Agni Yoga's facets, 1965 (101-250)

101. (M. A. Y.). When asked you the Help is late – means, the issue has to be resolved independently, so difficulty should be overcome own will, failure specifies that the decision is wrong. It is better to fail many times eventually to learn and gain the necessary experience, than, having received the urgent Help, not to learn anything. If there is a trust to the Teacher, it is possible not to be afflicted and not to be confused the next tests, knowing that everyone is allowed by the Teacher to teach, to something very necessary and urgent that can't be acquired if to exempt from test. Who says what tests easy? We know as far as they happen difficult. But the pleasure at us when tests are overcome, is successfully and strongly acquired the necessary lesson.
102. (Guru). When the need comes, with a smile the fight sword is removed from a wall. We want also you to teach the same that with a smile to go into battle. The joyful soldier costs hundreds sad, not knowing ecstasy fight.
103. (May 2). I am your fortress, I am your courage, I balance of your spirit, I tranquility force, I am force of all qualities of spirit which you want to approve in yourself. In Me everything, because the Way only through Me, because I am the Way! The sufferings brought in the name, but in the Name My – fruitful are aimless. As also the qualities of spirit approved in the Name My both for the sake of Me and with Me, are approved on a strong basis, on the rock indestructible. We call it the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life because immortality of spirit locates on it.
104. (M. A. Y.). When all evil-shifts of the darkness, all attacks, all diligence only pull together them with Us – the way is correct. In total fury of darkness is only the index on the luminous intensity growing in you. It is difficult to keep Light when the dark surround, but an exit – only up. And the impact is stronger; the approach to Light is prompter. Tactics of Adverse applied by the Teacher breaks their intricate intentions. Strong it is necessary to hold at these moments us and the Lord, to keep every minute in everything. – The best board and opportunity Light to keep shape of the Teacher in heart.
105. (Guru). The friend, remember that the worse, the better; the more difficultly, the quicker, the more darkly around, the Light the Highest is closer. One pole of the phenomena strengthens another. In it power of Light, is more furious attacks and a darkness impact, it is more than opportunities to hold it. If only to find forces to resist in the Lord. But forces we will find because Called.
106. (May 3). My pupil adjusts all consciousness on an apprenticeship key that is on studying everywhere and always, taking from each phenomenon the necessary life experience. Thus he learns to rejoice to this experience how it was difficult, either is bitter, or is severe. The lessons received by it at school of life, enrich its accumulation, doing it to ready for new, next mission of life and performance of orders of the Teacher. Usually the person sees that, on what looks, on what his attention is paid. To get probably broader experience and knowledge, it is necessary to direct attention to those phenomena which spirit evolutions promote. It is a lot of in life of the insalubrious phenomena, and to encumber with them consciousness – means to slow down advance. According to the accord with requirements of evolution the spirit directs. Expansion of consciousness goes in the directions planned by will. That there were no mistakes, it is necessary that each of them was according to the principles of beauty. The beauty of aspirations and beauty of cognition will allow passing by life dirt, without having soiled itself it. It is necessary to see life and the nobility, but the nobility – doesn't mean to soil the white wings.
107. (M. A. Y.). Let the bitterness of life won't poison pleasure of Communication with the Lord and us. Who says, easy what to study? The Doctrine is higher; the payment is more for it. Someone believes a payment in money, thinking that for gold all is bought. But the Doctrine of Life isn't on sale though it is necessary to pay for its knowledge, the truth – not money. Only inexperience can complain that the payment is so great. But the skilled traveler rejoices, because on a payment and receiving. Let's look who how many paid. Let's see that paid receives a measure full, forcing quickly to forget about a payment in pleasure of invaluable stays most. And when the treasures of thought collected by someone fall into your hands, know that was paid for everything, for each thought.
108. (Guru). Whether paid attention what great artists, writers, poets and other representatives of the world of art seldom happened are happy in life usual human happiness? Byron, Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, Dostoevsky – here the first names, which have come back to memory among many; who was happy from them? It too a payment to art for the right to create; without sufferings the perception and a subtlety of feelings and understanding doesn't become aggravated. It is good when the consciousness is ready to taking its gifts from life and to pay without being sorry. One of them, of great poets, told: "I am fated to suffer to a grave the Creator".
109. (May 4). A lot of things I Have Tell, - wisdom of Intimate Knowledge is inexhaustible. Whether many have to it access? But having receives at a rate of consciousness capacity. Containment is a receiving criterion. Expansion of consciousness deepens capacity. Means – care of how to expand consciousness. Process happens on life, that is on the life and its phenomena the thoughtful pupil has the necessary opportunities. Not dissociation of aspiration most quickly leads to the purpose. Whether it is possible to go forward, making one step forward, and another back, and whether it is possible to move forward, addressing back, or to aspire in the future and to live them, having fixed the gaze in the past and plunging into ooze of personal memoirs. Situation "in total in the past" not for Us, for Us is all in the future, as and for our pupils in the future is all, - present valuably exactly so, as far as it serves as a springboard for the future. For someone the present is only a past eructation, and for someone – a smithy of future achievements and stays. The present is for the sake of the future, but not for the sake of something another. Each step and each action in the present it is comprehended and justified so far as they approve the judgment future. I emphasize, judgment, judgment Us and a problem of evolution Real, but not personal desires and egoistical aspirations of limited, small consciousness’s. Our Help widely flows when actions are made for General Welfare because the personal benefit – the enemy of the General if contradicts it. And when something you ask in the Name My, that is for and for the sake of General Welfare, asked it will be given. Too often and too much the person only for himself asks, forgetting that he – part Whole and to separate itself(himself) from him – means to cut the roots feeding it and giving to it life. Bowl of General Welfare accept. You will find in it and for yourself.
110. (M. A. Y.). . To understand the events occurring in the world, it is possible only from the super personal point of view. Personal will prevent to see the wide horizon of planetary currents and their general direction, going towards the aim the uniform. This purpose is consciousness ascension on a new step of evolution. The law of contrasts causes to life counteraction of leaving energy and counteraction of leaving consciousnesses, which judgment to the future. But in the most this counteraction, in his rage the reason of its defeat and overcoming by his consciousness’s which have adjoined evolution is covered. When the formula is given that "Light wins against darkness" is claimed by it that evolutionary power is insuperable, because it is movable by Space Forces against, which forces counteracting and the consciousness’s, going evolutions in defiance, finally are powerless. Finally Space Power will sweep away all resistance, and in exceptional cases doesn't stop even before destruction of the whole civilizations. Let's honor understanding action of Great Laws and we will be claimed in belief that whatever occurred in the world now, Luminous intensity Will win against powers of darkness.
111. (Guru). The thought is correct – spiritual true cooperation of conformable and close consciousnesses happens over temporary covers. Therefore it and when they are dumped by spirit or when one dies doesn't stop, and another still it is necessary to live on Earth. For true cooperation stay in this or that cover, on this or that plan because it proceeds regardless of these conditions has no value. The spiritual bond is so stronger and higher than corporal or thin conditions that represent it as though the continuous chain consisting of interchangeable thin energy, going over bodies or the covers which are subject to replacement in a cycle of the next embodiments. Therefore bodies and covers are dumped and replaced new, and the spiritual bond and cooperation remain invariable, both growing, and amplifying in time. It is possible to speak about centuries and even the millennia of the uninterrupted cooperation, which hasn't been saddened neither recreancy, nor treachery, doubts nor mistrust. The real, tested employee is the employee always and everywhere. Only such measure measures a judgment apprenticeship. Butterflies, midges and the moths attracted with strong Light and flying on it, have so a little the general with that whom we call the judgment pupil. Because spirit moths, having got warm in light of Light or even having burned if flew up too close, often again depart to darkness. But sons of Light, Light having concerned, can't depart from it, because to it judgment. And people on forever coming and on passersby differ. We know it, know also you and you learn to distinguish one from others that in vain not to spend the forces for them, on coming to time, for those whom we call passersby unmistakably.
112. (Guru). Constant courage we consider as quality necessary. In good luck and failure, today and tomorrow, and always and under all circumstances happy and opposite, we will store this cheerfulness, inflexible casual combinations of external conditions. Conditions will leave as came, but courage remains with us, as already integral achievement.
113. (May 6). It is possible to imagine, the aura of the person how strong grows to the house or a place in which he without quitting the place lived all life. Change of bodies and embodiments wisely is given to people that they didn't become attached too strongly to that surrounds them. Wanderings and travel therefore are extraordinary useful, than big changes in each separate life and the more changes of houses and dwellings, the better for the spirit learning by experience temporariness and fragility of terrestrial houses. And still, without looking even at this experience, the aura manages to grow to the next dwelling. Then life sends especially frequent changes of an external environment. Everyone teaches a separation from them that the separation from Earth upon transition of Great Borders was probably easier. Wanderers have nothing to lose, there is nothing to be sorry and there is nothing to grow aura, as they in continuous movement. But living in houses and apartments, and especially in own, and esteeming them the, it is difficultly to come off extraordinary. With each room, a thing habitual, a subject which it is owned, are connected by a thread forming current of association with it in consciousness. Thousand invisible threads chained consciousness to all things which considers as the, to walls of houses and everything that is in them or near, to places, in which their lives the person. It is difficult even to imagine as far as the consciousness is encumbered with things unnecessary spirit and it is how braided, as if the strong web, the intertwining currents stretched from each owned thing to the owner. In it a damnation of property and in it attachment of the person to Earth, - but release in the spirit of. It is possible in the spirit of to break off these threads, it is possible in the spirit of to learn to be exempted from things, knowing that each of them is necessary only for time and that actually nothing belongs to us as with itself from Earth it is impossible to take anything further. The people, who haven't been exempted from chains of property, go to the World Thin, bound hand and foot by it. It is necessary to study in consciousness completely to come off familiar spots and dwellings, throwing out from it even memory of them as memoirs too tie to places and things; from here special usefulness of frequent change of external conditions. Among all these changes of places, both houses, and circumstances invariable there is the Teacher, a Hierarchy of Light, communication with it and those bases on which the Life Doctrine is based. This invariable Basis of Life needs to be preserved especially that flashing of waves of an everyday stream didn't close the most important and necessary for the person. Don't become attached to anything, and you will have nothing to lose: neither to things, nor to houses, neither to places, nor to passersby and passers casual, because all this only for a while. Everything goes, everything flows, everything passes, but I Stay for ever and ever and with you over passing currents of life. To Me directed I Ask: leave terrestrial, more precisely, leave attachment to terrestrial, exempt consciousness from litter encumbering it that it was possible to fill it with the phenomena of the enduring. When I Speak about treasures in heavens, I Mean inherent values of thought and spirit accumulation which it can take with itself in a way distant. And you look at everything that around as on what it is necessary to leave and that all this not yours, everything is given you for a while, in temporary use by destiny or the Karma. Be born in the world of people, having nothing, dies, without having taken with itself anything. From where this terrible perversion of sense of things with, which the person imagines, what it owns them? Certainly, from ignorance, that is from ignorance, which is the reason of all delusions. Therefore I Speak: know, know before can exempt spirit from chains of the dense world that in World Aboveground to be absolutely free from remnants terrestrial.
114. (M. A. Y.). It should be noted carefully as the payment is followed immediately by receiving. Many would like to receive free of charge, that is to acquire experience and savoir vivre for nothing, without having paid for it difficulties, sufferings, bitterness and own by the own sweat and blood. The easy way of cognition of life doesn't exist. We such don't know didn't know it and those who passed before us this thorny road. Consolation in that all these thorns enrich spirit with new stays and prepares it for the following step on a life ladder. As carefully it is necessary to consider and analyze each experience to take from it everything that it can give. It is possible at school at a lesson, having been engaged in trifles, to pass it is useless by ears the whole lesson. In the same way and in life it is possible to pass by to what the Teacher wants to teach us on life thoughtlessly. We will be very attentive to everything to that teaches us life.
115. (Guru). Let's consider each coming day as a step of one more, new possibility of cognition of the world. And then the eye our, directed on knowledge acquisition, won't miss anything that this day can give. If it is simply to look at everything as everything, many important and remarkable will pass by, without having left a trace. If to consider itself constantly and every instant as the pupil, much can learn then. Small children drive by a hand. The mature pupil goes independently and takes that the Teacher carefully prepared for it on the Way. Ability to stand on own feet and to work independently indicates a spirit maturity.
116. (May 7). At first the necessary or desirable thought demands that the attention was concentrated on it. Then it gets stronger, crystallizes, and it isn't necessary any efforts any more that to hold it. And then it becomes so strong that the effort, and sometimes very big that to be exempted from it is necessary. The persuasive strong thoughts generated by the person, accompany him long after he generated them, at least he and didn't want to communicate with them more. Thoughts habitual, thoughts repeated, the thoughts caused by our weaknesses and indulgence it, especially stick. Thoughts, to cherish and fed for years energy of creative imagination are how strong! The thought is live essence. She lives and vibrates in space. It is easier to generate it, than to be exempted from it. From pure, fine, light thoughts there is no need to be released because, except good, their influences will bring nothing, but how to be with thoughts of the opposite nature, with thoughts dark, with thoughts of the evil? Thoughts everything, both good, and bad, it is necessary first of all to seize and learn to operate them, eliminating them from consciousness with the will order. If not approve this skill on Earth when in a dense body where thought everything moves, it will be almost impossible to make it. Thoughts, these live essence, will surround the person irrespective of, he wants it or not, and will pulse life and to influence beget force enclosed by him in these thoughts of energy. Exercises in release of consciousness from thoughts of any order are very necessary and useful. It is for this purpose good to learn to be able to transfer attention from one subject to another, from one order of thoughts – on absolutely new. Change of work or occupations, replacement with one another are very useful to that allow to change together with it and a current of thoughts rather facilitate this process. It is necessary to study ability to operate the thought. It is very necessary for Elevated stay. At the thoughts and free people it is possible to divide mankind into slaves. It is difficult to speak about any freedom to the slaves being in captivity at own mental generations. But the person was born by the free. He put on slavery chains itself, having fallen under the power of own thoughts. Only the thought of freedom can stir the slave to action. The thought holds down and releases the person. The thought of freedom will be a release threshold. Slavery usual the slavery at thoughts – the little is visible to all, but. It isn't necessary to me slaves.
117. (M. A. Y.). If on belief it is given, on denial it is taken away. Put a denying of one, give the handle and paper – will stay, maybe, the whole year and still won't write down any thought going from Us. How deny undoubted, that proximity, that connection, which between us was established and which so fruit full by the results. Therefore the darkness raves, you surrounding that you are close to us and you serve Light. But how to be with those who goes against you who, Light having concerned, again addressed in darkness? Don't forget that now time of final accounts and everyone defines the future for far terms. Let everything will naturally be attracted to focuses of the attraction that is will take place on poles that is will make a choice. For this purpose everyone is given tests that revealed the essence and departed either to Light, or in darkness.
118. (Guru). Not too be confused when a physical body, going on a limit, doesn't maintain loading. The air drink is necessary to the diver at least to stay in depth. The lower class near Earth is pumped unreasonably. Many forces are necessary to resist. The Christ left to the desert to restore forces dissipated for people. How to restore them to you attached to conditions difficult, attached strong? Clean air isn't present, there is no prana, and there is no desert. There is no place to leave... There is an exit only one, only to the Lord. Only with It is possible to find an exit in constancy of Communication from the created deadlock. And maybe, seeming hopelessness for this purpose also developed to approach to It forever.
119. (May 8). Here and there, far and close, top or a bottom, today or tomorrow, ahead or behind is all these terrestrial ideas of things. In the spirit of all nowadays, and here, and where spirit and consciousness, there and all these concepts nowadays shared by terrestrial, limited thinking concepts and the representations merged in one "I" of the person. Where consciousness, there and everything: there and spirit, and it "i", not small "i" and terrestrial, but the highest, not having anything and owning everything, because of everything refused. Where "I", there is and the house, house of the spirit. Not to the house terrestrial ties the consciousness of the people, the house which has constructed to of spirit, but lives and it stays in the spirit house. And then all terrestrial houses become temporary, and the spirit isn't chained to one, not absorbed by any because any doesn't consider, and to data only for a while that was where to have a corner for a body, which needs both clothes and a shelter. But the spirit doesn't need them. This freedom from things and houses and clothes should be understood not to connect itself with them. This border of possession things without feeling of property that is without coherence them is very thin the owner with his property, keep the force and hold spirit captive at the things surrounding consciousness. Astral doubles of material things have bright visibility on the plan astral, and the owner not released from terrestrial things them, that is these doubles, continues to own because them considers as the. And instead of beauty of the Thin World, instead of boundless space, instead of light of the Distant Worlds or fine landscapes, not visible to an eye terrestrial mountains, both the woods, and snow, and the seas, he will see fragments of terrestrial heaps of unnecessary things, imperfect and even ugly sometimes, and will grab them, holding them about itself. Whether not too it is expensive payment for own ignorance? You learn to look at everything that the destiny gave in your hands as on temporary possession the things necessary only on Earth, possession with which shouldn't and can't be stretched in your consciousness is one instant farther than terms of life terrestrial. Stop in consciousness of a thread of communications magnetic with each thing for its necessity and suitability on Earth that with itself there, to the World Elevated, even it is casual, not to take anything. When not released spirit leaves a body terrestrial, it pulls for itself a long being dragged tail of terrestrial property which will try to keep step with it, won't be chopped off yet. And as stay in the Thin World is much more long terrestrial, it is possible to imagine that lost by the person surrounded with a tatter and fragments of terrestrial remnants. The slavery at things comes to light in all the force, senselessness and absurd not here, on Earth, but in World Aboveground where it is necessary to pay for seduction by illusive feeling of property heavy. On everything that around, on Earth, and especially at things which you have, you look, you learn to look how the traveler looks at everything by what he passes. We are travelers of a way boundless. Boundless we and nothing belongs to us. Everything is temporary only, only for a while. Temporarily of a thing, the body, temporarily feelings is temporary. And only Looking at them, the Immortal Recorder, Dumb Witness inside – is eternal It.
120. The beauty can be loved. It is possible to enjoy beauty of Earth and the nature, beauty of works of art, beauty of fine things and even beauty of clothes or use, but on condition of not coherence it, that is without feeling of property or desire to consider all the, forever, to me, me, my egoism belonging. The beauty acquitted everything, but the desire of assignment in personal property isn't justified only. Even the beautiful clothes can be had, but knowing its sense and temporariness of appointment. Everything is permitted, if in freedom, and – anything, if in slavery.
121. (M.A.Y.). Y.). As tensely there are these days, sating consciousness with experience. The most unpleasant, the heaviest, the most burdening becomes the most fructifying that is spiritual accumulation. From everything experience is taken, and findings of spirit obviously grow. Therefore, both favorable and opposite circumstances strong start serving the directed spirit. And as counteractions are forced dark, start serving and they, causing growth of strength of mind on everything going against. So, fidelity and devotion to the Lord and us has the award. Growth of thought can't be bought not for the world the world. And if the thought starts growing violently, the way of spirit is free. Freedom is not in lack of obstacles or dark counteractions, but in their overcoming, in a victory over them. To go, despite everything, to go, a rhythm of Communication and perceptions without breaking, to go in the face of the most great difficulties and obstacles there is a way victorious. It is our way. And We rejoice when the directed spirit goes this way.
122. (Guru). Monsters – legs of the Throne, a monster – Light bottom. On backs of monsters the hero rises by Light Mountain. Violation of darkness is that on it and over it Day breakers to the Stronghold rise. Only darkness the won can rise. Every day fight, also is everyday forged the Victory. It is impossible to recede not for a moment or to calm down in making, it is impossible even to stop for a long time because the stop can turn into stagnation. Delays because the Teacher goes all forward and forward are dangerous, and it is possible to lag behind having been late.
123. All is I carry with myself. Everything I carry in myself. Everything is valid I carry with myself and in myself. And all is I carry away with itself to the World Thin when the body dies. What this "" and what itself it represents? What with myself I take that with it and in it to stay? Here also it is necessary to think of it that with not to carry and not to carry away unnecessary, harmful, dark anything to the World Elevated.
124. (May 10). I am with you always. Why you are forces and desire in yourself you won't find always to be with Me? Experience says that rather tensely to start directing to Me and to hold my Face in the heart as the darkness with rage falls upon the daring. Light is hated to darkness. Bright burning of heart forces dark rage in rage, trying to break a stronghold of the lit heart. It is difficult to maintain darkness impacts, because refined dark in the evil-shift. But the Light approved by the Face of the Teacher, has to win against darkness. Again also we will do again attempts to a heart all-filling the Lord when all the rest has to recede in consciousness on the plan back. When the Lord in consciousness takes priority, the victory then is achievable. Defend the Lord and Him we will win. Fight for Light will be still very difficult some time while space conditions of a planet yet don't allow its full assimilation by consciousness. Still the darkness moves, collecting for the last furious flash of all who is fated to become Space litter. But clouds will dissipate, the gloom will vanish, waves of fire will pass on a planet, burning out Space litter, clearing it and preparing open spaces terrestrial for new, most wonderful life. The new World will win. The victory of your Homeland over darkness is a symbol of a victory of the New World over old, there is a pledge and the guarantee of new victories and a final celebration of Light and the Truth over darkness. The great future is fated to the World, and my Country, your Homeland, will make an invaluable contribution to creation of the New World. Victory Day we will mark out understanding her for destinies of the world. Great victims, which were brought by the great people to achieve a victory, weren't brought in vain. In vain enemies try to cancel its results.
125. (M. A.Y.). Let's not be sorry the Light to share with others. Who told that to share Light, it is necessary to speak about it. Light is radiated by aura, and radiations are transferred and influence silently. Let's learn a silent donation. The sermon departed in the past, lectures about the Doctrine too. There is a life and the word lives. But the word said silently, more strongly said by language. The silent victim is stronger. Silence moves while the word can fly by. And not any word or words can be told always aloud. But the silent vibration of Light transferred by radiations of aura never remains without a consequence. In silence and silence it is possible to tell and make more, than one hundred idle talkers and talkers will make.
126. (Guru). People each other fool in the face don't like to look. Why? Whether not therefore, what have in itself such too much, what it would be desirable to hide from people? Exactly is so! When you are ready to look to us in the face and in eyes to the Teacher is a sign this very good. It means openness of heart to Us. Attentively observe people, and especially those who hide eyes. For everyone is available a lot of such, that he wants to hide. Eyes are windows of soul.
127. (Guru). The end crowns business, and the final victory covers all failures. Also it is necessary to aspire to it, passing quietly by all failures conducting to a final victory if the decision took place in the spirit of to achieve it at any cost. So, failure turns into good luck and seeming defeat – in a victory. The spirit, is invincible, if it is realized that everything that around, everything passes, and the spirit remains. And if the victory is claimed in the spirit of atop everything that is and that was, and the victory remains with spirit and in the spirit of. So there is through life a winner judgment.
128. Concourses happen are very various on the structure and moods. "Where two, or three gathered in the Name My, there I is between them". But what turns out, if gather in the name itself? That can turn out if the concourse goes for the sake of gambling’s, alcoholism, revelry or other low purposes, or it is simply aimless, is empty and deprived of light aspirations. To give itself on worry to ignorant or low consciousnesses – it is inexpedient. It is better to avoid these concourses. Sitting at a table in a circle of become tipsy people can't but have the most terrible impact on aura. Communication with people well and is necessary, but the purpose of such communication has to be on the ball. Aimless communication are harmful, and furthermore concourse of intoxicated people.
129. (M. A. Y.). It is given much. And even the small particle withheld and applied, will make wealth. In it is of generosity of the Teacher. But something needs to be applied, and the more the better. Despite the fluidity of the processes happening in covers, they are very persistent in expression of the form. The hair color or eye or features and features of a physical structure remain for the rest of life. The same concerns covers astral and mental. Basic changes in them are very slow and demand persistent work on them. They are very inert and very persistent in counteraction to everything that is contrary to their congenital or acquired properties.
130. (Guru). The person lives that, what surrounds him. As far as internal human life will change at change of external conditions, it so will change upon transition to the World Thin. From here conclusion: the sustained course on rapprochement with Hierarchy of Light up to the end enters into those spheres where influences of darkness stop and where the dark can't get any more. Strongholds, both Ashrams, and the settlements of the Thin World protected by Powers of Light, serve as a shelter for those who strove for Light and against itself won.
*131. (May 12). I Want to approach your consciousness to understanding of all types of a matter, which stream a continuous stream through your conductors, and the laws operating it. Communication with shapes, which is given doesn't try or the spirit though the form and ceased to exist was invested. The spirit is connected with everything, through what passes and that passes through it and its covers. The spirit spiritualizes a matter and rarefies and attenuates it. Only refined the matter becomes the bottom of organic life. On a naked stone the grass doesn't grow. It is necessary that the soil for plants was covered with incalculable number of covers of dead forms of the lowest organisms and forms of organisms live that life could develop. One develops and grows at the expense of another. The ladder of life going from below up is difficult and long. The power of the person over the elements which are a part of his conductors is expressed first of all in ability of an organism to assimilate them and to use on creation of these conductors and maintenance of a form of each of them. This power and this ability go deep and grow. Possibilities of growth of the power of the person over the elements, which are a part of all by his, are boundless. But this growth is long very much. Slowly understanding of the power of the person over a matter in all its types, making his microcosm develops. Properties of a matter give to the person boundless opportunities of growth of consciousness. The consciousness and matter are connected closely, because are aspects of a thing. It is impossible to separate indivisible, but the poles of the phenomena permits studying of each of poles. The infantile materialism assuming existence only of that is visible to an eye, departed in the past. On change to it there is an understanding of boundless aspects of manifestation of a matter, since its worst forms and finishing Fohat and the Matter of Matrix, which such extents of its thinning about which it is useless even follow to mention. It is important to understand that the field of studying of a matter is boundless as it is boundless in the opportunities and a matter. At first the molecule, then atom, then electrons was a limit of division of a matter and an atomic nucleus, then there were tens their new divisions. But where end? And who can tell, what further thinning of division of material particles can't go, what the limit is already reached? And We Say that sparks, color stars, both spots, and all amazing light educations which are visible by distinguished sight, all these forms of identification of different types the matters, which for the present aren't recognized as official science. I speak "while" as time of disappearance of it "while" comes nearer. From reality the science won't leave anywhere, with it is necessary to be considered and recognize a lot of things denied at the moment. It is important to understand that in the person all is concentrated: or already revealed, or in the condition hidden still. It is necessary to look for in the person. Its equipment, devices of its microcosm can be more adapted for matter studying, than the devices constructed by human hands as the last are still too imperfect. The most perfect computer is limited to that is enclosed in it by reason of the person, which in opportunities of the development of borders has no. Thus well constantly to mean that all accumulation and achievements of the person on improvement of the device can't be lost as remain forever in deposits of the Bowl being a never-dying treasury of its Immortal reincarnating Triad. Therefore thinning of the device belongs to the category of such actions which duration goes far to the future – out of limits of one terrestrial life. Such actions the will stretches a life thread further to that line to which life of a body or life in a body is limited. It is necessary to pay special attention to how actions and acts of the ordinary people who usually aren't going further the next few days, months or years and never stepping death of a body are short further. Thought that the person dies together with a body, – one of the greatest delusions of our century. Even dark hierophant knows about immortality of spirit, but they carefully protect this knowledge for themselves. Association of the world’s gives in mankind hands the mighty lever for life transformation. Great time goes, and the true science will rise in defense and the statement of reality which will open to people the wide horizons of cognition real.
132. The vigilant spear over a dragon – a symbol of that in the consciousness directed to Light occur continuous fight meanwhile that the person and it has to become what represents himself at present. If to leave patrol or even to weaken it, former accumulation of imperfection starts overcoming. Means, fight is continuous, so past overcoming in itself constantly. The past is imperfect always because the person grows, and outgrows itself, and it becomes better, than was if ascends. I speak about ascending consciousness, because It is visible and we Know sets of the descending. Go down process, or involution, spirit in an everyday is almost imperceptible, but in centuries we See how one walk upstairs lives while others descend. It is possible to imagine easily where one rise and where others go down. Way up – to Light, a way to a chasm – in darkness. So in an everyday small makes the way of people – in darkness or to Light.
133. (M. A. Y.). The thought of the Lord approaches to Him. So why not give, or to devote It all the thoughts, affairs and acts. Even if to have usual conversation with thought of It conversation will light up with Light. Even silence will be then lightful. Every instant, given to the Lord, it will be saturated Light. The thought of the Lord will be thought of Light because the Image of the Lord is Light collected in focus of thought. It is possible to tell, having changed known saying: "In the light of the Lord we will behold Light".
134. (M. A. Y.). Merge on fire; merge in Light – as is much concluded in these words! What force gives this merge? This force is love, which doesn't forget which always pulses golden threads of live communication. The love that from a body, dies so quickly, dies at times long before when the body will die. But love that from spirit, doesn't know death, because it isn't connected by a body. Let's look at love as on the shining bridge of communication between spirit and spirit. Whether everything is equal, in what body and where their lives spirit, if it is connected by such love with that or those who loves the love, which isn't dying with a body. Such love says that darlings are live and love wherever there were they. Let's approve love over all dense conditions. Over everything that denies it and to it puts a limit. Told, "I with you always", Connected us with Itself Love. And we will connect ourselves in reply with It too love. The love is strong interrelation of hearts and the consciousness’s directed to each other. For love Call is necessary. Answered Call comes nearer it. When it flares, a lot of things become already unnecessary because it gives the next approach. Flowers every day water and care; the love needs care warm and a constant; otherwise it will dry up under cold of oblivion. Our proximity and proximity of Lords we approve by love.
135. (Guru). There are two rows of affairs: one not for long live and quickly die others not die even in centuries. It is good when the person gives time and a place to affair, which don't die. You look how the mankind renders honoring to the people creating never-dying affairs, – immortal great works of art. To service to that doesn't die, the person who has understood death and immortality of things can give himself; who to that and to who serves, that with that and remains. Immortal with the immortal surround itself: both thoughts, and subjects, and affairs.
136. (May 13). When complexity of intellectual constructions darkens the pure horizon of thought, it is possible to discharge them everything, having caused my Face in consciousness. The solution of everything – at Me, and any philosophizing can't stand in my Light. Many got lost in a labyrinth of rational constructions, forgetting that the thought going from heart, is stronger than thought of mind. Everything but as thoughts human are various think. And far not any thought deserves that to communicate with it. Some devotees arrived perfectly, repeating a prayer Iesus incalculable quantity of times. From light, clair-radiant thoughts it isn't necessary to defend, but from pack of the claws rushing in space, it is necessary to defend. When equally effective energy of a microcosm human the consciousness up directs, it is possible to worry about accumulation subject to an gets rid because the spirit isn't won by them not too. In all conditions and under all circumstances it is possible to move forward if to bend thought to the Lord, - such thought moves powerfully. It is necessary only though to any degree to find forces to be released from itself. And in this case deduction of balance helps. Without it all energy of the person so difficult submits to will. Let's consider that preservation of balance will be the first condition of the statement of autocracy over itself. Yes! Yes! Only this type of autocracy is allowed to the person. To dominate over itself it is undivided, over the emotions, moods and passions – means to become the winner. Why to allow that any thoughts, or moods, or something influenced consciousness when that can influence everything they will giving the immutable order. The majority of people cope anything, but only not own will. Lack of will is a pettiness, a spirit pettiness. It is possible to suffer, it is possible to suffer, it is possible to receive the crushing’s from destiny and people, but to allow these phenomena and to accept them in lack of will and a pettiness it is impossible if the idea of inviolability and eternity of spirit at least is to some extent acquired. It is impossible to break that on the essence can't be mentioned by anything that below the fiery nature of a kernel of spirit. The kernel is indestructible. Everything occurs round it, – only waves rushing by a life stream. The spirit towers over them, as the rock over a raging sea, - the sea storms and the rock of spirit costs. It is necessary to call all will to force itself to realize fiery integrity and inviolability of a kernel of spirit.
137. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to sate space with forms of crystallized thought and to bring those the stones on creation of the majestic building of the New World. We make the contribution. You bring also, our employees. We see your creativity and force of self-proceeding beams and we rejoice to Light increase.
138. (Guru). Luminous intensity inside is shown in operation. Who told what action has to be put surely into words or by means of hands or feet? The most powerful action is silent, made in silence. In silence it is easiest to throw far anchors.
139. (May 15). Let nobody be deceived by seeming ease of achievements. It isn't enough to reach, it is necessary to hold achievement still. Difficulty that century heaps is the big force of inert resilience. They as though absorb fruits of achievements and pull reached back. Again and again it is necessary to claim reached that to hold it. The periods of deduction are replaced by the periods when the gets rid and already forgotten shadows of far fulfillments raise from the past, apparently, and again interfere in consciousness, darked it. The chopped-off heads of a monster grow again. It indicates only once again that, patrol has to be how sharp-sighted. All these cracks are very dangerous because through them spatial poison filters. Similar unites similar as packs of wolves or birds, and the spatial darkness seeks to merge with the darkness which at least has been temporarily allowed in consciousness. And dark whispers try to inflate each opportunity seen by them because also they too it is constant on the guard. Own dark is infectious, as darken not only people around, but also surrounding. Harm turns out not personal, but the general, responsibility not only for, but also for people, for space, for its purity. It is possible to wave away from this responsibility, but to avoid and evade from it is impossible irrespective of, wants it, the person recognizes it or not. The feeling of unclear and causeless burden on heart is frequent there is no other than a sign of that the consciousness bears on itself part of the Burden of the World for all mankind. From here the care of the benefit of all mankind is a duty of everyone. It not words, is fiery reality of life. One for all and all for one is the immutable law of collective life of people. It is possible to deny it, it isn't possible to trample on it, but to avoid terrible karmic consequences of its violation any person will be able. Each act and each action, going against it, against idea of a universal brotherhood of mankind, cause the return blow, which falls sooner or later upon violators; in result is disasters, diseases, wars, spontaneous accidents and all those misfortunes, which overcome people, - in result the endangered people and perishing civilizations and ruins huge, once the blossoming cities? It is possible not to recognize responsibility of each person for the planet and destiny of its people, but anybody can't leave from this responsibility. For violation of the law of the Brotherhood of people pay all without an exception.
140. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to rise even closer, and it is necessary to stay in this condition of proximity constantly. Minutes of Communication represent themselves as though the culmination of this proximity, but an ideal of merge of consciousness in its constancy. It is hard to hold this sublime condition of consciousness at least because too the difference between vibrations of environment and tension of the moment of Communication is great. And still it is necessary to hold this high condition of consciousness, as far as possible. Pay attention to how degausses each contact with ordinary people if only internal fires aren't covered and aren't protected from violation. Light, but not the lamp, because without the lamp – darkness is given all.
141. Seeds of the dismissed thinking are awful. Also the spatial crops cemented by fires of thought will appear before the Teacher. Both to cracks there is a smoke, and to cracks of the dismissed thought – darkness. The dark thought forms a hole in fabric of light of a protecting network.
142. (May 16). The fear before something deprives of the person of force which is so necessary to it for overcoming of the phenomenon, caused fear. Sensation of fear is deprived of the positive beginning; it should be thrown out immediately from consciousness as soon as there is its threat. It is necessary to know about dangers, from them it is necessary to defend, all measures can be taken for protection, but to allow fear though for an instant to sadden consciousness and that itself to weaken – it is inadmissible. Insolvency of this feeling is proved to that in it there is no positive or creative property while destructive all it is available. Fear it is impossible neither to carry away, nor to attract, they can infect only. Fear – the terrible and ardent devourer of mental energy. Afraid loses everything while fearless heart is ready to meet fully equipped the most frightening conditions or the most terrible masks and to come out the winner from collision. Courage is combined with discretion and care. Reckless courage is near from nonsense. We welcome courage, but in combination with mind. The fear will paralyze forces and deprives of protection. The protecting network hangs and opens internal essence of the person for any blow. Quality of fearlessness is characteristic availability of fires corresponding to this property lit in a microcosm of the person. Fire of courage is especially bright. It possesses force of special toning impact on all organisms. When our soldier finds in himself determination to replace a fear grimace with a courage smile, it is close to victory. Victory and fearlessness very close concepts. Courage we will store in all living conditions. The multi-colored of fear attire, fire of fearlessness burns fears attires, - courage, courage, courage of Precept to you Mine howl. It is required it these vague days before Arrival much. Each of you I Want to see invested with fearlessness chain armor. Courage force you I Send in Beams, - to strengthen fight armor.
143. Let's note a two-polar of qualities. Each merit has the contrast: fearlessness and fear, love and hatred, balance and disbalance, will and lack of will. Everyone has the antipode denying its positive properties. This circumstance has the good parties as gives the chance трансмутировать undesirable qualities in the direction of the line of related contrasts, in qualities desirable. The poles allow the transmutation phenomenon. It is impossible трансмутировать that isn't revealed on poles. The one who neither is cold, nor is hot but only it is warm, – the person who hasn't revealed in neither positive, nor negative qualities, that is their potential. And potential, even negative, gives the chance to express in the same degree and potential positively, that is force it while lukewarm there is nothing to express. Lukewarm for evolution don't suit. The teacher will approach the robber or the loose woman, than a lukewarm the candied, because the potential of the robber and the loose woman at a transmutation gives valuable consequences whereas lukewarm, as though he tried rather, won't be able to reach anything. The phenomenon of unfitness lukewarm for evolution is very peculiar expressed in ancient situation: " Vomit you from My lips, because there were no you it is cold, it is hot but only it is warm". So Space litter it was mentioned long ago. Certainly, it is unenviable the fate of those, who rejects a transmutation, because remains on the party darkness is unenviable also. But the destiny of transmutations of light qualities of spirit in qualities dark, because it was lifted above is even sadder, the falling is stronger. Remains on the party
144. (M. A. Y.). Laws of Communication are very severe. We can't give more than that, on what we have the right. A lot of things would like to tell and about much to warn. But the Law forbids transfer of the direct instructions influencing a free will. Difficult task of the Teacher is and messages and not to break the Karma. Therefore amateur performance is welcomed because or to action We can lay the hand to already direct will, without breaking a free will. That is why it is instructed: "Direct", that is give, to what to put energy of the Teacher. The law should be known that it was possible to use consciously of. It isn't without reason said that he, who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. Show itself in operation self-proceeding, and a lot of things will be put to you. We are ready and very much we wish to help, but given the chance, give you, wise understanding of conditions of the appendix of the great Law.
145. (The answer to a question that occurs in the world. – Abramov B. N.). Listen: war won't be. But events will go under the sign of war, so strong that many would prefer war of awful burden of tension which isn't giving discharges. Will solve everything Arrival, - before Arrival the press will increase everywhere, in consciousness of everyone. For discharge don't wait that to break darkness, it is necessary to allow to it to come to light everything, up to the end, - undetected, remains the hidden abscesses. Otherwise not to clear a planet of the infection centers. These days to keep balance will be a sign of cooperation with Us. Revealing darkness faces, we Will not allow a leopard to jump.
146. (Guru.). Why sufferings at times reach endurance limits? Only for that, what to define and approve a limit of firmness of spirit, but firmness of spirit is one of the most valuable qualities. Property of quality is its boundlessness. Therefore, the limit of firmness of spirit isn't present. The spirit can sustain everything if all forces sleeping in it are called. Look at those who in the past so victoriously passed through the most very grave tests with the Name of the Teacher on lips. Nobody broke, nobody was broken. Neither fires, nor tortures, neither mockery, nor intimidations, threats – nothing could break firmness of spirit of those who went His name. To show indestructibility of spirit in all living conditions will be a victory, and first of all, over itself, and consequently, and over darkness, because the darkness wants to break spirit.
147. (May 19). Each feeling has a visible form of the expression on this or that plan. The is steadier and repeated feeling, the steadier and form. In a body physical the feeling also is expressed and externally on degree of the force and inability to own it. Constantly offended rather feeling offended, people keep and on the face and to take offense mask, others – rage, the third – cruelty, the fourth – good nature. In other words, steady emotions set the seal of the expression to the external person. The same prints bear on themselves both the astral double and a thin body. But not everything is printed sharply on a physical body. Often a number of feelings which only by an old age will leave on it the mark are behind the beautiful or a little expressing person. Some people thus are able to own and hide externally perfectly themselves the experiences, but it doesn't extend on a thin body. Having exempted from a physical cover, the thin body assumes that air which corresponds to essence of his owner. All positive and negative qualities are visible obviously and strongly imprinted on this conductor of consciousness which possesses plasticity or mobility of a matter forming it and in which each thought or feeling make external changes corresponding to their nature. Everyone bears on itself in bright, visible expression that kind and good or dark and bad that it had in itself (himself) and saved up during the terrestrial life. It is impossible to be exempted from this form, without having exempted thus from properties or the reasons which have caused this or that form. Clarification from dark remnants means also release from an undesirable mask. The guard of the Threshold, or an objectivity of internal negative essence of the person, won't release beget until this the last won't find in itself enough forces and determination to reject it, that is to win against the lowest Duada, being a bearer of all defects, passions, weaknesses and fulfillments of the lowest human nature. This fight against the guard of the Threshold is full of dramatic nature because the person has to pull out in literal sense from the essence part himself and reject it. And after all it so strong got used to it, he loved it and indulged it, it cherished her desires and tendency, he thought of them and bore them in the consciousness. As it can now leave them when didn't leave all life, to its allowing to take root into conductors deeply. Fight is hard. And only the understanding of horror of defeat and a hopelessness of its results can give strength of to overcome, and at all itself as "I" am the highest that there is in the person, but the lowest "I", the center of passions and desires. Therefore mastering by the lowest nature should be reached on Earth that in advance know that in that, the last, collision with it will be won by the highest "I" the person, having dumped from itself all freight of terrestrial remnants. The victory should be reached because defeat means legend two darkness.
Plural objectivities
148. (M. A. Y.). Many people are in situation much the worst and heavy. This thought it is possible to restore more fair relation to that situation in which the Karma put. Only in comparison with something it is possible to estimate these or those conditions. When they are heavy, we will compare them to heavier, endured other people who know nothing neither about us, nor about the Lord, neither about Other Worlds, nor about the future of the person. Here their situation is really heavy because don't know where go and for the sake of what have to bear on itself a heavy cross of life. Knowing have that, what is valuable all treasures’ terrestrial.
149. (Guru). Why the same things of one afflict, and others aren't present, or even afflict or don't afflict the same person in different conditions of his spirit. Not therefore that business at all in things afflicting and pleasing, and in the person. The ancient formula saying that the person is a measure of things, it is possible to understand very widely and to consider that emotions human are caused by not so external circumstances, and internal state of the person, his relation, that point of view under, which he looks at things and the world. But everyone can choose a corner or the point of view to itself, or to change it, or to refuse the undesirable. In the power of the person because the person is the measure of things depending on his will if he only wants to understand it and to accept it in consciousness for the appendix in life.
150. (May 20). How to reconcile imperfection of the present with greatness and magnificence of the future? Only straining aspiration and trying that the consciousness got used to this future. The imagination is called creative because it has ability and the power to realize creative dream and in this process as though to throw the bridge from the present in the future. Only poverty and bad manners of imagination whispers about impossibility while the real speaks: possibly all. Certainly, all opportunities lie within matter laws. But what such matter? To limit a matter to known science to a scale of elements of the Mendeleev table at least expanded and added means to recognize that the matter, all its types and properties are studied up to the end. But it isn't present. The mankind as is far from comprehension of all its properties now, as well as at the very beginning of its studying, because boundlessness in everything, and also in manifestation and combinations of all known and yet the types of a matter not opened by science. It is necessary to understand only that denials and doubts are inadmissible where the true understanding of materialism begins. All existing is financially. Light is material, the sound is material, the smell is material. The thought is material, and that substance from which the poet creates the images is material. Everything that is material can be visible or heard and fixed either devices, or external or thin feelings of the person. Invisibility at all doesn't mean that the phenomenon doesn't exist. Lines of magnetic currents are invisible; however the simple compass finds them. So, much invisible and denied nowadays will be approved or by means of the new equipment, or by means of developing new feelings of the person. It is necessary to recognize a lot of things as modern science and that to move apart even more widely limits of a material world. There is no world or the world’s non-material. The astral body is material, the thin body is material, and the fiery body is material. Lyutsid's Matter, Matter of Matrix and Fohat's all types are material. The highest Planetary Spirit is material; whatever highest forms of a being shone matter invested it. That isn't invested by a matter, doesn't exist. The chaos though it is so far from the shown life is material even that by the person isn't realized. Thus, the true materialism denies nothing, but approves boundlessness of opportunities of identification of a matter. It would be time to understand already that the matter, energy, reason and life is versions of properties of the same matter. It is very important to be claimed in consciousness that these properties and in general all properties studied by science, properties of a matter be limited can't. For example, "properties" of evolution, or aspiration of a matter and its forms to evolutionary development, even don't join in number of properties of a matter, and meanwhile, the phenomenon of evolution of the world’s shown in Space – the fact axiomatic, - or the reason hidden in a structure of each atom, or submission of a structure of a matter to laws of number, a proportion and harmony. For one thing body is the phantom, a ghost, a product of the upset imagination, for others – the phenomenon of purely material order, but outside the facts standard by modern science. But the fact, the fact of existence of a thin body remains to that, is perfect irrespective of, recognizes it science of the twentieth century, or doesn't recognize. Earth was and remained a sphere in spite of the fact that in due time scientific representatives of this science denied it. And, despite their ardent denials, Earth rotated round the Sun, instead of the Sun over it. Denials and statements of science aren't yet the proof of those secrets of a matter is comprehended by it all. Therefore wisdom repeats that it is necessary to leave denials, studying the phenomena and the facts impartially. It also will be truly scientific approach.
151. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to reconcile irreconcilable that is to coordinate in consciousness of a pole of couple of contrasts. On the one hand – position of Mahatmas: "We don't believe in God", with another – words: "Without God there is no way". The phenomenon of Hierarchy speaks what even Great Consciousness’s worked on creation of a planet. The founder of a planet, Planetary Spirit, is her Creator, - But it not God because the concept God has to embrace all Space. Let's go further: her Creator worked on each planet. Over everyone system of the worlds, both over the sun, and their Creators worked on myriads of the sun. Also well as over creation of the whole Galaxies. The ladder of Hierarchy of Founders of the world’s goes to such heights that mind human is compelled to stop before Inexpressible, before what to capture it not in forces. It is possible for steam of above-mentioned contrasts still somehow in consciousness to counterbalance, but to see everything up to the end where Boundlessness reigns, an eye terrestrial it is impossible, it is impossible even a world eye, and only "the Eye Boundless" can look in Boundlessness.
152. (Guru). How the question was difficult, it is shined with consciousness and it is solved in consciousness. Therefore, the consciousness, his own consciousness, remains for the person that condition from which it not to depart anywhere. The person can't jump above himself. Also to comprehend something is wider than the understanding that is over a capacity of consciousness, it too can't. Therefore the problem of expansion of consciousness remains to the major. It is difficult while the centers still sleep. But the science of Fiery Yoga means disclosure of the centers. To it the Teacher also Conducts. Process is slow, difficult and very dangerous. In the cities it is impossible. The person with the opened centers, living in the city, will be subjected to such tortures, exactly thanks to extraordinary acuteness of the perceptions that life will turn into torture. The Teacher wisely Warns not to force process. Many burdening’s, many experiences, many pains should be maintained thanks to a susceptibility aggravation even at only slightly lightly opened centers. It is necessary to be preserved very much. The undisciplined and low thinking, dissoluteness of an astral sate the atmosphere of the cities with heavy fluids of decomposition; it is necessary to work teaching people not to poison space with poison of the mental products much, not to poison with them it and those, who surrounds them.
153. (May 21). As everyone but as all want few efforts to that to put and renounce that heavy load and freight hangs behind shoulders wants to reach and reach. Why after all there is such incommensurability? All want to receive, but don't want to renounce anything. It is impossible to serve two opposite phenomena at the same time. Service to Light and service are incompatible. But after all even in fight, even behind inspired work the person forgets about himself. It also will be dismissal from itself when the person rejected the egoism. When such condition of consciousness is reached, it is possible easily and to move freely further. The most difficult obstacle in the Way is egoism. Dark veil it lays down on the Way, it blocking. But after all the world of the personal phenomena is so short, is so limited, it is so impossible to contain to it a macrocosm. Characteristic sign of the personal world is its small extent in time. For an example it is possible to take any biography of the ordinary person and to see that with death of a body everything comes to an end for it, than he lived to what directed that carried out in the life. And then there comes the end all this, often labor-consuming, to undertakings. That steps out of limits of the personal world, belongs already to the sphere of manifestation of Identity, or the Immortal Triad, and the more the phenomena super personal, it is more brightly shown in the conditions of the dense world. Suffering for itself usually, suffering for others – above-person, because moves apart borders of the personal world. But only acceptance of all Bowl of General Welfare resolves an issue. The burden of this world and General Welfare are connected closely. Bowl of General Welfare the accepted – accepts also the Burden of this world. And then the General Welfare becomes inseparable from personal, and the personal burden becomes the World Burden, and then the personal is dissolved in the light of Immortal Identity.
154. (M. A. Y.) . Yes! Yes! Exactly so, exactly Communication also is merge in Light. For its phenomenon only also it is necessary that the light inside merged with Light of That or to whom the spirit directs. The condition of own luminosity is necessary because without it as own absence it can, that is own darkness merge with Light. Therefore to enter into Communication, the consciousness has to lift the vibrations to a condition of a lightful. Darking consciousness of anything, except darkness, won't attract. One might say: "In Light Your we will behold Light, the Lord! ", – but thus it is necessary to know: that to see Light of the Lord, it is necessary to bring the Light, that is to establish such condition of consciousness when from it are expelled darkness, either darken, or all those feelings, emotions and experiences which sadden it. Means, before Communication the consciousness should be prepared and established to it in it balance, aspirations and those qualities of spirit which give to aura luminosity. Tendency also means luminosity, is equal as love, either devotion, or other qualities of spirit. Best of all Communication is promoted by the symphony of qualities. Any of them won't be excessive. All bring the light for Communication with Light of Those Who Costs on the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light.
155. (Guru). The consciousness is torn apart by an attraction of opposite poles, Light and gloom poles. The pole of Light attracts those elements of Light, which are available in consciousness and are saved up in it. The pole of darkness attracts consciousness to itself with those elements which the consciousness in itself saved up. Fight between poles in consciousness of the person goes constantly. Elements of darkness are death and decomposition elements. Elements of Light are immortality and life elements. So Life, Life eternal and death fight in consciousness of the person for prevalence. But the person isn't a weak-willed plaything of destiny. It is allocated with will free and the choice free has always to prefer the life phenomena to the decomposition phenomena behind which there is a death. Every instant the person chooses and strengthens in itself elements of Light or darkness elements. On what the consciousness concentrates to that gives the thoughts, with that and it stays. The will decides at each this moment that she chooses. And there is nobody to complain already if own will prefer to Light darkness. But the will is free, and the choice in darkness or to Light is solved by her.
156. (May 22). So, only in the light it is possible to be issued the Highest. From here care of own light, of that the aura radiated it. All thoughts, emotions and sense-knowledge of the person possess this or that degree of luminosity or a darkened; happens, that of the face it is shone pleasure, or darkens. It radiations of aura are reflected in a physical body. Each thought is reflected. Control over thoughts establishes also control over aura. Thus it is necessary to consider and that circumstance that spatial wellbeing or trouble too strongly influences as can clarify or sadden aura radiations. And here control is especially necessary. Whatever heavy was the present situation, it isn't necessary to give in to its influence nevertheless. Cheerfulness and firmness of spirit can be kept and at the strongest antagonistic currents. I Don't speak about pleasure because the pleasure is a special wisdom, and not everyone is capable to keep it under adverse spatial effect. It is all about that the reasons of experiences had no personal character. The super personal grief, grief or burden don't sphere consciousness of a hopelessness while the personal – deprive of Light access. The one who concerned spatial life, knows that in space sounds not always and not only one pleasure. Spatial cries and plaints are heard to an open ear. Both poles of life become possible for cognition. Life fire is two sorts. And it is necessary to go to Me both to pleasures and to a grief, without losing rhythm of a step under the influence of opposite energy.
157. My son is not confused grief, because it will be in pleasure. In the world of dual contrasts it is impossible to test any phenomenon, without having approved by that the phenomenon, to its opposite. In the field of personal and astral the consciousness constantly is in a sphere of influence that of one, other pole, and testing the pleasure of emotion personal thereby is caused to demonstration by opposite feeling. Also it is possible to notice how in life of people all that usually serves as the pleasure reason, causes after a while grief or absolutely sad experiences. The only way refusal of experiences on one of poles of manifestation of these or those emotions will be to get rid of this dual dependence on own experiences. But as the person wishes feelings pleasant and them willingly meets, forgetting about other pole, that, only them rejecting, he can avoid manifestation of their antipode. We Speak: don't rejoice and not mourn too because anything personal deserves neither that, nor another. These can keep balance, avoiding excessive swings. We mean experiences of a personal order. Super personal and spatial pleasures, grief and cares have already other character, and they are caused by a susceptibility of the centers. Too it is necessary to pass through a super personal polar of feelings, but it will be already the highest step of consciousness, a step of consciousness space. The burden of this world is hard for Those Who Bears it for a planet.
158. (Guru). The law of free will demands that the aspiration proceeded from the pupil, instead of from the Teacher. The Teacher sates aspirations of comers to Him. When the desire of the pupil is issued, the Teacher, if it is allowed by the Karma satisfies it, but Itself for the pupil never Solves if only such decision can break free will.
159. (May 23). My friend, every day, each hour, every instant approach us to the future. The future is integral. This feeling of the future and that in it no forces can stop run, gives confidence that get rid terms will come, and with them all will come also about what it is spoken in the Doctrine. If only the fog of the present didn't cover shining tomorrow. It doesn't matter, if today still a lot of things aren't reached. The aspiration to achievement of a definite purpose, precisely and accurately outlined, sooner or later, but will lead to it. Understanding of the most necessary in the present as purpose, which has be reached in the future approaches to it steadily. How many efforts the most ordinary person makes to reach the goals of the most usual? If to make even such efforts for achievement unusual, the success is provided. But for some reason often it happens so that at the highest and fine aspirations nevertheless forces and the determination doesn't suffice them to finish. If the future inevitably if judgment it is necessary to be, both each effort and attempt of the purpose to reach yields the results, so inevitable, as well as the future. The microcosm of the person is a most wonderful and thinnest tool or the device which opportunities are boundless. Boundlessness is concluded in the person and in it his space inheritance. The son of Space and the coheir of Space it is possible to call the person – in it his Space Right of mastering by everything that in it is and that in it are prepared to the person prior to the beginning of times.
160. (Guru). Also often occurs that during the day the people who even well know the Doctrine, the most part of time give to trifles, vanity, and things ordinary. And time goes, time leaves, and precious hours are lost in vain. But even if to do the most insignificant things with thought of the Teacher, keeping mentally the Image him before itself, even trifles will lose the obtuseness. Even the most insignificant conversation filled with hidden Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of, becomes not empty. The benefit will not be already brought to space even, if not the Name of the Teacher, nor won’t the Doctrine be remembered at all. To extend the Doctrine is doesn't mean to speak about it everywhere and always. It is better not to speak at all about the Doctrine, but to think of it constantly and constantly to hold the Image of the Teacher in the heart, than to speak, forgetting, what not in words about the Doctrine, but in its application in life all sense and its value. Silent, spatial distribution of the Doctrine is more effective, than the words deprived of fires of heart. Distribution by the word isn't always possible, and then there is a spatial silent service, which is much more difficult because demands a condition of the lit heart.
161. (May 24). People should give very much, but still are so a little prepared. What will prepare them by the time of Arrival? Is of life! Not only you, but also all life prepares for this planetary event. Spirit human rushes about in torment births of new consciousness. In tension all. The middle way isn't present. Exit in departing to a pole of Light or a gloom pole. Fight is strained to a limit. Carelessness isn't present, even on faces of teenagers. Feels each heart the last act of the drama planetary and reacts heavy, though doesn't give itself the clear report in the events. That, who gives, that heavy doubly; all bear burden of proximity of terms. The knowledge doesn't facilitate the Way because weight of the Cross increases with lifting. Where and in what the decision? The decision in going and going, forward and forward, without shortening a stride and without changing the direction. Going will reach. There is everything, they want it or not. But where? The way is inevitable in darkness or to Light. Knowing to Light goes and will reach it is immutable, because in the Beam. And still it is necessary to collect all forces not to evade. And if something doesn't work well, one thousand times to repeat effort. Overcome it – reaches. The first sign of success and the victory guarantee that anything, no failures, are able to stop everything new and new efforts to achieve a goal. Every day brings then a new impulse of the energy, directing spirit on the way. I'm saying: the wanting will reach.
162. (M. A. Y.). The lord Wants to see in you the unshakable firmness of aspiration to Light. The one who is light, both is pure, and aspires to the Lord, has a smaller merit, than the one who, being burdened with the imperfections, nevertheless finds forces in itself(himself) to direct. Not sacred and reached saw round the Teacher, but simply people, simple, imperfect, both even the robber, and even the loose woman. Let the understanding of it to you will give strength, what not your shortcomings and all not get rid in you the Teacher, but your aspiration appreciates, your desire, your decision to follow It up to the end. And even the robber who has solved the way with It, will be with It and the grown wise scribe in the book wisdom, got lost in dogmas and dead words and forgotten about spirit will be closer to It, than. On aspiration and on devotion you will be met by the Lord. Therefore we won't be confused anything and anybody both any ghosts and gloom monsters, which can meet to us on the Way. The way is direct to Heart of the Lord if goes through heart – from heart to Heart. It is our Way. Fire of heart overcomes everything, doesn't know invincible obstacles because nothing can become it a barrier.
163. (M. A. Y.). As would like to teach you to aspiration heart to the Lord over stratifications, tatter and garbage, noise and vanity of the present day, the current hour and all passing and transient your sense-knowledge and moment experiences. All this is so short and everything is so unimportant, whatever considerable it seemed to you. Another is important. It is important to understand that the Proximity of the Lord and over everything occurring in covers and a stream aspiring through them is integral. And they, covers and a stream, – everything remains behind, and spirit your, directed to the Lord, with the Lord will arrive, because over everything, because over dense, astral and other conditions of the passing worlds.
164. (Guru). Yes! Time passed, years flew. And as everything changed around, everything became other, and people other, other places, other living conditions. But the proximity with Us remained, and only went deep over the years and became stronger. In a kaleidoscope of events and changes something remained an unaffected and indestructible usual tide of life. It also is that serves for you as the testimony of stability of the basis on which the spirit house is under construction. On the same basis We build also, resolutely and firmly sweeping aside all foreign, all alien, everything that disturbs. So go also you, knowing, Who you Expects, who have reached.
165. (Guru). From where people moved to a pole, all of them will meet at a pole point. And in movement to Light pole, to its central point, all in it will meet, at least at present going and divided long distances, mountains, abysses, the rivers and any other obstacles. The first sign of success and the victory guarantee that anything, no failures, are able to stop everything new and new efforts to achieve a goal. Every day brings then a new impulse of the energy, directing spirit on the way. I'm saying: the wanting will reach. It is necessary to remember and not to be confused distinction in situation and conditions and location of everything, to Light going because the purpose of all is one.
166. The teacher of Light was crucified by people. Crucified, tormented and killed those who followed It. Crucify and torment also you. The phenomenon repeats, changing on degree of consciousness and depending on conditions. But the essence of the phenomenon remains to the same.
167. Hour came in time. All get to an orbit of action of my Beams who can reply at least in a measure any. Only acceptance reaction (these Beams) will give attractions to Uniform Focus of Light. Remained with deaf will reply an attraction (focus) of darkness and will be involved in an orbit of a dark attraction. From the sea to the sea, dissecting planet spaces, the Dividing Sword will sparkle dazzling Light. Great time of court, when everyone – the judge to itself a, making choice the last and making trial of. And anybody will help nobody and not with forces will be to help who will appear on that party of the Sword, in the field of a shadow. The Spirit lightning Light will flash as in a thunder-storm, and, having flown, leaves people absolutely others. The aura of a planet will change, and to darkness in it the place won't be. And force will be lost by it to influence consciousnesses of sets. Struck with Light, from a planet will leave, and with it and all (those) who to it is faithful remained, all off springs of the darkness, all conformable with it, not accepted Light. There are no words to transfer greatness of the moment planetary – a space Celebration of the Victory of Light over darkness, - so I Speak, the Shambhala of the Lord, in anticipation of an Hour of Trial of people.
168. (May 25). When viewing the movie of own life it is possible to note the following: of the past doesn't remain anything, except images and the pictures which have remained in memory. These forms differently influence consciousness rather consciousness differently reacts to them. One don't make on it any impression, others awake the fallen asleep feelings, forcing to endure a past again. At times they even awaken the fallen asleep passions and involve thoughts in an orbit of last fulfillments. It is very important to note thus, which forms didn't lose the power over the person because they which haven't lost, will be valid to influence and after release from a dense body. Knowing these forms and having established their force of impact on consciousness and ability to influence, it is possible to begin with them fight for liberation from their power. The victory will be reached when any of forms of the movie of life last won't be able to keep more attention on itself, causing the fallen asleep feelings. Certainly, forms of thought, a picture and the feelings which aren't corresponding to those to a step, of which reached spirit in the ascension to Light mean. Many imperfect is allowed could be in the past. But to allow it to have the power over consciousness and will already influence it retreat back and immersion that had to be long ago gets rid. Immersion in the past of subjects and is dangerous that it involves spirit in funnels of whirlwinds of last weaknesses, offenses, mistakes and other imperfections. On the past it is possible without a ban to look when its movie isn't caused any more by a disbalance, or any unacceptable emotions. All past and everything that in it was from Light, is saturated Light and to Light conducted, danger of recurrence doesn't constitute, that is ennobles consciousness and directs it forward on the way of an ascension. Consciousness self-examination on force of influence of forms of life last is necessary to arm it on the future and the nobility precisely and definitely what exactly is necessary to an urgent get rid and against what it is necessary to fight and what to eliminate. These forms can be either friends, or enemies. Let's remember: of the past doesn't remain anything, except these forms which, besides memory of the person, there are in all the vitality, spaces imprinted in records. They can stop to the person his way further if his consciousness is attracted to them and will fall under their influence so that will prefer stay with them, in their society, to an ascension to the Highest Spheres. Many and arrive and stay in the atmosphere of these forms, their force put in them by that who was responsible for their generation won't be settled yet.
169. Let's return to a formula ancient: "that you will connect on Earth". The seal of the last solution of the will, set to any phenomenon of consciousness, will be that force which will define future behavior of spirit in space of the Thin World. Therefore it is very important to reconsider from time to time the mental baggage not to take with itself on rashness or levity of that can burden or even to burden unreasonably. If the seal is set consciously, the line of actions of consciousness is defined by it. If isn't present, the forgotten solution of will comes into force former, perhaps, long ago. If, say, about twenty years ago something came true, both was approved, and was absolutely forgotten, and not remembered never for all life, after death it remains in the spirit storeroom with the printing of the former, old decision and will influence and influence it according to this decision. For example, we will take that, having quarreled strong with the friend because of trifles, the person solved is my enemy, and then, it having left, about it absolutely forgot and never remembered. In World Thin the old decision will work. And if only the solved didn't rise so that in it in general the feeling of any hostility to somebody disappears, hostility again will arise, because the person the subsequent solution of will didn't exempt himself from it. Therefore the seal of the last solution of the will, set to the phenomenon it is conscious, either releases, or connects the person when he passes to the World (Elevated) where everything moves thought.
170. (M. A. Y.). Spirit of citadel! Even in life usual, terrestrial conditions of an external environment constantly change, but the person remains; sections of a body, fabric, molecule and atoms change, but its form remains. Feelings and thoughts change, but the genius remains the genius, and the numskull – the numskull. Something constantly changes in the person at constancy something. Ability to mathematics remains though arithmetic’s the algebra, and algebra replaces differentials and integrals. Skanda remain on this life generally but even they develop. And still in the person there is something, from where he as from tower top, can look at everything occurring to it, to take a detached view as though, as though the foreign viewer as the viewer at theater looks at the cheerful or tragic play. It something also can become a citadel for spirit where he when waves of the everyday sea become too uneasy can leave. All present becomes a past and will lose the ability to influence with that force as it influences now. Whether costs to that influences today tomorrow to cease and be forgotten, to allow too burdening strongly consciousness. It is possible, having risen by a tower in a spirit citadel, there to be shut from external influences, having strong remembered that "even it will pass", will pass everything that influences today tomorrow to be forgotten.
171. Why suddenly the future starts sounding from time to time tensely and sharply? Whether not therefore that there are any shifts in space. Often in the dense world anything didn't occur yet, but the space already sounds, notifying all who is able to hear. It isn't necessary to pass indifferently by these phenomena. After all it is the future summer lightning’s, glinting going happiness. Exact terms are hidden even from close standing, and nobody can tell when Arrival will be made. But ignorance of terms doesn't exempt from need to be in constant readiness. The messenger can be knocked and before Arrival, and not ready won't meet it. Thus, the ready state is necessary as though double. The Teacher Will come. Great Arrival concerns all. Readiness for it is necessary. On degrees of readiness and understanding; waiting heart will see, will hear, will scent and will know, - waiting, listening and listening, the benefit to you. But the benefit increased repeatedly, applying the Word My. My light is the Benefit. The applying absorbs it and fills with it all the essence and starts being shone with light which is already self-proceeding. Light borrowed shines while the Light source close or while the directed Beam, but light self-proceeding works gives already the beam, even without these conditions Light becomes unconditional, that is not in dependence from something outside. Beams self-proceeding we Appreciate. But it already is Arhat's steps. Who can tell about force of your luminosity, but We Know? The step of self-luminosity is noted in space records, as achievement fiery the special importance. Each thought applied in the appendix to life, strengthens self-luminosity. This achievement is integral. The way to it is difficult because demands affairs, but not words. How many them rolling in of beauty of own words and the highest set phrases! But the applying is necessary to us. On milestones of application of our Precepts in life we Note the Way, to Us the leader, the Way to Us the directed consciousness’s. When their light self-proceeding merges with our Beams, pleasure at Us. Let's be glad about those who every day brings light to us to merge it with ours. Let's be glad about those who every day brings light to us to merge it with ours.
172. (M. A. Y.). The highest happiness on Earth and in the worlds is a happiness of approach to the Lord. It is strong, steady, isn't passing, because rapprochement – forever. Whether it is possible terrestrial to prefer deceptive spangles of happiness to happiness of Proximity of the Teacher of Light? It appears, it is possible, and many prefer. Let's look, what results. Let's look that remains from illusions of happiness terrestrial even short a time later. Also its petals as recently still blossoming and magnificent shoots quickly fade and as it is transient are quickly showered. Neither the beauty, nor youth, neither health, nor wealth, wellbeing can't guarantee it or if it took place, – to continue. It is necessary to know that vibrations of an astral cover, the carrier of happiness terrestrial, can't last further known term, without causing a pulsation of an opposite order and without dulling initial repeatability of feelings. Than the conductor is higher, especially experiences in it can be the steady. Love astral and love heart differ that the first floatingly, is short and changeable; the second can last until heart fights. And as heart fights always, love never-dying, the love immortal is a face of the fiery reality triumphing obviously over death. The fiery happiness of approach to the Lord is created by the love flaring in Heart.
173. (Guru). The house of spirit is that area of consciousness where everything is concentrated, as for spirit. It can be either is very small, or is huge – everything depends on accumulation. But what it was, big or small; it can be expanded and filled with new treasures constantly. Everything, that from Beauty, everything, that is fine, it is possible to enter into this area quietly. The principle of Beauty will be faultless criterion at definition of a collected material. In the same way and all merits of spirit will decorate his house. It is interesting to note that to spirit merits unconditionally there corresponds the principle of Beauty. The fear, cowardice, hypocrisy, treachery, rage, irritation and all other dark qualities are ugly. But the house of spirit is decorated with Beauty. In the same way and thoughts, if they are beautiful, serve as decoration of the house. Every instant it is possible to embellish it, it is possible to do it always, without allowing in consciousness of a disgrace. The house of spirit belongs to his owner. And on the owner depends how to make him even more shining and fine.
174. (May 27). To rely on moods of the moment what they were, is means to put itself in dependence on them. If, the sweeping aside, to establish with Me the next connection, is means to lean on something strong and steady, standing out of the ordinary, out of continuous changes and the fluctuations which are occurring around. The starting point of thinking causes results. It is surprising, as far as change moods of the person. Whether it is possible to rely on them, whether the most necessary is possible to connect with them! That is why the house is necessary to spirit that to find a stronghold and a haven in it from inconstancy of the passing phenomena. Bases from which not to leave anywhere will be its basis. On Bases it is possible to erect walls, on walls – a roof and then to be engaged in internal furniture. Brought inside it is possible to set the seal everything is for the house of spirit it is suitable, - all unsuitable remains outside. This division of mental products into the suitable and unsuitable will help to understand that infinite stream of impressions and thoughts which flow through consciousness unmistakably. Streamlining of thinking will be facilitated. Knowledge, that something is good and suitable for the future, and something isn't necessary, as though draws a line between two types of thinking. It is hard to seize thinking, line dividing will help. And who consciously in the kitchen garden will begin to water weeds, to look after them and to find for them time. The thought shined with a beam of consciousness for the analysis of its nature, will reveal the essence and suitability for a combination to it. And if the person obviously knows that the thought is bad that it, darken consciousness, will do it harm and will yield the same results, it they will easier reject it rather. Certainly, it is necessary to be considered and that properties of the old person inside are very persistent. All these properties are left behind line as something which is liable to destruction that is to a gets rid. They can't be suppressed because, suppressed, they again will raise the heads, but it is possible to get rid, food without giving and persistently holding behind line. From an external infection of people separates itself very carefully, especially it is necessary to show cares, separating an infection internal, much more harmful, than external. The garden of consciousness demands leaving and attention, and the spirit house – protection and protection that anything unusable there didn't get.

175. (M. A. Y.). . One idol not movably in the Thin World stand, others easily and freely fly. The free flights in World Aboveground are got by the person on Earth, collecting and accumulating in itself elements fiery. Only existence in the person of fire gives the chance of flights. Fire, Agni sacred, it is possible to save up or waste in itself it constantly. Every instant can be the accumulation or waste moment. It is very pleasant, joyful and easy when flights are available. But the spirit connected and deprived of movement is similar to the prisoner in a stuffy dungeon. But this freedom or coherence are approved in life terrestrial. Conscious accumulation of a fiery or psychic energy, demand constant care and of refined alerted. You know, well already you know spendthrifts of fiery force: it is fear, doubt, fluctuations, instability, irritation, rage, cowardice, incompleteness and everything, all shortcomings and the defects, all weaknesses and connivance of the person. Them allowing, the person of the most precious that has, treasures of fiery power loses. Well strong to keep in memory and all stores of mental energy, knowing that approved qualities are fire containers. Let fiery line will divide devourers from stores, and let every instant know fire carrier, it wastes it or accumulates. Words waste, rarefy the saved-up flame, silence it forces. It is impossible to forget that defines and causes Elevated stay of the person. Life terrestrial gives ardent opportunity to save up Agni and to increase crystals of his deposits in the Bowl. Agni is necessary everywhere, in all worlds. We will be preserved against its squandering by all possible measures: in thinking, in affairs, both acts, and the feelings – they or waste hidden power, or it save up.
176. (Guru). It isn't enough to awaken in itself Agni's action, it is necessary to be able to operate it or to seize it. If uncontrollable fires seize the person, it would be better not to concern to him at all fire. Much madness is generated by fires which have seized the person. Fiery process is very dangerous and demands big preparation. It is necessary to know well as it is possible to own fires, and, knowing, to be able to do it. The abstract or theoretical knowledge of ability doesn't give.
177. (May 28). The face of the Teacher entered into heart, constantly creates, changing consciousness. Consciousness, changing, changes not only a physical body, but also all covers of a human microcosm. It is possible to call this transformation thinning, or depression, more dense matter in thinner. Each thought and feeling to some extent influence even a physical body, causing in it responses. Even the thought of a fresh, juicy slice of a lemon causes salivation. It is felt obviously. But how many reactions nonsense sorry and not noted by consciousness all the time goes in an organism. For strengthening of action of light-emission of the Face it is necessary to observe thought. After all thoughts, influencing all covers, or them ennoble and direct up, or burden, отемняют and attract from top to bottom. It is impossible to give up thought. Without thought there doesn't live consciousness, but the thought can be cleared and ennobled. Transformation of thought precedes transformation of a body and covers. Conducts thought.

178. (M. A. Y.). Let's think what even the smallest effort in the necessary direction gives a good consequence. Everything living on of Earth is entirely occupied with terrestrial interests, questions and problems, forgetting that Earth is a preparatory step for more long life in Elevated. Correctly Solomon told: "That advantage to the person from his all works with which he works under the sun". And it is valid that advantage if great civilizations were lost once and the people together with continents, which they occupied, disappeared: that advantage if ours disappears also. In flight of time everything is doomed to destruction. But the advantage of all works terrestrial appears in another dimension. In the Bowl fruits of all works of the person with, which he works under the sun gather. In the Bowl there is an accumulation of skilled deposits. And from visibility in invisibility the person carries away with himself results of the achievements. In application to the plan terrestrial the question was absolutely correct, because the people who have forgotten about spirit, and terrestrial limited to Earth the life. But the spirit exists, the spirit doesn't die, the spirit is independent of that, knows about it terrestrial mind of the person or doesn't know. Both the purpose and sense of terrestrial stay can be explained only with problems of spirit, pocherpayushchy experience and knowledge and multiplying them in each embodiment in a body. And then great the person can derive benefit from the life terrestrial and his all works with, which he works under the sun, because the problems of evolution of spirit lit up by understanding, they accept other value is perfect and become means of achievement all of new and new steps of evolution of all mankind.
179. (Guru). The thought grows at continuous concentration on it and frequent return to it. Question in they are what thoughts for a combination to them are chosen. The thought is combined with consciousness if it is allowed in it. In it danger from undesirable thoughts and even, perhaps, very desirable, but, alas, isn't enough pure. At first it is necessary to establish, what thoughts are desired; then to define degree of their purity and suitability, and then already severely to expel everything not corresponding to level of the reached step. Friends choose with analysis, and furthermore thoughts. After all it too friends, and is bad when they become vicious enemies and tyrants from whom it is so difficult to be exempted.
180. (May 29). The karma allows known degree of freedom, but within that framework to which it limits the person. It is easy to see that restrictions of the Karma can't be destroyed as it is impossible to dump a hump from a back humpbacked; at least it very much wanted it. At times it is very useful to scent these iron restrictions of the Karma. It would seem, the necessary conditions it is available to arrive according to own desire, but the Karma on the guard, and desire remains unrealized; free choice always before the person, but in the limits, permitted by the Karma, - karma – the good jailer. The prisoner has a free choice to move but the camera or to sit and choose these or those thoughts, but the camera can't leave. In it karmic freedom of choice, - certainly, it no other, as known type of slavery. Release from the Karma and its chains consists in generation of the Karma of freedom, because from the Karma of freedom, or the Karma of slavery not to leave anywhere, but to choose rather to generate, it is possible any. When the Karma of slavery settles of energy, freedom Karma begins. Release from the Karma of slavery consists in release from desires. The person wishes and too much too much therefore is in slavery at the desires. It is senseless to wish in usual sense because each desire, being satisfied more or less often, loses the appeal and it has to be replaced with another, so fragile. Way of desires the incorrect. Finally it gives nothing and brings into the deadlock or an abyss. The drunkard and the addict appear at such deadlock. It is necessary to increase all the time amount of poison while it won't lead to body killing. The way of Yoga is a way of release from any desires. It is useless in vain and eternally to wish. Only that can wish is to settle an old Karma and to pay off with debts. Process of payment is hard. Long chains of old debt last. It is necessary to learn to pay quietly, because there is no other way out, if the purpose – to be released. The understanding of idea of freedom will help to see more clearly than a chain of an own Karma to approve desire to be exempted from them.
181. (M. A. Y.). To wish for to anything for not to aspire, nothing to want nothing for itself on Earth – such is Arhat's Shape, - all for others, all for people, all for General Welfare. Who will agree to accept this ideal in life the leader? Who will agree to accept all Bowl of General Welfare? Who? Where they rejected from? Where they which have given everything for the sake of the Teacher of Light? Where? Where comers only behind Light, but not for the sake of receiving fruits terrestrial? Where they wanting Light?
182. (May 31). My friend, space of other dimensions represents himself the same space around, the device, or the conductor which the consciousness uses only changes, altering, in turn, and consciousness. It becomes a bit different. It is very difficult to transfer essence of this modification, applying usual language as it is necessary to speak about unusual, not having equivalent concepts your language. There is no top and a bottom, but they are; isn't present here and there, but they are; isn't present far and close, but they are; isn't present today and tomorrow or yesterday, but there are also they. All is here and everywhere. There is no time, but there is the sequence of the phenomena submitting to thought. Everything moves the thought which doesn't have extents in time, but at the same time as though creating this extent. There are no physical feelings, but they are; there are no physical subjects, but they are, people around of the person and at the same time not showing properties of subjects of the dense world. There is a world bright, colorful, movably plastic, giving in to influence of knowing will, both invincible and stupidly inert – for will blind. There are no two ideas of this space, similar between themselves though laws of space of other dimensions are invariable and constant. Each consciousness perceives in own way, through the, individual understanding Obvious of border between Light and darkness, and different perceptions of Light staying in spheres and darkness. Perceptions are caused by the accord Law. The law is identical to all spheres, but receipts in consciousness are absolutely various; even on Earth two persons, looking at the same phenomenon, can perceive it absolutely variously. In the same place this distinction becomes aggravated and goes deep infinitely because the essence of received impressions is defined by the accord. Conformable consciousnesses receive impressions more or less close, but also they differ too. Reality, more precisely, illusion of the new world will create that conductor through which the consciousness which, using works as the conductor, a physical body on Earth creates illusion of the dense world. In understanding the Highest is all only Maya. The Maya, creating illusion of the various worlds, is reality. In space of another dimensions as anywhere, ability and knowledge is necessary how to unite opposite poles of a thing uniform, because they can be visible to consciousness at the same time. So, the beginning, development and the end of the act made on Earth can be endured at the same time and entirely, not divided by time or duration phenomenon. Certainly, all this is unusual to usual consciousness and to habitual terrestrial thinking therefore it is so difficult to speak about it. But nevertheless someone will understand something and will make the necessary conclusions.
183. It is necessary to watch closely that through food, drink, air, thoughts and feelings didn't get into a microcosm of the person decomposition and darkness elements very much. Let thoughts and will be constantly on the guard. And let the infection going from dark consciousnesses, doesn't get through a protecting network. When the network in an order also is strained, infection is impossible.
184. (June 1). Astral interest generates the not disbalance. More precisely, it is disbalance that is destroys the balance, that force which is so necessary for thought implementation. Against balance any energy of a microcosm of the person can't show long resistance. But astral interest, impatience, uncertainty, doubts and all other negative the energy, radiated in space consciousness, represent itself an antipode of balance and that concentration of forces, which it collects in aspiration focus to achievement of the planned purpose. Thus, the first task – keeps the balance, the second –work in this condition. Many, even positive feelings, being not constrained, break it. All this rejects and deletes the person from the purpose. Are unshakable and be sure of belief, then it will be much easier to help you. It is necessary, the accord or compliance of consciousness to which it is assisted, with consciousness of the one Who Helps is very necessary. It is the bridge on, which there is a help. And as often this bridge destroys, losing about what ask. Asking for the help Us, it is necessary to remember these elementary provisions. Miracles aren't present; everything submits to certain laws, to forget about, which it is impossible.
185. Anyway, well or badly, but nevertheless you live. Also it is necessary to live up to the end. Is it better to make of the worst the best, than from good the bad? Whether it is better to live life what it was, keeping the advantage of spirit and force having collected for opposite to darkness? Why life beats so cruelly? Only for that, what strengthen armor of the spirit. Each blow strengthens, because forges an invincible armor. Wise rejoices to strokes of bad luck, silly decays in a wellbeing and content stupor. Better tempered by strokes of bad luck and the invested hidden armor to enter the World Elevated, prepared strong for it, than to be there in full helplessness and unprotected and to fall a victim of whirlwinds astral, carrying there and here currents of unbeaten energy. Therefore we won't complain about severity of destiny, carefully and carefully preparing us to difficult conditions of the Thin World, - but where to find forces to realize My words into action? Only in the annex to of life of My Instructions! Even the small appendix will give inflow of forces. Each Instruction realized into action gives deposits of crystals of fire, increasing Bowl accumulation. The method is hard, but another we Do not know. Be not mistaken, don't deceive itself – there is no other Way.
186. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to look and see not only for it, but also for standing close. It is amazing as it is clear seen, understood by you it isn't visible by them. It is necessary to explain, as though removing a veil from eyes, as if put on by someone. It is put on elaborately and so that didn't see the blinded. But you see. Therefore dark you so don't love. And in the past and now you have the certificate of how the darkness blinds the victims that then to throw harm bigger. Expose your debt, both to explain, and to remove all inventions dark outside. Exposed, they lose force to deepen harmed, it is necessary after all not only to see already caused damage, but also to provide possible consequences. It is necessary to strengthen more and more vigilance and to preserve friends.
187. (Guru). Once the traitor – the traitor always, once the deceiver – the deceiver, once incorrect and vague in friendship – will keep these properties for a long time, - therefore in the forecast of possible relationship in the future it is necessary to consider those features and properties of character which were shown before. So there will be less disappointments and chagrin and more common sense. But nevertheless it is necessary to leave condemnation. Condemnation is replaced with knowledge of a human nature. Knowledge without condemnation is Arhat's property. And on friends and enemies we will learn to learn the person, because knowledge it is long. Also we will rejoice if life gives the chance to us to learn the hidden shape of human essence.
188. (M. A. Y.). . Fire – the winner of space, the winner of time and distances. It is that talisman about which alchemists of the middle Ages dreamed and spoke. This fire can be collected, accumulated and accumulated in the device of a human body. There is no problem of more urgent, than this because fire is life, is energy, this immortality of the person if he is built adequately. Certainly, the spirit of the person is immortal, not destroyed and eternal but if the person didn't save up consciousness to the right degree, he even won't be able to realize the immortality. To save up consciousness – means to save up its fiery fire means to save up and collect in the Bowl. Well, both it is easy, and it is pleasant to speak about fire, but to collect its elements much more difficultly. This task is so important that every instant, it devoted, can't but give the desirable consequences which directly proportional are to made efforts. Here the person constrained unnecessary flow of words, here bridled irritation, rage, discontent, here stopped bad thought, having directed attention to another; here force I found to someone the help to send; here, here, here I made a number of actions which are stores of fiery force. Here severely I stopped the emotions devouring mental energy. All this benefit, all this accumulates fiery power. It is very useful to think of how to bring together her how to hold and how to seize this force more often. It isn't enough to collect, it is necessary to be able, it is necessary to learn to own it. It grows in application, this force, like a muscle which exercise constantly grows. In inaction muscles will atrophy, as also fiery force in the person. Action always has to be reserved. Than fjery action, especially is reserved it. The more strongly in a copper steam is squeezed or reserved, the work which it performs is stronger. This comparison of restraint and action or restraint in operation should be understood very much because exhaustion, this antipode of restraint, is any more force, but powerlessness. Even one only quality of restraint is the powerful store. A lot of things can be told and about other properties accumulating fire, but even one, approved, is invaluable acquisition. It is good to start accumulating consciously Agni in the organism.
189. (Guru). Energy treasures – So Lord Called, Speaking about Agni's accumulation. Collectors is all, - all collect. Question only that collect and as. Whether something can be more senseless than collecting of subjects terrestrial? Madness of the avaricious knight sitting over the chest with gold is terrible. After all so he also will sit over him after death. Treasures won't give terrestrial freedoms to it, but will give slavery, because will be in captivity at each coin which considers as the. Freedom in collecting of treasures in "heavens", that is subjects non-material. Fire collected in the Bowl in crystals will be this treasure also. It will be treasure in "heavens» that is not destroyed at the same time with a body or the left person on Earth because to take terrestrial treasures with it on the sky that is to the World Elevated it is impossible. Agni it is valid treasure, because gives to the person freedom of movement and flights in spaces of the Thin World. And except flights – it gives much. Then there is more than fire in the person, especially brightly and strongly it can create. Fiery creativity unlike usual that is from creativity of usual one incarnation possesses very steady forms. And when they are saturated with Beauty, the aura of a planet is truly decorated with imperishable treasures of creativity of spirit then. Without fire there is no creativity, without Beauty it is deprived of sense. So fire is combined with Beauty in beauty of created forms. Agni's accumulation aren't so much necessary on Earth, how many to vegetate in World Aboveground, because on Earth people, even almost without fire, nevertheless manage to live somehow rather, but there without fire not to live. The motionless idols being similarity of people, surround with crowd lowlands of the Thin World is they, these are the people deprived by Agni, fire chiseled during lifetime of the on Earth.

190. (June 3). (M. A.Y.). Each time when heart calls me, I am close. Heart call to heart has in itself the mighty magnetic force which is insuperable attracts to each other the connected spirits with love. The love is a communication of two hearts directed to each other. And when in aspiration the will to conscious communication is put, contact over all restrictions of the dense world is come into. It knows the heart, able to love and recognizing love outside final conditions. The bridge in the future, through an abyss of impossibility dense is thrown, and on this bridge the next connection is established. And it is simple and wonderful but as all this is difficult and evens it is impossible for those who don’t believe that by love it is won both time, and space, and death.
191. (Guru). Here this understanding that is closer than us isn't present anybody and that in the worlds, it and volume, nobody will replace Us and becomes closer than us not and there can't be nobody, and is a sign of correctness of election you – us and the Lord, and us and the Lord you. And it is joyful to us to know that for you aren’t present closer and there can't be nobody and that it is known unmistakably by you. The world is great, and it is a lot of in it spirits, it is a lot of consciousness’s at different steps of a ladder of life, but at all variety and innumerability of consciousness’s – the Guru one, Mater one and one only the Lord. Links of a hierarchical chain one, irreplaceable and constant. How many instructors and teachers are replaced by those who don’t know? But the one, who knows the Law, is constant and unshakable in the once and for all made choice. It isn't necessary to torment itself that from Us is closer to heart. Everything are close, and all are irreplaceable anybody. Heart never already any more won't accept anybody who could become to the place of darlings, both recognized it, and called it to Light. With fidelity and devotion we will answer Call.
192. Where and to whom they will go, having dumped a body terrestrial? But it is three times happy knowing, where and to whom it goes. The way is approved nowadays that then when the world dense is left, it was pure, was direct, and it was free. What terrible blocking up bar the way to Light that that didn't take care of it on Earth. What terrible and often hopeless fight should be maintained of? What monsters of a gloom block movement up? But knowing where and to Whom it goes, by and through them passes victoriously because force of the Magnet attracting it to, overcomes all generations of a gloom. The magnet of Great Heart works powerfully.
193. As people often are mistaken, applying the judgment. Depart, depart from the life that I wash to realize. My life, my Kingdom, my opportunities, my happiness, my World and my Days in your days then will be approved. Not so much concentration, how many hearts communication approve fires. Love, love of the lit heart of much it is possible to reach.
194. How to reconcile the most bitter with the sweetest, bitterness of life terrestrial with pleasure of fiery achievements? Only full confidence to the Driving Hand! But before reaching, how much time will manage conducted both to be afflicted, and to be saddened, and to show discontent, and to complain about the one Who Conducts. Not from wisdom it. Distressful Iov’s symbol would be good if this sufferer showed fierier, there is more than active resilience, and it is more than eagerness to fight of spirit, but Iov not the soldier. And I in you Want to see soldiers, brave, both courageous, and resistant, to grumble not able, ready always to lift a sword for good reason Lords. Such sufferers as Iov now aren't necessary. The ardent fiery of spirit, mighty, both reserved, and ready to action is necessary. Soldiers of spirit are necessary to me in which heart the saved-up Agni, who has been brought together by fight and work flares.
195. (Guru). Laws of a donation are absolutely certain and exact. Given more put measures subjects itself to serious danger. To devastate an excessive donation to consciousness the darkness because it becomes unprotected can come nearer: either diseases, or disbalance. Exhaustion it is dangerous and therefore is inadmissible. That wisely to distribute fire, experience and very developed sense-knowledge is necessary. Only provided that it is possible give. All are ready to take, even unconsciously, but the desire to take yet doesn't grant the right to it. Sense-knowledge has to prompt who can give and how many and to whom – anything. It isn't necessary to suppress it when it speaks "no". Surplus of a donation heavy lies down on shoulders of the giving. Wisely give. The treasure is collected by so heavy price.
196. (Guru). Day breakers are called as troops fiery. During an era of Fire we will speak about fire, and the more the better. Force of a flame increases at a repeated mention of it. The consciousness, which has concentrated on it, will increase in the fiery. Therefore it is good when everything, even the slightest manifestation of fire, is attentively observed and carefully and it is carefully noted. When the thought is directed on any phenomenon, it starts growing. Also grow both fire and understanding fiery. After all at expansion of this understanding it is possible to be convinced personally how the world, really, becomes fiery, because a basis of all phenomena is fire, both material, and spiritual. Basis one, and this basis is the fire. The science already notes that at final, it available, the analysis of any chemical element it comes to elementary particles, which by the nature fiery. Explosion of a nuclear bomb, that is release of these particles, gives terribly strong effect of a flame. From the fiery basis of the world not to leave anywhere, because everything is Fire, in the hidden or shown form: even stone cold, even ice and water. Elements of the Earth, water and the air externally deprived of fire, in the hidden essence fiery, - therefore mastering by fiery elements, either elements of fire, or fire, gives to the person the power and over other three. Fiery from four is the highest.
197. (June 7). Favorite things live the unloved more long. On one people not only the clothes burn, or footwear, but also about them things quicker collapse. In each subject there are harmonious and chaotic particles in various proportions. The harmonius consciousness supports and protects the first, chaotic, unbalanced is the second. In things and subjects it is possible to cause radiations of the aura to strengthening both that and others. Everything depends on radiations of a human body. Healthy radiations promote preservation of life of things. About some people flowers fade, the smile disappears and imperceptibly the illness creeps. These are destroyers and devourers of harmonious energy. Them can generate and the person possessing visible health. Health to health is discord, as well as diseases. There are the diseases caused by decomposition of consciousness. Auras of such organisms are destructive. It is possible even to divide people into destroyers, on the one hand, and guardians and creators, with another. It is necessary to be preserved very much against people with sick radiations. The person can be ill, and even it is heavy, and still its radiations won't be destructive. Also there are cases when destroyers possess health. Life-bearer, or life-giving, and life-giving – it is so possible to divide people on character of their aura radiations. Also the vampire, drinks others energy such destroyer. And on appearance not always they are distinguished easily. It is very easy to them to take cover as anybody even doesn't think of what harm bring they to people. Only pictures of aura will help to reveal these hidden wreckers. Harm from them is very great. These are carriers of a mental infection, a grief, despondency, diseases which they generate at physical and mental contact with them. They can be determined by eyes, but only set of all signs can give a full picture. It is necessary to peer at people very attentively. The interesting copies filled with negative energy come across. Nor health, nor diseases aren't a sign of mental trouble, in any case, for the ordinary person and only for the Teacher of Light all essence of the person – as the open book.
198. They say that Mahatmas long live, but nobody thinks of as far as the consciousness has to be disciplined and the will is trained not to allow in an organism anything causing process of decomposition of fabrics, generating an old age or diseases. Even the ordinary person can extend considerably life, observing a known mode that is having subordinated itself to discipline. At Us it is shown in everything: in food, in way of life, in thoughts and feelings. This discipline is very difficult; it is intolerable for ordinary people. The consciousness prepared by eyelids never will find in itself forces it to obey. Nor to eat thoroughly, nor to drink, neither to have a good time, nor to afford all that the inhabitant affords, is it impossible. A lot of things are absolutely inadmissible. Even life of the accepted pupil is considered time worse than penal servitude. Especially those severe conditions, in which there live Mahatmas, are absolutely unacceptable for the inhabitant. They, these conditions, are so far from commonness human. If directly to tell what the person has to refuse or that has to get rid before he can be suitable for life in Ashram the Mahatmas, wishing it will appear so a little that we won't be surprised to how in century the Stronghold is reached by only one person.
199. (M. A. Y.). How many now bred hunters behind occult knowledge and secrets? Everyone wants to learn them, and as soon as possible, and, having learned, to apply to implementation of the desires. And as are fascinating and attractive the first steps; how much hope of ease and speed of achievements, how many even good, light and joyful dreams. They forget, the moths flying on Light as it is severe as the way as the self-discipline is cruel is difficult, forget that it is necessary even to refuse all for the sake of what they approached. Difficulties if the way is chosen truly start being piled up one over another, the very difficult there is the most difficult, and it almost insuperable. And here fans of an easy gain suffer one by one. Instead of enthusiastic and pink dreams – severity of a feat and difficulty endlessly and endlessly overcoming in itself everything that is subject to a gets rid. The teacher severely called inhabitants dead persons. The teacher speaks: depart from life dead. That in Light to see life of Light and life, from so many it is necessary to depart. From pink dreams doesn't remain anything. It is necessary to pay for each achievement or revealing ability long and heavy sufferings. The considerable will is necessary irrevocably to decide and to go irrevocably. Therefore there is a lot of trying to go and going, but reaching so few. And the Teacher considers judgment pupils on fingers, and it is enough fingers at times on one only to a hand.
200. (Guru). It is good that you understand what qualities in the pupil to the Teacher are especially valuable. That people usually appreciate in each other and praise for what, won't be a measure of the Teacher of Life. Its measures are others. Be not surprised, if in your opinion, in those who it is close to the Lord costs, you won't find that you expect to see. For big affairs people of absolutely special warehouse are necessary.
201. (M. A. Y.). Derivation from the main thing serves often as the reason of weakening of direct contact with a Source Feeding thought. The helmsman of the ship holds the correct course irrespective of the fact which thoughts are born and carried by in his head. The main thought, thought the main, dominates over the others. Good it is an example to be guided in life, during swimming on waves of the everyday sea. Wheel – in will hands, the direction and the purpose are defined absolutely precisely, it is necessary to stick to the accepted course steadily only. No justifications will help if the helmsman, having distracted personal thoughts or moods, will throw a steering wheel. Where will turn all ship? And in the sea there are underwater rocks and reeves, and some transitions are very dangerous. Let's think of responsibility of the helmsman for integrity of all ship. As well as where it can deviate at the made mistake? The mistake small already misdirects. Small mistakes can be on consequences not less big. They much it are dangerous because are less noticeable.
202. (Guru). Pay attention to gait of the person who knows well where and why he goes, and on gait loafing about, not knowing where to put itself. Especially all actions of the people who know sense and purpose of life and, not knowing are various. Only the knowledge gives the hardness and confidence to a step. You look how ignorant can't fill up the free time and often in vain lose it. And time is given to the person at all in order that it could be lost. It is very short in comparison with posthumous existence in which the person lives on the capital acquired on Earth. And this capital, or a condition rather properties and accumulation, is acquired during short terrestrial life. Whether it is so possible to lose in vain even minutes when life is so short. The person is correctly called the collector. That managed to collect in terrestrial life, with that and will leave and that will live and eat during lifetime out of a body. The parable about talents absolutely precisely expresses this thought: one waste that received, and there are with anything, others, on the contrary, multiply to reap from works on Earth in Mira Nadzemnom. You judge who arrives more wisely.

203. When fear gets rid it is already good. It is possible to determine get rid degree only by test. Here such way at frequency of tests gets rid the properties of character most difficult for overcoming. Let's understand advantage of repetition of tests, if their purpose – to exempt from undesirable qualities. Frightening words can throw and dark to break balance. But even their inventions are useful because strengthen an armor. Once they excited, frightened and saddened, but passed time – and the armor became neproboday. Fearlessness is very necessary and in Elevated because there are a lot of frightening shapes and conditions it is possible to meet there. It is necessary to know all aspects of life: both light, and shadow.
204. Not all heroes on the battlefield. Courageous and fearless people are capable to become and in peace life heroes of work or simply good workers. For life usual heroism, however, a bit different too is necessary, than the military, but nevertheless it is necessary. This heroism is externally often absolutely imperceptible, however without it not to live so that then the Light before anybody not to be ashamed. This heroism doesn't demand recognition from people rather it is shown out of any dependence on human recognition. Not for the sake of recognition external, but for the sake of recognition of own trial of and its approval this invisible heroism is created. It is created alone, before an eye of Omniscience of space which sees, and hears, and рекордирует all. Only very high step of development of consciousness generates such heroism. Otherwise it is difficult to call this phenomenon because a lot of courage is necessary, there is a lot of firmness inflexible, and it is a lot of knowledge to arrive so alone. After all anybody doesn't see and nobody learns, and won't judge – the pygmy of spirit, the ignoramus so argues. But knowing will tell: any even the low-slightest action, thought or feeling don't remain, without being recorded in Akasha's rolls. And secret there is nothing that wouldn't become obvious. Before the Face of space it is necessary to arrive so that never and to be ashamed nothing.
205. (Guru). It is bad to be a weather vane for others wind, it is bad to blow in others pipe, it is bad to be a monkey of foreign moods, it is bad to be infected with chaotic or saddening emotions of other people, it is bad not to be itself always irrespective of the fact which or experiences overwhelm feelings of people around. Only keeping immunity of spirit, it is possible to preserve integrity and coolness of consciousness that is balance. Movements of an astral are infectious extraordinary. One only the coward can create a panic on the whole army or turn crowd peacefully sitting at theater into wild animals. Firmness against infection with others experiences and other properties of a negative order can be developed only in life by experience and persistence on achievement of a goal. One can be added: is more useless to the person to assimilate to a puppet or a doll market which any hands even can pull a rope the very dirty.
206. (June 10). The rhythm of changes of day and night, the seasons finishing the cycle, and all other phenomena which are replacing with the contrast again to be replaced with, is inevitable in the course of life. The consciousness is subordinated to the same change also. It has the rhythm of falling and lifting that is alternation of waves. If to take a cycle of seasons, it can be divided into four periods – spring, summer, fall, winter. It, so to speak, main stages of gradual cyclic circulation of replacement of the phenomena the contrast. The rhythm of consciousness passes the same rather similar phases. They should be known that in the winter not to make crops, and in the spring – harvests because everything is good in its season. That valuably fixed time or optimum terms of crops and harvest of mental grains. Cycles happen big and small, but their essence one. Even Manvantara's current is subordinated to the cycles, and they can last millions and hundreds millions years. The knowledge of cycles, big and small, allows on small to have the actions to the person, on big to understand a current of planetary and space events. The knowledge of terms is very closely connected with the phenomenon of cycles, both in big, and in the small. In this case minor cycles of life of consciousness and ability to have on them actions of every day mean. It is impossible to force consciousness when it becomes silent, but will be big mistake to miss favorable terms of collecting of the next harvest. Only this way it is possible to collect accumulation. But often happens that the triumph, vanity muffle a voice sounding from Spheres Highest, and the field which has brought a plentiful crop, remains untidy. It is necessary to be very attentive to consciousness sounding not to miss terms. Because everything is itself time in its season and time of each thing under the sun.
207. Whether the source feeding can run low? No, it can't be. But whether can happen so, what, despite all diligence, it is impossible to enjoy from it? Yes, it is happens, - the reason not in a source, and in a condition of consciousness which becomes silent for a while. Space currents, spatial trouble, influence of environment and, at last, trouble own are can the reason of impossibility to enjoy from a source. Certainly, a lot of things depend on a harmonious mood of the mental device, but nevertheless it is necessary to know that the rhythm of consciousness dictates the changes of its conditions allowing or broad perceptions all of new and new receipts, or very limiting them. In these cases the chagrin should be replaced with understanding that everything is good in its season and it is impossible what violently to perceive.
208. (M. A. Y.). Ashrams are valuable the crystal deposits of lightful mental energy saved up in them. You know well that each new place should be rendered habitable before your own mental energy will receive freedom of expression or identification. In the beginning the consciousness feels as if in a vice, connected by alien stratifications of the new dwelling if in it lived earlier. Time and tension for neutralization of others radiations is required. They can't be destroyed, but it is possible to neutralize, having applied room airing, a eucalyptus, mint and pure happy thoughts. Measures should be taken at once, without waiting while saved-up others energy will manage to harm if it negative.
209. (Guru). Ability to create the thought, the feelings, and the radiations, with all energy of the organism allocated all without an exception people. Question only in in what and as this creativity, this impact of the powerful battery of a human body on all surrounding and on all is shown. The artist in the pictures gives models of the creativity, and the poet and the writer in verses and prose. And in what the drunkard, the addict, the gambler, either the libertine, or spiteful, black heart gives models of the creativity? All create, but as variously creativity it. All radiate around, but light or the darkness proceeding from their microcosm. Creators are all. All create, but as variously creativity it. All radiate around, but light or the darkness proceeding from their microcosm. Creators are all. Human it is possible to think of creativity to understand, than people sate aura of a planet and everything that on it.
210. (June 11). Mastering by thought excludes the phenomenon of persistence of stirring thoughts. There is a lot of them and allowing without permission to prevail any of them in consciousness. Energy can cause to demonstration, but thus it is necessary to be able to operate them. Otherwise it is possible to appear in position of the person from one fairy tale that called a demon, and couldn't cope with it. Many become victims of own thoughts. Even habits are no other than the crystallized thoughts. And fight with them especially difficult when it is necessary to eradicate them.
211. Control over consciousness уявляется not only in the afternoon, but also at night, during a dream. The day thought protects and in a dream if it is rather strong. If in the afternoon it weakened or thoughts of other order were allowed, and control can be effectless. Before a zasypaniye it is necessary to establish the provision of thought. It will be the best protection in a dream.
212. "Not as live as there is a wish and as God orders". In this national saying popular wisdom was expressed. The words "as God orders" should be understood as wise submission to immutable command of the Karma. Sometimes life develops so that no personal efforts are able to change it a framework – in it the power of the Karma over the person is shown. Humpbacked has to carry the hump, and freckled – pockmarks. In it karma of already unrecoverable consequences, which else could be avoided, if in time to eradicate the reason. But here the Karma interfered, and the consequence is available. Neither complaints, nor indignation, fight against the will of Lords of the Karma won't help to change it. The cross, that is the karma, it is necessary to take to follow and still the Teacher, despite it, differently speaking, to live not as it would be desirable egoism and as the Teacher better finds, that is to show full confidence to the Driving Hand, at least out of ignorance and it seemed that the Teacher has to interfere and change an undesirable or heavy state of affairs. The will legend to the Will of the Lord has much more practical and vital value, than it can seem to the inexperienced traveler of the Great Way.
213. (Guru). Force remains force always though its usefulness depends on an appendix corner. But the pettiness and weakness as them apply, won't give useful work and can't give it. Therefore weakness is condemned. In a great stream of evolution Real weakness isn't present a place. Whatever heavy was the next test, it is necessary to remain strong. Weakness is already defeating. Force and weakness – in a condition of spirit, in its relation to that occurs outside. It is possible not to show actions, it is possible to remain silent and silent, it is possible not to react in any way to external influences and still to remain up to the end strong. But all stronger will be the one who will keep balance, but what represents itself balance, this great quality of spirit? Balance is a refusal, unwillingness to work or be shown in the energy on poles. The pleasure about one generates grief, charm – disappointment. Not without reason say that it isn't necessary to laugh too not to cry then. One pole of emotional feelings surely causes a pole opposite. Balance doesn't allow any in an equilibration point, in the center, strong to hold the lever from both. Undetected reserved force is stronger same, but revealed. Balance and restraint – close relatives also can't exist the friend without the friend. About balance it is possible to write the whole book, and this book very much will be necessary to people.

214. (Guru). Pleasure to obstacles, pleasure to difficulties, and pleasure to burdening’s of spirit and, at last, pleasures to sufferings – here the shining bridge of happiness, the leader directly to the Lord. How many it is necessary to suffer to reach it and to begin on it transition. Let's be glad to understanding depth spirit of essence of a course of life. Nothing passes without advantage, and furthermore burdening by circumstances, and furthermore sufferings through which it is necessary to go. We have a special pleasure when the Life is understood.
215. (June 12). The hand of destiny puts in such conditions which cause consciousness яро to react to them. Stagnation of consciousness stops spirit advances. Therefore, also loading and such details, which force to endure everything especially sharply. Life beats on the most sensitive and weak spots, compelling to reply for everything and enriching with the necessary experience. Let's welcome each new wave as new opportunity to increase experience and knowledge.
216. "Accept, the Teacher, My consciousness and be in it the Lord". My power – it is easy to eat the benefit, and my yoke. Consciousness filling by Me is impossible without filling of heart by Me. Way to Me – through heart.
217. (June 13). My son, about difficulties of the Way It was spoken more than once - and main from them that the phenomena of life usual close reality from a look of the traveler of the Great Way blinded by them. But the way remains, despite everything, and the reality doesn't change from that Maya becomes on her place. How to combine reality with Maya when the last influences all feelings of the person? But everything who knew about Light, after all went, and many of them reached because were strong approved on bases. At Maya all rage of a basis remains unchangeable. It is possible to lean and not to deviate on them them even in the densest fog. Let's remind of them though all this is already known long ago. The death will sweep away, like a hurricane, all houses of cards of terrestrial Maya constructions. Therefore, change of forms of life and transition to other plan of existence remain firm. As that everything constantly flows is firm also, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. The Hierarchy Ladder is firm, at least Maya hid it, - and with you the Lord. Here at least these bases already give a strong support for opposition of rage of Maya. After all the belief will be necessary for the statement undoubted in consciousness, when the wind will blow and will fly a hurricane and all visibility of spirit will be closed by a twilight veil. But if bases weren't approved, the rusheniye is inevitable. After all on anything external it is impossible to locate as all external is subordinated to the law of inconstancy and replacement with one another, old – new, one phenomenon – its contrast. For spirit not find in this change of the phenomena of a support. And only the one who builds the stronghold on bases only that will resist in Maya gloom, the Way won't lose and will sustain up to the end.
218. (Guru). Difficult, but it is wonderful – in it all essence. Easily, but it is fruitless, and there are neither baskets, nor jugs, and there is no place and there is nothing to give. So, receiving is caused by difficulties without which it is impossible. Wishing to ease of the Way let better at all doesn't suit because from ease of acceptable nothing it turns out. There are the people relaxed by a body, – they can't even stand on the feet, and is weakened by spirit – these can't neither stand, nor go. Is those who through difficult never passed who solicited ease who lived in pink dreams, having forgotten about severity of life and that the Teacher Calls on a feat. What here a feat in slackness! And the Teacher of the calls soldiers of spirit. The soldier is beseemed by an abusive armor, both the fight weapon, and readiness in patrol to stand, and readiness for fights against difficulties of life.
219. (June 14). It is necessary to accept and believe now, and then it can already appear too late because fire will burn unusable receptacles. In madness of those who goes against the New World, it is possible to see already impact of power of spatial fiery waves on the organisms, not able to assimilate them harmoniously and therefore replying strong a phenomenon of the beginnings opposite to Light. The court planetary already occurs. Only it yet doesn’t understand. But it is necessary to understand because influences of waves will amplify, reviving consciousness’s and lifting them to life if are able to contain, or destroying in the course of a self-consuming owing to them the generated madnesses. The court is terrible the last. Nobody will leave, without having made trial of. Inevitability of court – in a self-condemnation or a self-justification rejected or accepted Light that is evolution requirements. How to evade when everything breathes air and air is saturated with fire. And fires, having entered into an organism, become either fire creating, or fire poyadayushchy or burning an unusable receptacle. Signs there are a lot of come times, only don't wish to see them. But it is necessary to see nevertheless and, having seen, to accept because the reality can be denied only to a known limit. Even the blind feels the sun. The sun of life ascends over the world. The sun of life can't be denied. But it can be not accepted and rejected. It will shine over a planet, and the place on it won't be rejected already. We now awaken the people to understanding of General Welfare. Accepted will live. Not accepted exclude itself from the Great Plan. Counteract only to a limit. The limit is close. Unknown of the time: great and small, Light and dark; High and low compete for prevalence in this last fight, - but will win against Light. Everything, who with Me, the Guarantee of a victory I Give, - everything, who against, – of the defeats. With Me – means, with the New World, against old, on the Evolution party.
220. (M. A. Y.). World situation is much more serious, than it seems to usual consciousness. Energy can't force infinately. Explosion is inevitable. Whether there will be it outside or in consciousness’s of superchargers, value is no as consequences will be identical to those who forces fire. It is interesting to note as sensitive organisms already react to spatial fiery intensity. And it is good if who already is able to regulate these inflow of fiery energy in the organism. Soda can appear true panacea, - but it is necessary that also the consciousness helped, about fiery waves Warned long ago. And it is good, if them to meet the already prepared. Many will rush about from one pole to another, yet won't make a choice. Heavy time for the knowing, -it is necessary to collect forces, that to endure it.
221. (Guru). Depth of events not on a newspaper leaf; only heart will scent their power, be listen to heart. It says that tension in the world reached the unknown sizes. It is wrong to think that it is expressed only in the international conflicts. It is shown in each consciousness. Everything react to it, and everyone in own way. It concerns all, all mankind. Escaped and sat out in the distance from tension centers earlier, now all people are involved in it, and there are already no corners on, which it is possible to hide from these influences. Now in the world all are compelled to bear responsibility for the events, they want it or not: rich or poor, both white and color people, both strong and weak. Responsibility becomes general. And than rather it will understand, that it will be better. If to reject responsibility for the whole world, for a planet, for life of all people of the Earth, the burden will start pressing it on consciousnesses of all and especially those who is guilty in tension increase. Responsibility for Earth should be accepted nevertheless. Kainovo the statement that he isn't a watchman to the brother, in the real conditions Kainov won't exempt anybody from liability, even the most newly appeared. It is necessary to be responsible for all deeds on a planet. For the answer will be called all. The court will create spatial fire, incinerating unusable tension in their organisms of not gets rid, lowest, black fires and destroying carriers them and, on the contrary, clarifying, ennobling, inspiring and changing organisms of the replying. The same energy refracted through the suitable or unusable receiver, gives absolutely various and even opposite consequences. The uniform flame becomes creating or destroying depending on ability of the receiver transmutation the spatial fiery power joining a human body. Self-fire is nor creative, nor eating, - the flame is neutral. Free of will transmutation the Agni, doing him creative, light or directing him on destruction and doing it by black fire.
222. (June 15). Where you see external differences, there don't look for Light – it there isn't present. So was always. Gloss covers internal emptiness. Therefore people cling to a letter and a doctrine to cover absence of the contents; it should be had, and, if it not, how then? Here then emptiness cover by appearance begins. The excellent and more elegantly, the becoming empty inside, - magnificence of clothes and temples will be a graphic evidence of triviality of that is covered with them magnificence of clothes and temples will be a graphic evidence of triviality of that is covered with them - the more spiritually, the more simply. Lack of simplicity is an obvious sign of lack of spirituality. Simplicity is great concept, - it is necessary to be spirit great to show simplicity. Behind difficulties of constructions it is possible to lose the internal contents absolutely. The higher, the more simply; simplicity can serve as criterion at definition of essence of the phenomenon esteeming high or esteemed that. As well life became complicated unnecessary details, burdening consciousness. It is a lot of unnecessary in life of people. The fashion on clothes and things isn't necessary. The clothes have to be simple, strong, convenient and hygienic. How many unnecessary in use! Luxury – a beauty antipode. The beauty and simplicity have to become life bases.
223. And there are phenomena are an aspiration externally to express what it isn't possible to approve inside worse. Both in clothes, and in food, and in use simplicity is as though approved. Pharisees... those plaid the hypocrite obviously: externally a post and a prayer, and inside – darkness. Now it is replaced with simplicity external at heart silent and often cruel and under cover of words. And people still continue to trust words, being content with them, without demanding affairs. Words can be trusted when in them the heart always demanding business is enclosed. We will be preserved against words empty.
224. (Guru). Dreams have unconditional value as can establish thin connection. Consequences can affect later and at all in those measurements in which they are expected. In these cases it should be noted the fact, without troubling itself with interpretation. The gap between the worlds will decrease. Rapprochement of the worlds, it and that, Is specified as a sign of a coming Era of Fire. A lot of things then will be facilitated. And the dream becomes conscious communication with the Thin World.
225. Come of Era of Fire, - Era freedoms from all types of slavery. Most terrible of all types of slavery is slavery spiritual. Distortion of religions generated it. My Sword brought to Earth, will split all chains, which have held down spirit, - I Bear freedom to the people.
226. (M.A.Y.). Many dark creatures that from Us to tear off tried try and will try. But their all diligence is vain. Therefore rage, finding all new and new ways annoy you. If knew, how many at them concerns on each your prosperity and your successes in aspiration to hold a silver thread of spirit. That, through what you pass, an inevitable stage of the real apprenticeship. It is very important as enriches consciousness with invaluable experience. It is very difficult. We necessarily should depart a little aside to give known freedom limited to an exact framework to dark evil-make over you. Otherwise not develop in you the extent of opposition necessary for further advance to hostile influences. Training of the weapon and booking fiery have to be finished. Let's be glad that it already comes. From the power of people around and Wednesday over consciousness be exempted so hardly. But the pleasure when this freedom at last comes is great.
227. (June 17). (Guru.). Not interruptibility of consciousness causes also a continuity of communication with the Head and the Service continuity in all worlds – conscious continuation begun on Earth, only in the conditions of freedom and not coherence terrestrial restrictions. Thin stay can be deprivation for those who lived attachment to terrestrial feelings who liked to eat well, with pleasure to drink or drink who loved feelings of a body and that they gave who plunged with the head into terrestrial affairs, considering that in them the Alpha and Omega of dense existence, - but the Alpha and Omega not in them, and in Called and in Days of its Life. And when in a body the center of gravity or inclinations is transferred to reality of the Elevated World and it there lives the person, then deprivation of terrestrial conditions becomes release and finding of expanded opportunities of thin stay. Imagine that suddenly to you it is given the chance to fly where you want, to be there where your highest aspirations attract you; to be with those whom you love never-dying love in time; to do what wanted by soul; to own and study that you seek to learn all life, and to carry out in visibility obvious the most impudent aspirations. Certainly, this is highest happiness for the person. There it is impossible to satisfy any corporal and terrestrial desire, but everything is feasible that on Earth isn't terrestrial, but from spirit. It is possible clearly and to define unmistakably that will find there for itself everyone leaving from Earth if the nobility, than he lived on Earth that loved, than was fond that considered and thought of what. Feelings, aspirations, thoughts – all this remains, aggravated by mobility of thin conditions, and there is a poroditel of all this difficult inner world of thin energy. You can easily imagine life in Elevated the pupil of the Teacher of Light, either the poet, or the composer, either the artist, or the figure of General Welfare. Life of these people if they left, not aggravated by terrestrial remnants and desires is how bright, wide and fascinating. Many conditions terrestrial remain, but transformed – for example, clothes or dwelling condition or a food, but only not food terrestrial: a food by aromas, breath, that is metabolism remains, but on the highest scale. Meet passing all. Meetings – according to the accord and aspiration.
228. (June 18). Great Spirits Aspired to having anything and to be exempted from that Had, because all terrestrial very much prevents to masterfully use hidden treasures of spirit. Terrestrial demands in consciousness of a place, attention, care. But treasures of spirit are more valuable because are integral death. Them owning, they couldn’t give Energy Itself to that, on what ordinary people spend all the time. Who cares only about terrestrial, about the Highest Worlds learns nothing and doesn't learn anything about itself, except the external person in itself. All is in the person, - all is persons. But discord of people to the person, people between themselves even more, than stars also differ. After all in space live both the shining sun, and the dead moon. It is necessary to understand that at whatever step of development there was a person, it Boundlessness, and in it boundlessness of opportunities of development of spirit, and that in Boundlessness everything is achievable. Small, but the consequence in time will give the correct undertaking. Value of small undertakings of great things should be remembered. If for many years everyday efforts noticeable fruits don't yield, we will be glad to that these efforts of consequences can't but give in due time. It is important to make crops, and to pay attention to an arable land, and to pull out in time weeds, and shoots can't but be. On a field of Boundlessness sprout successfully seeds of mental grains, even thousand-year prescription, and at times and more. Each person, he knows about it or not, there is a result of century accumulation, and in each its action experience of a set of lives is expressed automatically. Not wisely to believe that the consciousness, which hasn't saved up the abilities during hundred centuries can conduct chess game at the same time in about ten partners. Being expression of the centuries-old experience crystallized in abilities of the person, the carrier often even doesn't suspect it, its spirit though the body is young is how old. The age of spirit exceeds age of a body in incalculable quantity of times. At immersion in depths of the spirit it is possible to take pearls of last accumulation from there. Even the conscious self-question of any of the abilities can't but guide at a source or the reason of their origin. After all it turns out from nothing anything. And something always goes from or from something. Both eagerness to fight, and courage, and love to people around – all this from the remote past, -and abilities to music, mathematics, philosophy, inventions, chemistry – all from the same forgotten past. Abilities of the person are a quintessence of his experience saved up in former lives. The person accumulated earlier, accumulates and nowadays for the future. The conditions giving this opportunity, will leave, experience remains. And life is given to people only for acquisition of this experience, which is necessary for the future. And the future of the person is in Boundlessness.
229. (Guru). It is possible to win against the world, only having refused the world that is having refused to recognize its power over spirit. Spirit above all. It is very easy to say it and even to accept a brain. But to approve it by life, affairs and thought it is much more difficult. The winner takes out the spirit line over narrowness of a commonness, over counteraction of the inert or inert environment, over darkness of man-made cellars, and it conducts this line up to the end: the behavior, the usual creativity, the thoughts and actions – all the, not borrowed others, not taken for imitation. Certainly, and life of such people is unusual. It is necessary to refuse the world of commonness and to accept singularity for expression of activity of spirit. It also will be a victory, one of many, because that to win against the world, many victories are necessary or, speaking in other words, it is necessary to be the winner always. In it the primacy of spirit who above all and, first of all, is higher than limitation and coherence of dense conditions will come to light.
230. (June 19). Certainly, friends of perfection themselves don't show. And friends should know, be known well so well that not be touched masks and still, knowing, not to condemn. Condemnation does double harm: first of all condemned, saddening it and repaying its fires. And condemning does harm and to itself because allows in the microcosm existence of such feelings and emotions which do it incapable of perception of thin energy. Condemning myself already I punished. It is difficult to combine knowledge of the person with neo judgment. Everything because they don't condemn reach for our Envoys, though acquired science of knowledge of the person. Condemnation is closely connected with the egoism, which is considering what exactly it suffers or suffered damage from a shortcoming condemned. Amnesty and judgment – is the phenomena of a different order. The person should forgive or forgive another as the Karma disposes of consequences of each act and the forgiveness doesn't exempt from the Karma. But discussion or trial of other person certainly is inadmissible. In condemnation there are no positive elements – it is destructive. Condemnation yoke as the block of the criminal, hangs on a neck of a condemning. And still people should be known, without condemning. Condemnation causes always the ardent resistance and counteraction condemned, at least even condemnation was made about itself, not know externally for the subject of condemnation. Secret condemnation isn't less harmful, and then said aloud. Condemnation for eyes is so harmful. But when know that create; it is necessary to know all meanness of the nature human. And not to condemn the nobility is already Arhat's property. It is difficult to reconcile with meanness of the biped nature, and it is necessary to suffer a lot of things. And still condemnation is inadmissible.
231. (M. A. Y.). Cruelty of people has no borders. Among "cruel and dark" you remember the Lord. Human too it is necessary to pass through cruelty, all passed, and not to catch thus exasperation, that is not to become, as they. If, borrow all their negative qualities where we will come from people around. The prevention in the consciousness of similar feelings also will be a victory over Wednesday. Its resistance is enormous. It regeneration it is impossible, if the consciousness of people around of it doesn't allow, but it is inadmissible also most to regenerate on their image and similarity. It is difficult to distinguished consciousness in a vice of greenhorns.
232. (June 20). The secret of a matter of a bike is. In a structure of physical covers even insects the perfect knowledge of laws of mechanics, chemistry and mathematics connects. Not mind of insects, but reason of the nature carries out this task. The thinnest equipment and different look locators are available both for butterflies, and for mosquitoes, and for a great number of insects, to the smallest midges. The reason and matter as though united in one. In a structure of crystals and the most difficult organic compounds and even, for example, nervous sections it is shown. It surpasses knowledge of the person in the depth, and the consciousness of the tsar of the nature doesn't take part in creation of its physical conductor. It was constructed without the assistance of the owner. So, the reason is attributing of a matter. It is possible to tell that the matter is reasonable and in the identifications expresses Laws Space. Legality in lives of a matter or the Law is too attributing of a matter. Fire, or its fiery basis, – too; than above and refined a matter version, especially if lightful and the more so its rationality is shown powerfully and almost noticeably. It is difficult to see this reason in the rock. But the matter of color stars and the other lightful educations seen by developed sight is already shown in the accord with distinguished consciousness of the person and expresses this rationality in cognizable person-forms. The reason and being shone matter as though already obviously are inseparable. This rationality is higher than mind human. It is impersonal and already was before the person reached tops of modern science. It was always, giving an impulse of evolutionary movement to all material forms and all types of a matter. All spatial energy and force, like a matter, possess the same rationality, and energy from a matter is inseparable. Degrees of this shown in various forms and types of rationality aren't identical. It is possible even to call them Hierarches Reason. Their essence is so far from usual human understanding of concept of a rationality that it is impossible to draw parallels between consciousness human and cosmis-spatiel consciousness of these Reason: Planetary Spirits use Space energy and forces in the full accord with these Reason, as though uniting with Them, both working with Them, and expressing to itself Laws and evolutionary will of the Principal Reason of the Universe. They create the Highest Will which is showing in a mighty, invincible impulse of all of Real to Evolution. Speaking language of the ancient writing, is means "to Create Will the Sent", or to carry out command of Space Will, that is to work in the full accord with Calls of Evolution and to go Conducting at the head of an evolutionary stream of life.
233. (M. A. Y.). Severity and difficulty of the Way which isn't broken by surf of waves of the everyday sea, notes a victorious gait of those who goes the Name of the Lord. We see and we know, but the knowledge Us your difficulties can't exempt you from them because the Way to Light is hard. There can't already be it a lung, because Light execution in the heart causes from surrounding darkness to visibility of her monks who furiously snatch on the uninvited violator of their habitual environment. Midges fly on fire, too and powers of darkness that, or to burn or it to extinguish. Protection of fires of a microcosm and continuous maintenance of a sacred flame of heart is a problem of difficulty extraordinary. And many, lit sparks, allow their go out, because don't maintain environment counteraction. Dostoevsky drank, Mussorgsky drank. How many they, talented and gifted, didn't sustain burden of a burden terrestrial and broke. Life to them was ruthless. But Kampanella and Giordano Bruno wasn't broken by powers of darkness. But it was very strong spirits. The majority of ordinary people surrounding you cruelly break life. And live with anguish, broken by conditions of transitional time. The purpose of the pupil is resist, as though it was difficult. How many bearing malice eyes expect – whether break. Let's not allow to triumph to darkness. Let's keep, we will beautifully learn to meet opposite waves.
234. (Guru). How it was difficult how it was heavy, but "even it will pass". And remains that? There will be we and the Lord. If too It without fires you approach, broken and crushed by spirit how He Will meet you if the meeting happens on heart fires in the accord to indestructible laws of a psycho-magnetic attraction of accord consciousness’s? Therefore also "to undergo Show up to the end", that is to keep unshakable firmness of spirit, having protected and having supported heart fires. The merit spirit is insignificant to break as it is done by many. But to save spirit – will be a victory. It isn't necessary to shift mountains, it isn't necessary to break and win against something out of itself, but it is necessary to keep firmness of spirit, even then, when the body because the spirit is indestructible is distressed. Christ Redeemer Could to evade from shameful death if Called to the aid Light troops, but He Didn't call and... I Won. Victory we will consider from the point of view of overcoming of and a victory over. Let outside will be as will be, but the spirit has to keep fires from a go out darkness, as though around display it in the rage fires go out. "Undergone up to the end", that is spirit fire not allowed to die away, "it will be rescued", that is will reach the Lord.
235. (June 21). Life can't be limited to that is learned already by the person. Life infinitely more widely and more richly, and more stoutly than areas, covered by human of the consciousness. It is impossible to try to put him into limits of the studied world, outside its Boundlessness. Let's understand to themselves that the sphere of the unconscious it is boundless more than that the person learned. It will be the correct starting point of truly scientific approach to things and the phenomena which are subject to research. Boundlessness in all, where not would direct mind. After all everything exists in Boundlessness, getting from time to time to focus of attention of the person by any limited part. Studying is inseparably linked with creativity, with creative ability of mind. The sphere of creativity of mankind constantly extends, but it too has no limit. Everything in the person is limited to Boundlessness, that is can grow infinitely and develop. Doesn't come to an end anything, everything proceeds in eternity. The person is the process, which doesn't have the end in development of all its properties and abilities. If he doesn't remember something or yet doesn't know, it isn't an obstacle for the boundless growth of its spirit. The person dies such as he thinks of itself, but the spirit, which is showing in this personality, continues to live and collect, through the new personality in a new body, experience and savoir vivre. Anything doesn't interrupt; everything proceeds in Boundlessness of the real. And someone who has reached steps of uninterrupted consciousness, knows already isn't denied on the basis of skilled accumulation that it is immortal and isn't destroyed. It is ridiculous to speak about immortality personal that is immortality of the personality who already owing to one limitation and coherence with a mortal physical body is doomed to destruction and death, but We Speak about immortality of spirit. Imagine all absurdity of situation if Guy Julius Caesar and all other persons, the dead long ago, would continue to exist, keeping personal consciousness and all limitation, - also far as it would be ridiculous and as would detain it evolution. The eternity and immortality for Athanasius Ivanovich and Pulheriya Ivanovna wouldn't make sense. Therefore it is good and for the benefit of people it is arranged so that everyone should leave the personality. As the bee collects nectar from each flower and spirit of the person – experience from each certain embodiment. When time will come, he will be able to remember all last, far and next embodiments to see face to face Secret of, but not before. Separate fragments can be seen earlier if the consciousness allows. It is useful to understand sense and value of temporary existence of the personality that to her not to become attached and not to consider this temporary and illusive as a citadel and a Stronghold of the spirit. Through ten or some ten years she will die, having left nothing after itself, except memoirs, and there is her no intended place in Pantheons Immortal. Sense and value of Identity, Immortal reincarnating Triad, too it is necessary to learn that from personality small and mortal, in It, Immortal, to transfer the center of the existence. Sense and value of Identity, Immortal reincarnating Triad, too it is necessary to learn that from personality small and mortal, in It, Immortal, to transfer the center of the existence. Triad kingdom – other-worldly, that is not from the world of the personality, not from a personal world in which the ordinary person lives and hides from Boundlessness. Triad kingdom is Boundlessness, the Triad Kingdom is of the space and Space and infinite life.
236. (M. A. Y.). When pages are filled in with records, the Life Assignment is carried out, - in it task, or mission, this embodiment. Who another could execute it and where other carrying out? Everyone has the Assignment, each next. Because also it is given very much that was that to people to leave, after going. Let's not think of why the deepest reflections are followed by thoughts simple, more than once already mentioned earlier, – all this is intended for various consciousness’s. Everyone will find on itself, something for itself, but to this consciousness the accord. It is necessary to write on levels of many consciousnesses and not to be confused neither simplicity, nor depth of the raised questions. We will send thoughts, but it is necessary to write down everything that will apprehend consciousness.
237. (Guru). Let's treat the past with understanding. If in the past steps or magnets for the shining future are consciously put is the past well unconditionally and there will be no it fetters to spirit. The past we will distinguish on its usefulness to the future. But often even the creating past acquires insalubrious details which darken its evolutionary sense. These details should be rejected, - Those, Who Put future steps, Knew, that did. Those who heated up stratifications usually lost fundamental principles. In the past it is necessary begun to see clearly to look spirit unmistakably to separate useful from insalubrious, chaff – from grain and Light accumulation from darkness, - with the insalubrious past in the future not to force the way. Useful, on the contrary, will serve as a support to a foot and steps of the Ladder of Light.
238. (June 23). Heart - the leader is maintaining by heart. The thought will be transferred from heart to heart, and through heart and to heart the order is given. The order brain won't do at all. It is often absolutely affectless. Silently going warm, or from heart, the thought influences powerfully. Why to one people directly approach and avoid others is heart on invisible wires works. Book "Heart" not end, but beginning of great science. It is necessary to tell about heart more so many! After all in it Boundlessness which can be filled with heart only is concluded. Boundlessness and eternity are connected closely, and heart beat is eternal. Yes! Yes! Yes! Heart fights always. And when pulse stops and the physical device of heart cease to operate, its beating doesn't stop, but proceeds in other covers. When it is dumped astral, it continues to fight in mental when the mental – in a fiery body is dumped. Heart fights always because heart is the fiery engine of life. Even in atom it fights, as well as in the sun. All functions of a physical body are transferred in thin, but transformed by new conditions. The person both breathes, and sees, both hears, and smells, and feels on taste and moves – the word, functions and activity remain, but altered by conditions of thin existence. To this transmutation of functions and feelings it is necessary to get used, adapt and enter, so to speak, into a course of conditions Elevated. Heart will be a transmutation. It should be considered as fire receptacle. But as the official medicine is far from this understanding! Only life will lead to understanding of heart. After all heart – at all. And all heart lives, though the filled-up litter not recognized and being in neglect. The era of Maitreya will be the Era of Heart. Lived a brain and intelligence more, than heart, and will live off. What brotherhood of the people without heart! Or cooperation of all and in everything! The receptacle new is given now to people, a receptacle all of them energy, and the heart which has begun to see clearly to life and calls of the New Era of Fire will be it.
239. My friend, belief or trust contrary to evidence and something, going to him in defiance, will be a sign of a true apprenticeship. Maya all visibility with all her persuasiveness will go against firmness of trust to the Teacher. Maya should be broken. Maya persuasiveness is for an hour, for some time, for which it changes the face to accept new forms and again to close reality. Carried by in heart the trust to the Teacher up to the end will meet the Teacher after, despite terrible bulks and Maya barring the way to It the illusive obstacles. But the trust lost, so, and communication, won't meet. Loss of trust means interruption of communication and silence hearts.
240. It is impossible to call perceptions faultless as the perceiving device not always in a full order and is a lot of seeking to cling to a wire and to transfer the. Heart will be the judge. It nevertheless feels nature of the apprehended thoughts. Space – around, and it is filled with a set of thoughts. Some try to be isolated. But the heart filled with the Lord so that anything third-party of a place to will be the best insulator couldn't find any more. Apprehended it is possible to judge value on fullness of heart. For completeness of the accord completeness of fullness of heart Shape of the Leading Hierarch is necessary. Emptiness aren't present, and that isn't occupied by the Highest, can be occupied by the lowest, creating opportunity to hang on a wire to spatial wreckers. Purity of heart is necessary that even in case of not filling the dirty didn't pass. Division of people into the dirty and pure had the sufficient basis. Pure spatially were connected with pure layers of space, dirty – with low. At contact with people everyone concerns other consciousness the purity or not purity and clarifies, or darken it. There will be time when carriers of a mental infection will isolate as it becomes in World Aboveground where layers are differentiated and are protected by guards is protégé of Hierarchy. They are allocated with force to which inhabitants of these layers are compelled to submit. Everyone gets to a layer according to the accord of the essence with the nature of this layer. Mistakes don't happen as laws of a magnetic attraction work on compliance with this energy which is accumulated in the person. Everyone receives the.
241. (M. A. Y.). . So, we will speak about It. Burdens space exceed terrestrial in incalculable quantity of times. They are meant as cares of a planet, its spatial condition and balance of elevated and underground fire, so strong broken by mankind. The human battery is very strong because it is allocated with powerful energy, and collectively the mankind possesses the huge force of impact on an equilibrium state of the fiery basis of the planet. Violation it can cause cataclysms that already happened more than once in the past, - on the guard of the Lord Stand. And their loading in this titanic fight against elements happens sometimes unreasonable. It also is the Burden of this World. The heavy is Born by It, which has Accepted responsibility for Earth. It is helped by those who in heart bears Light, feasibly the burden of the Burden it is shared. It isn't necessary to attribute burdening of consciousness to only the personal reasons, often division with Heart Great Burdens of its unreasonable causes feeling of burden. It is burden spatial; it indicates familiarizing of heart with spatial life and consciousness expansion. This step is hard. Certainly, also the spatial pleasure, but execution, even partial, Burdens of this World hard then will come. In it phenomenon the help of the heart being on Great Service to Tom Who Costs on Not replaceable Patrol, protecting the future of our planet. Can already render this help shows a high step of development of spirit. The conscious help to Lords is appreciated very much. But a little able to render it and it is even less wishing.
242. (Guru). It is necessary to make it a rule to unite with consciousness of the Teacher when the spatial press becomes intolerable not greatly. The separation of consciousness from the Teacher at these moments very dangerously is one of the reasons. The second is that at these moments the spatial help by association of close or conformable spirits is required. At these moments words especially vitally sound: "Nowadays everyone everyday postpone care", that is all personal should be rejected, keeping consciousness on Light Focus. Such associations create as though spatial protection against forces a disbalance and serve as Earth protection from destructive energy of chaos.
243. (June 24). Alignment is but to the Highest. It is difficult even to imagine that would occur if people equaled on the lowest consciousnesses. We know many such examples in cases private, but they always led to very sad results. Focus of Hierarchy is given to people for an alignment on It. Except the benefit, this alignment doesn't give anything. There are phenomena positive absolutely. The alignment also concerns to them on the Hierarch.
244. (Guru). The small consciousness at small heart it is filled discontent and other repellent feelings, but to the relation to Hierarchy when external circumstances become intolerable. When the press of the relation to Her doesn't change, then it is possible to tell that test takes place correctly. The wire to Hierarchy rises over commonness life, and vibrations unusual freely flow on it. Certainly, for this purpose it is required to restrain a violent cover of an astral which rises against everything that breaks personal conveniences, personal rest, and personal wellbeing. Restrain and bridle the egoism is a task of the pupil, and besides – one of the most difficult. And it should be solved.
245. (June 25). Mental energy can collect and collects on various subjects. At a physical touch of accumulation these amplify. Subjects and things and especially clothes are collectors of mentally energy. Houses, the old rendered habitable houses are some kind of museums where heavy and strong deposits of mental energy accumulated. Each subject which has visited hands of the person bears the impress of his aura. It is necessary to treat the things, which have visited already at someone very circumspectly, - in most cases saturation their negative. It isn't enough at people of the light subjects filled with good aura, - more and more the dark. As well gifts bear on themselves properties of their donators. All subjects and everything on what concentrate is free or involuntarily thought, feelings, experiences and attention of the person, incorporate them, in the aura and with it remain. Vibrations of aura of things and subjects influence those who should deal with them. The strong personality neutralizes over time force of these radiations the. On weak they act more long and, probably, all the time. Therefore it is hard to render habitable old houses and old things. And it is better to change more often places that influences of aura of places didn't eat in aura of monks. Even, taking in hand the reading and read books, it is necessary to drive away mentally everything that on them collected, or, in any case, to be protected from a possible infection. It is difficult even to imagine, than everything is saturated that surrounds the person and to what he should adjoin. So-called public places are often infected with unhealthy radiations of their visitors. But the horror fills the atmosphere of card brothels and places, where phenomenon the lowest passions of people. It is necessary to avoid similar places even from casual and short contact with them. Than prisons, link places, sobering-up stations, hospitals are filled! Jails and concert halls sharply differ that is layered on them. As prayer houses differ from debauchery houses. Also each apartment has the mental atmosphere. All this belongs to area of invisible energy, but nevertheless strong influencing mentality of the person. It is possible to stop hooliganism, roughness, scandals, quarrels, but it is impossible to protect consciousness from influence of aura of that place in which it is. It is thin sensitive organisms sharply perceive these influences though usually and don't give itself the report – why. Each person after himself leaves the trace where it visited. The dog knows it better than people and finds a trace of the owner. But people of it don't want to know. All the life of people is sated with radiations of the aura by everything to what it adjoins, clarifying or darked subjects and things, it people around. This invisible aura of material subjects belongs already to area of the Thin World where all this is visible obviously and thin sight sensitive can distinguish and note a lot of things. It is possible to imagine, all is how polluted and soiled at a current state of mankind and the aura of Earth is how infected with similar saturation. In space all is obviously and heavy depicted. The light consciousness fills all with light, dark – darkness. How many it is necessary to clarify, clear, improve before Light of a coming Era of Fire will light up over the world. Clarification is a greatest problem of the future day. Masses will take part in it. But their consciousness has to grow before to understanding of responsibility of everyone for purity of aura of Earth and space, in which we live, we feel, we think and which it is storable mental products of the consciousness.
246. (M. A. Y.). It, to us all Given and Giving, and What Will give. In total from It and through It, He Told that with us to Be "in all days till the end of time". The abyss separating his Consciousness from ours on steps of a ladder of life, is huge, and, despite this huge distance of All, and perhaps, and more. It is close to everyone who to It is directed because doors are open for everyone. And this proximity depends neither on time, nor on distances, on other material conditions. She is in of the spirit. And spirit over everything. The directed body is directed by all the particles, when it in movement. Let's call this phenomenon an aspiration monolith. When the person in all the covers is filled such aspiration, he becomes such monolith. The monolithic aspiration is immutable brings to the Lord. But even the small aspiration brings the echo, approaching to It. It is necessary to bring at least something that It Could put to what. Also it is necessary to come. After all He Told: "Come to Me all". But there aren't enough going. I am ready to Give a measure full, but where they, wanting to take? Now Goes to the world It is invisible Visible that couldn't crucify. And really can't, but furiously and violently trample on all values of spirit and we are ready to mock and blaspheme over the Highest. But terms come, and it is necessary either to accept or to leave a planet because space conditions created iron inevitability of the decision to go with Light or to remain in darkness for each person living on Earth, and everything who lives and is in its aura, in whatever they were covers.
247. (June 26). The way of achievement is difficult. From here so a little really wanting goes, though there is a lot of wishing, - from desire to the firm solution of will long distance. Each step means overcoming and constant intensity of vigilance, aspiration and unshakable determination. And obstacles are piled up, as mountains. And the more determination, the three are more than obstacles, - because, speed of movement causes the corresponding resistance of the environment. On resistance forces become stronger. Anybody for another won't begin to go. I will make also itself I will reach – the first rule of the pupil. We help when really the help is necessary. But let's judge to us. It is necessary to understand usefulness of enemies and why them we Allow. Each enemy teaches something and something helps to acquire. Usefulness of enemies isn't denied. Who will teach vigilance and vigilance, vigilance and care? That the enemy and to that learn gives, neither friends, nor won't be able to fill people around even if and wanted. Only hatred and rage to enemies we won't raise because these feelings poison own system and отемняют consciousness. We Are ready to Help, but the capacity that to accept the help and not in that form which is expected is necessary. We See better and farther.
248. There is more: who and that will replace the Teacher of Light if to refuse It, - therefore, dismissal from Hierarchy irreparably. It stops advance ways. Those who don’t want to take the cross and with it to follow Me, won't succeed. To follow, without having taken a cross, many would like. But to take a cross is means to refuse complaints, complaints, discontent, and it means humility before karmic payment of old debts. And when weight of a cross becomes intolerable, it is good to remember then that Itself Asked to load it more. The unreasonable burden can't destroy spirit, and lifted it to Us is immutable reaches. Even the donkey bears the burden therefore understanding, that understands of for the sake of what Is specified to take the cross with itself is necessary to a burden in addition still. Awareness of value of difficulties and obstacles approaches on thousands years; overcoming it will be given; to the winner – too, - going will reach.
249. (Guru). Death violation is one of the greatest achievements available on Earth to the person. Intentionally I told – "on Earth" because it is necessary to win against death, without leaving a body. The connection of the worlds imprinted on the Banner of Lords, also means this victory over death. Having still been obese, the person of the phenomenon of the Thin World, that world in which he will live will see then, a body having left. The consciousness will find ability to live in two worlds and to concern both, still being on Earth. Even it is difficult to imagine, what changes will be brought by this understanding in mankind life which in a root will change. The New Sky and New Earth will take a place old, and old won't come already more to heart and won't be remembered again, - in it greatness of the future, which waited by the person.
250. Until the slave didn't realize the slavery, he won't strive for freedom. People is slaves itself the physical cover. People don't realize, in what terrible slavery they are in the body, - but, realized will want freedom. He will look for. It will find how to be released from captivity of physical conditions. He will understand that in the spirit of freedom and that the spirit can find it if wants. But it is necessary to look for, it is necessary to aspire and it is necessary persistently and to destroy persistently walls of a dungeon in which the spirit is concluded. Mastering by the conductors, the power over them also mean this freedom. The way to it is open how to go – Show Teacher, so it is achievable.