Agni Yoga's facets, 1966 (401-550)

401. (June 26). Terrible time, heavy and is of the terrible time. You hurry to escape. Hasten to in the rescue. It is possible to consider that everything, what not from spirit, is doomed to whirlwinds to destruction. And they already rustle, already, to a hurricane is similar, will sweep away creation of the leaving world. Also the darkness rages. Feature of time was specified in ancient prophecies. Here it also approaches. What to do to sustain till the end and to resist? To Me turn all consciousness and heart open towards to Beams from the Stronghold. Children My, beloved children, adjoin Me continuously and be with Me.
402. (M. A. Y.). Merge-in the spirit. Consciousness with consciousness is merged in the spirit. Many are looking for solution to physically get closer but you can live side by side, under the roof of one, and often see each other, and yet be in the spirit of distant. So the only spiritual closeness is effective. It will approve all the measures, all the desire and all the thought. She said over all constraints on the external environment and on top of all the movements of the astral, on top of all that is transient and temporary.
403. (Guru). A dangerous time to let them is blessed for fiery and heading toward the spirit. For if the voltage increases, the opportunities multiply accordingly. Some perish under the blows of the waves; others are praising the wave crest and allow hurtle over the raging waves of menacing. And if at the bottom of a raging storm, sweeping away all that loose, the upper is total silence and equilibrium is not broken riot elements. Peace of mind is the sphere spirit, where they reach the turbulent waves of phenomena on Earth.
404. (Guru). Changes in life are necessary not grow neither to a place, nor to conditions. But if the aura doesn't grow, then there is no already such urgent need in changes. Though nevertheless it is recommended not to remain long on one place, but it is already perfect for other reasons namely because dark too densely surround and establish strong guards, strengthening wrecking. Nevertheless it is better to change places. Only fiery fortress of Ashram allows remain on one place is already safe for his founder.
405. (June 28). Advance of spirit goes over all temporary phenomena of any order. It will be an inalterability way. It is necessary to know, as from the Thin World fans of personification can throw any thoughts if only to discompose and something to break symmetry of movement. Therefore readiness has to be on forty forted different cases. Besides all perception give experience of the critical and analytical relation to them. Yes! We should trust. But after all and besides Us is a lot of wishing to inspire the most various thoughts – from good to bad and even shameful. Great vigilance, vigilance and thinning of heart are required unmistakably to understand everything. But, as It is specified, it is necessary to show readiness for the most unexpected changes both in your private life, and in public. Change the South goes under the sign of surprises.
406. (M. A. Y.). Completeness of merge of consciousnesses assumes also a faultlessness of the perceptions arriving as result of such association. But this circumstance shouldn't weaken the patrol phenomenon. On the advanced line of the mental front there can't be a sweet immersion in pink dreams. Severe, intense vigilance is necessary also constant readiness to reflect enemy attacks. As well impetuous desire, and any emotions, even the most sublime, but not constrained, it is necessary to withdraw. The severe self-control and restraint in words, feelings and all movements of an astral are insistently necessary. The instruction on mastering by has to be followed strictly.
407. (M. A. Y.). Stay of consciousness in a neutral point of balance allows operate energy on poles. In it force of power of tranquility. It is time to understand for a long time that balance is the force against which nobody is able to resist. Seeking for mastering by this power, wish it, all measures put to awareness of this great quality. And if in something once failed, or damage, or even defeat, so didn't learn to work in an equilibrium state yet.
408. (June 29). In among constantly changing internal and external environment of the person, the kernel of spirit remains invariable spontaneous in itself element of fiery integrity. Covers accrue, kernel stratifications collect, but its invariable essence stays not touched with these processes. At each cycle of an embodiment all bodies, one behind another are dumped to be formed again at a new embodiment, but the Highest Triad remains with all accumulation of spirit which invest its kernel. With the bodies left spirit the Nature isn't considered, starting up their matter in processing. It isn't considered and with the identity of the person, knowing that the personality is doomed to destruction after passed on to the Highest Triad the experience terrestrial. In the old writing people are called as the word "mortal". In it is the great Truth. At the right time to remember words: "Provide dead to bury the dead persons, you follow Me", in eternal life on the way of immortality of the spirit which kernel is eternal, it isn't destroyed and it is indestructible, seeking to transfer the consciousness to its sphere thus.
409. (M. A. Y.). The balance will come back until it is approved. We should start with astral. He must be silenced, and just when he wants to show his contrariness. And he's ready to vibrate at all strong, just to survive. It's his life. It is indifferent, as affected by the health of the entire system, or he wants to live the emotions of any order, just to satisfy his insatiable nature only. Silver bridle spirit is superimposed on the warm inner lining. The years spent in the writings of devotees and efforts to curb this beast in itself. Survival and is persevering, as slippery and sly and in need of unconditional obedience.
410. (Guru). You know, that those, who joined the teachings, ready and eager to listen or read these entries. Why? Is it because they applied the Fiery Spirit of Bishop printing! Is it because they are in line with the teachings of Life, is it because give answers to many questions of life? Yes, because!
411. (June 30). Accidental not be. It is good if it understood that is the most necessary for what live, what sense of an embodiment in life that it is possible to collect and save up to take further with itself in a way distant. Things you won't take, but knowledge, but experience and the qualities of spirit approved in application, – it is possible. It is necessary to learn to hold strong the Silver Thread of spirit binding with the Teacher of Light. It is necessary to understand better, what most wonderful opportunities are given by life. Let everyone go the individual way, to it closer and conformable, but goes, but forward, but there where the Teacher Calls. The Teacher Sends the Blessing and the Benefit.
412. (M. A. Y.). Be quiet for the future, but the planned way don't deviate. Know that judgmented to people the future – will be. It is necessary to enter it prepared. The doctrine gives the chance to understand sense of occurring events. Be approved in knowledge of the Doctrine because there is nothing in life more important.
413. (Guru). Correctly, discipline of spirit – a self-necessary condition of following on the way. Let realize value of a rhythm in work and opportunity with its help to reach what in the regular way can't be reached. Let will scent itself in Beams of care and love of the Teacher and will understand that it is possible easily and to expand freely consciousness and grow spirit, if in an inner world the Teacher of Light is put above all.
414. (July 2). True, the Ministry is a victim, and great service is a great Sacrifice. This sacrifice is not an easy one. Self-servige gives masturbation, it entertains his selfhood. Self-phenomenon Teachers and mentors, satisfying their thirst and edify, admonish yourself these are comforting. And the thought of them and taking care of yourself, but flow is not about those, they imagine, assist. It is a very famous type of serving its self. There's no self-denial and oblivion itself. Looks like all is well and revealed high words but silent heart unable to kindle the lights at those who are seeking spiritual food. They are very eager to teach and give advice and particularly want to recruit students, strong touting their "in your backyard". Love these Teachers to suppress the will of someone else’s. And reproach the teachings, resulting from it, as should quotations be negligent, according to them, man. Teacher self-phenomenon, don't you!
415. (M. A. Y.). Big return is always accompanied by treasury devastation, however, short and temporary, but nevertheless very notable and burdensome. Correctly, at these moments of exhaustion of forces it is good to restore physical exhaustion at least short, but absolute rest. The fast harmonization of auras at casual and rare meetings demands very big expenditure of forces, and it should be avoided, except for emergency cases.
416. (July 3). In solving several issues of good focus on Head and solve their questions how would join him. Too terrestrial mind that it was possible to rely on it in everything is limited. Teacher invites act with him together in everything. The self is very disturbing such unity, demanding attention. But why pay attention to what is doomed and that is limited to the small circle of its manifestations. This is not feasible. Fruitful becomes the mind liberated from the tyranny of the self and identity, it has saddled. Useful contacts with nature. Speed of movement, it is helpful to relieve an aura of heavy and dense particles of matter. Matter understands widely, up to the finest of her revelations. It surrounded. It is a part of all of our agents, or solids, up to and including light body. But its degree of dilution and refinement are very different. Even the dense fabric of the physical body drunkards and the Arhat is different. It is necessary to be able to distinguish between the external forms of domestic identical the difference of their content. The rising arc of the planetary cycle leads to a diluted and refinement of matter and all life forms living on the Earth, and the earth itself. Humanity is at the ascending arc. This is the essence of evolution. This entire task not appropriate will be thrown out of the flow of life as a space sor-from greatest to small-small held these phenomena the Fiery hell, leading to a distant goal, closing the cycle so that you can start a new one.
417. (Guru). We talk, we repeat: be ready dauntlessly and calmly meet wave events. Come to confusion and people have based the newly confident sanctity that surrounds them, and the rightness of his sanctity negations. Never, deniers, ignorant, dull brains, will be thrown. Where to go, appalled at what will not be denied? Maybe they will raise your head to the sky, and not as the pigs – only to land.
418. (July 4). The tank of spirit has everyone, but its depth, size and the contents are various. The tank of Spirit of the Lord – it is necessary to think of it. Its center - is It’s the Bowl with all its accumulation beyond all lives. Arhat's consciousness to the Bowl has access. Ordinary people – are very limited. The tank of spirit is filled as well with radiations of aura of all conductors, both vibrations of thoughts, and thoughts especially dominating. The device human is difficult. Also he is so a little studied by science. The essence of the person is expressed in his aura. The past is imprinted in the Bowl. The tank of spirit comprises both last, and real the person.
419. (M. A. Y.). The richness of the inner world and experiences associated with it can be so deep and interesting that the encouragement of the ambient twilight fade into the background and is not the burden of consciousness. And then there is not difficult to imagine how a Yogi-hermit in a secluded cave in the mountains can live a bright and busy life, taking an active part in the Affairs of the world or the fate of individual human beings. Not for him the limits of dense world. Defeated, and no space distances.
420. (M. A. Y.). Attraction and deduction of pupils from the instructor requires one condition (among other): of the thinking about the pupil, but not about itself and transferring of consciousness to the sphere of its aspirations that, having entered into it to channelize correct to them. Then the magnet of spirit starts working powerfully and the comer behind Light remains with the instructor, - but not to hold the pupil, if the thought and care of the self-shown Teacher flow about itself. Radiations of a magnet of its spirit, directed on them, lose attractive force.
421. (July 7). The consciousness can contain only certain quantity of impressions; the others will pour out as from the overflowed bowl. Therefore if the consciousness is filled to edges with and places any more doesn't remain to contain that goes from the Teacher. It is necessary to avoid self-filling and to leave a place for perceptions of impersonal character. It is easy to see consequences of self-fullness around if to observe. All are occupied by themselves, the interests, all "rush" with the failures, all are captured illusive "I", both of the acquisition, and accumulation of terrestrial things and riches, all are attached to illusive property. Very few people think that all this to anything because it is deprived of final sense. The personality with all that overflows her, is so elusive and is temporary that the highest "I" dump her and leaves as unusable "peel", having absolutely ceased to be interested in everything that occupied it, but having selected and having taken with myself all valuable, everything that from spirit, everything that helped expansion of consciousness and ennobled it. So, for example, the highest "I" with myself won't take a check-book or expensive service, but memories of fine melodies, of thoughts winged or dedicated actions and a feat or particles of Intimate Knowledge will accompany the Immortal Triad further. It is so important to understand what exactly valuable and integral property of the person is.
422. (M. A. Y.). We lead the bright, colorful, filled life, but our works, our work, our cares flow not about themselves. It isn't necessary to think of myself because small "I" don't already a place in those spheres where we show the activity. On a key of love the great symphony of life is played. And, despite unreasonable tension, the pleasure and aspiration overflowed heart. Also there are no words to transfer these feelings.
423. (Guru). Of informative value of art think a little. And meanwhile art is a way of cognition of those phenomena and life areas which can't be learned some other way. The poet and the artist as though begin to see clearly in essence of things and see what differently can't be seen. It is possible to ask to itself a question: from where the composer scoops the melodies? From itself? But they in it aren't present, they come from where. From where? It contacts what spheres to receive a material for the creativity? Art is a direct way to understanding of the Highest Worlds.
424. (July 8). When the mind becomes silent, you cannot awaken it to the sound of any artificial measures. One must then wait it out, knowing what consciousness is the inevitable Pralaya albeit temporary, to the rising phenomenon of spirit. Not left, not forgotten, there is no exclusion, but there are alternating waves of rhythm, which exalt the spirit even higher on the crest of the wave's progress going.
425. (M. A. Y.). As moods human are changeable, in what hopeless slavery there are people at the astral! There is no constancy, there is no balance and isn't present under support feet. Here also rush about, tormented by this violent cover. The pupil has to show tranquility, inflexible anything. In a rigid and firm hand the silver bridle of spirit keeps. It is impossible to please for whom - or to something to indulge the clown inside. Achievement of tranquility should be put above everything that can break it and often so breaks.
426. (Guru). Not reached here – there's not achievable if the lights were extinguished and if conquering hearts still carries forward steadily.
427. Maybe it's better that not so acute sensitivity to perceive as prevalent as wanted. You can never survive. Take a can only be a certain number of spatial poison.
428. (M. A. Y.). Yes, Yes, Yes – to preserve and protect the Ashram from the dark must be maintained permanently, nor for a moment without weakening them. If dark constantly on guard to harm, and we must always be on guard. Vigil of the spirit is also in this. The decree is short and sweet: "Let not snoozing spear over the Dragon.
429. (July 10). People in contact with each other are always invisible interaction and stronger auras aura wins. The eye is not visible, but clearly perceptible if it focuses. Nor one of human touch not remains without the consequences. This process can be controlled by an invisible and not show weakness, obeying another's aura vibration. Verbiage weakens a protective network. The conscious sober silence reinforces it. You cannot give the power plane itself display astral emotionality violates solidity will. In iron blinders it is necessary taking astral. Pretty of leniency the buffoon.
430. (Guru). Biped recognize only force, biped reckon only with it. Trample the heel on weakness and despise it. Therefore it is necessary to be spirit strong. Otherwise - rumple. They will scent this force instantly and will cautiously stand aside. But, if feel weakness, fear, either fear, or ingratiation, either a creep, or flattery and all other similar feelings humiliating advantage of spirit, won't miss an opportunity to humiliate if it isn't obvious, is hidden. But their reaction to all this will be always certain and deprived of any respect for the low-worshipping person. And from good people similar feelings of praise won't receive because the creep is condemned. People aren't able to store spirit advantage, and it is very necessary and in this world, and in that. People don't seek to accumulate the valuable qualities of spirit which are so necessary in a long journey.
431. (July 12). It is possible to wonder that is already made concerning the statement of desirable qualities of spirit. Whether stir it concessions to crafty hands and aspiration to be accustomed to others limitation. To speak on consciousness – at all doesn't mean to sound in unison with ignorance in consciousness of the interlocutor. The advantage of spirit demands other measures in attempt to influence people well.
432. (M. A. Y.). As good as valuable as instructive and useful to all oppression, coming from the people! How much they teach! How fast are they growing consciousness and extend it. To counteract ambient is multiplied by the power of the spirit. There is also growing recognition of the value of good and friendly relations, so rare among humans.
433. (Guru). Aspiration can not only maintain, but also making deliberately it flare up stronger and stronger until it starts itself powerfully and consistently lead to the goal. Well make it a rule to give this some time.
434. (July 13). We Break everything that from darkness and We Collect creates of the Benefit. Long experience allows behave irrespective of external conditions. The spirit world – over them and in it reigns thought. In captivity at external conditions the ignorant. It is exempted from them learning. And of slavery, and of freedom – all is in the spirit of. But slaves to the slavery don't realize. It is impossible to reject chains if not to see and to feel their burden. It is possible to call the doctrine of freedom the Life Doctrine. Children of Fire become sons of freedom.
435. Nothing can happen externally, but internally can completely transform and reach people higher step illumination. The road goes in. The emphasis is on the mind and thought. Great Work not noticeable to ordinary eyes. Only darkness to it is countering strong, because of the astral world is visible Light illumination. Luminosity of spirit is it isn't transferable for darkness. The power of propertied comes to her through mastery of him. How valuable each, even the slightest, the force, claiming this victory over them. Small seed can produce great wood. And unreached and not forwarded here is feasible and achievable, where everything is driven by the thought, if saved aspiration. How to capture the fiery and indelibly concept of the all-achievement! Where there is a thought, it is going on, all and only the lack of latitude and freedom of thought are likely to limit the achievement.
436. (M. A. Y.). At each this moment the quality of spirit closest on time especially strongly sounds. These days the thought of power of spirit is the brightest. Power of spirit is dream of mankind. It is achievable because "the power over any flesh" is given to the person. But who trusts it now, in a century of powerful equipment? The non-believer won't reach it because denial brings into anything. The fiery device of the person is wonderful. Functions of the centers lit are wonderful, - marvelous of conscious manifestation in various envelopes. Bikes also aren't limited to anything possibilities of the person, and there is no limit to growth of power of spirit. But the way to it lies on the ground, and feet human it is necessary to pass on it, and hands to create great action. So Heavenly and terrestrial are combined, and their association is created by spirit and in the spirit of. The way of spirit is wonderful. In life of every day, on small affairs and thought the person lays the way to tops. The narrow track conducting in life is found, and Boundlessness opens to an eye – Boundlessness Real and boundlessness of opportunities of spirit, its growth and achievements.
437. (Guru). Can I be embarrassed that so little is done and achieved, when we face the infinity and when on the road continued in her aspirations, there is nothing which the human spirit could not be implemented? However, overnight get nowhere. But the man out temporarily, and time is the only condition, while the condition is temporary, allowing you to grow and expand consciousness surrounded by the dense, Earth. Already in the subtle world time loses its self-sufficient value. Even on Earth movement overthrows the conventional view quickness of time. Relativity of its recognized of science. But the spirit is eternal and out temporarily. Even dreams are out temporarily. Surrounded on all sides by miracles, but the people do not want to see, because looking down but not up. But the path is by the stars, and the stars above your head, but not underfoot. Path star is the lot of a person.
438. (July 15). How can we expect big proceeds, if consciousness does not match? The law is exactly matches. The creature appears in constant alignment with judgmented future. It is first and foremost in the minds of the waiting. Getting is on the consciousness. Good to learn to lead yourself into a State of harmony with focus of light.
439. (M. A. Y.). Generally speaking, harmonious ambient condition man should not hurt. But even the Arhat is not protected from the worst effects of hostility. It shows how to child oneself from evil influences, in contact with people. Continuous protection of your body to some extent protects against harmful influences. But even Christ was removed in the wilderness to restore strength and balance. Testament Teacher – keep the balance all the forces of the spirit. Spirit's power grows on resistance to disbalance. Wide the field of means develop closely the energy, being at the disposal of the person.
440. (Guru). You can customize your consciousness to a minute not passed in vain. And boredom was already not going. In addition to the total and any exercise as much in need of help, and you can always practice the strength of spirit. In short, set yourself on the key of continuing usefulness. And space, too, needs a good saturation. So it's time to do his own ghostly self and his feelings, no longer remains, all it is doing-like glow. These are achieved by oblivion it’s small ' I ' removal from it and full-aspiration, concern, and dedicated following the Lord.
441. (July 16). Let's store unshakable tranquility in the face of the most unexpected events, because preventions were given. The expected the unexpected prevents the phenomenon of the shock, able to paralyze nerves. So, even the irrepressible pleasure can do harm. Balance is a basis of powerful action. From Our employees we Demand balance preservation in rough whirlpool of events. About what troubles, when Hierarchy Light Phenomenon the power! For years prepared for this moment. Here he comes. Check the readiness. Arm with tranquility and meet waves fearlessly, quietly and in full consciousness of the events.
442. (M. A. Y.). Even against not denied into the dark try to poison of doubt and distrust that is perpetrated by overseers. One must take note that and do not succumb to their suggestions. Their fate is of sad. Wait so be sure clear, joyful, but calm.
443. (July 17). The consciousness partition on "here and there" is conditional. All is "NOWADAYS and here", if in the spirit. Spirit omnipresence is its intimate property. Divisibility is caused by this its quality. Other its property is out temporarily. Real, last and the future too are conditional. All is "NOWADAYS and here". Akasha's rolls are read in the present; though concern the past, because there are they "NOWADAYS". The far future is begun to see clearly by seers in the present, that is "NOWADAYS". In it is phenomenon out temporarily of spirit. The distance phenomenon too is conditional because in the spirit of it is possible to see and hear the events in the distance. A lot of things depend on a spirit step on a life ladder. But potentially it he these properties possesses. The statement "you are gods" serves as the certificate of that spirit potentially the ubiquitous, omniscience, omnipotence’s, – the word, and all those qualities which people usually attribute to the Deity concludes qualities. It is great, immeasurably distance meanwhile that the person represents himself now, and what he becomes once.
444. (Guru). Let the deepened and brightened-up consciousness’s will learn to see in statements as though contradicting each other not contradictions, but different poles of a thing uniform and to be able to bring into harmony of the phenomenon of contrasts. Otherwise they will get confused in these seeming contradictions. The understanding of the dual nature of things is Arhat's property. At old schools this property called "neutralization of binder". But it isn't names and terminology, but in acquisition of bipolar sight when the beginning and the end, cause and effect, a past and the future, that is the phenomenon as a whole, become visible to fiery consciousness. Each phenomenon has the antisituation. The one-legged person can assimilate the one who sees one end of a stick though logically other its end isn't denied even if it and it isn't visible.
445. (M. A. Y.). Us, no visible physical eyes and distant, we are claiming the other pole of things – claim a thin semblance out of the dense world. It is evident in the region. Visibility and invisibility are nearby and are inseparable from each other. Just real, albeit invisible, there is a World of Bishop. Rushing towards him and his arguing, build a House for his spirit on the rock of Eternal Life Foundation.
446. (July 18). Achievement is a State of mind, when there is neither external nor internal cannot affect sustainable change spirit. Not so dangerous are the external conditions, as the internal state of consciousness and what happens to the shells. Good to learn to look at what happens in them as the thread current by not addressing their cervical jets and essence of the beholder. Even prophecy cannot be executed. What does it mean? Foundations remain intact. Moods can change under the influence of the currents of space. What did it! They will be held, as were those that were before. And we stand firmly and tightly as the rocky cliff of stormy seas. Let sweeps past the life stream, would not affect them and forever looking.
447. (M. A. Y.). Not changeable moods will make their relationship with parts of the hierarchy of light that connect us with the staircase light. The mood will pass, but the link will remain, if it was not interrupted. Broken of link is tenuous.
448. (Guru). "The lord is unchangeable". We will study also to steady constancy among the various movements going in our covers and all being made outside, because all these will pass, but there will be that over a rough stream of life.
449. (July 19). The heat doesn't promote action of mental energy. The mode of cold available at heights facilitates a lot of things. The world Thin there is closer also than poisoning with the condensed atmosphere of lowlands there less. Also that weight which is felt in more dense beds isn't surprising. Contact with the lower class of the Thin World at weakness of will threaten with obsession. You see as people of Earth easily give in to suggestions of the dark. Let patrol will be vigilant.
450. (M. A. Y.). How much is expressed in the human view. Just do not want to notice, because crowded her and him. Every observation requires some degree of detachment from oneself and one's personal thoughts. Even in this is the need for detachment from oneself. Any local culture demands it.
451. (Guru). Whether creativity can run low? At constancy of Communication with Hierarchy can't. And, if ran low, so contact weak, or discontinuous. Means, personal, the Teacher and his World wins first place in consciousness, instead of.
452. (July 20). The person often and a lot of things forget, especially by an old age, but don’t cease to be it. As well in the Thin World, having exempted from a body, it can forget a lot of things, but keep consciousness and not cease to feel as itself. Also it keeps the Identity, having dumped thin and mental bodies. The covers investing the person aren't the person, but temporary clothes of spirit. And it is very important to transfer consciousness to spirit area that loss of temporary covers didn't influence. All covers are mortal, but the spirit is immortal; identifying itself with them, the person becomes mortal; identifying itself with spirit which isn't subject to death, the person becomes immortal and his consciousness concentrates in its Immortal reincarnating Triad. Everything that is in covers, certainly and mortally, everything that collects in a Bowl being property of Identity doesn't die and accompanies it in all lives.
453. (M. A. Y.). With desires of an astral, especially with desires of a low order, it is possible not to be considered at all because there is no end to them. This irrepressible cover should be put severely on the place; differently it will seize consciousness and will cast it into ruin. Identifying itself with an astral, the person can't neither be exempted from it, nor subordinate him to the will as considers that the astral is and there is he. But, having separated itself from this temporary cover and having become from it as though aside, he can act already independently and separately from it. In the smoker, the drunkard and the addict we have examples of the terrible power of an astral over consciousness. Consequences its bikes also are destructive. The one who aspires to a primacy of spirit, first of all has to approve the power over an astral.
454. (Guru). The space of all measurements includes everything. In this huge receptacle of everything that was, is and will be, the spirit exempted from a body can easily become puzzled. But, that it didn't happen, are channelized it true and the purpose is a Hierarchy of Light. So, knowing where and to whom it goes the confusion at the boundless ocean of space doesn't know. But dismay also doesn’t know a gleam not having directions spirits.
455. (July 21). 455. The reflection about power of spirit increases its force and is unconsciously felt as people around. Thought concentration on the weakness, powerlessness and helplessness too is perceived surrounding, causing in them the corresponding reaction. Therefore thoughts of the second order shouldn't be allowed, because the human cruelty immediately will try to use others weakness or vulnerability to itself on advantage. Any animal or even animal won't dare to rush to the yogi. Any person won't dare to mention what mental force he unconsciously feels. Understanding of the force is a board powerful. Also it is even not necessary to lift a fiery sword for blow if this understanding is rather strong. Carefully it is necessary to issue and crystallize this idea of power of a violet Teresa. It can't lift the board if this representation didn't pour out in a strong, strong, fiery form. Our pupil shouldn't himself display a defenseless lamb.
456. (M. A. Y.). To receive, it is necessary to bring something that was to what to put. If to put there is nothing, receiving can't take place. About it often forget wanting to receive. But the Law is invariable, and its violation is impossible. If to give not brought anything, the donation will spill in vain. After all It is told that that has will be taken away from the poor also. But people pass without attention of that it is undesirable to them to know. And the Law is exact and clear. If you want to receive, you bring each time at least slightest that was to what to put.
457. (Guru). We welcome amateur performance manifestation because it already is a gift. Concept of amateur performance we will accept widely, both external, and internal. Amateur performance internal causes the birth of beams self-proceeding and is the best gift to space. Of spatial value of psych activity of the person think a little and don't attach it special significance whereas to its products absorbed the aura of a planet and is cemented space. As it is important that the person takes out "from treasure of the heart"!
458. (July 22). Cooperation with Us is always voluntary. Against the will of the employee and against his desire it is impossible to work in common. Therefore a necessary condition of such cooperation is the aspiration from its party to in common created work. At dark everything is based on cruel tyranny and suppression of foreign will through fear and other unseemly ways of submission of consciousness. In it is of distinction. They seek to inflate passions and desire their satisfaction to bind hand and foot the victim and to attach it to an evil chariot. Slavery at darkness is the worst type of slavery.
459. At approach of Terms astrochemical conditions of a planet will change. Also space saturation changes also. And that was impossible quite recently, becomes judgment both possible and feasible. The secret of Terms isn't given to of people.
460. (Guru). The karma can be changed by impetuous aspiration to cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. Such ardent aspiration burns gray accumulation of the past and exempts from it spirit. The aspiration to Light is the powerful force changing essence of the person.
461. (M. A. Y.). And, if on the one hand, the soaring and increasing manifestations of dark sides in man, which is particularly noticeable now, then, on the other, are amplified and the good start. The difference is that the manifestation of evil strikes the eye, while the good little noticeable. So good media began as though still in the shade, but the evil is display yourself openly.
462. (Guru). Walk to the Light to Teachers across the land. So go ahead, those who heart — aghast at what they deaden the cruelty and selfishness. They are around you, but your ways are different. There can be, but they go into the darkness, you are to light. Do not be deceived by the fact that they close are pounded. They have betrayed themselves and closeness of this darkness is temporary and deceptive. The two will go next or sit at the same table, but one is already at the mercy of the dark and is attracted to dark pole, and the other to a pole light. So everyone works for the Court it’s over him, making himself the darkness or light.
463. (July 24). Thinking about big, it is easy to lose sight of the small. But where big and where small who can tell? Small things sometimes appear on the value bigger. On a small pebble it is possible to stumble. And the small mote before an eye covers all horizon. Therefore let the eye will be open both on small, and on big, without philosophizing over what is more important. Important everything and everything it is necessary to consider and take into account. On an orange-peel someone broke to itself a leg. The neglect to small details did a lot of harm to that who didn't want to reckon with them.
464. (M. A. Y.). It was stated that the end will be in abundance. Signs are given, hence judgment is approaching uncontrollably. This consciousness and go into it.
465. (Guru). You hear about atrocities. Darkness reveals itself in the latest frenzy and madness. Much is committed under the influence of the astral world and in direct and explicit winning another and more. Weak Shell cannot resist. Content reaches unprecedented forms and strength.
466. (July 26). We warned about burden of time. Here it in apogee. How is safe to pass through it? "Nowadays everyone everyday having postponed care", that is cares having left about it, but without allowing consciousness to fall under their influence and to forget that is most important. For this purpose the Image of the Teacher in heart will be the decision.
467. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to stand up to the end, having undergone and without breaking off the Silver Thread of communication.
468. (Guru). The Sentinel Tower of spirit, impregnable to external phenomena, looks knowing at all that around. An unwavering base of the Tower, and strong walls, and an onslaught of enemies are not afraid.
469. (M. A. Y.). The destruction is admissible and justified only when destruction is replaced by new and more appropriate to build. Break down and don't give nothing in return would be one-sided and unreasonable decision.
470. (Guru). Understanding of life, approved on the foundations, cannot be compared with the understanding the normal. Therefore, everything thinks routine, is subject to verification before it can accept or reject.
471. (July 29). If the poll people on a wide range of, would that tragedy much more than you can imagine. Deadlines intensify karmic retribution for the past. Why so much unhappiness about. Before entering the world of the new with the old estimates, should come to an end; flips the page history. Everything – both good and bad – is detected in a person completely. Bad – to of overcome. How can transform a person, if the past is not dead?
472. (July 30). When heart fires burn, expectation loses the burden. These fires do the far to relatives, because allow to realize reality. Reality of three worlds, destroying commonness limits, enters the person into those spheres of spirit where borders of the past are erased, present and future and where great, eternal reigns "NOWADAYS". Correctly the Apostle told: "Now as in mirror guessing". Small worlds of a narrow-minded commonness of reality themselves don't show. With death of a body they go out, being replaced with phantasmagoria of terrestrial remnants and subjects, in what the person cast himself, catching at shadows Maya. And whether that everyone bears in itself and with itself these illusive worlds is strange, believing in them reality by which they are deprived. It is possible to ask everyone: if what you live at present, really where all what happened to you five, ten, twenty years ago? After all then seemed same real, and, however, passed, both disappeared, and were replaced absolutely with other, same real seeming again. "All vanity and spirit languor", all – dreams passing. Reality of three worlds is absolutely other. Having concerned it, the spirit from a source of Eternal Truth satisfies thirst. The comer to Me in My Beams will understand "the Eternal Truth Real".
473. (M. A. S.). Hard to wait, not from itself the process of waining, and from intolerably heavy of conditions the end the black age. All, and knowledgeable, and the unlearned, smell and see this extraordinary thickening darkness and dehumanization of human hearts, not assuming to themselves the light. Acceleration of events increases, as well as voltage and evil. Already some of the heads of State and Government is clearly involved in a network of evil and crimes against humanity that are already open and stay cannot, for the inevitable end of the run. Our fatherland is the stronghold of the new world. The future of her is radiantly.
474. (Guru). Wait, no matter what. Wait for the contrary. Wait in the face of obvious tight approval all that Show in the Teachings, which is nearing the time of given tales.
475. (July 31). Misfortunes fall upon people to awaken spirit. And, if they don't succeed and people continue to persist in the ignorance, accidents, or cataclysms come. In the past it happened more than once. In the present it threatens a planet because great crimes are committed now on Earth. Lawlessness should be stopped. How? People to terrible preventions are deaf and blind. Continue to persist in an evil- makes Forces majeure are broken. Space balance can be broken only to a known limit which the unpredictable follows. So Atlantis behaved. Let's not repeat its way. Storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, diseases – all these terrible signs on which the mankind has to reflect.
476. (M. A.Y.). If you take away hope, human with him live then? Because the US is hope everyone striving spirit and gives of his consciousness. If expectations have not come true, what of the times they helped him to move and climb. The teacher often Gives hope to help get out the intricacies of dense conditions. Looking spirit lives with hope for the future. And it is, of course, comes, but perhaps not as draws his own people. Do not refuse the hope for a better future, for it is a mighty engine of life. Faith, hope and love are the three foundations, which consciousness.
477. (Aug. 1). Bipolar vision allows you to see both poles in every single thing the phenomenon of life. Consciousness is the median, then a neutral balance point, and it gives power over the two opposites and the knowledge that grief and joy is a single whole, but exposed at the poles. The aspiration and achievement, too, is one. The darkness of this and the Light of hail is oppositeness. "Standing at the Western Wall, know joy is coming. We should firmly grasp that any condition, even the most grievous, has his opposing pole. This confidence will give insight into the dual nature of things. We are in the "Hosanna" heard screams: "crucify him", you are sorely tested the current time realize the immutability of judgment happiness. It is a guaranty of black coming of age of light. The bipolarity of view depends on the ability of consciousness to contain a pair of opposites as one inseparable.
478. (M. A. Y.). It is also necessary to understand that break off consciousness’s are the phenomenon temporary, and not to philosophize at these moments crafty. It will be replaced by an opposite wave of lifting and new, deeper receipts. "The developed consciousness can't but have the rhythm", not depends on external conditions. Aren't forgotten and aren't left because you go by inalterability, and the judgment happiness is already close
479. (Guru). Correctly you believe that, facing various living conditions and without knowing which of the poles they to you will turn, it is necessary to have already ready decision on both cases. From a neutral point of balance it is possible to operate the phenomena on poles, but thus it is necessary to keep complete equilibrium.
480. (Aug. 2). Butterfly resets and begins to fly the cocoon. Personal, phantom self is the same cocoon. When the spirit grows, it should reset it if wants to fly. Self and personality in a cocoon of small fly. Because the key to climbing the spirit remains formula: "let him deny himself and follow Me." Personality, from one life to incarnation and using the identity, in which it is embodied, for gathering the necessary it skills and knowledge, is immortal, while the person dies and discharged sequentially all temporary shell, to mental, inclusive. Selfhood is its Supreme Triad consisting of 7, 6 and 5-th principles of native identity. The rest consists of elements of temporary and fleeting, and condemned to death. Because immortality is achieved by transferring the consciousness of the time his phone, or shells, into Immortal triad.
481. (M. A.Y.). Gradually life experience teaches that no amount of external circumstances, even the most serious and difficult, will not affect your relationship with those leads, and are merely testing the strength of Silver Thread, which is pushed on top of what's happening in the shells. The Citadel is built on the rock of eternal Spirit Foundation of Life, and nothing temporary no cannot she crush. Eternal and temporal occupy each of the places.
482. (Guru). So, everything consists in consciousness. External no value has. Spirit is over of everything. Understanding that, what all in the spirit, leads to understanding the Truth. How to claim, fiery and indelible, that the spirit over everything and atop everything! Be approved by consciousness on the basis of a primacy of spirit.
483. (Aug. 3). The matter is eternal, and life, but temporarily matter forms in which eternal life is shown is eternal. The eternal spirit is shown too in these temporary forms, but has in itself eternal life. It needs to be known and to believe in it before reaching an uninterrupted condition of consciousness that is immortality. It was told: "Believers in Me have eternal life". Faithless and denying no immortality of spirit of life has in that world because the thought there reigns. And the one, who in the thoughts denies life after death of a body, loses possibility of existence. Certainly, its spirit doesn't die, but the consciousness is dead because the thought denying life of life deprives. It was told: "On your belief it will be given you» that is on your thoughts and your ideas of possibility of life out of a body after release from it there will be also your life in Elevated. It denial is pernicious – power of thought denying life is shown in World Aboveground where everything is created and moves thought. Like stone idols, to negate of the life who have killed in life cost there. On Earth they are still live in a body, though died in the spirit of but where there is no body, the thought which or gives life there dominates, or her kills. Therefore, so important the thoughts it of immortality approve, for the present on of Earth. Great Teachers Came to Earth to tell or remind people of it, because memory human is short. But Proclamation quickly became covered by the latest stratifications and sank in numb interpretation, and the spirit of the Doctrine was replaced with a letter or dogma. Dark hierophant knows about immortality, but holds this knowledge for itself, trying to etch it from consciousness of people. And even big minds among negated don't understand, life in a body is how ridiculous and senseless if to consider that it and limits all.
484. (M. A. Y.). Don't look for perfection among imperfect people, but carefully and lovingly meet each knocking. And not on the shortcomings and imperfections of his will to think and how to help them break the cycle of despair thick, and rise above it, and a touch of reality all three worlds. No, because perfect people so valuable every spark of sincere aspirations, even if it broke out in hardened heart darkened his human flaws. Let's support her, and to blow in the flame, and will help to find the spirit of the narrow trail, focused leadership in life.
485. (Guru). Thought reigns and in dense world, only relics of its investigation do not see denies the eye. After all, human karma is nothing other than the results of his thinking, rather the deeds and actions by the thought. The idea is more important than the Act, because of its strength in action and exhausted. But if the thought were admitted, and no action has taken place, the energy that remains in the microcosm of man to appear in the Act at a later date. We will preserve of thought.
486. (Aug. 4). Rejoice in the opportunity of evolution of the spirit. The road goes in the spirit, on top of the outside. And when the immutability of the spirit cans not anything to stop-this is not only the spirit is swallowed up in victory over that entire out, but also over all three: body tight, thin body and mental body. In time past are phenomena of the external world, but the power they already have no consciousness of it. Spirit of freedom their senses from the shackles of the material world. Out is nothing. The evolution of the spirit in the spirit it is created. The crucifixion of spirit in matter and godparents flour only rapidly advance in evolution if realized great goal.
487. Knowing the stages of evolution, cosmically destined to humanity, not only allows you to see the main direction and find the closest approach to fulfilling the requirements of the moment. In other words, of transcendental consciousness is transferred to the ground elevation at which the hand and foot of the human to break the path. The doctrine does not allow abstract diversions. NOWADAUS and here is the ascent of the spirit. It involves all of humanity as a whole. All unable to rise is discarded as litter. Not capable of evolution of plant and animal species go extinct. Not capable of evolution of perfume become space garbage and to chuck out from the flow of evolution. The law of cause and effect is inexorable. On the famous steps of evolution becomes voluntary, conscious and purposeful.
488. (M. A. Y.). The person knowing where and why it goes sharply differs from the person, senselessly and aimlessly being pounded on a place. It is possible to imagine two similar beings in a space, among whirlwinds and currents of astral and sets of the various phenomena of a different order. There it is easy to be lost if the direction isn't known and if the Hierarchy is rejected. The hierarch Head there Will meet going to Him. Don't reject, ignorant, the saving thread stretched to each spirit recognizing Hierarchy. Not beliefs deprive of themselves, so necessary to everyone to help when the body is dumped and when the person realizes himself in absolutely other living conditions. Here they leaned on something and felt the soil under feet, but there to lean there is nothing when the habitual support crumbled under the feet. Stock up with knowledge, for the present not late and while there is an opportunity to receive it.
489. (Guru). Will ask: how to acquire the necessary knowledge if it isn't known at whom it can be received where and how? Answer: aspiration magneto. It not greatly; if it is rather strong, will attract both the necessary conditions, and the necessary people, and hunger of spirit it will be saturated. Though magneto, it will attract the necessary elements from space. Formula "You are knocked, and will answer you; look for and you will find; you ask and will be given to you" it is valid and until now, and even it is even more valid, than earlier when the thought was about the person. Now the thought gained spatial value, both call and a response are carried out quickly. Only it is necessary that heart participated in call, and then the answer will come is immutable.
490. (Aug. 5). "In darkness external crying and a gnash tooth". In vain try to find an exit in improvement of external conditions. To spirit they won't find the world. The quantity of various new diseases increases, trouble pursues people, both disbalance, and chaos interferes in all areas of life. The best undertaking addresses in the evil, and decomposition takes all aspects of life. The end of Cali Yugi becomes the end of the old world; begins self-consuming the darkness. Difficult is of time for of the distinguished consciousness’s; difficultly them among cruel of people.
492. (Guru). The world promptly goes to a final outcome. Already many understand that further so can't proceed. To madness human there has to be a limit. Plans of an unbinding of wars don't leave minds deciding destiny of mankind. Poisoning of people with gases, gasoline and other chemical garbage, poisoning of the atmosphere, the rivers, the seas, the woods and fields too has the limit which necrosis of all live will follow. Planet bark already dies off, both sand, and a drought threaten a soil fruit-bearer. Water doesn't suffice, and it isn't pure. Condition of a planet is really threateningly. But people to everything being made round them are deaf and blind.
493. (Aug. 6). Planetary the disbalance affects strongly people who generated it, works on guilty and innocent. And in private life of each person these not balance come to light anyway. People pay for the generations. Especially weak organisms, as well as sensitive spirits suffer. And, when the spatial press of darkness increases, influence dark on people becomes especially strong. Also the darkness impact on Light carriers amplifies. Then it is especially difficult to be protected from these influences. The obsession, both all weak amplifies and crude comes under dark influences. Then it is sharply felt how under the influence of dark harmful there are acts of people, their feelings and thought. At such moments communication with Hierarchy of Light has to be especially strong and uninterrupted. Defend the Lord it is possible, when He strongly Entered into heart.
494. (M. A. Y.). When past, ongoing intrude compulsively thoughts, know that someone deliberately confronts them and inflates to cloud the mind and tear him from the saving Hands Hierarch. Thoughts of light will not inflate and strain your dark servant, but every impure thought they will skip past to catch up for her and through her to darken.
495. (Guru). It is very good, that the impact of darkness is so strong. Where they restrict you, whether to Light Stronghold? Because, when the spirit is unshakable and its communication with the Hierarch Leading is strong, all dark attacks address the Lord in the Benefit and only approach even more to It. Therefore we won't despond and to grieve – too, because all diligence of darkness to Light, in the Benefit will serve also to Light the heart which has indulged forever quicker it is advanced and will approach to the purpose treasured.
496. Awareness of the reality of thoughts leads to the realization that the mind and its manifestations are the whole world. At the time of sleep impressions derived from this world, very impressive and specific. When this very good opportunities. Show the attention and observation.
497. (Guru). It has long been clear that every movement of thought is something quite specific concerning peace and a very real effect. Think that consciousness and left his thought disappears without a trace in the space. This is a profound mistake! The thought does not go away and cannot disappear. The idea leaves his scent on the aura to be again under appropriate conditions and give rise to new investigators. Each thought connects us to tune it with layers of space and nourishes our body by vibrations. It doesn't matter that this is not understood. Invisible idea has its bright visibility and acts on his plan, bringing the world's tight completely real investigation. Therefore, control over thoughts strongly need, because late already harnessing the thoughts that are hopelessly captured the consciousness and conquered the will of man. The idea is something much more real than it previously thought, and typically much more powerful than recognized people.
498. (Aug. 8). In every new incarnation man gets new body, or shell, which is consistent with the essence of their possessor. The physical, etheric, astral, subtle and mental body is made up of the corresponding entity person matter. The body is precisely the matter attracted causality. Dense Karma overtakes incarnate from the first days of his life in a new body and does not leave before the end. Spirit of freedom is the freedom of choice Act, or thinks in one way, or another, in each individual case. If deeds can sometimes be compelled by circumstances, the freedom of thinking still remains part and parcel. The evolution of the spirit requires improvement in everything and to overcome harmful and dark accumulations of the past. With this and put people on the ground to leave her, multiplying the positive qualities of spirit and acquiring new knowledge and experience. Otherwise meaningless is of life. Otherwise do not get out of the endless wheel of birth and death.
499. (M. A. Y.). Everything in nature, all the Kingdom of nature, is a complete, consistent and sound planet. And only ruler of her people violates this harmony you’re foolhardy. You cannot do so with impunity, and therefore have to pay for each violation of the world of balance. Until people learn to live according to the laws of nature and not disturb the equilibrium in the world around them, the elemental will be heavily back pressure influence on mankind, right down to the ability of various disasters.
500. (Guru). Before trying to fix it will destroy, disbalance planetary in microcosm his. It is no use trying to restore order in the Outer House of humanity, that is, on Earth, when in his own House, which exemplifies the spirit lives in the body's metabolism, in the microcosm of the approved balance. This will be the primary concern though. If each person first of all took care of it, the lost world to Earth would return, elements would enter into coast and prosperity would set in among all people of a planet.
501. (Aug. 9). Whether all the births given signs or not, bipolar State of mind will keep steadfast aspiration in all circumstances. Resultant of the aspirations and the balance will not be disturbed by anything. The path of life is through immutability. Thus, aspiration will move in all worlds, and nothing will shake it.
502. (M. A. Y.). Great floor plan remains intact under all conditions, and mobility of the Grand Plan does not affect the steadfastness of its foundations. In this understanding and will welcome wave events. And then no more, whirlpools and different actions, do not deceive is misleading and overshadow a great stream flow Evolution in existence.
503. Psychic energy will grow only if it applies. So don't miss any opportunities to strengthen it. Opportunities are given to this constantly. Will not rust the sword if you keep it in constant readiness to act and operate them continuously.
504. (Aug. 14). About Manvantara and Pralaya consciousness was said clearly enough, and yet, when it is Pralaya, not to report that the phenomenon is quite naturally and legally and that it necessarily will be replaced by a new, even higher and a flaming takeoff of consciousness. Forcefully making the sound was impossible because consciousness arm us with patience and calm.
505. Twilight in the world is gathering. Unheard of crime against humanity was committed is already open. How much horror is going on covertly and a monstrous training is to destroy humanity. Very finely-civilized ways!
506. (Guru). Hope's keep, despite everything, and all the contrary, and we firmly believe the offensive until the end of the judgment of the future.
507. (M. A. Y.). In whatever area of Intimate Knowledge the spirit directed, everywhere the same immutable formula of life not greatly meets it: "That wins all who will manage to win against itself”, - from it anywhere not goes. The pupil and the authorities over thoughts and the feelings have to reach mastering by. Any terrestrial power, and all riches of the world, and everything that can get the person on Earth, – anything in comparison with the reached power of spirit integral neither in life, nor after death of a body. Terrestrial nothing undertakes with itself to the World Elevated, but the power of spirit and opportunity it undertake. In it difference of the power terrestrial and terrestrial wealth from richness of spirit and its power over a matter of all three worlds.
508. (Guru). Now it's easier to understand the importance in life of routine during the course of each day, each hour, and each minute to assert its authority over everything that happens inside its three membranes – the physical, astral and mental. Gradually the whole scene is taken under control. Movements in the astral plane and learn more accessible, although mental, may be harder. But easy or hard, now or later, but they have to learn. There is no other way.
509. (Aug. 16). The discipline of spirit causes accumulation of mental energy. Agni's treasure is got by great works and inhuman persistence. Power of spirit everything want to possess, but to apply to those forces and to work at it wishing few. To exhaust itself with a post and a prayer, carrying chains “vlasanitsa” (clothes of eremites) and even self-flagellation some still can. But to study mastering by and the feelings, thoughts, actions and all behavior are capable very much and the very few. The discipline imposed by an apprenticeship, is very severe. She is stood by units. Reading, both wishing, and dreaming to become pupils of the Teacher of Light there is a lot of but as it isn't enough among them ready to pass through everything that accompanies this high rank. Among the most usual conditions of modern life it is possible to pass this severe school of an apprenticeship. The self-discipline imposed on by the pupil, is voluntary. It to approve an impulse proceeds from consciousness of the pupil. Nobody forces, nobody forces, but fiery the directed heart independently comes to awareness of inevitability of this self-discipline. Results it start affecting in growing fiery power. Difficult tests and counteraction of dense conditions promote strong to this growth. It is necessary to forget about happy, carefree, cloudless life and wellbeing. The way of accumulation of fiery treasure is difficult. The discipline of spirit conducting to mastering by is shown in all little things in life. Low-slightest is of great importance. The smile, words, gestures, fleeting thoughts and the attitude towards them – everything is subject to the strictest control. Who will want to bridle a resolute and iron hand willfulness of covers and to eradicate from them that in them was enclosed earlier. The victory over is given by the hard price. The track conducting in life is narrow.
510. (M. A. Y.). The self-discipline spirit, Discreet appearance, imposes an obligation to approve the quality of spirit, and not the ones that particularly desirable but everything and so that you can create a Symphony of qualities. They grow slowly and with great difficulty, and not one life is required to approve them. Feature quality is his ability to infinite growth. The approval of the positive qualities of the spirit there is no end, no end to the growth of the Fiery force, and increased the power of the spirit. The path is endless.
511. (Guru). On new lifting with a new force it is possible to start overcoming in itself that is subject to not excellent get rid. Difficulty that to suppress undesirable property or a trait of character it is impossible, they will appear again as the chopped-off head of a mythical monster grows. The way of suppression of undesirable qualities won't yield desirable results. Therefore it is spoken about their get rid when, deprived of a food by thought, fall off as the dyed-off autumn leaves. When start driving the dog, who has sat down at gate, she comes to even big rage. As well undesirable properties and no get rid weaknesses of spirit. Way of their get rid – the most true. Deprived of a food by thoughts and feelings, they die again not to revive any more.
512. (Aug. 17). The way of not get rid feelings is terrible. It is painfully difficult to get rid of them in World Aboveground. Crude spirits often appeal about burden. It is easier to be cleared, for the present on Earth. But what disturbs? What prevents the drunkard to refuse wine, to the smoker – tobacco, to the player – cards, to the addict – poison and to beget of thoughts dirty – them? Ignorant stirs ignorance. And knowing that? Knowing, but not wanting or not able to lift a sword of clarification of a justification has no. Mighty effort of will nevertheless it is possible to collect forces to dump century outgrowths. Therefore and it is difficult to dump them that accumulated for eyelids, strong growing into a karma. The pleasure from them hasn't enough, and burden though takes away; not to rise to tops with their freight, and not to enter into Light Kingdom. Really their burden is lovelier to the directed spirit, than Light treasure? Should give the full and clear account that is lost at those moments when last useless accumulation overcomes. And why allow that the consciousness was darkened by them. Useless shoots eat thought. Their pure thought it is possible to cut at the roots, without allowing them to expand. And then pull out and the roots. Spirit transformation by force is created. It is possible to call this process by a feat. We know examples of an invincible contradictory condition of the spirit burning last not light accumulation. Otherwise the exit from a circle of hopelessness isn't present. The ram, punching an exit, is in will hands. It can be forced consciously, and in a bigger size, and with a bigger force, than it was enclosed once in unusable stratifications of the past. Let the aspiration to clarification increase to degree of invincible, all-conquering, ardent desire to dump century chains and to be exempted from them.
513. (Guru). The temptation of Saint Anthony and the world knows, however, his revered Saint. Nothing to be ashamed of is not that High Spirit had to go through struggle and temptation. Even the Savior was ruler of this world. There is a sign of aspiration of the spirit's struggle. Bad when there are none, for there is no perfect people on Earth, and if the fighting does not occur, then the promotion of spirit and imperfections of the past plague halted it. Because only in the fight against a possible victory of the Light over darkness.
514. (M. A. Y.). Some people seek to edify, admonish and indicate to others what they should be, forgetting that they themselves are all his life and example of our need to show people how it should be done, and how to behave, and improve his nature and character. Edify is easy, but to show how something is done, a lot more difficult to teach. Each teaching what he had not overcome within himself, is itself a condemnation, - so taught once.
515. (Aug. 18). Voltage of fire impacts on some functions of the organism. So, in this case for correct operation the bowel needs soda taken in hot milk. It balances this voltage, rarefying press. It can be so hard that even the laxative will act badly. Soda so good that does not cause bowel irritation.
516. (Aug. 19). Let now has her eyes closed and ears and light body not awoke to life in space, but it will in the future accomplishment heading toward the spirit. In time all will come, for everything is achievable, and in time will open new heights of knowledge, and the words "you are gods" will become a reality, the Fiery. In the past have been a phenomenon of reality Thin strong world was exceeded the line of death, and were shown some details out dance of one incarnation people, and given marks. If you collect all in one, the result is a vivid and compelling evidence of the existence of undoubted. But evidence of Earth stands before his eyes and makes to forget the thin and the Fiery reality, plunging the consciousness in rags dense generalities. So the singularity must assert itself constantly. Otherwise, the most wonderful, the most no negated, the most desired to move the spirit sink in the noise and hustle of the material world. Win, you have to hold onto the little gained knowledge.
517. (M. A. Y.). Rhythm of constant dialogue creates persistent, crystallized forms in space, who after being released from your body will serve as a solid strength for future aspirations and activity of the spirit, - this silver bridge to in the future. It is consistency and rhythm is its foundations. The rhythm will continue as approved on the wings. Good, endorsement his in of his life.
518. (Guru). It is so important to build a stronghold, a House spirit building. People tend to invest their energy in earthly Affairs, and construction and, when it comes to peace, remained phenomenal Coastal drift erosion with nothing. But building on Basics builds a House spirit, cannot be destroyed because it is built from elements of the imperishable. So, it can be used in the construction of the distant future, far beyond the limits of the incarnation and his tight restrictions. The Arhat transcends dense generalities. For example, the adoption of the necessary qualities of spirit is not for today, not for tomorrow, but during the entire movement of the spirit on the way to infinity. And bright thoughts are for the same objective, and deeds, and actions.
519. (Aug. 20). "We are ready to help everyone and for everyone to enjoy. But whether everyone is ready to help Our and ready to consonante our joy? Willingness to name with us is due to many details. Something has to give up about something, and stop thinking about something entirely forget and work to make the goal.
520. (Aug. 22). We move ahead in the future thought of it. The future exists in consciousness of the person. Representation of the future is made out by thought. Fight for the future is conducted by thought. The thought can concern the past, but to change in it anything can't do, but can – in the future. Plasticity of the future is in the power of thought. The future is carried out deductively, if the creating will doesn't interfere. The law of causes and effects and chain of causality are deductive. The Hierarchy creates the future an induction method. Lack of will is deduction. "Float, My boat, at will of waves" – the deduction and lack of will slogan. Reflectors of consciousness and reflectors of thinking are deductive. The method of deduction is good if preconditions are correct and faultless. We specify to be approved on Bases, because they guarantee a faultlessness of preconditions or starting points of thinking and actions. The thought generated and started-up in space works deductively in the direction enclosed in it by will. Each method has the positive and negative sides depending on properties of consciousness using it. Deduction follows on the blazed way of consequences. The induction can generate a number of the new reasons, opposite past, stopping those actions of last mistakes. Weak-willed submission to a course of disease deductively. Fight against it demands intervention of will and inductive thinking.
521. (M. A. Y.). The tactic helps detect Adverse lunacy, insolvency or fallacy of human action in order to prevent them in the future. That's why sometimes things are allowed, it would seem entirely inappropriate and harmful. Also in the life of a student Teacher Admits at times of some order to disciple, seeing their ineptitude, might the more easily take for their eradication?
522. (Guru). Why not nip them in some unpleasant or harmful actions, clearly inspired by the dark? Karma does not – something we should exhaust to the end and for something entirely pay off. Dark are the instruments of implementation and the Elimination of the karmic consequences, and only when the debts are paid, they are forced to leave those they tormented.
523. (Aug. 23). Aspiration is always directed to the future – this is his strength and his power. This cannot be changed, but the future is possible. A real live - the slaves of spirit, future- of free spirit. We live in the future and in the future. That is of Our freedom and the power. Distinguishing feature of the future is his mobility. Mobility Plan is this. Evolution Exiting is directed to the future. Thought, living the past and aimed in the past, deprived of mobility. The past is dead. "In the past all burned to a Fiery Yoga." The future is wings of flight. The future is the magic wand heading toward the spirit. In the future, anything is possible. As the sky and the Earth, as light and darkness differ between itself the future and the present. The past is only the future stage, both as a pivot upward spiral. As We look forward into the future consciousness, trying to attach the evolutionary nature of elements, otherwise it will go down. What could be more terrible for the future, overthrowing consciousness into the abyss? Climbing stairs in the past are climbing in the future, because the chain of cause and effect is continuous. You can build a life so that her every moment was a step in the evolutionary future. The idea is built accordingly, or rather, and adjusts accordingly in the way of the future. "Light of the future is great, and goes to them.
524. (M. A. Y.). If you take away from the future and its possibilities, what remains? No is problem. This in itself makes no sense, especially given separately from the future. Will the spirit be identified and work freely in any of their membranes, up to and including light body? Will. Where and when? In the future! So you can see for yourself that the doors of the future are open and the keys in your hand. So boldly and swiftly go ahead – it all.
525. (Guru). At Light bottom the thought directed to it blossoms all flowers of a rainbow and can grow infinitely. Therefore it is so important, where and on what to direct thought, and to what. The Hierarchy is the best and most right object for aspiration of thought. The thought directed to It, comes back to send it, but loaded plentifully Light elements. So there is a continuous food of spirit if the appeal to Hierarchy is constant. The thoughts directed to the Driver-Hierarch, won't become scanty and will always bring a fruitful harvest.
526. So, the future undividedly belongs to the person, and only he is imperious over it. In the future for it everything is concluded that power of his creative imagination permits later to approve it in the following embodiment.
527. (Авг. 24). The unrestrained elements of water can cause great destructions. Being bridled, it with advantage serves the person. To powers of these elements of people channelizes and forces them to work for itself. Forces majeure of a microcosm human, the lands expressed by elements, waters, air and fire, can be in the same way bridled and subordinated his ox. To theis energy are sent for implementation of absolutely certain tasks with purpose consists in changing the person and to broaden spheres of his conscious activity not only on the plan terrestrial, but also in others, now to it yet available, space layers. For example, all its sense organs are limited to an external environment while potentially the all of them are boundless, and the person can see and hear all the feelings out of restriction in their distance and other conditions. Us Show general direction of evolution of mankind. But it flows very slowly. But who trusts it? Education of the minds which have got stuck in the bog of denials is necessary, and clarification of minds, a lot of things already understanding and recognizing, but floundering in a web of the evil and employees of involution is necessary. We Can channelize, we Can specify the next way, but force the person to follow an evolution and Benefit way contrary to his free will We Can't. Evolution is voluntary. Blows fate and various disasters can force mankind to understand, that they are generated by own energy directed not on creation, but on destruction. It is good that theis awakening didn't happen too late.
528. (M. A. Y.). Difficultly at times counterbalance high flight of thought with actions and behavior in life usual. And it is necessary. Otherwise the gap, or a dissonance, destructive turns out. On this harmonization it is possible not to regret efforts because results them will be yielded by unexpected and good consequences. People don't wish to recognize the benefit brought by it by their following to the basic principles of morals. It is identical to all centuries and the people and all sectors of society. All Great Doctrines give these Bases. Is able give nothing new people. It is necessary only to them to follow and to apply in life. Otherwise destruction is inevitable.
529. (Guru). Huge building constructed from small bricks and the bricks are made up of small particles, and the overall look of the person is made up of the slightest detail his thoughts, feelings and actions. And it should pay particular attention to the overall look of a harmonious and light.
530. (Aug. 25). Our rule – not to invites, but carefully meet the coming. Looking and being knocked at once will answer Call. But the valid suitability will be found only after tests. Let's not grieve for passersby. Their time didn't come. Generally, it is empty around. Situation will absolutely change when the horror will drive crowds and when the exit won't be. While for activity of spirit there is a space. Cementation can devote it enough time. This work will give the good consequences. Also spatial help to friends is necessary. It isn't less difficult to them, than you, if no more. The planetary network of Light becomes stronger at these actions. At supervision over curve living conditions good each time mentally to replace them with straight lines, introducing the amendments. Work on the statement of Light can be very various if only not to multiply darkness.
531. (M. A. Y.). Loved ones, who are far from you, hold about yourself in the mind of your keep as if they close, keep so incessantly, not allowing some amount of obviousness dense divide you. Intimacy in the spirit, if it really is, cannot destroy the external conditions. Remember always that the spirit above all else, and say firmly and immutably spatial connection with loved ones in spirit people.
532. (Guru). Team is valuable because its members have different abilities and talents and by gathering in a common pot of diversity of their knowledge, can very usefully enrich consciousnesses. Collegiate Dictionary is the result of collective work, which is absolutely not under force to one person. The current situation of the science principle of the personality is uniform meaningless, though personality and retains all of its deepest meaning. Selfishness and individual start in man are different among you as the darkness and the light.
533. (Aug. 26). Whether there will be a condition of internal harmony and the world more valuable achievement, than something another, but not giving this feeling? It is better to reach it, having nothing, than to possess everything, without knowing this feeling. Therefore it is good to direct thought on an achievement of peace which above all human understanding and doesn't depend any more on external conditions. Certainly, they can promote this condition, but its highest degree doesn't depend any more on anything that outside. It precedes a condition “samadhi”. On heart that is most expensive to it is constant only. And when the most necessary is put above all other and takes priority in consciousness, then achievement becomes possible.
534. How nevertheless to weaken rage of influence of a direct environment on consciousness; only having the Image of the Lord between itself and of external environment. It Will serve as the Board from waves of external impressions, allowing keep internal isolation, and then around it is possible to take a detached view of all events as though, without identifying itself with it.
535. (Guru). It is not to think about something, or prevent certain feelings and to have control over them and not allow them to be contrary to the will.
536. (M. A. Y.). Let each the stumble, or not light action made even in a dream, because new lifting of inflexible determination to clear consciousness as far as possible more deeply. Old heaps have very deep roots. They also should be rooted out completely. The somnolence shows at times, this clarification is how deeply made and whether remained still somewhere in the most concealed corners of consciousness of unnecessary litter. The kind pupil strong uses all phenomena, both good and bad that still directed to move forward.

537. (Guru). The suitability of a person who has entered into the path of the teachings of life is measured not by whether he is good or bad, and hardness and inflexible of its decision to free themselves from their not the good. And even the rogues in this prospering, leaving far behind "-colored virtue". And even if the man fell back on its feet immediately and follow along without slowing down a step.
538. (Aug. 29). The feeling the future is subtle and focused mind, and besides – despite the obviousness. Validity and obviousness are struggling in the minds for the acceptance and approval. The new heavens and the new Earth are commanded to people long ago. Someone even began to see clearly in scrolls coming already. Where they already exist, but only your heart alight can be scented. Not seen, not began to see clearly, not impacted, but believe they benefit you! Plan Lords of the immutable, but moves in mysterious ways. Judgment be Should. Judgment: "The bridal spectacular". But let the obviousness does not disguise the reality.
539. (M. A. Y.). With itself being filled, the approving, itself moving ahead, you will ascend where? How you will punch a shell of own aura? Only about the Lord and only about the future – so to heart lets the order direct forward. We strong are directed in the future, you hasten also not to lag behind. If you lag behind to whom, or what you will be able be stuck? It is possible to drop out of a castle of Light, and then not to catch up with it any more. So, strong it is necessary to hold the saving thread binding with Hierarchy of Light. "Except a heart thread, there is nothing".
540. (Guru). Better to be ill, but after an illness approach the Hierarchy of light than to be perfectly healthy, without knowing it. Illness and health is temporarily holding the value while in the body, but now come relief from body-jail and spiritual acquisition is to the fore. And if after suffering body has comes enlightenment spirit, then how this is important to host out dance! No wonder the spiritually minded people thought sickness «a visit to Lord’s.
541. (Sept. 1). Salvation is not to release the person from suffering, disease and paying a karmic debts, and to awaken a sense of truth and the spirit of this path lead him to the gates of the new world. Therefore, all attempts to alter someone's or your own Karma may not give the desired results. Because we do not hasten with the Karma does not permits. To enter the building of the new world the old calculations should be completed.
542. (Sept. 2). Dark know that are doomed therefore their rage is unreasonable. Therefore so strong they decline bad people on the party, and inspire them on bad affairs, acts and thoughts, and so persistently restrict and pursue mine. Unfortunately, only the few able to see understand the created evil and its source. And then even small, but bad action gets special sense, and fight against makers becomes fight against the dark, evil doing. Mankind division on poles of Light and darkness goes everything more deeply and more deeply, and a grief adjoined a darkness pole. Now they can be closer and spitefully harm, but the moment here will come – and the impassable abyss will separate them from other mankind. Therefore I Claim: "It will be dim dark" and to their henchmen. If understood, what terrible destiny is prepared for them by the opposite going against Light and Lords to whom you serve? Rage because feel good fortune of a sent Beam.
543. (M. A. Y.). Lessons of life become valuable only when sink, bringing the necessary experience. Who says that they are easy, they are heavy but as this experience brought by them is valuable. He teaches much that it is possible to rejoice only given the chance by life to fill up the knowledge. Cold severe restraint too can serve as a good board from those who so carefully try to discover, for what it to be hooked if only to prick more painfully. Why they in hands this opportunity to give when restraint and balance to be hooked for anything will be not given. Even words, and besides the most harmless, can serve as a catch for evil consciousness. Therefore silence too protection.
544. (Guru). As though to explain it most intelligibly that the corresponding polarization of own consciousness is necessary for successful fight and opposition to darkness. After the entire Savior even to Peter Enjoined to enclose a sword in a sheath and in protection of didn’t raise hands, but He Won against the world. I told: "This are Told by Me to you that you had in Me the world, in the world will have grief, but take heart – I Won against the world".
546. (M. A. Y.). Approval of certain qualities of the spirit is definitely useful. And doing this is possible even during Pralaya of consciousness, or during the most difficult tests. Both the State and reach runs out will remain in the future. There is no better lesson than the self-discipline spirit.
547. (Guru). Well after all the daily from morning to give him any specific tasks for approval in action desirable qualities of the spirit. Let the first will not be too difficult, but performed rigorously. This encouraged promiscuity of psychic energy. Few people think about how much people need the discipline of the spirit.
548. (Sept. 4). When the mind is silent, there is no need to the exhausted efforts. Thought must flow freely and smoothly without any violence. Pralaya consciousness is legitimate.
549. (Guru). Learn never to compromise the dignity of spirit and sacrifice him not to bring any conditions, or wishes in that way obtain location of people.
550. (Sept. 5). Whatever the causes of bad dreams, one thing is: before diving into sleep consciousness must be sufficiently protected against the possible negative impacts, from wherever they may come. This must be taken into account, bearing in mind the special thickening darkness and special tension expanses.