Agni Yoga's facets, 1969 (251-400)

251. (Apr. 22). Each thought becomes a thing is obvious, visible, tangible, vibrating right there near his beget and throws his entourage. Would have known [it], would live, if not live, and eke out a miserable, darkness existence [out there in the world Thin]. Eke out here [on Earth], but do not see the reason. Karma is created by thought and here and there. Clair-radiant creates a bright idea of karma, but the evil and dark wicked works. Beware of even small mental. Mote in the eye or the eye obscures the horizon. You thought about light work light, the beauty – beauty, because ugly idea creates the ugliness. And we, the creators themselves detailed the results of his work. Joy at our about that, who create of Light of thought and sadness about of that, which create the thought the darkness. A man is determined by the degree of luminosity of his thoughts. The feat is when light among the darkness is going on. The benefit to them, Light to the world the bringing. That makes it into the world and that has made, anyone can ask himself and say that he has made his mind, light or darkness, and under the answer – judging himself. Everyone has a justice. If [people] were thinking each of the light, and if everyone tried to multiply it!
252. Light can be created both in itself and in people. Thinking of them light, then we ennoble and we clarify their aura, but also on the contrary. Great Spirits of people thought Created, causing from their depth the best qualities of the spirit sleeping there. Kind I started eating in each human heart. They can be caused thought from there. To think about people light, them ennobling, everyone can want to people of good. Goodwill – valuable quality of spirit. It can be conscious and purposeful. It is good to work on a field of creativity of souls human. Life for this purpose the rich gives a material when there is so much round cruel and angry. The merit darkness in the person is great, on you turned, to the public to turn. To each heart which hasn't wallowed hopelessly in a gloom, it is possible to address with words: "Let there will be in it Light". But for this purpose it is necessary that and in own heart there was no darkness, there was no place to the darkness feelings caused by imperfections of people around. And it is necessary to answer bad feelings of people not with the same feelings, but mutually to send thought of Light, without permitting darken to own heart. And it is possible to make it mentally, sending mentally proper, simple words. It is mentally possible to tell everything. And where usual words would be met hostilely, there the thought will reach heart and heart will touch. Though you create people, - as it Make many Carriers of Light. But, thought creating, don't think of the help to a tiger.
253. (Apr. 23). In each subject the world over there are harmonic and chaotic particles that can weaken, or strengthen the thought. They also are available in all that lives and breathes, and exist in the manifest world. Harmony is the opposite of chaos. Fight with the chaos is the builders of the cosmos. It is the eternal struggle of light with the primeval chaos. People are consciously and unconsciously take part in this struggle; some are making building, harmonious, other elements – chaos, disharmony and disruption. In each person fight two forces: balance and disbalance. A person can strengthen each of them in itself, it may exacerbate them and in other people, claiming them for identification. Good or bad influence exerted by people one to another, based on the activity of these opposing forces. Claiming a balance of contrasts will its forces man disharmony, the forces of destruction, and the forces of chaos? So it is important to establish in the minds of its harmony and balance, - right, work hard on it, so that adopt these qualities. That reflected the world don't misconstrue it, consciousness must be quiet. We have a great balance that cannot shake any events in the world. Breaking it would mean catastrophe. It is necessary and you establish such a balance, so that nothing could shake him. The complete, perfect balance cannot be display in the world of earthly things, but some of it is still possible. Let's start building peace on the little things, not letting them chaotically intrude into consciousness and violate his order. The various messages of life, both good and bad, learn take it in stride, because our concern will not change anything and nothing helps, so it makes no sense. You can bring yourself to the point that every small thing will disturb and bother. Will their countered the invasion of chaos in all its forms and manifestations. Approval of calmness and balance is the first responsibility of the student. One must realize that it is not his personal selfish thing or a job, but a duty to the people and the space for community disbalance and anxiety differ widely, infecting invisible space and penetrate into the minds of many people, increasing disorder in the world.
254. (M. A. Y.). Great disbalance reigns on Earth. Elemental comes over flowed. In human brains is chaos. The dark forces to attack go, trying to bring destruction wherever possible. They would like to destroy the planet. Birthplace of our great task befell resist those destructive forces. Hard is of the time. Last time, the formidable terms fit closer and closer. All the fortitude needed to gather, to meet them in full readiness.
255. (Guru). The present situation can be considered under the sign of invasion of chaos into consciousness of the person. If attentively look narrowly at behavior of people, it will be possible to notice how presence of chaos at their thoughts, acts and actions comes to light. If attentively to watch itself, and in itself it is easy to see a tendency of chaotic energy to break a usual current of mental life. Great Guards and Great Patrol that to oppose all will to forces a disbalance is required. And if spirit wakefulness, or patrol, it is necessary always, before approaches of terms of the last it is necessary in degree bigger, consciously strengthened many times over.
256. (Apr. 24). The burden of time was specified in ancient predictions. As well the Doctrine warns that there will be "awful pressure", - inevitable not to avoid. Question in how, at them to meet continuously from Us. The separation threatens with invasion into consciousness of forces, antagonistic to Light. Trust, support, hope is Hierarchy of Light. We will be approved on It infinitely.
257. (M. A. Y.). Task is in that, so that passes invisible and indivisible from the Teacher across a grief and of joy. Not in volume business that wasn't burning, either grieves, or feelings of grief deep, and in that, the enduring, not to separate from the Lord. This one of the most difficult tests because it seems that the Lord Left and that there is nothing, both is empty around, and the space broke off. But it is Maya, sstrong seeking to replace reality with evidence, Light deprived. It can't give in. The Lord is close, and didn’t leave, and never Will leave, because with us always. And Maya dark cover won't be able to hide the World the Highest and to deprive of Light the consciousness which has been unshakably approved on Bases. The Maya, recede!
258. (Guru). As furiously seek to hold the lower class of the dense and astral worlds the person in the tenacious embraces. And the karma which has put spirit in certain conditions which it can't change, wants it to teach how to come out the winner from any conditions, whatever difficult or desperate they seemed. After all the victory in the spirit of and spirit doesn't depend on anything external if realizes the inviolability. Body it is possible to drive into a corner, but spirit – it is impossible, and in understanding of it force it, both firmness, and indestructibility. And, when the hopelessness circle, apparently, is already closed, the exit is up open for spirit.
259. (Apr. 25). The above the person rose, it is more and more strongly temptations which he should overcome. For the alcoholic the excess bottle of wine, for Great Spirit – all kingdoms terrestrial, both their riches, and glory will be a temptation. And a lot of force is necessary not to give in. And the above, the dangers more to fall. Fallen angel not is symbol, but reality. It is a lot of victories of human spirit over the world and its allure was in Earth past, but was and many falling and defeats. Defeat brought at times and glory terrestrial, both the power, and wealth, and a victory deprived of everything. But not measures terrestrial measure consequences of a spiritual victory. It is impossible to take away them, but they are visible obviously only in Elevated. As also consequences of defeat of spirit phenomenon it where, the terrestrial ceases is. Quality of imagination belongs to spiritual riches. On Earth his owner can huddle in a pity hovel, but in World Aboveground where everything is created and moves thought, the imagination becomes invaluable treasure of spirit, - certainly, the imagination pure and spotless, creating the principle of Beauty means. So differ between itself spirit and wealth value terrestrial. It is possible to spend forces for acquisition and that and others, but knowing will choose that from spirit. Things terrestrial are doomed to destruction; things terrestrial can accompany only a terrestrial way of the person. Further they don't go. Collectors of terrestrial property should think of it. The doctrine demands from the person of understanding of sense and value of terrestrial property. The doctrine speaks: "Own everything", than you want, "but consider nothing" and know that everything is given only for a while. There is nothing more ridiculous, than situation when the person, dying and being exempted from a body, transfers with itself to the World Thin remnants of terrestrial property in the imagination and surrounds itself with them. The doctrine exempts human spirit from feeling of illusive property. Not for Earth it is necessary, but above. The illusive property in World Aboveground creates bonds for the person. Strength of mind chains terrestrial break. And not only wealth chains, but many fetters the person can drag on himself. And it is difficult even to tell which of them will be heavier and the most connecting freedom of spirit. One is undoubted: it is necessary to be exempted from them from all, for the present on Earth. It is difficult to be exempted from spiritual outgrowths and ulcers in
261. (Guru). Very important, what it memoirs carried the person from Earth in the World Elevated. That is thought over, and the main thing, is experienced by it, especially strongly becomes stronger in memory. Everything consciously apprehended for the purpose of deduction in memory remains for a long time with the person. Also I would like, perhaps, it from much to be released and reject, but bright images of the experienced impressions don't leave, from time to time reminding of itself. What in them kept on itself attention of the person? What attracted to itself? What thought, either desire, or desire? Yet get rid the impulse which has caused an attraction and stability of this or that fancy, until then this fancy will attract to itself consciousness and thought. Create fancy not difficultly, but to be exempted from it much more difficultly. Therefore it is necessary to turn energy on that not to create new undesirable fancies, and with old not to enter contact and a combination. Deprived of a food by though, they will lose the force and will cease to influence beget.
262. (Apr. 26). Contradictions and the unclear phenomena will meet on a way much. They not in the Doctrine are concluded, but in consciousness of the pupil. Therefore there should be put everything carefully aside until when life will explain them.
263. (M. A. Y.). While the New Era of Fire didn't come yet, we will be unshakably approved on Bases. Too many false doctrines are widespread among mankind, and too religions are distorted and perverted. Behind the external varnished form very unattractive picture of spiritual decomposition is hidden. Dark consciousnesses very much detain approach of the New World. But a mighty stream of evolution any more won't stop anything. Its streams aren't always visible to an eye, but they will obviously break through on a life surface soon. And already make the way, washing away harmful stratifications of the old world. Transformation has to happen in consciousness human, and it will finally and irrevocably renounce the old world. Childbirth is difficult and painful. The new consciousness is born torment. And is heavy each sensitive of the heart. When displaced and leaving energy are replaced going with it with change, the statement on Bases will help to pass through this heavy threshold of the New Era firmly. Bases are unchangeable and unshakable.

264. (Guru). To enter into the New World desired and invited, it is necessary to replace attires of spirit and to create new, worthy and beseeming to the moment, - in old in his not to enter into it. Care of spirit attire – the major. All expectations and hopes to have in it a worthy share if internal transformation it wasn't made are vain. Not about any special fiery inspiration it is spoken, and not it means. We speak about that thoughts were cleared, the behavior and acts were ordered and speech that words, not commensurable with the future, uncontrolledly didn't slip out any more changed. We speak about the statement of demanded qualities of spirit and release from undesirable properties, weaknesses and shortcomings. We speak about that the person became better and more kindly. The understanding of the New World imposes known obligations on the understanding; in an old tatter there not to enter. It is necessary to depart and be exempted from much. Light is ahead.
266. (Apr. 28). Whatever met on a course of life of the person, through what it had to pass, nothing has to capture him or attach to itself so that he forgot about short duration and pass ability of each experience, each impression and everything that sees, feels and he feels. "The person is a process". Everything in it flows. The continuous stream of a matter of all conditions flows through all its covers. Everything flows, constant only Looking, Dumb Witness inside. With It uniting and merging, it is possible to look at a life stream, by the current.
267. (M. A. Y.). "All is permitted", but on condition of understanding that everything that it is necessary to meet in life, is given as experience for extraction from it the necessary elements, but not to become attached to its details, in them to grow and become the slave to any feelings, impressions, desires or experiences. True freedom consists in not attachment to something and in understanding of temporariness and a transient of all conditions of dense existence. If the person tried any drug and isn't able to be exempted more from it and becomes its victim is will be a bright example of the power passing over consciousness. If the person owns something and considers that everything consists in possession it for it, is too Maya power. So in the power of various passing illusions there live people, without understanding all illusoriness of the delusions. On the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life builds the house of the spirit the one who comprehended deceptive Maya essence.
268. (Guru). We will repeat this once: every deed man may commit in freedom or slavery, that is, being a master of what he was doing, or slave committed. So share the slaves and free people. We want to liberate humanity from all forms of slavery and to physical, mental, and spiritual. The most dangerous of them is slavery spiritual. The man, who moved into the world of Subtle in a position of slavery with their blemishes, the slave remains there until they wither away energy. Everyone can ask themselves a slave he or free, and if the slave, what and how is expressed is slavery. Awareness of slavery will be the first step to liberation.
269. (Apr. 29). Free will is considered sacred by us, and we don't break. Hierarchy of darkness comes instead. It is free will has brought humanity and the planet before the unfortunate situation in which it is at present. We do not interfere in human karma. Our relationships are based on the principle of voluntary acceptance of our guidance and Our Teachings. Only when the desires and aspirations of them sent to us, we go and we can Go to meet them. All violence and coercion, it would not be appropriate, because sooner or later would have caused the explosion, but beyond that any forcible accomplishment has no price and merits and very fragile. When the free will of a person violates the laws of nature and rushes to the evil, it is against the elemental force which eventually falls upon the person. The action is always opposition, - human being in harmony with the laws of nature, like swimming upstream the stream of cosmic evolution that carries all things according to the purpose. Actions against them are building up forces counteract Kickback forces. For example, the Atlantis, you can see what elements caused by the rebellion were the forces of evil and the massive violation of the basic laws of nature by humanity. And in the life of an individual is not difficult to envision how each person the same principles of harmonic or occurrence disharmony action and reverse recent strikes that is the consequences flowing from them Many examples of the elements in the human microcosm uprising. . As above, so is below. Disease of the planet and all the disbalance climatic conditions caused of the mankind in whole. If you specify the Hierarchy of Light is not accepted and violations are dubbed borders, natural disasters are unpredictable.
270. (Apr. 30). When it becomes very dark also the dark closed the circle, a way up, to the Lord, nevertheless remains free; close it they not in forces. And on this way, and through the Lord it is possible to call from space pleasure over visibility dense, over everything that surrounds externally. The called pleasure will come and heart will fill, and it will be a victory over darkness. And this pleasure will be not about itself, but about spirit, that, uniting in consciousness with the Highest Spheres, it is possible to rise over the life abyss, over seeming impassability of dense conditions. If consciously not to call pleasure or That World which "above human understanding", the gloom, both despair, and hopelessness will fill poor heart. To rise over a life whirlpool, in the spirit of the consciousness directed to Light can come off its utter darkness.
271. (M. A. Y.). If something, despite the hottest and persistent appeals to Hierarchy, nevertheless doesn't die and continues to annoy, so through it is necessary to pass and undergo up to the end.
272. (M. A. S.). Our goal is to awaken people to consciously sided building and the creative forces and constituted a powerful resistance to forestallers. And the situation is not as bad as it seems on the surface, because the masses woke up and are ready to fight for peace and prosperity. Fight the new world to the old will be fierce, and it will take all. Awakening will go fast.
273. (May 2). Soundings human are usually very disharmonious, especially city noise and sounds. Harmonius singing and music, good music, are exceptions. Voices of people, their feelings and thought are disharmonious; harmoniously adjusted consciousness’s meet seldom. Near them the person has a rest. Unlike disharmony nature sounding, as a rule, has in itself harmony so necessary to people. Foliage whisper, rain noise, surf of waves, streamlet murmur, falls song, sounds forest and singing of birds – all this is filled with a rhythm and harmony. And if long to listen to murmur of a mountain stream, it is possible to fall under influence of these harmonious sounds and to experience their beneficial influence. It is possible to call the nature Great Mother of the person, and in her bosom he merges with it and restores condition of internal harmony so necessary to it which was lost by inhabitants of the cities.
274. (May 3). The right to an entrance to these or those spheres of space, as well as belonging to them are defined by a vibration key of aura, or, speaking in other words, – degree of its light full. It is thus absolutely unimportant as called, or calls itself its carrier, what color his skin, to what sector of society it belongs, has the diploma about education, or has no, it is rich, or is poor and what belief professes. When the dense body is dumped, everything disappears, but the four remains with the degree of luminosity. The dark aura gives the chance to enter into the same dark layers of space. Clarify it in the conditions of the Elevated World very difficult. If the aspiration to Light was shown on Earth, Highest Duala’s deadly fight against the lowest for Light begins. Generally, the thin condition of a one incarnation– a condition "fair» that is everyone has that deserved that I reached and that is in the full accord with its nature. On Earth people distinguish themselves on various signs, thus the bank account, or a high social status play a considerable role. Also consider that belonging to this or that religion, sect, political or social movement has any value at determination of value of the person. But it not is so. The person calling the Christian, can be the inquisitor, that is the obvious attendant of darkness, and the communist who isn't trusting in anything over usual materialism, but directing all efforts for the benefit of mankind and ready on a self-rejection feat even the life price, has a light full of aura of which those who in words recognized God don't dare even to dream, but wages shameful wars. Applying the principle of luminosity at definition of the person, it is necessary to refuse usual measures and definitions. When pictures of aura radiations will replace with themselves passports, there will be a mankind division on a light full of auras, and then anything dark won't get access to the circle of rulers of the destiny human.
275. (Guru). In darkness condition of consciousness look for the reason which is generated by dark influences. All trouble that it is very difficult to see them, and not light mood is attributed to anything, but only isn't thin and ukhishchrenno to the conceived tricks of darkness. Without having succeeded in one, they find another, and such that their presence or participation weren't found. Won't approach, but use even the child and when there is nobody to send, thoughts will throw. In each not light thought it is possible to look as at attempt from their party to confuse consciousness. Light thoughts – from Light, dark, or not light – from darkness.
276. (May 4). Whether it is possible to be surprised to what heart is overflowed with grief and feeling of the darkness which has hung over a planet, it is felt so heavy? Silly rejoice, wise mourn. The change didn't come yet, but the Proximity strengthens it darkness rage. From the Tower Beams stream, but they should direct towards consciousness that to perceive them; heavy time, unknown time of great tension before the Rising. And whether it is possible to complain that heart feels the events in the world. It is necessary that tension of light consciousness’s exceeded tension and a press from the dark. And rescue can be looked for only in spirit towers. Think that solves the terrestrial plan. But it is incorrect. The world Thin serves as though as a transitional stage from solutions of the Fiery World to the approval of these decisions in the world terrestrial. People of Earth in the actions are limited to life terms in a body, but the Fiery World of these restrictions has no, and its decisions go far to the future, without being considered with short and makeshifts of people of this generation.
277. (M. A. Y.). "Hold on to me tightly, every minute in every corner," you can do more definitely and clearly tell the necessity for unity? But you might ask how accurate this reference is. Don't forget whether it permanently, and not overshadow a vanity the necessary. In fact it is. And, putting aside the hapless apprentice's main, is surprised why everything is going and not going the way he wants it. Said: «Stay», was inseparable continuously that nothing could get inside the dark and separated from the teacher. How, without respecting the Instructions, you can count on having the desired effect? Time is so intense that normally does not go through.
278. (May 5). The question of sense of human existence remains at all times to the same, forms of its expression change only. And no wonder that big thinkers express similar opinions. The thought is correct: if not to believe in immortality, there will be no constraining beginnings for identification of the most awful, lowest parties of a human nature, - and the evil gains free distribution. And if the person denying immortality nevertheless remains good, so in depths of its being there is a hidden, unconscious belief that it after all is, that is has knowledge of spirit. Often that admits in words, isn't approved by affairs, and vice versa. Often the simplest, uneducated people who haven't received any external luster and education, in the spiritual relation know infinitely more than that knows the shining, ground intelligence which has forgotten about heart. So knowledge to knowledge – discord. Purpose is achievement of full harmony meanwhile and another – and balance.

279. (M. A. Y.). Have the Teacher sometimes leave a disciple as one, as if without the help, that he has learned how to stand on their own feet by the power of his spirit and reflect enemy attacks. It is in spiritual autonomy against the teacher wants to teach. And if that someone is suffering or for someone to have to suffer, the more quickly a person will learn too much-desired independence. And suffering – just received this fee by knowledge. We should hold out until the end, without losing confidence in proximity, nor in the power of Elected Hierarch. And may not yet be heavy heart when surrounded by a dark and out leaving only upwards.
280. (May 6). To seize itself in big, it is necessary to seize itself in the small. About value of small things It was spoken more than once. On them also it is possible to practice, without being afraid of defeats. Carry out restraint of small feelings and movements of an astral not so difficult. The victory over them brings pleasure. Very much the astral wants is unrestrained to prove always and in everything. And the more he gets out of hand, the bigger wants freedom. But freedom of identification of an astral means slavery at it – the heaviest and shameful slavery which exists. Restraint of this uneasy and irrepressible cover means freedom of spirit. People like to worry and don't know I will hold to willfulness of astral emotions which, as a matter of fact, are absolutely not necessary and aren't justified by the caused reasons. Maya all these ghosts which the strong will can quietly disseminate. "Mastering by Went, the Lord", – this mastering so often doesn't suffice to people. Having seized itself in small, it is possible to threaten and on the bigger.
281. (May. 7). So, "the person is a process", process difficult, going in all its covers. This movement has the direction. The consciousness extends, the understanding goes deep. It isn't so difficult to realize to what party there is a consciousness development, towards darkness or Light. Throughout centuries and the millennia there can be an eminence or spirit falling. Throughout one embodiment it is possible to note in what I succeeded incarnate and in what I allowed involution of these or those qualities of spirit. The consciousness of the person is the fight arena between the aspirations which are carrying away it up or down: one amplifies and wins, others weaken and die off absolutely, - if die off attracting down, is the benefit to the winner. It is important that equally effective all aspirations, impulses and desires I gave prevalence to energy light. Then the ascension of spirit goes steadily up on Light Ladder. But, unfortunately, together with kind shoots weeds which too grow come across also and become stronger in time. Each embodiment can give the chance of growth and another. Should be known and honestly and impartially to estimate the positive and negative qualities: the first – for the statement, the second – for a get rid. The printing of the unshakable solution of will on the statement of merits of spirit will give the chance to them to develop and will put a bridle on qualities negative. The last need restraint and control. Otherwise they will impetuously grow. There are people which neither to bridle, nor don't want to constrain itself, and especially in thoughts. But karmic the thought has crucial importance in development of qualities because each action is preceded by thought. Mastering by thought will precede mastering by feelings and desires. Thought is first of all.
282. (Guru). Refraining from actions in some minds in reality brings with him the same kind of restraint, or obuzdannost′, in actions and in his sleep. Process control and cleanse the thoughts can be strengthened and observe the results. Each mastery one or another order of ideas is definitely useful. After all, the idea is most difficult to tame. You can easily opt out of certain things, but most important is much in the thoughts of their desire to eradicate. Lead thought.
283. (May 9). Can I be happy when misfortune hung over the planet and human madness is ready to plunge into the chaos of destruction? No, every sensitive heart cannot feel the General distress. And even more happy times wise people grief, because many be fulfilled know, and much knowledge of much sadness, and who multiplies knowledge, multiplies the grief. «Joy Space is beyond the normal life. This field is available if the person doesn't have anything of my own and nothing feels. Usual earthy joy is short-lived, as the shell live traffic, i.e. change its fortunes. The greatest joy from certain conditions will turn to indifference, if continued for too long. This is the property of astral shell, if the reasons of joy centered in it. The perfect joy mentioned once, is the joy of the spirit not of earthly things. On Earth the same will try to enjoy each lightfull Light, wherever and in whatever it was.
284. (M. A. Y.). The degree of human spirituality is not significant nor education nor education nor the origin, nor all the external that is imposed on him, and the epoch times. Signs of spirituality are hidden deeply and remain with the man always, sometimes identified, sometimes hidden! Spirituality is the essence of human incarnation. Neither the education nor the education it cannot give. But when she is strong enough, it shines through all of the shells, and sometimes so hard that the darkness outside cannot extinguish this light. Spirituality is an inalienable asset of a person. This value, above which there is nothing on Earth.
285. (Guru). In the face of heavy fire will approve the obviousness of the light that's inside. Yes, yes, the light needs to be conscious of its approval. Too much poison him by opponents of light. Generally speaking, the whole life of the servants of Light was constant and continuous struggle for his approval. The Kingdom of God, i.e. the world highest, world of light, suffers, or, in other words, in the fight for him.
286. (Guru). Separateness from the subtle world is an illusion too hypes Maya. Generally speaking, it should not be at all. But many centuries’ people stubbornly tenacious plunged into matter and dense peace and interrupted a life-saving link. Comes a time when a natural awareness of both worlds has become commonplace. First are breakthroughs in this world. They will be on the increase. Children would be born with more sensitive nervous system. They will become more and more. And finally, the world of Delicate legal and victoriously enters the life and harmoniously merge with world standard.
287. (May 13). The duty of attendants of Light consists in Light execution. It means that the aura shouldn't radiate fires of rage, hatred, not goodwill, offense, hostility and all other feelings, darkness aura. And, when blows of bad feelings fall upon it human, it has no right to answer with the same bad feelings. It doesn't mean that there has to be it a meek lamb, but it is required to answer from it attacks so that its aura didn't catch dark feelings of forwards. The tranquility and balance are the best board and against dark emotions. Not only that in this board it is necessary to accept enemy arrows, it is necessary still to be able to answer with a light arrow that is so that radiations of aura remained light. As far as it is difficult, can show only own experiment. So, evil radiations it is answered with radiations light, for the evil it is rendered by good, for darkness – light. It also means such condition of consciousness when the evil of this world, collapsing on Light carrier, any more has in it no anything and can't cause in it the same dark vibrations which direct on it. The darkness transmutation, both its repayment, and dispersion by Light vibrations occur this way. The attendant of Light for the received evil can render only good, without daring to vibrate in unison with carriers of dark radiations. It is difficult not to allow exasperation of heart among cruel and dark. But become hardened heart loses the light. That is why the pupil in protection of can lift only Light sword. Light protects it from darkness, but not by darkness or rage. Even the striking Beam is sent without any rage, in balance full. Ordinary people anyway give in to a transmutation Light radiations. Only conscious attendants of darkness are in this regard hopeless. They very much try saddening each lightful consciousness and all ways to cause in it black, smoky fires. It is so important to watch own radiations, keeping them under strict control. Thus has no value what exactly causes undesirable vibrations in aura of the person, because everything that the causes or can cause, it is inadmissible and it isn't justified by any reasons. And then even poisonous arrows will give only the best coloring to aura, without having done it harm.
288. (M. A. Y.). No self-justifications will help, if light which is in us becomes darkness. And control is necessary in order that it didn't occur under no circumstances, fight for Light demands continuous wakefulness and vigilance. The stupor of full can't allow and to calm down that everything is good. The dark rack doesn't doze as the soldier put on guard can fall asleep. If anybody and threatens nothing to someone, so its light is weak, so the spark of his heart is dim. The merit is insignificant not to be noted dark. Than light burning inside, especially ardent counteraction is brighter he causes in surrounding his environment.
289. (Guru). The student's Teacher is building severely stairs light. Difficult tests are inevitable – otherwise not ascend. They are learning so much and so useful, in spite of the pain and suffering caused. Understand their usefulness and necessity will be the greatest achievement of the spirit, for the Wayfarer is outraged, indignant pr0 was driven by and protests against them. But all one has to accept and precede through all of the planted no belittling and no extinction the fire of the heart. It will be a victory.
290. (May 14). The bowl of achievements wants to be filled rather. Desire is quite lawful. But to leave that disturbs and burdens load, to leave completely to be exempted from insalubrious freight, the determination doesn't suffice. The spirit wants Light and the egoism want to indulge the no get rid desires. The egoism is very persistent, and as its support the astral and its deeply taken roots terrestrial gravitations serve. The discipline of spirit assumes full mastering by all impulses and aspirations of an astral. The strong silver bridle on feelings is necessary for mastering by. After all the main test is necessary not here, but in Word Aboveground when it is necessary to become the face to the person with all the desires and the aspirations which have accepted obvious, visible and live forms, layers of the astral world attracting in corresponding these desires. If aspirations are pure and ennobled, they will carry away up but if it isn't present, only the will bridle on feelings can stop and prevent spirit falling. But it is necessary to put on it already on Earth and strong to hold an occasion in a hand. Everyone, even slightest, a victory over strong will be reckoned in the future. All possibilities of the future are open for the winner. It is from outside easy to see, on what pity for indulgence to the weaknesses possibility of big achievements changes. But to see it not from outside, but in itself will be already a victory threshold because understanding is followed already by mastering. Remember words more often: "Mastering by Went, the Lord".
292. (M. A. Y.). The rise and decline of the spirit are inevitable, since the alternation of opposites based life, but you must be very careful to not drop below the previous trough of the wave.
293. (M. A. Y.). Seemingly simple, just join and reap the benefits. But something gets in the way. What? There are no small lumps, needles and thorns, which sometimes clog consciousness and who admitted thoughts toward loved ones, clearly and acutely hindered the full, harmonious unity. Petty grievances, discontent with each other, and especially the conviction and other very small and bad feelings that arise in the consciousness, are the invincible barrier against the fullness of unity. Those out of consciousness should be deleted. It is the most their insignificance obstacle is light full unlimited solidarity. Don't need these small feelings for harmonic merge of auras. They undergo complete removal, conscious and unconditional.
294. (Guru). If resist in small, resist in big and in the great. Exercise firmness of spirit on small things. As often, no give of the meaning small details of the conduct and actions, the person stumbles and on the big. And not so much in affairs large, how many on the smallest details of life the hidden essence of the person, his true face comes to light. Should be known severely and impartially and to estimate and judge itself and itself on small things. They characterize the person, than big best of all and more precisely. Determine by them and others with whom it is necessary to make contact.
295. (May 22). The human memory can be a lot to say. There are so many kinds of it: memory, Visual, acoustic, gustatory, olfactory perception, memory, emotions and thoughts. There is also the memory of the near or distant past, the memory of past incarnations. Memory's an abyss that itself, but the ability to dive into it are very different. Memory has its own insurmountable limitations: for example, you cannot enter a future memory, or in life on distant worlds, if the spirit did not visited. In these cases, the forward is sense-knowledge. The bowl is embodied all that was once human, but to touch these savings cannot be memory, normally need special manifestation. Especially strongly are postponed in the Bowl thoughts, impressions or put on the heart. In addition to the memory of human there is still the memory of nature and of all that therein is. Things keep the memory of its aura of what was happening around them. Even human clothing has a memory that is expressed in the emanations, saturating at her. Rocks and mountains, and stones much remembered, because on them in are deposited skeleton and impress of vibration held events. The stones on the intersections of old roads and paths of movement of peoples could tell a lot of seen by them. Any existing in nature has its own aura, and matter has the property to fix many types of energies, embodying them in subjects from it are. To understand it practically requires an already known degree of clairvoyance. On the walls of ancient castles or buildings showed a lot. You can imagine that is invented by the apparatus that will be able to take pictures of these deposits. In the meantime, it is only the internal eye by Seer.
296. (M. A. Y.). When you meet in human life from last embodiments, memory of heart usually quickly defines, the friend it or the enemy. So it is possible to note and this type of the memory which is expressing in defined, not seen eye, forms, feelings, or heart whisper. He demands distinguished attentiveness that to catch it. The device human is difficult extraordinary and allocated with many hidden and obvious abilities. But with it is necessary both the careful and skillful address, as, however, and with any thin and difficult equipment.
297. (May 23). About World Me it is easier to think at contact with Me and on condition of dismissal from the. My world adjoins freely to all three worlds, and in each of them there is an access open. Both time and distance submit to will. The world dense submits to will. The world dense is perceived not the separable. As well people are comprehended as three planned essence that is without covers. The world personal is dissolved in the world terrestrial and interests of all mankind and requirements of General Welfare. Personal places anymore don’t remain. The purpose of life consists in implementation of the Great Plan that is the Plan of Evolution Real. And it directs consciousness in the future and approves life in it. Life flows for the sake of the future and for the sake of it. The present serves as only starting point in the future. We Create the future thought and will. We in the future Put the grains of causality creating the necessary consequences for evolution. Our consciousness Is in the Great Space stream directed in the future. And the past for Us is as steps of the Ladder, leading up, in Boundlessness. We are free from the power of the past over consciousness. To the past of Earth we Have access free, reading it in Akashi’s rolls. The special place in our life is taken by the intercourse with the Distant Worlds. Hierarchical connection is established with them. Earth not a grain of sand at the ocean of boundless space, but its part connected indissolubly with whole and a place having in it lawful and belonging to it. Evolution of terrestrial mankind is connected with evolution of mankind of our chain of the worlds. Implementation of the Great Plan precedes no separate from them. Cares Space exceed cares terrestrial. In the Kingdom of My Father of monasteries there is a lot of, and everyone demands care of it from Spirits Planetary.
298. (M. A. Y.). The constant everyday statement of in Light is required not because the heart sparks but because planetary and spatial conditions reached such degree of intensity a disbalance when usual measures not to keep anymore own balance is weak. And the unification with Focus of Light is necessary more than ever. And then it is possible to resist in Light. Otherwise, as a straw in a rough stream, whirlwinds of dense and thin beds will carry away consciousness. With terrestrial still somehow it is possible to fight because they are easier recognizable and notable, but with whirlwinds of the Thin World business is much more difficult. Disbalance in all forms and shapes use dark essence to creep up even closer and to poison of space to add the poison. Great Patrol and Great Guards are necessary, - Hierarchy of Light on the guard Costs life planetary. Uninterrupted wakefulness of spirit each soldier can join these guards planetary, having risen in a chain of light forces.
299. (May 24). At small attention it is possible to notice how the thoughts thought over and accepted in consciousness ten years ago, continue to live, interfere during the day and nights and to influence mentality of their beget. If it is thoughts good, the benefit is to their carrier. If they not from Light, it is necessary to accept measures that to extinguish them and to stop their influence. The last circumstance isn't easily feasible because the thought is the live essence, vibrating energy, in it concluded. Only the firm and irrevocable solution of will of new food not to give to undesirable thoughts from the past will deprive of them a food and possibility of further growth. The child is interested in toys. They aren't necessary to the adult. When the spirit outgrows the former condition of imperfection, former thoughts it can't carry away any more and if still carry away and attract to it – means, former shortcomings yet get rid. This recognition already will be the first step to understanding of the situation and to awareness of inevitable and necessary need to be exempted from the power of similar thoughts. With them far not to leave, with them not to reach tops. Means, they should be won and rejected finally. And though the egoism will regret for them because them ate, it any more won't serve as an obstacle to release from them. Understanding is already almost mastering.
300. (M. A.Y.). Recognition of own imperfections is a direct way to improvement, but honesty of recognition of not all possess. From here both hypocrisy, and lie, both hypocrisy, and desire is better to seem, than is. The small consciousness still continues to chase others approval and recognition, without understanding that nothing will change reality and that with it once it is necessary to raise face to face when all secret becomes obvious and visible.
301. (Guru). The bowl of achievements wants to be filled, and to renounce the shortcomings - No. The gap undesirable when harmony of consciousness is broken by discrepancy and a contradiction in the person turns out. It also will be the house divided in. It won't resist at an o'clock of tests.
302. (May 25). Sounding quality of spirit can be strengthened, concentrating on it. At every moment any quality is closest and desired. It isn't difficult to note it if to think over this question. And, when it obviously began to sound in consciousness, it is possible to approve it. Each good person wants to become better that is to improve the abilities or character. This desire also can use, having caused sounding quality before itself. Who wouldn't like to perfectly know it, or to have strong will, or to operate organism functions, or to read foreign mind, or to see at distance. A lot of things are that almost each person would like to reach. But at once it is impossible to reach. Achievement demands time, constancy and persistence. But each step in the chosen direction already approaches to realization of the desirable. Every day not greatly, having chosen the quality most sounding to consciousness, it is possible to approve it. Of these small grains of aspiration also there will be in the future a perfect achievement if the desire to work doesn't die.
303. (May 26). If to allow that something became a barrier between the Teacher and the pupil, it will mean treachery of the spirit and return of in the power casual, but certainly dark, to influences from outside, or the own lowest nature. Both that and another is inadmissible because tears off the Silver Thread of communication. Anybody and to anything can't allow to become a barrier between itself and the Highest that the person on Earth and in Elevated has.
304. (Guru). The most powerful tools of protection against intentions devilish, and their mad attacks, and hidden influences will be constant feeling of the Face in heart, repetition of the Name of the Teacher and to mantras.
305. (May 31). Man proposes, but Karma has. And human assumptions with karmic often do not match. Be upset too. If a man knew exactly what would happen and what not, school life has not brought him the full benefit. And many achievements would not have been possible. But how could temper it on surprises, or teach quality adapting to any situation? Sword of Damocles teaches too stand confrontation that threatens. If an impartial review all the trouble and undesirable phenomena occurring with the person, so not too difficult to see, as each strives to teach and what an experience it work out. So the best thing is for everything that happens, and especially unpleasant, viewed from the perspective of what can it teach, that is immediately removed from him of the dangers it usefulness. This will be the right one. Emotions and feelings are not needed; they just get in the way.
306. (June 2). When the pupil doesn't hurry to acquire these or those Instructions of the Teacher, it induces to do it life. Why to wait if it is possible most, without compulsion from external conditions, to acquire given manuals. What disturbs? The same astral occupied with and the experiences, but not that is most necessary. That all its experiences often don't cost the eaten-away egg that they quickly take place is characteristic and are replaced with others, so quickly passing, - and advantage of them – any. But they very much disturb, encumbering consciousness with shaggy thinking. And meanwhile, it is very easy to stop these movements in an astral cover – it is worth ordering to it not to worry and stop experiences. To whom are they necessary? In the course of evolution an astral it is long developed, carrying out an important role in human life. This role at the promoted spirits is already executed. The astral finished a task. It is possible to switch off gradually it from the sphere of activity of consciousness, at first it having bridled, and then not to allow at all to it to come to light out of limits of strictly outlined borders.
307. (M. A. Y.). Yes, it is right; from friends it was necessary to accept more blows, than from enemies. But whether proves it only that it are people, and all can be mistaken, both be mistaken, and to show imperfections, and that having started reading the Doctrine, the person doesn't cease to be what he was earlier, and a lot of time is required on eradication in itself that, on cultivation of that many centuries left. It should be considered always and never be touched imagined perfection accepted the Doctrine. They are the same people, as well as everything, only wishing to become better.
308. (June 3). There can't be aimless and senseless an existence in the world where even the blade small has the appointment. The purpose one – evolution of everything that is, in whatever form it was shown. For the sake of this purpose everything dies to live. Death is for the sake of life. And at all death, but replacement of an old, get rid form new. Life is continuous, but forms of its identification change constantly. People call breaks of life of consciousness death. But after all it comes back again, and once, on reaching spirit of a known step, it becomes uninterrupted, and the immortality realizing is reached. Planetary Spirits Reached this step of uninterrupted consciousness at level the highest and Entered into a stream of eternal life, keeping consciousness of the Identity. For the sake of achievement of this purpose great also lives on Earth of people.
309. (M. A. Y). The compassion too much learns. Through compassion the world of a suffering being is comprehended and the fiery force when the compassion becomes effective increases and is expressed in assistance. When the desire to help is born, opportunities always steadily come.
310. (June 9). Our Stronghold is reality of all three worlds. And it can serve in the Thin World as the purpose of aspiration and a shelter of spirit the same as it served on Earth. Among difficulties of the Elevated World it is very important to have a strong, unshakable basis on which it is possible to be approved by spirit. Besides the Main Stronghold there are many Ashrams, and for our people is both a shelter and strong walls. There they are more necessary, than on Earth, as a magnet of an attraction and a shelter where the traveler can take rest in safety.
311. (M. A. Y.). Earthly life is a dream, a fleeting, or Maya. But that doesn't stop even knowledgeable dive into it enough to cover it. Only the constant speculation about it can help fight illusions and understand all their earthly fragility and fragility.
312. (Guru). So much is said about the validity of fiery words and yet dense obviousness takes consciousness more than what exists in reality. So we won't complain about the test, even the most difficult, for they bring to the phenomena, hidden behind layers of visibility. And if not sorry for anything that surrounds, left on Earth with the release of the body, the spirit is not bound to the Earth and to break away from it is not that hard.
313. (M. A. Y.). Influencing circumstances in the desirable direction, surely direct thought in the future, because the conscious present is already last in which it is impossible to change anything; in it one of the main differences of a past, the present and of the future. The Teacher Directs you in the future just, because it is created by thought. The chain of causes and effects goes the train. But the creative imagination can create a number of the new reasons, absolutely excellent from former, and project them in the future for demonstrations. The purpose of actions of the smoker is in proceeding smoking. But the will and imagination create a chain of the new reasons excluding smoking in the future, and if the will is rather strong, the habit to smoke is won completely. And in especially successful cases there are no desires even to smoking if the order of will is rather strong.
314. (June 13). From the surrounding person of the world he in the microcosm perceives a matter in its various conditions, processes it, sating with features of the device, and throws out it again in the outside world. It occurs and in the sphere of mental activity of the person. Mental and astral matter flow through its covers, are as though processed by them and assimilate and again follow in space, is perfect analogy to processing and food assimilation. The processed matter is sated and painted by properties of an astral and menthol of this person and, in turn, sates the sphere round him. It isn't difficult to imagine what exactly is radiated from himself by the kind or angry person developed or undeveloped, high-spiritual or roughly material. Many people can be assimilated to the lamps which are lighting up that them surrounds and many –smoky, smoking torches rather to the brands poisoning space around. Very important, what exactly is taken out by the person in space from the microcosm? One assimilate to beacons of rescue, and the installations which are throwing up poisonous gases, – others. Such is factory of a human microcosm. Responsibility of the person for with what he sates the sphere surrounding it is great. One of treasure of the heart radiates only rage and darkness, another – Light and light. Behind the mental products of production descending from the conveyor of his consciousness, people have to watch and supervise release of the mental production sharp-sightedly. The same vibrations or the phenomena can enter through ears, eyes and all external feelings of the person, but reaction to them, depending already from the person, can be absolutely various. Arhat and the inhabitant, perceiving same, mutually will sate space absolutely variously. This process should be imagined probably more visually that unmistakably the nobility, what trace leaves after itself in space pure and dirty thinking. The smell radiated by each person, serves as very exact indicator of its mental and physical condition. All gases have the smell. The brown gas being disaster of a planet is result of production of psychophysical activity of a great number of the people working not at part of the world. Light consciousness’s are as though ozonizes of space clearing it by the radiations and streams of an astral and mental matter, passing through their corresponding covers. The laboratory human is very strong, because the person is allocated with powerful energy.
315. (M. A. Y.). Yes, yes, yes – it is necessary to know better. The knowledge gives understanding and forces for the correct action. The person won't rush to an abyss because knows that will break about stones, won't begin to go on prickles not to wound a foot, won't put a hand in fire, because will burn. So the knowledge of consequences exempts from wrong acts. It is necessary to know: obviously, precisely, unmistakably and up to the end. Over useless thoughts it is hardly to establish control. But if know up to the end, the spirit is involved in what horror by dirty thinking, on what future he prepares itself in Elevated if to understand it, there will be also strengths of bridle. And just it is necessary to know, precisely, clearly and unshakably. It was told: "You learn Truth, and it will make you free".

316. (June 15). It is possible to rise "over the life abyss" only by means of the Teacher. Without the Teacher not receive spirit wings. After all from so many it is necessary to depart and become aside and over. Even terrestrial heights help it; in valleys and on plains too dense beds. This density can't be overcome anything, except as spirit wings, - after all and in the Thin World without wings not to fly. The saved-up Agni gives to spirit wings both on Earth, and in Elevated. Therefore the most important making is Agni's accumulation. But even knowing about it forgets about steady carrying out in life of this Instruction. The way of accumulation of Agni is a way of the unusual, - if itself to give all to this task, it will be solved successfully. When the Teacher in consciousness Takes precedence, all is achievable.
317. (M. A.Y.). The face of the Teacher in heart only then will be approved when It in consciousness Takes priority. When someone strongly loves someone, loves simply properly, the image of darling or darling constantly is always on the mind, - so simply the love reaches something without couriers of thoughts, or exercises. As it is simply reached also Takes priority Teachers in consciousness of the pupil – simply by love.
318. (June 16). Value of each lightful spirit is great. He from Spheres of the Highest perceives thin energy and transfers them to the dense environment surrounding it. Depression of dense beds and their thinning happens this way. One such spirit suffices to revitalize the whole district or to balance the broken elements. He can even not know what business does. Nevertheless, results of such creativity continue to bring good consequences throughout the whole centuries. The put lightful magnets continue to work. Sacred places have deep value. The carrier of Light is a live lightful magnet.
319. (M. A. Y.). Not get tired in making. These are dark send thoughts of uselessness of lightful actions. Each particle of good is the benefit. Sowers of grains of Light are kind workers on Light field. Too there are a lot of sowers of the evil. The terrible evil would flood the world, if not these imperceptible externally Light Carriers.
320. (Guru). Every thought creates a bridge to the area. On these bridges from the affected areas rush the related thoughts and the reservoir of human consciousness is filled with them. This is the magnetism of thoughts. And a magnet is human consciousness. Magnet, mounted on a familiar wave easily perceives the habitual thoughts. In this phenomenon of consciousness that requires reflexes. All of the bright ideas are good. But no lighten form the magneto is negative. Each bridge needs attention. Deranged man cannot control your thoughts. If planted on one side, the idea of mastering frenzies.
321. (June 19). In areas threatened by natural or other disasters, we sometimes Send their students to prevent them. Exposure occurs through the aura of Our envoys. Therefore, how powerful must be radiation human auras, if they can prevent, say, an earthquake. Laboratory of human body is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of energy. The Taming of elements is not a fairy tale, but the Fiery reality. Now mankind is aimed at achieving technological advancement and improvement and the invention of various devices, and about the most spectacular features apparatus, apparatus of the human body, is forgotten. Our task is to remind about it and say it's more complicated than plain and the thinner; the less it is strong and durable and all the more requires it of all kinds of parts for its establishment and a larger number of participants. In this regard, the human machine is in very different conditions. When it reached a certain degree of pungency, even death does not affect the possibility of conscious detection to other planes of existence. In addition, it can be improved dramatically. It can combine all sorts of combinations of matter and the work of its elements without being limited by anything other than force of his creative imagination. After all, even worlds created by the creative force of the spirit. Human apparatus are endless. Sky dotted with myriad stars. And this creativity is the name of the person of Bishop.
322. (Guru). Astral was taught a lot by the brain and this science remembers perfectly. If the science is good, nothing worries about. If not from the good, you will have to work hard to get away from evil to good. Accustom Astral to smoking, or drugs very guilt is not difficult. But wean him from these habits have a lot harder. But everything astral happens to teach this faith. And so the same will, but applied in much greater and greater stress can teach astral phenomenon opposite to that which had been taken before. Any deficiency in a person can say, ' I love you, I love you and spawned a kill. It is enough for the authorities. If not give this power to a lack, or weakness, which could take a man that often happens.
323. (June 20). Really, Kama-Loka it is possible to call the sphere of release of the person from attractions and illusions terrestrial and from a ghost of the terrestrial temporary personality. At rather expanded consciousness the terrestrial peel falls off quickly enough, especially if don't stir the not get rid passions won by will. And really, all details which serve as a support for the personality on Earth, in the Thin World in process of their understanding disappear as superfluous. First of all no documents and identity cards are necessary. The living space, clothes, shops, transport, work, food isn’t necessary. In total on what so strongly there was a personality on Earth, disappears; conditions of the Thin World absolutely others. And all personal, being gradually dissolved in a new environment, it is replaced with identity and consciousness individual. The person, all life worked, say, the cashier at the station, finds out that all that was, isn't necessary for it and that it isn't present that it is necessary to enter and adapt to absolutely other living conditions. He thinks, feels, sees, moves and receives other impressions, but in absolutely new form. The developed consciousness rejoices to this release and willingly dumps from itself clogs terrestrial, understanding that illusions of the dense world are scattered in ashes. Time is required to adapt to a new environment and to understand its features and originality. Inexpressibly words feeling of elevated freedom when the power of a terrestrial karma comes to an end. It is for this purpose very important that all terrestrial, corporal and animal passions were get rid because, not get rid, they plunge the person into a circle imagined, but very bright experiences of property corresponding to passions and close it to the hopelessness sphere. But the consciousness which has got rid of them doesn't know this burden. It is free. The terrestrial small personality was dissolved in new, expanded understanding the highest "I". Covers of the fourth and fifth principles disappear and remain in the form of a semi-conscious peel. And the highest "I", having taken from the fifth principle its quintessence of self-conscious "I", Identity of the person unites in the form of Immortal Identity with the sixth and seventh principles, forming the Highest, reincarnating. That to reach it, it is so important to be exempted on Earth from all ulcers of spirit and to subordinate to will an astral and all mortal covers. Otherwise the fourth and fifth principles won't let out the person from the tenacious embraces. Fight between the Highest and the lowest duad’s is inevitable, and it is good when it already on Earth comes to the end with a victory of the Highest principles over the lowest, is predetermines in advance an outcome of final fight which happens in a four released from a dense body. Each effort in this direction in a body terrestrial certainly is useful, and each victory over has far-reaching consequences in World Aboveground. Both a victory and defeat is in the spirit of.
324. (M. A. Y.). Matter on the composition of their seven, that is, has seven stages of thinning or sparse. Seven and seven, and all sentient life forms are displayed. The flower has a dense form which reflects its thin shell. Radiation of this shell can be photographed. If the flower burn, slim shape of his remains. Division goes even further and ended with a fiery grain. All are dense forms that exist on Earth have their astral counterparts. But the basics of matter are fiery. Why enhancing the structure of the visible forms, we inevitably come to the Base, to the fire. Astral worlds and thin is not that hard imagine, but the Fiery world is difficult. I want have consciousness corresponds.
325. (June 22). The winner It is called not only the one who won against the lowest nature itself, but also the one who in addition to its overcame itself illusions of the dense world and delusiveness of time, space and things. Yes, World of My is of the phenomena other-worldly passing. How many they passed and changed at least for these two thousand years, and how many still will change. But I Stay for ever and ever and over a stream of the phenomena of the phenomenal world. It should be understood and to join my World in consciousness. The world this, terrestrial to learn and it is given only therefore that the spirit realized its passing nature. But it was told that "the sun will come also the moon", but the Fiery World of spirit won't come. To accept this World, to direct to it and understand its enduring essence and will mean knowledge of my World, which other-worldly.
326. (M. A. Y.). Evidence surrounding is so far from reality of all worlds merged inseparably in one and connected strong with each other. It is impossible to learn the dense world separately from two others because such knowledge will be one-sided and incorrect. And to study all three denials invisible two doesn't allow. This barrier should be destroyed soon, and its destruction will be made by hands of science, that science which nowadays denies these worlds; from the facts of future opening not leave anywhere. New devices will allow to catch thin energy and to imprint forms of the Thin World. Invisibility visible becomes. Before the facts of science onegated should reconcile ardent. But not they move the world, and not they will possess honor of scientific penetration into the World Thin. Time it is close already. It will be time of great revolution in the field of scientific knowledge. The powerful stream of evolution won't stop anything. As water gets into all places that lie below its level, and the great stream of Space Evolution from above going, will flood all plains and lowlands terrestrial and will change life on Earth. Terms of transformation of it are close.
327. (Guru). For higher learning need light. Dirty thinking it’s not allowed. Is clear thinking – and the knowledge of a powerful Jet will start to feed into the consciousness? Purification of consciousness from litter and anything that gets in the way will be the key to learning the secrets of the three worlds. Forces have to find all of the swing. Time passes and wasted a lot of opportunities because of litter. Soar with the threshold must be removed, and the sooner the better. What a pathetic tatters of thinking impede full achievements!
328. (June 23). Not in a body, but in the spirit of the Proximity Is specified. When three peaces’ will be strengthened in consciousness, hidden visible becomes. We Live in three worlds, and to us see all. Allocation of a thin body enters the Thin World into the sphere of the really cognizable. But it is necessary that this process was not violent, but natural. Even partial are slightly opened centers in the poisoned atmosphere of a commonness it is very dangerous. Therefore it is better to expand consciousness and to accept in it possibilities of evolution of spirit this way, but not by violent disclosure of the centers. At persistence of aspiration everything will come in due time: both conditions external and realization of the highest abilities. And even it is good that the centers are now closed, – would be intolerable to scorch them breath of the old world. And without that at times it is heavy intolerable. This burden of this world is as though a threshold of flowering of a fiery flower of spirit.
329. (M. A. Y.). People pray about the passing of painless, quiet and peaceful, because under these conditions, people are still somehow can prepare for death, that is, to transition to life in another world. This training is important because it will be easier to understand the death of her body there. Good move with a clear and explicit the idea that dumped heavy shell and consciousness and its owner are completely in your subtle body. The subtle body is the same as it was in life of the physical body, it is only some modifications that abstract the produced subtle body of a living person and the person of the deceased are different. Preparation enables you to treat the process of consciously, without being subject to shock of surprise. Sudden death carries with him a lot of discomfort and complications. It would be more correct to call the death of the transition, because the word "death" refers to something that is not in reality. All through the power of the spirit we should strive to keep the continuous consciousness. But isn't immortality of the spirit is a denier will understand without knowledge in it or believe it? Swedenborg spoke with so called dead, and for such a consciousness of death, that is moving into the world of the delicate, almost invisible, because it is part of the world, it has long been well known. Adoption and awareness of both worlds should occur during the earthly life. Then move the great Frontiers will considerably.
330. (June 26). The impossibility overcome something external not always is lack of the necessary force, but can be caused and terrible counteraction of the dark. It isn't necessary to despair. It is necessary to collect powerful forces for a victory. After all at fight and force resistance from hostile counteractions grows to reach the necessary extent of overcoming. More and more strain strength of mind and hearts. Also you remember that Light wins against darkness, simply disseminating it the beams. Bring the lamp in darkness, and the darkness will dissipate. And at fight against darkness it is necessary to collect Light enough that it was able to shine and overcome a gloom. Neither in rage, nor in irritation, neither in discontent, nor in despair, neither in despondency, nor in mistrust, in doubt not to collect demanded quantity of Light. After all it is necessary that the darkness of this world, strong stepping on everything, had in you no anything. Only this condition will bring you a victory. It isn't easy to observe it. But you remember, It is told: "The prima in a board all your arrows, but in reply I Will send with a smile only one". To send arrows to enemies smiling the spirit, Light the reached can. Dark hordes are full of hatred, rage and all low feelings. Forces Light of these feelings has no troops and strikes enemies not from rage and hatred, but fulfilling the duty. With a smile take in hand a sword of fight and, without being saddened, without becoming embittered, act of. Nor rage, nor hatred, no other feelings similar which enemies of Light are full of, has. The weapon of Light you strike the enemy. Also don't forget, what not those people from whom you receive blows, strike these blows, and dark evil-make who hide behind their back which stand behind them, both inspire in them, and influence them, trying to be unnoticed and undetected. They don't love and don't take out when the ray of light goes directly on them and the blow falls upon them, instead of upon their unconscious assistants and performers of their plans.
331. (M. A.Y.). Make those about whom it is written, "O Lord, forgive them for know not what they do", from those, who know the unconscious workers are evil by sentient servants of darkness. The last fully responsible for what they do. As for the unconscious accomplices, then you can say the following about them: they are irresponsible, but only to a certain extent, for the dark creep up and moving through them just because there is something in these individuals, enabling them to approach the dark and find in them what you can grab onto and through this Act. To clean and bright spirit of the dark will not come close to executing their suggestions to make. In this not purity the unconscious accomplices of darkness and the reason that it is them, not someone else choose dark creatures to their machinations. And for this sor in the minds of his supporters, of course, are murky. So irresponsible not responsible for what they do, is conditional and relative.
332. (Guru). How to keep feeling of spatial pleasure when understanding all of what is created on Earth? How to hold it when the dark surrounded? Only aspiration in the future, over a smoke and the reek current time! The current time will pass as last century left. And the world will condescend to Earth. Also people in cooperation all-planet will unite.
333. (June 27). «All transient», but leaves his scent, or a number of unavoidable consequences. About the past can be forgotten and never about him not to remember, but the investigation of the past will drag on, creating a new set of reasons. And only through the power of the creative imagination, you can create a completely other reasons other than earlier and with a different investigation. So is paid off old karma. In the newly created causes embeds aspiration entitling them. We create new reasons that bring the Us investigation. The consequences we know in advance. We can design investigation for millennia to come. And sometimes when we predict the future, we just know the investigation created deliberately by us causes. So we create the future. It is in the hands of the molten plastic will. We know the luminaries and their future combination and are coordinating our creative work with energy of cosmic magnet. We are concerned over the evolution of the planet and humanity. Worries and work so much and it is so stress that for personal time. One of the first tasks is the selection of Our staff and students. We cannot be in direct and close contact with many people for many reasons. We operate through employees, students and Our messengers. The second challenge is the saturation and cementing of the space. Ideas govern the world. But these ideas are sending to the world we are. At the junction of two eras new ideas permeate the space and the ignorance of humanity. And these ideas are mind sets, despite strong opposition from them. These ideas are shared by mankind into two camps – going beyond them and opposing them. Gifts of evolution are cooperation, the women's movement and the psychic energy is first mentioned and proclaimed by us. Those who follow the evolution of these ideas, develop at different angles of view. But there will be cooperation or peaceful coexistence between peoples, cooperation already has no value, if this idea is accepted in one form or another. Images of these ideas are struggling in space with their opposites and inhibit their powers Space frame fire attached to them, the power of the creative imagination of the world. The great battle of ideas going on in space; even Luminaries are participating in it, creating a new, great future of mankind. And we take a direct part in this work, and our students and staff takes part in it, we are helping. Every thought not of herself but of evolution and the common good, serves as a contribution to the space and enriches the aura of the planet.
334. (Guru). When sent test will teach the pupil to for the sake of what it was sent, it dies. Therefore instructed it is necessary to follow as it is possible more carefully and more carefully if the pupil wants to be exempted from this test. Other way of release isn't present. Everyone teaches something and everyone certainly is useful. Ability to benefit by all tests is given by experience.
335. (July 2). It is much more difficult to resist in Light, than to concern it. The essence of narrow-minded existence is antagonistic to it. People so far departed from life bases that only the very few direct to them. Therefore there are so much not kept among those, who came nearer. That before eyes, occupies attention more, something that isn't present and that should be reached by long efforts. Continuous representation of the Face of the Teacher before a mind indicates very high step of achievement. The window to spheres of Light is opened. Consciously, or subconscious the person carries idea of the person constantly with himself. Same precisely the condition need to achieve and in representation of the Face of the Teacher. Consciously, or subconscious it is necessary to be with It together always, - only provided that evidence won't cover reality and won't remove it on a background. Teachers a places not in a forward corner, and in consciousness, - forward corner is a reminder constant. Without love to the Teacher of Light, which above all, it is impossible to reach constant feeling of the Face of the Teacher in heart, - reach love.
336. (Guru). Every day we will assert them in something enduring and try hard to stick up for him during the day. Like something escaping from Devil's circle of obviousness must be dense, making the person spiritually blind. You can do all of that makes doing life, doing as you did before, but you have to learn to do this together with the Teacher as, if he was next. In reality, he is near, only the dense sense hinders the Proximity sensing. Maya obviousness must be overcome. This can be done only in the mind.
337. (M. A. Y.). Abstinence even in small or small curb self-will and habits have steadily taken advantage to mastering them. He constantly displays himself in all sorts of little things, and especially in the propensity to verbosity’s. The discipline of silence is a good workout for the irrepressible shell. Astral knows very well how he should behave, and yet violated the basic rules of moderation. In this particularly evident presence of two in one, the existence of higher and lower self in man. And much depends on which of them is preferred. In any State, you can do something in terms of curbing the arbitrary of astral, and restraint is the best man for it.
338. (Guru). «Solemnity of many footpaths promiscuity reduces, - for example, loquacity, or ridicule, or frivolity. Quality and spirit to those that are valuable not only directly, but also indirectly affect human behavior. Direct impact sometimes is fighting back, but the indirect effect imperceptibly and without consciousness, brings the desired effect.
339. (July 4). The most powerful blows to the aura that is the most serious tests give the most beneficial effect by strengthening the spiritual armor. Conventional terrestrial consciousness does not want to put up with it. It appeals to the Higher with the request to "passed him this Cup." And, if there is no recourse to the Supreme does not bring relief and tests do not eliminate, the need to suffer through and endure it, without derogation from the path. Sooner, or later a test will end, because everything has its end, but it has been dependent on how successful it is. After all, and dark in the known part is given freedom to annoy, by the same purpose-to strengthen the armor of the spirit. Everything is easy to understand in theory, but when it comes time to assimilate this in practice, lightness and burden test with disappears through the power of the falls on consciousness. And the teacher is not in a hurry to release it through that you must go through to be able to become even closer to him. Neither complaints nor bitterness nor despair nor outrage will not help and will not shorten trials. Be calm, gathering his strength of spirit, go through everything, knowing that the endless tests.
340. (M. A. Y.). All human life on Earth is testing his spirit placed in the Earth's mantle. Dense forms are all contingencies and constraints of the flesh, and they all grow old, get sick and die. And the spirit must understand the fragility of dense conditions to take hold on them, and not on the existence in the spirit. And understand the other side of existence, not associated with the body of the Earth. It is necessary to learn to live in this world, but be out of this world. Have much to learn, and better of school man is his life on Earth. Only this understanding of life will allow him to come to terms with the difficulty many life lessons and learn them successfully. And look at everything that happens to you both at school and in every detail, pleasant and unpleasant, as the regular lesson given to learning and cognition of something very necessary and important for the future.
341. (Guru). If you give a student a sorrow less condition and happy existence, his spirit will pause, and a movement towards the next incarnation, and will be held without giving him aimlessly, nothing.
342. (July 7). It is vanity of passable day prevents to think of the future, covering it. She forces to believe in reality of a flying instant and forces to forget in vanity of day about inalterability of approach of the future, besides in a framework, absolutely excellent that is created on Earth now. The present is a future antipode. The essence of the future can be determined by contrast and ant situation it with that darkness which shrouded now Earth. Not it is necessary to look at this darkness, and at those gleams and Light breaks which serve as signs and indexes of inevitability of approach of the New Era. End of last cycle and the beginning of the new is caused by Space Laws, and it will be carried out at powerful partnership of Hierarchy of Light in this great process. Maya any creation can't change or break Space Outlines. The human dark will can counteract to some extent to approach of the New World, but only to some extent and before deadlines when any counteraction will be distraught coming nearer fiery waves at the same time and with active participants of this counteraction. The human will not in forces to fight against Space power. Judgmented future should be, both anything and nobody can deprive mankind of that is foreordained to it by Space Will.
343. (Guru). Starting reading the Doctrine, people don't cease to be such what they were earlier because that developed during the millennia, it is impossible to change for some months or years. Very big accumulation of spirit that transformation came true suddenly is necessary. But it happens very seldom. Thus, the person remains the same, and only he gradually starts changing the essence. Refusal of some habits, and especially from meat food, yet doesn't guarantee internal regeneration. Also words it was spoken don't testify to transformation. Therefore many properties of character, despite reading books of the Doctrine, nevertheless remain not get rid. The big mistake consider that the beginning of reading does the reader perfect or not similar to ordinary people. Expensively it is necessary to pay for such mistakes. Therefore Council about that not "be touched masks", it is necessary to comprehend anew, trying only knowing impartially, but severely avoiding thus condemnation.
344. (July 8). Understanding of Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of is of great importance for the realized. If in the presence of the ordinary person who treat with big respect and which authority recognize, people try to behave decently, especially hidden Presence demands it. But everything depends on extent of understanding and absolute confidence of deep word meaning "I with you always". Many trust, but trust theoretically, abstractedly, without like fiery sense, of these words. And then the behavior of such followers doesn't testify to understanding them that, in what as they speak or think that trust. Means, they are still very far from understanding of this fiery formula. Two thousand years ago it was told people: "I Is with you always, in all days, till the end of time". But who from calling Christians trusted and trusts it? If trusted, would arrive differently. This formula needs understanding by her all heart, all thinking, and all understanding. She demands recognition of reality of all three worlds and understanding of participation hidden two in the dense. The same the few which comprehended it became Torches of mankind and much its evolutions promoted. The pupil can succeed and reach fiery much if he makes this formula approving reality of Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of, the life and, contrary to evidence external and internal, will behave as if he would see it terrestrial eyes. Gradually the thought will clothe a flesh, and he really will start seeing Shape of the Teacher before itself Understanding of Great Presence will change all human life. At first recognition of Presence of the hidden Teacher, and then and the revealed ability see it.
345. (M. A.Y.). That much is not yet reached, and many do not have overcome, let it not stop forward movement when coming off all the unnecessary, superfluous and interferes with the flight. Imperceptibly is transforming consciousness, when the yearning continues to move it. Nothing stands still, everything is in motion, but the motion could be up and down. There is no greater tragedy for spirit than to fall down the stairs, and there is no greater joy than to climb. Raises the Teacher and because, - It first place in the consciousness. He has the right to ask: "I am with you always, but you always have you with Me?" the answer to that question must each own.
346. (July 10). About the cleansing and excuse the suffering people think a little. However, there is no other, more powerful means of purification of consciousness than suffering. And wise is happy to release through them. Many die, going through a painful period of serious illness. Instead, reset the body sore for many more easily and not feel sorry. Too hard keep human in chains of their Land. If he lived, being in the body of the Earth, in all the three worlds, the transition would be easy and inconspicuous and there would be no fear of death and the fierce attachment to A world. But knowledge is not enough. Customary knowledge free from dense Mai does not give. And then people are suffering, that it was easier break the chains that bind them with Earth.
347. (M. A. Y.). All your inner psychic baggage should be divided into two parts, one to the right, another left. To right what it is necessary to take with it, left that post. Much would be unnecessary, and serious and very harmful. It is not without regret, but all important and valuable and desired future path carefully to delay right to maintain.
348. (Guru). Every person leaving the Earth takes away with him on their savings. The most valuable among them are the ones from the light. While on Earth, can carry forward deliberately, giving them the attention and time and desire. On everything that happens in the mind can be viewed as follows: it is taking it, the latter must beam giving up pass by without stopping it, but having it prints a final decision, will.
349. (July 11). The person actually lives in three worlds, but it doesn't realize. If it directs attention to noticing signs of the Thin and Fiery Worlds, they will gradually become for it reality. Will enter into his consciousness and become so natural and habitual, as well as the world dense. Too the mankind long came off the Highest two Worlds and denied them that it was possible to restore the broken balance quickly. Nevertheless signs of the Hidden Worlds can be noticed. However, they are forgotten extraordinary quickly. Therefore it is useful to write down them. The border between their natural perception and violent and artificial exercises, ignorant and harmful is thin. At natural process the veil rises gradually, in process of expansion of consciousness and heart clarification. Danger when the phenomena of the lower class of the astral world will begin to get into crude consciousness which not in forces to be protected from them because they are attracted on compliance to that is available in the crude receiver is great. That is why it is so insistently indicated the need of mastering by thought. The thought serves as the channel, and new receipts depend on its nature. The key from nature of received thin perceptions consists in thought.
350. (M. A. Y.). When it is found out, which harmful accumulation encumber consciousness, there is following and already more difficult task, namely – release from them. Difficulty that it makes desire not always it is rather strong, despite understanding of necessity of this step. The smoker knows that smoking is harmful and nevertheless smokes. Many understand that they are ruined by wine and nevertheless drink. It isn't enough one understanding, the strong will, and the firm decision, and first of all strong desire to be exempted from this, or that type of slavery is necessary. Many types of the various slavery strong prosper among the people, considering it free. In it is the world tragedy.
351. (Guru). Human life consists in his consciousness and thought. To take away them – and the person becomes even below an animal because loses any understanding. The doctrine indicates conscious transferring of life to thought. At release from a physical body that is at his death it occurs itself. But also terrestrial the person nevertheless lives in the world thought. Deep understanding of this fact allows understand more widely the world of the poet, the writer, the composer or the artist. Certainly, it sharply differs from the world of the usurer, or the executioner. People internally live in the various worlds which differ among themselves as Light, or darkness. And each inner world creates. Tell: a lot of things depend on external conditions, because life defines consciousness. But after all both Platon, and Frantsisk Assizsky, both Shekspir, and Tolstoy lived in the same world in what lived Neron, Judas, and each of them created the world on the consciousness.
352. (July 12). Tension is necessary to hold darkness revelry. If tension weakens, weakens and the constraining force. From here need of constant vigilance when: "the spear doesn't doze over a dragon". They constantly guard to use each miss, each weakness, fieriness from the pupil, because all shortcomings serve for them as the approach and influence channel. The aura light-bearer, without a uniform speck will be the strongest protection. Even small spots are dangerous. The protecting network having such breaks is similar to a fortification some gate in which are left the unprotected. The face of the Teacher serves as a board, but he should learn to be had always before itself, and especially at the moment of possible danger. We Protect always, but the consciousness has to be open for the help invitingly if it is demanded by circumstance
353. Correctly do, in an effort to destroy the illusion of distances that separate us, because in the world of reality, the world of fire, distances do not exist. Measures dense world to Higher World do not apply. Testament "I am with you always" have a Fiery Peace formula. The reality of it can be felt, crossing borders of generalities. It signs off with all My heart and all the aspiration, the desire, and it will become a reality, the perceived truth.
354. (M. A. Y.). In some circumstances you can press moments to notice that some old shortcomings are eradicated and non-existent and are already in the mind of old unwanted reactions. It is said that when inflex sor falls away by itself aspiration. This does not mean that there is no need to struggle with lacks, but it indicates that the process of liberation and Transfiguration of spirit and awareness may be imperceptibly to the mind. Therefore, their flaws too embarrassed not to, or allowed to serve as a barrier and prevent the promotion activity. In the eyes of spatial justice aspires to light the rogue has great services than conventional virtue.
355. (Guru). Experiment of life shows as the abstemiousness in words is useful and of what dangers it sometimes relieves. After all it is possible to reach such step that it wasn't said any excess word, and said – would be considered before to say them. The words said in a condition of any affect, not to mention rage, or hatred words are especially harmful. They stick to aura and bear in it unpredictable consequences. To respond to the spiteful address with full tranquility and light of undisturbed radiations of aura – means to stop action or a current of an undesirable karma. It is good to be focus, facing with which flashes of spiteful, smoky, dark fires die away powerlessly.
356. (July 13). Keep aspiration will be already a victory. This powerful engine of spirit is remarkable that in it properties changing spirit are concluded. And when the aspiration is especially strained and the microcosm of the directed spirit flares all fires, it seems and is felt obviously that all outgrowths disappeared that so easily and simply to overcome all not get rid stratifications and that anything anymore won't detain further advance. These moments of release of spirit from all undesirable accumulation are valuable extremely, and Show they on, the aspiration as a cleaner how is strong. The aspiration is a winged quality. It is possible to cause consciously it in itself and others. The aspiration doesn't happen without the purpose. The purpose has to be outlined clearly. Range and unattainability of value have no because time isn't present, and in Boundlessness everything is achievable. The spirit directed feels these attributes of reality because they are properties of the Fiery World which is the spirit homeland. The world of the passing phenomena terrestrial for a while loses the power over consciousness when aspiration fires brightly burn.
357. (July 14). How many it is necessary to overcome various conditions and counteractions that everyday contact with Hierarchy of Light didn't interrupt! The condition of space often very much complicates it. And even We are compelled to reckon with it. Mistake will believe that on wave of a magic staff before Us influences of antagonistic currents disappear. Mistake will think that the dark don't try to complicate our work and to interfere all measures. As mistake will consider that the free will of mankind doesn't serve as a stupid and strong barrier to action of our Beams. However, power of Hierarchy of Light can break each resistance, but consequences of such influence can be destructive not only for counteracting, but also for many others, related karmic. Change of the Star Beams, marking itself approach of the New Era, a lot of things will change and a lot of things will facilitate, but from the person their acceptance in consciousness is required. Otherwise not acceptable consciousness won't sustain their influence. Situation in the world is difficult. Our work is complicated unusually. Those few consciousness’s which is conscious perceiving of our Beams help Us to support a planetary network of Light and facilitate our work much. But also to it is hard, because the Burden of this world is heavy.
358. (M. A. Y.). At present difficulty of a feat of execution of Light is that fires is possible kindle, both to strengthen, and to raise an aura light-bearer, but, adjoining to the environment surrounding, it is almost impossible to hold this condition because repayment of surrounding imperfection absorbs fiery energy of spirit, and them it is necessary to force everything again and again. Even not bad people greedy absorb lightful radiations of aura of the carrier of Light – expenditure of forces of a bike.
359. (July 16). Well when looking at his past life, a person cannot be ashamed of anything that he did nor before himself or herself in front of people. Past bad deeds past can be completely prevented, but even the husks of karma are particularly dark rage. What, then, to talk about what has not been eliminated. Darkness seeks to seize his property, that is, those who are not dissipated sores spirit and inspire them in their areas. Dark magneto is powerful, and it operates on rough, continuing tendency and desire in human beings. Transition of impure, perverse and evil men in the thin world frightens them, and for them it is very hard. Correct preparation is to purify mind and freeing it from any litter. It is not so simple. One desire is not enough.
360. (Guru). All prints are stored in the Bowl covered lives with all the details, and in the minds of their synthetic essence, expressed in consciousness is reached step in the evolution of the spirit. Details and even some abilities may not be detected, but the primary entity still asserts itself in the thoughts, feelings and actions. This expression by limiting properties of membranes may not be complete, since all savings spirit lights can flare up only in areas where the fire is acting freely and peacefully, not by his inferior, temporary agents.
361. (Guru). Thoughts on Teaching must be translated into action, and then they will become an indispensable asset for you’re in all worlds. They will not be forgotten, and nothing and nobody can take that away from you. This process can be described as Light in a statement. Approver him already has a conviction for their words, for the action or application exercises in the life energy they had translated into crystalline deposits in the Bowl its Agni. For it’s Teaching of living ethics in life. Benefit of running towards the adoption of light within yourself.
362. (July 18). "As the name of the Teacher, often spoken with faith, let’s create a bridge". In this faith and immutability and knowledge of the law, and magnetism of thought is sent into space. The next step of faith is sense-knowledge. People not only believe, but just know that something is already approved for phenomenon in the dense world. Flame of senses burns all resistance. They can do great things.
363. (July 19). If consider each attempt dark, each trouble, counteraction and suffering as the engine or the blow pusher pulling together with Us and causing new, strengthened aspiration to Us, their usefulness becomes obvious. On extent of counteraction it is possible to strengthen both aspiration and feeling of our Proximity. Waves of counteractions consciously go for useful work and serve the statement of Light. At a known step everything starts serving the spirit which is ardently devoted to Hierarchy. Degree of resistance surrounding serves as a criterion then to aspiration degree, because the quicker weeds, the air resistance is stronger. Laws in everything are identical, because both below, and above.
364. Repetition, of about what It was more than once spoken earlier, isn’t petition, but expansion told in new aspect and under a new point of view. It strengthens the pupil in understanding of that repeats and that it is necessary to acquire practically especially strongly.
365. (Guru). If the person certainly is useful to evolution and if his heart burns with aspiration, unless matters, well he treats us, or not, understands us, or not, recognizes, or rejects. Let's learn to treat people above-person, regardless of how they treat us. Personal feelings and the personal relations seldom happen at people steady, among friends of the Doctrine – also. The super personal relation will be also impartial. It won't create antagonism and won't cause condemnation. Recognition of advantages serves in other people as an indicator of height of consciousness.
366. (July 20). For a physical body many subjects and substances are impenetrable. For a body thin too there are impenetrable substances, spheres and space layers, and it sometimes depends on a condition of consciousness. For a body fiery promise the world dense and Thin completely, and the World Fiery – on degree of a fiery of spirit and completeness of a fiery body. As before a stone wall the thin cover before some subjects of space and especially some layers can stop, being not in forces them to overcome. And lifting of a thin body in higher layers depends on its slightfull. The Highest Spheres are inaccessible to low covers, because of impossibility to rise. The question of mutually permeability of substances is very interesting. For fiery thought of restrictions don’t exist, but it is necessary that the consciousness could follow thought. Inaccessible to body and a brain is available to consciousness and of the spirit. Three measurements are fetters of the dense world. They are dumped at disclosure of the centers. A lot of things need to be allowed, or realized before seizing ability. This situation concerns the dense world, but in degree bigger – thin, because there life on consciousness. Consciousness it is prepared to an assumption of that it is impossible to carry out in the world terrestrial in a body usual. Fairy tales give the flavor about opportunities of the Thin World for knowing its laws of spirit. The imagination of fairy tales is reality of the Elevated World. It is possible to approach to studying of many fairy tales scientifically.
367. (M. A. Y.). Let's talk about fear scientifically. All emotions anyway influence covers – one positively, others are negative. Emotion of fear will paralyze the person. It will paralyze radiations of a protecting network. Aura's radiations too hang. Mentally the person becomes to absolutely defenseless and open various influences. Often the fear before an illness attracts it and opens it access. The fear very much magneto, that is attracts of what he is afraid to the person. It occurs for two reasons: the first is an inevitability to pass through of what the person is afraid, the second – openness of consciousness for influence from dark on fear spots on aura, and not only dark: after all even the dog rushes on the person embraced with fear or some other animals, especially wild. There was no case that the yogi was torn to pieces by wild animals. Mental health activity at the person filled with fear goes down, and he isn't able to confront to the opposite phenomena. Inutile fear also is harmful certainly. It is necessary to accustom itself never nothing to be afraid. Let will be that will be, but let inevitable will be met courageously and without fear. The fear is absolutely useless.
368. (Guru). We suggest raising unrestrained desire to be exempted from all undesirable properties and traits of character. Increased desire, reaching known degree of tension, force allows dump unnecessary clogs.
369. (Guru). "Not insignificant, not small witnesses you will become", – so I Told. Also it is necessary to prepare for it fully equipped come, going time. And beliefs should be had in the future happiness of mankind more. The leaving darkness raves, but after all it is spasms and convulsions of fatally wounded monster. The consciousness of the Board will help to have this heavy time. Light is ahead.
370. (July 24). That is necessary still that eyes human what occurs in the world opened? But the spirit is silent. But crimes go deep. But people of Light don't want. At the last line all aspirations to good and to the evil will amplify to a limit. Won't sustain an organism human such tension of the evil and fuse will become frequent. And so the already many fuse and perish. And not only angry, but weak don't maintain a press. Rescue is in an ardent unification with Hierarchy of Light. But, who recognizes it. Therefore, I Specify keep inseparably. Only full unification resists. Wave’s storm, but the rock among the ocean isn't mobile and unshakable. The rock of spirit will reflect an impact of waves. Rescue is in the spirit of. Spirit approves fleshes atop. Through a gate of spirit you will enter into the future. Before the end of force it is necessary to collect for the last opposition to darkness. "Undergone (that is stood) up to the end – it will be rescued". Rescue in that darkness not to indulge and sustain an impact it. Ardently Me call when it becomes intolerable the heavy. Together we will resist. But not sustain the consciousness, which has separated from Me. Who with Me, will pass is safe and victoriously in the judgment future.
371. (M. A. Y.). It isn't necessary to judge strictly others even if strong spirits show the moments of weakening of resilience to opposite influences. Let's think more often of the Teacher – Spirit him we won't break. It Can be an example of firmness, unshakable anything. The Shape of the Lord is light. Thinking of It, Light you approve in the heart. Thoughts of the Lord are a touch to Light.
372. (M. A.Y.). Personality, who hasn't realized the temporary value and sub official position in relation to Identity, is a burden for the last. The servant sent to Earth for performance of a certain task, forgets about it and indulges in actions, willful and deprived of final sense. It about such people Is told that "they mad scurry about on a planet". Unless it is possible is comprehended to live on Earth, without having realized the embodiment purpose? But sets live and burden Earth horrors of made crimes. It before the villain represented with the blood-stained knife in a hand. Now the evil-tacke, who has been elegantly dressed, sits in sanctuaries of banks and often moves in billions. They even go on Sunday sermons and consider it believing in God. But the created evil surpasses by them everything that people did earlier, because it planet.
373. (Guru). Yes! It is right. Many fine words are told, and a lot of evil becomes. The end of Cali Yugi is the end of an evil, bloody Eyelid. It was told: "In Fishes blood". The new combination of Star Beams will change spatial conditions. At people it was held in remembrance the Golden Age. Under the law of Cycles it again will come. But how many it is necessary sharply and urgently to suffer to people adequately to enter into it, but, great changes at a threshold. Shifts already go. The great opportunities given by evolution demand the responsible attitude towards them, differently not to avoid unrecoverable destructions.
374. (July 26). It is necessary to reach such condition that already nothing struck and didn't discompose. In this ability not to be surprised the surprise or something unusual covers a sense-knowledge and as though an anticipation of events or the phenomena. This condition is especially necessary in the Thin World where can strike a lot of things. It will help to meet without serious consequences both terrible forms, and various inventions and tricks from their party. And in life terrestrial this quality is very valuable because allows to keep tranquility where his people usually lose. Approved, this quality also will help also to understanding of that actually the person can't lose or lose anything something belonging to it by right because he understands a formula: "All mine in Me and with Me is integral, nevertheless other that it is possible to take away, – not mine and only temporarily is at my disposal and doesn't belong and can't belong to Me", – so argues learned and found Stone Treasures inside. As well also it is useful to separate from time to time itself from a dense environment and things which it is temporarily owned, and to represent itself spirit out of a body and away from everything that around. It will help also to faster release from terrestrial gravitations when it is necessary to appear in Word Aboveground.
375. (Guru). If terrestrial eyes and physical devices didn't find life signs on this or that planet, it absolutely doesn't mean yet that life there isn't present. Life can go on the plan astral this planet, and even in more dense astral forms, than on Earth, and at other conditions of consciousness. It should be meant at visit of other heavenly ph.
376. (July 27). Impact of magnetism of the Moon on Earth and everything, that on it lives, very strongly. Lunar phases influence a lot of things. Force of lunar beams, influencing inflow, lifts up huge masses of water. The sleepwalker loses the weight and becomes weightless; from here lightness, with which it goes on lintels. It is enough to wake of him, and the consciousness immediately neutralizes this influence. The phenomenon remarkable, indicating at of force of the consciousness’s and ability paralyze its powerful influences. The closer to the Moon, the influences are stronger. Consciousness it is possible to weaken them, but action has to be conscious. Astrological aspects of the Moon are of great importance in human life. Medium and a psychosis are connected with lunar passivity of human consciousness and a reflex of thinking and actions. The lunar heritage is far yet gets rid. Lunar passivity and solar activity fight in the person for prevalence. The active will comprises solar elements of Light. The dead moon is destiny fateful. Lunar cone is a place of stay of spirits of darkness. The sunlight there doesn't reach. If the Sun is a life symbol, the Moon is death. Planet of death We Call her. It is expected by further decomposition and disintegration. Strong spirits can fearlessly concern it, but it is very dangerous for weak, not able to be protected from its radiations.
377. (M. A. Y.). Defeat is inadmissible. Fight Show on spirit advance. Also there is nothing here shameful, if the pupil has to struggle with himself and to overcome properties of the lowest nature. All going on the way conduct this fight. It is required transmutation the lowest in the Highest. It is impossible to reject it because it makes as though part of the person, but to change, melt, transmutation it through related contrasts – in the power of human will. So, hatred it is possible regenerate in love, strong hatred – in strong love. But insignificant and small feelings transmutation there is nothing because their opposite pole is so insignificant, as well as they. The nature throws out a pettiness as Space garbage from the general stream of life. Big shortcomings speak about high potential of their opposite pole which is shown at a transmutation.
378. (Guru). That is given by life, can be accepted, without tying itself to it and without trying to hold the given. All the term, and leaving details of dense existence consign to the past forever more again not to return any more. Therefore any regret about the past is inexpedient and deprived of sense. If small "I" it was good in former living conditions, for "I" big they could be not necessary because exhaustion already will give nothing them it. For the highest "I", fight and overcoming of difficulties, but at all wellbeing which is wished so small by "me" are necessary for his advance.
379. (July 28). Cruelty human has no borders, and especially when people feel and imagine it unpunished. However, the return blow of karma overtakes cruelty, but unless it will reduce sharpness of caused sufferings? Into a task of the pupil enters to learn to respond to cruelty human with balance, that is not allow neither rage mutually, nor not goodwill, in general any feelings darkness. It is very difficult task. To lead an astral to silence will be a victory over it and means mastering by this cover. Efforts of the dark are directed on destroying balance and, having destroyed it to intrude in consciousness. The bad feelings caused for this purpose by them, will serve them as an entrance open. Balance is a powerful board while it isn't broken. Holding it, you do unapproachable a heart Stronghold.
380. (Guru). To rejoice sufferings can't learn at once. At first it is necessary to accustom to treat them quietly, without indignation, without chagrin and a clouding, and only then when balance keeps already firmly, it is possible to start going deep mentally into sense and value of sufferings for a spirit ascension. It is necessary to reconcile itself with the pain caused by something to understand that there is no eminence of spirit and a get rid of the centers without body pains.
381. (July 31). In process of rapprochement with Us weight of the Burden of this world which lies down on shoulders of the pupil because it divides it with Us increases also. Achievements want to have many, but the number wishing to divide with Us our works and cares isn't great; therefore, so a little taking at the way of Great Service. And when it is difficult to you and when the press amplifies, whether it means that you join already our works and you divide with Us the Burden of this world. Will come both pleasure, and delight of spirit, and new abilities, but not will open before cooperation completely will take place. Only on this two-native fire of pleasure and a grief Spirit transformation is made.
382. (Guru). It is so important to understand that release – in the spirit of. It is possible to have everything that people have, and it is better to work even others, but not to be in good spirits free from usual fetters by which people are held down. Release lies in the consciousness sphere. How many thoughts and work it is necessary to premise that it took place. And there live on Earth people in freedom or slavery at things surrounding them and the phenomena and usually at all don't realize the slavery, if slaves.
383. (M. A. Y.). Each hour approaches the judgment. With what and how into it we will enter? What we will bring? Brought more – more also will receive. Also has a merit lit more hearts? And the gift created in darkness of pre-dawn hour is especially valuable. It on scales will be heaviest. When everything will come true, there will be so many supporters of Light considering the merits and gifts, – the benefit and of. But a torch of spirit bearing in darkness lit when clouds around and enemies, nevertheless it will be approximate especially.
384. (Aug. 3). And now it is necessary to approve before itself and space Proximity I wash with a way constant, uninterrupted memory of it that is pretending constant. During the day as often as possible it we will remember make, at last, it continuous. Hardly the consciousness gives in to this process, but eventually will obey to will command. The old person confronting inside doesn't wish to give way to the new person, going to it on change. The symbol of the baby served in the Bowl as a reminder on it, as well as a phoenix born from ashes, symbolizing the changed person. It is told: "If be not born again if you aren't as children, you won't be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven", into Light Kingdom, into my World. In former Precepts It is much told about the main in the forms available to understanding of people of those times. Nowadays the Doctrine of Life calls besides, but already according to level of steps of the evolution reached by mankind. And if earlier something was given for any certain people, now the Doctrine of Life is given for all because it is dictated by approach of deadlines and approach of the beginning of the New Cycle.
385. (M. A. Y.). Steady following on the way of Light requires unprecedented persistence. And life gives ardent opportunities to exercise this valuable quality of spirit. His sisters are firmness and inflexibility. It is possible, for example, having set itself a task, to support or improve health, not to recede from planned, the success won't be reached yet, and at least very long time for this purpose was required. Or, meeting an importunate and long oppose dark and having begun with them fight, its messages up to the end, to a clear victory. It is possible to imagine, how much extraordinary persistence, aspiration and persistence it is necessary to show that the rhythm of every day Communication and all related didn't interrupt. At bodies heavenly we will study, because their space way is invariable and rhythmical.
386. (Aug. 4). The great Darkness is an eternal antipode of Light and an opposite pole of shown Space. Darkness terrestrial and dark antagonists of Light are the phenomenon purely terrestrial and temporary. The special case of Earth and its dark can't be extended to all Universes. Therefore it is so important to realize the phenomenon of the Distant Worlds and absence on them dark. There are imperfections, and there is an evolution, there is a past overcoming future, but there are no attendants of darkness and dark Hierarchy. Aspiration to the Distant Worlds and conscious communication with them will accelerate evolution of your planet. The distant Worlds are given as an attraction magnet for the spirits directed to them. We, Brothers of mankind, are Newcomers from the Distant Worlds. We Will come back to them, carrying away for Myself all mankind, except for Space garbage. Conscious Eternal Life is the basic principle of the Distant Worlds and achievement of the mankind occupying them. The great future and boundless life expect following Us.
387. (Aug. 5). The phenomena of the Thin and Fiery Worlds continuously occur and in the dense world, but they should be able to be seen. Plant growth from grain is the phenomenon of a fiery order. Each movement of a physical body is connected with thin processes and fire. The person constantly thinks. And what such thought? So there live people in all three worlds and adjoin to all, only understanding of it is absent. At some attentiveness a lot of things will be noticed. Anything supernatural isn't present, everything is natural, and it is simple, and to well directed supervision. Moods human, both emotions, and feelings – the phenomena, the roots back tracing to Thin Spheres above. The person strong depends on spatial currents that are the thin energy not visible to an eye. Their lives the person in all three worlds and can start easily studying of their communication with each other and to understanding of three.
388. (Aug. 6). The discipline of spirit is imposed on feelings of the pupil. It concerns both physical, and thin and mental ph. All covers got used to vibrate after the own fashion, and everyone as her taught or as taught life. The element of will is brought in this willfulness of covers, Show they how have to react to everything that arrives to their sphere. If the will doesn't interfere, they vibrate on all influences automatically, habitual image. This automatism, or reflex, actions is unacceptable in the promoted pupil. The mentioned patrol extends as well on to allowing this automaticity. It is good if, say, the person got used to meet strokes of bad luck in balance full, or never to allow irritations. But it already the qualities of the spirit which once have been consciously approved by will. Not about them speech. It is a question of uncontrolled, willful, undesirable movements in covers which dominate over the person, break his balance and darken lightful radiations of its aura. Reflex is the lunar heritage of the person approved once long ago. It is shown and in the acquired addictions, such, as, for example, smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction and many others. Similar habits are outgrowths on spirit. In this or that look under oppression of various habits their lives the majority of the incarnate. For the person the habit is meat creates hindrances when forming a thin body. Stomach burdening by any food is undesirable also. The pupil should refuse many habits along the line for the Teacher; very many addictions to things, and very burdensome separation from such habits after release from a body. And at terrestrial life such habits oppress. And it is very sad if this oppression is imperceptible for oppressed consciousness. Therefore it is better not to become attached to anything that it is a pity to leave anything. Habits of harmful thinking are even more dangerous and harmful; it is most difficult to be exempted from them. But the arising and getting stronger will of the pupil gradually start taking reins of government in hand and to seize everything that disturbs spirit advance. The birth of will is the nice page in life of the pupil.
389. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to exercise will always, everywhere and in everything because many not get rid properties have ascending consciousness. And the above it raises on a spirit ladder, the more overcoming become inevitable on its way. As a matter of fact, the way of ascension is a way of continuous overcoming of the last person, or the former person, in itself and nascence of the new. So overcoming all subsequent gate opens. The winner the step is firm and immutable. Nor indulgence, nor weakness, indulgence to the shortcomings doesn’t facilitate a way. On the card all is put. And put all not get rid properties wins it is hundredfold finally. At exercise of will it is necessary to remember that suppression of foreign will is inadmissible.
390. (Guru). Who says what the life is somewhere outside? No, it lies inside; it is in the essence of the person. The narrow track conducting in life is in it. Therefore all searches somewhere on the party won't lead to the desirable purpose. And if all future, all richness of spirit can't be found in the world external, so only the inner world can open desirable opportunities. Long ago It is already told: "The Kingdom of God inside is", – there and look for.
391. (Aug. 7). The person considering unfortunate, is unfortunate, happy is happy. Defines a condition thought. And if to seize thought, it is possible to seize and conditions of spirit. Everything is so conditional and so relative. Not on the phenomenon the press of its property to cause sufferings or pleasure, but on the consciousness defines the relation to this or that phenomenon and considering it at an angle of personal feeling of grief or pleasure which are mistakenly attributed to this phenomenon, but not to the person, it perceiving lies. But the lever is in hands of the person. The same phenomenon can please today and afflict tomorrow. As often the young man wants to look more solid and is more senior than the years, and elderly – is younger. As it is frequent, having achieved desirable, the person of expected pleasure and satisfaction doesn't find in it. In the field of personal experiences the Cosmic, strong pleasure, not depending on external conditions not to find. Not to find and the world, which "above any understanding". So we come besides: to refusal from personal and to transfer of focus of all aspirations to the sphere of General Welfare. This thought briefly also is clearly expressed by a formula: "Be rejected from it and follow across Me".
392. (Guru). Whether it is worth striving for Light if this aspiration brings so many sufferings? So whispers egoism in darkness and it is surrounded with darkness. And too it is necessary to pass through this whispering. Many stones are scattered on a difficult track of ascension of spirit and who knows on which the foot will stumble. And a way – either up, or down. To go down where it is easier, than to rise and many follow this easy way. Where? If each going to ask itself: “Where conducts it this way easy?” So, two ways lie before the person: the way down both a way up and everyone steadily brings into darkness, or to of Light.
393. (Aug. 8). Love to whom and to something there is the powerful force uniting with that who is loved by the person. The consciousness includes in the orbit of darling or favorite. To accept in itself the phenomenon Distant, or the Highest, the Worlds, it is necessary to fall in love with them. But how to fall in love with what the person doesn't know? But the love serves as the bridge to cognition. Flammarion * loved stars. All the life he devoted to studying them. If you want to learn something, fall in love the love generating aspiration, - but loves of the heart. Whether it is possible to order to heart? It is impossible to order, but it is possible to persuade because in the depths heart bears in itself love to the fine. And influence of all fine and beauty on consciousness ennobles the person. Fall in love with beauty of thoughts and thought of the fine. The thought about fine always will be creative because beauty it is possible to create. Small, gray, everyday thoughts of the same small things won't ennoble consciousness. Clair-radiant the thinking is saturated beauty. If it isn't visible around, it can be created thought. Even the thought has to precede decoration of use. Fight between the good and evil consists in fight between Beauty and a disgrace. Thoughts of the fine can create and Beauty in the surrounding. You learn to create consciously thought.
* Flammarion – the French scientist, the astronomer, the writer.
394. (M. A. Y.). Great Making demands unprecedented persistence from the maker. It persistently also will be stubborn counteracted by darkness. And here in this fight against darkness the superhuman persistence and firmness on the decision not to recede, not to incline, not to put a hand in despair before weakening counteraction of the dark also are necessary. But the spirit is eternal and Light, but ended and temporarily darkness and its dark attendants going against Light are eternal. It is possible to find in understanding of eternity of spirit and Light of force for opposition to the evil.
395. (Guru). Both the hardness, and stability, and firmness of the decision to struggle with darkness, and in itself and around, it is impossible to put in dependence on instability and fluctuation of external conditions, because they will always fluctuate. The Ladder of Hierarchy of Light is unshakable only. So unshakable heart approved on it is invincible. So in thoughts of power of Hierarchy of Light of force it is possible to find to stand in this fight up to the end. So courageous heart won't be frightened by continuous attacks dark and won't recede in darkness. The victory over darkness in itself and around is so reached.
396. (Aug. 9). As the sun the daily way, let will be steady your advance to Light. In this steady – pledge and the victory guarantee. As autumn leaves will fly away all unnecessary stratifications. Without this steady not to be exempted from mental heaps which collected for eyelids? Therefore and it is almost impossible to dump them at once. But water hollows a stone. On a way to Boundlessness everything is achievable. So, already from much were exempted. This release is imperceptible, and only on turns it is possible to see suddenly, how many is dumped freight. Wants you to see free the Teacher and not having anything. Why it is necessary to carry it only to things. All accumulation of egoism too "" of which it is necessary to get rid. To accept in itself out, it is necessary to clean because disturbs. The consciousness of the person either "", or mine is so filled. The egoism clings for "", the highest "I" – mine want, because two in one. Great division, resulting in the world, goes and in consciousness of each person, - it concerns all; nobody will leave from the decision where to turn back – in darkness or to Light. In this inevitability of the decision to address in darkness or to Light the sense of the events consists in the world. Not on the North, the South, the East and the West there is a division, but on heart lines. And everyone decides the fate.
397. (M. A. Y.). For imagination there are neither limits, nor restrictions if accumulation corresponds. In World Thin by means of the saved-up imagination of people creates in very wide scales if the imagination allows. Create even the dark. Creativity goes in the accord with a light-bearer of radiations of creating spirit. That is why it is so important to stock up with pure imagination. Dirty creates the same forms and chokes in them. The imagination creates by means of thought; mastering by thought means also mastering by imagination. Preparing for life in Elevated, we will think of that, the cleared imagination and the thought bridled by will be how necessary there.
398. (Guru). You wonder as all disappears weak, unstable and unbalanced and as few ready consciousnesses. Are lit, flash as dry straw and as quickly and go out. Don't take these flashes for readiness of spirit. But when judgment the spirit approaches Light to you, don't miss. The lord Told that He – the Threshold to spirit. Great Threshold! And you are thresholds small through which too approach in search of Light. A little the barrier don't put suitable to It through you. And hearts of an eye open on suitable not to pass. The Teacher Put you who are silent, on a road fork that going to Him saw.
399. (Aug. 10). Someone lived all life in that house in which was born, and in it died. Let's not envy such resident. Someone replaced tens houses and still a strong shelter didn't find. And the Son Human didn't take a place where to bend the heads. Only the House Father can serve as a strong shelter to spirit. And it is good when without house terrestrial it is comprehended by the traveler of the Way infinite. House spirit is in Elevated, - the house Father in Elevated. Can't give terrestrial houses a reliable roof. Illusions of durability of dwellings human Maya creates. Count any of them be the self-deception, however, as well as all the rest that we imagine the property. In total only for a while, it is necessary to understand well it and to acquire. Then it isn't a pity to leave anything. Then it is possible to be in the spirit of free from slavery at things. The knowledge, the only integral property of the person releases. It is so necessary and is important to save up it that was with what to come back and what to bring in the House Father. Much there it is collected the most valuable treasures, but that to estimate them, to use them, it is necessary to know – as well as to bring with itself this knowledge. Otherwise treasures prepared remain to lie in vain. The knowledge of usual things and the standard science won't help to distinguish them and they there and aren't necessary. Means, the knowledge of an unusual, opening eye on understanding of spiritual treasures is necessary. How to get it? Together with Me! When together we go, acquisition becomes simple and natural process. So: together, in everything, up to the end. It will be the decision only true. And then the way of cognition of the most necessary becomes strong available. And then treasures of spirit of the Native home are open learned the Way.
400. (Guru). Living conditions the terrestrial are considerable that various qualities of spirit allow accumulate. This process can be conducted consciously, and then life gains property of expediency. Aimlessly wandering people and going to a definite purpose the person show striking distinction. Knowing where and why it goes, as well as that is necessary for it for a way, it is immutable will reach the purpose.