Agni Yoga's facets, 1967 (401-550)

401. (M. A. Y.). An exit from the creat position – in dismissal from surround and carrying over of consciousness on the phenomena concern Business of the Lord. And these Affairs demanded to themselves special attention, but it is not enough of those who aspired to help and enclose energy the in Business of General Welfare. It is possible to help thought. It, join the basic evolutionary stream, strengthened it pressure, cement thus space. Much can be help thought. The thought are often powerless, if from it the help to and if karmic conditions run counter with it are required. But the thought superpersonal, direct for the public good, the thought releas from egoism and personal interests, will be the useful and necessary contribution to Affairs of the Lord. It was t: «Operate with thought». To it it are possible to add: «Operate with thought not in the name, but for the sake of the Lord and Business Are more its». In it also there will be an exit and clearing of narrowness and burden surround which pressed on consciousness, ha conclud it in narrow frameworks of personal experiences.
402. (Guru). Spirit and in the spirit of it are necessary to aspire to rise over of gulf lives. It otherwise will carry away downwards, ha ship consciousness in twilight of the ordinary. Pay attention to how people were strong grasp by influence of that surrounded them. Above this environment heads, even to look upwards did not rise. But the Beam of the Lord Searched for the lift heads, differently the Beam not to see. And all life can be liv, ha lower a look to the Earth. So live the majority, without thinking that, what waits for them after.
403. (July 14). At first the World the Higher which are more other-wordly, separated from this world that this doing not muffle the vibrations therefrom, then both of them merged in harmony of understanding of unity of that at the top of, that below. If to prefer the Higher and to live only in it, there will be a separation from the Earth, if to plunge in terrestrial, it will fill with itself all consciousness and places for Elevated any more does not remain. Therefore the golden mean affirmed. After the entire embodiment let's pass in a body through conditions of the dense world and to gather from them all that they could give. It are impossible to reject the earth and to belittle – too. The purpose is reach on the Earth, and when wings of spirit will grow; to rise and fly on them it is necessary from the Earth. The terrestrial basis is necessary as a launching pad for soars. And if the shell of aura planetary open spaces becomes accessible is punch. The planet are g to people that they, embod, c learn all that it gave. Evolution of mankind are ma on the Earth, and association of the Worlds, terrestrial and Elevated, will occur in consciousness of the person thanks to that it the terrestrial way will lead it to this great achievement. Terrestrial and the Higher was harmoniously combin in consciousness whom field of association of all Worlds are.
404. (M. A. Y.). In days of strengthening of spatial trouble the darkness became more active and harmful. It strengthened then itself everywhere. It are correctly notic that during the moments of planetary press and swelling of darkness in this or that focus influence of shades amplified and round you. Then special security and ardent contact with Hierarchy was required. Force of security depended on direct communication with the Lord. It is necessary to defend, but strong h the Image of the Lord in the heart.
405. (July 15). Earth is only a temporary haven of the person. Once she will die, as the Moon dying. But the person, ha finish the cycle, will pass to higher planet. In the House of the Father of mansions there are a lot of, and the star way of spirit are long, it as are unbounded, as the number of the show Worlds withdr spirit all higher and above are unbounded. The eternity had no end, but cycles of life of konechna. Even Great Manvantara had the end. It came to the end, that after Pralaya to begin the following. In this great Space Stream of Evolution the chain of life of spirit did not interrupt, but proceeded in Boundlessness. It also are eternal life about whom T all Carriers of Light. The spirit too is eternal. However, conscious immortality, or immortality of uninterrupted consciousness, are reach nowadays by the very few. It are the main purpose of each person who had underst for the sake of what he lived on the Earth for the sake of what all are g it that he saw around. But people forg about this problem and was occup by all everything, but only not for the sake of what embod in a dense body, not that are are more their the first duty in relation to the spirit. All are converting on external, and the spirit is forg. And only the death stopped this iniquity. But, den the valid meaning of the life, they and Thin transferred the ignorance to the World and detained evolution not only the spirit, but also all mankind as a whole, and the most planet. After all and the Earth will refine in the matter also evolved simultaneously with people occup it. All show evolved, that is the matter of whom the dense body of a planet consisted, together with plants and animals evolved also, and all are from atoms to the Highest Spirit. All are sat with eternal life and perpetual motion. Achievement of a step conscious I uninterrupted immortality are the highest purpose of the person.
406. (M. A. Y.). Before us there were problems not personal, but Space. In it we were assistants to the one Who Headed a planet. There are a lot of problems. They were difficult and demanded full dismissal from vestiges of last terrestrial person. From it sphere that were devot to ministering of Evolution and the statement of the Doctrine of the Life g through us by the Lord are ke only. Ministering to Light collected elements of immortality in the Bowl and gave rich food to spirit for work it in the conditions of extradense existence., it are required to identify on the Earth the consciousness with spirit, but not a body and to accustom itself to thought on boundless possibilities of spirit. Liv spirit and in the spirit of singing will reap the fruits of spirit in Elevated.
407. (Guru). Terrestrial and spiritual was connect closely. Terrestrial conditions and the relation to them caused growth of spirit. To the Teacher it is necessary to reach by the ground. There are no two ways about it. Goes to this purpose come it also is. Question in how go and how to reach. And about it care. If care of something another, not regard interests of spirit as of paramount importance then Teacher not to reach. And many put another, and plunged into it with the head, and lost understanding of the goal of our temporary life on the Earth. Blind and deaf persons We called them, about the spirit of the forg, - but, about not forging Our care and attention to them. Are more their so a little. It should be help and only not in them measures and are more their understanding wherefore in our measures and our understanding the blessing are more their. The blessing of spirit and the blessing of a body often done not coincide. It should be underst, why so a body even High Spirits heavy Suffer affliction. Terrestrial measures was not suitable for understanding of the true blessing of the person and that for it are good both that are bad and that disturbed to advancement of spirit.
408. (July 16). It is very important to have the purpose to which the consciousness is direct. Compare aimlessly wander person with firmly and knowing, where he went, and for what. Distinction is striking. Towards the aim will reach it. But where the wander will come? Therefore all actions of the pupil was expedient, that is according to it aspiration. Way of speshen. There were no actions thoughtless. Of aspects of commensurability ability to apply event of the present day to the Great Plan will be one. This Plan took the place in Boundlessness and is commensurat with it. And if the phenomena of day to apply on Boundlessness and value are more their measure by it that is of measure Boundlessness all will raise on the place and the midge before an eye will not cover the sun. The kingdom are more other-wordly there are a Boundlessness in whom there are all and in which all are carr away that were, and are, and that will be, and in which rolls, in Akashe, are embod and count up all. So, there it is possible to read a roll or a film of life of each spirit, a pattern of life of spirit, count up in space. There are a pattern of life of each planet, from the beginning existence and up to the end are more its. It is counnted up, or spatial counts up, it are possible because all planets was in constant movement. The earth rotated on an orbit and about the axis, all time chang spatially a point of the finding. The next year movement on an orbit proceeded, but not on a vicious circle, and on a spiral, wherefore an orbit spirally as all solar systems rushed to the Far Star. Therefore any site of a planet did not repeat and did not occur in the same place. Spiral movement excluded this condition. Therefore in the nature anything did not repeat precisely, but all went on a spiral. Both the spring, and summer, and all seasons repeated annually, but in a spiral of time and space they was new always.
409. (M. A. Y.). Memory is mutual. You remembered Us, We remembered you and We Held uoy and to Keep at of the heart. And remember: mutual memory. Many remember, but forg, - noise of vanity muffling thoughts on us. And after all thought, unit hearts through all Worlds, did not know barriers. The thought directly from heart to heart did not know barriers. Both time, and space, both life, and death – all are overc by thought. Remembered words: «It are strong, as death, the love, arrows are more its – arrows fiery». These fiery arrows were arrows of the thought direct in space who reached the one to whom was sen. And we felt the thoughts sen to us, and we answered them according to degree and pressure of a parcel. So, elevated connection is established by means of thoughts. And that are now latent from a physical eye, became obvious and visible when the body and spirit will be dump will return there, whence coming.
410. (Guru). It are necessary to realise completely that the external form of the person, his face, eyes, a body, clothes, was only external pall under whom the spirit are latent, and that at dialogue the external form ministered means of an establishment of contact with spirit, the carrier of this form. Via last spiritual connection or a wire of spirit are establishing. Honouring of icons will be clear only at this understanding of process of communication with that spirit which choir is represent on an icon. The senseless fetishism and adoration things, but not to spirit otherwise turned out. Icon honoring had deep sense, but only under condition of understanding of what icons was actually. Certainly, stratifications of high thoughts refine was more their material aspect and done them sh. Sacred subjects and subjects of honouring actually become those, if the stratifications postpon for them, fiery and lightfull.
411. (July 17). «Each aspiration had the resistance». It is position it is necessary to acquire firmly to understand, why there were so many counteractions around and why all of them time amplified. It specified in growth of aspiration and luminosity of aura. First of all, resistance is show by environment. All Carriers Light Tested are the counteraction which pressure depending at most Light br by Them in the world. Words «there were Light and darkness to mantle» are more its not specified that this Light conquering the powers of darkness which had rebel against it, both inertness, and indifference of ignorant people. It is necessary to accept these signs as a recognition dark fires li in heart. Opponents of Light will pass are indifferent by the most bad person, without ha touch it, but by b Light in the world – never. Certificates dark should be mark as an indicator of success. And if lighter, or simply good people notice nothing and by will pass, that, having a tail, will not pass. A little consolatory in if was not notic completely not the dark. Meant, sparks was weak, meant, the aura not lightfull, and light armour of the warrior of spirit are yet ready. To much it are necessary to change the relation and much to reconsider under a new point of view. And then it are possible to learn to rejoice to that grieving earlier, and to store balance there where before it were br. Let each sign on a recognition the dark will inure to advantage of strengthening of armour of spirit. And then the dark will minister involuntarily b Light, strengthen the light-bearer are more its and g the chance to it to direct to energy of counteraction on increase of the fiery power. In this aspect position «obstacles was blest, them we grown» got special sense and value. And then the darkness can take force of opposition from enemies of Light. After all even to fly up, the point of support is necessary. Gloom of the monsters is the Throne legs. Let the darkness decayed for flowers of Light and ministered the foot for flights of Spirit. Only Light revealed monstrosity of darkness, are more it’s without fear, and it conquer, and increas in the power at each collision with it.
412. (July 18). Reality existing is the one. The true one but to consider world around it are possible with the various points of view. Both the religion and a science concerned this world under various corners. But if clerical expressions and terms to replace scientific it will appear that dispute about doubtless will already not have a place. Certainly, ignorance and superstition should be exclud from area of religion, it are equal as negation and a bias – from a science. Reconcilement are possible, and besides on purely scientific basis. Great religions was deform to unrecognizability by the subsequent stratifications. Fanaticism and fanaticism set the seal. Religions demanded clarification of the Bases g by First Teacher and proclaims are more their. Many dogmas should be reconsidered and set aside, wherefore they was confirm by followers, instead of Founders. For example: paid administering absolution, payment for departure of church occasional offices, assoiling of wrongdoings, the imaginary power of churchmen to pardon or punish trespassers, absurd of the state religion and so on. Much should be reconsidering in a root, ha le only the First principles. Be Say: « Prayed not differently, but in the spirit of». Sacred places and subjects remained those, but it is necessary to explain already with the scientific point of view of the phenomenon of stratification of human radiations and thoughts on subjects and on all surround the person; let's add thus that there was subjects both kind, and malicious, are equal as the places sat with light adjournment of crystallized thought, or dark and bloody. Much should be reconsider in the light of the Doctrine of Life. Also it is necessary to accept the World Thin, it is necessary to accept all three Worlds. And the aureola over a head will appear radiations of an organism, but it is necessary to recognise both aura, and emanations of light and dark thoughts and emotions. It is necessary to recognise much scientifically on the basis of not den scientific researches. Guilty and holy thoughts will appear the same thoughts, but either dark, or light. Righteous men and trespassers will appear the same people, but ha light, or dark radiations of aura. Division and distinction will go on a treatment of light and shade and will be defin by means of usual devices, without any miraculousness and churchism. And to forgive and give absolution, and even for a payment, it is not necessary any more as pictures of aura will find out that paid or any other administering absolution will not make dark aura lightful. As also the malicious prayer disfigur aura, will receive the condemnation. People will understand that malicious thoughts they, first of all, harmed to themselves and poisoned own organism. And miracles will take the place, that is will be scientifically explain, wherefore basically miracles done not happen, but all submitted to natural laws, still not all from which was known to people. If to release Bases of Great Religions from heaps all of them could be scientifically explain and scientifically well-founded. In this area ignorance human – both believers, and non-believers – are still great, it is amazing. It is necessary to know simply more and to forget negation.
413. (M. A. Y.). Direct thought on s displays of all three Worlds in all phenomena of life. The figurative Basis Real penetrated itself all that existed in the show world. The Trinity coessential and unseparable is the Basis on whom the world is constructing. In the field of chemical reactions or the power phenomena three points was present everywhere: two poles of antiposition and association was more their in the phenomenon third. The same are observ and in life. For example: the Teacher and pupils only at association in a single whole given a class. The Teacher – a positive, active, g pole, pupils – passive, conceiv; connection of two gave as a result third – school. And so is everywhere and in all, as in visible, and the Invisible World. Action external, muscular are caus by movement of a thin body, and the last – thought. But the thought are fire show by spirit. Each flower is external expression of the essence hid in it, each plant, an animal, and also the person under the visible external form had latent, invisible. The essence of things can to scent of the heart that is to feel eyes of heart. Give to heart freedom of to reveal and listen to it to a voice more often and more attentively.
414. (Guru). Travails and tests was inevitable, they should learn to be transfer. There is no ascension of spirit without travails. But the relation to them it is necessary to change and learn to transfer them, without los balance, even pleasure. Anyway, quiet confidence and equal mood we will learn to keep, despite of everything. Let someone suffered affliction, but someone another, inside, let only looked and observed, without involv in personal experiences. Look it are not vulnerable anything.
415. (M. A. Y.). Pay attention that many phenomena and the relation to them should be reconsider anew. People complained about an old age, leak of energy and gradual falling of viability. Meanwhile as the old age is the natural phenomenon c in normal conditions to such estate when transition in the World Elevated is ma simply, easily, painless and natural. The usual death should be such. But it is rare who so died. People prayed for demise silent and peace, but thus the behaviour and life to its done not suppose such possibility. Besides, the refin organisms often suffered affliction and was ill from that was in a vice of a spiteful and ignorant environment and poisoned with radiations of low consciousnesses. It is a lot of hidden poisonings and many mental murders. The thought b on the ends of the arrows life or death is den.
416. (July 21). About readiness Warning, - are more useless to prepare, when it are necessary to operate already. The unexpectedness demanded the phenomenon of constant readiness. The deer direct over an abyss will not delay. Known about value of time and that terms c nearer all-time. `Inimitable is of the time. Tension is extraordinary. It is so much preparation of the parties with both. Even it is necessary to sleep sensitively. Late could appear in time only to analysis. Relatives were put on patrol. And too it is necessary to prepare a vestment in advance. After all it will be possible to approach only in correspond clothes of spirit. It prepared in advance. Readiness of spirit is creat by thought. You know neither day nor hour. And when it will come, all constructions against the will be distraught, as houses of cards. Space decisions it are overturn all dark interfer heaps. Power of Hierarchy of Light is invincible.
417. All we Seen and we Known, and visible powers of darkness – only to term. The fate of a planet is certain by forces of Light. Let's believe and wait fully armed with spirit of judgment term.
418. (July 23). Before people start to fly, they much of it, premis to this thought. Before something be able make, in Word Thin the thought should precede. There it is a condition it are especially necessary, wherefore there all moved thought. Therefore it is good to think in advance, already now, of how to arrive and operate there. If it not to make, the thought will begin to flow on the channels d in space, will begin to flow automatically and actions will go according to the habitual standards of behaviour confirm before. But habitual norms terrestrial, usual for the person, there was often unsuitable and destructive. For example: irritation, rage, gluttony, hypocrisy and all arsenals of the actions accept by the majority on the Earth. It is necessary to reconsider also the most conditions of activity of a thin body and to note distinction between physical and thin movement. The question on flights of a thin body is very important. After all many there was almost depriv of movement wherefore the thought or negation, or absence of Agni are enslav. It is not necessary anything from usual and habitual use. The internal mammon, very little valued on the Earth, became a blessing for this purpose that had it. How many the refin organisms perished here, on the Earth, owing to impossibility to sustain burden of conditions. There refinement and keenness wings become for spirit, and accord of magnet will lift in the Higher Spheres. If people undress, what wonderful possibilities thin existence could give, the relation to death would change in a root.
419. (July 24). In the nature, despite seem external similarity of things and the phenomena, anything did not repeat. As there was no identical two human faces, in the same way was not present and there could not be identical bodies and organisms or identical feelings, emotions and thoughts. Thus each feeling and thought was accompanied by the aromas peculiar only to them, or a stench. Hence, distinction went much more deeply, d unique individual expression of the person. It would seem, both bones, and muscles, and nerves consisted of the same substances, but a combination of these substances, the mutual relation and saturation radiations of an organism are more there was absolutely various. Poisons of decomposition sating a body of the drunkard, or the glutton; some of them alive decayed, and from them the stench proceeded. A body, decay, started to stink still to death. How many people possessed rather unpleasant smells, meant not only dirty and dirty bodies, but division went much more deeply. Aroma, or stench was radiate not by external dirt, or the dirty, but essence of the person. The body could die, but thin essence, le a body, carried away on itself a smell peculiar to it. The lower class of an astral are full of a stench, and the thin bodies of inhabitants b in the same smells, adjoined these layers on similarity and conformity. But the Higher Spheres was sat by aromas. The aromatic aspect of the Universe is extraordinary wide. It as are wide, as a color and light scale wherefore each shade of a light beam had the aroma. The combination of light beams are accompany by a combination of correspond aromas. At will refine of sense of smell the aromatic aspect of the nature got very deep value. On a smell it is possible to define unmistakably essence of the person and illness or even the beginning of disease. It is impossible to embrace any records all width of this aspect of the Universe. Both in big and in the small it is embody and show in all phenomena of life. Dwellings human was fill with smells them words, thoughts and acts. Yes, yes, even words were sat by aroma or a stench. The stench of spiteful words, either lie, or envy are abomination. All movements of the person was accompany by allocation of correspond smells. It are possible to imagine, than premises of huge concourses of people, caverns, brothels or a hall of scientific institutions, conservatories, museums was fill. The crowd which is present on bullfight or sports furious meets radiated tensely the smells. The space is filling by them. Aroma of a garden from roses is the center of blessing for the person. Much aroma gives of living. Some poisons of aroma Distinction is very thin, - once the science will seriously prosecute these subjects. The medicine already coasted very close to it. After all aromas it is possible as to treat, as well as a sound or color beams. In the Thin World thin bodies ate aromas. Sounds, light colors and aromas were food of the people which have reach developments known steps. But to it also usual people, especially artists, composers and other more refine natures often resorted. In life drink not only a source of sounds and color, but also aroma.
420. (M. A. Y.). The beauty too possessed aroma. All that are really fine, aromatic, and fragrant, and, I will add, life-give. The Live-giving of aromas are necessary for not especially. Many pitches, especially a cedar was useful to these. Pine and fir oils too were good. But oil of roses surpassed them all in utility it of live-giving aroma. About oils of a eucalyptus and mint it was t enough. All are cleaners. They were good for apply to mental disinfection of premises. Them it is good to struggle with illnesses. Good them to breathe, but without irritate mucous membranes. We advised widely to apply these oils and with understanding.
421. (Guru). Ceremonial ablutions was very useful, and especially – with the medical point of view. Intestines and kidneys cleared an organism of fulfill drink and food. Ablution cleaned pores of a body from the same garbage. After all not only kidneys, but also a time of a body allocated these fulfill substances. Not remove, they poisoned an organism and caused diseases. Many skin diseases arisen thanks to a poisoning of a skin with crude poisons of the garbage allocate by an organism. Both intestines, and kidneys, and a skin should be kept in clean and an order.
422. (July 26). It is fairly possible to call vanity everything that has no relation to this or that purpose for the sake of which the spirit on Earth is embodied. Two great concepts are given by the Doctrine of Life is a commensurability and expediency. Both of them always undertake not in itself, but in connection with sense and appointment of the person. Its terrestrial life is commensurate with infinite life of spirit because not temporarily we, but are boundless, and the person is only the traveler of a way boundless. Thus expediency assumes compliance of this understanding with all actions and behavior of incarnate spirit. It isn't enough to understand, or agree with it, it is necessary to approve and reveal still this understanding in thoughts, feelings and acts. Commensurability and expediency demand application of provisions of the Doctrine in life. On this way of one thousand obstacles and counteractions arise before the directed consciousness. And the aspiration is stronger; it is more than resistance. They are two the family – external and internal. Internal is the most dangerous and the most difficult for overcoming, because they rise from the past, from the essence of a human nature. Both habits, and traditions, both way of life, and the standard rules of behavior, both a tendency, and tendency of character, and freight of former not light accumulation – everything presses on consciousness, all strong and persistently counteracts movement on the way. And triumphantly vanity sounds, seeking to drown consciousness in cares, troubles and an ordinary scum. It is good to be exempted from these tatters in the evenings, departing to a dream. It is good to reject them in the mornings when they try to cover with themselves and to belittle expediency and commensurability of the present day, darkening for the sake of what their lives on Earth in a dense cover spirit of one incarnation. Fight for a superiority of spirit is persistent and continuous. It interrupts never, because noise of vanity can muffle a voice of spirit and drown consciousness in twilight of narrow-minded vegetation. And many vegetate and don't wish to know for what live and in what sense of an embodiment. And it, this sense, only in one: to save up experience and knowledge so that knowledge made the person free from the power of Earth and a body over spirit. Both we eat, and we drink not for the sake of food, and we put on not for the sake of clothes, and affairs it is made not for the sake of these affairs, but all for the sake of spirit that it could reach understanding of commensurability and expediency of everything of that the person, with the purpose and problems of spirit does.
423. (M. A. Y.). We very much from time to time are afflicted by that readiness with which approached to the Doctrine plunge into vanity and turmoil of the dense world. Life is given on Earth to live in this world. But to live in the world doesn't mean at all to be in good spirits from this world. You have great examples of how Carriers Light Pass the terrestrial life, giving entirely itself on Service to people, on Service to Light. This Service was called Great. It is possible to wonder from time to time, in what and as we can imitate these great examples.
424. (Guru). It is very useful to check more often itself on execution of Decrees of the Teacher. Here the Teacher Telling: muffle temporal voices. How this Decree is Carr out? Perhaps, it is not carried out at all or even it are absolutely forg. Every day something from the Doctrine sounded especially close and especially obviously. Here also it is necessary to take it for the immediate appendix in life of the g day. It doesn't matter; if something sounded tomorrow another – the put grain in the appendix to life of the last day will give the shoots in the future and will bring a fruit. Mental grains done not go to waste, but everyone blossomed the colour. Do not pass fixed time of crops of such grains in life of every day.
425. (July 27). The way to Us lay through thought and is ma through thought. The main movement – thought. It are possible not to go anywhere and not to go, it are possible to sit motionlessly and still thought free to make far flights. These flights will be a threshold of flights in a thin body, - precede the thought. The phenomenon of thought should give more attention wherefore it lay in the basis of all achievements. Thought – the child of spirit. The thin body had no physical brain, and, however, at allocation it the thought tensely operated in it. The thought operated, both heart operated, and operated out of a physical body. A heart beat – very characteristic and considerable sensation at allocation of a thin body. It spoke about much. All sensations gone through a thin body and was concentrate in it. Dense in itself felt nothing. It is necessary to spirit to leave a physical body as it lost ability to feel and feel. All are in the spirit of. As lost the owner and a thin body and started to decay slowly when the spirit left it, and there came death second. All covers when time came for spirit with them was dump and died to leave. Therefore it are necessary to transfer the center of consciousness more often to area of spirit, undress thus that all environments of covers, both dense and thin, – temporarily. Only the spirit are eternal, and are more its not replaceable clothes the fiery body, a body of Light are only. It can be built and ma out for ever. The consciousness transfer to its sphere, are not lose any more at change of covers and became uninterrupted, that is the spirit reached steps of conscious immortality. Certainly, the spirit is immortal and eternal, but it is immortality – unconscious, and there is in it no merit. In the Thin World such eternal spirit could be motionless, as if the stone idol, and to be in an estate of unconsciousness. I speak about conscious, earn, and reach by long work and efforts an estate of the uninterrupted consciousness which is not interrupt by death of a body and change of covers. Such immortality are a blessing for Spirits High and a damnation for sorcerers and strong of dark substance wherefore strengthened them possibilities of immersing in darkness, with all are more its horrors and acts. It are more best to be after death of a body ship in an unconscious dream, than to keep consciousness, and to see monstrous heaps of the lower class of the astral world, and to be carried away in strong whirlwinds and funnels of harm, magneto drag all malicious in the orbit. The lower class is infectious awfully and many allure and seductions could hide under the outwardly deceptive forms. And grief’s to the crude consciousness, which keep in elements of harm and had keep any degree of sensibleness at transition in other world. Death was not present, but it is necessary to understand that such immortality and as it are reach by the person in the course of evolution of spirit.
426. (M. A. Y.). The kingdom of spirit is more other-worldly. Travel, that is changes of places, and changes of external living conditions was very useful, as at constant change of impressions it are easier to notice in itself the one, Who Passed through all these transformations, remain not touch by them, all the same Look at them from within and as though separate from them the not destroy essence. The stream of life then rushed by Look, without involve It in the currents and allow It to behold occur external changes as though from outside, as though standing out of them. Three streams was carried by: a stream of a dense matter – through a physical body, a stream of emotions and sensations – through thin, a stream of thoughts – through mental. And He, Looking, is out of them, out of these streams.
427. (July 28). We Protected you from intrusion of the dark. We Protected not only people, but also a place, both conditions, and the positions confirm by us and plans. So, Guard Us the Great Plan, and inalterability are more it’s than realization – already in visible forms. Our actions were very long. Our communications with relatives to us spirits did interrupt neither life, nor death. Quality of constancy is distinctive feature of Arhat. Main current of his life went irrespective of a wind, both waves, and other spontaneous phenomena occur on a surface. As also you ha undress essence of the basis and ha plan a mainstream, to all to the rest give attention no more, than it are necessary, without plunge consciousness into flashing of days and nights. Both thoughts and heart was g that above all. Many given them to a body and are more it’s to conveniences or desires. But, here to die the body, - what then died? But ministering to spirit will be not suffer by disorder even with death of a body wherefore the spirit could live out of it and besides lead conscious life if accumulation allowed. Collecting and accumulation of elements of immortality are the first duty of the person in relation to most to itself. But money, jewelry or things preferred to accumulate the majority, without wish to think that anything it to take with itself further it is impossible. Many chased the power, popularity, differences and awards, forget about as far as all it shortest, incorrect and limit by time of abiding on the Earth. True values on fire done not burn, and done not sink in water, and was integral, wherefore remained with spirit always. To collecting are more there and devoted learn all the time.
428. (Guru). Thinking of Us, you join Spheres in which We live, and you enter into an orbit of our influences. But the main condition is an aspiration of you. The thought projection, to Us directed, has to proceed from your consciousness and to be generated by it. To go and come to Us, but not to wait when someone will come. That the World of Light undertakes force and aspiration, it is told long ago. But, where they, wishing make effort? Passive expectation won't lead to the purpose. Activity and amateur performance is a Precept of the Teacher.
429. (July 29). The person can't rise above that thought which takes priority in his consciousness. The thought determines height. The thought can be directed on any phenomenon or idea. Conducts thought. Therefore it is important extraordinary, what thoughts are allowed by the person and to what he prefers. It is hard to lead rack of small, ordinary thoughts to silence. Recommend ability quickly to transfer attention focus with one subject to another, from one order of thoughts on more necessary. In life usual always there are a lot of any affairs. They too demand time and attention. But if they exclude that for spirit is most important, and fill with itself consciousness completely, existence of the person becomes senseless because all these affairs in it have no value for advance of spirit and are admissible and justified only as means for development and improvement of the person. Imagine an individual who is considering that the purpose of life consists in eating well, either to dress well, or to make an outstanding career, or to save up wealth. And when all this is reached and besides anything isn't present, what spiritual poverty of such consciousness becoming especially obvious in anticipation of death. The death allows to determine unmistakably true values of spirit and to separate necessary from the unnecessary. Reflections about death are very useful; they learn to appreciate both to understand life, and to love it truly. How it is possible to appreciate life, without knowing its appointment? The animal instinct of life which is so peculiar to the lowest forms, when understanding the purpose gets new aspect. Life is necessary not to a body, but spirit which can live both in a body, and out of a dense body. Life goes on both in thin, and in mental, and in fiery bodies. Conscious life in a body of Light is that purpose to which achievement the spirit which has understood sense of temporary stay in all temporary covers directs.
430. (M. A. Y.). Whatever did, you remember the Lord. It will help to depart from vanity. The prodigal son long wandered before Father returned to the House. But, unless it is so necessary wander? It is better to move directly to the purpose, without unnecessary wanderings. The purpose is the House Father. Is more useless to return there empty-handed, having saved up nothing and to nothing having learned. The person is sent to the world to something to learn and to acquire knowledge and experience. Not aimless wanderings commandment, but conscious, purposeful life.
431. (Guru). It is possible to be improved always and on everything. The person never stands still; he constantly expands the abilities either in the direction of Light, or towards darkness. We call this process by evolution or spirit involution. Every instant the person serves that or another. It is useful to wonder to which of them we prefer.
432. (July 30). "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything". It Was told two thousand years ago. The prince of this world already isn't present, but there were his servants, assistants and hierofant of the evil. So they also approach to each of mine. And the spirit, the more its opposite is higher. They are very refined in the evil-trick. They know weak places of examinees and aim at them. Each approach of the dark finds out that isn't overcome yet in itself. It is very important to find out thus what exactly is subject to clarification. In it is usefulness of tests. The clear victory is reached only when the darkness has in aura of the examinee already no anything the, for what it could grasp and then prick or than do harm. But if something else answers dark allure, it shows on yet gets rid properties, on spirit ulcers, that after transition to the World the Thin spirit will be vulnerable through these, which haven't been overcome in, weaknesses, - should be known well. Test and dark attacks very much help it, because find a spot on the aura, serving for dark a sight. Allure and seductions affect insufficiently cleared imagination when the darkness can find with what it is possible to carry away or seduce thought, having made especially attractive an external cover of the thrown thought. That throw dark, is as though a reactant, which is finding out that is subject to clarification and overcoming. Without dark it would be difficult to see these no gets rid properties. In its usefulness tailing, but only under a condition, if fight and collision with them the end a victory. Let's meet such tests with strong determination that defeat is impossible.
433. (Guru). Vibrations of last fulfillments or acts hang over the person, who has made them. From time to time he feels their influences especially strongly and falls under their power. In it big danger, if these acts not from Light. How to avoid it? Only fiery aspiration in the future! The past for ascending spirit always is less perfect, than the present or the future. Therefore release from the power of the past lies in the future. Thoughts also go to it. In the future it is easy to create that ideal image, which has to become worthy expression of the directed spirit. Nothing can interfere with similar flights. In the future is all.
434. (July 31). The obsession is very widespread among modern mankind. Drunkards, addicts and disgracer are readily available victims for obsessional of all steps. This last should be hooked for something to enter, and as this catch defect serves. On the channel opened in darkness it is easy to throw the thoughts necessary to them then to seize consciousness.
434. (July 31). The obsession is very widespread among modern mankind. Drunkards, addicts and depravity’s are readily available victims for of enrage s of all steps. This last should be hooked for something to enter, and as this catch defect serves. On the channel opened in darkness it is easy to throw the thoughts necessary to them then to seize consciousness. The condition of obsession is unnatural. For one body two fight, and the will of the obsessed will usually be paralyzed by of enrages. The karma both is awful. Each dirty thought can be considered as a wire the leader in a darkness camp. On it dark influences arrive. It dirty thoughts are dangerous. Everyone threatens with contact with dark substance; through them “larva’s” suction cap to aura. These creatures it is difficult to reject when they already stuck. Having stuck, drink vital force. It flows away, feeding these mental vampires. If saw an environment of the person surrounded with dirty thoughts, really would be terrified to the events. Full clarification of consciousness from any mental evil spirits is a duty of the person before the spirit.
435. (M. A. Y.). On each dark thought allowed in consciousness, it is possible to look as at a thread of communication with darkness and servants of darkness, accord to this order of thoughts. Each thought of people causes Light or darkness and makes with them contact. Therefore control over thought is necessary and the great guards over the microcosm that anything dirty or dark didn't enter into it are necessary. Entered and taken root it is very difficult to eradicate. Patrol has to be constant.
436. (Guru). Spirit treachery is the most serious crime before itself. Still it is possible to understand when it is made in ignorance. But knowing has no justification because understands, to what and where conducts weakness.
437. (Aug. 1). The payment for the Doctrine in any look is inadmissible. The accepted bribe obliges to illegal delivery Intimate. I Gave Knowledge have, not accepted a bribe, - My example follows. Attempt to receive in a short space of time that will be a mistake, on what years of systematic and rhythmical work are required. 438. (Aug. 2). In the dense world of people lives only part itself of the essence. Dense being of the person – only display, weak and imperfect, its spirit, the carrier of all its centuries-old accumulation. Everything, through whatever their passed the person, is postponed in its depths. Once it will get access to all the accumulation. But time will come – and fires of accumulation collected in many lives will flash. Ask: "Why not now? » Answer: "Not sustain a flesh". And so already many organisms fuse from impossibility to contain some fires. The most widespread type of such diseases is tuberculosis. The dense body breaks up under pressure of fire. The steam-engine is tested and pays off on a certain vapor pressure. If to increase it several times, there will be an explosion which force will destroy the car. Something similar occurs and at a disease of tuberculosis. It is often possible to observe how the body and without any diseases if tension of fires is too great quickly wears out. Therefore We especially Recommend restraint which means ability to supervise internal tension. The impetuous flame is inadmissible. Agni Yogi's way is a way of mastering by a flame. Being a being fiery, the person can't rise above a known step, without having seized in itself fiery elements. All actions of the person fiery therefore control extends on all actions. Results of restraint of words and emotions are shown in some days. Pay attention to how some people exhaust and kill it not constrained, dismissed garrulity. At if obsessed they are ready idle is verbal for hours, demand thus to itself attention. In the ancient time the idle-verbal was considered as a sin. Verbosity nowadays suffers both in public, and in political life. It is necessary to learn to speak much more shortly. Behind abundance of words their value is lost. The milk diluted with water doesn’t like to drink. Why the diluted speeches are allowed? Irresponsibility human is in this regard very great. Before opening a mouth, it is necessary to think briefly and instead of each ten words to tell only one. The conditional politeness demanding unnecessary words is especially harmful. The word is the fire issued in a sound; criminally without the purpose and sense shatter, wounding of the space, - We Demand reserve of speech and words from our pupils.
439. (M. A. Y.). Many forces also leave on insalubrious thoughts. It is good to accustom not to allow vagrant thoughts, and every time when it happens, consciously to direct thought to a certain course. It is necessary to get used to work with thought consciously. Its unconscious application which people as differs from conscious as force of not dammed river from the water flow, directed on the turbine or the driving wheel of a mill use. Use thought, you learn to act with it, but only in the benefit because the return blow of thought bad and spiteful is always inevitable and we won't avert. Mental activity of the Teacher is wide and the versatile. So many it is necessary to help, it is so much affairs to support, it is so much evil-trick to destroy. To it imitating, act with thought, but only in the benefit. It is necessary to manage to outstrip dark which, imitating powers of Light, too resort to thought actions.
440. (Aug. 3). It is already good when not light influences going from certain persons, at least, are felt you know from whom it is necessary to be protected. It first, and secondly, it is possible to be glad that keenness increases, and as for influences, too it is necessary to understand, as will uplift, and will humiliate, and to that it is necessary to be ready. Ordinary people live, submitting to inconstancy of the moods that is an astral. Let's not assimilate to them, trying to be always equal and kind in relation to people and without paying excessive attention to pirouettes of this irrepressible cover; more strongly always the one who owns itself. And that it is impossible to tell words, can be transferred thought and to ashamed the wounded. Mental interview sometimes is necessary to bridle unruliness of others astral. If you can prick the moods, not goodwill and thoughts, and you can be protected. It is useful to stop harm distribution always. Many believe that have the right to extend spatial harm it not forbidden. It is useful to straighten out mentally at times and firmly to tell: "It is enough! Stop lawlessness! «A lot of evil disappears under craniums of people. Once to it has to be put an end. Firm silent influence won't be ineffectual. To others mentality there is a lot of approaches and if one was unsuccessful, so it is possible to find another, closer and intelligible.
441. (M. A. Y.). From those who approached to the Doctrine, you received much more troubles and harm, than from strangers or even enemies. After all against friends usually we aren't preserved, to them trusting. And through trust doors it is much easier to strike blows. Therefore to open it too, even to friends, doesn't follow. The most malicious enemies are created from unfortunate friends. Both seeming of good and a kind arrangement is before the first test. And still true friends exist. However, infrequently they meet in life. Especially such friendship even, if it took place and not under the sign of the Doctrine is valuable. The skilled head looks not at what pupil at present or what he wants to seem, and on what it will appear or can appear in the future. It is a lot of small by the form signs, very eloquent if not to pass them by. Missing these trifles in behavior of the person, we lose opportunity to learn his essence. Remember how heavy you had to pay off that didn't take into account and didn't draw the corresponding conclusions from such small, imperceptible, at first sight, features of behavior of new friends, it is so directed and inspired approached to the Doctrine. From the small grew big, and it was necessary to pay to you. The science about people is difficult and demands the most attentive and analytical relation, but without any bias or hostility to them. Not words will be a criterion of the person nevertheless, and put.
442. (Guru). The best tool will rust if not to use it. The thought will stiffen also. From this conclusion: exercises demand not only muscles, but also thought. Even the violinist needs everyday exercises. The trained thought is required for work and in the Thin World. There work with thought. At close connection of two Worlds of a consequence turn out in both. The thought is necessary in both Worlds. The thought is set in motion by will. The thought approved before withdrawal to a dream, will be active in that world.
443. (Aug. 4). The darkness external is a dense world and life in it, separated from the Highest Worlds misunderstanding and ignorance. Without such understanding terrestrial existence becomes senseless and aimless. Difficultly to the person keep an image human at denial of Bases. For what everything if everything comes to an end with death of a body? But also trusting in immortality, but also trusting in immortality it is frequent should trusting, because serve darkness. After all dark hierophant knows about immortality and still serves the evil. The knowledge only then exempts from the darkness power when affairs of darkness are replaced with Light acts that is when the knowledge becomes almost applied in life on service to Light. It is better not to know, than nobility and apply knowledge to darkness multiplication. For encouragement I Will tell: even from small action of Light of a consequence turn out big if the direction is correct and movement on it is continuous. Fruits of kind and evil acts are reaped in the future. The present is a crops field, the future is harvests. Chain of the reasons, that is actions, is continuously stretched in the future, which is field of consequences, is. The essence of cause and effect is identical. Therefore each light act weaves a light pattern of spirit. If people more thought of the reasons, they created and consequences bringing by the nature, they would erect the powerful barrier interfering distribution of the evil. Every day is a sphere of the created reasons. It is possible to think of what nature of each of them. After all it is unmistakably possible to determine the future of each person by them. The law remains the same. This law is clear and simple: one will reap what he’ll sow.
444. (M. A. Y.). Light isn't abstractness, but the energy having a certain substance? When adjournment of Light is coagulated in the form of the crystals, then any abstractness in idea of Light becomes fiery reality. If people knew that each act of Light they deposit particles it in the Bowl, really there would be they collectors of Treasures. Unlike terrestrial they are integral and aren't destroyed. They remain with the person forever. Long ago It is told: don't collect to itself treasures on Earth. But people decided that Told by the Lord is abstractness and to practical life no relation has. If they that they deprived of themselves denial knew! Collected and saved up Light Treasure it in World Aboveground live and sang from it reap. The crystal postponed in the Bowl of Fire, or Stone, gives light clarity of consciousness, possibility of flights and pleasure of creating work for the public good.
445. (Guru). Quality of constancy is valuable that at a rhythm it gives the building and development phenomenon in the direction accepted by consciousness. The rhythm is approved so deeply, what even the death of a body doesn't influence it any more. It proceeds and further in the same direction, but even more amplifying and going deep. This way weaves communication of centuries and the millennia, uniting essence of the pupil with the Teacher over all temporary phenomena of life terrestrial and experiences of the Thin World. This communication – fiery also is approved over all temporary covers. They consistently die, that is everything is dumped, and communication remains, because it from Essence of the Highest.
446. (Aug. 5). Why to limit concept of work to a framework of the dense world and a physical body and a brain. Work where the spirit proves consciously. And the sphere is higher; the work is more intense and more responsible. The understanding of work should be reconsidered in a root. Even in a dream it is possible Even in a dream it is possible to work. We and our people is in continuous work. In World Thin work changes a little, but nevertheless it is the same expenditure of energy. Work the terrestrial intellectual is very close to work in the Thin World. Even reading the book or something studying, the person already oversteps the limits of the dense world. Mentally and in thoughts he lives constantly in both Worlds. To the self-sacrificing scientist his works in the Thin World will be as though continuation terrestrial. Concept dense and thin adjoins close. Sight, hearing, sense of smell, touch, taste remain and work sharply, despite the lack of a physical body. The elevated World is full of aromas and paints. Also it is filled by the inhabitants invested with thin bodies. As well as on Earth, they need the help and education. Having dumped a dense body, they didn't become wiser. The need in knowledge and there is great. Field for work widely, it is unusual, and opportunities to use the forces more. Management of the World Elevated is hierarchical. On protection of layers there are Attendants of Light of various degrees. To willfulness of ignorance strong borders are put. Weak lighters are protected. It is a lot of interesting and instructive it is possible to find in this world. Not without reason the wise considers death as release.
447. (M. A.Y.). What happiness to be in a circle of spirits conformable! Dense conditions leant to appreciate the spiritual value, because often terrestrial environment consists of consciousness’s rough, hostile. Coming back to the House Father, the traveler has the right to expect desired meetings. We wait for those who are directed to Us. I speak about having the purpose and knowing where go and to whom.
448. (Guru). It is possibly into world Our gets, if to put to it of thoughts and of the heart. There, where aspirations and desires of heart, there and thoughts, there and consciousness. Everything is fastened by cement of deep feeling that is love. It is a key from doors of secret knowledge. To them the following gate opens. Be able to love if you ascend.
449. (Aug. 7). The combination of fires of heart to Fires of Heart of the Teacher is a way of a true apprenticeship. Without availability of these fires in heart of the pupil the interrelation and life-giving interchange of energy, and a consuming of energy of the Teacher turns out not. Only on feelings of own heart it is possible to judge inadmissibility of such consuming when such lawlessness occurs already on a descending chain of Hierarchy. Therefore it is necessary to bring everywhere if you want that receiving was lawful. Far it isn't enough one desire to take and receive. Unfortunately, it often isn't understood and requirements go from nothing bringing. The condition of obligation of a gift from the pupil is very more ancient, but subsequently, without wishing to bring heart gifts, began to replace them with gifts material and even money. It is possible to imagine that turned out from such perversion of laws of interchange of thin energy. The most valuable gifts which can be brought to the Teacher, is a love and aspiration. But the love is higher. The love can light aspiration, and aspiration – love. As this fiery interchange is life-giving! The Teacher Tests pleasure when the pupil brings him gifts of the heart. When instead of pleasure the devastation of a treasury and energy waste is felt, so correctness of interchange is broken. Seldom has such devourer the stranger of energy recognized occurring lawlessness. He will perfectly feel if someone other exhausts its own energy, but the act, burdening and assignment won't want to recognize. There is it because that its majesty egoism recognizes only itself and the interests puts above everything. It is necessary to explain that the similar relation can end very sadly. And the torn-off thread of communication can't already be spliced.
450. (M. A. Y.). Difficulty of service to Light is that Light repays darkness and that force is spent for repayment of darkness. Level of vibrations of the Carrier of Light so differs from level of vibrations surrounding, that leakage of forces is inevitable. Repayment of surrounding imperfection always demands forces; from here both fatigue and diseases. From contact with people it is necessary to be ill at times. Care and discretion are necessary. Aimless and unproductive expenditure of energy is inadmissible. It is sometimes equivalent to suicide. Burdening mercy doesn’t know. In dazzle by the experiences they are capable to assign unreasonable mental freight to those who wish to help them. From being assigned usually advantage happens a little. The aspiration to be assigned excludes it. In the relations with people the greatest discretion and commensurability are necessary.
451. (Guru). All events flowing in the world, consider under the sign of a final Victory of Light. Everything will be turned on advantage. All interfering and all the interfering will be distraught. Resistance will end with explosion. The world approaches to tension limit. Luminous intensity is on Great Patrol.
452. (Aug. 9). Evolution of mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, as well as the person takes huge periods. It is necessary to consider on tens and hundreds millions years. How many millions years were required on that mute races turned into the speaking! But at all this it is possible to note one condition: in process of mankind advance evolution it starts being accelerated. The body physical, as a matter of fact, potentially and opportunities is ready to a further ascension of spirit. And any more from it, but further progress depends on spirit. Following awakening and disclosure of the centers will be a step. They already are, but are in a sleeping condition. Only movements of spirit can awaken them. Thus, the center of gravity is transferred to spirit area, and its ascension goes in connection with registration and thinning of his mental body that it could start being made out and a body fiery. Many High Spirits Take evolution of the microcosm in Own hand and already consciously Walk up Stairs Light. And then acceleration of evolution becomes an accomplished fact of an individual order. But also its general current is accelerated nevertheless. It is possible to note what exactly the current time goes under the sign of unknown acceleration. Run of events is accelerated. Distances disappear. The trainability of people on a planet is accelerated. The space loses the former borders and as an obstacle to communication of consciousness’s any more doesn't serve as it was earlier. The sound and visible past is fixed freely, and the tapes imprinting the past, gradually come nearer to reminding itself Akashi’s rolls. The science is on the threshold of opening of many secrets of the nature. Sensitive films register sound and light vibrations. But property of such fixing or storing all matter possesses. The stone lying at the intersection of historical roads of the whole people, recorded and remembers everything that passed by it. People will learn to cause these pictures imprinted round old buildings, or ancient things and jewelry. The clairvoyant can do it without any devices. But people learned to duplicate devices of a human body in its some aspects and, imitating it, to build various devices, for example, the camera or phone. Build also others, even more difficult. But the device human is more perfect than all devices mechanical, both its improvement and ability will consciously use wonderful properties a problem of evolution of going sixth race. Everything that will consciously adjoin evolution will promptly develop. The natural each person carries the TV hidden in him and also the absolute aircraft which isn't demanding nor fuels, nor oils, the metal, not wearing out in time and not depending on designers and plants. Evolution human will go in this direction. The most wonderful, amazing, the device of a human body, the spirit device possessing all opportunities of improvement, gives to people those achievements of which now it is possible to dream only but which become realities for people of the sixth race. Great opportunities face the mankind, hidden till time a future veil. But those who got for a veil know about them and call all people in this fine, shining future when wonderful properties of the human device will replace all devices and all devices.
453. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to accelerate the individual development. And it is quite real. For this purpose it is necessary to understand, acquire and apply everything in life that promotes this acceleration, and to withdraw everything that disturbs. Stir smoking, wine, a gluttony or stomach burdening by food, the meat, the poisoned air, irritation, rage, low thoughts, envy and all other negative qualities of spirit is simple. A lot of things, a lot of things stir evolutions of the person. But even those who knows, not always meet conditions of the shortest way. The purpose is so majestic and wonderful that, apparently, for the sake of it all can renounce that interferes with development and spirit advance. But in practice everything appears differently, and for the sake of lentil soup of minute satisfaction and indulgence to the weaknesses and shortcomings of people endows those opportunities which he already realized. In it the great tragedy of spirit – for the sake of temporary is missed eternal, for the sake of ghosts passing terrestrial immortality of spirit is sacrificed to life. Those who approached to the Life Doctrine should think of it and to remember that the missed doesn't come back. Sizifov stones rolling on the mountain are a lot of again. Don't assimilate to them, again uphill stones the rolling.
454. (Guru). It would be possible to give very much! But where the iron, unshakable determination firmly, irrevocably to go all the way, without giving in to any weaknesses, without stopping before anything, without being confused any baits dark, or shaggy whisperings? Where everything to overcome desire for the sake of achievement of the purpose far? Where ardent love to Called, allowing to overcome insuperable and to ascend on the steep rock? Where all what grants the right to advance without delays? So wonder hourly.
455. (Aug. 10). Former, outdated, clerical division into righteous persons and sinners is cancelled. If the person certainly is useful to Evolution, it can be carried in a camp of attendants of Light if it is harmful – darkness. Division of people will go on a treatment of light and shade. If, despite seeming shortcomings, light radiations of its aura prevail, is employee Light, if dark radiations prevail are an attendant of darkness, conscious, or unconscious. External good and the virtue of value have no. The value of the person is defined by his space passport that is a picture of its aura. This passport can't be forged. Whatever seeming advantages had the person and he neither is as though virtuous nor was if it is harmful to Evolution and if radiations of aura it’s dark, it is ranked as enemies of Light, conscious or unconscious. It is too much hypocrisy in lives and too much lie. Time when all being covered should be exposed in their true light comes and to unmask. Pictures of aura’s radiations will give this opportunity. The set of soldiers in a camp of Light will be much facilitated. And already nobody will take a place, to it not belonging. This right is granted by quality and degree of luminosity of aura. A lot of fight should be sustained before the new principle of certification will be entered into life. It isn't necessary to the teacher of pictures. Teacher See and without them quality of radiations of everyone who approaches to It. But pictures are necessary for people unmistakably to understand, what worker deserves this, or that place. And unless it will be possible to allow become Teachers at schools of the people which auras are soiled by rage or irritation ulcers? Such inhabitant’s even close can't be admitted to children. The discovery of the high-frequency photo made by spouses of Kirlian deserves the name great. As the darkness tries to destroy it and not to give it a start in life! Unless of true science can counteract introduction, certainly, the useful? Whether in the outlook someone tries to protect weak places, not giving the chance to introduce in life something very necessary and useful to Evolution. How many church authorities will depart from the thrones and how many political and statesmen it will appear in lists being covered, in lists of enemies of Light and Evolution. Really there will be a revolution in an assessment of suitability of the person for this, or that role on a public ladder. And then enemy Light will appear that, as though he called itself.
456. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to prepare by then when there will be nothing secret that won't become the obvious. This time will once come for all mankind. It comes and now for people in the Thin World when the hidden internal essence of the person becomes external both all the shape and radiations seen externally testifies to itself obviously and barefaced. This moment of disclosure of faces there pass all people who have stepped through a threshold of death of a physical body, – the external cover dies, and the internal person invested with a thin cover, takes his place and enters on the arena of activity or manifestation of the essence in the conditions of the Thin World. That the person brought with himself that collected and I saved up in life terrestrial, it is shown in him already barefaced and not hypocritically. Both secret and hidden until then becomes obvious and visible. To the phenomenon of disclosure of faces it is necessary to be ready and now so it is necessary to live and arrive then not to be ashamed the light.
457. (Guru). Light isn't visible to the person bearing it in the aura. But he is visible to the Teacher. Therefore to judge the advance it is impossible. Only in comparison with that, what was earlier can make some idea of as, far as the consciousness extended. On some signs nevertheless it is possible to judge going development of an organism.
458. (Aug. 11). How to judge value of the events in the world? Only on feelings of heart! Newspapers, rumors human ideas of depth of events not give, but heart will note. But how to imprint thin feelings of heart, when the consciousness is overflowed with everything, anything, but only not to what it is necessary. Therefore to exempt it from excessive loading it is necessary. If honestly and attentively to track own thoughts and experiences, it isn't difficult to see, how many the superfluous encumbers consciousness: excess thoughts, excess feelings, feelings and experiences. It is so important to learn to throw out them without any regret and subjects to be cleared of litter, and stuff, and tatters the present day. And it is valid to what to assume that is absolutely not necessary and it is harmful. Trifles both small feelings and thoughts are harmful at least to that they disturb access big and very necessary. The food for spirit is given every day. It is harmful and useless it to swallow without having chewed. Is useless read this Doctrine, without having thought over it and without having taken from it everything that it can give? It is so possible to miss the most valuable. Given it is necessary not only to think over, but also to put in the life. After all not to deaf It is spoken, but what heart is opened. So we will direct our thought on that assimilation of the received knowledge was full and perfect.
459. (Guru). Winged people – how many legends exist about them: carpets planes, and caps of darkness, both flights of wizards, and much, much that wasn't included into any books. The person can fly. This property not bodies, but spirit. Is thinner and the cover are higher, than it investing, the more mobile and easier it and the more freely submits it to thought. Thought the dense body won't depart, though it moves by order of thought. But thin freely already submits to it. Free flights are whether this achievement, but consciousness has been rather high. Mediums too fly, but it is better not to fly at all, than to concern the lower class of the astral world. Flights are good when development of spirit reached a known step and when dangers of the lower class anymore don't threaten. It is necessary to think of flights. On Earth already on terrestrial devices, whether harbingers they much fly flights of the person by means of the own wonderful device?
460. (Aug. 12). The border between hypocrisy and direct and sincere expression of the essence is thin. After all if the irritation, either rage, or bad mood are expressed directly and sincerely and without any constraining beginnings, whether that such expression will be worse, than attempts to constrain them at least externally. We Demand from pupils that their internal state corresponded to external expression that is that the falseness and hypocrisy couldn't take a place. Besides, We Say that the tranquility, both balance, and a silver bridle on all feelings of the pupil certainly are necessary. Restraint won't be hypocrisy, but ability itself to own. Hypocrisy isn't restraint, but the considered and long deception. The advantage of spirit doesn't allow to be shown many negative qualities. Advantage it and hypocrisy are incompatible. Restraint exempts from need to show a false look and bodies, and spirit. Where it is possible keep silent, better keep silence, than say the words which aren't corresponding to that are; conditional politeness too from hypocrisy and lie. Unless it is possible bring the best qualities of spirit in the victim. Reticence exempts from many false conventions. And absolutely there is no obligation by all means to speak. Who inspired in people of floggings an idle-verbal and garrulity’s? Whether darkness? Salons conversations we Consider by a crime against spirit. How many ostentatious goods and good breeding’s hide true faces of people? It is better to be with the simple people, than with refined and polite hypocrites. Look at them during a fire or natural disaster when the lie and hypocrisy plumage and true essence flies comes to light in all the roughness and a disgrace. Silent restraint is welcomed by us as the best form of behavior among the unbridled flow of words. Standards of behavior should be reconsidered in a root. It is necessary to write the whole books how people among similar to have to behave. Brochures of a good form and secular behavior are the parody to truthfulness and dignity of the person. Some true attempts in this direction become, but absence of knowledge of Bases does them superficial and unconvincing. It is necessary to understand the fiery value of restraint and ability to own itself to start approving them in usual conditions. Only the Doctrine of Life gives deep understanding of for what qualities of spirit are necessary and why without them evolution of the person is impossible.
461. (M. A. Y). Quality of advantage of spirit is gained neither an origin, nor education, education; it is brought with itself from the past as part of ineradicable accumulation. The simplest can show it and even semiliterate people while representatives of society or "rich persons" it are deprived absolutely. Exceptions only confirm this rule. They are everywhere. Besides, the external luster and a polish of manners have no relation to the advantage of spirit. Dress coats didn't pass test for suitability to evolution. New selection of mankind on a treatment of light and shade will allow separate all suitable and capable to ascend from Space litter. The appeal under Evolution banners already goes on a planet. All going against it will be distraught Light waves.
462. (Guru). What gives each new day going on change to the left? It gives the chance to strengthen any qualities of spirit. It is possible even to give to itself a task for each new day to strengthen or strengthen desirable quality. Such work on certainly is useful. Qualities in itself won't grow. Their conscious statement is necessary. Even the simple kitchen garden demands work and efforts, and furthermore – a spirit garden.
463. (Aug. 13). It isn't enough nobility, it is necessary to be able to apply Knowledge in life. What then Knowledge if it isn't put into practice. Our pupils differ that manuals of the Teacher enclosed by them become part of their being and crystallize in the Bowl in the form of the crystals of fiery energy postponed in it. Otherwise the Knowledge is carried by, without leaving a trace and without giving the necessary accumulation. People come to the World Thin both saved up, and spent that had; condition of the last not from pleasant, because they in themselves have no the energy, which are so necessary for existence there and conscious manifestation of spirit. Paralysis of nerves deprives of opportunity to move, paralysis of spirit is something similar; motionless idols in World Aboveground not a rarity. I repeat about it not for intimidation and that understood, it is how important to seize the energy. You know cases of violent manifestation of a flame and the following defeats of nerves behind it and death. That is why fires need so to be seized (energy). You know and about when insatiable desire in a one incarnation condition are examples of shameful slavery and submission to impulses of those energy, which they didn't manage seize. Continually, in all trifles, in everything it is necessary to aspire to dominating emotions and thoughts. It is possible to exercise it on trifles. First, it isn't so difficult, and secondly, having begun with small, it is possible to reach and too big and even the great. Life is a fight for mastering by fiery energy of the microcosm. The words "I Won against the World" mean not only a victory over external forces, strong directed on Light Carrier, but also a victory over.
464. (M. A. Y.). Overcoming it will be given and added forces on extent of overcoming. Soldiers of our people call not without reason. Life is a fight not only on Earth, but also in World Aboveground. There it is aggravated and strained even more. There we need your help still, perhaps, more, than on Earth. Therefore we appreciate very much desire to help us and to divide our works, having taken in them voluntary and feasible part. Whether many think of the help to us and the direct energy in this direction? Voluntariness gives association of energy and association of consciousnesses. Not everything is imprinted in the beginning by a physical brain. But eventually memoirs will start gaining systematic character and a dream will turn into conscious cooperation on the plan extra dense.
465. (Guru). If only knew and understood, what huge and deep value each successful attempt and effort to seize the fires has! Really be overtired then in making. After all the asceticism and privacy matter only so far as they mean the announcement of ruthless war to the lowest nature. Not just for the hell of it castigated and such people tortured themselves. Certainly, it is extremes, but nevertheless correctly it is necessary to understand the reasons, pushing spirit hunters on such extreme measures. They saw and felt the violent force of willfulness of an astral and in all ways available to their understanding and measures tried to tame it, to restrain to will. Let's not condemn them too, but to follow their way – too. Fight is conducted by the uniform beginning of spirit. It is our way, - in the spirit of fight and in the spirit of a victory.
466. (Guru). In the course of Evolution the old and become obsolete are replaced with the new. And in developing consciousness former small ideas of things and of the world are replaced with others, wider and considerable. This process goes slowly. But at the conscious attitude towards him he can be accelerated, ruthlessly throwing out everything that doesn't correspond to height reached by spirit. Sometimes it is a pity to leave centuries-old litter, or cherished habits and weaknesses, but when the purpose is clear and the direction is known, it is possible to leave a past tatter ruthlessly. In a tatter not enter into a shining Gate of Light. It isn't necessary so to be sorry about anything. Though only about that, as though not leave after it any litter not to descend from the Evolution way. The way of soldiers of spirit is light.
467. (M. A. Y.). The shortcomings noticed in others, it is very good to use for question identification, whether there are no these shortcomings of. After all in others that are in it is noticed first of all. Only having seen impartially the shortcoming, it is possible to start fighting against it. In this sense other people can be as though developers of that in the observer are subject to eradication.
468. (Aug. 18). It is very useful to take a detached view at times of it as on absolutely stranger. In others usually shortcomings both their weaknesses and discrepancy of words with affairs very are clearly visible. It is very useful to see all this impartially in itself for knowledge itself. The knowledge of the person includes not only studying of a human nature in other people, but also equally in itself. In others to us are unpleasant and even it is repellent some properties or features of behavior. In themselves they seem accepted and pardonable. And only having departed from itself and taking a detached view of itself, it is possible to define and see inadmissibility of these or those properties of character or behavior. Even that it is well to see a picture, it is necessary to depart from it a little. Especially it is necessary by consideration of own essence.
469. (M. A. Y.). Giving always feels leakage of mental energy – differently can't be. To giving excessively and that a donation wasn't in a vessel full of holes. And in that and other case expenditure of forces will be illegal and painful. Aspiration tear pieces the giving – an everyday occurrence from taking though often unconscious. About an example with Ramakrishna don't forget.
470. (Guru). Degree of "a desert lion" means ability of repayment of surrounding imperfection. Certainly, process is accompanied by expenditure of fiery energy. Thus ability to restore spent forces is required. At a full unification with Hierarchy restoration it goes naturally and quickly. But nevertheless discretion and restraint are necessary.
471. (Aug. 19). Behind a small exception the pupil usually is the freight burdening the Teacher. But there are also such pupils contact with, which gives pleasure and even lifting. Burdening affects not at once, but over time. Sometimes even there is a wish to be exempted from such loading. After all only inexperience more pupils seek to gather it, experience is very careful and legible in this regard. And, having undertaken a tug, it is necessary to conduct further. Experience showed that from friends there are more than troubles and chagrin, than pleasure. All this proves that the execution debt to people of Light even if it concerns approached to the Doctrine is hard. The question arises: what to do? Certainly, to continue to bear Light and a donation, but it is commensurable with level of consciousness and the accounting of all its features. And the main thing not to reckon with words and not to take them for affairs, noting thus what put that they stand. Usually remains from words if to check them affairs very little. The belief to words indicates inexperience.
472. (M. A. Y.). The necessary relations are established, grow and are approved in time. Violently feelings thin can't be caused in a friend. It should be provided to the future. In time communication either becomes stronger, or weakens. If you strengthened your relations with us, it depended on your efforts and aspirations. The same can be told and concerning those who becomes closer to you, or on the contrary, moves away from you. Love is the best combiner, this feeling needs free and natural growth.
473. (Aug. 21). (M. A. Y.) Usefulness of the person for Evolution doesn't force it to represent itself something special or outstanding. Simply good person or the person loving work and knowing work lightful, already bring the contribution to the common cause. Only dark destroyers and attendants of darkness are excluded from this list. Certainly, ant provisions are inevitable. On the Highest Planets where there are ant provisions, there is no Hierarchy of darkness nevertheless, these ardent opponents of Evolution. On the Highest Planets where there are ant provisions, there is no Hierarchy of darkness nevertheless, these ardent opponents of Evolution. There treatments of light and shade without the evil.
474. (Aug. 22). Passing it is impossible to take away the first place in consciousness. Mine, My World, My Business is above all. Passing quickly will pass and it will be replaced new, too temporary, but I Stay for ever and ever. Therefore Mine at the center is necessary. Constructed on My basis, will be strong and won't hesitate from changeability of external conditions. The spirit stronghold is so erected. People very much would like to construct something which isn't destroyed by time. But the spirit, which out temporarily, will reject, and falls all. Pay attention to how everything is fragile as it is impossible to lean and rely on anything. But construction – in the spirit of, the house of spirit will resist among whirlwinds terrestrial and whirlwinds astral. Everything is transferred to it; all values concentrate and gather in it. It is ridiculous to collect somewhere out of walls of the house of spirit because whirlwinds of time will destroy all collected. It is possible to call it a citadel; it is possible to call a spirit tower. Not in the name business, but in effect constructions. Notice how everything falls that people and as everything and as the created situation in the world and as the destiny of certain people strongly depends on the general condition of a planet quickly changes is unstable so carefully build. I told already earlier that rescue – in spirit towers. Going time helps to understand value of My words. You build strongly, forever. The most invisible, the thinnest, the most intangible and spiritual is the strongest and resistant. The spirit tower which you build, isn't lonely, them is much scattered on Earth face. It is really, the Strongholds of the spirit. The sentry fires lit on them are visible by us from far away. These fires, being reported and uniting, form a protective network of a planet. Our Beams direct to these fires from the Stronghold far. Creation of a tower of spirit has huge spatial value. It is work of all-planet scale. When terms fiery will come, to energy of Light will be transferred through these towers. Everyone going with Me has to understand the responsibility for destiny of a planet, because everyone going with Me – My assistant and assumes part of My Burden; great time of the great’s phenomenon’s, full of the deepest value and sense.
475. (M. A. Y.). The lord Called you by the lamps and Advised to them not to blink. It Assimilated you to the towers accepting waves of spatial energy, transferred of the Stronghold. How even more clearly to tell about what value has each consciousness directed to the Stronghold and as it can serve Powers of Light, carrying out the appointment. But as often ours lighter’s forget about it, and are filled with personal emotions and experiences, and rush with illusive "I" and it’s not relics. Big replace small and insignificant and leave the post on the guard of the world. It is impossible to serve the benefit of a planet and at the same time to be filled personal, disturbing to Common Cause. The precept remains the same: "Be rejected from itself and follow Me".
476. (Aug. 23). It was many times said that approach to Light is dangerous. Why? Light is energy. It not only shines everything that is in consciousness of the person, but also strengthens all qualities of spirit, both good, and bad. The person is a process as the Buddha Told still, it is process of fight occurring in it meanwhile what it was and what has to become. In a word, it is evolving essence. And when Light lights up it and strengthen all its properties, which until then are hidden and staying idle, it takes a way of overcoming of the lowest nature. If fight comes to an end with defeat and final falling in a chasm, it becomes Space litter and goes to processing. If the victory is won, the spirit takes a way of an infinite ascension. Travelers – everything, except for become Space litter.
477. (M. A. Y.). Inexperienced travelers of the Great Way often chase various achievements and development of hidden forces in the person, forgetting thus that all phenomena are connected with mental energy and that this energy – the weapon two-edged. At insufficiently cleared consciousness it will wound the carrier. Fire is dangerous that demands mastering and submission it to will. Unrestrained and crude, it seizes the person, it painfully burns down and ruins the person who carelessly caused it ahead of time and hasn't prepared for the treatment of him. Black, smoky, lowest fires of passions and various defects serve as an evident and convincing illustration that, which has been how imprudently caused by Agni perhaps, is dangerous.
478. (Guru). On return Agni Yogi's way back already isn't present, in any case, it is impossible after a known step when each step back threatens with serious danger. It should be realized clearly and accurately. Everyone, even small, weakness amplifies the growing Agni and can become big and insuperable. Control over it, over the thoughts and feelings become an imperative need. And the will is born anew and enters into the rights. The order of will becomes obligatory for performance. The one who subordinated itself will, do submit to will the stranger. Mastering by – a high step on a way of Fiery Yoga.
479. (Aug. 24). Behind a small exception pupils are heavy burden for the Teacher. Too the difference in character of radiations is great. And how much time you need to wait that they changed! But after all and the Teacher doesn't stand still and Moves forward so to be made even they never will be able. Work with pupils – too a feat demanding from the Teacher of tolerance and indulgence. It isn't enough to condescend to level of consciousness of the pupil, it is necessary still to manage to lift and lift it incessantly because to keep at the lifted height to the pupil very difficultly. Difficult because, what strongly start goes in it not only good, but and all bad, until then deeply hidden, properties. Everything comes to light, and everything is subject to a transmutation. Danger of an apprenticeship in that, something these bad properties will be overcome and won, or instead of a victory – falling in a gloom. When I Say that after a known step withdrawal or return are already impossible back, I Want to Tell these that retreat means death.Therefore before deciding irrevocably, it is necessary to think strong because, return back in a former irresponsible condition already isn't present and can't be. Awakened fires will be blessing if they are light Agni, and damnation if dark and smoky fires get the best. After all and dark hieerofant own some fires. Fire – power two-edged, and We Teach pupils to seize the fires and to operate them. The way of an apprenticeship is difficult, and it is a lot of dangers on this way.
480. (M. A.Y.). It is necessary to think daily of what gifts brought today to the Teacher. At first the pupil brings the shortcomings that the Teacher Could pour them in the It Tower; then starts bringing it the achievements. And, if shortcomings burden, that achievements and victories bring to the Teacher pleasure. And if the love to Called is rather strong and burns with a bright flame in heart, unless there will be no gift joyful the pupil of the achievements to the Teacher. Go on the way of achievements for the sake of the Teacher of Light and will bring them to It great pleasure for the pupil. On quality and nature of brought gifts it is possible to judge force and effectiveness of love. At sincerity and truthfulness of feelings the self-deception is impossible, because not good intentions, but behavior and the everyday facts it is proved this love.
481. (Guru). From dark it isn't necessary to wait for mercy. And to it is necessary to be ready. Their purpose is to extinguish fires of spirit and kill aspiration. We don't transfer them Light in any form. As the tool of the dark serve all and everything who perceives their suggestions, to insects inclusive and things.
482. (M. A. U.). Gradually you come to understanding of that Communication is process fiery. In its basis the thought, thought fire lies. Any thoughts happen: from bright and fiery to spatial slime. Any moods happen: from ardent burning of heart to any mustiness of rotten and sad inertness. In laboratory of a human body all of them are supervised by will. This step needs to be reached. Weak-willed submission to moods is inadmissible. Before the pupil the whole world of strong-willed actions opens. This way the will is born and gets stronger. Weak-willed actions are intolerant. Knowing the direction and value of strong-willed actions, it is possible to move surely further.
483. (Guru). In process of advance of danger of a way increase because, the lifting is higher, the possible falling is stronger. Therefore each step forward is accompanied by overcoming in itself or a gets rid of these, or those shortcomings and weaknesses. In the depth of the heart the pupil knows them perfectly. And it is good – enemies should be recognized before to overcome them. The enemy recognized and studied is less dangerous, because we will already wound.
484. (Aug. 26). It is good to energy of spirit to direct on transformation of the essence of the person to make covers it light dawned. What wide field for actions, and all the time which is, will be at the disposal of will. So, day can be begun, having given itself a task for the statement of desirable quality. This work very labor-consuming, while of the counteraction of covers is great. Advance goes by formation of the person by that that he has to become. Reflex is heritage of the past and slows down evolution of the person. Will – a reflex antipode. The more from an animal condition in the person, the reflex is more brightly expressed. Control and constant vigilance is barriers against a reflex, this lunar heritage of the past. Every instant, before working, it is necessary to request the will sanction. Covers got used to work on the beaten paths dug by reflexes. The will stops a reflex, imposing on it the decisions. In it difference of the person from an animal. Consciousness reflex and consciousness strong-willed differ with that the first is subordinated to the reflexes, the second – is free. The day spent in a stupor of reflex inertness, – the lost day. The day spent in a condition of intense vigilance and control over, very fruit-bearer on the consequences. Especially these consequences are considerable for a posthumous condition when the strong-willed activity which is contrary to a reflex of acts of man, can't be shown with the same force as on Earth. Cause and effect follow one of another automatically, bearing on itself the press of a reflex of the phenomena. Only the fiery will can interfere with this stream, generating the reasons according to the decision, not subordinated to reflexes. Exercises in it are very useful, because covers learn to submit, and the will dispose. Free will is the greatest attribute of spirit.
485. (M. A. Y.). The pleasure of Communication results from interchange of energy, when the pupil brings the accumulation, which serves as though as vessels for receiving that the Teacher has to it to give. For receiving it is necessary to bring surely the, nothing bringing can't receive anything because there is nothing to give. Emptiness instead of a life-giving exchange turns out when wishing to receive brought nothing. Feeling it is very unpleasant because often such not brought demands that it was given, without having on it the right. Laws of interchange of thin energy are very exacting and exact, and that has is taken away from not having also. Violation of the law causes an insalubrious devastation of a treasury giving if the donation is made to it contrary to.
486. (Guru). Even small experience will show that the condition of strong-willed control of consciousness is the store of fiery energy. It is possible to compare, for example, two days: one – carried out usually, and another – under control. Comparison gives an impulse to work, having collected mental energy in focus and keeping it under control.
487. (Aug. 27). The gratefulness and usefulness often don't coincide. To find in unpleasant and even in sufferings usefulness will be a sign of big experience and knowledge. Good luck and failure let don't break balance. And let the knowledge of a human nature isn't reflected in the equal and quiet attitude towards people. They can show inconstancy of the moods, but wise doesn't depend on them and is equal in the handling of people around. It is difficult in the beginning, but then becomes habitual. The phenomenon of internal stability is a sign of big force. People feel awkward and even awe when this balance feels. It is very useful to practice in it, having reduced verbosity to a limit. This quality carries away spirit with itself further, to the World Thin.
488. (M. A. Y.). Here still I passed one day, without having brought desirable achievements. The desire to have them is, and determination to claim doesn't suffice. What to do? Probably, should go on about need of their statement and to think of it until the persistence of thought won't give the necessary consequences. The emphasis should be laid on thought and to think of it constantly. Constancy of persistence is quality necessary very much.
489. (Guru). If, the internal state changes from each whiff from the outside, that will be it expression of extreme instability of spirit. To be quiet and even joyful it is possible at least, because sadly and uneasily around. The concern external not to calm, but tranquility it is possible. Let's learn to store pleasure of spirit in the face of sadness and concern of external conditions.
490. (Aug. 28). Ancient legends and legends hide in themselves much more than what it seems on a surface. Phrase that "Isn't present to a standing hail, if in it there is no one righteous person at least", is based on knowledge of laws of mental energy. In the world such forces fight: forces of destruction and creation force. If forces of destruction prevail, hurricanes, floods, droughts, earthquakes and other disasters will be a consequence of this prevalence. If forces creative prevail, balance both in the nature, and in all manifestations of life and among people is approved. In mankind the highest principles of a planet are put. Through the person arrive feeding Earth thin energy. Because of obsolescence and church stratification it is necessary to leave the word "righteous person". It is possible to replace it with words – the devotee, the hero; Carrier of Light, Agni Yog, the Arhat, t. i. the person, through microcosm which freely passes fiery energy of Light and, passing, extend around, being blessing for that country, or the district, where it stays; it as though, the antennas, accepting and transferring to energy, necessary for maintenance of planetary balance. While there are on a planet in its or that part such receivers and transmitters of energy, natural disasters don't threaten this district or their manifestation is very weakened because they neutralize and neutralize destruction forces, holding and bridling their activity. The feat of these Carriers of Light is great though it is absolutely not visible to ordinary people. Degree and power of influence of such benefactors of mankind are various. But even small light-bearer brings huge benefit, being as though a ram against destruction forces. Some also don't realize that they are guardians of a planetary network of Light, both receivers, and transmitters of thin energy. Only unreasonable loading at depression and neutralization of energy of the evil sets them thinking why the Burden terrestrial is so heavy. Benefit to them, these unknown heroes bearing on the shoulders responsibility for human ignorance and not the reasonable. Because violators of planetary balance are people, consciously and unconsciously working for destruction, separation and promoting development and growth of evil forces, darkness and a disbalance.
491. (Guru). It is possible and has to lead life usual, terrestrial. It is possible and has to carry out honestly and honestly that forces the person to do the terrestrial debt. But under all conditions and circumstances nevertheless it is necessary to leave time that, having absolutely released from all terrestrial affairs and interests, to devote to its most necessary. It should be done in the morning, when awakening, and in the evening, departing to a dream. Day to begin with that is most important; to finish day the same. So the beginning and end of day will give the chance to enter into an orbit enduring, breaking through in space channels for advance and spirit ascension. It is good when anything, event during the day, any more in forces to break the established fiery rhythm.
492. (Aug. 30). Distances in the Thin World nevertheless exist, but at all in that look, as on Earth. They can be huge and not surmountable for one and are easily overcome by another. So, for example, from the lower class of an astral the person burdened by low passions can't rise up. As also movement on spaces even the astral world, not to mention the Highest Spheres, is possible only under known conditions. If they are absent, it is difficult to person even to go. Agni's who has been saved up still during lifetime in a body presence, and, of course, understanding of are necessary for flights and movement that it is possible. Inhabitants of dark layers are chained to them and can't get out of them while their covers won't be exempted from heavy particles of a thin matter. Certainly, in terrestrial sense of distances in World Aboveground doesn't exist, but all of them are and aren't surmountable for low spirits. Sorcerers and the dark hierofant owning some fires can move and even to fly, but only in the lower class. Light spheres are inaccessible to them. Thus, in the Thin World it is necessary to approach to understanding of spatial distances from other point of view, than on Earth. Certainly, there everything moves thought but if the thought isn't mobile and became numb in ignorance and denial, it, that is thought, can turn the person into the motionless idol. It is possible to see both live, and died people who are standing there not movably. For them movement isn't present and there are no distances which are overcome and become covered by means of fiery energy of thought. The thinking of the Thin World peculiar and differs from the terrestrial.
493. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to understand, clarification of covers from heavy particles of all types of a matter is how important. On Earth without clarification of a dense body it is impossible to clear other covers. Everything is connected between itself. Clarification of menthol involves clarification of an astral body and dense. Clarification of an astral influences dense and mental bodies. But the thought dominates over all and therefore it is best of all to begin with thoughts. When mastering by mental energy its activity in an organism can be regulated will.
494. (Guru). To combine terrestrial and heavenly and to result them in harmony and will be stay of "a gold way". Everything should find the place and everything is good in its season. From inability to combine many extremes there are also many absurdities. The formula "the Caesarian to Caesar and the God’s - to God" belongs to this condition. But harmony means as well balance. And balance, that is exactly also is resistant a burning flame, represents itself the huge fiery force being in the power of the person and the subordinate his ox.
495. (Aug. 31). It is very difficult to give the description of the Thin World, because its experience – on consciousness. How many, consciousness’s are so much and distinctions in understanding. It is and in the dense world, but is shown not so sharply. There – division on layers, or spheres, spaces. It first, secondly, in each sphere the consciousness surrounds itself on compliance and force of a magnet attraction conformable to it and conditions wished passionately. Habits of thinking create a habitual environment. Features of this environment differ from terrestrial lack of terrestrial stability. The same scene can be very sticked and thus quickly change, repeating in the variations innumerable quantity of times. Proximity of the phenomena is on aspiration and the accord. Properties and desires involve with not gets rid the corresponding spatial educations strengthened by response of consciousness accepting them. Distances aren't present, but they and are. Prospects terrestrial aren't present, but also it comes to light very peculiar. The subject can be visible at the same time from all directions. Stability of subjects, things and images of the dense world depends on their nature. The thin form of a pyramid can be very steady. And very steady, but changing can be for the murderer of a scene of murder, court and execution and the related experiences. Condition it is subjective. Stay there in general differs subjectivity of impressions, experiences and memoirs. During the dedicated work for the public good it recedes, and understanding of thin conditions extends because the personal world is destroyed. All messages of ordinary people on the Thin World are true and incorrect at the same time. Are true that feelings observing them are transferred, and aren't true that are purely subjective. See over personal – Arhat's achievement. The thin World gives in to scientific research, but for this purpose it is necessary to know a lot of things. People will be given some devices for studying of the thin phenomena soon. But there is so much ignorance, dullness and pseudoscientific denials it is necessary to overcome before.
496. (M. A. Y.). Liquid fire, not burning down flame – how many is contradiction in the most this definition. And at the same time there is fire creating and fire eating, of which is painfully burning down. From neutralization of contrasts in consciousness not leave anywhere. Not a contradiction it, but property of bipolar consciousness that is the consciousness, capable to see at the same time both poles of this phenomenon. Why the wise man when sees the person drowning a lot of terrestrial wellbeing doesn't rejoice? Doesn't rejoice because sees other pole of destiny of its spirit losing thanks to this wellbeing of possibility of life of spiritual and dooming on gloomy existence in World Aboveground. Understanding of contrasts without a seeming contradiction is necessary for the correct approach to the phenomena of both Worlds. It is impossible to understand essence of the Thin World without such approach. Even attempts to describe it will be full of similar contradictions. Walls of misunderstanding closing visibility and the horizon are below. It is enough to rise by known height to see all district and relationship of parts as a whole. But it is necessary to rise, that is to ennoble consciousness.
497. (Sept. 1). Time in the Thin World too is subject to modifications; feeling of time remains, but in other forms. There is a known sequence of perceptions and experience, but there are no hours. Time, as though, to stops, that is he can't be noted in a terrestrial way, the current and still can seem its, or very fast, or slowed down. There know, when on Earth day and when night. But the relativity of feeling of time is shown there with all force. That is accepted in consciousness on Earth and is approved in it, there continues to vary indefinitely, depending on enclosed on Earth in perceptions of energy. It is very difficult to be exempted there from numbed concepts, habits and the belief approved by terrestrial actions and acts. The habit is useful, departing to a dream, to reject all-day impressions and experiences and to enter into that world free from day remnants. It is good during the day to be able to separate a tatter of these remnants from elements of the enduring. Bases of the Uniform Doctrine of Life and remained at all times with all people in effect the invariable; therefore, all concerning the Doctrine all thought over and assimilated in connection with it during the day treats phenomena enduring and only strengthens, if it is taken with itself, feeling of freedom in World Thin. It is very important to know that to take with it. The habit to be exempted before a backfilling from vanity and cares of day very much will help release before transition of Great Borders, because the dream is similar to death. And here again the consciousness rises before need, on the one hand, to learn dismissal from terrestrial, and with another – to take a keen interest to life terrestrial, because without terrestrial embodiments and use of their experience evolution of mankind is impossible. The Teacher Leads bright life of Earth and at the same time is released from it and to it isn't attached. Absence of egoism allows finding this freedom.
498. (M. A. Y.). Do all terrestrial accurately and well as it is possible better and more carefully. Performing the necessary or inevitable work, carry out without disgust or boredom, carry out with pleasure, but remembering every minute as far as all this conditional, fragile and limited to term. But the spirit is eternal, and the way of evolution of spirit is eternal, and all is important and valuable that expands consciousness and promotes its advance.
499. (M. A. Y.). Condition of elements is especially restlessly. Disbalance will amplify. Sets will perish, the spirit human won't wake up yet and won't see where conducts its ignorant denial of Bases.
500. (Guru). Collecting and accumulation of elements enduring in consciousness can devote all the time of day and night. Immortality is reached by this way. If to deny it, all human life turns into terrible nonsense. People don't want to be consecutive and logical up to the end, don't want to understand that, believing with death of a body the end to everything, they do all life ridiculous and all things deprived of any value. After all if they die, will once die as it is senseless also all their descendants, and all mankind. Something can be madder and more ignorant, than life denial out of a body, after his death. Really the mankind lives for the sake of destruction?
501. (Sept. 2). So, each phenomenon has the ant situation, the antithesis is an indispensable condition of the shown world. It isn't enough to see only this opposite pole of a uniform thing, it is necessary to find still its median point, golden mean, and on it to be approved in the relation to life. It will be a gold way because, and then all phenomena, things and world around subjects in consciousness of the person will get the correct lighting. Seeing wellbeing of one and suffering of others, it is difficult to reconcile with seeming injustice of life. But after all visible sufferings and happiness only poles of the phenomena, each of which is caused by the contrast, either shown already earlier, or subject to manifestation. Knowing it doesn't admire, doesn't rejoice, won't grieve and doesn't cry too, well understanding that manifestations of emotions of an astral on one pole inevitably cause manifestations and on other. Way gold, median, constraining identifications something on one pole, thereby moderates intensity of tension of an opposite pole of a uniform thing. And even suffering or standing at a western wall, it is possible to know it is immutable that the pleasure goes. From a median point, a neutralization point, it is possible to operate as though the phenomena on poles, constraining their extremes. Even it is impossible to be surprised surprise if it is desirable to keep balance. You know, what even the violent and enthusiastic and emotional love to the Teacher breaks balance. Restraint of feeling is an ability to own the fires. More than once it was indicated usefulness of quality of restraint. One polar of experiences is characteristic still that karmic causes inevitability of manifestation of their other party. Mastering by means control over all acts, thoughts, feelings and actions of the person, control which is impossible if willful demonstration of energy on any pole, because then it is already impossible to avoid karmic consequences of the opposite phenomena finishing manifestations of the second pole of a thing uniform is allowed.
*502. (M. A. Y.). 502. (M. A. Y.). Speaking about tranquility, the Teacher Means to learn to own and operate the fires because the tranquility is exactly burning flame, not the fluctuating whirlwinds of terrestrial and astral layers. You noticed how quality imposes it is to the directed spirit. And if balance causes unconscious awe at contact with it, the tranquility gives rise to the statement of advantage of spirit. It causes involuntary respect in people. The right, you shouldn't renounce anything for the sake of what it can be lost. The teacher Rejoices when Sees how the necessary qualities of spirit are approved in the pupil.
503. (Guru). Channels broken through by aspiration and thought after death of a body will serve in space as the ways connecting directing spirit to whom it aspired. These works everyday on association of consciousness’s aren't vain. Magnetic communication gets stronger, and there will be straw in a raging sea no spirit released from a dense body. It is correct that are full of hopes and expectations when you start reflecting on death. For someone it is the end, and for someone the beginning new, wonderful, full unlimited a body of opportunities of life. So, two persons can think of death, but what difference in how they do it.
504. (Sept. 3). Karmic selection of neighbors in Elevated existence is so inevitable, as well as in the terrestrial. This inevitability is caused by property of a magnetic attraction of thought. If there are forces to change a current of thoughts and feelings accompanying them, it is possible to change and neighbors. It is possible to change them on Earth, but for this purpose it is necessary that neither people, nor circumstances, a condition had in us no anything. Certainly, there is a need caused by the Assignment, but also then the karma plays the role. Release from karmic meetings and conditions depends on payment of old debts and on completeness of process of a gets rid of the shortcomings. The enemy won't release, reaction of influence of its radiations to aura of the related spirit won't stop yet.
505. (Sept. 4). Only the most rare spirits, having finished the way on Earth and having taken from it everything that it can give, planets leave on others, the Highest. Nevertheless the others remain on Earth, connected with all mankind and bearing on themselves responsibility for all. People want it or not, but from responsibility for all not to leave and not to leave sharing lots of all mankind as a whole. This communication is very strong, and dependence of the person on other people of a bike, and it is impossible to be exempted from it. Even if to go to the woods, deserts or mountains and not to use anything that is created by hands of other people, all the same from spatial saturation of aura of Earth by human thoughts and emotions it is impossible to be fenced off. The person – part of the world, part of Earth, also bears it on himself burden of human generations. Being part whole and taking free or involuntary part in his life, can bring everyone in structure of this whole light or darkness and to facilitate or burden the general karma of a planet. And everyone can wonder, what its contribution to the common cause, is good it or is bad, small or great; as heavy happens sometimes from space press darkness. Not is burden, but for Earth. Responsibility for intentions of all is born by all. If understood it if tried to improve and clarify the contribution, life would be facilitated strongly and evolution would begin to flow quicker. It is too much delay, ignorance also is too great, and denial of Bases is pernicious. The inexpressible horror which can't be presented imagination would set in on Earth, if not Great Guards of Hierarchy of Light. Ask: "How after all what now occurs on a planet is assumed? » Evolution is voluntary, the will of the person is free, and to deprive him this of freedom – means to take away from him the future because only in fight and free aspiration to Light there can develop and go back human spirit. The world cataclysms destroying the whole continents and their population, visited Earth more than once. It was reaction of elements to mankind deviations from the Evolution way.
506. (M. A. Y.). Attendants of Evolution, both big, and small, seek to make consciously in all-planetary business the lightful contribution. All life their terrestrial is comprehended by this aspiration. Track life of any Carrier of Light and you will see this main direction of its activity. Among people and in a privacy They Bore Light which is so necessary to people. Often ask what to do how to work if external circumstances don't allow. Answer: anything external can't stop work as thought. Process of cementation of space is important extraordinary. Work for the public good and to bring light of the thoughts in aura of a planet probably everywhere and always.
507. (Guru). And on a question what to do, it is possible to answer always: improve. It is the Precept of the Teacher. But it isn't easy to improve and work over it. Who does it, that won't begin to raise such questions? The doctrine gives answers to all questions of life. It is necessary to apply only. But here to attach the Doctrine in life of determination doesn't suffice, and then ask what to do.
508. (Sept. 5). Being prepared for living conditions of the Thin World, it is necessary to imagine clearly in what distinction with dense existence is that really probably there and that is only a fruit of creative imagination. Certainly, it is possible to create their imagination, and even it is more, than on Earth, and it is possible to see thin sight fruits of this creativity, but after all both dullness feasts, and illusive smoking, and all other something like that too is created by imagination. So it is necessary to learn to distinguish, where reality and where ghosts. But the reality of the Thin World exists very really, and its basis is Light. There is also a gloomy reality of the lower class, and there is a kaleidoscopically phantasmagoria of astral heaps and experiences of crude spirits. Experiences of criminals and vicious vicious are very real, but at the same time and are subjective. Subjectivity of experiences is distinctive feature of the Elevated World. Й nevertheless Lords there Work, and their numerous followers, and the few pupils, Work consciously, perfectly understanding conditions of the Extra dense World. It is good to enter there the prepared. It is good to study in advance laws of this World, with all its features and properties. It is good to know whom and then it is necessary to face. And it is very important not to become puzzled in the beginning. The confusion and defeat by surprise will paralyze the centers and do the person helpless. Courage, tranquility and fearlessness there are necessary much more, than on Earth. On Earth there are many ways to avoid danger and to be protected and eat the weapon; But there as the only weapon of protection mental energy serves. Certainly, communication with Hierarchy and the Teacher protects, but the soldier has to be well armed and be able to own the weapon. Here we Speak about swords and boards, about an armor of spirit and arrows fiery. Not symbols it, but real weapon of Light. It is possible to strike with a fiery arrow the most dangerous enemy. And in their Thin World it isn't less, than on Earth, and they are even more dangerous because dark hierofant own some fires. But the weapon of Light is stronger if Agni is lit. The tranquility and balance are a strong, not perforated armor. Qualities of spirit, being Agni's containers, represent itself a fiery armor of spirit. If people as it is important to accumulate Agni only understood, from spendthrifts would turn into collectors and stores of fiery energy. After all, as a matter of fact, all terrestrial life is a preparation to Elevated existence. But who trusts it and who prepares consciously? From this point of view, life on Earth of the ordinary person denying continuation her ambassador of physical death is senseless. But even the small knowledge brings big result there. We want to Give knowledge to people, but you see as it is difficult.
509. (M. A. Y.). About usefulness of the accurate, issued thoughts descending from the conveyor of consciousness, It was spoken enough. It is necessary to emphasize spatial value of similar thinking once again nevertheless. Not for the sake of themselves, but for the sake of Earth and mankind light thoughts and, crystallized in certain clear images are created, are issued in aura of a planet, clearing it and sating with Light. The accurate, consecutive and rhythmic thinking is so important. It is impossible to think in the beginning so constantly. And therefore it is necessary to take away certain time for creation of the necessary mental forms. Subsequently the habit to think clair-radiant not only times is already formed, but is constant. But it is necessary to establish severe control over thought. Only by experience it is possible to judge as far as it difficult is given. But where sincere and constant aspiration, there We help.
510. (M. A. Y.) . Only own experiment shows, how difficult, even a lot of things knowing, to dump from itself chains of the dense world. But we won't make a mistake, accusing the world terrestrial of in what it isn't guilty. Chains are put on himself by the person himself, the will and the not the reasonable. In the densest matter there are no chains. Great Spirits came to Earth, lived among people, ate, saw and slept as ordinary people, and, being in the world, from its chains were free. Therefore, these chains exist only for those who held down itself them, having rejected spirit, his life and its freedom. But the freedom is in the spirit of. How the one who rejects spirit can reach it? The doctrine and calls these bonds "self- casting bonds". It is possible to be exempted by thought from them. The rhythm of releasing thoughts gives to spirit freedom. The woodpecker hollows a tree. Thought rhythmical it is possible to chisel through bark of misunderstanding, ignorance’s or desires of egoism to plunge into the illusive world. So, the freedom is in the spirit of. But the slavery – in it too because the spirit itself concludes itself in bonds self-casting, but also releases itself when realizes, in what slavery lives.
511. (Guru). Having waved mighty wings, the eagle over of Earth rises. Earth below, the former course precedes her life, but an eagle over it. The far horizon is visible. And Earth can't get an eagle. Mighty wings brought gift of elevated freedom. It is so possible to raise consciousness over events and little things in life of the usual. And then they anymore don't disturb flight of thought and feeling of that freedom from vanity of the ordinary, freedom which other way can't be reached. Whatever it happened yesterday or whatever occurred today, the rhythm of take-off of spirit over life usual bears in itself the guarantee of achievements, isn't present which end.
512. (Sept. 7). But how be with them, bearing of the evil and going against? Aura the Teacher of Light lights up also Influences all who gets to the sphere of its magneto field, both on angry, and on the kind. And reaction reciprocal from people happens double: it awakens sleeping energy of human essence according to human nature – good it becomes better, bad is even worse and angrier. However, and in the good person if it is future pupil, the hidden negative properties, but only for overcoming and a victory over them waken. Against Judgment to darkness don't win. Purpose of the pupil is the nobility. But the knowledge of a human nature let doesn't cause condemnation because the nobility – doesn't mean to condemn. The knowledge gives tranquility, both balance, and skill not to react in unison with grimaces and disbalance of others astral. The majority of people are in slavery at the astral cover. It isn't necessary to be a doll of children's theater which pull a string, – and she answers each twitching. Whether a little who can have what moods – neither to submit to them, nor to react to them, we won't condemn for them. Let's see, and the nobility, and internally not to reply in any way on fury of an astral. Well, and how to be with friends or those considering? They should be known even better and not to be deceived by appearance, and the main thing, not be touched masks. Under external all hide internal, carefully hide. The teacher Sees everything, and everything Knows, and still doesn’t reject away. The teacher Shows great tolerance. As arrive also you. The teacher Knows and, knowing, doesn’t condemn. Don't condemn also you. The Lord is unchangeable. It means that its relation flows over that occurs in an astral cover of the pupil.
513. (Sept. 8). The human microcosm is laboratory for all feelings. To own itself, to dominate emotions doesn't mean only not to allow undesirable or to fight with them and to throw out them, but means both ability, and skill to create new, desirable and necessary. Emphasis is placed on thought. Thoughts bear in themselves energy, exciting these or those feelings, emotions and feelings. Thoughts it is possible to create any mood. Exercises over thoughts are very useful and can vary indefinitely. There can't be an idleness or boredom when the opportunities which are covering in art of mastering with thought are realized. It is possible to practice everywhere, in any conditions and at any moods. Undesirable moods or conditions are good that thoughts on the opposite give the chance to polarize. Thus the principle "works is cold or hot» that is energy manifestation on one pole gives bright possibility of transfer it on the opposite. Only slime of inert indifference or lack of will and absence of aspiration are deprived of prospects of achievements. Therefore it is good when life, this best school, provides such wide field for exercise because causes and generates feelings of negative property. Thoughts turn out directly from space, are transferred by other people and generated by the person. All of them need strict control. And often apprehended thought should be replaced it with contrast, because it not from Light. Luminosity of thought serves as the characteristic of its value. Own themselves means as well ability to create waves of own thoughts hammering waves of thoughts, going from the outside if they are bad. When the darkness is forced and bulks up, then spatial mental influence needs special control and opposition. Only own thought connected with Hierarchy of Light, can opposite to horror of the dismissed darkness. And only the thought trained by long and careful exercises copes with it successfully. Late prepare for fight when it already began. It is necessary not to miss minutes free and to pay to thought attention always and everywhere. To reach top of creativity by thought, it is necessary to work on it endlessly. Creativity Fiery Logos's serves as the testimony of power and boundless opportunities of creating power of thought.
514. Improvement of the fiery device of the person can devote all the life. To concentrate everything that is necessary for spirit, in him and to reveal it to the statement in an everyday – will be only the correct understanding of temporary stay in a body terrestrial. In total in the spirit of and all for spirit and the spirit takes priority in everything. Duration of the phenomena of the dense world is deceptive. It is possible to call rather a run of events a kaleidoscope. And it is so important, on what to focus thought. The thought what there was its contents, will grow and amplify if to it persistently to come back and on it to concentrate. At first it is necessary to make efforts it, the thought then will lead. While it is created, the person is imperious over it but as soon as its registration is finished, this power is lost and the thought begins the independent existence. The person being in the power of the, him generated and cherished, thoughts, is an example of how the thoughts created by the creator subordinate themselves beget. Therefore process of creativity of thoughts is responsible extraordinary. The thought can be generated, but to destroy it is impossible. That is why it is much easier to supervise the process of mental creativity, than to struggle then with created uncontrolledly useless thoughts. After all in this last case the new thought fighting with old has to be more powerful potential. The principle of Beauty applied at creativity of thoughts, serves as the guarantee of quality of this process. And after all the person constantly creates, causing thoughts Light or darkness from space. Creators – all. And creativity it, entering into mutually magnetic communication with spatial thoughts, amplifies and grows. It is possible to cause on itself the whole stream of lightful, beneficial thoughts or a stone rain of thoughts of the evil. Why Judas was hung up? The dense cover didn't sustain a pressure of the dark spatial thoughts attracted with dark treachery. Let ignoramuses continue to think respectively if that is wished by their evil will, but let the lightful thought of relatives of spirits remain to me radiant-light, and let no darkness will be able to demagnetize it. Even in sufferings and in chagrin the thought can remain light. For this purpose it is necessary to store only tranquility, and to keep balance, and it to strengthen the protection.
515. The spatial proximity of links of a hierarchical chain can amplify or be weakened; many conditions serve as the reason for that. Everything flows, everything changes, space currents vibrate – all this is anyway reflected in wires; condition of own organism and the receiver influences also. Sometimes it is necessary to wait simply an impact spatial a disbalance, nevertheless keeping in touch thus. The rhythm of Communication isn't broken by anything though its tonality can change. All this is natural and lawful. Hour the heavy planetary can't but be reflected in sensitive spirit.
516. (Guru). We prefer questions from the approached. Why? The question limits the sphere of the answer and allows keep commensurability with a consciousness capacity. At questions it is easier to speak on consciousness, without overloading it. But if the sense-knowledge is rather developed, it will prompt as it is necessary to speak, without breaking containment borders. It is difficult to keep the saved-up wealth from super measured distribution. But for given out atop it is necessary heavy and to pay long. It is necessary to learn not to be deceived external "good" wishing to receive knowledge, because the internal being not always corresponds to the external. Question statement, as a rule, reveals nature of aspiration, creating the channel on which there is a saturation of the questioning.
517. (Sept. 9). The person is the magnet which is constantly attracting from space of energy of Light or darkness and therefore the employee not only the receiver, but also the transmitter of this energy. It is as though the channel transferring influences of darkness or Light. The light aura attracts from the Thin World of carriers of light radiations, dark – darkness carriers. And lighters, and dark can often be and unconscious conductors, or the channels, the corresponding energy. The person with not light radiations, adjoining to other people, can consciously and not bear them the malice, but the dark rack which it attracts, often uses it as the conductor, or the channel, transfers on which the having a tail do harm lighters and especially to attendants of Light. Always it is necessary to remember it and always to stand guard. Dark very often work through such unconscious assistants. Light carrier always Is a target for dark attacks; and for this purpose use people, animals, insects and various subjects. Directly dark creatures don't dare to approach and therefore use for who hide and who can use. Already noticed more than once that it is worth thinking or saying names of some people being such channels as immediately through them harm is thrown dark. Let it will be small and insignificant, but the fact is very indicative and eloquent. From contact with such transmitters at times it is impossible to evade, and then we Speak: "Be sharp-sighted and direct the thoughts to Hierarchy of Light". Names of some people shouldn't be remembered for this reason. Greyish and dark the dark don't touch because they aren't interesting to them by the insignificance, but bearing Light they will always tormenta and the Lighter, the energetic attacks. From danger It is protected, but nevertheless demons will annoy. They and quite good people, and even use at times friends of the Doctrine, working with thought. Bad it isn't so difficult to think to throw even to the good person if control isn't established over thought. dark aura attracts from space darkness according to the accord. The lightful aura draws attention and rage of dark creatures because of their hatred to Light. This attraction happens any more according to the accord, and owing to antagonism. In the first case is a magneto combination to darkness energy, in the second – collision of two opposite principles and fight. Quenchers of Light attack on bearing it because in life twilight the shining aura is an ardent dissonance with the environment surrounding them and has property to disseminate and incinerate darkness.
518. (M A. Y.). The proximity to Hierarchy of Light let won't cause to condemn a range or insufficient understanding of the Doctrine those who accepts it. They need to light if address for Light or ask to help. Condemning, all of them reach for you because feel the press of blessing of Hierarchy. And will condemn you both friends, and enemies. And it is necessary to meet it too in complete equilibrium. About justice we won't begin to speak because in relation to people bearing Light seldom it is shown, but not we will and grieve. The relation of the Teacher you know, and it is most important. None from the condemning not approach to Us so close, as you, from here and condemnation. Feel, last and still talk scandal.
519. (Guru). If the Thin World – on consciousness, the consciousness has to be correct and well prepared for his perception. The reflection about the Thin World is useful, it’s studying – is even more. The doctrine of Life gives enough material for this purpose. But it needs to be acquired well before going further. Besides, both Worlds are so closely connected and bound between themselves what to separate them from each other it is impossible. For example, the thought is born at partnership of a physical brain, and, however, it, being born, already is essence of the Thin World. The person rejoices, laughs, cries, and his thin body vibrates the corresponding light radiations. The person says the word, it departs to space, and even the proverb says that "the word not a sparrow – you will issue, you won't catch". Because departed to space and become unheard for a corporal ear the word becomes the phenomenon of the Thin World. And where day yesterday's with all the details? Whether in the Thin World it is imprinted in Akasha's rolls? The persistent analysis and reflections will help to understand indissoluble communication between the Worlds. The person is a three-planned essence.
520. (Sept. 10). Agni's accumulation needs to devote both time, and work. It is a lot of ways to accumulate it. The main thing is to hold the feelings on a bridle. Neither smokers, nor drunkards, those not own it can't do it. If each idle word wastes fiery power to a wind, the same severe control has to be constantly over speech, but still the bigger – over feelings, and the biggest – over thoughts. Thoughts useless devour mental energy. Think of despondency, either irritations, or rage, or hatred, go concerns and all other of area negative, all of them terribly rob the person, but there are the thoughts magneto attracting to light to energy from space. The thought of the Teacher of Light is a contact to Light. The magnet human constantly attracts from space conformable to his thinking of energy. Therefore the mood of the magnetic receiver of consciousness plays a crucial role. The pianist, skillfully striking on keys, causes the necessary sounds. The adherent of Intimate Knowledge plays on space currents, taking what wants. Thus art consists in adjusting own device on the necessary wave. Its mood is expressed in a word – harmony. The concept of balance is included too into it. One adjusts themselves on a wave of rage, not goodwill, fear, concern, vanity and is surprised to pernicious consequences. All arsenals of negative qualities are given in archive and goes on a dump. Magnetic reversal of consciousness becomes the first care of the pupil. It is possible to try to adjust itself on a pleasure wave to draw from space according to the accord pleasure. A lot of the most various exercises can be made with an attuning of a harp of spirit. When astral fury of the interlocutor is polarized by own concentration and balance, it is possible to consider that exercise is executed successfully. Too many disharmonious influences go from everywhere and from all, and the power over should be kept a firm hand not to turn into a weather vane for others wind. I speak about all this because Agni's being Treasure accumulation which can't be got for all gold of the world goes this way.
521. (M. A. Y.). . It is necessary to learn to rejoice not only to obstacles and difficulties, but also chagrin. Not to the chagrin to rejoice, but that benefit which it brings, that lesson to which it teaches. But chagrin is very instructive. In a stupor of serene wellbeing nothing can learn. But when waves of opposite influences go from everywhere, it is possible to learn both to self-control, and restraint, and balance. It is possible even to wonder: "And to that this chagrin and why the karma sends it to me learns or can teach Me? » To seize chagrin and it will neutralize itself over. Lord Commandment of pleasure. Ponder upon words: "And your grief will be in pleasure". To become the lord of the power, it is necessary to seize itself.
522. (Sept. 12). The distant Worlds can be considered as the planets which have reached higher step of evolution, than Earth. There is below, but not about them a speech. In total that is reached on Earth by certain people and is revealed at different times, at the different people in this or that form, property of all, for example, clairvoyance, a claurluhear, ability to operate in a thin body on various plans of existence, reading and transfer of thoughts and so on there is. Just as ability of speech is available on Earth to all people as and there the highest abilities of the person are available to all. Is and there the outstanding people possessing abilities exclusive, but already at level highest, which on Earth reached rare units. The mankind of the fifth circle which in the future also is separated from us on many millions years, will possess properties and the features which have been already reached on the Distant Worlds. The Hierarchy of the Worlds and Planets Goes to Boundlessness. Also there are the Worlds being at a step of Mahatmas. The physical body at terrestrial mankind is issued and potentially has all necessary for further thinning and disclosure of the centers. But the body fiery isn't issued. On the Highest Planets both mental and fiery bodies of the person are issued, and their activity allows taking part in spatial life and space construction. Life on such planets, in all its forms, that is in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human worlds, is carried out by collective will of mankind living on them. The collective concentrated thought reaches the huge force and ability consciously to operate elements and to subordinate them to it. The earthquake there is impossible because underground fire is regulated by power of the integrated thought of all mankind of a planet. Cars and human devices aren't necessary. Everything is under construction and set in motion by mental energy of the person. Our weights rise and transferred by cranes, there – force fiery the fiery device of the person. The matter is rarefied and refined, and steps of its thinning are according to refinement and development of bodies of the person. Gradation of this sparseness and matter thinning on various planets are various. Planets in a condition of the seventh circle at its end are deprived of terrestrial density. That is why the aspiration to the Distant Worlds is so necessary for mankind. The directed thought connect consciousness of people of Earth with forms of the highest life also facilitates their way to the future which there is carried already out. Earth, for example, still is in a condition of wars. There they are absolutely inconceivable because there are no states, there is no money, there is no trade, there is no mutually hostility and there is no dark hierarchy and its continuous counteraction of Evolution. Much isn't present already there and a lot of things are impossible. Isn't present rich and poor, there are no diseases even. The formula is carried out: "The herd and One Pastor are uniform".
523. (M. A. Y.). We live on Earth and the Bowl of terrestrial experience needs to be drunk to the bottom and to understand that it is possible to reach the Distant Worlds only on the ground. It is impossible to reject Earth because to what then to be attached. For the Highest Worlds the spirit is yet ready, and in world space Earth for terrestrial mankind is the best house. Therefore cares of it, of that to embellish it, to plundering its riches and not to destroy its protective terrestrial cover, are duties of people of Earth. But instead the woods, fauna are unreasonably and ruthlessly destroyed and subsoil is plundered. After all even metals and minerals in their natural state keep inviolable mental energy. But how many valuable minerals are spent in vain for wars and other harmful undertakings. Unless production of terrible gases not is attempt self-destruction? A lot of the harmful is created on Earth by hands human, and a lot of things serve as destruction of productive forces of a planet.
524. (Sept. 13). Process of conscious accumulation of Agni gives pleasure. This pleasure can be made a constant if to show enough persistence and persistence on the aspiration to seize fiery elements. After all it isn't enough to save up only, it is necessary also to own the saved-up treasure. In itself Agni is neutral. The will of the person, directing it on good or the evil does it dark or light. Dark or light there is it in hands of the person. So, in a microcosm human the elements of fire are applied and changes depending on that, as well as on what this force is used. Spirit merits, being a form of identification of internal fires, approve fires of Light, quality negative – darkness. When defects and passions seize the person with such force that he isn't able to overcome them, black fires of the lowest centers display itself (himself) in operation. At constancy of aspiration fires start growing and if not to seize them, they will start burning down the owner. Mastering by, that is the fires, an inevitable step on a ladder of ascension of spirit. The direct way of this mastering consists in the statement of all merits of spirit. Process of conscious mastering brings the lost pleasure. And the way lies through itself. There are no two ways about it, also there is no exit from the deadlock while the person won't enter on a narrow track of life, a track of overcoming of, the lowest nature in himself. It would seem, what value small shortcomings and weaknesses of the person and why sometimes and not to concede to them have. But the big tree grows from a small seed, and it is easier to pull out small escape of an evil seed, than to root out a huge root. Dare, my children, to Agni's mastering, I Will help.
525. (Guru). And let your understanding of the Doctrine and your proximity to us and the Lord don't serve as the reason of to condemn those who though accept the Doctrine, but shows neither that understanding, nor that proximity. The tolerance and understanding are Arhat's qualities. Them approving, we come nearer to this step. Learn to give without criticizing – already achievement. And it is necessary to give not at a rate of your desire and accumulation, and at a rate of consciousness receiving, that is it is commensurable and on consciousness.
526. (Sept. 14). Ectoplasm is substance, freely and easily allocated by the medium, substance which uses essence of the Thin World for identification of in the world dense. All people have Ectoplasm. At despondency, irritation and other feelings it is allocated strenuously, than and thin beings use to eat and become more active with its help, but in the world terrestrial. In a condition of despair it is allocated especially strongly, and dark creatures literally stick to aura of the victim. They for this purpose push the victim on alcoholism and other defects. Thus strengthened allocation dirty and infected ectoplasm's attracts also the corresponding ofsubstance. Purity – the best board from similar invasions, but nevertheless a medium opens doors for undesirable visitors. After flash of strong irritation of people feels a breakdown. It occurs because it gave the chance to dark creatures to feed on its internal radiations, having allocated ectoplasm. Vulnerability of aura is thus awful. The protecting network protects, at mediums it almost is absent. Ectoplasm should be kept clean not to attract dark of substance. In general any unlimited and excessively enthusiastic emotions are unacceptable. Disbalance of this sort is called by the strengthened allocations ectoplasm's. Lumphatic to it are especially inclined. Whether it is possible to give the thin substance Ectoplasm's on temporary use it isn't known to whom and those to endanger it infections with everything, anything. Self-defense from darkness is necessary not only for itself, but also for the benefit of people around and space.
527. (M. A. Y.). Quality of restraint is valuable that keeps a tight rein on feelings and doesn't allow them to vibrate willfully. At contact with the people who are usually overwhelmed by any not constrained emotions, restraint helps to be protected from them. It is absolutely excessive to try to react to them in unison because it is absolutely not necessary and it is harmful. Restraint allows keep feeling of advantage. The word "puppet" causes the feeling which is very far from respect. Whether it is possible to assimilate to it, reacting in unison with casual moods and conditions of to whom it is necessary to adjoin. It is better to store own balance, without allowing anything going to break it from the outside.
528. (Guru). At least one to spend day, behaving, it is useful. Everyone has involuntary feeling of respect when faces restraint and ability to be self-controlled. But when the person adjoins to balance, tests the involuntary awe. It and is clear because balance is unusual. And people somehow involuntarily seek to discompose it and to see behind it the ordinary person who, as well as everything, is easily irritated. Singularity of quality of balance and its impact on others become clear if know that balance is the powerful accumulator of fire. The mental energy collected by balance, can't but be felt by people because, being accumulated and being in balance, it is ready to instant action any minute. Therefore people involuntarily feel awe before something, it the unknown.
529. (Sept. 15). If the person – a being fiery, and all activity of his organism, it’s all functions, both the physical and mental, all currents going on nerves, fiery too. So it actually also is. Fire – a matter basis. Therefore mastering by the fiery nature can study always and on everything that occurs in the mind and body device. There are no trifles; there is nothing which doesn't have values. Everything can be used; on everything it is possible to study and gradually to seize fiery elements. Having seized it in itself, it is possible to seize without effort already it outside. The greatest difficulty is a persistent, steady and stubborn inertness of an organism and all mental devices. Small habits are enemies. In habits fire therefore it is hard to fight with them is crystallized and to win against them. Many people suffer speech incontinence. To break itself and to be approved as reticence and restraint for them it is almost impossible. Speech of the person is the phenomenon fiery. To spend impetuously this energy for idle talk it is inadmissible. It is impossible to spend it impetuously for serious speeches too. In that and other case the treasury devastation will be a consequence. Conclusions are correct also that when heart fires flare, there is no requirement and desire neither in wine, nor in any activators, and different shortcomings and hunting to indulge the weaknesses disappear. In a word, fire clears, and overcoming of becomes a lung that in a usual condition it seems almost invincible. Both fatigue and an indisposition it is easier to treat at this time. And a lot of things seem close and achievable. But it is necessary to be protected a degaussing. The people deprived of mental energy, in this regard are very dangerous. Correctly, noted that long conversation on affairs narrow-minded causes leakage of forces and revival of the fallen asleep weaknesses. It is necessary to help if the person in need, but observing commensurability. But sometimes commensurability demands to offer life. Wisdom of a donation and the help also consists in it. Process of accumulation of Agni is very interesting. It doesn't disturb neither to work, nor life, communication with people. On the contrary, about the strong fiery battery to people both it is easy, and it is quiet. Carriers of light fires are benefactors of mankind. It is necessary to shine both to people, and space. But to shine – doesn't mean at all to give both the lamp, and oil. After all then the torch will go out and the advantage phenomenon will stop. It should be realized in every way and all measures to protect a flame from a go out. It is too much quencher, and it is too much extinct consciousness’s therefore I Warn.
530. (M. A. Y.). It is very difficult to sympathize with people and to feel pity, keeping own balance. But, if it is lost, and the help not be valid, and vague, at a rate of balance loss. Having assumed quietly foreign suffering, or burden, on fires of the heart it is possible to neutralize it, and then the help will be valid and strong. As in a picture of the Guru: protecting, Rishi assumed blow and arrows, in the hand, but and I protected the pursued victim. It also is the true help – to assume the blow intended to volume, to a coma there is a protection. It also is true compassion.
531. (Guru). Very many chaotic, not properly executed and useless scraps litters of thinking the space. It is good to bring symmetry and orderliness in usual thinking of day. For this purpose casual alien thoughts should be replaced with others – not casual and allowed under control. Alien and unnecessary thoughts should be thrown out simply from consciousness, - they to anything. Though one finished and issued accurately costs hundreds scraps. Discipline of thoughts is one of immutable conditions of an apprenticeship. Let each thought will be useful and light.
532. (Sept. 16). When will ask: "Why all the time you tell about the person, his feelings and experiences, whether egoism you approve? ", tell: "The person is the powerful power light installation constantly radiating light energy of a various order both sating with them space and all surrounding". From the person not to leave anywhere and the radiation of its psychophysical device is necessary in order that this powerful, mobile and extraordinary difficult equipment could be used consciously for the good of everything living in all Worlds. And it is valid; each movement in a human microcosm is accompanied by light impulses, or reactions which constantly leave the trace in space. These radiations can be light, dark or mixed. The magnet human, like a usual magnet, has rounded itself the magnetic field sated with emanations of its essence. The person constantly radiates light or darkness. The equipment needs to be studied completely and up to the end as far as it allows consciousness. Than wider it, the more contains, the radiation is deeper. The lightful essence of the person in literal sense can be beneficial for the whole district or even the country in which he lives. And in exceptional cases is for all planets. If, Great Teachers Dispatched the pupils to some districts stop there earthquakes, or other natural disasters, what then force of the human battery and its radiations? The prosperity of the whole people can rotate round one personality, so in the history happened more than once. Studying of the human device difficult that demands practical approach to this business and goes by formation of the person such what it has to become according to the Great Plan of Evolution. And if each movement of the person – mental, physical or spiritual – is accompanied by obvious radiations, what enormous value all thoughts, feelings, emotions in all days of its life on Earth and in the Worlds have? It is necessary to think of it. Therefore also it is necessary so persistently and to stop persistently on behavior of the person and each movement of its device. And the leading role belongs to thought. The thought forms the future of the person that is his karma. Therefore We Allocate for understanding and studying of thought the first place. Responsibility of the person for everything that proceeds from his microcosm is great. That is why so in detail and repeatedly we go on all about the same and we Want that people for what they live on Earth understood and what great future is fated to them in the course of evolution Real.
533. (M. A. Y.). "Yes there will be Light", – so can tell itself everyone and cause the powerful radiation of lightful vibrations in the microcosm. And if the person causes unconsciously every instant light or darkness, he can do it consciously and instead of dark emanations to radiate only Light emanations, it in His the Will, because in the microcosm itself, He is a Lord. The Teacher Calls for understanding of the power over, seeking to teach how to own itself and to operate the will radiations of the organism. It is quite possible, and it should be understood. Having extinguished irritation and having replaced it with tranquility, the person already shows this power over. Not in any great and heroic causes, but in life usual, on the commonplaces and the phenomena there is this process of mastering by the radiations and the power is established over them. "Mastering by Lords Went", – there is an address of the pupil to the Teacher, the pupil who has understood that through this achievement all other achievements becomes possible to carry out and that it there is the shortest way to Light.
534. (Guru). To Carriers of Light we address for Light. This addresses always lightfull, if it is deprived of egoism. Egoism as the dark barrier becomes on a way of a combination of consciousness with Light. This is the enemy number first for each person striving for Light. It would seem, it is so simple and so easy to direct when it is given so much. But guards of the Threshold don't doze. They close an entrance. They, this ardent embodiment of egoism, become so formidable barrier. But if not to win against them here, on Earth how to make it there, the Thin World, after transition of Great Borders where all becomes aggravated and amplifies and where it is so difficult to begin fight by that has to be overcome and approved on Earth! Resolved here it will be authorized there, connected – it is connected. Let's consider terrestrial life as a preparation to stay in World Aboveground and we will severely prepare for it.
535. (Saint. 17). Hand Giving we will read not words, but affairs. In total that is applied in life, doesn't pass completely, but deposits energy crystals in the Bowl. It also is that accumulation which remains with the person as results of his embodiment on Earth; all other, not applied, by passes. It is good when of each lived day it is possible to take something with itself in the future. But it is necessary to know well, what even swear words stick to aura and dirty thoughts hang on it. A lot of unnecessary load is taken with himself by the person. And it is necessary to take only the most valuable because the way is necessary distant and unnecessary very much disturbs and detains advance.
536. (Guru). Burdening by circumstances always causes counteraction and desire to fight in strong spirit. Thus the effort is made not circumstances, but that reaction to them wasn't darkness consciousness that is that balance wasn't broken. When in the heaviest living conditions, among concerns, chagrin and sufferings, it is possible to keep balance of spirit and to keep a light-bearer of aura is it is possible to consider as a victory and big achievement.
537. (Guru). Cognition the process to perceive the person; not for condemnation, but for experience and for Knowledge this process by the Teacher is allowed. You see versions of human properties and qualities. You study recognition; you study not to attach to words significance, but to look at affairs. You learn to distinguish and essence of friends. Terrestrial life is good school. It is good to save up its experience, without becoming hardened spirit, without being afflicted too and knowing that life will fly as the movie, having left nothing after itself, except receiving experience. It is good to gain this experience consciously.
538. (Sept. 19). At night we Learn. Has no value that the day condition doesn't keep night lectures because in depths of consciousness all remains in memory and influences the current of thoughts. Reflections about the Thin World are very necessary and very useful because there everything moves thought and everything depends on thought. And if terrestrial life is only preparation for Elevated stay as it is important to be prepared for it in advance, and to be prepared thoroughly. Without knowing mathematics, it is impossible to understand it. Without knowing language, it is impossible to read on its books. Without having preparation, it is difficult to be guided in unusual conditions of the Thin World. Preparation is necessary. The thinking channelizes, and the habit to think in this or that direction is important. The habit to dirty thinking gives a free and open admission in those infected layers of space which it is similar to nature of thoughts. The accord and magnetic attraction of thoughts cause a thin environment of the person. The consciousness attuning on this or that wave of thoughts depends on desire, aspiration, or will of the person. To what thoughts are directed on Earth, there becomes reality and Wednesday in which the spirit stays. It is so important to learn to send will to think to the Upper Class of space. They are penetrated by beauty; in it ennobling and leading value of art. In it sense of thoughts fine and light, they as on wings bear to Light Spheres. All dark thoughts and feelings attract down – in the infected near-earth layers. But also on Earth, thinking yasnosiyayushche, we hold communication with Light Spheres. It is so important to know at least basic provisions of the Doctrine not to be wingless. All reject nfgate’s and don't know anything, having fenced off by an impenetrable wall of denial. Turbid and their existence in World Aboveground is gloomy. Correctly you do that without fear; quietly you wait for that people call death. For someone it really the end, and for someone – the beginning of the new, free, bright, of fascinating life, full of flights among Beauty and magnificence of the Highest Worlds. But it is necessary to aspire to it, differently there not to fly up. The reflection, that is thought, opens all entrances but if this thought is combined with Hierarchy of Light, it will be Leading and channelizing. It is necessary to join the Highest Spheres on Earth. For this purpose the dream, the condition similar to death is given. The dream can teach much if we adjust thought on aspiration to Light before to plunge into it. The thought magneto attracts the necessary conditions. Casual attempts won't yield results. It is necessary and here constancy of everyday efforts. The dream of death is similar. Everyday conscious transition to a dream will accustom to fearless transition of Great Borders. It is possible and is necessary to postpone all day affairs and cares, to reject all terrestrial environments at the time of a fall asleep, knowing that before the real death it is necessary to refuse everything and to leave all terrestrial on Earth, all the chagrin, cares and fears. It is necessary to leave all this that their burden didn't chain to Earth spirit wings. Free terrestrial it is necessary to depart from all to a dream. And then doors of secret knowledge will reveal.
539. (M. A. Y.). If to hold to you in remembrance that you dream in World Aboveground, don't want to live on Earth. And it is necessary to live on Earth to learn the next lesson or lessons both enriched with experience and knowledge to enter again into that world, from where came. Both experience terrestrial and experience Elevated – both are necessary for a spirit ascension and therefore experience terrestrial and its accumulation should be met with understanding and not to be afflicted too if it is heavy. The teacher Conducts. In wisdom of the Teacher believe.
540. (Sept. 20). It is possible to leave clerical ideas of kind and angry people, as well as about righteous persons and sinners. All this is replaced with concepts purely scientific. Merits of spirit are necessary not for the sake of any abstract ideals, and for life not to do harm to people around, neither, or space. Dark thoughts and feelings strike first of the entire carrier them. The despondency poisons all system, all organism of the whiner, infects others and is heavy deposited in space. The despondency not without reason was considered as a mortal sin that is dooming his death carrier, but any more bodies, and spirit. As also all other defects, sins and passions are harmful and destructive for their owner. Virtuous, that is mentally healthy person, it is necessary to be for life in this world and in that. Qualities of spirit, being fire containers, form armor of spirit and its protecting network. To have them simply favorably and it is useful for everything and for all. It is impossible to create them suddenly, time is required. As well system clarification from litter doesn't happen instantly. Many heavy particles should be brought out of the body poisoned with negative qualities. I became nervous the person also calmed down, apparently, everything well. But what is the time will leave on neutralizing империл who can tell? It is good to be on continuous patrol not to allow anything dirty, anything poisoning and darkness to enter inside. Not only is it necessary for itself, but also for the world.
541. (M. A. Y.). Let's accustom to behave as if we would be and continuous presence of the Teacher. Actually so it also is because He Sees the movie of all our actions and thoughts when it is necessary for It. As also us don't consider separated by range, and think better that near us. The proximity spatial is subordinated to other laws, than proximity terrestrial. Better consider that there are no distances. Then it will be easier to enter into singularity of spatial life. The interconnection of both Worlds will be so gradually mastered; after all both of them judgment to the person.
542. (Sept. 21). In one two: one wants Light and strives for it, another in every possible way counteracts and doesn't want. One wants to concentrate on the chosen Face, other wishes to think of trifles and to flit thoughts. Two in one and the difference of their aspirations and interests at times is opposite. There is time, and the second which from last and yet gets rid, continues to disturb. . The reality says that kaleidoscopically change of the events around has no value, but the egoism wants to live the interests and catches at shadows evidence. How to moderate mortal, temporary, the personality in it and to subordinate her to Identity commands? Though it is possible to create, and thought it is possible to destroy any mental construction. It is necessary to work with thought. Thoughts can't allow flowing randomly and randomly, to flit from one obtuseness to another. It is too much everything of what it is necessary to think and think purposefully still to waste time for inutile and casual thoughts. The thought paints the color aura and gives a tone to all organisms. Whether it is permissible that influence of thoughts was provided to drift. After all it also will be that is called as dissoluteness of thinking. This dissoluteness consists not only in the admission of dirty thoughts, but also in a chaotic and uncontrolled current of the chaotic thoughts depending on absolutely casual conditions. Control is very necessary. The thinking has to be monolithic. The dispersion of thoughts shows consciousness not streamlining. It isn't enough the people, capable to think consistently and up to the end. Even in usual conversation of thought of the interlocutor skip from one subject on another, get confused in this chaos and aren't finished logically. The yoga of life demands mastering by thought. She demands that the thought was expressed briefly, accurately and clearly, the heap of excess words only darkens the main thought and weakens it. It is necessary to learn and think, and to speak briefly, accurately and clearly.
543. (Guru). In the dwellings people periodically make cleaning: clean, wash, sweep and bring an order. But in mental economy didn't get used to do it regularly yet. The dwelling once should be left or changed for the house of spirit in which constantly their lives the person. This house demands special attention and continued care. And it is good to ask a question: what is made in this direction? And it is good to answer itself truthfully and honestly this question.
544. (Sept. 22). Certainly vigilance is necessary also recognition too. It is too much wishing to mislead. Heart will be the judge only. Quality of recognition develops experience. It is necessary to pass through many tests before it will be possible to rely on a faultlessness of thin perceptions. If the dark try here so persistently, that a try and there Vigilance we will increase and we will strengthen hidden communication.
545. Become closer to Me, even closer and seek to hold understanding of this proximity throughout the day and nights. The everyday rhythm of Communication doesn't build each time this communication anew, but strengthens and strengthens the already established. The chosen Image if it is accepted by heart, in it will be constant though the consciousness can concentrate on something another. This subconscious memory about continuous presence needs to learn to be held always before it. And affairs of the present day distract cares and force to forget temporarily about communication continuity, but the thoughts premised about subconscious possibility of control, very much will help to protect it. It will help to be protected both at night, and in the afternoon from uninvited and undesirable invasions.
546. (M. A. Y.). Of recognition of people be afraid – too unsteadily it and often hesitates from one pole to another, that is from recognition and an eminence before denial, derogation and condemnation. To you our recognition and recognition you the Lord are important. As for to all and all other, it has no special value, thanks to the passing nature and variability of human moods. Why to put it in dependence of that today is, and tomorrow passes or changes in essence. The Lord is unchangeable, understanding of it and will be a support among variability and inconstancy of human judgment.
547. (M. A. Y.). You have one more proof to about what to you it was told long ago: you are a litmus piece of paper for identification of the hidden essence of to whom you should adjoin. The lord – the Threshold to spirit; it following and to It imitating, we become in a measure any causing reaction to Light in those people to whom there is a contact. Sooner, or later, but they surely will reveal themselves. Light reveals everything and does obvious that was hidden from eyes earlier. You are testers of souls human, and nobody will pass by you, without having revealed depth of the essence and the relation any more to you, but to Tom Who Stands behind you. Children of Light for supporters of darkness serve as developers of the hidden nature of these last. In whom there is Light, it inflames and amplifies, in a lump – darkness, and it becomes obvious and active. But indifferently anybody by doesn't pass and especially to whom your attention is paid.
548. (Sept. 23). The mental energy received from the Carrier of Light by those who surrounds it, strengthens in them tension and number of their own potential, and a consequence of it is that qualities, properties and tendencies of their character start being shown especially intensively; if, they are good, and consequences corresponding, if the bad, the person becomes worse, than was earlier. These consequences can be shown not at once, but anyway all of them will be shown in this or that form. In the presence of aspiration and will there is a transmutation and the person takes an improvement way. In the absence of them everything can fall lower and lower, the strengthened mental energy turned into darkness, will entail consciousness down. The powerful torch can assimilate Light Carrier, lighting up and revealing around both kind, and angry, both the highest, and the lowest in the person. Having ignited its Light, people start noticing in them what wasn't earlier because all their internal essence is shined. Sleeping to this property suddenly comes to life, and operating amplifies. And if they are bad, fight, their overcoming – and a victory over them if Light way is chosen is necessary; about Light Carrier usually always display and treachery. The stronger it Light, is more disgusting treachery. Someone, without maintaining light of Light and revealing the hidden dark essence, submits to it and becomes the servant of darkness; so, Brings Light Carrier division in the world. Light separating children of Light and able to follow It from those who betrays itself to darkness. Now, on change of races when Beams of the Stronghold start acting especially powerfully on all space of a planet, this division of people becomes especially sharp, and division this final. With approach of the New Era of Fire for dark sushchnost stay in the atmosphere of the planet which has been lit up by new fiery beams and energiya, becomes intolerable. They should leave from a planet. The ancient Prophecy, thus, will be carried out.
549. (M. A. Y.). On the Way are inevitable both meetings, and the phenomena, and experiences, яро disturbing to advance. It isn't necessary to be confused them, and how they were strong, the way should be continued steadily, without stopping, without being confused, without daring to be late because of them even for a while. The way hurrying, and the skilled traveler goes, without changing a step rhythm. After all often baits and an allure are elegantly thrown dark to confuse, stop and force to enter into combinations to them. And the weeds above, the falling is more dangerous. Let's understand this situation so: mental energy grows, fires amplify, and the benefit if they are turned to Light because turned into darkness, they will carry away in a chasm.
550. (Guru). Force of overcoming of all of that disturbs contact, grows according to growth of obstacles. About it we won't forget and we won't be afflicted with growth of circumstances interfering contact. The victory over them is those achievements which serve as steps of a ladder of spirit.