Agni Yoga's facets, 1968 (101-250)

101. (Feb. 20). A little people think of in what impenetrable cover shrouds consciousness Maya. How it is possible to break a cover if not to feel it and not to see? It is correct to consider that terrestrial human life is only a dream. It is a lot of people on Earth, and its special dream dreams everyone. Realize life terrestrial as a dream passing – already achievement. To step thought out of limits it will be a spirit victory. And to dump Maya cover will be freedom that is release of consciousness from chains of the dense world. People look for freedoms, being prisoners in fetters of a physical body but as it is possible to be released from a dungeon, without leaving it! As it is possible to overcome a body, without having subordinated it to will and without having seized his desires. The habit to feed it and to give to drink is so strong, what even proceeds in World Aboveground. Precede as well body infirmity, and it is hard to be exempted from them there. You are surprised that eremite’s yogis minimize all requirements of a body, especially in drink and food, but you don't think of as far as them it release the spirit for Elevated Stay. The sudden death in the prime of life, both health, and all aspirations of human subjects also is heavy that very difficult to be exempted from them mentally in World Aboveground. It is heavy to be there connected by terrestrial representations and to be wingless. It is necessary to be exempted from Maya illusions on Earth to enter the world fine the free.

102. (Feb. 21). The darkness is condensed. Events are heated up, as mountains. Without the conductor not take place in mountains. Insistently I Speak, become even closer and you keep inseparably. Really you don't feel a spatial press? The consciousness tries to grasp at different thoughts, as for an anchor. But an anchor one is of Hierarchy. Means and the thought should direct and concentrate on It. Splinters of thoughts not to take cover from heavy reality; badly is in the world. The fanaticism, fanaticism and cruelty turn into an atrocity, already obvious, nothing covered. Last child of the old world feel the hopelessness and, leaving; want to leave in a huff.

103. (M. A. Y.). The chaos tries to rush into consciousness and to break its system. Therefore and it is so difficult to focus thoughts on a certain subject. Toss of the spirit human under chaos waves. Any destruction, any disharmony, any manifestation of darkness indicate chaos invasion. The chaos is so far from understanding that it is impossible to master it. But against destruction, dissoluteness, unruliness, fury of darkness and all manifestations of forces dark it is possible to fight consciously, holding in every way spirit communication with the Teacher of Light. Only this way it is possible to have this hard time.

104. (Feb. 22). The main thing – not goes off the Teacher. To be together with It in the spirit of always at all doesn't mean that it is impossible to think of anything another. And at the same time all thoughts and our actions in life usual have to pass in understanding of continuous contact with the Teacher. Body often we don't feel and we don't think at all of it, however always we know that it with us and us in it. In the same way it is necessary to introduce in consciousness and the phenomenon of invisible Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of, consciously or subconscious, but always approving it. When this understanding goes before of the heart and in it will be approved strongly, and the behavior before the Face Great will change respectively. You think, what one, what the Teacher Doesn't see and don’t know? What delusion! Consider that you live in the house glass and that the Eye of the Leader Sees everything. Not in words consider, but actually because I See and I Know. Severe school passes wanting Light. On a feat the Teacher Calls. And the feat way not is covered with roses, but thorns.

105. (M. A. Y.). It is good when, at least in a dream, you can come off usual things of use. But if in a dream of a thing you take with yourself, stacking them in chests and suitcases and caring of them, it means that in consciousness you weren't exempted from them yet and that possession of them accompanies you and in a dream. It is told: "Own everything, but consider nothing". The border is thin between possession usual and possession rather using things, without feeling of property. It is useful to practice in imagination on release from things, to imagine that you in World Thin and is absolutely free from them. After all there anything it is unnecessary. What great simplification and feeling of freedom cover the person when he can come off illusive property which even in World Aboveground is similar to heavy fetters? But the separation is made on Earth and has to come to the end on it. The separation occurs in consciousness. Process is made in the spirit of. In the Doctrine anywhere it isn't said that it is impossible to have things, but emphasis is placed on to considering something as the property.

106. (Feb. 23). In process of deepening in the Doctrine the thought grows and gets the increasing force and ability to influence both the creator, and others. Control over thought becomes necessary because thoughts negative bring heavy consequences. But if the grown thought of people can't operate, he becomes a slave and the victim of own dark generations. It is possible not to be afraid of light thoughts as they influence in the benefit, but control is necessary both over undesirable thoughts, and over the light. Though forms - are very hardy. They curl and pulse about the founder and from time to time interfere in his consciousness and try to seize of. All achievements are good on condition of the power over them. That is why at a known step the will develops. The weak-willed pettiness gradually turns into Space litter.
107. (Feb. 24). It is possible to escape from wild animals, it is possible to escape from a fire, it is possible to escape at ship-wreck, it is possible to beat off from enemies, it is possible defend from dark but how to leave how to avoid own thoughts? The mania of prosecution and other manias, the notions of compulsion, houses of the insane obviously indicates how thoughts can strongly seize the person. Beget and generation is a single whole in space. Protection against own thoughts one is to seize them and to take over the control. There is no other way of protection against the thoughts if these thoughts are bad. Good and light it isn't necessary to be protected from thoughts. The question of mastering by thought is important extraordinary. The world Thin is the sphere of test of thoughts, and the one who didn't seize them on Earth, is given on worry to own generations. He has to win against them by all means; differently he will plunge into those layers of the astral world which correspond to thoughts dirty. Pure and light thoughts will uplift highly. As the woodpecker, hollows consciousness unrestrained and contagious thought, again and again interfering in it under various appearances. Also it is necessary under everyone, even as though and not bad to see its hidden harmful essence to reject without hesitation. All bad, ever thought over and accepted without reservations in consciousness, again will return and the place will demand in it to itself. Therefore it is so important to pass each doubtful thought through a consciousness beam for the statement or its rejection. It too thought as though sets the seal of a final decision of will and if this decision is really final, firmly and unshakably, the thought is neutralized and with recurrence any more doesn't threaten. It is so possible to observe how from time to time from depths of memory the thoughts shipped once in it come back and the combination to them demands. If the combination took place and its new acceptability is approved, the thought plunges into memory again to return for strengthening or denial – as though there is a continuous examination on check of consciousness and on clarification of that step which it reached. At self-checking and continuous patrol it is easy to reveal, which thoughts threaten most of all and from where danger. Useless thoughts serve as the channel for approach of the dark. They as if open windows for dirty suggestions. The most terrible slavery which only can be presented, is a slavery at own negative thoughts.

108. (M. A. Y.). The mental accumulation, in any case, for this embodiment, it is necessary to reconsider anew to separate kind seeds from the bad. Seed of future shoots is each thought. For the sake of the future it is necessary to take care of thoughts. The born thought pulses in space, gains in its strength and grows. This hidden growth of thought can be observed easily if to note that every time thought coming back to consciousness comes back stronger, persistent, persistent and enriched with new elements. It can be glad because thoughts good, creative, expanding consciousness, enrich it with new stays. Torches of knowledge inflame this way. Also giants and of the evil grow also. The thought demands very circumspect relation. Tell those who want to be with Us that observed thought, – such is the Precept of the Teacher of Light.

109. (Feb. 25). The chaotic thinking is harmful in the spatial relation. Disharmony is brought in the sphere surrounding the person. It is possible to note that round some people the light, calming atmosphere is created. About them it is breathed easily and even it is joyful; with such people well. About others the concern, alarm, fears is felt. They darken those who adjoin to them. They bring these feelings in the atmosphere of that room into which enter. Light and calm bring one, darkness and alarm – others. Thus, the thinking of the person isn't his private matter concerning only him, but also the business affecting all and influencing many people and on big space. The person left or went to other city, but poison, with it dismissed around, long will poison still the atmosphere. Thoughts catch not only people, but animals, plants, things and dwellings in which their lives the person of chaotic, or darken thinking. So, one people pass through life, being blessing for everything that the surrounds, and others –damnation. Everything depends on character and the nature of their thoughts. People of light thinking not only light up heat and light of others, but also трансмутируют the mental atmosphere, clarifying and clearing it of spatial litter. It is fairly possible to call them cleaners of terrestrial aura. Contrary to spatial poisoners and poison-bearer they serve Light phenomenon. All people make the contribution to the space storeroom, and everyone should be aware of what this contribution and what sort with thoughts it fills the sphere surrounding it. The atmosphere of dwellings on which people huddle is especially dense. Sensitive heart defines at once essence of that saturation which fills this or that house, the room or the apartment. In some presses and oppresses, in others it is breathed easier. More than once heard from men of his word: "As at you it is good! « By the principle of saturation thoughts of Light create Ashrams. On their creation a lot of time leaves. Sensitive heart warns against much. But it is necessary to know and understand that surrounds the person in the world in which he lives.

110. (M. A. Y.). Come off Earth and terrestrial gravitations not easily and not simply. The thought works. The thought binds, and the thought releases. From here care off thought. It is good to learn to be exempted quickly from any thoughts and to learn to transfer them from one subject to another so that the previous process of thinking didn't paint the subsequent. It paints not only thought, but also feelings. Means and feelings should be able to be operated. Question: than it is more difficult to operate, thoughts or feelings? It is necessary to think of it. And, if it is easier operate thought, off through it and it is necessary affect at of the feeling, if with feeling, – on the contrary. Everyone chooses that leads to the purpose rather. But it is necessary to realize nevertheless that the internal essence of the person was formed during the huge period of time and what to change it at once, without having the corresponding accumulation, it is impossible. This transformation demands years of works and efforts and not one life.

111. (Guru). The thought of the benefit of people tears off from thoughts of and exempts consciousness from fetters of the personality. It is possible to punch a shell of own aura, only having gone beyond the personality, personal interests, aspirations and reasons. It is so important to realize barriers, restrictions and walls of personal prison into which the consciousness is usually put. In the general scheme of the Universe not persons, but the taking priority place and a role is allocated for identity of the person. Because the personality dies as well as the body, and memory disappears about her, but identity with all the accumulation remains and continues to prove further, being embodied in new persons, so temporary and mortal, as well as what were before.

112. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness perceives in that key on which it is adjusted. Day sounding can't but be reflected in this mood. Therefore, and during the day it is necessary to watch closely that arrives in consciousness from the outside and on what it allows itself to concentrate and what to worry. Inutile and distracting thoughts too disturb.

113. (Feb. 27). Often some vital circumstances cause in us feelings and the experiences not corresponding to the reached step. And then it is necessary to get rid of them. External conditions as though develop so that to promote a get rid of these or those properties of character. In such cases they usually repeat until the necessary relation and while undesirable property not get rid and immunity of spirit on the relation to these phenomena wasn't created will be developed. From undesirable circumstances of life there is a wish to be exempted somewhat quicker. But the way of release from them one is to overcome in itself their power over consciousness, their force to influence it and to cause undesirable reactions. In itself reason is unimportant. But if it breaks balance, so it, instead of our will owns us. No reasons can excuse if not ourselves, but something foreign and external influences and influences us contrary to our desire and our will. From vital tests, chagrin and experiences not to leave, but it is impossible to give them the authorities over because won't release until we will rise by them spirit and we won't become stronger than them, that is we won't allow that they broke balance. If it occurs because of sympathy and compassion to other people, and it doesn't excuse as, losing balance, we aren't able to render to them so necessary help. Anybody also won't resist anywhere against balance, and it needs to be kept before trying to struggle with counteracting circumstances. It is necessary to keep balance, despite everything. This way forces the fiery power which is so necessary for opposition to waves of the opposite phenomena. Therefore Show: you store balance above all.
114. (M. A. Y.). The love is expressed in operation. Therefore we recognize only effective love. I put only in words, as well as love only in assurances – as a form without the contents. It is a lot of verbal peel and many imagined feelings deprived of the contents, occupies attention of people, and then Maya especially strong replaces with herself reality,- and live, surrounded with ghosts and illusive experiences. But Maya is even brighter, even more dangerous than the Thin World dense. Here the person only imagines them, and there sees their illusive, changeable and deceptive forms and takes them for reality, and in it danger. The pursuit of ghosts won't bring to good. It is necessary to learn to be exempted from Maya ghosts on Earth.

115. (Guru). As it strange sounds, but others grief, foreign sufferings, others weaknesses and shortcomings are overcome in it by that person who wants to help people. And others pain too should be assumed if you want to assist a suffering being. Without this condition both get to a hole and helping catches a clouding of the one to who assists. It is necessary so even to sympathize and feel pity skillfully. It is impossible to allow catching a condition of suffering consciousness. Help – doesn't mean to fall to it, but means lift it to itself, assume its burden, for neutralization it the force. Is inadmissible give in to oppressed mood of the interlocutor? The help and compassion consist in that to replace twilight of the saddened spirit with Light. And for this purpose Light it is necessary kindle and not to allow at all it’s of the extinction. It is possible to fall to the suffering person but only to lift him together with it.

116. (Feb. 28). Many details of use promote that the accord of the device of spirit wasn't broken. One of them is a lack of vanity and haste. Second – independence of foreign moods and ability to be protected from them. Third – deduction in consciousness of the main direction and a memory about it constant. Each person, being embodied, assumes voluntary certain task most often concerning its own improvement. But in vanity and turmoil of life forgets about it, that is forgets about for the sake of what it came to Earth. Then terrestrial stay loses meaning and life becomes aimless. Replacement of the purpose of this embodiment with Maya illusions will be the greatest self-deception, and many give in to it. It is better to learn to approve reality here, on Earth. For this purpose it is necessary to be approved before on Bases. Doctrine bases – as the base for the building, without them not to resist. Bases – as outline, on which patterns are embroidered. The pattern can give any drawing, but without an outline, without a basis it is impossible. When the press becomes intolerable, it is possible to resist only on Bases. For example, Bases is an existence of three worlds and inevitability of stay in each of them. If on it to be approved unshakably, whether that can something the events in the world terrestrial, even the heaviest and difficult, deprive of the person of understanding of that terrestrial life with all its experiences – only very small part of its existence and that the main thing and longer existence is in World Aboveground. Such person approved on Bases, and measures will apply others to everything that him surrounds, and will treat everything not as ordinary people. Its understanding will be other-worldly, but from the world of reality fiery. Remember words: "My other-worldly kingdom".

117. (M. A. Y.). Present itself in the World Thin. Present that you from it look at Earth, at yourselves, at the surrounding. Present that this world and that aren't separable one from another, only that, another, is wider, more free also independent, in any case, the person, in its staying, doesn't depend already on conditions terrestrial. This representation gives the chance to come off Earth and to destroy a vicious circle of dense existence with which people of Earth surround themselves usually. These are wings allows spirit to rise over this circle. In whatever world the person stayed, ability and ability over it to raise it is necessary to have because also the Thin World can close consciousness in a certain environment. Only the Highest Spheres exempt from opportunity to be closed by something. Freedom is in of the spirit. It also should be carried by untied through all temporary worlds. All of them task also are urgent, only Fiery World is termless.

118. (Guru). Let there will be no false impression at you that terrestrial it is necessary to run or move away from life in a lock. Terrestrial life should be lived brightly, saturated and tensely, taking in it the most live part and scooping from it the necessary experience. It is necessary to be released from excesses various, from any perversions, from all dirty and rough, from affairs and acts useless, not compatible to spirit advantage, but from life terrestrial, released from dirt and all other ugliness’s, it is impossible to renounce. By what then sense is embodied to Earth, if deny value and meaning of the life on it. Earlier the very many fell into this extreme and left from life. Now go into extremes another and, entirely plunging in terrestrial, reject Elevated. The median way to which wise men of an antiquity pointed is necessary.

119. (M. A. Y.). It is good and easy to direct when everything is good, quiet and peaceful around. But will already direct at a gnash of external conditions achievement and a merit. The considerable will is required for such overcoming of chaos. It is necessary to learn such overcoming as in the Thin World it is necessary to overcome even more difficult things. Here from them somehow and somewhere, at least for a while, nevertheless it is possible to leave, but there it is impossible. There it is possible to overcome and win against them only. Therefore persistently we will study art of overcoming of waves counteracting here, on Earth that to increase force of opposition and the will to strengthen.

120. (Guru). If it is possible to learn to keep balance under the most adverse conditions, it will be already much easier to store it in life usual. Each pupil wants to become the tempered soldier, but training process usually causes unpleasant feelings and even discontent, that is, speaking in other words, it would be desirable to get something, without having paid for it. But for nothing it is given nothing, everything is got by experience, tests and suffering. More paid will receive more.

121. (March 1). Travel are useful because allow the person to come off a familiar spot and give the chance to punch a shell of the aura, being exempted from the crystallized and habitual environment. Wanderers in this regard show a fine example of how it is possible to live, without being attached to one place. In India there are cases when people, having reached an old age and having fulfilled the obligations to a family and people, leave the house and a family and become homeless wanderers. They know that it is the best way to make easy having dug out from Earth when will punch their hour. But nevertheless it is possible to come off and in the spirit of, leaving nothing. However, this separation is more difficult, than any another.

122. (M. A. Y.). Communication is hardly achievable at disharmony of that around. But when we love, nothing prevents to think and direct to a favorite being because all heart is filled with this love. Therefore, and a disharmonious environment not a barrier, if of the heart flares this feeling.

123. (March 2). Without understanding of couples of contrasts it is impossible to rise to tops. On the one hand, it is necessary to depart from life and to destroy terrestrial gravitations, with another, it is impossible to come off Earth. It is necessary to lead this life terrestrial and at the same time not to plunge into it and not to be held down by it. Not in power to usual thinking counterbalance these contrasts in consciousness. The rules "Light on the Way" begin with the instruction on these contrasts and need of their understanding. The dialectics Real is shown in everything: in great and small. Each phenomenon is caused by it. To see both poles of a thing uniform will be already achievement. Rolling in wellbeing not see other pole. If saw, would begin to see clearly at once and would change life. Each violator Basis of Ethics doesn't see an opposite pole of consequences and inevitable payment. Would see, I didn't break. "Standing at a western wall let know that the pleasure goes". Glory terrestrial and shine at all don't mean glory in Elevated more likely on the contrary. One pole is counterbalanced by another. The law is invariable: after a storm – the sun, after darkness – Light.

124. (M. A. Y.). Thoughts create lines of a magnetic attraction to on what they concentrate. Concentration can stop, but the attraction remains, and the thought continues to work. Installing communication and communication channels, it is necessary to remember it and know that the channels dug in space, remain for a long time. Therefore going to fathers or going to Lords goes on these channels dug by his own thoughts and works.
On the same channels go and to the lower class of the Thin World if channels are dug there. All people the thinking break through channels in space. Question only in, where and what.

125. (Guru). As it is insistently necessary to monitor the behavior severely, knowing that each movement of the person is a consequence of the previous reason and the reason of the subsequent actions. Each reason generates conformable to it a consequence. To be the master of fate and the future is means to create such reasons which will give desirable consequences in the future. Mistakes in operation the Law doesn't happen.

126. (March 3). At night we Learn, and the doctrine Our in the Bowl and remains there. And only from time to time come up from there in waking condition fragments of the put knowledge. In certain cases this access to treasures of the Bowl is facilitated, and then the knowledge arrives more freely. In the Bowl many accumulation are hidden. Once they will flash all fires, but for this purpose the spirit has to rise very highly. Even memory of last embodiment doesn't remain the person, except for separate cases, but this memory, and not about one, but about many, is imprinted and is constantly shown in character and qualities of the incarnate. What is the quality of spirit, for example, courage and dedication or love to the Teacher of Light, as the memory not crystallized in it of the past? Whether can love the Teacher and direct to Him the one who never heard about It and didn't direct to It in antecedents? So, qualities both good and bad are last accumulation. In the same way, as before, they can collect and in a true embodiment. Work in this direction will be already worked for the future. Qualities of spirit are result of the antecedents, strengthened or weakened by the last embodiment. In qualities of spirit we deal with the phenomena, far passing out of limits of this terrestrial life. Here the child with phenomenal ability to music or languages will be born. It means, in any former embodiments it worked over them quite a lot. It should be noted, what not all former accumulation or abilities can come to light completely in this body – they come to light as required and according to problems of evolution of this spirit. But all earned is integral before and remains with it forever completely to come to light when time will come to that. Processes of accumulation of qualities and abilities are slow, but any effort doesn't pass in this direction completely. As a matter of fact, for the sake of it the person on Earth also is embodied, and in it and his life purpose consists.
127. (M. A. Y.). In each person it is possible to observe properties congenital, deeply taken roots, and alluvial, superficial, created by education and conditions of this life. It is very easy to see this distinction during any misfortunes when all alluvial flies from the person, and he is shown in the true essence, and only the sense-knowledge allows to define unmistakably true nature of the person and to unveil the outer, ostentatious side of human character. Sense-knowledge doesn't allow be touched masks. Sense-knowledge belongs to difficult earned abilities of spirit.

128. (Guru). Whether paid attention to how the people even working over difficult change. Certainly, properties and the features of education acquired in last, that is current, an embodiment to eradicate not so difficult, but brought from the past give in to processing with great work. Weeds are uprooted. It is necessary to pull out all roots and to grasp it that the weed didn't begin to grow again. You remember how It is told: "Look for root of all evil and pull out it". Superficial destruction won't yield desirable results.

129. (March 4). To how many influences, counteractions and currents it is necessary opposite keep balance! And strong it is necessary to hold Hierarchy. Otherwise how to resist? Each Attendant of Light is under waves of various influences; especially heavy-imperceptible going from the Thin World. As also thoughts live embodied by clouds rush over the world; impossibly present itself overfill Space. The simple radio fan knows what cacophony fills space. But after all he doesn't feel neither magnetic currents, nor beams of far stars, thoughts of incarnate and one incarnation people. He doesn't see that, than Earth atmosphere is filled, and still speaks about ruefulness of space. Ignorance of all this doesn't exempt the person from all these influences. Living in peace and being part it, it can't but vibrate mutually that pulses and lives in peace. The device human is difficult extraordinary. Many people unmistakably predict a bad weather on the feelings. And the sensitive organism shudders on a distant earthquake. It is impossible change of mood to attribute only to indigestion. Even the dog howls on the dead man. Really rough the dog is of people? The protecting network protects from invasion of much energy, and it has to be in a full order. There is enough fret, to be frightened, drink wines – and the protecting network loses part of the firmness. That it protected reliably, it is necessary to watch and keep behind it in a due condition. First of all it is influenced by own thoughts. Therefore, thoughts should be kept clean. In a word, the fortress of a human microcosm is protected strongly, sharp-sightedly and constantly. On vigilant, continuous Patrol there is an Attendant of Light, - in it its difference from ordinary people, and in it its debt before itself, Hierarchy and mankind.
130. (M. A.Y.). Every moment of Communication we leave a shining trace in space. The rhythm strengthens consequences and approves the continuous extent of this shining communication. This extent is directed in the future. The projection of future spirit directed in it is so forged. Be not afflicted with difficulties and burdening’s by circumstances. They help your progress. That is suffering for a body or a grief for the personality, can be the benefit for spirit and force, directing it powerfully up. Measures of spirit and measure of a body are various: for one – tests and difficulties, for others – pleasure and influx of new forces; for one – horror and death, for others this death – long-awaited release and transition to the World Thin, fine, - and implementation of all the most andacious dreams. So the relations of people to the same phenomena of life differ, because itself "the person is a measure of things".

131. (March 5). The person notes various indications of the registering devices created by it and writes down the indications having special value. But the most surprising device is its. And this human device is in full neglect, and its indications not only don't register, but usually to them don't pay any attention. But the device of the person operates constantly and gives evidences important. And if to pay attention to them, to mark out them and even to write down, something will turn out very unexpected and valuable. For example, at a meeting and conversation with any person it is possible to realize and note what reaction was caused by its radiations and as the organism replied on it. Or: why this or that person was suddenly remembered and what feeling accompanied this reminiscence. Or: what deposit leaves any, even small conversation with the relatives of the house. Or: as a certain habitual thought influences consciousness if it interferes contrary to will. All events with the person cause in it a certain reaction, and to define its character extremely important. Even overcast and weather obviously influence. Ability then starts growing when, like a muscle, it exercise and pay to it attention. Too many phenomena are accepted by the person unconsciously, robbing itself and impoverishing the world of perceptions. To observe and study it doesn't mean to rush with it, the experiences and to impose it to people. How many invaluable opportunities pass by the unnoticed?

132. (M. A. Y.). Internal essence of the person, as though carefully he she not conceal, somehow and in something nevertheless is shown externally. It is necessary to watch attentively only trifles of behavior, words, movements and gestures and to draw the corresponding conclusions.

133. (Guru). It isn't so difficult to store balance in silence and rest. But under blows of waves external it is much more difficult. Think of these blows as strengthening force and power of balance and don't allow anything to bring you out of it.

134. (Guru). Let's talk about a will press for action. Each action moves best of all awareness of its need. Thus, the thought that something has to be made by all means, will be the shown precondition to action. The strong thought way will support the decision, and it is necessary to enclose energy of heart in thought. The sincere, warm desire of self-improvement supported by rhythmic thought will yield the necessary results.

135. (March 7). The thin body is set in motion by thought. Thought be different, the different force and tension. In the Thin World many only go, as well as on Earth because think still in a terrestrial way and in a terrestrial way are full of denials and terrestrial habits. The physical body too is set in motion by thought. To raise a hand or to set a foot, it is necessary to premise thought; analogy very significant. Thin bodies possess various degree of ponder ability: is lighter and is purer, the easier and more movably. Thin bodies share not only on ponder ability, but also on degrees of the structure, or sparseness and thinning of a matter of which it consists. And this refinement or roughness of a matter of a thin body corresponds to certain layers of space and a matter making these layers. Thinning, or roughen of a thin body happens on Earth when the person is in the physical body. All influences a matter of a thin body: both drink, and food, both wine, and smoking, both feelings, and thoughts, both acts, and all behavior of the person. It is possible to tell that, living on Earth, the person builds for himself that house or a cover in which he will live in World Aboveground. It is possible to imagine what thin body of the drunkard or the person indulging in any passions or rage will be. Many don't understand what stuffy dungeon prepares for it. It is so important to abstain from all low and rough, and first of all, in thoughts because in the Thin World conducts thought. It conducts and on Earth, only it isn't so obvious and noticeable for a usual eye.

136. (M. A. Y.). Actions and the thoughts which are absolutely not noticeable for a terrestrial eye, have very great value for a thin body. Therefore the yogi eremite far from people and life usual deprived of everything that so strong is appreciated by inhabitants, nevertheless creates and has what can't be bought for all gold of the world. In general it is necessary to reconsider all values of the person and to establish on them the new point of view. The multimillionaire or the powerful governor terrestrial in the Thin World can be poorer than the beggar because values of spirit have another dimension. Values of spirit undertake there with themselves, but neither the authorities, nor gold there not to take. However, the power can be taken if it is the power over, the power over the covers.

137. (Guru). The understanding of three worlds opens the wide horizons before consciousness. After all the consciousness concerns all three, only people don't give to themselves in it the account. About the Trinity Consubstantial and Inseparable learned once even at schools, but to apply the principle of indivisibility to three worlds didn't occur to anybody. And meanwhile these worlds aren't separable from each other. . Only the brain human them divided it, actually all three – one, and triple of manifestation of a matter can't be denied, it is necessary to expand only this representation and to deepen, having come off habitual restrictions and remembering that forms of manifestation of a matter are boundless.

138. (March 8). On the aspirations of people depends not only in the Thin World, but also in the terrestrial. Only in Thin it is difficult to change aspiration extraordinary. Why? The world Thin is the world of the consequences seeded in the world of the reasons that is in the world terrestrial. In this last the reasons in the form of thoughts, acts, decisions and the actions which results precede in World Aboveground are put. Here the brain thinks and solves, there the brain isn't present, to solve there is nothing, there the thinking is made by a deduction method from the preconditions accepted on Earth and solutions of terrestrial mind, and there are reaped the fruits of these actions approved by terrestrial mind. Generally, division of mind on objective and subjective is correct, but action of the heart and value of its energy aren't taken into account. If the brain and terrestrial mind – for Earth, heart for all worlds, and the solution of destiny human in World Aboveground can be transferred to heart when it still fights in a physical body. Certainly! I mean the heart cleared of spiritual outgrowths. Therefore for the approval of each terrestrial or brain decision it is good to transfer it to heart that there was it there on the future. And still if the person got used to think dirty, and after release from a body dirty fancies will surround it and will demand a combination to them as it occurred on Earth. If on Earth he fought with them, will fight if rejected and rejected, will reject and there but if to them gave in and them lived, that, having surrounded it, they will influence it, yet won't settle on it all the energy which he in them enclosed once. Once he created them, once claimed, and accepted in consciousness, and got used to enter a combination to them and therefore there it will continue the mental movement on the track laid earlier, on the channel dug by it in space. It can't stop this movement because the deductive thinking of a thin body and the Thin World will involve it in funnels of vortex energy, to it and his thinking generated, and strengthened in the space megaphone, and attracted to conformable whirlwinds astral, and, in turn, aggravated and strengthened by them. In the Thin World it is very difficult to struggle with the aspirations put on Earth because the person depends on them. Fight against useless aspirations, desires and thoughts should be begun and, whenever possible, to finish on Earth because that is connected on Earth, will be connected and there. You shouldn't forget about it for a minute as all of them from time to time come back again, as though to be either accepted, or rejected, depending on that step of consciousness and height which was reached by the person at present. And the new relation to old thought decides its destiny. That is why continuous control over thoughts is so necessary and fraught with big consequences.

139. (M. A. Y.). Yes, yes, yes, it is so important, it is so necessary to reconsider all the aspirations ever arising in consciousness and imprinted in memory, and, having severely reconsidered, to reject unusable, having set to them the seal of a final decision of will. Because all of them will show in due time the account and will demand payment.

140. (Guru). Why to mark time? Really it is a pity to leave century litter? But after all water hollows a stone! Unnecessary stratifications of the past can be punched an edge of thought and gradually to be exempted from them. The Teacher Will help and Will support this kind aspiration. And together with the Teacher it is possible to overcome everything.

141. (March 9). The complete silence, both rest, and the strongest press of circumstances and tension can equally cause inflow of mental energy. After all the more strongly presses a press, the more oils give seeds. Therefore counteractions lead to lifting of mental energy; to fall in love with difficulties, counteraction and enemies is means to understand that they strong serve increase of fiery power and serve as bottom stones on which the foot goes when lifting up. Without counteractions mental energy can't grow and develop. I want to see you strong, won everything going against, and saved up in the Bowl Agni's imperishable treasure. And dark only then start serving the winner when he learned to take the fiery force necessary for its overcoming from each their counteraction. And I Will help to turn everything on advantage. It is necessary not to come off only Me, it is as though great there was a press of counteracting forces. I welcome winners here because there the victorious condition of spirit is especially necessary. There, in World Thin, fight is even more aggravated and strained. For someone rest and a place of pleasant pastimes, and for someone fight and the self-sacrificing help to those who needs protection and Light. There possibilities of cooperation because the field of activity which hasn't been limited to terrestrial conditions is wide are multiplied. It is so possible to prepare already in advance itself for work and a feat in World Aboveground. Workers are necessary there even more, than here because there it is more than those who needs Light.

142. (M. A. Y.). Being exempted from a body, employees of the Brotherhood are exempted from terrestrial cares, but assume cares spatial, even more responsible and heavy. In the Brotherhood there is no unemployment and the unemployed. In this is of structure of life of the Brotherhood. It is necessary to accustom itself to thought that everywhere work and that work infinite – the only way of evolution of spirit. However, in Devachan it is possible to have a rest, but also this rest temporary, both especially strong and self-sacrificing spirits refuse it and assume a feat elevated. The great Spirit which has told: "I Is with you always, in all days, till the end of time", – Assumed as well the Fiery Feat of Great Service to people not only in the world terrestrial, but also in World Aboveground.

143. (Guru). Continuous and rhythmic receipt of thoughts is caused by constancy of ascension of spirit and consciousness expansion. This constancy not as simple and easy at all as it seems even to itself because growth of Light of aura isn't visible bearing it, but Sees the Teacher and Rejoices to process. The pearl of consciousness should learn to be appreciated that with that bigger ease to clear it of all excess and unusable stratifications.

144. (March 10). My son, feeling of that the Doctrine of Life gives big knowledge and strong distinguishes knowing it from ignorant onegated of Intimate Knowledge, correctly and deservedly. From time to time understanding it flashes especially strongly. After all the Doctrine opens Boundlessness before the person and enters consciousness into a stream of eternal life while at onegated with death of a body all comes to an end, in any case, in their poor representation. Therefore they choke in that mental dungeon which created to itself. For knowing nothing comes to an end and everything precedes in the future, for the ignoramus certainly everything, including him. It is possible to call the doctrine spirit wings. And on wings it is possible to fly. As threshold of flights in a thin body be serve flights mental. They break through channels in space and give the directions to spirit in which it can easily direct in the future flights. It is thus very interesting to note one feature: spheres of flight of thought aren't limited to anything. The thought absolutely freely directs there where it is directed by will. As also the imagination if it is rather rich isn't limited to anything. Let it will serve as a hint on possibility of the Thin World where conducts, moves, directs and creates thought. If the thought is liberated, opportunities it are boundless. But it is possible to imagine stupid, limited and ignorant consciousness which anything, except a stomach and personal "hen house", wasn't interested or denied everything that over that small, pity and dark world in which it concluded itself. Person his own galore or the liberator. The false science and ignorant training too very complicate enlightenment in reality. But nevertheless a lot of things, a lot of things depend on properties of spirit. Why where, apparently, there is a full opportunity to get acquainted with spiritual doctrines why there such furious ignorance, cruelty and violation of all human rights. Why where people consider themselves religious and believing in God why there they armed with power of equipment and science, are ready to flood with blood the whole world, are ready to trample on freedom of the small people and for the sake of a profit to destroy everything and everything who in it disturbs them. But the Great Future is fated not to them, but the New Country, your Homeland. It will bring rescue to the world and will be the Leader. It costs at the crossroads great opportunities which will be given it and already are given.

145. (M. A. Y.). For completeness of Communication it is necessary to rise to us, to enter into the accord with our aspirations, thoughts and work and to merge with them in an orotund chord. After all you won't demand that we fell to you and were dissolved in that environment which surrounds you. Whom heart directs, it is necessary to rise, without trying to attract them to it. Only under these conditions contact is possible. Therefore Show aspiration as a key from all achievements and all opportunities. The Teacher Speaks: "Direct to Me". The main condition of approach and rapprochement consists in it with Light Carriers. Direct!

146. (Guru). Prepare itself for cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. The future belongs to you. In it a certain place is allocated for you. It is possible to occupy it at compliance of readiness with the forthcoming tasks. Who can give a responsible mission? Only to the one who prepared itself (himself) for its performance. Readiness is caused by the corresponding extent of expansion of consciousness. It is impossible to expand it suddenly. Time is necessary. Therefore the preparation will consist as well in work on consciousness expansion. While there is time, prepare. When Will call, will be engaged in preparation already late. For employees of Light has no value, they are young or are old, what skin color or situation in society both in what body and in what world. Service goes in all bodies and on all plans wherever there was their spirit at present. Such Service will be called Great.

147. (March 11). Experience of life demonstrates that Ashrams are necessary in the dense world as a stronghold and protection against chaotic and rough conditions terrestrial. And the Stronghold is necessary as the purpose of aspiration and spirit fortress, Light, balance and which tranquility not in forces to break anything. Therefore in Tibet and in Central Asia there are so much monasteries of various degree of a lightfull behind their walls people try to keep and hold that it is impossible to make in living conditions usual. And Sergius Cloister Based with the same purpose: To save up light and, having collected, keep as a spiritual stronghold of the state. As it is exact also each pupil consciously or unconsciously tries to create Ashram, or it’s any similarity where he should live. Certainly, in modern conditions this Ashram has spiritual character. It is possible to call it a citadel, or the house, spirit. By analogy to the Stronghold the house of spirit is under construction too in three worlds, and its main aspect – in World Thin above. For thin sight it is surrounded with Light and sated to some extent with lightful vibrations of his inhabitants and vibrations of beams from the Stronghold. Each Attendant of Light is as though mobile Focus of Light which changes a place if it has to move. Towers of spirit can be mobile. It surely occurs each time when the monastery extends and her members leave to the world. Towers of spirit support a planetary network of Light. Ashrams of all types of a lightfull have very great spatial value. It is very important to understand that the citadel of spirit is the phenomenon not a personal order. Not for the sake of itself, but for the sake of space and Hierarchy Light of heart is approved to shine where is dark. Therefore balance and tranquility deduction without which there can't be beneficial a radiation of a microcosm human is so necessary. Therefore and it is so difficult to hold them because the darkness takes up arms on Light Carrier. If Ashrams are necessary on Earth, it is even more necessary they in World Thin. And it is valid; there they are a shelter to the spirits which have concerned Light. There are the whole settlements protected with lightful protection which towers like walls round a protected place. Anything dark, spiteful, dirty won't enter. And if in the terrestrial cities it is so difficult to be protected from chaos and darkness invasion, in Ashrams terrestrial this protection is carried already out to some extent, depending on luminosity of Ashram. But they are strong and not perforation in World Aboveground. Stronghold, uniform for all worlds and the Highest will be an ideal of all similar constructions, both terrestrial, and elevated, that people have on Earth and in the worlds for the planet.

148. (M. A. Y.). Any burdening by circumstances doesn't take place without advantage for the directed spirit. This situation becomes especially impressive when the person learns in it by own experience. Consider it as an inevitable payment for achievements. Certainly, for this purpose in the being it is necessary to have the corresponding metal. Corresponding because, not to mention glass which from each blow scatters into smithereens, even metals not all maintain rage of repeated blows. But nevertheless the blade is forged by blows, and the blade of spirit consisting of valuable metal, bears all blows, becoming only is stronger from each of them. Be not afraid and don't avoid tests how they because everyone gives the new strength of opposition were difficult and multiply power of spirit.

149. (Guru). When you live under a sword of Damocles of possibility of continuous burdening’s of spirit, in your being surprising and wonderful property of readiness for any tests starts being born. At Us it is called "Silver I get down". It points to a high step of achievements. Only the judgment, devoted and close pupil reaches it. And then the words "yes there will be Will Your, the Lord" gain fiery value. And then the ardent sword of spirit starts being shone over the winner.

150. (M. A. Y.). How many thoughts, how many aspirations, how many works and efforts it is necessary to premise before the understanding of the Highest Worlds will take place? But the persistent aspiration nevertheless punches a wall of reparability and gradually enters consciousness into these spheres. This readiness allows easily and to be guided freely in them when time there consciously comes to work; after all worlds on consciousness. And the consciousness which has prepared for them, sang reaps from the aspirations, works and efforts.

151. (Guru). When your patience waiting for the future runs low, think that Teachers of the Brotherhood too Stay in waiting. They Know a lot of things, a lot of things See, See the judgment future of a planet which else isn't present but which will be, are and still compelled to wait, as well as you because the current of terms can't be broken. You remember the picture "Waiting". Only try to understand that expectation isn't a divergence and passivity. We recognize only expectation effective when the person consciously preparation to itself in it a place, refine the essence, broadening the horizons and consciousness.

152. (March 13). Through the periods of awful pressure too it is necessary to pass and stand them, without losing touches with the Teacher. How they were strong, they can't break spirit because the spirit is indestructible, and nothing can destroy it. Only tests give this inflexible confidence of inviolability of spirit. Through so many already passed, and all of them in the past, and the spirit remained. The river of life flows by, and sitting ashore, the pupil and the Teacher, behold it, without being involved in its stream and its whirlpools. It is difficult to learn to look, as though standing apart, as though being only the viewer, as if in cinema or theater. Both the person looks, and worries, and receives pleasure or is afflicted for heroes, understanding all the time that he – only looking, but not the participant of the events. It can be acquired if to understand that a kingdom of other-worldly spirit, but above. It is possible strong to note that all Great Spirits coming to Earth, Considered Themselves only as the travelers coming to the world and having the special way is farther in the future, in life which was Believed by Them eternal. And you seek to realize yourselves travelers of a way boundless, travelers in Boundlessness. Certainly, world events are of great importance for people. But after all there were they both hundred, and two hundred, and one thousand years ago; and too mattered for people of that time. And all of them passed and were replaced by others, having not smaller influence. Will be replaced and will consign to the past and events of the current time, but there will be a spirit which as will look at a stream of already new events, as well as former, doomed to oblivion in time. I want that realized thought of a transient of the current hour and of a not transient and eternity of spirit more brightly. Saying that "and it will pass", Solomon meant thought of inviolability of spirit and its superiority over all current phenomena of life of the dense world. It is hard to combine this situation with the importance, need and sense of terrestrial embodiments. On the one hand, Maya mirage and pass ability and seeming reality of terrestrial dreams, with another – a way of terrestrial embodiments as the only possibility of evolution of spirit and acquisition by it of experience and the knowledge which is so necessary for its development. A lot of things depend on ability to combine poles of the opposite phenomena because life is based on the phenomenon of contrasts.

153. (M. A. Y.). If only the Lord Lived in heart, and then forces will suffice to pass through everything, and to pass the winner. So the thought should be put to the Lord, but not to accidents of external conditions. Accidents will leave as came, but the Lord Remains in heart and Becomes not separable from it. To merge heart with the Lord of Light will be the statement of Light in itself. For overcoming of external counteractions of strength of mind it is necessary to direct on consciousness association with the Teacher, instead of on external circumstances, and then only it will be possible to find force in heart to overcome them and to resist of. Let each counteraction will teach constancy of unification. Really you don't see how living conditions strong push you to uninterrupted pretending before the elected Hierarch.

154. (Guru). Only communication with Hierarchy does invincible soldiers of spirit. The communication break already is defeat. Therefore the main care about that, so that strengthening all measures, all aspiration and all desire a thread of this shining communication. Even the thought about it already helps. It is possible to present obviously it stretched and vibrating in space. These threads are a planetary network of Light. Maintenance it is a duty of each employee of Light.

155. (March 14). Through mastering by though too it is necessary to pass as through a need step. The thought of growing consciousness becomes stronger and if not to have the power over it, over any thought allowed in consciousness, it will seize. In slavery at own thoughts be inadmissible, at least because psychiatric hospitals often give very convincing example of to what it leads. Many extremes in human behavior are caused by inability to operate the thoughts. Fortunately, it is possible to train in this art always, and exercises in it, persistent and constant, can yield desirable results. It is possible to begin with small gradually to get confidence and of the big. It is thus good to note as contagious the useless thoughts caused by any desire and as it is difficult to be exempted from them if they are habitual and have deep roots in memory. But the thought is generated by the person, and to the one who creates it, the power over it is given, given, so to speak, in principle, potentially, which and needs to be approved already practically, in application. The perfect analogy that is given to the person the power over any flesh, but too potentially, actually to some extent it was Reached by only Great Spirits and is very rare who from people. The power and over an own body, too potentially is also given to the person, but the majority of people became slaves to the body. But we will return to mastering by though because also the power over a body is reached too through it. It is impossible to pass the river, without having reached it. Need of preliminary approach specifies that not at once, but gradually and consistently, step by step, the person comes nearer to the purpose. Having begun with thoughts small, it is possible, having bridled them and having subordinated to will, to pass and too big and to practice in it persistently and constantly. Here something afflicted and hollows consciousness. What hollows? Though! It is necessary to reject it. Here something broke balance. What broke? Thought! It is necessary to drive away it. Here don't allow thought to fall asleep, thoughts interesting, fascinating, and good. Too it is necessary to be able to be exempted from them – from good as well as from bad. The will should get used to dispose of any and all thoughts. Thus it is necessary to have constantly in a look that it is easier not to allow undesirable thoughts in consciousness, than, having allowed, to be protected from them. While the thought is created, the person is free over it, but when it is created and let in space, it begins the independent existence as live essence pulsing by energy, and then it is almost impossible to destroy it. However, it can be burned, but fiery energy of bigger tension, for this purpose is required by something which generated this thought. From experience you know as some thoughts as they live in memory depths in ten years again to come back and arise before consciousness in all the force are hardy. Here someone gave up smoking, resolutely and irrevocably. The desire from time to time arises again, even in a dream of people sometimes smokes, but time passes – and the hardness of the decision wins against thoughts of smoking, and they already anymore don't disturb the winner of this habit. Memoirs about terrestrial and attachments to terrestrial things and places aren't necessary. There it is possible to forget about them and them not to remember, at all without feeling from this any damage, and it is rather – on the contrary, receiving from it freedom for the manifestation not dependent on attachment to the terrestrial. When won the lowest дуада disappears and the spirit will be exempted from it and goes further, it at all doesn't feel that lost or lost something valuable because it "I" he feels everything in itself(himself) and with itself(himself). As process and in all other where the person wants to be exempted from the power of habits, and especially from undesirable habits of thinking precisely proceeds. It is possible to force not to think suggestion of something that the more to facilitate this task. Work on in mastering by thought and submission her ox is very fascinating and interesting, and the main thing – fruit-bearer. After all both all undesirable experiences and emotions arise only with the connivance of thought that is with its assistance. Dissoluteness of emotions and inability to own the nerves is a consequence of dissoluteness of thoughts and inability to operate them. And as the one who can't operate itself (himself), that is the thought, can operate the thoughts of other people which are obviously harming and leaders to falling. So we will understand need of a step of mastering by thought.

156. (M. A.Y.). Expansion of consciousness is caused by a rhythm of new receipts. Let the habit to a stream of new perceptions won't turn into the ordinary and won't sink in daily occurrence twilight. Let singularity sound on a key of aspiration to new stays. That is necessary at present is given. But this necessary should be acquired practically, immediately attaching received instructions in life. Ask: why it is given very much? First, because it is given not for one recipient, but also for those who will go after? Secondly, it is given and for space because apprehended, both issued, and the crystallized thought becomes property already many able it to apprehend. In the third, even small, taken from all these riches, small, but well acquired and enclosed in life, will give undoubted advantage.

157. (Guru). It was already said that at inept sympathy and a pity felt sorry and feeling sorry – both get to an utter darkness hole. So and it is necessary to be sorry skillfully. The compassion consists at all in catching and be saddened by experiences of the suffering person, and in that, having kept the balance and light, and a vigorous condition of spirit to lift the sufferer to itself and that to clarify it, to facilitate his condition and to give an impulse to lift consciousness from that hole into which it plunged. It is necessary to learn the light compassion, not allowing falling to help time down.

158. (March 15). The person can forget that happened to him in any day, year, and a little ten years ago. He can forget to remain and still much itself (himself) because the quintessence of memory is expressed in his consciousness in the form of different abilities and consciousness. In the Thin World experience, knowledge and all qualities of spirit are necessary, but memoirs about terrestrial and attachments to terrestrial things and places aren't necessary. There it is possible to forget about them and them not to remember, at all without feeling from this any damage, and it is rather – on the contrary, receiving from it freedom for the manifestation not dependent on attachment to the terrestrial. When won the lowest дуада disappears and the spirit will be exempted from it and goes further, it at all doesn't feel that lost or lost something valuable because it "I" he feels everything in itself(himself) and with itself(himself). So cast off terrestrial outgrowths for free flights and full life of consciousness in the Highest Worlds. To read, it is necessary to know the diploma. To understand the higher mathematics, preparation too is necessary. Without preparation and knowledge it is impossible to have understanding and life understanding in Spheres High because the consciousness without the corresponding accumulation there has nothing to live. The deepest symbol tells nothing to unprepared mind. When I Say, that in World Aboveground life reveals on consciousness, I Mean readiness of spirit to life in World out dense. Who lived on Earth Beauty, will see it. Who lived in a pigsty, dirt and was covered with dirt, will see a pigsty and anything more, yet won't wash dirt. Everything that is on Earth, has the reflection in World Aboveground, but strengthened many times over. Ask: why the strengthened? I will answer: on Earth of people sees that exists while he looks. In World Thin the phenomena accumulate one on another, combining both last, and real the phenomena, and it they amplify in extent of impact on the person, consonance to them on the essence. That is why there everything amplifies and becomes aggravated and why there it is much more difficult to fight against that yet get rid and that attracts to the lowest spheres. It funnels of an attraction of whirlwinds astral; involving magneto in the whirlpool conformable to them spirits also are dangerous. The attraction to Spheres High will paralyze the lowest attractions. But it is created on Earth. It is impossible, directing down on Earth, suddenly to start directing up, having exempted from a body. The spirit will move in the direction approved in the dense world and of the good that, who on Earth try for Light, because, if on Earth something hinder, then attraction stand stronger and exacerbated. I want to specify this circumstance: on Earth it is necessary to eat, drink, and put on, to have tent and the mass of various duties purely terrestrial in relation to the body and people. There all this purely terrestrial disappears and the way for pure aspiration becomes open and free. It is good to think that makes essence of elevated freedom, and how to approve it.

159. (Guru). Everything remains as it was told. The great Plan is invariable. The plan isn't guilty that the consciousness of people, despite all misfortunes and disasters, still isn't ready. In how many million victims people estimate spirit awakening?! And after all disasters and disbalance planets will amplify. Madness of darkness consciousness’s - increases. The madmen don't see what fate prepares for it.

160. (March 16). Why to attribute a heavy condition of spirit to an illness or any personal reasons when it is so bad in space and when antagonistic currents depress so. After all every moment can give the clear account on character of a spatial note on which the organism sounds. It is spoken about it to that made thrifty use of an expenditure of mental energy. After all if attentively to track itself, it is possible to notice that is much told, felt and thought the superfluous. All this can be reduced, meaning economy of mental energy. Instead of ten words it is possible to tell three with success. Think and speak accurately, clearly, briefly – quality of the yoga. It is better to direct this energy on a useful wave. Only to think, how many unnecessary, harmful and superfluous in general it is spoken by people and how many becomes! Anybody doesn't think of economy of strength of mind. Why people so are afraid of silence? Quality of silence is usually inherent in strong and reserved people. Certainly, silence conscious because otherwise reticence of a stub it is possible to put down to credit is valuable only. In the same way valuably, when the person can do and doesn't do, but not when doesn't do because can't. Certainly, inactivity of the things not corresponding to the reached step means. Mastering by and control over itself, as a matter of fact, are necessary for economy of forces and Agni's accumulation. Notice how he the person who allowed irritation or fear or has fallen under the power of undesirable emotions instantly weakens. The victory over – the most necessary and that wins all who will manage to win against itself (himself).

161. (M. A. Y.). Let's gradually chop off or weaken threads of terrestrial aspirations. The most important is to understand limitation and a short of an orbit of their manifestation. One this understanding already exempts from many illusions, in particular from property illusions. There is nothing worse, than to carry away with it to the World Thin not get rid property and to be there attached to it. So many things are necessary for the person on Earth, and anything – there. But it should be understood not to take with itself. And what simplification of mentality when the person goes there free from a property yoke.

162. (Guru). As though to tell and explain it even stronger, even more intelligibly, as slavery and release – in the spirit of. If in the spirit of people it wasn't exempted from something though made it actually, there is to it from it no advantage. For example, refused gluttony and I passed to water and bread, and itself precedes desire to what refused. He creates such bright fancies of overeating which for a long time will tie him to from what he wanted to be exempted. And as precisely occurs in all other from what not in forces to be exempted the person in the spirit of. Not get rid in the spirit of remains with it though it seems to it that rejected and I overcame in myself an eradicated shortcoming or property.

163. (Mar. 17). Great Spirits as steadily Submit to Space Laws, as and all Real. Also Come to Earth not break the Law but to execute. Besides, each of Them Has the certain mission connected with certain conditions and voluntary inevitability of its performance. Also they could because at times mighty forces for release from of sufferings, but Don't do it not break the Law and to execute the Assignment as have to. Ignorance believes that They Aren't ill, Don't suffer that laws of life of a physical body not for Them. But so people only out of ignorance argue. The highest Spirits are especially sensitive to everything. Refinement of the device forces to perceive all weight of surrounding imperfection and reply on sufferings and addresses to Them coming. And, if Solomon and Akbar carried out life in all glory terrestrial, even it didn't exempt them from the Burden of this world. The glory terrestrial matters for ordinary people, but for Spirits Great it is a heavy Burden. And whether Solomon told, what even "in many knowledge there is a lot of grief and who multiplies knowledge, multiplies grief". Burden a terrestrial Great Spirits Bear no only when, what Live among people, but and what Stay in the Stronghold and out of terrestrial covers, because Assumed at oneself great responsibility for of Earth. Work bloody sweat and continuous planetary Patrol both on Earth, and in World Aboveground – their lightful destiny.

164. (Guru). If mentally present itself free from restrictions of the Dense World, the spirit direct therel where attracts his heart, and to with whom connects its fiery feeling of love and desire to be together. So, the aspiration and love cause the spirit direction in space when the dense environment ceases exist. Each person defines the future itself, and conducts his thought. Everything but as thoughts human and as those spheres to which they attract spirit are various are various between themselves think. In it is great value of thoughts, and in same and responsibility of theis person for each of them. The thought is the force attracting and directing consciousness up or down, in darkness, or to Light. Responsibility for thoughts is here that urgent and urgent task, which each person needs to realize.

165. (M. A.Y.). Most difficult art is an ability to treat people: both it is necessary to teach, and to point out the defects, or mistakes it is impossible because will take offense right there and it is necessary to help, explain and advance. We try to avoid direct instructions and especially criticism, not to mention inadmissibility of condemnation. Condemnation pushes away most strongly, even at distance. To see, nobility, feel shortcomings of the person and still not to condemn – Arhat's property. And passersby it is close to heart it is impossible to allow. And so there is no wish see in passersby suitable only, because among them can be both companion, and friends. As it is impossible to suppress people and a trust bulk. From unreasonable trust treachery will be born. Mastering by approach art to hearts human is reached by experience and love.

166. (Mar. 19). The house divided in, – a symbol very remarkable, from here and incompleteness when the being of the person is torn apart by opposite aspirations. The spirit wants to rise up, and the astral pulls down to that it allowed in the past. Under various pretexts he wants repetition of that was once, and wants to saddle thought. Resistance and willfulness of this cover can be very strong. And dark at this time especially try to throw the worst thoughts. Discharged by will, they snatch again. Fall under their power – means to plunge into a bottomless bog. At these moments it is good repeat any short prayer that waves beat off it a darkness impact. Completeness of the Help appears at completeness of aspiration and desire be exempted from sent influences. At a separate of consciousness and its incompleteness the Help reaches only partially. Solidity of thinking means sincere and strong desire to leave all "cockroaches in the bosom" and all other litter. How go forward when one foot walks forward, and another back. But, if the step is made not in reality, and in a dream back, it only shows that undesirable properties and desires yet get rid in sub consciousness and aren't uprooted.

167. (M. A. Y.). How it was difficult, it is necessary to pass through everything, and to pass the winner. Who promised a way easy? Over thoughts is continuous and the ruthless control, over each, over the small-slightest. Jesus prayer – when the impact mental is especially strong. And constant readiness to reflect each attempts to influence your consciousness through someone from people around. Now darkness revelry on a planet, also it is impossible to weaken patrol.

168. (Guru). What to do? To arm with patience, courage and determination to undergo everything up to the end.

169. (March 20). Receiving the Help and asking for the Help, it is necessary bring itself into the corresponding condition. "When someone is unsteady", or allows other useless thoughts, "it drops out of the Beam". The firm and resolute order of will work smoothly. Harm turns out if any openings, or desire to indulge this, or that weakness are left. The order of all consciousness reduces possibilities of connivance for properties subject an iget rid. But when something else remains and something even subconsciously there is no wish to leave yet, there is also the corresponding opening, or a crack for penetration of dark influences. Completeness of clarification of consciousness and memory from any litter is required. The expelled thoughts come back again for check of hardness of the decision be exempted from them, and, expelled repeatedly and not once, they anymore don't disturb as doesn't disturb finally and completely eradicated habit to smoke. Constancy of the Help and Protection requires constancy of conformably adjusted consciousness which is constantly observing control over thoughts, feelings and acts. Give the compliance phenomenon that was where to send the Beam.

170. (Mar. 22). For a physical body physical subjects possess various degrees of density and permeability. The piece of a tree is dense, has the weight, volume and so on. For thin body subjects of the Thin World possess density, weight, volume and the permeability corresponding to structure of a thin body. For a bird and fish air and water too are to the corresponding their nature Wends day. Therefore often the dead don't understand that they died as, thanks to identical refinement of their thin cover and refinement of a matter of the astral world, they don't feel this difference. They as well as on Earth, take subjects of that world in hand and use them by analogy to subjects terrestrial. As it is easy, or difficult to them go, or climb up the mountain. But for spirits of higher, both prepared, and able to observe, features of the Thin World become obvious. And for them property of permeability of subjects and these features of their own cover and ways of movement are made available for application. The ordinary inhabitant of the Elevated World can stop before a wall or the mountain as before an obstacle, knowing will pass through them, as if they consist of air. As it can freely change and the thin body, giving it any form. Freely it can both go, and run, both fly, and move will subjects, and change their form. Properties of the Thin World depend on a step of consciousness of his inhabitants and change depending on experience and knowledge of the person. It is possible to accustom with an originality of the extra dense World quickly enough if the consciousness allows and has enough accumulation. Brightness and reality of this world for the person are so convincing, as well as the world terrestrial, and even more. Compliance of a matter of a thin cover with a matter of surrounding his environment deepens this reality to such an extent that about the world terrestrial there is no wish even to think or look at it. Each thought becomes visible reality and creates a visible environment of the person in addition to that already is. Experience teach distinguish features of the phenomena created by thought, from other subjects and things of the Thin World, especially from thin doubles, or thin forms of that exists on Earth. How many works and efforts it is necessary put, build the house or the car, or the new invention to invest with a flesh, but there everything is created by thought without any physical tools and muscular efforts. Creates thought! Imperfection of creativity depends on imperfection of thought also. The artist can continue to create there fine pictures, but the mediocre painter far won't go. Terrestrial desires and aspirations create the corresponding forms. Attendants of Beauty, thinking about fine, decorate the World Thin with fine forms of thought.
171. (M. A. Y.). Why all external so strong disturbs? Whether disturbs? Perhaps, doesn't disturb, and, on the contrary, promotes. After all abilities and properties of all live organisms are developed only thanks to environment counteraction. Probably, despite all explanations, usefulness of difficulties and counteractions yet don't realize. The more strongly presses a press; it more squeezes out of oil seeds. Hothouse conditions are for hothouse plants, but not for life severe. The Teacher Wants see you strong and tempered by life. And that is intolerable heavy for the temporary and mortal personality, very well and is useful for spirit and development of the corresponding qualities by it.

172. (March 23). The law of life doesn't allow break free will of people. If then they yourself him break, then and of responsibility yourself bear. Actions human are generated by free will, but their results already are subject to a karma and free will, they generated, and avoid can't be. Thus, the free will forges freedom or slavery chain that is submission of a chain of causality, her created. It is very important to note and understand it. On thought this condition is very brightly illustrated. The person creates thought is within his power. He is free to create thought of any order, but is free until creativity process is finished. When the thought is issued and started up in space, it begins independent existence and influences beget and surrounding already irrespective of, he wants that, or not. Neutralize such thought; he has to create another, but already bigger potential. The same picture turns out and with all actions human: it has to settle their consequences on itself (himself), sooner or later, in this life or in others, in this world or in World Aboveground. The only freedom, which is always inalienable from the person, is a freedom of choice. Where it was, in whatever conditions it appeared, but to choose aspiration to Light or in darkness it is always free. Thus, the person can always turn from an evil track on Light way. Gift of free will which anybody and can take away nothing from the person consists in it. All influences which are made on it from outside press on conditions surrounding it, on his body or covers but if its spirit is strong and we won't break also free will his statement of inviolability and invulnerability of spirit made the purpose, there is nothing in the world that could break spirit. We see examples of such inflexible courage and firmness on life of those Great Spirits which Carried by the Light not go out through all life, and neither torments, nor sufferings, neither abuses, nor couldn’t prosecutions, all darkness, on them up in arms, break them. They Gave to people an example of inflexible firmness of spirit. Their free will triumphed over everything that counteracted and that rose on Them from all directions. Freedom of spirit undertakes and won by force in the course of titanic fight against darkness. The free will creates a light karma which becomes any more chains, but spirit wings.
173. (Guru). I call on fight with myself because against darkness it is necessary to win Light fight not only dark opposite of Light, but also, that is to win myself against that yet from Light, what not get rid and that doesn't correspond to those light clothes of spirit in which it is necessary to meet the victorious and shining future, judgment New to Aura mankind. So, fight on two fronts: one – inside, another – outside, but the internal front is more important, because to what a victory outside, if inside defeat. So we will collect all the forces for bilateral opposition to darkness and we will constantly remember a judgmend victory.

174. (March 24). The annual Festival of Hierarchy of Light has very great value in lives of a planet and influence on a further course of world events. It is the Holiday of intense association of all Powers of Light, connected with astrological position of Earth. Earth receives a cosmic spatial impulse in the form of inflow of the new energy which action extends for going year. And We gather in the Tower collectively to accept these waves and further to direct them to demonstration already in spheres terrestrial. Waves of this inflow go on all Ladder of Hierarchy from top to bottom, strengthening its power and unification. And wherever there were Day breakers, they unite this day in uniform aspiration to Light, straining press networks of Light of the planetary. The protective network starts shining special tension. The impulse for new undertakings receives each consciousness turned to Focus. It is possible to postpone all usual cares and thoughts in these hours and heart to concentrate on the Stronghold, holding before itself the Highest that we have. Force thus the integrated consciousness’s are indestructible and are a strong stronghold against gloom and destruction forces. Powers of chaos and destruction can be stopped powerful association of Forges Light and creation. The old world is doomed. Light will win against darkness.

175. Revelry of darkness is caused by awareness of its hopelessness. Therefore they grab the extreme measures adjoining on madness. It any more fury of rage, but madness when the attendants of darkness doomed to destruction both their supporters and helpers apply the most suffocating methods and ways of destruction of life. Madness of the dark indicates proximity of the end. Observe attentively.

176. (March 26). When it is especially heavy on heart, consider that in space it is bad. The device of spirit can't but react to spatial trouble. Change it not in will of the certain person, because it is a consequence of many and difficult reasons. One I Can tells: at such moments you hold Me strong. The only anchor which can hold in any storm is an anchor of Hierarchy. World tension and disbalance all the time amplify. Not to be kept by own forces anymore. Ocean storm is anything in comparison with spatial; its epicenter – in the Thin World. Mistake will think that there now rest. There collision of pole is aggravated. Inhabitants of the Elevated World are involved in it also. Worlds, this and that are strained, but the main thing occurs in that. The current of events is defined by all Triad. But the decision they are in World Highest. Let's indulge in Hierarchy finally and irrevocably. Self-will is to anything. The destiny of a planet is decided. Commonplaces lose the sense if to separate them and to isolate from the main bed of the world current. The destiny of each certain person depends on all-planetary destiny. The person, being a world particle, can't separate itself from it. Anyway, but in the phenomena of world life part is taken by all. Think that it is possible to separate from it, having become isolated in a circle of personal interests or a wellbeing stupor. But hearts human start sounding on trouble of the world, subjects already dividing it and bearing on itself part of the Burden terrestrial. Hearts wake up to take part in the events. In whirlwinds of events are involved all and are attracted to Light or darkness poles, according to the nature. Not replying on attractions isn't present, and it manages the solution of destiny of each certain person. And everyone decides the destiny itself, because itself both the judge, and a solver. But the choice is free – to solve what of poles to direct and adjoin in this unusual time on a change of Eras.

177. (M. A.Y.). How time was strained, it doesn't prevent us to continue to move in once and for all accepted direction. Fluctuations and swaying are admissible and possible only to a known step. When the way is solved, there is no return back, and it excludes the instability phenomenon. How it was heavy, nevertheless it is possible to do always something the useful. Let it will be something small, but the mountain is formed of small grains of sand. And when all the time which is and will be, belongs to us, it is possible to accumulate spirit treasures quietly. And in heavy days we will try to make something useful for the public good. Perhaps, it is necessary to help someone. Perhaps, somewhere it is necessary to send thought of a victory. Perhaps, with the Highest the World threads of communication strengthen. A lot of useful it is possible to create in days of world press.

178. (Guru). Travelers of a boundless way are called so because an evolution way, the way of ascension of spirit has no end. Each achievement is as though high it was shows that it has to follow new, higher. And where, at whatever step the winner, this step temporarily, it only an emphasis for further lifting realized himself. It is impossible to calm down on one achievement because to stop is means to start going down back. It is possible to move only forward. Back the way isn't present for the risen spirit. Thus very well also it is useful realize the imperfections at this step that it is better to that see perfection following which can appear imperfections for steps, higher. Condition and feeling of ascension, constant and obligatory in all conditions and in all worlds, it is necessary to approve as the essence of life. It is the supreme duty of spirit before by itself. When the ascension is made on the Beam, advance becomes lightful, bringing the gifts to space.

179. (March 27). Persuasive dirty thoughts show that the thought is not abstraction, but reality that it possesses force, capable to resist, and is besides very persistent, to strong-willed effort to be exempted from it. The thought grows in space, and to the energy enclosed by her creator, energy of growth is added still, and eventually it is possible to receive on itself the giant of the evil which has grown from thought, in the beginning the more, or less weak. Each its return to the beget and a combination to it, that is its acceptance in consciousness, increases its potential while it so won't increase that will already absolutely seize the beget. Therefore it is necessary to struggle with similar thoughts while they yet didn't seize will of the person. It is impossible to give them the new food, a new food, even for short time. Because, having become impregnated and having received a new charge, they again will go to space to return again. All of them will wait for the creator at the Threshold in the Thin World to show it the account and to demand a place in his consciousness when it will be exempted from a body. Light and pure thoughts will uplift, but dark is cast into the gloom abyss. It is necessary to understand this hidden reality and power of thoughts and that fight against them isn't easy. It is easier not to allow thoughts of a known order, than, having allowed, subdue them. All people act under the influence of thoughts. The thought usually precedes each conscious movement of the person. Without thought it is impossible. The thought is a great gift of evolution to people; it is creative strength of mind. Danger arises when this force directs the person on the evil. The will has to seize thoughts and take them under control. The person was given the power over any flesh, as well as over a thought matter. Not the person has to become the slave to the thoughts, but their lord. This understanding of a superiority of spirit over a matter of thoughts demands especially deep understanding. It gives also strength to seize that by the nature is subject and subordinated to the person. The creator of thought is always stronger than the creation if he understands hierarchical relationship of this order of the phenomena. Only the neoconsciousness of value of primogeniture of spirit and its superiority over all of them created leads to shameful and weak-willed slavery of the person at the thoughts. The purpose of evolution of spirit – to bring it to power over a matter of the dense, Thin and Fiery World and to make the lord of all three worlds.

180. (Guru). All ant going – outside, and of the spirit is inside. It isn't vulnerable anything external, even that goes from covers investing it or through them. Reparability from covers should be realized sooner or later because all of them will be dumped, but there will be a spirit. Kernel of spirit eternally, covers temporarily. With destruction and death of covers it isn't destroyed and the spirit doesn't die. When the consciousness is transferred to spirit area, it immortal becomes conscious. It also will be a step of uninterrupted consciousness which is Arhat's fiery achievement.

181. (March 28). Judgment rapprochement of the worlds compels to stop on this question more often and more deeply. The world terrestrial is available to human understanding, the World Thin – only in insignificant degree. Therefore also it is necessary to stop on it so often and long. Density of population of this last in many, many times exceeds the terrestrial. The approximate ratio can be established, knowing that Elevated Stay is much longer, than on Earth and that one incarnation essence pass there. It is necessary to be ready to meeting there a great number of people of various eras and nationalities and all shades of skin. It is possible to become puzzled before this variety and those remnants of thinking which were brought by them with themselves and which leave marks on their forms of thought, and everyone finds to itself a place on compliance. It is impossible even to imagine, these places, or space layers in which spirits are distributed conformable by it how various and various are. Everyone finds on itself and is attracted uncontrollably. Who what directed, that both finds desirable and is attracted to it. From here becomes clear, desires and the aspirations of the person approved by it on Earth are how important. Directed to knowledge will receive it, directed to Light will see it, directed in darkness the darkness and will absorb. The aspiration here becomes there the mighty motive force, bringing spirits to experience or the desirable purpose. But the aspiration to terrestrial objects, either emotions, or desires though involves the person in the world of forms corresponding to these desires, but doesn't give satisfaction due to the lack of a physical body. From here Tantalum torments. The condition in Devachan exempts from torments, but doesn't exempt from illusions. Arhat's fiery consciousness is exempted from illusions of all worlds and lives cognition of fiery reality. Imagine inhabitant Devachan shipped in subjective experiences of delight and happiness while actually in the world of terrestrial and thin so many sufferings and there so much need the help. Those relatives to it souls which he sees happy in the devachan dreams suffer, perhaps. Employees of Hierarchy of Light stay in continuous works, thus keep clarity of the consciousness exempted from any illusions.

182. (M. A. Y.). To the dream phenomenon after death of a physical body it is necessary to treat as need, so inevitable and necessary, as well as a dream usual the ordinary terrestrial inhabitant. The dream is a rest and opportunity to derive new strength. People are tired both on Earth and the worlds and need rest, especially before change of elevated conditions that is upon transition, say, from the world astral to the world mental. In the same way and at the birth to the world the dense person plunges into a condition of unconsciousness. Plunging into a usual terrestrial dream, the person isn't afraid of itself to lose, in the same way and the dream periods in elevated conditions don't threaten the person with life loss. These phenomena the Law of great expediency operates.

183. (Guru). The aspiration to Light is firmer and more persistent, the environment counteraction is stronger. On force of counteraction it is possible to judge power of aspiration to Light. Whether it is possible to be surprised, what there is so much attempts from everywhere somehow to violate movement up? They only serve as the certificate to the hardness of the decision to go on the way, despite everything. To each such certificate we will be glad, after all it is milestones of a way and the proof of that it is chosen truly.

184. (March 29). The purpose of each test consists in that through a victory over it to increase spirit, become stronger than it that it didn't break balance and didn't influence the hardness and a progress rhythm. And, when of such force of opposition is developed inside, then of the test smth stop. To rejoice to tests – means to understand their sense and expediency as spirit engines. It was already spoken about it so much, and still, when they come, everything is forgotten, and the person will manage both be saddened, and be afflicted, and show discontent. Where here think of pleasure. So life disperses from standards of behavior which the pupil has to approve. The only way to be exempted from undesirable test is to stand him successfully.

185. (M. A. Y.). Cognition of reality exempts the person from many unnecessary heaps. This release comes without couriers of the thoughts which simply as result has been correctly apprehended and approved Bases of the Doctrine of Life. So, for example, understanding of two worlds and brevity of stay in the world terrestrial exempts from feeling of property, or in any case, puts things on a place belonging to them. Gradually the consciousness absorbs understanding of life both terrestrial and elevated also draws from this the conclusions defining behavior of the person in the usual worlds. Growth of consciousness is imperceptible, but consequences of this growth it is available. Only the expanded consciousness leads to synthesis. And synthesis furnishes the clue from an entrance to a gate of Intimate Knowledge.

186. (Guru). It is possible to judge the value of thought on that, it ennobles or belittles, clarifies consciousness or saddens, - torments past to anything. Grief or pleasure about itself give to the Teacher and you remember that it is easier the robber and the tax-gatherer to enter into Light Kingdom, than of that who considers itself perfect and worthy and is proud of the virtues.

187. (March 31). "The silver tear" means readiness to meet any tests without complaints, exasperation, discontent and the other feelings stopping advance of spirit. It is one aspect of quality of readiness. Let's consider another. If unexpectedly to shoot over an ear of the person, it will cause shock, or very strong shock. If to foreknow that the shot will be, or that it is possible, shock almost won't be. Waiting of this or that phenomenon excludes or strongly reduces possibility of a shock. The shock surprise can be avoided anticipation or readiness of consciousness for everything that it can provide. It also will be readiness not only for surprises, but also in general to all and any phenomena of life. This readiness can be brought up and approved by will. The tranquility and balance will be its basis. On a wave of readiness it is possible to meet any surprises or tests quietly. It is possible to adjust constantly consciousness, or strong and unshakably to adjust it once and for all. It means surprise to turn into and the waiting. Shock of surprise is very painful. It will paralyze will and deprives of the person of security. Such degree of readiness to meet quietly any circumstances can be approved in itself. It is useful in any worlds, and especially in Thin. It will serve as a strong armor to spirit.

188. (Guru). When it is very dark, a reference point, edicting the correct direction, the being shone compass can serve. Such compass is heart if in it there is Light. And how it was dark, it nevertheless edict a way true. The love to the Chosen Image too lives in heart. The aspiration too is concentrated in it. And when outside there is nothing that would remind of the judgment future, heart nevertheless will bring to it through all obstacles and barriers. "Heart given, as a leading magnet" to the Highest World, - therefore and Commandment Teacher goes the heart road.

189. (Apr. 2). Evolution isn't considered with forms in which life is shown, and destroys them in billions to replace new. In the same way it isn't considered and with creation of hands human, sooner, or later destroying them everything. Life forms die, but life continues to exist. The creations of his hands created by the person collapse, but their thin form pass to the World Thin. And if it decorates and serves evolution, it remains is more or less long if isn't present, collapses and there. Upon transition by the New Era the destructions happening in the Thin World, are huge. The whole constructions not corresponding to a new step of evolution will be swept away. I speak not about Akasha's chronicle, but about forms of mental creative activity of the person, not conformable with Epoch Maitreya. Astral world abounds with such heaps. Clarification of a planet and spheres, it surrounding, will concern also this area, and already concerns considerably. Often revolution as the cleaning whirlwind, will sweep away the stiffened thin constructions. In parallel with changes terrestrial a lot of things change in the conditions of the Thin World, at least, in that its part which reflects terrestrial layers and that is created and under construction the person. In process of evolution of structures and creations of hands human their thin reflection in World Aboveground changes also. Besides, creativity of the Thin World in which his inhabitants who have left the world dense, too take part changes depending on consciousness expansion. And that the modern person creates there and is created by the person, say, a bronze age, one very differs from another. Process of evolution mentions all parties of space. Responsibility of the person for products of the creativity in all worlds is great. The artist, the poet and the writer, creating fine images of Beauty, can be absolutely quiet. Beauty forms, conformable evolutions, decorate with themselves all spheres in which are shown. The fine picture can burn down, but the thin form will continue to decorate it the Thin World. But thought all create people. It is possible to imagine as responsibility of the person for those forms of thought which he creates is great. Understanding of the responsibility before space will be a new step of evolutionary advance of mankind in the future.

190. (M. A. Y.). It is so important to approve on Earth communication of the person and mankind with the Highest World. The consciousness which has been torn off from it stiffens and stiffens in the movement. All trouble which is observed on Earth occurs from violation of this communication. The world the Highest – is that sphere where the projection of evolution of a planet is forged. Not the standard religiousness or recognition of the stiffened doctrines, but following to calls and commands of evolution is this hidden communication with the Highest Spheres. Thus, by this communication also is defined, whether the mankind follows evolution Real. It is possible to call the requirement of evolution expression of Space Will. Before her name Will God. But it isn't words, and in effect understanding of the phenomenon of evolution and its indissoluble communication with world space processes. In understanding, free from any restrictions, able to belittle it.

191. (Guru). At definition of an evolutionary step of the people be guided not by that is written, or told, and, whether there is it with evolution or against it. No external forms of its beliefs can acquit him in the opinion of history if forces of the people are directed to a delay of evolutionary advance of mankind. Where the country keeps in line with a current of an evolutionary stream, there is an execution of commands of Space Will. On this sign also you judge. Obscurantists and opponents of Light very much like to be covered with the highest concepts, but put them, being accompanied cruelty, a misanthropy, bloodshed and means of mass destruction of life, not only human, but also vegetable, and animal, obviously testify that these enemies of Light, the nature and mankind represent themselves. Our homeland of the Teacher Call the New Country, the Leading Country because it goes together with an evolutionary wave.

192. (Apr. 3). When people adjoin with each other, always there is an interchange of energy. Aura's radiations enter interaction. It is easy to imagine degree and nature of these contacts, knowing at least approximately an emotional condition and thoughts of their participants. The rage, irritation, envy, lie and all other similar feelings will give a repellent picture of interchange of the negative energy disfiguring auras. All good positive feelings and goodwill will strengthen auras mutually and will lift a lightfull of radiations. If only people understood, they how many lose at mutual hostility and not goodwill. Certainly, the light and kind aura too loses in the lightfull at contact with dark and angry, but thus it should be noted that the evil doesn't increase, and decreases because it is to some extent repaid by aura light. At mutual hostility the evil, on the contrary, increases and increases in the tension. This interchange of auria's radiations has very great value in life of people. It bears with itself pleasure, or a grief, an illness or health, tranquility or alarm, concern, or fear. Even Mahatmas Are ill at long contact with disharmony or hostile auras of human groups, if are compelled to contact with them. Each Carrier Light Know from experience as far as people degausses. Therefore the question of self-defense is important extraordinary. Besides spatial loading it is necessary to bear and discharge burden human. Everyone suitable, though unconsciously, nevertheless seeks to take and gather from energy of light radiations. Some do it especially persistently and dexterously, without giving itself the clear report why them so attracts to a certain person. People a lot of things know subconscious. Even the dog knows what grass he should eat when gets sick. The first step of self-defense is not to allow catching negative emotions, feelings and thoughts of the interlocutor, in every way seeking to keep balance and a light condition of the aura. The second – stability and tension of a protecting network are maintained by continuous conscious communication with Hierarchy of Light. This question is difficult. Let's concern it yet time. But, the main thing, you store friendliness and kind mood of consciousness.

193. (M. A. Y.).You appreciate people who give you pleasure and bring the world. Usually people both sadden, and disturb, and weaken. The coordinated auras powerfully strengthen each other. The first condition for mutually strengthening is coherence. You know how seldom it happens. You know that it is reached for a long time. Coherence hierarchical, that is coherence up through Hierarchy will be the highest form of coherence. Coherence with the Teacher and coherence between pupils belongs already to coherence hierarchical. The silver Thread is kept by coherence.

194. (Guru). You are convinced every day, what fine school life. What rich food it gives for reflections. It would seem that good can give conversation hours-long burdening and unnecessary you, but the consciousness draws the conclusions, the consciousness reflects and enriches it with new stays. And encumbrance is a payment for receiving new experience and knowledge.

195. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to feel how the directed warm thought perforation the space and establishes connection with the Chosen Spirit. So the communication channel breaks in space. It becomes stronger constancy and a rhythm. In work takes ardent part heart. The love generates the powerful energy which doesn’t know barriers in the worlds. Both time and space are won by it. It can't but cause a response to the call. The High Spirit on love call, to It turned Can't but reply. At the world of the spirit you’re the laws, - the law love is the highest. The Hierarchy of Light is the uniform powerful monolith the love will be which binding force.

196. (Guru). When you represent yourself free in space, naturally there is a question where direct. Certainly, first of all, to Light Center, to the Stronghold, that already later and already from there as from starting point, choose the desirable direction. If, break it and at first somewhere direct consciousness, it is possible come off Focus and even to get to undesirable layers of space and be attracted to the phenomena of unexpected character. The aspiration to Focus of Light exempts from dangers of aimless wanderings and the correct channelizes. The channels dug in advance by constancy and a rhythm of aspiration will help to move freely in the chosen direction. Where the spirit which at all doesn't know where to direct will go?

197. (Apr. 5). Chaos and disbalance – the phenomena very close. Dark cause chaos brings disbalance in consciousnesses of people. Fight with disbalance becomes fight against darkness. Balance is the force capable opposite to forces of decomposition, destruction and a disbalance. No reasons can excuse assumptions a disbalance. Only own tranquility and balance can destroy these reasons. But it is almost impossible to fight with them if it is allowed disbalance, if the tranquility didn't manage to be kept. It is necessary to understand that balance and tranquility – the best protection against powers of darkness. Also it is necessary to acquire practically that pity and sympathy are unacceptable if they break balance and plunge consciousness into a hole of a gloomy clouding and send the person to the power to dark influences. Better, without feeling such pity and sympathy, light-and firmly to help the one who needs the help, than to get into a hole of despair at the same time to whom it has to be rendered. It is necessary to arrive so not to multiply darkness. When the darkness is forced, the equilibrium state becomes need. At Us the invincible tranquility and balance not broken by anything because violation would cause them accident reigns. As often balance violation in a human body causes fatal heart diseases. How many people perish from heart troubles? Allowing in consciousness darkness, and behind it and power of chaos and decomposition, people lose balance that first of all is reflected on body health. Harmonious mutually activity of body organs and their functions is broken. Mental and physical a not balance are connected closely. One generates another. It is necessary to be protected from invasion of chaos by all measures, all ways. Not for the sake of itself and the wellbeing, but for the sake of people and space it is necessary to conduct this fight. You can imagine, what force of balance if Lords Sent the pupils to the districts threatened by earth quakes or other natural disasters. Energy of a human microcosm and elements too are connected closely. Mastering by elements is a space task to mankind. Elements strong are expressed in a human body. And before passing to mastering by elements in planetary scale, they should be seized in an own microcosm. Agni Yoga mastering leads to mastering in itself elements of fire. Seized elements of fire already easily seize also all other because the elements of fire are higher than others. Without mastering by it is impossible to reach those tops, which judgment to the person. Agni Yoga is a key and Call of the New Era, Epoch Maitreya, the Era of Fire, the Era of transformation of a planet and the mankind staying on it.

198. Victory at any cost. Victory, – that it costed. The victory by all means, - other decision isn't present and can't be! Other decision isn't present and can't be. Such consciousness also goes to the future. Now the gloom over a planet was condensed so that everything sank in darkness, and it is necessary to collect all strength of mind to come out the winner from collision with darkness. Not dark, but powers of chaos threaten a planet; emphasis of Hierarchy of Light, – on the New Country. It bears on herself burden of this world. . The task facing it, –bring mankind to Space Ways of Evolution, difficult extraordinary. Ivan Hundred-Thousandth bears an unreasonable Burden. But for that the victory will be nicer.

199. (M. A. y.). Whether understand, what huge, immense field of work lies before you? You know a lot of things. But hundreds millions don't know. And it is necessary that knowledge of Bases joined all. How many works it is necessary to put in this world and in illuminating the ignorant. Being exempted from a body, people don't become it is better, is wiser. Negative lives lose also that had. We work and in this world, and in that. Sets need food for spirit. Without having it, choke in own generations. It is necessary to prepare itself for infinite work among mankind. It is necessary to prepare itself to become employees the forges Light. How many efforts it is necessary to make to show this readiness and spirit, and a body.

200. (Guru). Work for the public good remains work, but it is necessary to pay off on old personal scores and it is necessary personally to the debtor. Nobody can exempt from payment of old karmic debts. On the one hand, it is necessary to bear karma cross, with another – to work, carrying out Business of the Lord. Also it is necessary that one didn't disturb another. Often external conditions can't be changed because of karmic consequences, and then work for the Teacher becomes complicated need to distract on process of repayment of karma. It can be facilitated and accelerated. The conscientious attitude to karma very much helps advance. Karma – fetters and chains, karma – wings and Light directed. Different karmas happen, but they are created by free will of the person.

201. (Apr. 6). We Recognize of the compassion and sympathy only effective, if it expressed in the active help to the person, or an animals. Verbal the sympathy, being limited only words, often border on hypocrisy or indifference. They can be justified only when go from heart that is when the help appears delivery of warm energy. Such help too will be effective. It is sometimes much easier to help external actions, than to spend mental energy.

*202. (M. A. Y.). The aspiration to Focus is necessary because, the farther from it, the density of beams becomes more scattered, but at approach they amplify. Especially in big cities this absent-mindedness of Light is great, sparks reach only, and is far not to all. The aspiration to Light focuses them and creates the brightened-up atmosphere. Light can be condensed and strengthened. Light is attracted from space. The magnet of consciousness can work, using attraction force. Each thought causes Light or darkness, the magnet human so works. Don't imagine as the microcosm human is difficult. And how many it is necessary to study and learn still! On a wave of continuous studying and cognition adjusts itself going. This mood proceeds in all worlds. It undertakes with herself to the World Thin where all opportunities extend. The pupil, that is learning, remains to them everywhere and always, because before him boundlessness, that is a way of boundless cognition of the world, a way which has no end.
203. (Guru). Even you are surprised to that every day there is a receipt of the new thoughts expanding and enriching former perceptions. It occurs from constancy of contact. The thought possesses ability to grow. The thought directed to Light, acquires Light elements. And the thought turned into darkness, acquires elements of darkness. Both thoughts are magneto; magnet of a pole of Light and magnet of a pole of darkness constantly in operation. It is important to know to which to direct. The conscious aspiration strengthens an attraction. The chosen pole of Light perhaps is quiet for the future because Light is infinite, but is limited and certainly darkness. Those who chose a darkness pole finally are doomed to death and destruction because eternal life is life of Light and in Light.
204. (M. A. Y.). The free will, karma and Space Terms cause mankind advance in the future. When there came the prosperity periods, they corresponded to cyclic terms. Everyone the South leaves the mark on a tide of life of the people. Now transfer heavy time from Cali to Satia Yuga. And all terrestrial events are made under the sign of this transition. It is impossible to expect that it will be made without serious consequences and instantly. The free will of people and get rid karma of the past bring the streams in a course of a course of evolution. Hard time! New energy causes the special tension and a press of events. Everything which is subject to clarification and processing has to fuse and be cleared or become Space litter. Destinies of participants of a world mystery of life are decided.

205. (Guru). Deduction of own balance will be the first victory over aggravating circumstances. It having held, it is possible already try to change and the circumstances, but at all before, or when it is already broken. The Teacher Told that "nobody will resist against balance", but never Spoke about force a disbalance, that is about that condition of consciousness when balance is broken and the device of spirit shows the powerlessness and vulnerability. The success in fight against counteracting conditions or aggravating circumstances is determined by extent of preservation of balance also. It consider in the course of fight against them.

206. (Apr. 8). It is possible to talk to animals, to plants, and especially to flowers, and it is possible to talk even to subjects and things, filling them with good aura. Sacred subjects weren't in the beginning sacred, but thoughts and addresses of people made them those. Everything indicates it the communication existing between the person and everything that it surrounds, as well as that it, being a being fiery, through elements of fire influences a matter, which too after all in a basis the fiery. When from a stone the spark is cut, it serves as the proof of that, as in a stone fire is hidden. Reaction of compound of metal sodium with water is accompanied by fire flashes. After all atoms consist of a kernel and electrons, particles of a being shone matter. Atom center is too fiery a pulsing kernel. Thus, about the fiery basis of a matter many proofs also aren't required. Both heart of the person and heart of atom vibrate or pulse fiery energy. From here affinity between the person and a stone and opportunity influence a matter. The aura of the person influences, and the especially strongly concentrated thought influences. The thought can be destructive and creative. About unhealthy aura flowers quickly perish. About unhealthy aura of the person things which he on itself (himself) carries quickly become useless, all is short-lived also that surrounds him. Thus, mental, or fiery, energy of the person bears in itself properties creative, life-giving, well influencing everything that round him, or, on the contrary, decomposing its environment that they concerned. The fiery nature of healthy aura and light thoughts very much promotes long preservation as things, and clothes. At some people wearable things literally burn and it doesn't mean that it is fiery people, but even on the contrary. Destruction and the evil – the phenomena which are very close each other. It is possible to talk to things and subjects, strengthening their durability. One people – old men in thirty years, others keep cheerfulness nearly to hundred. It is possible to wonder: why? The question is actual, because a lot of attention is paid by science to a problem of extension of life. Happens and so, what even in a relatively young body something in the sphere of mentality shows all signs of an old age, or, on the contrary, in an old and weak body the spirit is young and vigorous and full of vital energy. It is necessary to think of much before learning to prolong human life. The science of the future will open doors in this wonderful area.

207. (M. A. Y.). Many confusing, interfering and stirring thoughts can appear on a rapprochement way with the Lord and us. How to be with them? They can seem the very convincing. How to be protected from them and to neutralize them? It is necessary to do nothing. It is necessary to put simply them aside and to pass by them the same as you pass by the different subjects standing on the parties of the road on which you go. Movement proceeds as if would happen nothing. And then the casual thoughts, risen a barrier, but thus set aside, won't stop a way. Bases are unshakable. The Hierarchy isn't shaken and inviolable by anything and nothing can stop a way of spirit which solved this way forever.

208. (Guru). It is a lot of not reaching. Imagine the traveler who has gone to distant travel, to very far purpose. Imagine that it stopped in the roadside settlement, got acquainted there with people, entered into their life and interests and so plunged into all this that forgot about travel and about the purpose far. Whether such traveler will reach the planned purpose? Whether there will be interests, it surrounded, desires to go further are stronger? Whether will decay and whether distant calls will die in his heart? Everything can be, and all may be. And so often happens. Therefore and there are a lot of not reaching.

209. (Apr. 9). We Determine value of the person by that, he is valuable to evolution or not, and according to it we Help. If all energy of the person go on channels of personal, egoistical interests, in case of assistance our forces will spill in vain because all personal, small is doomed. But, if the figure is useful from General Welfare, We Help even in that case’s, when he is far from our Doctrine.
Our help appears widely. Both inventors, and writers, both attendants of art, and public and religious figures often receive the help from Us. Among dim auras of people of Earth We Find what start being shone to direct them and to help. We have many assistants in all worlds. The troops of Light is rather numerous, among them position close to Hierarchy is held by pupils. The part them lives in Ashrams, both dense, and Thin the worlds, the part is in the world and takes active part in affairs of both worlds. Especially important role is played by our envoys. They usually carry out missions of historical value and bear our Instructions. The stronghold and Brotherhood live and work for the sake of mankind and its benefit.

210. (M. A. Y.). When we live on Earth, are obliged to be engaged in terrestrial affairs and to fulfill the duty in relation to people, a family and society. How took the Doctrine and how the aspiration to the Distant Worlds was strong, it is impossible to leave Earth. Here also balance between terrestrial and elevated aspirations of the person, between spiritual and material is required. Full immersion in a matter stops spirit ways. The full separation from Earth deprives spirit of opportunity to gain the most valuable experience terrestrial for the sake of which it and comes to Earth. Ability to establish balance between a body and spirit, ability to find golden mean, or a median way, will be the correct solution of life.

211. (Apr. 10). We Speak about Beauty because the disgrace will be its antipode. The upper class of the Thin World is saturated with Beauty and its images. The lowest, on the contrary – images ugly and repellent. Service to the fine creates round the person and the corresponding mental educations, and a magnetic attraction to conformable them to space spheres. Angrily, as that, ugly, and the evil thinking disfigures the forms those spheres in which it is shown. Externally the lie and hypocrisy can be accompanied by a false smile, but their thin images will be very unattractive. Their creator will appear in their environment when will get to the world of these educations. Service fine is favorable to the attendant because connects it with Light. We want to teach people to withdraw from life any disgrace: both in thoughts, and in feelings, and in affairs, and acts, and that they create the hands. We want that the Beauty became the leading principle of life. We want that human relations became too fine. Unless violence, murders, crimes and defects are combined with Beauty? But, the feat perhaps fine! The beauty of spirit will be the highest achievement of the person. At an end step the beauty of spirit is combined with beauty of a body. Both dense and thin forms become really fine. On High Planets people are very beautiful, their environment is beautiful: dwellings, clothes, use subjects. All this corresponds to a step of beauty of spirit. The beauty there is expression of essence of the person. Also there are there no the diseases tormenting and disfiguring a body. It is difficult even to imagine, what changes will happen on Earth when people will direct to approve Beauty in life. The inhabitants of city slums surrounded with a disgrace, dirt and stench, are a shame on conscience of those who allows such phenomena. Everything who lives in the best conditions is responsible for them. There comes time of need of transformation of ugly living conditions the terrestrial.
212. (M. A. Y.). If, spend at least one day, conforming the behavior and thoughts to representation about fine, it will be very useful. First of all it will be found out that a lot of things in life usual are contrary to Beauty. And, if take a detached view of itself, and impartially to look, it will appear that one of Space Bases – Beauty – strong and is cruelly trampled by the ordinary. How to enter into the Garden Fine if not to follow the Beauty track? It can be brought in use. It is possible to decorate with it both feelings, and thoughts. It can serve; in whatever conditions there was a person.

213. (Apr. 11). The words "poor in spirit" are understood incorrectly. Ordinary beggars know that they want. They know what need: who in food, who in clothes, who in a shelter, who in something another. And they constantly ask. They thirst and thirst for they don't have what, and "poor in spirit" means the person too thirsty and thirsting constantly, but thirsting and thirsty spiritually, and constantly directed, asking and wanting receiving spiritual gifts, spiritual stays, and spiritual achievements. Such spiritual aspiration and thirst will have satisfaction. The magnetic law of aspiration gives to spirit the desirable. Such poor in spirit isn't a pettiness, there is no poverty sincere, there is no that spiritually insignificant and poor person about whom It is told that that has will be taken away from the poor also. It is impossible to put spiritually poor person, but looking for and thirsting gifts of spirit, on an equal basis with a spiritual pettiness, nothing wanting and not aspiring to any spiritual stays. The difference is great. The thought of the Teacher is expressed clearly and precisely.

214. The compassion and sympathy as the structure of words shows, mean sufferings and experiences at the same time the person to whom the compassion is turned. Compassion in words and sympathy in language are equivalent to hypocrisy and lie because don't express that is enclosed in these concepts. The valid compassion, assisting, assumes to some extent sufferings of the being this help. It also will be true compassion. Rendering such valid help, the person assumes burden of the neighbor and, having taken them, facilitates foreign sufferings. Rendering such help, it is necessary to be ready to renounce something, as though assuming part of others karma, as though paying on the account something special for a good deed. It is impossible to render to the real help, something without having renounced. Therefore such help is called sacrificial. If the person gives nothing and something doesn't endow from itself, the help such is equal to zero. Even at simple sympathy it is necessary to give part of warmth or energy of heart that verbal sympathy became valid. Therefore, assisting, even mental, it is necessary to have this condition and ready to be valid to renounce something and to assume something. It is told: "Help always and everywhere where the thought" can fly by, but at the same time the Teacher Assists not to all and not always. Manage to understand these ant provisions and to adopt them in consciousness without a contradiction.
215. (M. A. Y.). Help the strongest – in the spirit of. It keeps in mind and you remember that, giving, you receive, and the donation always means new receipt of the spent force. Distribution of gifts of spirit externally isn't visible to an eye, but leakage of forces is felt obviously. Given-out expediently mental energy quickly is restored. But commensurability in its delivery has to be observed. Devastation of a treasure is dangerously. Harm will cover the best parcel. You know, the space and how many poison around is how pumped. One are ready to exhaust unconsciously others energy, others are ready to do it consciously, the third rage flare, that it go out. It is necessary to be strong on the guard. When the treasury is devastated, the person is defenseless.

216. (Guru). The prayer rises, the address rises, and the aspiration rises. In total energy, proceeding from the person, consciously go up to Uniform Focus of Light. And then the echo and the answer to the address, or call turn out. Call and response – one, but the aspiration sent to Focus, establishes with it magnetic connection. It is impossible to sit and indulge in vain hopes. The active aspiration is necessary. Not the Teacher Comes, but come is directed to the Teacher. The Teacher Comes when the aspiration to It reaches the necessary degree of force and luminosity.

217. (Apr. 12). Immersion in the past is undesirable, but check of to that was once, is necessary. Such check finds out that is perfect get rid and doesn't mention an astral that lost the force and the power over consciousness and already any more doesn't attract to itself, and that still vividly and awakes the fallen asleep feelings and desires. After all Thin it is necessary to enter the World, having exempted from terrestrial gravitations and memoirs which bind hand and foot of the person. It isn't necessary to speak about good feelings and the attitude towards people, they do nobody harm. But about bad it is necessary to think because they specify that else it is necessary to overcome in it. Especially the rage and hatred to people burden and connect spirit. The chains of hatred tying hating people to each other are strong and strong. All dark feelings connect participants them between themselves; very painfully and painfully from them in World Thin. It is necessary to finish all this scores on Earth. Forgiving something to someone makes favorable business because exempts itself from dependence on these wreckers and need to be attached to them exactly thanks to the not get rid feelings. And on Earth this coherence can be very strong, but on Earth it is easier to be exempted from it. On Earth it is possible to depart from the offender and even to go to other place, but the magnetic attraction of thin bodies to each other there works and forces them, at reciprocity of such feelings, to be together against their will and desire. In general any release from all small and big feelings of malevolence gives to spirit wings. It is necessary to finish terrestrial accounts on Earth.

218. Also it isn't necessary to be confused if the past still attracts with something as it shows what exactly is subject to an get rid. Would be much worse not to know, what unexpectedness of last inclinations can arise in the future, and be against them not armed. All these enemies of advance of spirit, and the enemy it is necessary to know and study that with it successfully to fight and win. Narrover of the one knowledge of useless in World Aboveground of terrestrial desires and about impossibility to satisfy them gives in hands the weapon with them to fight and not to allow their emergence. After all the past what it was display actually in the dense world, doesn't exist anymore: everything changed, its participants, and consciousness grew old, or died, plunging into the past and something enduring, deals with ghosts which aren't present. Maya of the past can order to recede.

219. (M. A. Y.). Yes, you are right, about the worlds the astral and Thin is spoken within the legal. Much simplicity, than appear and closer far. It is impossible to tell about much because knowledge it will bring not benefit, but harm. How? As it is exact as the knowledge of nuclear energy threatens a planet with unprecedented accident as it is turned into the evil. For this reason the Ban on some areas of Intimate Knowledge is imposed. Also there is nobody even to ask to receive the answer to questions interesting so sharply. But I can calm: time will come – and you will know. In the Thin World it is easier to increase greatly and expand knowledge.

220. (Apr. 14). Through mastering by and through the power over the person comes to the power over what he wants it to approve. It is possible to begin and continue this statement in any conditions, because it is process internal which can go regardless of the fact that occurs outside. Usually the person is the slave to the moods. Moods change spontaneously which has obviously expressed reflex character. The person simply submits to influences, or from people, either space, or own reflexes. But his will can interfere with this current. It is possible, having put aside any mood, to create own, opposite this, independent of it and constructed by creative imagination and will. World, which highest usual of the understanding, from outside not come. It will come from within, from spirit depths. But it should be called; it should be issued in consciousness power of imagination, and besides without reckoning neither with moods of people around, nor with something going from outside. Mentally ill people can live own moods and emotions, regardless of the surrounding. Really the healthy, normal person, having called the will and desire, it can't be protected from negative, or dark impacts. Interior – its kingdom. In it he if understands can freely dispose that the higher authority in this kingdom belongs inseparably to it. Wants to call the world – will approve the world, wants tranquility – will approve tranquility, wants pleasure – will approve pleasure. It brings a strong-willed stream in the reflex current of the moods, directing them effort of will. To be a weather vane for others winds doesn't beseem the winner. The wind will be let, created by his will. Ordinary people usually live, consciously, or unconsciously submitting either to own reflexes, or the influences made on them from everywhere. And you think nobody volume that, at least in, in an own microcosm, to approve the power over. How to maintain balance if not to call the will for action? How not to become a market clockwork doll which everyone can pull threads of reflexes if over them not to approve the will? Person is the lord of the power. The power is given it over any flesh that is a matter from the beginning of times. But after all in the right of inheritance, space inheritance, it is necessary to enter, and in it to be approved, and to make it conscious, knowing that this space right is integral. It is better to lose everything, but to get this right, than to get the whole world, it, that is space this right, having lost. Many look for any other ways to this power. Many want to find it in magic, in any mysterious formulas of the secret knowledge; many want to receive it from someone, many in the power of the terrestrial look for the solution of this question. But the way to power of spirit lies only through itself because the person, the person, with his entire amazing inner world, and is this way. The formula of achievement of power of spirit remains to the same, and this formula Say: "That wins all who will manage to win against itself ".

221. (M. A. Y.). All currents of space are sent to the winner. It begins them accord, having established this accord from within. It starts cooperating with space, the virtuoso musician, perfectly knowing a musical scale both causing desirable sounds and the whole symphonies. Agni Yoga plays on space currents. Mastering by brings it to spatial power and does him by the employee of Space forces. From space invitingly it is possible to take not only pleasure and to begin to sound on its wave, from space it is possible to cause fire. Mastering by fire of space is the highest achievement of the person. Prometheus symbol is infinitely deep.

222. (Guru). You can suffer and be subjected to difficult tests, you can rejoice or be indignant, you can enter into communication with different people, you can live here or there, you can be young or old, healthy or sick; whether a little that can be and can happen, but study you are obliged everywhere and always, if you the pupil. It needs to be remembered strong and lives to seek to learn lessons from everything. It is necessary to be adjusted on a key of a constant apprenticeship. Time and tide wait for no man. The employees, going a track of a conscious apprenticeship are necessary to us.

223. (Apr. 15). Mastering by us will understand widely. After all it is necessary to seize not only the moods, but also a physical body and its functions, it is necessary to seize bodies astral, thin and fiery, the word – all the microcosm. Time for it is given absolutely enough. If to sum up to that is made in this direction for one life, for one embodiment, becomes obvious that achievement of this purpose will require many lives in all worlds and on all plans. The traveler on a way to boundlessness understands that the eternity has absolutely enough for any achievements if the direction is chosen correctly, each step on it approaches to the purpose. And anchors can be thrown far forward. Certainly, important extraordinary, that in this direction all microcosm of the person moved. If the spirit is torn forward, and the astral looks back and demands the, symmetry of movement is broken. The microcosm human becomes the house divided in. Therefore all covers are given to submission to spirit and one leading idea. Let's call it idea of Service to Light, Services not small, but Great. When all being of the person submits to this idea, it becomes the leader. And then all achievements happen a natural way and is lawful. This way will be Light way.

224. (Apr. 16). You live in peace the ghosts, surrounded with Maya. Everyone lives in the personal illusive world; billion people and billion illusory small-worlds and same experiences. And everyone is other one than another, though strong is painted by Maya. But Hierarchy of Light not ghost. Hierarchy of Light – fiery reality. Bases – too not Maya, but reality of all three worlds. Even those who got for a veil of a cover and adjoined to all three worlds, even they perceive them individually and on consciousness. There are no two consciousness’s’, identical is perfect. The Maya of the dense and Elevated worlds equally hides reality. Concerning Bases and on them being approved, we are approved on reality. Adjoining to Hierarchy of Light, to It coming nearer, we approach reality understanding. The doctrine of Life is expression really Real in shape, the real step of human consciousness available to some extent. Therefore, living in peace the ghosts, surrounded with Maya, nevertheless you have opportunities and ways not only to touch reality, but also to study it. Already aspiration to get for covers and to learn reality points to opportunity to find the correct way. Pyramids exist forty centuries. There can't be a ghost so long. Mathematical and astronomical bases on which pyramids, not ghosts are constructed. So, among Maya of all worlds Light Stronghold, reality expressing by fiery in aspects of the dense, Thin and Fiery worlds rises. The hierarchy of Light, the Lord isn't Maya ghosts. So, there are in hands of the person keys for approach to reality. All Great Doctrines of the world bore grains of fiery reality to people and still store them under heavy stratifications of the subsequent heaps and distortions. Everyone can take Ariadne’s thread in hand and follow it. Also it is necessary to depart from it because the personality and the egoism is Maya center. As aged the Precept "be rejected from itself and follow Me" but as it is far from understanding mankind. But, without following it, it is impossible to escape from embraces of ghosts and illusions, terrestrial and elevated. What sense to be exempted from Maya terrestrial to get under Maya influence elevated? It is told: "I am the Way, Truth and Life". The truth isn't Maya expression, the Truth is reality. And the way to it is laid by a hand and a foot human that had eternal life going for Called. Death – too Maya. But the fiery uninterrupted consciousness is reality realization, and understanding of eternity of life, and immortality finding. So, on Earth can and has opportunity to collect and accumulate the person elements of immortality and to be approved on bases of fiery reality. The way to Boundlessness is open.

225. (Guru). The image of the Teacher before a mental eye is the Image of the leader to Light. On Earth – dreams terrestrial, in an astral – monsters, both guards of the Threshold, and deceptive and escaping shadows of various thin educations, but the Face of the Teacher, in heart entered and being constantly before eyes, Will carry out through unreality of the lowest worlds to fiery reality of the Highest. Heaps of the astral world are even more dangerous and magneto, than illusions of the dense. Also it is necessary to pass through everything. Armed with the Lord, will pass and will reach the put.

226. (Apr. 17). The past is understood as the sphere of the reasons, the present – consequences, and future – as a new combination of that and others. In the past it is impossible to change anything, in the present – too, but the future is plastic in hands of the person, and it is formed in the present. Not the present changes, but in the present the future by creation in it, in the present, the new reasons corresponding to desirable consequences changes. Thus it must be kept in mind that energy of last reasons has to be get rid, or is settled on itself by beget. It is possible to change the attitude towards them and that to change a consequence. The person bearing on the shoulders a heavy cross of karma can damn the destiny, but wise exclaims: "Gratitude to the Sky, I can pay former debts", - so transmutation karma. Wisdom understands that sufferings of the personality can be blessing for spirit because lead it to Light. And then there is a full revaluation of all values – the relation to life changes. The relativity of all representations human about everything, their instability and fragility is amazing. That is why it is necessary to speak all the time about Bases and to approve on them consciousness. How many it is necessary to change the mind, experience and worry to give all property and wealth, and to go to uncertainty, and to be given to spirit life. And such cases happened and are noted in memory of people. Without heavy freight of terrestrial property it is easier to concern reality and to raise Maya cover. All live, but don't know, from where came and where go. Also don't know that from all directions are surrounded with the Invisible World in which there is brighter and intense life, than on Earth that a big half of all meetings and communications on Earth goes from the past that threads of the past don't interrupt death of a dense body. What freedom and the scope open before the person, even living on of Earth, if he seized itself the covers. Freedom as restrictedly and imperfectly people understand it! The healthiest, the most provided, the strongest this world the person possessing all power terrestrial, can be the most pity slave to that it surrounds and then, he imagines that owns. The highest freedom is freedom of the spirit which exempted from the power of the covers and has seized them. It is possible to fly by the most perfect planes, but in a thin body it doesn't give free flights. It is possible to own huge riches, the whole billions, but billions won't exempt from the power of a body over consciousness and diseases, because true freedom – in the spirit of. People forgot about it, differently would live, instead of vegetated in gloomy slavery, both ignorance, and reality denial. Nowadays advance baton in the evolutionary future is passed on to science. It has to bring mankind to a way of cognition of space reality and approach to understanding of Bases.

227. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to facilitate and strengthen process of Communication with Us not only self-dismissal and concentration depth during the Communication, but also the behavior during for. If, the day spend in highest thoughts and understanding of proximity our, that very help attune of a harp of spirit. Use and usual routine of day have very great influence on nature of Communication. Think: "Here when there will be so and so, then we will show power of the spirit and height up to which we can rise". But it is self-deception. In everyday, in usual use, in the most everyday little things in life height or a spirit pettiness is shown. They as a litmus piece of paper, show the valid qualities of the person, instead of imagined which are shown it isn't known where and when. About imagined qualities already It was spoken. The imagining man of courage can appear the greatest coward. Therefore check itself on thoughts, words, feelings and affairs of every day, knowing that the true essence of the person is shown, approved and becomes tempered on them.

228. (Guru). Communication of two worlds is undoubted. The immediate task and step of evolution is to pull together both worlds in consciousness human. Therefore I say "in consciousness" that actually they are indissoluble. Psychology is an unhealthy spatial penetration into the Thin World. But future association of the worlds has to go by natural and healthy thinning of the human device, without any mysticism, magic, sorcery and other any far-fetched methods. Children with distinguished mentality will be born, conditions of demonstration of the thin phenomena will be facilitated, and many scientific devices promoting penetration into the Invisible World will be invented. It will be proved scientifically. The new World will bring knowledge to people.
229. (Apr. 20). The free will of the person will be read by us sacred. We Don't interfere in karmas human. Therefore it is so difficult to direct. We Avoid direct intervention and impacts on will of people. When the will and consciousness of separate individuals are directed to Us, violation of the law of free will doesn't happen. And still We Take part in affairs of the world and we Send events to a certain course. The question of cementation of space is understood insufficiently deeply. And meanwhile, it is the best method not to suppress a free will, providing to the person a free choice of action. We Sate space, either this or that sphere, or the country, either the district, or the dwelling with certain vibrations and we strengthen them the corresponding mental educations, creating thus the mental atmosphere or an environment of the elected of a place. The mental atmosphere of brothels is saturated with the emanations of their visitors which are heavy influencing those who happens. The mental atmosphere of temples has already other saturation. Each dwelling is saturated radiations and thoughts of his inhabitants. Degree and character of these absorb are very various. Speaking about cementation, We Meant conscious, strong-willed and purposeful filling of this or that place by fancies or the pictures vibrating on the approved wave and as though loaded certain tasks. Such saturation can bear the obvious and accurate Assignment put in it. When our arrows rush to the chosen country which gets rid fate the best, cementation of its space has especially intense character. Then the consciousness of people gradually starts perceiving these vibrations and, in turn, to vibrate in the set key. There are no personal influences, but there is a spatial perception each sensitive spirit of a tonality of the next evolutionary wave sent from the Stronghold. This phenomenon of planetary scale, but also in small sizes We Follow the same principle. We Sate dwellings of our pupils and relatives to us spirits with our Aura. Otherwise resistance of environment and dark gold prospectors could go out the centers of Light which are so necessary for maintenance of a planetary lightful network. And our people, in turn, follow the same rule. In case of need they don't influence directly and directly will of people, they don't suppress it, and sate is impersonal the atmosphere of this or that place or the dwelling.

230. (M. A. Y.). When the Teacher Speaks: "A hand and a foot human", – He Wants to tell these that everything is reached by own efforts, the work, the diligence and aspirations and the personal experience. The Teacher Can give knowledge, but to approve it is necessary the hand on life experience. No abstract knowledge which hasn't been enclosed in practice will advance spirit on Light way. It is required to lay the hand to everything. Failures and mistakes anything, when the Doctrine is attached in life. Everything is Used by the Teacher for advance. Mistakes, perhaps, learn even better, than their absence because are remembered strong. As well failure always covers in itself ignorance something that it is very important to learn and acquire. Investigate carefully roots of such failures – and, eventually, you will find the reason and you learn something very valuable and useful to you. There are no consequences without the reason. The understanding of the reason opens new opportunities. The understanding of the reasons of failure eliminates it, creating the right and correct reasons, defines inevitability of the necessary consequences. Be especially attentive to each failure which has comprehended you because in its understanding the knowledge is covered. Also try to store balance not only at failure, but also at good luck because then you have the power to operate both poles of a uniform thing.
231. (Guru). Yes! All this is so. But the aspiration and love to the Teacher need be strengthened to such an extent that impulses of last fulfillments couldn't raise the head anymore and отемнять consciousness. And aspirations are overcome by a power of love last properties subject an get rid. Actually fight happens between a power of love directing to Light, and willfulness of the lowest covers needing submission to will. In love to the Teacher of Light is a key from all achievements. It can be judged force not according to verbal statements or feelings, but on as far as the will seizes the lowest human nature.

232. (Apr. 21). The feat – is Light good bringing to people in this or that form. Evil act won't be a feat. In a feat the victim, perhaps, even is always covered with life. Greatness of a feat consists in the sizes made a sacrifice. Therefore the feat always is sacrificial. This sacrifice by the personal interests for the sake of something lying outside them is very characteristic for heroic acts. Feats happen great and small. Truly, selfless life consists of a continuous number of feats of the different size merging in one shining chain of life. Such self-sacrifice is more difficult than one separate act because demands the constant and long tension of forces. Carriers of Light go on such constancy, and it culminates in a final, finishing elevated or terrestrial feat. On strength of the spirit and on its height is and a feat. The feat is always voluntary. The compelled feat or by order of already loses in the lightfull. Both Great Service and the Feat are always voluntary and are defined by the solution of heart.

233. (M. A. Y.). . Revival of spirit is the purpose of all great doctrines. It Imprinted this idea in the hearts of human forever the Life. For the sake of it the shameful death was accepted. Any Doctrine needs the statement not words, but affairs. Words only then remain for a long time in consciousness human when are accompanied by the actual statement. It really itself Showed a next world which It Bore to people. Speak about truth and to be truth far not same. Speak about Truth of its Doctrine of a set, but It Was this Truth in its full size one only. Therefore so fiery she also was depicted in memory of mankind; says: "That from this, that was imprinted when the people calling his followers, strong trample on his Doctrine the affairs and a terrible misanthropy". Answer: "The finishing culmination of for the sake of what It Came to Earth didn't come true yet, it will come true when term" will come.

234. (Apr. 22). The material phenomena and matter far cross out of limits of the Mendeleev chemical scale of elements. Borders of manifestation of a distinguished matter aren't present, and its mankind never will reach limits. All worlds, from the most rough to the highest, are material because out of a matter exists nothing. The infantile materialism was guided by certificates of five sense organs. But since then feelings were added with the invention of new, very sensitive devices, and Council of Federation. The infantile materialism was guided by certificates of five sense organs. But since then feelings were added with the invention of new, very sensitive devices, and spheres of a matter are moved widely apart by opening of new elements and new types of energy, many of which aren't visible to an eye, but are registered special devices. The quantum theory and even ant worlds approach science closely to borders of the Thin World which too is material and too can be studied and investigated by means of scientific methods. The invention of spouses of Kirlian gives the chance to start in hands science by means of devices studying of radiations of a human body not seen to an eye, bodies of animals, fishes, birds and flora. The new World reveals before the person, but already at purely scientific approach to it. From area of blind belief many facts pass to the area available to the scientific analysis and research. Time will come – and will photograph not only radiations of heart, a brain or hands of the person, but also a form and images of his thoughts. The matter of thought becomes a subject of scientific cognition. It isn't so obligatory to put on a clerical cap everything so far the mysterious, wonderful and inexplicable phenomena. Miracles aren't present. All phenomena are material and all are explainable from the point of view of scientific approach to them. The wonderful equipment and laboratory of a human body at scientific, and the main thing, impartial approach to it will open the amazing properties and possibilities of boundless development and improvement. But it is necessary to leave denial and ignorance, as well as fear for firmness of bases of true materialism. These bases are unshakable because if something is non-material, it and isn't present and it can't exist. But if it is claimed that something the most wonderful, the most unusual exists, so it material and can be studied and proved. National it is possible to find roots and gleams in many superstitions and beliefs valid, though the forgotten knowledge. From nothing not is born anything.
But approach to studying of many phenomena has to be unbiased. The reality and matter with all its laws remains invariable and independent of from what point of view the people look at it or approach to it. The true science isn't afraid of reality and studies it impartially.

235. (M. A. Y.). Light disseminates darkness therefore the darkness so strong fights always against Light. By the light of its true nature comes to light. And the darkness in the person, at a contact with Light Carrier, comes out in this or that look. There can't be people near a slight-bearer, without having revealed itself. Each our employee is a faultless reactant for identification not only the, but also our enemies. It is one of the most difficult types of cooperation with Hierarchy. It serves as developer of opposite of Light. It is a lot of being covered, and it is necessary to force to reveal them the essence because now time of great division and all people are distributed on Light and gloom poles. Sword dividing, which bring the Lord, not symbol, but reality and anymore only that, last time, but and the present. It also is Court which everyone creates over itself, - greatest itself, because everyone has in itself the judge. Time of great division also is Court time. From the decision and a choice of the person to become on part of the world or darkness all his future as the mankind is on demolition of the old world and transition from Cali Yugi, Yugi of darkness, to Satia Yuga, Light South depends.

236. (Guru). Your task – Light which inside, to carry by through life the not go out. Task of the dark – it go out. From here continuous fight for Light and the continuous, persistent, dark counteraction going from the party and through those who generally unconsciously, but already gravitates to darkness. It is necessary to understand spatial sense of this fight and its value for a planet. Everyone, even small, Focus of Light strengthens a planetary network of Light. Its maintenance enters and a duty of the one who follows the Lord. It isn't created without fight. Therefore the Lord following Him soldiers Calls. The rank of the soldier is honorable, but and it obliges too much. Each soldier of Light knows that means to fight alone. But the Lord – behind him and therefore firmness and his persistence are inexhaustible. Wars of the Shambhala are invincible.

237. (Apr. 23). The transition state at release from the next cover is accompanied by a condition of unconsciousness or a dream, and then the consciousness comes back. It occurs at a shed of physical, thin and mental ph. And every time consciousness undergoes some modification. It is possible to realize how the attitude towards all surrounding at deaths door a physical body if the consciousness is rather expanded changes. On Earth of people very much depends on people, their situation, the dwelling, prosperity and a set of various circumstances. There all this loses the value in very strong degree. Wealth, situation, material environment is anything. Any material dependence disappears, but there are all feelings: sympathies or antipathies, love or hatred, friendship or hostility, and they already magneto connects people. There are aspirations, desires, desires, passions and all other feelings. The person can express them and live them. Relationship emotional remains, but the expanded consciousness rejects a lot of things as superfluous or impossibility to satisfy them. Here, on Earth, talking to the powers that be, the person can feel the dependence on them, their situation sharply changes – strong this world the friendship loses the importance, and only, the respect or indifference matter. Therefore, having analyzed the attitude towards people, it is possible to define in advance those threads which will connect or will push away passed there from each other. Thus it should be noted that hatred and strong hostility connect people not less strong, than love. Going to fathers – with them will come. Having enemies – will meet them there. Going to the Teacher of Light – will see it. But experiences are so individual what to compare or foresee something very difficultly. In darkness departing and the evil – it will be surrounded by them, in Light – Light. The one who lived Beauty and it truly served, will be surrounded with it. So, everyone can plan the way in Elevated the life on Earth. The causality world, the world terrestrial, causes the world of consequences, the World Elevated, and life in it. What reason, such is and a consequence. If people only understood, on what they doom themselves the bad acts, thoughts and behavior, they would change them in a root. All their actions set the seal to radiations of covers, and these radiations magneto approve in Elevated communication with spheres corresponding to them, involving uncontrollably the person in an orbit of their attraction. Other exit isn't present, as soon as to spheres of consequences of own actions.

238. (Apr. 24). Mental energy is a sword two-edged. At application it grows, and the will can direct it both on good, and on the evil. The cleared consciousness isn't endangered, but while process of clarification isn't finished, it is great. The last accumulation which are subject to withdrawal, but not eliminated, show the rights and, strengthened by arriving mental energy, demand to itself attention, soliciting manifestation in actions, thoughts and feelings. And there is a need of their restraint. The victory over them, both mastering by them, and consciousness clarification from them become necessary because their further growth and strengthening threaten to stop a spirit way. Deprived of food, the person dies, also the desire deprived of a food by thought in the same way dies. As force will lose and the thoughts awakening the undesirable past if to them it isn't given a food will die and the consciousness refuses a combination to them. Undesirable thoughts jump out of consciousness and burn down. But control and the final firm decision to be exempted from any litter are necessary.

239. (M. A. Y.). Let's welcome each aggravation of spirit as a step to the statement in them the necessary qualities. In a stupor of wellbeing and sorrow less existence not approve them. Way one is without difficulties and spirit burdening’s to training and education of the will. It after all too can grow, but only not in spooky, content and abundance. It is necessary to speak almost about same and even to repeat as abstract recognition of these or those provisions isn't their practical application. As though there was a wish to see each of you acquired this understanding of need of the appendix of the Doctrine in life. All enclosed you will take with yourself, all abstractedly theoretical remains behind without any advantage for advance. The world rolls in flow of words of the best intentions accompanied by the most evil affairs.

240. (Apr. 26). The karma of the person is imprinted in his aura. One bear in themselves good luck and success grains, others – on the contrary. One overcomes easily and freely all obstacles, another stumbles on the small. One influences people and subordinates to the will them plans, another submits to human willfulness. The karma works in the direction of the magnetic energy put in a being of the person. It is possible to fight against karma only by a transmutation of this energy. Putting in the Bowl new crystals of deposits, we channelize karma. Having chosen a transit for the Teacher, the person defines the karmic future. The choice is free always, and it establishes connection of spirit with its karma. Choice – the reason, karma – a consequence. Even the thought can or be accepted any hospitably, or to throw out from consciousness. But the karma is under construction, mainly, thought. The one, who seized thought, takes karma levers in hand. And if the past can't be changed, the future is plastic in hands of the person who has seized energy of thought.

241. (M. A. Y.). Let each undesirable thought going from the past, or from surrounding people, or from dark, sent by them for the purpose of influence, serve as the reason to change it on opposite and to use force it on creation of a useful and light fancy. It is so possible to learn and gets used to turn any thought on advantage; it is so possible to imitate in it to the Teacher, so everything it is possible to force to serve Light. Why to waste time on harmful and unnecessary thoughts when each thought can be turned on good, on something light and creative. This way it is possible change and people, thinking about them positively and calling from their depth an image, worthy the person. Creating power of thought is used practically a little. The theory and practice disperse too widely. But thought services of the person always. In the mental world he is the Supreme master. The person in all its importance and indivisibility has realized this power over an inner world and the thought. It is impossible to give this power to anybody and anything. It is impossible to refuse the phenomenon of a primacy of spirit. Give it to someone – means to become the slave. Mentally in the power of someone be inadmissible. Person – the Lord of the power, in the microcosm itis the Higher Authority. This power is carried out by thought which it seized.

242. (Apr. 27). Physical, astral and mental bodies are trained in these or those experiences, thoughts and emotions by the person. On this training were required both energy, and time. And whether it is possible be surprised that its covers behave as it was encouraged and allowed in the past. If the real step of consciousness believes, something or other behavior is inadmissible, covers should be retrained anew, putting in this process bigger effort, than was enclosed in them earlier. Otherwise not win against the past. If last impulses are still strong and don't give in to efforts to extinguish them, so training didn't show due, degrees of tension of the efforts. But to recede or put hands by no means it is inadmissible because it will be defeat and return of in the power of the last fulfillments which strengthened and have increased in time. Seeds both good, and bad acts and therefore they need be uprooted grow. If weeds appear again, and they are very persistent, eradication repeats until they won't cease give shoots. Danger in that, what side by side with positive qualities of spirit, grow and are poured by force ineradicable negative properties. Only itself them creator and the founder can destroy them, understanding that they can block a way of an ascension of spirit. The vague decision can't be because it will cause not success in this fight.

243. (M. A. Y.). The evil can derive strength of opposition only from Hierarchy of Light. If not conformable thought with Light to replace everyone lightful, to Uniform Focus of Light, and thoughts such the place in consciousness won't be directed. One is simple is replaced with another, useless – lightful. Don't think that you one should conduct this fight. All passed or pass through it, and the step is higher, the fight is more intense. The small consciousness is resisted by small powers of darkness, and to spirit big – hieerofant of the evil. All difficult of fight because of them, because of dark prospectors, who strong inflate each shortcoming and everything, that yet gets rid inside. And this fight gets not personal, but spatial character.

244. (Apr. 28). Travel is good and useful also because the aura of the person comes off a familiar spot. It is difficult even to imagine as far as it grows to the habitual and rendered habitable conditions and it is how connected by them. The environment becomes so grown into consciousness that the prison of spirit isn't noticed any more at all as normal atmospheric pressure isn't felt as a sound body. Similar increments to a place become especially dramatic upon transition to the Thin World when the person mentally continues to stay in a habitual terrestrial environment. Wanderers are in this regard absolutely free because have no terrestrial house. Wellbeing terrestrial affects chains in World Aboveground If reconsider usual life from the point of view of conditions of the Thin World; it will appear that their assessment and usefulness can be absolutely opposite to an assessment terrestrial. Therefore the award of wandering and begging monks at the heart is able have the correct understanding of coherence of spirit property and the dwelling. But, of course, freedom and coherence are concluded in consciousness. If it is rather expanded and lit up by understanding, things can have it free from attachment to Earth and from slavery. Many types various slavery exist among mankind. And the main trouble that it isn't realized. Sitting in a dungeon it is torn to freedom, but the one who doesn't realize it, never will be able to direct to release. Also it isn't realized that the physical body is too prison for spirit, or a strong case which it is impossible to leave, a case having five openings for external perceptions. The case, able to move, eat, drink and lead mental and animal life, but a case, constantly wearable with itself, with all its awkwardness and weight. Flights in a thin body and stay in it give an idea of elevated freedom, however, too limited, and only the fiery body provides to spirit boundless freedom of manifestation. A lot of things need to be understood, to be exempted from much and to acquire a lot of things practically before learn to act consciously in the more distinguished conductors. Besides all of them have to be issued, differently conscious activity in them is impossible. The way of Fiery Yoga opens these opportunities before the person and sooner or later allows carrying out them.

245. (M. A. Y.) . All is permitted to the winner. The measure of permissiveness extends on the spirits which have reached very high step. But it doesn't extend at all on ordinary people. For them there are measures terrestrial and elevated if they want to have the correct idea of real value of things. The wealth is good in hands of the developed consciousness, but it will be damnation for small spirit, in the same way and the terrestrial power and all that have and that so strong people solicit. Only leaving a body, the person understands, how unnecessary there is suddenly all that he up to this point considered necessary, important and considerable. These minutes there can be a revaluation of all values. But even it seldom happens. Leave aggravated by terrestrial remnants and unnecessary stuff. That the few which realized all this and told about it, considered as odd fellows, mentally ill people, charlatans. And their voice remained a voice scandalous in the desert. Now the world is again put before a problem of revaluation of all values, and again people stupidly and ignorantly rise against truth of life and recognition of life of spirit by a basis only. And if it was possible to wave away from this knowledge earlier and to continue to live in darkness, now, on change two Yuga, it is already impossible. It is necessary or enters into a new Era of Fire, having recognized Bases, or to exclude itself from evolution and to become Space litter. Now the middle won't be. Two focuses of an attraction of consciousness’s work powerfully: the pole of Light and darkness pole and choice is possible only this or that. Great division will allow stand aside to nobody. The planet fate, and with it and each spirit living on it and connected with it is decided.

246. (Guru). The mankind pays for denial, a reject and misunderstanding of Bases heavy: wars, bloodsheds, natural disasters, diseases and of various misfortunes. But, despite everything, eyes are still dropped to the earth. Power of elements of the obscurantism and cruelty not overcome. Exit in other, an exit in raising the heads up and to address from darkness to Light. Disbalance the human will be called by explosions of elements, balance, that is harmony of the consciousness’s which have apprehended Light, can bring elements into a quiet condition. Energy of the human battery are strong extraordinary. Their collective energy can return to a planet the lost balance if instead of destruction it is turned on construction and creation.

247. (Guru). It is good to establish a habit to consider some concepts and the phenomena from the point of view of the Thin World and to determine by it their valid value. For example: concept of property, or high situation in society, or terrestrial distinctions (titles, blood), hostility and kind relations. A lot of things can be reconsidered thus and to understand real value of things and the phenomena. A lot of things will appear in absolutely other light. A lot of things will lose the value. The thin understanding comes nearer already to the space. Space consciousness is destiny of those, who was exempted from illusions dark. Well and here to make conscious efforts for liberation of consciousness from any ban.

248. (Apr. 30). Heavy and slowly thinking dense, easier and quicker thin, but out temporarily and immediately fiery. Certainly, calculating machines can compete with a brain, but the thinking of the Fiery World is made doesn't need time and can't be measured even seconds. Kovalevsky I solved problems instantly. And the sense-knowledge which is so close to the Fiery World too isn't measured by terrestrial time. So, each of the world’s differs from another and originality of the thinking. It, so to speak, psyches mechanical party of thinking. But the material of thought too is excellent in each of them. Usually thoughts of the person are occupied with that surrounds him. It concerns, mainly, the dense world. In thin this dependence changes, and already environment is created by thoughts of his inhabitant. In World Fiery the thought is its expression, and its creative power reaches the apogee. And still it is possible to get used to measures of thinking of the Thin World already on Earth. It, first, will exempt from coherence terrestrial conditions, secondly, will prepare for conditions of the Thin World. The relation to everything should be reconsidered anew and to find to each terrestrial phenomenon its valid place in the general scheme of things. And then the gold coin won't cover the Sun, and terrestrial dreams and experiences – reality. Without thinking about that world, people will assimilate standing on one foot, forgetting that on one foot far not to leave; one avowal that is two natures, another no enough. The understanding of the nature both, and sense and a role of each spirit in evolutions, and aspiration to Light is necessary. Dark hierophant perfectly knows about the Thin World and applies this knowledge practically. But it is better to know nothing, than to serve darkness. In the analysis of conditions of the Thin World it is possible to note as many conventions of dense thinking disappear as superfluous. Lack of terrestrial borders, visas, passports and other differences human, transport, conventional dwellings and all other features of the dense world forces to change and thoughts of all this and to reconstruct thinking anew. Better to it be prepared in advance and the nobility from what be exempted. Especially are burdensome and cording terrestrial habits. To what imagined smoking, or an overeating? But there are habits worse. The thinking should be exempted from so many terrestrial remnants, it for unprepared spirit work heavy extraordinary. But some come there the already free. The person kind, ready to share with others the last that has, comes there not connected by property. It is also free from it and the one who knows that all terrestrial things are given only for time and only until the person in a body. But usually of that world don't think, and pass to it with thinking terrestrial, and stay in its environment. Situation and condition is unnatural. It is impossible to list all cases of coherence of the consciousness imposed on it by the personality. It is good to learn to represent itself in the Thin World released from a body and to adapt the consciousness for new conditions. But for this purpose it is necessary to fall in love with this wonderful world, and to direct to it, and at the same time, without coming off Earth, to fulfill on it the duty to and people. For life of spirit both worlds are necessary, but at understanding of each of them.

249. (May 1). At each more or less considerable change in life of people reconstructs the thinking, being accustomed to new situation. In the childhood, youth, mature age he thinks differently. In the war or in a peace situation the thinking goes differently. One of the travel, or the houses of thought flow not equally. And upon transition of Great Borders the thinking human changes. There is no brain and a body, and the person continues to think and create fancies. Creative ability of thoughts amplifies many times over and gets new aspect. In that world where everything moves thought, it gets and the special value which is very differing from the terrestrial. For inquisitive mind the field of researches extends, and the process of knowledge of that world becomes fascinating and interesting if to it tendency is shown. Everything is new; everything is unusual, all differently, than on Earth. There is no prospect in its terrestrial expression. Things are visible from all directions: both from within, and outside; permeability of subjects of absolutely other order. The proximity and range of people and the phenomena are caused by magnetization of thoughts. Cognition of the phenomena and contact with them go according to the accord or affinity. It is easy to study, and it is easy to have the instructors corresponding to inquiries of spirit. For this purpose, who loves beauty of the nature, to eat than enjoy. The surprising world interesting, fascinating, attractive and fine if the consciousness allows and can sound on the Beauty wave.

250. (M. A. Y.). Only recognition of the Hidden World and understanding of communication between both allow establishing the correct relation to life and the duties – to that surrounds the person. The one-sided understanding does it blind and irresponsible. To what a debt, either self-improvement, or abstention from something if with death of a body for the person all comes to an end. Life loses sense, if live for others, and they after all too will die, and too without any sense. Means, eventually nonsense already planetary and universal as will die sooner or later all turns out. That doesn't make final sense, deprives of this sense and all intermediate links or separate lives of people. Great ignorance, insolvency and absurd of human thoughtlessness because it logically deprives human existence of any sense and the purpose consist in denial of the Hidden World and immortality of spirit.