Agni Yoga's facets, 1971 (101-250)

101. (M. A. Y.). Here, no realize some of waiting, of promises or the words. What has changed in reality? No problem. Only it is necessary to reconsider some of his mental build and hope. The dependence on external phenomena House spirit build cannot. External events do not constitute a framework. All external change incessantly, - but, no the immutable Bishop.
102. (Gury). The true student aims to saturate the planet aura Beauty. And it enriches it either man-made things, the fruits of their creativity, or mental images of beauty. And everyone can impartially and harshly ask you what he did in the case of garden decoration. No excuses are irrelevant, because no matter how adverse was the circumstances of life, thinking the man no one and nothing can prevent it. So the answer to this question must be worthy.
103. (Feb. 17). Obviousness may be dense and of Subtle worlds. Thin evidence may not exist for Earth consciousness, but vice versa. Both obviousness should merge into consciousness is harmoniously. Of reality fiery is over of them. Both evidences, being Maya generations of both worlds, can't apply for recognition by their reality not qualifies pretend for recognition of their reality. And yet to be reckoned with them as people, not knowing the truth, lives in them and by them. Evidence of the world terrestrial is very real. You can't deny it, because it is. But to understand transistorizes and knowing that she is nothing like the Maya; the student should learn to experience life. It is the very essence of the Mai must recover one sight spirit, established on the bases. Basis – not Mai, they are a solid foundation for building houses the spirit. They are timeless and are independent from Maya both worlds. In the shell or body may be individuals, foundations remain intact. Hierarchy of light not Mai, but is the reality of fiery it. Dropping the dense body, advanced student sees clearly all the transitoriness of earthly existence and prepared to abandon the illusions subtle world. The Kingdom of light is not of this world; and not from the astral world, but above it. Challenge the student is to rise above the illusions of all worlds, whatever he may be, shell and touch the reality of higher Worlds.
104. (Guru). Without belief it is impossible, but what such there is a belief? The belief is a presentiment and an anticipation of fiery reality and the spirit engine to its tops. Milestones on a way to its understanding are placed by the Teacher, planning the knots of events having special value both in life of the pupil, and during world events. People, judgment to terms, depend on them. Together with the statement of term miraculousness is included into life of those who showed the fidelity up to the end, despite terrestrial Maya ardent evidence. Truly, the belief such moves spirit and approaches it to Hierarchy of Light. The lord Told that Will come. Believed the Word of the Lord will see and Light will concern.
105. (M. A. Y.). Break the chains of obviousness are not easy and tight are not easy. After all, it is necessary to maintain the vigilance, the sharpness, the hardness and ability to stand firmly on his feet on the ground. Balance these opposites in the consciousness particularly intricately and not under of rower of the ordinary thinking. But one who did Light Exercises Bases his life and has firmly established itself on them, one can properly resolve and uphill this dilemma.
106. (Feb. 18). In modern literature the time lost its former importance. And if the author refers to the past, it is now as if the current part, the past exists in the present. And diversity of actions is also typical as it applies to the other worlds and the world of Subtle takes part on an equal footing with dense. Literature of the future will be free from the power of the tight world and its exceptional value. The action will be described in its entirety, out temporary and links to other worlds. Now little thought about the kind of engagement takes thought and therefore a mental world in human life. But soon realize and thought and its creation will take a clear participation and the participation of the not negated, in all actions. Photographing the radiation the human body will point to thoughts and emotions, and finally fancies will be highly sensitive film. Expands scope of visibility, and Slim will go down in World human consciousness as a scientific and accepted reality.
107. (M. A. Y.). In the world of earthly Teacher needs strong and loyal disciples to do his will. Those who wish much: and walking, and be interested Teaching, and the reading and even of the admirers, but aides and performers Will Him little tremendously. True, falls, and often operate through ordinary people, but the cost of energy is great. Need artist equal, unswervingly established on the Lord. But they are so few, and do not always allow them to reveal the terms of their forces. We will assume, unless external circumstances do not permit – allows you to accumulate strength and knowledge, and experience to be fully prepared when the hour strikes. And when you hear a Call, you cannot stand still.
108. (Guru). On the significance and value of the human evolution can be judged by heredity, which left it to future offspring. It turns out that's not what he ate or drank and got dressed, and what was his financial well-being, whether it is healthy or sick, happy or unhappy, in short, all that was his personal life has value, but what leaves people behind people for their use, to saturate their consciousness of spirit, meat is a valuable and significant. This great value works of art and manuscripts that contain gems, thoughtfully and carefully collected from his spatial thought; the good of creators and the good collectors for true of spirit, feeding the world. A beautiful pattern of spirit, leaving the man after oneself on Earth, serves of the decoration the garden earthly. Great idea, well thought-out, heartfelt, well executed and deliberately sent into space but not recorded, has the same meaning as recorded on paper, as is the perception of a sensitive spirit.
109. (M. A. Y.). Right think about Those, Who are above you, that They Might be poor in you hell, when they are in extreme suspense, the limit of human rower. And your support can be very substantial and necessary, because sometimes only one drop can fill up to the brim with juicy Bowl. But all come to take. And so rare those few, coming, so that to give away their powers and combine them with Bearing an on oneself disproportionate Burden of the Earth. The good them, bring their power by construction a Great Future. This is the true helpers and staff of light.
110. (Guru). In the teachings very much talks about cooperation with the Hierarchy of light, but how this one-sided collaboration is! Believe that it is to take and absorb without constantly measures the precious Fire power of Hierarch. So most and fits. So rend the admirers of Ramakrishna. Many, many times and you feel extreme exhaustion forces in contact with those who considered themselves followers of the Teachings. Appreciate the gift-bearing his coming and in the common good. They can receive by law, as there brought their gifts. Also it is very important to communicate and bring their gift. And pitchers then and baskets are filled with the gifts of the spirit then legal. Everyone brings his gift gets lawfully but "according to the full". Benefit you, protects every drop of the precious relics of Fiery Rower.
111. (Feb. 20). If even the big Perfume did not withstand the temptations of earthly allure’s, what to talk about people the usual! Because, not in prosperity, abundance, contentment or earthly glory, but the misery and suffering which the spirit in his aspiration to the light. True and the glory of the terrestrial is a great temptation, but its karmic ally special case. Wellbeing especially deadly acts on impulse. Why somewhere when everything is sought and a life go filled with satisfaction the common desires! And when it ends, where to go one incarnation, never mind beyond the old tight encirclement? He has no place to go. Dim and gloomy existence is necessary to such successful inhabitant. What and how people will live there, never gave his personal barn and never think of life aboveground and blankly denied it? Where did this mindless horror of death? Ignorance has created it. We are knocked on hearts that they opened understanding of reality. "But the human spirit is silent, causing inevitable karmic blows. How to stop the madness of poisoners, Destroyers, the haters and killers seeking to destroy, blow up and destroy the planet! To save Earth, have to sacrifice someone and something, and the resulting forces fracture to forward to them the same. Someone will have to suffer.
112. (M. A. Y.). Are you coming with us to the Lord, you know that serious works for the common good and salvation of mankind does not escape and the world aboveground. With this consciousness and come to the idea of moving the great frontiers. Fatigue observed in the portrait, or rather trapped in the expression of eyes, and is a result of these serious works and collaboration with the Hierarchy of light. Cooperation with her not to sing carols and glorifications is expressed under the canopy of trees in the gardens of paradise, but in work and in the strongest strain of all the forces of the spirit. However, rest and we have, but right now time is like when not necessary to think about the rest. All Intensity defends the planet, and everyone who is helping them so hard in the amount of your consciousness and proximity to Focus light.
113. (Feb. 21). Evidence of the dense world, evidence Thin, reality of the dense world, Thin – how to distinguish them from each other and how not to get confused in Maya networks if from the known point of view Maya is the all shown world, Great Game of Mother of the World! The ruined banker is shipped in Maya of despair of the dense world. The deceased villain shipped in horrors of deeds and enduring them strongly in World Aboveground is shipped in Maya of the astral world. «The factory which hasn't taken place on Earth", but constructed in the Thin World, and other constructions higher, mental, about is already the phenomena of the world mental. And all this is ardent Maya. But Great Spirits, being in a body terrestrial or on other plans, in other covers, Can see reality of all three worlds. What it? Who can tell even if Arhat never Claims the pansophy, omniscience and an everywhere-existing. Evidence and reality is extremes, the ant provision of two poles of a thing uniform. The consciousness human gradually moves ahead from one pole to another. The pansophy, omniscience and omnipotence are a highest top of achievements of spirit, achievable neither on Earth, nor in the Worlds because Boundlessness has no and doesn't know the end. But the way to ascension to this top is laid by Carriers of Intimate Knowledge which Overcame Maya deceptive mirages and Learnt reality fiery in the limits reached everyone. And the pupil directs strong to dumping "a tatter of a false commonness" that as far as it in forces it, to replace evidence with understanding of reality and to find forces to tell at the critical moments of his life, to tell with probably fuller understanding of these words: "The Maya, recede".
114. (M. A. Y.). The teacher Helps, but always within the bounds of karma. And not always this assistance comes in the form, and not always it weak. Despite requests, it also happens that does not release the Teacher from severe or unpleasant tests that cause the suffering does not exempt because they are the most immediate steps climbing the spirit, and not climb without them. Do not consider the test a penalty, but never actually know firmly and unswervingly, what each achievement power is taken, and the higher it is, the greater the fee.
115. (M. A. Y.). Who what deserved, that and has that. Pressure from below causes the approach from below. Resolution of all is in the spirit. Life in World Aboveground brighter, more intense, fuller and is deeper than rough terrestrial experiences, but it is necessary that compliance took place. We correspond elements of the cleared highest conductors. And the one who wants to become even closer, has to pay to clarification even more attention and work. From the past stretch much, no appropriate they reached step. It is necessary to reject it and to exempt consciousness from insalubrious freight. Is for the sake to take some pains; pleasure of Communication with Spirits of Light above all. Heavily and burdening communication with the majority of to whom it is necessary to adjoin in the world dense, but it and is the victim or indulgence and a donation of subjects, Light in whom else inflamed insufficiently. It also is Light execution in conditions "lives terrestrial". "Let's work for Light and Hierarchy".

116. (Guru). So, with the new power you can go up against the onslaught of the furious spirit of darkness. In the world now clash polarities reaches its climax. Dark shed their masks. Openly go on the offensive against our Homeland. Who raise their hand? The latest battle is over a glorious victory over all enemies of her Homeland, although they are rich and strong, and have gathered all the strength to crush her. But they are short of hands. Army of Light and Hierarchy the Good is on the party of the New Country.
117. (Feb. 25). (M. A. Y.). "Shell dims the knowledge of spirit". But that obscures the shell? Spatial trouble and disbalance, approved on of Earth. All this is perceived by the body and disturbs its equilibrium. Instead of perceiving the harmonic current perceived disharmonic. Health and suffers broken psyche. Mankind is groaning under the weight of its own generated effects and, not knowing how to get rid of them, brings an even bitter. The atmosphere is saturated by gases which are the creatures of planetary degradation. The situation is desperate; because people do not want to create instead of destroy. The inevitability of cataclysms is called stubbornness and unwillingness to turn to good and light.
118. (Feb. 26). Bipolar vision allows you to see both poles of the things United, lets you see and two-polar essence of man, and not only see, but also determine the way the energy of both poles and scented, whether dark energy dominates or light poles. Words: "better to know friends, rather than harshly be touched the masks" – belong mainly to the conscience that possesses bipolar vision when almost unmistakably weighed the pros and cons of a person and is valid and useful it is for evolution or not. Human evaluation is one-sided, as always of course wrong. In determining the usefulness for human evolution bipolar vision makes a judgment about him just.
119. (Feb. 27). The unprepared consciousness which has come to be in the World of the Highest measurements can't normally feel; and the conductor – not a dense body, and a body the measuring. Thin signs are and on Earth, and they can be fixed in terrestrial consciousness, for example, everything relating to thought, that is almost everything or a lot of things; or memory; or perception of some feelings, such, as friendliness or hostility to aura of the stranger; or feeling of a spatial note of a present situation; or many other feel of heart. "The consciousness is a field for a meeting of all worlds". Everyone it is possible to separate one from another: taste of bread in a mouth – terrestrial, pleasure or a grief – astral, the solution of a mathematical task – mental. Everyone has the conductor. The thin body is armed with such sense organs which are similar terrestrial, burthening. And the perception of the Thin World is similar to the terrestrial: visual, acoustical, olfactory, flavoring and tactile. The same five sense organs plus the sixth sense – feeling of direct knowledge of the phenomena, developed at different people unequally (however, a sense-knowledge possess to some extent and people of Earth). But properties of a thin body others. On Earth of people creates hands, there – thought. New comers continue to create by inexperience hands. That world is very interesting to the inquisitive researcher. But it is necessary to win itself against an astral and to subordinate to will it the lowest aspirations and desires. Otherwise he will own and to involve consciousness in spheres corresponding to its desires and mental educations. And as there all sharply and brightly to singularity, it is almost impossible to oppose to them at the crude astral. The astral the subordinate is dumped quickly as superfluous. Not obeyed astral seizes the owner, yet won't settle on it the energy lit by the person on Earth. It also is Hades a flame of former beliefs. It is given to the person on belief him, that is in what believes, there it and has; that recognizes, sees because creates thought. It is attracted there where it directs. It the aspiration of the thought which is carrying away a thin body to objects and subjects of the aspirations is important. Direct to Me if to be with Me you want. Who was with Me inseparably in the thoughts in the world terrestrial that will be with Me and in World Aboveground stay in thoughts with Me. And it is possible only in the presence of feeling of love, but not any other violent and artificial ways. You love Me – both unattainable and impossible becomes possible and achievable. Miracles are created by love. The love is a fiery, invincible, victorious force. It flares if you want to reach. The highest manifestations of love to those who is dear to heart, don't limit to anything. The love is an engine of life and spirit. On a way to Boundlessness love win and you will overcome everything.
120. (Feb. 28). Given Our current Doctrine is that be Underline a new approach to the hierarchy of light. How would open the gates to a close approach. In the old Scriptures and books on philosophy, magic, astrology and other writings of this kind is not emphasized so strongly, and many don't even mention that love for the Hierarchy and heart as its mouthpiece, are key conditions of the closest approach. However, in the doctrine of Christ says this, but the State religion and sectarianism, and buried beneath heaps further this idea. Serious time-shifting races are full of extraordinary opportunities closer to Focus light. Who will now go up, much can be achieved. When the transitional time will pass and everything will go into the Bank, these opportunities will not be.
121. (M. A.Y.). "Eternal truth" that exists in all centuries remains the same unchanging Truth of life, but the approach to and understanding of the infinite number of diverse aspects are. Therefore for evolving consciousness approach to it in the course of world cognition is possible. Does not repeat nothing, and understanding the Truth of today is different from the past and from that display in the future.
122. (Guru). The richness of an interior is incomparable, and anything external can't replace it. Who do not, and no has nothing, and the accumulation of the values of the spirit, nothing that takes care not to live in that world, where man is reaping from its products and spiritual treasures.
123. (M. A. Y.). Save the faith in what is not, but that would be absolutely and clearly, as is inscribed in scrolls coming. Sense-knowledge has a presentiment of the inevitability of changing times and sees many signs. A lot of them scattered all over the place, and if all of them put together, was a striking picture of the awareness of humanity judgment him of the future.
124. (Guru). Like a huge river of life on the planet is irresistibly flowing into the future, humanity demands of Space Will manifest. Nothing will stop the flow of Celerity. There is such a force in people. And in this rescue the world. Is now intently and furiously all that should be destroyed. The fury of darkness shows at its self-doom. The destruction of the old world will be winning approval of the new world.
125. (March 2). Keep the balance above all. Harder and harder it becomes. And we should resist. Can I afford to unravel the chaos overwhelmed House spirit, erected with such difficulty? Such pillars and collapse all builds toll. But House spirit, the cornerstone of which is the Foundation Stone of Eternal Life, will survive the onslaught of founding the angry elements. Revolt of the elements – this is the essence of the moment, because it unwise smile. Cause something called, and how to manage – don't know. This is the result of lawlessness and supporters of their evil darkness. The planet is engulfed in the darkness, entire States are working to destroy. Destroyers will be destroyed. But your Homeland will resist victoriously, and everything, who with it and on its party. Can you, if you hold onto is inseparable from the Us.
126. (M. A. Y.). When the onslaught of the elements becomes especially strong in these moments is discarded any way thinking and repeated address to the Lord, and thoughts are focused only on it. This will be a powerful bulwark against chaos. This will help keep the balance.
127. (Guru). What are the qualities of the spirit of a warrior of light earlier today? Staunchness and of stability is of devotion to the end. Each moment of confrontation with darkness requires the identification of qualities, particularly conducive to winning. Unwavering durability needed to withstand the onslaught of the spatial disbalance. We will stand together and cannot be separated from the focus light. Otherwise not kept and did not resist.
128. (March 3). Passively it is impossible to treat darkness. Passivity means nonresistance, and nonresistance to darkness is a defeat. The beam is the sword dissecting darkness; it is a sword piercing dark. Like a sword, the Beam pierces each attendant of the darkness, dared to come nearer. They are impregnable until blows are struck not to them, but to performers of their instructions, orders and suggestions. Gloat over when energy of an antagonism to darkness falls upon those, behind backs of whom they hide, and, remaining unpunished and impregnable, strengthen the attempts to harm. The beam of consciousness of the attendant of Light, integrated with the Lord, "as a sword invincible", breaks all evil-trick dark, so persistently and persistently weaved round each of those who go with Us. Having received repulse and burns, dark recede and immediately try to discover new backs, having covered with which again begin the next attempts. Therefore it is impossible to calm down not for a moment, and to leave vigilance, and to rest in calm of the reached victory. The blow of a sword of spirit is struck with a firm hand undoubtedly and fluctuations, but put not on those whom they elected by the tools, but on evil-make. Why the most persistent diligence to be exempted from spiteful influences didn't bring desirable results? Yes only because dark essence remained unpunished and impregnable, and the striking thought directed, and is frequent under their suggestion, on those whom they chose as performers of the inventions. After a victory on one direction wait for attempts from another, trying to provide if probably, in advance, from where there can be a new of evil-trick. The one, who was once the performer of dark suggestions and did the harm, can be again used by darkness. Use all, both foes, and friends. Staunch vigilance show in the course of opposition and an antagonism to darkness. It is especially difficult to fight when the darkness elects you’re not sharp-sighted friends by objects of the suggestions and works through them, having put on a cover their eyes. How many blows were necessary to accept through those who, apparently, are devoted to the Doctrine, but fell under mental influences of the dark? We call our people soldiers and just because against intrigues of darkness they should battle incessantly both at night and in the afternoon. The prayer about that the eye of the person opened on good, needs addition about vigilance – about that it wasn't blind.
129. About dark, ordinary people hiding behind backs, It was spoken long ago. Are dangerous that work from the astral world and aren't visible to an eye terrestrial. It was spoken, I Repeat, long ago. But it is necessary to Speak again because the fog of oblivion and misunderstanding of the events is consciously filled by them to remain unpunished and freely to continue to harm. Ordinary people are a board behind which the angry hide. But in fight the striking blow of a sword falls not on a board, but on the one whom behind it. This is basic rule the fight. Why so often it is broken? Why influence directs on weak-willed performers of evil dark will? Why it is allowed, exactly thanks to it, further, all amplifying opportunity dark to continue spiteful acts? After all if the blow of a sword gets wide of the mark, the purpose remains not struck.
130. (March 4). When the seeker light begins to approach its Focus, covers all the hidden inner Light essence of man. Everything comes to light that until then was based in consciousness depths. And it begins to seem that man has become even worse than it was before. Mistake is that he identifies himself with its concerning requiring the satisfaction of lusts, whereas in reality they are not themselves a heap of triads, his Supreme Incarnation I, but are concentrated in the raw, the lower its shells and are mastering, curb and subjecting himself to the will. Will can tell them: "you, My continuing properties that do not have a" Me "you are Me, I am not afraid of you, will not give you to own Me, differentiate you from yourself and give burning all your excessive desire and craving. When it is said and confirmed on the ground, fighting between the lower and the upper Duada that occurs after the liberation from the dense body, ends with a quick victory for the Highest and lowest conductors-free spirit, or rather, consciousness, connects with the Highest rises in scope and Triad, where it is already beyond the earthly attachments. But the forces find themselves firmly and authoritatively say its final word lasting properties by being burned to death; we have on Earth, to Light the wings could swing freely.
131. (M. A. y.). There are no such conditions, even the most serious, and late in that cannot be used for the ascent of the spirit. Only be staring into the heart of the lights burned brightly, and the Image of the Teacher of Light was constantly over domestic eye heading toward the spirit. In the end, all ardent, severe living conditions – a fleeting dream, illusion and the bright moments of Mai sham. In the despair of earthly spirit of looking to see that all this is just climbing stairs for him that all the stones on which steps a foot above the raucous flow. Where burden, caring, thrills and disappointments of the distant past? And where is the past? Passed, and what will take place before your eyes, will be held today and what will be tomorrow. But won't pass a next world to which the spirit is directed, won't pass the Basis, and "any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet". The consciousness is confirmation on no transient, before Focus of Light will reach.
132. (Guru). Why to be encumbered with fragments of the past and proofs of that is incontestable for sensitive heart. All these proofs were necessary and necessary now for the ignoramuses esteeming not spirit, but a letter of the writing and ready quarrel a throat to each dissident and not concordant with conditional, stiffened, and is frequent also wrong dogmas of the become lifeless religions. Our Way is to Light. We go "without baggage of finished times". Correctly you consider that your way lies away from the blazed roads.
133. (March 5). Going on a trip, man takes with it different things – many who have little but takes each. Going beyond Borders, who knows not great with him nothing and moves free of all earthly things, leaving them all on Earth and not burdening them unconscious. This is done easily, if possession of terrestrial things not burdened a sense of ownership. Easily and joyfully enters it into the world above ground, not taking anything and knowing that there's nothing you need to. But apart from the things of Earth, there is also the mental baggage, consisting of savings is not the physical order. The whole thing takes away from a person, if it is not understood how to consciously and resolutely not jettisoned everything from the darkness that is harmful, that plagued and that consists of the terrestrial lust, passions, vices and all negative properties. To be definitively and entirely free from worldly attachments, all these negative accumulation should be cast aside, but still in the body. Drop there is hard and difficult, as all allure are exacerbated to the extreme and take concrete, visible form. And if people couldn't stand them on Earth, then there's a lot more difficult. Let the spirit of looking to the light, tight purpose on how he and better soon throw off everything that can hinder him to climb towards the light.
134. (M. A. Y.). Faithfulness in their feelings towards those with whom the spirit tied up forever is essential for communicating with them. Short of feelings the Earth. How fast they are dying away normally. Do not go beyond the number of years or the life of the body. But when they are transferred to the spirit, the sense of these you can consolidate, strengthen and flown far ahead, beyond dense existence: the world of Subtle and above and even in the new incarnation. So is building the bridge, linking from the happiness of life to distant shores fire.
135. (Guru). Yes, Yes, Yes, I assert the inevitability and constant watch, inevitability and constancy of combat through the power of the dark that surrounds each Light Warrior and insists his win. If any of the Exercises involving senses or knows means his twinkle and resistance is weak the darkness is. But the torch lit will always heart to dark attacks. Vigilance is needed and the waking mind and night and day. Otherwise, do not resist.
136. To realize and keep spirit youth – big achievement. Speak: spirit young or old. But in physical sense the spirit never grows old, the spirit is eternally young. We know the deep aged men who have kept this rightful youth of spirit. We know young, but bent an old age, lost a spirit thread rather lost spiritual contact. Some people feel that internally they don't grow old that life in them boils, and to them even it is strange that a gray hair and wrinkles speak to them about an old age. But it is an old age of a physical body. The spirit is eternally young and never grows old. If to realize it and to transfer life to spirit area, an old age, even death any more won't take away exulting pleasure of a victory over an old age and death.
137. (March 6). Enjoy bowls of poison earthly – the lot the aspirational spirit. But why is it so? It rises above the level of consciousness of ordinary life manifestations and feels and sees more. As well as spiritually it above the ordinary people, the pressure surrounding the inevitable imperfections. This is the entrance fee into the higher realms. Many of spirit that doesn’t stands up and seek oblivion in wine or other extremes. But that's not the way out. Output to withstand the onslaught and resist to the end. This condition is expressed by the formula "having been modified until the end will be saved." Difficult it is enduring, that is carrying the Burden of Earth. And the higher spirit, the heavier Burden. Long said: "who wants to go with Me, take up his cross and follow Me". And going for the Bishop takes on their shoulders not only the imperfection of their own, but others too.
138. (Guru). In that difficulty of a way also consists that the pleasure of the first contact with Light is replaced with contact thorns with imperfections of life. And they it is very prickly. And whom hunting bears on itself of thorns crown of service to Light – but this narrower the feat. But where the heroes of spirit wanting it! So, fiery aspiration to Light and a feat aren't separable one from another.
139. (M. A. Y). Imagine the inhabitant who is vaguely trusting in something, passed to the World Thin. The feeling of confusion is great and prevails over other feelings. He never reflected on posthumous existence, he was afraid even to speak or think of death, he lived entirely terrestrial interests. Even that the distorted religions give, is better, than denials as in such religions nevertheless something remained from ideas of World Aboveground. But all the same position of such new newcomer the very unenviable. Any time has to pass before the consciousness will start adapting to new conditions. But the poor harvest is reaped by the one who with itself brought nothing.
140. (Guru). The consciousness approved on Bases, unshakably. Around everything flows and changes. Around it can be good or bad, successful or unsuccessful; it is quiet or disturbing, nourishing or hungrily. But Bases – out of a transient external, changing constantly. They aren't subject and to influences of whirlwinds astral. It is possible to lean on them always when threateningly, it is disturbing, uneasy or gloomily around.
141. (March 11). The wrong actions of the person made under the influence of his weaknesses, shortcomings and defects, as the thoughts which have caused such actions aren't so dangerous. They are dangerous that continue to live and influence beget at least he and ceased to allow actions. Action can stop and be not to allow but how destroying the bad thoughts arisen earlier and sated with black fire! Expelled from consciousness today, they come back tomorrow, the spaces strengthened by the megaphone and increased in the force. It is wrong to think that abstention from acts will exempt from thoughts generating them. But it is correct to believe that release from similar thoughts stops offenses caused by them. There is a question: how to be exempted from thoughts unusable how to get rid of their attractive force? There is a lot of ways. Here one of them: the addict attracts and attracts the feelings endured from drug. But if to think to begin as indulgence of this weakness destroys will, kills consciousness and destroys the person and as he slides in a chasm, losing opportunity to rise, force of a oppose can rise in shower and it spirit will be able to rise and dump this horror from itself. In other words, it is necessary to imagine up to the end to what will bring finally indulgence of this or that weakness which is expressing in an assumption in consciousness of thoughts unusable, to understand that the payment for similar thoughts is so great and inevitable that it is better to reject the resolute power them, for the present not late and while they still entirely didn't seize consciousness. There is no more gorsy and hopeless condition, than such phenomenon when dark, dirty and heavy thoughts completely and gloomily seize consciousness when the person, their mister, beget and the lord, becomes their weak-willed and pity slave. And how many spiteful eyes of dark substance from the Thin World gloat over spitefully, enjoying that their diligence to strengthen these dark thoughts led to consequences wished to them. It is better to start stopping useless thoughts right at the beginning, than to struggle with them when they grew and became much stronger. But, how were strong they, of fight begin never not late, if not passed the limit, when the person before them is powerless.
142. (M. A. Y.). Terrestrial and astral gravitations are very various, but at all their variety one is undoubted: they are concentrated in the lowest four of the person and attract him down. Them stopping, leaves consciousness access for attractions of the highest, going from the Highest "I". Fight between them is inevitable and while it happens, the victory of the Highest "I" until then is possible. Therefore it is necessary to welcome pleasure of the fight which is giving the chance of a victory; our soldier simultaneous and the continued fighter for all, that from Light inside him and outside.
143. (March 13). It isn't necessary to lose feelings of our Proximity. It is hidden, and easier than a feather feeling, but is more valid than evidence dense. Of these almost imperceptible contacts, feelings and sense-knowledge there is a spirit life that when time will come, to become reality of brighter, than Maya all dreams terrestrial. Therefore we will pay attention to these it is thin to notable contacts and we will understand that they proceed over dense conditions. The phenomena of the Thin World in terrestrial too are instant. But they are, as well as the Thin World with all wealth and a variety of its contents. Undoubted it isn't denied. Denials of ignoramuses have no value. Their fate in World Above person is pity and sad. Wealth it, of beauty and the variety of it’s of paints and of forms – for those, who recognize it, but not for negate dark. Whether it is strange that dark, especially big degrees, perfectly know about existence of the Thin World, but hold this knowledge for itself, diligently caring of that it didn't reach people and wouldn't set them thinking on value of this fact. It is much easier to them to work then from the astral world and to harm, remaining invisible and unpunished owing to denial by people of their existence. Cruelly it is necessary to pay for ignorance and denial. And so it isn't enough of those who really knows the truth and can bear in life this torch of knowledge.
144. (M.A.Y.). That can replace and to what it is possible to compare pleasure of feeling of Proximity of the Highest! And as it is necessary to protect and protect this feeling! There are no substitutes to it among feelings terrestrial – incorrect, deceptive and passing. In the words "The Lord is unchangeable" it is necessary to manage to catch this durability of feelings unchangeable in time and the relations of the one Who Conducts, durability which isn't depending on constantly changing external conditions or movements, occurring in covers. Once these movements will stand and covers will be dumped. But communication with That Who Conducts, remains not broken even death of temporary covers.
145. (Guru). Believing the contrary evidence of dense in shining, bright future for the Earth, mankind by decision judgment Lords, will advance the future of an Arhat. Great gloom, who has encircled the planet, but the light is going great. And the greatness of the Light will win the great darkness. So, you can calmly and firmly go ahead, knowing that there is no power on Earth that can resist the power of the Cosmic will.
146. (March 14). Invasion of chaos proceeds on all manifestations of life. Climatic the disorder, unbalance of consciousness’s, diseases, the international tension, economic crises – all this the phenomena of the same reason. And not to find rescue in measures usual. The decision is in the spirit. But the spirit is rejected. Spatial Beams of the Distant Worlds will come people rescue, but the acceptability mankind is necessary. Denials are equivalent to an antagonism. Hearts human to acceptance of the Highest influences are closed, and to interfering chaos of barriers isn't present. Harmony, balance, coherence and acceptability of the principles of creation, construction and the accord with Space Laws of life will be an antipode to chaos. If people don't address to Light and Life, but will prefer destructions and death – accidents not to
147. (M. A. Y.). Ritual ablution is of great importance. Each dwelling needs airing, cleaning and the contents as it should be. Especially, theis body is a spirit dwelling. The human laboratory of a body gives a lot of garbage and the toxic fulfilled agents. If carefully not to delete them, there is an organism self-poisoning. The liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs are the bodies bringing out of a body fulfilled products, as well as skin. And the last needs everyday cleaning, or ablution. Many diseases occur from skin dirt when the time littered with poisonous deposits can't breathe. Cases of painful death when owing to a body covering air-tight paint of people choked are known and died because the body couldn't breathe. Fatty deposits of dirty skin are especially harmful. It is so necessary to clear intestines, kidneys, a liver, to wash out of nose-gullet, eyes. Many diseases arise from body self-poisoning therefore the care of maintenance of purity, internal and external; a physical body is an essential task. To usual clarification of intestines it is possible to add regular reception of baking soda which possesses ability to neutralize many poisons which are forming in an organism owing to the different reasons: food heavy, the air poisoned with gases, the musty, pro-growing mould atmosphere of the dwelling. To all this it is necessary to specify about need to keep clean the thoughts. Many emotions, for example: the anger, irritation, concern, fear, despondency, envy cause formation of poisonous chemical compounds, or substances which terribly affect vital normal departures of a body in an organism and generate various diseases.
148. (Guru). Struggle for the salvation of mankind is the struggle against ignorance that is with ignorance. One must simply strive to make people more aware of the simplest things, so you want to live a healthy, normal and harmonious. For example: on the harm of binge eating, smoking, drinking and dirt like in everyday life and on the body, clothes, and, most importantly, in your thoughts.
149. (March 15). The main thing is not to interrupt aspiration. It is very difficult because of a randomness rushing from everywhere into consciousness. Disbalance, shaking a planet, gets into all areas of life. But harmony and balance is of chaos antipodes. They should be held that to collect forces for randomness opposition. And it is impossible to rely on anything because all fluctuates. And "the Hierarchy Ladder" is firm only. It is possible to lean on it and to grasp it. Otherwise how to resist! And it is impossible to rely on human words. "Don't hope for sons human". As it is possible to rely on the one who can't rely on itself. Ardent instability, contradictions and variability you observe in people. It isn't necessary to attach significance to their emotions, feelings and experiences because they are replaced so often and precede so roughly that, as they say in the people, "on each sneezing on you greet". Only you try to console in heart in one as this is forgotten and there is other, absolutely opposite, depriving values and sense previous experiences. It is impossible to plunge into arrhythmy of these violent swings of an astral. Therefore I Speak: you store balance, without catching astral fury of people around. Accept everything strongly quietly, transferring this tranquility disturbing you. Too there is a lot of concern around that it was possible to be infected with it without harm for them disturbing.
150. (M. A. Y.). Now first of all care of how to sustain surf waves. It is possible to resist only in spirit towers. On them direct waves, breaking all on the way, all weak and unstable. Long ago it was spoken about time it. Here it came. Adjoin closely; it is inseparable to the Basis of everything, to Hierarchy of Light. Why, the ruch the surf one must hold out to the end.
151. (Guru). Who waits and waited, thinking logically repose sweet and rosy dreams about what there is and what is not could, doesn't understand what the great Parish is a great tension and all the forces of the spirit, inevitable and desired voltage with an ambitious change of Cosm0-spatial conditions of the Earth. And the closer to the Hierarchy, the greater Focus will this tension and the more work and effort will have to make a great work on the transformation of human consciousness. To this great, self-denying work and above prepare oneself.
*152. (March 16). We collect of thoughts around the Teacher, - the restlessly space. Power the antagonistic current affects the consciousness, affects the body and causes a sensation of instability; hard time, in bridled the darkness. Keep for us as for a lifeline in a stormy sea. Break away-then die. Understand the danger of the moment. Help, help, help, but wire spirit is fixed at both ends, your, and our, like bridge, used across the chasm. Fixing or building on your side should be strong; about our no worries.
153. (M. A. Y.). The order of Unity categorical and of violation not is liable. Finally, we need to understand the unusual time, when thinking of the Hierarchy can relate so far that come close to the force is no longer enough, - revolt the elements. Planetary degradation is reaching the limit.
154. (Guru). In the spirit of be going to be together.
155. (M. A. Y.). Care of holding achievement. The darkness rages, feeling Blessing the Highest. Hand Giving we will honor understanding which let is expressed in thoughts, words and actions. Let's strengthen feeling and Proximity understanding.
156. (March 18). The confusion in the world shaken to the basis will be great. Knowing can help because it will be allowed it to light up the power light of understanding distraught crowds. Spirit towers rescue will be people and a support strong.
157. The knowledge of the events gives of the tranquility, because were warned and prepared. At sudden confusions people unconsciously and instinctively address to the strongest and are grouped round it. The same occurs and at space cataclysms or the unclear and terrible space phenomena. At the last the word explaining will be especially valuable and necessary. To deny as if with impunity Bases it is possible in usual conditions, but when will hesitate for a time ground and unclear powerful fiery signs will act obviously, denial, ignorance and darkness any more won't help. Then looks of distraught and confused people of Earth will start looking for those who will help them to explain a display and the obvious, not denied certificate of that by them was always denied. Both it is necessary to go, and it is necessary to help, and it is necessary to dispel a fog of denials and to explain existence of the undoubted.
158. (M. A. Y.). Association of the worlds will overturn usual idea of the world and a lot of things will change in a root. Many phenomena of modern life become unacceptable and impossible, for example: wars, either exchange speculation, or murders. There is intelligent a life and all dark and destructive phenomena will lose meaning and appeal. Also people that responsible will understand obviously everyone for everything: for words, for acts, for thoughts. Life will change, of Light, both the world and goodwill in the people will enter into it will be approved on suffered much Earth.
159. (Guru). Waiting for dear and welcome guest the room is cleaned, swept and ordered. Waiting for the Messenger, either Teacher, or special phenomena and signs spirit house prepare respectively. On preparations it is possible to judge gravity of expectation. Also there is a wish waiting to ask everyone: whether I am ready?
160. (March 19). Covers have to be rather cleared that the spirit could work in them freely. Through dirty and muddy glass the pure ray of light can't break the through. Going time will demand the appendix of all strength of mind, and all interfering it is eliminated. And completeness of Communication too depends on that, covers, and in particular the astral are how cleared. Even small the disbalance is shaken by the sensitive and distinguished conductor and disturbs contact. On control of feelings it is necessary to pay special attention. There is to anybody no advantage of not constrained experiences, and first of all to the most worrying. At Us the broken tranquility reins full, nothing. I will go on about tranquility and balance while they won't be approved. Also it is necessary to recognize nevertheless that dark many works and efforts apply to that they took place. Really, genies help to build the temple – the spirit house.
161. (March 20). Despite everything, the care has to be keeping balance and not to come off Us. Loss of balance means also communication loss. Both it is easier to show self-control, and restraint when balance was approved. Intense vigilance let display and in that both words and feelings were under continuous control. Hardly is it given, especially constancy. On inconstancy and inability of people around to dominate emotions it is possible to study. Constancy We Refer to the category of very high qualities. But love – the winner fiery – above all.
162. (M. A. Y.). The love to the Chosen Shape can be strengthened so that in its flame will fuse without the rest all that is subject to a get rid. And that, on what a number of unreasonable efforts is required for a get rid, in a flame of this feeling burns down easily on of heart fires. Therefore the love the winner of fiery is called. The magic is cancelled. The feeling of love is unfamiliar to it. Therefore its formulas became lifeless and coloring changed. Neither the Christ, nor Saint Sergiy mages not be. And how the spirit can be put in dependence on formulas stiffened when victoriously creates live fire of heart? When Christ Redeemer Speak about love, He meant powerful, all-conquering fire of heart because the love is Fire. In comparison with it all other fires are as though subordinates. If you want to go victoriously on the way, against everything win love. Don't forget that it is a magnet which force is insuperable because doesn't know restrictions life, neither death, nor time, neither space, nor past, neither present, nor future. The lord Told: "You love Me – and you will double force".
163. (Guru). The words "transformation fiery" specifies that process of a transmutation happens on fires, spirit of the lit. Died heart, live dead persons, don't know fires of these. It is allowed to burn with heart not so many; but all those who left light memory of itself in the history of mankind, burned with heart. This immortal fire is imprinted in all great works of art, on pages of the writing of great poets, writers and philosophers. It still burns under mountains of the latest heaps and on pages of the Conglomeration, and in places only smolders, ready to go out again to inflame when precepts will be cleared, and litter all alluvial is devoted to burning.
164. (Guru). How many years burn aspiration fire, accumulating and crystallizing of oneself energy! By number of years and an aspiration unquenchable also you judge consequences. And what can't be reached suddenly, is reached in time if the persistence and constancy are shown.
165. (Guru). Where to run, where to look for salvation? Salvation is neither here nor there, but only in the towers of the spirit. And blessed be he who has built and strengthened them unswervingly on the solid foundation of the Teachings of life.
166. (March 23). The intelligence can accumulate a lot of scientific knowledge. It is theoretically possible to collect big baggage of knowledge of philosophy and on spiritual bases. And still the most important still have a step of development of consciousness, a condition of conductors and as far as practically, vitally, in application, Bases of the Doctrine of Spirit, ancient as the world, and lying in the basis of all true Doctrines are acquired. Therefore first of all, before all theoretical provisions – practical performance of Precepts of the Teacher: purity of consciousness, mastering by, management of the thoughts, release from all insalubrious freight, constancy of aspiration, devotion, love and other qualities of spirit, without which existence all theoretical knowledge – anything. Without clarification of heart and mastering by feelings they will bring to darkness. Not on intellectual accumulation, but the Teacher Determines essence of the pupil and suitability of his evolution by luminosity of aura. Who wants to promote really on the way and to reach something, accumulation one only of theoretical knowledge will reach nothing. It is necessary not only the nobility, but also to manage to apply knowledge in life. Therefore the apprenticeship way is so difficult. Therefore there are a lot of invited and so few elite, it is a lot of not reaching.
167. (M. A. Y.). It is easier to read all books of the Doctrine, than to force itself not to say any excess word during at least several days; from here the big distinction between the theory and practice. Preachers and mentors aren't necessary. Incommensurable it are required energy for reading of books of the Doctrine and for realization read in life. The Teacher is Truth of the Doctrine of Life that is He Personified in application to Life all provisions of the Doctrine. Here the pupil also directs to imitation in it to the Teacher. Reading and speaking about the Doctrine, but not applying it – barren flowers. Each successful attempt to put the Doctrine into practice is included in the Life Book.
168. (Guru). Distinctive feature of Carriers of Light of all degrees, from big to small, that each of them to some extent personified is and put in life Precepts of Intimate Knowledge; in it and of the contrast there from of ordinary people. But also among ordinary people there are the light spirits directing the efforts on service to General Welfare. It too the carriers of Light that haven't yet realized that they on the Way. Mankind division determines belonging of each person to darkness or of Light pole by a treatment of light and shade.
169. (March 24). Day of the Annual Holiday we will celebrate unification strengthened. As in Focus of the integrated consciousnesses the fiery are forced energy. This Holiday at the same time is also Day of the Great Decisions which consequences define both close, and the far future. Future planning – of characteristic feature of Our activity. We Send a current of energy to the necessary course. And where, our opponent prepare huge explosion, We Break their forces on trifles and we take away them in the directions which were less dangerous. Your Homeland under review Ours. We Guard it and we Respect. Focuses of tension flash, but We Take away they and we neutralize. At all its imperfections – the future behind it as imperfections will be getting rid, and the way of evolution remains undisturbed.
170. (M.A. Y.). To this Holiday of the Community of the World in the spirit of with Us arrive and with all whom to it is directed. The unification force great is everything, who with Light; unification – in Light. And personal thoughts and affairs for a while should be set aside that the aspiration to unification was especially full. And then from it is possible to derive the new strength which is so necessary in this hard time of life of our Earth. Special days come, Focus of Light we will adjoin all strength of mind.
171. (Guru). Mindfulness of the annual Holiday is of particular importance, if it be consciously and in depth. All Intensities are combined on this day in the chorus supporting hearts. Great is the power of such a merger. By touching it and incorporating it, you can confidently and calmly and with the consciousness of its own forces already go to judgment future.
173. (March 26). "Where, two or three gathered in the Name My, there I in the middle of them! » But who in the middle of those, who gathers on two, on three or in a set in the name, for the affairs destructive or spiteful, for the sake of that not Light, pleasure, creation and the benefit people to create, but destruction, death or a grief? Who in the middle of them? Whom do they attract from the lower class of the Thin World? Who their inspirers and helpers? And as dangerously and frightful of the gathering Satan, when incarnate dark and one incarnation unite of consciously for that, so that greater the evil. And even if ordinary people, but feelings and thoughts their angry gather, what of substance they attract in the circle? Whether it is possible to be surprised that so much rage is now poured on Earth and that of dark possess of all degrees interfere in life of the incarnate. Meetings human certainly are useful if they take place for the sake of the good, construction, creative, kind purposes. But, if on the contrary, harm their bike.
174. (M. A. Y.). Once again I repeat Words of the Lord: "When you stand at a western wall, you remember that the pleasure goes". Light pleasures feeling – an antipode of dark feelings. It can be caused consciously from space in the face of the saddest phenomena. It can easily win against sad illusion of the moment because has under itself the spatial basis. Not magic it, but action of magnetic force. The astral cover can vibrate opposite feelings, but the highest spatial appeal can bridle and calm down it. The microcosm human is a laboratory for all feelings, and the benefit to the one who the will can create in it pure feelings, destroying even possibility of emergence of not light. It is necessary to understand, at last that in the microcosm of the lord – the person, but not someone or something, out of it being. Layers of pleasure exist in space of the Thin World. Having established to will the magnetic accord with them, it is possible pleasure from them scoop.
175. (Guru). People can draw pleasure from space. Can draw any feelings, both light, and dark, take according to the accord and coherence consciously and unconsciously. And, drawing these or those feelings, people and the one incarnation spirits worrying in the Thin World the same emotions attract. Association with thin substance on coherence turns out. It is worth imagining the angry person and a thin environment its eating emanations of irritation substance once and for all to stop in itself this shameful and destructive feeling. By each thought and feeling it is caused and we attract to themselves from space conformable with it vibration and the corresponding substance. That is why the continuous, vigilant and guarded patrol of consciousness is so necessary for the awakened spirit. "The person is a magnet", and magnetic force it can use consciously and purposefully.
176. (March 27). Unclear and seeming cruel a formula that "will be given to the having, and that has" will be taken away from not having also, contains the wide appendix and purely scientific basis and doesn't comprise any cruelty. It is necessary to have something that was to what to put. How to give, if not in as there is nothing to up, if it is empty inside. Therefore belief existence that the prayer or the appeal to the Highest Forces has satisfaction is required. Therefore it is required that addressing for Light had in it at least Light sparkle and addressing to dark – the evil. But if with the evil inside to ask for the help Light, results won't be, and vice versa. The attraction on affinity or compliance works. As well in the field of receiving knowledge the wishing has to bring, in this case – aspiration and ability to perceive. So, if someone wants something to reach, it is necessary to bring the, at least the smallest that was from what to begin. Even the snowball can't be knurled if there are nothing will be to begin.
177. (Guru). At unconditional usefulness of the person for evolution we won't burden this usefulness condemnation. It is necessary to know people well, but thus it is necessary to eliminate a censure element; the discussion not the censure. It is easy to remove condemnation outside because in its basis the rage and not goodwill or other bad feelings lie.
178. (March 28). The tranquility is also a board. The one, who doesn't give out the experiences and emotions and isn't paraded, doesn't give the chance to influence itself from the party and to beat in an open place. The lowered visor protects from blows. In days of a special press of darkness silence – the best safety lock. Telling a catch it allows to be hooked for consciousness, as though giving itself on favor of the winner. With friendliness it is possible to speak, but in the absence of it is better to be silent.
179. (M. A. Y.). When the press of darkness becomes intolerable, it is necessary to leave in itself, having collected energy the inside, and to wait time, without revealing itself whenever possible in anything. Even the snail goes to the sink at danger approach. Armor of the Spirit, tower of the spirit– the symbols, indicating on the property conditions of the person. Under all conditions mental energy will be the best protection nevertheless.
180. (Guru). As the leaf which has been torn off by a storm, is carried away by a wind somewhere, and the consciousness which has come off Hierarchy. It is impossible to separate, even in thoughts.
181. (March 29). Now miracles are for priests. But require a miracle, it has to be earned. It cans display in care a minute of actual needs, but never without valid reason. Know examples where the most striking phenomena not persuaded, causing only doubts and suspicions. Miracles are but an entirely different order, and fade in front of them, even the most amazing phenomena. Once you had to demonstrate different phenomena, but now, on the eve of external and planetary events, it would be disproportionate. Greatness of hour isn't beseemed by small things.
182. (M. A. Y). Behind trees it is possible not to see the woods. Behind a set of the small, everyday occurrences it is possible not to see unusual signs of care, love and the trust sent by the Teacher. Having missed small, it is easy to pass and great. Recognition – the ability necessary to the pupil to distinguish where it – big and where – small. Signs are given, but it is necessary to see them. Two masses don't serve the deaf, and blind even light of the sun isn't visible. So we will arm with vigilance with everything not to miss sent signs.
183. (Guru). Only ignorance can argue that synthetic rose oil, or Mint, or citric acid, or pear essence, or various juices can replace the real thing that is natural, it's the same with vitamins. The dark hand is trying to destroy the great value of the usefulness of natural vitamins and replace them with artificial, otherwise, false. The well must be fought. You cannot replace the natural products surrogates.
184. (March 30). Yes, it so: somewhere there are books where it is short, accurate, clearly and those provisions which, printed for all, contain hundreds pages overflowed with proofs, events, comments and the symbols covering from ordinary people an intimate essence are simply stated. Besides, vast proofs, both links, and scientific approach from the point of view of modern science are necessary to someone. Correctly! The essence of the phenomenon of a nirvana can be expressed in a few words: not destruction, not a non-existence, not unconsciousness, but such fiery tension of all strength of mind, intense consciousness when movement seems immovability both all temporary and passing ceases to exist for the consciousness shipped to the public. As simply also can be clearly expressed and all other basic provisions of Intimate Knowledge, but only for who return back, in darkness external, already isn't present.
185. (M. A. Y.). It's not about the characters, but that they transmit. In a moment of inspiration, you can experience the essence of a character. The Teacher can open it in brief words, but the secret is passed by word of mouth, Word of mouth. Mysterious is not written down anywhere. It can be depicted in symbols, but to them it is necessary to have a key, and not one. Why is it so? The reasons are many; one of the most distressing is that people have always killed those who tried to bring them to understanding the mysteries.
186. (Guru). A measure of truth to humans remains his consciousness; another of measure - no. That is why it is so important it expand to embrace as much of the phenomena, and to synthesize it in the understanding of the one world.
187. (M. A. Y.). Able to wait – will wait, and not able – will depart. Two expecting: one will wait, another - No. Why? It is possible to expect differently. One in patience and trust will save up experience and to collect knowledge, another – to spend in vain Agni and, erecting eyes up, to speak about what doesn't know and in what doesn't trust. Great expectation happens in silence, work and solemnity at immutable knowledge of approach of what should be. The one who wants to wait, let will learn how it is necessary to wait.
188. (Apr. 1). At a particularly important time of life of the planet people are especially deaf and not responsive to what's going on. The same is true in individual lives. At turning points, when the higher planes are changing their fate, they do not smell and do not see anything, and only shows the definition of a change.
189. (M. A. Y.). Evolution isn't considered with death and sufferings of certain people. It isn't considered with death of the whole states, and the people, and even civilizations; death of a form – anything. The life animating a temporary form, can't be lost because passes to the following. But all forms are doomed to death by the essence of the manifestation. Birth, the bloom and of death is fate of all manifestations in the nature, of planets and whole the star systems, inclusively. Destruction of temporary forms doesn't stop evolutionary development of a tide of life.
190. (Guru). That's going to happen. Fall asleep, there will be one, wake up – more. And few who comes to the essence of what is happening. 1936 year eluded attention sets. And it was the turning point of the world.
191. (Apr. 3). The worse person than the more tormented and afflicted his body, the stronger his sorrow and anguish, the stronger the blows of fate, the better for his spirit, the stronger it gets thinner and more valuable experience and savings that he brings to their highest of the triad. But that's only if people can withstand all tests. If not, is the fall spirit. History indicates that outstanding people are geniuses, heroes, prophets and the carriers of light had a very serious condition. With very few exceptions is martyred, killed and massacred. In other words, the path of light is the path of suffering. And the more is given, the sharper the suffering. Consolation is that suffering is the opposite pole of joy and happiness, and, passing through one person absolutely has to go through another. In the manifest world two poles there is a manifestation of things unified.
192. (M. A. Y.). There are occult law by which the joy, light and the spark of an idea person should experience the depth of suffering, hopelessness and grief. In the ancient temples of the examinee was ripping my hair out in despair. This has happened before to him descend insight and joy and Light filled his consciousness. And now before the joy and light changes in the life of the disciple should he survive and feelings of despair and sorrow and burden his surrounded obscurity.
193. (Guru). The decision not in that, what suffering or not, and in that, what in all cases of life keep of unshakable firmness, of devotion, of the aspiration and of the spirit merit. Not the merit – to soften to a wet rag is similar. But the merit – firmly and unshakably, severely and unshakably to sustain everything till the end and not to renounce any span from the gains of spirit reached by such great works.
194. (Apr. 4). (M. A. Y.). Believe in inscrutability of ways. Know that the Lord is close. Feel invincible power of Hierarchy of Light. Also you remember that Light wins against darkness and that judgment of Light Victory already at a threshold.
195. (Apr. 6). Where big and where the small? Who will undertake to judge? Often low-slightest the reason was great events. Threads of the big and small are bound difficult. Sense knowledge only will specify by time the importance of the phenomenon. While it is better rely on Those, Who Knows. They Will specify in time, on what it is necessary to pay attention, and Will warn. Only it is impossible most appoint terms or to interpret them in own way. Only seldom or never Specify My we are exact terms and It is done it orally always. Concepts "close" and in everyday and space scale have "soon" different values. But terms limit are always exact and certain.
196. (M. A. Y.). From itself anywhere not leaves. Therefore everything that undertakes with itself has to be the highest quality. This condition will allow to be surrounded with fine thoughts and in that world where the thought dominates and where everything moves thought. People care of tomorrow, and of farther future don't want to take care; and after the future develops in the present thoughts of today. The future is under construction nowadays the thoughts projected in the far future. The future of subjects remarkably that is plastic in hands of consciousness making out it. There are no restrictions to freedom of creativity of the future. As the wizard, can cause the person in orbit a future any constructions, which once will surely be embodied in dense of evolutional forms. Knowing transfers creative energy to the future and in it builds the best evolutionary forms of life.
197. (Guru). It is interesting to note that the person can't imagine dead himself. It can present that the body, but not itself because it will stand near and to look at the dead cover. The consciousness of immortality is natural. Only the false theory of death destroys it, and the person starts denying. And as in the Highest Worlds creates thought, the thought denying creates temporary illusion of death; temporary because, being embodied by all again and again, the person continues to live, despite false recognition of death. It is spoken not about death of a form, which – the obvious fact, but about the immortal life animating temporarily this form.
198. (Apr. 7). It is necessary to accept the rhythm phenomenon as the Basis Real. As the great river steadily bears the waters to the ocean, and the rhythm approved direct spirit to the chosen purpose. And where human power hangs in powerlessness, there the rhythm force allows continuing advance. At the nature it is possible to study: it is penetrated by a rhythm from a bottom and to top. Movement of stars is rhythmical. Rhythmically the atom pulses. Heart beat is rhythmical. Change of seasons is rhythmical. All is subordinated to a rhythm. All shown Space pulses a rhythm. On this basis it is possible to build strongly and for a long time.
199. (M. A. Y.). Where something is going on in the name of the Lord, there's a ray from the creator. You cannot break away from Teacher or forget it. Crowds await each moments of forgetfulness tailed to its radiation Beam put into place and influence strong. Especially we cannot forget about this now, when the elemental disorder and disruption of planetary equilibrium reached the limit.
200. (Guru). How we in these difficult days keep all gained. Lose easily, but again it is difficult to recover remarkably. Such restoration will require multiplied efforts. Better take care to hold. Here's the winds blew and alternatively whirlwind. Hold a treasure?
201. (Apr. 8). The relativity of concepts and representations let doesn't take away from firmness of Bases. Many representations can be about details, but Bases are unshakable and invariable. On them it is possible to build strongly and for a long time. Everything fluctuates, and the chaos interferes in consciousness’s of people. Only construction on that, what unshakeable, can strongly stand, but of the constructions human - "to a whirlwind on destruction". In an extreme antiquity were able to build strong and for a long time. Pyramids and sphinxes serve as the certificate. As well creation of mind human differs on the properties. One is created strongly and for a long time, others collapse in the eyes. It was told: "The sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet". So, the creation of mind based on knowledge of firm Space Laws, is indestructible in time. Therefore I Speak: "Be approved on Bases". Already whirlwinds, and at all whirlwinds, but a hurricane rustle. How to resist under a pressure? Only unshakeable approved on Bases! It is possible not to think of details and details, but on the Stone of the Basis it is necessary to stand strong. Also it is necessary to think strong of that, "that there is a Stone of the Eternal Basis of Truth".
202. (M. A. Y.). The ray of light is farther from the source, the differentiation of its elements is stronger. But in the center all merges together. So, the aspiration to the center for the Beam leads to synthetic understanding of essence of the phenomena. And then already from the center it is possible to consider an infinite variety of the phenomena in synthetic understanding of their unity in plurality. And then not desultory, incomplete, of a universe not connected between, but uniform, harmonius whole, united by greatness of Space Laws, becomes available to understanding.
203. (Guru). Be not confused that is empty around. Terms will come – people, judgment to you in time will come also. Ways are inscrutable. But everything is good in its season. Therefore I speak: pleasure about the future strong and intimate on heart you hold.
204. (Apr. 9). It will be necessary to solve a number of difficult tasks. Here one of them: to represent people not such with what they seem and what they actually, that is to look at them, without bringing the preconditions. Or, perceive ours, the accepting. Or, thinking about far, to forget about distances separating. Or, being transferred the future, not think of the present. Or, look on visible, not separate from it invisible. Or, seeing astral disbalance the interlocutor, extinguish him the tranquility. Or, having apprehended thought of a gloom, to suppress it thought of Light. Or, having received the next blow from dark, assume it in balance full. Or, having realized in laboratory of the microcosm feeling unpleasant and undesirable, consciously to replace it opposite. So on strong-willed alternation of contrasts it is possible to temper a spirit blade.
205. (Guru). Run the constant subterfuge and lies of the dark side, they constantly are exposed to constant vigilance, alertness and self-defense. We should be on guard always, because dark creatures not asleep and watch for moments of rest and lulling to inflict another blow or even a small prick. So let the spear over the Dragon never sleeps ". As in the large and small, as the Dragon is a symbol of the dark forces in all their diversity.
206. (Apr. 10). Every morning day new begins. It brings the note and adjusts the person after the own fashion, bringing the pleasures or chagrin. The consciousness respectively reacts to them. Now time leaves the mark, and to the person becomes intolerable. But in the microcosm it is the lord; and laboratory microcosm at its order. Why to submit to third-party influences when will it is possible to cause any reaction in the consciousness. Better pleasure to cause pleasure from space, than to bend under weight of a gloom. Let's rejoice not to that joyfully around, but to that our will wants. Let her want pleasure, tranquility, balance, the world, belief, aspiration fiery, Light and strong confidence of a victory of spirit over everything that prevents it to reach this victory. The power over is given to the person, but it is necessary to come to this power consciously and the right of the primogeniture not to give anybody and anything.

207. (M. A. Y.). Human sentiment is conditional, i.e. people beforehand decide that such phenomena will be their delight, others upset. That will be up to their will. These decisions can be reviewed and resolved. Every bitter lesson of life can rejoice, because its value is greater than the size of the stomach and remains with us, while chagrin goes through. You can learn to enjoy much of what used to be unhappy about this, if it is understood that come to Earth and live not for pleasure but for the sake of accumulation and picking up valuable experience, then it will not charge more than darken. Wise is happy for that silly pet peeve. Especially rejoices when he sees that can pay off for the past.
208. (Guru). Learn to win in what is to be overcome. It is in itself, because a victory over something outside themselves will not give anything to the winner. The fruits cannot be walk away with victories outside him in the world of thin, but the victory over him – can be. External victory, of course, has their meaning and significance, but is not, as is usual. They are useful if promotes the positive qualities of the spirit, but not material acquisitions or benefits. All material, left the earthly man on Earth, but the spiritual takes a long journey with him; in this all the point.
209. (M. A. Y.). Faith in the future is saved until the end, until the future arrives. It is so strong is that time is irrelevant and cannot quench. Just by believing in the immutability of the future Were all Great Spirits. They lived by it and knew, that “the Sun and of moon pass away, but neither one iota not pass from the law, so long as no be fulfilled all”.
210. (Guru). Logically, the future is indestructible. Nothing can stop its offensive. Is finite but infinite darkness, Light. Darkness is finite because, conveying a break down, destroys and kills himself, but creative Light. This is its enduring power; because he's a winner always.
211. (Apr. 13). Personal constructions will be swept away by whirlwinds. Very darkly; the space is silent, - it is difficult to all. Clouds were condensed and hung over consciousness. It isn't visible a gleam. Everything somewhere left. What to do? Said and Repeat that the constant memorandum is necessary and the Face of the Teacher constantly has been in heart; otherwise not keep. And, if it is difficult you, where the blows are accepted in tension center? Stand more strong rocks, fire wonderful it is forced by firmness of spirit.
212. (M. A. Y.). If to you it is heavy, to us it is many times heavier. Both difficulties and cares are multiplied. Also there is no end to them. Devoted souls are rare. Approached burden and demand the help. Very few people please with true devotion and firmness of spirit are more and more occupied by itself. Exit in self-rejection. But how depart from it, if the surrounding pressed on small "I"? About burden of transitional time was specified long. It is necessary that the spirit human woke up. But he is silent.
213. (Apr. 15). Ideas don't die. They live in space though, perhaps, and are forgotten by people. But here passes any time, and they occupy again minds human and, increased in force in space, are carried out in life. Icarus tried to fly on wax wings. Passed two or more than one thousand years, and people nevertheless began to fly. So great idea which wasn't dying in space within two millennia, nevertheless was carried out, and the people who have forgotten about it for a while, remembered it again this time to apply in life. Ideas don't die. Ideas live in space and waves come back to consciousnesses human. Time for life of idea has no value. It can be realized and in the whole millennia. "In the House of the Father of monasteries there is a lot of", – the idea about the Distant Worlds both until now lives, and here already time comes, when the intercourse with far stars closely to implementation. "Ideas not only live, but also operate the worlds".
214. (M. A. Y.). In life usual many thoughts spiritualizing consciousness, cannot find expressions, but in the world mental they are reality and exist, not limited to dense visibility. They can be real wealth and, being the integral property of the person, accompany it during his stay in World Aboveground. To the person, who niches thought, there nothing live! But the thinker kind is given wonderful opportunities to carry out that on Earth it was impossible to carry out. The reality of mental forms allows creating round itself a wonderful world of shining thought; the good the kind thinker in the Highest Worlds.
215. (Guru). That from this that everything somewhere left and the consciousness appeared before an ignorance abyss. This only the rhythm alternation behind clouds of a gloom will come nearer again with a new force, at last, to become reality of the commandment fairy tale. It is necessary to wait time, remembering alternation of waves.
216. (Apr. 17). The conflict between the evidence and of reality is step to knowledge of the last. Everything in the world dense shouts against it and speaks to it: "no", but I Speak: "Yes! » It approve contrary to terrestrial visibility. I am not present because to an eye we don't see, but I with you. Here the first contradiction which should be resolved. Light wins against darkness, but the darkness surrounded and closed light distances are the second. There is a lot of them, they without number. Balance of contrasts, or ability to neutralize biners, – of the Arhat's achievement. Long ago I Told coming to Me: "Se Az Esm with you always, in all days, till the end of time". But as it isn't enough of those who accepted and I understood.
217. (Guru). Light, light, light, you say in the face of darkness. Dark circle, but adoption of the Light in the face of darkness is truth. And the truth always wins, no matter how convincing may seem a temporary triumph of darkness. She and strong that relies on visibility, but fragile, volatile and transient. But the Fiery reality on top of what the Earth's eye, she sees is unshakable, as is based on fundamentals. She claims the life of the spirit which is eternal and is secure. She said: "all truth is, things change all the time, but only the spirit abides forever, the spirit is eternal, and the eternal life and immortality-his attributes."
218. (M. A. Y.). If who wants that everything was good, quiet and safe to whom then words is turned: "Undergone it will be up to the end rescued"? And why it is necessary to undergo to escape? Why it is impossible without endure, sufferings and torments? Why Big and Great Spirits Suffered? Why tormented and killed the first Christians? And if who wants to avoid this thorny road of approach to Light, let knows: there are no two ways about it. Therefore spirit it is necessary to reconcile before inevitable and to accept a cross. Even the Lord Accepted it, the Life Cross, and courageously and unshakably Sustained its weight. Who goes its way, takes the cross and follows the Lord.
219. (Apr. 18). With Us it is hardly to enter into the accord, but, having entered, it is even more difficult to hold it. It other-worldly, but this world is filled with the sonorous voices muffling the Silent Voice of the Teacher. The impressions received from the dense world, strong lay down on consciousness while thin feelings are hardly perceptible. But, them sharp-sightedly and carefully marking out, it is possible to strengthen these receipts. The main thing – the nobility firmly also isn't denied that that world around only is invisible, but it is and takes strong part in life terrestrial. The small part of an iceberg is visible over the ocean surface, all the rest – in water and isn't visible. In the same way and the world seen by feelings terrestrial and felt them. The confidence of existence of that world gives the chance of it to study. All troubles human occur from denial of this simple truth.
220. (M. AY.). It is better not to wait, but most to seek for contact. Expectation usually inactive, but aspiration is active, and in it its force and the success guarantee. Therefore it is possible to repeat an old question: "Sitting and waiting for that you wait and how? » But the active, active, directed expectation is similar to a strong magnet because steadily brings desirable results.
221. (Guru). Scope of thought and spirit and remarkable, however, that is free of all earthly limitations. It is consciousness, not being bound by normal views. Emancipation of thought from the Dungeon of dense conditions is the responsibility of the student. Don't limit flights of thought, anything by any earthly considerations. The world of thought is that the world where everything is possible and all within reach. And it exists not as an abstraction but as a living, real and virtual world.
222. (Apr. 19). People embodied on Earth, live in dense body in the world of earthly things, but each of the embodied lives in his own world, in his separate mental environment. For example, you can take a spiritual Warrior, scientist, poet, drunkard, a drug addict, thief, the sales woman. Comparing their worlds in which they live, you can see that each of them is in contact with the concerned sectors of space and is an expression of a kind of harmony with them. It is very important to define your own world and see what areas of subtle world matches it. Status and mood are different in humans. There are moments of ascent, are falling, and this too must be taken into account. Watch the permanent need to keep under the control of the astral and not allow him to give in to the thoughts and emotions of willfully allowing him down. For years withstood artificial and devotees test their mastery of the lower nature. But it doesn't take a devotee to accurately know the condition of your consciousness and degree of light-bearer at any given moment. But knowledge is not enough-need a silver bridle spirit on feelings. When her hand clawing will avoid arbitrariness and taken advantage of diving, the path can be straight.
223. (M. A. Y.). Leo Tolstoy story "father Sergius" is that shows how cruel can deceive you man, believing that he won his astral eventually. Having believed and loosening the watch, he was suddenly being subjected to new, unbridled uprising taken advantage of the spear, "not a dormant over the Dragon", and that the decapitated head of the monster growing back again. Therefore, the doctrine says of vigilant and constant watch, which is interrupted neither night nor day, because, only then can resist the wake continued until the end.
224. (Guru). It's nice to know what a tremendous knowledge has yet to be overcome. It is necessary only to perhaps more clearly cover in the consciousness of what lay ahead, meaning that the goal was more or less clear. The characters, even the most difficult to comprehend, so good that represent a specific goal. Everything, if the aspiration is rather strong and constant is available and achievable.
225. (M. A. Y.). And it, happiness is, maybe, already close. It is necessary to believe in him. It becomes dark and dim on soul when the belief in the future dies. For Inhabitant of the desert waited for years when the inspiration of spirit will come. But if all comes terrestrial, all benefits terrestrial will come, but the inspiration of spirit won't be, to what all of them without Light which happens inside? Light is necessary! And if on Earth without it people still somehow live, without it not to live in World Aboveground. Dusky there existence, be rather of the vegetation the dark. So in of care of Light carry out the directed spirit all of vain days of the life oneself on Earth.
226. (Guru). Leading star of Hierarchy let be Lodestar always. Precisely, following for Calling will be a single resolution of life. Knowledge will come, as a result following, and the knowledge not theoretical and abstract, but to adding in life. Knowledge abstracts is to anything; in there much of dangers. Better small, but applying, than big, but not applying. Hell cover better of intentions not applying of living knowledge.
227. (Apr. 21). We are talking about the future, as of the phenomenon, substitute of the present and its imperfections. In the present much, or rather, all correct impossibly. All the changing and all the improvements are planned only for the future. In this is it’s the meaning and of power. Course into the future gives of people of opportunity realize oneself the beginning. If they evolutional, the spirit go up, if the opposite occurs, descend the fall of the spirit. The lives of much people go on a slant down line, goes from incarnation to incarnation. Evil the limit, and no matter how much was in the land of evil and how the workers are people either got buried in him, sons of perdition are smaller, than humans, and their highest principles do not become invalid. Rate of evolution is on them. The victory of light in the scope the planet will mean turning point of evolution and care attendant’s darkness on the doomed Saturn.
228. (Guru). There is a future earthly, but also have a future in the World Aboveground. If it could not be on Earth, then in the World Highest, where the reign reigns of thought, the future can be bright and fruitful, and engaged in the kind of boldness yearning of the spirit. Because moving the consciousness into the future is the right decision. Because the teachings of human in the future looks, arguing that in the future all achievable.
229. (Nov. 22). Believe it, hope for the future – against all odds and in defiance of the obvious. Burden of the case –indispensable and unavoidable the condition ascent of the spirit and following across the Calling. The second is the molestation by demons. All were plagued by ongoing and especially the ascetic; and that more the fiery aspiration, that furious the attack of darkness.
230. (M. A. Y.). It's not about suffering, emotions and the oppression, and in the condition the consciousness. And it's very heavy; because the spatial conditions are terrible and press darkness reaches it’s the apogee. When changing spatial currents immediately comes the gleam and a heavy plate, feeling disappears, is unbearable at heart. It should not be considered as it is a very tight feeling into your account and its spawn, but we need only to think about Karma the human.
231. (Guru). The Bishop Bear the heavy Burden eathtly Burden of this world. When you feel an unbearable burden on the heart, think about that, perhaps, in these moments, you're helping Him carry this Burden and share His Fiery Work. And then tie heavy personal experiences will leave and they will replace the conscious collaboration with the Hierarchy. To suffer and worry – it is very boring, but divided Unsupportable Labor Lords and help Him consciously – honorable and joyful and fruitful life, and worthy of going behind Him.
232. (Apr. 23). Now We Have decided to opt out of miracles. Why? Phenomena did not convince. They temporarily rise to not inherent height, to then return to its original state, but increased doubt and distrust. Only experience and knowledge can move closer to the goal. To believe the phenomenon, it is necessary to bring with you in advance any confidence in his ability. Otherwise, the most obvious point does not convince of Never in anything. Our attempt in the last century to prove to some phenomena have not yielded the desired results to people, but have raised doubts, distrust and even libel. The experience was unsuccessful. Before miracles were for the crowds, now wonders, for the priests.
233. (M. A. Y.). Great Expectations has a beginning but no end. When expected, it turns out that behind it there is a new opportunity to expect new acquisitions, followed by even more new, not the end. Precept, Infinity and therefore opportunity all of new and new achievements and their expectation is infinite. You just have to wait it's been effective and active, and to acquire new skills and knowledge, by which all in the future.
234. (Guru). The bitterness of life experiences may not deprive an understanding that the fruit is sweet. Bitterness will go away and be forgotten, but the experience remains in the bowl for good. There is no rose without thorns and Thorn. The shady side of the phenomena let won't cover light.
235. (Nov. 25). Why We so Insist on clearing consciousness from any lite, before starting to disclosure of the centers? Disclosure of the centers means ability to perceive the thin phenomena, and first of all thoughts. At crude conductors they will bring and adjoin to the phenomena dirty, dark, and angry and will involve consciousness in the lower class of an astral. Infection is thus inevitable. Enrages of all degrees will use each dark stain on aura to be hooked for it and through it to force dirty energy. At not purified consciousness of falling and obsession not to avoid. Better know nothing and not concern anything, than, without being according prepared, to slightly open a veil of the Hidden World and to start touching the thinnest energy, - the danger is great.
236. (Guru). "Nightlong vigil", or spirit wakefulness at night, is easier, than day, because at night for protection of rather resolute and firm order of day consciousness. And here it is necessary to be constant on the guard in the afternoon to be preserved: 1) from intentionally sent dark thoughts and suggestions, 2) from inevitable contacts with bad people or even ordinary inhabitants, but subject to harmful moods of an astral and giving in to dark suggestions, 3) from various attempts and of evil-trick from dark, using people, animals, birds, insects – the word, all anyone that through them to throw the harm, – and even things, that is inanimate objects. Continuous, continuous patrol both spooky vigilance and vigilance is necessary.
237. (Apr. 26). Tie between the Doctrine of the Christ and the Life Doctrine a straight line. The gap isn't present; there are neither divergences, nor contradictions. Distinctions same, as between rounds of one ascending spiral. As though steps of the same ascending ladder of life; one – continuation of another and expansion of the phenomena in broader understanding corresponding to more promoted consciousness of mankind. One doesn't deny, and, on the contrary, approves another. Otherwise also can't be, because the Source one; branches of the same Tree of Life.
238. (Guru). Each acquired of ability is dual and is two-edged. And if, on the one hand, she gives the chance to perceive Light and its vibrations, that, with another, the chasm so opens and there is an opportunity to perceive it’s noxious and extinction fires breath. Also it is necessary to be very resistant and strong to sustain a darkness impact. So, for example, vision of brown gas dreadfully affects consciousness though vision it can be short-term, but gloom waves are pernicious. Therefore you don't seek to aggravate some abilities of perception while the organism and consciousness aren't prepared for them through clarification and mastering by the feelings.
239. (Apr. 27). It is time to understand already that the personal burden, but the Burden of this world presses on heart not and won't cease to press, change of Eras yet won't end. Correctly noted that the close soul received everything that wanted to have, but became happier from it not. Kains an irresponsibility formula for destiny of the brother doesn't work as the uncomprehending hope for it. The spatial conditions aggravated with generations human, affect all, and from their influence not to leave to anybody. Certainly, sensitive organisms suffer especially strongly, but falls and to the share of the unsympathetic much. And if don't feel strongly, nevertheless don't maintain – both drink, and are irritated, and fall into hopelessness. These are all results of denied responsibility for the neighbors. Threat of new disasters hangs over Earthly.
240. (M. A. Y.). How to have this heavy time? Inseparably from Hierarchy of Light! Forces should be found for uninterrupted before-standing. Distract be of all. That powerful and persistent must be the effort, the aspiration and the desire in the consciousness off Focus not to come.
241. (Guru). When prove on border not khowledge and as before of deaf wall, know, what and it too Maya. All of life of incarnate spirit – only a dream passable. But a dream useful brought them experience and the knowledge. Dreams will pass, and fruits remain with spirit. Many these dreams were. Where the day yesterday's? Narrower is the past; as goes and todays, and tomorrow, and all of life terrestrial. Homeland the spirit is not here, on Earth, but in the Highest Lauer. Both the sun will come, and the moon, but spirit will live eternally.
242. Faith, trust in the wisdom of Leading Hands need to be, and then all the difficulties of life will bring a different meaning.
243. (Apr. 28). Experience prior to the incarnation is exhausted in Devačane before coming to Earth. The experience of this incarnation will be exhausted after it. It is the best sounding phenomena last incarnation is going to stay in Devačan. Memories of former incarnations to anything, because they were exhausted earlier and have already checked out everything. Memories of previous lives come in the conscious presence of Aboveground for the developed world's spirit. Staff of light work for the common good is not in Devačan. Devačan is a subjective state of individual experiences, detached from the fiery reality. It, too, really, but is deeply subjective. It is very necessary for the reap fruit of earthly life and turning ambitions into ability. But cooperation with the Hierarchy requires another State of consciousness, less steeped in it. Some dedicated spirits prefer work to stay in the Devačan Hierarchy is not that hard to understand, but Devačan has its advantages, because the fruits of each incarnation must be collected, otherwise lost its meaning.
244. (M. A. Y.). That thought no one and nothing could overcome, it has to be really strong, it needs to be fiery. Then the evil ierofant also own some lights and have also thought. It is difficult to overcome the dark evil-trick, when they are strong dark entities. Even the Venerable Sergius annoyed demons. Thought can protect. Cultivate clear, strong, fiery thoughts, which cannot resist anything. Because its must be aware of the Warrior of light.
245. (Guru). Not allowed to feel their powerlessness to anyone or anything. Karma is strong, does not go against her, but the rest can be resistance, and resistance, and the struggle with surrounding conditions. And this is in itself, with himself and the approval of fortitude for all weights and resistance. To fight with time and attempt to overpower the circumstances amounted to a suppression of windmills. Only the polarization of consciousness and the press forces of the spirit may be achieved victory. External victories produce nothing.
246. (Apr. 29). Where is your of treasure, there your of heart. And the heart – magnet: or stretches itself, or attracts. What attracts or what is stretching? This fixes the direction of the spirit. Heart solves. But the heart you can direct or coax. Chatting with the heart of the disciple as recommended something very right. The thought fills the heart of aspiration, and the heart bears fruit in it the seeds of sowing thought. Heart thought, that is saturated with energy, heart, more cerebral. Heart senses and gives the brain lot news its wish to hear. But who listens to the voice of the heart! Few people live in heart, more brains; heart in the shelter. Not the brain, but the heart picks up a note – longing or special joy. And the heart of the first delivers the news of the final victory of light.
247. (M. A. Y.). May not be in Devačan next perfume, when the fate of the planet. All the perfumes designed under the Banner of Maitreya in the subtle world, are in a State of conscious effective struggle.
248. (Apr. 30). Give a line of thought, but think to yourself. Who is behind you can think over what you should do. Even the piece of bread should be chewed and swallowed most. Anybody for you can't make it. For the same reason We never Give complete formulas. Useless and without consequences, thought someone for you. All that will gather from books teaching requires its own reflection. Taken from others and not assimilated the consciousness remains lie not heeded. Parrots also repeated the words of others, but without understanding them. Do not like. And one has to make every spoken word went straight from the heart, otherwise it is empty. Much is made of empty words. The world suffers idle words. Once will have to answer for every idle Word.
249. (M. A. Y.). We live in the future. It's more real for us now. It contains all the features of evolution. Not abstract concepts, but real, actual forms, vibrating with energy in the space. They surround us and move our consciousness. Understand that the future is the engine life. The evolution of the spirit comes in, upon thoughts, directed to the future.
250. (Guru). Light to Medium body die hundreds and thousands of years ago, but the fiery thoughts, staring ahead, continue to live and keep their Unfading Light produces of consciousness.