Agni Yoga's facets, 1964 (251-400)

251. (May 25). When internal fires burn, everything is easily overcome that interferes with the statement of Light in itself. But how to arrive when fires fade? The rhythm of a phenomenon of fires is property of the developed consciousness. It doesn't remain without a rhythm. Therefore, alternation of waves, lifting’s and lowering are a consequence of movement, but not stops or attenuations. Quietly and in silence it is possible to meet these alternations of waves, knowing that they are inevitable. It is necessary to watch closely that lowering wasn't stronger or deeper previous and that the spiral was ascending only. Even change of seasons spiral in time, because in the nature nothing repeats, but everything directs in the future. And it is very important that in this movement not to go down. On examples of degeneration of races, the people, childbirth and families it is possible to judge results of descending or involutional movement. As can involution and spirit. On a spiral of several lives it is possible to judge that, or descending the spiral will be ascending. Each spirit has the spiral. In very attentive analysis of own life everyone can see nature of its movement and the nobility unmistakably, ascending it or descending. "The damaged souls" are among the descending. On whatever round of a descending spiral there was a spirit, it can always change the direction up and make a spiral ascending. Behind examples it isn't necessary to go far. Much the history gives them. But shocks that the spirit of force found are necessary to make this change. It is possible to gather them only from the Hierarchy of Light which has been eternally directed forward in the ascension to top of a ladder of life.
252. (M. A. Y.). Substance not in that, what no to suffer, or no have tests, and in that, what didn't disturb spirit ascension. The pursuit for mirazhy personal wellbeing always comes to an end that its ghost is scattered in ashes at achievement or implementation of the desirable. In the implementation of desires the poison which is quickly destroying illusions of happiness terrestrial is hidden. When pass the first impressions of its achievement, there is it any more happiness, and a habit to it and right there loses the properties. The astral is so arranged that can't long vibrate on the same wave and demands changes. In it reason of its instability and desire of changes. It is impossible to be based on its experiences. The support should be looked for above. Only in the field of spirit it is possible to find a basis for pleasure enduring. But it will be not about her and not about personal. When the personal pleasure is replaced with pleasure space, the person of the basis for constancy and inalterability of the step to the future finds then.
253. (Guru). We choose the phenomena of the greatest duration from all surrounding and on them we place emphasis. Whether it is worth giving energy and times what is limited to small duration? Than further the anchor is thrown, especially the person in the future deeply looks and connects itself with it. The one who energy of spirit ties everything to the phenomena of short duration, that with them and stays and when they come to an end, remains with anything. Therefore carrying out longer line will be the decision wise.
254. (May 27). The consciousness is focus of refraction of all energy arriving in it from everywhere. Energy these can be very various, but their final assessment is given by consciousness. There is no energy good or bad, by those they are done by perceiving focus. And often happens that dark negative energy causes the reaction opposite to its nature in consciousness, and serves the person in the benefit. In the benefit much serves and seeming to consciousness unpleasant or heavy. But in this case that condition when the same circumstance on two people makes impression opposite means. It shows that determinant of reaction is not the circumstance, but consciousness, its perceiving. Knowing it, it is possible to learn to operate reactions of consciousness to external influences and to subordinate them to the will that is to subordinate to will not external circumstances, but reaction of consciousness to them. Karmic circumstances not in will of the person, but the attitude towards them within his power because it not affects the circumstances, but only own reaction to them. In it, and only in it, achievement of the power over the world consists. Business all in that, when this power over reactions of own consciousness is reached, then nd external circumstances start bending under a will hammer. Thus, the power over everything that outside is approved only through a victory over and through ability to operate the processes happening in consciousness. The facts of life speak about people, who determined by will not only the private life, but also influenced destinies of the whole people. Certainly, in this case the energy which has been saved up for a number of existences worked fiery, or mental. There are spirits, judgment term, and while terms didn't come yet, no efforts of will are able to approach conditions wished to spirit. While we will remember that in the microcosm of the lord is the person; instead of something being out of it.
* 255. That, who chose a track of terrestrial wellbeing and convenience, that, probably, will have desirable but if it is put above and before Doctrines, it both remains with chosen and will come to an end together with everything that finishes terrestrial stay. And further?
256. (May 28). Kampanella, Jan Guus, Joan of Arc and many others, not to them the numbers which were cruelly suffering for the truth, which they bore to people, are a striking example of how Wednesday surrounding the person reacts to his best aspirations. It is possible after that to be surprised that life of each Attendant of Light develops at all as he counting on any indulgence from destiny and people has the right to assume. Light, which inside, enters interactions with energy of the environment in which it seeks to show itself and immediately causes against itself the ardent resistance and counteraction because this other-worldly Light and is intolerant this world. Only the one, who is capable of a feat, can bear the lamp through life. To whom a feat such not in power, to that it is better not to begin because service to Light to execution of freight of the Atlas is similar. Everything is tested severe and strict and all incapable has to depart. Only to think that in the Stronghold in century reach one or two; whether not therefore that feat such not in power to people of Earth. Called is many. To each of them are given the chance, but where reached and where the reaching? Where they which have undergone everything, up to the end?
257. (M. A. Y.) . In super personal, in space for a personal place doesn't remain. Leaving small "I" will try to defend myself, forgetting that is limited to term beyond which limit it dies. It is necessary to understand that Athanasius Ivanovich and Pulherya Ivanovna, dying, die forever, what even memory of them dies in centuries and that, again being embodied on this Earth, the spirit of their memory to Earth about last existence won't bring. However, once eventually the spirit will remember everything, but to the next Athanasius Ivanovich isn't present before this business because he remembers nothing and can't remember. Therefore small "I", limited so strong in the manifestations, will we won't give because will lead spirit up a blind alley. Meaning of the life and freedom is outside manifestation small "I". And if this small "I", embodied in a body, in an embodiment it can collect something, at least particles, for "I" big, it is already good because these particles can be taken further with itself, for limits of the small circle limiting life small "I". If to look on small "I" as at the collector of the necessary material for "I" big that It could be shown in Spheres of the Highest then its problem is solved, a problem of a separate terrestrial embodiment of the person because then there is it intelligent and purposeful. Even during the separate day it is possible to collect something and to note and postpone in the Bowl as something suitable on a long journey. Each act, each action can be comprehended and spiritualized, that is to make useful. And if the highest feat available for mortal is Light execution, it is possible in feelings and thoughts and the acts to seek to bring Light, but not darkness in the world surrounding the person. And this conscious introduction of Light also will be that feat of life which is so necessary to Earth and people, under the sun living.
258. (Guru). What to add to the already told? Unless that if these records will reach posterity, life was lived not in vain, and in twilight of lonely and obscure existence the not go out managed to carry by the lamp through life. Any kind work made for others, thereby is already useful, but work of introduction of Light is considered from all the highest. If they, that is these records, also don't reach, the feat this hidden will be noted in space Records as a pearl pattern of spirit, is invisible a shining way to people.
259. Let's divide affairs, made during the day, into affairs short and affairs long, proceeding out of limits of this embodiment, and to it, long, we will give the heart, having withdrawn it from affairs short. And heart will arrive then that isn't limited to the passing phenomena of the present day.
260. Often it is necessary to think of how it is possible to help people when most there is nothing to breathe. The crucified Christ prayed not for himself, but for people. Example is very instructive. It is the highest extent of self-rejection. The requirement "be rejected from itself" is a basis of ascension of spirit on Light steps. Without it Hierarchy service is impossible. Even the person leaving from life usual had to change the name. This condition on the being is very indicative, as the requirement of full dismissal from the personality. Other question as far as it was effective, but the idea is good. Accepting the Bowl of General Welfare, the attendant of Light has to forget himself and from personal to be released.
261. (M. A. Y.). Approach to Light is always accompanied by spirit burdening by circumstances. This condition is inevitable. Laws of spirit are severe. Counteracting and disturbing it is necessary to manage to win against all. Here already this records – a victory because it is conducted in absolutely impossible conditions of counteraction. The merit isn't great to go when nothing disturbs but when against everything, force overcoming grows unreasonably. It isn't necessary to be afraid only that can damage or cause these burdening’s damage. Finally they will bring the benefit and possibilities of new victories and new accumulation. To the most difficult we will be glad because it pulls together with Light.
262. (Guru). To store balance among disharmonious and gnashing conditions of the dense world is big achievement. Let's not forget that tension of spheres of the Thin World is higher terrestrial, and the press of terrestrial tension prepares spirit for Elevated stay. Rest with fathers not for Light carriers. And there too fight and overcoming, but at even bigger aggravation and tension of energy surrounding spirit. But training of spirit should be passed on Earth to be ready to tension big. Tension doctrine is the doctrine fiery.
263. (M.A.Y.). Remove a bandage from the eyes, so carefully put on by darkness, and you will see then everything created on a planet in the light of Beams of Mother of the World. Creativity it in the influence takes depths of consciousness, gradually and imperceptibly changing it. The essence of occurring process of a reorganization of all life will consist in transformation of consciousness.Without useless to change its forms, if the consciousness remains in former situation. The consciousness will be changed – life will be changed. Influence of new beams goes on consciousnesses, and its result is occurring shifts. In consciousness of people the world old that new it I replaced has to collapse. Mighty forces are directed to awakening of consciousness of the people, forces, and the sweeping thousand-year crystal educations which were heated up by mankind in space within long centuries. They should be destroyed and them it is necessary displace that world old to deprive of this basis on which it was approved.
264. (May 31). In whatever layers of the Elevated World stayed one incarnation of the spirit, it is invested by a body, or a cover which structure precisely corresponds to this layer, in the same way, as the physical body corresponds to the dense world in which it lives and on which food it feeds. Only the physical world is separated from hidden by a dense veil, other worlds pass one to another, gradually refined, and have no sharp borders just as colors of a rainbow are gradually replaced with one another in the absence of the visible differentiating line. Therefore also covers of one incarnation spirit of different degree of sparseness – from dark and rough to being shone and shining with all fires. As the spirit is exempted from the lowest attractions, it rises up, and the structure of a thin matter of its covers in which it is shown, all the time changes. Death the second comes when the thin body, a shell is dumped, and the spirit released from it looks at it as on the dress which served the service and has become the unnecessary. As a matter of fact, and the physical death has to be simple, natural and painless, but the person too breaks nature Laws and therefore, dying, suffers. The one who in World Aboveground persists in the terrestrial weaknesses, habits or defects, remains for a long time in the lowest cover, rough and crude, the scum terrestrial won't fall off yet it. There are conditions worse. It is better to direct at once, of course, up, but this aspiration has to be the last on Earth and rather strong – the spirit attire in Elevated is prepared for himself by the person on Earth. After all and in a body terrestrial people live in spheres various and on layers. The poet and the composer, the philosopher and the devotee, the drunkard and the gambler, the addict and sexual and on Earth gravitate to certain spheres of space and establish with them a certain connection. And there this communication proceeds on the force and attachment to what the person is directed. All covers correspond to extent of thinning or roughness of spirit. Bodies of the devotee and the glutton in the structure are various as also the dense matter has different degrees of sparseness. Even bodies of the athlete and the alcoholic are strongly other one than another. It is so possible to know in advance that environment in which the person after death will stay, and to prepare for itself spirit attire beforehand.
265. (M. A. Y.). The direct environment can cover all horizon of life as a small coin – the sun, and then the consciousness becomes sphered a hopelessness. This circle should be destroyed consciously and will. His thought directed from not denied bases in the future will destroy. On the present it is impossible to claim because it’s any moment can't be continued. It is necessary to direct thought in the future out of those limits where voices of the current hour stop. So, directing itself and people in the future, there lived all Great Spirits. Call in the future is Light call. Only in it are concentrated for the person of possibility of all achievements. The magnet of the future is powerful. Those who lives past or present, those have no and won't have the part in the future. It is necessary forces and will to collect to direct to energy of spirit on the future. If you want that to reach, direct thought in the future in which all consists.
266. (June 1). Spatial Service is possible always. It is impersonal. It is made for evolution of the real. The purpose is so far and so grandiose that no barriers of temporary conditions of an era, a nationality, race and situation in life can prevent it. It is consciously created only that promotes advance of all existing in the future and to depression dense in thin, that is to thinning of a matter and in it the shown forms. The seventh circle will end with a spiritualizing of a matter and transition of forms, nowadays roughly material, in is thin the being shone. On the plan of usual visibility the planet becomes hidden, but life remains, and its forms will be shown on the highest plans of invisibility. In this terribly long process of transformations dense in thin everything not able will evolve it is rejected, as Space litter. Everything will concentrate in the spirit of, and it won't be necessary things, it won't be necessary anything from this what people nowadays need. The thought will be external expression of life, thought free, not knowing any restrictions. And everything that the free, liberated thought can create will become reality for the spirit which has created it. But also these conditions only preparation for a new, Great Cycle, for spirit manifestation in forms, higher and more perfect on new globes of life, on an infinite way to Boundlessness.
267. (M. A. Y.). How to reconcile greatness of the purposes of evolution of the person with imperfections of people and surrounding life and how to carry by not belittled through life Light of shining thought of high purpose of spirit? How many spirits were burned with impossibility to contain this ant situation and to assume burden of dense evolution. But how to ascend without steps when for flights wings didn't grow yet; only, with the help of Hierarchy of Light, having enclosed the hand itself in a hand of the Leader. On It all hope, in It all support. It Will finish, if its help not reject and if the look to It is turned constantly and steadily. He Sees and Knows and on the guard always to protect trusted in It. It goes to finish.
268. (Guru). All weak will fuse. Reason of a possible burn out of an organism is in own weakness. Forces should be found in itself, that opposite to an impact of external conditions; who and that will help, if the spirit not shows opposition. Both with a helmet, and armor, and a board the Hierarch can cover, but even the board should be held the hand.
269. (June 2). Certainly, real the person considers that surrounds him directly and with what connect his bodies of perception and thought. The thought has to be very strong to prevail over environment. The eremite living in the woods or in mountains and the benefactor world by thought, wins this Wednesday because consciousness I punched a shell of auras egg. But it is possible only at a victory over personal which spheres consciousness of limitation. Therefore travel as they tear off aura from a comfortable nest or, better to say, a personal nesting box are necessary. All this is correct, and it is good when it is clear. But it is necessary to take still a step forward and to bring thought to such condition of intensity that the comprehended and understood could be approved in the appendix in practice and that the thought from groundless dream turned into thought creative, conducting consciousness for itself. The smallest good thought, but applied in life, is better the biggest, but not applied. Only the applied thoughts give strength to spirit and generate fires, forming crystal deposits in the Bowl. It is good to think yclair-radiant. The light of thought gives its application in operation.
270. (June 3). When fire of the ardent aspiration, any circumstances inside burns: neither external, nor internal – nor prevent to move ahead. From here conclusion: any justifications and links that conditions disturb, – are insolvent. The reason of a delay should be looked for in itself, in own inability to subordinate to will a condition of the consciousness. The self-deception in this case is very harmful because with its help the fault for a delay or a stop is shifted to someone or something being outside while the real reason – fading of a flame of heart. Many examples can be given when very grave living conditions strong were overcome by ardent burning of heart, and, on the contrary, despite the most favorable circumstances, fire I hung. Honesty of recognition is the quality necessary for the pupil. Only knowing the valid sizes of an illness and its reason, it is possible to treat successfully. Self-eated, a self-searching are condemned, but the exact, impartial and severe analysis of a condition of consciousness is necessary. It is necessary to consider thus only and a planetary tonality of the spatial moment because now unknown time and a press is great.
271. (M. A. Y.). Spirit above all because not transient, and the relations in the spirit of flow let over everything occurring in all covers: corporal, astral and mental. The spirit is connected with fire, and only an enduring fiery body and deposits in the Bowl can be storage and savers over mortal communications of spirit and the Proximity claimed from life in life over everything that is temporary and is passing. Proximity to my dear and to Called to Light I approve in myself forever, in heart and in the spirit of the, steadily and strongly, now and always, both nowadays and alwaus and for ever and ever.
272. (Guru). If it is for some reason or other difficult to present clearly in the third eye the Image of the Lord, the next to it easier to hold faces and this way to establish close connection. Light ladder one, and it is possible to hold any step if only it was higher also directly direct, through the next links. Not approved in the Hierarchy can try to look for someone another, but approved, strongly and forever, know that direct link can be only one that other communication isn't present that there is no place to look for more and that in the world there is more nobody who could be replacement. Many threads are torn off by search of new Heads, but the skilled traveler of the Great Way knows the Hierarchy and remains is true it forever. Carrying out longer line will be the statement of wisdom in life of every day.
273. (June 6). Whether it is necessary to remind that force of merge is cemented by aspiration. But the aspiration burns not always. Heart fights constantly and always is, whether its presence is realized at present or not realized. Existence of heart doesn't depend on its understanding, and the person knows that it is. In the same way it has to be realized and Hidden Presence, regardless of, whether it is realized or the consciousness is abstract on something another. A sub consciousness is Presence has to be felt so integral, as well as heartbeat and this inherence have to be supported by the subconscious thought in advance premised and approved consciously; the sun in space always, irrespective of existence of clouds, day or night. As also Hidden Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of always is available, it is worth raising the head up only. At the moments of ardent aspiration and lifting we will strengthen near pulsing thought of continuous Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of because Itself I Speak to you: I with you always. And if at some instant this Proximity isn't realized, it occurs not, because it isn't present but because clouds closed the sky. But the Sun of Great Heart shines over all always.
274. (M. A. Y.). By just the same way approve also us in the heart that this communication didn't interrupt neither separation, nor range of distances, death, say, anything that from the dense world can divides us.
275. (Guru). The spatial chaos affects badly health, causing a disbalance the physical. It is necessary to them opposite and in the microcosm to order all departures, balancing or harmony all body organs. Breath it is possible to help very much. It approves fiery energy and facilitates fight against diseases. It is impossible to be given on favor of elements because elements are now discomposed and threaten with destructions of already planetary scale. The ship in a storm rescues tranquility of the captain and ability to operate the ship. Peace of mind – the great regulator of balance in all human body. Balance of spirit helps to establish balance in a body or harmony that is health.
276. (June 8). My son, well constantly keep around thought that "I with you always". It is good to remember it at any moods and in any conditions. It is good to claim mentally at least in the face of evidence dense that seduction of time, space (that is distances) and things only brain illusion. It is good to do it among the most ardent whirlpool of the external phenomena. It is possible to speak to itself: Here I see you, seductress Maya, and, seeing, nevertheless in the spirit of I realize that it only reality covers that it only "a tatter of false reality" to which I want to set fire in constancy of aspiration to Light of knowledge of fiery reality. So repeating and so approving in itself enlightenment to the world truly real, it is possible to be exempted from chains of the dense world gradually. If extra dense existence is many times more long terrestrial, in how many time the World Thin surpasses in the sizes terrestrial. Truly, the spirit would disagree "to accept dense evolution if it to hold in remembrance spaces of the Thin World". And so also we will look at terrestrial stay as on the burdensome conclusion of spirit in a dungeon of a dense body which limits its boundless opportunities. But dense evolution is necessary to accumulate knowledge and opportunities for manifestation and spirit life in the Highest Worlds because without the corresponding accumulation the spirit there is deaf, grew blind and can't fly. Many not reached stand there motionlessly, to stone idols is similar. The constant memory about our Proximity as about fiery reality of life destroys illusions of a flesh and helps spirit to raise wings for flights in spaces of the Elevated World.
277. (June 12). Implementation of terrestrial desires at all doesn't mean achievement of happiness. Often people think that if their dream will be achieved, they will be happy and are satisfied. But when it happens and pass the first moments of new feelings, it appears that the happiness any and isn't present and that the condition of spirit remained such what was, and at times worse. Mistake that look for out of itself, in external conditions that only depends on spirit because happiness in the spirit of and the spirit is rejected. The thought that the world inside and balance depend on something external, at the heart of is incorrect. Anything external can't replace internal if inside something is unsuccessful. Hopes that any and any external conditions will give to soul the desirable world if it isn't realized yet are vain. The wealth and wellbeing isn't yet happiness. Not bring it and realization of terrestrial aspirations. The happiness is lost in the world, because in the spirit of it.
278. (M. A. Y.). Destruction of desires is the first step on a wisdom track. In each of them, under a florid coloring are thorns. The coloring fades and disappears, there are thorns. The bipolarity of desires steadily comprises both thorns and roses equally. Everything tries to keep step with roses, but about thorns forget. And when petals wither and there are only thorns, that are there is an opposite pole reached, begin complaint and discontent. That is dual by the nature, can't become other. Therefore everything, that around, has the back, because the person lives in peace treatments of light and shade where the antipode of each phenomenon is inevitable in essence. There is no light without a shadow, there is no happiness without a grief, there is no top without a bottom, there is any charm without disappointment, and there is no youth without an old age and a smile without tears. When you become at a western wall, you remember – the pleasure goes. But over the world of shadows there is a kingdom of absolute Light where the duality of terrestrial manifestations comes to an end. It is the sphere of Space pleasure, there the shadow doesn't exist.
279. (Guru). How it was heavy and difficult, it is necessary to live nevertheless, and it is necessary to live in conformity with a step reached by spirit. From life not leave anywhere. The death is release from a body, but not from thoughts or experiences. It is necessary to pass both here and there through everything, having carried by through all fires of heart. After all if they die away how to pass through darkness?
280. (M. A. Y.). Support one – the Teacher. It is invariable in the face of constantly changing phenomena. With it is possible to pass through all these changes of the phenomena which are occurring constantly in everything quietly. It will finish and will help to keep a consciousness crystal whole and not shattered.
281. (June 14). If it is unsuccessful inside, anything from the outside won't help if own efforts aren't made. Anybody for you can't make that have to execute. The impulse can be from the outside given, but even the impulse should be met with desire to use energy it the will. To wait it is useless that time when everything will be settled and will improve somehow by itself. Nothing will improve and nothing will be settled while the firm solution of own will won't prove in operation on trouble elimination.
282. (M. A. Y.). Big mistake will attribute internal trouble to external conditions. Strong spirits overcome them everything, but weak give in; means, the reason not outside, but inside, the reason in weakness of spirit. Certainly, the external reasons influence but when internal resilience is insufficient, it is necessary to look for the reasons inside and medicine for them in the same place.
283. (Guru). Influences from people around and from the dark will constantly go. Give in to them – means it to ruin. Exit one – forces having collected, to stand, despite everything.
284. Distribution of ideas on a planet happens in the regular way and invisibly. The hidden way is more reliable as the transmitter – the space, and a barrier can serve only immunity of consciousness’s. If the consciousness is ready, new ideas join it freely. At the time of Chingiz - Hana all people implicitly submitted to commands of the lord. But terms came and terrestrial thrones because in consciousness of masses foundations were already lost reeled. In this sense of idea operate the world. In precisely the same way the idea of the New World is included into consciousness of the people to be carried out in all ends of the globe. Both any barriers and resistance of the old world not in forces prevent a final victory of new ideas over the old.
285. (M. A. Y.). People assume, but the Karma has. From here futility of many attempts and plans human to counteract it. The will is free within karmic inevitability. From destiny not to leave, it will find and will catch up everywhere where the person tried to disappear from it. But secrets of karmic outlines to people the nobility it isn't given not to deprive of them possibility of manifestation of own will.
286. (June 18). The understanding of is correct that growth of mental energy goes independently and contrary to seeming and temporary concessions to crafty hands. The spirit becomes stronger than own shortcomings and weaknesses which gradually and imperceptibly lose the former habitual power over consciousness. Situation is confirmed that all made from a pleasure of will has no over the person of such power, somehow, that is allowed by it contrary to, that belittling and weakening it. Therefore two identical acts, one, allowed by will and another – overcome and suppressed it, matter a miscellaneous. All is permitted only when the will dominates over all actions of the person: both good and bad, – and when both that and others receive the will sanction. There is nothing more destructive, than that becomes the person contrary to his will, suppressing and weakening it and turning it into a weak-willed toy of people, circumstances and dark evil-make.
287. (M. A. Y.). Check of the forces through wide intervals of time on the same phenomena is very useful and very indicative. Like a grass the consciousness grows imperceptibly, and comparison of its reaction on surrounding in time shows how it succeeded in the development. Self-examination and self-checking are necessary.
288. (June 19). My friend, everything comes to term to the one who term judgment. The hand of the Teacher should be able to be seen in life events. Now the main task in that, what strengthening a protection circle? Dark use all and all and throw the shaggy balls via all channels available to them. Retaliation or warning should be put not on through whom they act, and on him, directly and directly. They very much don't love it because prefer to put under blow those backs behind which hide. Not dogs, not cats, not birds, not children, not adults, strong intruding upon your leisure, are subject to retaliations, but a creature, which inspire them and whisper them actions harming to you. The beam turned on them, them forces to recede immediately in darkness from which came because burns down, and they prefer to remain unpunished and only rejoice spitefully when indignation or indignation or blow are directed on their unconscious employees, intermediaries and assistants. Sometimes choose not one and some backs to take cover more reliably. From their attention and attempts get rid very difficult, but be protected probably quite. Certainly, besides everything, the main condition is own internal wellbeing and balance, which they at first try to break in all ways that, having broken, to harm further. Refinement very much, inventions there is a lot of, but a sign one: everything that counteracts you or Us, and counteracts spitefully – from darkness. And you are litmus for definition of dark energy. In any their attempts it is impossible to lose balance because with its loss a gate of protection and a gap for blow open I am ready. And it is necessary to fight with them up to the end, to a victory. However, being seen and exposed, they recede immediately to find new backs and other covers. Don't make a mistake, directing attention or energy the on through whom they act, instead of them, on dark the whisper and inspire. It only to them on a hand even more strengthens the activity. Vigilance has also continuous patrol. While Light in you burns, attempts having a tail it go out won't stop.
289. (M. A. Y.). When the Savior prayed for those who doesn't know that creates, not for demons prayed, not for conscious attendants of darkness and their inspirer and mister, but for not knowing that create, for the dark suggestions powerlessly and which have unconsciously fallen under influence. It should be understood very much not to direct protective energy or a striking beam on deceived or seduced, but to direct them on spawns of darkness and to fight with them. Involuntary and unconscious intermediaries can and be regretted and to send thought to them good, deprived of any not goodwill, and to pray for them if heart prompts. Such irresponsible there is a lot of, them it is good to regret and think of them kindly because often really don't know that create. But the echidna and a scorpion we won't regret.
290. (Guru). The moments of take-off of spirit we will appreciate to use them possibly more stoutly. Not always Light to our services. Spiral his emergence and leaving. When it is dark, we will think about Light because it is immutable will return and again will shine everything that inside, and will light around. The developed consciousness has the rhythm, being characterized Light waves which alternate in a certain sequence. This rhythm serves as the guarantee of that how it seemed darkly, Light approach is inevitable.
291. The understanding moves. The accord comes into contact, and open heart to Me accepts parcels.
292. (June 21). So, Bases remain firm at all changes of the passing worlds. Thin condition too it is passing because the World Thin is urgent, though stay in it is long. Let's consider life in a dense body as a preparatory condition to Elevated existence. Possibilities of prepare generously are given by terrestrial embodiments. It would seem, on the contrary, because as can dense serve as prepare to thin, but actually it serves. Qualities of spirit acquired and approved on Earth and depression and thinning of invisible covers of spirit allow the last wider and fuller, and the main, conscious manifestation in World Aboveground. Dying, the person doesn't receive any new thin body because, living on Earth, he lives in the covers, constantly influencing them and bringing in their structure elements, their refined, or hardening. Each thought, feeling or act of the person, each movement affects him all covers which have been closely connected between, and brings in them new elements from Light or darkness. Knowing carefully protects the terrestrial actions as deeply understands value them for substance of covers and their influence on a matter of which they consist. This matter is plastic and very mobile in comparison with a matter of a physical body. Reaction it on thoughts and feelings is instant, and everyone can bring either clarification or darken its structure. Even on the clarified, or darken face of the person it is easily possible to see these reactions to a dense terrestrial body of his owner. Habitual thoughts, feelings and actions of the person, forcing to vibrate his invisible covers on a certain wave, especially promote firmness of elements corresponding to them and their long entry into structure of covers. The understanding of this process allows taking each action, feeling and thought under conscious control there were they in the benefit. Because covers of the person are that house in which he will live after death of a physical body. All covers, even the longest, temporarily, and only the fiery body, the spirit house, remains with it forever.
293. (June 22). The Lord because its Proximity over the changes happening in three temporary covers, and it is close always is unchangeable, and the Proximity of the Lord can be felt always as soon as the consciousness from temporary three will come off and, having risen over them, will concern fire. This inherence of Proximity of the Highest we will approve by heart because it too from fire and represents itself the Device fiery. Heart is movable by fire. Life is too fire pulsing in each living being. And we are beings fiery. As a matter of fact, all processes in a human body are made by energy fiery. We call it mental and all-initial. At each person I reserved it’s different, and each person accumulates it or wastes. To spend mental energy and to use it – doesn't mean at all it to waste. Squandering begins with that moment when actions disharmonies, chaotic, induced by negative qualities of spirit are made. If merits are containers of fiery energy both its collectors and stores, qualities negative, for example, such as fear, the doubt, fluctuation, fussiness, despondency and so on, represent itself ardent devourers and spendthrifts of mental energy. Therefore on a question how to accumulate fiery force, we Will answer – the statement of merits of spirit. At each this moment any quality is most close sounding. It also should be claimed then. And it will be the most productive action and expedient. Is difficult and useless to approve far sounding quality because it won't enter strongly into consciousness, but the proximity creates the necessary impulse. It is especially good to approve qualities synthetic, such, as, for example, balance or solemnity because they combine in themselves and others. So, balance includes both fearlessness, and firmness, both tranquility, and a lightful, both fire, and concentration, both self-checking, and some other qualities of spirit. It approving, we approve in themselves many properties of fire. It is very important to finish each embodiment, having saved up fires. In a thin condition existence of a flame will give the chance to spirit of free manifestation in spheres Elevated. Creeping and idols standing there – is those who chiseled Agni. It is a lot of reasons about flights in World Thin, but without fire not to fly. Agni will be the engine. That is why each terrestrial action can be considered from the point of view of accumulation or Agni's squandering. To help, treat, send thought energy fiery doesn't mean it to waste. These actions, on the contrary, finally, save up it. Passions and defects waste it also all made in a spirit darken. Constancy of qualities creates crystals of fiery deposits. When Agni grows, the way lies correctly.
294. (M. A. Y.). Let's show inflexible firmness in the aspiration to Light. How many fiery force is lost minutes of an eclipse of Light! But on wave lifting more widely heart we will open towards to Beams of Great Heart to contain more Light. And then the periods of lifting will be very fruitful. Not always Light to our services but when it shines saturated brightly, all strength of mind we will take from it everything that we will be able to contain. The containment moments, the moments of increase of spirit it are especially important. They allow making an energy stock on the following piece of a way, and it is possible, and further. At the moments of fertile heavy rain the gardener of flowers from reviver won't close. Streams of moisture strengthen the flowers of spirit refreshed with heavy rain. Good fortune heavy rain – so is called at us by these periods of tension of lightful energy.
295. (June 23). Ability to perceive thoughts of the Teacher and harmoniously to write down them can't be gained suddenly. On everything time and conditions of long contact is required. And, of course, one and even hasn't enough several lives. Connection established proceeds in this world and in that. It is more important than contemplation of the Teacher in a physical body because many, seeing Teachers in a body, had no spiritual Proximity; Proximity in the spirit of more important. It is difficultly to hold it in the conditions of the dense. But if to carry by it through life on Earth, in Elevated where terrestrial barriers will disappear, this Proximity becomes visible reality. Many aspirations, not feasible on Earth, are carried out in World Aboveground. It should remember and be known that aspirations, both good, and bad, with a body don't die. On the contrary, they become aggravated, and even substantially because the thought gets there special force. If here to learn to bridle the thought feeding unworthy aspirations, they will be connected and there and the authorities over spirit won't conceive. This circumstance aggravates value of terrestrial existence, because, in its staying, a lot of things can be made for the statement of that direction according to which the spirit exempted from a body will direct. The free will can send it to any spheres, and the spirit tragedy if these spheres are the lowest is great. And here, on Earth, the consciousness of the person gravitates to spheres, conformable his mood. But the mood of consciousness depends on his thoughts and feelings, and they can be controllable by will. Each low-slightest effort in this direction is not without consequences. Everyone show that in the presence of warm desire control over thought is possible. In the inner world of the lord – the person and it is very sad when this power is carried out in the accord with darkness. Light and darkness fight in consciousness of the person for prevalence, and often the darkness wins. The one, who concerned bases, knows how each concession to the darkness, each weakness, because if they aren't overcome here is pernicious how to overcome them there, in World Thin where all becomes aggravated and fight can become excessive. It is simpler and easier to approve here the direction of thoughts to Light and never already to deviate it. The teacher will help to hold it if own decision is firm.
296. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to be surprised that these records, in essence, are so close to the Life Doctrine. The source Is uniform, and the Proximity to Hierarchy allowed imprinting spatial parcels. The doctrine is boundless. Nobody can limit sources of its distribution, - and the thought will be the most reliable; also perceived and I, only at Proximity still bigger and Communication, even more profound.
297. Love it is proved affairs. For the sake of those whom we love, a lot of things can be made and for them to renounce much, - unless not pleasure to bring something to darlings. The everyday gift indicates constancy of love and devotion. The formula "that else I will be able to bring to You, the Lord" let becomes the code of every day. Gifts endlessly will mean receiving endlessly. So all measures, in every way, all desire, all heart and thought we will establish completeness of the accord. Accord the highest and the best that is available in us. Strengthening this best and really improving, we deepen lightful communication. On what tatter of yesterday, for what unusable thoughts we will exchange Communication with Light? Who brings more, will receive more. So unclear sacrifice will turn into a gift of every day, a gift of the best feelings and light aspirations to Those Whom we love and with Whom we want to be close in Elevated. The channel of rapprochement breaks in space acts, feelings and thoughts of every day. Everything is available, everything is possible, but it is necessary to show a number of corresponding actions, actions persistent and constant, not interrupted nor moods, nor chagrin, neither difficulties of life, nor something becoming a barrier to rapprochement. When I Speak, become even closer, Show something very necessary and having especially for the future. After all the future is forged by the hands, and collapses if the darkness interferes in consciousness. But a darkness temporary phenomenon for sons of Light, and fight against it only will strengthen strength of mind and will give experience to a hand. The savoir vivre grows from collision with darkness. Young and inexperienced travelers can assimilate those who on the shoulders didn't take out all weight of fight against dark enslavers. Let's not envy them because also they should drink to the bottom all Bowl of poison terrestrial. Fight tempers a sword of spirit and raises fires. At the moments of lifting it is possible to feel easily the wings which have grown in collisions, and then anything when the Proximity is realized strong isn't terrible, and an invariance of The one Who Conducts, and Light of the judgment future. My son, we will be glad pure pleasure of heart to opportunities new closer still to approach to Hierarchy of Light. Gate is widely open for the washed heart in heavy fight against and darkness. Itself in Light My overcome, victoriously and quickly goes. And I Wait and I Rejoice to a right step in the correct direction which is pulling together us forever.
298. (M. A. Y.). Me pleasure, when the aspiration in heart proximity of My relatives flame powerful. After all this guarantee of that once on fires of the heart directed to Us will be burned resolutely everything that becomes between us. A lot of things in life usual prevent a veil to lift, the Boundlessness which has closed from us and Beauty of the Hidden World. But it exists, it sees and in it the consciousness’s exempted from litter and freight terrestrial stay in understanding ardent it’s Beauty and the life. We very much want to see you to Light going powerfully and are directed. And very much mourn when your progress is slowed down owing to any reasons. Light is. Light exists; only twilight of the dense world prevents it to see. Light threads connect Us. They are hidden for an eye terrestrial, but are obviously felt as heart. It feels and knows how on them there are vibrations of distinguished spirituality because absorbs them strong and rejoices to communication with Light. The embodiment way in a body will end, and in World Aboveground we will meet again. The remained years of life terrestrial we use completely for rapprochement with Light and a gets rid of that a barrier becomes on a way.
299. (June 24). Show is in continuous and close connection with the Hierarchy. This condition gives many advantages. Upon transition to the World Thin allows direct Proximity and Communication. Let's imagine the person who has come to be in the unfamiliar country, in others city where there is no familiar soul where all isn't known, and it is alien, both it is unusual, and it is perhaps hostile. Such is situation and again passed. And when among all this there are the close spirits, ready to accept the new newcomer to them, about him to take care and help and arrange the difficult situation is facilitated at once. Going to fathers with them will come, - but, fathers so knew a little. And that they can give to the grown consciousness. Let's not be surprised if they the first ask for the help and council because stay almost at the same level of consciousness, as well as were once. Your Native home – the House of Hierarchy of Light. You will find opportunity to satisfy all aspirations of spirit with which you will come to that World and which in it are approved in you from Light. The continuous communication with the Hierarchy is necessary still because she creates possibility of protection and here, on Earth. Also it feeds spirit fires. In World Thin the person who doesn't have the directions, can be involved in astral currents, from which whirlpools difficultly to get out. And where that will go there, without knowing, to whom and that to direct? But knowing and to it directed the way of a straight line and solved has the Hierarchy. I Speak; knowing "the" Hierarchy as if them would exist a little. The hierarchy of Light one, but communication with It and the Hierarch is established on the Beam and easier than all is carried out through the next link. Certainly, conscious and strong communication requires time; sometimes there are a lot of lives. But then this communication is especially strong. From the Native home there is a spirit to the world external that, having gained there new experience and knowledge, again in it to come back for their assimilation and realization to qualities of spirit. Aspirations fiery, approved on Earth, in Elevated during increase трансмутируются in qualities of spirit also become the integral property of the person. Not achievable and not carried out here because of rough conditions becomes there achievable and becomes at new return to the flesh world inherited qualities of spirit. Therefore I Speak: direct because everything is achievable now. You see as on Earth the hottest, most sincere, strongest your aspirations sometimes hang under noxious breath of dense beds. But, being withheld here, there blossom all opportunities. Because sowers here, and reapers there. But refrain from the aspirations which aren't corresponding to the reached step of consciousness’s because there they will be similar to heavy freight with which it is so difficult to walk upstairs Light. To aspirations of Light food give, the strong feeding; to the aspirations from top to bottom attracting, don't give the chance to live, them having deprived of a food by thought. The thought submits to will. Any current of thought can be stopped will. Each thought stop right at the beginning, if not from Light it. Also there are with you one thoughts of Light, which will help you to return directly to the House Father, without wandering on spaces of the Thin World in its low layers.
300. (M.A. Y.). Consciousness clarification, that is its clarification, very strongly deepens Communication with the Hierarchy, both protection and the help then are much more facilitated. It is possible to work with our force or strength of the Lord when the consciousness is pure and there is nothing, able to become a barrier to rapprochement. Where will send the Beam of the Lord, asked about the help if the darken aura can't apprehend it? Therefore we will note that success of joint actions requires the cleared consciousness and completeness of understanding of responsibility for unworthy thoughts. Power of love to the Hierarchy it is possible to direct on clarification and transformation of the essence. If really we love as we speak and we claim, for darlings and for the sake of darlings and to be inseparable with them, it is possible to strain all forces for release from the unnecessary remnants of the past disturbing to association with them. Completeness of Communication is caused by completeness of such release. If really ardently that we want, for the sake of achievement desirable it is possible to renounce resolutely everything that interferes with achievement. It is unconvincing when one hand creates that another destroys. Two poles constantly fight in the person for prevalence: the person of the past, with all its shortcomings, and the person of the future, the child of Light which has to grow and win against the old person itself. Fight is dramatic because has to come to the end with a clear victory of Light. Incompleteness is unacceptable because it is destructive very much. Only the resolute gap with the past in itself will help to promote strong. The past is meant as everything which is subject to a gets rid. After all in addition unnecessary freight in the past is available a lot of such that serves as steps to Light of the future. This past we will store. By it are connected with Hierarchy of Light. It helps to aspire forward and serves as the guarantee of future achievements.
*301. (Guru.). Now it is already clear that the Order made in the subtle world before this incarnation, is to leave for the future of these entries and to pursue them even more closely with its hierarchy. The remaining years of life use to Order was made perfectly. Taken it upon itself voluntarily and willingly did and executed. Voluntary missions are Our artists and our support. Mission life, your lamp should be Inextinguishable. This is a concern. Glad-hearted that Light up ahead
302. (June 25). My son, in life of High Spirit there can be periods of such powerful take-off when rags terrestrial and all outgrowths of spirit fly away from It as dry leaves under a whirlwind. The inspiration will help consciousness to keep at the reached height and to take that way which can be called by a feat, or by Great Service. Small lifting of forces won't allow keeping, but powerful take-off of spirit will dump Earth fetters. Savl's transformation gives a striking example of similar action. The flashed flame gains property of stability and Service to Light becomes uninterrupted. Strength of mind is inexhaustible, and the spirit which has powerfully risen, finds forces in itself, there is enough force to finish all calculations Earth attractions. Service then interrupts already neither in the afternoon, nor at night, and signs fiery accompany spirit movement. There is reached and almost applied in life a great precept of self-rejection, or dismissal from itself, from all that in the past prevented to be to spirit free. Prefilling’s of this freedom and this Service are very symptomatic and point to growing readiness of spirit for judgment transformation. The transformation which has happened to the Crucified Teacher of Light, be underline as a symbol, or an example of great opportunity for each directed spirit. Light body then reaches high degree of intensity, and the light of light fire makes the way through a terrestrial cover, as though shining and changing it. Such high voltage won't be able long to sustain a body terrestrial, but its consequences remain in consciousness forever. The impetuous light of a flame is intolerable for a dense body. But the feat terrestrial enters it as though into a framework of continuous and equal burning. The unprecedented heroism is necessary that in the conditions of modern life to make a feat of execution of Light. Therefore we call such Service Great.
303. (June 26). My son, nothing late begins here, late where everything proceeds and where to begin very difficult, that is in World Aboveground. Why? Plasticity of a thin environment establishes the accord with the approved aspirations of spirit, with its energy which are a part of its essence. To change them it is difficult. To replace new it is hard. Its microcosm on familiar and habitual currents continues to sound. Both neighbors, and an environment, both thoughts, and feelings – everything goes according to the accord that was once during lifetime, only power of the accord gets special force to carry out thought of aspiration of spirit. On Earth it is necessary to manage to finish process of release from all that in Elevated shouldn't take a place any more. For example, the victory over desire to food will give their freedom from desires to it, and feasts of and the stupor won't be possible; same with smoking, or alcoholism, with all habits of dense existence. Release from habits very necessary thing. Experiences with a victory over undesirable feelings of cold, heat and other chuvstvovaniye are good also. Not the cold or heat is won, but reaction on them of consciousness, that is not the hunger is won, but – its power over mentality of the person. It is necessary to remember that in World Aboveground everything moves thought. And if, living on Earth in a body dense, the person formed the thought and ennobled the aspirations and spiritualized them, having exempted them from specific terrestrial elements, thereby where the thought reigns, it and will deliver borders to spirit opportunities. There the great harvest on the mental crops made consciously or unconsciously on Earth is made. To give the report for each thought is means to reap from each thought fruits of its growth and implementation in World Aboveground. That is why continuous control over thought is so necessary. The person won't take with himself for a bosom in a way of scorpions or venomous snakes, but poisonous and harmful thoughts takes. These thoughts can sting and bite not worse than snakes and scorpions because there grains of poisonous thoughts will give the shoots and it is necessary to reap them, that is to assume influence of thought by the carried-out and become visible reality for beget. Therefore so I Insist on consciousness clarification from unusable and unnecessary thoughts. To mantras often it is given for suppression of a stream of such thoughts. Name repetition also very helps. The thought should be seized there to be the lord of the power. Fire – a cleaner. When fires of heart flare as unusable rags, harmful thoughts and stratifications of the past fall off lose over consciousness the power.And accumulation of light energiya enter board. The most important task –hold hearts fires from an ugasheniye breath of the shabby world. But fires are supported by unification with Hierarchy of Light. We come besides: silver thread of heart it is sacred, carefully and continued to store from defeat it darkness. It is possible because I with you always, even then, when the otemnenny consciousness doesn't feel saving Proximity.
304. (June 27). And one more circumstance should be observed attentively is a release of consciousness from blocking up by his terrestrial impressions. Not to avoid them, but to plunge into them with the head and to give in to their absorbing influence – means to miss something more important. Value of this immersion can be understood if to remember that it was both five, and ten, and twenty years ago, only the impressions changed and even were forgotten absolutely, though demanded the same attention, as well as nowadays.
305. It is necessary firmly and to decide on that and the dense world to use remained time for stay completely and up to the end to be approved in the Life Doctrine by a way of its application to every day irrevocably. Already I Said that each statement should start is applied, that putting grains of future achievements. They give the sprouts in time. And all the time which is, belongs to the person. Let's remember and know that in Boundlessness everything is achievable and everything is possible. Let the sower of spatial grains of it don't forget.
306. (Guru). Mentally directing to any person living now on Earth or living earlier, through his familiar shape we enter into communication with its essence and we concern its aura. Reaction of this contact can be very diverse, but, conscious or unconscious, the result always is available, that is influence of this contact is inevitable. Thought touching any face, we receive from it thin impressions, at times almost inaudible or externally not so not registered, and still, despite this, everyone such contact of thought doesn't remain without consequences. Therefore in a choice of object of a mental contact it is necessary to show discretion. Not any aura can concern with impunity. The evil and negative influences are easily transferred on these hidden wires. Surrounded currents of space of various bloods; they are perceived according to the accord, on an accord, on aspiration or conscious desire to establish a certain connection. We will be very careful, attentive when we stop thought on someone. The thought is the real force, the real energy, which hasn't been connected by usual restrictions of dense energy.
307. (June 28). We in the Stronghold maintain balance of the world. Our loss of balance threatens for Earth with accident because our vibrations affect huge distances. As and at you internal disharmony acts on people around and promotes a disbalance. For maintenance of harmonious conditions it is necessary to observe internal balance, and then only it is possible harmoniously and to influence effectively nearby spheres, terrestrial and elevated. We steadily and constantly maintain balance and, first of all, in ourselves as also you try to keep it in every way spirit. If don't hold in yourself and don't subordinate own energy to the will how you will be able to subordinate to this will chaotic to energy of people around? Therefore the victory over will serve as the guarantee of a victory over disharmony and disorder of conditions surrounding you. Victory over them is through itself. The chaos interferes in life at each violation of balance and can flood consciousness if not to oppose it internal firmness and firmness. Our pupils sent to districts threatened with accidents, prevented many natural disasters. It is necessary to understand, of course, that these phenomena could occur only at the corresponding condition of their spirit. It is impossible to send the pupil with undisciplined thinking with a similar assignment. The result will be the return. Thus, it is necessary to understand that mastering by; the moods, feelings and emotions will be a necessary condition for establishment of harmony surrounding. Dark watch everyone disbalance yours that, using it, and through it to bring diverse-weight in all manifestations, anyway able to affect you and on you to affect and weaken force of influence of Beams sent to you. Maintenance of balance isn't your private matter, but strong the spatial. We very Appreciate Ashrams, because their lightful radiations work on wide radius, - hardly in modern conditions of the city to create Ashram, but it is possible. And balance installation, not disturb anything will be the main condition for such creation. You see, what huge value has a condition of your spirit for the surrounding. And not only for it, but also for those distances which your thought affects. Who can define limits of its influence?
308. (M. A. Y.). Special pleasure at Us, when we see revolt of the spirit, has risen in fiery aspiration against waves of coming chaos. The chaotic condition of elements strong influences mentality of the person, and a lot of courage is necessary, that to them opposite. Strength of mind is inexhaustible when are called consciously. The source – Is uniform. It is possible to dare courageously to fight against a chaotic condition of a planet, but not before chaos manifestations inside is bridled. It interferes in consciousness imperceptibly and when break is realized, it is difficult to close up a gap, - therefore, and patrol, and severe control, and resolute restraint of everyone, even small-small disbalance. Consider each attempt from outside to break your balance as showdown. When we rise against chaos in unification full with Light Focus, opposition will be victorious. It is impossible to recede and it is impossible to give in, stronger it is necessary to stand. The Lord put on guards. Like the rock in a raging sea there is an unshakable spirit among whirlwinds terrestrial and astral. Assistants are necessary to us in the spirit of.
309. (Guru). Let's calculate the forces so that they sufficed up to the end. It is possible if to show full restraint with unrestrained feelings and acts. Accumulation of mental energy is considerably regulated by restraint. All energy of spirit ruche for manifestation; the manifestations permitted by will, have to be under it’s just the same control, as steam, pumped in the boiler. It is impossible to open all cranes at once. The mechanic regulates everyone, opening as required. Enough impetuously to open everything – and force of steam will be quickly settled, and the car of work won't give. The same and with strength of mind when under control they, is a powerful, reserved force. Balance is concept synthetic. In it both restraint, and control and consequently, and opportunity will to regulate energy expenditure. Energy it is powerful can work only when it is reserved and under control, - at first accumulation, by restraint and control, then a reasonable, expedient and controlled expenditure. The impetuous expenditure of mental energy is harmful and destructive and doesn't give the necessary consequences.
310. (June 29). It would be unreasonable to assume that the Teacher is in any special, favorable circumstances. If knew, what enormous resistance of the unbridled and out of balance elements should be overcome! If saw waves of coming darkness! If could imagine pernicious breath of mass of brown gas. Truly would be surprised to scope of fight, continued and difficult which can't be stopped because then the chaos will flood a planet. The one who close approaches to Us and wants to become closer still, be ready has to share with Us burden of fight, has to be ready to press unreasonable. Whether it is surprising that life persistently and persistently prepare going to Me to those conditions, in which We stay. After all life of everyone comes nearer to Us centuries-old wisdom of the Teacher directs. Therefore it is quiet and resistant, in balance full we will learn to meet life waves, being afflicted not too, and not too allowing them to influence myself, and, in any case, without allowing a deviation from the Way. Sooner or later, but in precisely appointed term life in a terrestrial body will come to an end. And then all reached and approved on Earth will appear the only our property which will cause further stay in World Aboveground. But it is got in the world dense, every moment which can be lived with advantage and fruitful.
311. (M. A. Y.). . To overcome itself in itself – task only a half, it is necessary still to learn to overcome in it and others their weaknesses and shortcomings. Yours the Teacher assumes all to pour them in the Tower. As also you study shortcomings of the next you’re conducted to assume and overcome them in yourselves. If in yourself you don't overcome the shortcomings as you will overcome them in other consciousness. The instructor teaching is unusable that in itself didn't overcome. But I want to tell also something bigger, namely that it is impossible to help even to relatives if burden and their chagrin influence us equally in the same degree, us saddening and burdening. Both blind get then to a hole: and conducting and conducted. But burden from neighbors in balance of spirit having accepted and having neutralized it on fires of the heart, it is possible to render the valid help. Not indifference it, but true compassion and transmutation of the opposite phenomena. I will repeat once again: at an unsuccessful pity sorry and sorry – both become covered by a cloud of a gloom and plunge into the gloomy. But burden of another having assumed and having transmutation it in the consciousness, it is possible to help structurally and to ennoble consciousness of the one to whom it is assisted.
312. (Guru). The patience, but not up to the end, will be only vain loss of time. It is necessary to accept the rule in everything up to the end. Certainly, the purposes good mean. After all and in the evil it is possible to reach the end that is a chasm. Therefore in the aspiration to the Teacher of Light the motto let will be – to go all the way. It is a lot of vague decisions and therefore there is a lot of not reaching. Who doesn't go at all, who to the middle and who further, and it is especially sad when far left suddenly turns from a way. Therefore the firmness of steady aspiration, not inflexible, we will consider as quality necessary. The Teacher reflecting in the pupil in an invariance of his aspiration to Light wants to see the stability. Only this way it is possible to reach to positive and on the way not to be late.
313. (June 30). So, the Thin World is realized on consciousness and according to the accord of the elements which have been saved up inside, with related elements of this world. In it there is everything that is created by will, thoughts and feelings of the person, and, besides, there is that is his natural state that is that is created by the nature. Human we everywhere can observe a combination of creations of the nature and hands on Earth. The same occurs and in the Thin World, only there possibilities of the person to create much more widely because create thought. Great is pleasure and freedom of the person, not been connected by terrestrial desires and feeling of property, in this wonderful world. After all any aspiration and when it is deprived of the reek of alcohol terrestrial there is to some extent carried out, the aspiration loses feeling of a dissatisfaction which is generated by seeming and illusive implementation of aspirations terrestrial. The last are to a certain extent satisfied too, but hunger don't sate – from here a symbol about Tantalum torments. Besides, not won by will on Earth, feelings terrestrial raise the head there, demanding satisfaction. And as the imagination easily creates desirable forms, the consciousness enters with them combinations, generating illusive, sharp, but not contended, thanks to lack of a body, feeling. Insatiable passions generate both insatiable aspirations and illusive, but not bringing satisfactions of experience. It is a lot of people on Earth who are in the power of the desires and live under their oppression. Oppression remains and there, and becomes aggravated and made heavier in the force while opportunities to satisfy these aspirations don't exist anymore. Not difficult to imagine it these suffering spirits, burning fires not able to be satisfied passions. Wise seeks to exempt the spirit from all terrestrial desires. They can remain, but the power over it already any without having. Therefore the one who won against feeling of hunger on Earth, to terrestrial food any more will already not suffer from attacks of desires. It victories of spirit over corporal conditions in all forms and shapes are very important. Terrestrial life gives infinite opportunities of to exercise and be approved in the power of will over all corporal feelings. At the disposal of the person the wonderful force of mental energy with which he also can act at all the experiences over itself (himself). It wins all feelings, and it is that force which works, doing of a human body laboratory for all feelings. If from representation of the imagined lemon which juice drips in a mouth, in a mouth becomes the saliva turned sour and starts being allocated, in the same way cause the corresponding reactions in a human body and many other representations or images. In it the power of thought over consciousness and a body, but thought copes will, and at control over the thought, established on Earth, in World Thin the person becomes the lord of the power because there thought all moves and all is created by thought. People aspire to the power, of course, – to the power terrestrial, and is frequent, reaching it, the authorities over the thought have no, and is frequent from masters terrestrial, upon transition to the World Thin, turn in weak-willed victims of own thoughts and thoughts of strangers, but to it relationship too. The power terrestrial fragile, temporary and not giving any achievements in World Aboveground, if on Earth the power over wasn't approved. The collector of true values of life knows that the real property of the person consists in Bowl accumulation, in deposits in it crystal formations of fiery energy which will serve it as life and food in the Hidden Worlds. Itself overcome, the winner light enters into that world where power of lightful thought reigns.
314. (M. A. Y.). The lord Told: "You love Me and you will double force". You love, you love, and you love. Love you will reach everything. Love you will reach what not to reach any exercises and meditations. The love is live fire of life. If understood that it is possible to make this force, would love strong, would love ardently, would love it is effective and victoriously. Not without reason called love the winner fiery.
315. (July 1). Boundlessness covers itself all space which is all immensity of Space, all past, real, future, all the time, all achievements of the human spirit which have been carried out in the past and possible in the future, all evolution real, and all worlds invisible and visible, everything that is, was and will be. We live in Boundlessness and we concern it each breath or thought. Each thought can be taken, deepened and expanded infinitely if it is winged thought. There are thoughts creeping, to reptiles similar, they can breed also, but can't fly, spheres of the highest concerning, and can't infinitely grow because are limited to the sphere of the manifestation. In it is difference evil and good. The good can grow infinitely, but the evil is limit and limited. It serves as the guarantee of a victory of Light over darkness because certainly and the darkness is limited. It is possible to take any thought of Light and to observe how it starts growing and extending and concerning the orbit of spheres of boundless Light. On Earth people can fly, but planes or other aircraft are necessary to them. But it is necessary to imagine that in spaces of the Elevated World the spirit can fly on wings of thought and to be actually where thought where the thought can fly by. Their life consists in thought and the consciousness thought lives and is limited to it. Any thoughts happen, and fluing different. Of flight properties of thought think a little. But there are also dark thoughts. Pig-iron they are similar to weights on spirit wings. Not winged, heavy thoughts attract spirits down. Often they arrest the person to the lower class of the Thin World, depriving of it opportunity not only to rise, but even to move. When I Speak about thought, I mean its fluing properties and abilities to direct human spirit to the Highest Spheres. Ignorance isn't engaged in thought. But the thought should be studied in essence. Whether marvelously it turns out? People think all. There is even a science called by psychology, but thought, this powerful real force, isn't studied. The thought in essence isn't studied, the essence and energy of thought isn't studied. People pass the party from this first-vital factor of life, - after all the thoughts, given a shape, filled huge book-depositories. The whole woods and groves go daily on paper to fill with images of thought of the page of thousands the newspapers issued by million copies. And still, despite all this, thought as that, isn't studied. We Live future and in the future. In the future time will come when to this ignorant neglect it will be put an end. The thought will be scientifically studied. Create the equipment photographing and registering thought. Define vibration power of thought of the certain person. Study its properties, quality, a lightful and efficiency of impact on people, plants, animals, subjects and surrounding space. Will investigate thought interaction with energy of underground and spatial fire. Thoughts will do justice and will obviously see what not uttered power is given in the power to the person. While he, like the child in laboratory with explosives, blindly plays this energy powerful, without understanding that shakes by it the worlds. We are surprised to terrible hurricanes, natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, unknown cold or heat, without understanding that force integrated, but chaotic thought of hundreds millions people breaks spontaneous balance of a planet and causes on itself heavy return blow. Hastily it is necessary to acquaint people with life bases. And the thought will be the first of them.
316. (M. A. Y.). . Flight in the future gives to spirit wings. The thought becomes lightful and winged. In the future everything is achievable and everything is possible. Directing consciousness in the future and creating accurate forms of future identifications of life, people that them makes out in certain images which though belong to the future, but nevertheless live in the present, live and pulse in space, inspiring people on new achievements and victories. That is why We direct thought of mankind in the future, and that is why We attach such huge significance to process of cementation of space. Our pupils don't know idleness. Our pupils don't know thoughtlessness. When the space is ready and waits to accept images of the issued, construction and evolutionary and lightful thought in the bosom, debt of our employees in all corners of a planet to create these thoughts, to strengthen them, sating them with fire of the heart. Where the mankind if doesn't have spatial storage of the views conducting it to bright future when won't be neither wars, nor a planetary robbery, all types of oppression or violence of the person over the person will go. Each evolutionary and construction thought which has been consciously thrown into space, and even unconsciously, is the benefit. There are no two persons human, absolutely similar between themselves. In total diverse-form also are peculiar. As is diverse-form and thought. Means, the space can be sated with all richness of variety of the thoughts suitable for all occasions for all people of the Earth. The world is under construction thought. Life of a planet is under construction thought. Not last, but the future is that sphere where the thought is carried out. Thought we will consciously build the future of our Earth.
317. (Guru). 317. (Guru). Anybody can't avoid the future, but build it at the will everyone can. The future in the present is under construction and is under construction, first of all, thought. The thought precedes each movement of the person. That is why the Doctrine places emphasis on thought. The thought is starting in all worlds, and in the terrestrial – too. Education of mankind should be begun with thought education. But are engaged in everything, anything, but only not to these. Everything use thought, but to cultivate it and to seize it anybody doesn't think at all. Ridiculous situation when ignorance evades from studying of what lives turns out and than breathes. It is necessary to begin thought studying scientifically, having rejected any bias and prejudice. It is necessary to destroy the invisible barriers put by a blindness and ignorance. There is time of full liberation of thought.
318. (July 2). In full consciousness it is necessary to think of transition. When the thought precedes action, action becomes possible. Everyday withdrawal to a dream is as though rehearsal of big transition. Streamlining of dreams and awakening in a consciousness dream – a threshold to conscious transition. Desire to approve the phenomenon of exactly burning flame we Will support. Falling and take off the first step. Then balance is established, and the flame becomes inflexible and exactly burning. But, of course, it is necessary very to want to reach this condition. It is much lost time and energy on the arrhythmic. The consciousness can't stay able same, but we will study at a fir-tree nevertheless, is identical both in the winter and in the summer. The invariance is approved in constancy of Communication, in a morning rhythm, in constancy of a prayer and constancy of love and aspiration. A lot of things can change in life of the pupil, but there are the phenomena, the hall-marked constancy which essence is stretched in the future, out of limits of this embodiment.
319. (M. A. Y.). In actions of the person phenomenon energy of thought, - how many energy can save up consciously for actions in World Aboveground? Each thought will be there as though force accumulator for action which will work, its energy won't be exhausted yet. As far as it is necessary circumspect being in a choice of thoughts undertaking with. All thoughts, which don't jump out consciously, automatically undertake with themselves in the future to accompany until they won't be embodied in favorable conditions in actions. Circumstance it is important extraordinary because it is fraught with many consequences, sometimes the very unexpected. About the thought which hasn't been thrown out from consciousness, and therefore taken with himself, the person can absolutely forget, but it won't forget and will show magnetic force when beget it considers that it is free from thoughts similar because rose above. At control over thought it isn't enough not to have at present undesirable thoughts, it is necessary to clean still all back streets of the consciousness, all storerooms of thought, whether something lay too long there unworthy and not corresponding to the real step of consciousness. After transition to the World Thin all ideas dismissed in storage of memory, will rise before the person in all the force for final trial of each of them. And if the thought is loaded with such force that will be stronger than thoughts of the subsequent, the person cans it and not overcome, that is to become its victim. If in life terrestrial we observe how often the person falls a victim of own unworthy thoughts as more tragically a condition it is shown there, in World Aboveground where all becomes aggravated and where fight and overcoming is much more difficult. Therefore consciousness clarification from thoughts unusable is made here, on Earth to be there fully equipped with the cleared thoughts.
320. (July 3). Much venial that, who to be able to love, - love is magnrtic. The love to the Lord not only directs to Him, but also helps to overcome resistance of surrounding counteractions. Let's strengthen fire of this feeling all measures, all desire, and all aspiration. In ancient Precepts it is much told about love to the Highest, but it isn't explained for what it is necessary, and it isn't specified moving power of this feeling. Everything it is more difficult to struggle with itself and to seize itself. In this fight this feeling can help to refuse many phenomena of imperfection. Heart with that, which we love. Constancy of the Face of the Lord can be approved only by love. That the majority looking for wanders round da near is strange, missing possibilities of this shortest way. Easier all and more all transformation of spirit is created by love. The love to the Lord means as well love to all real, to mankind, the nature, animals and plants. Only it will carry out through everything and will hold over utter darkness of biped existence. On wings of love it is possible to fly through any abyss. The chasm for having wings isn't terrible.
321. (M. A. Y.) . The more expanded consciousness; whe in more than possibilities for Service to Light. Therefore it is necessary to make efforts expanding it, - extends thought. The thought eats aspiration. It is enough to direct it on a subject which is even absolutely unfamiliar that its magnetic force started working, taking from space conformable to it elements. What do we know about the Distant Worlds? It is a little. But if mentally heart constantly to aspire to them, we will enter into an orbit of their attraction, and the consciousness will start extending, enriched by new receipts. Certainly, communication with Hierarchy, but the engine will help there will be own thought. Contact with Distant Spheres is necessary, because there life – at the highest step. And as it is possible to accept evolution of mankind and own spirit if not to have the highest forms of this evolution which has been already reached on the Distant Worlds before eyes. When all microcosm of the person is directed to the Highest World, power of this aspiration magnetic attracts to it new opportunities. Contact with the Highest Spheres is come into then, and even in a dream it is possible then to scoop from this invisible communication. The aspiration all being very much isn't simple. After all it demands consciousness dismissal from attachment to life usual. It is possible and has to lead this life, it is possible and has to do everything that demanded by a debt to people, to the homeland, to relatives, to and the body, but, doing and executing all this, to become attached to a dense environment and the phenomena of life terrestrial nevertheless it is impossible. The spirit can't serve two masters, two contrasts: commonness and singularity. We live singularity and to terrestrial no attachment we have, knowing value, the purpose and sense of terrestrial embodiments. You love terrestrial super personal love and don't tie consciousness to anything. Spirit spheres another. When the highest attractions win and are finished scores with terrestrial, then the spirit becomes the free.
322. (July 5). My son depends on understanding very much, understanding communication goes deep, and understanding of Proximity overcomes all terrestrial gravitations. It enters into an orbit of vibrations of aura of the Teacher. It helps to approve reality contrary to evidence and to support a trust inflexible when all external goes against and when the darkness takes up arms. I welcome determination to go, despite everything. Such determination is necessary to overcome Threshold monsters. Think that they appear suddenly when Great Borders are passed and when there comes deadly fight between the lowest and Highest Duada, - but it not so. These monsters, dragons of the Threshold, present themselves an objectivity of our own thoughts, their embodiment to the concrete images which are already obviously seen by thin sight and not hidden already more dense veil as it was on Earth. But there are they and live and influence obviously, though are hidden, when the person in a terrestrial body. Unless not they drive people to crimes, these images thoughts, unless not they stand behind a back of the alcoholic, the gambler or a desire, unless not power of long, habitual, crystallized thought pushes people and are induced to commission of the most shameful actions, unless the most mean habits of the lowest use not habitual are created by thought and unless not all these thoughts become an insuperable barrier on a way of the spirit directed to Light? They are, they exist, only aren't visible by a physical eye. Only when there comes "Lacerate Screen", they dump from themselves the phenomenon of dense invisibility and appear at the person in all the naked essence, invincibly attracting it to a combination to them and a barrier laying down on the Way. All thoughts aspire to the same combination, both good and bad, and here, on Earth. And only the terrestrial victory over them and mastering by thought, and submission to each will itself gives the guarantee of a victory over dragons of the Threshold and in World Aboveground, when appear they before the person in all itself the force for the last trial of its spirit over them and a final choice between Light and darkness. That is why the victory over thought on Earth is so important. Dragons and here guard, eat thought and suck forces, vampirind beget. Only all this occurs invisibly for corporal sight and not realized and not recognized as the person. But thoughts or force and pleasure give and powerfully move to Light if from Light they and are strong, or disturb and push the victim in a hopelessness vicious circle. All strength of mind should be stirred to action for mastering by thought. Whether it is possible to overcome in this fight, whether it is possible to allow defeat? Defeat is inadmissible because it means the ascension end. Going from a victory to a victory, it will be possible to feel and observe how dragons as weaken grow thin and they decrease in sizes. And any more dragons, not pangolins, but lizards small, and then already the worms, nevertheless trying to stop a way, but perishing under a foot. As food for dragons serve energy of the person. He feeds them with vital force. Without a food the thought dies. It is possible to observe how repeatedly unusable thought comes back persistently to consciousness, demanding the statement, acceptance, recognition, that is food and a food for itself, which occurs as soon as this thought is allowed in consciousness for a combination to it. Larva and any other mental creature and evil spirits vampire eat forces of the victim. As they exult and pulse energy of the person when it won by them, allows them in the consciousness and to them pays attention and time. Even usual thoughts of fear, either despondency, or despair, or irritation – even all these thoughts painted by the most usual and habitual human emotions, not to mention any passions or defects, even them extremely vampire. The fear instantly the person can deprive and make forces it the weak-willed victim of circumstances. That is why I Speak that is why I Claim and I Insist on release of consciousness from tyranny of thoughts. It is necessary to win against thought. This step is inevitable. The spirit going to a step of Arhat though has hour of fight, but the winner always. With Me to a victory we go.
323. (M. A. Y.). If people knew that the love is fiery, winning everything that a barrier can raise before going to the Lord, as though carefully, jealously and carefully they raised this feeling. Victory over thought you will achieve love. In representation narrow-minded it even somehow wildly sounds. But they don't know, the inhabitants, sleeping spirit as to Light it is possible to go love. They too love go, but not to Light, and to wine and a gluttony, to money and dresses, to possession things, to amusements, often low and lacking culture. They too love go, but not such and not there where it is necessary, and not to that. And two of this types of love – different very much, - but a choice any nevertheless in hands of the person. Who that will fall in love, that with that and will arrive. The law is simple, and the magnetic power of love is invincible. In the highest aspect is a shining, lightful power of spirit. If you want themselves to win or the world, learn to love. Key in hands I give from secret doors of happiness.
324. (July 6). It is necessary to pay special attention to that, how many inventions at dark and as they exercise the wit in various ways and types of wrecking. But we won't grieve because also this energy it is reversible on the mill. Let's constantly have in a look that force of any counteraction can be turned on advantage. Dark rage from presence of Light and won't calm down until or Light won't extinguish, or won't be broken.
325. Each energy in the person which is directed on the evil, can be turned on good, and only the one who neither is cold and nor is hot, has no that he can turn to Light, that is it is unusable for evolution. The issue of a transmutation of energy is resolved and can decide only in the presence of that. Mental energy in itself is neutral, dark or lights the human will, kind or angry does it. The same energy works in villainy and in good deeds. Agni becomes light or dark under the influence of will. People can turn fine energy of fire into black stinking fire, and there is then it fire devoured. So, fiery creating and fiery devoured products of human will.
326. (M. A. Y.). If knew, how many We underwent from darkness and its shifts. If monsters are Throne legs, dark rack – an inevitable environment of each Focus of Light. How much time they annoyed and surrounded a cell Sergius of Radonezh. Savior was tempted by a Satan. In the world of a treatment of light and shade Light darken darkness that shone even more brightly. The nature of Light destroys darkness therefore the dark creep up through greyish and almost white. But barefaced start raving when sees that all their attempts suffer failure. It is necessary to decide irrevocably that at approach of darkness and its ardent attacks we will is decupled to approve Proximity of the Lord and to strengthen to visibility degree the Face it in the third eye. Those only also can paralyze all efforts dark because they will see that diligence cause them the consequences opposite conceived them. After the last, especially furious, an attack dark, seeing the defeat, will recede and will obviously prepare new shifts that with a new force a misfortune, but we won't fear, and to new attacks we will oppose the ardent statement in heart of the Lord and ardent aspiration to It. So all tricks of the enemy will address on advantage, and the Leader will help to finish this process successfully. Let's not be frightened of attacks, knowing that under a board and that any attack won't come to the end without advantage. So dark we will force to serve Light, we will force, we will force, we will force because with the Lord we go.
327. (Guru). To Light dark creatures and their blind helpers restrict you. Whether this sign of your Proximity to the Light source! But we will store tranquility because and it is necessary to pass through it. Let's not forget that without will of the Lord and hair won't fall from the head. In trust full to the Leading Hand we will pass and through it. It is a lot of steps on Light Ladder. It is impossible to pass any. We look and we know. The darkness can clear up only to known border, in the limits outlined by will of the Lord. Otherwise long ago would destroy you, without this inevitable test farther it is impossible to promote because it is necessary to strengthen internal resilience and to develop immunity against darkness. It is necessary to trust in the Lord. He Sees, He Knows and the Hand Will give a minute of need. We rejoice when we see how force of resilience grows and the spirit armor is multiplied. It is necessary to undergo. Undergone it will be up to the end rescued. To undergo – means to keep aspiration, tranquility and belief that the Lord is close and will protect a minute of the valid need or danger. It is better to it to know and is more visible, when and with what it is necessary to help.
328. (July 7). The winner of triumphs over conditions of the dense world what there were they; if all in the spirit, that of spirit over everything. So, not having anything the three is all contained and the right having on possession of everything. But esteeming something becomes isolated in an orbit of things which considers as the, and stays in a circle of their isolation, subjects excepting itself from spheres of boundless opportunities of spirit; as it is better to explain that the property is chains on spirit because the consciousness connects itself and surrounds itself with things, to its belonging. The owner ardent, having big economy, the earth, cattle and houses and is a lot of the various things which are so necessary in economy, and constantly thinking of all this and about anything more, is surrounded with fancies or astral doubles of these things and subjects, as a ring in which sphere, and lives. Without knowing that things can be owned, but not to consider them as the, it, dying, carries away in itself the hidden property and in its environment stays, bound hand and foot by it and, thanks to it, not having opportunity to leave this circle and to come nearer to freedom of the Elevated World. Not only the movable or immovable property, but also own habits, weaknesses, defects and personal small attachments tie spirit to the objects connecting its freedom, and deprive of it boundless opportunities of extra dense existence. The person, something connected in the consciousness on Earth, remains to the connected same and in World without Body, because coherence and release in the spirit of. Let's tear on Earth these chains, persistently, everyday, consciously. It is possible to have necessary things on Earth, but it is necessary to know firmly, it is strong and indisputable that they aren't necessary in World Thin and it is impossible to consider them as the, though it is possible to own them temporarily as with itself nothing can be taken in that World. People, dying, know that the property with itself can't take, but, it is conscious from it without having exempted, nevertheless with themselves images and doubles of imagined property mentally carry away to be suffocated in their environment in freedom world. Release is made by thought when the person understands that not only the earth, houses and all other can't actually belong to spirit, but even fancies and astral doubles of all these subjects are only visibility of illusive property and the basis actually have no and can't have. Absolutely with everything that the person considers, it is necessary to leave, to own body inclusive, to all covers and even mental, and his only fiery body – is eternal, integral property of spirit. Here about this property integral neither life, nor death, also it is possible to think because elements of a fiery body collect during terrestrial embodiments through all covers and, being saved up, allow conscious stay of spirit in the Highest fiery Spheres, judgment to the person from the beginning of times. All worlds are urgent and the end and all covers are mortal, the World Fiery is termless and eternal. The fiery body necessary for stay in it grows and is made out gradually in the course of long evolution. Process can be accelerated consciously if the spirit realized an ultimate goal of the terrestrial wanderings and stay in various covers in the different worlds.
329. (M. A. Y.). . People that evolution of spirit can become prompt if life on Earth is understood and accepted as a preparatory step to stay in World Aboveground think. Then the care will be not what to gain on Earth, and how to use time terrestrial most expediently. Gathering in travel, care what to take with itself how put on and that will be in a way – analogy full that is necessary to the person in his posthumous wanderings. Is much that it is necessary to take with itself in a way distant, for example, fearlessness, courage, aspiration, firmness, tranquility and many other qualities of spirit. The knowledge too is necessary, Those, Who Called need quality of recognition both pure thoughts and devotion. A lot of things need to be taken with itself. And it is possible to take only on Earth and from Earth. Earth gives full opportunity to make a choice of the necessary material and all that is necessary in a further way. But, the right, it is worth looking attentively of what people care and as prepare itself for the future. After all the understanding of sense of terrestrial existence doesn't exempt the person from his terrestrial affairs and a debt of terrestrial and terrestrial construction of life which can be fruitful and expedient only when understanding all three worlds, terrestrial life without understanding of the Thin World is senseless. The person – triune essence, and the world – three it is uniform. In understanding of trinity of everything that was and will be and is and the solution of life consists.
330. (Guru). Appreciation is necessary not to us, but you. Appreciation is the force approaching recognizing to the one whom he recognizes and to whom it is grateful. Recognition and appreciation – sister’s native. Justice elements consist in appreciation. Seldom justice of judgments human accompanies Messengers of the Lord. There is a lot of judgments and reasoning’s on them. Judge without sorting and, as always, condemn. But judgments of people are similar to muddy streams of dirty water. Therefore recognition and appreciation are very necessary to those who answer Call. After all it is communication threads on the future which is nowadays created by thoughts, feelings and aspirations of every day. Who recognized Us, We recognize that; and who showed appreciation for Light, it brought that will be approached to Us.
331. (July 8). The person constantly lives in three worlds. He thinks constantly, - and unless thought from the dense world. The brain isn't thought, but only the device for thinking in a body. You know that, at an exit in a thin body, the physical body and a brain remain on a place, and the person thinks and works consciously out of a body and a brain. Therefore, the thought has double aspect. But there are still thoughts a step higher is a thought fiery, flashing in consciousness to a meteor is similar and being forgotten instantly if it wasn't withheld consciously. The triune essence of the person lives in three worlds. It is possible to concern consciously everyone if development allows. For conscious manifestation in all three worlds it is necessary that all three bodies, to its corresponding, were issued. In usual conditions of the modern cities this process is impossible.
332. (July 9). The will develops exercises. There are no such obstacles which the will armed with mental energy couldn't overcome. All obstacles are strong to a known limit, -at each obstacle the limit of resilience. The one who knows power of the concentrated will, won't be confused the first, second or third failure and even the 100-th because understands, in any unlimited time failure nevertheless will be broken and the persistence of will triumph. In certain cases counteraction amplifies dark consciously, and then fights demands special persistence and special persistence. Our Rule is never to recede before temporary failure. The decision – in the spirit of, but the spirit is eternal and with the sufficient duration and persistence of efforts of will, finally, always wins. Let's not forget thus that the violence over foreign will is inadmissible. But this condition doesn't exclude the most ardent counteraction to darkness. How external circumstances against the solution of will rose, the rhythm brought in process of their overcoming, can't but yield desirable results.
333. (M. A. Y.). . Life is a fight. In the highest aspect is a fight for Light. The will in this fight is constantly using the force. When the will of Identity merges with Will Teacher and becomes with it uniform, they gain special power. Will Teacher, merged with Space Will, – turns out a chain, or a wire of transfer of force through Hierarchy. "Not I, but the Father staying in Me, He create", – the formula of interaction of will individual with Will of the Leading Hierarch is so expressed. Certainly, such integrated force is directed and to affairs, its worthy applications. Action of introduction of Light in darkness adequately always itself the appointment. Therefore to work with the integrated will it is possible when Light is brought. But Light can be brought and born when own lamp burns and when the flame burning is rather steady, in any case, so that whirlwinds of dense beds couldn't blow into it. At any action of the integrated will it is necessary that the lamp burned with the necessary force and only then action of will be effective. It is necessary to be strong always, powerlessness and lack of will – existence of these terrible phenomena in itself is absolutely unacceptable because it is destructive affects consciousness. How it is possible to allow these quenchers when you go together with the Lord? The consciousness of the integrated power accompanies let to each action of Light. You know that, at an exit in a thin body, the physical body and a brain remain on a place, and the person thinks and works consciously out of a body and a brain. Therefore, the thought has double aspect. But there are still thoughts a step higher is a thought fiery, flashing in consciousness to a meteor is similar and being forgotten instantly if it wasn't withheld consciously. The triune essence of the person lives in three worlds. It is possible to concern consciously everyone if development allows. For conscious manifestation in all three worlds it is necessary that all three bodies, to its corresponding, were issued. In usual conditions of the modern cities this process is impossible.
332. (July 9). The will develops exercises. There are no such obstacles which the will armed with mental energy couldn't overcome. All obstacles are strong to a known limit, - all obstacle strong before the limit of resilience. The one who knows power of the concentrated will, won't be confused the first, second or third failure and even the 100-th because understands, in any unlimited time failure nevertheless will be broken and the persistence of will triumph. In certain cases counteraction amplifies dark consciously, and then fights demands special persistence and special persistence. Our Rule is never to recede before temporary failure. The decision – in the spirit of, but the spirit is eternal and with the sufficient duration and persistence of efforts of will, finally, always wins. Let's not forget thus that the violence over foreign will is inadmissible. But this condition doesn't exclude the most ardent counteraction to darkness. How external circumstances against the solution of will rose, the rhythm brought in process of their overcoming, can't but yield desirable results.
333. (M. A. Y.). . Life is a fight. In the highest aspect is a fight for Light. The will in this fight is constantly using the force. When the will of Identity merges with Will Teacher and becomes with it uniform, they gain special power. Will Teacher, merged with Space Will, – turns out a chain, or a wire of transfer of force through Hierarchy. "Not I, but the Father staying in Me, He create", – the formula of interaction of will individual with Will of the Leading Hierarch is so expressed. Certainly, such integrated force is directed and to affairs, its worthy applications; action of introduction of Light in darkness adequately always the appointment. Therefore to work with the integrated will it is possible when Light is brought. But Light can be brought and born when own lamp burns and when the flame burning is rather steady, in any case, so that whirlwinds of dense beds couldn't blow into it. At any action of the integrated will it is necessary that the lamp burned with the necessary force and only then action of will be effective. It is necessary to be strong always, powerlessness and lack of will – existence of these terrible phenomena in itself is absolutely unacceptable because it is destructive affects consciousness. How it is possible to allow these quenchers when you go together with the Lord? The consciousness of the integrated power accompanies let to each action of Light. So we will win against everything that interferes with advance.
334. (Guru). It is necessary to bring itself to such condition that each failure only would multiply forces. ; only such relation to surrounding adequately the winner. It is necessary to win both and everything that disturbs from the outside. The first victory causes the second. It is impossible to allow the phenomena of defeat of spirit. The spirit can't be won what there were surrounding conditions and how the darkness in the evil-silts exercised the wit. We will be overcome, – will tell spirit fiery, – and will arm with armor invincible. Let's remember: victory and defeat – in the spirit of.
335. (July 10). It happened more than once that all terrestrial measures were settled, and still desirable result it was impossible. How to be what to do then? Betray everything in Hands of the Lord and to wait. He knows when in time follows what to allow or reject. Not always desirable will be the best decision. The future is still hidden from eyes. And it is better to rely on wisdom of the Leader. A lot of things from this that people wish as a condition of happiness seeming to them, at achievement it don’t appear that. True wisdom abstains from desires because there is no end to them. Only the desire of Light, only it can be considered permanently leading to the Benefit, it is possible to strengthen it, yet there is no it prevailing in consciousness and won't grow so that will direct all acts of the person. Truly, it is possible to raise each desire, both good, and bad. Many acts human were made under the influence of the desire which have grown thus. There can be it both wings of flight and chains standing. The desire eats thought and its images – therefore, it in hands of the person. Stop a food by thought – and the desire will die. The aspiration too eats desire behind which there is the same thought. We come to an inevitable conclusion that at the heart of activity of consciousness the thought which can be subordinated to control is put. In the beginning its constancy is required, and then the thought will go on the habitual course already spontaneously, without demanding special efforts. Habits of thinking can be both lightful, and harmful, the last inevitably conduct in darkness. Thoughts of Light and thought of darkness – each of them directs consciousness to the sphere. The law of a magnetic attraction of thought works according to the accord. ; but its lever in hands of the person. Them as a wheel, it is possible to send a thinking current to any party. Thought in hands of the person, and consequently, and all his future and its destiny.
336. (M. A. Y.). Than we will update aspiration how we will establish a harmony new when old already ceased? Let's tell: love. It is force updating, pouring in the new energy, and not knowing changeability of fluctuations if she really deserves the name of enduring love. Too much love is similar to passing, flashing sparks and as quickly going out in time. If to take distance between the beginning and the end of this feeling, we will see that in the huge majority of cases this feeling certainly, at least distance it on usual representations and was measured for years. All these feelings are terrestrial. We speak about feelings elevated, proceeding consciously out of limits not only one, but also many lives, and, at the same time, sounding in life terrestrial, but over the phenomena usual. It is a step approaching to love Space and Universal. Not without reason in ancient Precepts it was said that it is necessary to fall in love with the Highest all thought, all heart, all understanding.
337. (Guru). It is better to trust contrary to visibility and to move forward, than not to trust and hesitate, relying on evidence, and... to stand still, or move back.
338. (July 11). (M. A. Y.). . If the thin and astral double has each subject, some layers of the Hidden World have to be very similar to the terrestrial, - it indeed actually. As also their inhabitants, having dumped a dense body, don't become better. It is necessary to be ready to all variety of thin conditions that nothing to be surprised that is not to paralyze activity of consciousness. Thus it is necessary to kill in it feeling of shyness, uncertainty and worship for an astral. Even Hierarchy Light Speaks about honoring, but not a slavish worship, fear, or a low idolization. Therefore the pupil armed with knowledge of thin conditions, eradicates in advance all unseemly feelings. Not the poor relative expecting favor and tips from a table of those who has, but the full member of the Hidden World possessing knowledge of about what the majority of his inhabitants has no idea. As the spirit, powerful, is included it into the Elevated Kingdom and behaves as it befits the spirit which has realized the advantage. The advantage of spirit is the quality integral from the pupil, consciously walking upstairs Light. It is possible to exercise it and in life terrestrial, never and under no circumstances it without renouncing. Whether it is possible for the sake of whom or that to renounce it? Not approved here how it can there phenomenon? How can respect the one who doesn't respect itself (himself)? Self-esteem – not pomposity, not pride, not arrogance, but a product of a number of actions worthy, actions, perhaps, never and nobody noticed, but nevertheless creating quality of spirit. Let's write out the page about the spirit advantage as about quality, it is essential necessary for Elevated stay. It was already said that qualities of spirit aren't so much necessary for Earth as they are necessary above because with death of a body terrestrial value of qualities for the person is settled, their elevated appointment, on the contrary, becomes aggravated and gets special sense and value. Let's exercise themselves in the statement of qualities to consider as a task of the most necessary.
339. (Guru). Desire of spirit is magnetic. I speak, "spirit", meaning it, as ant situation to near-transient desires terrestrial. The desire of spirit sooner or later, but will be carried out always because it goes out of limits of dense existence. Certainly, we will meet again together to bring the work to the Lord. Let's be glad to that when still there is nothing, the confidence of future meeting is given. Let's prepare for it now, deepening experience and knowledge which will be so sharply necessary at collaboration. Not for itself this meeting, but for business of the Lord is necessary. Therefore it will take place.
340. (July 12). Only at a tension all being results of tension won't slow down. The vague tension when somewhere else there are favorite cockroaches, won't give desirable consequences. At a full-warm tension or aspiration all covers and then waking or sleeping reactions of a microcosm correspond to orotundity of aspirations are involved in its orbit. If knew, what force is the unicorn of aspiration, wouldn't shatter energy it into scattering, is frequent in the directions, opposite when under the law of addition of forces and consequences respectively decrease, depending on a divergence corner. Opportunities strong are given, but realization them is reached only by completeness of tendency. And conscious cooperation with the World Thin is reached in the same way. Let's carefully note all signs. Such care is too a magnet. Think of the accord phenomenon a little. But after all and Communication with Us is possible only at the accord of that is in you, with our Light. Therefore Light in itself is approved strong, all tension of forces. Light in itself our Light can be seen. Passable step we Will call the conscious statement in them Light. Time came when all other cares are overshadowed, and on the first it is necessary – to collect the main objective of Light as much as possible, how many the consciousness can, having attracted, to contain. Whether it is necessary to repeat that Light accumulation, so implicit and imperceptible here, on Earth, in World Aboveground more valuable will appear all properties terrestrial which there lose any sense and value. But Light remains to shine and around and to the carrier of Light, permitting to it Spheres of Light to concern and in them to stay. If to compare the lowest gloomy spheres with Light and Light Spheres, it is possible to understand as far as Light is necessary for spirit, and especially – there. Expression: In Light Myself we will behold Light – it is full of the deepest value. I want to imprint the fiery press in consciousness the following situation: Light gathers, accumulates and admires here, on Earth. Late in World Aboveground to start thinking of Light if elements it didn't start collecting in dense existence. After all the law says that to the having is given, and that has will be taken away from not having. Speaking differently, it is necessary to have at least small that was to what to put. From here the deep importance of each light undertakings, because even to a sparkle it is possible to add but to anything only – anything. Such undertakings – as Light kernels which will surely sprout in due time and will yield a fruit. About small undertakings we won't forget. It isn't enough wheat grain, but feeds million people. Light- sower of Light grains in the world terrestrial the collector of happiness will appear in World Aboveground.
341. (M. A. Y.). Our aspiration to be closer and together – is mutual. The magnet of mutually aspiration strains on both poles, only perhaps that the impulse primary goes from Me. I send energy of heart, and close sounding replies. It is simplest to accumulate Agni's strength love. Power of reciprocity in this process plays the leading role. And foundations of the bridge of happiness consciously and purposefully become stronger and amplify on both coasts. All fluctuations, all doubts about impossibility of this phenomenon strong we will reject. Not impossible for this, that is able to love. In My letters that basis of our communication mutual and old which allows know well a way and possibilities of spirit is given. It is necessary to strengthen a not negative of these opportunities still only. Everything is reached by a self-word, on one only feelings not to reach, if their force not phenomenon in actions of every day. To heart the force I send for realization it to lives. I want to claim ardent understanding of that only light Agni's strength grows in the annex to life. The attire to spirit prepares nowadays in life of every day. Only in it is possible to approach close and to be with Those Who it prepared attire for itself long ago and Helps you to prepare you could be even closer.
342. (Guru). Force of communication is increased by the Communication rhythm. The invariance of a rhythm serves as the guarantee of its continuation out of limits of terrestrial existence.
343. (July 13). The present is a past consequence. In it is impossible to change anything. Each attempt will belong to the future. For Us all is one consequence. And if the present as a result of the past can't be changed, the future is plastic in hands of human will. When something we change in the present, all these efforts anyway concern the future, at least and the closest. I want to emphasize that if at present there is something subject to the termination, it is necessary to spend a lot of energy to stop the events in the shortest possible time. And still between the present moment and the termination has to pass any time as the termination moment in relation to the present nevertheless lies in the future, though the closest. When I Say that the future is plastic in hands of the person, I Mean that future consequences can be made out in the present in advance, for a known period during which the desirable consequence for its embodiment in "future present" spatially crystallizes. Late to start changing something when it came to light already in the present, growing out put before of the reasons. The sphere of the reasons created in the present, – in hands of the person and therefore to create them the will for registration of desirable consequences probably always. How many time you observed that it wasn't possible to change in the present of these or those conditions, strong breaking a desirable tide of life. There was it because you fought against already issued consequences while it isn't necessary to fight against them at all. Let in the present they will cease as have the reasons. Force of their real sounding should be passed by consciousness, without concentrating on them and without spending for them the forces. And the future in a desirable form can be issued will already free internally from at present being shown consequences.
344. Failure I Turn into good luck, and inability – in experience. On the future remember that it isn't necessary to be afflicted with seeming and temporary failure, but it is quiet, pure and simple and together with Me it is possible to reach that and to make that that at present it seems difficult or even impossible. If with Me is against that win always. Let's be glad to that and in life it is possible to study as lives so successfully if in heart of the Lord.
345. (M. A. Y.). Black shells should allow flying by. To pass evil arrows by itself or to accept them in the Board is means to meet them in complete equilibrium of spirit. And when force them was discharged, and then they angrily and then especially are powerless to create an opportunity for action or for drawing the return blow. The board is strong in a firm and strong hand, the same as a spear or a sword. Force and firmness is valor of Day breakers. Imagine that happens if soldiers, instead of battle, start worrying and will choke with own emotions. You know how emotion of fear is pernicious, either doubts, or uncertainty. You know how these sadden of spirit work. Pleasure of fight and sadden pleasure of a victory is destiny of the one who to a victory judgment the winner judgment won't allow as to deprive of his pleasure of victorious fight. To the winner of darkness the Lord of a door with happiness of joint fight and a joint victory opens.
346. (Guru). Even and those bend arches with patience. Constant dropping will wear away a stone. So wisdom of the people approves necessity of patience and work in all undertakings, worthy its appendices. Especially it is applicable in the course of use of mental energy. It is necessary only that your patience and your work exceeded impatience and attempts of yours and that; they try to be behind backs of whom. To the efforts we will add both work and patience.
347. (July 14). Whether it is possible to rely on something or someone, except the Leader? Only on Hierarchy! All the rest is fragile. Words and moods of the humanoid are most of all unreliable. In the plans for the future it should be taken into consideration. The mentality human is unstable in itself because its condition depends on a set of the different reasons. The movements happening in covers, and stream of the material particles flowing through each of them, show that the person is a process. And life consists in change of the phenomena when we Speak about constancy, we Mean constancy and firmness of bases, - and when it is said that the Lord Is unchangeable, is spoken about the Basis Stone which is put at the center. Among quickly passable affairs human, flashing in continuous change, the Stone of the Basis remains motionless because it is put for the millennia. It is possible to find a support in It and power of stability. I am the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life.
348. (M. A. Y.). Distribution on beams happens on compliance. But accumulation of elements, conformable is necessary for the Beam. The beam is sent those who follow the Lord. Assimilation of vibrations creates it Bowl accumulation, and when the body is dumped, the magnetic force of lightful deposits starts working, not connected, not resistance of a dense matter. If these accumulation not Light, but darkness, the magnetic attraction works to a darkness pole. Darkness magnetic, and assemblies of crude spirits are invincibly attracted to focuses conformable with it attractions. The law of the accord works as well here. To lives terrestrial there is an accumulation of crystals of fire. With Agni light and fiery eating work powerfully, but in spheres various; the person is the magnet which is constantly attracting to elements of fire which can be either creating fire or fire eating.
349. (Guru). Inspiration and lifting’s, or spirit take-off, – the phenomena passing, but the rhythm of Communication is already constant, and opportunity from it to scoop is constant. So among a stream and change of the phenomena something is established steady in the constancy and giving the chance to have a strong emphasis under feet. You struck, from where we have an inflexible belief in the future and Business of the Lord. I will tell: from constancy of a rhythm of Communication. It is difficult to establish it, but, established firmly, it already bears, as on wings, over variability of external conditions.
350. (July 15). Similarity of conditions of consciousnesses under all conditions of the current hour should be established. It is inadmissible that the spirit became the victim of the cover. The slave is afraid of the owner, and a cover – slaves, spirit over them the owner. They are created to obey implicitly and with pleasure. To realize pleasure as freely the will can dispose of them. Especially this freedom display in so-called any movements of a body, but also all involuntary processes can be subordinated to will or, in any case, to some extent be under its influence. Certainly, long training is necessary to subordinate to will and this area. Let's remember only that the will, this fiery gift of the sky, can grow and develop infinitely and that the weak-willed being is a desecration of dignity of the person, it is an abuse on human spirit, that and all weaknesses human and defects that they enslave will are shameful and do the person by a pettiness. Certainly, there can be the strong evil will growing on the phenomena of darkness, but it already concelebrating area with darkness and a direct way to a chasm. In the two-polar world everything has ant provisions, and the will is free to choose any of them.
351. (M. A. Y.). Each fight against darkness brings the experience.
352. (July 16). A lot of things can be reached steady observance of terms.
353. (M. And. Й.). Not to avoid awful pressure, they accompany a becoming aggravated susceptibility of the centers. Symbol of the Atlas bearing burden terrestrial, is a symbol of the person with the open centers. It is necessary to see and light, it is necessary to see and darkness. And the Light is brighter; the contrast with utter darkness dark is sharper. Two poles of a thing uniform are visible to bipolar sight. The space pleasure and grief world too are available to the aggravated sense-knowledge. Will ask over what grieve to the won spirit. Answer: but millions others, going in a gloom, didn't win. Not grief and care of them. Cain answered that he isn't a guard to the brother, - but the winner on the guard for all, because bears on itself burden of the world. Let's understand, at last, what not personal it, but spatial and universal. With That Who Assumed responsibility for Earth, on the forces divides it going to the Lord. The thought of the help of Hierarchy of Light testifies to understanding of Great Service.
354. (Guru). When the darkness strains, it is necessary to assimilate to a sphere which is a symbol of great balance. All energy gathers inside and outside without emergency don't direct. Silence – the best keeper of balance. Restraint is valuable that the aura is closed and doesn't substitute the radiations to casual blows or influences. From people it is necessary to respond to the address, of course, but most it is possible to address only in a case, when there is no other way out. Dark try to be hooked for everyone directed out of aura limits energy or a ledge of its radiations. It is necessary to know it and a protecting network to hold the equally closed. Peace of mind – protection against the evil. It is necessary to think of each external activity, before it display.
355. (July 17). Exactly burning flame is more preferable than short-term flashes. But how to keep this flatness when whirlwinds of the lower class direct on bearing a flame? Already you know that qualities of spirit represent themselves as though containers of fires. Qualities of spirit are valuable the constancy. Temporary courage or the tranquility, being replaced fear and concern, isn’t appreciated by us because only not for long contain all qualities of a flame. Fire has to burn always as it was in a sanctuary of the ancient temple. The inner sanctum in the person is heart. And hearts fires are supported from extinction in every way spirit. As before, and now the flame extinction in the Sanctuary was punished and punished by death. The death of spirit is more terrible than death of a body, because isn't present on Earth of the phenomenon of more negative, than become lifeless heart.
356. (Guru). With silence of consciousness we won't be afflicted. It is the moment when it collects new forces for new lifting and expansion. Consciousness pulsation as is natural, as and pulsation heart, - the developed consciousness not remain without a rhythm.
357. (M. A. Y.). When the soldier during a fighting harvest season digs an entrenchment, it settles down in it in an economic way and strongly, though knows that at any moment of it leaves if there is an order. As also the pupil suits the life as it is necessary, remembering thus that constant and strong on Earth there is nothing and that everything that he is surrounded, is given only for a while. Surrounding it is necessary to find constancy of understanding in this inconstancy that the true house is in the spirit of, and all external, even at care of it, changeably and in short term. The understanding of properties of contrasts is acquired practically, and then eternal in temporary and constant in the changeable will find the place in consciousness.
358. (July 18). When circumstances external are especially chaotic and inharmonious, then it is especially good to store balance. There are conditions when outside nothing can be changed. To be irritated and afflicted it is useless, but to keep balance at such chaos will be big achievement. Overcoming will consist in it. It is given not easily because all external against and seeks to break this balance. Exit, the decision and rescue only in that to hold it any price. This force of chaotic counteracting energy it is possible to force to serve itself, having turned it on the statement of balance. It is easy to keep it in silence and rest when doesn't disturb and doesn't disturb anything. But not in it there will be a merit, and in when it remains in the conditions of the absolutely impossible. And the conditions are worse; the more than achievement if balance took place. Properties of character of the about the standing can work too annoyingly and sadden. And it too is good because, finally, immunity of spirit and against similar influences is developed. In general everything is good that gives the chance in the most severe conditions to temper spirit, keeping balance.
359. (M. A. Y.). We see how you are tormented with dark creatures and their helpers, free and involuntary. But it is necessary to pass through it, without shortening a stride and without losing balance, - this one from the most unpleasant, but inevitable tests. The karma puts in inevitability conditions, puts for the term defined by the Teacher when the dark are given a known freedom of action to approve in the examinee absolutely certain qualities. We passed through this test; all who wants to become closer to the Lord pass through it. If we don't learn to resist to hordes hellish how we will be able to help the Lord with Light affairs? Soldiers skilled, strong, tempered in fights are necessary to it. Weak-willed drivellers, the pettiness which is easily giving in to dark influences, aren't necessary. Counteractions and influences can be the most various properties, but all of them how were difficult, have to be met in balance of spirit. The victory will consist in deduction of this balance. It a hundredfold will pay back temporarily caused damage and will reward for all experiences because the gratefulness hasn't enough when demons annoy and harm persistently, persistently and evil-shelly. All fabrications concentrate on one thing to destroy balance. It is impossible to give in, but it is possible to store severity, severity of tranquility, imperturbable darkness.
360. (Guru). The teacher shows power of darkness to the winner it. What advantage of those, who grows in hothouse conditions. That they can entrust and what charge? Stumble on the first obstacle or counteraction. That there is the self-confident fighter, not knowing force and refinement of dark approaches, unity of attendants of darkness, persistence and the rage which isn't knowing neither to pity, nor mercy; they act in a crowd, - at darkness the patrol, each carrier of Light at them on a sight. If the Savior was tempted even, really the inevitable passes you, too Light of the going. The forces collect. Who knows, perhaps, disposal already close because any test has the end. But you keep that to stand up to the end. The victory will consist in deduction of balance of spirit.
361. (July 19). People wait for advance of any lifting or inspiration while it is necessary to move forward always, at any moods. Whether it is possible? It is possible because at any time it is possible to show a face, worthy the pupil. Both restraint and tranquility and all other qualities of spirit can be kept constantly, without expecting take-off. The moments of containment of all properties of a flame don't serve as the guarantee of existence them when these moments pass. I am always ready, – can tell only the spirit tempered in overcoming of the shortcomings. As the Leader can count on orotund cooperation if conducted not a form and itself needs the help. The majority of followers of the Doctrine think and hopes for the help and very few people want not to take, but to give. Giving employees are especially valuable because it is difficult to give when most there is no air in the poisoned atmosphere of lowlands. Therefore there are a lot of taking.
362. Opportunity is a time as a result of efforts and aspirations of many lives. It isn't enough opportunity to have, it is necessary it also to hold. Opportunity deduction – a question of great importance as the lost or passed opportunity usually doesn't come back. Number new and sometimes intense efforts that restore it are required. The teacher sends opportunities. Your task not only them realize, but, the main thing, to hold the won. It is a lot of persistence and excerpts are required to be shown at organism sewing together with new opportunity. The understanding of importance of achievement is necessary. People are able to store money and jewelry. But there is no care keeping spirit value. The main enemy of opportunities and their strengthening’s are the ordinary and external living conditions.They often put in consciousness on the first place, pushing aside new opportunity on the second plan. And then, when the darken cares of day accumulates and been born opportunity leaves, it is impossible to restore it. Resilience to influences of environment has to be developed and acquired by any price, because without this ability not to establish immunity of spirit. When the pupil or our Messenger is sent to the World, it is supposed that it is rather strong not to give in to influences of that environment in which it should be. The one who wants to come nearer to Us, can't make it until the aspiration it won't overcome influences of its environment. A lot of courage is necessary, that spirit to rise over them. During this fight it is necessary to remember that cares of the current hour, whatever considerable they seemed, through any time will consign to the past as thousand others left, once strong sounding and nowadays forgotten, and, having left, will be replaced new, same ardent and demanding all forces and attention to cover hidden reality and to cause damage of life of spirit. It also will be deception, or Maya illusion. So often for lentil soup of temporary concessions to illusions of passing hour the most necessary is missed. But after all Maya terrestrial will come to an end, and all cares and everything will leave that now occupies a consciousness field. That we will bring there where accumulation of spirit are necessary and where each withheld opportunity will blossom the color.
363. What advantage to the person from his all works with which he works under the sun? The purpose of all works is to gain the necessary qualities of spirit. The purpose not in works, but in that experience, knowledge and development of abilities of spirit which bring to the person his terrestrial works. But there is a substitution of concepts. Work becomes end in itself, but not means to achievement of hidden accumulation. The purpose is to save up crystals of fires, and means – work and terrestrial cares, affairs both all difficulties and difficulties of life. At this replacement of a main objective with the purpose another occur shift of the main concepts – and means which in itself are deprived of final sense become the purpose. The life deprived to the real purpose becomes senseless, and the spirit chokes in a dungeon created by own hands. The decision is in clear consciousness of the true purpose of life of the person on Earth and in the worlds. And short terrestrial existence – only preparation for conscious stay in World Aboveground. That is why due time also is found for collecting of elements necessary for this purpose during life terrestrial. The person on Earth – only the collector of that, than it will live in peace Hidden where the thought reigns and where everything moves thought and where accumulation of thought are that only integral wealth which the person carries away with himself from Earth.
364. (Guru). Firmness and firmness, courage and aspiration are so precept to each pupil. Under these conditions it is possible to grow. Not to be a blade of grass, a wind of the inclined. Spirit we won't break. Persistence showing in movement to the purpose, the purpose we will reach.
365. (M. And. Й.). . Miracles are created by love. The miracle is cancelled, and life became wonderful, full of the phenomena wonderful and unusual. Life already is miracle. Claiming unusual in usual, we do a miracle lawful. As a matter of fact, the yoga way also is the statement of the unusual. It continually, it should be seen only, but it is so much unnecessary before eyes. Also eyes on the terrestrial run up. Balance consists as well in counterbalancing in consciousness Elevated and terrestrial, without giving overweight neither to that, nor another. If to give overweight Elevated, to go woolgathering, and from here impracticality, isolation from life and as a result "ideal saliva" will turn out; if to give overweight terrestrial, the voice of spirit will break off, and there is a triune essence of the person two-uniform, that is biped. Balance in a median way. In the east called it gold. The new aspect of quality of balance is given. It consists not only in tranquility and ability to own itself, but also to find the middle in everything, this narrow track of happiness conducting in life. In a terrestrial way it can seem misfortune, but the seed is learned on fruits, and essence of the phenomenon – on its consequences. And the narrow track conducting consciousness in eternal life of spirit opens before the person a gate in Boundlessness. This way reaches immortality that is a step of uninterrupted consciousness.
366. (Guru). In the general scheme of things the concept "Guru" remains sacred. Is the one who called who opened a way the next and who was charged before the Highest. It is necessary to consider as the envoy of the Highest the Guru, the bridge connecting to Them. Everyone can imagine clearly that with it would be if his Guru didn't meet to it on a way. Who from eyes would raise a veil that would open books who would approach to the Lord? So the Guru, the Lord and Mother– concept, to Light leading. Let's not belittle any because it is Light of a step. The lord we will honor. Мother we will honor. The guru we will honor also to everyone we will do justice. The concept of the Guru of the Doctrine of Life is protected. It is told: everyone have the Teacher on Earth. The concept of the Guru is glorified by thought of the East. It extends on those who conduct pupils the top way. Appreciation of the Guru is leading power.
367. (July 23). A lot of trust is necessary, inflexible to go unshakably and firmly going. If your step everyone is moved consciously into the future, as a result bringing, and the direction of your movement remains steady. Belief has in Me up to the end. The belief is a powerful force, it is the fiery engine of spirit, this anticipation and anticipation of the future, phenomenon in a heart sense-knowledge About trust we Speak to all suitable, about belief – the next. The belief works wonders in the field of life spiritual. About a shield of faith huge waves, the most ardent attacks of the dark break as about the rock. So about a fiery stone of ardent belief scatter splashes of counteraction, a shift and darkness evil-thought. Belief has and you will reach Us. Anyway, but it is necessary to live, and it is necessary to move to the future because time goes, time presses. All the time, which eat; give on Service to Light so is better. After all, if to start serving darkness or to be in something with darkness conformable, the darkness will show also the scores when term will come and it is necessary to pay bills for each shortcoming, for each weakness, for each shortcoming. which hasn't been overcome in. Therefore I Say about overcoming and a victory that the winner don't judge and won all says goodbye. Whether you will be able strong to contain My words about overcoming and a victory? In them the pleasure sounds to release of spirit from the power over it terrestrial gravitations. To freedom to Call also I Want to Give to your spirit wings. But know, without ardent belief in boundless opportunities of spirit not to grow up wings and not to depart.
368. Children my, beloved children, not therefore I Put you in the face of difficulties of life to burden but because I Want you to approach more also to approve in Light. Even the tree becomes stronger roots against whirlwinds and winds. I Want to approve you in the phenomena of Light and to develop in you those qualities of spirit which are necessary for joint work with Us. We Go on a limit of fiery tension. As you will be able to stand them if not prepare your organism in severe and difficult living conditions, - all your life at Us on a look. I Speak, against everything win, if with Me. So get up more densely and more firmly and closer still if you want to reach.
369. (M. A. Y.). Two worlds, - hidden and visible, go on connection with each other, and the sphere of association of the worlds is consciousness human. The fiery reality doesn't know this division. Everything is uniform in consciousness, unity the contained. But in representation of sets the worlds are disconnected. The immediate task of evolution is their reunion as was once when covers of people weren't so dense. Therefore, association of the worlds assumes also thinning, that is depression of a dense cover that through it vibrations of the Thin World could arrive. They arrive and now, only either are interpreted differently, or denied at all. Obviousness denial is an illness of an eyelid. It is necessary to destroy the Babylon walls of rational denial. Now the main focus of the appendix Energy Light, sent from the Stronghold, – consciousness human. It is so much deposit hardened and dense it is necessary to melt. Fiery Energy is knocked on all time of mankind, and access by it is necessary to give, differently explosion is inevitable. Opened and without denials the consciousness can accept them, and then assimilation going Fiery Energy becomes the possible. Walls of denial should be punched, - but as people in acceptance of all new are slow. If this new can be turned into the evil, it is accepted willingly, but any kind undertaking meets ardent counteraction as if people are afraid of each sparkle of Light. But movement of evolution is insuperable and – or it is necessary to accept it, or to be lost, because Space waves of evolution finally to sweep away all counteractions.
370. (M. A. Y.). Why the memory about Us constant is so difficult? Whether not therefore, what yet gets rid weaknesses of spirit somewhere nestled? Be exempted from them – the field of consciousness becomes free for the appendix of our energy. It is necessary to make and achieve that the consciousness was free always. For this purpose it has to become simply pure, free from litter, from small, unnecessary thoughts, from everything that without any damage to and somebody can be thrown quietly out from consciousness. In this sense control over thoughts is especially necessary. Simply the litter is replaced with true values. Only to think to what the thinking narrow-minded is insignificant and littered! If trouble itself clarification from mental litter as far as would succeed! But especially that, which concerned Light, this control and continuous cleaning are necessary. Habitual fleas of thinking very much disturb. And then the constant memory about us becomes possible and achievable.
371. (July 24). Distribution of thoughts in space has very difficult pattern. One thought hang about the founder and invisibly sate with the essence all atmosphere around. The thoughts turned to people, direct to them through distances which separate them. The thoughts sent consciously afar, reach object of a parcel. Ability of thought to movement is put in it by a beget of thought. There are thoughts winged, and there are the thoughts deprived of wings. The thought possesses magnetic force to attract conformable thoughts to itself and, in turn, to be attracted to thoughts conformable. The thought grows in space exactly thanks to the magnetic properties. The thought has property to be condensed and even to crystallize in steady educations. The thought isn't destroyed, that is its substance can't be destroyed. Against thought third-party the barrier against its penetration can be created. Thus it is necessary to remember that the thought, foreign thought, usually gets into consciousness according to the accord. The thought of fear will be not included into fearless heart because has in it no related elements. Immunity of spirit from infection with unusable or low thoughts depends on lack in it of elements, to low thoughts of the conformable. When dark poisoners send waves of terrible thoughts, they find in aura of the victims at least the slightest tail of bad thoughts that for it to catch and get into consciousness. Therefore so persistently we go on about clarification and control over thought. While clarification isn't finished, control has to be especially severe. Then, when the aura will be cleared finally, as a board from thoughts third-party and harmful the approved purity will serve. Feelings of irritation, fear, despondency, discontent with that aren't good that they are very closely connected between themselves the same basis which it is possible to call darkness and therefore the admission in consciousness of thoughts of one order creates the channel for attraction of dark thoughts of another, and the consciousness is filled in with darkness or darken, becoming focus of a magnetic attraction for undesirable, unusable, unworthy and low thoughts of various shades. So, for example, dark thoughts of doubt powerfully attract to a beget a stream of thoughts, apparently, to doubt not having any relation. But when it is allowed, it is followed by a number of relatives, acquaintances, passersby and any crowd and rabble. One clings to others and enters without demand and the invitation. The doubt is followed by uncertainty, fluctuation, instability, vulnerability, fear, hopelessness, and then automatic permission of acts and weaknesses which at a protective condition were unacceptable. Force of resistance weakens, and if the person gave up smoking, he starts smoking if stopped drinking – to drink and so on. In a word, it plunges into darkness embraces from an assumption of a small snake of doubt which tail dark creatures immediately grasped. Let's remember that dark on the guard always to do at least any harm. They know perfectly that the greatest harm can be done when one dark thought is started at least. Therefore especially be afraid of small thoughts. Big it is easy to notice and from it to be protected and to strengthen control, but small demands especially sharp attention. Auras of people to which life forces to adjoin, often are nurseries and nurseries of the most disgusting thoughts. Contact creates a communication channel and if patrol is weakened, poison can get. Low layers of an astral and low thoughts are infectious awfully and if immunity of spirit isn't approved, danger of infection of a bike. It is possible to be protected the Lord when the Lord lives in heart, but heart for this purpose is pure has to. It is necessary to think of clarification of heart, because clean heart – a strong magnet for thoughts lightful and pure. It is necessary to think of clarification of heart, because clean heart – a strong magnet for thoughts lightful and pure.
372. (July 25). My friend, cooperation we will understand as the accord, love mutual – too. The circle of the integrated consciousness’s is powerful the accord. It can't be established at once, time is necessary. Sometimes sewing together requires the whole life. Corners of a divergence smooth out for years, - if the accord is established at once, so it was already reached in the past. It is best of all to consider the present and the past as a step in the future. Then each of them gets sense and value of commitment. But each word and action can be made purposeful, and each thought. This threefold accord of business, the word and thought will powerfully advance and will approach to Me. It should be noted that the desire and aspiration to approach even closer often aren't in harmony with thoughts and affairs – language continues to stir, and thought darken space. This discrepancy has to be gets rid. All being of the person, like a flying arrow, directs conformably in flight. It also will be completeness of aspiration. Then it is possible to speak about an action monolith. The monolith of action is shown when all covers vibrate in a one-voice-frequency key. If any of them tries to sound after the own fashion, this harmony is reconstructed on a desirable wave. After all the microcosm of the person is created so that to submit to will of the Leader, - the person of the lord in it. Before realizing the power over any flesh and it to approve, it is necessary to realize it and to approve over the own device full of the most wonderful opportunities. But, unfortunately, these opportunities even reached, are so often missed owing to neglect or inability to hold them. To go full-string means strong to seek to hold and strengthen each achievement. If you want to succeed, using all opportunities of spirit, fiery strain all the being to achievement of a goal. Where and as far as you will promote if one foot you take a step forward, and another back. Won't advance also marking time. As the revolt centers against the Supreme solution of will to move to Light, flash inside knots of resistance of harmony of the directed movement. Here smoky fire of discontent or irritation flashes, flashes of doubt, despondency, fear, fussiness and all other izzhivayemy negative qualities which continue to sadden a way and to detain advance to Light here start smoking. In the inner world where lords the person, are allowed revolts and resistance of the covers, not wishing to obey to will. The astral wants to leave from under the power, the mind which hasn't subordinated to willfulness of thoughts revolts. And the body rises, as the slave disobedient against the lord. But all three have to be subordinated certainly and have to capitulate unconditionally. After all not without reason and not without the reason *“vlasyanitsa” carried and those who sought to approve by these clumsy methods the power over the covers tortured a disobedient flesh. To them we won't imitate. But we will strong remember that counteraction and resistance of covers should be overcome, and it is possible to reach it continuous and continued exercise and application of the Supreme power of spirit over them, the power which is given to the person in the potential from the beginning of times. In this most necessary making not let's overtire, because before the person two ways lie: way of defeat and victory way.
*“vlasyanitsa”- clothes of eremites from plants.
373. (M. A. Y.). . Happiness of merge in the spirit of what we will prefer? The happiness of merge to us opens a gate to opportunities the highest. Learn to love, be able to love lightful, extra personal love and it you will reach everything. When I speak about extra personal love, I want to tell these that power of this feeling extends on the past and the future out of limits of that interval of time with which life of the personality, that is her terrestrial embodiment is limited. Let's call this love timeless and extra corporal because it isn't connected neither by time, nor a body. When it steadily grows, and to growth it isn't present a limit, and becomes force, it is possible to apply it in the sphere of a transmutation of the lowest properties of a human nature in the highest. How many efforts were made in the past that to overcome itself and to win, and how many they were vain. I speak to you, against myself win love. Not love to win, but love to the Lord and that Who Called you and I Approached to Him. Of a trans mutating and changing power of love think a little. Many ways apply, missing the most reliable and close. If really you love as you think and you speak, strength of the has been consciously directed on transformation of the lowest nature, you can reach what not to reach any exercises, meditations, prayers or a flesh to kill. However, the last goes against the life Law. Because, the flesh is given to the person not kill it, and possibly to use more stoutly all hidden and most wonderful properties of a human body. I speak to you: the victory way let will be covered with love.
374. (Guru). Qualities of spirit are forms of fires approved in a microcosm. The taken roots habits – no other than crystallized fires of as though constantly operating energy. After all on the essence of people – a being fiery, both all processes and the phenomena occurring in it, are anyway connected with fire and fiery by the nature. Even each impulse going on nerves, is fiery current. Thus, it is possible to see human two types of fires in all manifestations of a microcosm: Light Agni and fire dark. And then the dark and light qualities of spirit considered from the point of view of their fiery, can be classified unmistakably. Let's tell, in fussiness chaotic smoky flashes but as they are far from Light Agni's phenomenon too are shown. The smoky, suffocating fumes of despondency too are caused by smoldering fires of an astral, - but all these lowest forms of fires, they strong phenomenon in all low passions. Transformation of the person can be considered as a transmutation of fires from the lowest in the highest, from dark in the light. Fiery eating and fiery the creating are created by will and consciousness of the person. After all each movement of aura is connected with fires and light; all these movements fiery. Constancy of patrol is required to put all fiery-action of a microcosm and that, supporting under control and inflating light fire, to a dark flame not to give the chance to flash and be shown.
375. Let’s consider the post phenomenon not from the point of view of sinfulness of food plentiful and gluttony, not from the point of view of abstention obsequiousness to God or other clerical reasons, but at angle statements of the power of spirit over that shell in which temporarily he lives. And then seeming unsubstantiated abstention in food or refusal to devour corpses will be got by sense and need. Or the person owns something, or something owns the person. All eat and do different things and make various actions everything, but one as slaves, others as seized. It isn't making, and in its strong-willed mental structure. It isn't necessary to us slaves, it is necessary to us spirit free. "Christian" – past generation, the God's son, the son of Light – calls in the future.
376. (July 26). Transformation way is only the correct. When it becomes conscious and purposeful, process is accelerated. It concerns all aspects of life. Its essence consists in disclosure of properties and the abilities put in the person. Ideal – pansophy, an omniscience, omnipotence and so on. But even Gautama Buda Spoke that He Didn't reach completeness of these qualities. Their main property is boundlessness, boundlessness of development of qualities and abilities of spirit. If on that exorcized mute races, millions years were required, on development and comprehensive thinning of fiery opportunities of spirit many be required Eon. It is possible to think of race of the seventh. It is possible to think of the fifth, sixth and seventh circle, about the following cycle and Манвантар, and then we become the face to the person with Boundlessness, in which the spirit lives and evolves, opening all new and new properties and developing the abilities. It is possible to think of the Distant Worlds, the worlds of the highest of Earth where future steps of evolution planned for terrestrial mankind, will be reached and carried out, but the Distant Worlds not a limit. There are Far Stars and systems of the worlds where on an infinite spiral of the evolution directed up, are reached such power of spirit of which it is impossible to have idea. But the scheme of evolution of spirit is traced in stars and noted in the annals of Intimate Knowledge. In Jesus Christ's words it is expressed briefly and clearly. "You are gods", – so Told, - but, as the official church jealously ignores this amazing statement. They are ready, adherents of church, the person to call both the God's slave, and the sinner, and a being branded by a fall of man, and anyone, but only not god. Whether the darkness tries strong to muzzle a humbling and denials great, fiery opportunities of human spirit? Everything is achievable, – approves the Life Doctrine. Boundlessness of opportunities of spirit is that basis on which evolution of the person is approved. The doctrine of Life specifies a way to the future, being in full accordance with Space Will. The space Will in a certain aspect also is that World Force which moves evolution of the real. After all everything evolves that lives and pulses in infinite space of all measurements. There are heights which are far outside human understanding. The way is infinite. The end isn't present. The highest aspects of a matter are out of availability of their studying in this circle, and even a cycle. But in cycles of the future times reveal before the person and all new and new secrets, mastering with which will approach it more and more to omnipotence, to an omniscience and pansophy though until the end of evolution it will be will reveal as is far, as well as nowadays. Such is a spirit life.
377. (Guru). Have to realize that in Those Who is higher than you, you have an example and a sample of what you can reach and whom to become; example value that personally you see possibilities of concrete achievements. If they reached, therefore, you can reach and you. Imitation the Highest Shape indicates ability of spirit to aspiration. Long ago it is told: dare, the child. Aspiration is a winged quality, the quality giving to spirit wings. And the ideal which you have before the eyes, embodied in Shape of the Teacher of Light, is that fiery engine which your spirit forward directs. But aspiration is a great magnet. It not only directs your spirit to the purpose desired, but approaches to you to Whom your spirit is directed. The mutually attraction phenomenon – the process giving obvious consequences, being reflected in the form of growing receipts turns out. The essence of the phenomenon is expressed for a long time in formulas exact and short: "You knock, and will open to you, look for and let's get". It is possible more briefly and clearly to express essence of the Law of aspiration and its magnetic properties. Speaking about aspiration, usually mean only a pole of directing consciousness, missing another which sates aspiring spirit conformable to aspiration with energy. It is necessary to think of the magnetic nature of aspiration because understanding of the Law strengthens power of its action. Let's not forget that understanding is almost mastering.
378. (July 27). You ask why when you speak about execution of your desires or a successful conclusion of business often happens that it is accompanied by failure and even destruction of the reached. The first reason specified correctly – dark which on the guard always, easier than all receive information when the thought is put into words and it is said aloud. Even tracings or record it is read easier, than the thought is caught. In the Thin World it is possible to protect the thoughts. But the said word, like a sign or the poster, – is available to all. However, when it concerns the highest concepts or is expressed in symbols, the understanding is complicated. Thus, never express aloud what wouldn't like to inform the dark. The space has eyes and ears, and not always the light or in a friendly way adjusted beings possess them. Being notified on good luck, they immediately take measures destroying good consequences.
379. (M. A. Y.). 379. (M. A. Y.). . Finally, all consequences of egoism directed from and to, are senseless as all of them concentrate on own person or the personality, which as that, will exist only some ten years. But if something loses any meaning and value, say, in forty-fifty years, therefore, it doesn't make neither sense, nor value and right at the beginning. What sense something to build to a whirlwind on destruction or to begin something, knowing that all this will end with anything and will be destroyed? Therefore it is possible to divide all actions and the acts on making sense and not making sense; on final, that is isn't longer than this life, and long, leaving out of its limits. The first are connected with the personality and the egoism, the second – with the Immortal Triad because serve accumulation of those elements with which she can consciously live in peace Elevated. According to the biography of Teachers of Light you can see how temporary and passing They replaced timeless and eternal and as their words, and thoughts endured lectures the millennia, without losing the relevance. It is possible to reduce the sphere personal and to broaden the sphere of super personal, timeless aspirations, at the expense of the first to increase the second. It also will be conscious collecting of elements of immortality for the subsequent life of spirit in space.
380. (Guru). How to find forces which are so necessary for advance? How not to get tired in making? How to go without fluctuating, without being unsteady and without showing neglect of the most necessary? Only understanding of the Assignment! Going to the world, each spirit assumes a certain task or mission, which remembers unconsciously. In case of approach to the Teacher the consciousness is clarified to understanding of this mission, or the purpose of this embodiment, or the Assignment, and then implementation of the charged has to become at the center to all psych activity of the person. The understanding it will overshadow all affairs until then borrowing first, and will help to realize that evasion from an assignment will be loss of opportunities of spirit. On the example of devoted pupils of the past it is possible to see as far as they were filled with leading idea to serve Tom Who Called them on the Life. By death and to death there is everything because the track conducting in Life is narrow. But those who saw this track and who knows, for those the decision can be only one: to go and reach the put. It is possible to remember and know that going to It the Teacher Waits.
381. (July 28). In the beginning the called burns with all fires, and then usually in it the desire to share the light, to learn and invite on the yard is very strong, - and the less than knowledge, experience and accumulation, the more than desire to teach. Over time this fever passes, and he understands that it is necessary to distribute wisely. But nevertheless desire to have as much as possible pupils rather strongly. All this is only first steps of inexperience. And only when the management becomes not satisfaction of egoism, but the victim, then the head is ready. You know that the Adherent, sharing the knowledge with pupils, postpones the approach to the Nirvana and that each donation in this sense falls a victim. So future Hierarch-driver arises on the Beam. The teacher is a spirit, the Victim constantly bringing. Nascence of future Teacher of Light goes on this sign. Only inexperience seeks to distribute the knowledge, without reflecting on anything. But responsibility for each particle of the given-out knowledge will be the testimony of wisdom. Therefore we will remember that the step of a true donation begins when there is it the victim.
382. (Guru). If time which needs to be lived on Earth to spend for even more to come nearer to the Lord and to us, this expense will be the most expedient and wise. And then, when the body with all its restrictions won't be as the shell which has been let out from the tool, will direct your spirit to Tom Who Called, will direct, passing all lowest spheres, cavities, both chasms, and vortex funnels of astral currents.
383. (July 29). If jugs are prepared, in them it is possible to pour and if baskets are brought, they can be filled. Wanting it will be given. According to the accord we receive and, knowing it, nevertheless not always we observe the law, believing that the Teacher is obliged to fill us with light of Light even then, when consciousness darken sounding of other order, anything the general with Light not having. You sound lightful and full strings, and receipts won't slow down. If dark and unworthy thoughts interfere or already got into consciousness, it should be reconstructed immediately on a lightful wave that it was possible to establish the accord with Light. Light sounds. Its paints in a harmonious combination of these accords sound. It is told: "In Light I we will behold Light", – I Will add: the light. So, the pure, lightful condition of consciousness is necessary for perception of Light from Us. The beam should be met in the consciousness opened to Me, but the heart cleared of everything that it darkens.
384. (M. A. Y.). . When something becomes not for itself, but for others and for the world, force of making is multiplied and it gains spatial value. In it is strength of attendants of General Welfare. And it is good when such action can be devoted and it is devoted to the Lord that is it is made for the sake of it. Too there are a lot of the people doing everything in the name. To energy the giving and devoting to the Lord, we create for Light. It is especially necessary now when on a planet it is created for darkness too much. Fight against darkness is shown not only out of itself, but, the main thing, in own consciousness because it represents itself in a miniature a field of planetary fight Rower Light with darkness. In a microcosm human constantly there is a fight meanwhile that himself the person now, and it, between his ideal and past heaps has to become what represents. Certainly, the ideal has to win because the past is burned for Fiery Yoga. Let's note thus that the nobility is one, but to apply knowledge in the annex to life – another is perfect. Only application Highest Energy will give assimilation. The person knowing Instructions of the Teacher and applying them is filled with Light. Knowing and not applying – is worse ignorant because knows that creates. Such responsibility not applying heavier than responsibility ignorant because it won't so is asked from the one who didn't know. "Father, forgive them because don't know that create", – the Savior for not knowing so prayed, but He didn't pray for a Satan learned all depth of the evil and knowing that it creates through the conscious servants and not knowing.
385. (July 30). Once and for all established, that the harmony of external and internal circumstances considerably depends on the person. There can't be an external harmony if internal didn't take place. But at achievement of the internal opportunity to influence and equilibrations external, operating consciousness and surrounding the person directly is approved. Therefore, the main emphasis is placed on aspiration to order the inner world and to establish in it balance. Depends on it that it was possible neglect this condition too much. If you want to affect or change something outside, create the necessary condition for free and free action of mental energy in an own microcosm. As you want to influence something out of itself when in own economy spiritual there are no the necessary conditions necessary for this streamlining. It is possible to work through it. Even it is difficult to us to render the feasible help if your consciousness isn't adjusted on a conformable wave and it isn't provided to a ready state to accept our help. It isn't enough to want of it, it is necessary to establish still though any degree of compliance.
386. (Aug. 1). The privacy or loneliness and silence promote preservation as the Communication channel much. Said words and, especially, concerning Intimate Knowledge, very much degauss the person. Therefore service – always the victim. It doesn't mean that it is necessary to stop contact with people, but means that it is necessary to speak only necessary and necessary. And it is best of all to answer questions. The question as though predetermines the direction of the answer and созвучит with consciousness of the questioning.
387. (M. A. Y.). . I very much wanted to create always such channel of spatial communication that it operated smoothly. The aspiration to manifestation at the spirits exempted from a body, remains, and when it is connected with Service to the General Welfare, the established wire can be very useful. Certainly, possibilities of Service in World Aboveground extend, but the wire close and being in readiness, is valuable and necessary. When connection of the worlds will take place, process of Communication will proceed easily and freely. But nevertheless at the heart of it the accord of close consciousnesses will lie. Whether it is necessary to repeat that sewing together of consciousnesses requires long time. Temporary delights and associations aren't valuable that as quickly come to an end as began; both constancy and duration of communication are inaccessible to them. Today hotly welcome and come to life spirit and even fly up soon to stiffen and forget about an event. It at the best, and in the worst ambassador of shouts "hosanna" shouts follow "crucify". Quality of constancy is necessary for the pupil. There is no it at spirit moths.
388. (Aug. 2). Yes! Yes! Yes! After each spiritual donation the giving feels that he as though assumed part of imperfections of the receiving. Often it is reaction it is very certain. Even in usual conversation it is possible to scent lifting or force loss and furthermore the last is noticeable at fire return. When Agni collects in an organism, its transfer happens the word, thought and feeling, and often involuntarily at contact under the law of being reported vessels.
389. (M. A. Y.). . Certainly, care of smaller consciousness – to burdening the bigger; seldom consciously this care phenomenon at approached and even in pupils. How not to burden? Gift. Everyone bringing gifts doesn't burden. It is a lot of distortions and ugliness’s occurred from misunderstanding of what gifts have to be brought. After all brought viands, drink and even gold and jewels while it was required to bring only baskets or the jugs which could Fill Giving. On lines of intense fiery aspiration a food of spirit happens lawfully, freely, harmoniously and fruitful, without burdening Feeding. Means, first of all it is necessary to bring aspiration. It is necessary to bring the counterbalanced, prescription mood of consciousness, it is necessary to bring itself into the corresponding harmonious condition. What receiving will take place if the person is angry, or shivers with fear, either with rage is filled, or desires both all other feelings and emotions, so usual and habitual to people. Therefore the gift of gifts of spirit to the Teacher of Light has to be considered and weighed on commensurability scales. The law is simple: what address, such is and the answer. Only if the address is unworthy and incommensurable, reaction to it goes not from the Teacher whom such address can't reach, and from space, from conformable which address of spheres turns out the due answer. But the grief, despair and melancholy of hopelessness and other similar feelings of the Teacher can concern and burden. Therefore the care of smaller consciousness of the Teacher of Light is especially valuable.
390. (Guru). The aspiration to become the necessary is very laudable because points to understanding of relationship of a hierarchical order. Degree of necessity defines also Proximity. It is possible to be glad very much when to you say that are necessary. After all it already designates also cooperation. In the general scale everyone is necessary, even brought a particle or fire spark. But the proximity of cooperation is defined by completeness of a gift of all of on Service to Light. We are ready to help and give everything that is possible but to receive a measure full, and you bring to the Lord ability and the desire to reveal it a measure in what you are necessary to Business of General Welfare.
391. (Aug. 4). Each contact to people, the subjects, surrounding and to something makes reaction of this or that force and duration in the person. It is possible to call it organism sounding on external influences. The resistance is stronger and longer, the reaction is more noticeable. Force, degree and nature of reaction depend on many conditions. There are people pleasant and unpleasant. Pleasant for one can be very unpleasant for others. It occurs from similarity or a divergence of auras. When two auras accord in harmony, they last to each other. Often, narrow-minded definition of the person depends on this circumstance, to the Carrier of Light auras are conformable and the repellent darkness doesn't sound. The same phenomenon on two various people often work absolutely variously, often causing opposite feelings. Question in how establish immunity of spirit from undesirable influences of the surrounding. Even contact with receiving and a spiritual donation steadily bring response, and in exchange giving receives to some extent as though part of their imperfections on him. As well the Teacher, instead of given Im Light, assumes imperfections of the pupil which It overcomes in itself that is which reaction neutralizes in itself. Everyone giving to big or small degree is subject to the same condition. Let's know that, giving, every time we assume part of imperfections receiving which have to realize in it into Light phenomena. From here reaction after donation commission always perceptible obviously and always demands balance restoration. And here immunity of spirit will consist in to giving in to influence because if the blind will lead blind, that is weak – weak, both will fall in a hole. That is why at an intense donation reaction to it is inevitable. Received, having shouldered the burden giving, leaves released, and the one who gave, has to pour burden of these imperfections in the tower of spirit. As for other, here it is possible to any degree from them to be protected, whenever possible without entering contact needlessly. Any idle chatter is excluded absolutely.
392. (Aug. 8). Whether it is possible to use a condition of Pralaya of consciousness expediently? It is possible and has to. Always, in any conditions it is possible to strengthen something, to improve something and somehow to help someone. In a word, to use time of recession of a wave on the statement reached already earlier. After all before taking new heights, it is necessary to be fixed on the old. Will be at everyone much that it is necessary to reconsider and unnecessary to throw out. To you it is heavy with some people owing to their shortcomings, - hard and to the Teacher, and those, who over you, for the same reason. The reason should be eliminated if you want to be together. Often on those who follow you, you can see what exactly in them burdens you especially strongly. If these shortcomings are in them and if they are intolerant at joint stay, especially they are intolerant in you, at the statement of our Proximity. It is possible to study as others perfectly if the shortcomings are still badly visible or to them the indulgent relation was established. To paradise don't start up sins, and to Us outgrowths and spirit ulcers which for long Communication are a serious obstacle. The despondency was considered once as almost mortal sin. We considered it as an obstacle to Communication. But not the pure thinking is worst of all. It attracts consciousness to the lower class of an astral and deprives of rapprochement opportunities. Everyone can easily find in itself what exactly prevents it to become closer to Us that preventing to eliminate. In any condition it is possible to love the Teacher and to eliminate with strength of this all barriers of a way.
393. (M. A. Y.). The spatial horror which was generated by human consciousness condensed a dark environment of the globe to such an extent that it seems, there is no corner already on a planet where it would be possible to leave from it. Only the few Ashrams remained strongholds of Light and very few consciousness’s, able to darkness opposite and to struggle with it. Not this horror is in feeling of fear, and that it darken consciousness, deprives of it access of Light and immerses in a gloomy hopelessness. A lot of force it is necessary to collect to keep communication with Hierarchy and not to allow in itself this pernicious beginning. Narrower not so much dark, how many poison of the dismissed darkness influence at consciousness and interfere the course of evolution. Certainly, Light will win, but how many unnecessary sufferings and difficulties people denial of spirit and its food which is Light create to themselves.
394. (Guru). Let's always remember that as soon as our spirit all understanding by the and all aspiration addresses to Light, Light lights up it, both anybody and can deprive nothing then of the person of life-giving influence of this energy of the highest.
395. (Aug. 9). I want to remind that growth of spirit takes its course depending on the terms and the accumulation, but not the external reasons. The instant inspiration too is caused not instant, but the far reasons which are deeply consigning to the past. It is necessary to notice everything, all details of a condition of consciousness. Even handwriting depends on a condition of mental energy at present when this energy already started working in an organism. It is possible to promote its growth, strengthening consciousness of its application. Then it starts growing, like a flower which carefully and attentively looks after. As well the consciousness of internal force is given by feeling of presence of this fiery power that is mental energy. Someone is strong awards, ranks, wealth, situation in society or height on a government ladder, but Light Bearer is strong Agni's energy. It is strongest than the ordinary people, whatever high situation they occupied because it is strong irrespective of the external reasons and the dense world. And when it will dump from itself (himself) a body terrestrial, force remains with it, ennobling it over conditions of the Thin World and allowing it to be free and strong and there while all other, not seized Agni's strength, will lose the force because in the Thin World ranks, neither awards, nor the former high situation in a terrestrial environment have no value, as well as terrestrial wealth and all other from Earth. Only qualities of spirit and a fiery bearer of power – mental energy, great Aum, give to spirit the real power over those layers, in which it stays. So, it is possible to enter into the Thin World possessing the power, it is possible to enter not the pity, become puzzled inhabitant who fears all and before everything I am ready to become puzzled or incline low, but enters as powerful. Mastering by leads and to mastering at first the world astral, and then and above it the lying worlds. The lord of all worlds is intended to become the person. This provision first of all should be adopted in consciousness that, having accepted, to start to approve it in life and to increase in itself fire elements. About accumulation of fiery power in a microcosm I Speak. Fire – elements of the highest mobility. Without movement it never happens. Exactly burning flame doesn't mean immovability. Fire can either collect, or be wasted. Fire is given all, but one wastes it, and others accumulate. Agni's accumulation, first of all, understands of Proximity of Hierarchy and The one Who Conducts. Constancy of this understanding accumulates Agni. Each growing quality of spirit is fire store. Each approved quality – a burning flame. The devotion flame, love flame, aspiration flame, fearlessness flame, flame of all other qualities is attributes of the Carrier of Light. Each flame, even the slightest spark of each kind quality we will carefully preserve and we will put in favorable conditions of growth. The symphony of growing fires also will give to spirit that power of understanding of the power which will allow it to enter into the World Elevated Light and force Carrier.
396. (M. A.Y.). The consciousness of the force should be strengthened and claimed in itself hourly, can happen that any pettiness will force to feel you the powerlessness against it and that will give to darkness a reason to triumph. Against us when we with the Lord, nobody is strong. Everything can be overcome and over everything to approve Agni's strength if to show constancy of communication with the Lord and a rhythm in overcoming of counteractions. Each action of the person promotes either to accumulation, or Agni's squandering. Therefore we will be very circumspect and attentive in the acts, feelings and thoughts. Let's stand guard always in Agni's protection.
397. (Guru). There are strong spirits which refuse Devachan not to interrupt Service to Light. Accumulation there is the great; this victim call fiery. Possibilities of Service in World Aboveground are great. There are no restrictions of the dense world. Mobility of the environment both its plasticity and matters allow Agni's energy to be shown freely and powerfully. Let's consider the World Elevated as the world of unlimited opportunities of spirit.
398. (Aug. 10). All terrestrial life gets sense so far as it is preparation for Elevated stay. Even duration of stay in the Hidden Worlds many times over exceeds the terrestrial. One it already shows the importance of post mortal existence. However, after it again it is necessary to return to Earth and so – many times, but besides only to collect a new material and new experience for life in Elevated. Thus, each necessary accumulation is used by spirit on the Highest Plans of Life. Experience terrestrial is necessary for the Elevated World. Anyhow expand consciousness and to acquire knowledge. Space is uniform, but in different aspects or gradation of refinement or depression. Also it is possible to imagine a manifestation field in the extra dense world of rough, ignorant and undeveloped spirit in comparison, say, with the great philosopher or the poet. Thinning and thinking expansion is required. The knowledge of specialty is good, but only at mind synthetic, otherwise the specialty is similar to one track, to curtail or depart from which person already will be not in forces. To close boundlessness of Space in limitation of any specialty – means to lose opportunity to see life in all its variety. The variety of Space is reality of spatial life. All terrestrial knowledge is good, but on condition of understanding of two worlds. Without this condition they become one-sided, and it is impossible to move spirit with them as it is impossible to go on one foot. For movement two are necessary. It is simplest to recognize at once itself as the citizen of two worlds living constantly in both. People also live in them, only don't give itself in it the report and don't want to admit this fact. Unless process of thinking and all internal human life – the phenomenon of a dense order? Unless the thought imprinted in bright images, mental pictures, say, the artist, the writer or the poet, – the phenomenon of a dense and material order? Unless these thoughts can be weighed on usual scales or to see terrestrial eyes though thin sight they are seen by the artist, the poet and the writer before investing them with symbols of paints or printing letters and words. Even the contents of the usual book consist not in paper and typographical paint, but out of them because they are only means of expression in external symbols of its internal contents. Heroes and Shakespeare's characters exist not in books of the great playwright, but out of them. The symbolic of life should be understood to see how the World Thin intertwines with dense and it is inseparable from it. The gap occurs when leaving a physical body, but also then the maintenance of the Thin World is substantially caused by the world terrestrial because each subject or a thing or a dense form have the double in Mira Hidden. The term "hidden" isn't especially successful, because the World Thin perfectly See and even more brightly, than the world dense, but only sight thin. For inhabitants of the Thin World it is much more real, than the world terrestrial: it is for them only real as the terrestrial world for the inhabitant of the world terrestrial is real. Existence of a dense or thin body that is stay of consciousness in this, or that body in present time, also cause reality and visibility of this or that world. And only the Adherent isn't connected by restrictions of a dense body, and other worlds are available to it. To approve their availability, it is necessary to allow them in consciousness and to recognize existence of the Thin World. This assumption will allow to see presence it where till that time was noticed nothing, and then thin manifestations will start becoming frequent, and that was denied earlier, will begin phenomenon for consciousness in forms isn't denied the real. The sound and color – the phenomena of the Thin World, as well as began to smell. And unless radio waves, either atmospheric electricity, or magnetic radiations of poles, or thousands phenomena not visible to an eye terrestrial, but registered by terrestrial, scientific devices are visible. The border between the visible and Invisible World is broken for a long time, the science destroyed these barriers, only people don't want to draw from this the corresponding conclusions, but they will be made by science, and before its conclusions and statements ignoramuses of all calibers and the denuing of all steps should recede. The new World goes under the sign of connection of two worlds, and no ignorance or denial will prevent people to learn the undoubted.
399. (M. A. Y.). . Each look of people constantly translates dense forms in thin and fills with them the World Thin. This process happens constantly in consciousness of all people, each of which is the transformer of the dense phenomena in thin. It is necessary to be aware in occurring process to present, than the World Thin, what images and forms if in addition, purely mechanical, reproductive process the consciousness of the person, in addition to it, possesses also is filled with the creative force, ability to create from a material available for it new thin forms, already irrespective of existence of the dense. Thus, communication of the person with the World Hidden is so strong and continuous what to separate them, these two worlds, one from another it is already impossible. And it is good when the look of the person is turned on Beauty of the world terrestrial and all fine that is created in it as well by a hand human, and it is good when with forms of beauty it fills the World Thin and sates with them space because, being integrally connected with the generations, it enters their sphere, released from a body. And when all of them are penetrated by Beauty and it sound, it stays in World Thin in its upper class. Generations and generating are connected by a hidden thread, and it is good, when this shining communication from Beauty and connects it with Beauty in all its forms, with Beauty of the Hidden World.
400. (Guru). Recognition of two worlds is the immediate task of evolution. It carrying out, we carry out Orders of the Teacher. The world Thin is round us, in us, over and under us. It penetrates itself everything and is somewhat soul of things and subjects, plants, animals, people. In this sense even ancient things have the soul, everyone special according to what it was sated by the owners. There is a soul and at a rose, it comes to light in its aroma. The stench or aroma is caused by internal essence of subjects, things and the phenomena. All these are phenomena of already thin order. The world Thin around, but it is necessary to see it, having directed on it consciousness and desire to see. The world Thin is available.