Agni Yoga's facets, 1967 (251-400)

251. (M. A. Y.). Sometimes for comparison it is very useful to think of ignorance of those who enters into the World Elevated, without being prepared for it or being the poisoned denial. If the World Thin is a condition on consciousness that negate of life can have or realize where everything is created by thought. Denying life there has there no anything as mental anything creates and an environment corresponding to this thought. The thought is the ardent reality of the Thin World creating in it for it’s beget that she creates. Denying opportunity their lives and strong issued this thought on Earth there are dead because the thought being the creator and creating a direct environment of the person there reigns. On thoughts and life will turn back a wonderful and fantastic reality or pernicious poverty of an imagined non-existence. Responsibility of the person for thoughts, of the responsibility before itself, before it the spirit is greate. Long ago it was Told: "On your belief it will be given you". Having translated ancient saying into present language, it is possible to tell: "On extent of your recognition, acceptance and understanding of possibility of life in Elevated, after so-called death, the opportunity approved by your own thought, the person gets the right to life after death".

252. (Guru). If the Center of all Real is uniform, each higher link of Hierarchy at contact with it unites with all chain and includes in it. Value of a direct link we won't underestimate. Many break this Law of Hierarchy and very much harm to itself. Communication with the link conducts on all Worlds and remains from life in life. As communication with the pupils standing below on the Ladder of Hierarchy doesn't interrupt also, and this communication too goes out of limits of one life. Ignorant look for different instructors, but knowing remains true to one, unmistakably recognized heart. Rejected a link remains without communication. Feeble effort on foreign pupils is an ignorance sign. In the Community the rule which isn't allowing any infringement of foreign pupils or interventions in the Management is very strictly and strictly observed. Each head, irrespective of that step at which he costs, is a guarantor for conducted and the head for them before the Highest, and conducted admit the Highest while there is a guarantee. Refusal from charged if it is lawful, cuts off threads of communication of these last with a hierarchical chain and with the Highest.
253. (May 6). Almost each contact with people degausses. Seldom consciousness’s giving, or not absorbing others energy or allowing free lightful interchange meet. Therefore it is necessary to be very circumspect not to allow Agni's useless expenditure. People because feel reach for a magnet of burning heart willingly and unconsciously that here it is possible to profit. When the come nearer consciousness is ready to perceive, then it is necessary to share knowledge. But often want to receive not knowledge, and it is simple to take from others stock of mental energy to spend received for trifles, and even for something reprehensible. Guite, when even the pupils, geting the charge of force from the Teacher, peculate him at the affairs not compatible with the Doctrine of Light. The doctrine speaks about a wise donation. About of beads It is told enough clearly is a condition too it must be kept in mind. Only inexperience seeks to let out up to the end. And why spend forces without the purpose if it is possible to keep silent with advantage. About silent influence, about action by silence in the Doctrine it is told a little, but it doesn't reduce powerful influence of the concentrated, assembled silence on mentality of people around. Conscious silence means concentration and accumulation of mental energy. Is very characteristic to note thus as sharply and quickly people react to similar silent, reserved influence. The thin exchange of radiations occurring thus not seen by an eye, it is very interesting to observe. Power of silence is possible only with balance. Then influence simply invincibly. It is admissible not for suppression of foreign free will, but as protection against the opposite hostile phenomena or when it is required to assist the needing person. Silence and lack of external activity isn't inaction. Action needs to be understood widely. Silence includes also reduction to silence of own astral, when it anything and in any way doesn't reveal itself nor externally, nor internally. It, perhaps, the most difficult, because this ardent cover doesn't wish to obey the order will and seeks to react to everything, and to endure everything, and to spend energy on trifles for the things which aren't noteworthy. As often fussy trifles of the ordinary darken themselves that for the person has to be above all. And even the understanding of it doesn't subdue an ardent and obstinate cover astral. More severe measures and strong bridle on all feelings are necessary. It is absolutely not necessary for them, to come to light with that force as it the astral which strong needs restraint would like. He too can be treated cold. Treat itself the cold especially difficult. But, victory over of astral cover is of the great achievement. The school of life gives many cases and many opportunities to study how to bridle this ardent cover. The unrestrained and unmetered astral can be considered as the enemy No 1. Without a victory over an astral it is impossible to move further because it can exploit each achievement and to the detriment of a spirit ascension. The stock of mental energy at an unrestrained astral can become disaster for the person.
254. (M. A. Y.). False look and of the body, and of the spirit, which often display itself the person in of the some conditions of life, – the phenomenon, absolutely not admissible in the pupil. Be itself – doesn't mean "to drag itself" with itself everywhere. This last is especially sad because at an unrestrained astral neither external, nor internal expression of the person doesn't correspond to his true essence. And then unusually advice of reserve, that it would don't cost, even loss of all seeming advantages and benefits, for the sake of which the person loses itself the approved real look and of the merit spirit. To keep quietly always, frostily and without losing advantage will be only an admissible standard of behavior with other people what troubles, either losses, or opportunity not to please someone such manner with people around whoever they were threatened to behave: friends or enemies close or far, powers that be or simple people. The tranquility, reserved force and advantage of spirit remain with us and after these people will leave our life as all left those who met earlier, but loss of showing qualities of the spirit, allowed for the sake of something, leaves us devastated and lost balance, the pettiness which has robbed of for the sake of minute indulgence to whims of the astral.
255. (Guru). Science of mastering by itself is one from of the difficult. It is possible to read a set of books and still not to move a little because it is acquired only practically. It is the tester, It same and the trainer. There can far be the own Teacher not everyone, - itself same and the instructor, itself same and checking and the appraiser. And it is so important to put grains of desirable undertakings and desirable achievements. And if something doesn't manage to be carried out here, on Earth, owing to human counteractions, indifference, either misunderstanding, or any other conditions, we will remember that it is possible to reach there, in the World of consequences when the person from all grains seeded on Earth fruit-bearer reaps. Therefore in making we won't overtire and we won't stop before failure. Everything is achievable if only aspiration fire didn't go out.

256. (May 7). Ability to distinguish depends on heart. Many take away enough time for physical exercises, physical charging and different types of sports, but exercising heart, many think not. And meanwhile heart needs to pay not much attention to start hearing its voice. It gives the vote often, warning but who pays attention to this silent voice. But heart too demands attention, then its voice starts sounding in increasing frequency. The first prevention is especially important, and especially – at new meetings. Heart leads the life, and this life takes deeper layers, than a brain. Brain and its five feelings work in the sphere, heart – in the. Transferring consciousness to heart and its feelings, we concern the areas not available to a brain. It isn't necessary to make mistakes and to oppose heart to a brain. Unless not might they to act in a full consent, supplementing each other and that expanding of the consciousness. Heart to the heart a message gives at very long of distance. Energy of heart is fire. It is possible to work with it invisibly, anything external without accompanying process. Also it is necessary that the brain didn't disturb. The thought sated with warm energy, won't make desirable action close, at distance if the consciousness holds it about itself and a brain – to continue to vibrate it. It is impossible to start up an arrow, holding it near. It should give freedom of flight, as – and thoughts.
257. (May 8). The power of the present over consciousness is great. In the dense world evidence of the dense world, in Thin – thin dominated. There lived the person of themes that saw and felt. These sensations amplified still the power of the moment and are more it’s than the experiences which are black out at times the validity and the present, and the future. On the one hand, the karma forced to live that it had to teach that it are necessary to understand and acquire, with another – the spirit could come off involving of covers in a stream of temporary phenomena to realize the life in Boundlessness, wherefore the spirit are eternal and, flowing by a film of the dense, or thin phenomena could not mention the Silent Witness inside which are more other-worldly and not from the Thin World, but above. He, Silent, Lived in a kingdom of Silence. And only Looked, not come in a stream. It are more other-worldly, and It not that are temporary also transient in all Worlds. Plunging into depths of Silence, in a kingdom Are more it’s, the spirit of the person concerned Eternity, wherefore Silently Look – from Eternity, from the Eternal Flame of Life.
258. (M. A. Y.). We know that evidence are not necessary that it to fill thoughts up to an exception of all of the rest, and still we continued to live it. The principle of golden mean specified in possibility of balance between eternal and temporary. Live in this world and fulfill the requirement and duties, that is the debt to people, and self are more its, and the body, we done not forget, for what it are necessary, under that meaning of the life of a terrestrial and elevated Bowl in accumulation – for full and conscious life in Boundlessness. When this purpose we held brightly always before eyes, evidence transient lost the power over consciousness.
259. (Guru). When was under the Beam, the Teacher in all events with you Introduced the corrective amendments that the free will c establishes to all the correct relation? The person is a measure of things, and it is very necessary, that this measure were correct. Only put to all a criterion of Boundlessness, it is possible to avoid usual errors and errors.
260. (May 10). Here passing one more day. What doing it bring? Experience, what? It bringing skilled understanding, that are the understanding bas on experience of what even we disposed people and the people not hostile on a broader scale, degaussed very strongly, and especially if consciousness’s differed on the interests and aspirations. Therefore to choose people for dialogue with them it is necessary very carefully. Business relations operated not so it is terrible, wherefore the attention concentrated on work. Restraint, supervision over self and patrol could help to a certain extent. And it is best to be silent more in this case.
261. (M. A. Y.). When it are under that for each word answered as it, it are easier to supervise speech and it are easier not to tell anything besides the fact that it are necessary. Incontinence of speech is illness rather widespread. Discipline of restraint of speech there should pass each pupil. Sometimes it is possible to give to itself the task for day not to say any superfluous word, and to check up success it performance in the evening. Exercise it; we succeeded in achievement of an object in view.
262. (Guru). The symbol of the ship steadily towards the aim through a gloom and storms and over counteraction of elements, are very real and very much of life. Even it is difficult to imagine, how many conditions inside and outside was necessary to master and defeat. Truly the philosopher say: «life is that, what overcame itself». And not judge only winners. Let's learn to overcome life, pass through it victoriously.
263. (May 11). The consciousness is in constant movement who never stopped. Movement it went either upwards, or downwards. At any moment the person could realize, in what direction this movement is ma: to countenance it or to denounce, accept or change a direction, say, to take control over this movement in hand. At the majority of people this process went on its own accord. Nobody wanted to prosecute these subjects seriously. It would be advisable to someone to think, where will result descend movement for some lives or even for one life, if it quickly enough. Each soar threatened with falling if not to hold out, each achievement had the back, that is could become blessing, or damnation. And even character of mental energy depended on, a Leah it are direct on good or harm. It is not enough to reach, it is necessary to keep still at the reach height. See rather much people, at first light up fires of aspiration, but next turning the all achievements in cinders. The lifting are higher, it are more danger of falling. But people flied, as moths on fire, disregarding dangers of approach to a flame, - and many fallen with the burn wings.
*264. (May 12). Level of understanding is express in effect behavior. Other criterion did not exist. When the understanding are not accompany by correspond actions, it will not minister to evolution of spirit. When the person showed True, on what very High Spirits then the understanding is more it was capable only and behavior made one indissoluble harmonious whole, show the higher coordination. Many tried to rise on protection of True, but, without show it itself, become intolerant zealots and fanatics. The true affirmed a hand and foot human, that is actions, thoughts and feelings of every day. Temporary soars not give long consequences. To be keep at the reach step it is more difficult, than it to reach. The internal essence developed for eyelids, and property are more it’s and features start up deep roots. The instant inspiration are not that other, as transition of quantity, that is the save up skilled knowledge, in the quality transfiguration the person forges of save up earlier spiritual fortune. Such inspirations is very rare, - but the way of accumulation no one not close. When words and affairs are in the full compliance, accelerated there is a way.
265. (M. A. Y.). The torn-off threads rush in the space, the torn-off hierarchical thread – the spirit tragedy. After all, having passed to the Thin World, it has no opportunity to grasp the Hierarchy Ladder. It is necessary to cling to people who, being not connected with Hierarchy, – as kittens in the sea. Therefore the separation from a direct link is very tragic. All dramatic nature of a separation is realized not at once. The understanding comes when the irreparable was already made. Refusal of the Doctrine and the Teacher plunges refused into darkness embraces. And there is nobody to look for neither protection, nor consolations.
266. (Guru). Following to the Doctrine and for the Teacher is voluntary. While with Us, We care. While with you – you. But at a separation and refusal of care stop automatically, and refused it is provided to an own karma. To grieve about disappeared we won't be. Someone from them which have come off, maybe, sometime will approach again, but already through other link, having established with it connection which will demand a lot of time to become valid. It is easy to come off, but to establish all over again is will demand many lives.
267. (May 13). The most ordinary seed, getting to the corresponding conditions, starts growing, that is to reveal the activity. Growing in a huge tree, it expands the activity, attracting from Earth and from space the elements necessary to it; to construct a trunk, bark, leaves and to yield fruits, the thinnest knowledge of chemistry, architecture, mechanics and much what the science didn't reach yet is required. High degree of a rationality and ability to adapt to diverse conditions are required. Identity of this center of life is shown in features of its form. Bark of an oak, apple-tree and birch sharply differ one from another as structurally, and structure of chemical compounds entering into it. Mind and the knowledge necessary for this construction, much more surpass knowledge human. Person that the nobility it is necessary study much. It isn't necessary for an oak or an apple-tree, the knowledge is hidden in grain. The structure of a body of a small insect finds out that in it laws of mechanics, chemistry and architecture which people didn't guess yet are applied. Small bug, falling from a ceiling on a floor, continues to creep as in anything all-time, without having damaged a cover. Height of falling exceeds height of his body while the person breaks in one thousand times, having fallen even from the second floor. The great rationality, both knowledge, and creative ability are shown by the nature continually. The highest expression of this creativity is the person. But analogy each center of the shown life – full. The person is too the activity and attraction center from Earth and space of the elements necessary to it for identification of that in it is concluded to collect elements for new creativity and to crystallize them in a cover of grain of spirit for new manifestation. The tree will live and will die, having given life to new trees. The person will live and will die, having given life of the new personality developing from grain of spirit in each new embodiment. As the center of activity of energy it is possible to consider the person. Everyone comes to light in own way, individually. In the person the individualization of essence reaches the highest expression. To learn itself – the prime target of the person. So many secrets are concluded in it. The usual consciousness doesn't realize also a small share of that wisdom and the highest knowledge .which are expressed in structure at least a small section of its organism. After all sections are material, and people didn't reach disclosure of a structure of a matter and secret of atom yet, though use already atomic energy. One might say: look for a solution of everything, all secrets of the nature in the person. In it all is concluded.
268. (M. A. Y.). Wisdom begins with understanding of words of the philosopher who told: "I know that I don't know anything". To take that imperfect idea of and world around for true knowledge will be great delusion. Any statement of science isn't absolute. The relativity of all cognition by mankind needs to be accepted before to approach to area of Intimate Knowledge. After all not so long ago Earth was the center of the Universe and stood on three foundations; in some areas of science near goes from infantile idea of things. People are proud of the knowledge and at the same time find terrible ignorance, rapaciously destroying a green cover of a planet and dooming it that to diseases and death. They poison the atmosphere her with poisonous gases, they overflow space with energy though to all there is a limit; they sate aura with its gloom of poisonous thinking, they in every way seek to discompose Earth and to cause explosion, forgetting that the return blow of elements can't be avoided. It is much created for destruction. The nuclear explosions which are powerfully breaking balance of a planetary organism are especially dangerous. A lot of the inadmissible becomes now on Earth. In ecstasy ignorance anybody doesn't want to think of anything, believing that everything will manage somehow by itself. There is still time to think and see reason. However, remained it a little, but for the present is...
269. (May 14). The rationality of the nature is automatic. The orchard or the kitchen garden which has grown with a tall weeds and a thistle, are an example of that conscious intervention in blind processes of vegetable life is required. This intervention of the highest consciousness’s is necessary and during Evolution of forms of the life shown on Earth. Provided to them, they degenerate and accept undesirable biases. On the guard of Evolution Real there is a Hierarchy of Light. It plans, on what channels the mankind and all other types of animal and vegetable life has to develop. In the past many forms should be destroyed exactly thanks to that independently they couldn't develop in the due direction. In the presence of ant provisions in all involution is opposed to evolution. Discende down is easier than ascension up. The consciousness falls easier, than walks upstairs lives. Tension of all forces of Attendants of Light is required to keep mankind progress. The scheme of development of the person is planned by Powers of Light. It is necessary to hold it in this direction. As far as people oppose to tracings of Space Will, it is possible to judge how persistently and persistently the mankind down directs, distorting everything that Is given it by Hierarchy of Light, and breaking laws of the correct social development. Each new opening useful people, addresses in the evil and on the destruction, each kind undertaking turns into a reverse side. It would seem, the car – the good invention, but the population of the cities poisons with vapors of gasoline, and health hazard increases. It would seem, plants and factories have to serve the person, but harmful waste poisons the huge rivers and reservoirs. Both the chemistry – good and necessary part of science, but its unreasonable application is killingly reflected in live organisms. Measures of protection are inefficient. The erosion of soils is result of the barbarous relation to a protective vegetable earth's mantle. The planet is threatened by degeneration. Daily on newsprint the huge number of trees is injuriously destroyed. The role of the woods for planet life is known today for everything but very few people rise in their defense and preservation. Amazingly unreasonable human, also there is no limit to it. We Warn people and we Urge to see reason, for the present not late.
270. (Guru). Sergiy in spite of the fact that Was in privacy, in the distance from the cities, Rotated round Himself consciousness of the whole people. The privacy and isolation external at all don't mean lack of activity, and it is rather – on the contrary if the consciousness allows. The consciousness is a conveyor of creating thoughts. If he acts actively, the created benefit can't be measured by any tools. Only in time it is learned. Eremite’s yogis create the great cause, not conducted to people. They act with thought. Ability we will act with thought to consider as the highest.
271. (May 15). When Said that "A board of leprosy you won't close", I Meant that circumstance that without own, and personal decision to be exempted from litter no help from outside will give desirable consequences. But when the decision is firm and measures are taken, and then it is possible to help. Often happens it is a pity for century litter, and often there is no wish to leave the taken roots habits of thinking, and it is often lost sight what further to go with unusable freight it is already impossible. It would be possible to move much quicker, but the load disturbs. The firm, unshakable decision is required not only to stop thought, but also to uproot seducing essence of from what it is necessary to be exempted. As the organism against the first cigarette or the first intoxication furiously protests, but the habit does both tobacco and wine attractive. And it is so exact in everything. The essence of this appeal is false because it is based on illusion and self-deception. It is easy to uproot a habit of smoking. In the same way with a root it is possible to pull out any habit. It is more difficult than everything, of course, with thoughts. They not so easily give in to control. But if to start thinking of need of this operation and to increase this thought, strengthening it before withdrawal to a dream, results won't be slow to affect.
272. (M. A. Y.). As far as it would be possible to approach closer, if not litter at a threshold! On the one hand, honoring and love, with another – unwillingness to renounce that disturbs rapprochement. That cost the love not capable of sacrifice? But if it is and if it is strong, it is possible to be exempted by power of this love from everything that prevents to become closer to those whom we love. Only words won't help, the love has to be shown in affairs. To direct this force in the necessary direction and will use it in the benefit the decision correct. The feelings which not being expressed in actions and haven't been confirmed with affairs, won't be convincing and credible. Understand words: "Be able to love if you ascend".
273. (Guru). It is difficult even to imagine, how many during this life it is created and saved up the fancies attracting consciousness down, fancies which live and pulse around, influencing feelings and emotions, fancies which keep the vitality and appeal and surround the person with the dense wall closing exits. This wall should be destroyed, fancies of force to deprive. Their bedet gives him strength, he and has to deprive of their force. Each such fancy demands a combination to it and demands actions in a consent with its essence. Being not destroyed or neutralized now, it will show the account after release of it’s beget from a body, the account which is increasing in time and subject to payment. On the founder the fancy what it was, has to settle the energy up to the end. It should be known, it is necessary to understand and start being exempted from these heaps in advance. The consciousness’s not passed before a beam, both not neutralized, and not deprived forces, they will live and influence the beget while it won't find in itself(himself) enough determination and hardness to destroy and neutralize them.
274. (May 17). The only hope and support is a Teacher. On anything another it is impossible to lean. How many time tried, and every time the support was fragile and unstable. But after all and the Teacher not always Renders the prosily help? Yes, not always. But if it is Done by the Teacher, so it is necessary to pass through something, and to approve something, and on something to increase the forces. The teacher Divides to a certain extent difficulties of the pupil, but the pupil has to get rid of karma itself though the Teacher both Moderates its current and Regulates a press. Besides, being embodied, still being in the Thin World, the person voluntary assumes performance of the main objective of this embodiment, to execute which it is obliged. Also it is complicates a current of terrestrial life a little. If the task isn't carried out, life loses the meaning and becomes unnecessary for spirit evolution. Very few people realize such task though subconscious the spirit both knows about it and feels if breaks its implementation. In each embodiment something has to be learned, it is necessary to acquire something and any new experience to gain. Aimless embodiments don't happen, they are done by those by people, forgetting rather without wishing to execute for the sake of what came. Sometimes it is easy to determine such violators of the law of life by eyes. Denying the World Thin and the appointment on Earth, the person does senseless the existence in the dense world. Only recognition of two Worlds and their indissoluble communication between himself the person can comprehend the terrestrial stay.
275. (M. A. Y.). On the address we reply always, but according to call and consciousness capacity. There are many people who demand, without having on that any right. From experience of the eightieth years of last century it is visible, how such requirements are insolvent. It is absolutely not enough in order that of it to receive desires to get into secrets of Intimate Knowledge. Many other things are necessary still, and the main thing – ardent aspiration the life, behavior, thoughts, feelings to depict not in words, and in practice, in the appendix, to what learns the Life Doctrine. As there is a wish to receive, without having put to neither it neither work, nor efforts though it is a little to change of itself. But even the radio receiver needs to be adjusted on a due wave to perceive the desirable. The receiver of the human device too has to be adjusted every day. This business very difficult; all matters: both food, and drink, both air, and thoughts, and feelings. Everything will be coordinated in consciousness harmoniously. Harmonize the consciousness in surrounding conditions is difficult extraordinary. But to show coherence of the microcosm in the conditions of people around will be a spirit victory.
276. (May 18). One event which have happened many years ago, don't excite at all and were almost forgotten. Others not only weren't forgotten, but continue to excite and are endured again and in new combinations of imagination if on them the attention concentrates. Here these last after transition to the World Thin also will be the main motive on which the creative imagination which hasn't been connected by restrictions of a body and inertness of a dense matter will play the never-ending symphonies. If the main melodies or motives are good and from Light, the benefit to their performer but if from darkness, it is difficult even to imagine all windings, both back streets, and possibilities of the unbridled imagination creating bright, visible phantoms from plastic and set in motion by thought of an astral matter. All ever thought over by the person on Earth and cast in mental forms has the existence in the world astral plus everything that is created by creative imagination of his inhabitants. It is possible to understand, the range of this creativity and as the people taking in it part are various how is wide. Association of products of this creativity on compliance and affinity strengthens conformable to them spheres, creating the layers of space differing from each other on treatments of light and shade – from the highest shining spheres to terrible chasms of the gloom which inhabitants too create, but awful and ugly forms the imagination turned into darkness. Horrors of the lower class surpass terrestrial and are infectious awfully the poisoning magnetism. Conformable to these layers spirits are involved by force of this magnetic attraction in whirlwinds and funnels of the evil and go down irrevocably. It the consciousness’s doomed to decomposition and death. Spheres intermediate from which else it is possible to raise hold about them many, fighting and trying to escape from this hell of awful fancies. But fight there is difficult exactly thanks to brightness and beauty of the pictures created by imagination, and hardly to be released from them. It is better to begin on Earth, clearing thoughts, and without giving food to imagination, and replacing each thought of darkness with thought of light. To the cleared imagination seductions and an allure of the Thin World aren't terrible, it will be accord only that from Light and the darkness to it isn't terrible. But it is necessary to finish clarification already on Earth. There already late. The spirit released on Earth from the power of allure, there will be free. But grief to slaves to the thoughts dirty.
277. (M. A. Y.). Each emergence of thoughts unusable let will be a signal of fight against them. It is necessary to win against them now, for the present not late. It is necessary to realize all urgency of the solution of this task. Time and tide wait for no man.
278. (Guru). How learn if learning itself didn't learn to what he wants to teach another. How teach to operate what he can't operate. The teaching only then is justified when the teacher himself learned to what teaches. Otherwise lecture will go to condemnation to the learning. It is a lot of such self-shown teachers. The teacher has to show himself everything approved in application to that he tries to teach. Otherwise is not the doctrine, but violation the Law. Let everyone learning to Precepts of Truth will wonder, whether it has the right to learn.
279. (May 19). Can ask why all Knowledge, but only its particles were brought not. Answer: "The law Snow to give Knowledge at a rate of the capacity of the consciousness receiving this Knowledge. Each Carrier of Intimate Knowledge steadily Follows command of this Law. And, even observing him, all of Them heavy Suffered and Paid for that, what Bore to people Light".
280. (M. A. Y.). The fiery stream of life of spirit will break through atop go on terrestrial and will fill in with itself consciousness. Separate breaks will happen earlier, and on them it is already possible to judge that will be when the stream will break loose. The fiery consciousness is reached by works, efforts and aspirations throughout many lives. Slowly fire crystals in the Bowl, but when it is filled to edges collect, the consciousness flashes all fires of centuries-old accumulation. Work everyday collecting of Treasure is so imperceptible and so unusual that it seems as if occurs nothing. But the fiery flower of spirit imperceptibly grows once to blossom and begin to shine all fires. Let's not regret any effort given to this task.
281. (Guru). Being knocked open, - it is the law. The constant aspiration of spirit is as though the constant address to space which, obeying the Law, replies in the accord with intensity and constancy of aspiration. The spirit of the person – a magnet, and space – that sphere, from where goes an attraction of elements corresponding to aspiration. However, the shady side of action of this great Law is shown much more simply and more often, and people, giving in to fear, desires, irritation and the other dark feelings accompanied by the corresponding thoughts, attract to itself from space dark packs of thoughts, to these feelings of the conformable.
282. (Guru). Whether you understand, what value in our eyes is represented itself by devotion unshakable and unconditional? You see as those who concerned the Doctrine a little show it. As often they are overwhelmed by doubts, and the Highest Proximity and as are overflowed with all the experiences, vanity and cares, but not to that more important and above all fluctuates on scales. We simply call it vanity. Carrying out longer line it is possible to wake up at the future over it because vanity is short-term – in this it’s most weak spot. Yesterday it sounded differently, tomorrow will be replaced new, and so endlessly while, having risen over it, it won't be possible to understand its emptiness and uselessness. Reflections about inevitable transition to the World Thin help to moderate triumph of vanity.
283. (May 28). What the consciousness lives and eats, can be or from vanity and temporariness of the present day, or from enduring wisdom of centuries, that is from Eternity. Between these extremes – an infinite variety of spiritual and intellectual food of the person, which usefulness is determined by a treatment of light and shade and prevalence of elements of the enduring? There are a lot of writers. Those books which from vanity also are filled with sounding of the current time are forgotten quickly. That concerned the highest inquiries of consciousness and rose over noise and moment vanity; endure centuries and even the millennia, without losing the value and interest, - they call great. Same and in the field of religion; small sects quickly degenerate and die, great religions live in the millennia, changing in time, becoming covered by the latest interpretation and stratifications, and losing under their weight Light of basic provisions of First-Teacher and thereof too dying of distortion of initial elements enduring, put in each of them. Therefore each great religion of the present needs clarification and new proclamation of its bases if she wants to have the right to existence. Otherwise she is doomed to degeneration and death. Crusades and inquisition brightly testify to how the precept of love to the person can be distorted and perverted. Now time such when any light and kind undertaking is distorted to unrecognizability. Powers of darkness are violently active. Their purpose is to drown Earth in a gloom. Words and speeches serve for cover of dark tricks. And the whole countries pour blood streams, destroy the cities and villages, and poison the woods and crops, putting forward slogans of freedom, the help and rescue of people it isn't known from what. Hypocrisy surpasses all borders of common sense, and performers know that they bear to people of suffering, a tear, destruction and death. They say that believe in God, they quote sacred books and shake by the Gospel. Devilish, bloody hypocrisy equals only monstrosity of their crimes. Such is shape of the leaving old world doomed by laws of social development to death and destruction. But a victory the New World and your Homeland is fated. Despite everything, it will be victorious in everything. Only time is necessary that bacilli of the old world boiled away and ceased to exist. Now they bubble over a surface of a world copper, but days them are considered; Victory of the New World, without violence and wars, any more behind mountains.
284. (M. A.Y.). When it is especially dark, we will think of Light. The light doesn't pass it in time. Sparks and its particles don't disappear in space. Saved up where shone, it continues to shine people invisibly. Light, Light the Carries away the carrier with Herself, but its crystals remain in places where It Lived, influencing all surrounding on wide space. To darkness Light is intolerable,- therefore round its centers a special condensation of darkness counteracting it. In the same way and round great and small Carriers of Light, - than stars are brighter, the gloom is stronger than subjects. Light shades and emphasizes depth of darkness and reveals her attendants. Let's not be frightened of identification of faces is an inevitable consequence of fires lit in heart. Nobody will pass indifferently. Everyone will reveal the essence and will show, from good it or from the evil. Wise rejoices to that is developer of the dark or light beginning in all that surrounds.
285. (May 24). Many ways were thought up by people to keep thought at height and not to be involved too in an ordinary stream. The privacy and reticence will be the best. But now life puts face to face with the problems, and there is no place to retire. Therefore high level of thinking should learn to be kept in usual living conditions, without moving away from it. It is interfaced to great difficulties. Everyday contact with the Teacher helps. To it is possible to add a memory uninterrupted that somewhere there, behind plains, deserts and mountains, on Stoat Appears not replaceable Patrol for mankind. They can't leave from the post or to leave Patrol. Let at least the warm and mental thread of communication subconscious doesn’t interrupt. It is impossible to come off a leading Star of the Hierarch. The most terrible that can happen to the person, is a break of a hierarchical thread. While it is whole, it is dauntlessly possible to look at the future. Then there is no danger to be lost in a rough stream of life and to lose a basis under feet. Dim there is an existence of the person who has lost understanding of true sense of the embodiment on Earth. In the depths the spirit knows this purpose. But the spirit is trampled – the pleasure went out in eyes, and the chaos threatens to rush into consciousness. Badly is in the world. Disbalance of all in everything becomes world disaster. Heavy and hard time for able to see, dark – for blind.
286. (M. A.Y.). The tonality of a spatial note is felt as heart. Not freak of the imagination, but reality sense-knowledge. It is necessary to listen to that tells heart more, - but heart in the shelter. Who, even catching its whisper, trusts it? It is simpler to explain much all with moods, without thinking of the reasons, them causing. After all adjusts always something. But who will want to carry the reason of these or those moods to spatial currents. And after all they cut space, both hearts, and consciousness’s human. And if the small midge reacts to cold approach, or is warm, or the rain, really the person with the advanced nervous system won't be object of influence of thin energy? Understanding depends on acceptance or denial of that occurs round the person. The person is the obvious receiver of space energy.
287. (Guru). Depth and tension of planetary events are heavy felt as heart. But what do? It is necessary to endure also it, knowing about inevitability of terms. Above it is even more difficult. The Teacher heart Meets waves of the raged elements and fire of heart Balances them, - this titanic work not in power to ordinary people. But knowing can help the inseparable and direct aspiration and unification unshakable with the Teacher of Light.
288. (May 25). Problem of mankind of your planet not only raise most, but also to change of Earth. Than the culture step, especially is higher than opportunities for modification of a face of Earth. But, being engaged in construction and streamlining of a terrestrial garden, people meet many difficulties and inertness of a dense matter. Plasticity and mobility of a matter of the Thin World which too is under construction and changes the person strongly facilitate transformation of this wonderful World and allow improve its forms quickly. Using the force the thought will be main there. However, now people are more occupied with that disfigure it and fill the lower class of space with images of darkness and destruction. Each pure, light, fine thought brings in the World Thin elements of Beauty and changes that sphere in which works, but darken with a gloom and decomposition thought angry. Much people work on creation of beauty and a disgrace of the Thin World, often at all without suspecting it, without thinking of it and even denying existence of this great World. But creators are all. Each thought is the phenomenon of the Thin World, obviously existing in it. These fancies filled this World not visible to a physical eye. From its lower class and to the Highest shining Spheres everything is filled with products of mental activity of the person. And if one person during one terrestrial life lets out in space from the conveyor of the consciousness incalculable quantity of thoughts, that is fancies, how many these fancies as a whole are created by all mankind during mankind existence on Earth! It is good that many imperfect mental forms are deprived of firmness and over time decay. But it is difficult to imagine nevertheless, than the World Thin from top that bottom is filled. Everyone will find to itself a place and the sphere to which magnetic it will be attracted on compliance. The one who beautifully goes and beauty creates, it will be fine in the sphere. But a problem of mankind, change both Earth, and the World Thin according to the principles of Beauty and Light. Everyone can start carrying out this task individually, making the contribution fine both in dense, and in hidden construction, and that world and this need a reorganization and transformation. New Earth and New Sky not clerical concepts but demand Evolution. Everything that counteracts it, fights against it and doesn't submit to it finally will be swept away by a forward wave of Evolution. Therefore We testify to hopelessness of the old world and a victory New. There comes an era of great transformation of both Worlds. Let's bend the heads before Command of Space Will.
289. (M. A. Y.). And still forces should be found in it to follow desire of spirit. The spirit wants Light, the body and an astral want to potter about in ordinary twilight. But it is necessary that the spirit won. Too are short and it is passing the phenomena of the present day that to prefer them to desires of spirit. The spirit wants to lift itself both a body and an astral and to clear both of heavy and rough elements of Earth. The power of spirit over an astral and body is shown often and at ordinary people. A lot of heroism was shown by the great people in fight against evil forces and the destructions, trying to detain Evolution and to destroy our Homeland. Heroism also is a victory of spirit over personal, and over a body infirmity, and over fear of death. The great people will show the force in construction of the New World and in a final victory over those who seeks to break it, over enemies of mankind, over spiteful destroyers, over going against Light and life.
290. (Guru). The tree if its roots are insufficiently deep won't grow. And you start up roots of spirit to the World Thin. In dense they will be on a surface and will quickly dry up, but in Thin will keep strongly because the thin nature endures the dense. It also we will mean when carrying out longer line. It can be carried out very far and very highly, even out of limits of the Thin World, to the World Fiery, which already out of time. So we will strengthen spirit roots. You look how hesitate and shake not taken root deeply. And how to them resist, if these roots on a surface? Wisdom of centuries speaks about depths. Bases are put in them. Show care of strengthening roots.
291. (May 26). It is possible to call the person by the space seismograph noting all events in space and on a planet. Not all realize the feelings but if gave, a lot of things would clear up. Degree and subtlety of sensitivity differ as is wide, as well as characters human, and a structure of their physical devices. The closed centers, of course, don't allow feeling and perceiving much. But even at the centers silent heart reacts to big events and the phenomena. Spatial currents and spatial trouble affect to some extent all organisms. From here bad or good mood, pleasure or grief, feeling of ease or weight. Influence of space spatial currents on people very strongly. Energy of the Distant Worlds reaches Earth and influences each organism in dependence on its structure and features. The astrophysics and iatrochemistry of the future will make science about these influences absolutely real, and it will gain official recognition. Last, real and future history of Earth and mankind is traced in the Sky. Configuration of heavenly bodies and a combination of their beams sent to Earth, create those conditions in which planetary life proceeds. This dependence is great. It isn't denied if it is a question of energy of the Sun or even the Moon, but further it the modern science moves ahead with great difficulty. Denial of reality doesn't destroy it, but deprives of negate of knowledge of many levers of life. The future great revolution in the field of science will lead to a gate of true Knowledge which won't deny reality.
292. (Guru). Having what to give has to give. To give is its duty and a debt to people, and especially before congenial. Question only what to give, as well as how many. Wisdom of a donation is solved hardly and not easy. Especially as wishing to take there is a lot of. Very big discretion at a donation is demanded by those who want to receive and receive as much as possible, often without having on it the right. In this case heart can be judges only. Only it will oppose to unwise distribution and will declare the tacit protest. In this case heart it is necessary to listen and not to force itself unnecessary distribution. Insistence yet doesn't mean the right to the demanded. Be sharp-sighted and have hundred eyes. There is a lot of devourers of others energy.
293. (May 27). With all depth and inexhaustibility of thought the Doctrine of the Christ is stated simply, and the thought is expressed briefly, accurately and clearly. The abstruse phrase and complexity of speech isn’t a sign of the validity of stated thoughts. Simplicity and clarity of a statement testify to clarity of the consciousness bringing to people new aspect of Intimate Knowledge. Its gleams or particles can be found scattered according to pages of various books, but complexity and a complexity of language won't be a sign of these pearls. Simplicity will accompany of. Certainly, new demands new forms of a statement, but novelty don’t demand unclear complexity and a complexity of expressions. We Demand from pupils of stamping clearness of thoughts and words. On this sign also you judge. It is a lot of alluvial and not clear it is necessary to charge to translators who have to have very high consciousness that their transfer was at the level of understanding of the author. And often not mistakes and a complexity of expressions, but distinction in level of consciousnesses are explained by ignorance of language. Therefore We Charge similar works only to very close spirit that misunderstanding wouldn't break symmetry of a statement. Novelty of thoughts can be welcomed, but to judge unmistakably probably only according to the original.
294. (Guru). It is alone well to create if the spirit demands loneliness, but it is possible to create most fully only at completeness of a unification with Us. Unification is in the spirit. It having premised creative work, you will succeed much quicker, than in the regular way. The loneliness, or isolation external, promotes depth and completeness of Communication with Us. With Us go through life, with Us you create, and to us devote fruits of creativity of the work. And then it will be more deeply comprehended and will be lit up by fires of your heart.
295. (May 28). Chaos invasion – so we Will call the danger menacing to a planet. The sign of this disaster is that it is accompanied everywhere by decomposition. Disbalance of elements is expressed in harmony violation until then counterbalanced energy. Frustration of climate, earthquake, flood, drought – what else signs is necessary! The most terrible is a decomposition of consciousness and falling of moral bases. Poison of decomposition gets everywhere, into all undertakings human. All good and useful is wrapped in the reverse, shady side. The disaster extends everything more widely and more widely, getting even into ranks of those who, apparently, have to stand on protection of Evolution. It is necessary to rally strong round the Banner of the Lord, that opposite rage of waves of chaos, - planet in danger.
296. (M. A. Y.). If people don't understand something, something deny and something don't notice, it doesn't mean at all that it "something" doesn't exist. In these cases it is necessary to rely that tells heart. And heart grieves, to it is stuffy, it suffers from spatial asthma. And life not streamlining around is only reflection or an echo of a disease of all planet that is a disbalance of the planetary. It is possible to notice invasion of chaos into a usual tide of life of consciousness difficultly when even to concentrate and to keep thought on the necessary subject. At these moments the thought of the Teacher can render the essential help. But Light in the structure is harmonious. The beam is harmonious and bears in itself balance elements. Representation of in the Beam will protect from chaos invasion. But it is necessary that there was it constant. You know that heart always with you though often and you don't feel its beating and as though you forget about it. But it is, and subconscious the thought of presence of heart is inseparable from your consciousness. Here in the same way it is necessary to direct itself to the Teacher and consciously or subconscious, but always to seek to feel its Proximity.
297. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to realize, at last, that the World Thin see, we will feel, we perceive and we smell that it exists really that it is quite material, but that this materiality is slightly different from materiality of the dense world. It is perhaps brighter and life, than the world terrestrial, is fuller of beauty of forms and experiences, but this entire phenomenon in conditions, very other than the dense. That to realize it, it is necessary to be ready to it and to reject any denials. Preparation goes through an assumption unusual and at acuteness of attention to the phenomena of extra dense character and to own feelings and perceptions. It is necessary to face thin manifestations continually, only they don't notice and haughty pass by. And it is necessary to notice everything, and especially – feelings of heart. It feels a lot of things and knows, but, suppressed by mind, can't give the vote. Both the clairvoyant and the ordinary person, having taken in hand an ancient thing, look on same, but see absolutely variously. One is stratifications of the past and invisible environments and even the whole pictures of the life which have gone to oblivion, another – only an external of form. To the one who can see and hear outside dense visibility, ordinary people seem blind and deaf.
298. (Guru). Even the artist sees many times more inhabitant and a lot of things notice. The sharpening of perceptions can go much further. The person has opportunity to aggravate and develop any ability. Many amazing phenomena were observed in centuries when certain people showed these or those phenomenal abilities. But what reached some, in principle is achievable for all. If in one person to generalize and connect everything that is reached by many, we will receive a prototype of future person, or the person of the future. Gradually evolution conducts people to this synthesis of the hidden abilities of the person which in future races will be reached by the majority. The future is full of inexhaustible opportunities, to development and which achievement of a limit isn't present.
299. (May 30). It is very difficult to counterbalance awareness of Boundlessness and aspiration to it with way of life of the usual. In it balance as though adjoins two poles of life of the person. Eternal and temporary coexist in full harmony. The other-worldly kingdom and the world terrestrial are counterbalanced in consciousness. It also will be that coherence which highest degree is shown by Arhat. The pupil directs to it. Life puts in such conditions when it is necessary to carry out the most usual everyday affairs and at the same time to keep a clear and constant memory and contact mental with boundless Spheres of the Highest Worlds. In it following to a precept "Caesarian – to the Caesar" also consists. Terrestrial it is necessary to give, knowing that experience in the terrestrial serves for advance in Boundlessness. The short period of one embodiment in itself doesn't give anything if not to consider it as a link in a chain of uncountable manifestations of spirit in the world of forms for collecting in it the necessary material and accumulation which give the chance to it for conscious stay in World Aboveground. The more accumulation, the life after release from a body is fuller and brighter. It is required to understand elevated value of terrestrial experience. Not for Earth it is necessary, but above. When the spirit took everything from Earth that it is able give, it leaves Earth to continue the way above, on planets of the highest of Earth. In it’s of the meaning and value of terrestrial experience; also he necessary and for creativity in life, in Elevated, but by no means not in itself. But ordinary people make a fatal mistake, believing that the purpose and sense of all made by them consists in the creation of hands human. The formula "a hand and a foot human" means only that it is necessary to go to Boundlessness on the ground, through experience terrestrial, being embodied in a body terrestrial, but the far purpose goes far away from Earth and isn't limited to it, - through Earth, on the ground, but to the Far Worlds. Therefore Earth so strong also attaches consciousness to itself that it comprehended all brevity and temporariness of terrestrial existence and all impossibility something to own forever and to hold this property more long than stay in this body and in this embodiment. Then, the person owned, it is necessary to leave everything together with body leaving, that is together with his death. And whatever important the Terrestrial affairs seemed, it is necessary to leave and them. Certainly, the sense put super personal, universal, affairs of General Welfare, is directed out of limits of the personality and endures her, but here we approach to area of immortality of spirit and life of the individual Immortal Triad proving in the world terrestrial. But it’s other-worldly kingdom, though lives It part of in the world dense and brings in it Light of Boundlessness. Its affairs don't die in space, but inure to advantage to mankind. In it coherence the highest between Earth requirements, General Welfare and aspiration in Boundlessness is shown.
300. (M. A. Y.). To moderate present vanity, we will direct the thoughts in the future. The measure of Boundlessness reduces triumph of vanity. It is necessary to eat, it is necessary to drink; a lot of things should be done to live. If only making it didn't cover a main objective of life as trees cover the wood. This purpose we will accurately hold before them. Not in affairs, but that they give to consciousness and as enrich it with experience, – the sense of these put. From everyone it is possible to take consciously this experience, constantly wondering that gives this or that to me that am cognition of life and people. The knowledge of the person too serves for experience accumulation. All events with the person have only this purpose. And the people suppressed by vanity, often forget about it. Having embodied on Earth for the sake of absolutely definite purpose of accumulation and assimilation of experience of terrestrial life, they forget about it and catch at shadows terrestrial property, or terrestrial wellbeing which at the best are so short, as well as their temporary life in a body. Whatever did, you remember sense of things and value of affairs human.
301. (Guru). Let's direct all consciousness on Doctrine application in life. After all release of spirit from Earth attractions also consists in this application. After all release of spirit from Earth attractions also consists in this application. All applied remains with Us forever as the integral our achievement. What prevents to follow a way of practical Yoga strong? After all it not in exercises and meditations, and in learn Doctrine assimilation in practice. The doctrine demands purity of thoughts. Whether she is approved? Doctrine demands to capture feelings. Whether it is reached? The doctrine speaks about constancy of pretending. Whether it is carried out? So wonder continued, remembering that all approved on Earth will accompany you and in the Worlds.
302. (May 31). Strikes usually surprise. It is especially right upon transition to the World Thin. If in consciousness in advance to imagine its conditions and it is good to acquire distinction between dense and thin existence, the surprise will turn into an the expected and the originality won't commit breach of the Thin Peace of balance. At once there are absolutely unnecessary a lot of things from this without what it are impossible to do on Earth. But the habit forces to do the unnecessary. Long reflections will help to separate terrestrial from thin and to reject the terrestrial. It is necessary to think now. And where to put time which shouldn't be spent for terrestrial needs anymore and duties? Often and here in free time people don't know where to put themselves and what to do. And how then be there? Denial of that world creates terribly ridiculous situation. Permeability and transparency of subjects complicate their perception. Even own hand is transparent. It nevertheless is and gives the feelings. In higher layers speech is replaced with thought. Feelings and experiences are immediately reflected in aura and become visible by people around. Neighbors is on compliance and affinity; attraction to various layers of space and spheres – according to the accord. Aspirations and desires are a magnet attracting desirable conditions. The imagination becomes the engine and the creative force making impression of a bright see of images generated by it. It isn't necessary to go anywhere, anything to buy, anything to get, care of housing, of food, everything is carried out by thought action according to understanding of surrounding reality and its features. All surrounding is caused and limited to the width and scope of thought. Thoughts put limits to spirit manifestations. The thoughts approved and issued by habitual thinking on Earth, will accompany the beget and there, without having gained external visibility and having replaced with itself subjects of the dense world. Thought-creative – property of inhabitants of the Thin World. It differs from terrestrial that its subjects become right there visible to the one who creates them, and not only to him, but also people around. People around see them on an accord of the thinking. The law of the accord operates perceptions and causes them. Except imagination products, the Thin World is filled by doubles of all subjects terrestrial. It is hard to understand at once everything, but readiness helps. Those who know distinction can distinguish a peel from a thin body only and can check. Ignorant will be in ignorance. Old fairy tales give very interesting description of properties of the astral world, but without clear understanding of about what they speak. Knowing is the powerful wizard who in this world creates that wants. But it is necessary to know before can.
303. (M. A. Y.). If in the world terrestrial you can't be exempted from the persuasive or dirty thought seeming very attractive, how you will reach it where the similar thought given a bright real shape, many times over becomes stronger and more attractive? In it terrible danger from the dirty, seducing thoughts allowed on Earth. At concentration of attention to them and a combination to them they become of travelling of the person, both in the dense world, and in Thin. The habitual dirty thinking breaks through channels on which the spirit in the lower class of the Thin World will move in space. Thoughts should be seized here, on Earth, and to establish over them strict control. There will be late.
304. (Guru). Understand of the Doctrine of life and its instructions without practical and of the hard application, that at practice not to give desirable results. If you want to succeed, both to promote further, and to come nearer to the Teacher, apply everything that was given, and the main thing, approve over thought control. Not to move further if it isn't carried out.
305. (June 2). Release from a body won't be release if over other covers the power isn't approved. And the power terrestrial has no relation to the power over. To win against itself – is, was and will be the greatest victory of spirit. All covers temporary, but apply for dominating over consciousness. But the power has to belong not to them, but spirit, which out temporary. Out temporality of spirit phenomenon in its Immortal Triad, which are its constant clothes, or reincarnating Identity? But what such spirit? It is a spark lit from an eternal flame of life. The kernel of spirit eternally and isn't destroyed. In the course of infinite evolution of shapes which it consistently is given, deposits of everything accumulate and crystallize, through what there passes the next form, the step of the human consciousness which results of life give the chance of gradual formation of Identity yet isn't reached. Grain of spirit remains invariable, but stratifications grow. The personality dies in each embodiment and is born with new again, but Identity collects in the Bowl fruits of experiences of each embodiment for already conscious manifestation of the Immortal Triad in spheres corresponding to It. It also will be a victory of spirit over temporariness of the covers which are investing it and being replaced at each new arrival with Earth. To transfer consciousness from covers to area of the Immortal Triad will be great achievement of spirit. The death is trampled, and the spirit finds freedom and the power over those forms into, which temporarily he is put. The spirit isn't a dense body, there is no astral, but there is a mental body, the spirit is fire, a body fiery, the body of Light issued in the course of long evolution of an ardent spark, making its essence. The sun will come, both the Moon will come, and Earth will come, but the spirit because it is eternal won't come and we don't destroy. Only having concentrated on it and in it having approved the consciousness center, the person of that is called as immortality reaches.
306. (M. A. Y.). . You look how fight sharply proceeds: the spirit aspires in Boundlessness, but Earth strong keeps it in the conditions of the dense world, making the demands and compelling the person to fulfill obligations to, to the body, to people and to people around, that is forces to lead life usual. Decision in finding golden mean between requirements and aspirations of the highest "I", and the personality small, terrestrial, and approve coherence between them. It means to render the terrestrial – terrestrial and the Highest – to the Highest, that is it is fair to satisfy and execute what demanded by a terrestrial debt, and at the same time to pay tribute and to the highest "I" which has to collect a harvest terrestrial from the temporary personality, imperfect, limited and only partially and that represents itself the highest "I" the person is incomplete expressing. The highest "I" person is individually and above-person. Harmony between personal and super personal each everyone to approve in it has. The highest Spirits Lead on Earth life super personal, giving the personality on service to General Welfare.
307. (Guru). Streamlining of the inner world is included into a duty of the pupil. Everything should find time and not to evade from debt performance. But, carrying out what demanded by life, it is impossible to forget about the major. Everything will come to an end that now so deafening sounds and demands the; with what we will remain when it happens? Here also it is necessary to think of it.
308. (June 3). The destiny of the people is traced in stars and karmic is weighed on scales. Having given the best fate to the country of the best (Your homeland), we Make the act of historical justice. No attacks, any counteractions, any plots and shifts of the old world and her numerous enemies, obvious and secret, will be able to change our Decision. Difficulties will be, dangers too, counteractions – endlessly, but nevertheless the victory will be behind it. Quietly observe events, knowing that against Us nobody is strong. Let change and to betray those to whom it helped, and helps and whom I rescued from enslavement, – all against going are fated defeat, at least and they seemed strong. We Help where the New World is under construction. Mistakes are inevitable, delusions are inevitable, but all will be turned on advantage if they are made for the sake of the New World.
309. (M. A. Y.). Don't push bearing an unreasonable Burden, but help it. Note not that badly and that is good deserves condemnation, but. It is a lot of good and a lot of the creative is created in the New Country. Manage to see. Mentally it is possible to help construction of the New World much. The thoughts which have been started up in space are picked up by conformable consciousness’s and carried out by this way. Consciously find time for purposeful parcels and support and help where you see need and need. Many builders of the New World don't know greatness and beauty of the conceived and judgment future. But you know, and let your help will be fast and necessary.
310. (Guru). Despite all persuasiveness of evidence, an event in the world flow, being made out and directed of the Thin World. All karmic consequences of the past have to be resolved in the world dense before the judgment future will be embodied in visible forms. The tail of last fulfillments is very great, and microbes have to boil away all. In that delay because the main operating factor phenomenon all then consciousness. The consciousness of mankind as a whole is yet ready to accept the New Sky and New Earth. But terms approach: New will come promptly and unexpectedly. And fast the victory of the New World and final – defeat old will be unexpected.
311. (June 4). Each person has advantages and the shortcomings. Let's assume that, having chosen the three worst properties, you managed to overcome them. After a victory over them it will appear that there are also others from which again it is possible to elect three the worst and again to eradicate them. After this secondary victory it will be found out that nevertheless something disturbs further improvement: not noticed shortcomings any earlier or features of character, and for an ascension on a ladder of spirit it is necessary again and to overcome again in itself already such phenomena which once in the past were considered as the positive. In a word, the statement that the person is that it is necessary to overcome, it is true, and process of a overcoming and replacement of one properties with others, more perfect, is infinite, and the top of this perfection above which it is already impossible to rise, doesn't exist. It means impossibility of completion of evolutionary process and its stop in Boundlessness. It is possible to finish the way on Earth, having taken from it everything that it is able to give, or to make it on any other planet, but behind it there is the highest to which passes the spirit which has finished the way on below standing planet. But the end isn't present. Manvantara end is accompanied Pralaya which new Manvantara follows. In Space anything doesn't come to an end, but everything continuously proceeds in Boundlessness. Evolution of human spirit has no end. Therefore We Say that everything is achievable.
312. (June 5). We hear when ask for the help Us. We help with Law limits that are without breaking karma of the addressing. It should be understood. Far not any desire can be executed. Besides, if it is the pupil, the current of his life Goes the Teacher. Then the question of karma is especially difficult. On the one hand, it is necessary to direct, with another – to constrain karma or, on the contrary, to accelerate it. Certainly, We in forces to change a lot of things, to relieve or exempt from much, but karmic debts it are necessary to pay inevitably. We very much Want that release from a karma happened probably rather, - because the personal karma of the pupil, with unpaid debts, very much disturbs the management. It is desirable that the pupil abstained from aggravation of the karma and I didn't create the new reasons aggravating it. Repayment of an old karma is a duty of the pupil. And when it is necessary to pay old bills, it is necessary to do it, without being afflicted and understanding that it is the shortest way to release.
313. (M. A. Y.). To current of karma we will premise understanding that the Teacher Seeks to turn everything on advantage. This understanding let is expressed in desire to acquire and comprehend each lesson, each experience, and all events with you. It very much facilitates a task of the teacher. After all life is a school, and people in it – pupils.
314. (June 6). To move to the future it is comprehended and it is successful, it is necessary to know the purpose; it is necessary to know where and why to go. Aimless movement, that is wandering, does life ridiculous. The distant Worlds of the highest step are given as an example of evolution of mankind and achievements of spirit which people of your planet can imitate. The doctrine accurately plans stages of development of a human body, disclosure of the centers and finding of the highest abilities of clairvoyance, a clairluhear and all other clairsense. The leading place, as well as to the statement of qualities of spirit necessary for this purpose is thus allocated for thought. Thus, the way of evolution of mankind is planned clearly and accurately. On the Distant Worlds it is carried already out to some extent. To the intercourse with these Worlds stirs imperfection of the human device. After all it is possible to see and hear not only by means of devices mechanical, but also without them. The telescope, radio and television represent itself only imperfect imitation the equipment of living beings, and animals, fishes, birds and insects possess such sensitive and distinguished equipment, to duplicate which people are yet able. Now development goes on the way of mechanical and technical progress, but the Evolution purpose – to arm the person without the uniform device because in its microcosm in a potential look the most amazing and perfect equipment which We Call fiery is concluded. It is possible to see and hear at distance and to transfer thoughts. But these distances aren't limited to anything. The development plan of the person Is drawn up by us quite definitely. After all once all mechanical devices and devices will be destroyed, but the device of spirit we don't destroy. And our task – to turn aspirations of mankind on achievement of not destroyed acquisitions. Task improbably difficult thanks disbelief and denials. Stupid ignorance reigns even over minds of those, who could conduct on tracks of true Knowledge. The way planned by us, is clear and direct is the way of Evolution determined by Will of Space Reason. It was planned before the person appeared on your planet.
315. (M. A. Y.). Attract of the attention at the person, wandering without the purpose, and at the person, who is firmly going to a definite purpose, – what striking difference. Shadows wandering, the shadows deprived of light and the purpose. Where you go? But the way of the one who knows where goes is direct. In it advantage knowing the Doctrine, because the Life Doctrine shows the Way. However, animals, birds and plants too don't know, but nevertheless move to evolution, but they are deprived of consciousness and therefore to this natural advance don't disturb. But the person allocated with free will, can disturb and go against. And it disturbs, and against goes, denying Bases and without recognizing given the chance to it. But again and again Teachers Go to the world and Bring that part of Space Truth which people are able to contain and accept if that wish. And a question now in, whether will want. Whether it is rejected stupidly as it happened more than once when the Truth was trampled by dullness, ignorance and cruelty earlier. Whether will accept? The destiny human depends on acceptance, or the denial of Truth of the Doctrine of Life nowadays given by Lords to people.
316. (Guru). Communication of spirit with spirit depends on spirit, and nothing can interfere with it if only it is understood rather deeply. The area of spirit is an area of the lightful matter getting everywhere, and the matter the lowest can't serve it as a barrier what there were its combinations. By it I want to specify on a primacy of spirit and its superiority over all combinations of dense conditions. In the spirit of it is necessary to recognize primogeniture of spirit and its superiority over the phenomena of the dense world. Long ago It is already told that "spirit life-creative, but the flesh doesn't use a little", but ancient wisdom isn't understood. Think to do without it and, managing, create the Babel tower of dark heaps. But the Precept is short: with spirit live and in the spirit of.
317. (June 7). We Consider it necessary also necessary to strain consciousness in readiness to meet waves of events. The main thing – not allow defeat by surprise. This way it is possible keep balance in all cases of life. And balance is the best weapon and the best protection. About a balance board waves of hostile attempts and chaotic currents of space powerlessly break. Unprotected person is as a blade of grass against a wind. All determination protects the balance, - little that can bring a rough stream of life. Everything will pass by, and everything will be carried away in the past. The spirit stays for ever and ever.
318. Before the end swelling of darkness will reach the limit. It has to reveal completely herself, and besides – in the true look. It will be logical finishing till the end and disclosure of its essence. Now they are still covered with beautiful words and assurances. Masks will be broken completely, now they are taken off only partially. This self-disclosure of darkness is necessary that everyone could make a choice free and faultless. The free will of people freely has to adjoin Light pole. And then the final victory of the New World over the old will be made.
319. (M. Y.). If to consider a terrestrial embodiment as preparation for longer Elevated stay, sunset years of life become the most responsible in this process. The consciousness is prepared for transition to the World Thin, seeking to be exempted from outgrowths terrestrial and all what can't be taken further with itself. Thus usually transfer the center of gravity to things and property, losing sight that terrestrial habits and outgrowths it is more dangerous than things. Things anyway remain on Earth, but habits and outgrowths terrestrial can follow the person further. Release from them is much more difficult. Release is in the spirit. It is possible to wonder simply, and more often that it is really necessary to take with itself in a way distant and that will be useless load and the freight pulling to Earth. This freight won't allow rising in lightful layers of the Elevated World.
320. (Guru). Some attention to details of life will show, attempts of the dark rack surrounding you how are constant and numerous, to do at least any harm, any way and through whom and something. Even insects use, not to mention animals or people. Vigilance and discretion are required. In the most, apparently, everyday occurrences the shaggy hand waiting of an opportunity can be hidden. Let's not be afraid because the fear weakens protection. But we will store balance – dark creatures very are afraid of it. They are afraid and the vigilance seeing them to fraud. The consciousness’s shined with a beam that is exposed; they immediately recede and hide in darkness. Let's stand on patrol.
321. (June 8). To touch by events heart in the world – not pleasure. Situation in the world is heavy. While everything goes under the sign of wars small because, We Shatter press knots. It is necessary to hold on to term and not to allow a leopard to jump. Approach of term will change cosmos-spatial conditions of a planet, and there is impossible a further swelling of darkness. Our task is constrain madness of the dark is a planet to blow up their aspiration. Between two poles of Light and darkness, harmony and chaos, creation and destruction people rush about, without knowing what to adjoin, and in it a delay. Mankind division on poles has to come to the end by the time of Arrival. Great division will decide destiny of everyone, and the consequence of a choice will be final. All this was predicted long ago: "one will depart odesny, others – oshyi and that will approve final Trial of'. To judge live and dead live and dead will be because everyone has in itself the judge. Adjoined Evolution and the New World remain in it, departed on the party of darkness remain with it and from a planet will leave. The world future will be so solved. Time of approach of judge the very heavy. The planet fate is decided, - painfully of the heart in darkness before-dawn. The planet and all live on it groans. Disbalance penetrates a planet from top to bottom. Breaks of chaos are very dangerous. Everything replies, often without giving itself the report in the events, - time of unknown tension of energy.
322. (M. A. Y.). The death of the people and the whole civilizations already visited more than once a planet. The lord Told: "The fiery death is always of Us on the mind". Everything depends on mankind as a whole. If at the solution of destiny of the world the Bowl of scales of Light that is if the majority adjoins it draws and becomes under its banners, the world will be saved; if win against powers of darkness and destruction, the planet will be lost, having finished the existence by huge explosion. Judgment Light victory, but people have to take in its part, having risen on the party of forces of creation, powers of Light.
323. (Guru). Blind and deaf continue the dance of death, but able to see are filled with grief. We approach to the most responsible moment of Earth. Situation is very tense. The fire began, but the audience still looks at a scene that a minute later in madness to rush to exits, pressing each other in madness of animal horror and wishing to escape. But rescue – in the spirit of. And the spirit is denied. For negate of Light and spirit, for negate dark rescue isn't present.
324. (June 9). The law of the accord operates the world. In plants, flowers, trees, plumage of birds, coloring of fishes, in a structure of bodies of animals and the person this accord is sharply noted. Harmony, or interaction of all body organs, is based on this law. What compliance between a form, say, roses and its smell it is necessary to show, that its internal essence accord with its external expression. The same accord is expressed and in chemical reactions of elements of the Mendeleev scale. Balance or coherence will be the highest form of the accord in the person. It is correct that remembered words about the world, which above any understanding. The spheres are higher, the accord is fuller. The lower class of space is characterized the disbalance. The chaos is an accord antipode. , matter possesses degree of the accord which is expressed by the sounding called by music of spheres. Everything in the nature sounds, and each individualized essence, whether it be a flower, a tree, fish, a bird, an animal or the person, has the sound note, or the vibration key, which is expressing in a certain mathematical formula. All subjects and all live forms are individualized. Even two leaves on all trees of the world you won't find the similar. The analogy – doesn't mean similarity. Anything though the phenomena and can be similar doesn't repeat. The law of a spiral excludes repetitions. The infinite variety of the shown forms testifies to it.
325. (M. And. Й.). And when the egoism will be dissolved in return of and will disappear, then true "I" the person will receive the full expression and the right to not interruptibility of consciousness. Not interruptibility of consciousness means immortality. But the egoism is overflowed with the phenomena and things of a temporary order and passing interests of the personality small that is all that is short and mortal. Therefore the place to it isn't present that is immortal. Us pleases when feelings and attachments terrestrial, short, final and changeable, cross limits of temporariness and are stretched out of limits of terrestrial life in the future, - that narrower victory over death. The love to the Teacher of Light belongs already to the statement of elements of immortality in consciousness of the person. Long ago it was already told by the Lord that "the love is stronger than death" because "its arrows, arrows fiery" are directed in the future which hasn't been limited to life of a body and in a body. Flesh restrictions are so won, and the spirit gets into a kingdom of the phenomena being above it and trampling on death. The love to the Lord is stronger than death, it wins death.
326. (June 10). Let's direct to the statement of internal harmony. After all even the pleasure is only one of its aspects, as well balance and tranquility. The symphony of qualities is expression of high degree of this harmony. Won't be tired and won't overtire it to claim. Performance of this task has extremely deep value. Heart works then especially accurately and the sense-knowledge becomes aggravated. Sense-knowledge and egoism are incompatible. As it is possible feel something, the events outside when the consciousness is entirely filled by itself and are occupied only by the. Dismissal from itself is an immutable condition of ascension of spirit. If someone all life was exclusively occupied two thousand years ago by itself(himself), it is possible to tell with confidence that anything useful, necessary and good would be not left by it about itself(himself) to mankind and that in time any memory of it would be forgotten. But the figures of General Welfare forgetting about and following the Precept "Be rejected from it» were rescue beacons, showing mankind a way to Light. It can't be reached a condition of harmony without dismissal from itself. Expression "the soul lost" means simply the person who has rejected the egoism, the egocentrism, the temporary small personality and transferred the consciousness to the Sphere of the Immortal Triad. It seems to small spirit that it will be loss of everything while it is acquisition and consciousness expansion. How to expand it if it is concentrated only on itself? To help, it is necessary to think of it. To penetrate and understand foreign suffering, it is necessary to forget about the. The person filled only with and the personal interests, upon transition to the World Thin appear the surrounded paling of egoism which limits for it the world to a small circle. The world of the one who lives interests of all mankind and all planets is wide. Development of equipment allows to take mental part in life of all globes and even to see a lot of things on the TV screen. But ardent even it doesn't help egoism. "I, I and only to myself" am a roar of egoism. "You, you and only to you" are a formula of the spirit which was released from egoism. "We" are already a call of the integrated consciousness’s, recognition of collective, and a family universal. The formula will be the highest ideal of this association planned by evolution: "One Pastor and the herd", – that is merge of all people in one family under the Banner of the Leading Hierarch is uniform.
327. (M. A. Y.). Many diligences apply the dark to distracting from the most necessary. These attempts are constant and very numerous and version. Adjust according to all whom can affect and through whom to influence. Balance deduction will be the best protection and protection against similar attempts. About the rock of balance these shifts of darkness break. Remember strong: against balance nobody is strong. But it is necessary to hold it and while feeble effort it is made to destroy. After all also want to destroy it for the only purpose – to destroy this powerful board, this protection, this impenetrable armor and a fiery armor of spirit. I Won't be tired to go on about balance while all links and rings of this armor, or spirit armor, won't be shaped strongly. Wish balance, direct to it; approve it in every way spirit. And We Will help you and we Will specify the best way and a method. This great quality of spirit needs special attention. In the Doctrine It is told clearly and briefly: "Nobody will resist against balance". Balance symbol – a sphere.
328. (Guru). You know that life is the best school. And we Rejoice, when even trifles of a life and the word of people surrounding you give the chance to you to study to gain experience and to take useful things from the small phenomena. The good pupil studies on everything and always uses everything for capitalization of experience. Anyhow to gets it? Hostile attacks, both small, and big are especially useful. They are especially instructive. Let's not pass without attention by, we won't pass indifferently any. All of them teach something and help to understand a lot of things practically, vitally. Im possible even feel appreciation to these involuntary Teachers. Let they will work also. Not without reason after all it is told that "the darkness decays for flowers of Light".
*329. (June 11). Why after all there is such big gap meanwhile, than the person want to be, and what it represents itself now? Between an ideal and reality the gap will be always, but it is necessary that it wasn't too great. The line of conduct of the old person in itself creates inertia which and should be overcome at realization of the ideal. Resistance it is very strong. The habit to work on habitual channels automatically pushes on a beaten path. Therefore to overcome itself, the unshakable solution of will is necessary. But after all and the ideal grows and changes with growth and consciousness expansion. Therefore on this way there is no end because there is no end of growth of achievements of spirit.
330. Let's note as well that rather sincerely and to resolve to approve any quality of spirit as also test for the hardness of this decision immediately is given. And the bigger the person wants to reach, the he more causes tests owing to this desire. The aspiration always causes environment resistance. The quicker the plane flies, the air resistance is stronger. Laws in everything are identical. But, the it above rises, the resistance becomes weaker, and in very high layers it any more doesn't stir supersonic speed. Apply this analogy to the person. Noticed more than once as at powerful fiery lifting of spirit all shortcomings, weaknesses and imperfections as though receded somewhere, and already nothing disturbed Light wings. But once you fell to former level, all of them appeared again. That is why we Advise to raise fiery wings. By means of them it is possible to overcome resistance of elements.
331. (M. A. Y.). Ability to direct a power of love to the Hierarchy on overcoming in itself old person is reached by experience, and then words are replaced with affairs. The word and business don't disperse. The thought and its implementation are indissoluble. But even here it is necessary to observe balance not to come off Earth. It is impossible to move on one foot. Both terrestrial, and heavenly have to be combined in harmonies, that is two natures, two Worlds have to be accepted in the basis of all affairs.
332. (Guru). It is good to think more often of in what attire of spirit you will appear before Those whom you love above usual terrestrial feelings. It gives strength to be improved. After all Will ask that you made. And then you will regret that everything isn't made that could make. Attachment and devotion of Hierarchy are measured by affairs for It.
333. (June 12). The person who isn't recognizing the Thin World, is similar to a stork – both stand on one foot. On one foot it is possible to stand or, as a last resort, to jump. That there are these jumps on one foot, children or cripples know even. It is possible to call cripples of spirit such otritsatel. Their stay in World Abovedround is especially sad. Not accepted here, isn't accepted and there. The person goes against reality. And as the thought there predominates, the thought of denial is equal to spirit suicide. Certainly, spirit it is impossible to kill, but to turn itself into the motionless idol any negate is able. The thought speaking "no" to life, deprives of conscious coexistence. The imperishable property of spirit is stored in the Bowl at the right time to flash all opportunities. Not all possess it to the same extent. Who, how many saved up or collected during all the lives on Earth and in the Worlds, that so much and has. Collectors everything, but collect differently: who pursues terrestrial ghosts, illusions and the terrestrial property, that and has them to some extent, but has no part in World Aboveground, because thoughts of the terrestrial arrest spirit to the terrestrial. But who them directs to achievements of spirit, that sang reaps their fruits in the world volume where everything is created and moves thought. The comer to Me not to thirst for ever.
334. (Guru). It is necessary to understand as far as creations of thought are real. It is often felt in the course of a combination to them. It would seem, there is nothing, except thoughts and the images created by them, but they can reach such extent of crystallization that as though replace with itself dense reality. On creations of great writers you see how the images created by their genius capture consciousness. They are real quite, but it is reality of the Thin World. The cinema which earlier perfectly called an illusion, gives an idea of reality of fancies and combinations of light beams. After all, in effect, except them there is nothing, but people worry, rejoice, cry, laugh, looking at the screen. Life terrestrial is similar to a tape of the movie: only yesterday the part of its shots before consciousness was scrolled and consigned to the past, without having left anything, except images, pictures and the feelings imprinted by memory. It is good to think this analogy out better to understand sense of dreams terrestrial, passing, called by life terrestrial.
335. (June 13). We Protect always, but it doesn't mean at all that the pupil is exempted from those difficulties and tests through which he should pass and overcome. They can be very heavy and full of danger. Even it is necessary to pay in the life for these lessons. Here the dark surrounded and annoy in all ways. Whether it is allowed by us? Yes! But in the limits outlined by us, but it is no more. Because, if there was no forbidden line dark is, they would destroy long ago all our relatives. Collision with the dark is very instructive. It forces to be always on the guard and teaches recognition. Anyhow teach vigilance and vigilance. How to give an assignment to not sharp-sighted soldier or to entrust it protection and protection! The necessary abilities help to perfect Dugp. They develop ability to defend oneself, without relying and without being assigned to others. They learn to stand on own feet. These uninvited teachers can be very useful. In total and all start serving the one who knows where goes if decision it to go unshakably.
336. (M. A. Y.). The events going now in the world, are very considerable and important, but spirit life because events come is even more important and leave, but the spirit stays over them. This superiority of spirit over everything that outside, it is necessary to realize probably more stoutly and more deeply. From it that world or that balance, which above any understanding will be born. While the body suffers, works, passes tests, endures also the terrestrial consciousness captured by the events on Earth, the spirit as though stays over it, because its other-wordly kingdom. The understanding of it gives that tranquillity which is called as a wreath of spirit and allows to keep balance in the most ardent conditions a rdisbalance of the external.
337. (June 14). You come to a conclusion that each personal world is the limitation and isolation world. It is possible to feel these restrictions as prison or cage wall into which the consciousness is put. And then there is a wish to break loose, but terrestrial strong threads ties spirit to its external environment, forcing to live it. The body is compelled to be there where the karma put it, but the thought is free. It can be torn off from a direct external environment and to concentrate on the phenomena lying far beyond its limits. Release will come through thought. It is difficult to punch at once prison walls, but gradually nevertheless it is possible to destroy them. Water hollows a stone, and the thought tears chains of the dense world and its restrictions. Emphasis is placed on thought. It isn't enough to understand and think over, it is necessary to manage to escape from death grip of an external environment. Many the understood sit, bound hand and foot. We consider as very high achievement when external conditions any more have no power over consciousness. It is possible to own everything, but to consider nothing as the property. In the same way it is possible to lead the most intense terrestrial life, without being bound hand and foot by it. Only the spirit exempted from the power of terrestrial gravitations, can tell that its "other-wordly" kingdom. We welcome each attempt to escape from a vicious circle of external limitation. We welcome when it consciously becomes by means of thought, to Us directed through space and a tearing chain terrestrial.
338. (M. A. Y.). The thought of the Lord and thought of us exempts from heavy smoky particles of the reek of alcohol terrestrial, clear consciousness, lift and ennoble it, and together with itself lift also Earth. This way creates spatially something very useful. Imagine that would occur if all people agreed to send to space similar thoughts at the same time! There would be an instant clarification of the smoky and poisonous terrestrial atmosphere, and Beams of the Distant Worlds would gets a free access to a planet. The condensed heavy layers which have gathered over Earth now don't pass them in that measure in what they could reach. It very much detains evolution progress. The atmosphere terrestrial very much needs clarification. It is one of very important problems of the near future. Lords Light Anxious it.
339. (Guru). All people without an exception in the aura, its radiations, bear blessing, or damnation, light or darkness, good or the evil to the world. Radiation of aura constantly is, therefore, are constant and gifts brought by people. Others we won't judge too and especially to condemn, but it is necessary to watch radiations of own aura very sharp-sightedly that instead of Light not to bring darkness. From experience you know as bad radiations of some people are painfully and heavy felt. It is possible to imagine, with what poison they sate spheres around. These radiations and stratifications, but heart them aren't visible to a physical eye feels obviously and heavy. It is suffocating they affect people. These yadonosets are poisoners of a planet and mankind. And small they seem imperceptible to ordinary people, but harm from them is great. Spatially it is very considerable, despite seeming a little and insignificance of similar yadonosets. From the point of view of the Thin World, they absolutely aren't small on force and tension of spiteful vibrations extended by them. Small carriers of darkness are very dangerous a seeming malost because, they, small, serve as dangerous channels for big and strong dark essense and even Hierarches of the evil.
340. (June 15). Beauty. Let's look for, see and approve it, Beauty, in everything: in petals and aroma of a rose, in risings and sunsets, in light of the Distant Worlds, in human relationship, in harmony and a lihtfull of the aura. In a word, everywhere also we will always try to see it and to serve it, it embodying in the affairs, feelings and thoughts. In different forms people considered themselves as attendants of various aspects of life. Nowadays We proclaimed Beauty, and my children will be attendants of Beauty let. Let's talk about Beauty of an interior, about harmony of its radiations, about coherence of all its being. To reach this coherence – means to approve Beauty of expression of the spirit. To reach this coherence – means to approve Beauty of expression of the spirit. The irritation, either rage, or envy, either meanness, or all other small feelings, all angry and dark are an antipode of Beauty and serve as the statement of a disgrace. The principle of Beauty can be held accurately in the consciousness foreground, without forgetting about it for an instant. The beauty reigns in the Highest shining Spheres and in measurement of the Distant Worlds. The beauty means rescue to people and bears it to mankind. To fill with it all life, all thoughts, each step, each movement will be a task of the herald of the New Era of Fire. The lower class of the astral world is full of a terrible disgrace and a decomposition stench. Aroma of a fragrance of Beauty and stench of a disgrace characterize respectively a pole of Light and a darkness pole. Light, pure, sublime, harmonious thoughts are fine and fragrant. The darkness stinks. Light smells sweet, being expressed in Beauty of the uncountable forms. There can't be a fluctuation between a choice of what to serve, – to Beauty or a disgrace, Light or darkness. It is necessary to understand all depth of value of Beauty and service to it in all forms available to the person that forever be averted from any disgrace, that is darkness which it displays and expresses. Let speech will be fine, both movements, and gestures, and all behavior of the person in all details of his everyday stay on Earth. When the Beauty will be approved in relationship of the people and the states, the world will be saved. The beauty is an engine of evolution of spirit to the highest tops of achievements.
341. (M. A. Y.). We will be saved from any abstract theorizing. The doctrine of Life is called so just because, it is given for the appendix in life. Will be to put the principle of Beauty in all details of life usual already understanding of the Doctrine and entering of Light into ordinary twilight, will be the statement unusual. We want it and from you. If, you ponder upon our life and peer attentively into it, you will see that as far as it was in our forces, we approved Beauty in all details of the terrestrial existence. We left after ourselves a rich heritage to people. Studying it, you will see that it is full of Beauty. It is necessary to ponder as you can follow the Great Precept of the Lord to approve Beauty on Earth and to follow it on the way. The future is fanned by Beauty, in it Light. Beauty goes through life and you will reach there where the Lord Calls you.
342. (Guru). That from this that the majority of people behaves ugly and poisons surrounding, and Earth atmosphere, sating it with emanations corresponding to it. You Beauty go. You it will win against darkness. The beauty is a concept. On change of two Eras it is given as the Banner leading, as a basis of construction of the New World, as the faultless criterion, allowing separate the world old from New that this the last was created on the principle of Beauty. It approving, you carry out Will the Lord.
343. (June 17). It is difficult to store balance in living conditions full a raznovesiya, but after all it is necessary as far as forces suffice. Thus load of heart can be great. It, being an energy transmutator, assumes blows of waves of surf of energy of both Worlds. Also it is difficult to poor heart. And still it because is the center, or the sun, systems will be the regulator of balance. It трансмутирует also assimilates all receipts, and it changed, changes all person. When this hard and responsible work of heart will be complete, the person, really, can be called twice given rise.
344. (Guru). "Difficult, but it is wonderful", – this consciousness go, remembering the Lord of the word, then your life it becomes valid wonderful. The main thing – an inner world preserve against darkness invasion, against violation by its darkness and against destruction. It is possible to destroy the house, it is possible to destroy the city, a lot of things can be destroyed will angry, but we don't destroy and we won't destroy spirit. This consciousness goes, and life becomes unusual. The blade of spirit will become tempered in a test flame, and the sword of a voitel of spirit will begin to shine over the head. The right, it is worth dauntlessly and meeting quietly waves of surf and to be similar to the rock about which they will break powerlessly. Only to sustain the first impact and usual repeated blow, and there already force of a wave scatters on small splashes if hits about the firmness rock. We have a pleasure when it is visible unshakable firmness of spirit. Unshakable will reach.
345. (M. A. Y). Resisted on Earth in the spirit of among all counteractions and attacks by the winner enters into the World Thin. This victory isn't easily forged, but its fruits are integral. In the world dense it is possible to lose everything and to lose everything, but nevertheless to remain owning invaluable and integral property which We call spirit Treasure. It is necessary to understand only in what it, and to realize that, except this lightful accumulation, nothing else with itself can be taken in shining spheres of the Elevated World. It is worth grieving too if life deprives of the most elementary conveniences and conditions in this short terrestrial existence. Cares of spending, but increase Treasure and leave victoriously all tests. Truly, then deprivations become transformation, and difficulties is steps of the Ladder of Light.
346. (June 18). In order that see something and to realize, it is necessary to concentrate on it attention to some extent. Otherwise the phenomenon will pass the unnoticed. Same supervision over the Thin World demands also. It constantly interferes in dense, but it doesn’t notice because the attention is paid to the external. Thought – the phenomenon of the Thin World but who trusts it. Denial closes eyes. Thus, a lot of things pass the unnoticed. Thin sense-knowledge and feelings are especially indicative. Usually they are faultless. The first impression of the person is always accompanied by heart reaction. It reacts to aura radiations, being saddened, or clarified depending on its properties. Also it is easy feel and mood of the person, especially if it hostile or sharply saddened. The field for supervision is very wide. There would be a desire to observe constantly. Vigilance is developed by exercise. So many it is necessary to learn that to time for thoughtless pastime any more doesn't remain.
347. (M. A. Y.). It is very difficult to understand in practice, on life that chagrin of this world is very useful, because burden a bowl of scales in a justification us. Many even on thus repead: as these burdenings to me are useful. In a terrestrial way it, of course, not so, but, applying spirit measures, it is possible to see how troubles, chagrin and sufferings enrich it with new stays. Thus it is required to store balance. This condition is especially difficult. But it is already possible to imagine how to meet chagrin, keeping tranquillity both external, and internal. And the tranquillity and balance are close on essence, only balance is higher. Let's learn to keep it in all living conditions the terrestrial. It is so necessary for the Thin World.
348. (Guru). Understand that the chagrin and suffering are methods of knowledge chagrin and pain bear in itself pknowledge. Well at these moments to wonder to what exactly they teach in this case. Any doesn't pass without advantage. If to be mindful, the advantage doubles. You are surprised and you are indignant, reading about the terriblec of ruelty made by attendants of the old world, but they force out themselves from a planet and their victims will go to Saturn, and, having finished karmic calculations and having paid the last debts, already released will enter the World New. The suffering bears in itself clearing and releasing property. But executioners, sadists and criminals against humanity of a justification have no and are condemned. If, even they and to avoid People’s Court, it not to avoid a sword of punishing Space Justice and from it not to evade.
349. (June 19). The tranquillity happen three types: corporal, astral and mental. The corporal tranquillity is reached by a full immovability of a body. It is very difficult to establish it, even for short time. Nervous movements especially interfere with this immovability. They in general are inadmissible because point to lack of control over a body and to reflex automatism – lunar heritage of the remote past. It is necessary to accustom itself at least some minutes in day to carry out in a full immovability of a body. Range of astral concern is very wide and hesitates with entire happiness and pleasure to despair and tears. The astral pleasure is other than that pleasure of spirit which We Call special wisdom. Astral pleasure transient and about small terrestrial things. It has personal character and is full of egoism. The astral rejoices today tomorrow to cry. The phenomena of one pole inevitably cause the opposite. The mental condition of the person depends on nature of his thoughts. But thoughts can be supervised, without allowing in consciousness of chaotic, uneasy, disturbing thoughts. Thought pervy therefore control over thought causes both control over an astral and a body physical. Covers the pupil is obliged to show all three types of possession. Certainly, it isn't easy and it isn't simple. Training and big skill are required. The irrepressible astral seeks to vibrate on everything – in it his life. It discomposes both a body, and thoughts. Tranquillity and mastering by by any price is here the main objective of the pupil. Life beats on a sore point that it got stronger and became covered by a protective cover. These blows should be accepted as forging armor of spirit. Thus sufferings and pain for others are pardonable, because will refine consciousness. Only the heart of stone doesn't worry when suffer around, and especially close. But this grief will be in pleasure finally. Distinguished heart reacts to world pain, but is resistant to the. And still the tranquillity has to be approved. Life gives the mass of opportunities to practise in tranquillity. And not then it is necessary to do it when around everything is silent and good but when surrounding fully concerns or when the darkness besnovaniye begins. World, which above human understanding is, descends at a peace of mind.
350. (M. A. Y.) Whether get rid following the Lord of tests, experiences, sufferings and pain? No, don't get rid. The help appears immediately when it is necessary, but the karma flows the turn. Sometimes even it is accelerated that release from it came quicker. Tests grow on power of aspiration, and the Teacher Wants to see that they were overcome successfully. Without their successful overcoming come nearer to Light Focus. The success consists not in to suffering, and in that contrary to sufferings nevertheless to go without fluctuating. Don't suppress, both don't avoid sufferings, and be not saddened by them, but quietly and firmly continue your way as though you suffer not, but you stand apart and passionlessly you observe that occurs in covers, without identifying yourself with them and that in them occurs, you observe, having as though separated from them. Because they are not you, but temporary your attires and you are Looking Silently, temporarily incarnate in a mortal body for passing of lessons of life terrestrial.
351. (Guru). In wine and drugs people think to find oblivion, but their reaction to consciousness finally is awful. Rescue is in the spirit of but who recognizes it. Also people in confusion rush about, and the exit isn't present. It only – up. And for this purpose the heads need to be raised, from Earth having averted, and to look at distant stars out of planet limits.
352. (M. A. Y.). Not only you, but also all troops of Light wait for judgment term. Expectation is burdensome very much. The spirit on a matter cross goes to bat. Sufferings are heavy. Don't think that to us it is easy. Than above, whan more presses the Burden terrestrial and whan more of responsibility. And still it is necessary to sustain and – up to the end. Consciousness of proximity of the end of the old world we will strong approve. It we will facilitate difficulty of a threshold of the future huge changes of planetary destiny.
353. (Guru). The order is given to the leader for the management and the appendix in life when approach of terms will be made. Terms яро will concern those who to terms сужден. Therefore Is specified to stay in constant readiness, a constant because "you don't know neither day nor hour". Forces gather inside and concentrate in focus for application in the future. The future will demand many forces and all knowledge which managed to be saved up. Everything will be necessary, and each line of Records will appear an invaluable contribution to construction of the New World.
354. (June 21). Sounding of thoughts in a certain key considerably depends on the aspiration direction. The main requirement of the accord with Us consists what not We Come, but come to Us, to Us directing. And the aspiration will be a basic element of the accord. The same condition is necessary and for communication with those who dumped a dense body. They to you can't come, but you can make contact with them, having established the necessary degree of the accord and to them having directed. Understanding of contact depends on many conditions but turned to departed they feel thought usually always. Prayers about the deceased reach them. Memory about the departed strengthens relations with them. Correctly you arrive, esteeming the dead the live. After the entire sleeping person you don't consider dead and you know that the thoughts sent to the fallen asleep person, reach it. It is the answer to a question, whether it is worth sending thoughts just departed if their terrestrial consciousness goes out at the moment of death. Remember that the thought doesn't vanish in space and, sent with a definite purpose, brings the results.
355. (M. A. Y.). All of us are assistants to the Lord. His cares – about Earth, in its dense and thin aspect. Both Worlds are connected closely and indissolubly. External events have roots in the past that is in those reasons, which of visibility of the present turned into invisibility of the Thin World. Office dense from the thin seems. Therefore, of our participation in during the terrestrial events is very actively. The closer to the Lord, the there is less than personal element in what occupied his assistants. They bear instructions of superpersonal character and they carry out. The egoism can't come nearer to Hierarchy Focus because it is occupied only by itself.
356. (Guru). If only realized as the judgment future is real, would live in it, and would live them, and it would be given thoughts, not including it dreams. Thoughts of the future take part in construction of this future and it approve.
357. (Guru). Difficultly to speak on consciousness of the interlocutor, because it demands the developed sense-knowledge and understanding, how many he can contain, and the desire to receive it won't be a criterion. The aspiration of spirit to knowledge is one, and desire to devour as much as possible books, without assimilating their contents and without applying received, – another is perfect. It is necessary to meet the last phenomenon more often than with the first. Questions, mature consciousness, are welcomed and are desirable because show aspiration tension. But the questions asked only because they came casually to mind, or to show the umnost, deserve also the answer of which are worthy. Unfortunately, it is necessary to speak about it as the idle words the aspiration to knowledge is often replaced. And that is even worse – so this ardent desire of an astral to eat sensations of phenomena and the various thin phenomena, especially personal character, and to roll in them, and to replace with these emotional experiences severe practice of application of the Doctrine in life. Any chatter in general is inadmissible; chatter on subjects of the Doctrine is destructive. It is necessary to remember it when time comes to share with thosel who behind them share the received knowledge.
358. (June 22). Association of two Worlds has to happen in consciousness of the person. Both exist and are, but one is realized only. Were and now there are many distinguished organisms which feel, hear and see manifestations of that world, but usually people don't speak about it. And still despite silence of the majority of them, some not only aren't afraid speak about it, but even write the whole books. But who trusts them? And very often it is impossible to rely on books as perception of the Thin World on consciousness individually, and scientific approach yet doesn't take a place as the science denies the Invisible World. But evolution steadily conducts the person, utonchy his organism, to perception of that is denied nowadays. And recognition time any more behind mountains. Danger that at ordinary people of low development of contact happen to the layers close to Earth filled its imperfections and saturated mental products of crude spirits. Invasion of the lower class very dangerously because threatens gained for weak-willed and an infection for what thoughts and feelings are dirty. Cleansing of the lowest lauers from dark begettings and piling’s up is a task very difficult and complex. New energy will promote this clarification, burning darkness condensations. Deadlines are close. Transformation of the world will come, and knowing have to meet it in full consciousness and full readiness and help when crowds will rush about in confusion.
359. (M. A. Y.). Density of Earth and roughness of its matter isn't the phenomenon constant. Evolution of a planet conducts it to depression and matter thinning, it making: Earth and everything that on it will gradually become more and more plastic while everything will reach a step of mobility of the Thin World then to continue this depression. Once it was such when on a descending arch it reached the lowest point of consolidation in the middle of the fourth circle, now process goes on an ascending arch in the opposite direction that is towards thinning and depression. Difference only that the mankind found consciousness, and all live on Earth promoted up on steps of a ladder of life. It is interesting to compare the densest and rough physical body of the modern person with the most distinguished and susceptible, and then it will be easy to see deep distinction between people even in an external form of their dense covers. Attentively looking narrowly at people, already a lot of things can be noted. Not about the aristocracy I speak, where it is often possible to see degeneration, but about special refinement of an organism which doesn't depend on blood or other external reasons. Only refinement of spirit gives body thinning. And if in the old world the aristocratism was defined by origin, to blood and even wealth, in New the aristocratism of spirit which doesn't depend any more on a family tree will admit only. Selection will happen on a treatment of light and shade that is on a lightfull of spirit and its aura’s radiations. And as passports modern pieces of paper, but aura pictures which will give faultless shape and the characteristic of the hidden property of the person will serve not.
360. (Guru). Everyone will determine to itself the place in the future by degree of the readiness. And everyone prepares itself now. The invisible Guide of the Teacher doesn't stir this amateur performance because of Will the Teacher doesn't break karma of the pupil. Understanding of the responsibility for Earth and mankind demands a conscientious attitude to the thoughts as the thoughts created by consciousness, join the general tank of space, polluting or, on the contrary, clearing it. Therefore responsibility for the thoughts of a bike, and it is impossible to evade from it. Thoughts are followed by acts and feelings, but they are preceded by thought, and control is established first of all over thought.
361. (M. A. Y.). Who is occupied only personally by the, that won't understand ours and to Us won't come nearer. Filling by and pushes away from that world in which we live. Filling by and pushes away from that world, in which we live.Notice how you pushes away from followers and readers of the Doctrine which consciousness is overflowed by itself and the private matters. It is possible to read also the Doctrine, and strongly to direct, but the egoism to put itself on a temple wing. Such aspiration of egoism is dangerous. Give; give – they demand, in exchange to anybody giving nothing. At such relation can't be established useful, creating interchange of energy, even with the head. The pernicious egoism can tear communication threads. Badly distinction between aspiration of egoism and desire to serve General Welfare is understood. But after all it was told: «Rejected from it and follow to Me". Firstly self-cast, next abnegation from itself and next narrower of possibility of movement from the Lord. It isn't necessary to nod on someone. You look closer to distinguish the echidna of egoism and to destroy it. It creeps even in great causes, often doing great harm. During the case show, what the egoism and of the advancement incompatible, and if tell: "I read, I direct, I work over myself", – ask: "For the sake of whom, or that you do it, for the sake of yourselves, or for the sake of the Lord?»
362. (Guru). The doctrine is given for you. Therefore all instructions should be carried to itself, and to apply on itself, and to apply personally. As it is frequent, reading sheets of books of the Doctrine, the egoism seeks to carry many Instructions, and especially the Instructions concerning negative qualities, not to it, but to the neighbor. And even there is an unpleasant desire to teach and reproach someone it shortcomings, being guided by these Instructions. It is a mistake. The one who in itself overcame has the right to teach only and won against that property or a shortcoming, which is seen by him in other person. Otherwise lectures such will cause an ardent protest of the condemned. Personal direct manuals and lectures in general should be avoided. People very much doesn’t love when to them point out their defects. The management is possible only at full harmony and coherence of consciousnesses.
363. (June 25). The consciousness of the person is the meeting place of all Worlds, and a body it’s rather its psychophysical organism, represents itself the device which is movable also by usual, rough and thin energy. They are so bound between themselves that borders can't be established. And only the death of a physical body divides them. In it’s a four allocated after death heart it continues to work and fight, but heart from muscles and fabrics, say, its physical device, not movably. In a live body of energy the thin and dense are connected closely, and both worlds - dense and Thin – are integrated indissolubly. The thought is energy of the Thin World. The thought was lit, current ran on nerves, was transferred to muscles – and the person went or ran in the desirable direction; so thin works in the dense. All covers take part in movement, but in degree different. That thin activity prevails, dense. The dream because external activity fades is especially interesting in this regard, and the person passes to the Thin World, sometimes even consciously working in it if development permits it. Astral and mental bodies take part in terrestrial human life, showing the activity through a physical cover. Thus, in the person two Worlds, Hidden and visible incessantly work, being shown through his covers.
364. (M. A. Y. ) . To know itself, the merits and demerits it is necessary completely and impartially. The impartial analysis they aren't a self-torment, a heart-searching and a self-eats, but the strict accounting of the forces and opportunities. Without this account successful fight is impossible. Being valid can be collected in focus for collision blow against this or that shortcoming. Concentration of forces on the necessary direction is necessary for achievement of a victory. There is nothing worse than dispersion of the energy, which aren't submitting to control of will. Therefore concentration internal is necessary always and constantly because life is a fight for the right of ascension on Light Ladder.
365. (Guru). When we think of somebody, we remember its appearance and this way we adjoin to this person, coming into with it mental contact of this or that force at distance. It is good when it becomes it is comprehended and with the good purpose. But at ordinary people so much the angry becomes and told and so many energiya direct in space without awareness of harm done to another people that it is necessary to warn about heavy responsibility for words and for thoughts. All of them will heavy cease on beget. After all even their first reaction makes influence first of all on its own organism. Proceeding rage and irritation, ignoramuses believe that they are directed on others. However, others suffer, but still bigger harm is done by it to an own organism, poisoning him with poison of bad feelings and subjects destroying it and causing diseases. From where there are so much diseases and sufferings? Certainly, not is from of the good. But people continue to persist in the behavior and самоотравляться. If don't want to think of others, thought at least of itself.
*366. (June 26). Viewing of the movie of the life terrestrial shows that that was, doesn't remain anything, except memory of a past. Everything that was, passed, everything that is and that will be, too will pass. And only Looking Stays for ever and ever. It is very difficult to tear off consciousness of the present and to dump the power it over itself. But the Silent Recorder over it, over everything that, like a stream, flows before It constantly. The thought of transition of Great Borders that is of so-called death exempts from tyranny of the current hour, яро specifying that nothing from surrounding can be held about itself further the term put to it to be before consciousness and to own temporarily of. But in the spirit of it is possibly to be released, knowing that its other-wordly kingdom. The spirit homeland is space of the highest measurements. From there it came, there will leave. And movies of lives of its many embodiments in dense forms are given for cognition and comprehension of Secret of. The carrier of this Secret is Dumb Witness, but not covers with which temporarily it is invested. Contemplation of the past is useful if, it isn't the memoirs which are sucking in consciousness, but is viewing of the movie of life, which helps to be exempted from the power of the present and to moderate its furious soundings. Too jealously people live moment tension, forgetting that it is irrevocably carried away in Boundlessness. Only experience and knowledge remain the integral acquisitions of spirit. The understanding of it needs to be absorbed in a flesh and blood that noise of vanity didn't deafen and I didn't force to forget about the most necessary. In a dungeon, on a fire, on a cross, under heavy blows of life Carriers Light Keep a memory about great purpose of spirit, about the purpose to which Aspired, about the Highest Worlds and Won this fight for release against it from chains of a material world and for the statement of the power of spirit over temporary covers. They Knew a way to Secret disclosure.
367. (M. A. Y.). Water, on drops hollows a stone. But it is easier to hollow a stone, than to overcome inert persistence of covers. And only the constant directed, unshakable and persistent thought can gradually transmutation and change a being of the person. Century stratifications are removed not easily. You see that neither reading books, nor conversations about spiritual, aspiration begin better not change congenital human nature and that one life absolutely insufficiently to remove some outgrowths, which root is too deep and consigns to the remote past. But it is impossible to stop, to recede – too, a way only forward and only to a victory. Remember words of the Lord more often: "I Won against the world because It Specified a way as to reach a victory".
368. (Guru). The dream is similar to death. Therefore it is good before withdrawal to a dream to carry out the movie of last day before eyes to weigh all events and to see that was for and that against Light phenomenon in itself. Wise by the life end too sums up to everything, through what it passed. The bowl of scales of a justification has to move a condemnation bowl. It gives energy for further forward and ascending movement of spirit which will take place in the Elevated World. After all there the person either rises, or falls even below if the condemnation bowl outweighs. It is good to think before going to bed that is made in a day that increased loading of a bowl of a justification and reduced the weight of a bowl of condemnation.
369. (June 27). It is very difficult to understand that the world, outside our representation and learned by us, it is infinite more than what we see and we know. But already the thought of it leaves a gate open for boundless comprehension real. The worlds of the philosopher, the scientist, the reformer, the writer, the composer, the speculator and the inhabitant so strong differ one from another. And Asked, that there is a Truth, it well Understood. And as disputes off that, what us surround learned by us are ridiculous. But nevertheless the reality exists, and it is possible to learn it. Possibility of reliable knowledge is undoubted. Certainly, the knowledge such collectively, and the Community is that condition when it can collect. The collective universal gives the chance to collect and increase everything learned still people, but there is no synthesis for generalization already reached. The synthetic consciousness is an achievement of future race which already arises and which certain representatives already possess this property. It is easy to illustrate value of synthesis on the example of Mendeleyev's table when systematization of chemical elements gave an impetus to powerful development of chemistry. Synthesis is an engine of science and the engine in the field of any cognition. In the basis of Intimate Knowledge synthesis lies. The synthetic thinking is created by long experience of life rather many lives. It is impossible to approve it suddenly. But it is possible to understand its value and to direct to it. Acceptance of synthesis doesn't destroy the analysis more likely on the contrary, at synthetic understanding of the phenomena the analysis of everyone separate of them is of particular importance and Acceptance of synthesis doesn't destroy the analysis more likely on the contrary, at synthetic understanding of the phenomena the analysis of everyone separate of them is of particular importance and allocates a place for everyone in the general scheme of things. And then becomes clear, as the person, both an animal, and a plant, and everything that exists in the world, its each particle, are an integral part of the Whole embracing all and including in everything that is, was and will be. Whole We Call this Boundlessness and we don't limit it to anything. At synthetic thinking it is easily admissible that Boundlessness is the greatest concept of the present and that for spirit which in it is and will be always, everything is achievable and everything is possible, because there are no limits of growth of its power, as whatever small he considered itself at present, at this stage of the development and advance in Boundlessness.
370. (M. A. Y.). The Teacher calls an illness "visit of Lord". Whether thought of, why? When the body gets stronger and the consciousness too plunges into the dense world, the illness brings an amendment. The physical cover weakens a little, bonds of Earth become less strong, and life of spirit amplifies and goes deep. At especially long and heavy diseases the spirit is so exempted from flesh chains that the pleasure, both ease, and consciousness of force special fill it. Therefore the illness correctly conscious and accepted will be release of consciousness from fetters of a material world. Noticed in the past more than once that each disease brought something such useful and necessary for spirit that became clear for what it was necessary. Don't forget the Lord of the word: "Everything I Will turn on advantage".
371. (Guru). Remember indelible that you are in its Hand. Noise of vanity and gnash tooth muffle consciousness of spirit, but Bases is unshakable. But the Lord, both fluctuations is unchangeable, and not balance the outside world let will more strongly specify that the Hierarchy Ladder is unshakable. It is possible and to lean on It and, having risen at least on one of its steps, surely, firmly and quietly to rise above and above. Remember! When all fluctuates and the world old falls, awareness of firmness of the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light will give a firm support and will allow resist among storms terrestrial and whirlwinds astral.
372. (June 28). People filled the world with disharmony and vanity. It stirs lives of spirit and detains evolution. Life transformation is necessary. The New Sky and New Earth is transformation symbols. The old world is condemned because held down spirit chains. Rescue in the statement of the New World. The old world, be lost. But he doesn't want to perish and is violent and strong resists, promoting manifestation of all powers of darkness and destruction. Like a surf, darkness and decomposition waves rise, inducing all low and not gets rid in the people, all angry, all cruelty and brutality to be approved in actions. The last attacks of darkness will be especially strong's. Dark we are ready to be ready to do anything, on the wildest recklessness if only to prolong an agony of the existence on a planet. At them there are a lot of supporters, and again they raise the head, seeking to cause explosion. It is necessary to be ready to aggravation of events and new intrigues of destroyers and their conscious and irresponsible assistants.
373. (M. A. Y.). The unification is that the lowest consciousness, directing, rises to level of higher consciousness and starts vibrating with it in unison, merging with it together. The love will be the best combiner. Feelings human are short, and the human love is short. Whether many believe that the love is stronger than death, stretching those in the future a life thread. Arrows of this fiery feeling pierce space far away from the dense world. They define possibilities of the future and always reach favorite heart. Perfect Heart can be reached only love.
374. (June 29). The person assumes, but We Have because we Know the course of evolution and we Direct main currents of events. They will go under the sign of surprise and at all as enemies of the New World assume. And not the fast will get run, and not strong – a victory, but that Country to which We Gave fate the best. You store tranquility and feel the directed heart that terms approach, approach that the world – at the last line. And when hour, Hierarchy of Light display all the power will come. We allow coming to light all and to determine by that already finally the belonging to a pole of Light, or pole darkness, - time of great events and great fulfillments. We collect under our Banners of all, who is capable rise at defense of the New World; time of great and last division of mankind.
375. (M. A. Y.). We look for spirit fire in eyes or at least sparks. Everyone, in whom there is at least Light sparkle, has already the right to approach. Nobody will be rejected from those who have. Division will go not on good’s, but on a treatment of light and shade. And mistakes won't be. It is possible to forge a smile or words, but aura’s radiations of Light can't already be forged. Therefore the court will be severe, but fair. New beams will change the atmosphere of Earth and will create new psych spatial conditions under which Light flowers will blossom, spirit flowers, but to wilt and darkness generations will be lost. It is already deprived of the base and a support in the Thin World. It will be deprived and in the dense. Also there will be no place already it on a planet, and with it and that who serves it.
376. (Guru). You are perplexed why actions dark why in known limits it is permitted to them aren't stopped to harm even to our people. But our people are darkness developers. Any dark won't pass is indifferent by, without having revealed itself at contact, - that first. Secondly, how to separate sheep from he-goat in the course of great, last division of mankind, without having given the chance to all to open the true face, and to reveal the essence, and to decide the destiny already for all future time. That is why now from a bottom all garbage of mankind that all capable moved further rise, and not able to ascend would plunge into darkness from which rose, and from a planet left. In new conditions dark on a planet of a place won't be. It is necessary to be ready to aggravation of events and new intrigues of destroyers and their conscious and irresponsible assistants.
377. (M. A. Y.). Don't demand from small consciousness of great and deep understanding and you study tolerance and containment. Indulgence – Bodhisattva’s quality. And the main thing – don't change the internal relation in unison with fluctuations and a mood of an astral of those who comes nearer to you or it is anyway connected with you.
378. (M. A. Y.). The most intimate is handed down.
379. (Guru). The balance phenomenon in the person is intolerant for dark, because balance is the harmony giving lightful radiations to aura. Therefore they apply all diligence to break it that is to sadden a lightfull and to turn off light. From here, incessant attempts and small pricks which are especially painful because, are put in the most sensitive places. To keep balance will be a victory over dark as to punch balance armor they aren't able. But once you allow not balance, the person becomes open for blows that are unprotected. Balance – both armor, and a board, and protection from the evil, and armor not perforate. You store it.
380. (July 2). I want to give you a fair idea that such the astral world. First of all it is material, just as the thin body is material also. The jellyfish – too a live organism and too is material, but density of her body differs from density of a body of a turtle and her armor. One more step on the way of thinning and depression – and idea of materiality of a thin body will be quite true. Through it is possible to see other subjects. It is almost transparent, and, however, it is felt and felt quite specifically and not less, and even more strongly, than a body physical. Feelings are very close and similar as feelings of a dense body go through the thin. If to allocate it as it becomes, say, at an anesthesia, without it even pain ceases to be felt, and, however, the person sees and hears, but already out of the dense world; also precisely refined and rarefied and all other matter of that world. Closer to Earth it very much reminds terrestrial, only plasticity and permeability is much more considerable than it. Than the layer from Earth, subjects a sparseness of its matter and live forms which are invested by it is higher, it is more. Forms become more and more distinguished, both easy, and being shone. Everything is in movement or in a condition of a visible pulsation, and the engine – thought. It is wrong to think that thinks of a brain because there people think and create though the brain and is absent. The brain is a tool, or the tool, the thinker whom it uses in a physical body. The thin body moves thought, energy of thought –fiery, and those spirits which saved up fire during lifetime on Earth, have a full freedom of movement and flights. The thin body flies if it isn't burdened by heavy particles of an astral matter and if thought of the inhabitant of a thin body allows possibility of flights. And as there everything is subordinated to thought, think of life and movement denials in the Thin World do people motionless and inert, that is the thought is embodied in reality created by the person. The conditions close to Earth, remind the terrestrial. The higher, it is more and more strongly than distinction. Plasticity and permeability, mobility and thought submission – the main properties of the Thin World. Everything that is and was on Earth is reflected there in the corresponding forms, but over everything the thought reigns. Possibilities of manifestation and creativity for free from terrestrial gravitations and terrestrial remnants of spirit are great and limited only to the width of its containment and development. Truly, this world in the high layers is a kingdom of unlimited opportunities.
381. (M. A. Y.). That is handed down, isn't subject to announcement. The fiery press of silence is strong on lips. But even if it would be broken that never happens, nobody would understand about what it is spoken. Only the prepared consciousness can perceive. Usually many it is carried by those who is yet ready. It isn't dangerous. Danger when such consciousness, grasping a truth particle, it is hitched up on undeserved height then to fall down, both to address, and to rush on the one who imprudently gave out knowledge not on consciousness. As willingly and, apparently, kindly accept such consciousness’s that is given them that then strong to snatch on the giving. Commandment sharp-sighted vigilance and ability speak on consciousness. Property at first to uplift, and then to humiliate – is very widespread among people.
382. (Guru). Let's talk about readiness. Mental readiness excludes defeat by surprise shock. This readiness is the native sister of tranquility. Internally it is necessary to be always ready to everything, both to be surprised to nothing, and to be surprised nothing. I speak about internal state when balance becomes achievable. Situation in the world demands a ready state and balance fearlessly and dauntlessly to meet waves of events. Balance of spirit will be strong protection against defeat by surprise shock. It also protects among waves of world perturbations.
383. (July 3). At the developed consciousness life of spirit flows, submitting itself the rhythm, irrespective of external events. Radiations of spirit cover themselves and overcome the influences, going from the lowest spheres, and create his peculiar way. Each spirit leaves a pattern of the life passed by it which is a nonerasable tracing in space. At Spirits High it is lit up by Light and Beauty. It shines in centuries for all who is capable to gather from this Light. Light Spirits the Light Multiply a lightfull of aura of a planet and subjects Make the contribution to the phenomenon of General Welfare. The sense of their life is made by spatial value and isn't limited to the visible world. Sowers of grains of Light and the Good Rescue of Earth from flooding it the dark. Value of aura's radiations of these Attendants of Light is great.
384. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to think of itself, without identifying itself with that personality, who is noted and registered in the passport and is an ardent sample, of that is temporary and it is passing. It is necessary to think of itself in the highest aspect of the "I", about itself ,which comes to Earth and again the Highest goes to the World, carrying away from it fruits of lessons terrestrial for their development in World Aboveground and preparations for receiving the new. That the spirit should reach on this way, embraces Boundlessness because possibilities of cognition are boundless. And not small, temporary, the personality terrestrial is the keeper of fruits of these achievements and Knowledge, but the Immortal Highest Triad. And transferring of consciousness to its sphere is the next and urgent task of the person who has understood sense of terrestrial embodiments.
385. (July 4). Everything it is easier to approve the quality of spirit which is most sounding at present. On it the attention concentrates. The thought directed and shipped in the analysis of this quality and its advantages, collects round a particle of a mental matter, condenses them and will crystallize them in a form. This form is connected with the creator a direct thread of communication which never tries and transfers him the vibrations, that is the creator of thought is under its influence. From time to time it especially amplifies, from time to time as though departs. Even the thought started up in space nevertheless comes back to far distance to the founder. Qualities are approved not easily because the old person inside counteracts. The value and value of balance are known already enough well, and the desire to gain it strongly was established in consciousness, and still little things in life and use details often break it. Means, it is necessary to strengthen mental concentration on this most valuable quality.
386. (M. A. Y.). Understanding of helps to keep balance that the spirit is indestructible and we don't destroy, that is life of spirit can't be destroyed. It is possible to kill a physical body, but spirit – not a body. Thin and mental bodies can be dumped, and their covers to go wrong in space, but spirit life isn't destroyed by it, because it – over covers in which it temporarily lives and which it allocates with life. Its center is in the spirit of. The life center is in the spirit of. The spirit lives always, and this life from it can't be taken away. People think and focus the life in covers, mainly in dense, and believe that it stops with death of a dense body. As can frighten and the second death, death, or release from a thin body. But the one who comprehended that all – in the spirit of that life – in the spirit of, and transferred the consciousness to the spirit sphere, knows that the death is an illusion of the dense world and eternal life of spirit is that belongs to it by right to the space.
387. (Guru). Life eternal spirit we will approve in the spirit of, without leaving from life in a body, from life usual because usual life, that is terrestrial life, is given for collecting and accumulation of elements of immortality in the Bowl. Bowl – immortal property of spirit. The bowl is given on all terrestrial lives, and after – for all times. As it sounds strange, but temporary and terrestrial are given to the person for finding eternal and understanding Elevated. The temporary – in eternal and eternal – in temporary is, first of all, the life pulsing in each atom, in each plant, in each live form, fish, an animal, the person. Temporarily of a life form, but life is eternal, as well as a matter in which it is embodied, temporarily only covers.
*388. (July 5.). How the spirit wants? So wonder, because you want to transfer consciousness life to spirit area. The body always wants something: or is, either to drink, or to sleep, or that is cold to it, hot, it is ill, it is necessary to move it. Much that wants a body and therefore life in it is interfaced to many obligations, inconveniences and restrictions. Life in the spirit of when it still is in a body, doesn't exempt from duties in relation to a body, but exempts from the power of a body over consciousness and gives to spirit freedom. And then the body submits to spirit. The spirit in itself is free, and when the body is dumped, this conscious freedom from restrictions terrestrial becomes the valid achievement of the person, that is it enters into the World Thin not connected not terrestrial conditions and representations. This freedom is earned with experience and reflections over essence of life in the spirit of; life of the spirit other-worldly, world of terrestrial habits, conventions and restrictions. Even it is difficult to imagine as far as stay in Elevated free, untied spirits differs. Because that was connected on Earth, continues to connect and limit freedom of spirit in Elevated, and that was authorized, that is released, receives freedom. Spirit life is regulated by thought. Releases and connects thought. From how many clogs it is necessary to exempt consciousness before it will scent that wings of spirit aren't tied. And as value of thought if thanks to it the person there can is great or is free fly on spaces of the Thin World, or behave as it conducted itself on Earth, being a limited and connected body prison.
389. (M. A. Y.). "You learn Truth, and the Truth will make you free", – why to carry words of the apostle only to terrestrial existence when emphasis is placed on acquisition of elevated freedom. Many there tie themselves thought to Earth and behave in a terrestrial way, but a way up, and it is underline is necessary to begin it already on Earth that in Elevated to continue. It is easy to continue there, but newly difficultly to begin improbably. In it feature of the Thin World because, consequences of those reasons and those thoughts which are accepted during lifetime of terrestrial are reaped and which grains are seeded in own consciousness.
390. (July 6). When Bases are accepted in consciousness and strongly took roots in it, the person starts thinking and acting, already proceeding from starting provisions of the Doctrine, and it gradually, but is immutable changes all its essence, perhaps, at all always noticeably for him. The instant inspiration – a rare flower, also depend it on very big accumulation – the quantity turns into quality. Usually time and an aspiration stead are required. The temporary – in eternal and eternal – in temporary is, first of all, the life pulsing in each atom, in each plant, in each live form, fish, an animal, the person. Temporary of a life form, but life is eternal, as well as a matter in which it is embodied, temporary only covers.
390. (July 6). When Bases are accepted in consciousness and strongly took roots in it, the person starts thinking and acting, already proceeding from starting provisions of the Doctrine, and it gradually, but is immutable changes all its essence, perhaps, at all always noticeably for him. The instant inspiration – a rare flower, also depend it on very big accumulation – the quantity turns into quality. Usually time and an aspiration stead are required. It isn't enough passive acceptances of Bases. Actions corresponding are necessary for introduction of basic provisions of the Doctrine, differently not to hold treasure. Aspirations of spirit and desire small, the lowest, "I" am often opposite. And then constancy of the unrestrained aspiration approved on Bases, mills, gets rid of properties of the old person, changing all his covers. Usual terrestrial environment and people around – everything shouts against conditions and requirements of Fiery Yoga, and this resistance of the environment should be overcome to resist against the current the ordinary. But main Hierophant made circulation against the Sun is symbolized a fiery way of the risen spirit which has chosen a way of the unusual.
391. (M. A. Y.). Merge of consciousness with the Highest demands refusal of and a direct environment. In life usual it is reached with great work. But it is possible to imagine that time when the spirit will be exempted from a body, and the terrestrial environment will disappear, and then the consciousness will live and eat vibrations of other order. And if terrestrial gravitations are overcome, anything won't interfere any more with spirit to reap the fruits of the aspirations and to stay in spheres of high attractions where the persistence of continuous counteraction to ascension of spirit can't take a place any more.
392. (Guru). About an award in Heavens It was spoken not without reason. In that old time it was impossible to speak in other words. People didn't know about Space, about thin energy, about consciousness, about magnets and hidden, getting firm bodies, beams, people didn't know a lot of things. And still the essence of Laws on life of spirit was taught in the few, but clear and clear words. Let's not belittle their deep value only, because the form of their expression doesn't correspond to our understanding today. Heavens are Highest Spheres of the thinnest energy where the spirit which has saved up in the Bowl crystals of deposits of pure fires, lit by it invincibly is fond of force of a magnetic attraction during its life on Earth.
393. (July 8). The spirit comes, and the spirit leaves, being embodied in a body terrestrial. The people come and leave, civilizations arise and fall, the face of Earth and the world map change, but the way of spirit lies as though irrespective of external planetary events. For example: the people can ascend, reaching the culmination of the cyclic lifting, and the spirit of the certain person can to involve, falling everything is lower and lower. Or, on the contrary, it is embodied in leaving or degenerating sub race to lift able still to ascend, and in a feat it raises. The rhythm of the developed consciousness takes its course regardless of external events. Certainly, they influence and a condition mental, both mood, and on health because the person – part of the world and is connected with it, but nevertheless a kingdom of other-worldly spirit, and its Star Trek lies more deeply than that embraces the phenomena of the dense world.
394. (M. A. Y.). As with difficult come off a direct environment that in the spirit of to unite with Us. After all not the, but with our thoughts both our tasks and aspirations fill consciousness of those who follows by Light. And we follow the Lord, and you seek to follow Him. Without self-rejection, that is ability to depart from itself, can't perceive thoughts going from It. Parcels demand ability to take them, that is abilities to avoid such extent of self-filling by the and that places for something another, the highest, in consciousness any more doesn't remain. Ideal of the pupil – to reach life super personal when small "I" am dissolved in big when the shell of aura and people makes the way comes to a super personal scope. Egoism – strong restriction and coherence of spirit.
395. (Guru). People drank, ate, had fun, born, died, that is were occupied external while Space terms dictated the decisions. So was always, business and so is now. And again terms approach, and again people are shipped in vanity of the present day, or contentions. But now invasion of chaos accepted the menacing sizes. Disbalance of elements reached apogee. All fluctuates. The people are called for cooperation and peaceful co-existence. But rise darkness and destruction forces, collision of polarity reached enormous tension. It will grow that distribution of forces on poles was full and final. Destroyers will be destroyed and struck. All creative and capable will ascend and build life of the New World is protected and remains to create the New Sky and New Earth.
396. (July 9). Eternity of a matter and temporariness of forms in which it comes to light; eternity of life and temporariness of shown its forms; eternity of spirit and temporariness of covers investing it – here those provisions from which it is necessary to proceed at comprehension of Bases. Before the beginnings of times spirit is. The consciousness is formed later, in the course of spirit evolution by its consecutive embodiment in various forms. Thus the monad, a bearing of spirit, passes all steps of the shown life from top to a bottom and from a bottom to top in all kingdoms of the nature. All these kingdoms are concentrated in a microcosm of the person, and the body only therefore lives and functions that the spirit, it’s animate-creating, once passed steps of mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms and developed ability to assimilate their properties. Nowadays the person reached that step of evolution when the task to seize elements of the earth, air and water that to culminate these achievements in mastering by elements of fire is set for him. Elements of fire are the highest. Its scale is wide: from underground fires to fires of an organism and to a spatial flame. Fire covers all manifestations of the Universe and underlies all matter – from the lowest and to its highest aspects. Mastering by fiery elements begins with mastering by these elements shown in a microcosm human. Each movement of the person has fire in a basis, - fiery thought, feelings, the impulses of energy running on nerves and defiant muscular movements. Therefore mastering by will is the first step on a way of mastering by fire, on a way of Fiery Yoga. Control over thoughts, feelings and movements means something much bigger, than it seems on a surface. And so, the person already seized much because, consciously and unconsciously sets in motion fiery energy, fiery elements in itself. But We Speak about conscious mastering, and first of all, about mastering by mental energy and control over it. Mental energy is a gift of Evolution to the person. The person – a being fiery, and all his covers are set in motion by fire. It should be realized.
397. (M. A. Y.). The world Thin see, is bright, concrete both the beauty and stability very much reminds the terrestrial world, only paints in it are brighter, forms are more various. And not something foggy, slippery and indistinct is seen by the one who is able to look, but sees the world full, both bright, and very attractive if the consciousness is directed up. Plasticity of a matter of the Thin World doesn't stir stability of its forms. Water too is plastic, however the underwater kingdom is colorful and various. Air is even more plastic, but it doesn't disturb beauty of rising and a sunset and game of paints in mountains, on water, in clouds or a clear sky. Look for analogy everywhere and you will understand properties of the Elevated World rather. The one who Beauty lives and to Beauty is directed, with it will be surrounded and there.
398. (M. A. Y.). Underground fire wants to break from a planet body outside. Lords Regulate his manifestations consciously; the mankind unconsciously calls it the chaotic thinking, strengthening disbalance Earth organism. In the same way and in an organism human fire can either be supervised by will, or come to light in various disbalance, extremes and excesses? Black, smoky fires of irritation poison a body with poisons and are destructive affect health. Diseases often are result of harmful effect of black fires. Light, pure Agni – the builder and a revitalizing, the lowest flame bears in himself decomposition and randomness elements. Fires are regulated by thought and will. The equilibrium state is reduction of fiery elements in a human microcosm in the provision of exactly burning flame when its power, like a dam, collects energy for action not when she wants it and when the will wants and when the will directs waves of this energy in the set direction, in the same way, as the miller directs water on a driving mill wheel. It is all about the ability to save up energy for strong-willed, conscious and reserved action. I Underline – "the demure" because, the uncontrollable flame is inadmissible – it destroys a dense body and can even burn through wires of nerves. Burn of some organisms is called by inability to own and operate the fires.
399. (Guru). Ability to own itself and restraint of the feelings, and especially thoughts, it is necessary to study always and on the most usual things and events small to life the usual. Life is the best school demanding to the conscientious and attentive attitude. Why to allow disbalance or the phenomenon of an easy excitement even in trifles. It is very easy to distinguish the Exitement of nerves from the fiery tension, because the last is regulated by restraint, differently tension will turn into flash, or an impetuous flare Self-restraint is necessary. Dissoluteness or even unruliness will be its antipode. About a silver bridle of spirit Commandment Lord is. Let's remember it constantly and to use it in life.
400. (July 12). It is necessary lean and rely only on Hierarchy. Moods and conditions of people too are changeable and too changeable. The promises made under the influence of the moment are especially unreliable. It is better to hope for itself and to the aid Teachers. And why there is so much need in so many things when actually it is necessary for the person so a little. To be content with the small – too art. It is too much unnecessary and superfluous: both in words, and in thoughts, both in food, and in things. The tragedy that all this unnecessary and superfluous undertakes with itself to the World Thin. As the person here behaves, will behave so and there, yet won't understand absurd of the behavior where all terrestrial remnants and habits are the heavy freight, preventing to move further. One incarnation surround itself with a tatter and splinters of terrestrial experiences and build imagination new heaps on terrestrial standards and finally in them roll. Not having anything the, replaced desires by thought it is exempted from oppression of terrestrial stratifications and attractions.