Agni Yoga's facets, 1964 (401-550)

401. (Aug. 12). On phenomena far not to leave, they as drug – it is necessary to increase a dose all the time. They don't promote and to advance if are the purpose. It isn't phenomena. They will be as a consequence of advance of spirit and disclosure of the centers. But then the phenomenal party loses the self-sufficing value. Earlier these manifestations called miracles. But the miracle at one raised doubts, at others hitched up consciousness on height, to it not deserved from which it quickly went down to former level. The pursuit of phenomena in itself is harmful and aimless. That from this that someone saw something if it didn't ennoble spirit and didn't induce it to draw the conclusions leading to action that is didn't give it practical achievements and improvement. How many phenomena were shown to Elena Petrovna Blavatsky, and they awakened only unhealthy interest and requirements of new demonstrations. And only very few of seeing them succeeded. Therefore We prefer that the ascension of spirit was accompanied by signs which serve as though as milestones of a passable way. When the centers and refine experience in perceptions of the Hidden World are slightly opened, the phenomenal party becomes natural cognition of the Thin World, and its manifestations become reality for learning, but not for strangers and phenomena lose the specific coloring and property to hitch up consciousness on height not deserved by it. Cognition of the real is accompanied by signs if it is natural.
402. Allocation of an astral and visit of the Thin World insalubriously if it doesn't pursue a definite aim of cognition and reality studying. These phenomena are admissible, but under the leadership of the Teacher. Many roll in the phenomena of the astral world, without moving ahead up on a step. Contacts with some layers of an astral not only aren't useful, but, on the contrary, detain spirit evolution because don't give it impulses to the statement in life of moral bases. Dark, especially big degrees, know about the Invisible World much, but it doesn't do them light. Therefore it is necessary to establish a certain relation to so-called phenomena, instead of to be deceived by their seeming importance. We destroy charm of an astral to replace it with the severe knowledge based on the valid experience and understanding of laws of the Hidden World.
403. (M. A. Y.). The device human – fiery, and mastering by it conducts to Agni's mastering. Way – through itself. That is why everyone, even the slightest victory over already means ability to some extent to operate the fires. How many the diverse opportunities the everyday and as fruitful they can be used and as precious time is ignorantly and senselessly missed by people give to it. And time presses, every moment approaching us to transition of Great Borders when so strong each particle of knowledge and each spark which the spirit seized will be necessary!
404. (Guru). Concerning mentally Us and to Us directing, you make contact with that inexhaustible tank of Light and Power with which We are connected, and association in Light turns out. It communication with those who is connected with the Lord is considerable. Links of the Hierarchical chain remain consecutive in the invariance and durability. It is impossible to jump through a link. It is necessary always that someone approached through someone. Such intermediary is as though a guarantor before the highest it. And if you tell that you don't know the one who before the highest will refer to you as we when he is called by you can be charged for it. The guarantee is the phenomenon intimate. Usually it isn't understood by those who are called. But especially attentively it is necessary to treat him. Those who rejected called once will regret about that. Fires of appreciation exceed fires of other gifts.
405. (Aug. 13). Let's not be confused need of bifurcation of consciousness. Ability at the same time to conduct two or even some actions raises some centers to simultaneous activity, and it is very useful for improvement of the fiery device. Not only the writing two hands or simultaneous conversation, hearing and dictation, but also all actions demanding versatile attention and concentration, very much develop fiery abilities. It doesn't mean dispersion of thought, but on the contrary, – rigid control over them and deduction of each stream them in the course. To a far ideal of pansophy, omnipotence and omniscience it is possible to add and ability of an all-macing, when parts of spirit make work on certain tasks at the same time and the consciousness participates in them. To reach far, it is necessary to begin with close, having begun the necessary achievement. It is necessary to begin by all means that it was possible to continue. In World Aboveground, where everything proceeds, small undertakings of the similar phenomena of a consequence big will give. The tree grows from a small seed huge, it is necessary to put him only. The field of consciousness is a soil on which grow different grains of far and close crops. Century crops too give the shoots, doesn't vanish and anything doesn't disappear, but everything yields the fruits in time.
406. (M. A. Y.). Fight against spatial influences is included too into system of training of the yogi. It is a lot of forces and energy from the outside directs on fiery consciousness that in this or that form to have on it impact. Among these versatile whirlwinds and streams it is necessary to keep the line and the individual tonality. Is more useless shake like a blade of grass under a wind to the spirit approved on the Lord? Under all conditions and circumstances ardent understanding of hidden Presence will give to spirit an unshakable support among spatial disharmony. It is wrong to think that the space is quiet always and that its currents are harmonious. Spatial storms and hurricanes are the phenomena with which it is necessary to reckon very much. It is impossible for them opposite, if they at all aren't felt. But fluctuations of spatial conditions million smiles or tears raise, melancholy and a clouding on faces of people. Or diseases, epidemics and mental a disbalance, or on the contrary, vigorous, healthy health of the person are caused. These influences and their reasons are so diverse what to follow and seize them it is impossible. The knowledge of action of star beams and magnetic conditions at present can help when studying currents of space. In any case, we will remember one – spirit we won't destroy and the spirit is eternal, nothing can destroy it, and know that balance of spirit is that powerful force which can oppose itself to disharmonic currents of space and even storms and the hurricanes storming in it.
407. (Guru). We it is in operation constant. To Us directing, it is possible to join our actions and to help Us. I put also tasks so many that times don’t suffice, and everyone to help is welcomed by us. But it is necessary that the consciousness corresponded to a task. We can't charge responsible business to consciousness, it does not understand. Those who understand are valuable. Spatial cooperation is possible always if the consciousness allows. It is facilitated at the accord. It is necessary to show many conditions that the accord was constant.
408. (Aug. 14). The good pupil is a continuous question mark. But question to a question discord. Idle questions we don't allow happen also concerning things intimate, yet not subject to announcement because the consciousness isn't ready to contain them. Them we answer at a rate of consciousness capacity, but sooner or later each question receives the answer.
409. (M. A. Y.). We are ready to help; We can help if some conditions are met. Even It Asked: Whether "You believe? ", that is whether is available the necessary degree of acceptability is available. Otherwise needles of consciousness force to jump aside the sent benefit, rejecting it, as if a whirlwind. If to break acceptability laws, as a result – the broken hand or a foot or this or that damage rate of an organism. After all even the consciousness can be cracked the violent help. Therefore the consciousness, which is constantly opens towards to the Beam of the Lord, – the best condition for receiving the help. Constancy of openness causes also constancy of the help. Whether but many constantly remember It, always ready to come to the Rescue? Even those who know rather much, even they aren't always able to approve a constant memory and continuous prestanding. There is a lot of reasons for that. But, main of them is misunderstanding of what to take place in the future is possible only the Lord. Formula: "I in you, and you in Me" demand deep understanding. "Without the God – not to a threshold", - so, without the Lord nothing to reach and to goes anywhere. Knowing it can apply the knowledge in life even more to approve itself in Light.
410. (Guru). Completeness of feeling of pulse of spiritual life is realized thanks to communication with the Lord. Too dimly consciousness’s which don’t know it. Temporary delights terrestrial and possession things don't give the real happiness. Too it is fragile and depends on so many reasons too unstable and fragile. Think of that, in dependence on whom and that put the happiness a little. But the Basis Stone not without reason was called so because the Lord really is the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. And when people put the happiness and the future on this Basis, – it is strong and is indestructible, and life is comprehended by completeness of her attitude then.
411. (Aug. 16). Each touch to people not without consequences; each address to them involves this, or that result. Thus the essence of the person, at least to some extent, such is character of external contacts is usually shown. Being a litmus piece of paper for manifestation of human essence, the pupil can't avoid these consequences. During the periods of special tension of space and a special disharmonic of currents it is necessary to limit these contacts only such which can't be avoided. In case of desire somehow and something to help it is better to make so that the contact it was silent. Simply light of own aura shines other aura which is given light. Process can be strengthened a conscious parcel of thought. It is necessary to leave any unnecessary verbal address.
412. (M. A. Y.). Let each knot seen in an eye of other person, will serve as incentive seeing a log in own. Let each lack of other person serve as developer own. In others it is very easy to notice shortcomings, but, having noticed, it is better to address on itself and to look, whether remained where a tail not gets rid still weaknesses of the same order in own consciousness. The thought is correct in the analysis of character of heroes from works of good writers to think of, whether the lines which are so unpleasant in other people nestled somewhere in own character. Such severe self-examination can advance very much because cleaning of century litter demands tension and attentiveness.
413. (Guru). Often think of how to succeed in the aspiration to Light. And the answer is very simple: it is necessary to bring itself to such condition that this light freely and constantly streamed to the world on people and on all surrounding of own aura. All conditions breaking this luminescence are subject to eradication. Irritation, envy, rage and all other something like that – not from Light. So, fight for the statement of Light in itself becomes fight by that yet gets rid in it from the old person.
414. (M. A. Y.). Let's distribute Proximity to Us on steps. Then one will be closer, others further. From each step it is possible to rise even closer, that is even higher. In this word "above" is a key to rapprochement. The above the spirit on improvement steps rises, becomes closer to Us. Sincerity degree easily gives in to self-examination because if aspiration to come nearer even more strongly, self-transformation goes tensely and quickly. If it doesn't occur, so desire of rapprochement – in language and in words, but not in practice. This distinction between verbal, or superficial, desire and valid it is necessary to distinguish. The first is inert, powerlessly and doesn't give the consequences; the second quickly pulls together and gives feeling of our Presence. Self-examination of the nature of desire of our proximity is good that doesn't allow self-deception when under visibility of the most, apparently, sincere feelings the unwillingness to shape up, beseeming the attendant of Light hides. It equally belongs and to Proximity Hierarchical in general.
415. (Guru). The feelings of impossibility to replace the links of the Hierarchical chain which have been directly connected with spirit, on any indicate others deep and correct understanding of our relationship. And really, we will imagine all planet and all mankind, with all outstanding figures, nevertheless we won't find anybody who would be closer us than the Lord or those whom He sent to bring us an expectation message. So, Lords, Mater and the Guru remain forever and everywhere, in all worlds, the closest links of a chain of Light. When it is realized – the way to Light is direct.
416. Distribution on beams actually happens on Earth while in a physical body, in the same place, that is in World Thin, when terrestrial stratifications are rejected, the spirit is released completely to merge with the Beam to which it gravitated and with which it was already inseparably linked and in dense existence. The Beam is sent to the favorite pupil, and it continuously in it stays. This connection is established in centuries and on all future. Those who from darkness, no Beam have and have no such inclination to Light find forces to come off darkness. Those who unconsciously serves darkness when start understanding the true situation, are terrified and are ready to be averted from darkness, but attractions of a dark pole are so strong and so they are connected with darkness that energy and will for counteraction don't suffice. The hopelessness understand, but isn't able to make anything. To Light it is necessary to be attracted on Earth. From the Stronghold Hands are given and Beams flow, and many adjoin and are attracted to them unconsciously, without knowing neither about the Stronghold, nor about the Teacher. But it is all about the service to darkness or Light, and the attraction to Beams and distribution is determined by Beams by this condition. But it is necessary to know that if in the Camp of Light Rays of light work, beams of darkness and their attraction act on the party of darkness works on dark spirits, carrying away them in a chasm. There is also an intermediate condition, quite greyish, colorless and sad. All degrees of conditions are available in World Aboveground, and each attraction to them is based on the principle of compliance, or the accord law. The law is immutable, but is fair because that is in the person that is saved up in it during his life, is attracted to the corresponding layers of space, the related and close nature, essence, nature of these accumulation. The law it is impossible to bypass or deceive: everyone has an environment on itself (himself). There is as though a continuation in conformable it conditions of those aspirations which are peculiar to spirit. Certainly, the glutton won't be able actually to guzzle any more as there is no physical body, there is no food also. But plasticity of a matter of the Hidden World and creative ability of the spirit, replaced to it terrestrial abilities, allows to create desirable forms, desirable viands from this matter and to guzzle with them is imagined because the thought becomes there the reality seen and felt as reality. The difference in that on Earth the overflowed stomach gives feeling of satisfaction, though temporary, but there isn’t presents it and can't be as desire to food lives, and to be sated he has actually nothing. Only when energy of desire will sputter out on beget, there comes release from this slavish condition. Therefore it is better to seize itself already on Earth and not to allow any passion to own itself because process of its gets rid in World Hidden is very painful. The one, who seized the thought and subordinated it to will and bridled the feelings, having put on them a silver bridle of spirit, can quietly enter into that world where everything moves thought.
417. (Guru). Terrestrial stay can be considered as a choice of ways to Boundlessness. It is necessary to remember only that this temporary condition doesn't settle anything, but everything only begins to be developed then to the limits in World Aboveground. From here value of each undertaking and the statement it on Earth. That, what you connect, that is claim on Earth in itself the consciousness, it be approved and there. After all a field of crops of grains of all undertakings is the consciousness in which grains of the allowed thoughts take roots. And thoughts will give the seeded shoots. In the sphere of a human microcosm the person grows up consequences of thoughts and them reaps. Thought spheres itself its manifestations and thought and releases. Value of thought in registration of destiny of the person can't be overestimated – so hugely it.
418. (M. A. Y.). All apprenticeship is constructed on the accord. If the accord isn't present, the consciousness should be lifted and ennobled to any degree of compliance with consciousness of to whom it directs. Neither in despondency, nor in irritation, neither in a displeasure, nor in fear, neither in vanity, nor in slavery at all other negative qualities of the accord or a unification not to reach. That is why work on is so insistently necessary. It is enough shortcomings at each pupil. Each shortcoming already one that is a shortcoming, can be transmutation in a merit because each shortcoming has the opposite pole. It isn't enough to consider the shortcomings, it is necessary to find and see an antipode of everyone to approve the last in consciousness for the subsequent application or its phenomenon in life. Crystallized in consciousness it there a magnet conducting and defining acts and actions of the pupil becomes thought to drawing in a brain. A lot of time can be devoted to this lightful process. Every instant such work it will be fruitful. It isn't necessary the squeezed-out efforts, it isn't necessary any special tension, it is necessary to sit down simply and quietly to think of the this or that shortcoming, having consciously caused in imagination a bright image of its contrast and who has approved this quality opposite to a shortcoming in the inner world. Approved and introduced there, it has to be shown and outside, in actions, acts and thoughts. So, the transmutation of own character through related contrasts becomes available, possible and feasible. For an example we will take the fussiness humiliating advantage of spirit, the spender of mental energy immersing spirit in a pettiness and putting it in slavish dependence on all and from everything. Let's oppose to this small, low quality quiet restraint, self-control, understanding of advantage of spirit and its independence of submission to imagined conditions of the moment. Let's present them free from this humiliation, decided to finish and finished fussiness forever. Let's approve an antipode of this quality by a rhythm within several days and we will see that anti-quality of fussiness started being shown already in affairs of every day. Understanding of a victory will claim and will strengthen. And the necessary quality is acquired.
419. (Aug. 18). It isn't enough to achieve implementation of the spatial order, it is necessary to hold still the created situation for desirable term. Counteracting forces from time to time will do attempts to destroy it, and these attempts it is necessary to stop every time most decisively. Our people on a sight at dark always, and dark are ready to use each case, each person, an animal, a bird, rodents and even insects if only through them to push that will be able to destroy or to some extent to break results of your works. Each such attempt should be met absolutely quietly and quietly to pass it by consciousness that, having passed by, resolutely, firmly and surely immediately to redeem the necessary situation. It isn't necessary to be upset, be afflicted, despair similar recurrence. The dam holds a constant pressure of water, in the same way and your mental energy constrains constantly a pressure of dark counteractions and wrecking. Let's not forget that, except dark conscious and unconscious evil make, powers of chaos constantly seek to interfere in symmetry of creation of life and in consciousness’s human. The considerable place in activity of the Attendant of Light is allocated for fight against chaos.
420. Let's note also one more circumstance: this persistent aspiration of consciousness to return on the old ashes that is again to plunge into the settled living conditions. The past represents itself a strong magnet. For Fiery Yoga it is burned, but its burning isn't simple and it isn't easy. New often it can be still insufficiently perfect, and the consciousness didn't get used to it yet while old it is habitual and convenient, though is it spirit fetters. The old person inside – the ardent defender of old, habitual use in consciousness and in life and therefore it is the strong and persistent opponent of evolution of spirit. In heat and a cosiness, in spoky and wellbeing where it is more pleasant and easier, than in difficulties, need, deprivations and in cold, and many prefer heat and a cosiness.But it is uncomfortable on Earth to the risen spirit and wellbeing smothers it. Fire and wellbeing are incompatible, fight and spoky – too. Spirit struggles – destiny going to Light. We Know tension fiery. We Know intolerable spatial press UT We Don't know rest.
421. (M. A. Y.). Love and the best feelings turned to Us, we accept, but we demand actions, turned feelings worthy and proportional to force to Us. Otherwise it will be sweet, but, alas, effect less and empty pastime or sugary sentimentality. We need the action expressing degree and power of the valid aspiration to Light. Many sweet and pink dreams cover a way back. Against action, action, the action sated with fire of inflexible determination to overcome in everything and to win. Is more useless somewhere to keep yet gets rid weaknesses in consciousness. With freight such on the steep rock not to rise. Severely, and it is strict, and impartially it is necessary to be aware that yet gets rid and that is subject to immediate and urgent eradication. Not to ascend to Top to the Lord with freight such.
422. (Guru). They are ready to read thousands books. They are ready to fast and limit themselves in many respects. They are ready to go anywhere to listen to the new preacher or the self-appointed Teacher; on a lot of things they are ready. But we aren't ready to renouncing the habits, the weaknesses and the shortcomings. Their readiness alternates with repeated concessions to the most insignificant shortcomings which appear the heaviest chains standing. Readiness to dump them is other. She calls to action. The highest action of spirit is the feat. When it is made, chains fall down.
423. (Aug. 19). In spirals of Light the phenomena of the Highest World vibrate. Creation of the Universe is spiral. In a spiral rushes Earth in space to a far star. Whether we think that if movement of all solar system, and in particular, Earth, wouldn't be spiral, Earth orbit would pass each time on the same route, causing frequency of the phenomena. The principle of evolution too is constructed spiral. While the consciousness circles and movement is closed by it, progress is impossible. As a result is stagnation. But as soon as movement of consciousness becomes spiral, a circle will open, and each turn of a spiral gives new accumulation and designates lifting. The phenomena, occurring in each spiral, turn are similar to the phenomena previous and standing below a round, but isn’t identical, - in its pledge of advance. In a spiral of time the spring, summer, fall and winter, but each new spring already other, than that repeat that preceded it. As are various in spiral movement of night and days. Thanks to the principle of a spiral anything in the nature doesn't repeat though there are a lot of externally seeming similar the phenomena. It is necessary to understand and a spiraled of tests of ascending consciousness. Can seem that all of them the same, but character them with each turn of a spiral changes. Pay attention to the words "ascending consciousness" because there is also other spiral on which it is possible to go down. Evolution consciousness is opposite involution. There are the consciousness’s going down on a descending spiral. You know the degenerated tribes, the remains once the great people which were involved in an involution spiral. Let's note what even these records are subject to the spiral law, in this case the ascending. The phenomenon of records would be impossible, because it wouldn't be simple to write about what. But from experience already you know that in each record, despite their abundance, there is something new, not containing in the former. It works the principle of a spiral of extending and ascending consciousness. In the Book of Life many examples of a shining way of ascending spirits are written down. We know also examples of spirits others, descending and falling for eyelids. But we will speak about Light spirals. Qualities of spirit too develop spiral, from time to time strong being approved in manifestation. Knowing a construction spiral, it is possible to put seeds of future stays because with each new round the seed will grow in consciousness, yet won't give the shoots too growing spiral. The spiral of consciousness causes growth of accumulation. In the Great Spiral of the future it is possible to begin to see clearly great purpose of mankind and boundless opportunities of its achievements. In understanding of the Law of the Spiral force giving a powerful impulse to ascension of spirit is put. Each achievement, even the smallest, serves as the guarantee of achievements big. There are no borders to growth of power of spirit. There is no kernel of Light which in a spiral of time couldn't grow in shining bulks.
424. (Aug. 20). My son, all live, blinded by Maya, - but only through Maya it is possible to come to understanding of reality. When among passing to learn to find Show elements of Eternity or enduring, I Want to din as through Maya mirage to learn to be able to distinguish reality gleams. In the highest understanding temporary there is a section eternal, and each phenomenon can find its real place in the general scheme of things. And then Maya will show the other party, other aspect which will help to understand essence of reality. The person in his usual perception other people of reality himself doesn't show. But, taken in the centenary essence, in all covers seen and not visible eye, it represents itself already reality. The same measure can be put to all phenomena of life. Even flower field septenary. Usual narrow-minded ideas of things are incomplete, imperfect, and one-sided. The science tries to go deep into understanding of a structure of a matter, but is still far from recognition of its highest achievement – spirit which light and fire is. As well the phenomenon of fire isn't understood in all its universal. It would be most correct to consider all subjects of a material world as forms of crystallized fire. The stiffened lava serves as quite right illustration of this idea. The thought – too fire, and everything created by hands of the person, is only material registration of thought that is fire, or its embodiment in dense forms. Thus, seeing in each phenomenon its prime cause – fire, we come nearer to understanding of reality. Everything that exists, it is possible to name fiery- Universe because in the basis of the visible world fire is put. Atomic energy – energy fiery, connected closely with light. The smallest particles of atom are being shone. So we see physical communication of light with fire. In the beginning there was Light that is primary being shone matter. Matter of Lucida and Matrix Matter is only aspects of uniform substance of high degrees of a matter. It is difficult to imagine or understand that how the science went deep into a matter structure, it never will reach its top, the Primary source, primary forms of a light -matter, because its highest tops already outside human understanding. It would be possible to call these forms of a matter Light, but the name gives nothing. The electricity or the magnetism which essence remains to the unknown can be an example of that, though some laws of their manifestation are studied and application of these laws in practice is carried out. We live in peace the deepest secrets, cognition of which external forms doesn't lead to their comprehension. But the deepest secret is a person. It would seem the anatomy of a human body is studied quite well. But, alas, studying it is superficial, both appointment and functions of some glands remain a riddle. Only in completeness of a septenary of all the principles the valid studying of a human microcosm, but also that can begin under a condition if fire is put in a basis of studying. Despite all achievements of science, secret of a matter and life remain unresolved. The understanding of it also will be the correct approach to the valid cognition of the world. Only the Intimate Knowledge can bring the person at least to partial, but nevertheless to the valid understanding of secret of and secrets of the world surrounding it.
425. (Aug. 21). The stream of a mental matter flows through the conductor, sating elements with its originality of essence of a mental body of this person. It is possible to imagine this process in a microcosm of the great poet, the artist, the writer, the philosopher and a market woman, or the gambler. Such is the nature of this matter processed in these organisms. Each breath of yoga the space and the mankind is a benefactor, with each breath angry them poisons. So, for General Welfare the spirit, to Light going seizes, all types of the matter proceeding through its covers that to spiritualize it to shine and make more distinguished than before it arrived in its microcosm for transformation. The person changes such way not only, but also all surrounding on very long distance because, besides all other types of a matter, the thought, a thought matter, very much the fluing and is very mobile. Real it is possible to name Change the person. And it is good when this transformation is created in light and it is saturated Beauty because often occurs on the contrary, and the person then is and disfigure of in what he lives. Dark and angry disfigure space and Earth.
426. (Guru). May we be glad, looking at you? May we note your advance? May we see inalterability and hardness of your step, - if all this we can, the benefit to you, to Light the going. Life is hard spirits, to Light of the going. It is called by us very much, but it isn't enough from those who, having answered, goes. It we won't be confused. Small number can be a sign of strength of mind of each of the few. And when one is approved as hundred thousand wise men, is invincible force. Not in quantity business if quality is great.
427. (Aug. 22). There is nothing more considerable in lives of the pupil, than the phenomenon of the Teacher. When this connection was established in antecedents, the Teacher appears in due time that Contact to wake ripened accumulation. Certainly, there is supervision, hidden and extra mental. Irrespective of, the pupil feels it or not, the Leading Hand stays over spirit. This extra mental Management till time is shown in many details of life, but obvious becomes not earlier than the term appointed by the Teacher. It is possible to track as at nodal events firmly and unshakably any force sent a tide of life to the due course. After all even terrestrial parents get out according to the decision of the Driver.
428. (M. A. Y.). . So it would be desirable to tell to relative’s pleasure of understanding that a constant live memory about those whom we love and we will read and who once found for us the time and attention, constantly and steadily changes consciousness and changes the meaning of the life. This change of consciousness and expansion transfers it all values of life to the plane other and in a root changes the relation to the surrounding. The feeling of a perennial spring of thought which exudes in us incessantly, forces consciousness grow, approaching it to the far coast, far doing to relatives and impossible feasible. There is a wish to allow scenting all value and influence of this memory on private life of those who didn't forget. It will as though swept away usual ideas of things, and singularity becomes way of life of every day. And this condition allows to understand hearts of others, fragile too the same aspirations to the unusual. Hello that who constantly does by the memory far to relatives, creating this possibility of the accord of close hearts.
429. (Aug. 23). (M. A. Y.). When we start analyzing that was reached exactly thanks to difficulties, to obstacles and counteractions, we come to an inevitable conclusion about their usefulness and need. From here only one step before to rejoice and bless these obstacles because them we grow; and it already beginning of true wisdom. It would seem, the most unpleasant, most burdening phenomena, but they cause to manifestation sleeping energy of spirit, approving the growing force of mental energy. The pianist and the violinist well know that everyday training or exercises means. Same and with fiery energy of spirit, - if you want to grow, from obstacles don't evade also everything that against goes, will overcome. The pleasure to obstacles indicates high degree of consciousness of spirit.
430. (Guru). Remembering Us we won't forget. Don't understand possibilities which have recognized Us of a memory. They think that if they remember, it limits all and all comes to an end it while it isn't limited and anything doesn't come to an end, and, on the contrary, everything amplifies and proceeds in the future until, there won't come yet realization of that now it seems far, impracticable and impossible. But We approve the return, We say that this memory will be that anchor of long voyage about, which it is spoken in the Doctrine and on which it is possible to be tightened to the long-awaited future. Memory about Us you create conditions of our proximity on all plans of existence. And the memory it, thanks to the properties of reciprocity, in Us causes an, which force grows according to force and intensity of a memory. Think strong of a memory answer, to understand its essence.
431. (Aug. 25). Being embodied in a dense cover, the person learns to eat, drink, speak, write, to read, say, trains a body in everything that is necessary for life. Many learn to float, shoot, exploit, cars, learn to play various musical instruments. People train in much the covers, coordinating functions of all. It is a lot of work and efforts many of these occupations demand. Each mastering by this or that skill or knowledge, for example, knowledge of foreign languages or any others, develops in the person of ability which is postponed in the Bowl for the future. Any effort won't go to waste, but everything bears fruit. It is possible to accustom consciously the covers to useful effects, knowing that results of these works become constant property of the person. When someone shows any special talents to something, so in the past once it worked in this direction, having created the corresponding ability or tendency in this direction. Different there are abilities, properties and bents. The drunkard, the smoker and the addict put tendency to alcoholism and drugs in the microcosm, easily giving in to a habit to smoking or aspiration to a befuddling of other poisons. Habits to accuracy or disorder – too inherited qualities of which it is possible to develop or get rid, – certainly to develop tendency to an order and to fight against disorder. Polyglots aren't born, but gain this ability during previous lives. Thus, it is possible to see how the person in the course of a number of efforts claims and develops in itself this or that quality or ability. The one who in former lives by long works and work developed in it those properties which characterize the genius is born the genius. For nothing is given. The smith of the future is people. Knowing it, it is possible to approve consciously in itself those abilities and qualities which are desirable for having in the future, understanding that any effort doesn't vanish as any action generating negative properties which too will degenerate in very undesirable traits of character in future lives doesn't vanish also. Once the traitor is the traitor always! According to the Book of Life of Great Spirits it is possible to see how the same traitor came nearer to some of them in centuries and as in time this mean property grew in it. Truly, the human consciousness where along with fine flowers can grow and poisonous can be assimilated to a garden. The garden stopped to grow with a thistle can. Only it must be kept in mind that flowers or weeds of a garden grow for eyelids and some berries or fruits can be poisonous. The gardener – the person and all responsibility for plantings lays down on him. Covers can be accustomed to any actions, both good, and bad because their appointment – to carry out will of their owner, both kind, and angry. Opportunities for training and training of the covers in the person it is given endlessly, every day from morning to evening and even at night to that them will teach, will reap: to the good – good, bad – bad. And when to Earth, that he claimed in itself(himself) in antecedents again will return, will come to light in him in fast mastering by the necessary ability while not seized will be compelled to begin a difficult way of mastering from the very beginning. Many spirits show amazing talents and abilities at the age of four, five years, are future geniuses though their parents and aren't ingenious.
432. (M. A. Y.). Meaning of the life of the person is in transformation of its essence and achievement of that step of evolution when its own microcosm will replace all devices terrestrial. For this purpose many lives and stay in the Elevated Worlds are given it. Everything is constructed so that the person could evolve and develop, increasing strength of mind and walking upstairs lives. When this process is made consciously, the person finds the narrow track of happiness conducting it to immortality.
433. (Guru). To lead externally life usual, fiery approving singularity of ways to the Boundlessness, seen obviously to the Teacher of Light, but not perceptible strangers for eyes, and there is a Yoga of Life.
434. (Aug. 26). 434 . (Aug. 26). As though and however many studied the person, this studying it is impossible to finish and study the person completely because Boundlessness is expressed in it in all the potential. The person in development of the opportunities and many, still hidden abilities of spirit is boundless. All qualities of spirit by the nature are boundless and all unusual properties of the person ever shown somewhere can grow infinitely, don't represent end, but only a step on an infinite ladder of improvement. The end isn't present. There is a beginning of the statement of this or that quality or ability, the beginning of disclosure of its potential and its further development, but end can't be. The spirit finishing the way on Earth, exhausted all opportunities of the individual development on a planet, but it not the end, but the beginning to pass to higher planet and to continue on it an infinite ascension of Spirit. Buddha Gautama, the person of the sixth circle, but even It never claimed the omniscience or omnipotence because in aspect of Boundlessness great achievements it is only a known step of improvement on an infinite ladder of life. Anybody never testified that it reached its final Top because Boundlessness of the end has no or that it was coming the Beginning of the Beginnings. In the same way as mind can't imagine the end of boundless space or the Eternity beginning, in the same way it is impossible to imagine the carried-out or reached full omniscience or omnipotence in the Space scale in spite of the fact that Planetary Spirits possess them at a rate of not conceivable for mind even very high consciousness’s. The understanding of that development of all merits and properties of the person can go infinitely, gives the chance to it to begin in hands the statement in the microcosm of any quality, any ability or their whole group, or is consecutive, or at the same time everything, or many to reach the carried-out symphony of qualities, instead of disharmonious prevalence any one to the detriment of the rests.
435. (Guru). All ideas of a spatial separation, or remoteness between Us it is possible to clean and exempt consciousness from this coherence range or space layers. All this tied a body and the mind is connected. The spirit isn't connected by anything, unless only thought. But after all We also speak about release or liberation of thought from usual representations. Even the simple aspiration to Us for thought will sweep away barriers, and the thoughts going from Us, freely join consciousness. This release can be deepened still and to present our proximity already without any restrictions with dense visibility. All this visibility is Maya. We call it evidence, opposing it reality. There is no time relativity, there are no distances, and fire penetrates them, as a ray of light – space. Consciousness it is possible to get there where neither the body, nor a brain can't get. Distances and time and Maya all other barriers by spirit and are overcome in the spirit of. At first we learn to fly thought and in thoughts, then already in the spirit of because the thought leads spirit. The thought flies ahead. The thought premised with a certain task, to spirit to lay a way in time and space. The thought is a white horse of happiness, obedient to the spirit commands, ready to whirl away consciousness there where it will be specified to it by the will enclosed in thought.
436. (Aug. 27). My friend, studying of the person it is possible to begin with studying of those laws which operate its destiny. Development and evolution of spirit go within the law. The essence of these laws is imprinted in intimate depths of consciousness, from where they should be taken out understanding and the conscious appendix them in life. From the law not leave anywhere. The law is those limits, in which phenomenon spirit life. Those who try to break it, fall under action of relentless consequences of this violation because violation of laws of life turns their power on the violator. It is possible to follow command of these laws or to violate them, but consequences neither in that, nor in other case it impossible to avoid. Will tell: why there are so much people, them breaking obviously which nevertheless perfectly live and use all good things of life? It is told by those who doesn't know about the Invisible World which We Call the world of consequences unlike seen, being the world of the reasons. Certainly, consequences of violation of the law overtake violators and in the dense world, maybe, not now, not at the time of violation, and in the following or the following embodiments. Here the cripple, the hereditary alcoholic will be born, here someone goes with a hump, someone grew blind from the birth, someone was affected by leprosy, someone was born at parents angry and cruel or at all know them has and doesn't know care and caress. It is a lot of sufferings and grief the violator of the law of life prepares for himself. But also in World Thin consequences of violation affect not less, and it is perhaps heavier. Because in the dense world the violator can imagine himself the innocent sufferer while there, in the Thin World, cause and effect are connected by a direct thread and are available to understanding. The spiteful murderer stays until then in vibration whirlwinds made by him on crime Earth while energy they won't settle on it the force up to the end. From the acts, neither bad, nor good, there not to leave anywhere because the beget of thought stays in the generations. Anyhow it is possible to acquire that is good and that is bad if not to get rid on it of consequences of affairs kind and angry. Lessons of life have to be learned completely that the person knew how to follow unwritten laws of spirit. Force of their bike both is relentless and is blessing for those who doesn't break them.
437. (Guru). Here we speak about honoring of sacred Images. Many consciousness’s stumbled on it. After all the external form, and those contents, that essence which is put in them by the admirer will be read not. And if the admirer has nothing enclose? How then? Here then thoughtless and meaningless worship a form deprived of the contents, that is idolatry, but already in a modern look turns out. When through a visible form of the image contact with Immortal Spirit of The one Who Is represented on a cloth, a tree or metal in this or that look is come into, and then honoring of sacred Images is made as has to.
438. (Guru). And now about icons, is about ours, the Russian icons. To them the same understanding of honoring is applicable. Let's deepen this phenomenon the instruction that the ancient so-called "worshipped" icons sated with crystallized adjournment of Light, really can be called by right sacred because are surrounded with light fire and shine the radiations seen for thin sight and able to be photographed by the device similar on what invented spouse Kirlian. It already other aspect of sacred Images and subjects to which they differ and differed from usual things at all times at all people of the Earth. The beginning of saturation of an icon light fire can put and artists-icon painters, as, for example, in Andrey Rublyov's icons.
439. (Aug. 28). At the medium phenomena mediums allocate from themselves ectoplasm, using which beings of the Thin World can materialize, that is accept the forms seen under known conditions by a usual eye. All people have ectoplasm, but at mediums her allocation is made easier, than at other people. After a session mediums usually feel very tired as the expense ectoplasms is accompanied by leakage of energy. Thin essence can't prove differently as having used for this purpose substance ectoplasms. At strong emotions and emotionally loaded thoughts there is too an allocation ectoplasms which substance thin newcomers for this or that degree of the materialization or the identification in the conditions close to the dense world seek to use. So, think of despondency, despair or irritation attract the guests which essence is conformable with experiences of the person and which eat radiations of the person being in a similar condition. They seek to strengthen these conditions to strengthen that the expiration ectoplasms and opportunity to devour it in big sizes. Continuous stay in a condition of similar negative thoughts-emotions, causing continuous leakage of vital forces, steadily comes to an end with an organism disease. Any mental condition of the person, under the accord law, through ectoplasm causes magnetic attraction to aura of its thin essence of different types and the degrees which are precisely corresponding to the nature of this condition. The joyful, vigorous condition of spirit directed to Light will attract or can attract thin inhabitants of plans high. Thus, sublime conditions of spirit, tranquility, restraint, balance, purity of thoughts and all other merits of consciousness serve as protection against approach of undesirable essence and spatial vampires of all steps. Then the protecting network of a microcosm human shines the Light and sparks reflect it already involuntarily and mechanically any undesirable approach. It is possible to note on the example of the phenomenon of ardent violent irritation as to them, from within, the person the protecting network breaks and in the formed breaks uninvited guests direct to exhaust and eat internal radiations of the unprotected organism. Burdening and organism clouding at such moments is great and the fatigue and loss of forces is great. The mental depression arising owing to impossibility to dump from stuck creatures is great also. Everyone disbalance, each thought causing it we open themselves to conformable influences from the Thin World and we become for some time opened to spatial vampirism, magnetic attracting to myself the essence feeding on conformable to their nature on energy. Really, the person is the magnet every instant attracting to Light or darkness. The expiration or allocation ectoplasm at all people the law of the accord causing consequences of this allocation operates. The phenomena of a high spiritual order when the protecting network brightly shines, too cause the spatial demonstrations which are expressing in various light or even fiery educations, energy testifying to presence, distinguished spiritual, and approach of light thin beings. Beings of Light don't devour mental energy, and, on the contrary, strengthen its inflow. All these processes depend on an organism mood, on a mood of thoughts and consciousness. On the mood always it is possible to judge what sort the spatial accords can be established and what newcomers from the Thin World they can attract. Having attentively defined a condition of the person, especially constant mood in which it stays, it is possible to establish almost unmistakably, what sort the environment is created by it about itself(himself) and what invisible guests it attracts to itself(himself). The person constantly sates with the energy space surrounding it and attracts to itself spatial the energy, corresponding to the nature and character of its own radiations. The conveyor of human thought operates incessantly, and it is possible to imagine that occurs in the field of the magnetic tension of this stream of thoughts. It is necessary to pay special attention that newcomers take very active and ardent part in this invisible process of the Thin World who constantly crowd in the middle of life.
440. When the person inclined to a psyches, sees round himself faces or terrible and repellent erysipelas from the Thin World, it involuntarily gives them the ectoplasm that they could be shown probably for it. The fear even more strengthens these phenomena. As a matter of fact, there is nothing to be afraid as this erysipelas can't make any obviously menacing physical actions. It is enough to polarize only the consciousness on higher wave as erysipelas will disappear. For some reason are they one and annoy them often while don't dare to come nearer to another, knowing perfectly what will receive repulse. Therefore hide carefully for others backs when try to approach to you anyway, in one way or another, to do you harm. Protection of the protecting network and the contents it orderly is foremost care of the pupil and his duty before Light.
441. (M. A. Y.). The understanding of that value which has ectoplasm in human life, and the contents it in purity will open new possibilities of approach to Light. The understanding it will give strength to claim in itself that until now seemed difficult or insuperable. Transformation of the person is very closely connected with consciousness clarification from any litter, and this last condition – with purity and not contamination ectoplasms. It is possible to imagine as far as it is infected at dirty psychic, or mediums of low consciousness. Ignorant, not knowing about Light, adjoining only with the lower class of an astral, what can they gather from communication with the Invisible World? Ignorance in combination with the lowest mental generates the ugliest and inadmissible phenomena harm from which extends very widely and far. Especially the knowing have to preserve and others and against the slightest possibility of contact with any newcomers from the Thin World from low or the center. They can't give anything is at the best even if and wanted because don't know. In the worst – they are simply dangerous. Dirty thoughts, tendencies, desires, acts and actions – all of them create the communication channels corresponding to their essence with conformable to them astral layers, and that the most important, with their inhabitants who strong and persistently aspire to Earth that somehow and something to prove in operation. And as they are deprived of this opportunity, psychic, and mediums are for them the only intermediaries, using ectoplasm which they can show themselves either in direct educations or in actions of the victims inspired by them on the most shameful acts. Only the strong pure protecting network healthy and sparkling by sparks of light, can serve as reliable protection against these hellish hordes. Let's think persistently and strong of strengthening of a protecting network and its maintenance orderly. It is a network reflecting, reflecting darkness and attendants of its ardent.
442. (Guru). When the Lord Speaks about armor, a board, arrows, swords and copies, - bear in mind protected network and Light weapon – fiery thought. The arms are useful when it is able to use. Experience is given by exercises and its application in business. It is useful to exercise the spirit always. Time for this purpose during the day can find enough. Each idle instant can be used on this occupation. It isn't necessary to sit thoughtlessly in idleness when there is a possibility of to exercise in use of mental energy. Exercises can be very various, and distances to them not a barrier. Use of mental energy demands exercises, - anyhow save up experience? If we can't, life will specify, as well as that it is necessary to do. Life is a school; she forces to teach what I didn't reach. But if the person himself reaches need of to exercise in achievements of spirit is already a step of the statement of beams self-proceeding.
443. (Aug. 29). How to avoid arrhythmic fluctuations of consciousness when inspired take-off is followed by the spread falling? It is necessary to distinguish thus such falling from melancholy or the grief, antagonistic spatial currents occurring from sharp feeling. Perhaps, somewhere people suffer great disaster, maybe, threat of world accident hangs or events in planetary scale are forced, maybe, waves of brown gas concerned consciousness. It is a lot of perhaps the reasons which have no relation to the spread falling. After all such falling is followed by recurrence of already won weaknesses or shortcomings if it isn't present if the spirit is resistant in the overcoming of and in the statement of the reached victories – means, the consciousness strong feels spatial trouble or the strengthened impact of darkness. To avoid neither that, nor another it is impossible. It is necessary to fight and it is necessary to battle to darkness the statement of Light in itself. Bases always remain firm. The support and can be found in them, but first of all in your Lord, with you, which always. With you I, close, ready to help and support a minute of need. The feeling of Proximity neutralizes poison of spatial gases and helps to battle to darkness. Waves of rhythmic repetitions or appeals break waves of antagonistic currents and help to restore balance. To keep balance in these conditions will be already very big achievement. My soldier on the guard always, ready always to protect Light phenomenon from violation it darkness!
444. (M. A. Y.). When you feel intolerable burden in heart, know that you help the Lord to bear burden it for the whole world. It will induce to realize, as you participate in all-planet creation of the New World, overcoming resistance of leaving energy. Leaving forces of the old world still are rather pumped to feel their pressing burden. Stability of spirit in this fight is necessary. The teacher very much appreciates those pupils for whom He can be sure and quiet. Not to everyone, even to the pupil, it is possible to entrust the guard. On the guard planetary there are to the Lord close spirits. It is necessary to show great balance and firmness to deserve such degree of Trust. But when it is rendered, knows it received that he will stand up to the end without fluctuating.
445. (Guru). Firmness of spirit is caused by special quality of a flame of this valuable and rare quality in people. Already you know that qualities of spirit are forms approved in a microcosm of the person of fires, - from here their importance on ways of Fiery Yoga. Without fires there are no ways. Fires collect and crystallize in development and deepening’s of desirable qualities. For example, qualities of aspiration, devotion or love or pretending constant can be strengthened consciously in itself at any time, in any conditions. And such strengthening them immediately causes an intense flame which at constancy of approved quality gives permanent adjournment in the Bowl of crystals of fire. The fiery Yoga demands the statement of fiery qualities because there has to be a person a being fiery.
446. (Aug. 30). If desirable achievement isn't given in hands, it is necessary to strain efforts more and more. Difficulty that this tension has is not squeezed out, but natural, - as and with involvement of invisible assistants and employees from the Thin World. It is absolutely optional that they always were High Beings, even small degrees lightens can help to take away an arrow of the evil or to promote implementation of these or those plans. Cooperation is established according to the accord of that energy with which the microcosm of the person, with energy of hidden employees is filled. Certainly, first of all it is necessary to recognize this possibility of communication with them. Conformable spirits surround conformable with its inhabitants of the dense world. Dark, seeing spots on aura and knowing that some not gets rid properties still move in consciousness, stick via these channels, trying to inflate a dark flame of each shortcoming. All passions, defects and weaknesses of the person are versions of various gradations of black fires. Inflating their flame, dark cause to manifestation dozing energy of the lowest fires to enjoy and eat the expiration from an organism of dark fluids. That's it at such moments also there is a consuming them ectoplasms and absorption of mental energy of the victim. Each dark dirty thought opened inside access to darkness. Each carrier of Light, something else not got rid and strong fighting against the shortcomings, a special target is for dark attacks. As pack of ravens, they over fighting spirit turn to use every instant of weakness. When falling involuntary and free and at conscious cooperation with darkness dark assistants contact with consciousness’s, accord to them phenomenon in these consciousness’s darkness. That is why full clarification from any litter is so necessary. From tests and temptations not to leave, they can't be avoided. You know many cases when for many years fight and abstention came to the end suddenly with prompt falling which in a flash swept away results of long, persistent work. And everything should be begun at first. Everyone knows that it should eradicate in itself. Whether the victory is possible nevertheless? It is possible, if with Me, - if without Me who will help a minute of need? Me call when there comes hour of tests to pass through it together. When together with Me, tests which can't be avoided at a spirit ascension, always terminate in a victory. Therefore I Call the winner of the one who with Me goes. As also achievement of the tasks set for if it becomes together with Me, is quite feasible. Can go on constantly short to mantras: The lord, with You a victory.
447. (Guru). You ask, in this case I as though arrived? First of all attentively would listen to the suffered party to allow leaving to the collected poison, - and would send thoughts of cheerfulness and tranquility. Would give hope to console. And only after all this would pass to an explanation of the reasons, which have caused a grief, whenever possible avoiding direct instructions, and pushing consciousness on inevitability of the correct conclusion. When the person reaches inevitability of the necessary decision is one when receives the direct instruction – absolutely another because to follow direct instructions usually nobody wishes. It will be a step the first. The further will show the future.
448. (Aug. 31). In the beginning the gets rid shortcoming, or weakness still threaten with the recurrence, and somewhere in the depth of consciousness the fear to them again moves to fall. But there comes the moment when suddenly there is a feeling that they are overcome finally that they are more not dangerous that their power came to an end. The persistence of fight leads to a victory. And the victory means, as in the Thin World they won't torment or tempt more spirit with the illusive appeal. In this sense release in the spirit of from habits is extraordinary useful. In the spirit of it is necessary to understand that any terrestrial habit, even good, is good only for Earth. Therefore well mentally to prepare by then when all terrestrial habitual actions will be not necessary. Both clothes, and rest, and a way of movement in the Thin World it is made others, than on Earth. But long still the consciousness will trudge on tracks, blazed by habits. There at home it isn't necessary. Ashram is not the house, - Way of life in it not the house. Ashrams in the Thin World are necessary as focuses of the center of Light where inhabitants of the lower class can't get. The thin aspect of the Stronghold is there a pole of an attraction and aspiration of all light spirits. Is there and darkness strongholds – the centers of gravity of dark spirits. The attraction occurs thanks to existence of elements of Light or the darkness collected by spirit during its terrestrial life. Perhaps, someone, having realized the events, also it would like to be attracted to Light focuses, but to be attracted there is nothing as elements of Light are absent because weren't saved up in life terrestrial. Between poles of Light and darkness there are many intermediate conditions: lighten, white, greyish, greyish– all have related and close to them on their essence of the sphere of space in which orbit they will be uncontrollably involved by force of compliance of elements available in them with conformable it layers of the Elevated World. From there is an urgent task to approve and accumulate in itself only energy of Light. They collect thoughts, feelings, aspirations and actions, but thought first of all. Therefore it is necessary to observe thought. Mastering by thought is included into duties of the pupil before itself, before his Head and before Light phenomenon. Obviously dark thoughts, then turn are at first expelled from consciousness reaches to implicit, to greyish and ordinary, then all inner world, all acts and actions of the person lights up with light of shining thought. Light approved shines inside and is radiated outside through aura emanations. This luminosity in him is approved by Lightful. This light shines and shines already in all worlds. And then indissoluble connection with the Highest Spheres of Light and an invincible attraction to them is established. Then only Light elements, but not darkness are a part of its essence, and it shines all and everything that around.
449. (Sept. 1). All allocations of a human body are saturated with the mental energy which character corresponds to a condition of consciousness at present. For example, sweat, or saliva of the angry person are poisonous, and the saliva of the sacred is curative. As differ between itself and properties ectoplasms at various people. Ectoplasm of the drinker drunkard and the eremite is very various. Ectoplasm can be infected or cleared. On the structure under a microscope it is identical at different people as the tree taken from a cross of the Savior or from the gallows of the criminal is identical, but mentally or in thin aspect their structure or saturation strongly differ one from another. Allocation ectoplasms are caused by thoughts. Usually dirty thoughts, infecting substance ectoplasms, attract to beget of thin essence which greedy eat her dirty allocations. When these sucking creatures hang on aura that is visible by thin sight, it is possible to point to perversity of thoughts of this person then. Larva demand food and force the person to persist in continuation of the dirty thinking. What pushes the drunkard to a bottle, the smoker to a cigarette, the addict to drug? Tenants of that nursery or nursery, which they created in an orbit itself of the aura, feeding them allocations itself of the ectoplasms! The question of clarification ectoplasms is very important because depending on its quality there is a mental environment of the person. Each person is surrounded with the atmosphere rather the sphere sated with energy of an attraction of this or that order. Hallucinations of alcoholics not the imagination, but reality of the Thin World, its lower class, showed to the drunkard thanks to contamination dirty it ectoplasms. Clarification of thinking has very deep value for a physiological condition of an organism, and first of all, for ectoplasms. Each cover consists of substance of the plan corresponding to it. The thin body sacred and the alcoholic consist of a dense matter, but nevertheless its structure is sharply other one than another, - the same relatively and all other covers. Astral bodies of these two representatives of mankind differ even more strongly, as well as covers mental. Clarification, depression and thinning of the covers are included into tasks of the pupil. On extent of their clarification and thinning accords and contacts with the Highest Spheres of the Hidden World both on Earth, and in Elevated are created. The food thus has too considerable value. All matters: both the food, and air, both thoughts, and an external environment of the person, and everything that leaves from and it. Through an organism human, this powerful laboratory as via the transformer, the stream of a matter dense, matters astral and matters mental flows, being clarified and refine, if an organism at a high step of a ladder of life, or, on the contrary, being hardened and catching if it is dirty. Even air with which we breathe, we exhale mentally cleared or infected. Would be instructive investigate not only a saliva or sweat of the angry person, but also air exhaled by it. Many surprises would be revealed because breath of people is dense. All these phenomena are connected closely with substance ectoplasms and the contents it in a due condition – a debt of the person to, to people and to space.
450. (Guru). Given the chance to approach to you even closer purity of the aura. Work on its clarification isn't vain. Each effort gives an immutable consequence. In work on clarification not let’s overtire, What we will put on a thicket of scales? And what will move? On what we can exchange possibility of rapprochement? Lentil soup – a symbol very instructive, but even without any symbols unmistakably you know that approaches and that distances. Let's divide everything into two types of the phenomena: approaching to the Lord and distancing from Him, also we will know then the importance of each phenomenon of life, remembering thus that anything and anybody, except ourselves, can't distance from the Lord, because a distance and approach – in the spirit of, but not in something outside.
451. (Sept. 2). My son, mankind in the huge majority thinks of purpose of life and even less of preparation of consciousness for post dense stay very little. People cook seldom the thin covers and rarefy them to transition to the Thin World. People forgot to think independently, but perfectly learned to think on a cliché. "So think all", is a situation laid down in a thinking basis. The analysis and the forecast are replaced saving "as all". But life of consciousness is individual: one comes to the world of people and alone it leaves, both suffer, and suffer, and feel even physical pain individually. Identity of a developing monad can't be denied, and therefore the formula "as all" is unsuitable. Responsibility for thinking and acts lays down on identity – a bearer of each consistently incarnate personality. The personality calmed down long ago in a coffin with all the differences and certificates, but the carrier continues her existence in World Aboveground, reaping consequences of her terrestrial life and bearing responsibility for that direction which the dyed personality gave to the Identity. The personality and her interests made out future consequences while had to be on the contrary. When the personality anything when I in itself anything, but the spirit staying in it, it directs a tide of life and directs it, then, and only then, the personality can comprehend that role which is given it by spirit for spirit advance.
452. (M. A. Y.). Light and darkness – two poles for aspiration of spirit. To come nearer to Light pole, it is necessary to eliminate all elements of darkness from covers. As means of it to reach and clarification serves. Ancient division of people on dirty and pure is absolutely perfectly. It is necessary to deepen only this understanding and to acquire that, besides moral justifications, purity, and purity ectoplasms, has extraordinary importance as through it contacts both with various layers of space and with their inhabitants are come into. It is impossible, possessing dirty and infected ectoplasm, to establish high Communication or to receive inspiration from lightful spheres. Understanding of it can give an impulse for full clarification of consciousness. Each thought, act and feelings bring the elements, which either from Light, or from darkness. There is their continuous collecting and accumulation, and they are postponed in stratifications of a microcosm of the person obviously and heavy or obviously and light-. It isn't enough to clear of itself of the saved-up litter, it is necessary to track and watch still, constantly and sharp-sightedly that there was no new accumulation of the same sort. It is necessary to understand very much that clarification has psychophysiological character, instead of abstractedly the material. Abstract virtue or morals it isn't not known for the sake of what can convince the person to be moral pure but when he sees that any dirt and not purity become components of fabrics of his covers and allow in his organism only darkness and an infection of spatial poison, doing it inexpressible harm, then fight for clarification of the device from a smoke, a stench and dirt, from any litter becomes insistently inevitable. Who will want to harm to itself (himself), itself poisoning and depriving of Light access? Persuasiveness of the phenomenon will give the necessary strength to struggle with darkness in itself and it to eliminate.
453. (Guru). Us please when words begin phenomenon in affairs. After all it also is a way of Fiery Yoga. The fire-accepting of parcels demands their application in life. And with application hand in hand the pleasure goes performances of the Decree of the Teacher. Pleasure of execution of Instructions – and we will remember strong these words. The pleasure gives strength opposite to antagonistic currents of space, - burden of their bike. Consolation that temporarily also is passing, but burden them together we bear: you, we and Lords. Rarefactions of spatial currents, rarefaction about, which force of these currents as surf of an ocean wave about the rock breaks, are necessary. The burden of this world is hard, but those bear it who spirit and in the spirit of with the Lord because It Bears most. And we help, you help too and you if you realize the phenomenon. It is heavy to one to bear, but when we bear together, a lot of things can be lifted. Tension breaks heart. If heart burns, action it is possible. Only fires of heart it is possible opposite for all energy, against going. Heart fire, if in heart of the Lord won't die away. With It we go and with It is won.
454. (Sept. 4). Our conversations mention many layers of space. Therefore these records have also spatial value. The thought exists in space as soon as it descended from the consciousness conveyor. Thought registration also means the beginning of its spatial existence. The thought is a living being on the plan hidden. Certainly, this invisible is only for rough sight. Visible everything if the device of spirit is rather refined. When the spirit joins spatial life at first thought, and then thin feelings of hearing, sight, sense of smell and so on, the worlds of the highest measurements become reality for consciousness. Association of the worlds has to happen in consciousness of the person because actually the worlds visible and Invisible, were never separated, but always were connected closely and indissolubly between itself. Long ago it is advisable to understand and acquire already that America existed and before opening by her Columbus, is equal as exists and there are a lot of things about what people yet don't know and at all don't suspect. Ignorance isn't the reason of a non-existence of that is actually, - from here senselessness of denials. It is possible not to know, but to deny yet not identified ignorantly and illogically. Boundlessness can't be concluded in a framework of human mind at this or any step of evolution. Only the limited consciousness can approve the omniscience. The infantile materialism is characteristic this poverty of thinking connected to stupid self-confidence and aplomb. The relativity of human knowledge needs to be understood before moving further. Understanding of possibility of boundless cognition will be the first step to it. The person from all directions is surrounded with secrets, since growth of grain and finishing secret of each live organism. But after all behind a visible environment is invisible, too full of secrets. But the greatest secret is a person. With it, with studying of the person also begins wisdom the way. The solution of all questions, all secrets of a universe – in the person. Long ago it is already told that the person "is a measure of things". The extent of consciousness measures world around. Only to think as the worlds of representation human about the world are various. It is possible to tell without a mistake that "how many minds, are so much and the worlds". And two persons talking nearby, can have in the consciousness ideas of the world surrounding them so various as Light and darkness poles are various. Because knowledge – Light, and ignorance – darkness. Task of the pupil is the nobility, the nobility and the nobility. For this purpose the Teacher expanding his thinking and enriching consciousness with new elements sends it thoughts. The contact is stronger, the stream of sent thoughts is more plentiful. Also there is no end to them.
455. (M. A. Y.). Consciousness filling by Light is a sign of Proximity of the Lord and ours. It is possible to note as minutes of Communication happens light-and as then gradually this World is quitted by consciousness when it starts plunging into commonness routine. It is necessary to learn to keep Elevated light more long; because, really, the aura obviously shines when Communication works well. Too there are a lot of obstacles around in order that Communication was successful. But any overcoming of all counteracting is invisible strengthens relations and serves as approach to proximity still bigger. The Teacher is necessary to the pupil. But also pupils that were through whom to give to the world his wisdom are necessary to the Teacher. As you are necessary also to us, as well as We are necessary to you. This mutual need us in each other forms a communication basis.
456. (Guru). The person is a fruit of its achievements, there is a result and a consequence of what was reached by it in the past. Therefore each achievement is the integral acquisition which will accompany the purchaser in the future. Any achievement isn't final, but all – in the course of growth and improvement if the spirit goes up. Then it is possible to observe that all positive amplifies, and decays and hangs that has to be got rid. With a growth of opportunities growth of negative qualities is inadmissible because their growth threatens spirit with accident. That is why the question of mastering by is raised. Everything is fire, all manifestations of a microcosm fiery. All fires should be owned, life and the Teacher will teach. In life and on life the Teacher will teach to own himself and to subordinate the fires to will.
457. (Sept. 6). The task to show the highest coherence on a planet was given to Mother of Fiery Yoga. For what? In order that knew that it is possible and that, being guided by its example, others could show the same. And now we will imagine that known degree of similar coherence is shown by the whole people or even all planet, all people of the Earth. For what such coherence or harmony is necessary? Without a mood of the tool it can't take part performed by the symphony. As and without individual coherence of all members of human planetary collective they can't show the concentrated power of the mental energy which integrated force is capable to create such phenomena about which it is difficult to even to make representation; while energy human strong are disharmonious and chaotic in the manifestation. While them because disbalance elements and break balance of a planet which comes to light in earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, climate frustration, and epidemics and so on. While the negative pole of the fiery power being in unconscious and uncontrollable possession of the person is shown. But time will come, and the science will prove that the person is a generator of fiery energy which influences everything that it surrounds. Earlier often during a drought arranged national prayers and often they were accompanied by a rain. It is time to understand already that force of the integrated energy of the crowd, directed in a certain direction, caused the necessary consequences. Any miracle is only cause and effect. The same prayer service, but without the belief uniting sets of consciousness’s in one, wouldn't yield any results. Now, knowing it, it is possible to imagine all invincible fiery power of the all-planet joint collective of the mankind, at some point directing it on performance of the planned task! On the Distant Worlds the climate, underground fire, atmosphere conditions and many other things are regulated by the integrated thought of mankind. It is such mighty force before which elements reconcile and obey it. All so-called miracles are no other than the unclear and not explained demonstrations of mental energy of the person. As those miracles aren't present and can't be eat simply lawful phenomena that haven't yet been studied by science. For the savage even radio – a miracle, for knowing miracles aren't present in general and there can't be they. Secrets of a universe not miracle, but something, subject studying and disclosure. It is possible to think of that, how much thermal energy is required on kindling ices and to change climate of the North. But this process is simpler and it is easier possible to make by means of all-planet collective energy of people. But how many time is required on that the mankind united and, having united, stepped forward in cognition of forces hidden in the person. The Life doctrine to term Is given, Showing to mankind a way to a source of the inexhaustible fiery energy which potential owner is each earthling. Having realized presence of this energy at the microcosm and having seized it, the person can create unusual things which in the ignorance for the present call miracles or simply carry to area of the impossible. And if one realized can create "miracles" what can make the power realized and united mankind? Possibilities of collective are boundless.
458. (Guru). I want to explain that restraint – force. Restraint isn't force, there is nothing when to constrain. The empty boiler of work won't give because force constrained by walls, steam force in it isn't present. But at the apprenticeship phenomenon fiery forces of an organism start wakening, energy of spirit grow, and restraint, ability to constrain them and to bring under control of will become need because without restraint will loosen and they will carry all organism the uncoordinated rhythm. And the way, the more insistently need of restraint is farther. And the restraint is more intense, the easier to accumulate Agni. Thus, quality of restraint amplifies in process of Agni's growth fires turned into the reserved, controlled force which can be directed on any task. Everyone wants to be strong, but it isn't enough to apply hunter’s works for accumulation forces. Efforts over development of quality of restraint won't go to waste, everyone will yield results.
459. (Sept. 7). It is interesting to note that the person, generating thought, it is imperious over it at the moment or during its generation. As soon as the thought is finished, issued and descended from the consciousness conveyor, it begins the independent existence, already itself influence begets either at present or later. The strong person can banish so-called affectionate own thoughts, but weak becomes their victim. Force of the habit subordinating to the person, – in power of the thought crystallized during time which constantly and persistently influences beget. Besides, as, for example, in case of alcoholism or drug addiction, the human body, in turn, too gets used to alcohol, drug or tobacco and already demands in the union with thought of repetition of action, and at the same time and increases in a dose. And still fight should be begun with thought. If, say, in case of smoking to start devoting rhythmic everyday sometime of thought that the person stops smoking, the moment when the issued and approved thought the force will force it to throw tobacco will come. Thus, by means of a rhythm it is possible to generate already consciously voluntarily any thought which will be embodied sooner or later in the corresponding action. Establish a habit and are exempted from a habit with assistance of thought. And, in the first case, it becomes usually unconsciously and when the habit already seized the person, it is possible to eradicate it only on condition of generation of opposite thoughts, but bigger potential. The decision – in strong-willed application of a rhythm because only to think and solve not so is simple and the strong will is required. Therefore there are so much drunkards, smokers and addicts. Difficultly to be exempted by it from slavery at a habit because even don't think of conscious application of thought and release don't want, without understanding, what fate will prepare for itself in the future. Any slavery is inadmissible because puts the person in dependence on something outside when the person has to be the lord. The spirit which has passed to the World Thin under freight of habits, can't dump their slavery and there. But you can imagine ardent desires to alcohol without opportunity to satisfy them. The imagination creates the brightest images of desirable realization, but they, generating illusive feeling of reality, temporarily and satisfactions don't give. But the aspiration to satisfaction of inquiries of a non-material order – to Beauty, an art or music gives inexhaustible opportunities to diversify them endlessly and to find in it pleasure and completeness of satisfaction or saturation them. Terrestrial is terrestrial and for Earth, but the highest is to the highest. To transfer remnants terrestrial to Spheres Elevated it is very painful, heavy and satisfaction can't give.
460. (Guru). Alternation of waves of lifting of consciousness is inevitable. The crest of a wave is followed by its hollow. Waves should learn to be met skillfully, knowing this alternation. On lifting to be able it is necessary to throw as much as possible spatial grains, at recession to seek to hold the next gain persistently. Alternation of a rhythm of the phenomena is a basis of the shown world. Both poles of the going phenomena can be used consciously and expediently.
461. The ladder of life demands a condition of a constant ascension that is improvement. The ladder of life of the end has no. Anything in the nature can't stop as everything is in incessant movement up or down. Seeming stop – self-deception. Without going up, the person inevitably moves back, that is goes down. In it great danger of delays and stops or feeling of self-satisfaction when the person speaks to himself: "Here I reached and I can calm down on reached". To improvement, constant, directed and systematic, all qualities of spirit are subject. Their basis is boundlessness that is boundless possibility of their growth and development. Therefore at the moments of seeming calm or achievement it is necessary to wonder: "And what qualities I at present can increase in myself or it to approve big force". At any moment of life any quality appears the closest and the most sounding. It also should be strengthened in degree bigger. So arriving, it is possible to start approving the symphony of qualities.
462. (Sept. 9). If drove Me and the darkness rose against, and really following Me will be, and inevitably have to, undergo darkness counteractions. Where a beam of your thought on the guard, there dark especially don't aspire itself phenomenon not to get under its vibrations, but everywhere where can and where don't expect that it will be directed on them, there they work. Therefore it is useful for each action to send protecting thought, as though prepare for it favorable circumstances. For this purpose it is necessary to hold Me every minute in all steps. Well you know that it is necessary, and still, when there comes action time, forget to follow the Decree. There is it from inexperience and misunderstanding of what alone not to cope with darkness and not to paralyze its shifts. Forges of darkness in that, what works with the Thin Plan, but through dense, through live people and other possible the advents. Turned attention, as things easily spoil, as if falling from hands, when comes nearer the obsessed. So, to any action we will premise thoughts about joint with Me its performance.
463. (Guru). Never, you hear, never recognize yourself woning! Victory is in the spirit, - equally, as well as defeat. Therefore, non-recognition of won will be already at a slow pace to a victory. Even bones can be broken, but not the spirit which has realized the invincibility. We want in all circumstances, both favorable, and opposite, to see you strong. Seeming failure for strong spirit is only a step to a victory. The spirit wins always if it is persistent and firm up to the end. Temporary counteraction of external conditions let will serve only as the guarantee of new victories and new overcoming.
464. (Sept. 10). Any violent imposing of the authority is inadmissible. Any pomposity and inflatedness the knowledge which hasn't been realized on experience in application, is similar to shine of false stones. Many stumble on it. Ignorant and inexperienced seeks to invite on the yard, without knowing, everyone called in will appear what ardent of the burden. But knowing waits only come and knocked. Also there is at it no desire to flash that he knows, or to try to impose someone something. That is why it is recommended to answer questions, avoiding sating consciousness with the facts which aren't affected by the asked question. The donation not on consciousness or over its capacity inevitably causes counteraction reaction, and it is necessary to pay heavy, and that it is heavier, than was more given out not on consciousness. Give, give, give are everything demand, but it is wise only the highly experienced traveler can distribute. And received over especially furiously criticize. Criticism – result of not containment. Especially it is necessary circumspect to be with those who is subject to dark influences. Without knowledge of the person the way is complicated and distribution of the Doctrine becomes an excessive task.
465. (M. A. Y.). Immunity of spirit is reached by ardent aspiration to Hierarchy and pretending constant. It is connected closely with consciousness transfer through Hierarchy and ability to use the force not the, but strength of the Lord. The formula that "I in itself – anything, but Staying in me, It creates", – represents itself the correct approach to the tank of inexhaustible power. Approving desirable by the Name of the Lord, we put the personal as though aside, providing to work to fiery force. By it is untied for free action and our mental energy, which at ordinary people is on position of the prisoner. It is necessary to learn to release it for free, untied and its independent action. The way has to be pure and free.
466. (Sept. 11). The good pupil studies always and on everything. Such condition of consciousness is very fruitful. To take experience useful of all living conditions – means to understand that the Teacher puts in the situation best in this sense. But the school of life teaches that the person has to make everything itself, and Show ways and by that forces to set in motion force of mental energy. So, we will consider each difficulty and an obstacle as the opportunity given by the Teacher for acquisition of the next quality or development of quality, already approved, and accumulation of the necessary experience. Stability and firmness of spirit we will consider as the qualities which are absolutely necessary for the pupil.
467. (Guru). Correctly you arrive when you fight against evidence dense, without allowing it to seize consciousness. This fight when the consciousness is transferred to the future becomes easiest. The present can lawfully not satisfy, but the future, with all its inexhaustible opportunities, able to satisfy and sate the most ardent imagination. It is necessary to understand and feel only as heart that the projection of the most shining future is created now, in the present when the silver bridge of happiness connects far coast. In this duality of aspect of the phenomenon of the future or concept of the future its secret is covered. The future is, it already exists, it is in the present, but in Spheres Elevated, already finished, already issued and forced to fall by Earth. Therefore to live future and to live in the future – means to lead life of fiery reality.
468. (Sept. 12). World Distant participate in planet life invisibly, but it is obvious. The combination of star beams and corners of their crossing create focuses of psycho-magnetic conditions which strong influence first of all mentality of the person: the person at the time of his birth as the camera film, assumes a print of this angular relationship of star beams during all terrestrial human life to sound and react especially sharply to this combination of far influences. Even the physical shape of the person is characterized by influence of this or that star or a sign. It is very interesting to note that the sun given rise at the time of stay are lower or higher than the horizon, on rising or a decline it, bear on itself obvious signs of various influences. As also lunar influence can be very noticeable if the provision of the moon is strengthened still, in which it is and if this influence isn't neutralized by opposition of other stars. At sleepwalkers this ability of lunar magnetism to influence the person is especially strong. The ruling planet as though directs all life of an incarnation. It is necessary to acquire firmly thus that stars induce, influence, influence, but don't supervise human acts, that is the ruler of the destiny of the person nevertheless there is his free will. And even the celestial map of the new newcomer to Earth represents itself as though fixed result of its previous lives. So, the Supreme director of destiny of the person nevertheless there is his will. And what there were influences of stars; the will of the person is free and has the right to choose a way down or up.
469. Agni Yoga has to do everything consciously. Arhat and the medium are the phenomena excluding each other. That is why We against a psyches. Even pure mentalities constantly are under the threat of dark influences from outside if aren't protected also won't stand guard. Ability to psyches is covered in a structure of covers that is put deeply in effect the person. In the ancient time pure psychic, kept in temples, them protecting. But was it to release out of temple limits as back it any more didn't accept enough. It and is clear if we consider that, time having undergone dark influences, it already bore in itself(himself) infected ectoplasm and could serve as the conductor of dark influences.
470. (Guru). Than better you fight, than you succeed more, than you want to clear yourself more tensely and then your aspiration is stronger, the more you attach in life the Doctrine, the desire's there is for us a meeting with you, especially we rejoice, seeing your efforts and the more so to you we help. The whole chain of mutually efforts binding us together turns out. More and more strain your spirit to our spheres. Each tension will cease on compliance and will yield a fruit.
471. (Guru). Why so often we come back to need of the statement of these or those qualities of spirit? Only because they serve those as an attire of spirit in which it is possible to rise on steps of the Ladder of Light and to be allowed to appear before the Lord. Each step demands the attire that is a certain quality and purity of radiations of aura and their tension. Discrepancy of aura with a passable step forces to go down a step below or even more. Therefore we will consider qualities of spirit as a condition establishing a look and character of aura's radiations and tension of their lightful. In a paroxysm of obsequious babbling, or of fussiness, or the irritation, or of all other negative qualities - not to ascend to a known step, - from here understanding clearness that all this tatter of last times severely, is resolutely and ruthlessly dumped from aura which clothes light of devotion, love, aspiration, pleasure, courage, restraint, self-control and all rainbow of the symphony of the qualities which tension grows with each new step, strengthening a lightful of aura’s radiations.
472. (Sept. 14). Shining communications should be held a wire very strong, without loosening it inadmissible fluctuations and disbalance. Coherence of poles demands a constant mood of the accord, and the condition of a condition of patrol and sharp-sighted vigilance allows keeping it. It doesn't specify that Communication doesn't interrupt, but it nevertheless indicates not interruptibility of pretending. Many people, standing one foot in a grave, nevertheless don't find minutes to think of the forthcoming transition to other world. Vanity of daily occurrence is more important and more considerable than preparation of consciousness for transition of Great Borders. Let's not think that the concerned Doctrines left far from not knowing it. Noise of vanity of the present day deafens even pupils, and, thanks to acuteness of their perceptions, danger of its bike. The rhythm of Communication breaks waves of the dense phenomena, but intervals between the moments of Communication can be filled with vanity of affairs of this world. The exit from such situation in that, taking part in life usual to remember always, is constant and indelible that dense Maya phenomena – passing dreams that all filling of consciousness by them – only for a while, for day either two or any piece of the current period which will be replaced with another, filled with new impressions and the experiences which are so flowing by, as well as preceding of. I want to approve consciousness on enduring that the passing couldn't seize it already. Constant memory about the Lord and constant, conscious or subconscious, to It aspiration will help to fight against waves of the passing phenomena terrestrial, seeking to sink consciousness in a kaleidoscope of flashing events of the ordinary. Over Earth is the Sun, over consciousness is unfading Light of Hierarchy.
473. (M. A. Y.). It is very important to understand what exactly we want to continue consciously in our life after release from a body. It is possible to take with itself there very much and a lot of things. All take, but take unconsciously and take, without choosing. Often take such things which strong burden or absolutely there aren't necessary or owing to the very poor quality allow staying only in the lower class. What to take with itself? – Here a question which has to be personally solved by everyone and it is independent. Nobody can force, besides own free will, to take and something to leave something. Even if take something unusable irresponsibly, all the same the will subconscious participates in the decision. Baggage mental and astral, spiritual property it is necessary to select very circumspectly that there was no unnecessary stuff in it – dirty, worn-out and soiled by dirt. A lot of unnecessary freight carries away on itself crude consciousness. Often care of it start showing in the last days or even minutes, hoping that this condition will help to be exempted from consequences of the reasons generated during the whole life at once. Certainly, cases of instant transformation or inspiration are possible, but only on condition of former accumulation when "the quantity turns (them) into quality". In usual cases it is necessary to construct life so that every instant it was a conscious prepare to Elevated stay.
474. (Guru). Focusing consciousness on this or that quality of spirit, we cause its strengthening. Question all only in that, what as to keep desirable quality not at the time of containment it, and on all the time, on all future. Practical solution of this question not is easy. The matter is that the old person inside shows very strong resistance to each innovation. The astral lives habit both emotions habitual and lovely to it. How approve, say, balance, when he got used and likes to worry and their lives the phenomena a disbalance. But the Supreme solver in an interior nevertheless is the will. It possesses the power. Therefore, the astral, living habits, has to be accustomed to obey the categorical and final order of consciousness, in which the will is put. The astral doesn't obey only so far as it was given freedom by the same will or as in it this or that habit is enclosed by the same will. In all manifestations of an astral accepts or the will applied at present or enclosed in them earlier causes them. Knowing it, the lever of can be applied to the statement or eradication of any undesirable qualities or weaknesses. The will has to believe in itself and know that the categoriality and unalterability of the strong-willed order can't be broken by covers which are born and created to submit. When gets rid weakness raises the head or when the getting rid is afraid of its recurrence, it is necessary especially strong and to realize unshakably that no weakness or a shortcoming can overcome force of not cancelled order of will. Strength of mind when are called for action are inexhaustible. In the microcosm of his lord is the person.
475. (Sept. 15). Popular wisdom imprinted value of a unification in the fairy tale on how the father suggested the sons to break a broom at first entirely, and then, having separated it, on twigs. Depth of unification and its sense are noted on a striking example. The unification means cooperation of two or several consciousnesses. Cooperation is a gift of evolution of a coming New Era. Many ignoramuses still persistently and stupidly disown from cooperation, without understanding that from it they can get only advantage and success in affairs. Simple obvious benefit from cooperation of people is undoubted and obvious. It is possible to imagine as the mankind powerfully would move to evolution if cooperation was applied in relationship of the people, in interaction of the scientific and all other organizations, in everything and everywhere where people adjoin work. It is necessary to understand benefit and advantage of such cooperation once and for all to be exempted from hostility, antagonism and separation in all types. Mental value of the cooperation multiplying strengths of participants much above and over that share which is contributed by everyone is especially great. This additional part which is turning out as a result of association of forces isn't considered, and blind men don't see that rob it every time where separation or hostility flashes. Practical, direct, not denied benefit and advantage of cooperation, or the coordinated cooperation, unfortunately, aren't realized. And after all long ago it was told: where two or three will gather in the Name My, there I between them. Presence of the Lord at the united group of people, it is as though small was, gives them inflow of forces extraordinary if they united or gathered for the sake of it. Therefore the prime target which cooperation of people can pursue is General Welfare. There, where his to put in based activity of cooperatives, there My Hand and Lords. So, the correct cooperation can serve the immediate tasks of evolution. In all associations human, both in big, and in small, the principle of multiplication of forces remains the basis of their prosperity and growth, if the purpose of these associations – General Welfare.
476. (M. A. Y.). Let everyone will wonder than and as serve can to Light. Possibilities of service aren't limited to anything. Everyone can bring the energy in the general flow of attendants of Light. With what to begin? Light is brought in the world by each person itself, the radiation of the aura. Therefore, the attention has to be paid to a condition of the consciousness first of all. It isn't enough one desire. It is necessary to seek to put each particle of the knowledge, each Instructions of the Teacher in life. The efforts, the aspiration, the work and work are necessary, and, mainly, over themselves. The person is the magnet, which is constantly radiating from to energy of darkness, or Light, - therefore special care of a magnet and its radiations. How to establish connection with the Teacher? Only coherence or harmony of the radiations! Light sent by the Teacher, gets into a human body through radiations of its aura if they are pure and harmonious. Can't angry, saddened or embraced the fear of people to apprehend the Beam of the Teacher. Therefore, reduction of in a worthy condition will be the first problem of the one who wants to go on the way. Both reading and reflections are necessary, but without application of the Doctrine it is impossible to move further. It is good to establish a rhythm and an order in the occupations. Chaotic occupations or aspiration jumps and on mood of desirable consequences won't give. Everyone to take let will wonder, and that he can give to the world in exchange. Without interchange of energy the Wheel of cooperation with Hierarchy of Light can't be set in motion. Also it is necessary to comprehend and strong to understand that the purpose of this embodiment is to collect from it all experience, all knowledge which can give life on Earth, and consciously to prepare for those itself for longer stay in World Aboveground.
477. (Sept. 16). Receiving and donation – on consciousness! And if something not in forces now to realize or approve consciousness in the appendix, realizes and will approve some a time later if the aspiration doesn't hang. Not interruptibility of aspiration even if its energy flows (subconscious) in sub consciousness, nevertheless leads to the desirable purpose. It is very important when all being is adjusted on a desirable harmony. Then, whatever the person and then did was engaged, he moves ahead to implementation of the task put before as the castle – to a place of the appointment moves all entirely, all parts of the case. Completeness of aspiration reports also to movement of property of the full-directed body. Imagine that would happen if a nose and a stern, boards and benches started moving in different directions. The purposes in such condition never reach. But at people it often happens, and then energy of a microcosm of the person needs to lead everything to coordination. Mentally ill people are deprived of ability of coordination even corporal that is muscular movements, not to mention thinking process. The arrow directed to the purpose, let serves as a symbol to symmetry of aspiration of progress. Also it is necessary to remember that each told word is expenditure of mental energy, and the people suffering from an incontinence of speech, often exorcise themselves to an illness, that is before balance loss. From here a pearl of popular wisdom that "silence – gold". Verbosity and especially, idle talk by us are condemned as inexpedient waste of fiery strength of the person. Let each word will be as blow of a hammer to an anvil which sound far rushes in space. Many rush about, grabbing different books, but approached to the Doctrine of Lords doesn't begin any more spend precious minutes for trying to find big wisdom in the books written by someone. When received from Us you will distribute to people, you remember that light, but not fire of the lamp which on is switched in your heart is given them. If Light is given, to people will be light-. If to give the lamp, darkness will surround you, and without fire which thoughtlessly and is thoughtlessly given, not to take place in darkness. Therefore It is told: distribute, but it is wise. Wisely to distribute, experience, and experience considerable is necessary. Let anybody and will detain nothing: neither people, nor circumstances, own imperfections. If the pupil recognizes himself unusable, or unworthy, what follow to the Teacher, it is really unusable. Therefore the self-humiliation doesn't suit for ways. No reasons, either fabrications, or whisperings of darkness can stop the one who solved the way to the Lord irrevocably and forever. Any incompleteness in this question is unacceptable, because it is destructive very much. Fire burning in a breast, it is necessary carefully and to carry by safe through life, light to his people giving, but protecting fire. Go out of fire burning in sanctuaries of ancient temples, it was punished by death. And nowadays too the death, death of spirit, punishes a go out of a flame of heart.

478. (M. A. Y.). Live so that every instant to be in full readiness for change of external conditions, and at the same time live as if you would live strongly, carrying out and doing that the circumstance demand. These opposite conditions of consciousness need to be understood and mastered. It is hard to reconcile rather to counterbalance and understand contrast, but without their understanding coherence internal is unattainable. The feeling of content is closely connected with it by that you have as a counterbalance to discontent. Discontent is very destructive feeling, which can deprive of many achievements. You remember words of the Lord: "At Us dissatisfied isn't present".
479. (Guru). Energy of spirit is practice in making. Everyday affairs and cares often are given to pupils as the counterbalance to their aspirations too to come off Earth and thereof to lose a point of support. It is necessary to reach the purpose on the ground. In it its appointment is. And the best way is balance spiritual and terrestrial.
480. (Sept. 19). When the step of spatial Service is reached, there is neither boredom, nor loneliness. Also there is no thoughtlessness moment. It isn't so difficult to accustom it to that all the time – and work and rest – flew fruitful. How many thoughts pass during the day, and it is good when these thoughts are useful to the surrounding. Even the phenomenon of personal advantage we will consider as part of advantage of the general because to make it that always in our power. For example, the feeling of force of balance or thought of Light, or pleasure about the Teacher of Light is useful not only, but also the world. Thus, personal becomes spatially useful, if it from good. To serve Hierarchy as everything and always – it is possible, and this opportunity let becomes a further condition of existence. Only to think, how much precious time is wasted on anything because in the majority people don't want to think. The aimlessness and disorganization of thinking leads to that ignorant condition, when not know they, where to put itself the time. Also loaf aimlessly then, or invent foolish games, or spend hours behind idle talk, food and a gossip. Chatter – the occupation unworthy the person. It is possible to be engaged in it, when time presses when there are so much urgent tasks before the person. Will ask with what to begin to achieve a condition of constant usefulness? Answer: from streamlining of thinking and supervision over that free time and even minute of a break between work, reading or any occupation consciously to fill with useful thought. For example, as any expectation is painful! But after all these minute it is possible to think of those who in need, and to send them kind thoughts, it is possible to think about health or others if it needs balance restoration. It is possible to decorate with thought that city or that place where it is necessary to live. It is possible to think and make out about the future in it details of life of people beauty. Sooner or later, but the conscious creative thought will find the expression in the conditions of the dense world. Thus, to serve people and therefore, Hierarchies of Light, always and in everything it is possible and achievable and it isn't as difficult as it can seem to the one who didn't think of it.
481. (M. A. Y.). It is useful to reflect on constancy of Service always. Constancy of pretending is closely connected with it before the Lord and a constant memory. The shape of the Teacher serves as the certificate in the third eye of this constancy, if the Face always with us. Knowing it, we won't miss time that to approve it. Whether there is something round us is more important and more considerable than the most necessary? And if we understand that isn't present, time we won't miss.
482. (Guru). The fly in the ointment a fine illustration serves how the best achievements darken as the smallest and unacceptable weaknesses. If, the some strongest chain not stronger than the some weakest link, what and height reached by spirit, not above, that, what in it yet gets rid. "Father Sergiy" of Tolstoy is a fine example of an eminence of spirit when the not gets rid lowest nature at the moment of weakness won, and long-term efforts were scattered by ashes. From here the consequence or a conclusion what to own itself is necessary always and that grow from small weaknesses or shortcomings big, and the chopped-off heads of a dragon grow again to absorb the winner.
483. (Sept. 20). The doctrine of Live Ethics is given by Lords of Wisdom. To understand it up to the end, it is necessary to reach a step of Lords. And until then the Doctrine can be read many times and, in process of consciousness expansion, to find in it all new and new thoughts. If the consciousness managed to extend as far as from the moment of the last reading this book of the Doctrine, something will be again found in it, as though the absolutely new. If the consciousness didn't promote and remained at a former step, the next reading will give nothing and will read is uninteresting. Therefore with a spirit growth each new reading books of the Doctrine will give all new and new stays. And on their quality it is possible to judge spirit advance. If at repetition, that is the following reading, the book is full the novelty stated above, so consciousness rose on a spiral turn on following or above. If it seems that all is already known also new anything isn't present, the consciousness for this interval didn't manage to extend enough. Besides, spiral reading books of the Doctrine when books are read one for another in a consecutive order, more fruitfull, because then the consciousness follows a rhythm of increase and deepening of a given material.
484. (Guru). Before term the statement of my name will meet ardent counteraction of darkness. No matter – from where and as this counteraction creeps, but it is, and it is necessary to reckon with it. We against a forehead to punch a wall, but, having done everything possible that in your forces and forces of those who stands up for me, it is necessary to treat quietly the facts and not too to insist on implementation of all planned intentions. Our time didn't come yet, and the consciousness of many is yet ready. Sooner or later, but the conscious creative thought will find the expression in the conditions of the dense world. Thus, to serve people and therefore, Hierarchies of Light, always and in everything it is possible and achievable and it isn't as difficult as it can seem to the one who didn't think of it. As stumbling block the consciousness of those who could help serves. But violently it is impossible to examine consciousness.
485. (Sept. 22). Any thought allowed by consciousness and thought over and experienced by it, doesn't remain without consequences. And if it so, control over thoughts is the only way to avoid undesirable consequences. After all thought over, and the main thing, the experienced thought receives the registration thanks to this process and crystallizes in the form of a certain image. This image sated with energy of beget, begins the independent existence in space, at the same time, being connected with the creator a direct threat to the communication similar to an umbilical cord, connecting mother with the child. Only this umbilical cord never interrupts. On this umbilical cord of vibration of the created thought are transferred it to the founder, and vibrations of new thoughts of the founder similar to this thought are transferred to thought former, strengthening and strengthening its form and doing steadier and certain. Each consciousness is surrounded with the whole swarm of habitual thoughts which constantly influence begets. Being in a body dense, the person not always and not too obviously feels these influences, but, being exempted from a body; it enters this invisible environment, being exposed to its intense influence, which not constrained by distracting conditions of the dense world. In the world terrestrial work, books, music, theater and many other phenomena distract the person from his thoughts and reduce force of their influence, but in World Thin it entirely plunges into an own mental environment already without opportunity to avoid all completeness of their influence. When mastering by thought and the approved contact over it these mental educations of the power over the person won't have, that is he won't be their victim. Thus that circumstance means that control helps not to generate at all the thoughts giving negative consequences. After all if the thought is generated and released in space, it is possible to neutralize it only creation of the new thought opposite to previous, but stronger potential; neither thus, from a consequence of thoughts is nor do do bad, nor good – not leave. From them there is no place to leave, because they round the center, which has generated them. Both planets rotate round the sun, and thoughts vibrate round the focus which has begun their existence. It is possible, having risen steps above, absolutely to forget about the thoughts once thought-over and accepted in consciousness, but the thought won't forget and sooner or later, but in Mira Tonkom will surely appear before the creator to settle on it all charge of that energy which was enclosed by it in it at its registration. If it happens, when it on Earth, energy of negative thought can be extinguished, having set to it the non-confirmation seal behind its full unfitness and discrepancy with the reached step, - but if it comes back to a one incarnation without the non-confirmation press, fight against it is difficult and even is almost impossible if the person didn't come to the conclusion its inadmissibility. The drunkard who hasn't overcome the defect, that is the thoughts, on Earth, will be in the power of these alcoholic thoughts and there, strong suffering from impossibility to satisfy them and even more kindled by the illusive intoxications occurring in his imagination. There creates thought of the phenomenon of Light and the darkness phenomenon, which become visible reality for creating consciousness.
486. (M. A. Y.). It is good that is so difficult both that so many obstacles and those affairs and cares endlessly. Unless sense in them? Sense is not in them. They quickly will pass and will be forgotten quickly. But Agni who has increased thanks to its application in overcoming of all these barriers, an award will be to the winner.
487. (Sept. 24). If terrestrial existence can be considered as preparation for longer Elevated stay, both all life and any human life on Earth and in the worlds it is necessary to consider as a prepare to the future. The present of the person is and can be made conscious preparation for the future, which as inevitably and inevitably, as sunrise of the future day. This future is plastic in hands of the person that is can be issued at his will and according to the general plan of evolution of the real. And it is good when the individual pattern of life of spirit joins a space stream of evolution, harmoniously with it being combined and merging conformably with outlines of the Great Plan. The scheme of development of humanity in general and a human body in particular is planned in the Doctrine given by us, and the special place is allocated for disclosure of the fiery centers of the person. Evolution gift, mental energy, it is powerful it can be shown only at the centers lit. No violent measures will help it, but the general improvement of all life of a planet can help much. Without the Doctrine not to pass, without the Doctrine not to take place in the future and therefore the approval of the Doctrine is the immediate task. Best way of the approval of the Doctrine of Life is a personal example. There will be no word convincing if aren't confirmed with a personal example that is if the Doctrine isn't put telling into practice in life. Therefore the personal appendix of precepts of Lords in private life of the one, who accepted the Doctrine, will be the best method of its distribution. The personal example is infectious. Listen be that, who the hand itself approves by Truths of Fiery Yoga. The thought which hasn't been applied in the appendix to life, won't give in the Bowl of crystal deposits of fire, and the speech deprived of this fire, that is a spirit flame, is similar to the form deprived of the contents – its consequences are insignificant. Idle talk in the field of questions of spirit especially perniciously. But even the small thought fastened by personal experience of the appendix, can’t but gives consequences. In the course of Doctrine application the magnet of spirit starts growing, attracting to itself everything, able to direct to Light. Transition from words and reading to business can be considered as a change in personal destiny of the person who has touched the Doctrine of Life.
488. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to accustom lightens to swimming in own boat. Why to rely on someone and something, when the Doctrine book in hands and when Called I am ready to reply on each sincere and ardent address of heart. Why to put themselves in dependence on foreign moods, an arrangement or discontent when in hands levers for starting strength of immutable laws are given. One of such levers is the aspiration. The aspiration is the network thrown in the sea for a catch, - the more it, the richer a catch. Catch can't but be if the network is rather great that is if the aspiration is rather dynamic. Looking for finds, and being knocked Open! In it unalterability of action of the Great Law is concluded. Therefore we Speak: direct.
489. (Guru). How strong it is necessary to preserve the spark which has inflamed in heart. After all it inflames in a flame giving Light. In it is meaning of the life on Earth of the person and essence of service to people.
490. The course of world evolution won't stop anything. Dams can constrain water only to a certain line. Finally new water inflow, overflowing, nevertheless will find to itself a way out. As this certain line the Space Terms which approach is irreversible serve.
491. (M. A. Y.). The principle of being reported vessels works at a contact to people. Return is always inevitable if one consciousness is higher than another. It is necessary to provide only that there was it expedient. Not to fill a bucket full of holes with water, as well as extinct consciousness. As well excessive power consumption isn't justified by anything, - expediency in everything and commensurability. To commensurate delivery of mental energy with a condition receiving too it is necessary. Otherwise the exhaustion, which was formed after delivery of own treasury deprives of possibility of new receipts as the magnet of spirit weakens in the attractive force and it is necessary to wait, balance won't be restored yet. Conclusion from here the: not any donation the benefit for this purpose who gives and who gave out more, than it was necessary.
492. (Sept. 26). Each blow accepted for the sake of Service to Light, is very remarkable on the consequences because instead of doing harm, it, after awareness of its value, enriches received blow with the new knowledge, new force and new inflow of mental energy. Certainly, both it is necessary to assume chagrin, and pain, and burdening nevertheless before this understanding, but transformation of the phenomena is amazing essence of the ant provisions. It would seem, it is necessary be afflicted and suffer, but heart exults a victory and directs to new overcoming and new victories.Teacher Told that everything will be turned by Him on advantage. And really Turns. Appreciation to the Lord we will imprint the understanding of his Care of us.
493. (Sept. 27). Even when the person sleeps, his usual consciousness doesn't function. Especially this phenomenon when the body dies is inevitable. Absence of consciousness at all doesn't mean death of spirit because the spirit continues to live irrespective of, works or not his consciousness. And nevertheless, the spirit in them lives in World Aboveground again to be embodied and by means of terrestrial consciousness again to save up experience and to pass life lessons. Therefore at release from a body both at the ordinary person and at the Adherent the spirit doesn't die though not interruptibility of consciousness is kept only by the Adherent. Clearly, quite that the corporal consciousness nor proceed if the body dies. Therefore, only the consciousness of higher order, that is super corporal, can keep not interruptibility. The personality dies together with a body, therefore, further a threshold of death not to take personal consciousness. Care of how to rise over consciousness personal, short and limited and to be approved in the consciousness which isn't stopping with dying of a body. For this purpose in an inner world we will separate elements enduring from everything that accompanies us and is given only on this embodiment. Let's tell courage or fear, aspiration, or passivity, devotion or incorrectness can be carried by with themselves from last embodiments and, them having strengthened or having weakened, to take further in the future, in a new embodiment on Earth. Means, qualities of spirit an essence elements enduring, or, say, communication with the Teacher of Light which, without interrupting, proceeds from life in life. Thus, in an inner world it is possible to select that passes together with the person from one body to another and that doesn't die at the same time with a body. The love or hatred, friends and enemies don't disappear with death of a dense cover, - all these elements of the enduring. In a word, character of the person is that it transfers with itself from the past and with what goes to the future. It is possible attentively and to note carefully in itself these never-dying properties of identity to define in itself and to separate in itself temporary from the timeless. This difference of two ant provisions becomes especially obvious if to imagine as the fearless hero suddenly enters into a mortal corporal cover, say, the pity coward and a pettiness, strong the spirit, not knowing defeats. As at once all actions and acts of the person who just was the complete nonentity sharply change. Such comparisons and reflections on similar subjects it is possible to establish in itself that lives in the person irrespective of that cover which invests him but which strong depends on essence of the inhabitant of this cover. The partition in consciousness of the conductors rather understanding of essence of everyone can advance the person to awareness of the enduring Identity much. To the same careful analysis are subject both an astral cover and menthol. It is possible to imagine it the lord or the full owner of the astral, or the person possessing brilliant mental abilities. All this shows that though their owner, spirit, remains to the same, its covers can change and be improved endlessly and that these achievements remain the integral acquisition of his Identity which doesn't die, at least it and didn't reach a step of uninterrupted consciousness that is the actual immortality. Actually Identity is immortal, but awareness of this immortality still isn't present thanks to interruptibility of a thread of consciousness.
494. (M. A. Y.). Inflexible of trust and belief we will everyday strengthen because too occurs everywhere that can cut them at the roots much. Evidence strong rises against reality and furiously extinguishes spirit fires. Should be told simply time forever, it is firm and indestructible: "Despite everything, contrary to evidence ardent, I will be up to the end faithful to the Lord". The thoughts sent by darkness, are refined very much, and only very strong, and the main thing prepared for it and the warned consciousness can adequately meet them and to fight against them. After all they can't almost be distinguished from own and only patrol heart gives a sure sign. Vigilance is valuable quality of spirit.
495. (Guru). The statement in itself these or those merits of spirit also is the statement of immortality because these qualities with a body don't die, but treat the category of immortal accumulation of Identity. The highest Triad lives and succeeds these qualities which are giving the chance to it of conscious manifestation on the Highest Plans of Life. Accumulation allows to be shown to consciousness in these or those spheres, depending on the nature and properties of accumulation. Who that brought, that will and lives. The Maya of the Elevated World allows living terrestrial remnants, heavy forcing to pay for discrepancy of understanding of two worlds thus. Maya terrestrial and Maya Elevated have to be studied, understood and destroyed that more not to be under a delusion with them any more – such is Arhat’s way.
496. (Sept. 29). (Guru). Let's call Devachan by a place of maturing and crystallization of all high aspirations of human spirit. That is impracticable on Earth, is carried out there if on Earth aspiration seeds were put. Crystals of created fires gather in the Bowl as result passed and previous lives. Thus, any self-slightest aspiration to Light doesn't pass completely. Everything brings a rich crop. Everyone who during life terrestrial put on a field hidden Light seeds can be glad. Because there are such conditions in World Aboveground where each good aspiration put on Earth will bear fruit.
497. (Guru). We will be surprised that special devourers of mental energy are those whom especially love and especially will read. Being in the power of such honoring or respect, they consider themselves to have the right to burden and unconsciously demand to itself special attention. Lawless plunder of others energy is inadmissible. Reasonable donation and vampire is the phenomena of a different order. Wisely to distribute – doesn't mean to allow devastate the treasury.
498. (Oct. 1). For protection against enemies there are at you arrows, a spear, swords, a board and armor, but from friends or followers – aren't present anything. Ramakrishna, loving and esteeming, admirers tore to pieces him, mentally tore to pieces, having brought to a mortal illness. Set we Know examples when from those who, appear, would have to be more careful, it was worked great mischief. It should be remembered. Loving and esteeming, torment, - the principle invisible seen is entered into application not without reason. All tore to pieces and torture everything that brought the Light to people. Treachery will be extreme degree of this "appreciation" from receiving. Light carrier, both big, and small, inevitably meets this echidna. It is necessary to look at all most ardent assurances of devotion and love and the kind relation very carefully, knowing about an opposite pole of all these qualities and that the astral, violent, not subordinated to will and unbalanced, usually fluctuates between a polar of the feelings. Internal balance is the best protection and against enemies, and against friends. It is better not to touch devourers of mental energy at all.
499. (M. A. Y.). It isn't so simple to distribute wisely as it seems. Let's study wisdom of spiritual return.
500. (Guru). From an equilibration in consciousness of ant provisions not leave anywhere. On the one hand is a spiritual donation and the help to people, with another is restraint and reticence and a circumspect expenditure of fiery energy. To find between them the moment of an equilibration will be the decision correct. But without ant provisions it is impossible because on a polar of the phenomena the world and all life, which in it are under construction. Everyone has to find an equally effective line of conduct. For this purpose also life experience is given.
501. (Oct. 2). Today we will note an extraordinary press of spatial currents. The space is restless. Elements are restless. People the actions even more worsen situation. The few strong spirits are compelled to assume an attack of elements while with this hard work to them would have to help all. But it isn't enough rarefaction. After all the spatial chaos should be met the fires and to disseminate being condensed darkness own light. Where they, able the radiations of the aura to meet waves of the raged elements? Units are responsible the world for million not brightened up consciousnesses’s bearing the Light. Collective responsibility of mankind for Earth and condition of space won't be realized yet, transformation of Earth is impossible, - everyone not only the respondent for the brother earthling, but also for all planets. Loss of planetary responsibility brought the general condition of Earth into such heavy situation. Think to succeed technically, having rejected aside spiritual improvement of mankind. But results don't give the grounds for pleasure: the animal grin of the old world interferes extensively lives, in all consciousnesses which haven't been approved in understanding of inevitability of a victory of the New World over the old. Therefore from time to time to so heavy burning heart, which shares with Me burden of a burden of this world.
502. (M. A. Y.) . Under press and pressure from the outside internal fires inflame especially brightly. Even the kerosene stove usual can serve as an example of how the flame under pressure starts hooting and becomes pure, being exempted from soot and the reek of alcohol. This principle is universal. And not to complain, but the one who realized it will rejoice. For this reason life of Spirits Great never proceeded usually. Force of fires and brightness of Light which was born by Them to the world, was forced by terrible counteraction of all antagonistic energy and conscious fight from darkness, but and Light, them brought, inflaming everything is brighter and brighter, shone long centuries after their leaving. These way names of Great Carriers of Light strongly were stamped on the memory mankind throughout the millennia. And those who follows in life a track of their Precepts, should remember and know that press and burdening’s of spirit serve that as force, which go out fires of the centers.
503. (Guru). When someone from you for Light wants to carry out something, it can work with our force, the help from us receiving. We can help, but it is necessary that action was conformable to for the sake of what worked and we worked. This accord means association of forces in their aspiration to the same purpose. The purpose one – to bear education to people in shape, available and possible at present, or in the current time, or during this era, somehow and something can be made always and consequently, it is possible to receive our help always.
504. (Oct. 4). (M. A. Y.). Lords in bloody sweat work keeping balance of a planet. It is necessary to understand how each worker and everyone is necessary, wanting to help Lords with business of execution of Light. It is possible to serve and owes the Lord to all, everywhere and always if the consciousness allows. Great Service doesn't interrupt neither in the afternoon nor at night, neither life nor death. It is called as Great Making.
505. (Guru). It is difficult to imagine and agree that torments of spirit, languor of spirit, burdening of spirit and encumbrance by its circumstances inexpressibly strengthen force of its opposition to darkness that is the fastest way of a prosperity and progress.
506. (Oct. 5). If in the beginning it is necessary to put many efforts in the statement of this or that quality of spirit, after a while the approved quality already itself, without couriers of efforts, bears the person to the planned purpose. The aspiration grows into human nature and becomes expression of its essence. Then in a dream or wakefulness, in this world and in that and anywhere mighty wings of aspiration continue to bear the spirit which has approved it in focus of its aspirations. Then among whirlwinds of astral and astral currents, among sets and crowds of one incarnation people, among unstable changes of the Thin World the binding thread of aspiration will lead directly to Me. The aspiration is a direct thread of communication with Me. The aspiration strengthened and supported by a rhythm, gains quality of not interruptibility and ennobles consciousness over changeability of the vital phenomena occurring in the various worlds. Who to Me will come, that with Me and will arrive. But after all it is necessary to pass before through everything that disturbs and as an obstacle serves on this difficult way. Experience of life shows that the number of the circumstances the interfering a shave is incalculable, and each of them needs be overcome. In the spirit of, invisibly also it is invisible, it is necessary to overcome at first in itself each external counteraction before it will be overcome somewhere or in something outside.
507. (Guru). How it is possible to strengthen the force? Only in application in life! The knowledge is given for application. Not applied, it is useless because will burden only.
508. Time will come, and mournful date will be celebrated on October 5th on all planets. Time of arrival and leaving Sent ours has very great value for Earth. The mankind as a whole is reached by sense of great events not soon. And only in centuries activity of Great Spirits receives a due assessment. Grains of the fiery crops made by them, give not at once the shoots, but and anything can't prevent their germination, because a crops field – space, and reapers – the consciousness’s which have grown to understanding of possibility of assimilation of spatial thoughts. Much of space is acquired by mankind and now, but lack of keenness of heart nevertheless disturbs. The era of Heart will open new opportunities and will create the necessary degree of refinement of perceptions. Steps of consciousness are caused by terms. Great Crops will give the shoots.
509. In the ancient time Spirits Great ranked as the category Immortal. Them and called Immortal. Already you know that in our understanding the person keeping a continuity of consciousness at change of the covers and, first of all, at release from a physical body which people call death are called immortal. In Mother Agni Yogi you have an example of the going Container which has reached conditions of uninterrupted consciousness, allowing to carry it to an assembly Immortal. On Earth, in a cover terrestrial, adjoining to people, It bore a feat of Great Service, approving in the organism fires difficult transferred and assimilated by a flesh. Execution feat in the world of the Highest Fires still not understood absolutely. People don't imagine as discrepancy of dense conditions with a subtlety shown siddhi is great. The Spirit of the highest step of dedication can give itself on test to Spatial Fire only. Many dream of achievements, at all without considering that without sufferings and pains there is no awakening of the centers. It is a lot of still misunderstanding of the phenomena of fire and the Doctrine of Fiery Yoga. Mater Agni Yogi gave to the world a phenomenon example in a body terrestrial in the conditions close to usual, fires of the centers of opened, allowing carrying out in the consciousness the actual association of the visible and Invisible World.
510. (M. A. Y.). Each parcel of heart turned to Us, causes also our answer. We can't but feel when burning heart sends Us two energy. Each such parcel predetermines following and strengthens an interconnection. And that consciously communicates and becomes stronger on Earth, will be connected and in Mira Nadzemnom. Let's rejoice to that we have opportunity now to blaze in space spheres those footpaths which it is immutable will bring to Us that with Us together to continue a way to Boundlessness of the shown world.

511. (Guru). Let's celebrate day last even more profound understanding of the phenomenon of Mother of Fiery Yoga. When the consciousness directs on this or that phenomenon for the purpose of it to comprehend, the phenomenon it starts opening as though the essence from all directions and grow in the volume. Constancy of aspiration causes constancy of growth. Means if something you want to comprehend up to the end, it is necessary not to interrupt aspirations only. The understanding of Mother Agni Yogi will grow and go deep in process of growth of own consciousness and ability to contain that can't hold at present yet.
512. (M. A. Y.). Whether paid due consideration that from ten called and a full measure received only the very few remain true up to the end. The majority is unsteady, doubts, suspects and betray in process of forces. Don't think that it occurs only now – so was always. And the spirit, Light to the world bringing, has to know not greatly that if considers nine of ten departed, – won't be mistaken. If you notice in whom existence of contradictions, be then on the alert because contradictions are a sign of dark influences.
513. (Guru). The ingratitude human, apparently, is a usual payment for spirit donations. Let this reason will prompt when it is necessary to hold rushes of giving heart. The condition of temporary containment let won't serve as a donation criterion. This size is very changeable, and it is impossible to judge on it. Not to fill a sieve full of holes and doubting not to satisfy because the echidna of doubt lives in heart.
514. (Oct. 8). Days memorable we will consider as days of association when it amplifies number of participants. The space then is sated with the vibrations of Light going on threads of aspiration of those who remembers people or events, term of the judgment. We and our people judgment term, that is our activity depends on terms and amplifies or changes according to space conditions. It is necessary to understand and not to wait in the summer of snow, and in the winter of heat. Ignorant expect the phenomena out of term and, without seeing them, lose force of fires of aspiration. But, even knowing terms, it is necessary to stock up with patience because close Space Terms on terrestrial measurement can seem the far. We in our work are guided by Space Terms, and the element of time loses over Us the usual power. We live as though out of time or over time which passes like a fast stream whereas We are on the bank of Eternity by which the life stream flows. The identity of the person is shipped in a stream, and it’s the highest "I" – out of a stream. Leaving a stream, the personality as that ceases to exist, but in a stream and experience gained it passes on memory of life to the highest "I" which sends from itself everything new and new persons to the Wheel of Time or a life stream. Only experience and knowledge brings together the personality in itself for transfer them to the Immortal Triad, quitting the stage itself and physically in the dense world breaking up to components. To the same principle of a separation follow both astral and mental bodies, leaving nothing from itself, except knowledge and the experience acquired on plans extra dense. Correctly the one who considers thinks that has no anything and doesn't see things which owns. The property in space understanding is absolutely ridiculous, and to it is possible to call attachment spirit chains. Instead of gaining new experience and knowledge in spaces of the Elevated World, the spirit which hasn't got rid of feelings of property, continues to roll in an environment of things by which it is imagined owns and which his creative imagination much and really created round it from a plastic substance of astral substance. Things can be owned, but without feeling of property. Then the consciousness doesn't connect itself with them, from each of them a hidden thread of communication which holds these things about their owner if feeling of property yet gets rid. We in concept of freedom put something perfect another, than it is done by people. We believe that freedom can be only in the spirit of. Neither money, nor the power, health doesn’t give freedom to spirit. Why then the millionaire commits suicide, the governor trembles for the power, and healthy pines for a time, without knowing that to do with it. We Say that in the spirit of freedom. The knowledge approved by experience of life can give freedom to spirit only. After all it is Spirit Lit up told: "Learn Truth and the Truth will make you free".
515. (Guru). I want to remind of balance. Balance is, first of all, force, reserved, mighty, concentrated. Of the phenomenon of concentration think a little. Concentration means concentration of all energy of a microcosm for the appendix just as the commander collects a striking force of powerful action in a fist. Concentration of energy is possible with balance because balance and is tightening to the center of all energy released in the different directions. Balance means also invulnerability. Who will want to endanger itself (himself) the force collected in focus? Balance – the best protection against chaos of spatial currents or dissoluteness of astral emotions not able to own it people. When the moment that it is necessary to arm with balance comes, it is necessary to put all attention to the requirement of the moment and internally to be going to meet in balance full an impact of opposite conditions, without falling under their influence. Out of balance can bring both friends, and enemies, friends even it is rather as against friends usual vigilance and vigilance leave and the protective network isn't strong. But balance has to phenomenon at all contacts with somebody, irrespective of, friends it or enemies.
516. (Oct. 12). So, the exhibition nevertheless took place. Already you understand that each cloth is crystals of the condensed Light collected in certain combinations in the form of pictures. Everyone looking at it enters contact with energy of fires, in its prisoners. From here that impact on visitors which subjects of creativity of hands human, created with the participation of spirit fires have results also. The person cannot give himself the report that occurs, and nevertheless influence from it doesn't decrease. The conscientious attitude to the phenomena of such order even more strengthens effect. Thus, value of an art exhibition of the Guru makes very big and deep sense, leaving an indelible print on consciousness. Many though don't understand that occurs, but nevertheless feel something inexplicable, not giving in to expression by words. If from the Thin World it would be possible to look, would see how the cloud of Light costs, surrounding meeting of cloths, and a reflected light it lights up surrounding space. Works of true art really are a light source, not growing dim in time.
517. (Oct. 13). The space sounds tension of new energy; they enter into consciousness of masses, causing consciousness shifts. And the choice of ways to darkness or to Light becomes inevitable for each inhabitant of Earth. The person can know nothing, to read nothing about approach of the New Era of Fire, but heart it will know and will make a choice. Chosen a way of darkness and become on the party of the leaving world from a planet will leave. So Space great selection on a planet will be solved. The future of mankind is traced in stars, and commands of Space Will is immutable are carried out.
518. What is the thought? The thought is the reason which is inevitably causing a consequence. The insignificant thought will cause an insignificant consequence. Weak, effect less thoughts, mental slime will generate the same freaks. The compliance law inevitably works as well here. The thought engenders the worlds; the thought engenders great and small, beauty and a disgrace, a feat and a crime. It is possible to think of how responsibility of the person for thoughts generated by it because it, their creator, puts Light or darkness or a slippery shapeless dullness in each of them is great. The creator of thoughts doesn't know, what power owns, doesn't know that owns fire and that force it can become for it either blessing, or damnation.
519. I turn on advantage each most low-slightest counteraction or an environment opposite. Its resistance is very strong and as it is necessary to increase spirit that to overcome it! But the one, who with Me goes, goes from a victory to a victory, knowing that it is a winner always.
520. (Guru). Let's think that approaches us every instant to the future that flight of time can't detain anything. But after all judgment time everything is concluded in the future. In this inalterability of approach of judgment terms pledge and guarantee of the New Era of Fire. And it is good if the consciousness meets it prepared. Even the book can't be read, without having prepared, that is without having learned the diploma. As we will read fiery Signs of the New Era, if not prepare consciousness? Signs will pass by, without being identified; the Doctrine to term is given. But how to be with those who didn't concern? They can give, sating space with formulas of the Doctrine of Life. Now the thought doesn't remain about the person. New beams cause thought distribution. Cementing thoughts space, to people opportunity we allow to concern the Doctrine of Life and to join it. Saturation by thought of space is duty of those, who concerned the Life Doctrine.
521. (M. A. Y.). The Recreancy is inadmissible. There is no return back. The growing force of mental energy can move only forward, only above. This in itself energy is angry kind. That person does it. And if, increasing in Light in force of energy of this, the person suddenly will address in darkness, the same force which on wings of Light bore it up, will incur it down on gloom wings with the same speed. And those monsters of a gloom which, like crows waiting for production, a witness mark sat around, will snatch on the victim, carrying away it an allure suddenly recovered, almost already gets rid karmic statements which suddenly will get force of special appeal and a desire. Against what the person fought still, overcoming an inclination of last stratifications becomes suddenly invincibly attracting. The one Who Told "let doesn't doze a spear over a dragon", Knew force of the monster, which head, being chopped off, again grew. While a sword and a spear on call, the hand holding them also is firm, and the soldier is ready to fight, danger isn't present. But even short fluctuations as though endow a monster with new energy. The lifting is higher, the falling is more terrible. From height the chasm is visible. It is necessary to know not to be frightened. It is necessary to know not to recede. It is necessary to know that the step was firm and steady. To reach, it is necessary to know that there is no return back.
522. (Guru). The iron, unshakable determination to go, and only forward, without receding in anything on a step, is born from sharp understanding that weighs only two: or a way to Light, or in darkness. We it is close and a hand we are ready to offer a minute of the valid need. When you feel, that on a limit, that forces already run low, address to the Lord, - He Sees and He not Delay. The growing force inside and Light too growing will help to see and gloom monsters. And the more Light inflames, the more allows see those who resourcefully hides in a gloom behind backs of people around, having covered with which they seek to come nearer the unnoticed. In whom there is no Light, that will see nothing and nothing will feel; only Light can help to reveal dark faces. The step of identification of the faces, reached by spirit, is hard, but being covered won't come nearer any more, being not exposed. Want or don't want, but are compelled to reveal the true shape.
523. (Oct. 16). Whether it is possible to pay attention that detains in a way. After all if to concentrate on stirring circumstances, on the main thing of time any more doesn't remain. It is necessary as in the train, looking through a window to move further. Counter pictures and things to stop movement of the train can't, the consciousness on a stream flowing by it because it is directed further in the same way isn't late. But all this demands attention, and a lot of experience is necessary to establish balance between affairs of day and spirit movement. From life it is impossible to leave and it is impossible to plunge into it. Wisdom speaks about a median way when it isn't missed neither heavenly, nor terrestrial. Doing everything that forces life, with thought of the Teacher of Light and devoting to It, it is possible to avoid immersion in passing with the head. Then it is possible to think that each action terrestrial senselessly in itself makes sense only on condition of understanding for the sake of what terrestrial life is given to the person. Then will have every instant the special value advancing in the future and approaching Boundlessness. We drink and eat not just for the hell of it but to support a body necessary for receiving through its means of experience in a dense body. And as also the rest that conditions terrestrial compel to make or do all. If to believe sense in them, senseless there is a life because it is doomed to anything by a small circle of the manifestation. It is just necessary to carry out longer line of each action to the future out of limits of short terrestrial existence to find a justification of life and to comprehend it.
524. (M. A. Y.). . Whether it is possible to imagine that the aura of the Lord ceased to radiate Light? No, it is impossible. Seeking to imitate in everything to Great Heart, we will be also we to try to bring radiations of the aura into a condition of a constant lightfull. Saddens usually an astral the emotions, - it we will hold on a bridle. Whether you thought that the madness is uncontrolled prevalence of the unbridled astral conductor over the highest principles in the person. Here that the astral which was given the power over can make with the person. Its fury indulged in the beginning, overflows management of consciousness, and then the disbalance can reach extreme limits. Only in full unconditional submission to will can phenomenon an astral, it is necessary to know the nature of this cover severely and rigidly to subordinate her. It on words doesn't give in, on belief too, having obeyed in one, breaks in willfulness in something another and, having as though reconciled, unexpectedly breaks through dams. If doesn't dare to do it in reality, makes in a dream that yet gets rid and only is suppressed by will. But peep thought deprived, it nevertheless is compelled to reconcile and enter into submission. Thought it is possible to bridle it.
525. (Oct. 17). Being embodied in a new body, the person usually doesn't remember that was with it earlier because memory of ordinary people is limited to a brain. But nevertheless in features, abilities and character of the person memory of the past comes to light. We call it memory of spirit. Here the enemy old met, and immediately heart reacts unmistakably to hostility. Here the friend old met, and it rejoices to a meeting. As and in features of mentality, in sympathies, antipathies and tastes memory of spirit comes to light. Whether the former great commander or the artist or the musician comes to a new body, memory of spirit Scand reveals himself in this or that form, depending on a combination. The person is heritage of the past, which phenomenon in memory of spirit because the new body and new covers of memory of the past can't have.
526. (Guru). Each new day approaches us to the judgment future. When it will be embodied in due forms, it is impossible to tell because terms can't be notified. Too there are a lot of the enemies who spitefully want that it wasn't carried out. Only heart at times can whisper that terms came nearer. Let's unexpectedly wait for them, in readiness full, without tying consciousness neither to places, nor to things, to the surrounding. The condition of full readiness assumes that the consciousness grew into this future and is inseparable from it. Everyone defines the place in it. Measure of aspiration and devotion develop steps in the future into which with honor welcome and invited guests will enter, it is possible to think of how the need in those who knows bases will be great. Not recognized and rejected nowadays it will be recognized, and recognition it strong will influence destiny of the recognized. Consider, something that you accumulate now, it will be very necessary after execution of terms. So, there aren't enough knowledge carriers. The help to them great because accumulate it not for itself, but for the world. Proximity of the future we will be glad. New time goes.
527. (Oct. 18). (M. A. Y.). The one, who wants to come nearer to Us, has to leave everything. Usually "all" mean things by it terrestrial or terrestrial conditions which it is necessary to leave, - it, of course, true, but only partly. The body of it "all" consists in that invisible, but to heavy load which pulls along not released consciousness, encumbering itself with that isn't necessary. How much time would be released if to dump this load! As the course would become fast, - but puts is standing stronger than determination of spirit. It is a pity to leave century heaps very much. But the choice nevertheless has to be made. Litter at a threshold and Proximity to the Lord are incompatible. Something to reach impossibility it is caused by litter. Cleaning is necessary to consciousness.
528. (Guru). In concept of self-rejection we will include also rejection from everything that is absolutely not necessary for the person on his way to Light. Rejection from the evil that is from the lowest nature is included into a task of the pupil. The pupil very much wishes to promote further and to become as it is possible closer to the Teacher. But something disturbs inside. What? It is necessary to think strong over it and, having found, severely to withdraw. Without self-rejection it is impossible to move. Long ago It is told: be rejected from it and follow Me. The self-rejection condition, that is rejection of the egoism, is immutable, and to that remains in centuries. It is possible to follow the Teacher, only having rejected itself.
529. (Oct. 19). Even the small knowledge of the Thin World is useful, - without knowledge of the dense world not to live in it. The same is applicable and to the Thin World. There are all feelings: sight, hearing, sense of smell, touch and taste – plus still feeling the sixth. Let's call it a chuvstvoznaniye. As on Earth, and there the person simply knows or feels the phenomena by means of this feeling. There it is more aggravated because the dense body doesn't disturb. Many still speak, but communication by thought is freely available. Zero gravity phenomenon – relatively. Someone freely flies, and it is difficult to someone to rearrange even feet. In dreams this feeling is sometimes very real. The person wants to move, instead of can – standing as if weights. Ease of movement depends on Agni's presence. The person there stays where his thought, that is he moves together with thought. The thought instantly creates a magnetic attraction to object or an image created by thought. Mental creativity there is especially developed. All create. Many on a habit to terrestrial actions create hands and imagined tools or by means of imagined cars, but many are exempted from terrestrial remnants and pass to creativity by thought. If the creator thought imagines himself dressed in a knightly armor, or a white tunic, or in a dress coat, it will immediately clothe in these dress codes. If imagines itself a flower, a tree or a bird – will accept a form immediately imagined mentally. If presents itself living in the palace or a hovel, will live where myself I imagined. The thought obligingly creates the corresponding external form of imagined object. Thus, nothing disturbs spirit creativity. But imagine the drunkard, the player and the visitor of brothels and those images which they will create and with which will be surrounded. Everything gets there clearly visible forms and if the aspiration is dirty and low, and compliance is obtained the same nature, - from here need of division on layers. Low, heavy thoughts, attracting heavy particles of a spontaneous matter, gravitate to the terrestrial lower class. Light images direct up to higher layers. Certainly, the Thin World can be studied as the terrestrial world is studied. Only there it isn't necessary to overcome those difficulties of a terrestrial order as it is necessary on Earth. For inquisitive thought of the researcher there are no restrictions of the dense world. Spirits, conformable thoughts and aspirations, stay in relatives each other layers. The clear, not darkened consciousness Adherents own. Those who stays in Devachan, are shipped in personal experiences and in conscious activity of the Elevated World don't participate. It is a little conscious worker. And there is a lot of work and a lot of needing the help. On the guard and legality there is a Hierarchy of Light, protecting and preserving one incarnation against attendants of darkness. The Hierarchy order there is unconditional. Guards of Hierarchy are allocated with the power before, which one incarnation spirits are powerless. Distribution on layers the accord Law operates. As though highly the crude spirit, not that, what in his cleared in it wanted, to fly up, will keep it in the layers corresponding to existence of the crude matter of its covers. The elevated condition is extremely fair. Everyone has that and is surrounded with that deserved and that created own hands, actions, thoughts and aspirations.
530. (Guru). Conscious employees are very necessary to us. But it is necessary that they knew and experience had. The more than experience and knowledge, the they it is more necessary Us. It is possible to prepare itself for conscious cooperation with Us. For the sake of it is possible to work and accumulate knowledge. The desert of knowledge it was mentioned not without reason and it is a lot of hungry. Consciousness that work on and with it goes not for itself, but for the future and cooperation with Us, has to inspire.
531. (Oct. 20). The irritation of elements is caused by the spatial poison generated by thinking of mankind. Then we Speak: in space it is unsuccessful. Certainly, the nervous system sharply reacts to a condition of violation of balance of elements. The consciousness human is very connected with elements because the thought generates spontaneous images of different potentials of tension in substance of elements. And this tension caused by mankind, in turn affects him. The phenomenon of the return blows consists in it. The return blows we call reaction of elements to actions human. Not penalty of heavens, but action and counteraction Law. Spontaneous shapes bulk up under the influence of thoughts, and this energy spatially becomes very active. In case of extreme violation of balance of elements the return blow can burst in accident or cataclysm. Hurricanes, floods, droughts and other disasters are the return blows of elements on actions human. The evil on a planet can't prosper, without causing consequences. It also will be reaction of elements to activity of powerful energy of a human microcosm. Though the power is given to the person over any flesh that is over a matter but this power isn't realized and is denied, but this denial doesn't change business, doesn't exempt the person from opportunity to influence a condition of spontaneous balance of a planet.
532. (M. A. Y.). To each readable book we will apply a measure of the consciousness not to limit itself to limitation of the author if his consciousness is insufficiently expanded. The book about Joan of Arc is written kindly, but to understand the Orleans Maiden, it is necessary to be on her steps of fiery perceptions, then its feat becomes clear. The consciousness we won't limit to foreign understanding. It is better to think independently, taking real facts.
533. (Guru). Are fragile glory terrestrial and recognition of people? Only recognition by the Lord is stronger than the rock. From here also we will proceed in the events analysis. Lords the Hand has to be seen in many details of life planetary. Otherwise it is hardly to understand currents of events.
534. (Oct. 22). The best condition of an organism is a harmony, or balance. Many external circumstances seek to break it. Balance, of course, not in circumstances, but in the attitude towards them. When something concerns ourselves, nevertheless it is easier to fight than in case it is necessary to look how close people suffer, and forces yet don't suffice to render the valid help. For itself it is much easier to suffer, than for others. Rowers Agni should accumulate to be able strong to help both distant and close. When accumulation goes not for itself, accepts then process spatial value. In care and works of others the big force and great opportunities are covered. Will ask – what requires improvement? Answer: to lift together with itself not only all mankind, but also Earth. The person, being powerful laboratory of thin energy, influences all surrounding irrespective of, he knows about it or not. But when he knows, influence amplifies repeatedly. Thus, conscious accumulation of Fire for the sake of advantage bringing to everything that surrounds the person becomes a feat of Service to General Welfare. How it was difficult and how it was great the environment resistance, benefit to the world it is possible to bring always if balance wasn't broken. If spatial the disbalance worked nevertheless, it is necessary to restore the balance, despite everything. Only with balance it is possible to render the close help. Experiences are senseless because deprive of force so necessary at present. The person has to be strong always and not give in at all on carefully prepared and thought-over tricks of darkness. For a clouding and violation of your balance they try to influence what hands they throw harm. Being saddened and losing balance, you act for the sake of their evil-silts. Why to them to assist in Light go out when, having united with Me, it is possible to strengthen endlessly power of an opposite. Let each dark attempt by an occasion serve to strengthen association in the spirit of with Me. And when waves of dark influences approach, not with them it is necessary to struggle, not with unconscious or conscious servants of darkness, but, strong to Me having directed, try to strain luminous intensity in itself according to power of darkness stepping on you. I will protect, but at ardent aspiration to Me. So: in ardent dark attempts or persistence Me contact, trying to keep balance in every way. Balance is great force.
535. (M. A. Y.) . Whether in that the reason of feeling of the powerlessness at fight against persistent and persistent counteractions dark that fight against them began after they managed to sadden and break harmony of spirit. It also it isn't necessary to allow by no means. When you feel impact increase, strengthen intensity of merge to Hierarchy. The impact is stronger, the merge is more intense. What sense dark to direct you to even bigger merge to the Teacher and Powers of Light; having understood that Adverse tactics works against them, they leave the attempts? In its pledge and success guarantee is! Let each action dark only approach to the Lord. They, having convinced of the return result of the diligence, will recede again to find any opening and new approach for new wrecking’s. But while each attempt you will answer with ardent intense aspiration to the Lord and, keeping balance, it you will deepen, is will be a powerful board from rage of militant darkness. Only for a minute don't forget this method of counteraction to darkness. They will try to distract attention to something outside, on foreign if only to break communication with Hierarchy or to cause against Us a complaint, complaint and even condemnation, that is to separate. In these artful designs their force and their success. But already you know how it is necessary to fight, – eyes are open and the knowledge is given. As soon as will see that the actions they strengthen Light in you and promote still to a bigger unification with Hierarchy of Light, they will recede and leave. It will be a victory over darkness.
536. (Oct. 24). Every instant, taken away to thoughts of the Highest, Us approaches and enters into an orbit of our actions. But very much disturbs, connected with a tide of life usual, and unusual rolls in it, without leaving a noticeable trace on consciousness. It is necessary to moderate vanity sounding because everything, what not from Us and isn't connected with Us, everything that from itself and a commonness is everything the vanity, whatever considerable the terrestrial affairs seemed. When the spirit, to Us directed, leaves a body, terrestrial affairs depart so far, what even there is no desire to look that once captured entirely consciousness. Then are better visible true relationship of things in their general scheme and that small place which occupies a personal world of the person in boundless space. And then everything that went out of the personal world becomes the sphere of manifestation of super personal activity of spirit. The fairy tale terrestrial comes to an end, and the reality of the Elevated World reveals before the person who to it was directed on Earth. Wings of aspiration will incur spirit up to that height of which the thought because thought in World Invisible – the fiery engine of life reached it. Yes! Yes! That thought which people live on Earth, and culture which is given so not enough attention. Each thought is similar to a magnet, uniting consciousness of the person with those spheres, which thought by the nature. If you see before yourself a poor pettiness, know that thoughts of such person are poor and insignificant. The size of spirit is measured by his thoughts. Thoughts the person measures the share on Earth and in the worlds. On Earth it isn't as obvious as in the worlds because where the thought reigns, the tsar of thought and the slave to the thoughts, both live and show energy of spirit by means of thought. Thoughts are right our fellow traveller, who will accompany us up to the end. To mastering by thought we will devote the time and forces because the one who will seize the thought, that in World Aboveground is free.
537. (M. A.Y.). There is it filled to edges with impressions of the present days, forgetting that the most important in life not they, and proximity of a unification with Us. It is impossible to allow that behind low shrubs of a set of impressions of the wood it wasn't visible. All this matters also sense so far as pulls together with Us and allows to hold strong hidden, but a wonderful thread of life. We see and we know everything, as for those who are close to us, but let them that also know character of everyone not secret for Us. We see also that separates from Us and distances. Shortcomings don't please Us. We understand how karmic communications can burden, but nevertheless indulge what shouldn't be, we can't. There is no our blessing to those weaknesses of spirit which are subject to eradication. We can't violently exempt from them, but we can help to be released when own free will direct in this direction. Ask: why the proximity often isn't present and everything seems far? Let's answer: if the not gets rid didn't disturb, would be closer.
538. (Guru). Know and remember that the main thing is not that you surrounds that you pleases or burdens inflow and outflow waves of the uneasy everyday sea. The main thing is the world of spirit, the world of the highest best aspirations and feelings, the world of your thoughts fine, your consciousness entering into the sphere of thin reality of the Hidden World. As it would be desirable to claim you in understanding of that every minute devoted to it Mira Beauty, the best is a contribution to your future which you can decorate with flowers fiery achievements. On this way We always, and We are close when your spirit, Earth having come off, directs to Us.
539. Usually don't think of the Feminine role in the course of spirit evolution, but it is great. How many great creations of the human genius were inspired by the woman? As fiery starts creating thought at contact Highest Energy of two opposite principles! The highest aspect of the Feminine is expressed in the Image of Mother of the World. Creativity of Lords goes its neskazuyemy power. By mother of Fiery Yoga were inspired, inspired and those who looks for fiery ways of spirit and who found them will be inspired. Intimate creativity of spirit is based on association of these beginnings. The one, who wants to create and understand essence of art, has to understand before, force with what the person creates.
540. (Oct. 26). Certainly, the deepest and intimate is made in silence and silence. No external contacts with the closest spirits will give those saturation perceptions which the silence and loneliness give. All great is made in silence. Even external communication goes deep the moments of the concentrated silence. Therefore learning the periods of silence loves more, than the periods of external contacts. Certainly, on Communication with the Teacher or Entrusted his condition doesn't extend, but even at external contact with the Teacher the most intimate is made in silence. As for chaotic external relations even with very congenial people, all of them demand ardent return if the spirit giving saved up internal force enough. As to the desert the Christ often left to be gathered new forces alone. Knowing not very much to relations external, providing this phenomenon of inevitability, - only when contact with others become a victim, – the spirit is ready to Service to Light. While the egoism finds pleasure in this process and satisfies itself with words or seeks to teach – the spirit is far from Service. It is possible to spend in vain the forces if the external form of communication replaces the internal. Let's show understanding of psych equipment of the events at this process.
541. (M. A. Y.). And still life remains the best school. Every day it is possible to pass in it new lessons and to receive new tasks. You look how it carefully gives the chance of new accumulation. Let's continue to collect experience invaluable and to rejoice that all: both the pleasure, and a grief, both pleasant, and unpleasant – brings the results which are saving up knowledge. Thus it is necessary to pay attention that the heaviest and bitter phenomena bring the most fruitful consequences.
542. (Guru). Only don't wait for gratitude for your acts, because an obligation – quality rare among people. Only it is with rare exception observed in the suitable. Giving, don't think of appreciation from the received, - simply give, expecting nothing in exchange.
543. (Oct. 28). Us afflicted, afflict also you; to us phenomenon the ingratitude, doesn't pass it and you; to us showed misunderstanding, won't understand also you. In a word, and to you it is necessary to drink the Bowl of poison terrestrial. Also it isn't known who will bring more chagrin, friends or enemies. Friends know something, and the given pain reaching direct counteraction and not goodwill is more received from you, the more sharply. Departed many, but it isn't less and those who, having received, I got a false idea that there is the one who gave a little. And it too should be passed, without stopping and without shortening a stride. Business all that, what it is necessary to go in spite of the fact, that occurs around.
544. (Guru). It isn't necessary to attach significance to a talk of the town. Often people speak about what at all don't know moreover from what others have told. Chatter about what isn't present turns out. We don't love hearings and in a gossip we aren't engaged. Best of all internally at them not to react any way.
545. (Oct. 29). The man's and female beginnings in broader aspect can be understood as the beginning opposite as the phenomenon active and passive, giving and receiving, sating and sated that directs energy, and that, in what it directs. At such understanding of the beginnings of relationship of the Teacher and the pupil are subject to the same principle of ant situation. But interchange happens only when also the pupil, in turn, directs to the Teacher the aspirations and the Teacher accepts them for realization in energy of higher order. Without aspiration from the pupil of this interchange can't occur. It isn't enough to recognize or consider of itself as the pupil, recognition is necessary from the Teacher. The self-appointed or self-approved pupil isn't that if didn't gain recognition of the Teacher. Is both the ego-tripped pupils, and the ego-tripping Teachers, which self-affirmation very much near imposture? But there are also phenomena worse: it when the recognized pupil or the instructor deviates a way, comes off the Teacher of Light and follows the road dark service, at times in dazzle of self-flattery without giving itself the report in the events. Only live effective communication with the Teacher of Light can save from such delusions. 546. (Guru). Will uplift you and will humiliate – and it is necessary to pass through it. If to consider this phenomenon as the roadside signs testifying to advance of spirit, they can be glad only because if won't uplift and won't humiliate, so the spark is weak still and doesn't cause reciprocal strong reaction in counter consciousnesses. But already you see that by anybody indifferently doesn't pass, without having revealed the essence at contact. Let's be glad also to this sign growing in the spirit of fire. Thus it is necessary to learn to be able to repay it when it is demanded by circumstance. Often want that there was a labrets open and that it was possible to glance in him. But already you know that, having gathered, will address on you. The closed should therefore hold labrets. It is necessary to give so much, how many it is necessary and it is necessary on consciousness, but it is no more than that.
547. (Guru). If to separate from the person his external expression from internal and to take the last as it is, we will see a true face of its essence, already nothing covered. Usually distinction it is great. From the pupil it is required that external expression corresponded to the internal. At discrepancy the gap which the spirit disbalance lays down in the basis turns out. In hypocrisy, lie, of the hurocrisy and all other discrepancies of external expression with the internal the beginning of decomposition of consciousness which involves impossibility of manifestation on Plans of the Highest is shown. The teacher Insists on that this discrepancy didn't take a place in the pupil.
548. (Oct. 31). Mental energy is the force which grows in application. Muscles without application or work too will atrophy. Unconsciously it applies and everything uses it, but its conscious application like bridled force majeure of the water setting in motion powerful turbines. Before using, it is necessary to bridle it. It is possible to bridle only that is realized; understanding of this force is got by experience. When something doesn't yield desirable results – means, mental energy is still insufficiently strong - accumulation of fire goes slowly, - at first understanding that it is.
549. (M. A. Y.). Let's channelize thought that it could grow in space already independently. The thought over, approved and accepted in consciousness doesn't stop the existence after the consciousness ceased to be engaged in it. It left, continues to grow and from time to time comes back again to consciousness to be again or accepted or rejected. It persistently habitual thinking, even from what it is necessary to be exempted is strong also. Thought while it arises and made out, – in the power of the person, but, having received from beget life, it begins existence independent of it, influencing his consciousness, any more without asking it, he wants it or not. And it is frequent though he and doesn't want and even fights against such thought, it persistently and persistently continues to affect it. Beget falls under the power of the generation and becomes its victim. In it power of the notions of compulsion, in its power of the thoughts pushing people on acts which are made often by them against own will and desire. The power of thought over the person is strong.
550. (Guru). Darkness external, and in it crying and a gnash tooth. So was two thousand years ago. Whether a lot of things changed since then, - but to change external darkness to Light in the power of the person. It is possible to wonder that becomes in order that the darkness was replaced with Light. What does each of those who waits for Light?