Agni Yoga's facets, 1969 (101-250)

101. (Feb. 17). As sometimes the pupil from unwillingness to lift a clarification sword much loses. Insalubrious freight prevents consciousness to be released for the necessary perceptions. It is impossible to compare that is thus lost, to for the sake of what it becomes and for the sake of what the pupil loses new opportunities. If, take a detached view of this disturbing, there will be it so not to the corresponding highest aspirations of spirit, spatial freedom and the right to rise to the Highest Spheres that one only the understanding of it will give strength to break slavery chains. They should be broken; whatever efforts and work it coasted. In a kingdom of spirit it is possible to rise only in light clothes. How many reading the Doctrine, but forces in itself not finding overcome and exempt consciousness from any litter. This litter in World Aboveground will appear what difficult barrier to further advance. Understanding of that huge damage and harm which are put to it with the person who isn't able to lift a clarification sword is necessary.
102. (Guru). Terms approach. Waiting them, whether you can meet them fully equipped with readiness? Time was enough to bring itself into a due look. Someone wasted this time in vain. Someone didn't make also a small share of that had to make. Someone imagined that everything is permitted, and barred to itself a way to Light. Someone decided that if Those Who Called, Left from the plan terrestrial, it means the end to all told by Them. Someone simply rejected the Doctrine, without thinking of anything. But someone carefully preserved the Silver Thread of spirit, knowing that neither life, nor death don't interrupt it. Someone strengthened these relations even more. Someone worked and made that could for the statement of the Name Called. Someone time I didn't waste and carefully I expanded consciousness and I acquired the Doctrine. But there are terms, and there is still time of prepare meet them fully equipped. Made at least the small won't regret because sang will reap.
103. (M. A. Y.). When terms will come, the network of Light will start shining and sparkling from unusual tension, and on it the strengthened vibrations and charges of fiery energy will be transferred. Saturation will be so powerful that there will be a transformation of consciousness’s supporting a network. Light will fill in everything that is capable to perceive it. Process will go on invisible channels therefore no visible and external counteraction will be able to prevent it or to show resistance. Power of Hierarchy of Light will be invincible, and about any fights against it there will be no thought also even at dark.
104. (Feb. 18). Unless it is possible to imagine all visible and invisible dangers! Or to provide them! Therefore it is better to rely on the Leader, remembering thus what to rely – at all doesn't mean to be assigned. The first includes the active and directed condition of the consciousness, the second – weak-willed passivity or inertness that is decomposition. So, what assignment very much near off decomposition. In inactive consciousness decomposition process begins. But, itself useful the aspect of activities – of initiative, when the impulse to action turn not from outside, under suggestion or the instruction, but goes from depth consciousness without any coercion or compulsion; service voluntarily and of initiative; only this, who might conduct it, might conduct and others. It is better to be mistaken, showing amateur performance, than alive to decay in inaction.
105. (M. A. Y.). It is possible in itself strongly and forever to approve any quality of spirit if the aspiration if communication is strong is strong and if heart burns with love and devotion to Called. Then everything is achievable. Neither on any tatter of the past, nor for any baits which are carefully thrown dark, won't want to exchange devoted heart of possibility of the all of new and new achievements. So in unification strong, without turning around back, we will move further
106. (Guru). The legend of lot's wife and salt post know, so you can imagine the dangers of eliminating undesirable qualities involves the desire to focus on them and dive into the past, when they were apparent. Magnet can only strengthen their past and engage the mind in orbit of their attraction. So neither throw away the past Show, under whatever guise it nor tried to keep awake and fly completely in the future where you can freely argue stage future aspirations.
107. (M. A.Y.). The chain of Hierarchy consciousness will always be accord up at the Ministry's note. So it's not hard to get in touch. The idea that more can be done for the common good, will establish the relationship. And you can do something, and if not always hands and apparently it is thought. In vain they think some that thought doesn't give them consequences. If, that was the thought and, if it comes from the heart, this effects of her imminent. It doesn't matter how long it will take. But sent into space, it will do the trick. So do you always thought, and there are no such conditions and cannot be, when a man was not able to do that, if they want to.
108. (Guru). Truly noticed that expression of persons and images never happens identical, it variously always. This thin difference manages to be seen not always but if the eye is rather refined and sets for itself this task, results won't slow down. This circumstance confirms once again that anything never repeats, even at seeming superficial similarity. As the past for which imperfect consciousness’s often regret is unique also. Everything flows, and everything changes, and stream streams never come back to a former place.
109. (Feb. 20). Association of the worlds will happen in consciousness human because actually they were never separated, but are one indissoluble whole. So, for Svedenborg division of the Thin and dense worlds didn't exist. As and for other clairvoyance was close the World Thin. Means, it is necessary to direct consciousness on that being able to see that is. How many thin feelings pass by consciousness the unnoticed? Process of thinking is process thin. The thoughts can be terrestrial, that is concern questions and the phenomena of the dense world, and still the thought invisible, expressed in images, not giving in to the usual chemical analysis and not consisting of chemical elements of a scale of Mendeleev, there is already a phenomenon thin, both existing, and seen on the plan extra dense, that is in the Thin World. Actually these worlds aren't separable from each other. But be reguired of the thin supervision that this understands. Dream – the phenomenon of a thin order. With it is necessary to have business every day; both the analysis of this condition and studying can lead it to understanding of proximity of the Thin World. Many wonderful phenomena occur in a dream. Even many unusual dreams were historically noted. Also are frequent and dreams prophetical. If be everything takes place and registered, turned out the remarkable book of the phenomena of the Thin World and in its communication with the world terrestrial. But the attention to this aspect of life is insignificant. It is considered something unimportant and not deserving studying. A third of life of people carries out in a dream, and that such the dream what it has value and in what its essence – to be engaged in it is considered below the scientific dignity of the person, - ridiculous, illogical and unconvincing relation to one of the most important questions of mental and physical human of life.

110. (M. A. Y.). When merging the consciousness, consciousness, directing to join, can draw from this of the consciousness, to which it to direct and with, thus come, to enter into contact. The difficulty is all that is necessary to get away from it all, than usually is filled with human consciousness, and that it constituted a sort of blank screen, unused by anything. Then the perception will be broad and will not mix with their thoughts and images. If, people would understand, what the depth is in the words: "Reject from him and follow across Me! This formula is given to mankind for all of the time. The key to knowing the worlds is in these words.
111. (Guru). Judgmenting the future seems far to the one who is occupied by itself, or is shipped in affairs of the present day. But really and accord it for the spirit directed to Light which has found the Teacher in the heart. This future already is, it already exists in space on the plan of physical invisibility, and for someone it is not only the present of the Hidden World, but as though already and come, that is entered into consciousness and write memory. This reality of the future can be notable, especially at contact with those High Spirits which Live future and in the future. The contact of the future is inexpressible words, but it lifts spirit as if on wings and brings him to fiery spheres judgment which should be.
112. (M. A. Y.). The doctrine of Life is intended for all. Therefore it is impossible to expect that the intimate was given out. A lot of things are given veiled, but he should be able to be distinguished. Yes, exist in the book-depositories of the manuscript hidden reliably and the books comprising Knowledge, not available to masses. Particles can be found it and in books library, but only particles. According to some paragraphs of books of the Doctrine it is possible to see, as they carefully concern that is intimate. I can tell in a consolation that wanting Knowledge will receive it if passes the tests granting the right to an entrance.
113. (Guru). The path to a prohibited Knowledge comes through mastery of himself. The secret knowledge of banned for not seized, because it is dangerous for them. Some of those who are trying to move closer to the Mahatmas a hundred years ago, when He.Blavatsky, finished crazy because, not being spiritually ready, wanted to get something that had no right to. Many have moved away and became the worst enemies of the light, and someone has become a traitor, and someone in the other sparked a frenzy of anger, hatred and ardent opposition.
114. (Feb. 22). Few know that thinking about something doesn't have to be so hard, in the depth of the entity thought of irrelevance or harm of something almost, or annexed to, and after being released from the body, in the World of Aboveground, this idea did not come from the heart. In other words, habits of thinking and thus feeds, dig thought in the space in which they will continue to fly aboveground, must be confirmed on the ground. Where reigns the thought, she is very strong, and there's a familiar lines aspirations it would operate automatically. Change these lines there is very difficult, because creativity spirit will accompany this process of vivid and pulsating images that create the impression of the human reality. A man with a pure thinking there is nothing to fear. But if the imagination was polluted and thoughts are dirty, to their sphere and layers of space corresponding to them not to avoid involvement. Therefore, you must still install the habit on earth think clean, neatly removing all useless thoughts and betraying the burning of all who were in the dark early and were not admitted by the roots taken out of consciousness. Is not taken, they continue to live; discarding his shadow on consciousness and letting him replace the darkness of it, the light. Purifying the mentality of every litter is one of the most important tasks of the earthly life of man, which, generally speaking, is the only preparation for the Over ground stay.
115. (M. A. Y.). Ask – why all the time returning to the same theme? Answer: the return does not mean repeating, but rather a deepening of the previously mentioned is in the first place. Secondly, think not Clair-radiant habits are so strong in man and is so difficult to eradicate that no words, no beliefs, no reading Exercises do not help, and need repeated reminders to observe a thought was the final determination and steadfast. Too late begin it before death, or after it, in World Aboveground.
116. (Guru). To lift "a clarification sword" – a duty of the pupil, decided to reach there where it is called. Called many, but so there aren't enough reaching? That from invited to become the elected, it is necessary to learn the urgent and steady appendix of the Doctrine in life. It is necessary that the Doctrine became expression of all being of the pupil; it is necessary that he learned, at least in a measure any to be the Doctrine, that is Truth as the Teacher Shows it Himself. It is too much reading the Life Doctrine, and too little applying it in business.
117. (Feb. 23). Let's not think too much that was allowed in the past. "Mistakes are anything, when of the kernel of spirit stronger". "It isn't necessary to be confused past. Everything I Will turn on advantage. Itself I Will lay all valuable". "In the past everything is burned for Fiery Yoga", – how even more clearly to tell about how it is necessary to treat that was. Not to think of it, but to direct forward. "We hurry and we Call will hasten". The caravan doesn't wait. The past can be weighed on scales of new understanding of life and new understanding of value of thought. It won't allow those thoughts which were allowed in the past and led to insalubrious actions. The former fancies which are subject to eradication, it is necessary to meet new understanding, and besides so that they couldn't find already to themselves a place in consciousness. Let's burn out so from memory images of last fulfillments. It is necessary not to torment it with last mistakes, but to uproot them thoughts of them and desire again couldn't allow them to come already one heart more. Expansion of consciousness and new step of understanding of life do impossible that was possible once.
118. (M. A. Y.). Yes! A lot of things are told in the Doctrine and about much, but not till the end and not everything because "the exhaustive formula" never is given. Therefore and about transition to the Thin World and about a post mortal condition of the person It is told so much, how many it is necessary to exempt people from fear of death and to point to life after death. Other reason in that, what feelings and experiences are individual, and it is possible to give only the usual characteristic of this of the condition. Extremes won't give an idea that the person of the average level worries. One is undoubted: the person strong reaps the fruits of the desires, thoughts and aspirations. Their consequences are inevitable, and in that degree in what they were imprinted in consciousness last time and after that are reconsidered any more weren't. And the seal of the last statement sets to them line of inevitability, and people there, in Elevated, reacts to them according to the relation shown to them last time during lifetime of the terrestrial. That is why all baggage which is available in consciousness, it is necessary to reconsider from time to time, ruthlessly throwing out everything that doesn't correspond to level of the step reached by spirit. And then guards of the Threshold aren't dangerous, and then spirit, to Light raised, can tell: "Generations of elements, I am not afraid of you, you can't stop a way, Me before the specified ".
119. (Guru). Analogy and difference of both worlds need to think clearly, - only then can freely navigate the subtle world. Even in a foreign city is not so easy to get comfortable or in a foreign country. More so in another world, the laws of which are unique and different from Earth. It is this difference, even in detail, it is useful to understand and assimilate. Go to the store or to a tailor and get yourself a new dress and then become enveloped it. There are simpler: the man simply visualizes form desired garments and also puts on his mind. Simple and easy? Yes, if thought can create desired image, if not, usually the person goes to what was used on Earth. Similarly, in everything else thought the conditions surrounding the resident of the subtle world. And well, if these people had prepared beforehand.
120. (M. A. Y.). Subtle feelings attached to the subtle World consciousness. The thinner and the higher they are the higher the scope with which it is associated. So, coming from everywhere, and especially impressions dense can be divided up and ustremlâûŝie on pulling down. Sorting impressions before further the path strong help of the liberation off no useful the goods. Remnants of earthly require willed and conscious efforts for liberation from it.
121. (Feb. 25). Quality of solemnity is characteristic that absolutely excludes many small feelings and properties as, for example, fussiness, fear, servility, garrulity, levity, lie, dissoluteness, small and dirty thoughts and many all many others, say, that quite often is characteristic of a narrow-minded condition of consciousness. It is difficult to keep spirit advantage without solemnity which deepens and strengthens also other merits. Correctly paid attention that the last have property to influence anyway all members of the body and besides everyone in own way: one on heart, another on a liver, the third on nervous system, or a brain. But the symphony of qualities well affects all organisms, establishing in it and in all microcosm human harmony and balance. Exactly thanks to this condition the spirit finishing the way on Earth, is a perfect form of beauty as well physical body. Value of qualities still isn't understood at all, differently all would direct strong to their statement. What huge influence is rendered by them on a form and radiations of a thin body, a body mental and bodies fiery? Each quality gives the radiation. The fear disfiguring aura is how disgusting, the light of courage and fearlessness is so fine. From the point of view of radiations it is necessary to consider both positive and negative qualities of spirit. Before starting approving any quality, it is good to give to itself the full account and to present a clear picture what exactly will give desirable quality to the spirit, what advantage consists in it and as consciousness evolution will be promoted by it. Neither reading, nor belief, neither admonitions, nor won't help the sermon, there won't come yet awareness of value of for what and why it is necessary. "Realize is nearly narrower of the capture” and the shortest way to acquisition of the necessary quality. Not only that each quality is Agni's container, it the radiations changes all being of the person, to his dense body inclusive.
122. (M. A. Y.). Feature of synthetic consciousness is as well that it, analyzing any phenomenon and covering it as a whole, deepens and expands its understanding, as though opening in it something new, something bigger, something absolutely escaping usual consciousness. Ability to look deep into, out of limits of superficial visibility, accompanies synthesis. Wisdom possesses quality of synthetic thinking, synthesis leads to understanding of unity of the worlds and all Space as one inseparable whole.
123. (Guru). Each picture created by the artist, represents itself a combination of known paints, or their harmonious combination, that is synthesis. The paints are more harmonious, the more perfect them synthesis. And, when this harmony reaches of high degree of perfection, paints begin shone, or to shine.
124. (Feb. 26). "The thought is the surest companion", she would wait at the door. If thoughts were many, they all will wait to accompany the next. And everything will depend on the choice. What will you choose to journey, what will the desire to enter into the mix, and will be accompanied by a further one incarnation of the spirit. The pull of the Earth, said his investigation continues into Aboveground. Spear over the Dragon never sleeps. But, if the watch will weaken or something again allowed out thoughts about past achievements in consciousness, the Dragon will lift his head and can pounce on his beget. Yes! Yes! It is pounce, for not get rid, but only suppressed thought strong snatch on her beget, as soon as there is any possibility to enter the combination with consciousness. Many raw spirits, while in the subtle world, crying out about sorely tested by being violently tortured their own offspring, their own thoughts that they were careless enough to admit when something in the consciousness and allow them to twist there sturdy nest. The idea is easier to prevent more than, conceding her released. Dreams are sometimes a better test of the State of consciousness and its degrees of freedom from their creations.
125. (M. A. Y.). Even the slightest desire which has woken up in World Aboveground can reduce spirit on some steps. From here need more on Earth to claim the strictest discipline over everything that occurs in consciousness.
126. (Guru). The disease often weakens the protecting network and facilitates the invasion of undesirable which. Dark guard hurries to seize the opportunity to toss there. In these moments must be especially vigilant watch and continuous, night and day.
127. (March 1). The future is the great magnet. You can create any focus of attraction to move to it in the present. What better, more clearly specified and finished this focus, the more perfect it is, the more invested in his heart, the stronger its magnetic force attracts the consciousness in the orbit of his influence. Live in the future is to live the focal attraction. Focus is created by imagination. Imagination unlimited thought, and thought is nothing. In the infinity of the future creative imagination can create any form of spirit, and if they are in harmony with the evolution of things, they are achievable. For example: can people fly? Can. In the higher planets - fly. Therefore will fly and the Earth, and will fly to take this wonderful apparatus the human microcosm. Will see and hear in the distance. A lot will. Just need to know the direction of evolution and psihomehanik of aspirations. All the mechanical and technological culture, or rather, human progress is only imperfect attempts to achieve what people sometime in the future to reach without a single external apparatus, for amazing and perfect the equipment enclosed in the word itself. But the provision requires awareness and understanding of what and how to shoot. We assert that all is valid, and the key is in the hands of man.
128. (M. A. Y.). All embodied on Earth live in a busy world, but without exception, the future of its creating their aspirations whatsoever. Unenforceable on Earth feasible Aboveground, life is going on the idea. Therefore, aspiration, desire and intention of proceeding thought it was so important to the future of their human property, and not so much on Earth where not all achievable, at least at the moment, but in the worlds. Earthly life is only a small part of life aboveground, all executed in aspiration on Earth.
129. (March 3). A disciple is a person who knowingly went on the road and under the guidance of a Teacher. A distinctive feature of successful pupil is promoting it on the road no matter what State or the mood he is in good or bad, happy or sad-and whatever the circumstances surrounding it. In short, with all and any conditions of his spirit is far-sighted, and movement towards not interrupted and nothing and this movement can no longer be stopped. The movement is in the spirit. By understanding this all external loses its power over the mind, for the spirit is above it all and on top of everything. And when everything is wrapped in thought, in sphere of the spirit, has already suggested the idea of Tierra del Fuego, not knowing limits tight. On the wings of thought there are flights in any sphere, if the imagination. The ability of the imagination is given little attention. It does not develop, cultivate, not educate. Meanwhile as thought, devoid of imagination, devoid of life and creativity. On the works of great writers and artists can be judged on the strength of a creative imagination. Without presentation or imagination of what a person does not want to do, nor can it make any motion, except that unconsciously. Therefore, the scope of the imagination is much broader and more significant than is commonly thought. You could say that the imagination reigns over all human activity. Even in the shop to go and buy bread, it is necessary first to imagine in your mind and then act according to what was presented. Every designer knows that without imagination it cannot construct anything. Thought and imagination are moving life. Anything that is made by man, first created in his imagination thought.
130. (M. A. Y.). And the future of man too is going on his imagination, is the thought and its images, which are created by imagination. And in the World Can they created by man in earthly life, surround it on all sides, dragging him into the layers that correspond to them by nature, nature and light full. Thus, the imagination plays a taking precedence role in human life. And blessed be he whose imagination pure and spotless.
131. (Guru). It is possible to watch activity of imagination, having got a good sweeper to sweep out immediately from consciousness any litter. The space is overflowed with fancies of very various properties, both good, and bad. The sweeper is necessary for bad if they somehow get inside, or in itself, or, perhaps, on channels once long ago the allowed thoughts or being thrown dark that often happens. The imagination cleared of everyone litter directs spirit to lightful spheres.
132. (March 4). Abilities of the person are got and earned with it throughout many lives. The talent and genius is no other than fruits of long works and aspirations. Everything is got by the sweat of the brow. Therefore envy is senseless. Everyone can direct the efforts in the desirable direction and gain any quality or ability. People – travelers of a way boundless and therefore, having at the order all the time which is, the person of any purpose can reach. And the main thing, that the consciousness was rather expanded. You see as, possessing even many special talents, insufficiently expanded consciousness doesn't allow realize achievement in all its completeness. The undeveloped imagination won't give the chance to leave a commonness vicious circle even at unusual abilities. To what thought transfer at distance if thoughts are so poor, as nothing to transfer. What clairvoyance, or a claurluhear, if the consciousness is limited to a small circle of understanding. There are cases when people possess this, or that unusual ability, but the prices to it don't know and aren't able to apply it properly or that worst of all, abuse. We insist, first all, on expansion of consciousness and clarification it’s from litter. For this purpose also the Life Doctrine is given to people. Before can, it is necessary to know.
133. (M. A. Y.). Among difficulties of life it is easy to become puzzled. It is so much different people, and it is so much ideas various and often contradicting each other, thoughts, theories and belief. Without the Teacher not to understand difficulties of life and the direction not find. That is why so often people reach a deadlock. The happiness of those who knows the way is great and has the Teacher. However, it is far from usual understanding of happiness, but gives to the person knowledge of for the sake of what he lives and in what sense of his life.
134. (Guru). The path of the desired quality approval of the spirit is: a desire to acquire this quality, and then attempt to adopt it in practice to use, then with this aspiration and experience of life becomes the world Thin. And in Devačan the desired quality is implemented completely, so that the next incarnation, becoming an approved ability. Each seed earthly gives rich shoots.
135. (March 5). If to give vent to imagination – in its aspiration to Light, it is possible to see those borders further which it can't move. It would seem, it isn't limited to anything, but nevertheless the thought puts limits even to imagination. Therefore the situation, saying that "conducts thought", it is necessary acquire probably more stoutly. Weeds thoughts of the poet, the writer, the artist and the philosopher are much wider than flight of thought of the inhabitant. But the thought can grow and develop, and the imagination can be brought up. Fairy tales, legends, heroic acts of heroes of all centuries and the people give a lot of food for imagination development. Treasures of the world literature too give rich food for thought. And still both to thought and imagination not enough attention is given so, and it is even less – to heart which lights both thought and imagination. But nobody is forbidden to be engaged both that and another, without waiting when all will reach understanding of these engines of human progress. For today we will note three words: thought, imagination, heart.
136. (M. A. Y.). The feeling of burden of the current hour shows how the world press is great. It can't be thrown out from consciousness because the begun to see clearly heart can't be fenced off from reality. That isn't the question, and in how to meet adequately and with firmness a forward wave. Much they still will be both readiness and force should be found to meet each blow as it befits the soldier of Light.
137. (Guru). Comfort in knowing that "this will also change" after all that carries the flow of life by human consciousness. And if it takes place, and stop at flitting waves phenomena too won't. You cannot delay any of those that have passed and you cannot keep, and of those that are now, and what's the point in retaining what is not ours. There is nothing but our consciousness and his savings. The rest is all Maya.
138. (March 6). "The ruler of this world and does not have anything in Me, so can only say, the winning spirit itself and so the winning peace. But what if has, if not all men, if waves of external influences are from the depths of the past, a number of congruent reactions? How to be then? Fall under their influence is to cross out all the achievements, then nullify the results of a long struggle, then return back to the point where the path began, then start all over again. You can cross out all its incarnations of spiral and necessitate repeat tests, but in more difficult conditions. How about those thought-formation that was once created in the past and seems so appealing and power effects which the consciousness is not outdated yet? It should be remembered that this phenomenon is only a faint beginning of what is called , meeting with the guardians of the Threshold when objective images previously admitted thoughts confront man of bright, alive and strong and capture the consciousness which, if it is not in a position to resist them and overcome them. If you do not overcome them now and don't discard the strong, powerful effort of will, that is, not win, how to defeat them there, where everything will be stressed and sharpened, and where they will become reality, clearly visible to the eye in all its apparent attractiveness and vitality? It should be hard to think and, having taken the final decision, will no longer be their deceptive attractiveness and don't include them in the mix. Address of contact with them is, on the contrary, they reinforce the desire and spirit in its orbit will involve the attraction with it’s beget in the abyss. On each idea, and spines, thorns and poison, poison the whole being of man. It is necessary to understand the whole false and misleading nature of such thoughts to mercilessly and severely set back them forever, for all future time both on the ground and in the world Aboveground, - no compromises, no weaknesses in this respect are not allowed. Dare human destiny and the future of it.
139. (M. A. Y.). Common diseases represent a disharmony State of consciousness and are often accompanied by an onslaught from the forces of dark. This can be noted in the past, this can be interpreted as and now, when the dark trying to unbalance, tossing heavy, needing a thought. Knowing this, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and strain your vigilance. As fierce a flock, they gather around, hoping to take advantage of every opportunity to do harm. During sickness it is necessary to be especially watchful and on guard.
140. (Guru). Monitoring thoughts is that the screen of consciousness thoughts pass, illuminated as if by a ray, and reveals their true essence. Self-delusion becomes impossible, and useless thoughts cannot already penetrate undetected.
141. (March 7). Going to Us the deep-seated faith in a final victory of Light always rescued. This belief led to a victory of their spirit over darkness in their personal scale. They couldn't win against darkness all planet scope, but in the personal – successfully with it struggled and won. And while the darkness took away the property and those who bejong and was connected by it with it, winners victoriously it passed it and rose to shining spheres of Light. Sons of darkness went to darkness, sons of Light – to the public. Therefore the personal victory over darkness and over all that inside was from darkness, created an invincible attraction to Light and lifted spirit to the Highest Spheres. Certainly, such victory had not only personal, but also spatial value because laid a way for others, too to Light going, and strengthened a planetary network of Light. These are dark send thoughts of hopelessness and senselessness of fight against the world evil and about a darkness irrepressible, but with Us going knows about indestructibility of Light and about an extremity and temporariness of the darkness, whatever strong it seemed. Now in the world it is very dark because the darkness strong strains all the forces. Everything sank in a gloom. But know that it is the last mad convulsions of darkness that it is doomed that Cali the South, a century of darkness, comes to an end, and Satia of the South will come promptly and powerfully. It is necessary to stand very strong to sustain an impact the last. But ahead Light and final Light a victory over horrors of the dismissed darkness.
142. (Guru). If you carefully follow the life Carriers of light and loyal employees, you can see that Their entire life was marked by intense, harsh and merciless fight against forces of the opponent that is with darkness. Will find, that their life was filled labors and hardships, irrepressible for the average person is. Will see that even when the apparent triumph of darkness won go outside yet they, and their exploits in centuries began to shine inexpressible light. Thus, the betrayal of Judas was labeled stigma of shame and meanness of stable. So, the feat of the Savior and His Victim were all mankind as the highest Acts of light.
143. (March 8). We care about expanding consciousness because even big practical achievements if the understanding nearly gives nothing or give rise to evil. If all will pass and perceive thoughts of what might happen when the thoughts are evil and dark. Not whether they would increase all-planet the darkness even more? The purpose of Our Exercises is given first and foremost to expand consciousness. Only at the expanded consciousness of new ability of human serves his off benefit. Even the opening of science and new inventions often serve as a detriment and destruction! If the situation does not change, the Kickback of the balance of the elements is inevitable.
144. (M. A. Y.). Isn't present neither big, nor small. Everything matters, and especially is small thoughts. Let there will be short them, but, crashing into the consciousness, everyone leaves the trace and will serve as though as a springboard to future actions. Horses train and accustom to obey will of the person. Thoughts are too not trained horses. The will should accustom them to implicit obedience. They uncontrolled freedom can't give. Where the horse without a bridle moreover capricious, wild and untrained will deliver? It after all and the horseman can kill or dump in an abyss.
145. (Guru). Not the same as the leaves on the same tree, even that doesn't happen and horoscopes. First, because nor in nature is not repeated, the second, the rays of the stars and planets depends on what angle they are photosensitive and are falling quite a clean wrapper newborn precisely at the moment of his birth. Rarely be, in order to in one place at one time had two children, twins. But there are cases when the twins died at one time or fell ill at the same time. Thirdly, the stars are encouraged, but not in control that is the free will of man is making its map of the horoscope and the adjustment to a certain extent directs the course of life. Body composition, growth, hair or eye color cannot be changed, but the order that the person was in the form of shells, in which he lives, "can be.
146. (March 9). It is instructive to watch how hard the man to sort through piles of all sorts among chaos theories, opinions, beliefs and attitudes about everything that surrounds the consciousness. Order and provides Bases to have to rely on, and from which originate in their thinking, and that to counter the flow of human errors. However they are great, it's not difficult to see, if you look how many theories and teachings have been discarded in the past and think about how much they will be dropped in the future. Whatever veil nor misleading – scientific, was camouflaged by the philosophical, religious, next week, political or otherwise – will remain a delusion, contrary to misleading the basics. And if many are misleading as the truth, the truth of it is not. Need to establish it in even stronger fundamentals. Thinking that emanates from them and from them logically developing, will avoid many errors so common people. Carriers of light in all that they did originate from the basics. Their wisdom in a century, stood against time, and unprejudiced mind continues to draw from it even today, in the age of electronics, Cybernetics, radio and space. Basics and beyond time, steadfast and true science will never be in conflict with them.
147. (M. A. Y.). Throw away everything that is not from the light, which prevents it that distracts from the focus and does not correspond to the intended purpose as a carrier of human wisdom of centuries. There are so many distracting, and preventing, and totally unnecessary! How to understand this set of human thoughts and accept as something positive and unmistakable? When was given the Teaching of life, it was understood that this condition of human minds, not knowing what to take for truth and striving. Teaching gives direction and nearest approach but requires the use of it in life. Even a small part, mastered and applied, will firmly set foot on a path leading in a narrow of life. Even the small part acquired and applied, will help to step into the narrow track conducting in life firmly. And among them one, narrow trail leading into the life, is not easy and is not easy to find.
148. (Guru). Sons Light Teachings Agni accept unconditionally and certainly because to it judgment, and all their being is directed and fiery absorbs given by the Doctrine Light. It is very characteristic and indicative for judgment pupils. Some not without justification believe, that the Doctrine is given for them. Similar readiness and ability to absorb in itself provisions of the Doctrine absolutely unmistakably define suitability of the pupil to a further ascension. Not ready will read time and will reject, ready will make the Doctrine the life and with it will indissolubly merge.
149. (March 10). The mistake of materialists of modern science is that they don't allow existence of new, thinnest forms of a matter unknown to it, for example, such from which images thoughts are expressed, or thin bodies consist, or prototypes of dense forms of life are constructed. Mistake of idealists in that, they assume existence something out of a matter. For them all worlds not seen to a physical eye, but seen sometimes to the clairvoyance, aren't material. Meanwhile, as the Truth lies in the middle of these two extremes. The Thin World and all Highest Worlds denied by materialists exist actually, and they are material, only this matter more distinguished, than a matter, known to modern science. But this matter is available to studying, can be visible and available to exact and invariable material laws, or matter laws. The non-material world approved by idealists can't exist because out of a matter and its forms even thinnest and highest, can exist nothing, because such forms in the nature aren't present. The highest spiritual phenomena are material, and the aura of the person, even Spirits Planetary, can be recorded by supersensitive devices, and aura of the person usual – a simple tthin-feelings photographic plate. It is impossible to photograph what isn't present. Therefore, undoubted it can't be denied. It is time to finish infantile materialism already. If the materialism didn't deny possibility of existence of thinner and highest types of a matter, it would strengthen its positions and would bring the material base under the statement of idealists. Real it isn't denied. To fight against reality of the undoubted – means to show ignorance.
150. (Guru). Now that the rampant darkness at spaces dissolved planet when surrounded by darkness, the path is towards the top. But if violating the Covenant of silence, starting out with something to say when there is no severe need to that, that My expose you immediately and put the dark that guards every opportunity to his cause. Already noticed that even in response to the kind words received a blow and loquacity channel came through evil and even harmless or neutral words were misconstrued for evil. Therefore, we should make it a rule to speak only when necessary or inevitable, and say only the most necessary and nothing more. Better to keep silent than to speak of so-called false politeness. Refrain from idle talk any price and so protect yourselves against evil influences from the outside.
151. (March 11). Execution of all desires is dream of mankind. But there is such country where all desires of the person, free and involuntary, real and been born once are granted. It is the Thin World where thoughts, both desires of the person, and his intention are carried out. The desire will give rise an image, a fancy. This image gets there a seen concrete form, and this form vibrates and lives about the spirit which has generated it. It enters into communication, into a combination to it and plunges into its atmosphere. Similar images surround the person who has created them, and he lives in them and lives them. When they are good, light and saturated the benefit and aren't filled with roughly terrestrial representations, they carry away the carrier to the Highest Spheres and lift it. When they are rough, both are dark, and pulse terrestrial desires and passions, they carry away it in the lower class of the astral world; and desires material and terrestrial, needing for the satisfaction in a terrestrial body, can't be carried out and generate that is called as "Tantalum torments". But all highest aspirations are carried out. The fan of music has the highest and full satisfaction, fans of beauty – too. The philosopher, the poet and the scientist – everyone finds on himself. The country of implementation of all desires which are going beyond a physical framework and terrestrial lowest aspirations, gives pleasure of execution of the most audacious and sublime thoughts, pleasure of saturation of hunger of spirit, pleasure of contemplation of beauty in all aspects available to consciousness. On Earth it is difficult to present such opportunity, but in Elevated it is easy if it is understood that there everything is created and moves thought and conducts thought.
152. (M. A. Y.). Certainly, and on Earth of people lives in peace the thoughts, but he doesn't see them so obviously and externally as sees terrestrial subjects. And it prevents it to realize reality and thin materiality of mental educations. And still, having deeply concentrated on something, it plunges into the world of thoughts so that doesn't see and doesn't hear the events around. Artist, the poet and the writer, is this, who «thinks images", often create them so bright and lives that involve also other people in the world of the creativity. Shakespeare's heroes live, and even some experience that in the Thin World to distinguish these almost live images from inhabitants of the Thin World is required. They live and in the world terrestrial, sating with it thoughts of people and feeding their imagination. About thoughts and the mental forms created by the person, it is necessary to think as of a real factor of life and to study laws to which they are subordinated and which operate them.
153. (Guru). Useful only to think at times and on Beam sent a Teacher, its healing properties and the nature of its vibration. It requires awareness, which should be preceded by and always precedes mastery. Without awareness of the healing power of Light be shed in vain. Few get to realize results. The evidence does not distinguish between Pearl chicken from things and objects.
154. (March 12). The way to the future is defined by commensurability of actions. Any discrepancy bends it. Everything is eliminated with a firm hand that disturbs or complicates advance. On the plan terrestrial the dream is limited to terrestrial opportunities, on the plan extra dense – anything. This freedom should be scented, this freedom should be understood that to direct to it and it to carry out. Hold flight only terrestrial gravitations and that yet get rid can. Among magnificence and boundless freedom of the Elevated World the slightest desire can pull down and tie flight wings, having attracted consciousness to object of desire and having connected it with it. That is why clarification from any litter is so necessary. That is why the foremost duty – to be exempted from it that already nothing could detain. Truly it is possible to call chains attractions terrestrial. It is impossible to fly if wings are tied by them. It is necessary to understand how the spirit by remnants of the dense world and unwillingness is connected with them to leave. The free I want to see those who directed to Me, and generously I Want them to sate with Light gifts.
155. (M. A. Y.). Both terrestrial and Elevated are weighed on Boundlessness scales to determine the value and value and that and another. Even in life terrestrial there is a wish to have things strong, able to serve long. Especially signs and these qualities are necessary where all terrestrial comes to an end and replaced Elevated. As it is strange, but the strongest and enduring everything is feeling of love. Than higher it and the ofiery, the stronger and is longer. The love to the Highest endures all terrestrial and attracts spirit to what and to whom this feeling is sent. Love magnet – the strongest. From all thinnest energy of the highest there will be a love.
156. (Guru). What huge value for the person his internal life has. It is a pity for at whom it is poor and insignificant. External still it is possible to live on Earth. But how in Elevated where external everything is replaced with the internal? Neither riches, nor situation there won't help because cease to be. So, collecting to itself treasures on Earth, but not collected spiritual treasures it will be pity also niches in World Aboveground.
157. (March 13). You see how against greatness and beauty of the future the lowest human nature, all dark, spiteful, egoistical rises that in it is. Atomic energy could be blessing for mankind, but is directed by people on destruction and destruction. And as precisely almost all best undertakings and inventions. Instead of doing much good for people, they address in the evil. Prosperity would be approved on a planet, if not the evil beginning depriving people of fruits of science and culture. Imagine that would be on Earth if everything that is spent for arms, was directed on construction and organization of a garden terrestrial! Leaving Cali the South still strong keeps spirit human under the influences. But the evil century of darkness, blood and violence comes to an end. Ahead of Light, is of Light of new Yugi.
158. (M. A. Y.). "Waiting" – ponder upon deep value of this word. As it is beautiful and directed! Existence of those, who has nothing to wait and who finds satisfaction of the aspirations in the surrounding; sphering its hopelessness, is poor. But waiting are directed in the future which is a field of implementation of all aspirations of spirit. In Boundlessness in which their lives spirit of the person, all can be reached. The spirit is eternal. And, if throughout the millennium it is possible to observe an evolution gait that occurs throughout tens and hundred millennia and that already occurred. From mute races to differential calculus the distance is great. It even more from the present moment that time when the person will seize all wonderful opportunities of the device. Light of the future is great!
159. (Guru). We won't be afflicted too with everything that so furiously burdens consciousness, but forces in themselves we will find energy of counteractions consciously to turn on that that aspirated to approach with the Lord. Let restrict, but let push aside to It, let with It pull together, let each aspiration a step will in order that rise up to Called you to Light.
160. (March 14). Activity in a dream, in the Thin World, will be gradually remembered everything fuller and fuller and to gain symmetry. The consciousness mood before going to bed channelizes spirit, and that is strong approved in understanding has logical development and it is accepted as inalterability. The doctrine which has been well acquired, helps to be guided with many provisions, and that is bridled and constrained in an awake condition, won't disturb in a dream. Dream – very interesting phenomenon full of the most ample opportunities, but it is necessary to know something to work purposefully. And, when in a dream of people starts leading conscious life, the orbit of its existence extends on one third, in addition to life terrestrial. After all in a dream of people carries out one third of the life.
161. (M. A. Y.). To term of Luminous intensity can't display the power because if it was made, instead of kind construction there would be destruction. Even if to give to the person not on consciousness, but it is more, except harm, it will turn out nothing. Treachery is born from this incommensurability. Therefore actions of Hierarchy are caused by terms. But, when they approach, anything can't stop it fiery power any more.
162. (Guru). Immunity at accord with higher spirit spheres and the impossibility of accord with inferior, because all that would vibrate on their exposure to the stimulus, completely defeated. Refined subtle body has within itself elements of related matter of the lower layers, and it is nothing to them consonance and when the darkness wants to surround jumping into the small world of man, she is powerless to do so, for it has nothing in it.
163. (M. A. Y.). Quality growth is infinite. Anyone can grow and improve quality. On the way to the future of growing qualities is the fruit bearing effect. And not might be indolent and useless time, or boredom, when so much might be done. After all, cultivating qualities is not a personal matter, but public space, because the vibrations of this process are distributed widely and is transmitted over long distances. Aspiration can be invisibly nourish many of consciousness and so multiply the light of Earth's atmosphere. It's time to already understand that all the personal experiences and thoughts not only the suffering of their people, but also of all other people, because you are filling the aura of a planet and add to its Light or dark elements akin. Responsibility for this mental generation of light or darkness, and all of them there is no escape. You just have to realize not to add anything on the scale of condemnation, nor its Bowl, or all-planet.
164. (Guru). When something is told from itself, on behalf of is one. But, when something becomes or told on behalf of the Guru or the Lord, it is perfect another. Then behind affairs and words stands either the Guru, or the Lord. Therefore to work for the sake of Sent – means force it to attract in an action orbit. The pupil differs from the ordinary person that works not in the name, but for the sake of the Teacher. Telling in the name and for the sake of itself will long not listen, but the word said for the sake of Sent, lays down in consciousness strong, causing either the accord, or counteraction and by that determining accessory listening to darkness, or Light camp.
165. (Guru). The one who isn't lost among a set of human theories, representations, wrong doctrines and thoughts because knows the way and Bases, that won't become puzzled and in World Aboveground. It is necessary to stand on the feet firmly in both worlds, without admiring one, without inclining spirit, without giving in neither to fear, nor a allure, I will deceive and without kowtowing to the seeming force of both. As the power the having was, Told by the Great Traveler with the powers world to. As, the power the having, Entered It and the World Thin, to people giving an example this, as must lead itself of the spirit, which defeat the world. "Take heart, – He Told pupils, – because I Won against the world".
166. (M. A. Y.). If withdraw an element of time which in itself is very relative from consciousness, even very far it will be close, hence of reality and individual of the future to it of the directed spirit. Not self-deception and self-flattery, but anticipation of judgment happiness and Light. It isn't necessary to reject or suppress this feeling – after all this heart feels obviously that, it will be the witness and the participant of that.
167. (March 18). It is possible to reach Us only over personal moods and constantly changing conditions of an astral. Ordinary people are shipped in them and live them. If, them to deprive of these experiences, they will have nothing live, but there will be a moment when the astral cover will be dumped, and if the person lived only it and in it, than he will live, having lost it? Therefore Agni Yoga transfers life to the thought exempted from the small emotional experiences of an astral. The mathematics represents itself extensive branch of knowledge. It is possible to devote all life to it, having separated thus consciousness with envy, fear, concerns, acquisition and all other feelings small, so peculiar to usually astral cover. The lowest isn't combined with the highest. The yoga separates all petty and low in thinking and rejects it. To reach on tops – means to go to Us over the ordinary the small every day in which so яstrong the consciousness of inhabitants is shipped.
168. (M. A. Y.). Routine can prolong consciousness, as in funnel, denying access of light. In the most squalid of circumstances and conditions of life could still be spirit to rise above them and fly over the soot of the present ". Great Faces, focusing on them in their orbit Attracts magnetic influences all human creature, if its aspirations sufficiently. You just need to think of a favorite Driver, not sinking thoughts in the dregs of the current day.
169. (Guru). Each lifting or an eminence of spirit is followed by ant situation reaction which should be sustained, without giving in to its influence. It is necessary to hold gains. It is easier to reach, than to hold. Be ready to meet at the moments of admiration of spirit then an opposite wave which can displace achievement, if against it not to resist. The purpose let will not only reach, but, the main thing, to keep on reached, to hold achievement, having fixed it strongly a number of the corresponding actions.
170. (March 19). Ignoramuses from science long will flaunt still the terms "it scientifically" and "it not scientifically". How many time truly discoveries and theories were mocked by these ignoramuses from science before being generally recognized, as well as science recognition. Remember Galilee, Copernicus, remember thousands murdered and tortured for the sake of false science and ignorance. Remember the theory indivisibility of atom and a set of others, recognized official science to be rejected later. Therefore all these statements that "scientifically" and that "not scientifically", are deprived of any sense. Still existence of aura's radiations and the phenomenon of energy of thought are still denied. Still, from the point of view of false science, are denied the Thin World and thin energy. A lot of things are denied by these ignoramuses from science. But reality and undoubted aren't denied. Any time still it is possible to go in pseudoscientific attires. But days of the old world are considered, as well as days of false science.
171. (M. A. Y.). It must be recognized that human thinking stubbornly opposed to the rigidity and rebels against each new idea or discovery. If treated impartially, without negations, and putting a strict scientific analysis! But much is negated, and it delays the evolution of thought. Inquisitors of science now on fires do not burn the heretics, the rebellion against the dogma of infallibility in science but are still ostracized, not giving yourself check out many provisions of labor approved and made them. The consolation is that the thought cannot be stopped by anything, and when the time comes, the thought would destroy all artificial dams. So it was not once in the past, so will be in the future.
172. (Guru). General acceptance should be more wary than prosecution. Since persecution strengthens and reinforces the idea of the persecuted, while general acceptance makes their conventional and puts out interest and a flame of sacred them fades away. What are some examples of courage, fortitude, faith and self-renunciation was display the first Christians! But when Christianity became the established religion of the State, and even the Holy Fire has become a rare phenomenon in the hearts of his followers.
173. (March 20). We are, as far as possible, Adopt the name Guru and want to know as many people as possible. The name Guru is inextricably linked to its creativity, its philosophy and the Teachings of the living ethics. Referring to his name and popularizing it, we involve our people in its sphere of thoughts and activities. His name is very strong magnet. And who says, or writes about it, it is easier to refer to Teachings or other matters of life, relying on his credibility. Not everyone speaks his own credibility is so great that it listened to, but the credibility of the guru as a great artist, philosopher and thinker, is strong enough to attract the attention of many minds. Why would state their own beliefs on the Teachings, beliefs and attitudes when Guru will be much more convincing. Why not speak and act for them and not from myself, but the Guru and, on its behalf and of it and learn, so tightly associated with his life, will is the right solution promoting its ideology and its relationship to the wisdom of the East. Each intervention is welcome in this direction. His name belongs to the future and inseparably associated with it. Speaking of the future, it is impossible not to touch on behalf of guru who so ardently rushed in and carried away in man to those who were in tune with him in spirit.
174. (M. A. Y.). Now you understand what requires are necessary the statement of a name of the Guru for what is necessary his pictures and the book and why popularity its, so widespread in the world, not for its glorification, but for the approval of the Doctrine of Lords. Glorifying it, you glorify Sent it on a feat. After all anything didn't come to an end, and on the contrary, future, judgment to mankind, only comes nearer. And that is given, and those, who gave, will get up before mankind in a new aura and in new and broader understanding of their world mission. Fruits ripen at the right time. Also will be what to collect. And suffice on all, because crops were great.
175. (Guru). Everyone in own way, everyone on his understanding and understanding, but all about one, all how as help Business of the Lord as prepare and to open ways to the future. Closely it and is integral. People so far still far from understand of cosmic-spatial provision of a planet, and judgment and inevitable changes in destinies of the people, and that bright and happy future which it will be possible to designate an era of prosperity of mankind still.
176. (March 21). It is necessary to tell about the law of free will of the person separately. The will of the person is free, and even Arhat Can't break it. We Can warn, We Can give Council and direct, we Can prompt the decision, but suppress foreign will or it to break we have no right, because it is sacred. We Cannot make it even then when it is obviously sent to harm and another. It is possible to explain with this law a lot of things, hither to the unclear. It would seem, one small effort from our party, and the most intricate crime, but if the person doesn't reach in the understanding inadmissibility of the made evil falls and won't show at least the slightest effort in an opposite direction, We Can't interfere during its karma not to break a free will. The will suppressed surely will cause explosion, and to the person will be even more bitter, than was earlier. But it is possible to apply freely even to the slightest particle of good and the will directing to good and creation. We Are ready to help, but give to what it would be possible to apply our force.
177. (M. A. Y.). To be protected from angry and from the evil it is possible. But the border between self-defense and suppression even hostile free will is thin. On of side dark precisely the cruel enslavement and strongly breach the law of its freedom. In this is their seeming force and temporary the seeming success. The last world war was a graphic evidence of attempts of terrible enslavement of human will in mass scale. Also it came to an end crash for tyrant’s dark. So everything will come to an end defeat that goes against Space Laws. The temporary celebration of darkness doesn't mean a victory. Will win against Light, and its victory will be indestructible and strong. Light Victorious goes, and days of a temporary celebration of the dark are considered.
178. (Guru). When the Teacher Speaks: "Direct to Me, go to Me, you hold Me strong", – He Wants to cause the fiery power of free will that It Could freely to it to voluntary, independent and self-proceeding identification apply the force. The force isn't revealed yet freely, the Teacher is powerless to help, because there is nothing to put. In the ancient time the particle or a belief sparkle that application of force of the Teacher could be made was required at least. Understanding of this law is obligatory for the pupil. Even in commonplaces the Teacher Speaks: "I will help, but make effort" that was to what to apply to It the Force. Therefore each voluntary, self-proceeding action directed to Light is especially appreciated. Therefore it is taken away at not having and that has, but generously it is given who already has something that is there is to what it is possible to add.
179. (March 22). What, who to Me aspiration strong, there wait for a rich crop. The aspiration possesses magnetic force to attract to itself that, on what it is directed. All inventors, researchers, pioneers and many scientists unconsciously use this law and succeed in the work. At first the person will directs aspiration, and then it bears him already as on wings. The directed thought has force, however, as well as high thought if it really is thought, instead of to the cogitative garbage forming spatial slime. If to studying of thought approached really scientifically, how many harm could be avoided. The science of the future will allocate for great energy a place belonging to it.
180. (Guru). The Teacher talks about Symphony qualities because the lack of a quality paralyzes the manifestation of those that have, for example: what is even ambition without permanence or constancy without proportionality, or devotion, or the fieriness without balance, or the power of imagination, without purity, or knowledge of the Teachings without love to someone who gave it?
181. (March 23). We Are ready to give a lot of things at a rate of understanding of the listening. But where they are? All are occupied by themselves and that before eyes. Know that all only for a while, and still put in it everything that have. The few knowing consider as dreamers and groundless idealists, without troubling itself to think of reality. Time is measured not by number of the leaked hours, and the endured impressions. But after all both the person, and an animal, and a plant worry differently, therefore, and feeling of time for them absolutely variously. Different it even at two abreast sitting people. Terrestrial time stops for passed to the World Thin and is estimated there differently. There is a sequence of events and impressions, but not in measures terrestrial. Many live there, continuing from "oven» that is proceeding from conditions terrestrial in which lived, but without hours and a calendar. Dreams are untimely even. Especially untimely and thin stay for spirit though in a terrestrial way and it is possible to estimate for years.
182. (M. A. Y.). Passed to the World Thin goes to whom wants to go, and stays with who wants to arrive. Defines the direction the last thought prevailing in consciousness dying over all others. Usually those thoughts which were strongest during life prevail. A lot of things depend on directing consciously. It is best of all to approve in advance in the imagination some details of the future. Even the clothes can be prepared the corresponding. Neither the dress coat, nor the cylinder, hats won't be cosmic. Means, it is necessary to think of it. Well in consciousness to separate everything that there is necessary, from all that there is absolutely excessive. How many all should be taken with itself to move from the city to the city. But all this in Elevated is absolutely not necessary. But something is absolutely necessary without what existence there becomes difficult and even intolerable, - for example, of the complacency. If to take instead of it irritation, rage, hatred, discontent or fear, with these qualities there it will be heavy to stay. So, preparing for post mortal existence, it is necessary to think of much and to provide a lot of things.
183. (Guru). Swedenborg spoke with the dead, dead talking to him. Conclusion is clear: in whatever condition and shell is the human spirit, it may come into contact with the consciousness of Teachers or those close to him. Therefore let no earthly considerations about the impossibility of spiritual relationships do not stop the aspirations of those who sought to pin the consciousness. Earth barriers do not exist for the spirit.
184. (March 24). Our holiday, the day of unification of all the forces of light and all his staff, feast of the Lords! Strained is brightly colored, and the network of light becomes darkness in combat. To Focus A Light aspiration is consciously. The day of new beginnings and sowing seeds of light on the ongoing year. You can send all distant thoughts good, but close. You can climb the stairs to begin with three hundred sixty six steps. Every day is a new step towards Focus. Life gives a wonderful possibility to climb thanks to incredibly arduous efforts. Together strong will go one more time spiral, a lot of them are yet to come, because the path is endless.
185. (Guru). We will withhold consent as the most important thing that connects us with the light. This is that battering-ram against darkness. They can break through any of its surroundings. Even on the day of the Celebration has to say about to oppose evil. Particular time, difficult but full of wonderful surprises most. They get ready.
186. (March 25). Let us reveal an understanding of what is happening. The end of Kali Yuga and the beginning of Satia touching. Withdrawing and the emerging era stand face to face. The energy of their face, and is the last struggle of the outgoing energies from reaching them. People suffer under the pressure of competing currents. Consciousness are exposed to both, are going through these hard collisions. All feel that something is wrong, but don't understand the reasons. Suffer especially perceptive organisms. Fuse is not likely to survive. And knowledgeable isn't easy. Knowledge does not relieve the feeling of ill-being. But he knows the essence of what's going on around and in the space, and knows that the South must replace the Kali Yuga.
187. (M. A. Y.). Little child led around by the handle, but the Warrior of light, put on guard, stands on the planetary patrol one. Therefore arose to guard trusted his patrol role. The Lords of as many cares about the Earth that assistance is valuable and has value. The Teacher also appreciates it when Warrior standing on watch does not need to spend his energy, which so sorely needed somewhere. The desire to help His and ability to help and protect His Fire power for applications where it is particularly needed, and so facilitate its exorbitant burden will be approved and will show a deep understanding of a moment.
188. (Guru). That would say I had been together? I would Say: “The future is coming, the no revoked offensive. Prepared a place it will take him a sought-after, and them, and with honour.
189. (March 26). Everyone would like to lead the happy and sorrow less life, the surrounded wellbeing. It is very difficult to come off such life – in it its minus. On the other hand, life can be such heavy and difficult that the spirit with pleasure is ready to be exempted from it when term will come to that. In it of positive side of life no slight. And as the main stay not on Earth, but in World Thin, for the sake of free stay from terrestrial gravitations in World Aboveground it is possible consciously and to undergo firmly encumbrance and spirit languor through which it should pass in a dense condition. All High Spirits heavy Suffered in life terrestrial and all Ascended. Not to compare a condition of free spirit in Elevated to a condition connected with Earth and not able to come off from tatters and remnants of terrestrial wellbeing and illusive conditions of a happy embodiment. Deprivation in one means acquisition and compensation in other. The wise rejoices to that the ignorant considers as misfortune, sufferings and deprivation. It is difficult to accept it heart and to consider all events on Earth with the person from this point of view. But when life is so heavy that it isn't a pity for anything what it is necessary to leave, then it is possible to consider that bonds terrestrial are torn and the spirit is free from them.
190. (M. A. Y.). Small "I" and egoism of the person strong will oppose to Wisdom of the Highest, recognizing inevitability of encumbrance by circumstances of ascending spirit. The egoism wants conveniences, and comfort, and less cares. The egoism wants surplus and content. Desires of egoism are diverse and insatiable, and it more has, the wants to have more. Why to the millionaire new millions? And, however, any isn't content with that has. Desires human are insatiable. Indulgence doesn't give them satisfaction because there is a wish bigger. Also there is no end to them. In process of satisfaction they increase, their carrier doesn't turn into the monster of the evil which is promptly sliding in a chasm yet. Behind the indulgence beginning desires of egoism need to be able to see the end. Let the life full of sufferings and deprivations, but release, than possession all benefits terrestrial be better, and then the gloomy slavery – so argues the one who understood the purpose and sense of embodiments
191. (Guru). In vain believe that if the child needs to be reconciled with the first pain, it isn't necessary to reconcile adults, and not with the first, and with many which life doesn't stint. Only the understanding of sense of sufferings and tests will allow possibility of reconciliation with them that is their permanent transferring and preservation of balance of spirit. It is necessary to comprehend them; differently it is difficult not to be plunged into despair and hopelessness. And for this purpose it is necessary to know. This knowledge of the purpose of terrestrial embodiments and everything that is connected with them, the Teacher Gives that the spirit found force in itself victoriously to sustain everything up to the end.
192. (March 27). One isn't present about and round our people is a rest. Approaching to Us, the pupil adjoins to our orbit of tension, and is involved in it, and loses rest so lovely to everyone inhabitant. And about what rest there can be a speech when are accepted under responsibility of life human. Also the darkness is strained. Protection of the spirits accepted on care demands considerable care. To us imitating, you can't calm down also on something, -the life river rages and worries. New circumstances arise every instant. Also anybody doesn't know secret of terms. Means, in readiness it is necessary to stay constantly. But readiness includes both vigilance, and vigilance, both a consciousness patrol, and constantly burning, inextinguishable hearts fire. To whom are extinct shadows necessary? Extinction means both decomposition, and deadness of spirit. Not among the dyed-away consciousness’s We Will look for worthy who can entrust the intimate.

193. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to consider itself worthy on condition of full-return and consciousness and heart. Other extent of return won't be considered as the full. Even about love It was spoken: "All understanding, all idea, and all heart". Incompleteness is condemned. It is impossible to go one foot forward, and another back. Division in itself has a limit beyond which decomposition begins. It is told that "the house divided in" won't resist.
194. (Guru). If something you bring, will be about what to talk and then to share. If isn't present, interchange of energy won't take place. To us always is what to give. And when to you coming with itself doesn't bring anything, you too will have no useful interchange of energy that is cooperation. If not brought anything wants to receive after all and you contrary to the law give something, the lightful exchange of energy, and a consuming of mental energy, that is vampirism turns out not.
195. (M. A. Y.). Dark attack, that in all possible ways to separate from us and the Lord. But when each their attempt will be transformed by consciousness to the energy directed on even bigger rapprochement with Hierarchy, then, really, dark start serving Light. So we will try to use each attack on approaching to the Teacher even closer. When all – both good and bad, both pleasant and unpleasant, both light and dark – starts serving fiery to the directed consciousness, then it is possible to tell that the high step on Light Ladder is reached. Genies can be made the pushers advancing on the way. But for this purpose the steady rule of life should be made, that their energy, directed on destruction and on harm, transmutation in the energy, turned on creation and good. In it is secret of a victory over darkness.
196. (Guru). The sword of Damocles of various troubles, and chagrin, and even the sufferings, constantly hanging over consciousness, too can serve as incentive for continuous wakefulness of spirit and aspiration to hold in every way the Teacher. Exactly so it is necessary to arrive consciously to use everything on rapprochement with It. When both the pleasure and a grief move to one purpose, then anything isn't able to stop the traveler of the Great Way. Incorrectly the one who can move ahead only in certain and favorable conditions arrives. Such advance is fragile and unsteady. The powerful ship goes towards the aim for both at night and in the afternoon, both in a storm and in a calm weather and doesn't interrupt symmetry of the course under no circumstances.
197. (March 29). It isn't as important as people treat us, it is benevolent or not even if it is friends, but it is important extraordinary as ourselves because our relation, our good or bad feelings remain at us belong and define details of our future. Unfortunately, throwing of pebbles on "brotherly kitchen gardens" still takes place but, if we are engaged in it, the justification to that isn't present. And, when such pebble flies in our kitchen garden and, having struck, hurts, it is very important how to react to such injustice. The same and can't as answer, it is necessary to keep friendliness. But even at friendliness the aura can render lawful counteraction and to be protected by that from injustice. If charge or criticism is fair, it is possible to learn a useful lesson from them and to correct an error or this or that undesirable trait of character and a shortcoming. Therefore such phenomena can inure to even advantage at the correct attitude towards them. The friend made a mistake in relation to you. Not on you, but on it its consequences will lie karmic. You, without breaking goodwill, you can point to it that the friend understood and to exempt the friend from undesirable consequences of a mistake. Only bad feelings it isn't necessary to allow.
198. (M. A. Y.). The doctrine specifies that it is necessary to know severely friends and not be touched masks. How to acquire this knowledge? Only the experience! Experience of cognition of the person is difficult and bitter. Not from enemies, but from friends it is necessary to receive chagrin and bitterly to pay for inability correctly to understand the person. If see attentively the life, you will see, how many difficulties and unpleasant consequences took place owing to unreasonable trustfulness, or misunderstanding of character of the friend. It was told: "Not of enemies be afraid, but friends".
199. (Guru). Unfair criticism we will reject, but for the fair we will be especially grateful because it will help to be exempted from this or that shortcoming. And who as not the friend, most likely will notice our shortcomings. It is necessary to show goodwill that it is careful much and without condemnation to examine an armor of the brother. Usually each remark causes strong counteraction. Even it is necessary to learn to listen to remarks of the Head skillfully, that is without taking offense, without being afflicted and without protesting, but wishing to correct a shortcoming and understanding that the instruction is fair. Even condemnation of the enemy is useful when it really noticed something subject to fair criticism. It is so possible to develop in itself quality correctly to listen to criticism in the address. If it is unfair, it can be rejected quietly if correct; it helps to be exempted from unnecessary freight.
200. (March 30). The desire of Knowledge is lawful quite. Desire of phenomena is illegally, because they give nothing that is advance. The phenomenal area will start revealing naturally in process of thinning and consciousness deepening. It is impossible to force. Medium not achievement, though deals with phenomena. It is better to overcome two-three undesirable habits or to be exempted from three worst properties, than to concern the phenomenal party of the phenomena, anything in itself without having overcome. Reflections on Doctrine subjects certainly are useful. We give that advances, without breaking karma. Phenomena will excite consciousness, but will give nothing and won't help to keep at height of this overexcitement.
201. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to force not to think of much from this that is subject to a get rid, but prisoners are locked in a cage, will be live and will seek to break loose. And when will escape, to the person will be more bitter, than before. It is necessary not to lock in consciousness depths useless thoughts, but they should be killed. What will deprive such thought of force and won't allow live it? Only of the full realize of its inadmissibility and impossibility further to go together with it. Not met desire will be, or grow, or to die off. Everything depends on a food by his thought. Conscious eradication of unnecessary desires is carried out by the termination of a food and maintenance by their thoughts. Severe control over thought helps achievement of this purpose.
202. (Guru). If you want to help the reeled fellow-traveller, keep in mind that it is necessary to assume for this purpose all weight of his doubts, fluctuations and weaknesses and to overcome them in yourself. The sincere help will consist in it.
203. (M. A. Y.). Importantly in reflection of darkness is to keep balance. Only in balance can be victoriously. Notice how it is his attempt to break the enemies of light before you crawl closer. But the retained balance can be successfully to defend. No one is strong against the balance. Try to keep it all through the power of the spirit. If you would understand how it collects the energy focus of Agni. If realized, that there is nothing which would prevent it from breaking. If you would to wish the power thought all his to assert forever.
204. (Guru). Terrestrial acquisitions lose the value before achievements of spirit. Often attendants of Light lost everything that Earth and terrestrial wellbeing could give. But, having saved up values of spirit and realizing value of this accumulation, quietly and fearlessly they looked in the face of death and went on fires, on torments, on the arena with wild animals. Spiritual outweighed terrestrial and hidden – visible. The victory of spirit over a flesh consisted in it.
205. (M. A. Y.). "But you store heart pure that I could enter into it and to surround you with armor". Into clean heart of the Lord Will enter, but the dark will enter into the dirty. Therefore clarification of heart is necessary as the most well-tried remedy of protection against darkness. Not enough significance was attached to this party of clarification, and the attention was paid to ethical essence of a question. But experience shows that immunity from dark influences – in heart, in the heart cleared of any litter. Both in Thin and in dense the worlds dark carefully try to discover the slightest weeds which haven't been cleaned in time, and, them having found, immediately use them as catches for penetration inside. The precept storing heart pure has very important and urgent value and demands immediate application. Experiment will show as far as it is timely and necessary.
206. (Guru). Active expectation of the future includes both a preparation to it and readiness. And then the surprise will turn in unexpected, but an expected waiting. Wait to wait unexpectedly for big refinement and readiness of consciousness. To wait – means to work and work in the direction of the judgment future. What did you make to show such readiness?
207. (April 2). Temptations and allure Kama-Loka are dangerous that create illusive illusion of reality. But, when the person directs to them, and is involved in the sphere of their attraction, and in it gets stuck, covers of illusion disappear and the evil becomes visible in all the naked essence. Claws, prickles, thorns and poison under an external form of each allure, and impossibility to meet desire owing to lack of a physical body. When this moment comes, it is already impossible to be exempted from tenacious embraces of allure. And the unsatisfied desire attracts to a new combination with illusive, but forms of those seductions involving in to overcome which the person when was on Earth didn't find forces. Correctly remembered the phrase: "When the darkness will take control of the property", – in it the essence of how no get rid ulcers of spirit grant the right dark to consider their owners property and to seize them is expressed, carrying away them in the lower class of the Thin World. The pole of Light and darkness attracts to itself the spirits having in the aura elements, kindred’s to this or that pole. Everyone attracts the. That is why it is necessary to think of pure attires of spirit in advance, because only they grant the right to an entrance to the corresponding layers of space of the Elevated World. Fight between the Highest and the lowest duad’s is sharp, intense and deadly, because the victory or defeat of one of them defines destiny of the person in Elevated.
208. (M. A. Y.). We can help others, but not before the next test, the learned experience completely. If it goes on too long, so he's not digested and taught them a lesson not learned. What is not clear, we explain the life. If the heart was open and your mind is not marred. «No be endless tests.
209. (Guru). Understanding the meaning of each test can withstand it successfully. Good understanding of yourself, without help and draw the appropriate conclusions. Testing is not aimless. Life is a school and every substantive lesson should be understood. Karma is not revenge, but teaches. A good student is studying at all and always and does so knowingly.
210. (April 3). The person living in the hen house and shipped entirely in it loses feeling of world prospect. The majority of people are occupied with the private matters and experiences so that out of them for them as though exists nothing. Consequences of such situation are very sad because with death of the personality for them all comes to an end. Interests of society, collective, the homeland, and the people bring consciousness out of this closed personal circle. All great people therefore are great as lived not it, but that was outside their egoism. Life egoism means death of spirit. The egoism lives the personal interests, and when owing to death of a physical body all leaves from the person what he so strongly lived on Earth and that was food for his consciousness, to live he has nothing in Elevated. Remnants terrestrial, connected with his personality, under themselves have no real basis and can't feed spirit with the energy necessary to it. Those who worked for the public good, continue to develop the energy in the accepted direction and to work for others. They live. The egoism is correctly called a spirit grave because there is nothing it to live in peace Elevated unless the desires. When their force is settled on the beget and the thin body is dumped, in the Upper Class spirit has nothing to live and eat, anything there not brought and nothing collected from a harvest terrestrial out of a limit of the egoism.
211. (M. A. Y.). Darkness has a monstrous opposition onslaught of the new world. Knows that the condemned, but all the more fiercely it resistance. Know those, what stand during heads. And yet, despite this opposition, new age ideas stealthily, slowly but persistently creep into the minds of the people.
212. (Guru). "Let off him and follow across Me" – this Covenant shall remain in force for all time. Its depth is unlimited. There is no other way to light, except the path of self-denial, neglect their personal, small "I" and work for the common good.
213. (April 4). Very difficult, living in peace and plunging into cares and peripeteias of day, goes off these impressions, and be no off worldly this, but from the world of the enduring phenomena. The spirit wants to concentrate on them, but the covers filled with terrestrial rehashes, continue to sound against will on those impressions, which were perceived by them during the day. There is a fight between temporary and enduring. The knowledge allows to understand that all these soundings of terrestrial impressions temporarily and is passing and that to them isn't present and there can't be a place in the Highest Worlds that they have to leave together with body and covers which will be dumped that, having played the role on Earth, the personality terrestrial stops the existence, but, despite this knowledge, terrestrial continues to fill consciousness, covering the enduring. After all terrestrial it is necessary to leave all on Earth; after all with itself it is possible to take only experience and knowledge, after all communication with the Teacher – over all temporary and terrestrial! All this is known, but after all this "popularity" needs to be realized and carried out practically, that is, living in peace dense, really to understand in application of every day. In this world it is necessary to be firmly established and carry out the terrestrial duties before people and before the body and covers, feeding them respectively, but it is impossible to forget for an instant that the embodiment on Earth is given not for the sake of Earth, but for collecting, staying in a physical body, immortality elements. It is impossible to forget that terrestrial life without understanding of this purpose becomes deprived of any sense. After all not for this purpose lives, the person suffers and thinks to eat, drink and have what he will be deprived with the termination of this embodiment. The decision in counterbalancing spiritual and terrestrial in the understanding, without allowing temporary to eclipse and cover with itself timeless, conducting to achievement of immortality. Not in the temporary, mortal personality this immortality, not consists in other covers which are dumped one for another in World Aboveground, but above, in the spirit sphere, in the enduring Immortal Triad which has collected from temporary covers a material, given the chance of conscious life in the Highest Spheres of the Elevated World.
214. (M. A. Y.). When seductions and an allure are powerless, dark start influencing thought, throwing doubts, uncertainty and other conjectures anyway to separate consciousness of the pupil from the Teacher. And, when it is assisted, they inspire that it isn't present. And, when the Lord is unchangeable and inseparable, they persist in suggestion that the Lord Forgot and Left. But It is told clearly: "I with you always". No dark tricks and evil-tricks can destroy this statement. With us Lord is always. Let there are these words the invincible weapon of Light. Execution of the Great Plan is foreordained by command of Space Will, or the Space Law.
215. (Guru). "Stand strong; stand stronger than the rock. Fire wonderful is forced by firmness of spirit". And when it is possible come of sturdiness, as not in days of the greatest confusion of the world and spatial no wellbeing. It is necessary to realize the painful darkness condensed over a planet that to strain all strength of mind in counteraction by it. It is necessary to resist, it is necessary resist in the spirit of. Nor the body, nor an external environment narrower no help, if the spirit fluctuates. But its force is inexhaustible. But the Hierarchy of Light is unshakable. Not darkness ahead, ahead of Light a victory.
216. (April 5). Usually the world and everything that surrounds the person, is perceived by it in a section of the present moment. The past and the future of the phenomenon aren't seen. We see not subjects from all directions and their contents, but only their surface, to us turned by a certain party. By analogy I am one-sided and limited as well visibility of all in time. When we look at the person, we see his external image behind which there is him a past going too far times. We don't see neither its auras, nor its covers, neither its monad, nor the Immortal Triad while all person, both external and internal, will stretch in time as one difficult and continuous body of several measurements. As are stretched in time in all complexity and forms of animals, birds, fishes, trees, flowers and all vegetation. As the planet and everything that on it is stretched also. As though the huge incalculable stream of all shown forms stretched in space from the infinite past in the infinite future, rushes in an uninterrupted Space current. And only limitation of terrestrial mind and its sense organs doesn't allow see all this, noting only a surface of forms and the phenomena in a section of the moment of supervision over them and their understanding. In east philosophy there are special terms for the similar phenomena. So, the body of the person taken from his birth to death in aspect of its extent in time as one continuous whole is called a “linga sharira”. The fiery consciousness sees much more widely than the terrestrial. Arhat already Sees that is hidden from a usual eye. Association of three worlds in consciousness will slightly open an invisibility veil. That the person should learn in the course of his evolution represents itself something which isn't holding absolutely not in its modern idea of the world surrounding it. The sphere unknown and subject still to understanding is huge and immeasurable. And the school at which it is got and will acquire this knowledge, life is for the person.
217. (April 6). At an assessment of terrestrial power and force of gold it is good to think of Bases. They can't be changed by force terrestrial, at least and it was expressed in one hundred billions. Each of billionaires is mortal, and his body is exposed to possibility of any diseases and misfortunes, as well as the nervous system can't avoid various influences! Both the body will die, and money won't rescue from action of relentless laws. All of monetary power, however, as and all of power terrestrial is temporary and transient, and illusive for its carrier, though it also doesn't realize this illusoriness. That change of scenery after death of a physical body when not terrestrial, but spiritual comes into the town is sharper and more amazing. Both the beggar and the billionaire pass to the World Thin, anything with itself without taking, except hidden accumulation on Earth and riches spiritual. If they are insignificant and riches aren't present, the lot of a one incarnation especially is pity and dims if his affairs were angry. Bases are unshakable, but the knowledge collected on Earth and concerning life of spirit, will appear the true treasure which is bearing rich fruits and giving the chance of conscious, joyful and light stay in Elevated. Each thought of Light brings the consequences and feeds spirit. And as stay in Elevated is many times longer terrestrial, and the value of good accumulation gains especially deep and fruitful value.
218. (M. A. Y.). Who says that is easy? But you remember strong that each difficulty, each oppression, each deprivation, each encumbrance by the circumstances, each attacks dark and suffering has the opposite pole caused by them to demonstration. Looking for will find, suffering will receive a consolation, burdened it will be released, deprived will receive and to Light aspiring it will have. The life Two-pole too belongs to Bases. When it is very dark and heavy, think of Light, it is immutable going on change to darkness.
219. (Guru). Think of the plight of those who neither is in abundance, contentment in the happiest and sorrow less, conditions held its earthly life without knowing nor the spirit nor the aspirations of struggle nor curb their passions and desires, but to meet them all. So he comes back into the realm of thought, where everything moves thought? And where will overwhelm his usual him thoughts and desires? What he will reap from his earthly seeding? What is full will be his long sojourn in the World Aboveground? What would be the opposite pole of his earthly life in the World Can?
220. (Guru). It is possible to note, what bright and convincing reality sleepy visions have. Reflections of the Thin World display in them. On them it is possible to judge, life is how colorful and intense there. All feelings vibrate habitually matually on thin influences. It is good when feelings are refined also extra telegrams. In the Thin World it is possible to enjoy sounds, both paints, and many spiritual perceptions. But someone there it is imagined smokes, both drinks wine, and eats too much strong, being not able to satisfy the appetites in view of lack of a dense body, how many he neither smoked, nor drank and ate. Torments Tantalum is destiny of terrestrial desires in World Aboveground.
221. (April 8). Here winds blew and the storm storms! Whether will destroy everything, what was created and collected with such great work? If the building on the sand – doesn't resist! Foundations have to be unshakable. The Hierarchy Ladder is unshakable only. Bases are put by Hierarchy. It is impossible to come off them. The Lord is unchangeable. On the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life Light Temple is erected. How many embodiments it is necessary to pass and covers to replace to find a track conducting in life! And how many to sustain tests! The Maya covers reality. The Maya is a reality substitute. Not easy to destroy it. If our illusive "I" am Maya product, it is how difficult to reject her! Only rejection will help to be exempted from itself. Obstacles are piled up as the mountain, and it seems that the way to Light is closed. But it too beget of Maya. "I with you am always". Manage to look for a cover of visibility external. Consider fury dark as recognition in you of Light, which not in forces them extinction. Also you remember that "even it will pass". About what mourn, if every day approaches to me? But we will inseparably keep. Whatever did, in thoughts it is possible to be together with Me. Thoughts and feelings should be collected round Light Focus, differently focus of darkness will interfere. Danger is around. It is possible to resist only Me. So direct to Me all power of your spirit and continuously you keep. If I ask: whether you always with Me, – weather will be able to answer in the affirmative and without hesitation? So we will be together. And spasms of day let don't bring division pernicious. As far vanity of the current hour will defend from Me and my World! Manage to be exempted from it, bearing in mind its transient. Everything will pass, but I Stay for ever and ever.
222. (M. A.Y.). It is necessary to find golden mean that is to counterbalance the present and the future in consciousness and to allocate for everyone a place belonging to it. Also it isn't necessary to be afflicted with the relation of people around and even friends too. Absolutely no matter for growth of your spirit as they concern you and what shortcomings at them, to you hurting, but it is important extraordinary as you treat them and as you react to obvious injustice. If the feeling of goodwill, despite everything, to you doesn't change, there are no bases for chagrin, because not your fault that the relation it not such what you want and what to it should be, the future will allow many misunderstanding and misunderstanding if goodwill is kept. Everyone is responsible itself for the mistakes in judgment. It is good when this judgment is deprived of condemnation, because then it is judgment of the truth. The one, who considers faultless judgment of the Lord and is necessary only on it, exempts itself from the power of judgments human.
223. (April 9). Approach of terms will be accompanied by signs spatial. They need be not passed, strengthening the readiness in process of their strengthening. Terrestrial power can seem that until Power of Hierarchy of Light not display the invincible force. Under its Beams the building of the shabby world won't resist. The old world will fail, as a house of cards. And nothing will rescue: neither gold, nor weapon, possession of terrestrial property. When the Hierarchy of Light display the Power, judgment and judgment becomes a visible reality. The era Light Fire is predetermined by Space Will, and nothing will stop its approach.
224. (M. A. Y.). If knew, communication between us and spirits close to us is how strong and continuous, would understand that we take the closest and live part in development and expansions of their consciousness’s. Their success is the success and of our pleasure. Aren't left, aren't forgotten, aren't rejected, but in our cares they stay constantly. Terrestrial eyes are closed on a lot of things – it is so necessary in a terrestrial way. But terrestrial reality doesn't show. Therefore to each sign of fiery reality, its each gleam we will be glad and on these gleams we will try to create probably fuller picture of all events with us. After all terrestrial life and terrestrial consciousness is only weak reflection of the valid life of spirit. Let the Highest World in days of your terrestrial will find the reflection and in them will be approved.
225. (Guru). Doubt you can deprive themselves not only strength, but also any achievements. Therefore, each time winning must be prepared to discard a snake of doubt. They, of course, try to toss all the same shaggy hands that have not been able to block your way. In one, a master of not immediately rush to another. But let God be the not dozing spear Dragon. Do not let echidnas.
226. (Apr. 10). Why so many hunters of Light left usual life, were removed in the woods, or mountains, even refused on its own behalf to tear all communications with the outside world of worldly vanity? They reached such degree of refinement and susceptibility when habitual external influences started breaking roughly an internal system of consciousness, constantly interfering in it. And then they left everything and left the habitual world. In India some people, having reached a certain age and having fulfilled the duty to a family, society and the state, left a family and everything put, clothed in common clothes of the wanderer and went to uncertainty, entirely giving itself to spirit life, and broke off with the past. Nowadays another is required. Nowadays it is necessary to continue to move ahead on the way, without dying. As far as it is more difficult than leaving, the one who tested all burden of a task to combine Heavenly and terrestrial in modern living conditions can tell only. And not only is that it impossible to leave from life, it is impossible from it and to come off. Staying in life, it is necessary to learn how nevertheless to be other-worldly. For this purpose it is required to approve great balance of spirit. Only provided that noise and of disorder of a material world won't be able to break a system of internal life of spirit.
227. (M. A. Y.). Light force their daily to assert itself in the world. So, how does it confront the hard surrounding unless it entailed the need for such efforts? And is it possible to think that someone who sincerely striving to light, will be able to avoid the same effort to stay on track. "Kingdom of God" is taken by force. The ancient formula, but remains in force because only he who overcomes shall now reaches. It always will.
228. (Guru). Every day can be a new step to light. Each day can bring something useful. And each day you can strengthen yourself sounding quality. Therefore, no matter how matured over current circumstances, thoughts can be always on the necessary. What seems important, often quite unimportant? But everything concerning the promotion of the spirit in the future on its very significant consequences, since a lot of spirit and determined on the Earth, and in the worlds.
229. (April 11). If the surrounding prevents to concentrate on the Highest, distracting on itself attention, it is necessary to learn this preventing to overcome in consciousness, differently and in the Thin World surrounding, but already thin, will stir and interfere too, breaking integrity of aspiration. Overcoming of influences of the environment is necessary and in Elevated. And, only having overstepped the limits of menthol, the spirit can have a rest. In a terrestrial way even it is difficult to imagine that environment counteraction disappeared. On life of Spirits Great we can see obviously as far as it always was strong. Everything rose and opposed to Light Carriers. On the way it is impossible differently and to define following, how a condition of fight against inertness and stagnancy of environment which can be persistently active in the resistance. Сатиа the South will be changed substantially by this condition thanks to a new configuration of stars and already other character of space currents.
230. (M. A. Y.). Once you move to other place, the external environment absolutely changes and environment vibrations change. For wanderers or traveling this change becomes constant. The consciousness isn't stuck to same, but updated constantly. Communication of the person by the house over the years rendered habitable by it is great. If the death didn't exempt from this slavery and coherence, evolution of spirit would be impossible. The benefit reached internal freedom and not attached to anything that temporarily surrounds a dense cover.
231. (Guru). Houses aren't necessary in the Thin World, but Strongholds of spirit are necessary, fencing off their inhabitants from the lower class of an astral. There no, this mixture and close contact of people of various levels of consciousness, and consequently, and light full, as on Earth. Everyone gravitates to that is related to it by the nature. But the lower class can be harmful is active, and from their influence it is necessary to protect and be protected. All descriptions of the Thin World are symbolical, but under symbols the reality is hidden.
232. (Apr. 12). The future of a planet and mankind is hardly made out by will of the certain person, but he can make out the individual future with much bigger ease. Only having directed to think on the future, it is possible to operate it. From the present the thought directs in the future. Unattainable in the present – in the future it is achievable. All shortcomings of the person belong to the past and the present, but the future can be and without them, that is in it the person can be free from everything that it would like to eradicate in the character. So at the future also it is possible to look as at a condition, free from imperfections of the present. The thought accurately issued and approved in consciousness, seeks to reveal it in the world dense and comes to light sooner or later always. Therefore dreams of the future and sincere desire of self-improvement building are useful. Making out the future mentally, we give the chance to it to be carried out. Contrary to the phenomena of visibility of the present the invisible reality of the future is approved. That the dream and is wonderful, that it is embodied in visible dense forms. And the one who, without having anything and who, far from perfect, in the present and the future consciously and strong approves possession by spiritual wealth and achievements that will have them. Will have also terrestrial if very much them wants, but about terrestrial the spirit high won't think because too possession time them while treasures of spirit are acquired forever is short.
233. (M. A. Y.). Having shortcomings and their conscious but looking to us will be freed from them and will be with us. But as free of our shortcomings are the one who does not wish to accept them, who are happy with their good and their merits and achievements? Thus, awareness of own imperfections and the desire to break free from them, rushing toward us, absolutely will lead to the desired goal. Criticized and even condemned, you can rejoice, because if they are true, it will most likely get rid of unnecessary goods, if unfair and not deserved, will serve as a lesson in learning human essence. Therefore, criticism and condemnation is definitely useful to the condemned. Wise will enjoy and benefit from a valuable lesson. Many phenomena have to reconsider and modify the treatment. The usual understanding of a pleasant and unpleasant, benefit or harm will have to leave. And then joyfully and consciously you can extract useful and valuable pieces from all that counteracts and that distresses, and that until recently was considered distasteful, the afflicting and disturbing consciousness.
234. (April 13). Light will suffice on all wanting it. Also it is enough and darkness, thirsty for darkness. Choice is in hands of the person. In Days Memorable we will concentrate on Light. The sense of callings consists in a magnetic attraction of spatial fire. Aspiration to Light, desire of Light attracts it. The consciousness surrounds itself with to what aspires. It is easiest to determine it by aspirations of the person. The example of the ordinary collector is very indicative. Art galleries of world value grew from small collections. Growth of thought is caused by the same. Question only in what accumulate thoughts. The thought grows in space if it is supported by aspiration fire. It is possible to notice that the thought continues to grow, and is besides frequent in the direction undesirable to beget. It isn't necessary to it, it outgrew, he refused it, and it nevertheless continues to fly before it, shining or darked a way. At strict control over thought useless thoughts can be burned in a consciousness beam, but constancy of patrol that the intruded thought didn't manage to take root and make harm for this purpose is required, that is uninterrupted wakefulness of spirit is necessary.
235. (M. A. Y.). Great it is impossible to forget about Days of the Victim. The step on the Ladder of Light and in a spiral of evolution which in a certain future has to bring new understanding of the world and new consciousness was put. And whatever distance in time distanced the put step of its judgment future, it will take place. Therefore value of these Memorable Days is great, and is great the vitality and relevance. "Was and passed", – the ignoramus believes. "Was, is and will be, – and will bring in time the lightful, shining, victorious consequences inevitable as the sun way", – so thinks of wisdom.
236. (April 14). When the student really wants to get away from the Teacher what he still does not know, or does not have, when he wants to take His thoughts and Teachings, the first condition is the complete loss of themselves, their thoughts, moods and feelings, for all My bothers parcels from the Teacher. This removal is very difficult, mainly because the dark collar is making all efforts to deflect anything from that necessary. Much effort must spend to neutralize these efforts and free the mind to subtle energies perceptions. On the strength of fire resistance grows counteraction by it. Just to not fall into despair and hopelessness of perseverance and constancy of counteraction. The skilled student will increase due to immolation resistance until it achieves victory. Never back down or put the weapon. While the beats in the chest of a heart, does not stop opposition. His strength is not to crush and destroy the external obstacles, but to increase them internally and become invincible spirit inflexible resistance spirit. The onset of darkness could not continue indefinitely, she retreats to inflexible spirit, and each time the onset of active, fiery, intense opposition should not terminate until dark didn't back down. However, they soon find new approaches and new assistants, through which you can have a new effect, but they still have to back off, and it will give the winner a new inflow of forces for a new fight. Dark counter is usually always accompanied the Carriers of light, life on Earth, and They Were always out of it internally. Often external, the seeming triumph of darkness meant nothing but a real victory of light, clear results which have affected some time later. This is also to be taken into account, not continuing to visibility. Carrying a Light is a winner when opponents and powerful enemies of light, brought down on him, "do not have" it "nothing". This is all the greatness and importance of victory over darkness.
237. (M. A.Y.). Enjoy each win, bearing in mind that it is in the spirit of, that is, that it is inherent, and that its fruits are taken on a journey far. True values are not in earthly material riches, but in the treasures of the spirit accumulated and collected in an earthly life. Hard to imagine that the wealth of the Earth, so real and give such clear earthly advantages and freedom mean nothing compared to the savings of the spirit, which he takes with him and then, when the physical body dies and when scattered in the dust of all worldly wealth and property. Often, standing at the threshold of death, understands all of a sudden the person all their vanity and fragility and bitterly regrets that it has not taken care of in advance on acquisition values, not transient in time and not destroyed by death.
238. (Guru). Rejoice in victory, even a little, could and should, but rest on it, or watch and display of full, or not to be in full readiness to reflect new inevitable attack is unacceptable. This means putting you unprotected under the new blow. Many assumed this peaceful and cruelly paid for frivolity. Spear over the Dragon must be always ready to hit the enemy. Know that "even one directed edge can keep at a vicious".
239. (April 15). Degree and pressure force of environment and surrounding people on consciousness can be defined, having only escaped from it for a while at least mentally. Invisibly, imperceptibly, it isn't realized it presses on mentality, causing feeling of an iron hand of karma. This heavy pressure certainly is useful because causes spirit counteraction, strengthening its fiery energy of resistance to external influences. Distinction in radiations of aura of the pupil and people, to anything not aspiring, and especially people of the bad, personal interests closed in a small circle and egoism is great. To decrease to them and in them to become isolated – means go out fires of aspiration and to stop movement on the way. But all in the spirit, in the spirit is of and a way, to Light the leader. Both anybody and anything, except the traveler, can't block this way, because it in the spirit of, that is over all temporary dense conditions. Image of the Teacher in heart – as guiding fire, as the beam of the beacon punching impenetrable darkness and showing the course to directed of the spirit. The face of the Teacher will be the Leader. When It not greatly Faces a mind, the way to Light is open. Understanding of that anything and nobody can close, block or stop spirit ways, except will of the most going, very much helps to move ahead over restrictions and narrowness of various conditions terrestrial. And then any more has no special value as well as where the ascension if it isn't interrupted is made and if the spirit of the person finds forces in itself to rise over the external and close phenomena of the current
240. (M. A. Y.). Treasures of the spirit cannot be put together as soon as an obstacle is the degree of consciousness. And it grows and grows slowly. So picking up the values of the spirit occurs as the growth and expansion of consciousness. Even the teacher cannot give over its capacity, meaning more of what it can understand and absorb. But every grain and new-found knowledge should celebrate and deliberate delay in the bowl. It is the deliberate postponement, or stashing is especially valuable. Many values can pass unperceived, and not so much from lack consciousness to accommodate, how many, because of the inability to find and keep the seeing. All thus missed completely passes by. That is why the daily record is so useful. Taking advantage of the expansion of consciousness, the Teacher sends the new thoughts and new understanding of the phenomena, - their striking, well written, and not so much for Me, but for those, who goes after.
241. (Guru). The thought sent up, reaches the focus light and merges with him, joining him with focus straight thread connection. When such thoughts are sent from all over the world, they form a protective network of lightfull. If, all people at the same time sent such thoughts, darkness, wraping up land, would be distracted and she surroung to light. This is easy to do when the herd will be uniform and one Shepherd. But as long as people still reside in the great separation. Still, there is a planetary network of light. It is created and maintained by those few who realized and keeps residence relationship to the Hierarchy of light. Value of this relationship is above person. Spatially it has a great effect on the mental state of humanity. If it wasn't, would have flooded the Land of darkness.
242. (April 16). Unipolar personal joy is tenuous because there are their opposite pole of sorrow is inevitable. The above person sense of planetary delight for peace and humanity has another opposite pole is the world's grief and sorrow on the Earth and imperfections of suffering for them. But there is another joy that comes from the depths of the spirit, nor is the independent from any external environment an absolute joy, cosmic spirit. It has been said about it once: and that your joy may be full ". The Kingdom of absolute light without shadows is the Kingdom, and an absolute joy. Rarely and in extent is it weak on the ground. But it is there, it exists and it is the great presence of the spirit in his way into infinity. Happiness is great feel the order pleasures perfect.
243. (Guru). The border between compassion and pity is thin. The compassion helps and lifts, without plunging into a twilight condition of the one to whom it is assisted. But pity plunges with the head in twilight sorry also catches its condition, losing a light full of the aura. It is perfectly illustrated by an example, "when the blind conducts blind and both get to a hole". To appear in a dark hole of mental situation felt sorry – "achievement" very deplorable. It is difficult to see the border separating compassion from a pity, but results from this or that application are very various.
244. (Guru). But to live and walk his way toward the light is still on Earth. This is why it Says: "Hand and foot human". After the most sublime thoughts have to be immersed in earthly Affairs and care from them cannot be wished away. But save the morning lights spirit, plunging into the Earth, and can and should be. Means care of forgetting about Light uniform, being even in the middle of dense conditions. Combine the balance of heaven and Earth is not easy. Only long experience may help, also the desire and firm decision will not give the fire spirit alive.
245. (Apr. 20). Let's go back again to the qualities. Without them, you cannot move on. Each will come in handy in a distant way. To everyone now that disbalances plagued by the aura of the planet. All at once display. The process takes time. But some of them, most at the moment, the American could still increase, paying him attention. Quality are the reservation spirit, because through them the protecting power nothing will penetrate, im not a consonant. How can penetrate through solid chain armor courage fear or lust after the purity or fussiness and hurry through the calm or doubts – through devotion, or swing-through resistance. So we on the protective value of qualities this force will find their claim.
246. (M. A. Y.). As it is difficult approve reality in the face of visibility and far before surrounding relatives. Body and its feelings darken knowledge of spirit. Sounding visible should be moderated that the invisible became more notable. The other-worldly world can't phenomenon, if this world fills all consciousness; He Invisible, too demands attention and care. I speak about World Aboveground the Highest, but not about averages, or low layers of an astral. Concern them not so difficult. And of the order last are very poisonous. Their inhabitants constantly seek to influence on incarnate and to bring frustration in their life. But contact of the Highest World always is beneficially. The thought of the Teacher of Light already will be a contact to the Highest World, - thought upwards to direct probably always. To be in continuous contact with the Upper Class of space – means to approach reality real to consciousness.
247. (Guru). Call before the mind's eye the living image of Teachers, and with such clarity and distinctness to overshadow even the Sun, hard and difficult, but the cause of it thought a lot easier, and you can do it at any time. It is close, but consciousness should be on it like a ray of a spotlight turns to the side and to the item you wanted to highlight to see.
248. (Apr. 21). It is necessary to get used to a tension of space, - the higher, the more tensely, in the Stronghold not to sustain tension to unprepared heart. It is possible to pay already attention to how it is accelerated life and as together with it tension grows. Tension doctrine about which tells the Doctrine is a condition of a new step of evolution of mankind. The fiery consciousness already represents itself the device of the spirit adapted for such tension and assimilated with it. Disclosure of the centers means their intense activity. It is hard to accustom to this tension poor heart. Among conditions terrestrial intensity of fiery spatial waves increases. The consciousness which isn't recognizing fire can't be protected from them. Tension doctrine – the doctrine fiery, connected closely with the Doctrine about fire. Before people there is a question of assimilation of spatial fire. The era of Fire compels to it the nature. The doctrine of tension demands understanding and its development in application to life and conditions of a coming New Era.
249. (M. A. Y.). We are accustomed to this tension by life and those tests which are allowed by the Teacher. I emphasize, Allows because over forces human tests aren't given. It is interesting to read and speak about tests, but when severity of a way puts them before the pupil, the theory turns into practice, and only the pupil who has transferred them knows as far as they are heavy. It often goes on a limit of all forces. Also it seems at times that there is no end to them. Wishing achievements by that attracts to itself inevitability of tests. And then stronger the desire and that higher delivering the goal, the more difficult and tests is. But life doesn't stint them and for ordinary people. Is it better, the meeting, to leave a track of commonness and to use them for the achievements which are going beyond the usual? If something can't be avoided, it is most expedient to use this inevitable for extraction from it what it can't give to the person, not wishing to think over the standard.
250. (Guru). Anyway, but terrestrial it is necessary to leave all on Earth. But it is better to leave the entire winner, than won. Speaking in other words: "Caesarian is to the Caesar, terrestrial is terrestrial", but spiritual saved up and won with such great work, it is carefully protected from noxious breath of commonness and is kept by it contrary to. The environment of a commonness is very strong the influences. It is impossible to separate from it. It is necessary to live in it, to its requirements to submit and still to keep intimate from violation by it. It is necessary to live in it, to its requirements to submit and still to keep intimate from violation by it. And then there comes spirit release.