Agni Yoga's facets, 1969 (401-550)

401. (Aug. 11). The human body is laboratory for all feelings which by means of will can create imagination. The feeling of tranquility can be strengthened or caused by order of will, and it isn't so difficult. It is possible to cause both pleasure, and other feelings, both good, and bad. Thus it is necessary to pay attention that there is cooperation to space and to those its layers or spheres which are saturated conformable to caused feeling with vibrations. It is possible to cause consciously from space feeling of pleasure, and besides without any relation of this feeling to dense conditions of the moment. The reasons for pleasure in the world dense cannot be any, and still the creative imagination of the person will be able to approve it and to unite consciousness with those spheres where the spatial pleasure sounds. There are spheres, or the layers, very heavy experiences. Many contact them. And there are also very high. The few consciously direct to them. But it is necessary at first to force to begin to sound on a desirable wave of feeling approved by will that then to make contact with the sphere, conformable with caused feeling. The right, once you practice on it to understand, depends on will of the person much. The Reflex’s and reflex feelings automatically submit to these or those influences, without trying even to neutralize them or to fight against them. But in laboratory of feelings human her owner, the manager and the lord – the person, and will it can create a sense-knowledge at his desire. Experiences in this direction are very interesting, and at least some success already shows, what opportunities open before the person. Before the guest it isn't accepted to show the bad mood or discontent, and the good hostess never will dare it to do, at all without knowing about creative power of will, but applying it unconsciously. In this direction the area of the creative appendix of will is very wide. And, as always and in everything, it is necessary to begin with small that, it having seized, to pass already to the bigger. It is a lot of footpaths of the dismissed feelings and moods it is possible to reduce this way. Why someone's bad mood, or irritation in one person has to cause mutually the same feeling in other when, having put will, it can not only to it not to give in, but, on the contrary, the tranquility and light vibrations to neutralize it absolutely on an own wave. People very strongly influence at each other the moods, but do it unconsciously. The conscious appendix of the will creating Light instead of darkness which they disseminate, can work wonders and change radiations of a human body from negative in the positive. A lot of Light can be brought in environment ability to adjust the microcosm on a desirable wave of Light.
402. (M. A. Y.). At a wave of irritation, hatred, or rage the Highest it is impossible to unite with the Worlds. Manas, it im necessary to br ing the covers into a harmonious condition before connection becomes possible. Sounding of the Highest Worlds so far from cries and Earth shouts that approach to them demands preparation. How many time which is torn apart by chaos of the most unrestrained feelings, addresses the person to the Highest World, appealing about help and without receiving it. Adjusting a radio receiver on a certain and desirable wave, people perfectly know and apply accord laws. But in the relation to the own fiery device this knowledge doesn't apply, forgetting that both above, and below. That the World Fiery answered, it is necessary to bring own receiver into the corresponding condition, that is to adjust it harmoniously on a certain key. And then the answer won't slow down. It is necessary to think over that, as well as on what waves people adjust devices of the spirit. Adjusting itself on a key of the most undesirable, dark and negative feelings, receive in reply waves of the same influences, but strengthened by the spatial megaphone.
403. (Guru). The way remains only one – through itself because the person and is this Way. The lord who has Told: "I am the Way, Truth and Life", – Specified this Way because It Gave the Precept: "I in you, you in Me". Having united these two formulas, it is easy to see that the Way lies in the person because even the Kingdom of God in us is. Thus, not external conditions, but internal state of the person are caused by following on the way. And where it was and whatever did, and in whatever conditions it appeared, Ways to take up to it, except him, anybody can't and anything. All barriers and obstacles – the next deception, both Maya illusions, and inventions of attendants of darkness which have no power to stop the Way of the person, if he understood that against his spirit which inside, is indestructible and we won't win anything external.
404. (M. A. Y.). Roots of soul human – in World Aboweground. There spirit homeland. On anything terrestrial it is impossible to be approved because all is passing, and it is impossible to be attached to anything, because all will be taken away. Therefore, to build strongly and forever it is possible only in Spheres Hidden. And it is good when already the desire isn't present to grasp any dense conditions and to imagine that they are unshakable. If the other-wordly person in this world has no support, but has it in the world which other-wordly, more strongly and more firmly he stands on the feet, than having a lot of things in the world terrestrial. Criteria usual don't approach to the Elevated World. Separation from Earth and not attachment to something terrestrial grant the right to a free admission to that world and freedom of actions in it: "Not to fly learned sweet of Earth", but bitterness of life terrestrial learned and much tasted from it flights are available.
405. (Aug. 13). Change of places also is desirable and necessary that the aura didn't grow to one place. It isn't so easy to release the grown aura as it seems. It grows together integrally, and difficultly to tear off it. But as it is possible to own things without feeling of property, in the same way it is possible to live long in one place, without growing into it. For this purpose it is necessary to travel at least mentally more often, flying about thought about the whole world. Where we, there and house. Where thought, there and the spirit which has generated it. Freedom is approved by thought, freedom from the power of the rendered habitable room over consciousness. The yogi can stay bezotluchno in the body in the same cave, but in the spirit of – to fly over a planet and to be where will want. Residence – concept relative. Leave mentally the house in which you live more often if circumstances don't allow to leave it. Movement in the spirit of always precedes movement in a body. Thought always ahead. And even, if movement in a body didn't take place, movement in thoughts nevertheless happened. It is important as preparation for that world where everything moves thought. The motionless thought which has grown to a conventional dwelling, will keep in thraldom even where the person already actually isn't connected by the house terrestrial. "It is necessary to think as are necessary to people of travel". If they are impossible in the regular way, in the spirit of and thoughts they are possible always. Movement in thoughts is real, it becomes reality when flights in a thin body are available. As flights and in the future are useful. It is so important to liberate thought.
406. (M. A. Y.). Each mental action matters. Movement in thoughts as though lays routes in space on which, already out of a body, the person outside the conditions of the terrestrial freely moves. The thought should be taken away much more value, than it becomes usually because the thought isn't something abstract, but the actual engine of life. Denying the importance of thought, people lose understanding of that basis on which all is based.
407. (Guru). Creativity terrestrial is always caused by creativity mental and even if it for some reason or other wasn't carried out, nevertheless thought anyway, sooner or later, but will be embodied in visible forms. This invincible tendency of thought to come to light in dense forms should be meant always because prove both good, and bad thoughts. It is necessary to avoid and be careful of the last because the thought not only will be embodied, but also will find the poroditel that he took part in this process and I settled on myself its consequences.
408. (Aug. 14). If the happy terrestrial life full of wellbeing, doesn't allow spirit to enter into a hall intended, the life full of thorns and trouble, widely gives this opportunity. It having acquired, easily already will be to learn to look at all details of life heavy and difficult as at conditions, strong approaching to Light Monastery, as on the pushers, directing spirit to Hierarchy of Light to the World the Highest. And then there is a question: terrestrial wellbeing should rejoice or be afflicted? When dark very much annoy and strong persist in it, they don't understand that pull together with Us the one whom they so want to avert from Us. When between there is the Shape of the Lord separating powerfully from darkness, all efforts of the dark are vain, all blows struck by them, succeed the opposite. Persistence of the dark is a sign kind. They won't trouble themselves too, if fire of spirit is weak. The spirit is higher and stronger, the stronger and the dark zlodelatel, trying to surround it and to cut off from Light. Let's be glad to each attack because it gives new strength to strive for Light. Under blows dark absolutely it isn't difficult to reach a constant Face before an internal eye. And, when attack is especially strong and especially long, the Face as protection against the evil can be held before it is persistent, especially strong tying itself to the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light.
409. (Guru). It would be desirable to see transition from words to business, from thoughts fine – to their implementation, from desires and intentions – to their realization. After once they should be approved everything in application. Whether it is better as soon as possible, because time no presses. The missed opportunities don't repeat, and the further statement will demand the trebled efforts. Everything is good in its season, but to seize the best opportunity will be the key to success. Overdue action is condemned. Demands to seize the opportunity of lifting of wave vigilance sharp.
410. (Aug. 15). All three worlds, dense, Thin and Fiery, are reality – everyone in the sphere. For stay in everyone and life in it the corresponding conductor is necessary. For free identification of consciousness in all three it is necessary that all conductors, or bodies, were rather issued. From any of three worlds it is possible to see the worlds other two if the step of consciousness allows it. The world dense in itself isn't Maya, as well as the World Thin. The Maya is generated by consciousness human, limitation of his perceptions and imperfection of its covers. Great Spirits, being in a body terrestrial, aren't torn off from contact with other worlds and Can plunge into them by order of will. The step of evolution reached by mankind will pass under the sign of connection in consciousness of all three worlds, until then the disconnected. The all three bodies are better issued, the it will be easier this association. Last centuries there was already evidence of such association in this or that form. But it was separate cases. In the future these phenomena will have already mass character. Will develop in parallel and science, confirming scientifically reality of three and more conditions of a matter, and that now treats realm of fancy, superstitions, assumptions and supernatural and unusual, will enter into the commonness course. The cognizable world will simply extend, and on many phenomena eyes will simply open. The new Sky and Novaya Zemlya will appear before the begun to see clearly consciousness in all completeness of the triple aspect.
411. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to settle Records all greatness and boundlessness of the Universe? Certainly, no! And however many write, inexhaustibility nevertheless remains the incentive, directing spirit to all too new and new stays. As a matter of fact, new anything isn't present, but new approach to the phenomena of life allows to consider them under absolutely other point of view and to find in them new elements. The extending understanding will be a criterion. Long ago it is already told that "the person is a measure of things". As this criterion also serve consciousness human and ability of his perception which potentially isn't limited to anything.
412. (Guru). Existence of three worlds allows directing mentally in each of them at will. Live people have nothing to direct to the world dense because they and without that are strong attached to it, but to the Worlds Thin and Fiery it is useful to aspire. Certainly, not in the lower class of the Elevated World it is necessary to aspire because they good won't give anything, but to the Highest. If the aspiration goes under the sign of Beauty, it is protected by Beauty adequately, but it is better to develop aspiration to the Highest Worlds. The thought of them will start increasing their cognition and will establish with them magnetic connection. Too objects of aspirations even not bad people are low. Therefore "it is necessary to drive above" to stick already above a starting point. The direction is approved by thought. It can be done consciously.
413. (Aug. 16). The radiations of aura sated with various experiences, moods, emotions and conditions of the person, put him into a so-called aura's shell which it has to punch if wants to come to a spatial scope. Difficult is the process. So, for example, it is impossible to join spatial pleasure, if not to make it. In the Precept "Be rejected from itself" the Instruction on release from an aurs’s shell consists. Homeless circulation and changes of places very much promote it. The decree about not attachment to something has deep value exactly in this regard. It was already said that with each thing which the person considers as the property, he is connected by current, or a thread stretched from it to a thing. These threads are different in color, force and durability. The ardent owner as clogs, it is wound by them. The phenomenon is a mental order and with death of a body doesn't disappear. And the person with all this baggage passes to the Thin World, carrying away with itself mental communications with subjects of the dense world rather already with their astral forms. Release from feeling of property is necessary for achievement of spatial freedom.
414. (Aug. 17). Like a searchlight beam, the beam of consciousness can be directed on any thought, any subject in and out of the person, in the past, the present or the future. This orientation can be strong-willed, deliberate or automatic. Ability to concentrate allows hold a beam on a subject this, or that time. At control over it undesirable objects simply jump out of a field of vision and the beam of consciousness is transferred to something another. At world around width the choice is unlimited. The notions of compulsion, feelings and moods are no other than result of weak will, or a consequence of the connivance allowed in the past. Control allows pass only positive thoughts in consciousness. The question of that, on what directs a consciousness beam, is very important, because the directed thought conducts. Directing it to the Distant Worlds, we establish magnetic connection with them. On this channel can inflow new impressions. Using magnetic properties of thought, it is possible to take elements inherent in them from the Thin and Fiery Worlds. Shines a way thought. Control of thin energy is exercised by means of thought. The persistent reflection over any subject allows hold on it a consciousness beam. All people constantly think of something, big or small, good or bad, and constantly direct the consciousness on something. It is easy to judge properties and character of the given person on objects of his thinking. The person lives in the thoughts, and thought – in him. The conscientious attitude to what occupied thinking and on what directs a beam, allows establish the direction will.
415. (Guru). Disbalance in the nature and in consciousness human reached extreme degree of tension. Planetary the disbalance it is created by mankind. If it proceeds still any time, explosion is inevitable. Holders of Earth Try to shatter focuses of tension and to give vent to energy on trifles, because large collision is very dangerous. It can involve all planets in the orbit. Hard is of the time. Heavy is of the time for each sensitive of the spirit.
416. (Aug. 18). All dense forms in which the Great Spirit is embodied at the arrival to Earth, can serve as a link for association or communication with his Immortal Identity. Physical body of Great Spirit mortally as any dense body, but the spirit is immortal. The different people in different centuries invested Spirits Great on the consciousness, custom and time. But under these various forms it is necessary to be able to see Identity of Great Spirit to understand those temporary and variable forms, but the Essence concluded in them is unchangeable. Lords seven. Each pupil belong to the Lord also is in his Beam. The beam is individual because it is painted by Essence of its Carrier. Communication between the Teacher and the pupil doesn't interrupt internally though externally they can be divided by various conditions. It doesn't interrupt and in Elevated, only there external conditions anymore don't interfere with a close unification. Very important for the pupil to realize that communication with the Teacher over everything that can surround it in the dense world, over all its temporary experiences, pleasures, a grief, health, diseases and all passing living conditions terrestrial. This communication can last the whole millennia. The silver Thread of communication is stronger and stronger than all communications usual, terrestrial and all attachments of spirit to terrestrial because it is stretched over all temporary and mortal conductors of the person and their environment not only in terrestrial, but also the Elevated World.
417. (Guru). Extent of clarification of consciousness solves all further way. Therefore this question it is possible and has to be engaged closely. The persistence of covers, and mainly astral, taught once to what shouldn't be taught her at all, shows that these lessons took root strongly and that everything should be uprooted. These backs very much is bad that grow again if aren't removed completely. Means it is necessary to dig even more deeply and to remember, when and as unusable crops were made. The field of consciousness has to be absolutely cleared of weeds that new crops were pure.
418. (Aug. 19). Yes, it so: body here, and spirit there where it is directed. And, being there, brings here, where a body, impressions and thoughts from there. Divisibility of spirit allows part to send it far from a body. The body stays where lives, and spirit – where wants. On wings of thought the spirit on will command is carried away. Movement in the spirit is of really. The device of spirit is difficult and thin, it is most difficult that can imagine human mind. And a body is it’s the tool for the intercourse with the world corporal. For each of three worlds there is the conductor. But all of them are connected in a single whole, though can work separately and independently. Force, health and ability to work physical bodies of people very much differ one from another, both the age, and a floor, both training, and many other conditions define it. As it is exact also other bodies of the person, astral, mental and fiery, differ on the features in very considerable degree from the same conductors at other people. It isn't so difficult to present, what conductors the savage and the philosopher and as they reveal themselves in the Worlds of the Highest possess, and what accumulation possess, and what width of consciousness of each of them. Often even at one table there are the people who are strikingly different from each other by the features and opportunities. We determine people by a treatment of light and shade that is by luminosity of their aura. Indicator is faultless. To improve the conductors – the most necessary task of the person. For the sake of it also comes to Earth, for the sake of it, consciously or unconsciously, knowing about that or not, lives, works, create and die to come here again.
419. (M. A. Y.). The thought fiery doesn't grow old. Usual thoughts grow old, get out of fashion and cease to interest the person. How many ordinary, dull writers, and how soon are forgotten their books! But are live Shekspir and Tolstoy – great writers of this world. Thoughts of Spirits Great don't die in centuries. Not only on pages of the writing, but also such thoughts live in space and sate aura of a planet. The planetary treasury of thoughts is very rich. The benefit is the one, who can bring in it and itself the share, itself the contribution.
420. (Guru). The quintessence of all positive, ever reached by mankind, is concentrated in the Stronghold. This is firm storage of treasures of Earth. Too people quickly forget the stays in the field of the valid knowledge. But Lords Store everything, worthy protection, Store for the future. The intimate Knowledge doesn't suffer damage from oblivion human. And access to it is open for each worthy spirit. And the spatial Treasury too is open for spirits, conformable that is in it, and they can freely scoop from it.
421. (Aug. 20). Influence of the human auras, one on another, at close contact is obvious to each sensitive spirit, but influence at distance more difficult to notice though it and takes a constant place in human relationship. The thought painted by radiations of aura influences. At the attentive relation to this type of the phenomena it is possible to see how from time to time in consciousness suddenly there are someone's persons and there is about them a thought. Sometimes these persons cause pleasure, sometimes chagrin, counteraction and even indignation. The last occurs in that case when the aura is protected from injustice, either slander, or other unfriendly acts from people. Spatial influences happen constantly. But mean not only dark, but also all the others. It occurs not only between the people knowing each other, but also between the absolutely unfamiliar. Then influences go according to the accord at thoughts uniform, magneto aspiring to association. In a plant and animal life often it is necessary to observe these group associations of sibling species. Mental products of human consciousness submit to the same aspiration also. Similar consciousnesses by the nature unconsciously adjoin through space. The world is uniform, and all parts it are connected anyway between them. Being part it, the person can't separate himself from this world in which lives. Spatial interaction of human radiations can be considered very widely, including here and energy of stars and stars. All this set of energy arrives in its microcosm, to some extent consciously or unconsciously assimilates this last and, already processed, is again given by the person to space and the world surrounding it. Perfect analogy inhaled and exhaled air, accepted food and drink and the processed products thrown out from an organism. The great stream of a matter and energy of many types and conditions flows through a microcosm of the person, through all his bodies: dense, radio, astral, thin, mental and fiery. Interaction of the person with the worlds surrounding it seizes all spheres.
. 422. (M. A. Y.). Great civilizations and everything were lost that they created, disappeared from the face of the earth once the great people, and sand of deserts or a wave of oceans covered prosperous countries. It would seem, to what this cruel destruction? What this deification of death and destruction? But after all shapes which the spirit temporarily is given die only, and dense human constructions collapse, the spirit stays for ever and ever. Both that experience and that knowledge which it acquired, creating the constructions doomed to destruction, become the integral acquisitions of the person and accompany it at new returns to Earth again to build, and to create, and in this process of creativity to gain new abilities, and to ascend, rising on spirals of evolution of spirit which has no end.
423. (Guru). Yes, it is valid so: all creations of hands human are doomed to destruction. By the end of the seventh race remains nothing that people now on Earth built. But, thinking of destruction of things man-made, it isn't necessary to forget that when their dense form is destroyed, there is their astral double and their mental basis. They aren't destroyed, they arrive in planet storage. All corresponding to the principle of Beauty and Light is preserved for the future and serves as decoration of a thin body of a planet. All ugly and dark is burned and destroyed from time to time. Thus, acts of hands human are destroyed only in the dense aspect. But in Akasha's rolls all remains without an exception. In aura of a planet, in its hidden environment of the Thin World, Holders of Earth Seek keep only the best and whenever possible to neutralize negative, dark thin forms. In this transitional time in the Thin World there is a great destruction of become obsolete thin forms for replacement their new, evolutionary. Creation of the old world consciously collapses Powers of Light both on Earth, and in World Aboveground.
424. (M. A. Y.) .Mistakenly you believe that Great Devotees Carried out the life in delights of spirit and pleasure of continuous Presence Forges the Highest. No. Heavy works fight and tests were their destiny. Great Visits were very rare, they expected for years. Work and feat, heavy, persistent and every day, demanded the huge tension of forces. Let's honor understanding their life of the heavy.
425. (Guru). The everyday rhythm of Communication approved for a long time, creates inertia force insuperable which transfers through all abysses and layers of the lowest world and lifts to those spheres where the spirit directed ardently. In an everyday great opportunities of achievements by persistent, rhythmic and purposeful efforts of spirit are put. The short aspiration quickly settles the energy, but uninterrupted in time is immutable conducts and leads to the desirable purpose.
426. (Aug. 22). The layers close to Earth, a little than differ to all appearances from terrestrial, but on structure are absolutely excellent. The world Thin is so real for his inhabitants, as well as the dense world for people of Earth. It is bright and filled with various forms which, than higher from Earth, especially are plastic and mobile and are easier set in motion by thought. Person, who wasn't knowing features of the Thin World and not studying its laws, will feel confused and not able to be guided in new conditions. Time is required to adapt to them. For negated and no Believe the Thin World has no consolation because measures terrestrial there are inapplicable. In that world where everything moves thought, for negates thought ways are closed. The automatic habitual thinking which has adapted only to the world terrestrial will be insolvent. The orbit of perceptions is caused by the consciousness width, both character, and properties of a matter of thin and mental bodies of the person, and degree of its refinement and depression. The thin body poisoned with alcohol, rough food both the corresponding thoughts and emotions, won't be able accord and to contact with a matter of the upper class as will gravitate to spheres, similar on structure and lightfull degree. Depression and thinning of a matter of conductors, or covers, the person during lifetime of him on Earth have very great value for its post mortal existence. Pay attention to absurd of the expression "post mortal existence" which is caused by absurd denial of life out of a body. A lot of absurd covers in itself the human thinking denying Bases of Life.
427. (M. A. Y.). Danger of self-conceit and self-glorification is that the pupil starts imagining that he can something and something represents itself when everything that he has, both that received, and that arms him with power of Intimate Knowledge, is received by it from the Lord. After all even the Lord Spoke: "I In itself anything, but the Father staying in Me, He Create". This formula of life should be remembered indelible to all pupils. And only then it is possible to learn to work not with the force, but strength of the Teacher, as though providing to Him to create through personal "I" the pupil. The self-conceit and self-glorification cut off threads of communication with the Teacher and stir him to the valid Help. And really, what the arrogant pupil represents him? Place empty if he imagines that without the Teacher he can be something valuable. The teacher and the pupil are indissoluble and represent itself one. When with It together, nobody is strong against you.
428. (Guru). It is very important to fill consciousness sublime images and thoughts and to tower together with them. Thoughts usual tighten in commonness, dark thoughts – in darkness. Each thought unworthy pulls down. Control over thoughts allows define the nature of magnetism of each thought and that sphere in which it involves consciousness. Dark stick to each dark thought, strengthen this pernicious magnetism. As and constant patrol has to be sharp-sighted. It is possible to call it patrol of Light protecting Light of heart and heart Fires.
429. (M. A. Y.). The kind person from a treasury of the heart takes out good, and angry – the evil. Therefore contact with the angry should be avoided; anything good from communication with them it won't turn out. And, if life pushes together with them, it is better not to tell any excess word.
430. (M. A.Y.). Unlike tearful sensitivity the true love has to be effective, that is such when in a name and for the sake of the one whom loves, the person is ready even on a feat. So, the pupil which heart flares such love to the Teacher, is ready severely and to settle ruthlessly in himself all not get rid feelings and all properties of the lowest nature, all the shortcomings and weaknesses. If he speaks or thinks that loves the Teacher, but for the sake of it this love imagined won't renounce anything. There is an imagined courage or any other quality of spirit, happens and imagined love. All imagined qualities are scattered by ashes at collision with life. To check itself, where imagination and where reality, very easily, it is worth looking that is made for consciousness clarification from any litter for love to the Teacher of Light.
431. (Guru). When will punch Hour and you will appear before the Lord, He Will ask you that you made to approach to It even closer. And the answer should be given truthful, and impartial, and without any self-deception. Therefore it is better to ask now already to itself this question every day both in the morning and in the evening, before withdrawal to a dream, checking the behavior in a day. Self-examination relieves of control from outside. Severity to itself is the best assistant for a judge, whom everyone has inside. Let's not miss time for self-examination.
432. (Aug. 26). Arhat's wisdom exceeds mind of worldly greatness. Arhat is a highest step of human achievements. Mankind evolution in general and a physical body in particular, leads to possibility of disclosure of the centers that gives clairvoyance, claurluhear and all other clairsense. When the space round Earth will be cleared and spatial poison is neutralized, disclosure of the centers won't be so dangerous as now when it is admissible only in mountains, Ashrams, in absolutely special conditions, and then open slightly the centers it will start being approved in usual conditions. Now it is allowed by us seldom, especially in the cities, because their atmosphere is poisoned also danger of undesirable consequences of a bike. When the pupil appears in other situation remote from noise and vanity of the cities, he understands a huge difference between the atmosphere of a human assemblage and the nature. If people could see, what gray, slippery dregs surround them as it presses on consciousness and what efforts the person, seeking to perceive something besides market noise has to apply, they would understand value of with what they fill aura terrestrial. In days of heavy spatial currents it is especially difficult to keep balance, because of the poisoned atmosphere. After all, besides the fullness not visible to an eye, even air is poisoned with vapors of gasoline both various products of decomposition and poisonous gases. What crime of those who, in addition to it, develops military poison gases and poisonous gases and poisons with them people, animals and plants, it strengthening chaos and nature decomposition. Danger of strengthening a disbalance is great. Partial accidents become already inevitable. Blind, deaf madmen poison and destroy the house terrestrial and thus believe that others will suffer, but not them. It is time to realize that the Nature is severe, but is fair and evil-do should pay in a measure full.

433. (M. A. Y.). It isn't so easy to keep consciousness at the level of singularity among life usual. But it becomes possible on condition of a constant memory about the Teacher. It is how difficult to approve it, you know. If, the spiritual attire as it should be, it is already achievable. Therefore the main care of those clothes of spirit were pure and lightful. The patrol thought won't allow them to pollute. So again we come to the practical appendix to lives of every day of the Precept about uninterrupted wakefulness.
434. (Aug. 27). About things and the subjects sated with fire, the person easier keeps lightful radiations of the aura. Value of sacred subjects and places consists in it. In it is and sense of existence of Ashrams in the dense and Thin Worlds. The pub atmosphere sharply differs from the atmosphere even a poor church let. The purpose of creation of temples also consists in it. The person allocated with strong energy, possesses property to deposit emanations them on everything to what he adjoins and where he is or lives. Everywhere it leaves for itself a trace of mental deposits. Even the read book is filled by it with the radiations. Each look, each breath, and each movement it emits on surrounding energy of the microcosm. And as the person creates every instant either light, or darkness, his internal state, that is luminosity, or darkness degree, matters for space and that is in it. Our people where they were, create round themselves the special atmosphere sated not only their radiations, but the Beams sent by us. Not to compare this atmosphere to the atmosphere of usual houses. For thin sight distinction it is obvious and sharp. We Distinguish people on light-bearer of their aura, and a place and the dwelling – on their mental fullness deposits of this or that order. To us aren't necessary neither words, nor assurances, because we See and we Hear internal essence of the speaking. Also there is nothing secret that wouldn't be expressed obviously in radiations of human aura. Pictures of these radiations will approach the truth world because it will be already impossible to hide that successfully hide now. For hypocrites, liars and bad people the World New doesn't bear a consolation.
435. (Guru). Has no value, in what external form you present yourselves Fiery Shapes or envoys and entrusted them. The created form serves as only a connecting link with Fiery Essence of their spirit that is as though the communication bridge. All of them are given temporary shapes to serve mankind and therefore it is possible to take the appearance closest but to time and other conditions. And anybody can specify to nobody who exactly is closest to spirit directing to Them. The standard forms of many satisfy, but nevertheless the right remains free. Too a lot of various bans connect aspirations of spirit. The Teacher Exempts from them.
436. (M. A. Y.). Angry people are dangerous not in itself, because it isn't so difficult to be protected from their visible rage, but they are dangerous that serve as channels for dark approximations which are hard for seeing. Therefore at contact with angry which can’t be avoided, it is necessary to take into account not so much them, how many their inspirers? The exposed, dark inspirers aren't so dangerous, as being covered because very much don't love when the beam of lightful consciousness is directed on them. They burn and recede. By inexperience the main attention is paid to angry people, instead of to true instigators and responsible for spiteful activity. A lot of poisons bring in environment both that and others. Also it is impossible to stop the expiration of the poison proceeding from spiteful consciousnesses. But to be protected and it is possible, and has to. The ardent unification with Hierarchy of Light and the Teacher will be strong protection. When instead of the victim planned by them they encounter the Board of Hierarchy and meet the Face of the Hierarch separating from them the victim, they recede in powerless rage and try to discover a new back behind which could creep up is reserved, without being found. Consider each wrecking made under the influence of dark and you strike a spirit sword not so much them the free or involuntary helpers how many standing behind their backs.
437. (Guru). Spatial life differs from usual that isn't connected by dense conditions and a limited circle of physical activity of the person. Laws of space of the highest measurements do the far to relatives and impossible possible. Unification in the spirit of as with live, and with one incarnation of substance probably over the world of three measurements when distances disappear and nothing can stop the directed thought. Concepts of the past and the future are relative, both that and another exist NOWADAYS and here, in space of another dimensions, but separated from the person a condition of his consciousness. For Arhat the past can be visible as the ordinary person sees the present, in all its obvious reality. It can be visible and the future on degree of its completeness in the Highest Worlds. Wealth and possibilities of spatial life open before spirit which can leave already consciously to the spatial ocean. But for this purpose it is necessary that also his other bodies were issued. For the issued fiery body the space is opened and is available.
438. (Sept. 1). Obstacles internal aren't comparable with external because that inside, releases or encumbers a way. The way to Light lies inside. External, of course, too influences, but conducts nevertheless thought. Emphasis is placed on thought. To seize thought – means to lay a way own will, but not under the influence of external conditions. Not enough significance is attached to thought. From here is and swaying. The body wants and the astral – too demands the. Both need severe control. The good car in skilled hands of the driver is obedient to him. All covers have to be obedient to will of the leader also. They are made out by spirit in the course of long evolution. When it becomes conscious and the spirit takes reins of government in hand, process is accelerated. Everything that occurs in the person and surrounds him outside, the karmic purpose has spirit evolution, and only it. In itself all events if to separate it from this main objective, are deprived of any sense. People, on the contrary, attribute this sense to everything, anything, but only not that purpose for the sake of which the spirit on Earth is embodied. The senseless existence which consequence are the horrors created by people on a planet turns out. The doctrine of Life is given to mankind as a rescue anchor. Not accepted it will be thrown out from the Space Stream of Evolution. The term "Life Doctrine" in this case should be understood very widely, in all its volume and in all forms given to people through Hierarchy of Light and her Envoys now or data earlier, last centuries, and hidden as the latest heaps and interpretation. All ways conducting to Light, are open before mankind. On a change of Eras the choice of ways decides destiny of each person.
439. (M. A. Y.). You live in living conditions of the usual. But if on them to look as at the opportunities bringing to unusual, the attitude towards them changes in a root. The terrestrial way is given to approach to Light. Therefore it is possible to find something in everything advancing and expanding consciousness if the correct point of view is established. It is necessary to change a corner under which all events with the person are considered. And then blows engines will be accepted with understanding of their usefulness. Wise thanks karma for everything that it presents to it, because learned to see advantage in everything. And what to it happened, on all phenomena of life, both good and bad; he looks from the point of view of their usefulness for evolution of its spirit.
440. (Guru). Each Instruction going on chains of Hierarchy from above, it is necessary to accept heart and it is obligatory to make effort to put it in life. This first attempt or effort will be a put in space of mental grain of the necessary statement which will surely sprout if the care of it is shown. But the first step of crops of grain has to be taken. Special significance is attached to a conscious of the put of grains.
441. (Sept. 2). We Resort to personal influence only in urgent cases when all other measures are settled. The reasons to volume two: karma and free will. It is impossible to interfere in karma, the free will – is sacred. Even the dark come nearer only when hope something to find in the person, for what they can grasp and then tempt, seduce and enter into confusion. Demons recede from the examinee of spirit if he won over itself a victory and, if they any more have in it no anything. Only provided that, when the come nearer darkness has in it no anything, the victory is possible. But to the winner the Assignment dangerous and difficult, connected with the statement of Light which usually causes ardent counteraction of darkness is given. And when fight against darkness already has the super personal character, then not to avoid new collision with antagonists of Light anymore; therefore I Call Mines soldiers. Then there is any more an intervention in their karma, but cooperation, association of consciousness’s and joint fight against darkness, and not only against dark of adversary of Light, but also against chaos, this antipode of evolution and his eternal opponent. Fight against chaos has already space character and is known fight which began how dark appeared on your planet. Dark, the phenomenon local, planetary, taking place on Earth as represent itself Great Darkness and oppose itself to the shown Universe. Special danger from actions dark is that they cause chaos, but can't operate it any more. They detain the normal course of evolution. Violation of planetary balance, frustration of climate and the nature are caused by chaos invasion. The harm done by them is very great. It very much complicates our work. Great number of people cooperates not with Us, but with dark, that increasing danger of invasion of chaos. Brown gas is a product of dark activity. All poison gases both destructive means, and means of mass destruction of people and all live open widely gate for chaos invasion. Disbalance the planetary amplifies and, causing partial accidents till time, can cause and the general. We it is constant on Great Patrol and we Protect a planet, but it is necessary for us for success of our work that everything in whom there is at least Light particle, consciously or unconsciously cooperated with Us. Each good person having light aura, to us the assistant and the employee irrespective of, he knows it or not. And everyone darker, consciously, or unconsciously, cooperates with darkness. So, great division of mankind on Light and darkness poles already happened, and now there is the last statement of all people in darkness or in Light.
442. (Guru). In the old writing seven mortal sins are mentioned. Having rejected the church name, we will see that they were meant as such defects human which didn't allow spirit to be exempted from their tenacious embraces and to rise in higher layers of the Thin World that is doomed him to stay in darkness of the lower class. It also is death of the spirit which degree can reach such condition when the whole page is deleted from the Life Book. The attraction down seven listed defects can become insuperable, and the person higher will be to rise any more in forces. Therefore fight against the weaknesses and imperfections have to be conducted and be finished on Earth. In the Thin World where everything becomes aggravated,
443. (Sept. 4). The past represents itself a peculiar magnet which, attracting consciousness immerses it in last imperfections of spirit, last weaknesses and shortcomings, which get rid already in the present. Immersion in the past can cause the statements which have fallen asleep karmic and create a new, undesirable karma. The present, at all the shortcomings and burdening’s, nevertheless on a spiral of evolution of spirit is higher than a past and is wider than it by opportunities. Certainly, the spirit ascending, because at its falling can be on the contrary means. We Call in the future, free from imperfections of the past and attachment to stratifications of last times. Many phenomena which so strongly captured the person and forced it them strong to worry, absolutely leave his life and are replaced with the new. They played a role aren't necessary more. Change is necessary for growth and development of abilities of the person and his qualities, the lessons received and acquired in the past, are very useful and necessary, but not the past. At our pupils various stages of their life are often sharply other one than another. And then these changes and then there are sharper more, by that more as though embodiments various is concluded in one. And it is good when heavy living conditions give rise to not attachment to it. Vegetation of an incarnation in Elevated which is attached to terrestrial, last existence is very sad. As heavy weights, they stand. It is necessary to understand that in the past there were also the useful things promoting an eminence and flights of spirit. This freight is very useful. It should be taken with itself, having selected true values and having rejected unnecessary rags and stuff. Carefully all keeps within a road bag necessary for a long journey and without regret the garbage is left. It isn't so difficult to make it if the magnet of the future is strong. Magnetism of the future can be strengthened consciously, reflecting on it and plunging into it thought. In the past it is impossible to change anything. The present as a result of last reasons is unchangeable also. But in the present we can create the mental forms creating the future. It is possible to represent brightly and colorfully changed essence of the person possessing all qualities of spirit which it seeks to approve. It is easy to imagine the future free from imperfections of the present and subjects to create life evolution. In the future is a key from all achievements of spirit. In the future is mastering by all covers and conscious activity in them in all worlds. In the future is forward victorious movement of evolution of all mankind, a uniform family of all people of the Earth, "uniform herd and One Pastor". The future burns with all fires and calls in it all who can respond on these calls of space.
444. When in life current there is nothing, for what it would be possible to grasp and on what to be approved, be approved on the future and on Hierarchy of Light which for the sake of this future and exists and the purpose of which all works is the future. On it and in it is possible to be approved very strongly and to allocate a place for itself, having firmly outlined a circle of achievements and having planned way milestones. We Live in the future. Each ascending spirit creates a step behind a step a Ladder conducting in the Highest Spheres where the projection of evolution of a planet is created by Employees of Space Forces, and becomes itself the employee and the performer of Space Will.
445. (M. A. Y.). At aspiration in the future and penetration into it wings at spirit grow, and it enters into the world, excellent from surrounding and sated with boundless opportunities of achievements. You already experienced ennobling influence of these contacts and release from the power and oppression of the present. Understood it a gate in the future is open. The understanding obliges it too much,-and first of all future construction by thought. Not the, but planetary, on all mankind, the future is under construction the shining thought released from egoism.
446. (Guru). At a meeting with us you very strongly felt a contact of this future and felt its intense vibrations. Also it seemed to you to relatives, and nearby standing, and greatly real. It inspired you, it gave you hope and forces and fiery directed to perception of the Doctrine of Live Ethics. You understood it or not, but it conducted you forward, because rapprochement with us forced you to enter into an orbit of influence of this mighty magnet. Remember, what close and notable the future about which we spoke with you seemed to you. Remember how borders impossible were erased and I felt your spirit joyful, fiery reality of this future, judgment to mankind the decision of Lords of Light. Remember everything and understand the ardent motive force concluded in the future, and use it.
447. (Sept. 5). It isn't necessary to be afraid that riches of spatial thought can be ever settled. The Space Treasury is inexhaustible. The guarantee of inexhaustibility we Give, but on condition of unification with Us. It is necessary to isolate at least the receiver from influence of the lower class and contact with them. Garbage and slags of human thinking litter, and отемняют aura of a planet, and possess very strong negative magnetism. And many are attracted to these layers according to the accord of the thinking with them. The firm hand draws the line of division separating these areas of a gloom from lightful thinking. Each thought magneto that is depending on the nature possesses either negative or positive magnetism.
448. (M. A. Y.). Though "Light also isn't visible bearing it", but from time to time it on some people can be determined its growing force by influence. Perhaps and well that it isn't visible not to become proud. Proclamation of it is very dangerous of what were already convinced more than once on the example of those who came nearer to the Doctrine. It is easy to this danger to avoid if to understand that all acquisitions are received from the Teacher and that without Him rattling the person assimilates to an empty barrel himself. But also the pupil has to appreciate a pearl of the consciousness and not belittle it to please to whom or something. You remember how the Lord before the powers that be Spoke as Having the power. The advantage of spirit remains under all conditions, and the Teacher Will help to protect it.
449. (Guru). In calm of privacy, far from people, it is close to the nature, in mountains or the woods; it is hard to perceive light thoughts and messages From above. But in the cities, in noise and life turmoil, in the atmosphere poisoned with poisonous breath of people and rage human, is will be already achievement of very high order and a victory over the ardent resistance of environment. To victory we will be glad. It got expensive price. And now the care of that not only holds this achievement but also to expand it and to deepen.
450. (Sept. 6). Symbols of letters on paper transfer book contents which is in the world already another dimensions. Symbols in general transfer their hidden value in a dense form. In both cases is association of the Thin World with dense through the dense form being a symbol, comprising these thin contents. As both speech human and words is of continuous symbolic. The person generates the thought which isn't seen by usual sight, and the contents can express it verbal and sound symbols. Language of symbols is very indicative, and is it means of expression of the phenomena of the Thin World. On the screen of cinema you see what isn't present, but that by means of light combinations makes impression of reality dense. When shootings dense forms are imprinted, but their transfer on the screen has already extra dense character. The same occurs during broadcasts and programs on TV. Both those and other transfers are sometimes caught by the person already directly through space. The thin and dense adjoin. At interview invisible thoughts are transmitted through means of sounds of a human voice. If, see things more attentively and impartially, it is possible to see how it is close and as the Thin World with dense often adjoins and as both worlds are closely connected among themselves. It especially brightly comes to light in internal and external life of a human microcosm. People so simply treat the past phenomenon, without thinking of where the day yesterday's left. I was and isn't present, and there was only a reminiscence of it. But whether that was valid can disappear. We Claim that the past exists so really, as well as the present, but only in the world of another dimensions, and We Say that it is possible to see the past as is distinct and clear, as the movie on the cinema screen. We Have access to records of space and we Can read the past as the open book. And the only difference of the past of the present is that in the past it is impossible to change anything.
*451. (M. A. Y.). On wings of aspiration it is so easy to fly to the future and to come nearer to us and the Lord. In World Aboveground this aspiration is expressed in thin, seen by thin sight, forms and becomes reality of the Elevated World. It is good to realize extra dense reality of ardent aspiration. Not groundless dreams, but the obvious thin forms created by the person in the Highest World. So recognition of reality of the Thin World brings the strong base under aspirations of spirit and gives in hands to it the hidden strength which is specifically and obviously shown and in the world terrestrial.
452. (Sept. 7). The will of the person constantly is under the influence of positive and negative energy, but possesses the right of a free choice. In this freedom and happiness, and is of the mankind tragedy. We don’t interfere with karmas human, but to Us coming we Do not drive away, because the choice free gives them on our Way. We have no right to force the person to address and follow to Us, but, if our words and addresses, or our Doctrine direct his will to Us and he with Us want rapprochement, We Open access and an entrance for his free will that it could enter. It is possible to call our Doctrine freedom Doctrine, because in it there is no coercion. Everyone freely approaches, and when his free will and aspirations merge with Will of Hierarchy freely and without any coercion, then conditions of non-interference to karma are met. That is why both the aspiration, and aspiration, and desires have to proceed from the person, but not under violent coercion of his will. From such violence of anything good it was impossible, but blood it was spilled much and many sufferings are caused to people. There is nothing worse than violent religion or the imposed beliefs. Sooner, or later they always cause revolt. Are vain as well expectations that the Teacher Will come and the force Will force the person to move to Light. The Teacher Can give only Proclamation, or tell a proper word, but the will freely has to accept both that and another and to reveal own aspiration to Light. The Teacher Comes when the pupil is ready that is when all his being is ready to direct to Light when wants and thirsts for it.
453. (M. A. Y.). The sense of amateur performance of the pupil is as well that in it the free will without coercion comes to light from the Head. Very much we appreciate phenomenon of such amateur performance. It not only to learn the pupil strong to stand on own feet, but also uncontrollably attracts to him the Help of the Teacher. Energy of the Hierarch is put to the efforts of the pupil shown independently freely. People got used to submit implicitly to various prejudices, rules, traditions, requirements of fashion, etiquette, secular behavior and so on, and the slavish psychology ate in their flesh and blood. One look for submission, others subordinate to themselves, say, strong all types of slavery and will suppression prosper. Smoking, alcoholism, gluttony is all this too versions of the same slavery. Therefore the Doctrine of Live Ethics should be considered as freedom Doctrine. Therefore the Doctrine of Live Ethics should be considered as freedom Doctrine. Its purpose – to exempt mankind from any slavery, than and with whoever it was covered.
454. (Guru). From all types of slavery the most awful is the slavery of the person at the lowest nature, slavery at the passions and defects. All of them can imperiously own, both operate the person, and subordinate him to themselves. The power of desires over consciousness is very regrettable. The spirit human comprises freedom and slavery. This slavery with any external coercion, because the karma of external coercions lies down on the oblige is incomparable, but the karma of internal slavery at the lowest nature remains with the person until he won't dump this power and won't be released.
455. (Sept. 8). Diamonds of opportunities and treasure of achievements are formed under pressure. The pressure, the fruit-bearer is stronger than a consequence. The inexperienced traveler under pressure of circumstances loses balance and misses opportunities, but skilled collects in focus the forces and creates spirit pearls. It is a lot of courage and firmness it is necessary that pressure of tension didn't break of power of the risen spirit and not go out fires. But counteraction of the surrounding increases in process of spirit growth. Otherwise the spirit won't grow. In words it isn't difficult to accept it, but when obstacles and counteractions are piled up as the mountain and to it isn't visible the end, then all courage and all inflexibility of the spirit which has solved the way forever, both all belief and trust to Tom Who Conducts is required. It is easy to be inclined in powerlessness or despair before an incessant impact dark, but the Teacher to victory Calls and to inflexible firmness of spirit. The way is difficult extraordinary, and therefore reaching so few. Their elite we Call. The forehead of our elects is victoriously topped.
456. (M. A. Y.). Question of how with the greatest advantage to spend the remained days of the life on Earth. To everyone the term is defined. And every day the person of the reason, which consequence phenomenon creates will be itself in World Aboveground. Each reason will generate a consequence according to the nature. Ordinary people even don't think about it. But the pupil knowing action of the Law will sharp-sightedly outline a circle of each action. That was allowed earlier, we won't grieve too, but that we do now both as we arrive and as we think and we feel, over it is necessary to think and approve strong control. Each later action leaves the mark on the previous. Power of the cleared thought a lot of things can be corrected and altered that is wrong, or out of ignorance, or on weakness of will it was allowed in the past. Revision of last stratifications with the purpose to remove everything not compatible to the reached step of spirit is very useful. It is good when control is accompanied by such self-examination. The one who has control over itself doesn't need third-party control.
457. (Sept. 9). It is sometimes pleasant to stay where nobody knows you. The aura at all isn't affected by others contacts. As it is pleasant be among friendly located people. But it is absolutely unpleasant to be among enemies and to feel their contacts. For protection against these influences the protecting network has be very strong and will – on the guard. About possibility of protection It was spoken much. It is possible to add that the same news at different times and at different moods can make absolutely opposite impression. Means, a lot of things depend on a condition perceiving. And if these conditions can be regulated by will, extent of influence also will depend on its application. The chain armor of spirit can become impenetrable for contacts human, but big skill, both experience, and long training is required. Let's remember Besides, that keenness develops from contact with life. Not insensible egoists seek make of pupils, but the people who are warmly responding on sufferings of people. Into a task of the pupil enters to find equally effective between these two poles of influences and to store balance in any circumstances and living conditions.
458. (M. A. Y.). Let gradually, let gradually, but it is firm, persistently and steadily the Doctrine of Life changes consciousness and life of the pupil. What can't be reached at once, is reached by inflexible persistence and the constancy maintained by a rhythm. Force of a rhythm supports the impossible. When you see that usual efforts don't give desirable consequences, rhythm applies. The teacher supports an aspiration inflexible. But actions nevertheless need to be made. Then the strong confidence of the forces will be born also. To recede before the first or even the 100-th failure is means and in the future to doom itself to failure. The real pupil won't recede from planned until will achieve success. On a way to Boundlessness of time it is enough to carry out even impossible and to achieve realization of the best aspirations.
459. (Guru). Out of time, out of space of three measurements, out of any conditions terrestrial, out of life dense and death can merge spirits, uniting fiery thought in Spheres High where there are no restrictions terrestrial. This way close to Hierarchy of Light spirits carry invisible connection itself with the Elected Hierarch across ages and thousand years. And nothing, no phenomena of this, or other world no be able destroy this of fiery communication. It can be established and strengthened consciously, resorting to the help of a rhythm. The Lord Pointed to durability, both inviolability, and opportunity, and reality of communication similar: "I Is with you always, in all days, till the end of time". It was Told by Him, but for its establishment it is required that also the pupil consciously stretched a communication thread to the Teacher.
460. (Sept. 10). In all judgments it is possible to proceed from it, and it will be judgment of egoism. But it is possible to proceed in everything from the Lord, and then it will be judgment of the truth. All ways should be used to come off, depart from itself, differently not to punch a shell of aura's egg. The majority of ordinary people stay in an egoism case. Even it is impossible to imagine as far as it limits freedom and thinking width. It is easy to judge how "I" treat small this or that phenomenon but as the Teacher Belongs and as He Will solve is more difficult to present. But it is possible. It is necessary to think of that, otherwise the Teacher as though Arrived, and as though to put himself on his place. It will give freedom of thought regardless of personal sympathies, or antipathies which deprive judgment of justice. The thought is so gradually accustomed to unite with the Teacher and to enter into harmony with his thinking. It is easy to feel irritation from human injustice. But the Teacher, having noticed it, will register the fact, but without any irritation or offense. Let's study the passionless relation to manifestations of the human shortcomings directed against you, and besides so as if they concern someone another. Having departed from itself and considering itself from outside, it is possible to reach such detachment from personal "I".
461. (M. A. Y). Behind a small exception the human race strong indulges in a self-service. People want to find this way happiness. Life shows that such happiness is unattainable, because it is impossible to come fortunately through misfortune of others. When the purpose is the General, but not personal, the Benefit, then, it is approved, it is possible and for itself to approve by that a particle it. At the benefit of all everyone gets its any part.
462. (Guru). Don't deceive itself thought that if there is something, you then will be happier, because when it will occur, to you will seem it a little. And so is without end. Therefore the happiness doesn't need to be looked for in change of external conditions. Happiness – in the spirit of, there also look for.
463. (M. A. Y.). When the desire and the decision to execute Will Teacher proceed from heart of the pupil, his advance is accelerated unreasonably. Therefore coherence has very great value. But the management is based on the principle of voluntariness. In case of unwillingness of the pupil to accept the Instruction Teacher it appears in very difficult situation as can’t force it and that to break the law of free will. Warm desire follows the Teacher is a basis of prosperity of the pupil.
464. (Sept. 13). Persistence of dark evil-make we will oppose an inflexible, both firmness of spirit, and understanding that Light, but temporarily darkness and everything, that is from darkness is eternal. In this knowledge – pledge and the victory guarantee. When the consciousness unites with the Source of Eternal Light, there is it in the fiery inextinguishable. But external pressure from the dark is caused by fire of the heart disseminating surrounding darkness. Also it isn't necessary to be surprised neither to persecutions, nor prosecutions and all manifestations of rage and misanthropy, rising against bearing Light. So was always. Bu, so any more won't be when New Aura it will completely be approved on a planet. The fiery Era will create absolutely other psych spatial conditions, and in the cleared aura of Earth there will be no place already for dark evil-make and their evil-trick Now leaving last child races especially rage, knowing that their end is inevitable, and inspire on reckless actions of all in whom they find favorable circumstances for evil crops. And now everyone in whom there is at least Light sparkle that to hold it has to show special firmness and not to allow it to go out before Great Light. The last division of mankind goes everything more deeply and more deeply, doing border between the good and evil more and more sharp. Difficult is time for see, but, full of unusual opportunities.
465. (M. A. Y.). The religion claims: God one, but in three persons. One might say: The world is uniform, but in three aspects it – fiery, thin and dense. The essence of the Universe from various approaches to it doesn't change. The triple aspect of the shown world remains invariable. Not theoretically it is necessary to accept this statement, but in application to life, seeking to see anywhere and everywhere the triple nature of all phenomena. But, and the person too is uniform, but in three persons, that is he has dense, thin and fiery bodies. The understanding of this condition will allow drawing a parallel between trinity of the world and trinity of the person, because he is only part of a Whole. Whole and part are inseparable, that is aren't separable from each other, and consubstantial.
466. (Guru). Even usual corporal movement of the person is triple: at first thought, then movement in a thin body, then already movement muscular. Thought is from fire. So, fiery, thin and dense are shown constantly together. Is very instructive observe this triplicate in the animal and vegetable worlds. Fiery potential even a usual seed is extraordinary great and doesn't keep within a framework of the dense world. In each grain under an external and dense form its internal hidden essence possessing huge creative force is hidden. It outside the dense world, because any devices find it both it is impossible weigh, and it is possible reveal its opportunities only in operation. In a no see it is hidden, but the force shows in the sphere visible, terrestrial.
467. (M. A.Y.). Release from the shortcomings brings to spirit pleasure and ease as, if freight is dumped from shoulders heavy. This pleasure can be strengthened, dumping even more vigorously unnecessary load. Time having approved in pleasure of release from are nasty then, it isn't so difficult to finish the begun business of clarification of consciousness from any litter. A lot of litter collected in consciousness human for long centuries of dark time of Cali Yugi.
468. (Guru). External living conditions of the person, who has concerned the Doctrine of Live Ethics, change at the same time with transformation of its internal essence. One people and circumstances absolutely leave its field of vision and are replaced with others, corresponding to problems of his consciousness and spirit growth. All leaves his life that executed the appointment and lost meaning and necessity for its advance. As all will leave also the rest that at present, perhaps, it isn't known for it serves it for lifting and ascension on the next step. The skilled traveler learns to distinguish usefulness of everything that to him happens irrespective of, it is pleasant, or not for his temporary terrestrial personality.
469. (Sept. 15). (M. A.Y.). At full unpreparedness of the interlocutor and his full disbelief in something spiritual nevertheless it is possible to find to it a shave. And this approach will be through of the heart. Also it isn't necessary obligatory words about the Doctrine. It and without them covers everything, but it is simply possible to go from heart to heart, passing misunderstanding barriers. The impulse of goodwill will be not answered by only dead heart, in all other cases simple friendliness will force the heart which hasn't indulged in the evil to cease on the kind address. And to help, it isn't necessary to devote the person in philosophy depths at all, but to help own godheads and desire to assist.
470. (Guru). It is necessary to pay attention that, after small conversation with some people, the conversation which hasn't raised any spiritual questions, will thank you suddenly, - across what? Having unconsciously felt the radiation of your aura and having apprehended from it Light, they, that without knowing, will thank for it, but not for the told word. Light execution in the aura is considered already a life feat. As far as it is difficult, knows everyone bearing in the heart this inextinguishable flame. Also it is necessary to reach such condition that any personal experiences, chagrin and even sufferings didn't reduce an aura light full, and it is necessary that protection of this light-bearer and a protecting network was a constant.
471. (Saint. 16). The karma puts in a certain framework for a get rid of negative qualities and acquisition of the positive. She always teaches something and finally the purpose has consciousness advance. It is easy to see this usefulness at desire. And then the understanding not only its general direction, but also each separate lesson will be born. When the person knows why and for what he is exposed to certain tasks from karma, his attitude towards them changes. Instead of grumble and discontent with destiny it is grateful to it for given the chance. It is possible to consider that any situation, whatever difficult it was, is the best for spirit development. And then usefulness of lessons learned from life much more amplifies and increases, because understanding moves. There is nothing worse senseless, that is not understood, sufferings or tests. They generate a gloomy clouding. When knows going where and why it goes, all events with it get special sense and coloring.
472. (Guru). Let's make it a rule not to recede before the first or even the 100-th failure and to achieve success in the drawn-up plan, at least for this purpose it was required and many efforts, that is, speaking in other words, not to stop fight until desirable situation will be approved. And as at our disposal all the time which is, and the final success is achievable is immutable.
473. (Sept. 17). The ordinary person, getting to this or that environment, it is filled with it and becomes isolated in it. In one place one people, one conditions, in other – others show for it visibility of reality and capture entirely its attention. Keeping inside Remember all, coming from with the person. The contact of the Thin World breaks off an evidence vicious circle, and internally, but not externally gives a tone of all life. Resistance and influence of environment are measured by a brainwork. And the world which no off world-his, comes to a consciousness proscenium. In Arhat's consciousness all three worlds merge, and he Takes part in all three. The orbit of its life extends out of any visible borders. And spheres, which other-worldly, in this world are approved. So, without leaving from life usual and taking part in it, it at the same time isn't torn off and from life of the Highest Worlds. There is that association of all three worlds in its microcosm which in the future becomes destiny of all mankind.
474. (Guru). Evidence and reality fight in the person for prevalence. Many even don't understand this distinction on which depends very much. Evidence shows the rights, - on its party mind and external feelings. And only the thought going from depths of spirit, rises against tyranny of external visibility. Moderate it, wise claims: everything flows, everything passes, there is nothing constant, and only Dumb Witness looking from intimate depths of spirit, It is invariable and eternal.
475. (M. A. Y.). As the bird in a cage, fights the woken-up spirit in an environment dense and it wants to destroy a cage. How many efforts it is necessary make to be released from captivity of the dense world and to learn to leave at will the corporal case in which it is concluded? People usually at all don't understand the capture and don't seek to leave it, but the woken-up spirit wants. And the aspiration to be exempted from slavery of a flesh and to become spirit free becomes its purpose.
476. (Sept. 18). It is a lot of extremes now in mentality of the person – both towards Light and towards darkness. Balance is broken, and coherence is forgotten. Very difficult, strong directing to the Highest Spheres, continue go strong on the ground. Groundless dreamers, idealistic psychic, the absent-minded philosophers, not able to take care of the most usual things, is all these people who can't go firmly on the ground. Our pupil has to show strong practical sharpness in affairs ordinary and clear, accurate thought in the field of the phenomena spiritual. And, if he no wants, no one from stranger no must notice in him singularity signs. The Christ was the carpenter, Sergey – the builder. All of them strongly went on the ground though their World was other-worldly.
477. (Guru). Carefully note all signs noting milestones of the Way and indicating approach of judgment time. Perhaps, it is already close, so close, as it is impossible to imagine. It is impossible to give out terms; it is too much eavesdropping and interceptors of spatial parcels. Their purpose is to intercept and, having used a message, to destroy everything that in their forces. But stand guard and readiness show. Also wait unexpectedly.
478. (Sept. 19). The published Doctrine of Live Ethics represents itself the thoughts concluded in words, and imprinted on paper, and collected in the published books. Many sections of the Intimate Doctrine aren't published at all and contain in manuscripts stored by us. But the most part is imprinted in Archives of Space and isn't available to ordinary people. But by space cementation We Sate it with thoughts, conformable the evolutionary step reached by mankind, and thus we Give out to the world that each more or less sensitive spirit can perceive from the spheres surrounding Earth. Ideas of the Doctrine fill space and as though are in the air. Calls of space reach many hearts, and in different corners of the globe people start telling and expressing identical thoughts, they serve mankind association in one family and prepare the soil for the future changes in the world. The space cemented by us, is saturated ideas judgment to a planet of transformation of life and transformation of consciousness human. Thoughts of the Doctrine are widely poured in Earth atmosphere for perception there by everyone able to perceive the person. The space sounds, the space calls, the space waits for awakening of hearts human because deadlines come.
479. (Guru). About heroes, heroism and heroics It is told enough. But, it is necessary to mark out those unknown and the heroes not noticed by the world who conduct unreasonable fight, overcoming inertness and stagnancy of resistance of the environment surrounding, and bear in it not go out anything a flame of unrestrained aspiration, shining with light hidden space around.
480. (M. A. Y.). How many blows and heartrending experiences were necessary to worry to you not through enemies, but friends? Why? Whether not therefore, what came nearer very much to the Lord and it unconsciously caused counteraction and antagonism from all who had no it and whose unfriendly relation was inspired and inflated dark whispers? It is good that once again I remembered address words: "From enemies I will be protected itself, but Help to be protected from friends". Let's stop slander and we will restore justice.
481. (Guru). Means, Light transferred Records, is very great if enemies rage and friends are misled even. Firmly defend the correctness because you have the incontestable basis and proofs. The friends, who are really devoted to the Doctrine, will accept them and will change the relation. And as for others, neither about them not we will nor mourn, nor to be distressed and we won't convince of anything.
482. (Sept. 23). We are realists-acting, because We Live over evidence of the dense world and we don't plunge into it blindly. Spirit covers are distortion of reality. And only when internal Light starts shining and penetrating them, Maya seductions start dissipating. Refusal of the devotee of spirit of things and terrestrial wellbeing, of luxury and wealth when in the field of spirit something replacing everything is found it that is so appreciated by inhabitants is unclear for the ordinary person. But once you imagine a condition of the one incarnation person, becomes clear that all terrestrial peel and things eventually there fall off and become unnecessary as superfluous and lack of opportunity to apply them and to use them. By reflection it is possible to be exempted from much in advance and to find the correct place to things and conditions of the dense world.
483. (M. A. Y.). Doctrine realization in life changes thinking of the person and changes the relation it to the surrounding. This process isn't always visible realizing, but nevertheless transformation goes steadily, strongly, though is imperceptible for an eye, and only from time to time it becomes suddenly clear as far as everything changed and as internal force grew. Changing power of steady and ardent aspiration makes the work.
484. (Guru). All types of creativity of the spirit, being shown in art, it is necessary to welcome if they don't contradict the principle of Beauty. The Beauty can be made faultless criterion of an assessment of any creativity. The creativity deprived of Beauty, is deprived of Light that is not from Light it. Even to beginners it is possible to apply this condition.
485. (Sept. 24). My Beam is knocked on hearts human to wake the sleeping. For wakened and awake a task another – Light having apprehended, to shine. Execution Light Consider the most necessary Assignment. But for this purpose it is necessary to be rejected from itself. People should bear Light.
486. Understanding of that our Proximity over everything, over all temporary, casual and stirring circumstances, obliges to reject all doubts, the misunderstanding, all confusing obstacles which are generously scattered on a way by a dark hand without the slightest fluctuation or a delay. All this is simply put aside, and movement proceeds as though it happened nothing. Over time everything will become clear and will rise on the place; very sadly, when not approved pupil suddenly stops because of a similar barrier and because of it wastes both time and opportunities. Nor unfriendliness of enemies, nor doubts won't stop the heart, flaring love and devotion to Tom Who Conducts. Let's raise and strengthen these qualities infinitely because the way is far and without them not to reach.
487. (Guru). The spirits which have risen to the Receptacle of Light, are distributed on Beams and unite in a harmonious combination in one inseparable whole. Exactly atop all terrestrial and conditions of lower layers of space this association is made. Also the one who learned and to direct on Earth over detaining attractions terrestrial will easily rise to the Highest Spheres. If people only understood that terrestrial life is given already on Earth they could grow the fiery wings! If understood that for this purpose and the physical body and life in it are given! If knew that stay in World Aboveground is incommensurable to life terrestrial.
488. (Sept. 25). People wake up everywhere, and space calls start reaching them. So many depends on awakening of human spirit and the subsequent awakening of consciousness! Your contact can awaken from hibernation of those who is ready. They will reach for you, as iron to a magnet. Magnet force is invisible, but is notable really. It is invisible Forces Magnet of My Spirit, but It will change the world when will strike Hour of Arrival. Great time of is great fulfillments. And though the darkness is great, but Light is great more. And in it are the voice and the guarantee of its judgmenting victory over the darkness. The darkness is doomed and consigns to the past! Light – the future, going to it on change. The darkness under rising beams will dissipate. The World New goes, Light and happiness world.
489. When the lamp is brought in darkness, the darkness dissipates. It can't oppose to Light vibrations, because it is deprived of the Space Basis. About the darkness generated by its carriers on Earth, I Speak. I repeat: it is deprived of the Space Basis. That is why It is told that the darkness is "a bull cardboard". It well should be understood that to find force in itself inflexible victorious opposition to darkness. And, when this force is realized and called for the action, no darkness to it is terrible. And many devotees alone full of force found in themselves contrast against darkness, its hierophant and even the Satan. But Light substance cosmic, its Source also is eternal. And therefore the one, who approves Light in itself, builds the house of the spirit on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life.
490. (M. A. Y.). In the Light from Light of the Lord you receive his Beam. But it is necessary that in receiving there was at least Light sparkle that something could reach at least. "From the Tower Hands are given and Beams" flow, but still it isn't enough of those who can apprehend them. With change of cosmic spatial conditions of a planet situation it will change, and to Beams it will be easier perforation aura of Earth, and to people – to perceive. In tranquility and trust expect judgment term. It is close, or is far is realized in a terrestrial way. But in future rolls he fiery is depicted, both no forces terrestrial and fury of darkness will be able to stop that uncontrollably aspires to an embodiment in dense forms and that is carried already out in World Aboveground.
491. (Guru). It is good to find time for conscious cementation of space. Light thoughts cement it Light. Thoughts of Light face in space generations of a gloom and destroy them if the potential of light thought is rather strong; ideas to fight in space for prevalence and domination. Approach of the New World inevitably, because his ideas and penetration them in hearts human can't be stopped any external measures. They are poured in Earth atmosphere. And business only in that as much as possible people responded to these ideas and accepted them.
492. (Sept. 26). People of value of tranquility don't understand. Don't understand, the concern, and that isn't reached by it anything how is aimless and senseless, but a lot of things collapse. Tension isn't concern. Before showing power of action, it is necessary to calm down internally. Even it is impossible to imagine, that Arhat Fall in concern. It breaks aura vibrations; it weakens a protecting network and doesn't give anything positive. The aura of concern is unattractive. You store tranquility in all living conditions. It is force, powerful, concentrated, and ready to action. It is possible to learn to stop any attempts to fall into concern if to realize perfect uselessness and destroying properties of this feeling. At Us the broken tranquility reins full, nothing. Long experience in eyelids approved this saving quality. Before working with thought, wonder, whether there is the necessary degree of tranquility. Astral experiences very much weaken thought action; they are similar to freight on thought winged.
493. (Guru). When the friend makes mistakes, don't put to him best at line, and the main thing, don't condemn. The acquired knowledge of a human nature gives many reasons for condemnation and therefore it especially is inadmissible. Otherwise each learned would turn into a voluntary the condemning. The knowledge doesn't grant the right to condemnation. The judgment of the truth isn't condemnation.
494. (Sept. 27). The mood of the person usually depends on many external reasons and on nature of sounding of a spatial note. But, as shows the word, the mood means a mood, and it is possible to adjust a spirit harp nevertheless on a desirable harmony. And even it is possible "to play on space currents". Some people represent themselves a weather vane for each third-party wind. In a counterbalance others which to any degree can dominate emotions and consequently, and moods are available them. Externally even the mediocre actor creates mood at the audience. Therefore from the pupil first of all ability to own itself externally and not to show the internal state is required. It not hypocrisy, but is protection of a citadel of spirit. When in this direction something is reached, it is possible to pass to an internal attuning of consciousness. Approved qualities of spirit very much help to create this internal mood. The mood on a key of tranquility, balance, solemnity, aspiration, love to the Teacher and other positive feelings shows that in this direction it is possible to reach much. Only not be the weak-willed pettiness, giving inertly to influences of foreign and casual moods. Usually they are bad and therefore the self-affirmation own, and besides good, is necessary. It is possible to begin with trifles: to learn to create a desirable mood or conscious counteraction to oppressing moods of interlocutors. And then it isn't so already difficult to adjust and those, creating their internal state the will. Both to calm, and to console, and to give hope and pleasure to another it is easy if there is a sincere, warm desire to help. Influence goes through heart. From heart to heart act Agni.
495. (Saint. 29). Most difficult of all types of overcoming and fight is chaos overcoming because this fight, or fight, has already space character and stops never. The phenomenon of the dark – temporary and local, concerns your planet. But the chaos is an antipode of the shown Universe and exists as its antithesis. From chaos not shown the shown world was caused to life; Great Consciousness’s Worked on it. Assemblies of Builders Took part in this Space Work. The chaos can be constrained, the chaos can be bridled, but to destroy from what they shown world was caused, it is impossible. The essence of chaos is so far from consciousness human what to understand it is impossible. But to feel breaks it nevertheless it is available to the person. Crime dark that they cause forces of destruction killing life. They invented the killing gases poisoning a planet, killing all live and pushing Earth in darkness of decomposition. "They cause chaos waves, being not able to operate them". Crime it is great, and criminals create to themselves a terrible karma. To a known limit this criminal action is admissible! But the moment when terms will come will come, and the karmic blow of unknown force will fall upon sowers of death, destruction and a grief, and then the Hierarchy of Light will approve the Power
496. (M. A. Y.). Everything passes, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. Means and it is possible to build only on staying eternally. Spirit – the eternal principle in you, this you’re the highest "I". Everything will pass, the spirit will arrive. This eternally staying Immortal Beginning in you. It demands understanding. Time and thoughts are found for it. It is approved in consciousness above all. The body and all covers of spirit are mortal. But It is immortal, and merge of consciousness to It will be the highest achievement of the person.
497. (Guru). Even the best friend can't open himself up to the end – harm will cover usefulness. Devastation of the opened labrets is an inadmissible thing. At a spiritual bankruptcy the magnetic mutually attraction is lost, and its place will be taken up by exhaustion. Even Light is given to the best friend, but not the lamp. Nobody is allowed in a spirit sanctuary, except the Lord.
498. (M. A. Y.). The more we give, the more and we receive. The more to space we give, it is more from space and we receive. The treasury of space is inexhaustible. Scooping from it, the conveyor of consciousness turns spatial energy into forms and sates with them spheres around. Space cementation by this way is one of the most necessary problems of conscious service to Light.
499. (Guru). First question: to whom you serve – itself, or the Lord? Whether in self-satisfaction of egoism you are engaged, conducting interview, or you think of them, to you coming? This border is thin, and only on return of mental energy and reaction of consciousness it is possible to judge, whether the victim it, or an itself to humour of a mental order, that is the same self-servige.
500. (Oct. 6). The spirit very high can be Truth of the Doctrine of Life only. Mater Agni Yogi was Doctrine synthesis. There are no mistakes and there are no distortions that in My Beams were written by her hand. Spirit, to Me the next, it assumed all burden a proclamation of the New Doctrine, old as the world, but given a new shape and added with that from Intimate Knowledge has to and it was possible to give out to mankind on this extent of its evolution. This great work was made in parallel with disclosure in it the fiery centers. Disclosure of the centers and dedicated granting on test presents to spatial fire itself a feat, all depth and which greatness of value aren't understood by mankind. Herself it showed essence of that transformation which is fated and which will be reached by people in the future. People dream of acquisition of various abilities, wish the statement various “siddhi”*, but don't know and dreamers, through what difficulties don't suspect, tests both purely physical sufferings and pains should be passed that the desirable took place. And when the centers light up and extraordinary keenness and an organism susceptibility, communication even with close people become aggravated becomes too some kind of test after which the body is ill. It was threatened by fiery death when there was it at heights and only care of the Leading Hierarch and that at this moment there was it at heights, it was rescued. Compound of spatial fire with fires of the lit centers – the phenomenon so rare and so difficult under the real conditions of a planet and its mankind and contamination of aura of a sick planet what to describe for ignorant all greatness of a feat of Mother of Fiery Yoga isn't represented even possible. In centuries when the Doctrine of Life will sink in many and the science about the fiery centers of the person will gain recognition, the feat of Mother Agni Yogi will be estimated on justice. Also the name will be ennobled by its mankind. Each word of the Doctrine was written by her own hand. There was it in direct and close contact with One of Seven, the Highest. Both personal and the spatial wire were at its order. And the Doctrine Ocean in all its inexhaustibility was open and available to it. The treasury of spatial thought held the doors open for it. And her heart was open for all, who came, or addressed to it for Light. And caress of her great heart, pleasure, hope, lifting and inspiration I bore to everyone, who had happiness to adjoin to it and whose consciousness could reply conformably on Light radiated by it. The phenomenon of Mother Agni Yogi is so great that is incomparable with anything and with anybody who costs below her at steps of the Ladder of Light. Ang body and can replace nothing it, because the Highest Was the Instructor and her Head on Earth. And why to speak I "was" when Was, Is and Will be. Why to Say about it that "was" when is and will be because from eternity the spirit and death doesn't know. Let's honor memory of Mother of Fiery Yoga more profound understanding of great mission of her life and understanding of that the Doctrine of Live Ethics given through it is given to mankind for the future long centuries on Veka Maytreya threshold
* Siddhi (санскр. ) is the phenomenal forces acquired by yogas thanks to sanctity.
501. (Guru). The good and fruitful meeting of friends after thirty-five years' separation could be glad very. Met as if and didn't leave. Here in the same way we will meet also. Understand that time, terrestrial distances, both death, and separation – Maya all these illusions. Having risen over them, you will see the world of the fiery and enduring phenomena which represent itself reality. We live in it. You seek to live in it also and to approve it among life usual.
502. (M. A. Y.). You see round yourself people, and sometimes even good, but not trusting in anything, both not taught anything, and not having any support under feet. If good unconsciously reach for you, it is necessary to understand all tragedy of their situation when in difficult conditions there is nothing it to lean. Look for support in others, too it’s not having, and tend there and here, as a blade of grass under a wind. It is necessary to help, if ask, or need the help. In these cases exit one: to reject manuals or attempts it is simply to educate and direct and help heart, warm desire to calm, console and give strength. Beneficial reaction won't slow down.
503. (Guru). Great things are created in space, and on a surface aren't visible. Only the general trouble shows that life is farther can't precede so, because everything goes to the logical end, foretelling the inevitable end. That? Whether the old decrepit world which has got rid of energy?
504. (Oct. 8). "In a many to speak no rescue" – this formula can be adopted with advantage of spirit. And it is important to solve for whom to speak: for itself and own pleasure or for listening, proceeding from its needs and interests. If to think not of itself and the desire to talk, and about the interlocutor, flow of words will be reduced much more. Expressive or don't think of with whom speak, or don't put in the words of energy of heart. And why there are a lot of words, when fires in operation. It is necessary to tell about the standard of speech much, because fans don't understand to talk that this gift of evolution deserves the most serious and thoughtful relation. But anyway, but the pupil has to show restraint of speech and not say any excess word. This restraint will teach control both over words, and over thought. Restraint concerns not only words, but also feelings of the person. As it is important as it is urgently important to learn to own them! But mastering by feelings means mastering by the fires. Not to move further, itself without having seized. Any how accumulate Agni? Empty covers even don't take the trouble to think that devastated them. And collected the Teacher of the pupils Wants see accumulated. In the valid help to people the spent mental energy is restored quickly and grows at an give, but irresponsible squandering of precious force is inadmissible.
505. (M. A. Y.). The seeds put in the world of causality, in the World of consequences will give rich shoots. Can't but give. For the put reasons, that is thoughts, acts and actions of the person in the world of the reasons that is in the world terrestrial, it is unmistakably possible to define nature of its stay in the World of consequences that is in World Aboveground. So, each movement of the person generates the consequences and as though projects itself in the future. The conscientious attitude to the actions is necessary. For the sake of the future this control keeps. The person is begetting of the reasons and the carrier of generated consequences, that is the sower and the reaper seeded. Cause and effect are connected by a direct indissoluble chain. From consequences generated not to leave anywhere. From control over a chain of the reasons it is possible to pass to the conscious and thought-over to put of fiery grains in space which in the future have to give wished всход. Control over the future is exercised in the present by to put of the necessary reasons.
506. (Guru). Sense-knowledge defines, to whom and when it is possible to give the received knowledge. Exactly the sense-knowledge gives the chance to speak on consciousness. With one there is a wish to share widely; with another the desire isn't present, though that and another are familiar with the Doctrine. Something inside unmistakably defines. It also is already knowledge of spirit.
507. (Oct. 9). All will be useful to record because don't know that is conducted to you. And there are too many consciousnesses with various approach, also it is necessary to give for all. Whether not therefore it is given very much? No ban we Have, but knowledge should be given on consciousness. From experience already you know, the received knowledge turns into what furious haters over their ability to contain, and especially – called in. This circumstance should be remembered strong to people bearing the Doctrine. If the person is a measure of things, the measure of a donation is defined by him. But among coming there is a special type of the consciousnesses knowing already something and persistently demanding all new and new. It is necessary to be careful of them because it is necessary to have the right to big knowledge and it is necessary to pass through tests. Here their exacting people usually also don't maintain. Bad in general it is impossible to give, because will abuse. But it is necessary to distribute nevertheless. How? Wisely!
508. (Guru.). It is possible to accelerate expectation only work. And the more works, the time quicker flies and rather approach of the judgment is made. And it is good when work is created for the sake of that is waited. Compliance of work on purpose does it fruitful.
509. (Oct. 10). The indulgence is included into the symphony of qualities of spirit as continuous part. It is close both to tolerance, and compassion, and neojudgment. Bodkhisatva's this main quality. It is hard to show indulgence concerning people very imperfect. But for the sake of them Great Spirits come to Earth and for the sake of them undergo sufferings. There can't be an indulgence without love. But the word specifies that higher consciousness goes down to lower to help it to rise. And the Teacher Condescends to pupils, that to teach them to an ascension. This quality is difficult to that demands commensurability and abilities to speak and give on consciousness and its capacity. Wisdom of the Teacher allows to give such formulas and in such expression that can gather from their inexhaustible depth both big and small consciousness on the ability to contain, and can scoop repeatedly, more and more expanding understanding and still without having settled a formula up to the end. It is possible to read a usual formula once or a little, but lines of the Doctrine can be read endlessly, finding all new and new treasures as the consciousness of the reading grows. Stamping formulas of Great Teachers live for the eyelids, not settled up to the end in the deep wisdom. They also can't be settled because for this purpose it is necessary that the person, trying to comprehend them up to the end, would rise up to the height of consciousness of the Lord. And then interpretation, both explanations, and heaps on Bases begin. And hundred or two hundred years later Pearls of Wisdom start growing dim in stratifications of creations of usual minds human. But, despite heaps of volumes and the writing, in the fundamental principles put by Proclaim, nevertheless it is possible to find these Pearls.
510. (M. A. Y.). It is important to note that the dirty generated thought for a while leaves beget later to return to him again and to receive or the statement, or to be rejected. If she receives the statement and enters into a combination to consciousness, she can nestle and come back strongly in it in increasing frequency while at all won't seize beget. Being rejected, she, probably, also will repeat the attempts that eventually, having failed, to leave it forever. To these visits of the unsuccessful and undesirable thoughts once allowed in the past, it is necessary to belong very circumspectly and to be always on the lookout not to allow their combination to consciousness and not to give the chance to them to nestle in it.
511. (Guru). How many burdening’s people cause to us. Each person with who pushes together life teaches something. Wishing to study takes quickly from these lessons all their usefulness. And then instead of complaints and complaints he thanks destiny for given the chance by it to learn the person.
512. (Oct. 12). When there are no forces to overcome influences dark, it is better to carry it not to the weakness, and that the hierophant of the evil, to you counteracting, is rather strong. The opponent happens usually on a shoulder, and sometimes more strongly, but the darkness against Light if Light is unshakable is powerless, that is it can't it go out, shake, though causes damage. How many Carriers of Light were killed, but Light which is lighting up them, couldn't extinguish. Light victory – in firmness bearing it.
513. (Oct. 13). If the impact of darkness reaches such terrible tension when usual measures not defend, there is one: to cause before itself the Face of the Hierarch and, having switched off from consciousness all thoughts, to repeat repeatedly Iesus prayer.
514. (M. A. Y.). Once there was an award of wandering monks. We don't want to make beggars of followers of the Doctrine. On the contrary, we speak: have everything that you consider it necessary, but consider nothing forever and nothing put above acquisition of that experience and knowledge for the sake of which life on Earth in a dense body is given to the person. It is easy to establish the correct understanding of terrestrial things and conditions if only strong to acquire the purpose and sense of terrestrial embodiments.
515. (Guru.).The impact of darkness depends on a condition of spatial currents. But as though it was strong, it is necessary to remember that currents and an impact will be replaced will weaken or even will stop absolutely. It is necessary to sustain only this temporary pressure, to it without giving in.
516. (Oct. 15). Neither it isn't necessary to burden with instructions, nor councils anybody. To what to say that won't be executed. The best is to give advice when about it will ask. There is nothing worse than the uninvited or imposed councils and instructions. In general it is good to abstain from imposing of two people. It is necessary to give the chance also to them sometimes to be uttered. Many violate this condition, and burden other subjects, than full them consciousness, both tell, and advise not for the sake of them, but for the sake of it. The same self-service, but covered with high words. In general, value of reticence, conscious and reserved, is great because accumulation of mental energy is promoted by it.
517. (M. A. Y.). Having exempted from a dense body, people in each of the subsequent Look comes to light in the corresponding cover which grows, develops, grows old and then it is dumped as superfluous. To it is necessary to be ready as prepare for death physical rather to life in Elevated; in the same way and there it is necessary to know about inevitability of release from thin and mental ph. It simplifies process.
518. (Guru). You know about aimlessness, uselessness and harm of many experiences and still you continue to endure, be afflicted and be saddened by that presents life. If to bring expediency in this mental sphere of the person, it would become easier to live.
519. (Oct. 16). Among vast quantity of stars our mother Earth is the space house for mankind occupying it. During many hundred millions years there was an adaptation of all forms of vegetable and animal life, including and the person, to living conditions on its surface. The condition of a planet and all forms of life on it are connected in one harmonius, harmonious, live whole. Both fields, and the woods, both the seas, and the rivers, both mountains, and a subsoil terrestrial – everything is adapted for evolution of everything that lives on Earth. The mankind reached such step of development when improvement and improvement of a garden depends on it terrestrial. The equipment so stepped forward that transformation of the nature became possible. But instead of care of the only space house in which lives, about its ornament and improvement, the mankind all means available to it destroys it, plunders a planet subsoil, destroys the woods, pollutes and poisons the rivers and the seas, disfigures beauty of the nature, smothers poisonous gases vegetation and all live and doesn't think of what terrible future prepares for itself. After all if this way exhausts productive forces of a planet as there will be able to be on its people. There is no mercy animal that is brutally and promptly destroyed, vegetation. The soil erosion reaches the menacing sizes. Droughts and sandy storms strike the huge areas. Balance of climate is broken in a root. The mental condition of the mankind allocated with strong energy, causes mutually in a condition of a planet same disbalance which people in mass scale suffer. Earth catastrophically goes to full disorder of all functions of the organism. And people are responsible for this illness of a planet. The general planetary ignorance and denial force not to see and not to understand occurring destruction. Cruelty, hatred and greed in relationship of the people create new terrible types of weapon of mass destruction. Instead of construction of energy of people are directed on destruction and mutually destruction. To what all this conducts and what end of these misanthropic actions will be? Appeals to peaceful co-existence of the purpose don't reach. And meanwhile, if all possibilities of mankind to direct on creation and peace cooperation, the planet would blossom, deserts would disappear, poverty and poverty would be destroyed, animals both the surrounding nature would be pardoned, and begun to see clearly to understanding of Laws of the Universe the mankind could create happy life for all people of a planet.
520. (M. A.Y.). At cognition of a human nature and its features too we won't be afflicted. After all and one thousand years ago people weren't better. The chagrin occurs from ignorance. Would know better, weren't afflicted, and would try to help feasibly where it is possible. Therefore and for future time we will stock up with patience, tolerance and understanding of that difficult phenomenon which is called as the person.
521. (Guru). The understanding heart of the phenomena relieves both of surprises, and of condemnation. The main thing not to create people according to the imagination and imagination, and to accept their such what they are, without expecting and without demanding from them anything then there will be no disappointment. It is bad to think badly of people, it is bad and "be touched masks". The golden mean needs to be kept and here.
522. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to bear with firmness not only blows of enemies, but also mistrust, fluctuations, doubts and swaying’s of friends and them which at times are very weakening, influences. And it is difficult even to tell from whom it is more difficult defend – from enemies or friends. The friend not approved in Light allowed in heart, can do more harm, than the enemy against whom defense is shown. That is why it is told about a labrets closed and a grief not plundered. Properly, just like that, the friend wants to open the heart and intimate that is saved up in it. But to open is means to give intimate to the power to all accidents and disbalance of conditions of other consciousness. It is possible, but only on condition of firmness, devotion and fidelity of the friend. The happiness is great to have in life of such loyal friend.
523. (Guru). It isn't necessary "to burden" friends with "a trust bulk", not all can sustain it. Better sometimes to keep silent, than to give out not on consciousness. Commensurability often suffers when there is a wish to share with relatives that you have. In this case it is necessary to be considered not with desire something to tell, and with a condition of the interlocutor and that is really necessary for it.
524. (M. A. Y.). The huge planetary field of the last collision of Light with darkness has the reflection in each human consciousness. Nobody can evade from this last fight and inevitability of the last and final choice that, having made it, to adjoin a pole of Light or a gloom pole. Only unlike everything that was earlier, a choice this final and irrevocable, that is irreversible. And in it is both the tragedy and happiness of people. Tragedy is for chosen darkness, and happiness – for Light preferring. This last, decisive division is promptly made. And many slide in a chasm. Each overcoming in itself impulses, in a chasm attracting, releases consciousness for the statement of Light and directs it to Light pole. It is so important to resist right now. And there, with Light approach as on wings the spirit to judgment spheres will rise.
525. (Guru). The lord Told: "You hold Me strong, every minute, in all steps". I want to ask: whether you carry out? Hold if so, as Show It. Or something disturbs? Whether crowd around?
526. (Oct. 20). Let's develop pages of history and we will see how the care of Hierarchy of mankind proceeded. If to collect all certificates in one book, something will turn out amazing. But not wishing to look won't see. Any degree of desire to look impartially is necessary. Negating of reality still somehow live in peace dense, but their vegetation in World Aboveground where life of rune incarnation is caused by thought is poor. And it is so important to liberate thought, for the present on Earth. All live here in cages of own thoughts, at all without noticing that. Except a personal hen house, there are still public traditions, superstitions, prejudices, beliefs, fashions – all this binds hand and foot of the person, and from imagined freedom of thinking remains nothing. We Approve Life Bases that, from them proceeding, the person could think freely. The Life doctrine gives these Bases. Having accepted them in consciousness, it is possible to start thinking, following on ways no coming and not limited others ignorance or denial.
527. (M. A. Y.). Restrictions of a flesh can be destroyed only spirit. The dungeon of dense conditions only thought can be broken. After all is this Maya. But as it is real or it seems that if can replace and replaces with itself reality. The dense body and five of its feelings strong promote the statement of dense visibility. The sleeping centers don't allow breaking out of its limits. But breaks nevertheless happen and say more convincingly than words that there is a spirit world that the World Thin is close that only the veil of feelings dense hides it. And when contrary to evidence dense that starts approving the risen spirit, for the present not seen to it, the world, truly, it takes a way of recognition really real.
528. (Guru). You have wings and you can fly up on them any minute. These wings are future wings. Nobody can prevent to wave them and to come off the surrounding present. And then you can obviously feel a contact of that is already issued in Spheres Elevated. The contact it will recover thought, will update consciousness and will give strength quietly and with confidence to go to this fine future, without doubting, without fluctuating and without showing confusion before seeming remoteness of this future of that around. It already is, and nothing can prevent inalterability of its embodiment in dense forms, that is to become already reality of the world terrestrial.
529. (Oct. 22). All great Teachers Spoke at all times about Space heritage of the person and about what he can reach in the future. And in the future it Directed people. As also to each judgment pupil the veil of the future is slightly opened and reported about what opportunities are given it. But the distance before implementation of the steps of development of human spirit planned by evolution is great. Full regeneration, or transformation, the person is required. And to reach it in one only life it is impossible. We Speak: before everyone Boundlessness lies, and the way of ascension has no end, and there is nothing that couldn't be reached on this infinite way of ascension to Light. And in each separate life it is possible to make something, to improve something, both to improve, and to approve in that measure of desirable qualities, and the main thing, to be exempted from insalubrious accumulation and properties. It is possible to reconsider the life anew and to define that was made in this direction that becomes and that will be made, what mistakes are allowed and how to avoid them in the future. It is easy to find three worst properties and, having found, – with them to begin already final fight on their destruction. If the aspiration is rather strong also the decision to go forward irrevocably, this fight can't but bring kind consequences. Certainly, it is possible to aggravate perception, and it is possible to slightly open some centers, but whether it if the necessary clarification of consciousness didn't take place is admissible. Harm will exceed usefulness. The accord, compliance, accord with Consciousness of the Teacher is necessary. After all even our Help can be rendered under at least some conditions of its acceptability, that is compliance. Not without reason, before to render it, Asked: Whether "You believe? » This belief in possibility of the Help also was a condition of its rendering. Without such internal compliance of consciousness energy will spill in vain. To give Asked Might, but we Demand the necessary degree of a consonant. At its absence, that is with discrepancy, or disharmonies, in aura of the applicant will be spots of negative properties which serve as penetration channels for dark influences, and then the consciousness of such applicant can become the fight arena between the energy sent by the Teacher and the dark rack allowed by imprudent thinking of the applicant. Therefore We Demand knew purity of consciousness. The person angry and filled with rage can't ask the Highest Forces for the Help because who will begin to send all initial energy for rage and irritation strengthening. Only having extinguished these feelings and having brought an organism into an equilibrium state, it is possible to ask for help and it to receive. Happens and so that the Help is given, but her unlucky recipient assumes acts, either feelings, or thoughts of such low property that they open access to darkness, nullifying results of the Help. We Can protect and protect, but on condition of preservation of the corresponding condition of consciousness. One explosion of an astral it is possible to break hidden protection and to open itself to dark influences. Harmony, balance and tranquility are not only a board, but also a magnet for attraction of light energy.
530. (M. A. Y.). It is told: "I will send all protection, I Will send all opportunities, but you hold a wire strong". It is really yet clear that to hold a wire strong – means to keep a due condition of consciousness and not to allow neither feelings, nor acts, the thoughts, able to break it. And whether it is possible be surprised that, without having executed this Decree of the Lord, it is impossible to count and on receiving the Help from its party. In case of non-receipt of the expected Help it is necessary to reconsider severely what exactly in internal state asking for the Help could prevent its receiving.
531. (Guru). Often in an interior, concerned Light, there is a fight and even trade or dispute what to take with itself and what ruthlessly to throw out. Also it is often a pity for century litter, and often there is a wish to hold that is absolutely inadmissible on Light way. But it is necessary to leave much irrevocably, and it is rather, the better. Pity is pernicious here. Not get rid properties in World Aboveground will appear heavy weights. Everything is swept out resolutely from consciousness that can disturb advance anyway. Outgrowths on covers are similar to ulcers. Who won't want to be exempted from them if sees their essence.
532. (Oct. 23.). It is allowed to dream. But let these dreams and desires will be expedient and commensurable with evolution of spirit and its ascension on a life ladder. Let the lung covered dream direct spirit to new stays and helps its improvement. Let dreams won't be immersion in the past and strengthening of get rid, old forms of life or revival of the fallen asleep karmic statements which have released spirit from these or those shortcomings. The inventor, the poet, the artist and the scientist is conducted in the future too by dream. But it is necessary to dream skillfully. The groundless dreams which have been torn off from reality are insalubrious. The dreams feeding egoism are harmful certainly. It is good when the dream lights creative power of thought and promotes to make a valuable contribution to the Bowl of General Welfare. The dream can be the real engine of universal progress.
533. (M. A. Y.). The creative power of dream strengthens hope, and the hope gives a fiery impulse to the purpose to go steadily. The plan of evolution Real is immutable. Therefore, under the phenomenon of hope the strong base when the hope is approved already on Bases is brought. All future achievements of mankind and kindle of the centers judgment not greatly. And everyone can reach, and besides in full accordance with the Space Development plan of human race. So, this not groundless dream, but power of creating dream, consonant Space Will.
534. (Guru). It is possible to call creating, rightful, purposeful dream the future lever, - in it its difference from reflex, lunar pensiveness, willfully and thoughtlessly involving consciousness in area of inert wandering of thought. The artist dream creates, creating immortal works of art, these supreme values of spirit. The lightful dream and creative imagination go hands
535. (Oct. 24). All good and all bad now reveal the potential in each person up to the end, completely: bad for a get rid, destruction and overcoming, good – for the statement and further development. Not overcome, that is unusable, will leave from your planet. There are the spirits suitable for evolution. Because and this fight of Light in the person with darkness is aggravated now. And there is so much trouble around in the personal world of people. And already it is impossible to blame someone or something, but the reason should be seen in the great and inevitable change happening in the world. After all there is a change of eras and a destruction of the old world. Extreme is in everything, both in bad, and in the good. Weeds roughly grow together with useful cereals. Strong to stand on the feet and stand up to the end, it is necessary to understand sense of the events. In the evil it is impossible to resist because it destroys covers of the carrier of the evil. The evil is a disharmony symbol, a disbalance and destructions. We these days Demand a unification with Us, - otherwise how to resist? All is rejected temporary, passing and stirring, and association in the spirit of is approved over everything. Many tricky and confusing thoughts are thrown by darkness, but also they too need to be rejected, without stopping on them. It is otherwise tightened in a funnel of hopeless contradictions. Support one – Hierarchy of Light. On It the consciousness unshakably also is approved.
536. (M. A. Y.). Yes, it so, only to spirit which over everything, it is possible to delegate the power over the microcosm. But people transfer them to the weaknesses, defects and shortcomings, and they dominate over them tyrannically and cruelly. Also there are free spirits slaves, in the delusion believing that freedom consists in indulgence to the lowest nature and in slavery at the not get rid desires. The priority is given all to the most dark and angry that is in the person. The terrible grin of the old world comes to light in this terrible distortion of vital concepts and actions corresponding to this distortion. Evil self-damage, the phenomenon karmic the inevitable will be a consequence of it. In process of strengthening of darkness power of Light and as Light is eternal, and darkness temporarily will increase also, and a victory of Light is immutable is imprinted in future rolls. It is predetermined space.
537. (Guru). In creativity lightful, made by a hand human, the highest are imprinted and crystallize energy. There is as though an expression in dense forms of invisible thin energy. It as though bringing down of spatial fire from the Sky to Earth and attempt to approve it in images already purely the terrestrial. Both paints, and a cloth, and brushes are terrestrial, but the idea embodied in a cloth, already from the Highest World. So association of two worlds happens personally, obviously, leaving after itself concrete forms of this association. The aspect of this creativity not seen to a simple eye is shown that spatial fire coagulate in crystal fiery educations, surrounding visible, dense, a creation form, and not seen by a physical eye, but nevertheless real-life in space and making as though soul of each true work of art. The main power of visible creations is in invisibility. Each great worker of art is the Prometheus which seized spatial fire and has brought it to Earth, the Prometheus chained to rocks of Earth and able to express this fire not differently, as in dense, physical forms.
538. (Oct. 25). We observe the unprecedented tension of darkness when it is required to strain all strength of mind that oppose to it. The unification uninterrupted is necessary. It is necessary to carry out it. Interruptive of a rupture of patrol! As it is possible to calm down or distract if a set of spiteful eyes watch, as well as than to harm. To clothe in a constant prayer will be right protection. Everything that is possible, it is necessary to collect to stand an impact.
539. (M. A. Y.). Help to support a planetary network of Light. Only the joint combined and conscious efforts it is possible to support her. The chaos seeks to break everywhere. It would be correct to call defense against chaos a task to soldiers. It is impossible to maintain planetary balance or to help the Lord, without having established own balance. We sound the alarm to awaken vigilance and vigilance. There is a highest wave!
540. (Guru). Terrestrial mission of all Spirits Great was reduced to an antagonism to darkness and the statement of Light. Service accepted various forms, but its essence remained the same. Feasible execution of Light in the aura we will consider as a task of each pupil. This task is carried out, despite everything, on any counteracting circumstances. Performance of this task is considered already a feat.
541. (Oct. 26). Enduring it is good to concentrate thought on the phenomena sometimes. Then the temporary receives the correct place in the general scheme of things. Their lives the person in eternity and temporary is as though a section eternal and as though part it. Temporary as part eternal, or enduring, it is impossible to take in a separation from Boundlessness in which there is everything that was, is and will be. And, calling the person the traveler of a way boundless, We mean that circumstance that wherever there was it in what of the worlds, or spheres, space it was shown, is eternal it will be inseparably linked with Boundlessness and in it to stay. Eternal life of spirit is inseparable from Boundlessness.
542. (M. A. Y.). "Midsummer Night's Dream" of Shakespeare is interesting to that absolutely precisely reproduces some conditions of the Thin World and a trick of his some thoughtless inhabitants who know more, than victims of these tricks. And in the Thin World stronger and armed at least some knowledge of thin laws the will shows the superiority over ordinary people. Therefore to know them it is necessary to manage to be protected. Protégés of Hierarchy Light Guard and there, but nevertheless self-defense is necessary, because in any limits willfulness phenomenon in human relationship and in World Aboveground. Certainly, the thought, this most perfect weapon dominates. But thought, as well as any weapon, it is necessary to learn to own. And it is good to the one who learned to do it on Earth
543. (Guru). In the conditions of the amateur performance provided to the pupil, or, speaking differently, freedoms, it is a little given to time to conscious process or training of mastering by thought though life gives the chance to that much. And she simply forces to use the force some the trained thought, depriving of other ways of implementation of the necessary undertakings. Whether it is necessary to protect the person who can't protect itself, and resort thus to the help of thought? Whether it is admissible? Really you will give the loved or helpless one or yourself on worry by the dark. And if dark, imitating Light carriers start working with thought, and they can oppose only the strong, trained thought. You learn to act with thought, and to work only in the benefit.
544. (M. A. Y.). The compassion is difficult to that, showing it, it is impossible to plunge into a twilight condition of that person, in relation to which phenomenon compassion. It is possible both sympathize, and to regret, and strong to help, but not to be saddened by sufferings of the one to whom we want to help. If to begin to sound in unison with it, the help can't be rendered.
545. (Guru). The victory in the spirit of is that she is claimed contrary to everything that surrounds spirit of the winner. The logic of evidence speaks about impossibility, but strength of mind opposes it the fiery reality hidden under external visibility. The victory also will consist in this fiery action of spirit.
546. (M. A. Y.). Ability to be protected and protect other people increases at the same time with experience. The teacher a fiery way Brings to acquaintance with laws of thin energy. The soldier exercises the wit in art of possession by the fiery weapon in practice.
547. (Guru). Soldiers of the Lord themselves don't show defenseless lambs. The weapon is given to the soldier not for a divergence, but for active fight and protection of Light and luminous from hellish hordes. Inert no opposite aren't present among Day breakers. Fight all strength of mind, only no rage against them has and you strike blow in complete equilibrium.
548. (Nov. 2). Force and powerlessness is that we will prefer? And the choice let will be final. If – force and actions everything, thoughts and behavior have to be corresponding. Understanding of the force itself - hold. Mental energy demands understanding. It is followed by application. Strength of mind it is necessary to increase overall against the going. And, adjoining to them counteracting and harm doing, in consciousness of the force stay. Both in words, and at each movement let there is this conscious power. They going against, recognize only force. Before force demons, but furiously tremble even and ruthlessly snatch on not protected by the force. If know that will receive repulse and fiery burns, will beware to come nearer. Who is strong from counteracting, when together? But for this purpose it is necessary to be valid together, and not in words, but in practice. To Me oppress ardent restrict you. And when will approach so that remoteness will disappear, then it will be possible to show the fiery force of counteraction and opposition to darkness. They very much seek to weaken and during a dream, and in reality, finding each speck and opacity on aura. You store tranquility, coolness and balance, having clasped spirit armor on all fasteners.
549. (Guru). Mental energy is the powerful invisible weapon of spirit. First of all this weapon should be had, and then – to learn them to own. Every day exercise is necessary. Life puts in such conditions; it is necessary when to practice necessarily to be protected from darkness. It is necessary to do it consciously.
550. (M. A. Y.). Each Carrier of Light had to undergo up to the end. All of them were exposed to various forms of prosecutions. In this regard the dark are very inventive. And there is so much the backs willingly allowing dark to hide behind them. And you be protected, calling Luminous intensity to the aid. And if protection is weak, so the appeal is insufficiently strong. Draft formula chooses, most strongly sounding to you.