Agni Yoga's facets, 1971 (251-400)

251. (May 1). Personal space, personal environment and personal experiences have overshadowed the planetary life and everything that happens on Earth. We have no personal life self, it replaces the Individuality which their power forwards for the common good. Yes, we have special feelings of affection, directed individual people, but these feelings over of brief earthly life of the individual. With close Us spirits we are bound by ties of millennial enduring love and affection and collaboration; because our relationship is firmly and consistently. The legend of the prodigal son must understand as evidence of a son with his Father, Space communications, which on top of all the individual personalities, and mortals who incarnated son during their earthly of wandering.
252. (Guru). The difficulty of Association in that, what need to transcend the normal limits of the representation and of the mind? To overcome distance, time and a sense of remoteness condition from those rushes heart. Aspiration, attraction and contact made with the heart. When filled with burning heart with love and to those with whom it wants to communicate, all barriers are crumbling in front of this fiery feeling. Because the Lord has commanded: "be aflame in your love".
253. (May 2). All were so tested and tempted directing to Me. And all tests should be passed and temptations – to overcome. All unnecessary raises from past depths in effect the directed spirit and becomes a dark barrier on the Way, dimming Light. Everything pulls back, in the past, to experience of last allure and opportunities of the new. And the dark rack surrounds with a dense ring, throwing confusing and seducing thoughts and covering with appeal and charm their pernicious poison and prickles and strengthening delusions the brightest and seducing images. Dark creatures become “larvas”, accepting external forms of people. Under these shapes “larvas” get into consciousness and especially at night when the terrestrial consciousness sleeps, and, using lack of patrol, aspire to a combination to an astral. And of pack around spitefully watches, not turn out badly, if capture astral and awaken in it the fallen asleep desires and to approve by a combination communication, and then to seize thoughts, having flooded them with energy of dark fires. Temptation sacred Antony strong illustrates these attempts dark to seize consciousness of the devotee. They don't stop to a clear, irrevocable and final victory of spirit over the lowest nature. When dark it is possible to involve weak-willed spirit in these funnels or whirlpools of the evil and the spirit plunges into darkness, “larvas” the external seductive and attracting forms and darkness naked dump appears in all the horror to the fallen person. It is necessary to be able to distinguish and see their barefaced, naked, disgusting, spiteful essence under external attractive shapes which dark creatures give themselves, it is necessary to see it even before falling in their embraces because to get out of whirlpools of the evil difficultly extraordinary. It is necessary to strengthen patrol up to the full tension and to be constant on the guard when dark attacks threaten and when even during a dream they try to come nearer under these or those familiar forms to intrude in an astral cover and to cause in it the fallen asleep desires and to force to inflame desires. "Let the spear over a dragon doesn't doze". The chopped-off heads of a monster grow again.
254. (M. A. Y.). You cannot defeat the darkness, not realizing the size of it and the dangers they threaten insurgent against her spirit. So Says the Lord: "hold on to Me tightly, every minute, in all your steps. So is unbeatable waking mind and constant anticipation. In the intervals of wakefulness or watch dark immediately seek to take advantage of this, and the Citadel of the spirit turns out to be unprotected. Even the sturdy fortress will be vulnerable if the watchman who guards the gate to fall asleep. Watch spirit always.
255. (Guru). The difficulty of spiritual uplift that in the field of consciousness were sown at different times different seeds: and good, and weeds. They both grow and give their shoots. From time to time you can see and enjoy how good seeds sprout, giving good shoots. But sprout weeds. The danger from them is great for covering all the seeding. However, the overall harvest will clean and betray the burning of weeds. But it is better to think about how to prevent consciousness unkind seeds and how to destroy their shoots as they are identified. Consciousness is our field, and our power control of everything that grows on it.
256. (May 3). Human environment at each moment largely determines his consciousness. Only the very strong and rich accumulation of the spirit can rise above it. Also the subtle world conditions change the thoughts and feelings of people, forcing the move away from earthly conditions. Very important: whether in the city or live in the open air, in the desert, in the forest, on the river or at elevations, surrounded by humans or alone. All influences and affect on the human. Matter also air with which he breathes, and magnetism of a place. When a strong connection with the Hierarchy of light exposure to a certain extent neutralized, but still has to reckon with them. If every contact with humans is that we talk about all the other invisible influences, right up to the stellar rays. When the Wayfarer can navigate in the Woods and knows the direction, it does not get lost; exactly and in life. Knowledge of the goals and service lines to it allows you to accurately identify the path and do not deviate from it. Says clearly: "I am the way, the truth and the life", and does it really matter how, and where, and the conditions in which an individual lives, if it is clear through.
257. (May 5). The rough stream of life is carried by, and the spirit remains sitting on the bank of Eternity and beholding a stream. Life flows before consciousness of the person, and he remains looking at it. It and that passes by it, isn't same. It is impossible to identify it with that, on what the spirit looks. It only Looking, it is eternal, indestructible and not destroyed, but all is temporary in forms various and diverse, passing before it. It is necessary to tie the consciousness to anything because nothing can be held: neither people, nor things, circumstances. In total not our, all only for a while, and everything is rapid. Not abstraction it, but life. Everything passes, but I Stay for ever and ever, and you in Me and over all flowing by. And when the sea of the everyday phenomena becomes too rough and menacing, it is possible to be removed for a while in a spirit citadel, in its depths, and from these not vulnerable anything external strongholds quietly and passionlessly to observe a stream rushing by.
258. (M. A. Y.). We will firmly hold on to something that is not limited by borders of one of the avatars, but goes beyond it, and the more the better. We will be hard to hold on to something that is outside the scope of dense. All Earth's eye sees, is subject to destruction. Strongly and indestructible only that is invisible and that out of dense conditions. For the unseen and invisible will stay, because everything right-to-know in dense form is doomed to small circle of its manifestations, doomed all immediate surroundings. Only in the spirit strongholds of life and rescue from all, fateful whirlwinds on destruction. So raise our spirit over others and understand that the invisibility all we can have and how can we possess inherent and forever.
259. (Guru). From this, you lived in, I called and aspiration you in the future. Where is your real? It is not, it is destroyed by time, but a future in which I called you, remains firm and inviolable. It is linked with the grand plan. In it is of life and you’re the immortality. All pass away, but the grand plan will be realized, and humanity as a whole, and each aspires in the future will find in it their share, share, share happiness of immortality and daring dreams. The plan outlined in the eternities and the Lords approved crystallized in the highest spheres of fire. He embraces all of humanity's future on Earth and in the worlds. Sun and moon pass away, but the grand plan of evolution being implemented binding. And the one, who has linked its fate with him forever, will have its part in the infinity of the fiery life.
260. (May 6). Unrefined thin body man, used to vibrate at continuing desire, upon release from the physical conduit is in a very difficult position. Unclean thoughts create images, bright, visible, pull towards you and entice him into consciousness the orbit of its attraction. Images of these surround us and create visibility for him in which he dwells. This is the environment consonance with concerned sectors of Astral, escape from which a person no longer can. The lower layers of the astral are contagious horribly. Start to fight them there, if it has not been started on the land and had not been successful, almost hopeless. After all, we still have to develop a great deal of energy was invested than they begets them on Earth. Why struggle with their concerning properties have to start until are still in the body, knowing that each overcoming them will bring final victory over them and the world of astral.
261. (M. A. Y.). The right and freedom of choice among the infinite variety of phenomena that surround man belong undividedly to him and give him the opportunity to take exactly what corresponds to his aspirations. That's why aspiration plays such a crucial role in human life. To paraphrase the old saying, you can say to your vigor for it shall be given you. Aspiration is the magnetic energy, extended to the future of the human aura that attracts to it out of space conditions necessary for their implementation. Sooner or later, here or there, or elsewhere, but the thought that is nested in the aspiration will be realized is always in one form or another. Aspirations are not implemented on the ground, are carried out in the world, where the Aboveground thought reigns and where things move idea. Good thinker, it is clear shining kindly thoughts which find their expression and implementation in the high layers of the subtle world. What could not be implemented on the ground, finds its
262. (Guru). We are encouraged by your willingness to apply the given guidance in practice and not once then, but right now, immediately, upon receiving them. This is extremely important, as each is applied to, even if not entirely successful, is a mental grain, laid in consciousness, which, being inherent in it, there remains and other more favorable conditions would give its fruits. The more grains sowed such in the mind of the learner, the richer and future harvest. Therefore, the adoption and the desire to make a living through guidance and Advice are critical.
263. (M. A. Y.). What should you do now? Should be the full unity with the Teacher and unrelenting, not the detachable anticipation. Not He but you should firmly behind him, straining to not be separated in thinking. If you do not keep to themselves is inseparable, high energy wasting to deter you, time and opportunity will be gone, because all the power Hierarchy will be fixed upon approval of light throughout the planet. Become aware of the significance of the moment and stay as true warriors of light in this latest clash with darkness.
264. (Guru). Great Expectation proceeds. Its final period begins. In readiness of spirit it is necessary to arrive, having postponed for the second plan all personal constructions and Affairs of the Lord having put before and above all.
265. (May 8). It is difficult to imagine separation of the personality from Identity and transfer of the center of consciousness in the last. But it is necessary to present, having left in the sphere of the personality mortal all shortcomings and imperfections small "I". And even from "I" remains nothing as the consciousness concentrates in an orbit of the Highest Triad, dumping a tatter of the lowest "I" as old, worn-out and already unnecessary clothes. It isn't necessary even to be sorry about it as it is replaced with the new. As of old lumber throw away of rubbish of thin body. Quality of self-rejection is best of all teach to be exempted on Earth from chains of the personality mortal. After all the former embodiments of people usually doesn't remember and, however, loses nothing in completeness of feeling of as understanding center, as persons. The same occurs and at release from the 4th and 5th principles, and transfer understanding "I", that is the best that is in it, for association with the 6th and the 7th. Even having been obese terrestrial, it is possible consciously and to be exempted consistently from elements temporary and passing, connected with commonness dense. For this show draw more of long line. This way moderates sounding and vanity noise. In Boundlessness of a place to it isn't present, but there is a place to the phenomena long, enduring, stretched through many lives in infinity of the future. So, service to Light, love to Hierarchy and improvement of spirit belong to the phenomena enduring.
266. (M. A. Y.). They are unaware, there is nothing to wait and not much to hope for, but you have what. You have everything ahead: and who are much coveted and the anticipation of living in the world with all its Aboveground deemed inexhaustible possibilities of creativity of the spirit of fire. You have what to expect. Foundation on which you build your life, steadfast, and out temporarily are the steps of Stairs light, on which the spirit rises higher and higher to the heights of Knowledge and power. Nothing earthly is not comparable to the achievements of the spirit, because they stay with him forever. Truly, you have what to expect, what to hope and to fly.
267. (May 9). All counteractions – only ascension steps if the aspiration is rather strong. The way consists in overcoming in itself all going against. In Elevated – continuation of that advance which was begun on Earth. Who won't start moving here, won't promote there because that is connected on Earth, will be connected there. Movement of spirit is, as here, so and there. But of difference in that, what begins here, and proceeds - there. The proximity to the Teacher and his envoys is determined by fires of the heart directed to It. Fires carefully preserve against go out. Who will light them if you don't preserve. There are a lot of quenchers of fires.
268. Force of concentration depends on aspiration, both desire, and will tension. Fire of heart protects from foreign invasions. The condition of space matters also. Self-outcast is ability rejected from it and consciousness unites with Called, quality very valuable and necessary, because without dismissal from itself contact is impossible.
269. (M. And. Y.). If who wants to reach, let will apply to this aspiration not less than forces and energy, than it puts in the usual, terrestrial affairs. And results then won't slow down. Wait often for consequences special, having enclosed nothing in that generates them. Vague aspirations won't yield desirable results. Full-tendency of all consciousness and heart is necessary.
270. (Guru). Understand that the judgment future already exists, already is in the present, but in the spheres not available to discretion by terrestrial feelings. It is crystallized and ready to go down to the world dense as soon as space term will allow.
271. (May 10). It is difficult to imagine all delusions human, taking place in the past or taking place in the present. Terrible absurd is reached sometimes by the person both in private life, and in the collective for example – of female leg of old China. For the sake of what women were spoiled? Or stupid submission to fashion requirements, or destruction of food stocks with the purpose to keep the high prices of them, either fratricidal wars, or a mad expenditure of energy of the people of military preparations and destructions instead of construction, or deforestation for release of paper waste paper in the form of unnecessary books and newspapers, or production of fabrics poisoning an organism. There is no number to monster human. Bases are forgotten and rejected, and people sink in darkness. But there is an immersion limit in darkness which the crushing return blow will inevitably follow. Revolt of elements can end with accident. And if the recent hurricane carried away two million lives, how many millions accident can carry away.
272. (M. A. Y.). Badly is in the world, and not only here or there, but everywhere and on all space of a planet. Here someone went blind. Here at someone paralyzed mother and the daughter are ill and suffer. Here at someone the husband drinks, someone was thrown by children on an old age of years. There is no end to sufferings of the person. And so is all over the world. Million adults and children are subject to drug addiction. And how many is of crimes, of poverty and of other misfortunes. Not to list everything. But the spirit human is silent. The end of Cali Yugi is terrible. Final calculations and payment for old debts heavy lay down on shoulders. Badly is in the world. But don't lose courage because it is the end of only the old world, on ruins its World New is born powerfully, and he will win.
273. (Guru). In these difficult days of good, at least for a moment the spirit rise into the higher realms of space, which is below the noxious breath of darkness? There can be seen the future, clear, radiant, freed from the darkness. There, in that future, the planet is entering a new cycle of its evolution and humanity, freed from war, violence, poverty, builds a new world of happiness and prosperity on the principles of peaceful coexistence, cooperation and collaboration of all and in all.
274. (May 11). Our idea of the best way of development of spirit and yours often don't coincide. You consider as the best way when terrestrial conditions are safe and the person is well off, is healthy and difficulties don't overcome it. But that is good for the personality mortal, it isn't so good for training of spirit and development in it of hardness, firmness and fearlessness and other qualities of spirit. Only the way difficult, full of thorns and the thorns, burdened and burdened, promote and is useful to spirit ascension. Therefore the High Spirits, quickly walking upstairs lives, almost everything Had difficult tests, heavy Suffered and Fought against various obstacles and darkness. To reconcile wellbeing and happy terrestrial life with a feat of spirit it is impossible because one excludes another. And the aspiration to personal wellbeing and content of the personality doesn't get on with a thorny road of spirit. You observed more than once as sorrow less life is a lot of and content killed the highest aspirations of the person and stopped his possibilities of development. That, who really knows and understands distinction of ways of the spirit and body, highest and terrestrial aspirations, realizes that they can't be reconciled. Also very high step of spiritual consciousness, like Solomon, Akbar Great or Apollony Tiansky that, having everything that can give wealth terrestrial or the power is required, not to fall into slavery and submission to wellbeing and content and not to plunge into Maya of dense existence. So, not frightened of difficulty of life, sufferings and tests and not envying those who live in wellbeing, and not wanting it, on a right way.
275. (M. A. Y.). The desire of the Teacher to give to the pupil a way the best at all doesn't mean a way easy. The most difficult way also will be the best. In it the reason of that is frequent on requests of the pupil to help and facilitate him burden or suffering of relatives the Teacher Doesn't reply as it would be desirable that addressing. The Teacher Wants to accelerate a way and to approach to Himself, but this acceleration doesn't consist at all in release of the pupil from those, perhaps, very heavy tests which only and can lead best of all it to the purpose.
276. (Guru). The formula "the worse, the better" has very deep value. And really that can be worse than a condition of the person crucified on a cross. And still exactly thanks to these sufferings, the crucified robber addressed to the Savior, and Christ Redeemer Sage that the robber will be together with It in the Highest Spheres of the Thin World. Will ask: and why the second robber had no these consequences? But after all one suffering a little, it is necessary to address or direct to the Highest and to follow It.
277. (May 12). Dark don't stop the inventions, inventing all new and new tricks to do much harm. Therefore vigilance should be strengthened, trying to see in each separate case, they for what purpose make the evil-trick. Restrict from everywhere, seeking to restrain. In a counterbalance they should show the hardness and determination. Passive submission won't do at all. Through whom they act, usually don't understand whose tool they are. But it makes no difference, because harm is available. Let patrol become even more intense and vigilant. The darkness is very active now. Spear you hold the lifted.
278. (M. A. Y.). Reflecting and neutralizing intrigues dark, the evil on them have also no irritation and other bad feelings – too, especially against those whom they do by the obedient performers. Quietly and firmly, with consciousness of the force arrive as it is necessary, without making active the personal feelings. After the chief goal of the dark – break the balance.
279. (Guru). When the voltage of the commonness and Affairs of everyday insignificant is becoming too strong and involves the consciousness in its orbit, moderate this tension and sound vanity can only be "the longest line". In the face of the great transition Boundaries noise subsides. Understandable, as all do not need and how it will be left behind, and what to take with itself that is causing frustration at this point, it is impossible that all will have to part ways: with people, and with the circumstances, and with what we own.
280. (May 13). Terrestrial subjects of people take hands, the phenomena of a spiritual order – aspiration. It is given on aspiration and its force. To receive in the field of spirit – it is necessary to direct. The proverb "Under lying stone water doesn't flow" very well is applicable to life spiritual. Kindle the aspiration will be the key to success. The aspiration has huge value and in life usual, but in it concerns usual things. The aspiration is necessary not only kindle, but also to sustain its combustion. Fading of aspiration means also the termination of new receipts. Violent maintenance of aspiration won't lead to the purpose. Only the love to the phenomena of spirit can support aspiration fires. But violently it is impossible to fall in love. Fires of heart are born and inflame naturally and freely.
281. (M. A. Y.). Terrestrial subjects of people take hands, the phenomena of a spiritual order – of aspiration. It is given on aspiration and its force. To receive in the field of spirit – it is necessary to direct. The proverb "Under lying stone water doesn't flow" very well is applicable to life spiritual. Kindle the aspiration will be the key to success. The aspiration has huge value and in life usual, but in it concerns usual things. The aspiration is necessary not only kindle, but also to sustain its combustion. Fading of aspiration means also the termination of new receipts. Violent maintenance of aspiration won't lead to the purpose. Only the love to the phenomena of spirit can support aspiration fires. But violently it is impossible to fall in love. Fires of heart are born and inflame naturally and freely.
282. (May 14). For thought is impossible. The thoughts you can imagine whatever you want – no limit. And only the imagination limits the flight of thought. Rich, developed creative imagination freely creates, using his savings. Where, what it is absent, the creativity is crippled and scantily. If a man deprived of imagination, give the power to do whatever he wants, it is not difficult to verify as the next most common, small worldly desires of creativity it won't go. In a world where a man gets the mental freedom to create unlimited and wide, his creativity lies in the close confines of his imagination, and savings beyond their move, it cannot, because the limit puts his own thought. Because to think, learn and expand your imagination with all means available. But beware to look his effect upon the unclean channel lower desires and lust, for the mankind and ample dark and harrowing mental stratifications of creativity, and strive in these layers is to elect a direction into the abyss. Limit to cognition and learning the infinity man puts his own thought, because beyond what is outlined by it, he cannot move, cannot rise above it.
283. (M. A. Y.). The doctrine directs thought of the person to the Distant Worlds. Why? On these Distant Worlds the mankind is at higher step of evolution, and the consciousness directed there magnetically can be attracted or attract to itself thoughts of beings from the Far Worlds, thoughts evolutionary, thoughts rightful, the thoughts enriching mind of the person and impregnating his new stays. For thought of borders and distances not exist, if the thought is liberated. The thought fiery is free.
284. (Guru). Some, however, are very rare; books contribute to the emancipation of thought, a fervent. They take her out of the cramped framework of generalities; they seemed to be show man clear ways that can shoot free thought in its creative mission. It doesn't matter whether it is feasible, what is written in these books, whether it's really narrow-minded point of view, but it is extraordinary that thought, they set out, destroying prison walls of human limitations and bring the idea to open space where it can do no longer ordinary perceptions of life related. Life in multiform of its expression is boundless, and the thought of it brings man out of the sweltering Dungeon narrow-minded thoughts on boundless expanse. In infinite space is a sphere, where everything is happening, and moves thought and where a person can create a thought all that allows the imagination.
285. (May 16). Legitimately wish to sharpen their perception of student and develop some abilities that put clairvoyance. It's on one side. On the other hand, if consciousness is not cleared, the disclosure of such abilities is very dangerous, because it will attract the psychic phenomena of low order and would delay it into appropriate sections of the astral world. Therefore, any forced evolution is invalid. Let things go on as usual, without the express effort. The Teacher will help, once he sees that the student is ready. Discipline of thought and bridle on feelings – first condition leading to that goal. It is known for a long time. But how did little to even those closest to the teachings of wishing to adopt and implement this condition. From here it is really below number. Reading a lot of talking, too, but the number in their Teachings in life is very low.
286. (M. A. Y.). All sorts of yogic and other exercises presented in all kinds of irresponsible books certainly are dangerous, and in big cities – especially. But if the desire is large and there is the irrepressible desire to practice, you can specify a number of really useful and non-hazardous activities, for example: the mastery of their feelings and their control will of subordination, such as anger, short temper, discouragement, resentment, not speech, and so on. Or desire to execute any work qualitatively. It all better students will move in the right direction than the dreadful attempts to arbitrarily reveal some points before the legal deadline. Absolutely useful the exercises in of good-wish, of repose, of self-capture and all are positive qualities of spirit.
287. (Guru). Called many but as a little going for Called, it is even less of those, who will reach. Why this is so? Not therefor, that the desire to receive surpasses many times over desire really to work for receiving desirable. Really it is still unclear, and the statement of power of spirit it is necessary to put works and efforts it is many times more, than for obtaining, that for development the university diploma or a scientific degree, what not years, and many lives need to be devoted to this great purpose and that achievement it is necessary not for itself, but for more high aim of service for people!
288. There are no perfect people. To me are only imperfect. And the point is not to become at once perfect, which is impossible, but that, despite its imperfections, been steadily and persistently, and flame go to his goal. Just take his cross its imperfections and shortcomings and steadily, despite the severity of his, follow me.
289. (May 17). Is it time to give their thoughts when timeless, eternal flame is calling in future? After all, this would not be desirable. Because the future is set heart, leaving from the past only what has built the stairs? No steps lay down in the past; the future does not go through.
290. (Guru). Can a true Behaves and not Approved by the Bishop? There can't be it. Ability to wait should be longer and stronger human thoughtlessness or glare. You can in the time to live, IM filling out entirely; so many do. Or eternal, uniting it with the notion of Infinity, which encompassed all and that everything embodies. You should think about it, for where our thought, there we are. Lead thought. Where To? Thoughts leading to the immutability of the future, let judgmenting fill are of the heart. Talking about him and not about the brain, because it beats always forever and pulsing with life. Yes, Yes, Yes, always beats – and when flushed body. Moving the consciousness into the heart would triumph over the flesh. Only the first one must clean it from the entire nuisance and clean store permanently. Long said: "the pure in heart shall see God", that is the highest that man can imagine.
291. (May 19). Value of confidence of proximity of the Space Father and continuity of the eternal bonds binding with It is great. It is a life Basis. Everything keeps on Bases. The mankind lost their understanding, result of that was disbalance all in everything. Without recognizing the Basis as people can understand that climatic frustration, diseases, natural disasters are caused by this reason. Disbalance generates the all-planet beget and disbalance, and disharmony, or chaos, in a human body, and a consequence – terrible development of diseases old and new, unclear at times and incurable. Cancer, as well as it was specified earlier, becomes the general disease which is carrying away million lives. Irresponsibility and denial of immortality and transformation created new terrible threat of deforestation, fauna and poisoning of bark of Earth with various poisonous gases and substances. The huge areas of water catch their waste. But biped live, without wishing to think that mother Earth is their Space house that from it now not to leave anywhere and that on itself people of Earth should settle fruits of the denials and the unwise. Don't want to think that the end of Cali Yugi can become valid the planet end.
292. (Guru). Let the care of will be shown how to hold on adequately in this hard time. But it is necessary to sustain any price. Division of mankind into the light and dark will go even more sharply and more promptly. It is necessary that the people woke up and dumped from itself the power of madmen who operate them and push them on shameful wars. The benefit is what fights for world in of all peace, who wants to approve the principle of peaceful existence.
293. (M. A. Y.). Nevertheless contradiction should be able to be combined and them to counterbalance a diverse-polar. It is necessary to love life and that it gives, but not to be her slave attached to it, as the convict to four wheels. It is necessary to put interest and energy in work or the duties falling to lot of the person, but at the same time to remember that this entire temporary and that for them it is impossible to cling and grow to them as it is necessary to leave all this upon transition to other world. Life consists in an equilibration of contrasts in consciousness. It also will be gold, or median, a way.
294. (Guru). Let's return to the Doctrine appendix to lives. On the smallest affairs, in trifles, among the most usual, but inevitable thoughts it is possible to aspire in a measure any something to put in practice from the Doctrine – as though to shower the ordinary both small, and great. In end counting present neither great, nor small, everything matters: even the hero can slip on an orange-peel, and even the small prick can cause blood poisoning. So we will clothe in an impenetrable armor and we will remember that the sting even a poisonous fly can bring death.
295. (May 20). The victory over space is in understanding of that distances don't exist and that the spirit is ubiquitous. For a thin body of distance show other tonality, in comparison with physical definitions. Problems of space and time belong to the category of who the person has to solve sooner or later. They are solved by us, and the past is opened for Us, and the future We Begin to see clearly. So, the space problem rather distances, that is proximity and range is solved also. The phenomenon, or concept, spaces are so deep and so comprehensive that distances are its only small particle. The person is surrounded with secrets, they round it, and he doesn't notice them, considering that everything clearly and to reflect there is nothing. But it is only for the ordinary person. For the true researcher the world is full of secrets and miracles. However, all of them are based on certain Space Laws, but legality, regularity and symmetry of the Universe give the chance of comprehension by the person of depths of the world surrounding it. He can comprehend endlessly, and Boundlessness warrants for success of the spirit directed to cognition.
296. (Guru). If the person feels powerless, weak-willed and weak, it is perceived surrounding it and they act respectively. Therefore understanding of the force, hardness, firmness and confidence of it is necessary, what it is possible to oppose to human aggression, both not goodwill, and desire to restrain? Poor lamb itself doesn’t show. It is inadmissible powerlessly to darkness to give in. The mental weapon you keep always in readiness.
297. (May 22). How to combine inevitability and generosity of distribution of gifts of spirit with severe restraint, care and ability to store the entrusted? Therefore understanding of the force, hardness, firmness and confidence of it is necessary, what it is possible to oppose to human aggression, both not goodwill, and desire to restrain? Not in verbosity success, but in burning of heart and in ability to put its fires in said speeches. The word deprived of fire of heart, that is mental energy is empty and is unconvincing. Many such words fill space. Ability to enclose in the few exact, clear and stamping words the deepest contents is the Arhat. For eyelids there live these fiery formulas and feed souls of people, without losing the force.
297. (May 22). How to combine inevitability and generosity of distribution of gifts of spirit with severe restraint, care and ability to store the entrusted? Only of commensurability and steady execute the Decree not invite on itself the yard. Not in verbosity success, but in burning of heart and in ability to put its fires in said speeches. The word deprived of fire of heart, that is mental energy is empty and is unconvincing. Many such words fill space. Sill put into in the few exact, clear and engraving words of Deeping contents is Arhat’s of art. For eyelids there live these fiery formulas and feed souls of people, without losing the force.
298. (M. A. Y.). The same image can watch two people and get completely different impressions or feelings. Why? Understanding a person brings in myself and with myself and its offering and enables him to comprehend the meaning of what is his gaze. So, bringing a rather takes care of himself, having the right to receive that brought. Because who wants to know said that each time brought a basket of more and larger size to fit it in the gifts of the spirit, which alone has given the same is taken away and, having no what has.
299. (Guru). Accumulation of mental energy and collecting in the Bowl of crystals of Agni matters for all three worlds. And if on Earth it is possible to exist somehow still rather to vegetate, without these accumulation, in the Thin World it is already impossible. Heavy, gloomy, gloomily and hopelessly there stay of spendthrifts of Agni. It is wasted or collects on Earth, among life usual and affairs of the inevitable terrestrial. All actions, emotions and thoughts human can be divided on stores and spendthrifts. For example: the fear devours fiery energy, fearlessness it generates. It is a lot of phenomena in the human life, devouring fiery energy. Doubt, of swaying, of irritation and many others of feelings – devours too. So, at each this moment of people can realize: it wastes or accumulates Agni.
300. The won distance shows the Proximity, won time – real feeling of judgment happiness. We Know in time, and also we Know and out of it, we Know in the worlds of other measurements where time isn't present or it another. Life of spirit and in the spirit is of out temporary. My kingdom, which is not to-world, out of time. Therefore timeless take away a place belonging to it. It also will be commensurability fiery. Where the past of a penultimate eyelid or other left times? It isn't present (for mortal), but I Esm, as well as my Kingdom. I Was, Is and I Will be over time, as the Sun always over of Earth. I am the Sun of Life. In an orbit of Its Light rising will always live because I Grant coming to Me immortality, or gift of eternal life. The Father of Light and Spares Lives to the sons them. Many of them still wander in darkness external. The stray children of Light who have lost a way! Grieve and wait, at times without understanding, why so darkly and gloomily around and it is so much sufferings. They should be helped, - will come. Will come and will be knocked. And then it is necessary to give a helping hand. But from each called in the return blow is inevitable. Because, having trampled on the heel on the treasures of spirit received illegally, will address on you and will torment. But knocking open, asking give and looking for a way specify it. Yes, yes, – all too, that was once, because I Am the Way, Truth and of Life, and I Will be the Threshold for the spirit for of all times. And to Light it is possible to reach only through Me. There are no two ways about it. Looking the other path, look in vain. I, the Lord of the Shambhala, Testify to that It. Coming to Me not won't thirst for ever, - time of My Arrival closely.
301. (May 23). Service to Beauty can be conscious, constant and profound. First of all, - is Beauty in of thoughts. Little who no feel ashamed the thoughts itself, if make them available to contemplation. And it is necessary, that no feel ashamed. But all once nevertheless it is necessary to absence of secret, and the consciousness has to be ready to it. While it is possible to practice in such thinking persistently, persistently and purposefully, sating views with of Beauty. Neither the irritation, nor envy, neither lie, nor flattery, neither fear, nor all other negative qualities of spirit won't be coordinated with Beauty. Only the thought sated with Beauty can be it is clear to the shining. Reaction of such thought to consciousness is salutary and ennobling. It as though lifts consciousness over of vanity and of hurly-burly life. In it is of Light. Not to enter into of Light Kingdom with crude thought. The winged, pure thoughts penetrated by Beauty uplift spirit to the Highest Spheres. Tell those who want to be with Us that observed thought.
302. (M. A. Y.). It is so difficult to bear, without spilling, the Bowl of Gifts of the Teacher. How many time itself noticed in the life that, having sated with Light to a limit of capacity of consciousness, entered inspired living conditions of the usual – and gradually, and even at once surrounding people and circumstances deprived of you treasure. As it is difficult to hold the received! Because of surrounding situation is with him in the strongly contradiction. And it is necessary to hold! Where will go, gathered and deprived of Light? Happened and so that, having received from you pleasure of lifting and the wings, received I left and right there I spent this energy for the most ordinary affairs. Let these entire serve as a severe lesson to how carefully and sharp-sightedly it is necessary to protect spirit fires from violation by the ordinary. Very carefully and carefully they should be preserved against a die away.
303. (Guru). Only constant, and steady, and the daily rhythm of Communication will help to bring the Cup to the end not spilled. As the Sun each morning sends its rays on Earth, just Send your Teacher a Beam, and in this the Beam and happiness, and Care, and the entire most precious thing that a student may have. Without these parcels could not stand would he fight for his lower nature and with a terrible resistance to his environment? His inner world and its aspirations are so far removed from commonness that usually rebels against them, and in that particular difficulty.
304. It would also go to the other to take care of their appearance, which carries off a man in the World Aboveground. "Genuine essence masks not dust”. Tormented by his vices, lusts and passions here can still their outwardly cover up, but is there a secret becomes obvious and visible, and there is no escape from yourself. Aura - carries and bearer the essence of man and exponent – is your coil in unison with her forms. Desperate faces of people, living in the lower strata of the astral world, abound ant in its ugliness. But how beautiful is the other pole of life, the white illumined with the light and Beauty. Beautiful faces of people and glow that surrounds their external forms. There, where greater the thought and all moves the thought, prevail and operate the law accords and compliance with the internal condition of the person with the outside of his race. That is why We Insist, that and here on Earth, the internal state of his outward expression was human and that it was fine. Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, falsehood, insincerity beget disharmony forms, which bear on itself the stamp of darkness.
305. Be direct, honest, truthful and good person primarily beneficial to the individual and beneficial to the community, since there are positive. And this is very important for the future, because of the investigation – good or bad – go man nowhere, it always accompanies it. If people knew and believed it would change life on Earth. But they believe that death ends all body, and therefore is allowed to all, because no matter – good or bad was the man himself. It denial of Bases is awful. It has led humanity to a monstrous irresponsibility. Live by the principle: "at least an hour, so My, and there is no grass grow." And fear is only human, seeking to circumvent the laws of all legal and illegal means. If you do not stop this movement sets down, people would destroy both themselves and the planet.
306. (M. A. Y.). For completeness of Communication illusion of a spatial separable is eliminated. But there is more to come. The spy tuning, or the accord which allows to contact is necessary. But there is more to come. Necessary self-dismissals and, as be, thought abdicate off itself. Many conditions are required to be met that Communication took place. But main of all of them is a love which without any couriers of thoughts creates what in any other ways and efforts can't be reached. Reach love.
307. (Guru). To trust unshakably, to all contrary to, even to evidence dense, even persuasiveness terrestrial – will be quality of the judgment of pupil, it is immutable conducting it to the purpose.
308. (May 26). Bodily feelings peculiar to the body, and it's not that they're not occurred (the manifestation of their only natural), but rather to possess them, and rule over them and not be their weak-willed slave. Even feelings of hunger or thirst can subdue the will. They do not disappear, but don't own consciousness and render miserable human being. It is the same physical pain. And you cannot resist the pain, though, you feel it. You can successfully fight particular sensation of cold. You can even cause fever in freezing the arms or legs. Yoga wins cold quite effectively and significantly – and cold, and heat. Victory over the flesh there is no limit. The smallest of daily experiments you can gradually adopt and strengthen this power and strive to ensure that no body owned by man, but the spirit.
309. (M. A. Y.). Harmony of consciousnesses even between close people is reached very slowly. But when it took place, burdening the friend the friend doesn't happen anymore, already there is no fatigue at communication, even the very long. The phenomenon of such harmony is quite rare. If it isn't present, it is possible attentively and to watch to burdening close heart and to seek to give, but not to take carefully. Then burdening’s strong it is impossible and at long communication. The aspiration to receive, and is as much as possible, very much burdens. The pupil bringing gifts of the spirit, doesn't burden the Teacher. When the pupil seeks not only to receive, but to give something, it already serves as the guarantee of harmony of relationship and understanding of life-giving interchange. At the heart of it there will be a love.
310. (Guru). We are well aware that there are us or come to us humans, encumbered by their imperfections. We do not judge. But every spark of goodness in them, each light quality and all the good things they are doing, we carefully observe, maintain and give them momentum for the further development of the good. So do you. Condemnation should be left alone because it repels and alienates.
311. (May 27). Correctly defined a condition of consciousness in of precedence event, - is exhaust of the spirit. Condition is heavy. On tension limit is a discharge. The spirit crucified on a cross of a matter, painfully suffers. On a cross of sufferings "I" die small, and "I" big am born to life. It also will be spirit revival. Whether all suffer? No. Only what spirit approached to a revival threshold. The others lead life usual rather led as now the planet entered a strip of singularity and masses that the spirit wakened have to suffer. It is a lot of disasters and accidents falls upon people of Earth that woke up from century hibernation. "But the spirit human is silent".
312. (M. A. Y.). "My terrestrial forces left, but the body of Light is ready flutter by your Word, the Lord". Yes, forces terrestrial can leave. At deaths door they absolutely it leave bodies. Prana, force terrestrial, leaves a body. But there is a Highest Four, sated with force of other order, fire force. And the more it was saved up it during lifetime on Earth, the spirit life in Elevated is brighter and more active. Question only in what crystals of fiery deposits and Agni's what character. Different there are fires. There is fire creating and fire of devouring. Character of fires kindle also is approved during lifetime on Earth. Be saved from a kindle of black fires. Hatred, rage, cruelty and other properties of this sort light black, smoky fires. In World Aboveground it is difficultly to be exempted from their deposits extraordinary, and this release is very painful. Be preserved against the lowest fires.
313. (Guru). It is better to live in the present than in the past, and it is better to live in the future than in the present. Why? Because the future is a symbol of evolution, it is all possible progress. This is a consequence of the past, and nothing more can be changed. The smallest change already affects the future, even close, and possibly only in it.
314. (May 28). After the termination of each this embodiment of its consequence, or fruits, assimilate and acquired in Word Aboveground. And memory of previous lives is available not to all. Fruits of former lives were acquired earlier, and special need to endure them again isn't present. So melodies of life of the last sound, and on its strings its especially impressive events are played. Diary of antecedents comes at synthetic thinking and ability to rise over commonness level. But everything is stored in the Bowl, from the beginning. Only access to its accumulation, as well as on Earth, is open for only developed spirit. But meetings happen much, both it is a lot of unexpected, and it is a lot of from the past. The expanded consciousness can contain much. The knowledge collected on Earth helps. But it is not usual terrestrial of the knowledge. The doctrine of life opens eyes of soul and allows seeing it that differently remains closed.

315. (M.A.Y.). Path of the spirit is thorny. Thorny is the earthly path, rushing to light of the spirit. Each bears his cross, plus the Burden of this world. Endure not of all. But the great happiness of someone who comes!
316. (Guru). Faith is easy when there is evidence of what they believe. But when they do not exist and faith is based on waking up knowledge of the spirit, then save the steadfastness of faith a lot harder. Remember the formula: "I believe, Lord, help My unbelief." The visibility of a dense stand against and it is not easy to win.
317. (May 29). And even at a time when consciousness is fully immersed in a flurry of activity surrounding visibility and revenue terminated again foundations remain steadfast and immutable. And you can still send their thoughts to understand how ephemeral everything that surrounds the man, no matter how fragile, unstable all and briefly. These thoughts will help not to dive head first into the swamp, and Tina his philistine not covered. Pig also lives, but it has always drawn inferiorly snout.
318. (May 30). Give to an ambition, it causes a. It doesn't matter why it starts to fade away, but if it happens, the proceeds shall be terminated and the fire spirit penetrates. Aspiration, the dominating view on Knowledge Bases may not will go out It has its own rhythm, and alternating rhythms should not take over the fading.
319. (M. A. Y.). Happy time tutored child long ago passed. The stark reality leaves no room for pink dream. It requires action, the relevant point, - misfortunes collapse and heavy burden. Salvation is in the spirit of free from the chains tight world. It is on the banks of the river of eternity sitting student and teacher, and rough waters of the material world by rush, taking in all the illusions of waves flitting Maya land.
320. (Guru). It is told directly: "Depart from life dead", so that not to become dead persons. Dead it is provided "to bury the dead persons", and wishing to live it is offered to follow the Lord, having accepted on the shoulders burden
321. (May 31). The consciousness can rise over a duality of astral emotions and this way to store balance. Otherwise, how not be afflicted, say, with loss something, if rejoiced of the acquisition of this thing. In pleasure about something the grief root about it usually lies. Rejoicing to a human praise, thereby we doom them to chagrin at censure. This dual nature of personal experiences should be understood not to become the victim of experiences on a positive pole, causing thereby inevitability of opposite feelings. The poet, begun to see clearly this law, told: "Praise and slander accept indifferently". To it is possible to add: don't become attached to anything – and you there will be nothing to lose; don't rejoice to small egoistical pleasures if you don't want to be afflicted; be not fascinated also anything if you want to avoid disappointments and haven't fun too not to cry, that is store complete equilibrium and impassivity when on one of poles the market puppet begins the dance to pull consciousness and to force it to represent a pity role of the exhibition doll clown reacting to everything as pull strings by which it is connected and which are set in motion by someone's others hands.
322. (M. A. Y.). Experimentation on them, to make him willed it does not react to any external event or exposure, very exciting and very instructive. By understanding their value, you can gradually come to claim one of the most important qualities of the spirit of fire, namely to equilibrium. Impossible to maintain if already admitted the reaction of consciousness, no matter what is positive or negative, on one of the poles. For example, simply come to the delight of a deed any of those around to give yourself the same exact force upset the Act the opposite of that same person. So give yourself the consciousness into the power of the experiences of an order, if it allows itself to be at the poles. A balance has to be very careful to avoid these reactions.
323. (Guru). Imagine the well-known singer or the actor causing delight of crowd and admirers, an applause, an applause, bunches of flowers, the newspaper praises, all glory terrestrial, surrounding this successful But imagine also a pole the return: dark oblivion when in diseases, poverty such person finishes the life, all forgotten and all left. Two pole in of the action. All consciousness and emotions plunging into one, inevitability of another is caused by the person to the statement. And only balance can rescue from these opposite swings when even the glory terrestrial can't break it.
324. (June 1). That's right: If the will of the Teachers put in certain conditions, it means that they are the best way. You cannot reset them before the deadline. They have to live and they dive. Just let the dive is not forced to forget the main purpose of the incarnation and that all this is given or to gain experience, or to pay for old debt. But by themselves these terms has no meaning or purpose and, alone, in isolation from life incarnation Triad, put a person in the circle of frustration.
325. (M. A. Y.). In the analysis of dreams it is very difficult to separate their intimate essence from the subsequent intervention of the lowest Manas and brain impressions. It complicates process, but, anyway, it is necessary to remember the fact of communication if it took place. The thin body apprehended and imprinted that is necessary though it and didn't reach terrestrial mind.
326. (June 2). "My Kingdom is not of this world". Not My Kingdom, where people live, wrenches internecine, of hatred, of cruelty and other of the dark feelings. Stocked speculation of pursuit of wealth, of oppression and the violence – is this My Kingdom? Is it killing, gassing and all sorts of chemicals of life possible in My Kingdom? V.1 does not end is the Kingdom of light. The light will be on when the South Light will come. And now, when so much horror happening in the human age beings on Earth, all have to gather strength to withstand the onslaught last darkness leaving knowing that ends black the age bloods, wars and violence.
327. (M. A. Y.). Value even a small circle is so great! When it is strong and harmonious, it is easy to be protected from dark attacks and it is easy to direct. Where two or three are gathered in the name of the Lord, there he is in the midst of them, the strong terms. Magnetic force it, attracting the highest the energy, much more surpasses strength of participants it, taken separately. In unification great force is hidden. In unification it is possible to work wonders. It is so difficult to resist to darkness alone. Value of a circle should be understood. Rescue of the mankind in of the good unity.
328. (Guru). The concept of a unification embraces itself a unification between accepted the Doctrine and their unification with Hierarchy of Light and That Who Conducts. The unification is directed both up and down through Hierarchy and to standing close by. Many good attempts were destroyed by lack of unification and many already taken place associations – conscious, spiteful and persistent efforts dark. The Stronghold against darkness always steadily was and is the purpose of their evil-trick attacks.
329. (June 3). External changes won't bring benefit, if the thinking remains the same. Many thoughts useless were allowed once. They are loaded with the strong energy generated by desires. Time passed, desires lost the force, but the thoughts generated by them, remained. From time to time they interfere in consciousness and demand a combination to them. If not to stop it resolute and irrevocable intervention of will, in World Aboveground where everything becomes aggravated, they will ride out beget and will carry away it in conformable to desires of the sphere, to get out from which difficult extraordinary. Therefore in order to avoid these sad consequences once the allowed thoughts it is necessary to win against them and to hold patrol strong. Not won and not bridled here, there they will overcome finally.
330. (M. A. Y.). If a man put a decade successfully struggled with their impure thoughts, but suddenly slipped, and they again took possession of them, at least for a brief moment, the fruit of a 10-year effort will be wiped out in an instant. But in a thin even short lust can fold down into several stages. This is why spear over the fallen Dragon should not doze off and vigilance than leaving warriors. Even the prostrate, he suddenly can climb and jump on a winner.
331. (Guru). Besides winning over his idea, there is no other option. Defeat is unthinkable. This should firmly grasp. The sooner it is reached the better. The victory means mastering astral and curbing its arbitrariness. Frenetic and irrepressible casing should be subject to clearly, unequivocally and definitively. Otherwise there is not and should not.
332. (June 4). The dream of the power of the spirit belongs to the human aspirations; attainable whether of she? Yes, in the infinity is achievable. This ladder climbing spirit with an infinite number of steps actually exist, and everyone is already on some of them. Top her unattainable, but climb the stairs all, not only people, but also all life, all existing in the universe, from the small-small particles of matter. The evolution of the living and is precisely in the ascent of all life on this majestic staircase spirit, with each form their development gradually takes hold new and new forms of matter and energy. Compared to other forms of man is already at a very high level of mastery, although infinitely far still from the top. The planetary Spirits possess this power, tapping it in her space, but even They, Highest, have not reached the top. Also Gautama Budda never claimed that he Had not Claimed His omnipotence, omniscience, all-voidance and all-progress all of other senses and of abilities, though their level was very high. Mankind in his climbing the stairs of life has already accomplished a great deal in this regard. You have to understand how great the achievement when dumb race captured the ability speeches. How many millions years were required on it. How long does it to the birds sing and learned to use their sounds to understand each other. After all, even the ability to move and control your muscles in a never-ending chain involves efforts and overcome by each living entity. You should think about that and realize that, having achieved so much in the process of mastering your body and matter, man has infinity of a future in which everything is achievable. In this gleaming all future human creative leads his dream. Picture of the evolution of life, we cut down the space and outlined clearly the stages the climb. With us in the future, which has reached the planetary Spirits, and, having reached, will climb even higher to unreachable heights of omnipotence.
333. (M. A. Y.). On that memorable night in the desert, when the heat was so great that the Lord Christ uttered the unforgettable words: "That Way, when he's in front of us." Yes, the Lord Knew this majestic, shining, and a fiery path into the future. He was walking on it and Commandment the people, Saying, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". Inexhaustible and effective depth of these Words, and immortality and eternal life are hidden in them for everyone who takes heart Lord.
334. (Guru). All the time that there is or will be, available to the person for self-improvement and conscious awakening and development of own abilities, qualities and properties, be it evolution. One of its most surprising gifts, predestined people are psychic energy. Her ability when she recognizes, develops and begins to grow, inexhaustible. This is indeed the gift of fire. When the old world is irrevocably gone back in time and humanity learns to friendliness, cooperation and harmony, collective, conscious and had rightful use psychic energy will work miracles transforming life on Earth and the Land, clearing, brightens, thinning and elevating it along with the rise of the human spirit to the infinite Staircase light.
335. (June 5). Mortal man called because if he gathered earthly life and had not approved the elements of immortality, transcending the identity elements it really dies, disappears, leaving nothing for his higher self. Yes, the spirit is immortal and eternal, but that of the individual to the death if it fades away and the consciousness ceases. It says about immortality conscious, but to the consciousness of it than to live in peace, it must amass Aboveground on earth material for a responsible life in the higher realms. Can poor people in the world get a loose, maybe even richer, bringing together a rich harvest during busy existence? Animals drink and eat, and feel, but a conscious ' I ' don't and conscious immortality denied. Person living creatures with feelings and sensations of the body and with the finest all the experiences and feelings in the physical body and the outer dense conditions, that is, a man condemned to death, animal, because the death of the body and consciousness was fading away for it all ends. The worst thing for him is the negation of life after death of the body, because by believing his takes. But believing in the immortality of the spirit and their thoughts with him, thereby asserts the enduring elements, elements of immortality, and in that world, where the reign reigns thought, from thinking their reaping. There are people, however, a few of which have achieved immortality, while still being in the body of the Earth: it is the carriers of light, great Teachers, Mahatma, educators of mankind, true knowledge and the founders of all great religions and Teachings. The Savior said, "He who believes in Me shall have eternal life." Medium light – there is a threshold of spirit. Through it mortal can attain immortality. So can every earthling split their consciousness into two halves: one is that they should be destroyed and death, that is, all the usual things and taking care of the Earth, and everything associated with the life of a normal, corporeal and dense; the other is all that is purely spiritual, to anything that goes beyond this incarnation and the things and objects of fine order. Art, philosophy, religion, and all kinds of higher-order thinking and all the qualities of the human spirit, illumined by the light-all this can be attributed to the phenomena of the human being, because in these areas and spheres of consciousness will Excel no thought which is dying and going through time. Gems of thoughts immortal and imperishable, are elements that can give man eternal life.
336. (M.A.Y.). Feelings, qualities and properties that display human thoughts beyond the personality of minor such as feat, self-denying, compassion, desire, serving people, above-person love for Fase higher and all that stuff, they accord, are the silver bridge to spirit, getting their immortality.
337. (Guru). Even in life usual it is possible persistently and to give consciously terrestrial, but the Highest – to the Highest. And then, having approved in it, to transfer "life to thought" and, being in this world, to be as though other-worldly, having the main stay in the spirit world. So there lived on Earth all Great Spirits. To them imitating in this separation from life usual, much can be reached, without forgetting thus the Precept: "Caesarian – to the Caesar, God – to God", that is terrestrial – terrestrial, and the Highest – to the Highest.
338. (June 6). The elements of immortality collected by the person, demand understanding. After all and immortality consists in consciousness deduction at deaths door covers. Qualities of spirit which it bears in itself already have on themselves the press enduring because with them the person is embodied in a body and their beret with himself, leaving it. Courage, abilities to languages, to mathematics, music and other art forms and in general brings all the properties of people with it from former lives. Will say, that it not so, that from parents these properties are inherited. But it is possible to ask: from whom inherited the talent Pushkin, or the genius Lomonosov, or the wisdom – Platon? The genius by inheritance isn't transferred; the person brings it with himself from former lives. Thus, properties of character and ability, and tendency, weakness and defects – all these accumulation of the past enduring covers of the person and kept in the Bowl through all embodiments. The spirit is indestructible, immortal and eternal irrespective of, realizes it the person or not, and in the accumulation of the person collected in the past their enduring essence, though changing in time and growing towards Light or darkness comes to light. The spirit can accumulate both positive and negative properties. Understanding in it these properties, no disappear with death of a body and other covers, but being stored in the Bowl, opens eyes on the elements of the immortality, which have been already collected by the person in the past, elements, which remain with it and in the future. It is possible to rise up, accumulating light qualities of spirit, and it is possible – and down, strengthening and increasing the dark. Dark spirits of big degrees too have the immortality, however, awful and final, but nevertheless immortality. So, a task of the pupil is purposeful and conscious collecting by a way of work on, by works and thousand-year efforts and aspirations of accumulation of rightful qualities of spirit in immortal storage of the Bowl.
339. (M. A. Y.). The bearing of the light in a conscious, that shines the world and people, is the highest human achievement. Worth a careful look around to see what people usually carry the darkness that surrounds them. How far away are they from the phenomenon of light-bearer radiation? But the medium of light in his blessing the world Bears the aura and the benefit of all living.
340. (Guru). The person can be very high-spiritual and at the same time – not to know differential calculus, electronics or production of atomic weapons. Brilliant terrestrial mind isn't still a spirituality sign.
341. (June 7). An unconscious human immortality it is shown in that, what it is a result of its experience and media for all his life. The truth is not always all these savings could result in full, but people have a mouthpiece of their past and their future Builder. Therefore, despite the fact that the earthly life is a fleeting dream, even though it has a dense world, Mayan, its value to humans is overwhelming and extremely important. Let the collapse of the Kingdom and the great people and even entire race into oblivion, all they've accomplished, and carried away with himself, and would remain with them. This dual temporariness, brevity of all terrestrial paths and at the same time, the value of it to the evolution of the spirit should understand and learn practical and do not invest in everyday life what it is not, bearing in mind that other way for climbing and growth for the human spirit. Hence the value and significance of creations of human hands and those forms of social life that it creates. Human creations are destroyed and lost in time, but their subtle forms continue to exist in the space, giving him an aura of the Earth. The meaning of human existence is deep and considerable, if realized.
342. (M. A. Y.). You can attach the thoughts, feelings and affection in their stuff and things fleeting and condemn them to short duration, and can be, and in some that go far beyond one's future incarnations and even many. The preference also is given them. So, the love of the Lord is already feeling which does not end with the death of the body, but is taken away by the man next to him. So, on with yourselves, you can pretty much walk away and reap the fruits of such kind of feelings and thoughts, if they are from the light. So in the enduring and eternal one can consciously put their thoughts and feelings.
343. (Guru). The mankind appreciates great works of art and carefully them stores. Eventually, say, several thousand years, all of them collapse and perish. But perishes only their material, external, a form, and, even having been lost, in a thin form they remain live in space, in aura of a planet, decorating her thin body and inspiring people to new creativity. In it is of the enduring meaning of art. In memory of the nature all is depicted: dark thin forms for destruction, light – on all the time while they can serve evolution Real. In Akasha's rolls the world past is written down.
344. (June 9). The mankind appreciates great works of art and carefully those stores. Eventually, say, several thousand years, all of them collapse and perish. But perishes only their material, external, a form, and, even having been lost, in a thin form they remain live in space, in aura of a planet, decorating her thin body and inspiring people to new creativity. In is enduring value of art. In memory of the nature all is depicted: dark thin forms for destruction, light – on all the time while they can serve evolution Real. In Akasha's rolls the world past is written down.
345. (June 10). If you are not able to help or change of the undesirable living conditions, then the best way out of this situation will keep calm and not permit unnecessary emotions and experiences to burden consciousness. Why worry if you cannot help. Not insensitivity, but persistence will force. It's hard not to worry about loved ones if they are suffering, but even here, keep a balance is necessary. Compassion does not mean loss of balance. Compassion helps. But how, compassionating, help if lost equilibrium, that is, the force that is helping!
346. (M. A. Y.). Why not help to free them from judging demon possession? Your intimacy and yearning cause hatred and fury the dark. From a serious and dangerous harm saved, but judging is inevitable. Destroy be you long ago, if be not the hand of the Lord.
347. (Guru). Menacing all over the place, but in the same position were all very near to the Lord. Aspiration to the Light and the degree of his always cause of the strong resistance and of the reaction to environment, fanned by dark evil-making. Through this ordeal one must inevitably take place to anyone who wants to get closer to the light.
348. (June 12). When it is very dark, we will approve themselves on Bases, them repeating persistently and persistently. Now the darkness is condensed to a limit. Its waves drown all non-embedded unswervingly. Because the turn thinking on the basics. All forms where there is life, mortal. The body will die, and runs out of a fairy tale land. And it isn't so already important, if it developed difficult for a form. All this will dissipate like smoke. But something for which remains spirit is embodied in physical form. Experience and knowledge will remain with him. Because of everything going on with you to judge and appreciate the experience that he brings to you, and not by like it or not, good to you or annoying it causes suffering or joy. All temporary sensations, these will pass by itself, leaving nothing of external environment, sometimes calling them, but the lesson taught by them, will enrich the accumulation of the bowl, if it's properly understood and learned. Live in three worlds. The experience of dense and subtle shifts in the World the Supreme to there was than to live the spirit and move on. "The good man of all his writings, which he toils under the Sun, as all is vanity and vexation of spirit. True, many spirit awakened, painful moment, are languishing in prison for dense, difficult conditions of the transitional period to the age of light. But there is a hierarchy of good. Therefore, not abandoned, not left and is where and who to shoot into space, as in the House of the father finds the spirit of the shelter. But what are those who have nothing and not to fly? What is it? As a splinter in the turbulent ocean of boundless! You do have a future that is inherent. And have equal spirits of flaming threads of light. And what is about that other, denying the basics? Nothing: death, grave and "burdock" above it; despondent, hopeless, gloomy future. But you, children of light, benefit and life, that has no end. Right, is for what living, and fly, and to assert itself on the fundamentals.
349. (M. A. Y.). Through the astral form of continuously flowing stream of astral matter, and this means that astral is constantly on the move and constantly going through. Today tomorrow is another one, and so on without end. Give power over a plane meant to become his slave. This is the worst kind of slavery. All the feelings and emotions of the astral is time. To be approved, they reckoned, and they obey cannot in themselves or in others. You cannot bow to emotional outbursts astral. Balance should be stored and not allow third-party influences. But, having become established on the bases, only you can absolutely not be considered with the movements in the astral plane, either in myself or in others, because they come and go, disharmonic and usually very unpleasant, and most importantly, are dual strong , unstable, contradictory and deprived of light. The fourth principle is the lunar heritage of the past. It requires strict monitoring and control. Equilibrium of spirit is unshakable foundations.
350. (Guru). Whatever occurred around of what would think threw dark, whatever pains or sufferings, chagrin and a clouding it was necessary to worry how press and people burdened, follows firmly, unshakably, indelible, ardently to remember one: everything will pass – the spirit will arrive, and to remember it not theoretically and abstractedly, and in the appendix everyday because it is the Basis. The spirit is eternal and indestructible. The sun will come also the moon – but the spirit will live eternally.
351. (June 13). The balance, about which so much is spoken and whose importance is emphasized by equilibration in the minds of the pairs of opposites that create your world. If you completely turn away from all over and focus only on the spiritual law of life is broken and the person leaves the Earth and draws from her that he needed to advance, will take place without the use of avatar and the evolution of the spirit to break. If fully immerse themselves in everyday life and its interests and reject spirituality and with it and what he came to Earth, then either he gets tangled up in net of evil, or finish the earthly existence, having gathered for nothing of his higher self, that is not doing the job of the spirit. But if paying "caesarean – Caesar and God is God" and rushing up the stairs light, strong and durable stand man on Earth, then under this condition would be able to implement it in their assignment dense body. You can love everybody, but at the same time not be tied down to anything and not be bound by anything. You can love life on Earth, but be prepared at any moment to part ways knowing that this life is only part of the life of the great small-small, eternal, not ending ever. You can live on the Earth bright and interesting life and very useful for all life, but at the same time know the depth of the deceptive nature of Maya busy world. It is in this balancing or reconciliation of opposites, in the minds of couples and is golden, or median, path, and this is the decision of life.
352. (M. A. Y.). With the exception of space litter, which is thrown from a stream of evolution, everything else can ascend the stairs of life infinitely. And everyone incarnated in the body of the Earth, regardless of their purpose, he knows or not, is learning something, and sharpens your skills and talents, property and growing internally. Life makes learn and practice and multiply by their talents. Are they, as well as human faces are endless? Even two leaves on the same tree. All that is offered by each, earned in the past. Because of envy for others ' abilities and talents is untenable. Pearl of consciousness everyone has, only to teach her to appreciate and understand what a treasure is in the possession of a person and that may it multiply, expand and grow infinitely.
353. (Guru). And still have to think sometimes that we are leaving behind a people on Earth. You tell if left idling us into the usefulness of the common good. Not we are ashamed does something? After all, we leave not only their creations, but also thoughts, often recorded and captured on paper. Leave imprints of their thoughts on all the images that come into contact, even on the walls of houses in which lived. A lot of things people leave behind, leaving the body of the Earth. What has enriched it the aura of a planet? What and how the Earth has decorated garden? And maybe, disfigured?
354. (June 14). With someone from higher on the ladder of Hierarchy of consonance is particularly strong. This is equal to the last perfume, lives with them and contact is established. The fullness of it depends on many conditions, some of which are beyond the control of the will, but there are times when conditions are particularly conducive to, and then the harmony full-stringed. The invisible wire should be thoughtfully and carefully guard. Break it easily even own moods. Of the subtle world shining heart connection threads are visible, so dark all measures and ways to try to disrupt them.
355. (M. A. Y.).Vex demons always unpleasantly because seek to break internal harmony of consciousness, and during contact – a receiver mood which is so hard-hitting and without dark influences. But it is necessary to learn permanent opposition to darkness, and so to learn not to allow balance violation. If he manages to be kept, all attempts of the dark are vain. At attack dark all attention and energy direct on keeping balance and not to allow a clouding and other movements in an astral, extinction an aura light-bearer. It is most difficult when it is necessary to be protected not only most but also to protect relatives because then it is necessary to direct mental energy in the different directions.
356. (Guru). It is necessary to include in the concept "spirit encumbrance by circumstances" and a vex demons. This is one out of itself boring and unpleasant of the tests. The dark rack is very persistent, persistent and resourceful in research of various ways to harm. It is necessary to arm with all strength of mind against dark companion. Light of heart the switched on want to extinguish. It is their purpose. And then this Light is stronger, especially the strong are sent attendants of darkness. But hell, it is necessary to win against hordes, and not in which case not for a moment it is impossible to allow that they triumphed. To strike blows and they will bring pain, but the spirit is indestructible, indestructible and impregnable. The spirit citadel also will be the strongest stronghold from all dark attacks.

357. (June 15). Psychic energy, or fire, shall have all the people, but in varying degrees and these lights are different by nature from shining and bright to dark or even black lights. Especially the front lights, lighted habits, vices and lusts, which persists. The clean and light accumulation of Agni is the goal of the student. Easily jump into the world of thin stockpiles of Agni. And traffic and flights are due to them. Fire is magnetic. Nature and gravity depend on aspiration. Aspiration is motor of the spirit. The aspirations of their must give himself a disciple, for his stay depends on them in the World Aboveground. Because all their aspirations should be divided into two types: transient, temporary, brief and Earth caused by necessity of dense, and timeless, eternal, the spirit to stay in the higher Worlds, as well as in subsequent incarnations of it for further promotion and expansion. This aspiration, necessary in all worlds, is the aspiration to favorite Hierarchs or aspiration to serve the world. In the shallow aspirations much can be achieved, the seemingly unattainable even ordinary people.
358. (M. A. Y.). Speaking about Agni's accumulation, it is necessary to mention his squandering. In spirit twilight, in the ordinary, in small fussy experiences and emotions spirit fires are wasted. All feelings can be shared on stores and spendthrifts. For example, courage collects fires, the fear wastes them. So, and thoughts or collect each feeling and strengthen mental energy, or spend it. To give, it is necessary to have. There is nothing to give to the devastated person. The people devastated mentally often are vampires, or devourers of mental energy. As a barrel full of holes, it is impossible to fill them. Accumulating Agni, it is necessary to remember feelings and the emotions devouring mental energy, and devourers – people.
359. (Guru). When aspiration to a Teacher of light has reached such an extent that Its Coil voltage keep before his mind's eye, then really no the heavy. Hard or easy-depends on past savings. Some are easy, and for someone almost unreachable. But on this yet, you can judge how well the aspiration. Unbeatable constant anticipation is already a high level of achievement on the stairs.
360. (M. A. Y.). To learn to suffer, without losing courage, already will be Arhat's step. Firmness of spirit is the quality developed by long experience and tests. As it is good ascend, without of the suffering. But we don't know such way. The crown of thorns is a symbol noting spirit, going to Light. If Christ Redeemer Say: "I Am the Way, Truth and Life", it is possible to come to it only it’s Way. And the Way, which It Went, to people is known.
361. (Guru). "Lords the Spirit is unshakable". Here and at It we will study unshakable firmness of spirit. When all fluctuates and the terrestrial support crumbles under the feet, this quality is especially necessary. As without It hold out contrary whirlwinds and furious waves, bring out from balance of elements. Not in what, outer of support no find. Neither health, nor wellbeing, other stability conditions have no. Rescue is, in towers of the spirit. But about of the spirit forgot.
362. (June 17). The crash of the phenomenal world, happening upon transition of Great Borders, no doesn't concern the self-world, which continues exist, as and before, but concerns the spirit, passing to absolutely other plane of life. That world is brighter and richer terrestrial, and opportunities than it incomparably more widely and more unusually, but completeness of understanding demands them preparation, and in the conditions of the dense world. It is better, the person entering into this wonderful world becomes wiser not, sometimes even is worse because there are too much temptations and temptations, and brightness and reality of mental forms only strengthens them and aggravates. In total that is overcome and bridled on Earth, gives the certain consequences there, and sang reaps won the lowest nature from this victory. If people trusted, what huge value for elevated stay has consciousness clarification from any litter as carefully and circumspectly they would watch the thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations to be released from are nasty.
363. (Guru). It isn't so important, whether all hopes, expectations and expectations of the pupil, as – severe preparation for the future and release of spirit from all not get rid and undesirable heaps will be carried out. Because, if it isn't executed anything from expected, it nevertheless will prepare for itself existence in the world extra dense, in every time as, if clarification doesn't happen, no changes of external conditions or even death of a body of wished good luck will bring to it. Therefore the sword fiery clarifications have to be lifted – in it is the solution of everything.
364. (M. A. Y.). Process of cognition of the person is difficult to that, when, when unpleasant essence two-legged, it is impossible have neither condemnations, nor irritations, neither rage, nor all other of usual feelings human, noted by not goodwill. It is necessary to know, understand and not to condemn, helping them who aren’t knowing Light, in process of ability contain their Light, and for the evil created by them to render them good. It also will be the Way all Carriers of Light Went with which,
365. (June 18). Everything that reached mankind as a whole and each person separately, all abilities, properties, talents, talents, ability, – all this is reached thanks to spirit embodiments in of dense forms, since the most foremost. In it sense of existence of forms and sense of embodiments. Each form bearing in itself of life dies, and collapse in time of work hand human, because in them the purpose, but that is acquired by spirit through this experience, its abilities and knowledge, remains with it forever. The ultimate goal is very far, but it is so majestic and grandiose that achievement it all those works, sufferings, efforts and tests through which there pass people pay off. Only in the following circle mind human will reach full development. But after all this, real, fourth circle isn't finished yet, the Sixth Race, and behind it the Seventh has to arise still. Evolution Real is long very much. She embraces the huge periods of time. It is possible to imagine, how many billions years passed that the Moon could be created, give to forms, mineral, vegetable, animal and before human, life to go out and die, having turned into a dead body, having transferred a vital impulse and life forms to Earth for further development. Ascending on a life ladder, the spirit opens all those opportunities which it has in the potential. They are boundless, because the limit to growth and development of spirit doesn't exist. Founders of Great Doctrines Gave to mankind understanding of Truth at a rate of its ability contain according to time, an era and a step of its evolution. But all Truth, in total comprehensive, in consciousness human doesn't hold. Therefore its comprehension can be only partial. Able to contain many da will contain, and wishing to comprehend and reach – will reach.
366. (M. A. Y.). For the spirit concluding, finish of terrestrial evolution and received or taken from a planet everything, that it could give it, terrestrial it isn't necessary, but for not finished – terrestrial it is necessary very much. And to come off Earth, and to despise its opportunities or to consider itself them outgrown not is wisely. The karma strong ties spirit to these or those dense conditions with the purpose force pass through them and a lesson taught by them acquire. It is impossible to be averted from life terrestrial, it is as though heavy was, but it is possible not become attached it. And the main thing – learn understand the passing nature of dense conditions not grow them, that is find internal freedom.
367. (Guru). As a matter of fact, all human life consists in of his consciousness. Out of it there is no life mortal. Therefore and on expansion it is possible concentrate it on consciousness of all efforts of spirit. The consciousness can grow and extend; as Light and darkness poles and all intermediate steps between them differ between themselves of consciousness’s human. The interior is defined by his consciousness. How many the heads are so many minds and so many worlds? And care of the person of that his inner world was as it is possible is more close to the truth.
368. (June 19). Reality and Maya is two poles of a thing uniform. Wisdom comprehends Maya nature. The consciousness moves from Maya pole to a pole of reality fiery. Maya alternation of the dreams moves. They aren't reality, but Maya is reality, and it people live. "The mirage isn't reality, but there is a reality"; in the same way and Maya. There is a question: how Maya mirage can be the spirit engine? But even in the usual dream of people feels and worries, and at times so sharply, that wakes up in the cold sweat. Move emotions, the experiences experienced by the person, and all that fills his terrestrial life. Usual dreams quickly pass and are forgotten as pass also days of life terrestrial, being replaced by all by new dreams. Certainly, they are real and strong are endured incarnate. But where all what was hundred years ago or more? Instant rapid before boundlessness – terrestrial human life, also isn't comparable it even with elevated stay. But its value is high, because she teaches the person to comprehension of the really existing. In chains of slavery their lives the person on Earth. From slavery of chains of the dense world exempts its knowledge of Truth. It was told long ago: "You learn Truth, and the Truth will make you free". The person can't be released, yet doesn't realize the slavery and won't direct to freedom. The case of a physical body is similar to a heavy space suit with five openings for contact with the terrestrial world. A lot of things outside these openings (sight, hearing, sense of smell, touch and taste) don’t exist for consciousness. The science persistently seeks to move apart this limiting framework and in many respects already succeeded. But the area unknown nevertheless is huge because Boundlessness can't up to the end be learned. Evolution gives to the person science about the centers and opportunities of direct cognition by means of them. The Maya it will be compelled to recede before the open centers and to give in one behind one. The fiery centers of the person will allow it when will start working, approaching and to reality studying, to understand Maya essence and to be exempted from her power over consciousness.
369. (M. A. Y.). Found invaluable treasure of anything another except it won't think. All things terrestrial lose value, situation and wealth when are found and start collecting and be multiplied spirit treasures. There is them no price because are integral even death of a body. There is them no price because open before the person not predicates of possibility of life of spirit. Open access to it to the ocean of spatial life and to an inexhaustible treasury of world thought. This way of ascension of spirit in the conditions of heavy terrestrial is hard, but achievement of the purpose compensates everything, through what it is necessary to pass. And if to offer the judgment pupil all benefits terrestrial in exchange for spirit treasures, instants he wouldn't reflect what to prefer – whether the terrestrial benefits bodies passing and coming to an end with life, or the enduring treasure of spirit integral neither life, nor death.
370. (Guru). The creativity basis – ability brightly, distinctly and colorfully to present in a mind a desirable image, then to give it a dense shape. The basis is put in World Aboveground and then a flesh, the fiery the form already clothes, and the basis is stronger. The world Fiery, the World Thin and, at last, the dense – steps of sequence of true creativity. That has no basis in World Aboveground, fragile, unstable and short-lived. Both to build and to destroy it is necessary to begin there. The world old will be lost because its basis in World Aboveground is destroyed. The world New will live, because the base it in the world extra dense is strongly erected.
371. (June 20). Mastering by the feelings and emotions is reached by long and of the persistent efforts. Experiences and exercises in this direction are absolutely safe. For example, having suppressed irritation and having replaced it with tranquility, anything and in any way the person doesn't harm to himself. Experiments on change of usual reactions to external influences are especially interesting. How many afflicting trifles happen during the day, how many undesirable feelings arise? To learn won't react in the regular way to external influences by big achievement. When words of people around don't cause of usual responsibility and balance of consciousness isn't broken, there is a singularity phenomenon. The tranquility approved when the astral cover is bridled, doesn't allow emotions to show the force willfully. How many energy leaves on vanities, concerns, discontent, alarm and expectation of any troubles are made unnecessary, weakening and saddening emotions, how many! All this harmful rack of feelings small and thoughts can be replaced with the phenomenon of balance and lack of reaction of consciousness with all external influences, them causing. It is impossible to assimilate to the mechanical puppet reacting to each movement of a string whom it pulls. "The clown doesn't suit for ways to the Brotherhood".
372. (M. A. Y.). "Mastering by Went, the Lord". The Lord Will Send, but make effort. You will allow how long to an irrepressible astral cover to torment yourself with absolutely unnecessary and harmful emotions. The world, which is above "any understanding", no much enters into heart, while the astral dominates over consciousness. To whom and what advantage of all those experiences which it is uncontrolled and with the connivance of will break balance of spirit. It is time to put an end already imperious hand to mental dissoluteness. Yes, yes, after all it no other than dissoluteness of mental energy. Dark use disbalance an astral and throws trifles saddening and breaking tranquility, they very sensitively and painfully prick. And, if not to learn to bridle them and to own it, they will create impossibility of successful and victorious movement further.
373. (Guru). And the orange peel can slip, fall and break a leg. The last detail is important. There is no big or small, makes a difference. Small things and phenomena not once stopped great things. Eyes must be opened on the great and the small, then "in admiration did not break his nose, apprentice tripped inconspicuous small pebbles.
374. (June 21). Human consciousness is a laboratory for all senses, that is, all of them can be created by will and imagination. But the average person lives, obeying different stimuli automatically, without trying to control their reactions to them. And he can manage. In this direction before it opened vast opportunities. You can take any phenomenon that has an unpleasant effect on mood, and will put it into its opposite, regardless of its nature. Or you can choose to have it made no impression either good or bad, that is the master who by this reaction. Very often one and the same fact at various times produces very different impressions, or different people is completely opposite feelings. Consequently, the nature of a response to external impact and the reason for this reaction is not a phenomenon, but in the man. It is understood, that is, realizing that all was not outside, but inside, in the laboratory of his own essence hidden causes certain reactions to everything that he does, you are ready to take them, and trying to give them the direction order will. Peace of mind is that way and balance too. On the one hand, being aware of the bipolar emotions and experiences, you can braise them at one of the Poles so that they could not, therefore, arise on the opposite, on the other hand, posed an unwanted emotion can be right there at the beginning, change in her antithesis or just neutralize it, at the time of the birth. Too many negative feelings and outbreaks of Astral allows himself a man without any control or attempts to rein in, or even thinking that he himself is their Lord, their Lord, beget, the controller and ruler. And as a result he did not, but they own consciousness, subordinating his own tyrannical power. While "Silver bridle spirit" is not applied to all the senses of the pupil his own will, he cannot rise above agreement stage.
375. (M. A. Y.). Before you go to the doctor or take medicine, attempts to treat the disease with your own psychic energy. At constant observance of this rule is developed the habit of standing of the fiery force, which grows and leads to mastering one's own body, which gradually begins to obey his master and Lord, that is, a person living in it. Not immediately subordinate body to its rightful owner. Will it resist at first, but perseverance and will overcome centuries of inactivity. Most people immediately and instinctively obeys the disease can spread. Our rule is to fight until the end and not give in, and most importantly, mentally not allow disease develop consciousness. “The power over any flesh", and, first of all, over an own body is given to the person, only he the nobility about it doesn't want and prefers to be at it in slavery.
376. (Guru). What joy is born in the heart of the faithful disciple, when thinking about the meeting witch Knowing judgment and Trusted him, he realizes that he could bring them to their savings, their achievements, something more persistently and insistently worked it for years, all exceeded their flaws, weaknesses, all its vanquished the best aspirations and all that is within the Teacher a formula: "what else can bring you, Lord? »
377. (June 22). The ordinary person doesn't see images of thought created by it though they and are before his internal sight. The artist can see them distinctly and clearly, is so clear that on memory can draw a face of the person. As a matter of fact, all see them, but not as subjects terrestrial, and don't give themselves in it the report. But in a post mortal condition after a crash down phenomenal (that is dense) the world "receive spirit creativity", or ability to see views created by it as it is obvious as they on Earth saw dense forms. The world Thin is we weed tests of quality of thoughts, and the worker kind creates there the thoughts decorating aura of Earth and being blessing for people around. But what creates angry, got used to create on Earth dark, angry, of negative thought forms, loaded with poison of black fires? But their lives there the person and kind, and cruel in environment of his thoughts, his begets, phenomenon for it visible reality of the Thin World, and in spheres, to nature of this creativity appropriate. Living on Earth kind fifty or more than years, the person gets used to think in a certain direction, sating the inner world with mental pictures of a various look and thin forms of that dense environment, in which lives. All this is transferred by it to the World Elevated and attaches to itself his consciousness. It in this environment also stays. The benefit to homeless wanderers because are free from attachment to the house terrestrial. Therefore through homeless the terrestrial there has to pass the pupil. There are no chains worse in the Thin World, than attachment to personal property and walls, to the house where it lives. Where here to fly, when the spirit "is pinned on a small tack”, as a butterfly on a pin. Therefore release from any property is even more necessary for extra dense existence, than for terrestrial. Therefore release is made in thoughts, because if the thought wasn't released while person on Earth, there to begin this process very difficult. After all it is necessary to know, recognize thought and to believe that there is a world which isn't seen by a physical eye. Elevated test of thoughts consists that their beget living in the generations, has to refuse, reject and be exempted from them if they are bad. If thought rightful, it uplifts it to the Highest Spheres to which belongs. Everyone reaps from the seeds seeded on Earth, and the harvest from own crops can't be avoided. The benefit to the thinker kind because creates in harmony with Space Will, rising itself and lifting Earth together with itself; "sowers here", on Earth, and "reapers there", in World Aboveground.
378. (M. A. Y.). Raising a powerful sword of purification of its Future draws in those areas, which can only be achieved by purified heart? Without purification, all attempts will be vain. Dirty not comes in the House of light. Strict control over the thoughts, feelings and emotions that occur continuously in the mind, must be very strict and continuous. Hundreds of beautiful thoughts cover is one dirty. The slightest lust in Aboveground, - overthrow smb of the spirit down. Only full Atonement will guarantee a coherent climb.
379. (Guru). "Invisible Light, carrying it, in their aura, but the Teacher is visible. Every victory over themselves, each overcoming any weaknesses or flaws, each affirmation necessary quality multiplies the Light and pleases Him, Who Called you for yourselves. The conscious offering of such joy the Teacher, be the best gift off pupil.
380. (June 23). Arhat sees Maya essence and the dense and Thin Worlds, the ordinary person - No. Arhat understands illusoriness of feeling of property and its special absurd in World Aboveground. Astral doubles of things with which the person imagines that owns, he carries away with itself to the Thin World and continues to live in their environment. Carries away with itself and strongly taken roots habits – to eat, drink, sleep, and be ill, to think of something usual, terrestrial and so on. All mental products of the consciousness carries away with itself there gradually to reject them as superfluous, to reject everything, and not only things, both habits, and other images of thought, but even a thin body which becomes an unnecessary peel, and even a mental cover. So, the spirit is gradually exempted from Maya all types that in a fiery body, in Light body the, to pass to reality of the Fiery World. But to begin to see clearly in Maya essence it is possible to begin already and in a body terrestrial. The doctrine of Life breaks Maya covers one by one. For example, destroying ridiculous feeling of property, it already exempts the person from slavery of things of the dense world. No might be at the ardent owner of spiritual freedom. Things can be owned, but "without feeling of property", knowing that they not it that are given only for a while that nothing from them can be owned eternally that it is necessary to leave everything and that the isn't present anything. The second type of slavery are the strongly taken roots habits of the use which grown into consciousness and have taken shape in it. Also these habits to things and acts as habits to thin thinking or thin, dark, bad feelings, for example, to irritation are dangerous aren't so dangerous. The thin body, got used to be irritated, will carry away in itself, in the structure or structure, elements corresponding which will easily start moving at influences and whirlwinds astral, but is even sharper also exacerbated, than on the plan terrestrial. It is good to enter into the Thin World, having exempted from all types of slavery, and first of all at the thoughts. The Teacher Calls for freedom of spirit from any chains and terrestrial life gives the best opportunities for this release.
381. (M. A. Y.). Why best of all records are successful in the morning, after awakening from a dream? Because the main Doctrine occurs at night, and in the morning only partially it is possible to restore received in a dream. Completeness of memoirs about seen and heard can't be given because won't want to accept then spirit burden of dense existence. But gradually, in process of organism thinning, sleepy impressions will become everything brighter and fuller. The main existence – at night because the spirit concerns the Highest Worlds and carries away with itself traces these contacts in the terrestrial consciousness. For a dream it is necessary as carefully to prepare, as well as for wakefulness, establishing before going to bed "the provision of thought". Everything demands the conscious attitude towards because "understanding is already almost mastering".
382. (Guru). Wisdom of the Teacher allows the pupil to destroy in itself many illusions terrestrial; for example, distant illusion, or spatial distances. The Teacher Sees and Hears, despite distances, Sees and Hears behind the far seas, mountains and the woods, Sees and Hears as He Would be near. Therefore, distances don't exist. Therefore, reality fiery, which out of time and distances, any more Maya illusion, but the fact. The same concerns also the past, because time, in its usual understanding, no. So Maya many illusions, and the statement of the Lord "I with you always" collapse life experience becomes reality for consciousness.
383. (June 24). Imagination is one of the greatest attributes of the spirit. To one degree or another, they are all men. The writers, artists, poets and creative work, it is particularly strong. True creativity is usually not the beaten road, it does its paths. The chain of cause and effect is moving ahead on an earlier direction. And only the imagination cans this direction of change and establishes new roots, reflection of the new investigation, regardless of old. With go all over or travel gauge it can roll up and lay her, completely new. All messengers of light have been the innovators. They have given mankind new ways, new opportunities, new position or starting points for thinking. This novelty usually ran the formula "a new commandment I give unto you." Not in violation Of cosmic laws and Brought It to people "new Commandment", but as a new dimension of cosmic Truth, the stage of evolution reached by mankind or people, which has been given new Teaching life. In the knowledge the infinity, its richness and diversity, you cannot restrict its understanding of the present. Consciousness must be open and ready for a new approach and new angles on the human world around. His laws are immutable, but understanding them depends on the development of consciousness apprehends. But only freedom allows you to create "imaging the light bringer's new heaven and Earth". Old world go all over paths goes to blood, violence, war, cruelty and hate. New World creates new ways. Helps create their imagination. And each heading toward the light spirit also takes imagination, leads to new finds, the search for and confirmation of what is not, but that is destined to the man. The average person is subject to tight, considering it an inevitable. But he who is armed with the power of the creative imagination, spirit rises above it and creates their future regardless of tight conditions, defeating a fiery force of imagination. Struggling with tight conditions, trying to crush them out, amounts to a fight with windmills, but winning and breaking you, leads the movement of fire leverage winner of psychic energy and by the power of the creative imagination powerfully works. Long said: conquers all, who he will be able to win. Insight into humankind had rightful judgment future takes place with the help of fiery imagination, and achieved it will force it. Victory is achieved by the power of the spirit, but is inspired and fostered the power of imagination of creative.
384. (M. A. Y.). In 0f everyday life people are not aware of the report, use the imagination constantly. Do not cross the street; do not imagine this step in your imagination. And as usually happens in all things human. All the actions of its own, apart from the unconscious, automatic or reflex, man is planning in his imagination, though, and commits them to stenciling. But, creative the imagination comes out of the framework the stencil or the standard. Seal of the singularity, all products are marked with the creative imagination. Unique brilliant works of great poets, artists, composers and writers. Limit development and flight of creative imagination does not exist.
385. (Guru). The reality of the Thin World should be claimed constantly because dense visibility absolutely covers it. There is time of association of both worlds, and eyes human has to be open and ready to perception of the thin phenomena. At such readiness and expectancy of consciousness already enough easily it will be possible to start catching a set of the thin phenomena which pass absolutely unnoticed for a denying eye. They should be written down and noted. In process of attention growth to them the stream they will amplify. The person usually sees or notices that, on what his attention is paid.
386. (June 25). Over the most black and of dense clouds always there is a sun and shines. Over the self-closest, difficult and of the heavy circumstances of life terrestrial in height the Sun of Heart of the Teacher of Light Shines. Clouds temporarily, Heart of the Teacher Shines always. And the solution of life in that, so that no hoof clouds and the darkness, over them it was always possible to raise spirit and Light to concern. Hopelessness only for those who stays below, but for aspiring to tops the exit is open. Hardly punch thickness of darkness, but over it the sun.
387. (M. A. Y.). "In darkness external crying and a gnash tooth". Means, from darkness external it is necessary to leave and rise to those spheres where it any more doesn't reach. Lifts spirit aspiration. "Only direct, and the light of Boundlessness" where there is no gloom terrestrial will fill in you. So, in this world staying, it is possible to be other-worldly. Kingdom the Lord is no off to worldly. Going at by Him in the Kingdom of Light reach and, having broken off chains terrestrial, stay in layers of space, free from Maya seductions of the dense world.
388. (Guru). Poisoning of a planet and destruction of a vegetable and animal kingdom on Earth and in water pools goes, increasing and amplifying. The death threatens a planet not only from destructive and pernicious military medicines, but also from atmosphere and soil poisoning with various poisonous waste. This danger is so great that if measures of restraint in time aren't accepted not to avoid the most terrible consequences of human madness.
389. (M. A. Y.). Benevolent association of human consciousness’s has huge spatial value because thus auras of the uniting strengthen power of the radiations many times over. It the usual friendship is strong even. It is necessary to appreciate each particle of goodwill very much. At association directed to the Teacher of Light of auras conformable force them increases extraordinary. Force of a circle is based on it. It can work wonders, excessive and impossible for single aura. Value of any kind associations even a terrestrial, usual order is very great. In the future of vibration of the big, joint collective will be able to create the phenomena such, already unusual, about, about which at a current state of mankind and separation of all and in everything it isn't necessary even to think.
390. (Guru). Each time when there is a thought of any person, to it is stretched a hidden thread of communication because the thought concerns his being. If the thought is rather strong, it can feel it and suddenly remember the sent. Influence of such thought depends on her commitment. Our thoughts of other people anyway, but always concern them, having had known effect, sometimes almost imperceptible, sometimes the quite strong. Trouble or maybe happiness in that, what people not are able thinks rather strongly. If were able, could do and good and bad much. Create and now, especially create a lot of the bad. But the pupil has to know that in his hands there is a powerful weapon of thought which he has to use on good. Each light construction thought will cease on good.
391. (M. A. Y.). Why It Teacher of heavy, tough, close living conditions, why Allow cruel and dark environment, why Allow people suffering, sickness and pain, why? Just to give you an opportunity to quickly increase and rise in spirit and more likely closer to yourself. For the sake of it can be all-strong, courageously and with full confidence to the Leading Hand.
392. (June 29). From the Builder of the new world requires an understanding of both worlds, otherwise the build will be lopsided, that is flawed. At unilateral understanding of the world, mistakes are inevitable. The builder needs to rebirth consciousness, that is, to combine the both worlds.
393. (Guru). On the way it is necessary to pass terrestrial feet and to build the future the hands. Abstract knowledge is to anything. In it is meaning of the life terrestrial. The formula is “given by a hand human"” and a foot for its conscious appendix in life.
394. (July 3). Seaworthy quality of the ship is checked and tested not in smooth water, but in the high rough sea. As we Check also qualities of pupils. The everyday rough sea constantly gives the chance for this purpose. The limit of the forces should be known not to be deceived by what isn't present. Who says, what is easy? We know that is difficult. So Try only close, what even more to approach. Sorrow less and in wellbeing existence – a usual sign of that this person not ours. We will be so ready to everything, even to the most difficult.
395. (M. A. Y.). The first good consequence of living conditions heavy is that the separation from Earth upon transition to the World Thin is easy and simple: there is nothing to be sorry. He is a pity leave: with of people, with bothered walls, with the grown hateful difficulties. Absence of attachment to the surrounding is valuable quality of the pupil. In case of diseases to leave an ailing body will be joyful release. So, in addition, very useful that they give, remember that unpleasant difficulties of life terrestrial are a condition which is strongly releasing spirit from chains of the dense world.
396. (Guru). Stick about two-edged, always is about two. As well each phenomenon of the shown world has two poles, to their statement it is possible to cause or one, or another. Also each phenomenon of public and private life can be turned a light or dark side and to distort, and darkness the best undertaking. Turn is made by consciousness. Therefore all also depends on consciousness of people. Even Satia of the South will come not before the consciousness will be ready.
397. (July 4). "Allure and seduction" precisely express the deceptive nature, under external forms of appeal hiding very unattractive essence. These are dark try to decorate seducing image with all flowers of a rainbow while the combination to it leads to the phenomena which are absolutely opposite. Light thoughts approve Light in an organism of the thinker, dark – the darkness, with whatever attractive covers they were covered. Consequence – a clouding, falling, loss of that was reached by persistent and long efforts. Responsible – an astral, trying involve consciousness in a whirlwind of the experiences. Whether it is possible to permit to this temporary, capricious and insatiable cover seize consciousness and to dominate over it. The drunkard, the addict and each faulted are convincing examples of to what terrible consequences leads indulgence to astral desires. After all these fallen spirits on the plan terrestrial show only partially all horror of the falling, most important and the most terrible is made in the world the astral ambassador of death of a physical body. Their experiences are so painful and heavy, and the environment is so awful that words don't suffice that to describe them. But it is necessary to warn nevertheless and to tell that falling begins with the smallest of the connivance and of the indulgence to desires of an astral. Small grows as the avalanche which has been broken in an abyss, increasing uncontrollably in the
398. (M. A. Y.). Do you want from us now get support and assistance? But it has been said that strain Force of light is so great, and so is every Warrior should seek necessary help themselves, as well as providing and help those who have shouldered a disproportionate heavy Burden bears. Help can stay strong, solid, with his persistent, flaming and bright aspiration. «Help»-the leader may say only the devoted student.
399. (Guru). The debt of the soldier of Light – to battle for good Reason Light in all conditions and under any circumstances and never put the weapon, because the darkness is awake constantly and is always ready on of various inventions and of the shifts. You see as without restraint and persistently all of them distort light undertakings. The soldier patrol has to see and paralyze everything these evil shifts. Ask: how? I will answer: "Power of thought sending to energy space, fiery neutralized efforts of darkness". So, having seen any negative phenomenon, he can create mentally immediately opposite and to release this fancy in space. If it enough fiery, it extinguishes the antagonist.

400. (July 5). Our purpose – arm the person without the uniform device, because potentially the all equipment is concluded in a human microcosm. Delay in that, what only on condition of full clarification of consciousness from any litter there is safe a process of disclosure of the centers and thinning of ability of perception. Otherwise danger and death of the person are inevitable. Even discoveries are dangerous if the consciousness lags behind. Instead of advantage they to people bear mutually destruction threat. Therefore the most important and urgent task is a transformation of consciousness; task difficult extraordinary. It is easier to shift the mountain, than the hardened consciousness. The condition of consciousness depends on heart. We are knocked on hearts human to awaken spirit. It is necessary that masses woke up and imposed the veto on the governors planning various wars and all other types of madness. The World New on a planet won't be approved without conscious assistance of the people and will be approved contrary to will of those governments which conduct mankind to death. Situation in the world is strained to a limit.