Agni Yoga's facets, 1969 (551-708)

550. (M. A. Y.). Each Carrier of Light had to undergo up to the end. All of them were exposed to various forms of prosecutions. In this regard the dark are very inventive. And there is so much the backs willingly allowing dark to hide behind them. And you be protected, calling Luminous intensity to the aid. And if protection is weak, so the appeal is insufficiently strong. Draft formula chooses, most strongly sounding to you.
551. (Guru). It is easy to see other people who have become isolated densely in the small world of personal experiences, and to understand their limitation and coherence. But it is difficult, very difficult to see itself too plunged into the world of personal experiences and cut off from life super personal. But to go beyond this vicious circle will already mean freedom and egoism defeat. Punch shell aura is difficultly.
552. (M. A. Y.). If each encumbrance by circumstances you consider as a condition which is pulling together with the Lord, learn to rejoice both to burdening’s, and obstacles, and difficulties. And, meeting the next test, you will know that one more is given, new, opportunity to approach even closer. The understanding of it will give strength to sustain everything because the happiness of proximity of Great Heart isn't comparable with any terrestrial experiences and isn't commensurable with them, temporary and passing. The proximity of Great Heart is approved forever.
553. (Guru). Pay attention to surf waves. The biggest wave of opposite conditions is followed by recession and some calm: lifting and hollow. The biggest wave can be met quietly, knowing that behind it a hollow and a break. As though rest for a while those forces to collect to meet the next wave. "Be able to meet beautifully waves". Life show also learns as it to do and to apply the Decree of the Teacher in operation. Be sure that at really difficult moment the Head Doesn't leaves without the help and support.
554. (Nov. 5). Supposed-sense is dangerous always, and in particular a supposed-devotion and supposed-love. They create ardent illusion of self-deception. Freighting is to Act Face My on the enemies of Light. My Face carrying constantly mentally with itself stays in Light.
555. More and more make efforts for implementation of my Instructions. The work put to that. Each achievement is watered then work – for nothing is given nothing. As well the victory is given by work. And, if something very difficult to reach, - increased tenfold your efforts. Really you can think what the integral achievements of spirit which you carry away with yourself in the future, are given easily? Face introduction in heart – one of the most difficult. Also it is necessary to strain more and more in repeated attempts to approve this shining achievement. And to each your action premise conformable to desire and your aspiration thought. After all at your order all the time which is? Or you believe, what there is still something more important? If this is so, with that also you remain that preferred to the most necessary. To you I Tell, to you Ukazuyu, shortly urgent time, don't miss. Me resist and resist in Me. Otherwise not to take place in the future. You look around: how many confusion, sufferings and blindness. But you able to see also know a way. Safely go, because with Me. But you keep inseparably, without coming off for a minute.
556. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to consider as the most urgent problem of the moment the statement in Light. Each pupil let will set this task for himself at number the first. Yes someone won't think that it is rather strong not to find for it due for time. Many perished, without having estimated power of darkness. However, darkness as a bull cardboard, but only for unshakably approved in Light. For other all power of darkness increases in process of their weakness and instability. Power and indestructibility of Light knows approved it and approved in it. The end of Cali Yugi is noted by terrible swelling of the darkness going on an attack last.
557. (Guru). Temporary from enduring it is useful to separate in consciousness to see how all temporary is subject to replacement and leaving while the enduring continues to live for eyelids even among doomed on the death of the phenomena. Creations of thought of Spirits Great exist for eyelids after their body died. Also century’s great works of art though their creators quitted the stage the terrestrial remain. To see enduring in passing and to it, enduring, to give the heart and thoughts will be the correct solution of the problem of life and a direct way to awareness of immortality of spirit.
558. (Nov. 6). Whether the generated reasons not to bring consequences corresponding to them can? No, can't. Consequences are inevitable, but the attitude towards them can be changed. The karma can't be changed, but the attitude towards her depends already on will of the person. And it will be the lever changing influence of karma. One karmic consequence will be regarded as punishment, by another – as instructive and useful lessons. One loss of things will be considered as misfortune, by another – release from excess load. So, even character of karma depends on thinking of the person. Having changed thinking current, it is possible to change and the karma nature. The same things or the phenomena affect different people absolutely variously. It isn't the phenomena, but in people. So, each difficulty, an obstacle or even misfortune can be considered as a lifting step. The lever is in hands of the person. It is possible to take and one more steps further: to establish mood or a condition of spirit at the will, regardless of external conditions. Mentally ill people often show this ability, really the healthy and normal person not in forces of it to make. We Learn to rejoice to obstacles, both spirit burdening’s, and loadings unreasonable because the victory over force of external conditions and consequently, and over a karma consists in it. Not conditions change, but the attitude towards them. The optimist and the pessimist, looking at the same phenomenon, treat it absolutely variously: one rejoices, another mourns. Understanding of that the lever is in will of the person, opens to it this way of a victory over, that is over the world. There is no other to a way victory.
559. (M. A. Y.). What opportunities are given to the person if he can accept or reject even the Lord? And as its responsibility for the thinking and for the actions is great! Everything think and act, but is irresponsible, that is without realizing this responsibility, though assigning it heavy and inevitably to the shoulders. It is possible not to understand and not to realize, but it is impossible to evade responsibility. All offenses and crimes are generated by irresponsibility or rather hope and thought that from the answer it is possible to leave. Before people – sometimes it is possible, but before itself, that is before karma – never. Where think to disappear from it makers of the evil, poisoners, destroyers and murderers? Vain hopes – any won't leave. Final scores approach, and it is necessary to pay karmic bills everything who broke Universe laws.
560. (Guru). Behind each emanation of pleasure or grief the reason, it caused is covered. But it is possible the reason rather the pleasure, to create in mental laboratory of the person, without any external occasions, simply the will order because in the person there is a laboratory for all feelings. To understand it – means to find a key from happiness doors.
561. (Nov. 7). Judgment should be. The evidence of the current hour available to usual thinking is in an ardent contradiction that is already imprinted in future rolls. To that to trust, to impressions of terrestrial mind or the future traced in stars and specified in the Doctrine? It is necessary to think and not to darken about it consciousness visibility dense. After all it closes from consciousness even the World Thin. But it exist it contrary to. As fiery life and all concerning the future and the Highest Worlds precisely takes place. It is impossible to be limited to one dense world. Can't but have a medal of other party, and there can't be a day without night, a bottom without top, heat without cold. The future is so real, as well, as the past, but nor isn’t that nor another present in the present for terrestrial consciousness. But the fiery consciousness can see in the present both last, and future. The concept of time is so relative, what even the science is compelled to adopt amendments for a while. Let heart will be open for perception of Space Truth and mind isn't saddened by sounding of the current hour. Because all this is temporary whereas the eternal truth Real exists nowadays in space and will always exist in it.
562. (M.A.Y.). Voices of a gloom be not confused and don't attach them significance. Their purpose is to confuse and suspend advance. When microcosm fires brightly flare, become silent the whisper darkness, and all it seems to such relatives, and all barriers separating from the Teacher and from the future disappear. Means, all these confusing thoughts is anything, so it isn't necessary to reckon with them. Stop because in the past mistakes, ridiculously were made. There is nothing more incommensurable, than digging in last mistakes, a self-eaded and a torment them. They should be realized not to repeat in the future, but to think of them, to concentrate on them and to strengthen those thoughts, recovering and causing them that to repetition, it is very unreasonable and inexpedient. All is finished the past. Ahead – Light of the future. To them also go.
563. (Guru). Let's make it a rule to reject everything that detains advance, and to hold that accelerates it. It is good criterion for determination of usefulness or harm of the thoughts getting into consciousness. There are thoughts winged, but there are also thoughts gast-iron the heavy. With these last we won't be known. The choice of thoughts useful has crucial importance for consciousness life.
564. (M. A. Y.). If people directed to thought on that all proceeding from their consciousness was saturated Beauty, the world would change unrecognizably. The culture of Ancient Greece during its blossoming was saturated with Beauty. It isn't enough people where the principle of Beauty would be expressed so brightly as in this small country, left to the world so fine heritage. The modern civilization gives ample opportunities to decorate life, but, unfortunately, these opportunities are directed on the return. The Beauty will be a key to the statement of the New Era, and on this basis the World New will be approved.
565. (Guru). Having Light brings it together with itself in environment and unconsciously transfers him to those people, subjects and everything with whom or than it makes contact. Consciousness strengthens process. Such people bear with themselves as though blessing and really are benefactors of mankind. To them carriers of darkness bring in a counterbalance with themselves something absolutely opposite, and any more blessing, but damnation are they for all surrounding. So two poles – Light and darkness – work and constantly prove in life.
566. (Nov. 9). It is good to learn to see usefulness of the most unpleasant and aggravating tests and to take from them valuable experience. Anyhow it is impossible to approve the necessary quality if some other way to make it. And time presses. It is required soon display in practice acquired qualities, experience and knowledge, and how display what isn't present? Therefore, meeting the next wave of vital circumstances, think only of how to use it most fruitfully and to take from it everything to that she wants to teach. After all, if you trust Tom Who Conducts, have to understand that without Will Leading the hair won't fall from the head. It is necessary to understand that the armor of spirit gets stronger from constant blows and strong ability to own Light weapon is gained.
567. (M. A. Y.). The personality is the servant of Identity, or the person highest "I", and besides the servant temporary, only on one embodiment. Task of the servant in carrying out a task of the highest "I" and collect the experience planned and given by it in this life. Having finished this assignment and having transferred all collected to the Immortal Triad, the personality as that becomes unnecessary and ceases to exist. The highest "I" don't feel loss of the temporary personality because all life and consciousness concentrate already in it. It would be ridiculous if the small, narrow identity of any person existed always, with all the restrictions with time, an era, both a nationality, and that step of evolution on which was one thousand years or more ago. Therefore results of this embodiment gather in the Bowl, and the one who collected and performed work demanded from it, simply ceases to be. The astral peel from which the highest "I" took away everything that was necessary, gradually dissipates in space, and from the identity of the last embodiment remains only the movie of the passable life. This question is difficult and demands deep understanding of distinction of seven principles forming the incarnate person, and understanding of what is in it mortal and that immortal that dies and is subject to disintegration and that represents itself its Immortal Essence, his reincarnating Identity.
568. (Guru). Temporary and eternal learns to distinguish in itself the pupil and carefully separates one from another. Temporary – that without a regret to leave it when will punch hour, eternal – to live in it always. Without having saved up elements eternal, it is impossible to transfer to it consciousness because to transfer not in as to live there is nothing, but, having consciously collected and having saved up immortality elements, elements enduring, the spirit has material, or accumulation which give the chance it of conscious manifestation, or conscious life, in those spheres where the eternal has the life.
569. (M. A. Y.). Merge of consciousnesses assumes that the spirit directed to it rises as it is possible above to reach a step at which there is higher consciousness, but doesn't try to lower it to itself. Only at that of the condition contacts will be successful. Usually arrive on the contrary and try to involve High Essence in an orbit of the experiences and thoughts, both are surprised, and are perplexed why on an appeal there is no answer and contact didn't turn out. Own consciousness should be given at first to a condition of tranquility, balance and harmony, and then to establish connection. To the Highest Communication it is possible to come only through discipline of spirit. Discipline of thought and feelings ~ the most necessary condition for advance.
570. (Guru). It is better to consider the best thoughts not as the, and taken of the public tank of a treasury of spatial thought. Then will disappear and imagined property on thoughts and attributing to itself any merits in this area. Present anything, isn't present as well in the field of thoughts. Only ignorance can be extolled in arrogance from understanding and containment of mental wealth. All general, all is universal. The spatial treasury of thoughts is open for all.
571. (Nov. 12). Mental energy is given in the order of each person. In the person who has hopelessly become despondent, she is killed by despondency, in the person scared – fear, in the person angry – irritation. Many feelings and the emotions killing force of all-initial energy are so allowed by people. The more time the negative feeling dominates, the more loss is caused to fiery energy. Long suppression it can cause the phenomenon of the live dead person. It is possible to chisel ignorantly this wonderful force, but it is possible and to accumulate it consciously. Silence, tranquility, courage, balance, aspiration to Hierarchy of Light will be the best stores, as well as all other merits of spirit. Its store is as well work lightful. Work dependent, hated and damned, the store won't be. Many sublime and pure feelings, and especially love, powerfully collect fire. The fiery power of love creates great causes.
572. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to establish the rule: beginning day, to take any most sounding quality for his conscious statement during this day. Such action can be considered as a psych magnet put. The mental grains put thus, become focus of origin of desirable qualities, abilities and properties of character. Usually at people education of spirit goes spontaneously, drift, without conscious intervention of will. But even simple construction of the house needs the plan, and furthermore – character creation.
573. (Nov. 13). In what is distinction between the incarnate and one incarnation of person? First of all for the last the world dense disappears, and its place is taken up by the World Thin. Imagine that you go to travel, without having taken with yourself anything, but knowing that you will have immediately everything that you will wish, to clothes inclusive. But except the clothes, any terrestrial things also it isn't necessary. It isn't necessary anything! What in it great freedom. So much all was necessary when were obese, and suddenly all this is already unnecessary. Then the freedom of movement is given – it is possible to go and fly, and anywhere where the thought and sparseness degree, or luminous, a thin body allow. The thin body, not peeled, poisoned with fluids of heavy bloody food and wine and aggravated by dense heavy thoughts, no freedom and ease of movements has. Not trusting in possibility of flights can't fly. Everything depends on a condition of consciousness. The person has that, in what trusts and that recognizes his thought because in the Thin World everything is created by thought and a condition of the person the accord Law operates. The thought magneto attracts the conditions corresponding to the nature of his thoughts and desires to one incarnation. Having convinced of a vanity of usual desires terrestrial, the spirit gradually starts being exempted from them, dumping unnecessary stratifications one behind another. Certainly, moves aspiration and understanding of features of new conditions. And preliminary acquaintance to them on Earth has very great value. Denial of thin reality because denying power of the thought loses that it denies and in is especially harmful what doesn't trust. Many negated of life in Elevated stand there, like motionless blocks. Communication with other people, who another not sings into a subjective condition, probably is. Proximity is on an attraction. There are no two attitudes of the Elevated World identical as there are no identical persons and even leaves on the same tree. Miraculousness of that world is that the environment of spirit is created by him on character and the nature of his thoughts and able to think freely and clair-radiant has everything that can create his thought and aspiration. Magic this world needs only a magic staff that to them as in the fairy tale, to cause any phenomenon and this magic staff are the thought and creative imagination.
574. (M. A. Y.). On aspiration wings the imagination carries away the person released from a dense body there where he wants. This desire – subconscious or automatic, developed on Earth is frequent. It isn't without reason told: wanting to go to fathers with them will come, wanting to the Lord – with the Lord. The desire which has strongly taken shape still in the world dense, will direct on the channel dug in space even without conscious intervention of will – the reason is created on Earth, a consequence phenomenon in World Aboveground.
575. (Guru). What achievement – on Earth to destroy walls of prison of the dense world! To come to broad lands from a stuffy dungeon will be a great victory of spirit over spirit restrictions. Unless it is possible to be in a dense body free? After all it should be dragged everywhere for itself, to put, dress and feed. And the shelter is necessary to it, and so much everything is necessary, and, having only departed from it aside, it is possible to understand, what burden for spirit is the body terrestrial. Many devotees, having realized it, refused everything and sought to be content with the smallest. Now Show Doctrine that – in the spirit of and that it is necessary to consider nothing release from everything, having limited a body only to that is really necessary. It is most important to understand and find strong everything to the phenomena, both terrestrial, and elevated, their true place in the general scheme of things. And then they won't serve as an obstacle to the person in his advance on the way to Boundlessness. And then it is possible to tell consciously: the terrestrial – terrestrial and Elevated – Elevated.
576. (Nov. 14). The moments of lifting and kindle of Light are especially hated to someone, and it is necessary to stand guard and wait that there will be attempts to throw harm and to extinguish fires. Certainly, influence will go through an astral and it’s yet completely get rid properties. At these moments patrol is especially necessary, and special measures before withdrawal to a dream are necessary. The protecting order of will works smoothly. Let's be glad also to these signs of attention from dark because it means that fires of spirit are really lit. Also we will note also that the way planned by the Head generally remains invariable, and all Instructions given earlier, remain in force and demand performance. In process of their performance strength of mind will grow. On some many years because life experience is necessary for their statement will leave. Especially it is necessary to pay attention that fires not subordinated to will threaten with accident. The person, devoured passions, is the weak-willed victim of the lowest fires. Agni's scale goes from top to bottom, dividing him into fire creating and fire of devoyring. The lowest fires lit by properties of different habits are especially resistant and persistent. They are so persistent, what even proceed in World Aboveground because, the spirit carries away them with itself there. Therefore It is spoken about mastering by all fires, both the highest, and the lowest, the highest – for the statement, the lowest – for an get rid and an go out. The power over and mastering by extends on all forms and types of conscious activity of a microcosm human, and even the subconscious. So, will it is possible to influence even a heartbeat, strengthening it or slowing down. When time, Show Teacher as to do it comes.
577. (Guru). It is necessary to be surprised only, the program developed by school of life for each pupil is how good and thought over. And everything that is required from the last is the conscious attitude towards her. Then will disappear both complaints, and discontent, and process of training will go without delays. Otherwise, instead of enrichment by experience and knowledge, time will leave on unnecessary experiences and chagrin. To be able to understand to what exactly learns each lesson, and to take from it everything that it gives, will be pledge and the guarantee of successful advance.
578. (M. A. Y.). It is so much people on Earth, and so there aren't enough relatives, the person among this set similar also is so lonely. Christ Redeemer Come, also it was empty around! And in solitude performs It the Feat Great Spirits. Loneliness – destiny strong. But have to pass through it all. And if in life has the luck to meet at least one loyal and devoted friend, it is already good. The imaginary friendship is scattered by ashes at test by life. Therefore it is better not to be engaged in self-deception and not be touched masks. But the most difficult in that, knowing all this, nevertheless it is necessary to keep kind and to devote goodwill to the person, and life to service to people.
579. (Nov. 16). Reflex reactions to external influences go a habitual way, generating and causing the feeling. But will it is possible to change nature of these reactions according to the desire, and then reflex process is replaced with the consciously strong-willed. That afflicted, can be made a pleasure source, and that disturbed, – tranquility. All feeling is relative, and their character can be changed by will in a root. Ordinary people to change the mood, resort to wine, drugs, smoking and any other ways. But the levers changing mood, lie in consciousness of the person. And main using the force will be the imagination. It creates a desirable form of a feeling and approves it in an interior. It creates transformation of thoughts and feelings. Be the victim of the moods, or experiences easy. But it is difficult to be their creator and the lord and to create them at the will irrespective of external influences. Experiences of such self-transformation is useful and instructive to carry out over itself and to note thus, it is how easy to reach in this direction very many at some persistence and persistence. Creates is of thought. After all and undesirable moods too are created by thought. Only the desirable are created consciously, by means of will and imagination, differently they, uncontrollable, will begin to flow on a habitual track of weak-willed inertness and reflexes. Also it isn't necessary for a victory over them to wait for any changes outside, but changing to create the reasons will from within, in own psychophysical laboratory, and to create them not to one, but together with Me, magneto drawing from the respective spheres conformable to them feelings.
580. (M. A. Y.). If from space pleasure it is possible to draw pleasure, it is possible to take and any other feeling and to strengthen it. And people usually take, but unconsciously, and without giving itself the report in laws of a magnetic attraction, and strengthening these dark, negative and undesirable feelings and experiences. Despondency and hopelessness it is possible to cause such strengthening of these experiences that they will make life gloomy. And people often do it. Of magnetism of emotions and experiences don't think and don't know that various spheres of the Thin World are strained by various feelings, both positive, and negative, and that every time when allows in the consciousness any experience or feeling involuntarily comes to the accord of people with it. And on habitual channels of an attraction hidden influences from conformable to them spheres of the Thin World already freely flow.
581. (Guru). Force grows in application. If who wants to become strong, let exercises strength of mind as the athlete the muscles exercises. Muscles in inaction will atrophy, - also droop and strength of the spirit. For exercise and spirit training life gives inexhaustible opportunities. And the spirit will grow. But the standing bog becomes covered by a mold.
582. (Guru). When the fiery centers are lit, thoughts are carried out especially obviously because the thought fiery works. Than the thought on a scale of an ofiery, subjects it is higher is stronger. Usual thoughts of ordinary people aren't strong. But even they create something and create. The strongest thought is the thought going from heart, as well as the word. The devastated words and thoughts are words and the thoughts deprived of warm energy. To work with thought – means to work with heart.
583. (Nov. 18). Usually he creates an environment of the person itself the representation that round it. If it is the village, he mentally and unconsciously draws a village picture, if the city – the cities, if the wood – the woods. It mentally stays in this environment and connects itself with it. But if to replace this representation with another, say, living in the wood, – the sea or mountains, the consciousness as though leaves a habitual framework and is transferred to with what the person mentally surrounds him. The consciousness directs behind thought and surrounds itself with those representations which are created by thought. So, if, living in one city, to represent itself in other more or less well familiar, at rather strong representation and dismissal from a habitual environment it is possible to be transferred really by thought to other place and to apprehend or feeling its vibrations. It is necessary to feel itself not here, but there, in other place, and from there as though looking at where there is a physical body. Similar exercises in transferring of consciousness are very useful to a separation from those external conditions to which the aura and the thoughts connected by strongly crystallized ideas of the habitual environment so strongly grow. Mental travel and flights too are valuable it. Too people that see round itself strong get used, is so strong that, even having exempted from a body, mentally continue to see that their terrestrial eyes saw and got used to see. The slavery at own representations can be destroyed consciously. The clairvoyant, concentrating thought on a certain face, sees also those places where their lives this person, and it is transferred by though there. This ability in a potential form all people possess. It is very useful to fly thought about the world; in any case, it is necessary. It is very useful to fly thought about the world; in any case, it is necessary. Any travel and movement are very necessary for a consciousness separation from familiar spots. And if in a dense body of travel aren't always possible, in the spirit of they are possible always and necessary because promote a separation from vibrations of dense environment directly surrounding the person.
584. (M. A. Y.). The conclusion is correct: better, to us directing, to represent itself in our place, far from the house. It very much will help flights. Besides, the Law demands aspiration and movement of consciousness and its lifting to those spheres where High Spirits Stay. As and to concern departed to the World the Highest, it is necessary not to attract to itself them, but on the contrary, – to them to be attracted. Communication is best of all carried out at a separation from a habitual environment of the person.
585. (Guru). The chained Prometheus is a symbol of the person who has realized value of Fire, but still connected by chains terrestrial. But fire melts metal, and it can melt the chains which have held down spirit. Understanding of heavy chains by which the spirit is chained to Earth, is a necessary step for release from them. First realize, then fiery aspiration to release and, last, - of freedom.
586. (Nov. 21). Thoughts through consciousness flow constantly, all the time changing. They can't attribute enduring value. But proximity of the Teacher is on top. If these thoughts concern area of the highest and if they clair-radiant, they can be welcomed as the spirit engine. If on the contrary, it is possible to look at them as on undesirable guests, uninvited and uninvited from which it is necessary to be exempted as soon as possible. It isn't necessary to hesitate and find with them for them time. They should be thrown out from consciousness, without contacting with them. Thoughts of doubt and discontent with the Teacher are especially dangerous. They can burn out all kind shoots. Conducts thought but where will get thought, which not from Light?
587. (Guru). Full-devotion has no fluctuations and doubts. If they are, so there is no full-devotion. And on vague feelings it is impossible to move further. Again it is necessary to remind of Bases. When they are unshakably approved in consciousness, it is possible to pass through all tests surely.
588. (Nov. 22). As a matter of fact, "suffer" consists in vigorous and strongly unshakable condition of spirit, and external conditions matter so far as they influence this condition. There are people who are indifferent to physical inconveniences. Warmly or cold, it is nourishing or hungry – balance remains not broken. And even foreign sufferings, causing sympathy and pity, nevertheless don't break a due condition of spirit and its progress. The spirit knows that everything that occurs around, – only preparation for long stay in World Aboveground because all is temporary and is passing.
589. (Nov. 24). As it is given in the Doctrine and as a little from the given it is applied in life much. But the Doctrine is given for everything, everything, everything, and from a great number of the people suitable to the Doctrine, everyone can find something for itself (himself), to liking, and found to apply. Therefore the circle of the questions raised by the Doctrine is so great. It has to satisfy everyone going whoever it was and wherever lived.
590. (M. A. Y.). You know that each run wave will be rolled away back in the sea, and still under the pressure of it you lose future prospect. Waves come and leave, but the future remains invariable, as well as the Great Plan. For this reason we advise to direct consciousness in the future, and then blows of waves won't influence too strongly mentality, and then it is easier to defend of the present and to avoid its poison. And, if the future is close, the anchor can be thrown further, so far and there where steps of the present and its whiff calm down can't concern consciousness any more. The above and further weeds, the farther there is Earth somewhere below. It isn't a separation from Earth and oblivion of the before it duties, but as a respite and temporary rest from heavy conditions terrestrial.
591. (Guru). Business at all in to receiving blows from vital waves, – they are inevitable, and in that, having received the next blow, as soon as possible to restore balance and to move further, as if happened nothing. Resistance of the environment inevitably – the more ardently aspiration, is stronger. But vital blows should learn to be accepted courageously and trying to keep balance. But so many bearing malice eyes watch, whether it will be possible to break spirit of the soldier of Light.
592. (Nov. 25). The beam can't make due influence if it isn't accepted. Acceptability, containment, acceptance, responsibility, the accord from the one to whom the Beam is sent, – indispensable conditions of his perception. When the Teacher Asks: Whether "You believe? « – He Demands too any degree of an acceptability to Give the necessary Help. Without this condition energy will spill in vain. Therefore known degree of an accord of consciousness always is required to cease respectively. The prayer can serve one of methods of such attuning of the mental perceiving device of the person. The harp of spirit has to be adjusted in the accord. If it is adjusted on other harmony, perceptions it is impossible or it goes on absolutely other wave, in unison with a condition of consciousness. The mood of the last very well is defined dark which are immediately arranged to conformable them to thoughts and emotions of interesting their person if these last of low quality. That is why control over thoughts and emotions accompanying them is so necessary. No board will close dirty thinking and that it from space attracts. Clarification is necessary that perceptions went respectively. They always go according to character and level of thinking on which the essence of the perceived depends. All perceive, however, unconsciously, but in strict accordance with essence of the thoughts and feeling. Conscious opening of the heart cleared of any litter, towards to the Teacher causes receipt of the corresponding perceptions.
593. (M. A. Y.). One move ahead the spirit, favored by conditions terrestrial and being in dependence from them, others – to it contrary to, and sometimes and them having come off internally, when the world which other-worldly, in their consciousness prevails. The most difficult is to overcome environment resistance so that it didn't limit thinking and didn't suppress it, subordinating to the standard. All great people possessed force of such overcoming and went ahead of the time. However, it was necessary to pay for it heavy, but power of their spirit won against inertness of thinking and laid ways to new stays. To keep identity of thinking and will move ahead pledge of a victory of spirit over restrictions of the environment narrow-minded.
594. (Nov. 27). How it was difficult to go and as though adversely there were external and internal conditions, it is necessary to go nevertheless, and only forward. Even the small step in the correct direction is useful, if only not back. And, when very much it is difficult, nevertheless it is possible to find out at least any quality to strengthen it. To cause artificially spiritual lifting and heart burning not always in power, but display restraint or tranquility or it is possible to think of constancy of hidden Presence under all conditions. If only not to distract from the most necessary and not to forget for the sake of what the spirit clothes in a dense body and lives on Earth.
595. (M. A. Y.). Not in volume an essence not to have weaknesses, either shortcomings, or desires, and in that to own them and to operate the emotions and thoughts. All have shortcomings, and there are no perfect people. Even at the highest steps of a ladder of life of quality of one step any more won't be those at steps of higher. If one person owns the not absolutely good feelings and thoughts and keeps them under severe control, and another, better, it can't own who from them is on more right way?
596. (Guru). Let's keep constancy of aspiration because we know where we go, and we know how the way is far, and we understand that each delay or a delay distances from the purpose. Yes, yes, distances, and distances because the motionless condition isn't present, and, without moving forward, the person, that without realizing, starts moving back. The stop, or stagnation, is accompanied already by decomposition, and decomposition of consciousness is immersion in darkness.
597. (Nov. 28). Crash the phenomenon world, happening after release from a physical body, relatively. The world dense disappears, but there is his astral double. This astral display of the terrestrial world is subordinated already to other laws differing from the terrestrial. Degree of a sparseness of its forms other, and they submit to thought influences easier. And permeability in relation to a thin body allows pass them to the last through them absolutely freely if the person knows about it. In general the knowledge of conditions of the Thin World and its laws gives the chance of much bigger freedom, than on Earth, especially if there is no feeling of imagined property on something. The main thing – nothing is necessary from things, unless except the clothes created by thought. Even it is difficult to imagine, the person is exempted from how many dense need. Certainly, the death is first of all release. People share on Earth on slaves and free, on slaves at the desires, passions, shortcomings and – free from them. Slaves pass to the World Thin slaves, free – free. The death of release doesn't promise to the slave. Therefore it is important to be exempted on Earth from any slavery and first of all to release thought because in that world everything moves thought.
598. (Guru). Uplifting the thoughts to Light throne, we concern its light and we feed with vibrations it the microcosm. It the direction of aspiration of consciousness is important. The aspiration to spheres magneto also connects to them on compliance. Different spheres exist in the space, able consonance martially to any aspiration. Crucial importance has the nature of aspiration because the attraction to this or that sphere is defined by it. Everything is attracted to various spheres, both live, and the dead, in the full accord with the nature of the inclinations, desires and thoughts. As invisible threads connected people with those space spheres to which internally gravitate?
599. (Nov. 29). On waves of the everyday sea the spirit boat forward aspires. Where the boat fragile aspires? And how it will reach the coast far? How will overcome ardent counteraction of elements? And the help has no place to wait. And only a beam, badly seeming in darkness, shows a right direction. Huge waves rise, lifting and lowering a small boat and closing a saving beam in deep hollows of waves. But the direction nevertheless is given, and it is possible to move. And nobody stops movement, because only in it opportunity to succeed. Also the brave swimmer knows what to stop – means to be given on will of elements and forgotten to be in the sea huge. Only in movement, and on a beam is rescue. And the chasm under a bottom any more doesn't frighten and doesn't confuse. And waves, uplifting and lowering, movements, and darkness surrounded don't stop does a far beam to brighter. And neither waves, nor a wind, neither a rain, nor darkness can't stop it anymore because the fiery Beam of a beacon from the Tower Far indelible and was strongly imprinted in consciousness of the swimmer.
600. (M. A. Y.). When the Face of the Lord is imprinted strongly in consciousness, It becomes the powerful magnet attracting in the sphere of the attraction of the person approved on It. This attracting force of the Magnet of Great Spirit will increase all the time in process of the statement of spirit in Light hidden and to weaken the terrestrial gravitations pulling back. Be approved on the Lord by all force, all devotion, all love and all aspiration.
601. (Nov. 30). Inhabitants of the Thin World create the shapes own thoughts, create unconsciously, or consciously. Unconsciously those, who doesn't know create, is conscious – knowing. Ignorant invest itself automatically that form to which they got used on Earth. Knowing can accept that appearance which wants. There are a lot of similar actors. There is also the malicious personification representing someone to mislead trustful one incarnation. Therefore quality of recognition by heart there is necessary not less sharply, than on Earth. Not feel sensitive heart of pleasure, or the world from such approach. Spirit creativity which is shown at one incarnation in stronger degree, than on Earth, allows them to give itself any shape. But not all this know. The knowledge of laws and features of the Thin World gives to spirit freedom and a lot of things facilitate. The one who knows that there it is possible to move, moves who thinks that can fly, flies. The one who believes that died and life there isn't present, costs to the idol is similar. Life there is caused by the width of thinking and recognition of its continuation out of a dense body. Usually one incarnation develop energy in the direction accepted on Earth. For someone the Elevated World is a kingdom of freedom and boundless opportunities, Light and pleasure kingdom; for someone – horror and darkness suffocating vaults of the lower class. Everyone finds and receives on itself.
602. (Guru). It is necessary to tell still so much. Often the capacity of consciousness doesn't allow telling more. But the consciousness can be expanded and each time to bring jugs of bigger capacity. Usually stirs litter. Don't pour pure drink in the polluted vessel. Care of everyone wanting to receive – that jugs brought for receiving were pure.
603. (Dec. 1). The formula of understanding can't be opened that who is yet ready. To tell before term – means to betray itself, having deprived of fruits of this achievement. Criminally speak over the capacity of consciousness of the listener, first, because it can generate treachery, and secondly because, the speaking robs himself and devastates the treasury. Talkers usually represent themselves empty covers because spend the mental energy in vain and uncontrolledly. The golden mean demands to give, but to give is expedient and commensurable with level of consciousness receiving. Very many, even the concerned Doctrines, speak for the sake of themselves, but without condescending to spiritual need of the interlocutor. Something turns out very harmful services covered with words to General Welfare. In effect is the same self-servige. Self-servige, like a wood-grouse, sings after the own fashion, but already hears nothing, and the interlocutor is for it only object for his statements. Such wood-grouse has no love or even interest to thoughts and experiences of the listener.
604. (Guru). Collectors of values of spirit constantly in care of that, as though to collect even more and not to miss anything; who that collected, that with that and will enter into new living conditions. Accumulation of spirit defines its destiny both on Earth, and in the worlds. But care not only of collecting, but also rejecting everything that was collected earlier, and it was superfluous and insalubrious now and from what it is necessary to be exempted. Better most to make it, than to wait when life will severely force to execute it.
605. (Dec. 2). It is necessary to know simply some things, and this knowledge very much will help. For example: the spirit is ubiquitous, but usually stays where consciousness and where attracts its aspiration. "Who to Me will come" in the spirit of and to Me will direct spirit, "that in Me" and with Me "will arrive". Aspiration – flight wings: "I with you always". But that understand it, it is necessary to direct and not to separate to Me anymore neither at night nor in the afternoon, and to be always together. Why only at the Communication moments, it is necessary when together to be always and inseparably! Whatever did and wherever was, but together! Inseparability, not interruptibility and inviolability of merge demand understanding. Statement formula: "I in you, you in Me, I in the Father, and we are uniform – the Trinity Consubstantial and Inseparable". My contact invisibly, but has force over visibility dense. "Come to Me everything because, itself I go to the world". My World in comparison with yours is immense, has no borders because it is boundless. And I in Boundlessness Real nowadays Call my children to my World of boundless opportunities of spirit and in eternal life.
606. (Dec. 3). Covers oppose to unification in the spirit of with Me because got used to willfulness. But the power over their willfulness nevertheless should be approved completely. They act in the directions once determined by will of the person, their master, but will, not flesh on inspiration with light of knowledge and the experience reached at present. Therefore their behavior needs control according to requirements of increasing consciousness. The reflex of behavior of covers needs to be stopped constantly while they won't acquire as should be conducted in the light of new understanding. The rebirth, or the birth in the spirit of, means as well death of the old person in itself and the end to willfulness of covers. On ways of Fiery Yoga all accumulation of spirit are burned behind.
607. (M. A. Y.). Completely it isn't realized yet that fiery process of ascension of spirit, fight and overcoming, is made inside, but not over the external phenomena. If you win against them, external, this victory won't give anything if internal over itself it isn't reached. The ancient Formula "What Advantage for the Person if the Whole World gets, and Will Lose the Soul" means this uselessness of external overcoming in the absence of a victory inside. It was already said that fight against external obstacles is similar to battle with windmills. Therefore it is once again emphasized that under all opposite circumstances it is necessary to reach a victory over them in the spirit of that is on everyone to increase in the spirit of. The saying "That wins all who managed to win against itself (himself)" is full of deep value.
608. (Dec. 4). In all gestures and mimicry of monkey movements of an uncontrollable come astral - not assimilate! But as often people be having it not better! Detection of uncontrolled willfulness of an astral cover indicates in the person full dissoluteness of mental energy and its inadmissible squandering. Pity, disrespect and often even contempt cause a similar condition of an astral in surrounding people. Restraint and self-control will be its antipode. Each attempt and effort to bridle a monkey, the clown in itself, it is possible to welcome only. Many not get rid properties of the remote past remain in the person. All animal instincts undertake under severe control. How many opportunities are given every day for the statement of the power of will over the covers; and as seldom them use consciously. Mastering in the person the gestures or a look is so rare that similar restraint causes feeling of any awkwardness or even fear when in reply to attempts to cause these or those reactions in the interlocutor meet complete equilibrium, coolness and lack of desirable movement of an astral. People constantly unconsciously seek to influence at each other, and effort not to give in to similar influences, constraining impulsiveness of an astral, gradually approves the power of will over it. Can give every day a task not to give in to any impacts on an astral from people around, and not only people, but also circumstances. Indestructible tranquility of the covers being under complete control is Arhat’s feature. To please the standard conditional politeness He from itself Won't allow an astral to wriggle and represent a market puppet. From simple self-esteem and understanding of advantage of spirit willfulness of an astral cover is bridled. Restraint of an astral and mastering by the feelings is a task of each pupil wishing something to reach.
609. (M. A. Y.). In the analysis of some feelings and experiences it is necessary to point to their full uselessness and uselessness, as well as harm because often they very much break balance and sadden consciousness. Sympathy and compassion are good, but under a condition if they don't plunge feeling pity into a circle of a hopelessness of the one for whom sympathy is felt. And here severe control and ability to distinguish admissible from the inadmissible too are required.
610. (Guru). You learn to distinguish warm sense-knowledge from astral experiences. Completeness of life of heart and uncontrollability of manifestations of an astral cover are excellent between itself. And if heart has to give freedom, with an astral it is necessary to arrive on the contrary, that is to take it under control and to keep in obedience.
611. (Dec. 5). At some attention it is easy to see, what quality suffers or what test isn't sustained, and, having seen, to be prepared for that again to pass through it, but is already successful. It is better to realize failure, than to imagine itself the winner, without having won victories. All life consists of continuous overcoming, and no failures can stop the valid aspiration. On tests it is possible to look simply as at check and clarification of that it is necessary to overcome, strengthen or acquire still. Tests can even teach to rejoice and even at failure that to collect new forces for a victory.
612. (M. A. Y.). When the purpose is realized and the understanding was born that it has to be reached and that other decision isn't present and even in thoughts is inadmissible, then already nothing will stop and no barriers will be able to stop a way. Only at such understanding it is possible to move steadily further and not to be confused any more anything. And if the way lies in the spirit of, anything external can't destroy it.
613. (Dec. 6). We adhere to a method of practical and evident training. It promotes the best storing. After all so many various data should be kept in memory. It is easier to do all this, practically applying a received material in life current. And, though everything it is impossible to apply, nevertheless that is enclosed in practice, remains forever. Collecting of real values of spirit that was that with itself to bring to the World Elevated where each particle of knowledge gets especially importance goes this way. If who comes there with anything, there he has nothing to do. In this case it is necessary to go again on Earth to save up a material for the appendix in the Thin World. But the one, who saved up, generously reaps from the work. After all there life is on consciousness. And the consciousness expanded with knowledge and accumulation, leads there full and bright life. And therefore the spiritual wealth relating to things enduring has special value. In unfamiliar conditions it is necessary to tell about quality of adaptability and fast orientation that it relieves the person of shock surprise and allows keeping balance. Terrestrial qualities of restraint and tranquility in World Aboveground are more necessary, than on Earth. Terrestrial life in general can be considered as prepare to post mortal existence.

614. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness constantly adjoins to those spheres of space on which the thought is directed or to which enough attention in the past was paid. As the connecting channel with the respective spheres the thought serves. And therefore control over thinking is important extraordinary. If the consciousness powerlessly and uncontrolledly is fond behind the thoughts there where they attract the person under the influence of his passions and desires, this way channels to the lower class of an astral on which the spirit released from a body will be uncontrollably attracted to these layers break in space. Control over thoughts stops this opportunity in a root and exempts spirit from the lowest attractions. The control as though limiting freedom to thought, freedom guarantees to the person in World Aboveground.
615. (Guru). Once it is necessary to find in itself forces to uproot, without the rest, everything that doesn't correspond to level of a passable step. Too the payment that "I" keep contrary to expanded understanding and increasing requirements of the highest is great. The Maya of an allure it is dangerous that creates appeal illusion that has to avert and push away. Dark make it many efforts. It is hard to destroy their artful designs because they immediately invent new and throw up baits, as though absolutely harmless, but with the hidden poison inside. Recognition of various and diverse attractions of Maya demands big vigilance and experience.
616. (Dec. 7). Poisoning planet various garbage and the fulfilled substances of chemical and other plants very dangerously. Air of the cities is poisonous and saturated the gasoline reek of alcohol. The rivers and reservoirs are polluted and quickly grow stiff. The woods and animals are destroyed. The soil erosion destroys planet bark, its fertile layer. If the most urgent and effective measures aren't taken, destructive consequences of this process will have a pernicious effect on mankind health as a whole. There is no name to this terrible crime. It is necessary to imagine only that will be through some ten years if severe and drastic measures aren't taken to prevent death of people.
617. (M. A. Y.). All best people of a planet in whom the consciousness and understanding of the terrible threat which has hung over mankind wakened, have to unite to reject powerful pressure of powers of darkness which under new forms aspire besides, that is to kill on a planet and it to deaden life. It can be avoided if to think over how to prevent poisoning. And if now someone else didn't realize approaching danger, it is necessary that all realized it. The combined efforts of much it is possible to reach.
618. (Guru). The lower class of the Thin World is saturated with poisonous gases of decomposition. Poison gases and gases of the dense world get and there, strengthening an opoison of the astral world. Harm turns out already double. The areas of distribution of brown gas increase. Danger of poisoning of both worlds increases catastrophically. And people continue to sit at parliaments and at various conferences and to pass irresponsible decisions, without understanding that threat of death of mankind from their criminal actions rises in all growth.
619. (Dec. 8). Yes! The course of evolution is approved and goes in our Stronghold. People accept it or reject. Accepted – with Us, rejected – go to darkness. Each accepted multiplies in himself elements of Light and leaves the world dense in Thin, having saved up fires for realization them in qualities, abilities and the properties of spirit promoting its growth. In it sense of terrestrial embodiments and their purpose. Life is otherwise senseless. All living and shown is loaded with this purpose irrespective of, she is realized or not. The purpose of all shown forms – their evolution rather evolution of that internal essence which enliven an external form also is hidden in it just as in a cover of a seed future form of that tree which grows from it is hidden. Development of humanity would move forward with great strides if all realized for the sake of what they live on Earth. Emergence, blossoming and death of the whole states would get other value is perfect and would be understood in the light of the Space Law to which are subordinated not only born and perishing civilizations, but also planets, and the whole systems of the worlds, say, all real; when this understanding transfer in of sphere of life each separate of person that better of his life in a root. Externally it can remain as though the same, but its internal contents becomes perfect another. The person already knows that any even his low-slightest effort directed to self-improvement, won't go to waste, but will bear a fruit in time and will serve in the benefit and to it and surrounding. Service of evolution is true appointment of the person. What happiness when it can pass to the Thin World, carrying away with itself the rich accumulation which is so necessary to it for conscious stay in the Highest Worlds. No terrestrial riches can be compared to the saved-up spiritual treasure because terrestrial it is impossible to take with itself, and spiritual – it is possible. And not only take, but also light-bearer to realize it in World Aboveground. The person, nothing brought to that world and nothing saved up, than will live it there? Like the stone idol, there will be such person, nothing is realized, to stand among beauty and the most ample opportunities of the Highest Worlds when the free flights, new stays and acquisition of knowledge open to people. It is a lot of gifts and wonderful opportunities prepere for the person who has consciously entered a stream of world evolution.
620. (M. A. Y.). "Don't collect to itself treasures terrestrial" – as it is simple, clearly and the great Precept is briefly expressed! The fiery seal of extra temporariness is strong set on it. Here passed centuries, and it remains in force and never will lose the importance while people of treasure terrestrial will continue to prefer to the spiritual. Logic of evidence they acquit themselves, but only while on Earth. But as soon as there goes parting with Earth and a body physical, all justifications of acquisition of terrestrial riches scatter ashes and the great destruction expects grabbers. But the Life Doctrine even doesn't demand any dismissal from terrestrial things; it only speaks about that to consider nothing as the personal property and to all things which are available in hands, to look as at something not belonging to, but given for a while, in temporary use. And then poison of property isn't included into consciousness. Slaves to property – the most not free beings in World Aboveground.
621. (Guru). Pleasure in that, collector of true values of life can do it every day and in any conditions. It is important to know only that to collect and as. Think that for a feat any special circumstances are necessary. But it’s not so. Eremite’s yogis terrestrial make the way in a great privacy. But it so successfully can be made and in the thick of life usual. Not the external environment, but a condition of consciousness defines it because, the way of spirit lies inside. And, when it is found, accumulation of spiritual treasures is made freely and without delays, and independently already that externally surrounds the person.
622. (Dec. 9.). Growth in consciousness of the person of new accumulation allows it to change the life respectively. And, when life is transferred to thought, the consciousness as though follows already to conditions of Elevated stay. The thought easily submits to will if in the solution of will heart is put. Such merge does will monolithic. The monolith of the thought which hasn't been shared in turns out. "The house divided in won't resist", but association of thought and heart excludes this danger. It does possible restraint of an astral and submission his ox. Main thing that any movement in an astral no happens contrary will. His willfulness has to be bridled. It is very important to understand thus, what even not bad action, but made against will, destroys it. Even during a dream the astral shouldn't work in a contradiction with the will order. It very obediently follows its decisions if they are repeatedly approved before withdrawal to a dream. The dismissed actions of an astral in a dream break harmony of a condition. The person won't be able to give up smoking, despite all his happy thoughts, yet won't enclose in them heart. The strong full-string desire of heart gives thoughts strength, and there is a thought going from heart, powerful, invincible and monolithic in the expression, that is not divided in it. Doubts, fluctuations, instability, uncertainty is all these consequences of a condition of consciousness which assimilates in itself to the divided house. There is a thought brain and thought warm, there is a will brain and the will going from heart. When heart fires are lit, its energy becomes invincible. The word going from a brain is empty because it is deprived of the contents; the word going from heart, saturated fiery thought, and its influence is very strong. It is necessary to lead to association and in full harmony will, heart and thought, and then there is a thought monolithic and powerful.
623. (M. A. Y.). The analysis of a mental condition allows seeing the thoughts which aren't in harmony with once and for all planned purpose at the corresponding control. The aspiration and advance to it always have to be expedient, without deviations, delays and fluctuations. The vagrant, third-party and unnecessary thoughts constantly interfering in consciousness and demanding to time and attention are thus expelled. They is to anything. It is better to think one thought out, than to allow hundreds vagabonds. Experiment will quickly show, how many they crowd at a consciousness threshold, and everyone wants to enter. Also it is necessary to understand that all these thoughts aren't "I", but something absolutely separate of it, and that they can be thrown out ruthlessly from consciousness without any damage, and that all of them demand supervision of them and protection from them as among them the very harmful come across also. All inutile thoughts are harmful at least only because take itself a place of thoughts useful and necessary. But weed and dirty thoughts are harmful certainly because serve as a barrier to connection of aura with Light of space. In the inner world of thoughts the Supreme judge and the lord is the person. This statement becomes truth when it is possible to feel that thoughts is something separate of the person, something being aside and coming from outside that the person "есмь" independently and separately from thoughts because over them the power is given it, and, even having rejected them everything, he doesn't cease to feel the life and the "I".
624. (Dec. 10). Usually dark don't work directly, but through dark, greyish and almost white. These intermediaries of dark influences, of course, are responsible for it because dark properties through which and on which the darkness has the impact, are available in them it is available. These are unconscious employees of darkness. Now, when there is a great division of mankind on evil and good poles, cooperation with darkness defines an attraction to camp of dark opponents of Light. Even in small things this hopelessness of sons of darkness comes to light. Also it would seem, and small actions of an opposite to Light, but they steadily involve small evil-make in an orbit of dark influences. Their eyes on angrily caused and the hopelessness will once open also, but will be already late something to change and to correct because time of great division of mankind is process irreversible. Accepted Me – mine accept; rejected Me – reject both mine and to them counteract differently. Be not deceived by essence of bad counteractions, because their source – from darkness focus. Dark attacks on mine approach them to Me, separating from Me unusable. Enemies of Light condemn themselves in darkness. And the self-condemnation it makes great last selection.
625. (Guru). It is impossible to fight successfully with dark if own darkness isn't realized and it isn't overcome. In this overcoming in itself the properties which are subject to a get rid, the guarantee of a victory over darkness is put. Each victory over is blow to darkness. And a full victory over – breaking blow to all creeping, hiding and planning the evil. The one, who won against itself is approved as the winner of darkness.
626. (Dec. 11). Fight goes in both worlds. And, passing to the Thin World, it is necessary to remember it and to be ready and there to opposition to darkness. Way of the pupil – a way special. Isn't present so desired to people of rest? The pupil when forces are settled has a right to rest also, - but at some their inexhaustible stock. Some refuse Devachan consciously to help Us. Immersion in personally subjective condition full of delightful experiences isn't compatible to super personal severe labor for the public good. As well and replenishment of knowledge demands awake consciousness. Service voluntary is in of all worlds. Special difficulty to direct consists in to breaking karma and a free will. And therefore it is very important that the aspiration of the pupil coincided with will of the Teacher in full harmony with it and that his actions were self-proceeding from him, without the statement from the Head. At the same time it is required from the pupil and ardent, strong-willed counteraction to all dark attempts to force it to descend from a way. The way of an apprenticeship is difficult. But growth of spirit can't already stop anything. Having failed in life usual, dark expand the efforts, transferring them partially to the Thin World, and influence in a dream an astral body. If the order of consciousness is unshakable, their night attempts aren't successful. But it is necessary to strengthen astral resilience nevertheless as it is defenseless if it isn't protected consciously. In this case has special value everything that was accepted and approved in consciousness earlier. Everything that isn't cleared and not gets rid is an attraction magnet for dark attempts. Knowing weaknesses of the character and yet get rid shortcomings, it is possible to strengthen resilience in these directions wakefulness of spirit and the statement of thought before withdrawal to a dream. It is necessary to stand and in a condition of wakefulness, and in a dream.
627. (M. A. Y.). Special gloating show dark when can torment and deliver sufferings to people. On this sign also you judge, you won't be mistaken. It is impossible to begin to sound in unison with them and to answer them with the same. The blow can be struck matually, but in balance full, without allowing any spiteful feelings. But not all are capable of it. Admissible indignation of the Spirit, but only not rage and desire to revenge, or bad pleasure, when your torturers start paying bills is allowed.They will receive and so all wholly, but is inadmissible to get confused in evil-make networks because these can connect karmic themselves with them. The karma will take care of them and without us. Balance shouldn't be broken under no circumstances.
628. (Guru). As it is systematic, elegantly and purposefully learns life all too new and new lessons at the school. It is possible to think over it. Having thought, you will see the Leading Hand. But it is necessary to show completeness of trust not to become hardened, to be saddened and to fall into doubt. And the main thing, even thoughts not to assume that are left or forgotten. Formula of life go – "I with you always".
629. (Dec. 12). The thought uplifts to Light tops. The thought overthrows to the gloom abyss. So many depends on thought. Change of thoughts changes both their direction, and consciousness movement, and its attraction to the spheres determined by thought. I want to emphasize that thoughts can be changed randomly, that is at desire or the solution of will. In other words, thoughts can be operated. The discipline of work is the best method of mastering by thought. Lightful work demands both tension, and concentrations. Favorite creative activity uplifts consciousness to lightful spheres of thought. The discipline of work brings to power over thoughts. The thought is a basis. On it having approved and it having seized, there is a person the lord of elements because elements submit to thought. The consciousness of mankind has to grow to understanding of responsibility for thoughts before owning this power. At the present situation this force will be directed to destruction of each other and therefore its delivery is premature.
630. (M. A. Y.). If the thought inspires, carries away in the future and approaches to the Teacher, it is good certainly. And it is even not important, whether the dreams connected with thought if it made the business will come true, – both ennobled, and shined consciousness. On wings of dream the person in the future directs and builds to it the bridge. When in the past everything is burned, there is a future, sparkling all opportunities of achievements. Immovability’s of the past and to its fossilized forms is opposed plasticity of the future and new forms of a phenomenon of life, crystallized in space by creative thought of the person. Person – the creator of new forms of life which are possible for carrying out only in the future because the present as it is is only a past consequence, and in it can't be changed anything if not to take the future lever in hand.
631. (Guru). Mobility in thoughts is more important, than mobility of a body. In thoughts it is possible to fly about the world. What idle occupation – will be told by the ignoramus? What fine exercise for future flights of thin and mental bodies – will tell the learned? So, matters not only thought, but also the attitude towards her and feeling its sense. Understanding leads to mastering or, in any case, precedes it. It is necessary to realize flight qualities of thought well.
632. (Dec. 13). Our next employees remain those in all lives and in all worlds, whatever covers invested them. It is difficult to imagine it, but their communication with Hierarchy of Light is so strong that no conditions any more interrupt it. Therefore it is possible to be sure that each of them always on Service. The knowledge of this circumstance allows stretch a thread of communication with each of them in this direction. The knowledge of this circumstance allows stretching a thread of communication with each of them in this direction. And in the sphere of Service to General Welfare far contacts become possible. It is correct to believe that the Guru, having left a body, continues to work in the accepted direction and will continue, having entered into a new body. Our affairs don't interrupt death of a physical body our next because the external cover of their spirit has for them no value. Nothing prevents them to work with Us in common. For someone the future either doesn't exist, or represents itself something foggy and uncertain, and for someone it is clearly outlined by contours of the Great Plan. Day the memorable Guru we will celebrate profound understanding of sense of Great Changes occurring in the world.
633. (M. A. Й.). The profound understanding of the Doctrine of Live Ethics allows to erase borders between life and death and to stretch a life thread far beyond this embodiment. The world this and that merge in consciousness to the unique and undivided world, and not interruptibility of consciousness gives the chance to enter into an orbit of reality fiery. Immortality becomes reality, and the future – the sphere of its manifestation. Expansion of consciousness has huge value for spirit life because anyhow and then to capture shining possibilities of achievements. Gate if only didn't interrupt are open for the directed and learning spirit and advance wasn't slowed down.
634. (Guru). I will call all when time of the action, all not forgotten me, all directed, everything who put Agni Yogi's Doctrine in the basis of the life will come. To all called it was given, to everyone on the capacity of the brought jugs, and each received I will ask that he made with the received treasure as increased it, whether lost and as prepared itself for entering in judgment to it a field of activity. The reasons put once as seeds of future shoots, will sprout spiritual achievements which will be very necessary in the future. We plan our actions rather their consequences, far forward. And our care of that our employees didn't lose anything from this that was given them but that everyone bore fruits of the aspirations and accumulation to judgment term.
635. (Dec. 14). Any violent attempt to lift the veil will adversely respond on an organism. It is necessary to provide it to own natural development, without forcing process and without breaking balance of covers. Physical, astral and mental balance is established respectively in physical, astral and mental conductors. It is easy to break it, but difficultly to restore therefore it is better not to break. At violation of balance the protecting network suffers, dark creatures get access to internal radiations of a microcosm of the person. Even in the house usual for the night windows and doors are closed, especially the protecting network has to block access to darkness. Even simple restraint of movements, thoughts, and feelings, and, of course, words serves as fine protection of an organism against third-party invasions. Our pupils learn reserved reticence. Freedom of spirit consists not in dissoluteness or unruliness of feelings, but in full mastering by them. It also will be discipline of freedom. Dissoluteness leads to slavery of the person at the covers and to mentality violation. The skilled operator quietly and surely operates the most difficult car, as also the person who has seized energy of the psychophysical device.
636. (Guru). Even that was given to people hundred years ago, to not conformably moment in some details and statement details, but demands the new forms answering to a spirit of the age. And new to people it is given in forms such which within long centuries will meet requirements of mankind and to satisfy them in process of the further growth and consciousness development. Therefore we won't be surprised that a lot of things in books of the Doctrine are yet cognizable. The doctrine is given forward for the huge period of time and will be acquired according to mankind progress. Main feature of its provisions is inexhaustibility, however, as well, as each true Doctrine in its Fundamental principles.
637. (Dec. 15). Waves one for another of constantly being replaced moods and experiences slide consign to the past. But the one, who meets them, remains only looking at this stream of the various phenomena rushing by it. And, even knowing, it is difficult to separate itself from a stream and not to identify itself with it. Both the future and all terrestrial life as will be carried by before consciousness as the past was carried by, and leave nothing after itself, except these movies of last events. Therefore the wise separates the "I" from this rushing stream of quickly flashing events, understanding that Looking and that, on what He Looks, – are various. Also and the Teacher, and Hierarchy of Light is above all. They – out of a stream, and it is possible to hold Them strong, meeting all new and new waves. From the Stronghold as tops of the highest mountain, it is possible to observe quietly the current stream, without being involved in it. This dismissal from the external can reach such tension and such force, what even fire which is burning down a body, isn't felt as consciousness. You know examples of such self-profound eminence of spirit when the person doesn't see and doesn't hear anything, the events outside. When it is heavy intolerable, be approved and stronger on the unshakable and strong basis, on Hierarchy of Light. Also understand that this support is strongest.
638. (M. A. Y.). The rhythm of everyday Communication which isn't able not to be broken by anything external, serves as though as a motionless core of a spiral on which external rounds the stream of the phenomenal phenomena rushes. This center of self-profound understanding the highest "I" can become the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life if accumulation of spirit allows to be approved on it. Really, he no from other-worldly constantly replaces each other phenomena. To find this support in itself and the one who wants to reach immortality has to be approved on it unshakably and to enter Boundlessness. The eternal Life promised by the Lord, other-worldly, but it is also it is achievable.
639. (Dec. 16). The value of movement to Earth face that the aura doesn't grow to one place and consciousness doesn't become thanks to it motionless. At long stay in the same conditions from the person threads to each habitual subject are stretched as though and connect it with this subject. Mentally it is surrounded with habitual walls and a situation which strongly crystallize in mental images. The mental prison in which their lives consciousness turns out, without feeling it, that is without feeling and without realizing this psych imprisonment. This prison when the person considers it and everything that in it, the integral property is especially strong. If owing to karmic restrictions of people it is chained to one place, to move in imagination, in the spirit of to fly about the world and mentally to visit other places anybody and can prohibit nothing it. Mobility is necessary, and first of all – in thoughts.
640. (M. A. Y.). Mental influence the people each at other very strongly and especially then, when it accompanied by various emotions. And it is difficult to be exempted from it as it is impossible to be exempted from quality of air which we inhale. Sometimes this pressure of foreign auras is felt very heavy, strengthening ease and feeling of freedom when these people though for a while somewhere leave. The karma forces to live at times and longtime near such aggravating individuals saddening life and pressing on consciousness. The karma exempts from such people only.
641. (Guru). Only having realized the phenomenon of mental prison into which the spirit on Earth is put, it is possible to start being exempted from it. Release – in the spirit of and therefore emphasis is placed on life of spirit and aspiration to transfer life to thought. The thought can't be concluded in any fetters if its nature is realized and if wings aren't tied it. Thought we call winged. The thought can release from the mental conclusion only.
642. (Guru). How to shake your belief was promoted by adverse living conditions, remember always that Bases are unshakable. Having approved strongly on Bases, it is possible to sustain everything and to come out the winner from any tests because, you will know that they temporarily
643. (M. A. Y.). The right is useful to think sometimes of Those Who Passed the terrestrial way, bearing on the shoulders all weight of the Cross. Not for Itself Bore, but for the world. Not for the sake of Itself Came to Earth, but for the sake of people. And for a next world which was Born by Them to people, Received from them a full measure of abuses, mockery and sufferings. Taking the Way, Them passable and Them showing, know that if pursued them, will pursue also you if them drove, and you will drive and torment. Also be grateful to destiny if all this can be sustained because that They Sustained was over forces human. Also all your weights not will seem then to you so heavy and invincible.
644. (Dec. 18). When we Speak about refusal of property, we mean also refusal of property on thought. Thoughts – the same general property, as well as other material values. But the spatial thought which has lit up someone's consciousness, isn't a product of his own creativity, but is apprehended by it from spatial storage. Therefore the richness of spiritual thoughts belongs not to the pupil, but the Teacher Who, in turn, is the receiver and the transmitter of thoughts on the Hierarchy chain. You remember words: "I In itself anything, but the Father staying in Me, He Create". The pupil always realizes that glory of affairs not him, but Hierarchy of Light. The person being the receiver of spatial thoughts won't attribute them to himself and to apply for the property right to them. Thoughts are property universal. And We appreciate very much ability to perceive them. The merit of the person, able to perceive them, consists in ability of expanded consciousness to transfer the apprehended thoughts to forms and to do them by this way cognizable other people. Refused the imagined property right to thoughts has the right to free communication with them and their perception from spheres of the mental world.
645. (M. A. Y.). And still the person remains responsible for thoughts because thoughts happen different: both good, and bad, and even the criminal; and answerable because, that choice and nature of the thoughts arriving in his consciousness depend any more on thoughts, but on him. That assumed that attracted with what prefers to communicate what brings to extent of transformation them in actions, for those and answers. The kind person prefers thoughts of good, angry – angry. And for the preference is responsible. And that the bad thought can be sent intentionally from outside, doesn't exempt it from liability if it is accepted and approved by it, that is approved by his will in its inner world.
646. (Guru). Action, even the most intimate, created in the depth of heart, has nevertheless spatial and universal value, that is concerns all because secrecy, invisibility and an separability exist only on the plan of visibility dense. But there are spheres where there is nothing secret that doesn't become obvious. And even hidden thought, existing in space, it is invisible can influence everyone who is capable with it accord in unison. Therefore the behavior of the person alone with itself before a face of Space has even more responsible value, than its visible affairs and acts.
647. (M. A.Y.). Often you see, you hear and you read that people speak about the loneliness. And it is frequent the mighty of the earth surrounded with shine and glory, were in great loneliness, and there were no relatives about them and devoted people. This feeling of loneliness is promoted even more by those, as diseases, and sufferings it is necessary to endure personally, and even the loved one doesn't feel those pains which the patient should have. All experiences of the person are individual. It can be in deep despair while with it nearby sitting it is quite happy. It can be in deep despair while with it nearby sitting it is quite happy. Also the person one dies, and the woman torment gives birth to children, personally enduring the sufferings. This internal loneliness is caused as though by the karma. And therefore it is strongly necessary to appreciate when on a way the friend, true and devoted up to the end meets. "To loneliness anything will change", but the devoted friend won't change also. "The loyal friend you appreciate, true so there aren't enough friends".
648. (Guru). About impact of color on mentality of the person It was spoken and told quite a lot. But one is thus lost sight: the person influence not only colors which he sees a physical eye, but also what it mentally causes before itself, or imagines. After all, say, color of green foliage, getting through eyes to his consciousness, becomes not physical, but visualization which remains in it if it closes eyes. And such representation in effect not differs any more from the representation caused mentally. It should be realized and understood why visualization of this or that color before it influences at the sufficient brightness and clearness as it is strong, as well as the color perceived physically arriving in eyes from the outside. Lighttherapy is a medicine of the future. While we will note that if blue color calms, red raises. Combination of flowers it is possible, like combinations of sound chords, or to calm nervous system of the person, or to make active it. Color powerfully influences the person – as color usual, seen by an eye, and the color caused by it before mentally.
649. (Dec. 21). Everything can be worried, "knowing, Whose Board over you", and, worrying, to increase Fiery Treasures of the Stone. The live person can't lose experiences, but knowing knows their purpose. Only the understanding of expediency allows maintaining everything unshakably. The way of the blind is gloomy. Knowing and ignorant is what striking distinction between them. Let's learn to know, without being confused a payment. The more the knowledge is more paid for it. For nothing it is given nothing. The highest payment – suffering. Fiery the directed spirit through it inevitably passes. But isn't sorry paying because knows – for what. Understanding of the purpose far inflexible force allows go on the way of Light. Force each gain and achievement undertake. Someone thinks to receive so simply, without heavy works. Hopes are vain. It is better to [them] not to approach. Who was strongly approved in beat aspirations, can succeed, and even the unattainable. Complexity in that inflaming Light isn't visible bearing it. The Beam isn't visible, but is notable. Spirit treasures aren't visible by an eye terrestrial. If saw, unless would crucify Light Carriers? Gain of spheres of various tensions goes in parallel with Agni's growth inside. What treasure – Agni's each sparkle and as it is necessary to bring together him both to protect, and to protect from squandering and violation! Pleasure it is possible what to accumulate every day.
650. In light of the increased and growing understanding of things, you can return to the methods of accumulation of Agni. Restraint is good, but restraint, a skill the conscious energy under constant review and issuing it’s always less than is the case with the uncontrolled issuance, resulting in exhaustion. State of exhaustion is not allowed. It is a pity and is very unconvincing. Better to keep silent than to be a phenomenon of exhaustion. Control of movements and gestures are very useful, but the controls are permanent. It is not good to show this control only on time in order to prevent licentiousness and then again start waving your hands or cause leak energy nervous movements. Every endeavor in the field of self-control must be complete. It is difficult in the area of thought. But here the success achieved, if, especially in the beginning, just doesn't allow thoughts to fly for some, once taken before, but now the undesirable ways. Here's here need continuous monitoring. The mastery of thought is key accomplishments. That, who no might command himself oneself and irreproachably carry these orders, no might command and others. Do nothing and without consequences in space like hang mental orders. The road goes through to master its own microcosm, through submissive membranes will. Should be subject to three: the physical, Astral and mental. And what we cannot accomplish in one incarnation, could be achieved in the next or the next, if the aspiration strongly enough. Together with the teacher much can be achieved.
651. (M. A. Y.). These records are important for spatial saturation of surrounding areas clear and certain forms of thought present consciousness. How much is coming off their daily and rhythmically with the pipeline heading toward the Lord of consciousness and how many have gotten away! The space is cemented. They fill it; they vibrate and live their lives, full of fire. The aura of the planet is enriched with these forms. Being created in the vein of other than the vibration of habitual thinking, they actively come to grips with fuzzy, muddled and dark products of mental activity of humans. Images of truth are fighting in space – this is their special significance. That stronger and brighter looking consciousness the fiery of thought, what powerful and longer she of the action - correctly remembered about hermits-Yoga. Creative power of their thoughts especially fruit-bearer, and particularly nurtures the aura of the planet, and imbues the space. Dread is importance of spatial thought.
652. (Guru). Many attempts start the practical study of thought and apply it in different areas, all the way to the military. But with no synthetic understanding of this great energy, understanding given the teachings of Life, all these attempts will not give the desired effect. And especially sad if this energy directed towards the destruction, as happened with the energy of an atomic nucleus,-because before the time much not distribution. All knowledge, especially knowledge of the unseen, is a double-edged sword, meaning it can be used for good and for evil. Atlantis perished as a result of such abuse, - and now the darkness of the frenzy again pushing humanity to the abuse those scientific discovery and achievements, which in good-use make to people happy and the planet – the bloom garden.
653. (Dec. 22). Peace is built on the principle of conformity and harmonies. The flower from the ground, air and absorbs from the Sun that can assimilate regulatory and develops due to this. The process takes place on the basis of attraction Affinitive elements. All life is living this way. Phenomenon of transmutation into orbit by the gravity of matter and energy based on of the conformity. Transmutes and assimilates, of course, fire. Therefore, all life has a certain degree of glow from a fire in his heart. However, lights and so called inorganic matter, truth, slightly differently. Very instructive to watch it glows in various plants, especially medicinal. Healing properties are bound to experience such plants or Fire its crystallization. Various properties of these crystals help to cure from certain diseases. In this regard, especially interesting ginseng, followed by Valerian, strophant, mint, eucalyptus and various resins. Laboratory of nature is very rich. But you need to know. Former sorcerers and the grandmas collecting curative herbs in the wood and meadows, knew features of many herbs. Herbal treatment has a profound basis, but unfortunately, a lot of things forgotten and lost. In addition to the specific properties of herbs and plants, it is important to establish the principle of conformity requires sick body. Much clearer and could be eased if sufficient sophistication sense-knowledge, which helps determine what plant in each specific case will be healthy, will give the body what it needs. Dogs, cats and other animals, especially wild, know what they need to be treated. Grass so, when one speaks about human sense-knowledge in this same regard, does not mean anything unusual or mysterious. People a lot more dog that did quickly finds and eats the grass you want.
654. (M. A. Y.). The horse never seeing wolves starts shivering and worrying at their approach. The proximity of a tiger acts animals especially ustrashayushche. Animals know instinctively, what danger threatens them. And what such is instinct? It is correct to consider an instinct hidden or unconscious, knowledge. It covers a huge number of the phenomena. It is closely connected with reasonable activity which is obviously visible in life of ants, bees and termites. The reason of the Nature is very deep and poured everywhere. At desire it isn't so difficult to see expediency of manifestations of the Nature and action of the principle of compliance, or accords. Nature book is most interesting of all books.
655. (Guru). Usefulness of nature is manifested in action its laws – laws of its desirable. The great goal of the evolution of sentient being they have before him. This is their meaning. Not cruelty calls several phenomena, but expediency. It would seem, as weeds, no useful and harmful? But even they, covering the field and perishing, each year accumulate fruitful the layer and create of the foot for future, more useful vegetation. On the surface a lot to nature may seem impractical, but knowledge says the opposite. Also the inevitable death of every living form is a condition for its development and improvement.
656. (M. A. Y.). It would be desirable you, about me not forgotten, to bring together all around. Also I will collect when time will come. Confidence of it you store. Magnetic strength of mind is great. Especially brightly it is shown in space when the spirit is exempted from a body. This force is movable by aspiration. Knowing the direction and essence of aspirations, it is possible to define in advance where the released spirit will be attracted. On Earth aspiration – in Elevated implementation or achievement of to whom or to what the spirit is directed. It was told: "On your belief it will be given you". It is possible to add: "And on aspiration".
657. (Guru). The sun rises every day-old, but always updated Sun, not repeating itself ever again. Repetition is not possible, because the whole system is sweeping through space to a distant star. Also is unique and every day brings new opportunities, new promotion. But they have to be able to see. Not established, they rush by. If the world of earthly peace causes, in the subtle world of investigation yielding, how much responsibility each moment of life when people can do these causes inevitable consequence to them are consistent with.
658. (Dec. 23). Spear over a dragon vigilant – a symbol concerning not only the person and his fight against the passions, but also the Decree reminding of need of continuous wakefulness and patrol from dark attacks and various shifts of darkness. They constantly watch and are ready to harm every instant as soon as will notice that intensity, vigilance and readiness for protection weakened. It is impossible to give in to the moods, able to stop or lower a patrol. We is on the Guard of the world always, - It we Call Guards Great. Life teaches the pupil to this constancy of patrol. The break in patrol usually is followed immediately by blow from the dark. They very much don't love the edge directed on them. The soldier, whom enemies took unawares, hardly will manage to be protected successfully. You remember constancy of patrol from darkness. Different tricks they seek to break it then to work freely.
659. (M. A. Y.). The network serves as a powerful barrier protection, but only when it is in perfect order is supported by the will and the relationship to the Hierarchy of Light.
660. (Guru). Watch spirit called Sacred, because strong resistance of consciousness, communication with the Hierarchy of light and constant readiness to withstand the darkness and plead before the Bishop. One can imagine the grief Teacher, when he sees the Sentinel, the Hung spirit, threw a weapon and have forgotten your duty. And he puts himself at risk and harms the common good, for it violates the planetary fortress of light and it’s no perforation network for darkness. Whatever happens outside or inside, the watch remains non-replaceable and strong.
661. (M. A. Y.). And it is necessary to live after all how heart against that inevitability with which life surrounds rose. And it is necessary to pass through it. It is necessary to pass through everything that is given by karma, and to pass without exasperation, despondency, discontent and condemnation. The pupil has to develop many qualities in him. And as most it is difficultly to execute it, the school of life comes to the rescue. It is necessary to understand only that all this on advantage.
662. (Guru). If there is no "Castle standing" without at least one "righteous", as it is as important in the ocean of humanity these towers that support the spirit of fire, protecting the planetary network of light! After all, even a simple bridge is in need of change. The Tower of the spirit is the pillars of humanity. Without them, chaos and darkness would reign on Earth. It is understood that the power Light goes through them the vibrations. The human body has the powerful energy. One man can change the destiny of the people, and under A Hierarchy – and the planet. Destruction of Atlantis was caused by mankind, directed the energies of destruction.
663. (Guru). No need of anything to give, but need to learn, what should be discarded, and to control will, firm and steadfast. It has been said that the same action can be performed in freedom or slavery, whether good, or bad. Teacher did not need slaves, in whatever form is slavery or phenomenon.
664. (M. A. Y.). All covers because all are mortal are dumped. But gives them the contents and spiritualizes their enduring in the person. This enduring, never-dying, immortal it is possible to learn to see through external, temporary covers. In what this enduring is shown? Before of all is in qualities of spirit. From the remote past the person brings them with himself, as well as many sympathies, antipathies, tendencies, tastes and even habits. All this comes to light in its temporary covers, but all this is stored much more deeply, in the sphere of its Immortal Triad. Often in the small child these properties are shown already early. In four, five years already come to light musical abilities. The child plays a piano or shows phenomenal abilities to languages or to something to another. Occur, that come and extremely negative properties of the nature. In a word, the accumulation of the Bowl collected in antecedents; remain strongly, despite change of all covers. Them studying, it is possible to define elements enduring in the being and to start accumulating them consciously, rejecting everything disturbing to spirit evolution. Enough of these enduring positive properties, or qualities, spirit gives the chance to it for conscious stay in the Highest Spheres, in a kingdom of the Immortal Triad.
665. (Dec. 24). Process of struggle is a constant condition of the pupil. After all it moves forward, and advance means replacement old new, that is lifting from a step on a step when something, apparently, good on one of previous steps, becomes unnecessary and inappropriate on following. It is impossible to acquire all qualities at once, but to approve at least to some extent everyone it is possible, doing it is persistent and consecutive and as sounding of the closest. The teacher usually puts in such provisions which cause strengthening of the qualities needing the statement. The qualities approved thus grant the right to an entrance to the Highest Spheres of the World. It was already said that qualities of spirit are containers of fires. Courage fires, either devotion, or aspirations are fine. Burning heart concludes them in itself. And heart is immortal. Not about a piece of muscles and fabrics I Speak, but about the fiery energy pulsing eternally in the person, in whatever cover it was or even having dumped everything and having remained in Light body. The kernel of spirit pulses this energy. To live psych life of all heart – means to transfer life to area enduring, eternally staying in the person.
666. Yes, Yes, it is. Thinking about the subject, unite with him in of the cinscousness. Subtle vision sees it. Introducing yourself to a certain form of wrap and enter into it. Create form a thought. Familiar forms close to the consciousness and surround it. And each is ready to enshrine himself as only its creator consciousness in combination with her. Magnet is wide and depends on the form of force attached to the idea. Each tends to consciousness, its begetting. And each tends to tune it to the space. This is a bridge to a certain sector of the subtle world. The thought has a magic carpet for consciousness. Using it, you can team up with the desired fields. The Consolidator can serve as prayer, or aspiration or desire. People can be physically motionless, but the ship thought it far away from the body. We should grasp the opportunity of thoughts. Have to master them. No for thought limitations other than those that impose the creator himself thought his consciousness. It is necessary to know anyone where admitted his thoughts consciousness. Control becomes possible if consciously set the thought. The accumulated energy is constantly on the thoughts of beget. Each thought pulsing energy under this node. Psych mechanic thoughts see clearly on the mental. Process of mastering the thought is exciting. You can create all the thought. There are no limits to the creative possibilities of thought on its manifestations in the spirit world. The fire power of thought is everything, - though brain is limited to energy brain, but the heart the thought-force fire heart. The energy of the heart knows no limits. Follow your heart. Consciousness, harmonically merges with the heart, is power. Monolith action is the brain, heart, and mind, fully agreed that already there is no place for doubt, or hesitation, no fluctuations. Ray heart Owns Arhat. If the idea is something new, it can still break. The evolution of the World We thought we create.
667. Division of spirit permits many phenomena. Our parcels can be perceived, feeling in the room, and in it is possible to try to concern Us thought. It is easy to understand it, having destroyed illusion of distances and a reparability from Us; in of top point of a pyramid pour in one distinctions of all measurements, so tactile and strong on Earth. Impossible on the plan of dense visibility it is easy and possible in the World of the Highest measurements. The future of mankind is issued there.
668. (Guru). You want to reach? But with things there don't let in where you want to reach. Means, all things, all load so heavy pressing on shoulders, it is necessary to leave below. It is necessary to leave much that was so habitual that it seemed to darlings, attracting, desired. Maya tying wings of spirit all these ghosts. But they are very affectionate, and many are harmful and dangerous that if in time not to reject them, they will follow further while finally won't enslave spirit. While fight lasts, the victory and final release from them are possible. Dreams can show survivability of that was once allowed and made by the person. The will has to get stronger so, that display force of the final decision and in reality and in a dream
669. (Guru). Service to Light and feat become inevitable when accumulation of the Bowl is rather great. They push spirit on this Service, and then Great Making becomes both available, and possible. Fiery energy of accumulation can't be already more constrained; so created itself the exploit all the heroes, the devotees, all Great Spirits; so Gave to people the accumulated treasures of spirit Carriers of Great Light; Light to the world Bore and with that Shined ways to mankind in the future.
670. (M. A. Y.). Where everything merges into the light, where all is one, do not disassemble, from where or from who goes lightfull thoughts. One is focus of existence. The focus of the hierarchy of light is lit with thousands of lights. And anyone looking to her spirit is always what particularly harmoniously with its consonanceessence. In the father's House are many mansions and everyone will find something for you? Here on Earth, all temporary and permanent. And there we come back every time after the completion of the cycle the next incarnation. Father's House is the notion of secret things. To increase it, you might think about it whenever I move away to sleep, since sleep is death is like. Having ears let hear.
671. (Guru). Let's unite Light and in Light. And therefore it is so important that the lightful essence of the person wasn't saddened by anything that from darkness. For this purpose Show the Sacred Patrol protecting a microcosm of the person from invasion into it of dark influences. Experiment shows, how usual terrestrial conditions facilitate approach dark and give the chance to them to influence the person. You know, what even they dared to come nearer to the Highest Spirits. It is impossible to wave away carelessly from attempts dark, it is possible and to get to their snare. It is better to keep sharp-sighted, vigilant vigilance always.
672. (Dec. 25). To rejoice to foreign pleasure and others opportunities it is disinterested – already achievement. It is so possible to enter into a circle of many consciousnesses and subjects to be exempted from egoism eventually to start living interests of all mankind; only to go out from shell of own aura. If at least once to feel, what freedom it gives, will open this feeling a way to work for the public good, the work giving the highest pleasure and satisfaction to spirit. This pure, not personal, not egoistical pleasure lifts consciousness, as if on wings. How much coherence in personal interests is so much freedom in the super personal? To teach people to give, without connecting itself a bribe, will be big achievement. But at times the high spiritual donation is accompanied by unconscious thought of requital for it, about desire of recognition and appreciation, say, about any compensation for the benefits given to people. It is egoism weaves the web in which the spirit gets confused. The sun sends the beams and light to space, receiving nothing in exchange, and the main thing, demanding nothing for it. Be as the sun.
673. That the mankind already knows as a whole, and that it is necessary to learn still, is so great and is extensive that only the synthetic understanding will allow capture this huge area. Specialization any more won't do at all because the vsevmeshcheniya doesn't allow; from here denial of the undoubted results. That the person denies, ceases to exist for his consciousness because it is excluded from it. Denial basis is ignorance. A lot of harm all-planet is generated by it;We Suggest tknow simply without prejudiced unreasonable denials. A lot of courage is necessary for such approach because exaggerated authorities stand a barrier. Only think how many false theories and the same scientific representations were already rejected by mankind. The cemetery of this garbage is great. And also once people believed in indisputability of these scientific fabrications. After all only several centuries ago people not know that blood circulates in a human body. People didn't know much, just as not know and now in proud self-conceit of false science. But new opening already advance its run and really declare the space right to recognition them mankind. We stand in anticipation of great opening.
674. Herbal therapy is of deepest antiquity, but much is lost. Each grass and flower, every plant, berries and fruits have their hidden, occult properties, as well as every metal or chemical element of the scale. They are expressed in smell, colour, taste, sound, and vibration form of the plants, the key element or substance. A bouquet of flowers, or alloy sometimes has tremendous power, if drawn up harmoniously, and can have a powerful effect on the human body; vast this region, losing humanity of the knowledge. Much collected and stored by Us. To this we must add the colored lights and vibrations of thought, Prana and magneto of water of different composition. Powerful laboratory of the human body requires appropriate elements for their functioning, law-based matches. Medicine of the future will be a lot to know. Will help the body to determine the radiation imagery required substances. Scope of future knowledge is limitless. Each grass keeps for her gift. Horoscope indicates basic properties of the organism, on his relationship with flowers, and metals, and the spatial beams. Sound can also be successfully treated as color or odor. The vibrations of the human voice can produce beneficial results and even heal or disrupt the equilibrium of the human apparatus, causing illness. Soda, lithium and some other elements that are part of different medications, have special properties. Once the rings, bracelets and wore head wraps, using hidden properties of metals and their alloys. Even now attempts are being made to wear bracelets made of alloys of different metals for the treatment of rheumatism and even pressure. Could issue a lot, but people are misused. Accumulation of Oriental medicine is valuable. Medicine should be one, universal, unifying all of the accumulated by mankind.
675. (M. A. Y.). We hurry to impart knowledge because, there aren't enough the receivers, capable to perceive. Once situation will change and perceptions will pour down a wide stream via sensitive devices but while it isn't present. And everyone, even very distinguished, the organism is limited by the properties. You sharply feel how leaving from the terrestrial plan of the receiver next to the Lord and the transmitter of its vibrations is heavy reflected in you. Replacements aren't present. And who will replace your individual receiver? Who will continue records? So it is necessary to understand not repeatability value. It will be estimated in centuries. While it is necessary seek record everything that can apprehend consciousness.
676. (Guru). Sometime and somewhere, but still have to shake off the fruits of their Ripley aspirations. Confidence in that we will not lose, because cause and effect are linked straight thread. Conquering its edge is the fact that in its grain. The law is immutable. Finish with the words of your vigor for it shall be given you.
677. (Dec. 26). From sad contact with rough living conditions a consolation in the future. It is necessary to recognize the future as inevitability, but such in which details are created and under construction imagination and will of the person according to evolution requirements. Dark too build the future, but contrary to evolution and therefore their not light-future is sad also. In the future it is possible to direct consciously, planning steps of improvement of spirit. When the imagination created a desirable form, opportunities will be attracted magnitno to it. The current of karma is caused by magneto of last fulfillments. The magnet of karma is concluded in aura of the person. Radiations of aura create an environment of its carrier and cause relationship with this environment. The coward will be bitten by each dog, but even the furious wild animal won't dare to rush on Agni Yoga. The reasons of external trouble should be looked for inside. When they are eliminated, external trouble leaves. The karma of relatives usually should be divided, and then the reasons can disappear and in their auras. To be exempted from an undesirable karma, it is necessary to pay old debts. Each payment bears in itself release. To payment, even involuntary, the wise rejoices. The heavy karma is the strengthened and fast payment of former debt and serves as a release guarantee if in parallel with payment the new heavy karma isn't created. It is necessary to learn and pay and receive after all in balance full. Then scales of karma won't fluctuate too. Having paid for old, it is possible to move ahead quickly.
678. Consciousness of action multiplies force it many times over. Continuous understanding of the Face in the heart and its intended deduction repeatedly strengthens influence of its radiations. The lord with you always, but conscious representation, or registration, this statement includes the person directly in an orbit of his lightful aura. Speak: we love and will read, and remember as last year's snow. Such oblivion of the most necessary deprives of possibility of lightful influences. We Protect always, but also the protective increases on extent of its understanding. The constant memory, or continuous pretending, is powerful protection against darkness and its attendants. Only experiment will show, constancy and not interruptibility of such pretending are how difficult. One desire or aspiration it appears insufficiently. Such degree of love that it was impossible to stay also minutes in forgetfulness about Darling is necessary. For love this difficulty is surmountable. Without love the constant memory about the Teacher is impossible. It can be reached if to direct to it all consciousness, all desire, all thought and all love.
679. Formula "I in you, you in Me" – cosmic. She is over all terrestrial and all communications terrestrial. It points to communication of spirit with the Space Father, and the understanding means it understanding of stay of spirit in a space Beam of the Hierarch. She demands penetration into depths of the spirit which hasn’t been darkened by its temporary covers. As autumn leaves, disappear then from it all outgrowths and unnecessary stratifications. Covers are cleared of otemnenny particles which are replaced with Light elements. Heart realizes this great formula and is approved by terrestrial actions of spirit, - and then terrestrial affairs of the person become expression of understanding of this fiery truth. Introduced in consciousness, it changes all being of the person, and wings of spirit start growing. And transition of Great Borders isn't terrible knowing, where and to Whom it goes. The lightful Magnet of Great Heart involves heart ardently directed to It in an orbit of the attraction. Communication doesn't interrupt neither life, nor death, release from other thin covers.
680. (Guru). Communication with the Hierarchy can be strengthened and deepened constantly. Also there is nothing more joyful, than this process of rapprochement with Light Focus. Both there is no refusal, and there is no pushing away, but there is an attraction. Gate of Light is open for the directed spirit. To suit everyone tells: if the desire is strong if there is an aspiration, anything in the world won't detain aspiring and won't deprive of it possibility of receiving Light.
681. (M. A. Y.). Before an embodiment in a body terrestrial the spirit begins to see clearly for an instant that task for the sake of which it comes back to Earth. Having dumped a dense body, he endures the moment of understanding of that; this task is how successfully carried out by it again to return to it if it wasn't complete successfully. Anyway, but the next lesson has to be learned. When assimilation was made, the spirit assumes new tasks. Everyone has the mission on Earth which it unconsciously has to execute. Conscious performance falls usually to lot of spirits very High. The others know about it in depths of the spirit. Tasks not carrying out often bear in expression of eyes as if the press of any hopelessness. It is a lot of the people broken by life, didn't succeed in the solution of that task for the sake of which they came to Earth.
682. (Guru). On the example of loving Mother you see how it is possible to love. To love sacrificially and selflessly, perfectly knowing and merits and demerits of the child as it is possible, loving to be nevertheless strict and severe in his education. Severity and severity in relation to the child isn't condemnation, but there is a judgment of the truth and knowledge of its shortcomings which should be eradicated. The love covers severity and severity with justice and successfully moves development of the small person. As concerning congenial people the love to them grants the right and to judgment of the truth, both to knowledge, and to understanding of their shortcomings, and to unification durability to them contrary to. To know faces of friends – doesn't mean at all them to condemn. But to show their face without condemnation will be already high step of spirit.
683. (M. A. Y.). I advise to pay attention to your energy on details of appliances and harmonizing it with the internal state of consciousness. It should be noted particularly that the situation that it is not important what is human, or reaches it, or trying to break into his inner world, as something that comes from and from the man himself. So, the waves outside influences themselves don't matter, but the critical reaction of the consciousness. In this sense, one must understand the significance of inbound and outbound events. And if all external, strong tries to influence the person doesn't have anything in it, and if it is external from the evil, it truly can be called the spirit of a winner. Get the full depth of the formula: "here comes the ruler of this world and does not have anything in Me." The lights of the spirit are often terms of use. But if you don't give them a small fade away if the everyday life of ordinary their keep, and keep them becomes possible. In it value of harmony of consciousness in the conditions of small details of use. Great starts out small.
684. (Dec. 27). On the one hand, the desire of thin achievements and an aggravation of susceptibility are quite natural, with another – all achievements double-edgeds and constitute itself danger if the device of spirit is insufficiently cleared. Between these two antiprovisions it is necessary to find golden mean. The median way was specified long ago. Main – avoid all violent attempts over the organism, putting under control willfulness of covers. It is necessary to be able to understand thoughts and to divide their accessory – on personal and others'. If not to do it, it is possible to imagine, than it will turn back when waves of the most unrestrained and unpleasant thoughts from everywhere will start interfering in consciousness. Many phenomena can be caused artificially but how from them to be protected and stop if they start rushing into an inner world uncontrolledly? It is necessary to rely on wisdom of the Teacher who Conducts, and the main efforts to direct on clarification from any litter and mastering by thought. Pure and fine thinking is the best protection against various invasions. It is difficult to keep from a clouding under karma blows, but also it should be reached, in every way seeking to keep balance. Unbalanced auras of friends can work very disharmoniously. And here it is especially difficult to be preserved against burdening influences. Guest ion of the close standing is is very difficult. And if the proximity grants the right to being near, they compel to divide and bear that freight by which they are burdened. Burdened by karma the Teacher while it won't be settled doesn’t approach.
685. Old subject about sounding of vanity will be always actual because the present captures usually feelings and thoughts of the person. When this present takes place in mountains, in the woods, in a privacy from noise and turmoil of wordly affairs when instead of the gas-polluted environment, noise of city streets the woods rustle, falls sound and singing of birds is distributed, it is easy to person to plunge into this environment and to succeed spiritually. But, when the environment is filled with a gnash and noise of a modern civilization, it is almost impossible to come off its influence. On Earth it is necessary to live terrestrial, and in those conditions in which the karma lays down. And then influence of the present is almost irreversible. Great Spirits too were karmic under the influence of Wednesday, but internally Overcame its sounding by strength of mind and didn’t allow that it muffled sounding of the world of another. It is impossible to destroy influence of a terrestrial environment, but to balance this world and the world in consciousness that has to each person striving for Light. It is impossible to permit that the present too captured consciousness, it is necessary to leave a place both for the future, and for thoughts of the Highest Worlds, of reality fiery. It is good to think at times that inevitable transition to the Thin World exempts the person from everything that imperiously surrounds it on Earth. Beneficence of this release is undoubted. Undoubtedly and tha, the new elevated environment differs from terrestrial and puts everyone in absolutely other conditions. The present power reflection can be moderated. Wisdom consists and in carrying out longer line. It is possible to accelerate and subdue vanity sounding.
686. (M. A. Y.). No actions exempt from payment of karmic debts. It is necessary to remember well and not to complain about karma, and not to be indignant when it is necessary to repay old debt. Release comes immediately as soon as payment is made. Against karma is absolutely useless to fight. Were convinced more than once that all attempts to get rid of these or those undesirable external conditions again invincibly brought to them again, and desired simplification it was impossible, though many efforts were made that and a lot of energy is spent. The great patience and firmness are necessary, as well as wisdom that it is quiet and in balance to maintain karma current.
687. (Guru). At some attention and observation it is easy to notice how in life rather at life school, consistently and harmoniously move forward one problem for another and are resolved on the basis of acquired by it by experience. So there is a gradual expansion of consciousness and accumulation of the most valuable acquisitions. And whether it is possible to complain that it is necessary to pay for it. Who paid, more and receives. At this understanding envy to others achievements because if they are great absolutely dies away, is paid for them much, perhaps, more, than the envious person is able to pay. But others achievement because it will show understanding of how achievements of spirit get expensively and paid can be glad.
688. (M. A. Y.). Let's notice everything, and especially signs given. When the consciousness on the guard, can catch even the slightest signs, then it is possible to note as their quantity starts being multiplied. Mental energy loves that noticed its manifestations, – it starts growing. She demands recognition, she demands exercise and application. Even the sword rusts without the use. And therefore council: to keep the weapon of Light in a full order and readiness. It is given not to roll in a dust and neglect. The person as a being fiery has to strain and exercise the fiery essence. Not about occult exercises I speak, dangerous and harmful, but about natural use of mental energy by which are set in motion and muscles, and thought.
689. (Guru). About what tell you today? I will tell how the unattainable is reached. But after all not achievable today it is achievable tomorrow. The element of time has no crucial importance for spirit because the spirit is eternal. And that is conceived by spirit to reach in time, in Boundlessness becomes feasible quite because the spirit grows and strength of mind grows, and the seeds put in consciousness and shipped in the Bowl, will give the shoots when there will come an opportunity. In the infinite extent of time impracticable and unattainable there is nothing. Not on short life of one embodiment, but far anchors are thrown in the far future. This way reaches the unattainable. If you deeply think over the Doctrine of the Christ, you will see, on what huge distance anchors of its Doctrine were thrown in the future. "The herd is uniform and One Pastor" – this idea was so far from implementation in its days on Earth. And, however, despite all its unattainability, time when she will victoriously be approved on Earth will come.
690. (Dec. 28). The rhythm of Communication relieves of need to visit behind inspiration and to wait for favor from the sky. Wings of a rhythm bear further without the squeezed-out efforts. It is necessary to support only due degree of a lightfull of aura and not to dare to give in too easily to environment influences. Spatial currents in this regard aren't so dangerous because are replaced quickly enough, but dullness of inertness of "biped" thinking can extinguish even a strong flame if it is conscious to it not contraposition, preserving the fires. How many light fires were going out life! Carry by a heart flame through life is already a feat. Shaggy hands reach for it. Each lit heart makes a feat of execution of Light in the conditions of the dense world.
691. Laws of a matter need to be known because only within these laws, in their framework these or those manifestations of all degrees of a matter are possible. Contrary to these laws nothing can be created. All miracles are subordinated to them because illegal miracles don't happen. Unknown to people they call miracles. So,called phenomena is not miracles. And even a carpet plane – not a miracle, but a symbol of flights of a thin body. It is better to divide everything into the phenomena the acquaintances studied and having explanations, and into the phenomena that haven't yet received explanations, unfamiliar, not studied. Then everything will rise on the places. The teacher Shows to pupils of manifestation of some laws for acquaintance to them and the subsequent mastering by them. Phenomena are made by Agni's strength. But accumulation and its accumulation in the necessary quantity go very slowly and demand absolutely special living conditions and a mode. Fire possess, but in degree different. Fire uses all. All movements and actions of the person need mental energy. Laws of physics and chemistry study at schools under the leadership of teachers. Laws of energy of Agni without the Teacher can't be studied and comprehended. Separate attempts in this direction give remains of knowledge, but demand an unproductive waste of time. It is easy to present to it what would be mankind progress if each pupil instead of school and teachers would be compelled to approach to physics and chemistry studying anew itself. As and in the field of Intimate Knowledge Teachers and experience of long accumulation are necessary. Sincerely and strongly wishing can always approach. But the aspiration should be put it above all, is higher than all terrestrial affairs and desires. Now, when the Doctrine of Live Ethics is given to the world, these opportunities are open for all.
692. (M. A. Y.). Let's give to themselves the clear account, all from where was received that passed through My consciousness and imprinted on paper. The source is inexhaustible and uniform for all. However, perceptions are on Beams, on the Beam of the giving Hierarch, but the Source from which they Scoop also, the same, from Uniform Focus of Hierarchy of Light. "The center Real is uniform". It is necessary to be able to see this unity in all variety of that was given to mankind throughout long centuries of its existence. It is necessary to be able to reject all followed stratifications and comments. It is necessary to learn to distinguish pearls of the highest wisdom from garbage and ignorance of interpreters. It is necessary to clear Precepts.
693. (Guru). The solution of everything is at the Lord. With It uninterrupted communication keeps. The thread of life is stretched from above. The end it strong is held by a hand directed to Light. For anything surrounding it is impossible to grasp because all fluctuates and all comes to an end terrestrial for the person with death of his body. Only in the spirit of and only spirit it is possible to hold the Silver Thread stretched from heart to Heart of the Leading Hierarch.
694. (M. A. Y.). To go "line of the Beam" – means to go under all conditions which are even most difficult and impossible, means to go, despite everything, means not to stop this movement under no circumstances. It is possible to slip even on an orange-peel. From litter the most ringing pipe" can "decay and the grain of sand – to stop the huge car, and not grains of sand, but already whole mountains and huge obstacles are piled up on a way of ascending spirit. And still it is necessary to go, and to go without stopping. And it is possible if to understand that the way – in the spirit of and that can stop nothing a spirit way, except him if it that the mirage of external ghosts won against fiery reality of a spiritual ascension allows.
695. (Guru). "In the Thin World of people depends on the aspiration" – it is acquired strongly. But it is possible to wonder: "And on what the aspiration, character and its essence depend? » Whichever there was an answer, one is undoubted – the aspiration attracts the person to these or those layers of space, both involve, and involve it in them. Means, on nature of aspiration it is necessary to pay special attention, knowing that it is caused, in turn, by though, and thought – desire. Therefore, all these composed aspirations demand control and check. It is useful to think thus that this or that layer of the Thin World in which the person is involved by power of the aspiration, is in full accordance with this last. Therefore on character and the nature of inclinations and desires, pulsing life in the consciousness, everyone can unmistakably define that sphere in which there will be it, having exempted from a body. Only inhibited desires which strong will raise the heads as soon as possible are especially dangerous not get rid, but. The chopped-off heads of a monster grow again and threaten the person. All not get rid inclinations not compatible to the reached step of spirit, have to be uprooted. Suppression something won't give desirable consequences, if it not gets rid.
696. (Dec. 29). It is surprising as reluctantly not begun to see clearly people pay for old debts! It would seem the simple reason about the Law of causality has to suggest an idea that without the reason happens nothing. This situation is easier accepted when it concerns others. But, when business concerns own personality, the understanding disappears. To easily other person, even to the friend to tell that it is his karma. But when it is necessary to hear about it in the address, ease of understanding is replaced with discontent and even indignation of cruelty of the speaking. It is good to learn to take a detached view in similar cases of itself as though as though it concerns someone another, it is very useful and instructive.
697. The past changes, but the future – in consciousness; on the past in the future not to direct. The imperfections of the present created for the sake of the future, don't detain advance, if their purpose – the future. If Earth, with all its imperfections, nevertheless rushes in space forward, it means that its flight in the future can't stop anything. And in time the planet too moves to the future, never coming back back. Movement is directed spiralno. Therefore nothing repeats. New spiral turn, lying over proceeding, it is similar to it, but not identical. Each new spring too is similar former, but isn't identical with it. Attempts to return the past are opposite to evolution. Both the South, and cycles, and Manvantara go to the future spiral, never repeating each other in the lifting on a life ladder, though come back, but always in new expression.
698. The weeds above, the more strongly and more deeply possibly falling. The fallen angel is to that an example. It means that each person possessing any quality bears in himself in potential both others its pole and possibility of its manifestation. Each quality of the person is bipolar. Process of a transmutation consists in causing opposite pole of desirable quality to the statement. Person, who doesn't have any qualities, can't cause anything to activity. Such individuals aren't suitable for evolution because are cold hot. Therefore such bad people as the robber and the loose woman are specified by examples of a possible transmutation of their negative qualities in positive. Savl's example is in this regard extraordinary bright. The transmutation of qualities is possible if is what to alter. Only under a lying stone of mental inertness life water of life doesn't flow. Shortcomings of character you shouldn't be confused because each of them can be remade in the opposite. It is interesting to note that at approach to the Teacher in the pupil all his dozing negative qualities that he could distinguish them and трансмутировать in the positive brightly flash. Force of negative qualities serves as though as a guarantee of opportunity to remake them in positive if, of course, the aspiration to Light is rather dynamic. Two-polar and each phenomenon in the world, people claim either one, or other its pole. How many fine ideas and establishments are given now to people, and it is possible to see how the best undertakings and an opposite pole are perverted takes up a place of the positive. The thought grows in time and amplifies both negative, and positive. Crops of thoughts will give shoots. Using it, it is possible to seed in the consciousness of grain of any desirable quality or abilities. Therefore it is possible to tell that any ability is achievable if the due effort is made that. Both clairvoyance and a claurluhear too are achievable and will be reached if in time the aspiration to them doesn't go out. In time everything is achievable because the spirit is eternal. For simplification I Will tell that at contact of clean heart with the Teacher it is possible to solve a lot of things. Dare!
699. (M. And. Y.). Wise rejoices when it is given opportunity to pay off with old debts, silly rejoices to each receiving and wants to receive even more forgetting that for nothing is given anything, as much as possible. So people on grabbers and wanting to give, understanding share that is more given, and it is more and receiving.
700. (Guru). The highest donation is in the spirit of. It is possible to be glad for those who can give. But to give, it is necessary to have. And to have, it is necessary to receive at first. Therefore, the first care of how receive spirit gifts, which could be distributed to people. Everything it is easier to bring together them if not for itself gather, but for what will come behind receiving and have to come inevitably because laws of a magnetic attraction of spirit out of understanding human, and received has to distribute.
701. We Will call with Us to work best of the best. Now it is easier to bring together them, than earlier. Prepared for all to clothes, that was in what to meet. Waiting, the benefit to you! We Attach special significance to each sincere desire to cooperate with Us. Are noted all. The pleasure will take up a grief place after calculation for the old. Whether the payment for old isn't too great? When eyes will open, it will be possible to know precisely and to be convinced of the Law faultlessness. It is easier to maintain the sufferings, than to see sufferings of others. Therefore Great Spirits Assume foreign sufferings. Moves love.
702. (Dec. 30). And as and now as was once: who sent mine who my relatives who accepts my pupils, accepts Me but who rejects and against goes, that, that at all without understanding and without realizing, Me rejects also itself betrays to darkness. Reject My is made also by other ways, and first of all a transit a track of the evil, hatred, a misanhropy, violence and blood. Angry the place in the New World won't be, - their place not here, not on Earth. Here to their kingdom there will goes the end. And everyone going against Me and My entrusted let in heart knows the that itself condemns and cuts itself from Me. The dramatic nature of the last great division isn't realized yet by people, but some already feel. Rapidly feel keenly it’s and principal mass of people. There come the last great terms!
703. (M. A. Y.). Before great events people become especially deaf and blind. As if the darkness surrounds and doesn't allow light of understanding to concern consciousness. So was earlier. Difference that now the choice becomes final. Freedom of choice of people I had always. Has it and now. Two poles the energy powerfully influences people, and the choice the last consists in to what to direct. Not just like that people arrive, choosing a good or evil way, but under the influence of poles and according to the accord with a force of their attraction. From here: and inevitability the choice, and the resolution itself of the fate for all future time.
704. (Guru). In addition, directed to Called spirits have a special assignment; it is frequent them not realized, namely – to serve as a litmus piece of paper for definition and identification of essence of people surrounding them. Thus everyone revealed the essence determines by it the place in relation to Light Focus. Each of the spirits directed to the Lord bears in himself as though a sword dividing which force corresponds to a spirit step. Big and small attendants of Light, though in degree different, but everything possess ability of identification of the hidden essence of the person.
705. The pleasure let will arrive with love. We Will divide all people into accepting and rejecting Maitreya. For the accepted – the World New, for rejected – Saturn. The new World will transform Earth. Terms approach closely. Process will be prompt. Not answering no will be, - lagerate of a veil from top to a bottom, and office of sheep from the goats. Court terrible, but the judge is everyone. Everyone will condemn itself acceptance, or Light reject. Great Division already happens in depths of consciousness of sets. And you look at everyone – accepted, or rejected. The middle won't be. Strongly of the attraction a little poles darkness, or Light. Spirit lightning as the sword dissecting; will powerfully separate Light of sons from itself condemned in darkness. Not the world was Brought by Me to Earth, but a sword, I, the Pastor of Uniform Herd.
706. (Dec. 31.). The gait of time takes its course, without reckoning with codes human. It is impossible neither detain any instant and nor to continue. Everything is doomed to consigning to the past. But, when We Throw distant anchors, the bridge through time is thrown as though and the future becomes before consciousness out of swift-flowing time. The future faces Us, becoming as though past and at the same time keeping stability and without plunging into the irretrievable. As the beam of a beacon conducts the ships among a storm and darkness though the beacon remains on a place, and the future conducts mankind forward, without being absorbed by a past. The great Plan of Evolution of mankind Is defined by us on such huge future that the swift-flowing transient of commonness doesn't threaten it with destruction. How many millions years still will leak before the seventh race will finish the terrestrial cycle. But race the seventh it is still far not the end, it there is the following circle, and again seven races, and them again a new circle. The end isn't present. The great Plan is drawn up by the future which has no end. And your planet with all its circles – only a temporary step in an infinite chain of the worlds in Boundlessness real.
707. (M. A. Y.). Go watch, beating out second, and time flies, but the spirit lives forever, beyond time, beyond the tpansient dense and subtle phenomena. The continued among transient — so is the essence of eternity of the spirit. She is not from Earth, but the Earth before-show spirit among its fleeting and ever-changing conditions to collect and accumulate elements continued for his conscious existence in the infinity, which gets carried and where there is everything. The eternal spirit is accumulating items in a temporary, earthly immortality; in that meaning and significance all, what no eternally. Silent Witness within, before which leaks out and going back over so many thousands of years and will be fixed all the time, but not from the eternal. It is the secret of immortality of the spirit.
708. (Guru). The great value of art is that it can through the power of the creative power of the mind to create remarkable works in the century, while the earthly body creator died long ago and has turned to dust. Over a temporary mode and cross-country flesh is clearly and visibly no transient and duration of work of human hands. In this timeless essence of art enclosed property of creative sparks or flame of the spirit, which is out of time and death. The art can be seen as a desire to invest their eternal spirit being, not transient, temporary forms for centuries, and filled them up towards the limit of dense features elements of the imperishable; in that special of merit of the art before humanity. People contemplating great works of art, cannot but think that many of these gems already existed when looking at them had not yet been born on Earth, and will continue to exist when their will be gone. How would the shining thread through these ceaseless lie the great works through temporary and quickly flashing a short routine of life. Someone once said that art is immortal and expressed in these brief words his deepest timeless essence.
The end records 1969.*