Agni Yoga's facets, 1970 (101-250)

101. (M. A. Y.). The epoch of Maitreya is the epoch of the heart. Cruelty, hate and rage leave the planet. Good hearts of place those in life will take. And radically change life. Old world in her place will be gone. The atmosphere, the refined new rays would be another, and easily and joyfully will breathe. You cannot even imagine how polluted aura of the Earth. And only by its degree of pressure on the human psyche, and all living things can be judged on the spatial troubles.
102. (Guru). Everyone is looking to the future, drawing it myself in My own way, but is not limited to the imagination of the individual will be going on it, but on a scale that is beyond imagination. One can only say that the world is old, the world of blood, war, violence and cruelty, there will be remembered and will not come for more than the heart.
103. (Feb. 13). How hard is it to find the boundary between of pity and compassion, while the impact of both on the mind quite clearly? Pity catches a mental state of the person it feels sorry, descends into the overcast, and the two find themselves in a hole. Compassion, on the contrary, helps to a towering man in need of help, and pulling out his State from stains and despondency. When personal interest is not easy to maintain balance and not give in to feelings, suffering creatures and thus do not find they powerless to help. Compassion takes on someone else's pain or heaviness, overcoming them and freeing them from another creature, of pity same immersed in them, not making anything to anyone.
104. (M. A. Y.). With all the depth of empathy to others ' suffering must not allow itself to lose balance, for the loss of his makes a person helpless, that is able to provide real help. Because of the sympathy admin only during of the condition not be infected darkened of the condition distressed. Quiet, bright, clear aura provides real help, if light bearer not disturbs emotional disbalance distressed.
105. (Feb. 14). The last division of mankind means that degree of a light bearer or darken of aura of each person will define accessory it to a darkness or Light pole. As though the no erasable seal is set on the person, indicating is from darkness he or from Light. When will punch hour the last, the Death angel will fly by over of Earth, striking those who doomed itself to death. And already nothing will rescue indulged in darkness. If not to stop lawlessness, they will destroy mankind and will destroy a planet. The hierarchy of Light on the guard Costs.
105. (Feb. 14). What's happening on the planet shows that conventional measures of destroyers and poisoners are unstoppable. Measures are needed space. Just think what a terrible weapon of mass destruction create and accumulate enemies of humanity. Gases, bacteria, nuclear weapons of mass destruction are stored up enough to destroy of all life! The horror of what is happening does not reach consciousness sets. But that danger only increases.
106. (M. A. Y.). The events on a planet show that usual measures of destroyers and poisoners not to stop. Measures space is necessary. Only to think, what terrible tools of mass destruction create and enemies of mankind accumulate. Gases, bacteria, nuclear weapons of mass destruction are prepared in quantity, sufficient for destruction of all live! The horror of the events doesn't sink in sets. But from it danger only increases.
107. (Guru). It is hard to imagine under what conditions a vocal opposition impossible to maintain these records. All appended to end. And if they still continue, despite everything, the great strength of disobedience and dark evil-makes. "Poisonous times will be held, and with them will go away from the planet and the servants of evil, and life will be another. «Have the same till the end will be saved."
108. (Feb. 16). We apply management methods are often not accessible understanding of the learner. Therefore, it requires trust unconditionally. When instead of a wet muslin scarf "– strong self-defense circle, it’s easy to cover My Beam as the security and safety of the dome of darkness, its associates and conscious and unconscious performers of her suggestions. And if to realize this (fact) led a life's adversities, it is necessary to understand how wise Teacher Leads, allowing these tests. Adversity will go away – knowledge and experience will remain, because come with a price. Ashrams are needed as a fortress protecting from evil and wicked, as well as – and the spirit. But the fortifications and towers needed grounds. Saint Sergius the Builder the ancient Stronghold of the Russian people was building all his life. She will stand for centuries and will reveal it’s more powerful, indestructible by time and events. But you can also go through life and consciousness – where I am, there and the House there and Ashram, or spirit, bounded ups the tower with the stronghold. The main stronghold of the spatial Hierarchy of light, communications, approved its Rays, one should know to think and imagine her shining bright Light into the space above the planet and revealing a planetary network of light, combining all its exhibitors and builders in one, into a coherent whole. Magnetic field Intensity that surrounds each Ashram, Castle or tower of spirit, is distributed widely around the whole atmosphere and creating polarize special mental conditions. In addition, rays, self-reference from the Center, and can operate at long distances and have a specific purpose. As if in miniature is mimicking the Great Stronghold. What is approved on the ground, repeated and multiplied in the World Thin. The importance of these spatial Lights Spirit is high spatial value them. Without them, all were drowned in darkness. And everyone except the media darkness, large or small, is the bearer of light, consciously or unconsciously associated with focus Light planetary. It is necessary to be aware of a member and a member of the great Collective Forces of light, United into one Shining Light network that covers the entire planet. Of great importance is the conscious unification through the rays thought with distant and close by the Hierarchy, scattered widely across the face of the planet. Each clue is a Light strengthens and reinforces the planetary network. Tower Stronghold "stretched out his arms and emits rays, powerfully supporting the aluminiferous network spirit.
109. If it is learned that each of the obstacles, difficulties and suffering, that is from each test, is something very useful, what they cannot get any other way, and if on top of that, still unable to understand what brought this test, then the success of constant and coherent ascent achieved. Because often, instead of extracting the juice of experience and knowledge, the hapless student is dealing with their feelings and immersed in them, forgetting the main objective and so delaying their advance. And if evolution in its forward motion is not considered with feelings and even the suffering of living beings, and spirit, deliberately entered the great evolutionary flux should not be considered their personal feelings and give them as much attention as to obscure the purpose of life and the true purpose and meaning of human suffering and experiences. Struggle for life, with the usual difficulties and suffering is ultimately of fight spirit of the right to life, the right to immortality and eternal life.
110. (M. A. Y.). Rich and vivid internal spiritual life outwardly content may seem a poor and uninteresting, and devoid of content. And we want to make and the external activity of the spirit would be consistent with his savings. But this is not always possible. And then say: patience. It's time for a complete displays of all abilities the spirit. But as long as it is necessary accumulate, because power consumption shall be great, and will require great knowledge. And we must believe that the Teacher concerned to provide the best conditions for moving the spirit. But these conditions do not mean comfort bod, of the calmness and of the external wellbeing, and often vice versa. Interests of spirit and of the body do not always coincide.
111. (Guru). The tower was a solid defense, not enough lay only a solid foundation, it is necessary to build solid walls. Also the Tower of the spirit requires walls. Even the Stronghold is surrounded by strong walls. Who has ears let him hear and apply immediately.
112. (Feb. 17). Give a boost, giving the rest of free will. A mirror reflecting reality is. But even the mirror reflects only what is or what it paid. Therefore depends on where and on what the consciousness is turned very much. The world is so great, and so many items in it, the things and phenomena that without accurately executed aspirations will not be deported to this perception and goal-oriented. If you take, for example, a dozen people, it is not difficult to see how different perceptions of the world around them, each of them. And usually these perceptions are chaotic, because people don't know where to go and why, what for and what is the life of the spirit. Many are aimlessly wandering of the spirits. But even before himself who placed a certain aim, like career, prosperity or anything else in that kind of stuff, her short limited in a few years or a life. Hence are all the absurdities and contradictions of life. Incorrect premise gives rise to the same effect, and people come to a dead end. Only the adoption of a Framework provides an opportunity to reflect on the earthly stay and understand the great value of life.
113. (M. A. Y.). How simple and easy the musician plays the violin as free running around the fingers on the strings and beautiful melody flows without delay. It's time to understand how much work, effort and perseverance lies behind every human achievement. This understanding is completely free of envy for others ' achievements and even to theis happiness or prosperity, because everything has its merit in the past. In a world of causality is brings its investigation. And so it is important to be able to create the causes that produce the kind of investigation.
114. (Feb. 18). The impact of flowers to humans is through smell, color and aura radiation of the flower. The impact depends on the sensitivity of the recipient device. These effects can be positive or negative. There are flowers the poisonous, there is healing. Floral oil still will find wide application in medicine in terms of impact on the human psyche. Oils, artificial, of course, do not have this power, because, if they are of mineral origin, they are devoid of prana. Hidden properties of things, objects and phenomena science still does not recognize and does not see the difference between a rope that hanged him, and the rope on which dried clothes. Meanwhile aura saturation of each is different, and it would not hurt the skeptics to put under the pillow of rope, interrupting life, and note its sense. Will be times when the most thin devices will allow to capture auras not only humans, animals and plants, but also subjects. And then the hidden side of things becomes available. We live in a world filled with hazards, hidden from the eyes, hearing, smell, touch and taste, while these phenomena do exist and affect the individual. And sensitive nature felt by these invisible and inaudible things touch. Only the heart can accurately say, "This thing is pleasing to Me, and this pushes away". But this requires that heart awoke.
115. (M. A. Y.). The nature of things is not available to the conscious understanding of the common man, though unconsciously, people understand, in an atmosphere of great houses, old castles, cities, saying the ones they like, and some are not. You just need to pay special attention to these sometimes feeling to start to understand why they exist and occur in the mind. Tap teachers often simply opens the eye pupil. Preliminary approval in the thoughts of the possible phenomenon opens him entrance. Only negative is like a door, locked the heavy bolt. In this regard, adoption is always positive, so as always something gives. Denial is always dead, because killing ability.
116. (Guru). The unsurpassed beauty of true works of art received the force from Spheres of the Highest. Yes! There are the Spheres of the Hidden World sated with beauty and harmonious in all forms of the identification. Beauty and disgrace is the same antipodes, as Light and darkness. And, if Light and Beauty is synonyms, synonyms are a disgrace and the darkness. Orbits of these two antipodes of manifestation of the terrestrial world can be expanded, including in each of them the corresponding phenomena. And if to include harmony, the accord, inspiration in an orbit of Light, goodhearted, generosity, courage, a feat and all other positive and light qualities of spirit, will be included into an orbit of darkness opposite to them, and first of all rage, cruelty and a misanthropy. Having defined orbits of these antipodes, already easily consciously adjoin that which attracts to itself consciousness. It is necessary to add only that if the orbit of darkness is limited to a circle of the manifestation, the orbit of Light has no borders.
117. (Feb. 19). When the mirage of the personality dissipates also idea of as about small terrestrial "I" this embodiment disappear, the person of it almost doesn't notice as "I" and itself the feels the as is bright or even more brightly, than earlier. And even if he forgets everything about the last embodiment, it isn't reflected in completeness of its understanding "I", the anymore persons what remains from the terrestrial identity of each certain embodiment? The body physical is dumped and turns into ashes. The radio double is dissolved. The lowest triad completely disappears. The lowest duad, consisting of the fourth and fifth principles, becomes the peel which has concentrated in all mental and astral properties of the terrestrial personality, but the deprived clarity and completeness of consciousness and ability to think freely because the vague, reflex and automatic thinking of a peel, like a parrot, can mutter half-consciously only that the person consciously when lived on Earth in a body did. "I" the person rise higher, taking with his idea of his, not breached in the completeness of loss his of the terrestrial personality. It is important to understand very much that dies in the person and what exactly is subject to death. Elements of the enduring don't die and remain with it forever; nevertheless terrestrial, connected with the personality, and is doomed to death. The astral peel too is dissolved gradually in space. But Immortal reincarnating Identity continues to lead conscious and full life if the dumped and disappeared terrestrial personality collected and saved up for It enough material for her conscious life in Elevated. If isn't present, It is embodied again and again generates the new personality that through her means to collect in new life terrestrial the elements of immortality which are so necessary to it for life on the Highest Plans of Life. Therefore it is very important, living on Earth in a dense body, to learn to separate in the consciousness passing from enduring, temporary from eternal, corporal from spirit and to remember that with itself it is possible to take in the future only that from spirit that from enduring, nevertheless it is necessary to leave the rest. It is possible to understand thus, in what bright, strong and dense world of illusions lives on Earth of people, in the world which is doomed to final fracture as soon as the death destroys a physical body. “Kingdom is My no as the to-worldly " – whether can be expressed clearly more in what the peace of Elevated reality in which the spirit can eternally live is made and which doesn't disappear with death of a dense body.
118. (M. A. Y.). This Kingdom which other-worldly, has the laws, the features and conditions at which observance it is possible to join it. They differ from laws and the rules created by the person. These are unwritten laws. And, however, observance grants them the right to an entrance to this Kingdom. The person invested by all signs of terrestrial power and the power, can be not allowed there, and deprived of everything and nothing having can get a free access. Not in external the reason, but in a condition of consciousness. Only spirituality of consciousness grants the right to an entrance to this Kingdom. Everyone can direct to it, and not only direct, but also reach if it to put achievement above all, above all affairs terrestrial, both terrestrial interests, and terrestrial wellbeing.
119. (Guru). Student life was not rejecting all over and killed the flesh, but in harmonic combination of heavenly and earthly, i.e. requirements of spirit and body needs. After all, life on Earth is given to her to live, and to live by it, and benefit from it all she can give. The killing of innocent flesh cripples the spirit. Solomon was not an ascetic and has plagued her body and, however, was on such a high spiritual achievements that were not available an asked.
120. (Guru). All life and all the activities of our infused inflexible faith in the ultimate, the absolute, and engaged to a victory over the forces of darkness, forces of light. Defeat is unthinkable. Heavenly Armies retreat is unthinkable before the onslaught of militant darkness. The victory was a foregone conclusion. But this does not mean that it is easy to get a price. See yourself as fiercely raise all the evil, all the dregs of humanity from the bottom of the life to come into this last, decisive clash with the forces of light. Well what did? The nicer will win. Today talking about a victory, because the space is already starting to sound vibrations of light, already etched in scrolls coming.
121. (Feb. 21). Difficult is the path of the rising spirit. And difficulties not only not reduced or disappear but, on the contrary, grow up. And they no sight the end. By law, accelerating increases the strength and resistance of the environment. From this it becomes easier. And in no hurry to rescue. One on one is of the face to face with of strongly opposition off the darkness. And, it's like being left to be slaughtered by the circumstances. «Why leave Me, the Lord ". These words can be taken as a formula, the inevitable while climbing, and it is in the spirit of the moment, the most difficult test to be taken as something from which escape is impossible. But every test has ended. And with necessary be of life, that lighten and lightly its other side. This is not a consolation but the reality. The Act balances the phenomenon of opposites. There is no compensation for victims there. Look at each suffering at both the entry fee in Light of judgmenting. Someone would enter for free. There is no such. The Great Spirit, the graver charge Made It for entry into an even higher Realm of light. And when the highest, takes it already voluntarily assume the burden of this world, because the Burden is on the great service to the people. The victim is measured by degrees of Greatness of spirit.
122. (M. A. Y.). Humility before inevitability of suffering on a way of an ascension of spirit is not than other, as understanding that there are no two ways about it because Itself Told: "In the world you will have grief", but this humility, or rather understanding, doesn't mean neither lack of will, nor inertness, neither a hopelessness, nor despair, weakness, but more likely – concentration of all strength of mind which is so necessary for preservation of balance and internal force, necessary for successful overcoming of tests. Corporal forces can be settled, but strength of mind is inexhaustible. It calling, Passed Great Spirits through everything, through what they were fated to pass, and passed victoriously.
123. (Guru). The world rejects the crucified Savior, and people forgot about a crucifixion though everyday go to bat on a cross of life and will be crucified until will occur revivals of spirit and yet won't understand that only understanding of spirit can release them from a vicious circle of evidence dense and bring to a scope of spatial measurements.
124. (Feb. 22). At discrepancy of vibrations the Beam can't give desirable consequences. Therefore, for completeness of consequences it is necessary to lift radiations to lightfull degree. The receiver of the Beam of the Hierarch has to be in a full order. So, the discontent, a clouding, mistrust, doubt or fear do perceiving device tolerant to send vibrations. And if there is still any litter at a threshold, like dirty thinking, the receiver can't orotundly operate. In addition to its dark, seeing spots on aura, seek to them to stick and influence through them. Than more these spots and the more strongly took roots they in aura, the stronger and the dark are longer influence and it is more difficult to outline or carry out a protective circle of Light. Full similarity of the fortress surrounded with walls but which gate are open for the enemy turns out. Therefore the Teacher Demands full clarification of consciousness from any litter. It is (litter) very much magnet and attracts to itself from space the poisoned particles on the affinity with them. Clarification of consciousness has to be full and sincere, that is the desire to reject useless thoughts can't be vague. Whether a little that wants an astral, and whether it could gain few what tendencies in the past. Everything is swept aside without any pity, either indulgence, or desire to hold something in consciousness depths. All crude again will come up on a surface and will demand to itself attention and a combination of consciousness to these unusable thoughts. Anything it isn't necessary to renounce, but release from any dirt and everything is required that isn't conformable with concept of Light. The victory in this direction is absolutely necessary because past ghosts, like vampires, stick to aura and disturb movement, depriving an access Beam, and consciousness – opportunities of full assimilation of sent vibrations of Light.
125. (M. A. Y.). Warrior, standing on patrol, should be armed. Weaponless Warrior narrower is no the Warrior, not a philistine. And, while fighting did not cease, the weapons of light must always be on hand, even at night, even during sleep. Find yourself in the world of Thin surrounded by enemies, and, moreover, very unpleasant disarmed. Fists dark is hard to defend. You cannot prove to be unarmed, defenseless, and the face of the enemy. Thoughts about beauty, harmony and love of the Teacher are powerful protection against the onslaught of darkness.
126. Fight against the past and release of consciousness from unusable stratifications – it is so possible to call some periods of life through which the pupil should pass. A lot of things that could come in the past are absolutely inadmissible in the present. From here and spirit struggles. All across them walk. And shaggy hands to it throw also the, seeking to deepen and strengthen undesirable properties and weaknesses. It is easy to them to do it when is to what to apply. But, when there is nothing and, coming nearer, they in the pupil have no anything, and then are compelled to recede in powerlessness. You remember a formula: "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything".
127. (Feb. 23). Having established him firmly in the decision not to sink the thoughts in past, unwanted mental education, you can prepare yourself to when they occasionally are starting to knock on doors of consciousness and to demand tolerance, they never shut out, not to give them a new food, and not to engage with them in combination. Not getting power and not supported by newer ideas, they will start dry and droop until it will lose power and not have exhausted all their energy. But taken in consciousness, became impregnated a bang and having received recognition and, so to speak, the right to continue its existence, they are filling and darken consciousness, go away, come back again and grow more and more with each new return until you grow into Giants, enthralling person to not fight them. So grow up thinking that receives support misdeeds, and recognition from beget. Try to ratchet up the dark each contemptible idea to put out every spark of Light that could erupt into consciousness. Turning and turning point comes when people are no longer able to manage their dark thoughts and they drive off. Then he becomes their lacking firmness victim, doomed to stay in the World Can such thoughts in the lower layers of the astral world, and lose contact with their highest principles. So a small indulgence thought grows into something unusable big, decisive destiny spirit.
128. (M. A. Y.). Not only that it is necessary to fight against the mental stratifications which have been saved up in this embodiment, it is necessary to pull out still and the root of all evil which has become stronger in depths of the past throughout many centuries. This him branches gave weed sprouts in the last embodiment. All properties and congenital traits of character is heritage of the past. Each person or goes up on a life ladder, or falls down, and as an attraction magnet up or from top to bottom light or dark accumulation serve. In this case the will of the person which is consciously choosing the direction and giving clear account in can be a decisive condition what consequences involves this choice. Everything depends on the person, what direction to choose, but a solver he, and anybody for it can't solve its future.
129. (Guru). As the way of each spirit is sharply isolated! It is possible to sit at one table; it is possible to live in one room, in one house but as be various the destiny of each of participants of life can. Both sufferings, and experiences, and happiness have especially personal character, doing life by a field of individual experience and stays. And sitting next or standing at one step can sharply differ with that one in the spirit of is directed up and another rises above, and – down and falls hopelessly and irrevocably. Distinction of characters human is really amazing and who will decide to make bold to be judges of what he in all completeness can't know to have the right to judge.
130. (Feb. 24). The reasons can't be destroyed, but consequences can be met fully equipped with the opposition, resolute and irrevocable, they yet won't settle on consciousness of emery, enclosed in them their creator. The power charge enclosed in the reason is stronger; the biggest of the opposition is demanded by a consequence. Ghosts of last fulfillments as live essence can surround consciousness and close to it an exit up. But it is Maya deception – the exit is up open always, it is worth directing up only, because I with you always, but not below, but over you. And therefore not down and not in the past it is necessary to look, but up and in the future. "Light of the future is great", and its magnetism works powerfully. And release from the past and its fulfillments – only in the future. On a key of the future consciousness life is adjusted. Material conditions of value have no, because to what everything if the spirit stays in slavery at the past. To be deprived of everything, but in freedom, it is better, than to have everything, but in slavery. The external is anything if the spirit wins. And all benefits terrestrial – to anything if it is won or won by the accumulation. Everything is transferred to spirit area. So life of spirit is regarded as of paramount importance. And then it is already unimportant that is and what to drink, and in what put on and as well as where live, and what environment because spirit over everything. As destroy of the spirit and in the spirit mirage of terrestrial Maya. Life in of spirit is important of life in the body, because the body dies and finish of terrestrial tale. But the spirit stays for ever and ever. To destroy seduction of time, space and things there is an obligation of spirit to. Not to destroy – means to die in the spirit of, to destroy – means to win. I call you to a victory, because "I Overcome the world".
131. (Guru).No matter what happens in the outside world, the way individual ascent spirit remains the decisive and determining its future in the worlds. The outer leaves will remain Interior to surround the spirit of light or darkness according to what's inside.
132. If you want that I Entered into your hearts, clear hearts of any litter. On power of desire to clear heart and extents of its valid clarification it is easy to judge sincerity and aspiration tension. Verbal assurances or the finest intentions which haven't been approved in application are fruitless and results won't yield. In it harm fine, but not carried out, though good intentions. They are the self-deception covering lack of will and powerlessness to struggle with them for eradication of undesirable accumulation. As far as even small clarification of consciousness is more useful than the most sublime, beautiful, but words not being accompanied by affairs! Who do with the pleasure speaking want to deceive? Whoever they wanted, but deceive only it because they will pay for deception and will pay wholly. We appreciate the words which have been born as a result of application of the Doctrine in lives. As a matter of fact, the person has the right to speak about that, and the main thing, to teach to that he claimed by a hand and the foot, that is that made itself, and that way on which passed the feet. It is easy to teach from what others have told. But such lectures don't reach heart. But the word imprinted by affairs crashes into consciousness. The clarification of heart approved by the corresponding acts endows spirit inflexible with oppose force to the evil and causes steady and strong advance it on the way.
133. (M. A. Y.). Yes! We continue to go forward in once and for all accepted direction. And those who don’t want to lag behind us have to keep the same inflexibility of movement to time forever the chosen purpose. This purpose is Hierarchy of Light and its center is Great Heart. It remains invariable in centuries. She is defined and elected on all the time which is and which will be. It, like a guiding star, conducts the directed spirit to achievement of that usually it is considered impossible and unattainable.
134. (Guru). Each the victory of itself, each gain means as well receiving, and knowledge expansion. Thus, the knowledge is acquired by a victory over. The place exempted from the thrown-out shortcoming, doesn't remain empty, but is filled any more with a shortcoming, but advantage or useful quality. And as qualities of spirit are at the same time and cognition tools, with their growth and accumulation knowledge is accumulated also. So, for example, the love serves as the best cognizable of that, on what it is directed; or the constancy by all means leading to the purpose; or the tranquility of mind opening possibilities of cognition, not aggravated by emotions stirring to process. The approved qualities of spirit open widely a gate of cognition of the world surrounding us.
135. (Feb. 25). Even of the past summer no repeat, even yesterday is irrevocable. And this human life in its current embodiment can't come back again. It again will return to Earth and will live again. But everything already will be other: both a body, and people, and an environment, and even it will undergo abilities change. The main qualities of spirit remain the same, but a little in other forms of identification. The whole days consist of the same elements of morning, midday and evening. Every day there ascends the same sun, but any day isn't exact repetition of another because it is always new and saturated new opportunities. Anything in the nature doesn't repeat, despite external similarity of the phenomena. In it is of generosity of the nature. And it is good to understand that aren't repeated life and embodiments of the person in spite of the fact that he comes to Earth much, many times. However, opportunities repeat, but already in new combinations. Therefore life justifies itself only when given the chance to spirit are used wholly because the missed opportunity is irrevocable.
136. (Guru.). Of last day in consciousness of the person doesn't remain anything, except of reminiscences. Many last days he at all doesn't remember, anything thus without losing from completeness of the understanding "I", or itself the personality. The same occur if the person doesn't remember itself the embodiments, he doesn't cease feel as the consciousness center. Therefore this or that extent of loss of memory during stay of the person in different spheres of the Elevated World after its release from a body doesn't prevent it to continue to consider itself as itself and not to notice at all as terrestrial stratifications and memory of them fall off.
137. (Feb. 26). Heart gives a message to heart. Communication goes not through a brain, but through heart. And a brain – only a clamp of that tells heart. But it is necessary learn listen to heart. Too a lot of place in consciousness is allocated for a brain, while heart in the shelter. And it can, having received freedom, give what, the brain isn't able give. It is more than attention to heart! And a brain and the thoughts born in it, it is necessary hold on a bridle. Often they to anything: there comes a century of heart. And heart demands attention and care. Otherwise it will break off.
138. (M. A. Y.). The light on top of the lower higher realms and does not reach there. That touches of him, of consciousness rises over the pool usual. Traditional ways and all personal, earthly and small, tied at one. From the circle of generalities is not easy to get out. Exercise helps, but went out, and we still have to stay on top. As quagmire, sucks the consciousness of ordinariness. And it seems that no exit. But Infinity not negated, because everywhere around. Thought, aspiring to phenomenon of the Infinity, narrower is at of liberty. From the notion of Infinity don't get distracted, because everything in it.
139. (Guru). When your consciousness is directed upwards, contact is made with the sphere’s aspirations and magnetic pull rightful elements, scooping from the spheres of attraction. This path is enriched with new thoughts and consciousness is fertilized with new energies. Aspiring thought, like a magnet, pulls out her segments are consistent with space related items.
140. (Feb. 27). Distances are overcome the consonant hearts. Also and assimilation of the beam is achieved by consonant. People in the minds of it’s constantly accord with something. Consonance can be brought under control. You can look at the object and do not see it: no consonance of consciousness of mind, as that looking at the eyes. But you can, looking at the object, seeing only him and not see anything outside. The extent and nature of consonance define of field of visibility of consciousness. The ability to customize the consciousness on the desired fret is a great achievement. Carries out the desire will. Will is the spirit of fire. The extent and strength of its different people are different. Apathy is a major drawback. Will be developed and strengthened, and there are no limits. Will a planetary Spirit already reaching space sizes. Practice will be at any time, under all conditions, and human potential in this regard is very high. Starting out small, you can achieve very little. Very important decisions bring to a conclusion and not to retreat until they are implemented. Continuity and rhythm – helpers will. "Who I am sure will, can enter their" – this was the inscription above the entrance into the Hidden Knowledge.
141. (M. A. Y.). Gem of the spirit is different; identic no. As no two are alike in all trees leaves the planet, so no two are of the spirit. There are similar, there are similar, there are family and friends, but not identical. In this is inexhaustible diversity of nature. Awareness of the individual savings rate of its natural spirit allows you to have your way, not someone else’s, he entered and swim in their own boat. Gifts of space for everyone, but mastering them is individually.
142. (Guru). The Bishop has a Focus, dedicated to It the spirit combining in one spiritual whole. Than higher of plan manifestation, what this of union expressed more clearly. The heavenly Light is such a merger. Its orbit brings it in more and more perfume as delves the great division of mankind into two opposite poles-pole Light pole and darkness. Joining forces with light pole will all grow and grow until the participants feel their power and superiority over last child of long race and supporters of the pole. Great Split the end complete victory of the Forges Light over the darkness.
143. (March 1). We Give the opportunity every negative phenomenon speaks in its entirety and deformity, what him destroy and in future stop any attempt of him of the repetition. After all, the new world going the new ways, and that, what could occur in the old world, of the place narrower no is. Manifestation of darkness on the planet, being the antithesis of light, allows on her swing judge about magnificence of a light hail. The law of opposites is showing its force in of Grandeur Light of the Coming of Epoch Maitreya. It is difficult to imagine it among the last revelry of the engirdled darkness, but shining bright future is fated to the world. Courses of Space Evolution can't stop any terrestrial forces. Light of the future is great.
144. (M. A. Y.). How reconcile the gloom a present with Light of the future? Only is understanding of the phenomenon of opposition. We live in peace of light- the darkness and shade and height of a subject we determine cost it the shadow. But in darkness of night see of stars, if the terrestrial, final darkness, gathered over a planet in the form of a cloud, doesn't cover of night visibility. The chaos not shown and Light of the shown Universe is the opposite aspects of Cosmic Life, but the phenomenon the dark on our Earth – only the temporary outgrowth, or a tumor, which is subject, liable fast and of the full destruction. End and temporarily this darkness, bit of Light is infinite.
145. (March 2). In the days of special press’s events will keep a special tranquility. Otherwise the body will not stand the tension. We in such tension are found constantly. We have tranquility is broken. The power of action can occur only at full serenity. Now comes the long-awaited moment when the accumulated quality spirit especially will need and when, without them you will not be able to keep the balance. There have been cases where unexpectedly fell off happiness came from the gap of the heart. Let it would serve as a warning about the need keep the peace at all costs. Preparing for the event in advance, so that waves could meet them in balance complete and fully owning their feelings; have long Warned, that the consciousness was ready for it. Don't need the courage, what dream of a given fairy tale, but it will be very necessary, when the fairy tale starts become the Fiery reality. I Warned.
146. (M. A.Y.). The question now on the dignified attire spirit rises in all its force. For the color of spiritual service and its light-bearer will be known and future activities of the spirit and its proximity to the Hierarchy of Light. While there is still time to prepare this robe, should not lose even one moment to make it even more luminous, end already forever with all that can darken the light. In the future you can join, mercilessly and definitively rejecting all unnecessary his load past the piles. Free from them and enter into the future.
147. (Guru). And the good, that don't know in the details augmenting of your future. If you knew and would think, and talked about it among yourselves, enemy ears would have bugged your conversation and have taken advantage of this knowledge, what ruin you’re of opportunity? So, sometimes it is good to know less that intimate and needs special protection.
148. (March 3). As a shadow follows a man, so follow him his deeds, good or bad. Good – for approval, bad-for eradication and liberation from it. Everything good you can take in the future, but the poor will kettle bells on the legs. Eradication is complete, comprehensive rejection of unwanted properties, and besides that, when in the depths of consciousness there is no gravity to it, even subconscious. This is not easy. But when the human microcosm all the lights burning, eliminating unnecessary husks and even thought about it does not come to mind. A good test can be dreams. Control over the dreams can be an indicator of release or, at least, sincerity break free. Free from the chains of the past becomes the winner in the judgment future.
149. (M. A. Y.). Merging worlds will erase the boundaries between the invisible and the visible worlds. Collaboration with invisible helpers will be real and tangible, as well as with the Chief and other of the high spirits. The invisible will become no negative and enters the realm of reality, accessible knowing. Is lifted the veil of subtle world. And both characters will get full rights of citizenship. The two wings will fly to the future of the human spirit.
150. (Guru). If a guard on watch falls asleep, the whole point will become his guardians. Watch shall be permanent. If during the day or night is interrupted, the entrance for enemy patrol will be open. Because, only the constant patrol justify its appointment. If of part of the time is spend in the vigil the spirit, and of the remaining time unconcernedly, forgetting about everything, would benefit from such a halved? Whether also it is possible to be protected at such relation from darkness and its influences? Only the full aspiration and completeness of action will give desirable consequences. Incompleteness is condemned.
151. (March 4). There is a decomposition of the basis of the old world. We give it free rein to self-destruct. The world old will shudder and will be shaken, and its collapse will be great. Who with it and for it, will self-destruct with it together.
152. The doubt, either fluctuation, or disbelief of separate consciousness’s can't violate the Solution of Space Will, but they can damage to themselves, losing completeness of perception and an acceptability of going Light. For completeness of awareness of greatness of the future Light full-openness of heart and consciousness towards to going happiness is necessary. Also it is necessary that nothing stood a barrier to this understanding. Long ago words were given: "On heart and life will turn back a wonderful and fantastic reality".
153. (Guru). The Distribution of time and space is conditional; in the spirit no of these divisions. Therefore communication, communication and contact with those, who is close to heart, goes over terrestrial restrictions, terrestrial evidence and illusiveness of the dense world. Simple clairvoyance already destroys these borders. The fiery reality accepted in consciousness, will help to slightly open a veil of the Hidden World.
154. (March 5). Death is like sleep. When a person dies, they are his thoughts in the areas corresponding to these thoughts. Also in the spirit realm visit sleep consonant preceding falling asleep thoughts. Therefore, the conscious adoption of the nightcap of a direction of thoughts is important. In the morning you can wake up with a happy feeling, which is not the result of conscious awake hits the bright Areas. Remember all, where was the spirit while sleeping, people cannot. Partial snatches of memories right carotid pictures do not give, but the overall feeling is usually right. Gradually these memories will start to acquire slenderness, but this requires a careful and attentive attitude to that State, which occupies one third of human life, that is to the State of sleep. The day the human mental condition imposes on the dreams of its mark, but still crucial last thoughts before sleep. Well before that, freed from the day, fume and discard the conventional impressions a day and go in the thin world free from earthly experiences. And, of course, it's good to be free from any temptation. And, if life is a dream, the best of this dream to come off and, looking up, be clothed in bright spiritual service. In of distress, rage, darkened, fear, frustration, anxiety, falling asleep, depart in Peace is slim. You can imagine what areas they visit, while could conduct this time with and retrieve very vans black value interesting and instructive experience.
155. (M. A. Y.). Light aura the human serves as a bridge, connecting it with sphere’s Light and dark areas – with darkness. So it is important to keep the situation under constant radiation and not allow anything, darkened aura. Darkened and clarified, first all, - of thoughts. And because, the main concern about is them. Come again and again to the need for the most rigorous control of thought. When firmly established positive qualities of spirit, this control is not that difficult, but if a quality limps, has then to be especially vigilant. But be that as it may, a constant watch to protect the light-aura’s radiation. After all, in addition to its own sentiment on consciousness is heavily influenced by how spatial thinking and the thoughts of other people.
156. (Guru). The thought is a servant the human. The servant can be sent for something, giving it a certain order, in the same way – and the thought. Sent into space the thought would revert back, loaded with new content and enriched with the new elements. We need to understand, that the thoughts grow up, and, now and them, before the gigantic dimensions. And the power of habit, with which man is no longer able to fight, is nothing, as the strength increased in time the thought. Because you can rejoice of every good thought, generated by man and growing in space, and carefully child one from thoughts of unusable.
157. (March 6). It is surprising as spatial currents quickly change, leaving after it pleasure or of sorrow. The mood of the moment changes under their influence. Too to them we won't give in, knowing variability them. The nervous system of the person can't but react to these influences. And the more it is refined, they feeling As a matter of fact, the device human has to register and note a lot of things, keeping balance. On condition of preservation of balance the broadest and versatile perceptions are possible. Otherwise the system won't sustain. Tranquility – the quality which is very necessary for the pupil. The tranquility needs to study constantly and on everything. It is necessary to study so that reaction to various influences didn't break a condition of tranquility. Any strong chagrin can be met in fury of the astral which isn't constrained by will, and it is possible and in full tranquility. Whether it is worth so strong enduring something if through any time are forgotten both chagrin, and the reason, it caused as it always steadily happens. After all it is necessary to leave everything, is it worth allowing violation of a peace of mind for the sake of something?
158. (Guru). At Light bottom all best aspirations of spirit are realized into deposits of crystals of rightful energy. Therefore the Teacher Speaks: "Direct". Direct to self the Highest that only you can imagine. The magnet of aspiration works powerfully. On the channels of aspiration, dug in space during lifetime of terrestrial, all is carried out in World Aboveground all that is put in aspiration by spirit, carried out under the Law accord and compliance.
159. (March 7). The most unpleasant phenomena of recurrence (taking place in a dream) go to our advantage, because, let you see the enemy in full growth. The enemy is dangerous not when, the fight with him, but when he overcomes. There are many reasons that during sleep the past wakes up or new combination based on old and seemingly fall sleeping and lingering savings. But whatsoever, it's a signal to new depths of consciousness from previous cleaning rubbish somewhere else remaining. Lord My consciousness and all that is in it, the man himself. He has the right to dispose of the tents and throw out anything that does not conform to the agreement stage of consciousness. All that good or is acceptable can be used, it is not acceptable now. Over all this is control, not given plane will free him to be the way he wants. Little did what lower self. It wants firm and resolute hand bridles. He wants please all their desires. All of them from the Earth, and all have it backwards. Give them the will to go back. The astral is worn bridle and is locked at the Castle. You can carefully and critically examine the movement taking place in it, but will not give them. Bridle, the noose of debt around on them, firmly gripped in his hand. Movements taking place in the astral plane can be seen at all, but the ones they own and dominated, others are subordinated to them and are in full power. It is important to promote the spirit of their shells, and especially the astral. Get away to the thin world, being at the mercy of the astral, that means being weak-willed various astral influences and eddies, which is already struggling with.
160. (M. A. Y.). Manage your agents and keep them under control is possible only with the assistance of thoughts. But to do this and self-thought themselves to be under control. Because the emphasis is on the thought, and the mastery of other membrane begins with the mastery of thought. The idea has already been severely restrained will not give opportunity to manifest plane, just as he wants it. The thought would put it. Thought would destroy all its ingenious construction. And the same idea creates and will delineate the boundaries within which permitted this irrepressible Shell to exercise their activity. Restraint, self-control, self-possesses, of power over him-the desired quality.
161. (Guru.). To go steadily "line of the Beam" means, that no of the events and of the incidents of life usual should stop the going. Anyone delays; of obstacles and the obstacles much one may meet on a way, and especially thrown dark, but let and nobody no make slow down a stride. Whatever occurred outside or inside, movement doesn't stop not for a moment. And the will doesn't permit to these seeming obstacles to pay so much attention that they detained advance.
162. (March 8). Ageing body, but the spirit does not age. When the spirit is freed from the power of the body, old age is not felt. Old age is a physical phenomenon. The spirit of these sensations does not know. Spirit forever is used. Reset the old body – joy and liberation of the spirit, because the old body has its limitations. Know, that our people and grow old, and sick, but at least some degree, it do not obey these phenomena, while maintaining clarity of mind and good of spirit.
163. (M. A. Y.). Day of the Woman on March 8th we will celebrate as the phenomenon having all planet value. The Era of Maitreya is the Era of the Woman, and precisely the woman should have in it a crucial role. This crucial role is manifestation in spiritual activity of the woman. In the sphere the spiritual will be leader she. Many difficulties should be overcome on a way to this victory. But, evolution has the tasks and the ways of their implementation. The machismo should renounce something and to refuse some privileges. But all this will serve for the mankind benefit. When the woman will return the right to participation in all parties of public and state life, many inadmissible phenomena will disappear, and first of all wars. The era of the Woman will make good changes to mankind life.
164. (Guru). At the biggest internal freedom to be isolated absolutely from external influences it is impossible. Magnetism and the character of locality, height above of sea the level, proximity of a human accumulation, purity of air, the mental atmosphere, influence of surrounding people – all this influences an organism both physically, and mentally. That is why it is necessary to speak very much about self-defense and consciousness protection from all these influences. And many forces leave on protecting a movement inflexible on once and for all chosen way.
165. (M. A. Y.). As the person often speaks to himself: "I will be happy if my desire" is granted. But here the desirable happens, and the general feeling of entire happiness isn't felt. Wise aspires to that to wish nothing as he knows that desires are infinite, and the person more has, the he bigger wants. It is best of all to be content with that is had, and whenever possible to wish nothing, in any case, relating to usual terrestrial desires. Ability to be content with the small – too art. Well to pass to the Thin World free from any desires of a terrestrial order.
166. (Guru). The aspiration remains uninterrupted in all conditions of consciousness and under all living conditions. Both a condition of consciousness, and living conditions temporary also it is passing, but the spirit way to the Lord is invariable because it is solved forever. So enduring inside receives the power over all passing that occurs in covers and that constantly through them proceeds. The spirit, strongly and continuously, on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life is so approved.
167. (March 10). The world My dad will be object of your aspiration. It is immense! Threshold to it is I. Across Me and goes. Simply you will enter and you will simply go, because I Am the Way. With Me in consciousness you will be constantly. Without love (it) is impossible. Hatred too perhaps a magnet, but is a darkness way, and mine – Light. In Light My World you will see in Boundlessness real. It also is My Kingdom, which has no end. All following, enters into it for Me. This Kingdom no is as worldly other. But I Want that it’s Light in this world was approved and I shone people. From where take of words about My Kingdom? From Me is. In them is My of Light. Therefore they reach hearts human obviously. I will destroy Maya visibility that on a place to erect it the Temple of Eternal Spirit. She seeks to replace the eternal truth of the real with splinters, a tatter of thoughts terrestrial, having embellished them and having made desired and attractive to consciousness. But behind them – anything, emptiness, the next deception and self-flattery because on temporary Eternal it is impossible to build because all temporary is limited to a small circle of the manifestation, that is doomed to destruction by a whirlwind. Temporary everything is admissible, but only as a step to the sphere of the enduring: through terrestrial to Elevated, through passing to timeless, through dense to fiery, through temporary to Eternal, through limited to Boundlessness.
168. And if someone has opportunity widely and freely to scoop from spatial thought, it doesn't mean at all that it easily-achieve to everyone. Any thought can't sit and to apprehend for hours. Behind seeming ease of achievement so many long-term efforts and aspirations and besides not one life are hidden that only the reached knows as far as all this is hard and difficult. In spatial storage true treasures of thought are saved up, but possibility of broad access to them is open, unfortunately, only for the little. Meanwhile the right to an entrance has everyone shown enough aspiration and persistence to expansion and development of the consciousness. After and the poets, and the artists, and the musicians – of all scooped from the same source. And only market evidence closes these opportunities. But stars in the sky always, and always it are possible to raise the head to the sky.
169. (M. A. Y.).Among that, what aren’t present we affirm then, I no, but that will be and that the light will illuminate of mankind. The reality fiery is approved contrary to evidence. At first it is necessary to believe in it heart, then to scent it and to feel and later to start claiming. About Announce of Fiery reality, proclaiming it to people usual among life usual, assumes heavy work of fight against evidence of Maya which strong rises against them. To destroy illusions of life terrestrial is hard business because in them are shipped all. And about Announce of unit. And the great belief in a final victory of Light over all planet ignorance should be had that to approve it in the face of negate ardent and all those who doesn't recognize anything over visibility of the dense world. In it is greatness of a feat of Carriers of Light.

170. (Guru). The knowledge of spirit has to prompt how to understand these or those difficulties of life, relying thus that the Teacher Conducts. In case of the valid need or danger the help comes. «Hand the Driving stays over spirit". Let's not push away her mistrust and doubt.
171. (March 12). It is difficult to keep continuity of consciousness because conditions of the Thin World absolutely change a habitual environment and time that to adapt to them is required. Arhat doesn’t need this adaptation as the World Thin is close to It and well a sign, and reflections about its laws and knowledge transfer them the thin phenomena to the sphere of the conscious. The aspiration to keep consciousness at the time of transition in Elevated helps to carry out it. But it is necessary that this aspiration was up because, having been late in the lower class, it is difficult to rise. It is good to keep consciousness at aspiration up, but it is bad, having appeared below. It is better to wait this time, being shipped in a dream, than to be filled with the impressions going from spheres lowest. In a dream often the person behaves uncontrolledly, falling under undesirable influences. The same can happen and in a one incarnation condition if owing to some get rid properties of people magneto undergoes an inclination according to these properties. That is why the decision to be exempted from any litter has to be final and irrevocable. Any instability, incompleteness and partial clarification can involve spirit in very undesirable environment and the neighborhood very unpleasant. And if incompleteness in general is condemned, in a question of clarification of consciousness from any litter it is terrible.
172. (M. A. Y.). The personal small world of each person is unreal at least already because is limited to that surrounds the carrier of this small world. The direct environment is reflected in an interior and fills it. The inhabitant of deserts, the woods, mountains, the cities and villages owing to these conditions reflects in himself absolutely various impressions. And only synthetic mind rises over personal limitation and incorporates a lot of things lying beyond its limits. Thinking and caring of others, we plunge into the world of their experiences and we go beyond personal "I". The one, who thinks of the benefit of all mankind, broadens the horizons to the all planet sizes and enriches the consciousness with new stays.
173. (March 13). Ability to operate thought the will – in desire, desire – in a heart impulse needs will, and. So, even will of heart direct, and the impulse is generated by thought, so the thought operates of even heart. It is a question not of that desires destroy, and about that operate them by means of thought. If not operate them, they will operate. The slave to be desires – the worst type of slavery because to run from it there is no place. Prisoners run sometimes from strict prison but where to run from it? Release is in the thought. "Desires will be replaced with the order of pure thought", pure, cleared of litter and the reek of alcohol of terrestrial desires, thought free and light, the thought creating lightful forms from substance of a spontaneous matter. Lightful of thought create heart is go joy Arhat. From treasure (Itself) heart It Takes out Light to the world, shrouded Maya a cover. Light is created by though, as well as darkness. "Yes there will be Light" there is a silent order of lightful heart of the Carrier of Light bearing rescue to the world.
174. On the one hand – limitation of personal "hen house" of the inhabitant, with another – not repeatability of individual accumulation of spirit, individual because only on condition of identity these accumulation won't be dissolved in space. The individualization of a spirit-monad allows it to evolve, saving up experience. In the House of the Father infinite number of forms of life, and all of them are individualized in it, and isn't present similar or repeating, that is absolutely identical. Each Planetary Spirit Has the pronounced Identity that the Wreath of Space Reason, part continuous, inseparable doesn't prevent It to be part, or a pearl, the member of Great Heavenly Collective, keeping thus the Identity. The secret of unity in plurality is a life Basis. Partly it is expressed in a formula "I in You, You in Me, I in the Father, and We Are Uniform". This association happens without identity loss. Once again we will draw a certain line between concepts of the personality and Identity. Life of the personality extends on one embodiment, then it as that ceases to be, and all her covers break up while Identity from which essence, like a long-term flower, there was dismissed and lived a certain personality, continues exist, from time to time generating new flowers. Flowers perish, the plant remains. Flowers are persons, a plant – Identity. Therefore Great Identity, coming to Earth in the form of a certain personality, so Reckoned with interests of the personality a little, giving her on worry to people, possibly, if only to depict more deeply in minds human the Precept brought to Earth. Greatness of the person it is easy to determine by oblivion by it itself and the personal interests and return of on service to people. The personality usually serves her, the Identity winning, or won it – to people. The personality dies, Identity is immortal. Immortality is approved by a way of transferring of consciousness to the sphere of Immortal Identity.
175. It is necessary to comprehend as it is useful to learn to find in itself, to distinguish, see and separate elements temporary and passing from elements enduring, immortality elements. All things which it is owned are imprinted in consciousness in forms, as well as moods, and also all usual pleasures and chagrin, and all that occurs in life usual. This entire is temporary. But there are also the qualities of spirit brought from antecedents, there are aspirations of a high order, there is the knowledge connected with life not of a body, but spirit, there are a lot of things relating to elements of enduring, but carried away by the person with in the future, out of limits of this embodiment. Enriching and increasing these elements and them multiplying consciously, collects to itself on Earth of people that wealth integral even by death of a body which will accompany it further and which will give the chance it of already conscious stay in the Highest Spheres of the Elevated World. It also is the elements of immortality bringing it to understanding of eternal life in the spirit of, eternal life of spirit.
176. (Guru). Life on Earth in the incarnated is justified only when it is gathering and accumulation of experience and knowledge for the future, but the future is not limited to one embodiment. Really thinks then a man a Wayfarer, a Wayfarer Road that has no end. Then comes the understand that, what nothing no ends, but all “. «Everything flows"; the great river of life flowing into of infinity.
177. (March 14). "Even in the greatest shocks to keep calm." It alleges and should devote their time when there are waves. One of the persistent efforts of the dark is unbalance. Better to lose any earthly advantage, or benefit, or right, or do something than by purchasing them, lose balance. Not looking for his wisdom, anyway, not seeking it at the cost of loss of balance. Feeling of depression course by the presence of diggers trying, exert influence over someone. Use each and every one and that can. In these cases it is better to depart in peace, than to join with them in exhausting clash because of a piece of cake. Right, you could keep records of all these attempts to write a whole book, and very instructive for not believe. You cannot be placed online. The silent response can be very effective. Wordless action at times can be very effective. As they need it to catch catches for aura, worry. But the balance, the symbol whose is the ball, these opportunities to the dark doesn't give. Great is the power of balance and not vulnerable for darkness. Keep it at any cost.
178. (M. A. Y.). Very characteristic cases when some very bad people tried are known, having struck blow, to seize aura that, having seized, mentally to torment consciousness. Huge efforts were demanded by the decision from them to come off and be protected from spiteful vampirism. There was almost physical feeling of this bad influence. And only having strong protected from them paralyzed spiteful energy. Let this example will serve as a lesson for all times how to be preserved against the dark. It is impossible to allow consciousness to enter into an orbit of an attraction of dark energy because will tighten and will hollow, to a woodpecker it is similar, yet won't cause so desirable for darkness reaction a disbalance. Everything jumps out of consciousness that (consciousness) can give the chance dark to rush into it.
179. (March 15). If, having finished this embodiment on Earth, it is possible not to return again on it, and to be embodied on other planet, whether that it is necessary to draw from here a conclusion, it is how necessary to come off terrestrial gravitations, it is how necessary to leave terrestrial cares of, of the personality and of all that temporarily surrounds it. The precept about a not money-making and to collecting to itself treasures on Earth is full of the deepest value. Often people owing to need plunge into whirlwinds of cares, experiences, both the most intense affairs, and works but if thus they don't understand their fast-transient nature and connect itself tightly with them, it is difficult to be exempted to their spirit from these chains, even having exempted from a body. Any useful work should be carried out in the best way, putting in it all heart and soul, joyfully to execute and in tension of forces, but at the same time it is constant bearing in mind passing essence of terrestrial works of the person and that only results of these works in the form of experience, knowledge and abilities remain forever with the person. So temporary and enduring it is harmonized in consciousness of the person, and work gains deep and already timeless value. It is important to understand it especially that the phenomenon of work proceeds and in the Thin World, and all light spirits, to the Highest, are in continuous works irrespective of, in what body they are and in what spheres show the activity. All have a right to rest, but consciously active stay in Elevated is always accompanied by works on life construction. Even the highest fiery creativity of spirit is no other than work.
180. (M. A. Y.). Completeness of the accord carries out merge of consciousness’s and gives the chance to imprint thoughts in a full consent with Bases of the Doctrine of Life. The accord, the more perfect and coherence with Bases is fuller and deeper. It is reached by joint works throughout many lives. Communication is approved over all affairs every day and proceeds far in the future, out of limits of the current time. These relations can be strengthened and strengthened a constant memory about it and constancy of affairs, feelings, acts and thoughts, for Light of the created. And when it is put above all affairs terrestrial, passing and when it is consciously stretched in the far future, truly, the fiery reality of the enduring is approved then. And then Silver Threads of Light vibrate lightfull in space, connecting consciousness of the spirit directed to Light to those who costs above it on the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light and with whom it is connected by a direct, direct connection on the Beam of the Hierarch and with his next link.
181. (Guru). In the distorted religions the payment for public prayers, memorial services and other prayers is raised. The essence of the phenomenon is so perverted. Yes! It is necessary to pay for Communication with Light and the Highest Forces to the person, but this payment absolutely other. The aspiration to Light is stronger; the darkness on directed spirit more furiously collapses. It also is its payment for Communication with Light. And as far as it is great and heavy, knows only the spirit which has strengthened the aspiration. But to pay is of inevitably. Christ Redeemer Say: "In the world you will have grief", grief – owing to Light acceptance.

182. (March 16). One person can operate the thoughts, another - no. Than cope 0f thoughts? Will! What is the will? Fire of spirit, caused to of action! Different there are fires, and they differently operate thoughts. The weak will not be able own of thought. And then the thought if it is strong, seizes the person. While the consciousness creates thought, it dominates over process, but when the thought is issued and saturated fire of beget, there is it the independent essence forever connected with the person which has generated it. And then for its neutralization if it undesirable, is required thought opposite on character, but bigger potential, that is an impulse of the will creating thought, has to comprise more fire, than previous thought. The thought is especially strong if in it heart fire is enclosed. If the thought from a brain enters in the conflict the thought going from heart, the warm thought wins. It is wrong to think that the thought is created only by a brain because at allocation of a thin body the brain stays idle, but the thought lives and can be very active, and also heart lives and is felt. The thought going from a brain, can't affect long distances, but going from of heart – doesn't know barriers. The will can own thought. At the centers lit the thought possesses the special force because there is it then fiery thought.
183. (M. A.Y.). The main thing is not to change a rhythm of a step and not to deflect once and for all chosen direction in spite of the fact that occurs around. And there are a lot of things and strong counteracting advance: many distracting, many interfering, many pushing aside, back and in darkness. It is impossible to neglect these counteractions because at times dark high degrees act on a scene and apply the multiexperience and refinement in fight against that that goes on the way. It is impossible to recede, it is impossible to deviate because the darkness is greedy ready to accept reeled in the embraces. It is necessary to pay special attention to how it calling and attractive does that at all isn't that, and is more true – on the contrary. In it is especial refinement of dark allure. Well what pleasure in hazardous gambling game? But how many people obsessed with this harmful passion! How many in general obsessed with various defects and passions. And who is the possession? It is worth thinking over it that only at one of thought of it to find force of ardent counteraction to any attempts of dark enslavers. The number unfortunate, enslaved and enslaved by of dark spirits is great, and the destiny of these fallen beings is sad.
184. (Guru). You keep, keep, keep, all strength of mind having collected because the last days come, days of a black Eyelid leaving forever, days of Cali Yugi. They are considered. But that growing furious the leaving darkness will prove and rage. Look, what terrible things occur on a planet! Murders, violence, poisoning with gases and bacteria is all arsenal dark in the application, all forces in operation. Also the great crimes which are violating the rights of the people on life are already openly committed. Deification of misanthropy! You keep, the friend because the darkness goes to approach
185. (M. A. Y.). Harp of the spirit that is set up in line with the Hierarchy of Light, takes and passes a note point, vibrating body in space. To listen sensitively to it and not allow zealous bustle of its sound choked. Need exactly accord, because the sounds of the Earth may drown out the without-sound wave space. It's not easy to move away from the living dead, since she is dead in spirit, in the bustle of the obviousness of it very tight loud, so loud and aggressively noisy that inaudible wave-catching hard to unusually thin areas. But, spotted, they note. Are not marked, they are forgotten quickly and drowned in the noise and chaos of everyday life. Subtle perception requires a very careful and caring relationship. Otherwise they are drying up for the Earth.
186. (March 18). Devachan's inhabitants are shipped in a subjective condition, enduring in various variations the best and strongest impressions of the last embodiment. But some inhabitants of Spheres of the Highest are in other condition of consciousness and actively work, carrying out various instructions of Hierarchy. Very strong spirits having a large supply of mental energy refuse Devachan, devoting itself to service to General Welfare. When Earth is sick when Cali the South comes to an end, they can't depart from works on planet rescue, plunging into a state of bliss of subjective experiences. Eventually, this condition is too Maya known type, however, Maya of the Elevated World. In this question a lot of things depend on conscious aspiration of spirit to work on the general advantage. For many the statement about desirability of work of the person in a one incarnation condition strange sounds, but the Brotherhood and all Hierarchy of Light stay in continuous works. Work joyful and voluntary represents itself a lightful condition of spirit, in whatever there was it to a cover. Each worker earns to himself by work the right to an entrance to bright future. But the fate of the sluggard and the idler is unenviable. Work not only people. Bees and ants work, beavers work, work many bird species and animals, the apple-tree works, bringing a rich crop. Each sunflower seed works, yielding a harvest. Work is the phenomenon universal and space. Work on transformation of crust is great and is long very much. As a matter of fact, life is there is a continued and continuous work of all real on development, thinning and improvement of all forms shown in the world.
187. (M. A. Y.). If attentively to watch expression of portraits or images of the persons having for you special value, it is possible to notice that it constantly changes, and every day is in this regard new and isn't similar to the previous. It already is phenomena of the Thin World. They can amplify up to that the person will come to life as though and contact will be absolutely concrete. It is so possible to receive something very useful to itself and surrounding relatives.
188. (March 19). The body as a bird in a cage, it is concluded in limitation of dense conditions and is attached to that external restriction in which is. But the spirit is free, but the thought is free. This freedom of spirit and thought needs to be realized before to use it. Flights of thought are certainly useful because tear off from a dense environment, silence hearing – too because isolates from external conditions. It is necessary to understand that a body – a dungeon into which the spirit is put. And how to be released from a dungeon, if not to understand, what is the spirit in prison? But the majority of people doesn’t understand and therefore don't think about any release. Releases thought. There are no such conditions which vicious circle the released thought because also release – in the spirit of couldn't overcome. And the spirit, which has realized eternal, timeless essence, is over everything and over all temporary and passing. The crucial role is played by the one whom and then the person will read himself. It is a lot of names and labels people by situation, an origin, a post, specialty, a profession and so endlessly thought up to themselves, without understanding that the spirit has no all these differences, except one, usually lost sight, namely – light full. Already in the Thin World all differences and distinctions terrestrial disappear, and other measures are applied to the person for definition of its situation on a life ladder. It is possible to start destroying in the consciousness value of all terrestrial differences human and to apply to itself spirit measures. It isn't necessary to speak about it because many won't understand how didn't understand, pursued and drove all spirit carriers, but it is necessary to think. The person entering into the World Thin under the sign of spirit, – is free, but under freight of differences human is Maya slave and terrestrial remnants. Truly – the Kingdom of other-worldly Spirit, the world of illusions of evidence dense, and not from seductions it the astral world, but above. This Kingdom of Light where we Call all, born from of spirit.
189. (M. A. Y.). We are reported in the spirit of, crossing commonness borders. Time not imperiously over spirit, though subordinates to itself a body. The feeling when time ceases to be is very significant. Time is from a body and of terrestrial feelings. The world terrestrial lives on hours and without time aren’t thought, but in the Thin World usual idea of time disappears. The oath Angela in the Apocalypse that time won't be is very symbolical and full of the deepest sense.
190. (Guru). Feels burning heart approach of augmenting term. Both signs are given, and thoughts are sent generously. Both the Beam is strengthened, and the space is strained. Also the darkness in the last desperate effort opposes to Light strains in space. Menacing and heavy time, but full of spiritual lifting and of pleasure for those, who meet it under the Beam the Lord.
191. (M. A. Y.). Accumulation of various qualities and properties of spirit happens during very long time. Therefore and release from undesirable qualities requires certain time. At an aspiration steadily they disappear themselves. At fiery lifting their burden isn't felt at all. Fire – the liberator. Care of, how rouse of flame. The Proximity which solves a way is determined by fires of heart.
192. (Guru). Let's collect on devotion and aspiration. And to everyone a place we will find. Nobody will be forgotten. The field for the energy appendix is great. Work on all will suffice much. The need is great in knowing and prepared. Each particle of knowledge is useful. Will plant trees and shrubs in the knowledge desert is a feat.
193. (March 21). Anyway, but the World New is included into consciousness of the person, even if it against it. Persecutors, following for pursued, are involved in a magnetic field of an attraction of its aura and finish that start imitating. People try to fight against the Great Plan, without understanding that against Space Will they are powerless. So, the Plan drawn up by Lords is carried out. It is good to move already now itself into its orbit and to be approved in it. Voluntary and conscious participation is very valuable. The basic principle of the Brotherhood – freedom of human will. The difference between the action of the slave made on coercion, contrary to his desires, and action, absolutely free is great. Our creativity is free. My kingdom is Freedom Kingdom. Freedom is understood as action within Space Laws, in the full accord with them, but not to them contrary to.
194. (M. A. Y.). The imagination is important still that by means of thought it will outline a circle and limits of opportunities of one incarnation of spirit. But it is good to mark them now, without limiting itself to evidence dense. The imagination has no borders, except what are outlined by of thought. Potentially the thought isn't limited. To spheres of boundless freedom of lightful shining thought the Lord Calls us.
195. (Guru). Each provision of the Doctrine of Life can be considered as a starting point for thinking or a springboard for aspiration of thought in the future, to the world of boundless opportunities. Not to stop on the stiffened formulas, but to move thought, to expand it, to increase its elements, creatively it directing, will be the correct solution of a question stopping the phenomenon of dogmatism or a delay on one place. We rejoice when we see growing, self-proceeding thought, instead of repetition of someone else's words. Beams self-proceeding identifications of fiery potential of spirit arising in freedom are so approved. That is why the Doctrine of Life doesn't give the finished formulas, giving that an impulse for independent advance of thought.
196. (March 22). Let's not impoverish themselves derogation of the opportunities. They are boundless, but not in a physical body. The spirit is boundless. Esteeming itself a body, we limit themselves it to opportunities, spirit including them, we aren't limited to anything. As whom it is considered, that and we become. "You are gods" how even more clearly express possibilities of spirit? To liberate of spirit, it is necessary to give freedom of thought as the thought holds down, but it can give freedom. Believing in Me has eternal life and of freedom. It is necessary to show belief in the Teacher in the face of evidence dense and to all contrary to. Because people lost belief in greatness of spirit, and the person considers himself by a body, but not spirit, the identity proved by the passport and the certificate on education, the personality holding a certain position. The person put himself into a cage of various representations, without wishing to recognize that all of them temporarily. But the spirit is free from them because the passport has, houses terrestrial, even no name, and is more true – new in each new embodiment. However, the intimate name everyone has spirit but who knows it? At a baptism fiery it becomes known. Human are forgotten in time. When the power over consciousness is reached and the primacy of spirit is recognized, Prometheus breaks chains terrestrial.
197. On what great stumbling block there was a spirit? Name to it egoism. There is no place to it in our Monastery. How our charter was strict, call we Answer always. Means, everyone can come nearer if it is rejected from itself.
198. When spirit life, but not bodies becomes at the center, it is possible to expect stays rich. The magnetic attraction of thought starts working then powerfully. However, attract also any thoughts, but according to the accord. On an environment of the person it is easy to judge nature of his thoughts. Under an environment It is implied, mainly, an invisible mental environment of the person. All have it. Their variety extraordinary is from lightfull shining to dark. Everyone is connected by invisible threads of an attraction with it conformable layers of space which, in turn, support and feed this environment. It can be built consciously, directing thoughts in this or that orbit of an attraction. The Teacher and his World will be Light Orbit. Hierarchy Focus will be the center of Light. The choice where we will direct depends on the person, if only not in darkness. Each kind and light act and each light thought, because lightfull magnet they is valuable. There is a wish to tell all: have in itself at least Light sparkle that was to what to put.

199. (M. A. Y.). It is good when is what to distribute and then to share. The majority has no anything. Be not confused that there is no coming. Will come, and in a set. Give time. Everything is good in its season. Now – to save up yours that was what to distribute. It is necessary to save up enough to satisfy all who will come. By the saved-up quantity of seeds it is possible to judge the size of a field of crops; stock up for the future. Go consciousness that each particle can be useful. Spirit hunger is great. The beef is you, waiting Arrival.
200. (Guru). How everything will come true? Let's not guess. Ways are inscrutable. But ready it is necessary to be to meet waves of events exactly fully equipped with readiness. Readiness is magnet. Let's come to those who are ready, and then we will call. Who isn't ready, long they will need to gather, can be late. But you will wait in readiness, and we will strengthen your readiness on degree of your aspiration in the future.
201. (March 23). The thought creates achievement. "Life is transferred to of thought", and of thought the consciousness changes. Care of thought. In the Beam there is a transformation. Understanding of in the sent Beam does process immutable. And all shortcomings regenerate in positive properties through related contrasts. When is what to change, move it is possible surely? Only lukewarm consolations have no because they have nothing transmutation (in spirit merits). At ardent aspiration it is possible not to be confused the shortcomings because it is a material from which advantages are created. "Come to Me all" whoever you were and whatever imperfections were burdened. Only come, only direct. In My Tower I Will pour, I Will melt them everything into precious metal, but on condition of fiery, ardent, inflexible aspiration. Spirit transformation – process bilateral, it goes and for My part, and from spirit going to Me. Call under My Banner is turned to everything, everything, everything, except for hierarchy dark and those who irrevocably betrayed itself to darkness. But to everyone addressed to Me even if it dark, hope I Give (on rescue). Its light is available to each breath.
202. (March 24).Aspiration to Me I Give gift of eternal life. But the acceptability because life depends on acceptance in consciousness or denials of this idea also is necessary. Let this approval by the strange won't seem. After all when the body dies, life is transferred to consciousness but if it denies life and considers that it died, power of own thought the person of life deprives. Therefore the statement and denial have such huge value for life in World Aboveground. The simple belief that the spirit doesn't die, grants to the person there the right to life. But for this purpose it is necessary to believe. Not in any ceremonies or doctrines it is necessary to believe or join external forms of religion, but to recognize immortality of spirit and possibility of existence out of a body. For those who visited still during lifetime the Thin World in the thin body, any proofs it isn't necessary. But ardent negate won't believe such certificate. Fortunately, the science definitely goes that being convinced of reality of the Thin World by already purely scientific way. So association of the worlds comes nearer inevitably. Very few people will dare to object to scientific proofs. However, special numskulls still don't believe that Earth spherical (al). Not wishing something to accept to prove it is impossible. Therefore don't invite on the yard anybody, but carefully meet the looking for. As the sponge, absorbs it each word of the Doctrine Life.
203. (Guru). This holiday is always marked by a consolidation of all recognizing the great Teachers of the East. Unite us with everyone who is close to heart and who is far-sighted, much as we do, to the Focus the light. In unity is the great power. Unite, sweeping away the barriers of distance and all other conditions. The spirit has no barriers and unity in the spirit all the time. Unite same in spirit with everyone who goes there, where we go and we.
204. (March 25). Love gives you the right to spiritual intimacy. Love shatters the barriers of time and space. Love knows no separating distances. Love blurs the boundaries between this world and the order. Love pulse gives with its flaws and fights their win. Love powerfully directs to those whom we love. Love is a great strength, giving birth to direct communication with the hierarchy of light. Love knows no death.
205. (M. A. Y.). Reasons for dreaming can be many. Mental contact, especially new ones, will invade. Dark can toss their take this convenient for them. Always rely on impossible dreams.
206. (March 26). When a good actor is fulfilling its role on stage, he is reincarnated in the image portrayed is itself going through, and the audience gets to experience certain feelings and emotions. But at the same time he always remembers that it's just a game that only real life goes beyond the stage. This is exactly the same and the earthly life is to know that life's a stage. An actor performs a role and the stage will go away. How would the need to learn how to look at you and at life. Only then you can be out of this world, the world of earthly vanity and transient phenomena. But his temporary role should be carried out well and also all work, and its duty to the people. All carriers of light lived in peace, but with his rich, wonderful inner world with all its possibilities, Were They not of this world, because it Understood, that all earthly things are given only at the time and that real life is outside the busy world. They Knew the value of earthly incarnations, and that only by using the full experience of the Earth, Can They move higher and higher on the ladder of light. In wise equilibrium earthly and Aboveground find they resolution of life.
207. (M. A. Y.). Getting ready for life aboveground, you can adopt a range of intentions and the tasks to be performed in conditions out of the dense existence. The last fan out very widely and are limited to only of orphan thought and borders to the capacity of the mind. So the task can be very broad, completely ignoring the fact that it was possible or not possible for life on Earth in a physical body. The certainty that life continues after death of the body, gives life. The confidence and the knowledge that everything on Earth is feasible in the world, opens wide the doors Can all achievements, as are forward I. But approve the direction of thoughts and outline the scope of the above-ground activity of the spirit, and best of all, is still on the ground. Hard to start putting its spirit unsophisticated Outlook on life in the world, the World Can affect the life of Earth, when there are already reap seeding Earth grains, grains planted psych spiritual mental activity of man, when he lived in the physical body. Thoughts, thought out them on Earth, become its integral fellov-traveller, enthralling him in layers of space, nature and essence of these consonant thoughts. And intentions and objectives, and desires of the spirit are there possible. So, thoughts, intentions and aspirations of today approve the nature and light-man life above ground. So is reaping the fruits of it there that sowed in the inner world of their thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds.
208. (Guru). When expanding of consciousness no cannot stop stream of perceived thoughts. Not only reading books and teachings, but of life itself, with thoughtful and analytical to it gives a lot of useful material. Study on of life with every experience, every observation. The school life is not stingy to material was in abundance. It should be remembered that the bitter experience of or heavy more fruit-bearer than a light and pleasant. Bitterness is drawn in the sweetness, and the sweetness is the opposite.
209. (March 28). Not be of mistake, if the process of confirmation of Light in consciousness looks, as of fight with outer counteractions to this aspiration. The darkness takes up arms on daring, seeking to extinguish heart fire. Degree of rouse Light attracts the counteracting force of equal degree. Someone is threatened by demons, and to someone ierofant of the evil. But it is necessary to sustain fight up to the end, without receding from the chosen way. But we do not know other way, except overcoming and fight.
210. (M. A. Y.). Watch attentively alternations of spatial waves. Swelling of darkness is replaced by Light tension, and waves of Light go, all the time amplifying. Very importantly, at a press of darkness keeps of balance. Then there is a spirit impregnable. It is possible to accept in a board all arrows, but on condition of balance. Fight against darkness is the some kind of art demanding both experience, and knowledge, and the main thing, firmness of spirit. It is easy to come to despair from weight of persistence of dark evil-make. But it is impossible to despair because the final victory of Light is foreordained it is immutable. Go, know, that the spirit is indestructible and Light is invincible.
211. (Guru). The pupil is given the Precept of love to people, but anywhere isn't spoken about that the pupil demanded the same love to or appreciation for created by it is kind. Similar requirements would be incompatible with human nature. Therefore Advice is given to create kindly, demanding nothing in exchange that is without accepting a bribe. At a good-creative the bribery is inadmissible because the mercenary good-creative ceases to be that. The Teacher can’t raise a payment for the Life Doctrine. The doctrine is distributed and the good is created gratuitously. This condition is the basic.
213. (Guru). In anticipation of the coming will not disrupt the normal flow of life and rhythm. It is the rhythm takes you through time and space. Not only now, but also in a whirlwind of planetary events and in the world he will remain a solid backbone Can move the spirit. Rhythm of communication is particularly important. You should be able to keep, no matter what changes occur in life. The changes would end, but rhythm remains.
214. (Nov. 2). It isn't necessary to look at opposite circumstances as on misfortune, it is necessary to see a natural consequence of increase of resistance of the environment in it at any acceleration of movement. And this resistance in direct ratio to acceleration force. The powerful engine overcomes any resistance as also the flame of heart overcomes counteracting conditions. Heart, being the center of the sixth principle, is in effect the out temporarily. And therefore all temporary obstacles for it won't be a barrier exactly thanks to their temporariness and a transient. How many they were already in the past, and how many passed, and heart still fights, directing to new victories and new overcoming. Such understanding of heart already provides a victory. Can't temporary compete with the timeless? The spirit which has realized timeless essence can't, to enter into submission to temporary and passing living conditions of the usual. The spirit is eternal and indestructible is a basis.
215. (Guru). With a sufficient depth of the accord with the Source there can't be exhaustion. Means, it is necessary to deepen even more. The wealth and variety of world around give incalculable quantity to those. It isn't necessary to go only coming tracks. There, really, all can be settled. Novelty and originality – destiny of those who knows that imagination in the creative plan isn't limited to anything. Outside a commonness singularity and outside exhaustion – inexhaustibility begins. Even somehow it is necessary to come off own thinking to concern immensity of creative opportunities of consciousness.
216. (Apr. 3). The thoughts generated in the past and sated with force of fires, in time don't die, but continue to live and the influence beget. If they good and from Light, the benefit that, who them beget. But, if from darkness, both passions, and defects, they don't leave beget, yet won't settle on him the force up to the end. It is possible to struggle with such thoughts, only having opposed them thoughts of more powerful potential, but opposite on essence. Difficulty that former thoughts arose under the influence of passions and the feelings needs to be caused opposite feelings not a habitual way, but a conscious, mighty strong-willed impulse. Also it is necessary that this fiery effort of will exceeded the tension of the former passionate feeling which has generated in the past strong negative thought. Having been obese, with similar thoughts it is easier to fight and bridle them, without allowing them to seize consciousness. But in World Aboveground where everything becomes aggravated and aggravated and where the thought undividedly dominates, with the similar phenomena fight is complicated extremely. Thoughts can capture consciousness, seize it and cast the person into spheres of similar related thoughts which will involve it in the vortex funnels. Fight against the negative thoughts generated in the past, has to be complete on Earth, while the person in a body that there, in World Aboveground, quietly and imperiously to tell: "Generations of elements, I am not afraid of you, you can't stop a way, me specified".
217. (M. A. Y.). If the man in your life does not allow some unwanted thoughts and actions, and in the dream they made with lust, so these thoughts and feelings they have not been eliminated completely. Solid and strong orders at bedtime will prevent such events. But if being attracted to him in the depths of consciousness is not yet fully extinguished, the roots of evil are still alive; the sowing of grains is worthless favorable external environment to again disband their poisonous shoots. Capricious beast put on the chain. Astral, animal origin in man is the same beast, unless he be tamed and bridled. It means, then and should be put on the chain. You never know what it feels like: he likes excess in food and drink and rampage in excesses of feelings and promiscuity of psychic energy. Astral will view our willfulness and all sense of his limit takes control. Astral, an ancient enemy, is persevering, sophisticated, and Heather, and much-experimented in the spirit. No wonder the ascetics trying to master it and subordinate it by fasting and prayer, and day and night vigil, and hardly a feat permanent. Others wore chains and “vlasânicy” (clothes of eremites) and even torturing My body lashed and other measures to curb this irrepressible shell only. But Yogi Leads this battle begins, spirit, because one knows that winning the spirit gives him power over the astral.
218. (Guru). Knowledge of the abstract, theoretical, and practical knowledge, living, applied on personal experience, different from each other that the first is not an inherent property of the person, while the latter applied; giving the Bowl deposits of crystals lights becomes incorruptible, indestructible acquisition of spirit. Because any authorized practical knowledge related to Teaching Life is definitely useful. This is the path of Yoga, the yoga of fiery claim knowledge by hand and foot of human hands put things: legs allow you to move along the path. Yoga is a path of living ethics teaching application in life.
219. (Apr. 4). Signs are given in big abundance. Signs are given in order that the consciousness was quite prepared for the Traced Terms of events. It is possible to show usefulness of actions in balance and tranquility. Defeat by surprise can deprive of the necessary tranquility. Therefore signs are given in advance that the surprise turned into an expected of waiting. On a key of surprise streams of events will begin to flow, but the prepared spirit will meet them in readiness, and then it will be easy to avoid shock surprise, the shock, able to cause paralysis of nerves. Even miracles, when they become expected, will painfully not strike any more consciousness and will allow meeting them in full readiness. Well in imagination mentally to imagine the going future and, so to speak, to rehearse the meeting quiet and constrained with it. All possible options can be imagined, keeping mentally balance. Generally speaking, the mental behavior in the face of the possible phenomena, carried out in advance, will allow to meet adequately and fully equipped most striking or difficult circumstances. The astral seeks to fall in these cases into unrestrained delight, either confusion, or other extremes, but it can be put firmly in a strong framework of restraint and self-control. Only all this should be made in advance, and then undesirable disbalance will be possible to avoid easily
220. (M. A. Y.). Here someone settled all subjects; someone expects inspiration while behind inspiration it isn't necessary to go anywhere. It is necessary to approve only a rhythm uninterrupted, and then so-called inspiration, or ability to create, will come freely and naturally, without any squeezed-out efforts. It is possible to study at the sun, ascends every day steadily.
221. (Guru). Friend Mine, it is joyful to Me to feel and know constancy and your devotion. Yes, you will be approached on usefulness and devotion. Time goes when sang and fruit-bearer it will be possible to reap from all your works, both aspirations, and desire to work with the Lord and us for the public good. Any effort in this direction won't go to waste, but all efforts will bring the kind consequences. Not those who forgot and a hand I sat, having but you, workers on Light field, the first Will call for action. And this Call will sound on a key of pleasure and ardent delight of spirit. Yes there will be to you a benefit.
222. (Apr. 5). Emanations of grief and surrounding do sad, and pleasure – on the contrary. Radiations of the person influence and change the world. Better most to change people, than to change under their darkened influences. And even the compassion let doesn't turn Light into darkness. Unless there can be a yogi a weather vane for others wind. The recognition border between influence of a spatial note, or currents, and an astral of the biped is thin. And how it is possible to submit to influences of the person who hasn't subordinated fury of an astral to the will? Once again I Speak: you store balance.
223. I want to lift consciousness over the abyss of life and all the time to hold it over a current of a stream of commonness. This task especially is hard when the press world is so great. But it is impossible to be tightened in funnels of whirlwinds terrestrial: darkened reason also will deprive of balance. As mistake will consider that the judgment Kingdom of Light will suddenly descend to Earth. And it is necessary to worry still before it will be approved much. The current state of the person so is still far from it that without shocks not to enter into the intended future. And, what sufferings it is necessary to pay an entrance depends on the mankind. But the real condition can't proceed further as conducts to the unpredictable. Where will accept the future rather, cataclysms there won't be necessary. Where completely will accept, there quietly and peacefully the New World will enter. But darkness and antagonism strongholds to Light will be compelled to leave a planet. Terrible of time of planetary shifts is full reorganization of all life.
224. (April 6). When enter a stream of events, don't forget that the rhythm established on years remains invariable for all future time. In a tuft of events no heavy a rhythm forget and give in to influence of the passing phenomena. But the rhythm is most important because allows to keep constancy of Communication. Waves of events will pass and will be replaced new, but the Silver Thread – over everything that passes by consciousness, over the dense and the Thin Worlds. As often flashing waves of the external phenomena, especially if they are expensive to heart, want to accept as something approved strongly, but I Is the Alpha and Omega, and strongly it is possible to build or approve only on Me. It would seem intense, active life full of vigorous actions and is that, on what it would be possible to lean. But the Fiery reality is concentrated in invisibility, in the Fiery World, and dense visibility – only the weak, distorted and incorrect reflection of the Highest World. And still, despite it, the world dense is the world of the reasons, and Thin – the world of consequences, and Fiery – synthesis of that is reached by spirit in the two first and that is collected in them for conscious life in the last.
225. (M. A. Y.). Miraculousness of the future let won't cover all difficulty of the statement of new consciousness among participants of the New World. Not be able of consciousness of volume in itself at once everything that is necessary for understanding and perception of the Doctrine. The way will be laid by science and the closest opening of the future. The doctrine of Life and science will go hand in hand. Immemorial fight between two antagonistic directions – spiritual and material will stop. People will understand value and matters, both spirit and impossibility to separate them from each other. Everything will rise on the place, and each phenomenon will take a place belonging to it in the general scheme of things.
226. (Guru). Well? It perfectly, it is necessary to enter the future with well acquired knowledge of a human nature. The naive affection masks don’t suit for life construction. But the knowledge it won't be condemnation, but the accounting of opportunities of everyone come nearer. And mistakes will be less, and also of sham and disappointments. The knowledge of the person will be simple. Usually people or allocate with advantages which they don't have, or what they have taken away from them. Reality distortion turns out. The impartial knowledge of the person is necessary. And then it will be impossible to burden already someone with undeserved trust or to offend by mistrust.
227. (Guru). Every shipment of paintings certainly is harmful. And yet they sometimes carry. Even were the artists- itinerants. If the benefits of seeing them exceed the damage caused by cloths, the movement is acceptable, especially if the packaging and transportation are in good hands. The range of distances too should be taken into account. Short distances aren't so harmful, and better not a cold season. Of course, this is permissible by way of exception.
228. (Nov. 9). Build your future in the present. This understanding excludes error and acquiescing to his weaknesses and shortcomings. Anything you cannot give your heart to transients. Affection is the everlasting.
229. (Apr. 10). I repeat: the acceptability of the heart must be open towards the ongoing happiness. And because the old consciousness in judgment, upcoming future does not pull through, it replaced when followed the formula of "let him deny himself." Selflessness this is pointless without an adjunction to its Hierarchy. Thus, the process of transformation is built on removal from yourself, your self and personality, and the adjunction. And then the former generals will not and will not come for more than the heart. The world is mine and it will replace everything that previously occupied the minds and formed the inner world of man. It is necessary to be ready to leave everything and follow cry aloud.
230. (M. A. Y.). Live it is necessary as right and devoted souls, and especially able to love are expensive to us. They are so necessary to us, as well as we of. The need is in each other mutual. The Teacher or the instructor without pupils any more isn't that, as well as the pupils who don't have the Teacher. On usefulness and necessity is a mutually attraction. It is lawful because it is based on magnetic interrelation.
231. (Guru). On a key of full confidence to words sent we will make the next plans for the future. Rather fast the wheel of events slides. To enter in this future in of full readiness, means, take in it the most full-active and of conscious part. Will accept also others, but not in all completeness of cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. Let Eyes and Heart will be open towards to inevitability fiery.
232. (Guru). At approach of terms the quantity of sent signs starts amplifying. But, even being based on them, neither day, nor month, it is impossible to designate years because it will be always wrong. The same circumstance forces to stay in constant readiness, at the lit lamps. If readiness turns into expectation, active and active, and it is good. Better not go out spirit fires in indifference and a divergence
233. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness let will be open towards to the Beam. The acceptability, or openness of heart, is an indispensable condition of perception. Former inaccuracies can't serve in perceptions as an obstacle for new of understanding. The plan is mobile. Changes can be the most unexpected. Readiness includes also understanding of possibility of the fastest changes of all conditions.
234. (Apr. 13). Why one people are ill much, others aren't present? Everyone to some extent is the own doctor. At a conscientious attitude to power of the thoughts and opportunity to influence an own organism it is possible to avoid many indispositions. Soda helps to maintain uniformity of burning and to calm the rising centers. A dairy food is very useful. The thought parcel to sick body with the purpose to raise a pulsation and to cause a rush of blood to it and heat updates fabrics and promotes balance restoration. The first condition – not gives of illness and struggle with it before the end, before of full recovery. Many are ill, hoping for doctors and for drugs, but at all don't use resources of the organism, powerlessly submitting to an illness, without having mobilized own mental energy. Some diseases perfectly give in to self-treatment, but others are very persistent. It is good to approve a habit until then to struggle with an illness while it won't recede. A sound body as fortress needs protection and protection. Mental energy and thought can serve as reliable health protection of a body.
235. (M. A. Y.). Good firm solve once and for all to go without changing the pitch at all and any conditions: whatever happens, whatever happens, whatever thought or perception or consciousness, step into the advance remains consistently rhythmic and hard. Otherwise all kinds of distracting circumstances or setbacks, or the press of darkness may delay. On the road is, despite everything, and the entire contrary.
236. (Guru). The proximity of the Teacher is reached if the Teacher is put above all. Long ago It is already told: "If who loved someone or something more Me, Me is not worthy". This formula remains vital and until now.
237. (Apr. 14). Here is a stretch for people to a burning heart, seeking to get away from him. And receive. But the grilled heart at peace more difficult than sleeping. And don't think getting that, giving them light and heat, giving the heart may suffer alone, and suffering more and deeper than those who receive from him. And yet, no matter how hard someone who is capable of giving, he should do it even when it seems to him that and giving away something for nothing. And gravely, and looked around, and there's nothing that gives joy. But here they are, they are asking for, they want to get at least a small part of the benefits. They need to put aside their grief and burdens. When the giver gives, he being in wants and suffering, it will be a true give good. But giving excess and heart Light merit the execution doesn't have. But has its creative offering in great hardship or suffering and in need of assistance.
238. (M. A. Y.). When the grave is unbearable, consider not do share the Burdens of Lord and not do his works. If so, then know that separating the severity of Burdens of Lord will share His joy in the days of augmenting the victory of light.
239. (Guru). For the reasons it is possible to judge consequences, but under a condition if really to know these reasons. Externally they often aren't remarkable anything, but their internal value can be immeasurably. In Judea crucified three: two robbers, the third – Jesus; and before already narrower crucified. Event externally same, as and being earlier. But consequences from this crucifixion, apparently, an inconspicuous event, aren't settled and hitherto and won't be settled even then when the moon and the sun will come.
240. (Nov. 15). Hardness of human hearts is quite common for the end of the Kali Yuga. This process has all-planet. Incredible, unearthly cruelty comes in many places and is accompanied by bloodshed, senseless killings, torture and rape. But where all is quiet and peaceful, a monstrous indifference to the human misery and suffering. While pain and suffering is now as much as ever. It is not good in the world.
241. (M. A. Y.). And you yourself profess to Light on a daily basis, "the great darkness". Because elemental overflowed, as disbalance shakes the planet and have shrouded in its twilight. And no matter how bright the light in you impair, darkness sets in, and you want strong much strength to prevent it from of instinction. Every good thing has its shadow side. Every of good idea is purposely itself of stewing dark. Times are hard, requiring a voltage of all forces of the spirit. And it is not easy. And to us too it is hard. Stand back, folks. Dates are suitable.
242. (Guru). Well from time to time to stack various lessons of life on the experience shelf. It anything, that at times they are very bitter. But they perfectly arm for all occasions. The knowledge of a human nature is especially valuable. Both friends, and enemies – everything tried to add to experience knowledge of the person. To them we will be grateful for such valuable science; it in the future will help to avoid many mistakes. The nobility of the person – what great achievement!
243. (Nov. 16). The spirit of breaking free of the iron ring of dense wants environment for languishing and suffering in it. "For all is vanity and vexation of spirit. A sighted person is languishing, blind prospered. Question: which is better-a Lee, having begun to see clearly, languish or be content to blindness? "Because in many wisdom a lot of sadness." But why then the wise seeks to multiply the wisdom of knowing that thus "multiplies and sorrow"? But it also Said that "there is a special joy of wisdom", meaning wisdom brings not only sadness but also joy. But the joy that is not of this world, the joy of the perfect. Higher realms above-ground World resound with joy, not comparable with anything on Earth. Referring to her, it is no longer possible to trade on, admittedly imperfect and transient joy on Earth.
244. (M. A.Y.). How many unfulfilled Promises! Why? Because whether that the Plan changed, either perceptions were incorrect, or Promising didn't execute what was promised? It is necessary to think over it. There is also one more reason: Apostles waited for Arrival because It Told that Will come. The hope was given. Whether for this purpose, that it was the Torch of Light directing in the future? And the Promised Arrival all the same will take place, only not in those details in which it is expected by followers of the Christ.
245. (Apr. 17). As a matter of fact, all Way consists in consciousness expansion, and feet here at anything, that is not external movement, but advance on the way is defined by internal state. It isn't so difficult to understand it, and still, despite simplicity and availability of this understanding, people in search of Light always aspire somewhere that somewhere outside, but not in to find this Way, but long ago Is already told that "God Kingdom in you is", and it isn't necessary to go anywhere, and it isn't necessary to look for anywhere, as soon as in depths of an own being. All searches outside didn't lead to anything. "Az Is the Path, Truth and Life", but "I in you, and you in Me" and therefore, it is necessary to look for inside. Whether it is possible to look for in books? Books help disclosure of own essence. So, from inevitability of self-cognition not leave anywhere. Long ago It is already told and about heart treasure. Nowadays to it "Bowl" – the carrier and storage of all accumulation and as achievement of the future – the fiery centers is added. Everything is concluded in the person. The highest creation of Space comprises everything. The person is the Alpha and Omega Real. It is possible to look for and on Far-out Planets, but not to leave anywhere from the person – the carrier of all grasp and knowledge which were, is or will be.
246. It is a lot of secrets in of Arhat's life. Much Know Our Envoys. Measure of consciousness of people around, or those, who is Meet by They, being in the world, not define and not see of Their depth, and not get into secrets of Their life and communication with Hierarchy of Light. One can be say: Their life flows under the sign of singularity and miraculousness. Let the able to see know and see, that for Us impossible, there is no, at least, in the usual sense this word.
247. (Apr. 18). Clarity and completeness of thoughts, concerning the Teachings, manifested in dreams, show how in the subtle world strong thoughts, accepted and approved in of vigil condition. They will accompany the departed with the plan earthly and after the liberation from the dense body. It's his friends or the enemies, depending on the nature of these thoughts. Observe the thought is the main task of the student. Thought accumulation is him the inalienable property. It is not incidental, but thoughtful thoughts become companions jumping into the world of spirit. Particularly strong thoughts familiar, built into the consciousness of beget. They either raise it upwards, in the higher realms, or thrown out in the lower layers of the astral. Sainthood and makes a fool of the thought. Invisible and bring our apologies on Earth, it is the world's dominant Aboveground, for everything there is a thought.
248. Trains from prayers for the Earth wanted to talk about. Indeed, it can be converted into the world again through Thin, as if charting his first steps. Of course, the true farewell is consistent with the nature and the nature of emptied from the body of the spirit. Good and prayer. Waking up from sleep (following the Thin world), he can implement sent thoughts and they will ease his path. The dead are often full of confusion and inability to navigate in the new environment. Instructions can help a lot and a lot easier.
249. (M. A. Y.). People, for the most part, go into that world was not prepared for it. Assistance from someone who knows would be very useful. Help wherever we can help where the idea might fly.
250. (Guru). Precision, clarity and conciseness expressed thoughts available few. This quality of thought could be further deepened, and that thought has got short chased formula. Note the wording of the thoughts of Christ. Hammered though many of the surviving distorted, but even so, there is still coined and clarity to these formulae how would crash into consciousness. We must learn to think clearly, concisely and beautifully.