is impossible to push away anybody. Everyone should give on consciousness. Why to do enemies? But how be with those demanding super legal? And they should give too, but it is no more than deserved. The measure will be specified by heart. If in the beginning not at once, after some experience the prevention of heart doesn't slow down. It is natural to give desire moreover, than follows, but consequences of such donation are very bitter. It is best of all to answer questions which show a consciousness ceiling if these questions aren't superficial and aren't casual, and took shape in the course of spirit growth. But how to be with what are far and alien on aura? And here it is necessary to show tolerance, containment and understanding and to find at least small, able to unite. But our purpose is embraced the whole world and all mankind. The teacher to precept is wise. Only with dark and offspring’s them we won't look for the accord. The shave is through the heart.
440. (Sept. 14). Devotion is quality the main. Many, concerned Doctrines, try to bypass it, as if the symphony of qualities can be created without it. But even the symphony musical can't be executed if to throw out at least one note from seven main. The aspiration without devotion won't lead the purpose. The tranquility without devotion won't approach to the Teacher. Not approach even love, if not in it devotion. Devotion as though cements all qualities of spirit and gives them commitment. Devoted it is possible to tell: if that I didn't reach, you will reach and if you don't know that, you will know and if didn't reach yet, you will reach.
441. Whether there can be loneliness, when in heart the Teacher? Whether it is possible to consider it left to the mercy of fate when the space is opened and threads of Light connect consciousness with close spirits to which it is directed? May you consider yourself lonely when it Told: I with you always? Distance – brain illusion. The spirit lives out of distances. The body is put into limits of dense conditions, but the spirit isn't concluded. The spirit is free. Freedom of spirit is limited to only its aspirations, and aspirations – thought, and thought – anything. The worlds of spirit aren't subordinated to evidence of a flesh. When illusions are destroyed time and space illusions are destroyed, the spirit unites the Invisible and visible worlds in the consciousness, and then far becomes close and hidden – visible, and Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of – reality of mental life.
442. (Sept. 16). My friend, whether it is possible to avoid inevitable and whether it is possible to go against it is defined by Lords of the Karma? Certainly, it is impossible. But to meet quietly a wave of the counter phenomena and it is possible and has to. It isn't this wave, and in meeting it is worthy. And then it will pass by, without having done any harm, but having strengthened even more spirit and abilities to meet its waves. It is impossible to go against the Karma, but to change it is possible polarization of own consciousness and ardent desire advantage to learn and a lesson from karmic blows – engines. And Looking inside let still Looks, knowing that the movie by rushing days and nights – only Maya of terrestrial dreams.
443. (Guru). It is necessary to begin with small things and small overcoming. Feat heroic, all forces having collected, it is much easier to make, than in an everyday dense to sustain an impact of the ordinary and not to allow fires of spirit to go out. The heroism requires one short mighty effort, but for heroic fight for a spirit primogeniture among vain life terrestrial constant long efforts, both continuous fight, and constant tension of strength of mind that in the spirit of not to die and not go out heart are necessary. Only it isn't necessary to think that this fight and this effort are made personally for itself: not for itself, but for the world, for people, for the surrounding this process is necessary. Because if on Earth these the clarified will disappear how it will resist? Not to city the stand, if no be in it at least one righteous person. Not to keep balance and on Earth if this imperceptible in life usual, but seen to us the clarified don't continue the modest and dedicated work for world rescue. So let also consider that bring the gift, feasible and light, and to people, and Us, them on a feat Called. Therefore in making we won't overtire, because we go there where the Lord Called.
444. (Saint. 18). Yes! All this so, but Bases, and whatever occurred around and whatever captured consciousness at present and whatever distracted from the basis are invariable, – the cycle of life and here and in Elevated should be passed up to the end, and again to return to Earth, and again to clothe a matter of a dense body, both again and again to start repeating everything at first. And it is good if the circle of new life goes on a new spiral, at level higher, than previous. The reflection about it is good because moderates a pressure of vanity and rage of the by the current phenomena. Too they strong capture consciousness and prevent it to come off life usual. The statement of Bases helps a separation. The separation is inevitable and necessary, but thus and Earth it is impossible to leave. Combination of this couple of contrasts demands the special approach and the special balance. Keys from the decision are in it, in balance. At the approved balance of the phenomenon pass by, without affecting consciousness moreover, than it is necessary to make use of the experience given by life, without breaking sides of its crystal. The mirror reflects subjects, without changing smoothness of the surface. And the consciousness if balance is approved, perceives the phenomena flowing by, without breaking the integrity and tranquility. It also will be mastering by quality of balance.
445. (M. A. Y.). Any spiritual donation is accompanied to some extent by treasury devastation if there is no it under severe control and on condition of constant restraint. Open a dam, and water will flow away. But the miller opens in process of need and no more, than it is necessary. I suffered also excessive return and usually then got sick. Wants to give as much as possible, and it is quite clear, because a donation in the heart nature. But while demands also care and discretion. If to give not on to the desire, and on consciousness receiving, the over expenditure of energy be not should. Vampire we don't allow in any form. But known degree of restraint and control are necessary at any donation. This control is difficult to that energy flows away sometimes unconsciously if fiery levels of the giving and receiving are too various. Only reaction of heart will show, there was an over expenditure over a measure.
446. (M. A. Y.). When you one, protection are stronger and more habitual. When with you relatives, it is necessary to assume their protection which is aggravated with their vulnerability attracting on strengthened attention of the dark. Any strengthening of a circle for them is a knife sharp. Therefore at meetings dark attempts amplify. It is very important to remember it always to aggravate recognition of each attempt and its source. The blindness does the person defenseless. Here the malicious clouding creeps, and should know, from where all this delusion going from the dark. Vigilance let won't abandon friends for a minute. Dark it is constant on the guard to harm. On the guard you be always, that opposite against darkness with open eyes. Then they will be not helped by any backs because your light will reveal them and will scorch their fire of your thought.
447. (M. A. Y.). Let's think what to bring to us that that we love. On degree of a gift we distinguish proximity of the brought. The gift means the statement of the right. Every day it is possible to think that I will bring today to the Lord. Each victory over, each overcoming in itself is a gift to us. Fires of aspirations and stays is too gifts. We can devote all life and the Lord and all life to bear everyday fruits of the achievements. But opportunity is allowed to make every day something for Light to strengthen it and in itself, and around, and in others. It also will be Light gift that is service to Light. Gift your everyday will be accepted by us and the Lord. And our pleasure will be mutual. And gift we will return to the decupled. A particle we won't hold to them. Not to us, but gift, to us brought that your spirit could grow quickly in these fires, in these gifts is necessary to you.
448. (Guru). Yes! Yes! How many opportunities during the day use each free instant with advantage and fruitful. If hurts that, it is necessary to concentrate on sick body to send to it a charge of fiery force. If desirable degree of clearness of thought or the Image isn't reached – it is necessary to practice in it. If friends far, to them to send thoughts to cheerfulness, firmness and a spirit prosperity. If around not is it bad– shine with Light. If elements in excitement – to make attempt to subdue them. If somewhere misfortune it happened – by thought to help. If somewhere and something not so, spirit and in the spirit of to send the help Agni's strength and energy of creative imagination. It is so much imperfection around and so much business. Thought creating it is possible to impregnate consciousnesses of sets and thought to create. 449. (Saint. 21). Value of terms is underestimated. And meanwhile they dictate the decisions to the people. Solutions of terms are immutable. You are witnesses of how suddenly something changed and peaceful resolution between the people of problems suddenly became possible. As will simply come, both all the rest and changes should be accepted as something self-evident, but immutable. Terms psychological consciousness’s of sets. Inevitability of changes all-planetary not in will of people. They spatial and therefore are inevitable. The mighty force of space spontaneous events is shown by earthquakes and world cataclysms. The same mighty, invincible force moves also mankind evolution. And when there come deadlines, anything can't stop them anymore. The knowledge of it gives quiet confidence that the inevitable will be made. Inevitable is the world on Earth, cooperation of all and in everything, awakening of women and mastering by mental energy. The closest gifts of evolution to people are that. Their time came, but it is necessary to take them.
450. (M. A. Y.). . It is a lot of secrets in Arhat’s lives and Envoys of Light. Secret the world keeps. Rules the General are for all, and for us – an exception. It is impossible usual to apply measures to us and on them to judge conditions of our stay in World Aboveground. In consciousness we full and clear because with the Lord the consciousness is necessary for work. Also we see Earth and that on it occurs. It too is necessary not for us and not for personal reasons, but for the purpose of General Welfare. In the field of our sight those who take care for General Welfare get also. In a body we or out of – no value any more has because the same work for the benefit of people proceeds on all plans. In a dream immerse only for restoration of forces which are so necessary for this work. For the sake of it refuse Devachan, bringing this victim for the sake of people. The lord Told: I Is with you in all days, till the end of time. It is possible to combine the statement it with stay in Devachan, a place of the most intense personal illusions, though a high order. Don't know rest Great Spirits. And we avoid it as far as it is possible because rest nevertheless is necessary from time to time for restoration of forces.
451. (M. A.Y.). Any effort on the direction to Light doesn't go to waste, but will give deposits in the general tank of all former before efforts and serves as the hidden, invisible force moving spirit is farther, up on a life ladder; any effort doesn't disappear, but proceeds in the future. And if now still it isn't enough force that something to approve, will be enough when time will come to it. Therefore all our councils and the instructions applied at least once in the future if now aren't applied yet and aren't approved, will repeat, and forces will be to continue that was begun earlier. The separation from all terrestrial before everyday withdrawal to a dream can't be carried out at will. Time that awareness of the importance of this exercise became rather strong is necessary. And then the separation becomes the won achievement. And at the moment of death transition will be very easy and simple. The separation from the terrestrial is difficult to that, coming off, it is impossible to leave Earth. It is one of the couples of ant provisions most difficult for neutralization. We live in peace dualities and while they aren't counterbalanced in consciousness, Arhat’s step is unattainable.
452. (Guru). If whirlwinds terrestrial can't blow into a spirit flame, is a victory of spirit over a flesh. It is very important to reach this victory on Earth. Earth and terrestrial are that Wednesday where the spirit makes out the achievements and defines the way in Elevated. Value of terrestrial embodiments is of a bike. Life in a body, taken in it is senseless. But, as a hearth for spirit, – it gains the deepest value. Comprehend terrestrial existence – the most essential problem of mankind. It’s all troubles from not consciousness of the appointment. Senseless accommodation in a body generates all madness’s occurring on Earth. But who to people to the world will incur Announce Doctrine Agni Yoga? Time came to that. Who collected Knowledge that it was possible to distribute? Where Knowledge carriers? Who worked at that to save up it? Where they knowing?
453. (Guru). Usually to Hierarchy direct to take. But the consciousness high aspires to that also Hierarchies to give the strength. It not prides and not self-conceit. This is deep understanding of the law of cooperation and interchange of energy. The employees the Lord, but not taking only wants you to see. In it is secret prosperity. Easily we and it is joyful with those who seek to bring the forces on Service to Business of the Lord, but it is burdensome and gloomy with those who wants to take and, besides, as much as possible. Joint work with us assumes joint expenditure of energy for the work devoted to the Lord. At that receiving follows automatically, as logical inevitability of the correct approach and understanding of cooperation.
454. (Sept. 25). My son, the personality it is given to the person for performance of a certain task. This task consists in collecting a material necessary for conscious detection of his Immortal Identity on all plans of life on Earth. The personality leads the most intense life on the plan terrestrial. On the one hand, it is a consequence of all last persons, like a beads strung on a core of spirit, with another – it the collector of experience for the personality future. Its main property is temporariness. It exists, as that, in space only certain interval of time. The personality isn't an ultimate goal of the Nature, but only a form which, like any other form of life, is only temporary expression of the eternal principle of life. Life is eternal, forms of its expression temporarily. Devachan and Avitchi represent spheres of ardent expression of the strongest and active aspirations of the personality, fruits and which consequences it logically finishes in World Invisible again to return to Earth, but already in the personality new. This new personality, being a fruit and generation old, it is put in such conditions to pay old debts and at the same time in new conditions to study new and to develop new properties and abilities. Therefore and embodiments on the features one from another differ comprehensively to develop and accumulate all qualities of Identity for probably its full expression. When life of the personality consciously submits to this task, she receives new sense and value. It bears then in herself an Assignment which the doer is the next personality. The personality is only the Identity tool, existing for absolutely definite purpose. All those purposes which are put before himself by the ordinary person, aren't true at all because are not the purpose in itself, but only means to achievement of the purpose real. If everything to what the person directs is comprehended by knowledge of the Assignment, life gets aspect of Space understanding of appointment. If isn't present, the person vegetates on Earth, as the blind man. And no conditions will be able to replace to it not understood meaning of the life of his personality; at least it got the whole world and carried out this embodiment in all glory terrestrial. In it difference blind from the able to see. Great Spirits consciously live in the Immortal Identity, in a body They physical or in other covers, and the personality for Them – both the posthumous tool and the performer of requirements the highest "I" – Identity. The doctrine of Life leads to understanding of the appointment on Earth and to a separation from the personality, and to understanding of sense of terrestrial existence of the person.
455. (M. A. Y.). A food usual is necessary for body life, a food spiritual or a food fiery is necessary for spirit life. Without food usual the body dies, without food fiery – the spirit grows stiff. All covers need a food of that matter of which they consist. The food terrestrial is chosen to himself by the person at will; he in the same way can choose and for other covers. We eat to live. Food – means, but don't aim. A food of all covers not the purpose, but means for their growth and development that everyone could execute the appointment. All covers temporarily, except for a fiery body. But it at the majority isn't issued. And the purpose of all covers is to collect those elements on which it can feed that is which go on construction and registration of a fiery body. The food happens different, happens harmful and poisonous. There are the ingredients, able to inflict defeat over a fiery body, and there are the elements promoting its growth and registration. Treachery, blasphemy, suicide are actions of self-defeat of a body fiery. All conductors, or bodies, need a food, and it is possible to think of with what the person feeds all of them and everyone. They are formed from this, than them feed, serving as fine or unusable covers of spirit. Than them it is fed, in that and we live.
456. (Guru). Service to Beauty and art is a food of the covers by Light. Even herbs reach for Light, especially – spirit. Value of art as spirit food – is huge. Art in life human can take away a taking priority place, through it – Light. It is possible to call art, in its highest understanding, new religion of mankind. The beauty is a dome of the Great Temple of Life. The beauty is synthetic because can embrace itself all. It is possible to imagine as the Beauty issued all bodies of the person and as it enters into all his affairs, thoughts and feelings. The beauty is Light, this total absence of darkness. The beauty is life. The World New will be under construction Beauty and is based on Beauty. But the Beauty will be included into life through art. Therefore purpose of art is great and is high. Those who consciously serve art are attendants of Light.
457. (Sept. 26). The future – a magnet, and is good when it is Light magnet. Magnets are put in the future, as the phenomenon conducting and directing. At a bookmark it is possible to pass it all intermediate stages conducting to it, and to take only final achievement or an ideal of to what the spirit directs. In the course of a conscious transmutation of essence of the person the mortgaging of far magnets of the future has very great value. In the present, we will put, there are no forces more enough to approve due degree of desirable quality of spirit, but in the future it is achievable. When the desirable form of this quality crystallizes will in imagination to degree of accurate visibility when quality becomes already integral property of the person, then this form as though plunges into storage of the future and begins the existence there, invisibly, but constantly influencing and influencing the creator and directing his actions. Actually this magnet of the future, being approved, already I passed from the future to a past and is force, directing the energy on manifestations of desirable quality in life and in character of the person. Such leading magnets it is possible to create much and each of them will create the person in the direction put in it. Even seeds of karma are no other than the phenomena similar to such magnet, attracting to beget conformable circumstances. But with the Karma it is more difficult while the magnets of the future approving these or those qualities of spirit, it is easier to create and easier to be them conducted. Time during the day always will be to devote some minutes to a lying of a magnet. Each free minute can be used fruitful, putting steps of future achievements.
458. (M. A. Y.). The karma and free will don't allow closer influences. Therefore our instructions are given in such form not to suppress will. And always the freedom of choice is thus provided. Clockwork little men aren't necessary for Fiery Yoga. The hero at the crossroads always has choice of ways and knowledge of a consequence of everyone. All our instructions conduct steadily to Light. Even the small part executed, will give a plentiful harvest. Constancy of aspiration and contact validates approach. Fire burns. Extinct and rotten have no contact. The feeling of our Proximity occurs thanks to interchange of energy! Thoughts grow, and with them and qualities of spirit. And if all not gets rid isn't got rid at once, after all and for this purpose too time is necessary. The aspiration in the future too accurately and brightly created ideal which has been poured out in a crystallized form, will help on a way of achievements to worthy expression of before the phenomenon of Hidden Presence much.
459. (Sept. 27). We join in dreams what in reality we won't be able to touch, from here special value of dreams. Dreams won't come to system if consciously not to order them. How to order a dream? Bring of thoughts in an order before withdrawal to the dream. Often thoughts don't allow fall asleep. What thoughts? Certainly, terrestrial is about the terrestrial. Here them also it is necessary to be able to stop, extinguish, and stop their activity. Thought thin is other order. Reduction to silence of a swarm of terrestrial thoughts is necessary for a consciousness separation from Earth and the order to spheres Elevated. Different spheres in Elevated, and contact with them is come into according to the accord with thoughts and the aspirations established by the time of and at the time of a back-filling. The harp of spirit is adjusted on a desirable harmony. At persistence and constancy dreams gradually will start coming to system, and the chaos of impressions of a various order will be replaced with the finished and more or less full perceptions. It is difficult to regulate dreams, but nevertheless known extent of streamlining can be reached. Arhat can spend the periods of a dream of a dense body in a conscious and awake condition in a body astral, mental and fiery. And then the dream, in the general understanding of this word, already isn't present. Then it will be possible to call a dream stay in dense conditions because, the Wednesday, it as it is strange, more transient, despite its external stability is more dense rather.
460. (Sept. 28). There is in the person nothing approved strongly and steadily, except grain of spirit round which the covers corresponding to accumulation of spirit are formed. All the rest, except grain, is in process of continuous modification. The Buddha Told: The person is a process. But this process can be conscious and unconscious, – to go under the influence of his will or to go spontaneously, to be purposeful or automatically reflex. The person or takes evolution of the microcosm in own hand, or submits to a stream of external influences. What conducts the person at strong-willed aspiration? Thought! What? Cast in an accurate form of crystallized fire. The form, the stronger it influence brighter, steadier and is more certain. Everyone if starts thinking persistently can create such form, persistently and constantly, and the main thing – rhythmic about what he wants to see itself(himself) in the future and what wants to become. This ideal that is expressed in the form of idea, or thought, the image of will be a leading star of the directed spirit. Seldom who thinks of creation of such leading magnet. The majority blindly go it isn't known where and in what. The rhythm of consolidation of approved thought can devote enough time. The transmutation of the old person in itself demands many forces and can't quickly be made. But the millennia of stratification of crystallized deposits melt. But a leading magnet, being created, will conduct already itself, imperceptibly, but truly and constantly influence the creator. The person creates thought, putting in it will, and the thought then works, works independently, without demanding new expenses of strong-willed efforts. The reason is generated by will, the consequence follows automatically. Everyone knows how many efforts are necessary to be exempted from unsuccessfully generated thoughts. But it isn't necessary any efforts for thoughts successful, thoughts of Light because think Light– friends of the person. Both his friends and partners in life are created by it his will. Having created a prototype of the expression, it is possible to strengthen everyday it, sating all with new and new qualities of the spirit corresponding to the next step of ascension. In silence, silence this making of transformation of the old person in itself also is secretly created. Let's call this making Great because it is created not for itself, but for people and for the world, and not for today or tomorrow, but on all the time which is, for the future, for Boundlessness because fruits of achievements of spirit remain with it forever.
461. (M. A. Y.). The person can become that whom he wants to be, and there is nothing in the world that could prevent spirit to reach the ideal. But this process happens in the person. It is spiritual process. There can be it in any living conditions and is independently perfect from them. It as though approves a superiority of spirit over a matter. Everyone can begin this process of transformation of the essence that highest image of the best aspirations which is conformable to consciousness. Only to think – opportunities are given everything, everything, everything, it is necessary to remember only that, the person won't change yet and won't want all the heart of this transformation, the New World won't come. The shabby consciousness wrapped back and being in the power of remnants of the old world will be a barrier. The New World requires new consciousness.
462. (Guru). Wine new doesn’t pour in in bellows old, - so ancient Evangelical formula remains live and effective, and until now. The world needs updating of consciousness and its release from all dark stratifications of the past. And the world should be helped. How? Thought! The spatial thinking, free from the personal beginning, will serve saturation of spheres by thoughts of an evolutionary order. And as the consciousness, is more right sub consciousness human, constantly, it isn't known for itself, adjoins to the tank of spatial thought, and fertilization of sets by ideas of the evolutionary direction becomes a real factor of life. So invisible will enter into the sphere visible, and fires of spatial thought will light consciousness of masses. So display there will be a cooperation of the best consciousness’s with the Great Plan of Lords.
463. I told: I will put you on a fork of ways. I will put mute and silent, but strong sounding, to a bell it is similar, fiery vibrations of spirit. To whom I Will charge fiery work of cementation of space? To whom I Will entrust it? Who realizes all importance of created making when the general thought so grows scanty? Where they, transmutations of a planetary gloom? Who will come them rescue alone them among hundred millions living? Where they will derive strength and who will support them a minute of great need? But, Day breakers, I Is with you. Behind you I Stand not drowsy. And My board over you, and with you Beams, and a victory for us! I warrant!
464. (Sept. 29). It is comparable two people: the one who knows – with that who lives evidence. Externally – are as though identical, but what difference in an inner world and thoughts. And when will die also external doesn't become, this distinction strong display itself in their further destiny. One, at the best, will surround itself with ghosts of terrestrial remnants, in them rolling; another will limit itself to limits of the thinking. And if it concerned Boundlessness, the horizon of its world in which it will begin to live will be wide. On thoughts is and the existence. Therefore we Insist on consciousness expansion. It is wrong to think that scarcity of external conditions can affect process of expansion of consciousness. The thought after all doesn't know limits, and though it is possible easily and to direct freely for visibility limits. The most simple and available way of expansion of consciousness is to be together with Me, to be constant, always, holding in the third eye the Face. The constant contact of Light causes the inspiration which is at first a little noticeable, but then obvious and steady. It is a lot of attempts and many efforts should be made before the Face will be approved. But it is necessary to repeat them until the desirable won't be reached. The old person will counteract strong inside to it as to him, shabby, it is necessary to leave. Without fight won't leave. Will find thousands occasions and the reasons that to replace with itself the new newcomer, and the set of occasions will bring that to occupy thoughts with anything, but only not to the most necessary. But often be no gloomy thoughts, both concern, and feeling of burden of dim existence of people around. At these moments especially strongly and especially persistently it is necessary to introduce the Face in consciousness and heart and to replace twilight with Light. When it is heavy, when it is intolerable, think of the Lord! But shabby forces to think absolutely of other, about temporary, about passing, that sounds the ordinary and vanity that, despite the seeming importance, will be forgotten soon as all was forgotten that as strong filled consciousness month, year or ten back. But already we know than and how to replace a vanity celebration. Vanity is replaced with Light.
465. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to ask to itself more often a question why in constancy, brightness and vivacities of the Image didn't succeed. Whether not therefore, what small "I" put on the first place? Who takes priority in consciousness that defines his life? Of life of consciousness think a little. And after all its vitality eats and sated with Light. Communication gives Light charge, but it is necessary to hold on all cycle of day and night. It is possible only at constancy of the Face in the third eye. Otherwise resistance of environment will disseminate the received treasure. Few treasure it is necessary to take, hold it. And it is much more difficult. Care it is applicable how to hold. The rhythm helps Communication, and the love and ardent aspiration to an uninterrupted memory will complete the rest. After all it is necessary to break not only the environment resistance, but also the old person. The decision was correct: when overcame inutile thoughts, – they should be driven away clever making. Those who repeated words one thousand times were right also. And then Light won against twilight of fussiness and persistence of the old person. A lot of inflexible persistence it is necessary to show that to win a victory over itself, full and final.
466. (Guru). To whom the Messenger was knocked, are marked out by Light, and already in their will to solve: whether to follow It or to continue former usual existence? To be called – doesn't mean yet to go and reach. Messengers are different steps, but the contact of everyone notes the most considerable moment in human life. Messengers of Hierarchy concern many, but only the few reply. And long then look with melancholy in the face passing if rejected. Waiting, – so we call what heart trembles waiting. Ways and ways of the Contact of Hierarchy are various. But the sensitive heart ready to Light, won't miss hardly audible Call. The Beams directed from the Tower in search of those who can reply tremble on a planet face. It isn't enough to start and answer Call, it is necessary also to hold a hidden Contact. Anybody who is ready to perception of Light isn't left. It is easier to accept and feel, than to hold the received.
467. (Guru). Appreciation we appreciate highly: appreciation, recognition that is reality acceptance in consciousness. After all it is spoken about appreciation in relation to Hierarchy and the Teacher. Appreciation an impulse allows to move further. Appreciation lights fires in heart. Appreciation approaches Us and as the guarantee serves new receipts and new victories. Appreciation from here – magnetic: she obliges also us to act in the accord with her and to reply suitably.
468. (M. A. Y.). Each new step demands the new tension of forces, bigger, than on the previous. It and is clear as the fiery of spirit increases in process of lifting. With each step up it is necessary to leave something below, in those layers which possess the left. Regrets about loss because nothing belongs to us aren't necessary. Free from any load we go back to the Lord.
469. (Oct. 4). Dark attempts to break balance any way won't stop. It is best of all to be it is necessary ready to any surprises of this sort to meet them, without losing tranquility, - precisely, in the calmness of spirit to meet all phenomena of life usual, strengthening to each attempt the Proximity.
470. (Guru). Let the spirit never be given. Doesn't recede and doesn't incline before anything. Not to be inclined in the spirit of and will be an exit from all provisions. The body submits to some extent to conditions external and to people in the limits allowed by karma. But the spirit is free to make always a choice marking a victory or defeat. The valid victory or defeat is in the spirit of.
471. (M. A.Y.). Native mine, in heart and thoughts I with you both now, and earlier. Anything didn't change, except visibility external. With Me everyday contact is important that will bring to Me and in Elevated, - together now, together and there. As the guarantee this daily memory of future meeting serves. And even not memory it, and live communication in the spirit of. On physical wires communication is impossible, but heart gives wires – real, but hidden to an eye. I feel each vibration of thoughts, to me directed, and I reply on them in process of opportunities. Not always you perceive everything sent to you because dense conditions disturb, but nevertheless a lot of things reach. Not so much in thoughts clarity, how many in feelings of heart. The feeling of heart is stronger. After all of it too almost think, but deprived images, is truer than forms. The pleasure is shapeless; the thought-forms are already secondary educations. You watch feelings of heart during contact – they straighter and is the most true. Catch thoughts much more difficultly, but heart – the fastest the broad. Know heart all that is with great difficulty realized by means of thought through brain functions. The thought catches heart, but thought fiery. The highest type of thought is without a form. They are perceived by heart. To lead heart life, psych life of all heart – means to lead life of Fiery Yoga and to join Fire World.
472. (Guru). In day of memory of Mother Agni Yogi it is possible to think of what contribution brought It in a treasury of human thought. The phenomenon, greatness of the phenomenon is learned only on consequences. Consequences are approved only in time. It is possible to think of that transformation of the world which will happen through the Doctrine of Live Ethics accepted by mankind as a whole. And it will come true. And to time remains not so already much. The new Era of Fire transforms already Earth and changes its face. New interferes imperiously in planet life, despite all counteraction of darkness. As it is immutable and powerfully the Doctrine of Live Ethics, and then works of Mother Agni Yogi will enter also will be recognized as mankind and estimated in all their cosmos-spatial scope. Everything is good in its season, and time of each thing under the sun. Judgment be, - so Told itself the Lord!
473. (Oct. 6). The bee collects from flowers sweet juice, and the person experience – from the covers, that is through them. They have no other sense and appointment. Best of all this process happens when the will undividedly dominates over all. The will can be light and dark depending on the direction. Life loves strong because weakness of will to Show on a spirit pettiness, carrying it in the category of the lukewarm. It is possible to express will, giving itself daily tasks. Main thing is to subordinate covers and to force them to serve spirit. The will is the fire of spirit caused to life and applied in operation.
474. (M. A. Y.). At systematic efforts to approve the thought direction before withdrawal to a dream dreams will start gaining stability, duration and completeness and will be easier remembered. The consciousness will learn to allocate phantasmagoria of splinters of day thinking from impressions of the Thin World later to start working in it consciously. A lot of things depend on training. It isn't necessary to force only natural process of conscious activity of a thin body.
475. (Oct. 7). All worlds are perceived by the person on consciousness, since dense, but the world is higher, the consciousness is more subjective and the more it sets the seal to the surrounding. Here, facing a tree, each person: both the drunkard, and the gambler, both the poet, and the philosopher – perceives him as a tree. But in World Mental the thought and its form which, say, the artist will have accurate and finished, at the ordinary person of more indistinct, at not able to think brain slime will be a subject of understanding. As also understanding of the phenomena being out of the person in the Thin World depends on ability to see, from former accumulation. Than the world is higher, especially its understanding depends on this accumulation. However, and the world dense too is perceived on consciousness though this distinction not so sharply is evident. On a frost it is cold both to the philosopher and the savage, only their relation to this phenomenon a miscellaneous, as well as in all other. Plasticity of the Hidden World and dependence of sight on thought does the person blind if he denies life there, that is the thought of the statement or denial becomes for it reality. Even here it is very difficult to distinguish evidence from reality, for example, looking at the coming sun or observing movement of stars, in the same place it is even more difficult because forms of the Thin World are other than ours, and experience and knowledge is required. Studying of the phenomena of the Thin World and its laws will be very useful for entering it. The aspiration to knowledge precedes understanding, and understanding – to mastering.
476. (Oct. 8). Physical, astral and mental bodies are mortal. The personality is concentrated in them. Service to, the personality is service to that is passing and is mortal. Renunciation of, of the personality is the statement of the Immortal Identity and achievement of a step of life super personal. The personality is only the tool, the tool, the servant of the Identity which service consists in collecting for it, for the lord, the necessary experience terrestrial and knowledge. It is the only purpose and sense of existence of the personality. Life for itself, for interests of the personality as that, it is senseless and ridiculous because everything connected with the personality, dies, and from it remains only that spiritual material which Identity can attach to the imperishable accumulation. Each act, feeling and thought can be distinguished, estimated and analyzed on these signs, that is on, whether there are they to a treasury of Identity or are subject to decomposition, destruction and death together with physical, astral and mental the corpses, left each time in a turn of a cycle of each incarnation. On Earth all three covers are connected together and bound among themselves in the manifestations. Physical, or terrestrial, the consciousness uses all three covers or equally at once, or with some prevalence from them. In an attack of mad rage the astral dominates, - at decision of a mathematical task – mental. At saturation of an empty stomach is a dense body. But, of course, to each of these phenomena vibrations of other conductors are added also. After death, on the plan astral, the consciousness concentrates in an astral body and on the astral plan and works there together with menthol, but already without a physical body. After death of an astral body life concentrates in mental and exists for the person, and only that world in which he lives at present is real. Life in all worlds – on consciousness, and all of them serve as fields of collecting elements of immortality for growth and Identity development. But the pupil, besides everything, studies that still during lifetime of terrestrial to seize all three conductors for conscious, separate and independent manifestation of the consciousness in each of them on plans astral and mental as it is free and simple as his consciousness on the plan terrestrial is shown.
477. (M. A. Y.). Helping Lords to bear the Burden of this World, Light in them we multiply and we come nearer to Them.
478. (Guru). Truly, it is possible to reach that step when all thought are given to the Teacher, and for personal "I" am not left already anything. However, and it demands care and attention. But we care of others, of relatives, about far, of the charged business, of the benefit of remote people and so on. And so from small "I" we also have to show this step of a separate in cares of it. As if we care not of themselves, and of the person foreign to us. It is possible even to think that is cold not to me, but it, a body; that I am afflicted not, but my small "I", my astral cover; that mind, my mind, it, but not I is burdened; and "I", without identifying itself with all experiences small "I", I stand apart, both I observe, and "I" care of it, this small, as of the person charged to me by destiny. So in all ways and measures we will seek to separate in them mortal from enduring and personal from the highest "I"; to separate – means to be released, be released – means to provide free thought and free from the power of the identity of feeling to the Teacher.
479. (M. A. Y.). Let's be glad that are noted dark, – means, and light grows in us. Influences strong that also distance and separate friends. All weak, jumping aside, fluctuating and unstable will be the purpose of dark impacts on all your friends to isolate you absolutely. It is necessary to fight both for them, and for it, them protecting.
480. (Guru). It is possible to pass thought on lives of Spirits High and to mark out that, through what to them was necessary to make the way forward. Were burdened by people and circumstances unreasonably, but force of opposition looked for from Communication with Hierarchy. Were to oppress mercilessly, but didn't recede back on a step. Preservation of balance is already deduction of positions. Against balance nobody is strong, - them, balance, also stood.
481. (Oct. 10). The thin body has a form and has a matter of which it consists. This form is close to physical, the same hands, feet, a trunk, the head and all bodies. This body own and dispose as well as on Earth – that is movements. It is possible to raise a hand and a foot, to turn the head and so on. Body it is shone with various tones, - the closer to Earth, the more terrestrial. As well as on Earth, it clothes the owner in habitual clothes. Ordinary people in a thin body behave usually, as well as in a body terrestrial. Everything depends on a step of clarity of consciousness and recognition of opportunities of thin existence. It is very difficult to adapt to features quickly existence. It is necessary to know something, and that was denied and didn't admit on Earth. Ignorance and denial reap the fruits ignorance’s and lack of that was denied because the thought is decisive factor the Thin World. The imperfect perception of a terrestrial environment puts the same print and on thin perceptions and thin sense organs: sense of smell, touch, hearing and so on. On Earth people see one only subject surfaces, and only in the long term. There see through and the law of prospect changes. The thought, approaches and deletes subjects more precisely, looking and beheld unite thought. Filling by excludes possibility of supervision not the, that is surrounding. The unite perceptions with conformable to the internal contents spheres. Visual and audibility is on abilities. The artist will see, and the musician will hear many times more, than not artist and not musician. Collecting of impressions goes on lines once the approved aspirations, desires, desires and passions. That restrained will during lifetime, will restrain and there, to what it was indulged, there will repeat. Exit – in the decision on Earth to approve or reject a habitual number of aspirations and desires, having left that from Light, and having rejected that from darkness. The decision should be made now, on Earth, for the present in a body. There to decide already late because the decision which has taken roots on Earth will direct and to conduct there as steadily and in the direction accepted earlier as the car which has received a push from the engine that is until inertia of the energy which has set it in motion will be settled slides on rails. Force of the reason is connected with consequence force. Beget of the reasons in the world terrestrial is a drain of their consequences in Elevated.
482. (M. A.Y.). The rhythm will give rise to an inflexible and inalterability of consequences. The rhythm of the phenomena of a spiritual order gives consequences of special stability and duration. Rhythm of an everyday prayer is fruitful. Communication rhythm is too. The rhythm of aspirations to high spheres will bear the fruit. Let's be glad stability and rhythm inflexible, if the is approved. As on wings, it will incur spirit to judgment spheres. The rhythm of morning and evening is valid the double. Only the rhythm will help the directed spirit to escape from a circle of hopelessness sad and to rise over it.
483. (Guru). I know, all will change in your environment and becomes other. You can't but reap neither from devotion, nor from constancy, neither from fidelity, nor from your tendency. We watch sharp-sightedly you and us see: the consciousness extends and grows. The loneliness inures to advantage and gives what in noise and turmoil of the big city can't be received. One is replaced with another, terrestrial – hidden, spiritual, thereby, so necessary, that it is possible to take with itself in a way distant.
484. (Oct. 11). I approve you in your best aspirations to win against myself. Let's remember, whether everything opportunities were strained, whether there was an aspiration and desire all-consuming? Whether became between an astral? Whether distracted consciousness and its forces on foreign, external, temporary and passing? Whether stirred desires of other order? Everything we will remember that raised a barrier between desire of spirit and desires of covers. While all desires and covers, and spirit won't concentrate on one mighty, invincible, all-conquering desire to see Me, not to break a matter barrier. The desire of spirit is fire directed. At coordination of all conductors it overcomes everything because then the aspiration monolith is shown, a unicorn of aspiration as all force of a ram, – in focus, on an edge. It is possible to point aspiration and to collect in focus its all force of fire love. Its all-conquering force is great. We Win love and to it we Reach. Formula it is necessary to accept – "to want – means to have", to accept in the annex to life. We Can Explain and Specify, but have to take, we cannot for you if even Wanted. And besides forbids the law. But, having enclosed in aspiration all desire of heart and spirit, it is possible to reach. I Told, so I Speak at the step beginning.
485. (M. A. Y.). . Yesterday day was the memorable Guru. Days memorable we will always remember, those celebrating because fiery currents amplify in such days and the next connection with those to whom day is devoted is established. So thin enters into dense conditions, sating them with the vibrations. Association of the worlds will be included into life is immutable, but it is necessary to notice occurrence signs. Connection of the worlds is a gift of evolution to future race. It now it is necessary to catch sharp-sightedly signs, but time will come, and imperiously and victoriously the World Thin will enter into the world dense, and there are two together – Hidden and Visible, the world that and this world. So, already many signs are given. Only don't want to see them because eyes and ears are closed. But we won't be confused ignorance denying because our way is a way of cognition undoubted that is reality of all worlds. There is a reality of the dense world, there is a reality of the astral world, and there is a reality of the Highest Worlds. Arhat lives in peace reality, in the world really real, in the World of Fiery reality. Being reflected from personal, destroys illusions of the personal world, and personal it is replaced with reality of life super personal. Technically it means mastering by all conductors of the personal beginning in which the terrestrial identity of the person which shadow is rejected far to spheres of the Elevated World is concentrated. But illusions of private life live and in Kama-Loka above and even in Devachan though these illusions are sharply excellent in various spheres. Not to learn life eternal if to lead life personal and personality to take the terrestrial for the "I", for the true Identity. Arhat finished the personal. The personality for it is an only obedient tool it’s the highest "I". The obedient car in hands of the skilled operator performs the work, obeying movements of his hand. And the identity of the Adherent serves it for a life performance of the mission. Everyone has it, at all without being Arhat. It should be known and it is necessary to master and carry out not belittling.
486. (Oct. 12). Each pupil has the Teacher. Iron laws of the occult phenomena demand that bifurcation of conscious communication and those perceptions wasn't allowed and parcels went on one line of Hierarchy. The appeal to the Great Spirits standing on the Ladder of Light is allowed, but these addresses don't break every day and habitual vibrations of the Silver Thread. Each Lord has pupils, and any Lord doesn't interfere with the Guide of another. It occurs because the Management is established on a Beam, the peculiar Lord and chosen as it in this case according to the nature of the pupil and on nature of communication with it, old when the Beam awakened essence it to consciousness. I speak about Space communication, about the Space Father – the Lord. Gurus and Mater for those who recognized them, stand on the same line, because the Lord, Mater and the Guru – links of the same chain. Someone aspires sometimes, without knowing the Law, it is thoughtless to change Teachers, but such moth doesn't know, how many centuries were required to spirit on establishing connection with the Hierarchy. I speak about conscious communication. Moths are not our pupils, - it only the going. Any fluctuations after the Lord and the Guru is elected are inadmissible.
487. (M. A. Y.). In what is real happiness available on Earth? In the phenomenon of a constant, strong, sure victory over and in the course of successful and continuous overcoming of! If the small and firm victory over gives already pleasure that gives a number of victories never-ending. After all everyone is a gift and the Lord, and us, and everyone pleases. Both your pleasure and our pleasure about you merge together and you strengthen doubly. Each correct action too brings pleasure. If all actions are correct, the way of happiness is open.
488. (Guru). Yes! It's so. Among unreality dense the reality of the Hidden World is established by thought. Unreality of the dense world will end for terrestrial consciousness with death of a body, but the reality Hidden remains with spirit and will accompany it further. So on Earth by the thought we approve the way in Elevated. Each thought serves as a carpet on which the foot in the incorporeal future will step. As persistently and strong it is necessary to observe the thought that everyone served Light and opposed to darkness. The highest form of service – thought.
489. (M. A. Y.). How to approach even closer? Only the path cleansing the essence off anyone the litter! Discipline of acts, discipline of feelings and discipline of thoughts – here methods of the next approach to a direct link of Hierarchy. The discipline of spirit will be a silver bridle of overcoming. When it will enough be approved, the pleasure of association and proximity will be then full-string. So the way of approach lies through itself. When all covers will vibrate light of pure fires, division and office any won't be. The contact moments will become frequent, and the perception becomes fuller and bright. Proximity of communication by heart we don't put barriers.
490. (Guru). The unrestrained fire of spirit burning in heart of the devoted pupil, – the certificate serves steady movement up. How many was called, how many responded and as a little continuing a way. Very much the convincing terrestrial logic, saying that time Called left a field of their sight, so the end I call, both to promises, and the future. Everything becomes covered with gray ashes of the ordinary, and in the future a gate is closed. So thinks of not ready consciousness. When were near, it started and lit up, and once you left, went out. Called many, but we appreciate going forward all the way, on them we build calculations of future constructions and plans and meetings new. Joyfully to us see the hardness and an inflexible of your step. Going hello!
491. (M. A. Y.). . To seize the covers is means to seize three worlds: terrestrial, astral and mental. It means to become the lord of three. Three beams correspond to this mastering. Whether it is possible to put to this great problem of all desire, all aspiration and all will? Coherence of all covers, all in them the movements, all thoughts and feelings and acts is required full and harmonious and besides at complete equilibrium that difficult and difficult extraordinary. But the Lord conducts, and it is possible to trust in the Leading Hand. All microcosms are adjusted on the necessary wave that no dissonance in one of covers intruded in the general mood. As well communication with Hierarchy amplifies consciously because one not to pass. The new step is marked by new opportunities. Them we won't miss weakness, connivance or not understanding. Given the chance won't repeat. The step, passed again, is many times more difficultly. Strength of mind we will collect in aspiration to unification in the spirit of with the Leader.
492. (Guru). When the pupil is directed and fires of his spirit flare, there is an association of his consciousness to the Beam of Hierarchy of Light. And then it is joyful to us because there is a lot of a gloom around and each go out of self-proceeding Light especially valuably. Certainly, matter borders, first of all, collapse in consciousness and then already in the appendix in practice. Fiery work of spirit is fascinating extraordinary, but it is necessary to leave much, interfering on a way of victories and overcoming. The one who will find forces to leave everything that isn't necessary will be successful and triumphant in all that concerns spirit area.
493. Disturbing time is, elements storm. Powers of chaos break obstacle dams, in which easing people are guilty. It is impossible to imagine chaos of the dismissed thinking, rage and misanthropy revelry. There was no time of more chaotic. Earth and Elements react to influence of millions consciousness’s. We constrain madness as far as possible. But the return blow is inevitable. We shatter its force and that dying the concentrated impact of the chaos threatening with world accident. It already would burst of energy ours weakened the tension. Oun theis guard we Cost a planet.
494. (Oct. 23). Commensurability in everything means full compliance of all actions of the person on all plans with a goal of service to Light. Each deviation from it will be the discrepancy distancing from achievement of a task set for consciousness. It is easy to understand it, but to apply in life difficultly extraordinary because too there is a lot of all both inside and outside that strong prevents to approve this compliance. As itself life consists from this that interferes with commensurability. Devotees of the past knew this counteraction of surrounding living conditions usual and therefore were removed in the woods and privacy. At contact with people influence of auras and the magnetic communication arising at any contact, work though invisibly, but is strong, breaking a rhythm of own fluctuations of aura and bringing a dissonance. Now spatial conditions especially became complicated as the thought doesn't remain about the person as earlier, and directs far from him. Therefore influences of spatial thoughts are very strong, and it is almost impossible to be protected from them because it isn't known, from where, when and as they arrive. However, such thoughts under the accord law get into consciousness, and anything shouldn't concern the consciousness cleared of litter, apparently. But at any purity of consciousness it is impossible to avoid sounding of a spatial note of melancholy, burden or pleasure. And it is good when it is pleasure. And if the melancholy, or burden of this world, from acceptance of the Bowl anywhere not to leave, and to drain poison terrestrial at a known step is inevitable. It is necessary to remember only that the Bowl of poison is enjoyed for the world, and burden terrestrial – destiny lit up. Can't but feel distinguished heart world pains. It is a payment for achievement of the aggravated sounding of a harp of spirit. Waves of poison terrestrial should be met fearlessly and unshakably, remembering thus that the burden of the Lord is shared and assisted It and all Hierarchy of Light. Service to Light is especially necessary when the darkness comes and fires of weak and fluctuating spirits go out. And then the help inextinguishable darkness of heart is especially necessary and especially effective. When it is very dark, we will think of spatial Service to Light. Really, it will be Great, because only to spirit irrevocably approved in the light of Hierarchy in power it.
495. (Guru). Certainly, and we are involved in an orbit of special tension and feasibly we help Holders of Light. When the same help with the forces and understanding is rendered consciously also by you, it indicates a high step of achievements. Weak spirits in that case is entirely absorbed by own experiences and feelings, forgetting that in a storm all hands by the ship have to help the captain. Otherwise as the ship preserve against rage of the raged elements. Let's remember that a minute of need and the Helmsman needs the help of all crew. Those who are in the Castle of the Lord, have to remember, properly behave during a storm and hurricanes. And ahead still there are a lot of them.
496. (Oct. 24). My son that was once seeded in consciousness has to yield the fruit. And when these fruits will ripen, well together with bad, bad it will be possible to withdraw. From time to time from memory will once come up the experienced thoughts and desires to receive on itself the printing of the statement or denial. And process of a get rid of last undesirable accumulation will consist in that to reject them for discrepancy with the reached step. That won't be rejected, remains in consciousness to live and grow; that will be rejected as superfluous, will gradually die for the lack of a food. Images of the past eat thought and this food live. It isn't enough one desire to be exempted from them, because they very much contagious also are hardy. Except desire, patrol and control over thinking are necessary. To be exempted from stratifications of last inadmissible thoughts hardly and difficultly. They choose the weakness and instability moments and weakening of control to show the account on the right of existence in consciousness, - but the one who created thought and allowed it in consciousness, her that founder and mister. However, not to avoid consequences of the generation, but also these consequences in the form of thoughts coming back by times can be accepted or rejected. If the consciousness accepts them, they know their poor quality, so yet get rid and have over consciousness the power given by it by beget. Let's not be confused anything that comes up from the past. Everything is subject to clarification and streamlining. And it is good when they arise in consciousness that there it was easier than them to reject, having set to them the seal of a final decision of spirit.
497. (M. A. Y.). Thoughts of the unfitness are sent by darkness. After all to them all the same, as though and than kindly heart fires. That is why the example of the robber and the loose woman that knew also is given and remembered that won't reject anybody. Coming to It the Lord, and furthermore won't drive away those who aspires long ago. It is a lot of self-glorifying and a lot of seduced, but not these people and not together with Him went the Lord. Let's separate thrown dark think from the thoughts. With us the Lord, and understanding of unification we will disseminate darkness and a fog sent by it.
498. (Guru). It is possible to reach only awareness of need. There is no other Way, as soon as the Way to Light. That is ways - that is and are conducted by them in a chasm. And it is possible to move only forward and only up. Thresholds will be much and big and small, and at everyone guards. And guards of Thresholds should be passed. Otherwise how then pass the last Threshold and guards of the last? Let anything and nobody will stop the aspiring. All these guards – own generations in the past. Guards of Thresholds, I am not afraid of you, – tells myself the spirit directed to the Lord, and goes further, without fluctuating and without being late before them.
499. (Oct. 24). The transmutation of undesirable qualities of spirit on lines of the direction of related contrasts is possible only when force of these negative qualities is declared with a sufficient force. Force remains force and as that allows possibility of a transmutation. On this basis and a formula that the one who neither is cold, nor is hot but only warmly, jumps out of God's lips, that is of the Evolution stream behind unfitness to it, that is for a pettiness of the identifications. But hatred can be transmutation in love, as well as all other negative qualities – in the contrast. Therefore it isn't necessary to be confused existence of unnecessary properties, knowing that their transmutation is achievable. It is easy to present an opposite pole of gets rid property in the imagination in all its power and beauty. And if the form it is ideal, is ready and recorded in consciousness strongly, and process, it is possible to tell that began. In the thoughts and imagination it is possible to draw it possessing this desirable quality and claiming it in operation. In thoughts actions human and if these thoughts are rather strong and constant, and actions, conformable to them are formed, won't slow down. Base acts are caused by low thoughts, dirty – dirty and light – light. The smithy of energy of actions is generated by thought. So, the transmutation of actions is created by thought and by thought is finished. It is possible to reconsider the thoughts not corresponding to the approved ideal in archives of accumulation, and, having reconsidered, to replace them with pictures of opposite character, having created that row or a chain of the reasons which will cause demonstration on an opposite pole of manifestation. Would be beginning from what. Pettiness of subjects and powerlessly as to begin to it there are nothing. But the robber creeping on a lap of one hundred versts that on a vow visit holy sites and to expiate it the crimes, – an example rather convincing. Spirit fire will be the trans mutating force. Only the direction of mental energy does from dark Agni light, generating fire of eated and fire creating. The same energy raises a hand of the murderer and a hand rescuing. Use of fiery force if mastering by it took place, in this or that direction will already depend only on Agni's character. Brothers of the left way too own fires, but these are black fires of attendants of darkness. Attendants of Light own light Agni. Its character and properties depends on the direction of mental energy. We will be saved from a go out of dark fires.
500. (M. A. Y.). The attitude towards women is possible трансмутировать from inadmissible and dirty in such when at spirit wings grow and it rises to tops of creative power. The woman then becomes inspire of the best undertakings of spirit and conducting it to such achievements, which without it are impossible. It is usually accepted to think that the woman gives life to the child. But it is lost sight thus that the creative strength of the woman far, far steps through these borders and extends on all spheres of creative activity of the person. An inspirer of spirit on all the highest, on feats, on aspiration to beauty, on commission of affairs unusual. How many they, the women who have remained unknown, inspired artists, poets, thinkers and all other creators in all areas of life on the best that they gave to mankind. Both only rough and low attitude towards the woman pushed the person in darkness and deprived of it flights of creative thought. Yesterday were surprised that the hopeless and impracticable love of the composer forced it to create and to create the best works. But if force it left and spent itself for satisfaction and usual manifestations, power of creativity would be dissolved irrevocably in commonness.
501. (Guru). On the plan physical the creator is the man. On the plan mental the creator is the woman. On the plan the highest not the man, but the woman mentally impregnates the man, being the active beginning. This relationship of opposite sexes is very characteristic for creativity process. The positive and negative Beginning, active and passive is necessary for any creativity. The high concept of the Beginnings finds the reflection in life. The phenomenon of the Beginnings finishes a ladder of life and gives the reflection down, on steps up to the end. Creation of the World and also essence of any action and any creativity is based on greatness of Two Beginnings. Appointment of the woman is very highly. Only extreme ignorance allocates for it functions of the maternity car or is even worse – object of satisfaction of sensual requirements. While the high understanding of appointment of the woman will be not included into consciousness of the person, the Era of Mother of the World on a planet won't be approved.
502. (Oct. 25). The strong aspiration causes ardent counteraction from the old accumulation as though rising in defense of the old person inside. Once you extinguish aspiration, and counteraction immediately will weaken. Guards of Thresholds sharp-sightedly watch that going on the way I didn't pass by them, without having overcome their force growing the. Guards of Thresholds are generations of elements, images and the forms of a spontaneous matter created by thoughts and desires of the past, which level the consciousness already, outgrew and which became therefore the detaining beginning. Force of their bike as are created by power of imagination of their beget, but understanding of growing fires and need to win against these shades of the past by all means power to spirit gives victories to achieve; our way triumphant, because together we go. Dark evil-make seeks to strengthen in all ways an allure and magnetism of last generations, condensing them with new elements and trying to kindle imagination. It is possible to answer each such attempt with the aspiration decupled to Me and consolidation of communication with Me. And then each attempt of darkness will turn into a push to Light and each evil-shift – into an approach step to Me. So dark it is possible to force serve Hierarchy. Leave only when will be convinced that serve as tools to us and reach results, opposite subjects which wanted to achieve. Fight against darkness demands a wide experience and skill. Inexperienced travelers often get to them cunning set a trap. The darkness is great, follow Me.
503. (M. A. Y.). Often wonders going, from where there are so much burdening’s and for what, whether it is impossible though a little to facilitate. It is impossible because the way in a dense body is short. From it is necessary to take everything that it can give for elevated stay. But even oil from seeds is squeezed out under a press that is under pressure. Oil for the spirit lamp only under a press turns out. And when it is received completely from this that gave life on Earth, garbage goes to processing in nature laboratories, and the oil necessary for a food of spirit, it carries away with itself (himself). The more oils, the life in Elevated is fuller. It is good when it is pure, without the impurity giving a deposit and soot.
504. (Oct. 28). Think to succeed concentration (meditation) and exercises to succeed. But it is possible to succeed only heart. Then exercises are good. Let's put when heart works and works full-strings, exercises aren't necessary. Heart works with fires. The most powerful flame is a love flame. By order of it doesn't come. The wonderful fiery flower grows. He demands care, leaving and constant attention if grew.
505. (Guru). There are periods in human life when the Karma puts it in especially close framework. And then it is necessary to reconcile because the Karma can't be broken. Finally it will appear that it was the best solution of destiny to protect the chosen direction. Losing in one, we win in other and we succeed. The teacher knows better what exactly is most necessary at present.
506. (Guru). Realization in consciousness of sent thoughts happens at completeness of aspiration. It can't but be, if aspiration full-strings. The thought and feeling, it sating can give completeness of aspiration only. It is necessary to leave any uncertainty when we deal with power of thin energy. The reality of an invisible is stronger and brighter than reality of the dense world because with a body doesn't die, but proceeds in the future which entirely belongs to the person trusting in it. The future is reality of the Elevated World. Living lives reality real which is future.
507. (Nov. 2). Test is an ascension step. While the person continues to go, until then accompany his tests. Each new step inevitably involves tests. Also holds the person below not something external, but heavy particles of not gets rid feelings, thoughts and experiences. They cling to his consciousness, fill it and as if the hands pulling back, don't allow rising further if in the spirit of it wasn't exempted from them. Here I decided directed to take one more step of approach to the Lord, light-and truly I solved. And in full accordance with the made decision and its force the images of last fulfillments which are detaining him at former, valid level of consciousness and not letting it start appearing and bulking up is farther. Try thus and dark, inflating fires of feelings, appear, the already gets rid. These are guards of the step, not allowing rising by it if it isn't overcome their magnetic, involving in itself, like a funnel, force. Not overcome now, won't be overcome and in Elevated. And it is good when the past shows the force that could see going danger and degree of the enemy. They again will recede there, from where came, and again energy can collect for advance, but already knowing the enemy guarding on lifting and ready to become again a barrier if it wasn't now won. Everything concentrates in the field of thought, and test of thoughts goes, and has to know clearly going that represents itself essence of the generated elements, followed a barrier its ways to Light.
508. (Nov. 3). At honesty of introspection it is possible to see the shortcomings that at a new wave of lifting more successfully to fight against them. Lifting’s and recessions of consciousness are inevitable. It is all about that at recession not to generate the new karmic consequences which are contrary to the reached step. Easy lose achievements after many years of persistent efforts, but difficultly to restore extremely.
509. (Nov. 4). Everything indicates reality of mental educations and if the thought is so strong in the world terrestrial, what its force in Elevated. Really, it becomes reality for consciousness and replaces with itself the lost world of a rough matter, entering the person into the reality world. Besides, if here, on Earth, the aspiration to Light is replaced with creation of mental forms of other order, employees to satisfaction of egoism, and in Elevated where the thought gets still big force, instead of aspirations to the Lord of thought will charm aspirations of egoism and personal desires of terrestrial character. So a set roll there in a fog of a personal mirage, transferring to the Thin World all force of unsatisfied desires on Earth. All this is connected with the identity of the last embodiment. And as she actually died, instead of fine reality of the Elevated World the creative imagination of the spirit released from a body creates the world of mental heaps consisting of splinters and remnants of terrestrial existence, creating to the person the illusive world of mental educations in which he and lives. Conclusion from this entire one: bikes power of thought creating both reality real and Maya ghosts terrestrial and elevated.
510. (Guru). At first to realize that itself – the lord of own thoughts, the founder and a beget all of them, and then to apply this knowledge on creation of the thoughts conducting to the Lord.
511. (Nov. 7). During Pralaya of consciousness it is necessary to remember that the pulsation it concerns covers in which there is a movement while the highest "I" remain not affected process. When I Say that communication with Me goes over covers, I Mean conditions of independence of this communication from temporary and passing conditions of the lowest conductors. In them there can be thanks to a rhythm a recession and lifting, at alternation of waves, but the highest "I", being the carrier of Light and connected with Me the Beam, over passing changes, continuously and inevitably going in all covers, – is invariable.
512. (M. A. Y.). Even much they reached spirits are compelled every day, persistently and strong to approve itself in Light because the darkness is great and the purpose has their Light to muffle. It can't be forgotten. It is natural and normal at the existing provision of a planet; the lamp has to burn constantly, to a beacon of light is similar in darkness.
513. (Guru). If for an ascension to Focus of Uniform Light any conditions are laid down, and the ascension becomes conditional and an apprenticeship too. Movement to Light has to be, as well as an apprenticeship, unconditional, that is to be made under any conditions. Conditional ascension, as well as a conditional apprenticeship, specifies that the spirit is yet ready.
514. (Nov. 8). How to approve Light, when in consciousness of the majority of people darkness? Whether there will be this light darkness? How to approve the future if the consciousness doesn't permit? Whether it is possible to give achievements of the future in hands of savages? Even atomic energy turn on destruction, how with opening by even more considerable? Delay not in Us! Measure of the achievable is in consciousness. We support all, who for the World New. The transition period is heavy.
515. (M. A. Y.) Forces aren't present? Let's give. The darkness surrounded? Let's dispel. The belief weakened? It we will strengthen. If we don't support the few, remained true to us to whom we will help? We are necessary to you, but also and you are necessary to us. As well relatives you’re, remained true to you are necessary to you. That from what of them enough. Fidelity is measured not by quantity, but quality. Passersby let by pass. Them for relatives we won't take. And it is good when the dust is eliminated. Life is test. Ahead Light!
516. (Guru). When it is very dark, we will become closer to Tom Who Called. The closer, the lighter! And, having become, we will already not move away. The further we depart, the more darkly around. Focus shines with merge of consciousnesses. Separately – death.
517. (Nov. 9). Hundred years ago the rhythm of life was absolutely another. All maintain not. That, on what was required ten years earlier, for two, three years now are made. The movie of life it is passed through consciousness many times quicker. Changes happened earlier, but more slowly. Acceleration amplifies. Changes in all areas of life quickly follow one another. If the consciousness doesn't keep up, it remains in the ranks of supporters of the old world, becoming the consciousness which is lagging behind rate of evolution. Lagging is behind many. Lagging behind ranks of opponents of evolution and conscious attendants of the evil are joined. Property of fiery consciousness, to possession with which the mankind steadily moves, consists in a swift of processes occurring in it. The instant solution of tasks as though lights up a brain. And the rhythm accelerated any more doesn't tire an organism. People of the New World strongly differ from people of the last century, at times all life not leaving the native village or the city. Radio and planes pulled together distances, destroying space. The event which today has happened on other end of a planet immediately becomes common property by means of radio and television. The dead speaks and sings through a loud-speaker or lives on the movie. The principle "all nowadays and here" is approved strong. All these prototypes of future achievements of the revealing fiery centers of a human body when the person will be armed with all achievements of equipment without the uniform device because itself is the fiery device seeing, hearing, flying and knowing. The fiery era goes, changing a planet and the person.
518. (M. A. Y.). The spirit above all and the solution of spirit define the consciousness direction. Not covers and movements in them cause mental human life, but the solution of spirit. And when the spirit approves the right to this or that decision, not covers, but the spirit becomes as though over them, them owning. Therefore no evasion from a way can stop spirit progress if to understand up to the end that the judge in it and the Supreme solver in itself not cover, but spirit.
519. (Guru). Other decision isn't present as soon as to move further. The past isn't present because it already passed. Real is only an instant. And only a future belongs to us. The future is created by thought, and therefore in the power it the person. The area of the future is the sphere, where human reason the creator and the director. The karma spins the threads, but creativity of spirit is stronger. Release from the Karma only in the spirit of.
520. (Nov. 10). It is possible to imagine that becomes in space when waves of darkness extend on a planet, seizing the whole continents. Fires clarify, and black out consciousness of sets go out. And then it is especially heavy and especially difficult to heart to hold the lamp of spirit from a go out. Planet clarification from a spatial infection can't take place before term. But waiting nevertheless will wait. The era of Fire directs from Space depths to Earth Beams New Energy, and the atmosphere of a planet will be cleared by force of these Beams. Cooperation of people of Earth with essence Spatial Energy is thus necessary. It is expressed in a word – the accord or compliance that is coherence of consciousnesses of masses with cosmos-spatial tension moment New Energy. The low consciousness will answer on the, high – on the understanding. It is all about the consciousness. The acceptability of psych spatial changes will depend on readiness of consciousness. Unacceptability will be expressed in explosions and accidents. We call going time the last time because further to evade from inevitability fiery it will be impossible. The same energy raises a hand of the hero and a hand of the murderer. Transformation happens in consciousness and heart. Going Energy can direct on the evil and in the benefit, on construction and on destruction. Gifts of evolution can be turned on updating of life or spill out into a chasm. Fire creating and fire of the eating becomes that under the influence of the person.
521. (M. A. Y.). If to identify the highest "I" that occurs in covers, about what invariance, constancy or firmness it is possible to speak. However, they can be kept in severe submission, but only under a condition if the matter, the making, is absolutely cleared of elements of the lowest scale, of those rough parts which steadily are a part of the conductors which haven't been exempted from the lowest attractions of spirits. Release can be reached only by mastering by all conductors, by submission of their willfulness to will of the highest "I". In this fight for spirit primogeniture the feat of life of each pupil also consists. Fight is inevitable. Slaves to covers don't know freedom. The highest form of freedom is freedom of spirit.
522. (Nov. 11). 522. (Nov. 11). Penetration of consciousness into the spheres being outside commonness depends on aspiration. But it is necessary to know after all the direction and to have at least small idea of to what the thought directs. Words "to the having will increase, and at not having it will be taken away and that has" are applicable to this area of the phenomena. In other words, magnetism of thought starts working only when the low-slightest directed thought attracting to from space conformable with it elements of increase is given rise at least. The thought grows in space is its property. But from anything turns out only. Thoughts of the Distant Worlds will grow if already arose, but under a condition if tendency is maintained. Constancy of aspiration creates constancy of receiving that is continuous growth of the directed thought. In the world of the reasons the birth of thought is as though only the beginning, continuation and the end settling until the end of energy of aspiration occur already in Elevated. Like a live organism, thought there grow to the logical limit that then, having sputtered out, gradually to die away, but having left a crystal of future identifications which can be assimilated to a seed which must once to give new shoots and new fruits. Crystals of thought of all achievements concentrate in the potential look in a body of causality of the Immortal Triad and accompany being realized spirit from life. Care of thoughts – the most urgent task of each person because thoughts don't die in space, but eternally live, creating the future of the founder.
523. (Nov. 12). We pass a step of test of thoughts. It is better if it is passed here, – in World Thin much more difficult to pass it as there to struggle with thought very difficult because the thought becomes reality of visible life. But the thought strengthened here and given to obedience, there starts serving the person. External conditions are sometimes minimized activities that nothing covered reality of thought. It is possible to note that the thought gains special vitality and as though replaces with itself a shortcoming and scarcity of a material environment. This opportunity to fill dense shortage by sufficiency of mental educations is very characteristic. In thoughts everything is achievable and it is absolutely possible to imagine everything. And rather bright images of thought can fill of what the karma deprived actually. The poet and the artist live in peace the images created by their creative imagination. These images are so bright and vital that many generations of readers live them. Actually thought lives everything, only at ordinary people of thought concern usual use, or usually of work, not crossing border of the unusual. But in World Thin where creativity of thought isn't connected not by circumstances of the dense world, the thought from a dungeon of a matter of the lowest is released and freely creates. And here the imagination becomes a decisive factor of creativity because if it isn't developed, and creativity is respectively poor. Terrestrial life allows collecting and accumulating materials for future creativity in Elevated, and the more developed and the imagination, the more brightly there life is rich. It is necessary to think of development of imagination. And art will be the best school for its education. This party of value of art is developed a little. Art feeds imagination and gives the chance to it to grow. Value of art in this direction is immeasurably.
524. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to dream, and let dreams will be an outlet from burden of dense conditions. But let this dream won't be empty, useless dream, nothing giving and, perhaps, pushing back. No, let the dream will be creatively directing. Let it conduct in the future, let it form desirable qualities of spirit, let her create channels in space for future achievements, and let it powerfully create great, light tomorrow. You learn to dream creatively. Ability to dream and dream to replace scarcity of physical conditions with that is good that shows on the step of creative imagination reached already. It is necessary to send only it to the due course that precious energy of thought wasn't spent in vain for mental educations which have no and can't have practical application now, in the future. Manilov too dreamed, but these to nobody the necessary, groundless, unreal, empty dreams have nothing in common with creating dream of the imagination creating future forms of life both individual, and planetary. Dream all created poets, artists, composers, scientists, inventors. Life of a planet and mankind is movable forward by creating dream. And if the lever of usual dreams to turn on construction of the life and people around, this way it is possible to begin construction of the New World in any conditions of terrestrial existence. Process remains the same, only the arrow of an indicator is put at an angle partialness and commitment, commensurable evolution with a current.
525. (Guru). The teacher Told: Everything I Turn on advantage. And It Turns already developed ability to dream on Creation. Lords Create Evolution by thought. If you want, it too creation dreams, only in more concrete and immutable forms of its expression. Fiery thought They Create the planet and mankind future. They can assimilate in creativity it, to Them imitating. When the dream is fanned by Beauty, it is conformable Evolutions of the real. But also and here dedication is required. After all dream not about itself, but about General Welfare. Such dream will join the general course of evolutionary thought and will bring the contribution on common cause of transformation of the world. Spheres of creative thoughts, spheres of creating dream clair-radiant. How the outer side of life, or surrounding was poor or poor, dream it is possible to create always. The Teacher Calls for this creativity. It Specify and force Gives dream to realize into power of the creative thought burning with dream and movable it.
526. (Nov. 13). The discipline of spirit is a form of identification of its energy. It is possible to compare as in fight the coward behaves, not seized, and the hero. As the slave to the stomach reacts to hunger of people, it won, and. The discipline of spirit is Agni's best store. At its existence expenditure of energy for unnecessary feelings and experiences is excluded. Only think, how many absolutely excessive thoughts, emotions and feelings the undisciplined consciousness allows, - all this guide perfectly waste of precious energy of Agni. After all it with big success and fruitful could be directed on something other, bringing useful results. But the astral doesn't suffer a bridle. He wants to vibrate on surrounding with a full measure of the accumulation. It after all too has the accumulation, seeking to reveal themselves according to their essence. To reveal them – means to strengthen them and to allow them to grow infinitely. It strong will rise, first of all, against discipline of thought, against any order, against a rhythm of everyday contact with the Teacher or showed exercises. Even the statement of the Face in the third eye will cause its mad counteraction because bridles his willfulness and dissoluteness. But even idle time novice itself showed a known type of discipline of spirit. The group of the people connected by discipline represents itself any more crowd of inhabitants, but force. As force is shown by the person which energy are collected in a monolith for action, instead of are scattered in all directions as it happens at lossing spirits. Concentration, restraint, possession of, self-checking, tranquility and wreath of all achievements – balance of spirit – an essence of achievement of Arhat. It is worth working at that becomes the integral achievements of the person on all the time which is. How many casual, going from cloud allows undisciplined thinking? When it becomes very dark and the darkness comes, the silver bridle of spirit on all manifestations of the pupil becomes the especially necessary. Otherwise not pass through life. Unrestrained covers will bring frustration in a microcosm of the person and everything that is reached earlier will destroy.
527. (M. A. Y.). When the darkness is condensed and we go on the brink of a precipice, hope only on the conductor, on the one Who Conducts. There is no hope another. Then it is possible to rely on the Hand of the Leader. But often happens what exactly at these moments silly person tries to separate, losing so necessary trust and belief in the future that going with the Leader will reach. But after all Is told to keep "strong, every minute, in all affairs". It is told not in vain, but in anticipation of approach of darkness and during dangerous transition. The phenomenon of a way is accompanied by many difficulties, surprises and dangers. After all the Lord Warned: "You will remain one". This test is inevitable at a known step. The lord Expected it. Whether the events can so be surprised. Not to be surprised, but it is necessary to know as tracks departing are twisting and as the rage human is unreasonable and the callousness, with whatever fine words they were covered. It is necessary to pass through loneliness and without losing balance of spirit, and without breaking the way. After all this is only way signs. And the recreancy, ingratitude, condemnation and an abuse are more brightly shown; the way of ascension of spirit is better noted. From allowed heart the most painful blows pour. And still it is necessary to go, and still not to lose belief in the person, and again coming back after wanderings to meet, without rejecting if line of treachery or the Hierarchy insult only isn't passed.
528. (Guru). At us was many followers, admirers and there were even pupils, whether but relatives was much? Whether many were allowed to heart? The loneliness accompanied also to us in our life. Relatives of those we will read who with us goes all the way, those who with us and in life, and death, and here, on Earth, and there, in World Aboveground. These are close ours, and other passersby, either enemies, or passers only. Even friends are divided on incorrect and true. We appreciate the last because they become relatives, - the real proximity – over life and death of all covers, because flares immortal love.
529. (Guru). When heavy it is intolerable, - think of the Lord. Repeat the chosen formula, a rhythm of repetition driving away surf of coming darkness. Tiger not from Light, it is necessary defend the Lord. About a personal, terrestrial shelter not to find in mental constructions. You remember, It is told: "Come to Me all". Formula understands widely, for all times. The great reorganization going on a planet is heavy reflected in consciousness because destruction of the old world happens in World Thin, and thought on anything old, that of the past, already it is impossible to lean. Rescue in the future.
530. (Nov. 17). On persistence of the notions of compulsion, or thoughts of to what heart lies or on what the particular interest or tendency is concentrated, it is possible to judge that the thought isn't something low, foggy or imperceptible. No, the thought is energy, concrete and steady, investing in obvious, seen by internal sight, forms. The artist, either the architect, or the inventor see in all details those images on which their attention is concentrated. However, some thoughts, especially what want to be caught from space, sometimes persistently aren't given and escape realization, but here business at all in thought, and in inability to catch it. No bright idea of food of hunger will satisfy. It concerns all departures of an organism. But all of them can be subordinated to a certain extent to will. Hunger remains, but won't own consciousness, causing undesirable emotions. Feelings are supervised by will at different people differently. One and isn't able to live day without food, another lives some days, without feeling special sufferings. This distinction too concerns all departures of an organism. The thought directed by will regulate feelings. The condition of consciousness defines nature of feelings. The first Christians with delight on a face sang anthems at the moments of the sharpest sufferings and even on fire. Hypnotized can eat imagined fruit and enjoy this feeling. Certainly, fire burns down, and wounds hurt, but in the heat of fight don't feel as time even serious wounds. All this Is told realizing, all is how relative felt by the person because a measure of things is the person.
531. (Nov. 20). Life is transferred to thought, and the thought is transferred to the future. And future understanding is in the present. It also will mean – to live in the future. The coming Fiery Era goes under the Banner of Lords on which three worlds connect a circle embracing them in one. The association sphere – consciousness of the person. This association is the greatest sign of the Era. Then the personal consciousness will be replaced with consciousness of the Identity uniting in the circle three worlds: terrestrial, astral and fiery. The person approved in synthesis of three and personal consciousness not held down by restrictions, will step through its borders. All three worlds will be available and open for consciousness which will hold in remembrance not only stay in Elevated and not only will see and know all three worlds, but on an uninterrupted chain of individual consciousness or awareness of the Identity in which will live, will keep memory of last embodiments and persons in whom It was shown. The death won't be because Identity is immortal. Change of covers will be considered so naturally, as well as clothes change. Also life both internal and external will respectively be changed. Change will happen, first of all, in consciousness of the person and will be reflected in all his constructions and creativity. Field of meetings of three worlds there is a human consciousness, but at its transformation in consciousness super personal, that understands of the Immortal, reincarnating Triad in which Identity of the person is concentrated. Personal it will be dissolved in super personal, and the temporary, mortal cover becomes expression of the highest "I". Certainly, all this will be reached not at once. But the stream of evolution directs mankind to this step. Therefore transferring of consciousness to the future and life in it is a threshold of the New Era. The consciousness is transferred to area of future achievements, that accelerating and approaching approaches them. After all understanding is almost already mastering or, at least, a direct way to it. It is necessary to know where the mankind Space Will in the spiral evolutionary movement goes to the future. The space Will can be considered in this case within laws of development of the all-planetary human collective taken as a whole and even in connection with mankind of the Distant Worlds of our solar system. The great future is fated to the person, but it is necessary to enter it consciously. The coming Era is a threshold of this great future.
532. (M. A. Y.). Of the future not to leave anywhere because all solar system in the spiral movement rushes in this future in space. And as though covers darkened knowledge of spirit. Space in all the immensity exists over the personality small and her small experiences. Dumping temporary forms through which it display it, this life never dies. And as becomes immortal and the consciousness which has identified with it, but not with temporariness of covers investing it.
533. (Guru). Anything in the past, anything in the present and only all is in the future. The present is expedient only so far as it is directed in the future and is a step to it.
534. All three worlds merged together and closely connected and bound with each other, exist and now. And actually in the future three worlds and their ratios, but consciousness of the person which will reveal to perception of its people around and the worlds nowadays hidden for it in all their wonderful and bright reality will change not.
535. (Nov. 21). The mirage is reality, but it doesn't show reality. The same and Maya is reality, but it herself doesn't show reality. As well thought, being the phenomenon quite real, can express at the same time something absolutely unreal. Thus, the thought serves either reality expression, or Maya. Correctly in the east name Maya all human life. And only Arhat, who has begun to see clearly to understanding of reality, is exempted from its chains. By the Maya it is closely connected with time factor. And time is creation of final human mind, or terrestrial mind. Even concepts of morning or evening are relative and concern only certain point of a planet. The relativity of time admits science, especially the sphere of space calculations. All such concepts as day, month, year, are relative and conditional and reality themselves don't show, also concepts of top and bottom, here and there, far or close. All words of human language are relative too. And all of them are connected with terrestrial mind and the identity of the person. There was and is one sacred language. It out temporarily and it expresses concepts space and eternal. Language of mathematical symbols is close to it. In World Thin, in the upper class, speak already without words. Even on Earth at times silence happens more eloquent than words. Language of silence is more close to the truth, than the pro-uttered word. And the thought dumb is stronger invested with words and the thought without a form is higher, than given a shape. The logic of the Highest Worlds other also isn't similar to logic terrestrial. Expression "terrestrial wisdom is hostility against the Lord" is understood as terrestrial Maya opposite and logic or "wisdom" of the Highest Worlds. Even the logic of infinitesimal and big sizes differs from logic of arithmetic’s and the geometry of figures on the planes and on a curve surface so various contradicts axioms of the last, and that formulas of the first concern only the planes and that ideal, that is imagined. So on Maya imagination the interior which isn't reality also is under construction. In the highest understanding all shown life is Maya, and the person the witness only to which these dreams dream. Therefore it was told: "My Kingdom", that is World My, "other-worldly". The theory of relativity destroys firm until then reality bases of "this world". And computers already walk ahead of a brain, overtaking its processes. In this illusive world the Ladder of Hierarchy and thinking of Those Who Came to this world not from this world is real only.
536. (Nov. 25). Whether the best when the worst is shown can be shown? Perhaps can, can. All worst has to come to light for a gets rid and destruction. Abscess has to be caused outside and opened to avoid poisoning of all organisms. All the worst in all corners of a terrestrial step is subject to identification. That came to a surface, gives as a result Space litter and will go to processing. After all those who in the course of all-planetary division makes the choice the last continue to come from the Thin World still. Leaving forces, gathering on a darkness pole, give the last battle. The last because are doomed. Good luck won't be in anything. All seeming, temporary successes will be nullified by force of crushing karmic return blows. The incorrect direction towards the evil conducts to inevitable falling in a chasm. False preconditions of the evil carry away uncontrollably in the evil. On hatred, manslaughter already it is impossible to construct anything or to get something strong and steady. Everything falls, going against cooperation, cooperation and peaceful co-existence. Extreme measures won't help darkness as didn't help them to destroy my Country two ten years ago. Hopelessness of the evil and forces dark causes madness them; self-rejection of the evil is ready on that being lost but if only to ruin a planet. But we Will not allow a leopard to jump. Consciousness’s of hundreds millions people are involved in an orbit of going events. A lot of courage is necessary that force to find resolutely and finally to become on the party of builders of the New World and to reject heritage of the old world and saved up by it in the past of energy of darkness. I expect a victory of Light over darkness.
537. (Guru). Everything reacts to the events, but everyone – on consciousness. Nobody will leave from shared responsibility for a planet, the terrestrial house. Are surprised why it is heavy why it is intolerable why the pleasure left, but don't understand that share a planet fate in consciousness, want it or don't want, and bear on itself on the consciousness burden of going events. Even denying from burden aren't free, only don't give itself the report, from where it. Cain told, what not the watchman to the brother, but those who not Kaina, everything in whom heart live lives are responsible and supports the suffering brothers, whatever skin color there were they and wherever lived.
538. (Nov. 26). Let's observe still a rhythm. Loss of a rhythm is equal to loss of the achievements got by long efforts. Difficulty is in the conditions of spatial currents. Disbalance the planetary affects balance of consciousness and breaks it. Even the proximity can be kept only with great work. Let's wait this time, trying to keep closer, as far as possible.
539. (Nov. 27). The heptahedron of Lords is the greatest power on a planet. As well the travelers of a great Way united by Beams of the Lord represent themselves considerable force. Strength of each of them separately consists of his individual achievements, or accumulation, spirit. The word "accumulation" specifies that force collects, but isn't got at once, collects in the course of long, centuries-old efforts. The mountain consists of grains of sand or, more precisely, of molecules of those minerals which are included into its structure. And strength of mind is formed of the sum separate, even the low-slightest efforts postponing crystals of fiery achievements in the Bowl of the collector of imperishable accumulation. Everyone, the small, the effort and achievement accumulates power. It is possible to put with handfuls the whole mountain, though the small grain of sand is imperceptible. And in any circumstances of life, in any condition or mood it is possible to make or do always something like that that is a contribution to the Bowl, be it at least the low-slightest particle of fiery treasure. It is possible gradually, persistently, consistently to seize a body and to get control over its functions which usually aren't subordinated to will. It should be noted, people in a case even small diseases while some quite easily recover forces of own organism are how helpless. But experience accumulates slowly. Also the divergence between the person which it does, and that doesn't do is great, is so great that not doing it is almost impossible to help, that is to force it to recover independently. In the same way and in all other areas of achievements of spirit experience and practice are required. But it is necessary to live nevertheless what was life that is it is as though difficult was. And to live – means to go, and to go forward – means to accumulate Bowl treasure, means to use each opportunity to increase it. I speak about travelers of a great Way that is about those who realized sense and value of life. Of grains of sand there is the whole mountain, of the low-slightest achievements of spirit during the millennia there is its monolith, a spirit monolith. In making we won't get tired. Great Making has no end.
540. (M. A. Y.). Madness of the dark pushes them on extreme measures and prevents them to consider consequences of committed crimes, - in it their miscalculation and final death. And it can't own anymore because madness of rage owns them. Will be exposed! Exposure is for dark the most terrible. Are strong only, aren't opened yet. Will be broken by the principle: To Me vengeance and I Is will render.
541. (Nov. 28). Approach and distance happen in the spirit of. External circumstances of value have no. Certainly, they influence but if these influences are allowed by spirit. In all cases solves spirit. Links that something disturbs in an external environment indicate only inability or unwillingness to understand a true state of affairs. The spirit strong can give to itself the clear account what exactly prevents it to become closer to Us. Attempts to even bigger rapprochement will always encounter the ardent resistance of that yet gets rid in themselves. The more efforts, they are more persistent resistance. Guards of the Threshold are strong. Gate of Light is protected by them. But these guards no other than embodiment or embodiment of all weaknesses, shortcomings and imperfections of spirit. And when the strong effort to come nearer to Light Focus becomes, they energy of this effort as though incorporate, and forms of objective expression of these imperfections come to life, are forced by force and become a real and concrete obstacle in a way, blocking further advance. It is possible to overcome them only a number of the repeated rhythmic attempts which aren't stopping and not stopping before anything. Obstacles lie in themselves, but not outside. It is difficult to acquire it practically as by inexperience it seems that stir only external circumstances and if they weren't, everything would go successfully. But it is self-deception. It is necessary to look for the reason of delays inside, without reckoning with conditions of an external environment. The understanding of it will be already an overcoming step because without understanding of essence of delays not to overcome them. All efforts without this understanding will go in the incorrect direction and energy to be spent in vain. To look for and understand that detained, will be the first step to a victory.
542. (Nov. 29). Dreams about the past are fruitless as in the past it is impossible to change anything. But the thought directed in the future, creates. In it difference of thoughts of the past and thoughts of the future. But responsibility for it is connected with creativity also. So the thought of the future needs strict control. The future is made out by thought. What thoughts, such is and the future. I don’t speak about the future the next which grows out of earlier generated reasons, but about that future which is created by nowadays created reasons. The remote future, the more plastic it and that gives in to registration easier. But after all the thought approved by action will be creative only, and the future is created by the thoughts applied in life. It the creating dream differs from groundless dreams. The quality of spirit which is subject to the statement is made out by thought at steady aspiration them to put in life. It is possible to enter into the far future only armed with qualities, conformable to this future. The person won't change yet, the world will remain the same. The consciousness has to change to enter into the New World. Otherwise under the guise of it the same will be created. The World New demands the new person and the updated consciousness when replacing the personal beginning with the beginning public that is collective.
543. (Nov. 30). The phenomena of General Welfare and personal define borders of achievements. It was spoken in due time about a full Bowl of General Welfare which was as though an advance condition. But, if the consciousness is filled entirely only itself personal, to movement on the Way stops. It is impossible to combine the UN joinable. The sphere of the personal benefit is so limited that out of its limits it is possible to leave, only having exempted from fetters of the personality. Any violence over won't yield results. That is suppressed, but not gets rid, will raise sooner or later the head. Natural process of a transmutation is made on aspiration fires. But fire of aspiration burns is not always. Pralaya consciousnesses should be waited wisely and patiently, without allowing that the hollow of the next wave would fall below the preceding. It is good to collect the best achievements of the past at these moments in one and to hold them before itself as the guarantee of future stays. That was, will be, but strengthened by the increase phenomenon. The seed buried till time will grow when conditions become favorable. There is no eternal test. Heavy time both again easily will come to an end and freely will begin to go. But it is necessary to wait time carefully, without burdening and without forcing the Karma.
544. (M. A. Y.). Everything will end with release from a body or his death. It will be the end of conditions of a dense environment. There will be nothing and that is now restricted before consciousness and occupies it. And then another, leaky and non-material, will get up before the person and becomes for him new reality. And everything that now will leave in irretrievable as day yesterday's left. Dense Maya will recede.
545. (Guru). Anyway, we want that or not, but life in a dense body should be lived up to the end. Question only in that, as live? It is better to live, steadily following those bases which were accepted by consciousness as only a reasonable explanation of the real. Swaying’s will take away aside from a life track. This track is narrow, and many follow other, blazed roads which don't conduct in life.
546. (Dec. 1). Evolution, the future, immortality, eternity – in these concepts isn't present a place personal because personal and the personality are limited to term about 70-80 years outside which the personality ceases to exist. To live, the consciousness is transferred from the sphere personal to the sphere super personal, in universal and all-planetary. To live interests of all mankind or even part it will be already at occurrence in that area which doesn't stop with death of the personality. Personality and personal consciousness is symbols of limitation and final, very short terms. That the circle of consciousness turned into a spiral directed in the future, it is necessary to direct from the present forward, out of limits of the present and out of limits of one life. If list commonplaces narrow-minded, there will be all of them duration very short and concerning only one life and the personality this. It is possible to note that all great people lived out of a circle of the personality, covering a circle bigger and interests of big radius. Even the eremite praying for unknown traveling, flies into a rage, thought concerning a planet. So the depart from itself will be a condition of growth of spirit and expansion of consciousness to a step of consciousness super personal.
547. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to call a way of Light fight against evidence and wisdom of this world. Wisdom the Lord World is other. For It evidence doesn't exist, but there is the reality, which logic is so far from logic narrow-minded. The doctrine lifts consciousness over the world of evidence planetary. But, having risen, it is necessary to keep at height. But how? It is so difficult when all surrounding contradicts fiery reality. But as how nevertheless to reach, back without coming back? Firmness of trust to Tom, Who Conducts! Trust up to the end, trust contrary to evidence, trust in the face of persuasiveness of dense restrictions.
548. (Guru). Going will reach – It is told truly. But it is necessary to go, without stopping before anything. All delays – in consciousness only. These delays will be swept away by inflexible confidence that, except the Way to the Lord, there is no other Way.
549. (Dec. 2). The teacher bears on Himself all burden of imperfection of the pupil. It as though assumes that the pupil has to overcome in himself. All the shortcomings gives going to It that they were poured in its Tower. It doesn't relieve the pupil of amateur performance and need трансмутировать all lowest qualities of the nature but if communication exists and the Silver Thread connects Conducting and conducted, on it all fluctuations happening in a microcosm of the last are transferred. Only inexperienced travelers dream to have as much as possible pupils, forgetting about great responsibility for everyone. It is lost sight also thus and that circumstance, as imperfections of such inexperienced teacher is transferred to the pupil, aggravating responsibility of the teaching. What apple-tree, fruits are that also. Desire to examine dark consciousness it is laudable, but aspiration to edify and bear in itself unnecessary ulcers of spirit – the phenomenon incompatible because the spiritual infection is easily communicated each other. Spiritual immunity only High Spirits, but burden of their bike possess. That is why the self-shown seniority is inadmissible. It is better when identical all are. Then not gets rid qualities of spirit and imperfection don't burden it the next and aren't transferred of. Question of the self-shown Teachers very sharp, because much of such. On examples of dark hierarchy it is possible to see how spirit falling under the influence of attendants of darkness is made, but also teaching, not approved in Light, often do a lot of harm the phenomenon of the self-approved teaching. The formula "bigger da from you will be all servant" is significant that speaks not about a management and a teaching, but about service to those whom bigger wants to conduct. The impostor-teacher is often responsible for many errors of the conducted. On the Way to Light it is necessary to know about the phenomenon of self-willed teachers.
550. (Dec. 3). Each piece of the Way should be passed adequately not to be ashamed then neither acts, nor thoughts. Different transitions happen, but all temporiraly. And it is good if the patience is longer than the next piece of the road to the future. After all the present is only the movement moment in the future, defining its forms? Release from the power of the present over consciousness gives wings. The present valuable only that experience which it will give for future construction. It is very important to understand that the will is imperious neither over a past, nor over the present, and only the future is plastic in her hands. And when the present is considered as the moment which is making out the future, the moment of consciously directed activity and creation, then chains of the present break up and its power over consciousness comes to the an end. Therefore to live in the future – means to approve a free will from Maya current hour and to rise over it to spheres in which the projection of evolution of spirit is forged.
551. (Dec. 5). When and where the moment face to face meetings with the Lord will come? Comes to everyone, who goes to Me! But meeting terms not depend on Me. One is immutable: the going will reach. But how many it is necessary overcome in it disturbing and interfering that the desired dream was achieved. Stirs everything, if it is subordinated to uniform aspiration comes. Even wisdom terrestrial disturbs. But helps and everything if it becomes expedient promotes. Not in the phenomenon matter, and in that each phenomenon, both good and bad, – to make steps to Light. There are no phenomena opposite. If the person firmly and steadily goes towards the aim, each step and each span of the Earth approach to it, - for someone cold and hunger, or diseases – misfortune, and for someone an overcoming step. It is easier to overcome that at people is considered trouble, something that is opposite to it. From roses or a chain from gold it is more difficult to chain to dump, than from iron. Both difficulties and a grief will lead to the purpose, than notorious wellbeing rather. Who will want come off Earth when it is good and delivers to the person so many pleasant impressions and experiences. But those, who followed Me, plunged into a dungeon, pursued, tormented and killed, crucified soul and a body, and their life full of tests and deprivations that is considered to be wellbeing was far. Wellbeing is the best condition for a kindle of fires of spirit. Difficultly to come off Earth learned sweet of Earth. Leaving, we leave on Earth everything but if release isn't complete in the spirit of, the spirit carries away with it all outgrowths terrestrial and all with what it is connected by desire, aspiration or dream. The spirit is concluded as in a shell, a substance of these materialized stratifications and can't reject them, yet won't break them and won't come to light, for their border where terrestrial gravitations already lose the force. Chains break, for the present on Earth. There to dump them much more difficultly. Break and dump while it is possible still.
552. (M. A. Y.). I feel, I hear, I see, I know and I wait when currents will change. If saw all horror spatial. If knew how we protect. If suspected, from how many dangers preserve. Have patience everything to wait. Waiting will wait.
553. (Guru). Precept firmness! The directed firmness of consciousness in desire of Light above all that surrounds on Earth of the person. And then it is possible to resist, only then.
554. (M. A. Y.). Secret in that be able to wait a dark strip of life adequately and with advantage. For this purpose, which irrevocably solved the Way to the Lord, all is useful without an exception: both good and bad, both pleasure and a grief, need and prosperity, and day and night, both people and a privacy from people. It too should be understood, and the main thing, to believe, believes up to the end that the Hand of the Leader directs to the benefit. In this trust the huge force giving joyful opportunity everything to worry and internal treasure to increase is covered. Aren't forgotten and aren't left, but in constant Care of The one Who Conducts. It should be remembered every minute.
555. (Guru). You want or don't want, well around or badly, it is healthy or sick, here or there, but through life it is necessary to go. Is it better to pass this life so that the light not to be ashamed and that that who knows, sees and hears, it was joyful to watch how firmly goes following That Who Called. It is necessary to live all the same, but it is better, having enjoyed life to the full that it can give for growth and spirit development.
*556. (Dec. 7). We can warrant when the thought flies to Us. All live the, but our elects – ours. It is possible to live ours under a condition if to refuse the, that is personal when is present anything. All are occupied, personal, but ours – ours and my business. It is good to live the, while in a body. But when it dies and doesn't remain anything from what it lived how then? Attraction to mental heaps, personal and others', is on affinity, as well as places, - but all this personal Maya, and all this. Personal there is no place in Space, and all personal is doomed to death and oblivion. The personality is an only temporary collector of experience and knowledge for sent her to the world dense, for the Triad, for Identity which doesn't die; in it sense and appointment of the personality. How many they were... also died all. Those who are and which will be will die. The decision in that, it is wise combine in the consciousness temporary and eternal, passing and enduring, the personality and Identity to betray the personality on service of Identity, the Immortal Triad in itself. Even summing up last day, it is possible to select carefully particles of valuable stays and without a regret to reject all temporary peel so unnecessary and burdening on a way to Boundlessness. It isn't so difficult to see these values of spirit among an evidence mirage if persistently to wish them to find. Great Spirits, passing a way terrestrial, all Left after themselves pearls of true Knowledge and that experience which is necessary for finding of a narrow track of life. We Speak about the Life which is interrupting never, but not about scraps of the broken-off existence which evident expression is the temporary, terrestrial, passing identity of the person. If that occurred in private life of the person ten years ago, grows dull, is forgotten and ceases to exist for him if all this doesn't exist for people around what to tell about billion persons who living once and have left from Earth. It is vain to look for meaning of the life in an orbit personal "I" the person. Many look for, and don't find, and, without having found, start denying any sense. Look for not there. It is necessary to look for in spirit grain, the collector of all accumulation, everything that gathers in it each individual throughout much existence.
557. (M. A. Y.). About the disappeared we won't be sorry. Not they judgment. Leaves decorate a garden and are pleasant for an eye, but when fall down, anybody doesn't think of them anymore. Fruits and seeds, germs of future life are valuable. It isn't easy to distinguish the friend from the passerby. Experience and the aggravated feeling-knowledge are necessary. Falling away and treacheries noted the Way of Spirits Great. Whether also to us to be surprised that, following their Way, the same signs it is met also the same hostility.
558. (Guru). Why there is so much rage in the disappeared? The answer is simple. Approach to Light shines inside all back streets of consciousness and causes to identification all good and all bad that is in the person and if the bad prevails and wins, whether that it is possible to be surprised that the increased evil directs on the one who causes this process of disclosure of true essence of the person. Disclosure of faces is process not from pleasant.
559. (Dec. 8). If mental energy is under the power of the astral beginning, or others microcosm, mastering by it is impossible. People share on slaves and free: slaves at an astral and free from its power. All unrestrained feelings enslave. The bridle is put on each feeling. It is necessary to know how to own any feeling. Understanding of the reached power over everyone marks a victory. Only the seizing goes, and seized reaches. Energy from one part of a body can be transferred to another, for example, sexual to lift up. Energy, that is fire is in the same way taken, and out of feelings of other and other emotions and directs up to spheres of the highest conductors. The enthusiasm is a dissoluteness or unruliness of an astral, as well as any his easy excitability on different influences. It is necessary to distinguish a fiery from nervous excitability severely. It is a false fiery, for example, irritability (irritation). Creating fire turns in the eating fire. Eating – means got out of hand. Bridled, even usual, fire warms the dwelling, escaped from the furnace – burns it. Restraint – force. Mental energy, that is fire restrains and accumulates. Each flash of fieriness spends it. Each control is accumulation of fiery power. Each restraint of emotions is a victory. The requital good for the evil is restraint in itself black fire which usually arises in reply to counter rage, and such requital becomes a transmutation of black fire in Light Agni. Each person is a transmutator not only own fires, but also fires of people surrounding it or in fiery creating, or in fiery eated.
560. "My God, forgive them because don't know that create", is a classical formula of realization of black fires raging biped in Light Agni in the hearts of those from them who has in itself(himself) at least a spark a humanoid.
561. (M. A. Y.). The personality becomes full when the sense and value of her existence and communication with Identity are realized. Intelligent or senseless and aimless existence depends on it. Transformation yet isn't accepted, there is no mankind a vicious circle of ridiculous contradictions. Understand that the seed bears in itself a vital form of a plant, but don't understand the same in application to spirit grain; from where abilities at genius musician at ingenious parents and absence of genius at descendants of the genius.
562. (Guru). When the spirit of the person finds forces to reject waves of third-party influences and to direct all consciousness to the Teacher of Light, he receives the answer and never happens will reject. The ancient formula is confirmed by it: "Coming to Me I Won't expel owns". Certainly, a magnet attracting spatial currents, serve aura and its radiations. The science about radiations of the person will open a window in Boundlessness.
563. (Dec. 11). It is good when external life and external conditions are that that threads of communication it isn't formed with anything surrounding. Then the separation from Earth upon transition to the World Thin will be free and easy.
564. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to give to itself a task for the night how to behave during a dream. The order will work not greatly if it is given by heart and for accurately issued term. The dream gives in to adjustment and streamlining. Chaotic and unpleasant dreams often depend on dissoluteness of mental energy. To it is channelized, and excesses are regulated by will. All this will be preparation for thin stay. Will over everything, over all manifestations of life of consciousness, differently – slavery at everything and at all.
565. (M. A. Y.). It is more difficult to build thought the World New, than hands. After all awareness of power of thought, mastering by it and ability to apply it, and knowledge of requirements of evolution for this purpose is required. When the person builds hands, he sees fruits of this work but when builds thought and especially that has to be carried out in distant centuries, a lot of courage is necessary not to fall into despair from that abyss which is formed between the present and future. In Ovidy Icarus's thoughts rose by air many centuries ago, but only now his thoughts were carried out. And nevertheless his merit before bike mankind because the thought dug it channels in the space, made possible its embodiment actually. So the future thought is under construction.
566. (Dec. 13). Attraction of the highest energy depends not on mind, but on heart. Mind can be very developed, and heart to be silent. And from the wise and reasonable can be hidden that to openly unsophisticated heart in terrestrial wisdom. Question in how open heart. The answer is simple – love. About love it is told much, but nevertheless that it is a key to all achievements a little is still understood. To reach, it is necessary to love to what the consciousness directs, to fall in love heart that is to unite consciousness and heart in uniform aspiration to the purpose. Violently it is impossible to fall in love. But when the thought grows together with object of aspiration so that can't already come off it, the love will be born, and heart, the consciousness and thought are one inseparable whole. The ship cope a wheel, consciousness, heart and thought – will. They should be directed as water on the driving wheel of a mill goes. Energy of a microcosm of the person should direct on achievement of those opportunities which are put before the person by the Life Doctrine. All best external conditions will be only the favorable environment for spirit development not any certain elite, but all mankind as a whole. Under Flag Maitreya are called all. In it is problem of the New World. The science will open eyes on the World Invisible and will pull together the Hidden World with the visible. The new Era will begin under the sign of association of three worlds.
567. (M. A. Y.). The teacher knows that there is to Him each turncoat. Know also you that costs to you everyone, allowed to heart and not justified.
568. (Dec. 15). "That advantage to the person if he gets the whole world and the soul will lose" that advantage if it gets nothing, and will lose everything, to it really belonging. It isn't forbidden to have everything, but under a condition if growth of spirit didn't stop. Also provided that, and only thus, all are permitted. Otherwise the big grow from small weaknesses – it they are dangerous. Both good and bad – everything begins with small, and everything continues to grow if already began. To keep in good it is much more difficult, than in bad because the nature human more gravitates to the evil. And when the good abandons the person, it is inevitably replaced with the evil which too grows. It involves consciousness as though in a funnel. But that it to reduce growth and to stop at all, it is necessary to fight all the time. It is easy to become the addict – the most terrible weakness human and the most terrible defect but as it is difficult to be exempted from it. Addictions, for example, alcoholism, are got very easily and pleasantly, only, having got it, hardly to reject it. The alcoholic is a terrible example of falling of spirit when the habit imperiously owns all being of the person. The evil should be stopped in a root, at the time of its origin.
569. (Dec. 17). The true Love is immortal. She endures all covers. Its monastery – heart, which fights always, in all worlds and all covers, and fights, released from them. Love is magnetic. It attracts to herself and is attracted to those whom love. Besides mortal, temporary, human relations there are relations immortal, they are defined by love. Love Hierarchy ties spirit to the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light and the Leading Hierarch and to those who on a chain unites and approaches to It. It is possible to rise this great feeling infinitely; the closer and stronger it, the closer to Light Focus. You love Me and you will double force. You love Sent by Me and you will become closer to Me. To what and who was given heart, from subjects heart will arrive. The lit heart can love forever only.
570. (Dec. 18). My friend, at a spirit ascension the best of the past is worse than best of the present because the horizon of a visible is higher. Past value in that experience which it gave. It is paid for everyone. With the relation of people we won't be afflicted. Unless it is possible to complain that people open the true faces and the relation. Be touched to what isn't present worse.
571. (M. A. Y.). When we speak about qualities, we mean qualities of spirit, that is that I began in the person which doesn't stop with death of covers. It is good to find in it and to note elements enduring, not being already temporary properties or attributes of covers. When we speak about devotion or love to the Teacher of Light, we mean that these qualities are transferred from life to life. So, having realized their essence, it is possible to accumulate in the Bowl elements enduring, elements of immortality and to enrich in each next embodiment Immortal, reincarnating Identity in itself.
572. (Guru). Those who continue My business don't recognize intuitively that with death of my body my spirit finished existence. Serving My business, serve My spirit, establishing with it strong connection. Certainly, recognition me, even posthumously, is the statement of fiery reality, contrary to visibility of the dense world. The reality of the Hidden Highest World can approve only the spirit ready to going on the way of Light. There are a lot of them, ready; in everyone we will see the soldier of Light. There are a lot of them, ready; in everyone we will see the soldier of Light.
573. (Dec. 26). My friend isn't present unchangeable dense conditions. Everyone has the end. Best of all to find opportunities in everyone for advance and to be content with that gives life. That causes now discontent, in the future can be a regret source about the lost. In the best conditions the worst isn't remembered, but in the worst the best usually comes back to memory. But not the worst, not the best, any, can't form the basis on which it would be possible to lean because temporarily all: both good and bad, both pleasant and burdening. Not to them to bend heart and not they should give heart. To find pleasure in enduring and to be given it by everything the consciousness, all thought, all strength of mind will be the correct set phrase of life.
574. (Guru). The astral is usually chosen object of influence of the dark. In it they cause the movements necessary to them, involving here and thought. When devotees felt waves of dark influences, they drove away them, repeating a prayer Iesus, and, concentrating only on it, threw out from consciousness plasma of the astral matter infected with fluids of darkness.
575. (Dec. 28). The track conducting in life is narrow, both the entrance is narrow, and the door to the Fiery World is narrow, -at a guards Threshold, at everyone the name. Here the guard of attachment to things of the dense world. Here guard of memoirs of the past. Here guard of allures various. It is a lot of them, and all keep consciousness on themselves. But my Magnet is stronger than all guards if the consciousness keeps on Me. Their force weakens and hangs, but then they, quenchers of a flame of spirit are to inflate and strengthen all attractions to the dense world and to everything that in covers disturbs burning of spirit and the Highest Fires. They raise and maintain interest to everything distracting from Me if only to distract. But when will distract finally and will drown gloomily consciousness in illusive forms of allure, they will lose the sweet, and is empty and everything becomes hopeless around, and there is all of sense deprived, and will lose everything suddenly interest, everything that attracted. The consciousness remains at the broken trough. There are thorns and prickles and bitterness of loss about transient missed opportunities. The track of life is narrow, on it not to pass with load, and still already an entrance. Each of guards will tell: Before entering, give all mines. If it is attachment to food, drink and things, – they give; if to honors, glory, wealth, – they give. Everything, everything gives that you put above devotion and love to the Lord and the Highest World. To that World into which you seek to enter, enter you can only love to It, bigger, than to the world terrestrial. And terrestrial you can love too, but above person, over covers because the love of covers is mortal. The spirit is immortal, attributes, properties and qualities of spirit are immortal, is immortal and in the spirit of love. To carry by through life these qualities in the spirit of, to increase them and to increase in them over dense conditions will be spirit a victory over the world. I speak to you: Take heart. More strong stand against the will of a material world because I Won against this world. To you I Speak: I won and you I Call to a victory.
576. (M. A. Y.). Native, understand, as a victory and defeat – in the spirit of. In this value it is necessary to understand the word about, that message fight by the uniform beginning of spirit. All external anything if the spirit gets stronger if fight is transferred to spirit area. Fight against the external phenomena is similar to fight against windmills. You know on legends as the chopped-off heads of a monster grow again. Therefore focus of application of force of spirit is transferred inside, and fight is conducted on the plan spiritual. Peter took a sword in hand and wanted to protect terrestrial measures that demanded a sword not steel, but fiery. And the Christ to it enjoined to enclose a sword in a sheath. It is easier and simpler spiritual to solve in a terrestrial way. But terrestrial remains on Earth and it is settled Earth, and then from Earth not to make a separation. Transferring of life to thought and thoughts to the sphere of spirit will open a narrow door in Boundlessness of the Fiery World because the spirit is Fire.
577. (Guru). According to biographies of Spirits Great it is possible to track as through life of each of them the Fiery Thread there passed the spirit line. Not external conditions made out their way, but under a hammer of fiery will these conditions bent, break in environment channels for manifestation of spirit and combining external conditions with the foreordained mission of Identity. All of them brought in life and gave to people, special, new, not holding in a framework of that was to Them. Announcers can call them new because, truly, they fought for the statement of the New World. Evolution of the real consists in the eternal statement New, and Light Carriers on the Banner always bear this Precept. Also arrive and those, who go the Name of These Great.
578. (Dec. 30). To listen to thoughts not everyone is able. The fiery perception unites visibility and audibility in one; the Highest perception silently and without a form. The thought gives the lowest a shape манас. As the transformer of spatial energy the consciousness serves. From natural materials of people on Earth creates creations of hands human; in the same way from thinner astral and mental matter he creates the creations. The person created the cities, plants, cars, but the rivers, mountains, the ocean was created not by him. The area created by hands human grows and extends steadily. The limit to this increase isn't present. The same occurs and in World Invisible. The person, the born creator, becomes that actually. Creativity – destiny of the person. Now it creates hands and thought, by means of cars and power of creative imagination. But time when the distinguished, fiery device of the person will financially create without terrestrial devices will come. Now on Earth there are the things created by the person, and the things created without his participation. But everything that exists is created by creative will or people, or Those Who too once was people. When creativity terrestrial comes to an end and the person finishes the Way on Earth, Creativity Space begins. Its limit is Boundlessness. Earth – only school for preparation for Space Creativity. The way is long, but ahead infinite inexhaustibility of creative opportunities of already Elevated and Space Scale. It is necessary to understand that the task is so great that demands time and centuries-old efforts. It is impossible to be limited to one planet because steps of evolutionary development of planets even our solar system are various – from the lowest to the highest. Earth as though in the middle. On higher planets creativity is higher and broader also than opportunities more. The matter is more refined and plastic, and on some any more it isn't required any cars. Everything is created by Fiery Will. The world Thin gives some understanding of how the thought which hasn't been connected by inertness of a dense matter creates. The term "dense matter" sounds not so scientifically, but precisely transfer’s essence of the phenomenon. The future of the person is so great and radiant that for the sake of it is possible to reconcile to pass a long Way of evolution of life. When the purpose is clear and the way is specified, it is possible to go steadily and firmly to magnificence of the future. Not darkness ahead, but Light. The price is great, but also the payment is incommensurable to receiving.
579. (M. A. Y.). Imperfect conditions of Earth and receipt fiery display between themselves a gap. From here is melancholy and dissatisfaction around. To reconcile terrestrial and Elevated in the existing provision of a planet it is impossible. Probably only thought create the future, pulling together the worlds. Association of the worlds is inevitably. It is necessary in order that thin in dense served as the statement of planetary balance which is violated all-time. Everyone can make the contribution to this urgent matter. Here problem of the present day: in thoughts to pull together the worlds, sating space with new forms of life for an embodiment them in the world terrestrial.
580. (Guru). It is comprehended can be lived and created only for Evolution. The purposes another at incarnate aren't present on Earth. Everything who was capable to think above-person lived great idea about the future. In the future all put and to the future of people directed, at all without being considered as that the present was so incredible far from it. On these signs of tendency in the future you recognize Attendants of evolution in all centuries and from all people.
The end Records 1963