Agni Yoga's facets, 1965 (251-400)

251. (June 28). (M. A. Y.). Each incarnate bears and assignment of own spirit, which consists in that from this embodiment take experience and knowledge of a spirit task. Very many evade from this performance and start chasing Maya illusive calls. Is those who again and will be again compelled to learn an unlearned lesson.
252. (June 30). When I Speak about invited and chosen, I Mean not any special minions of fortune, but those who within long centuries cooperated with Us who helped Us already earlier and it was close. Without last merits there can't be elite. Everything is reached by work and fight for the statement of Light. And if it was not so, everyone has the right to think that invited and the elite was those casually, on a destiny whim. There are no consequences without the reason. But the reasons forging destiny of the person, are generated by his own will. So elite – in hands of his will. Under a banner of Light are convoked all. To be called, it isn't necessary to have special merits. But the elite are caused by them. Call is heard by sets. Reply not all, heard it. Follow for Called until the end of unit. Consolation that the comer even in the last hour will be accepted and it will be allowed. Refusal isn't present to anybody. Only nevertheless it is necessary to bring something with itself that was in what to receive. All coming to Me receive, everyone – on ability of consciousness to contain. The eye sees that, on what is turned. As also the spirit takes and perceives that, on what the consciousness is turned. And the consciousness is attracted there where heart directs. And everyone receives on aspiration of heart. Refusal isn't present to anybody. Not coming to me and not answered too receive from life, but not mine and not from Me. And that they receive, like fruits of the Dead Sea – are scattered in ashes when them want to hold. But my, received from Me, remains forever with received. Flowers of my Garden don't fade, and its fruits are fresh always.
253. (M. A. Y.). . To you it is heavy among cruel and dark. And what to It which has Outstripped mankind on distance, measured by concept of the Circle. Therefore its victim is called Great. Certainly, his consciousness was and is other-worldly, not from that world in which and which there live ordinary people, we will call consciousness it Space. He Knows destinies of mankind and a tracing of the Great Plan, and it’s all Activity in all Worlds Proceeds according to command of Space Will. Mankind as rebellious herd, all the time seeks to turn aside from a direct way of evolution. And on the parties – abysses, sharp breaks, both rocks, and darkness of chaos. Way only forward on the channels dug in space mankind of the Highest Planets. Way one, designated by the milestones put by Planetary Spirits of Hierarchy of Light. Conducting our terrestrial mankind with it Stays in all days of its life on Earth. In it sense and value of its Victim Great. On the Highest Planets there is no this holding-down inertness of a matter, and people promoted further. There it would be easier to It which has Accepted all weight of the Terrestrial Cross. But It Bears this Cross and until now. And so it isn't enough of those who want to help It and to facilitate its unreasonable Burden. Great people should understand the Inexpressible Feat of the Victim.
254. (July 1). Never it is necessary to put itself in such situation when it would be necessary to give out knowledge or something another against the will, either understanding, or desire. Are insalubrious and the compelled meetings with passersby when not on a need of the heart, and on others desire and requests it is necessary to speak against a voice of heart about the intimate. In these cases it is best of all to answer questions. If, questions overstep the limits of the desirable answer, answer, without having told anything. Importunity of remote consciousness’s should be stopped a firm hand as anything good from this it is impossible. Immature friends often demand what to demand mentally have no right. At the first steps especially suffer garrulity and desire to teach and someone to conduct for themselves. All this indicates immaturity. About silence and usefulness of this gold quality It was spoken not without reason. Even skilled travelers trespass against it. Very much there is a wish to share the saved-up wealth. The desire is quite lawful if the rule "distribute wisely" is observed. The donation over the reasonable is wrapped against the giving. In the beginning willingly listen and, probably, those who very quickly leaves on other party accept even. That is why Precept wisdom of distribution.
255. (M. A. Y.). In process of growth of consciousness and accumulation of experience pink paints from faces of friends, from life, from the surrounding are removed. Knowledge of the person is severe school. The place to self-flattery good suitable isn't present and doesn't remain. Remember how He severely Knew (Savior) of people. You won't find in its addresses, words and lectures of affection human good. He too well Knew a human nature to be under a delusion with pink hopes of fidelity, constancy, appreciation and devotion surrounding and listening to it. And, knowing people, He never Condemned. He Wanted to impart this great quality of judgment to people. Severity and judgment, knowledge of the hidden essence of the person, in all its unattractiveness, and to people love, fight and oppose to darkness and unwillingness even to raise a hand in protection of testify to a bipolarity of Consciousness which found a median point of balance between poles of two contrasts. Small consciousness’s usually stumble even on small ant provisions, finding in them a contradiction raising doubts and swaying’s. But the Great Spirit Is great balance of contrasts in the Heart which Is the great force and a Stronghold capable oppose to the most ardent impacts of darkness. Only the one, Who Established this balance, Can by the right tell: "I Won against the world" because Great Balance is a sign of a victory over the world.
256. (Guru). As is in above, so and below, as is in big, so and in the small. Let's study on everything, and in everything, and always. Those shortcomings which are easily visible in others, most often nest and in own consciousness. Otherwise they would be hard to be made out at once. Here someone, like a peacock, spreads the tail for an admiring it beauty. And maybe, and in ourselves, in the form of any, this desire to be pleasant and attract, that is to establish slavish dependence of consciousness on foreign opinion too nests. Perhaps, we suffer garrulity? Perhaps, we suffer garrulity? Perhaps, didn't get rid of pity dependence on foreign opinions and we arrive counting on them? Condemnation is admissible, condemnation is justified, condemnation we Welcome, but... only itself. About itself it is necessary to show severity of judgment. It is necessary to show trial of. It is necessary to show trial of, without expecting other court.
257. (July 2). My friend how ignoramuses from reality tried to be fenced off, it is impossible to discount that is and that exists. Therefore particles of truth can be seen in the most distorted interpretation and past beliefs. Dark exist, and there is a Hierarchy of darkness, and there was their head, a fallen angel, once lightful. You know how dark seek to extinguish each sparkle of Light and to destroy each kind undertaking. As they harmed to you and continue to harm, - and as there are a lot of them, conscious and unconscious helpers of the evil. Don't draw it, but the people going against Light. There are no devils, but there are the sorcerers knowing what not known by ordinary people, and using the knowledge to the detriment of another. You know that there are black boxes. Also you know that bad people are available everywhere. They on the darkness party also join themselves ranks of the militant evil. It is necessary to remove only from the phenomena an ignorant raid of the past to see reality under the distorted form or outdated words. The evil exists, dark exist. The One incarnation villain both remains to that and continues to multiply darkness. Also there are very good people and people simply good, - in them Light. Also there is a Hierarchy of Light led by the Hierarch the Leader, - and continuous fight between Light and darkness. All is these bases. They can be denied, but they show a reality face. It is possible to deny and immortality of spirit, but then human life loses the meaning. It is impossible to live for the sake of death and destruction of everything that is in the person. Body of the person – not is the person, but only the conductor of its spirit, the case, in which he temporarily lives to save up the necessary experience and knowledge for uninterrupted life in Boundlessness. By negate recognize death and death worship. These are slaves to death, because consider that winner death of life, and not the reverse. Who believes in death, death will be lost and who trusts in life, will live. The death of the personality is inevitable. In it negate are right. But after all the identity of the person isn't the person. The personality is a temporary cover of spirit which clothes in her to execute the appointment and a problem of the next embodiment. The personality dies, but Identity remains and if the consciousness is transferred to it, it carries out not interruptibility of consciousness that is the actual immortality of spirit. The spirit of each person is immortal, but while it isn't realized and consciousness isn't transferred from the personality to Identity of the Immortal Triad, the concept of immortality remains abstract, theoretical. But Those Who Precept idea of immortality of spirit actually Reached it and Knew about what Spoke. Those who deny bases don't know anything though their aplomb and ignorance are unreasonable. Only the happiness isn't known by them and has no hope, - empty covers.
258. (Guru). The pupil has to become the spokesman of the Face of the Lord. That, at least partially to reflect in itself Light of the Lord, the darkness and the personality in whom it nestled, it is necessary to moderate, restrain, bring it to such condition that it not only didn't disturb light of Light, but also I promoted it, as far as possible. The personality means limitation, temporariness, inconstancy, because its basis – an astral. When feelings of an astral are bridled by an iron hand, the personality can't interfere, as usual, with Light any more. The personality is a servant of Identity, this is the slave obliged implicitly to carry out will of the person highest "I". Two in one, and one of them takes priority. Which of two? Solves spirit, because the decision in the spirit of and the solution of spirit defines destiny decided; we solved the way forever and this irrevocability of the decision forges the future of the person. Otherwise can't be. After all there are no two ways about it. Unless in darkness! But who, Light having concerned, consciously directs in evil embraces. When line behind which return is back already impossible is passed, the spirit finds the narrow track conducting in life.
259. (July 3). Day comes, and day leaves, but "I" remain forever. As passes also life in this body: it is born, grows, dies, but "I" remain. Thoughts and feelings that arise again again leave. Events, as if a stream, by rushing spirit flash. But "I" remain looking. There (in World Aboveground) the same, as here, on Earth, occurs – only a body another, not terrestrial, but thin, and the World surrounding – thin. Above the same, only instead of a thin body there – a body of thought and the World of Thoughts round looking "I". Looking and the Bowl – storage of all perceptions, – remain in the terrestrial and Elevated Worlds. Remain forever. And personal small "I" die, and another is born again, and another, both the third, and the set them is strung, to a beads is similar, on a thread. There are a lot of beads, one thread. Small "I", am, a lot of, these persons but the highest "I" – only one, and the Bowl one – storage eternal (memory) of all lives passable, - immortality in mortal, as consciousness in a body, so big "I" in small, as eternal in the temporary. Temporary everything, but is eternal Looking. The terrestrial consciousness of the personality small sleeps even at night. But Looking sleeps never and everything Remembers; silent Recorder eternally on the guard, - written all. Covers live, covers suffer or rejoice to that brings them life, and He only Looks and only Remembers. The terrestrial consciousness lives in a dense body, thin – in thin, mental – in mental, and everyone dies with the cover, but the Recorder is immortal. And if the consciousness to the highest "I" rose, and with it united, and got into the Treasure of the Thicket stored Silently Looking behind seven seals, there is a merge of the one Who Looks, and the highest "I" in the Immortal Triad. And mortal becomes immortal, and the person enters into the Great Brotherhood Immortal then. People call them Gods or God-person, but it not Gods, but the people who exempted from the power of mortal covers and have approved the power over them. The ladder of life Immortal has the beginning, but has no end. And anybody never Told that It Reached top it.
260. Enduring in passing it is necessary to understand and not only to understand, but also to master, that is to assimilate in consciousness. If everything that is, exists in Boundlessness, and everyone, even a small particle of all is Boundlessness expression – as the water drop from the ocean expresses its structure. Then the eternity will get new aspect of the expression, showing in time a face enduring. Speak about eternal life. Yes, it so – life is eternal, though is shown in temporariness of dying and again arising forms. Even time counts seconds pulsation of a pendulum of eternity. All is born from Boundlessness, and everything goes to Boundlessness, and anything doesn't disappear. The consciousness connecting with the phenomenon eternal in temporary becomes over a stream of changing transformations of the world surrounding it and subjects join the enduring. Duration of Space processes and life of Galaxies approaches already to Eternity limits, in comparison with which terrestrial human life with all its events – as an instant before billions years. And this comparison is available to mind of the person because in it, as well as in everything, Boundlessness elements because the person too is expression eternal in the temporary are put. Concept of Boundlessness and the book "Boundlessness" to people we Give that thought could touch and scent to it itself not only participants of boundless life, but successors of everything, than by the Space Right is intended to seize to the person. We in Boundlessness Open the Gate, and wishing can enter.
261. (M. A. Y.). How to coordinate a little personal "I" to greatness of the Space outline of destinies of mankind? Only consciousness of wisdom, greatness of the Victim and knowledge’s of the one, Who Conducts. In It we have a striking example of a harmonious combination terrestrial with the Highest, eternal with temporary, mortal with the immortal. The highest and terrestrial merge in It and are expressed by Beauty. Whether you thought sometime of beauty not only one physical body, but also all covers? As far as can be ugly and repellent the thin cover, so can be attractive and fine. He who has Told: "I Won against the world", – Won first of all against covers, having resulted them in full harmony and subjects having lit up them Beauty. This ant provision of the thin covers disfigured by people and Beauty of the sated, investing Spirits High, let will serve as the instruction that their transformation in the power of the person. When the Teacher Showed to pupils the changed Fiery body, He that they saw what each of them can reach Wanted if follows It. In It eternal and temporary it was combined in the Highest expression, but in degree any, nevertheless available to people, if not for understanding, then for contemplation. It Gave the certificate to the world that immortality is achievable and that the temporary and eternal can be harmonius in the person when it is in the terrestrial body. And nowadays Call is repeated. It is an appeal before the New Era.
262. (Guru). Coherence of aspirations and thoughts with acts and actions and all life of the pupil will be a step of his approach to the Teacher. It is impossible to speak about one or to think, doing absolutely another. It is impossible to direct to the Highest, plunging into an everyday bog. It will be very sad symptom a disbalance. Force ennobling will be paralyzed by force, the attracting down. Result – standing on a place or movement back. It is good when all covers of a microcosm of the person harmoniously and monolith are directed up. Long ago It is already told that the house divided in, won't resist. Don't assimilate.
263. (July 4). It is good to accustom itself to thinking of the Thin World on Earth probably rather to assimilate new conditions. The skilled spirit feels there at once – as at home. Inexperienced it is lost and it is compelled to endure adaptation process. At times other one incarnation use this confusion. Knowing it is protected by the knowledge. The saved-up Agni's strength remains force and there, and the thought perfected by knowledge, works sharply. Stay in new conditions of Elevated existence is very interesting and fascinating for the spirit which hasn't been connected by terrestrial remnants and attractions. It is possible to call release death. Neither horror, nor fear, neither cold of a grave, nor loss of everything, neither destruction, nor hell torments, but release of spirit from restrictions terrestrial, from a body prison, from heavy coherence chains of the dense world. Many people even don't understand, in what slavery there are they, having been obese terrestrial which demands and warmly, and clothes, and I peep, and transport, and many other things, many things in addition. Anything it isn't necessary in Elevated – and in it great freedom. Who lived thought and spirit, art and lived for others, about the personal having forgotten, that is very easy and free. The gluttony was considered as a sin earlier. Why? Difficultly gluttons out of a body because is have already nothing. The mental gluttony is similar to Tantalum torments – feelings are, and bright very much, and saturation and satisfaction they don't give. And so in all that concerns aspiration to satisfy terrestrial desires. But the musician can roll in sounds, and is free creating, and endlessly enjoy process of this creativity. The drunkard too creates wine and strengthens alcoholic thirst without opportunity to sate it and to stop. So, the death is freedom from captivity of a dense matter and happiness for those who pulled out her sting from consciousness. To this freedom the Teacher Calls and it Announces for following Him. All insalubrious freight of rage, hatred, not goodwill, envy and all desires should be left and rejected, that this freedom to reach. Release prepares on Earth because there it isn't necessary to take with itself anything that can burden or constrain freedom of one incarnation spirit. Freedom is forged now, for the present in a body because that you will connect on Earth, will be connected in World Aboveground. Chains of slavery terrestrial should be broken off here, on Earth.
264. (M. A. Y.). Who is He? It – to you Bearing freedom and knowledge. It – Having that and Reached that you should find and reach. It – to you happiness Bearing. You have in It an embodiment of all your highest hopes and aspirations. If in It the highest step of human achievements if these achievements are possible, so is revealed and to you is given the chance to reach through It that is unattainable other ways. He simply Told: I am the Way, Truth and Life. To It coming not thirst for ever because approached to a perennial spring of Life.
265. (Guru). Going to the Lord it is immutable will reach if doesn't interrupt the step. If the step remains rhythmically persistent and invariable under all circumstances of external conditions, it becomes the guarantee of that going will reach.
266. (July 5). All events with us can be divided on present and unforeseen. To usually good present we rejoice when it is carried out. But as often happens that this pleasure addresses in the contrast. Why it occurs? Why the carried-out desire or dreams turn in a source of troubles or even sufferings? The most part of people wishes only for itself or the relatives, that is his desire are selfish. And the root of the reason rests against egoism. This type of sufferings, widespread, is unprofitable. High Spirits suffer also, but Suffer not for itself. Sufferings for others expand consciousness and remove small "I" out of limits of the orbit. Consciousness expansion is a problem of evolution of the person. Opposite pole of super personal suffering – pleasure, super personal pleasure, pleasure, leaving from grief. To unloved sufferings we will be glad is a threshold of the following happiness behind them.
267. (M. A. Y.). . Often the destiny manages very severely with those whom it loves who are hall-marked spirit. Why it so? Severity of the course of life full of difficulties and deprivations, forces everything more brightly and more brightly to inflame spirit fires. And deprivation of earthly blessings and conveniences of sorrow less, easy existence does transition to the Thin World and assimilation of their elevated conditions easy and painless. Deprived upon transition there nothing loses. And a habit to live, doing without to what people so strong get used what to leave it causes sufferings, exempts them from terrestrial remnants. Therefore not having anything and not wishing terrestrial wellbeing enters the World Elevated the free. Such beggar is richer than any billionaire because the billionaire takes nothing with himself, dying, and both go to what mother gave rise. One free as had no anything, another connected as had much, too much, and got used to use the too many. These habits – as outgrowths on spirit, and it is difficult to remove them. Let's be glad if life deprives of us what others because in its pledge of release use. Here hour of transition will come, and to regret that all is left terrestrial, even it won't want as too this life was heavy and deprived of everything that ties consciousness to Earth. In many deprivations of pleasure there is a lot of because each understood deprivation is still release from chains of the dense world. It is correctly told: don't become attached to anything, and you will have nothing to lose or regret for the lost.
268. (Guru). It was already said that deprivation in one is stay something another, perhaps, much more valuable, than lost. And if material deprivation is replaced with stay spiritual which already can't be lost, whether that will be it replacement of one with another, more valuable and already integral. Many will understand that spiritual riches are more valuable than all gold of the world, because gold too heavy that it could be taken with itself for limits of terrestrial existence. So everything that people have, it is possible to divide into true property and illusive riches that is only casual and temporary. These last can use only on Earth and, at the best, short years, while very long, in comparison with terrestrial, stay in World Aboveground perhaps happy and easy only on condition of possession true richness of spirit. The narrow track conducting in life provides accumulation of true richness of spirit which on fire don't burn, and don't sink in water, and are taken away can't be death.
269. (July 6). Vanity and Boundlessness – two poles of ant position of activity of consciousness. Life often puts in such situation, it is impossible when to evade from immersion in cares terrestrial. But the passenger of the train or the steamship knows that all details of moving, both good, and bad, only on moving. Here also it is necessary persistently and to keep the same feeling of temporariness of the most difficult and uneasy circumstances persistently in consciousness, remembering that all pieces of a terrestrial way временны and the end, though all Way as a whole is infinite. Besides, it is necessary to know that life puts in such conditions which tensely teach something very important and necessary. It is necessary to see and use received knowledge for multiplication of the experience which is very necessary for advance. It is much lost opportunities because of unwillingness to study at life to that is difficult and unpleasant. Furiously vanity sounds. Direct to unite with Me. But usually happens on the contrary. In turmoil of efforts and cares of Me forget, and then are surprised, what not everything passed smoothly, as though there was a wish. It is necessary to keep communication with Me in any conditions. All difficulties and cares are given for test of durability of communication for not interruptibility. Communication interrupted is similar to a blinking lamp – the lamp can fuse, and communication to interrupt. Let's not envy anybody to whom easily and pleasantly is, is not pupils. They are more averted from vanity, the rapprochement with Us quicker. Unmetered covers disturb completeness of unification with Us, strong reacting to the events in the dense. We will bridle them and we will force to serve spirit. There is nothing more sadly when the pupil speaks: "I can't master myself", - and to master so simply, only to be in thoughts with Me. Let the press of vanity serve as incentive to unification still bigger in the spirit of.
270. (M. A. Y.). 270. (M. A. Y.). If the hurrying person has before himself absolutely definite purpose that he sees on the parties doesn't prevent it to move further. On a way to the Lord a lot of things can distract and force even to forget the purpose set. To lose commitment – means to go astray or to deviate it. If the Image of the Lord always in our heart, the purpose it is impossible to lose. It is enough to remember It as bright and close there is a purpose. It is necessary to remember constantly it.
271. (July 7). How to counterbalance in consciousness temporary and eternal, personal, small, every day, and my, planetary and space, super personal? Only constant memory about Me! Let the surf of waves of the everyday sea storm and the ordinary shouts, let overflow run shaft, perhaps, the ninth. The constant memory means stay with Me, and it gives the chance to me to assume all force and rage of a rushing shaft. But I won't be able to accept if I Doesn't stand the first and first of all other in your consciousness. The first place in your consciousness has to belong to me, and then already all the rest. It is very difficult to hold Me if between Me and you something is allowed or something is put before, is closer, than I. Keep for Me follows strong, but it is necessary to know – as. If knew, how many forces are used by darkness that from Me to tear off you. But we will inseparably keep, and I in consciousness – before all and only. And after all the rest that brings your life. In this hard time we will be together in unification uninterrupted.
272. (Guru). It is possible to check itself on firmness and on persistence on implementation of given instructions. Usually the person manages both to be afflicted, and to be upset, and to forget about the Teacher in a tuft of troubles, counteractions and chagrin. But before allowing all this, it is necessary to arm with the Lord and only then already to afford with what there are no forces to master. Then it is easy to help and force to add that sufficed. It is impossible to forget about the most necessary never, and at the moments of special aggravations by circumstances – especially.
273. (M. A.Y.). Test often goes on a limit of all forces of the pupil and always it seems to it strong real, despite all knowledge of unreality of Maya and understanding of temporariness of passing details of test. And the examinee heavy suffers because this Bowl is hard. Therefore would be the greatest delusion to think that the Great Spirits, which life it was hard and which frequent Paid in death and tortures for Light brought to people that They Didn't suffer and that was in their power to moderate sharpness of these sufferings. Actually extraordinary refinement of all organisms did these sufferings especially heavy, and the power They Didn't direct on forcing people to obey to it if Hour of Tests came. Ask: for what to test them, Great? Yes only in order that you had force of an example as it is necessary to go through everything and still spirit not to fall, not to break; Spirits Great we honor understanding of the Victim, which They Bring, what approve in the world Light. And you, passing through the tests, which are incomparable with their difficulty, force in it find victoriously to pass through everything up to the end.
274. (Guru). Remember more often when to you it is heavy, six-months our sitting on the mountain plateau open for all winds, on an icy cold such, what even cognac froze, and there was no fuel, and there was no place to be warmed, and camels one by one perished, approaching before death to our tents. And if us whom the Lord Called the Envoys, tests didn't spare, it is necessary to understand that all will have to pass through the tests. Whether not there are these difficulties a sign of what, overcoming them, we meet requirements of the Teacher?
275. (July 9). I hear also Show: to stick to me all thoughts, all understanding and force all. Want to separate from Me to break without Me. Task: to keep My Face in consciousness it is constant. Force in itself to make it is necessary to find. Counteraction is so strong and persistent that demands attention fixing not that it is necessary to overcome in external details, but on a unification uninterrupted in the spirit of with Me, having rejected those external circumstances which so strong from Me separate consciousness, involving it in the orbit. Not with them it is necessary to fight, and with that and keeping balance and communication, and not to think of them, but of Me, because in Me all: both decision, and success, and release from burdening by rage of dark counteractions. Victory is in itself and over itself. The legend of to Me, Will You, in that also consists that, thoughts of and affairs both all concerns and troubles to discharge of itself, having filled consciousness with me, but Maya demands all attention to her, and I Say that it has to be directed on Me that with Me to arrive these difficult days in a unification full. The victory is possible only with Me, differently not to resist and not to overcome dark evil-shift.
276. (Guru). Let's think of the future. It is good to draw up the plan of spiral and consecutive deepening of approved qualities for the remained years. Even the plan of day is good because anything chaotic won't succeed. Let's give them in the morning of a task for going day. They will be seeds of future achievements. They will yield a fruit.
277. (M. A. Y.). Heart filling by the Lord is unattainable if the love dried up. On even flowers dry up if not to water them, – only it is necessary to do it daily in the mornings and to evenings. And to the Lord the love needs an everyday gift to it fire of heart and its best aspirations.
278. (July 15). Heart filling by the Lord is unattainable if the love dried up. On even flowers dry up if not to water them, – only it is necessary to do it daily in the mornings and to evenings. And to the Lord the love needs an everyday gift to it fire of heart and its best aspirations.
279. (Guru). Terrestrial affairs shift abilities of spirit and to these they are very useful. If they weren't necessary for knowing spirit, an embodiment in a body and life on Earth wouldn't be necessary. It is necessary to understand the value and value of terrestrial embodiments and that experience through which it is necessary to pass.
280. (July 17). (Guru.). Fortress delivery to the enemy always was considered as a shame, - especially, delivery of fortress of spirit, or capitulation on favor of the won conditions. It is possible to appear in the face of insuperable circumstances, but nevertheless spirit not to break and against their breaking force to resist. Firmness is expressed not in that most to break these conditions, and in that before an impact not to break and hold them balance. It is wrong to think that the victory of spirit has to consist by all means in submission of an external environment to will of the winner. Victory in that the going surf of waves of the outside world didn't destroy the spirit world inside. When bases were strongly approved, it is already impossible. Victory is in the spirit of.
281. (July 18). If the surrounding defines the content of consciousness in very considerable measure, it is possible to imagine as far as it will change after transition in Elevated. You details of life of other people on other end of the globe, because you at all don't know them don't interest; they for you simply don't exist. And your terrestrial life will cease to exist and have for you interest when conditions of the Thin World will replace it, – it will simply leave your consciousness as the events which have happened ten years ago left. The consciousness lives that surrounds it, and for this purpose plunges consistently in dense, Thin and Higher Worlds, clothing the corresponding conductors, is an ordinary person, - and only Arhat, being in a dense body, can consciously operate in all the covers on other plans of existence.
282. (M. A. Y.). Even moving on other apartment helps to understand, any environment temporary of the person is how, - from here – usefulness of any changes, movement and travel. The traveler of a boundless Way of subjects will understand Maya all illusoriness rather and won't consider final any living conditions. In total not mine, and everything is temporary only – with such consciousness there will be a pupil through life.
283. (Guru). For following the Lord all life on Earth – only preparation for Elevated stay. Doctrine bases gradually so take root into consciousness that only over the years there is obvious that fact that all outlook changes, changing in a root the relation to surrounding, and only in special conditions notes consciousness the steps passed by spirit. The transmutation of essence occurs over usual attention, changing the internal person.
284. (July 20). Terrestrial – terrestrial, and the Highest – to the Highest. The few can understand this formula of life, and, rendering Caesarian to the Caesar, that is terrestrial, about the Highest already forget and don't leave for him anything. Reconciliation of contrasts terrestrial and heavenly is one of the most difficult. But after all if to give all thinking only to Earth and terrestrial, upon transition to the World Thin the person will have not enough accumulation for conscious stay in it, that is he there will have nothing to live in view of the fact that the elements necessary for this purpose, it in life terrestrial didn't save up. Therefore under all conditions of terrestrial existence it is necessary to find nevertheless time to think of the Highest, knowing that each such thought – the benefit and that it will give the kind consequences which are so necessary for Elevated stay.
285. (M. A. Y.). Yes, it is right, each spirit has the ceiling of endurance which strengthening, but destruction follows any more. The teacher doesn't allow that this limit was passed. But it is necessary to go on a limit nevertheless often. Don't take a limit for a destruction condition because strength of mind is inexhaustible when are consciously called.
286. (Guru). In a way don't think over where it is necessary to stop on lodging for the night or for a while much. On a way to Boundlessness we won't be to think also of adversity of temporary stops. All this inevitably will pass.
287. (July 23). Disharmony of thinking in distinguished organisms usually causes also physical disbalance that is an illness. Disharmony in all types is perniciously reflected in a microcosm of the person. Also it is necessary to restore balance anew in all conductors. Balance of spirit – the best protection against diseases and the best prevention.
288. (July 25). How after all, going on the ground and it without coming off, to hold a continuous communication with the World the Highest? Only intense effort of will and openness of heart to Me, - it isn't enough one understanding, the inclination and desire of heart is necessary to the phenomena of the celestial World. Even the logic doesn't help. Logically you know that the transient inconstancy and temporariness of vanity and cares of this world are tremendous, and still the consciousness steeps in them, rolling in Maya illusions. More and more it is necessary to do attempts to bridle thought and imagination so that mine took priority in consciousness over vanity. By vanity are meant this cause of peace, so strong sounding today tomorrow to be replaced with others, but sounding not less intensively.
289. (M. A. Y.). . As it is intense and as people of the city and the dwelling who nowadays lie in ruins troublesome built. And as it will be destroyed and all will become covered with water or sand that is nowadays constructed by mankind. Let this change of cradles of each civilization and the centers of culture will serve as a bright example of distinction between eternity and passing. Whether the care of construction of this century is necessary? It is necessary and necessary, - for what, whirlwind on destruction? No, not it is necessary in itself but only in order that exercise the wit and will refine abilities of spirit and it to multiply experience, so necessary for Space Creativity. Space Creativity which is destiny of future each spirit, demands skilled accumulation of everything that can give life on Earth. Any effort, stay doesn't remain fruitless – all is useful once, and each accumulation becomes creative opportunity. Founders and Builders of the worlds had to pass a long stage of human evolution to become those. The lord Conducts mankind to the Highest Creativity of the life as which dim prototype all serves that the person on Earth nowadays creates.
290. (Guru). The main thing is to leave after itself a trace on Earth and that left two people could serve them in the benefit; left will be valuable, so far as it gives to people Light. Usefulness of life passed we will consider on the value of the left inheritance. Mission of life of each spirit also consists in that after to leave something by that that will live after. Greatness of spirit is measured by the value of the left inheritance. The benefit what property it is possible to rank as treasures of human Culture. The benefit of subjects, coma is that to people to leave after it.
291. So, if to consider that the sense of all works of the person with which he works under the sun, consists in these works, all of them lose sense as everything on Earth is doomed to destruction in time, and there is then a human life senseless. If know that the spirit of the person is immortal and that work aggravates, refined and accumulates abilities and talents of the person, and, depositing imperishable accumulation not destroyed by time in the Bowl, it will crystallize in it treasures of his reincarnating Identity and that the mortal personality it – only the temporary servant of his Never-dying Triad, everything created by the person, gets the deepest sense and value. Thus, the sense or nonsense of life depend on knowledge the person of bases. Mad people scurry about on a planet because bases of True Knowledge are rejected. Once I Told: "That advantage to the person from his all works with which he works under the sun". Nowadays I Will add: advantage of works of a bike if know that they save up the experience which is so necessary any more for terrestrial, but for Space Creativity. In space the spirit can create thought. Creativity basis is knowledge. The knowledge is acquired by experience of a long number of terrestrial embodiments. In it is sense of existence of mankind on Earth. But Earth – only a stage, or a step, on the Boundless Way of the person from a star on a star. On the Distant Worlds, on the Highest Planets creativity of the person is much higher also than the refined. To participate in Space Creativity in the wide scope, it isn't enough one Earth. Steps of Space Creativity go to Boundlessness. Purpose of human spirit is great. And the great sense of work is that leads the person to infinite opportunities of Space Creativity.
292. (M. A. Y.). When the intimate understanding of life light up consciousness, then the feeling will start being approved in it of Days of Life of the Lord, which other-worldly will start being approved in it. It Came to the world. It Was in the world, but its World was, is and will be not from the world of terrestrial, passing conditions in which lived, live and long there will live still people. The world of Space Reality is on that party, over everything, than usually live and the incarnate are occupied. The world external on the Distant Worlds is already sharply other than the world terrestrial. There the evidence, the visibility and the Maya. Kingdom of Lords, Kingdom of Spirits Planetary from the world of Space Reality, which lies beyond limits all temporary and transient. But it is and in an orbit it is attracted consciousness’s ready to evolution by the Magnet of Great Heart. Those who can conformably answer Call, are involved in a field of an attraction of Light and consciously take the Way which becomes the Way of a boundless ascension.
293. (Guru). Envoys of the Hierarchy, the Entrusted Lords, Bear on themselves the press of a microcosm of the Brotherhood. In Them it is possible to see, however, in degree smaller, a next world which Radiates Focus of Great Heart. They are visible Intermediaries between mankind and That Who It is invisible Visible Guards it. Understanding of it gives pleasure, confidence, courage and ability of aspiration of subjects to the little to whom happiness to lot in the life to meet Messengers of Hierarchy. Let's honor understanding these possibilities of a meeting with Those Whom the Lord Sent to this world to bring to the world the judgment Benefit and an urgent Message.
294. (July 26). Let's show understanding of life, and then each step can be comprehended. Ask for what they do this or that work. The answer receives the most uncertain. At the best it takes the next interval of time. In rare instances is longer, - and a little at whom leaves out of limits of this embodiment. But the thread of life is stretched in Boundlessness, and together with this thread and all that the person does. It is necessary to realize only not interruptibility of everything that there is around, not interruptibility of a vital stream. It joins eternity – as the river joins the ocean. About eternity and life eternal Spoke to people of the Lord, but market evidence covered with itself fiery reality. And again we go to the world again to open to people of an eye on the eternal truth Real. It is surprising as they quickly forget the taught bases, heating up on them own fabrications. There is enough two-three centuries that bases of the Doctrine were covered with unnecessary stratifications. The truth is simple, but is difficult for application in life. Where it is simpler change it external decorum and thoughtless implementation of far-fetched rules. Rules are followed by indisputable dogma, and the dead letter becomes to the place of Bases. So was always that the mind didn't change for itself a way of direct knowledge, everyone has a heart, and everyone has possibility of a direct way to Us. Coming refusal won't be. Our Calls perforation space but to come everyone has to itself, the feet and aspiration of heart.
295. (M. A. Y.). Pleasure of the future is in Proximity of the Lord and in conscious cooperation with It. This future develops now life of every day. Every day can approach it or distance – depends on the will direction. Each action of the person isn't something separate or independent, but there is only a link of an infinite chain of causes and effects going from the past in the present to the future. Each action is a prototype and grain of future fulfillments; it thoughts, as seeds future acts are very considerable. It is possible to consider thoughts as the bridge in the future. They will incur spirit in conformable to them spheres. The future is forged by thought. Valuably impudent, because it tears off consciousness from usual and habitual footpaths and by means of thought creates unknown opportunities because for thought impossible isn't present. It would seem that the general – hidden and inaudible thought and really carrying out future. In it force and power of thought. The future belongs to us because in it we thought can create everything that the imagination allows. There is no limit to creative opportunities of thought. The teacher welcomes courageous creative aspiration of thought.
296. (July 27). The personality is a limitation synonym. Therefore our attachments, friendship, love and an arrangement carry not personal, but individual character, that is go far beyond one embodiment. When We Speak about Proximity to Us, lasting in the millennia, we Mean this condition. Identity isn't limited to one embodiment during which their lives the personality, and affairs individual – the phenomena of big duration. Duration taking of an eyelid and the millennium, serves as distinctive feature of our affairs and our undertakings. After all We Live, consciously we Live in eternity, and, the bigger period of time our activity, the closer it takes Boundlessness’s. Pay attention to what huge distances in time embrace some prophecies. The fiery consciousness rises over a condition of time and begins to see clearly in fiery distances of the future. This future is traced by us; it is defined that is called as the Great Plan. In it there is no place to that fills private life of the ordinary person of the present. This Plan of our existence, our pupils We Sought to bring in an orbit of our distant actions and to attach to life out of limits of the personal world. Refusal of the personal is not the victim, but simply replacement small big and great. Space cares aren't less essential, than cares of the present day of mankind because concern and define its future. It is necessary to understand Maya all depth of the personal world to come to a scope of spatial life. And when I Say, that I Want that Days of My Life in your days were approved, you that I Direct to Spheres of Life of Lords. How many personal worlds were lit and went out with each new embodiment of the mortal person. And where all of them, these worlds with which so strong and tensely once there lived the spirits embodied on Earth? And where these worlds with which nowadays people live will get to, suffering, suffering, rejoicing and enduring temporary feelings of life terrestrial? All of them as will go out and from a scene will leave as left being before. Therefore We Seek to transfer your consciousness to the plan enduring which is connected with Immortal Identity of human spirit. That from temporary to become boundless, it is necessary to transfer consciousness to Boundlessness and spirit rise over a transient of temporary conditions, in which and with which their lives the identity of the person at his embodiment in a dense body. As all Great Spirits, which names are noted in the history of mankind tensely Aspired, to pull out consciousness of people from the small world of personal experiences and to open them the New World future and enduring, taking away them to spheres of Space Reality. Works of these Educators were heavy unreasonably because the consciousness human as now, and was always far from everything that concerned knowledge of the Highest Worlds. And nowadays again people are given new opportunities to approach to Boundlessness through the Doctrine of Life and to reach steps of uninterrupted consciousness that is the actual Immortality.
297. (Guru). Separation serves as the best tester of durability, devotion, love and friendship. When qualities these separations amplify and increase in the fiery – they triumph victoriously over temporariness of parting. After all actually in the spirit of it is possible not to come off the relatives, but, on the contrary, to raise and strengthen communication. The meeting is inevitable because a magnet of heart it is immutable will attract the desirable. And it is joyful to meet will be in beams of feelings, for this separation increased and consciously and carefully strengthened by an everyday memory.
298. (July 28). Even people try to make the worst of the best. How many good undertakings were approved by us? And, as far, so they were perverted. Powers of darkness seek to introduce in everything the amendments to replace Light with darkness. Both will disturb and will pervert everything while coming terms and going waves of fire won't make impossible their stay on a planet. The going Era is significant that from the end of Cali Yugi stops the power of darkness over mankind and light consciousnesses will have an opportunity to stand at fed boards. There are they now in some countries, but terrible counteraction of dark hierarchy will paralyze their best undertakings and detains the lawful course of evolution. We Suffer to term and Suffered, but term here came – and the Prince of this world is destroyed. The evil generated by it is great, and employees it still continue the dirty deed. But brainless they are deprived of former force. The majority of them, standing below, at all don't know that their head is destroyed. Hierophant the evils carefully hide it not to weaken the ranks. Revelry of darkness is its last attempts to keep. The last blow which will break the dark will be terrible.
299. (Guru). Why to undergo Show up to the end? Whether not therefore that before the end of circumstance are so pumped that isn't visible any gleam and it isn't visible the end. It is Maya especially dangerous illusion. And it is frequent, without seeing an outcome, the soldier lays down fight arms, doing itself defenseless before the enemy. It happens usually when it is necessary to keep especially strong the Leader, not for a moment without weakening with Him communication. Communication with Hierarchy has to be constantly. Communication interrupting, communication on mood is dangerous that during breaks of people is defenseless, than the darkness uses. Both in pleasure, and in the mountain, and at all and any moods the silver thread of communication has to be indestructible and constant.
300. (July 29). The natural death of a physical body on an old age isn't more difficult, than a backfilling: it is simple, easy and painless. The body was tired and wore out, and the related consciousness exhausted the present possibilities of the dense world. Transition to the Thin World at ordinary people happens unconsciously. The consciousness wakens after rest – a dream, gradually accustoming to absolutely new conditions. Life in the Thin World – on consciousness, consciousnesses differ on the accumulation. Sang one incarnation from the thoughts reap. Existence of beggars by thought is dim, especially at heart silent. Where thought, there and consciousness, there and "I". All is nowadays and here. And this environment represents the only reality for the person. The environment is created by a magnetic attraction of the energy collected in aura of the past. The aspiration in this case has crucial importance. Also the last thought before death defines the direction. That, who solid knows where he goes and to whom, usually reaches and receives the desired, - among madly and aimlessly ruche about spirits the firm decision and accurately a goal cause connection with it. Consciously going to someone or something by all means will reach. After all there everything moves thought, and the thought has taking priority value. Mentally invests itself rone incarnation with habitual or desirable clothes, thought builds the dwelling if needs it, with thought attracts spirits conformable and other conditions. Spheres of the Thin World are very various and satisfy any aspirations of the person, compelling it to be combined with conditions attracted by thought. Attachment to terrestrial remnants concludes consciousness in the corresponding environments. Everyone has that wants or what passionately I wanted. It is good to pass to this world without terrestrial and corporal desires as they have no natural satisfaction. Their unnatural kindling generates thirst of unsatisfied desires which painfully burn down with fires of insatiable passions. The lowest fires in the Thin World are very painful. For unearthly aspirations, that are not the rough-material, there are all opportunities to satisfy them and to sate. The artist, the poet and the musician, the builder or the dreamer find inexhaustible opportunities to sate the consciousness with new stays. Areas of thin creativity are boundless. Not having anything can freely enter and own everything, because to anything it isn't attached. Release from terrestrial gravitations and terrestrial remnants – the main condition of elevated freedom. It is difficult even to imagine, what restrictions accessory imposes on the person him to certain people, an era, a class of society and all volume, than their lives this century or this time. After all these forms of people carries away with itself to the World Thin and, without having exempted from them on Earth, continues to bear them with itself and to live under the power of their mental potential. It is difficult to imagine that savages continue to carry rings in a nose and ears and who is higher – stars and dress coats and all other differences of the time. All this ridiculously looks for the educated consciousness. But it is necessary to get used to everything, to any variety of those forms in which come to light energy of the person and which he carries away with itself (himself) from Earth. Not only savages with rings in a nose or people in dress coats, but also fanatics of all colors and flowers, and especially religious, bring with themselves in pronounced forms everything that they considered on Earth as indisputable truth of the outlooks. There it is possible to see all this given visible shapes. All types of a hell and paradise are imprinted in various layers of the extra dense world. To study this world very interestingly and fascinatingly, but only on condition of purity studying because it is easy to catch emanations of the lower class and to be involved to spheres of their magnetic attraction. For someone the death is very terrible, and for someone death – release and possibility of the most interesting experiences, supervision and studying of spatial life.
301. (M. A. Y.). The world Elevated is so rich, so various, so saturated opportunities that the people who have passed there, quickly forget about Earth and have usually no desire even to look at Earth. Certainly, more or less developed consciousness’s mean. I put there much, and it is possible to study. Spatial work carries away touched it. The one who freely flies in Elevated, no terrestrial ways of movement, even by planes any more will attract. The process of flight if pleasure. Also the space and favorite work always near at hand is opened. Also the Teacher is close. Transition to the world other is pleasure for the begun to see clearly spirit and desired release from fetters of a material world.
302. (July 30). Fight against vanity for prevalence of consciousness of the Teacher will demand many forces and attention. Not without reason devotees from the world of commonness left and in privacy in the woods and deserts found opportunity to be released from everything those so strong remains in living conditions usual, and still to succeed in the most necessary. Balance should be found, or golden mean, between terrestrial and heavenly that also the terrestrial wasn't forgotten also the highest didn't suffer damage, - called this way gold! It is better to call it a narrow track, leading in life. Certainly, terrestrial demands attention. Attention it has to be paid and time is found. The trouble not that the person allows itself to think strenuously of something, and that, having strenuously thought, he doesn't find in itself forces completely to come off these thoughts and entirely to be engaged in others. The phenomenon when thoughts impose themselves to consciousness contrary to desire or the solution of will is inadmissible. The image of the Teacher can help to choose the necessary direction of thoughts. Discipline of thought is one of the main conditions of an apprenticeship.
303. About what to worry when life puts lessons subject to assimilation one by one. It is good when the determination can be found each of them to acquire completely and up to the end. At some attention it is easy to note as from the Teacher the necessary help is stretched. Successful performance of set lessons involves new, than not interruptibility of training is reached.
304. (M. A. Y.). Vanity for this purpose also strains all available dark in the ways to distract consciousness of the pupil from the Teacher. They are ready on everything, on all measures and shifts, if only to distract from the most necessary. That is why any business, both big and small, it is best of all to begin together with the Leader. There are no affairs big and small because all of them demand attention and thoughts. And if everything is made together with the Teacher, the separation of thinking from It becomes impossible. The lord Told: you hold Me strong, every minute, in all affairs. Therefore, the decision is only in steady following to this Decree. In big and great causes it isn't so difficult to keep together, but to learn to be much more difficult together in small affairs of day. Also it seems often that these affairs are so small and insignificant, what even it is inconvenient to involve in them the Teacher.
305. (Guru). The consciousness , which has sustained temptation its derivations from the Lord by vanity and cares of a present situation, at release from a body and at a meeting desired will entirely be filled with impressions and perceptions already absolutely other order. Also it isn't necessary then already so strong to fight for the statement of Light in consciousness as it should be done now. Going to the Lord with Him also will come if successfully pass inevitable tests? For now by all strength of mind we will approve unification, from it without distracting anything, everything put carrying out the consciousness integrated with the Lord. It is necessary to achieve that distracting became approving a unification. It can be reached in actions in common leading, irrespective of, big they or small.
306. (July 31). Interaction of human auras is process very difficult. At each contact there is this impact of one aura on another. Auras mutually or are clarified, or darken. Any contact doesn't remain without consequences. Silent thus often happen in a prize as the verbal exchange strengthens a consequence. In hostels this interaction is especially long and is constant. Living among people, it is impossible to be fenced off from these influences. The most important thus keep individual nature of own consciousness and not to allow it to be dissolved under the influence of collective. Outstanding people not only kept the spiritual wealth, but also generously shared it with people around and lifted the general level of thinking. But weak spirits are usually absorbed by weight and become – as all. The magnet of strong spirits demagnetizes weaker auras. National leaders thus influence the whole people. The strong aura can revitalize the whole district. To the aid of it the strong thought comes. Anything so doesn't degauss aura, as chatter and unnecessary conversations. As the majority of people very much like to tell, restraint even isn't so difficult at communication with people. Listening always loses even at distinction of radiations less. Protection of own accumulation from violation by their ignorance is a duty of the pupil.
307. (Aug. 1). (M. A. Y.). It is very important to understand sense of overcoming put forward by the life successfully to continue a way. Misunderstanding of sense deprives of forces which are so necessary for victories. If the Teacher puts in certain vital conditions, - He Means the final benefit and precisely planned purpose. There are no senseless tests. After all then the idea of an apprenticeship loses the meaning. Usually the task is explained to or after its performance. The statement "Yes will be of Will Your" covers in itself inflexible belief in wisdom of one Who Conducts. In life of the pupil everything is full of the deepest sense. There are no phenomena unnecessary. It is important to be able to see and understand for what the next test is given.
308. (Guru). Weakness of spirit is inexcusable at least because all weak doesn't suit for evolution and goes to processing, it is good to learn to be strong both in success and in failure. Not about an external victory over something here it is spoken, but about that the spirit wasn't broken neither when it wins nor when circumstances are stronger than it. After all external circumstances, apparently, won against the Christ, and the darkness triumphed the seeming victory, but He because in the spirit of I Won actually Won, and the Spirit Won against him the world and the darkness which has fallen upon It.
309. (Aug. 2). If something to reach ninety nine attempts was unsuccessful, and the 100-th was successful, whether there will be it a victory? How many failures it was necessary to worry, good luck it is immutable will come if not to stop repeated efforts. When the law is known and there is knowledge that good luck is possible, it is necessary to repeat attempts until the last won't crown success. Water hollows a stone, and thought – space. Also there are no such obstacles which the thought that to eliminate them couldn't influence. It is necessary to apply a formula to overcoming of persistence of harmful counteractions: water hollows a stone.
310. (Aug. 4). My son, words are powerless where the consciousness isn't ready. Readiness of consciousness is created in time on condition of the corresponding aspirations. Wednesday is a factor paints on which are imposed by consciousness and its aspirations while in itself this factor has no independent value. Therefore the same circumstance can have absolutely opposite influences on two people. Not the factor, but consciousness imposes on it a framework of a certain influence. The consciousness defines extent of influence on these or those vital conditions. And "the heavy hammer" destinies are forged by the blade of spirit tempered and strong at one, while same "hammer" splits up weak and unstable consciousness. And words that "the heavy hammer", splitting up glass, forges damask steel", point rather precisely to how strokes of bad luck can influence different people. The reason of influences strengthening or weakening spirit should be looked for not in influences, but in the spirit of the person. Strong only becomes stronger from heavy strokes of bad luck, but all weak and not suitable for evolution is weakened and weakens. Evolutions are necessary strong spirits. The spirit, force growing, pleases Us. And very much we Mourn when we See how tends ready to break under life whirlwinds spirit weak, not wanting to realize inexhaustible forces. Because, the spirit is indestructible and is great its force, when it is called for action.
311. (Guru). Nothing has the power over consciousness of the person if he once didn't give this power over it, but if it gave, it can back take, that is be exempted from to what he once allowed to dominate over itself (himself).
312. Imitating the Teacher, the pupil plunges into opportunities of the Highest World, and its inner world becomes, like World Teacher, too other-worldly. He lives in the dense world, it honestly and honestly carries out everything that living conditions, but consciousness demand from it passes line of a commonness, and the sphere of evidence dense loses for it the self-sufficing, limited and imperious value over his thinking. It in this world, but his consciousness any more from this world, the world of evidence dense outside which for the ordinary person there is already nothing. The bipolar consciousness is hard. It demands balance, - quality of balance one of the most difficult. It isn't enough understanding value of this most valuable quality. Forget that balance is the force before which power scatter splashes of counteraction of darkness. How to resist against whirlwinds hostile how to hold heart fires how to paralyze stupid, inert, but the strong resistance of environment? Only balance of spirit, which quietly and with firmness meets waves of the going phenomena at full, sensitive and firm understanding of that "even it will pass".
313. (M. A. Y.). They want to succeed concentration, exercises, meditations, a post and reasoning’s of mind and a to invite on the yard, and you try to succeed fidelity, devotion, love, a memory constant and an inflexible every day the approved rhythm. You in life of every day seek to approve constancy of communication with Hidden and with those who is close to your heart, and with That Who Called you to follow Yourself.
314. (M. A. Y.). Remember indelible that each thought directed up, gives is immutable the fruit and will bring pleasure to heart.
315. (Guru). I want to ask: whether ours is put above, than the, and whether the preference is given the most necessary before daily occurrence? Whether it is possible for the purpose to reach if, going to it, from time to time to distract and look around, forgetting about the purpose? When on the card everything is put, there can't be deviations. Possibilities of each embodiment are unique. Whether it is possible to miss?
316. (Aug. 6). My son if Mater Agni Yogi needed the statement close standing, in their love and heart fires what to speak about others, too Light of the going. The mutually statement and support are very necessary because the darkness is great and many hearts throwing arrows of rage, hatred and not goodwill. In these conditions support of the friend is especially valuable. Mutually strengthening on the Way strongly facilitates it. The way is long, and to go not to one much easier. Travelers everything therefore I Speak, help everywhere because people strong need heat and light of heart fires: whether because life became so difficult that there are too much hearts broken off, extinguished hearts fires. Cold began people to live on a planet. Let it will teach to appreciate more than in whom fires didn't go out. Manage to see under external stratifications of mind the same fires that are appreciated by us. Language of spirit is identical at all, in all centuries and at all people, but to see it and to understand hardly and difficultly, and it demands the developed sense-knowledge and a wide experience. If to consider Day breakers only on differences, very much a little they will be taken; but the pleasure in that, that some Banners of Light of all centuries and the people are various, but their essence is a single and Focus United. Let external distinctions don't confuse going to Me. Language of spirit of all times is identical.
317. The thin World is diverse also perception – on consciousness. There is no general measure or a cliché which could be put to it. Even the dense world is perceived, substantially submitting to the same law. The philosopher, the scientist, the savage, the musician and the usurer differently perceive music, both the nature, and all phenomena of the world surrounding them. Especially that world where perceptions are caused by nature of thoughts and thinking of perceiving consciousness is variously perceived. Experience terrestrial, both spirit accumulation, and a magnetic attraction of conformable conditions define receipts of new impressions. Inclinations of heart sate with energy of the line of magnetic forces and cause a responsibility on each aspiration of heart. Heart lives in all worlds, and in all covers, and in the Immortal Triad, and its energy don't die in time. Even the thought live, has be saturated heart energy that is heart fire. The live dead persons, dimly wandering shadows, are and in World Aboveground. It is possible to call them an abuse on high appointment of the person. They are repugnant to burning heart because stink.
318. (M. A. Y.). To reach the end, it is necessary to resist in Light, life gives inexhaustible opportunities for development of firmness, hardness and a step forward inflexible. If to facilitate life and to take away opportunities to strengthen spirit and to deepen its qualities, it will mean destruction of those steps of a ladder of an ascension on which only and the spirit can rise. If very much you want, easy living conditions will be, but already without opportunity to approach with Us and with the Teacher of Light. Solve, while the getting is good still because remained to time for oil burning in icon lamps not so much. Understand that resistance and counteraction of the environment is caused by power of your aspiration to Light, as well as all evil-shift of darkness. The understanding facilitates to bear a life cross, which beret everyone, wanting to follow the Lord.
319. (Aug. 7). If for full development of intelligence it is required to pass all, development of some other properties of the human device requires at times very long time. Therefore in the decision to reach the statement of this or that quality or ability it is necessary to go all the way, how many time it demanded and how many repeated efforts or attempts it was necessary to spend for it. Work on the condensed astral demands an eyelid. It will crown success. The concept of unattainability belongs to the present; the concept of an all-achievement is concluded in the future which is limited to Boundlessness and boundless opportunities of spirit.
320. It is necessary to go down from heavens to Earth because it is necessary to reach Us on the ground. Are perplexed why it is impossible to rise and in Monasteries of Light to hold down the white wings for flights. We live in three worlds. During lifetime in a physical body all three covers – physical, thin and mental – take ardent part in it and develop and grow respectively before the full and final registration. But each cover has to be issued till the end and to be topped with Beauty. But up to the end the physical body isn't issued even, that is it yet didn't express itself the principle of perfect Beauty and Harmony. In the same way evolution and other covers though in the course of evolution at some spirits the astral already executed the role isn't finished. The beauty of an astral body at Spirits High is amazing. Diarant also other covers also are dazzling. But by Beauty and light all of them are surpassed by a body fiery. Registration of bodies is one of the most difficult, most difficult and very long problems of evolution of the person. It is necessary to remember thus that all bodies, except a body fiery, temporarily both improvement and their transmutation are necessary for registration of fiery body. Appointment of the person in Space is great, and only in a body of Light it can carry out completely it.
321. (M. A.Y.). Certainly, and We take part in saturation of hunger of those who approaches to Us through you. Hierarchy links in operation full when the sequence them isn't broken. The principle of the Guarantee is connected with Chain links. It is necessary to break a link, having jumped through the next. Jumped remains without the Management. The law of Hierarchy is indestructible.
322. (Aug. 9). The accord of consciousnesses is a consequence of long collaboration and proximity; - in suddenly not to reach it, only duration and constancy can approve it; when I Speak about of duration, I Bear in mind the terms, leaving over of limits of one or several embodiments. Proximity over local and casual conditions too we will understand as the phenomenon, from them absolutely not dependent. And each time when the proximity is claimed contrary to them and in an obvious and ardent contradiction with all that occurs around, is approved truth of the valid life of spirit in space of all measurements in which it, understanding it or not, has the life. The microcosm human is connected with Boundlessness and constantly adjoins to it because in it and lives. All conductors of the person and his centenary structure connect the person with the corresponding layers of space, and a task only in that this contact became conscious. Consciousness the person of the Highest Worlds because unconscious communication with them won't give the necessary consequences has to concern and concern. This degree of a contact we will call the accord. As a matter of fact, each thought which has free and rather long access to consciousness, is caused by the accord. The law of the accord works precisely, sating consciousness with thoughts on compliance. It is good when this process happens under severe and strict control of will, because no gets rid elements of consciousness can attract the thoughts which are going from the past and not in harmony with the reached step or to attract thoughts of people around of the same order, or thought of low layers. Protection from thoughts unusable is necessary a constant while get rid process completely isn't finished. When it will end, long time the guards because the dragon of gray thoughts is hardy are necessary still.
323. (M. A. Y.). Let's invest our heart with appeal love and goodwill – they exclude condemnation. Discussion differs from condemnation by that the first has no in itself neither needles, nor prickles and won't wound aura of those whom concerns. The knowledge of the hidden essence of the person is admissible, it is useful and it is necessary only when condemnation becomes impossible. Condemnation at knowledge of a human nature will generate so much poison that it is better not to know, than to be the distributor of poison and a infect surrounding. The wise love knows shortcomings of darlings, tries to correct them and liked to help and, knowing, nevertheless doesn't condemn. Hatred arrives on the contrary. Where condemnation, isn't present any love. There, where condemnation, there not of present appeal. Be preserved against condemnation if you don't want to lose the best friends.
324. (Guru). Dreams often matter and are full of special sense. It is necessary to catch and arrive respectively. It is possible to note as in the past often resorted to dreams to imprint the necessary instruction in consciousness of the person. There are many historical examples of sleepy images, and all of them were given with a definite purpose. Let's treat them carefully and attentively, trying to follow the instructions hidden in them.
325. (Aug. 10). My friend, warm concentration doesn't demand those efforts which are necessary at concentration brain. Heart naturally keeps thoughts that it loves and that is lovely to it. The way of heart is natural while the squeezed-out efforts of a brain don't yield desirable results, - to the planned purpose heart go.
326. (Aug. 11). Measures of spirit differ from the body-earthly. For example: the terrestrial eye looks forward, to the right, on the left, turns together with the head to look back. For a spiritual eye turns aren't necessary – it can see everything, without turning. It is very difficult even to accustom mentally itself to visibility without turns. In the same way difficult or even it is more difficult to present itself out of a body. The body lies or sits in one place, and his owner is aside and takes a detached view of it. Also it is hard to present itself in other city. The habit to think physical measures and depending on situation or location of a body disturbs. But it is possible to accustom to be gradually thought out of a body and to move and be guided irrespective of it. In the imagination it is necessary to learn to work, without being the connected body both its feelings and habits. Coherence of spirit a body is so great what to teach it is necessary much.
327. (M. A. Y.). All moods and conditions of covers are temporarily. The statement of the Lord "I with you always «am certainly and out temporarily. It is a basis from bases. On it is necessary to be approved unshakably. Proximity is over changes of currents and something another, darkening it. Wish freedom of spirit from attractions of Earth and thinking of a flesh. Everything is overcome by spirit and in the spirit of. The threshold in the spirit of a victory solves everything.
328. (Guru). If spirit we don't break, it is indestructible and eternal, that, a spirit kingdom in myself approving, unattainable it is possible to reach and destroy fetters of the dense world, to break chains of slavery of a flesh.
329. (Aug. 12). On the one hand, it is impossible to come off Earth, with another, to plunge in terrestrial entirely. This couple of contrasts is the most difficult for an equilibration. Life gives the, the affairs and cares that a separation didn't take place. But also about Elevated and the Highest it is impossible to forget. The immersion measure in terrestrial affairs is necessary. The Teacher will help to find a balance path. Torments of spirit are inevitable, as well as bodies, and it is necessary to find only any point of support neither that, nor that, nor couldn’t others block the Way; the Teacher will be this support. In all hard cases we will address to It. Too a lot of things are inaccessible to terrestrial mind. Believing on Us all consciousness, you create inviolability of the Way. It won't be assignment, inert and deprived of amateur performance. It will be ardent understanding of joint movement in the future. Together – in it all. Separateness is the illusion, one of the most dangerous, because on its party evidence. The statement undoubted contrary to evidence will be a sign of elite of the pupil.
330. It is dangerous to recede and where? Passes of the heavy time, - transition from Yugi of darkness to the South of Light is difficult extraordinary. No rest we have, and Patrol is continuous. Be together – means to divide our works, both our guards, and burden of planetary loading. The burden is intolerable, but the burden of the Lord shared with It, inexpressibly approaches. You bear on yourself weight of responsibility for Earth, and whether it is possible to be surprised that is hard. To be with Us – means to share with Us both a grief, and pleasure, pleasure of a victory over darkness.
331. (M. A. Y.). Than more heavy on heart, those should become more dense and closer. The most ardent waves of surf will break about the devotion and firmness rock.

332. (Guru). If in the Karma current it is impossible to change anything, it is adequately possible to meet a current it always.
333. (Aug. 14). For development of bases of the Doctrine of one only intellectual understanding of this or that situation it isn't enough. When the understanding takes roots so deeply that becomes expression of feelings and acts of the pupil and grows into his being, then, and only then, it is possible to speak about assimilation of bases. Life puts in such conditions when accepted not mind, and by spirit it is checked in practice. Also the person that is constructed by him on sand and that on the strong basis sees then. Sand constructions are scattered by ashes. There is only that became the nature of the pupil, having entered into his essence as an integral part. Often life sought to imprint Carriers of Light the knowledge brought to people. The price of life appeared a worthy payment, and light brought shone in centuries. Many works should be put in fight against Maya evidence, because her bright and had dreams constantly before eyes while the eternal truth of the real is hidden from a look terrestrial. But if water hollows a stone, let this example will serve as a symbol of that persistence which force Maya creation collapse. Yes, my other-worldly Kingdom, not from the world of dreams terrestrial, passing, but from the World of Space Fiery Reality.
334. (M. A. Y.). The Maya of the dense world, Maya of an astral, mental Maya – where reality if all mortal covers generate Maya in all worlds? The reality is realized in the Beam of the Lord. Let's call life of the pupil fight for the statement of reality. To see it in flashing waves of a stream will be a victory over Maya.
335. (Guru). It, (that is) reality, it is possible to claim every day, among life usual, as though rising over it. The rhythm of communication is very useful to these – as the tops of mountains rising over a fog and twilight of lowlands. Let on them the foot going to Light also goes.
336. (Aug. 15). Term between embodiments usually many times over exceeds terrestrial stay. And when the person comes back again to Earth, conditions absolutely change even if for the karmic reasons he was embodied in the same nationality. It is possible to imagine as far as these conditions become others even if skin color or a floor changes. Certainly, remains nothing from what I owned earlier. And if the girl remembers a former embodiment and finds the buried money, this exception doesn't concern the general rule. Many remember or remember, but can call nothing the. Well, who loves beauty of the nature – they are and in World Aboveground– because this love belongs already to area of the enduring. Here service to Beauty in all types of true art belongs also. The beauty covers itself and all merits of spirit because the essence of Beauty is close both to devotion, and courage, and a feat. The covers of the person creating a feat, are saturated with Beauty and shine Light, not visible for an eye terrestrial. Thus, Service to the enduring can easily be made in life usual at full understanding of that fruits of this Service of people carries away with itself. Therefore it is called Great. Everything that around, it can divide into two categories of things or the phenomena: one it takes with itself (himself) in the future, others can't take. All acquisitions without understanding of true sense of terrestrial subjects are how ridiculous. At understanding poison of feeling of personal property leaves things which the person temporarily uses, knowing terms and sense of their existence and for what new things are created or there is a new construction. Such understanding justifies sense of existence of the subjects created by a hand of the person. But it is necessary to know.
337. (M. A.Y.). And for the present didn't learn to love all mankind as a whole self-sacrificing and enduring love, we will divide whom life forces to meet, on passersby and relatives. Relatives we call people feelings to which don't come to an end with death of a body, but are transferred further, to the future which doesn't have the end. To relatives we will pay due attention and time, to the passerby – no more than that that demands a debt or conditions of a meeting and the rule of pupils to help all everywhere and always where who needs this help karmic from you. It is impossible to impose the help, but when heart on it Show, it is necessary to render.
338. (Guru). In the present in the future we will pass as on the bridge through an abyss. The present – everything that around, and the future is the purpose ahead. Delays and stops are senseless, and time presses.
339. (Aug. 18). The attention of people is Maya- true feelings over its phenomenon. And concerning passers look for enduring feelings. All other aren't worth it to burden them consciousness. They should know only the price not to be afflicted and to be saddened that declares today itself tomorrow to pass and be forgotten.
340. (M. A. Y.). The bipolarity of human feelings is subject to inevitability of replacement them the contrast. Feature of an astral consists in it. Today will extol that after to humiliate and again to approach then. These swings are very characteristic for astral phenomenon – a penny to them the price. In life we will look for constancy, devotion, love and other feelings kind.
341. (Guru). Everything based on personal feelings, – is fragile, however, as well as the personality. In what temporariness is expressed, or the temporary aspect of extra temporariness of spirit, can't be a receptacle of enduring feelings, attachments and proximity.
342. (Aug. 19). The question of luminosity is important because in the Thin World the aura of the person is a source of lighting. Whether "I will be lit? » – The passed wonders. Someone creates round itself (himself) darkness, and someone Light. The same saved-up Agni acts. It is possible to tell that terrestrial stay and is given to approve in itself light self-proceeding. Amateur performance of consciousness indicates already existence of the necessary accumulation. The statement of foreign thoughts or even the Doctrine is one, but thinks of the Doctrines acquired, both assimilated, and being expressed in creativity of new self-proceeding thoughts, will be a sign of origin of self-proceeding beams. The understanding of distinction between creativity reproductive and independent will help to see what the consciousness creating self-proceeding Light, differs from the consciousness’s borrowing it from Carriers of Light and feeding on others fires. We come besides – to need of a kindle of Agni without which Light is impossible. I speak: "Direct" because I Can't direct for you. The impulse has to go from within the person wanting Light. Anybody for it isn't able to generate the necessary degree of energy to which energy could put ours. Bring though something. Not brought no jugs have, in what to accept Light. Self-proceeding impulses of spirit it are especially valuable. When you meet them, apparently, externally and directed, but not having to what your Agni's energy could put, you understand our grief and words: "Also He Wanted to Assign hands, and was empty a circle". To give to not ready consciousness – means to do harm both to it, and, and space. Therefore self-feeds and therefore our Help so widely is given them are so valuable. The phenomenon of self-proceeding beams so unusually, what even the concerned Doctrines can't belong to their carriers is indifferent, without speaking about strangers. In it the burden, one of burdens, or difficulties, Light executions, because reactions to Light happen are very painful from struck blows. Because in many knowledge many grieves, and usually bearing Light it gives not enough happiness terrestrial.
343. (Guru). It is better to stay in readiness of a constant, having laid in a labrets treasured only that will be necessary for the future. Collecting and accumulation of this material also can devote everything days of the life on Earth. Necessary for the future it is not less valuable and for the present as shines with the light to space and people. The solemnity is necessary because as without it to separate knowledge from vanity. But with it even vanity isn't dangerous because won't be able to capture thought and to seize them. At constancy of patrol it is much easier to go. Going to Light of counteractions not avoid.
344. (Aug. 20). My friend, achievement of a step of uninterrupted consciousness is the greatest. It can be stretched in Boundlessness on the whole Manvantara and out of her limits. The purpose of evolution of the person is in this achievement. Meaningless is spoken by people about immortality, repeating someone else's words. Yes, the spirit doesn't die. But that advantage of it to the person if his spirit is live and the consciousness is absent. Immortality of spirit at all doesn't mean not interruptibility of consciousness because in the Thin World passed there have no uninterrupted consciousness and therefore don't live. The words "provide dead to bury the dead persons" are full of deep and tragic meaning. That person considers "I", – is mortal. Extent of life of it "I" is one terrestrial embodiment. The person correctly doesn't want to be reconciled with that it is mortal as feels truth of immortality of spirit. But to feel and trust yet doesn't mean a step of uninterrupted consciousness, though approaches to it.
345. (Guru). Each our undertaking – a prototype of future findings of the mankind approved by Hierarchy of Light. Everyone will grow in space and will give rich and good consequences. Evidence doesn't show reality. Knowing looks is over external visibility. Understanding mobility and inalterability of the Great Plan, you won't be mistaken, drawing from this the corresponding conclusions.
346. (Aug. 21). The identity of the person has to be the uncomplaining and obedient servant it’s the highest "I". And every time when the personality suffers, her interests are infringed and removed on a background, it is already good because swelling of the personality eclipses for the sake of what it exists as the collector of the necessary material and experience for Identity of the person. The tragedy embodied that, entirely plunging into interests of the personality and living only them, the person with death of the personality doesn't leave to himself anything, than he could live in Elevated where disappears and everything stops, than usually lives on Earth of people. The deepest value of art that feelings, emotions and the related experiences being the phenomena of purely spiritual order, are transferred to the World Thin and serve for the person as a material with which he as though lives and which it deepens, varies in the direction put in it. In the highest understanding even experiences in Devachan – Maya illusions, dreams, though bright, both intense, and even more colorful and full, than terrestrial dreams, that is terrestrial life incarnate. Release from Maya all types – Arhat’s task. The task is difficult. Achievement of a step of uninterrupted consciousness is connected with the solution of this task. It is so many obstacles and illusions it is necessary to overcome before the consciousness will be exempted from all unnecessary stratifications and will acquire knowledge; certainly, only under the leadership of the Teacher possibly this of the release. Believing on Us all consciousness, it is possible to reach.
347. It is very important to acquire the bases introduced in consciousness, they imperceptibly and imperceptibly, but it is persistent and strong, though slowly, change thinking. Exactly thanks to them there is a transmutation of human essence. But they should be introduced and approved so that anything couldn't shake them anymore. Direct fight against everything that is subject to a gets rid, is difficult unreasonably because suppression and prohibition force to grow the chopped-off heads of a monster again. But the bases accepted in consciousness, imperceptibly undermine the roots of astral essence of the person and everything that is subject to clarification. When say, the passing and temporary nature of the personality and her hopelessness on destruction upon transition of spirit to the World Thin is realized, and all phenomenon lose it the self-sufficing value, and together with it and the power over consciousness. The knowledge is necessary as a releasing condition. Correctly you arrive if all the time you come back to bases, trying them it is possible to introduce more strongly in the depths. Only the knowledge them can change the old person.
348. (M. A.Y.). Y.) . Quite often happens that the Teacher Recognizes the dignity of the pupil and his value, but they don't admit those who are near or in an orbit of the general with business of the Teacher of interests. Whether for it we will grieve if we have recognition of the Lord or you have ours? Would be worse if is on the contrary. Don't look for recognition; don't look for nobody's recognition, except ours and the Lord. Lords recognition more important and are higher than everything, even ours. This consciousness also goes through your non-recognition from those who don’t know. If knew, recognized. But what this recognition can give you? At the best, - feeling of short satisfaction. The true friendship, enduring in time, shines at all combinations of external conditions and as true spiritual proximity; if they aren't present from those who would have to treat you differently, don't grieve – those who is really close to the Lord, will be close also to you.
349. (Aug. 22). Clarity and the statement clearness, even sent thoughts, not are available to all. We consider this quality very valuable. So, seven principles of the person aren't something abstract because everyone is invested by a matter of this or that degree of density or depression. All of them have a form. Physical triad: body physical, a body radio and a prana – form the terrestrial person in whom his consciousness and an astral – the fourth and fifth principle are shown. The body of the idiot is deprived of consciousness though the astral is active and sensitive. The fifth principle is absent in an animal. It is possible to imagine an animal in the human body deprived of consciousness, and then the difference will be very indicative. The developed principle has a cover corresponding to development, or a body. The fifth principle is connected with Manas. Thus, the fifth combines mind, consciousness and a cover through which they come to light. In a physical body all five principles are closely connected between themselves in all actions of the person. The majority of people live five. Each of them has seven degrees of refinement. The adherent, dying, that is being exempted from a physical body, keeps full clarity and not interruptibility of consciousness and leaves a physical cover, feeling that no death exists. When the person falls asleep and next morning wakes up again, in a consciousness break he doesn't see anything special, any death. Difference that for the Adherent even the usual dream not rest, but transfer of his consciousness to the World Thin and activity continuation in its highest conductors. The consciousness is a gift of evolution to the person. Not interruptibility of consciousness – the following step. It is necessary to understand all value of this achievement that to direct to it. At the moment when the person dies, before it passes the movie of his life terrestrial, whether he wants it or not, and causes in it reaction of those moments which sounded for it especially tensely and sharply. Its future depends on this sounding, but his will can't break them at this moment. Will Adherent, not knowing consciousness breaks, operates unconscious processes and therefore he can consciously choose or reject that considers unnecessary. It conscious transition in full wakefulness to the World Elevated is especially important. The usual consciousness of it doesn't give. And only the sixth principle which has united with fifth generates possibility of conscious transition through a death threshold.
350. Slavery life comes to an end, and freedom life begins. My kingdom which other-worldly, there is a Kingdom of freedom of spirit. It is impossible to serve at the same time to two opposite principles in itself – temporary and eternal. Me approving, you are exempted from chains of the dense world. I am there are "I" in the person, judgment eternity of life. It One and is above all covers.
351. (Aug. 23). The meeting with the guard of the Threshold is inevitable. The guard of the Threshold is the all weaknesses given visible shapes, defects and shortcomings of their owner which were anyway shown in it on Earth. Strongest of them connected with how they came to light, both the accepted bright and live appearances, surround the person, trying to carry away and absorb his consciousness so or even more fully, than it occurred once. They accept the most attractive and seductive images, becoming vitally real and amplifying more and more as the thought is combined with them and plunges into them. They can absorb and carry away, so the person what to cross through them at him won't be neither forces, nor desire. That once attracted it on Earth, accepts even more attracting forms, even more amplifies to take control entirely of beget. This fight against the guard of the Threshold is full of dramatic nature because defeat means that the entrance to the Highest Spheres becomes inaccessible, and stay in the lowest spheres of the space, invested with covers of the fourth and fifth principle will be destiny won. Terrestrial gravitations of people connect itself on Earth and it is exempted from them too for the present in a terrestrial body. Therefore it is necessary to prepare for a meeting with the guard of the Threshold now, in a dense body, reconsidering and rejecting everything that is subject to a gets rid. The combination of consciousness to attracting fancies dangerously that if it is allowed on Earth, it will be allowed and at a meeting with the guard, and then danger of defeat becomes obvious. The combination of consciousness to attracting fancies dangerously that if it is allowed on Earth, it will be allowed and at a meeting with the guard, and then danger of defeat becomes obvious. Highest Duala’s defeat is inadmissible, but it is prepared on Earth by an assumption or a permission of a combination of consciousness with low thoughts. That is why continuous patrol of will over those thoughts which nest in consciousness, is so insistently necessary. In this patrol rescue and pledge of a victory over the guard of the Threshold. "Generations of elements, I am not afraid of you", – the one who on Earth accustomed itself(himself) with firmness can tell only and firmly not to enter with them into mental communication and that not to allow a combination to unworthy forms of thought. Here they are implicit and invisible though absolutely obviously influence an astral cover, but there they become the only visible reality for the person because the world dense ceases to exist for it. We call the winner of the successful pupil because already on Earth, constantly struggling with dirty and attracting thoughts, prepares itself it to a judgment victory over the guard of the Threshold. It is necessary to withdraw from these mental forms from top to bottom attracting, their seeming appeal, because behind it a sharp sting of defect, thorns and prickles and insatiability of the astral, seeking to inflate and strengthen everything that else is subject to an unconditional gets rid. Force of an inclination of people in these forms once I put. Therefore only he also can take away from them that it once gave out of ignorance, without knowing, what terrible danger and slavery consist in connivance to the weaknesses and the thoughts feeding and strengthening them. Not gets rid desires and impulses generate an inclination to a combination with low thoudhtforms not gets rid passions and defects. Temptations sacred Antonia serve as the certificate of as far as this fight against the old person in itself is sharp and inevitable if he wants itself to win. It has to be victorious now that future victory over the guard of the Threshold was resolute and full. The one who goes to the future the Name of the Lord, can't but win whatever price the victory got.
352. The lower class of an astral is infectious and fascinating awfully because everything of what the person once dreamed is given there the bright, calling shapes going easily and freely on a combination to consciousness. Plunging into the world of these ghosts accepted by it for reality, the person becomes their weak-willed victim. And when it opens their illusive essence and terrible deception and sees behind them a gaping grin of darkness, already late to return back because the darkness took control of the property. Tempura* and larva’s* accept the most seductive images to carry away the person and to take control of. And when this visibility dissipates and the darkness accepts the true appearance, the way of the victim of own desires is already solved and there is no return back. It is necessary to struggle with thoughts of a gloom now, for the present in a body because if they aren't won on Earth, to win against them the world astral much more difficultly and at times and it is impossible absolutely.
353. (M. A. Y.). The teacher Shows a darkness face to winners it, - with the Lord not terribly anything. And when it becomes difficult intolerable, its Proximity should be deepened and strengthened even more. It is necessary to be together always. Let's make achievement of it even more efforts. It can be reached if to want all heart and all desire. On much unnecessary there is time, but for the most necessary it isn't. Why? Whether not therefore that the purpose of terrestrial stay in a body and its value for life in Elevated aren't realized yet. The statement in heart of the Face of the Lord demands many efforts and inflexible persistence.
354. (Guru). Let's be glad to a victory if difficulties of life, awful pressure and burdening are by circumstances approach to us and to the Lord. It already indicates big extent of achievements. Weak-willed and not ready they separate and distance, but strong in them force finds to become even closer. And if the final can already distance or separate nothing from the Teacher of Light, any tests or difficulties, a victory then. Let all distracting, the darkening, burdening and heavy only approach to the Lord and serves as steps of ascension of spirit. It is our Way.
355. (Aug. 24). Temptations sacred Antonia testify that even if the High Spirit Approves in itself the highest principles lowest (the fourth and the fifth) counteract them and seek to approve the. So not to avoid fight, and it is necessary that the victory was won now, before transition to the World Thin because that is connected on Earth, will connect spirit and in Elevated. It should acquire and be not to postponed firmly the release until that time when will be too late and it is necessary to pass in fetters of not gets rid weaknesses of spirit. Process of clarification demands great attention and constancy. It isn't necessary to be confused thus the imperfections; bearing in mind that perfect people aren't present and that, than the person is more imperfect, especially his merit in case of overcoming of and in case of a victory is high. The pettiness is insignificant in everything – both in great and in small. Evolution needs in hot or cold, throwing out a pettiness from a stream. Savl's example is rather convincing. On my Board victory signs are traced. Victoriously we will pass through everything, and nothing will detain. But hand and the foot! I Can't neither go, nor fight for you. But I Can help you with your fight against and I Will help according to efforts made by you. Now we will send efforts to constancy and not interruptibility of communication, because to them foundations of success and overcoming of the lowest duad's in themselves. This fight goes constantly, only there, in Elevated, it comes to the end dramatically and obviously with a victory of that from them which got used to win a terrestrial body. The winner it is called won here, on Earth. But bearing Light this victory over because along with it there is a problem of overcoming of resistance of environment doesn't suffice. And as vibrations of this Wednesday are result of thinking and emotions of the whole collective, and the victory easily isn't given. It is possible only, when together, when consciousness bearing Light inseparably from Consciousness of his Leading Teacher of Light. Together we go and we will win too together. Let's think only of a victory because defeat even in thoughts is inadmissible.
356. Why to postpone elevated cooperation for the future when it can be carried out already now when in a body. It is possible if the thought before a baskfilling is directed on that to transfer everything to energy of spirit to Hands of the Lord, his Ox, to his discretion.
357. (Aug. 28). Freedom and coherence is in the spirit of. It is possible to have everything of what the person only can dream, and still be in good spirits free, and it is possible not to have anything and to be the slave to that the person would like to have. Therefore it is indifferent, whether has something it or has no if in the spirit of it is connected. And therefore it is necessary to seek for release in the spirit of from everything that has over it the power. This coherence and these chains are transferred with itself by spirit to the World Thin and continues to be in this slavery until will understand that anybody and will exempt nothing it from this slavery, except him; refusal won't help because refusal isn't release, but only suppression of that yet gets rid. Release is voluntary and conscious replacement with one another, the lowest the highest, slavery freedom. The spirit which has left a body carries away with itself everything, except for the lowest triad. Everything, than he lived that wished, than enjoyed, – all in images, desires and aspirations transfers in Elevated. And if he lived on Earth to eat well, and saw in it a basis of the interests, it doesn't leave and there, surrounded with thoughts, images and overeats process. And if he never thought thus of anything which is going beyond interests of a stomach, and didn't allow thoughts of life other, difficultly to get out to it from this dungeon of a self-plunge extraordinary. Where to get out and he never didn't think at all of it? It is good to understand on Earth, in what mental slavery their lives the person at the. As it is possible to see the mental prison created by own efforts if not to depart from it, at least for an instant, and not to look at itself from outside. The person lives under the power of various potentials. The knowledge of bases of the true Doctrine comprises calls to freedom from slavery at own heaps which are layered round spirit. It is necessary to understand that everything that makes the personality, her interests, weaknesses, defects, attachments, likes and dislikes, – all this isn't it "I" that the personality it dies, and "I" remain and can exist without this personality, without losing anything from completeness and wealth of life. Only consciousness transfer to the sphere of the highest "I" allow to see coherence of spirit and to give strength to aspiration to freedom. They don't understand, not wanting to see that as will stupidly sit at a table of an over at, to drink, smoke, rolling in the imagined forms created by their own imagination when the body will be dumped. And if ask, whether many of the heard will respond? And even if the knowing don't find forces to dump delusion of a terrestrial stupor what to ask from them who don’t know anything? But from the knowing will ask, and it is necessary to give the answer for everything, and whether it is better to make now everything that in human forces to release spirit from chains of a material world.
358. (M. A. Y.). Water hollows a stone, and the persistence and persistence overcome the furious resistance of covers. You ask that opposes in you to the statement of that learned. I will answer: covers, your own covers, which you sated with the elements opposite to what nowadays you seek to enter into their structure. They got used to vibrate on thought and desires of a terrestrial order and found in them satisfaction, and now you want to replace them with thoughts and aspirations of Light. And they still want to vibrate on a habitual wave. From here is of fight. And new has to win, because new wine and bellows new. The past on fires of the directed heart is burned and replaced with the new. The persistence of a rhythm will destroy persistence and resistance of covers. It is necessary to show power of persistence.
359. (Guru). It is told: devotion it is possible to reach all gate, it and reach. It you will come nearer to Us. It resist in fight against the covers and against ignorance of people around. It defense. Devotion is force, break which can't, even enemies. And friends determine by devotion to us and the Lord. This criterion is faultless.
360. (Aug. 29). We Can't be engaged in control of consciousness of the pupil – he has to do it. It should devote attention and time. Reading foreign books before going to bed in a large number disturbs. The head and consciousness are filled foreign images and thoughts, - and before going bed it is necessary to give to thoughts the desirable direction, - the highest that we have, demands constant of care.
361. (M. A. Y.). And in the Thin World it is necessary to learn to understand quickly, whether is the visible form the dumped cover or the live person that is a cover at which there is her owner. It is quite easy as its automatism will be a distinctive sign of an astral peel. Some exact questions – and a difference become obvious. The empty cover is deprived of paints and is similar to a faded flower. Mutter of the habitual thoughts deprived of live fire, too is very characteristic. Only inexperience they can mislead or even to frighten. But of them the bad inhabitant of the astral world can take control, and then business is more difficult. There are a lot of deceivers, not less, than on Earth. The fear is inadmissible because gives the power to the phenomenon inspiring fear to the one who is afraid.
362. (Guru). The consciousness lives the laws of a rhythm, and a duty in seizing the opportunities of lifting and to incorporate everything that it can contain. Missed won't repeat.
363. (Aug. 30). (M. A. Y.). The Lord is unchangeable. From it also it is necessary to proceed. Its stability that the Knowledge of Bases and creation of the Plan on the Stone of the Eternal Basis exclude possibility of evasion from accurately goal of evolution of human spirit and all real. Laws of Light are invariable in centuries. And the Basis in Rocky Towers is strong. Also the Hierarchy Ladder is unshakable. And the narrow track conducting in life remains to the same. Means, it is possible to go, without fluctuating, without doubting and without showing fear because the Lord and with us always is unchangeable.
364. (Guru). To impose itself even to relatives it is inadmissible. Let it is better will come. From imposing of own opinions good never it turned out. But the answer to a question any more won't be imposing. Therefore it is better to be silent. Desire says at people so strongly that reticence and restraint won't be put in fault. People want to be uttered, and at them at all doesn't remain to time for listening to you. Situation that, the word silver, and silence gold is good make it a rule.
365. (Sept. 1). As you want to overcome successfully the ardent and sharp resistance of low layers of an astral if didn't learn to overcome resistance of the environment of the plan surrounding you terrestrial. And after all through these layers it is necessary to make the way in the aspiration to Light when be exempted from a body. Overcoming – a key from a gate of the Highest World. And it not in destroying something external, disturbing to spirit, and in that to win against that becomes a barrier to advance itself. The formula saying that "goes the Prince of this world and has in Me no anything", – points to such condition of a microcosm human when in it there are no the elements able in any form accord to activity of coming darkness. She strong seeks to find in Light Carrier at least a particle which it could grasp to force it to reply on attacks and to begin to sound in unison. But the organism cleared of darkness doesn't react, can't react on angrily angry because no it in itself has. In it victory is over darkness. It doesn't mean passivity, but on the contrary – tension of all strength of mind in the phenomenon of Light which is so necessary for a victory over darkness. It isn't nonresistance to the evil, but the most intense and active fight against darkness a method of internal opposition to it and victories in it over everything that could begin to sound to some extent anyway on an evil wave. And the prayer for those who doesn't know that creates, points to the highest extent of self-renunciation and that really in a microcosm of the Carrier of Light there is nothing that from darkness. Even in life usual answer attacks dark, or irritation of people around, so that the astral didn't react in unison with the received blow, or a rage and irritation wave, difficult extraordinary. Especially it is difficult at tests to which High Spirits Are exposed. The step is higher; it is more difficult than test. Test force – on strength of mind. Much to reach the wanting sets in motion the great Law under which the strong aspiration causes powerful counteraction as in the directed spirit from everything that is subject to a transmutation, and from external from enemies of Light and attendants of darkness, obvious and secret, conscious and unconscious. Winning and overcoming – the Beam, the help and our assistance. Only the victory, isn't present other decision. There is no place to recede. To the winner are all currents of space.
366. (Guru). As victory we will consider Face deduction in consciousness in the face of all counteractions. To this task also we will devote the time and attention. Task it is clear – it is necessary to carry out it.
367. (Guru). From me many left, having received at a rate of the consciousness. Question in other: that they and as applied received energy made. Received usually use them through the essence. If it is good – well, if bad, – in the evil. It is also necessary to take into account and the poles of an astral and other covers which, having turned back today the light, positive side, is wrapped in time in the contrast, the party shadow. All this should be considered sharp-sightedly at distribution of gifts of spirit. It isn't enough to distribute, it is necessary to make it wisely.
368. (Sept. 2). We carefully Preserve to Us suitable that they didn't concern area of the forbidden Knowledge. This Knowledge gives strength to create. And if the person yet didn't overcome in himself some qualities and properties, that, knowing that know still early, he will inevitably ruin itself(himself), having caused to force manifestation which he isn't able to operate. And dark strong on the guard to carry away the mind not approved in Light in snare skillfully placed by them; the person or not, but that knows he involuntarily wants that or is free he applies in business. Armed with knowledge that, what know him the nobility, to it still early it will apply and it. The reason will generate a consequence. Action of occult laws so invincibly that becomes not ready consciousness the victim own a not the reasonable. In this Knowledge there is a lot of danger because, the in them the person above rose, the falling is more terrible. Therefore We carefully placed milestones for which it isn't necessary to cross. The desire to know – is lawful, but premature receiving Knowledge is pernicious for the received. As often energy, sent by us for creativity, use received them for the insalubrious designated purpose, that stopping the further opportunities. We Send Rays of light and very much we Grieve when They are sprayed in other directions, causing the undesirable phenomena. One, having received, from treasure of the heart takes out good and lights up with Light, in others They to manifestation cause the evil beginnings dozing in them. Agni's energy one, but is used it by the person to destination opposite because the spirit of the person is the transformer of energy received by it. And the Intimate Knowledge can be turned on good or the evil, and danger when It falls into dirty hands is great. It isn't necessary to aspire in area of the forbidden Knowledge while the Teacher Won't prepare consciousness and Won't approve it in Light rather strongly. Everything will come in due time, and everything will be given when the spirit will be ready.
369. (M. A. Y.). In case of uncertainty in the person it is good to listen to that tells heart. Its voice is usually very distinct if to give itself a task attentively to listen to it. It rejoices or mourns at communication with people around. It isn't mistaken if only to it don't stir rational reasoning’s. Often the brain muffles this voice, imposing the reasons. The heart voice usually freely sounds, released from tyranny of mind.
370. (Guru). It isn't necessary to create court of every day over people. Let everyone be better takes out from treasure of the heart good or bad and then it isn't necessary vessels because hidden becomes obvious. From the lit heart anybody won't hide the essence. Everyone will reveal itself (himself) definitely either the friend, or the enemy. But give time because for identification of the hidden essence of the person it is necessary.
371. (Sept. 4). My friend, in the world dense the person lives in all three worlds: dense, astral and mental. In the Thin World he also lives in three: semi-physical, astral and mental – with that only a difference that the dense body and the physical plan are absents as have no conductor that to adjoin to it. In the Thin World it accord with those elements of the covers, which are concentrated and postponed in them. When the person dies and his thin body is dumped, in menthol there is the same, and the law of the accord is all the time in operation. Not having the rage, not having defects has no what accord they with space layers, saturated defects and rage. These layers differ that forms of a phenomenon of human passions are expressed in them extraordinary sharply and brightly, and the temptation of a combination to them is so great that the person willingly plunges into that got used to make on Earth. The inclination to these forms is much stronger, than in the conditions of terrestrial because combinations of circumstances interfere them aren't present. On Earth a lot of things are protected with human laws, in the same place the desire and aspiration aren't limited to them. In dreams the person sometimes makes that he ceased to make long ago in reality. Something similar occurs and there if not gets rid and incomplete impulses raise the voice. Certainly, any hypocrisy has there no value because that was hidden under this mask, reveals itself impetuously and completely. To the one who won against itself(himself) on Earth and I accustomed the conductors to reply only on the phenomena of a high order, no attractions of the lower class because they have in it no anything, what accorded to them in unison are terrible.
372. The law of the accord operates the worlds. Using it, it is possible to establish connection with high layers of space. As the conductor or magnet the thought will serve. The thought can be sent in any direction and to any sphere. Its magnetism will attract elements, conformable its essence, and will enrich consciousness with new stays. It is very important to escape from own aura's egg that the thought freely directed in space. But for this purpose fetters of the personality have to be destroyed. Each super personal thought weakens them. True freedom consists in release from the personal beginning which, like a body, serves as a dungeon for spirit.
373. (M. A.Y.) . Can't be that the darkness was stronger than Light. Therefore, if the Teacher Allows something and Doesn't stop, so there is something that has to be gets rid exactly thanks to the events. In this case it will be the statement of immunity of consciousness from external influences.
374. (Guru). The burden of the Burden of this world increases in process of spirit growth, - from it not leave anywhere. But it will be in pleasure when time will come a hundredfold to reap from burden of the Burden terrestrial.
375. (Sept. 5). It was correctly noted that anybody can't destroy a consequence of times of the born reason and anything. If the reason is started up in the Wheel of the Karma, its consequences become inevitable. When it was told: "Take the Cross and follow Me", – this circumstance meant. Following for the Teacher doesn't mean destruction generated before the reasons, and release from them consists in that weren't generated new the same order, and old would be got rid consciously. The conscious gets rid of an old Karma both careful and circumspect generation of the new reasons, already Light by the nature, also will be not only execution of the cross, but also feasible release from it. The burden of this world any more has no personal character, as well as that victim, or a cross which Assume Great Spirits. Wise rejoices when opportunity to pay old debts is given.
376. (M. A. Y.). How to be with what is generated in this embodiment contrary to morals requirements? The question is difficult. It is necessary to expiate or get rid of everything because cause and effect are connected by a direct thread. If was to someone or the damage, any property is caused to something, it is necessary to compensate it. The karma connects with people to whom something was made good or bad. Let's consider that we will meet again all with who are connected by threads. It is possible to think of these future meetings to give the best instead of the past that it is possible to give. And if now the cross rushes without indignation, grumble and discontent, but with awareness of inevitability of karmic calculations, it and is wise release from last debts. Also we will arrive and at future karmic meetings. The teacher wants rather you to see paid old debts. Also it is necessary to think and of the reasons of mental and astral property of which it is necessary to get rid in the Thin World. They will sate with the energy of the guard of the Threshold, and should meet them in all force their live, aggravated and embodied in the corresponding forms during fight. For it we will prepare them here, already now causing a superiority of spirit and understanding of possibility of a victory it over generations of elements. The formula turned to them – "I am not afraid of you", – will be pledge of a victory.
377. (Guru). Threads of happiness trudge now directed consciousness to Light. And from them it is already possible to weave a happiness carpet. So we call everything that pulls together with Us and collects Light elements in consciousness. The persistence and invariance of unshakable aspiration lead to the purpose, despite everything. The beam conducts steadily. With it darkness generations aren't terrible. When with it, there are no invincible obstacles. With the Lord we go, with Him we will win.
378. (Sept. 6). Fire, which invisibly for around inflames in heart, and will be that treasure, for the person, highest who at it not have anything. Nor to take away, nor anybody can't extinguish it, except the person. It gives to it strength to struggle with itself. It gives to it strength to overcome difficulties of life and the obstacles which are piling up, as mountains, on its hard way. The yoga of Fire promises nobody easy life and sorrow less existence. On the contrary, she warns that in process of growth of a flame of heart and strengthening of aspiration of an obstacle and counteraction will grow that counteraction rises also from depth of its own essence, and its own inner world becomes a field of this fight against all to that else in it not gets rid and that is subject to clarification. As a matter of fact, all terrestrial life is no other than preparation for longer stay in World Aboveground, both all kind accumulation and everyone, even small, overcoming of not light phenomena in themselves good consequences in World Aboveground when the body will be dumped will bear fruit also. Any, even the most slightest, the effort doesn't vanish. Released from insalubrious freight in itself and something in itself the most overcome will be free from it there. Release in thought releases thought. In the Thin World where everything moves thought, it has taking priority value. It is possible to work with thought, - thought at the disposal of the person always. Therefore, in any living conditions the terrestrial it has opportunity to move ahead to the purpose far. There are no such conditions and there are no such obstacles against which the fiery, directed thought can't win. For thought possibly all, - and release is in thoughts and slavery is at thoughts. That advantage to the person if he wins against the whole world, and itself won't overcome, and remains the slave to own weaknesses and shortcomings, and will carry away them with itself to the World Thin where all becomes aggravated and where all not gets rid properties raise the head and painfully sting the owner. Fire, in heart burning, has clearing properties which at constancy of burning of heart it is imperceptible for the person gradually exempt it from the century stratifications disturbing to it to move ahead. Where to find forces to resist, to break and always to direct forward? In beat the everyday aspiration which isn't interrupted by anything. The help will be always rendered to the directed heart. It can't but be rendered, because heart – a magnet, and thought magneto. It will attract so necessary Help sent in reply to fiery Call of heart from space. The sun of Great Heart is available to all who consciously wants to scent and feel as heart vivifying warmth of its Beams.
379. (M. A. Y.). I want to whisper on a nice ear that heart not in vain directs to Those Whom loves and Who it is so far. The aspiration and responsibility, call of heart and response submit to the great Law of the accord which action no terrestrial barriers can stop. For energy of the lit heart there is neither time, nor space, distances. Therefore the answer to call of the directed heart is immutable.
380. (Guru). The affection needs to be rejected, and also enthusiasm and fluffy words. It is necessary to show severity of understanding of a feat; pink dreams don't suit for life. Severity to itself and the impartial analysis in the inner world of everything that isn't conformable with the best aspirations of heart will help to leave below unnecessary load. Without excess freight it is easier to go. Free from weight of freight will reach.
381. (Sept. 7). We Sate consciousness of the pupil on lines of his aspirations, therefore he can choose that, what he wants to learn. The only obstacle to comprehension is limitation of capacity of his consciousness. We Cannot, we Have no right to give more, than it is able to assimilate. When his thought directs even in area of the unknown, all the same any knowledge nevertheless starts arriving on the channel of the directed thought. Aspiration is magnetic. A little magnetic power of aspiration is understood. When It was spoken: "You knock and will open to you, look for and to find", – the same principle meant. The directed thought serves as though as a key opening. Our some experiences take centuries. We Throw ideas into space, and at times long time pass before they can be realized. But We Are able to wait because we Know that everything is good in its season. Only inexperience and impatience demand and wish everything right there and now, without knowing that each thought in this or that form becomes sooner or later reality of the dense world. Therefore all aspirations of the pupil sated with persistent thought, will be carried out, at least on it many lives were required. For the same reason we Warn that desires because if they a low order and a consequence will pass them the same line were carefully expressed. I will finish words: "The comer to Us will receive wholly at a rate of the aspirations".
382. (M. A.Y.). For the past we won't grieve even if in it there were mistakes. Everything is reparable, except for treachery and the Hierarchy insult. Each mistake comprises incorrectly applied energy. When understanding the made mistakes these energy can apply and use more reasonably, thereby excepting possibility of repetition of these mistakes. The teacher even Turns mistakes on advantage, directing their energy for the benefit. The essence of a conscious transmutation of energy of the lowest triad in the highest in that also consists that to send impersonal mental energy to the highest centers for more its high application. Same impersonal, that is not kind and not angry, energy becomes that that is angry or kind, dark or light, depending on that as well as where it is directed and with what it is painted or saturated feelings and emotions. Knife switch – in hands of the person, and it can direct energy in this or that direction the will.
383. (Guru). Fires are to some extent shown or flash in an organism constantly, and they should be owned. One, who managed tantrum or offenses, or any unworthy feeling to constrain, and them turn energy in positive, already on the right track. On small things, on small feelings terrestrial the pupil in mastering by fiery elements exercises himself. Inexperience rises on big, leaving small in neglect. But wise understands value seeming insignificant the phenomena.
384. (Sept. 8). Let's dismember properties and features of the personality and Identity and we will subject to the analysis that and another. The personality is an external person, his social status, work, a family, the relation with people and its mental world filled with details of the current life, its likes and dislikes, to its relating, its changing Skanda and an external raid of education and education – the word, considerably all that ordinary people mean by the ordinary person. At the majority this external person also prevails in the expression. It has the inner world which is entirely filled with elements of external life and reactions of consciousness to it. There are people in which consciousness this external person and that, another, internal, being Identity expression, are counterbalanced: doesn't prevail and doesn't take priority neither that, nor another. But there are people at whom Identity, or the internal person, the lord over the external prevails. Identity is the hidden person in the person, it that clothes the external person, his personality that this the last could carry out the problem of the next embodiment set for it. In it all superior qualities of the spirit are concluded, able to remain for manifestation and on Plans High. All highest impulses and aspirations go from it. She doesn't die with death of the covers, but collects through everyone everything that they can give in each of the world’s corresponding to them. We are interested in Identity life, its growth and development which often are contrary to desires and aspirations of the external person and his interests. Usually happens and so that something very heavy and unpleasant for the personality is useful and it is necessary for Identity. And then the personality suffers. Many sufferings give to the Highest Triad the experience necessary to It and knowledge and approach possibility of transfer of consciousness to its sphere that means achievement of a step of immortality that is uninterrupted consciousness. The bright personal world of the person and personal consciousness fade and change at release from a physical body. The personality dies at each one incarnation. The remains of personal consciousness can litter space for a long time. I speak about ordinary people. But with each new embodiment Identity grows and accumulates elements of the enduring so necessary to it. Our people are at whom expression of their Identity already prevails over their temporary personality and her usual terrestrial interests. When it was told: "My other-worldly kingdom", – Immortal Identity and the world of its manifestations meant. It can fully and brightly express the essence in the world terrestrial, and then you have the phenomenon of Spirits Great, carrying out consciously the terrestrial mission. As a matter of fact, each person comes to Earth, having a certain task. But often mortal personality, plunging entirely into terrestrial interests and observing only them, forgets about the highest task, about mission of the life for the sake of what it only and was embodied, and then all embodiment passes aimlessly, without bringing the planned consequences. It is very useful to consider carefully, which features and properties are inherent and characteristic for Identity of the person to give them food and opportunity to develop. The personality is only the servant and if you want the slave to Identity. The slave is afraid the owner, and the personality – the lord, Immortal Identity.
385. When the Lord the Buddha Left the family, the imperial advantage and everything that concerned its external life, It the personality Left and her world that, having entirely plunged into the world of the Identity to execute the mission on Earth.
386. (M. A. Y.). When we speak about self-renunciation and dedication, we think about dismissal from the identity of the small and everything that affects her so strong. I smother the, the personality the lost finds her, that is already transferred consciousness in Identity joins life of the Immortal Triad. The soul is as though found again. But the consciousness is already transferred from small personal "I" in "I" big. Something small is simply rejected to replace it big and more valuable.
387. (Sept. 10). Inextinguishable burning of heart will be the first sign of elite. We Judge on heart fires. You judge also on personal and others' – the mistake won't be. Will be telling more precisely: you don't judge, but know, because the judgment and knowledge not condemnation. And the nobility it will be necessary, because My Business is created through people. How much irreparable harm was done by fieriness and verbosity? The correct decision in that being exempted from the personal attitude towards people and replace it super personal that is already more not in dependence from personal feelings, fragile and passing. Everything constructed on such feelings, unsteadily. Usefulness for evolution or for General Welfare will be criterion let. This condition doesn't exclude proximity spirit, which lasts centuries. But it excludes passersby. What is the time and energy they take away from inexperienced our employees? When the personal relation is rejected, mistakes become less. Much not bad consciousness’s stumbled on personal mirages, yet didn't learn to see and read aura; it is possible to know heart, but heart, free from judgments of egoism.
388. (Saint. 11). It is difficult to imagine that all terrestrial human life is no other than personal Maya mirage, but it is enough to remember events of any day about twenty years ago as temporariness and illusoriness of that were once, becomes obvious. Was, passed and overgrew of fact, - also will overgrow everything that occupies at present consciousness with external impressions, also will overgrow everything that occupies at present consciousness with external impressions, also all private life of this embodiment will overgrow. From everything there will be only that is collected by this personality for the Immortal Triad. It also will be the most necessary and the most valuable that remains to the person from his life terrestrial. It is possible therefore to collect even more jealously, carefully and persistently. Elements enduring, accumulated in the Bowl, are postponed in it intensively and tensely if all consciousness is concentrated on this task. The necessary books give materials, as well as reflections. Reflections over problems of life of the person especially promote process of accumulation of the Bowl. Thought over, and the main thing experienced, is imprinted strong. If the idle word and idle thought are destructive, the consciousness for them has to be closed. Harm of verbosity is great, and harm a feast- speech is great. But harm from irresponsible thoughts is greater. After all they are depicted in Akasha's rolls that when for everyone the person answered. The bad, irresponsible thought is thought over and even is put into words, and the person absolutely forgot about it, but not forgets space. And when time comes, it shows the account for payment that was thoughtlessly and irresponsibly let in an execution wheel. It is possible to advise to speak as little as possible, but it is impossible to advise to think less, because the thought is a pride and dignity of the person. Whether everyone? In it is a basis of a problem of thinking. The Clair-radiant thought comprises the decision. There are thoughts from Light, and there are thoughts from darkness. The choice in hands of the person, a choice is free and depends on his will. It is possible to think so not to be ashamed before anybody the thought. Understanding of continuous Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of will promote to make thought Clair-radiant. In the presence of the Light Face we won't think of darkness.
389. Brought bloody victims earlier, then brought gifts. Now is gift of thought. The best thoughts bring to the Teacher of Light. Each thought is painted by qualities of spirit – these or those. From here care of qualities, that they itself fires could paint the thought, bearing in a charge of Light. Both the tranquility and balance are necessary that they were reflected in thought. It is necessary to learn that already nothing painted thought darkness. No reasons can excuse if the thought was stirred up and darken beget and space. How the person suffered, either his relatives, or people around, it can't excuse and darken of thought and generation of a spatial infection. For this purpose Show to store balance in all conditions and under all circumstances what they were. There is nothing in the world for the sake of what it would be possible Light which in you, to replace with darkness. Pity and sympathy can influence very negatively if the sorry plunges into twilight of consciousness sorry. The true help consists in that to fill in or shine with the light consciousness sorry and to lift it to degree of own luminosity, but at all in, that kindle the fires in suffering consciousness of other person to which it is assisted.
390. (M. A. Y.). In the inner world it is necessary to define precisely that belongs to elements of death and that – to life elements that from temporary and that from enduring. The care and attention, of course, are given the last, that is elements of the enduring. Usually occurs on the contrary. The person chases that and thirsts for that he can't hold. This nature of things with which surrounded by people, needs be understood up to the end. Only then it is possible to tell: "I don't see things which I own, and I don't know the phenomena terrestrial, owning me". It also will be release from illusions of the dense world.
391. (Guru). It is necessary to find equally effective between the requirements of the highest "I" and desires of the lowest. It will be a median way. It is possible to call it a balance way. All principles of the person demand care and attention, but at all indulgence to the lowest manifestations. All should be owned. The groundless idealism isn't less harmful, than slavery at the astral cover. The will can counterbalance them only. The person is the lord of the power.
392. (M. A. Y.). . Life of a planet can't hold in consciousness of the personality as the personality embraces the, but consciousness super personal contains. Means, the capacity of consciousness depends on as far as it is free from the personal beginning. Super private life and consciousness transfer to the sphere of the Immortal Triad not only don't destroy consciousness of the "I", but, on the contrary, expand and deepen it, only it will be not small "I", but "I" big. And every time when the thought deepened in spatially super personal thinking inflames, small "I" is replaced "I" big. From here, is usefulness of thoughts of the Highest? Under the Highest everything is meant that punches a shell of aura's egg and outputs consciousness out of limits of the personality small. Its limitation and temporariness of existence sphere her consciousness of hopelessness. To break off chains of the lowest "I", it is necessary to realize them, first of all. The slave esteeming free, will never dream of freedom that is will never be exempted from slavery. The power of the lowest "I" over consciousness should be realized if the person wants to break off slavery chains.
393. (Guru). When, enjoying the Bowl of poison terrestrial, forces you will find to tell that it in the benefit, – the victory is close. The entrance is opened by sufferings or pleasure. They are equivalent, but only from the point of view of the highest "I": the lowest "I", assuming all bitterness of poison terrestrial, is too interested in evading from everything burdening it. But has to solve the highest "I", it can't solve, without having separated from the lowest "I". At division fight of the highest and lowest beginning in itself is inevitable. The purpose of evolution in that the highest "I" won. If won against the lowest "I", the victory is senseless and aimless, because the lowest "I", or the personality, is doomed death. 394. (Saint. 14). The phenomenon of aspiration we will consider widely. It proceeds from the directed spirit. Otherwise can't be. The aspiration addresses to the Teacher. Not the Teacher addresses to the pupil, but the pupil – to Light Focus. The Teacher condescends only in reply to aspiration, and the consciousness of the pupil feasibly rises to It. In a formula "look for and to find, you knock and will open to you" the same law is expressed. Energy of self-proceeding aspiration punches layers of space and succeeds. The decree "only direct... «Is a key opening an entrance? The aspiration scattered that is directed on different objects loses the force in proportion to dispersion. The aspiration monolithic always succeeds. Failure should be looked for in dissociation of thoughts. Heart will be the combiner fastening a monolith of aspiration. Therefore, only the warm aspiration will be the most effective. The brain, like an eye or an ear, doesn't function further the limits put to it. But heart has no them. Heart – Boundlessness body. Brain aspirations will die together with a brain. But heart is immortal and will carry away with itself the aspirations further. Therefore I Speak: direct heart. Heart fills with a pulsation all organisms. Only it can fill with aspiration each point of a body, like each particle directed in flight to the purpose of an arrow. It also will be an aspiration monolith. Badly hands work and slowly the brain if heart isn't attracted reacts. In the same is way and with aspiration. The sixth principle has the monastery in heart. The monastery is ready when heart shines fires and when exactly burning flame kinglet more already never. The impetuous or uneven of the flare doesn't suit for aspiration, because generates a spasm of the last and the same fluctuations. The equal, steady flame gives flatness and stability to aspiration which doesn't fluctuate any more under whirlwinds of dense beds. Very much we Appreciate when balance of aspiration isn't broken any more by any disbalance happening in Wednesday surrounding lit heart. Stability, constancy and firmness of aspiration and balance it we Consider as those qualities without which it won't be effective.
395. (M. A. Y.). All best qualities of spirit deprived of constancy, lose much in the value. Therefore on quality of constancy it is necessary to pay special attention. That coasted without constancy by devotion or love? Temporary devotion and temporary love are deprived of value. Temporariness and inconstancy of feelings and attachments is distinctive feature of the ordinary person. The pupil comes to the Teacher forever. And temporariness of former sense-knowledge replaces with constancy and an invariance enduring devotion and love to Called it. Temporary devotion is very near from a conditional apprenticeship. There can't be a convention in the attitude towards the Teacher of Light, differently puts itself approached in the category of conditional pupils. Let's show understanding of conditions of approach to Light.
396. (Guru). Whether it is possible to calm down on the got victory, as though it was great? No, it will be stagnation. Each victory another surely follows, another – the third, and so endlessly. The ladder of an ascension of spirit of the end has no, and each step with fight undertakes and therefore isn't present to end victories. Never-ending of overcoming of the old person in itself is explained by it. Each new step does that once was good, – bad and subject to improvement, that is overcoming of the elements, which not answering to growing consciousness. Because the person – "is process", consisting in the continuous growth and improvement of its spirit. The ladder of Light has no end, and increasing in Light can strengthen it infinitely.
397. (Sept. 15). Tests and temptations at times are given in order that the person not only stood them, but established the power over that energy of the microcosm which till this time were shown in it spontaneously and didn't submit to will control. The will can seize them and supervise all manifestations of an organism. Mastering by the fires also is a way of Fiery Yoga.
398. (Sept. 16). The person decided to think purely, and his covers, got used to vibrate on dirty thoughts, seek to lead the life habitual for them, and accord to thoughts dirty, personal and others', and often sent with the purpose to awaken former fluctuations in a matter of these covers. It will repeat until the lowest matter of these covers won't be cleared, that is won't be replaced more distinguished, not capable to answer dirty thoughts. On this replacement, or a transmutation, conductors time is required, and it isn't necessary to be surprised when from time to time covers will seek to vibrate on a wave of the lowest desires. It is necessary to keep a tight rein on them before full replacement of a matter, a rough matter – thinner. Seven its divisions, at least only one astral cover, show degrees of this sparseness. The highest matter isn't approved yet, it is impossible to count that the crude cover won't react both to external dirty impacts, and on own dirty thoughts if those are allowed. The transmutation of a matter of covers is the main objective of an apprenticeship. The bridle over feelings and emotions is necessary while this regeneration, or transformation, covers didn't end. From here fight, continuous fight and continuous patrol that not gets rid feelings didn't strengthen and didn't strengthen a matter which is subject to replacement. Each recurrence of gets rid accumulation, restoring the lowest matter in this or that conductor nullifies the results reached earlier, and all it is necessary to make a fresh start. Sizif's stones rolling on the mountain desirable, but the achievements not carried out by them are a lot of. The main thing is not to allow gets rid properties to raise the head so that the astral cover was set in motion on the lowest scale. And then gradually, but truly more rough matter of a cover will be replaced with thinner. And then upon transition to the World Elevated there will be already no danger to catch vibrations of the lower class of an astral when not gets rid particles of an astral matter in the covers not cleared of it will start strong replying on influences of the lower class going to them, magneto involving them in an orbit of the attraction. That for the ordinary person can seem a layer high, for the promoted pupil will be low. Therefore the fight accompanying ascension of spirit doesn't stop never because the high is followed by the highest, and behind it – the highest. And to space layers which, thinning, rise in shining heights, it is necessary to adapt and will refine the corresponding conductors. Achievement at one step can appear a shortcoming on higher, the shortcoming which is subject to a gets rid. Never-ending fight at a spirit ascension, also isn't present that step which higher wouldn't follow. The pupil has to prepare himself for a constant victory.
399. (M. A. Y.). Lords Come to Earth for the sake of imperfect people to help them to rise and reach various degrees of perfection. Therefore on the imperfections it is necessary to look as at a starting point from which the improvement way begins. After all it is necessary to begin always from something. If its imperfections serve someone as a barrier, instead of a springboard for aspiration is higher, we will consider such installation in a root wrong. Only the pettiness can consider itself not capable to rise or already begun concelebrating with darkness to darkness of adjacent spirit. There is no such situation or such conditions from which it would be impossible to direct to Light. Therefore, the appeal and aspiration to Light are possible always. Addressing always receives the answer, if the address from heart. Everything is called for Light, and everyone has to answer an appeal. Unknown time of rather heavy press, but and opportunities unknown!
400. (Guru). Key to the New World – the Image of the Lord strengthened in heart. The key always opens something. If having it doesn't use it, whose wine in it? Earlier keys from the Highest World were in possession of the very few. Now are given all, and It is specified how to use them. Why so it isn't enough wishing to put them and to turn exactly so many time, how many it is necessary. Anyhow open treasured doors and how, without having opened, to enter? We speak, we repeat, we go on as far as the law allows, but we can't to enter, instead of you, to use a key instead of you. Have to enter and to put a key. For other person it is impossible is, neither to drink, nor to go, and – to enter into a hall intended. Everyone enters itself, the feet.