Agni Yoga's facets, 1971 (401-550)

401. (M. A. Y.). All aspirations, all desires, all forces must send the spirit of anticipation before the face of the great became starts. Only the Hierarchy Ladder is unwavering. When a raging storm, resist you can only hold it secure.
402. (Guru). Repeat will provision until such time as they are applied in life. But, without following the Instructions of the Teacher advance farther it is impossible. Stop and the delay meant stagnation and decay. Aim first of all to make the teachings in your life.
403. (July 6). Exercises in restraint and control of feelings, emotions and passions are safe and, except advantage, anything can't bring. Experiments on mastering by reactions to external influences are especially interesting. Dark, annoying itself the inventions, have the purpose break of internal harmony, afflict, deliver of trouble and sadden aura of the radiation. Without reacting in the desirable direction for them, without allowing a clouding, we win a victory not only over the astral, but also over them. Bear malice and triumph when see how the light of aura grows dull and fires die away. It is possible, without expecting them attacks, to be accustomed to restraint of emotions at any communication with people around. The majority are slaves the experiences, that is an astral and therefore ability not catch others emotions and moods needs to be gained. On trifles it is everyday possible practice in skill itself to own. Achievement of balance is a victory over the lowest "I" which usually is in the astral power. The tranquility should study always, both on everything, and in all living conditions
404. (M. A. Y.). In good laboratory it is possible to conduct various experiments, creating for them the necessary conditions. The human microcosm is fine "laboratory for all feelings". And the good laboratory assistant can make in it the mass of experiences. Why to be a weak-willed puppet for other people or various external influences when the person is able to dispose of himself. Spirit advantage very much suffers when the person – the lord of the inner world and own power – becomes the clown wriggling to please to whom those and something.
405. (Guru). If the aspiration to spirit ascension rather strongly, even in the most difficult and oppress circumstances external is possible somehow and in something to strengthen itself, any quality, and to learn from something the useful lesson. There are no such circumstances which would justify an inert, weak-willed condition of spirit. It is possible to move up always if only Bases remained are unshakable anything.
406. (July 7). Enough to let doubt as immediately appears ample evidence of his innocence. The logic is irrefutable, because the evidence is based on obviousness. But saying "He's lying," it has evolved as an eyewitness, and tells it that obvious facts might be interpreted as wanting to lower Manas, if questioned admitted to consciousness. Yes, much of what was said was not confirmed, but the reason for this is the mobility plan. However, in future, all will come true. The Apostles, Disciples of Christ, even then, were waiting for her life, joining the Teachers and not waited. So personal objectives are given to burning spirit not died away and to move into the future did not stop.
407. (July 8). Here passed one more day what it brought that is achievements? Than enriched of the consciousness? What added to the saved up the experience and of the knowledge? It is good to ask to it such questions every day. To spent day everyone with advantage we will be glad. For it is useless the carried out – we will condemn themselves. There is no worst incommensurability, than senseless burning of oil in an icon lamp. With what we will pass to the World Elevated if to take with itself there will be nothing? So each hour of life terrestrial let will be fruits bringing. The thought is given to the person to amplify in the light-bearer that when it is very dark, it was possible to light around, a gloom dispersing, but at all without strengthening it thoughts darkness. The carrier of Light of subjects also differs from ordinary people that in the aura Bears Light radiation. That from thrill around not the light-– so was always, – therefore are sent to the world Carriers of Ligh, what dispel the darkness. In aura brightened up by the Light to people bear. Too there is a lot of darkness ignorance of the auras extending darkness.
408. (M. A. Y.). The question that the person bears to the world in the aura, is important extraordinary, important both for the person, and for the world. If of Light – has a justification; if the darkness - has a condemnation to itself. Something bears everyone, and all question - what? So, day beginning, it is possible to think of a share, brought both to people, and the world. Nothing no bringing or multiplying angrily awful fate prepares for itself where it is necessary to reap the fruits of the crops. But let the one who can improve something rejoices, somewhere light and to help someone the Light. Good to it!
409. (Guru). After living a life on Earth, every embodied of the spirit leaves behind a deep of furrow, which seeded them grain causality. Nature of the seeding determines how the future World Aboveground and his next incarnation. Not that hard to define the nature of planting and see what has prepared a sower of seeds of Earth. Each grain gives the fruit by nature, will have to shake. Would say: "Not is new". But then you might ask: "Why is it that so often the awful crop?"
410. (July 10). Then and how we will strengthen understanding of the most necessary? Repetition is itself Base and reflection over the undoubted. Surrounding loudly shouts about the, muffling purity of understanding. Ears on surrounding should be closed so that the undoubted could speak for it. Each contact with negate, not beliefs and inhabitants degausses. It is possible to keep aspiration internal, having only protected from quenchers. Otherwise go out they are heart fires. Heart should opened be held to the reality world. Evidence speaks about the, forcing consciousness to concentrate on itself. "Evidence is chicken reality". From a hen house it is necessary to come to a scope of space thought.
411. (M. A. Y.). Whirlwinds storm around, they can easily blow into the spark, which has inflamed in heart. Fire it is necessary to protect from of the extinction in every way of consciousness’s. The rhythm everyday will help to keep and resist against an ordinary impact. In ancient temples the extinction of flame constantly burning in a sanctuary was punished by death. The same and now: death of spirit the karma punishes an extinction of a flame of heart.
412. (Guru). For each lit-up consciousness shaggy black hands, that extinguish it from everywhere reach. Continuous patrol of consciousness and its protection are an imperative need. Use the dark each of person, each of opportunity, what cause the harm. So, firmness and a constant commandment about the most necessary are necessary as a board.
413. (July 12). I will tell something extremely important: the phenomenon of work serves as steps of a ladder of ascension of spirit. Work both here, and there. Here work voluntary, work inspired, rightful and, of course, conscious so advances work as can't advance any exercises or any other attempts to walk upstairs Light. The same as work hated, compelled and dependent, work slavish and black out, destroys consciousness. Therefore I Will add: work intense you love. Favorite work, craft or skill especially fruit-bearer as on wings they bear spirit to top of achievements. The life which has been carried out in intense and incessant work, gives to spirit far-reaching consequences. Constancy of intense work kindle fires also gives them stability. Above everything there is a work creative. In this regard attendants of art go ahead of all, because true creativity – destiny of mankind in all worlds. Only products of such creativity can decorate a terrestrial garden. The most difficult and highest type of creativity is a creativity of thought. Planetary Spirits thought Create; space creativity goes power of fiery thought. And even the terrestrial workers, creating hands human, have to issue before thought and to premise it to each movement of hands. The thought is a basis of any creativity. Rightful creativity by thought is especially necessary and is especially valuable because mental creativity of the majority of people is directed on evil generation. Lightful creativity by thought strikes darkness rarefies its clots and neutralizes many dark undertakings. Though it is possible to create, generate and cause Light and thought it is possible to kill, destroy and incinerate darkness. It is a lot of in the world terrestrial and in World Aboveground by though it is created. Conscious, spatial creativity by thought we Think highly very much, that is very much we Appreciate it. It isn't enough conscious creators, but unconscious – all. If all people united in conscious or even unconscious, but lightful creativity by though, the world would change. Conscious creativity by thoughts of the evil is destiny of conscious attendants of darkness. A lot of evil in the world is created by them. There is a continuous great fight between the consciousness’s creating Light and creating darkness. The statement of Light causes on approving waves of darkness and dark counteractions. Therefore as a feat difficult It is considered lightful creativity by thought and the statement of Light among the darkness, seeking to flood Earth. The feat of the Carrier of Light is difficult.
414. (July 13). The thought has a form, but has no language, invests this form with words consciousness – the receiver and the transformer of spatial energy– in language habitual to it. Language of thought is universal, that is clear for all capable to apprehend it. Thoughts terrestrial can be invested with words in this or that language. But even the terrestrial thought can be dumb. For closer understanding the Teacher Can invest thought or with habitual words, or with unusual verbal expressions. The world of thoughts forms the mental world of a planet, in the same way as the material world of thoughts of the person builds his mental body. In total world are seven. Are available to the modern person of the fourth Circle – four. As the combiner of the worlds the thought serves. The scale of thoughts is wide, there is it from a bottom to top, and is lost in boundless light of Light. There is a thought without a form, as well as Light. Light a shadow im oun Earth and in the lowest worlds. In the Kingdom of Light there is no shadow. Even the thin body any more doesn't reject it. Mutually permeability of a matter and energy is property of the Highest Worlds. For fiery thought permeable of all. Even the usual thought doesn't know barriers and distances if it isn't limited to consciousness. Of distance – property of terrestrial minds, but don't think. Key from understanding of all worlds is of thought. Everything in the Universe is created by thought, and thought the person creates. All made a hand human is created by thought. Creates of thought, because of thought is the lever of any creativity. Especially brightly it comes to light in the art sphere. Potential power of thought-extremely. Limits for thought aren't present. If you want to succeed in what, thought you create.
415. (M. A. Y.). The lord with you is always. And, if you want to be together always with the Lord, be together with Him in the thoughts. The thought is the Basis and if the Basis is approved on the Lord, and His continuous Presence rather understanding (this) Presence, becomes possible. Think of the Lord if you want to be with Him.
416. (Guru). Yes, Yes, Yes, in your hands the keys of happiness to the gates of infinity. The key turns the thought from the heart. The thought is aspiration. "The Only endeavor, and fills you with radiance Infinity". But all thought, everyone soar desire with all your heart.
417. (July 14). Force of influence of the person on the surrounding depends on its mental energy and its tension. Only tension it not physical, but in other measures. Certainly, the thought going from heart, is stronger brain because heart is more powerful than fire. But as it is difficult awaken of the heart to of action, and of action conscious. When the thought generated by a brain, is transferred to heart for execution, it appears more effective. It is necessary to attend only to that heart was cleared of any litter and its fires were light.
418. (M. A. Y.). Yes, it is right, not it is possible to transfer these records to any hands. Fire, in them concluded, can inspire the person on fast actions and if the consciousness is insufficiently prepared or insufficiently cleared and suffers these or those shortcomings, not to avoid mistakes. Responsibility for them lays down on the one who gave out something not on consciousness, that is on transferred, but not on the receiving. Preserve intimate carefully and carefully.
419. (Guru). It is difficult to speak on consciousness also because it is necessary to provide possible consequences of each word. In this case the sense-knowledge can help only. If it didn't wake up yet, it is better not to finish speaking, than to tell the superfluous. A little still people think of the responsibility for each said word, and especially for words in which fire was enclosed.
420. "Be sure of My Proximity", usual logic contrary to. In total "NOWADAYS and here" is formula of fiery consciousness. It where thought. The proximity should be realized out of any ideas of time and space or something three-dimensional too. In the world of the Highest measurements and measures others. Over all terrestrial and temporary communication is approved. And not here, and not there with you the Lord, but is everywhere and always. Three-dimensional logic not for spirit, but is for a body. Logic of the Thin World is ready other. Especially it concerns movement, proximity and distance. Even the Distant Worlds are far in a terrestrial way. Known degree of an omniscience, pansophy and power – attributes of fiery consciousness. Sense-knowledge, or direct, direct knowledge of spirit, is the first step to it. Knows and feels heart – the device fiery. Only it isn't necessary to be saddened and worry too when it feels surrounding planet darkness. For consciousness of Proximity it is necessary to step over spatial barriers. As you live in both worlds, it is necessary to understand logic of that and another. We prefer to see, and the nobility, and not to be slaves to evidence dense. In it is freedom of spirit.
421. (M. A. Y.). Aspiration we join living conditions of the elevated. The aspiration has wings, imagination – too. Has no their egoism and therefore it is chained to a dense environment, as the convict to four wheels. Love too winged feeling, if without egoism. Otherwise and it connects spirit wings. The winner fiery to spirit bears freedom on the wings.
422. (Guru). All My pictures passed through My imagination before were imprinted on a cloth. The contents them stands on hind legs thought flights. The thought crystallizes in a picture in visible dense forms. It also is creativity process. Each picture two-polar, that is in addition to the external has the invisible powerful fiery form, the hidden double, – as well as all in the shown world. Degree of a fiery of a form hidden depends on imagination and a fiery of spirit of the creator. The creator and creation of his hands are connected by a thread hidden. The viewer is influenced by the hidden double through the external expression. Force of impact on consciousness of true art is great.
423. (July 15). Don't be sorry about anything, because all of yours are ahead. Days and of nights, in of flickering spirals of time take away in the future. And even an entire planet is only rung on the ladder of perpetual life. When spirit finds the strength to rise above of gulf transient, it destroys the walls of his prison and flushes with a tight chain around the world. And they are very strong. Reset them is to move from the realm of necessity to the realm of freedom. About freedom has long been dreaming of humanity, drowning in the still waters of dense phenomena. But in the spirit is of freedom. And how can free him one who doesn't even realize her slavery. In the infinity of Space – identification of various properties of matter indefinitely all seven worlds. Human perception is limited by the five senses of the body. They are like narrow apertures through which he perceives the world. And what is outside of them? Many of them are not available for properties of matter begin to penetrate the science already. It has the most wonderful future opportunities. But a lot of the time still going until a fire apparatus the human body in full harmony with the discoveries of science wonderful has withdrawn from areas in limited scope of free, no limited comprehension of the world. Not in the present but in the future are all the great achievements of the human spirit.
424. (M. A. Y.). As it is difficult, but as the persistent, constant, everyday appendix of the Doctrine of Life in practice, in the conditions of a terrestrial commonness is insistently necessary. Let's not get tired in making because anyhow to succeed? Difficulty that very much the gap meanwhile is great that is, and that has to be. The visibility vicious circle dense thought can be destroyed. Especially if to understand that nothing belongs to us and ours in the world terrestrial isn't present anything. In understanding of it is the first condition of freedom of spirit. Everything is given only for a while to comprehend "seduction of time, space and things" and, having passed through Maya these bright illusions to be exempted from them.
425. (Guru). Past everyone interesting in that it illustrates the dreamed nature of his earthly life. And indeed: that was something, something greater, there were people, feelings and thoughts and any external conditions, and it is all gone, and already there is nothing from what was around, and all that's left is the only memory of the past, only memories. Isn't it strange – it is not, and has never come back? This is clearly, specifically and tangibly, even hand you can touch things around. But the past is no longer in the Earth. So understand that dreams of earthly life are just Maya.
426. (July 16). Planet poisoning with various poisons and gases and necrosis of its bark goes so intensively and quickly that accident menacing to Earth approaches from this party if the mankind doesn't come round and won't take urgent measures, it inevitably will come. In all areas of life decomposition brings the pernicious consequences. Usual measures and attempts to stop process are ineffectual because hordes Hades are very active and stop each revitalizing attempt. The end of Cali Yugi can become the life end on a planet. Great Arrival becomes insistently necessary.
427. (M. A. Y.). If hordes hades work, mainly, from the astral plan, it is possible to imagine, what situation there. And, really, a one incarnation, passing to the Thin World, gets to very heavy environment if on Earth magnetic I gravitated to a darkness pole. The darkness takes away imperiously the. To listeners and helpers of darkness of a consolation isn't present. Now they rave and create the evil on Earth because Cali the South didn't come to an end, but "will be dim dark" when Satia of the South will come.
428. (Guru). About the Worlds of the Highest, fine, it is necessary to think of the Kingdom of Light probably more often. They are based on a strong Basis, a name to it – Beauty. Service to true art is service to Beauty. Really, it to people bears rescue. It is necessary to fall in love with it, and it is necessary to approve it in all manifestations of life: in thoughts and feelings, in actions, in the attitudes towards people, in all that around. The new World will be constructed on the principle of Beauty. Rescue will come through Beauty. Beauty – an antipode a disbalance, disharmonies and decomposition. On Beauty it is possible to build for a long time and strongly.
429. (July 17). The same parents can have absolutely different children in character, because the person brings character from the past. Task what to carry away with itself in the future that in a new embodiment to bring character, worthy the phenomena of a way to Boundlessness. That we will claim we will take with themselves. That we will reject and we will get rid, from that and we will be exempted. Among life usual, in everyday qualities of spirit are approved. Certainly, this process has to be voluntary and conscious, differently this task is assumed by karma, putting spirit on various trials. However, tests remain, but the problem of improvement is carried out then by double draft – karmic and own efforts of the person. It is easy to direct when desires and aspirations of the Teacher and the pupil coincide. To the Teacher pleasure to expand the consciousness directed to self-improvement.
430. (Guru). The spirit, which has strongly tied to a chain of Hierarchy of Light, doesn't remain Unaided, Supports and the Managements neither in this world, nor in that. Each thought of Hierarchy life-giving. The stronghold of Hierarchy is unshakable in all worlds. The way lay with its help, lies strong, purposefully and directly. Where go flinging and not knowing Hierarchies of soul? Their condition in the world astral, among whirlwinds and currents disharmonious is unenviable. As a straw in the rough sea they rush at will of waves. Only the close adjunction to Hierarchy gives the chance to spirit of a reliable haven and a place protected from bad and angry. After all and there it is necessary to protect people "from dogs spiteful". Task of the pupil – to adjoin Hierarchy of Light force everything that not only to be protected and to be protected, but also to protect others.
431. (M. A. Y.). Each pure, self-released thought approaches to Light Focus. So, care of thoughts – the most necessary. Thoughts either uplift, or plunge into darkness. But to the accord association with to what the thought is directed is made. In magnet of thoughts is their force. Everyone brings by the nature of the. As it is important to be in thoughts free from any not light the attractions. It is often possible to observe how the person in the thoughts chokes, to it generated, being perplexed, why so dimly and gloomily around. If you want to enter into Light Kingdom, observe thought.
432. (July 18). In unusual, difficult and the complex conditions is tranquility first of all. It is pledge of a victory over them. Views, fine and pure, build a cover of a thin body. All is expelled from consciousness able it to pollute. "Pure heart of God will behold" is a formula of life. But that stinking heart will behold! Light, Light! Darkness, darkness, darkness! The choice is free to the sphere any, and conducts thought.
433. In the Thin World fly not all. Why? The undeveloped imagination doesn't allow. Flights should premise thought. Disbelief and denial disturb. But even witches fly. The knowledge approved on Earth or belief in possibility of flights give the chance to fly. After all there everything is set in motion by thought. What possibilities of the thought which hasn't been connected by usual representations and conventions! That is why mastering by thought is so important. The right, it is worth working at that lays down in a basis of freedom of spirit in Elevated. To fly is of the fine word. Pilots will fly and in the Thin World because broke an impossibility barrier on Earth, but spheres of flights will depend on consciousness.
434. (M. A. Y.). Yes, someone lives well and in wellbeing, using many benefits of a civilization. But briefly terrestrial existence in a body, the main thing – there is short. But "wellbeing is death of spirit". Therefore it is so difficult to our relatives to live on Earth. But these difficulties, both deprivations, and sufferings is a way to us the shortest. It is necessary to think strong that we will prefer: wellbeing on Earth and deprivations in World Aboveground or on the contrary.
435. (Guru). Accumulate in the Bowl everything, that from Light, and be exempted from everything, that from darkness. These accumulations solve a spirit way in Elevated. All fine, based on the principle of Beauty, we can take with them, but be preserved against a disgrace. Try to enter into the Beauty world. It is easiest through art. Time find to think of it and to come nearer to it practically, by conscious acquaintance with works of art.
436. (July 20). Approach of deadlines will be marked by crushing karmic blows which will fall upon everything going against Light. Not to stop a horse brought over an abyss. As not to stop and madness of darkness, self-destroying. Of the terrible is time.
437. (July 21). The astral for a phenomenon of the willfulness uses each opportunity, especially when patrol weakens. And it will continue it do, isn't subordinated yet finally and irrevocably will control. The constant patrol condition of consciousness is necessary until get rid shortcomings, tendencies and desires of an astral. If the person suffers gluttony and, knowing it, passes to a strict post, as though severely it abstained concerning the food, all his diligence won't yield desirable results if in his thoughts there is no get rid a desire to eat well and drink, and especially if it allows thoughts, giving them this or that degree of freedom. And even if the thought isn't allowed, but the desire still lives somewhere in depth and is final not get rid, recurrence of flashes of an astral will have an effect. On an astral it is possible to learn to look as at the person foreign and willful which needs implicit obedience and restraint. With it simply cease to reckon, immediately subordinating to the solution of will each its undesirable flash. Formation of his tendencies consigns to the remote past and therefore fight against it the demands time. Got used and accustomed to vibrate on certain influences, it will continue it to do while the rough astral matter entering into its structure, won't be replaced thinner, cleared and incapable to answer low vibrations of a certain order. Just as the pure food clears a physical body of the reek of alcohol of dirty food, in the same way such pure thoughts, feelings and desires clear structure of an astral body of more rough and of heavy particles of an the astral matter.
438. (M. A. Y.). If a body to deprive of food, it dies. If an astral body to deprive of a food by certain undesirable thoughts, feelings and emotions, will die off in it elements, to its corresponding, and will be replaced with the new. Thus, abstention from thoughts useless, defiant conformable to them vibration in the astral conductor, will have quite real results. Clarification of covers from particles of a rough matter will be a task of the pupil.
439. (Guru). All shortcomings and weaknesses of the person are reflected in radiations of his aura and are visible obviously on the plan Elevated. The dark use it. Each spot on aura is the purpose for enemy arrows. It fight against the astral, submission his ox and restraint of his willfulness very becomes complicated and at a loss. Dark it is conscious; diligently and persistently inflate smoky dark flashes of fires of the crude astral cover. In the course of astral clarification this circumstance needs to be meant, knowing that the opponent is strong, skillful and refined in various inventions, of allure and seductions and often sends personification under the guise of acquaintances or close people. Not we, but you have to strong and continuously hold us. All aspiration, all desire, all force and the will.
440. (July 22). All thoughts are magnetic. Magnet of dark thoughts can be such strong that the consciousness isn't able to push away them. Then it falls under their influence and submits of. Sometimes the person understands balefulness of such thoughts and harm of a combination to them, and still force in itself doesn't find to fight with them. And thoughts push it on the corresponding actions, and falling of spirit becomes inevitable. To stop thought and to reject it already will be a victory. After each victory this moment is especially dangerous as usually vigilance weakens, than the dark rack immediately uses to strengthen attack. "Only the Image of the Teacher Can serves as a board". But for this purpose it needs to be held not greatly before an internal eye.
441. (M. A. S.). Not in the picture, but in the essence, the symbol of which is the image. The image itself is only a link, a real sign of connecting with someone who is standing behind him. Therefore, using the link as a link, you should fully extend mark consciousness in the heart is represented by the image of the spirit and to Mergence with him. Too much attention to the Image can even let the fullness of Mergence. The image serves only as a connecting bridge, which is all you can desire to focus the focus of aspirations. The phenomenon of iconoclasm was, because all the yearning and reverence was sent to external symbols and images, but not on Those, Who Stand at Them.
442. (Guru). You look for silence and rest. They aren't present. The gnash of the car torments an ear and breaks balance. What to do? Having accepted all measures of protection and addresses, to find forces in it to undergo up to the end quietly and built.
443. (M. A. Y.). Not left, not abandoned, but only when such a formidable planetary is so intense that on conventional Communication does not have to think about. The LAD must configure you. Singularity the fate of the planet is. You can, just hard to resist grabbing onto the Ladder of Hierarchy.
444. (Guru). Unbearable to you, and what those who bears the burden many times greater than yours. Wear this world of exorbitant. Help and you keep the balance. The climax is approaching rapidly. Only unity can help resist.
445. (July 24). When everything fluctuates, we will be approved on Bases, they are unshakable. Repetition in itself strengthens them. Let's start repeating while the consciousness won't find balance and won't feel the strong base under feet. The Hierarchy Ladder is unshakable only. The Hierarchy is Bases. On it we will strengthen forces. Two worlds – this and that are too Bases. Temporarily also is mortal a dense cover and other all, but the spirit is eternal, immortal and indestructible. The Great Plan is mobile, and mobility everything, judgment is subject to terms.
446. (July 25). In each phenomenon of life are available both light, and dark sides. In the world where Light struggles with darkness, everything rejects the shadow, that is dual by the nature. The bipolarity of sight allows see both poles of a thing uniform. But if it isn't reached yet, a mistake will see in everything only one negative pole. It is necessary to study even in darkness to find Light sparkles because without them any existence is inconceivable. And first of all it is necessary to apply to people and to find in them positive sides. Doesn't happen that the person was finally and it is unconditionally bad. It is possible to see sparkles of Light in everyone and to try to strengthen them instead of extinguishing condemnation and unwillingness to recognize their existence. Thinking badly of the person, we do him even worse, but, ennobling him, we give the chance to it to rise. Appealing to the best that is in the person, the way is opened to it to Light. It is withdrawn therefore condemnation from actions of Attendants of Light.
447. (M. A. Y.). Of course, you know the good and bad and knowing never condemned. All of the bright, positive, good to strengthen the core of you, and you felt the joy and the rise of every contact with us. So do you, so glad it was a touch of yours. There are people who drive in coffin nails to the best aspirations of human beings. Not be like the undertakers. Now that all the dark rises from the bottom of the human soul, it is hard to find a spark of light. Officer of Light causes in people from the depths of their spirit, but not darkness.
448. (Guru). Even having visited us, our ill-wishers from us left as if having felt behind shoulders wings. But, having left, again plunged into darkness, and their wings hung. Each of them in own way exclaimed: "Hosanna!” that after, having come to an initial condition, to start confronting to Light. But the best, almost died in them, couldn't but react to Light Call though after a while and they acted by the principle "crucify him". But there were cases, and it is a lot of when Light inflamed and ill-wishers became friends.
449. (July 27). The spirit embodied in a body is in circulation of the bipolar phenomena moving to spirals of time. The Silent Recorder is immovable. Eternally looking and information Dumb Witness imprints everything in the Bowl, imperishable storage of all accumulation. But in movement everything, all covers. Through them the matter of plans corresponding to them flows. But it is immovable Looking. Its secret is incomprehensible consciousness. It is possible to come nearer to its understanding only. Once somewhere it can become achievable, but only partially. It will be when time already any more won't be also seduction of time, space and things will be authorized or won. In World Thin phenomenon of time and distances is other. In the Fiery World it changes in a root. In measures of a conditional bipolarity their lives the person on Earth. But even in the dense world bipolar sight already allows to see at the same time both poles of a thing uniform, and already the thought don’t know terrestrial distances. So gradually and on Earth it is possible to approach to understanding of logic of thinking of the Highest Worlds already. But for this purpose of some detachment and, as though, isolation from life usu, - because, the Kingdom of Light no of to-world is. But it is necessary to live on Earth, in a body terrestrial. And Earth to leave homeless it is impossible, knowing thus that that experience, which it gives, can't be got some other way. Therefore it is necessary wisely to manage to combine elevated and terrestrial and, touching by the sky head, strong feet to stand on Earth.
450. (M. A. Y.). Unknown, heavy time through which there passes a planet, allows plunging only for short instants into feelings of elevated Proximity, but letting these instants force, the confidence and pleasure give understanding of Care, Love and Attention from Those Who is so far and at the same time so inexpressible is close. Whether you understand, whether you realize what you have? Whether also many have it, even from approached, any more without speaking about others, not knowing anything? Don't allow Maya illusions to darken reality of the Highest World. The right to Proximity it is necessary to deserve. And when it is reached, nothing can take away it, except the most deserved. Therefore fluctuations in understanding of Proximity by the Highest don't allow. We always, only density of conditions terrestrial prevent it to feel constantly.
451. (Guru). Why after all the reality as though grows dim with times and its place takes up evidence. Whether not therefore that is so many things and the ordinary phenomena before eyes and more attention and hearts is paid to them, than they deserve it. It is necessary to depart, separate and not to allow a little from them to them too deeply affect consciousness. After all at cinema, watching the movie, you worry, perfectly knowing that all this occurs in an illusion, but not actually. Here this strong knowledge of illusiveness of the events with you also keeps in yourself constantly when you lead life usual. Everything is temporary, all is passing, and all don't cost that for the sake of it though for an instant to forget about the most necessary.
452. (July 28). The memory of past incarnations in humans is expressed in its stocks, that is, in certain properties and qualities of his spirit. Detailed same details arise after horizontal pivoting control centers. Sometimes, especially when the prevailing favorable conditions could be breakthroughs in the past, but this happens rarely. Even after the transition to the world of Subtle only few clears up most of the memory, reaping the benefits of the last incarnation, keeping, and then only in part, and the memory of it. A full recollection of the past occurs only at the end or beginning of certain cycles or periods of life spirit. But the memory of everything stored in the depths of his passed to once again become clearer and become accessible when the spirit reaches the proper steps in the process of improvement and development, which has no end.
453. (M. A. Y). And what grieve for the friends? It is told: "Will uplift and will humiliate, but for you these roadside signs" will fly. The judgment human seldom happens true and impartial. Personal feelings are unreliable. On them it is impossible to build. The people who have adjoined the Doctrine can't change the essence formed during the long millennia. It is wrong to idealize them and "be touched masks". It is better to know severely, but without condemnation. Then the knowledge of friends will be judgment of the truth.
454. (Guru). Each person lives on the patch, without knowing boundlessness of the world surrounding it. The pupil broadens the patch and leaves for its borders and thought already concerns Boundlessness. At least, starts thinking of it. Arhat already Lives in it consciously. From the patch to Boundlessness is the way considerable. Everything lives in Boundlessness, but it isn't realized. Task of the pupil is escape on the Space scope, at first on planetary, then on Space. The wealth of spatial life can concern at aspiration. But it is necessary to direct. "Only direct, and the light of Boundlessness" will fill in you.
455. (July 29). Long said that "man proposes, but God Disposes." All the better of its canoe direct the future. Not overly dwell on that, and not bind to it thought. It's very difficult, but keep practicing this, you can always just not think about rough living conditions and not to put themselves at the mercy of them. And for this we need to master the idea. If this is achieved, we can say that life on Earth was lived not in vain.
456. (M. A. Y.). Stability and constancy is here two very necessary qualities of spirit; without them not to sustain an impact of opposite currents. And it is necessary to sustain; and not only to sustain and resist, but to move further. The Teacher waits not won, but winners because Told: "And among the won I Learn chose Me".
457. (Guru). I will ask and now as asked once: and what is made by you during this time? If or it isn't enough of anything, on what can count though expecting, but not made anything. From anything "anything" also it will turn out. But attended about the consciousness, expanded it and approved in the Doctrine it will be met desired and invited.
458. (M. A. Y.). Not in the past, not the present, but in the future is what directs the heart. The engine remains a yearning; all contrary to the deaf wall separates from the judgment of the future.
459. (Guru). Advance of the shown world in the future is the Universe Law. Advance in the future and of the mankind. One people thus ascend, others fall on a life ladder. Rise to Light, fall to darkness. Can define nature of the movement everyone if thinks of it. Each person has to realize, he ascends or goes down.
460. (July 31). What it is insignificant small part of the world surrounding it the consciousness of the person concerns! The ocean of the extramental is huge. If to it to add World Thin and Fiery, the full picture of limitation of terrestrial mind turns out. Limits of restrictions should be expanded to limit of Boundlessness and to cross these borders. The pansophy is unattainable, but its any degree nevertheless within reach. By expansion of consciousness the person of deeper understanding of the world around reaches. Only not limit itself to the understanding of today and exclude denials. People reached a deadlock exactly thanks to denials. Recognition of three worlds, Hierarchy and karmic responsibility for the actions and thoughts would bring mankind out of the vseplanetny deadlock, and wars and other madnesses which nowadays prosper in human relationship would stop. But dark strongly taught people to disbelief and start reaping the fruits of the crops. But awakening of time, - approaches of spirit. It will erase creation of the dark. The new Sun will ascend over of Earth.
461. (M. A. Y.). Truth out temporary, but variable of thoughts human: of theory, of the beliefs and of the ideas of things, of affair and the world. The Truth is invariable, though external forms of its expression change. The truth is based on Bases which are unshakable because are expression not human, but Space Laws. Thus, the answer to a question "That is Truth? » it is possible to look for in a cosmic of those Bases on which it is approved, and this way somehow to start coming nearer to its understanding.
462. (Guru).Be more and more approved on inalterability of Space Bases Real. Everything passes – they remain. The world river flows, and on its coast the Teacher and the pupil sit, beholding a stream of life and quickly changing streams of its never-ending current.
463. (Aug. 1). The consciousness lives that, what fills it. Consciousness filling by these or those thoughts and feelings depends both on an external environment, and on its internal state and tendency of spirit. The karma usually puts the person in the best conditions for advance. The statement "the worse, the better" proceeds from this understanding. To the terrestrial person bad circumstances of his life can seem disaster, but they are useful to spirit to its increase. Interests of the external person and internal are is so various. Often sufferings and other tests lead to the improvement purpose, than happy life rather. Wise rejoices to difficulties of life, understanding that it is a way the shortest.
464. (M. A. Y.). Short earthly sojourn, but it gives the direction of the spirit of the aboveground. This is its significance and meaning. Set the direction depends on the person; when the conscious regarding it may be rising. How would a steering wheel in the hand of man, and he can steer where he wants; in a stormy sea voyage safely, if the steering wheel in of solid hands. But even the need to steer up to not demolished. With the ability to sail you can even sail against the wind. The winds of the opposing are not afraid of an experienced helmsman.
465. (Guru). The powerful river of life flows in Boundlessness. There are sinkholes, whirlpools and local inverse flow. But despite them, the River carries water into the oceans. If you dive into these whirlpools consciousness, it might seem that the river flows backwards. But this is incorrect. Nothing can stop the course of cosmic evolution. And only dive in small whirlpools consciousness creates the illusion that something can resist the great cosmic laws of life.
466. (Aug. 2). All best aspirations we will consider as a projection of future achievements. In actually it so and is. The thought lies to them channels in space. And as the thought out temporarily also doesn't die, it and the guarantee serves that is put in it. The present in any way can't be considered as criterion of opportunities of the person. It is a step, but on condition of existence of warm aspiration in area of boundless opportunities of spirit. Otherwise existing imperfections can go out its fires. And there are too many imperfections, and they are piled up as the mountain. Also it is impossible to plunge and into imperfections human. It is better to think about volume the best that is in each person, even the bad. To look for in bad it is better – the best, than in good – bad. Why consciously to strengthen darkness, focusing thoughts on its manifestations. It is better to think of Light. The thought of Light becomes lightful and strengthens a protective network of a planet. Dark it is necessary to know about a pole, but to direct attention to it and it is impossible to arrest it to dark spheres. The thought of the Teacher will be thought of Light. Against Light the darkness is powerless because Light scatters it, whatever strong she seemed. Think more often of Light, winners of darkness.
467. (M. A. Y.). Thinking badly of the person, we cause in him bad to manifestation and it we strengthen and we claim. To think well doesn't mean be touched at all masks. It is good to think of the person – means to see in him and the good parties of his character and to cause them to action. Light and it is joyful to pupil to be in the presence of the Teacher because the Teacher in it of Fiery Causes all the best that in it is, as though wings are given to the person.
468. (Guru). True art challenge is removed from the depths of their consciousness is the best thing in it is, perhaps, still dormant. Works of art inspire and uplift. Art awakens the dormant spirit of quality. It is human to heights is calling. True creativity is full of calls to light. "Through art have light."
469. (Aug. 3). The thought of Light causes Light to manifestation. The thought by the nature is the phenomenon fiery. At a strong intellectual tension even a brain its substance starts being shone. The person is of the essence fiery. Fiery and all processes which are occurring in it. Even sections of his body represent themselves electric batteries in a miniature. Diseases are violation of electric balance of sections in sick body. Focusing thought on sick body, it is possible to restore this balance and an illness to eliminate. The laboratory of a human body allows many phenomena under the influence of thought, both any, and involuntary. It is enough to allow any strongly unpleasant thoughts as the person loses appetite, either a dream, or tranquility. The thought works. Lightful quiet thoughts promote the statement of balance. But thoughts disturbing, uneasy can cause painful symptoms. Diseases are very often generated by dark thoughts and accompanying them negative, that is too dark, emotions. You know many cases of a heart attack with various experiences. Restraint and ability strong to dominate emotions very much promotes preservation of health and longevity. As a matter of fact, the self-control is no other than known extent of mastering by the fires. Therefore mastering by the feelings and all other merits of spirit represent itself a step of the power of the person over elements of fire. Agni Yoga is a regal way to mastering by her
470. (M. A.Y.). Communication process is fiery by the nature. Than is stronger fiery tension at aspiration to it (that is to Communication), also especially palpable results. The essence of tension should be understood. Its first condition is tranquility. The tranquility of tension is required to be approved at Communication. But often tension is expressed in concern that is in balance violation and then consequences of Communication are unsatisfactory. Not to allow Communication with the Teacher, dark first of all seek to break balance various inventions and of the evil-trick. The purpose of the troubles created by them consists in it. Therefore you store balance above all. Don't allow the next inventions of darkness to deprive of you tranquility and internal harmony. Ardent spiteful pleasure at them when see how fires of heart and extinction Light hang. Balance of spirit is the most powerful protection against the angry.
471. (Guru). Light can be seen the Highest only in the Light. And for this purpose it is necessary to become the most lightful. Whether therefore a question "I will be lit? » it is important extraordinary. However, it treats a post mortal condition, but not to be lit, having dumped a body if not to start Light claiming in it when on Earth. Light is approved by the cleared thought. The phenomenon of clarification has very great value. Not everyone can lift a clarification sword. But without this condition it is impossible to become lightful.
472. (Aug. 4). It is necessary to be protected. How? Have strengthened the Unification with Hierarchy, have made it uninterrupted. Having rummaged in the Unification it is dangerous that, having used it, dark will prick and harm. Defend the Lord. "Armed with the Lord it is impregnable".
473. (Guru). Pay attention to how some, very undesirable, the thoughts created once, continue to vibrate near and to influence consciousness. Here if same or even still the big power of desire and aspiration to enclose in thought, to its opposite, they neutralize and will paralyze influence of the undesirable. The same force, that is the mental energy, the necessary tension it is necessary to put and in a protecting network, and in an approved protective zone. The protecting network can be brought by continuous uninterrupted communication with the Teacher to a condition of invulnerability.
474. (Aug. 5). Process of destruction of life on a planet and decomposition reaches extreme limits. If not to stop it, consequences will be awful. We already Said that a technocracy – a trick dark. Its results it is available. Many if not everything or nearly everything, good undertakings turn into the shady side. Dark is turn. Instead of pest control of fields and soil fertilizer chemicals poisoning of fields and reservoirs, destruction of insects, birds and animal’s toxic chemicals and death of the woods turns out. Intervention in circulation of life causes its violation, and then and destruction. Even melioration at the unreasoned plan involves a soil siccation, black storms and death of fertility. It is necessary skillfully and to cooperate with the nature wisely, but not to interfere at all with its processes and not to break interrelation of all its kingdoms; technocracy display in that, what used of the poisonous substance litter of surface Earth and kill around of all live. The evil will deepens process of killing of life. Egoism and unwillingness to think of the future complete the rest. Urgent and drastic measures on rescue of viability of a planet and plant and animal life preservation are necessary, fight, rigid and uncompromising, with atmosphere poisoning with poisonous gases, vapors of the gasoline, the fulfilled fuel and fuel is necessary. Besides all other efforts, dark direct the energy on that to direct each new opening of science on destruction and mankind destruction by means of means of mass destruction of people.
475. (M. A. Y.). Blindness and deafness are also human that doesn't want to see signs of death that threatens Earth. And those who are responsible for the fate of their peoples, viciously sow death and destruction among the small fellow’s, in an attempt to subdue them with his power, and thereby prepare him a terrible fate.
476. (Guru). And yet, despite all that is happening on the planet, Light-winner goes. From people you want to lift your head from the ground up to meet his.
477. (Aug. 6). Correctly you do that, without stopping efforts, you try to approve silence around, despite persistent counteraction. Persistently it not so much because people around are stubborn but because them inspire dark, and thus degrees considerable. Fight against them will temper spirit and will teach the equipment of this fight. Hothouse plants don't suit for severe conditions. Therefore it is necessary to study on difficulties and overcoming of strong counteractions. To forge spirit armor the dark help.
478. (M. A. Y.). To undergo up to the end is difficult extraordinary. Can seem that one are left that of the future there is nothing to wait that all works and aspirations are useless. A lot of things can seem, but all this Maya. More than once and earlier it followed ways a dark barrier; rises and now. But the skilled traveler will tell: "The Maya, recede" – and will continue the way as if it happened nothing. But inexperienced will start hesitating, doubting and will terminate full confusion. It is good if forces find it to overcome. And if doesn't find?
479. (Aug. 7). Seeing a negative phenomenon, you should immediately call in the minds of its opposite pole, so claiming it to be. Another view of things is not only one-sided but also precipitating the darkness. Is it good to use also against people.
480. (M. A. Y.). Keep love to people, knowing their essence and seeing often unkind attitude, is one of the most difficult tests. But the core of the spirit is the Light of higher Worlds. And we should be able to under the layers of dark accumulations this light to see and even try to call him out. Core spirit is in each person.
481. (Guru). Arhat Create benefit and Carries people to the Light, regardless of how, they relate to it. The Mission of the servant of light, that's the depth and wisdom to serve the common good.
482. (Aug. 8). "Both will uplift you, and will humiliate, but for you these roadside signs" will flash. Also it isn't necessary to rejoice too when will uplift, and is to be afflicted when will humiliate. Not yours, but the destiny define recognized and rejected because accepting you Me accept. Their essence unconsciously, but inevitably reacts to your Light which you receive from Me. There is no indifferent relation. Someone lasts very much and would like to come nearer more, but burdening by the affairs and vanity disturbs. Only put care of Light above all, all affairs other terrestrial and cares can close approach. By approximations and go off be not saddened! The each judge for itself is self. But suitable accept, without giving heart to passersby. It is empty around. All are occupied by themselves and the affairs, don't understand, they how are short and is passing. As also you don't take for reality of the phenomenon of Maya.
483. (M. A. Y.). The kindness is not too difficult to answer, but the evil Daylight – already a lot harder. People usually react to good and bad attitude in unison or in harmony with the nature of this relationship. But you can only destroy the darkness with light. And, sending light instead of dark radiation, people are strengthening the phenomenon of light space. All sorts of malevolent feelings are bad news for the media. Because such feelings do not allow, no matter how hard people poison, annoy, demean or offend you. You cannot be with them one notch. One must be above the feelings of small, terrestrial, fleeting and try to cover the entire Dome light.
484. (Guru). The requital good for the evil and a put of other cheek under blow is meant by ability or ability of the person so to dominate emotions, more precisely, an astral that no and reflex actions from its party are allowed, whatever causing they were. Natural flash of an astral on undeserved offense, injustice or an insult is at first bridled and then the person already permits to himself to work or react to them, but already under severe control of will. Thus reaction has to be lightful.
485. (Aug. 9). Restraint of feelings indicates already known extent of mastering by mental energy. The astral all the time seeks to get out of control will. Or it will seize the person, or the person of. To learn to bridle it is possible on trifles. He likes to speak unnecessary and superfluous. Silence is very good the tamer. He likes to think of useless things. They should be stopped, without allowing them to amplify and force us to action. He likes to fuss, be anxious, worry, to be afflicted and show discontent. A lot of things not compatible to ascension of spirit want it display. That is why vigilant patrol because, having got out of hand is so necessary; the astral can destroy all achievements.
486. (M. A. Y.). Yes, it's hard, very hard! Who says that easy? But the difficulty – as a step climb. So each and will be looking at both the possibility of new achievements. Even practicing and becoming stronger muscles on the counter. Laws in everything are identical. How do you increase mental energy, as does on exercises, the use of it in life? And then will it grow. And if something cannot be its strength, it means that it is necessary to increase efforts and repeat.
487. (Guru). "All vanity and is of the spirit languor". But by the end of Cali Yugi languor it becomes intolerable. And people fling. Pressure should be sustained it up to the end. You see how many don't maintain and go into extremes, seeking to find in them oblivion and simplification. Drug addiction prospers, as well as various defects. The world old reached a deadlock.
488. (Aug. 10). The pupil has to treat himself by means of the mental energy that is care of balance or harmony maintenance in the organism. Rudiment of each disease, that is violation of this harmony, it has to restore probably quicker. It isn't forbidden to address to doctors, but before it is necessary to use own opportunities. Usually people are powerlessly sent to the power of a disease and passively given to the doctor while at first it is necessary to put the energy and not to give in at all to an illness. Certainly, wounds and injury of bones demand intervention of the expert, but many indispositions, and especially nervous, can be easily cured by own efforts. In any case, to be given passively to a disease it is inadmissible. The lord of the microcosm extends the power over it in all possible directions.
489. (M. A. Y.). The pupil has to treat himself by means of the mental energy that is care of balance or harmony maintenance in the organism. Rudiment of each disease, that is violation of this harmony, it has to restore probably quicker. It isn't forbidden to address to doctors, but before it is necessary to use own opportunities. Usually people are powerlessly sent to the power of a disease and passively given to the doctor while at first it is necessary to put the energy and not to give in at all to an illness. Certainly, wounds and injury of bones demand intervention of the expert, but many indispositions, and especially nervous, can be easily cured by own efforts. In any case, to be given passively to a disease it is inadmissible. The lord of the microcosm extends the power over it in all possible directions.
490. (Guru).Itself display to say about itself that interests itself, but not the interlocutor, the egoism wants. Reticence and restraint put on a bridle it. Simply food to it isn't given not to indulge her desires. Often it is possible to keep silent and with advantage for itself and without harm for others.
491. (Aug. 11). Mental condition of the person inseparable from it the world surrounding, from spatial conditions and that, than lives mankind as a whole. Even the inhaled air sated with emanations of people, influences palpable. It is impossible to separate from all this. The mood is a derivative from many composed. Health or illness too strongly influence, as well as a direct environment. And still deduction of balance is necessary. The aura fluctuations, caused disbalance, painfully are reflected in all feelings. How not feel, except everything, and spatial melancholy, if it is at presents a sounding note. The device of spirit has to note everything if wants to keep keenness. Sounding on pleasure or pain of the world indicates the reached step of keenness. Truly the poet told: "To a fiery fantastic share in a storm Earth rushes". The Cosmo-spatial moment of a planet is heavy extraordinary because collision of poles yet didn't end. And balance should be stored above all.
492. (M. A. Y.). "The measure is only the hour of testing." And when it comes, is the true essence of the subject. Human behavior in these moments, you can judge it accurately. What if lifting the spirit soars in moments of high? What, again, if it sinks below waves recession than when descending prior? This is unacceptable for then all the achievements are just the No. Therefore I say: stay with Me, through the power of the spirit, for, dropping, you cannot get up again.
493. (Guru). How many time needs to fight against an obstacle, even the most invincible; until it will be overcome. Mistake will try to overcome something outside. It is vain and senseless fight against windmills. Of all is in of the spirit. And all obstacle is inside and in of the spirit. And the spirit, force it, are invincible. And the obstacle overcome in the spirit of immediately dies. But it doesn't leave consciousness; the step of overcoming internal isn't reached yet.
494. (Guru). Difficult circumstances of life and amplifying impact of darkness force to realize that the constant feeling of the Image of the Lord in heart becomes already inevitability because only It Can protect from surrounded from all directions dark and their intrigues, of the evil-trick and various inventions. Only the Image of the Lord can be a board. When it is realized and applied in practice is already achievement. Life forces at of practice make and understand that, what the other way no reach.
495. (Aug. 13). Consolation is in the future. Already Thin World exempts from many terrestrial heavy if the consciousness is cleared of litter. However, terrestrial cares are replaced elevated and a physical activity – spiritual, but one only release from a dense body bears for itself many new opportunities. Really, the body terrestrial is a dungeon for spirit. Five channels of communication with the dense world are as of chains. People don't think of freedom elevated. Fear of death, which actually isn't present, is-the absurd survival.
496. (M. A. Y.). Than the consciousness every day is filled, is of great importance because it creates the accord. The consciousness is obligatory consonance to something. Control over thoughts is necessary in order that the accord was at desirable level. Otherwise will flood its ordinary and vanity will replace solemnity.
497. (Guru). Wrestling with reality is quite obvious place in the life of a disciple. If the base their thinking on sight tight, then you can easily find themselves in a vicious circle of despair and stop his way to the top. But, fortunately, the thought can be overcome and break this vicious circle. Thought is the phenomenon of happiness, winged thought, not knowing tight restrictions. "When the dark surrounds you and your circle is closed," remember that "aspiring to the Lord and thought nothing could stop Light.
498. (Aug. 14). The interview, given in the newspaper, is very considerably. At Institute of Heart works on studying of some glands of an organism are already conducted. Even the name "Thalamus" was kept, and also specified that in the ancient time the great value was attached to this gland and it was considered as the spirit center. So gradually, but already on purely scientific basis, the mankind will approach to the solution of the major questions connected with secrets of a human body and problems of spirit. (Of “Izvestiy”- newspaper, of August 13, 1971).
499. (Guru). Gradually many of the living ethics teaching assertions will be proven immediate discoveries of science. And then the ignorant and deniers no longer will reject the clear. Already this time is approaching, and would soon open.
500. (Aug. 16). To reach a full unification, it is necessary to destroy barriers of dense visibility. All dense – on the plan terrestrial, but in Elevated dense isn't present, therefore, isn't present and seeming office and of dense barriers. The unification occurs already in the conditions of extraterrestrial and is reality of the Thin World; "I with you always", - out of dense conditions, where, what takes priority and dominates of thought. Thus, the Proximity is approved not in respect of a terrestrial matter, but in the spirit of, in spheres of a matter thin. Not imaginations groundless, but reality fiery. Approving Proximity I wash also my hidden continuous Presence, Truth you approve the phenomena over dense. It is necessary to understand only, as the dense phenomena and subjects, and thin exist equally really on different plans and in various measurements. Therefore the statements about continuous Presence we wash also constant Before stand testify to understanding of the undoubted. In the sphere of the thin phenomena where the thought reigns, the thin environment is caused by thought. Therefore thought of Me keep strong therefore thought observe because conducts thought.
*501. (M. A. Y.). Claiming Our proximity, inseparability from us and communion with Us, argue the validity of the above-ground world of phenomena not earthly, but in subtle Consciousness’s are merged. Yes, the "far" in the "equal" but in the subtle, in the world of thoughts and feelings and phenomena of thin world. You should feel the heart, for it is a guide and unifier. And if anyone says that there's nothing all that fancy, he's right in terms of Earth, because Earth and actually have nothing, but it is deeply wrong, discarding the Thin, around the world and which lives its bright, beautiful and fulfilled life. But even the subtle phenomena can be seen by earthly eyes, if you reach a certain degree of materialization, or seals, though sometimes, but very rarely. So spread the word further understanding of essence of communication in spirit and signs off the reality of strong. And because there is an area of subtle phenomena, the consequence of that kind of communication will be critical after the great frontiers.
502. (Guru). Whether it is wonderful that yesterday's strong, but the short disease had very notable and useful consequences: the strong wall of dense conditions was punched, and the phenomena of the Thin World became more available, perceptions were refined and became aggravated. Each disease for the directed spirit is very useful and fruitful, because strengthens spirit and its proximity to the Elevated World and Hierarchy of Light. Not without reason in the ancient time an illness called "Visit of God". And it is valid so if the spiritual condition corresponds. But under all circumstances an illness, rarefying and weakening a dense body, approaches the person to the incorporeal world. Many before death long are sick that that the separation from Earth was easier. The more chagrin, troubles and sufferings in the world terrestrial, the three are more than pleasures in World Aboveground; two-polarity of a thing uniform display in it itself.
503. (Aug. 17). Correctly people do, uplifting Hierarchies gratitude for abundance of fruits terrestrial, born by the nature. Great Consciousness’s, both forms of flowers, and plants worked on it, and fruits were created consciously by them. The late mankind generated some undesirable forms the negative thinking, but all kind and good was created by Builders. And, rendering It gratitude for care of them, people arrived fairly. Locust, various wreckers, bacilli, pathogenic microbes and viruses the vile and spiteful human thinking and defects generated not Luminous intensity, but.
504. (Guru). Distribution of Benefits on Earth, sent as a Hierarchy of Light, takes place freely and naturally, if people do not interfere with the process. But dive into darkness separates it from begets light effects, creating a force of destruction instead of co-creating. In ancient times of unhappiness, disasters and disease inflicted on any people, considered the scourge of God, but it is time to understand that give rise to their own people, violating the laws of nature and calling for his head shot back: energy of humanity as the huge collective act so powerfully, that can cause an earthquake. The exercise said right: "friend, do not lie in the earthquake”.
505. (M. A.Y.). All given and this should be used to re-read again, because not much is learned and not approved. After all entries are given and the present, and in the distant future, and repetition of "strengthens". All that is given, it is impossible to digest in one or even several lives, as has been given to all.
506. (M. A. Y.). Beware and avoid the need to break away from the Teacher's mind. Otherwise notwithstanding is difficult time. Warned were long ago. Here it came. Only armed with a Ruler will withstand unscathed. But building on the sand personal well-being can resist. And Coastal drift erosion will be great.
507. (Guru). Correctly! The decision of all is by the Lords; to them and above to rush for. Human decision, without the aid of a High, no longer will help. We are talking about saving the planet. Personal adversity and illness is only a reflection of a general. Man is a part of the world, and he shared the fate of the Earth. If people would understand where to look for the exit and save!
508. (Aug. 19). What cannot be achieved in one lifetime, possibly to another or others? Grains of endeavors, laid out in one, germinate in subsequent or follow-up. Throwing far anchors create all the bold aspirations. If of the aspiration continued to burn. Aspiration is the engine of life. Magnetism it invincibly attracts spirit to the planned purpose. Claim: to me all within reach, for all the time that there are or will be working for someone who goes into the future with Me.
509. (M. A. Y.). Unshakable confidence in the Teacher opens the way for new sourcing. Mistrust and question their close. The growth of the spirit is invisible to the eye, as the growth of grass. But the results of his obviously, at least for us, seeing the change, taking place in the aura of the pupil. The huge amount of information about things that relate to the Teachings and thoughts, accompanying them, is sowing the seeds of light on field of consciousness. The sowing and future shoots remain with disciple forever. So be calm in faith.
510. (Guru). Now the world dense and its forms, is visible to you, but your thoughts, representations and aspirations, which fill your consciousness aren't visible. Then the world dense won't be visible, but thoughts, representations, both aspirations, and forms of already Thin World will be visible. And that now has no terrestrial, notable reality, will find it in World Aboveground, but already in the form of reality or visibility of the Thin World. The value and value of these spiritual accumulation are extraordinary, if they from Light.
511. (Aug. 21). Both here and there it is possible to appear among undesirable selection of neighbors of whom it is difficult to get rid. These are the karmic meetings, demanding to get rid of something, or to pay old debts, or to learn something. Uselessly attempt averts inevitable; the karma demands his. Only having become obsolete or having overcome itself in other people, it is possible to be exempted from them; especially contagious enemies. In case of ordinary people hatred connects them strong, connects, of course, and loves. But communication by love extends as on people usual, and standing at all steps of a ladder of life, to the highest inclusive. Communication by hatred is dark and from darkness, communication by love if it self-sacrificing and not personal, it is dazzling light-bearer. Communications by hatred or love are strongest than the other.
512. (M. A. Y.). Love of the Teacher and of the Hierarchy of light is its highest forms. Usually it out temporarily, that is, does not die in time and continues from one life to another. Love – the powerful engine, aspirationyng the spirit for climbing. Love of the Lord is the anchor of salvation to people.
513. (Guru). True love to a Teacher of light work and puts it above all else, above all earthly affairs. The validity of its application is the Teacher of life. Testaments
514. (Aug. 22). The much-aspects of sides of the Universe is caused by the phenomenon of Boundlessness which isn't present the end, began. Here the first secret, incomprehensible for mind human. The secret of time which too doesn't have is incomprehensible also began, the end, as well as secret of space. Closest to permission secret of time, and the ancient promise when the Angel Swore that time any more won't be, as if it doesn't seem impracticable any more. The problem of a relativity and communication of time and dependence it from speed of movement plans approach ways to this problem. The decision should be looked for in consciousness. Dreams are untimely, the phenomena of thought and the phenomenon of the Thin World are untimely. The exit of a thin body occurs already outside usual time. Some drowning testifies to how at this moment in a flash all their terrestrial life, with all details, is carried by before their spiritual look. The person lives in peace the secrets any of which he yet didn't solve. Secret of origin of life, secret of the simple grain bearing in inexhaustible power of germination, secret of perpetual motion of a matter. It is a lot of secrets around. But the secret of three worlds already comes nearer to the partial permission. The science with the help all of new and new opening will resolve it. Each of two Highest Worlds will gain scientific recognition along with the world terrestrial. Both ignoramuses and negate there should reconcile.
515. (M. A. Y.). It isn't necessary for the developed sense-knowledge of proofs. The person simply knows, and no arguments of mind can shake this knowledge of existence of the undoubted. It any more belief, namely knowledge, free from doubts and uncertainty. The device human covers in itself the most wonderful opportunities of direct knowledge.
516. (Guru). For someone or a secret mystery of death is already enabled. While still in the body, people already know that death is not that death is the greatest illusion of humanity that the death of the body does not mean the death of someone who lives in it. Being in the body of the Earth, it has changed in its subtle body to the world above ground and became convinced that there are those who people consider dead.
517. (Aug. 23). Well what did? You can be glad that dark so diligently and persistently pushed around to the gates of light. Don't understand this or else cease to attack there. And the pursuers and them a minion who? Is the obedient doers them dark suggestion. Don't they ever screamed, "crucify him", they do not placing logs in a fire, when burned you, not whether they hid their faces under hoods inquisitors, not whether they were tortured and tormented you and drove sometime? And here again now continue their dark work. Yes, you're right, it's all old friends who met in previous lives. Don't want to think about that, you knowingly and willfully torn, terrible fate prepare yourself. However, you will be the easier, because you don't have to suffer, but justice does its court regardless of whether you want to or not. Tragically more: going against you, you aggravating and inflicting suffering, reveal the hidden essence of her and actually go against Me and the Hierarchy of light, i.e., betray him dark. Do not betray, those dark already betrayed, but overt and covert, conscious and unconscious of their assistants.
518. (M. A. Y.). "When the dark surrounds you and your circle is closed, the path is towards the top. See for yourself how provisions become reality and Teachings are part of life. So is acquired experience darkness and confrontation is hardening of the sword of the spirit. Dark force learns consciously use psychic energy.
519. (Guru). Heavy condition you’re not from itself, but from of the difficult spatial conditions. Wrong in the world it is created. The atmosphere is saturated with currents chaotic and counteracting one another. The space is restless. Sensitive organisms especially painfully perceive this trouble; and toss of people. A misfortune around and everywhere is in private life of people. It is so much grief a circle, and it is impossible to help because Yugi the end sums up Cali to all and demands full payment for last debts. For us a consolation in the future, -judgment to mankind be the Decision of Lords of Light. But to it is necessary to live and enter it in light clothes. Here let about it also there will be a care.
520. (Aug. 24). How to reach or achieve the most difficult or even the impossible? Constant, unshakable, invisible persistence and commitment in combination with not interrupted by anything rhythm. Against such method won't resist neither persistence nor inertness of own covers, nor counteractions against the going. The rhythm approved as the snowball, grows and amplifies in process of movement. Movement in the future supported by a rhythm, will sweep away barriers about the ways which are so diligently erected by opponents of Light. Ardent counteractions dark it isn't necessary to be confused. It is only the certificate inflaming in Light. It is good to be noted dark. Let their becoming frequent annoy don't sadden, don't suppress, don't deprive of balance, but inflow only of forces new give also lifting for new fight and victories over the darkness condensed over a planet. The spirit is eternal and indestructible therefore the aspiration in the spirit of always leads to a victory if the aspiration it by means of a rhythm managed to be kept up to the end, despite all intrigues and darkness shifts. Light wins against darkness, it is necessary to understand and acquire this formula more deeply. Light, but temporarily darkness is eternal. Swaying’s, Doubts not is help in o fight. Unconditional trust to the Teacher is a board the strong. Whether a little that can happen in a way, the Lord and with that always who is devoted to It is unchangeable and the way with It solved up to the end. On all counteracting forces still big force should be called from inexhaustible depths of spirit. Judgment a clear is final victory of Light over darkness. In understanding of a judgment victory of Light and it is necessary to work.
*521. (M. A.Y.). "In the light you will see the Light Mine" – and this formula it is necessary to realize in all its importance. Only having strengthened and having lifted a Light-bearer of the aura, it is possible to concern Aura Lord Light and to perceive its radiations. The darkness feeds on darkness, but Light – Light. There is no other way of approach to the Teacher of Light. Care of a condition of aura – a foremost duty of the one who follows the Lord. From here the constant patrol and the sensitive alert to arriving everywhere influences, going from the world around. When the protecting network, thanks to such uninterrupted even a dream to wakefulness, in an order also is supported consciously, ability of opposition to darkness because reflects all dark attempts and attacks. But the unification has to be full and not saddened by commonness vanity. The lord Told: "I with you always", but whether always with It in the spirit of directed to it consciousness?
522. (Guru). "Go line of the Beam" – as it is simple and easy to read it in the book and it is joyful to agree. But, as it is difficult, improbably difficult apply this situation in life, when all fluctuates and the furious darkness rages. Here also all hardness of a gait of spirit that nothing could change a rhythm of movement is required or break it. Maya all ghosts and changeability of evidence dense, as though persistently they tried to capture consciousness and to seize it, can't make it and go out aspiration fires if the Lord Lives in heart and Takes priority in it. So, the first care of that always and in everything to be together with the Lord, not for a moment without separating from It in the spirit of that the dark so achieve. Want to separate that, having separated, to achieve the object and break spirit, go out a heart flame. But "it is impregnable armed with the Lord". The one who made this statement the life, can quietly go because it is immutable will reach the end.
523. (Aug. 25). So are people far away threads of connection, which can be obtained and recorded impressions in the mind. Man is the focus of countless different kinds of energies, only a small fraction of which comes to his waking consciousness. But consciously Perceives Arhat for many more. It all depends on the finesse and sensitivity of the receiver. Only open centers are expanding the scale of perception of subtle energies. Great, awesome, full of wonderful opportunities world surrounds the man, but what a pity his able it grasp.
524. (M. A. Y.). How thinning the perception? Only, - turn the attention at the phenomenon, usually slipping from observation. For example: any meeting with others produces a range of impacts on the aura of an observer, but these sensations should immediately give the report itself, that is, pay attention to them. And then the pleasure, or pain, or what other feelings against contact with another's aura will be realized absolutely clearly and explicitly. Or waking up in the morning, you can feel the nature of spatial notes and feel how it sounds in this morning. Or look in the eye carefully mate, catch his unspoken feelings, or falling asleep; suddenly see some faces or pictures. All this sensation and perception, usually omit from aspect, because the man is too busy with his usual or themselves, and the time to do something else already.
525. (Guru). It would be good to understand and feel strongly that, whatever the mood, or health, or the environment surrounding, or event in the world – the basics remain unchanged and steadfast in all circumstances. Therefore, only on them and can be approved by the spirit as a stationary rock hard-standing in the ocean among the violent elements.
526. (Aug. 26). Concentration becomes easy and feasible without any tension if is inspired and caused by love. Means, if it not be a success, of reason service the deficiency loves. Concentration on darling happens naturally and doesn't demand any special ability. As it is easy and simple in thoughts and feelings to stay with that whom and that we love. And when speak: "We love and we will read, and we can't concentrate on darling" is specifies that the feeling of love of the necessary force yet didn't reach. So, even the usual strong terrestrial feeling of love without any work allows to think of darling and to hold it in heart. Also it is possible to judge power of the valid love to the Teacher of Light on extent of concentration on It, up to oblivion at these moments of all surrounding. Such self-examination is faultless. If something third-party interferes and disturbs association of consciousness’s – means, the power of love uniting consciousness’s and hearts, didn't reach due degree. When with something we are upset, saddened, irritated or we test a number of negative emotions, they prevail in consciousness and remove feeling of love to the Teacher on a background. When the love to It takes priority over all other feelings and experiences, then it is possible to tell that the Teacher really Entered into heart of the pupil.
527. (Guru). The most strong and sincere feeling of love to the Teacher nevertheless doesn't relieve the pupil of those tests through which it has to pass, though helps to sustain them successfully. Certainly, these tests occupy his thoughts and influence feelings, and it is impossible to be averted with these experiences, because their purpose – to teach something and in something him to strengthen. And no concentration will help to be exempted from payment of old debts.
528. (Aug. 27). The spear which isn't dozing over a dragon, it is possible to understand and as a symbol of the continuous guarded patrol over willfulness of an astral and aspiration to involve his consciousness in an orbit of its desires and all that seemed already get rid both overcome, and buried in the past. It is very hardy, and the chopped-off heads of a dragon grow again, and in depth any seeds of undesirable properties not destroyed up to the end and the desires needing restraint in each attempt of displey can still be concealed. At an aspiration steady all of them will fly away as autumn leaves, but, didn't fly away yet, control is necessary. The bridle on them should be held, but it isn't necessary to stop long thought on them not to cause to life of the fallen asleep karmic statements.
529. (M. A.Y.). In summary, you want to argue life traversed on the fundamentals. It is a basis of sheer, data in the teaching of Life, allow you to place your feet a solid foundation that will not be shaken by any theory, fabrications or mental speculation. In the world of Thin easily jump when they firmly established consciousness. Now that the firmament is underfoot, it's especially important.
530. (Aug. 28). Imbalance of spirit is often accompanied by the imbalance of the body that is a disease. The harmony of the body, that is the correct interaction of all its organs, you can maintain the will. But it's impossible if this harmony is in the mind. Therefore a balance has to be full-string and embrace the human microcosm. The wrappers must be equilibrium. Often bothersome trifles of life disconcert. Illness or unavoidable tests do the same. Disharmonious minded people influence strong, intruding into consciousness, and darkened, and burdening it. Standing watch, guarding against these intrusions is necessary. Not guarded fortress would not be protected. Have to be very attentive to every contact with of humans. You cannot take people, not by adopting the Light balance. Beneficial radiation of the spirit approved the balance in a microcosm itself.
531. (M. A. Y.). Lilies of the valley and violets can grow nearby on the same clearing. And the soil under them is same. But I began to smell their different, as well as coloring, and a form. These smells, and coloring, a form isn’t present in that environment which surrounds them. And still the unknown and powerful force hidden in their seeds, from surrounding elements of the soil and air creates something new, absolutely excellent, creating chemical compounds and combining them so that, finally, they pour out in a fragrant form of a flower. Such is creative power of a usual flower seed. Flower form, dying, transfers this power to a new seed further. So life in all kingdoms of the nature is under construction and proceeds. Creativity – destiny not only human spirit, but also everything that exists and lives in Space. Everything lives in the nature and generates by the nature of the.
532. (Guru). Whether it is possible to feel pity for people, without losing own balance and without losing thanks to it opportunity is effective to help? Also it is possible, and has to. At the time of the request for the help from needing it is necessary to keep first of all own balance because, it having lost and having saddened, that is having allowed Light go out in itself as it is possible to transfer to his. Therefore it is impossible to allow that others disbalance or the clouding affected consciousness and forced it to sound in unison with the consciousness saddened by the experiences. It is possible to sympathize and feel pity, without losing itself in others experiences. If blind that is saddened by spirit leads blind, both will fall in a hole. It is impossible to feel pity, being involved and plunging into funnels of astral whirlwinds of other consciousness because provided that the help can't be rendered. Itself it is overcome and won others disbalance, and then the help will be obvious, rightful and effective.
533. (Aug. 29). If earlier it was inevitable, already there is no need to invest the facts concerning knowledge of the Universe, with clerical forms. The fact of existence of that world is proved scientifically, by means of the invented devices. Before paint a nimbus over the heads the saints; now radiations of a brain are fixed by means of the high-frequency photo. As pictures of human aura are near from application. In a word, all that once treated religion or occultism area, will be transferred to area of science and becomes not denied. And as limits to development of scientific knowledge aren't present, and penetration into area of secrets of the nature isn't limited to anything.
534. (Aug. 30). If to rarefy subjects ten times and the same to make of a dense matter with a physical body, any difference at a contact of material subjects it won't be revealed. Therefore a thin body, being more rarefied, than a body terrestrial, concerning subjects of the Thin World, they will perceive specifically and obviously, that is they for it will be perceived as having a certain density. Terrestrial hands, course, them not feel. Therefore the World Thin see, we smell, we perceive, we hear and it is felt on taste almost as well as the world dense as the person living in it. The difference, of course, is, but all five bodies of astral feelings work by analogy to feelings terrestrial. The images created by though, have a bit different structure, aren't so dense give in to thought influence easier.
535. (M. A. Y.). Looking at a portrait, we adjoin to the absent. It isn't so difficult to note consequences of such contact if attentively realize the feelings. In this case always there is some interchange of thin energy. There is it and at bright visualization of that person on which the thought is concentrated. Energy, better to say, arrows, Light and darkness fly on the world and concern to who are directed. For the present people don't want to trust it, but it doesn't relieve them of consequences of parcels, both kind, and angry. Angry it is sent more because in the world there isn't enough love. The space is littered by them. How many people need to suffer still to understand, what powerful weapon bringing pleasure or a grief, they possess.
536. (Guru). When you look at the Sacred Image of the Teacher of Light, you adjoin to the inexhaustible tank on depth of its Spirit and you can derive from it inspiration. The more deeply, the centering contact is more than receipts. The rhythm everyday strengthens contacts and multiplies received in reply to Thought. And the miracle of Communication becomes the everyday phenomenon. The address all heart, all thoughts, all desire and all aspiration and consequences brings the corresponding. The Voice of the Lord while in heart of the fire burns won't break off.
537. (Aug. 31). Life is the best school. It is interesting to note everyday to what exactly I taught day last, – very convincing picture of lessons taught by life turns out. Yesterday the people who only a month ago have shown neglect came behind council. Here I came leaving not to come back any more, but wishing to continue the kind relations. Here they who aren't knowing anything and blind, but feeling something and unconsciously reach for Light. Much they will be still, and everyone should give on consciousness, without having pushed away anybody, except ill-wishers obvious. Both to ill-wishers, and to wreckers, and to antagonists, stopping their wrecking, it is impossible display neither rage, nor hostility, neither condemnation, nor irritation, say, any dark feelings. But it is possible and has to show understanding of their biped nature, stopping injuriousness of their actions directed on counteraction to Light which causes in them aspiration to go against.
538. (Guru). On products of creativity of the person it is possible to judge character of its inner world. Especially it is easy when it concerns creativity of poets, artists, writers, composers, that is those who creates, enriching people with fruits of the works. But create especially the thought, of all people; one – of Light, others – the dark, sating aura of planet the dark or of Light. Responsibility for bike creativity because the creator and created by it are connected strongly. Understand this responsibility – means take at of Light the way.
539. (M. A. Y.). Understanding of opportunity is almost already mastering by it. That is why consciousness expansion is so important. Even the baby bird that else learns to fly, subconscious knows that it is possible. Understanding of opportunities will be the next step to mastering. Denial and disbelief kill any opportunity. Negative’s - not fly.
540. (Guru). Behind evidence and visibility dense there is a reality of all three worlds. It seeking to feel, we consider Maya fog. This reality speaks absolutely about other, about what the eye terrestrial can't see. Doesn't see eyes – feels heart, the combiner of the worlds and the seer.
541. (M. A. Y.). On Bases it is so important to be approved unshakably because in a subjective condition in the Thin World all further will develop, proceed and be developed, proceeding from accepted during lifetime of terrestrial the main preconditions. The logic of deductive thinking will work already automatically. Therefore passing to that world on fires of rage or hatred will continue these phenomena there in the direction accepted in them. Therefore also the kind thinker will kindly reap from the situation approved by it, which is thought good. But Bases of the Doctrine of Life above all because move apart before spirit prospect of Boundlessness and infinite development of all its best abilities and qualities and give it a key from doors in area of Intimate Knowledge. Inhabitants build the world and the future on sand, but accepted the Doctrine – on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life.
542. (Guru). The inner world of everyone is the repository for the reasons they had collected during his life on Earth, the reasons that lead the investigation into the world of consonant Aboveground, when will it get there. According to the character and nature of those reasons are not that difficult to judge and the resulting consequences. Had happened to good tree was rotten fruit, and vice versa. And if the fruit were rotten, so there were very specific reasons. About sowing seeds, or reasons, own mind to think and make you clear that what their quality and nature.
543. (Sept. 3). At one extreme, mortal body on another is immortality and eternity of the spirit and mind, between them on one or the other away from one of them. Consciousness can dwell in the body, fully immersed in it and considering that the body is his self, but may gravitate and approach the pole, spirit, and then immortality becomes his fate. It's all in the mind and that it accepts or rejects. Recognized Teacher of light enters the consciousness into the orbit of his spirit and gives and gives him the gift of eternal life. Of recognition and denial of the immortality depends on consciousness. Spirit is immortal, man is aware of this or not, but there is just something for consciousness, that it recognizes. Acknowledge of death is dies. Acknowledge of life is lives. Denying the immortality of the spirit and in the body of the Earth still live, or rather eke out meaningless existence, while on Earth, but by going out into the world above ground, where reigns the thought, the thought of their own denying consciousness life and become like stone graven images. Murder, or the deprivation of life, consciousness is the most terrible crime against themselves, which can make a man. And many do. The gift of eternal life gives people the doctrine of light, but where those who wish to take that gift? They are so small compared to the huge number of denying the ignorant. But Said long ago: "According to your faith you will." And it seemed so simple; you just have to believe it. But human hearts are silent, reject the faith.
544. (M. A. Y.). The belief is a knowledge threshold; there is a sense-knowledge, or an anticipation of feeling of reality. Through it the next approach to understanding of the undoubted. Wise doesn't deny anything, thereby expanding possibilities of cognition. The dream bears the person on the wings to implementation of its daring. How many centuries dreamed people of flights, and here the dream were achieved – people fly. Everything is feasible and achievable that is in limits of Space Laws which are limited to Boundlessness. The belief and daring are necessary.
545. (Guru). Sometimes words are sent, indicating the ability of a test, which is not really happening. This means that the test is marked by causing a reaction from the examinee. The Teacher must see as Apprentice to will react to such a test, which is caught by the entity. For faster ways Teacher often applies the test realms, for actual test results and test under the sign are the same.
546. (Sept. 4). It is necessary very brightly and to imagine strongly distinction between firmness of Bases and changeability and fluidity of thoughts, feelings, moods and various changes round events. The stone of the Eternal Basis of Life can serve as the reliable base for all constructions at all times. The river of life flows to the Boundlessness ocean, and don't change its current small streams and funnels of the return movements because all of them are carried away forward by a powerful stream of the main movement. Therefore It is told that "the sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet". Current of Space Laws within which life and all its forms is shown, it is possible to consider as inalterability of an display of Space Will, that is power of the Space Magnet. Who goes against It, attracts on itself finally karmic return blow.
547. (M. A. Y.). Why it is so persistently directed in the future? Not therefore, that the present no display and no much be expression of that is judgment to mankind a tracing of the Great Plan. Everything is achievable and feasible, but only in the future. The consciousness directed forward, builds bridges in this great future. Of the past, its imperfections and a gloom it refused. "In the past everything is burned for Fiery Yoga". The way open and free remains only forward, only in the future.
548. (Guru). Directing to the Lord and his Messengers, you moderate force of terrestrial gravitations and the authorities over consciousness of the present and environment. From the power of vanity you are exempted by aspiration to the Hierarch. The spirit ascension on the Ladder of Light is in overcoming in itself everything that to it disturbs and detains on itself consciousness, forcing it to forget about the most necessary. It is impossible to bear the lamp, falling and stumbling, – oil will spread, and fire will go out. Go out of a flame of heart is punished by death, death of spirit, and the person becomes truly mortal, that is in the spirit of the dead. Many live dead persons go on Earth face. It about them, about such clever dead persons, Christ Redeemer Sage: "Provide dead to bury the dead persons, you follow Me".
549. (Sept. 5). Will be times when people in its evolutionary development reaches a level of refinement that, being in the body of the Earth, will live in both worlds, and this and that. When will this time, it's hard to say. But already now there are among such refined people of Earth. You can imagine how life would be simplified and then understanding of cosmic laws. The potential of its people has had all these opportunities, and many of them have already been partially demonstrated in the past. In the meantime, deniers of all degrees prevented recognition of reality. It Said long ago: "according to your faith you will", but no faith and willingness to keep an open mind and without prejudice to the purely scientific exploration of the subtle phenomena. Absurd as all it is a negation of thought as such, although the deniers and all other use it constantly. Worse still, the basics of life are denied to humanity. Upcoming the epoch of Maitreya is the ratio will change radically, and the light of true knowledge will shine over your planet.
550. (M. A. Y.). Good reach the stage where aspirations nothing and no one can break the rhythm of continuous progress and expansion of consciousness. The train goes forward, and those species that Flash and rush past the Windows of cars, have no effect on his movement. Well, when everything that lies on the other side of the road, and doesn't stop moving spirit. What if, fully immersed in these temporary details, people will forget about the path and goal of ultimate? No wonder the Teachings of living human followers of the great Way calls. This path has no end, which leads into infinity.