Agni Yoga's facets, 1970 (701-836)

701. (M. A. Y.). Many emotions endured by people, aren't necessary in general. Therefore it is good to train on that not to allow or extinguish them, if they appeared. Especially insalubriously to catch others not light experiences. In them being involved, it is already impossible to help the person suffering from them.
702. (Guru). The belief should be kept, despite everything and to all contrary to because "on your belief it will be given you". The belief in the future will allow take in it a worthy place.
703. (Oct. 30). And, even without consciously aspiring, touching a people usually results in a loss of some amount of psychic energy according to the law of communicating vessels. The brightly colored aura benefit to others, although it is not recognized. Rarely consciously, but unconsciously, people often consume mental energy carrier of light. It is often the case that helping them is useless, because their energy will be obtained quickly spent on useless actions, or emotions. One has to learn to help wisely, judiciously and appropriately.
705. (Nov. 1). The contradiction is no other than opposite poles of the same phenomenon. They can be understood and coordinated, being in a median point of balance, and to work from it. Ardent application (or execution) Instructions of the Teacher ties the performer to Light it. The mental the order to our Aura "has to inspire fiery". It is approved contrary to evidence dense, contrary to distances and contrary to of reparability illusion. Spirit measures over the three-dimensional world are approved, and the logic of the worlds of the highest measurements works. Applying it, you approve reality fiery. You don't see terrestrial eyes Me, but you believe that "I with you always". It already the logic of the highest measurements supported by a sense-knowledge of heart. Are surrounded with a wall of dense restrictions, but permeable and transparent there is this wall under the influence of fiery thought. And it isn't so difficult to pass through it if communication with Me is strong. World to you and benefit, My children.
706. It was under the influence of the Fiery thoughts, combined with an aura of Teacher, and destroyed a wall of the Dungeon, which is spirit incarnate. But this requires intense effort of the spirit, because strong evidence of dense wall. But be aware that they can be overcome. It is necessary to know that behind them is unlimited potential. Five earthly senses are not the only possibilities. The equipment of the human microcosm is so thin and it is amazing that with her help when its degree of development and refinement are pretty amazing research. But you have to accept and believe in it. Then the world will change and life on earth would be completely different. Golden age again may be on the planet.
707. (M. A. Y.). Yes, yes, da – association in the spirit of with Consciousness of the Teacher brings the solution of everything. But as after all it is difficult to overcome a magnet of an attraction of all of those eyes see, hear ears and feels and feels a body. Before reaching something, it is necessary to allow it in consciousness and to believe that it is possible. After all even the street can't be crossed if not to know and to be sure unshakably that it is possible. In all affairs ordinary the belief and knowledge move all acts of the person. If to apply them to the phenomena of the highest order, results won't slow down. Getting into the railway car, the person knows that will reach to the destination, but, directing to the Teacher of Light, no strong confidence has that will reach It. Both doubts, and fluctuations, both fear, and uncertainty accompanies its advance. But the Lord Told, that, if you have belief about mustard grain, of the achievement becomes possible. The deep-seated, ardent faith in boundless opportunities of human spirit will make unattainable achievable and impossible possible.
708. (Nov. 2). "Hours of happiness" – time spent with Us when auras adjoin close so is called. After auras adjoined and harmonization enough, the pupil is released to the world. Now it can cause "Hours of happiness" at distance, in the spirit of. There is a lot of ways. Communication by thought is more available and simplest. The image of the Teacher approved strongly in heart, helps communication. The pleasure of direct communication is incomparable with any terrestrial pleasures.
709. The night is dark, but the time comes – and the dawn is coming, and the darkness disappears. Winter hard fetters the lakes and rivers and snow cover the ground, but the time comes – and the upcoming spring wins the frozen silence of the cold. The raging storms, lightning, whirlwinds rush sparkle above ground, but the time comes – and reaffirms the silence and the sun shines brightly. And this is a serious time-ahead of the coming of light – too shall pass – and the light will shine over the renewed Earth new heaven is above it.
710. (M. A. Y.). The struggle to cover the dome minds ignorant of such a broad and high understanding of life, which is no longer able to reach and injure their creeping along the ground. And they will be powerless, denial and resistance will be doomed to failure. The adoption of the forthcoming, shiny and bright, can't shake, because they live in present and past, and aspiration to the light would not be able to stop, because the darkness and live in the dark.
711. (Guru). The first spring streamlets foretell approach of spring. The first attempts of the statement of My Name foretell time approach when it will widely and freely gain recognition already national, and then and all planet. A lot of things already become in this direction, and a lot of things will be made.

712. (Nov. 3). The thought is force. But not at all, not always and not any thought is carried out in visible forms of the dense world. The weak, scattered, indistinct thoughts, unstable and uncertain, create spatial slime and very much pollute aura of Earth. Thoughts of rage, hatred, cruelty and egoism are destructive. They bring disharmony in space and break balance of spheres. Concerning their creative or destructive force it is simplest to track action of thoughts on a human body. The optimist who joyfully and kindly has been adjusted, it is easy to imagine full of health and pink-checked while the spiteful and prickly person is usually thin, bilious, yellow and unbalanced. And if the rage shows sometimes a temporary type of health, after some term the body nevertheless shows a type of destruction and disintegration. Will tell: but after all and kind people are ill, were ill both sacred, and devotees. Answer: from rage human were ill, were ill from that assumed imperfection human and enjoyed the Bowl of poison of this world. And not only the rage, but even unlimited honoring from ordinary people can cause a disease of the Carrier of Light as it was in a case with Ramakrishna who was torn to pieces by the admirers and died of a throat illness. Thoughts of Light, good and the benefit aren't destructive. Balance of an organism is maintained by the corresponding thoughts. Each thought – from Light or darkness. Thoughts of darkness are ugly and represent itself something gray, amorphous, spatial slime. Thoughts of Light are fine.
713. (M. AY.). What beautiful of picture filled the space, and Guru in what wonderful canvases were depicted in these picture of dense, Earth, forms? Say, in part, because seven thousand paintings left behind by the world, are only a small fraction of what has created its own thought. Correctly named it of picture ideogram, bright including in itself of express idea’s, clearly imprinted in paints, in amazingly harmonious them combination. Moreover, his canvases are condensed Light crystals, which are the creations of his hands. External form, the visible earthly eye, filled with inner invisible content, Light condensed, which is inseparable from the painting and that of powerfully affects someone who looks at it. And, if consciousness to let and quite sensitively, that this impact very heavily, and long-term. Speak the language of modernity, art Guru are containers of light collected them by the power of his creative power in his fascinating canvases. Many noticed that glow paint on his paintings.
714. (Guru). Correctly noted singularity, an originality and originality of the works devoted to the analysis of My creativity. Certainly, is in this Hand of Hierarchy of Light. Because time approaches when a formula of the Lord "Through art you have Light" widely will open a gate of the New World and will allow to enter into it with understanding. It will be promoted by a lot of cloths my and all connected with heritage my, left to mankind.
715. (M. A. Y.). "The sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet", – the Lord so Told. The law expresses and represents itself Bases, they are unshakable for all times. That, who puts the base of the outlook on Bases, builds the world on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. And whatever occurred around, whatever storms and hurricanes stormed, Bases are unshakable even if kingdoms fall, and the seas cover once prosperous countries, and Earth face changes. Bases are unshakable and strong. On them it is possible to build.
716. (Guru). You need to show and a direct continuous connection between Christ's Teachings and the Teachings of the living ethics. And if Christ is the cause, the Teachings of the living ethics – a consequence. And, if Christ is the last stage, the Teachings of the living ethics – continuation of these stages in the present and the future, all of the same Single-stage, Important knowledge to humanity given hierarchy of light according to the forward movement and the expansion of consciousness and the evolution of life.
717. (Nov. 5). There are no consequences without their generated reason. And if something occurs around, something persistent, long and resisting to will, so and the reason was corresponding. We Can not exempt from karmic consequences, they yet won't settle themselves on beget. The only way of release from them is to rise spirit over them so that vibrations them any more didn't affect consciousness. The striking example of such lifting can be given from the remote past when poured by pitch and burned first Christians sang with a light face and delighted inspirations sacred anthems, any more without feeling physical pain. But it is cases rare and exclusive. And still in life usual today, following this amazing example of an eminence of spirit over horrors of external conditions, it is possible not to give in to influence of heavy strokes of bad luck, as though rising over them and staying consciousness in spheres of others. Anyhow to keep tranquility and balance of spirit, if we shudder and we come to despair from each opposite wave of the uneasy sea human?
718. (Guru). We note increasing signs and drive across the face of the Earth the travelers unite. Everything happens in time. Vigilance should be strengthened. used as patrol vessel Note also that the people coming into contact with you or become more friendly and located, or vice versa. Each defines the place of its own in the future. The formula remains the same: "I drove, and you will drive; I recognize, acknowledge and you”. And drive’s and recognizing – all the same, only changed the face of his and clothing.
719. (Nov. 6). Considerable it is possible to become witnesses. And though miracles aren't present, but there are the secrets which are still a little available to people. The world of the highest measurements is already secret, as well as the person with all complexity of his psych fiery device. We approve a knowledge way because only it will help to open secrets of Space one for another. The person is part of Space. Microcosm human is greatest of all secrets. The intimate Knowledge allows come nearer to its knowledge. Carriers of Knowledge can transfer part to his people. Going on the way there is a collector of particles of Great Knowledge. The knowledge not is available to all, but on consciousness. Going on the way, uniting, multiply possibilities of cognition repeatedly. United minds increases significantly magnet in its power. "Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there am I in the midst of them"-this remains a fiery formula valid for all time. Open all, anything is possible. Come all. Sveta vzyskuûŝie, to receive the gifts of the spirit, so generously prolivaemyh now through new energies of space permeated.

720. (M. A. Y.). Here brightly a graving there are on way roadsides they seducing and calling of a form of any terrestrial seductions to confuse to distract to stop the directed, victorious advance to Light. All going on the way have to pass by them, without stopping and without shortening a stride. The purpose of these allure is distract and detain. But monsters are Throne legs. It is necessary to know that they if the solution of spirit to Light to go unshakably and firmly are powerless. Illusion allure is the most terrible, because behind its attracting external form – darkness, both thorns, and prickles, and a slippery black shadow of treachery of spirit. "Guards of the Threshold, I am not afraid of you because you can't block a way, me foreordained".
721. (Guru). Fiery the directed consciousness receives the strengthened impulse to an ascension as from everything that favors to it and from everything that counteracts. To turn force of opposite energy on advance of spirit it is inherent in the highly experienced traveler of the Way boundless. It is that condition of spirit when all forces, both light, and dark, start serving the person. Not the invention it, not the fairy tale, but unshakable firmness of the spirit which has learned both fair and opposite winds to force to serve it not greatly. It also is a steady step of the judgment winner going "line of the Beam".
722. The Teacher coming to Earth and living among people, Adjusts surrounding His environment on the wave: this wave, or waves, Light, proceeding from It, truly its World, its other-worldly Kingdom because Light the Highest is alien to spheres of the dense world. It is difficult not to choke, but the Lord Bears Light through life up to the end, without fluctuating and without giving in to asthma, but poison of the Bowl terrestrial enjoying. It is difficult not to choke, but the Lord Bears Light through life up to the end, without fluctuating and without giving in to asthma, but poison of the Bowl terrestrial enjoying. And darkness terrestrial, directing on It, has in It no anything, on what could cease it in a microcosm. Sound the darkness and its emanations in the hearts of human on this, that in them yet get rid. And the pupil, Light bearing, is constantly anxious with that on darkness not to begin to sound that dark it had reactions to influence light-bearer that on angry he answered with the Light, Light wave. Transmutation there is a heart. Darkness waves in heart having accepted and having Trans mutated heart, the pupil replies with the Light. If, on the dark blow, or influence is answered by him with balance full, the Light is kept, this be already reaction of light and a victory over the darkness. But, to tell that there is a darkness of this world and has in Me no anything, it is necessary to develop in it fiery immunity of invulnerability from is nasty. Nasty everything that Light goes out, or can it to get rid. So, reaction of consciousness to influence of the outside world has crucial importance in a question of service to Light, because everyone – from darkness or Light, darking, or lighting up aura. Continuously direct on the person of energy of a various order, causing in it this, or that reaction. Care of that reciprocal emanations of aura wouldn't be dark. To sadden, to get rid and seeks to deprive of Light all surrounding Light carrier because its other-wordly Light and is alien to this world. Therefore the world rises on it, him suffocating the poisons. But Light will win. On a board of Light the victory, and its carrier, contrary to evidence of darkness is traced, the victory approves over darkness. "I Won against the world", – so Say of Light the Lord, a way Chowing to a victory following It.
723. Thought that, having received blow and having substituted other cheek * to blow, show nonresistance to darkness. But thought so is ignorance. Let's consider the phenomenon scientifically and with understanding. Having received spiteful blow from waves of dark energy, kindle dark fire, the carrier of Light shouldn't answer them with rage black to them in unison. But, the Light storing, it thereby neutralizes a spiteful flame and to get rid it. And to the mountain striking blow to an open cheek because Light which hasn't been soiled by darkness, light Agni, burns down dark aura of evil-make, putting painful burns if balance is kept and Light didn't grow dim in heart of the bearing. The phenomenon it difficult and demands ability to own itself that on evil attacks not to react and not to answer with the evil the evil. It is all about the collision of fires – the Highest and the lowest. High win if aren't saddened. It is hard to keep balance of exactly burning flame and therefore dark often succeed in the attacks to the light. The demons tyrannizing mortal, to the Lord won't approach because in the light of him will burn. So, commandment balances of spirit at dark attacks because the darkness against it won't resist.
* Latina (aget, Russian.) - Cheek.
724. (M. A. Y.). If, it is possible to keep balance of spirit under all living conditions of yours, it will be a victory. If, you achieve it, so life lived not in vain. If keep everything, you are afraid what to lose, but balance don't approve, all the same it is necessary to leave everything when leaving from Earth. But, if, having lost, keep balance and the Light, winners you will enter in Elevated. Strong is tormented with life that could approve in itself Light in the Face of it. Have everything, own everything, but refuse everything in the spirit of and don't connect the spirit with things which you own. Whether there are they, whether there are no them, your spirit, its freedom doesn’t depend on things. It will be freedom of soul from things. The connected souls of freedom of this don't know. They are attached to things by thought. In slavery thoughts have the connected consciousness. Finally not things, but thoughts seize consciousness. From Earth the owner leaving things on Earth leaves them, but thoughts go with him there, thoughts and ideas of things. And these images generated by thought, continue to own it. And any more he owns things, and the things reflected in images of thought, entirely capture consciousness and heat it in the environment. Therefore the Teacher Denies property and Welcomes release from possession terrestrial things. But, release from them in the spirit of and thoughts, but not in what the person having them owns. In the spirit of from them also be exempted.
725. (Guru). Measures terrestrial and measures of spirit are various. In a terrestrial way is loss, and in understanding of spirit is release. So, loss or loss of terrestrial things is often useful to spirit. As the ship which has acquired cockleshells, can't move the spirit burdened with things. It is possible for a thing and has to have, but the most necessary. The burden of unnecessary things is heavy. Be released now, everything in the spirit of having rejected and considering nothing.
726. Difficulty that the monsters meeting on a way, and dark rack will try to tear off by all means consciousness and heart from the phenomenon of the Teacher. If succeed, movement on the way will end. From here a conclusion, it is impossible what to come off and that everything that separates and distances from the Teacher, dangerously extremely. The logic of evidence will go on about the, proving that there is no Teacher and that all efforts of spirit are fruitless. Also heart should only starting listen to these whisperings as advance will stop. Contrary to evidence and logic of a brain it is necessary to go and before a blank wall not to shorten a stride. Seeing to a snake, you will avoid it; as you seek to leave from thoughts dangerous and harmful, separating from Me. They food shouldn't give – will grow and will strangle, - their My Face separate. Hard time, but it is necessary to pass.
*727. (M. A. Y). Yes, yes, yes, the magnet the future is the life engine. Participants the Great Creation apply of force theis engine consciously, sending all energy of the aspiration to the future. It is possible live in the present, deprived of the future, and it is possible to be its imperfections? The essence of all evolution of Reale is directed in the future. Whether the person is able to overcome the imperfections and to become made in the present? It is impossible, and time, and time being in the future is necessary. Any improvement of life and the person is achievable only in the future. Therefore in it the Teacher human consciousness Directs. The future is made out by thought. The thought isn't limited to anything. Therefore, in the future everything is achievable.
728. (Guru). "Behind everything is burned for Fiery Yoga", everything is burned, except for steps of the Ladder of Light, is immutable conducting spirit in the future. All is burned dark, personal, passing, all overcome weaknesses and shortcomings, but lightful, shining accumulation of the Bowl and communication with Hierarchy of Light are kept. The imperishable, lightful accumulation of the Bowl collected in lives last, remain forever with the spirit which has saved up them and to burning aren't subject.
729. (Nov. 8). When people will see the New Sky and New Earth, made they don't become. But dark from a planet will leave, and all centers of the evil will be destroyed. Now each kind undertaking turns into the negative side. It becomes dark consciously, persistently and elaborately. In the future of it won't be there will be nobody to inflate evil thoughts and to pervert everything that becomes in the benefit. Imperfections remain, but dark Hierarchy and servants any more will already not stir it to improvement of life and mankind evolution. Also life on Earth will change: wars will stop, separation and hostility will change in cooperation both in cooperation of all and in everything and will be a basis of relationship between people. And the century of blood, violence and darkness won't goes already one heart more and won't be remembered.
730. (M.A.Y.). The knowledge of a human nature is necessary to help people to move further. Not for condemnation this knowledge, but for the help is acquired. The pearl found in dirt, from dirt it is possible to wash. And no imperfections can serve as an obstacle to of spirit ascension if the aspiration flame is lit. From any way of the evil it is possible to address too good. Only treachery and an insult of Hierarchy are irreparable.
731. (Guru). Whether the governors who have begun World War I what it will end with their death thought? Whether those who launched World War II thought about same? The tide of life of the people goes the inscrutable ways inaccessible to understanding of ordinary people. Here and now madness of new threats hangs over the world. In the dazzle don't want to understand that the way of misanthropy conducts to unpredictable consequences. All are doomed the old world both dark and angry that seeks to support it.
732. (Nov. 10). Gradually you come to the conclusion that each aggravating circumstance at the correct attitude towards him brings absolutely obvious benefit and adds to experience. Only the marsh silence of calm and stagnation gives nothing. The spirit strong seeks for fight and in overcoming of and difficulties of life finds pleasure of a victory. How to become the winner if there is nothing and there is nobody to win. External obstacles are won by a victory over. Overcoming itself, the winner of a victory reaches. The lever of the quiet, accurate, disciplined thought is very strong. Such thought of consequences can't but give. And, when all forces and opportunities are settled, to Us address – we will act together. And, if with the help We Don't hurry, so something have to understand and work even better. The muscle becomes stronger exercises, mental energy – its application. It is impossible to recede under influence external, whatever strong it seemed. After a strong impact it will droop. To be on patrol I Order to be constant.

733. (M. A. Y.). The doctrine of the Christ and the Doctrine of Live Ethics are connected by continuity. The doctrine of Live Ethics is as though its continuation, but at the level of fuller and broad expansion of those provisions which were given in the Gospel rather all that reached and didn't reach us. We don't see contradictions in anything. From this point of view Doctrines of Live Ethics the understanding of Evangelical formulas, short and accurate, becomes profound and fiery. The source Is uniform, and Common Intimate Doctrine of Life. It is necessary to be able to distinguish the Doctrine of the Christ of that later it is created by church and it is heated up on it.
734. (Guru). "To undergo", that is to sustain and resist up to the end, will be pledge of a victory. How many not sustained among the approaching! And how many various reasons of these delays and defeats. But their essence one is weakness of spirit. Fight between Light and darkness is dramatic. Its field is wide. Here someone passed given the chance of approach to the Doctrine. It is difficult even to imagine consequences of this omission. Bitterly once it is necessary to think of the missed opportunity.
735. (Guru). The request for the help without own activity won't yield desirable results. Remember words: "I will help, but make effort". Action self-proceeding is especially valuable. So act with spirit – firmly, consciously and continuously from Hierarchy of Light.
736. (M. A. Y.). "The wind into place comes back". The people connected by karma, leave to meet again. Therefore parting shouldn't be hostile. Then the meeting will be friendly. Debts should either be paid, or to receive and be again together, to meet and leave, the karma won't be settled yet. Majority of meetings is of the past. Especially strong the love or hatred connects people. We will be saved from hatred.
737. (Guru). "The center is strong in rocky Towers". The stronghold calls it; support reliable and indestructible. In a kaleidoscope of flashing events and changes It – as the rock among the rough sea. To spirit, to It bound it is strong, waves of the everyday sea aren't terrible.
738. (Nov. 15). The Golden Age of mankind which was once again will return. Also there will be it a condition opposite to that is nowadays made in the world. Its external form is of the uniform herd and the One Pastor; world of a consent, cooperation and prosperity, - New Earth and the New Sky – judgment to be.
739. (M. A. Y.). The World Thin is here, near and round us, consonant with us and concerning us the spheres on an accord of our consciousness. Each thought consonant and with any layer of space, it corresponding. So, being in a dense body, internal essence already belong the person certain layers of the Hidden World. And when it is spoken – "sons of Light" or "sons of darkness", belonging of the person to these or those spheres of space with which it is inseparably linked the internal state already is defined. Condition it is caused by the Law, fair, faultless and impartial.
740. (Guru). The world external not so simply and easily gives in to reorganization, but in an inner world of people – the lord. In it he can reorganize and create everything that he wants because everything that in it is created by him. And as after death this inner world will cause also an external environment of spirit, the care of this world gets very important and far-reaching in future value. Long ago It is told: "Don't care that to you to eat, or drink or in what to put on. Whether smothering no more food, and a body – clothes? " So, told once long ago and forgotten by mankind remains a firm basis of evolution of spirit for all times.
741. (Nov. 18). When it is especially dark and whirlwinds storm, we will be approved on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. All temporary and passing ceases to dominate then over consciousness. Everything passes and everything will pass, but I Stay in eyelids. The house of the spirit building on Me erects a structure which no hurricanes can shake. The whole continents leave under water, and sand cover once blossoming kingdoms, but spirit human endures all this, remaining indestructible in the fiery kernel.
742. (M. A. Y.). So, it really is, in the words of the Lord: "a long line of" moderates gnashing and the noise of the crowd, and growl and of the possession darkness and horror of poison and dissolved all terrestrial and spatial heaps, casting so hard at the end of Kali Yuga, the dark age of violence, blood and iron. The Satia Yuga, in judgment area, a bright, shining future rushes victorious thought, and said the lives of the darkness of the winning spirit.
743. (Guru). I claim and warrant: the one who with the Lord goes continuously and together, the winner will be always. Also no of the evil-trick, any attempts and the inventions dark are terrible to it, them to stop any attacks and diligence a way intended to of the spirit. Quietly and firmly you look forward and with firmness meet ardent waves of the phenomena opposite. Lord Maitreya is invincible. Victoriously Light troops will enter into the World New to approve its Light forever.
744. (Nov. 19). What disasters and cataclysms are necessary that people came round and lifted the looks up? Human dullness and unwillingness to think of the events are amazing. And after all a not balance of elements disasters will increase also to amplify and become frequent. The cover of misunderstanding is thrown over consciousness. Who threw it? Whether darkness? And even you knowing and having preventions, even you forget about given signs. It is necessary to adjust consciousness on proximity of promptly approaching world events, and it is necessary to be ready to them, storing complete equilibrium and communication with Hierarchy, - only this way resist.
745. (M. A. Y.). Ignorant can learn, but negate already lost this opportunity. Therefore denial is worse than ignorance. Denial – the weapon dark. Animals have no future, because they animals. But the people denying the future are worse than animals. If, animal-like cruel men, misanthropes and murderers that they prepare for themselves in the future which nevertheless exists, despite all their denials knew, would truly be terrified to that destiny which to itself creates the hands.
746. (Guru). Well someone has to wait for what to expect. The future exists, it all. It laid the seeds of future achievements of mankind. It cleared the Lords of the evolutionary being. The spirit of man has the opportunity to exercise all their aspirations and daring. Indeed the future is the commanded and wonderful area where the impossible is nothing.
747. (Nov. 20). The formula "The Caesarian — to the Caesar, and God's — to God" can be understood very widely. Living on Earth, in a body terrestrial, it is necessary to feed and give to drink, dress and to put and care of it. Also is at the person of a duty before a family, society and the country – all this terrestrial, and the debt of the person and the citizen is carried out strictly. But besides terrestrial affairs and obligations answerable the person before spirit, embodied in a body for development, improvement and accumulation of experience and knowledge. It also is responsibility before the Immortal Triad, before the highest "I", before the Divine in itself. It was told: "You are gods" because God in the person stays in aspect it’s the highest "I", and to it is done justice because the ultimate goal of terrestrial embodiments is a transferring of consciousness to the sphere of the Highest Triad. The sense of return also consists in it terrestrial, and the highest – to the Highest.
748. (Nov. 21). We speak as though about same. Not repetition, but deepening. The same world, and the same phenomena, but understanding extends towards Boundlessness because everything exists in it and is connected with it, - from it not to leave anywhere. Everything begins in it and comes to an end in it. The essence of eternal life is expressed in temporary changing forms; Eternal – in temporary and temporary – in Eternal. And temporary there is no other than aspect, or a section, the Boundlessness’s, taken at some instant. It is possible to consider a current of the vital phenomena as the stream of the consecutive events extended in time and in space and forever recorded in it. Flashing of days and nights and seeming disappearance in yesterday non-existence – only a consequence of imperfections of the perceiving device. Because yesterday didn't leave, didn't disappear, but exists in space in all the details - Cliché of last events available to Consciousness of the Teacher. On the one hand – prompt movement in the future, with another – fixing passing from the future in the past of the phenomena. It is a lot of Secrets in Space. The extending consciousness gradually contains their one for another.
749. (M. A. Y.). The bowl of poison terrestrial was Enjoyed by the Great Spirits coming to the world. The bowl of poison is enjoyed also by the pupil. Besides all usual vital gravity, chagrin and sufferings spatial poison is especially strong, and it can't be avoided. Too exhausts rage with breath of people much. And the space absorbs in itself everything till time, yet won't be overflowed and while the crushing return blow, caused disbalance elements, won't fall upon them with an unprecedented force. Consider the person by God's similarity, but don't believe that he is allocated with the energy capable in case of abuse of them to cause cataclysms, accidents and natural disasters. Yet don't trust, but will believe soon, have to believe because revolt of elements will be awful.
750. (Guru). You see how people persist in the delusions. You see that words not to over persuade any more. You see that got a planet to line of explosion. No exit. Holders of Earth Constrain elements to the term. But terms approach – and to powers of elements will be given vent. Their rage will fall upon those who caused it. All will suffer who is guilty in the evil birth. The Last judgment over a planet will come true.
751. (Nov. 22). "I am with you always" – even this formula does not fit in a three-dimensional world, but requires an understanding of the spirit already. This formula no longer recognizes the distances and other earthly limitations. Recognition of the unseen world is necessary when learning new Exercises. The world is a world with a thin, tight and both of the worlds are linked by unbroken fibers. They see not that hard, if you look at all the not negative eye.
752. (Guru). It is necessary to rejoice to that are so difficult overcome resistance and darkness counteractions. Means, the opponent is strong, so he on a shoulder, so to win against it will be a merit before Light. Going with the Lord it is invincible.
753. (Nov. 23). From disharmony and chaos of the lower world Premier is harmony and consonant their areas. Disharmony world is tight especially strong on epochs. Before, in previous years, the harmonious oases have met more often. There were even entire countries of relative prosperity. Now it all went down in the darkness. There is neither peace nor the people of the world. The weeping and the gnashing of tooth-in darkness outside increased to the limit. The main memo being human is a disadvantage. And even when an external, apparent well-being internal State does not match. The end of Kali Yuga himself speaks for itself.
754. (M. A. Y.). Usually Light Carriers in the world terrestrial powers of darkness tried to surround with the servants to stop Light distribution. The pole of Light caused under the ant situation Law identification of forces dark and disclosure of participants and attendants of darkness. The darkness rose always against Light, both in big, and in the small. Both big and small Attendants of Light cause counteraction and active against them darkness identification according to power of their Light reserved in effect. Therefore we won't be surprised that the darkness doesn't leave alone those who follows the Lord. So was always. Also will be, Cali the South yet won't end and the heritage of the old world won't be destroyed.
755. (Guru). Will learn to meet and withstand the shocks of dark and rewards them without losing balance. Loss of balance is sometimes tantamount to defeat. To any price to keep the status of calmness and not of touched its light full despite the dark torturers find pain. It is not forbidden to experience the suffering and pain of dark attacks, but go out light inside is not allowed. Inner fire is protected by strong Light bringer.
756. (Nov. 24). The tension of consciousness to the Lord does not give immediate visible results; first, because much of what occurs in the thin world comes to the mind, second, the voltage must be long, rhythmic and not interrupted with sentiment. The latter condition is most difficult, as the surrounding and surrounding all time affect consciousness, violating its harmonic harmony. Great skills required by the student to live in peace with life normal, unusual inner harmony remain steadfast. Ascetics, hermits were removed in the desert, Woods or mountains to get there, in privacy, keep balance. But now from apprentice to a condition to be in the middle of life and at the same time keep the balance and the internal State to maintain contact with the teacher. So, encountering pesky waves will learn, like granite rock in heavy seas, remain strong and steadfast. This does not mean to lose sensitivity and become insensible and immune to everything. No! Susceptibility of acute, sensitivity gets thinner, but the separation of aura, like the network shield, protects the body from all sorts of chaotic invasions from outside. In the fortress and resistance barrier network and is able to keep balance spirit undaunted.
757. (M. A. Y.). Among the terrestrial exalted thoughts helpful to sometimes think about whether all that can be done if all time is given to the most desired, not lost precious hours in vain?
758. (Guru). The teacher just Shows sometimes ask themselves: "is it too long asleep?"
759. (Nov. 25). There can be tension of tranquility and concern tension, tension of fearlessness and intense fear. All feelings and qualities are bipolar. The doctrine of tension demands the statement of merits. And if outside not in forces something to approve or achieve people, in an inner world it can approve merits of spirit regardless of the fact that occurs in its external environment. Among external chaos, excitements, alarms and concern when people to toss, it can, having gone deep into itself, to cause any quality to manifestation. Stability of a flame of spirit against whirlwinds hostile is approved from within. It is possible to imagine, what terrible impact of forces dark Light Carriers had to maintain! The darkness stormed around that go out to destroy a flame and Light, Them borne in it. But waves of violent darkness broke powerlessly about the rock of invincible spirit. So stand also you, Day breakers, against the darkness which was up in arms strong against you.
760. (M. A. Y.). As are persistent dark in constancy of the evil-tack to break balance and a peace of mind. But "it is invincible going with the Lord". Waves of coming darkness, and spirit, against it resisted will be rolled away back, remains indestructible and unshakable, but increased in force and the power. End darkness, but spirit it is eternal. In it force it before darkness. The soldier, who has lost balance, is already won. "You store balance any price". It is powerful force. Nobody will resist against it.
761. (Guru). That benefit from if instead of helping a man you will begin to experience with him intensively what is going through it, and sink into his condition. He needs not your feelings and support. Therefore we must learn to distinguish the compassion of sympathy, perhaps even the sincere and strong. Compassion provides effective help and support, sympathy is usually only going through not being able to help.
762. (Nov. 26). Yes! It is right. It is easiest to speak about how people have to behave and how to arrive, especially if speaking I applied nothing on itself from the manuals. But it is known that Teaching to something and not apply it on itself has to itself condemnation. It first and secondly, similar lecture is deprived of force and internal persuasiveness. It is better if telling states thoughts without any lectures but so that the logical conclusion from the heard pushed the person on the correct actions. The statement of a scientific material from parapsychology area is valuable. But for this purpose the knowledge is required. It is possible to state simply the Doctrine, without using the word "have to" from the person. It should be noted that the word "have to" usually causes counteraction from to which it is turned. To have the right to say this word, it is necessary most in practice, in the life, successfully to attach the instruction given to another. Otherwise all told won't be convincing and won't make desirable result.
763. (M. A. Y.). Great Teachers of the right are called those because the life, by all being Approved on Earth to what They Teach people. The doctrines given by these Carriers of Light are imprinted by the corresponding actions, a feat, and are frequent also blood their Proclaims. Each word is imprinted by action or suffering. On many provisions or statements is the life price. Having these high examples, the true Instructor and the Teacher, having the right to teach, it is possible to consider only the one, Who acts and thoughts, enclosed by It in life, Imprinted and I Approved to what He Teaches people. It is a lot of self-shown teachers and their instructors, from them harm also is great. There will be convincing a lecture in hands applied it in life. Sometimes Teachers Send the pupils to the world with the Decree: "Go and learn", and the right Let speak on its own behalf. Know as well that, speaking "For the sake of the Father, both the Son, and the Holy Spirit", the rights to that have no and therefore their words are dead and are deprived of heart fire. "I Maintain Agni Yoga columns of My steps".
764. (Guru). Only the one, who applied the Doctrine of Live Ethics in the life, has the right to teach and edify to what it teaches. From the words which haven't been applied in life, the advantage won't be. They can cause only internal counteraction. By the life approves accepted the Doctrine the right to a teaching. However, it is possible to note that only recently taken a way burn with passionate desire to educate and teach. The one, who knows burden of a teaching, arrives very circumspectly, seeks to teach nobody and wisely distributes pearls of true knowledge.
765. (Nov. 27). It is possible to accustom consciousness to features and an originality of the Thin World and understanding of its laws consistently and gradually, noting difference it from the dense world. On Earth each subject takes the certain place: house, rock and tree. There the concept of a place has other value. In consciousness within several minutes it is possible to imagine thousands various places and subjects, and all of them will find room in the sphere of the Thin World, without disturbing each other. Their mental images, existing nearby, don't overflow space so that it was impossible to give new images of things and subjects. The person, animal, a plant have the thin forms in the Thin World, and also have them both all dense bodies and subjects, the rivers, the woods, the seas and mountains, planets and stars which exist or existed in the dense world. But, besides, there are there both all mental forms and the images created by the person. And though externally they cannot differ from a thin form, say, really growing tree, however the mental form of a tree created by imagination of the person nevertheless differs from a thin form of a live tree, differs internally. One incarnation people, especially those, who know something, can change the appearance and accept any appearance that demands quality of recognition from the observer. In the beginning it is very difficult to distinguish the thin forms having the basis in the dense world, from the thin forms created by creative imagination of the person. Heroes of many literary works are brightly depicted in live and real images in World Aboveground. And hardly the beginner understand, - where fruits of human imagination, and where the real people. Lack of prospect is brought too by a lot of confusion, and also new ability of a one incarnation to see a subject at once from all directions and through. Transcendentalist conditions bring new conditions in perceptions of the person, and it is necessary to adapt to it gradually. Also confuses also lack of distances. The thought quickly overcomes terrestrial distances, and far becomes close under the influence of thought. Locomotion in the Thin World is instantly. Speed exceeds terrestrial representations everyone about it. Where thought, there and the thinker. Here, thinking about something, it is possible to see the fancies only in imagination and only a mind, in the same place – face to face and as it is real as we here see subjects of the dense world surrounding us. And as there these dense subjects aren't present, they are replaced with forms thin, having already the special structure and properties, for example, mobility and ease that gives the chance to set them in motion by thought. It is impossible to list and write down all features of the Thin World and to state the laws operating it, but to get used to them gradually and it is very useful to acquire them in process of expansion of consciousness and it is necessary. It is good to enter into the Thin World the prepared.
Transcendentalist – going beyond physical limits.
766. (M. A. Y.). In attempts to get into conditions of the Thin World and to understand them it is necessary to remember well that "the person is a magnet". Magnetic radiations of its aura and thought attract to it and attract it to spheres of the Elevated World, precisely corresponding properties and nature of its essence. Everyone will find on itself. Desire and aspiration magneto, and they attract spirit to conformable them on the character to space layers. If the aspiration is fine and the desire is directed on sating spirit with Beauty, and the attraction of spirit will occur to spheres fine.
767. (Guru). When looking in the higher realms can be very complex, and besides the delay is undesirable amid very unpleasant neighbors. This happens when not eliminated, only suppressed some of the properties of the lower nature. These properties, passion and desire are especially aggravated when flushed body, and claim their right to satisfaction. Very difficult in the World Can eliminate these growths, which impede the moving spirit. Therefore, liberation from them is not suppression, but it is a challenging total, to be clean and that the burden falls on the human consciousness.
768. (M. A. Y.).Whether we will be surprised that on a hand there is a lot of fingers to count pupils, – the Teacher so Speaks. Invited there is a lot of, but the elite where? Let this circumstance will serve as an impulse to even more strict and severe attitude towards, to the statement of those qualities of spirit which are necessary to become the pupil. And let each shortcoming noticed in relatives, will serve as ardent motivation to destroy it in itself. After all usually in others easier than all those shortcomings which aren't alien also to us are noticed. And it isn't as important as other person fights against the imperfections, somehow, as far as we succeed in overcoming of own not get rid properties.
769. (Guru). Very instructive to watch how the influence of vibration on the Booster Light aura, with whom He comes into contact. Note three cases: first, when the cause for all the light and the best that is in man; second, when summoned, the dark opposition, ardent antagonism and anger; third, when it shines, and blushed at first, the man suddenly turns to light the dark side and becomes the enemy of the world. This last case is particularly dangerous, because it leads to betrayal and makes it almost impossible to identify the person by nature of its primary reaction which later changed to an entirely opposite.
770. (Dec. 1). The thought of man is spatial. Monitor your thoughts and their analysis will show their essence – helpful, or harmful to the common good. Even personal thinking might be useful when poured into a common course of human thought to harmoniously as a violin – in Symphony Orchestra, enriching its huge. Then the person has to justify its existence. Justification is in thought. Thought is child spirit. The victory, which we can use to think with Me, is integral and inseparable. The thoughts can we be together always. All united with us is conquered by thought. The idea is strong association with fire, because they charged becomes. Conscious spatial reasoning becomes fiery, and its products are not subject to aging, such as the thought of Plato, Christ, Buddha and others. They are out temporarily. Fire thinking is the key to immortality that is coherent consciousness. Work is valuable as a fiery voltage organism, i.e. the valuable work of Light bringer. He also contributes its share to the (fire) the common good. The best among the people is the collectors and aggregators of the energies of the spatial fire lying in the form of stable crystalline formations; they are people, they who do great work for the good of the planet and of mankind as a whole. These energies lives and feeds on humans. Evolution moves them. It is so important to deliberately get in the rhythm of the progressive movement and continually contribute to the spatial evolution of life. In the world of conscious workers is not enough light, but the more valuable that everyone makes their energy in this great cause. Nobody and nothing can hinder growth by serving or stop it, because it is in the spirit. Opponents Light attempted to do while pursuing and killing Officers and messengers of light, but the stronger and stared overhead torches of their spirit, illuminating the path loss for many centuries to come. Now that the Division of mankind on the poles on the mill doom and gloom is particularly sharp, clear and definitive, the spatial Service Light becomes essential and helps sets that have not yet done the final choice, do it. Great human responsibility for thinking it’s not only before him, but also to the space. Investors in spatial storage are everything, but how important is that it is paid by each, and worker of darkness or Light is contributing its share of space.
771. Each rung on the ladder of spirit is required for further growth. Without steps on of plumb rock not rise. But don't lose sight of that thought magneto and attracts the similarity of its elements.
772. (M. A. Y.). I wish to emphasize that in the outside world and surrounded by dense people have much to interfere and put thousands of obstacles to implementing any beginnings or intentions, but in spirit, in the sphere of thoughts are powerless they put any obstacles. Because nothing external cannot stop Service except will surround the Light keeper. Attempts are being made and will be made to the Light put out, but the power of the spirit – over all earthly conditions. Know from the past, like the great luminaries of mankind continued to bring light to people despite all counter dark. Over the spirit of dark power did not have and will not have, if the spirit is strong enough.
773. (Guru). With a Teacher in thought we should be together always. This is constant memory and representation of a face in her heart. However, things really interfere with every day and make you forget about the necessary. However, any business can be run together, knowing that he is with us always. Not It separates from us but we ourselves are moving away. He is with us always, and you can ask them: "we are always with him?"
774. (Dec. 2). Calmness and balance imply a coherence of microcosm that is a harmonious state of its membranes. Hard Karma does not prevent this coherence, if consciousness can rise above their feelings and own them. A long line allows us to assert power over transient moment when future magnet acts on the mind and gives him the opportunity to free themselves from the effects of the current hour. How many such moments in the past and how much will be even, and everything will go away permanently, to be replaced by new, also passing. True, does not disappear, but nothing to desire, and knowledge of, and encampment to get closer to the archives of the past. Great wisdom lies in the words: "and this too shall pass". We will use every moment of burdening’s strong circumstances for rapprochement with the hierarchy of light. And friends and enemies, and joy and sorrow and struggle and victory, and combat and support – let everyone contributes to light and bring to us. So, all the no revoked starting to serve flame striving spirit. Don't be afraid to burden and load cases. Burden circumstances do not give consciousness to hop off and sink into the wishful. All the banality is replaced by a sober mind. So, said the cooperation with us. The calm and earthly prosperity and contentment never meant to us. All go through hardship and suffering. And most who have been the biggest beneficiaries of and. Not be invious anyone from living in contentment. They have nowhere to go on his well-being. There is no dedicated to us among them. Remember: the harder than to tolerate, the closer to the Lord.
775. (M. A. Y.). Ability to extract from each weight bearing their lesson will be taught facts already stage an Arhat. Hence are the joy barriers and reactions. Warriors of the spirit, stamina, and inflexible, and fearlessness your stem from conflicts and are born in the fight. Warrior’s overcoming wants you to see the Bishop. Be aware, that the winner doesn't judge. Take leave him all that he has overcome and defeated in itself. And the dark entities that flock around him and will shout: "here he is a troublemaker and" calmly and authoritatively tells it, outright: yourselves I won and past all burned. And folk wisdom says: "who remembers the past, eyes the mind". Really want to stay eyeless?
776. (Guru). The experience and knowledge gained in life, pre-loaded, become the property of all wanting to know. In this is of value records. All not write down goes into space and becomes inaccessible. You can't even imagine what it would be with the world, if the pearls of knowledge would not have been recorded, preserved and not gotten to us.
777. (Dec. 3). We direct the consciousness for the better solution. It is to move away from yourself and look at ourselves, - will see along with Me. It is not so difficult if, rushing toward Me, leave you behind, beneath, at the foot of the mountain. You can be with me in spirit and in spirit. Astral is full of moods and feelings. He is left at the bottom, and the Earth and earthly thoughts. A personal "I" remains at the bottom, the consciousness that is transferred to the major Triad, rises to our heights. "I have peace, but the world is mourning. But "I have overcome the world", a world of grief by climbing over it. In a world of grief suffered, as have you. Draining – poison chalice the inheritance of the sons of light are sent into the world of Light bring to people. You are the light of the teachings of living people are carrying them, saturating the ground. It is the spatial Service. Bring Light shine it to people. The Sermon was ceded, is life ". This is the hardest kind of Ministry, when it is performed in the comfort of life. The right solution to it nothing could stop, no blows of fate or experiences in the shells. This is all from the Earth, from the darkness outside, "where the weeping and the gnashing of tooth-". Consciousness is transferred into the realm of the spirit. Just so you can stand the weight of the cross. One suffers, and the other, Silently Watching, inside, only looks and knows everything that happens with the first suffering and in distress, will pass, but the spirit lives forever. It is written, "Let him deny himself." And so it is important to separate the suffering from the ' I ' who is watching Silently, writing all. Truly, I say to you: "Sun and Moon" pass away, but not Silent witness recorder in you abides forever.
778. And the victory of spirit over them himself, or rather, above the membrane, its clouding, is to not have them managed and determined his movement, but he himself, the spirit of which the given power saw and over all their shells or solids, in which he temporarily imprisoned. After all, all of them by running its own purpose of gathering the necessary for climbing experience, spirit will be folded and kept in those worlds belongs to their fabric, spirit is Fire, the body of light, fire and everlasting, rises above, the scope of their own again to continue their way into Infinity, all over again in a new body, clouding, or shells, it needed to acquire new knowledge and new experiences that is so necessary for the conscious being in the higher realms. Not a happy and without sad life on of Earth, but it is suffering give spirit experience invaluable.
779. (M. A. Y.). The Teacher will point out, if the advice to him to appeal. What is the Teacher? It is to find the strength calmly, dispassionately and in balance, and standing as a whole would be on the sidelines, watching and experiencing the other suffers, in the body of the prisoner and subjected to all earthly dangers, difficulties, bed’s and casualties heavy. Two in one: one is, the other just Looks. Mortal and struggling times, Watching is eternal. In its scope, the Silent Beholder, and tolerated by human consciousness. And then the human eye receives justify this name – man continued for centuries.
780. (Guru). What is the Assistance of the Teacher? In that, what facilitate the path and to release from the inevitable testing and circumstances encumbrances? Not at all! Aid that provides insight and clarification of what happens to the student, and why, and for what purpose is it just these tests and not others, and what they teach. When understood goal, it is possible to pass through the most difficult trials winner. And not only pass, but also learn from them valuable experience and knowledge, for the acquisition of which he is incarnate on Earth.
781. (Dec. 4). The truth is one; the basics are the same, but the form of expression of their matches. Therefore it is senseless to argue about the forms of expression, if the entity is available. But argue, because do not understand. The cause of disputes and disagreements is ignorance. Say about Exercises’ of Light, but not darkness. And there are those. A countless number of books being published! And how is much unnecessary. Material thoughts of scientific Value highly, if not from the darkness. Many of false is and in of science. Examples of delusions of the past are striking, as well as the present. Understanding the basics will give a solid foundation of science. All of the real science will be once in the public domain.
782. (M. A.Y.). A presentiment of impending changes correctly. Peace has stalled. Need a way out. In wars and violence, it is not found. Correct the proclaimed principle of peaceful coexistence, cooperation and collaboration. Pointless and insanely products pay attention to destruction of human labor. I want to have all the people woke from their slumber and told Governments a firm word that they want peace.
783. (Guru). How badly will need employees of Light, who know the basics. Who will carry out the decisions of any rock! How much labor to be! Prepare the frame assistant worker of Light to build a New Sky and a new Earth.
784. (Dec. 5). The obstacle for the new era is the lack of consciousness. Upcoming deadlines, it will no longer be considered, and all that will be removed from the planet. Consciousness waits for the future and is ready to build a bridge. A on the bridge no heavy goes, even without of gulf. Let nothing divide separating from the future, not serve as a barrier. There is no obstacle for the thought, if it had wings. Not all thoughts winged, some, like cast iron, weight-pull a man down. Spirit finds happiness in flights. First flights take place in the thoughts, and then – in appropriate conductors. Achievable all, that was in the consciousness and what the corresponding flow of cosmic evolution of mankind. It is so majestic and full of light that all human suffering more than compensated for by the fact that it gives to people. Inscription of the great plan of slightly open the veil of the future. It is already implemented on distant worlds, these powerful magnets for the aspirations of the spirit. Link to them gives assistance and force move to these wonderful opportunities. Many of the conditions of life on Distant Worlds have already been implemented in the inner sanctums. Powerful magnet is used It for luminous heading toward the future of spirit.
785. (M. A. Y.). The aspirations of the spirit are contrary to the evidence and contrary to the logic of normal density, philistine thinking. In this unusual to be able to resist, not obeying the credibility of a dense appearance. And that's the difficulty. It has to go against the current. Standard of thought are very strong, and people need to think like everyone else. Not condoned the audacity of unusual thinking. Silence prevents unnecessary punches. Words are pronounced when you need it. The silent service to Light much more space than other types of it.
786. (Guru). Use them wisely and correctly, arguing the absence of death and turning with expensive bygone as with the living. These build a sturdy bridge connection on which to them and will come and be together and in the spirit and life. Overcome the fear of death is already a victory. Rejection of death there is confirmation of life. Not death, but life reigns in space.
787. (Dec. 6). I maintain the inevitable evolution of the world and all that is in it, from atoms to Galaxies. Omnipresence, all-knowledge, and all-vanes are attributes of the fiery spirit the highest levels. Consciousness, freed from the power of the individual to the death over it, doing well in the development of all: Clair sense-clairvoyance, claurluhear, and so on. Lower self is conquered in spirit, and refined the personal ' I ' merges with the Supreme self, forming Immortal Triad, and totally portable life into it. Adoption of a possibility in mind already claimed her. Faith, or faith-knowledge, is the engine of the spirit. Sense knows same of the heart, anticipating the possibility of achievement and believing in it. Silent Witness (the) faith-knowledge Write, letting the magnetic energy (attraction) of consciousness. So the spirit creates our future. It is written, "according to your faith you will." This formula is Important Knowledge of fire is irrevocably decreed by force of a magnet. When faith is combined with knowledge of its power becomes invincible.
788. Promised to Infinity. Because and the ability take write inexhaustible, if consciousness is enough to direct. And not be afraid of seemingly not repeating, repetitive but deepening. Life is so wide the world is immense and that the exhaust could not be any entries. But I want to have consciousness and connection to the Hierarchy was not compromised by any phenomena not tight or the astral worlds. With dense yet handle can be, but with a lot harder. Astral body Enemies are more often from there, taking advantage of the fact that the eye cannot see, and the warning voice of the heart is not always heard and do not always reach the consciousness, sometimes crowded affairs and concerns of tight encirclement. For special burdens the heart and pressing anxiety feels the presence of the dark. The telegraph office with careful regard to it and patrol distinguish between not-too difficult. Watch, and watch a heart. The brain is fooled too easily. "So we will be on guard and will follow Ruler".
789. (M. A. Y.). Love is the key to all success. Love gives right to the inner spiritual closeness. Love achieved altitude climb. Love connects forever loved ones spirits. Love is the innermost sense, requiring great care. She doesn't know distances and does not recognize death. Call it "fiery", because the winner wins, and death, and separation, and the range of distances. But this love is already a fiery, fiery, or feeling. Fire knows no limits and dense world. Get love, because it has no obstructions in time, or space.
790. (Guru). The shield Lord is over you. He guards the paths of spirit and protects against the real danger, and dark invasion. But fighting and overcoming obstacles remain, because the spirit is growing. Not wise to require teachers to eliminate all the obstacles and difficulties, he said. Much it is necessary learn make and perform him, tempering the opposing blade of fiery the blade of the spirit.
791. (Dec. 7). There are moments in the life of a disciple, when he seems to force him to undergo torment circumstances come the end. And it seems he much incomprehensible and even unfair. And it seems to him that, from their perspective, he's right. How could there be? There can be only one answer: Affinity Calling – above all, but also on top of the movements in the mental sheath, that is on top of the thoughts, the same current and fleeting, as all that is done in three-body, astral body and Earth in the body of thought. And not only flowing and changing fabric of dense, astral and mental bodies, these bodies, guides, or shell, and with each incarnation are dropped are replaced by new ones. But the spirit lives forever. Relationship with a Teacher is in the spirit of, and nothing outside this context violate cannot. The legend of the prodigal son shows that external communication with his Father was broken in Space environments, but in the spirit of it remained unbroken. And when the time came, the son returned to his father and had them accepted.
792. (M. A. Y.). Can only say and confirm that the power in space and on Earth is so large and incredibly that survive this time usually is unthinkable. Day breakers shared terrestrial and spatial Gravity Hammers – Wear His World. This is their support and dedicated service. Believe Me, if what is now plagued with you so your privacy is gone, you would have not become easier, because spatial voltage too high.
793. (Guru). Accuracy of spatial perceptions may be disrupted world of personal thoughts, invading the parcel. And such errors usually relate to the personality of the recipient. They require validation and critical attitude. We can thus understand what we want too. In addition, thoughts can throw a dark entity. One must absolutely remember the Law of similarity; the High Spirits are associated with only the spirits actually developed along the path of spiritual perfection and purification from spiritual ulcers. The Savior said: "the time will come and the world will be filled with false teachers, and woe to those who will not recognize them. Relationship with Bishop must be very durable, but reduces the possibility of errors.
794. (M. A. Y.). It was unacceptable that fluctuations were reflected on the silver threads of astral communication with a Teacher. After all, if the bridle of the spirit will not be superimposed on the senses, the thread will be in a State of permanent volatility and volatility. Let the astral is going through, if not tamed, but still the most precious that has and can have a student in life should be a rebarbative firmly and carefully guarding.
795. (Guru). Understand that the future is inherently and that offensive it cannot stop there. When deadlines are coming, giant wave will sweep all the energies Space surf dams and barriers like card houses, and with them and those who stirred up.
796. (Dec. 10). On alternation of days and nights, meaning opposites, is built over time. On alternation of opposites is life and everything that happens in the world. And human consciousness is subject to the same law. Dialectics of existence is a basis being. At times feels like a man on top of knowing when his distant horizons are opened, and after a while everything disappears, and it seems to him that there's nothing and that he knows nothing. You can even feel great knowing almost simultaneously and ignorance. The opposite pole of things becomes visible uniform at the same time. It's already rung the bipolar view. No need to be embarrassed this duality understanding phenomena, because it already stage of wisdom. When he said that "cheering" Hosanna "Me screams could be heard yelling:" crucify him, Felt and seen both poles of essence of human nature. Wisdom consists in the ability to see both poles things unified. And when the student feels in herself in the feelings and understanding her, having two opposite poles of a single whole, then bipolar vision of spirit becomes available to him.
797. (M. A. Y.). The temptation of Saint Anthony is not only one for him. Many marching along the path of tempt to do the same. On the lower plans sex drive may be reported in cattle and animal in man will prevail. Steps above this attraction is already in the form of love, feelings have a higher order, and then and selfless. On love and family is the continuation of the human species. The love between the sexes can be detected at a very high level. And if the creative power of love on one stage creates a family and children that spirit of creativity in the higher levels are detected in the works of opposites is not physical, but spiritual – in beautiful works of art in the works of poets and composers and the immortal masterpieces of human thought. Every creative work is based on the two began their merger to create new forms. When driving on the Road you can consciously sublimate feelings you can elevate to a higher earthly love its manifestations at the creative level of spirit. It will be the gross elements of transmutation into a more refined. This love promotes creativity, inspiring him and picks up to higher steps on the ladder of life. Don't fight the lower nature of its, but praising her feelings and aspirations to the highest levels of its manifestation is the right one. Suppress useless but praising its nature can be infinite. After all, even for creating worlds, you must have two began. On the creativity of higher planes of spirit, too, is caused by the presence of two began. So, there is earthly love and love is aboveground, and each works on its plan.
798. (Guru). «Warm» are thrown out from the stream of cosmic evolution as a COP. "Hot and cold" are valuable to have energy, necessary for evolution, the former can transmute it into positive energy. This is their potential for advancement. Every of negative energy in yourself can be translated into a positive. Because the power of negative energy of their despair, not knowing what a negative effect, you can look at the ascent of the Spirit, changing its direction. Great Teachers knew it, so among those they Carry close to themselves, were the tax collectors, the robbers and the whore.
799. (M. A. Y.). Good luck, success and victory in understanding the differed at times from understanding the student Teacher. And often the apprentice is afflicted by those circumstances that the Teacher Believes successful. Therefore, if the teacher says something, it is good fortune to take over personal and limited understanding of the word. When successfully and successfully emerging conditions the body can suffer and may increase the difficulties, but the path of the spirit – on top of the sensations of the body and the personal experiences of the self.
800. (Guru). Relationships with friends require greater diligence because, on the one hand, it is necessary to support and give something and to prevent vampirism and slay, and it must be remembered that, when inspired, friends sometimes cross the line beyond which begins wrecking. And instead of gratitude for received can get hit. (Rent meaning the devouring of psychic energy).
801. (Dec. 12). Merging the consciousness’s takes in the spirit. The spirit is invisible and have slid through him and formless. But all of the shells are shaped. Astral already limber is and flexible. You can always change I, if you know it.
802. Movement and change forms in the subtle world depend on strength, lightness and accuracy of submissions. Artists in this regard go ahead, go and others, developed the capacity of these abilities. Develop their possible. This is one of the safest exercises, if it is not directed for evil. Cosmic creativity takes place under the same principle. In the higher Realms in subtle forms showed much mustang already establish on the ground in dense forms. So Do Us!
803. (M. A. Y.). It is good that at times recognized the serious trap is located in dense spirit body. The chains want to reset. This desire is a harbinger of liberation. You can disengage when realized that the spirit is in captivity.
804. (Guru). Pure desire, uplifted on the wings of light and set on Thursday, will be in the space to grow and will represent a guarantee of its implementation.
805. (Dec. 13). Unacceptable weakness of spirit than whatever they are callable. Opponents Light wants to break the spirit and gloating whenever they manage. Withholding equilibrium will triumph over darkness. If, any obstruction is the first human being keep calm and harmonious state of mind. This is an extraordinarily difficult, but there is no alternative. Be broken by dark influences – does this mean the loss of many of the gains made as particularly price? Grasp all the power of the spirit, grasp. One must resist whatever it takes.
806. (M. A. Y.). Overcoming the resistance of the environment does not always mean a clash with the darkness, inertia of matter requires too much effort to have her to beat. How much resistance are overcome simple grains to germinate and deter germ of life. The wind and the cold and heat, and many other conditions seek to stifle sprouting. Just of environment are silenced and the germs of life spirit, if he gives in to them. "Stand strong, stand stronger rocks. Fire is a wonderful firmness of spirit.
807. (Guru). No, My friend, and enough forces to resist, and much more besides. Strength of spirit is inexhaustible. Heavy mistake is to think that the end has come and that you can instinctively lean powerless before the power of circumstances. Inexhaustible strength of spirit is which designed. That meant we had to call all desire, aspiration, all stress the heart. Is inviolate and invincible is of the spirit. That could mean the most difficult segment of any path if the path is endless, and every piece of it, even the hardest, only moment transitory on this endless journey into infinity.
808. (Dec. 14). If contact with family and friends located the consciousness causes leakage of psychic energy and painful condition, it is not difficult to imagine what would happen, if such consciousness is dark influences. Need to enhance and strengthen the relationship to watch the Teacher.
809. (M. A. Y.). Cleaning the clutter in the human mind is one of the most difficult tasks of the media world. And close and distant need this. The challenge is especially daunting when consciousness is under the influence of darkness, but reaches out to the light. Medium servants in ancient temples would not allow. It is almost impossible to free the minds of such people from harmful influences, since being released from them, it is being repeated over and over again, and there is no end to the thankless work of purification of consciousness, prone to psychology. In these cases the energy they spend isn't worth it.
810. (Guru). Time and place of communication require strong protection from third party intrusion. Under any pretexts and all sorts of ways of trying to force his way into the coveted dark circle. We should be able to see the danger and to remove it.
811. (Dec. 15). In every subject, everything and every creature there are elements of the creative (or force) and destructive elements. Man lights his thoughts and may reinforce the other. On some clothes and wears out quickly, burning that is destroyed, the other-on the contrary. Just some stuff there very long, some other quickly become unfit for use, come quickly into disrepair and machines and equipment in the hands of some workers. The Fiery energy of the person affected or destructive creativity in everything around him, and even to the entire planet. State of the planet at any given moment is a result of the impact of the collective psychic energy to the entire body of the planet. Condemnation is always of the essence to a reinforced cut-off manifestation that is something for which his condemnation. Condemnation is the evocation of the darkness or evil, from the dual nature of human. So the condemnation and particularly unfair, even good people can do badly. You have to be very strong to internally with conviction. "I love wrong in life to heal through love." Love knows no condemnation. Love from the two-pole of the inner world of man causes to the elements of light, the good inclination, the best there is in man. And when do you evil, and, seeing this, you start to think about the bad properties of make of evil and anger, you worsen its dark properties do hit them and bring an even bigger attacks. "Anger's enemy does not have". This is a very important condition for overcoming them. Better mentally argue everything even small good they are. For every person there and the light, and darkness, and so important is that the call to show. And not one, not two, but may require many attempts to turn an unconscious enemy to friend or even a little better. Think about the people creating the Light, not the darkness. To a man, well located for us, we usually turn the best side of their nature. As arrive and usually other people.
812. (Guru). Enemies and clears away so much teach that desire even to express gratitude for being so strongly pushed around to light the inner sanctums and help absorb precious little life lessons. On this earlier it would take many years and even whole life, with their stubborn and persistent you can absorb in one lifetime. It is very good when the perceived usefulness of the enemies and what it taught them evil-trick. This is the fastest way to light. Tormentors malicious, if you knew so beneficial your efforts from climb the spirit.
813. (Dec. 16). Saying: «no misfortune in this world without happiness, light without shadow, and truth without lies – two poles things unified. Two-polar people in its manifestations of light and shadow in ourselves. This is the key to understanding the man and yourself and others. In the shadow of the height of the object and effect of light, or rather, about the potential of it. Faint light prevents shadows. Having identified potential spirit, or light, in the person of the shadow, you can begin to argue, causing it to be. Think about the people creating the Light, not the darkness. Thinking bad about bad people are calling to darkness, which in them. Conversely, if, knowing their two-polar an entity that does not have the darkness claim it, but only one good start. Correct and faithful to the initial approach will be to know and do not condemn, anger towards them not. And then start the conscious transmutation, if required by the utility. But the beads are throwing, remembering the "Hosanna" and "crucify him". Be aware, however, that the servants of darkness without conscious "Hosanna" will immediately yell "crucify him!"
814. (Dec. 17). Bipolar vision both poles there is a single thing of an Arhat. Is bipolar and life based on alternation of opposites – days and nights, heat and cold, good and evil, life and death, Kali and Satia South. Teacher and student, sending and receiving, is phenomenon of the same order. In his heart, must approve does not slander against people, the torturers, and malice against you they didn't have, and it will be a victory over darkness. They profess, if Light discern at least a spark of light. It's going to be making any light to darkness. For your health, that is, the harmony of the microcosm of the balance in it, we have to fight all the time. Health, or balance, spirit body health provides. Do not let anything disturb the harmony of the spirit. All the destroying her is just Maya. My peace I give to you, that is on top of the Maya. Maya is strong evidence of dense persuasiveness. We should destroy it, - just as convincing and astral Maya. But the genesis of the spirit which is eternal and indestructible, said Mai dense and Thin on top worlds, is approved in the Fiery World, for the spirit is fire and fire from the Eternal Flame of life.
815. Light that comes in reveals and illuminates the darkness of centuries of heaps that arise and require attention from begets. And he has to accept it and to reaffirm or reject. This is a moment of extreme importance, because freedom depends on it or a new slavery of consciousness. This is a prototype of a future meeting with the guardians of the threshold, when all the ongoing accumulation of spirit, to be destroyed, will confront the man in all his strength and will require from him finally and completely decisions to accept or reject. The outcome of this battle is dependent on further future world Aboveground. And preparations for this dramatic meeting with the guardians of the Threshold will be fighting erupting in the consciousness of light with all concerning its nature properties, dark to uproot.
816. Yes, indeed it is the whole life of the man in the street is nothing like Maya. And all she had, blinded by the veil live the fate. Enlightenment begins with the awareness of the mountain terrain, fragility and transistorizes of everything that surrounds a person in an earthly life. That's passed through a big city saw thousands of homes each, and all the people busy with their personal life, their concerns and experiences, and the zero price, for all this will be forgotten in a day, or two, or a year. But it requires awareness. But who would want to bother with such thoughts when you have to go to the market and to market it or for an evening with wine and guests. Here it is before thinking. Live without them and not die, at least in the body, though dead in spirit.
817. (Guru). As time goes on and inevitably brings to judgment future. And I want to ask: "are you ready, My friend, to meet him, as befit the soldiers of light? Freed from the burden of unnecessary? Stocked their knowledge and experience? Can Us employees and assistants to be in affirming the principles of a new world? My friend, ready meet what were so long and difficult? "
818. (M. A. Y.). You are waiting for your assistance and will be very lacking. You know how much the spirit is hungry? And help them, waiting, can you bring, for waiting, and the name magnetic as involved looking for souls to whoever can satiate their hunger. Now there is none. But will a lot when your time comes and when every nugget of knowledge is so urgently needed. Because the time spent on its acquisition, will the necessary investment in the future.
819. (Dec. 18). Creates a thought! Any idea greatest: both good and bad. The surgeon removes growths with a knife. Outgrowths of the spirit are cleaned a thought. The subtlest energy of thought is over everything. "The thought is the eternal flame." Arrows of thought reaches the object as target bullets. But thought must be monolithic in its aspiration as body flying arrows. And should it be fiery and charged with 0inflexible energy of will. Where does this take effect? I Have. How? Confluence of the Consciousness’s! And it means being together, mentally, in the spirit. Say: –“in the spirit of, but not in the bod”. Body riveted to the place where is located. The thought is free and is driven by aspiration. Therefore I Say: "you should aspire to Me Mentally where decision of all and with Me in the thoughts abides." Stay in your thoughts with Bishop tells them a due degree of mobility and ardor and gives increased light full. Spirit, aspires to light, but the associated conditions of terrestrial, welded Prometheus is similar. But permanence and durability inflexible aspirations of the fire will grow, he melt circuits. The eternal flame of the spirit will come up through the shell, and stratification, and heaps, built up on them. In the cycle of births and deaths, at the conclusion of each incarnation, are all temporary, the mortal shell, spirit, clothed in not remove body of the light, could identify your imperishable accumulation in those areas where it got its granulation. Anyway, but with enough aspiration is achieved not superior. The inviolability of the Fiery grain spirit is the guarantee of victory. It is crucial that we should focus on and identify the consciousness (and its "I")-with time or with the eternal. And the one who to whom or to what will come, that with that or in that and will arrive.
820. Location and human environment in the subtle world defined by his thoughts. So the thought is there take precedence value. Here on Earth, you can sit at home and wherever flow the thought, the physical body remains in the home, surrounded by familiar walls and objects. In the subtle world – where the thought, there we are, that is there consciousness. The movement of thought is lightning fast. Learn how to manage your thoughts is to be where you want, and with whom you want. Mastering your thoughts will be learned where his thoughts are a delight. Obsessions are very contagious and resistant. Prisoners of his thoughts in the world of Thin are very widespread phenomenon. But the thought learning how wield it still on the ground. In World Aboveground, in where all goes thought, too late think about it. Pure heart especially worrying is not necessary, for pure thought and pure sphere around the spirit will give. But those thoughts have not yet cleaned up enough, need self-control, and not there, in the thin world, but here in the world of earthly things. Do not tire of repeating, however need prevention thoughts. Thought is the basis of everything, and the Foundation on which a man builds a House for his spirit. In it, he and will live in the World Aboveground.
821. (Guru). Go, go, and go I have come to the order of Bishop. Performance of the highest Will is for the Order of an Arhat. Compliance is voluntary. Discipline is harsh, but voluntary in Hierarchy. Self is Decisive and self is the judges of the decisions itself. Executor has a voluntary mission phenomenon the most close to the Lord.
822. (Dec. 20). All of thought is to victory over the darkness. How to spend hour hard? The aspiration to a Teacher of Light is in of the spirit. Anyone help? No One! By myself, by myself, by myself.
823. How much hold away the human from the understanding and appreciation of the basics. From her is all the troubles and of disorderly life. Separation has reached extreme limits. War is everywhere and in everything, and even within families. Kali Yuga ends in condensability darkness. Rescuing peoples will be the new home of your country. Despite all its imperfections, it adopted the framework of relations between peoples, and it will be given the greatest opportunity to lead humanity to the cooperation of all and in all. It is now incredibly difficult, because enemies about. Not the Nations enemies, but the rulers of the people, conquered the dark power through deception and money. But the power of the dark goes the end. Principles of international relations, set forth by your country, will become its unshakable foundations. Peaceful, cooperative, not hostile coexistence is established on the planet. Maintain of the cooperation all and in all. Will world peace and happiness of the people. The epoch of Maitreya of people of the happy bring.
824. (Dec. 21). In which of the future better live, in the distant, or near? But close soon will pass and will not give the special proximity of wonderful opportunities that are achievable only at the highest levels of life. So it's better to fly into the distant future, where humanity is destined to all. A closer future can be seen as a further step, followed by others, bringing with it new opportunities, but the consistency and gradualism. Cannot be achieved at once is it takes time.
825. (Dec. 22). Faith and hope are moving ascent spirit. And if hope fulfilled her purpose and advanced consciousness upwards, already has no special meaning, true or not. So much unfulfilled promise on the steps of the Stairs light! Hopes are over, but the spirit triumphant rises higher and higher. Of course, the promise of a personal nature not related to the steadfast Principles of evolution and construction of the grand plan to be implemented as the immutability. Hope for the future, built on the foundations, belongs already to be indestructible the prototype Flame of peace, and that hope rests on a solid foundation.
826. (M. A. Y.). The personal and the impersonal nature of the various records and has different meanings; more limited, impersonal personal concern all. But the records of a personal nature may be walking on the path of strong incentives to move minds, close in spirit to the painting.
827. (Guru). Distressing deeds of people, we often lose sight of the fact, that every pain brings a very rewarding experience and human cognition. Therefore, it does not become ill, and enjoy the arming of consciousness experiences for the future. Why need repeated blows by friends, blows, bringing in so much grief and suffering complications? Not that hard to understand and internalize that every point of Doctrine takes on his shoulders the cross of its imperfections and shortcomings, and with them the path goes on and from this becomes perfect yet, and for a while is, what was, and sometimes becomes even worse, until burn out there continuing his lower nature property.
828. The release occurs through contact with a Teacher of light. The light in Me became part of you. Light and darkness are fighting for dominance in man - and when the light, that in it, overcomes, that reunites him with the light Teacher and then in the light of his see My light. Victory is obtained by merging of consciousness’s. The formula of "I'm in you, you in Me" is becoming a reality, for we are all one. And then there's nothing. First I, and afterwards is of all everything. I'm in the minds of Excel. First thought-I. And then who is strong against us, United into one? So overcome by darkness-first inside, then outside. We need to understand and realize what a powerful merge minds is born. "How invincible sword shatters all barriers, equal with Bishop's consciousness". Pledge in this is of the victory. More and tenser all the fortitude achieve this merger, "but, the great darkness". Against rabies darkness is of the Light. Bipolar vision sees light from above going, and darkness surrounding. And the winning spirit of darkness does not prevail.
829. (Dec. 23). If, you check how much is left to the Teacher and how many thought, that around, and the thoughts of the ordinary, it is found that the number of first insignificant, while the latter occupy the whole field of view. That is why the Council is given in the heart keep the image of Presenter. Then if this is achieved, the thoughts of ordinary will no longer close the main. The only way out: get out of the cycle of generalities.
830. (M. A. Y.). Heavy the path not gets rid feelings in the World Aboveground. One must live down here on Earth, is still in the body. And how? The thought to lay waste the attractiveness of earthly attachments. Thinking you can build and destroy. A thought created a magnetic attraction and desire to satisfy the senses to be address, thought they and are destroyed. The main thing is not to feed them, returning to him mentally. They go off and deprived of food. And their desire be stewed and thought. And if consciousness thought owns, victory is assured.
831. (M. A. Y.). With dark thoughts need struggle, if they capture the consciousness. When the master, then it will be too late. The worst slavery – be at the mercy of the thought worthless. It is a thought. Where will the dark thoughts? After all and they have their areas where they reign supreme, is the lower astral sphere. This is the abyss, addictive in their spirits, which captured the depth of thought, infected magnetism black lights. The mastery of thought is the first condition of victory over darkness.
832. (Guru). If opposite of mental form off darkness, tries to break into consciousness and master it at least for a while, put a glowing image of a teacher of light, magnetism black fire loses its attractive force. So you can conquer darkness.
833. (Dec. 31). Solemnity is the quality desired. The solemnity was approved to establish harmony with the higher realms of space. The Stronghold becomes saturated of solemnity. In this vein, easier carry and keep in touch with her. Hustle and bustle of life denied the solemnity of routine. Stripped of Everyman its. Fussy fever on the Exchange and starry skies-what a difference! The spirit of stifle life and senseless turmoil fussy dust you shall return many forms of modern civilization. And people deprived of the power of the spirit, catch the drunkenness, drug addiction and violence. The solemnity of the passed away, left Bazaar and imprisoned.
834. (M. A. Y.). Can you help us now? Can. Like what? Her indivisible aspiration to the Focus of the light! This is supported by the network, which is the protection of the Planet Earth from the gathered darkness above it. There is no Castle standing even without one of the righteous. Light aura strength is Light and has a Planetary Network spatial significance. Service peace can occur in the absence of external activity when lit to Light the invisible heart.
835. (M. A. Y.). The future is inevitable, but you can only sign in with only free from past raids by consciousness. Without regret is left in the past, all that is not consistent with the advancing age of the cease-fire. In the new world of mankind will be freed from the remnants of the old world. War, Gore, violence, brutality, homophobia, enslaving the peoples of the weak – strong all will be left behind. A new world is coming up the New.
836. (Guru). As accomplished transfiguration of the world? In of storm, and the tempest, and in press of the events extraordinary, - and, so narrower everything is strained before the limit. But everything has is limits.
The end records 1970._______