Agni Yoga's facets, 1968 (251-400)

251. (Guru). Not on shortcomings them we appreciate people, but on advantages and spirit merits. It is possible to get rid of shortcomings, and to increase merits. Therefore Show Teacher to direct forward, without stopping and without being confused the imperfections. If not to follow this Instruction, it will appear, as anybody as perfect people aren't present can't move further. You know that Teachers Approached to Themselves imperfect and you know that, despite this circumstance, many of them directed forward and much reached. Only ignorance can stop the advance because considers itself unworthy to address to Light.

252. (May 2). Inclination force by the opposite beginning can have both the highest, and the lowest manifestations. In case of the highest creativity in the field of spiritual and intellectual is approved. Force which hasn't been directed down, directs up. Close auras unite for creativity. And then it as though is warmed up and eats invisible fire. In the world animal creative force is shown in a reproduction. The genius seeks to remain fruitless because force him is directed on creativity to the Highest Spheres. The teacher Sends force to the pupil, and He Means that force received was spent for spirit advance. If the pupil isn't ready or didn't justify trust of the Teacher and directed force received from It down, further receipt it stops.

253. (M. A. Y.). About balance it would be possible to write the whole book, so this quality of spirit deeply, intimate and amazingly. Therefore so seldom it meets in people. Therefore also the understanding it so seldom lights up consciousness. It can be developed infinitely. And pleasure it is possible what to begin with the small. Each success in his statement will bring pleasure. When so much time is wasted in vain, always it is possible to find minute for exercise in this necessary quality. On balance the world keeps. The greatest Planetary Spirits Show the highest extent of manifestation of this quality.

254. (Guru). Sometimes it is very useful to think what to direct in the future and possibly to ascend in any living conditions that process of an ascension is internal psychological process which can go irrespective of external circumstances, and it is frequent and contrary to of. The way of spirit can stop only spirit. But whether there is something in this world and volume, on what it would be possible to exchange the opportunity to move to Light, to expand consciousness and to enrich it with new accumulation? If someone is seduced with something, be sure that it is waited by bitter disappointment when ghosts of allure will dissipate and there will be it about the broken trough. The way of Light is preserved by all strength of mind and knowledge that behind each phantom of an allure poison, prickles and darkness are hidden.
Will be possible to find in them presence of some gases, very various on the properties and specific weight. Soon and such researches become available to science. Kirlian's photo allows register radiations of also animal and vegetable organisms. But it will be possible to fix radiation and some other subjects. All things of the dense world are surrounded with aura of this or that order. Many people understand that a rope on which the linen dries, and a rope on which someone was hung up, differ from each other. And even the negative of the thin phenomena won't want to put a rope of the hung up under a pillow. People instinctively feel a gratefulness or repellent properties of some subjects.

255. Garrulity is no other than dissoluteness of the mental energy causing its leak and squandering. Use of mental energy in the small will teach to apply it and in the big.

256. (M. A. Y.). "The lips honor Me, their heart is far from Me". Long ago it but as strong these words approach to the current time was told. How many words are said at the appeal to the Highest Spirits and as hearts human are far from to Whom words are turned. As also the Teacher Doesn't need words, even the most sublime, but Needs the warm address if who wants to come into with It contact. Without such address communication is impossible, because bridge foundations – on both coast. And words anything is at heart silent. And in general words it is necessary less, people speak much. And the more speak, the do less as the energy necessary at making, is spent in words. There can't be a talker the good worker as can't give the boiler full of holes working steam. Pupils have to understand the value of silent restraint.

257. (Guru). To understand beauty or ugliness of the acts, it is necessary to take a detached view of it and to imagine, you as though belonged if somebody another arrived as you arrived. And then the picture will be clear and any explanations it isn't required. From themselves people usually ask very softly, but from others is very strict. To correct this injustice, it is necessary to depart and look from itself at the behavior as if acts absolutely the stranger were subject to the analysis.

258. (May 5). Materialists can calm down – thin bodies have the weight and volume and are quite material, only density of this matter is excellent from usual, both its structure and chemism more difficult to find and study, than it becomes in chemical laboratories. This matter isn't visible by a physical eye, but after all and many gases too an eye it is impossible to see. The high-frequency photo invented by spouses of Kirlian, already allows catching, seeing and studying radiations of a thin body. Soon and auras will photograph, and also some subjects of the Thin World. All worlds are material, only different extent of thinning, sparseness and a type of a matter. But if scientifically to investigate the atmosphere of the temple, a concert hall, sports stadium and card or any other brothel, it will be possible to find in them presence of some gases, very various on the properties and specific weight. Soon and such researches become available to science. Kirlian's photo allows register radiations of also animal and vegetable organisms. But it will be possible to fix radiation and some other subjects. All things of the dense world are surrounded with aura of this or that order. Many people understand that a rope on which the linen dries, and a rope on which someone was hung up, differ from each other. And even the negate of the thin phenomena won't want to put a rope of the hung up under a pillow. People instinctively feel a gratefulness or repellent properties of some subjects. But they feel appeal or trouble of radiations of human aura always and speak: this person is pleasant, and that is very unpleasant, not nice. Don't want to realize why in their organism at contact with these or those people there is absolutely certain reaction to invisible radiations of foreign aura only. But it is possible to learn is thin to note as own aura reacts to counter radiations and why exactly so, instead of differently. Field for supervision wide and opportunities is endlessly. The world Thin will allow study itself if the attention and thought are paid to it.

259. (M. A. Y.) . Yes, it is right; to Us it is necessary to raise spirit and to direct to Us to enter into Communication with Us. But at the same time it is impossible to lose sight that people are surrounded by inhabitants of the Thin World and that many of them seek to inspire incarnate the thoughts and feelings. The thin World the barrier dividing the worlds takes the hottest part in affairs of the dense world, and only, doesn't allow seeing much. But persuasive images or thoughts and heavy feelings are often sent exactly from there. Dark are in this regard very active. Not always spatial conditions favor to them but when a current of stars adversely for Earth, the darkness is dismissed with might and main and the spatial burden is felt obviously. According to it and surrounding live people are adjusted in the accord with a condition of space and willingly reveal the negative properties. Ability to own the astral approves the power and over some currents of space, but usually people are weak-willed victims of spatial influences and don't try to fight with them at all.

260. (Guru). Yes and once again yes – we demand Doctrine application in practice. It can be so wide and versatile, as life. They can find in all moods and conditions of spirit conformable an appendix point. I want to tell that it is necessary to find skillfully that quality on which the consciousness willingly sounds at present, and to find for it time for practical exercise or application. It is impossible to interfere a dissonance neither in the, nor in foreign mood. It is better to find and mention conformable strings.

261. (May 6). The natural way of disclosure of internal abilities and a go out of fires is safe while violent, by means of different exercises and breath, – it is dangerous. In the first case development goes parallel to expansion of consciousness and its clarification, in the second opened forces can be not corresponding to moral level. And then falling is inevitable. For an example it is possible to take ability to create the bright mental educations permanent and active. If they appear dirty, saturated desires, they will carry away beget in a chasm. Perception thinning too isn't less dangerous because the accord with various spheres of space goes on compliance of openness of the receiver with that, on what or to what the spirit is directed. If the aspiration is insufficiently high, contact with undesirable spheres of an astral is inevitable. It is better to go a natural way, than, having developed in itself some abilities, to become the victim of dark enslavers who it is constant on the guard and we are ready to use each spot on aura that through it to influence the person.

262. (Guru). Each envoy of Light or the pupil, being embodied, assumes a certain mission which consists in leaving on Earth after it fruits of the work in this or that form. Each Attendant of Light leaves after himself something necessary and useful to people. Only in time the value of the left wealth is learned by mankind. Only in time the lightfull of such spiritual inheritance inflames in consciousness of people. Such spirits often pass life unnoticed pursued and not understood contemporaries.

263. (M. A. Y.). It is difficult to protect an everyday from the ordinary, and especially concerning Communication. But the ordinary deprives of fire, and from it communication grows dull until then live and pulsing novelty of new receipts. Every day is necessary for advance, and many efforts should be made that the gray ordinary didn't interfere in it. Why close spirits reach for you? Feel a live stream of life spiritual which ordinary not in forces to overcome and ship in gray twilight of a commonness and an inhabitant. It is correct to consider that the instinct ion of fire of heart of death is similar. But you know how it is difficult to support him in the conditions of the old world poisoned by breath. The old world prepares for the last, resolute, but hopeless fight with the World New. In this collision are involved all.

264. (Guru). Behind each human character and its properties there is a number of the lives consigning to the remote past. Therefore so difficult also give in to property influence human, and it is impossible to envy someone's abilities or the talents earned in the past by long efforts and works. Usually in the person see his present, forgetting that he is walking crystallization of the last accumulation. If it is good to understand them, it is possible to cause the best stays from the past and on them to build spirit advance in the future. In total not peculiar and alien to spirit long won't keep of. But the kind last accumulation caused to life, will yield good results. The understanding of human essence is difficult, but the canon "Your Lord" will be a key to soul of the person. It applying, it is possible to bring a lot of advantage to people.

265. (May 8). The dense environment can be absolutely identical. But in one case the consciousness can be strong pinned to it and out of its limits not to aspire anywhere, in other can rush freely mentally on planet open spaces, live in the future and direct to the Far Worlds. Freedom or coherence of spirit depends not on external conditions, but on aspiration. The one who in thoughts learned to come off them on Earth, in World Aboveground where everything moves thought, learns pleasure of freedom. Some anticipate it still here, in the world dense. Only the Doctrine applied in the day will give skill to apply its manuals and at night. Doctrine exempts from much, and terrestrial remnants disappear, as an unnecessary peel. Well also it is useful to think from time to time of what the incarnate condition from one incarnation differs, and to imprint this distinction in memory. Going to live on the far North or in tropics, the person considers distinction of conditions, both adapts, and prepares for them. Here the same fair idea needs to be had and of travel farther, of transition to the world of another dimensions. Be not surprised that it is necessary to tell very much about it – too far terrestrial consciousness from understanding of the Elevated World. Unpreparedness of the people passing there is terrible. How many the unnecessary stuff brings with itself, and encumber with it spaces of the Thin World, and disfigure it instead of decorating. The beauty both terrestrial, and an elevated garden in many respects depends on the person. If now poison and foul the terrestrial house, the planet, the same do and with those layers of space which are available to influence of uneducated consciousness’s.
266. (M. A. Y.). The behavior alone, or before the Face of Space show knowledge of Bases. Hypocrisy is bright expression of ignorance. Whom does the hypocrite want to deceive? Swindles only itself, because what, - the space sees and hears. Everything is imprinted in Akasha's rolls. And the meeting with own dark generations is very unpleasant. The hypocrite is surrounded with the creations and here and where secret becomes obvious. The external, terrestrial form covering them here disappears. And the internal contents it becomes visible. Who was deceived by the hypocrite? So, cognition of laws of the Thin World exempts from commission of many mistakes. All angry remains in aura of the person and accompanies him. Difficultly with such baggage stay in World Aboveground. It is possible to understand an urgent and imperative need of release from any litter.

267. (Guru). That is brightest and long, was conscious and persistently imprinted in consciousness, will accompany the person in his further wandering after release from a body. Therefore everyday rhythmical Communication with the Hierarchy has great and deep value. The rhythm established can proceed and there, pulling together even more closely with aspiration Focus. Restrictions terrestrial disappear, and the Proximity becomes possible. The aspect of Communication not seen to a terrestrial eye becomes visible there. Let's be glad opportunities in life terrestrial to strengthen and approve elevated communications.

268. (May 9). What it is most necessary to people, - certainly, recognition of a continuity of the life, showing in all three worlds. And if knowing about it nevertheless in the acts is far from perfect what to tell about the ignorant? And still the knowledge it, even with some imperfections, very strongly influences consciousness of the person. If all people had it, life on a planet would change in a root. Therefore the mankind so insistently needs adoption of the Doctrine of Live Ethics. Accepted and recognized, it changes the person. However, all not at once is eradicated crystallized in the past for eyelids, but its good influence on consciousness is undoubted. You are surprised why accepted the Doctrine appeared not such perfection. But who’s in it is wine? Whether tendency someone’s being touched masks? We Teach severe cognition of the person. This cognition demands to reject all personal preconditions, biases, prejudices. The self-deception at affection isn't less harmful, than suspicion in what isn't present. As carefully at school of life faces human as if someone forces people to reveal the hidden essence reveal. One approach and become closer, others approach and become ill-wishers. Besides everything, everyone defines the relation any more to you, but to focus from which you receive the Beam. It and you take part in the Great Division happening in the world. It was told that "I brought to the world not the world, but a sword". The sword of spirit gives strength to help with process of planetary division and distribution of spirits on poles. You accepting – Me accept. You rejecting and going against hostilely – go against Me. Not division, but a psych spatial tonality of spirit is defined by personal measures. Not you condemn someone, but everyone, consciously or unconsciously, makes a choice and determines by it the future.

269. (Guru). The body can't forbid to feel hungry and other corporal feelings, but to correct them, to own them and not to allow them to dominate over consciousness and it is possible, and has to. Not the murdered of feelings is offered, but full control over them. Opportunities to check of are given constantly. Thus it is necessary to remember that this or that corporal mood suitably can adjust and consciousness and to open it to any foreign influences. Control is necessary as self-defense from third-party influences.

270. (May 10). It is good to take itself for the rule every day to note any phenomenon of a thin order. At the attentive attitude towards them they will be noticed in increasing frequency. They are noticed and so, but the inattentive relation doesn't detain them in consciousness. Everything to what there is a love or tendency stops on itself supervision of the person. Similar exercises aren't dangerous and don't break balance. It is good to listen to silence. It is good to concentrate on perceptions blindly. Certainly, usual life and use distract. Eremites went from them to privacy. But now it can't be done. In the middle of life it is necessary to manage to feel both worlds as one inseparable whole; they are disconnected in consciousness of the person, but not actually. The reality of real this division doesn't know. Even some animals are very sensitive to the phenomena of the Thin World. And signs the circle scattered a set. Let's increase attention.

271. (Guru). The self-discipline is always good, but it is especially valuable and deep on value when it is shown alone. And for people, but, mainly, for the person it makes the special sense. Ignorance believes that, remaining alone, it can behave somehow. But after all everything sees Space and everything imprints obviously and heavy. On Akasha's film the person writes down indelible all the actions, thoughts and feelings which will invisibly accompany it in the future, yet won't settle on him put by it in them energy.

272. (May 11). Only in comparison it is possible to understand as far as people are far from Hierarchy and knowledge of reality. A lot of things would be facilitated if there would be a desire and aspiration to know. But the stupid persistence of denials or simply ignorance shows at times almost invincible barrier in attempt somehow to help, light and bring consciousness out of a circle of hopelessness and spirit twilight, - is useless try punching this wall. Let will reach. But each question testifying to desire to find a way out from this mental deadlock can be glad. And after all such consciousness’s set. Live, having turned looks to Earth, and go to that world, having learned nothing, both the same dullness and limitation carry away with itself to that world, the world of boundless opportunities. Means, the new blows, new heavy rain of misfortunes are necessary to awaken spirit. And in such situation is rather quite good people. What to tell about bad, selfish and spiteful? That is why such trouble in the world. Bases are rejected, and terrestrial existence of the person became senseless. No measures will help; the consciousness won't be examined by the spirit Doctrine yet. Bases have to be accepted by mankind and life of spirit is regarded as of paramount importance. Other exit isn't present.

273. (M. A. Y.). If you want to become even closer, fill the consciousness with ardent, unrestrained desire to attach the Doctrine in life of every day. After all it will be the statement of energy of Light in itself. Light which hasn’t been received from the outside, but self-proceeding from your essence? Light connects hearts. It is Light you’re self-proceeding for association with Light of Great Heart. Than differently connect? Not darkness! And your Light will shine then to people. They very much need Light. Not in words, not in submission, not in manuals, but in the light of burning heart. Without this Light, the word remains an empty peel. It is possible to shine always and everywhere. Without words it is sometimes better because, heart radiations reach better. Where words are unacceptable, but heart didn't die, there it is possible and keep silent, and even to talk about other, but mentally shining such consciousness with fires of the heart. Such silent process of a donation will yield the kind fruit.

274. (May 12). It is necessary to pass through a grief and pleasure together with Me, that is to pass so that neither a grief, nor pleasure didn't separate and didn't distance from Me. Whatever occurred, our Proximity – over all personal experiences, atop because personal experiences will end and even the personality will die, and over time will be replaced new, but our communication remains strong and indestructible. It is a lot of determination and self-rejection it is required for this purpose. And we won't be afflicted too that, through what it is necessary to pass. Everything will come to an end, and life becomes another. Eternal tests don't happen.

275. (Guru). As you understand words: "Take the cross and follow Me"? Whether there will be they direct Instructions of the Teacher that a destiny cross, or karmas, it is necessary to take on the shoulders and to bear it, whatever heavy it was. The cross of the Lord is much heavier. The karma can't be rejected. It is possible to change but if to go together with It. And how learn hardness and firmness if balance isn't opposed to falsities of life?

276. (May 13). It is impossible to serve Light and darkness at the same time. The choice is made absolutely certain, and the Highest is given preference in everything. The Maya creates bright illusions of the importance of life usual. All inhabitants the usual live and roll in daily occurrence. The world the Highest is over it. And to it the will directs consciousness. The false commonness can tighten in itself so that for aspiration is higher than forces any more doesn't remain. Maya these ghosts need to be disseminated understanding of senselessness of life terrestrial if to take away from it that elevated future with which it is replaced after release from a body. As though strongly and tensely it sounded, to terrestrial stay there comes the end. And then at once everything becomes unnecessary and all is left. And it is very important that external leaving was accompanied also by internal release of consciousness from terrestrial remnants. If it is carried away with itself terrestrial, the person continues to live terrestrial Maya ghosts, but brought already to the World Thin. Again found ability of creativity of spirit strengthens Maya, but already Thin World. And ignorance creates new heaps. It is necessary to understand on Earth that if terrestrial it is possible to live in peace dense, in the world where the thought reigns, terrestrial remnants should be rejected. And terrestrial Maya power should learn to be dumped, for the present in a body, without allowing terrestrial remnants to capture consciousness entirely. The strong unification with the Teacher helps to fight against ghosts of both worlds.

277. (M. A.Y.). Towers of spirit are torches among the huge mass of uneducated consciousness’s. And whether it is possible to be surprised that is so difficult to keep at height. What enormous resistance meets from everywhere Light self-proceeding and as strong its darkness tries going out. The tower assumes strong protection. The beacon on the rock costs and is strong security from furious surf of waves. It is possible to resist if the basis is strong. Therefore preserve Bases. Waves can't reach a beacon. The consciousness rises up and becomes not vulnerable for blows of a surf wave.

278. (May 15). Mountains are given to people as the phenomenon bringing out of conditions of the three-dimensional world, the aspiration to mountains indicates desire to leave a usual environment. Lowlands, valleys, gorges and abysses are as well in the Thin World. Huge crowds wander and there in various places, often without knowing where go and why. But knowing won't get lost among these unsteady shadows. It also will direct there to mountains, to settlements celestial, located at heights. The thin World is divided into layers. The world of Light is in Spheres High. The higher, the there is more than Light. The aspiration to heights of the knowing carries away with itself from Earth. Many ignorant huddle on cellars of the astral world, but knowing strong and powerfully directs up. The celestial settlements located at heights and in High Layers, are protected from invasion dark and all what vibrations don't allow them to rise highly. There can find spirit a shelter from whirlwinds astral and noxious breath of the lower class. But for this purpose it is necessary to direct there, first, secondly, to be able to rise up, or to fly. This ability is possible only in the presence of Agni. Flights during a dream are a threshold of post mortal flights in a thin body. Pay attention as there is a lot of in life terrestrial round you circumstances of the various shades, obviously trying to detain you in the tenacious snare. They firmly should be overcome, persistently and constantly. At the moment of death all strength of mind should be directed on aspiration up quickly to pass these layers, without being late in them. It is necessary to rise above, above as it is possible above as far as the saved-up Agni will allow. Attraction of the lower class especially strongly, and they are infectious awfully. In general in the Thin World there are a lot of temptations, much more, than on Earth, and deception of an allure is often applied by darkness. Under attracting external forms terrible spawns and a grief to the one who gives in to delusion can disappear. In the Upper Class of this danger isn't present, therefore also Show aspiration up.

279. (M. A. Y.). . In the world terrestrial it is possible to deceive itself and others, but the World Thin is the world of test of thoughts. The self-deception is already impossible because dirty thoughts and the desires constrained, but not destroyed on Earth, there is immediately attracted conformable by it forms and will give illusion of their satisfaction, involving the person in experiences of Tantalic torments. So, other post-nickname which is internally longing to food, will be surrounded with forbidden viands, tasting which it the hunger won't be able to satisfy because products of imagination of attacks of gluttony extinction it is impossible. So, only the full get rid and clarification from unworthy thoughts will exempt the person from their power in Elevated. Not to do something – doesn't mean yet to be exempted from this undesirable phenomenon. The thought of desirability nevertheless still remains, and it and will attract from what the person so strongly wanted to exempt himself. Therefore the rejected habit of thinking only then loses the power over consciousness when it, like the given-up smoking, already at all doesn't tempt when it get rid finally doesn't come any more to heart more. Should be studied well, that the nobility against what to fight and as and what to betray to burning on ways of Fiery Yoga.

280. (Guru). The symbol of the elephant breaking thickets Is given by the Lord not without reason. After all and follows everyone following It to move apart and break thousands various obstacles which a barrier become to it on the Way. To go, despite everything and to all contrary to, is means to stick to it steadily and to continue rhythmical and continuous advance. It will consist of small overcoming at first big, and then and great. It is necessary to realize what there is one only overcoming of inertness, stagnancy and ignorance of environment. Everything is denied, there is no belief in other worlds, the spirit is trampled, and external visibility dominates over everything. How many thoughts heavy and dense radiate such consciousness’s, enveloping everything darkness. To keep the self-proceeding beam of consciousness in these conditions will be a victory over it. To winners of a gloom hello!

281. (M. A. Y.). At contact with departed it is necessary to learn to sound on their key. What advantage of if to bring the experiences and the mood in process of this communication. And without that sounds rather strongly. But the communication purpose is concern aura of far spirit and to gather from its radiations and vibrations. Self-dismissal is very necessary at similar contact. Then it is possible to gather something new and to concern essence of one incarnation spirit. Many try to impose the thoughts and a sense-knowledge at establishment of contact and are surprised that desirable consequences it is impossible.

282. (Guru). It is told: "Be filled with the Lord". It is necessary to avoid self-filling, that is filling by, the experiences, diseases, chagrin. All this ball of personal feelings of egoism is as a dark cover in the eyes. Some people who even have touched the Doctrine, become blind and deaf to cognition and as they limit to it the opportunities of perception and consciousness expansion. It is correct to repeat prayers when the personal starts sounding too loudly. Many devotees chose a prayer Jesus, the consciousness was exempted by this way from a ball of thoughts unnecessary and concentrated on the Highest.

283. (May 17). Let's get used to think that thought the person, from spatial slime to bright and accurate fancies, has the expression in World one dance. It is necessary to be prepared for variety of mental constructions not to be surprised anything. Among these heaps we won't look for them. All existing and existing on Earth has there the reflection. The Stronghold which it is necessary to reach on the ground and in the worlds as to the only valid shelter of spirit will be the purpose of searches let. Heaps – for ignorant. They attract inexperienced travelers. But the one who knows that goes to the Lord won't stop before that is created by ignorance. Many look for on Earth and find satisfaction in creations of limited human mind, but going to the Lord looks for over human fabrications and finds the required. It any more won't seduce neither external ceremonies, nor forms, neither magnificent ceremonies, nor rituals, any other types of external honoring. Also he will manage to find a direct road and among intellectual artful designs, various beliefs and schools. Its way is direct and conducts directly to the Lord. As well among a huge number of various intellectual currents it can see the particles of uniform Truth scattered everywhere. The beam will help to separate all valuable from unnecessary heaps. It is a lot of wandering in search of Truth and many the mistaking. The one, who found a direct way to the Lord, won't wander. It won't be seduced with others calls because others voice is alien to the true.

284. (Guru). The measures of all three worlds applied on Earth, will allow destroying restrictions of dense visibility. On terrestrial understanding and evidence there is only that sees a corporal eye or hears the same ear, but dense visibility can be replaced thin and fiery. Thought is already in the field of extraterrestrial measurements. Thought it is already possible to get out of limits of the dense world and to establish elevated connection. Certainly, such thought differs from thoughts usual because enters consciousness into area of the unusual. Recognition of three worlds opens in them doors and shows, what close and indissoluble connection exists between all. After all and the person of residents of Trotsky, and all three worlds are brightly expressed in him, it is necessary only to be able to see features of everyone. After the entire person was given heart, body any more three, but more measurements. Unless love to the Teacher – dense feeling, unless it doesn't overcome space and time and doesn't bring desired messages on the wings? Power of this feeling wins restrictions of the dense world, because it from Fire, from the World Fiery. So, elements of the Highest World can be claimed and revealed already in dense existence. Three worlds are a basis of understanding real. Proceeding from Bases, it is possible to get for the covers hiding from the mortal person fiery immortality of spirit.

285. (M. A. Y.). We lead a bright, rich life. Personal is absent at all. Lords are busy. All are given to energy on Service. Rest isn't present. Tension is great. But and the need is great in our work. The consciousness of the necessity and usefulness gives wings. While sets roll in personal experiences and feelings and cling to last memoirs, we live only future, are directed in it and for the sake of it we slave away. Prepare also you for hard and hard work. Knowledge acquire for the sake of it, all is useful and with advantage will serve. Don't dream of rest and calm. They aren't present in fields of activity of Lords. Prepare for intense and dedicated work.

286. (May 18). When the person die, before it the mental eye in the greatest order and sequence rush in bright picture’s all his life, to the smallest details inclusively. This process are involuntary, and over flow it the person had no power. The objective consciousness faded, and the will could not influence process. And that sounding in human life especially tensely and strongly, those leitmotivs on whom the vital concordance were play it, and will continue to sound for it more strongly than all and in it post existence. Nevertheless the remaining will be frog and will recede till the moment, very far moment when all will be recall. Over these leitmotivs, strong embody by spirit, last no power any more had, and they will be t, extend, develop and to sound in the direction put in them. Them the distinctive singularity consisted in deductive development of thinking who proceeded from the accept premises. As the let-out arrow, either a shell, or a train on a track, it moved at the given course. The posthumous state is characteristic subjectivity of thinking, which by the nature deductively. In mortal life, in a pattern of the reasons, the inductive thinking dominated, and the will could dictate the decisions. In the subconscious activity the person nevertheless started with the premises accept in a waking state. He, if will want, much could change menacingly will. In post conditions of this freedom is not present. Channels of advancement of thought and the creativity, install during lifetime, will deductively direct it on the channels, and that remaining in it to entity most sound and bright, will entail it and further to logical completion of the beg. Get rid and redemption of the bright wrongdoings ma during lifetime, consisted in that for the Earth to adjust consciousness so that even possibility them repetition would be eliminate absolutely and completely. All should be complete and clear, for the present in a body. Le in consciousness will accompany spirit both further, and let nobody deceived itself vain hopes – s should reap, if on the Earth there were no get rid, either redemptions, or cleanings up.

287. (M. A. Y.). If to the person suggest to replace his dirty, worn-out tatter with new, clean, sound clothes, hardly there will be someone who will refuse such transaction; the same and with a spirit attire. When opportunity old is given to replace with new attires, light and shining who will refuse to make it? It is necessary to realize only worthlessness of old clothes and advantage of the new. Awareness of qualities of offered attire that the decision to get rid from old became final and irrevocable is required. The spirit invested with a tatter of the past day won't be lit. And the question of that is whether "I will be lit? » – It is very instant. So, time comes for each spirit to think of new clothes in which it would be possible to enter into the future shining by Light adequately.

288. (M. A. Y.). Time flied as a bird. But it is not always us expediently. Much should be stat application, and besides so it is strong, that driving in the stat direction c not is change. Much should be reconsider from stored luggage that without a regret to throw out all insalubrious load. After all it will not lie without driving; it will raise and amplify in the latent influence on consciousness. People were more likely ready to leave with stored mammon and things, than with cockroaches in the bosom. The unnecessary and harmful rubbish burdened consciousness and are once a stumbling stone for driving of spirit.

289. (May 20). It are good to take to itself for a rule to speak on particular subjects only when you asked, and thus to avoid any imposing. The sermon departing, there was a life. It is necessary to conduct conversations circumspectly and to give no more that comprised a question.

290. (M. A.Y.). Each accepts Doctrine of Life could wonder that it making adequately to enter into a gate of the New World. To everyone the place are prepared in it, but in the complete correspondence with brightness the aura are more hits. The world New will bring with itself join of all three worlds, and in each of them the person will take the place, but according to the nature and a level of cleaning up of the entity from any rubbish. Why cares of the present day so strong shielded horizon of the future? Why further words the understanding of what so persistently repeated the Doctrine why reality of the future receded before Maya’s ghosts are not spread? And why availability to meet this judgment future did not express in solid and constant aspiration to make the aura lightful? The one, who brought to the Teacher the work on ministering of life, put the strong steps conduct in New Life of Light.

291. (M. A. Y.). Somebody, for something, and especially friends, it are necessary to begin each condemnation with itself, and, has in itself a consider lack or wrongdoing, it are possible to find forces to refrain from condemnation and to replace with arguing or the analysis of the g phenomenon. It is easier than all to be release by this path from desire to denounce. The nobility of the person are severe and it the true entity did not mean at all to denounce. In condemnation often there is a lot of not goodwill.

292. (May 24). The person led a third part of the life in the sleep. If development allowed, the dream could turn to wakefulness in the Thin Pattern and to become second, and too conscious, life. Many in the sleep really slept, but some was awake and conducted very interesting and instructive life. Achievement of it is facilitating, if the aspiration are direct for the public good. As and be remember dreams begun easier. Difficulty of storage depended as well that it are necessary to deal with a reality of the Thin World. Through a window of personal thin impressions it are possible very many to learn. It are possible not only study, but also to learn. Many crowds wandered aimlessly, as well as on the Earth. It are necessary to learn and there, and the knowledge could carry education one incarnation. It is erratic to think that, ha drop a body that is ha transit through a gate of death (very ridiculous word), the person became wise and kn. Accumulation Was for this purpose necessary. And if they was not present, the ignoramus, or negate same remained; only the knowledge and spiritual purity given freedom in the Thin Pattern; but, as difficult take of people of grains of knowledge’s of reality. They were ready on all if only to lose boundless possibilities of spirit. And strong was ready to pursue those who could give them it are knowledge. Each carrier of knowledge is ready to share the treasure, but is empty around.

293. (May 25). The threshold show by thought should precede all achievements of spirit; conducted thought. It put the base that already further creations followed. And whatever far or difficult were the achievement, it is feasible in boundlessness. The thought grew in space, both moved, and approached implementation of the beginning put in it. Comparing with a seed very precisely transferred this property of thought grow. Smallness of grains put in a space receptacle it are not necessary to be confused, if only it there kind grains. All are accessible, but in time. Bases of the Doctrine the Lives, accepting in consciousness and strongly asserting in it, phenomenon precisely such grains future and, perhaps, far shoots. Transfiguration of the person at once if there was no appropriate accumulation could not be ma. But kind crops will once bring the same harvest. As often resort to this comparing of Proclaims of Great Doctrines. The nature followed an outline of Space Laws. At the Nature it are possible to study and scoop from it knowledge. And the main thing are to have unshakable confidence that each thought accept in consciousness, will give the corollaries. Therefore constant monitoring over thought is so urgently necessary. After all they are thrown often from outside by opponents of Light. As it are possible to admit, that bad thoughts interfere in consciousness easily. Dark adversaries perfectly known, what exactly it is possible confuse the person, whom they plan object itself of the attack. Stains on aura were similar to holes through who influences dark inside penetrated. Only carefully and carefully support countercurrent network will be a strong board from indirect influences. But inside should be purely. The complete cleaning up of consciousness is accessible. And the threshold show by thought on it, will lead to the desirable purpose.

294. (M. A. Y.). Great Teachers sometimes Approach to themselves people rather not perfect, but direct wherefore Knows that at aspiration of grain of Light, put by Them in consciousness suitable will give the light shoots. So it actually also are. At aspiration the transmutation of spirit were a consequence of that Covenants of the Teacher accepted by spirit and transfigure it entity. Often polarization of energies on opposite pole pushes people on the exploit and heroic acts. And the one who were cold, or hot, were not three up from a flow of evolution. And only the lukewarm were threaten by danger to become Space rubbish.

295. (Guru). Poison of doubt can be expressed as well that the confidence of the forces, or of starts fluctuating, whether that the Teacher, or in is close, whether that all efforts to come nearer to Light will lead by all means to the desirable purpose. All are results of the same doubt. And no all are equal, in what form and as the doubt delayed advancement. Fiery we will remember: the Teacher is close and essential, the selected path is correct, and sooner or later will reach suppose.

296. (May 26). In practice was convincing that all nobility are impossible, all branches of knowledge so expand. But it are possible to select those branches of knowledge who most sounded, and all remaining to try to embrace not in details, but in synthetic understanding are more there as parts of a single whole. At synthesis and the sense of particulars became clear. Fiery consciousness in a state to envelop very many, but the nobility all are impossible. The specialty without synthesis is similar to development of a one part of a body at the expense of others and to the detriment of all remaining. The knowledge of Bases on which the Universe are based, gave synthetic understanding of the whole; certainly, realization Real individually. The true science approached to the super personal or impersonal approach to the phenomena. The small person are not present a place in Space. Therefore the personal are replace individual, and not the person, but individuality had the part in boundlessness. Therefore We Wanted, that our pupils d not burden themselves personal experiences of egoism, but in process of growth of consciousness would join life super personal. Therefore We Wanted that they separate temporary from not transient and learn to collect and accumulate elements of immortality. People was mortal, and, however, immortality of spirit – the fact. We Show of a way to achievement of immortality. Really meaning of the life in liv 60-70 years of the senseless, deprive goal of our temporary life and then to depart in a non-existence? But immortality, conscious immortality, is simple so are not g. That from this that the spirit of the person is immortal, if it is not realize. That is not realizing, for the person did not exist. The person restricted itself to the understanding from today. And only acceptance in consciousness of those or other positions of the true knowledge opened before it a gate in boundlessness and a continuity of life. The main thing – the nobility that there are a possibility to reach conscious immortality of spirit and that there was people who reach it and could specify a path to it to achievement. People done not feel sorry time, and are frequent also the whole life to spend the energies for trifles. But if to direct them on acquisition of the knowledge grant the right to an input in sphere of immortality of spirit each direct could reach in this area of absolutely specific results.

297. (Guru). Each attack dark accept as a sign on phenomenon of your brightness wherefore Light are hated for them. Will not leave alone, undress that in the light of exists they could not; victory of Light is for them death. Rage and – the infinite attempts to extinguish any display of Light from here are more there. Looked, how they persistently and persistently tried to extinguish any aspiration to knowledge of reality, and any good undertaking – to convert into the bad. How many fine undertakings perish and perish under a dark hand. Correctly mark that there are no where the dark, destructive beginning would not aspire to penetrate. New building needed special protection.

298. (May 27). In persistence of aspiration to the purpose far growths of spirit disappeared gradually and the entity is clear of any rubbish. Imperceptibly, but probably for the Teacher, goes this process of cleaning up. As the cocoon falls down from a butterfly, become unnecessary habits and attachments to terrestrial use so fall off. That, what are necessary for a body, are not necessary for spirit. Life is transfer to thought. The body became only the executor of will of spirit and lost over it the power. As well the astral submitted to will and the willfulness moderated. Amazingly, to what level this irrepressible envelope could seize the person! More difficultly with menthol; mastering by thought became complicated that it is very mobile, and environmental circumstances forced to concentrate on things, apparently, unnecessary and uninteresting. But it not so; life is a school, and it laid down in such conditions which was especially necessary for transit and thanks to them to something to learn. All these particulars were very instructive and at the attentive relation to them enriched consciousness with new findings. As people and as these burdening’s wherefore teach learn the person and this most difficult knowledge was useful often burdened. Very well before a withdrawal to a dream, complete the liv day, wonder itself, and to that he teaching that the new giving, than enriching accumulation. The day le without favor and nothing g, will be I will lose precious time. Though are much more it’s ahead, but in vain to spend it are inadmissible, wherefore the favor are convert into harm. Not forward stopped and started to move back. Instructively to watch choirs human. What clever, know something those, who actually appeared of waster of the, even few, spiritual accumulation considered themselves. To collect they collected, but values and things earth that all it to leave when will punch hour. Access wherefore was fence off from reality deaf by a wall and negations are difficult to such people. And lived, cut off from truth of all three worlds, and blind left in the World Thin. People of strong needed education. And strong started in pursuit pursue that the few which carried them education. But life are a school for all, and sooner, or later, but time came to wake up for each spirit. There came the Epoch of awakening of SLE consciousness’s. R Space Waves of new energy tensely accelerated this process.

299. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to learn to combine Celestial and earth and to everyone to find time and a place. While on the Earth, earth demanded attention and care, but also spiritual it is impossible to leave, wherefore without spiritual sense Earth became absolutely senseless. Some philosophers named it "golden mean" when in consciousness was equilibrating the world this and that and to everyone the place inherent in it is le out. More simple not divide them at all, but to unite in the understanding nonse parably one from another wherefore they represented themselves parts of the one inseparable whole. Thus, join of the worlds happened in consciousness of the person, who are we weeded meetings of Earth, thin and fiery energies.

300. (Guru). Someone, once and somewhere very much will regret about the miss possibilities. World earth is the world of the reasons. The world Thin is the world of corollaries. Generate here, on the Earth, the reasons will give the very durable corollaries in the Pattern Elevated. Therefore all that the person on the Earth the thoughts, feelings, desires and actions stated in itself, showed those reasons who on character of the entity will bring appropriate corollaries. That is why so carefully and circumspectly it are necessary to concern to create to the reasons, s thus, what corollaries they could bring. All accept and stat in consciousness will cease in the key. Therefore all are subject to the most severe monitoring. Only that from Beauty could be passing uncontrolledly wherefore in Beauty – Light. And if Beauty – the reason Light which is li up consciousness, will be a corollary.

301. (May 28). It correctly: three-planned entity that is the person embody in a body, more strongly, than it one incarnation. And the imagination is more it’s too more strongly. Therefore that are create by it in an incarnate state, could not be simply and easily neutralize in one incarnation. Therefore the reasons create in the dense pattern had the imperceptible corollaries who settled the energies of beget on them. This circumstance spoke as well the law that that are connect on the Earth, will be connect in Heavens, that is in the Pattern Elevated, after release from a physical body. Seeded in a pattern of the reasons, on the Earth, are reaping in post existence. That is why so it are important to pass all under constant and rigorous monitoring that arrived in an inner life of the person and are accepted there for the statement. The thought accept what it was, good, or the poor; will demand in the Thin Pattern the right to implementation. And as there the imagination created a mental surrounding of the person who became for it visibility from the thoughts accepts in an incarnate state in a thin state not to leave anywhere. It are necessary to reap a harvest with crops once the admit earth thoughts. Therefore also struggle of the Higher and the lowest duad so are dramatic and should end mandatory with victory, final victory one of them. As carefully should protect the person itself the earth actions. Everyone will give the inevitable corollaries from which not to leave anywhere wherefore the reasons were concentrating in the most people. How many wisdom and knowledge consisted in Ancient Covenants? And as it are important to put them into practice. As it are important to apply the Doctrine in application on life. How many read and as there was not enough appl. The undress inevitability of action of the Law of causes and effects will change all life. After all mortal life is so short in comparison with Elevated existence. Leah coasted for the sake of indulgence to the weaknesses, or limitation to pay off then with so durable process of redemption. To avoid the Law, people invent paid administering absolution. But, as It is t in the Ancient Covenant, «God we will scold did not happen; one must reap as one has sown». Discard the religious form of expression – and receive the scientific and space formula of space psych mechanics. It is time to translate many not clear and foggy religious positions to purely scientific basis. The religion can be recognizing, or den, but to deny a science and that well-founded Space Laws, will be a sign on ignorance and obscurantism. The pore on scientific ignoramuses and negate reality hang labels of obscurantists, ignoramuses and the dull-brains. It is time to stop possibility to be cover with scientific illiteracy. A Leah they rebelled against learning of thought and are more it’s than laws, that thought which perfectly used for the ignorant negations. Real it is not den. All facts, whatever fantastic they seem, was subject to scientific research and learning. It are necessary to discard only ridiculous bias and to understand, how a little the science even still knew about secrets of a matter.

302. (M. A. Y.). Yes! The complete cleaning up of consciousness from any rubbish became inevitability fiery. Purposely also it is underline I speaks – "fiery" wherefore only fiery pressure of all strength of mind probably to produce this cleaning process. All that did not correspond to the reach step of consciousness, entering once into it at known pressure. It is necessary to exceed this pressure which was t place in the past that new, clear pressure c overcome it. The fiery clear rise which had exceed former, subject cleaning, in a state will already burn unnecessary accumulation and to replace them new, eliminate the phenomena of relapse. It is best to finish this struggle, for the present on the Earth that clear and update to enter into the World Thin. But it is on consciousness. The cleared consciousness will see all in forms fine. The law of a consonance controlled patterns. It is possible to understand that will see the consciousness stick in defects and rage.

303. (Guru). Transit life «as on a string an abyss» – meant to transit it promptly. Precipitancy we will understand not in feet, but in the direct flight of spirit in the future, in the direct advancement forward and in prompt release from any growths and stains on aura. And if haste are inadmissible in disclosure of centers it are laudable, are useful and necessary in the course of cleaning up of consciousness from harmful results. A lot of insalubrious load c collects in the past far and even the close. All are necessary for eradicate without pity and indulgence. After all, if the Teacher Asked: «And what it at you? » – It are necessary, without ashamed and at once, to answer. But, as make it if something else remained from what the burning shame can fill consciousness.

304. (May 29). Half measures not suit. From depths of storage of memory on the former fulfillments will rise again from time to time and to break orderliness of aspiration. For years men of faith restrain in themselves the lowest nature and pulses it subordinate to will. The character of the monster, which chopped-off heads grew again, very visually illustrated difficulty of this struggle. From biographies of some sacred known, through what tests they transit. But it was nevertheless not so it is difficult, wherefore c be deleted from life normal. Now from the hero of spirit it are required to be in a pattern, among people, it are frequent in the infect atmosphere of a city, and still to overcome not only revolts the lowest "I", but also the unclean imaginary atmosphere which is strongly influence mentality of those who got to it an orbit. With thoughts it is possible to struggle thought, oppose to everyone unwanted opposite, but high potential. While there are a struggle and resistance to these imaginary influences and pulses, there is a possibility of victory. And when victory became a single possible and admissible output from this struggle when defeat, even in thoughts, are inadmissible then victory are close.

305. (M. A. Y.). In a waking state the person could perfectly own the thoughts and feelings, to supervise them and to stifle unwanted pulses. But in the sleep that are stifle by will, but are not get rid, could lift the head and seize it feelings. Not get rid reasons continued to nest in back streets of storage and to creep out therefrom at the first opportunity. Danger that after release from a body all not gets rid will declare the right to existence to beget. And as there all amplified and became aggravated, also corollaries of similar process could appear rather pitiable. All not get rid should be get ride on the Earth.

306. (M. A.Y.). It is possible to pass in the World Thin with thought: «The lord, Teach in space of Light». The world Thin is sphere of realization of thoughts, hence, and study there both is possible, and is accessible. When there is an accurate aspiration to knowledge and desire to expand it, the aspiration it are implement, and in a selected direction. So it are important, which aspirations and desires was car away with itself by spirit in Elevated Spheres. All, both good, and the poor, are sat accordingly. The law operated on a consonance. Laws of the Thin World was exact extraordinary. The analogy with laws of the world Earth is more there are rather instructive and demonstrative. For example: the seed of a rose gave a rose, an apple – an apple-tree, a weed – a weed. The same turned out and with grains of the thoughts br with self, feelings and desires – all of them will give shoots or corollaries agreed to the nature and quality of the grain put in them.

307. (May 31). When heart flared the fiery aspiration, all not over inside seemed surmountable and really receded before a fiery impact. Therefore the success and victory over itself depended on fiery of a state of spirit when all are accessible and all submitted to the higher "I" the person.

308. (M. A. Y.). Even that, what known, specified at the huge shifts, happens on the Earth everywhere and in all areas of life. But after all known so a little and about with clearly there is no representation. The sea human is stir. The spirit searched an output from many lockups. Searched often guide not there, where it is necessary. Many ulcers corroded the modern society, for example: the narcotics, drunkenness, gamble and ruthless maintenance feeble the strong, and often victims become the whole countries, - the mankind going mad. And the religion any more are not constrain beginning for those who considered itself(himself) as the believer. It specified all in inevitability of large changes in all life.

309. (June 1). Yes! It is very important, that personal moods and experiences of egoism not interfere in Dialogue. The mental body separate from an astral did not import unnecessary and hinder emotions. Contact turned out super personal. At rise of consciousness to Us the load remained at the foot of a mount, and the consciousness assimilated to a surface of the quiet lake, reflect are undistorted vibrations arrive in it. At the modern space disbalance to meet this condition it are difficult enough. The chaos tried to interfere everywhere. It is possible to name this time fight for holding of equilibrium. It are necessary both in planetary, and in individual aspect. And it is good, if ability to separate experience of an astral envelope is reach, concentrate center of consciousness in menthol. Everyone disbalance are destructive. Powers of darkness aspired to import it everywhere, where probably. Attempt are often more their begun to harm with it. It are much easier to influence sadden, or detuned person, than on save equilibrium. Watched closely a state of an astral, without allow it to react too strong to waves of indirect influences; in other words, stored of calmness above of all. The concern and experiences helped nothing and nothing facilitated. As a matter of fact, they were absolutely not necessary. They very much hindered Dialogue. Calmness exterior, calmness internal, calmness of a body, hands, feet, motions, calmness of thoughts. Calmness of motions of an astral, calmness of a sight, words – as variety and variously quality of calmness. The person, among the greatest concern and a storm the save calmness, will be the winner power. To be a stem, unsteady whiff of each breeze, not only it is not convincing, but also it is harlot for the person aspires to victory over self.

310. Very many people with who pushed together life, was, normally unconsciously, transmitters of rather unregulated vibrations. The tool of transmission the aura ministered. At some the aura in such unstable state that already in itself, and without assistance dark, imported concern, reflection and sadness. With healthy radiations generally it are a little people. Therefore at each contact with them it is necessary to be on the alert not to perceive pernicious influences. It is possible to help, where it is possible, but normally people were deaf and blind to such help. The uninvited or impose help are inadmissible. The known level of acceptability is necessary.

311. (Guru). The main, thing not to stop! And, if the person in accordance with the circumstances are anchor to a one place driving in the spirit of not be hinder by anything if it are undress in what freedom of spirit consisted. One, s in place, could quickly move ahead; another, move on a bark of a planet, could be in good spirits it are fixed and inert, as a pack. Not in exterior driving advancement of spirit. It should be undress. Certainly, traveling’s was very necessary, wherefore expanded consciousness. But if, on expression of the Teacher, «people mad scurried about on a planet», what favor of it? Driving internal is more necessary exterior. It is good, when both motions coincided. But if there is no possibility to change a place and to move outwardly internally it is possible always.

312. (M. A. Y.). Disharmonious space currents very much hindered displays of our closeness. Disbalance the planetary broke possibilities of more bright communication. It is necessary to be restricting sphere thoughts. But after all humanly often simply it would be desirable to see and feel this closeness. I can tell that that day when space currents will change are not far and the walls hinder more the close dialogue will fade. The person, wanted it that, or not, took very much the active part in space life. So, for example, it strong reacted to the space note, and the mood are more hits, the state of spirit and health was under it constant influence. This path all should take the active part in life of all mankind wherefore all spirits was in constant interaction though it and are not realize. Besides direct space influences was available also indirect, and besides so diversiform that they even cannot be consider. Each subject making a hand of the person and had transit through set of hands carried the stratifications that was invisibly transfer through it to other people. Breath human is poisonous. Products it arrived in atmosphere and by air was widely deliver by a wind. Not to enumerate all types of correlation of people. Everyone carried out in aura of a planet from the psychophysical device of a particle of the dense, astral and mental matter which could be either cleared, or poison. After all breath of the spiteful person is poison even, not to mention separation is more it’s than various secretions. So people were tightly connected between themselves. So they or poisoned each other, and besides on huge distances, or, to the contrary, improved. It are possible to write the whole book about poison-bearer, or good behavior of human interactions, and any more in personal, but in all-planet scale. All people were responsible for all and for all and carried on itself heavy corollaries of the darkness of acts.

313. (Guru). Are especially great Responsibility across of those, who touch lightly to the Doctrine of Life, across itself the thoughts and actions! Who as not they, will menacingly import the light stream to the common flow of world thought and subjects it to clarify. It already will be cooperation with Forces of Light. So again we come to an imperative need of monitoring over thought. It should operate and waking or sleeping. It is in the sleep more difficult, wherefore the solid order of will is required. But monitoring should be double-sided – and in this pattern of wakefulness and in in what we plunged into time of a dream. If in reality all are good, but bad dreams prevailed against, meant, monitoring are one-sided, meant, one doors was clos tightly, and others was open for gatecrashers. It is necessary to think over two aspects of monitoring well.

314. (June 4). It are impossible to speak about any independence of the person of the world when it are essential it a part, entered into it and in all displays of strong it are connect in all envelopes with all patterns. Still the Lord the Buddha Telling that the person is a process and this process consisted in incessant interchange of human microcosm with the Macro universe. Unfortunately, the modern science doing not come yet understanding of influence of the most thin astrochemical energies and rays on a human body. So, much are still den on ignorance and if the dense body consisted of elements of the Earth the term «the star body» specified in composition it from energies of the Distant Worlds accumulate in it during millenaries. The most difficult phenomenon in Space is all the same the person. On service of learning of the person all sciences wherefore in it all are concentrate should be delivering. It would seem, what relation the person to mechanics, electronics engineering, cybernetics, iatrochemistry had, astronomies, and, however, laws of the same mechanics was reflect in a structure it a body so are explicit, and calculating machines was incomplete attempt to imitate perfection it brain, nervous and other equipment. And any most ultrasensitive film could not be comparing with perfection it the visual device. Certainly, the person besides taken as part of Space in aspect of its all three worlds has to be object of studying of science. Many secrets were concentrating in the person; in it a key from understanding of the world.

315. (M. A. Y.). Any learning consisted not so much in storage of the facts, how many in realization of a stud subject. Mechanical studies without understanding of entity of the stud phenomenon often led to terry heyday of ignorance. Therefore even the science could be explicitly ignorant and complete negations as it were often watch in the last centuries. However and now it still suffered affliction relapses of the past. Of it feeble places refusing of reality are one. Instead of the scientific approach to many not clear displays of thin energies they were simply den. But it is necessary to recognize them, and a science as it the equipment already allowed to come nearer experimentally to that were den still so recently. Now putting already in the negative's which still done not want to refuse former positions when it were possible to shout loudly about refusing of the doubtless. New devices and new discoveries will force much to recognize and carry already to area of the facts certify by a science. To it evolution of human thought directed.

316. (M. A. Y.). The feminine are necessary for completeness and efficiency of creativity of spirit. In it the higher aspects the involvement of a feminine in creativity opened possibilities of the infinite extension of knowledge. Presence of man's and female godhood’s showed that presence of two opposite principles ascended and in the Higher Spheres. The Mater Pattern, the Great Feminine, Took the highest place in the common circuit of things. At creation of the worlds It Took an equal place with the Beginning, to its opposite. Words «man's and female», «the active and passive», «the positive and the negative» only rather not full and not absolutely expressed majesty of Two Beginnings in aspect them displays in the Higher Patterns. But now it is necessary to acquire strongly them equivalence in processes of space creativity. Violation of this understanding in spheres human leading to that disbalance, which nowadays phenomenon in a pattern. The understanding of equivalence of majesty of Two Beginnings is necessary for stat again on the Earth. It will be to of daybreak New Epoch of the Mother World.

317. (Guru). To pressure unknown be not surprised, be not saddened by them and be ready to them be opposed all strength of mind. About they were warned. And here the prevention became the fact. What to do? How to sustain this press? Answer one: unification with Hierarchy and the Hierarch Leading. It is necessary to make so that its bright Image was constantly in heart. Whatever did whatever felt whatever worried and in what situation would be? The image of the Lord in heart becomes an imperative need. Otherwise waves of the opposite phenomena will fill in consciousness. It is necessary to find in it forces to concentrate. Everything can be rejected that to it disturbs. Without a thing it is possible to pass, but not without the Lord. Its face will be both a board, and protection, and focus for aspiration and communication.

318. (June 6). Correctly register the strengthening of tension in all displays of life. Press will amplify. Fiery waves reach the Earth. Both good and the poor in the person will reveal itself to the full. All feeble will fuse. All poor will reach that a limit where self-destruction of harm will begin. Envelopes human could withstand only to known boundary of pressure in them new energies. Self-expansion of darkness will happen owing to this reason. Sets will leave. Scorpions started to sting themselves when was environed with fire. Those to an example dark evil-make when waves of fire will surround them will follow also. Forges of Light will raise as well activity. And, if now many mighty of this world is from darkness then will be from Light. The darkness could operate and eat only for the account lighting. If, it to give most to itself when somebody will egoistically oppress, exploit and use and in harm, ardent process of self-destruction and a self-consuming will inevitably begin. Imagine, that all throws of mankind was assembled in a one place and are provided to it. In it is of doom of the dark. Still they now could show the madness wherefore was in the middle of life, among normal people. New Beams and New Space Waves, influencing powerfully fragile human covers, will put on their trial by fire. Awful pressure was from space influences. The end of Cali Yuga will be an end for oppressors, destroyers and sowers of harm.

319. (Guru). So it is important to pass from words to business, from the theory to practice, from obtaining of instructions to resolute execution. To time remained just barely enough. Also it is necessary to have time to be prepared, - the Lord Went. The level of readiness gave a step of approximation. Distributors of Ego Light will be necessary. It Will go Invisibly Visible, but assistants will be visible, warriors and people Was more hits. Through them will pour down in the world of a wave of Light in adding to invisible Rays. Transformers of the Higher Energies should be able the complete consonance with Focus of Light.

320. (June 8). The higher ideal of immunity of spirit from the dark influences, reach on the Earth, is put into words: « There is a Prince of Peace of this and had in Me no anything». The microcosm human are so cleared of elements of darkness that, even ha c nearer, it could not find in it anything, for what c grasp, on what to influence, through what to penetrate inside. Impregnable for filth became then spirit of the person. Well, and if such level of purity not to reach, what then? Then at approximation the dark will try to throw the hooks or to push claws, to catch the slightest speck, both to expand it, and to cause to the active detection of each weakness, a lack, the imperfections who yet have not been g rid by the person. It are good, when much are not present, for example, absolutely teetotal person and not ha propensity to wine, or non-smoking, or not foul mouthed, or not irritable it are impossible to cause on detection of these weaknesses. And dark even will not rush and influence these sides of character. But if earlier they in it to nature and overs and g rid, attempts was more their all the same will clear. Therefore at struggle with the dark or other limitation of test was inevitable. Dark will attack and aspire to penetrate through that still completely are not g rid and that they could inflate again to involve the person in an orbit of the influences. The amount of those are uncountable, «who wanted to suggest people the most shameful thoughts», if only to find in them at least the slightest speck through whom it would be possible to creep. So, the consonance with darkness or Light created a communication channel. Not important, what exactly created this consonance, but it is important that the elements of the darkness that have not yet been g ride in consciousness, ministered bridges for penetration of darkness. That is why cleaning up from any filth so strongly are necessary. That is why the Teacher Caused from depths of consciousness of the pupil all properties do in it to reveal all that are subject to an urgent get rid and the statement in the end result of immunity of spirit. That is why dark sometimes was called as ashen. It is authorized to them, but within legal, to tempt and test the person. The Teacher will not do it when there are so much interested persons to perform this vital operation and it are not known to that for to help business of Light. Tests was inevitable, wherefore it are necessary to check, the person how much were clear of that or other limitation.

321. (M. A. Y.). Let's not grieve, if something else is not reach at present. Ahead is whole eternity. On this way sooner or later all are accessible. All achievements, all desires will give the harvest, and there will be they in the complete correspondence with of nature aspirations. And even it is good that mental energy doing not reach that force which is desirable wherefore only completely the cleared consciousness could apply it power safely. Otherwise reverse shock are inevitable. Wisely the Teacher Conducted.

322. (Guru). That level of power of spirit whom wanted to reach dark heart, are possible only for Spirits very High. Fakirs something could, but, ha rather restricted consciousness, further miserable focuses done not go. Psychics too penetrated into the World Thin and could easily be select, but normally become victims of forces dark. Path of Agni Yoga conducted path mastering of Agni, an, first of all, in most to itself. This path lay in every-day and consisted in the statement of all qualities of the spirit necessary for mastering by mental energy. In qualities the level of mastering by fire are show, - and qualities phenomenon in life normal. Difficultly in commonness state the unusual.

323. (Guru). At each it of path, who is also individual, as and of the spirit person. Is not present on a tree of two identical leaves, there was no two identical persons human. As people on character and properties of the accumulation was various. Therefore the Teacher Spoke: go the path. It also will be float in the boat. Teacher Appreciated individuality of aspirations. It is impossible to replace the selected path with the stranger.

324. (June 10). Correctly that on the Higher Planets the mankind reaching a sixth circle, both even seventh, and even are even higher, but, correctly and that, what on the Earth people of a fourth circle more far to this of step. Once they will enter a circle fifth, and then and in sixth, but it in the far, very far future. While the Adherent are a rare flower among normal people. The adherent nobody will be born, and only work throughout long millenaries led to this result. Separate properties and abilities could be showing at separate people and earlier, but too not without huge efforts of the side with them. The adherent reached many abilities and possibilities, but nevertheless could not be the great writer, or the poet. Meant, and normal people, not be Adherents, shown exceptional bestowals, talents and genius. But and of them earning every from these earn in of past lives. It should be noted that fact that properties, features and abilities of the person, say, qualities of its spirit, are infinitely older than his body, education, education and all stratifications of this embodiment with which it is connected in the last life. Two persons in one: one old and much saved up both good, and bad properties, and another young, fledgy only in this embodiment. And a two lived in one, and young revealed also properties and singularities old, former, accumulate the characteristic earlier. That from this that he remembered nothing, when will power are more hits, fearlessness, the aspiration and many other qualities was br from antecedents. The aspiration to a certain ideal, for example, the Adherent because then life behind life accumulates gradually spirit of property and the abilities conducting it to this though far, but certainly attainable aim is especially important. Adherents will not be born, but become on a way of boundless advancement to the future.

325. (M. A. Y.). The one who are confused the imperfections and thereof stopped, it is not necessary in pupils. At the judgment pupil the aspiration are so powerful that it went forward, despite of everything and without considered with what, able it to delay. In aspiration heavy particles and dirt disappeared, and wings become snow-white. Not time and again, as at the moment of fiery raise of spirit these heavy, not get rid particles disappear and feel freedom from many imperfections.

326. (Guru). Even the Lord Told that He "In itself anything", but Creates the Name Sent. As also we as also you in it anything, but if you and we go the Name of the Lord, and our importance entirely depends on as far as our activity is really made by the Name of the Hierarch which we follow and which Conducts. So, all our life depends on recognition or denial of the Name. Rescue is promised to everyone who will follow It. And even if at the time of recognition of the Hierarch the Sky was promised to the robber what to tell about all the others who solved the way with the Lord up to the end? "Think of indestructibility of those who goes the Name of the Lord".

327. (June 13). With Us – all currents of space and secret of far Rays. Yes, da, da! Slake his hunger spiritual and the thirst his goes with Me. If only desires of spirit overs desires Earth. That will overcome; will characterize equally effective, move spirit. It is possible to move in different directions, and also upwards, or downwards. Only realization of values of spiritual achievements could belittle and neutralize force of terrestrial gravitations. The magnet of the Earth is very strong. Done not pursue phenomena is they given nothing. Let there will be they a natural consequence of increase of spirit. And if they was not present – meant, there are an internal growth who will be mark in due time by signs. It was t: The adherent – not distant fairy tale. The phenomena of phenomena were not the certificate of the Adherent. It is necessary to think about the volume, what qualities of spirit and property of character will make the characteristic of the future Adherent. In the Kingdom of the Father of mansions there are a lot of, and the spirit direct fearlessly to the farthest and fiery purpose, will find on itself. Not recurrence of individual accumulation of show on swimming «in own boat».

328. (M. A. Y.). The consonance of spirits on steps of the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light – that could be higher than it! And time for it can be found. Also there is nothing in life more necessary and more important for the person. But people supposed that many other things are more important, and remained in darkness. The great destruction all of them card creations came immutably before turning point of parting with a body. Then became convincing and clear all difficulty to replace values of spirit with earth Maia illusions. Falsification is not possible. Waste falsifiers of spirit beggars in that mysterious world which they not recognize also left where all earth mammon’s were destroying and where the values of spirit br with self with the Earth mattered only. Earth dwellers to words «Those Who Knew reality» were deaf and blind. It is difficult to help not to hear and see the interested person, but the interested person the help went and a gate in area of Secret Knowledge are open. So it would be desirable to give to people as much as possible, and so few want to give heed.

329. (Guru). Sometimes it are necessary to fall from the most high thoughts to the Earth and severely to check up that from them it are enclose in life. Such check will show rupture between words and affairs if it existed, and will help to eliminate it. The mankind suffered affliction great mismatch meanwhile that are as, and that became. If all be said it were car out, paradise on the Earth would come. But it is not present. And in this rupture is tragedy of the present. And often so-called believers was thinner than non-believers wherefore something known and consequently had no justifying. The non-believer, but the employee of evolution in the opinion of the Higher World are more valuable than the believer, but against it. Ha ears let heard and, certainly, applied on the present day.

330. (June 15). To lift a sword of cleaning up it are possible only when it are realize, for the sake of what it became. One changed on another; the old, dirty, w-out clothes – on new, light and sh. If it would be desirable to retain still some of get rid properties and to abide with them at least in thoughts if it is a pity to leave with them, it meant that the person that he lost did not understand; persist in desire to be with them. But on two chairs it are inconveniently to sit – it are possible to fall down; Either Light or darkness. It is impossible, darkness unwanted thoughts, to state a ligntfullof aura. Cockroaches in the bosom could appear more lovely and more expensively than new achievements. Severity of the analysis of owns consciousness will show the real height whom reaching spirit. While on the Earth, stains on aura was not too noticeable, but in Elevated they will explicitly and inevitably involve the person in appropriate layers of an astral where it will be release from them much more difficultly. For the present there are a possibility to get rid of all not get ride on the Earth, will correctly use it and to enclose in it all will, all desire, all aspiration and all understanding.

331. (M. A.Y.). The principal appeared sometimes in very difficult situation. On the one hand, he wanted to advance the pupil further, with another, the free will of the pupil on whom it had no right to put pressure, did not wish to release consciousness from some limitation or weaknesses. The situation when advancement of the pupil became impossible turned out; a time delay not in the principal. It is necessary to search for the reason more close.

332. (Guru). In the Pattern Thin there are the test of thoughts solve the further path of the person. But it is good, when it is test it was with already on the Earth. The content of the thoughts and character are more everyone knew perfectly. Therefore everyone could unmistakably judge what it reaching in this respect and what those conditions will be more its than abiding in the Thin Pattern who will appear in the complete correspondence with nature these thoughts.

333. (June 16). Disbalance the planetary are reflect in disbalance, instability and uncertainty of affairs human. It is impossible to plan private life for the whole years as it becoming earlier. All fluctuated, the Ladder of Hierarchy are unshakable only. An emphasis and a support are on it. Therefore it had more than attention, it is more than thoughts and more care. Ha anchor itself it are strong to it, it are possible to calculate for that universal disbalance not too will affect; otherwise not to resist. The chaos interfered everywhere. Even in music disharmony and irritate dissonances sounded. It is necessary to show special care to support equilibrium in the microcosm. On what exterior it is impossible to rely. And to put in dependence on it a state of the consciousness it is very difficult, but the ardent aspiration to Hierarchy will help to retain equilibrium. And at contact with an unstable state of associates it is necessary to be preserve especially not to catch it disharmony. Badly in a pattern; all carried on itself burden of planetary disbalance. The rhythm of Dialogue ministered protection against chaos. But it is necessary to put in it all heart, all aspiration and all love. The spirit – this consciousness is indestructible and indestructible and go. Then the base appeared constructing on a strong stone, instead of on sand. Both curls, and storms, and corrupting’s of shaky human creations will not break a stronghold of spirit. And consider that the rough flow of life rushed by, both the Teacher and the pupil sat on the coast and flicker streams looked in it.

334. (M. A.Y.). It are extraordinary important to decide what to consider as the house and where it. The concept of the Father’s house is g for the statement of a magnet attract to in Elevated. And the character of the prodigal son wanders in twilight of the dense world and in the same layers of an astral, is specify not without reason. It is a lot of the vagabonding spirits who without the purpose and have forge about the House of the Father. The purpose should be clear, accurate and particular – and then there will be no aimless walks. Many had before themselves definite purposes, but these purposes were restricting only to Earth that is life in a physical body. But the simple logic and even without any philosophy showed that duration of these purposes are restrict by rigid periods wherefore all extraterrestrial are persistently den. And a Leah it are possible to be surprised that people among dark heaping’s of own ignorance choked. The circle is closed, and the output is clos from it. The Elevated Fatherland of spirit will not be recognized yet; the circle of hopelessness will not be open.

335. (Guru). Let's not denounce themselves for occupations by purely earth affairs abstract from thoughts high. And to depart from the Earth it are impossible, and it are impossible to plunge into it too. Equilibrium of spirit also included also an equilibrating of Earth and elevated pressings forward. The present pupil is vitally very practical. And at the same time it are so active and in the field of high thoughts, and in flights of spirit. Both were the phenomena – earth and Elevated – was equilibrating. Even ascetics yoga’s done not abide permanently in heavens, but taken the most live and active part in purely Earth affairs of the world. So the one are equilibrate by another without dominance. It also will be a median path.

336. (June 17). When the person for the sake of achievement of the purpose are ready to sacrifice all, both to give all, and to renounce all, and to be release from each lack, imperfection and all properties which are subject to get rid then, I Warrants, the even not accessible will be reach. But often happened that desire something to reach are, but to leave with an insalubrious load nevertheless it would not be desirable. And then the pernicious incompleteness delay advancement turned out. In this case it are good to recall a proverb "by hook or by crook", that is, despite of everything, all measures, both big, and small, nevertheless it are possible gradually, but persistently to be release from unsuitable accumulation. On big forces could not suffice, but on the small will suffice always. So, permanently eradicate from consciousness all that did not correspond to the reach step, it are possible to enter eventually on a track of a constant prosperity and constant overcoming in it the former person. Whatever height reaching spirit, the path of overcoming remained immutable, only tasks grown and Ministering became Great. To the big ship – the big float. Majesty of exploits of Spirits Great are difficult for envelop consciousness human. To them imitate and follow Them, we entered the band of Light which had been li up by Rays of Hierarchy and then paths back already was not present.

337. (Guru). If the magnet of thought operated so are explicit in a pattern earth as it are powerful in the Pattern Elevated. The key to understanding of it consisted in words: « In the Thin Pattern all moved thought». Only ha the over and ha experience up to the end all depth of this statement, it are possible to come nearer to understanding of conditions of post existence of the person. It is cause it by thoughts. Hunting grounds of the red-skinned Indian could exist there, called it thought, along with interplanetary spaceships or the most complicated electronic devices of the future. All are car out there by thought in images and the forms create by it from the thinnest matter of the mental world. The range of human consciousness’s, aspirations and ideals are so wide, and the distance from a pole of Light to a pole of darkness are so great, what even it are difficult to imagine that are create by human thought in space, who contained in itself all that were that are and that will be, but conducted thought. And the thought are powerfully magnetic. And where will result thought of the g person, wholly depended on it aspiration. And if on the Earth the person generated the will the aspirations in the Pattern Elevated already they conducted it in those spheres or layers of space which corresponded to these aspirations of spirit, - but creator he.

338. (M. A. Y.). To the Teacher pleasure see in the pupil the statement of all better qualities of spirit. Everyone are more its victory over herself – pleasure to Thom, Who Conducted. Concelebrating consisted in some aspects as well that there is a wonderful interchange of pleasure. The Teacher Sent to the pupil the Ray of pleasure. The pupil, over and conquer itself and receive pleasure from each victory, gave this feeling on the Silver Thread to the Teacher. Communication of Spirit of the Teacher with spirit of the pupil is secret. It could be conscious and direct. The pupil brought to the Teacher gifts of the spirit who consisted in release from different imperfections and the statement of the necessary qualities. And then this interchange of lightful energies became especially life-giving. The silver Thread of communication pulsed then is intense.

339. (June 18). One special property of thought is not mark – the all-permeability more hits, - property very interesting. It is possible to concern with thought all. The distance of value had no, especially these touching affected people. Imaginary shells flied in different directions and produced the actions. In an interesting manner and that, what the thought touch the person on its ability consonance just his and not any another. The accord is on relationship. Sensitive organisms are especially susceptible to thoughts and the mental atmosphere of this place. It is possible to be protecting from thoughts, strengthen memory about the Teacher. The thought created and destroyed. Each person are oblige to think of the imaginary pattern and character are more it’s than magnetism.

340. (June 20). At release from a body the lower class of an astral are necessary for transit quickly, without delay in them it are perfect. Therefore often pass in that world immersed in a dream. Under condition of uninterrupted consciousness speed of rise rescued from time delays in the Higher Spheres. The lower class infectious awfully, and they left very heavy sensations if them to concern.

341. (Guru). Will and lack of will – two antipodes. Which of them we will prefer? If of will, that and the affairs and the actions must agree decision. Lack of will is denounced irrevocably. Lack of will is loss of spirit. It is best be the strong in errors, than weak-willed in beneficences. Lack of will is destructive. Corollaries of lack of will often happened were awful. In addicts, alcoholics, madmen and in other Space rubbish we saw results of lack of will. Certainly, on a path without will the will, but the will direct in harm too directed. It is necessary to mean that some dark entities, and in particular dark hierophant, were especially strong. At collision with them force are fee very much. But it is not terrible, if communication with the Teacher is strong. Reflect on lack of will of the fallen consciousness’s, it are impossible to forget and about the strong malicious will of hierophant of harm.

342. (June 21). The invisible doctrine went according to the extension and growth of consciousness. It individually, and each pupil are conduct by the special path. The more strong the Doctrine in practice also is successfully attached; t it is more and more widely a given material. He stronger also is successfully applying. Let's not complain about that phenomena were not g in a desirable type. Ninety years ago they were given in a significant amount. And whom they convinced and of what? They caused a wave of counteractions, suspicions, slander, condemnations and treachery. And why phenomena where, what the spirit of the pupil knows the way and succeeds without them. The rhythm of everyday Dialogue or Interview is more important than all phenomena. Fakirs could produce some phenomena, but those the consciousness so are not develop and restrictedly that about any growth of spirit it are not necessary even to speak. Matter is not in phenomena, but in that process of the extension of consciousness going steadily and without time delays. The main thing – to feel the citizen of space, and to enter into a rhythm of space life, and, without c off the Earth, earth duties and a debt, scoop are wide and free knowledge from a space treasury. Access ha to it could scoop easily therefrom all that ever were thought the person, and not only on the Earth, but also in patterns. Cells of knowledge existed and in the Pattern Elevated. If people know what wonderful and inexhaustible possibilities were available there for the spirit direct to Light, they would change the life in a root. Our purpose is to enlighten mankind. The periods of decline and heyday of knowledge alternated. Soon there will come the period of heyday of Secret Knowledge. Seen that how there are a life on the Earth, could not proceed further. Great revolution of spirit will sweep away the old world and all that so persistently and bluntly counteracted and hindered with evolution, - ahead of Light.

343. (M. A. Y.). The imagination of the person is restricting it by accumulation. And if they were rich enough, for creativity of spirit ample opportunities opened. Especially widely the writer also could freely create. Words as characters of thought were restricting to it. And then the thought of the liberate consciousness are restrict? Now, behind very rare exceptions, written on a cliché. The cliché should be br. Patterns of the higher measurements was not connect by a cliché. Even the astral world is full inexhaustible possibilities. The thin World took very active part in affairs of a planet. Why not to accustom and are more it’s to products of creative imagination of the writer. But the three-dimensional logic prevailed against and clipped wings of imagination. Someone already tried to be release from it restrictions and arrived correctly. If the past existed in the present, and the realize future became a past, that, meant, all existed NOWADAYS here again and there are necessity to connect itself three-dimensional thinking and normal representation of time that even the modern science already recognized the relative. We wanted to liberate imagination from normal frames and rush are more it’s on mastering of space life and are more it’s than laws.

344. To who is your purity necessary? To Me. To whom your accumulation and prosperity are necessary? To Me that I Could, having accepted them, to direct powerfully you to new tops.

345. (June 22). Each thought which had received the form in consciousness, formed the dwelling elemental and became independent space live entity. Therefore mastering by thought meant mastering by a kingdom elemental and subordination are more there to will. Otherwise the person submitted to them and became more their victim. I Does not speak about thoughts pure and light, they was not dangerous. But even they should be under monitoring. Mastering by thoughts is a step, to pass which it is impossible. Retreat back is impossible, wherefore meant falling in an abyss. Thus, the path remained only forward and only to victory. It will give birth to solid determination to defeat by all means. Eventually the thought easily submitted to will if the decision it to seize irrevocably. After all the asceticism and self-sacrifice is an infinite and difficult struggle with itself. Subordination of thought became a lung after victory. When fires of heart flared, there were no such hindrances that would be not prevailing against by it. Our path only forward, and anything, are positive anything, could not delay fiery aspiration of spirit. It is possible to watch, as all creations for which the person from reality hid was scatter in ashes. It are impossible to grasp for what, it are impossible to lean on as it are impossible to chase Maya’s illusive allure, without ha f out all uselessness of these attempts. Danger of all of it that the person created round itself the illusive world of thoughts which powerfully influenced it consciousness and are create to it by illusions of evidence. The body died, and the illusive world of imaginary formations remained and created to the person an actual post surrounding. And, while it will not overcome the energies pulls in fancies once create by him, and will not drop all that hindered it to advancement, it are stimulated to remain in this vicious circle, endure again and again what these images of thought vibrated. Only inevitability of achievement of victory and hopelessness, in case of other decision, could force to achieve victory any the price. For the sake of this victory on a card all are put, and the inflexible decision of will to pull out from the entity root of all evil, in its increase are born eyelids.

346. (M. A. Y.). And dark disturb and will disturb until in consciousness remains though something, for what they can catch to get there. That is why full clarification of consciousness from any litter is so necessary. The Teacher Provides a role of dustmen to the dark. They help with it, and are very zealous, and as that serve Light. They give opportunity of continuous self-examination and identification of that yet not get rid and are subject to eradication. Let and them will work in glory of Light, but let also don't forget, what fate prepare for itself.

347. (Guru.). The karma of last fulfillments will hang over consciousness until the will won't destroy their illusive appeal. That the person created itself, he can destroy. Before construction of the new house old, rotten and unusable, it is razed to the ground and communicates. But it is better to build on a new place, and old it is necessary to leave.

348. (Guru). From an anticipation of the future it is possible to experience pleasure and even release from darken circumstances burden spirit. Such pleasure above all. Not without reason the aspiration thought in the future were called as wings of flight. Protect these white wings. It are immutable, inevitably will transit all that now showed you the rights to attention and that so persistently aspired to burden spirit. The future is free from conditions of current hour. The future belonged to you. In this future could build wonderful locks of the future realization. And if in the Pattern Elevated all are create and formed by thought could create clearly there in advance and nowadays all that you’re most audacious, the most courageous, most unrealizable aspirations on the Earth allowed.

349. (June 25). For achievement desirable the full-aspiration and completeness of return of heart are necessary. Incompleteness will hinder. At incompleteness all efforts will appear fruitless. At love to the Higher places for small every day feelings any more did not remain. Small it is replace big and great. The formula «I loves You to You, the Lord» – the great engine, My God, are devoted. It is necessary, that the aspiration to the higher forcing out all lowest, - otherwise not reach. It was told: « Only the Image of the Lord could rotate all centers and minister a board». And at all aspiration, at all desire nevertheless them it appeared insufficiently permanently to hold this Image in the heart. Why? It are necessary to give to itself the severe account why it are persistence yet doing not affirm. The constant memory is interrupt by affairs by earth and small everyday interests. But after all It was already as that it are necessary to do all jointly, all together and together always. Meant, efforts to join of consciousness’s should be double, treble, that is to finish to such level of pressure that already anything dived doing not interfere. We studied as lives. Perhaps, therefore it gave so bitter and difficult lessons to teach a unification uninterrupted and to pretending constant. «Not to the Mansion a Leah of Light restricted us? » – So it is possible to ask the burden. The trust to the Leading Hand will help to understand, what exactly circumstances admit by the Principal moved better. But the trust is important. It is necessary to believe that, the way the best Is given. The best – did not mean light and sorrow less. It was told: «Among searches and trouble My Board – over you».

350. (M. A.Y.). From each burden contact with people try to derive to what it learned. So simply nothing happened and nothing happened. Unpleasant learned better pleasant as the last are quickly forge. And the rage cannot be ha on cause troubles. When for back – the Brotherhood, it are possible to be confident that will not remain without protection. And still it is necessary to study how to struggle alone. The formula «even will transit it» in many respects will help.

351. (Guru). Completeness of a concentration and self-oblivion – where are more their a limit? A Leah they led to a gate of Boundlessness? It was much t about a concentration of attention. Now we will talk about a concentration of will. The will gather in focus. The will are strain by fiery. But thus the will are transfer to heart, and heart operated. With evening the thought suppose on heart brought next morning the decision. Hence, for more complete and free action of heart the normal consciousness is eliminate not to hinder. The normal consciousness very much hindered both to action of heart, and action of the separate and independently operating mental energy. It is necessary to release heart up, and mental energy – on freedom.

352. (June 26). Many thin phenomena which are worthy passed by consciousness, without le a trace. But they demanded the attentive relation to. Only they provided that will start to be multiple and become brighter. Important they mark not in a lift-off, but in connection with the dense world. Both the sides of a medal made the whole. So, thought also it exterior display was not separable from each other. It is erratic to think that the latent secret thought sooner or later, anyhow will not prove. The normal error are show as well that tried to change environmental, influence it while it are possible to render the strong influence, polarize, or adjust own consciousness on a particular wave. For example, at the phenomenon of frighten appearances it are enough to adjust of it on a wave of fearlessness and thought that behind the back there are a Brotherhood. Or, when the impact of external events fell from outside, a strong link with Hierarchy and ability to hold on inseparable from smth will neutralize, and will paralyse them force, and guard. Polarization of own consciousness and accumulating it forces in focus played a predominate role, but not attempts to operate outwardly. After all exterior phenomena were called the internal, hidden, thin reasons. Therefore also struggle with them, mainly, are conduct too not outwardly.

353. (M. A. Y.). Why so often it is necessary to repeat something? Because what, it not acquired. For example, that it is necessary to learn to take a detached view of itself, as if it more than once was said someone another, foreign, and you – only looking. Some speak and think of it in the third party. It is indicative very much. Or at all don't use the word "I". Too it is very useful. It is necessary to moderate somehow the egoism and to put small "I" into place that it didn't fill all circle of consciousness, excepting all the rest. Not we should bring the egoism at a meeting, but identity and its accumulation. The egoism concerns affairs of the most usual, every day and forever the leaving; to what they to us? But all connected with spirit area, aspirations to the Doctrine is expensive, close and interesting to us. Question in that, what you will bring.

354. (Guru). I track for of river a pattern, it is very restless. Not all, not all on it are how it would be desirable. The malicious will of people leaked as if a lava. Stop is to cause explosion. Give the complete freedom – will burn all live. So it is difficult to retain equilibrium. Here and there we given vent, let best the abscess and all decay will be broken through will flow out outside, than all organisms will inflame. Before period we will retain pressing forward of harm to be spread and cause a fire. Periods goes!

355. (June 27). The valid help is always made at own expense and usually involves an expense of mental energy. Such help demands this, or that degree of self-sacrifice as pain or burden of the one to whom it is assisted, and transmutation on fires of the heart is assumed. If on itself undertakes nothing, and the help is invalid. Also it is necessary to be able to give the force. It isn't enough wishing to assume others pain when also there is a lot of the tangos. But everyone truly helping surely has to renounce something special. If he is ready to it, the help will be effective. Many are ready to help in words. To anything such help. People like to take, giving nothing in exchange. The compassion demands the victim from the feeling pity. You remember it when you help or you receive. Big it or small depends on circumstances, but self-sacrifice – inevitable part of the real effective help. That transmutation something from outside on fires of the heart, it is necessary to have these fires. And when they are lit, burning heart, even is invisible to it, already bears dedicated service to the world, repaying darkness surrounding it. This service, first of all, is noted dark which choose such heart a target for the attacks and various shifts. And if are noted dark, so the spark is weak. On this sign also you judge.

356. (M. A. Y.). The sun should shine are the duty are more hits. As and burn heart should be a benefactor the environmental. It is necessary only that were it of Light is stronger than environmental darkness. Otherwise the darkness extinct is more hits. Exploit of execution of Light consisted in, that guard a flame of heart from instinct ion; Leah easily it? Only life experience will show, exploit of execution of Light how are difficult. Great Heart and Light Brought a pattern Great. In it value of the Great Victim. On greatness, or smallness of heart and is of victim. Let everyone aspirationyng to Light, will think of that the victim were more it’s than not belittle.

357. (Guru). To whom were these records necessary? For is it? But after all they often were not read for the second time. Meant, was necessary for others; this consciousness and go. All for others, for those, who will go after? Will be more their much, and will be hungry hunger of spirit. There are a lot of books, a lot of paper for recycling. Only the skilled traveler could clear up them. Especially valuably that is inseparably linked with Hierarchy and the Doctrine of Live Ethics. Once to someone they of measure will serve the complete.

358. (June 28). Inertia of the stat rhythm in process of the growth is sat with the force which is invincibly car forward. It will transfer and through the Great Threshold, it will direct and further in the same direction. Many efforts demanded observance of this rhythm. It are necessary to know that any, even the slightest, the effort did not go to waste. And, when it is necessary to give the report for all ma, t and of thought, energy of the stat rhythm on a bowl of scales will appear rather sound. And at the moment of struggle between the Higher and the lowest duad the rhythm will have solve. The accumulate force it will help to rise in High Spheres the magnetic attraction to which were create by a rhythm. People a little thought of value of a rhythm though known that the rhythm based operation even the machine. The rhythm is put at the heart of life of the Universe. Even heart of atom pulsed truth. Illness is violation of a rhythm in functions of a body. Arrhythmic music is destructive. Harmony and a rhythm controlled the show world.

359. (M. A. Y.). Let's not fear seduce thoughts, which as if monsters guarded an input conduct to a ladder of achievements. To them it is possible solid and to tell safely: «I is not afraid of you, could not stop a path perspective – your force apparent. Was strong until was honor by those. Whatever persistent or attract seem, I will not stop aspiration to Light, I will not extinguish desire to go and I will not stop struggle that you to defeat».

360. (Guru). The constant memory about the most necessary moved unrestrainedly. So much bait was scatter everywhere to abstract attention, to weaken aspiration, to fill consciousness of fuss the present day. As it are careful, as it are persistent, as it are the over interest to things transient are kindle artificially. All became that the most necessary to replace with the surface content, and the far fine purpose – affairs narrow-minded, which as soap bubbles, was inflate with the apparent significance. But importance and the significance not in them, but in life of spirit also are more it’s than evolution. Only for the sake of it life terrestrial which without this its only purpose becomes deprived of any sense also is given.

361. (June 29). Yes, it is right: ordinary people consider all events with them from the point of view of a gratefulness or trouble, pleasure or grief which those cause, conveniences, or inconveniences. While the pupil, who has rather promoted on the way, rejects this point of view and acquires another, believing already that value of each such phenomenon consists in its usefulness for spirit development, for advance, for consciousness enrichment. He already understands that in it they don't make sense as those, but are full of deep value – as teaching it to something and helping to save up experience and to enrich consciousness with new stays. The phenomena pleasant and sorrow less can be absolutely useless, whereas heavy, burdening and causing sufferings – very valuable. The pupil deprives of them the self-sufficing importance and estimates everyone as the spirit engine. It exempts it from the power of circumstances over it and from danger completely in them to plunge and be tightened by cares of the current hour. The pupil everything that happens to him and round him, considers at an angle usefulness and necessity for his ascension and possibility of service to Light.

362. (Guru). Even the good and skilled pupil are not incline to accept the formula «than more poorly, it are best than subjects» wherefore it contradicted earth thinking. But why then all Carriers of Light put of fate in the most difficult and heavy conditions? Why? And why they c out power winners from these the heavy of conditions? A Leah from Them invincible power, a Leah they were born the blade of spirit, a Leah They Temper beck steps of a ladder of climbing, the Ladder of Light?

363. (M. A. Y.). Merge in the spirit of could be finish to the higher level of a reality. On the Thin Plan it showed hidden reality. Unseeing, but accept, the blessing to you. After all the faith are not that other, as not realize sense-knowledge and sensation of that are, though and not probably to an eye. The channels of spirit which are br through in space, too was not visible rough sight. But they was, and on them advancement of spirit in Elevated will proceed. This operation is full of the deepest value and it is more important than all affairs earth. When hidden nowadays the visible it became explicit, then realization of importance of this operation and became more it’s than results actual property of spirit.

364. (Guru). Our attention is paid mainly to those affairs and actions which proceed far beyond one life. Thinking of the future, we in it direct a consequence of the efforts and work for the mankind benefit. Short terms and such affairs are deprived of vitality. Short-lived butterflies don't understand brevity of the existence therefore flit. But the person is beseemed by other relation to life because everything for it consists in the future. The present taken separately from the future, is senseless. Therefore the special attention and care are paid to the future by us. Everything is made and created for the sake of the future. We generate consciously certain reasons which inevitably have to give consequences corresponding to them in the future. We live for the sake of the future in which we put energy of our spirit in the present.

365. (July 1). Some dreams from, apparently, get rid past was executed, or aspired to be executing in the sleep. It specified in how easily in the Thin Pattern thoughts was car out. That are not eradicate, that is are not uproot from consciousness, could appear again before it and demand involvement in his life. It will help to understand that the meeting with guards of the Threshold also included and I will meet with images of the own thoughts which once have been the over, experience and very desired, but the storages forge then and le in depths not extinguish new achievements. They revived, raised in all growth before the person in the bright; attract images which are car away consciousness in vortex funnels. And the person which once had admit them in the inner life, fell again under them the power and are combine with them. It also will be defeat at collision with guards of the Threshold. If they seize the person and will carry away it downwards will mean it as well defeat of Higher Duady. Therefore to struggle with all not g rid inside it is necessary, for the present on the Earth. It is necessary to struggle and defeat. Dreams shown, the person how much succeeding in this struggle wherefore a dream – very sincere state that is f out often what exactly defeating itself spirit and that still had any power over it. Dreams were demonstrative very much. They ministered as though test for completeness of get rid of unwanted qualities and given the chance to undertake them eradication with new force. All ulcers of spirit should be g rid and heal on the Earth. In the Thin Pattern after release from a body to get rid of them it is very difficult, wherefore luminance and a reality of thin imaginary formations rather hindered with it.

366. (M. A. Y.). We "will be over"; – the strong spirit in the face of difficult test will tell to itself and in this decision will find new forces. The state of struggle on the Paths is continuous. And then rise are higher, subjects it are test more difficult. The end of struggle is not present. After difficulties Earth there was difficulties space. The path of Light is a path of constant struggle and constant overcoming.

367. (M. A. Y.). "Going to Fathers – with them will come, going to Us – with Us". It is better to rise at once promptly, straining all being to Light Focus, to the Lord, and then, having accustomed with a new environment, it is possible to go down from time to time below to meet to who attracts heart and who wants to be helped. Many will need the help. The highest form of the help is impersonal. But also personal desires to help, and to certain persons with whom were connected in life, are quite natural and admissible. It now on Earth your opportunities are limited but where the thought reigns, there it is possible to make in the benefit much.
368. (Guru). You learn to create thought in the benefit now that then action freely began to flow on the channels dug in space. Flammarion works over creation of a new planet. Why? It all life directed to stars. It dug these channels of aspiration on which work nowadays. See the channels which have been dug earlier. Can happen that some should be filled up, some to correct and change their direction. In the past a lot of things were dug, and not all there where it is necessary, and not as would follow. The mental constructions in the past it is necessary to reconsider and destroy all unusable. Leaving the old dwelling, litter clean and burn it that a place to leave pure.

369. (Guru). It are necessary to install for a rule every day, on it the termination, to wonder, to that he teaching and that giving, than enriching consciousness and what experience bringing. Otherwise all are forging very quickly.

370. (July 5). Immediate Dialogue superimposed the obligations, and the first of them – observance of thought. It is not easy, wherefore the consciousness open to space thought could perceive thoughts of the different nature. Unwanted was thru out by and by, on them it are impossible to stop. Hence, monitoring amplified and became the continuous. Too there are a lot of round interested persons to suggest most shameful thoughts. As if in a huge drugstore where along with life-give and the useful medicines there were also poisons. The space infection demanded discretion. When elements were remote microcosm, not conformable with the phenomenon of Light, danger is not present.

371. (July 7). The worthy behavior in the Thin World is possible only when was worthy in the world dense, and especially in thoughts because motives carry out thoughts in both worlds. Also we Do not advise anything to worry too. Let will be that will be, or that is, but it is impossible to encourage willfulness of an astral. As well sufferings rather the attitude towards them, demand any degree of tranquility. One suffers, keeping spirit advantage, another – falling into fury. The passing personality that the Highest Triad could take useful experience and a lesson from these sufferings suffers. Great Spirits Suffered that in the Highest Worlds these sufferings flared up with fires of unprecedented beauty. The legend that from human sufferings jewels will be born is deeply symbolical. And it is valid; the Treasure of the Stone grows from sufferings. However, properly the Spirit Speaks: "Yes this Bowl passes Me", but nevertheless consciously Accepts the inevitable. Yes, yes! Even it is possible to keep any degree of balance in sufferings. And hunger, also I thirst, and other tests can be transferred quietly, without losing human dignity, as, however, and all. It isn't to avoid, and in meeting adequately. Finally all this discipline of spirit is necessary not for Earth, but above. To store balance of spirit and in a grief and pleasure, in sufferings and rest, in deprivations and surplus, in abuses and honor, in poverty and wealth, say, at all ant provisions on which the spirit becomes tempered, will be great achievement. All terrestrial, good and bad, will leave, and achievement remains with the spirit which has approved it. As though to tell even better, even more intelligibly, what not the events with the person matter, but that it gives to spirit and then enriches it. It is good when already there is no attachment to surrounding dense conditions and the aura grow neither things, nor to the places of residence. It already freedom of spirit, also isn't a pity to leave anything. It is heavy to go to the World Elevated when thousands threads tie to Earth. And wanderers and eremites can be understood – they seek to be exempted from terrestrial gravitations. To love Earth and life, beauty of the first and feelings – doesn't mean at all to be in slavery at them. The love deprived of experiences of egoism, exempts from all types of slavery. The super personal love is Love Liberator.

372. (M. A. Y.). What wonderful, mysterious, mighty force consisted in a word "Light"? Think of Light, wish Light, aspired to Light above all, and it will illuminate you, are magnetic to attract. The thought on Light already caused it. Greet each sparkle of Light, each asterisk. Fiery bulks in due course will grow from small fiery formations. It is necessary to want Light to have it. The thought on Light generated Light. Light thoughts attracted it from space. The space is great storage of Light and Fire. Derive Fire from space able in ancient temples.

373. (Guru). Flights on wings of thought can become habitual and natural and will become reality of the Thin World. Flying about thought about a planet, we concern those its points on which the thought stops. These contact not the imagination, not a fruit of idle imagination, but the mental process involving certain consequences. Thought far it is possible to be a benefactor not only distant friends, but also the people, and the whole countries. The thought is the real force, or energy. Its action is invisible and distinguished, but nevertheless consequences of this action are quite concrete.

374. (July 8). Cleared heart could successfully withstand collisions with the dark, but if there was still any of catch in the form of the unwanted properties not get rid completely, struggle is at a loss. Enemies and counteractions were necessary for approximation to Focus of Light. Let's not envy roll in well-being, they will not reach Us, and what for to them to go, when around all so are good and pleasant. The difficult karma and hard life led to us spirit.

375. (M. A. Y.). In unification is of force. But what favor to repeat this true if it are not apple on life. The complete unification is continuous. A Leah it is good to unite in the mornings, and to forget about unification in the afternoon. The torn-off circuit lost force, and an anchor to it not to retain. And the preemptive unification will not retain an anchor of Hierarchy. About not interruptibility of unification with Hierarchy we will not be tired to repeat until it will not be car out. Let each dark attempt to wound, restrain and sadden strong reminded of unification constant. That favor of the most vigilant guards protect a strong hold, if guards not always on patrol if the whole clocks the strong hold remained open for the enemy during absence of those with whom patrol are guarantee. And the unification interrupt during the day or nights, left the person open for shocks from the dark. Put t immediately.

376. (M. A. Y.). When it are spoken about mastering by the person by the elements show in it microcosm, the higher form of this mastering, wherefore even in normal people the power over a body of display already substantially meant. The person moved, spoke, ate, drank and made mass of various actions by order of the will. It is necessary to think only of that, how many millions years required to people to reach this step of mastering by the physical and mental device. All seemed so are simple: opening a mouth and starting talking. But after all there mute races. And before to acquire ability of speech, how many it were necessary to lead millenaries in these attempts to seize a sound. All it are so difficult, so durably and so difficultly for a gain, it are impossible what even to imagine. Evolution conducted mankind to peaks of development of power of spirit for who was seen even higher, even more wonderful and exceed any human imagination on the beauty.

377. (Guru). The understanding of last way of development of mankind conducted to understanding of the future that is fated to it. The further the thought penetrated into the past and realized it, are easier to direct it in the future. In the past all are burn for Fiery Yoga, but the personal, small, restricted past of the g embodiment pull it back, to the not get rid imperfections in this case meant. But we here spoken about the super personal past, about history of development of the races priced the present race. Such deep knowledge ministered the base to the future achievements and specified in a direction of evolution of Earth mankind. The world law of development of all real directed mankind by the way of the infinite improvement and growth of all are more it’s than forces.

378. (July 10). With people it is necessary to remember each contact. Each thing receive from people, carried the stratifications. Not only gifts transferred properties of donators, but also generally all subjects which have visit another's hands, was sat with emanations of these hands, depending on force are more their than owners. Immunity – in the spirit of, it are possible to be shield menacingly. But, as the majority of people of Earth thinks and feels darkness, their emanations left on subjects, don't bear on themselves light stratifications. Therefore We Could not long abide in cities. Best board cleanliness of thoughts and feelings.

379. (M. A. Y.). When manifestation of darkness will reach the apogee, the Hierarchy of Light will state the power. The poisoning with gases threatened a planet. To poisons of the chemical armor tortious bursts of motor transport and many industrial productions were add. The poisoning of atmosphere amplified with amazing speed. Chemical, and especially radioactive, throws represented themselves awesome danger. But people as if blind, and scientists was silent, though the debt are more their not only to notify, but also to take the active measures in struggle against this awesome danger.

380. (July 12). The enthusiasm, an emotionality and any excessively show feelings, whatever good they seem, broken equilibrium and, in case of ineradicable, done impossible for the pupil to become the Adherent. Both in pleasure and in a mount it is impossible to pass known boundary concerning emotional experiences. Ideal there is a balance which isn't broken by anything. And a Leah it is necessary to rejoice or grieve too, if all circumstances, the cause, so temporarily and transient. Besides, mastering by an astral did not admit to the strong motions in this envelope. « The calmness is a crown of spirit». The crown is a peak of achievements. The main thing that feelings under monitoring that the bridle that willfulness them detections stopping were impose on them. They was admit, but under monitoring of will. Worst of all, when they willful in an inner life of the person. How many tragedies happened on this soil? Wisdom said that there is nothing for the sake of what it would be necessary to lose calmness that life is a dream transit. But how many efforts and work it is necessary to put, that it are calmness taking place.

381. (M. A. Y.). We very much appreciated understanding of indispensability of hierarchical links in the pupil. Not recurrence of individual accumulation created this condition. If someone wanted to change links of this circuit, meant, in a choice there were an introduced error, meant, heart were silent, meant, the pupil are yet ready. But the ma exact choice already will never search for someone another wherefore anybody another will not give the necessary level of a consonance them closeness.

382. (Guru). Finding of the hierarchical link isn't so simple because accumulation and assimilation of consciousnesses in previous lives are required. Closeness is installing at long teamwork and life, in works, struggle, tests and hardening of spirit. But, if in the past it were install, anything could not separate from each other spirits conformable any more when it time to be again together.

383. (July 14). Each of call will be ask that it making for lifetime of the on the Earth. Also it is necessary to give the account for all mas: both good, and the poor. About the good we will be glad but how to be with the poor. Perhaps, still now, yet late, much can be correct, from something to be release, something to refine and be clear of rubbish. The rubbish on a threshold will not allow to transit through it. Taken with itself in Elevated, it will litter a path. It is useful to think occasionally, with what it is necessary to leave immediately to continue easily the path to Light.

384. (M. A.Y.). It are possible to forbid for itself to think of some things, but the desire will be more their nevertheless to decay somewhere in depths of consciousness, to spark at the first opportunity and to deprive instantly of what it were possible to reach by long efforts and struggle. Only honesty of a recognition of the not get rid properties will help to eradicate them. Not about suppression, not about a ban, not about external elimination of undesirable quality it is spoken, but about eradication, about its withdrawal completely from memory depths with all shoots and backs. Who could tell, it increasing in what remote past and taking roots? But, if it is available, it is necessary to be release from it. All heavy, heavy, rough went on a bottom and pulled downwards, all lung, light lifted up. Allocation on layers happened automatically. The dense heavy particles of a matter of envelopes admitted to rise only to that layer to whom they corresponded, not above. And everyone appeared there where it could rise. The pass the composition of envelopes vest spirit and a level ministered purity are more there.

385. (July 16). To punch a shell of aura – meant to quit personal prison on freedom. There could be no freedom while individuality is concluding in a vicious circle of the person and personal interests. Thoughts on shorted this circle firmly. On such locks and sit people, as in dense, so and in Thin Worlds. To quit on the open space it are possible only under condition of release from circuits of egoism and a union to life super personal. All who lived for the blessing of others, for the blessing of the people, mankind and "I" in the service placing small of another, gradually dropped put and given the chance to come to light to the higher "I", the Immortal Individuality. The spirit are immortal and eternal, but, if the consciousness are immerse only that are connect with the person finite and it most, that it most is involved by this in a circle of death and births, and becomes mortal. Elements of immortality gathered the person menacingly and purposefully, accumulation enriched them Individuality and allowed to transfer consciousness to its sphere. And then the higher "I” has taken up a place finite, small, "i".

386. (July 17). Miracles of magic and miracles of technique ceased to be those when arrived in universal use. Both photographing of aura and transmission of thought to distance soon become universal property. The science will punch an input in the Thin World and will embody it forms in pictures. Devices for contact with rone incarnation spirits will be invent also. The worlds Thin will enter into consciousness of mankind and became an integral part of Space learn by it. Miraculousness will turn to commonness, and belonging to the other world became natural. The consciousness – the meeting place of all worlds – will extend enough to contain all. The transient period is very difficult that much energy of the various orders faced in consciousness of the person. These energies demanded the durable assimilation. Much should be recognize and accept, but the level of development did not allow. Rupture between reality and evidence turned out. Old ways led mankind up a blind alley; new at narrow consciousness don't hold. But life went forward and carried away people in the future. It is impossible to stop a gait of evolution. Soon New World victoriously will start to affirm in consciousness of the person. After all the consciousness also is a field of struggle of the old and New Worlds. This struggle is more and more transfer on the ideological soil. The swirl of collision of thoughts and ideas turned out. A wave of evolutionary ideas narrower not stops of military force. War of ideas – so let's call new step of evolution. Certainly, new ideas will defeat, and how trying to protect and save the old world the positions, defeat it are predetermine. After all once and inquisition trying to delay flow of thought, and to make the Earth fixed and center of the Universe, and to restrict age of a planet to six in thousand years. The analogy is rather significant and very similar to current time.

387. (M. A. Y.). You look at the current time as on a step of transition to the future that nobody can take away from the person. In the future all are accessible. The aspiration led to achievement. But before to direct, it are necessary to realize and understand – to what and what for. Therefore acceptance in consciousness of the following evolutionary step and desire will seize gifts of evolution by a necessary threshold to this step. It is impossible to direct, without knowing where. The Yoga gave to Agni an outline of the future paths of mankind; it opened a gate in this wonderful future, opened for all. From the lockup which had form on a planet – an output only in the future, and besides under condition of dismissal from the old paths of the old world which sputter out and have proven the unfitness.

388. (July 18). The family, the environment and an epoch left the strong marks on the person, and still through these exterior stratifications appeared through individuality it, show it the true entity. Levels of detection of individuality were various. To see the internal person through it the exterior form and temporary palls difficultly extraordinary wherefore the internal are shield by the exterior. Life of promote enough spirit can be consider as constant efforts of individuality to state both the singularities and properties in a pattern physical. Great Spirits Layoff seals it of the Individuality to the whole epoch and on many nationalities. Purely office part of the performer of will and decisions of the lord inside was assigned to the external person. No prosecutions, sufferings, abuses and mockery over an external cover could break power inside. For the best understanding try divide the person on dense, terrestrial and divine, calling its Godman. Many attempts were made to dismember a being of the person on part and to understand their interrelation; divided into a body and into soul, into spirit, soul and a body, into the animal and spiritual person. We established dual, triple and more difficult division of the person, considering as the basic the centenary. For practical application it is necessary to understand, what principles participate in allocation of an astral body, what – mental, what – fiery. What dies at the first physical death of the person what dies at a shed of an astral cover and as well as what – at a shed mental? In what immortality and what types it consists are reached by spirit? In what they consist? All this should be studied and acquired to avoid any uncertainty, an ambiguity and a fog. This area of knowledge as scientifically, as well as the so-called exact science and, perhaps, even more because the Intimate Knowledge demands extraordinary clarity and understanding accuracy. It is based on knowledge of firm Space Laws and demands from the person of return of everything of on service to this type of science: The person, and from improvement of its device, both physical, and mental becomes the instrument of cognition, the success of its advance in this wonderful area of boundless opportunities of spirit depends. Improvement of spirit goes in parallel with thinning and body improvement. Our pupils pass this difficult process. Process natural and therefore takes the long time covering not one embodiment. At school usually people study years, our pupils – centuries.

389. (M. A. Y.). Muscles needed exercise, mental energy – too. Only constant exercise and application it is possible to strengthen and strengthen it. For this purpose the person is given day. During the day how many time it are possible to apply menacingly fiery force, without resort to normal methods. Life gave the infinite possibilities to raise Agni. Do not forget that mental energy is called as "the Great Prisoner» thanks to that the person hid it, without admit the free and conscious detection are more hits. It are very sensitive, it amplified even from a one memory about it. She demanded realization and are ready to minister to the person. This is mighty armor of spirit. Only it are not necessary to forget that the armor this two-edged and with it to wound very easily. It demanded solicitous attitude and the big discretion. They should learn to be own in perfection.

390. (Guru). Exposition of aspirations of spirit to Hierarchy of Light likes every day watering of flowers – they to bloom all possibilities. Constancy phenomenon in the rhythm; the rhythm allowed support an inextinguishable flame of spirit. Influence of the normal narrow-minded environment could extinguish any flame, and only a rhythm withstood an impact of commonness. Those who, ha direct in the beginning, going out, d not affirm in beat. Stat strongly, the rhythm carried as on wings. Life of the Universe of manifestation in rhythms; the rhythm of life is eternal.

391. (July 20). It are necessary to be very confident closeness of the Teacher to go through life, often without meeting a recognition even from those who followed by same means. It is necessary to withstand burden of non-recognition, save thus former tendency and a rhythm. For some reason people normally wanted to belittle. Without receive are immediate from the Teacher, they supposed, as others could not do it; from here and negation, and belittling, and not-recognition. Had certificates of a recognition from Me and Mother Agni of Yoga, but negatives are more important than them own conjectures. Joyful in it is not enough. Certainly, only personal contact is convincing. It is best to have recognition of the Teacher and the links nearest to It and to be not recognized someone on the side, than to the contrary; human recognition temporarily and superficially, and the Teacher – forever. Also negative wherefore reliability is not den in due course recognized.

392. (M. A. Y.). At non-recognition even from relatives our recognition and recognition of the Most Lord increased in the significance and value. We become closer, wherefore we shown understanding of secret entity of the pupil; for Us and kept. Non-recognition by that good and are useful that pull together with Us and learned to understand, where there are all yours. «I knows My closeness to the Teacher and I has It a recognition», – spoke to Myself not recognize and multiplied the forces. Only it is not necessary to make mistakes and to try to convince someone of something. Sensitive heart did not need belief.

393. (July 21). The future of mankind is traced in stars. The periods of decline and blossoming of the people follow the corresponding configurations of stars. There was Babylon, blossomed and fell, there was Egypt, blossomed and fell, there was Rome, and there was Greece – the same blossoming and the same falling. As will reach blossoming the people nowadays occupying a planet, and the modern civilization will be replaced another, and the true culture becomes property of mankind. The century of Fishes will be replaced by an eyelid of Aquarius. But now the most considerable change consists that Cali the South comes to an end and Satia of the South takes up its place. How people persisted in the denials, each person to some extent depends on the horoscope, depends on it and destiny of the people. Extraordinary falling of moral, distemper, collisions and wars were predicted on the verge of merge two South. Predictions were carried out. Others will be carried out also, speaking about unknown spiritual blossoming and culture lifting. Mankind, being part of Space, can't but be subject to those great changes which happen in Space. The skilled owner in winter prepares for summer. Dark long nights and cold don't confuse him. He knows – there will come spring and new life will waken, becomes warm also light-, and will start singing birds. And the fall will give a rich crop on all works it which made by him, knowing an invariance of a current of cycles of time. We Knows that Light ahead and that the joyful shining future is fated to mankind.

394. (M. A. Y.). For fiery directed spirit everything concentrates in the Lord. On Earth not anything it, all – only at time, only at now; all terrestrial leave easy, because nothing will be read by the. It is freedom from terrestrial property. So easily, at an aspiration fiery to be exempted from habits and unnecessary mental heaps; at speed of aspiration they simply disappear and are carried away by a whirlwind. Wings are free. And care what to leave after itself that that will go then. The spiritual inheritance left by the person to people who will live after it, characterizes internal essence of the leaving. All people leave after themselves a trace, or a pattern, spirit. Great leave a great pattern and rich spiritual inheritance to the subsequent generations. Mental pattern of past life we won't efface. The question is very important, and everyone has to set it to itself: what left and I leave to people after myself? And the benefit to what left gift shines mankind.

395. (Guru). The aura of a planet is sat with products of mental and physical creativity of the person. Writers, poets, artists, inventors, designers, architects, builders, thinkers, philosophers, spiritual leaders – all filled aura of the Earth with that created. Good, light, fine creativity created fine images and lit up thin spheres not predicate Light. The earth garden and hidden layers of space blossomed under these radiations. On a dark way created the images of darkness shroud with a gloom spheres correspond to this creativity. They contributed in formation and a condensation of poison-bearer, terrible brown gas. These are murderers of life and the life-giving beginning. It are beget of darkness, a gloom, despair, illnesses and afflictions, droughts, flooding, earthquakes and other disbalance of the nature. Each person of every-estantly and permanently created Light, or darkness, car out radiations of Light or a gloom from the entity and reveal them in products of the mental, or physical creativity. All people was carriers of darkness, or Light and all continuously and permanently created, sat with energies of Light or darkness all environmental Earth space.

396. (July 22). People united Light and in the light of and was dived the dark; where sharing, there and darkness. Join of mankind will come in the light of new rays. If only people desire Light. Then join would come to a one all-planet family of the people, uniform cooperative society also, or, spa language of ancient letters, in uniform flock. Now there are too much uncoupling, and it operated perniciously on welfare of the people. Last crops of harm were great, and time that it becoming obsolete is necessary; counteraction the World whole World more very strongly. And time doing not come to quit yet to sowers in the field.

397. (July 23). Despite the engirdle darkness, it are necessary to believe in the future victory of Light solid. The future is light. The gloom of the present, on the Law of opposition, could provide guidance on Light who will come in the stead of it change. But forces it are necessary much to withstand a constant impact of darkness. Comfort in that, what strength of spirit grew on opposition to darkness. Fiery energy amplified at constant use by it. If there is no forces something to overcome at present, so a spark still it is necessary to show weak, so still bigger and it to force tension until resistance of the dark won't be broken. Strength of mind are inexhaustible, when are call. Dark hoped for your weakness that adds in powerlessness of a hand. But if will see that attempt everyone them met the increasing and big increase of power of mental energy, they will be stimulated to recede. And if they were persistent in persistence of the wrecking you show persistence still big, still big unification with Us to operate of forges unite. Your force is in unification, in join of consciousness with Us. The darkness are strong only to a known limit for whom powerlessness are show it, and it defeat, will recede. Show courage and a faith in invincibility of Forges Light. With Me it is invincible.

398. (M. A. Y.). What fine possibilities to exercise strength of mind life of every day gave you? The lord Wanted to see you the strong and conquer. Trust completely in wisdom of the Leading Hand. Inflexible is power of spirit. Strain it, it are possible to increase spirit on all counteractions. And if any of them it were not possible to break today, it will be possible tomorrow. Strain energy solemnly, courageously, with firmness and in a unification with the Hierarch Leading. And if it are difficult, if gone on a limit of forces if seen that was environed dark, meant, light hearts increasing, meant, Agni flared, meant, the selected path are correct. Fiery power will not increase in rest and well-being be not averting from sent possibilities to increase and to grow up treasure of Agni. Force grew in struggle and overcoming. Helpless lambs itself do not show. Struggle fearlessly, courageously and with firmness when seen and felt an impact of dark evil-make. With you t is the Lord.

399. (Guru). The normal consciousness behind normal things of anything, except normal, did not see. But you ha a certain experience, already known, felt and seen, how behind the most innocent and everyday occurrences the dark hand and as it, cover with a commonness, skillfully disappeared and spitefully threw the tortious inventions, try to sadden, wound, discompose, weaken and anyhow go out Light burn in you. Only experience allowed distinguish these artful, dark tricks. For the inhabitant anything all it, all are simple and easily explainable. But corollaries of these tricks were rather poisonous. And, if from them not shield and not be protecting, the damage will be great. Patrol should be strengthening, it are necessary to have hundred eyes and hundred ears and to be constant on the guard.

400. (July 24). The spear who is not doze over a dragon, the character of a constant the patrol of consciousness and availability are more it’s to struggle against darkness; persistence of opposition to the dark demanded constant alerted and patrol. It is impossible to calm down, it is impossible to die on lacrosse of victory. Warriors I Names mine because they show soldier of spirit. The chaos interfered everywhere where fiery protection fainted; struggle with chaos of cosmic. If not constant and not changeable Patrol of Hierarchy, a wave of chaos would flood mankind; danger from dark in that, what they call chaos and open him road in the consciousness. Protection double – both from chaos, and from dark. The chaos is impersonal, but dark selected the purpose of the attacks of all in whom there are Light. Than more than Light, the attack is more furious than subjects. Calmness meant vulnerability. Late think of protection and patrol when harm is already put. It is necessary to understand accurately necessity of persistence of patrol and constant availability for opposition and struggle with the dark. Wakefulness is necessary not only in expectation of the Bulletin, but also for reflection of dark attacks. Wakefulness not constant, wakefulness temporary, spasmodic could not guard from enemy shocks. It is necessary to keep as during an attack. I will send all protection, but under condition of wakefulness of spirit. I will send all possibilities, but at unification the complete and inseparable aspiration to Me. Special victorious and militant tune of all consciousness are required; Making Give to that striking example. Both in the sleep and in reality this tune should not abandon spirit. Warriors I Names Mine not in vain.