Agni Yoga's facets, 1968 (551-629)

551. If there were conditions of a life earth there was also conditions of a life of the Thin World. A life restrict to connectedness of consciousness, but not lives. Charm of the astral world failed at conscious collision with conditions it a life, that is with what many inhabitants of this worlds plunge into earth vestiges and us creative possibilities of spirit on creation of illusions of earth existence there where all formed and moved thought surrounded them. It is possible quite, but it stopped development and enhancement of spirit, wherefore advantages of a thin state consisted at all in artificially to continue to pull behind themselves a tail of earth vestiges. Live still there in close houses though they aren't necessary. Was engaged in still affairs earth, when they to what. And not so much earth affairs was not necessary, them limitation purely personal, narrow sphere while the care of the whole people or of mankind c lift consciousness on level the higher how many are harmful. And even the care of to help, someone to support and to guard, c deduce the person from a vicious circle it egoism. The field for super personal activity in the Thin Pattern is widely open for everyone. Desire to cling to the former earth person so ridiculously, as well as a regret about the le astral peel when there were a separation that is release from it. Much should be reconsidering with absolutely other point of view to enter the free the World Thin. And it is good, if someone is able to do it on the Earth that is to release consciousness from ridiculous and ignorant representations and to accustom it to knowledge of that world.

552. (Nov.19). Not ha anything they could enter. Absence of things which filled and connected consciousness ministered an indispensable condition of freedom in both patterns. It are possible and own, but if there are no feeling of the property, that is connectedness them. When the person considered something as the property, it entered it into the consciousness and it took in it a particular place and filled it. Than more than things, it is more than subjects and connectedness and subjects less place for the phenomena of the spiritual order. Or the avaricious knight all consciousness were occupy from Plyushkin money-making of things and thoughts on them. Connectedness things were so great and they so fill all field of consciousness that for what other place any more doing not remain. Therefore in the Pattern Thin so it is difficult to ardent proprietors to be release from earth vestiges. After all it is necessary to aspire to something, in something to believe and something to wish. But when all are concentrating on the illusive property then the person with it and remained. To poor men and wanderers it are in this respect easier, but under a condition if the consciousness are free from desire to have a thing, or it are free from affection in the earth dwelling. It is possible to have all and not to be the wanderer to be and still absolutely the free in consciousness. Conditions of freedom or connectedness consisted not in things, but in consciousness, that is in the relation to them. It is necessary to understand sense, both value, and an extremity of the things surrounds the person and then, le in the Thin World, they can be le all easy on the Earth. They, of course, remained and so, but astral images were more with themselves the proprietor ardent took and them shorted a circle of the consciousness. It are good to change a place of residence and things that to them not to increase. And, if it are not a pity leave with what that are round the person, meant, the aura it in the aspiration already coming off all it. Speculations about value of earth things very much helped be release from them. Than less than affection to earth, subjects easier and more freely it are possible move further. It are necessary to remember that to loneliness anybody and nothing will change, therefore it are more best lean against Hierarchy of Light, than on passers-by.

553. (Nov.24). Spheres of the Thin World were spheres of test of thoughts. Why? Because there the thought pours out immediately in action and immediately causes visible, partially even to itself, modifications of a thin cover.There secret became explicit and visible. Thought, apparently, and internally hid, and corollaries it was reflect in the exterior form vest spirit. Under the influence of own thoughts the one was disfigure, others, to the contrary, acquired fine, she appearance. The one, who learning own the thoughts and feelings will not admit unsuitable and disfigure. The one who getting used to indulge the lowest and them to admit, exterior appearance will express them. Certainly, and on the Earth thoughts influenced the dense envelope, but only in rare instances instantly and explicitly when, say, the person, ha receive a tremendous message, died of heart attack. But, if attentively to watch of a human face and especially behind some, it are possible to see, how the countenance changed under the influence of thoughts. The thought from the heart, color by feeling, influenced more strongly. It told all about, self-verification and mastering by the feelings and what far-reaching corollaries it how was strongly necessary had. After all if the person – an entity fiery also all processes happen in it, was based on detections of Agni, both mastering by the thoughts and feelings meant the direct approach to mastering by fiery elements at first in itself, and then and outside.

554. (Nov. 25). (M. A. Y.). Each hour of mortal life can be le with of advantage. The main thing – to realize that whatever d on the Earth, all it will be the reasons define conditions of Elevated Abiding., both you will slow, and you will reap, it are a pity that frequent repetition of this great formula erasing in minds human are more its iron inalterability. The first step inactivity of the harm will be more it’s than understanding, second – making are kind, both thought, and a word, and actions. Make for the name of the future, inalienable, as tomorrow. When the purpose are clear also a path before you, it are necessary to go, go only solid, steadily, are fearless and direct, to go to that great, she future who are fated to mankind.

555. (Guru). And it is necessary to go all the same by the ground and feet human, and besides own; therefore any transcendental and groundless dreams which haven't been approved by application in life, as a matter of fact, to anything. The pupil and in life should be both are practical, and are sharp-witted. Impracticality to life and failing to live specified in inadaptability of consciousness. But quality of adapt very valuably and are very necessary not only on the Earth, but it are even more in patterns. We very much appreciated practical sharpness in the pupil. After all and to the pupil possibility to have the wards where it if also could not clear up difficult living conditions will suit could be present.

556. (Guru). If life in a one incarnation condition depends on consciousness as these accumulation that they could liberate consciousness from its coherence and a habit to think conditions of the dense world have be rich and to submit to them. If the person never thought that in a thin body he can fly, he and won't depart. Let those who never about it thought will think of it. In the future it very much is useful to them.

557. (Nov. 28). Dismissal from things is concluding in a failure with feeling of the property. Not from possession of things there is a failure, but the relation to them changed. The order of beg friars forbidding the terms to have any things. But if such monk internally didn't refuse things and dreamed of possession them, such dismissal was insolvent. We Allowed to own all, but under a condition internally not to consider anything as the, but only g for a while. The proprietor of the house remained with this house, and even in this house, and after death of a physical body. This is the slave to the property who had been b hand and foot by it. Own the house, but release with feeling of the property, did not adhere to it wherefore did not consider as the ad, abandon a body, stopped thinking about it wherefore knew that things earth was necessary only for the Earth, but not further. There are it the free from the things, not connect by them and not car away them images with itself(himself) to the World Thin further. After all there all are create by thought, and the thin forms of things create by thought, crowded round the person if it were not release from the illusive property. It are necessary to think of, how it are hard, in the Pattern Thin, still to think that the proprietor really possessed ground grounds, fields and woods, fields and arable lands or meadows, houses and other things. Release from things and dismissal from the property – in the spirit of. From something in the spirit of it are necessary solid and to interpret dismissal clearly. No abstinences from food or something another will give desirable results if only desires was not g ride in the spirit of if in the spirit of there were no dismissal from them. Not g rid, they again will lift heads, and became the person of more bitterly from them, than were earlier. Deep speculations could lead to understanding of senselessness of possession things and temporariness’s of each of them. With how many possessing things greed, it would like more and more. Ha thousand robles there are the millionaire, a millionaire – the billionaire, but where a limit of greediness human? Release from desires did not consist in to satisfy, wherefore they will grow, and in that in the spirit of from them to be release. Cases of phenomenal sin of gluttony and other passions and defects human were known. The destiny of these people in the Pattern Elevated is awful. Mastering by self-included also dismissal in the spirit of from all that connected it freedom that attracted it to the Earth and hindered to rise in those spheres where terrestrial gravitations come to an end. The person which is worry over the property in the dense pattern, – the phenomenon frequent enough, but only in the Pattern Thin absurdity of continuation of feeling of the property came to light in all force, but, unfortunately, not for the most proprietor, and for this purpose who watched it from outside.

558. (M. A. Y.). «Soul wash grieved mortally». A Leah reflects sometime over these words? And over them it would be advisable to think, wherefore the Burden of this world is great. Follow the Lord, everyone in process of the forces, divided burden it. And when the consciousness lit up with thought that sensation of unreasonable loading not from it, but that in the spirit of gravity of the Burden of the Lord planetary then also forces will be are dived to withstand all and even more than that are possible. Follow the Lord divided both the pleasure, and trouble Are more hits. And if forces will find in itself to aspire to help It at an o'clock It difficult the highest pressure and loading also It Will not leave the one who showing such self-denying care of It a minute of need It heavy.

559. If the proprietor s in the program moldy small house in the Pattern Elevated is ridiculous proprietors of the passions and defects was not less abomination, awful and ugly. They too sat there in imagine in opium smoking room gambling dens, in public houses, in houses of debauchery, or disappeared on dark corners, indulge in lusts overwhelm by them. From much it are necessary to the person to be release, before he are able drop with itself(himself) a heavy load of last heaping.

560. (Nov. 29). Reflection off him and off prevents, to hinder to think off others and the friend. Even the space note cannot be defining if to be occupying with the experiences. T in hands an ancient thing and wish to define or feel it stratifications, it are necessary to depart from itself and to extinguish the personal feelings. Then things could start to speak. Each thing, and especially old, are cover by stratifications of vibrations of that round it happening. The matter possessed storage. Sensing organisms acutely felt atmosphere of ancient temples, locks and other places where accumulate for eyelids of adjournment of various energies. Even enter into another's house and ha release from itself, at least for an instant, it are possible to experience easily it atmosphere. « There it are pleasant to Me to happen», – the inhabitant spoke not to the report in the thin sensations. And why? He unconsciously felt aura of a place, and it are feeling defined it the relation. The pupil learned to analyze similar sensations and that aggravated the susceptibility. The stub of it did not feel we will not envy it to wooden entity. It are possible to tell that things had soul that is aura, them surround. Things and the subjects which were in a surrounding of the person had it. Generally speaking, all had aura exist in a pattern, but the aura of plants, flowers, birds and animals had already other character. Stones and water had aura even. With invisible radiations each place on a planet is sated.

561. (Guru). To feel pleasure in the spirit of, irrespective of exterior conditions and even contrary to them, will be victory over them. And if madmen endured various emotions contrary to environmental, really the sane person could not rise over life so to become higher than vanity of the ordinary and utter darkness narrow-minded.

562. (Nov. 30). Goes to Me, - with Me and to be. But the level of closeness of this is various. Nearness to Me is also in of the spirit. It are possible to be near to Me, but further spiritually, than the one who are for thousand kilometers, but in the spirit of with Me are uniform. Spiritual closeness is essential, and anybody, except the c most nearly, could not separate or take away it. Each action, feeling, or thought it is possible to come nearer to Me even more or from Me keep away. It is possible to think about all motions, admit in envelopes, under this corner. Understanding of continuous Presence and thought that on hidden to the movie everything is brought that occurs inside and outside, will help not to break this proximity. It are necessary, that reality of invisibility defeating the dense visibility and becoming actual for consciousness. The invisible world is, and any negations, any evidence, any blindness could be it to force. But the recognition in the spirit of sooner or later will lift it are immutable a curtain. So, and the recognition Me in the spirit of are immutable to Me will result and in a body or in that envelope who will appear more suitable by the time of. Closeness wash it are not excellent for the spirit direct to Me. The magnet of My spirit collected spirits, conformable to art sixth race. And reply on Call directed to Focus of an attraction. Unknown time also is mark by conditions unknown and possibilities exceptional. Nothing will stop those who judgment to Me, and no barriers, neither internal, nor exterior, will delay them. Space periods approached, and were awake howl mine.

563. (M. A. Y.). More and more the force strain to release the wings for flights. The channels laid in space will facilitate movement on them. The spirit pinned as butterfly, pin to the house and thought not ventured to step out of its limits, dooms itself to immovability and in other worlds. It is so important to exempt winged thought from any fetters. In the Thin World – where thought, there and spirit. The thought conducts. Value of thought for flights in space should be understood.

564. (Deque. 1). The habit mentally to visit the different places far and close and to fly thought about a planet will facilitate already conscious activity in the Pattern Thin. The threshold show by thought had leading value. Even earth flights by earth planes priced by aspiration by thought. Plainness punched ways to the future and led to realization of conceive. Thus important there are not so much how aspiration will be Carr out, but it is important to dare. At purposefulness of a way of realization, or achievement will develop thought who knew the purpose. The thought are magnetic, it will attract the elements necessary for it for implementation or an embodiment already in the complete forms from space. «We Given the guarantee of an attraction of thought». Creative thoughts it are immutable created. All creations of hands human were result of creativity of thoughts. It are not necessary to raise eyes to the sky and to search for phenomenon of this law in Spheres Elevated, it are bright also strong phenomenon and on the Earth. By thought and earth it is create.

565. (M. A. Y.). Both on Earth, and in the worlds the spiritual wealth collects own hands and own efforts. Nobody can make it for someone another. Not taken by own aspirations, isn't late in consciousness. Power of aspiration the area of Intimate Knowledge undertakes. The teacher Gives knowledge according to power of aspiration and is commensurable with essence and the nature of the pupil.

566. (Guru). Honoring of Hierarchy is distinct from humility. From honoring force, from humility – a pettiness will be born. Let's distinguish these two antipodes. The awesomeness and thrill before majesty of Hierarchy and Light are more it’s than anything common had no with humility near to whom moved gray fear, ingratiation and servility. Honoring of Hierarchy and worthiness of spirit done not eliminate each other, but worthiness of spirit and humility was incompatible. Crawl before the Higher are eliminate in the pupil. Quality of humbleness did not mean humility, but included ability to restrain the egoism and lusts and to discipline the lowest "I".

567. (Dec. 2). The reality of the worlds is relative; and unless the world dense not on consciousness? For the philosopher, the poet, the composer, the artist, the drunkard, the gambler, the miser, the careerist, the addict and the sadist the world dense is perceived through a lens of their consciousness, painted by all its features. All worlds are on consciousness. The world Thin is even more colorful, than terrestrial, and, perceiving it, the person forgets about the world of terrestrial evidence. Valid there is that world in which corresponding cover there is a spirit. For a fiery body and spirit, in its staying, the World Fiery is real. The synthetic consciousness of the Adherent unites all three worlds in the understanding, and each of them is separately available to it. There could be they available and to some already enough developed spirits if they found forces in themselves not too to plunge into the terrestrial. Not about Earth I Speak, its paints, its nature, flowers and meadows, the woods and mountains, oceans and the rivers and other beauty, but about personal, vain, small, worldly narrow-minded experiences of the person which entirely do him blind and deaf to everything. The beauty of the nature pulls together it with all worlds, because in Beauty life and Beauty – the bridge to Light. Everything depends on where the consciousness is directed and that it perceives. World dense, which too on consciousness,-is infinitely diverse. Mountain Mother World as a symbol can serve greatness of the world terrestrial, and our Stronghold the strong basis of new understanding of that surrounds the person and it is available to it even in a body dense.

568. (M. A. Y.). The enemy should be known, and also the persistence and ingenuity are more hits. Astral is the enemy ancient, persistent and persevering. What only receptions and methods not apply by ascetics, ascetics and men of faith of former times to result it in obeying! Self-torture and fetters show how much he strong and as difficultly were it break it willfulness, more comprehensible methods. Agni Yoga of show to combat the uniform beginning of spirit, without resort similar measures. In the Thin World fetters it is impossible to take, and there is no physical body that could be torture and then the Instructions on the uniform beginning of spirit acquired the special significance. Each collision with willfulness of an astral should come to an end with victory of spirit. Defeat, at least and temporary, strengthened it and gave the chance to it to be show in the same direction and in the future. Victory should be the complete and final, and patrol should be stat.

569. (Dec. 4). A Leah a little that c is in the past. Not in it business, and in to conquer past, that is the heaping. Only it are possible to be release by this path from them influence. « In the past all are burn for Fiery Yoga», and all are burn for this reason. Old thoughts as guards of the Threshold, stood, without allow to promote further if person not in state it to oppose thoughts even more the strong, but opposite on character. And as though it are impossible to destroy, the patrol protect from them influences, should be constant, - misfortune all in that, as they too grown. Hence, and the person should grow, both outgrow them, and create new thoughts, more power potential. Besides, dark creatures, know weaknesses and weak spots of human entity and s occasionally these fancies, aspired to influence in these directions, inflate d-away fires of thoughts useless. But the spirit is invincible, if burned with not out aspiration to Light. In the course of fiery aspiration new thoughts grown and reached such force that overcoming of old accumulation became possible. This path reached victory over the past. And if it is reach already on the Earth and at the moment of solve struggle between the lowest and the Higher the Higher easily conquered diadem the Thin Pattern. Victory is providing, if we together if the inherence of Closeness are realize. It is necessary to recall words more often: «Putting, neither circumstances, nor character, the reasons everyone’s could not suppose barriers between the Teacher and the pupil».

570. (M. A. Y.). Let's remember invincible force of a rhythm of progress. Rescue – in it wherefore it meant persistence without which forward there are no way. Among those who lagging behind, quality of persistence were not show. And without it both love, and fidelity, and aspiration, and many other things if not all, qualities of spirit lost the force. For example, we will take quality of purity. That did it cost, if from time to time are substitute with the contrast and immersed consciousness in darkness? Or quality of fearlessness if it from time to time are replace by fear. «The integral circuit had value». Discontinuity of qualities deprived of them value. Therefore it is necessary not only to think or dream of persistence of qualities, but also to state it in life. The rhythm of persistence of Dialogue force let's state the desirable concordance of qualities.

571. (Guru). Each to Light withstood cruel struggle with the lowest nature and with the limitation: the one – with one, another – with others. They was at all, but in a level different and was various on the properties and character. The understanding of this circumstance helped to except condemnation at the analysis of character of associates, too to Light, and even not. The teacher did not know condemnation, me even very incomplete people. He Knew them entity, He Saw them with all are more their limitation. It Weighed them on scales of validity and, knows, nevertheless Did not denounce. Let's learn to distinguish an opinion from condemnation and, ha learn, we will apply only the first. The aura of the person, a phenomenon opinion of truth, – are light, the aura of the blame are soil the dark and sadden.

572. (M. A. Y.). Merge with Light, merge in the light of are the higher that the person on the Earth and in patterns could have. Only in the light of it are possible to behold Light of the Hierarch of the Leader. Only in the light of it are possible to rise to It. But that the darkness who somewhere else nested inside on back streets of consciousness, were replace with Light, the consciousness should be release absolutely. Everyone able unbiased to judge itself knew perfectly, from what it are necessary to it to be release to replace darkness with Light. It is impossible to exchange treasure of Light for illusive allure of darkness under which thorns and prickles was latent, and behind them the abyss are unroll. Now time of final and irrevocable decisions: either in darkness, or to Light. Sharing of mankind, an event on a planet, – final. There is no middle: everyone should adjoin or a pole of darkness, or to a pole of Light. Light, Great Light to a planet of judgment, and all who will not adjoin it, will not have more places on it neither in this century, nor in the future. To them which have not adjoin, it are fated other planet.

573. (Dec. 6). Immersing in the earth tore off from reality. After all reality in understanding of all three worlds and in aspiration to all we rubbed – in the equilibrium which is not offer advantages to capture consciousness only by evidence dense. After all for it reality is latent, and reality is valuable in all completeness. «We were realists-reality» and our Stronghold are the center of all three worlds. Even it is difficult to imagine, as restrictedly the consciousness which is content with evidence. To present, it are necessary to fly into a rage, depart as though from itself, that is to be release. Again we come to firmness of the ancient Covenant – «Be rejecting from myself and follow Me». So, of depth knowledge each Great Doctrine wherefore Bases It reposed on inexhaustibility are sat. Therefore those who felt it could re-read endlessly the Covenants in them, and every time to find something new. Not about callous reading it are t, but about vitally apple mastering of the read. Will ask, why We Repeated all the same. Answer: « Let's repeat until all will be enclos in life». Each repetition are not that other, as a new turn of a spiral, the truth similar to prior, but at level new, at level of new understanding of Uniform, not repeat, but eternally New Doctrine of Life, same in all centuries, but in different aspects, and commensurable consciousness with a step of those to whom it are g. Root one and one trunk, but different branches. Only synthesis could the diversity, a variety and value of these aspects t separately are filled, and to unite them in understanding of the Thing Uniform. As Space are diversiform also, and forms it detection was boundless, but the entity are more its – one. And this entity is Fire. As exterior forms of the Secret Knowledge which is partially product in Doctrines was various also, but Bases was immutable and firm.

574. (M. A. Y.). It correctly: lacks of the pupil existed for overcoming. All of them, who were especially latent, come to light the Teacher with special emphasis and to be over. Transmutations in the contrast become them of forges. The principle "are cold or hot" meant that something even negative could be pour, regeneration in the positive same or even high potential. About a pettiness, not hot, not cold but only lukewarm, It are t: «I will cast out from My mouth». In the modern language it meant that they will be thru out from a flow of evolution and will turn to Space rubbish.

575. (Guru). Who strongly went, on the way that another’s judgments will not force down, condemnation and misunderstanding and not only strangers, but even friends if there was those. The one, who knew the path, will not be confused opinions of the ignorant. But protect the Treasures of the Signs b to closeness of Hierarchy or Entrust Are more hits, and do not give another on check of the proof or acknowledgement of on what you spoken. Let and they need proofs; will apply keenness of heart as also you in due time appl. After all what you t also whatever proofs show, even in the visible form, nothing will get moving forward sadden by doubt or disbelieving consciousness. So, beads do not throw. And, if there were a desire to share earlier, and after the reveal doubt from the friend fading, consider the decision to refrain from proofs and distribution of that so it are expensive to the heart, the exact.

576. (M. A. Y.). Intrusion of chaos threatened people much more often, than they thought. During these moments especially carefully it are necessary to store equilibrium and especially strongly to keep for Hierarchy. «Except a thread of heart there is nothing». But this She Thread is more reliable than walls of stone and iron locks. In heart the Image of the Lord protected, as a board. The silver Thread is retained forges spirit. And nothing is terrible, while the Thread is whole.

577. (Guru). Dark on the guard it is around constant. And when said aloud something that it were possible to reach or state, they buy and by tried to destroy it. Therefore it are best not to speak about some successes aloud not to give them in hands of that, on what they c fall and whenever possible damage. Words was hear by them first of all, – it are already much more difficult than thought. It is best not to mention much at all.

578. (Dec.. 11). It agreed to a parable, the prodigal son were accepted by the Father after long and vain wanderings in darkness exterior and receiving the share. Many wandered around and nearby, without f an input. And, even ha enter, still felt as though the strangers which as though do not have the rights to an input. A word "son" even if it also had in itself no particular instructions on communication with the Space Father, nevertheless covered in it deep value and granted the right to Closeness. It reminded of a thread connect with the Teacher, and as though predetermined destiny of the person. Unlike communication blood it underlined spiritual communication and replaced consanguinity with relationship on spirit. It was once t to people that they, ha accept a precept of the Doctrine, sons God's will be name. Certainly, such sons will be in the relation to each other brothers and daughters – sisters. And then the universal brotherhood of all mankind will begin to carry out probably on the Earth. A lot of blood will spill, many atrocities and misfortunes will be accomplished and a lot of harm before people will reach realization of a brotherhood. But had an example of our Brotherhood, and everyone who wanted, could start to state in life It Ideals. The basis Are more its – inactivity of harm and the statement good-creative. People of all horrors of tcreative them once will not withstand harm and to good will be converting, and to Light. And then the brotherhood will affirm on clarify and the transfigure Earth. And then «the flock will be uniform and the Shepherd» Are uniform.

579. (Dec. 12). At passage in the World Thin new possibilities opened only for those who wanted them and to them aspired. Who having no aspirations, except normal, earth, with them and remained. The similar relation can be spread to all inhabitants abide there. They was ship in customary affairs and thoughts, and wonderful singularities of that world which they c use and apply easily, remained not realize and not. In the same way and on the Earth passed by people, without attract the attention; many wonderful phenomena are more there. A little the useful gave to such spirits abiding in the Thin Pattern. Negations was especially pernicious, they stopped the extension of consciousness and sphered it hopelessness. Even the small recognition or a faith in the World Thin facilitated much and on much opened eyes. But the person is the builder of the future, and from this a material and with those tools whom he added to the arsenal. The elevated World gave unlimited possibilities of cognition and operation, but only to the one who admitted them in consciousness. Otherwise the future will be restricting by narrowness of understanding of properties and singularities of the extra dense existence, for limits over which consciousness could not step.

580. (Dec. 13). We’ll all that helped and contributed in climbing, and that hindered are bad. This measure can be applied to all phenomena of life. Sometimes, apparently, the most harmless things could appear among hinder. Also there are no common standard. The individual approach is necessary. There are still a division on a treatment of light and shade. It is faultless, but it is necessary to have developed consciousness and the refine heart. In the Thin Pattern are easier and more simple, as the thought or emotion are reflect in radiations, and it are impossible to hide entities of an endure state. Therefore thin it is possible to name the World a place of test of thoughts. Not only that thought of phenomenon of outwardly, it attracted beget in the spheres, correspond are more it’s to character and slight full. Dark thoughts accord to dark layers also was attract to them, light – light. At the install and customary monitoring over thoughts of unexpectedness it is less. The law of a consonance controlled patterns.

581. (Deuce. 14). The true majesty of the person is defined only in centuries. Will transit centuries, and the Appearance of the Guru in representation of mankind will grow till the true sizes and the Light full Pattern along with those whom the thought human fanning a halation of power, knowledge and forces will take a place appropriate to it among the highest. Date will mark on December 13 on all planets. He, as well, as all remarkable people of the time, going in advance the eyelid. The thought were more are direct in the future. In this future he sees Carr out great assignment of the person as the employee of Space forces and the citizen of the Universe. It doing not restrict human life of Earth, he seeing life on Far Patterns and calling to cooperation with them. It was firmly convinced that the person will fall outside the limits a planet and will join life of the Distant Worlds. He considering that on some of them people reach high steps of knowledge and force and that earth dwellers can for much learn at them. To Distant Patterns he considering aspiration as the factor opens before mankind new possibilities of unprecedented achievements in the field of a science, in all branches of knowledge. He considering possibilities of human knowledge as nothing restricted. He trusted in great bright future of mankind.

582. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness is defining by thought. Consciousness at all, but thoughts was various, and from each other people on qualities of the consciousness unboundedly differed. For the extension of consciousness it are necessary, that the thought growing. For transfiguration of consciousness it is necessary, that the thought were transfigure. The emphasis became on thinking wherefore the thought are a basis. About quality of thought it is t enough that it was possible to start care of it. Each thought influenced the person. As carefully it is necessary to concern those thoughts that was admit in consciousness. Thoughts created, thoughts weaved karma, thoughts created the future of the person. Thought observe if wanted to reach.

583. (Guru). Not we need a human recognition, but to people. We without it will live, and here it will be tightly in that restricted circle whom they clos the thinking. Us recognize and to us convert by though, they established magneto connection with a perennial spring of lightful energies, wherefore we – only explorers of Light radiant by Focus of Hierarchy. Therefore the recognition so are important for recognize. After all, to receive, it is necessary to be converting; to whom and where? We show also channelized. Through us it is possible to approach to Those Who Conducted us easily. But, if it are reject us, the showing an input, how to enter? But, the entire not know. Meant, it is necessary to recognize able to specify a direction.

584. (M. A. Y.). "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything". These words of Great Spirit can't be forgotten because in an everyday dense it is necessary to meet constantly these strong waves of the external influences, seeking to extinguish heart fires if only these opposite waves can mention something inside and cause undesirable accords with antagonistic or dark energy of space. That defends from them, Showing continuous patrol. But, to approve immunity of spirit to negative impacts, it is necessary to meet one more condition which is most difficult: it is necessary that inside there was nothing, consonant to darkness external. And then it is possible to meet rough waves of surf

585. (Guru). And, when the rhythm is stat and becoming such immutable as daily sun raising then it are possible confidently, solid and fruit-bearer to direct in the future and singing to reap from power energy of a rhythm. If the people undress, what invincible force consisted in progress of a rhythm?

586. (Dec. 17). Afflict and sadden under the influence of unfavorable circumstances, we it could not refine them on a jot. Therefore it is best not to give in to similar emotions. They were quite natural in normal people. But responses yoga on exterior living conditions differed from reflexes of inhabitants. It are best to learn not to react in any way, at least only because done not know that will bring with itself this or that phenomenon. Therefore it are necessary to rejoice or, anyway, not to admit darkness. After all it could not change anything. Response of the complete calmness, or impassivity, on those or other events in private life gave in hands the power over itself, and, hence, to some extent, and the power over event. The person which is overwhelm by the feelings and experiences and not ha the authorities over them, are powerless to control and the phenomena, them caus. Equilibrium are a force which power anything could not resist. And not to changes of the exterior conditions, aspiration to break peace of mind, it is necessary to aspire, but to the statement of equilibrium who will give the chance to control in hands and unwanted conditions. A normal error that energy directed on exterior whiles the most necessary, the most important for elimination exterior – to install equilibrium of spirit. Equilibrium collected inside, in focus fiery power of the spirit which energies was normally direct outside and scatter in different directions and forces was deprive thanks to it. As all force of shock of battering-ram concentrated on an edge and acquired indestructible power, and the stat equilibrium collected in a one point of application of energy of consciousness and produced the necessary action. In certain cases, especially at protection, it is enough to install equilibrium. Huge force consisted in mastering by self, and equilibrium ministered a board. During the day many cases display equilibrium of spirit could be present. Let it will be show on trifles as small things and the phenomena was considerable that the big grown from them.

587. (Dec. 18). The person getting used to wait for tips from the Sky, to ask favors. But We Spoke: come and take, ask nobody. The condition simple – everyone measured to itself a piece. The thought and imagination ministered a criterion. Thought and imagination the person measured the future and that part which he wanted to have in it. There, where the thought reigned, all are create and moved thought. And the thought are life of consciousness, and the thought defined boundaries of possibilities. The latitude of thought depended on the extension of consciousness. For an example it is possible to compare latitude of thought of a holder of a tavern with of the width thoughts of the philosopher and to see properties and boundaries of thinking of both. All depended on what thoughts carried away with itself the person in the World Thin of the world earth. Task of everyone –be accumulating by thoughts and aspiration which moved them. The question in the volume, what thoughts take more best with itself in a path far and with what to leave? On the Earth power and value of thought was not always realize. The thought are rejecting as the force cause life of the person. Neither over them had nobody wanted to think of observance of thoughts, nor on monitoring. Was engaged in it so far as those or other conditions demand application of attention, and consequently, and thoughts forced. But often the attention is converting on harm and there the thought are converting. But the thought of harm directed in darkness. But that could be more awful than darkness of the lower class of the Thin World where unbridle dark thoughts created abomination, awful and ugly forms, conclude beget them in a circle of hopelessness. The pure thought the guarantee ministered cleanness’s of aspiration and purity and lightfull of those spheres where directed the creator? «We Give the guarantee of magnetos of an attraction of thought», the one who wanted to be with Us, should observe purity of thought.

588. (M. A. Y.). All entity, each thought the, all life of the Guru showing entity of the Doctrine of Life, entity of the Doctrine of the Lord nowadays g to people. To separate it the person from the Doctrine of Life it are impossible, wherefore it are merge with it indissolubly. Therefore will not be an error if to consider that all g in the Doctrine of Live Ethics completely and are certainly dived by the Guru, it are accepted of. For understanding of character of the Guru than creativity it also are more it’s very important wherefore, proceeding from it, it are possible to define unmistakably it character, creativity and his life are more hits. It was the Doctrine of Fiery Yoga as understood it, and this understanding in the ardent appendix in practice, in life poured out.

589. (Guru). The good pupil expressed honoring of the Guru in operation. Verbal honoring is anything. Than the consciousness is wider, actions were brighter than subjects also. On actions we judged fitness of the pupil. Everyone could define where words come to an end and actions begun. Agni Yoga is Yoga of action. Create the whole world of actions, but according to what the Yoga of Fire learned; of the action, action, action – so Specify by the Lord.

590. (Dec. 19). In life normal the person did not pull behind itself a tail of memories on the past, but used that are necessary for it at present, and filled the consciousness with current impressions arrive in it. Ha release from a body and ha recover new center of perception, he started to live that surrounded it in new conditions, save in storage from the past that in it were most strongly sound. It is possible to forget to be oneself and still all past. It is possible not to think at all of the past and to save center of consciousness. After all, embody, the person did not remember the former lives, but experience of the past came to light in it abilities, propensities, desires and aspirations. In the same way and at passage in the Thin World the entity of the person, g used to react to a particular row of influences, will be consonante to those elements who made a matter it thin, mental and fiery ph. That in life collecting, that and will be consonante to a new surroundings. If elements of Light assembled, responses will be more its light-sonorous and the magnetic attraction conformably will be to spheres fine. If elements of darkness and a thin body are collected is issued in compliance and the accord with them, both the attraction and reactions will go on dark channels and to the lower class.The consciousness, of course, will undergo modifications, but besides in a direction of channels of aspiration earlier d in space and thoughts, that is the person will reap that sowing, and the harvest will be more it’s in the complete correspondence with crops. Desires and aspirations will be the engine. Goes to fathers – with them will arrive. Goes to the Lord – and be with the Lord. “Coming to Me, I not Expel out”.

591. (M. A. Y.). The world Thin took part in life of a planet. But not all was active; the majority is occupied by itself. Inhabitants of Devachana were ship in the happy dreams – to it not to the Earth. But employees of Light and pupils of Lords continued to work menacingly on favor of the world; this activity very versatile and diverse. It is cause by absence of egoism and egoism. Many studied and knowledge of the world earth added knowledge World Elevated. There it are easier to study, wherefore learning went a visual path and practically. For example, on the Earth geography normally studied on books, there the planet can be learn, visit stud places and the countries. As also the astronomy are stud in practice. Unlimited possibilities of thought solved these problems. For the developed consciousness knnowing that it wanted, life in the Thin Pattern is full of scalene possibilities, if only the g rid lusts and passions hinder.

592. (Guru). Ing whatever condition you imagined the person who has passed to the Thin World, any representation will be correc, because these conditions are so various as are various both people, and an inner world of everyone. It is possible to give general provisions and to provide some laws, but everyone creates on itself and to itself creates that environment in which lives. Theis Main condition is put absolutely precisely into word: "Theis World – on consciousness". Therefore the main care of the person is about the consciousness and about what it lives and that fills it. Everything thus matters, all trifles and the slightest thoughts. It is given on belief, that is on acceptance in consciousness of these or those provisions, thoughts, belief and so on. Very importantly, what guests are invited by the person to a feast of the thoughts, that is what thoughts are allowed in the inner world because thoughts cause the future of the person in all worlds.

593. (Dec. 20). I Speak about the extension of consciousness because it are necessary so much to contain. The diversity of the world is not la down in frames of normal consciousness. Oppositions especially difficultly held, and, instead of show appearance of the Thing Uniform, they t separately and in itself, caused contradictions and misunderstanding. The unity of the world is comprehended only under condition of containment of oppositions. It are easy to admit, look at the one end of a stick that it had also another, or, know about the North Pole, it are possible to assume that existed also southern – the contrast are more its, or that the gloom of night will be replace by light of day. But when the thought concerned more deep phenomena, for example, youth and an old age, pleasure and a grief, rise and falling of morals, heyday and falling of the people, heyday and loss of the whole civilizations and many other matter of life and death only synthetic consciousness allowed to reconcile, equilibrate and understand entity of these oppositions. Usually people suffer one-sided thinking when, trying to understand any phenomenon; they aren't able to see its opposite pole. If saw, wouldn't create the evil. If understood, life on Earth would change. If that each travail cause short-range, completely will cease and will sputter out on the one who caused it, much burn and many travails would not admit. But the narrow-mindedness of thinking did people blind. And the blind men on roads of life, often got to holes and carried away behind it others, too blind and not undress that, wound, restrain and stifle others, harmed first of all to itself wherefore uniformly all real and select itself from it anybody could not.

*594. (Dec. 21). Association of the worlds has to happen first of all in consciousness of the person. Actually the worlds aren't disconnected, but represent itself a single whole. Among hundred millions incarnate and billion one incarnation spirits it is easy to become puzzled and miss the direction. But on the guard there is a Hierarchy of Light. The ladder of Hierarchy leaves up and has no end. If for it to grasp and rise at least on it’s any step, at once under feet there will be a firm support and crowds of the dense and thin worlds any more won't absorb the person. From steps of the Ladder of Light it is possible to behold safely the world, without being afraid to be involved in funnels of unknown currents, or whirlwinds astral. It is necessary to hold Hierarchy strong. Other support isn't present. It is so much tossing spirits in this world and in that, not knowing the direction, not knowing where go. "From the Stronghold hands are given and Beams" flow. It is necessary to enter into an orbit of an attraction of Light, it is necessary to merge with the Hierarchy Beam consciously. Anyhow resist among whirlwinds terrestrial and elevated? The aspiration creates an attraction to Light Focus. Let the aspiration become conscious. Consciousness it is necessary to keep strong the Beam of the Hierarch. "Except a thread of heart there is nothing".

595. At constancy of control over thought will be gradually, though it is imperceptible, to weaken impact of former, undesirable accumulation, they yet won't lose the power over consciousness absolutely. This way reaches clarification from thoughts useless. At once it is impossible to reach it because former thoughts live. At first the person purposefully creates the necessary stream of thinking, and then conducts already thought. It conducts all one incarnation in the accord with the nature to those spheres which are related it on structure.

596. (M. A. Y.). Each Focus of Light matters for surrounding his environment and for space. This value usually isn't understood because "Light bearing it" isn't visible. If not these light, the world would roll in a gloom. It is necessary to think to a thicket of it and to realize the responsibility before space and the Assignment which consists in bearing Light to the world. Thus control over thoughts gets not personal, but all-useful value. Not for the sake of itself and the prosperity, but for the sake of General Welfare Light is kept by consciousness. Each person radiations of the aura sates environment with Light or darkness, and it is necessary to think of that, strong to think that brings in the world vibrations of the aura of people.

597. (Guru). The thought on the Teacher are touching of Light, a tangency to Light, join with Light. Constant abiding of the Choir of the Teacher in heart is contact with Light. This constant pretending it is very difficult to reach. All environmental confronted with this Closeness, and the darkness growled. And all counteracted aspiration to affirm in the light of. But moved aspiration, and if it are not interrupting and did not die away, achievement of the purpose will be provide.

598. (Dec. 22). Full-return of to the Lord causes receiving. To receive, it is necessary to give it completely; in the spirit of return and in the spirit of receiving. Think at return of usual things. But to whom they are necessary. In Light sphere to terrestrial things of a place isn't present. Therefore return – only in the spirit of. Given everything, all, a measure full will receive. After all it is necessary to give everything, even the covers, and to remain in Light clothes. But it is necessary that return was conscious and voluntary. There can be a question: how so, everything should be given, and what remains? There will be an eternal, integral property of the person – the Immortal Triad his, his true Identity; it’s the highest fiery "I". It also is the person, not passing in centuries. All the rest – only temporary clothes, close and passing. To identify itself with the Immortal and Eternal Triad – means to reach a step of uninterrupted consciousness. It is the highest that the person on Earth can reach, and then anything terrestrial it isn't necessary, it isn't necessary things, it isn't necessary manors, it isn't necessary anything from this that so strong people solicit. Because, Kingdom My not from this world and that who comes in him, it is released from itself and terrestrial property. Treasures of spirit exceed riches terrestrial. Fate of the last always same: they are always left on Earth spirit leaving a body. But spirit treasures always remain at it and by spirit are carried away further with itself and in the spirit of. Therefore it was told long ago: "Don't collect to itself treasures on Earth". But people of Earth are deaf and blind and strong continue them to collect that to leave everything. But in the spirit of the begun to see clearly seeks to escape from a wheel of hopelessness and in the spirit of freedom to reach, having broken off chains terrestrial. To it directed, our Help is ready.

599. (Dec. 23). My world is the world of unlimited opportunities of spirit. Doors in it open that who in it is directed. The entrance fee is it is necessary to understand so that all things terrestrial and all with what the person is surrounded on Earth, – only lifting steps to the world of spirit and that everything is left that not to return to them. The poison of things and the terrestrial passing phenomena only that can't leave them and take them with itself in the spirit of the three where they were the place to them isn't present aren't necessary where, deprived of the terrestrial basis, they burden the person the illusive reality and close to it an entrance to the World the Highest where isn't present neither prophetic, nor terrestrial property where the spirit of the person is free from them. The nature of things should be known, and then they lose poison. And then it is possible to own everything. And then the secret of possession by things without feeling of property is comprehended. And then the spirit is free from the power of things over consciousness.

600. The consciousness possesses persistent feature back to come back, losing that was already won. The lunar essence, yet get rid, seeks to plunge powerlessly into the past, into the phenomena with which it lives and which feed it. Light of morning dispersing shadows night, it isn't conformable. Therefore it is difficult to hold won, rejecting vague voices and past calls. But "in the past everything is burned for Fiery Yoga", and back there is no way.

601. (Guru). The unity of the worlds destroys seeming their separation and reparability from each other. With this understanding also it is necessary to approach to a problem of connection of the Thin and dense worlds. Reparability actually isn't present, but there is she in consciousness of the person. Therefore, from consciousness also it is necessary to begin and approve in it, in thoughts and understanding, this idea. And then the consciousness which has accepted the principle of unity real, will help to open eyes on reality and to start seeing thin manifestations where wasn't looked through anything earlier.

602. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness has to be always awake and in a dream, and in reality. The wake consciousness is the force, able to disseminate darkness. The feeling of this force can be very bright. It gives a victorious condition to spirit. And then it isn't terrible anything, any attempts to cause the get rid past or to confuse with any allure skillfully thought up and thrown dark. It is necessary to understand, the evil-trick from where creeps, and then it is easy to be protected. Very few people will want to be seduced with dark bait if the sharp-clawed hands which have thrown it are seen. The dark make many efforts lulling into a false sense of security and to make blind to recognition of their tricks; in it their force. Exposed, they immediately recede because are weakened thanks to disclosure of their smart inventions. It is necessary to have hundred eyes and not to be deceived by external inoffensiveness of some manifestations not to be misled.

603. (Dec. 25). Heart can fly, but holds his brain. It is occupied with the reasons which are so far from flights. The brain should be given to the subordinated situation in relation to heart. But for this purpose heart has to be cleared of any litter. Culture of heart is an issue of utmost importance. Black heart is a disaster for mankind; such hearts plunged mankind into horrors of wars, destructions, hatred and into mutually destruction and violation of all laws human. The way to General Welfare lies through own heart. And therefore the main care – about it. It is impossible to raise heart of other person from darkness to Light if own heart doesn't know World. Heart – the unique device. It can become lightful, its radiations not visible to an eye, affect both on close, and a long distance. As well as any device, heart demands attention, but it in the shelter from people. The century Maitreya can be called the Eyelid of Heart. In heart all opportunities of the future are put, and the mankind will come to their realization.

604. (Guru). We were interest in successful completion of flight of people on the Moon. Doors in Space should be open. To an insulated state of the Earth it should be put an end. Difficultly will be with those planets where life is concentrate on the thin plan of a matter. But also in this case there were possibilities to come into contact, of course, already a path unusual. Connection of the worlds will open new possibilities. The great future are fated to people.

605. (Dec. 26). When it is spoken about consciousness clarification, mean clarification full, without favorite cockroaches in the bosom, both final and sincere desire be exempted from any litter. The tail of not get rid feelings can be very tenacious and can involve an astral in the sphere of undesirable experiences. The will costs on patrol and protection of all actions of the person, both in this world, and in that. Conducts thought. Let the endured condition of a duality of thought will serve in a dream as the prevention that in Word Thin thought will entail spirit on the channel dug by it and that each thought of doubtful character can carry away it down from height reached by it. Thoughts allowed in consciousness, and the main thing, allowed once, demand recheck and severe control.

606. (M. A. Y.). Why such Torches of spirit how Antony Great, had to maintain long and cruel fight against kind temptations, allure and seductions? Whether specifies it that in memory depths for many embodiments a lot of century litter and that fight for its eradication could collect therefore it is difficult that roots of all evil took roots very deeply. You remember how it is told: "Look for in the heart root of all evil and pull out it". It could grow for eyelids. Fight against it can arise at any step and even on quite high what, for example, there was a spirit step Antonia Great. To be confused, we won't be ashamed of this inevitable fight, and we will rejoice more likely that hour of fight, and consequently, and releases came. After all defeat it is impossible. The victory is possible only. This consciousness also it is necessary firmly and to go resolutely only forward, to the future.

607. (Guru). Any allure and seduction are characteristic that satisfaction them sooner or later will cause disappointment, and behind them a new pursuit of new mirages of passing feelings and emotions. If to live them, catching at shadows, there is no end to them: one mirages will be replaced by others, and desires will grow all the time, carrying away spirit everything is lower and lower, in a bottomless abyss of passions and desires. Operation of removal of a root of desires is quite difficult. But it is possible to remove roots only with this way. The spirit released from desires receives fiery wings. Not released "it is trampled down behind an oven" that then the mouth is even lower.

608. (Dec. 27). Whether a little that the person could have in the past. The national saying that "who the past will remember, to that an eye of wins", isn't deprived of sense at least only because in the past there can be accumulation of undesirable property, and it is very important not to be won by them. It first, and secondly, the one who turns a look on the past and plunges into it, itself becomes blind to the future, itself loses a view of the future and stops the advance. Therefore with the past it is necessary to address skillfully and to take from it only that is lit up by Light of the spiritual achievements noting a light way to the future. Generally in the past everything is burned for Fiery Yoga because every instant the past is more imperfect than the present and the future if the spirit victoriously goes forward. The future – this field for all achievements, in the future is possible and feasible all. Therefore in the future We Call aspiration a flight carpet.

609. (M. A.Y.). Sedimentation of crystals “imperil” it is easier to see, than sedimentation good fortune. Negative properties it is easier observe and to note in features of manifestation of the Thin World, than property positive. So, for example, influence the allowed negative thoughts can be seen before rather, than thoughts neutral, or even the good. Blows of karma will quicker teach the correct action, than conditions of happy and sorrow less existence. Almost all High Spirits had a heavy karma.

610. (Guru). At rhythm of actions there are a process them the smooth rise and a dimple, process legal and ha special force of influences. It are not difficult to evade from the scheduled purpose or at all about it to forget, but a rhythm as a careful guarding, let's it make. If people undress force and influence of a rhythm, they c increase the achievements and successes in all areas of life. If a rhythm the fruit-bearer positive so the rhythm the negative are so pernicious also. Malignancy of many habits is cause by unconscious application of a rhythm. The alcoholics suffer affliction incurable hard drinking, known on themselves terrible force of a destructive rhythm; known it and addicts. A rhythm is the phenomenon two-edged. Apple a rhythm the positive, it is not necessary to lose sight and an opposite pole.

611. (Dec. 28). All live eats live and at the expense of the live. One live form goes to food another. Thus becomes clear that in the evolution scheme a form as that in itself has no value and it is sacrificed another or simply destroyed, having executed the appointment. Purpose of each form – a gradual lamination of experience of life from that environment in which it is shown. Each form is external manifestation of grain or a seed of life which clothes this form. All forms of life die and are destroyed, and life remains and continues the evolutionary run in time. Evolution covers the huge periods of time throughout which life steadily changes forms of the expression, developing, extending and increasing stratifications on grain. Two plants, say, a lily of the valley and a mushroom, can grow on the same soil and eat from it, but life grain, in them concluded, gives as a result two forms, absolutely excellent from each other on the structure, property and expression. The wealth evolutionarily saved up by each of these grains of life respectively is expressed in each form and in the course of this expression deepens and increases new experience and properties to keep it in grain for emergence of new forms. Therefore evolution isn't considered with a form doomed to destruction, because its purpose not a form, but evolution of grain of the life concluded in shape. This situation covers all forms of life, including here and the person. It is possible to imagine, how many people lived and died on a planet and dies every minute. Live and die for life evolution. Life is immortal, but the form in which it comes to light is mortal. The consciousness attached to an external form of the expression, dooms itself to death together with a form. But grain of spirit in which life is concluded is immortal. The consciousness directed to spirit and concentrated on it, continues the life already irrespective of life of an external corporal form.

612. (M. A.Y.). In whatever world there lived the person, life of this world entirely captures him and is for it reality. Other worlds are usually forgotten. Exceptions are, as a rule, rare. It and is clear as covers in which it is, correspond to this environment. Association of the worlds will break it and will allow the person, being in a dense body, to participate and in life of the Thin World. Evolution uncontrollably attracts mankind to thinning of the physical device that is a body which at sufficient thinning will give the chance to join the Elevated World. Signs to it already it is given much. And the science will help to open a window to the Thin World.

613. (M. A. Y.). Tell those who want to be with the Lord and us that took care of the clothes. After all even on a visit people go, having put on the best things. Really for a festival of spirit will go in an old, dirty and patching tatter? If to an attire of spirit it was given as much attention and cares, how many it is given to usual clothes, the mankind would move quickly forward. Whims and inconveniences of fashion are followed by many, without stopping before expenses and time expense. How many energy is spent for absolutely unnecessary things, for the clothes not corresponding neither to beauty, nor convenience, expediency. If this energy was directed on something another, more necessary and useful as far as life would become simpler. Tinsel, vanity and slavery at fashion are inflated by the dark. It is a lot of unnecessary and absolutely superfluous becomes people in all areas of life. Time think that it is necessary to withdraw from use as superfluous and inexpediency.

614. (Guru). In the future the clothes will be regulated by special institutes, and in its basis the principles of a hygienic, convenience, beauty and expediency will be put. People won't be sent to the power to the fashions which are often pursuing the aim of a profit. Not the standard, but free identification of creativity in combination with four specified principles without serious consequences will solve this problem.

615. (Dec. 29). The thin phenomena start being noticed if the attention is paid to them. The love to the Thin World facilitates communication with it. It has to be natural. Psychic and a medium are unnatural because break balance. It is necessary to stand guard always, and especially at contact with people it is necessary to realize that reaction which they make on aura. The aura is as though a seismograph noting nature of vibrations of others radiations. But this seismograph needs attention. From one people it becomes easy, from others it is heavy; but, it already phenomenon of a thin order. Not in any striking phenomena, but in the analysis of habitual things it is possible to find and note presence of that world. Are surrounded with it and his inhabitants, who often strong seek make the influence. But it is necessary for them, it is necessary compliance or similarity, at least in something, their mood with a mood, thoughts, feelings of whom they want to affect. It is enough to lift the tonality above as the aura becomes inaccessible to similar attempts. Therefore the Image of the Teacher in heart is as a board against third-party influences. It is necessary to watch a condition of own aura very attentively as the aura is a bridge of the message with the energy arriving from the outside. Each irritation hospitably and widely opens doors for undesirable newcomers, and each generated feeling – for the substance, which have been adjusted the same way. So, desires and the passions endured strongly, establish connection and possibility of communication with the thin inhabitants filled with the same feelings and emotions; but nevertheless a key to communication with them in hands of the person. As adjusted it, or what feeling was allowed in him by the person, on the same and will cease spatially, having opened itself to influences from conformable layers of the astral world above. The protecting network protects, but it has to be supported carefully in the key approved by will. Think a little of the accord of the thoughts with thoughts of surrounding spheres. Thoughts magneto also are attracted to themselves from everywhere by what vibrate with them conformably. The thought is an open window to the whole sphere with it similar thoughts by which she amplifies and supported. Over each thought control, because everyone connects with something and someone spatially is necessary. In the house to yourself you don't invite undesirable guests, and to thoughts useless you open broad access, without supervising a current of own thoughts. There is no more sad show, than slavery at own thoughts.

616. (Guru). To the phenomenon of the reasons it are g so not enough attention whereas all event in a pattern are only are more their corollary. But the reasons was pull far in the past. And the past should be undress. The present allowed to install the new reasons will, but without interrupt, and transformation a circuit of causality. To interrupt a circuit it is impossible, but transmutation it is possible. As it are possible to arrive and at aspiration to change a karma. It is impossible to discard and to change, that is transmutation, and it is possible. Any energy, ha change focus application is more hits, probably to direct on good. If only not be lukewarm.

617. (M. A.Y.). In all three patterns on Constant Patrol there was High Spirits, Ministers of Light. Patrol meant a state of wake consciousness. All layers of space were protected by the guards of Hierarchy vest with the appropriate power. And while in the lower class low spirits was absorb by the lusts and passions and occupy by them while in the middle class the same seizure by the experiences, at level more high, and at that time when in Devachan spirits was ship in personal sensations of joyful feelings and thoughts, Ministers Light Stand on Patrol and strong Worked in the complete consciousness for the public good. Dismissal from itself and the experiences admitted freedom of consciousness and possibility are more it’s to save without dependence from connectedness them. Elevated freedom of spirit strongly differed from normal representations about freedom. The understanding it affirmed on the Earth and is it carried out in the Pattern Elevated.

618. (Guru). Pupils of the Lord differed that, what solid gone by the ground; in spite of the fact that heads them was highly in the sky, there were no groundless dreams, there is no transcendental euphoria, and there are no impracticality and absent-mindedness. Not visionaries, but experts of the life, different sharpness and sober mind.

619. (M. A. Y.). Became very darkly, what even signs it is not visible. And then it is necessary to retain the exact direction to move even without signs. Signs will be g, but to withstand a direction it are necessary to transit a band of a condensation of a gloom. Bases will help to be retained. Do not hope for sons human, they will not help, but the Teacher Will help. So a deep-seated faith in the Teacher, that It Will not leave, it are possible to transit solid through all gorges of a gloom and narrowness of the dense world. One not to transit, but with the Teacher it is possible, - you keep not separable.

620. (Dec. 30). It is necessary to recognize mountains as the beginning bringing out of the three-dimensional world, - the above, and the refined. Astral density too on layers – the closer to Earth, the more roughly and condensed. Underground compaction amplifies at any distance from Earth surface. Our Ashrams are located at big heights. Mountain conditions facilitate contact with the Thin World. Upon transition in Elevated it is easy to that that got used to live at heights to rise up. It is much more difficult to inhabitants of lowlands if their organism isn't refined. Even on the hill it is easier felt, than in the ravine lowland. Even in a cellar is closer, than on the top floor. Not without reason the mankind seeks to rise everything higher and higher, though doesn't realize – why. Cellars of the astral world are awful – dungeons for spirit. For flights always rise up. In cellars you don't scatter, - We Welcome movement. For movement the scope too is necessary. The most necessary scope is a scope for flight of the released thought. It is easy to understand how the thought is chained to habitual subjects, small lodges on which people huddle. On the same basement and cellars hide from life active and in World out dance. On a habit huddle because don't strive for freedom of spirit. How many the strongest threads tie the person to Earth? Everyone sits on the leashes made own hands. It is necessary to understand that if you eat, this food is necessary only on Earth; that if the person lives in the house, the house and a roof over the head are necessary on Earth. A lot of things are necessary for life in the dense world, but it is absolutely not necessary in Elevated. However, wise men even on Earth needed the little. It was good preparation for transition to the world that. Even to eat, the spoon and a cup are necessary, and it is difficult to understand to the unprepared person that there it isn't necessary neither spoons, nor cups, even food. Everything disappears as superfluous, but is very painful if the consciousness isn't ready. It is good to pass there, foreknowing that with itself to take. But who from respectable citizens of a planet will want to trouble it with similar reflections. And, without having thought, come there, burdened with remnants.

621. (M. A. Y.). It is very interesting to mark, as people when felt singularity of lightful aura started to be pull unconsciously. Both friends and enemies was attract with it, last – to harm. Nobody will transit, without ha reveal the entity. About enemies we will not speak, but those who are not hostile, very much needed a directing hand. It is necessary to supervise, even without any desire, or intention wherefore not knowing anything, needed in the light of. To direct, it are completely not mandatory about something to speak, or in something to devote, as it are necessary to do it in relation to pupils. At normal contact all of them received light influences. Imperceptible touching it is possible to reeducate them and silently to influence them the Light and heat of the heart.

622. The person in a physical body is three-plans essence because lives in three worlds, and its centenary form consists of three terrestrial principles (a physical body, the radio double and a prana) and the highest a four relating already to the Thin World above. The first three die together with a dense body. And then the person becomes two-plan essence of the Elevated World. It can't usually be shown in the dense world any more, and his thin body submits to laws of already Thin World, distinction with the terrestrial plan is great. The understanding of this distinction and knowledge of properties of the Thin World and features of a thin body allow to be guided freely in new conditions and to get used to new life. Much, so necessary on Earth, there becomes absolutely unnecessary, both very burdensome, and disturbing if undertakes with itself. How many purely everyday things are necessary in life terrestrial: toothbrush, soap, towel, spoons, cups, knives, forks and so on. It is ridiculous to take all this and many other things with itself in the consciousness there. But the majority of one incarnation it does because can't mentally leave to what so got used during lifetime on Earth. After all often they don't understand that their physical body died and that everything around changed. There – life on consciousness but if the consciousness didn't understand the occurred change to enter into a rhythm of new conditions not so simply; especially big difference in ways of movement. The thin body very easy and mobile and moves under the influence of thought, and besides with speed unusual. But also this ease is very relative. Not all possess it. Everything depends on a condition of consciousness and extent of release from dense particles in the thin matter which is a part of a thin body. The twofold essence doesn't need what the physical body needed. To it too it is necessary to get used and clean terrestrial habits. Relationship public changes in a root. A lot of things become unnecessary that is obligatory on Earth. There are no states; there is no documentation, accounts militia and police and other terrestrial establishments and institutes. But there are imagined houses in which the former people of Earth huddle, there are also doubles of all terrestrial constructions, there are also communities of related people on spirit. There is a love and hatred between one incarnation there are not get rid passions and feelings, there is all with what the person internally left the world terrestrial. The twofold essence which doesn't have richness of an inner world and knowledge can drag very pity existence there. But also there it is possible to work, both to get and accumulate knowledge, and to conduct very interesting and substantial life. The world Thin is the world of unlimited opportunities where the most audacious spiritual aspirations of the person are carried out and where everything is achievable.

623. (Guru). The artist can whisper on a nice ear that, prepare for passage of Great Boundaries, it are not necessary to take with itself neither colors, nor paintbrushes, neither a canvas, nor an easel. There it is possible to create without all these things which are so necessary on the Earth. There all are create by imagination, create from a thin substance of the Elevated World. There were no restrictions for creativity if with it the spirit burned. Also it are not necessary to do there exhibitions wherefore products of creativity was visible all. The wide field for development and improvement of abilities of spirit – are boundless.

624. (Guru). When in consciousness, and especially in a dream, there are confusing or seducing forms and images, it is necessary to remember that very often in them clothe dark essence, trying to come nearer under cover of these forms, perhaps, even acquaintances. But the familiar form yet doesn't mean that it is the familiar person whom there is no basis to be afraid because it happens that the hostile, or disgusting essence hides under the guise of it. It is impossible to forget about it. Having allowed close such essence and having contacted with it, it is possible to work great mischief and, and people around. It is necessary to be very sharp-sighted to similar attempts and even in a dream to be constant on the guard.

625. (M. A. Y.). Let's not be confused difficulty of tasks facing us. One not solves them, but when together with Hierarchy of Light good luck accompanies us. Main thing – not come off consciousness Uniform Focus of Light and be with It together always. It is necessary to concentrate all the aspiration on it. Enemies think of one – as though to distract, as though to occupy a consciousness field with something another. But if to take itself for the rule whatever to do, do together with the Lord, holding the Face it is strong in the heart, the success will accompany us. Together always not to be easy because noise of vanity distracts, terrestrial affairs too demand attention to themselves. Means, it is necessary to solve how to combine both that and another. To remain with terrestrial remnants it is uninteresting, and it can be tragic. To neglect terrestrial duties – means to break the debt. Both that and needs coordination. To find golden mean – a task of the pupil. Going with the Lord – will reach.

626. (Guru). In good economy everything is rationally used, even garbage. As well the miller collects water from everywhere to direct it on the driving wheel. As well the Teacher everything turns on advantage, even wrecking of the dark. Thus, the step, when there is no the phenomena opposite and when everything starts serving you is reached. And it is good when in practice and in life the advantage of burdening of spirit is understood by circumstances. It is so possible to come to understanding of advantage of sufferings. The body suffers, both suffers, and protests, and doesn't want to reconcile with pain, and the spirit takes from this lesson something valuable, he will understand advantage of it, only having exempted from a body. Not without reason there is a legend that from human sufferings jewels are born. To meet life waves without complaints and discontent – points to a high step of development of spirit.

627. (Dec. 31). In process of growth of spirit and its force opposite circumstances on which the spirit has to increase more and more increase also. These loadings always on a shoulder, that is the spirit can overcome them if strains rather of energy. But it is impossible at this time neither to be saddened, nor to be afflicted, neither to lose courage, nor to put the weapon, to recede. How much time counteraction lasted, it is impossible to stop fight against it to a victory? For mercy, sympathy or pity to wait from dark it is impossible. Cruelty – their integral sign and it is impossible to soften them with any ways. Their heart is closed for good human feelings. Balance, both inflexible hardness, and consciousness of the force can bridle them still. Advances with darkness or desire to gain her servants or those who is subject to its influences are useless. There can't be cooperation with dark in anything. Opportunity to torment others and to deliver them various troubles, in it are their purpose, in it their pleasure.

628. (M. A. Y.). The crucifixion of spirit will come to an end when it will return to the House Father. Cruel and dark remain there, below, because access to it in the Shelter light isn't present. The Stronghold is protected with unapproachable walls of Light. Ardent torturers never there will enter. If realized the hopelessness, maybe, would moderate the rage. Of the House Father it is necessary to think. Thoughts create to it magnetic attractions, the aspiration moves. Being in cruel living conditions, among cold of misunderstanding and absolute indifference of callous hearts, even it is difficult to imagine the kind, joyful and kind atmosphere of the Native home. But it is possible to aspire to it. It is possible to dream, it is possible to hope that its gate nevertheless you will reach, and to prepare, prepare, be going to enter it in a look worthy. There beings close and expensive to heart of the essence the world and harmony there reigns, and the spirit from terrestrial storms, and terrestrial gravitations, and from whirlwinds astral, and disharmonies of the bottom layers there can have a rest. As alone there passed terrestrial life many High Spirits! How many blows assumed! As difficult was by him in the stuffy and heavy terrestrial atmosphere among incomprehension and malevolence. The world New Speaks about cooperation and kind cooperation and for them calls. But these calls not always yield desirable results. Through how many sufferings and tests has to pass mankind to reach friendliness! But time presses, - terms go.

629. (Guru). Genies often, that without suspecting, help pupils to build the temple. Without their diligent and constant efforts it would be difficult to focus forces on an aspiration inflexible to Light. They so strong restrict. Where? For the pupil a way one, only to the Lord, and any oppressions approaches to It. Let's not be afraid of oppression we won't be afraid of anything. We use each particle of hostile energy on realization it in force moving to Light. Let genies work continued on that advance of the pupil to Light was constantly accelerated.

_The end records 1968.*______