Agni Yoga's facets, 1970 (251-400)

251. (Apr. 19). It is easy to imagine what is filled with ambient atmospheres mentally. Human thoughts and feelings erupt into space and of suffocation of their terrifyingly operate on the poisoners. There are especially hard on sensitive organisms. Self-defense facilitates provision, but completely isolate you from these impacts cannot be poison-bearer. It poisoned the air you have to breathe. Mob human are especially dangerous to those layers that are created around them unruly and dark mindset. The more sensitive the organism, the stronger is the desire flee from the poisoned atmosphere. Circle of despair was such as it relates to the external environment and situation. Internal despair not, since Communion with the hierarchy destroys it. Spirit cannot be put in an impossible position. Though perforation any obstacles, but karmic inevitability of dense conditions still have to undergo. But everything has its time and date.
252. (Apr. 20). If it were possible learn to hold in the consciousness of all that the spirit sees and hears, plunging into the Thin World during sleep that would be a very of great achievement. It's already high level of apprenticeship. As far as difficult, everyone knows from experience. Over time, the dreams will acquire slenderness and consistency. Night and sleep not for sleep but to work on a different plan. Tight body rests subtle work. Slowly achieve the success in this direction, because there is no coordination of the conductors. The tension is inevitable, but overly strain it is impossible, as it is dangerous.
253. (M. A. Y.). Difficult as neither had life, live still need to. So isn't it better to respect the dignity of spirit and performed the conditions of apprenticeship. The all-too-brief earthly existence, so you can spend useless. Consequence’s and results of all the labors of earthly to reap in aboveground. Because so important and the works, and of aspirations. Bothering to generously will reap. Looking for power lights will have aspirations. Wishing there will gain knowledge of what he was not able to achieve in the world busy.
254. (Apr. 21). Mental conversations with people close to heart of the perfume can be searched, regardless of geographical distances and many other conditions. Such talk certainly useful, if excluded, complaints and grievance complaint. And if the reaction is not always clearly visible, you cannot stay in contact without consequences. First, it will reinforce the spatial connection, then it will bring answers to some questions, perhaps not right away, then magneto by the power of thought will attract invisible right knowledge. In this connection, a lot of instructive pieces take place in a dream. A whole science is how to translate the subtle impressions in terrestrial consciousness.
255. (M. A.Y.). Love gives you the right to pretty much gives you the right to something that does not reach any meditation or exercise. She claims the closest approach. True senses capable of loving heart that intimacy made love, serves as the guarantee of working together in the World Aboveground. Inherently this right if it is based on a fiery, firm and prominent all testing sense.
256. (Guru). If the Earth has more than three billion people, how many there is encapsulated World Thinnest in of one incarnation condition! Obviously, many times more, but one incarnation status typically longer than embodied. It is difficult even to imagine these huge masses of people, and the spirit who was among the crowds and not knowing what and who to shoot. Indeed, it is easy to get confused. It is therefore very important to know where and who to go and exactly who will be a focus of attraction of your consciousness. "Going to fathers – God be with them." The same Goes to me is with Me. «But it is necessary to know firmly, unswervingly, certainly – to who exactly is heart. The casual or undesirable attraction then can't be. But this should be confirmed by aspiration on Earth by accident and not temporarily, but once and for all. Coming to the Lord comes to him forever. So his way of things as claims on the Earth.
257. (Apr. 22). We Sate of consciousness of mankind of proximity and of inevitability of coming changes. Under the Law of acceleration and increase of tension they will promptly be made. And their character will be such is that no counteraction will stop process. The old world could counteract still to efforts human, but before Force Space droops. What helpless before power of the elements discomposed, there are people with all the achievements. Power of Space Will is invincible; power of Hierarchy of Light is invincible!
258. (M. A. Y.). Open your eyes and ears flush – perception must come at not darkened or any personal considerations, concerns or disbelief. Take in of special time. Contact us and let it be especially strong. Entry into the new world is not so wide, that could all enter. Not all will. Someone left behind his gate, among the departing. Purification of the planet from the remainder did leaving race will stage prior to the coming of Age of Maitreya. Spatial Energy high voltage!
259. (Apr. 23). Not such time now that it was possible to be engaged in third-party affairs! In advance preparation consciousness to that goes. Late enough prepare, when of fiery waves aspiration of Earth. All constructions which haven't been approved on Bases will be scattered. Collapse will be great. So the world old will leave in irretrievable more already never to return.
260. (M. A. Y.). We justify even if errors were committed in the name of the new world, but do not condone anything done in the name of the old. The old world is already deprived of cosmically Foundation. Convulsions of peace and all attempts to stay on the planet won't help him resist. Displacement reaction is irreversible.
261. (Guru). The spread of new ideas and the mastery of human hearts are through their thoughts. The thought knows no barriers, no distance. It cannot be stopped. The strength and power of these ideas is that their roots are in the Aboveground World, while old, the founding of devoid of ideas the movable. They are obsolete. Why all the builds on previous Coastal drift erosion destroyed the grounds already inevitable. The victory ensured the conformity of new ideas with the evolution.
262. (M. A. Y.). The event will be coming to everything with the understanding of what is happening. Press energy goes to a known limit, followed by relaxation, purifying the way to promote evolution. Every dam causes resistance that eventually will sweep away her. No intrigues of enemies and effort of the old world deprive of the Homeland our happy, victorious future.
263. (Guru). Ask your heart, and say it is not time to dive into personal interests when world problems on the scene, shaking all the personal and caring. Not the right place to everything that is not consonant with the moment. Now caring one – join the Hierarchy of light and fully enter her care for the planet and humankind, its living today. What can you, small, inconspicuous people living far from the reaches of the external events? Join us completely thought and heart and help us psychic energy of it’s in of arranging world. Really we need helpers, so little from us.
264. (Guru). Work on the transformation of the world is infinite, because the limit of evolution being does not exist. Therefore we must be prepared to work without end and continued in all worlds. So many people dream about the rest in the World Aboveground. Rest need to recuperate, but do not know of calmness Great Spirit. By imitating and following, did not seek the rest and students Great Teachers. Not about the rest but relentless labor thinks them. Conscious, inspired work is the reward of the hero.
265. (M. A.Y.). Share our spiritual heritage is one thing, but to empty his consciousness and its accumulation of rampant distribution is something else entirely. The doctrine says the wisdom of giving, followed by recovery always used psychic energy. Especially avoid the consciousness that become like a leaky barrel – how many poured into it, all the little, because you cannot fill it. And such consciousness at times can be very demanding. But even more dangerous is the psychic vampires, - alien of energy eaters. They should be avoided like the plague. Most people's auras fade, and contact with them has always plagued the carrier of Agni. The Citadel of the spirit is protected by wisely. Apprentice, peculating it is imprudent stock his mental energy is not justified.
266. (Guru). When the external starts influencing strongly both burdening by circumstances and people amplifies, energy of spirit gathers inside. It multiplies a spiritual armor. Usually they can be scattered outside, and on them Agni can flow away. But, collected inside and closed, they will give the necessary protection and force of opposition to an external impact. Life of spirit is very difficult. She demands big attention to herself and careful attitude. Spiritual to acquire treasure very difficult, but it is even more difficult to hold it.
267. (Apr. 27). Everything will pass, but the accumulation of spirit will remain with us, as well as parts of a hierarchical Chain of tied up them. In the infinity of things found a strong foundation and the unshakable foundation of life – the ladder of Hierarchy: closer, high above, stronger and more durable and happiness is above the Earth.
268. Transitional time from Cali to Satia Yugi is considerable that the Gate is widely open for approach to Hierarchy of Light. When Transition will be made, they will be closed again. Those who managed to approach come nearer and establish the next connection will keep this Proximity on whole to the South, but those who didn't approach, will be compelled to come nearer, both to rise, and to win each step of approach to the Stronghold, without having this advantage. Now the moment is important widely opened and given the chance. To miss them – means to miss something very considerable and not repeated. The most intense period of Transition, so heavy and difficult, is saturated at the same time and the most wonderful opportunities of the highest achievements. Then elements will be included into coast, the life happy, peace and light, but the Gate to Light Spheres, open now wide open will be adjusted, will be closed for a fast entrance. Those who with Us arrived minutes of need and tension when the Burden terrestrial was extremely heavy, will keep the right to sharing our pleasure as divided burden of leaving Yugi. Other remained on a planet the entrance will be, of course, available, and will take part all in life happy and light when the world will descend to suffered much Earth and in hearts human, but the intimate Proximity with Hierarchy of Light nevertheless should be earned and approved by a hand and a foot human, that is conscious work, aspiration and work on. From the remained will reject there will be nobody, but it is necessary to come nearer, going the feet and making efforts in the conditions of a peace time. Enlightenments and transformations will be endlessly, but the Gate won't be closed yet. When they will be closed, process of transformation of human consciousness will be included into the usual course. Unknown time of Transition is noted by unknown difficulties, as well as unknown opportunities for directed spirit everyone fiery.
269. (M. A. Y). At a reorganization of the world and shift of leaving energy all garbage, all dark, all subject to replacement strain in identification of the potential. But strain as well Light Forces, and all soldiers of the Benefit and Light, approving the phenomena opposite. Opportunities increase a hundred times – as to Light to rise, and to be overthrown in a chasm. The lifting way is facilitated, but falling is facilitated also. And there are so much consciousness’s already promptly sliding in an abyss. The two polarities of opportunities are caused by collision of polarity. Nobody will think of why to heart at times it is so intolerable heavy. After all heart answers and for all bears a world Burden; but the heart merged with Hierarchy, bears this Burden consciously, dividing thereby loading of Great Heart and feasibly facilitating its excessive Burden.
270. (Guru). And even if water hammer stone, casual looking work in the name of the Hierarchy of Light could not bring their shining accomplishments. And not now, in the twilight of the pre-dawn hours, but in a blaze of light and radiance of the day, you will see a huge field of harvest. Has wrought will reap. If only this was a good seeding. The seeds sown by the time will give especially portions plentiful shoots. May night last forever. It is sure to give way to bright Day of the new Century.
271. (M. A. Y.). Darkness is an opposite pole of Light and misfortune and a grief –of happiness. By ant situation it is possible to judge greatness and Light of the future mankind unmistakably. Knowing the Law of a polarity and on a gloom of the end of Cali Yugi, with confidence and knowledge you can tell firmly that Light of the future is great, so great and dazzling that in its light heavy days of grief and grief before a augmenting Dawn will sink and will be forgotten. The lord Will come, Days of Happiness will come. In the spirit is of it. Those, who from spirit will test all its depth, live consciousness of the future, in it are all. Not in the past, not in the present, but in the future the Hall unknown is bequeathed.
272. (Guru). Friend Mine, the Lord Calls you soldiers; ponder in the sense of this word. In it is of courage and bravery, readiness, and concentration, both recognition of the leader and ability to protect, be protected and communication, unification with all other Day breakers and Lords Maitreya, and of opposition to the darkness. Not to settle words of all depth of value of this concept and these duties. Firmness and fortress of all army are caused by firmness and fortress of each soldier separately. Everyone is put on the place, and everyone has the task, and everyone has to execute it not greatly. In due time severely be asked from everyone. And the benefit to the one who will be able to tell that it made everything that it was possible human to make in forces.
273. (M. A. Y.). The permanence of new acquisitions of thought indicates continuity on the path when the process of movement opens up new vistas. So the flow of new perceptions does not lend a helping as long as promotion. Stop cannot be: income will cease. The constant movement along the way is the key to continuing perceptions of spatial flow of thoughts.
274. (Guru). All scoop from Focus of Uniform Light. Other Source isn't present. Scoop and from darkness focus, but it not is ours. For ours the Source one is Hierarchy of Light. As strong it is necessary to adjoin It that not to give in to influence of darkness! Both poles work powerfully. Attraction – according to the accord. As carefully and firmly it is necessary to clear consciousness and heart of any litter, that not phenomenon undesirable attractions. At first clarification, then inspiration, both transformation, and continuous stay in Light
275. (Apr. 28). "You hold My Hand as an anchor. Except a heart thread, there is nothing". I Believe expedient and necessary to accept the lives written for the pupil to steady execution of the rule: constancy of the Face of the Teacher in heart, constancy of control over thoughts, feelings and acts, the constant statement of the traveler of the Great Way to Boundlessness and the temporary guest in the worlds dense and Thin, continuous understanding of Great Presence, continuous following for the Lord, understanding of in both worlds.
276. (May 1). From time to time to observe how the growing consciousness and broadens the horizon, - has established a rhythm. Rhythm provides steadfast promotion. And it becomes difficult to imagine that many not only have no rhythm, but even in General will not seek and did not want anything outside the ordinary desires. This is a different disciple of everyman. On the main direction of the disciple abides in the spheres of singularity. Unusual attracts him: merging two worlds in the mind engages it in the unusual. You can very carefully observe everything, even the slightest manifestation of the subtle world. So many of them around if they paid attention. And the more they paid attention, the greater will be the manifestations. We should all take notice. It's not too difficult, if you drop all unnecessary and bothersome. The ability to watch – quality is very valuable and is rarely used. You can improve it dramatically. Impress image sharpness depends on the development of this quality.
277. (M. A.Y.). As the world of the person, who isn't know about the Hidden Worlds is poor! As his thinking is limited! As it is connected by the ignorance! He doesn't realize it. Animals too don't realize, but nevertheless live. As ales is and of people. Live a half of the being, and another is in hibernation. But there are last days. The thunder of the sleeping will awaken, - and then the awakened will want to know. And then time of Great crops will come.
278. In World Thin less all the modern clothes are suitable. It is ridiculous in space. Simplicity and beauty are combined in attire thin. It is possible to imagine absurd of ties, dress coats, cylinders and so on in World Aboveground. In Light Spheres the spirit clothes Light, and need for similarity of attires terrestrial disappears. In more dense beds the clothes are necessary. Both the attire and the behavior need to be thought over in advance. As unprepared of people enter in the World Thin, where the slightest thought gives an immediate consequence. It is good, if it from Light, and if from darkness? Also at first the food question matters also. The thin body needs a food and eats. Think, as well as it can eat; certainly, not of food terrestrial. But it doesn’t know and continue to eat in a terrestrial way, creating imagination habitual viands. The thin body eats aromas, sounds, color scale, and also Light and music of Spheres. The dense body needs food terrestrial, thin and fiery – elements of the corresponding plans, or the worlds.
279. (May 2). The boundless all-holding space takes in itself enough place for all spirits occupying it, and all types of mineral, vegetable and animal life. It gives the chance to each spirit to evolve in the development and to multiply the power is boundless. It gives the field not limited to anything for manifestation of its creative force, beginning from its most initial steps before creation of planets and the whole star systems. And however many did the spirits possess creative power of space scope and how it was wide and cosmic this creativity, all-holding space is able to include everything. If only creativity it was in a consent with immutable Space Laws of evolutionary essence of the shown world. Myriads of the worlds and boundlessness of space serve as the certificate of this statement. Time is limited to Eternity, and space – Boundlessness. And the Eternity and Boundlessness are in what and where spirit life where it can develop and be improved endlessly will be shown. And there are a lot of monasteries in Space for life manifestation in all variety of its forms. There are worlds where the human spirit reached such degree of power and force which grants the right to call people of these worlds’ gods. But all these spirits which were once people. There are worlds above. In Boundlessness there is no limit to growth of power of spirit. We, who have come from the Distant Highest Worlds, Know the direction of a course of evolution of terrestrial mankind. We direct it to the due course. We Know steps of development of spirit and thinning and improvement of its covers, equipment are dense, thin and fiery which invests and in eons of time will invest of spirit. We Know where evolution of terrestrial mankind goes, and we Direct of. Akasha's last rolls are open before Us, and the future is cast in the crystallized fiery, finished forms. The way of evolution of terrestrial mankind to the future clearly also Is accurately planned and outlined by us. Able to contain we Call with Us in this lightfull future shining by boundless opportunities.
280. (M. A. Y.). Combination of contrasts is Arhat's art and a task of the pupil. How to combine, reconcile and counterbalance the small, limited, gloomy and twilight present with fiery magnificence of the future and to find a way median – here a question which needs to be allowed it practically, vitally. It is necessary to find a balance way. To plunge into the terrestrial – it is impossible, to fly up to Shining Spheres and in them to stay – it is impossible, because terrestrial – Earth. But the narrow track conducting in life, it is necessary to find nevertheless. The doctrine of Life is given what spirit woke up and whose understanding is opened to recognition of both worlds and Teachers of Light. And it already provides also finding of a track of life, and on it advance. Looking for finds, knocking open and directed reaches to what ardently directed.
281. (Guru). From words – to business, from dreams – to reality, from the theory – to practice! Such is a way of realization of the most bitter to the most sweet. Future Epoha Maitreya is the Era of transformation of the modern person in that spiritual being that will dump from itself fetters of imperfection of the past. Without this transformation into the New World not enter. But how to make this process if the purpose for the sake of which it is carried out is unknown? Therefore first of all it is necessary to understand sense of occurring changes in the world, their value and hopelessness of old world irrevocably consigning to the past. Not last, but future; not the world old, but New is from now on put by the purpose of aspirations of the consciousness awakened to reality. And in this aspiration heart is put. And what is given heart, gains special vitality, firmness and force.
282. (May 3). The time will come when a person reaches the point of the power of the spirit that all he can create in his imagination will create it and in the world around him. This time is still a long way off. But even now, in the world of Thin in a State he created. In Devačane, this feature is not limited by anything except the human capacity to think, that is outside the range of his thinking. But this ability is so powerful that it creates forms for him thoughts become reality, the only visible and felt them reality in which he lives, unaware that these are only the fruit of his own creativity. But all this is illusion subtle world. And the average person, while in Devačane and not having any power of the spirit, in the exact sense of the word, yet there can do their surroundings. But it is about real, fire power, when the spirit is not in Devačane, but in space as a dense, and overhead the world creates objective form objects, things and phenomena that are visible to the inhabitants of these worlds and actually exist as real as there are stars and various forms of life. To this creative Call you.
283. (Guru). At a known step the pupil usually seizes three spheres of reality, be this art, philosophy, medicine or area of technical knowledge. But it has to seize them in perfection. It is wrong to think that the pupil plunges only into area of the thin phenomena and phenomena. Yes, plunges and, studies, but thus strongly standing on Earth and improving the skill on purely terrestrial and material subjects and knowledge branches. Behind an example it isn't necessary to go far. Leonardo da Vinci in this regard was a worthy example. The hand and foot human and on Earth reach the highest abilities of spirit.

284. (M. A. Y.). "In the past, all burned to a fiery Yoga." It turns out that, setting aside the past, and not thinking about him and about him without remembering, and cutting off the memory of the past, Agni Yogi not only loses nothing, but, on the contrary, fruitful life saturates their consciousness of new additions. This circumstance allows realize why many inhabitants of subtle world not only don't think about their past incarnation, but even not willing to look at the ground. World Thinnest gives such a rich material for the life of consciousness that the Earth is losing interest. But we must, of course, to match the spirit.
285. (Guru). Refusal of the personal past is possible, but only on condition of transferring of consciousness to the future. The new step of achievements wider and is higher than that was in the past. And not in the past in which it is impossible to change anything, but in the future it is possible to reach everything that wanted ardently by spirit. In it is wonderful magnetic force of the future. The traveler of the Way to Boundlessness knows that in time everything is achievable. And if something didn't manage to be reached in the past, in the future at sufficient persistence and aspiration the coolest steps are gradually overcome. Life when unrealized qualities of spirit at aspiration to them and work on them in World Thin in the course of "increase" are realized already into the approved properties because not reached here, on Earth, there becomes achievable is wonderfully arranged. Direct in the future because in it the unattainable is achievable even.
286. (May 5). We Have access to nature archives, Akasha's rolls not secret for Us. Last history of Earth is studied by us rather well. Also We Can see a cliché of historical events of any era and any people. The past lies before Us as the open book. And not this past is burned for Fiery Yoga, but the personal past connecting with these or those living conditions, the past binding spirit to own imperfections, either terrestrial wellbeing, or glory terrestrial and to wealth, the past, holding down terrestrial gravitations and stirring to it to come off them, and to direct in the future, and to ascend from a step on a step. It is necessary to be exempted from such past because it can bind for a long time consciousness and detain spirit advance. It is impossible to look back at such past. The fate of the wife Lota serves as the good danger warning of immersion in such past.
287. (Guru). We should show full readiness to meet in full the balance coming wave phenomena. It is internally, you should prepare yourself mentally to all eventualities. The granite rock of the turbulent sea of unwavering stands firmly and solidly spirit, phenomenon such a commitment.
288. (M. A.Y.). Some emotions that occur in dreams, flowing independently, without participating in them will and even her defiance. This condition must be avoided and reach that dream experiences and emotions were controlled by the will. Say: this is not possible, but a disciple knows that before going to bed, claiming the thoughts about fine thus prevents many undesirable phenomena. This is the first. Second: firmly established moral behavior element awake and largely determines the nature of dreams. However, from the depths of consciousness may not yet fully get rid departure both properties and desires but their willfulness goes above attitude. Third: the general direction of thoughts before falling asleep and aspiration and trainer full-heard in the higher realms are opening entrance in vigor for the consonant. There are also purely mechanical means: aromas, fresh air, and music – in short, the entire harmony consciousness configures. When the whole being strained and sounds on human patron of the wave strivings, sleepy, rather the subtle perception are in agreement with them. Overloaded the stomach makes its relapses in dreams.
289. (Guru). The life river flows, all the time changing the shape. Speed away by a stream of water and flashing foam of events: big and small, personal and the general. And be so flow constantly, - without repeating any stream. But ashore sit the Teacher and with him the pupil. Both look in a stream, knowing that everything will pass, everything will be carried by, but Looking to Be for ever and ever.
290. (May 7). Only our goal is putting badly into good, worst in the best – transmute evil, or transformation of life. Peace is with you.
291. (May 8). Thought is a mental action and as such gives his investigation. These investigations are not always visible, particularly bodily eye. But in the small world they clearly visible, anyway, there are visible Flash and light thoughts. The idea of a living being has a certain impact. If they are not observed, the idea was met with opposition and resistance. Free will and the will of the strongest person, especially not always willingly obeys alien thoughts. But the truth is this: a strong, the trained will Fire the spirit conquers all. We do not interfere in the karma of the human and not Infringe on the freedom of the human will. But guard against dark influences right given to each.
*292. (M. A. Y.). Your situation is complicated by that it is necessary to fight against evidence, approving reality Fiery. This reality was seen by prophets, it is seen by seers, about it Speak the Teacher of Light. It is it exists behind a dense veil of physical visibility. When you begin to see clearly in it, this thinnest sense-knowledge shouldn’t oppose. It is necessary to write down simply feelings and thoughts, but without referring them to certain terms. The fiery reality is sometimes felt so brightly that it seems that it just about will come. The feeling quite right, but to time certain terms almost always is wrong, except for straight lines and exact Instructions of the Teacher.
293. (Guru). Note insolvency of human behavior and acts. Here the person applying for desire to know the Doctrine and at the same time starting to read anything, but only not Doctrine books which has or can get. Here another, the cares and sacrifice given not to people, but a favorite dog. Or the person centered all itself of attention on acquisition of things. All this bears on itself the press of an incommensurability of actions. Observe and study not to assimilate.
294. (May 9). Only the very few consciously can use boundless opportunities of the Thin World. Stir absence of knowledge and poverty of untrained imagination. Pity attempts usually go on creativity on terrestrial ordinary channels. And it connected and limited imagination. Creates thought but if it is farther than terrestrial representations and terrestrial opportunities doesn't go, and products of her creativity are very poor and limits of terrestrial constructions don't leave. Everything becomes as became on Earth: go feet when can fly. Move subjects hands when can do it by thought; talk a voice when conversation can be silent – mental. Eat food usual when in it there is no need. And even are ill in a terrestrial way when the thin body can be free from diseases. In a word, all do as did on Earth while thin conditions demand action by thought to which all submits. But it usually doesn’t know as didn't wish to know on Earth, and to these lose wonderful opportunities of the Elevated World.
295. (M. A. Y.). Life in the subtle world for its inhabitants is as real as for earthlings – life on Earth. While living on Earth, people don't remember life in the subtle world. And there's also overlooked a dense and fully live life interests of peace already, though I still often think and do-over. Knowledgeable and ignoring the conduct there is different like light and darkness. Knowledge is freedom and the wonderful opportunities offered yields above-ground world.
296. (Guru). For the poet and writer, his creativity is limited by the richness of his imagination. Lack of talent cannot do. Similarly, and in the subtle world: one is in a magically-wonderful world where he lives a full, beautiful, full of life, while the spiritual squalor heart breaking in the dark.
297. (May 10). Distance from the modern person to the person of the Fifth Circle hugely. And still it will be overcome. Not in time matter, but in a condition of consciousness. Platon lived long ago, but already belonged to the Fifth Circle. It is necessary to understand that though steps of spirit and are passed in time, however their passing depends on other conditions. First of them is extent of registration of mental and fiery of body. They are issued only at very and the very few. The science about the centers gives an idea of a device structure for spirit. Now living conditions are so inharmonious that the person with the opened centers can't exist among commonness. Even partial open slightly they cause distinguished sufferings. Life on Earth has to change in a root. Otherwise the most distinguished organisms will be lost. Transformation of a planet is necessary for mankind evolution.
298. (M. A. Y.). Small winged cousins – birds during flight cover great distances. Fly day and night, flying the desert and oceans and any weather can't stop flying, and they achieve their goal. They can learn to lead purposeful flight. But there is a feature, and it's that spirit is inviolate and is eternal and in flights to the stars can reach any of them, even superior.
299. (Guru). Faith keeps, all contrary to the end. So you go where the Bishop is calling you. How do without faith, when dense dimmed clear horizon? Without faith it is impossible.
300. Many efforts we are making to protect our loved ones from the invading hordes. But the Bills to pay, and because of Our defense and protection does not relieve from paying a karmic debt. In addition, through the "demons" should get the molestation, not stepping off the chosen path. This explains why the dark yet known by Us, the borders may harm. Of course, We would have been able to dismiss them, as a swirl of dry leaves, but don't do this out of these considerations. Greenhouse plants grow well in greenhouses. But we need hardened by the harsh and difficult conditions of perfume, which traversed within himself all these difficulties and attempts to halt the ascent of dark spirit. And see and know and feel like unbearably hard is our close at times, but give them a chance to establish themselves firmly on their own feet. Go quietly, knowing that We at Not replaceable Patrol.
301. (May 12). Yes! It is valid so: approved on Me builds the house of the spirit on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. Everything passes because it is doomed to a whirlwind to destruction. But the spirit which has been given rise before of the beginning of times stays for ever and ever. In the spirit of it is necessary to look for the solution of all questions concerning existence of the person. But look for not there; look for outside, want dense to find in the world answers to these questions. But look for in vain. Dense won't resolve secret of human spirit. Roots of life are hidden in the invisible. Real in invisibility it is buried. The one, who lives consciously in both worlds, is open for secret knowledge. The medium too is open for both worlds, but is far from this cognition because concerns the lower class of the Thin World. Only living in this world and in that, in spheres of shining thought, it is open for cognition of Secret of.
302. (M. A. Y.). The feeling of formidability of the received knowledge is correct. It is given for distribution. Here time goes when the harvest season a sowing campaign will begin. Intentionally I speak "harvest season" because work of a donation of spiritual treasures isn't always accompanied by pleasure because demands the improbable tension of all strength of mind. The pleasure will come, but later. This pleasure – special wisdom and this pleasure is perfect.
303. (Guru). And now you can perform seeding, but just the thought of her radiation space forms saturating. Space is the most urgent task of cementing the Hierarchy of light. Bearers of light in this work can help light full form of thoughts by sending Them beautiful.
304. (May 14). As the individually around is perceived by world of each consciousness and each of living being. Different living conditions cause also distinction in understanding. Width and longitude of a place matter. The country, nationality, era, the general condition of culture also influence. The planet and its level of development too matter. As for in general all living beings, it is possible to imagine the world of an eagle, a dolphin, a butterfly and an earthworm. In a word, what world actually, only the Fire Spirit of a high step of development Can tell. For all other beings only that side of the infinite various world which they are able to perceive will be visible. Even the people of an identical level of development living nearby, perceive everyone in own way. In a word, how many minds, is so much and the worlds, and everyone is peculiar and unique, as, however, and human faces, as, however, and every instant lives. It is ridiculous to impose to somebody the belief because it is possible only to put in ready to perceptions of thought consciousness and aspiring to knowledge. How it is possible to convince somebody of something if his consciousness isn't ready? Hopeless is of task. Therefore We Invite nobody on the yard. Therefore We don’t interfere with human karmas. Therefore We Observe the Law of Free Will and we Accept only Us coming and voluntary responded. We are guided by the accord Law, submitting to which mutually spirits ready to an ascension sound.
305. (M. A. Y.). Especially the differences are understood in a Fine ambient world, where everything is perceived in the consciousness and where everything is happening person individually, in accord with his aspirations. There are worlds; drunkards, murderer’s gambler, poet, philosopher and spiritual Warrior differ not only in content, but also on external form, which is not on Earth where the wood and gambler, and poet see one and the same tree, or a cloud in the sky, or the city. In the subtle world, man sees what happens. Because the human world is especially there is individual and subjective. Occurs how would objectify the human inner world, increasingly the thoughts become to him his external surroundings, consonance with certain segments of the subtle world. In this and the blessing if those thoughts are bright and beautiful, and condemnation, when from the
306. (Guru). If to withdraw memory of the past from consciousness, having left the person ability of thinking and having placed it in absolutely new and happy conditions, he will live in them, without having lost consciousness and without thinking at all that was once. The person suffering from loss of memory of this or that period of life and even forgotten name can nevertheless continue to live. In the Thin World loss of memory of the past – the phenomenon usual, and it doesn't prevent inhabitants of the extra dense World to lead a bright and wonderful life. Having forgotten any word, the person doesn't lose the "I"; also as if in the conditions of forgetfulness, more wide on the scales. Not in memory, but in consciousness that is most important in the person is concentrated.
307. (May 15). (M. A. Y.). But "in the darkness outside will be weeping and gnashing of tooth-". Why is hope for a different future? Global madness multiplies rapidly. Can you live, feeding on the horrors that are happening in the world? Because the Teacher Directs the consciousness in other spheres, which do not reach the bottom layers of whirlwinds Ross DeWitt. How beautiful was the guru his earthly path as flame sounded around it calling the future and how it inspired not only him, but also all who was in contact with him and could consonance him in aspiration? Live and you are fired with the hope that the new heavens and the new Earth, judgmenting people will become reality for humankind, for, verily, this should be.
308. (Guru). We prefer flight of the fiery dream directed in the future to twilight vegetation in illusive evidence. The dream conducts, the dream directs and inspires on a feat. But on what inspires a narrow-minded bog? The only thing that can rescue the inhabitant is a continued work, work honest, intense and joyful. The way of work is the most right way of a kindle of fires. Now, when there is a prompt reorganization of the world, rescue only in work. The doctrine of Life speaks about work infinite, work in all worlds and on all planets. Fire Great Spirits, to the Highest inclusively, Stay in works continued. The spirit is higher and works are more majestic than it also the fiery. Rest isn't present in Space, work all.
309. (May 16). Whatever huge riches the person how his terrestrial power was great owned, he leaves from Earth, leaving everything on Earth. Also leaves with anything, and comes too with anything. Everything with what comes and with what leaves, is concentrated in the spirit of, in the Bowl of its accumulation. From here is absurd of terrestrial property. Time when people will understand it, and, except violent few clothes and very few personal belongings will come, the will be nothing. With change of a place of stay there has to be a security on a new place and housing, and necessities. Both to come and it will be easy to leave, both within Earth, and within Great Borders. Gradually people will understand, what encumbrance is represented themselves by things and as all is excessive and unnecessary what now people greedy own. In the Stronghold the similar order is observed. The consciousness is exempted from things. It is realized that the property is one of types of the hardest slavery. Many types of various prosper among mankind. Tragedy in that, what it is isn't realized. Slavery at fashion, slavery at various conventions, slavery at the standard opinions and belief, prejudices, superstitions, ignorance’s, fear, passions, desires and so on. As a matter of fact, the modern person is a slave to everything not realizing the chains that it surrounds. And, over everything, the slave to an own astral. When it is spoken about release from anyone slavery, bear in mind extremely of ample territory of human properties and of features. Both earlier, and now people are divided into slaves and free, only free spirits from any slavery is insignificant a little. It is impossible to be released, without having realized holding down freedom of spirit of chains. Freedom, in the usual sense this word, doesn't exempt the person from the listed types of slavery. Freedom is in the spirit of. But who will understand and will agree with it? The Life doctrine freedom to people bears also understanding of illusoriness of terrestrial property.
310. (M. A.Y.). When It is spoken about Maya, the concept should be taken it in very wide scale, having added to it Maya of the Thin World and Devachan's illusion. The Maya accompanies not released spirit in all worlds. And only the Fiery World opens a gate to true freedom. We expand understanding of freedom to extreme limits. Not Released Platon called the connected souls. The millennia passed since the time of Platon, but people are still far from understanding of true freedom. The era of Maitreya will be approved under its banners.

311. (Guru). Possibilities of thought are boundless, but demand understanding. After understanding experience of practical application follows. Experience takes a long time rather all the time which is and will be. From the contact with of thought not leave anywhere. Consolation and pleasure in that, the choice of thoughts depends on the person. Friends of people choose to itself, in the same way and thoughts. From friends it is possible to leave, but from the elite and the accepted thoughts – anywhere. It is good to show care in a choice of thoughts, knowing that the chosen thoughts remain with us.
312. (May 17). Each person has the ceiling of take-off above which it can't rise. But it has as well a floor that is the lowest level below which it can't fall. About this last it is for some reason spoken very seldom. And meanwhile many are trampled down at the lowest marks, though have opportunity to rise. We Chow to go on tops – it is possible to get stuck in lowlands. But, what whys make in the poisoned atmosphere of Earth? Spatial poison extinguishes the lightest flashes. And not one effort, but a number of rhythmical, persistent, repeated efforts is required to keep at height. In it is all difficulty of life of the modern hero of spirit. Earlier devotees could leave in the woods and there find a privacy. But now the thought spatially isn't limited in the distribution as it was before. From thoughts spatial, from the poisoned thinking of sets of darkened consciousnesses not leave anywhere. The bowl of poison should be enjoyed completely and to the bottom. Therefore the way of the devotee of spirit is so difficult.
313. (Guru). It is possible firmly and to tell unshakably to itself once and for all that there is nothing in the commonness world for the sake of what it would be possible to lose balance. Nothing costs loss of this valuable quality. This thought introduced in consciousness, will help to bridle astral flashes. It is better to lose absolutely for the sake of what the astral is ready to show the willfulness, than to give in to it. It is pity devastated by flash of an astral of people and it is defenseless. You store balance any price. I repeat: it is better to lose everything, having kept balance, than to get or hold something, it having lost.
314. (M. A. Y.). Expectation is great. Remember the picture "Waiting". You start comprehending its sense. Quality of expectation is difficult. In it both tension, and aspiration, and action, and first of all thought action. Inert expectation is fruitless. Wings at thoughtless expectation won't grow. Also it is necessary to know for that you wait. On the channel of the directed, fiery expectation the spatial thought connected with the judgmenting wonderful future of the person will begin to flow. Expectation will clothe a flesh and will pour out in the accurate cast of spatial forms. Silver Bridge in the future is under construction this way.
315. (May 18). Yesterday didn't disappear, but exists in space of other dimensions. Access to the rolls Akasha has High Spirits. It is possible to see a past cliche from any era or the period of existence of Earth. As also the present isn't hidden from a fiery eye by a cover of external visibility. The future isn't hidden also. Limits of the real are moved apart in all directions. These are Arhat's awards for everything that He had to undergo before winning against restrictions of the dense world. But behind top of the achievements mastered by It, there are other tops, everything is higher and higher. And everyone reached above previous, and to ascension isn't present the end, and nobody can tell that it reached the highest top further which there is no place to rise. Boundlessness and here display itself. The Buddha was the person of the Sixth Circle. But for the Sixth follows the Seventh. But and this also it yet the end, as they are followed by a new Spiral of the New Cycle. There are planets of the Seventh Circle, and is above.
316. (Guru). Where the person was and in whatever conditions he was, in thoughts he can always stay with, what wants and where, both anybody and nothing in forces to conclude his thoughts in hopelessness circle. It is possible to conclude a body, but not thought in a dungeon. The thought is a symbol of freedom of spirit. To tear off thought from limitation of a dense environment will be a victory over it. Understanding of freedom of thought precedes spirit release. In the spirit of – freedom and slavery
317. (May 19). Feet go on the ground, and the head is raised to the sky. So, a symbol of a combination Heavenly and terrestrial is the person. Task is in that, what to combine heavy. To come off Earth – means to lose a support, the basis; to plunge into the terrestrial – means to deprive of sense the existence. The median way is a wisdom way, so there were those who left forward.
318. (M. A. Y.). We want to approach a kingdom of not uttered Light to Earth. Early or late, but he to wrap up all Earth, and Earth will light up in Light. This moment we want to approach and the works we send to a name it. For the sake of it also we live. The gap between real and judgmenting to mankind is great future. In time Great Action is made. The way of evolution is immutable. Going to the judgmenting future goes by inalterability.
319. (May 21). Covers have to break off when the spiritual category of the highest tension is passed; storm and of fight, or of fight, then of calm and then opening of veil. Moment is of long awaited happiness. It is so far from the plan terrestrial what to coordinate with the ordinary it is impossible. It is possible to wish, it is possible to aspire, but to combine with it commonness it is impossible. Therefore the way of spirit will be a singularity way. So, following to a cliche won't be a track lit up. And only the few it goes.
320. (M. A.Y.). "Also He Wanted to assign Hands, and was empty a circle". It is empty around. Knowledge desert, spirit desert is desert, or absence of aspirations spiritual. It is the present tragedy. And even the few torches die away under a terrible impact of darkness. The threshold of the phenomenon of Light goes under the sign of an extra dense press of a gloom. It should be known to sustain an impact.
321. (Guru). In the spirit of it is necessary to arrive with the Teacher of Light. Externally it is impossible to change a tide of life, but it is internally possible to strengthen contact and not to come off Focus.
322. (May 22).). Whether "You believe? » Ponder upon value of the question. And, if the answer follows negative, wonderful force will spill in vain, without having brought desirable results. On the accord of consciousnesses the happiness bridge is under construction, and the acceptability is the main condition. Drive away doubts and denials. The bridge thrown through an abyss keeps and has a support on both parties. I want to throw the happiness bridge on your coast, but let's emphasize what. Laws of mental energy have to be observed precisely. Let's put to what. Association demands existence of two consonance consciousnesses. Even voices of the interlocutor can't be heard and understood that he wants to tell, if there is no accord or attention to that he speaks. As it is frequent, distracted by something, it isn't heard the words turned to us. Heart you hold opened towards to everything to what you have aspiration.
323. (M. A. Y.). Ears can be plugged with a thousand moods and stem the flow of perceptions. Also the judgmental of happiness can be closed if access meets his staunch denial and unwillingness to see signs of his approach. Open or closed nature of consciousness allows or does not allow the possibility of many phenomena. Happiness does not drop his misunderstanding, denial, obscuration or concentration not on what is and what should be, and that was before and disappearing. Happiness is inside, but not in the external environment, that are destroyed by light, coming from the essence of things. Spread the faith in the victory of going light.
324. (Guru). Value of denial and influence of this pernicious beginning should be understood in all its depth. If people realized that they and that they lose, plunging into denials, life human would change in a root. Dark very much try over development of this negative quality. Both doubts, and denials, and mistrust are thrown by them on a way of the directed person, knowing as they terribly affect spirit fires. If you want to live and follow the Teacher of Light, destroy in yourself even germs of these harmful qualities. With them not to take place in the future.
325. (May 23). Going to the Name My, goes to the Truth and Life, and goes on the way, which phenomenon am I? Here, that so to go to the Name of the Lord. Sets are tempted with the various baits scattered on the parties, and, of them having been found, with them and remain, deception of these allure won't dissipate yet. The track conducting in life is narrow. Seduced by Maya is stupidly go in twilight and of mist incomprehension. All this strong and completely captures consciousness, and is besides so strong that is forgotten, are how fragile and swiftly transient affairs human. The thought of inevitability of the end still can bring to reason someone, but their number is insignificant. Ruin of the dense world which can't be avoided at release from a physical body, for the unprepared person is dramatic. Therefore persistently and persistently Prepare approached to the Doctrine to naturalness and need of transition to the World Thin and to features and an originality of extra dense existence. All this is much simpler, than it seems. Because, "the death no dreadful of cutting hair".
327. (May 24). We had to concern more than once very various questions in the future again to them to come back and to deepen them. Let's take, for example, a question of compliance of elements, properties and features of different types of a matter which are a part of herbs, plants, birds and fishes, animals and the person, their communication with color scale, sounds and other energy of a various order. The aura of the person is characteristic the flowers. Colors are connected with mineral structure of a body. Herbs can supplement missing elements at treatment. A food of a body is made as well by means of smells, as well as it collapses smells poisonous. Magnetism of districts is of great importance; and, at last, their mental atmosphere. Complexity of all these conditions of Great is. The horoscope allows define features of an organism and its compliance with these or those types of a matter. Metallization of plants gives them the increased resilience. As well metallization of a human body by those metals which it needs increases its viability. In medicine metals have very broad application. Locks treat in the various ways, losing sight most simple and natural, namely: simple baking soda with hot milk. In this case metal sodium works. Soda is given for broad consumption to people. But about it don't know and often apply harmful and irritating drugs. It is important to establish what the organism needs. For this purpose it is necessary to know the Law of compliances. Sometimes the simple sense-knowledge gives exact instructions in requirements of a body. And smells rather aromas, and flowers strongly influence the person. It is area of the next gains of medicine. Herb-remedies will develop and will bring many surprises. It is a lot of useful in this regard ancestors knew. Synthesis of all data of this order is necessary. Otherwise a lot of the useful sinks in the mass of the scattered facts and systematized knowledge.
328. (M. A. Y.). All-planet concerns are so great that the time to give, even loved, little remains. It is necessary to understand and not be upset too, when our attention is diverted to the Affairs of great importance.
329. (Guru). Great patience is required of heading toward the light person to step into the Light and touch the flame. Languished, and Execute strong patient Suffered High Spirits incarnated in the body of the Earth. Thorny and is the difficult path, leading to the light.
330. (May 25). I want to see you soldiers winning. I want to see how nothing will stop you. Association of consciousnesses is as well that at the moments of unreasonable planetary tension pupils help the Teacher to bear the Burden of this world, dividing with It all weight. It tries degree of dedication of the pupil. It isn't enough wishing to take part in work of opposition of dark activity. Here words aren't necessary, but are necessary devotion inflexible and love so strong that forgets about itself and the interests. That is why the loneliness – destiny strong because often minutes of need the Teacher is left pupils and remains nearly one. Both love, and will read, but burden of this world to a bike for not approved in the light of consciousness’s to maintain it selflessly. Delights of spirit and pleasure of inspiration are ready to divide, forgetting that with the Teacher it is necessary to pass through pleasure and a grief and that only on this two-native fire the lightful sword of spirit is shaped and becomes tempered.
331. (Guru). The ascension of spirit goes hope of the future and belief in it. It is impossible to deprive of people of these engines of evolution. Where the person, hopes and beliefs the deprived will go? Experience and knowledge help to understand and appreciate these engines and consciously to strengthen them. A lot of courage is necessary that, knowing their nature and value, nevertheless not to lose aspiration. It is possible only under a condition if thoughts, feelings and acts of the person are in full accordance with his aspiration, hope and belief.
332. (May 26). Thin and everyday occurrences can't be separated from each other; they are so closely connected between themselves. Both that and others sink through a brain and are realized in the regular way, despite distinctions. For example, the thin shapes sometimes seen by people, finally reach terrestrial consciousness and are imprinted in it, though have a structure, other than dense subjects. Both worlds are connected with each other, as different sides of the same coin. If thin phenomenon doesn't reach before terrestrial consciousness, it for and doesn't exist. Thus, as a place of association of the worlds the consciousness, instead of something other serves. The immersion moment in a dream is considerable that on this border there are available thin phenomena even for the ordinary person. Cali the South it was characteristic ardent immersion of consciousness in the phenomena of the dense world. Сатиа the South will be brought by association of the worlds. The window to the Thin World will be open, and the perception real won't be unilateral, one-sided and limited by five time’s physical sense-knowledge. It will change thinking of the person and his relation to life in a root. The person will change, and the planet will change. The new Sky and New Earth become reality carried out that is conscious.
333. (M. A. Y.). Were warned that the end of Cali Yugi will be noted by an ardent, violent, desperate impact of forces dark, an impact the last and hopeless. You feel unknown swelling of darkness and rage of dark activity. If weren't protected, it would be impossible to stand him. But also you should be attracted to Hierarchy very much and to keep inseparably. It isn't necessary to look for simplification in something another because anything else won't give simplification. Thoughts are only about the future, only about the Teacher. Maya illusions won't rescue from darkness. Usual in thoughts a shelter not find. To `1be it will be continuous in consciousness with the Lord the only correct decision.
334. (Guru). Bases of the old world fluctuate and are shaken. All is fluctuates. Collapse the great goes on a planet. Question: how to resist? I will answer: having adjoined Hierarchy of all thinking, all aspiration, all desire and all heart, adjoined completely and continuously. Everything is finished the past, to it there is no return. In the present of a consolation isn't present, there is a greatness, Beauty and Light of the judgmented future. To them also go.
335. (May 27). Now for you it has to be absolutely clear and clear why so persistently and persistently We Direct you in the future, look around. What do you have in the present? As is distant the ideal of fiery of Agni Yoga from that, what live you. But, wisely whether if stamp at place, when all future lies before you as a field of you’re the future achievements. In boundlessness of time impossible becomes possible, and unattainable – achievable. And, if something it is inaccessible now, that at an inflexible and firmness of aspiration becomes immutable available it in the future. The future isn't something the foggy and ephemeral, not having bases and consequences. The future is a field of the spatial grains, giving is immutable the richest harvest on each put grain. People and so constantly reap from last crops, but made in ignorance of ignorance, rage and other pernicious feelings and thoughts. But We Speak about light and pure crops of mental grains on the richest field of space, the crops which are consciously made with understanding of inalterability of shoots of spatial grains. It is necessary to understand inalterability and inevitability of development in time in the future of the directed energy. When I Say, that in the future everything is achievable, I have in aspect action of the immutable Law. When to people it was told: "You are gods", – their time low, biped condition, but shining magnificence of the fiery future, judgmented to them from the beginning of centuries meant not. In summary only I Will add: dare, My children because everything is achievable.
336. (M. A. Y.). Carefully, closely, sympathetically and lovingly notice all the signs coming changes in your life. Each option will bring up your wings and give new strength to lift. Crush all the intricacies of dark and their efforts you drown in the darkness of mistrust, doubt and denial. Approve all given you evidence and darkness contrary and defiance. Wonderful is nearing the time when the wealth of domestic revenue caught overcast outside visibility.
337. (May 28). Because and forward cast our long voyage that anchor the present much more unattainable. And the more abandoned anchor, the easier it gets most difficult accomplishment. Opportunities to contain not how to implement them in the moment, but to, scoring far ahead of the daunting possibility of grain as on scattered anchor, gird oneself more lightly to marked and putting in the space of achievement. The time element is not substantive, first, because time does not really exist, secondly; however was far up, sooner or later it will come. The mystery of time is very difficult. Think about how the biblical prophets could see iron dragonflies or Chariots, which fly in the sky, that is, modern aircraft. Therefore, the future in some form exists in the present and available. Think about the past, but in the cosmic sense, when our planet just reaches the distant star, Ray disappeared, maybe millennia ago. Think of it as being due to the swiftness of movement, which can radically disrupt normal its period. Also count up untimely and of swift motion of spirit, when in one instant whole becomes available a range of subtle perceptions. Already in the subtle world time loses its ordinary meaning. Is the sequence of phenomena and perceptions, but outside the ordinary earthly hours? Man is surrounded by mysteries from all sides, presenting itself the great secret that you must resolve it.
338. (M. A. Y.). As, according to the Buddha, "the person is process", and the process directed in the future, on aspirations of the person it is possible to judge unmistakably his spiritual potential and opportunities of that future which it forms and creates for itself the aspirations. The aspiration is characteristic that it is always sent to the future. Question only in that: “What of future, - far or close, terrestrial or elevated, spiritual or material?” Aspirations of the majority of people take usually only very close future which almost never is going beyond this embodiment. In it is tragedy of the incarnate. Short radius of action outlines a small circle of manifestations, and that the person limits to limits of this circle himself. But the Doctrine to chow Boundlessness as a field of manifestation of activity of spirit when its actions are directed in the far future, for borders not only one this life, but also many future embodiments. Immortality and eternal life are limited to human ignorance, and to concern them, it is necessary to leave a vicious circle of ignorant, false and ridiculous representations that with death of a body for the person all comes to an end. With death of a body doesn't come to an end anything, and begins rather life of the spirit recovering this body, but only in absolutely other conditions of dense World proceeds.
339. (Guru). Correctly you believe that the Black Hand turns all best undertakings in the opposite direction, distorts them and directs in the evil. After all everything has the opposite pole. And powers of darkness direct all the best to a gloom pole. From there are so much distortions and perversions of many positive phenomena. Powers of darkness go an impact on all light undertakings. And rage of their bike. Feel the hopelessness and the inevitable end.
340. (May 29). We Think inevitable and necessary to overestimate anew all values, everything that the relation to life is saved up by time, and, of course. In aspect of Boundlessness a lot of things will appear absolutely other, than it seemed earlier. And that from the point of view of narrow-minded existence had the value, with new – it will lose. Even the question of food and clothes will change in a root. In the future this transformation will go easily and simply, but someone has to lay a way. All difficulty lies down on shoulders ahead. Terrible things nowadays in the world are created. Criminal poisoners poisonous chemicals of crops, the rivers and the woods create terrible, dark business. Neither of high situation, nor of material force won't is exempt criminals against people and the nature from of severe liability. The end of Cali Yugi first of all means the end for these monsters.
341. (M. A. Y.). You look how it is necessary for them much. Would like to have not only the, but to take away as well yours. It is necessary for them more, than to you. Their greed to possession is insatiable. Let's not envy these grabbers because remain with what own greed surrounded them. And where and with what they will go, having dumped bodies with the saved up terrestrial acquisitions? Here one took away a piece of the earth not belonging to it from the neighbor and... I died. With what it passed to the World Thin? It is better terrestrial to lose all, than to them surrounded and connected to enter into the World Elevated. Dismissal from terrestrial property is release of spirit from slavery chains.
342. (Guru). The idea remains an integral property of the person and his constant companion in this world and in the wrong. The forms, which is thought, there are apparently and obviously really subtle world. They surround us like the ring, now is not visible to the eye, then-apparently for one incarnation. In each Earth purchase is thought poured in to the appropriate form. All things that feel their threads are stretched, that bind to these forms. Property of the visible, physical becomes the property of an invisible, psychic, closing in your circle of consciousness. The property is easy to escape routine, if not take it to. But from the mental release are no longer owned, yet in the minds of the renunciation of property has occurred and there's sense of earthly things did not acquire their true value. Mental slavery has things there are zealous for the evolution of the spirit a stumbling block of earthly and in Thin.
343. (May 30). The shield of faith is strong. Better than armor it can protect. Guarantee can serve achievements and the channel of wonderful perceptions. How without belief to establish Communication with Us? Not necessary of faith of the proof, of heart feels without them. Activity of mind often prevents heart to perceive on the channel. It is good when the rational thinking doesn't interfere with perception process. Both the mind and heart have the fields of activity. Without mind recklessness, without heart – cruelty and the power of evidence dense turns out. The harmonious combination both is required. But not any heart strives for harmony. The hearts which have acquired wool, don't allow it. The cruelty is no other than brain domination at heart silent. Heart of stone not symbol, but tragic reality of the present. Black heart is an evil embodiment in a dense form and the greatest danger to the world.
344. (M. A. Y.). Care of how to keep Light among its extinction conditions of the dense environment. From everywhere creep and creep up through to whom necessarily it is necessary to adjoin, and it is frequent without their permission. Simply do them by unconscious tools of the evil-trick. But only located and inclined to the evil use dark creatures. Clean and of kind heart them not to make to render service to it. On this sign it is possible to judge a heart light full. But easily dark heart and even pleasure responds on evil suggestion finds in sowing round itself the evil. Spiteful heart eats bad feelings, and those lives, and looks for often, for what to be hooked to cause bad feelings in others. Them you avoid, sowers of the evil.
345. (Guru). In this embodiment is new body and new living conditions of life. In last embodiment is body another and other of living conditions. And of body and conditions all this is not our, all only on a time, only on present of life. Terrestrial life, and everything came to an end, what not ours, departs, falls off us, leaving us owners of extra dense property. Then the thin body and even the mental are taken away also. Both are dumped, is similar to the terrestrial. And only the fiery body investing the Immortal reincarnating Triad is integral for all times. Eternal life of spirit is concentrated in it. Immortality is reached when there is it conscious.
346. (M. A. Y.). When condensed the gloom over of Earth, we will think of how, to keep balance.
347. (Guru). What do you, so that hold of consciousness in the light?
348. (June 1). See for yourself, what press darkness is all stronger and stronger. When the same end? When the end going South. The ninth wave is the biggest; stay continuously.
349. (June 2). Each subject of the dense world has the soul: cities, settlements, villages, houses and structures, especially ancient; countries, continents, seas, rivers and so on. As well as the things created by the person: the violent dress, books – the word, everything that is in the dense world, not to mention planets and stars. For an illustration take the Volga River. The soul of this river consists of its history from the moment of its emergence and comprises everything that ever on it occurred, all historical events, its appearance which is constantly changing, and water wealth, fish and all live, living and living in it and on it or near, including animals and the birds, all vegetable and animal kingdom and even insects. Not to list everything that anyway concerned and concerns the great river, up to currents magnetic, winds, both storms, and influence of beams of bodies heavenly. How many vessels floated on this river? How many human tragedies or happiness left on it the trace? "Anything not disappears in the nature ", enriches all the time the content of soul of a subject and a thing. The stone lying on the river bank saw one, on the seashore – another, about an ancient castle – the third, at the intersection of ways of movement of the whole people – the fourth and so on. The clairvoyant can see soul of things and read it as the open book. Everything full invisible, but valid contents. Volga saw Stephan Razin's planes; Volga saw a ruin of the Kazan kingdom. A lot of things saw and know historical places; it is much imprinted in soul of ancient subjects and things. Bottomless is depth of invisible phenomena, hidden, the present, from a usual eye. But they are they exist. Also time when the person will get to them access will come. It is impossible to settle this subject in one or even many records, but to receive about it some representation nevertheless it is possible.

350. (M. A. Y.). Sense-knowledge develops, if you carefully observe what impression on the consciousness of subject's aura with which it comes in contact. Some things, places and people are pleasant: it impacts their aura; other – on the contrary. Sense-knowledge takes its cue. But the heart of his signals, paid little simply disregarded or is employed by other things. Between also, sense - knowledge - the necessary and the registered quality, opening the access in of region the Invisible World.
351. (Guru). How it was difficult, as though burdensome there were the circumstances, what gloomy and gloomy would seem surrounding and the world, you remember that "and it will pass", currents will change, and it becomes easier to breathe, and to direct, and again to feel High Proximity of the Lord.
352. (June 3). The thought apprehended through Me, is similar to Light. It binding will be a link between My World and consciousness, to it directed. Reality existing is in of invisibility. Dense visibility is Maya of the world terrestrial. Fetters of the dense world are strong. Not to enter into My World, them without having dumped. Refusal of Maya illusion is release of spirit from Earth power. Treasures the World My free is. They aren't necessary to slaves.
353. Communication with Me first of all demands dismissal from the power of a terrestrial environment over consciousness. And in it all difficulty because an environment it influences obviously and heavy and amplifies all the time in process of aspiration growth. Ask, why? That force of opposition of spirit increased in fight against attractions terrestrial. It is necessary to win against earth. In the words "I Won Against the World" opportunity for each person is approved to break off fetters of the dense world. Not to rise in fetters to tops. As strongly take human minds of the phenomenon of life terrestrial, take so strong that people forget about their rapidity and that came to this world, having nothing terrestrial, and that will leave, anything from terrestrial without having taken. But all seek to get and take in the possession as much as possible in total both things, and money, both the power, and situation. If understood how it is passing all this and that, except spiritual accumulation, everything is taken away that their purpose – to increase, but not terrestrial riches, and spiritual. That is why Great Spirits often Had no anything the, though Could possess everything. That is why the Tempter offered all treasures and kingdoms terrestrial to achieve falling of Great Spirit. After all at all renunciation is required from terrestrial, but containment and understanding of sense of things and terrestrial property and their valid place in the general scheme of the Universe. Release from terrestrial property also consists in this understanding.
354. (M. A. Y.). Struggle and triumph over each wave-relative phenomenon, yet again off points on consciousness for flood. Here are the wave of the sea has rolled back. Short rest – and we should be ready again come across already following and withstand the onslaught. While in the world, there is no escape from the surf waves of worldly sea. Just a thought on the inviolability of the spirit can give force of confrontation to a pressure wave surf everyday phenomena. They come and go, but the spirit is indestructible in its spontaneous fire integrity.
355. (Guru). As a man so eager to break free from the encumbrance of circumstances and people, but it is forgotten that the teacher is concerned about how to give the shortest path, though, may be the hardest. If we are to believe in the wisdom of leadership, why want to get rid of that accelerates the promotion. Want the self and identity, which is climbing. But wisdom takes without complaining and frustration is all that is done with the permission of the Chief Hierarch. Person dies, enriching their experience and experience suffering, accumulation of bowls, and spirit will remain with them forever, will remain with those imperishable and no destroyed acquisitions, growing and increased every ordinary person, incarnadining on Earth for that purpose.
356. (June 4). And time goes, and each beating of its pendulum approaches judgment. Not to stop time, not to stop approach judgmented. Certainly, a lot of things depend on a condition of consciousness. Time when everyone has to make a choice comes: or to accept that goes, or to reject. To accept is means with it and to remain, reject – means to cast out itself from the Evolution Stream. The destiny of each spirit will so be decided. Feeling heavy unreasonable from inevitability of a fiery, wave which will decide of fate of the world. At world cataclysms don't think any more of commonplaces, cares of them disappear, as well as interests of the personality small lose the self-sufficing value and sense. The destiny of all mankind as a whole is decided. Time is of great fulfillments.
357. (Guru). To resist in Light – here a problem of the current time for each directed spirit. It is possible to facilitate it if strong to be approved on Bases. Bases are unshakable and invariable. They fluctuate not, but consciousness. But if unshakably it also is resistant, it is possible to stand all without damage. Let's place so emphasis on firmness and firmness. When everything is unsteady and falls, unshakable there is a Hierarchy Ladder. It having grasped, it is possible to resist against whirlwinds both terrestrial, and astral.
358. (M. A. Y.). The dip is always preceded by the climb, but not always climb accompanied by the fall. Hold on the crest of the rise will be a victory.
359. (Guru). Attach and you yourself to heart lights did not go out.
360. (Guru). If at the beginning of a way to tell everyone that it expects, wishing to follow on it wouldn't remain any. And, only having become tempered spirit on counteractions, sufferings and grief, it is possible to develop sufficient firmness and force that from a way not to curtail.
361. (June 8). If, on the one hand, there is a construction, with another – powers of darkness bring destruction by ways all possible and available to them. It is necessary to keep balance, - as physical, so and mental. It is possible to observe how the mentality of people around as they easily give in to astral experiences when trouble interferes in life is unstable. It is impossible to come off Focus. It is necessary to keep inseparably, differently not resist. It is good to clothe in a constant prayer, it will help to keep consciousness on the most necessary when the press will increase. Before the end it will reach the culmination. Many won't sustain tension. Strong you hold Me. Reject everything that disturbs association of consciousnesses. Show restraint in words, emotions, acts and thoughts. Don't give in bad hands anything, for what could catch. Already considerably obviously, as look for the slightest catch to strike blow. Heavy is in the world. You keep inseparably.
362. (M. A.Y.). Time, and therefore we cannot give our loved ones the usual attention, but want them to have devoted all their attention to us and have helped to moderate. Now suddenly manifest they in individuals both positive and negative attribute, predominantly negative. This should be borne in mind. People are very busy with him. Neither the place nor the time for other no longer remains. Want to close our time found to give it to us, to the future and to the Teacher.
363. (Guru). Transferring of consciousness to the future helps to rise over the abyss of the future events and a moment press. The bridge over the present is as though thrown. Anchors of long voyage are thrown in the future. Contrary to evidence what should be is approved. Not in the present, but in the future the solution of everything.
364. (June 9). Why to consider that under control there have to be only negative feelings and emotions – under control there have to be all feelings: both bad, and good. Uncontrollability of good feelings and emotions too is harmfully reflected in an organism and as any fieriness, destroys balance. Basis of all sense-knowledge is balance. Any uncontrollability means willfulness of covers that in a root is inadmissible. The power over extends on all events in covers. Even each disease needs control and that to channelize process necessary, without submitting to a usual course of disease. And treatment proceeds until the normal state of body will be established. By no means before an illness is it impossible to put the weapon and to stop fight. Usually the organism fights itself, but it is necessary to help it. You know, what persistence is demanded at times by this fight. And, though some diseases, especially chronic, are very steady, nevertheless it is possible to break or weaken also them. Only the dyed-off or finally paralyzed sections can't already be restored. It is impossible to dare to lose courage, lower hands and powerlessly to submit to an illness because it will strengthen it and will allow it to develop freely. It is necessary to understand that any illness temporarily, but the spirit is eternal, and the thought can overcome it, and worry, that is to be longer, than disbalance an organism, the caused disease. In the microcosm his lord is his owner.
365. (Guru). Here the dark surrounded you and closed the circle, showing unprecedented persistence on the aspiration you to break. Inflexible and persistent has to be and your fight against them. When there will be an end? When be reached the clear victory over them. Remember, that the exit from this circle is and is always open, but only up, to the Lord. So forces for fight it is possible to gather always from I, if they run low.
366. (June 11). Even physical fire helps. It is good to keep live fire in the room both sick, and healthy. Clearing property of fire is great. Value of a burning candle or icon lamp isn't understood by of negate of Bases. Fire basis is taking priority. When in the temple there is a lot of live fire, its atmosphere is cleared. Spatial Fire and terrestrial correspond. Certainly, burning wax or pure vegetable oil give a pure flame, other than burning animal fat or the mineral oils deprived of a prana. The burning flame possesses different purity of structure. Stinking smoky fires won't clear and, on the contrary, will pollute the atmosphere. It is necessary to understand properties of a flame.
367. (M. A. Y.). When a good focus on the subject, penetrate into it’s of essence. When the focus on the human being, will half his inner world and enter into it. Any concentration requires self-filling denial. To enter into the inner world of Teachers, it is necessary to refuse filling consciousness with itself, because it prevents the unification with the Teacher. The reason for the absence of contact desired degree should be looked for in self-and employment themselves, their thoughts and feelings, but not in the aspiration to peace and wanted to give Teachers the consciousness of them.
368. (Guru). The magnetic force acts on the underlying thoughts in her direction. It is very important that the selected direction. Case and care everyday give thoughts to its channel through which they flow. You can get out of it only if knowingly and intentionally elect another, what you want without channel thoughts resonated with ordinary. So we are talking about the unusual and singularity. Wring out of philistine are not easily because it swamps sucks man with his head. But break it skillfully – otherwise would delay. Everyday care and concern are inevitable, but giving them power over him, he had a duty not only as much as is absolutely necessary, the other being given the necessary. It may be added that, even plunging into life, his head should be kept facing up.
369. (June 13). What even more striking signs of decomposition of a planet you want to see to be convinced that the end of Cali Yugi such is as it was specified in ancient prophecies and as they say about it on pages of books of the Doctrine of Life? But after all you know about the events only partially and it is incomplete. If saw an eye open, truly, would be terrified to the sizes and extent of this decomposition. People in anticipation of the end of leaving Yugi went mad and rejected Bases. It is difficult to keep consciousness over roughly rushing stream of the various phenomena both dense, and a thin order. Spatial currents are heavy. Fiery waves already burn through the weak organisms, not able to assimilate these fires and to meet their fires of heart. The support crumbles under the feet the people blinded by denial. And able to see is heavy, intolerable to bear the Burden of this world. Truly, the last times come. The end of the old, leaving world is dramatic.
370. (Guru). How many millions of new victims of the mankind its rebirth, how many new disasters to find strength in myself turning from the old world, cast away his chains and released enter the new world, a world free from war, violence, nuclear bombs, poison gas and other horrors of leaving Yuga. Outer resistance the crazed old world forces will increase all the time, until they are finally defeated.
371. (June 14). Before us a task – to learn to do everything that it is necessary to do in life usual, without moving away from the Teacher! It is possible, if everything to do with Me together. Otherwise each work or employment by something will distract and disturb joint action. As speech, gestures, acts and all behavior will change in this case! In the presence of the Teacher a lot of things allowed without It earlier, become made by the impossible. Try to have conversation with somebody, imagining that the Teacher here, nearby, that It Hears each word and Sees each movement. As it becomes easy to keep then the spirit advantage as all behavior conformable to Great Presence becomes free and simple. It is constantly very difficult to hold this representation, but, straining all will and all desire and feeling in heart love, it is possible to reach this condition nevertheless. But if in heart the ardent love to the Teacher burns, tension of will and desire are even not necessary as that we love or whom we love, love keeps constantly in consciousness. Means, it is necessary to strengthen love. It is the simplest approach to the most difficult. And then a lot of things interfering Communication will disappear. And then constant before appear becomes carried out. Distances aren't present, time isn't present. Barriers of terrestrial space are illusion of the dense world. In the spirit of Communication goes over distances and time doesn't demand, but demands fiery energy of heart. It is necessary to destroy in consciousness barriers terrestrial. The formula "I with You Always" is a fiery formula of life. Understanding brings it a victory over restrictions of the dense world and a body. Contrary to usual visibility, the fiery reality is approved. Only having adopted this provision by all the being, it is possible to understand Great Words: "This I Is” with you always, in all days, till the end of time".
372. (M. A. Y.). In communication at distance measures of the Thin World are applied already. So the World Thin enters in terrestrial, and both worlds are combined harmoniously. Association of the worlds is carried out at such communication. The three-dimensional space gives way to the multidimensional. Spirit measures – over the three-dimensional world, as well as thought. Also it is necessary to acquire strong that both worlds are so closely bound with each other that they can't be divided. Only the usual established standard thinking prevents to see reality. But acceptance in consciousness of it and that the worlds already lighten of possibility of their association. After all connection of the worlds will happen in consciousness of the person, instead of somewhere outside because actually both worlds are inseparable and exist together always. For the person with the open centers this statement is undoubted.
373. (Guru). It can be noted how gradually and consistently each time with more and more details and depth of knowledge given. Do not repeat, but deepening that, apparently, is already well known. This is the ladder of spirit, of perceiving the world around him. Promotion and expansion of consciousness seen clearly, but the engine still is the spirit of faith, or acceptance of consciousness phenomena, not yet for him with facts, but admired them available and possible, knowing that is existing in unusual yet. It is important to understand that "there is already the mastery of awareness". And approval of the consciousness, and the adoption of a thought is already magnetic communicate with her and bring her to. "By faith your claim you will deeply scientifically based on the everlasting law of mental activity, that is, the energy of the spirit of fire.
374. (Guru). Blind and able to see! As is various their world. And as events around are unequally all perceived by them. The ostrich buries the head in sand to take cover from danger. Let's not assimilate! Like an ostrich, many consciously try not to think of situation in the world. But it won't rescue silly persons from reality. Bowls of the Archangel are poured. Terrible time goes.
375. (June 16). We live in two worlds constantly, but it isn't realized. A lot of things aren't realized and doesn't exist therefore for the person, for example, the space around is saturated radio waves, but without a radio receiver they can't be apprehended. And the whole world of sounds, as well as telecasts is closed for us without the corresponding equipment. Neither magnetic currents, nor an electro saturation of the atmosphere we don't feel. And all this exists. A lot of things, a lot of things exist round the person, but his consciousness doesn't reach. For example: the world of thoughts in the form of mental forms or prints of that once occurred in this room or a place. All these phenomena had thin order, the phenomenon of the Thin World, where life one incarnation people not less real life, than embodied in a body. Our purpose – "to arm the person without the uniform mechanical device or the device" as all equipment – in its own microcosm, and it can see and hear, smell and perceive the phenomena of the Thin World and thin energy without the ordinary terrestrial equipment. For this purpose in a human body there are fiery centers, or knots and glands at which awakening and activity of people starts seeing and hearing not seen and not heard by a usual eye and an ear. Agni Yoga gives to mankind a way to mastering its own equipment of spirit and opens possibilities of cognition of the Hidden and visible worlds. Many devices invented by the person, for example: telegraph, phone, radio - and the camera – all these rough and imperfect attempts to duplicate or imitate perfection of the equipment of spirit. After all for the person to record and reproduce any subject in consciousness, it isn't necessary neither the camera, nor plates, nor developers. It during the day does thousands such pictures, itself with it at all without troubling and at all without understanding, what remarkable ability it possesses. But all this demands understanding and understanding. Animals too see and hear, but don't understand anything. Let's not assimilate to our younger colleagues in lack of ability to analyze and synthesize the phenomena of the world surrounding us.
376. (M. A. Y.). Ability to synthesize is remarkable that allows generalizing all phenomena in one inseparable, connected by all the parts, whole. And each phenomenon then gets special sense as part of this whole. Everything takes then a place belonging to it in the general scheme of things. And even the person, at all complexity of his organization, is understood synthetic. At synthesis impossible there is an affection masks because the slightest trait of character is perceived in communication and at generalization with the whole. The artist synthesizes paints in the form of the finished picture, the architect – construction materials in the form of the finished building, the composer – sounds in the form of the symphony full and complete. Synthesis – a creativity and construction basis. Even the chemistry has the huge section – synthetic. But the most difficult is the synthetic thinking generalizing in one indissoluble whole all phenomena of the visible and invisible worlds.
377. (Guru). We want to see you armed with knowledge of the Doctrine, put this knowledge in life. The abyss between knowing and ignorant is great. Our employees have to know the Doctrine well. Only comparison with those who didn't approach to the Doctrine, it is possible to scent abyss depth. But even through an abyss it is possible to throw the bridge, and on it to pass to other coast, and to start joining to cognition. It wanting knowledge will have.
378. (Guru). Before action the curtain is lowered and the scene is closed, - before of beginning a storm always is of calm. Before the highest crest of a wave – the deepest hollow. Also the gloom before a dawn is dark. Alternation of contrasts submits to dialectics laws. This alternation of time turns into an inevitability spiral. So Cali the South is replaced by Satia Yuga. So Light will take up a darkness place. So promptly going future shines unprecedented opportunities. So New Sky and New Earth will take up a place of the old world.
379. (M. A. Y.). How thought flight was high, it is necessary to live on Earth, submitting to requirements of dense conditions. Therefore the high and terrestrial should be able to be counterbalanced so that suffered neither that nor another. The golden mean or Gold way when Caesarian it is rendered to the Caesar, and "God’s" – to God is specified. Speaking in other words, towering spirit, it is necessary to go firmly at the same time on the ground, - because to order balance.
380. (June 18). Stars and the sun always over us, but not see them, if not to raise the head up. "I with you always" but not to feel My Presence if all being not to address to Me and not to direct the look on Me. Why it is so difficult to hold constantly my Face in the heart? Whether not therefore that heart is turned not to Me, but on affairs everyday – and care of them! Without, they, certainly, not ended. But also for the most necessary he should find and pay time attention, speaking in other words, harmoniously to combine Heavenly and terrestrial. You understand, how there are affairs passing a little, and still in thoughts and cares of them precious time is spent. Once it is necessary to regret about the lost opportunities.
381. (M. A. Y.). We can't give you the usual attention, for the time is strained as ever, and require all of our strength and concentration. But the closer you got to hold on to the Lord and to us.
382. (M. A. Y.). When the Lord said: "I am the way, the truth and the life," he outlined the direction of the evolution of mankind, stating explicitly how it must be. Deniers may stubbornly deny the undeniable and strong, but change the direction of the evolution and implementation of the plan they cannot. Evolution will occur, and the grand plan be implemented as the ascent of the human spirit. If there are obstacles, they will be destroyed.
383. (Guru). How hard to keep and how great resistance to ambient, knows only going. Resistance is inevitable, otherwise what's the temper and spirit grows Agni? And remember that the higher and faster recovery, the stronger and resistance. This is the law of the growth of the spirit.
384. (June 20). As well in the Thin World it is possible to appear "among undesirable neighbors". In the word "undesirable" the statement is hidden already that the person and would like to be exempted from them, but owing to karmic conditions can't. So, exists both dense, and a thin karma, that is a karma – in both worlds. It would be more correct to tell that in all worlds of the person the karma accompanies him. It is possible to get rid of karma, but to reject it is impossible. Rejected in one look, it will come back in other, won't be settled yet completely. It is force against which the most ordinary person isn't able to fight. The Teacher enters the pupil into area unusual, and, going together with It, it is possible already "to win against stars". But for this purpose association, or merge, consciousness’s that difficult extraordinary is required. How to extinguish karma? How to settle it? Only having completely paid off with old debts and trying not to do the new. When there is a creditor and does the harm for old debt, the blow should be accepted quietly, without generating the new reasons. Because otherwise the new chain of new debt and inevitable payment will be created. So, without answering on angrily angry, but neutralizing it in itself and without reacting to it is conformable, the person settles a karmic consequence of an undesirable order. Complaints are useless. Karma it is impossible to move to pity. The appeal to the Highest Forces that exempted from payment of former debts doesn't yield desirable results because the run into debt pays off the bills. The law of karma is difficult. It is possible to facilitate it, for example, "sacrifice to strangers" and other similar acts when the bowl of scales of a justification is loaded with good affairs. And in this or that form, but compensation that was made once in the past, always happens inevitably.
385. (M. A. Y.). To all contrary to and karma we will approve in defiance constancy of Hidden Presence. Whatever occurred around, the Lord and over everything is integral that surrounds us in the conditions of the dense. This statement destroys a circle of a hopelessness and connects us with that sphere, the spirit from where came. Over a transient of external conditions and over them the shining thread of Light is stretched to Fiery Spheres.
386. Some, though very rare, people talk about himself in the third person, as if the outsiders. You can also think of themselves in the third person, not identifying your higher selves with their shells, but considering his identity as a being separate from themselves, subordinate to the higher self and the earthly life to perform its tasks. Then the suffering and anguish, and karmic blows falling on this temporary death and identity, will seem already separated from someone who looks from the inside to the outside over the life of the individual. Silent Witness may then itself claim over transient external flow of this life and of everything that happens in his trick shells.
387. (June 21). Everything that everything is constructed on sand, that is that has no strong basis will collapse. Therefore Bases have to be unshakable. The Life doctrine gives these Bases. They should be accepted in consciousness and to build on them. Construction consists in application in practice of these Precepts. Such construction will be strong. Nevertheless other, though accepted, but not approved as affairs and the corresponding thinking, won't resist against whirlwinds. When they aren't present, there can be a false idea of the imagined durability of the basis, but the impact of opposite and hostile influences will start loosening not strengthened by application in life the basis, threatening to destroy all construction. Here why there are so much unsteady, doubting and lagging behind. Doctrine, if it only on the tongue, - doesn't give of expected consequences. It needs application. Any verbal statement – anything, if it isn't supported affairs. Phrase-mongering is destructive. Extremely is of fatigue from the contact with of phrase-mongering. They speak about the Doctrine very much, without attaching it in life. They the first will depart and they will join ranks the enemy’s. The Doctrine in hands not applying it is unsteady and fragile.
388. (M. A. Y.). Theis end Cali Yugi im terrible. If could present that we see and we know, truly, would be terrified to the events on a planet. Personal misfortunes and diseases – only weak reflection of general trouble. Decomposition of a planet and disbalance reach extreme limits. The darkness ungirdled. Natural disasters become frequent, and various diseases increase. And any more there are no names for new diseases. Also the old world is unsteady, to fail the ready.
389. (Guru). When find yourself before the phenomenon of ignorance, when it seems that nothing is expected did not materialize, and resist the influence of Maya. This is only valid over the waves before lifting. The Fiery reality, even though it is hidden from the eye, never ceases to exist. It is and argues it should be faced with the obviousness of a dense. When it clears, it will replace the true reality of the invisible things, hidden in the ghostly visibility of external phenomena. “Maya, recede.”
390. (June 22). When are the greatest timing, this is usually not noticed by people, and only a few know about them. The testimony of these few knowledgeable can rely. And, although the timing is not the overlooked of result their visible already, apparently. So, knowing the timing, you can wait in faith of what they bring with them. They do nothing to stop, because it is not from without but from within, from the realm of the unseen things. And only heart unmistakably says that creating the judgmented us. At sense-knowledge you can rely. There is no other truth detector. And radio and newspapers are late, and often does not observe the pivotal events of planetary.
391. (M. A. Y.). Of course, the main thing in man is a consciousness. It is more important and more body, as can exist outside of it. Not possible contact with the being deprived of consciousness. When merging with consciousness is combined with consciousness. The build-up and expansion of consciousness is the immediate goal. Consciousness can be lavish and even lose altogether. A lot of people by half or even more have deprived themselves of consciousness. Cleanliness, of calmness and of latitude of consciousness is of the costing acquisition. Consciously used the word "acquisition", for all of these properties is acquired by work, by will and persistence of these aspirations. Keep as the greatest gift of consciousness evolution. More treasures do have neither on Earth nor in the worlds.
392. (Guru). Immortality is caused by not interruptibility of consciousness that is ability to hold it at release from a dense body, or so-called death. Death – the ridiculous word because it doesn't exist. Even not the spirit which hasn't held consciousness nevertheless continues to live after death. But we speak about immortality. It is difficult to keep consciousness at change of covers, but nevertheless it is possible, especially if to it persistently to aspire and understand, what enormous value has it for the person. Immortality not is of hypothesis or of invention, but the real fact. Ignoramuses or people, the dead heart can deny it only. Intuitively each person somewhere at heart knows about the immortality, but stupidly it denies because it is so accepted the majority. And what recognize it, trust in words, but not heart. But immortality is destiny of the person, is conscious to it directed and ardently wanting to keep the consciousness uninterrupted upon transition of Great Borders.
393. (June 23). Tranquility – Arhat's weapon and a no perforation armor of spirit. As a matter of fact, in our consciousness everything is concluded, and only it one is our property and our treasure. People seek to get things, clothes, at home, money and many other things while about the treasure and about that to increase it, forget, considering that it doesn't cost care of it. The fairy tale terrestrial comes to an end, it is necessary to pass from Earth to the World Elevated, - but with what? What the person with himself, except consciousness and its accumulation can take there? But almost nobody thinks of that, as though to hold it, keeping it’s not interring reputability. Also remain with anything. All terrestrial acquisitions are left on Earth, and from spiritual wealth there is nothing to take because it wasn't saved up. There is a broken trough of illusions and delusions of the dense world.
394. (M. A. Y.). What do you want to take with yourself in the World Extra dense? It is useful to think of it. What can you take with yourself in the world where the thought reins and where everything moves thought? Memoirs? But about what? There are memoirs which, to wings it is similar, uplift to Light Spheres, and is attracting in a chasm, in darkness. And it is useful to think of it. The thought can be taken too with itself. But thoughts what? One direct to tops and stars, and others is to the gorge and a gloom. It is useful and is necessary to think that we can take with ourselves in the World Elevated when we will leave a body terrestrial.
395. (Guru). The thought persistent, thought constant and conscious appears also the hardiest. Especially the thought if in it heart is enclosed amplifies. To enclose heart in thought – means to enclose in it fire. The thought fiery doesn't die in space. The most durable element is fire, then there is an air, water and, at last, the earth. Four elements, or elements, not always it is necessary to take literally. Fire of space and flame of a burning tree differ on degrees, beside the point, but on extent of thinning. The scale of fiery manifestations is very wide, and rises up, and no end has. The fiery Basis Real isn't destroyed.
396. (June 24). "The tranquility is a spirit wreath". This great quality isn't understood. Think of its acquisition a little. Of acquisitions think much and a lot of energy give, but to that? How to explain, how to din, that useless of all works and the efforts, directed to possession by things terrestrial are vain. After all if the end result of any possession display deprivation of that, than the person owns, what sense in it? But, possession position quality of spirit and the works, spent for it, fruit-bearer and always with the person. The tranquility approved strongly, brings to the owner freedom from the power over consciousness of the phenomena constantly tormenting and tormenting ordinary people. Here two cases before you when the love of children poisoned with concern, brought Mothers to an illness and were made intolerable by life. Organism poisoning with concern always leads to very sad consequences. It is necessary to be able to distinguish care from useless and inutile concern. It is necessary to rip this poisoner out of heart. It is necessary to learn not to react to that usually causes concern in people. It is impossible to help concern neither, nor people. But poison the atmosphere around and infect it others, very easily. It is better to lose that causes this feeling, than to lose tranquility. When the enemy arrow gets to tranquility armor, it, like a boomerang, comes back to send it. The tranquility approved causes in surrounding absolutely special feeling, as though frays before the unusual. It is inadmissible to please to ridiculous conventions and desire to get round people to lose feeling of tranquility and to react to a condition of people around to them in unison. Much people because of this false aspiration to show a type of concern, either excitements, or experiences lose only because the interlocutor writhes in manifestations of astral emotions. Too the payment for similar external sympathy is great. Unshakable tranquility inside and outside it is possible to help much more people when they are overwhelmed with similar feelings.
397. (M. A. Y.). Not grieve that many qualities of spirit don't manage to be approved as strongly as it would be desirable. If the aspiration to it remains invariable and strong, it will accompany you further and during "increase". All these qualities become congenital properties, and the spirit will enter a new embodiment already with them. Remarkable feature of aspiration consists in it. Only direct, and the aspiration will lead you to implementation of the desirable. In time everything is achievable. Not on one life far anchors are thrown. The person can become all, than will want if understands that before him Boundlessness and that unattainable now becomes quite possible and feasible in time which has no end.

398. (Guru). Yes! We are in works of constants on Earth and in the worlds. This special difference of employees of Hierarchy –be workers everywhere and always. For this purpose it is necessary to fall in love with work and to understand that the fiery tension of an organism caused by work, kindle fires. Any exercises it is impossible to reach that is reached by work lightful. I speak "lightful" because there is also a work dependent, saddened, infected with discontent, unwillingness and complaints. It is work of slaves dependent. But work of employees of Light is light.
399. (June 25). When you know that you are under a constant sight from dark, it forces to be constant on the lookout. It develops the guarded vigilance and ability to be protected from attacks. Dark don't leave the attention, and inventions new follow one another. It is necessary to defend. Without understanding that, dark strong promote strengthening of a spiritual armor and develop at you message art spiritual fight. The soldier tempered in continuous opposition to darkness, becomes worthy our Instructions. They won't begin to attack a spiritual pettiness. But spirits close to us never leave alone. Let's not envy those who aren’t marked out by them: means, their spark is weak. However, the suffering and trouble time, caused by them, very much burden consciousness and often damage health, but "the ascension of spirit needs burdening by circumstances".
400. (M. A. Y.). Among the uncountable worlds, among the infinite phenomena of the shown Universe, among myriads new forms of the dense and Thin worlds, them occupying, among Boundlessness of the Real Lord is Focus, the Center, the Spiritual Support and the Purpose to which the spirit directs and the aspiration to which allows it not to become puzzled among this variety. The phenomenon of the Lord channelizes spirit and judgment of its existence. On a beacon beam even in stormy, dark night the ship safely reaches saving harbor. And on the Beam of the Lord the consciousness directed to It reaches the Native home, having passed through all difficulties of a terrestrial way and having overcome all obstacles. On the Beam mountain tracks over bottomless abysses, rocks and stones, the rough streams, an unsteady planked footway over deep failures and all other obstacles which arise on a way to the Lord of going spirit are overcome. Temptations and of allure terrestrial, intrigues and rage of enemies, own weaknesses and shortcomings and everything proceed that disturbs advance to the purpose far. But the Face of the Lord, "entered into heart", Serves as constantly shining and leading star on a way to Boundlessness for those who accepted it the spirit.