Agni Yoga's facets, 1964 (101-250)

101. (Feb. 24). (M. A. Y.). . How there was a life, it is necessary to go through it nevertheless. It is necessary to go and it is necessary to pass. The question only in that is as? It is better, having accepted inevitability, to meet it adequately. The astral doesn't want to be reconciled. It is desirable for it to vibrate on everything and to worry, losing self-control, restraint and tranquility. Therefore, it is necessary to pass through life quietly, it is reserved and in balance full. Other exit from difficulties of life isn't present. Let's adequately meet life waves.
102. (Feb. 25). I, your Lord, Speak: study, study on everything that gives life, on each phenomenon. Also remember, remember, and remember each lesson. It is difficult to accept spirit burdening by circumstances as an ascension, but it is necessary, – and not only to accept, but also to rejoice this opportunity to rise even above, -Find balance or harmony between a matter and spirit, external and internal, fire and of Earth, Me and because balance is a harmony of energy, a human microcosm in its relationship with the world, which outside and, which inside. And the center round, which everything rotates, the center of all manifestations, Me approve.
103. (M. A. Y.). The pleasure of Communication, pleasure of merge to the spirit closest on a ladder of Light, is inexpressible in words. It is achievable if to put merge it above all the rest, rising consciousness over vanity and life turmoil. It is easy when everything is quiet and silent around. Not in it a merit. The merit when among concerns, alarms, vanity and excitements force finds spirit in itself nevertheless to rise over a distemper of life terrestrial, and merge then especially valuably, especially strongly and full new opportunities.
104. (Guru). In the spirit of merge is stronger, than a meeting in physical bodies as if there is no accord in the spirit of, no meetings can give anything. But if the accord in the spirit of took place, it replaces meetings in dense bodies and forges future opportunities of meetings not only on the plan physical, but also in Elevated. Merge in the spirit of fruitful enriches consciousness. Merge in the spirit of – a preliminary step of all other meetings further. We rejoice to contact opportunities. We wait to meet those who didn't forget Us.
105. (Feb. 26). You feel times of as though left, as though provided to yourself. It is given in order that stronger to be approved on own feet. This feeling of forlornness is inevitable at spirit increase. Firmness of aspiration and stability is tested at these moments. Will ask: “When be the end tests?”, - answer: “Never!” This number of tests will leave and will be replaced absolutely with others, in process of assimilation of the former. Versatility of diamond of consciousness demands polishing of all sides. And on test even the worlds. You know about heavy tests of Spirits Great, - duty two-sided aspect of all phenomena. If on the one hand tests, with another – achievement and possibility of the following step. Someone dreams of achievements and acquisition of fiery abilities and forces without heavy works and work. This is great delusion, - for nothing it is given nothing. Payment for fiery power of a bike is. Wanting to pay let will enter. Acceptance of burden and difficulties of life as inevitable condition of growth of spirit is necessary for understanding of the phenomenon of a way. It also will be that cross which without complaints, complaints, discontent and exasperation has to take on the shoulders and bear going to Lords. Instead of pink sweet dreams is severity of a feat. Because Light execution, not darken experiences of a personal order, in combination with the way phenomenon be a life feat.
106. (Guru). Some savages punish the wooden gods in case those don't send them good luck. Whether it is similar some silly persons arrive, becoming hardened and poisoning all with a not pleasure and accusing of it the Highest Forces if life turns to them shady side. There is nothing more blasphemously than the similar attitude towards the Highest. It is unfair to make them responsible for consequences of own acts at least. From the savage to such clever man nearby, - difference that to the savage his behavior is pardonable because on that he and the savage.
107. I demand balance over everything. Over the usual is singularity. Over life terrestrial – spirit life. Released from load terrestrial I Wait. Not to enter into Light spheres aggravated by load of the dense world. I spoke: "direct". I speak: "and having rejected itself", that is from itself having released. Self-dismissal is necessary. Without it the perception Thin Energy is impossible. Certainly, without thought restraint the perception is impossible. The will sound, but not mine. Let's celebrate a victory over thought. It is unattainable without submission of covers. So, the burdening by circumstances allowed by the Teacher is the benefit that will lead to a victory.
108. (Feb. 28). Achievements of the present let won't close an eye to the past, to those heaps which out of ignorance or weaknesses were generated in the past. The meeting with the guard of the Threshold armed with generations of the past is inevitable. And a lot of courage is required to rise with it face to face. To rise, only to rise is a little, it is necessary to win still against powerful influence of the concentrated energy of these all generations, that is to overcome saved up negative energy of the old person in itself. This fight is full of deep dramatic nature because not everyone finds forces in itself to win against the generations, that is, but objective external visible forms. If now, in a body, so difficultly at times to drive away the notions of compulsion, that where they gathered, will direct on beget. Will ask and why don't direct here. Here direct too and from time to time create the situation to some extent similar to the post mortal, - from here despair, suicides and any madness’s. But after all there – the World Hidden where the thought the fire put in thoughts reigns. There mental educations and mental generations have the special force of influence on spirits, to these thoughts of the conformable. That is why fire of overcoming has such great value for Elevated stay. Crystals of such fire are deposited in the Bowl and serve as a protection citadel. Each overcoming creates a chain of consequences useful. The benefit to the one who, having dumped a body, can tell: There is a guard of the Threshold, but has in me no anything.
109. (M. A. Y.). To greatness of a universe there corresponds solemnity. It accompanies approach to Hierarchy. It accompanies Communication. She creates that bridge with the Kingdom of Light on which enters into it. Vanity, fussiness and turmoil of life the gloomy will be an antipode of solemnity. They destroy solemnity and immerse consciousness in the ordinary. On the ordinary not to fly up, the ordinary of wings deprives. Each contact with Hierarchy and Envoys of Light goes under the sign of singularity. When this singularity is saturated with solemnity, the accord becomes fiery.
110. (Feb. 29). Together with growth of consciousness and Agni all qualities of spirit, as well as shortcomings if they aren't eradicated grow, -and in it of big danger. When the grown negative quality rises in all growth before consciousness, forces can not suffice on neutralizing its influence. Therefore such qualities, shortcomings, tendencies and properties should be eradicated while they didn't grow yet to the inadmissible sizes. It would seem, harm isn't great if not gets rid desires but if they not gets rid, so live and continue to grow somewhere else move. Danger is in possibility of their imperceptible growth. The guards of the Threshold sometimes allocated with such force grow from them that the spirit isn't able to overcome them. While the getting is good, it is necessary to overcome here and now, without waiting their increases in force. Dreams help to define, which negative qualities given to silence in a wake condition, in a dream are live and active, with that confirming that actually they not gets rid but only are suppressed and start coming to life, like the chopped-off heads of the mythical monster which grow all again and again.
111. (M. A. Y.). And still I will tell that the purpose of this embodiment is to reach. Opposite forces grow in the counteraction together with growth of power of aspiration, as though testing its power. It is necessary to increase spirit on everyone becoming on a way a barrier counteraction. Fight happens now, and defeat is inadmissible. It is impossible because means falling in a chasm. Temporary concession not defeat, but accumulation of forces for a new forward rush.
112. (Guru). After a storm is the sun, after of night is the day, after of winter is of spring. There is no eternal test. Only courage needs to be collected to wait rising.
113. (March 1). Our Proximity is over phenomenon of the usual world. Also it is impossible, staying in commonness and in it rolling, to concern our singularity. Why we Speak about love? The love comprises also aspiration to object of love and an attraction to it on lines of magnetic communication which are stretched by it in space. You love if you want to be close to those whom you love. The love in words isn't effective. I mean strong warm feeling. Not without reason in ancient Precepts it is very much spoken about need of love to the Highest. The love astral is unreliable because movement in this covers owing to its nature constantly changes, being replaced with the contrast. It is in advance possible to tell that how there was strongly astral feeling of love, it will be replaced with feeling, to its opposite. On the one hand, "hosanna", on one poles of manifestation; with another – "crucify him", on a pole another. It is an example very sharp, but also very characteristic and remarkable phenomenon of movements in an astral cover. There can't be in it constancy, as inconstancy – its nature. It is possible to be sure of the feeling when it is transferred to the heart cleared of influences of an astral. Constant and persistent property of an astral is his inconstancy. Shortcomings and its defects are constant, but forms of their expression and object change all the time. Dissoluteness of an astral demands satisfaction is indifferent – in wine, nicotine, drugs, or of the other connivance. To it is indifferent because of what to worry and fuss if only to worry – the reason and an occasion it will find always. And if they aren't present, will invent or will imagine. It is a lot of experiences about imagined and nonexistent things. There is nothing, but the astral strong vibrates on the phantoms created by imagination. He subordinates to itself (himself) both a body and a brain, - and a grief to the person, who has got to slavery to an astral.
114. (M. A. Y.). Distribution on a planet Highest Energy on attraction focuses too is included into a problem of Hierarchy. On it there are many assistants. Here with a special force the magnetism and compliance Law is shown. And there are a lot of waiting. Life not seen to a physical eye is much richer visible. Able to give are appreciated very much because there are a lot of taking.
115. (March 2). It is a lot of misunderstanding about the Management. Consider that, like the nurse, someone has to conduct and sponsor. But the Head not the nurse and his care is not guardianship. Guardianship is established over feeble-minded, and the nurse is necessary to the juvenile. The management assumes first of all independence directed and ability to stand on own feet. We help always, but a minute of the valid need. With karma we Do not interfere because to pay tick everyone has to. To believe on Us all consciousness doesn't mean assignment. Consciousness filling by the phenomenon of the Teacher excludes attempts of filling and encumbrance it the experiences, excitements and concerns. The first requirement of the Teacher – "be rejected from itself". Only provided that probably useful Communication with the Teacher - otherwise not Communication and encumbrance and itself, and Head. There are people, and there are a lot of them, which all responsibility for all troubles, with them occurring, assign to relatives or to someone. Let's not assimilate. Each test should be met most and individually and to sustain it adequately. Thus has no value a combination of external circumstances, but has huge value internal reaction to them when it is worthy and in balance the spirit meets going waves. It is possible to ask for the help but if everything is for its part made that is possible. Of the Management we will make thrifty use and it is conscious. Many lost the Head from unreasonable requirements to It and aspiration to make It responsible for the heavy karma. The help appears always, but within legal, without breaking the Law.
116. (March 3). The pupil is put in certain conditions in order that he could learn a necessary lesson from these conditions. If they are adverse, but the lesson learned from them, is useful, whether that it is possible to be averted from them? It is better to concentrate consciousness on understanding to that they teach. And they teach at present ability to store balance among tension, alarms and concerns, and also to control over thought not in silence, but in collision with strong sounding vanity. We learn to store balance always and we Learn on life.

117. (March 11). These days were taken with moving on the new apartment. Affairs were much. The promised Help was rendered in everything, and everything that was told about it, was actually confirmed and executed in life (from the author).
118. The image of the Hierarch represents itself granulation of his Beam, especially influencing every time when the consciousness concentrates on it (on the Image). It belongs to area hidden, but obvious influences which can be deepened gradually understanding of going process. After all each contact with Light never takes place without consequences. Thus, of course, very much the importance has a rhythm. Many don't imagine that the rhythm is a basis of the shown world. And the one, who builds Communication on a rhythm, can't but succeed. Ardent impact of vibrations of the dense world can be overcome only a rhythm. Separate efforts won't help. Separate results will be to be swept away by waves of dense influences. It is possible to win against them a rhythm.
119. (M. A. Y.). The question of influence of Images, portraits, photos is very deep. One is undoubted: reflection in the third eye of any person establishes with it known connection. This connection is established and without means of portraits or external subjects, and it is simple only by calling of visualization of this person or a subject. I emphasize, "Subject" because connection is established with everything that arises in the form of an image before a mind and known time keeps there.
120. (Guru). Value of each appreciation which indicates penetration into reality is great. If knew, with what Care are surrounded, wouldn't burn aura the discontent. Let's bring to Tom Who Conducts, all completeness of understanding and appreciation.
121. (March 12). It is very difficult to render habitable new walls and a new place, and it is very painful. The place sated with emanations of those or those who lives in it is called as ashram, – the saved-up elements of Light crystallize in invisible, but strong and steady forms, conformable to the founder and representing themselves as though a citadel protecting it from adverse external effects. Therefore to render habitable a new place so difficultly and demands time, the protective field of steady formations of mental energy isn't formed yet. Homeless circulation or simply homeless the terrestrial is characteristic that the house becomes as though figurative and is established in the spirit of, where I, there both the house, and this house inside. The citadel of spirit becomes independent of an external environment or conditions. Certainly, it is easier to establish Ashram but when the Monastery extends, each communal bears the house of spirit in himself. Our stronghold is necessary as the shelter to spirit that knew going on Earth face that somewhere is firm there is Light and Power Stronghold – a stronghold having the basis on Earth, but walls and which towers tower over Earth and the world astral and all worlds and go to Fiery Light World. So the Stronghold as a spirit support serves in all worlds. It is the House Father for those who in the spirit of transferred life to thought, lightful, fiery.
122. (M. A. Y.). Cares terrestrial, concerns, affairs and burdening circumstances are given eventually to realize only that all of them come to nothing and that all this only the vanity, not having in itself any value, but necessary for the person to understand an extremity of terrestrial his affairs. There lived billions and died, and sand brought huge, once the blossoming cities, and the seas covered ruins of magnificent constructions and the whole countries. But the spirit endured everything and continues everything to build and to build that to everything that it builds, to be the destroyed again. Therefore, focusing meaning of the life in the spirit of and accumulation of experience and knowledge, the person over a transient of external forms of the terrestrial rapid existence ennobles him and approves the life on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life.
123. To be kept by consciousness on Called – too a task. It is especially difficult when life leaves a usual track. But then it is especially valuable. Not interruptibility of communication achievement rare. The pupil is accustomed to it in order that it already was never broken by anything. Not broken here, it proceeds and there, and in all worlds, both in life, and in death which isn't present.
124. (March 13). So always also happens at ordinary people, - address only in need, but in wellbeing forget. And when life will press, address again and speak, help. The one who with Us always: under trying conditions and lungs, – to that our help is ready always. For assistance some acceptability of this help is necessary. Earlier sometimes it was expressed by a question: whether "you believe". Without existence of a minimum of acceptability it is impossible to help. I say to that at a separation and distance of the pupil of a thread of transfer of vibrations of Light loses the capacity on separation or distance force.
125. (March 14). (M. A. Y.). . We look and we rejoice when we see that spirit fight for release from the power over it external influences proceeds, despite everything. It isn't necessary to be given or recede under no circumstances. Mastering by thought of subjects and is difficult that at strong communication with it any more doesn't want to release, and continues to vibrate near, demanding itself attention and time. It is necessary to find the middle between immersion in inevitable affairs of day and ability immediately to reject them as soon as the necessary is executed or made, as far as possible. Transfer of consciousness just seeing work or cares to another and oblivion executed needs to be made a habit. Otherwise they will capture consciousness so, as won't let out it from the strong embraces.
126. (M. A. Y.). Listen to the life song, - his is the space. Not vanity in kitchen, but music of spheres sounds in it. Each overcoming of terrestrial voices approaches to it. It sounds in great works of art, in inspiration of singers and poets. In feats of spirit this song sounds. Ear to it having bent, it is possible to listen to it. There is on Earth nothing more valuable than its distinguished soundings, - to the song of life listen.
127. (Guru). The triumph of vanity is characteristic for the current time, but we won't be victors, - our area other, it over fussiness the day. The solemnity can help to be averted from vanity. It is possible to do things, but without fussiness tiresome, depriving spirit advantage. Fussiness is humiliating, - Her sister is obsequiousness and a pettiness. Small feelings terrestrial aren't fit for ways to Boundlessness.
128. (March 17). My friend, it is possible to realize chains of a material world, only having felt all their burden and impossibility, even them having dumped, to be exempted from all conditions of the dense world. While in a body, we live in it, in this world, and are compelled to bear on myself its restrictions and feature. And sensitivity, meanwhile, increases, and feelings become aggravated. It is difficult to keep balance extraordinary, but it is necessary because anyhow to protect consciousness. Those who doesn't keep, disappear and leave there, from where came. Behind an example it isn't necessary to go far. Mourn too we won't be. Our care of that, as though not fall under the magnetic power of the present. After all there is an understanding of a transient of the current hour, and consciousness isolation from influences it isn't present. Dismissal from itself comprises also ability to be released from vibrations of the environment surrounding. Its resistance to light burning in heart is so strong that sometimes kindly light of heart or rather closes it. But the swimmer knows that, though the coast is far, it will reach, and the waves hiding it behind the crests, nevertheless a barrier don't become to reach. The swimmer will reach.
129. (Guru). Among a storm to store balance – whether this achievement! If the captain loses presence of mind, the ship will be lost. Swimming by the rough everyday sea isn't safe. Different waves are met by the ship, and different storms happen. It is necessary to meet everything, and to pass through everything, and far to reach harbor. To ancient saying "And it will pass" we will add: "And it is necessary to pass through it", it is necessary to pass through everything that gives life, and to pass the winner of life.
130. (March 18). Life showed visually as things and subjects of a direct environment at special attention to them can cover everything that is connected with the most necessary. They can cover and Teachers – so that will alienate him as though a wall. In it danger of things, to which is attached the consciousness. It is impossible to plunge too strongly into them and to tie to them thoughts. But this experience let will serve as the prevention for future time.
131. (Guru). We rejoice to each successfully passable test. To catch in the opinion of a portrait pleasure – a good sign. It is caught by heart eyes. So, persistence in movement to the purpose helped to overcome all difficulties. And We have a pleasure.
132. (March 19). Each contact with people makes changes to aura if measures of protection aren't accepted. Even very High Spirits suffered, and it is heavy, at close communication. It isn't always possibly to be preserved as heart takes part in communication. And if heart is opened, the return reaction is inevitable. Even at the unconscious address from outside mental energy flows away, especially if before aura often adjoined. The question of interaction of human auras is very wide and mentions spheres of the visible and invisible worlds, - best of all defenses to defend the Lord. It is necessary to preserve identity of radiations, differently they can be dissolved in emanations alien to spirit, that depriving of it opportunity to go an own way.
133. (M. A. Y.). Merge of consciousnesses assumes a condition of full dismissal for addressing from self-filling. Egoism, egoism, thoughts of is a barrier for merge insuperable. One excludes another, even at the best intentions. At phone conversations in a long distance people are able very attentively and to listen tensely. The same is required and at Communication. Intensity of concentration is reached by experience.
134. (Guru). Let's assume that the present will capture all the time completely consciousness and to fill it with itself. What will occur when it will end at the time of release from a body? Then there will live then the person if, except real, terrestrial and dense, to him sounded nothing. Everything is good in the measure. Terrestrial it is possible to give energy and thoughts, but only not heart. Heart has to remain free for the highest attractions.
135. (March 20). Today I Will tell two words: patience and streamlining. Patience phenomenon in that during the day to treat all events, without allowing discontent, concerns and chagrin too to influence consciousness and to sadden it to such an extent that balance is broken. Streamlining concerns way of all life and, especially, thoughts. Usually and the daily routine established on years, remains invariable. Its rhythm can't depend on accidents of external conditions which are today, and tomorrow are replaced by others. Anything external, the coming, shouldn't be reflected that remains invariable even after death of a physical body. The body will leave, and the rhythm of communication with the Leader will remain the same, remains both the Address, and Communication, and Proximity, - unless they only will amplify in the intensity and visibility. Terrestrial conditions will leave, and plasticity of the thin will allow to be carried out to mental constructions and to become it reality, for consciousness so obvious, as obviously now a dense environment. Where everything moves thought, the thought dominates and creates reality of the Thin World.
136. (M. A. Y.). . As a matter of fact, all terrestrial life is no other than preparation for Elevated stay. When it isn't understood, terrestrial existence loses the meaning and life becomes the deprived purpose and value. After all not for the same lives on Earth of people to disappear completely, and in the world where doesn't come to an end anything, but everything proceeds in the future, to stop a chain of the reasons and a chain of consequences as if anything and wasn't. It is difficult to imagine something more ridiculous than this situation. The main axiom of materialistic science says: anything in the nature doesn't disappear and isn't born again, but passes from one condition to another. This axiom is accepted while it is a question of the phenomena of a material order. On the phenomena of a spiritual order it for some reason doesn't extend. But when will understand, what even the thought is material and that out of a matter in all its types and degrees of refinement exist nothing, and this main axiom will put then to all phenomena of life. It is all about the expansion of consciousness and in moving apart limits of a phenomenon and understanding of a matter in boundlessness. Already understand that light is material, as well as a sound. The infantile materialism nowadays already is an ignorance symbol because the science stepped far away from the visible world. Electrons, neutrons, protons, photons and so on yet a limit, and only new steps of understanding of a matter above which there are others, thinner and even less available to the modern equipment. In Boundlessness of a limit of conditions of different types of a matter to reach not so simply as it seems to mind of the numbed materialist.
137. (Guru). The feeling of humility should be understood as relating to astral restraint. The will of the risen spirit found in itself force to restrain this violent, irrepressible cover. It also will be true humility because usually it is meant as something another is perfect.
138. (March 22). The thought convicted in a form, becomes a fancy and pulses energy of the consciousness which have generated it. Generation of such thoughts reasons in the power of the person. But as soon as the reason is issued and finished, there is it the consequence which not subject to will which has generated it because that can destroy thought. And thoughts live, influencing beget and surrounding people, animals, plants and all nature of the invisible and visible world. The fancy which has been let out from the conveyor of consciousness, begins the independent self-sufficing existence. Many people are victims of the unsuccessful thoughts. On examples of mental disbalance you see an extreme of this influence of mental forms on consciousness. It is impossible to destroy thought, but to suppress its force thought, stronger and persistent, probably. The power of the thoughts crystallized by long habits is so strong what to be exempted from them many find absolutely impossible. We Believe that for growing mental energy impossible isn't present because by growth of this energy it is caused and the growing force of again created fancies which are stronger former, generated by energy of weaker potential. The winner we call what fiery power all the time grows, overcoming persistently and constantly own generations of the past. Understanding of it gives feeling of force and confidence of a victory. The winner gets rid knows that, despite everything, finally, he will win. We call the winner of the one who we don't win the generations.
139. (March 23). Yogi’s eremites know what to fall down has a direct environment on the person. And knowing, they left to unapproachable mountains where in caves they separated themselves from influence of usual conditions. That to avoid them, there isn't enough of one only ability to concentrate on the Highest as influence goes through air with which breathe, through emanations with which walls of houses both all things and water and food, through the atmosphere sated with thoughts, feelings and emotions of people around are impregnated. Each contact leaves a trace on aura and to some extent makes a discharge of accumulated mental energy. Breath of people is dense and is infected often imperil and other derivatives of darkness. Everything that from darkness, use the darks, what in turn, strengthen this influence. The darkness external about which the Teacher Spoke, is especially condensed in places of a congestion of people. That is why in certain cases the privacy and isolation are absolutely necessary. But sometimes the Teacher puts in such situation when the external environment should oppose strength of mind, neutralizing it the atmosphere of the environment or even the whole district or the country, - that, of course, on a shoulder only to Spirits Highest. But also the small pupil to some extent sometimes carries out similar functions. While the lightful thought can be a benefactor to the district. About the city to stand and at least one righteous person the legend is full of deep value. It is necessary to understand only that the person is a powerful battery of the thinnest and strong the energy, interacting with all to people around. When this interaction or cooperation becomes conscious, fiery energy receives a powerful push to the development and growth.
140. (M. A. Y.). Yes, yes, yes. If water hollows a stone, especially thought, constant and persistent, will achieve the desirable objective. If, only not recede, not lose confidence of possibility of achievement and not to overtire in making. For this purpose also the rhythm which, like a powerful stream, bears consciousness to the planned is established. Weakness of all temporary that it is passing and sooner or later, but comes to an end always while spirit out temporarily, and those aspirations which strongly take roots in it, move it forward over temporariness of the passing phenomena. In that is superiority of spirit over a transient of dense conditions.
141. (March 24). People hope for a miracle, and the miracle isn't present. There is a Law of causes and effects. The current of planetary life is defined by it. When we Say that we Know, we Mean knowledge of the reasons which have to generate consequences corresponding to them if the Wheel of causality is put in action and karmic Laws came into force. When we Speak about the gets rid future, we Know the reasons and the conditions, forced to reveal his statement. To tell us "Know" a little, not only we Know, but also we See. Spatial grains of future consequences are based in a great Space Receptacle Real and, being buried there, ripen to gets rid term. Grain reason will give rise to result consequence, - action the law is invincibly. Knowing causality Laws, We Make in due course crops of Space Grains and to term we expect shoots, conformable to the put reasons. Two thousand years ago Great Crops were made: Майтрейя and Great Arrival – a consequence. Crops are dated for the Star Cycle and a consequence – too. The combination of Crops and Harvest to energy of spatial Beams of the Distant Worlds enters our constructions into an inalterability framework. When we Say: "Yes will be so", we Put in action force of the Great Law. For Us all is only a consequence. Therefore I Approve the future as inalterability and in Day of the Annual Holiday I Speak: Judgment should be. Memory the future is immutable will come when term will be executed. So I Speak, so I Claim in Day of the Great Festival of Light.
142. (M. A. Y.). Tension Rowers Light in Days of special value reaches the apogee to sate with energy it’s all cycle of coming year. At this time it is very important to join consciously Hierarchy and to enter into an orbit of its activity. It channelizes consciousness for all current year and will allow carry out it according to implementation of the Great Plan. Evolution of a planet goes depending on a current of cycles, great and small, and the knowledge of terms allows the Driver of the Planet to distribute powers of Hierarchy respectively. As also each of you receives an impulse, conformable I call the moment to contribute the share in the Bowl of General Welfare. Annual Holiday we will mark out understanding of value him for life of a planet and its evolutionary advance in the future.
143. (Guru). Let's consider this Holiday as Day of a unification of all powers of Light, a unification of everything who goes against darkness. When consciousnesses of all address to Light Focus, its Beams light up everyone addressing, and the planetary network of Light amplifies in the power. There is a space clarification from darkness, and winner Light approves the force on all space of a planet in a fit of temper, addressed to Light.
144. (March 26). Who said that then it will be easy. On the contrary, the prevention was given that difficulties and tension will increase, and not to destroy the device, but to strengthen it and to strengthen. Assimilation of difficulties isn't easy because demands application of force. Through the inevitable we will pass vigorously and quietly, without losing confidence neither of the Head, nor of.
145. (Guru). Inevitable not avoid, better meet that in balance and readiness for test.
146. (March 27). Finishing a cycle of the next embodiment on Earth, we will mean that it is necessary to use this time probably more stoutly to separate the most valuable from entrails. It is valuable only that undertakes with itself further, - all the rest not ours and to anything. And we will divide around on these two signs. Dismissal will consist in this process from unnecessary and release from insalubrious load. How many stratifications of the dense world those who didn't manage to be released carry away with themselves in Elevated. Be in good spirits free from everything that we have, is a task, which needs to be solved immediately.
147. Water destroys the strongest breeds even if flows on a drop. As also influence of mental energy invincibly if the rhythm and constancy are applied. Waves of such influences can overcome the most, apparently, difficult and impossible barriers, destroying them and crumpled from the way. Invisible and unheard, it influences powerfully. The let-out arrow doesn’t hold by a tail. In the same way and the charge of the mental energy, which has been let out in space, provide to independent action, without keeping it in consciousness, but knowing that it will precisely and steadily carry out the task charged to it. Not to stir the main thing to it and the doubts, fluctuations and uncertainty not to destroy its monolithic and purposeful action. Each fluctuation is transferred to it on a thread of communication and disturbs assignment performance. This feature of mental energy to work independently through the aspiration put in it has to be realized and considered. Just as to the sent this or that assignment and the instruction as to execute it is given, the assignment or the order given an accurate, finished shape of thought is given mental energy, and sent to space or to certain persons for performance. Certainly, these parcels shouldn't be from darkness or are sated with any negative emotions.

148. (M. A. Y.). If in the world terrestrial people need any weapon, in World Aboveground mental energy is the weapon unique and available to application by those who has it that is who saved up this energy during lifetime in a physical body. This circumstance is extremely important because the person, who has spent the fiery force, comes back to the Thin World the absolutely defenseless. However, guards of spatial spheres and attendants of Hierarchy protect one incarnation, but only in the known limits caused by the Law, and on layers. But the enemy can be met and there, and it is necessary to be protected. Dark show activity and in World Aboveground, and fiery energy will be the only protection against them.
149. (Guru). Life is a continuous fight and overcoming and surrounding conditions if spirit advance is disturbed by them.
150. (March 29). My son, change of a surrounding situation once again has to emphasize an invariance of bases, the purposes and aspirations. Under all conditions they remain the same. In the same way invariable there is also a Communication rhythm. So among a kaleidoscope of the external phenomena the invariance of the Way to Boundlessness which includes everything from which everything precedes and to which everything comes back is approved. All visibility turns into Invisibility, all past there leaves and left. It is possible to remember last life. Where all this left? In the past! Where is it? In Invisibility of in total containing bosom of space, in nature archives where past rolls are imprinted. In a sense it is, it exists, but only not on the plan of dense visibility. And access to a past is possible. The consciousness which has stepped for sides of commonness can read Akasha's rolls. So among life usual the citadel of singularity and cognition of the phenomena of the Hidden World is erected. Let's remember and know that outside a visibility dense exists and there is boundlessness not visible for an eye of the terrestrial world, but able to be visible and learned by the opened and lit centers of the human fiery device of spirit.
151. (M. A. Y.). In the field of equipment the elevated pressure is applied to commission of processes which with a usual pressure can't be carried out. In the same way and some phenomena of spirit demand a press that they could be accelerated. It is difficult to understand not abstractedly, and in life on to itself as this press and burdening by circumstances causes spirit growth. It would seem, just the opposite. But even rose attar receives under a press. And even the steam-engine without a vapor pressure of work won't give. Press and burdening’s because without them the valuable substance of spirit necessary for advance and take-off of consciousness won't be developed should understand it to learn to rejoice. Let's learn to rejoice to loadings and the burdening’s which are so necessary for ascension of spirit and inflamed of the fiery centers. After all it is a step of a ladder of life.
152. (Guru). If to consider itself as the unfortunate, helpless victim of destiny and circumstances, to move further and it will be already impossible to ascend. The lord of the power the person, overcoming all obstacles in way and barriers which are placed before it by life on a way to Boundlessness has to understand constantly himself. Fight up to the end, to a victory, before overcoming of all obstacles – here a way of the Judgment winner, here a way of the recognized pupil called and directed by the Teacher of Light.
153. Forces counteracting, forces hostile at first show the ardent resistance and persistence to break will of the spirit bearing Light, but, having met unshakable persistence, persistence and knowledge of the invincibility, will soon recede to invent new approach for stinging of the carrier of Light and again to be won new fight.
154. (March 30). The saliva belongs to area of intimate secretions. Therefore in a normal state it doesn't jump out of an organism. It strong is saturated with mental energy, that is fire in that its look or a condition which corresponds to the spiritual height or meanness of the person. At Spirits High the saliva is salutary. At the lowest it is poisonous. At the angry person she is poisoned. All condition of an organism is immediately reflected in it and its structure. Even the chemical analysis it would be possible to establish this difference. Secretions of a human body, speaking in general, possess remarkable properties. It is area of science of the future. The most wonderful on Earth is a human body.
155. (Guru). To the departed we adjoin through their shape terrestrial. This shape serves as though as a connecting link with the spirit released from a physical body. And even if the departed is already incarnate again, it doesn't disturb contact as connection is established with spirit, instead of with its covers, which all temporarily. It must be kept in mind and not to be confused any reasons. When the Teacher Says that communication with It – over all temporary and mortal, - it points to intimate communication between the spirit and of spirit.
156. (March 31). To render habitable the new room – means to fill it with the aura and to neutralize its own stratifications which have collected there in time. Impact of these others stratifications is at first felt usually enough sharply, breaking the habitual course of mental energy. When the room will be filled with own emanations and time will overcome counteraction former, old, everything will enter into a normal track and life will begin to flow as it was established earlier. Thus it is necessary to consider and influence of auras of new neighbors. Known extent of harmonization is required and with them. Collective, though unconscious, influence them too is required to consider and oppose them strength of the. All this creates new conditions of a mental environment, to submit which – means to lose the direction. To keep the individual accumulation and to protect them from absorption by strangers – a task, which should be solved immediately and victoriously? Many weak spirits were dissolved and absorbed by the Wednesday, many lost the way.
157. Darkness external, and with it crying and a gnash tooth will proceed until Light won't descend to Earth and won't fill with itself consciousness of mankind. The new Era of Fire will be the witness to this transformation of mankind and all life of a planet. New Fiery Energy will create such conditions when they or should be accepted and assimilated, or, having rejected, to be destroyed by them. Assimilation will demand clarification of consciousness and acceptance by heart of new energy. On the changed Earth penetrated by New Beams, the dark consciousness can't exist. The new Era can promptly come, and then from two, being in a field, one can be taken, that is accepted, and – will reject another. Together with unusable, judgment forms of the old world from a planet their carriers will leave also. All life will change.
158. (Guru). As many considerable phenomena are made in Invisibility already later to come to light in visible forms, - the main events in Invisibility. On a surface – only streams of external currents. It is impossible to judge on them the events in depths. The valid events are hidden from an eye of the superficial observer. And if on a surface more and more or less quietly, it absolutely doesn't mean yet that occurs nothing and didn't occur. The main currents escape a look of people, because go at depths.
159. (Apr. 1). Distribution on beams happens after freight of terrestrial remnants is dumped. The spirit exempted from a body, long bears on itself stratifications of terrestrial life from which it is exempted gradually. In case of an apprenticeship this process goes much quicker as in a body many unnecessary is rejected. The correct understanding of terrestrial things and conditions already on Earth allocates for them a due place, without eclipsing the main sense of terrestrial existence and further stay of the person in the worlds. But the print of dense clichés nevertheless accompanies known time of one incarnation of the spirit. A lot of things, of course, depend on preparation of consciousness and of the last minutes of a separation upon transition of the Last Borders. In a piteous state there are those who, except terrestrial existence, another can't imagine. Even small representation or knowledge of possibility of life out of a body facilitates a lot of things and accelerates process of release from terrestrial remnants. Each thought about Elevated becomes reality for a one incarnation and bears him, as on wings, in gets rid to spirit of the sphere. Not only it is as though answered for each thought, but also the harvest from thoughts good and leading gathers. In that world where everything moves thought, the thought is the taking priority factor of life causing stay of the person in it.
160. (Guru). Each action and act of the person can be comprehended only in relation to the Thin World, - only when understanding both worlds there are they expedient. Without acceptance in consciousness of the Thin World acts human and behavior become one-sided and deprived of final sense. Whether it is worth gaining experience and knowledge or to improve qualities and abilities of spirit if, say, having money, and it is so possible to live cheerfully, in wellbeing and humoring itself. Who will begin to think of that not to do something or to refrain from something, when at its order two-three ten years of conscious existence and health, - and it at the best. Only recognition of two worlds and a continuity of life can give the chance in hands the person of intelligent existence and put on a self-improvement way.
161. (Apr. 2). It is a lot of reasoning’s on in what condition there are the people who have passed to the World Thin. Any answer will be incorrect and unsatisfactory, because an experienced of the Thin World – on consciousness. The consciousness and its contents are caused by thoughts and feelings, related. Let's assume that the person filled it with thoughts of denial of any life in Elevated. But after all the thought there reigns. Therefore, denying life there won't have, and its existence there will be noted by all signs of lack of life. Certainly, he won't die because grain of spirit is immortal, but the denial it will deprive of itself (himself) possibility of feeling of life. Dreams have on Earth of people something or anyway to arrange the life. There the thought becomes the only reality and force for the person, and he can have everything that permits or allows thought: as though a fairyland where each desire, good or bad is carried out, - but, if desires are bad and from darkness? Then with darkness the person surrounds him and plunges into the lower class of an astral, attracting to it and, in turn, being attracted by the layers of space corresponding to dark mental generations. The accord law fairly and inevitably operates life of the spirits which have dumped a body, and everyone receives on aspiration, - one incarnation condition very fair, from the thoughts and generations not to leave anywhere, and everyone reaps on thoughts. It is impossible to generalize conditions of rune incarnation, because how many the heads, that is how many minds, is so much and conditions. And denying and claiming have that deny or claim. But even the small statement or knowledge of conditions of stay in World Hidden very much facilitate this stay. The thought of darkness or thought of Light surrounds the thinker with darkness or Light – in it the law.
162. (M. A. Y.). At constancy of Communication with Hierarchy of Light force inside grows imperceptibly, but is constant. This growth isn't visible to an eye of the carrier of this fiery force growing, but from time to time we see results on extent of that influence which is made by this force on people around. And words then gain special property to influence people. Certainly, this condition demands special discretion and attention to each said word because in words force bearing in destruction or creation is released in space. A little people think of word meaning, while words as if arrows, in space bear energy of darkness or the benefit. Even the sound of the word already influences nervous system and the most speaking and the listener. It is correctly told that "silence – gold". Too responsibility for words said is great, and it isn't enough the people understanding this responsibility. It is necessary to speak even less more shortly. People suffer not from hunger, but from an overheating. In the same way they suffer not from reticence and restraint, but from verbosity, mere words are generated by empty thoughts, but it’s beget is responsible for each thought. Let's fall in love with the commonwealth with silence.
163. (Guru). Icons, sacred Images and subjects matter not in itself, but as the intermediaries links connecting consciousness from darkness or subjects, to whom or to that it is directed. For association with the Highest the consciousness should lean on something, to grasp something, through something to approach. And these by means of are served by the listed above objects. Certainly, and these subjects are unusual so far as they are saturated with stratifications of the highest vibrations or thoughts of a spiritual order. Even such subjects can be shone from super saturation stratifications. It is easy to understand that hidden stratifications of temples and taverns are absolutely various. All surrounding the person is sated with his emanations collecting on things, subjects, houses and walls, time of the whole centuries. All planets are shrouded in generations of human thought. And whether it is possible be surprised that people choke in the suffocations created by their own diligence and works.
164. (Apr. 3). How to counterbalance the most sweet and the most bitter? Only in consciousness, only the consciousness can become the center of an equilibration of contrasts. On the one hand – the extreme of poles, with another – without a treatment of light and shade won't be manifestations. Even the film won't give the image. It isn't contrasts, and in what couple from them is allowed in consciousness focus. While in the world terrestrial without the ant provision of Light and shade there can't be a life. There are spheres in Elevated, spheres of a phenomenon of Light where shadows already aren't present. But in the world dense such situation is impossible. But it also gives priority a conscious choice between Light and darkness that then, in World Aboveground where division of Light and darkness is noted by a sharp side, the spirit could stay in that from them which corresponds to essence of its nature and aspirations. It is possible to choose here, on Earth, there it is necessary to deal only with consequences of the made choice. Earlier this situation differed a tracing: "Give up the hope, entering here". Now it is possible to tell: "Know, entering that you enter into the sphere of realization of all your aspirations". That is why such crucial significance is attached to aspiration. After all the aspiration is generated by thought and the thought in the Thin World conducts. It conducts and on Earth, only because of density of the sphere terrestrial it is difficult to see self-sufficing value of thought. But even that to raise a hand, it is necessary to premise to this movement thought. The threshold shown by though, is necessary in terrestrial conditions. There are, however, actions senseless, but even the reflex thought that is the thought which isn't supervised by will and consciousness is premised to them, - in it is all malignancy of reflex thinking. Better a mistake, but from a will pleasure, than dregs of a reflex stupor. Patrol is Underline as method of fight against lunar heritage of the past. Understanding of responsibility for thought – a characteristic sign of a wake consciousness, is a wake spirit, because in wakefulness it pledge of a victory over thought.
165. (M. A. Y.). All feelings and qualities of spirit give in to education and culture. Everyone can be developed and improved infinitely. It is possible to raise a garden fine in own consciousness, choosing the best seeds for the best flowers. After landing leaving and care is necessary to them. Stopping mentally on the chosen quality, we make as though flower watering. The garden watered won't become scanty. Care is about a consciousness garden where the best watering is the thought. Let's not forget that our thoughts are a carpet, on which the foot of the Elevated World going to spheres will go.
166. (Guru). Even to the soldier on patrol we will tell, keep the weapon in readiness and in a full order. The weapon of the soldier of Light – thought. To anything the weapon to use which aren't able? Ability is given by experience and the appendix. In desire to apply knowledge we won't overtire and we won't weaken. Persistently also we will everyday exercise the spirit weapon that the hand didn't stiffen and vigilance didn't change.
167. (Apr. 4). Many thoughts during the day plow a consciousness surface. Whether all are necessary, whether all are useful, whether all are suitable in a way distant? One help to go, others disturb and to heavy freight are similar. But all: both that and others – accompany us on the way. It is good to give everyday, at least there are some minutes, to do selection and to reject that disturbs. With load heavy far not leave. And it is inexpedient to mark time because life goes forward. To lag behind – means to get under time wave, revenges seeming stability of the surrounding. To keep identity of the accumulation, it is necessary to move together with evolution real and even ahead of it because to fly, even ahead of a cyclone, safely. Each particle of load at fast flight disturbs. Therefore release of consciousness from the thoughts detaining evolution of spirit will be a problem of the moment. Every instant it is possible to carry out with advantage. There can't be a senseless and useless burning of life. Every instant someone in need, someone can send thoughts of the help, every instant it is possible to improve something and mentally to change a clumsy of surrounding conditions, it is mentally possible to build fine locks once these mental constructions got concrete forms. A lot of useful it is possible to create consciously thought. At our disposal all the time which is, and time of it is a lot of if to be exempted from thoughts unnecessary and harmful.
168. (M. A. Y.). To rise over life usual – whether it means to enter into singularity spheres which surround the person from all directions, the attention over the ordinary is worth directing. Life is accompanied by death, and death – only a new phase of life. In a hide of the real – the main and most part of life, though isn't visible it to an eye terrestrial as the most part of an iceberg is invisible. In invisibility of the real is the main basis of life. Even the near and remote past of the person leaves there, even yesterday. So we will direct the looks on invisible that to find that sense which without the invisible doesn't exist in visibility. As it is possible capture day son denying night, or to understand one pole of the phenomenon, rejecting other, it’s causing. The continuity of extent of the line going from one pole to another and connecting both in one inseparable whole should be understood spirit that in a duality of the phenomena not seen to an eye not to be lost and not to miss a shining thread of reality. Having seized understanding of the phenomena of both poles, it is possible to rise in a point of their equilibration to approve the power over them. Only covering the phenomenon as a whole in its duality, it is possible to comprehend it. Comprehension, understanding and mastering is only steps of a ladder of power of spirit.
169. (Apr. 5). The question is raised so: or the darkness external will suppress and will darken light of spirit, or light which inside, will win. If fight concerned only fighting, it would be not so difficult to win. But people around and surrounding influence strong, persistently aspiring, under the law of being reported vessels, to balance that outside, that inside, and to force consciousness and heart to be filled with a gloom surrounding spirit. The darkness external is active, is energetic and is constantly active. Auras of people around create channels for stronger influence and if there aren't enough one or two gray auras, will send much more. Difficultly to resist against these influences extraordinary because in it these influences are hidden. Only heart will scent all burden of a dark wave. Spatial space conditions of the moment especially favor to process. But I Won against the world and those who with Me, I urge to stand up to the end, counteracting darkness furious. It is necessary to win because the won betrays him to darkness.
170. (Guru). Fatally wounded tiger can be still very dangerous. Before dying, he will try to strike the last blow. And the world of darkness leaving is ready even on self-destruction if only to do harm.
171. (Apr. 6). Distribution of knots of Light on a surface of a planet carries not casual, but definitely calculated order. Light network, thus, covers crust so that it didn't leave unprotected places and a parcel of charges of Light or Beams could go regularly and rhythmic. To leave a planet without protection – means to betray it to darkness. The darkness is very active. Without encountering resistance in Light knots which can be absolutely precisely called resistance knots, the darkness would began to extend freely everywhere and would flood with itself all Earth. That is why there are so many oases which aren't mentioned yet by occurring shift of energy. If to allow shift on all surface of a planet, it would be very difficult to hold Light network in its indestructible condition. Loading at this shift on Light Carriers such is that only in extreme, unreasonable tension they can maintain this heavy press. Whether it is possible be surprised that at times it is so improbable, intolerable difficult. The heart brought for the sake of rescue of the world, bears on itself the Burden of this World. Also it is possible to imagine, what Burden of Lords. Dark shifted the bases and therefore to lean on that served people as a support earlier, it is already impossible. Support one – Hierarchy of Light. Only it one is firm and unshakable. Only the Stronghold costs, as the rock, among the rough ocean being swept and the discomposed elements.
172. (M.A.Y.). And still it is necessary to keep and resist. Counteraction of darkness can't be long. After several attempts of intense and convulsive efforts it nevertheless will fail if fight of waves of Light against it is rather steady and firm. The tragedy of unstable consciousness in that, what it doesn't maintain up to the end, and spirit puts the weapon, recognizing itself won often at that very moment when the victory is close. Not at darkness of constancy, because no of the basis. Stability in fight against darkness is necessary just because being swept efforts of darkness. It can't resist the rhythm phenomenon. She if the confidence of power of Hierarchy of Light remains unshakable can't win. Its convulsive arrhythmic attempts don't maintain facing persistence of firmness of heart, until the end of Light betrayed to Hierarchy. Certainly darkness, and in it it’s of weakness. Light is infinite and is invincible – and in it its force. The one who knows an extremity of darkness and indestructible power of Light all-conquering is invincible.
173. (Guru). Elements are output from an equilibrium state. Powers of chaos storm on all space of a planet, except for the few oases. The darkness, for the statement of among destruction forces uses chaos. Everyone disbalance elements is accompanied by activity of forces dark. The provision of a planet is difficult and is strained to a limit. All forces should be collected to keep and to give in to influence of powers of darkness and destruction. Badly is in the world. Great patrol, great discretion, vigilance and care are necessary, - unknown time, because we approach to a limit.
174. (Apr. 7). What will be if the watchman of a beacon doesn't begin to carry out the duties? How many the ships will lose the correct direction and how many misfortunes will occur? And who will be responsible for the happened? And to guards my, standing on planetary patrol by torches to people. I advise to avoid arrhythmic fluctuations of the lamp of spirit that it didn't fuse and those to whom it shone wouldn't lose in the darkness which has come suddenly the way. No justifications will help if it happens. And that coasted by the guard who has left the guards. Whether can bad mood and the reasons, it caused, to excuse the forgotten debt. Situation that isn't present to a standing hail, at least without one righteous person, has the deep scientific basis. The device of the human body given to a harmonious condition and suitably developed is the powerful battery radiating strong energy, influencing on surrounding his environment and supporting balance of a spontaneous matter. It is possible to call regulators of spatial energy and underground fire of these torches of spirit helping Me to keep balance of a planet. Assistants to me by right I Can call them. Certainly, their responsibility for Assignment performance is great. Like beacons in a storm they serve mankind, because functions of their mental device extend and on direct impact on mentality and the mental atmosphere of people surrounding them and space. Loading is great. It also will be the World Burden which lies down on shoulders going with Me. We realize this loading not as the, but as spatial, borne not for themselves, and for the World in the Name My.
175. (M. A. Y.). Spatial service becomes complicated and aggravated with that for dark it is intolerant. And therefore they apply all tricks, shifts and diligence that to stop it. On the one hand, fight with chaos and balance maintenance, with another, fight against dark evil-make, - from here and feeling of burden unreasonable. Time now the very difficult. Continuous understanding of Proximity and the communication with Hierarchy is required. It is impossible to give in neither to chaos nor dark. But it is a question not only of own rescue. On the card the future is put. Very darkly, - everyone even a sparkle of Light is necessary, and furthermore the lamp strong and exactly burning spirit.
176. (Guru). To resist, resist, resist; both to help, and to help, and to help and, and a planet, and Us. Already not about itself and the rescue necessary to think but, - off all. So personal outgrows in spatial and universal. Also it becomes essential necessary for evolution. Each made contribution to Common Cause becomes the fighter for the statement of Light and rescue of a planet from powers of darkness and destruction.
177. (Apr. 8). We bring everyday stones on creation of the New World. The more and heavier they, they are stronger construction. But the building isn't finished yet, and behind the woods and materials it isn't visible its beauty, and it is a lot of garbage and slags. Time that to clean all this is required and to enter new life into the new course. Not can be in this transition period of calm and silence. Without useless try strengthen even any visibility of wellbeing. All fluctuates, -only the Stronghold is unshakable.
178. (M. A. Y.). Uncertainty and instability of world situation is reflected and in life of each earthling by the same instability and uncertainty. Everything changes, and nobody can be sure that tomorrow will be same, as today. In all areas of life it is possible to note this lack of stability. Its reasons lie deeply. All is shaken. Not elements will be included into coast soon and life normally will begin to flow. It is necessary to understand and not to be surprised that everything goes not as it would be desirable, even in small.
179. (Guru). The person assumes, but the Karma has. And it is impossible to fight against the Karma. In known limits it is possible to make everything that is possible, but the area karmic which usual isn't subject to influence of will further begin. It is necessary to outline very sharply the line of karmic inalterability not to spend futile efforts for its overcoming. But all the rest gives in to will influence.
180. (Apr. 9). It is a lot of stones on the Way; on which we will stumble? Will ask, why stones when and without them it is hard. Answer: on smooth stones not to climb up. And it is good when the way is difficult and heavy. In Elevated it is even more intense and even more difficult. If not overcome difficulties here how to win against them there. To each trauble covers opportunity in itself. On mankind it is difficult to present it, but it is valid so. Why then life of those who followed my Way, was always so burdened. Truly, everyone following Me bore the cross, but not only for itself but also for others. The phenomenon of atonement isn't understood. It carries not personal, but spatial character. Spatial oppression is rarefied by energy of heart. These won't flash energy without burdening by circumstances, - in a silent bog of mold and of the decomposition. Through stones, opening the way, aspires it is crystal a transparent stream below to irrigate valleys and to give life moisture to fields. What to tell to reconcile spirit with the inevitable? Unless that all will once terminate and the spirit will find a desired harmony of an environment in the Highest Spheres of the Elevated World, - but not on Earth where crying and a gnash tooth and much such, on overcoming of that is required still long time. Certainly, and on Earth it is possible to create rather harmonious living conditions, but not now when transition from one Yugi in another is made. All energy is set in motion: one leave, others replace them. Great Shift can't but be reflected in all aspects of life, breaking its usual and habitual current; for sensitive organisms the moment almost intolerable on the sharpness. But courageously it is necessary to endure everything and to undergo up to the end. Ahead expects something such that will reconcile with everything, through what it is necessary to pass. Light is ahead. For the sake of it also we accept an impact of darkness leaving.
181. (Guru). Light the Highest isn't visible to a terrestrial eye and therefore its distribution happens invisibly. Only heart will scent pleasure when Light will touch it, or will heavy contract when waves of darkness are carried by. On feelings of heart it is possible to judge carrying by waves, from Light them or from darkness. But heart will be the judge. When heavy to it, so the darkness comes. Heart gives a right message.
182. (Apr. 10). At the right decision each counteraction has to cause energy inflow bigger, than the counteraction force that to overcome it. It is necessary to increase spirit on everything counteracting so to achieve a victory. Not honor to lose courage and give in to force, against the going. It is a lot of the spirits broken by life, darken the planet atmosphere. Our motto – fight till the end and to a victory. It is always achievable at firmness of spirit because the spirit is eternal and indestructible while all counteracting it is temporary and short-lived. It is possible to be convinced on own life of justice of this statement if to remember, how many difficulties and obstacles arose during all this time. And all of them consigned to the past, all disappeared and were replaced with others, new which as will leave as those left. Therefore firmness and firmness of the consciousness knowing firmly about a transient of the current hour is necessary. How it was difficult or dark, know that "and it will pass". Everything will pass and will come, but the spirit will arrive for ever and ever. It would seem, the thought isn't new but as its acceptance in consciousness and the statement it in vital application is difficult. Life is arranged so that as Heraclitus spoke, "everything flows". And only the Silent Recorder passionlessly beholds this tide of life, standing apart, but imprinting everything.
183. (M. A. Y.). Well spirit to understand the usefulness, each passable test to learn from it given to everyone lesson. If it isn't understood and the lesson isn't learned, it will repeat again and again while the lesson won't be acquired. Speed of tests depends on this condition. Even the whole lives are given repeatedly for passing of the things which haven't been acquired earlier. The good pupil attentively and tensely seeks to understand the next task and to take from it everything to that she can teach. Discontent, complaints and self-torments tests given by life only burden consciousness, giving nothing in exchange, and only deepening and strengthening passable test. And it too should be understood. Counteraction to karma is inexpedient and useless. Except unnecessary tortures it gives nothing. Ability is quiet with a smile and it is beautiful to meet waves of the opposite phenomena is given by life experience.
184. (Guru). Emptiness, triviality and senselessness of life not in it, and in consciousness of the person, as well as the life full of value and sense. "The person is a measure of things" – this saying we won't forget. With itself and in itself everyone bears the understanding of life, and anywhere from itself not to leave if understanding it is poor and limited to visibility of the dense world.
185. (Apr. 11). (M. A. Y.). The branching of channels of Light is similar to a network of the blood vessels having the center of the center in heart. Great Heart, being Light center, transfers on channels the vibrations to all corners of the globe. And the channel of personal communication is pure, vibrations of Light reach freely. So the planetary network of Light is supported and vibrates in space. It the world keeps. Without it as without the sun, life of spirit would become impossible on Earth. Therefore care of it both its protection and the maintenance of the wires orderly a debt and a duty of those who realized its sense and value. Without Light – darkness and lack of life, that is death. The death of spirit is more terrible than death of a physical body because with death its spirit doesn't die, but with death of spirit for the person all comes to an end.
186. (Guru). The tense string sounds only. That is why the pupil in a condition of special tension is put. Condition not from pleasant, but the susceptibility is aggravated and thinning process is possible. The way is difficult, and the few go of.
187. (Apr. 12). To recognize in itself the beginning, able to win against any resistance of environment, will be already achievement and the first step to a victory. It is possible to overcome everything, but at persistence longer, than resistance lasts. To undergo duration of this resistance which certainly by the most nature, is necessary? To recede – means to admit the insolvency. There is nothing that could resist influence of mental energy if duration of force of its appendix isn't shorter than duration of force resisting. It isn't necessary to trust in it, it should be known simply not to get tired in making. Many soldiers and force have both courage and knowledge, but often they don't have enough persistence not to recede prematurely and to find in itself firmness to sustain up to the end. And it is frequent when the end is already close; they lay down arms, having recognized that external circumstances are stronger than them. Fight after all goes not with them, it should be understood very much, and inside, with itself because the one who won against itself (himself), wins against the world. And the victory over is expressed in an inflexible of spirit and in understanding of that when waves of influences fall upon the winner, they can't break his power if have in it no anything. The formula "there is a Prince of this World and has in me no anything" also means a victory of spirit over everything that rose and goes on it in the dense world with ardent assistance of darkness from the respective spheres of the Thin World. And the external seeming victory of darkness has no value because the spirit above all and a measure of spirit is measured essence and victory depth. It is necessary to know this immutable inevitability of a victory of spirit over temporariness of external conditions that victoriously and firmly to a victory to go with inflexible belief in a final celebration eternal over the passing. So, fight till the end and a victory, despite everything and contrary to everything, contrary to ardent, logical persuasiveness of evidence, contrary to Maya most incontestable evidence. Only this way we will win. Weakness will whisper about hopelessness of fight and impossibility to achieve success, but it will be voices of covers, external and passing. Only the spirit transient, and that is transferred to spirit area, that, – finally, triumphs over passing, marking a victory.
188. (M. A. Y.). We see and we know how you are tormented with vague shadows, but We allow this phenomenon to cause from depth of your essence mighty forces resistance giving growth to spirit and leading to a desired victory. Anyhow to become strong and to win, how not fight, constant, persistent, and successful? Anyhow fiery force collects and become the owner of fiery power? Let's not weaken in fight, not get tired. Let's remember and know that we won't break and the spirit which has begun to see clearly to understanding of the force is invincible.
189. (Guru). It is necessary vigorously and firmly, without permitting to spirit to hang, tell itself every time when repeated attempts of darkness seek to break its force: "Well, we will measure swords force again and again we will win", – because the spirit when it is called and when the source of this inexhaustible power is conscious is invincible. For collecting in focus of all strength of mind it is possible to remember the moments of lifting and take-off, it is possible to remember, how many obstacles are already overcome and how many is saved up forces. Concentration of fiery energy at the right time for their appendix in influence focus is a necessary condition for achievement of desirable results. You know, opposite know also dark yours about intense fight of two beginnings – Light and darkness, – but performers and victims of dark influences are blind and about anything even don't suspect. You are able to see among blind. And while vigilance doesn't leave you, fight will be successful. But it is worth forgetting only for an instant that behind the back of performers of dark and malicious suggestions there are attendants of darkness of different degrees as the weapon of Light drops out of your hands, and dark evil-make If something goes or becomes to you to the detriment, know strong, always and not greatly that behind it there are powers of darkness and their attendants hiding behind obedient backs of performers of all these shifts. The blow should be struck to them, instead of to performers who often and don't suspect about the events and that they are blind tools of darkness.
190. (Apr. 14). Expression "the Teacher of Light" Is unchangeable it is necessary to understand as the statement of that moods and changeability of an astral, its instability and inconstancy aren't peculiar to those Who already transferred long ago the consciousness to the sphere of the Highest Triad. The words Semper idem belong to them. To them imitating, it is possible to aspire to that main current of life of spirit went over variability, instability and fluctuations of external living conditions. This variability in all centuries remains property of a dense environment of the person, but life of spirit goes in Spheres of the Highest, not conditions of the everyday sea not mentioned by changeability. In the highest value of this word there can't be a person of any instant the same because the person is a process, and evolution of spirit means continuous change and ascension on steps of a ladder of life. These two types of changes in covers and in the Highest Triad should be distinguished accurately because there are they on the different planes of consciousness and in different spheres of manifestations of activity of a human microcosm. Therefore it will be correct to tell that the Teacher is unchangeable, and it is correct to understand, thus, that the Teacher is new during every instant. And here, as well as everywhere, the understanding of ant provisions leads to the correct solution of this question.
191. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to move ahead only application of given Instructions because it is anyhow possible to acquire the next lesson practically. And wisely to complain about life that it gives such wonderful opportunities to study not abstractedly. The true apprentice ship differs from imagined by that school is life, and severity and difficulty of conditions the inevitable basis of advance and success. In the most impossible and, apparently, inconceivable conditions the shining blade of spirit becomes tempered. The victory easily isn't given, but results of its fight and a victory are integral also is the motto Ours.
192. (M. A. Y.). Secret of a victory not in breaking a wall of external influences, and in holding contrary to and that to approve by it not darkened consciousness a superiority of spirit over them. And then, only then, opportunity to overcome as well the waves of these influences is born. The principal value thus has a condition of spirit, a victorious condition it which is growing out of the valid understanding of that spirit above all. Only this consciousness it is possible to pass victoriously through everything, and only the victory over the world also consists in it.
193. (Guru). Long affairs from affairs every day, usual differ that their results or consequences are outlined by the radius of distant action. It means that in time they are showered, as anchors of long voyage, much more forward, far, far beyond one, limited short time, human life. In it all meaning of the life, acts and actions of those who acts with the Name of the Lord. Ordinary people act for themselves and in the name, and their actions don't leave out of limits of this life which they intend to live on Earth. Our actions are long. And in all that we left after ourselves, it is possible to see this extent in time further usual narrow-minded affairs, - in it phenomenon as out temporality of art, because its composition outlast the ages. We are realists- operating and makers of affairs long.
194. (Apr. 15). My son, confidence of results or belief is a basis of success of all undertakings. When this belief turns into knowledge, there is it immutable. When We Say, that We have all is one consequence, - then We Know action of the great Law. Life for Us – this field of Great Crops of the reasons, forced to give immutable consequences. What seeds, are that also future shoots. In a sense these consequences as though already passed from the future in the present to the past which We See not darkened by the phenomena of the present day. In our constructions there is no place to anything personal because the personality is a symbol temporary and passing, We Live in eternity, and Boundlessness is the sphere of our activity. Situation, what not temporary We, and boundless, became for Us the life code. And We Want that those who aspire and think to be with Us, like the same thoughts with which We Live, and became our active assistants in a structure of life of a planet. Now We place the main emphasis on thought. We Act with thought. And We Want that going to Us into the sphere of our activity would enter through thought. It is the most available method of rapprochement with Us. Thought it is easy to reach Us if to direct and work with it. Thoughts don't know barriers of the dense world because the thought is Fire Real. When the thinker in the person realizes the importance and when it learns to work with Light weapon – thought, then ways which to it by anybody and "are ordered" by nothing are open for it. And then it can, having spread spirit wings, to tell that at a falcon wings aren't tied and ways to it aren't ordered, Value of thought and while experience and life didn't show isn't realized yet and didn't teach that true freedom consists in awareness of fiery power of thought. We Create thought. We Act with thought, We Move Evolution by thought.
195. (M.A.Y.) Power of thought can be understood only by application it in life. Its power is great. There are no those barriers and those walls through which it couldn't get. There is no that space through which it couldn't fly. There is no that future which it couldn't concern in the creative flight. We win thought. The thought is a basis on which everything because even the worlds are conceived by thought is based. This basis is fiery. Essence of thought is fire. In fire we live, on fire we stay, fire we create. So we will understand taking priority value of thought.
196. (Guru). The way of an apprenticeship is a way of achievement of practical experience and knowledge on life of every day. It is told that life is the best school and especially when the Teacher – the Lord. But soldiers don't complain about difficulty of the doctrine and exercises. Each pupil is a soldier, and each soldier of the Lord – the pupil. The doctrine doesn't stop neither in the afternoon, nor at night, neither life, nor death. Pupil is always the pupil, in all worlds, and the Teacher at it is one in all worlds too. Continuous extent of life should be understood, ridiculous understanding of death – to destroy and realize, something that has no beginning, can't have and the end.
197. (Apr. 16). The thought breaks through channels in space to conformable spheres and creates a mental environment of the person. At once not dig the channel. Time, efforts and frequency is necessary. Frequency of efforts is necessary that the channel didn't decay and wasn't again tightened by spatial heaps. On the dug channel the thought already freely flows, rather easily washing away able to arise resistance. The established situation needs to be protected. Protection of channels of the thought dug in space, – care of the thinker. The garden watered won't become scanty. Casual thoughts which plow today a surface of consciousness tomorrow to disappear aren't effective. The channels dug by thought in space, serve as spirit means of communication in the Elevated ambassador of his release from a dense body. The spirit is always connected with thoughts which it created. The aspiration flows on these channels. Creators of the karma consciously thought create desirable and necessary consequences.
198. The direction of the main blow in the field of military strategy has crucial importance for a victory. The same direction is available and in the sphere of fight spiritual. At each given moment the spirit has to know, where it the major where its efforts go. The victory on the main direction provides successes on all the others. On the main direction almost all strength of mind concentrates to overcome the next resistance of counteracting forces. When in a point of blow of a ram all its force concentrates, its action is powerful. It is possible to operate surely with thought, revenges on the way arrhythmic, separate, unconscious, and therefore often weak, attempts of all counteracting thoughts, without forgetting thus and about dark opposite rent opened yet and not put under a direct stroke of a beam of thought. For them to get under a thought beam – means to burn that they very much don't love and avoid. Therefore so carefully also hide behind others backs, trying not itself, namely to hold up them under retaliation. The inexperienced soldier strikes blow to these covering, leaving unpunished the main evil-make. To fight with those behind which back hide dark, it is equivalent to fight against windmills. Such fight because the main opponent remains impregnable is useless and fruitless.
199. (M. A. Y.). We not know of the defeat. Why? Because never we lay down arms Light, - because we stand up to the end, - but the way back for Us isn't present. Behind for Us there is nothing. Our way only forward, only with the Lord and only to the Lord. We know, that, if with the Lord we go, then – to a victor, - sense and purpose of our life in a victory. But defeat means the legend itself to darkness. Therefore going with the Lord is always the winner. There can be moments of very heavy fight, but fight not defeat, and to a victory only a way. The spirit when in the spirit of, instead of in a body or in its covers all is concentrated is invincible and indestructible. Covers are only spirit tools, its tools. Not covers, but spirit it is eternal. And in understanding of eternity of spirit the secret of a victory because all temporary will leave is hidden, the spirit will arrive.
200. (Guru). When the consciousness becomes focus of perception of Light, it immediately becomes the purpose for dark influences and dark attempts and any evil-silts. It is necessary to remember it constantly because while Light in heart burns, dark won't calm down for an instant, - from here inevitability of continuous and vigilant patrol and a memory constant that enemies of Light on the guard always that somehow and through someone, but to do harm. Let's not allow to destroy you, but not to avoid any the evil-deliberate, tricks and small dirty tricks. Only vigilant patrol can protect because dark very much don't like to get under a ray of light. The beam can force to stand in a distance of henchmen of darkness, but it is necessary that this beam was and that it’s Light wasn't shaken by anything.
201. (Apr. 17). Many sensitive spirits perish because forces don't suffice opposite to the influences going from all directions. Resistance of the environment is the force with which each carrier of Light should reckon. Or she wins and does the person to one of crowd, or he is a winner. If to imagine a thin environment of this Wednesday, it would be possible to see hardened giants of traditions, superstitions, customs, habits and much stratification of thoughts and feelings of uncountable generations. It the old cities are especially dangerous. Not to fall under the power of these heaps can only at strong aspiration to Hierarchy of Light. Are strong both stratifications of the present and recent heaps of thoughts of living people. All this presses on consciousness and seeks to drown it in the emanations. Hierarchy – an anchor of rescue from absorption by external darkness. It is necessary to be attracted to it very much and, having attracted, strong to keep. Spatial trouble very much complicates a task. The planet is sick, and spasms of a planetary organism affect a condition of spirit, causing disbalance, to fight with which hardly, - hard of the time, dark time. The leaving darkness tries to strangle each sparkle of Light.
202. (Guru). The karma creates to each person such conditions which it is sharp or weak, but always differs from conditions of people, even nearby the living. The physical narrowness doesn't serve as an obstacle for an infinite variety of the Karma. Everyone bears the, and everyone pays on a measure. Attempt to change the Karma doesn't yield any results, rather on the contrary, aggravates those undesirable conditions which want to be avoided. The exit from undesirable conditions should be looked for in other direction, overcoming their force to influence a condition of consciousness and dependence of spirit on them. The conditions karmic inevitable not to avoid, but extent of their impact on consciousness can be moderated and even completely to neutralize, and in it, and only in it, the victory over the Karma will consist. Immunity of spirit from external influences when the coming darkness has no in anything is developed, for what it could grasp or through what to filter to suppress spirit.
203. (Apr. 18). (M. A. Y.). . The house of Spirit is erected as an indestructible Stronghold among instability, temporality and transient of external conditions of the dense world. It is necessary to understand that only inside; in the spirit of there is something which isn't giving in to inconstancy of the surrounding. It also is a spirit citadel. Even the past life movie, passing before consciousness and caused from memory, shows that there is the one who looks this to the movie, and there is that, on what looks Looking. It is impossible to identify look and Looking. The movie can't look itself. This division and separation of one from another is necessary. When it occurs consciously, then can Looking build the Spirit House outside the passing world? It is possible persistently, persistently and constantly to collect elements enduring, the Houses of Spirit necessary for creation, carefully them selecting and rejecting passing rags. Everything that it is possible to take with itself in all worlds irrespective of, in what cover the spirit stays, and to keep in the Highest Triad, and will be that material which is suitable to construction. The Spirit House also is under construction of it.
204. (Guru). Consciousness preservation after death of a physical body depends on that accumulation which the person when the world material ceases to be for it evidence can gain. Certainly, accumulation of a non-material order mean. All of them are various in character and to advantage, but submit in the activity to the accord Law. The accord with surrounding in World Aboveground is carried out by that is available in us that saved up. It is possible to enter into life of wonderful opportunities, but it is possible to appear before a blank wall. If there is no accumulation, there is nothing and accord. The spirit can't die, but the consciousness can be absent. The care of due accumulation of consciousness is a duty begun to see clearly to life in the Hidden Worlds of spirit.
205. (Apr. 19). (M. A. Y.). Speed of transfer of thought it is uncountable. The thought always reaches object of the aspiration. The result is felt not always immediately, but, despite it, consequences of influence of thought, conscious or unconscious, is inevitable. It is a little given values to unconscious consequences of thought, but, nevertheless, these actions are very essential. The area of the subconscious is very wide. It powerfully influences all conscious human life. From where then moods, joyful or dejectedness’s of spirit, presentiment and other thin feelings. Riches of spatial life only partially concern consciousness, which like a sparkle at the ocean of boundless Light, but a sparkle – part of the ocean. Understanding of by part of the whole gives the chance to make contact with it.
206. (Guru). If water hollows a stone, the repeated thought works wonders. It is necessary to show only enough persistence and persistence. Many recede, without having sustained up to the end. But the one, who knows, continues persistence until the thought won't join seen and heard forms that are not objectivity in the conditions of the dense world.
207. (Apr. 20). Let's talk about Bases. They are invariable in centuries. No changes happening on a planet, can affect them. People can forget about them, losing sight of on what all their existence is based, but it isn't reflected in bases in any way. And the person is only the guest on Earth, or the temporary traveler. Earth is not the purpose of its wanderings. It will stop itself the existence as a heavenly body, but the mankind will continue the on other planets. Each form living in the dense world collapses and replaced sooner or later new, but that gives to a form life and animates it, continues to exist, replacing an old form new. The matter is eternal, eternal also life, but forms of expression of this life change constantly. If to focus value of life on its external form, with an external form that will die also, for what the consciousness clings; the consciousness will arrive with with what it identifies itself or connects. Bases are eternal and unshakable. If the consciousness leans on them and merges with them, it stretches a thread of the existence in Boundlessness. There can't be other solution of sense of life of the person on Earth and in the worlds. We live in eternity and for eternity. Terrestrial life only a dream passing, but full of deep value because prepares spirit for existence in the various worlds, giving the chance to it to collect experience and knowledge fruits in all. For the sake of this experience also we live, but not for the sake of something another. Except the experience given by life, in the future anything with them we won't take. It too should be understood and felt heart. There is nothing round us that would belong to us. Property illusion is most deceptive of all. She creates the nonexistent world of property of its things with which as it seems to it, he owns round the person. As the person if with to take can own something can't do anything from this further that he considers. Only the understanding of temporariness of possession things will give them their real sense. Everything is temporary, and with everything it is necessary to leave at the same time a body. Even body, and that not ours; only it is a little longer it than wearable clothes and that not always. When things which around, get the valid sense, human life changes. Staying at the hotel on lodging for the night, the traveler doesn't think to tie consciousness to accidents of a stop. And in life terrestrial, knowing that all only for a while, won't be spirit to grieve too strongly if something is created not as would like. Both good and bad, both pleasant and unpleasant, both heavy and easy – all is passing, and all this not ours. Correctly the poet told that "the golden bowl, and that drink in it – dream and that it not ours" is empty. Our entire not here, not in external, but in us, even of God’s Kingdom. The bowl of life of Maya is empty.
208. (M. A. Y.). When mind understands truth, and heart doesn't accept it for realization in life, it is necessary still to wait and give the chance to heart to accept it without violence. The violence over is inadmissible. Containment isn't violence. When the consciousness extended so to accept truth, it freely takes root into heart. And then heart shows it on affairs of every day. Going reaches. Going constantly expands the consciousness, moving a part capacity borders. It doesn't matter, if something isn't acquired yet, it will be surely acquired if the going goes.
209. (Apr. 21). My son, World Distant is far in a terrestrial way. Where there are no distances that are in the Highest Worlds, range and proximity are caused by the accord. Close that is close to consciousness and its aspirations. The one, who thought of the Distant Worlds on Earth, will close have them from itself (himself) and will live in spheres their attraction. Some planets are given as the purpose for aspiration of spirit because life on them is incarnate in higher forms, than on Earth. Many people have before, an ideal of the best life. It can't be embodied on Earth because its conditions are still insufficiently good. But, for example, on Venus conditions for this purpose are already suitable. Focusing the thoughts on this planet, we establish with it magnetic connection and on the dug channels in space, we enter focus of its attraction when the physical cover and the person is dumped it is put in dependence on the highest attractions if the basis for them was put in it during lifetime on Earth. It is possible to call earth a starting point for the highest or lowest attractions during posthumous existence. Attraction is on aspiration. Art is considerable that uplifts the person to the Highest Spheres which main note – beauty. There are phenomena in life positive certainly, for example, Beauty. It spheres of the Far Worlds sound, with it consciousnesses of their inhabitants are saturated. To join Beauty and to serve it – means to enter into spheres of the highest attractions. Stars influence the person. The space is penetrated by vibrations of star beams of different property. The microcosm human reacts to them according to the accord established during previous long existence. When we Speak about the accord, we Mean strong-willed and conscious establishment of the accord by means of thought with a certain planet for the statement of channels of rapprochement with it. The microcosm of the person is the multistring harp, capable to sound the strings on beams of distant stars. The horoscope of the person, or his celestial map, submits itself the map or the scheme of a tonality it to the essence capable in a certain key to react to influence of star beams. The sleepwalker is a striking example of powerful impacts on it this heavenly body. Not know and inability to define and note influence of other stars yet sufficient reason to that to deny it. But even the physical shape of the person is defined by his celestial map. The astrology and astrophysics is sciences of the future when devices will allow scientifically and to establish unmistakably character and properties of star beams and extent of their impact on the person. The future will resolve this question finally and more exhaustively.
210. (Guru). Consequences of all everyday efforts in aspiration to Light will affect powerfully at the last minute a spirit separation from Earth, at the time of release from a body that is physical death. Only then power of the saved-up thoughts will give speed of flight to the Highest Spheres, passing an attraction of the lower class and overcoming everything that prevents it to rise.
211. (Apr. 23). The fir-tree – a balance symbol, is identical in the winter and in the summer. As also the traveler of a great Way has to learn identical to be in any conditions of the life. It is impossible to put eternal in dependence from temporary and enduring – from passing. It is impossible to believe our Proximity on a bowl of scales of personal disbalance and casual combinations of external circumstances. If the internal state of spirit, balance depends on external inconstancy and variability never to reach. When the darkness external comes on bearing Light, it is possible to give Light to dependence to darkness. Light is unshakable whirlwinds of external conditions. Only at such situation it is possible to hold the lamp in hands; otherwise will extinguish its winds storming in spheres of the dense world.
212. (M. A. Y.). Tests are defined by aspirations of spirit. They are stronger also fiery the more difficult and tests. Approving this or that aspiration in the spirit of, the person causes on him a wave of tests the victory over which leads to the achievement of the objectives, put by aspiration. Aspiration – the reason, test – a consequence. It is possible to threaten on big affairs, only it is necessary to remember thus that tests are inevitable, as the only way to the statement and achievement of a goal. To refuse tests – means to stop the way or to clean steps an ascension ladder.
213. (Guru). When it becomes intolerable, it is possible to imagine that someone was in the family way even more the worst and heavy and still adequately carried by through life the lamp. Someone pined in a dungeon, someone pursued and drove, someone tortured and killed. But all of them, great, carried by the Light through everything not belittled.
214. (Apr. 24). Going on the way have the shortcomings and imperfections. Everyone has, differently wouldn't go. If they considered shortcomings and the offenses too heavy and not granting by it the rights to going to perfection, wouldn't be going. Not going forward plunges into darkness. Only two crimes stop a way: this treachery and Hierarchy insult. All the rest can't serve as an obstacle or a pretext interrupting advance. How to be with shortcomings, weaknesses or defects which disturb and, it is temporary as if won, again raise the head. Even fatally wounded animal does the last jump. And who can tell, where it, the last, - but, having made a jump, one, or two, or a little, the animal dies. Thus, it is possible to note two sorts of offenses: one repeat, decreasing in force, weakening and going to the full termination, others, on the contrary, each time amplify. In the analysis of everyone, first of all, it is necessary to understand that it: attenuation of property or its growth. If attenuation, it is possible to be glad that there is an gets rid of unusable quality; if growth, it is necessary to stop a food, that is not to give to bad quality of food thought, neither the word, nor business, but the main thing – thought. Mentally without eating, will die; one only is inadmissible is to consider itself so bad to interrupt a way. From any footpath of the evil it is possible to turn to good. And anybody can't be judges. Judge only one: The one Who Conducts and Who Knows. Responsibility is only before It, but not before condemning voluntary. In each offense the energy saved up earlier streams, and there is free then a person from past pressure. Then it is stronger, than to. It is possible to use these moments for collecting of forces to move again; having, fallen, that again to go.
215. (Apr. 25). We Attach special significance to quality of balance, because without it not advance, but jumps arrhythmic. At arrhythmia every time is lost a lot of energy on restoring inertia of movement. From here Sisyphus's rolling stones symbol. That it was possible to make suddenly, the mass of repeated and almost fruitless efforts is required. Each retreat back puts in such situation when all it is necessary to make a fresh start in a point of the interrupted way. Sometimes even the whole life comes to an end in that point, from where it began, that is the spiral became flat, -very sad phenomenon.
216. (Apr. 28). Son lascivious is not the fairy tale, and the reality narrating about spirit of the person, wandering in darkness external and come off the Native home, - how many them who are so wandering? Wandering begins with separation of thinking from the Father. Even the concerned Doctrines are subject to these separations. It is good when that step when no separations and wanderings can any more force to forget about the Homeland of spirit is reached and when come off nevertheless comes back to the Light source, without forgetting about It even during wanderings. The consciousness which has concerned Light can't, about Light to forget and indulge in darkness irrevocably. It is good when someone and in darkness doesn't forget the Teacher. The one who concerned Bases, knows is already immutable that no immersion in Maya can force it to forget about the world really real and that is difficult to be given entirely to dreams of terrestrial life, understanding all their ephemerality. After all anything from terrestrial each phenomenon, a thing or a term subject can't hold more long defined. And to know about an extremity of carnal things is means already to begin to see clearly in reality. That visible, tangible and felt obviously and obviously – is temporary, changeable is remarkable and is passing, and invisible, unheard – is constant and eternal. Therefore wisdom also calls terrestrial life Maya dreams, great illusion passing. Torches of mankind spoke to people about eternal and called them to knowledge of eternal life. They Taught how to collect in consciousness elements enduring and to reach immortality of spirit. Immortality consists in consciousness, in understanding of eternal bases of Life and replacement passing the eternal. It is possible to note as the element of time loses the usual value in the Doctrine of Life of all times and the people and somehow that was told in centuries, it makes and until now never-dying sense and force to influence mind looking for truth. It was told: the sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet. So in distant centuries fiery line between temporary and enduring was drawn and the Way Is specified to mankind.
217. (M. A. Y.). To understand immersion in darkness, the importance of a separation from Light, already will be a victory over darkness because this understanding the dark is deprived. The knowledge also is useful for those that doesn't allow learned, even in Maya embraces, to forget about the Teacher of Light. "The benefit to the one whom and in darkness keeps concept of the Teacher". These words weren't without reason told. And how many the son neither wandered nor from the Way nor the wanderer distracted, will return to the Father.

218. (Guru). The understanding of an inaccuracy of the behavior is a first step to correction. Everything is reparable, if not pass two specified lines – treachery and the Hierarchy insult. But fight is inevitable. Without fight there is no victory and without overcoming are achievements.
219. (Apr. 29). Suffering – destiny of the heart given to the Lord for the sake of rescue of the world. Will ask why sufferings are necessary? Also will oppose much, - but sufferings because they attenuate and light up heart its great quality of keenness and understanding are inevitable. Only many suffering heart will understand both others grief and foreign suffering. There will be no suffering heart nor cruel, nor insensible. The suffering is a payment for heart thinning. Heaviest suffering is not for themselves, but for darlings and relatives, when they suffer. But also too it is necessary to pass through it. It is necessary to contain in itself all pain of the world to heat heart and to make it a flaring hearth of fire. Each suffering creates the special substance giving deposits of fiery crystals in the Bowl. Truly saved up Treasure and increased it is possible to call many suffering people. It is difficult to reconcile consciousness with inevitability of suffering. Even it is difficult to reconcile the child with the first felt pain though adults know that this pain best of all teaches experience of life and the lesson acquired through pain is remembered best of all. As is in big, so is and in the small. Pain too much teaches also too much to learn. Really thoughtlessness believes what it gives pleasure to Teacher to see how those who follow It suffer? But suffering is the Great Teacher. The highest form of suffering is the Victim, brought by of the spirit for the sake of rescue of the world. The great Victim demands also great sufferings. The history of mankind imprinted Victims of Spirits Great, given the heart on service to the world. Service It We Call Great.
220. (M. A. Y.). Each suffering brings experience. The result of experience pours out in record. Therefore, sufferings are a payment for opportunity to make new record and to leave it on advantage by that that will go after. Not for themselves, but others writing-book pages are filled in with new records, and for everyone are paid by all-round price. Those who will follow in the same way will estimate them. Only it will be much already easier to go them on the road laid earlier for them.
221. (Apr. 30). If ask in what spatial Service consists, answer: in repayment of surrounding imperfection by radiations of the aura. When the aura was clarified and heart burns, these emanations concentric disperse to the sphere round the person just as the vibrations proceeding from a light source, brought in darkness, disperse it. But it is necessary that the aura was light and heart burned. Also it isn't required any actions and any words – light of heart shines in space, and the darkness can't it neither embrace, nor extinguish. It will be a feat of spatial Service. We don't see it to an eye terrestrial and it is silent. He demands great courage and huge firmness, because the dynamo of the heart giving Light has to work constantly and continuously. Return of the radiations on repayment of darkness is hard and at times is painful very much. You know how heart sharply reacts to each contact with darkness. When waves of darkness go through space, heart them has to meet the fires which strong seek to extinguish these waves. A lot of courage is necessary not to weaken, not to overtire and to sustain an impact. Shine with Light, not kindly counteracting energy of darkness, hardly and not easy. The law of being reported vessels demands continuous receipt of radiations of burning heart. Only resistant heart can bear the World Burden. Yes, yes, it also is the World Burden, when flaring heart shines in darkness. Said, that the belief without affairs is dead. But Great Making differs from the affairs visible to an eye that is made in silence and silence and externally can't see it. The feat of the Great Victim was that there was Light, and "its darkness not to embrace ". Opposition to darkness by all fires of heart is a fiery Way of Ardent Yoga.
222. (M. A. Y.). Each heart of good can shine with the aura. It isn't necessary for this purpose any occult knowledge or exercises. It is necessary to think simply in the benefit. There are hearts light and hearts dark, hearts of good and evil heart. The first give to space and people of energy of the benefit, the second – rage and darkness. The first – benefactors of the mankind, the second – destroyers of life and sadden real. To shine is a property of kind heart. The step of the person is determined by fires of heart on a life ladder. Chorus light of burning hearts is great force. Even two integrated hearts can create that not in power to hundred disconnected. It is possible to welcome each kind unity. Hearts of all people of the Earth in one all-planet heart will once unite. Also there will be then neither on Earth, nor in space couldn’t nothing that it couldn’t overcome or that it make. Unification – great force.
223. (May 1). The impersonal distribution of gifts of spirit is higher personal, because everything based on personal feelings, unsteadily. The one, who prays for unknown and not the known, is closer to knowledge real, than the one who is baked about relatives. The personality is a symbol of the temporary and passing, one embodiment limited to brevity. To punch a shell of the aura is means to escape from a circle of the personality at first on a planetary scope, and then on the space. The identity concluded in the personality, stays in it as in a dungeon, connected by personal consciousness while actually has to be on the contrary, that is the personality has to consist in Identity as its part given by it to collect fruits of experience and knowledge in this embodiment for the Immortal reincarnating Triad – a bearer of Identity. These are collectors on a field of the terrestrial life, knowing that temporary existence is given to the person for eternity to enter into it with all accumulation of spirit collected for many lives. The sense of temporary life then in this body gains special, deep value, and the person becomes then the traveler of the Great Way. "Not temporary we, but boundless" – so tells wisdom of the millennia.
224. It is hardly to enter into a rhythm of Space life. Personal then it is dissolved in super personal, and super personal is and there is an expression of essence of the Immortal Triad which has broken fetters of personal, small "I" of the person. On the example of the Great Victim you see how the Triad all fires of accumulation of long centuries shone and as in a transitory human body the Great Spirit, seeking to give to people of a particle of Great Knowledge suffered and pined. I Had nothing the and nothing I Considered. And everything Gave to people, even the body. I left again to come and collect a harvest from Great Crops. Crops of Space grains, thousand-year and more prescription, will bring are immutable the shoots: Great Victim, Great Crops and Great Harvest. The cycle of time dictates to space the immutable terms.
225. (M. A. Y.). . There are two types of acts rather offenses human: one are made at will of the person, others against it or besides. The second are condemned certainly, because destroy will – fiery treasure of the person, while the offenses allowed from a pleasure of will, can be at any time stopped by the same will, because then the person isn't the weak-willed slave to that he makes. This distinction between strong-willed and weak-willed actions should be acquired precisely not to allow any action to be made against or contrary to will. The weak-willed person is anything. To lower will reins of government in the microcosm is means to send itself to the power to accidents of life both various influences and the influences going from everywhere, and the main thing, from the lower class of the Thin World. The will has to protect a microcosm of the person, as the guard true. The will on vigilant patrol has to stay and never, under no circumstances not to let out a wheel from the hands when swimming by the rough everyday sea.
226. (Guru). Decision correct: the seal of own will is set to all the actions. There is no actions weak-willed, - lunar heritage phenomenon in lack of will of actions. The lunar heritage is shown in a medium when the will is sent to the power of unknown influences. Medium is the highest degree of destructive lack of will. Do everything that you consider it necessary, but at the will. The strong will can be turned always on good, but on it is possible what to turn pity lack of will: it won't do at all anywhere and on anything. Lukewarm, that is weak-willed, will be cast out from life behind unfitness. As It is told: I will cast out you from my lips because there were no you it is cold, it is hot but only it is warm.
227. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to come to despair from each wave of coming darkness. You remember firmly that whatever strong the darkness impact seemed, force it if opposition to darkness is rather persistent and long will run low soon. Not undergone up to the end suffers a defeat from dark influences. Finite any attack of forces dark, but spirit is infinite both the spirit is indestructible, and the strong belief in the Teacher of Light will help to undergo the first strong attacks of the dark. Truly, darkness is a bull cardboard. Never, meeting Light, not cans her defeat, if the lamp in hands bearing Light; means, care of that to protect Light, - inevitably immersion in darkness and dark a victory, if the lamp goes out.
228. (Guru). The donation measure best of all is defined by questions. There are questions, have to be and answers. There are no questions, there are no answers also. To give without questions is means to pour water into not brought jugs.
229. (May 4). How many time happened that expected consequences didn't come though and the necessary thoughts were premised to them. Why? If all desires human were granted, the world would be razed to the ground. And it is good that a lot of things aren't executed. Over everything – the Karma and her Lords who are watching vigilantly behind that its Laws weren't broken. The mechanics of process is that the person bears the karma in the aura, magnetic attracting to itself the conditions necessary to karma and pushing away the contraindicated. On the example of the humpback, the freak, from the birth of the patient or the healthy person, a beautiful or repellent face it is possible to see how the Karma in some of the aspects is carried out. It concerns not only external, but also all internal shape of the person, concerns his situation in the life, close, native and familiar, poverty or wealth and all those conditions in which he will be born. Everything that surrounds the person, there are only one consequences. Accidents don't happen. It is impossible to complain about consequences own will of the generated reasons. Even such, apparently, sublime phenomenon as the aspiration to Light, immediately causes ardent consequences from counteracting forces and dark enslavers. Also there is from depth of human essence, for an urgent accommodation, everything that is saved up there during the millennia, and there is a life of the directed spirit difficult extraordinary if its aspiration to Light be great. The quicker the plane flies, the air resistance, and the decision only in that as it is possible to rise above in the rarefied layers of the atmosphere is stronger. But then it is impossible to reduce speed or be late already because the stop means falling and accident. The aspiration law to Light should be understood. And not to complain very much if resistance of the lower class, which should be overcome, all the time amplifies. Only spirit lifting up, to higher spheres, can reduce environment resistance, but then it is necessary to strengthen and speed of advance because there wings will keep aspiring spirit only at the accelerated speed of flight. That is why consciousness it is necessary to lift everything higher and higher over that Wednesday, in which their lives mankind. When I Call to my World, I Want to facilitate ascension conditions. The law of growth of spirit I Can’t changes, but give advice and specify an exit won't be Karma violation.
230. Hump, heritage of the Karma, it is impossible to destroy, but the aspiration to Light can be carried by inextinguishable through all life even in a body humpbacked. It also will be a victory over the Karma. Thus, the victory consists not in destruction of external karmic consequences, which aren't destroyed, but in overcoming of that disturbs inside, and it will be a victory over. And only when this victory is reached and complete in the spirit of, external karmic conditions lose the power over consciousness. Nothing imperiously over spirit, which won against itself, - and when it is reached, those external circumstances, which seemed invincible usually, leave. Certainly, the hump won't leave, but people and circumstances leave or change in a root. So the edge of will of spirit goes not outside, but inside because only that wins against everything who will manage to win against itself.
231. (May 5). All things terrestrial become useless over time. This constant reminder that fragile everything visible to an eye, and is limit. To see in this eternal destruction of forms surrounding inviolability and eternity of bases will be achievement of the Adherent. Can't see and visible to be same. They dividend also are disconnected. To see and separate Looking from that, on what he Looks, will be achievement of the Adherent. To transfer the consciousness from this that sees Looking, in Essence Looking and to merge with It together will be achievement of the highest steps of Intimate Knowledge. The understanding that life is only game, already approaches the person to the solution of the most important question of its terrestrial existence, namely approaches it to disclosure of, the essence, enduring and indestructible in time. The body grows old and the body is ill, but the spirit is indestructible, doesn't know an old age burning heart. To live in the spirit of – means to live out of time and its destructive influence on all passing forms. Let each death, destruction and a transient of that exists outside, only serve as the statement to inviolability and eternity of spirit, not passing in centuries.
232. (M. A.Y.). It is possible to find the elements of ant situation claiming that is denied by this phenomenon at usual approach to it in everything denying essence enduring. Ability to see an eternity face in passing things and the phenomena of the outside world is a consequence of big accumulation. So immortality elements in the Bowl gather – conscious, persistent and directed and, we will add still, constantly. It is necessary to differentiate sharply that it is possible to take with itself in a way distant, that is impossible, and to give the first heart and thought. Even it is possible to imagine it, in many centuries, going on a track in Boundlessness and to see that that surrounds at present, won't be. Everything will be perfect another, but the Same Who Looks now that around will look at this.
233. (Guru). Qualities of spirit are transferred by it with themselves from life to life. They accompany it everywhere and are shown where the conditions favorable for their manifestation are created. This is integral property of the person. Therefore the first care is about deepening of qualities if they are good. It is worth accumulating and with itself to carry obviously unusable things.
234. (May 6). (M. A. Y.) . The winner we call the one who goes forward, despite everything that stirs him in external conditions, and despite everything that disturbs it in itself, on all his weaknesses, shortcomings and imperfections. Go with high qualities of spirit where it is easier and simpler, than nevertheless to go, them without having. In it phenomenon great property of aspiration, and anyhow it is possible to approve these or those qualities of spirit if not to start them claiming, them yet without possessing. Will tell: difficult. Tell: all easy and easily achievable isn't comparable with that is reached hardly, in overcoming and spirit struggle. Not having qualities, but their claiming in fight, above the one who has, and, having, I rested in understanding of the achievements. The beam is sent to fighting spirit.
235. (May 7). So, such situation when all actions, both good and bad, are made only from a pleasure of will at first is established and submits to it. Then, when everything is subordinated to will and it disposes of each action, everything that is considered bad and not corresponding to a step reached by spirit, by means of the same will is eradicated in process of expansion of consciousness and discrepancy of these or those phenomena with the requirement of a new step. It is necessary to understand that the will is the fiery property of the person acquired by it in the course of long evolution of spirit, and that the fiery treasure should be raised consciously and systematically. Will the Founder creates the worlds, and what power of this fiery wills if the whole systems of the worlds are set in motion by it. Will evolution in the course of the development has no limit. Power of will can grow infinitely. The will is a fiery attribute of the person. The people deprived of will, not people, but the pity pettiness, capable to fall a victim of dark influences, with all that it implies from here consequences. The obsession is too a consequence of lack of will. Therefore I Speak, the will strengthen and don't make any act to it contrary to, but do everything only when it is allowed by will.
236. (May 8). A lot of trust is necessary to pass through everything that becomes a barrier on a way. Without trust there is no advance. After all it is necessary to trust in the Leader, even sometimes contrary to evidence dense. And it already over reasoning’s of a commonness and over logic of the dense world. After all there is still a logic fiery which forces going to endow on a feat itself contrary to the personal interests and even attachment to life. Here this logic also becomes the code of day of the person who has given the heart to the Lord. The trust also is based on it contrary to evidence. Solver – heart, but not a brain. Chicken evidence, that is evidence of an external environment at present, too is far from fiery reality of the real world.
237. The best people were pursued always. Such is the mankind past, - pursued from of side the dense and Thin Worlds. Both external and thin environments took up arms on them. Weak didn't maintain, but strong even on fires and in dungeons phenomenon the spirit and force inflexible in them was found by all to undergo up to the end. No matter, what exactly took up arms on them, but it was very important to resist against darkness because darkness in all types and under all covers and attendants of darkness were that force which went against them. It is impossible to accuse thoughtlessly the Highest in this activity of militant darkness and it is impossible to complain if high Protection seems insufficient. Anyhow define strength of mind, as not on darkness counteraction. Instability and weakness are condemned. The one, who took the spirit lamp in hand, has to reveal completely, up to the end, the suitability or unfitness. In words far not leave. Let affairs will show the value of words. Check is necessary to know a limit of own forces at least.
238. (May 12). The changes which are occurring in all that movement surround the person, that is, there is no other than aspect of eternity, perpetual motion of all in everything. There is no emptiness; there is no motionlessness or rest, - thus, eternity phenomenon in temporary in perpetual motion. The essence, or the matter nature, consists in continuous movement of particles, it making. Without this movement a matter to exist and it can't be shown. But all shown is invested with a matter of this or that structure and refinement or density, and out of a matter isn't present and there can be no manifestations. Divide the phenomena on spiritual and material, losing sight that the highest and thinnest spiritual manifestations seen by the highest spiritual sight, too in effect the are material though this materiality is so thin that surpasses the highest vibrations of a matter, in all its types, known to modern science. Planetary Spirits have a body from the thinnest matter of Light not visible to an eye terrestrial. Even the thought is given a shape of an invisible matter. Even the world out of forms is saturated with vibrations of the Matter of Matrix. After all to give the highest idea a shape, something making the maintenance of this form is necessary, that is of what it is under construction that is the matter is necessary. Invisible the existing means. And the thinnest modern devices there is a lot of, much yet don't catch. The infantile materialism limited a matter to those its types which were known to science, nowadays it is necessary to assume already purely scientifically that the matter is boundless in opportunities of the manifestation and to a scale of periodic system of Mendeleyev with elements its opened and not opened still is limited can't already be any more. Thus it must be kept in mind that movement that is energy as it did earlier, from a matter can't be separated because movement is properties, or the essence of a matter. The secret of a matter – one of the most intimate and the deepest, and it is still very far from permission its science. The secret of human spirit and secret of a matter adjoin because both rise to shining tops of not predicate of Light. Allowing spiral manifestation of the Mendeleev scale on the planes of higher, it is possible to imagine that the same elements, repeating periodically on ranks, can exist, changing spiral on the planes of manifestation, absolutely inadmissible modern science from it still imperfect devices, devices, tools and the technique of scientific research. The similar assumption already will be a step forward in the field of comprehension of secret of a matter.
239. (May 14). To live evidence – to be means the blind. But how see reality if the spirit to it didn't begin to see clearly? Quality of trust to the Leader, - and if there is no trust also? Without trust there is no advance. The hopelessness vicious circle turns out. It should be destroyed. How? It is necessary to become strong on something, on something to become stronger, it is possible, because to work only when a strong support under feet, or the basis. Thus, bases on, which the consciousness was strong approved, and will be a support in fight against evidence – a basis, knowledge of these bases. So, the knowledge will destroy Maya phantoms and will give the grounds. And really, whether it is possible to rely on evidence and to build on it if everything comes to an end death, and together with it and completion of all undertakings, if only they not from General Welfare. So, first of all is recognition of bases. Immortality of spirit is a basis of its advance in the future. Recognition of this situation destroys one of Maya most poisonous illusions. Recognition of inevitability of the future as fields of a harvest of the reasons seeded in the present and the past, and Boundlessness in which we live, we breathe and we move. Then – recognition of a set of forms of manifestation of spirit and change of their constant. This way, approving the bases, one for another, it is brought the strong base of knowledge under that life, which there leads the person on Earth is brought, and the purpose of terrestrial existence is comprehended. Evolution of spirit becomes a reality factor, and stay in a body – opportunity to rise on steps of a ladder of life.
240. "The torn apart veil" doesn't occur in a wellbeing stupor. Wellbeing and the rest is that barrier, which kills possibility of sight of spirit. It does the person blind. And that the beginning to see clearly didn't go blind, the spirit is burdened with circumstances. Also there is then each encumbrance by steps of a ladder of the ascension conducting in life. Let's not complain about these encumbrances, because in them – possibility of lifting.
241. (May 15). Spatial life in the manifestations is differentiated on spheres. To each sphere there correspond beings, it occupying. The population of everyone is very various, but their tonality is conformable a sphere mood. Spheres are divided, in turn, on layers. At the heart of division the figure seven lies. Living on Earth, the person is nevertheless strongly connected with certain spheres in consent with those elements which prevail in its essence. This connection is established on affinity of that is in the person, with what this or that sphere pulses. Stay spheres after release from a body, say, the composer or the poet, are various; one will live in peace silent symphonies, another in the world of fine images. Both spheres are close each other by the nature because treat art area. The main key of stay in the Highest Spheres is the beauty, in the lowest – a disgrace. The compliance law inevitably involves one incarnation spirits in spheres, conformable to essence of everyone and those elements which are saved up by the person during his terrestrial life. Internal human life is under construction so that he lives mainly these or those feelings and thoughts, both these feelings and thoughts accumulate in him elements, to its corresponding, and accustom its covers to vibrate on them, instead of on something another. So there is an accumulation of certain elements in effect the person which becomes an integral part of his aura. And the attraction to related spheres goes through aura radiations. Nobody can reap that didn't sow, and to come to be in spheres with which it has no internal affinity. Many people having high aspirations and desires, but living as pigs, condemn themselves on the corresponding stay in layers, conformable to their actual behavior on Earth. Fine words, even the highest, won't rescue from the lower class if words aren't approved by affairs. Not by words, but on affairs spatial stay and on thoughts and the feelings which have been carried out in operation.
242. (May 17). It would be very sad if because of impossibility to contain a distemper of the world and its burden the conscious way of spirit would interrupt and it would plunge into darkness of meaningless existence. Fortunately, it is almost impossible as it is impossible to dress the adult in diapers of the baby. Spirit to think got used, already it will never be satisfied with twilight of narrow-minded existence and won't forget that how there was it rest and happily, it will terminate in death of a body and transition to the World Thin with all opportunities of extra dense stay. The death of the knowing differs from death of the ignorant. And the knowledge unless can be taken away? But in many knowledge many grieves. "And who multiplies knowledge, multiplies grief". So it was told a millennium ago. And since then the essence of knowledge and its consequence didn't change. It is a payment for knowledge. And the grief, or burden of this world, is to drain «Bowls of poison terrestrial" is a destiny of Those Who Knows. So they also are called – Peace Offering. To refuse the share – means to refuse spirit evolution because even Holders of the World bear on themselves the Burden of this World. It is necessary to understand that the knowledge demands courage, and Great Knowledge – courage of not predicate. And only Readiness to give all the and on service to General Welfare, irrevocably and up to the end which isn't present, can counterbalance this courage of spirit. Therefore I Repeat: "In the world you will have grief, but take heart because I Won against the world".
243. (Guru). As it is possible not to sustain something, if strength of mind is inexhaustible; Weakness of a flesh at all doesn't mean weakness of spirit. Of weakness of a body we won't be afraid, but we will be frightened each weakness of spirit because if the spirit weakened than and how it can be helped? But after all force or weakness of a body leans on its health, that is strength of mind – from anything external and it can be shown to it contrary to depends on it, but. In it also there will be a victory of spirit over the dense world, or the flesh world that the spirit the force, the indestructibility and invincibility Earth could approve irrespective of dense conditions. How they were real and whatever invincible they seemed, all of them running are similar to waves only to pass and be replaced with others too running by. The spirit stays for ever and ever what there was that is carried by at present by again to be replaced with another.
244. (M. A. Y.). If the love of the Teacher to the pupil was measured by fluctuations of moods of the last, about what stability of the Teacher of Light it would be possible to speak? But the Teacher is fortunately unchangeable, and his love is constant, and conditions of spirit of the pupil don't influence it. The teacher can be afflicted and mourn with zigzags of spirit following It, even temporarily to move away, but his love is invariable, and doors of the Native home are open always for the traveler of spirit.
245. (May 18). My friend, life introduces the amendments in each statement, opening the valid value of each aspiration. They say that the hell is covered with the best intentions. Certainly, these intentions aren't carried out in application to life. One party in the person seeks to rise above, another persistently resists to this aspiration. There is a fight, and often the best intentions are neutralized by the lowest human nature. And it is necessary to go after all because to lag behind evolution – means to be lost. Evolution at all isn't considered with a form, destroying unsuitable in billions. But also suitable too are destroyed by death, leaving a spirit-monad which is coming to light in shape, immortal, though not realizing the immortality; short-lived moths are a striking example of how the nature ruthlessly destroys forms of the shown life. Both in big, and in small, a difference that day of human life lasts some ten years. All living on Earth is liable to destruction constantly to revive in new and even more perfect forms. But there are forms and involution. In the last shield once great races and the people it is possible to see this degeneration of forms. But main current of an evolutionary order aspires forward. As also the spirit of the person from life in life either ascends, or goes down. The spirit which has consciously adjoined evolution, itself directs itself to improvement and enters a stream of Space life isn't present which end.
246. (May 21). Proximity, - I with you always, atop in total and good, and bad - over any and any circumstances. There is no time, there are no the distances dividing us. To proximity can disturb in the spirit of nothing if it took place. There are no things, there is nothing separating, and that can serve as a barrier to Proximity of this if it doesn't depend on anything that outside. Why to put between us something, even if it only fancies. They too should be cleaned if they distance. Even the body disturbs, because it from Earth, from earth ashes. Covers disturb, because temporarily all. Only spirit out temporarily, and communication out temporarily and over covers. To realize it will be a victory over a flesh. And when everything is cleaned that disturbs and that separates Me from consciousness, then clemency becomes obvious. And then it is possible to create my force and to work with it. The consciousness then stays in the Beams sent by Me, because nothing prevents to be filled with their Light. How many is tests and how many difficulties and only for that, what to realize My of Proximity. Over all difficulties and all tests they are given to approach to Me. But they distance the unusable. Let disturbing only pulls together and serves as a constant reminder of My continuous Presence and as incentive serves to approach even closer. Let energy of counteraction by will be turned on the return, on rapprochement with Me, and force of their opposite pole will be used. And then the worse, the better that is that is closer to Me. So, as soon as something aggravating, unpleasant, and hurting, sufferings or concerns appear again, the Face should be presented brightly before themselves and so to hold it in all the time of going waves of a gloom. All will break then about the Ray of light counteracting energy and everything that tries to distance from Me. And then the spirit will desire itself tests and – the heaviest because they will pull together only though before only distanced. And then the victory over everything that outside and over everything that inside will be close that prevents to merge with Me together.
247. (M. A. Y.). . Merge – in the spirit of. Merge in the spirit of probably always because it depends on a condition of spirit, but not on something being out of it. Therefore, condition of spirit above conditions of all other that is health, illness, surplus, need or any other external conditions. We prepare life for that terrestrial to leave all here, on Earth. We prepare life for passing other where everything moves thought to the world and where the thought reigns. And if now we don't approve understanding it in consciousness and heart, there will late claim, it is necessary because there already to operate with power of knowledge and the experience gained here, on Earth, - beginning here, but continuation there, continuation of the begun. Also it is necessary to begin to continue. Many begin, but these undertakings everything to anything because concern only terrestrial and duration only terrestrial. The one, who consciously wants to enter into the Elevated Kingdom, has to begin and approve the spirit line now. The thought doesn't die if it is directed out of limits of terrestrial existence. The thought is limited to the extent in time. But if it is directed in Boundlessness real and out of limits of a short terrestrial embodiment, she will move and in the worlds. There, where nothing comes to an end and where the spirit can continue the conscious life in the conditions of extra dense existence.
248. (May 23). So, the Face, in heart introduced, becomes closer close because becomes between mind and body, between spirits and an astral, between spirits and feeling and thought. Heart – eternal property of spirit, it fights always, in it the Face stays, separating spirit from everything that temporarily it invests and serves it as an attire. The body will die, the thin body and all covers will be dumped, but the Face remains with spirit, in the heart which has introduced it. Heart fights always. Even at an exit in a body astral it is possible strong to feel beating - the same and in all covers, up to a fiery body. When the Face is so introduced that It close became closer, it will arrive always in the heart which has introduced it, will arrive in all worlds, in all covers, in all conditions of spirit, as a torch conducting it in the highest spheres and protecting it on the way. But it is necessary to put the Face of Light most closely, first of all, above all. Should repeat constantly that, finally, it is necessary to leave a body nevertheless, but the Face remains with spirit because with it stays always, in all worlds. This inseparability in heart of the introduced Face from everything that temporarily the spirit invests as covers, and from everything that round it occurs, on whatever plans of existence it was shown, has to approve spirit in itself forever, approve fiery, indelible and carry by the Face which has been so approved through all life terrestrial with all its tests, and through all intermediate worlds, astral and thin and mental, up to the Fiery World when merge becomes perfect and anything external won't be able to break it any more. So, the Face let will enter into heart, "as a stone, locate Mountain water in a cleft" that eternal Presence became food and life.
249. (M. A.Y.). . If the Image of the Lord manages to be carried by through life and to take further with itself, it is possible to tell that life on Earth is lived not in vain and that the most important for the sake of what the spirit on Earth was embodied was executed successfully. But it is necessary to know that, at the statement Light Lord in itself, will rise, strong counteracting, all not gets rid feelings inside and everything that from darkness in the world external, and everything that from darkness in World Thin, all able to do the harm, all seeking to extinguish each sparkle of Light. Statement process in heart of the Face of the Lord is hard exactly thanks to the ardent resistance of those who goes against Light and who it is free and conscious or involuntarily and unconsciously is on concelebrating at dark and anyway to them helps. The evil is created by a hand human, but inspired by darkness. And the victory over darkness will consist in that the Face, in heart introduced, to hold in it, despite everything, in the face of all vital tests. If something seeks to force to forget the Lord, it something – from darkness, both behind him and behind them there are same powers of darkness. So let anything will be never allowed to rise between spirit and the Face of the Lord, in heart the introduced.
250. (Guru). When something prevents to approach closer to Us, the reason look for in itself. And We rejoice when this stirring is overcome and becomes possible a new shave. It is necessary to ponder very much upon that nothing interrupts though terrestrial and it seems to an eye differently. So the relations established between Us, don't interrupt neither time, nor death, but proceed in the sphere invisible to dense sight, and are supported by energy of heart which is opened to all worlds. Communication goes through heart and is transferred to heart. The world the Highest heart lives, and immortality in heart.