Agni Yoga's facets, 1967 (551-664)

551. (Sept. 24). Invisible distribution of the Doctrine goes on spatial channels. Therefore to stop it nobody will be able. In books, magazines, in thoughts of ordinary people it is possible to see and observe results of spatial influence of ideas. For this purpose We Sate space with thoughts of the Doctrine. In it our Call to each sensitive spirit, capable to apprehend these parcels. Ideas of the New Era rush in the world, impregnating minds of many people. No barriers can stop a stream of world thought. And if on the one hand ignorance, denial, disbelief, cruelty and darkness, with another – hunger spiritual, aspiration to Light, feeling of going changes and desire to work for the public good. Many consciousnesses wake up among twilight of the leaving old world.The current time goes under the sign of awakening of the sleeping. The spirit human wakes up, and heart directs to Light. Elements storm, planet subsoil is restless. Planetary the disbalance amplifies; difficult time for the able to see.
552. (Sept. 27). Flight in the future exempts from chains of a direct environment. We Live in the future, Us moves the future, and We Find the solution of many questions in it. After all in the present it is impossible to carry out those great achievements, which ludgment to mankind. Their projection is directed in the future in which they exist on the plan of ideas. These ideas already are, are already issued, and already are as though past, but not on the terrestrial plan, and on the plan creating life firstimages the Great Plan is so carried out. Only in relation to the plan terrestrial firstimagines these treat the future, on the plan of fiery reality where everything is uniform, division into a past, the present and the future gets out of the terrestrial shape. Great, eternal NOWADAYS replaces their place. In usual human understanding of the past isn't present, it sank into oblivion. However if to plunge into Akasha's rolls, it is possible to cause and see this past recovered in all details. Human ideas of things are relative. Idea of time and space rather distances, that is far and close is relative. In the Thin World they already undergo considerable changes. Spirit is out temporarily. It bears in itself (himself) possibilities of comprehension of the highest measurements. Body physical is a product of the three-dimensional world, with all its restrictions. Consciousness – a field of a meeting of all Worlds, and consciousness it is possible to concern all plans of life. The thought is the tool of consciousness which can be used in all measurements because the thought, even terrestrial, isn't any more a subject of the dense world. Certainly, it can be limited to the phenomena of this last, but even then products can't be carried it to the dense world. It is impossible usual to see and weigh her eye on usual scales or to hold hands. But its communication with the dense world is strong because it is enough to be saddened by something as influence of hidden thought affects all shape of the person internally or externally; world mental surrounds a planet. The world mental surrounds the person, his world, him created. Both are in interaction according to the accord of the elements entering in everyone. Question in what accord and as with the mental world of a planet. It is rich and various extremely. It is filled with everything that is enclosed in it by mankind. It is in connection with the mental world of space. It is available to consciousness which can come off the own personal world of thoughts and accord with thought of space. Great opportunities are open before mankind.
553. (M. A. Y.). Communication with the Lord or Sent him isn't limited to limits of one life, but goes far to the past and directs in the far future. It is possible to call it rather not terrestrial, but communication elevated. The statement of Envoys of the Lord, who have left from Earth, so important, is so necessary and so urgently for a life structure that it is difficult to settle words all depth and value of this task. After all it is milestones of a way to the future on which it is possible to direct victoriously in it. The benefit to the one who comprehended it and the affairs puts into practice the understanding, approving more and lighter shapes of Envoys of Light and their creativity.
554. (Guru). That reaches claiming a little itself and his? Anything! But the one who entirely gives itself to Business of the Lord and affairs of those whom It Sent, does serious work extraordinary importance. The value and value of each employee is determined by this sign. The value and value of each employee is determined by this sign. It is necessary to pave the way in consciousness human for those changes, which judgment to the world. Also it is necessary prepare to a way for arrival of new builders.
555. (Sept. 28). From atom to stars and planets – everything that exists, all subjects, plants, animals and the person – everything has the radiations. They surrounded each blade, each flower, and each tree. Seeds of all plants have them. Fishes are shone, mollusks, the sea phosphoresces for this reason. Radiations of a flower though fluctuate and vibrate, but in an animal they are more mobile, and each emanation is accompanied by flash of radiations. In the person they are even sharper, even more intense. In the person they are more subordinated to will and are considerably regulated by it. The person is a being fiery. It means that they carried all processes which are occurring in it, whatever character, are accompanied by fiery lighting effects.
556. (M. A.Y.). Suites of aura can be operated, consciously causing these or those feelings and thoughts. Are fine light of sincere, strong love. Are fine light of Communication. Are fine light of aspiration fiery. So much the person in the microcosm the will can cause the fine. Service Fine or Beauty is expressed in beauty of aura’s radiations. On these radiations the Teacher Sees that occurs in the person, He Determines by them and degree of his ascension. Care of aura is very necessary because are dismissed and feelings and thoughts of people don't restrain. Control over radiations it is possible to regulate even a karma current.
557. (Guru). Each subject is surrounded with the aura. Each thing in human dwellings is too. Besides own radiations, the things which have visited hands of the person, are sated with his emanations. All inanimate objects have the soul. On character of these saturation subjects can be divided on kind and angry. People do them such. Sacred subjects shine and are shone. Pictures, sculptural images and other works of art are shone. Also are shone or are shrouded in dark radiations of the dwelling of people.
558. (Sept. 29). Everything that surrounds the person, bears on itself to some extent not only stratifications of its radiations, but also prints of all events which occurred in this place. Memory of the nature includes also ability of material objects to imprint vibrations of light and to store these prints. They say that on ancient jewelry there is a lot of blood. To these want to tell that some of them are connected with tragic incidents and murders. Some fanatics drink only from the bowl. It already extremes, but in them are covered fragments of the forgotten knowledge. Unconsciously people know about much and very much appreciate the subjects which have visited long favorite hands, store portraits, rings, letters and different things. It is better that emanations didn't mix up therefore after death of the person his personal belongings burn. After all the person involuntarily perceives with what others things if holds them close are saturated. There are subjects not only kind or angry, but also sated with thoughts with a definite purpose. Such subjects can protect or harm. Their names are talismans. The atmosphere of places where there live people is filled with various human emanations. Everything is deposited, bearing the print of Light or darkness. These deposits are reality of the Thin World and are visible it to inhabitants. All low gravitates to Earth and low layers of the Thin World; all light and shining aspires to the Highest Spheres. The thin World is divided into various spheres by the principle of the compaction and sparseness. The aura of the person magneto attracts him according to the accord to the corresponding layers and establishes with them connection when the person still lives in the physical body. Obviously it isn't realized, that is many don't know it, though are under the influence of certain layers of space. Dark often use some people that through them to establish connection with others, not having this communication. Thereby the circle of influence of low layers of an astral on inhabitants of Earth extends. When a protecting network in an order and thought are pure, danger isn't present. But not gets rid low properties can promote establishment of undesirable communication. Understanding of three Worlds allows to make to itself more or less fair idea of fullness of surrounding space and to be constant on patrol from undesirable influences.
559. (M. A. Y.). Already noticed more than once as the heaviest or unpleasant and afflicting circumstances were very useful to spirit growth; but understanding of usefulness at “Identity and small "I" variously. It isn't enough to receive pleasures strokes of bad luck or to live in severe and difficult conditions, but they temper spirit, do it strong and resistant. Unpleasant living conditions will pass, strength of mind and training remain. And we will look at all events with us as on something useful or harmful to growth of our Immortal Identity. Life terrestrial, carried out in ease and wellbeing, gives nothing. Only difficulties and obstacles give the chance to spirit to raise and develop. Therefore the Doctrine of Live Ethics also gave a formula: "Obstacles are blessed – them we grow".
560. (Guru). Whether you understand, the spirit victory if it is possible to store pleasure in sad and heavy living conditions how is great? But it already superiority of spirit over a flesh; be able to show a superiority of spirit – achievement very high. The pleasure of spirit will be a sign of a victory and milestones on a track conducting to the Lord.
561. (Sept. 30). Light visualizations already cause its some manifestations or strengthening. To wish Light – means it to have. Think more often of Light. Though it is possible to create Light and cause it. The appeal to Light connects consciousness to Light spheres. After all there are darkness spheres, and the dark thought to them directs.
562. (M. A. Y.). The thought of the Lord will be thought of Light, because Light in It. Can't come nearer dark essence to the consciousness filled with the Lord. Light of the Face rejects it them, as if a whirlwind leaves dry. Power of influence of the Face should be known. Certainly, filling has to be rather full that places any more didn't remain for something another. The duality of thoughts is destructive. The monolithic thinking is force.
563. (M. And. Й.). Process of mastering by happens in life usual, extending on everything that does, the person thinks and feels. On the most low-slightest affairs the person exercises himself, knowing that the big grow from small undertakings; small thoughts can sadden aura even more strongly than the big. But it is easier to cope with trifles, it is easier to overcome them and on them to strengthen the will.
564. (Guru). Expansion of consciousness and ascension of spirit go at establishment of communication with the Teacher. The stronger it, the advance is more successful. Not interruptibility and constancy which become stronger constant attention to them will be its main qualities.
565. (Oct. 3). (M. A. Y.) . Only think how many it is given! All received becomes the only after application of Precepts of the Teacher in life. I won't be tired to go on about haste and urgency of the practical appendix of the Doctrine on experience. There is no other way of assimilation of the appendix of its provisions and transformation of knowledge into the integral property of the person; only provided that there is an adjournment in the Bowl of crystals of thin energy. Otherwise everything slides on a consciousness surface, without leaving the necessary consequences.
566. (Guru). Rather more likely you seek to acquire everything rather that so generously it is given to Leaders. Time so hasn't enough and it is necessary to acquire very much. There can't be idle hours and idle thinking. Every instant it has to be used with advantage for General Welfare. Time and tide wait for no man.
567. (M. A. Y.) . Suitability of the pupil is defined by his acts, behavior and a current of thoughts. The fair and impartial self-assessment serves eradication and an gets rid of undesirable properties and the statement of desirable qualities. External хорошесть it is impossible to consider as the valid shape of the person.
568. (Oct. 6). Fans to eat well go with this habit to the World Thin. The indifference to food should be developed in advance. Desires to food will long try to keep step with a one incarnation. Terrestrial habits very much I stacked is a lot of them unnecessary; to the World Elevated the person carries away with himself. Each attachment to terrestrial use painfully declares itself. The imagination creates any conditions. They though illusive, but give visibility illusion. After all and in these world dreamers find satisfaction in dreaming. And many fall into a reverie impetuously. There this property becomes stronger. At the heart of creativity of spirit the thought lies. That is why control over thought is so urgently necessary.
569. (M. A. Y.). Forgetfulness about things necessary often occurs under suggestion of the dark. After all very much it isn't necessary for them when memorable days strengthen a planetary network of Light. They struggle with Light in all ways if only to belittle it and not to allow it to inflame. Days memorable observe is Fire among a gloom terrestrial.
570. (M. A. Y.). Darkness is not an obstacle for service of the Light, because Light scatters of it. And care of that luminosity of aura increased. Protection of kindle fires – a duty of the attendant of Light. Also patrol incessant from various feeble efforts of dark evil-make is necessary. Protected against hearts fires from extinction we won't win and it isn't vulnerable darkness. The protecting network demands constant attention and continuous protection. It should be kept in a full order. Balance of spirit will be powerful protection. Each merit of spirit is as links of protective chain armor.
571. (Guru). The statement of our name is very necessary. Each action in this direction will be a valuable gift of the gift on a future altar. After all Simeon Light can be sowed only on the prepared soil. Let the one for whom it is necessary know that, doing it, it does something very important for evolution and subjects prepares conditions for our new activity.
572. (Oct. 8). In an ancient legend it is said that the cut heads of a monster grow again. This symbol expressed thought that fight against external obstacles and their overcoming outside the never-ending and are useless that they are similar to fight with windmills as only overcoming and a victory in itself, a victory of over, can give strength to overcome both external obstacles, and difficulties. If there is no this force inside, force which has grown on internal overcoming of the weaknesses and the statement of strength of mind, the person before external counteracting forces and circumstances is powerless. Mental energy, great Agni, will be that power which is so necessary in this fight. That advantage of if the person wins against something outside not the force, and successful combination of circumstances or energy of other people. But it remains powerless and devastated; unless the victory of Carriers of Light, coming in the world, consisted in destruction of external conditions? After all to apostle Peter was specified to enclose in a sheath a sword which he lifted on protection of the Savior because the victory over the world was reached by other way, and this way wasn't aspiration of fiery power outside. After all it was told that it would be possible to call to the aid legions of angels, a mighty hidden host, but, however, it wasn't made. Everything is overcome in the spirit of, and in the spirit of a victory is other than external successes, temporary and passing, but, approved as spirit and in the spirit of, remains with it forever.
573. (M. A. Y.). When external counteraction encounters the indestructible force and firmness of spirit, it recedes and karmic stops the activity. It occurs when the victory of spirit over is final and irrevocable also any weaknesses and possibility of recurrence of gets rid properties any more doesn't remain. Karmic tests for a certain subject last until the final victory is reached. Burdening by circumstances is necessary for spirit increase, and when it grew to the necessary step, these circumstances leave and is replaced with others, necessary for its new growth and development.
574. (Oct. 9). Connection of the Worlds will be noted by signs of the amplifying thin phenomena which quantity will increase all the time everywhere while the consciousness of masses won't appear before a set of the thin phenomena which can't be denied. No artificial barriers and restrictions will constrain the course of Evolution and approach of the New Era which will enter under a banner of association of all three Worlds.
575. (Oct. 10). The mankind goes definitely to that purpose which is planned by the Great Plan. And it to this purpose will come. And how be with those who won't be able? The died-out species of plants, animals both the died-out people and races show how all disappears not suitable for evolution. A lot of things will change in life of people. Imagine that cars and devices of the future will be set in motion by mental energy of the person and that the people possessing it sufficiently, will be especially valuable and irreplaceable. As it will change the attitude towards them and structure of work. Work remains, but will get new forms. As also the passport of aura, s radiations will divide mankind on a treatment of light and shade. Division on rich and poor and many modern conditions distinguishing people, will be replaced absolutely with others. And the main thing is that this time will come because movement of Evolution can't be stopped. Will object why earlier, in former civilizations, at all their blossoming, it wasn't. But after all after crossing bottom, median, and circle points the mankind began lifting up. Both thinning and matter depression, both a human body, and all planet will steadily amplify and develop while the condensed astral doesn't become reality and a step to a further ascension. It is fated to be. The element of time and remoteness of the judgment future have no self-sufficing value because certain people will reach this step and earlier. The understanding of the future and tracing of the Great Plan approach to it. Directing in this future and living in it, the person does it by reality for consciousness. And then the future becomes for it the real engine of life.
576. (M. A. Y). We attach special significance to nature of aspiration and its purity. Impurity of personal interests and egoism weakens it and distorts its direction. Not persons, but the place in the future is allocated for Identity of the person. The personality is only the servant of Identity and executive of her instructions. But each person comes to the world, bringing with itself an assignment from the Identity, from the highest "I". This assignment assumes spirit consciously and in the depths knows it even then when clothes in a dense cover. It is possible to call by inutile souls those people who forgot about an assignment of spirit. It is a lot of them which aren't executing the mission. After all spirit, being embodied, assumes absolutely certain task for the sake of which performance it and comes to Earth. Speaking more clearly, it has to learn certain lessons, gain a certain experience and pass the tests connected with it. Speaking more clearly, it has to learn certain lessons, gain a certain experience and pass the tests connected with it. All life terrestrial consists of such tests, and lifting up on a ladder of spirit is the obligation of the person in relation to the Immortal Triad.
577. (Guru). Each undesirable or dirty thought need to be replaced it with contrast immediately. And then polarization through related contrasts will proceed with relief and lawfully. So, not goodwill can be replaced with friendliness, but it is impossible to replace envy with thought of the Distant Worlds. At people often the sympathy is replaced with antipathy, and vice versa and as many feelings change. But it is possible to polarize them on their positive contrast consciously. And it isn't so difficult to replace irritation with good nature. Purpose is to become the lord of the feelings and experiences, without allowing manifestation of negative properties.
578. (Oct. 12). Penetration into the remote past under the law of a polar allows to get and into the far future, finishing that understanding as a whole things uniform. And then evidence of the present loses the usual value and ceases to dominate over consciousness. And then the reality, great eternal NOWADAYS becomes a median point of polarizable contrasts instead of evidence. It not abstract philosophy, but life. To eternal life of spirit we Seek to attach your consciousness, stretching consciousness threads forward where everything is achievable. In the past – that was reached once by people, in the future – that will be reached. The future is wider than a past because it isn't limited to that already was once. Former civilizations at all the power and blossoming had no those accumulation which now the mankind because past synthesis in combination with opportunities of the future allows to reach higher step of Evolution potentially possesses. Therefore We Store the most valuable achievements of the past in the Tower. The lowermost point of Evolution is passed; mankind in the course of lifting. The spiral stream of Evolution directs people to fiery coast from which the convergence in a matter once began, but people are armed now with consciousness.
579. (M. A. Y. ) . In remained time of life in a dense body it is necessary to manage to claim everything in application that contained consciousness. Because the person in Elevated won't be able to promote is farther than that line which was drawn by him, being on Earth, the appendix of the Doctrine in life. All almost applied becomes the integral property of the person and to them undertakes with itself in a way further. All overcome becomes lifting steps. All crude litter too undertakes, but there becomes the heavy freight which is slowing down movement. The litter in thoughts is very dangerous. Release of thought from litter – a the necessary step on a way. The difficult task because, to its having got used, people any more doesn't notice it and doesn't understand that the wings aggravated by litter, won't give the chance to fly. Everything is ruthlessly and severely swept out from consciousness that doesn't correspond to a passable step. The combination of consciousness to useless thoughts is inadmissible. Small connivance in the world terrestrial will respond in the Thin World the tragedy. The victory over the dirty thoughts, reached on Earth, is very necessary and very important for stay in World Aboveground.
580. (Guru). The issued thought everyone accurately and clearly being in the accord with the Doctrine of Life, will be a light spatial contribution to a world treasury of thoughts. It is possible therefore to understand how responsibility for thoughts of the one who can think clair-radiant is great. However, the thought not always on lifting, but even it can concern at this time the phenomena which haven't been soiled by nasty thing. It is necessary to be fenced off resolutely from everything that is on that party of a flaring sword of the Archangel. It is necessary to find forces once and for all to depart from the evil, even in thoughts, even in the desires of the past which haven't died away yet, and not gets rid, and nesting still somewhere on dark back streets of consciousness.
581. (Oct. 13). Our planet is sick. The thinking of mankind is shrouded in a gloom. Natural disasters in the form of hurricanes, floods, heavy rain, earthquakes, violation of climate fall upon a planet. Same the disbalance it is shown and in a human body in which elements of the earth, waters, air and fire is expressed in all completeness. These are disbalance it is accompanied by growth of various diseases, which as, for example, a cancer, become menacing mental diseases. The obsession amplified and accepts wide forms. And while the spirit human won't wake up and the thought won't regenerate yet, balance of elements won't be established. Everything is uniform, and everything is connected between itself. The new Era will be accompanied by change of spatial currents and astrological conditions of a planet. If the planet enters into harmony with them, on Earth the world will be established and the thought collective if isn't present will change, accidents of a world order or partial not to avoid.
582. (M. A. Y.). When the person establishes in himself balance, he leads to obedience and to harmony of elements in the organism. Thereby its power, in the beginning in itself, then outside is established over them. Rule over elements is long dream of mankind. It is possible and it is achievable, but the way to this power lies through itself, through mastering by. The elements of fire will be the most difficult for mastering and submission. Person is a being fiery. Agni Yoga gives methods and ways of this mastering. It consistently and gradually enters the person into area of his fiery nature. It acquaints it with elements of fire, warning about dangers of process of mastering by the fires and указуя a way safe. It is possible to call Agni Yogi's way a way of transformation of human essence under the influence of fires growing in its microcosm.
583. (Guru). The regal power of human spirit over the nature he is fated from the beginning of times. That to reach this power, it is necessary to believe what exactly such is mission of the person, and then to direct to this purpose far. You know from the past many examples of extraordinary abilities of the person, fiery force it and opportunities to make the unusual and striking phenomena. It everything says that these phenomena not the fairy tale. Who can reach? Not having anything the, not wishing achievement for the sake of itself, forgotten time and a body, given on service to the Lord and Light. Accepted these conditions can go to this power because it is necessary to it for the sake of General Welfare, for the sake of work on Evolution of all Real. Not considering anything and not wanting for itself this power can reach.
584. (Oct. 14). If compare the destiny and life to destiny and life of other person, you will see new aspect of the karma, testifying that you won't find even two blades similar. Even the relatives even living nearby under one roof or in one room have absolutely different karmas. The karma put in the essence of the person, induces him to react to external influences absolutely certain, to him in a peculiar way. The karma inside, and release from it goes from within. In himself the person bears the press of all the last fulfillments, creating every instant a new karma the thoughts, acts and actions. Main current of karma is created mainly by thought. Therefore creation of a new karma possibly if over thoughts control and if a unification with the Teacher rather strongly is established. The karma can't be rejected because the karma is a chain of causes and effects. The reasons can be created again, but, being created, they take root in a karma chain, and it is impossible to be exempted from them while their energy won't be settled on beget. Spirit – the karma carrier, but in the grain which is hidden under all stratifications, it isn't vulnerable even a karma which is connected with covers and that in them occurs. The question of a karma is difficult extraordinary.
585. (Guru). To Us directing with Us will come. The proximity is caused by constancy of aspiration, devotion and love. And if, you want be with Us who can prevent it and to separate you? This consciousness of our Proximity also live, go it through life. Proximity and unification – in the spirit of, but not in external conditions, and the spirit is free to choose always the direction and on it to direct. Therefore, our Proximity is integral if your spirit wants it.
586. (Oct. 15). Now, when basic provisions of the Doctrine are acquired, it is possible to start details, detailing them. Details too matter as give coloring to the whole. Let's take an aura question. Each of seven principles of the person, or seven of his bodies, has the coloring and the radiations. These radiations depend on past accumulation. They concentrated in highest three; make the way through all lowest covers. Luminosity of the highest bodies grows and amplifies as elements of immortality gather in them from life in life. Collected and nothing the saved-up spirits have nothing because their fiery bodies aren't issued yet. But other covers are active. The issued mental body defines a high step of spirit. At the majority activity is concentrated in the fourth principle – the astral conductor. Radiations from others, the highest, conductors make the way poorly and are poorly noted on aura. The aura is an open book according to which the essence of the person is freely read. The stranger of aura it is necessary to treat reading or feeling very attentively, and then these feelings will start being shown everything brighter and brighter. The first impression is especially sharp, but to it pays attention a little, and it sinks in the subsequent, already not clears and mixed perceptions because the mind darkening a sense-knowledge interferes; moods of day or a spatial note too sound on aura. All subjects, situation and the atmosphere of human dwellings, the atmosphere of the city, the district, everything with what the person makes contact sound, and everything is reflected in aura. Only people don't want to give to themselves in it the account and to note these invisible contacts of subjects, the plants, all live creatures and the person. Contacts of the animals especially some, aren't always useful. Therefore they shouldn't be kept in premises. Through animals there can be an undesirable contact with the Thin World – to its lower class. We are surrounded with invisible energy and the Invisible World channels of communication with which have very importance. In the Thin World there is a lot of wishing to interfere with terrestrial affairs and to influence people. The mood of aura of live people has ability to attract conformable souls of the Thin World. And if this mood is low and attractions turn out corresponding. At control over thoughts and feelings it is necessary to watch a condition of the aura, and especially protecting network. Conditions of despondency, hopelessness, fear and all other negative and darkness feelings are inadmissible as create channels conformable to them spatial communications. Condition of vigorous, resistant aspiration, when understanding unification with the Teacher very well both for itself, and for space, and is for people around. Spatial value of thoughts and feelings of the person is very great.
587. (M. A. Y.). Growth of mental energy requires two conditions: it’s this understanding, and the second – its application in life. It doesn't mean that it is necessary to practice in public, but to apply it is possible constantly, and, first of all, on itself. Certainly, and people can send kind thoughts and feelings. But the main thing is to watch a condition of mental energy in ourselves, preserving it against all harmful influences. This force, like physical muscles, demands continuous exercise. Otherwise it will atrophy, and it conducts to spiritual death. It is a lot of live dead persons, in the spirit of the dead; it is possible to meet among living on Earth.
588. (Guru). Whether it is possible to stop the arrow which has been let out from onions? As it is difficult stop the reason, which has been let out in a wheel of action of the Law. But start up in a wheel the new reason, neutralized the first, probably quite. Therefore to create thought the new reasons it is possible consciously, providing beforehand that in them it has to be put and as they have to neutralize the reasons undesirable, created earlier circumstances, perhaps, absolutely not dependent on your will. The outside world – this field of fight human of will's both human thoughts, and the opposite phenomena meets the spirit which has chosen the purpose approach to the Teacher of Light much.
589. (M. A. Y.). It is good to learn to finish each kind undertaking that is not to stop efforts, the goal isn't reached yet. So, in the statement of qualities we won't stop on the middle, but them we will approve, won't take roots yet strongly. Constancy of a rhythm very helps with it. In days twenty four hours, and for this period it is possible to make a lot of things and time to find on crystallization of the necessary aspiration. The thought has to be always occupied with something useful. Idle myleniye as well as idle flow of words, it is condemned.
590. (Oct. 18). Wisdom track – so we Call a Way made together with Us. Who says what it is easy? And why people strive for ease when it gives nothing and when only overcome difficulties and obstacles lead to the purpose. To fall in love with them and to get used to them in their continuous overcoming will be only the correct decision. About difficulties and obstacles It was spoken long ago and It is told much, but they continue to sadden consciousnesses and pleasures don't give. Why it occurs? Whether not therefore, what some provisions of the Doctrine are acquired abstractedly – the theory isn't realized? Whether everything is equal what to drink and that is, and in what to put on if everything concentrates in the spirit of and the consciousness escapes from the sphere personal and close, from an external environment, on a spatial scope? Establishing the indifferent relation to food, It was spoken not without reason. It should be understood as release from desire to it. Developed in itself desire, continue it to keep and in World Aboveground and that to detain the advance. It is necessary to understand love to the dense world without attachment to it and desires. Such love it is possible to love the nature and its beauty, flowers, birds and animals if only these feelings weren't the chains arresting to the dense world. It isn't dangerously to love the nature because in Elevated beauty surpasses it terrestrial, and to look at Earth the desire already isn't present. Don't imagine incarnate as far as life in it is fuller and brighter the terrestrial. If represented, of death wouldn't be afraid and understood why it is possible to call it release. The world Thin is beautiful, because созвучит with Beauty. Beauty – an antipode of a disgrace, disharmony and darkness. The beauty is expression of essence of Light. It rains in the Upper Class of the Elevated World. It Light from darkness separates. So, service to Beauty will be service to Light. And the statement of Beauty in life terrestrial will be the direct way conducting to Lords.
591. (M. A. Y.). Let's pay attention to how each take-off of consciousness is accompanied by burdening by terrestrial affairs and cares – some amendment is as though brought. So it also is actually because it is hard to come off Earth and to leave it homeless. It is necessary to reach the Teacher on the ground. Earth very much needs spirit energy, it eats them. Eremites Yogis live in a separation from life usual, but take ardent part in life planetary, without coming off Earth and being closely connected with it. Medium is dangerous that mediums so plunge into the phenomena of the Thin World that depart from life terrestrial. And as at crude consciousness they adjoin with low, and are more often with the lowest, astral layers, harm turns out doubled. Life terrestrial is given in order that by it to live, strong learning useful lessons and knowledge and multiplying the experience. It is impossible to overestimate value of experience and its necessity for Identity growth. Every day it is possible to carry out with advantage, something from it taking, it and will be a true apprenticeship and understanding of that life is the best school.
592. (Guru). Yes, we are in continuous, intense expectation of the future and in readiness to meet it. Expectation it is active and is accompanied by saturated activity. There is nothing more harmfully than the inert, passive expectation, being accompanied idleness and of chatter on sublime subjects. Well every day, to a dream departing, to ask itself a question – which it is made in a day for General Welfare. And then it will be easy to separate words and good intentions from the valid affairs. The teacher Will estimate everyone not by words and good intentions, but on affairs. It is with an ulterior motive said that good intentions covered a way to an underworld.
593. (Oct. 19). Quality of self-control meets in people not often. It demands continuous patrol of consciousness over reflex actions, thoughts and feelings. It is enough to stop or face patrol surprise as automatic reaction breaks balance, and the new conscious effort of will that to restore it is necessary. Only it is long an introduced habit not to be surprised surprise and strong to hold all feelings on a bridle allows keeping self-control in all cases of life. It won't be born from casual and temporary desire. And here long, persistent work has to be over the feelings. It is possible to exercise this quality always, and especially on small affairs because surrounding balance gives a rich material.
594. (M. A. Y.). Think that you will do in Word Aboveground when you will pass there. Seldom who thinks of it. Also pass there lost, perplexed and not knowing, where as well as to what to apply the forces. But, also there is work and aspiration. But what work and to what aspiration? Many are engaged in trifles. Many continue terrestrial activity. Many build houses and use terrestrial methods. Limitation of terrestrial consciousness sets the seal to all actions and behavior of the person. Release from terrestrial Maya has to happen on Earth because long ago It is told: that is connected on Earth, remains connected and there. But that can be sadder than a condition of the consciousness connected by terrestrial remnants. So it also is actually because it is hard to come off Earth and to leave it homeless. It is necessary to reach the Teacher on the ground. Earth very much needs spirit energy, it eats them. Eremites Yogis live in a separation from life usual, but take ardent part in life planetary, without coming off Earth and being closely connected with it. Medium is dangerous that mediums so plunge into the phenomena of the Thin World that depart from life terrestrial. And as at crude consciousness they adjoin with low, and are more often with the lowest, astral layers, harm turns out doubled. Life terrestrial is given in order that by it to live, strong learning useful lessons and knowledge and multiplying the experience. It is impossible to overestimate value of experience and its necessity for Identity growth. Every day it is possible to carry out with advantage, something from it taking, it and will be a true apprenticeship and understanding of that life is the best school. Be released now and now start thinking of that as you will do in Elevated when be exempted from a body and terrestrial bonds.
595. (Guru). Gradually the pupil reaches such step when cooperation with Hierarchy of Light becomes constant and occurs in all covers, in any conditions, whether there is it on Earth or out of a body. This step of cooperation becomes clair-radiant, because light which in it, is in a constant life-giving exchange with Light of Hierarchy. And then communication with the hierarchical links doesn't interrupt and doesn't depend on that, close spirits on Earth are incarnate or are in World Aboveground Stronghold – a place of manifestation and a meeting of all Worlds.
596. (Oct. 20). (M. A. Y.). . It is more and more often think of It, all to people given and shouldered the responsibility for Earth. The thought of It will be thought of Light and a show to Light. And then we start being shone. At first this Light is borrowed, reflected, and then becomes self-proceeding. The step of self-proceeding Light marks itself a certain height of lifting. Desert icon lamp is the name of this step. The spirit shines around and shines twilight of the dense world in its daily commonness. The light the spirit of the Highest World concerns and the Light lights up the terrestrial. The feat of execution of Light in life usual is considered a feat fiery.
597. (Guru). Prepare, prepare, and prepare for approach of Great Hour. It should be met in full conscious wakefulness. How many thoughts, both feelings, and works were premised to it in the past. And all because Arrival, is immutable judgment will take place in judgment the time. The lord will come. This thought should be introduced strong in consciousness and all life to adjust on this key. And then the mote in an eye won't darken the sun. And without litter the future can be met only in full luminosity of spirit.
598. (M. A. Y.). Mastering by the feelings is offered to the pupil as a necessary condition for its further advance. I seized – can go further, I didn't seize – goes down. Thus, this condition and observance opens it the subsequent gate and them closes if it is broken. It is necessary to be aware, what consequences of some weaknesses and the connivance allowed by the pupil. But everything is reparable, and the firm solution of will allow to own itself this power to reach over itself and further to go already without delays.
599. (Guru). Each well acquired lesson of life is useful extraordinary. Therefore even mistakes are useful because they always can be used in the benefit and not to repeat any more. Tactics of Adverse is in this regard very effective. The action brought to absurd, loses the appeal and any more doesn't occupy consciousness. It is possible to continue mentally in future strengthening of undesirable qualities to see all their insalubrity, destructiveness and harm. Ability to project in the future of a consequence of this or that negative property of character the person exempts himself from many tests because passes through them mentally, winning against them in the spirit of. Sometimes it is Done by the Teacher, immersing the examinee in a dream and forcing it to pass through that he needed to pass in life, and that reducing its way.
600. (M. A. Y.). The one Who Assumed responsibility for Earth, Assumed responsibility for mankind advance, - it is difficult even to imagine as far as it is great and as this Burden is heavy. The understanding of it, at least even partial, force the understood allows to direct to the aid of Bearing an unreasonable Burden. This cross is heavy, and burden it share going together. Life symbol is the Cross. Everyone, even ignorant, bears it on itself (himself). Ignorant bears it, without knowing it, able to see know and take it on itself consciously. Long ago it was told: "Take the cross and follow Me".
601. (Guru). Wanting to help Us and helping the right has on ours care and attention. Our help is ready that who wants to file the hand ours. We can help different ways. But the thought will be the main field of activity. Now the thought gained spatial value. New beams changed a condition of the atmosphere. And if earlier the thought remained near, now it freely extends on a planet. Therefore the thought-creative is of particular importance. Evolution is moved by thought. It is impossible to overestimate its relics. Space cementation by lightful evolutionary thought accelerates mankind advance.
602. (Oct. 23). (M. A.Y.). . There is for the person that, what not enters into his consciousness. Even it is difficult to imagine that means understanding. It is possible to live with the person nearby, under one roof, but distinction in understanding of the surrounding breaks through often between people a deep abyss. And it isn't so simple to pass through it. And people between themselves differ with narrowness or width of capacity of consciousness. Denials because close from the person that he denies are especially harmful, at least it existed actually. Once Earth stood on three foundations, was flat and the Universe center. Also there was no all for the consciousness denying Boundlessness that lay outside this ridiculous representation. And now business is not better because the Bases of Life are denied. Denials lock consciousnesses in a cage of false and limited representations and, depriving thought of freedom, do the person by the prisoner of own ignorance. But the thought, and any barriers of ignorance and darkness any more in forces it is liberated to stop.
603. (Guru). The task in expanding consciousness and is as much as possible in it to contain, denying nothing. And as it is possible to deny something when the space contains in itself everything that is, was and will be. Rather until recently people weren't able to fly. Now learned! Impossible became possible. Space exploration began. Impossible yesterday nowadays became possible. And impossible today becomes possible in the future. And impossible today becomes possible in the future. Impossible isn't present. In the future everything is possible. There is no limit to aspirations of human spirit.
604. (Oct. 24). We channelize also Instructions, but it is necessary to go the feet, to go most. Anybody for you can't make it. It is possible to help, both to facilitate, and to support, but only on condition of the appendix of all the forces. Would be to what apply our forces. When we Call, the responded spirit shows a response in actions. Action, action, the action, then new receiving, and action again and again receiving – so starts moving a wheel of lightful interchange. Demand from approached that everyone didn't come the empty. Not brought anything receives nothing. The aspiration – too is a gift. The aspiration lightful, light bringing, very much differs from desire of egoism to receive that, on what the egoism has no right. The aspiration lightful is the gift brought to the Teacher by the pupil. The egoistical aspiration of egoism is shown quite often. It is necessary to channelize also to it necessary, without burdening it with knowledge to which it didn't grow. And it is good to begin with application, at least the small. From the small will grow big, and from any – anything. Insisting on Doctrine application in life, We Emphasize value of small kind undertakings are sprouts of future achievements. The huge building consists of small bricks. These bricks of future structure of Light – a material very necessary. Someone conceived to construct at once. Not from wisdom it. The constancy rhythm in creative work of spirit is important extraordinary. Many, having begun well, don't maintain a constancy condition, nullifying all previous work. To move jumps and rushes it is impossible: expense of energy is terrible and results are insignificant. At the nature it is possible to study: in spiral movement of evolution day at night, spring – in the summer, fall – in winter is rhythmically replaced again to begin movement, but already on a new turn of a spiral. The spirit ascension too spirally, and growing consciousness has the rhythm.
605. (Oct. 25). For the spirit which hasn't been cleared of the negative qualities, approach to Light is interfaced to danger. It is that grow not only merits of its essence, but also negative from which it wasn't succeeded to be exempted. For example, the aggravated ability to cause accurate fancies becomes pernicious if these fancies are dirty and caused by desire. The perfected thought of the benefit is good, but if it is saddened by irritation, the benefit turns into the evil. And the above the person rose, everyone is more dangerous not gets rid property in him. From here, need of vigilant control over thoughts and feelings. Connivance and the admission of thoughts dirty carry back. It is better not to come nearer to Light, than to multiply nasty thing.
605 . (Oct. 25). For the spirit which hasn't been cleared of the negative qualities, approach to Light is interfaced to danger. It is that grow not only merits of its essence, but also negative from which it wasn't succeeded to be exempted. For example, the aggravated ability to cause accurate fancies becomes pernicious if these fancies are dirty and caused by desire. The perfected thought of the benefit is good, but if it is saddened by irritation, the benefit turns into the evil. And the above the person rose, everyone is more dangerous not gets rid property in him. From here, need of vigilant control over thoughts and feelings. Connivance and the admission of thoughts dirty carry back. It is better not to come nearer to Light, than to multiply nasty thing.
606. Guards of the Threshold – inside. After release from a body internal becomes external, and the mental educations not seen until then surrounding the person and created by it, become objective reality, and it starts them seeing bright, finished, in all details. If they, being dirty, keep its attention and force to enter a combination to them, there are they guards of the Threshold further which it because it is attracted with them because plunges into them can't move and rolls in their suffocating atmosphere, enduring power of the creative imagination that is connected with them and that it carried away with itself (himself) with experiences terrestrial, allowed by it in the past. It is hard to be exempted from them because the spirit connected by an inclination to them, not in forces to fight against their allure and doesn't understand that behind their external seducing forms the horror of darkness which attracts it in a chasm is hidden. Under each form such is a snake, both prickles, and disgusting, ugly "larva's".
607. (M. A. Y.). . One people visit art galleries, museums, libraries, concerts, operas and so on, others – brothels, gambling casinos and other places of low-standard amusements; both those and others visit them on an inclination. On Earth it is possible to fight against these inclinations if they are bad. But in the Thin World laws of more powerful magnetic attraction come into effect, and the person is attracted to those spheres, with which accord the elements put by him. Elements lightful attract it to Light spheres, elements of not gets rid passions and desires – to darkness spheres. Fight against these attractions demands the improbable tension of all strength of mind, and hardly to come out from it the winner. Astral whirlwinds tighten in the funnels of the weak spirits which haven't got rid of the ulcers on Earth. Release from them to begin, for the present in a physical body because released from the shortcomings here, on Earth, will be free from their attraction there is better. How even more clearly tell that from consequences of the feelings, thoughts and acts not leave anywhere.
608. (Guru). By each monster of the Threshold it is necessary to find force to study, without being late on it, without stopping, without paying it attention. It is a lot of them frightening, darkness and seducing, will meet on the Way. The dark rack strengthens their appearance and extent of influence. The dark rack strengthens their appearance and extent of influence; and if Light, which in side, is rather strong, can approach and a hierophant of the evil. But if communication with the Lord is strong and his Shape in consciousness is strong, nothing is terrible, both anything and nobody is able to stop a way of ascending spirit. The darkness is strong in the absence of Light, but Light wins against it if it is lit. The flame of heart burns dark monsters, and guards of the Threshold aren't terrible to it.
609. (Oct. 26). Yes, there is a shine and on false stones. But shine isn't Light. When dark hierofant personify Light Carriers, the sense-knowledge is required to distinguish darkness. But after all there are also fans of false stones – to it all the same if only shone. Shine of intelligence can be very impressive but as he often unites to egoism, callousness and brutal cruelty. The national proverb is wise: All that glitters isn't gold. The brilliant form can be deprived of any contents. Shine this superficial. It is externally decorated, and inside it is full of any nasty thing. It is necessary for sense-knowledge on the Way to Light. It is possible to exercise, paying special attention to the first impression of people, things and circumstances. Heart usually unmistakably feels essence of vibrations of the surrounding phenomena. Burdening by circumstances inevitably on Ways, but burdening doesn't mean a clouding. Bear burden of the world light-and in courage – great achievement. Also it is possible to watch it that the clouding didn't take a place and aura not darkens at tests. Better in the greatest difficult to store light aura, than in the most favorable conditions to be dim. Light which inside, there is true Light, and it is so other than false shine of attendants of darkness.
610. (M. A. Y.). Think of the Lord. Think of how He Lives and Works. Think of the Stronghold where It Stays. Think of the Doctrine Its given nowadays to people. Think that Came repeatedly that parts of the Doctrine were and before are given, but in the form of other that the essence of the Doctrine is invariable and that under an originality of former forms; and expressions the same uniform Intimate Doctrine of Life is covered. Think, think, and think because the thought of the Lord will be thought of Light and a contact to Light. The image of the Lord will grow in consciousness, and the consciousness will grow together with It, will grow, go deep and be filled with Light. Think of the Lord.
611. (Guru). The energy felt at the moments of lifting of spirit, it is possible to rich on transformation of covers. This impulse will clarify them and will fill with light. If it is possible to hold it and to fix is will be a victory over them. One more mastering by will be approved. It is necessary to learn to direct all positive energy of a microcosm on a construction wave; but, happens and so, that the energy received from the Teacher waste at all to destination. Differently happens, treasure it is necessary to protect and address with it very carefully not to spill in vain any drop. It is inadmissible that this energy were sprayed on mutual infringements, condemnations, conflicts or conversations which are empty pastime.
612. (M. A.Y.). The key from all gates is an application of the Doctrine in life. This key doors of Secret Knowledge which brings the person to a space scope open. To the person it is allowed to learn a lot of things, and depths of the ocean are available to him, both Earth subsoil, and heights of space distances. Immersion in the remote past and reading rolls of Akasha too are possible, and flights on all space of a planet are available. A lot of things are possible for the person, so – and is achievable. For what tinsel it is possible to exchange these great opportunities? What it is possible to prefer to them? What is today and strong sounds for consciousness and tomorrow will be absorbed by time stream? Whether not too it is expensive price for immersion in evidence of the moment? Travelers of a boundless way shouldn't be seduced mirages Maya.
613. (Guru). It is difficult to counterbalance in consciousness terrestrial and eternal, passing and enduring, dense and fiery and to all to find understanding. All terrestrial, and Earth, and that surrounds and fills human life, it is very necessary, but not as the end in itself limited to, but only as means or steps for a spirit ascension. The terrestrial life, taken in itself is senseless, separately from that far purpose to which, it is conducted or isn't conducted for it, there is a person. But also immortality and boundlessness of life without the terrestrial way bringing to them are unattainable. Counterbalance in consciousness temporary and eternal, terrestrial and boundless – means to find that narrow track conducting in life about which the Lord Told.
614. (Oct. 28). Each thought of terrestrial desire or the desire, thought over once and, perhaps, absolutely forgotten, comes back again to beget and shows the rights to a combination to his consciousness. Thought over, and the main thing, experienced again and thus gained new recognition and the statement, it leaves a consciousness field once to return again. If this return happens when the person in a body, recognition or rejection of such thought decide its destiny on the future. Rejected for discrepancy with the increased consciousness, it won't return. Accepted and approved, she will meet beget and after his release from a body and will be with it, yet won't settle on it enclosed in her creator of energy. When such thoughts come back in a wakes condition, they can be rejected easily but when it occurs in a dream which represents itself very sincere condition, the combination to it or acceptance of such thought occurs automatically. If it gets rid also is already unacceptable in an awake condition, it will be rejected and won't make influence if isn't present, will enter, will have impact and will cause conformable reaction. On dreams it is easier to judge that is really already overcome and gets rid and that else moves in and from time to time raises the head, demanding recognition and the statement if keeps the power over the person. The press of a final decision of will prevails over each thought, and for everyone not gets rid it is necessary to answer. The spirit, magnetic and carrying, is included into spheres of the thoughts, dirty and pure, and reaps the fruits of the thinking and its generations. Therefore conscious clarification of the cogitative device is so necessary because in World Aboveground the person further the mental barrier won't move. Each return of such thoughts is an examination on purity and thinking degree. All of them once thought over and accepted, come back again to gain final recognition or rejection. Test for thoughts goes constantly in reality both in a dream, and freedom or slavery of the person depends on the solution of will at the thoughts.
615. (M. A. Y.). Dark are the best examiners on not gets rid properties of character. They know perfectly weak strings of the person and play on them. Weaknesses human serve as the weakest spots, and influences of the dark go through them. The ulcer of spirit is the purpose for enemy arrows; the purpose is visible at once to bearing malice eyes. Not honor to be a target for dark attacks owing to spots on aura. Everyone knows in what its vulnerability, and, knowing, can strain will for a gets rid it. Indulgence and connivance concerning thinking are pernicious and give far-reaching consequences. After death it is possible to appear among very undesirable neighbors if thoughts aren't bridled. The thought conducts and gives in conformable to it spheres. We will be preserved against dirty thinking because it solves a spirit way in Elevated.
616. (Guru). At constancy of control over thoughts it is possible to notice how gradually some undesirable thoughts which undividedly owned before consciousness, start losing the power over it. That narrower a victory, having very great value for the future.
617. (Oct. 29). Each valid help means that the person assumes weight of the one to whom there is this help. Real help always sacrificially. It is necessary to assume pain or burden of the neighbor really to help. Thus others trouble is necessary трансмутировать on fires of the heart. Karmic diseases almost don't give in to treatment as it is impossible to fight against a karma. Then there is a help spiritual. The question of the help in the Thin World is of great importance, and the help there is shown widely and very actively. Wishing help have a big field for use of the forces. Also the person isn't connected by conditions of the dense world there. All, who from Light, are assistants to the Hierarchy of Light, - Service this voluntary. There, perhaps, it even more needs the help. Being in a dense body and living on Earth, at night it is possible to take conscious part in this delicate work.
618. (Guru). If to look at terrestrial life as on preparation for Elevated stay, with advantage big it is possible to live the life on Earth. All approved on Earth undertakes with itself to the World Thin and there becomes the integral property of the person. If this good is the benefit to his owner, if the bad is a grief. In these fulfillments the thought predominates, to its attention and the care we will give.
619. (Oct. 31). To strengthen understanding of the Thin World, it is possible to collect all particles of its manifestations for the terrestrial consciousness, scattered everywhere. There is a lot of them and in a dream, and in reality. Everyone testifies that the Thin World exists. Its natural manifestations are valuable not artificial or violent, but. Artificial can lead to a medium and obsession, but natural will normally approach it without premature, and therefore dangerous, disclosures of the centers. Crude consciousnesses adjoin to the lower class of an astral. But natural contacts of the Thin World are quite frequent, only follows them carefully and attentively to note and refuse usual divisions of the dense and thin phenomena. Thoughts and feelings – from the Thin World though are shown in dense and are connected with it. Influence of spatial currents constantly, them too it should be noted. Certainly, it is heavy when currents press, but keenness of the device registering their character and extent of influence can be glad. The harp of spirit is extraordinary sensitive, but how many perceptions are carried by because of a carelessness to them. As not enough attention to influences of radiations of aura of each person to which it is necessary to adjoin is paid, and they are, and they always influence, only and these contacts fly by consciousness though usually involve a clouding or clarification of own aura. It too should be kept in an order, sharp-sightedly standing on protection it and patrol from third-party invasions. Heart will unmistakably tell always, radiations of aura of the person to which there was a contact are friendly or hostile. The pupil has to keep a condition of continuous supervision of the researcher in relation to the phenomena of the Thin World. It is so closely connected with the dense world that at times to draw line very difficult. The thought is a being of the spiritual plan, but it is so strong connected with a body of the person, a brain and it’s purely physical movements that communication of two Worlds becomes obvious. Bright representation in mind of thought of the cut lemon which juice drips on language, – and not mental, but obviously physical strengthened salivation serves as very convincing proof of this communication. Are surrounded with the World Thin and are connected with it, and it is impossible to separate two Worlds – one from another.
620. (M. A. Y.). Even appearance of the person is no other than a symbol of expression of its internal essence. And each form is a symbol of the concluded contents in it. On aroma of a rose it is possible to judge essence of that form which it expresses. Keenness opens doors of cognition of many phenomena. Let's study not look, but also to see. The artist sees hundreds shades of one color, say, green where the inhabitant notices only a little. Art is considerable that learns to see deeper and over the standard. Art is very close to the Thin World. May you imagine how freely and the person in World Aboveground where each thought is given a shape can widely create? The thought, the more colorfully and more vitally a form is brighter. Beauty of the Thin World can be decorated and deepened by creativity of the person.
621. (Nov. 1). We therefore Speak about the full symphony of qualities as even at one small exception the harmonious condition of aura is broken. Let's assume, the symphony of qualities took place, but there was a small irritation, odarkness aura. About what accord with Light there can be then a speech? Small darkness feelings and thoughts it is more dangerous big because a time it is difficult to notice them, they are so small. However they a little don’t prevent them to destroy harmony of the whole. The mosquito is small, but stings painfully. Continuous patrol is required and not to allow these small wreckers and cadden of lightful radiations. The dark rack which is restricted around, consciously causes these small darkness thoughts and feelings small pricks and troubles, using all and everything through whom or through what it is possible to throw harm. About constancy of patrol we Speak not in vain. And it is good when dark annoy incessantly, – that it is easier, exactly thanks to their diligence, to hold vigilant patrol. Even departing to a dream, it is necessary to premise light guarding thought for protection of a thin body against invasion of undesirable thoughts or dreams. This way stops many dark attempts. During a dream some yet gets rid or not bridled properties seek to show themselves, using weakening of day control. The strong-willed order of all consciousness stops all these phenomena. Yes, yes, the consciousness cleared of litter is force. It is possible to feel easily inflow of the new forces attracted by pure, harmonious and lightful aura. It is possible to be glad that terrestrial life gives the chance so much opposite to darkness, approving itself in Light. Everyone, even small, a victory will blossom color fine.
622. (Nov. 2). The adjusted harp demands care, especially the spirit device. Many details of use can upset him: wine and drugs, first of all, violent emotions and feelings, even good, and contact with radiations of darked auras. Many conditions should be met to protect a spirit citadel. The constant Face of the Teacher serves in consciousness as powerful protection of a mood of the device. It is a little attention – also it will be very easy to see what exactly breaks the established system. And one more important condition is a fully-string of aspirations and the full-warm address to the Hierarch. Incompleteness and small employment of thoughts very much disturb. All thought, all feeling, all heart as to the most necessary without what it is impossible to live, – so we will address.
623. (M. A. Y.). Let the spirit line will be the longest line. Let she will be led far to the future, far beyond one life and even many, many lives. It will help quietly and to pass courageously by noise and vanity of the current time, without plunging into them to oblivion of that is more important and most necessary. Matter in words Was much told about temporariness and pass ability of conditions terrestrial, but unless? On life, in a kevery day, in application of carried-out longer line of spirit its value is approved. Everything will come, the spirit will arrive – we will go so through life, without stopping, without being confused anything, both knowing, and remembering constantly, where and to whom we go.
624. (Guru). Understanding of Shape of Spirit of the Lord and Entrusted it grows together with consciousness expansion. Than above the person rises, that understanding it becomes deeper and wider. On growth of these Lightful Shapes in consciousness it is possible to judge growth of the consciousness. And if derogation first of all belittles them belittling, glorification glorifies them and lifts following Them. Let's regret neither time, nor efforts to glorifying Those Who Believes all forces on service to people. Our most sublime idea nevertheless doesn't give all Beauty and greatness of Fiery Shapes and still will be far from their full understanding. And knowing all this, nevertheless care it is applicable not to belittle.
625. (M. A. Y.). If you want to succeed, give yourself all without the rest to Tom Who Called you to follow Yourself.
626. (Guru). It is very good that dark keep you in a condition of continuous expectation of different dirty tricks and shifts from their party. This way develops both vigilance, and vigilance, and self-protection. They very much try that without knowing, to surround you with armor because for protection against them and opposition to darkness the armor has to be strong. Therefore once again we will be glad to that they work not without reason. There are no them how it would be possible to learn constancy of patrol and ability to own the weapon? The teacher Told, that everything will be turned by Him on advantage. Only it isn't necessary too to be afflicted with darkness evil-trick. Too it is necessary to pass through it and to something to learn. You remember an old saying – roots of the doctrine are bitter, but its fruits are sweet.
627. (Nov. 4). (M. A. Y.). . What force makes spirit transformation? Let's tell: power of love. If this love is rather strong, for it is possible to make it is impossible what in the regular way to make. Force and degree of the love can be measured by that is made for this love. Here say, what love, and what do and what is made by this love? Verbal statements and affections the feelings aren't necessary to us. Affairs are necessary to us. If really you love, prove in practice. No pretending’s before Great Shape have value if aren't accompanied by affairs. And self-cleaning from century litter can be made power of ardent love to Those Whom love and will read. Love – invincible force. Its energy, instead of affections, it is possible to direct on a useful wave. Other love we don't recognize. If really you love, change the spirit power of this feeling. variety
628. (Nov. 5). All variety of experiences the human to presently Thin World; all that was and is on Earth is reflected there. Therefore whatever condition of lifting or falling of spirit would be described, it will be true and true so far as it concerns spirit worrying it. The law of the accord operates the shown Worlds from top to a bottom. The thought or the desires which haven't been carried out on Earth, but endured a body, will be carried out there. Therefore thoughts make the main impact on a post mortal condition of spirit. If at the most strict post-nickname desire to food remained in thoughts, it is carried out in imagination and accepts the corresponding forms in that world where everything is created and moves thought. It isn't enough not to allow bad acts and actions, it is necessary to eradicate still them from thoughts. Emphasis is placed on thought. And each time when the undesirable and dirty thought interferes in consciousness, it is necessary not only to destroy it, but also immediately to replace opposite. It isn't enough one exile. At destruction the form is as though burned by a fiery ray of light. It is very difficult to struggle with the thoughts grown and cherished long and persistent desire. Such forms of thought live for years, following beget and feeding him. The spirit can give up thoughts unusable, but something inside, in spite of him, wishes that any more doesn't correspond to the step of understanding reached by spirit. If not to feed a body, it will die. If not to feed thought with new receipts and not to stop attention on it, the thought as though dries up, decays and, at last, loses the force and ability to influence consciousness. But fight is inevitable, and the victory has to be reached by any price. And the above the person rises, the victory is more insistently necessary. After all with growth of consciousness its opportunities and tendency, both to good, and to the evil grow also. From where, terrible crimes and various perversions undertake? The primitive consciousness isn't capable of them. It isn't enough not to do of something, it is necessary to get rid of any desire it to do. Danger of an allure that the appeal cover is put on some very unattractive phenomena; some fanatic dark sects in India are engaged in that brains of dead men devour. That can be more disgusting. And however something attracts them to this terrible fanaticism; it, of course, extreme. But also many other perversions human are based on a similar allure. The evil nests in people wider and more deeply, than it seems on a surface, both civilized savages and fiends – terrible reality of the present. It is necessary to think of what thoughts generate such terrible acts and then the corresponding layers of the Thin World if all created on Earth is bright and in detail depicted there are filled.
629. (M. A. Y.). Beauty – a disgrace and darkness antipode. The beauty is Light. Service to Beauty is service to Light. You won't be mistaken, believing and judging by Beauty. It is possible to think of Beauty of aura. It is possible to think of how disfigure aura irritation, despondency, fear and all other low feelings, dark it and depriving of lightful radiations. On protection of a lightfull of aura, s radiations it is necessary to be constant because the darkness influences going from everywhere are constant and continuous: from people, from space, from the Thin World. They are invincible, and it is impossible to fight with them, if aura darked any of negative feelings or experiences. And dark they inflate. Therefore fight goes on two fronts: and with own feelings, and with conscious or unconscious influences of darkness.
630. (Guru). Here you approve existence of the Thin World though your eye and doesn't see it, at least, at present. But the Thin World exists. Here you approve existence of Great Teachers though They and aren't visible to an eye. But They Exist. So sense- knowledge hearts are approved by reality contrary to evidence. Long ago It is already told: "Those who believed a voice of heart are blessed not seen, but believed", that is. The belief that is heart which the essence of the phenomena anticipates and begins to see clearly moves. The way to Light is covered with heart. The statement of invisible reality, contrary to visible evidence, will be a way of the judgment pupil.
631. (M. A. Y.). We See and we Know. Only the synthetic consciousness can capture the events on a planet and understand the direction. This planetary moment should be moved into a spiral of Evolution and to understand it in continuous communication with lifting of this spiral – and any more in a section of the current years, but centuries, the millennia and even it is more. Human life will be senseless if to consider that with death of a body all comes to an end. Only immortality of spirit gives sense and mankind existence and the course of Evolution. It is spoken about eternity of a matter and eternity of life, it is much spoken in modern science but why it isn't drawn further conclusions if the person is a product of a combination of a matter and life? The matter and life are eternal but as the person who is to their derivatives can be mortal. The matter isn't limited to the area which has been already studied by the person; as life and all forms are far yet available to science. It is possible and is necessary to look for, but not to limit it to denials or ignorant prejudiced judgments. To science that religions appeared not in power is opened now. Purpose both one –comprehend world around and its secrets.
632. (Nov. 12). The actions corresponding to the purpose to it quickly bring, incompatible – detain or take aside. The arrow flies to the purpose all the particles. As the person purpose ful moves also. Completeness of aspiration is often broken by actions distracting and unnecessary. Being among people, it is necessary to make affairs and acts of the standard character which don't answer the purpose far. Yogi’s eremites therefore moved away from people in privacy not to depend on conventions of life. But now time such that it is necessary to be in the middle of life, - and how to be? How to combine unnecessary conventions with expediency of behavior? Avoid them if it is possible. If it isn't possible, how It is told: "The yogi will eat a piece of meat rather, than will show the participation in Yoga". If to be absolutely honest with itself, much can be avoided and still to remain among people. Connivance and indulgence to the weaknesses but not that the person owing to these or those circumstances is compelled to do are condemned. But even they can be subordinated to some extent to the will.
633. (M. A. Y.). Not to interrupt a rhythm of Communication with anything, under no circumstances. Contact can be on very high lifting or below usual, but every day. Only such not interruptibility of a rhythm of Communication will lead to the purpose. And to disturb or a lot of things will interfere, and will constantly disturb. For the skilled traveler each stirring stone will be an emphasis to a foot, for inexperienced – an obstacle. In this regard to everything disturbing the sign of the judgmented pupil which doesn't stop anything affects.
634. (Guru). Judge ours is in us. When understanding it the person judges and blames itself. Such censure, or self-criticism, is very useful if it is made impartially and severely. It relieves of frequency of mistakes. Who can judge itself (himself), that doesn't need foreign judges? But this court has to be right, severe and impartial, as if the stranger has legal proceedings absolutely. Ability to take a detached view of itself as on other person – isn't simple.
635. (Nov. 15). Mental flights on a planet are useful. Why? They tear off consciousness from a familiar spot and exempt from vibrations of a direct environment. As if from close prison the spirit on freedom escapes. They are a threshold to conscious flights in a thin body and break through channels in space for a freedom of movement during Elevated stay after death of a body. The thought connects consciousness with that place or people to whom it is directed, and it receives impressions, related. The person can even not know where parts of his spirit work, but people can see what thought is directed to them. Besides, the perceptions which haven't reached a brain remain in consciousness depths, giving the necessary consequences. The forgotten word or name which isn't remembered at present is nevertheless in depths of memory and makes the impact on the person. A lot of things are forgotten that occurs in a dream, and, however, all forgotten is at present property of the person. He after all and antecedents forgot, but they aren't forgotten, they are stored in the Bowl, and a lot of things are crystallized obvious in its abilities and aspirations. In the Bowl everything is put, both times will once come – and everything will be caused in consciousness, up to depths. To remember something, it is necessary to be released of the present; so and mental flights on short or far distances help dismissal from themselves. Small "I" and personal consciousness am only a step to the highest "I".
636. (Nov. 16). Each contact Us thought is absolutely specific action, consequences the bringing. The concentration is deeper, the consequence is stronger. It is necessary to be aware that mental actions are even more real, than physical. Often the last right there also sputters out. But mental continue to pulse in space, bringing certain results and being often shown already in the conditions of the dense. After all thought, being generated, doesn't die, but continues to vibrate in space the energy enclosed in it by her creator. Therefore mental contact with Us has very great value and is more vital, than life of a physical body. It will die, and communication with Us remains, but not limited by physical conditions. Our Proximity is real in spite of the fact that evidence doesn't recognize it. For consciousness reality is that world in which it lives. If it lives in the Thin World and in a thin body, the Thin World and will be for it so obvious and notable as it is notable and we see the world dense for the person living in a dense body. Therefore the thought which reigns in World Aboveground and which there moves and lives everything, this thought approved strong on Earth, will be a factor defining living conditions of spirit in this Extra dense World. And communication with Us, not darkened and not hidden by evidence, becomes reality fiery. I want to emphasize importance and value of everyday mental Communication with Us, the rhythm approved by constancy. The dense environment and its logic rise against reality of the mental world and mental products of consciousness. But even in the physical world everything that is created by hands human, created by power of creative thought. Even the person can't take apple in hand, previously without having thought of it that is without having premised it thought. Power and value of thought is persistently and ignorantly denied by mankind. But how to reject that is that exists that builds life of all people on a planet, without doing itself to this harm and without undermining Bases. The thought is a basis on which the world is under construction. And if Us you want to reach and approve forever indissoluble communication with Us, the basis protects and acts with power of thought.
637. (M. A. Y.). Difference in expression of eyes on the Images chosen by you, their depth and brightness depend not on lighting, but on contact conditions. Not freak of the imagination, but reality of thin energy and phenomenon of the Thin World. At even more attentive supervision it will be possible to note and new details. It is very difficult to overcome the standard narrow-minded logic and to see things and the phenomena over it. After all that is denied by the person, doesn't exist for his consciousness. Acceptance, recognition, the statement will be an antipode of pernicious denial, as well as the belief which inspires and conducts the builder, the inventor and the creator of new life. People if didn't believe that it is possible wouldn't began to fly, people won't begin to do anything if before don't believe, something that they do, it is possible to carry out. Not about superstition we speak, but about active, creative belief which helps to reach even the unattainable. About love it was already spoken, now we speak about belief. It is the engine powerful, the engine in the future. It isn't enough to love only, it is necessary to believe in possibility of achievement of that is opened to consciousness by love. So, two of powerful strength is given in hands of the person – belief and love.
638. (Nov. 18). The thin phenomena occur not at will of the person but when conditions allow. In them there is even a surprise element. Expectation stops current of energy. Even color it is impossible to see stars at will. They flash at a combination of mental energy to space fires. As also dreams can channelize, but to cause sleepy visions it is impossible. It is wrong to think that We See and we Hear all events with our relatives. We See and we Hear that and when we Think of them or when we Want to know about them something. The main difficulty of the management consists in to breaking karma of the directed. We rejoice when their free will directs them towards ours and both will merge. Then impact on karma doesn't happen and the management is facilitated. Therefore and self-proceeding actions are appreciated by us. Small children drive for the handle, adults go. The doctrine is given widely, and everyone will gather from it according to the accord, action of the free will. Stating the Doctrine, even the head can easily break a karma if puts it over consciousness capacity. Each reloading of foreign consciousness causes sooner or later counteraction and the return blow. As and in letters it is necessary to consider each word and precisely and clearly to express thought. There is no more sad show when it is spoken not on consciousness and for the sake of itself, but not listening. Whether paid attention that the self-approved instructors and those who seeks to teach, do it for themselves, for a self-please and think thus of itself, but not of those whom they teach and to whom their lectures are usually absolutely not necessary. Self-rejection and oblivion of are necessary at the correct relation from the giving. It is bad, very bad when the care flows about itself. Self-servige is shown is very diverse, and it is a lot of self-shown teachers. Harm from them is very great. They pushed away people from Light more, than attracted. Fanaticism, intolerance and sectarianism are from the same nest. Are also great both deafness and a blindness the human. Be not surprised, in the Thin World they are so strong, as well as on Earth. Also it is useless to address to deaf. As well as on Earth, they there deny reality of the Extra dense World and vegetate, shipped in the mirages and illusions. Both the Thin wonderful world and its beauty for them don't exist. There is no acceptability and the containment etched by denial. That is why the aspiration to Light joyfully is welcomed by us.
639. (M. A. Y.). Responsibility of the Teacher for the pupil is as well that It Sates that with the energy. This energy refracts in a microcosm of the pupil. And if the consciousness is insufficiently pure also many lowest impulses not gets rid, harm is obvious. Energy of the Teacher instead of being directed on the Benefit, pours out often in inadmissible actions and acts. It is necessary to get rid of consequences of such incommensurability very long. The pupil has to protect each particle of energy of the Teacher and direct increased, thanks to it, the forces only for the Benefit. In the beginning the called goes a torch, both all good, and all bad in it inflame strongly: the good – for the statement, bad – for a gets rid. This moment is responsible very much. It is necessary that good overcame and overcame the bad. Falling and return again in darkness is otherwise inevitable. The way of an apprenticeship is a way of continuous fight and overcoming in it everything that is subject to clarification.
640. (Nov. 21). (Guru). Each mistake made in the past, has to be understood, realized and acquired and besides so that in the future it didn't repeat any more. Only at such attitude towards them the Teacher Can turns them on advantage. Therefore mistakes it isn't necessary to be confused. The repentance is useless, understanding and understanding of their inadmissibility in the future if the person wants to continue advance are required. The insult of Hierarchy and treachery is irreparable. All other is reparable, remediable and transmutation. But to understand harm of the made mistakes and the consequences caused by them, it is necessary also therefore not to complain of these consequences. Such understanding very much advances and allows to be exempted from insalubrious freight more easily.
641. (Nov. 25). Yes, yes, it is necessary to be filled with the elected Hierarch so that anything repellent couldn't interfere in consciousness any more. Thinking about Light fills consciousness with Light. Light is from the Light. And around is darkness. So difficult, bear Light in twilight of the surrounding. In it is the feat of Carriers of Light. This Light for dark evil-make is intolerant. From here both their attack and continuous attempts is light go out. How many gloating at them when they manage, at least in a measure any to succeed in it and darken aura radiations. They think to reach it by causing sufferings. But sufferings clear, and a cross taken consciously and courageously borne, brings on top of achievements. Not in despondency, not in a clouding, not in complaints and discontent but in vigorous pleasure of spirit takes place learned through life thorns, in ardent understanding of that each burdening promotes spirit increase. Usually the terrestrial consciousness doesn't want to accept and reconcile to that burden terrestrial it is necessary to assume and bear it, without losing balance. When it is reached, the flame, which any more in forces go out darkness inflames powerfully. Inflexible opposition to darkness is destiny a flame in heart bearing. When it was approved and its firmness doesn't depend any more on third-party dark influences, then it is possible to tell that the step which We Call "the Desert Icon lamp" is reached.
642. (M. A. Y.). The love is called as the winner fiery because if it burns in heart, force it, it calling, it is possible to overcome in itself everything that is subject to a gets rid. And when fiery test rises before the consciousness, all love call and it win against weaknesses and the infirmity. Here you say that you love and you remember indelible. If it is valid and your love not in words, but in practice, show force it on overcoming of all of that prevents to become to us even closer and even higher to walk upstairs spirit. Act strong with love.
643. (Nov. 29). Association of the Worlds is a sign of the future Era. Evolution means that it will occur gradually. In the different ends of the globe and at the different people abilities to see and hear will start being shown. At many are already shown, only they don't want to notice. Almost each person in the life had certificates of the phenomena of the Thin World. If them to bring together all in one book, something would turn out, able to shake the world and forever to cure it of denials. Thus it is necessary to consider also that all existing in images of thought and passed through consciousness of the person exists in World Thin in the form of various educations, clarity and which picturesqueness depend on thought clearness. The skilled eye of the inhabitant of the Thin World distinguishes the nature of subjects, things, educations and beings of the Thin World. He sees distinction between types of its nature, the woods, mountains, the rivers and the seas, not created thoughts of the person, and his mental products. He sees distinction between Shakespeare's heroes and live one incarnation and notes the masks which have been put on by them on from their true essence. In the phenomena of the Thin World, being in it, it is necessary to be able to understand. It is a lot of confusing and unclear meets on the first steps. Wishing and accepting the help – it appears.
644. (M. A. Y.). I will go on about clarification until it won't be made and yet there will be no dark or gray stain on light attires of spirit. And light the Lord going to Him Wants to see joyful. Unless this desire of the Hierarch, so it is difficult to execute? Or the right to Proximity to It we are ready to give for small indulgence to the weaknesses and shortcomings and for communication by the thoughts stopping this Proximity? The pupil has to show honesty, recognition of the mistakes both their impartial analysis and impartial and severe trial of. Anyhow be released? In others see easy their mistakes and estimate them. To see the as it is easy and in their true light, it is necessary to depart and take a detached view from itself, as though of absolutely stranger, the person. Then our mistakes such as there are they actually will appear. It will help to get rid of them quicker.
645. (Dec. 1). (M. A. Y.). . After the firm decision to be exempted from this or that shortcoming is made, test for the hardness of the made decision surely follows. If it is sustained, after a while test repeats, - and so several times. A little firmly to solve something, it is necessary to sustain still test on the hardness and firmness of the decision. But when it is valid inflexible, then it is easy and simple to sustain everything. All difficulty consists in adoption of the unshakable decision. 646. (Guru). The pleasure of freedom from freight terrestrial is incomparable with anything. It is winged pleasure. And if the pleasure left, it will return again when release will be reached.

647. (Dec. 3). Acceptance in consciousness of provisions of the Doctrine serves as aspiration steps for spirit when it is exempted from a body. Not comparable on duration life in a body and life out of it after, - death of a body. Life in a body is only preparation for life out of it. It is necessary to know before be able or can. The doctrine gives this knowledge. We Recognize only the knowledge approved by experience, practice and the appendix. There is a lot of theorists, but practice where? We welcome each attempt to put received knowledge in life. It is a strong guarantee on the right of receiving new knowledge. I want to direct on big affairs. Assistants are very necessary, but where they applying? Each application will crystallize thought in the form of the energy deposited in the Bowl. Crystals of this energy form Bowl treasure, the Stone. The treasure is multiplied and grows at application of sent thoughts when the Doctrine is made the life. It is possible to receive so much if to give all centuries-old litter. The exchange is favorable. For Light of the future, for free flights, for our Proximity it will be really a pity to leave favorite and habitual cockroaches, both fleas, and thinking midges? The future is great, but it is possible to enter into it only in light and clean clothes of spirit.

648. (M. A. Y.). The impulse received from Communication, it is necessary to direct on that during the day it didn't decay and that it pulsed in thoughts and actions. Worst of all about it forget and become covered by a dust day. Communication directs up, the ordinary угашает an impulse if it consciously isn't kept by will. Hold the highest among twilight of the dense world not so easily. To carry by the lamp burning even from morning to evening and through all night long will be already achievement. Go out it breathes of life become obsolete and vanity. Light approving contacts Elevated, you serve Light and you become employees of the Lord.
649. (Dec. 7). (Guru). Readiness can be daily, hour or some minutes. But soldier Light has to show a constant and instant readiness immediately to answer Call when it will be distributed, - delayed will be late. It is impossible to delay. The slogan "I am always ready" is suitable for those who wants to enter on Great Service. Call can suddenly sound, and it is impossible to delay with the answer.
650. (Dec. 9). Planet clarification from century stratifications of a gloom and clarification of her all inhabitants is a question extremely actual. For this purpose many constructions in the Thin World collapse and a lot of things are already destroyed. New ideas and new forms of life will crystallize new educations, replacing with it old. As the consciousness human gradually changes. The world old will be destroyed to the end and any more New won't disturb. Now much we Give the chance to come to light up to the end, everything that there was an opportunity to clean everything not corresponding to a new step of Evolution.
651. (M. A. Y.). . In Ancient Egypt believed that each person has his "KA" that it is awake when the physical body sleeps, both protects sleeping, and can carry out some instructions that when the person dies, his "KA" continues to live. Certainly, it is a thin body of the person. When the person sleeps, it can be awake, and, having obtained since evening the order, carries out it. If before going to bed to approve the provision of thoughts, the thin body will behave in the accord with them. Thoughts pure and directed up – will uplift a body in the Upper Class, thoughts dirty and saddened – will establish the accord with the lower class. This way the thin body will or protect, or will cast spirit into communication with darkness. Truly there can be it the guard true. The wake consciousness can channelize it. The dream and dreams are very conformable to those spheres which correspond to level of consciousness of the person in his day condition. The aspiration breaks through channels in space for activity of a thin body. But many still sleep in the thin bodies.
652. (Dec. 10). (Guru). Memory about some days pleases Us, but even more pleases when we see that the Doctrine of Life and its manual are applied in life. Let's not be tired to go on, this condition is how important. It measures all achievements of spirit, and when will be summed up past life and to be defined ascension steps, all that was put into practice, the rest will be reckoned wholly, nevertheless, even the most sublime, won't give demanded accumulation and the crystals postponed in the Bowl of Fire, won't increase. So we will direct thoughts on being essence of the Doctrine not in the theory, but in practice, in the annex to life of every day.
653. (Dec. 15). To live psych life of all heart – means to transfer consciousness to heart and as heart fights always, hat is it is immortal; immortality is reached by this way. The century Maitreya is the Century of Heart, and many will reach conscious immortality through heart. The person sleeps, but his heart doesn't sleep, it fights, it is awake. The heartbeat proceeds in bodies thin, mental and fiery. And heart pulses life in the Immortal Triad of the person. Thus, transferring of consciousness to heart has huge value and marks itself possibility of achievement of immortality, or life eternal about which it was spoken in Precepts.
654. (M. A. Y.). It is very useful to practice on release from terrestrial habits. Even small experiment in abstention from some types of food shows as it is easy to do it if the decision is firm. And then the desire of this food any more doesn't burden. Release from desires by the firm solution of will be extended to all desires, not conformable with aspiration to Light. After all Tantalum torments too are created by desires which in the Thin World can't be satisfied, for example, food desire. There to very heavy gluttons, fans of the meat got used to be sated with blood. Mastering by all the feelings and desires leads to release from them and gives to spirit wings.
655. (Dec. 16). (Guru). Fires of heart are supported and eat solemnity, courage, aspiration, love, devotion and all other positive feelings and qualities of spirit. It is possible to support these fires consciously - as in ancient temples. When it is spoken "Spirit not goes out", sacred fire means hearts. Without it the person is an empty peel. Covering of aura without heart fire is dim. Toss, as dry leaves downwind, empty covers of one incarnation. Yes Agni, Agni light, great, life to spirit the giving will be approved in the hearts of human.
656. (Dec. 21). Whether fluttering by thought when there is so much imperfection around and when thought it is possible to correct a lot of things is admissible and to improve. Rishi builds the temple for twenty transitions from that place where there is it. We Build thought. To us imitating, build also you, sending to space the finished mental form of that has to be made. The thought sent to a name of General Welfare, without thinking about itself, is carried out quicker and more simply, than the thought attached to interests of the personality and deprived of force of execution exactly thanks to astral interest. Dismissal from itself gives thoughts implementation strength. Power of thought can be used to everything that demands change. Thought the world moves, but its force isn't realized. And if failure comprehended, so the principle of self-dismissal, or dedication, that is lack of personal interest, wasn't applied. Being away from events, it is possible to take the most active part in life of the country or in planet life. The majority think of itself therefore their thoughts of force of implementation are deprived. Thinking of the benefit national, in a full separation from personal interest of the egoism, much can be reached, and it isn't necessary to be confused difficulty of a task or that from the planned benefit still there is nothing. The thought of Light doesn't know barriers. It is possible to concern everything and to destroy the stupid and ignorant resistance of silly persons. And instead of wasting precious time for empty and inutile thoughts, it is necessary to direct consciously them on improvement of life and on replacement of its shortcomings with the phenomena positive and necessary to Evolution.
657. (Guru). Instructions of the Teacher are given for application. Everyone applied already advances and grants the right to the new. Therefore the thought and aspiration can be directed on executing them possibly more stoutly and more perfectly. It is given excessive nothing: in total on force, all out of need and on compliance. Each attempt of the appendix is as though seeds for future shoot.
658. (Dec. 27). It is necessary to leave habits of terrestrial measurements and their feature in the dense world. They don't approach and aren't commensurable with conditions of extra dense existence. National fairy tales give a bright idea of laws of the astral world when on wave of a magic wand unusual things are made: carpets planes fly, there are wonderful transformations, there are magic castles, and there is live and dead water and so on, - it not the imagination, but enlightenment in Elevated. It is necessary to face essence of these phenomena in Elevated and if in advance not to know about all this, it is easy to become puzzled among a set of unclear details. Experience will teach to understand, and it is good when the consciousness is prepared. After all stay in that world is incomparably longer, than in the world terrestrial. Judgmented a lot of things will change association of the Worlds, and it will be already impossible to deny more Extra dense World. One of its features is a conditional zero gravity. I speak, conditional as it is heavy to someone to rearrange even feet while someone another flies quicker than Light because the thin body which hasn't been burdened by a rough astral matter, can freely move. Immeasurable spaces of the Highest Worlds give freedom to flights. And still work will be the life basis there, as well as on Earth. Not aimless fluttering, but work for the public good. If the world terrestrial rolls in ignorance of ignorance of the supreme laws of spirit, there business is not better. Being exempted from a body, people aren't exempted from ignorance and carry away with itself crystallized habits of life of the dense world. But the Law says: "On your belief it will be given you". That will be given to ignorant negated, it isn't difficult to present. So, everyone will measure itself, own hands, on understanding and the aspiration.
659. (M. A.Y.). All following the Teacher want to be with Him always and as it is possible closer. But don't think thus of that, for the Teacher such proximity exactly thanks to that their crude and the aura burdened by terrestrial habits and conditions is too disharmonious, too far from high and pure vibrations of his aura would be how burdensome. It is possible to come nearer, and it is possible to approach very close and even to remain for a long time close but if only process of clarification was made completely and presence of such clarified aura any more won't be burdening unreasonable.
660. (Guru). The free will which has been lit up by Light of the Doctrine, tries to lift spirit above and above, but the karma of last fulfillments strong holds it within former restrictions, from here fight. The will should give freedom and to work unshakably, executing its decisions. All last way of life, all habits, weaknesses and mistakes – all this rises in defense of the karmic past. But the one who goes to the future and decided to finish the past, that power of aspiration breaks fetters of the past and wins this fight of will free with last karma.
661. (Dec. 30). Habits to work in a terrestrial way are transferred and to the Thin World at allocation of a thin body while there they aren't necessary because complicate simplicity of actions. Instead of to do something in a terrestrial way gradually, there it is possible to create at once thought the finished form of a desirable subject or the phenomenon. Consciousness it is necessary to re-educate and accustom to arrive differently. It isn't enough to know of something or to acquire on Earth concerning features of the Thin World, it is necessary to approve still this knowledge practically, on personal experience.
662. Even usual thoughts which by the nature neither good, nor bad, litter consciousness and distract it from thoughts good. It is possible to be cleared of thoughts bad but if consciously not to replace them certainly good, and the main thing, thoughts of General Welfare, desirable consequences such clarification nevertheless won't give. Control over thoughts assumes also release from thoughts useless, and replacement with their thoughts of Light, conformable with high layers of space and having a certain direction to Hierarchy Focus. The face of the Teacher in heart has thus directing value giving a tonality to all way of thinking.
663. (M. A. Y.) . Some are perplexed why, despite all efforts to apply power of thought and to be protected from pricks of dark of substance, dark creatures continue to prick, and in the most sensitive places, using thus all possible circumstances, different people and children in particular. Answer simple: they see not gets rid weaknesses – and at all only spots, but greyish specks on aura and through them and harm. And protective thoughts, exactly thanks to these specks, become inefficient because harm is done through blackout places in aura. These specks serve as contact points for dark influences. If to destroy them by consciousness clarification, and to prick and harm the dark won't be able. And here it is necessary to remember words: "And demons receded from it, and started serving it Luminous intensity". It is the moment of a clear victory over the darkness gained in, over itself. After the passed test at a known step the darkness recedes. But then fight proceeds again, but already at other level and in new aspect.
664. (Dec. 31). It is easy to get lost in boundless spaces of the Thin World. But if communication with the Teacher is strong, it is possible to venture distant flights. It is possible to imagine, what great number of people is in a one incarnation condition. All of them are distributed on the layers corresponding to luminosity everyone. From above it is possible to visit any layer, but from below it is impossible to rise above that layer which achievement is caused by an aura light-bearer. After death of a physical body the covers investing spirit, are distributed so that the densest are outside, and in process of release from dense particles of a thin matter the spirit raises everything above and above. This release is accompanied by fight. It happens and so that it comes to an end with Highest Duada's defeat, and then the lowest principles of the person carries away it down. That is why it is so important to begin on Earth a victorious way of overcoming in itself all the not gets rid properties which are subject to burning. Devotees work on it for years. Fight unceasingly because, as though highly the spirit rose, follows each reached step the new. Therefore all Carriers of Light the terrestrial carried out life in fight and works. There are high spheres where the spirit can have a rest, but only is only temporary.
The end records 1967*