Agni Yoga's facets, 1968 (401-550)

401. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to check up, a Leah not therefore in the past were necessary to accept so many shocks that patrol and a strong hold were interrupt were open to the enemy. In the Stronghold Great Patrol are not interrupt for a minute. The break would threaten with catastrophe. Why was surprised, what the Stronghold of Light are constant object for dark attacks? It are necessary not to be surprised, and to understand that even if It under a sight what to speak about not in It. Rays from the Tower protected It warriors where they if communication them with the Stronghold are strong enough. The network of Light of the planetary shrouds the Earth. Making of Light supported it permanently. Take part in this self-denying operation – a debt of each warrior Light.

402. (Guru). Honor even if was not mark by the dark are insignificant. The height of a subject are define on a shade, the height of spirit on shades of darkness, are more it’s the surround. Light always gave a shade in a pattern dense. On shades judged Light. The pettiness will not cause against itself an antagonism of darkness. And if someone are proud of rest both careless content and well-being, do not envy it, and, faster, regret and sympathize. With what it will come to the World Thin where without Agni there is no life.

403. (M. A. Y.). Won, increased spirit treasures the Lord Wants you to see understood. We have a pleasure when we see how light Agni collected. Warriors of spirit were strong stored Agni. Weakness does not show in what. Weakness – the sister of a pettiness. The chain armor of spirit is forging from set of qualities. The darkness of strong in madness of fury on an attack went. Really show a lull at this o'clock awesome lives of a planet. Disbalance tore apart of the mankind. Not balance of the nature echoed and accompanied this trouble, now very darkly; kept closer to the Teacher, even more closely. It are possible to resist, only when the unification are not br. It is necessary to show severe availability to struggle for good reason Lords.

404. (Guru). The beauty could be stately - severe. In majestic natural phenomena could see more hits. And spirit severity perhaps the fine. The beauty is multifaceted. Many-sided nature are more its phenomenon and in human spirit. In exploit the Beauty attracted. A Mother World, personify an image of Beauty superhuman, sent sons of Light on exploit. In exploit that height that reaching spirit of the person expressed. The people which have shown mass heroism of spirit, shown these the historical viability and fitness to evolution. That is why Lords Gave fate the best to the best Country, our Homeland.

405. (July 26). While all are not transfer inside and exterior that are necessary are not let out only, the higher "I" could not show myself. Only also all are g to the person, to it a body inclusively, for a while, that it to what understanding were not anchor that the true and essential property – inside are more hits and that internal it are necessary to give overweight over the exterior. This internal content, are mammon, it are treasure started grow when it are g enough attention, cares and aspiration. The one who caught for exterior, and tried to retain it, and to fill with it life, sooner or later, but inevitably should endure distruction of all wherefore all exterior are t away from the person when time came to that. But internal remained. If, it were neglected, if time, both places, and cares to it were not let out, the person empty left, not ha what to take with itself and then to live there where it passed. That is why internal life and care about the higher "I" had such great value. Not about soul, but about spirit the care wherefore that normally are meant under of soul, are connect with temporary and сmortal the person of the person and are more its temporary envelopes while the spirit are an Immortal Triad. Of immortality thought much and spoken much, but the phenomenon it are not undress at all, and for immortality searched not there where it are necessary, and not in in what it came to light. Immortality about whom We Spoken, are connect with consciousness and are more it’s not interruptibility. When the consciousness wholly are concentrate on exterior, which in itself temporarily and are short-lived, thereby it are doom to termination of the life together with the end of this exterior. That kingdom about whom It were t once and which are more other-worldly, showed mammon of an inner life of the person and life are more it’s in Spheres of the Higher, in Spheres Spiritual where life did not stop with death of a body and where the consciousness could save the not interruptibility. But to lead life of spirit on the Earth it are impossible, without ha c off an exterior surrounding, and without ha transfer consciousness to thought, and without ha affirm in Spheres are more other-worldly. And, when it to some extent nevertheless are reach, it are necessary to install equilibrium and to live in this pattern Earth, d the duty and all that demanded life, without los thus actual communication with the higher "I" and that world to whom it belonged. To leave the Earth – meant to remove from under feet the base; to plunge into the earth – meant to interrupt communication with the Higher. The gold path of equilibrium were specify for a long time as the exact resolution of this difficult problem are single.

406. (M. A. Y.). The world Thin will enter into life gradually and an integral part became it. Thin energies loved those them not. They round us, but a carelessness, disregard to them, false seizure hindered to see them displays. If to them to give at least a tenth part of that time which are g to trifles, results would not decelerate to affect. We noted and are visible normally that are favorite. Hence, it is necessary to manage to fall in love with the Thin World. It are a lot of frighten, incorrect, distort and ridiculous it were t about it in the past. All these representations should be changed in a root. The world Thin is fine. The world Thin is on consciousness. If the consciousness were betray to Beauty and it images eating and living, the World Thin will answer it with Beauty and refinement of the forms. Everyone will find in it on itself. Also it is necessary only that searches and aspirations of spirit from Light. As though the mirror thin matter can assimilate it which reflected Beauty, or disgrace of the person look in it. The content of the Thin World will cease on the consciousness which had adjoin with it.

407. (Guru). The task of everyone to come nearer to the Hierarch consists in observing thought. Thus it are necessary give to itself the complete and severe account that are stronger: desire of convergence with Focus of Light, or indulgence to useless thoughts, who often even besides will interfered in consciousness and aspired to affirm in it. Observance of thoughts demands considerable persistence and determination because useless thoughts are very persistent and strong stick if find for itself opportunity to eat due to aura attracted them to themselves the person. But the thought submitted to will if the will are stronger than it. The will could always give such fiery pressure, who will overcome the unwanted adhere thought. Mastering by thought is that inevitable step that cannot be Trans pass or bypass in rise on the Ladder of Light.

408. (M. A. Y.). When it seemed that one that was le, it meant that the Teacher Wanted to show, how it is necessary to work alone and how to learn to stand solid on own feet. It are possible to be glad to that not in words, and already in practice are undress, condensation, burdening’s, troubles and attacks dark how was useful. After all are the object lessons train to volume, it are impossible what some other way to understand and acquire. It are understanding bore and to trust to the Leading Hand. Without this trust it is impossible to move forward. When all outputs was environed and clos and the one – up are free only, it are easy to think that the Teacher Leaving. But It with you always irrespective of, you felt it or not, was assured, or not. He with you also rejoiced to each your step on a right direction.

409. (Guru). Each exact light action gave sensation of pleasure. It is good to affirm only in actions light, together with in thoughts, and feelings. If to attack spiteful entity to strike back in rage and irritation, it will be an error and action dark if it is quiet, without rage will assimilate in your actions to the Teacher of Light who operated always in the global equilibrium and self-control. Continue to study as lives, derive the useful knowledge and experience of lessons from it.

410. (July 31). Once and somewhere you connect yourselves karma's with those people who entered now into your life, often burden you the imperfections and animosities. Will not leave you alone, the karma will not be settling yet. Not to generate new, it are necessary to abstain from result of the new reasons anchor to undesirable persons. All bad feelings, and especially rage, will anchor even more. It are necessary, that this c nearer «ha in you no anything» or generate nothing again, anything, able to strengthen and revive a repayable karma. And exterior, and, principal, internal it is necessary to extinguish in it. From affliction and overloading by such persons not to leave, but that admitted irritation, both not goodwill, and other related to them feelings, it are possible to release absolutely consciousness, it are possible even such to regret and send to them not hostile thoughts. So old karmic meetings were extinguished and g rid.

411. (M. A. Y.). Freedom of spirit of which the person dreams and which so he wants to reach, isn't achievable on Earth, but is achievable in the worlds where terrestrial gravitations come to an end. The spirit can have a rest and scent this freedom on menthol border. In those spheres freedom is possible. That it exists, people unconsciously know and seek to reach it on Earth where conditions don't promote it. After all even the dense body in itself is a dungeon for spirit. And what freedom is in prison? Where the person directed, the body should be dragged everywhere for himself. And it is tired, it wants to eat and drink, clothes and a shelter are necessary to it. Understanding of restrictions of a physical body will help to direct to elevated freedom. Not to reach it if in Elevated habits, desires and requirements of a body are carried away. It is necessary to manage to leave them on Earth, having won against them, for the present a body. For this purpose also terrestrial life that the spirit of the person of force in it found is given to be exempted from its attractions and seductions, is a seduction of time, space and things.

412. (M. A.Y.). By sight the inhabitant, happened nothing, all as usual as everywhere, all are simple and natural. But the eye, learn to distinguish, saw the shaggy hands which are skillfully spa networks of various tricks and smart spiteful inventions behind these, apparently, innocent and normal displays. To see behind them darkness and to install, who exactly are explorers, channels, tools are more their influences, will be pledge and half of victory. Not to see – meant to struggle with windmills, meant to strike shocks wide of the mark or on them to irresponsible victims, which if in it not malicious, low-responsible for the acts ma under suggestion of darkness. It are necessary to learn are very thin to understand all it. Dark often used children for the decision of the artful designs; and unless children realized causing them the harm? Often used animals, birds and even insects; the assortment them fabrications are various enough. Let's draw outputs on an imperative need of the complete unification with Hierarchy of Light and uninterrupted pretending.

413. (Guru). To state them in the light of it are necessary every day wherefore opponents of Light did not doze. And except them, conscious, much uneducated the consciousness’s create darkness and generate the turbid slime of thoughts in spheres surround them. All it influenced mentality explicitly and heavy. But it is necessary to resist in the light of. But how? Only by merge influence of consciousness with Focus of Uniform Light, with Focus of Hierarchy. Another we did not know the Way to retain themselves in the light of.

414. (M. A.Y.). Do not give in to illusion that exterior circumstances could break spirit. The spirit are indestructible, and forces it was inexhaustible. Physical strengths had a limit, but strength of mind is boundless. This force can be call mighty effort of will for detection from depths of spirit. Great exploits was ma in such rise. The person even often did not understand, how it c make that were ma it at the moment of such spiritual rise. Call the hidden Driver and operate together. Remember strongly words: «Against Us nobody are strong». Impotently the body, but are powerful spirit.

415. (M. A.Y.). Through test by loneliness too it are necessary to transit. During this test many qualities, both the positive, and the negative come to light: the first for the statement, second for get rid, more truly, for a transmutation was more there in the positive. It are thus important to understand that the strong negative qualities it are possible трансмутировать in the positive as there are that are possible regenerate, but from anything it are impossible to create something. In this sense saying also is undress that the person should be either are cold, or are hot. From insignificant display it will not turn out anything, except poverty, but transmutation in the area of related contrasts the strong negative quality could become a pearl and an ornament of spirit because, has in itself the strong negative quality, it are possible menacingly to start to state it an antithesis. The transmutation of elements is confirmed by chemistry. It are possible and in the field of spirit.

416. (Guru). Introspection is always good, but the heart-searching, self-ead was inadmissible in the pupil, they as was fruitless, as well as notorious repenting. The repenting is admissible only in a one case: if it generated the irrevocable, inflexible, final and solid decision never to repeat that was ma. All other types of repenting are to what. Introspection allowed define, what exactly in character of the person are subject to improving that to get rid and that developed normally. The purpose of introspection is improvement. Severe self-verification and introspection goes hand in hand.

417. (Avg. 4). As a matter of fact, paths only two: a path to Light and a way to darkness, a path right and a path left-hand, a path upwards and a path downwards. And it is good, when it is realize and undress that back paths was not present. Aggravate and expand perception at retreat back will strengthen and will aggravate all limitation and will deepen and will expand all weaknesses, all defects and not g rid properties and even will generate the new. Unfortunately, propensity to harm in the person is stronger, than pressing forward to good. On a sloping plane so easy and simply slide, much more easily, than to climb up plumb rocks. Therefore many spirits downwards – in an abyss slid. After all there could be such level of falling when not to rise any more. In a pattern earth it not so expressed sharply, as in the Pattern Thin. The dense visibility created illusion of impunity and as though uniformity of a surrounding for kind and malicious: both sun one, and same air, both clothes, and food. Thus all conditions for the malicious could be best, than for the kind. But the pattern sharply changed at release from a body. Each sphere took away, that is are magnetic attracted, the, both dark and malicious was inevitably retract in funnels of the negative energies generate by them, and the darkness departed in darkness. When the understanding of these conditions reached a known step, retreat became impossible. Who will menacingly want to rush to an abyss? And when reset back already are not present, then, and only then, doors of secret knowledge opened.

418. (M. A. Y.). Various levels of a discipleship were equal to level of consciousness of the pupil. And if the Teacher Named someone the pupil one it already is of great importance and influenced it destiny. Lack of experience very much aspired to teach and wanted to have as much as possible pupils. But the skilled traveler understood how the burden and responsibility of a teaching was great. The hidden thread connected Teachers with the pupil. After it experiences of the pupil was transfer to the Teacher. And as level them consciousness is various, burdening of the Teacher inevitably. Conscious care from the pupil facilitated the Burden of the Teacher. But so it is not enough of those who thought of two burden the Teacher. Conscious, and especially unconscious, but because not less the strong vampirism and a consuming of another's mental energy was widespread very widely. People perfectly knew, about whom it is possible to profit, and abducted without any pity another's force. Even admirers could tear to pieces the one whom they honored. Therefore it is necessary to be on constant patrol.

419. (Guru). The sensation of causeless concern, alarm, and reflex often happened from presence of the dark. In it should give the clear report and to these impressions not to give in. The light and vigorous state of spirit is installing by will. Float powerlessly on flow of unwanted moods doing not stick to the pupil. It is more best to take control in hand, than to allow another to command itself. When on a horse, the occasion should be h strongly hands. Really it is not clear?

420. (Avg. 5). Quality of calmness is rather attractive. Each pupil very much wanted it to state. But of the wish yet did not mean it realization. Over acquisition of quality it is necessary to work. In the imagination it is possible to compact and strengthen it. But it are not enough one imagination, it are necessary phenomenon it in practice, apple in life. When there came the moment of concern, on calmness are normally forge, and the astral had time both to be excite, and to be afflict, and to lose equilibrium before will recall it. Therefore desirable quality should be kept always in readiness, yet there is no it so habitual and grown into consciousness that any more doesn't leave it even at the uneasiness moments. After all the concern in itself are absolutely inconsistent, useless and are useless. It gave nothing, except harm. It helped nothing and is logically deprive of sense. It is possible to show care, both foresight, and desire of good luck, but in the complete calmness. And if something cannot be help at present or it is impossible to avoid something the concern will give nothing and position will not refine. A lot of mental energy is los in concern – as if the open valve of the steam boiler through whom energy of steam flowed away. The human properties form throughout many embodiments difficultly given in to eradication. After all for them cancellations it are necessary to enclose the energy exceeds those who were expending on them the statement. Strength of mind it are necessary to increase on each result to overcome. But even water hollowed a stone – and at steady of aspiration to self-improvement the person transfigured itself.

421. (M. A.Y.). All that pulls together with the Lord and us, it are necessary leave. All that separated and postponed, it are necessary to discard and discard always as soon as it will appear. All tests was g that the unification affirming indestructible with anything. Violation of unification always went from below.

422. (Guru). It is not enough to affirm in the light of, it is necessary as well to be retaining in it. In High Layers where it are light, not difficultly to be retain, but in dense beds it demanded constant efforts, patrol and inflexible hardness of the decision of will. Not it specified in weakness of spirit, and that earth spheres was full of the attractions diversified and strong sometimes for whom it are necessary opposite and which should be over permanently. Mortal life is a constant struggle high and low beginning in the person.

423. (Avg. 9). Bases are as a strong anchor for the ship in a storm. Neither moods, nor experiences, all events with the person could not change or discard them. They was, they, they will be. That is why, when all fluctuated, I Advises to state consciousness on Bases; from them not leave anywhere, - they as firm also hundred, and thousand years ago and remained same and in the future. Instructively to mark, as was scatter, as if houses of cards, fabrications and heaping of those, who «built to a curl on corrupting». But the affairs add by us stood millenaries. And consequently we will severely learn to distinguish two sorts of the phenomena: short, fast-transient doom to fast oblivion of business human and Great Acts, not transient for eyelids, and to them we will put care, attention and the heart.

424. (Avg. 10). A relativity of human representations of the world surrounds people amaze; all depended on latitude and a step of development of consciousness. Normally at all done not understand, these representations at two row of s earth dwellers how much could vary. That though somehow to clear up it, any level of self-renunciation is necessary. But all was fill only by itself and only the. Where here think of singularities of another's consciousness. Paraphrase a known by-word, it is possible to tell: « How many heads, was so much and the worlds». Penetrate into another's consciousness it are possible, it are possible to show understanding, but the thin approach who are cause by love, that is heart are required. Favorite heart perfectly felt singularities and an originality of darling. Heart – Verdun, heart are easy to penetrate into consciousness of other person. The knowledge of variety of souls human is reach by heart. Each consciousness is environed with fancies that it created. Conceive about Beauty created also fine images. The entity of a pattern of each spirit le by it in space, are define by a principle of Beauty. Disgraces operated with Begets by a principle, opposite. Everyone could look back and look mentally, what pattern of imaginary formations were led by it after itself, what world of representations surrounding it during his life. This world will follow it and further, and each fancy create by it, will appear before it to receive a final estimation, to obtain either recognition, or refusing. At recognition the fancy remained with the person who took it further with itself and used it for life in Elevated, vary it on various frets. When refusing the person should be release and neutralize from it enclose in him energies, that is it to defeat or destroy, that it doing not accompany it further. It concerned, first of all, the fancies car on printing of a disgrace. The meeting with guards of the Threshold included as well this process. The one who during lifetime of the earth generating a disgrace, should meet face to face with objective visible forms of the creativity and or overcome them, discard and destroy, ha extinguish energies pulls in them, or to enter with them into a combination and to plunge into them. If they save for its attractiveness and attractable force, struggle are difficult. If he them get rid of and regeneration, the meeting will be victorious. All people permanently created a various type fancies. It are very important, that they not ugly, but that correspond to principles of Beauty. Over thought it is necessary to direct monitoring on it. Force of a fancy is cause by feeling. Even the small consciousness excite with feeling of self-denuding, created fine forms in space. It is more it’s the future friends and companion. Process of redemption, that is neutralizing and cancellation of ugly imaginary forms and in them the conclude energies, are inevitable, if the pattern of spirit did not correspond to principles of Beauty.

425. (M. A. Y.). And still at all highest words it is necessary to find in it forces to realize them. The words which have not been realized into action, as snow last year's. They will not leave on aura of a trace; will not give adjournment of fiery crystals in the Bowl. Such words – as leaves dry was fruitless. It is useful to wonder persistently every day: «And that putting, or I will put today in practice in business. What positions of the Doctrine or Decrees I will make the property, essential in time? Then I will enrich accumulation of the Bowl? » Too many words were t about the finest things, and become too little. The precipice between words and affairs are great, it are necessary for eliminate. Let I thinks every day there will be this task.

426. (Guru). Victory consisted in that all contrary to steadily to move forward on time to the accept direction. It are so much all abstract, it are so much hinder and delay, it are so much, apparently, unnecessary and darkness. But, if advancement nevertheless went, meant, all it were the useful and necessary. Means, obstacles became pushers and engines. This step when it is reach, it is possible to be glad. Considerable of price it got. So the person are arrange that the most insignificant and unimportant are permanently put before eyes, and the most necessary are push aside on a background. The will for swap of the phenomena and a row of purposeful efforts are required. The image of the Teacher in heart very much facilitated this task.

427. (Avg. 11). One people speak about death and recognize it. Others deny it and prepare for death. What absurd even in the phrase "prepare for death" when actually it is necessary to prepare for life, for life in Elevated, out of a body. Many representations are so turned head over heels in human understanding. And once very long time ago everything was differently and people knew about extra corporal stay. But immersion in a matter erased memory of the past. The one-sided outlook generated the corresponding living conditions. Beliefs became formal and dogmatic and ceased to influence life. The reality was replaced with fictions and intellectual speculation. The end of Cali Yugi is filled with stupid denials, a misanthropy and cruelty. That you see around is very characteristic for the end of a leaving eyelid. Exit from the deadlock – in the future which will exempt mankind from self-denying bonds.

428. (Guru). Sword of Damocles consider as a symbol specifying that the pupil is under a constant danger of dark attacks hanging over it. Many spiteful eyes with gloating looked, a Leah a flame of spirit thanks to them to unceasing diligence will not go out. It is impossible for the guard to leave and it are impossible to lower hands in powerlessness. The character of the warrior is select very successfully. Also it is impossible to be today the warrior, and tomorrow the inhabitant, about fight of God's forge. Let's be on constant patrol in unification the complete with the Lord.

429. (Avg. 13). Knowledge of the person hardly that it is necessary to get it by personal experience. Theoretical approach doesn't yield results. It is necessary to pay for each particle of knowledge. Life doesn't stint giving a material. We too Passed this way and, having learned, forces Found to love and work for the sake of mankind. "The great orphan" needs our love and care. Complaints and exasperation shouldn't accompany cognition process. The self-sacrificing love because they, ignorant, don't know that create is necessary. And whether it is possible to ask from them, darkness ignorance and denials? But from those, who concerned Great Knowledge, it is possible to ask. Therefore severe demands, and a cognition condition – not to allow exasperation of heart are made to pupils. We Learn to act with love. "You love Me and you will double force", you love the people disinherited on this Earth, and decuple it.

430. (Guru). How to work when there is an attack? First of all is tranquility. Having kept balance at the first blow, or approach dark, it is necessary to address to the Lord, to unite with It in consciousness strong. It isn't necessary to be confused if results don't affect instantly and in a desirable form.

431. (Avg. 15). The spirit are eternal, but times of the Maya of all that with it happened. Therefore at sufficient hardness and persistence the spirit conquered always. It is not necessary to forget about value of these qualities. On a way to boundlessness, on a way that had no end, persistence of aspiration comprised the guarantee of victory. Therefore it is inadmissible, that the warrior laying down arms before temporary difficulties and the hindrances, whatever insuperable they seem. Insuperability apparent is more there. The spirit conquered all wherefore victory over the exterior consisted not in exterior, but in the spirit of. Victoriously state of consciousness very important the, perhaps, even not realize understanding of a primacy of spirit and superiority are more it’s over flesh, over the world of visible forms. Spirit is the creator. Creativity it is spread to a matter, on the world surrounds it. There were no such hindrances and difficulties whom the fiery will of militant spirit c not overcome. Not outside, but in itself victory is creating. « Ha defeat itself, the winner» in realization of victorious, invincible force will rise. But it should have hour of struggle to become the winner. And it are necessary not to complain, not to be afflict, not to be sadden, but to rejoice that enemies of Light given such fine possibility to be retain in the light of and to multiply in struggle and overcoming the forces. More and more strain the fiery power that it c increases incessantly. At a step calm and careless pink existence power of spirit will not grow. Therefore I Speaks: « Load Me with burden of this world». Be not afraid of anything and do not recede before what, do not add the armor of Light and be always on not changeable patrol, be both at night, and in the afternoon. It are enough to calm down on reach, to weaken vigilance as by and by the enemy will use a respite, and especially after the next victory. After victory it is necessary to strengthen a guards and availability for reflection of darkness.

432. (Guru). Not all given by the Teacher can be entrusted paper. It is necessary to show wise discernment to those formulas who was not subject to announcement. The most important thing is hand down always orally and to writing is not subject. Heart will prompt, when it are necessary so to arrive. It would be imprudent to give in not skilled hands keys from Knowledge whom people could easily abuse. Printing of Secret is strong on a mouth of those whom named judg ment the pupil.

433. (Avg. 16). Those who had our recognition, it are normal recognitions human had no; that it are more important, it are not necessary to explain. People met closeness to Us normally disbelieving, suspicion and 0f the obuse. So it also should be, wherefore unusual did not hold in normal consciousness and caused counteraction. It was t: « I dry and you will drive». A Leah all are equal, in what form it are car out. Therefore and difficultly selected mine among them who have forge about spirit. To carry by the spirit lamp in modern conditions of the dense world not instinct ion will be a feat light. Not good out here; it will inflame there, in the Higher Pattern, not predicate Light. Light are necessary and in a pattern earth, and in the Pattern Elevated. Studied, howl mine, to rejoice to difficulties of life, learned to love ardent counteractions and hindrances and rejoice to fight and possibilities display power and indestructible strength of mind. Victory will come, if with Me and if there was no thoughts on retreat or on lay down arms. So, only forward and only with Me. Who are strong against us, when we together? If something persisted and are not overc, more and more strain power of spirit. It is inexhaustible and indestructible, and closeness of the Teacher is essential. And, when in this excessive struggle forces earth left, be not confused – strength of mind, wherefore a perennial spring Fe they will not leave. On all counteractions increase of spirit for overcoming them are required. Menacingly raised strength of mind, because power from depth is more hits, and done not think even about possibility of defeat.

434. (M. A.Y.). The sensation of finding on the brink of a precipice accompanied from time to time consciousness of the one who affirmed in the light of. Bipolarity of the Universe opened to a learn look. On this two-native fire the blade of spirit became tempered. How much steadfastness should show solid to transit through all! Also there are nothing the, and it will be a pity to leave nothing in this pattern. All at it who had Call you behind Self. And when all yours are transfer from this world to the World the Higher and concentrate there then, your property and burden of this world are true, essential it became easier than a pen wherefore it were t: «I will take Up burden it».

435. (Avg. 18). Types and forms of self-flattery are very various. Its victims often sincerely believe that they created in the imagination. With consciousness of the correctness they claim that take for reality. Delusions human surpass all borders. In the limitation and ignorance they take lie for truth often and consider as the duty to stand on its protection. In the Thin World "the whole herds seduced" trade in manifestation. In total "a false Olympus" – the phenomenon of the same order; various false beliefs, doctrines, theories from the same root. Sitting in a nesting box take it for the world, and all other deny. Ignorance human is poured widely. How many false theories are accepted and rejected annually. Among these various heaps it is difficult to find that narrow track which conducts to True Knowledge. Now the science is faced by exclusive opportunities to come nearer to it. But stirs still bias. The science will destroy many barriers of misunderstanding soon. It will open a gate to the Thin World; it will prove incontestably reality of the undoubted. As in due time inquisition couldn't stop a thought current, and now any denials and a ban won't stop victorious procession of science. To appear in a camp of ignoramuses and her opponents will be an obscurantism and backwardness sign.

436. (M. A.Y.). At sensation of uncertainty, uncertainty and doubt in the future it is necessary to be return to Bases and from them to proceed in the thinking. They were unshakable, and temporariness of moods did not concern them. Moods concerned the world of personal vestiges. But the base are strong in rocky bulks, it are strong and in Elevated. Life with all will come to an end are more its experiences, and another will begin in the conditions, absolutely distinct from conditions earth, life of spirit out of a body will begin. Therefore the emphasis became on thought and on life in the spirit of. Flashing of days and nights went more low, wherefore life of spirit – atop.

437. (Guru). Not be a mistake if everything that was once, to consider as existing today because anything in principle doesn't disappear and isn't born again. This formula of materialism can be apple very widely on all phenomena of life. Undress it, will not consider any more someone d and le in a non-existence. All of them was and existed in spaces, or was again incarnate. In rolls of Akashi the past existed too and could be probably with vest a reality and vitality. Correctly arrived, le honors the live. Death was not present, but there is the eternal life which is show in eternally change forms.

438. (M. A. Y.). The thin World had the infinite amount of aspects of the expression, it – on consciousness. On tune of consciousness there are it a perception. All depended on how the perceive device are adjust. At the majority this tune had the arbitrary character, all wanton its own assort, without any monitoring and purposefulness. The shaggy thinking, shaggy tune will reflect and spheres correspond to them. The formula « on your belief it will be given you » defined that aspect of the Thin World with whom it is necessary to adjoin to consciousness. Therefore so it are important to install in advance that corner under whom the World Thin, the world fine and the complete will be realize by all possibilities of realization of the aspirations most the audacious. Everyone singing will reap from fruits of the thoughts in the Pattern Elevated wherefore will see that the lens it consciousness will allow it. Thoughts high in Spheres High will carry away it, thoughts earth – in the spheres nearest to dense beds. Everyone will receive and will find on itself. Everyone will receive that recognized on the faith, in what believed and to what directed spirit.

439. (Guru). Behind each position of the Doctrine there is boundlessness. Each position can be deepen, expand and develop unboundedly. Not finish formulas was g, and steps of knowledge conducted upwards on a ladder which does not have the end. It is understood has in the hands a key, using which it can, having taken any situation sounding to it, to open the sense hidden in it and to take its contents, enriching the understanding. The doctrine of the Christ in the Doctrine of Live Ethics receiving more the complete expression of depth of those eternal and not transient trues which was express in it short, stamping and accurate formulas. The doctrine of the Christ giving steps understanding of the further eligibility sequentially produces Secret Knowledge. In the future will be it understanding all time to extend and develop, reach gradually such heights of whom now people could not even dream. Boundlessness in all, knowledge had no limits.

440. (Guru). The thought seen up, are mandatory return reversely to seen it, but return enrich with new elements, conformable to the nature are more hits. This path the consciousness could raise, extend and be enrich with new findings. About these properties of the thought which is menacingly seen to space, thought a little and a little that known. Spiteful, dark thoughts were often seen to space. What could they bring seen them? It is necessary to think of responsibility of thought. It is necessary to know about magnetos of thoughts. The thought are live entity of the Thin World. Than the person that generated and that received in the answer surrounded itself – it are necessary to think of it.

441. (Avg. 21). Density of an earth envelope blacked out knowledge of spirit. It is possible to watch, as at long and exhaust illness this density is rarefied and there are an access to knowledge of spirit. That is why illness sometimes named «Visitation of the Lord». The spirit which at least had been partially release from burden of flesh, concerned Safer Out of dense sphere sand received the partial inspiration, or ability to feel pleasure and freedom of Out of dense spheres of Layers. The one who testing this process of rarefaction of the dense body, understood, about what are t. certainly, not any illness yielded such results. But even the pleasure of recover reposed on touching to the Extra dense World. It is necessary to reconsider anew and to change in a root the relation to release from the dense body. Intentionally I Avoids a ridiculous word "death" who distorted reality. The eternal life never d, also are that life that the spirit of the person possessed. Only at transfer of consciousness and thought to it the sphere can be undress that such immortality. Quality of aspiration are g to the person that not accessible on the Earth were reach and Carr out in the Pattern Elevated. Was Carr out both dark and malicious aspirations but as, and in what spheres, and what travails this realization caused it to a dark beget. In the Thin Pattern the aspiration represented itself the force direct spirit to those spheres where realization became more it’s the possible. But as solid aspirations for the lack of a body was Carr out only in imagination and satisfactions solid done not give and could not give, they and caused to one incarnation to spirit so-called torments of the Tantalum. To pass in the Thin World, Carr away with itself earth desires and lusts, therefore it is very dangerous. It is possible to be tightening by vortex funnels of an astral in such gorges of a gloom from which it are already impossible to be select. The world Thin replied the person on a consonance. It is fine and harmonic for the same consciousness. It is full inexhaustible possibilities for the spirit direct to Beauty. But for malicious, dark is utter darkness.

442. (M. A. Y.). Superiority of spirit over a body, or a primacy of spirit, affirmed with will persistently, serial and conscious. Tests for this purpose also were g, those not in words, not in dreams, not in imagination, and in practice, in life to state this position, this basis. Spirit we will not destroy and it are indestructible. It is known for a long time, but ken it nevertheless hung at the first serious collision with difficulties, or complexities of earth conditions. The Gordian knot of Earth artful designs, complexities, hopelessness and intimidations are split by a sword of spirit, who knew all passable, all illusoriness, all unreality and temporariness of the conditions surround the person. Mighty Kingdoms fail, huge cities, gable the whole civilizations f, and still someone tried to lean against earth support, but not on strength of mind. The spirit is indestructible and indestructible only, all remaining are doom to curls to corrupting.

443. (Guru). The recognition and gratitude of force given the one who recognized call it to the Lord. A Leah it are possible to forget about this considerable event in mortal life of the person and a Leah it are possible to turn off feeling of deep gratitude br Light. Benefit to the one, who it understood and remembered indelible.

444. (Aug. 22). Yes, yes. Yes, we live in three worlds, but we realize only one. Understanding is required for implementation of this statement. Often, having deeply reflected, the person doesn't see and doesn't hear that around. It already immersion to the world is World Extra dense. As well the dream is stay in other world. Many phenomena of a thin order constantly happen to the person, but in it to itself do give the account. At the caring and attentive attitude the Thin World will begin phenomenon in detail, without threatening thus with dangers of a psychic. The thin World has to enter naturally into life, without any violent ways. Thought – the phenomenon extra dense. Feelings, both a sense-knowledge, and experiences concern an astral. Purely dense physical feelings are only part from all information arriving in consciousness. In it is possible to learn is thin to understand that thin perceptions weren't covered with the terrestrial. Pleasure by music can be referred already to the extra dense phenomena. Even reading the book is process only half physical. It is very useful to analyze these phenomena and to understand them. The phenomena of the Thin World need understanding and understanding of their nature.

445. (M. A. Y.). When all words were t and all explanations offer, it is necessary to apply only them in practice. Karmic debts it is necessary to pay. Anybody could not release from them. And to pay it is necessary to learn easy and without complaints. All had the reasons in the past. They should be repaid by atonement. And so also it is necessary to look at some particulars of life which are heavy burden consciousness.

446. (Avg. 23). Self-criticism and introspection was good until they let's force struggle with the limitation while they done not extinguish fires and done not deprive of a self-confidence and desire to move further. Introspection could easily turn to torments and of self-meal, to weaken and harm. It is necessary to be very attentive not to pass that boundary when usefulness of the severe and critical relation to the limitation turned to something rather insalubrious. All limitation, and on what Show the Teacher, are subject to mandatory eradication, and it are not necessary to replace these actions with immersing in crucifying’s and torments. And it is necessary to be grateful to those who validly specified to us in our limitation. To think of limitation it is necessary only in the course of struggle with them and overcoming. Self-meal, self-abasement, faithlessness in the forces many people suffered affliction. These feelings were far from a state of struggle. Also the analysis and arguing of limitation of other people should not carry printing of condemnation. The valid and healthy criticism should excite the person on the best. After all the criticism could become and a death nail. People did love neither critics, nor direct instructions, even pupils. When the criticism is called of worry, love and friendliness, it is perceive could without serious consequences. But, to criticize, it is necessary to have the moral right.

447. (M. A. Y.). Light conquered darkness lightful radiations of the energies. If the carrier of Light are sadden and lost equilibrium, it lost possibility to struggle with the dark and became defenseless. It are necessary to learn to save equilibrium under all conditions whom they. At an attack on you and obtaining of shock the first thought should be retain equilibrium.

448. (Guru). Overcoming of the limitation and changeover will be the best gift to the Teacher is more there on merits. The love and fidelity could accustom to do such gift daily.

449. (Aug. 25). Balance is expressed as well that not only heavy or unpleasant things don't break it, but also that the phenomena joyful, pleasant and causing delight, don't shake it. Only at indifference to praises the slander won't make impression, only at indifference to food good the bad won't afflict, only at full restraint and tranquility fortunately terrestrial the misfortune won't break spirit. Only at prevention of manifestation of experiences on one pole another won't be able to be shown. The golden mean, or gold way, provides such relation to the life phenomena. Don't rejoice too to that you wanted to have and received not to grieve when losing. Correctly the poet caught value of the law, having told: "Praise and slander accept indifferently". The astral for the manifestation needs exactly available opposite emotions and rejoices delighted today to cry and grieve tomorrow. Let's learn to accept everything: both good, and bad, without allowing an astral to vibrate neither on that, nor on another. Doctrine show on rejoicing and grieve too. The irrepressible enthusiasm of an astral is especially harmful. Delight and pleasure of spirit – something perfect other because aren't based on the phenomena terrestrial, passing. Reduction of thanks to them in an enthusiastic condition serves as a guarantee of identification of an opposite condition of an astral cover. Also it isn't necessary to react and to this or that unbalanced condition of the interlocutor. Too the high price for imitation monkey tendencies. The interlocutor laughs, you laugh also, the interlocutor cries, you cry also, the interlocutor smiles to a silly and trite joke, you smile also, as if a theatrical doll which pull a string. The advantage of spirit approves balance which isn't broken by casual moods, words, behavior of people around. Balance – so rare quality that, having found it in the interlocutor, people come to concern, start feeling awkward, inconvenience and even fear, trying to cause all measures usual human feelings and reaction to the address. And if balance keeps, despite these attempts, they start feeling involuntary respect before unclear it the phenomenon. Show restraint, self-control, and control over the feelings, possession of, self-restraint and the other qualities entering into concept of balance. It is necessary to begin with small and gradually to accumulate fiery power. But restraint indicates ability of the correct expenditure of mental energy. Especially violent garrulity wastes mental energy.

450. (M. A. Y.). Accumulation of Agni is the most necessary task. After all mortal life is g to accumulate Fire and to leave in the Thin World with a sufficient store of Agni. Squandering or accumulation of mental energy is an issue of utmost importance. The one incarnation deprive by Agni are blind, deaf and fixed. Equilibrium – the great drive of fiery power. Each present day gave the chance to increase or waste mental energy. It is necessary to understand all value of process of this accumulation, the role in the statement of the future are more hits. All thoughts should be collect and concentrate on that precious force doing not flow away thoughtlessly or by levity. More and more strain the spirit that not only to retain Treasure, but also to increase it permanently.

451. (Guru). Learned operate tensely, but in equilibrium the complete. Me waves of opposite influences, first of all try to retain equilibrium. When it were possible, it is possible to operate further, ha establish a strong connection with Hierarchy. But normally the person will have time both to be afflicted, and to be saddened, both to be upset, and to lose equilibrium, before to start to operate. Do not assimilate! Great quality of equilibrium included also total dedication wherefore that are more its display, it are necessary to depart from a body, from an astral and even from a flow of normal thoughts, that is to be reject from itself.

452. (M. A. Y.). Imitation the Teacher is a power engine on paths. The pressing forward at least in something to resemble It gave forces. But the task are to punch a shell of own aura, to quit it and to concern sphere super personal. It is easiest to make it, having come off from small "I", it attractions, and ha install an attraction to more strong magnet of spirit whom the Teacher are; in this lift-off and boldness, and plainness. Small worlds of egoism so strongly captured consciousness that will come off them already big achievement. Aspiration to the Teacher only then fruit-bearer when, then it is strongest than other aspirations and desires and when the Teacher takes a taking priority place in consciousness. To the Teacher the place are necessary worthy for prepare in the heart. It is necessary to remember that love to the Teacher and mankind – the power accelerator of driving on the way.

453. (M. A. Y.). With what wanted to appear before the Lord and us, such try to be and now, in the conditions of difficult and heavy. All dark will accompany in the lowest spheres, all light – upwards. We will take nothing with them from unsuitable and not light accumulation. They were not necessary in spheres of Light. Right now we will take care what to take with them and with what to leave without any regret. Any insalubrious load will burden and will prevent to rise in desired area and to incorporate with Those Who so are expensive to heart. To clear consciousness it is necessary from all that could hinder merge with Light.

454. (Avg. 30). Wanderers had that advantage that the consciousness and aura are more their before normal people done not adhere to a one place. Constant change of impressions and a place dismissed idea of the free, not anchor to the render habitable conditions and conditions. It is much easier to them to leave with the Earth and to save in the Pattern Thin freedom and ability to movement. Gr to a one place, people increased and there and lost mobility. That who are deprive of possibility owing to those or other reasons to leave acquire a corner, it are possible to advise for a thicket to make imaginary flights, and then further, it are more best than subjects, to stars far inclusively. The aspiration to Distant Patterns weakened earth threads. Ascetic’s yoga’s in the body for years abided in the same cave, but only in a physical body while the spirit made them freely flights on open spaces to earth and interstellar spaces. To be accustoming to these flights in thoughts it are possible in any conditions. Some practice gave to flight a reality.

455. (Guru). Not all understood that it is best not to have any phenomena, but to save purity of consciousness and imagination, than to the contrary. Psyches had them much and nevertheless often become victims dark while the consciousness pure and not tempt in the astral phenomena succeeded. Therefore force of aspiration should be converting on release of consciousness from any rubbish.

456. (Sept. 1). When fires flared brightly, all seemed lungs for overcoming and it would be desirable to cause on fight of guards of the Threshold. But here period of test came – and think of allure and all that are not get rid yet, rose from the past before consciousness and dimmed bright and pure horizon. And as the light before flaring fires decreased appreciably also struggle not seemed light any more. But anyway, from the next test it is necessary to come out the winner. The thought which had not been defeat here, will rise then there, in the Pattern Thin, in all force, and there both struggle and overcoming are much more difficult and much more difficult. It is necessary to defeat here. In test by the dark freedom to tempt with all measures are given, and they tried very diligently, finding all weaknesses in effect the person to reach the. It is necessary for widths, without lose confidence of victory and knowing what to concede to shaggy hands it are impossible. Too expensive is price for indulgence to an astral. If the path is select together with the Teacher, also struggle together with It, shoulder to shoulder, together with It and victory. There is no place to recede. Not in darkness! When fires again will spark, the darkness will dissipate and became again light.

457. (M. A.Y). Pay attention that common planetary disbalance during the moments of the gain very heavy influenced mentality of the person. During these moments and personal tests was aggravated and become especially difficult. When the transient period will end, and Satia of the South will come on a planet, both disbalance will be replace with equilibrium and harmony then all will change and it is not necessary to test and endure any more that are necessary now. Thoughts on the future, judging ment and immutable, will help to transit through this hard time.

458. (Sept. 2). Distances showed a choir of evidence before consciousness. For spirit there were no distances, - measures of spirit others. Fissility of spirit conquered them, both felt, and knew over length, width and height. The three-dimensional world is result of brain perception. Even the astral body operated already in other measurement. Very instructively compare it with measurements of the three-dimensional world. But many sensations and thought remained. The thought clothed in a case of three-measured when dealt with perceptions through the dense feelings. Out of them it is not so three-dimensional.

459. (Sept. 3). How it were difficult to apply the Doctrine in life, nevertheless during every day it are possible to make at least something small in this direction. If for some reason or other it are impossible in one, it are possible to select something another and to strengthen other quality which more easily is g in to the statement, if only not to be at a stop, or to move back, if only to move ahead and upwards. If, say, it are possible be afflict with cruelty of associates probably concentrate on something another and to strengthen other quality who were not enough attention earlier, for example, quality of observation, vigilance, or think of any undertaking necessary for General Welfare. After all there were so much urgent matters that it is necessary put into practice. There could not be an idle and thoughtless pastime when there is so much imperfection around. The thought created, and it is property it are necessary to use menacingly, mean General Welfare.

460. (M. A. Y.). If at least a little bit of that time which people devoted self-servige, they learn to give to thoughts on favor of others, the people or all mankind, life on a planet would be transfigure. It is necessary every day to lead out particular time to think of the blessing of others and to send these thoughts to space. There will be no then neither moments of idleness, nor does boredom, sensation of in vain spend time.

461. (Guru). The purpose of the pupil is to replace thoughts on and with thoughts on the blessing of others and the Teacher. The thought remained, but focus it application changed. Results will not decelerate to affect, at least and they not visible to an eye. Any thought did not remain without consequences, and especially thought conscious, create with definite the purpose. Thoughts on favor of others was so specific and effective, as well as the same affairs. Action by thought occasionally are more necessary, than action normal wherefore normally operated all, but thought only the one who knew it power and force.

462. (Sept. 5). The world that I Gives you, are higher than human understanding. People normally put the state of mind in dependence of that they surrounded. The world whom I Gives, did not depend on it. It could affirm in heart under the most disharmonious and unfavorable exterior conditions. To approach it, it is possible to state menacingly it contrary to disbalance of darkness exterior, where crying and a gnashing of teeth. It is so much grief in a pattern now that, apparently, about any pattern it is not necessary and to speak. And still to know about it, to aspire to it, to wish it – it are possible. Transferring of life to thought will contribute in realization of this state wherefore then it are easier to reach understanding that the relation to all event with the person are define by him. There were no identical measures, and that are not desired for one, could be desired for another. Difficultly, to understand all variety of human consciousnesses and the requirement to life are more there. Undoubtedly one: will and control of thinking can install the particular relation to the phenomena environmental. So, the most difficult circumstances could be envelop by the happiest and approach strong to Me. After all many men of faith menacingly refuse all in what normal people supposed happiness, and, ha release, f what cannot be b for all gold of the world. Simply there were an overestimation of values, and all earth losing the power over consciousness. Already noticed how the most difficult circumstances were very useful, both instructive, and persistently advancing in the direction planned by the Teacher. Why to consider unwanted the phenomena, so as strong the promoting in advancement of spirit, instead of rejoice them and to derive from them the energies which are so necessary for increase of spirit. Therefore do not grieve, but tell: «As thy deceit» is useful to Me. Therefore do not despair, but tell: « As fruit-bearer narrowness and rage of exterior conditions, after all they restricted Me to Light and approached it». From all counteract and aggravate learned to derive elements of the usefulness, so necessary consciousness’s for the extension and are more it’s than growth. There was no conditions opposite, all started to minister to the one who went to the future together with Me.

463. (M. A. Y.). Use each flight of consciousness to strengthen limp quality. The thought are especially strong at this time and could create very proof of thought-forms, as It is t, to throw possibly more seeds of Light in r wave. It is necessary to feel and distinguish acutely these opportunities to use them fruit-bearer. It are useless to do during your indifference – loss are vain both energies, and time. To all there are the fixed hour and the best conditions. The consciousness lived a pulsation. Alternation of rhythms needed to be kenning it. Even the simple plowman knew, better when to sow.

464. (Guru). In the spirit of anything can't prevent association: neither life, nor death, neither illness, nor health, neither separation, nor range of distances, neither plan terrestrial, nor World Elevated. Spirit is over convertibility and constancy of all external conditions. Who to the Lord will come, that with Him and will arrive always, everywhere and in everything.

465. (Sept. 7). If the sword of cleaning up is not present forces to lift here as it will rise there where all it is aggravate and where the subjective prevailed over the objective. And it meant that all internal, not constrain more exterior, will start to come to light especially tensely. Therefore the question of cleaning up should devote special attention, for the present in a body, and to make in this direction all that are possible. Not to think of something a little, it is necessary to pull out still roots of these thoughts that more they c not appear any more. The wrongdoings was better for consider with the side and as though at hidden Presence of the Teacher. Then it is easier than all to be ashamed and not to repeat that the consciousness already outgrowing. Struggle meanwhile, than should become the person and that it represented itself (himself) at the moment, interminable. And as though highly the spirit on steps of the Ladder of Light rising, more high step always will be more perfect, than transit, and that were good earlier, became inadmissible when the higher step are reach. The end of self-improvement is not present. To tempting, allure's and to tests very High Spirits was exposed also. For Spirits Great they had already space character. Climbing on the Ladder of Hierarchy is always accompanied by struggle, overcoming and victory.

466. (Sept. 8). The thinking of clair-radiant cannot be creating suddenly. For this purpose also mantra or prayers select, for example, the prayer of Jesus, or other methods of an abstraction from normal thoughts to concentrate on the highest. D before a track of thoughts could hinder very much, if they not from Light. Only the constant Choir of the Teacher before a mind's eye will allow retaining thinking at high level. Protection lightful is especially strong. But for it all time on a lightful basis are necessary to retain statements of thought. At interlay light and dark thoughts the same rupture turned out and in durability of protection. These ruptures left most feeble places unguarded and it access for intrusion of darkness opened. Protection mandatory should include the phenomenon of not interruptibility. Therefore the thinking is support at constant level of lightfull. Any darkness, disbalance, irritation, rage, complaint, depression and all other negative qualities of spirit opened a gate the dark. Clair-radiant thinking is the best protection against harm. The thought on the fine strengthened it. Beauty – the shortest path to the statement of Light, together with love. The love to the Teacher of Light are invincibly strong when it affirmed with life, but not with ranting’s.

467. (Guru). Here we Spoken: be not anchor to what – and to you something will lose; do not rejoice to anything – and will not cry. But the entire Teacher permanently Said about pleasure, that «the pleasure is special wisdom». How to combine one with another? I will answer: not about the personal, egoistical pleasure to casual and transient trifles of life is by the Teacher. He Spoke about pleasure super personal, about pleasure for others, but not about the pleasure connect with the phenomena of egoism. The pleasure the higher, pleasure Space is mean by the Teacher. Such pleasure will not leave and will not abandon, wherefore it above to what rejoiced and paternal people will grieve not li up by light of wisdom. «The pleasure is special wisdom».

468. (Sept. 13). It is important to understand also that it is possible to undergo travails, without los equilibrium. Humanly it is difficult to present it, but we had examples of how great Spirits Transit through earth travails, test all are more their sharpness, but without los thus indestructible peace of mind. Inflexible faith in power of Hierarchy let's to them forces endure and stand the heaviest tests. The task at all in that the next test ending as soon as possible, and in transit through it vigorously, joyfully and victoriously.

469. (M. A. Y.). The moments of self-criticism need to be us not for a self-torment and that have the limitation and weaknesses, them to overcome. Self-meal is aimless and senseless, but healthy self-criticism for the purpose of improving of character is rather fruitful. With any way of harm it is possible to be turn to Light and to take a path of climbing. There is no such limitation that could not be over. Not angels will build the new Sky and New Land, but people. Much said goodbye, if energies of spirit was convert on building of the New World.

470. (Sept. 15). People could look at the same phenomenon with absolutely various and even the opposite points of view and receive the same opposite influences. Hence, character of influence depended not on the phenomenon influence, but from the most people and the state of consciousness are more hits. From here an output that the reason of the relation to those, or other phenomena happen with the person, it are necessary to search not outside, but inside. The death of the close entity could be the greatest grief for favorite heart and зmalicious pleasure for the enemy. Ken it, it is possible to consider that the reason of travails, or pleasure is conclude in consciousness, but not that caused them from the outside. Loss of mammon could cause a great grief but if it is accompany by spiritual recovery of sight the grief turned to pleasure. Try to eliminate exterior sources of travails, afflictions and troubles, it are not reach by it anything, as the reason inside. Are useless struggle with exterior conditions if the internal reason is not eliminate. The one who wanted to defeat the world, not the world should defeat, and most itself. And, if the person defeated the whole world, there is to it in it no favor. Therefore and discompose, it are necessary to direct the force direct on overcoming of unwanted exterior conditions, cause travails inside and not to admit violation of equilibrium. It, and only it, by a path reached victory. At victory over itself exterior already ceased to matter wherefore to influence spirit could not anymore and then the power of exterior conditions over internal state of spirit are los.

471. (M. A. Y.). Difficulty of a discipleship consisted that this path are a path of becoming. It meant that the pupil gradually became it should become what. It not are intelligent mastering of those or other positions, it not are observance of sacramental or execution of any writs or exercises. It not are only making of beneficences or reading of the Doctrine. It, I repeat, there are a becoming of the pupil by that ideal that conducted it and transfigured all the entity are more hits. It is the statement to them in life affairs, thoughts and feelings of instructions of the Teacher and returns to It the heart. To become the carrier of shrive True – meant to show it all behavior, both the actions, and acts of every day.

472. (Sept. 18). The behavior alone showed the true choir of the person. Considered that alone it is possible behave somehow: nobody saw, nobody knew and nobody judged. But so the ignoramus argued. The knowing knows that there is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious, and that the space sees, both hears, and imprints everything. And hypocrisy, and lie, and hupocrisy could deceive people, but nobody will deceive the space cliché fix all an event with the person and in the person. And when all exterior left, and remained internal, both the objective state and thinking are replacing subjective, the world of corollaries replaced with itself a world of the reasons and the thinking and acts of the person directed on earlier d channels in space. It is necessary to reap, that is logically to follow on the way, stat earlier in a pattern dense. It mortal life of the person as g to it a material, or accumulation whom it will settle and with which will live in peace Elevated are important. The report whom it are necessary to give for each word, thought and an act, meant that all accept in consciousness on the Earth and stat in it should be complete, finish and settle on itself in the Pattern Thin, in a pattern of subjective thinking, in a pattern where the thought moved and created a surrounding of the person, agreed it to aspirations and desires. The over, experience, desirable, but not car out on the Earth it are Carr out there of forges creative imagination of the spirit create forms correspond to aspiration, it are magnetic Carr away it in appropriate layers of space. Ministering to Beauty directed in fine spheres, ministering to a disgrace – in darkness. So, ken to what the person on the Earth directed, it are possible to define conditions it the extra dense abiding. Each person could make it if will impartially weigh desires, aspirations and the thoughts.

473. (Guru). Self-flattery – one of very regrettable phenomena in sphere of spiritual searches. The self-flattery, like a wood-grouse, conducted the song, without perceive environmental and without distinguish reality. Sometimes the whole groups were exposed to self-flattery to sit on a paper Olympus, even in the Thin Pattern. Be protecting the self-stat Teachers demand honoring and recognition of the authority. Hierarchical mutual relations were installing naturally on the basis of a priority of spirit and experience. Be careful of self-appointed teachers. The breeding so much and so they were far from Hierarchy of Light.

474. (Guru). The main thing that it wasn't is a pity for anything from left on Earth and connected with purely terrestrial environment and things. If with each thing that the person owned, it communicated a current any more the material nature these currents remained to exist and after leaving of a body. And if they not destroy during lifetime it is hard to destroy them after death of a body. It are good to distribute all that had, when abandoned a body. It is good to leave with consciousness that there is nothing the consciousness is absolutely free from the earth property that it did not see things that would own.

475. (Guru). On the one hand, the duty of the pupil to shine there where darkly, and to sate thirsty with spirit, with another, necessity of restraint and instructions that the labrets remaining clos. It is necessary to find golden mean between two poles and not to allow prevailing to any. And tests are given to find out only precisely, where that limits further which the donation will be in harm both receiving, and giving. The question of distribution of spiritual treasures are difficult extraordinary.

476. (Guru). Work is beneficial also because at the kind relation to it strengthened and aggravated many abilities of the person. It learned to a concentration and of forgetfulness about itself (himself). It contributed in growth of mental energy and supported longevity.

477. (M. A. Y). Trust in the Leading Hand, it will result you in the blessing. In a storm and twilight of night when very darkly also it are not visible to a way, the trust to the Principal are very necessary. Was not le on worry and was not forge, but tofu press's hold be transit to quit on Light. Who said, what are easy? The path is very difficult. But the spirit is indestructible and impregnable. Envelopes could suffer and suffered affliction, collect for spirit of accumulation in the Bowl. The body will die, but the spirit remained release from not hallows and travails of flesh. Both travails of a body and increase burdening are of consciousness – the blessing for spirit. Interests of the temporary and person with jobs of spirit done not coincide. The crucify Teacher a body Suffering affliction, but spirit Winning the greatest victory over the dark.

478. (Guru). Advancement of the person to Light consisted in application of Decrees of the Teacher in life of every day. Every day it is possible to put something, at least in a level small. It is possible to give menacingly to itself particular jobs for the present day. It is possible to make it customary and mandatory. It are more best to take that sounded at present more strongly than all, and in the given key it are possible to spend all the day. Not very well, there will be a Leah it are restraint of words or emotions, or the help to distant friends, or a kind word to someone, but it are important, that the task deliver before self were fulfill strictly and that the next day were mark by the job new.

479. (Sept. 27). Uncertainty and instability of exterior conditions forced stability to search inside, lean against a monolith of Hierarchy. Anybody and anything from the surround did not show persistence. It are tone, another became. The one mood is replace by another, often opposite. And it is difficult to know in advance what will be behavior of the person tomorrow wherefore over it the astral supervised. Among this uncertainty when all fluctuated, the consciousness wanted to find a point of support, strong and unshakable. It is necessary to search inside, in depths of spirit, in sphere Silently Look.

480. (M. A. Y.). As it is difficult rise spirit over abysses of life. But the path Are specify on peaks. Lowlands and gorges not to transit. Tower spirit, we concerned an orbit of Hierarchy and we sated consciousness with energies of Light. It is good, when the rhythm of daily Dialogue stated these rises. The merit in silence is insignificant and spooky to reach these or those results, but it is great when it occurs under the pressure of rough and strong counteractions and when all surrounding aspires go out spirit fires. Won't break will and won't lower the weapon irrevocably decided to go for Called. For the winner Waited, of it watched. The help are ready to it a minute of the real need, or danger. But through much it are necessary to transit most, at least it are loneliness and were apparent. And to stand to learn it are necessary on own feet and to learn to combat alone. Desired and invited the winner in judgment to it a field of activity will enter.

481. (Sept. 28). At the correct relation to obstacles and counteractions from them the pupil receives force of overcoming them. When they arise, the first thought let will be how to use energy them that their energy to achieve a victory. The principle of increase of spirit on everything going against is based on the same. Life development in all its forms is based on the same basis: the chicken punches an egg-shell or a sprout – an earth blanket, or the successful pupil – the aura’s egg – and come to a surrounding scope. How many work and overcoming demands the usual school program. The person goes on the ground, but if weight of his body didn't meet the opposite pressure of Earth, he wouldn't have an emphasis and couldn't go. In what area to direct looking for thought, everywhere action and counteraction will underlie the shown phenomena. As it is exact and in life of spirit it is necessary to understand vital need of an antagonism of conditions surrounding it. And not in volume sense that to avoid them, and in using wisely. Misunderstanding of value of obstacles and burdening by circumstances generates possibilities of defeat. The obstacle is more persistent, it is more than force for counteraction and overcoming it gives the chance to collect. Let each failure will be only the instruction that more and more energy of spirit should strain. The victory will bring confidence and new forces. As perniciously weak-willed presmykaniyegrawl before difficulties and obstacles as is inadmissible to lay down arms, even it without having lifted as shamefully to recede, without having applied for a victory of all strength of mind. Awareness of its indestructibility and consequently, and to invincibility gives inflow of fiery power. Think of indestructibility of those who goes together with Me. "Fight and a victory" – let it will be traced on your board.

482. Let each failure doubled, tripled determination. It is our method of struggle. Frequency of attempts something to reach laid out in space a shave to achievement of the purpose. The little there is a determination before the first failure. The skilled traveler passed by failure, without sadden, without afflict, without stop, without add the armor. It did each failure by a step to good luck and is not confused difficulties who conducted to it. So there was through life our people and reached Us.

483. (M. A. Y.). For postgoing the spirit should cook food them. Hunger will be great. That is why materials for records so plentifully are given. When the hungry will come behind receiving, it will be impossible to tell that there is nothing to give, or that is prepared insufficiently. Not for yourself, but for others, postgoing, you collect in a granary. Receiving perceptions goes with thought of the benefit of others, needing spirit saturation by food, other than that which the old world that isn't able to satisfy the requirement and need of new consciousness had.

484. (Guru). Why it is impossible to cause with impunity to people of travail, a pain and afflictions? It are impossible at least only, because at travails, afflictions and a pain the aura of the person are sadden, grew dull and infected with the radiations of associates. And first victim there are an offender.

485. (Sept. 30). The labyrinth of human delusions, restrictions, false beliefs, mistakes, outlooks and views is so difficult and diverse that it is impossible to go deep into it and to try to understand it. As rescue beacons, stand on ways human Carriers of True Knowledge, specifying people the narrow track conducting in life. As well heaps of the Thin World are the same labyrinth of mental constructions, behind small exceptions so far from Light as everything that is created by ignorant ideas of the world. Followers of the distorted religions usually consider that the Truth is conducted only by it and that all other people are mistaken. Defenders of infantile materialism argue in the same way. Brothers of darkness defend and are sure of correctness of the way chosen by them. And even those who, apparently, work on part of the world, don't agree with each other, and even their ideas of the world differ between themselves, often contradicting one another. Following for the Teacher of Light brings the pupil to the Truth track. In the light of the Teacher the pupil learns and sees particles of the Uniform Doctrine the Lives scattered in centuries in various religions, beliefs and philosophies and filled up with the latest philosophizing’s of uneducated consciousnesses. Light one, and the Doctrine of Light uniform, but the approaches conducting to it are various. It is possible to rise by Top both from the North, and from the South, both from the East, and from the West, - better from the East, because from the East Light. But difficulty of lifting’s various, though Top – one.

486. (Oct. 1). It is told people that the person was given the power over any flesh. This statement should be understood very widely. In process of mankind advance this power will be shown more and more. It is great and now, only impact of human radiations on world around isn't realized yet. Yet don't understand and don't believe that epidemics, earthquakes, droughts, floods and other disasters are caused by spirit of the person. Collective influence of billions people very strongly. Disbalance will give rise to disbalance. The person is so strong connected with a planet on which lives. Quality of balance is given not for decoration of character, and for reduction of elements which flooded banks, in a quiet condition. Human and their destructive consequences it is easiest to observe disbalance on a microcosm of the person. They are shown in the form of various diseases and in violations of normal functions of an organism. The power over a matter is given to the person, but he disposes of it badly and unreasonably. Stir denial and ignorance. It is necessary to know more and without discrimination not to deny at least that the little that can illuminate human the unreasonably.

487. (M. A. Y.).Question that will be stronger: whether desire dark and their aspiration to push off you in darkness, or your persistence, and an aspiration inflexible to Light, and will to keep on a track conducting to the Lord. And consider many phenomena occurring to you, under this corner. At collision of planetary polarity even trifles are of particular importance and are determined by their treatment of light and shade. At these moments small cracks and yet get rid shortcomings because and dark creatures try to inflate them to reap a harvest double are very dangerous. The animal set free, much more dangerously closed in a strong cage. Therefore it is better to keep on a leash under control that yet get rid, than to allow unauthorized and unrestrained manifestation of yet get rid properties. As though highly the person rose, always in him there is that is subject to overcoming because each new step is more perfect than the previous. That is why it isn't necessary to be afflicted too with that needs an iget rid and overcoming. This fight is lawful and natural in consciousness of ascending spirit. If only not to allow that former, subject getting, heaps overcame will and would leave from under its control. After all it was told: "Take the cross and follow Me". The last, imperfect person in itself should be taken with itself to make him perfect. And the burden of its imperfection over consciousness also will be that cross which takes temporarily with itself the spirit directed to Light. So there were all replying on an appeal of the Lord.

488. (Guru). Retreat of demons can be considered as a big victory of spirit over darkness. But they while see won't recede that there are in the person something, at least low-slightest, for what they can catch and through what to influence consciousness. Therefore the clear victory over itself and the shortcomings means as well a victory over darkness.

489. (Oct. 7). It is difficult to pass from words to the appendix them to lives. Many hide behind a screen of words. Others by inexperience take them for affairs. The pupil learns not to attach to words said any significance until the word isn't confirmed by business. As also reading without the appendix in life isn't useful. It is a lot of such readers many speaking, but so there aren't enough doing. Opportunity to attach the Doctrine in life has no limit: both in public, and alone, and on vacation, and in work. It is good when the thought is directed on it persistently and constantly. After all being of the old person opposes to it and protests against suppression of his willfulness and dissoluteness, - but without severe discipline of spirit on steps of Light not to rise. On the one hand, there is a sincere wish to reach something, with another; there is no desire to renounce even a small shortcoming. Dismissal from itself assumes dismissal of that iron chains ties consciousness to usual use and that connects it small habits of egoism. Ability is beautiful to meet waves demands not only that to meet them adequately, but also that, having met, to pass by, without having allowed to prevent spirit movement. It is impossible to be late too on impressions of the moment, because it is necessary to go further without stops. The blow of a counter wave shouldn't cause delays. Even huge ocean waves don't stop a measured course of the ship. Especially the ship of spirit can't stop before waves of spontaneous disbalance.

490. (M. A. Y.). Each flower is coagulation of the spatial fiery energy concentrated in the form of the terrestrial. But this form is other than a form of other subjects, plants and animals. Refinement of a form, color and smell testifies to a subtlety of the energy concluded in it. This form bears on itself the beauty press; its origin not the terrestrial. The distinguished consciousness sees something in flowers bigger, than ordinary people. It receives food for spirit. The solar plexus eats emanations of flowers. Terrestrial flowers, despite all their beauty and a variety, are only weak and imperfect reflection of indescribable beauty of flowers of the Fiery World. Fresh terrestrial flowers lead the life, but flowers fiery are in continuous movement and are poured by various extraordinary beautiful and various ardent paints, both tones, and shades, exhaling unearthly wonderful aromas. It is difficult to describe magnificence of flowers of the Fiery World.
491. (Oct. 8). The militant darkness is permanently active. Special efforts were direct by it on br each center of Light. At dark spiteful pleasure when it are possible to them go out Light where it starting to flare up. The task is offered to the pupil: to resist against quenchers. And the Hierarchy of Light Did not help at this time the pupil not because Did not want or not Perhaps but because it should transit independently and affirm in the light of. They, dark, wanted to cause despair and to kill a faith in power of Hierarchy of the Blessing. And feeble hearts not withstand probation, and a faith lost, and plunged into a gloom of hopelessness. Could ask why tests were so durable and from time to time was so tormenting. But you know that High Spirits for years Pined in dungeons. The far purpose are so majestic and fine that temporary burden and difficulty, they was as though great, are thousand fold become covered by happiness and pleasure of spiritual victory and approximation to the Hierarch. The Teacher could be very close, and especially during the moments the heavy of tests, but only the dense envelope blacked out knowledge of spirit. The formula «I with you always» confirmed this phenomenon. It are hard to undergo test and at the same time to store calmness and a deep-seated faith in the Higher Forces. It was t for a long time: «Endure to the end it will be rescue».

492. (M. A.Y.). And if I every day had to strengthen myself in the light of, that, meant, life were hard and hindrances pill up as a mount. Understand that, than the step on the Ladder of Light is higher, subjects of test were more difficult. And then burden are more there, than you are higher standing, was intolerable today for you. And burden these le they at themselves, to you g Light, both love, and the aspiration to move further. It was with them the side the true self- rejection. Would be great error to think that they’d it because life were easy, sorrow less and free from unreasonable and excessive overloading’s. To them imitate, so arrive also you, courageously car the cross, g to people Light who are in you.

493. (Oct. 10). The image of the Guru could be a fine example for imitating. In character it are possible to mark the lines, which are so necessary for each pupil: the complete fidelity of Hierarchy of Light, purposefulness, a clair-radiant state of thought, the fearlessness who is not ken neither doubts, nor oscillations, knowledge of the Doctrine which had been so implement in it the nature that an integral part becoming it, crystal purity of thinking and the total absence of egoism and desire to think of itself, about the private affairs. Great Ministering whom it is mention in Books of the Doctrine, life were it on the Earth. Truly there were it the Envoy of Light and Entrust ours. When it concerning people, a tangency it leaving printing on all are more their subsequent life if they not dead heart. Cloths it disperse worldwide and represented itself coagulation of condense Light which vibrations influenced people and were fee is explicitly thin fee organisms. And books was more its – too unfading Light to people. Like the comet which had been similarly direct eternally, it were car by over of Earth, ha le she Light.

494. (Oct. 11). Correspondence between a state of a planet and consciousness of mankind are not undress. And meanwhile, both these states were so interconnect that powerfully influenced one another. In Space, together with on a planet there are large disbalance which in that specific case the Earth are under the influence of collective mental energy of people. Acts of nature not are something casual and willful. As showed a title, in them the active involvement is accepted by the elements which equilibrium is collectively by force of human energies? The human body is vest by these energies in very considerable level. The periods of prosperity of people of the Earth always was marked by a pacification of forces majeure of the nature. These periods were characteristic rises of spiritual life of people, heyday of sciences and arts and the world between the people. There were many legends about the Golden Age of mankind. It not fairy tales, but memory of the valid past when people didn't know neither disasters, nor wars, neither hostility, nor not goodwill and when Earth was really blessed edge for the people occupying it. Yes! There was such time. It transits. It the Black Century of Cali replacing Yugi whom, as well as all on the Earth, had the end. And this end already came. Light influences of c nearer Satia Yugi, Yugi Light, spiritual rise, the world and prosperity was already Fe as times. Cali the South is a century a disbalance, collisions national, violence, both wars, and degradation of morals. Strong all it especially and sharply came to light at the end of the Black Eyelid when collisions of polarity reached special force. Approach of Satia Yugi are connect with nascence of new sixth race of mankind, a carrier with itself in the world new consciousness and power of a new evolutionary wave. Nobody could rise away from those changes that, owing to this fact, already happened on a planet. Participants – all without an exception. All participated in this large collision of forces of Light and a gloom. Victory are fated to forces of Light, wherefore these forces on the guard of evolution. Corrupting of the old world preceded victorious building new. And for each person so it are important to solve a question, a Leah to adjoin menacingly forces of Light, or to powers of darkness, and that to define the fate on whole to the South. Destroyer’s dark with a planet will leave. There were builders of life. The outline of Space Will is that.

495. (M. A. Y.). The microcosm human is similar to Macrocosm. In it too there is equilibrium. Without it life c not affirms and be show in a physical body. Any violation of equilibrium caused illnesses and even the death, the functional dependence of all organs of a body are based on this equilibrium. The harmonic state of an organism eliminated possibility of normal illnesses. In the microcosm Itself the Lord him is Itself the person. It own will could balance forces majeure of the microcosms or, to the contrary, – to break them harmonic correlation. Are especially strong in an energy organism fiery, being first of all, under the influence of thought. So, equilibrium, or disbalance of thoughts are reflect in a state, or health of a body. That world about whom the Lord once Telling and which He Wanting to give to people, could come only under condition of observance of equilibrium. The planet and people was t apart today disbalance. Equilibrium is Light, disbalance is darkness.

496. (M. And. Й.). It is good, when known that We countenanced and that we reprobated. But it are even best, when, ken that we reprobated, done not admit it. The spirit wanted from much to be release, but the astral did not want. Concessions to an astral and it to promptings was considered as step back. How many steps, was so much and retreats from a selected way. Certainly, to overcome in itself the shabby person suddenly it are impossible, but also to indulge it to pulses – too, the median path of step-by-step mastering by the astral explorer are necessary. Violent revolts of an astral were very dangerous, wherefore could instantly deprive of much accumulation. So, for example, the unrestrained irritation instantly burned a phosphoric fabric and did the person defenseless. The nobility that it is not necessary to do are good.

497. (Oct. 13). Mounts we will understand as the phenomenon deduct from conditions of the dense world. Than above, that refined. Clocks of a dream and an amount of food decreased. And the composition it changed. Mental atmosphere of mounts sharply differed from atmosphere of valleys. Thoughts worked more brightly and more easily. Condense, heavy layers of lowlands poison with emanations human, done not reach heights. Gorges of a gloom and a precipice where done not reach vivifying, clear rays of the sun, was not only characters of darkness, but also really deepened and strengthened it displays. Light and darkness by the nature – antipodes and if than above, subjects are lighter, and, to the contrary, the more low, the closer to a domain of darkness. Even atmosphere of a cellar differed from atmosphere of the upper floor. It is distinction it is especially sharply showed in the conditions of the Thin World. The lower and high class of an astral of strong are antagonistic and opposite on the characteristics. Crude thin envelopes gravitated to darkness and could not rise above, cleared, light and she, automatically raised upwards – in area of Light. Abiding at heights in the dense body and cleaning up from stratifications of lowlands, naturally, at release from a physical body carried away a thin body in high layers. To inhabitants of dark cellars to rise upwards it is much more difficult – the habit to appropriate atmosphere and absence of aspiration up anchored spirit to the lower class. But nevertheless the aspiration of spirit will be a principal condition of rise. Origen pining in a dungeon, but the spirit was more it’s free from an attraction of the Earth. As also cellars of prison c not break spirit of Kampanella. Mortal life of the person can be considering as a starting point for aspiration of spirit in the direction select it.

498. (Oct. 14). To traveling, the person thought that it will do there. Even, w up in the morning planned forthcoming day. But people before passage of Great Boundaries did not think that they will do there, in that pattern where all thought moved. Certainly, normal standards of behavior and there held the person in known frames. But after all and the behavior happened various and occasionally rather bad. Bad of Earth not so it are pernicious and dangerous, as bad in a pattern astral where all are aggravate and became aggravated. Therefore to think that expected us in that pattern and as there to conduct, strongly it is necessary. Thoughts on it will help to be shield and on the Earth from feelings and acts unnecessary. Earth dwellers done not represent to them as expensively it are necessary to pay for violation of Bases of the Universe and connivance to the weaknesses. The subjective state of one incarnation spirit and the singularity connect with it to think deductively, that is proceeding from earlier accept premises, immersed it in a special state when it automatically continued to move on channels in the space, la out before its own thought. Ha accept this or that thought in consciousness on the Earth, one incarnation carried away it with itself, and it will accompany it, yet will not settle the energy on the beget. There it is very difficult to be release from the thoughts stat still in the dense state. The formula expresses this law, stated: «That will connect on the Earth, it will be connecting in Heavens», that is in the Thin Pattern. That is why binding of by those or other thoughts or release from them had such great value for post@ existence wherefore that «resolve on the Earth, will be authorized in Heavens», and not someone to another, but the person, begets and the creator of own thoughts.

499. (M. And. Й.). All people carried on themselves the past. For those who persistently and menacingly rose on steps of a ladder of life, the past will be always incomplete as each new step is higher than proceed. And the main thing not in to ha the past, and in that, ha imperfection are more hits, not to be conquer by the accumulation. These accumulation shown a choir the crystallized of energies which needed bridling. While the Silver bridle of spirit are not impose on sense-knowledge and desires of the pupil, it could not rise are higher than the step reach by it.

500. (Guru). Thoughts on the future were similar to renew shower. The consciousness escaped from a vicious circle of the ordinary and concerned the spheres which have not been restrict to environmental conditions. The thought received freedom. In the future it is possible to create, without turn around on last or present. These creative thoughts was useful to that if they was strong enough and was accurately enough issue, in due course they could be car out and in a pattern earth, actually by the dense. Great Teachers Created thought. The future for Them is this field of great creativity.

501. (M. A. Y.). And still spirit it are impossible to fall, how were darkly around and whatever difficulties, hindrances or afflictions pill up. After all it will mean an assumption of darkness in heart and go out of warm fires. Exploit of execution of Light consisted in it not interruptibility. Such exploit are especially hated dark and always caused them special rage and counteraction. Constantly and exactly burn flame are especially valuable. Be not afraid of the pressure cause stability fiery.

502. (Oct. 16). Symbolism originated from the deepest antiquity. Each of characters had the special value. It is as though environed with Light and radiated the lightful emanations. In sanctuaries of temples always there those or other characters, protect them inviolability. Dark normally done not dare come nearer such sacred places. Force of the character that power to the full was show it, needed realization. All sacred subjects were sat by lightful vibrations, at join them with consciousness force of influence them increased. In various religions characters different. The religion are higher, the characters was more it’s more powerfully. Power of the character amplified at fiery collective influence of believers if this faith of fiery and are strong. The person, who had been unshakably convinced of force of the character, had the invincible armor of protection. Loss of a faith in power of the character and refusing it could to bring almost to nothing force of influence even very mighty character. Realization of secret force of the character recognizes and stat by consciousness is necessary. Violation of the character is equivalently to blasphemy. The corrupting happen thus in the Thin Pattern, are perniciously reflect on admit blasphemy. It always will be dark act wherefore the purpose are more its – to extinguish lightful radiations of the character; guenchers of Light always from darkness. Learning and understanding of symbolism entered the person into area Secret and accustomed it to Paths of Light on whom there was a mankind during long millenaries. Characters of an antiquity and characters the modern remained sacred for those who penetrated into them entity. The hierarchy of darkness too had the symbolics, on value opposite to symbolics of Light. It we will not concern. Our path is a path of Light. When the person lost a faith in power and value of the character it did not deprive of it the force conclude in it, but lost grace it radiations. Without symbolism it is impossible, wherefore all life human – the character and the symbolic are pour by circle. All in the nature are as though the character or reflection of the internal content express in exterior forms. And an eagle in skies, both reptiles creeping, and a blossom rose, and rising clear the Sun, and the awesome lead cloud Carr hurricane, – all are symbolical. Characters religious and symbolic of the nature merited of the deep attention and learning with of side that, who wanted knowledge.

503. (M. A. Y.). And unless the person not are the character, there are no the dense form express it hid under exterior palls entity? And what is the time it is required on undress this latent symbolic of each person. And words as and words war, unless it not characters? Unless each book not is the character ret by means of signs it internal the matter? Symbolism is widespread in human life. Take at least medals and other distinctions. Not tapes or metal, but internal value made them a distinctive singularity. Where the look human were convert, he everywhere will see internal, cover with the exterior. When there will be a join of two worlds in consciousness human, the latent entity of things, or are more their symbolism, became accessible to understanding in more wide sizes. While in life it are necessary to think and reflect on value of symbolic, if done not want to flit on a surface of the exterior phenomena.

504. (Oct. 18). Join of the worlds will happen in consciousness human. For Svedenborg of patterns that was as, as well as this world. In it consciousness it are join it were already ma. Also were it and at many other things. But it unit displays. The epoch of Maitreya will bring this join for sets. Doors in the Thin World will be open as widely or nearly so the same as and in the world dense. It will not be the painful and unwanted phenomenon as it happened at psychics; it will not break a normal state of an organism. The world Thin will enter into consciousness human legal and will not break it a system. Certainly, conditions of a planet – psychophysical and kosmic-spatial – too will change accordingly. Much will change by then, and dark which with a planet will leave to Saturn, will not interfere any more in human life as they done it now. Connection of the worlds will release people from ignorance and refusing real and will show that with death of a body life did not stop, but continued driving in the future. Immortality became the same admitted fact, as well as the dense existence. And much from this that nowadays happened on the Earth became thereof absolutely impossible. For example, wars, tortures and various act ardent misanthropy and violence. All inventions and discoveries will go not on corrupting’s, as now, but on creation and building of life. The horror of bacteriological destruction of people or massacre by means of gases, or the nuclear armor will be inconceivable, wherefore corollaries of such monstrous crime will be visible not only in dense, but also in the Thin Pattern where in disarray and chaos passed thin bodies the ubiyennykh of people and where they continued violently interrupt dense life, but already in the conditions of the Elevated World. Yes, yes, much, very many became inconceivable and inadmissible wherefore at people eyes on the world this and that and on inevitable corollaries of the crimes ma by them on the Earth will be open. Now created much wherefore done not believe, cover with illusion of irresponsibility. But then will see and to know that the formula "one must reap as one has sown" are expression of the indestructible Space Law and that corollaries of the wrongdoings not to avoid, wherefore there are no place to disappear from them. So, join of the worlds will be rescue of mankind and release are more it’s from a gloom of ignorance and negations.

505. (M. A. Y.). Than more flamingly the militant spirit against imperfection surround it rebelled, than more fiery directed it to Light and struck darkness the radiations, it especially furiously fell upon it, try to extinguish the lamp it spirit. It are not necessary to forget about it, wherefore knowledge mint of it are necessary to watch every day. Awful pressure was inevitable, impacts dark was inevitable, struggle and victory was inevitable. As above, so and below; laws in all were identical. When the person is fixed, air could be silent and quiet. But when it started to move and increased speed resistance of air amplified in direct ratio the last. The same law are show and at aspiration of spirit when resistance of the environment increased in process of acceleration it advancement in the future. And then already special safety measures and protections were necessary.

506. (Guru). A Leah pa proper attention what minutes of especially heavy press of opposite conditions fires of spirit sparked with singular force? The true usefulness of counteractions is that. The skilled traveler is able to derive from them the energies which are so necessary for progress. Not skilled and the person of no character will start to be distressed, and to grieve, and spirit will hang, while another, grown wise experience long, spirit will rise, and the forces will collect, and will come out the winner from the next test.

507. (Oct. 20). The dense envelope strongly held human spirit in the inference, le it five exterior feelings for the intercourse with an external world. The dream and desire of the pupil – break loose. Time constraints, space and things started to be fee by it all stronger and more strongly. At once to be release from secular stratifications it is impossible, if there was no appropriate accumulation and achievements. Normally during a one embodiment the person changed a little. Temporary flights yet done not give completeness of changes, lack of experience supposed what enough be excite with the Doctrine, become perfect another. But it not is so. Persistent and durable operation should follow inspiration and rise over itself and the limitation. Secular roots were hard for pull out. But before spirit Boundlessness lies, and at an aspiration inflex on this long way everything is achievable, achievable also full transformation of spirit. The Teacher Aspired accelerates it. Follow steadily Are more it’s the Advice, much can be reach.

508. (M. A. Y.). What do, I will tell: to store vivacity of spirit and trust to Thom Who Conducted. Without these conditions advancement are impossible. Matter is not in volume to suffer affliction, or not to suffer affliction, and in retain equilibrium and in a mount, and pleasure, ease and difficulty, at favorable combinations of exterior circumstances and unfavorable. Let there will be a care of it.

509. (Guru). Exposition by thought to the Holy table of Light is ma by the path most close to spirit. The consciousness, sincerely and flamingly direct, did not need another's blaze roads, it selected the path. The singularity and an originality of this way specified in ability to float in own boat. In it individuality of accumulation are show. The Teacher Advised not walks coming roads, but to go the path. The track conduct in life is narrow.

510. (Oct. 21). (M. A. Y.). The death of a physical body are release of spirit from the most constrain dense envelope. In a body thin it are already easier, it are already possible to see the world that. Serial release from thin, and then mental envelopes removed more refine palls vest spirit, and the fiery body already entered it into spheres of fiery-bearer. There be show menacingly, it are necessary bring with itself with the Earth the appropriate accumulation, the chance conscious abiding in these spheres of Light. Earth dwellers, liv on the Earth, thought of what should be collect for life in the Upper Class of the Elevated World a little. But the Doctrine of Life explicitly specified in it and learned to how to accumulate fiery elements of immortality. Not for senseless and short earth existence life on the Earth, but for accumulation of possibilities of the higher are to the person. A path of be Underline it is explicit.

511. (Guru). Even small consciousness’s, even plants aspired to Light. Aspirations to Light were put in all forms of life. And Those Who Reaching peaks of Light and a way Laying out to it, Specifies to everyone, who wanted Light to reach how to go and where and to Whom. In paths the purpose and a direction was define. The doctrine of Life gave both that, and another. Hungry spirit the food is necessary. Where they, able to give? They protect as the most valuable treasure. Changeovers by it were not present, and there is no that money for whom it would be possible to buy ability and ability to distribute gifts of the Spirit.

512. (Oct. 22). The hidden thread of Light is very easy for damage the unreasonable. She demanded special care, protection and attention. Many the threads thrilled in space. Rupture of communication with the Teacher – tragedy of spirit. The formula «I with you always» had the double-sided base: указуя on persistence of Hidden Presence simultaneously demanded that also the pupil were permanently in the spirit of with the Hierarch. The last condition is very difficult, as in life always there are a lot of abstract from the most necessary. There were various methods of holding of consciousness that are for the person the most necessary and the most important. The world of the Teacher is distinct from the world of everyday normal interests and troubles. The task of the pupil in that, in a pattern to be more other-worldly, that is to concern in consciousness World Teachers and to aspire to be retaining in it, without t communication with the Earth, with her life and requirements of a debt in relation to the people, a family or the close and environmental. Equilibrium between this world and that are necessary. In normal psychics it are easy to watch violation of such equilibrium, and it came to an end normally are very sad. The precipice between the psychic and the pupil are impassable. Ardor of uncontrollable aspiration are necessary for retain, but at an equilibrium condition. The unrestrained flame is destructive for an organism. Ancient Doctrines specify the Gold Path; this Path and phenomenon the path of equilibrium.

513. (Guru). Principal forces of consciousness direct on bridling of an astral and subordination to will of the lowest nature. It are not so important to read something, either to tell, or to think over, release from yet not g rid properties however are important. Release from them is a job number one, demand a concentration of strength of mind.

514. (Oct. 23). Even High Spirits, similar was more St. Anthony, stimulated to conduct long and persistent struggle with the lowest nature before it to subdue and seize it. It will not be the certificate of unfitness of spirit, but, faster, to the contrary. Than above he wanted to rise, struggle are stronger than subjects, and that more it should overcome in itself (himself) qualities counteract climbing. Kindle of fires dangerously and that they mandatory should be lift upwards, wherefore, direct downwards, they strengthened displays of the lowest "I" and are more it’s than not g rid properties. Many falling was cause by this circumstance. In normal conditions, without direct anywhere and without clear up fires, the person still could own and control somehow itself the pulses. But when fires started to burn, they strengthened all detections of a human nature. Therefore so the main thing, bridling of thought was necessary over them monitoring and. The higher "I" the person attracted it upwards, and the lowest – pushed it downwards. This struggle of two in the one should defeat the higher "I". Even it is impossible to imagine, what sad and heavy consequences was generate by victory of the lowest "I" over the higher. In a pattern dense they yet so was visible, as in Elevated. It are impossible to be deceive by exterior victory when the astral as though reconciling that strong to rebel at the first present case. Patrol should be constant. Wherefore the astral – the center of egoism and earth lusts are strong and persistent. He so wanted to live the passions and so it is tenacious kept for them detections.

515. (M. A. Y.). The big achievement it are possible to consider not to give in quality of the pupil to moods of the emotional nature at adverse and opposite effects and influences from outside. Dark could throw any thought and pulse. It are necessary not to be sadden then, but will to call and extinguish possibility them displays. Extinguish, meant, and defeat, they lost the sting. Each such victory burdened a bowl of scales of the justifying, g overweight to it over a bowl of condemnation. So, it is possible to shower the enemy both great, and small. One only it is inadmissible is to stop struggle that is to recognize the defeat. While struggle lasted, she specified in viability of spirit and the right is more it’s on climbing. Stop this struggle – meant to betray most it.

516. (Guru). The determination are good, when it up to the end will not change, are equal as fidelity, both love, and other qualities of spirit. It is necessary to pay special attention to hardness and firmness of the decision to go up to the end, without g in to temporary oscillations and weaknesses and without dark to deviate once and for all accept direction. Let anybody and will force to be envelop nothing back, and let anybody and will shield nothing she horizons of the future.

517. (M. A. Y.). We too want to accelerate approach of the judged future. What disturbs? Impenetrable of hearts human; they sleep, - and in it is all difficulty. The consciousness, not ready to accept the future, a barrier gets in the way of implementation and the statement of the New World. What will wake heart and will shine consciousness? What disasters, misfortunes and accidents will force to waken spirit? To the aid there are waves of new fiery energy. Their space power won't resist dullness and thick-skinned the human. Judged or will be carried out, or all counteracting fire will be distraught. Fire either will revive, or will burn.

518. (M. And. Й.). Cleaning up of consciousness and heart from any rubbish gave not only sensation of pleasure and freedom, but also opened possibility of a conscious activity in explorers. The cleared thin body which not so is not burden by the lowest pulses, more easily and more freely started to reveal itself in more high layers of the Thin World.

519. (Guru). Each thought accept in consciousness, are reflect in a thin body. The envelope of a thin body is creating by thoughts of the person. Thoughts and feelings imported to it elements of a thin matter correspond to them. High and pure thoughts entered into it a lightful and light matter, unclean and heavy – heavy, dense, fixed particles. Levels of a thin matter was very various, together with brightness are more hits. The behavior of some people in the Thin Pattern is very shameful. So they accustom themselves on the Earth to behavior unworthy, accustom itself, and consequently, and the thin body. Something stat on the Earth, thereby affirmed and in a thin envelope and continued to reveal itself in the same direction and in the Pattern Elevated. The behavior on the Earth had very great value for the Thin World and for a one incarnation state of the person.

520. (Oct. 29). In the course of evolutionary development of mankind the various Doctrines g by Hierarchy of Light, never contradicted one to another and done not deny each other as was only different edges of the Uniform Secret Doctrine, only partially product to people. The doctrine went the steps le in Boundlessness and consequently never is finish, end the Doctrine had no. The dogmatism meant completeness and crystallization of positions of this, or that Doctrine in the finish fixed and stiffens forms. Therefore the dogmatism is destructive for evolution product by Hierarchy of Light of knowledge. The invariability and durability of Bases of the Doctrine done not mean them a dead immovability on which the dogmatism prospered, but specified that the further development and development of the Doctrine and a dimple it was based on the strong base. Each Teacher g the Doctrine, Bringing in the world something new, not den, but add g before. The doctrine is very difficult for preserve against distortion and zevil-interpretation wherefore every century formed on it the various stratifications, often distort it initiating sense. The difference between the pupil of the Teacher and followers are great Are more hits, from among which there was interpreters and distorters of that First- Teacher were g. Interpreters cause harm much and contribute in that under a load them interpretations the initiating, simple and pure sense of the Doctrine were black out much. The so-called conventional defenders, advocates and apologists of True, as a rule, not know it and ha to it no access. The spirits close to First-Teacher could be the defenders of True preserve the Doctrine against distortion, only very much, and only they could to guard

521. (Oct. 30). Principal existence is at of night. The normal person without a dream could live in normal conditions no more than several days. Physical and mental strengths at night were recovered. The person scooped from the Thin World necessary for it for life of energy. From the Thin World it brought with itself (himself) that did the dense body by a live, conscious entity. D, it carried away with itself (himself) that animating it a physical body. When the person could menacingly come to light in the thin body, the significance of a dream and abiding in the Thin Pattern become for it a fact. The national poverty that with the first shout of cock newcomers from the Thin World faded had under itself the base. In the same way as we could not see the person in darkness of night, in the same way thin entities could not see each other by the light of day. We have a night – at them day, and on the contrary. In a mirror subjects was reflect so that the left side became right, and right – left-hand. In the same way both the phenomena of the Thin World and life undergo similar and opposite changes in comparison with the dense world. For example, in the dense pattern the objective thinking over subjective, in the Thin Pattern – to the contrary dominated. The consciousness and thoughts was in the dense pattern normally there where the dense body abided. To the contrary, the thin body abided in the Thin Pattern there, or is transfer there where the thought and consciousness concentrated. Many details of the Elevated World speak by means of ant situation to their living conditions the terrestrial.
. Reality of both of the worlds is subject to learning.

522. (Guru). A Leah pay attention that development and evolutionary advancement of all forms of life, from the lowest to the higher, needed overcoming of resistance of the environment surround them. The chicken punched an egg-shell, grain – a soil layer. Anywhere and everywhere will see this struggle of life for existence. All not over and feeble perished. Thus, only overcoming of those or other conditions granted to the form the right to life. A Leah could imagine, what difficulties should be over to the person before mute races acquire ability of speech? The law of struggle and overcoming are the law of life. In mental and spiritual human life it is show especially strongly. Therefore it are possible to consider that struggle, overcoming and victory will be immutable conditions of growth and development of spirit.

523. (Oct. 31). Short years of mortal life were not comparable with duration of abiding in the Pattern Thin. In the same way difficulties, illnesses and travails in the dense envelope was not commensurable with of freedom and possibilities of abiding in the Elevated Pattern. Words «your award in Heavens» also will be great specified in advantage of the extra dense existence. But it are necessary, that the consciousness corresponding. If the sight always were convert only to the Earth and there it will be direct downwards. It is necessary to check in the World Thin, it is necessary to recognize immortality of spirit, both the fact, and possibilities of conscious life were more it’s out of a body. It is necessary to recognize that world. Negations was fatal and destructive that in the Pattern Elevated the thought and while the thought of the statement, or a faith in something created for the person it a surrounding reigned, the thought of refusing destroyed possibilities to see, hear and even to think, wherefore anything generated anything. The formula «on your faith will be g you» there are a basis of conscious life of spirit in the conditions of the Thin World. Therefore life or absence it after death was stat by the person to itself when it is release from a body. Connected itself and released, and the thinking and that, in what it believing or that recognizing on the Earth. With what left with the Earth had. The recognition of Hierarchy of Light allowed to become at a step of the Ladder of Light and to rise on them. The attraction of thoughts in the Pattern Elevated had crucial importance, it happened on correspondence. The law of a consonance controlled life of spirit in the Pattern Thin.

524. (M. A. Y.). Contrary to evidence of dense and it in defiance there is a thinking of the Thin and Fiery worlds, - feelings Earth not admits it. But heart of sense-know, also are sense-knowledge, or an anticipation of the phenomenon of the Higher Worlds, affirmed through heart. It often conducted the person over the dense sensations. The voice of heart and a voice of intelligence struggled often with each other. And often the voice of false mind deafened a voice of heart. The path of Agni of Yoga is a path of heart. The heart cleared of rubbish, allowed to take a path of Fiery Yoga and to move on it. The fiery path is cover with heart.

525. (M. A. Y.). The love is a mighty force. The love should be effective. When force of love to the Hierarch went on transfiguration by the person it the lowest nature, it could work wonders. And he were able not reach what other paths, are reach perhaps by love. And when someone thought that he loved Conduct it and when he really loved, not in words, but in practice, it could direct force of this feeling on a transmutation of the lowest qualities in the highest in the area of transfiguration of related contrasts and then limitation will not be more its than it to frighten, wherefore each lack could be a trans mutated in a merit of spirit opposite to it and then all started to minister to the person and to contribute it in climbing.

526. (Guru). When the pupil will learn to stand on the own feet, he can then guarantee and entrust much. It is possible to send far, it is possible to leave one and to be confident that, despite of everything, the Commission will be fulfill. Looked, how those who considered it (himself) as pupils when remained one, g to own forces was lost. As they lost a faith and confidence in Closeness of the Teacher as given in to hearings as the doubt and suspiciousness blossomed and as "I" an unsteady them not affirm in the Doctrine small. Fidelity, steadfastness and knowledge of Bases was check in life when the examinee are le as though one, as though g to own forces.

527. (Nov. 2). The layers of the Thin World nearest to the Earth represented themselves thin forms of subjects of the dense world, from the lowest brothel to the highest works of art. All exist on the Earth had the astral doubles. Therefore closeness to the Earth not always meant roughness, meanness or undesirability of forms. Beauty of the world earth, beauty of the nature was fine in the reflection and in the Pattern Elevated. Also it is wide from top and to a bottom and a range of thoughts human. Thoughts of beauty united the thinker with appearances of Beauty. The lift-off of consciousness from the Earth assumed a lift-off from a disgrace in all are more its expressions. From book-depositories, art galleries and museums it are not necessary to come off, as in the Thin Pattern to them there are a shave and they lifted spirit human in spheres of the fine. There these spheres was more accessible to the consciousness direct to them, than on the Earth, wherefore, where thought, there and consciousness. There it is possible both to study, and to work, and to work for the blessing and the help to those who needed it. Possibilities of the Thin World was much wider earth in view of absence of the dense restrictions and release from all than the person on the Earth owing to abiding in a physical body should be engaged in what. The tragedy for those who getting used to drink only, only to overeat, only to indulge purely physical, and especially solid, to pleasures, for such earth dwellers the Thin World had no comfort as execution of all these things in the imagination force of create thought of satisfaction did not give, the dense body for this purpose are necessary, and it are not present. But the one who and on the Earth leading life of spirit, for that abiding in the Pattern Elevated is pleasure. Only to imagine, from how much not necessary there, but the necessary particulars on the Earth the one incarnation spirit are release. It is necessary strong think of what, in that consist and essence and details of this release. A lot of pleasure expected the one, who were release from terrestrial gravitations. To wish death it are not necessary, wherefore there is time for everything, but also it are not necessary be afraid of it, and it are necessary to change in a root the relation to passage in other world. The world Thin – fine the wonderful possibilities.

528. (M. A. Y.). Ministering to Beauty had the deepest value for the person both in the present, and in the future. The consciousness connect by hidden threads with the world fine, came into with it strong contact who caused circumstances as well thin abiding of the person release from a body. It is good, when the inner life of the person is decorated by of Beauty. It is beautiful to think – as it is fine, as are unusual, as it is attractive! Among tiresome, gray, narrow-minded thoughts and cares, among irritation, rage and not goodwill, among animal egoism and egoism as such claurluhear internal beauty of consciousness was rare. They imported the vivifying lightful stream to the world. They lifted level of thinking human; they to people carried the blessing. Not for themselves, but for people and for the world, for the blessing of all mankind light, fine, clairradiant thoughts was necessary. Carriers of thoughts such a pattern carried Light.

529. (Guru). Each your step to the exact direction – pleasure for Those Who Conducted you. It is possible to think of menacingly to bring this pleasure in the area of Hierarchy. Whom we loved, that and we wanted to please. These gifts of pleasure, these gifts were Accept willingly by the Teacher. Later already for the lack of gifts of the Spirit and unwillingness those to bring beg to bring money, jewelry and different subjects of custom. But in the beginning gifts of the Spirit, good gifts of the best thoughts and the better qualities of the person assume. And only impoverishment of spirit replaced them with the terrestrial gifts which are absolutely unnecessary the Highest Forces.

530. (Nov. 3). When all fluctuated, it are possible to affirm only on Hierarchy; therefore anyone beyond the clouds and without groundless dreams, not asserting application in life, as a matter of fact, to anything. All leaked, all changed, the Ladder of Light are unshakable only. Also it is not necessary to be confused very much degradation of morals everywhere, on all planet wherefore the burden of time were before show in many prophecies concern the end of Cali with Yugi. People with the clos choirs, what closing them, Leah darkness? And if someone stall, grew blind and are surround the dark someone began to see clearly, surround with Light and at someone ears was open and mind are not sadden. Darkness on poles went deep. A pole of darkness in our solar system is Saturn. It influence on sons it amplified, and the attraction of rays operated on them powerfully. During this transition time so it are important to solve, what pole to adjoin. It is important to be attracting to Hierarchy of Light very much wherefore the earth base appeared fragile. The heart which had affirm on Hierarchy, did not know neither doubts, nor oscillations, and the path l before it are clear. It conducted in the sjudging future. It is fated to people the decision of Lords of Light. It are immutable came nearer owing to space conditions of a special combination of planets and stars.

531. (Nov. 4). Re-read the Doctrine all again and again, felt spirit all new and new depths it. It bore that the consciousness extended. To settle to the bottom wisdom of the Doctrine it are impossible, wherefore it are necessary to grow for this purpose to height of consciousness G. In words of the Savior found the same inexhaustible wisdom, it penetrated all Great Doctrines g earlier. The direct consciousness wherefore the end are not present could not stop in a dimple of the understanding of fiery and the Doctrine did not give the finish formulas. The ladder of Light had the beginning, but had no end. This consciousness both go, and there are that path on whom your spirit, a path the infinite entering. Not temporarily we, but was boundless, and the path of climbing of spirit are boundless.

532. (M. A. Y.). The pleasure of constant cognition cannot be t away from the person, who had solved the path up to the end, but it is not present, there is Boundlessness. Persistence of knowledge corresponded hardness and inflexible of the decision. The world exterior, the world dense, the world of a daily commonness and everyday interests and a hardship of strong growled on dark to direct to Light and in every possible way counteracted it to driving. But from forces of opposing to scoop dark spirit new forces and new power to move further. And then anybody and anything could not stop it anymore and then all started to minister to audacious. And then victory is accessible.

533. (Nov. 5). Yes, it are valid so, everywhere we was surround by the secrets hid by a curtain, but nevertheless accessible to cognition. The world that, hid by this curtain, stored many the secret, interesting phenomena protect from penetration into them of those to whom doing not come to know time yet. Yes, the world that is very close. Yes, inhabitants took it active part in affairs of this world. Yes, they could not pass the line dived two worlds, and to be visible for incarnate, except for special cases. Yes, for Archat these restrictions and prohibitions done not exist. Join of the worlds will remove many palls, but secrets of the world of that in large part remained. It is impossible to produce much, because people will start this knowledge to convert into harm, in the same way as they abused knowledge that science gave them. People thought of corrupting, than about creation more. In the Pattern Thin where all are create by though, the knowledge of Secret Laws of this world should be in clean hands. Dark, ken that is not known today to normal people, a lot of harm brought to mankind thanks to this knowledge. That is why in each sphere separate from another by special conditions, the saver preserve it of inhabitants are deliver. In that pattern the dark could show activity only in particular layers above whom rise they could not also which intrusions was protect from them. Correctly felt that for the spirit direct to knowledge many palls acted in film after passage in the World Thin and many possibilities opened.

534. (M. A. Y.). The adherent is flower of many generations the special warehouse it entities allowed it to concern and accumulate knowledge from area Secret. It is g special possibilities of advancement in this direction. Cleaning up of consciousness from any rubbish opened a gate to Secret Knowledge. The nobility are much too pure heart.

535. (Guru). The solemnity is a key open many doors, - vanity there not to enter. Against vanity the proper word were t. Vanity – an antipode of solemnity. If the gray world of the inhabitant kept vanity spheres of Light sounded solemnity, and it are possible to enter into them. As and in Dialogue with Hierarchy it are necessary it are feeling on whom all organism are adjust. Both the stock exchange, and trade, both gamble, and much, very many in life of people absolutely eliminated solemnity. And without it life became a market and nursery of vanity and any evil-deliberate. Empty envelopes generated fussy emptiness of life.

536. (Nov. 6). Physical body corrupts an astral. The astral learning and getting used to operate how teaching him to that the dense body. And, ha learn, it already, in turn, beginning to influence and influence the last. The person rose above, it the consciousness already outgrowing the past, but to them the t astral continued to vibrate in the key set once. And then struggle between last heaping and a new state of consciousness began. Here bridling of an astral and subordination also was required are more it’s too will and new rules of behavior. Persistence of resistance of an astral in direct ratio to that forces whom the master enclosing once in it. Or the person conquered an astral and subordinated to the will and new rules of behavior, or it are conquer by an astral both the former stratifications and habits. On a place nothing coasted. Both thoughts and feelings grown and amplified in time if the bridle of the discipline will of spirit are not imposing on them. This struggle is hard. In nowise it are impossible to commit errors, that it is hopeless, or to despair during the moments of ardent revolt of this irrepressible envelope. As before the body learning it to what would not follow learn and that did not correspond to the new step reach by consciousness, and now the body should retrain and teach him to worthy behavior both in reality, and in the sleep. The dream showed, as far as the astral acquired new standards of behavior. The will should learn to dispose, and the astral to obey. After all it is the leader such struggle with an astral telling: «To Tamely wear Me». This struggle are how much difficult, specified that fact that some ascetics resort even to self-flagellation and other similar methods to reach victories over a body, and as a matter of fact, over an astral. But what for these extreme measures when struggle it are possible and should conduct the uniform beginning of spirit.

537. (M. A. Y.). The secret of success in struggle with the lowest "I" consisted in understanding of that an astral envelope temporarily and the spirit are eternal. And if the path to Light is select irrevocably sooner or later, but the astral body will unconditionally obey to requirements of spirit. And before persistence and an inflexible of the decision nevertheless at any price the astral will defeat "I" am stimulated to reconcile and obey to the higher. After the entire astral are strong to will, enclose in it earlier the person, are more it’s the sovereign and the lord. It should not be frog. Person – the lord in the microcosm. All envelopes was oblige to submit to it if only he thoughtlessly doing not transfer them the power over itself. An astral is the despot and the tyrant ruthless. Looked, how it tormented the drunkard, either the smoker, or the addict with lust to poison. Fall under it the power whom it were, – meant come heavy travails. There are no power on earth more poorly and more bitterly of similar slavery.

538. (Nov. 9). We Suppose, we Supposed and we Will suppose that achievement of success are cause by dismissal from the personal thoughts and feelings, dismissal from all the, even the property, and transfer of consciousness to spheres of life super personal. The covenant «Be reject from itself and follow Me» it is g to people for all times. Self-filling by and excludes heart filling by Me and Mine. My world entered into your world could only on condition that your world will give way to it. Egoism and, personal, was not combining with ministering to Light. The person and personal was admissible on paths of Light only when they completely and wholly were on ministering of Individuality. Also is incompatible service itself and service to people. The cult of self-service and Great Ministering was not combining and could not live together. Humanize about itself are replace with thoughts and of worry about others and about Business of the Lord who are called as Great Making. Return of all itself to It also will be resolution of a personal problem. Then will be both the everyday Help, and everyday Instructions. The doctrine spoke about work for General Welfare, but not for the personal.

539. (Nov. 10). The spirit human wants much. People wanted to fly, now fly. People wanted to know; now a lot of things know, however, not all, but know. People want immortality; will have also it, however, yet soon. The spirit is eternal, and in eternity everything is achievable. That today he will want, tomorrow or in future, far, or close, will be carried out. If people wanted the world, wars would stop immediately. Want the world, but not all. And it is necessary that all wanted. We Throw into the world of idea of evolution. It is necessary that they were accepted by all people or the vast majority. When will accept, the world and life on Earth will change. So, a lot of things depend on the person and mankind as a whole. The world new judging, but also it is necessary to accept in consciousness. If the Thin World – on consciousness, and dense is too depending on it. It is necessary that the consciousness of masses grew to understanding of the New World. The most difficult task is an expansion of consciousness. Not only from spatial conditions, but also approach of Satia Yugi depends on consciousnesses of all mankind.

540. (Nov. 11). The constant sensation of the Choir in heart offered many advantages: protected from intrusion dark, assisted in case of the real need, supported uninterrupted aspiration, allowed to hold li the lamp of spirit, stated a strong hold of a countercurrent network, are a benefactor the Light to with whom the car Choir came to contact, allowed to receive from Focus of Hierarchy vibrations therefrom, lifted spirit over abyss lives, supported harmony of a physical body, gave the chance to combat successfully with the lowest nature and to overcome in itself that are subject to get rid. It is possible to tell much still, but also it is enough, those forces in itself to find and affirm on the Choir.

541. (M. A.Y.). Complexity of the Manual consisted it are possible what to conduct legal only under a condition if not to affect a karma. Therefore the Leader never interfered during destiny slave. And only when closeness and communication passed known boundaries, the Leader Could incur karma of the one whom It Conducted. Even it are difficultly to render the help, without violate this condition. Therefore so self-proceed actions wherefore then the karma is not br was appreciate. Then and it are easier to help. To already direct energy it are possible to add always energy of the Principal, but to move inert blocks it are illogical – they again will stiffen in the immovability. When the pupil showed the whole world of independent actions, - Rejoiced the Teacher. It is necessary go most, without wait that will drag in paradise. Kingdom of God force undertook, but own, instead of someone's the stranger.

542. (Guru). Even the bird will not depart, if air does not render necessary resistance it to wings. Resistance let's force to wings rise in air. This law of resistance of the environment we will put and to climbing of spirit. It are difficult to acquire, what exactly resistance and counteraction given a support into whom the foot went. But instead of rejoice to that gave the chance to go, solid, the inexperienced traveler are afflict. But undress rejoiced to each difficulty, each burdening, each lesson receives from life, and especially from people. They helped to learn the person.

543. (Nov.12). On level of consciousness it are not too difficult to define, the g consciousness gravitated to what layer of the astral world. If in it elements of Light and darkness was mix, the attraction from top to bottom should be transit and over to rise to Light. It are more best to direct upwards so flamingly that lower class not to touch at all wherefore, ha attract to them at least for a short while, it are difficult to come off them. The tail of thoughts unclean are pull long, all time interfere in consciousness. Food them new it is impossible give. They and without that tended to raise and go deep even without desire of beget from them. Thoughts grown, as good, so and poor, - the poor were up root. For this purpose it are necessary to dig and trace more deeply them origin and the reasons. In the next embodiment shoots them appeared in this or that form, but roots gone even more deeply, they grown for eyelids. Therefore struggle with them and eradication they were demand by many forces. But it are possible, and it will be successful if to pay attention that the transmutation of qualities happened in the area of related contrasts, the direction of energy depended on a corner of application of force, and the fear are transfigure in courage, and hatred in love, and the worst quality in the best, opposite to the worst. Only not ha those others had any hope wherefore from it turned out nothing anything and anything are impossible трансмутировать in something. So the flame and persistent aspiration to Light forced all to minister to climbing of spirit and all converted on favor, are not confused anything and did not stop before what to reach an object in view.

544. (M. A. Y.). A path is underlining Infinitive on peaks. On rises of consciousness milestones was mark it. On flights of thought directions of the direct spirit in space was la out. The path lay over gray daily occurrence. The lift heads searched for the Ray. But even the plane will not fly up, if the field for flight is not prepared. The field of consciousness too demanded preparation that the spirit c rise and fly up over of gulf lives.

545. (Nov. 13). In those or other conditions the person operated agreed to how him t or he teaching itself, or on the basis of earlier receive experience and speculations. In the same conditions valiant and the coward, the man of faith and the inhabitant, the philosopher and the savage will operate according to the mental state and the nature. Reflect that it are necessary to do, everyone will call the life experience and accumulation. After release from a body there are the same process, with conceals only a difference that the thinking, creativity and actions of the person will begin to flow in directions of the phenomena who most bright and sound for it during lifetime of earth. Nevertheless the other will recede and will be frog of. Therefore it are very important, ha clarify these leitmotivs of mortal life of consciousness, to select from them all the positive and necessary for climbing and even more to state them, and all other, and especially hinder or attract downwards, to discard, ha destroy attractiveness are more there. To make it are necessary, while here, on the Earth. There will be late wherefore funnels of curls astral could retract in themselves the spirit which ulcers were not g ride on the Earth. It is necessary to will to change the relation to many things that there were no it direct in the lower class of an astral. For this purpose it is necessary to seize the feelings and passions. The silver bridle of spirit should be imposing on them. They should be unconditionally subordinate to will. The will who is dominate emotions on the Earth, will own them and in Elevated. Danger that feelings stifle, but not g rid could lift and will be lift by the heads, and there where all became aggravated, struggle with them could appear not on a shoulder. It is necessary to report for all, for each thought accept in consciousness, if it not from Light. This report will consist that when thoughts companions will meet one incarnation at a Threshold protect an input above, each thought should or be accept and with it to remain, or to discard it, that is to extinguish it are magnetic - the attractable force attract it of beget in conformable to this thought layers. After all in that pattern all moved thought, and the thought acquired a special reality and the power over the person if he doing not learn to own thought. In the Thin Pattern life went the turn: someone there smoked, someone are gloomy and alone sat, as doing it on the Earth, someone sawed fire wood, someone walked there-here and considered various plans of any factories, the enterprises, someone sat in the clean, cozy, beautiful room decorate with flowers, and lived still in that to year when he dying, someone pursued you and wanted to catch up on the Earth. All you will not retell, but these observations given a rich material for speculation and understanding of that the state much depended on earth level of consciousness and it accumulation the one incarnation. After all many there slept. And live during an earth dream, and dead, le the dense body owing to death, could be in the complete state of unconsciousness there. The purpose of the pupil is to reach steps of uninterrupted consciousness. It to reach it is hardly an uneasy. A lot of work and efforts should be put to defeat unconsciousness. Persistent struggle with reflex thinking and reflex actions are necessary before to state the power over itself. The reflex thinking conducted to unconsciousness. It is a lunar legacy of the past.

546. (M. A. Y.). The reflex thinking, area subconscious and thinking deductive was connecting very much. In this sphere as though crystallized last will of the person which is c to light in it habits, propensities and tendencies emotional. If person to deprive of consciousness and to give it a free hand, it the lunar reflex entity will come to light to the full. But the lord over it is the person. It are area where it could dispose and state to increased will and expand fiery consciousness that corresponded to a new step it understanding of things. From the pupil the statement of the power over itself, over the past are required, aspire to prove in the present and are frequent in desires and the aspirations which are already contradict a new step, reach of. Further to go, it are necessary to defeat itself, what were the person once.

547. (Nov. 15). The past are at all, and a Leah a little that were admit in the past. Matter is not in volume that were not more it, and in that shades of the past d not shield the light future and not hinder to direct in it. And struggle of the person with itself consisted in that the past doing not conquer and that not the past, but the future were the leading beginning. For Fiery Yoga «in the past all are burn». It meant that all thoughts, feelings and acts of the person were adjust on a key of the future. And if now it did not fly, wherefore doing not seize the thin body in the future it will fly all the same. And if now it the aura yet did not radiate Light and did not disperse an environmental gloom in the future will be. The way to the future lay through the present that are a step to it. And here in this present also it are lay the foundation for the future achievements, and in this present the consciousness and are accustom to arrive in the complete correspondence with the best aspirations of spirit. The present can be considering as sphere of the reasons g corollaries in the future. What grains of these reasons, was that also corollaries. For the pupil all acts was more it was the reasons, seeds of crops who given the shoots in time. He knew that cause and effect was connecting rectilinearly, that is was no separable. Each word, each act, each driving is the reason of the future corollaries, - from here and severe control over itself, from here and strict reasonableness of behavior before face a space.

548. (Guru). Contrary to evidence the phenomena of Light affirmed. We done not see this Light to an eye, but, however, it are. Struggle with evidence of dense and evidence of the astral world are including into the task of the pupil. All people lived under the power rather various conspicuity and were in slavery at them. Transited time – and old evidence are replace new, and old, once so strongly sound for consciousness, died off, are frog and replace new and so strongly sound. Sounding of the present if it is sat vanity, and will be that Maia with whom the consciousness want Light are stimulated to struggle permanently.

549. (Guru). S imperfections of friends, it are necessary to think first of all about own and then condemnation will turn to an opinion of truth and if own limitation did not hinder to direct and consider itself noteworthy the Teacher the same should be put and to limitation of the friend too direct to Light and too of consider by worthy of care and attention of the Teacher.

550. (Nov. 17). Solemnity – not pomposity, solemnity – not inflatedness. The solemnity will not admit to break into a dance, will not admit chatter, vanity, obsequiousness, babbling, ingratiation and many other actions and feelings. The solemnity will be expression of understanding of grandeur and Beauty of the Universe and sounding of Spheres of the Higher Worlds. The fear and solemnity was incompatible. The lie and solemnity done not live in one heart. The solemnity eliminated inflated before the mighty of this world and humiliation of worthiness of spirit. The solemnity will not admit a gossip and condemnation. Solemnity of much it is possible to reach.