Agni Yoga's facets, 1964 (551-632)

551. (M. A. Y.). Has no value, in which form the Bowl of poison terrestrial if came to enjoy time the Bowl of poison is enjoyed. It is necessary to remember only that it took a step of increase of spirit without which not to walk upstairs lives. Poison enjoying, we will think of that, as though to keep balance and not to give in neither to despair, nor exasperation which deprive of the got achievements.
552. (Guru). You crucify mentally on a cross of imperfections human. They crucified without an exception of everything, everything who dared to serve Light, it is even more painful and it is cruel. Time of crucifixions didn't come to an end. Cruelty and callousness human have no borders.
553. (Guru). External it is best of all to comprehend the phenomena in the light of rapprochement with Us. From the Great Plan anything though its mobility and caused variety of new approaches, to that purpose of leaders didn't change. Inalterability and mobility of the Plan is two poles of effectiveness of its implementation. Anybody isn't known to know terms, except Those Who Bears responsibility for a planet. Only sometimes the sense-knowledge can whisper about approach of the preceptor fairy tale. The knowledge of inalterability of the great phenomena, evolution of the world judgment, has to inspire fiery. The element of time isn't so important; much more important in the spirit of readiness to show and unshakable firmness in the course of great expectation. Let there will be it fruitful, strong prepare spirit to conscious work for the future which already is, though isn't visible still to an eye terrestrial.
554. (Nov. 3). I watch the world river, directing stream streams on stars. Will Cosmic and Ours merge in one. The will human is free to choose a way to good or a gloom, but the stream and coast direction in which it flows, don't depend on will of people. The sword of Space Justice dissects knots of events, and results of a current of karma not in will human. The will is free to generate karma, but, having generated, becomes subordinated to relentless consequences of freely generated reasons. Of this aspect of karma think a little, forgetting about impossibility to change its current if the generated reasons of it don't allow. Freely created reasons create iron inevitability of the consequences depriving the person of freedom. When We Say that for Us all – only consequences, we Want to Specify that We is conscious also Will Itself Creative of the reason which consequences We Want to see embodied in time. Therefore the Karma which is created by Us, flows according to our decisions; in it a difference between actions of Those Who Knows, and between actions of ignoramuses. They, ignoramuses, are victims of consequences of acts of the free will. We are creators of desirable results of the reasons created by us. Each action is a consequence of the past and the reason of future phenomena. Past consequences in the present can't be changed, but in the present it is possible to generate the reasons which will give what wanted by will. The person – the free creator of the whole world of the reasons giving consequences, not depending on his will. The master of fate, the person has to know precisely as well as in what his will and where its borders behind which the slavery begins is shown. Gift of anticipation everything possess not, but also without any anticipation of people has to know that the thin reasons and bad crops of their kind consequences won't give. Won't give weeds of shoots of wheat; each person in the world terrestrial is a sower of karmic grains, beget of the reasons giving inevitable consequences, in full accordance with the reason nature. Sowers everything, but also all and reapers; difference only what the sower kind a kind arable land has also kind shoots on it which he will reap but what the sower of the angry prepares for him?
555. (Guru). It is possible to read out as the firmness of will and firmness of spirit the persistence shown by the pupil on all ways, approaching to Light, from the point of view of karma. This persistence can be considered as internal knowledge of that all generations human have the end because they not from Light, but are infinite Good and Light affairs. The victory of Light over darkness and final celebration of Light is not fiction, but fiery reality and fiery lives the steady of grains of causality of good or General Welfare. The understanding of it and commission of crops of light seeds also is a basis of persistence of actions of the pupil and firmness of his will, and firmness of spirit. The good doesn't die, Light affairs don't die. Fiery grains of the causality created for the sake of General Welfare don't die.
556. (Nov. 4). It is difficult even to imagine what energy rush in space. And everyone has an external form or the shape corresponding to its character or properties. These images which aren't seen by a physical eye, but open for thin sight, fill aura of Earth. They influence and influence strong consciousness of masses, raising either a smile or a horror and suffering grimace. The condensed lower class sated with emanations of dark thoughts, presses on consciousness as the heavy pig-iron plate, and chokes mankind in miasmata of own generations. Only aspiration to Light heart can disseminate the darkness which has gathered over a planet. Only heart can come out the winner from this fight against darkness. But it is hard to heart. The understanding of inevitability of fight and victory will give the necessary strength and determination not to evade from this fight. After all if not to win heart against darkness, the darkness will win. Even in thoughts it is impossible to allow possibility of this victory. In total luminous intensity we will direct to a victory in this fight. Each soldier of Light, holding the ground to a post, takes part in this great, last collision of Light and darkness. The main victory is already won, and head of black hordes is destroyed, but the darkness nevertheless is strong, and its hierophant in madness of despair are ready on extreme measures, are ready even to be lost if only to counteract General Welfare. From Day breakers the unification, firmness and determination are required to stand up to the end which is absolutely already close. The unification and victory let will be these words an appeal to the last fight.
557. (Guru). It isn't enough to concern Light, it is necessary to keep it. Beginning in the morning a cycle of day, it is necessary to give itself a task: to carry by a charge of morning Communication by every other day not belittled. In turmoil of the ordinary it is easy to lose sparkles of Light and to plunge into a gloom. Morning is given as opportunity to be updated by spirit that to carry by Light through a cycle of day and night till next morning. Then new morning will bring the strengthened charge of Light which force will grow with each turn of a daily spiral.
558. (Nov. 5). The main danger on the Way is that, looking around, it is possible to distract so from the purpose that it will be forgotten, what not it, and something another will already take priority in consciousness while evasion from the Way doesn't become an accomplished fact. Many details of terrestrial existence can seem so important and considerable that will cover that is most important. As though shift of concepts happens then in consciousness, and temporary becomes to the place of enduring. That is why continuous patrol and sharp-sighted vigilance are necessary. If only not to miss a life thread is in it the main thing. Dance of death of shadows passing makes the circle on the closed curve limited by the dense sphere, and the exit isn't present from it. Only having risen over the world of three-dimensional shadows, it is possible to see a life track. But only the few find it.
559. (M. A.Y.). Great Heart in total containing is called so because contains all coming, without pushing away anybody. About containment of those who comes, it is possible to think. Often those who can't find a place in My heart or doesn't want each other contain. Quite often it happens that pupils of one Teacher don't contain one another and are ready to antagonism and counteraction, as if the Doctrine not one and to it is necessary to divide something and to argue on something. The phenomenon of not containment very regrettably and shows on limitation of consciousness. Ability of containment indicates spirit height. Those who seek to teach all have no it, in itself without having approved bases. Only when mentoring is already the victim, the instructor is ready. Too there are a lot of the self-shown teachers having an itch of a teary, ready to teach all, at all without asking their desire to learn. Future Teacher arises on the Beam, and beams self-proceeding and while acceptance of the pupil doesn't fall a victim weren't born yet, true mentoring is inaccessible. Future Teacher arises on the Beam, and beams self-proceeding and while acceptance of the pupil doesn't fall a victim weren't born yet, true mentoring is inaccessible.
560. (Guru). Fidelity and devotion is links of a chain of the happiness binding us. Far, the anchor of long voyage on such chain is far thrown, thrown in the future. And then the future is made out at the request of heart. Then quietly also it is confidently possible to go to it. Ordinary people of the future have no because don't trust in it because their future limited on the few years of one life is short. But We possess all future which is, and actions, thoughts and feelings, and the main thing, aspirations of the present day We can make out nowadays consciously this far, but real and close, future. The spirit is eternal, and the never-dying thought can consciously create its future.
561. (Nov. 8). The reality of the future isn't understood. The person lives in the feelings and sense-knowledge. Everything them is carried by it to the present. And meanwhile division of the phenomena into the past, the present and the future is any. After all, causing from memory the past and plunging into it in the present, the person already erases this side. The same belongs and to the future, and, living in it, the consciousness does it present. But as soon as there is it an orbit of this experience, all endured future becomes the past. Thus, borders of division are conditional and concluded in consciousness. When We Speak about the future and we Direct in it, We Want to break borders impossible and unattainable and to ship consciousness in spheres of unlimited opportunities of spirit which, being conscious, become achievable because from area of the future pass through consciousness to the past and become seeds of future achievements. It equally belongs as to the sphere material, and spiritual. Therefore aspiration process in the future is process of creativity of the hidden reasons bringing quite visible and concrete consequences. How many the millennia dreamed the person of wings, unconsciously directing a look in the future? And here the future became reality of the present, and the grains of the reasons which seeded in this future and have become grains of last crops, gave the obvious shoots – the person began to fly. We Traced a picture of evolution of spirit and its covers in boundless space of the future, and We Know that this future which already became a beget of the reasons which have become the past, is immutable will generate a number of the consequences which forms will be expressed that the person will really rise on steps of a ladder of life and will reach those heights and those forms of manifestation which We Cut down in shining substance of elements. The doctrine of Life given to mankind, serves as though as a carpet of approach and implementation of this shining future, and each thought of it moves consciousness into the sphere of this implementation. To live in the future – means it to approach and to carry out tracings of the Great Plan. It not groundless dreams, but the real creativity of spirit erasing borders between opportunities of the present and steps of boundless opportunities of spirit. We call mankind to the world of creativity of spirit which isn't limited by anything.
562. (M. A. Y.). To understand power of the future, it is necessary to plunge into it. Lords Create future, we create future. Future the person creates, though doesn't understand psych equipment of this creativity. Everything that the person does or intends to make is carried out in the future. However, it at times is insignificant and embraces itself small things and small fulfillments. But after all it isn't size, but in principle. The lever can be any size when the question concerns the sphere psych spiritual. The lever of the future it is possible to lift what can't be lifted, that is to carry out, the present lever because the present too is short in time whereas the sizes of the future are boundless. It should be remembered that who takes future levers in hand. The person who has realized force of creative power of the future becomes how stronger! How many great victories were reached by application of this principle? We aren't present; we left from the plan terrestrial, having seeded in the sphere of future findings of mankind fiery grains of the creating reasons. Those who with us, live in this future, live, without separating from us in consciousness and knowing that time of a great harvest when together with us as it is inseparable from us, as well as nowadays, they will reap shoots of our fiery crops will come.
563. (Guru). Who with us it is now inseparable, that with us and in the future will be because the future it is forged now, in the present. The chain going to future, each which real link is indissoluble makes a continuity of communication of causality. Force of this causality is constancy and persistence of aspiration to Light, to Lords and to us because Light and Lords and we are tension focus for in the future of the directed consciousness’s which creates the future of the person.
564. (Nov. 9). My friend, neither your aspirations, nor your work for the future aren't appreciated nowadays, but time will come, and my people will be recognized by mankind on merits. Living conditions will develop so that nowadays going the thought ahead of evolution and not noticeable in weight will appear in the forefront builders of the life, already recognized and marked-out contemporaries. There will come these times not soon, but their approach is inevitable. Has to change in consciousness human before there will be a recognition of spiritual treasures much. But the future and science, which faces terms of the greatest opening, will approach to it. Opening of science can't be denied as everything is denied now that treats area of knowledge of thin energy. But radio waves and transfers of images at distance became property of all. In the same way will enter into life and manifestations of thin energy that will be helped and will promote by again invented devices. The border separating the World Thin becomes closer, and any more it is required improvements in modern devices very much to catch and register its manifestations. Will remove aura, will fix radiations of a brain and the centers, and will photograph on a film a thin body. A lot of things will do in the future which wasn't so remote. Promptly judgment time when there will be a great revolution in the field of reliable knowledge comes nearer. To sweep away ignorance barriers and the Doctrine of Life will acquire the rights of nationality. Not your futile efforts, not lost labors, once these records become known widely and will be recognized as those who after goes.
565. (Guru). Approach of new energy can't be stopped, as well as their impact on consciousness. They imperiously will enter into heart and will fill it with new impulses which will generate actions, excellent from usual and habitual to people. Energy come nearer to the term, waiting will feel their inflow.
566. (Nov. 10). In the Thin World of people depends on the aspirations approved in it on Earth. The aspirations connect or the person releases himself. Aspirations happen are very many-sided. There it is possible to be exempted from them only by an expending of the mental energy enclosed in each of them. When there come decisive fight between the Highest and the lowest duady, there is a fight between the aspirations attracting the person up or down. From two forces operating in opposite directions, that which power charge is more wins. The same occurs and at fight of powers of the opposite aspirations approved in Highest and lowest Duada. If on Earth won against the highest aspirations, the victory is given easily. But if aspirations of the lowest Duads only were suppressed, but weren't gets rid, they there are shown with a special force because are given the visible shapes capturing the person in an orbit of the attractions. As happens at times difficult to fight in a dream against nightmares of dreams – forces don't suffice. Something similar occurs and in this fight at a meeting with guards of the Threshold. All force of the not gets rid desires which have accepted concrete forms, rises before spirit in the bright, attracting, seducing images as though speaking to it: "Here we before you, go to us, we will give you everything that you once wanted, and we will sate your desires as you once dreamed and couldn't carry out owing to terrestrial restrictions". Knowing knows that it is lie and deception that, having rushed in embraces of these attracting ghosts, people, like the Tantalum, not able to satisfy any terrestrial desire that it only dooms itself(himself) to torments of insatiable desires that under each form attracting – sharp thorns and prickles and burning poison of a dissatisfaction. He will tell: "Beget of elements, me caused to manifestation, Me generated, I am not afraid of you, you can't seduce Me, and you can't attract me with the deceptive visibility. I know you, I know treacherous lie of your essence. Away from My way. I generated you, I and will kill you. The same force of creative power I destroy you, you I burn the power of thought, you caused to life once". Beam of fiery thought having directed on them, it is possible to destroy them and to burn in waves of a flame of spirit, - so Speaks and so the winner of spontaneous shapes acts. But weak it is involved in funnels of their attractions and plunges into whirlwinds of astral currents, to get out from which it already any more in forces. Knowing all this, it is good to learn already on Earth to win against astral flash not to be helpless there by the time of the last fight between the Highest and the lowest duady.
567. (M. A.Y.). And among the called the Lord won Learns. That is why the victory is necessary so. For the sake of the future we fight now and for the sake of the future we win. The victory can be got when the purpose is clear and conducted. Whether it is possible for the sake of minute indulgences and connivance to lose or miss that has not minute, not temporary, but far-reaching consequences. For lentil soup of minute indulgence we won't betray primogeniture of spirit and his primacy. Small acts terrestrial have far-reaching consequences. It we will remember, that not overtire in fight.
568. (Nov. 11). When you see extremes in behavior of the person, or in his habits, or in thinking, know that on emergence, growth and their development long time, perhaps, not one life was required. From life in life grow and bad properties develop in the person both good, and. Some grow for eyelids. In each embodiment they or amplify, or, on the contrary, weaken and die away – everything depends on the will direction. It is possible to track in it, what features of character were shown from the past what amplified and developed and what weakened. Each attention to them and encouragement strengthens them, but destroys oblivion. If at everyone negative and a merit to look as at something leaving far beyond one embodiment, it is possible to understand how giants of spirit grow, giants of good or the evil. As it is possible to show thus care of that undesirable qualities didn't increase. All growing can grow only at a food. Deprived of a food – quality dies in time. Recurrence of negative thinking shows how bad property grows, being thawed in depths of consciousness and only from time to time appearing on a surface to receive either the statement of consciousness, or condemnation. The printing of the statement or condemnation on repeatedly appearing qualities of spirit serves as an indicator of force of their possible identification in the future. Once they again will come up before beget and if it happens at the time of the last fight between the lowest and the Highest duady, the press of denial or the statement can turn an outcome of this collision. Therefore it is necessary to treat with full responsibility by the emergence moments in consciousness of not gets rid negative impulses immediately to set to them the seal of a final decision of will. Weeds for eyelids grow in depths of human essence, and many efforts are necessary to uproot them.
569. (M. A. Y.). Through eminences, both humiliations, and infringements from friends should be passed that it is even better to learn properties of a human nature. For it we won't grieve, when our uniform judge the Lord. And It won't restrain and won't humiliate. The self-shown condemn remain with the judgments aside, and anything, whether you hear, and nothing will distance and won't approach us to the Lord, except ourselves. The human round dance let continues the dance round you, and you observe, knowing that time will come when your situation suddenly will change and dancing it is necessary to reckon with it already inevitably. For now you store patience, silence and complacency. Let everyone will reveal the face is it is necessary for the future and in order that it is even better to learn to understand people. Pay attention as in the dance that come nearer to you, are removed and move away from you. It is natural, that is it is an inevitable consequence in you growing Light by which nobody can pass, and without being it shined that is without having revealed the character.
570. (Nov. 13). Dark make very big efforts to break you and go out Light which for them is intolerable. It is possible to grow weak in this incessant fight. It is possible even to come to despair because it isn't visible the end to it and dark attempts. Can't leave and don't leave while either won't win or won't suffer final defeat. If saw, how many they gather around, enveloping consciousness a dark web. But it is necessary to pass through it. All passed going to Us. And even We aren't passed by hour of test. It is a lot of tricks at them and many attempts. For not resisted a snare, painted all paints of an allure and seduction. Know on aura all neizzhity weaknesses and influence яро them. All not gets rid serves as channels of their penetration into consciousness. Struggle with delusion of darkness, fight for the statement of Light. This fight is narrow and heavy. But it is necessary to win against it. I will help, but also I should help the aspiration to Light.
571. (M. An. Y.). Dark activity amplifies in connection with spatial trouble. And then it is especially difficult opposite to darkness. The chaos and some currents break balance of spirit and haters of Light immediately use it. Truly noted that, paralyzed in one direction, they choose another and, suppressed on it, find the third, and so endlessly. It would be possible to fall into despair from this infinite fight if not confidence that on the guard of the Lord and that at the right time It Will stop their willfulness. But it is necessary to pass through temptation step darkness.
572. (Nov. 15). What to do when the darkness surrounds and demons annoy violently? From darkness rescue is in Light. It turns an eye and be surrounded with it. There is no eternal test. Perhaps, the darkness rages before the end. Its aspiration – drown each island of Light in a gloom. Than more furious it attacks, especially proofs that your Light burns, it so hated. Also it is necessary to hold it any price. It is possible to protect from darkness always, but test by darkness can't be avoided. It is a step, showing on the phenomenon of the approved Light causing fury of darkness. The darkness feels terms and therefore, knowing the hopelessness, especially strong phenomenon the activity. And you stand. It is necessary to stand. You store balance – in it the victory guarantee. You store balance – in it the victory guarantee. And when the impact is strong, not on external direct the forces, but on keeping balance.
573. (M. A. Y.). Whether you think, what dark to us didn't annoy? The spirit is higher, the counter counteraction is stronger. The opponent always on a shoulder, and at times more strongly. But by power of darkness we won't be frightened. It is strong only our weakness. If the lamp in a hand is strong, no darkness is terrible. More dangerously that yet gets rid inside because serves as the purpose of enemy attacks and a catch for black claws. It is happy who can tell: there is a prince of this world and has in me no anything.
574. (Guru). Support one – the Teacher. When heart and thought are filled with It – to the enemy not to squeeze.
575. (Nov. 16). Approach to Focus of Light is interfaced to many dangers. Each not gets rid property – a reason for ardent attack dark and the purpose for enemy arrows. Their purpose is to allow neither Proximity, nor Rapprochement. Work through all and through everything. Clever making consists in holding contact with Light of the Lord. Not important, what words thus repeat, but it is important to hold contact. When the darkness surrounds, it is especially difficult. Its ardent aspiration is to turn off Light, where and in whoever it was shown. The ardent enemy of darkness – each person in whom it is lit or is switched already on Light. And the more brightly Light of a flame flares, the carrier to his each attendant of darkness is more hated. Honor to face hierophant of darkness because it is recognition from their party of the luminous intensity, lit in heart is great. And there is a lot of courage, hardness and endurance it is necessary to sustain an impact of opponents of Light. Each received blow can be considered that it is taken for Affairs of the Lord. The darkness is great, but, going with Me, it is possible to win against it. Let anybody and will stop nothing. Let each new attempt and an evil-silts serve as incentive of ardent aspiration to Me, the dark impact doubled, trebled and decupled according to force. So all diligence of darkness only will approach to Me and only even more will strengthen our relations. We will win against them when it is together inseparable – in thoughts, and in feelings, and affairs. Fight against darkness demands a wide experience and knowledge and ability to distinguish at once, from where and through whom the new evil-silts creep. It is a lot of backs around behind which they so carefully and carefully cover themselves. And only on consequences it is visible as the dark hand worked. Mercy doesn’t know and they are tireless in an evil-make. Clever making serves as mighty protection against the evil. There are moments when it is useful to reject all thoughts and the experiences, all chagrin and pain from blows and all consciousness to be given to process of repetition of the chosen prayer. Defend is the Lord Lord.
576. (Guru). To undergo up to the end is here in what a task. Whether it is worth undergoing in general something and even for many years, if not up to the end. After all then all works are vain. And if to go, it is necessary to reach. Returnees in darkness which left aren't suitable for evolution is a space litter. There is no return to the one who follows the Lord.
577. (Nov. 19). Already I Said that balance is a huge force; already I Said that nobody can resist against balance. I Speak, you learn to act in balance full. But the person before working, will manage both to be afflicted, and to be frightened, both to be upset, and to show discontent, and stimulate, and to condemn even the Leader, and to fall into despair, and even to allow rage or the powerlessness before darkness, say, to give in to this or that an astral disbalance. Disbalance is a balance antipode and if balance – force, disbalance, even the strongest and rough, is a powerlessness sign. Therefore before to work, it is necessary to establish any price balance, knowing that its loss will be equivalent to defeat. But when balance managed to be kept and astral experiences it is finished, it is possible to work then in common with Me. About joint actions It was spoken – I Called them cooperation. And cooperation it demands a balance condition. Then my force and power of the spirit directed to Me merge in a powerful chord against which force the counteractions which have followed a way and their inspirers – haters of Light won't resist. So, before action or independent, or together with Me balance is required, first of all. But you know that now time such, it is necessary when to be with Me always and in everything. In all affairs it is necessary to keep inseparably. Life compels to that the unification in the spirit of with Me, constant and conformable, wasn't broken by anything and the main thing, and didn’t interrupt.
578. As though to explain even better that, the more difficultly, the victory is nicer. Difficulty of achievement already shows on intimate value of the reached. Where are made every effort also all aspiration, also my Hand there will be enclosed.
579. (M. A. Y.). We take very close part in the affairs concerning our last undertakings, and in life of those who connected itself with Us devotion, love and aspiration. If our care is invisible often, it doesn't mean at all that it isn't present or that it not phenomenon is much more frequent, than it reaches terrestrial consciousness. But when you feel strengthening of warm aspiration to Us and our proximity – means, our participation in your life and your affairs amplifies. Understand that any counteraction if it is rather strong, moves to Us if it is realized why it Is allowed by That Who Guards your happiness.
580. (Guru). There is no contradiction between amateur performance and actions, joint with Us. This ant situation needs to be understood, that is to counterbalance in consciousness. Any action even created in the closest unification with the Hierarchy, individually. Completeness of merge also causes a fiery and independence of actions. The entrusted Lords act in full merge to its Beams, but you look how actions of everyone Entrusted or Entrusted are individual, peculiar and unique. The understanding of these ant provisions will furnish the clue to the solution of the correct action. The head doesn't deprive of independence, but, on the contrary, allows that not repeatability of individual skilled accumulation came to light most brightly.
581. To our pupils aren't necessary neither chains, nor "vlasyanitsa", because as a constant reminder on the most necessary continuous attacks of the dark serve. When each next attack conducts only to even more to approach to the Guru and Hierarchy of Light then truly, the darkness is compelled to serve Light. And the terrestrial mind, so liking to distract from the main thing, receives a constant reminder on it and gives a new impulse to Prestanding constancy before the Highest. So all forces: both Light and dark – start serving the spirit directed to Us.
582. (Noyil. 20). (M. A. Y.). . Yes! Yes! Yes! Let's find in the heart enough force that it to overcome menacing, interfering and bearing malice helpers of darkness. Only heart it is possible to win against them. Heart fire when it is consciously called for action is indestructible. When it is spoken, act with heart, it is specified that only heart will be successful where the mind is powerless. Act with heart – so Precept to us.
583. (M. A. Y.). See Care of Great Heart in detail spirit lives. The passionate desire and aspiration allows attaching immediately Instructions of the Teacher in life also a powerful consequence. Wish all the heart, all spirit, all the being to follow manuals of the Teacher, and results will be amazing. Overcome doubts, fluctuations and uncertainty. The Lord is close.
584. (Guru). The understanding of any phenomenon can be deepened if on it is enough to concentrate heart. Where heart, there and thoughts. And when heart is given to desire something to understand or to go deep into something, the desire of heart will be carried out. I won't repeat that it belongs to the sphere of spiritual and warm desires because desires of a low order depend on many third-party conditions. I want to emphasize that in the spirit sphere the ardent desire of heart has the special force of execution. All aspirations of heart saturated with its sense-knowledge in this sphere spiritual, are carried out. And you look at the future, as at that area where everything will be realized, even the most impracticable aspirations of heart if from spirit they.
585. (Nov. 21). The solution of everything – at Us. On Us relying in everything, the future make out on the base of the strong basis. It doesn't mean effect less assignment, but, on the contrary, tension of all the forces in ardent, uncontrollable aspiration to Light. I with you always why it not to make the statement reality of the existence? Not only that I with you, but after all and to you it is necessary to be always together with Me. How? In your consciousness is. After all it isn't required – to be only anything together with Me in memory about Me constant. And then all the rest will come as a result of Prestanding uninterrupted. The love will be a basis of this achievement. Feeling it is mutual. The reciprocity causes it possibility of actuating of the Wheel of Cooperation when there is a powerful interchange of thin energy. You give the, and in exchange the Benefit is sent you. The phenomenon of Good fortune is realized a little. Let's call it the fiery force proceeding from Focus of Hierarchy of Light. It should be accepted. But it is possible to accept it, having only released in consciousness for it a place. The consciousness of ordinary people is so filled with vanity that more a place already for anything doesn't remain. That is why I Say that in your consciousness a place of the Teacher in a forward corner. It is really so difficult to open heart to Light towards? After all without it – darkness! And the darkness conducts in a chasm. My children, heart to Light betray and in Light arrive.
586. Here you have the proof new to that in reply to everything that you gave, you receive both suspicion, and alarm, and condemnation under the guise of the most benevolent relation. So happens usually always. Usually and We Receive the same instead of that we Give. It should be known and, knowing, nevertheless in reply to send to energy of Light. It our reactions differ from reactions of ordinary people who answer the evil with rage and not goodwill. When reaction of consciousness replies with Light energy, then the answering can tell: "There is an evil of this world, but has in me no anything". It is much one angry is easier to answer with rage, irritation, discontent or not goodwill that is to sound in unison with the influences going from the outside. But if, having accepted heart a wave of dark energy and having transmutation her hearts fire in light Agni, his heart back to send a wave, it will be true blessing.
587. (M. A. Y.). Let's be glad to that we have and that nobody will be able to take away from us because all our manor in the spirit of. A lot of time was required on that to save up it and it is a lot of works. But also is to that to be glad. We will be approved more and more in acquisition and accumulation of hidden treasures. Here time will come to everyone to leave a body. With what will go further nothing saved up, where and to whom? Stay in World Aboveground not brought from itself anything is dim, and stay of those who brought dark Agni's accumulation is heavy. But the will is free to make always the choice of fires which are put by it in action. And fires give deposits in the Bowl, - and the Bowl one on all lives and here and in the worlds.
588. (Guru). Any thought over, and the main thing, the experienced thought doesn't run low in space, but bears the fruit, we will be glad to a field of conscious and lightful crops of thoughts. These crops of that are created by human hands because thought not destroyed in space are more real. We will be preserved against thoughts unusable, from an empty thoughts we will preserve also themselves and space. The thought is created by fire. Fire exists in space. Fiery creativity of spirit sates spheres round Earth. The person is responsible for with what he fills aura terrestrial. The Teacher Gave a precept: you create the new sky and New Earth.
589. (Nov. 22). My son, it is possible to enter into space of Light only in attires Light. On compliance of a matter of covers with spheres to which the spirit aspires, – and stay in them. And where everything moves thought, takes priority and the thought operates everything. Only imagine that any movement of thought brings the accord of an environment of spirit with a tonality and tension of thought and the aspiration put in it. To create thought – happiness. Happiness – to create lightful thought. The most distinguished images of beauty can be created there thought with ease much bigger, than a brush or a cutter. As it is frequent on Earth the artist or the poet isn't able to embody the conceived image in dense forms because of purely external and dense obstacles. But where the thought is freely given a shape and where there is no resistance of the dense environment, there it is necessary to be able only accurately and clair-radiant to think. Clearness of thinking and its figurativeness are got by experience on Earth. Clearness of thought will give rise to the clearness of words and expressions. There is nothing worse than indistinct, uncertain thinking or the small, small, scattered thoughts, dirty and harmful. In Light space where shining substance of thought to services of the person, for creativity of spirit scope is opens the space. Service to Beauty is Service to Light. And if it is begun on Earth, it is so easy to continue it in the worlds. That directed human spirit on Earth and that inspired it to action will inspire and direct both there, and it is so important that the aspiration was from Light and to Light. The teacher the Leader is Light. To It directing, and with It staying, and in consciousness the Image it having approved, connected itself with Spheres of Light of the Elevated World that in them to depart, having exempted from a body. Awareness of the importance of the statement in heart of lightful Shape of the Teacher of Light forms threads of an invincible magnetic attraction to the Highest Spheres of space. To the robber even Told, what will be with Me, the loose woman Approached, so really to the one whom for years directed to Me and years my Image in the heart carried, I Will delay to give the Benefit? My children, direct to Me all strength of mind, thoughts all and desire everything, heart all direct, and the light of Light will fill in you. I Speak, I Claim, I you in Spheres Light Call!!!
590. (Guru). On examples of all envoys of Hierarchy it is possible to study how it is necessary to live and work as they worked and that left two people after it. By results of their management and to books you can judge what they lived. About their mental creativity exceeding immeasurably that is visible to an eye, it is possible to judge only in comparison, but understanding thus, it is how more extensive more things man-made. The center of gravity in them, in hidden, but strong heritage of thoughts with which fruitful, they saturated space and which nowadays actively live, sating with the energy a stream of evolution of life. Let's render understanding to creativity them – as visible, man-made, and hidden, mental.
591. (Nov. 23). Those who goes against you, as a rule, Us hate or is conscious, or intuitively, as already on dark service. Division on a treatment of light and shade cut the world on sons of darkness and sons of Light, - division proceeds, going deep. Supporters of the old world under all pretexts, covers and masks want to turn evolution back. They are still very strong. The semi-conscious feeling of hopelessness drives them mad. To go against evolution – means to doom itself to final defeat. Fateful them we will call.
592. The belief is the messenger of knowledge, and knowledge – reality realization. The stronghold is open for all three worlds. Those who with Us, in whatever of three were gravitate to us and if conditions of the dense world can separate spatially from Us, above this office isn't present and directed to Us gather about Light Focus. All people gravitate to focuses of the aspirations, forming elevated collectives of the one incarnation spirits connected by a community of these aspirations. Distribution on layers and on spheres is a condition very fair. Everyone has that wanted. Question absolutely other – as far as aspirations of the person correspond to the general scheme of things and planetary problems of evolution. Spheres evolutionary are Light spheres. Those who worked for evolution, enter into spheres of a magnetic attraction of Light.
593. That was more strongly and most deeply imprinted in consciousness of the person during lifetime of terrestrial, remains with it and in Elevated if it isn't made efforts to be exempted from it before transition to that World. So, the Image of the Teacher imprinted in the third eye, remains with the pupil the phenomenon uniting it, already visible, with object of its aspirations.
594. (M. A. Y.). You create love. Love to Hierarchy you create Light affairs. Love to Great Heart and Messengers it can be made a lot of things that without love it is impossible to make. Where to take forces, how not out of this fiery feeling? The love is a powerful force.
595. (Guru). We go on rapprochement with the future. Whether we are ready to meet it? It is possible even to wonder in what this readiness is expressed. To what we are ready is to receive or give? Wishing to receive there is a lot of. But where those who prepares for the future to enter into it for distribution of the accumulated knowledge? They will be necessary to the Lord.
596. (Nov. 24). Will ask – why so many records? Answer is but where able to write down? Both when and where opportunity to write what nowadays is given will be presented again? How many conditions it was necessary to combine those records appeared and as it was necessary to prepare writing-down device of spirit. Opportunities are unique – they should be used up to the end. After all it is already clear in what mission of life of the author of these records rather not the author and writing down consists. The combination of certain spatial and dense conditions is reached hardly – it is necessary to put to it our efforts much. Even among those who concerned the Life Doctrine, so it isn't enough, so strikingly a little able to perceive sent thoughts and to imprint harmoniously them on paper. Even in this life how many years were required that from separate short words and phrases to pass to long record, and how many it was required lives enough to come nearer to Us and to assume our Assignment. All this isn't as simple as it can seem on external conditions. Let's treat the phenomena of records with understanding not to pass by and not to miss given the chance.
597. "God's kingdom in you is", but only making efforts will seize of. Force the Kingdom undertakes. And that a never-ending number of constants and persistent efforts are required step by step to overcome the steepness of ascension is more difficult than everything. The way is long, and results are so a little noticeable, and counteractions of the dark grow and resistance of the environment surrounding gets stronger. Difficultly to a soldier of spirit to overcome and that inside is subject to overcoming, and that outside. Full awareness of value of the purpose and full understanding of those living conditions terrestrial – only means, but not end in itself is required. In total in it – only while, only for a while, everything, to own body inclusive. It is necessary to lead this life and, at the same time, it is necessary to be out of it. It is necessary to be in the world, but other-worldly, because my other-worldly Kingdom. And live, through life passing, as if you only travelers in this world.
598. (M. A. Y.). So it isn't enough conformable consciousnesses. Loneliness – strong destiny. Appreciation – gift of rare spirits. The understanding of not repeated value of close consciousnesses is given only by life experience. Think at meetings of the next that all this and has to be, and, only having left for a long time, understand over the years not repeatability of opportunities of meetings.
599. (Noyil. 25). Will ask: "If the future is issued in Spheres Hidden and is as though already last how be with free human will and whether her person, when the future is already predetermined loses? » We will answer: The world in which the person in which he is born at an embodiment in a body lives and moves, too is already issued, and still, however, the choice of ways and acts remains free for the person, and still in any situation it can choose the direction in darkness or to Light, both in big, and in small, and on ways of space and planetary evolution the individual way of spirit remains free. The ant provision of a freedom of choice, on the one hand, and the ways of evolution of mankind issued by us, with another, it is necessary to counterbalance understanding of that future about which tells the Life Doctrine. Having passed a middle point of immersion to a matter, the mankind and a planet rise on an arch of thinning and depression of a matter and covers of a human microcosm while at the highest point of a circle at cycle end in a circle of the seventh centenary race the step of the highest spirituality and thinning of the person won't be reached. Here the way planned by Space Will, and depends on free will of each person a choice – whether to go on it all the way or from it to evade and be thrown out of a stream of evolution and to become space litter.
600. (Nov. 26). Whether it is possible to cultivate feeling of love to the Teacher consciously? It is possible. It is possible to raise this feeling and carefully to look after it, as the gardener behind a favorite flower. And it will grow in the force. And in process of the growth becomes more and more effective. The love is force. The aspiration of many is insufficiently strong to overcome resistance of surrounding conditions and successfully to struggle with itself. The love can give this strength. And what doesn't manage to be reached other ways, is achievable love. This feeling is mutual because the love of the Teacher to the pupil exceeds usual measures. It is impossible to imagine all burden of encumbrance which is taken on the shoulders by the Teacher, assuming guidance by the pupil. Think that it is so easy and so simple to conduct, having assumed all weight of unorganized thinking of the pupil. On a communication thread vibrations of consciousness conducted and all of its clouding and all experiences are transferred to the Teacher. And as they are still very far from level of consciousness of the Teacher and are close to Earth, their influence is heavy. The teacher knows all events with the pupil and having influence on his consciousness. The skilled pupil makes many efforts that nothing darken the Teacher and to try to please it with the achievements. But if it isn't present and if gets rid flashes of an astral by times seize conducted, it is necessary to think strong that the Teacher tests, receiving flashes of similar emotions. The teacher very much suffers even from honoring of crude followers, especially honoring of the pupil has to be exempted from burdening elements. The qualities necessary for the pupil, are listed rather fully, but the love from all of them will be quality the highest. But what love? There is a love giving and there is a love taking, seeking to take from the one whom love, everything that can. The fiery love is that which seeks to give. The love, the gift bringing to the one whom loves, will be true love. When such love speaks: "That else I can bring to You, the Teacher", – it is close to love perfect. And when these gifts endlessly, it is possible to call it true and self-sacrificing. In taking love there is no dedication. Give, give, give, – she repeats and dries in the insistence. But blossoms giving and bringing the gift to Heart of the Teacher. Conscious education gifts of bringing love will be the fastest advance to the purpose. Power of this love wins the monsters of the gloom which have surrounded the examinee of the pupil. Strength of this wins everything that in usual conditions it seems absolutely insuperable. Let's remember: the love is the force overcoming everything. We call therefore her "the winner fiery".
601. (Guru). Victory in that, what goes to the Lord, and, to the Lord going, not to forget for an instant of the purpose of a way and the purpose of fight, and value of a victory.
602. (Nov. 29). Many signing up are stored in our archives and details about life on the Distant Worlds of our solar system, and at the right time they will be given out to people. Now yet won't believe, and gift will be vain. That in time people are very inclined to distort the data got at the Fountain-head to unrecognizability is characteristic, and many efforts are required to us on protecting First-teachings from distortion. Covers darken knowledge of spirit. The attraction of Earth is great. Change a bed of oceans and an outline of a land and there are new centers of a civilization on new places that thin forms of the old didn't stir life evolution. Don't imagine how thin prints of human acts and constructions and, especially, thoughts influence mentality of the person. That is why yogis to unapproachable mountains or eremites in the dense woods leave. And Sergius Builder erected the monastery on new places. And now the center of culture of a planet is transferred into place, where there was nothing earlier. The Great Plan of transformation of life of a planet is wisely under construction and carried out.
603. (M. A. Y.). To move forward at all moods and in any conditions of spirit and at all complexity of opposite external conditions will be Arhat's achievement. What training is required for this purpose! And whether we will be surprised to that, counteraction of the surrounding is how strong? But our purpose – to reach and pass through everything that so strong, persistently and constantly disturbs. Let's arrive so: having defined what exactly is the most necessary on this interval of time, it we will approve in every way the consciousness, and besides contrary to and it isn't dependent on external living conditions. So, approving the most necessary, we will reach the put.
604. (Nov. 30). It is possible not to have any things and still in the spirit of to remain the owner who hasn't got rid of this property. It is possible not to make undesirable acts or shameful actions and still in the spirit of not to be free from them. It is all about the condition of the spirit which released or hasn't been released in the depths of that has to be gets rid. The person eating roots, but longing meat, isn't free and not the winner of. Fight is conducted by the uniform beginning of spirit and in the spirit of. Certainly, external indulgence to the weaknesses strengthens them, but the final victory over them lies in the spirit sphere, and, only reached there, it exempts the person from aggravations with the not gets rid in the spirit of weaknesses in World Aboveground. Gets rid the full means eradication when from eradicated property in effect the person doesn't remain already anything. It is uprooted. Otherwise it will give new and new sprouts in each new embodiment, despite a seeming victory and suppression of gets rid property.
605. (Guru). It is necessary to sort up to the end the phenomenon of each weakness to see thorns. Behind seeming appeal of self-deception – the thorns piercing in consciousness and, finally, causing sharp sufferings and devastation.
606. (Guru). Dreams and behavior in a dream confirm that situation that solutions of day and behavior in a wake condition, and thought day as though precede at night. And the decision or conclusion is firmer, they are more certain phenomenon and in a dream. But the dream of death is similar. It is possible to understand, as well as in the Elevated ambassador of release from a body the behavior of the person will be in full accordance with his internal moral level. Deception, hypocrisy can't be already there because the person expresses himself that it represents actually. Hidden, its internal essence comes to light in all the beauty or a disgrace; therefore behavior of the person alone with itself, when he in a body, has such great value and sense. The behavior before the Face of Boundlessness or spatial behavior and thinking when it is approved consciously, causes also behavior of the person after death. It is necessary to understand, at last, that there is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious. The world dense, or the world external, allows to conceal a lot of things under an external form, but in World Thin internal becomes external, and each movement of consciousness, and each feeling, emotion, experience, passion or desire are immediately expressed and externally, in that shape which the person there is given. The one who served on Earth to Beauty, there won't regret about it because aspiration to Beauty will give also to a thin body the corresponding expression. But the attendant to a disgrace and nasty thing of everyone will express in the external form essence of the aspiration in full accordance with its nature. Therefore terrestrial life and terrestrial actions have very great value for Elevated stay. Consciousness clarification from any litter will be very useful. However, and there, in a so-called purgatory of the lower class, occurs or clarification or still a bigger clouding of the past. But this process there is very sharp and painful and can end with a victory of the lowest Duada and immersion in darkness. Therefore it is necessary to attend to a condition of the covers and their clarification – for the present on Earth. It isn't enough not to do of something, it is necessary still to manage to pull out the root not done because the monster heads, being chopped off, grow again. Eradication, but not suppression or inactivity something is required that, perhaps, there is a strong wish to do in the not gets rid and crude thoughts which have nestled in depths of consciousness. The baggage undertaking further, it is necessary to reconsider well and without a regret to throw out everything, unusable in a long journey. With favorite cockroaches in the bosom not to rise to high spheres. Heart has to be cleared before the Teacher of Light will be able to enter into it.
607. (M. A. Y.). When you feel an intolerable spatial press, know that you divide with us and That Who Called, burden of its burden terrestrial and you help It and us with their discharge. Therefore and it is heavy that it isn't enough rarefaction and the few strong consciousness’s are compelled to take that under normal conditions would have to be spread out to many for the shoulders. But in it service to Light. And not to mourn, but it is necessary to rejoice that you help to facilitate an unreasonable burdening of the one Who Called you on a feat. But if nevertheless you go, despite everything, that, I warrant, you will reach.
608. (Dec. 2). It isn't necessary to conduct the one who can go. It isn't necessary to test the one who gives itself (himself) tests and sets for itself a task. We appreciate such self-feeds. Small children drive by a hand, adults go. Certainly, self-feeds don't remain without the Management, but it is much easier to conduct going independently. Comprehension and readiness exempt the Head from excessive expenditure of energy.
609. (Guru). Soul of the Teacher is your house. It is possible to find in its durability and an invariance of constancy any minute a support and protection against inconstancy, and fluctuation of everything that is created outside, both in an external environment, and in space.
610. (Dec. 4). It is possible to note as during some periods of life there is as though strengthened check of a condition of consciousness when the forgotten fancies and impressions of the past arise from memory, demanding attention and time. If they are bad, at a combination of consciousness to them this check shows unmistakably what exactly yet gets rid and is subject to withdrawal and what exactly should be overcome in itself, without allowing immersion in this past and without strengthening it playing of the imagination and development of variations on this subject. All these fancies, being combined with consciousness, strengthen itself that, having left, again to return in the future and to become a barrier on a way of release of consciousness from any litter. In essence, it also is the guards of the Threshold disturbing to an ascension of spirit, just now they don't reveal all the force and influence as it will be when the spirit exempted from a body, will meet them in all force of their attraction. And still each victory over them and refusal to make with them contact and to stop on them anticipates also future victory over them at a final meeting with guards of the Threshold. The combination to these fancies means impossibility with them to fight and win against them the future. But they will come back until the final and firm decision of will won't be through with them forever. Actually there is nothing, and their reality seeming, not able to replace realities of the dense world, and, despite it, all of them attract to themselves consciousness with the seeming appeal, detaining him advance. In this or that form through these tests by fancies take place and passed everything pupils. It is necessary to pass through them the winner, having told them that they can't block a way, foreordained to spirit that the one who generated them, it and will kill them, without allowing them to seize consciousness. It is necessary to remember that dark which on the guard always, strengthen and diligently inflate the phenomenon, throwing and inspiring the most inadmissible thoughts. They perfectly know than and as it is better and easiest to draw attention of the spirit which was on test.
611. (Guru). Tests always on a shoulder, if forces and determination win at any cost are collected. A lot of things can disturb aspiration to Light, but all is overcome. It is necessary to understand only that the astral is insatiable, and how many it had, it bigger wants, and to go by conniving to its desires – means to feed and strengthen it never able to be sated desires. Having hundred, wants have one thousand rubles, having one thousand – hundred thousand rubles, and so endlessly. Avidity and greed are insatiable, all passions and astral desires are insatiable. To go them towards – means it to ruin. Knowing all treacherous nature of an astral, it is possible to destroy severely each its next identification which at indulgence there is strong insatiable and demanding all of the new and new satisfaction, not able to be satisfied never. And it is a direct way to a chasm. The knowledge of the nature of an astral gives strength for a victory over it.
612. (Dec. 5). My son, the nature it is conformable to a condition of consciousness universal. All its disbalance is reflection of disbalance of the person. Not without reason the person is called as the tsar of the nature. Though the bad tsar and irresponsible, but nevertheless operates it. Badly operates and the is unreasonable also not the reasonable expresses in reaction of the nature to the actions in scales all-planetary. The unreasonable tsar of the nature doesn't understand that responsibility bears before a planet for that disbalance which he on it generates. But it is necessary to understand. It is necessary or understand or be lost because to all there is a limit. And disbalance can end with explosion. At the same time with a planet the mankind is ill also. If noted, how many the new and unclear appeared diseases. New names or classification in the form of nervous diseases explain nothing them. Also the cancer – a present scourge rages. Shakespeare's genius noted as serious crimes and especially gloomy events in life of his heroes happen in especially stormy nights when elements storm both spontaneous spirits and powers of darkness are especially active, - but it compliances small. Now these compliances become all-planet. It is a pity that record of natural manifestations a disbalance of elements in all-planet scale isn't conducted. It is a lot of interesting and striking it would be possible to note. But the tsar of the nature continues to roll in lawlessness, breaking more and more balance of Earth and elements. The world on Earth is necessary, and it is necessary to put the fastest end to that now occurs. The world is necessary.
613. (M. A. Y.). Whether many from addressing to Me address with the purpose to help? Know our loading, know that we work on a limit of all forces, and, knowing all this, nevertheless address not to help, but to receive the help. But the one who considers as the next itself (himself) or wants to be that, has to have and the next approach. Approach and aspiration ardent, self-sacrificing and strong desire the help will be the next approach to put to the Great Cause of the Lord. All, who as is able take. But so it isn't enough wishing the help to bring and everything to direct the efforts on the valid service to Light.
614. (Guru). It is possible to waste time on expression of the feelings, even if the highest when to Whom these feelings address, are exhausted in excessive fight against gloom and destruction forces. And after all in addition how much consciousness’s and here and on Earth need the help urgent. Not chants and glorifications at Us, but work, intense and heavy, and care of how to help Tom Who Bears on Itself an excessive Burden of responsibility for Earth.
615. Who in this heavy time can help Us the strong and unshakable aspiration? Not admirers, not the followers who aren't praying, not asking, not be touched, not crying, not grieving, not studying, but Day breakers are necessary these heavy days, Day breakers who are strong standing where everyone is put, ready with darkness to battle and protect Light phenomena.
616. (M. A. Y.). Here already life approaches to that moment when obvious becomes what exactly can be taken from all life further with itself. Both rich and poor – both with themselves take nothing from this that has. But take experience and knowledge of them saved up. And if life of the poor gave it experience huge, and to the rich man – any, what, whose life was more profitable and useful? In wellbeing of wealth of usually good nothing is born. It is necessary to reconsider the relation to life in a root.
617. (Dec. 8). Whether there will be a test seeming so burdening and unpleasant? Until it won't cease break balance that is until immunity of spirit will be developed on the relation to this phenomenon. When the protective armor accrues thanks to received blows, their goal will be reached and they don't become necessary, that is are deprived of sense. Therefore the fastest way to eliminate the similar phenomena are to approve against them balance of spirit, not under any circumstances without allowing that they broke it. Than more to be indignant and indignant, the more to protest against their injustice, senselessness and terrible cruelty, they will stick more strong to consciousness. Exit one – to establish balance reaction to their influence, and then they will stop as superfluous.
618. (Guru). It is very useful to look sometimes at it and to separate the valid achievements from the imagined. The last often prevent to see them in its true light. Often the criticism from outside helps see what don't want to see own eyes. It is good to be able to take a detached view at times of itself as though on the stranger, on the stranger and from this position to sort the acts and behavior, especially in the past. Too long on it you shouldn't stop not to detain advance, but it is useful to take a detached view of yourself from time to time.
619. (Guru). It is possible to consider as achievement of spirit such conditions when the thoughts directed to evolution are expressed in all actions, feelings and emotions of the person, when there is no a gap between external and internal expression of its energy. Really the person the one-similar magnet, which force of a bike shows then.
620. (M. A. Y.). Night is dark, - storm and terrible waves. The surf about rocks and reefs is audible. It is dangerous to break on rocks. But the far beacon shines through impenetrable darkness. But the steering wheel in hands of the helmsman is strong, and the captain is awake. And nor the storm nor darkness isn’t terrible while it holds a course on the far fire cutting darkness. The ship will be lost if to deviate a ray of light, showing to it the correct direction among storming elements and treacherous darkness. To ray of light strong you stick, otherwise … end.
621. (Guru). Remember a wisdom precept: "Even it will pass".
622. (Dec. 18). Fortress of locks doesn't depend on thickness of walls, but on courage of heart of defenders. In the same way and force of obstacles is in dependence from firmness of heart. Strong no force is terrible, but weakness fluctuates from wind whiff. Where a source to find forces for an inflexible opposite dark? Only in Me! Each opposite should be conducted together with Me, having united with Me in consciousness. Not I, but we, not the force, but Mine; One not to resist. But together we are invincible. So, before applications of force it is necessary to unite and work together. The darkness is very strong if to meet it without Me, - but, when together, against us nobody is strong. But the unlucky pupil before remembering Me and to unite to Me, will manage both to be saddened, and to receive blow, and to feel the powerlessness, and to recede, and even to lay down arms. Such relation to life because life has to be near a victories won't do at all it is necessary everything that goes against spirit. But a victory perhaps only with Me because without Me not to win neither, nor enemies of Light.
623. (M. A. Y.). There are moments when each pupil is given opportunity to work on own understanding. In it is freedom of spirit. It can choose a way of action correct or wrong, but has to work independently. And if it chooses a way of the actions joint with the Head, to these display a right choice. But it makes this choice independently and will free.
624. (Guru). Going to the Lord goes steadily at all combinations of external conditions. Theis condition of a inflexible im unconditional.
625. (Dec. 19). If the present of the ordinary person can be considered as an events section in eternal, our Stronghold can be considered as the phenomenon eternal in the passing. Exactly about It will find spirit opportunity to separate from Maya the current hour and to feel Eternity breath. Let its sphere will be surrounded with border behind which sounding of terrestrial vanity stops and Maya terrestrial ceases to be the only reality for consciousness. Let there will be It a shelter to spirit from ardent evidence of terrestrial dreams. Thought it is possible to direct always in the Stronghold, cutting off for itself a tail of importunate impressions day. After all once nevertheless it is necessary to leave both a body and everything that it surrounds. But it is good if in the spirit of in advance to prepare itself for a separation from life corporal. It is difficult to dump then from it outgrowths terrestrial and stratifications of terrestrial remnants. Even on Earth, in life usual, it isn't necessary to allow that all surrounding seemed too real. This is fragile surrounding and is swift-flowing. The flashback on five, ten, shows twenty years ago, how fast everything changes round the person and inevitably goes to the irretrievable. It is good to learn to separate now already in the spirit of from a tape of impressions of the present day, knowing that our Stronghold is the valid shelter of spirit from Maya bright illusions terrestrial. It and from Maya Elevated, too current and passing because the fiery of its construction does it really by the Stronghold Fiery which rises as the Eternity rock over a transient of the terrestrial, astral and mental world will be the same stronghold.
626. (M. A. Y.). Yes! The share terrestrial can be heavy. But the spirit only temporarily bears on itself its burden. After all clothes as themselves we don't consider! And often we change it. As we change also an external environment. Not eternally it. It as will pass as passed everything that was once so real and ardent. The Lord and everything that at Him, – over fluidity external is unchangeable only. In an orbit of its energy, into its Beam enter to dump from itself Maya seduction.
627. (Guru). He Told: "Come to Me all needing and burdened, and I Is will calm you" – because, really, It – a shelter to spirit. Stronghold and It, in the Stronghold Calling all those who started understanding already passing essence of life terrestrial, will be the purpose of aspirations for spirit.
628. (Dec. 20). Inalterability and Mobility of the Plan are based upon immovability and an invariance of bases. At all changes of a basis remain invariable. They are invariable and in time. Attributive can change, one concept is replaced with others, languages arise, but bases remain the same. For Intimate Knowledge It is preferred sensar* because isn't subject to variability of usual languages and it is rich with the concepts which are absolutely absent in the modern languages. That it is easier, using it, to preserve and keep bases from distortion. It language of symbols though it is difficult to be preserved against their interpretation is evil is good. It is a lot of cares and work it is required to protect Intimate Knowledge for the future. To give it in ignorant hands – means to endanger destructions. Someone protests against symbolic of records and ancient legends. But if it wasn't, them not only would distort, but also destroyed absolutely. Doctrine of ignorance it is very aggressive and intolerant. The need compels to protect Intimate in all ways.
629. (Guru). Both the love, and hatred and the other feelings turned to people, attract close to spirit to these people irrespective of, in what cover there are they at present. The magnet of a strong feeling nevertheless will unite sooner or later attraction focuses.
630. (Dec. 23). The discontent with is good. Us – it is pernicious. The Teacher – not the judge and not a condemning, but the litmus revealing all shortcomings of the pupil for a gets rid. Paid absolution is attempt by unusable means to escape responsibility for deeds. Release is in the spirit of, and in the spirit of and karma overcoming.
631. (Dec. 24). On unshakable bases standing from them won't leave. I Is with you always – of Basis. Bases can't depend on passing conditions of consciousness. They over doubts unsteady illusive "I", - I with you not there, in the Stronghold, but in your life of every day, if you heart with Me. Not I, but you are averted from Me, plunging in illusive "I". And then I become silent, separated by a paling of your egoism. What do you put them ahead of Me? Earlier too put something. But something passed it and was forgotten as will pass and will be forgotten put now. My Presence at you is invariable, over everything that was that is and that will be over everything that is temporary in you, - because I am eternal and eternal your spirit. Out temporarily you, out temporarily I, out temporarily the Stronghold Fiery that is over Maya passing dreams. On bases in the spirit of necessary fluctuations doesn't know, - they from darkness external. And you on Me be approved over evidence passing, because I with you always. I am the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. I put in the basis of the life as the Stone corner the bases of the house of your spirit. And, being approved on It, reject everything that doesn't correspond to basis tracings, that is Bases on which the fiery reality of life is based. I Is Way, I Is Truth, I Is Life. Love to Me hold Me and resist on the Basis Eternal. Eternal understand as an antithesis temporary and passing in you. I told: be rejected from itself and follow Me, be rejected from temporary, personal "I" to approve Eternal "I", timeless which inseparably with Me and is inseparable from Me. And then there will be I in you, and you in Me, you in Me, I in you, we in the Father of all Real – are boundless. New Precept I Allow you – to become sons of fiery Boundlessness, because in it Life, but not death life (which there lead ordinary people). Closer close I and over this world, - and I with you always. My other-worldly Kingdom, but from Boundlessness and in Boundlessness Real! When (we) together, the darkness isn't strong against you: that, which in you yet gets rid, that, which out of you. Means, in heart, in consciousness, in thoughts with Me it is necessary to be always, and then I Will be always with you, and not just during an eminence of your spirit. In life of every day all the time you learn to be in good spirits with Me. With Me – a victory, without Me – defeat and darkness. Everything that you will put in consciousness before Me, will take priority in consciousness. But I put first of all, Warrant a victory over all to those, before that I was put by heart. When with Me, the guarantee of a victory over and over the world I Give because I Won against the world.

632. (Dec. 30). What from this, what in the present isn't reached yet, when the future in our hands and when grains of the directed thought sent to the future, will yield immutable fruits much? We go to the future, planning possibilities of desirable achievements. The thought if it is applied is carried out. The thoughts applied in life will be steps of implementation of to what the spirit is directed. All unachieved consider achievable which your property becomes in the future. In World Aboveground aspirations become realized into reality of the Hidden World in the following embodiment on Earth to become the approved qualities of spirit. In Elevated grains of aspirations will ripen and will yield a fruit. Precept "Direct" in the world where everything moves thought is of particular importance also the special force if it was applied on Earth. The aspiration which approved on Earth and hasn't been realized owing to various conditions is carried out there by power of thought and becomes the maintenance of the Bowl. This aspect of aspiration is usually lost sight. But I Speak: "Direct". And if here, on Earth, the aspiration moves spirit and enriches it with new stays, despite the ardent resistance of the dense environment what will be where this resistance disappears and where, on menthol border, force of terrestrial gravitations runs low? Carefully sow seeds of aspirations – everyone will give consequences by the nature, everyone will lead to implementation of that is put in it. Direct!

The eng Records 1964*