Agni Yoga's facets, 1970 (551-700)

551. (M. A. Y.). "Shout of the Serpent is". Serpent such nobody saw on Earth, therefore, this phenomenon of a thin order concerning astral Light, in connection with a condition of space and a presentiment of coming terrible time for all planets as enlightenment in area of the future events. When the picture was written, still was nothing, but the spirit of the artist felt an approaching waving of events of all-planetary scope, karmic the inevitable? In this case the Serpent is a symbol of knowledge, knowledge deep and Intimate. People are notified on the coming future which for all mankind became now already last, however, yet complete up to the end, but coming to the end to the specified term.
552. (Guru). It may be added, that the forms serpent specifically exist in astral world, that they reach huge sizes that, they can belong to both the North Pole and to the Light pole, the darkness and, that clashes between them are fearful of their tension. The theme is very large and deep.
553. (Sept. 6). The most difficult condition of following for the Teacher of Light is self-dismissal. Precept "Be rejected from itself and follow Me" it is given to people long ago. But as carefully avoid it, how many roundabout footpaths try to discover if only to bypass it! But here after searches of long and many attempts start understanding – or the condition it has to be satisfied, or advance on the way stops. It is necessary to attach to work on and the statement of these or those qualities of spirit and quality of self-dismissal, or dedication which should be understood very widely, and not just in aspect of sacrifice.
554. (M. A. Y.). Good, that you understand, that the real premise objects through space by Teacher points to a degree of Intimacy Emitted, unless special circumstances require such parcels. For each student made possible such receipt if it is called necessity. But just think what is harder to obtain-mental or substantive assumptions and make a conclusion. Of course, it is best to have both of them.
555. (Guru). Deliberate restraint in speech, gestures, movements, thoughts and feelings, indicates that energy is constrained by a sacred microcosm that is going to master them. The usefulness of such restraint cannot be overstated. One cannot fail to notice how for even a short time starts to pile up the psychic energy. You cannot pick up steam in the boiler, not closing it out, that is not deterring him as impossible to accumulate energy, not by adopting the quality of Agni restraint.
556. (Sept. 7). In a microcosm of the person two sorts of the phenomena are observed: the first, relating to things passing, mortal, doomed to final limited existence, and the second sort of the phenomena – enduring, immortal, and making eternal life of spirit. The consciousness can plunge into both rows of these phenomena. At immersion in a row the first it connects itself that is mortal, – and dooms itself death. At immersion in the second it joins immortality, or eternal life. The body and all other covers the temporary also are mortal, the Highest reincarnating Triad – is immortal. To that the person and to what directs, important extraordinary because causes his death or immortality prefers. So, collecting round focus of consciousness of elements of death, or immortality defines destiny of the person. The body is mortal, but bodies are mortal as well astral, both mental, and only fiery isn't passing. And everything that is connected with consciousness life in its mortal covers will leave together with these covers and will be dumped as the physical body is dumped. Therefore to connect it with them – means to doom itself death. Elements enduring, or immortality, concentrate in the Highest Triad, and during lifetime of the on Earth it is possible consciously, persistently and persistently to collect them that there was enough material for conscious life in the Highest Triad. Sitting on the river bank and observing its current, sitting doesn't identify itself with it. In the same way, observing all events in the covers, it is possible not to identify itself with this continuous and constant stream, knowing that Looking at a stream – this stream isn't. It is so possible to separate in itself Eternal from temporary and Eternal to approve, all the time multiplying and increasing elements of the enduring. It is very important to separate thus terrestrial, temporary, from timeless Identity and in process of forces focus of consciousness to learn to transfer the personality to its sphere. It is good to understand already that Bases of the Doctrine of Life are elements enduring. It is good to acquire that the Hierarchy of Light is immortal and that all relating to It, both Teachers of Light, and the Teacher of Light of each pupil – the phenomena of the same order. It is useful to realize that Agni Yoga is the Doctrine about immortality of spirit. So gradually it is possible to collect the huge material consisting of elements of immortality, and to enrich with it accumulation of the Highest Triad, repaying thus the debt to the physical body, that is dressing and feeding it, and the debt to the family, surrounding people and the Homeland. Collecting of elements of immortality not only doesn't exempt the person from a debt to people, but, on the contrary, deepens its understanding of the responsibility for them and for the whole world, expanding thus a sphere of application of all energy of its microcosm.
557. (M. A. Y.). It was said: «Respect life, as those, who longs for her. Add: live the life in which you put the karma, live, performing what she asks of you, but not allowing the mind to dive into it too and not accepting the validity of Maya. Mirage Passed away your bright mirages obviousness that surrounded you in the past. Go away and those that now surround, and the only items continued to remain with you to introduce you to the stream of consciousness that is of continuity to the immortality of the spirit.
558. (Guru). When consciously the heavy, when attained immortality and life purpose is clear, whether temporary earthly life whatsoever, to have such power over the mind, what are they above the ordinary people? So gradually, lifting the spirit “of gulf of life", you can assert its power over the transient or, more precisely, over the ability to force his master or person, obscuring a narrow trail leading to immortality.
559. (Sept. 8). "Provide dead to bury the dead persons, you follow Me"; "you are gods". In these two antiprovisions definition of the person is given. With of one hand – a necrosis of the spirit, and an across it of death, with another – of boundless possibilities of development it’s potential. And all – inside the person, because he and is a way. And that it is valid so, – it was given the bright example imprinted by sufferings and death. There was time. Years of mistrust and denial were replaced for years of enlightenment, the mankind yet didn't approach Yugi to the end of the century, by the end of the old world, by the end of Cali. But whatever occurred on a planet, even change the South; Bases remain unshakable for all times, as well as essence of the Great Plan of evolution of all real. Therefore it is possible to go to the future quietly, knowing that the way is uniform, a way of transformation of the person and disclosure of its internal potential and lifting on Light Ladder, isn't present which end. And as the way lies not outside, but inside, can't stop it anything external if only the person of it doesn't allow. The way is open, and the future in hands going on it.
560. (M. A. Y.). That, through what you pass, we passed, and through burdening by people – too. The phenomenon this very painful and especially because, what it is inevitable. But be interlining vigilance, and experience gives in time the prevention that it is necessary to be protected from a consuming of mental energy. Already you understand that contact with those who reads Doctrine books, often happens very burdening because people don't want to think of care and care in relation to from whom they receive. Such of sensitive care – not to burden, the Teacher Appreciates highly. The benefit showed it.
561. (Guru). The severe knowledge of a human nature is preferred to affection by masks. But there is even more the worst type of affection is the good. In dazzle by such affection people don't understand as far as they can burden being above them. Expediency and commensurability demand that the comer brought with himself valuable accumulation. Then Communication happens refreshingly.
562. (Sept. 9). So, each person is a way, but where? Ways happen different: one conduct to Light, others - in darkness. To Light conducts a way of Truth and a life, the specified to people each Teacher of Light. Pearls of the Uniform Great Intimate Doctrine are scattered according to pages of many writing of all centuries and the people. They can be found in books of different writers and poets. They sparkle at times and in thoughts of different people. The space is filled by them. In silence of silence they get into consciousness of many. The mankind isn't left without the Management. Some them live and are guided in life. But the majority – are deaf to understanding of the most necessary. Awakening of spirit is necessary that ears and eyes opened. How to awaken spirit? Sufferings awaken. Therefore there are so many misfortunes around and so much trouble. The nature strong reacts to human ignorance, and it, in turn, affects violation of planetary balance. It turns out the vicious circle, exit from which only up, there, where is released spirit from dense, corporal, heaps. While it won't occur, both people, and a planet, and all live will suffer in darkness people of generated consequences. But there come Space Terms when conditions so will become aggravated that approaching fiery waves or will awaken spirit human to Light, or will break going against it. Choice the last will depend on free human will.
563. (M. A. Y.). Who will carry us into the minds of his life, he is with us and will, when the fairy tale land. Who go to fathers –with them be, who to us are - with us, who to the Lord- with the Lord be.
564. (Guru). Each word, and especially the word fiery, causes reaction of people around. As carefully and circumspectly it is necessary to choose words not to tell anything, able to cause undesirable reaction. But "silence – gold", is better to keep silent, than to tell unnecessary, rash and attracting undesirable consequences.
565. (Sept. 10). The space of the highest measurements differs from three-dimensional to which belongs and in which their lives a dense body of the person. Other spaces we concern thought. Astral and mental bodies live already in them. When the consciousness is transferred to the World Thin, it submits to its laws. In the Thin World the concept about distance differs from the terrestrial: distances are, but modified and kilometers aren't measured. The proximity and range are defined by thought and aspiration. The same modification undergoes also time. However, habits terrestrial leave the mark because there is a tendency to think still in a terrestrial way, but it only in the beginning. Mastering by the feelings and thoughts and clarification from any moral litter on Earth, certainly, will help to be guided still during lifetime correctly in the conditions of the Thin World.
566. (Sept. 11). While inside there is a fight of two beginnings, Light and darkness, is lost nothing. Fight means that the spirit is live. Only weak-willed submission to get rid properties of the lowest nature means defeat. All should fight going on the way. And the opponent is always on a shoulder, and temptations thinning in process thinning the consciousness, and, if the pupil is tempted by demons, that Adept – iyerofant of the evil. And their rates always on no get rid properties the character. Would be for what to be hooked and get in fortress. And intermediaries and assistants the dark elect from people around. Work usually from the Thin World. Fight we welcome as a victory threshold.
567. Where and how human life flew and whatever happened to it, the main fact of life is its communication with Hierarchy of Light because life as that without the Teacher of Light will be similar to running on the spot, to run of a squirrel in a cage is similar. It is necessary to leave a wheel, a wheel of births and death. Embodiments remain, but the circle will be opened and becomes the lifting spiral, each time coming to the end at deaths door on a point of higher, than that which preceded it. Growth and expansion of consciousness accompany spiral ascension, and the Face becomes a leading magnet of the Teacher. This way lies in Boundlessness, and from the inhabitant the person turns into the traveler of the Great Way. Anything doesn't come to an end, everything serves only as a point of the beginning, a consequence bringing according to the accord, or continuation of the begun. Mind deprived people on a planet scurry about to finish anything and to leave, anything from the environment without having taken further with it. But the collector of Treasure cans each action, thought or feeling to use for Stone enhancement, crystals it increasing consciously. As it is useful there can be everything if the purpose is conducted. Certainly, they who don’t know the Great Way grow also, but a difference between them and those who knows, same as between the baby and the adult. Many stay in an infantile condition. Christ Redeemer called the blind, and others – dead persons because their consciousness deprived of fire of life, decayed in stagnation. The lord is the evolution engine. To the Lord adjoined becomes a pusher for sleeping consciousnesses. Contradiction that the people sometimes showing tireless activity, sleep in the spirit of, and their work is fruitless for spirit. All terrestrial successes are anything, if the spirit didn't wake up. But when awakening spirit there are they the mighty fact of life. Everything, but with the Lord, will serve advance and evolution. The purpose of material progress of the present consists in inhaling in it the Doctrine of Life and then at once to spiritualize everything that nowadays consciously isn't comprehended. The Culture Temple, but only forced to fill its spatial fire is erected, having united with consciousness of people, will give it a life pulsation. But its walls are material, as well as the basis, and it is necessary to finish it, differently going fire there is nothing will be to accept. Not accepted consciously – it will be destructive and not accepted will burn. We wait for awakening of consciousness’s; this phenomenon causes a course of events. I Want to accelerate, but the fiery flower of spirit won't reveal before term. We wait. Wait also you feeling value of the events. We wait to Call in Boundlessness. We wait, but we prepare ways and the next approach. Walls should be completed and to cover the building with a dome. So it is necessary to merge material and spiritual in uniform understanding of life. To the leader exact terms are conducted. I will give signs of the coming terms, to everyone – corresponding.
568. (M. A. Y.). Teacher a place is the front corner. If to deliver to the Lord in consciousness above all, and life will begin to sound differently. Also the life symphony will be in this way executed. Many lives sound a dissonance. Separate conformable chords of the symphony don't give, and the main thing isn't known to performers, for the sake of whom and that their work is made. The lord Will bring symmetry in all cases of life, and the sense Will give it, and Will specify how to carry out life in the necessary tone, without deviating.
569. (Guru). Personal feelings are flimsy. On them it is impossible to build. Devotion is above-person, going forward far beyond the identity of this embodiment, but passing through them, through everything in the past, in last embodiments. And then personal feelings become quality Immortal "I". So, personal feelings turn into qualities, losing the personal beginning. On qualities it is possibly to build. Them we appreciate and to qualities we trust.
570. (M. A. Y.). The guarantee of success and continuous advance in to being late anything, that is not to stop, whatever not get rid properties or shortcomings display itself. If fell, immediately get up and follow further. It isn't necessary to be lost and suffer the made mistakes. They should be weighed, in itself to condemn and follow further, without allowing them to detain advance. "Nothing can believe barriers between the Teacher and the pupil". After all the way consists in overcoming of, in fight and a victory.
571. (Guru). If no hopes, dreams and expectations of the future were carried out, but the victory over is reached, it is possible to consider that the purpose of this embodiment and tasks it are carried out completely. But if around it is made as it would be desirable, but the victory over didn't come true, what advantage of external changes, and even the finest, for the spirit which has suffered defeat? Not to enter into the New World to the won.
572. (Sept. 12). As no necessary itself to lead, it is possible to study on people around. More than once were witnesses of idle, irresponsible talk which didn't bring anybody any benefit and only I littered space. Let it will teach how it is necessary to weigh each word before to tell something. Not to spend in vain energy – a task of the pupil.
573. (M. A. Y.). Each melody can be executed in a certain key. As well action can be made everyone in a certain mood. It is possible to make departure of action on a key of the elected of quality, without allowing that there was it spontaneously. Especially successfully and visually it when there is a spiritual help and when own mood affects the person needing the help becomes.
574. (Guru). Different qualities of spirit allow carrying out the behavior in various keys, depending on external conditions. The solemnity key, sometimes courage, sometimes inflexible persistence and stability are sometimes necessary. But the symphony of qualities on which key the life mystery is made will be top of all achievements.
575. I consider inexpedient to rely on something outside. I consider that it is possible to rely only on Hierarchy of Light, but regardless of accident of external conditions. The darkness can't serve as a support for understanding of Light. But, believing on Us all consciousness, you can succeed. The prosperity consists not in how it develops terrestrial, external, life, and in how grow in quality of spirit and fires approved by them. Qualities of spirit phenomenon in the form of fires giving deposits of fiery crystals which integrated power concentrates in the Bowl. So, qualities of spirit, being carriers of fires, are inseparably linked with its ascension on a perfection ladder. Some think to succeed somehow differently, but other way to Light isn't present. Aspiration – fire, courage – fire, firmness – fire. In firmness of exactly burning flame phenomenon not dyeing power of spirit. But weakness fluctuates from each whiff of whirlwinds terrestrial, and go out, fluctuating, fires. Because, so much of the extinct consciousness’s. Means care – about qualities of spirit because without them there are no fires. Without fire is of death. Because there is so much live dead persons and so many the obsessed. Possession don't dare to come nearer to burning heart. The care of fires is inseparably linked with care of qualities of spirit. So, the statement of qualities and their development will be a fiery way of spirit. Think that live to eat and drink, or to dress well, or prosperity to have and surround itself with things, but life is given to increase fires, that are qualities of spirit. And, if the purpose of life to put the statement of qualities, the fiery way of spirit it is found. Availability of approved fires means immortality because in the spirit of it is possible to die at a live body. Live dead persons is the phenomenon not only evangelical, but also very modern. People only about terrestrial think and much on Earth reach, but material achievements – anything, if they not fit the spirit stature. Growth of spirit is growth of fires. Fire, which has descended on Apostle, is a symbol of fiery transformation of the person. There are a lot of steps of this transformation. Ahead Boundlessness and growth of fires it is boundless. On this long way the conscious statement of qualities leads to mastering by fires, and each slightest effort in this direction gives the consequences. Everything gives consequences, but the fiery phenomena – special. Therefore, caring of qualities of spirit, it is possible to succeed outside the conditions of the usual. Take two: one, using all earthly blessings and having everything, except qualities of spirit, and another, not having anything, but saved up crystals of fires. One, on Earth having everything, will come poor to the World Thin, another, deprived of everything, but fires approved, in that World will have everything because Fire there is a basis for all manifestations of spirit. One can be motionless a block, another – to fly, both to see, and to hear, and strong to use all the fiery feelings. So people in life terrestrial, on Earth it the way maintain in Elevated, but only on force saved up in life corporal fires. Take the worker and the idler – the difference will be striking, because work – fire store. To the person it is given the chance to succeed in any living conditions, and not wine lives if he doesn't succeed, but the person.
576. (M. A. S.). Speak about freedom, speak much. But without fires there is no freedom. Unless can be weak-willed free when each thought, each word, each person, stronger, can influence it? Availability of fires means freedom of spirit. Them approving, the person dumps from himself fetters of habits, traditions, beliefs, superstitions, thoughts walking and accepted by all and many other things about what he at all doesn't suspect. Fiery freedom is freedom of spirit from conditions of time, an era and everything, than the space understanding of life is limited. Once you present yourselves in different nationalities, during various historical eras, these restrictions become clear. One throughout lips pass a ring or throughout a nose, others paint a body, the third make up cheeks and lips, the fourth since the childhood swaddle feet in blocks and spoil them, the fifth carry corsets, squeezing breath, the sixth burn people on fires that they think differently and so on. Also there is no end to those deadlocks and restrictions to which brings thought. We speak about fiery thought free and its carriers – fire spirits. And to this freedom we call you feeling wings. In the spirit of freedom, understand, – when fiery wings grow.
577. (Guru). When the way is concentrated inside, it is possible to go, and besides irrespective of external conditions. They will act, they can't but influence, but nevertheless to them not destroy a way that inside lies. Saint Sergy made the feat in the woods, yogas – in mountains lonely, the Christ Left to the desert. From within they scoop the creative fire, because all – in the person, even the God Kingdom. External – as flint and the blows of flint cutting sparks and giving a flame from essence of spirit. The person who has understood goes internal force through life that the fiery source of boundless opportunities is concluded in it, inside.
578. (Sept. 14). If eremites-yogis flourish to the world lightful radiations of the microcosm, that, to them imitating, the same can do and the pupil, sharp-sightedly watching that the condition of its aura would correspond to this task. Certainly, it is hard when there are so much distracting conditions and when the surrounding atmosphere is dense and яро counteracts each kind undertaking. You look, how many the best and creative affairs are distorted by darkness and turned inside out by the negative side. And kind undertakings will try to pervert your dark. Many times it was already possible to note in the past as your dark turned the best and light aspirations against you and tried to restore against you those to whom you wanted to help. But, supporting a svetonosnost of the aura and observing a precept about silence and balance, you become impregnable for dark attacks.
579. (M. A.Y.). Let's come back all the time to same: to a question of, how transmutation the essence on Light key. Not to enter into the future in old clothes. Most difficult transmutation thought. Old, habitual a track disturb, forcing it to go in the habitual directions. Stir thoughts about it and myself. Short Precept "Be rejected from itself" it is so difficult. But, it without having accepted, it is impossible to follow the Teacher.
580. (Guru). At whatever time frame nor the transferred sense of close future, whatever frustrations occur because of this, one thing is unmistakably, sense-knowledge the interpretation of terms, or rather their proximity, and untrue. Because despair is not necessary, firmly knowing that gudgment must be the future home of our "bridal chamber" was enjoined.
581. We prefer definiteness in everything: thoughts, views, feelings, acts. The thought has to be especially accurate. Only accurate thought will depart and will succeed. Better one accurate, finished thought, than ten indistinct and muddy. Only such thought can be clear-radiant. Move the clear, perfected thoughts. Fire gives them luminosity and registration – clearness. Such thought can be operated. Dregs of not properly executed thoughts won't cut through space and in the purpose won't pierce an arrow. Speech clearness depends on thoughts and consonance of. In the trained consciousness the thought our, sent by us, accepts the certain finished form. So the consciousness receiver as knot of a network of Light of the planetary is installed. Receiving our vibrations, the pupil makes out them in accurate thoughts and with them sates space around. Thoughts of such consciousness, being sent afar, the goal reach and hold a desirable consequence.
582. (M. A. Y.). I would like to write to you every day that my thoughts were imprinted for others, post going. I like to tell about the Lord, because in Him all. If It the Alpha and Omega of our existence, whether that it is possible to do without It or to pass by. Whether it is necessary to begin and finish day pronouncing His name, sating the heart with its Face. Finishing so day flowing with the Name Its on lips, we enter into the World Thin and in conformable to Heart Great Spheres and to scoop up from them force for new day. And at dawn the Name It’s repeating, Light it lit up day meeting halfway us. Dimly and darkly is without the Lord. To come nearer many want, but don't know – as, and even knowing can delay. But all is simple very much. Favorite things it is stored. Of people of darlings it is thought much and often, and our heart is constant with them. The love that with the Lord to be always heart together is necessary. When it in heart to the Lord flares, He is close very much, as well as everything loved by us. You love it – and He Will answer call of love of the directed heart. In it is all of secret of Proximity to us Great Heart. Simply, all great is simple, because simplicity – one of Bases.
583. (Guru). It is necessary to realize all power of the silent, concentrated thought. It is possible to talk in silence to people. We avoid verbosity. To what words if the thought is given. The thought manages big affairs. My cloths wouldn't see light if they weren't issued by thought. As well the thought can't display externally if a certain form isn't given it. If the thought is issued and pulses life fire, is immutable, sooner or later, it will be embodied in the conditions of the dense. Therefore all our constructions, whatever abstract and far they in the real or last living conditions seemed, in life will be embodied and become reality. It should be understood not to lose hope and belief in hard times before a dawn. Now it is still very dark over Earth, but the ring somewhere brightens and is heard. Whether from the hidden hail buried under water there is this ring? And what it foretells? Whether an embodiment on Earth of the commandment fairy tale? Friend Mine, listen sensitively!
584. (Sept. 15). How many disputes among churchmen were about in what look there will be a revival dead and in what body. Also imagined that, who have died for all the time the people in the former physical bodies will revive. And a lot of absurd still imagined. Meanwhile as the idea of revival is very simple: there will be a spirit revival, both among incarnate, and among one incarnation people. Dead all are considered whose spirit didn't waken irrespective of, whether there are they on Earth, in a dense body, or in the Thin World. So "tea of revival dead and lives of future eyelid" should understand prayer words not in literal sense as it was interpreted usually. The century future is time, or an era, coming Satia Yugi. The idea is right, but its understanding was wrong.
585. (M. A. Y.). The reality of the Thin World for the people being in it is brighter and valid, than reality of life terrestrial. But that and another is the type Maya – terrestrial and elevated. And that terrestrial life is Maya, it isn't so difficult to understand if to imagine as the worlds of the savage are various, the philosopher, changes, the poet, the addict and the devotee. For an animal, a plant and fish the world seems, or is perceived, already differently. The world of a dolphin differs from the mollusk world. Therefore everything can be considered them as Maya version. And only the fiery consciousness can perceive reality Real. Ordinary people roll in Maya illusions.
586. (Guru). Sometimes it is, however, rare, the person in a dream realizes that he sleeps and that everything that sees, only a dream. It already some is extent of enlightenment in reality. In the same way among noise and turmoil of life terrestrial it is possible to realize that they are dreams passing that it is Maya, and the real life – outside it, in the world of reality fiery.
587. If so much time is found for Me, attention and heart, how many is given to things usual, results would be extraordinary. But doesn't contain Appear (before) consciousness constant and therefore doesn't hurry. And in the thick of terrestrial impressions the Image of the Lord grows dull and recedes and heart is filled with the usual. On the one hand, the desire to succeed is obvious, with another – there is neither full-tendency, nor full return of heart to the Lord. And turns out the service is halved. Day passes in oblivion of the Lord and immersion in cares and interests of the current hour. There is no coherence between desire and following on the way of this desire. The proximity is established by a constant, uninterrupted the memory about the most necessary. The full-fledged aspiration is similar to a chain, shouldn't have gaps in time, as well as Appear (before).
588. (M. A. Y.). Our lives were devoted entirely and completely to the Lord. Personal places didn't remain. This criterion measures height of spirit and extent of its approach to Hierarchy. You want to know where you stand, calculate – what is the time it is within a day given by you to the Lord and how many – and terrestrial affairs. Be impartial in calculation. The pupil has to devote always usual work to the Teacher, and then in thoughts will be continuous it with It, therefore, neither work, nor affairs won't hinder to constant Appear (before).
589. (Guru). The cult of a self-service is developed widely. To energy of a microcosm human are directed on itself, and places doesn't remain even for the Teacher of Light, though the person on service to Light imagines himself. It is necessary to look at things honestly. Expectation – I didn't put, the word – I didn't put, hope – I didn't put. Affairs are the Light constantly burning inside and shining everything both inside and around. And if this Light goes out – means, put isn't present. The thought of the Teacher is thought of Light. That is why the memory uninterrupted is necessary – differently affairs will darken. Chow Teacher on constant Appear (before) need if the desire to succeed and reach is strong.
590. (Sept. 18). It is impossible to allow that the terrestrial broke "the happiness bridge", because if breaks how then? Therefore it is necessary to strain will and to approve the most necessary contrary to evidence dense and to counteractions of the surrounding. Repetition of sacred appeals helps. Thoughts of daily occurrence are driven away by them. After all and them it is necessary to overcome that didn't disturb. Too the gap between Spheres the Highest and visibility dense is great. But "the happiness bridge" connects to them if costs indestructibly. Over the head, and when completeness of the address is observed, vibrations it sate a beam consciousness.
591. (M. A. Y.). The thought is absolutely right. Fruits of former embodiments are acquired between last embodiments. Fruits of this embodiment will be acquired after release from a body. Also that in this embodiment was the most impressive will sound.
592. (Guru). Continual mindfulness on the necessary let it be the key on which sounds natural. And let no one and nothing will force forget what it is given to man.
593. (Sept. 19). Life severely puts before inevitability of the statement of quality of restraint and reticence. The most, apparently, insignificant words cause unexpected and rough consequences. It is necessary to learn to be silent, without saying any word without extreme need to volume. After all nobody will punish for silence and reasons of false politeness are insolvent. Who inspired thoughts what it is necessary to speak out of politeness and to support small talks? And you keep silent and look what results will be. Let for whom ability is optional to be silent speak. And even with and even in a house environment, it is necessary strictly and to meet steadily this condition, supervising each word. It is necessary to pass through test for reticence. People so like to say that your silence won't be a burden on them. Also don't worry that it will worsen relationship with people, on the contrary – will improve and will bring desirable consequences.
594. I approve going happiness. We Live future and in the future. Live also you future. We and Live in the future always future and we Will always live. As live also you. The present for Us is only a step, transition to the future. The bridge in the future is the present. Maitreya there is a future, and the flame directed in the future, is directed eternally. All can't directed be content present, when in the future. Really you want to remain such as is, forever. But boundless opportunities of spirit are put into boundlessness’s of the future. Minutes of the current hour can't be prolonged. Therefore all expectations should be enclosed the, all hopes, all hopes in the future. Percent on all representations and the thoughts enclosed in the future accrue steadily. It also will be the most favorable capital investments in a future treasury where thoughts grow, and put, and qualities of spirit approved nowadays. Therefore We Plan the Ways of evolution of spirit and mankind, as on itself the planet, so and in the worlds. We Cut down the Way of evolution of spirit in shining substance of elements. We Know the planned Way. We the Show correct direction in Evolution, because We at a wheel of the world ship. If to take away this future, human life becomes senseless.
595. (M. A. Y.). It is better to live mentally in greatness of future achievements of spirit, than in limitation of its imperfections in the present. It will give precipitancy of flight in the future. What is all human life, how not a way to the future? And if it is limited in the afternoon, it is poor. The sequence of achievements can depend on range of flight of thought in area of the future centuries and even millions years. The spirit is eternal. Millions years before eternity is, as a grain of sand before the sun. Therefore the Teacher Speaks: everything is achievable. And nowadays time came to realize the phenomenon of all-reaching.
596. (Guru). Impossible in the present – it is possible in the future. Space Laws should be known to outline those borders of the really possible. It is possible to read foreign mind or to see at distance, but it is impossible to grow up the dropped out tooth in this race. The border of the possible and impossible is established by expediency, commensurability, both knowledge of the Law, and availability of approved fires. Lords of the Flame call them, Fire seized. The way to this greatness lies through mastering by all processes happening in covers, and especially astral, and through their restraint. Having subordinated three, it is possible to apply fiery power.
597. (Sept. 20). When moving on a new place it borrows in consciousness old, and old consigns to the past. Upon transition to the Thin World it replaces with itself the world dense. We advise to a thicket to change stay places during lifetime of terrestrial that upon transition of Great Borders not too to be surprised to change of surrounding conditions. Wanderers have big advantage before settled inhabitants – aren't attached to the house prison and got used to change of external conditions. It is necessary to have the big internal contents to sustain stay in the same place for a long time. Ashrams are in this regard considerable that spiritual borders are moved apart and cover big space. Not of prison, but a center of Light, which thread are directed out of limits of its walls. Relatively everything and everything depends on a condition of spirit. Teachers the House is in the spirit. Where It, there is and him the house, not limited nor its walls, nor the environment external.
598. When the dense environment will be replaced thin, the inner world and its contents will act on the foreground, according to it will be conformable and that around. Invisible becomes visible, both mental forms and representations will gain nature of objectivity external. That is why it is so important to be approved in a certain direction of thoughts because the thought will create by the nature of everything that will surround a one incarnation. And fight against the lowest duady will be fight against thoughts, it especially akin and approved in it in the dense world. The thought creates, and all is created in Elevated by thought.
599. (Guru). It is good when attachments terrestrial don't connect the person slavery chains. There are attachments connecting and attachments releasing. Let's sharp-sightedly distinguish nature of each attachment and love. It is possible to tie consciousness to what or to anyone, and it is good, if it is the phenomenon rightful.
600. The astral irrepressible, both unrestrained, and not subordinated demands and takes. And no good intentions will calm him, if the strong bridle of spirit isn't imposed imperiously on all its manifestations. The persistence of an astral is equal to its age, and it very much ancient. However, the astral body changes with each embodiment, but its matter is quickly accustomed to vibrate in unison that is put in a causality body because elements of a new astral body at a new embodiment gather in the accord with former accumulation. Therefore from karma not to leave anywhere because it is concluded in the essence of the person and collected for eyelids.
601. (Sept. 21). When the veil will be lifted and peace are Slim in the consciousness of the world become a reality both stay on the verge of both. Reality of the subtle world becomes obvious, apparent and perceived. Scope of visibility extends. Then go to the thin world becomes invisible and death loses its sting. Of course, the thin world is bright and colorful, and more impressive than the Earth’s, and extremely diverse. When a person enters into it prepared, adapting to new circumstances comes pretty quickly. But is the unenviable status of the deniers.
602. (M. A. Y.). For that, what the Communication to happen, it is necessary to bring always something with itself, differently nothing there is to put.
603. Not bigger incommensurability, than, addressing to the Lord, to think of the personal, itself. At these moments it is necessary to find forces from to be released, so that the screen of consciousness was pure. And it is easy; it is worth filling with the Face of the Lord all the microcosm only. And then vibrations of the Face of heart will concern and polarize aura on the wave. It is easy if heart only to the Lord is betrayed. It is possible to find forces these minutes to concentrate the essence on the Lord. Achieve in that the success importantly extremely. In total in the person if communication, but if it isn't present is strong, Light is replaced with darkness how the person was good. Without Light good to anything because becomes dark. Because of similar good the whole kingdoms perished. Hierarchical threads of Light consider widely also touch many hearts though aren't realized usually.
604. (M. A. Y.). We are occupied with the approval of the Doctrine of Life, counteraction is terrible. But only overcoming of counteraction can cause a powerful fiery wave, carrying all barriers. If our affairs – from Light, counteraction by it – from darkness. How many the centers of darkness it is necessary to break before Light will flare up. But we love fight, after all life is a fight for the future. Being claimed in the present and not knowing the future, they are not from Light. But even the squirrel reserves nuts for the winter as the person not to take care of food for spirit. But even they denying the future unconsciously work for the sake of it. If to look at the essence of the phenomena, it will appear that people accept a lot of things unconsciously, without giving in it to itself the report. So, everything future live, without knowing that without the future there is no life.
605. (Guru). Influence the stranger of will is overcome by the conscious tension of the. Also there is no the will, able to enslave, if the Lord is close. Wishing many because it flattery to enslave the heart given to the Lord. How to resist? Only the Lord is.
606. (Sept. 22). Cognition of the person proceeds, and, if it is still bitter, it means, that there are imperfections in people. Difficulty is as before in the same – in no judgment. Know and not to blame is of the property Arhat's. But cognition it is very useful and instructive. And ability will be a litmus piece of paper for definition of people all the time to amplify. It is necessary to consider as well that the dark use everyone that through them to do much harm. And not from the not good, but under suggestion there are even not bad people harming. As well treachery has to twist the nests and not shown traitors – to come to light and betray. All betrayed: and big and small attendants of Light. The armor of balance will be protection against various inventions dark.
607. (M. A. Y.). Together and continuously to pass through everything that is presented by life will be a victory over conditions of the dense world. Dense feelings say that anything isn't present that we died that evidence reigns imperiously over consciousness. But the spirit and heart approve other. Heart and let will be the leader. If to want, that we be always with you, be also you always with us. Let's support so mutually threads of shining communication.
608. (Guru). At a throne of Light merge together all in directed to Light the consciousnesses. Association in Light is the prime target of the person. It is hard because attractions terrestrial disturb. It is good to learn to weaken them and even temporarily to interrupt. After all terrestrial affairs can be managed, without becoming attached to them. I made and dismissed, knowing that the persuasive reflection about them already gives nothing. It is necessary to learn to come off mentally the phenomena of a dense order as the strengthened sounding of vanity ties spirit wings. Victory over the world comprises as well ability to come off in the spirit of dense conditions.
609. Will pass centuries, and only then the sense of the current events will to be all clear? But it is clear to us nowadays because We Direct their course. The set of signs is disseminated everywhere, going events speaking about sense. But they should be seen an unbiased eye. If to bring together them, the picture will turn out amazing on the persuasiveness. There can't be a deviation of an evolutionary stream. It bears to end both kind, and angry, to their different destinies. But to business of the Great Plan serve all: both dark and light spirits. The first – without understanding, the second is on degree of width of the consciousness. Tactics of Adverse applied by us sends everything to energy finally to this purpose uniform. Force of an opposite order destroying this counteraction grows from each dark counteraction. Already you know that at a known step that who stands behind Us, start serving both dark, and light forces, and everything is used in the Benefit. In the same way and in world events all phenomena inure to advantage to the future, there are no phenomena opposite. The darkness becomes Light bottom, as monsters – throne legs. Therefore light-and safely you look forward, in the future. In it the victory has to be and yours over life.
610. (M. A. Y.). Mistakes – anything, if the consciousness and will own thought because then the thought can be directed on any channel and consequences of each mistake can be neutralized. Rhythmical thoughts are especially strong. They as on wings bear. Now installation becomes on thought. Not acts, not feelings, but the thought becomes a decisive factor of life. It is possible to see how the same act, but caused by thoughts opposite, has an assessment not in itself, but thoughts of the leader. In the basis of acts and feelings thoughts are put. Everything is in thought.
611. (Sep. 23). Accelerate progress is possible only with the full-return consciousness and the heart of the Lord. Spread the proper measure of self-denial and self-sacrifice.
612. (M. A. Y.). "All vanity and spirit languor", but the spirit has to pine to direct to release from attractions terrestrial. Here someone strains all forces to achieve any advantages of a usual order, things or situation, and having achieved, suddenly dies to understand that all this to anything. But knowing and without that understands the temporary nature of a dense environment. When this understanding phenomenon in application, then spirit is triumphs a victory.
613. (Guru). The fiery of consciousness is shown that it at the same time perceives the phenomena dense and vibrations of Spheres the Highest, and it doesn't disturb sharpness of bipolar perception. Can't terrestrial distract from elevated, and elevated doesn't interfere to see and feel the terrestrial.
614. (Saint. 24). When the world is on the verge of explosion, there can't be a usual condition of consciousness. All feel, but everyone in own way, and everyone in own way reacts. One - in wine attempt find oblivion, others – in various excesses and all – according to the nature. But children of Light especially tensely seek to adjoin Hierarchy of Light. Poles of Light and darkness strengthen the attractions. Under the sign of unexpected turns of events will pass this terrible time!
615. (M. A. Y). Got life experience at each new reading of favorite books allows to approach to them in a new way and to scoop from pages of the writing new thoughts. It indicates growth of spirit and growing ability to take its all new and new treasures from many times read books.
616. (Guru). You know that "the tense string sounds only". And all those difficult living conditions which surround press you are useful to that strain consciousness and force it to sound. But sounding is the phenomenon fiery. Under a press the flame of spirit gains special firmness. Life sorrow less and safe go out fires.
617. (Sept. 25). The layers of the Thin World close to Earth show its exact copy. But the above, the remote there is a similarity and the more so features and an originality of an extra dense condition clearly act. For completeness of life from the person understanding of new conditions and understanding of the Laws reigning in Spheres High are required. The basic is thought domination over all phenomena of the Thin World. The thought causes an environment of one incarnation spirit. Creates or destroys thought. Level of thoughts, usual for the inhabitant and connected strong with terrestrial representations, doesn't allow realize freedom and possibilities of thin existence. Slowly and painfully there is then an adaptation to new conditions. Even small readiness to their understanding already facilitates a lot of things. To the spirit directed to knowledge of usual conditions of the dense world it is given the chance to learn a lot of things because data on the Thin World are scattered everywhere. But they should be collected carefully. At disbelief, denial and indifference everything will pass unnoticed by. But it wanting knowledge will have.
618. (M. A. Y.). The knowledge of the person grants the right to discussion, but doesn't grant the right to condemning. The border between creative discussion and condemnation is thin. It is necessary to watch closely that discussion didn't turn into condemnation very much.
619. (Guru). As it is possible to rely on human words, assurances or promises when the majority of people are under the power of an astral and its moods and obviously lie, or at the time of a word-speak believe this that speaks. Spirit grimaces are diverse. Therefore those who are the owner of the word are especially valuable and strong it holds. In this regard any discipline and orderliness are very useful. The severe schedule of life of some monasteries of past and present time is very instructive. The mankind needs discipline of spirit, but it has to be voluntary, and in it all difficulty.
620. (Sept. 26). Better total on of good to human not react simply: neither externally nor internally, noting only regular contributions to human cognition. Chief - avoid of the stains and of the condemnation. Hard is because the injustice, cruelty and mercilessness of a human hurt and affect consciousness. But through it all one must go through without losing balance and confidence in the ultimate victory of light.
621. (M. A. Y.). When the pupil is put by life in dependence on all, and everything, and people small by position and when this dependence is inevitable and it is impossible to be exempted from it, so and through it too it is necessary to pass and collect the necessary experience, knowledge and ability to own itself. Consolation that the hut of the worker will be replaced by the palace, that ant provisions tempered spirit comprehensively. Neither to rejoice, nor to be afflicted with conditions external too it isn't necessary. Wisdom to commandment of golden middle.
622. (Sept. 27). The consciousness thought changes. Therefore thoughts should pay tribute attention and care. And at those moments when the spatial press is especially strong and chaotic, it is possible to repeat a prayer or to mantras, driving away waves of influences. There are moments uneasy and heavy, and to concentrate on thoughts sublime difficult. Repetition of prayers then helps.
623. (M. A. Y.). It is good to learn not to react sometimes at least in any way to the external phenomena, passing them by itself and looking at them as if from a window of the moving train. It will give the chance to be exempted from many undesirable influences. Certainly, it is achievable only on condition of complete equilibrium.
624. (Guru). Each reason brings the consequences. The world of thoughts can be considered as the world of the reasons. The law of compliances and the accord operates the Universe. On nature of thought and the consequence will be corresponding. Accurately issued thought will bring also conformable to it an accurate consequence. Knowing it, it is necessary to watch especially circumspectly a current of a mental stream in an inner world.
625. Merit considers keep balance among ardent dissoluteness of darkness. That you help Me to hold it too in of the scale planetary. Balance and disbalance of fight for domination as in aura of the person, so and in aura of a planet. Aura of balance let's help Me at least. You can't approve balance out of itself because it is frequent not in your forces, but in the microcosm the will solves whatever occurred around because it possesses the power over the world inside. Equilibrium hold of Chow balance keeps all strength of spirit. After all at these moments try strength of mind. That of heroism dream, when everything is good and quiet. But be heroism will show balance these awful days.
626. The measure of General Welfare attached to the phenomena of life, will allow define true value of each of them. Otherwise you will remain among ghosts of the personal world. Often interests of the personality and interests universal are opposite. The identity of the crucified Christ suffered and suffered torments, but the Spirit Prayed for them crucifying a body, and the Spirit Accepted shameful death for the personality, foreknowing about the forthcoming. So, crucifying itself, the personality, for General Welfare, the person is exempted from her power over consciousness. And the consciousness exempted from bonds personal, becomes space. And it doesn't matter, if the personality somewhere and somehow has to undergo in adversity life – over the personality the spirit multiplying the forces and the light under blows – life engines. And, when situation becomes especially heavy or confusing consciousness, the Face of the Lord put between the external phenomena and spirit, Will remove and Will force to take them a belonging place, without suppressing consciousness, but exempting from the power of external influences. Power of the Face of a bike is. The constant feeling it in heart helps to overcome the vibrations of a direct environment going from all three worlds, and to rise over them. When the logic of evidence wins and situation becomes desperate, the Face, in heart entered, the Light Disseminates the condensed darkness of dense textures. The person will during a dreadful dream forces itself to wake up – and darkness phantoms as also the Face, in heart entered, Allows consciousness to leave a hopelessness circle, as though a gloomy dungeon, on light of day disappear. The darkness expects that the person will oppose to its logical arguments to suppress them logic of evidence, but the skilled traveler rejects three-dimensional logic, contacting directly the Teacher of Light through its Face. And to these overturns all dark construction. Power of influence of the Face should be understood.
627. (Sept. 28). Without due degree of love and aspiration concentration on the Chosen Shape very difficult also is almost impossible. But in the presence of feeling it occurs naturally and without violence over consciousness. The magnet of love is powerful. The feeling of love gives in to education. The cruel neighbor we don't love, however the thought often attaches to his personality and without any feeling of love. Connects not only love, but also other feelings and first of all hatred. Hatred can and be not tested and still to be connected by importunity of undesirable faces while the Image desired escapes from heart. Means, the love should be strengthened, so feeling it is necessary to warm up and concentrate on it heart. These dark days an all planet gloom the love will be a magnet overcoming darkness.
628. (Guru). From time to time it is good to check it and to count, how many hours or minutes in day are given to the most necessary. If it is found out that it isn't enough, time needs to be increased, knowing that each hour given to the Doctrine, fruit-bearer all affairs terrestrial.
629. (Sept. 29). Follow Me because the darkness is great. Otherwise not resist in Light. Everything sank in a gloom. The impact the last forces dark is awful. And it is difficultly to concentrate. The chaos interferes in thoughts. You hold Me continuously.
630. (M. A. Y.). When it is very dark, we will approve inalterability of approach of Light. The darkness will come to an end, Light the winner will take up its place, «its kingdom not will be the end".
631. (Sept. 30). The solemnity of a condition of spirit most corresponds to the Stronghold atmosphere. Many try to approach, but because of discrepancy can't. The aura consonant is necessary. The same is necessary and at Communication. Anything dirty won't enter into our House. I with you always, but discrepancy of aura’s radiations don't allow to contact and feel My Proximity. Personal it is necessary to extinguish that mine began to sound. All itself of barrier serves to of the Communication. Whether it is possible to pour fiery drink of life if it is overflowed to edges by the in a bowl? And to what, if came behind Mine? It is impossible to feel and understand even other person, if the consciousness is overflowed by the and. Dismissal from itself is a condition of any comprehension. The attire of Light excludes shaggy clothes of egoism. Readiness means as well severe care of spirit attires. Whether everything emotions are admissible? No, only that from Light, as well as thought. As it is possible to hope for send, if the house of spirit not put in the full order? Chaotic and dark environment is not a justification of internal `disorder. Sufferings, difficulties and tests can or clear and ennoble, or break in darkness. The symbol of the hammer splitting up glass and forging damask steel, let will be a constant reminder.
632. So, the same phenomenon can knock down the person, weak in spirit, but strengthen, approve and ennoble the one who spirit is strong. Means, not in external circumstances failures or success of advance on the way, but in a condition of spirit are covered. It is difficult to accept this situation and with it to agree because the egoism seeks to shift the insolvency to whom and to anything, but only not to itself. The reasons of successes and failures, victories and defeats should be looked for in itself. No use to assign them to something or someone outside. If the person also is a way who and that can create from the outside barriers it to advance. Once again I Speak: anybody and nothing in forces to block it a way to Light, if he doesn't allow it. It is impossible to make responsible for delays and stops on anything the external. In the inner world of people it is free always, if wants that. In the microcosm it is the lord. Therefore the victory is provided to the one who understands that spirit above all and that all forces, both light, and dark, serve the judgment winner.
633. (M. A. Y.). It is impossible to expect commonness in life when there is unusually strong impact of darkness. We are strained in active counteraction. The same conscious activity we want to see and in our employees. Everything stronger and more strongly fight accepts mental character and is transferred to area of thoughts. There is a fight for human souls and attraction them to focuses of an attraction of poles of Light and darkness. Great division of mankind gets deeply drama forms and everything becomes deeper and deeper. Soon the abyss dividing people will be so deep and wide what to pass from one pole to another begins already impossible.
634. (Oct. 1). Fight against last heaps It is welcomed, if it victoriously. But if this marking time without visible results, nothing to rejoice here. However, century stratifications demand time for release from them, however at persistence and strong determination to reject them success is provided. Trouble only in that, the gutting heads of the monster - again grow fast. Means, cauterization by fire is necessary. And not the heads should be cut, but to strike a dragon in the heart. The crude desire will look for any forms for the identification. Therefore not these forms, but desire has to be get rid. How? Maintain of him the opposite pole. It also will be a quality transmutation through related contrasts. Means, desire it is necessary to clear and ennoble it to spotless degree the nasty. So, desire can be replaced with the honoring exempted from elements of it’s of opposite, shadow a pole.
635. (M. A. Y.). Often the karma connects us with other people not get rid properties of our lowest nature. Then such it is necessary to get rid of the person in itself. And, while it not gets rid, karma won't release and won't exempt us from it. When the lowest feelings get rid also are replaced opposite, with the person new relationship and communication are established or becomes stronger, or tries at all. Then it is possible to consider that the problem of this person is resolved correctly. Conscious elimination of karmic communications leads to spirit release.
636. (Guru). Everything that doesn’t cause any reaction in consciousness of the person, for it doesn't exist. Everything that ceases to cause this or that reaction ceases to exist. It is possible to aspire to that some things, circumstances and people didn't cause in consciousness of undesirable reaction consciously. It is possible to reach that they at all didn't cause any reaction. Fearlessness is based on it. The tranquility and balance are approved on this phenomenon. If the microcosm of the person is laboratory for all feelings, through will it is possible to operate this process. It reaches the higher authority over itself, and then and over the world. I won against the world the one Who Told: "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything". To a terrible impact of darkness This, Who Congueror the world, externally didn't React anything and simply. In this be contained Him Victory over the world.
637. (Oct. 2). The meeting and fight against guards of the Threshold is a meeting and fight against the own astral generations which accepted a concrete form and have become seen obviously, it as though an objektivization until then of invisible mental forms, surrounding with a dense ring to beget. If during lifetime of terrestrial these mental newcomers and seductions it was never combated if they entirely and easily seized consciousness, the meeting with objective forms of these generations of a victory doesn't promise them to beget. That is why it is so important, having still been obese, to win against them and not to give them the power over consciousness. Unbeaten, they get the special force and special firmness, and having accepted visible forms, they become almost invincibly seducing and taking consciousness to the sphere of the attraction. Eremites and devotees conducted severe, difficult fight against these seducing images and won against them firmness and a spirit inflexible. And for the pupil of other way out, as them to conger, not. To hope for a victory in World Aboveground, if they overcame the person in the world terrestrial, it is difficult though, at a tension of all strength of mind, the victory nevertheless is possible. Therefore to win against the generations it is necessary on Earth. It is necessary to understand as far as it is important, it is most important that surrounds embodied in the world dense. On Earth a temptation it is possible to satisfy and receive somehow still temporary and seeming simplification, but it is already impossible when the body is dumped. Then temptations turn into Tantalum torments, gloomy, hopeless and not giving satisfactions because the physical body is absent. Other exit, except a victory over the generations, isn't present and can't be because defeat "I" mean loss the highest and immersion in a chasm. The victory is the obligation of spirit to. Understanding of that, the victory is inevitable, that conger it is necessary by all means facilitates overcoming of the seducing force of the itself generations and does achievable a victory over them.
638. (M. A. Y.). The World terrestrial is the world of the reasons, the World Thin – the world of consequences. Therefore each strong experience accompanied by bright and strong thoughts, will cause, giving a consequence in World Aboveground, Long before say, that for each thought it is necessary to answer. The essence of this situation is that energy should settle on itself once the generated own thoughts. The thought is live essence of the Hidden World, and its impact on the generation will be very real. And the thought won't release it until will settle on it until the end of the mental charge. It is connected with the beget by a magnetic thread and therefore from it not to leave anywhere. It is necessary to think very much over relentless responsibility of the person for the thoughts.
639. (Guru). Cause and effect – the phenomena of the same order rather the phenomena, or two parties of the same medal, or two poles of a thing uniform. They are inseparable one from another though in time and can seem that it not so. Cause and effect can divide for many years, but after all time isn't present, and illusion of their separateness has no basis actually. And the reality is leprous, freaks, cripples, the idiots obsessed and all consequences bearing on once in the past of perfect acts. And time didn't prevent the generated reason to bring in the past the consequences in the present, as if in time at all and there were no gap. It also is really so as the chain of reason isn't interrupted and as the reason can't be settled by time phenomenon, yet won't bring the consequences settling it.
640. (Oct. 3). The love to Hierarchy creates transformation of the person. The love to the Lord gets a victory. Without it achievements won't be strong. The love unconditional, that is love without conditions, opens a gate. Attraction love invincibly. We welcome pleasure of a victory. About one person who has overcome, the pleasure has more, than about one thousand righteous persons. The parable about the prodigal son is full of the deepest value. The winner is the son who has come back to the House Father. Maya ghosts are won by spirit as soon as their ephemeral essence, as well as that their illusive power is given them by will of the person over itself is realized. And time it is given, it can be taken back by the same will. The power of spirit and its power are approved by understanding. The power over any fleshes, and first of all over the flesh is given to the person. That wins all who will manage to win against itself.
641. The phenomenon of victory over them is the realization that you cannot win and that victory must be produced any price. Generally speaking, all the way man and his entire life is nothing but a series of victories over him and conquer new opportunities. Of course, meaning the path of Ascension. On your descent path, or fall, spirit speak will not. Many go that way. But the Kingdom of God is taken by force that is by continuous and persevering spirit over all victories that must be overcome or get rid lower nature in itself. And each new stage of ascent, however high it may be, requires overcoming the former, just passed. And what was the one achievement may prove to be address on other, higher.
642. (M. A. Y.). "You love Me – and you will double force", and not only you will double, but you will treble and decuple, if teach the Lord to love above all. The creating power of love to Hierarchy of Light should be felt in heart, and then a way it will be direct and victorious. Try to replace love with other feelings, without understanding that, there is no more powerful engine of spirit, than love. Such love is severe to it and is self-sacrificing. Self-rejection and self-dismissal is the indispensable conditions of transformation of the person. In former clothes, in old and shabby not goes into the New World. In torments are be born New Earth and the New Sky. Also the dark oblivion old is required. The old world has to be destroyed and leave consciousness of the person.
643. (Guru). It's time to realize that as long as the strong link with Bishop, cannot be interrupted and temporary of the cease of consciousness cannot be taken for rejection, or mean it, because of those or other lucid shortcomings. Imperfection is not a reason, or excuse to dwell, or linger on the way; on the contrary, they should encourage a faster advance. Everyone has their weaknesses as well as strengths. It says, "take up his cross – i.e. all the imperfections and shortcomings of their karma, and also his – and follow Me."
644. (Oct. 4). It is necessary to show care of increase in a stock of mental energy. Often fire is spent on trifles. Sharp-sighted discretion and restraint of feelings are necessary. About value of restraint and reticence you know. But also many moods cause leakage of mental energy: despondency, discontent, complaints, condemnations, irritations and all other not pure feelings is the waster Agni. Like a balloon, the rightful condition uplifts spirit up. But, if the sphere cover full of holes, leakage of gas is inevitable. The chain armor of spirit has to be strong in each link. The protecting network is protected by constancy of patrol. Be awake because you don't know, danger from where threatens.
645. (M. A. Y.). The external environment demands from the pupil of discretion and continuous patrol, but still the bigger care and attention is demanded by supervision over his own internal state. After all blows of the enemy, though are put from the outside, are aimed at internal essence. Therefore patrol has to be bilateral. At internal balance and it is externally easy to keep it. And it isn't so important that falls upon the person from the outside, somehow, as he reacts internally to it. The care of the microcosm is included into a task of the pupil as an indispensable condition of its prosperity.
646. (Guru). Sometimes it is very useful to think of value of trifles and of their impact on a condition of spirit.
Mistake will be settle only with the phenomena big, lose sight of the small. All influences – both that and others. Therefore patrol of consciousness has to be comprehensive. And on a small pebble it is possible to stumble and even to break a leg.
647. (Oct. 5). (1970 e. is anniversary of leaving of M. A. Y. from the physical plan). Among the spirits which are close standing to Focus of Uniform Light, It is one of the closest. The envoy our and Entrusted – mission of its life was great. The task put before It was executed completely. But not all that passed through Her Hands, was issued in the form of printing editions. A lot of things I knew, more, than someone from esteeming itself knowing, - the rarest receiver of Fire and transmitter of the Doctrine of Life. The open centers – in general the phenomenon, rare among people. But degree of openness of its centers, their character and tension isn’t surpassed by any of people of Earth. Therefore, according to our decision, It is called as Mother Agni Yogi. And that Is given by us and passed through the receiver of her consciousness, for many centuries will serve as spiritual food to mankind. Depths of the Doctrine of Life are so great that it is impossible to settle their contents at modern consciousness of people. Be required for many years growth of consciousness and spirit evolution to understand that Truth which laid down in a basis of the Doctrine of Live Ethics. It’s all life was dedicated Service to Light. Such Service We Call Great. Believe that disclosure of intimate abilities of the person – clairvoyance, a claurluhear and all other clear–sense is easy, joyful and simple, but don't know what work and superhuman tension were shown by It, and how many fights and how many victories were on its way, don't think of through what pains and sufferings It should have passed, giving itself on test to spatial Fire. The fiery death threatened Great Mother at heights. What strength of mind was required on sustaining everything? Forget that to It was necessary to live among people, and to communicate with them, and the open centers to perceive poisonous breath of the shabby world. As It often was ill from contact even with relatives It consciousnesses. Drain of bowl of poison terrestrial for spirits high is one of the most difficult tests. Warmth of her heart and pleasure which It gave to people, those who felt them on it himself were directed. Really it is possible to tell that among people of Earth It herself represented the phenomenon the highest. And those who spirit close adjoined to it know that among million people not to find anybody it who would be equal to It on degree of height of spirit and disclosure of its innermost forces and abilities. Beloved Daughter My imprinted the Doctrine Our given to people on long, for many years. And only in the future centuries will understand mankind that was Great Mother Agni Yoga.
648. (Oct. 6). Reality real, refracting through human consciousness, becomes Maya. And though Maya isn't reality, however it is the engine of evolution of spirit. Therefore it is necessary to reckon with it. It is useful and that it is possible to see elements in a kaleidoscope of its passing phenomena enduring, Bases on which the reality is based, and on them to build new understanding of the world. Recorder, is Silently Looking at the world of the passing phenomena, not from them, but from of Eternity. Life eternal and immortality of spirit is not illusion, but reality fiery. It is so possible to learn to distinguish among a rushing stream of the great river of life eternal from temporary and to find both to that and another its true place in the general scheme of things.
649. (M. A. Y.). As it is lonely of people among number surrounding him the person; as it is lonely he in itself of the experience’s, of grief and sufferings; as it is lonely he in understanding the meaning of things. The collective doesn't rescue the person from loneliness because will be born and he dies one, one endures physical pains, one is ill, and even relatives of a being can't test for it that he tests. Loneliness of a way is learned by spirit comprehending of life. And only merge of consciousness to the Hierarch Leading crowns this single of a way with of Light wreath.
650. (Guru). All variety of conditions of human consciousness’s should be understood, felt and captured heart before moving further up on a fiery ladder of spirit. And for this purpose it is necessary to pass through everything that is given by life, – through all tests, pleasures, a grief and sufferings. All this enriches and gives food to spirit. As on necessary lessons of cognition real it is necessary to learn, to look at all events in of life. Because all this in itself as end in itself, it is deprived of sense. Sense is savoir of the knowledge of life.
651. (Oct. 7). "Silence moves", silence forces. Silence – Light weapon. The silent order is stronger than the verbal. Silence is conscious concentration of forces, both protection, and protection. In a condition of reticence the thought is especially strained. If the said word is the valve opened, permitting leakage of force, silence will be the energy store. Certainly, conscious silence means. The stub too shows silence, but doesn't represent itself a magnet collecting fiery energy. To be silent it is necessary to be able. You remember words of the Guru: "The silence of silence is inherent in tranquility of the Lord". Through test by silence and mastering by it there has to pass the pupil. You know about of great taciturn. The one, who vowed silence, knew about deep properties of this quality. The unbridled garrulity and garrulity will be an antipode of silence. If each told word demands known expense of energy, it is possible to imagine as talkative people devastate the treasury. Really are they Agni's spendthrifts. Therefore it is necessary to reduce verbosity. It is necessary to reduce ten times all official speeches and reports. It is necessary to learn to put more contents in the short, perfected words. People should in general learn to understand the value of said words and to eliminate of the idle-worws, once it was considered as a sin, and it isn't vain. Taught eloquence earlier, now it is necessary to teach reticence. Not without reason Show solemnity, it stops thoughtless flow of words. Try at least one day to carry out, without having said any excess and uncontrolled word, and you will see rather feel, good result of restraint. Let's protect sacred concept of the word.
652. (M. A.Y.). If the spoken word has power, it makes her and each recorded. But, as spoken words will be deprived of contents, so but will be his deprived and recorded, and the printed word. How many empty Bookshelves filled with books, not to mention the books clearly malicious? And the oral and the written word is subject to verification and the protection, care and another has come already, otherwise a lot of unnecessary ballast will weigh down the human consciousness.
653. (Guru). Solemnity is of important protection. How do you keep the accumulated treasure? Solemnity! She would not allow the irresponsible and careless waste of precious energy. Protect it from broken, ill-considered and empty words and thoughts. And feelings won't let it unworthy. Solemnity is a shield. From the bustle will protect it, as well as from anxiety and unrest, the dignity of the spirit helps forfeit in all cases. Solemnity is a quality of spirit, found relief from the hustle and bustle of life and the encouragement of ghostly philistine plantlike endearing.
654. (Oct. 8). When it is very dark, we will think of Light. Light is food for 0f spirit. Even plants eat of light. The thought of Light itself becomes lightful and does aura same. Conditions from the outside can clarify aura, but can clarify and lightful consciousness. The impact of darkness breaks about the lightfull rock. Simply, having rejected everything, concentrate thoughts on Light Also they surround the person as though with Light cocoon. Power of thought calls from space Fire and Light. From a gloom terrestrial the consciousness up, to Light Spheres rises.

655. (M. A. Y.). Today is in of the space a very dark. We collect thoughts around the Hierarchy, putting aside personal feelings. In these difficult especially heavy feeling Burden of this world. The higher consciousness, the greater the load, and the heavier it is, the closer the bearing to the hierarchy of light. Not be to envy nothing with their dark destiny is. But sharing the Burden of Bishop goes together with him in the future, judgment of peace had lightful.
656. (Guru). We are anxious with a state of peace. As abscesses become ripe and the darkness centers burst. The gloom expands. Rage in madness the last child leaving race, feeling the hopelessness. How many the angry is created! Heavy is of time.
657. We Consider that any research of the unknown by thought – is useful. The thought after all magnets and thanks to it possesses ability to attract to itself from space the elements relating to the studied phenomenon. Let's take for an example the Central Sun of the Universe. What do you know about It? Anything. But heart is the organism center. Such center has everything existing in Space: from atom – to a planet and system of the worlds. The central Sun is the center, or Focus, Space Life round which the shown Universe rotates. In Space in movement there is all. There are no motionless systems and the worlds. Pulses as well atom – energy, in it concluded. This movement is rhythmical, and focus, it causing, the Central Sun is. Atoms fiery and the Central Sun is Fire in its highest manifestation. Magnetic force it is huge and doesn't give in to any calculations. If to clean the sun of our system, our system will collapse. If the Central Sun disappeared, the Universe would stop the existence. Our system rushes in world space to the Far Star. Why? Magnetic power of an attraction attracts it invincibly forward. The worlds, both systems of the worlds, and the whole galaxies, but in a harmonius order move, without destroying each other and making this movement finally round the Great Central Sun. Its emanations, or magnetic power and Beams, fill all Space, and their force everywhere is felt. In it is unity of the Universe. Ways to the unknown aren't closed, but the plainness and the directed thought are necessary.
658. I channelize thought, but have to develop it magnets. Cooperation at distance turns out. For Us distance not obstacle. On the plan dense subjects and people are divided by distances. On the plan hidden is on affinity and the accord. With whom or with what the accord, from subjects or a darkness and proximity is established. The accord creates an attraction which causes a place of stay of consciousness. Certainly, the space there has the measurements, and advances and flights, and besides unlimited anything, except fire which has been saved up by spirit are possible, but distances in terrestrial sense there don't exist also distance from a pole to a planet pole – no more than weeds thoughts. And the thought moves quicker than light. I speak about consciousness of spirits high because the not get rid egoism on lowlands of the Thin World heavy goes, turning sometimes into idols motionless. Though fiery, thought fast-flight and on Earth in the person of display, but thoughts terrestrial, burdened by vibrations of an astral and limited by visibility dense are slow. Hardly to destroy own mental barriers because it is necessary to rise and rise over them as though over itself, having left itself below. The inhabitant in himself, leading small private life, alarms and cares of day, has to be thrown and left below that spirit, from it released, thought I could fly about the world and thought to tower in space. This condition provides freedom to spirit and in World Aboveground. Free thoughts here it is free and there. But people usually in the thinking of subjects passing are connected that is temporary, short, but strong those surrounds, arresting consciousness to itself and demanding all their attention and forces. It is possible to lead on Earth life terrestrial, making affairs in slavery or freedom at life. Essence guide not is in of the affairs, but in the concerning of the consciousness to them. The connected souls we Call slaves to circumstances, conditions and the phenomena terrestrial, the consciousness by it subordinated, and to it the power over given, and held down by them which held down thought and have tied her to that around. Through all this it is possible to go, giving terrestrial, but in the spirit of it is necessary to be free from the burdensome power of Earth. I Approve spirit freedom from the power of conditions terrestrial. It is possible to be in the world, but other-worldly. It is possible to do things better they connected strong to Earth, but to do in freedom. The power washes other-wordly, but over this world the Power I Have because Won against the world, the freedom having approved from its power over Spirit. Also I Gave to people an example how to go, and the way Specified. Children, go to freedom from the power of Earth over your consciousness. This power is heavy, though is based on the ghosts created by you. Be not afraid of anything, be not anxious about anything, consider nothing, and all – temporary only. All this will pass – there will be you, accumulation of spirit and of Light Teacher, and the leader to freedom. To that you give the freedom? To what won't be tomorrow that by will pass, having left nothing, except memoirs. If you think that it not so, remember that was about ten years ago when the same as nowadays, about something were tormented, something were anxious and something was given both thoughts and heart. All this left and was forgotten. Whether so costs for the sake of groundless expectations to betray the spirit in slavery to the terrestrial. Behind life terrestrial there will the end, but the spirit saved up the free will reach and in freedom will arrive in Elevated while the slave remains to them and the victim of whirlwinds astral, currents and whirlpools of the hidden lowest world. The free, strong will is necessary there especially. But the will is forged now, in the conditions of the dense world. You tormented, tormented, burdened by life, the will exercise and strengthen on life falsities because only they can strengthen it. Use everything that goes against you to increase will treasure. Rolling in wellbeing of life careless and easy, it can't be made, it is impossible because there is nothing will to point and strengthen.
659. (Oct. 9). As many people are far from knowledge of Hierarchy of Light and the Life Doctrine. Truly be really aggravated by a dark veil of destiny. But, if they in the ignorance don't create the evil, sooner, or later heart gives them nevertheless on a way. And where the person was, in whatever conditions was when hour of awakening of spirit comes, anybody and can stand in nothing from it in Light. But knowing, where and to Who go as they have to appreciate that have. Burden of tests and difficulty of life only as the certificate serve correctness of the chosen way.
660. (Oct. 10). It is impossible to inhibit desires, feelings, passions because they will amplify only and grow, but transmutation their way of clarification it is possible, thin and ennobling each of them to degree of lightful contrast. The expelled demon of allure again returned and gave with itself seven more, the strongest it. This symbol of suppression of negative properties is very instructive. Get rid of shortcomings has to go not by suppression, but transformation of the lowest to the highest through related contrasts. Changes fire and is aspiration fire. And force it is forced by love to Called.
661. (M. A. Y.). We won't be too strict to people around. After all they know nothing. How it is possible to ask from the ignorant? But as responsibility of the one who knows is great! With this measure we will approach to them and to another.
662. The boiler room requires fuel, for a stomach – food. The bad stoker throws out without advantage a lot of not burned down coal and the negligent eater – a lot of undigested food. A lot of food isn't necessary, if to chew it without hurrying, and the main thing, it is necessary to accompany meal of the corresponding thoughts. Thoughts and the words accompanying food as though are a part of food and are acquired by an organism, doing harm, or advantage depending on nature of thoughts or words. Words and thoughts is energy fiery, and they attach the vibrations to process of acceptance of food. It is possible to poison her with evil words, either bad thoughts, or alarm and concern. Just as before going to bed, before food it is necessary to establish a condition of thoughts and feelings and to accept food quietly, in mood kind. Many strong poison themselves during food acceptance, not with food poison, but as a result of a disharmonious condition of consciousness. Better the laughter, than tears, is better tranquility, than concern, it is better light thoughts, than dark. And it isn't necessary to hurry – it is necessary that the saliva made process of decomposition of food then intestines won't be burdened. The body should help to solve problems which have to carry out these or those bodies, instead of create hindrances then not to complain that the body is ill.
663. (M. A. Y.). The sharp, trained look of the artist sees that isn't visible to a usual eye. As also the yoga knows, sees and feels the things inaccessible to people usual. It and they look at the same world that around, but see variously. The measure will measure a sense-knowledge of the yoga by a mistake, he often knows without the external reasons. We knew a lot of things in due time, but very few people trusted us, unless only friends. But time comes when told by us it starts being realized. Someone will remember us and will tell someone, and it will go further to tell. Our Banner will lift, both books will read, and the Doctrine will accept, and will start building the unfinished Temple. I speak because time comes to continue construction. The basis is put strongly, but the top isn't finished still. Builders of the Temple everything will be called that in dense world to finish it.
664. (Oct. 11). Inexhaustibility of infinite learning opens only when burning heart and strong relationship with Bishop. But even in moments of consciousness turns out to be man on the Pralaya of ignorance. And it seems that everything has gone, that's nothing and that are submitted by all. Knowing that these effects are unavoidable, you can safely survive the alternating rhythm. The growth of the spirit comes in waves and in a spiral. Everything again will return, and with a bigger force.
665. (Guru). Even the ordinary person, nothing knowing, lives in hope of the future. If to take away it, there will be also no hope as will hope there is nothing that is, speaking in other words, there will be nothing to live. Therefore the future we will consider integral. In it Light, for the knowing – transformation of life and the end of a dark eyelid
666. Inscrutability of ways means impossibility for the person to know the future and its terms. General direction of evolution perhaps it is known, but not details, and especially of private life. Statements about the phenomena of the future should be accepted conditionally. Yes, will be, if... It "if" is caused by mobility of the plan. It "if" is present at each combination of expected events. It is better not to think of it not to shake the belief, moving affairs. The lowest "I" am an enemy of the highest "I". The ascension of spirit is contrary to interests of this of the lowest "I". The past is the enemy of the future. Evolution will sweep away last heaps to replace them with a new step of life. Destructions are inevitable, and shabby in the person is compelled to suffer damage. The Teacher Gives hope of the personal future as an impulse to movement. And if the hope helped expansion of consciousness and the spirit walked upstairs moral improvement, any more has no value; it was carried out or not. Burning of spirit and consciousness movement forward is necessary, but it is absolutely not important that serves as motive force. We care of advance, but that moves, we Do not consider as the main thing. If the dark can advance and of the spirit strengthen, then we Allow to the conducted. If intolerable burdening by circumstances helps, it we Approve. If an illness will refine, we Do not expel it. And, if the death can give to spirit the best conditions for advance, the entrance Is opened by it. So everything serves Us to advance conducted and close employees to Us. Them burned down on fires and tormented with animals, We Saw, Knew all this and with them Suffered for them, and all Allowed because evolution isn't considered with personal feelings and experiences where it concerns progress. This way not is covered with roses. It is necessary to make a choice: or anything for itself, but all for spirit or all for itself and anything for spirit. Dismissal from itself is an inevitable condition of following for the Teacher of Light.
667. (Guru). If deprived of everything, even of hopes, all out ascend, – the benefit to you. Fiery force you multiply immensely if all hopes the, all hopes to spirit you transfer and you focus in it and in it you are approved by thought. In total is on of spirit-fire. In its power, in its inviolability is your integral property, a support and of force, and the power over from, what in the spirit of you was released, – over the world of shadows passing and over itself. Hope one – the world evolution. It expect evolution of spirit and the world.
668. (Oct. 12). Burdens won’t be. There will be no them in World Aboveground. It is a lot of and on Me creators as on the base of the Eternal Basis of Life built. Having subdued rage of egoism, it is possible to build. Mine everything is under construction fiery. Answer a question: whether it is possible to leave now a battlefield, having plunged into the? Caring about inevitably every day, it is necessary not to forget about the most necessary and about Me. Mine everything around, but it is necessary to raise the head up because from above is more visible. The destiny of a planet and each spirit on it is decided. So, with whom? With Me, or with itself? Whatever did, it is possible to be and it is necessary with Me.
669. If to divide that is made in the Name My and in the name, the will draw much more. And it is necessary that was on the contrary. How to reach it? Betray of all itself to of Will Leading. The spirit gives itself on Service to Light. How? Rushing the aura itself to make lightful and this way to bring Light in the darkness, surrounded of Earth. At aura darkness Service is impossible. Everything is made in the light of aura radiating Light. Immersion in is dangerous that at this moment fires of spirit start dying away. The – means egoism, means egoistically personal, antagonistic to everything that mine and that from my World. My world opens to the spirit exempted from tyranny of egoism. One suffer, hanging burden the on people around, others bear the cross silently, without complaining and without becoming hardened on people, and only the few bear the Burden of this world courageously and selflessly, without thinking of itself. These are Light Carriers. Let's seek to assimilate to Them in this feat of spirit.
670. (M. A. Y.). As the consciousness is easily and freely filled with Light of the Beam if it is free with egoism experiences. The beam is sent, but it can either be accepted, or to reject. Acceptance is made by release of consciousness from everything that disturbs rejection. All affairs human to anything if are made in the name. Builders build for the sake of the Lord; it justified all expenses of energy. Kingdoms fell, anything after itself without having left, but created for Light endures centuries.
671. (Guru). It isn't necessary to be afraid of temporary undesirable moods. They can be caused by a press of darkness and chaotic spatial currents. They can't muffle that was established by years, they can't weaken for a long time aspiration. Their fast-transient nature should be known that more already their influence not to be confused. The sensitive device of spirit registers everything and, of course, feels character of a spatial note, and not to be afflicted, but it is necessary to rejoice that the receiver of consciousness operates.
672. Each step of a spiritual ascension is accompanied by crying, experiences and complaints of unprepared consciousness’s, but pleasure of those who ascends, having realized the place in an evolutionary stream.
673. It is impossible to provide to the evil freely to expand. Sprouts it are almost in each consciousness along with good sprouts. Both that and others grow is their natural property. And if the will doesn't interfere with process and it goes spontaneously, it is possible to observe easily how the dark beginning grows constantly, persistently and persistently. Therefore at each manifestation in itself undesirable qualities it is necessary to stop immediately will possibility of their free manifestation and to bridle them. It is necessary to combat constantly against tall weeds growth in the consciousness. If the garden of consciousness is started and provided to itself, it quickly will start growing with tall weeds and will clear away it every day everything more difficult and more difficult. The good gardener watches everyday each plant in a garden.
674. (Oct. 13). Who won't enter into the World New? Makers the evil and adversary of Light! It is a lot of them on Earth and in Elevated. Clarification of a planet assumes leaving them from Earth. Dark Saturn is prepared. They act on Earth and bear malice among people, as wolves – among sheep. In the same place it is necessary to appear in community similar – bank of scorpions in planetary scale, but on Saturn. Earth cleared of space litter, will continue the evolution in absolutely new conditions.
675. (M. A. Y.). Why destructive energy of some part of mankind should constrain before deadlines? It is necessary, because when new Space energy to term will reach Earth, they will create round a planet such power field when energy of the evil and destruction will already not be able to come to light as it occurred at the end of Cali Yuga.
676. The future is determined to himself by the person in the present by the thoughts, feelings and actions. The present is this field of the created reasons; the future is of the consequences. On character of the reasons it is possible to judge consequences. Therefore the greatest discretion in how to behave and how to work these decisive days before Great Arrival is required.
677. (Oct. 15). The body is mortal, and the body can hurt. The flesh is ailing, but the spirit is eternal and indestructible. Therefore life is transferred to the spirit sphere. It is made by means of thought. The thought is the phenomenon of a spatial order. The body can die, and the thought continues to live. Thoughts human long live in the world after the body of the person who has generated thought died. Such people usually call great. Life of thoughts insignificant is short-term. It is possible to throw thoughts in the far future that they accompanied spirit in movement it in Boundlessness consciously. Thoughts, own thoughts, can be friends or enemies. Prevention of thought can have very broad application. In each created thought creation or destruction elements are put. One thoughts with themselves bear health, cheerfulness and pleasure, others – despondency, a clouding and diseases. The pupil tensely aspires to those thoughts his lightful became. The despondency was considered as a mortal sin because sad thoughts poisoned not only them beget, but also all surrounding. About value of thought it is necessary to think and use in the benefit creating force it.
678. (Guru). When a person makes the most wonderful and great thoughts, try to figure out how it works in life what is talking about. In the smallest detail of behavior is human nature. Be very careful, and that's to details, and then a set of fuzzy will look out, the true face of the speaker's sayings.
679. (Oct. 16). To the new Country, your Homeland, the great future is necessary. Why? Because it the first accepted the principles of the New World and cooperation between the people. The principle "witch position of force» – the principle of the old world, characteristic Yugi for coming to an end Cali. It has to leave life of the people at the same time with the lasts leaving race. But she is fated a victory. Days of the old world and all his supporters are considered. In total their seeming victories temporary, their entire huge car idles. All their undertakings, even at seeming temporary success, are doomed to defeat. Not to be to predators – neither big, nor small, neither international, nor internal. Victoriously there is a New World. Rejoice to each sign of its victorious procession. To stop nothing a current of the world thought breaking foundations of the old world.
680. (M. A. Y.). Let the inflexible and strong confidence of a final victory not for a moment don't quit World you. The victory is foreordained by the decision of Lords. Hardly people will get it. But approach of Space Terms will change many conditions. Pathogenic microbes in a healthy organism are powerless. Mental improvement of mankind will paralyze activity of harmful dark consciousness’s. The people will wake up and will approve collective will to the world, cooperation and creative construction of life. And our Homeland will be the Leading Country.
681. (Guru). To approach time international miracles - that are the phenomena approving of Satia Yuga. Be ready to judge them impartially, but bearing in mind that knew them about judgment approach long ago. Waiting – will wait, wanting to see – will see, knowing about the future and trusting in him – will enter the first. As a huge ocean wave events which will serve world transformation approach. Rejoice, you accepting Lord Maitreya.
682. (Oct. 17). Self-rejection is combined with service that is with delivery of mental energy, and then becomes service self-sacrificing. To distribute selflessly fiery force – doesn't mean to distribute thoughtlessly or madly, without being conformed to expediency requirements. It is possible to give energy but if it is spent received it for satisfaction of the personal desires, perhaps, and not so bad, such donation won't be expedient. Low spirits, adjoining to aura of the Teacher, start coming to fury and to rage. So the darkness reacts to Light. And even in future pupil mental energy of the Teacher causes to manifestation all its hidden and not get rid negative qualities. What thin recognition it is necessary to show unmistakably to distinguish nature of reaction from the suitable. You know about cases of dark treacheries, even after long time of cooperation. All this forces to observe limit discretion not to spend in vain precious power. Besides – "there are a lot of invited, but it isn't enough elite". This formula demands especially thoughtful approach to each possible pupil. Long experience shows that suitable to the Doctrine don't cease to be the people allocated with usual human imperfections and that is unreasonable to wait from their party of any special relation. And only judgment pupils don't approach under usual measures. But so it isn't enough of them that exceptions it isn't necessary to make it a rule. That is why it is necessary to pass through heavy and bitter experience of knowledge of a human nature. This experience is valuable extraordinary. The fire spirit of Mother Agni Yoga doesn't know mistakes in definition of people.
683. (Guru). Each warrior Lord Maitreya – survive to the end, whatever event or wrestling an external or internal order may occur around or in the word itself. A lot of grief, stains wills even friends, not to mention enemies or passers-by. And through that also have to pass without slowing down a step. And through the loneliness must be supported when left all, and besides that, when the Lord is with you, no loneliness not scary. And through censure, reproach, distrust too had to go, but remembering indelibly that he is with you always know you better and deeper than all the osuditeli together, and that the judge may have one available soon. But He does not judge, but Defender and friend, and Father. This understanding and go through life and you reach the goal.
684. (Oct. 18). Everyone approached to the Doctrine accepts it at a rate of the understanding. Therefore imposing of the understanding, at least and deeper and expanded, is inadmissible. Such imposing of the purpose doesn't reach. The person can't acquire the Doctrine over a capacity of the consciousness. The ready spirit will greedy devour every word, but everything will pass by ears of the unripe. And still there are cases when words about the Doctrine with interest are perceived by listeners, but on consciousness don't leave traces. It is a lot of reading, but not wishing to apply it in life. Certainly, time now very difficult for advance on the way, but and opportunities unusual.
685. (M. A. Y.). At definition of people we take into account that tells heart. It is mistaken seldom rather never is mistaken. Only slightly audible whisper it not always reaches consciousness. And then there is a mistake. Let's learn to listen that tells heart.
686. (Guru). Very hard to believe in what the eye doesn't see and not hear the ear. But not seen and yet have believed that benefit you!
687. (Oct. 19). The doll dumps a cocoon, becomes a butterfly and receives wings are a symbol of transformation of the person which dumps everything that mentally surrounded it and made his inner world that, having released, to receive spirit wings. Not to fly, without having wings; not to receive wings, without having dumped burden of spiritual heaps. "If not to stop as children", not to goes into kingdom Light; children come in the world, receiving a new body and new covers. Updating – a condition without which the inspiration is impossible. Monkey, having clamped in a palm a handful of nuts, can't release a hand from a narrow neck of a vessel. And the person, who has concerned Light, can't enter into it if clings to the past and doesn't want to be exempted from it. Old, dirty, worn-out clothes disturb it. Even to hear by phone a voice far and to understand about what it is spoken, it is necessary to be released from itself and to listen to sounding of a far wire. Same the personal spatial wire demands also. It is possible to fly, having exempted wings from freight.
688. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to fly in a spirit kernel, without being burdened by stratifications of covers. Flights enrich Bowl accumulation. At release from insalubrious freight it is necessary to understand simply that an unusable tatter and stuff exchange on something very necessary and very valuable. Spirit treasures are weightless and hidden. Metal visible also is powerful, many are seduced with gold especially as on money it is so easy and simple to get the benefits terrestrial which are now so desired, but are absolutely not necessary after release from a body. Here it also should be realized to find a place to terrestrial things and to understand their sense. At understanding coherence them and their power over consciousness disappears. And then release is close.
689. (Oct. 22). The consciousness is in process of the continuous growth and expansion. It on the one hand, with another – Bases are invariable and unshakable. That process was correct, it is necessary to find balance, or a median way, between changing and invariable, between temporary and Eternal. And then the way of spirit will be an ascending way. It also would be always such if not ardent and tricking counteraction dark, seeking to interfere with advance of each directed spirit is thin. On fires of heart We See directed and we Direct on them our Beams. But from the Thin World light of heart is seen also by dark creatures and direct on it poisonous energy. And, if feel, that are powerless, call big itself and even hierophant of the evil of big steps. That is why fight against opponents of Light is so difficult. The opponent always on a shoulder, but is required tension of all strength of mind that the ascension proceeded. Each strong and sincere aspiration to Light causes darkness counteraction, and, the aspiration, the stronger and counteraction is stronger. It is necessary attentively and to watch sharp-sightedly, whether there is suddenly unusually strong aspiration and keen interest in things, externally harmless, but distracting from the most necessary. These are thin tricks dark, trying to take away consciousness from a way and scattering on the parties various baits if only to detain, at least for a while, but to detain and distance from Us. Ask: why we Do not interfere? I will answer: only on fires of tests the spirit becomes tempered. Even the Satan came nearer to the Highest Spirits.
690. (M. A. Y.). Balance is required for maintenance of exactly burning flame of heart. "The impetuous of flame is inadmissible" – it carries away so many forces. Fires need mastering by them, differently they will seize. Agni Yoga way is a way of mastering by all fires of a microcosm of the person. Show restraint of all feelings, because it is the first step to the power over the fires. All energy of an organism has to be under control, and even so-called nervous movements. The tranquility is no other than submission to will of fires of the centers. And it is deeper; the extent of mastering by them is higher.
691. (Guru). Character judgment student is that he knows his way and knowing anyone it does not impose. Know where to go and to whom. Know theTeachings of, knows the true value of read books, even with the gaudy and attracting names and not fooled by them, knows the phenomenon of self-styled Teachers and not looking for a mentor, because Earth is under the Beam and the direction of the Hierarch.
692. (Oct. 24). In each new embodiment Identity, or the Highest Triad, receives a new physical body, as well as all lowest a four, including and physical cover. Sometimes in a cradle of the baby lies the real imp. In the Bowl all accumulation of spirit are postponed, and all elements of a new a four correspond of. Where the Triad before a new embodiment stayed, there is nothing that would allow to be shown to the lowest accumulation of spirit, but, coming back to the world dense, it receives the covers which are giving the chance to it to reveal the essence in the accord with the aspirations. At the same time the new covers that haven't yet been poisoned with dark acts, give to spirit and a freedom of choice and opportunity to choose other line of conduct sent not to darkness, but to Light. In it advantage of a new embodiment: there are no former conditions of a dense environment and a cover new – everything can be begun anew and to fight against old heaps if the spirit of that wants. One spirit, passing through the next embodiments, there are on an ascending way, others – on descending. But that and others have a freedom of choice and new opportunities to move in the desirable direction. And only conscious attendants of darkness and dark essence of all steps choose the direction on a descending spiral consciously. But they differ from spirits of usual subjects that in intervals between embodiments stay in *Vetch, in the spheres corresponding to their essence. All details can't be captured because are available both deviations, and exceptions of the general norm. Besides, as though low the spirit fell, it can always address to Light if wants.
* Avitchi (Skt.) – continuous hell.
693. (M. A. Y.). Readiness of spirit has to be bilateral, that is it is necessary to be ready and to the lightest and joyful, to all judgment the decision of Lords, and to all to the most difficult, the most burdening and connected with a mad, violent and last impact of darkness. In this intense and resistant readiness it is necessary to meet adequately going waves, keeping complete equilibrium and firmness. Let's meet so the future.
694. (Guru). It is necessary to be internally ready to the most striking surprises because loss of balance threatens with loss of many opportunities. And then it is necessary to hold everything and while with surprise the internal essence can be struck. After all happens and so that people die, the surprises struck with shock. Therefore internally it is necessary to prepare itself for everything and psychology the consciousness respectively. About it was spoken more than once.
695. (Oct. 27). Future expectation in personal aspect of desirable results won't bring as the personality and all connected with personal constructions are doomed to disappearance. Evolution goes, destroying forms in which life is shown, and keeping only skilled accumulation round a spark of Space fire, the life carrier. Speak about immortality of spirit and hope for immortality of the personality. But after all the personality, but Identity, or the Highest Triad collecting results of experience of each embodiment of the person, being expressed each time in the birth of the new personality dying and disappearing upon completion of this embodiment is immortal not. Having dumped a body and having exempted from the lowest “Duada”, Immortal Identity of the person even doesn't feel this loss as all its life is transferred to the sphere of the Highest Triad and comes to light on the plan super personal.
696. (M. A. Y.). Origen languished in prison. Personality suffered, and the higher self of this suffering was guided by experience, the spirit of Light bringer for further progress on the way to infinity.
697. (Guru). Only the transfer of consciousness and thought in life above-person will allow the spirit to gain freedom from the power of the astral shell, the hub of self, of his inner world.
698. It is necessary to manage over personal experiences and sufferings to rise so highly that the consciousness didn't poison with their bitterness and poison, – it is so high to understand that training of a sword of spirit demands heat and cold change, and that, except advantage for spirit, sufferings of the personality bring nothing, and that sufferings will pass, and the fiery power of spirit acquired through their means, remains with it forever. Wise rejoices even to sufferings, understanding their undoubted advantage for its innermost essence, for it’s the highest "I".
699. (Oct. 28). One suffers, and another, inside, looks. One worries, and another, inside in it staying, observes and registers all occurring to that who outside. And when it is possible to separate and watch as though itself from outside, the power of experiences and all surrounding over consciousness is undermined generally; "be rejected from itself" there is a Decree to the spirit, seeking to seize the sense-knowledge. The discipline of spirit is an inevitable step on a way of its ascension on a life ladder. It is necessary to seize the personality and to subordinate her to the purpose of evolution of Identity. Refusal of the personal means consciousness immersion in super private life. The one, who lives for the benefit of people – collective, societies, the people, or all mankind, – lives for General Welfare. It really great people, and their names are often depicted in centuries and serve as torches to the world. The consciousness rises to the sphere of the Highest Triad, and personal, small "I", serves it, any more without putting the personal interests above all.
700. (M. A. Y.). What means "to undergo up to the end"? Whether it means to keep the hardness and a steady of aspiration and inflexible belief in inalterability of Bases and belief in the foreordained implementation of the Great Plan of evolution Real? Bases are unshakable. Knowing it, it is possible to go to the future unshakably and without changing a progress rhythm before anything, before any combinations of external, passing conditions. The step of inalterability knows the spirit which has learned Truth.