Agni Yoga's facets, 1965 (401-587)

401. (M. A. Y.). We approach only those, who in former lives approached to us already repeatedly. The new we test for devotion, both constancy, and the other qualities of spirit necessary at collaboration. Usually people consider that they are good and are suitable for cooperation. But practice rejects this self-confidence and quickly unmasks masks. It is a lot of disappearing; they always consider themselves absolutely right. Understanding shortcomings usually don't depart. Value of awareness of owns imperfections are great. After all it is the first step of ascension. We suggest them to go together with us, having taken the imperfections for a transmutation. Wanting will reach.
402. (M. A. Y.). It would be strange to assume that close spirits to the Lord, dumped a body terrestrial, plunge into Devachan's sweet dreams. It isn't present. After necessary rest we continue to work, helping It and dividing its works and the Burden of this world. It doesn't stop with transition because in Elevated all is aggravated and amplifies repeatedly. Certainly, to people to serve opportunity too big as the spirit isn't connected by body restrictions. Only isn't present so wished to people the rest. Wishing to work for the public good affairs there will find without restriction.
403. (M. An. Y.). The reality is hidden from Maya eyes. Everything that around, covers it. As if through dense and almost impassable thickets it is necessary to make the way consciousness to that is and separates it that seems. The Maya is one of the most difficult obstacles in a way to understanding of reality. Any doubts, fluctuations, uncertainty in inalterability of the Great Plan of Lords are no other than Maya ardent generations. It is necessary to fight with them not logic of a brain, not arguments or belief of mind, but fiery belief of heart that the Sun will come also the Moon, but any iota won't change from the Law, all won't be executed yet. This belief inflexible anything, also we will fight against Maya dimming the horizon of the future the ghosts.
404. (Guru). It is easier to fight against ghosts of visibility when the Hierarchy is realized. This Ladder of Light is firm, and it doesn't depend on everything occurring in the world terrestrial. It is possible to lean on it and at steps to find it that stability and a strong support which aren't present and can't be in flashing and changing events of terrestrial life. Among a rough stream of the everyday phenomena the Hierarchy Ladder – as the granite rock, not uncertain waves of evidence dense.
405. (M. A. Y.). The feeling of Proximity can't be caused any efforts or desire of mind if It wasn't established earlier. It can be deepened and strengthened, but only in that case when it already is. Any artificial and squeezed-out attempts on Proximity are doomed to failure. Only when in heart the fire of feeling of love not dying in time burns, these sacred threads of spirit and heart are felt. To us these feelings bear pleasure and serve as spirit food. Yes, yes, feelings have consciousness and strengthen a life pulsation. Therefore rightfully it is possible to call love life-given. Secrecy of this feeling and the relation demands the very careful. After all it is a fruit of centuries-old accumulation. Intimate we will protect all strength of mind.
406. (Sept. 21). Often are perplexed, what such dangers cover in themselves the forbidden Knowledge or violent disclosure of the centers, without the corresponding preparation and clarification. Awakening of the centers is accompanied by an aggravation of a susceptibility and opportunity to adjoin to energy of various layers of space. At readiness, clarification of a matter of conductors and sufficient extent of mastering by them isn't present danger of involvement in communication with the lowest substance of an astral and inevitability to reply on their influences in the accord with them. Readiness means also presence of the Head – the Hierarch who Conducts, and communication with Hierarchy of Light through It. It will be protection from dark which always on call and sharp-sightedly watch to seize the unprepared consciousness which hasn't been approved on Hierarchy, and then there is no protection against dark influences, there is no opportunity to distinguish, are how harmful thrown dark think, and even it is simple to understand, from where there are these influences and they are how pernicious. The victim of dark influences even has nobody to open eyes on the events and to help, - can help only Hierarchy of Light and those, who works with it in common. It is a lot of books harmful, pushing on the various occult exercises promising achievements of the power over hidden forces of the person and many other things. All this without the Teacher and Hierarchy will be a trap for spirit because the inexperienced consciousness which doesn't have the Head, won't be able to distinguish or even to recognize that something and someone threatens it, both from the Thin World, and from the attendants of darkness embodied in a body and their numerous assistants. It is better not to know at all anything, than to concern all these phenomena of occult character crude and unprepared consciousness. How to distinguish a allure, seduction and delusion under their externally embellished and attracting forms when even the thought doesn't occur to the consciousness seduced by them that all this is thought carefully over and elegantly prepared dark to avert it from Light ways. The pupil too is subjected to tests, and too for a while"dugpa's" freedom to seduce him is given. But on the guard the Teacher in time give the necessary council and to preserve against fatal mistakes. But in all cases the will of the person remains free freely to choose a way of Light or a darkness way. That is why mastering by the fires is a foremost condition of an assumption to secrets of the nature. Before getting rid of undesirable properties or qualities of spirit, it is necessary to seize those fires which set them in motion and give them life. And then even not gets rid quality isn't so dangerous because it they will which can direct fires of this quality in opposite, that is positive, the party, that is to the benefit because mental energy in itself isn't neither kind, nor angry owns. Everything depends on the direction given by it by will. In this regard mastering by Kundalini fire has special value because fire which broken in the lowest centers and hasn't been bridled by will, can serve as the reason of very grave offenses. But who, except the Teacher, can teach mastering by fires. Without It the person can become the weak-willed victim of those fires which it so imprudently caused to premature manifestation in the organism.
407. (M. A. Y.). The sacrament of love between spirit and the spirit which is hierarchically standing at different steps of the Ladder of Light, is explained more few. The spirit sending vibrations of Light on the channel of love, and the spirit receiving them, is a pole of various tension of the active and passive beginning. But as completeness of the accord occurs only at interchange of energy, and the consciousness standing on the Ladder becomes lower in turn too active, sending from itself emanations of that high feeling which we call spiritual love. As a matter of fact, it is the main condition of hierarchical communications. It is impossible to replace it with any other feeling, even such, as devotion because devotion without love is all the same that a ray of light of the Sun deprived of heat. The magnetic power of feeling of love to the Hierarch is great. If you want to succeed hierarchically, succeed love.
408. (Guru). When we will meet, I will ask that is made during separation. Let's sum up to all – both good, and bad. Also we will weigh everything on scales. Good everything we will select to take further with it. Bad to fire we will betray. It is good if already and now more often to start thinking of that to a meeting to bring as much as possible the good. Bad for whom it is necessary? And so also we will go through life, collecting only that is well unconditional.
409. (Sept. 22). The thought waiting at the Threshold, after release from a body will be, if it not from Light, a magnet for dark approximations and the intermediary through which dark will influence her beget. The thought won't abandon the founder, yet won't settle on him the power charge. It serves as though as the tipper-of for demons, that is one incarnation lowest spirits that they unmistakably knew weak spots of whom they attack. Therefore control over thought is necessary certainly if beget of thought wants itself immortal to secure against very heavy consequences. But the thought light, Clair-radiant will appear the loyal friend, carrying away the creator in conformable to it spheres and attracting to it Spirits High. Tendency of the person to this or that order of thoughts, both persistence of the notions of compulsion, and free or involuntary immersion in them show that the thought is the real essence, able to replace with itself external evidence and entirely to capture consciousness even to it contrary to. When the reader cries over pages of the sensitive novel, not over paper and typographical signs, that is letters, she cries, but over the images thoughts created by writers and transmitted by means of symbols letters and symbols words. Such is impact of images of thought on consciousness of the person – and personal and others'. Certainly, the thought should be owned. Mastering by thought consists not only in to allowing thoughts unusable, but also in that being able to hold on what the will wants to concentrate consciousness. Both keep thoughts, and to be exempted from them equally difficult. Exercises in it are very necessary and very useful. The fear is impact of thought of fear on mentality of the person. To reject thought – and fear won't be. To qualities of spirit there correspond thoughts, and control over thought means also the power over these qualities. Thought it is possible both to generate, and to destroy fear. Thought it is possible to belittle or strengthen devotion or love. Thought it is possible to cause to life and to approve any quality of spirit for the actual manifestation it in life. Thus, the thought becomes the tool of improvement of the person or his involution. Crystals of energy of the thoughts postponed in the Bowl, at sufficient accumulation will give strength to action fires. The thought is fire of space cast in a form of this or that degree of firmness and duration. To create strong, bright thought and to forget about it absolutely – doesn't mean it to destroy. It again will appear in time and will show the account to beget. It is necessary to get used to learn to think Clair-radiant that before anybody and nor before space not to be ashamed of any thought.
410. (M. A. Y.). Alcohol awakens the lowest instincts and serves for dark as the channel on which they easily throw the evil-deliberate. Consciousness control over thought weakens, and it darkens those who so strong watch each opportunity to do harm. If people knew, how many dangers trap them continually, and especially under the influence of alcohol, they would show abstention. It is possible to call alcoholism disaster of the current time. Danger that it strong also is without restraint inflated dark on purpose at least by this way to detain evolution and to prevent the New Country performed by its planetary mission. Spatially alcoholism is especially harmful because captures thoughts of people, them sating with emanations of various defects and desires and with them filling and infecting space. It is possible to be afraid of the phenomena of general alcoholism.
411. (Guru). The person of no character, having stumbled and having got to a pool, long flounders in it, being distressed about an event. Strong goes, without being confused anything. I fell – rises immediately and again to the purpose goes, without thinking of falling. And as perfect people aren't present on Earth, the similar image of action is only correct and reasonable. Especially the pupil shouldn't weaken himself thoughts killing aspiration of the made mistakes. The teacher Told, what even mistakes will be turned by Him on advantage. And the pupil should go, only to go, only forward him contrary to and to everything that disturbs and detains him on the Way.
412. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to adjust consciousness on a wave of devotion, courage, love, aspiration or any other quality. The attuning happens conscious and unconscious, strong-willed and weak-willed, under the control or under force of third-party influences. At Communication the consciousness mood on a due wave is necessary. This mood gives the accord. Without it there is no contact. The mood can be brought to the highest degree of tension which shouldn't be violent or squeezed out. The tonality of radiations rises naturally and freely on fires of the directed heart. Only former accumulation can give desirable effect that is it is necessary to bring something before achieving that the accord took place. Making effort admires it.
413. (Sept. 24). Heart transmutation organism fires according to extent of the development and refinement. On a heart throne any fires can be cleared and realized in light Agni. Heart we will accept as a transmutation of fiery energy, both spatial, and energy of the microcosm. Heart – the center, the sun of an organism and the transformer of its fiery saturation. The fiery elements sating a microcosm of the person, need mastering by it and submission to its spirit. Unmetered, it can destroy an organism, having carried it on particles. Mastering by fiery power consists first of all in mastering by the thoughts, feelings and actions. To any degree of people them already owns. But even animals too own the movements. I speak not about the animal party of the person, but about the highest mastering and self-control. Energy of the spirit, being under complete control of will, will truly serve the lord in creation and construction of its future. Astral submission is necessary. All feelings have to pass under will control, and the main thing – thoughts. With thought it is most difficult. Mastering by won't come if thoughts aren't bridled. Usually thoughts and feelings own people, and have to be on the contrary. Let's study on small affairs, on small thoughts, both feelings, and feelings of a body. The persistence and persistence will give in this fight against the covers because fires work through them much. Qualities of restraint, self-control, reticence, tranquility, balance and others are forms of a phenomenon of fires which the person has to seize in the microcosm.
414. (Guru). Be strong and in misfortune and happiness, in diseases and health, in poverty and wealth, in loneliness and surrounded with people, the word – always, in all living conditions. The person uplifted by crowd feels strong, - but unless it is its force? Invested by the power terrestrial the person feels strong himself, - but unless it is its force? Uplifted by wealth, honor and glory the force borrows from something out of itself. It not forces. But deprived of everything both the force realized and held it as the fiery treasure of power, such person is really strong. Its independence of existence of external conditions is a sign of the valid force.
415. (M. A. Y.). Mastering by the feelings, or discipline of spirit, will be that condition without which advance of the pupil stops automatically. Unrestrained Agni can do troubles is the reason why the statement of the power over is an inevitable step. It is possible to see thus how life conducts steadily to that self-mastering took place. Life is a great school.
416. (Guru). It is impossible to allow that troubles, difficulties, chagrin and the blows received from life terrestrial, broke balance of spirit. Let's call a passable step fight for the statement of balance. It is better to be subjected to the heaviest tests, but to keep balance, than to lose it in a wellbeing stupor. Life sorrow less won't approve balance. It is shaped in fight and overcoming. Whatever it was created around, the spirit is indestructible and impregnable anything, out of the events, if will on the guard. And not with the external phenomena it is necessary to struggle, and with itself, without allowing that they could break balance of spirit.
417. (Sept. 27). The condition of consciousness demands again to return to Bases. The spirit doesn't come for ever and ever. But everything that around is made will leave a field of vision as last embodiment as leaves left and that occurred and in it is forgotten even. Memoirs how they were bright, can't replace the present, and the present isn't celebrated by an extremity and transient sign. Therefore, to lean on external it is impossible on anything or to tie consciousness to something, except Hierarchy and the Teacher. Therefore Told that I with you always to emphasize that all other with you – for a while. New aspect of these words which in former understanding knew within decades, try more deeply and to approve more strongly in consciousness. I with you always – all the rest, everything that surround you and it seems such steady and constant, all this is temporary only to be replaced with another and constantly to change in a stream of quickly current phenomena of the dense world. In all urgent worlds you remember this formula, because properties of the urgent worlds – their transient. Only the Fiery World is constant, but your stay in it isn't continuous, yet didn't reach the Nirvana, - and every time when you address thought to Me, you approve the consciousness on enduring, because I with you always, in all days till the end of time. As "a the end of an eyelid" we will understand the end of stay in the world passing, transition to the World Fiery and merge to Me together, not divided already more than conditions of the dense world. All this belongs already to Bases of which can't darken a dust of dense beds and Maya seduction. Darkness external, where crying and gnash tooth, certainly, as well as all outside world. The spirit is fated Boundlessness and a life not the end in the worlds in forms more and more new and new, in forms more and more the highest and the highest at steps of the Ladder of Evolution constantly rising in Eternity Real.
418. (M. A. Y.). For the consciousness which has concerned Tops, isn't present and there can't be a usual happiness terrestrial and satisfactions the terrestrial pleasures deprived of spirit. The consciousness will be constant in a dissatisfaction and melancholy for the Highest World which will be not replaced to it by any terrestrial conditions. It is wrong to think that if the last changed, the person would find the happiness on Earth. The happiness terrestrial is so elusive, is so unstable, so changeable what to find in it a support for spirit it is impossible. Where everything is doomed to an extremity, you happiness to itself don't look for even in aspirations and the thoughts. It will be only waste of your energy. The happiness in the spirit of, happiness in the field of spirit, and to this happiness accompanies pleasure, that pleasure which (the Lord Told) is special wisdom. In pleasure about enduring, in pleasure about integral, in pleasure that It with us always and Be, all our happiness. Because this only thing that doesn't depend on the events with us outside.
419. (Guru). As heavy and difficult there is at times, but It to us, - as sometimes darkly and gloomily around, but It with us. As people and as they will painfully wound, but It with us are cruel sometimes. As obstacles one over another are piled up and seem invincible, but It with us; as it is lonely among people and misunderstandings, but It with us, - as is greater ignorance and roughness the last’s the leaving world, but with us the Lord always, in all days, till the end of time.
420. I am the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. Me approving in the heart, you approve the eternal beginning in yourself. My face, in heart entered, Will be continuous contact with an enduring and constant reminder that I with you always. It is unshakable, immutable and strong, as the granite rock among rough waves aspiring by a stream. Remembering incessantly Me, enduring and immortal in yourself you claim over everything that, like the river, it is carried by.
421. (M. A. Y.). The principle of not repeatability should be understood as one of conditions of the shown world. In relation to the people having for you special value, it will be the basis of devotion, love and understanding. That is unique and when losing can't be found already again and to replace with someone another, it is appreciated especially highly. Both devotion, and love, and friendship become then constants because it is clear then that darlings never, and anywhere, and nobody will replace, and there is nobody on their place to put even if to bypass the whole world. And it is clear – after all the Proximity is established on the Beam, and Links of the Hierarchical Chain are irreplaceable. Also there is no such money for which it would be possible to employ other Heads. One-woman men in life meet infrequently. One-woman-man is the principle, which should be understood. It is possible and has to love all standing on the Ladder of Light. But the love on the Beam belongs to area of the innermost feelings. And where heart it is necessary to understand and scent that is intimate, words are excessive.
422. (Guru). When heart is filled with feeling of love to the Hierarchy, then all of them, adjacent to it, become especially close, - words "the Hierarchy" are mentioned not casually. By them we will mean those next links with which are connected by the Karma of many lives. This communication is stronger than all communications terrestrial, and distribution of communications on Beams is a condition which is carefully and carefully preserved on all Hierarchy, at all steps. Therefore it is impossible to have several Gurus or different Teachers. And going or approached, lost the next link, won't be able to find substitute or it is any on its place to put another. Searches are possible until contact through a link, judgment the Karma and before showing by the Teacher of Light took place. After those new searches new, allegedly more knowing, consciousnesses will be a mistake.
423. (Sept. 29). Qualities of spirit as it was already spoken earlier are forms of fires approved in an organism. Let's consider this condition in more detail. Each thought of the person, each his mood and feeling are immediately reflected in its radiations. These radiations are expressed in light, flowers or fires which are obviously visible for thin sight. The depression and the saddened condition lower luminosity, the aura grows dull and becomes sulfur. Inflow of courage gives bright, light flashes or more or less long burning. As the person – a being fiery, and all processes which are occurring in it, are accompanied by this or that degree of luminosity. Auras human are shone and play shades of various paints and coloring. Pure, fine thoughts and feelings cause the corresponding colorings; dark, low desires, experiences and passions – dark, smoky, muddy, ugly forms of low fires. Possession of the feelings and thoughts means mastering by the fires, or the radiations. These radiations enter interaction with spatial fire, and the factory of good or the evil, light or dark emanations which amplify or weakened depending on tension of this interaction turns out. Sadden, or the lighter of space the person can be named. In the aura the person for people around bears health, pleasure and light or diseases, a grief, sufferings and darkness. The question of human radiations is important extraordinary. The invention of spouses of Kirlian is the greatest discovery of the century. Therefore the darkness rises against it and interferes with its application. On this concealment obviously necessary and useful to the widest areas of life of the invention it is possible to judge its great importance. Not to mention equipment or agriculture, in medicine it can be applied with advantage great. Diagnostics of diseases at the most initial stages of diseases will be faultless, especially a cancer. For the benefit of all mankind this opening Is given to people. Criminally and ridiculously to suppress that is scientifically incontestable. Undoubted will overturn all counteractions of darkness, and in this process the leading role belongs to science. Not the mysticism, not the imagination, not superstitions, but the scientific facts will destroy ignorance heaps. Pictures of aura will be the best identity card and its suitability for performance of official and public duties.
424. (M. A. Y.). Only think, the human body in the visible structure is how difficult. All types of a matter of different extents of depression and fiery enter into it. All this is in the closest interaction and coherence. It, coherence, this matter together also keeps. All covers, or bodies of the person, consist of different types of a matter, invest him as their compaction and finish it his dense cover. And though dense, astral and mental covers also consist respectively of a dense, astral and mental matter, nevertheless the physical body of the drunkard, the libertine infected with various diseases and decaying alive, sharply differs from a physical body sacred or the devotee. So sharply differ, as Light and darkness, both other bodies and covers, because gradation of a matter of all plans of life centenary. Business of science, of the future shines these phenomena with a way of scientific methods and makes them property top. 425. (Guru). Certainly, to one not resist. It is possible to resist – only when together. Of joint pretending with us before the Face Great also we will think when frustration of surrounding conditions exceeds possibilities of an opposite to darkness. The chaos and disbalance break everywhere. As in big, so and in the small, -to defend the Lord!
425. (Guru). Certainly, to one not to resist, it is possible to resist only when together. Of joint pretending with us before the Face Great also we will think when frustration of surrounding conditions exceeds possibilities of opposite to darkness. The chaos and disbalance break everywhere. As in big, so and in the small, - to defend the Lord!
426. (M. A. Y.). The pupil studies always and life is his school. The condition of the consciousness which has been adjusted on a key of an apprenticeship, allows learn lessons from various combinations of external conditions. Fruitful such condition. Experience accrues, and accumulation of the Bowl is increased. Anything else can't yield such results, as life school, at the conscious attitude towards her. Then even the delicate hint of the Teacher doesn't remain unnoticed. We rejoice when this step of understanding of life is reached.
427. (Guru). You see how the necessary people are rare. It is a lot of good people, but one good hasn't enough. Devotion is forever a little familiar to the modern person; at the best – only to a coffin and we, if we come, or leave, forever. And therefore devotion forever is very much appreciated by us.
428. (Guru). Events of the world flow the train, and events of own life by take place, but inside there is the life, spirit life, submitting not to those external laws, but the unwritten laws of spirit and the rhythm. This life directed in the future, knows about reality more, than about it tell events of the outside world. Therefore this life is more real for spirit, than life external. It gives that fire which is so necessary to consciousness. It is correct to prove consciousness on the phenomena of internal life because when external everything will end with death of a body, for spirit there are with it all riches of an inner world and all accumulation.
429. Two poles of a thing uniform, at their understanding, allow to unite in consciousness of the phenomenon of opposite principles and to see their unity. To realize unity of contrasts, their communication and indivisibility will be already knowledge bipolar that is synthetic, uniting contrasts in a whole. Ability to unite the opposite phenomena in unity of their understanding also will be that neutralization of biner about which Those Who Knew Bases of Intimate Knowledge once Spoke.
430. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary courageously, without losing courage, to bear the karma, it is as though heavy was.
431. (Guru). We aren't judges and you aren't the judges, everyone has in itself (himself) the judge. Everyone will be condemned or will come true own court. And it is good when the internal judge is awake constantly, estimating each action and each act.
432. (Oct. 4). Two, in something not people concordant among themselves can't, to be absolutely right, everyone in the, or wrong. Usually look for mistakes at another instead of looking for them in it. Task in finding own mistakes and them eliminate. Only it grants the right to being fair in an assessment of errors of another and to have the right of them to specify to it not in reproaches and exasperation, but in the spirit of full goodwill and a love. Any other approach only will strengthen a divergence. Why to look for mistakes in other when in it there are a lot of them for their immediate elimination.
433. Tests and difficulties are given to spirit only in order that it approved the power, the superiority, and the victory over them. And at all it isn't required to change something, either to break, or to win out of itself, it is required to seize own reactions to the waves going from the outside. Each reaction is flash of fires of a microcosm. Seizing reaction, the person seizes flashes of a flame or fiery elements in him. There can't be a speech about mastering by elements if they aren't subordinated to the microcosm. The way to power of spirit lies through mastering by them. Severe control over thoughts, feelings and moods is required. In a word, over everything that proceeds from the person. Without this self-checking, or discipline of spirit, the way of Fiery Yoga is inaccessible.
434. The most important is to understand the necessity for the future. Place in the future – through overcoming itself. When it is very difficult, it is possible to go because from ease force isn't born. Strong people are necessary. Go victoriously, -victory over – the most necessary. It means the power over. The burden terrestrial generates light in aura if the way is direct. Ahead – Light! This Light, Light of the future, will merge with light of the one who to Us goes steadily. The private matter, personal karma, personal experience shouldn't distract. The teacher above put the personal! And it’s Business – above all the rest.
435. (M. A. Y.) . The place about Us is approved by affairs and thoughts of every day. The more stoutly they are given Us, the approach is closer.
436. (Oct. 5). (Date of leaving of M. A. Y.). . Let's devote these lines to It, selflessly given on service to Light. It is useless now to the world to tell about It – won't understand, won't estimate and will betray a beating stones. Only adoption of the Doctrine of Life will be that condition which will lead to understanding of mission of life of this High Spirit. It consisted in being the receiver and a transfer of our Doctrine to the World and to show on itself and in the organism to pass fiery steps of a transmutation of the centers and their kindle in living conditions terrestrial, without moving away from life. Special difficulty and complexity of this unknown experience consisted in it. Agni Yoga should have shown among life, for the certificate on it to people. This feat, It made, is great that it was necessary to pass through sharp and painful process of fiery transformation of an organism. So, when opening the center of lungs of pain were that that it was impossible to turn. Abstention in food and very strict diet that was called as a severe post earlier, were a necessary condition of this process. And, despite all these and frequent indispositions because it was heavy to body to maintain extraordinary fiery tension, It continued to work continued, carrying out various tasks, translated books (for example, "the Secret Doctrine"), wrote new, corrected various works, perceived and wrote down Given materials of the Doctrine of Live Ethics. She apprehended experience Agni-Yoga’s of processes in practice and approved this feat by all the life. Think of power of spirit, speak about various achievements and wonderful abilities, write about what didn't reach, various books, forgetting thus that only the price of sufferings and pains, the price of full self-rejection, the price of own experience, the price of boundless devotion to Lords both selfless and disinterested service to Light and people approve fiery steps of the Great Doctrine of Life, and Agni Yoga becomes the practical, live, vital statement undoubted. It was Truth of the Doctrine of Live Ethics. It is easy and simple to speak about Truth as it is done by those who imagine that know it. But to be the Doctrine Proclaimed by Lords, to be Truth – something so difficult and unusual what not to find even words to express it. After all that Is told in the Doctrine about the fiery centers both their disclosure and a kindle, was almost passed by It a step behind a step. It was that high step of achievements of human spirit which in the future centuries is planned by Evolution and Lords for future mankind of the sixth race in the person of her best representatives. Therefore according to our Decision She is called Mother Agni Yogi. She approved Yoga of Fire by the life and left to mankind invaluable treasures of skilled accumulation, carefully and in detail imprinted in the records left by It. Memory of Mother of Fiery Yoga we will honor understanding of greatness of the Feat made by It for the sake of advance of mankind on the following step of evolution of spirit.
437. (M. A. Y.). I feel thoughts, to me directed. I see their light threads weaving a wonderful pattern, and I rejoice spirit to a victory over illusive life terrestrial. Light threads to connect spirits of Light in one whole. On vibrations of threads of thought reach and the network of Light of a planet gets stronger and vibrates new combinations. It is joyful to me to feel that remember me that time, the destroyer of fragile terrestrial relationship, only strengthens lightful relations between spirit and spirit and that restrictions of death are trampled by the fiery love which isn't dying even in centuries; it is joyful to me to feel that someone me remembers that someone thinks of me live, not died and left from them, as others. I don't need dead honoring. Honoring by the dead and honoring of the dead is ridiculous. Honoring live and adoption of this honoring by thoughts, to in word and deed joyfully my heart. We remember, we love, we with those who in the heart, live us esteeming, doesn't forget about us never. We send them our love and warmth of our hearts.
438. (Guru). Day of Mother of Fiery Yoga we will honor a memory about It profound. In the depth of understanding of its mission of life opportunity still bigger rapprochement with It is covered. And after all through It – access to the Orbit Energy of Seven Holders of Light, - the way to Light of The one, Who the Light Itself to Earth Brings, a way to Light the next, is open by It and through It. You know it. To you benefit. It is possible to consider her as and unite to Light of aspiring spirits. To Immortal it is possible to rank it because the step of uninterrupted consciousness is reached by It. Let your pleasure about It will be never-dying and perfect.
439. We Count only on those who on essence of the radiations bears to the world Light. We Know and we See these lightful. Degree of luminosity grants the right to our recognition and their admission to Us. Degree of luminosity defines a spirit step on the Hierarchy Ladder. Everyone bears in itself no erasable photosynthesis of a treatment of light and shade of the essence which is expressed in radiations proceeding from the person.
440. (Oct. 6). At bright burning of heart by its fires everything is shined that round the person. And then the surrounding ceases to influence it, having completely lost the power over it. It is release from burden of dense conditions. Heart fires then light up a gloom of a material world and a torch of spirit burns with unquenchable fire. Only weak heart can break under weight of environment or under pressure of space currents. The one who doesn't see things which owns, and, without having personal desires, doesn't want anything for itself, that already in the spirit of is free, and the spirit knows it both pleasure, and happiness, and the world, which other-worldly. Only happiness terrestrial doesn't look for and doesn't know burning heart. Not there people where it is look for it. It in the spirit of and it in heart it this happiness inside. And look for it anywhere, but only not where it is possible and probably only to find. Refused all personal and not having anything has everything, has the right to everything and everything can own because has no anything the. So, deprived of everything can be the owner of Treasure of the World. This Treasure – the Fiery Stone, wearable in a breast Light Carrier. Condensed Light of crystal deposits of fiery energy in the Bowl really shows a type of the Stone, because shines fires of unprecedented Beauty. It is possible to judge power of light of the Stone on the most unusual occurrence of the Transformation some people were which witnesses. When Fiery power of Treasure comes to light in all the force, penetrating and changing and a body terrestrial, eyes human aren't able to sustain dazzling light of Elevated Fires. Everyone has in itself Stone Treasure, at least and it was filled up with litter and closed by dark heaps and at least the sizes this Stone was small. But the Treasure has everyone, and talents are given that it grow up and to increase force it. The treasure of the Stone is the highest and the most valuable that the person on Earth has and can have. Forty nine centers and forty nine fires, but their synthesis – in Heart, and the Bowl – the keeper of the saved-up Treasure. It is possible to call the keeper of the Intimate Flame of crystals of fire deposited in the Bowl the person. Truly, is it the carrier of the Stone, in which Light of the world?
441. (M. A. Y.). The elite isn't present, but invited – all. Everyone bears in the microcosm potentially all opportunities, everything that was ever reached on Earth by the person. Anybody isn't deprived, and nobody is deprived of the right to achievements. The elite become after centuries-old hard work and efforts to carry out and reach that don’t admit and denied by the majority. But they reach and become those who come nearer to the Lord. Thus, the elite force undertakes because it is reached by aspiration of spirit. And invited are everything, and the Life Doctrine – for all. Everything is opened by everything. Everyone can come and take a full measure. Suitable approach - the Life doctrine is for all.
442. (Guru). Soldiers of spirit I want to see in those who come nearer to Light. You heard about militant darkness. But, thought of militant Light, which is opposed to it in fight for Hera Mastery’s statement. The troops of Light gathers under banners of Lords not for the rest and the world but in order that to destroy darkness and from a planet displace all soldiers of the darkness, all attendants dark, all evil generated by them. Day breakers are necessary to us. Nor affection, nor enthusiasm, neither chants, nor prayers not reach a desired victory. In fight for Light victory eagerness to fight of spirit is necessary. I welcome soldiers of spirit, in whose hearts sacred fire of courage burns.
443. (Oct. 8). Words if the consciousness isn't ready are powerless. The person to the most convincing arguments is unreceptive then. Sense-knowledge can specify when is useless to speak. The chicken correctness based on chicken evidence, living in a personal hen house defends especially strong. And then you see impossibility to help. In these cases it is better to leave, having provided the person to a current of its own karma. In general without the address or a request councils, manuals it isn't necessary to give.
444. (M. A. Y.). The heavy strip of a spatial press should be waited, having absorbed of energy inside and without showing activity. In silence best of all take place these days.
445. (Oct. 9). The people, who have accepted the Doctrine of Live Ethics, don't cease thereof to be such what they were earlier because for a short time it is impossible to change in itself that developed during the long millennia. Even on the contrary – Light causes that lay hidden in soul hiding places earlier to visibility and manifestation. Therefore a mistake will expect from friends only good. But also not good human let causes not condemnation, but understanding. It is necessary to know simply, without attaching to words any significance because words often hide that the person wants to hide. A lot of salt should be eaten together to know well character of another. Only the sense-knowledge can help, but it is developed at the very few.
446. (Guru). Certainly, people should be known, having unmasked the external person. But, knowing, it is impossible to condemn, because a measure one – suitability to Evolution. If this measure approaches and for Evolution is suitable, it is necessary to help and help in process of expediency.
447. (Guru). The step of the statement of a primacy of spirit should be passed. From here inevitability of sufferings above which the consciousness has to rise in spirit area. Indestructibility of spirit should be understood as a basis, having approved this understanding by a hand and a foot human in life terrestrial. Devotees of spirit went on sufferings and tortures voluntary and consciously, causing a superiority of spirit and its victory over a flesh infirmity. And they won.
448. (Oct. 12). Supernatural in the nature doesn't exist, but there is much what don't know and about what people don't suspect. Before the Face of Boundlessness of denial are inappropriate. If light from a far star goes millions light years, about what exhaustion of knowledge it is possible to speak. Everywhere is of life. The small midge feels weather. Its organism is supplied with the nature the corresponding equipment. Not mind of a midge is shown in the device of the thinnest sensitive devices of this small organism. You won't be mistaken, including rationality the integral property of everything that is shown in the world. Spatial Consciousness of the Highest Forms of a lightful matter not miracle, but property of Light; spatial Fires in the form of color educations, stars, sparks and spots can conduct the conversation with the person with the slightly opened centers. Language of color stars is very expressive. The consciousness accord with Spatial Fire will give rise to understanding of Spatial Life. It is a lot of Secrets in Space, but there is no miracle. The phenomenal party of singularity depends on a step of development of consciousness and extent of disclosure of the centers. The word "miracle" is excluded from our dictionary. Can ask – why? I will answer: the understanding of a miracle and blind belief are very close to superstition that is ignorance. Fiery belief and superstition is antipodes. Belief we don't deny, if it not the blind. The confidence and trust to the Teacher and belief in existence of the undoubted belong to area of a thatch-knowledge and are close already to a sense-knowledge that is to an anticipation of fiery knowledge undoubted when the Secret removes the covers one by one. Belief – the consciousness engine. The belief is necessary for implementation of what the person wants or decided to reach. Speaking about a personal karma and possibility of its change, I Have always in a look need of existence of belief in about what I Say, and confidence that Told will be executed. Without this belief Helps Bridge can't work. If you want that everything that Is told you, it was strictly executed, belief have. Many Bridges of our Help were destroyed by doubts and mistrust. Former ancient question – whether "You believe? »Remains still in force, - so, belief we will define as an anticipation or feeling of knowledge undoubted or what is fated to be immutable. The fiery belief moves mountains and matter bulks. Fiery strength of mind is based on a thath-knowledge in boundless opportunities of growth of its power. The belief is unconscious knowledge of that, than it is fated to become over time to the person.
449. (M. A. Y.). Even dream the belief in possibility of its implementation always moves. In time everything is achievable. Let's accept this formula as a basis of success in everything. In aspect of the far future when the terrestrial body of the person will be rather rarefied, and together with it and Earth body, plasticity of a matter will amplify, and it everything will be easier and easier to give in to thought influence. Going further, it is possible to imagine time when the thought of the person will undividedly dominate over a matter, and then the formula "everything is achievable" will be already fiery reality of life of the person on Earth and in the Worlds.
450. (Guru). When you were about us, very really and strongly felt vibrations of that future about which we spoke, and it became close and for you and felt by you. It occurred because we knew and fiery believed in inalterability of that is fated to mankind Lords of Light. This indestructible belief we went through life. It gave wings to us, and it we lit hearts human. We didn't speak about it, but lived and worked with it. The belief is fire; in heart burning and force allowing realize reality of the far or close future, as though plunging into it, as though feeling, as though reducing to Earth that exists in a fiery hearth of the Hidden World.
451. (Oct. 13). Disturbed, stir and will stir Communication dark creatures, using all opportunities. Let's not be afraid. To them we won't pay too much attention – aren't worth it. It is better to pay attention to us and thoughts of Us are more often to generate in consciousness. Each thought of Us – as a ray of light in darkness. When it is very dark, it is necessary to be with Us. The influences stopped on one channel, evil to do immediately find another and work on it. If not to see, the clouding is inevitable. It is unpleasant to fight against it as pricks and blows very much are small and it is difficult to see everything and to consider, but it is necessary. Not reconcile never, that your light shone peoples. Therefore try to annoy you. Spatial conditions for them are very favorable because the darkness shrouded Earth and chaos in movement. The heavy show or feeling when it is possible to see how masses of an unorganized matter turn into chaos is intolerable. There is matter decomposition. It something so unnatural and far from consciousness of the person that it affects terribly and strong the aggravating what centers are open. To ordinary people simply it becomes heavy intolerable when products of decomposition of a matter, waves of brown gas, amplify, deadening areas of the influence. Decaying consciousness’s attracted and strengthens these waves. Dark cause to manifestation of power of chaos, but can't operate them. Destroyers cause to action space forces of destruction, or disbalance elements. The elements discomposed by dark acts of the hierarchy of darkness and its henchmen, destroyed Atlantis. And nowadays provision of a planet threateningly. Again are put in action powerful energy of destruction. The fiery death threatens Earth. The broken balance of elements can cause a space disaster. In a pursuit of the markets, profits, vital space and the world supremacy, blinded dark, people can approach the end.
452. (M. A. Y.). In fight with dark it is necessary to reach immunity of spirit. It is established by the same awareness of its invulnerability and inviolability. Externally darkness can triumph and gloat over, but if the spirit resisted and didn't break, the seeming victory of darkness is wrapped in its defeat. You know many examples when the external visible victory dark appears finally Light victory. How many dams and counteractions they put to the lawful course of evolution, and still not they, but evolution won. Luminous intensity on the evolution party and therefore the victory always remains behind them. The formula "Light Wins Against Darkness" – the main, that is belongs to firm bases of life. All Carriers of Light Go this formula and to it Win. Crucified the Christ powers of darkness and thought that won against Light, but miscalculated cruelly. Murder caused consequences, strong opposite to what they expected. So was and will be always, that is all dark attempts to extinguish Light of Hierarchy or to break its troops will come to an end to come to the end with a victory of Light rather. Knowing that behind a back the Brotherhood, it is possible to stand unshakably.
453. (Guru). I will remind words of the Lord: "The one who with Us, has sometimes hour of fight, but knows that it always the winner". Therefore you are called as soldiers that battle with hellish hordes inevitably; but it is fated also a victory. Strong, and it is dense, and we will close stand in this fight with darkness. Inseparable unity of consciousness with Hierarchy of Light will be pledge of a victory. We rejoice when we see that balance isn't broken any more. After all behind all violators it there are dark creatures. Fighting for balance deduction, we struggle with darkness and against darkness it is won by actions and acts which, apparently, have no relation to evil-shift to go.
454. (Oct. 14). To come off mentally Focus of Light means defeat. Having exactly grasped Me, it is necessary to keep very much. I speak, because differently not to resist. You feel strong that is created around in space. Soldiers became not to lie on the furnace. Tension of Spheres of the Highest World is so great that without long and severe preparation through consistently increasing steps of tension and successful passing their lifting on a fiery ladder is impossible. Immunity of spirit is necessary for protection against influence of emanations of the lower class, and training fiery – for the Fiery World. From poison terrestrial the fiery armor starts shining, and from blows engines the spirit armor gets stronger. Many good people aspire in our Stronghold. And strong spirits are necessary to us. We directed to Us Strengthen force because one good it is far not enough. That advantage to General Welfare of that the person is good if he is unsteady loses balance and falls from each enemy blow. Strong and resistant I Want to Bring together soldiers under Banners of Lords. Therefore life cruelly as training is necessary beats you. Be not confused anything, and let nothing break your communication with Me. I with you always! But there is so much round assistants spiteful to help to come off Us. You keep native, all strength of mind and a thread of heart you hold always. Severe time, and is heavy over forces.
455. (Oct. 15). We allow opposite and hostile influences because they cause from depth of spirit of the energy, counteracting them, and multiply forces of the Carrier of Light; if action is equal to counteraction, has to be clear as strength of mind on everything grows that tries to break them. Weakness is frightened and becomes limp from each hostile act, but force brings together in focus all the energy and becomes invincible. Collecting in focus of energy of consciousness is necessary when there are waves and storm at the space ocean. Terrestrial is only reflection Elevated and seen – invisible. Association helps with consciousness of two worlds to understanding of the events.
456. (Guru). If reproach that these Records as though tell all the time about same, tell: the purpose of evolution of spirit remains to the same, namely – to overcome in itself the lowest "I" and to transfer consciousness to the sphere of Immortal Identity. While it isn't reached, and the Highest Triad didn't begin to shine statement fires, and life didn't concentrate in it, it is necessary to go on only about how to reach this high step, taking up a question from all possible points of view and deepening understanding of the purpose. Bread we eat every day and we don't get tired that it all same. Really overtire food for spirit which is so necessary, as well as food for a body.
457. (Oct. 17). It is difficult to come off Earth, having left a body if the consciousness grew into terrestrial wellbeing. Therefore everything that promotes a separation, it would be necessary to welcome though it and burdens spirit. Live it can to be so bad that already nothing keeps thought on the terms of a direct environment. So, the separation without the painful also proceeds naturally. And Earth any more doesn't attract a thin body. The payment for ease of a separation is hard, but longevity the terrestrial is incommensurable to time of Elevated stay, because the last is more long terrestrial many times over. Each burdening can be considered as a rupture of this, or that thread of terrestrial gravitations and to rejoice to the forthcoming freedom. And then flights are available, but not to fly learned sweet of Earth.
458. (Oct. 19). The person overwhelmed by emotional, rough and desperate experiences of impatience, fear, uncertainty, expectation and so on, is especially weak and powerless. About what orders it is possible to speak here when not in forces to operate itself such weak and unbalanced consciousness. As the people, who aren't self-controlled are weak in general. And then more they worry especially weaken it. The balance, giving to spirit inflexible strength, extinguishes experiences and astral fluctuations. The egoism and its phenomenon isn't force sign, but weaknesses. As often ardent attendants of the egoism, seeming strong appeared confused, pity pants and a pettiness a minute of danger or difficulty. As often ardent attendants of the egoism, seeming strong appeared confused, pity pants and a pettiness a minute of danger or difficulty. The egoism can't arm with balance because its support and a receptacle – the astral cover which on the most essence doesn't know nor tranquility, nor balance and is compelled to endure always something, because of something to worry and something and somehow to humor itself, that is to live as her life also consists in it. We Don't know disbalance.
459. (M. A. Y.). When life develops so what to rejoice there is nothing, pleasure we will find in thoughts of the future. Magnet future is the very strong. Approving thoughts on it, we are involved in a field of its attraction. Directing thoughts in a future orbit, we exempt consciousness from the power of the present over it.
460. (Guru). "And I after all will reach" – this formula can be taken with myself in a way far and on all crossroads to remember it. Travelers everything, only a way is at everyone them; Our way to Light, about it our thoughts. When fire of heart burns, the darkness isn't terrible - Conducts to Light burning heart, if only it fires didn't die away.
461. (Oct. 21). Time problem is one of the most difficult. The past which has sunk into oblivion, continues to exist nevertheless in space archives where it can be visible again by those who has there access. Therefore, the past exists, though in another dimensions, and flight of time on it extends only conditionally. But in the past nothing already can be changed. It is possible to cause from the past in the present that is in consciousness, these or those pictures, but they already out of possibility of will to remake them. The future too, as well as the past, exists in great and eternal nowadays. In what is of the distinction? The past is unchangeable while the future is plastic. Seers of the last centuries caught from space of a cliché of the future, and even very far, as though confirming with it that it in spheres any already exists in the present. Even in the present already it is impossible to change anything, because it is result of the unchangeable past. Each change is directed and concerns already future and it is possible only in the future, at least both very close and directly connected with a present situation. Transition from the present in the inevitable future generated by the causality Law as if puts plasticity it in dependence on the reasons which have generated it. The iron Law of causes and effects doesn't allow the last to evade from inevitable and these reasons of the foreordained course. Thus, the future is as though already recorded in the present by the reasons generating, or generated it. For Us the future as a result of last reasons isn't hidden from understanding. We See it, because in the Highest Measurements of space it is already as though the past caused by what it is generated, that is absolutely certain and concrete reasons. These reasons, being quite real and obvious in real or last, generate and have to generate the same obvious and inevitable consequences. The solution of the problem of time should be looked for in the sphere of firmness of the Law of causes and effects. Their chain is continuous from the beginning and till the end is unchangeable. Let in an action wheel the reason causes the future as its inevitable consequence. Knowing the reasons, it is possible to know the future and on quality and the nature of links of this chain to expect and even to see it. Therefore it is possible, without evading from reality, to tell that the future exists. We live in peace causality and we build the future under Laws it.
462. (M. A. Y.). Future – and, individual, and universal – is under construction the adoption of the corresponding undertakings or the reasons, and conscious construction goes in understanding and the appendix of the Law of the accord. The law is expressed simply: by the nature of grain and shoots. Each grain gives a plant according to the look; grain of wheat won't generate some oats. This compliance concerns all parties of human life. Therefore it is possible to tell that the Law of causes and effects creates or works according to the accord or compliance of a consequence with the reason which has generated it. Already anybody and can correct nothing a karmic consequence while it won't sputter out up to the end. Care to the actions, that are the reasons creating consequence, it is necessary to show conscious and purposeful because everything yields the fruit. The future is created by will free, which immediately loses this freedom as soon as the reason is created and started up in an execution wheel. Create the karma itself in the power of the person, but any more in the power of him to destroy. It.
463. (Guru). If the Christ is the reason, then Maitreya is a consequence. Chain continuous and the future are fated. Inalterability it we will understand as action of the Law of karmic inevitability. Whatever Spheres of the Highest Measurements the future concerned, – it exists, it already is, and to destroy real it is impossible. Inalterability of the Plan of Lords should be understood as something, which isn't subject to cancellation or change. Mobility of the Plan concerns details and a method of its implementation, but not Bases.
464. (Oct. 23). Let them say that want, they know nothing. But knowing let says that, what I Want, Knowledge My enduring. And through one thousand years the word My will keep the force as kept its grains of wheat found in ancient tombs. In them essence of life is Fire. And My words are fiery too. The never-dying force of the word depends on quality, force, degree and tension of Fire, enclosed in it; same force and in the word printing, if it from Fire. It is a lot of printed pages with mere words. Empty covers generate mere words. But the word My is fiery. Therefore also these Records will read and scoop from their fiery. Therefore also their impact on consciousness is powerful. It lights up from these words, and the spirit eats them. The value, sense and word meaning is in their fiery. Sparks and flashes of fires are disseminated through pages of the Great Writing; don't die in book time such. In it also difference of great writers and poets also is covered. Fire is a life symbol. We live and ascend Fire.
465. (M. A. Y.). As it is joyful to feel the currents of heart directed to Us. They generate inevitability of Our Answer. There is a short circuit, both contact, and interchange of the thinnest energy. All force of Communication in interchange. The indispensable condition is that currents went there and back. At a unilateralist it is impossible short circuits and interchanges it is impossible. Long ago It was already said that for receiving it is necessary to bring something, at least small something, in what it is possible to give. Not brought anything – doesn't receive. But as joyfully and with inspiration happens giving when it can give a measure full in reply to the ardent address of heart. So it isn't enough and imperfectly the address is understood. Want to receive everything, but aren't able and don't know how to address. From there are so much the empty addresses which aren't bringing anything. It is all about heart. The address all heart can't remain without the answer. And for this purpose it is necessary that heart was live. At many heart though still fights died. The dead heart can't address. It is better to call them "silent heart" – it will be clearer. Stopped the heart, silent heart - stink. The stench of death is awful. The stench of a live body if the spirit died in it is awful and heart broke off. Different types of death happen. Live dead persons – the most awful phenomenon of an eyelid. Them wanders about Earth face, in the spirit of and spirit of the dead much.
466. (Oct. 24). Transfer of consciousness is to some extent made every time when the thought directs to the chosen object. Then with it the communication channel is established and current of thin energy is generated. These currents the consciousness connects itself with everything to what the thought goes. The thought magnetic and object of thought is loaded with magnetic force. It is especially bright phenomenon on subjects which the person or the things being in his possession owns. Any property has in itself this magnetic force of an attraction. The miser sitting over the treasures, is strong shrouded in these magnetic attractions of things which he considers as the. There are a lot of types of these attractions, and they are very various. Wine bottle for the drunkard and the card for the player have not less attraction. The objects attracting to consciousness, are shared on invisible and visible. Attractions to these or those forms of thoughts, often very low property, are related to invisible objects of an attraction. These attractions can be extraordinary strong, and often the consciousness can't fight against them, powerlessly to them submitting. Archat is free from terrestrial gravitations of all types, hidden and visible. Hidden lowest attractions are closely connected with Earth. Archat is affected by attractions the highest, and he is subject and replies consciously only to attractions with the highest when Focus of Hierarchy of Light becomes uniform object of all its aspirations. Replying only on the highest attractions it is free from Earth power. Going to Me studies is thin to understand character of those attractions to which its covers react. Each attraction corresponds to a certain sphere of space which seeks to involve spirit in the orbit. Stay in the Thin World – on layers, conformable aspirations of the person and those attractions which it generated on Earth.
467. (M. A. Y.). The attraction to the Highest World is established consciously and amplifies the accepted rhythm. It not from the dense world and therefore doesn't stop and doesn't disappear with death of a dense body, but, on the contrary, amplifies owing to release from a rough cover. Going to the Lord in a body terrestrial, having exempted from it, receives wings. It is possible to receive them on Earth, and then flights in Light body are available. It is a lot of wonderful in life of the one who passed line behind which back already there is no return. Are those who solved the way forever? The vague determination won't do at all. Only when all consciousness, all thought, all heart are given to the Lord, it is possible to consider that line is passed.
468. (Guru). Eyes or similarity of eyes remain in a fiery body. It is possible to consider as a symbol of ability of the person to see this phenomenon. The same can be told and about other feelings, though not visible, probably, so obviously. But eyes remain. At Spirits Great they rather their expression, don't change any more, even at change of bodies that is at a new embodiment. Certainly, changes happen as Great Spirits too continue to walk upstairs Light, but changes aren't reflected in essence of Beams of eyes though They and increase in the force and power. Try to remember eyes.
469. (Oct. 25). Loss of balance can be very dangerous to an organism. Flashes a disbalance burn a protecting network and do internal essence open for hostile influences. To restore the phosphoric fabric burned by flash instantly or it is quickly impossible. And the condition of vulnerability lasts some time. Here this period also constitutes itself special danger from undesirable invasions. Has Add: there is nothing in the world for the sake of what it would be worth paying in the price of loss of balance.
470. (Guru). Always it is necessary to be on the alert, ready to reflecting any attempt to break balance, from where it went. Blows are mainly struck to weak or unprotected places; and for drawing those dark use all. Sink of a snail – a good example of security.
471. (Oct. 26). When all words are already told, there is an action. To pass from words to business, from the theory to practice once nevertheless it is necessary in all completeness of the appendix of the Doctrine in life of every day. But resistance of own internal counteraction, that is subject to overcoming, will increase in process of aspiration growth. The aspiration, the stronger and counteraction of those elements in itself which have to be getting rid is stronger. Only the severe discipline of spirit is able to resolve this problem. Are necessary to go very big determination all the way and the strong will that is sure for the will, can enter.
472. (M. A. Y.). Self-examination too is necessary to see the valid consciousness. Here we consider that we love the Lord, and to show proofs of power of the feeling acts and the actions we can't. In what is of the business? Really imagined love is so far from real that there is no determination it to approve by the life. When It was spoken about the principles "by a hand and a foot human", that condition when the Doctrine appendix goes to lives in parallel and continuously with its theoretical assimilation meant. Responsibility increases in process of understanding of the Doctrine. It is better not to know, than know and still not to do and not to arrive as dictates knowledge. People can be divided into those who doesn't know that creates and who knows. Knowing and still creating despite the fact that they know, create to itself a heavy karma because justifications have no.
473. (Guru). Who can show actions, except the pupil, and in the conditions of the most ardent counteraction? Even the superficial acquaintance with the biography of great people will show, their private life how was heavy, any more without speaking about those who went on fires and on torments. The way of the true pupil is difficult extraordinary.
474. (Oct. 27). When something external, going from outside, obviously disturbs Communication, this external is overcome inside, that is the consciousness is adjusted on such wave that stirring any more doesn't disturb, losing the power over consciousness to disturb. It will be a victory over external counteraction. Certainly, the main condition is a preservation of complete equilibrium. The spirit has to be prepared for very big tension in all worlds and develop in itself firmness to stand them, without losing balance. Balance is kept by heart. Immunity of spirit is in heart. It is hard not to permit that distinguished heart didn't react to roughness of people and to roughness of conditions terrestrial. The fiery will becomes on the guard, and it allows to worry or not to endure rage of external attacks. Let's consider that everything, strong going against Light, – from darkness. And with darkness fight – only Light, Light strengthening in itself.
475. (M. A. Y.). Clouding only don't allow when the darkness because and it achieves it starts raging. They should break you. But, winning, then you force to serve business of Light and you reach the results, opposite subjects which they planned. The darkness decays and recedes when encounters resistant and unshakable resistance. The impact of darkness should be sustained up to the end. Let torment if only any price and payment any to reach a victory over darkness. Of disbalance is to fear most of all. Fainted balance becomes defenseless.
476. (Guru). How many efforts the darkness makes to extinguish your Light. Spitefully and attentively observe, whether succeeded in it. Also gloat over when see that you give in to their evil-shift. Remember that many people are under ardent influence dark, carrying out their suggestions and instigation. By light, light be always protected from darkness. In Light vibrations the darkness long won't sustain the stay. Only light itself against darkness outside win.
477. Know, never happens that the Lord Left directed by spirit to It. Shortcomings? All have them, a body of people of Earth carrying and staying in a body. Not at them We Look, but at the Highest Triad of the incarnate. We See it and accumulation of the Bowl and to It we Help to use the personality most expediently and to force this personality to serve to the highest "I" with advantage. Not always the highest advantage and the highest blessing will be coordinated with desires of the personality. And then there is a conflict. If "I" win against the highest, the spirit rises above if the lowest – moves back and goes down below. In this continuous fight between Highest Duada and all that below it, spirit evolution if it comes nearer to Light, and involution – if to darkness also is made. Light and darkness in the person, Light and darkness out of him, and Light or darkness in itself adjoins him constantly to Light or darkness outside.
478. (Oct. 28). Problem of the present day is in that, what no to allowing a kindle of fire of heart.
479. (Guru). Personal there is no place in the field of General Welfare. In total for people and anything for itself, even "pumpkins with water". The eternal truth of the real is heavy to not ready spirit.
480. (Oct. 29). Eremites of the past looked for silences and privacy. They went from people to the dense woods and mountains. Now situation changed and the silence can be found only in the spirit of. It is difficult because it is necessary to learn not to see and not to hear, despite sounds and that brightly is always on the mind. It is hardly to such extent of concentration to reach, but there is no other way out. The silence left the cities and settlements, it was replaced by sounds of radio and TVs, noise of working cars. All these sounds are unnatural therefore they and affect with a dissonance distinguished nervous system. Finally – nervous breakdowns and new types of diseases, because don't know how to be protected, and, besides, don't believe in harm of these noise. However, the organism develops protection and seeks to establish immunity, but also it is reached only in time and not given easily.
481. (Oct. 30). In the Thin World it is possible to appear about very undesirable neighbors attracted with similar experiences or shortcomings. As from them avoid, similar qualities show the attractions. It is possible to get rid, only of them getting rid and being exempted from them. In this rapprochement take part also dark whispers and strong gloat over when falling took place. After all it always occurs under suggestion, after many consecutive efforts from their party. They push on actions and the acts incompatible with the reached step, and rejoice when succeed in it. We have a light patrol; they have dark guards over everyone bearing Light, over each lit heart.
482. (M. A. Y.). When the Proximity wants still bigger, guards of the Threshold – shortcomings and the weaknesses of spirit given thin shapes, become an obstacle in a rapprochement way. They as though show everything that yet get rid and that serves as a barrier to more shave. They, perhaps, also wouldn't show themselves if an aspiration impulse to Light and internal light wouldn't shine them, both didn't find, and wouldn't induce consciousness to do a choice: either to reject them, or to enter into a combination to them. Then as automatic check of essence and power of new aspiration. It is hardly to pass through guards of the Threshold, if something else not gets rid. The knowledge of the sizes of that is subject to burning on fires of aspiration and that yet gets rid, will help to be exempted from these fetters consciously.
483. (Oct. 31). In the Thin World the known order of thoughts attracts people of similar thinking against desire of the one who allows these thoughts. Thoughts serve as the bridge connecting equally conceiving people. It concerns any thoughts. It is worth changing thinking – and undesirable neighbors will disappear. But if thoughts habitual and strongly got accustomed, it isn't so easy to make it as it seems. And then the environment remains while there are thoughts. On Earth it is easier to change thoughts, than in World Aboveground, where their attractive force and brightness of images seen by an eye do their magnetism almost insuperable. Thoughts are generated here, and consequences, inevitable and inevitable, proceed there, in the world of consequences. Therefore to attend to what neighbors attract our thoughts of the present day follows long before transition of Great Borders.
484. (M. A. Y.). The way to Light is difficult. On it is possible to go only, but not to stand. The eagle in flight – falling inevitably can't stop. Only movement and is only forward. After all always it is possible to find something, at least small on what improvement is possible. Always any quality sounds most close. From a set of qualities you choose the most sounding, and on it the consciousness approves itself. Such action will be unconditional useful. It is possible to move, move always.
485. (Nov. 3). Any knowledge of occult laws imposes responsibility on learning them. Power of thought and its ability to influence on the carrier and on people around amplify, consequences amplify also. All this generates the reasons which duration of actions proceeds and in World Aboveground. Therefore We Don't hurry to arm with knowledge enucleated consciousness. The period of clarification is long. Better to know nothing, than, knowing, to abuse knowledge. It’s any abuse first of all is reflected in an evil-consumer. In it responsibility of the Head consists. The inexperienced consciousness seeks to distribute everything that knows. But the skilled instructor tries to give no more than that can contain receiving, without doing itself harm. From here and is inevitability of tests. Want to receive everything, at all without being considered as that the unprepared spirit will fall a victim of that learned. "In many knowledge not only many grieves", but also there is a lot of danger. Clearness of visualizations is one of tasks of the pupil. But if this task is carried out and the clearness of fancies is reached, what danger if they are dirty.
486. (M. A. Y.). Falling of many promoted spirits often happened because, having awakened in itself some forces and having caused them to action, they weren't able to operate them and became their victims. Therefore clarification is the main condition of advance. Suppression of not gets rid properties, but release from them on condition of their full gets rid is necessary not. Suppressed, they all the same will raise sooner or later the heads and, strengthened by growing fires, will be even more insuperable, than earlier. After all with a spirit growth all fires and all properties grow in it. Let's rejoice to tests because they show in us that yet get rid, but that contrary to the valid state of affairs of people can consider bridled and get rid and from the power of that he believes it free. There is nothing worse than imagined achievements and imagined qualities.
487. (Guru). The teacher takes himself the pupil to that what it is – with all his shortcomings and advantages. Therefore whatever weak, unworthy or enucleated the pupil considered himself, it can't serve as the reason of a distance or separation from the Teacher. This or that quality should be reached, but, it is reached or not, the Teacher of should will leave.
488. (Nov. 4). Synthesis can be considered as the principle of association of opposite principles. The consciousness possessing synthesis unites all phenomena of life in the understanding and finds a place to everything that occurs under the Sun. By the way, and the Sun too shines both over kind, and over angry. The dialectics of contrasts includes them, to all there is the place in the sun. Subjects differ on a treatment of light and shade and thanks to a treatment of light and shade. Without ant position of tones the artist won't write a picture. Synthesis connects consequences and the reason. The chemistry synthetic at the heart of the purposes has creativity. Synthesis and creativity are connected by a direct thread, in creativity synthesis is shown. Creativity also is synthesizing of elements entering into it. The understanding of a poles, or extremes of human consciousness’s, is impossible without synthesis. Bipolar comprehension of the phenomena also is comprehension synthetic. In the same way and the statement of the future in the present is impossible without their association in consciousness. Time shares on last, real and future. But seers of the past saw the future, eliminating borders of time and uniting its three aspects in one, in synthesis of enlightenment fiery when the prophecy Angela that time any more won't be was executed. Range and proximity that is overcoming of space and distances are subordinated to the same principle. The combiner is the fire. Therefore, synthesis is concept fiery and designates a fiery condition of consciousness. Degrees of this fiery are various, as well as steps of synthetic consciousness. Told: "I in you, you in Me, I in the Father, and We are uniform" – Gave the certificate of the Highest step of synthetic consciousness. So, uniting in the understanding of the phenomenon of opposite principles, we approve in them consciousness synthetic.
489. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to understand and accept heart inevitability of alternation of lifting’s and Pralaya consciousness’s and not to complain very much when comes Pralaya, but it is the life Law. But this condition also serves as a springboard for new take-off. The rhythm, or alternation of the phenomena, is a basis real. And the consciousness, especially growing consciousness, is subordinated to the rhythm. Space is based on rhythmical movement. Night is replaced in the afternoon, and winter – in the summer. Strength of mind we will find quietly, surely and joyfully to wait for phenomenon of the Great Law.
490. (Guru). The confidence will be born from knowledge of inalterability of action of the Law. We knew about inevitability of approach of terms and about approach of judgment time. Great fight, we know, has ant provisions in the phenomenon of the Light Hail. The hail Kitezh is deeply buried, but rings of its bells already reach a nice ear. Have patience bigger, than desire to see it. Everything will come in due time, and it is necessary that the patience didn't run low.
491. (Nov. 5). Whether it is possible to move forward, moving back, that is making such acts which don't ennoble, and humiliate consciousness? Coordination of actions and thoughts with aspiration to Light is necessary as an indispensable condition of advance. It is possible to call it compliance, or coherence. The person looks forward, and his hopes are concentrated on the future, and feet go back – whether it is coherence? No circumstances can excuse retreats. Formula "Who leave You Me" it is given not for retreat and in order that knew that at achievement of the critical moment happens especially darkly and gloomily, and it seems that the Lord and that ahead – anything Left. And too it is necessary to pass through this difficult test. The Lord Can't leave, at least all spoke to evidence against it. And the darkness will be replaced by Light, it is necessary to find only forces to sustain, that is to undergo up to the end. All passed through it going to Light.
492. (Noyil. 7). (M. A. Y.). . Day comes, and day leaves, but Light stays for ever and ever. And when this Light is switched on in heart, it proceeds in it over covers and time of their manifestation. Eternal Light gives eternal life. It is lit in heart. Also it is lit because heart never dies, even then, when the terrestrial, mortal consciousness goes out. Immortality is in of the heart. It is possible to call a new Era of Fire the Heart Era. When It will flare up, achievement of Immortality will come nearer. Era of Heart we will call the Immortality Era; because the consciousness transferred to heart, will approach possibility of uninterrupted consciousness that is achievement of the actual Immortality. Someone wants to prolong longevity, someone hopes to find Immortality in other covers and spheres of space corresponding to them, but the true Immortality which isn't interrupted by cycles of embodiments, it is possible to reach only heart and in the Fiery Body which serves as its permanent carrier. So through heart and to Light we will reach which stays for ever and ever.
493. (Guru). It is necessary to pay attention that our installations in time don't change. Therefore it is possible to take advantage of them quietly consciousness’s. Views of people, their opinion, the relation to life, scientific theories, belief and everything change that makes mental baggage of the person, but the provisions of life put forward by us and sated with the Doctrine of Live Ethics, are so strong and reliable and so invariable in the Bases, as well as the Doctrine of Life. This stability can be glad enduring. Bases enduring which people will find in our books and our creativity, in our cloths, and that we left after ourselves, can be a firm support in life for those who want to follow our way. For the sake of them and for them we lived, for the sake of them and worked and for the sake of them we on Earth left that were created by our hands.
494. (Guru). Neither moods, nor fluctuations, astral grimaces, but the persistence of inflexible constancy of aspiration brings to the Teacher of Light when the spirit doesn't stop before anything and any more in forces it to stop anything.
495. (Nov. 9). How reach completeness of dismissal from itself, - completeness of filling of consciousness Me. But passing trifling thoughts are very strong, is stronger than that is most necessary; in what a secret of this power of trifles of fussiness over the most necessary? Whether that covers got used to vibrate, answering influences of a direct dense environment. It is stronger than spatial reality, because it is allowed in consciousness without control. Control over everything is necessary that interferes uncontrolledly in the consciousness sphere. Late to be preserved when vanity invasion already took place and balance is broken by it. Exactly in advance, say, since morning, the line of protection against external invasions is defined. In advance is established that is given the power and that loses the power to influence consciousness, breaking protection of a protecting network. Means, to all unexpectedness and unexpected it is necessary to establish the relation of active, counteracting impassivity, or balance. Let it will be shown in the form of indifference or indifference if only covers remained quiet and the protecting network wasn't perforation influences from the outside. They it is passing. Knowing their transient and remembering it, it is possible to reach, that from them defense of armor balance of spirit.
496. (M. A. Y.). Wave’s everyday strong seeks to break the granite rock of spirit. But we will resist. Their rage we won't consider rather strong to overcome the Stone. The stone will resist. You remember it. The stone of the Eternal Basis of Life on which you build the house of your spirit, can't collapse rage of waves. Elements of water not to overcome the Stone because the Stone is the Fire collected by spirit and crystallized in the Bowl throughout the long millennia of fight, works and efforts to approve it. Waves come, and waves leave, but granite spirit the rock it is necessary to stand because the rock of spirit is a Stone – Fire – the Mythical stone. Stone of eternal life wonderful, indestructible anything.
497. (Nov. 10). If the thoughts are bad, they can completely be replaced with my thoughts. Having taken thought any, it is possible to develop it and to consider comprehensively. It will be occupation by more worthy, than an assumption of unusable thoughts. They are generated not by heavy living conditions, but that yet get rid from old heaps. There would be only a desire to be exempted from them, and the victory over them will come.
498. (M. A. Y.). Day came. You came to me in the thoughts. With what you came today? With complaints, not contents, complaints or with joyful tendency of spirit and fiery determination to go all the way, without being confused anything, without stopping before anything and nothing putting desires to be even closer to Called are higher? May I be glad together with you inflexible firmness of your spirit or I will be afflicted by what to overcome in itself you not in forces? There is nothing that the will of the spirit wanting Light couldn't overcome. It is necessary only to be able to want.
499. (Guru). Spirit movement in the future can't stop. In movement it the spirit grows in good or in the evil, in darkness or in Light. How to be if at the same time with kind shoots the bad grow also? If forces it isn't enough to uproot at present bad shoots, it is necessary to wait a little a little, collecting forces and accumulating determination for new strong effort to pull out roots of century generations. At first to collect forces, and then and to jerk and so that from them remained nothing. Let's remember how it is told: find in itself root of all evil and pull out it.
500. Many pretending’s won't help if heart isn't cleared, - parrot of words of others wisdom becomes, not applying the Doctrine in life.
501. (Nov. 11). Realize necessity and inevitability of a victory and horror of defeat which expects going to darkness. The Maya of seduction and allure it is dramatic that behind it, behind all attracting and seducing fancies, from Light there is nothing. The person tries to keep step with ghosts, behind an external, seeming which attractive appearance awful faces of attendants of darkness and horror of falling in a chasm – behind each seducing form of thought are hidden. Test for an allure fancies – one of the most difficult. Test sacred Antonija – a striking example of reality of an allure Maya. Let each thought of a gloom and its seducing form will be the incentive reason of the ardent statement of consciousness on Me and thoughts my, sent by Me and sent nowadays. Light of my thoughts Will win. Bases, the basis of the rock of spirit – the consciousness has to lean on them at an o'clock of fight for the sake of a victory. Fight, both victory, and happiness of a victory over darkness in itself and outside! The hopelessness of situation when other decision, except a victory, isn't present and can't be, will top a forehead of the winner with a fiery sign of overcoming by spirit of the (subject to withdrawal) accumulation. Not in volume business, is they or not, all have them, and in to being won by them and anything that so strong, persistently and obviously seeks to separate from Me. Really it isn't clear still that all plot dark and their all evil-shift are directed only on it. At first to distract allure fancies, then to separate from Me, then to flood with desires and when the separation will take place, then... But we won't speak about it because we are fated a victory. Power of darkness It is shown to winners it. It is necessary to pass through the region of a chasm, feeling all horror of defeat, both inevitability, and happiness of a victory. We watch that seductions didn't concern the weak. But strong has to meet them face to face and win. The one how strong and won more strongly who doesn't know neither fight, nor a victory, as though it was good? Therefore let the confusion will be not included into eagle heart. Let won't stop the judgment winner already more anything. Enemies are awake both at night and in the afternoon. We will strengthen also the patrol.
502. (M. A. Y.). The image of the Lord conducting thought for to tops of knowledge Won't grow dull in beat everyday addresses to Him. But addresses have to accrue. Strengthening of counteracting surrounding circumstances we will consider as a necessary condition for increase and rhythm strengthening. Anyhow strengthen it, as counteractions, all the time the growing. They create steps of the Ladder of Light for ascending consciousness. On them the spirit grows and the forces multiply. Let's show understanding to all events with us, knowing that without Will the Lord and hair won't fall from the head.
503. (Guru). Why to look for somewhere outside and in something third-party, when all in the spirit of: both happiness, and achievement, and the world, which above human understanding. When everything that outside, shows the insolvency and impossibility to lean on it, then we will address to spirit depths. The spirit will be the life basis on which it is possible to build, without being afraid that you build to a whirlwind on destruction. Builders forgot today about spirit. Because are so fragile and so temporarily and constructions them are short-lived. We build strongly. The basis unshakably and time isn't afraid, - builders of the Temple of Eternal Life of the Lord Calls on Construction, respond, having ears not to pass Call.
504. (M. A. Y.). Very fixedly and attentively observe whom it is necessary to face in life. Be not surprised among them to quantity of the obsessed. Not all obsessed are obsessed with dark spirits; there is an obsession and average degrees. Spiteful spawns can't find enough rage on the average consciousness. There are also lights grayish degrees. But also from them usefulness hasn't enough because and at them stronger will violently interferes in consciousness. On the Ladder of Light of obsession isn't present and can't be. There is no submission, there is no enslavement, and the discipline of spirit is voluntary and free. There is no violence over will of another. Submission is replaced with association of consciousness’s and fiery aspiration of spirit to Will the Lords performance.
505. (Guru). The victorious condition of consciousness is important extraordinary because the magnetic currents radiated by such consciousness, spatially establish very useful connection. The harp of the spirit which has been adjusted on a victorious key attracts in the orbit of radiation of spirits of the same tonality. And then in space the chorus of conformable consciousness’s on a victorious wave sounds. The law of the accord applied consciously, can advance very much both the most applying, and many others. It is necessary to pay special attention to reciprocity of influence of the highest energy, they can be true blessing for people around and space.
506. (Nov. 13). The personality is a form of manifestation of Identity. But the Nature isn't considered with a life form, dooming everyone to destruction in order that life could proceed; the continuity of forms a chain of links of life. Links change, the chain is continuous. The personality is the Identity tool, serving in order that Identity could raise and develop with its help. For the benefit and growth of Identity has no value, that personality who serves her prime targets suffers or enjoys happiness. To it, that is Identity, it is necessary that it could collect all variety of human experience which gives and can give life through the personality. For this purpose It is compelled to be given a shape of the personality that through it to adjoin to the terrestrial plan and all that it that is experience and knowledge can give to spirit. It is necessary to separate in itself the passing mortal personality, having the right to live a certain number of years on Earth, from the Immortal reincarnating Identity that, having dismembered mortal from immortal, to transfer consciousness to spheres enduring and to reach it by a condition of uninterrupted consciousness, that is the actual Immortality. The personality will resist very persistently to this partition because she believes in herself, in the existence, in the interests, aspirations and thoughts all sense of the life while in her isn't present and can't be the self-sufficing purpose of existence at least only because this existence is limited to several ten years which come to the end with death and destruction of this personality. The personality, the egoism and an astral are connected closely. All of them are mortal. To death is subject not only a physical body, but also thin, and mental bodies. Identity is immortal only. If the consciousness is transferred to its sphere and strongly approved in It, both the personality, and all other covers are as though penetrated by the highest consciousness when it identifies itself any more with them, but with the highest beginning in itself, with the Identity, with the highest "I". Fiery should imprint in terrestrial consciousness this understanding of the enduring, immortal, eternal beginning in himself, bearing in mind it incessantly and knowing that the Silent Recorder in itself, Eternally Looking, – is immortal and that It and there are true "I" the person, and the rest, all life on Earth – a dream passing, not leaving after myself anything that It could take with itself(himself), except for knowledge and the experience changed in the dense world and other passing worlds through those temporary covers with which It invests itself(himself) for achievement of this purpose, including here and mortal persons of the uncountable embodiments.
507. (Guru). The pleasure of overcoming of accompanies each victory. For achievement of conscious Immortality of spirit this overcoming is made. Intentionally I tell about conscious Immortality, because what unconscious Immortality. Means, put everything in that to continue consciousness out of limits of the passing. Whether it if it is entirely concentrated on passing, on that environment in which usually their lives the person is possible? No, it is impossible because all passing is mortal. Therefore, only consciousness transfers to spheres enduring and concentration in them everything for the sake of what it is worth living, and will be the decision true.
508. (Nov. 14). On the one hand, nonsense of vanity, brevity of terrestrial existence and death of the personality, with another, deep value and value of terrestrial embodiments and accumulation through them of experience and the knowledge, so necessary for development and Identity growth. These contrasts need to be understood and counterbalanced in consciousness. Valuably every instant life terrestrial if it is purposeful and according to for the sake of what the spirit is incarnate on Earth. In itself as the end in itself, all terrestrial affairs of the person are deprived of sense. But as a necessary and inevitable condition of evolution of spirit they are justified, necessary and valuable extraordinary. Life is a school. Every instant it can be used very fruitfully. There are no actions thoughtless or aimless, consequences not bringing. Each step of the person is comprehended by the purpose, to which it moves ahead, and then the way is correct; the traveler of the Great Way We Call the person. And where it neither was and in whatever conditions his life and a past karma, the purpose always before it put, and it is possible to move always steadily to this purpose both in big, and in small, that is in all the actions. Transfer of commitment of life from its usual installations on unusual that are on aspiration to comprehension of intimate sense of life of the person on Earth and in the worlds in all the covers, also will be the only correct solution of the problem of existence of the person in the world terrestrial and Elevated.
509. (M. A. Y.). People often complain and bitterly complain of the destiny. It is a lot of seeming senseless actions they should make. And when it would be possible to be engaged in the most sublime subjects, they are compelled to carry out boring, uninteresting, but the necessary and dirty work and to do what they don't want to do, and to live in conditions which sicken them to aspirations and feelings. But all this not is so. The karma always puts the person in the best conditions for his growth, and all affairs which he should make, at the correct attitude towards them and understanding of the purpose hidden in them, anything, except advantage and spirit increase, can't bring to it. It is necessary to comprehend only value of each action which it has to carry out. Perhaps, it has to develop in it patience, either persistence, or courage, either knowledge of the person or intuition, either sharpness, or ability to own the muscles and to seize coordination of the centers, or to gain experience in that area to which it didn't accustom yet, either to deepen thought, or to master test for loneliness and still many other things. In a word, it is necessary to try to understand what exactly life compels it to learn what to deepen, both to improve, and to approve, and which experience to take from karmic developed conditions or the conditions approved by the Teacher. And then grumble, complaints and discontent will disappear. They will be replaced with understanding and aspiration to use these conditions most expediently. In this sense it is worth thinking of each trifle and all details of use from which karmic while it is impossible to be exempted. The understanding exempts from senselessness seeming unnecessary or burdening living conditions. Let's cover them with understanding and understanding of the sense hidden in them.
510. (Guru). If life persistently forces to pass through something, it is necessary to pass and it is necessary to sustain everything and spirit not to break. After all, as a matter of fact, all tests are made and maintained by spirit and in the spirit of. And to resist in the spirit of against everything, aspiring to break it, it is necessary, because there is no other way out. The spirit, though failingly body is indestructible. Not a body, but spirit it is possible to sustain everything. It is possible to break bones, but there is nothing that could break the person who has realized invulnerability and indestructibility of the spirit.
511. (Nov. 15). Analyzing the past, it is necessary to reconsider and change the undesirable attitude towards some people in a root. Not changed, it remains such what was, and will follow the owner to the World Thin. Process of a transmutation of harmful stratifications concerns also this aspect of life. Love or hatred, being not modified, will accompany spirit and behind a threshold of terrestrial existence. There are feelings ennobling, giving pleasure and Light, and is also absolutely opposite to these. They also are subject to revision and regeneration. Where everything only proceeds, there it is difficult to change an inevitability chain, but on Earth it is easy and possible, and the main thing – has to.
512. (Nov. 16). And we will divide life school on day and night. At night, during a dream, it is possible as it is fine to study and learn, as well as in the afternoon. The dream of death is similar, that is both in a dream, and in death doesn't come to an end anything, but everything proceeds on lines of aspiration of consciousness. In a dream that yet get rid and that is subject to control and eradication is shown. Yes! Yes! Even in a dream it is possible to supervise impulses of the lowest nature the corresponding spirit of consciousness before the withdrawal moment to a dream. This way the concept of school of life extends. We have no dream in your understanding of this word because not interruptibility of consciousness allows being awake and day and night, at night – on plans of the extra dense world.
513. (M. A. Y.). We are occupied very much. In dreams therefore you see me in an environment of people. As well as on Earth, it is necessary both to help, and to treat, and to protect, and messages. And even it is even more because terrestrial anything anymore doesn't disturb. And if not always it is possible to give to time even the next, – means, conditions planetary are especially strained and from Us work especially intense is required. It should be known gradually to be accustomed to be to us assistants. Let's understand that idleness or pleasant pastime in pink dreams isn't present for pupils of the Lord, - but there is a work endlessly, and responsible very much. On a feat of the Lord Calls terrestrial and elevated. And it is hard to say, which is more difficult.
514. (M. A. Y.). The persistence of counteraction to all efforts to create the necessary situation and to be protected from the undesirable phenomena, of course, is inspired by the darkness having a shave to people, easily giving in its suggestions. Exposure of this cunning mechanics dark always to any degree constrains them because they very much don't like to be under a thought beam, preferring to endanger the manumissions and involuntary intermediaries behind which backs they so carefully and skillfully hide. Striking beam we will direct not on helpers, but on those who stands behind them, being carefully preserved and avoiding exposure.
515. (Guru). Anything personal doesn't have a place in the Celestial Monastery, and anything personal isn't allowed there. And it is possible to reach It, having left all personal below. For the admission in the Tower, at least and temporarily, it is necessary to be exempted from everything that is connected with the personality small and her experiences. In the beginning it is necessary to separate attentively the personal beginning in itself. The personality in the microcosm should allocate for her a belonging sub office place that it didn't interfere in that area where emotions and feelings personal "I" have to calm down. Because only "the soul (that is small, personal "I") the lost will find it" in the Highest Immortal Triad.
516. (M. A. Y. Victories over designate steps of growth of consciousness and its release from chains of personal remnants. There is an internal transmutation of consciousness when one behind stratifications or the outgrowths of the spirit which have been saved up in last, far and close are dumped. Spirituality has nothing in common with the intelligence phenomenon. Even the brilliant intelligence of the outstanding scientist and the philosopher can be very far from spirituality. Spirituality and egoism of the personality is the phenomena excluding one another and not compatible with each other. Spirituality and the personality can be opposed each other as the highest and lowest beginning in the person.
517. (Guru). Not the lowest, both personal and small in ourselves we concern at Communication of Spirits High, but the highest and the best that we have in ourselves. Distant it is better to take in a way only the highest because all the rest can complicate and burden so a way, it will be almost impossible what to move. But not moving forward inevitably and inevitably starts moving back because the immovability doesn't exist. The person either rises, or falls. Still water rots, and decomposition begins. Elements of involution of spirit already consist in the marking time or in a seeming immovability or a stop.
518. (Nov. 19). Discrepancy meanwhile that the person does, and his understanding of that he has to or shouldn't do, generates in consciousness its inconsistency. Than it is stronger and deeper, especially she perniciously responds on growth and spirit development, interfering with its evolution. Long ago it is already told that it is better not to know, than the nobility and not to apply knowledge. The gap between the highest beginning in the person and his lowest manifestations can lead to full office of the highest principles, and then the whole page of the whole embodiment is deleted from the Life Book. Even small discrepancies are very dangerous as from them the big grow. The divergence between in word and deed is the first sign of discrepancy. Even in the low-slightest affairs, acts and thoughts inconsistency with the main installation of consciousness and the stay purpose on Earth of the person is unacceptable. It is difficult to show coherence in heavy conditions of the dense world, but the spirit has to win. We call on fight with them because the life is a way of overcoming of the lowest nature in itself.
519. (Nov. 21). The knowledge of the person occurs so that the learning takes a detached view, trying on to it or other relations of people. In the same way it is possible to estimate and itself, having risen from it aside and considering itself as if as though the stranger. It is a lot of interesting and new it is possible to find in itself at such installation, in particular in the attitudes towards people. Usually the person absolutely variously looks at own shortcomings and at the same shortcomings of others. To itself is indulgence and tolerance, to another – intolerance and condemnation. The indifference to others experiences allows, but the indifference and callousness of people to own perceives painfully and condemns. So, analyzing from advantage the shortcomings, it is possible to receive more or less correct assessment of the personality. To depart from it and it is extraordinary useful to take a detached view because helps separation of consciousness from its power. Coherence of consciousness with the personality generates as a result that is called as personal consciousness that is the sphere small, limited, incorrect and always false in the idea of things and in the understanding of character of people surrounding it. For cognition of the person it isn't enough of one only life lessons, at least very severe and bitter, it is necessary also ability to learn the phenomena from the point of view of the impersonal. It is especially interesting to note thus as the same act made by ourselves and other person, receives different estimates in our eyes. Yet we won't learn to measure by an identical measure of and others, from the power of the personal beginning in themselves, the lowest "I", over consciousness not to be released. It is so possible to start reconsidering anew all the life from the very beginning, as though from outside, as though life of the stranger, sharp-sightedly noting everything that is subject to condemnation and from what it is necessary to be exempted.
520. (Guru). Only the hard school of life can teach to understand as far as the lowest "I", that is the personal beginning in myself, the personality, can stir evolutions of spirit and to acquisition of the Highest consciousness. Imagine that would be if one of those people whom the mankind ranks as an assembly Great, would be engaged only in in what inhabitants, that is and the personal interests are engaged. It would cease to be Great and would leave nothing after itself to people as don't leave million inhabitants, dying the terrestrial. Let this reason will serve as an object lesson of, how is useless and the mankind doesn't need that is connected with the lowest human nature. Show Teacher to go on tops when the lowest "I" can't already be dragged for itself.
521. (Nov. 22). The same external conditions for one can serve as the pleasure reason, and for others – a grief or discontent. Whether the person is at the bottom of such influence? Long ago it is told that the person is a measure of things. Therefore circumstances and affairs of self-sufficing value because this value is defined by consciousness can't attribute. And it is possible to blame the Teacher that these or those conditions cause discontent in the pupil. Perhaps, other pupil if only rejoiced, being in the same situation. And as the pleasure, though times, nevertheless visits it, despite difficulty of situation, the suffering reason not outside, but in suffering consciousness. After all there were heroes on a feat, on sufferings, difficulties and torments with a light face, filled with delight of spirit.
522. (M. A. Y.). Constancy and aspiration inflexible, despite everything and contrary to all circumstances of life, is the main condition of success in achievement of completeness of merge of consciousness with Consciousness of Great Heart. Honor to appear a rod is insignificant. Honor to break spirit under burden of burdening conditions is insignificant. Honor to appear a rod is insignificant. Honor to break spirit under burden of burdening conditions is insignificant. Honor to allow defeat is insignificant; after all both a victory, and defeat in the spirit of, all external here at anything. Let will be – that will be, but the spirit is unshakable, indestructible and impregnable anything external, at least evidence strong approved the return. Not in the spirit of, from spirit and spirit. The spirit, strength of mind approve a victory in itself, at least the whole world went against it. Let's remember words of the Lord: "There is a Prince of this world, but has in Me no anything". All powers of darkness of the evil fell upon the Winner of the world, but didn't break it.
523. (Guru). The cloth "Compassion" perfectly more exhaustively and clearly expresses idea of the valid compassion and the valid help by acceptance on itself to pain or burden of the one to whom the compassion is expressed or is assisted. Tell those who says about the help to people that everyone has full opportunity to help others grief if his desire is so sincere that he is ready to assume its weight. And at once you will see as far as the number wishing to help will decrease. The majority stirring and speaking about the help and service to mankind think it to do, without renouncing anything. The help valid will be only when the burden of another is shared and on own shoulders take helping part of a karma of the one to whom it is assisted. So the Teacher Arrives, all so arrive, whose heart burns with compassion fire?
524. (M. A. Y.). Whether "I will be lit? » How to be lit if elements of Light aren't collected during an embodiment? It is impossible. Therefore, the main care is a collecting and accumulation of the most necessary. How to collect if conditions don't allow? Isn't present and can't be conditions opposite because everything starts serving the winner. When the victory over is won, everything starts serving the person. It isn't conditions, but in itself.
525. (Nov. 24). Icon honoring at the heart of the means the principle of the appeal to the various Spirits standing at these or those steps of the Ladder of Light, deserved by them or imagined. The address usually connects consciousness treating Those to Whom it addresses. The icon – the image – is focus of concentration binding. Not to an icon there is an address, but to Tom, to Spirit of the one Who on it is represented. It has no relation to fetishism if only the principle is understood correctly. The highest form of the address – in the spirit of, without any the intermediary subjects. Sacred images and sacred subjects have under themselves strictly scientific justification. Let's add to it that each subject visited hands of the person or turning on his thoughts, is saturated with the corresponding emanations. There are subjects kind, filled with Light, is angry, sated with darkness. Poison of these last is more dangerous than usual poisons because influences invisibly, but is strong.
526. (Nov. 25). At all conditions of consciousness of the direction the Evolution in towards spirituality remains invariable, as so that be related narrower to of Bases. The thicket should remember them when all fluctuates. The thin is strongly covered by the dense. But, despite cover, it exists. Being approved on Bases, we are approved on reality. The Maya, recede. It is possible to distinguish as approaching end of a cycle of a terrestrial embodiment of a thing and circumstance people around lose the seeming self-sufficing value, being replaced in this process by deepening of the phenomena enduring. Maya ghosts terrestrial in Elevated lose the meaning. The person, capable to think, destroys them thought. As are subject to destruction and Maya ghosts of the astral world. They give in to thought influence, than terrestrial on Earth more easily. Both here and there release in thought. It is necessary to show a lot of persistence on fight against Maya of all types and forms.
527. (M. A. Y.). As mistake will consider that fight of spirit against that will ever stop, through what it passes, for it in the future has to become what. Each spirit has this future, at whatever high step of a ladder of life it stood. The statement of the future – it is so possible to call this process. The aspiration in the future and life in it, in this future will be its best implementation. Agni Yoga's consciousness is so directed in the future, so got used to it and made it real that powerful vibrations of the future strong are felt by those who comes nearer to Agni Yoga's such consciousness and adjoins to it. Let's direct in the future traced by Lords, and we will merge with it, as its continuous part. Only this way it is possible to pass victoriously through difficulties and present obstacles.
528. (Guru). Passive expectation of the future won't be the solution of life. The builder of life can't be passive or inactive. When it is impossible to build hands or activity external, it will build thought. Already noticed how your last thoughts were carried out in life. You thought brightly and are finished, passed time – and people carried out your thoughts. Let it will serve as a lesson of, how thoughts are real and what force they if are conformable to General Welfare have. It is much more difficult to work with thought, than hands because not everyone owns force it. The thought directed in the past, is affectless because in the past it can't be shown. Only in the future the thought of the present can phenomenon the power. It should be known. Not in the past, but it is necessary to go to the future thought from time of intolerable burden of a present situation.
529. (Nov. 26). Medicine unaccepted or council not applied benefit don't bring. It isn't enough to know a method of the next approach to Me, it is necessary to apply it in practice. Really only dark attacks can force to keep my Proximity to conscious aspiration. Now time such that in a distance from Me not to resist and not to sustain a darkness impact. It is possible to resist only in unification ardent with Me. Dark the guards strengthen and use every instant of weakness or neglect. Remember the Name My more often and you seek to hold the chosen Image in the heart. The consciousness which has concerned Light, at darkness attack strong will seek for Focus of Hierarchy of Light.
530. (M. A. Y.). In what is secret of success? In inflexible firmness of the spirit! Unless it is possible not to reach then, if at all, even the most intolerable, conditions movement even if slowed down, goes only to Light! At constancy of aspiration it is necessary to reach. There is a love changeable, temporary, with breaks, as well as all other qualities of the spirit which haven't been approved by constancy and firmness a little. The next we consider those, who stands on the own two feet, without being unsteady, without fluctuating.
531. (Guru). When the inner world of spirit created by great work of long-term efforts, we don't shake surf of waves of the dense world or astral currents, then it is possible to tell that the house of spirit will erect on the basis strong. The basis is based on Bases. From Bases don't evade on a hair because Bases aren't denied and unshakable. As fiery words approve and approve them in the spirit of because on them the world keeps.
532. (Nov. 27). It is impossible to replace my World with the world, because crash of the personal world inevitably. My World is the world of the never-dying truth or of reality fiery. To it possibly join and to enter into an orbit of its attraction. Each My thought pulls together with it and expands it. Having concerned it, it is difficult to be satisfied already with the sizes and the maintenance of the personal world. So, the world of the truth super personal doesn't keep within a personal world.
533. (Guru). Whether it is possible to stop flight of time? Therefore, movement in the future isn't stopped. And, therefore, the future from the person can't take away anything. Thoughts of today are under construction tomorrow. Means and the future of mankind are under construction thought. From here is importance of value of thoughts of the future.
534. (Nov. 28). My World isn't combined with small, personal worlds of people of Earth. To enter into it, it is necessary to leave and leave it because two of these worlds are incommensurable from a personal world. The thought isn't new. Long ago it was already told that the soul the lost finds it, and that to follow for Called, it is necessary to be rejected from itself. Thus, the egoism of the lowest "I" is that barrier which should be overcome aspiring to Light. And it too isn't new. That knowing this condition nevertheless forgets every time when plunge into the world of personal experiences about it isn't new also. Knowledge without application is the capital dead. It is better to know a little, but to apply this small, than it is a lot of nobility and not to apply anything. The impulse of application of the Doctrine of Life in practice is valuable only when it is an impulse self-proceeding, but not imposed from outside. Any imposing is aimless and useless because finally doesn't bring anything, except harm. It is necessary to learn not to impose even undoubtedly good things. When the consciousness reaches itself need of application for life of this or that thought and applies it, then achievement is undoubted and strong.
535. (M. A. Y.). Fire – the spirit engine, without fire isn't present advance. The main task is to hold fire in heart. But there are so much quenchers around, involuntary and free, conscious and unconscious, dark, gray and even the lighten Encumbrance creeps from everywhere. Therefore for protection of heart fires perimeter defense is necessary. Only the Lord never will burden one heart fires. The address to Him always stimulates growth of fires. Let's understand practically and vitally that the thought of the Lord is contact with Fiery-life-given, that is with Light. Perimeter defense of heart should be understood as its readiness for protection against all potential quenchers or burdening, and even often very good people, but able to plunder Treasure. After all under the law of being reported vessels from burning heart each beret. Many Spirits Highest were torn to pieces not by enemies, but the admirers because gave without a measure, excessively lawful and allowed a full devastation of the Treasury.
536. (Nov. 29). Even unsuccessful attempt to follow the Instruction is useful. Failure now is at a crossing of currents, good luck – when currents will change. A lot of things, a lot of things depend on spatial conditions. Human body, being part whole, is with it in close interrelation. The harp of spirit reacts and responds on all spatial soundings. It also is the spatial accord. Difficult is now, in the period of a great reorganization of the world, when the old world ruin in itself the visible and invisible aspect. After all and in the Thin World destruction of its crystallized forms is great. Can't be calmly, a pacification, there won't come yet end. Just as elements are uneasy and unbalanced, spatial currents are in the same way unbalanced and antagonistic also. Not wisely to be filled with the world and calmly, when all planet on fire of an intense reorganization, - and as there can be it when We incredible Try to keep balance in tension and to prevent explosion. The hard time, heavy time – can sensitive spirits accord on it and be filled the calmly. On all chain of Hierarchy the echo of unknown tension is carried by. Events quickly follow one another, shaking space on far distances. All are included in an orbit of a planetary reorganization. There are no corners now on the Globe where in happy ignorance people could be protected from the Karma planetary and not reply on world reorganization. The era of fire comes nearer, and waves of a spatial flame concern all. Unknown time! All great and all low reveals itself for the statement and life, for destruction and death. Victory Light is fated and defeat – darkness.
537. (M. A. Y.). Rescue – in a unification of everything, who from Light, round Hierarchy Focus. There is no other way out, other decision isn't present. Than more darkly, not more steadily, more tensely around, those should rally and become more closely closer to Great Heart, - unification with It and unification between itself. It is hard to say, which is easier. When are separated everyone and everything, a unification especially hardly to carry out. Many instead of unification, like snails, try to hide in an egoism sink. But the separation from Focus of Light won't rescue anybody. After all the Lord Told: I approve rescue to all, who with Me.
538. (Guru). The thought will be moment call let – in unification to resist, despite everything. Formula "the undergone are up to the end rescued" remains still in force and perhaps even more actual now, than when that was earlier; can catch precisely a tonality of a spatial note only of the sensitive heart. In space it is bad and therefore it is so intolerable heavy on heart. All courage and firmness should be collected to sustain an impact of storming elements.
539. (Nov. 30). Time, and besides considerable is required to reach that a condition when private matters already more don't paint a
540. (M. A. Y.). Cruelty human is a sign of the end of Cali Yugi. All dark in the person comes to light tensely for a transmutation. Not revealed how it can change? Contact with people very difficult and painfully very much. People and care to people around don't want to show humanity. It is necessary to face it even better and more deeply to understand a human nature. It is necessary to pay for knowledge and for cognition of the person – it is especially heavy.
541. (Guru). Depart from it and you will create the benefit. In this self-dismissal all sense of evolution of spirit. The personality is given it as the intercourse tool with world around. The personality in itself not ends in itself, but means for achievement of the purpose. All her sufferings and experiences are necessary and valuable so far as they help to expand understanding that through this temporary personality, is more exact – through these many persons in whom Immortal Identity is embodied, to comprehend its essence and consciously to merge with It together, that is to transfer consciousness to its sphere. Other sense and the purpose of existence of the personality aren’t present because she dies and will be born instead of her new in each subsequent embodiment. Only the experience collected by it, remains in the Identity Bowl forever. The bowl isn't property of the personality, but Identity. Therefore the identity of access to the past kept in the Bowl, has no. Only when the consciousness is transferred to the Highest Principles, accumulation of the Bowl reveal and it is possible to read a roll of lives passed, postponed there.
542. Overcoming in them negative and destructive, harmful external impacts on consciousness we will consider as a victory. Not outside, but in itself this victory is reached and approved.
543. (Dec. 1). The good knowledge of a human nature doesn't grant the right to the bad relation to the person. Know and still to show friendliness and desire of the help will be already Arhat’s property. Lords Know and still all efforts Direct on service to people, often sacrificing even life. Thus, the knowledge of human essence doesn't prevent to love mankind and to direct it all the efforts. Following in imitation the Teacher, we will show the same attitude towards with which life pushes together us. The knowledge and discussion are very far from criticism and condemnation. The nobility – doesn't mean to condemn. The benevolent analysis with the purpose to help is admissible. Not goodwill is condemned by snappish. It is hard to help or share knowledge, without expecting nor appreciation, nor gratitude, even the kind relation in exchange. Many received often pay for it in the basest ingratitude and bear malice. But only treachery and an insult of Hierarchy irreparably and deprives of the right to the help and communication. All other can't serve as an obstacle to that the help to them interrupted, even despite the shown unfriendliness. Certainly, if on the channel to them open heart flow rage, condemnation and discontent in reply to send light it is necessary to observe expediency and "not to throw beads". Words about trampling on knowledge pearls and ignorance heel still remain in force. And it is good when received pay only in indifference or forgetfulness, happens worse. Bearing Knowledge to people let doesn’t count on receiving a bribe even in the form of appreciation and gratitude. Especially this rare quality in the few, light received from you will be valuable.
544. (M. A. Y.). If Teachers of Light not reject to Them coming, despite at all their shortcomings and even defects, and suitable to the Doctrine of Life no follow shortcomings and defects to consider as a condition doing them unsuitable. Both having shortcomings and overcoming them has more merits, than not having them and standing still. From here the conclusion only one – going and overcoming, that is to the winner, says goodbye a lot of things.
545. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness grows slowly. Only a number of long-term efforts can yield result. The persistence, work and inflexible aspiration facilitate a task. The persistence, work and inflexible aspiration facilitate a task. And consciousness growth is in the spirit of. Awareness of properties of spirit expands consciousness. It is necessary to understand impossibility of many phenomena on the plan physical and opportunity them in the spirit of. In imagination and thoughts all is possible and all is achievable.
546. (Guru). Let's remember that in World Aboveground the thought works, we act with thought and thought we live. The thought there is connected by only human ignorance and released by knowledge. But also in ignorance and in knowledge she acts in limits or limits of the coherence or freedom. The decree of the Teacher – to liberate, that is to release, thought, and not somewhere there, after, namely here, on Earth, and now.
547. (Dec. 5). In very difficult days when last, heavy currents disturb, we will repeat Bases and to be approved on them. They are unshakable, and from them not to leave anywhere. And when they are firmly put in consciousness and thought about them, it is easy to be protected from waves of chaos and dark attacks. Let's repeat them in themselves: the death of a body is inevitable, transition to the Thin World – too, transfer to this world of all the accumulation and stay with them – too. Ladder of Hierarchy of Light and the Teacher aren't denied because life on Earth gave in hands many signs and the evidence of their existence. So, the consciousness can be filled with that is undoubted and what not from darkness, but from Light. And it is possible to stand these difficult days.
548. (M. A. Y.). Two focuses of an attraction – Focus of Light and darkness focus. Can always give itself the clear answer, which attraction from them overcomes, and, knowing, to stop harm right in itself the beginning. .If to delay, then it can appear too late, and forces any more won't suffice to get out of a black whirlpool.
549. (Guru). If the thought, whatever good and attractive it seemed, in the end result leads to thoughts obviously bad and darken, so initial thought – bad and it is necessary to throw out from consciousness. It is a lot of deceptive and on a surface of harmless thoughts covers in itself harm. Accurate recognition is necessary.
550. (Dec. 6). When the heavy becomes intolerable, it is better to depart from it, at least for a while, and to plunge into mine. My world and your world differ on vibrations and tension. It isn't necessary to mix them in one. The atmosphere of lowlands and in mountains isn't identical. If everything to leave the in lowlands, the atmosphere of mountains will clear and will update consciousness. Walls of the Tower can be considered as the clearing filter. Before a wall all the INS left the consciousness assimilated to pure layer which imprints already without distortion that goes from Us. Should be cleaned and moderated before apprehending from Me.
551. (M. A. Y.). The self-forgetfulness or self-dismissal will be the first condition for completeness of the highest perceptions. If the delivers pleasure and satisfaction, the spirit won't direct to something to another but when weight of personal experiences becomes too heavy, then there is a wish to dump them and to depart from them. Perhaps weight for this purpose also is given that the unrestrained fiery aspiration to exempt spirit from it was born. Not to find release in those spheres where this burden was born. It is necessary to rise above. This eminence spirit over itself is difficult. Under itself it is meant personal "I", small-world of personal experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is necessary to rise over it: having simply departed from it, and, at least for a while, to reject.
552. (Guru). Whether is strange that shaggy balls of the world of personal remnants – a big hindrance on the Way. But it is so. Both in a prayer, and in aspiration, and in work for the public good it is necessary to depart from itself. The egoism, this importunate and tiresome monster, persistently and in every possible way prevents to concern the Highest World, spheres of spatial being shone thought prevents to concern. Egoism is the enemy No 1 to the spirit going to Light.
553. (Dec. 7). In the Thin World of temptations, allure and the various distracting phenomena infinitely it is more, than in the world terrestrial. It and is clear as their thoughts and those images of thought which are close to consciousness undividedly reign. The consciousness surrounds with them itself by the principle of affinity, an attraction and a habit, being combined with them, plunges and lives in them. It is difficult to be exempted from such thoughts exactly thanks to force of their magnetic attraction to the consciousness which has generated them and that they, in turn, involve it in spheres of the conformable and related thoughts generated by other consciousness’s. Only the strong and persistent aspiration to the Teacher of Light can overcome attracting force of these fancies. Imagine the person who suddenly has received the power to carry out all the desires. Approximately in such situation there is in the Thin World a spirit which has had an opportunity by thoughts to create real forms, creating for it reality surrounding it. And everyone creates in the thought directions habitual, accepted and approved on Earth. It is good when this direction is directed to Light and if in darkness?
554. (M. A.Y.). Let's think so that the thoughts not to be ashamed when they become visible obviously. The teacher sees mental creativity of pupils and rejoices when it goes to a name of General Welfare. When the thought сabove-person, it is deprived of poison of egoism and not painted by emotions of personal character. The thought such is pure. Therefore the best way of clarification of thoughts is thoughts of the benefit of others, of all mankind as a whole if only there were no they about themselves.
555. (Guru). Reproduction of those views with, which the dyed people who haven't got rid of the passions, both desires, and defects surround themselves would be the most exact and correct image of a hell. Everything that is carried out on Earth, exists and in World Aboveground, or underground. And the people who were taking part on Earth in these undertakings, continue to take in them part and there. Only if on Earth there are any barriers, there seeming implementation is given more easily by means of thought. Illusoriness of these realisation isn't understood by low spirits, and sufferings from impossibility to satisfy the desires are heavy extraordinary and surpass any imagination. Everyone reaps that sows.
556. (Dec. 8). Often it is necessary to observe how the most ardent aspirations are dissolved in an ordinary dullness. As if all way of life of the usual possesses property extinguish spirit fires. We Shows for this reason to replace commonness unusual. Unusual it is poured around in thousand not noticed phenomena surrounding us. Everything is unusual, if eyes to open to see. Ability to see something over a gray cover of the ordinary is peculiar to open, expanded consciousness. Unless stars over the head – the ordinary? But, that their beams to catch, the heads have to be lifted up. The eye sees that, on what is directed. The aspiration is a key from doors of secret knowledge. The thought directed on something, going beyond use, grows and spreads in the aspiration, and enriches consciousness with new stays. Not the phenomenal party resolves an issue of existence of the Thin World, but ability to observe its manifestations in all that around. The invisible World is so closely connected and bound with visible that the border dividing doesn't exist. The thought, for example, is invisible but how to separate it from visible action and where an ambit? Fire of a nervous impulse running on the channel of a nerve, is invisible but how to separate it from movement of hands or feet. Eye, imprinting any subject at which it looks, and immediately and image automatically printed on a retina transfers to consciousness, and the subject thus photographed by an eye, becomes a fancy or a picture, picture representation not dense, but the Thin World. Examples it is possible to give a set. There would be only a desire to think in the chosen direction, and illustrations will be endlessly because everything that exists in the dense world thereby exists and in Mira Tonkin and communication between these two types of existence of things and the phenomena is indissoluble and strong. And even then, when the subject or the phenomenon ceases to exist in the world dense, they continue the life in World Thin, because in the nature anything doesn't disappear and can't disappear. So, existence of the visible and invisible worlds goes nearby, only in the planes different, and goes inseparably from each other. Burn any subject and it will drop out of sight of visibility, but continues to exist even in memory of the person. But human memory is only aspect, imperfect and limited, great and infallible memory of the nature which imprints everything and never forgets nothing.
557. (Guru). It is impossible to depart from Bases; the whole world at least fluctuated. Bases are a framework of existence of spirit. It is possible to proceed in thinking only from them. And then the delusion is impossible. Bases serve as though as an outline on which the spirit pattern is weaved. Without the Basis he not weaves.
558. (Dec. 9). When the person plunges into memories of the past, of what already isn't present, doesn't exist in the dense, visible world, he lives these minutes in World Invisible, Thin. When it any idea entirely owns and he doesn't see and doesn't hear that occurs around, he lives in peace Hidden. The consciousness of the person is constantly in the sphere of both worlds, plunging that into one, into another, being as though in the middle, on border both. And as this border is very conditional, the person can be considered as the inhabitant of two worlds. Their connection happens in consciousness which is the sphere of their association. There is it unconsciously because it doesn't give itself (himself) the report in effect the events. The new Era goes under the sign of association of two worlds, and unconscious processes need to be transferred in conscious, in full understanding of their value. From the person understanding of those phenomena of which earlier he didn't think though faced them constantly is required. The secret of grain still isn't opened though the person uses it through many centuries. And the person is Great Secret, without comprehending it. And however lives, and thinks, and slowly, slowly opens itself in the course of spirit evolution. The history deals with the past, with what isn't present, but it was. No, but was. Studies what isn't present. It is necessary to ponder upon absurd of the created situation to understand that it is impossible to study what isn't present. And if something after all is studied, so it exists. Once it is necessary to recognize that the past exists, – it in the present, but only isn't visible for an eye terrestrial. We Have access to Akasha's rolls and we Can consciously plunge into them, causing past pictures in all their reality. Other, thin condition of the person called by a dream isn't less interesting and instructive. The consciousness, terrestrial consciousness, interrupts, and the person continues to live. The consciousness break at all doesn't mean death of the person. If the person only could think that to him happens during a dream. Breaks happen to the World Thin, but is rather rare, but to them there is no due relation and attention. And where their lives consciousness of the hypnotized subject and why for it the world seeming to it is represented more valid, than what surrounds it and which is seen by us, but doesn't see it shipped in the World Thin? Again is secret of different conditions of consciousness of the person. We are surrounded with secrets, but to them so got used, and they became for us so usual that the secret face was behind a cover of a commonness. People as if would go blind. And only the few able to see try to bring them from this the deadlock artificial and not noticed by them. Thought... is the new secret. But everything thinks, at all the think. The thought is a miracle of the nature, this deification of activity of spirit – is reduced on not noticed commonness, which even not subject to studying by official science. And the device of a human body with all complexity of its nervous and mental organization is in full neglect. The physiology doesn't contact psychophysiology, and the last – with thought and consciousness; as if an illness is one, and the person and consciousness – something is perfect another. Behind an illness see neither the person, nor consciousness, thought which very often is at the bottom of violation of balance of an organism, that is diseases. Life will confront mankind with all these riddles, and they should be solved because other exit won't be. And then Great Revolution in the field of science and in consciousness of mankind will begin.
559. (Guru). The visual feeling amplifies sound and all other perceptions going through other sense organs. When their scale possesses completeness of all sense organs, and the perception becomes full and finished. Perceptions of the physical world demand completeness of participation of all physical sense organs, perception thin – feelings thin. So, we will divide a scale of perceptions on thin and dense. Sounds of the dense world are perceived by an ear. But it is possible to force to sound in consciousness quietly the day before heard melody. Many thin sounds can be reproduced in consciousness as though mentally. Great composers heard the whole silent spatial symphonies and invested them already with sounds terrestrial; World Thin phenomenon itself in perceptions obvious, but other than usual perceptions terrestrial.
560. (Dec. 12). Everyone come nearer to Us passes sooner or later line after, which back already there is no return. I will explain one of details of this condition: let's assume that the thinking passed line separated from Me and it was overcome by the not gets rid. Departing from Me inevitably gets to embraces of darkness which constantly watches everyone concerned Light. On allure degree darkness it is possible to judge depth of separation from Me. It should be remembered to everyone. It is possible to depart, it is possible to come off, and it is possible to reject Me, but then immersion in darkness and given itself darkness is inevitable. But who has concerned Light, will want to betray itself dark.
561. (M. A. Y.). Even day of one without the Lord it is impossible to stay to the one who came into with It everyday contact. Without It is darkness. It doesn't matter, if there are shortcomings. It doesn't matter, if gets rid not all, - only not to come off It in consciousness. In constant aspiration to Proximity it will be processed subject to clarification. But all not gets rid amplifies is thousand multiple at a distance from It. With It is possible to win against everything, to overcome everything. When with It, voices of the past become silent and lose the charm and the power over consciousness. But when without It, even small becomes big and it seems insuperable.
562. (Guru). Power of darkness is learned to Light by the going. Power of darkness is shown by the Teacher won it. It is necessary to understand all evil-shift, all tricks, all intrigues dark, hunting for everyone who wants to go against it. Patrol and ability of recognition of that is thrown dark, it’s all traps, all allure and everything are necessary, than she wants to avert consciousness from Uniform Focus of Light.
563. (Dec. 13). Open heart strains to Us. Openness means an acceptability that is ability to perceive. Certainly, all third-party thoughts disturb. The nobility – doesn't mean yet to realize. Understanding means almost mastering, that is practical application of knowledge. It is necessary can for this purpose. Knowledge without application is to anything. Readiness includes ability and ability to apply. The weapon of spirit has to be in constant readiness to apply it. How be protected if there is no readiness. Even the sword is useless behind an oven or in a closet. There is so much dangers around and so many dark evil-make that only fully equipped with and at full readiness and continuous patrol it is possible to be protected, and to resist in Light, and any minute to reject due pressure. When the readable will be transferred to life and attached to needs of every day? Really you don't understand that is created around, both in space, and in the world. The unification is necessary as rescue. Whether Goshen now plunges into the past and to charm the thoughts not gets rid. The human death is always of Us on the mind. All personal experiences of egoism aren't conformable to the moment. Only the unification and solemnity can protect from damage. It is necessary to be together inseparable. Unknown is of the time. Tension of spheres is great.
564. (Guru). To like moment tension – means to realize the events. It is time to understand already that the surrounding can't but accord with spatial conditions. The nature and people are uniform. The trouble observed everywhere and in the most various forms and types, – only reflection spatial a disbalance. Earth, floods, epidemics shivers, fast changes of cold and a heat, war, mental diseases and all other disasters – what are still necessary proofs of breaks of energy of chaos. Planet in danger, but people of Earth to that is a consequence of their own affairs is deaf and blind.
565. (Dec. 14). Time goes and carries away with itself the world old. This process we don't stop. In time new ideas will be born and develop. Constantly they become property of all is as thought of ball-shaped of Earth. And ideas change the world. Many still remnants of the old world nests in consciousness human, but, they are as though strong were, time will come – and they should give way to the new. Time works for it, because We at Patrol. Guards of the world are not abstractness, but fact. Where our Beams, new ripens and develops. Where they aren't present, old falls and become obsolete. Rage of darkness and the last child leaving race not abstractness, but fact, - in torment he is born on ruins of the old. That is doomed by us to destruction, can't live and won't exist. At once we cannot destroy because the innocent will suffer. Everything is connected too, and destruction old heavy lays down on consciousness of sets. Because and delays, but the course of process can't be stopped.
566. (Guru). We live in the same world, as everything, but the world our other. It is caused by our consciousness. What power of consciousness if it can change the world! In consciousness Boundlessness is concluded. To understand possibility of the consciousness which hasn't been limited to anything, is means to enter into Boundlessness and to concern it. It surrounds us and concerns from all directions. But these contacts demand understanding. Boundlessness is realized. Boundlessness is in consciousness. That outside, becomes that inside, because it was correctly told in the ancient time that the person is a measure of things. This process of transition of that outside, that inside, able infinitely to enrich consciousness and to multiply Bowl accumulation, has no end serves as the guarantee of boundless growth of power of spirit.
567. (Dec. 15). (M. A. Y.). . If acts and thoughts don't correspond to a step of expanded consciousness and disturb establishment with Us the next contact, it is necessary to change them to keep proximity. Let's remember that these acts and thoughts generate far-reaching consequences. Consequences already can't be avoided if the wheel of causality is put in action. Nothing can stop Law action. Nothing can stop Law action. It is possible to operate only the reason during its origin, but if it was made, the consequence is inevitable. While the person lives in peace the reasons, he is free them to create voluntarily, but in the world of consequences he becomes reaping of consequences and the will can't change them. The karma too is a consequence of last reasons.
568. (Guru). Remembering – it is a little, and remembering Us every day – units. Remembering we can't forget or disregard and cares. But at the created heavy provision of a planet and the care is shown not so freely and obviously as it would be desirable. But nobody is forgotten. It is difficult to wait rising, but it is inevitable.
569. (M. A. Y.). "... among cruel and dark... among searches and grief... My board over you... ", – these words are given for a parting word in life. He who has Given them, Knows that following Him inevitably has to pass through life thorns. That to see a pole of Light and to enter into light of Light, it is necessary to pass through darkness and not to be profaned by darkness, but victoriously to pass through it. Life terrestrial is heavy for the begun to see clearly spirit. After all and a cross it is necessary to carry by through it if we follow the Lord. After all together with It inseparably it is necessary to pass through pleasure and a grief.
570. (Dec. 19). The desire not to be torn to pieces or the tortured is quite natural and lawful. And We too aren't defenseless lambs. But nevertheless the Bowl of poison doesn't pass the lit heart. For the generated evil are responsible all: both guilty and innocent. Carriers of Light aren't guilty in generations and asthma human, but all of them bear on themselves burden of this world. Kain's psychology of not responsibility for the brother is heritage of a black eyelid. But Satia Yuga bears with herself new consciousness of unity of all and responsibility of everyone for the brothers, for all mankind.
571. (M. A. Y.). In terrible time we live attempts of darkness at integrity of a planet and destruction of fruits of all achievements human and the mankind.
572. (Guru). It is necessary and to pass through this heavy time, having kept unshakable trust to the Leading Hand.
573. (Dec. 20). The formula "life defines consciousness", that is consciousness is defined by life, – is true, but also that the interior, both thoughts, and its acts is defined by consciousness is right also. The matter is that strong spirits don't submit to some extent surrounding, but subordinate him, and weak submit. Lomonosov, Kampanella, Peter the Great belonged to number of those who the consciousness remade surrounding and didn't submit to it to a known limit. And at the same time you know a great number of the people floating not against, and at will of waves. These are slaves to the karma. Victory is in consciousness. One is the weak blade of grass bending from each whiff of a wind, others – to granite rocks are similar. But, of course, a lot of things, a lot of things are defined by an era, a nationality and other living conditions. The genius born among savages or in a family of the highest representatives of mankind will have different opportunities. At the solution of the matter it is impossible to throw out neither a consciousness factor, nor a factor of external conditions. The interior is formed of their equally effective.
574. (Dec. 21). Tests are necessary precisely to define a measure of devotion, love and aspiration. At the moments of containment it seems that all these qualities are approved rather strongly. But tests show another. Everyone needs to know degree, a limit and force of the qualities valid, but not imagined.
575. (Dec. 22). The personality is a temporary cover of spirit. It, having lived time put by it, will cease to exist, as well as all what she lives and then is filled personal consciousness. But the spirit remains, holding in the Bowl in remembrance the past. That in consciousness from the personality, that from spirit, – death isn't subject is doomed to disappearance. The first – certainly, the second – is boundless. Elements final in consciousness and elements of immortality fight for prevalence. That who, having understood sense and value of the mortal personality in itself can find immortality only, collects and accumulates immortality elements, having transferred life to thought, and thought having concentrated not in the personality passing, but in the spirit of, and that having departed from itself and having approved the self-dismissal phenomenon. So, ancient formula "be rejected from itself" serves as the basic and an invariable condition of achievement of immortality. Whatever thoughts and experiences encumbered personal consciousness, Bases remain unshakable. Immortality of spirit and uninterrupted consciousness are under construction on them. Grimaces of the personality cease to influence the person who has been unshakably approved on Bases. And it is good when houses of cards of personal constructions fall, after all behind them – fiery reality of Boundlessness.
576. (Dec. 24). How to be when it seems, what all falls that, on creation of that so much energy, thoughts and feelings left? It is hardly to create symmetry of an inner world, but to allow destruction it is impossible. How to keep? Having rejected resolutely and firmly all philosophizing’s, all doubts, all data of evidence. Something, Bases remain unshakable. It is important to direct spirit in the future.
577. (Dec. 25). "Ceiling" of spirit determines height of its take-off. But, unlike the plane, at each spirit is also its "floor" below which it can't fall. Height of "ceiling" and level of "floor" should be known well, especially "floor" not to dare to fall to such an extent and so low when it will be impossible to rise already. "Grounding" by it is dangerous. Wings are given for flights. After all it is possible to land so strong and that to injure the wings. "Grounding" is dangerous to the Thin World because the lowest spheres are infectious awfully, and the magnetic force of their attraction is so great what to overcome it happens it is already impossible. And then... But we will better speak about flights. Who will want to allow conscious falling in a chasm when no "floor" will hold!
. 578. (Dec. 27). Pralaya consciousness’s it is necessary to treat the periods very carefully, without allowing immersion in an orbit of last fulfillments is lower than that was earlier. It is necessary to keep at known level because to own inability it is possible to lose gains of the last steps, connivance and indulgence to that yet gets rid. Isn't present and can't be any justifications to if there is a retreat back. If to return to from what advance began, there will be a downtime and so many efforts, and everything should be begun at first. Sizif's, rolling stones is a lot of.

579. (M. A. Y.). The way of Light is a way of the constant victim and self-rejection from personal "I". Another I don't know a way.

580. (Dec. 28). And still, despite temporariness and a transient surrounding, it considerably defines the content of consciousness and influences it. It is necessary to reckon with it. But and We Left in the Stronghold not without the reason. Task of the pupil in the world is in that, what contrary to surrounding to hold communication with Us. Only experiment will show as far as it is difficult because fire not always burns. Continuous maintenance of exactly burning flame of heart becomes a duty of the pupil. The lit centers do it possible. But with the open centers in usual conditions to live it is almost intolerable – too much poison is poured by a circle. Many fine spirits fuse from impossibility to combine terrestrial with the heavenly.

581. (Guru). With whom or to what you will adjoin, from that and you will be gathered – it is so possible to modify a known proverb. Thoughts and representations form communication channels. They amplify feeling. It is necessary to think of these channels, their nature and a tonality. If channels light connect spirits with Light, dark – with darkness. Patrol is necessary.

582. (Dec. 29). Patiently and in trust we will wait for wave lifting. The developed consciousness doesn't remain without a rhythm. And if the past was celebrated by lifting’s of consciousness and a high step of enlightenment, and the future under the law of alternation and a rhythm will bring still big achievements. Difficulty in that at the moments Pralaya consciousness’s to hold that was reached and not to fall below a hollow of the run wave. So the way of ascension of spirit is under construction. Alternation of days and nights is a nature rhythm. All is subordinated to a rhythm – from heartbeat of the person and atom to a pulsation of the Sun and the phenomenon of great cycles. That is, already was once, and that will be, is caused by last achievements. Anything in the nature doesn't disappear and isn't born again, but everything proceeds in time, submitting to the Space Law of a rhythm.

583. (M. A. Y.). To undergo up to the end – whether it means to keep aspiration and confidence of firmness of the Bases, even in the period of the strongest press of darkness? Because then the magnet of spirit will keep the force and will keep power of an attraction to Uniform Focus of Light.

584. (Guru). "And I nevertheless will reach, – tells myself spirit unrestrained, – I will reach, despite everything", – and in this determination finds new forces and powerfully goes through everything.

585. (Dec. 31). The history brightly testifies to how first Teacher Precepts and what improbable and terrible consequences were terribly distorted resulted from this perversion. Many started back from Precepts of Teachers of Knowledge in view of the fact that religions created round them lost essence of these Precepts and replaced them with an external form. And not wine in volume of Teachers. The same the few which understood the events and tried to return thought of believers to the Primary source were exposed to cruel prosecutions and persecutions and finished the life on a fire or in an imprisonment. Lack of recognition led to absurd and trustfulness to words empty and incorrect. The religion became the tool of the people who have trampled on Precepts of the Teacher. The form lost the contents, and attendants of a cult – spirit fire. Degeneration of cults became regularity. It is necessary to reject everything and to come back to Primary sources, differently it will be lost and even that small that somewhere else remained.

586. (M. A.Y.). New – means, cleared of stratifications, both heaps, and past perversions. Only the cleared consciousness is capable to make this cleaning. And the first condition to that is self-cleaning. It is impossible to undertake dirty hands pure things – there are spots.

587. (Guru). Going will reach.

The end records 1965.*