Agni Yoga's facets, 1966 (251-400)

251. (Apr. 11). Maitreya everything Wants to accelerate. The century Maitreya means a century of acceleration. Unless you don't notice how it was accelerated life. On what years, months, days earlier were required, is made nowadays many times quicker; also accelerated and the current of thoughts. In a day it is possible to live year – events are so heated up. And it is possible to fly about Earth in few hours. It already speed space. And supersonic speed became already usual. That occurs on one end of the Globe, for only a few seconds becomes property of all planets. All these facts – approach steps speeds and tension of Spheres of the Highest. Certainly, calculating machines advance brain stir, but the fiery consciousness advances electronics. Besides cars "think" in the directions put in them, but the fiery thinking isn't limited to this framework. Even these cars are created by creative efforts of usual consciousness. The car can't create over that is enclosed in it by the person. Evolution purpose is exempt the person from any cars and to replace them with opportunities of the human device. You imagine what huge efforts and works should be put to send the spaceship with people to Venus. But in a body mental it is possible to visit it without any mechanical constructions and the ships. Flights of a thin body it is much simpler, than in planes. However, this simplicity is relative. Besides, all mechanisms are destroyed in time whereas the fiery device of spirit we don't destroy neither life, nor death. I don’t deny usefulness of the car, but I Approve advantage of spirit, believing that improvement of its fiery equipment will be rational use of mental energy of the person. I won’t be tired to repeat about usefulness and value of small undertakings. In a pursuit of the big it is often missed small and it isn't realized neither that nor another. And how reach big if not to begin with the small. When mastering by covers value of small undertakings hugely. Covers were made out during the huge period of time. Their purpose –serve the person and to be conductors of his consciousness.
252. (Apr. 12). The pleasure of a victory can become the unceasing joyful song of spirit, the song of constant victories. Why a concession to crafty hands, why defeat or even small connivance, why uncertainty in the forces when there are so much opportunities of the most ardent achievements. Day of life usual can be turned into a strong step of ascension. Everything is overcome in itself that disturbs. Don't think that Great Spirits Reached limits of perfection and Stopped in the development. Their problems of improvement and overcoming are so great and cosmic that with usual measures it is impossible to approach to understanding of these questions. But undoubtedly one – Arhat goes too overcoming steps as again accepted pupil, only these steps is much more difficult, and obstacles don't have the end. The way goes to Boundlessness. Also isn't present to people so desired rest. I want that overcoming of following Me the phenomenon, the last nature, made way of every day and learned to find in it pleasure. Whether there is a big pleasure, than that when the person finds one more release in fight against. As people with words of business and reading good books – spirit transformation like to replace. But the essence of the person is defined by his actions, thoughts, feelings and aspirations. As people with words of business and reading good books – spirit transformation like to replace. But the essence of the person is defined by his actions, thoughts, feelings and aspirations. It is possible to refuse much, but in the depth of heart to wish objects of refusal. The little is costed by such action. IGets rid means destruction of the root of desires. It is impossible to destroy them, without having seized them. Therefore the first task is a mastering or control over everything that the main thing – over words and thoughts isn't subordinated to it yet, but. The consciousness of the force comes only when this force is put into practice, in the appendix. Not on great, but on small affairs, on trifles of day, in a every day the power of will over small habits of use, over small thoughts and the small feelings constantly plowing and exciting a surface of consciousness is established. Here for what continuous patrol and the guarded vigilance is necessary. It is so much everything going from everywhere! Splashes the consciousness if the protecting network isn't as it should be can scatter.
253. (M. A. Y.). Difficulty that it is necessary resist against whirlwinds hidden and visible. Everything shakes, even the ground. Rescue in a unification with us, with That Who Called. All force it is necessary to hold the Leading Hand; nor at night and think only about It, but especially at night in the afternoon. For the night surely it is necessary to channelize thoughts both the exact and firm order that it is desirable to avoid. Night watch is so necessary, as well as day. Many spiteful eyes use the slightest forgetfulness or opportunity to install the influence channel, looking for at least a small catch.
254. (Apr. 13). For a victory, it is necessary to be assigned to each gain at the won boundary. Otherwise inclination back will deprive of achievement. The advance slowness often is explained by it. It is easier to reach, than to hold the reached. Shining lifting is dissolved in a dullness of everyday life. Even it is difficult to hold the morning grace of Communication during the day. As if everything surrounding the person, seeks to extinguish Light with which his heart lights up. Fight for deduction of Light is difficult, besides there are a lot of quenchers, conscious and unconscious. Conscious are especially dangerous. Light carrier should bear the torch among a gloom. Imitation in it to the Teacher of Light means following it the Way. So, achievement and fixing reached, a gain and Light deduction.
255. (Guru). Jesus’s prayer at concentration on it exempts consciousness from a stream of usual thoughts and replaces their uselessness with thought of the Highest. It is necessary to understand at least that many thoughts are absolutely not necessary and even are harmful. And if absolutely to suspend them, that, except advantage, from it will be nothing. Stay of a usual stream of thoughts affects consciousness, as good tonic means.
256. (Guru). If you feel proximity of the future is means that vibrations of the thin constructions issued already in Mira Hidden, concerned consciousness, it isn't necessary to carry only them for close and distant terms as exact terms are hidden from eyes, but to know about inalterability of the judgment follows firmly because the judgment future is integral.
257. (Apr. 15). The main life is internal. It can become so rich, saturated and various and will exceed itself brightness of impressions of the dense world. When both worlds will be open for consciousness, the Bowl of life will be overflowed to edges. Therefore we won't be sorry about anything, and we won't envy anybody, and happy we will be that we have. Long ago already I Told that deprivation in one can mean stay in other. Knowing it, it is possible to rejoice when something is taken away. The nature doesn't suffer emptiness and replaces with one another.
258. (M. A. Y.). Let's strain forces to be exempted from that blocks approach to achievements. Without fight and victories it is given nothing, not with empty hands you will come to us. The size of jugs and baskets symbolizes the increased capacity of expanded consciousness. Attaching the Doctrine in life, we grow and we come nearer to Light Focus.
259. (Apr. 17). Light in themselves we comprehend Light the Highest, but not darkness. Each clouding each thought of a gloom and the feelings similar to them, close access of Light and separate from Me. The Help in a vessel full of holes can't flow; can't incorporate the saddened heart Light. I Can’t come nearer to extinct heart. The paling of egoism doesn't allow, as if needles of a hedgehog – a close contact. During the periods of heavy tests it is necessary to find forces to surround Light. Sufferings and chagrin don't disturb it, but very much disturb discontent, complaints, animosity, exasperation, fluctuations, doubts both all those feelings and experiences which usually arise at this time. Perhaps, the test purpose also consists in that contrary to it not to allow a clouding and the feelings separating from the Teacher and into prevent his Beam to touch your heart. Sufferings and spirit burdening’s by circumstances don't disturb, but, on the contrary, force spirit fires, while darkness and saddening negative emanations and thoughts go out fires. Therefore a task – to meet waves what there were they, quietly and dared, of them without being afraid, by them without being saddened, without allowing in heart of those feelings which interfere with Me to enter into your heart and to surround you with an armor. Whether few what whirlwinds and storms can storm round you, you in Me and on Me are approved, without allowing poison to get into hearts and that to separate you from Me. Not on people rely also decisions them, but on Me. That is why many ask and don't receive. Not cruelty Forges Highest, but immutable Law. Even the hopelessness of despair can open access and force to cheer up, but only not exasperation or condemnation Us. The light aura should be stored in the face of all adversities and counteractions, in its Protection and Helps Bridge. Firmly you keep in consciousness thought that nothing can break you that the spirit is indestructible that fire of spirit is stronger than all whirlwinds, terrestrial and elevated. Fire sacred in a breast shouldn't die away. Understand sense of words: there was Light, and the darkness didn't embrace it. Tests of Spirits Great should be understood, because also you are tested similarly, but at a rate of the forces.
260. (Guru). In what a victory and in what is defeat? If all is lost and dark gloat over, but a flame the torch in a breast remained as before, burning and I lost neither in the force, nor in brightness, is and there will be a victory. Separate everything, but not the Stone, which has given intimate fire. Therefore this Treasure integral is called. Its light is intolerant for eyes dark. It blinds them. Therefore they close don't approach, but send others to hide behind their backs. The darkness always goes against Light, seeking to destroy the lamp. Task is protecting fire.
261. (M. A. Y.). Each counteraction or dark attempt we will answer with strengthening Light Fire, forcing it force, the taken from energy of counteraction. Ability to force genies to serve also consists in it. Process is very thin and demands constant patrol vigilance not to miss the beginning of the moment of attack of the dark. When they will be convinced that all their diligence don't yield results expected by them, they recede.
262. (Apr. 18). So, a main objective of existence incarnate is collecting and Agni's accumulation and aspiration to hold it; fire constantly in movement. The elements of fire can't be inert. In the sphere human it is shown in operation. Thought, feelings, work – all these forms of detection of activity of Agni. Fire participates in each movement of the person, in each process happening in its microcosm. In actions fire isn't wasted, but, on the contrary, is forced. Expenditure of energy isn't its squandering. Fiery force grows at its correct application. Agni is wasted to small thoughts, to small feelings, to low thoughts, to low feelings. Sensation of fear or doubt can instantly deprive of the person of a stock of its mental energy and ability to work. The person deprived of fire, is defenseless. Enemies of accumulation of Agni should be known very well not to admit close. Babbling ingratiation and loss or destruction of advantage of spirit not saves up fiery force. There is nothing in the world terrestrial for the sake of what it would be worth renouncing at least one spark of fire. Illusive advantage or the acquisition received by this way as, however, and all the rest, remain on Earth, but for the sake of them the dissipated Agni will be loss irrecoverable. A number of the actions not compatible to advantage of spirit, or – feelings and emotions, Agni's devourers are often allowed; solemnity, restraint, self-control, continuous control and full possession of the feelings – stores and Agni's collectors. So, at every moment of terrestrial life, or we strengthen in themselves fire elements, or them we spend. Agni's wise expenditure isn't squandering. The teacher or sent him can be very active, and spend a large number of fiery force, and feel leakage of energy and fatigue. But correctly spent force that is within legality is restored quickly. Fire waste – something is perfect another. Despondency it is possible to spend it much more, than the most vigorous activity. Only experience and attentiveness form faultless ability to distinguish enemies and Agni's spendthrifts from friends and stores. The pleasure is called special wisdom because it belongs to number of powerful stores. Each incarnate has before himself a freedom of choice of ways, squandering or Agni's accumulation.
3. 263. (M. A. Y.). Even the excessive desire can deprive of force to receive the desirable, therefore balance and tranquility first of all. Constancy of a rhythm excludes disbalance, or disruption of communication. Don't ask judgment to Light of favor from the sky, but take them lawfully. They don't know and feelings of a hopelessness because everything is temporary, except the spirit shipped in temporary for a while. To meet a counteraction wave fully equipped will be pledge of a victory.
264. (Guru). Overcome alarm because not from Light it, but is sent by darkness. It is better to stop it right at the beginning while she didn't manage to sadden consciousness yet. It is important not to miss this moment. It is easiest to seize the undesirable phenomena at the time of their origin or penetration. Having got imperceptibly, they hardly give in to exile because already managed to poison system. It is necessary to be on the alert constant.
265. (Apr. 19). Transformation of spirit and its release from outgrowths happen not at once. In process of strengthening of aspiration the determination is born also to dump unnecessary freight. Our rules are obligatory for all pupils. Certainly, they are absolutely not acceptable for not ready spirit. It is necessary to leave a lot of things simply. But the main thing – thought. Discipline of thought is a condition the first. You know how it isn't simple. The step of permissiveness is Arhat’s prerogative. When it isn't necessary anything and everything is subordinated to will, possession of everything is permitted. To the person who has won, the person who has won the world, the power over the world isn't necessary. Tempters offer it to the released spirit, but it rejects it. The power victim can become destiny of the one who learned. As well the possession is given by everything to the one who refused everything and for whom already it is necessary nothing because the Treasure inside replaces all things terrestrial; focus of an attraction moves from the outside inside, - bearing in itself Treasure of the World doesn't need treasures terrestrial.
266. (M. A. Y.). Let's not wait for an award. It will come by itself – cause and effect. Each thought brings the award that is yields results. And the karma of the person is a consequence of his thoughts, as well as each act. To seize thought – means the karma to take in hand.
267. (Guru). What to do after the next victory? Prepare for the new. Life won't keep itself waiting in search of that is subject to a further overcoming the pupil, the real pupil, can't complain that in the tests is disregarded by destiny because it doesn't stint them. Happy it is necessary to forget about life if the pupil goes all fires. Spirit crucifixion in a matter understands widely.
268. (Apr. 20). If all other possibilities of service to General Welfare are cut off, it is necessary to bear to the world Light in radiations of the aura and thought of the lightful. This opportunity can't take away already; among cruel and dark My Board over you. Transferring thought to the future, we are exempted from the present power. It is impossible to live only present if it is deprived of the future, but it is possible future if to put to it in the step present. We create thought. Let's not be surprised to that, despite efforts of Carriers of Light, the world rolls in the evil. It seeded risen against Light and his servant. Risen isn't present, but century Simeon, seeded by him, still give shoots. And still close the end of a black eyelid is, - knowing it, the fateful darkness rages.
269. (M. A. Y.). Don't think that to us it was easier. Were both loneliness and burdening by circumstances? But tests are always individual. But it isn't them, and in that contrary to them to resist in the Lord. This is most of the important. And all the rest is a mirage passing.
270. (Guru). Than today we will please the Leader, - firmness of spirit? Fire of aspiration or the decision firm go and reach? What we will be able to bring today from spirit gifts on the altar the Light?
271. (Apr. 21). On the one hand, rapprochement of the worlds in consciousness, with another, communication with averages and the lower class of the Thin World contraindicated is welcomed. Communication with the specified layers insalubriously because can't enrich with anything knowledge. Results of communication with higher spheres are visible in creations of poets, writers, composers and those who create over commonness level. Heroic acts and feats are inspired from above. The worlds are so closely connected between themselves that no movement of the person can be separated from the phenomenon of the Thin World. The person thinks constantly, it already the phenomenon not a dense order. Each visualization and image is created on the plan of thin visibility. The analysis allows dismembering areas dense from the thin. The consciousness of the person is a field of association of all worlds.
272. (M. A. Y.). It isn't necessary to force consciousness when it becomes silent. It is possible that there is something extraordinary, and it should be protected. Now time of special fulfillments, and therefore we will arm with patience, tranquility and restraint.
273. (Guru). We avoid direct instructions on how this person in this or that case has to behave, especially, if it directs to the left, having got the bit between the teeth. Each direct instruction causes a protest and counteraction. But it is necessary to warn nevertheless that didn't reproach with indifference and inattention.
274. (Apr. 23). With strengthening of spirit and growth of its fires responsibility for them increases also. Let's call it a fiery responsibility. On Earth below Earth not fall. In World Thin falling (spirit) has no these borders. The chasm of a bottom has no. On Earth Sons of Light and sons of darkness can appear nearby. But there ground any more doesn't support fiends on the surface – they go down. Light attracts the, a chasm – the. The attraction is established on Earth. It is easy to determine the sphere of an attraction by character of the person and his tendencies. The darkness in darkness departs. Light to of Light. The great Division which nowadays is making on a planet, fatally because occurs on the verge of two cycles and change of races. Each act, feeling and thought or establishes new focus of an attraction, or strengthens the old. Impact of focuses of an attraction to spheres corresponding to them constantly changes, amplifying, weakening, depending on astrological conditions and a horoscope of the person. Waves of influences are subordinated to the rhythm. The free will of the person reacts to them, nevertheless keeping a freedom of choice. For weak will the attraction can be invincible. It occurs when inexhaustible strength of mind isn't called for action. If force of an attraction of negative focus is overcome during lifetime in a body, in Elevated it is easier to fight against it and it to neutralize. Each victory over on Earth has far-reaching consequences. After each victory of attempt dark to deprive of the winner of its fruits double. Darkness and her servants are strained in the efforts to tighten consciousnesses of people of Earth in funnels of dark energy. Attractions of darkness are dangerous that the darkness demands the, that is declares the rights to the elements of the darkness which have been saved up by one incarnation in Earth. Accumulation of elements of Light or elements of darkness is promoted by free will of the person and a freedom of choice. The law of the accord operates spheres of Light and darkness spheres. It is necessary to fight for the statement of Light in itself on Earth, there will be late because that is connected on Earth, it will be connected there, and resolved on Earth, it will be authorized and there. Not any people others, but only the person connects himself or resolves that is releases itself. This ancient formula remains strong vital nowadays and remains same in centuries. Flowers of spirit reach for Light, but ulcers of spirit attract spirit in darkness. How explain to the people who have forgotten about Light that itself doom to post mortal stay in spheres, of the deprived Light. To see not gets rid elements of darkness in the microcosm and them to eliminate persistently and without indulgence or it is much more useful than pity, than to notice them in others because the log in own eye is much more difficult to notice, than a knot in the stranger. Not taken out a log from the eye has no right to teach others as it should be done. Right to edify others is granted only by a victory over and only when asks. There is nothing worse than imposing which usually causes ardent counteraction of the taught.
275. You judge the phenomena on consequences, We – for the reasons. You judge people on acts, We – for the reasons which have caused them. Development of a sense-knnowledge allows seeing essence of things. By Sense-knowledge it is concentrated in heart. Develop ability to learn the phenomena heart.
276. (Guru). Mastering by the fires has especially importance after release from a body. It was correctly told by someone that sinners heat a hell the fires that is fires which haven't been subordinated to the person in his own microcosm, flare in itself, contrary to his will, and deliver inexpressible tortures thanks to that can't be satisfied. At possession of them and at a transmutation of energy and identification it on higher scale it receives more worthy expression and doesn't burn down the, beget with force it the generated fires. Process of a transmutation of fires in a human body has paramount value. Each feeling is the fire. And each low feeling, or emotion, can be turned in high that is into the contrast. It also will be essence of process of a transmutation. But it is necessary that there were fires which it would be possible transmytation. The robber can become a devotee, a pettiness is only anything. The, who one is cold, nor not is hot, jumps out of a stream of Evolution and becomes Space litter.
277. (M. A. Y.). The combination of fires of a microcosm to Light sent by us, gives as a result new combinations of mental activity of consciousness of the pupil. Gift from below and the Parcel from above establish the route of lightful advance of spirit. Without this condition it is impossible to walk upstairs Light. Interchange of the coming energy – a condition unconditional. Therefore a question "That else I will be able to bring You, the Lord? » – It is important extraordinary as the guarantee all of new and new receipts. On the one hand is brought jugs, with another – their filling by that Goes from Hierarchy; not should – no receives, but brought even the small – receives.
278. (Guru). If you bring love, devotion and aspiration, we will joyfully accept your gift. If you bring other light qualities of spirit, too you will be accepted. The gift is necessary not for us, and you because gift brought gives the chance to us to render conformably for it. Bringing all receive, but on compliance. Law unmistakably commensurate receiving with a gift; brought most all – more all also will receive. The gift every day is appreciated very highly.
279. (Apr. 25). "Crying and a gnash tooth" in "darkness external", that is thorns, both thorns, and difficulties of dense existence, remain destiny terrestrial incarnate, as well as diseases, a body infirmity, an old age and death. Not without reason in the fairy tale it is spoken how by order of the tsar looked for the happy person to take from it a shirt. The person found, however, with great work, but the shirt at it didn't appear. By this example wanted to specify extremely happiness terrestrial. The astral demanding continuous change of impressions, the happiest conditions at their constancy and repetition will make monotonous, boring, bothering, and the illusive happiness will disappear, as a smoke. The strongest impressions at frequency become dull. The astral demands the new. In prosperity and wellbeing the consciousness grows dull. Then stagnation and decomposition follow. Knowing the purpose of terrestrial embodiments and value of difficulties and tests, it is possible to welcome difficult life and to consider encumbrance by circumstances as steps of a ladder of ascension of spirit. It is very easy to accept it in words but as soon as reaches business, instead of understanding there is a discontent, complaint and exasperation. Each best is put at line to Tom Who Conducts. But the similar relation serves as a much bigger barrier to advance, than the heaviest difficulties or tests. The words "we love and will read" remain words. And further words business doesn't go. How many it is necessary to go on about the Doctrine appendix in life that the self-put barriers disappeared from the Way?

280. (M. A. Y.). The combination of opposite principles is the basis of each manifestation, each thing under the sun. Even Light of the future is caused by darkness of the present. Blood, violence and cruelty of the Black Eyelid serve as though as the precondition of the Era of Light. In a kingdom of a treatment of light and shade visibility is caused by contrasts. Only in Spheres High where Light without a shadow, comes to an end a darkness kingdom. The center of the Thin World lives a treatment of light and shade. As for the dense world, each Carrier of Light has to maintain the most intense fight against energy of chaos, destruction and darkness and among them to approve Light. Whirlwinds terrestrial and whirlwinds of the lower class destroy everything constructed on sand. To resist, strong training is necessary. Hothouse conditions won't temper spirit. If who wants to reach, be it is necessary ready to the most severe tests and to sustain them adequately.
281. (Guru). No words, even the most sublime and fine, will replace with themselves business and won't erase consequences of affairs former if there were they not from Light.
282. (Apr. 26). It is difficult to combine to be in this world and to take the most live and warm part in its affairs and at the same time to be other-worldly. But the question is resolved simply: this world is the egoism world, the world of the personality, the world of ardent experiences of an astral and commitment to conveniences and desires of a body. But as soon as the personal is replaced super personal and the personal benefit – the Benefit with the General, poison of this world and a chain of this world lose the power over consciousness. Therefore, to lead bright life of General Welfare and its interests in a small world of personal illusions and enslavement personal "I" at all doesn't mean immersion. Many the Great Spirits to Take the most active part in world affairs, giving them itself energy but it didn't prevent them to succeed, serve spiritually to Light and to improve the Identity. Dismissal from the world and worldly should be understood as dismissal from egoism and everything that is connected with this concept. Life terrestrial is given to live it, without indulging in a self-service cult.
283. (M. A. Y.). Let's learn to distinguish in themselves the personality and Identity. All passing is concentrated in the first. It lives for today also herself. It is subject to death because with death everything comes to an end, than she lives, dragging for itself to the World Thin splinters of terrestrial experiences. Stirs this beginning doomed to death to full manifestation of Identity, trying illusive to darken "I" it’s Light. The personality not subordinated to Identity and living only, – her enemy.
284. (Apr. 27). Memento more * because, it exempts of the consciousness from litter of vanity and everything, that so brightly captures him in the embraces. Even the understanding of a transient of the surrounding doesn't prevent to sound to vanity. It occurs because impact of the direct and direct vibrations going through sense organs, is felt more strongly, than theoretical provisions. And when tooth hurts, this pain is stronger than understanding of that pain is only interpretation by brain peripheral, or internal, irritations of nerves. Here already reasoning’s don't help. Also not help the brightest representations of food to satisfy hunger. There is a known limit for each person of that power which was established by it over a body. But it’s any limit isn't border of its opportunities because actually it isn't present. But this power is established in practice by a way of long and persistent efforts. To hold the heated coals on a palm and to paralyze their impact on skin, or to pass on fire, or naked to stay on a frost, it is necessary long, for many years to work, and at all one life. Everything is achievable, but work, efforts and work at arms knowledge. The ordinary fakir shows one or very few representations miracles. But it had to work over them all the life. Except them, it can't show anything, process of mastering by a body too demands a lot of time. But if not to stop on the chosen way, leading to mastering by all the bodies, the goal nevertheless will be reached. Extents of this mastering are various – from simple and to very difficult. Circulation on water and a rising on air are illustrated by these degrees. But the high are followed by the higher. Limits to development of power of spirit aren't present.
• Memento more – remember death (lat.).
285. (M. A. Y.). When forces and determination don't suffice on big affairs, it is possible to pay attention on small because small mastering by a flesh is fraught with big consequences. In process of mastering by a body it is accustomed to submit to will. If the will doesn't submit to an illness, either fatigue, or other undesirable phenomena, they submit to it. About value of affairs of small and small undertakings you know already enough to understand as far as they are important. Isn't present great and isn't presenting small in the general scheme of things. All matters.
286. (Guru). On the river bank of life two sit: the pupil and the Teacher – also look a kaleidoscope of the phenomena flashing in it. But for this purpose the pupil has to be with the Teacher that with his help to get out of a stream and, having separated that remained in a stream, from, able to behold a stream separately, Identity rather Looking in it, to understand in itself that from eternity, and that in a stream. The eternal highest principle in itself demands understanding; differently waves of life hide it and do imperceptible.
287. (Apr. 28). How you who have come to Me behind Light know, what to Me in you is most pleasing? And how you can solve for Me? To Me provide "My grief and My pleasure for you". To goes Me – means with Me to be in thoughts, in all affairs and acts. And what it is such affairs that prevented to be together? Unless the very bad. But everything, what not from darkness, can't divide us. Even employment doesn't disturb, but under a condition, if heart with Me. To be heart with Me – means to give Me itself irrevocably and forever. Vague return it isn't necessary. Who will want to be called as the vague pupil! Wash – all without the rest and forever. Provided that all is available: both success, and wealth, and glory terrestrial, and everything is possible and everything is achievable the measure of permissiveness is a measure of devotion and completeness of the legend of heart to the Lord. So, have everything, own everything, do everything, but with Me. And, if I is anything without the Father, at and you is anything without Me. But with Me you are gods. Because I in the Father, you in Me. Earth divides and terrestrial, but when together, Earth or darkness you is powerless to take away from Me and to replace Light with itself. You mine, from my Beam, from the beginning of times, from a dawn of your conscious life.
288. (M. A. Y.). A food of spirit is so necessary for the person, as well as a body food, and even it is even more. The body deprived of food, dies as the death in the spirit of the deprived food is possible also. Walking dead persons, in the spirit dead, much more, than it seems to people, because they both move and speak, both drink, and eat, and even and do something, as ordinary people; there are a lot of them, these live dead persons. When the body dies, the spirit continues to live. But when the body of the live dead person dies, he has no life in World Aboveground. He has nothing to live where life is supported by Agni's saved up and kept on Earth strength.
289. (Gor). It is better to wait and not to wait, directing and ascending, than not to wait for anything, falling everything is lower and lower. Expectation of the future inspires and gives to spirit wings. The future of the person – flights. The future means not only judgment transformation of the world, but also transformation of the person. The destiny of the person is to fly, and not only by planes or spaceships, but also in the thin body. Future of the person is radiant. It is possible to live in this future, and to aspire to it, and with inspiration to dream of it.
290. (Арr. 30). Man dead, passing to That World, don't realize that they died and that their environment changed. There is it for two reasons. The first is the ignorance, the second, and extremely important, consists in the following: having dumped a dense body, the person feels that he from it lost nothing from this that he considers as itself it "I", he remained in all the completeness. After amputation of hands or feet of people continues them to feel and to feel in them even pain. Just the same feelings going as though from a physical body, remain in it in the form of remnants of its feelings and after release from a body that is after his death. Bodies aren't present, and habitual feelings remain for some time. Both hunger, and cold, and thirst too don't disappear at once. The knowledge exempts quickly from terrestrial remnants, but it should be got. It is difficult to make it at denial of possibility of life out of a body. Something similar occurs and at "the second death", that is at a dropping of become already unnecessary thin cover. The person at all doesn't feel that he lost something as all it, he, it "I", leave with it above. He thinks of it no more than about the dumped old clothes, which have become useless, not for a moment without identifying itself, the "I", with it. Therefore, the third – mental – We Call death of a physical body, death of a thin body and death release. Truly, only in the fiery body of Light, which not replaced, the spirit receives freedom. Life in a body of Light is caused by quantity and quality of elements Light Fire who has been saved up by the person during his terrestrial embodiments that is in the causality world. Nothing collected; nothing saved up will be niches in World Light. The one, who seeded nothing, will reap nothing. The one, who seeded, will reap on compliance with the nature and quality of the seeded grains. Crops of mental grains are important extraordinary. Crops field – the space and grains are sowed by thought. Thoughts and aspirations of everyday create crops on a spatial field and in aura of the microcosm. The sower and crops are inseparable one from another. The judgment harvest occurs the accord of energy of aura with shoots of spatial harvest own mental grains. The creator and his creations, generating and its generations are inseparable in space because are connected by the magnetic force of fire.
291. (Man 1). Each followed Instructions the Teacher approach to It and serve as the advance guarantee further. It is necessary to wonder more often, whether everything forces is applied to performance. Whether it is possible put something above aspiration to follow Instructions. Everything put above Desire of the Teacher, will cease on the lowest wave and will deprive of something more necessary and important. It isn't enough to catch escaping Decrees, they should be executed. Understanding of the future and life in it, both concerning development and Identity evolution, and in aspect world and universal, inexpressibly accelerate the traced Way.
292. (M. A. Y.). Speed of movement on a planet is of great importance as exempt’s aura from the heavy particles, which have stuck to it of a matter. At speed of movement the aura any more so strongly grows to the rendered habitable place and easier comes off it. But it is necessary that the consciousness corresponded, because otherwise irresponsibility is generated. Devourers of space aren't inclined to reckon with anything if the consciousness is insufficiently expanded.
293. (Gor). Day new we will always begin the thought devoted to Lords. It will channelize. Also we will finish day thought of Them. So the beginning and the end gain commitment. It is good when each movement is comprehended, in whatever cover it happened. It also will be commensurability of actions for the purpose of far, to its bringing.
294. (May. 2). I is your future: possibility of flights, knowledge itself of Secret, mastering Agni's, achievement of immortality that is a condition of uninterrupted consciousness, the world on Earth, and the Pastor of uniform herd of a uniform family of all people of the Earth, and the Carrier of Intimate Knowledge. The Shambhala is the future mankind, and Maitreya – his Lord. Light doctrine is given to people. The destiny of the world depends on its acceptance. Really you don't see what without the Doctrine not to take place in the future anymore? Terrible acts of darkness will cause powerful fiery counteractions of all in whom possibility of transformation glimmers. The last great revolution is a revolt of spirit against tyranny of darkness, against wars, violence, enslavement and the power of gold and fight for freedom, for happiness of the people. It will mean a destruction of the old world and everything, who for it, both the New Sky, and New Earth, and full transformation of life. Your homeland possesses the future. And anything, no efforts and intrigues of her enemies will break its power, because We Stand sharp-sightedly on guards of its happiness and prosperity.
295. (M. A. Y.). Merge in the spirit of and proximity in the spirit of more strongly all communications terrestrial, because they proceed out of limits of the dense world and don't depend on passing conditions terrestrial. That you claim on Earth, will be approved in World Aboveground and that you reject, will be rejected and there. The rhythm of repetitions strengthens the statement. The guarantee of inviolability of proximity of this we give if she is approved every day.
4. 296. (May. 3). People heavy suffer from flow of new and difficult diseases. They are given new names and new drugs are tasted. But diseases grow and grow and strike more and more people. They spare already neither children, nor adults, old men. Lack of fires consciously approved in an organism lowers body resilience. It was already told that from fiery waves will perish crowds. Fiery prevention is urgently necessary. Deafness of people is amazing. The scourge of horror will force ears to open and to wipe eyes. If only not too late make it.
297. (M. A. Y.). Fight is a condition of existence of fiery consciousness, or the consciousness which has set for a problem of mastering of Agni. For body health – fight, for balance of spirit – fight, with troops dark – fight, fight for the statement of the New World, fight for the statement of Light; so, from a condition of continuous struggle not to leave anywhere. Therefore the Lord of the people soldiers Calls. Fight is permanent, and there is no end to it. Evolution consists in the constant statement new and fights against old, resisting to replacement. Evolution of the real has no end because it is directed in Boundlessness. Warrior of Light on the guard cost to world Evolution.
298. (Guru). Rescue is promised to all who follows the Lord. Therefore, it is necessary to go only. Following for the Lord means with It a continuous communication in the spirit of and constant aspiration. Relationship is under construction on the principle of constancy – the qualities, necessary are unconditional. Swings and fluctuations changeable let are an example of to what leads lack of quality of constancy and as it tragically responds on destiny of the person. Among disappearing and lagged behind this quality don't look for. Seldom in people it.
299. (May. 4). The consciousness human gravitates to the evil. It is easier to eat too much, drink to excess, to be irritated, think of itself and to indulge the weaknesses, both shortcomings, and desires of a body, than to do opposite to what wanted by egoism. Easier in heat, than on cold; easier on a full stomach, than on the empty; easier on one side, than in work; easier in wellbeing, than in need; easier with money, than without them; it is easier to dominate, than to submit; it is easier to serve itself, than to people, – as the commonness so thinks and strong serves itself. The requirement "be rejected from it" remains not enclosed in life, and the darkness, but not Light dominate in the world. Such is a state of affairs for today, but tomorrow other promises. Further so can't proceed because Fire directed to Earth, and it or will clear hearts human of century litter, or will burn. Children of the Great Country, your Homeland, even in the ignorance Evolutions serving to business and approving the New World on Earth, thereby aren't hostile to Fire, and the Great Country is fated the great future; but a grief going against the Stream of Space Evolution, a grief against the New World the going. Waves of the Space Stream will throw out them on its coast in the form of Space litter.
300. (M. A. Y.). We on Earth that terrestrial to be engaged and terrestrial to create, not to soar in clouds, but to go on the ground a foot human and to work hands. The transcendental idealism Us don’t admit. We are practicing of life terrestrial. Through everything that is intended by the Karma on Earth, it is necessary to pass, from terrestrial without being averted, and in balance to connect in consciousness of the requirement of Earth and the spirit requirement. Because the terrestrial – terrestrial, and the highest – to the Highest.
5. 301. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to show unprecedented persistence to keep in Light. Disbalance gets everywhere. The space is penetrated by antagonistic currents, and to heavy burning heart. Look how consciousness’s hang, even friends! And how many is the disappeared, where they, so brightly flaring once by the aspiration. When the Teacher Told: "You will remain one", – I expected the press darkness. But the external loneliness at all doesn't mean Spatial isolation. Those who remained it is right, heart constantly reach for you, and these hidden threads get stronger and are consolidated in time. Fidelity, devotion and constancy especially we Appreciate.
302. (Guru). Radio, phone is useful inventions; but as the device of a human body is more reliable, using which it is possible to communicate with every spot on the globe mentally. Clearness of such advanced device is amazing. Here and you receive before a news from those who directs to you. These gleams of future achievements serve as the guarantee of that once the trained device of spirit it will be possible to enter into communication with distant friends and to receive from them messages. Once the equipment of a human microcosm will replace all devices created by a hand of the person. It should be known, it is necessary to remember it. And though these all abilities are now in the sleeping and hidden condition, but time will come – and seeds will give the shoots.
303. (Guru.). In everything, even bad, it is possible to find less bad and even the useful. And if something bad promoted to reveal faces, it is already good. Everyone coming nearer to Focus of Light has to reveal the essence up to the end.
304. (May 6). The area of the forbidden Knowledge is extensive. But the area of Intimate Knowledge much more exceeds it. Secrets of metals are lost by modern science – it doesn't recognize them. Metal in blood is necessary. Metallization of plants gives them special property. You know, what value metals in drugs have. It not fragments of the forgotten knowledge. For a start we will put in the basis thought that metal is the substance having special, only to its inherent, property. It is possible to collect about them many details. Communication of metal with magnetism is very indicative. Spatial Fire as though concentrates in metal. Communication between metal, magnetism and electricity is undoubted, but up to the end isn't understood. Energy of a magnet and mental energy of the person – the phenomenon related. If normal metallization of human blood is broken, there comes an illness. It is necessary to think of secret of metals to begin acquisition of the forgotten knowledge.
305. It is good when clearly and accurately you set for you tasks of acquaintance with certain areas of knowledge. Once and somewhere opportunities will be given if it is begun. The aspiration is a strong magnet. In the Thin World where there are no barriers of the dense world, acquisition of Intimate Knowledge becomes more available, than on Earth. But the purpose has to be precisely outlined still during lifetime of terrestrial that is in the causality world. And desirable results in World Thin, in the World of consequences, won't slow down themselves display.
306. (M. A. Y.). Formula "that you will connect (that is claim) on Earth, it will be connected (that it is approved) in heavens" has much wider value and application, than it think. So, for example, any aspiration of the person approved in his essence, reaches the culmination and end in World Aboveground, saying it on degree of force put in aspiration. If the aspiration of a high order, it is fully satisfied; if purely terrestrial, it is quite obvious that terrestrial desires in World Aboveground can't be sated, though it is possible to roll in their asthma. The limit limiting aspiration, the thought is. Like a searchlight beam the thought can be sent to the desirable sphere and shine a field of the necessary researches corresponding to it. Earth when the person still is in the physical body will be a launch pad for aspiration of thought. In World Thin it is possible to move only through the aspirations approved by will on Earth, them varying and expanding.
307. (Guru.). Planning of the Elevated stay is quite possible, when the person on Earth. If this planning meets the requirements of Evolution is the benefit to such person. The confusion there the passing is caused again by a complete ignorance where to go and what to do and how to be in general. Knowing and approved it the aspirations the way opened to it has the purpose before itself. It is good, when aspirations lightful and above-person at the heart of the.
308. (May. 8). The devastation of a treasure is inadmissible. Often the carrier of Fire suffers from excessive delivery of energy. It is necessary to shine, but not to give the lamp in other charge.
309. (M. A. Y.). I want to specify that, on the one hand, it is necessary to have Agni's known potential, with another – it to own. Often mental energy directs in the lowest centers and seizes will of the person. Division on hot, cold and lukewarm indicates existence in the first two fiery forces, and cold can transmutation energy available for them. Lukewarm transmutation there is nothing as they have no anything. Thus, mastering even incorrectly directed energy is better, than its absence, because the direction can be changed always. The grief to volume, a lump couldn't be changed because has nothing?
310. (Guru). When heart speaks "no", it is necessary to listen to it.
311. (May. 11). Links of a hierarchical chain are stretched from top to bottom. Each link is connected with top and bottom. The chain rises to the Highest Hierarch. The chain is stretched on the Beam. There is a firm rule, following to which Highest Hierarch doesn't interfere never with links of a hierarchical chain of other Hierarch. The rule it concerns all Teachers, both pupils, and all hierarchical chains. In the guide of one instructor, at whatever step he was, the instructor another, not entering into this chain never interferes. Below often one head on ignorance appropriates or wants to appropriate pupils of another or to call in to itself. It becomes on a consciousness a little. The teaching is a victim. Pupils karmic come nearer to the instructor. To press to come on the yard in general it is inadmissible. The rule of non-interference to other management is caused by that the head connects him with directed and forever assumes to a certain extent his karma. This cross is heavy. Others invasion breaks mentoring bases. Each pupil has the hierarchical chain. When communication with the next link tries, conducted remains without the management, if the gap is made because of the pupil. Recognition through Hierarchy goes according to the guarantee of the instructor for the conducted. If he tells the Teacher that it can't warrant or conducted it interrupted communication that is refuses representation for it before the Highest, conducted there is one and has to look for again to itself the new head and begin the adoption of communication at first. Laws of hierarchical communication are indestructible. Communications interrupt neither life, nor death, something. Pupils don't invite, pupils don't look for – they come. When we See that the pupil is ready, we Direct him on the Beam.

312. Itch of is very characteristic for beginners, the aspiration to teach and take as much as possible listeners are caused by swelling egoism. The management goes for itself and for the sake of self-satisfaction of aspiration to edify. Only when mentoring falls a victim and the instructor doesn't want it, the path of a true teaching begins. The power is a victim as you already know. Teaching – too the victim. So, when the spirit can tell: "Yes this Bowl passes me", – service to Light begins.
313. (M. A. Y.). Consciousness human needs rhythm change for activation of the energy. The monotony and especially monotony dull perceptions and consciousness life as though fades. Therefore derivation from monotony of the ordinary can be welcomed. The yogi eremite in a cave, in mountains can't complain of boredom or monotony because, takes the most active part in planet life. But for this purpose it is necessary to have already issued mental and fiery bodies and to be able to work in them consciously. While it isn't present, changes in surrounding conditions are necessary, if they promote revival of activity of consciousness.
314. (Guru.). Temporary replacement of the management is possible only in one case: it when the head asks to replace temporarily him owing to the absence or for any other reason, temporary too, or to help when it is occupied with other work demanding full derivation of its energy.
315. (May 12). As each terrestrial situation is fragile! It is impossible to be approved on anything. Everything can instantly change. Both health, and prosperity, and wellbeing is on scales; on scales all circumstances and living conditions. But among all this instability and fragility of a personal environment of the person it is possible to try to find that isn't subject to these conditions. It will be Hierarchy of Light. The Lord is unchangeable, and the Hierarchy Ladder is firm. Having approved on It, it is possible to look quietly at variability of all of that surrounds the person, knowing stability and reliability of this support of spirit.
316. (M. A. Y.). Abuses, distortions of Its Affairs and slander not avoid to any Carrier of Light. Many of distort will come and will tell: whether your name edified? Remember that the Teacher Answered similar of distort of truth: "Depart from Me, I Don't know you doing lawlessness", – so the destiny of conscious and unconscious of the distort of truth is similar.
317. (Guru). The spirit human is silent. How many it is necessary for people still to suffer to wake up?
318. (May 13). National fairy tales are remarkable that in them is reflected not only popular wisdom, but also feeling of the Thin World because; elements of miraculousness and singularity don't keep within terrestrial conditions. Carpets planes and caps of darkness, and dead and water of life, werewolves, obviously point magic wands and other things to unconscious knowledge of two worlds. As also flights in a thin body aren't alien to these fairy tales. The dark and light beginnings are reflected in them. The bewitched locks, evil monsters and the heroes winning them, obviously indicate elements of the Thin World. It would be possible to make the whole and very instructive collection of national fairy tales while the equipment and mechanization yet didn't kill reality of national creativity.
319. (M.A.Y.). It isn't necessary to concern bad consciousnesses and to enter with them into communication not to create channels of mental communication. Also it is necessary to speak even less. After all, if to keep silent or tell something insignificant instead of considerable and it will serve only for the benefit, because the bad consciousness even will turn kind thought into the evil, if it wants. And that to it want as not derogations of Light, in whatever form it was expressed. Reticence we welcome.
320. (Guru). When it becomes very dark, good present itself in the Ray of light of the Lord. That and protection, and support, and call in the future. How pass through difficulties and chagrin of the present, if not on the Beam. Understanding of in the Beam has to be constant, as well as Face representation. All surrounding strong will counteract implementation of these two instructions, and a question in on what party there will be a victory.
321. (May. 15). The problem of mastering by thought is printed early, because with an aggravation of brightness of impressions she seeks to fill consciousness and to remain in it. Therefore on another and ability to switch off previous thought so that it didn't stir full transfer of consciousness from one subject and didn't appear again, become necessary. Otherwise the slavery at impressions, which will capture consciousness turns out and won't wish to leave it, even on the will order. Mental products it is necessary to own and subordinate them to will and not to allow at all their stay in consciousness contrary to it. This slavery at thoughts and impressions is created at the time of their admission, at especially increased emotional interest to them. The invited guests, having enough sat, don't wish to leave. Long ago already I Told that the Teacher in consciousness has to take priority – to It a place in a forward corner. If it isn't present, any thought, and together with it and the power can take superiority. When awakening – the first thought to the Teacher, at withdrawal to a dream – too. And during the day memory of It has to be a constant. It is really so difficult to approve without what further advance is impossible. "His rage prevails everyday", – is so told in your sacred books. Day is full the cares, but they is passing and are constantly replaced all new and new. It is impossible to give them all consciousness. The thought of proximity of the Highest the first and is the most important. Really the right of the fiery primogeniture and possibility of advance we will give for temporary satisfaction lentil soup from Maya next ghosts, seeking to cover your way to Me.
322. (M. A. Y.). When diligence dark to drown consciousness in desires comes to grief, they try to change them for anything, inflating interest to the most every day and harmless occurrences. Vigilance it learn to see a dark hand if this seeming harmless to a thing distance from the Teacher in the most harmless things; at first Teacher, and then all the rest, even the best and necessary. Do everything that it is necessary to you, but together with the Teacher of Light is the only decision.
323. (May. 16). It is necessary to pass through everything, and it is necessary to settle the Karma, having paid everything are long. Payment for Light is of a bike. The spirit blade in anything so well, as in a hearth of tests won't become tempered. Each successfully passed we Will consider as a lifting step. Each counteraction we Will accept as blow in Light Board. And when too it is heavy, we will wonder, whether Light the Beam is knocked on heart.
324. (M.A.Y.). The mental help to us and all workers for Evolution of the world consists at least in that mentally to reconstruct each phenomenon not corresponding to it on corresponding and to replace with it, thought destroying the unusable.
325. (Guru). All thinking should be reconstructed in a new way in the accord with Evolution requirements. Personal thoughts very much disturb it. Egoism – the enemy of Evolution, the enemy No 1. It having overcome, it is possible to think to begin of a victory over other enemies.
326. Judgment time inevitably. This consciousness it is necessary to go through life. And whether everything is equal finally, what way will lead closer to it. After all when it becomes reality, everything will be forgotten that so painfully and sharply burdened spirit. The magnet of the future is powerful, - its force in unalterability of advance to it (to the future).We Know it, because we See. You feel also, but you don't see. After all the destined future exists already in the present, though it isn't visible for you. But it is possible to feel heart it, at all without seeing. In it pleasure of a victory of Light over darkness. The darkness burdens heart. But heart to Light rejoices. The victory of Light and pleasure are inseparable; live pleasure to the future, closing heart for darkness. She wants to deprive of you this pleasure. But the pleasure to Light is already a victory over darkness. Temporarily darkness, but Light it is eternal. To reign of the dark the end comes. "You blow a victory more loudly" because, the victory is close.
327. (Guru.). At the moments when the spirit is able to raise fiery heart, disappears from it as an unnecessary peel, everything that serves as an obstacle for spirit and burdens it. Fiery wings give the chance to rise over a malost of the personality that to touch greatness of Hierarchy and obviously to scent vibrations of that already exists and it is fated, but is still hidden from an eye terrestrial. Let's be glad together to that is fated and participants of that we should become will of terms. Spirits, destined to terms, depend on them. Their grief, but pleasure are great but are unreasonable when they come.
328. (M.A.Y). We won't be afflicted that long it is impossible to keep any feeling, even pleasures from feeling of proximity of those whom we love. Alternation and rhythm of perceptions is a condition of life of consciousness. If it stopped, monotony of receipts would deaden spirit life. Therefore day is replaced at night, and night – a new dawn and pleasure – a grief and our distance is destined by proximity of meetings. Vigilance to learn sees a dark hand if this seeming harmless to a thing distance from the Teacher in the most harmless things; at first Teacher, and then all the rest, even the best and necessary. Do everything that it is necessary to you, but together with the Teacher of Light is the only decision. As impressions and feelings of all of that flows through covers are replaced also. Manvantara's principle and pralaya, that is pulsations of the phenomena, is shown in everything. Therefore wisely also it is quietly possible to meet waves of opposite demonstrations in the world surrounding us.
329. (Guru.). Rower and of depth of the everyday contacts with the Highest, owing to the immutable rhythm, to grow in time and the guarantee serve that, wtat in Elevated, when to take be barriers of the dense world, they will get aspect some of most reality; because invisible and only feeling of the heart, becomes obvious and visible. In Elevated – where thought, there and we. Therefore, the aspiration is there decisive a condition. Benefit that, who in of the opression and infringements of life terrestrial directs spirit to the Lord of Light.
330. (May. 20). The statement in consciousness of the enduring is accompanied by continuous fight between the most necessary both cares and details of the present day. Only concentration helps not to plunge into the passing entirely. The Maya of the dense world it is very strong. And still to enter into eternal life, sounding of Earth should be moderated. The death is the benefit at least only, because forces to leave all to what so strong thoughts become attached and that the person considers, belonging to it. It is necessary to leave all this on Earth; was <…> and <…>not. And never already any more won't be in those forms that were. Getting and losing all things terrestrial in each embodiment, the spirit learns to be exempted from them. Really, the death is a release. And if there are no forces at present to dump from them the power surrounding, the death helps it. Therefore we Call death the liberator. It really is that if there are sufficient accumulation, that is what to live and what to realize where undividedly reigns thought. Than to live there to the person who never took the trouble to think of something which is going beyond terrestrial use. Having it is given, and at not having to take and that has. Beggars thought remain poor there, and especially – beggars heart.
331. (M.A.Y.). Will ask why it is very much spoken about death when life terrestrial is given to live on Earth and terrestrial. It is right, but it is possible to lead on Earth intelligent life only when understanding all three worlds, our participation in them and understanding of the purpose of terrestrial embodiments. At denial their terrestrial existence turns into absurd. Who will want to reconcile with the full and final destruction. Live unconsciously and without giving itself the report, but after all feeling that the spirit doesn't die. Live because dead nobody can present itself though the mind convinces them of the opposite. Live because, don't think and don't want to think of the future. But we suggest think, at least not to betray death. Life and death is in the spirit of; death in the spirit of much terrible, than in a body. Live dead persons serve as the scary certificate of that the death in the spirit of is possible.
332. (Guru). The consciousness is a field of a meeting of all three worlds; thought, even terrestrial, already phenomenon of the Thin Plan. Mental products bear the impress of this, or that world. In it it is possible to understand and understand their character attentively. From where at times the melancholy or intolerable weight when externally nothing changed and everything is well. From where unpleasant feeling at conversation with the wicked man when the person it smiles and words carefully hide thoughts. Heart is the leading. It feels as a time over external visibility. Heart lives in peace Thin, but mind entirely – in terrestrial more. Let's attentively look narrowly at everything that gets to a consciousness field to learn to distinguish messengers of the Highest Worlds.
333. The obscure words "poor in spirit" should be explained. Poor are not having, but very wanting to have and therefore asking to give them they don't have what. Poor in spirit is means not having, but very wanting to have spirit gifts. About wanting to have spirit gifts, but not having them also it was told that they will be consoled, that is will receive to what their heart aspires. If the thought, heart and consciousness are directed receiving spirit gifts, receiving will follow is immutable.
334. (May 21). When in reality and in a dream of people arrives equally and follows the chosen way of mastering by the lowest nature, then the victory is close. Presicely in a dream following to the order of will is the testimony of sincerity of the solution of wakens consciousness. But often happens so that as, if something is overcome, but in a dream of people continues to arrive as well as earlier. The condition of a dream serves as very good indicator of moral purity of spirit. Dream – very truthful condition. It is possible to be glad when dreams and sleepy visions confirm depth of process of clarification of conductors from any litter. Will tell: as it is possible to judge on dreams, after all dreams out of will control. But the person – the lord of the microcosm. Day – time of the reasons, night – consequences. Cause and effect consubstantial by the nature. And consider that the dream will be an exponent of clarification of day consciousness from any litter. Anything won't get into clean heart and pure consciousness dirty and won't find in it conformable to itself elements if all litter is cleaned, won't find it in a dream, in reality.
335. (M.A.Y.). It is very good when some Faces take root strongly into consciousness. If They are depicted during lifetime of terrestrial is brightest than the rest, and in Elevated They will shine and will arrive with spirit first of all the rest. When going to the Lord grows to understanding of this phenomenon, then this process becomes conscious and is of particular importance. That the Face entered into heart and was approved in it as the Stone, it is strong " press mountain water in a cleft", it is necessary both time, and desire, and persistence.
336. (Guru). Attentively observe the events in the world and you will see that events quickly go to the logical end. The plan of Lords is immutable. Mobility it only specifies that He aspires in all phenomena of life, like the mountain water flowing in lowlands and filtering into each dredging. Calls of space sound on a planet. They are evolutional on the essence. They can confront only to a known limit, which self-damage and decomposition of the contradictory follows. Darkness self-consuming – its next fate. Attentively observe events of the world and you will see obvious signs of self-damage and darkness self-destruction.
337. (May 22). External belonging of the person to something has no value, but the lightful of his aura solves accessory it to a pole of Light or a darkness pole. And whatever it was spoken and whatever became if light which in it, there is darkness, is dark it and everything put it which are created by it. Now so words human, even the most sublime, with darkness mixed up what to distinguish those who say them, it is possible only on a treatment of light and shade. When for determination of luminosity of the person the device will be applied to aura removal, then the choice of worthy people on responsible places will be facilitated and already it will be impossible to cover with anything darkness, which replaced with itself light in the person.
338. (May. 23). Theis the chopped-off heads of a monster appear again, and fight begins again. To stop fight – means to recognize the defeat, to continue – Sisyphean task. What to do? To be constant with Me and My Face to hold before itself constantly. Only in such constant readiness and joint fight it is possible to achieve a victory. Together to be always hard – it is so much distracting. But the death is inevitable. Let thoughts of it will help to overcome the not gets rid. After all we won't take with themselves not gets rid freight. If not to be released here how to dump it where everything becomes aggravated to a limit and a allure and seduction amplify unreasonably, getting live and bright forms. Funnels of the astral world invincibly involve in the whirlpool, and from a bottom not to rise any more. So, the enemy, who in itself, has to be struck here. In Elevated it is necessary free to enter, because that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected there.
339. (M. A. Y.). Going will reach. Therefore, the task consists in going, despite everything. About it It was spoken already repeatedly – it is necessary to apply only told in lives. Yes, except as to the Lord there is no place to go and there is nobody. Who will meet who will help who will approach who will answer all questions and who will move further. Understanding of impossibility of other decision very much will help on a difficult way to Light.
340. (May 25). Whether it is possible to lean on something from the surrounding? Whether it is possible to consider something as a condition at which to read itself you will begin happy? No, it is impossible because such happiness will cease to be soon that owing to monotony. It is possible therefore to be approved only that unshakably and doesn't depend on passing conditions of conductors. The Hierarchy will be such unshakable basis. We will be approved only on It. All other is changeable, fragile and unreliable.
341. (M. A. Y.). Readiness of spirit for all transformations of the external forms is included too into a duty of the yogi. Not simple this readiness. It is necessary to know a lot of things. Also it isn't a pity to leave a habitual environment. It isn't a pity to leave the rendered habitable body to clothe in another. As a matter of fact, even it isn't necessary to clothe as the person in him stays at the same time with a physical body. But known process of modification, both the thinnest cover, and consciousness, nevertheless it is necessary to pass.
342. (Guru). It is good to understand inviolability of essence of spirit more deeply. All threatens and always: both enemies, and diseases, both misfortunes, and karmic blows. But nevertheless the spirit passes through everything indestructible and not destroyed. With this thought only also it is possible to pass through everything, differently it is difficult to pass.
343. (May 26). At all times and all people have keys from the God's Kingdom, that is from knowledge of Secrets of the nature and the person, were in hands of the few. Now the Doctrine of Live Ethics gives them to all wishing to take a cognition way. Intermediaries aren't necessary. It is given the chance of direct, direct Communication with the Highest. Also it isn't necessary priests. Only the sequence of a hierarchical chain and the next binding link with it are necessary. Self-feeds admit and appreciated. It is possible most to approach, most through books of Live Ethics. But the visible or invisible link binding nevertheless is established and thus. After all and somehow nevertheless it is necessary to approach to someone. If the Teacher of Light appears them, and It Is only a link in Boundlessness of Hierarchy. So, the Doctrine of Live Ethics causes freedom of approach to the Highest World. Former it is possible to leave all. And it is good to the one who isn't connected by anything, any cults or thinking restrictions. Superstitions, fanaticism and sectarianism Intimate won't lead to knowledge. The consciousness, free from prejudices, prejudices and not connected by religious dogmatism, will succeed. A lot of things should be rejected on this way as superfluous. Internal freedom is hardly achievable. Release from everything disturbing independently to think, becomes a task of the Doctrine, which have chosen a way of Life.
344. (M. A. Y.). Certainly the body has to submit to will and execute its orders. But it is necessary to distinguish when the will wants both when doesn't want and when its orders thereof, are insufficiently firm. But if the will solved and her desire is available, the body has to submit implicitly. The power over a body from hands of will can't be missed. If it is missed, the person from the master of a body becomes his slave. On Light way slaves aren't necessary under any appearances. Free cooperation excludes the slavery phenomenon.
345. (Guru). Whether poorly what there can be moods or conditions of spirit. If to be based on them, which are passing, it is impossible to go. But even on a usual trip of people goes to the destination in different moods. They to it not obstacles. And on the Great Way to Boundlessness we will think of the purpose, but not of mirages of moods. The sun ascends every morning at any weather. At the sun we will study a steady rhythm of movement in the future.
346. (M.A.Y.). Now heavy extremely to each sensitive heart! It is hardly to bear spatial loading. Let will support and will encourage thought that it you divide feasibly unreasonable Burden of the Lord.
347. (May 29). Possibilities of a matter are inexhaustible. Its properties can't be limited to the understanding from today, any denial without scientific check unconvincingly. All superstitions are not scientific. It is necessary to know simply, but without denials. Believe that a matter and its properties are studied up to the end, ridiculously. In general, it is necessary to adopt the provision that possibilities of cognition of a matter are boundless, as well as its properties and feature. It is impossible to limit it to a scale of chemical elements in that look in what it is known now; also studying of an organic matter in a germ. The secret of protein isn't revealed. Secret of a seed is too. Process of origin of living beings remains a riddle. To the thought phenomenon only still approach. And after all it is material. And the spirit is material also all its covers. Out of a matter there is nothing and can't exist. Matter and energy is different sides of the same coin. Thin and fiery bodies are material. The fiery World too is material because we see and we feel. Opportunity to see, feel and comprehend can't limit to five physical feelings – after all even perception of thoughts already outside them. Lyutsid, Matteria Matriks being shone Matter become object of studying by future science, - this time nearby. Recognition of all three worlds, one visible, physical, and two invisible, but material, will lay down in a basis of this science. And it will be already impossible to deny as it will be not scientifically and becomes an ignorance sign. The world promptly goes to the statement of new science. It will be science of the educated materialism, sharply other than the phenomenon of materialism infantile.
348. (M. A. Y.). Interests of the personality should be sacrificed to interests of Identity. After all often they are opposite. At the correct understanding the personality is the servant of Identity, and not the reverse. Sometimes the personality should suffer and suffer well to bring to the Immortal Triad a shining pearl of valuable stays, sometimes to pass by overcoming of difficulties and obstacles to increase crystals of fires saved up in the Bowl. Persons it is heavy, the personality suffers, but the Stone Treasure grows. Among cruel and dark, among searches and grief Light Board over those who follows the Lord.
349. (Guru). Balance and indifference is the phenomena of a different order. The indifference means indifference, attenuation of fires, inertness and weakness. Balance – the quiet, passionless relation to everything concerns personal "I". Tranquillity passionless is achievement of a high step.
350. (May 30). Three natures of the person demand everyone and care of them corresponding. Of a physical body are able to care perfectly, though in an extent of understanding of his owner. On ignorance or weakness of character quite often harm is done to it. This harm is aggravated with a gluttony, wine and unhealthy living conditions. With a thin body of business are much worse, cares of it conscious it isn't shown in general as its existence is denied. And it reacts to each thought and experience, being clarified or saddened respectively. Fiery it isn't necessary to speak about a body, because in the shelter it. And the three-planned essence of the person leads one-sided and limited life, spoiling the conductors. Situation it needs a basic change but how to change if Bases don't admit! At first it is necessary to learn, then to realize and then to apply realized in practice.
351. (Guru). The spiteful pleasure at dark when they manage to shake the wrecking confidence of the pupil of the Teacher of Light is great.
352. (May 31). Pralaya of the consciousness temporarily, but it as though deprives of all accumulation too Maya illusion. It is necessary to wait time, storing full confidence of inherence of the stays. The fog of ignorance will dissipate.
353. (June. 1). It is possible to doubt everything, but not Bases. Maya mirage can temporarily close a lot of things, but not Bases. The death of a body and transition of spirit to the World Thin can't be denied, as though Maya saddened consciousness, as also an extremity of all personal conditions and constructions. The thought of death will dispel a fog. The lifting moments when unattainable becomes close and almost notable aren't denied. The proximity of the Leader though it is felt at different times differently isn't denied. So reflecting, it is strongly possible to strengthen itself on the Way when it becomes too dark. It isn't so difficult to wait rising when you know that the sun will ascend.
354. (June 2). Even in the most difficult situation nevertheless it is possible to make movement in the necessary direction. There can't be such conditions that all possibilities of the appeal to Light were cut off. Always something is possible and somehow to strengthen. If the karma can't be changed at present, any quality nevertheless can be strengthened and deepened somehow. Karma, limiting freedom in one, leaves open other parties. Besides, the thought can't neither be limited, nor to lock. Means, the exit should be looked for in the field of thought. Limits and liberates thought. If the dark surrounded and closed all entrances and exits terrestrial, act with thought, directing it to Me.
355. (M. A. Y.). Dark the free will only for time and only in certain limits is allowed to annoy. Long ago would destroy you if weren't limited. Test by demons inevitably. All passed through it.
356. (June 3). Consolation that we will return to the Monastery of the Father; in the world external is crying and a gnash tooth. The law of its existence is very cruel is one devours others to live, - it in the world animal. And the world old follows the same rule. Only the World New gives hope that the mutually consuming and life at the expense of the weak will stop, but for this purpose the consciousness has to regenerate. Transitional time is very heavy for a distinguished organism. In a vice of greenhorns be hard. Eras of blossoming and decline were earlier, but never before the mankind didn't appear in situation when collision of polarity reached such force and tension already allplanet, both the visible and invisible worlds are involved in it. Troops of Light and darkness challenge a victory. But, you know, Light will win. Heavy time of all-planet reorganization! And care of resisting. After all falling can be only in a chasm.
357. (M. A. Y.). Where all of them who on your memory lived on Earth and went to a better world? Rejoiced, suffered, worried, hoped, despaired and... left. And their affairs are forgotten, and they are forgotten. Remember the very few. And memory human about them is everything that remained from them on Earth. You will leave also. And about you as will quickly forget as forgot about them. Whether it is worth too strong enduring it everything, what is subject to inevitable oblivion and people, and you? Wise sits on the river bank of life and without a regret looks that quickly flashes in a stream, carrying away in irrevocable everything that is reflected in its streams.
358. (June 4). In silence and silence I Want to bring to that power and force, which still escaped from hands. The distance between words about them and achievement is great. And still achievement of this power is possible. About value of small undertakings It is told already enough. The beginning is necessary strongly. Now it is necessary to overcome line behind which seeds of undertakings grow in actions of the statement of force growing and overcoming resistance of the environment. The eaglet which wings start growing, feels not at once the force. But the mighty eagle overcoming space and height grows from a baby bird. And spirit wings grow not at once, but in time. Even Light isn't visible bearing it. Seeming invincible resistance are given for increase of strength of mind. Dare more and more. My children, dare to overcoming hitherto not the surmountable. And if water hollows a stone, really the will of the risen spirit won't break the obstacles allowed by the Teacher for growth of strength of mind. No failures, any resistance, any obstacles will sustain a will impact if it a rhythm of persistence tries to overcome that seems invincible. And while the terrestrial consciousness stops in despair from seeming defeat, hidden fiery power forces of energy that the final victory, became reached obviously. My children, dare to overcoming of that seems impossible.
359. (Guru). The thought is absolutely correct – it is possible to put mentally itself in such provisions when mentally it is necessary to overcome these or those, but vitally necessary obstacles that is when these overcomings have almost vital character. Each such sincere and warm overcoming creates the precondition for successful passing of the corresponding tests and in life. It any more dreams, but useful creative work of purposeful thought. The action which has been carried out mentally, easily is already carried out in life – as though mental rehearsal of that later can occur on a life scene. Enough of rehearsals cause success of the selected play in theater, - in the same way and on a vital scene. Only rehearsals are made mentally. The conscious thought is premised to actions.
360. (M. A. Y.). To the person can seem that he cleared the consciousness of any litter enough. But this seeming clarification often isn't true. And then check is necessary to reveal everything from consciousness depths that there remains, perhaps, absolutely imperceptibly for an eye. When until then hidden becomes obvious, it is possible to work already with open eyes.
361. (Guru). Worst of all, when the person decides on something is only half. The vague solution of desirable consequences won't give. The reality is in this regard very dangerous, because creates determination illusion while it isn't present. The most undesirable type of self-deception and gloomy marking time turns out. Honesty of recognition in this case is especially necessary for itself. The final choice should be made nevertheless, because incompleteness shows the destructive consequences. How to raise Light flowers if the hand subconscious reaches for gloom weeds.
362. (June 6). Unprotected and unprotected fortress is open for the enemy. Protection has to be always and continuous patrol. And whom we will blame if, having used neglect, the enemy made the way inside and harmed. Even my protecting Beam loses in the force if instead of hardness and firmness of spirit It meets lack of will, doubt and unwillingness own forces to resist to darkness and to be protected from its attacks. After all even the board should be held a strong hand. Mine I Call soldiers, because their debt is to battle to darkness and to confront it. When hands fall and the protecting network powerlessly hangs, the soldier of spirit ceases to be that and becomes the weak-willed victim of spiteful influences. You see how the darkness raves and uses all opportunities people around that through them to influence you. I welcome strong determination to be on not replaceable patrol and to show due strength of mind that was to Me in as where to send protecting Beam. It would be time to understand that My Force I Can apply to your force. It is necessary that was to what to put, differently the Beam powerlessly hangs, having dissolved in the allowed lack of will and weakness of spirit. After all the law such is that is taken away from not having also that has, but having, at least a little, given, how many can contain. Create consciously conditions that were to what to put. Show the necessary degree of firmness, vigilance and opposition to destruction forces. Unless it is possible to allow that in the microcosm thoughts and the feelings thrown by a dark hand managed? It is necessary to strengthen patrol.
363. Inert lack of will and the same assignment are destructive that the necessary forces deprive the receiver of spirit of opportunity почерпать spatially. Fire is magnetic. The acceptability is caused by a due condition of spirit. Recognition of won or powerless to be opposed to darkness is inadmissible. Spirit defeat, because it is eternal is impossible and isn't destroyed. Recognition of defeat is an abuse on spirit. Spirit we won't break and it isn't won. The external damage at all doesn't mean defeat. More often it marks a spirit victory. It is possible to lose everything and even bodies to lose, but to be the winner in the spirit of. Prosecutions and death of Carriers of Light always meant their victory over darkness, because in the spirit of there were inflexible They up to the end.
364. (Guru). Float against the stream and against a wind where it is more difficult, than downwind and on a current. But Light Doctrine always goes against narrow-minded way of life and narrow-minded thinking. The word "revolution" means revolt against commonness, - We for singularity. To approve it among life usual it is so hard and difficult that only the strong and tempered consciousness is able to hold the direction. Helmet strong hello!
365. (June 8). Full-string such extent of Communication when It goes over personal and temporary moods, which don't influence any more It can be considered and don't paint it the color. Various degree of luminosity of spirit and its take-off are one, but personal moods, chagrin, pleasures or employment shouldn't interfere in Communication. Experiment shows, it is how difficult to reach this step of super personal contact. The success of contact is promoted very much by feeling of love to Tom Who Conducts. But if this love temporarily, also depends on mood, and can end in this embodiment or through any shorter term, such feeling isn't valuable. Only love, to taking and growing by Identity at of extent the many age’s, and not depending on accidents of dense conditions, both enduring a body and time, only she leads to the highest form of Communication. Even in usual human relationship the temporary friendship, attachment or love is appreciated a little. Even here people want durability and constancy. Especially they are necessary in spirit life when connection is established not for today, not for tomorrow, but on all the time, which is.
366. (June 9). My friend, value of each appreciation, or the gratitude turned to the Teacher is great. Appreciation means also recognition that is discretion of that, for what gratitude rises. Beam on patrol always and on protection. How many time is Rescued by the Teacher from the phenomena, able to do irreparable harm, - and, as the unusual phenomenon of the Help is seen by the pupil. In quality of appreciation include also vigilance. Dark annoy on trifles. Why don't do bigger why didn't destroy you though it strongly wish? Because on the guard the Teacher protecting you. Protection and care at all don't mean release from karmic debts. Great is value of each thanks, though it doesn't settle all measure of Hidden Care and Protection.
367. (M. A. Y.). The feeling of Hidden Care means as well known extent of enlightenment in reality. If knew, of how many dangers are relieved by the Hidden Hand. If only could imagine, than are surrounded. If understood all depth of Great Care of you! Truly, heart would be filled with fiery appreciation for it. On Great Patrol there is the Great Spirits preserving mankind against an impact of darkness; fight the Light with darkness to stop never. The whole troops are involved in it. Understanding of the events expands the horizon of understanding real. The whole troops are involved in it. Understanding of the events expands the horizon of understanding real. After all outside a personal world and visibility small there is a reality. To see at least its small part will be already achievement. Have hundred eyes and hundred ears and be always on patrol of recognition of reality.
368. (M. A. Y.). All depth of Care of Great Heart about you try to understand. Without understanding of it your appreciation will be always one-sided and imperfect. To feel as heart all power of love to you Great Heart, it is necessary appreciation and recognition of his Care of you to deepen and strengthen. This magnet works powerfully.
369. (Guru). As though strong covered consciousness everything that external that round you occurs and demands your attention, you remember firmly that all this only Maya the next effort and that reality over its all illusions. Fight against Maya seduction is included too into tasks of the pupil. You remember how the pupil sent by the Teacher behind water, met the girl at a well as with it I fell in love, and I forgot about the Teacher of Light and about all the rest, and plunged into the terrestrial. There are things about, which it is impossible to forget not for a moment how Maya illusions were bright.
370. Appreciation to a certain extent obliges also and That, to Whom it is turned. There, is an interchange of magnetic energy.
371. (June 10). In process of understanding of the Management and its recognition it goes deep and amplifies. The reciprocity is necessary. After all even for understanding of usual things the attention has to be concentrated on them, differently they pass by, without leaving a trace. Especially it is necessary in the phenomena of a spiritual order. And then earlier not noticeable will start appearing in the field of attention in increasing frequency and the Hand of the Teacher becomes the life seen in much details, having special value. There can't be a neglect that for the person is most important. Consider considerable and important I put passable day. But they come and leave and in time are forgotten, while the Teacher, which with you always. Everything becomes closer and is more notable. If the thought is constantly given It, He Renders a hundred times. Also it isn't necessary to be afraid that affairs of the present day will suffer. On the contrary, they if are given on service to people, will go under the sign of good luck; so the advantage turns out double – both to people, and spirit which above all that passes in your days. So, service to General Welfare can't go a full measure without communication with the Teacher. And if the person is a measure of things, recognition of the Top Management by it, Teachers of Light will be a measure of the person.
372. (June 11). When any quality of spirit starts sounding especially strongly, the skilled pupil uses it even more to deepen and expand the understanding and to deepen sounding quality for more his strong statement. Spirit advantage is the quality necessary in all worlds. It is approved on Earth. Under all circumstances and in all conditions the pupil doesn't change to it. It is possible to pay attention to with what advantage the Great Spirits on courts human Kept, without being humiliated, fawning, and fear The one who keeps it in the face of all difficulties in the world terrestrial, holds it and in Worlg Aboveground. How many confusions, fear, a pettiness and pity behavior show the spirits, which don't have this quality? Loss it in life terrestrial deprives spirit of security. Babbling, humility, ingratiation indicate a spirit pettiness. The advantage of spirit is the quality possessing big magnetic force; it can be brought up and strengthened by a number of the corresponding acts. Thus crucial importance has internal state. External acts only consequences. His liar can't claim. The one who hopes for sons human, but not for the Leading Hierarch can't own it. His person putting freedom of spirit in dependence on people and their arbitrariness, cruelty, roughness or astral disbalance can't bring up. The advantage of spirit is combined with tranquility and balance. Without them it loses property of stability, because this quality synthetic. Many other qualities are combined with it, making one inseparable whole. The advantage of spirit is necessary even not to be surprised surprise. Transition of Great Borders covers in itself many surprises for one incarnation of the spirit. And it is necessary to prepare itself for possibility of their emergence in advance. Balance will be the most powerful protection. The advantage of spirit is included into it as its component. Whether it is possible for the sake of something which is temporarily surrounding on Earth of the person, to renounce this most valuable quality, to refuse at least for a moment it?
373. Training and the statement of consciousness happen at association of contrasts and aspiration to capture both of them the poles, not separately everyone but as one inseparable whole. Usually see only one, losing sight of another and receiving one-sided, unilateral understanding of a thing uniform, bipolar in the being and dual in manifestation. Simultaneous representation of both poles will help comprehension of many phenomena. The bipolar understanding precedes bipolar sight.
374. (M. A. Y.). Let's look at everything burdening spirit, not as at something interfering ascension, but as that strong promotes it. Yes, yes, on chagrin, sufferings, troubles, pricks, blows and all that, on what people, as on conditions advancing are often so generous. Then it will be already easy to benefit by everyone and force and to go without fluctuating, without stopping and without showing confusion. Then truly all interfering will serve us. The winner goes this way. Spirit way victorious is to us pleasure.
375. (Guru). "Fall in love with the commonwealth with silence", remembering thus that silence moves and forces even where words are powerless. The battery of silence is the powerful fiery force which is constantly radiating two the energy in surrounding space. Takiturm is a not staying idle idler. It is necessary to reconsider anew many concepts. If behind silence the prompt stream of the creative thought is covered, able to impregnate sets of consciousness’s, such silence we will consider fruitful, moving evolution of mankind and standing on service to General Welfare. Silence can be spatially very loud. In it its opposite pole is shown. You know about the great taciturn. The feat of silence should be understood too more not to be confused anymore the compelled silence which so powerfully accumulates forces.
376. (June 12). Future as inevitably and inevitably, as every day rises of the Sun. It as is cyclic and subordinated to a rhythm. The rhythm is based on alternation of contrasts, as pulsation. The pulsation of the phenomena is subordinated to the law. Tactics of Adverse which is so often applied by Us too is based on application of polarity. We Allow the phenomenon to be expressed till the end and subjects to settle the force to replace it opposite when it already spent of energy. Shown it is possible to see its contrast in everything. Allowing something for identification of the essence, We thereby Approve possibility of demonstration of its opposite pole. And the darkness of night serves as the guarantee of arrival of shining day. There are no the phenomena, which aren't replaced by the opposite pole. Exact forecasts of events are based on knowledge of this law. It is based on it and your future. Light-you look forward. Light of the future is great.
377. (M. A. Y.). In the present it is impossible to change already anything because every instant it passes to the past and becomes irreversible while the future is plastic in will hands. The future exists for the sake of the person, for the sake of evolution of his spirit. This evolution is made by a will projection during an evolutionary stream. The thought makes out a spirit sculpture in space. And if in the past it is impossible to change and correct already anything, in the future all is possible and all is achievable. The future we will consider we weed identifications of the innermost aspirations of the spirit approved by it in the present.
378. (Guru). Be not confused imperfection of the present. Let's come to correct everything and to replace with the best. The future is defined by will of terms.
379. (June 13). In the potential of consciousness of the person all is concluded. Often a point of support look for in something external, it is necessary while to look for inside. The consciousness reacts to influences of the outside world, but on an accord with it, that is submitting to the accord Law. The law can't be avoided, but to adjust consciousness on a desirable wave it is possible; key in hands of the person. Using it, it is possible to regulate streams of impressions and thoughts. Even the simple tuning fork is very useful because its sound coordinates sounding of the centers. On it are adjusted not only musical instruments, but the nervous centers of a human body. Impact of a sound on a human body in general is great, and especially influence of a human voice. Character and extent of this influence are a little studied. And meanwhile under the influence of it are all. .
380. (Guru). Light threads, which connect spirit to spirit, represent themselves the phenomenon of an extra dense order. They are stronger than usual terrestrial communications, because are hidden and impregnable terrestrial whirlwinds and storms. They endure death of a body because are stretched over it. They aren't destroyed by time, because are directed in the future. Communications elevated we will protect as the most valuable that it is had in life terrestrial and Elevated.
381. (June 14). Thoughts which are sent to the world from the Stronghold, are similar to the mountain river – whatever dams were put by it and obstacles, it nevertheless will punch to herself a way. It is possible to observe how our postulates take root into life for application. The garden terrestrial will blossom, deserts – a mankind shame will disappear, the world on a planet will descend, cooperation between the people will be approved, and the gold will be prostrate little bodies. The World Thin becomes reality, and wonderful will become property of the exact science, - will lose death the sting, because it will be trampled. And the mankind will promptly move forward. Abundance of fruits terrestrial exempt from care of them, and the released thought rush at gain to Cosmic and Space. Not much still think that the space contains in itself everything that was that is both that will be and that time element in space loses the terrestrial value that division that was and is, concerns only the dense world and terrestrial consciousness that in the worlds of another dimensions the aspect of time gets other value is perfect. So, gradually New World will be included into life and becomes its integral part. It is a lot of most amazing things and stays expect the person in space.
382. (M. A. Y.). If two harmoniously adjusted auras can create big affairs as it is careful as carefully it is necessary belong to each other at meetings that the desirable accord took place. As feelings of discontent, condemnation and everything are inadmissible that disturbs consciousness association. A lot of things in this area demand the most careful attitude. The bowl of opportunities can be broken easily, but, stuck together, it loses the value. The egoism has to be bridled strong. Given the chance we won't miss.
383. (June 15). In the ancient time responsible undertakings were dated for favorable astrological conditions. But for this purpose it is necessary to know science of stars. Now this knowledge is lost. The modern astrology has speculative character and is far from knowledge of Bases. That remained, is covered with such layer of heaps and interpretation that lawfully rises mistrust. The ancient knowledge needs updating and announce.
384. (June 16). Mine I Call soldiers, because neither cold, nor hunger, neither day, nor night, personal inconveniences, fatigue, either danger, or experiences – nothing exempts them from debt execution. Full readiness always to serve business of General Welfare, continuous patrol and inflexible determination, an opposite to darkness even then when one is left and without visible support, are those main properties of its essence which grant to it the right to be called as the soldier of Light. Around it can be very dark, and spatial currents can be very heavy, but nothing exempts it from constancy of patrol and determination to win. Defeat is impossible. The victory is an obligation. To give in to darkness and to be broken by it means legend of dark and falling in a chasm, from where return isn't present. The soldier goes consciousness that retreat is impossible and the way isn't present back. When this line of understanding of impossibility of a way back is passed, the determination becomes unshakable. This consciousness it is possible to pass all abysses, and to overcome all obstacles and counteractions, and to win against darkness. The spirit is indestructible and we don't destroy. And not body or covers, but spirit above all.
385. (M.A.Y.). Think off the Lord as much possible and often, filling with Him the consciousness. Only this way it is possible to have a hard time. When the thought about It becomes constant, continuous there is a communication.
386. (Guru). It isn't enough to establish relation with Hierarchy of Light – it should be maintained a constant memory and pretending before That Who Called. It is for this purpose given the chance to hold constantly the Image of the Lord in the heart.
387. (June 17). The creation of the Thin World which has fallen from Fiery comes nearer to Earth for an embodiment in dense forms. Participants of world events in the Hidden Worlds already know about inevitability of terms. It is necessary to tell that was in their hands to other hands. Great changes hung over a planet. Even the nature waiting, elements also are restless. The world in all the aspects is a whole. Judgment time comes nearer promptly.
388. (June 18). The spatial poison dismissed by human ignorance, becomes disaster all planet. There is already no rescue from it anywhere. It breaks a current of magnetic currents and strengthens disbalance elements. People still can fight against small spontaneous waves, but are absolutely powerless against the big. The greatest danger is constituted itself by elements of fire. Underground fire can break. Control demands it improbable tension Forges Light. But everything has the limit. Pay attention to how natural disasters became frequent. They will amplify. But the human spirit is silent. How many misfortunes have to occur still that he at last woke up? When the people will powerfully rise against forces of destruction pushing them in a chasm of nuclear war, to madness of dark and their accomplices will be put an end.
389. (M. A. Y.). Against a spatial infection and a clouding it is possible to struggle only unification with Hierarchy of Light, persistent and uninterrupted. Otherwise not preserve consciousness against poison. The set poisons with it, but the reasons don't know, both carry, and attribute to the temporary reasons. This misunderstanding even more deepens it harmed because, without knowing the reason, it is impossible to eliminate it.
390. (June 20). Only when action is made not in the name and and desires of egoism, there is it self-sacrificing, or sacrificial. In the beginning aspiration of all teach and to have more pupils very strongly. It is egoism уявляет itself. Then, in process of spirit growth, the aspiration to teach disappears and is born understanding that mentoring is a victim and it on the teacher imposes the obligation to fulfill the duty up to the end. The pupil is borrowed not, but forever. Pupils are a mental freight on the leader because, sharing with the pupil knowledge, the teacher extends the way to the Nirvana. Responsibility for pupils is of a bike. And only when there is a thought: "Yes this Bowl passes me", – the leader becomes the true instructor. The self-shown teaching amusing the egoism, costs the little. But that those not numerous spirits which can become, over time Teachers are more valuable. Such pupil already understands, is how heavy, both is ungrateful, and his share if he works not in the name, but Called is difficult. Let's be glad to that the understanding of it already lights up consciousness.
391. (June 24). It is so much life, and in them there are so much houses, things, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, enemies and passersby. And anything the, anything, belonging on the entire time.In total only for term, not further lives of one short. And even body and other covers, even they not the and too only for a while. Can own everything only refused everything, not having anything the, that is nothing considering the right has on everything. It is one of the most difficult couples of contrasts for neutralization that is for understanding and understanding. We live in temporary, but eternal, in eternity we live, in Boundlessness, phenomenon temporariness in aspect. The timeless spirit lives, given passing shapes and surrounded with all passing. It is impossible to change it, but it is possible to understand, and this understanding will give to spirit strength to go through life, considering nothing and without becoming attached to anything. And without tying consciousness to the passing phenomena flowing by, to a stream it is similar. To catch and hold elements eternal in a stream of quickly flashing phenomena will be achievement of spirit. Consciously to bring together them and to accumulate it will be familiar to a high step. To live in eternal, realizing sense of dreams terrestrial, will be already finding of the narrow track conducting in immortality. And a task all in that, leading externally life usual and doing the duty before people, to be other-worldly, not from this life final, but from the world of other, My World when the enduring essence of my Days in days terrestrial, human and usual begins itself display. And then the mankind, this great orphan on Earth, not having anything the, though considering something the, can enter possession of the space inheritance, which in eternity and which is prepared to it from the beginning of times.
392. (M.A.Y.). About the elements of eternity collected consciously in the Bowl, it is possible to tell much. Their main sign will be that they aren't limited cycle of one embodiment long, but go out of its limits. Expressly I speak – the "cycle", embracing myself not only terrestrial life, but also post mortal existence. Anchors are thrown far forward, in the following life and many lives, because they out temporarily. Each thought, either feeling, or quality of the spirit, directed in the future out of limits of a circle of hopelessness to which people limited themselves, will be particles of values enduring. Communication with the Teacher of Light and sent it will be a thread stretched in Eternity. The collector of elevated treasures we call the one who understood that he has to collect and accumulate in the Bowl. Focus of the appendix of energy of spirit is simply transferred from the dense world in extra dense, because the Bowl one for all embodiments and is only the integral property of Immortal Identity of the person.
393. (Guru). I want to pay your attention to extra temporariness of space communications. They are established through appearance of temporary physical covers of those spirits with which Communication is established. These covers serve as though as the link connecting to Chosen Spirit. But the consciousness should concentrate on something before coming into contact. This purpose is served also by the Chosen Image. The sense and value of an image-respect also consists in it. The icon, that is the Face represented on it, serves as the intermediary of communication with Spirit of the one Who on it is represented. Of course, premised thought connects.
394. (June 25). Firmness of spirit becomes tempered as well on trifles. Not only hunger, cold and other big tests strengthen this quality, but also small and small pricks, troubles and chagrin aren't less effective by results. The main thing is not to stop advance, despite everything. If it is reached, all other, saddening and detaining, loses the sting. It is good to accustom it to thought that each blow, a prick and burdening can give an impulse for advance acceleration. It is good when it is possible to tell them, torturers cruel and ardent: "As you’re bad actions because I approach to the Stronghold are useful to Me. All of you, with of cruelty, will leave there, from where came, and I will continue the way to the Lord as I continue now, contrary to your conscious or unconscious, but to spiteful actions. And if you aren't kind, it is your way, but ways our different". To them, cruel and dark, it is possible even to forgive because the evil-memory saddens the one who allows it. The quiet passionless relation deprived of feelings spiteful or unfriendly is better. Balance it is better to extinguish these attempts to wound you consciously or unconsciously. Only remember them strongly, because they not from Light, but darkness because, create badly under the influence of the dark.
395. (M. A. Y.). If Bases of the Doctrine are accepted strong in consciousness, they is imperceptible, but persistently, perhaps, slowly but surely transform all essence of the pupil, from time to time display consequences of this hidden work happening in depths of spirit. It isn't necessary the squeezed-out efforts – consequences can't but be if Bases are accepted. You feel as times as the horizon as the spirit was exempted from many heaps as the false knowledge disappeared extended. Besides conscious work on, transformation of spirit goes this way. Therefore it is so important to approve Doctrine Bases, introducing them in consciousness by repetitions. They should be accepted, results of acceptance will be a logical and natural consequence of the accepted.
396. (Guru). Life transfer in thought and thoughts to spirit spheres – the guarantee will be that terrestrial affairs will lose the power over consciousness. It isn't enough to accept thought of a transient of the current hour mind, it should be assimilated heart. Spirit citadel – heart which fights always. It is possible to charge to it assimilation of thoughts elevated. Heart will be the guard in night because, also it at night fights. The thought put by the night on heart, will be awake during a dream. It is possible even to talk to the heart, charging it execution of the conceived thoughts. It is possible to call heart spirit body. The body sleeps and needs a dream, but heart constantly is a wake.
397. (June 27). The present is a past consequence, and visible there is an identification of the invisible. After all the past too is invisible because, goes to space. The past can be seen if to have access to Akasha's rolls. In the same way it is possible to see both invisible That and another, that is both last, and invisible, exist. The science already intruded long ago in area invisible and gradually expands it. Nearby that time when that is denied nowadays, will be accepted as reality. In the past by mankind it was denied so much undoubted that ignorance needs to be surprised only all-planet. Denials are insolvent at least only because, in the world astral everything is reflected in images that are generated by mind of the person. Means, all this somehow and somewhere exists. Thin it is necessary to enter the World well prepared for all surprises. Otherwise not avoid shock. It is good to know also all variety of forms of life of people occupying Earth not to be surprised any more to anything. People usually transfer the features and use details to the World Thin. Seldom who is exempted from them consciously. Readiness to meet there it is quiet and without surprise all variety of forms of life of the people, real and former, will be already certain step of an apprenticeship. About Elevated stay it is necessary to attend in advance. Armed with the Doctrine of Life can quietly enter this area it is invisible real, not visible only to an eye terrestrial, but existing in space of another dimensions.
398. (M. A. Y.). The belief till the end and belief contrary to everything and something is the mighty engine of spirit, because it is immutable conducts it to the purpose far. Certainly, such belief is based on a sense-knowledge and is approved by heart. It simply knows counter to evidence that the fiery reality is most real that at present temporarily surrounds the person. The fiery reality lives in eternity, it other-worldly things passing. Its sparks get into the terrestrial world, impregnating consciousness looking for and helping them to collect the elements of immortality which are so necessary for life in Elevated.
399. (Guru). Let's take one more step to the future: it is inevitable, it inevitably, therefore, preparation for it is necessary. We arm with knowledge for the sake of the future. It is ridiculous to think that with death of a body all comes to an end. But body not spirit. Transferring consciousness life to spirit area, we broaden the sphere of its activity, subjects moderating the power of a body over it. One live under the power of a body, others is the spirit. One strong are mortal, others approve immortality of the spirit still having been obese. Immortality is reached by this final journey.
400. (June 30.). ((It isn't so easy to approve itself in Light because; evidence strong counteracts everything that with it won't be coordinated. Not only "terrestrial wisdom – hostility against God", but also all use narrow-minded which demands cares and attention endlessly. How to coordinate terrestrial with Elevated, dense with the Highest? Actions and acts of every day! It is necessary to work and arrive as if we, making a way distant, for a while stopped there where the destiny brought us. Anything in this temporary environment doesn't belong to us, all only for a while. At theater or cinema we don't take seen for reality, though we endure talented execution. Here and in life usual: whatever convincing she seemed, all this only Maya of the dense world. What occurred about twenty years ago, too seemed real, but where all it? Maya one dream was replaced with others, - but I with you always and over evidence dense. Therefore look for in Me and with Me. Each thought of Me – a ray of light in space. It is possible to reach only together with Me. Where you will come one? So we will be together in everything to moderate a celebration of vanity and successfully to fight with mirage Maya.