Agni Yoga's facets, 1966 (551-758)

551. (Guru). Even the magnet degausses in the insalubrious neighbourhood, if on it the lock isn't imposed. Only the lock stops leakage of energy which is necessary for creativity. Restraint and self-control will be such locks. The irritation, discontent and to it the corresponding words and behavior will be conditions degaussing because the lock from a magnet thus is removed. It is spoken for execution.
552. (Sept. 19). Perfect ear in that look as it is shown at ordinary people, concerns sounds terrestrial and abilities of their storing and reproduction. But it doesn't concern sounds of Heavens. Music of Spheres can be still inaccessible to such ear. The scale of sounds of the Thin World, and then and the Highest Worlds will be the following step. Ability of sound perceptions can reach the fourteenth hearing, and each step has the limit of absoluteness limited to that sphere in which it is shown. On the Boundlessness scale even the fourteenth hearing won't be a limit though it and can be that for this planet. Therefore perfect ear in its usual understanding isn't a limit of achievements though the condition can be considered very distinguished. But it isn't obligatory to hear the Voice of the Teacher because other tension of the opened ear thus works. Each new achievement darkens itself preceding it and turns pale before the subsequent. Steps of a ladder of life which has no end are that.
553. (M. A. Y.). Readiness for tests without discontent, complaints and condemnations of the Teacher indicates height reached by spirit. Such readiness helps to pass through them victoriously. Such readiness helps to pass through them victoriously. It is much lost time and forces in vain when tests aren't passed and they should be repeated again and again; the more complaints and discontent, the from what there is a passionate wish to be exempted becomes longer. Only balance, that is lack of painful and emotional reaction to that, through what it is necessary to pass, exempts from karmic inevitability. You store balance any price. Without his statement from undesirable tests release won't come.
554. (Guru). Despite Maya all shifts, the future can't be taken away from the person. It is immutable has to come. In our understanding the future is a Century of Lord Maitreya. It is necessary to go on about inevitability of its approach in the face of evidence dense: impetuous revelry of darkness only emphasizes that before a dawn becomes especially dark. But darkness, having reached apogee of the revelry, will start handing over and receding before going waves of the new energy directing on change by the old. Process of this shift cosmic. Spasms of darkness indicate its hopelessness. Light ahead and victory to it Judging Space Will.
555. (Sept. 21). External actions of people can be absolutely identical, but motives are various and opposite. The motive is a driving energy of action. Also the Light and the dark can differ between itself energy which moves human acts. Therefore for Us not acts are important, but motives, that is the reasons, which have generated action. And our purpose –to teach pupils understand unmistakably these reasons or motives, both own, and other people. Having defined essence of the reason, easily already will be to understand the nature or nature of action. Only the developed sense-knowledge excludes possibility of mistakes. To understand essence of this person is means to define those motives, which direct his actions. Kind and evil acts result from the human nature because the kind takes out good or light from depth of the heart, and angry – angry. Sense-knowledge results from ability to feel heart radiations. Only long experience of cognition of the person aggravates ability of a sense-knowledge. At contact with people the thicket needs to ask the heart and to note especially the first impression. Thus the mind very much disturbs, creating prejudiced judgment and muffling heart signs. It is easier to understand own motives, but quality of truthfulness and honesty of recognition is required. Self-deception – the phenomenon very sad. It conducts to self-flattery and immerses the person in the world of ghosts.
556. (M. A. Y.). Variability or instability of the conditions we won't put to stability of the Teacher. The Lord is unchangeable. Relationship with It flows over variability of dense conditions or the movements happening in temporary covers. It should acquire and be not to darken firmly any more Communication by a fog of evidence passing. Such readiness helps to pass through them victoriously. It is much lost time and forces in vain when tests aren't passed and they should be repeated again and again; the more complaints and discontent, the from what there is a passionate wish to be exempted becomes longer. Only balance, that is lack of painful and emotional reaction to that, through what it is necessary to pass, exempts from karmic inevitability. You store balance any price. Without his statement from undesirable tests release won't come.
557. (Guru). Way, show the Teacher, it is possible to call a way of overcoming of obstacles because every day and constantly growing forces are required for their overcoming. Anyhow mental energy, as not on overcoming of all of that interferes with advance can grow. In process of growth and expansion of consciousness become others both the nature and character of obstacles – they as though change depending on growth of spirit and those tasks which are set for it That, Who Conducts. Also it is necessary to increase spirit on everyone and to overcome everyone. Travelers of the Great Way always are in situation overcoming, whatever height they reached.
558. (Sept. 22). When It was spoken about the house divided in, the principle of coherence meant. The spirit – over all covers, it investing, can dominate only on condition of their harmony and submission to its domination. But usually each cover, especially an astral, lives the desires, which often are contrary to aspirations of spirit. Last accumulation can promote both evolution, and spirit involution. Coherence consists in that all movements were in conductors according to a track of the life chosen spirit. The person perfectly knows when he arrives contrary to commands the highest "I". The incommensurability of acts with a goal is destructive. It is necessary to strive for the statement of coherence, first of all, in thoughts. Thoughts paint the color all conductors. To observe thought – means to order and take over the control of everything occurring in conductors and depending on will of the person. Scope of will is very wide. It is possible to exercise it both in big, and in the small. The elements a part of a human microcosm and subordinated to his will, submit as it is easy to this will when it is necessary to deal with the same elements and in the world outside. All elements are presented in a human body, and mastering by them inside brings to power over elements and in the outside world. Can't sit, or go on water, or subdue waves the person who not overcome in these elements and hasn't subordinated her to the will. Mastering by – the main condition of power of spirit which is far dream of mankind.
559. (M. A. Y.). Quality of coherence is one of the most difficult. It is possible to approach to the statement it, since affairs small. Each time it is necessary to wonder, whether small thoughts, words and actions will be coordinated with a goal. If isn't present, they are brought to harmony with it. It is easier to give small thoughts and feelings, than big. But the mountain consists of grains of sand, and life is infinite so to save up experience of coherence of time will suffice if only not to deviate from the purpose.
560. (Guru). The Inflexible shown on the Way, it is immutable leads to object of aspiration. Integrity of aspiration of all microcosms the guarantee will be success. Not dissociation or solidity of aspiration – a basis of its durability and stability in difficult living conditions usual.
561. (Sept. 23). The aspiration to knowledge will be only then expedient when received knowledge is applied in life. We Don't recognize abstract knowledge. If the knowledge isn't accompanied by its practical application – means, it isn't good. It is better not to know at all, than, knowing, not to put knowledge into practice. The Teacher Is Truth. All its Being Expresses itself essence of Intimate Knowledge. Words, acts and thoughts show the highest degree of coherence. Imitating It and following It, the pupil seeks to embody knowledge of the Doctrine of Life in application. It is a way of the judgment pupil. What prevents to coordinate received knowledge with life inside? From experience you know that many readers of books of the Doctrine are very far from this ideal. To overcome during one life that took roots for eyelids, not always in the human forces, differently everyone would become Arhat. But wanting will reach, because on an infinite Way to Boundlessness it is possible to overcome everything and to reach everything if only fire of aspiration didn't die away in heart burning. Therefore awareness of the imperfections let doesn't confuse the lit heart, because everything is achievable and it is possible on condition of constancy and firmness of the decision to go, despite everything.
562. (M.A. Y.). It is good to learn to separate in consciousness vanity from main current of life of spirit. Vanity the quickly passing also has property all the time to change in the expression, remaining by the nature the vanity. In it is of weakness and of the weak spot. It is possible to fight against vanity. As a matter of fact, she is to anything. You put and to fussiness we will oppose tranquility and internal concentration. Vanity is absolutely powerless against balance though at a disbalance it devours mental energy. If only to understand that the tranquility is concentration of strength of mind, and balance – their powerful lifting, tension and readiness for action. After all only inexperience waves hands and tries to out voice someone or to over persuade. But moves silence. Experience of silence and value of silence when strength of mind is collected in focus, it is necessary to understand. Wonderful fire is forced by the ardent statement of qualities.
563. (Guru). The impulse, which is everyday received at contact with Hierarchy of Light, is the spirit engine. Without it the consciousness can drown in the ordinary phenomena. It is a lot of such drowned men. As if the thought plunges into funnels of whirlpools, and heart fire is extinguished. And there are a lot of quenchers. The phenomenon of a flame of heart is the purpose and object of attacks for conscious and unconscious attendants of darkness. It is possible to resist against them only the heart armed with the Lord.
564. (Sept. 24). Balance of a body facilitates to establish balance of spirit. The first too needs to be supported, avoiding the extremes, able to break it. Wine, smoking, stomach burdening, dirty air and many other conditions, of course, strongly influence and break it. It is difficult to approve one without another, but balance of spirit nevertheless is more important because after mastering by a body with it isn't necessary to be considered and be very much at it in slavish dependence any more. And still the body demands leaving, cares and attention. The device, or the tool, spirit has to be kept in a full order. Nervous, for example, movements are bad at least only, because allow an arbitrariness of a body and its activity besides will. The body allows maintain balance external. Externally the person can be not mobile and absolutely quiet. Then there is a step of balance astral when emotions and feelings are given to a quiet condition. Then balance mental when the thought subordinated to will, smoothly flows or works in the framework established by will, under its complete control. This three-aspect balance also will be to a certain extent full. The first tranquility is followed by the second, for the second – the third, and all of them unite in harmony of three. But the thought of all quicker, thought – over all, and thoughts belongs leading force. Therefore at the statement of corporal tranquility it is necessary to begin with thought. In the same way and silence can be three-sedate, and restraint too. Three natures in the person cause is this triple of the statement of qualities.
565. (Guru). The tranquility and balance can phenomenon at the most intense and active actions. Wisely it is necessary to learn to combine tension with balance. Tension at all doesn't mean concern and a randomness of actions. The powerful turbine, giving huge number of turns, it seems almost motionless. Tension of energy in the Stronghold is so high that the usual organism isn't able to sustain it. And still this tension of balance. To keep balance in operation will be a sign of assimilation and understanding of the doctrine of tension. You remember? "The tranquility is a spirit wreath".
566. (Guru). And readiness we will consider in aspect of all three worlds. Readiness means both readiness, and a preparation. Active readiness includes preparation process to the future. But readiness is necessary to meet the future. Time for preparation of has enough. Really we will miss it, having preferred something another, temporary, short and unnecessary; how many the called suspended preparation process, because of pity illusions of the current hour. And without readiness how enter into the future or to meet it adequately? After all it will turn back on consciousness and its ability to contain. The slogan "I Am Always Ready" covers in itself the constant tension of readiness for everything that waits ahead.
567. (Sept. 26). Let's give ourselves the obvious report in what in the past disturbed and that prevents to clear in the present consciousness of litter. Certainly, stirs the not gets rid. It is externally possible to be exempted from much, but if something not gets rid in the spirit of, external release, either restraint, or abstention doesn't give desirable consequences. The dream serves as good control for detection of not gets rid properties. Dream is very sincere condition. The person as though dumps from himself all external and becomes such, what he actually. Dreams will be pure when full internal clarification is reached. Can seem that everything is won, but the dream will reveal the valid extent of release. Filling up, it is good to give to itself a task for certain subjects or tests that in a dream to pass through them successfully. The immutable order of will help to reduce many footpaths of willfulness of an astral and to order a dream. The test, which hasn't been sustained in a dream, is equal to the test which hasn't been sustained in reality. Both find not gets rid properties of character. But test in a dream is simpler, because doesn't demand a combination of special dense conditions. Each test passed successfully can serve as incentive for eradication of undesirable properties. Two in one: one wants freedom and Light and quickly walks upstairs lives, another – to roll in connivance to the weaknesses, shortcomings and desires of the lowest "I". Fight is inevitable and proceeds while the ascension lasts. Because that is good at one step, becomes an overcoming subject on the highest. The end isn't present to fight by that is subject to overcoming, – too the difference meanwhile is great that the person now and what has to become it represents.
568. So, severe control over the thought, the second – eradication of roots of the desires consigning to the remote past will be the first condition. Even it is difficultly to pull out a simple plant if its root is deep. For eyelids roots of all evil grow in the person, and to pull out them hardly and difficultly. But after all from roots grow escapes. If to them not to allow develop, destroying everyone separately and if to continue it long enough, a root, without finding a way out to the energy, eventually nevertheless will be lost. But if not to destroy new sprouts, it will grow and become stronger, and then already it is impossible to pull out it. It is possible to pull out and at once, but the mighty fiery tension of spirit for this purpose is required. Whether much in power it?
569. (M. A. Y.). As well as where to find forces for overcoming insuperable? In thoughts off the Lord and merge with it; in unification is of force. With the Will Leading it is possible to find an inexhaustible source of fiery power in consciousness association. It is necessary to want only all heart, all thinking, all consciousness the, all being. Absolute obstacles aren't present, because spirit above all and everything is overcome by spirit and in the spirit of. The hidden Driver Whispers: "When forces don't suffice, Me call".
570. (Guru). Way the shortest – continuous pretending before the Hierarch Leading. What disturbs it? Whether the old person in himself, counteracting constantly and rising against everything, what moderates and constrains his willfulness? After all it is the enemy No 1. It neither not necessary to the Teacher, nor the pupil. Neither mercy, nor indulgence, pity to it can't be. How much time it plunged spirit into ruins and brought it obvious damage. Having revealed the enemy, it is possible to struggle with him. Not chains, not "vlasyanitsa", not self-flagellation, not suppression, but thought. Fiery thoughts will burn dark accumulation. Fiery the thought will clear. Fiery thoughts will uncontrollably set forward. Light thoughts are Light weapon.
571. (Sept. 27). In a sanctuary of temples strangers weren't allowed. Why? Their auras brought disharmony and discrepancy elements in the established mental atmosphere of a sacred place. As well devotees retired to avoid this invasion. To the room where the consciousness is created, it isn't necessary to allow strangers – they break the established vibrations of the room. Via channels of not harmony auras undesirable guests get. As though pass becomes for them there where differently they it isn't got. It is difficult even to present that people bring with themselves on the aura and whom. In each dwelling the atmosphere, it isn't so difficult to scent it. It is possible to establish a tonality of vibrations of the dwelling consciously. It is good not to allow undesirable or saddening thoughts. Cleaners, mint, eucalyptus and others, help. But it will be most effective thought of the Teacher of Light.
572. (M. A. Y.). The concept of Ashram can be expanded, entering into it idea of the house terrestrial. Each house, which atmosphere it is cleared and remains, can become an ashram and a shelter to spirit from storms of the outside world. Stratifications of thoughts create this fortress and protect it. Places where long there lived people with lightful aura have special value. Purity of aura sated them with the vibrations. Each house, each thing, each book can be sated with light, layering lightful thoughts. The person is a live carrier and the distributor or Light, or the darkness, staying in it.
573. (Guru). Every day can become a step of ascension of spirit. Everything depends on the person. The day lost in vain and without advantage, back not to return.
574. (Sept. 28). In total it, and nobody else, - how to learn, if not to do everything most. And all for what you ask for the help Me, at first try to make, by own efforts. And only when they are settled till the end and results didn't yield, it is possible to address to Me. "Our help is great and urgent", but we cannot interfere with karma – the Law doesn't allow. We can help to overcome karma but when you apply all the forces. Our management consists at all in exempting from consequences of your acts but to help to understand their inexpediency if they are that, and, getting rid of these consequences, to make impossible their repetition.
575. (M. A. Y.). Having appeared under trying conditions, it is possible to facilitate them, having imagined that someone was or is in heavier. Everything is relative, and understanding of that those, who is especially dear to you, passed very difficult track of life, will help also to you to go yours. Everything relatively and is determined by comparison. Important, what compare and as.
576. (Guru). Understand that not so much from itself it is heavy, how many from space. It is a lot of bad in the world it is created and freight lies down on heart. Heart – knows.
577. (Sept. 29). While there is a fight, nothing is lost though from time to time and it seems that not to win against the lowest nature itself. If could see who and as inflates the fallen asleep desires, really would be indignant with spirit on surrounding you the creatures so persistently trying go out your light, to it so repugnant. Everything sank in twilight and therefore their actions are facilitated. Spatial trouble strengthens them very much, and the victory over them doesn't grant a respite, because it is very dark. Earlier one mighty effort – and the victory exempted the winner from repeated and infinite attempts of dark enslavers. Now there will be no end to fight while winner Light won't approve the final victory on all space of a planet while the Hierarchy of Light won't show all the power. Heavy time for knowing is a threshold of a judgment victory. But it is necessary to stand. Waves of the dark phenomena will be weakened in process of strengthening and increase of the periods of approach of new energy and new beams. Displaced energy will leave. New will clear space, and powers of darkness will be deprived of opportunity to be shown in the cleared atmosphere of Earth.
578. (M.A.Y.). Fight and victory – other exit we don't recognize. And unless is imaginable not to win when defeat means loss of all and data on aren't present results of long-term efforts. The victory is an obligation of spirit to and to the Teacher. All, that the dark make attracting and seducing, all this is Maya; behind everything the terrible grin of darkness and horror of falling in a chasm is hidden, - and our way – to Light. The address to the Teacher all heart will give the necessary help. The Maya, recede.
579. (Guru). It is possible to note that fact that to tests external internal tests on the plan astral are added. They aren't less real, than dense, but are aggravated even more. Fancies compete in force with influence of the external phenomena. It is impossible to allow a combination to those from them which don't conform to morals requirements, but stick they and are importunate extraordinary. Expelled, they come back in other look nevertheless to attract and achieve consciousness immersion in them. Them it is necessary to drive and be protected from them, as from the most poisonous creatures. It is necessary to win against these hordes hellish, externally calling forms accepting by times. The darkness was up in arms against all phenomena of Light. You are up in arms also against it.
580. (Sept. 30). The person always needs existence of any conditions that he moved forward on the way of spiritual development. It creates convention of advance, and the pupil following the Teacher, does by the conditional pupil. We think highly very much an apprenticeship unconditional that is such condition or a consciousness mood when it is directed to ascension under any conditions, which are even most difficult and inconceivable. As example such inflexible, both unrestrained, and a victorious to flare of spirit the behavior of the first Christians when, burned alive, poured by pitch, they so plunged into an enthusiastic condition of spirit that anthems sang can serve, without feeling physical sufferings. It was the victory of spirit over a flesh. Such fiery aspiration to the Lord overcame rage of dense conditions. The spirit won. Such following for Called was unconditional. Readiness to follow the Teacher too has to be unconditional. Readiness is quality difficult. It is easy to show it when all pro but when everything becomes against and obstacles are piled up as mountains, then completeness of readiness of spirit will be to show achievement very high.
581. (M. A. Y.). "I trust, My God, Help my disbelief", – whether it seems to you that in a formula of this the essence of the human nature directing to Light, wishing to trust, but the necessary degree of this belief not finding in is expressed, and without belief to the Teacher how to go? Exit one: to reject all stirring thoughts, all reasons, all suspicions, and all doubts and to go without this freight. Will tell how to go when there are so much unfulfilled hopes? Answer, not the hope conducts, but put.
582. (Oct. 1). We act with thought. The thought will lead to the appointed. To keep thought not less difficult, than to reject the unusable. It is necessary to keep in the thoughts directing to a goal. But thoughts flow is their property. Means, all streams of the thoughts going through consciousness it is purposeful, becomes evolutionary. We live for the sake of the future, for the sake of future evolution of mankind. In the accord with it also we adjust thinking of every day.
583. (Oct. 2). Perfect ear yet doesn't mean ability of a claurluhear. It, most likely, is connected with absolute acoustical memory and ability of reproduction of linear sounds. The same can be told and about absoluteness of all other feelings, that is that the absolute eye yet doesn't mean clairvoyance, but points to the developed visual memory. The clairvoyance step, both claurluhear, and Clair feeling of all other feelings is higher. Once all mankind will reach degree of absoluteness of the perceptions and possibility of their storing. Once clairvoyance a claurluhear, a Clair sense, a Clair touch and Clair taste too, become property of all people. But it is still far not a limit, it only a step of evolution of spirit. Destiny of mankind – Boundlessness and boundless development of all abilities with which the spirit is already allocated potentially. After the entire person will once fly, both in the physical body, and in other highest covers bodies. Both development and accumulation of mental energy will allow make such phenomena which are considered at present as miracle or something absolutely impossible. Everything that was once made in this area by certain people becomes in different degree of a phenomenon property of all. It doesn't mean at all that all people become identical, as like as two peas. Identity of accumulation excludes monotony. The fiery device of the person, which has developed sufficiently, will exempt it from need to use telegraph, phone and a radio communication and many, even all other, devices. Kovalevsky I solved the most difficult mathematical problems instantly and without the aid of calculating machines. The fiery device of the person, being rather improved, will surpass all technical equipment.
584. (M. A. Y.). It is already good to live in the future that that this condition approaches the future to the person. The thought is a real force. Merging with the future, it does it feasible in forms available to consciousness – the bridge through impossible and not achievable is as though thrown by a brain. But even concept of the impossible is relatively. In total what was reached by people now, even was considered hundred-two hundred years ago impossible and bordered on miracle. But miracles aren't present, and impossible today becomes tomorrow possible. The doctrine claims that everything is possible. It should be understood so that within the studied and not studied Laws of the Universe everything is possible and everything is achievable.
585. (Guru). Lifting consciousness over present restrictions, in the future we release it for perception and comprehension of its opportunities. After all understanding is almost already mastering. Not groundless dreams, but disclosure of potential opportunities of the fiery device of the person. Their realization will happen through understanding. All true leaders of mankind directed people in future, far or close, – depending on requirements of the moment and problems of Evolution. One is undoubted: in the future – everything for the sake of what lives, fights and suffers mankind, and in the future everything is achievable. In understanding of all- achievement it is necessary to be approved strongly.
586. (Oct. 3). He suffers, is tormented, suffers, worries, and you depart from him aside and look, without being involved in that happens to it, with your external "I", to the personality small yours. You are not it. You are eternal and indestructible, and anything external can't affect you or do you any harm. And he, external, let suffers, this it’s right. All the same he will die because your personality temporarily, and you who has collected experience most valuable through it, will remain with the accumulation, but you will leave the identity of this embodiment and her body, you will leave and the astral, and a body mental. All your covers are given only for term. Whether it is worth too strong taking everything occurring to them and flowing through them, for reality of the enduring? Identifying itself with enduring in itself, with the highest "I", with the Immortal Identity, you rise over the personality small which lives today and imagines that she is everything then forever to calm down in the earth of which her body, its external, terrestrial cover consists. But, so reflecting, we will continue to feel nevertheless pain, but the attitude towards her will change, and forces will be to sustain everything, because spirit which doesn't die, more strongly. It is necessary to step through the personality and to come off her in the spirit of, because only this way it is possible to pass victoriously through everything and to pass all tests. After all It is told: "Be rejected from it and follow Me".
587. (Guru). Also the winner gets rid will tell himself: "Here you suffer, but it is very useful for me, because teaches it is possible what to understand only through suffering. Therefore, it is good because it is given the chance to comprehend something and to learn something. Given the chance I won't miss".
588. (Oct. 4). For good will render the evil. Therefore to create good for the sake of requital it is senseless. The good is created for the sake of the good and is expression of essence of a virtue. Appreciation is quality rare among people of Earth. Let's not be surprised when in reply to the kind relation we receive ingratitude. It is difficult to live to distinguished consciousness among heart of the deprived people. It seems at times that callousness becomes epidemic. And the more speak about good things, the do less. Hypocrisy becomes planetary. And behind it is darkness.
589. (M. A. Y.). We can't blame anybody, except ourselves if our life develops differently, than it would be desirable. External conditions are karma consequences. And karma is result of the past. The karma can be extinguished quicker the correct understanding of the events and inevitability of its get rid, but the relation to a karma depends on us. It is impossible to evade from it, but to meet its waves adequately, with firmness and without complaints probably always.
590. (Guru). That is caused by karma, inevitably should be passed. Attempts to avoid it are useless. Rejected in one form, it overtakes in another. There is only one exit it is courageous and without swaying to meet it.
591. (M. A. Y.). We help always when Us ask for the help. But our help is caused by the following circumstances. The first, We can't break a karma or exempt from it. The second, We apply of energy to the energy, which have been already shown by the person in this direction. The third, We help only when energy these are turned on good. At observance of these conditions always it is possible to count on our help. But thus We can't relieve of those trials on which the Teacher puts following Him.

592. (Guru). The person at o'clock of tests reveals himself. When everything is good, it too is good, but when everything rises against and burdening by circumstances increases or from a bottom of soul not gets rid feelings rise, then the true essence of its human nature is shown and then it determines by the behavior and the acts that there are actually its aspirations and its desire to follow on time to the to the elected of a way. Then all imagined qualities disappear from it and its true face comes to light. Tests are good as self-examination. Is more useless be under a delusion with imagined qualities when not gets rid properties of the lowest "I" am not pulled out in a root.
593. (Oct. 7). Also it is necessary to dare to have the judgment. Teacher is not enslaver. Independence of thinking we Welcome. Slavish and thoughtless submission to authority breaks integrity of Identity. Merge of consciousnesses in the accord at all doesn't mean refusal of mental independence – the streams flowing in one direction simply merge, without losing thus anything. Even disagreement is preferred to weak-willed submission to the instructor. But it is necessary to learn to stand strong on own feet.
594. (Oct. 8). Wanting finds Us and comes to Us, having left everything. Lifting to Us is hard and therefore all insalubrious and unnecessary freight is left below. With a heavy burden not rise. Complain, why the phenomenon of the Teacher so rarely. I will answer: employment by and consciousness overflow by personal experiences are similar to a blank wall through which our vibrations don't get. It is impossible to combine the incompatible – self-affirmation and dismissal from itself which is so necessary for Communication with Us. How contain our thoughts and our parcels if the consciousness receiver to a limit is overflowed by the. Clarification of consciousness assumes also its release from thoughts, feelings and egoism experiences. The teacher is ready to Visit those who expects him, but on condition of the aspiration cleared of elements lowest "I", concentrated mainly in an ardent cover of an astral. Going and wanting reaches Us, but without freight of personal remnants. I with you always and possibilities of Communication are open, it is necessary to leave only below everything interfering merge of hearts and consciousness’s.
595. (M. A. Y.). We can tell much if heart is opened to Us and isn't encumbered by "a tatter of a false commonness". It isn't enough nobility and understands this condition, its application is required. It is impossible to enter into the world of the Teacher or to concern it if the world is satiated by the. Place in it for anything another anymore doesn't remain. Also it is impossible to serve and to two misters – and the Teacher of Light. During bifurcating the purpose not reaches it. All this is known long ago, and all this is known long ago, and it is necessary to regret only if the knowledge of it isn't applied in life.
596. (Guru). I want to ask: why becomes so a little? How much precious time is missed in vain, in inactivity? And after all time passes. And time for "oil burning in icon lamps" remained so a little. What you want to reap, without having put to crops of great works? Being Before you and reached – all worked. You have striking examples of life of such workers. What made and you do to approach even closer to the Teacher? Whether works aren't too small and expectation is great? Commensurability is in everything. What measure you will measure work, devoted to the Teacher, such and receive.
597. (Oct. 9). If to accept ignorance at a rate of that conviction in the correctness and indisputability with, which the ignoramus acts, it is necessary to refuse the right to freedom of own thinking absolutely. Examples of stupid ignorance are amazing. Ignoramuses are ready to deny everything that doesn't hold in their cranium. And if instead of that they abuse and deny, they could offer though something. But they aren't capable of it because denial destroys what the consciousness lives and eats. Even they deny the facts and force Earth to be flat and motionless and to be the universe center as it was once. And they, at ignoramuses, had very weighty proofs and convincing – a fire and tortures. Ignoramuses from science are even more intolerant. They lean on the imagined facts, forgetting about dialectics real and that each statement has the contrast. All of them still stay in a cradle of infantile materialism, forgetting that the science stepped for a long time for sides of the visible world. For the sake of the special reasons they will deny the reality facts if those contradict dullness of their understanding. It is worth remembering against what in due time so strong the church in an obscurantism clouding fought. They, ignoramuses, and now go against the same. Only from area church fanatics and obscurantists try to be attached to science and to subordinate her to the power. But the science quickly walks forward, and a grief the lagged behind. To them the world thought should tail after, world achievements and world open. It is impossible to force that Earth didn't rotate round its pivot-center and didn't move on an orbit round the Sun. It is impossible to deny reality with impunity.
598. (M. A. Y.). Firmness of spirit can be shown fully only when the consciousness was strong approved in Bases. Bases are unshakable, both aren't denied, and aren't subject to cancellation in time. Bases – a powerful ram against enemies of Light and their rational artful designs.
599. (Oct. 11). From personal it is better to replace refusal with concept of containment of the super personal, universal, planetary, space beginning. Refusal comprises an element of loss something while actually the small is replaced big and loss becomes acquisition. To escape from a personal hen house on planet open spaces – already achievement. New opportunities and the new horizons open. And even personal remains to some extent lit-up and intelligent new understanding of its appointment. Personal it is possible even to welcome if it serves Identity of the person for the sake of which it only and exists. But it, personal "I", wants to be self-sufficing and end in itself, forgetting about brevity of the terrestrial stay and that it is doomed death. Small "I" don't remember this and can't remember former existence because memory of them is Identity accessory. It can't count and on the future because, in each subsequent embodiment the former personality is replaced with the new. Also there is no future at it. The future is a sphere of manifestation of energy of Identity through new persons in whom it reveals herself for collecting of knowledge and experience. And if personal experiences cover for the sake of what only and their lives the personality, existence of the personality becomes deprived of any sense. Great people are estimated by mankind on degree and force of the super personal beginning concluded in them, are perfect irrespective of, whether these appraisers believe in immortality of spirit and existence of reincarnating Identity in the person. And the personality, the individual, is valuable only so far as she fulfills the duty to the lord, to the spirit, immortal and eternal, and only temporarily clothing in a body and the personality to advance the evolution.
600. (M. A. Y.). The lord of Light we designate Great Identity and Heart Great, comprehensive Earth and all mankind. Identity so seized all its being that personal the place already isn't present. In his personality all greatness of his Identity is completely expressed. That is why we call Teachers of Light Great Teachers.
601. (Guru). Not interchangeability of those who called you to the Lord and who is links of a hierarchical chain, it is necessary to realize probably more stoutly and more deeply. In case of refusal from them emptiness, which couldn't be filled is formed, correctly you understand feature of their not repeatability. It learns even more to appreciate each link of shining communication. It shines in space over ordinary and vanity waves.
602. (Oct. 12). When the anchor is strong and the hierarchical chain is strong, flaws and whirlwinds aren't terrible. The ship then can resist against a wind. How many false doctrines, both false teachers, and pseudo-scientists will meet on a life! And without all this too it is necessary to pass, not deviated off the purpose. And all will invite on the yard. But others voice is alien to the true. Each contact with pseudo-knowledge will be test of durability of Bases and depths of their development. The smaller the pseudo-knowledge is more than confidence of the infallibility and correctness at his preachers and heralds. What can they rejecting and condemning the Doctrine give, in exchange? Anything because the briefly of extent of their constructions in space and non-recognition of Space Bases is nullified, finally, by all gains of spirit. It is builders today which build to a whirlwind on destruction. We Throw the happiness bridge to far, fiery coast, and the range of the purpose does it vitally real; also and Our Affairs of long unusual, leaving far, across the limits one embodiment. In it is value and force. "The sun city" Campanula was written when the gloom stood over of Earth, but will pass time and the cities of the Sun will be constructed on a planet. The present limited to limits of short terms and affairs, is senseless; because, all die and together with all dies briefly of their affairs and constructions. We Build forever and we Direct of energy in the far future. We Know immortality of spirit and we Know that the mankind too is immortal that his life isn't limited to stay only on your Earth and that it won't finish the life together with a planet. Other star becomes his Space house when life on Earth will end. The future is integral from mankind, and it has no end.
603. (M. A. Y.). Time which is, we will use on deeper assimilation of the Doctrine. It is good to reflect over a readable material. Reflections will crystallize thoughts, giving them stability and an accurate form. Both the indistinct and not properly executed thinking of ordinary people won't be able to shake them. The analytical relation to everything that arrives in consciousness from outside is necessary. The citadel of spirit is protected strongly from foreign invasions.
604. (Guru). It is told long ago that "the person is a measure of things". Therefore, only putting a measure of the, but not foreign understanding and the experience to the life phenomena, it is possible to solve them in the accord with degree of the consciousness. And if communication with Hierarchy of Light, even mistakes – anything is strong.
605. (Oct. 13). Among an infinite variety of human ideas of the world, beliefs, superstitions, delusions, prejudices, often inconsistent and denying each other, among constantly changing theories and thoughts of the reason of things the narrow track conducting in life and shined with a hidden Beam lies. Found it won't recede in a gloom external where there is nothing, on what it would be possible to lean; because there, in this gloom, all is transient and all only at of the time, - but I forever with that, who addressed to Me. I Is Alpha and Omega. On Me approved has eternal life and immortality of spirit. Whether there can be something more awful, than belief that with death of a body everything comes to an end that the spirit dies and that there is no final sense of human existence on Earth because also all other people have to as it is senseless to die, it isn't known for the sake of what having lived the short life full of works and sufferings, aspirations and hopes. We Know practically about immortality of spirit and about opportunities of uninterrupted consciousness. We Know about seven bodies, or conductors, the person and that he can consciously act in them out of a dense body. We Know it from experience. And, that who can contain and follow Us, we Open the narrow track conducting in life. We Approve life and we Say that the death is trampled. We Call those for Ourselves who is ready to follow Us. Our Call is turned to all who can reply on it.
606. (M. A. Y.). The feat consists in process of overcoming of and in a final victory over. On it one life can be demanded not. Even High Spirits Didn't reach this victory for one embodiment. However, everything depends on former accumulation. The energy collected in former existence allows finish this sacred action. Knowing doesn't stop before any difficulties and obstacles, because knows that everything is achievable that temporarily all of them, but the spirit is eternal and is indestructible. Understanding of it also gives to its strength to overcome everything. So there is through life a winner judgment.
607. (Guru). The benefit to the one who understands that monsters and guards of the Threshold, taking up to it a way, recede before the unshakable solution of will nevertheless to go and still to reach the end. After all they, these monsters, – only projections of not gets rid properties of its own essence. Only beget can and owes their turn. The way lies inside, and the person going on it, becomes this way.
608. (Oct. 14). When the not gets rid past overcomes, then especially strong it is necessary to keep and is inseparable. After all if to separate in consciousness, the evil wave will flood. And how many gloating-over eyes will rejoice pleasure of rage. To them food we won't give, after all when time of final calculations will come, they will show the account. It they, seeing a peel of the dumped karma, are spitefully anxious with, whether everything is paid. Food to them we won't give. And completely we will pay debts.
609. (M. A. Y.). "Take the cross and follow Me", – how even more clearly to tell that made the person can't become at once and that, following the Lord, it with itself takes all imperfections for their gets did and a transmutation.
610. (Guru). If fell, immediately get up and go further, – other exit isn't present, not back to go.
611. (Oct. 15). To be not won by the accumulation – means to go, without breaking a progress rhythm. Past stratifications often disturb it. Then they should be moderated and bridled so that they didn't interfere. Two persons fight in consciousness for prevalence: one of the past, another of the future. One – the one the person in the past was who, another – the one whom has to about One – the one the person in the past was whom, another – the one he has to become whom. Sometimes the past especially comes to life and demands the. The temporary concession to it yet doesn't mean final defeat. Fight proceeds, despite everything, and up to a victory. The past of food shouldn't give that didn't strengthen itself it. But it is necessary to live something. Let thoughts of the future will be food for spirit. In it is possible not to leave for last place at all. In it possibility of a victory is approved. In it and release from present restrictions. Release from a physical body that is death, inevitably. And further the thought and aspiration, on them and an emphasis will lead. Where everything moves thought, it gains taking priority value. But it should be exempted from coherence past, if it not from Light. Only released from unnecessary accumulation, the thought gives to spirit freedom. Otherwise she will bring it into the spheres sated with not gets rid desires, and will hold it there; their force won't be exhausted yet. Very much it is necessary to check it that the nobility from what it is necessary to exempt consciousness and to clear it.
612. (Guru). If the person, to the purpose going, stops on the road and will stand, across to the purpose he not goes. It is clear quite. The reasons of a stop have no value. It is important to go, without stopping. And the more so movement back is inadmissible. Forward and only forward is a Call to Light.
613. (Oct. 16). The skilled knowledge is the most convincing. It unshakably if it is proved on own experience. The belief based on experience, will be already knowledge. Certainly, even the plowman has to believe that crops of seeds will give shoots. Therefore the sense-knowledge most likely conducts to acquisition of desirable knowledge. Sense-knowledge is knowledge heart. Heart often knows rather a mind. Value of mind and mind we won't belittle. They have huge influence on mentality of the person and receiving skilled knowledge. But will deny a heart role an ignorance sign. Before departing, the person had to trust in possibility of flights. The belief moved designers of the first aircraft. The belief in power of spirit and in boundless opportunities of the human device moves to the future of those who has it.
614. (Guru). Now time such when the mighty stream of reality will sweep away all barriers of superstitions, ignorance and denials. Real not stop a stream of cognition by anything. The truth results from collision of contrasts. Eventually people will know.
615. (Oct. 17). (Guru). We are against of mystic. If to take an English root of this word, it means "fog". Any ambiguity, fog, illusoriness, superstition, ignorance, deception, charlatanism are excluded at scientific approach to the material phenomena of the highest order. Everything is subject to strict scientific check and the analysis. Denials only are inadmissible because, denying that can be proved scientifically, we lose opportunity to prove the undoubted. For example: the false science denied existence of aura and human radiations, but the highly sensitive photo recorded them, and pictures of these radiations were printed in magazines. So, impartial scientific approach allows to study that was denied until recently by those who considered itself as representatives of scientific knowledge.
616. (M. A. Y.). Among a set of weeds young shoots of new knowledge, old, as the world, but closed by weeds rise. This growth can't be stopped anything. The new Era will sweep away all barriers of the old world, and the released thought will begin to flow a mighty, free stream.
617. (Oct. 18). To separate in it the lowest "I" from the highest it is good still because then it is easier to fight against willfulness of the first, without identifying itself with it. After all if to consider itself at a rate of its weaknesses and shortcomings, desires and desires, and it are impossible to move forward. In concept of self-rejection we will include also ability to separate from small, personal "I" and to become from it as though aside. Precept "Be rejected from itself" it was given to people, having it in a look. Only release from the power small "I" will give to spirit freedom. It is heavy to pass to the World Thin not released. Dark direct the impacts on the lowest human nature, and it relies on them. In it feature of "the connected souls" is shown. But that was connected on Earth, remains connected and in World Aboveground. Fight with itself doesn't stop to a clear victory. The winner we Call the one who will manage to win against itself.
618. (M. A. Y.). Dark therefore push people on indulgence, to the weaknesses that it destroys a protective network and allows them to approach closer. How many gloating at them when see that succeeded and pushed spirit on commission of unworthy acts. In itself time to show they the accounts across each from them. Will surround, both will demand the, and will loudly shout: "It ours, it did that we wanted, to us give it". When the darkness to capture itself of the "property", which has indulged in darkness, to addicting the dark, the path only in the dark. Fight in itself happens between consciousness attractions to a pole of Light or to a darkness pole. And each victory over the lowest attractions chops off magnetic communications with darkness. Defeat in this fight is impossible, because it means the legend of to darkness. While there is a fight, counteraction and resistance to darkness influences, the spirit doesn't recognize itself won. It also will be pledge of a victory. Victory and defeat is in the spirit of. Words will be the motto let: fight till the end and a victory.
619. (Guru). Pertinently to wonder: what we will do farther? The answer can be only one: to strengthen aspiration to the Head, to double effort and to move further. Only across that provided the way not be stopped. How many traps and how many barriers are placed on a way by shaggy hands really will stop?
620. (Oct. 19). Dark, surrounding you, mercy don't know, and their rage is boundless. But them it is possible to force to serve. Than their efforts to you are more furious to damage, especially strong and you direct to Me. Let restrict, but to Me. Iesus prayer very much helps and if the Face of the Teacher is placed in heart. Thus, long attack will be accompanied by long prestanding, constant – to constants. And the rage of darkness, the will increase more persistently and more ardently there will be a rapprochement with Me. There is no other way out. This way the dark will promote ardent rapprochement you with Me and will truly serve you, restricting you to the Stronghold. So let each counteraction, and everyone dark attempt, and each attack will be incentive to strengthening of Proximity and the statement of constancy of the Face. They want to separate, they want to cast into the despair and hopelessness abyss, they want to finish, but when instead will achieve that will begin to approve you and to strengthen Light, then, truly, will serve you on your thorny and difficult road of cooperation with Me and Hierarchy of the Benefit. The world to you, My children, be firm and unshakable in irrevocable your decision on all of refinement and evil shifts of darkness to answer with ardent aspiration to Me. World to you.
621. (M. A. Y.). The correct decision consists in learning from everything counteracting and preventing to take force concluded in it and to turn it on progress. This ability is given only by experience. Experience is bitter and difficult, but its fruits remain forever with the winner of darkness. Only to the winner the Teacher Shows his force. Following on the way of Light consider as a feat. Not always revelry of darkness will be so strong. When winner Light will approve the power, dark from a planet will leave there where it is prepared of. But sustained on the shoulders all weight of collision with darkness will enter into the New World waited and with of honor.
622. (Guru). Nothing can alienate you from the Teacher of Light if only don't enclose the next barrier of elements of separation and if you don't give them strength to alienate you from the Life Source. "Stand strong; stand stronger than the rock. Fire wonderful inflames firmness of spirit", – so Commandment the Teacher. Let's not envy those who drag careless existence. It won't temper a spirit blade. Forces get stronger and grow in fight. Strength of mind is inexhaustible. The spirit is eternal and indestructible.
623. (Oct. 20). Temporary execution of Instructions will give also consequences temporary. Therefore fixing reached is required to make results long and constant. The dark have enough patience to annoy our people for years. Each pupil reaches that step when the dark recede, having suffered a total failure. It comes when all their attempts cause the results opposite conceived them. Therefore, the main objective in following Instructions up to the end, without weakening attention and without being deceived by seeming calm. Let the spear over a dragon don't doze.
624. Who can be judges of your acts, if payment for them is born by you? It isn't necessary to bear the malice even to the enemy, because he digs the own grave in which will fall. The karma is impartial, and seeded has to reap. It is possible to regret them, causing sufferings to people. Their lot is cruel and is inevitable. Everything will cease on compliance. But the fate of conscious attendants of darkness is hopeless. Prepare itself to Saturn.
625. (M. And. Й.). No thoughts, any offenses, any circumstances can give strength that they could distance, or separate from Light Focus, from Hierarchy. After all withdrawal can be only in darkness as inseparably it is necessary to keep about Focus. And fight is inevitable. Near Focus it is even more intense, because the closer to the Lord, the attacks of his haters are more furious.
626. (Oct. 23). In the past of rescue isn't present, in the past of release isn't present, in the past there is no victory over the lowest "I". The future is area of all achievements of spirit. In it everything therefore the Yogi lives future and in the future. All imperfections of the present can be трансмутированы in it (in the future). In the future everything is achievable. The spirit is eternal, and in eternity impossible becomes possible, because the element of time isn't any more decisive. Of small accumulation and experiences consist big, as the mountain – of grains of sand. On a way to Boundlessness at an inflexible of aspiration it is possible to reach impossible therefore I Speak: everything is achievable.
627. (Oct. 26). It is best of all to look at life as on the road or a way infinite, leading spirit in Boundlessness of knowledge real. The way assumes also the movement which too doesn't have the end that is stopping never. Then accidents, surprise and difficulty of a way won't confuse, both temporary and passing pleasures won't stop it. "I" fight strong small in the person against to accept truth of life, and hides from it on back streets of casual conditions. But anything temporary won't rescue from reality. Courage should be found to look open eyes on the great stream of life constantly changing and dooming each form to replacement of its new. Only spirit grain is invariable in the primary spontaneous fiery essence. Its subsequent stratifications of the grain by don't show. The invariance of essence is combined with accumulation of stratifications when passing through all kingdoms of the nature. The form seizes that, through what it passes or took place once, in a fog of far times to replace itself new and more perfect. Process of evolution of forms is essence of the life, aiming to approach spirit to achievement of omniscience, an allurer and pansophy, or the omnipotence which absolute degree is unattainable, but approach steps to them are achievable.
628. (M. A. Y.). The thought expressed in operation, gives deposits in the Bowl of crystals of fires. The thought, which in operation hasn't been shown, seeks to be shown. It can long be in such look in consciousness that suddenly to approve itself under conditions favorable for it. Therefore, knowing about what thoughts, which haven't been revealed in actions, were allowed in consciousness, it is necessary to be very circumspect with what any more don't correspond to a step reached by the person. That was good and admissible once, can be absolutely inadmissible now. And then the past enters fight against the present. And only the person, who isn't won by the last accumulation, can move ahead. Not to be won – means to be the winner. The Teacher in everyone, following It Wants to see the winner.
629. (Guru). If existence of imperfections serves in the person as an obstacle to become the pupil of the Teacher, there would be no pupils also; imperfections – not obstacles, but stones which are trampled by a foot when lifting on the mountain. And we will consider them. The one who has nothing to overcome, has no place and to go in this world terrestrial because only through imperfections of the present perfection of the future can be born in it.
630. (Oct. 27). The way is very long. The end to it isn't present. All the time which is, at the disposal of the person? All qualities of spirit can grow infinitely. From a spark the flame inflames. The huge tree grows from a small seed. Seeds of small undertakings in time bring the consequences. At an inflexible of aspiration of quality will develop, kindle a steady flame. It doesn't matter, if it is reached a little, – it is important that grains of future achievements were put strongly. Crops field – consciousness. Hidden mental grains can long lie buried then to couch, give shoots and to continue to bear fruit. It is good to think over more deeply than the provision of our philosophy that sprouts could take roots. Results will be a logical consequence of the adopted provisions. Everything will develop in the direction put in grain. Temporariness of any conditions can be used for advance. Boundlessness lies before spirit as the foreordained way. In Boundlessness everything is achievable, plasticity of a matter allows.
631. (M. A. Y.). On wings of thought flights in Hidden to a terrestrial eye the Worlds are made. Therefore it is so important to approve thought and to be approved in the Life Doctrine. Reflections over provisions of the Doctrine are very useful. They sate space in which the majestic Temple of Knowledge is erected. Now it is available to builders, after – to all. Cementation by thought of space is too one of types of service to General Welfare.
632. (Guru). Hierarchical current is transmitted through a link of a chain. Light extends on a chain through links. Therefore it is so important to have the link communication with, which is constant and continuous. Difference in knowledge acquisition between those who has a link, and who doesn't have it, it is easy to understand if to imagine that instead of using textbooks and continuity of knowledge at the schools, each pupil would be compelled to make a fresh start and continue, without making use of experience and accumulation of those who passed earlier.
633. Here we Speak about races, circles, Manvantara, about the birth and death of great civilizations, about Boundlessness and an infinite way, but a character for the sake of which there is all this, is the person. It was told: "I Is Alfa I Omega". It can be carried to the person, who Alpha and Omega of the real is also. Without it the planet loses the viability, and Evolution – sense. Microcosm – Macrocosm’s child, and in it as in Macrocosm, all is potentially put. That is revealed in the person at the moment, – only is insignificant a small share of that will be revealed in the future. The mankind lives on many planets. On some of them people reached such step of development that in comparison with Earth can be considered as gods. People of the seventh race of the seventh circle already live on Far Stars. But after all it isn't a limit. There are Stars above. The spiral of Evolution goes to Boundlessness. In Eternity that seems to the modern person impossible, inconceivable and improbable is reached; across deepening thinking about concept of Eternity, impossible becomes possible and achievable.
634. (Guru). Let's keep aspiration contrary to everything and in the face of everything that can and wants it to go out. The logic of evidence of this (extinction) is reached very easily if by inexperience to trust in it. But over evidence there is a reality. It is thought not in a terrestrial way. For a terrestrial eye the sky merges with of Earth and the Sun moves on the sky. Many illusions show evidence, and many centuries were required to people to disprove its some axioms. Not without reason the great scientist after interrogation of inquisition exclaimed: "Nevertheless it spins! « Don't think that now the situation is different. However, many statements of evidence are disproved by science, but remain even more. In reality it is possible to call science advance fight against evidence.
635. (M. A. Y.). The most necessary in a way is a harmony, or coherence internal. In the presence of its advance becomes prompt. Wish to approve coherence internal. It strengthens luminosity and gives shining aura. The statement of coherence is not a private matter, but spatial, a benefactor all surrounding on big radius. As Light extends though the carrier of such aura, You seek to approve coherence.
636. (Guru). When external actions don't correspond to the internal contents, the external person that is the personality terrestrial, trying constantly to pull down consciousness down from the step reached by it wins. You learn to care of that external expression corresponded to the highest condition of consciousness, but not to grimaces of an astral and its willfulness very much. About it cares of the pupil.
637. (Oct. 30). Speaking about coherence, it must be kept in mind understanding of the Great Way to Boundlessness and coordination with it of acts, thoughts and feelings of every day. It is difficult to contain the ordinary in Boundlessness, but an everyday it is possible. The constant memory about the Great Way will help to overcome vanity. Only the Great Traveler Could Tell that his other-worldly Kingdom. The death and disappearance of the great people and high civilizations visually specify that they come and leave, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. And the purpose of life of the person concentrates in the spirit of. Not in a body and not on Earth the Teacher Specifies eternal life, promising it following It. And a body, which from the Earth, and Earth is temporarily. Coordination temporarily and eternal in itself is the main objective of the person. Temporary exists for the sake of Eternal and expresses itself it. Temporary is a section of Eternity in the conditions of the dense world. Travelers of the Great Way go the path coherences passing with Boundlessness.
638. (M. A. Y.). The spirit can accept truth about appointment on Earth of the person, but his terrestrial mind strong will oppose to it. And here already in a body, on Earth persistent fight between Highest Duada and those principles, which begins below. The highest tension is reached by it when the body and three principles, related are dumped. The highest and the lowest dude’s challenge the right to the life, the lowest – on the lowest, temporary, and the Highest – on immortality in the spirit of. Well already on Earth successfully to finish fight by Highest Duala’s victory and transferring of consciousness to her sphere. Then post mortal fight is facilitated and comes to the end with fast release from the lowest duada’s. It is good to win still here, on Earth.
639. (Oct. 31). Thoughts of Us connect with Us. Thoughts of someone and of something another connect with that, on what or whom the thought is directed. Between conceiving and object of thinking the current transferring vibrations of aura of a subject, the person and the phenomenon attracting thought is established. At constants and long thoughts continuous and long communication not only with object of thinking, but also is established with the sphere to which the object belongs. Thus, magnetic compliance and an attraction to these or those spheres are established. While visibility of these spheres is hidden by restrictions of a physical body, the reality of this communication doesn't pay to itself attention, but after release from a dense cover when the thought becomes the engine, the attraction can't counteract it, and the person is involved in those spheres with which this magnetic connection during lifetime of the terrestrial was established. That is why it is necessary to observe thought, because otherwise its force will involve the person in the lower class of an astral corresponding to the nature and the direction of crude thoughts. Process of clarification of consciousness from unusable thoughts has very great value. Besides thoughts of a cover under their influence are sated with elements of a rough lowest matter of the layers of space corresponding to these thoughts, and clarification will be only then full when, thanks to pure thoughts, the rough matter of covers becomes cleared and light. The thought in the course of clarification has crucial importance. Clarification has to be finished during lifetime in a body, because to fight against a magnetic attraction of the lowest spheres at the crude thin cover it is almost impossible. Tests of subjects are good and useful that show extent of release of consciousness from the lowest attractions, finding out that yet gets rid and is subject to overcoming. The skilled traveler wishes tests, that the nobility from what he has to be exempted. Everyone, even not sustained, test allows collect forces for fight and a final victory that it is necessary to eradicate.
640. (M. A. Y.). The knowledge itself is necessary, as from the Highest, and the lowest nature. The highest – for the statement, the lowest – for mastering by it and releases from its power. When you know the enemy and his force, it is possible to struggle with him. And our enemy – an astral, the enemy skilled, ancient, sophisticated in ability to dominate over the person. How many slaves to an astral cover crowd around? Drunkards, smokers, addicts, libertines and all other, from the same nest, are all these slaves, who have fallen under the power of this willful and irrepressible cover. This slavery on Earth is terrible, but it is even more terrible in the world astral. That is why any indulgence to the weaknesses and the shortcomings rooting in an astral, is pernicious on the consequences. Astral habits and ulcers of spirit don't leave the person in World Aboveground. He drags them with itself there where everything becomes aggravated and amplifies in the expression and where dirty thoughts can seize the person completely.
641. It is necessary to adopt the provision and fiery to claim it in consciousness that in the microcosm of the lord – the person that in the economy he can dispose as wants that everything that was once mistakenly allowed by it at his own will, can be his own will and is removed. The will is given to dispose, and the body and covers – to obey it. Only having realized will prerogatives, it is possible to approve its power. All counteractions of the lowest nature in themselves are strong only until the will isn't realized in all the force and ability to overcome everything. In the union with mental energy the will is able to achieve any results. In the microcosm of his lord is the person.
642. (Nov. 1). It is possible to feel in great space of Service only on condition of understanding of brevity of life terrestrial, temporariness’s of the covers investing spirit, both eternity, and inviolability of grain of spirit. It is possible to understand perfectly these conditions, and still understanding it will be superficial. But I Speak about such understanding which spiritualizes and sates everything that the person on Earth thought, in word and deed creates. It is easiest to refuse insalubrious food, but consequences of refusal come to naught zero, because such refusal won't exempt from desire to food in World Aboveground. It concerns also all other desires and desires of the person and refusal of them if only they not gets rid in the spirit of that is if aren't uprooted and move in consciousness depths. Eradication of properties subject an gets rid only then can be considered final when at the next test the consciousness on them doesn't sound. So, really gets rid habits from which the person was exempted, already anymore don't disturb. They won't disturb and in situation post mortal. Thinking habits most difficultly give in to eradication. But at persistence and sincere desire it is possible to win against them also. Winners I Want to see going to Me.
643. (M. A. Y.) Let's not condemn anybody from approached to the Doctrine. After all if in them there is at least Light sparkle, it grants them the right of approach. And who knows, whether it will inflame in a bright flame of aspiration and a feat. Therefore be afraid to extinguish this even a small spark the condemnation. Let everyone go if can. You be not the judge. To judge, that is to define abilities and opportunities of everyone, the Lord Can only. But also he isn't a judge, and Calling to follow Itself.
644. (Guru). It is good to draw to itself plan, either a bright picture, or images of those achievements which are drawn up to implementation in this embodiment. It is necessary to be exempted from any freight urgently, to leave something, to leave something, to approve something and to strengthen. Everyone knows in the heart what exactly should be done to it and what to win itself by all means. Bright and certain views will help to facilitate this process. With heavy and unnecessary freight not rise by the mountain. And time presses.
645. (Nov. 2). It is twice the given rise – the second time given rise from the spirit, transferred consciousness up and united it with the sixth and seventh principles; and as remained below? They which have been lit up by Light of the Highest Triad, change too. And then all centenary essence incarnate becomes Light Carrier. Light can concern, but in it to be approved so that to show it in life, much more difficultly. I promise rescue to all, who with Me. But to be with Me – means to accept the Doctrine My and to follow it steadily. Everything that is accepted and approved on Earth, will truly accompany in World Aboveground. But it is necessary to show a full measure, because incompleteness is destructive. It is the house divided in. Withdrawal from life dead means full transferring of consciousness to the sphere of the highest aspirations and to the future in which everything is achievable. And the personality terrestrial then becomes the servant of the highest "I", however, only for the period of an embodiment in a body, but the collector thus experience, knowledge and a material which is so necessary for conscious stay in Spheres Elevated. After all if there is no corresponding accumulation, there is nothing to live and there be nothing to realize. Therefore collecting of spiritual treasures, which undertake with itself limits of terrestrial existence, – process of the deepest value. But main is a clarification from any litter and release from insalubrious freight and any heaps. All need to manage to be made, for the present here, on Earth. Deadly fight between the lowest and Highest Duada is inevitable, and it is good to be prepared for it in advance to come out the winner from this fight. I will help, I Will help, but give completeness of aspiration to Light that was to what to put a measure full. Think that compliance means and in what the accord of your spirit with Me consists. Completeness of the address and call corresponds to the Answer full-strung
646. (M. A. Y.). Full merge to Light possibly at completeness of clarification of consciousness from any litter. It is worth hesitating when it is necessary to make a choice what to throw and what to take with itself. All litter is property of the terrestrial personality, her accessory, and release from it is release from those put by, which freedom of spirit is connected. The Teacher, following freely Him Wants you to see free. When wings of spirit are tied by chains of not gets rid properties of the lowest nature, it is impossible to rise in flight. One mighty lifting of spirit can tear to a chain, and then wings will be free.
647. (Guru). Even the body with himself isn't taken by the person, going out of limits terrestrial. Therefore the question what to take and what to leave is of particular importance. The mental baggage too represents itself various value. Something from it can be very burdensome and very detain in a way. Necessary and unnecessary separates from each other very circumspectly. That is easy, and light-undertakes only, and it is necessary. The mental litter too isn't necessary. All the best, light, valuable, all the best thoughts and feelings undertake. All dark is left. With load of Light it is easy to rise because it is weightless. Dirty thoughts pull down, like a millstone on a neck, and pure, to light gas is similar, up direct.
648. (Nov. 3). Without compliance there is no accord. Compliance is necessary that the accord took place. The statement of qualities of spirit is necessary in order that was than to correspond, - accord to vibrations of aura of the Teacher compliance elements. Qualities of spirit also are these elements because consist of them. Qualities of spirit consist of fire elements. Fires of the aura accord the person with aura of the Hierarch. Also there is a person fiery sounding. The law of the accord operates the world in all spheres. Elements of the accord can be collected consciously. The dissonance, disharmony will be an antipode of the accord. The darkness is characteristic lack of harmony. The essence of its phenomenon is destructive. So, the accord, compliance, harmony is lightful bases. The phenomena of Light are harmonious. The tranquility and balance is harmony of the centers. The tranquility and balance cause accord depth. The symphony of qualities does it full-string. Fiery sounding is possible only with approved qualities. On extent of accumulation of qualities is and the accord.
649. Whether there will be an ardent aspiration to approve Light in itself by an egocentrism? No, won't be because Light, in heart kindle, is the benefit spatial and shines around everything and everything, who can perceive its sparks. Both subjects, and things, both flowers, and plants, both animals, and room walls, and air around absorb good aura. Thus Ashram is created. About the saved-up center of the Carrier of Light of its vibration remain for eyelids and serve as the Benefit nursery.
650. (M. A.Y.). If, "the dream is similar to death", and the death is transition of the person from the world of the reasons to the world of consequences, and the condition of a dream can be considered as stay in the world of consequences in a miniature and on these consequences to judge the generated reasons during the day. In this sense on a dream it is possible to look as at test and check of thoughts day. Then process of the statement of thought before withdrawal to a dream is of particular importance. On dreams it is possible to judge depth and sincerity of day decisions. If, the person expelled dirty thought in the afternoon, and at night it came back and entered a combination to beget, so release from it was incomplete, superficial and insincere. Dream is very sincere condition. Such way strict and impartial self-examination is possible. The heart which has completely given to the Lord and in a dream will vibrate on the approved wave. On these vibrating and sleepy impressions it is possible to judge completeness and sincerity of the legend of heart to the Lord and not to be deceived by imagined qualities and achievements.
651. (Guru). As though highly the spirit on Light Ladder rose, the highest step there is higher, and it – the highest, and steps don't have the end. And each passable step is lower than the subsequent. It approves concept of a relativity of all achievements and knowledge. The ladder of Light lifts spirit to the sphere of opportunities of boundless cognition.
652. (Nov. 4). The fight attire more is suitable for the current time, than peace. And the weapon of Light is more necessary, than an olive branch. The darkness is very active, and it should be met fully equipped. Soldier, ready to the fight, the readiness display as in wakefulness, so and in a dream. In a dream too it is necessary to be protected and capable to reflect any attack. Even to a dream departing, it is impossible to be filled with the world, because from all directions are surrounded by enemies, haters of Light, ready to tear to pieces you, having used any oversight or neglect. So, the fiery sword let will be always on call. The ready state already will be protection.
653. (M. A. Y.). And still it is necessary to learn to suffer and bear strokes of bad luck, without losing balance of spirit. That, through what is fated to pass, not to avoid, but to keep balance thus nevertheless it is necessary. If to lose it at each blow or trouble how then to keep at the reached step! Not to avoid chagrin, and also sufferings, but it is possible to meet them, keeping the advantage of spirit and tranquility.
654. (Guru). It is impossible to lower hands before force of hostile counteractions – will finish. Fight till the end and a victory. Victory is too in the spirit of. Therefore spirit it is impossible to break. Temporary and seeming celebration of darkness is anything, while the soldier keeps the spirit. And spirit we won't break and it is indestructible, and in the spirit of a victory.
655. (M. A. Y.). Rise consciousness to level they, to whom it is directed, – here in what a task. Without this condition there can't be an accord. Not to lower them to itself, but to tower to them will be the unique decision. For this purpose much should be renounced, and, the main thing, that disturbs. And "I" disturb illusive small, trying to replace and fill with itself everything, and to put itself quicker Lords. It is necessary to explain that, while the strait jacket isn't put on it, Communication of desirable consequences doesn't give.
656. (Nov. 6). Let's call love a great integration. It connects loving to darling. Everything that the person loves is connected with him a thread of magnetic communication. This feeling can be shattered and be wasted on trifles. But when it directs on the highest that can imagine consciousness, magnetic communication becomes shining. The love happen two childbirth: connecting and releasing; connecting if it is directed on that attracts down, and releasing – if up. Call her the winner fiery, when connects it spirit with Fiery Shape of the Hierarch, because then it conducts victoriously to tops of big achievements. It helps to overcome any obstacle or the test getting in the way to a victory. It magneto will direct the spirit exempted from a body, to shining Focus of Uniform Light. It is difficult to overcome in itself century heaps, but the power of love to the Teacher helps to win against them also. This love is severe, she doesn't know tearful sentimentality, connivance, weakness and indulgence to the lowest human nature. She on a feat calls, clearing the heart burning with love, of any litter. She doesn't know doubts and fluctuations, but knows devotion up to the end. It approving in the heart, it is possible to reach the treasured.
657. (M. A. Y.). From depths of spirit inexhaustible forces it is caused. The person insignificant and the giant of spirit can stand nearby, and then becomes clear, what not from the outside world, but from the depths one scoops fiery power while another, not having accumulation, is the complete nonentity. It is necessary to be able to call this force. Heroes and devotees show it, and even ordinary people at the moments of lifting create big affairs. Spirit at all, and forces it are inexhaustible. Pettiness not in the spirit of, but in the covers which seized will of the person and closed and have muffled fire of spirit.
658. (Guru). Thought lays the channel to what heart directs. Heart and thought cooperate. Consequences of thoughts leave so far that aren't settled by a cycle of one embodiment. And seeds of again disseminated thoughts will give the far shoots. This way at their conscious crops defined and creates the future. Everyone can become his conscious creator, because the future is created by thought.
659. (Nov. 8). I will explain: Us "I" interest external to us close people so far as this external person is the faithful servant of the Identity. Our Care is about the internal person, about Ego, because external dies and Ego continues to stay in an orbit of our attention and our Beams. And quite often it happens that interests of the external and internal disperse. And then for Evolution of Ego it is necessary to endow interests of the personality. They temporarily also it is passing, as well as the personality and therefore from their infringement of Ego doesn't suffer damage, and on the contrary. Therefore also our Help Spills at times at all in that direction in which "I" expect personal the pupil, or the one to whom it appears. In itself it is necessary to understand two – one for a while, the servant and the collector of a material for the highest "I", another – Ego, immortal and reincarnating, – in each embodiment, through the personality, saves up experience and knowledge of the Highest Triad which one only and remains after a destruction of the personality and her inner world concerning dense conditions and related. It is possible to focus still during lifetime in a physical body the aspirations in the highest "I", without reckoning with conveniences and desires of the personality small. It also will be true self-rejection and performance of an ancient Precept: "Be rejected from it and follow Me".
660. (M. A. Y.), The love to the Hierarchy is a mighty force, which can be turned easily on overcoming in itself all that is subject to eradication and an gets rid.
661. (Guru). Sometimes it is very useful to think of as far as all those heaps which accumulate round the identity of those whom we called with ourselves aren't necessary to us. Show Teacher to collect in a way distant only valuable things, only what can be taken with itself for limits of the dense world, out of limits astral, in the Highest Spheres of the Immortal Triad. All the rest will be excessive load, which burdens lifting.
662. (Nov. 9). Except karmic inevitability of some conditions, can be and other reasons why, despite addresses, the desirable help doesn't come. The spatial wire should be held strong. Doubts, fluctuations, swaying, employment by, chagrin, complaints, exasperation – all these feelings weaken it and do sometimes impossible receiving the Help. It is possible to check itself on the wire fortress that the nobility definitely, whether in the past the feelings interrupting communication with the Hierarch were allowed. Thin energy demand very careful attitude. The bridge of shining communication can instantly set the mountain.
663. (Guru). Lifting’s of spirit are defined not by external conditions, but a consciousness rhythm. It is necessary to be able to catch this opportunity to manage to throw as much as possible mental grains into space. At aspiration in the future these crops will be especially fruitful. We live for the sake of the future – in it all.
664. (Nov. 10). It is good when that huge area of knowledge which is subject to studying, development and mastering by it is realized. Everything is insignificant in comparison with it that is learned still by the person. With this understanding also we will approach to the Life Doctrine, being aware that published its part represents itself very small part of that will be gradually given to mankind in process of its advance in Evolution. But even this small causes ardent counteraction of unusable consciousnesses. Everything that is opened and given in the Doctrine is only as though a step, or the beginning which continuation of everything follows, not able to hold in printing pages. And it is good, when there are a lot of questions. In itself time everyone will receive the answer, if the question isn't set idly, and is mature and thought in the consciousness. And it is good when it is realized that is learned still so a little and that it is necessary to learn more so many. The aspirations generated on Earth, will be fully satisfied in Light space, if they are rather spiritual. Terrestrial is terrestrial, but the Highest – to the Highest. The aspiration to knowledge leads to object of cognition when the person passes to those Spheres where the thought reigns and where everything moves thought.
665. (M. A. Y.). The eradicated habit already any more doesn't disturb. It means that it gets rid. Everything that gets rid, won't disturb or tempt and at a meeting with Threshold monsters. The not gets rid properties of an astral attracting back and down are dangerous. Connected on Earth will connect and in World Aboveground. Release is approved in the world terrestrial, clarification – too. It terrestrial stay is very considerable. All forces it is necessary to direct on still here to be exempted from spirit outgrowths. Tests show as far as it is reached. Tests by it are very useful. Let's note very attentively that is already made in this direction from what it was succeeded to be exempted and that is subject still to get rid and overcoming. It is impossible to leave unbeaten undesirable properties and weaknesses. They as a pig-iron kernel standing, it is uncontrollably pulled down. We connect and release them on Earth. It should be remembered that it is easier to that to find forces in itself to be exempted from insalubrious freight.
666. (Guru). There are no such conditions under which the spirit couldn't ascend on Light Ladder. And, if the spirit no ascend, the reason is not in external circumstances, but in the spirit of. Therefore there is no justification when refer to that circumstances of life disturb. Stir covers, stir thoughts, stir useless feelings, stirs the relation to surrounding, and all these obstacles – in the person. You know examples, when on the arena before wild animals when in dungeons and on fires the spirit remained resistant and inflexible. You know how strength of mind overcame all obstacles and barriers in the spirit of. The spirit is invincible when realized the force.
667. (Nov. 13). It is possible to be afflicted, both to suffer, and to feel pain from the relation of people around, or friends, but nevertheless to store balance. Balance at all doesn't mean absence of sufferings, but firmness and a spirit inflexible when passing through them.
668. (Guru). The most valuable spatial gift – thought and the feeling painting and recovering it. Spatial Service – the most difficult because there are neither people, nor visible witnesses, neither approval, nor censure. And only own heart standing on patrol, perhaps judges of that it in the light spatially brings to the world. Not for itself, but for service to the world clean heart and pure thoughts because they are transmitters of thin energy on links of a hierarchical chain from top to down are necessary.
669. (Guru). Impossibility to move further, without having cleared consciousness of litter, leads to understanding of need and inevitability of conscious release from it. The question is raised so: either to go forward, or to mark time and move back. All the best feelings, attachments and aspirations need to be thrown on a bowl of scales, differently not to pass.
670. (Nov. 18). Motive – the reason, an act – a consequence. We Look not at a consequence, and at the reason, at the motive directing action. Knowing the reasons, we Provide consequences. At clarification of consciousness it is necessary to eliminate not consequences of offenses, but the reasons, them caused. The karma is the law of causes and effects. It is possible to change or get rid of it only by eradication of the reasons lying in a root of acts of man. Roots of the reasons often consign very deeply to the past. And still, rooting in the past, they display itself in the present, because enter into a microcosm of the person as his component. Transformation of human essence consists that the roots of all dark heaps are burned out. It is possible only by a transmutation of negative properties in positive: hatred – in love, fear – in fearlessness, egoism – in self-rejection. Only weak and insignificant properties there is nothing transmutation, because also the opposite pole of detection of their energy will be too insignificant. Thus at a transmutation of undesirable properties the opposite positive essence of everyone to neutralize is caused by its energy of the undesirable dark double and to approve properties positive. There is a peculiar application of tactics of Adverse. Usually people don't complicate themselves to think of to what brings into Boundlessness’s growth even the most insignificant negative quality. But the one, who goes with Us, has to think.
671. (Guru). The simplest way to receive new Instructions is to apply the old. Application of the old grants the right to the new. Therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to that everyday instructed were applied immediately.
672. (M. A. Y.). After a dream of this or that duration the one incarnation wakes up to reality of the astral world, - but, this reality on consciousness. The consciousness on compliance is attracted to spheres, it close and conformable, and it in them stays while are settled the energy, attracting the person to them, it desirable. In process of a gets rid of their influences and release from their magnetism the one incarnation rises above, following the highest attractions when the lowest are overcome. The fortune of continuous fight between the energy generated on Earth by the person, which pull it down, and what attract up is come into. There, in the world astral, there are a lot of temptations, because all of them are given bright, seducing shapes with which the one who gives in to their influence enters a combination. It is a lot of determination and firmness should show to pass by them, without reacting to their magnetism. It especially difficultly and is almost impossible, if during lifetime in a physical body of people got used to be in their environment and to it to indulge. The dirty thinking generates dirty images, and these images, having gained obvious and real visibility, surround beget in the world astral, demanding that the consciousness was included into communication with them and in them stayed. To the pure person they aren't terrible; in him there is nothing on them to react. But that person which covers are saturated with rough crude elements of the lower class, the lowest matter of the astral world, that has to experience on him influence of these or those images created by his thoughts and it strong of the conformable. Fight is inevitable, because differently, them without having won, it is impossible to be released and move from them further.
673. (Guru). Sometimes it is very useful to think that if life on Earth is fight with itself, whether that is admissible defeat and that it for itself will entail if it takes place nevertheless.
674. (Nov. 21). Conducts thought. Following it, it is possible to move in any direction. The thought directed to Me, sooner or later, but will lead to the purpose. Thought installation therefore has crucial importance. The body and covers will reach for thought. Act with thought.
675. (M. A. Y.). If, it seems that Is a little given and Is given, compare it to who doesn't have anything and who receives nothing. You will see a difference. And, if they, having nothing, nevertheless somehow exist what tell about you being under the Beam of the Lord. Leave uncertainty, reject evidence and strong you hold that so generously Is given. The happiness realizes.
676. (Nov. 22). Difficulty of time that, as though brightly the consciousness, surrounding darkness, spatial trouble and antagonistic currents flashed not only don't allow it to inflame, but demand the unprecedented tension and persistence that it didn't die away absolutely. There was no time of heavier. Resist already a feat.
677. (M. A. Y.). For the sake of the future we will strong stand on the entrusted patrol.
678. If "the dream is similar to death", each withdrawal to a dream can be made rehearsal to transition to the World Thin when it is necessary to leave a dense body already finally. Results immediately can't be expected. Impressions of stay in other world during a dream will gradually reach awake consciousness and to collect in time. For Arhat the dream is a conscious transition to the World Elevated both conscious stay and activity in it. This consciousness rather not interruptibility of consciousness in a dream, serves as though as a threshold of uninterrupted consciousness and at deaths door a physical body. Therefore streamlining of a dream and aspiration to keep consciousness in this condition are of great importance. Certainly, when the brain sleeps, nature of consciousness in case it managed be kept, changes and passes some transformation. The dream can be changed in and waken thin condition. Main thus is a statement of thought at withdrawal to a dream. . It is necessary to learn to be released absolutely from the dense world and day interests, at least for some minutes, and to sink into a sleep free from those magnetic communications with a terrestrial environment which strong holds the person captive at the dense world. Considering that a dream – death in a miniature, it is possible to be accustomed to be released and be exempted for this time from terrestrial affairs. Then transition of Great Borders will become simpler and deduction of consciousness becomes possible. To keep not interruptibility of consciousness – means to reach immortality. The spirit is immortal, but, dying, only Arhat keeps consciousness and knows that his body died.
679. (M. A. Y.). Resisted on Earth against whirlwinds, both storms, and allure terrestrial will resist and in World Aboveground and will come out the winner from any fight and tests of the Leaky World. Connected on Earth the connected will enter and there, released – free. It is necessary to understand, how terrestrial conditions for spirit release have importance. The precept of the Teacher is simple: own everything, but consider nothing and don't become attached to anything, knowing that yours on Earth isn't present anything, except experience and knowledge, which the spirit carries away with itself out of limits of all temporary worlds, even the mental.
680. (Nov. 23). Already you know that the thought is the living being of the astral plan with all signs of self-sufficing existence. It isn't visible by a terrestrial eye. And however, being invisible, thoughts can cruelly torment the person and drive him mad. They surround it, stick to its thin cover and are for it or blessing, if good, or damnation, if from darkness. In the world terrestrial from them still it is possible to leave, distract, be engaged somehow in something, but when the body is dumped, the person has to meet them face to face, and then there is no place to leave already. It has to enter into a combination to them as did it during lifetime in a body, or to find forces to overcome them, to reject and win. Won by the thoughts, the generations, it can move only there where they attract it, only to those spheres which to them are conformable by their nature and structure. Light, pure thoughts will uplift to light spheres, low, dark, angry, vicious – in the lower class of the astral world. In that world the thought not seen here becomes visible in all the details and details. Therefore thoughts there it is very difficult to overcome allure and a temptation if the person on Earth got used to spend time in communication with thoughts of this sort. They become for it the live real forms surrounding with its dense ring the exit from which is closed while the person didn't find forces to be released from them or while they won't settle on the beget that energy with which it allocated them in due time. The thought can uplift up, the thought can overthrow in a chasm. Different thoughts happen, their magnetism and force put in everyone their creator are various. As carefully and carefully it is necessary to observe thoughts! From the generations not leave anywhere. "Generation, the traveler true, will wait at the Threshold". The death isn't release from the generations, but release from all of that prevents to meet them face to face. And, if here sometimes it is so difficult be exempted from undesirable thoughts, how more difficultly it is reached there. Therefore to learn to seize the thoughts, to supervise them, to operate them, to create them and it is necessary to be exempted from them here, on Earth, for the present in a body. Then quietly also it is without serious consequences possible to meet and guards of the Threshold, generation the, given clear, visible and concrete shapes, to meet and win as it was done by the winner earlier when was in a body terrestrial when entered with them fight and I won against each time while they surrounded it and tried to enter into a combination to his consciousness. Untied, or free from their power over it and their won, the winner enters the World Thin victoriously to raise everything higher and higher on Light Ladder.
681. (M. A. Y.). I want to give strength to a hand to lift a fiery sword of clarification. I want to sate spirit with ardent aspiration to release from all heaps. The winner I want to see, overcome everything that is subject to a gets rid.
682. (Guru). Let's approve and will support each good undertaking, each thought directed to Light, each desire to be exempted from unnecessary freight of remnants of the remote past.
683. (Nov. 24). It and is good that the hidden strength of mind doesn't waken ahead of time, because if clarification didn't take place, they will be not blessing, and a damnation. The strong thought which has been consciously sated with fire, being negative, can do troubles and, having returned to beget, to strike and it. The phenomenon of the return blow applicable, first of all, to thought action. The growing internal force if it isn't bridled and if balance wasn't approved, causes disbalance and leads to destruction of a physical body. Therefore clarifications of consciousness and the statement of such qualities of spirit which at their harmonious development result in balance, that is to the symphony of qualities are specified. While the device of spirit isn't adjusted and not put in full order, even are slightly opened the centers dangerously. But main is its clarification from any litter.
684. (M. A. Y.). What there was, but there is nothing on Earth for the sake of what it would be worth refusing a way of Light specified by the Teacher. After all even the personality the terrestrial, any more without speaking about a body, it is necessary to leave and to leave her.
685. (Guru). What mine? The immortal Triad expressing Identity, with its integral accumulation collected through temporary and mortal persons throughout all terrestrial embodiments.
686. (Nov. 25). Studying conditions of post mortal existence of the person, it must be kept in mind that on the general rules there are exceptions. Such exception is the pupil who has elected the head of the Teacher of Light. The general rules concern it only partly. On Earth of pupils of Intimate Knowledge it is a little. What live here, on Earth, in Ashrams, will be and there in Ashrams of the Thin World or to be close if to them something prevents to be behind their walls. Walls or fencings can be as dense, terrestrial, and astral, thin. All subjects and things terrestrial have the doubles. But there are also such phenomena or constructions in World Thin, which not display on Earth. Strongholds of the Brotherhood rise strongly and unshakably and in World Hidden. The concept "hidden" is relative and applicable only to that it is impossible to see a physical eye. Pupils study both there, and, of course, to study, the consciousness has to function and be open for cognition. Certainly, there possibilities of cognition are wider – it is possible to study on concrete examples and the phenomena. Only usual books and libraries are replaced with the astral. Conducts the aspiration, not limited dense conditions and free from limited of astral, if the victory over it was reached on Earth.
687. (M. A. Y.). The process of clarification which is successfully carried out, gives special feeling of purity and release from that feeling which usually accompanies crude consciousness. It is a harbinger of feeling of full freedom, which comes when elements of the crude astral matter are completely removed from this conductor. For the sake of achievement of this feeling of internal purity it is worth working that to approve it.
688. (Guru). Victory by all means, victory any price. Victory is always and for the name of the future.
689. (Nov. 26). Clarification consists in replacement of more rough particles of a thin matter of covers more rarefied and pure. Usually on it time is required. Can seem that clarification took place, but at test it appears that it actually isn't present and the remained rough particles continue to react to the corresponding rough influences. Someone in it doesn't want, but crude covers continue to sound habitually on habitual influences. Test by time finds out how business actually is. But there are cases of instant and unshakable solutions of spirit when with the past tries forever. Strong people this way stop drinking, or smoking, or make other decisions releasing them from oppression and slavery of habits. Thinking habits most difficultly give in to eradication. But the thought the last if it is rather strong, can successfully struggle with thoughts previous and win against them. But thus continuous and intense control over thoughts is required not to allow uninvited invasions. The thought deprived of a food, fades and dies away. The thought, with which consciousness refuses to enter a combination, loses over it the power. To operate thoughts – means to operate and to seize covers and to subordinate them to will.
690. (M. A. Y.). The person suffers from ghosts of dangers and troubles, than from them more. Therefore it is possible to make it a rule not to endure anything in advance; there will be yet no undesirable meeting with them face to face. Why to spend in vain forces for what isn't present. After all what wants to be avoided is attracted by it. Negative magnetism works.
691. (Guru). It is possible to live the inner world if it is rather rich. Therefore, everything depends on that the consciousness was rather expanded. Then receipts spatial won't slow down. In far caves, in mountains eremites yogis lead bright and full life, taking an active part in world affairs. Remoteness from life of a planet and boredom to them is unknown.
692. (Nov. 27). The movements happening in covers and defiant feelings of suffering are useful to that, reaching known degree of intensity, help to separate the one Who Looks, from the one who worries. Looking remains, enduring and experiences take place. The silent Recorder stands apart, imprinting and postponing accumulation in the Bowl, and three streams – a dense, astral and mental matter continuously continue the current through dense, thin and mental bodies. And, if to find forces in itself conscious to become aside and from outside to observe a current of these streams, it is possible to unite with Looking and to concern Eternity breath. And if sufferings help to depart from small "I" and to understand the passing nature of the personality, it, finally, will lead to release from this beginning, so, and from the power of its experiences over consciousness. Sufferings – the benefit if their sense is conscious.
693. (M. A. Y.). Here we approached to understanding of sense of sufferings. But the understanding it can be two types: theoretical and practical. Theoretical won't bring release, but practical which speaks: "Yes there will be Will Yours, the Lord", – "I" put small, suffering on the place, departs from it aside and approaches consciousness to reunion with Silently Looking. And then the grief becomes in pleasure and the World, which above any understanding, invisibly concerns consciousness.
694. (Guru). The aspiration creates a miracle. And when nothing is already able neither to shake it, nor to reject from the purpose, – the victory is close. Life on Earth, come to the end with themselves over, we will consider succeeded and justified the appointment.
695. (Nov. 28). It is necessary to be careful of devourers of mental energy very much. They often bring diseases, and not only at personal contact, but also at distance. Perhaps, becomes more clear why We Avoid communication with inhabitants of lowlands. People can be divided on giving and taking. The first are a benefactor to people, allocating them with the mental energy, the second absorb it, depriving of people of tranquility, health and balance. It is necessary to treat very circumspectly people and to speak less. Reticence after all too board, and board very reliable. Garrulity out of so-called politeness is unacceptable in the pupil. Let will better take offense, than force squandering will be allowed. In general to reckon with human conventions and prejudices is more expensive at times much, than to neglect them. Garrulity and self-control, or the power over, – are incompatible. It is possible to wonder sometimes, whether not too we pay dearly for fieriness and garrulity.
696. (M. A. Y.). It is good to moderate sometimes too strong experiences of the personality, having departed from her aside and having provided to her to find out itself till the end and how many she wants, but, standing, having as though separated from it, it is cold, indifferent and without pity to observe her trick. It is possible even to enter with it conversation, having pointed to an obtuseness of all these phenomena. It is possible to point by it to usefulness of sufferings not for it, but for accumulation of the highest "I" for the sake of which interests the personality only and exists. These can bridle fury of an astral and its willfulness and to succeed in understanding of value of covers and ways of mastering by them much.
697. (Guru). Sufferings too after are tests. Only highly experienced traveler can rejoice to tests. It is possible to reach this step only under a condition if to learn to separate mentally minutes of tests itself looking at these tests, from that, on what you look. Life super personal consists that personal interests are removed on a background and are sacrificed to General Welfare.
698. (M. A. Y.). The clarification sword easier than all rises love, especially if consciously to turn it on destruction of those obstacles, which prevent to become closer to Darlings. The lever of love of much it is possible to reach. Not to inutile experiences or affections it is necessary to direct its force, but to actions expedient, in harmony with a goal. Much can be reached if the love is ardent and constant.
699. (Guru). It is necessary to pay special attention to discrepancy of actions, words, thoughts, feelings with the main aspirations of spirit. It is good when this gap is absent absolutely and each movement in covers happens under the sign of the accord and commensurability to problems of spirit. Then external expression corresponds to internal state. Then it is possible to speak about harmonization of the centers, balance and coherence. But the house divided in, won't resist against whirlwinds.
700. (Nov. 30). At various not quiet, around to show tranquility inside will be a victory over conditions of the dense world. Often we Put examinees in such situation when surrounding strong prevents to approve balance of spirit. And then there are two exits: or to give in to external influences, to fall under their power and to stop, or, despite them, to continue internal movement further. Business at all in worrying or to worry, suffer or to suffer, and in that, contrary to all both any experiences and sufferings, not to shorten a stride and not to break an advance rhythm. Many Instructions are given how to sustain up to the end, and their executing nevertheless reaches though all surrounding counteracts. On force of counteraction it is possible to judge speed of ascension because resistance of the environment increases depending on this speed. Let's not be surprised or envy those who quietly lives and it is careless, without knowing these ardent resistance, – means, their spirit is a little active and the aspiration is weak, is so weak that at all doesn't cause recognition dark, that is ardent attacks, various wrecking’s. Recognition dark is too a known sort a step through, which too it is necessary to pass, without shortening a stride rhythm.
701. (M. A. Y.). Every morning forces should be collected anew because the events in the world яро degauss spirit, both here and there, and it is far and close – everywhere trouble. Disbalance in the nature and natural disasters – only reflection of that occurs in the spirit of human on all space of a planet. The darkness will receive breaking return blow, but not before its identifications will reach the apogee. The blow will be powerful. Time of final calculations approaches with darkness. It is good to meet it fully equipped with spirit.
702. (Guru). The person can't forbid energy of the outside world to get into consciousness, but, having apprehended them, transmutation them on fires of the heart it can and has to. A little that the fault in it accepting arrives from the outside, not, but reaction to these receipts depends already on him. It is possible to react in unison with receipt, and it is possible to make as the will solves. In the inner world the lord is the person - to it and to solve.
703. (Dec. 1). Clarity and completeness of perceptions depend on completeness of compliance of consciousness of the pupil with Consciousness of the Teacher. We call it the accord. Accord only identical elements can. Therefore completeness of clarification of covers from litter gives also completeness of perceptions. Certainly, without aspiration to Focus of Hierarchy it is impossible to concentrate. Thus, the directed thought cleared of egoism, establishes the communication bridge. The thought happens from a brain, and the thought happens from heart. The thought brain is attached to a brain. Its energy can't be compared to thought which is saturated with heart fire. Love fires the most powerful. Such thought easily прободает space also brings in reply a far message.
704. (M. A. Y.). When from ashes of last imperfections and fulfillments is born, like the Phoenix, will, the pupil gives to himself new tasks and seeks to carry out them steadily. And then that was impossible once, becomes possible and achievable now. Revolt of the spirit armed with fiery will, leads to a victory over and mastering by the covers.
705. (Guru). When line behind, which there is no return back, is passed, there is also no choice of ways as when the person yet doesn't know, whether to go to it forward or back. Inevitability will give rise to immutable determination to renounce everything if only to reach the Lord.
706. (Dec. 4). The thought of the Distant Worlds approves in space a magnet for an attraction to it of the spirit exempted from a body. This ability all thoughts, which have been thought over by the person, possess, and degree of an attraction depends at most, enclosed in everyone. On the one hand, the thought gravitates to beget, with another, it on the structure and character is connected, too magneto with conformable it the sphere, involving the creator in an orbit of an attraction of this sphere. Therefore thought and its creator are inseparable. Objects of an attraction in space can be established consciously and with a definite purpose to be with them and in spheres, to its corresponding when it is necessary to appear in that world where the thought reigns and where everything moves thought. "The thought – the satellite true" is a situation it is necessary to approve strong in consciousness before choosing keynote. It is possible unmistakably and to imagine brightly where will lead and will give low thoughts, thoughts dirty, thoughts of hatred, rage and various desires. The knowledge of the law of a magnetic attraction of thoughts gives in hands the mighty lever for management and mastering by them. Who will want to appear the prisoner of thoughts which will invincibly carry away beget to the lowest spheres of the astral world. But to seize thought it is necessary to learn on Earth, while in a body consciously to create lightful thought and to break through it the channel of future attractions in space to lightful Spheres of the Highest World, - from the thoughts not leave anywhere. What care the person that the companion accompanying it in World Aboveground, corresponded to the best and highest aspirations of spirit has to show. Realized power and value of thought it will be very circumspect and attentive to what thoughts allows it in the consciousness for a combination to them. Flying thoughts, as what twist in it constants both strong nests and which, become stronger continuous return to them aren't so dangerous. Thoughts dirty, thoughts habitual, approved for years, create future dungeon for the spirit exempted from a body. For the present on Earth, walls of this prison are invisible and obviously aren't always felt as consciousness though they both press it and conclude in a hopelessness circle. But in World Aboveground when the eye on the phenomena which aren't seen in the dense world opens, the mental heaps forming walls of a dungeon of spirit, become an invincible barrier – a wall separating it from light shining Spheres of the upper class of space.
707. (M. A. Y.). It was Told: "You learn truth, and the truth will make you free". Releasing power of knowledge should be realized with all desire, all understanding and all aspiration of spirit. The knowledge only also can exempt the person from self- plunge bonds. The knowledge will give strength to break chains. The hidden value of Intimate Knowledge is that in process of immersion in it the consciousness is exempted from dark heaps and removes the press from spirit wings. It is good when the statement of the Teacher is completely realized that the knowledge bears with itself release.
708. (Guru). The example of the wife Lota in the Doctrine is given not in vain but to specify as far as this reversing is dangerous to ascending consciousness back, in the past. A little that could happen in the past, whether few what shortcomings and imperfections should be overcome. To come back to that was, to plunge into it and to be tormented with it – means to go back, means to be given to the past power. For Fiery Yoga in the past everything is burned also a way only forward and in thoughts, and aspirations. Each last moment for this purpose who goes to the Lord, is less perfect, than future. Therefore everything concentrates on the future. And the past if it is won and изжито, simply indulges in oblivion.
709. (Dec. 6). The imagined qualities, the imagined achievements, imagined Olympus and stay on it – that can be sadder for the self-seduced consciousness. Among ordinary Maya of spiritual self-flattery – the most dramatic and many are under a delusion with her because the track conducting in life is narrow. How to approve recognition faultless? When the Lord Lives in heart and thinking are given It, danger isn't present to get to these networks. Good or bad, reached or going, but betrayed till the end and up to the end a way the solved – so follows the pupil for Called, without fluctuating, without doubting and without showing fear.
710. (M. A. Y.). Dam under blows of waves – very good symbol of that condition in which there is each soldier of the Lord. Whirlwinds terrestrial are strong and how there was fiery a press of spirit and its aspiration to keep on the roll, whirlwinds terrestrial show terrible counteraction and resistance. Stand against them is already a feat. To us pleasure to see resistant heart.
711. (Guru). If to reject dense visibility and to see reality, the fiery threads, binding close spirits and pupils with the Teacher, will be not denied reality. Communications of spirit are forged over dense conditions, without reckoning with them. The life thread is so stretched. It becomes visible and obvious when the fairy tale terrestrial is finished.
712. (Dec. 7). Also human persons and characters as differ between itself and post mortal conditions of one incarnation are various. And if there are general rules, that is and exceptions. To the last our pupils belong also. Consciousness loss for them, that haven't yet reached uninterrupted consciousness, temporarily, as well as for some ordinary people. Certainly, it is desirable to own in rather high layers full consciousness. To study, study and help people – the purpose of the pupil. Possibilities of the Elevated World are so wide and the shining that the most ardent aspiration to cognition can be satisfied there. On Earth of people approves the reasons, their logical consequences there come to the end. The ardent desire to see the Teacher of Light, not satisfied on Earth, is carried out there – the reason generates a consequence. The same logical development and end receives everything that the person accepted on Earth as elements of the world view, belief, beliefs, behavior or moral foundations. Sowers are here, reapers are there. The aspiration will be force conducting to implementation of this or that order. It is necessary to acquire well that in that world where conducts thought where the thought reigns and where everything moves thought, what can't create thought and creative imagination of spirit is impossible only. Everything is limited to the width and thought limits. And the thought approved in boundless opportunities of spirit, doesn't know restrictions.
713. (M. A. Y.). Slaves it isn't necessary for us, especially slaves to the lowest nature, slaves to an unrestrained astral, slaves to habits and delusions terrestrial. Free will conducts directed by spirit. The Teacher can't neither force, nor adjust or force will of the pupil. From here self-proceeding aspirations and free strong-willed actions of the pupil are represented especially valuable. Merge of consciousnesses leaves free will of the pupil. Free will it exempts itself from all types of slavery. In this process he has the right to count on the Help of the Teacher of Light. And he receives it.
714. (Guru). Directing through Hierarchy of thought of improvement or modification of these or those living conditions of the people or desirability of these or those reforms for the sake of the national benefit, you get approval and support of Hierarchy of Light. It is possible consciously and to find systematically time for the thoughts concerning General Welfare, seeking to issue them clearly and accurately. The help is from above ready to any good undertakings. But spatial mental forms demand fertilization.
715. (M. A. Y.). The constant memory creates a continuous communication. The rhythm strengthens it, and the love does it by reality fiery. Carried by this immortal feeling through life with it remains and outside death, with magnetic power it attracting to itself to whom this feeling is directed. Magnetic of this feeling is invincible. It – from spirit and therefore doesn't know barriers. It over a flesh and therefore endures it. It powerfully unites hearts burning with these feeling.
716. (Guru). Each undertaking in the field of the self-improvement, whatever seemed it difficult or unattainable, is grain, the mental grain put in space which by all means will give the shoots when terrestrial or elevated conditions will favor. And if the terrestrial are slowed down, in Elevated where everything is achievable, results can't but be.
717. (Dec. 9). After the person finally gave up smoking, in a dream he still continues to smoke. So business and with other habits is. Even at the firm decision to refuse this or that habit, especially a habit connected with thinking, it nevertheless comes back in a dream. It specifies that there was not a habit, but its peel. It too is undesirable, and at times – very much as can cause recurrence in awake consciousness. Decision in that, what strengthening orders the will, the end, has put to a habit.
718. (M. A.Y.). When there is an opportunity to help the person asking about the help, the pupil can't refuse it. But, giving the energy, he has to remember nevertheless that excessive return is dangerous and usually comes to an end with a disease of the organism which has allowed a devastation of a treasury. Commensurability – in everything, as well as in delivery of mental energy. It is necessary to help always, but without leaving itself defenseless. Ramakrishna was torn to pieces by his admirers, tore to pieces mentally.
719. (Dec. 10). The dead faint and sink into a sleep different duration. Then waken from this dream, restore consciousness and stay in this situation before immersion in a condition of "increase". Stay of spirit in spheres, to its conformable, depends on character, degree and accord force. In process of release from terrestrial remnants spheres change. Release is accompanied by fight between attraction poles to darkness or Light. That closer to Earth, what condition of consciousness is more objectively. The general rules aren't present in nature of perceptions of the Thin World, it is on consciousness. The aspiration defines character and the nature of perceptions. The train moves in the direction lay on Earth. Everything is laid by own hands and own efforts. The realized sense and extremity of subjects terrestrial and things doesn't drag them with itself in Elevated. Ranks, differences, situation in society, diplomas and prosperity and all other details of life terrestrial there have no value. But thoughts and feelings, aspirations and attachments – have. Also the thought reigns over everything. It also causes nature of stay in World Aboveground and stay layers.
720. (M. A.Y.). "And that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in heavens". How even more clearly to tell about that, how deep and the importance has everything that is accepted in consciousness and is approved there. Connects and unties, or resolves, the person. Anybody for it can't exempt it from that, in what he trusts or that accepted in consciousness, anybody, except him. Can help, but not resolve and not absolve its sins. It is impossible to exempt from consequences until get rid the reason.
721. (Guru). Will ask: "Why all the time you tell about same? « Answer: "Because in all centuries at all people the problem of terrestrial existence is more whole than it, spirit and immortality is and will be the major".
722. (Dec. 11). The person possesses ability to think, that is to generate the thoughts having a certain image or a form. As it was already told, "the thought isn't abstraction, but there is a living being of the mental plan with all signs of independent existence". While the thought is created, it in the power of the beget, but when it is created, it begins the independent existence already irrespective of the creator, though being connected with it a thread – something like an umbilical cord. Word and thought not sparrow: you will let out – you won't catch. Therefore mental creativity demands big discretion. The thought created with a definite purpose, will incur the assignment enclosed in it. She will live, carrying out that is enclosed in it by her creator. It is possible to create accurate, clear and certain mental forms, putting in them and charging to them It is possible to create accurate, clear and certain mental forms, putting in them and charging them this or that task. They will carry out it. We Act with thought. You learn to act with thought. But let these thoughts will be good because reaction of the created thought to beget is inevitable. We learn to think in the benefit. From the generations not leave anywhere. The light, strong thoughts directed for the public good, will be friends of the person.
723. (M. A. Y.). Approach to the Teacher is made in process of consciousness clarification. It and is clear as rapprochement requires compliance. Be than accord with aura of the Leader is in it a task. It Can't fall to the accord with vibrations of crude spirit, but crude spirit, having cleared, can raise and lift the vibrations, even to accord degree with the sent Beam. In it is sense of clarification.
724. (Guru). Achievements of spirit will be always dream of the pupil. Achievements are proportional to ongoing efforts and works. The reason give consequences can't but. If of all nature of the person is adjusted on aspiration to Light, and the result of such aspiration will correspond to the made efforts.
725. (M. A. Y.). It is easiest to enter into the accord with other consciousness at a sonastroyennost with it. The consciousness as though rises up to the height of vibration of that person with whom contact through Hierarchy is come into.
726. (Guru). If the aspiration of the pupil didn't cause the conscious answer of the Teacher or simply didn't concern his Consciousness, all the same contact with Focus of Light will be beneficial. Therefore it is possible to consider that aspiration to the Teacher – the benefit. Reaction always will be lightful. Light focus at a contact to it will answer with a light wave.
727. (Dec. 13). The thought connects and liberates the person. The thoughts accepted and approved on Earth, will be in World Aboveground that environment in which the spirit will stay. Through them he will look at everything that around. If the person assumed thought that with death of a body all comes to an end and he ceases to exist, he dooms itself (himself) to standing the motionless idol that has been really shipped in a condition, deprived of any signs of external life. The thought which reigns there, generates inalterability of a consequence corresponding to it. And so is in everything. Each thought taken with in the World Thin, becoming there by a factor, creating forms round the person, creates for it the world of thin visibility, besides, the thought becomes aggravated and amplifies magneto an attraction to conformable to it to spheres. In memory of the one incarnation there can be many thoughts forgotten there which will influence the creator. And, if these thoughts are bad, that and their consequences will be corresponding. It is necessary to reconsider from time to time the intellectual baggage not to take with itself unnecessary or harmful things.
728. (M. A. Y.). Assimilation of provisions of Intimate Knowledge happens by formation. Everyone, accepted in consciousness, assimilates it before being approved in it forever. And the person becomes that the knowledge assimilated by it gives him. It also is a studying and assimilation method by formation. The person becomes such, what his thoughts. Regeneration, or transformation, the person under the influence of acquired to them ideas happens the same way also.
729. (Guru). Ability to synthesize received knowledge is achievement not personal, but spatial, that is property of everything who can perceive. Cementation of space happens at this way of thinking. Records of the synthesized thoughts certainly are useful.
730. (M. A. Y.). If we don't learn to overcome here counteraction and environment resistance as we will overcome them where everything becomes aggravated and aggravated excessively and where the victory over them is the spirit obligation.
731. (Guru). It is hard to keep in idea of the Doctrine because all life human deviated it. And now, more than ever, the corner of a divergence increased.
732. (Dec. 15). The thought of Me will be an order to Light Focus. The constant thought will be a constant contact. Thought constantly we concern about what or of whom it is thought. This feature of thought should be considered, because it unites consciousness not only with subjects of which we think, but also with spheres to which objects of our thinking belong. Spheres of subjects of Beauty and subjects of a disgrace are various and opposite. Everything that treats Beauty has a concern to the Highest Worlds. The beauty is an aspect of the Highest World. The highest cult of service on Earth and in the Worlds is a cult of Beauty.
733. (M. A.Y.). If in Elevated the person follows the aspiration which he brings from Earth as it is important that aspiration it was the leader to the Highest Spheres, up, but not down and not in a chasm where carry away spirit of aspiration of darkness: desires, passions and all defects terrestrial. The aspiration eats and inspired by love to what the thought is directed. The aspiration can be cultivated consciously. Habits are bad, but the habit of Communication with Light or a habit will constantly hold the Image of the Teacher in heart a magnet attracting in the Highest Spheres of space.
734. (Guru). "Undergone up to the end... " – and this situation it is necessary to understand too to resist spirit among that chaos which waves fill in the world; it is a lot of courage, a lot of firmness is necessary. But to resist up to the end will be a victory over darkness. Undergo means unshakable firmness of spirit. Wonder, whether courage will suffice, whether forces will suffice sustain all on the end.
735. (Dec. 17). The consciousness can be cleared of undesirable thoughts, but all of them still live in depth, and the crude matter of an astral will react and in a dream, and subconscious on related to it the phenomena. Therefore the main attention should be paid to that the astral that its cover had in itself no anything didn't react, able to involve consciousness in the feelings, which aren't corresponding to morals of this step. Aspiration fire, besides everything, has in itself and cleaning properties. Fires of heart clear not only heart, but also all covers. Maintenance of these fires in a condition of continuous burning is a spirit duty. Fires burn unusable stratifications. And when they are especially strained and light lights up all back streets of consciousness, then energy these can consciously direct on clarification from any litter. Behind everything is burned for Fiery Yoga. Fire clears an astral cover of rough elements of an astral matter. Fire – a cleaner.
736. (Guru). People surrounding you, it is frequent that without suspecting, are tools for dark evil-make to influence you. Friends are quite often used even. What vigilance and vigilance it is necessary to show always to manage to distinguish thrown dark angrily. Often their purpose is to drive repeated and continuous attempts to despair, - and when this goal is reached, in their camp a celebration. But if all their diligence brings only to that approach to the Lord and strengthens unshakable desire to hold It even stronger and to become even closer, the final victory over the dark is very close. Annoy demons is test through which has to pass everyone coming nearer to Light.
737. (M. A. Y.). All says goodbye at a victory of spirit and each best is put at line at weakness, both fluctuations, and retreat. "It is justified, justified", – the winner can tell only. Victorious condition of consciousness is necessary. It is necessary both for you, and for space, and for relatives. No external adverse circumstances can excuse spirit defeats, because in the spirit of both a victory, and defeat. And when the spirit is strong and when mental energy is called for action, and the statement is realized that the spirit is impregnable, indestructible and invincible, – defeat is impossible.
738. (Dec. 18). All properties of character of people brings from last terrestrial and Elevated. And stratifications of the current embodiment collect not in itself, but according to the brought features. So, courageous heart won't feel fear even if will get to the sphere of pants. But external conditions nevertheless limit manifestation of some abilities which are based in the Bowl before emergence of favorable circumstances. Tests given the chance to come to light to the hidden properties in order that the nobility against what to fight and what to overcome. Overcoming is carried out by thought and if the thought on Earth won against this or that property, it isn't necessary to be afraid that in Elevated it will be invincible. All properties of the person – good and bad – receive the permit on Earth.
739. (M. A. Y.). The desired world on heart won't be until the Lord Will come. Great Arrival will designate also change of an astrophysical condition of a planet which is caused by Space Terms. The burden of time was specified long ago. The threshold is heavily intolerable. All flesh groans in unconscious expectation of the clearing powerful category of Light.
740. (Guru). When it becomes very dark, we will strengthen unification with the Teacher. Except It, nobody will help. Is useless to look for simplification in something another. Anybody and anything, except the Teacher, can't help. The thought that change of conditions will give relief, is self-deception. In total in the spirit of and is all from spirit. If balance took place, anything external can't shake it anymore. If isn't present, and change of a surrounding situation won't bring it.
741. (Dec. 21). Let's divide people into two look: not knowing anything and waiting. Waiting know for that wait. Expectation be a miscellaneous; consider effective expectation fruitful. Action generates the reasons, and the reasons – the consequences corresponding to the nature of the reasons. But actions are created by will. Thus, the World of Consequences is in a complete dependence from will creating. It is necessary to remember that there are no actions, consequences not bringing. While we live in peace the reasons, that is on Earth, we are beget of the reasons. When we pass in Elevated, to the World of Consequences, we become the reaper of consequences of those reasons who generated. It would seem as carefully and circumspectly the person has to treat each action, feeling and thought which he creates, because everything that is let in an execution wheel is irreversible and nobody can stop law action. But people of Earth think differently and choke in horrors generated by them. But to all there is an end. The karmic sword is brought, and when it will fall, it is necessary or to accept the statement of the New Sky and New Earth, or to leave a planet.
742. (M. A. Y.). The spirit accepts Truth, and the personality terrestrial doesn't want it to approve in application to life. But the personality will die with the desires or unwillingness whereas results of this unwillingness remain with spirit, and it should pay for all mistakes of the terrestrial personality. Whether not too it is expensive payment for arbitrariness small "I"? The highest Duada who is lighting up consciousness of the person, can approve over it the power if interests of the personality small and mortal are removed on a background and spiritual will receive overweight over terrestrial, and super personal – over personal. The will while the person on Earth, differently it is necessary to bear on itself all weight of the made mistakes can solve.
743. (Guru). Everything is permitted and everything is admissible, but on condition of understanding of an eternal way of spirit in Boundlessness and sense of terrestrial embodiments and understanding of that the superiority of spirit over a body and mastering by the last can justify life on Earth of incarnate spirit.
744. (Dec. 22). The highest and the lowest "I" fight for prevalence. Small "I" it is possible not to reckon with desires, moods and experiences at all. After all it often wants that, for what to spirit it is necessary painfully and to pay off long. And it is good to learn to take a detached view of its "pirouettes", without allowing it to seize will. Let the will be a prerogative of the highest "I", and small submits to it implicitly. After all his desires and experience in time are forgotten, and consequences with which it is necessary to pay for them, remain before full payment of a debt. The old identity of last embodiment died, and payment for its not the reasonable is made, perhaps, today. Therefore with it, small "I", its interests, moods and desires, we won't be considered. That wanted by spirit it is only important. Will in it the highest "I" will strictly execute.
745. (M. A. Y.). In darkness external is "crying and gnash tooth»! When was differently? The refined there is a person; the he more sharply perceives disharmonious conditions of the dense world. But also it is necessary to pass through it. Spirit we won't destroy and it isn't vulnerable whirlwinds of the world terrestrial. If the consciousness is transferred to spirit spheres, clothing in an armor of its invulnerability, fight of the Highest and the lowest дуада can sustain till the end and victoriously to finish. After all it goes already here, on Earth. Only Highest Duada is opposed already not by the lowest, but all fifes doing lowest duada even more difficult for overcoming, - but, the benefit that, who achieved a victory in this difficult fight.
746. (Guru). Really, you can't complain that the school is bad and doesn't give enough material for studying, assimilation and experience. Unreasonable will be afflicted, complain and show discontent, but wise will be glad to that possibilities of its advance exactly thanks to these burdening’s accelerated. But the one who learned to rejoice to heavy lessons of life, truly her winner.
747. (Dec. 23). Certainly, a gap meanwhile that is fated and that will be, and that is, – a bike, - but following step of evolution inevitably. Therefore, the bridge the connencting has to be constructed. But the present moment is transition to the future. The projection of the future is constructed long ago and in consent with the course of evolution. In the present it is necessary to manage to catch, understand and realize the main direction and possibilities of movement on it. Old heaps in consciousness are dams for the spirit, wanting the New World. All stirring has to be destroyed and cleaned. The shining future of mankind is incompatible with remnants of a shadowy past. The world New is under construction on new Bases.
748. (M. A. Y.). When the consciousness becomes silent, it is necessary to wait quietly. The reasons can be much, besides personal experiences.
749. (Dec. 24). The second death comes when the person dumps an astral shell and falls again into an unconsciousness again to be born, but already on the plan mental. Plan mental is the thought plan. The body of desires and desires is dumped. The spirit is cleared of the phenomena of the lowest order. The thought is active. Energy it right there creates corresponding of thought forms. And everything that is saved up the best and pure by the personality during lifetime on Earth, continues to live, being given shapes, both changing, and moving ahead on the impulse put in thoughts. Therefore people also plunge so willingly into this condition that it strong is conformable to that they want or wanted once and that, not carried out, perhaps, on Earth, is carried out in the world created by thought, in the world of thoughts carrying out in bright visible forms. Then the death the third, death of a mental body follows to be born in a body fiery. But about it is later.
750. (M. A. Y.). It is difficult to understand and acquire that the thought endures a body. But, however, it is valid so. The thought accepted once in consciousness and endured strongly can be forgotten by a brain. But the brain will die, and the thought remains with spirit and will continue to live, influencing it. As remain active both all identifications and astral habits, that is the person, leaving a body, remains the owner of all the accumulation, stratifications and heaps. That is why inderline be. Doctrine that the baggage which is taken away with in Elevated, has to be carefully checked and examined not to take with itself anything superfluous, unnecessary and burdening. Correctly many look to death as at release. On release from a body and all that is necessary for his life; only then there will be a release when also all other baggage is examined, cleared of any litter, dirt, лохмотьев and different rags. It is a lot of infectious, harmful and crude people take in the World Thin with themselves. And there release from this stuff is very painful and long and not always it is possible if freight is too heavy. Better to be exempted from it in advance, before transition of Great Borders.
751. (Guru). Memento more means not only a constant memory about death, but also a constant to its readiness. Especially this council is suitable when this moment came nearer thanks to age. Readiness means both readiness, and continuous process of a preparation and office of that is possible and has to take further with it and what to leave here, on Earth. Many blindly live so as if they never will die. It, of course, is correct as the spirit is immortal, but only partly in this case as the specified feeling indicates rather levity, than understanding of posthumous existence. They simply don't want to think about inevitable, having entirely plunged into the terrestrial. And preparation nevertheless it is necessary. Here someone takes with itself hatred, rage, not goodwill, irritation, lust. Whether it is good? It is examined and has to be weighed everything that undertakes with itself. All taken will stick to the person, as Heracles's poisoned clothes if it isn't cleared. And it is necessary to tear off with skin and meat. And it is very painful.
752. (Dec. 25). Scales of Boundlessness are faultless. On them it is possible to weigh not only that happens at the moment to the person, but also to define usefulness or harm of each quality of spirit, which it bears with itself in the future. The projection of any quality in the future establishes its value. Small, perhaps, in the beginning, it will expand, becoming blessing or a damnation for the carrier. Giants of the evil, carriers of negative qualities grow in time on condition of neglect of the small germs of the evil which in time not defined and haven't been eradicated when it was to make easily. Property of each quality is an ability it to almost boundless growth. Growth of merits isn't limited by anything, negative – limits of this or that cycle when the carrier of the evil is destroyed with cycle end. But destruction can come earlier if such carrier of darkness gets to the respective sphere. Thus, the discretion of a germ of the evil is important extraordinary because at this moment it is easy to eradicate it. In the course of a gets rid of negative qualities scales of Boundlessness can render invaluable service.
753. (M. A. Y.). Those actions of the pupil which he makes in understanding of Hidden Presence and which consequences he can quietly stretch in the future are good, of them without being ashamed and from them without being averted, but rejoicing them and including their worthy its best aspirations. But understanding of Hidden Presence not always lives in heart. And then mistakes are possible. If constantly to carry with itself the statement of the Teacher that He with us always, possibility of wrong acts and actions decreases unreasonably.
754. (Guru). Ability of a constant memory about things of the most necessary is developed by life experience, experience heavy and difficult, full of burdening’s, chagrin and sufferings. When it is very heavy, it is possible to address only to the Lord. To whom still, except Hierarchy of Light? The darkness can strong restrict, but where? Whether to Light Stronghold?
755. (Dec. 26). If to the approved ability the caring attitude over time is lost, it can die away. Flowers of spirit demand watering that didn't fade. The garden watered won't decay. It is a lot of persistence and care it is necessary to show when there is a desire to hold the sent Benefit. The God's kingdom force undertakes and by force is kept.
756. (M. A. Y.). Origen pined in a dungeon, Campanula too. Not the indifference and callousness of Hierarchy came to light that these heroes and devotees of spirit heavy suffered, and the supreme laws of development of the spirit, demanding to pass through terrestrial Golgotha for the statement of Light in the world terrestrial. All suffered and were tormented and tormented with darkness against which they rose.
757. (Dec. 29). (M. A. Y.). To us it is indifferent, why and then the go out of fires of heart is allowed. The fact which consequences are very sad is important. Without fires the cover becomes empty, a peel similar. Let's not assimilate to effigies devastated.
758. (Dec. 31). The fool will always find a justification to the thoughtlessness. But wise will think of the reasons of undesirable consequences, about why to it, instead of someone to another it is necessary to collect a sad harvest from the unsuccessful crops. Not someone another, but will be blamed by him for unsuccessfully died.
The end records 1966*.

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