Agni Yoga's facets, 1971 (551-700)

551. (Guru). Garden Quiche gives good shoots flowers planted in it. So it is a constant concern for the mental forms created for a purpose, it reinforces to the brightness and vitality that asserted their position eventually display and tight-world. When will is very strong and the reserve of psychic energy is sufficient, this process is accelerated and may sometimes have the effect, but if im not, requires some patience before the nested in thought forms energy will produce concrete results.
552. (Sept. 6). Whether there are a lot of people among incarnate who can conduct similar records in contact with Me? The answer is clear. Therefore we will treat performance of the mission of life even more consciously and profoundly. It is difficult to write among conditions usual. But in it a special merit. Close circumstances not only don't disturb, but also, on the contrary, strengthen process because under a press even the flame of a torch starts shooting. So, all opposite currents only inflate a heart flame, and everything starts serving aspirations of spirit. Certainly, it is hard to maintain such tension. Consoles understanding that, what «in wellbeing nothing is no be born ". Passing through difficulties generates fires, but passing successful. Because "the heavy large, crush of the glass, forge of damask steel". Pettiness isn't called in ranks of Day breakers. "Among the won I Learn chose Me". To a victory final over darkness we go among whirlwinds, confusions, sufferings and the disbalance aggravating heart in "to darkness external".
553. (M. A. Y.). World Thinnest area of all desires, dreams, desires and thoughts generated by human on Earth and not completed and not cancelled in the world busy for a variety of reasons. Unenforceable in the world Earth can be exercised in the World Aboveground. The impossible is possible there; because, the World Thin is the world of feasible possibility. For example, say on Earth a man cannot fly without aircraft – there can. Could not create the visible Earth idea here items – there may, but visible one incarnation. There can instantly be where he wants. There's a lot of things can a man liberated from the body and armed with knowledge of the laws of the subtle world.
554. (Guru). More and more strain all strength of mind to dump fetters of properties of the no get rid terrestrial. The chains of the spirit, if not dropped on the ground, moving into the Sky. And they do not fly. They do not achieve freedom. They do not see the magnificence of the upper world. They do not come close to the light. They can only be in the lower layers, without the possibility of upward climb.
555. (Sept. 8). No matter how difficult or seemingly overcome it seems achievable density. There is a lot of historical evidence to support this. Vision accompanied or warned many events. In the life of almost every individual there were manifestations of this kind. Talk about mediums, but not about ordinary, normal individuals, because there is a deviation from the natural medium ship development body. Soon the scientific discoveries and the new equipment will allow penetrate for a thin veil. Everything goes to the worlds in the mind of a human connection.
556. (M. A. Y.). Talking about the urgency of the permanence of the consciousness’s merge because it has all-planet the onset of darkness has reached its climax. The usual measures do not retain balance. And it needed more than ever. So, in unity, full, keeping and maintaining communications, will be the aluminiferous through this of terrible time.
557. (Guru). How many times has mentioned that one must firmly hold on to the Lord, "every minute, in all steps. Why? Now the time is that it didn't go through. Maybe for the sake of your own you can force recovery to gather again to carry out action message.
558. (Sept. 9). At continuous assimilation of the Doctrine it is imperceptible feed all consciousness and during turning points brightly acts on a proscenium, painting thinking and defining the relation to the events. Possibility of parting with a body isn't terrible, and it isn't a pity for anything that it is necessary to leave. It means that the aura grew neither to the house, nor to things, neither to a place, nor to people. It means that the feeling of property is overcome and nothing is considered and everything without regret can be left. It means the condition of freedom is reached. It is good when it is reached concerning things material. But attractions of Earth aren't settled by it. The person loves is tasty and sweet to eat and drink, loves also many other things. The sphere of weaknesses and passions of the person is very wide. Mental temptations and seductions are strongest than the other. It is easier to get rid of feeling of property, than a body inclination after release from it. Thoughts create reality illusion, sating images of allure with vitality. To understand delusiveness of these phenomena very difficult as they seem too real. It is very dangerous to get to the sphere of their attraction because can tighten in the vortex funnels and dump down on many steps. Only the understanding of danger of these phenomena and that in the conditions of the Elevated World all this only seduction and deception, realities not able to have, will help firmly and to reject resolutely thin delusions and not to give in on. At consciousness clarification, for the present on Earth, the similar phenomena of a place can't have.
559. (M. A. Y.). The concept experienced and applied in life of terrestrial, in life in Elevated will be a decisive condition of existence there. Therefore it is good to think that else it is possible to put from the Doctrine in practice in everyday. Theoretical knowledge is anything if it isn't applied in life. Neither conversations, nor reasoning’s any much replace of the affairs. And value of affairs – in carrying out and the approval of the Doctrine of Life in the annex to it.
560. (Guru). What time during the day is available to the student to make the most necessary and useful exercises instead of mindlessly lose precious minutes.
561. (Sept. 11). The hopelessness circle – so is called a ring in which dark try to take consciousness of the attendant of Light when surround it and close the circle. But the exit up always remains free, it too closes them not in forces, and, squeezing a circle ring, they thereby restrict spirit to Light Monastery. It is necessary to know and not to be frightened only their persistent efforts and an impact. While light in heart burns – they are powerless to do the valid harm. It is necessary to remember only firmly that "while the Lord lives in heart, the hair won't fall from the head" that "armed with the Lord is impregnable". Having so armed, we will oppose power of Light to darkness and we will stand up to the end.
562. (M. A. Y.). Spread the Teachings of light moves in mysterious ways. Among the earthmen no one can see or envisage them or prevent them. From the most unexpected places and from strangers will receive certificates of the miraculous process of penetration of light into all corners of life. When the time comes, the powerful stream of light sweeps away all that.
563. (Guru). How will the Light in the life of the planet? Unexpectedly! And this surprise will demolish all schemes, plans and actions of the dark. And breaking apart like card houses all they build. The already dark machine idling. Are the results of the investigation come as tweaks, opposite to expected them. Few have time to poison an orgy of dark forces. Kickback will be scary. Mount everything, going against the light.
564. (M. A. Y.). We need to finally realize that the earth itself as Mayan remains at all times while the spirit does not reset the bonds their and pops up a wheel of death and rebirth of Earth. Earthly, for stress, alternating between different forms of existence does not end with the planet. On distant Worlds-a new rhythm in the new conditions distant and not similar to the Earth.
565. (Guru). To lift consciousness over life the abyss, having ennobled it, will be the unique decision. It is otherwise tightened it in the funnels of a current of a rough stream of a matter dense. People flounder in it, grabbing everything, for what the hand can catch, and trying to be approved and keep at least for a straw. But the stream rushes, carrying away for itself all, who in it. Anything can't serve as a support for spirit that from the flashing phenomena of a present situation. On them the stronghold of spirit can't be built. Only on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life it is possible to erect it.
566. (Sept. 130). The objective and subjective thinking plays large role in human life. Contact with the outside world and activity in it demand objective thinking, immersion in itself, in the inner world – subjective. Condition in Devachan is the subjective. Work of attendants of Light in the Thin World is caused by a condition of consciousness. Objective thinking on the character is inductive. Terrestrial activity is accompanied by inductive thinking. The subjective condition uses rather goes a deductive current of thoughts and feelings that is from accepted before provisions to their further logical expansion. As the moving train without the driver, bears deductive thinking one incarnation the person in the accepted direction, all fuel, or the energy, giving to it movement strength won't be spent yet. The will of objective consciousness of the live person can always stop a current of deductive thinking and direct it on the new course, having taken for the basis new preconditions. All get rid properties which have taken roots in the person reveal they force of deduction and can be shown until the will interfere and the new decision won't direct their energy in the due direction. But the solution of will has to be final and irrevocable; differently the current of a deductive stream of thought will entail action on the habitual channel. Everything that lives in sub consciousness of the person and is enclosed in it earlier, lives power of deductive thinking and proves logically in the accord with the preconditions accepted earlier. The same force there live also habits. All this demands revision and acceptance in consciousness of only such basic provisions which in the further logical deployment will work in the full accord with Bases of the Doctrine of Life. Then mistakes won't be, and then the subjective condition in World Aboveground will be lit up by Light. But this revision has to be complete on Earth, in a body terrestrial because after death of a body this process can't almost be made owing to prevalence of deductive thinking.
567. (M. A. Y.). Yes, it is right; the end of Cali Yugi is awful. But it was foretold long ago, as well as that by it will step on change of Satia of the South. If one part of a prophecy came true, another will come true also. But for successful overcoming of darkness of Cali Yugi should be held consciousness firmly on unshakable confidence of a final victory of Light. It isn't necessary to complicate itself thoughts of how it will occur, but it is necessary to trust certainly, relying on insuperable power of Hierarchy of the Benefit both a final victory and Light celebration.
568. (Guru). In the light of the going Epoch Fiery approach each action of the pupil is of particular importance and has far-reaching consequences; from here, of great parsimony and of caution in the actions, of the words and the acts. Everything yields fruits by the nature of the. White clothes shouldn't be soiled by anything unworthy. Great time imposes responsibility for everything that is made by the person.
569. (Sept. 14). There will be no city, if in it there is no one righteous person at least. The righteous person is meant as the person being in Communication with Hierarchy and accepting through it thin energy, supporting balance of the entire district. It is necessary to understand that all people from the conveyor of the consciousness continuously let out incalculable number of fancies. Their quality is very low. The one who communicates with Hierarchy of Light, creates mental production is made other order – it as Light beacon among darkness of narrow-minded thinking. It sates and cements space images of evolution, creating the center, or a stronghold, Light in this point of a planet. On these towers of spirit the planetary network of Light keeps. Spatial value of such torches is great. Beacons of rescue it is called such people. Their mission is difficult extraordinary because environment resistance, its inertness and stagnancy are improbable. Kindly relating so few, but counteracting, both harming, and being under the influence of dark whispers the huge majority. Life of such carrier Light Think the feat. One, among misunderstanding bears on the shoulders of burden of surrounding imperfection.
570. (Guru). The attendant of Light is in a condition of continuous opposition to darkness. This condition demands the known tension and the guarded firmness. The darkness is refined and resourceful, and to see, of the next evil-tricks, hardly from where creeps. And with people it is necessary to be very circumspect and in words, and actions because it isn't known whom will elect annoying by the tool at present. Often rash word serves as a hook or a catch for drawing a sensitive prick.
571. (Sept. 15). "Danger is the satellite of incarnate life" therefore we will be ready to meet any, storing unshakable balance and confidence of proximity of the Protecting Hand. From how many were already protected! Dangerous transitions can be passed only proximity to Tom, Who Conducts. It is possible to know about dangers of people around if there is no fear; when together, anything isn't terrible. So all menacing, counteracting and hostile only rapprochement serves with Me. It is necessary to understand these conditions as the factors approving association of consciousness’s, and to rejoice to everything that promotes their merge. Happy living conditions of it won't give. Abstractedly it isn't difficult to understand it but when it is necessary to meet every day it face to face, the relation changes. And still we won't envy those who live well and with concern. Not they are fated to approach, and to you who are exhausted under weight of an impact of forces, against Me directed.
572. (M. A.Y.). What is of the bringing? Consonance of the consciousness! How is of the consonance? Fusion and is of the intent of spirit. In his quest to enter into communion with the chosen Focus of Light. Ordinariness is the worldly, narrow-minded, elevation of spirit and his detachment from the self does not allow. Great effort is necessary to make known to break away. Achievement will be, being among life usual and it without coming off, at the same time to be other-worldly. Because other-worldly there is Light Kingdom because the World Light Lord in Days it, in your days owes itself display.
573. (Guru). Seldom who from approached to the Doctrine knows the mission, that is a problem of this embodiment; especially such knowledge is valuable. The first is to give and to leave after itself these records. Work long, labor-intensive and, demanding no of the human persistence and the constancy. The second: maintenance of a planetary network of Light by the statement of a flame of heart. Spirit tower as light beacon in space, Light of the Stronghold in itself accepts, giving in reply beams self-proceeding, assimilated and realized in a spirit hearth. The third: cementation of space and saturation by his thoughts and the representations connected with the Doctrine of Life and promoting its invisible, but powerful distribution.
574. (Sept. 16). On a surface of life only external currents of events, internal, the main are visible, decisive – aren't visible. On external signs it is impossible to judge the main events. Therefore all usual forecasts of reality don't show. But We See it, both we Know, and we Speak: resolute terms came. The turning point put terrestrial will define a course of events soon. It out of control of human will. Consequences of crops of the past finish the circle. New, possible thanks to cosmos the spatial new conditions; it will start being approved contrary to intentions and plans of destroyers spiteful. Their time passed. Karmic blows of terrible force will fall upon them. The shaft terrible will sweep away all their constructions. Light time goes statements of Satia Yugi.
575. (Guru). Let the obviousness does not hide the reality. Beneath the surface waters are hidden powerful deep-water currents. It begins outside, numbing unprepared consciousness. Readiness is not only the hope and faith in the future of judgment, but also in understanding the inescapable and really taking place in the depths of the shifts that will decide the fate of the planet.
576. (M. A. Y.). "Take the cross and follow Me". It is told absolutely clearly. The cross, the karma should be taken and, despite its weight, to follow the Lord. In it all difficulty because ordinary people of suffering can harden, and burden of a karmic burden seems undeserved and intolerable. Why to suffer when others live happily and without any sufferings. So the egoism inspired the dark whispers. But also It is told: "If conditions of happy terrestrial life are shown, the spirit won't enter into a hall intended". Here also you judge what to do and how to be when past accounts for payment are shown. The spirit wants to enter into Light Hall strong, but to accept inevitable conditions to that don’t want. The destructive contradiction turns out. The lord Speaks: "Going with Me has to unshakably and pass firmly through everything that Is allowed by Me. There are no such tests through which the spirit can't pass if really wants. It is necessary to collect forces".
577. (Guru). Those living conditions which can't be eliminated, should be accepted as karmic inevitable and besides to store balance and tranquility. The solution of everything we will look for in continuous Appear and consciousness unification with the Leader. At such unification it is possible to pass through everything.
578. (Sept. 19). Deadlines are approaching. This approximation will be marked by unprecedented turmoil and unprecedented spatial press. "Now every worldly care aside" is in line with the ongoing time strongly. But who wants to understand the significance of the moment. Both have lived and will continue to live until the Fiery reality snaps before the consciousness in its space an unstoppable power. When Pompey was killed, terrible force space power handover was the face her and showed absolute helplessness of man in front of her. The elements derived from the balance that can reach unprecedented scale. People have forgotten how many people died recently from the fury of the wrath of the elements. Lost and again engaged in the Affairs of their. But after all it was only a warning. And again the threat hangs over the world. But how to help people see where grow deaf and her eyes closed ears.
579. (M. A. Y.). Living on Earth a man a short time compared with the life Aboveground. But even this consideration does not force him to change his attitude towards and don't take it as something very real. Dreams are transitory, fleeting dreams – all the ups and downs of his busy life. But how to convince when something before your eyes dimmed visibility horizon! Even in the inner being of knowledge are dimmed by Maya. What about others who do not know anything!
580. (Guru). We are the ones sent by the Lord, through whom you come in contact with the world. Otherwise not be appropriate, because the closest approach through sent for this purpose. To believe that, if all will go around the globe, a closer approach will not find. It should be known, it is necessary to understand and act accordingly.
581. (M. A. Y.). Spatial cooperation in the subtle world of spirits various possible and do occur. But the memory of that rarely reaches the Earth's consciousness.
582. (Sept. 23). Whether it is strange that the invisible feeling of belief leads to absolutely obvious consequences, and disbelief stops all ways. Not beliefs from science deny undoubted, but perfectly trust in the theories deprived of bases. The belief on the contrary turns out. Consequences of such denials are awful because bear in itself destruction, a misanthropy and blood. I speak about belief in really real because all other beliefs didn't exempt mankind from fratricidal wars, and rather, on the contrary, promoted of. But belief to belief discord. Because dark not only trust, but also know that there is a Hierarchy of Light, and, trusting, rise and fight against it.
583. (M. A. Y.). It is good that the thin world so firmly separated from the dense, because with the low state of mind people to face a. Because all the attention is focused on the consciousness to decent prepare a convergence of worlds. And what is now happening on Earth, and is this preparatory stage. Through the suffering and trials of people can walk up to the awakening of spirit and heart. Suffering will grow until it is awakening.
584. (Guru). Still, say that, the most important is not given enough time, of thoughts and of aspirations. Little things in life take away too much attention and worries. But they are so tiny. And without thinking about it they will go on as usual. However, forced himself to make cheering spirit cannot, yet the most important demands give it enough time.
585. (Sept. 26). As the consciousness will react to everything that arrives in its orbit, depends on aspiration. And if aspiration it doesn't bring a desirable response, so weakly or changeably. As a matter of fact, the aspiration is the call directed to space, magnetic force attracting conformable to it elements. Call and response are related in essence. There can't be a space meek or silent when in it the thought arrow pierces. All people receive from space, but this receiving is conformable to what filled their consciousness. Therefore filling of consciousness of the composer, the mathematic, the philosophy, the inventor who has been carried away by the business of the gardener or the forestry is specialist variously. Excellent it and from what the consciousness of the gambler is saturated. But each of them leads strong impressions life and receives the answer from space, conformable with aspiration. The aspiration defines nature of responsibility. Each thought of the person is connected with these or those layers of the Thin World and is in the accord with them. Coherence of thought consists in it, which by the nature magnetic. Freedom of thought consists in that the choice of desirable thoughts was made at will of the person, instead of contrary to it, it is thus important that the choice concerned thoughts light, ennobling spirit, instead of directing it in darkness, in a chasm. Both up and down the consciousness magnetic power of thought direct. Therefore the choice of thoughts, that is control over them, defines destiny of the person.
586. (M. A.Y.). The man wants or not, his mind constantly commits itself to thoughts with something about some object, phenomenon or event. But it is necessary that he wanted and he connected himself with what he wants to think. Any current of thoughts, without will control, assimilates the person to a weather vane which is starting moving from each flaw. And then there is not it, but random and uncontrolled thoughts they manage. Work helps streamline thoughts, because having to think about what is working. Now is particularly difficult concentrating of thoughts. Of the Spatial disbalance is hanger.
587. (Sept. 29). To current of time we Will premise thought of inalterability of implementation of the Great Plan, It is based on the principle: "The sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet". Evolution movement is based on it. The great people arise and leave, Earth face changes, but the Great Cycle in the spiral movement planned nascence of the Sixth and Seventh Race and the phenomenon of the Fifth Circle following them which the Sixth follow and the Seventh in space. But even it yet end of evolution of mankind. The end isn't present. After the termination of the Great Cycle and Pralaya the new will follow. So in Boundlessness there is an evolution real on the Space Spiral, isn't present which began, the end.
588. (Guru). We are preparing the implementation Plan on tenterhooks overseers. This is our activity. In consonance with us you must log into the orbit of this activity, i.e. its energy diverted to facilitate this task. And if no other possibilities, be thought. Inert, weak sentiment is not display, but the thought of fiery, fiery aspiring will light and the contribution the builders of a new world, new heavens and a new Earth. A new world without someone's hard work and dedication in life will not go down. The "hand and foot" human remains unchanged.
589. (Sept. 30). Violation by the person of circulation of natural phenomena and intervention to this current often happens destructive. Productive forces of the soil are often exhausted; the terrestrial cover that involves erosion is removed. The woods – collectors of a prana are destroyed. Plunder of subsoil terrestrial and violation of magnetic natural state of terrestrial layers bring the disharmony, or disbalance. Fight against weeds and application of chemicals kills insects, poisons terrestrial covers, causes mass death of birds and animals and promotes district necrosis. Huge dams and reservoirs break a water mode of fish, and she perishes. Water and earth poisoning with poisonous waste of plants, water contamination garbage of paper combines, gases of productions aggravate general necrosis of the nature. It is a lot of unreasoned, ignorant, inadmissible it is made concerning life on Earth, and time when it is necessary to pay for it terribly with exhaustion of natural resources, poisoning of all terrestrial in general and mankind in particular approaches. Avidity and greed to a profit of the various private companies and monopolies cause the irresponsible relation to terribly poisonous developments dumped and menacing to life of all surrounding. The cities live in a fog of toxic fumes of the fulfilled gasoline. The food is forged. Many terrible incongruities are allowed, and nobody wishes to think of consequences. Application of gases of military and destruction of crops and of vegetation is a crime already of planetary. It is created the phenomena promoting decomposition of a planet so much that if urgent and drastic measures of its protection aren't accepted, the inevitable disasters caused by ignorance human and irresponsibility not to avoid.

590. (M. A.Y.). Take one’s belt darkness, like mad horse bits, directs a person into an abyss. The best people of the Earth are trying to curb the insane. But one has to make the masses aware of impending people opened its demise. Rapidly destroy the whales and the ocean fish stocks. Rapidly destroy of the wild animal. Soon destroy forests, curators and collectors of Prana. Will soon be eating agricultural products poisoned with pesticides. And so already start accepting them in of food. Spraying chemicals on crops of wheat and other cereals not think about the people who take them, don't think of pets, dairy cattle, giving the poisoned milk. Don't want to work hard in other ways in the fight against weeds. Choose methods of feather light, albeit causing health damage. Wool, linen, cotton clothes are replacing the unhealthy tissue, toxic health. When collect people and understand the threatening effect of your mistakes.
591. (Guru). All the best stories and useful measures to its opposite is seeking darkness pole and so cause people harm everyway. Everything has a shadow, the back side, and the back side of the dark deliberately claim to be trying to light and useful unravel. Seemingly, this enterprise is good but what is its ultimate use, if as a result of a necrosis or a huge Lake, River, or burned by gases from pipes of all vegetation around, or made production, say, fertilizers, soil damage inept and ill-judged by the latter. After all even and phosphorus fertilizer can poison the soil.
592. (Oct. 1). Reaction of the person to these or those influences depends on previous accumulation and experience. Two persons, having come to be in identical conditions, can feel – one happy, another – unfortunate. It isn't conditions, but in the relation or consciousness reaction. It is possible to feel ecstasy a storm, and it is possible and to shake with fear. So, the heaviest and difficult circumstances cause lifting and opposition force in firm people, but weak drive to despair. At ability and desire psychedelic itself and to reveal desirable reaction of consciousness it is possible to adjust itself on any harmony. It’s is in the power of the person. It is possible to force not to lose courage and even at the most difficult tests. The method recommended by us, is simple: it is necessary to present itself in the conditions even more worst and heavy, and in comparison with them to see, something that occurs, it isn't as bad as it seems. Much experience means also. Savages living in desert places find to themselves livelihood and water, but the inexperienced citizen perishes. In a hut from foliage and rods the savage feels at home, but it will be cruel to suffer the European. At ability to adjust consciousness on a desirable wave and at possession quality of adaptability the person can pass any tests, without losing balance. Firm and courageous people gave examples of that, even fearlessly looking in a death face. The spirit is indestructible and we don't break. Understanding of it gives strength of opposition to difficulties of life, even the most intolerable. In heat and in satiety the person very unfortunate while another, really unfortunate, on his place would be happy can feel. Everything is relative and conditional. If to understand it and to apply a method of comparison and comparison to the conditions which were much heavier and almost desperate, it is possible to pass adequately any test.
593. (M. A. Y.). It's not a happy or unhappy, and the ability to hold unshakable equilibrium of spirit and happy, and the most difficult. And happiness and unhappiness can upset his alike. Know cases when died of cardiac rupture with happiness. Come again to the need to avoid display disbalance at the poles of positive certainty to the opposite reaction to the negative. And then the problem of balance could become solvable.
594. (Guru). The purpose of the student is learning to manage, or own, their feelings. It is to keep the thoughts under control. Just a thought, you can control the emotions. They flow automatically, reflexively. The Lunar consciousness only fiery will be curbed.
595. (Oct. 2). Heart – the receiver of spatial energy. Heart – the device space. The consciousness is transferred by effort of will to heart. Consciousness, being transferred to heart, concentrates on the Chosen Shape, and from It through heart there are receipts. Heart can fight in unison with Heart of the Lord – the accord of hearts turns out. Vibrations of Heart of the Lord are transferred on the Beam, or the Beam. Heart – the receiver of vibrations of the Beam. Focus on which the consciousness concentrates, defines nature of perceptions. The consciousness is constantly fixed on something. The choice is supervised, that is can be supervised by will. Concentration that loves happens naturally and doesn't demand efforts. The ardent love to the Chosen Shape opens all doors without couriers of thoughts and diligence. The heart burning with such love won't be forgotten and doesn't remain without spatial receipts and parcels.
596. (M. A. Y.). New fiery energy will clean the Earth's atmosphere, and even breathing becomes easier. It is difficult even to imagine than the lower layers are filled at the surface of the planet. You need to not only purify the consciousness, but also the atmosphere. The difficult task is to people. But the CDs must be removed when the planetary assistance those who trash behind yam. Otherwise the effect of spatial energy will be painfully hot.
597. (Guru). It is necessary to understand that heart takes part in all actions human. Certainly, it demands to itself attention and care. But it isn't present and therefore people so often are ill heart. But head is in the shelter. As terribly it is troubled by drunkards and addicts. As burden his fears, both rough emotions, and evil experiences; as press on it dark thoughts, and the, and others. The new Century coming shows care of heart because the New Century is a Century of heart.
598. (Oct. 3). One thing: throw arbitrarily the emergence of color or other stars, or spots, or any other manifestation of psychic energy. It is governed by its own laws. And only lit malls allow you to hear and see beyond the usual limitations. Arhat hears and sees, but when it wants to, the rest of the time, its Supreme abilities may not function. Striving to raise the curtain of the disciple, but naturally wish for this too, because an acute perception of imperfection can disrupt the balance. Disclosure centers must leave their natural exposure and management of Teacher of light.
599. (M. A.Y.). Confidence in the reality of the subtle world allows you to be in contact with him. Boost is not necessary. Everything will come in its time. But observe carefully and observe all the unusual should continuously. Otherwise the subtle phenomena are drowned in the noise and commotion of the generalities. Quest for the unusual will not leave burning heart. See the unusual in the usual is already an achievement. Live in a world of unusual ability, covered tightly cloaked in everyday life.
600. (Guru). There can be a question: whether all these efforts for of memorandum maintenance about Entrusted the Hierarchy, fulfilled the duty and left the dense world are necessary? Answer: of memorandum about the past is the statement of the future. It concerns the past of Envoys of Hierarchy. It approving, we build steps to the future. Let the only few will understand necessity of these efforts. The great future is under construction that the few who Takes fiery part in its creation.
601. (Oct. 4). Service cannot be expressed in actions external, but pass under the sign of internal activity. Example of they are eremites in far mountains. There can be very actively it even in a dream, on the plan of the Elevated World. The general commitment of consciousness and limitation of external opportunities cause such type of activity. If in a long distance dream such figure, it serves only as confirmation of such opportunity. In the sphere of thoughts of usual restrictions doesn't exist. It is so easy to support the distant friend the thought sated with energy of heart; and not only the friend, but also of people of strangers, and whole groups of people, and even of people, - We Send arrows of thoughts in the New Country. Much and much is Helped by us thought? You study also, following our example, to work with thought, especially when surrounding conditions of other kind of activity don't allow.
*602. (M. A. Y.). Let everyday mental communication with distant friends will not be formal. Let be the particle is energy of the heart that is love. Not that hard to close in spirit to send an arrow of light. People are now so strongly need help and support. If you seriously, and it is no less difficult. A little self-denial-and the arrow will fly on the orders of the heart. From the heartless repetition many fires died away. Using linger, since often no need in it is great.
603. (Guru). Often perplexed disciple, why not Hurry with the help of the Teacher. Whether not therefore to give the chance to own fires to flare up. A little merit to get help from Teachers, but great merit if by heading toward self-denial can apprentice to assist people on their own. Each purposeful and effective sent consciously thought. Must register by such thoughts, you have to feel it, to use it as a real energy. No means abstractions that, but actual manifestation and application of subtle energies.
604. (Oct. 5). And in dense, and in the Subtle Worlds of ambient conditions are determined by karma. Not in the power of man to avoid it. He, who knows this, tries to run out in complete tranquility, not trying to overturn karma. Because speaks of sufferings till the end. The advantage of karma daunting is that it strengthens the force of the confrontation of difficulties. Moths, fluttering under the terms of the without sad existence, resistance does not have. The first whirlwind will break off them wings. The Warriors of light are required to undergo harsh training school.
605. (M. A. Y.). Perseverance the inflexible aspirations destroys tight restrictions around the world. We should firmly believe and know that the Lord is near and around us. And only the barrier preventing this earth sees. But they are temporary. Exemption from body and move into the realm of freedom will make the invisible visible and distant relatives. Rejoice to life.
606. (Guru). The power of everyday rhythm in what in the world he creates Invisible solid forms that display My thin, when visibility is poised move Great borders. And then it will be possible to shake off years of established singing aspirations.
607. (Oct. 6). Human destiny is cognition of the world surrounding it, that is, Infinity, local culture that has no end. The orbit of his all-time expands, and the cognitive apparatus being improved and thins out. Humanity of other, more senior, you are far ahead of the planets. Because the Stated aspiration to Distant worlds. This aspiration will lead to actual contact with them. Contact with people who have attained a higher level of evolution, many will give people your planet and will show in what direction will be developed terrestrial humanity. Theoretical data on new races and new Quarters will get actual confirmation. Interplanetary ships will fly, but the main channel of communication will be the machine of the human body and its open centers. Sometime he will replace all devices, because in man the potential is all. Of course, for the mass of humanity that's going to happen soon, but individuals who have attained, and already have carried out earthlings into the future. The most difficult step on this path is the shift from Cali to South from century Satia darkness to the light. But as time goes on, it cannot be stopped, and the transition that is still complete. The new heavens and the new Earth, purified from the dark heaps, will give the new person move in judgment him a future.
608. (M. A. Y.). Essential Teachings of life is that people given the general direction in which the development will begin to flow and provides simple and clear methods to speed up the process. The future is clear and defined purpose. The possibility of a blunt, blind, mindless plantlike endearing, therefore, is ruled out completely. The consistency of the planetary conditions radically changes human existence. The cycle of hopelessness will it finally on the space expanse, by understanding the purpose and meaning for which it exists.
609. (Guru). Awareness of the purpose of life is a major challenge. Without this awareness of his life on Earth becomes meaningless. Both no diligence and attempts to break the deadlock will give desirable results, Bases on which the real is based won't be acquired yet. There is nothing in the world more important than this. Until it is resolved, the chains of ignorance and slavery people don't have discarded with itself.
610. (Oct. 7). The future for Us, in it is all. Live the future and in the future. In it mentally build what you want to reach. Plastically it is in of will hands. It is limited to only creative power of imagination if it is conformable with Space Laws. Our proximity the wanting will receive it. The directed will contact the Distant Worlds with them. The immortality the approving will receive it. General welfare the worker will expand the consciousness to an orbit of all mankind. The attendant of Beauty will see it. Sounding on waves of space pleasure will enter into Light Kingdom. And everyone sang will reap from the fiery aspirations. The gloom of night serves as the certificate of dawn arrival. And the darkness of the present let will be the guarantee judgment to mankind of a victory of Light over darkness.
611. Let’s consider the concept "space cementation". Constancy of aspiration strengthens process; everyday rhythm – too. Repetition of Bases and thought about them thrown into space, serve the same purpose. Contours of the Great Plan of Lords obviously act from Doctrine pages. Being claimed in the Doctrine promotes implementation of the Plan. Saturation of aura of Earth by thoughts of evolution of the world, conformable with Space Will, the same promotes the purpose. And each light thought is a contribution to a great cause of General Welfare.
612. (M. A. Y.). If only the lights not fade out hearts, not his countenance fell only aspiration would not have violated the rhythm of everyday Conversation, if only to belief in the great future of the planet and its burned brightly in the minds of humanity. And everything else will follow strongly and under, when frame is coming.
613. (Guru). "Burn brightly, Teacher with you always. And in the words of Lord, too, one must believe it and configure the consciousness in harmony with them. They need to believe and assert the contrary, vociferously sounds obvious. The Maya are evident by the devil and his servants. We should be able to rise on top of environmental thought. Reality not displays you while a man floundering in the mud and covered with "living with deceitful generalities". They need to be reset.
614. (Oct. 8). The solemnity is a key by which the consciousness for an entrance to the Highest Spheres is adjusted. Solemnity antipode is of vanity. Vanity dominates over mentality of the inhabitant. The bipolarity of a condition of spirit allows to understand essence of this “binera” and to choose any pole for the statement. Let's not combine Light with darkness, also solemnity – with vanity. The first is of Light, the second is the darkness. Whether it is possible to give the consciousness to the power vanity? Payment is of loss only. The solemnity of spirit left of modern life. As someone wants to approach to Me in fussiness attires. The solemnity should be made the code of life of every day. It won't allow consciousness immersion in unworthy small thoughts, feelings and actions. It will protect Intimate. It will hold on the roll. It will hold communication with Me. It will keep spirit advantage. She will help to approve the power over the irrepressible clown astral. The attire of solemnity is necessary in all worlds. It the Brotherhood keeps. Loss it is spirit destruction. Many unworthy phenomena and habits won't be coordinated with it. Solemnity as wings of spirit consider. Solemnly is movement of Stars and greatness is of Space Laws.
615. Let's take for an example the duality Law. All phenomena of the shown world are founded on it. The more deeply roots of a tree go to Earth, its top above rises. It takes a food from the soil and air, and the more takes, the more and gives in the form of fruits or wood. All chemical processes proceeding in it, are dual, and each section, being the electric battery in a miniature, two-polar has electricity. Every fall it dies rather fades that in the spring to recover. Dumps become lifeless sections to give life to the new. And in the end after all dies, but having executed the Law "you propagate and breed", that is having bred and having generated new trees of the look. Conditions counteracting develop firmness. Also there is nothing in its difficult life that wouldn't have in itself the antipode, the opposite pole. The law of a duality is universal and covers itself all aspects of life of everything that exists on Earth and in the Worlds.
616. (Guru). From billion berries the set perishes, give life – thousands. From a set of seeds of plants the few survive only. At the bottom of a mighty oak of one hundred acorns, and sprout only the units. And so is in of everything. What it is squandering, either life insurance or inexhaustible richness of its productive forces? Forms die, but life are eternal and as that is saturated it with incomprehensible power for human mind of creative energy. Fundamental property of this energy is the fiery, which force incommensurable on of external visibility. So, one only the kernel can cover with a vegetable cover the whole planet. What energy, in it concluded! No laboratory analyses will make it visible to an eye, and, however, it is, and in it the essence of the shown form is hidden.
617. (Oct. 9). Than judgment time is closer, especially implementation will seem impossible Prespecified. Properly it is quite clear because ways – terrestrial and inscrutable – don't coincide. And everything will be executed, all. And even scarcity of imagination won't hinder. The last great collision of the people was won by the New Country, won to all contrary to, won, despite the enormous force of a military vehicle directed against it. And you in the most difficult days of this fight it was repeatedly specified that the New Country, your Homeland, because to it judgment will win against a way victorious everything and over her all enemies, obvious and secret. To greatness of its future nothing will be able to become a barrier because We Help and the guarantee we Give victories. Those who with it go, the first will appear on prosperity ways. Approaches time of great changes and great events approaches.
618. (M. A. Y.). The world Thin is, but blind and deaf deny it. Judgment of Lords the future is, it already took shape and is ready to be embodied in the dense world, but ignorant and not trusting in him will deny also it. But denial of reality it can't be destroyed. The reality can displace everything constructed by the person. So, it is useful to think sometimes of negates and not beliefs and their sad destiny. Not trusting still it is possible to understand, but negates of the Real justification have no. Have no it and attendants of darkness. "In days of a great gloom before a dawn" we will be strong approved on the undoubted. Bases of the Doctrine of Life a strong support will be in this process.
619. (Guru). In time having special value, we will think of concentration of all strength of mind. It is impossible to spray them and to scatter on trifles. The spirit monolith is approved by concentration and restraint of forces. Let anything usual don't capture consciousness and doesn't subordinate it because for unusual it is necessary to leave time. Usual will always sound, but to miss unusual and unique – means already to lose. So we will arm with all vigilance not to pass judgment Vigilant.
620. (M. A. Y.). On your aspiration it will be given you. Therefore to keep fires of aspiration it is most important. On aspiration all receive. But as aspirations are directed towards commonness and receiving is limited to its framework. The Fiery of aspirations in connection with singularity will give the necessary consequences. Whether you understand that the fiery singularity enclosed in words and records, powerfully influences human consciousness. That is why Words of Great Spirits endure centuries and keeps in itself force, directing spirit to Light. In each word it is possible to put fire force. Only idle and mere words in themselves have nothing, bearing condemnation speaking them. The word you observe if you want to enter into the world of happiness.
621. (Guru). Merging worlds will soon become a reality. How, then, will be enriched human consciousness, how is the close cooperation between the inhabitants of both worlds and locations will not be taken on Earth horrors! Much will give people this convergence of worlds. It will be a healthful life and the human psyche. How will broaden the horizon of understanding and it will open of new distance!
622. Day the memorable Guru we will celebrate thoughts, feelings and acts corresponding, as well as behavior. It will be the gift best to it. Gifts of such gift don't disappear in space, but clear aura of a planet the Light. No for the Teacher of the best bring, than bringing in the spirit of and Light.
623. (Oct. 11). The plant eats a ray of sunlight. It is easy to expand, deepen and understand the phenomenon that a food by beams of stars and stars not only is possible, but also underlies life of all forms. This aspect of astrochemistry doesn't draw attention of researchers. Space beams of the Distant Worlds play huge role in life of Earth and the live forms existing on it. Some flowers open the petals towards to beams of the sun and are closed for the night. Very much lunar phases influence also. As well people the beams, or radiations, feed each other if radiations are beneficial. Teacher of Light on far distances Sends the Beam. From the Stronghold stream the Beams. Even the beam of a human eye creates or strikes. Phenomenon the beams is universally and the beams in operation always.
624. (M. A. Y.). The power of human radiation increases when use it consciously. All people in one way or another affect one another. For the actual effects on humans should not be sent to them by the impact, but should merely polarize their own consciousness, respectively. And then the impact will be very effective. We should leave people and not to violate their free will but yourself when you want to learn how to tune in the desired manner. A born Commander or leader has the ability to influence people. But the mystery of this influence is the might of his aura radiations, and the stronger it is, the stronger the effect. So whoever wants to be strong must leave alone the people and attention to draw on their own emissions and strive to make them powerful, light-bearer and beneficial, that is self-defeating and master them. Long said: "he conquers all, who he will be able to win."
625. (Guru). Concentration of fiery power of the person for impact on elements also depends on the corresponding polarization of consciousness. "Also I ordered to winds to cease". As it is possible go out and a flame of a fire or to cause a rain. Mastering by elements is probably for the person. Its microcosm comprises elements of fire, air, water and the earth. Mastering by means mastering by these elements in it, and mastering in it brings to power over them outside. It seemed what value the victory over irritation can have. But tantrum is the phenomenon fiery, and besides so strong that burns out instantly phosphoric fabric of an organism. Both mastering by irritation and submission of this phenomenon to will means already to a certain extent and mastering in itself fiery impulses. So the lord of the microcosm through mastering by elements in himself comes to the power over them in the nature.
626. (Oct. 13). The difficulty of Exercises that should, what all be applied a practice. And that is not easy and is not easy; it requires a lot of savings. If not, need time, desire and hard work above yourselves. But in the sense of worldly labor advantages of earthly results do not yield. Who is the man in the street wants to whole life chasing Blue Bird! One can imagine the life of a Yogi-eremite. What a pointless existence from the point of view of the businessman. So, the entire relevant student for life changes in root. And, if a businessman has purchased billions and be very successful in worldly affairs, in the sense of the spiritual is the robbed himself, because in the world of spirit comes with nothing. In this earth and sky are not consistent. And what is good in life routine can be deadly for the life of the spirit. The deeper meaning of the words: «what good man if the whole world would become, and would lose his life.
627. (M. A. Y.). It would seem one flight in a thin body has to change all human life. But in practice it doesn't occur. Vanity of life muffles the wonderful phenomenon, and it is necessary to make many efforts not to forget about this unusual evidence of existence of the Elevated World. And so is in everything. There is a fight between evidence dense and reality, and all achievements are useless if visibility wins.
628. (Guru). Passing to the Thin World, people have an opportunity of creativity of spirit and start creating thought. Clearness of visualizations causes also creativity clearness. In this regard the artist is in especially favorable conditions thanks to terrestrial experience. Its representations are colorful, images are accurate and finished. Indistinct, vague representation creates the same images. Mental slime turns out. The eye terrestrial sees only the planes or surfaces of subjects, the rest supplements imagination. If it isn't brought up, something turns out like theatrical sceneries behind which there is nothing, that is poor creativity and a space contamination turns out imperfect images. The doctrine chow on of need of clear and the steady representations the mental images.
629. (Oct. 14). "My world in my days" in your days will start being approved when not less attention and cares, than will be paid to your days to it. Where your of heart, there is and of the consciousness. So the task is reduced to that heart was filled by mine, but not to them. Violently it can't be made, and a natural way probably only under one condition – in the presence of feeling of love. Loved Mine and Me above all, on a power of love reaches all.
630. (M. A. Y.). The faultlessness of perceptions comes at a service of the Voice of the Teacher. Then intervention of the lowest Manas can't prevent receiving. While it is necessary belong very circumspectly and check going of the entering. Remember that the darkness doesn't doze and can palm off the inventions.
631. (Guru). How to learn, from Light or from darkness sent thought or opportunity? Only on feelings of heart while the mind didn't manage muffle them yet. "Usually our thoughts and our opportunities sent with themselves bear pleasure if doubts, concern, alarm and uncertainty – means, they not from Us", – so would Tell you.
632. (Oct. 15). The nature created the kingdoms without intervention of the person. Matter and energy circulation in the nature goes harmoniously and in uninterrupted interrelation. In a structure of forms of all kingdoms: mineral, vegetable and animal, such reason and such knowledge of laws of chemistry, mechanics, electronics and other sciences, still unknown to people which understanding of people just starts reaching are applied. But the person was given the power over any flesh, is given, of course, potentially. Now the mankind goes to this power a way mechanical, interfering with life of the nature and, often irresponsibly, breaking its harmony. Agriculture isn't violation of natural processes if it is made lawfully. But the soil erosion, poisoning with its chemicals, exhaustion of its fertility and the other similar phenomena – are already inadmissible and therefore are illegal. Deforestation and poisoning of the rivers, lakes and reservoirs chemical garbage is especially harmful. The mechanical way of mastering by the nature is often wrong and destructive. The person is allocated with mighty energy which aren't realized by him but which powerfully influence the nature – either are destructive, or is creative, depending on nature of application of these energy. So, wars and other a disbalance involve epidemics, hunger and other pernicious consequences human disbalance earlier prayers caused a rain. Conscious collective use of mental energy of the person can not only cause a rain, but also many other phenomena without any miracles and even to stop earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and many other natural disasters. Mastering by the nature can be not only mechanical, and besides often destructive, but also mental, both creative, and creating if mental energy is applied in the benefit. There will be time when the elements broken by disharmony of mankind, will be included into coast when the vegetable cover of a planet destroyed nowadays will be again restored and rather terrestrial garden will blossom. There will be time when huge collectives human, armed with knowledge of Space Laws and able reasonably to use mental energy, will be consciously, creatively, construction and kindly to apply it, strengthening a planet fruit-bearing, and operating consciously its many processes, and regulating climate by means of use of magnetic currents of Earth. A lot of things in the future will be available to people when they will be included into the accord with laws of the nature and will learn to cooperate with it, but not to force it and not to destroy its productive forces, ignorantly and injuriously rushing into circulation of her life and irresponsibly plundering its riches. Can give the clear account, how many forces, work, material values and energy it is spent absolutely senselessly and in vain at least for one only war. Similar madness involves severe responsibility. It is necessary to pay bills and restore the broken balance. In nature life with impunity, irresponsibly and ignorantly it is impossible to interfere in any form. The return blow is inevitable. But cooperation with it in harmony and at knowledge of its laws also is possible, and has to. Other exit isn't present.
633. (M. A. Y). Life and teachings will be the bridge to the future, where humanity will come to an understanding of the cosmic laws and will find ways to a harmonious cooperation with nature.
634. (Guru). Harmony! What great thought consists in this word? The healthy human body is harmony of all kingdoms of the nature and all worlds, in its prisoners. The rose – whether not is this harmonious expression in a perfect form of all elements entering into it and components. And whether identity of the person assimilates to the separate tool of the huge orchestra executing the majestic symphony of life, if this identity harmoniously sounds in the general key, without breaking it the disbalance?
635. (Oct. 17). Don't become attached to anything, and you will have nothing to lose. Be not fascinated anybody and anything, and it aren’t necessary to be disappointed. In a word, don't show extremes of undesirable sense-knowledge on poles not to cause inevitability of karmic experiences. As often people approach to quarrel; extol each other later to abuse; laugh loudly to cry later; also give in to unrestrained manifestations of feelings that after to pay for it. Restraint of feelings conducts to mastering by them. The silver bridle of spirit is imposed on feelings of the pupil. The bipolarity of sense-knowledge is put under will control. The enthusiasm isn't allowed. The delight of spirit isn't enthusiasm because fury of the astral clown there is no other than dissoluteness of mental energy. Disbalance manifestations of feelings on poles don't allow approve balance of spirit. That is why people, as pith little men, between extremes of experiences rush about. The tranquility isn't loss of consciousness, but control over feelings, or the power over them. Yet the power of spirit over three covers, it investing won't be approved: physical, astral and mental – its power over any flesh remains dream.
636. (Guru). Each achievement is given by persistent work and diligence, that is force undertakes. There are no easy achievements and if they lungs are means, or accumulation are great, or they, these achievements, are insignificant. From here understanding that "other glory of the sun, other glory of the moon, other of stars; and the star from a star differs in glory", that is that the variety of achievements of human spirit isn't repeated, and is incomparable, and is got by persistent and long works in the past. From here is and full insolvency of feeling of envy to others abilities, talents and talents or spiritual riches. But from here and understanding of that at persistence, aspiration and work a lot of things can be reached by the person. Also duration of aspirations when their energy isn't settled by one life is still important, but goes to the future, to the World Thin, and above, and out of limits of this embodiment – to the sphere of embodiments of the subsequent. So from the past the chain of aspirations is consciously thrown in the future which hasn't been limited to temporariness of this form in which the spirit in life current is shown.
637. (M. A. Y.). People admire wealth, situation, glory and the power terrestrial and often fawn, flatter and kowtow to them. But wise, learned, remains not mentioned by the phenomena of the terrestrial importance. It applies to them measures others, measures of the Elevated World, and loses value then signs of terrestrial power. In the Thin World the absurd of the usual relation to them becomes obvious. People pass there, deprived of everything, and only spiritual accumulation remain true treasures, and besides integral. And out of feelings human only the love and hatred endure a physical body. But also on Earth, in the conditions of dense, it is possible already in the attitudes towards people consciously to apply measures of the Thin World, without reckoning with a cliche of human relationship. It will be one of ways of release from Maya of the dense world.
638. (Oct. 18). Dark, around of enrages, purports to upset the balance of spirit, sadden, brought to despair and to gather his harvest double. How to be and do when it had to go through? And the more you attack, the stronger must be unity. There is no alternative. So "get close, even closer to nothing dark could not penetrate and separated from Me, and if in normal times could have distracted me, now it is unacceptable if you like stand in the light.
639. (M. A. Y.). How much terrible grief for another planet, how many tears and anguish and torment! How many people live in hunger, coldness! The grief of human cannot even imagine. Dreadful is end of Kali Yuga. All personal experiences should fade before the planetary disasters; necessary vigil of the spirit continuous. Let no dark not go out light heart.
640. (Guru). The principle can be applied "carrying out longer line" in many living conditions. Before the width of understanding of sufferings universal the world of personal experiences and a personal grief is belittled and ceases. Width of understanding of the super personal phenomena nullifies the personal. The sting out of personal experiences is so taken out, and personal is replaced super personal, or universal, and the consciousness grows to understanding of life of the whole people and even all planets. Also there is then possible an application of the Precept of the Lord: "Be rejected from itself and follow Me".
641. (Oct. 19). How to test perception concerning the future, and especially close? Only by of time! And let them not disturb traffic on the track. In acute senses of perception are inevitable. Question: from where and from whom they can come. In the small world of many who want to instill the most disparate thoughts. There are personifikatory, and simply cast. You should learn how to subtly understand received impressions.
642. (M. A. Y.). So, following the path of light there is no deliverance from suffering, but rather the opposite. And it is worth remembering, because it is natural desire to free ourselves from them. Who wants to suffer! But conditions are not depended on the willingness of walking, because the movement is subject to the law of karma and is against all odds and obstacles.
643. (Guru). Judgment future already exists in the present, but in the world of other dimensions. And when consciousness comes into contact with it and feel its vibration, becomes real's future. And then it is pumping energy of spirit and directs it along a narrow trail leading into the life achievements.
644. (Oct. 20). Everything flows; everything changes because everything is in continuous movement. On any experiences it is impossible to be approved. The Hierarchy Ladder is unshakable only. It is a reliable and strong support. It is one of Bases on which all is based. Nevertheless the rest – dreams passing. All this was, passed and it's just water under the bridge. Will overgrow and events nowadays, and flowing through consciousness. But the Lord is unchangeable. On It also is approved.
645. (M. A. Y.). The foundation of life of conscious spirits is the work and continuous service to the light. Work on the ground and in the worlds. Strange to imagine that and also work in the subtle world, responsible, intense and radiant. Your world is held up production of the Hierarchy of light. All the phenomena of nature are the spirits of different degrees. Elemental spirits are manifestations of the elements. In space there are crowds of creatures under the guidance of its Leaders. It is difficult even to imagine that all the energies of nature inspired. The ancients were closer to understanding the phenomena of nature. It is a lot of Secrets is in Space. And the rain and fog, and wind and storms, and the underground, and the spatial fire – everything is inspired by invisible forces. Life is complicated, and the depth of its inexhaustible.
646. (Guru). Perhaps, now becomes clearer that in the nature anything dead isn't present. Life is everywhere. Even in an inorganic matter life is shown in the form of the chemical reactions which are occurring in it. In all kingdoms of the nature life in peculiar to everyone form pulses. It pulses and in the astral, mental and Fiery worlds. Everywhere life and it everywhere accompanies movement.
647. (Oct. 21). In order that readiness was full-string, it has to become bipolar when the consciousness is ready to meet waves of the phenomena on those and other poles. And when the pleasure goes, it is ready to meet and a grief, without losing balance, as well as health, and an illness; prosperity and poverty; friendliness and abuse; loneliness and environment people; both silence, and fussiness human; commandment and oblivion; life in a body and out of it. In a word, the consciousness has to be ready to everything, and besides keep balance even before the most striking surprise. It also will be readiness full.
648. (Oct. 22). On My relative’s karmic loading especially heavy, what rather release them for the future? It is impossible to enter into the future connected by last debts. And We Can't exempt from them. Laws of the Karma are indestructible. Now calculations strengthened at all, because the New World judgment to mankind. It is release karma. But there is also the karma of the condemnation imposing on condemned new chains. Attendants of darkness condemn themselves on becoming space litter. The fate of the last is awful. And you look at them, as on not having to yourself part in the future. Not for them New Earth and the New Sky. Still resist strong and it is hopeless. Still hope for a victory. But hope in vain. Whether it is possible to go with impunity against Hierarchy of Light when there come deadlines. The darkness is condemned, and the fast end is close to it.
649. (M. A.Y.). The thin world approaches the Earth naturally and legally. Boost cannot be: dense shell will not stand. Ignorance and denial very hampered by the convergence of the worlds. Facilitate recognition of the possible World right to exist. You cannot continue to deny the Existence without damaging consequences. How do you think it possible nuclear war with confidence in the existence of the subtle world and moving into it all embodied?
650. (Guru). The impact of the dark amplifies in process of growth and strengthening of Light which inflames in you more and more. Light is intolerant for their essence. Therefore want it go out all measures and in all ways. Therefore It is spoken about undergo up to the end. It is necessary because to sustain. Going continuously with the Lord will reach the put.
651. (M. A. Y.). The step of bipolar readiness, that is readiness to meet in balance full pleasure and a grief, good luck and failure, ease and difficulty, friendliness and hostility, both life and death, indicates high extent of achievements of spirit. All is in the spirit and a way in the spirit. And everything that is reached by spirit, with it remains. Therefore energy of spirit goes on acquisition of values timeless, not having value in the opinion of ignorant people and not recognized by them for those.
652. (Guru). When one channel of dark guidance is closed, they open another, and when you extinguish one harmful action, they invent another, unforeseen and therefore not stopped in advance. That is why it is necessary to have hundred eyes. That is why the guarded vigilance is necessary to provide all possible channels of dark activity. "There are a lot of inventions at dark".
653. (Oct. 24). The relation to the surrounding is defined by a condition and a consciousness mood. Both that and another is in will The Limits of control. The received letter speaks about a great grief of very old person who has lost the wife – the close friend and a companion of life. And still the will directed on bitterness of personal experiences, sphered consciousness of hopelessness. The understanding of that isn't present death and that the meeting in the future with it is inevitable, a lot of things would facilitate. The thought that every minute people – fathers somewhere die, mother, wives, husbands, children and other close people would help also. Sharpness of a personal grief can be moderated, directing thought on the general grief human. But the end of each meeting and loneliness of spirit are inevitable upon transition of Great Borders. How many time met relatives earlier in antecedents, rejoiced, suffered, died and left to meet again. Why to grieve too before inevitability of the phenomena of life terrestrial, so short, changeable, changeable and coming to an end with a ruin of the phenomenal world.
654. (M. A. Y). We live with what are surrounded. It is worth transferring consciousness to other conditions – and receipts will be others. Therefore place and situation change is recommended. Very strong people can change thoughts, throwing out pressing on consciousness. Words of a consolation help a little. Interruption of aura’s communication, the events at deaths door one of two close people, painfully affects a condition of an organism. Attachment to someone or to something should be kept under control because to counterbalance burden of loss very difficult.
655. (Guru). Great, love and solace is immortally in great. Long said: "strong as death, love it – Boom: the Fiery". You can say that love is stronger than death, because going through her. And boom fire, her thoughts, aspiring to space to the going away spirit, affect its urgent orbit and create a thread connection, triumphant over death of the body. Why is called "love a winner, because the fire and not belittled it the death of the body of the phenomenon.
656. (Oct. 25). It is a lot of ways of protection against the dark. But it is best of all when the pupil acquires them on own experience. "Ability won't come to strike from others sword". Undergo up to the end means acquisition of this experience and skill of independent conducting fight. The darkness is persistent and ruthless. It is impossible to persuade dark not harm. They recognize only force. And against fiery power directly don't dare to work, choosing backs behind which hide to avoid blows. And if they influence intermediaries, you can influence intermediaries and you, and a question in what force is stronger. You see how the darkness engirdled. Luminous intensity is opposed to it. Light always wins against darkness, if the spirit lamp in firm hands.
657. (M. A. Y.). Let's tell everything about the same – constancy of stay in Light. Blinking winking of Light very dangerously, because in intervals between flashes be widget delusion. And black out consciousness, Also can so black out, what again not to be lit. Exactly and constantly burning flame indicates stability of spirit and is a necessary condition of movement on the way. The main thing is over thought control because conducts thought. Usual unusual the inextinguishable should be able to keep Light in twilight of life.
658. (Guru). Resistance can manifest, if has to rely on if Foundation under her feet never hesitated. The same strength we can say if the soil under the feet of range. Why talk about the steadfastness of the foundations. And be firmly established all its essence.
659. (Oct. 26). The success is defined by purposeful self-dismissal. When I and Mine are put above all, it becomes achievable. So psychological and attune the consciousness by a constant memorandum about the most necessary also is adjusted. The love comprises ability of dismissal from the and for the sake of darling. You love Me and multiply the hidden abilities and the properties. Concentration on the most necessary without love is impossible. Solve love and aspiration. The problem of achievements of spirit is carried out by love. If you want succeed, - love learns.
660. Poisoning of the atmosphere affects the innocent. Guilty think to avoid a punishing hand of justice. Hopes are vain. Everyone will pay wholly. If knew that it is necessary to pay inevitably, a lot of evil it would be possible to avoid. The evil is generated by ridiculous and wild representation that from responsibility for the done harm it is possible to leave. It will give rise to irresponsibility. Who will want to put a hand in fire, knowing that it painfully burns down? Means, first of all it is necessary to know, responsibility of the person for created by him angrily how is burning.
661. (Oct. 27). Why God’s Kingdom of force undertakes? Because darkness resistance persistent, furious and long. It is possible to win, only Light in it approving, despite everything. Now, when victory Banners in various points of a planet start developing, fury and madness of darkness especially increase, it already madness of despair, hopelessness, a hopelessness and hopelessness. On what they hope? To win against Me? Light troops are invincible. And the final victory is close. On senseless rage of opposition it is possible to judge proximity of this.
662. (M. A. Y.). The return karmic blow against Light strong the going we won't avert. Being protected and protecting, you can't avoid strike blows mutually. The troops of Light are armed with Light weapon not in order that it was unused. It is impossible to be filled with only bad feelings, even taking part in the cruelest collision. They, enemies, rage, full rage, you, even a sword lifting and rage striking, balance don't lose.
663. (Oct. 28). It isn't necessary to be afflicted with dark attacks. All their purpose also consists in that, what afflicting, saddening and discompose. Being saddened and losing balance, you act in consent with their intentions and you give them a reason to rejoice spitefully. It is necessary in these cases with firmness and patiently to wait time, in every way keeping tranquility. After all soon after attack the darkness weakens and recedes for a while. Not in power to it a long counteraction against Light. Here this moment of retreat dark also should use to strengthen consciousness and to restore forces. Darkness – "as a bull cardboard", and this property should be known it, not for a moment without giving in to its evil-trick.
664. (M. A. Y.). If dark attempt caused a breach of the normal flow of Dialogue, or discontent, or thoughts about our own weaknesses, or desire to seek solace in dreams about worldly pleasures or in anything else, it shows the go out of the flame of the spirit means darkness in their pursuit to succeed, then the wave resistance Light has not been met adequately. It's on one side. On the other hand, even in such cases, the experience of an encounter with darkness is useful, because it always equips and enables more confident and staunchly meet new attacks.
665. (Guru). At collision with darkness the skilled soldier not only won't allow internal weakness, but, on the contrary, will collect all strength of mind, and will arm with armor ardent, and new power will gather from the next fight with rack devilish. Not give them a reason neither joyfully to bear malice, nor to consider that succeeded in the inventions. Inflexible firmness is shown by the skilled soldier and even if it is necessary to recede before dark force, will depart facing the enemy, firmly holding Light weapon. But if strongly I acquired that the darkness Light not go out, and on the contrary – Light disseminates and destroys it then also retreat is impossible because victorious power consists in understanding of it.
666. The most considerable events world take place, as a rule, imperceptible for of the usual consciousness. And only on consequences it is possible to judge that there was something especially important. And now there is something such that will change a tide of life of the people. But persisting still will continue to work as before, and only to detain it approach of changes. Express of the New World moves forward and unlucky late still rush about on the platform, without understanding, that they already lagged behind it.
667. (M. A. Y.). At Us in the Stronghold, as in focus, the essence of changes going on a planet is concentrated and force moving them is collected. Lords is at the rudder all planet. Whether the will can separate mortal stop implementation of the Great Plan? No, anybody can't and anything. Karmic the delays are of the result future. In flight of time they will settle the energy, and the judgment future will pour out in judgment of forms.
668. (Guru). The changes going on Earth are very important for the Thin World. After all the experience collected by mankind on a planet in an incarnate condition, has crucial importance for elevated stay. And the terrestrial step has to be ordered. From blood, violence, wars, murders and poisonings transition to the Thin World is painted by terrestrial horrors and detains evolution. It is possible to imagine as the mankind when light of understanding of Bases of life will light up human consciousness will quickly direct forward.
669. (Oct. 29). Thinking of another, angry, the person and representing his face, thinking if too with rage it is filled, strengthens it repeatedly. In the past such of thought brought in result to the "blood feud" phenomenon. Bring and now to of the consequences very dark and destructive. But, if thoughts from Light, the rage the opponent is neutralized in according to luminous intensity. Thinking of people, we adjoin to them. And to some extent we perceive their mental condition and an environment. Thinking of the Teacher of Light both Entrusted it and Faces them representing, we connect themselves with Light and Hierarchy. So intention and conscious such thought, and the main thing, representation before a mind of the persons having special value, connects consciousness to the respective spheres and enters it into an orbit of high vibrations. Constant Image of the Teacher in heart – big achievement, so considerable on the consequences that word it is impossible to express this value. And only life experience in this direction helps to realize depth and importance of this condition. Understanding because no words are able to replace skilled knowledge is required. Often at the pupil, at all his desire and aspiration, simply no suffice nor of forces, nor of the persistence that approve this of the achievement. And it is reached simply, easily and almost without efforts of will when in heart the ardent love to Called burns. Let's approve so this great achievement by love. It is a way to it the shortest.
670. (M. A. Y.). Understanding moves. Deepen the thought of his dedicating noteworthy phenomena. So many thoughts during the day are marked by familiar things. Not great this success. Only severe over thought control would give expected results. Time, giving small, fussy thoughts, time lost. So, thoughts to Me – not only free us from thoughts of impure or evil but also from thoughts, not caused by the need to small-life. Lots of superfluous and unnecessary, but even more I think.
671. (Guru). Not freight yours is necessary to us, which behind shoulders, but persistence, inexorable and firmness of aspiration, as well as devotion. Devotion and love – sister’s native. Devotion and the love are keys to prosperity. Only they will pull together us even more. May we forget those who didn't forget us and for whom even the death of a body didn't prevent a live, joyful and ardent memorandum about the left? The love is stronger than death. The love is wins death.
672. (Oct. 30). Of synthesis of imperceptible feelings there is an achievement. Clarity and stability of the Face is of great importance. Through It – connection with the Highest. See the Face – of the happiness. It is possible everywhere and always. If only to understand that it means. Confirmation of the Face is the importantly and above all. The clown has to be bridled because his tricks aren't compatible to Light. Everything you aspire, aspire to the power also, but over yourselves. And if I Spoke as "having the power", so Approved it over Myself. It also is the higher authority available to the person. And, approved, there is it forever with reached it. All aspire to the power over others. To what it even if at the best everything comes to an end with death of a body. But the power over, so – and over any flesh, and over the world, doesn't come to an end never. Therefore the Lord Mira My call. My power is of Victim. The great power corresponds to greatness of the Victim. And unless you shouldn't give for the sake of this power yourselves, small "I from it having released and having rejected it. How still to let it is better know, where and in what it which is most necessary? Mind-deprived of people on a planet rush about. And so it isn't enough of those who know the way. Know the way. In it is all. At a threshold of great events I Won't break off, while you with Me. “I with you always, in all days, till the end of time. Resisted a darkness impact in Me stays, and Az in it”. Winner of darkness is the grown of Light and happiness of My Beam.
673. (M. A. Y.). Tension of energy of conscious employees of Light these days is great. It sounds on all chain of Hierarchy of Light. Participants of a world mystery of life can't stand aside. All people, but conscious – only the few will take part. The Judgment victory of Light is carried out nowadays. Benefit – taken conscious part in actions, to a victory of Light of leaders.
674. (Guru). Think of what spiritual your condition when the commandmenting future becomes a wonderful and fantastic reality will be! It is worth thinking of it because it is close. It was difficult to wait these for many years. End of Cali Yugi display beginning of Satia Yugi, Yugi of Light-Fire.
675. (Oct. 31). To trust and wait is one, to wait and see – another. To wait is means to receive Light wings. Waited is the winner means undergone up to the end. Rescue was promised to all who will follow Me, but will follow up to the end. But the end is the beginning of new life in of beams winner Light, life which won't be the end. Whether it is possible to compare the temporary suffer having the end, to the life beginning in of Light, the end not having. The award is great: for the temporary – Eternal. One is incommensurable to another. Therefore on all tests, even on the most difficult, it is possible to look as at the benefit. The passed tests are the guarantee on the right of an entrance to spheres of eternal Light. Therefore suffer process up to the end is the phenomenon of ascension of spirit on steps of a ladder of life. Disclosure of the centers is accompanied by sufferings and pain. But who from passing through them will refuse consciously that the lit centers give. Often these sufferings are caused any more by need, but ignorance human thanks to which the chosen receivers suffer "in a vice of greenhorns" and the poisoning environment generated by them.
676. (Guru). Among enemies we won't miss the disguised friends. And it quite often happens when under a mask of the foe the friend disappears. Everyone in life happens. Here already it is necessary to listen sensitively to a heart voice. It won't deceive.
677. (M. A. Y.). Spheres of the Distant Worlds are that area where consciousness, to them directing, can have a rest from imperfections of the world terrestrial. Magnetism of the Distant Worlds is so mighty that inclination to them can enrich spirit with new stays. Even thought that somewhere there are living conditions best of all and more perfectly terrestrial, ennobles consciousness, expands it and fills it with images of finer step of evolution. Unachieved and unrealized here – it is carried out and reached there. For example, there are no diseases, there are no wars and violence, and there is no poverty, need and defects. There is no rage and not goodwill, isn't present dark, interfering mankind evolution, there are no murders of animals and a consuming of their corpses, there is no money, the exchanges, speculation, brothels, drug addiction and the other features inherent in life on Earth. The distant Worlds can serve as object of aspiration of thought and inspire of people on life reorganization on our planet.
678. (Guru). If Lords – Newcomers from the Distant Worlds, on Them it is possible judge of people from Stars Distant. Living conditions in the Stronghold are approached as far as Earth, to life of the Highest Worlds allows. Lords Work on approving higher step of evolution on Earth and to approach it to a step of the Distant Worlds. All best achievements of mankind are taken from there. Everything, than becomes over time Earth, will be reflection of life of the Distant Worlds.
679. (M. A. Y.). Expectation and belief in the judgment future are fruitful if are accompanied by the corresponding affairs. After all It is told that it is adequately possible to meet it only in white clothes. Here on this circumstance also it is necessary to pay special attention. One expectation or one only confidence of desirable consequences won't bring. Light steps to the future develop a hand and a foot human, that is affairs, – hands put, and the foot goes on them.
680. (Guru). In space there is anything and everything. Living and gone still exist equally hard in the great spatial container. Because a conscious appeal to him, having left his Lands, and even incarnate again, will not remain without consequences. Treatment response, and the response is the Bearer of Light, if the spirit of that aspiration, is a carrier of light drawn. Thus, under certain conditions, it does not matter whether the Spirit embodied by the light Carrier on Earth again or continues to dwell Aboveground. Connection is not interrupted neither death nor life.
681. (Nov. 5). The word "Bishop" includes the phenomenon of mastering all three worlds and full, conscious manifestation ability our activity in each of them.
682. (M. A. Y.). Astral is very active and is stubborn. Because the Testament of continuous wake remains in force. Because it goes during the day or night, especially at night, when the control is weakened and not been pulled out by the roots of astral shell call for trends. What we are taught, will themselves luxuries, until we display it’s not make one lose the habit.
683. (Guru). It is told about addition of the whole mountain by earth handfuls. The everyday appendix of the Doctrine of Life will give as a result that whole mountain of rightful achievements. Yes, daily, in all trifles, persistent and persistent application of Precepts of the Teacher will bring eventually to desirable power over the three covers
684. (Nov. 6). The love to the Highest World conducts to its cognition. Its magnetic force works. They, who loves mathematics, is studies it and gets acquainted with this remarkable branch of knowledge. In the same way learns Light Spheres loved it. The magnetic power of love attracts opportunities and creates a harmonius and unusual world view. And it isn't boring to plunge in loved, and time suffices to give to thought studying. The love generates aspiration to darling without any violence over. All great, all ingenious is created by the person love to create of. The thought directed in the Highest Spheres, magnetic collects round itself the elements necessary for knowledge, gradually expanding an orbit of penetration into them. The love to the Highest gives rise to direct Communication with it. And the hidden Treasure acquired by this way becomes for learning consciousness more valuably and above all. Distinctive feature of such knowledge is inexhaustibility of opportunities. And in this not exhaustion the spirit human concerns the Boundlessness phenomenon. The way of cognition has no end. Gift of eternal life does it by reality. Final of business narrow-minded, but Light way is infinite. Travelers boundless we Call those who go this way. Certainly, it is difficult because counteraction and resistance of that surrounds the person, are extraordinary strong and persistent. For example, it is possible take the persistent resistance of physical and astral covers, hardly to overcome it. Not one life can be demanded on it. But the way of Light will be victorious if the love helps and the aspiration is kept. All go, without knowing, where and why. But knowing has advantage because in the basis of its movement understanding of the purpose and the importance of its stay both on Earth and in the Worlds lie. Even if in usual conditions terrestrial to compare of the idle-swinging the person with going hastily and firmly to a definite purpose, distinction will be amazing. Our people it is aggravated and ardently know, where and to whom go, and why. And motive power of their inflexible forward aspiration is the winner love.
685. (M. A. Y.). How many terrestrial covers of spirits fine were burned with impossibility to overcome the terrible resistance of the environment? Resistance this double: both external, and internal. Which is stronger, even it is hard to say. But many nevertheless came out winners from this fight. In what is the success secret? In of the integration with Hierarchy of Light, fastened by the love. Going with the Lord is always the winner, if unification not breaks anything. So, in hands going to Light it is furnished the prosperity. To them all doors, conducting to comprehension of the Highest World open.
686. (Nov. 7). The thin World is that magic country, where the person knowing his laws, like the wizard, can work wonders, inconceivable on Earth. Creates of the imagination in the limits his the opportunities. There it is possible to visit museums and to enjoy works of art. But it is impossible to eat a piece of meat or to drink a wine bottle, that is it is possible also, but neither meat, nor wine won't be terrestrial, and lack of a body won't give satisfaction, both the consuming of meat and the use of wine won't sate a stomach. All process will happen in imagination, and Tantalum torments, that is the infinite desire, not giving the chance to sate it and therefore burning more and more will be a consequence. So, terrestrial, carnal desires, desires and fears, for the lack of a physical body, can't have natural manifestation, while hobby for science, art, beauty, work, the help to people, cooperation with Hierarchy, communication with High Spheres satisfactorily quite. Both to create, and to study, both to fly, and to feel boundless freedom of the spirit which hasn't been connected by dense aspirations, are probably quite. So, loving and understanding music can operate a huge orchestra and create wonderful symphonies, enjoying fruits of the creativity. As well the love deprived of dark elements, reaps sang according to its force. Opportunity nothing limited light creativity is magic miraculousness of the Thin World if the developed imagination allows. The person deprived of imagination, can't create. The dirty imagination will involve spirit in the lowest spheres – with all horrors created by human defects. Crude spirits too create, but creativity it is dark, gloomy and saturated desires of unsatisfied passions. But as creativity of Spirits High, not connected by restrictions terrestrial is fine. Really, the World Thin gives to the person not achievable and not reached on Earth to make possible and feasible.
687. (Nov. 8). In case of an impact, in case of burdening’s, in case of doubts and fluctuations, in case of uncertainty in the future it is good to repeat and approve itself on Bases. They break waves of the passing phenomena, strengthening consciousness on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. That from this, that somewhere something goes not so. Grag of Light is unshakable because is based on Bases. The events in covers are subject to continuous change and are in continuous movement, and only Dumb Witness – atop and aren’t affected by a current of three streams. Peace Silence is his of sphere. And when it starts sounding, whiff of Eternity concerns consciousness.
688. (Guru). If only the fire burning in a breast, didn't go out! If only Light of heart wasn't darkened! The lamp, in a gloom burning if goes out, whether will triumph darkness? So, the foremost duty of the carrier of Light will be it to approve whatever occurred around. Light if it is conscious is invincible. The darkness if it continues to burn is powerless against it, it without fearing. Temporary darkness, but Light it is eternal.
689. (M. A. Y.). As also we passed through everything, through what you pass, only is even more difficult and accelerated. It is correct that acquired strongly that situation that Bases remain unshakable, despite all events with you both inside, and outside. It very much helps to keep balance. How many of the changes suffer the world over last, say, two thousand years. But Bases remained all same as were earlier. External changes of a face of Earth, the birth of the new states and disappearance old aren't reflected in Bases in any way. Also aren't reflected in them and changes in consciousness human. They are unshakable and invariable.
690. (Guru). If the spirit is the mind busy and cannot match, still a touch civilians fleeing areas of High consciousness connects it with them and vibrations, these spheres, and pills saturating aspiration does not remain unanswered. Fold space consonance the aspirationyng of the spirit of the layers.
691. (Nov. 11). The question of vibrations is difficult. Each subject, not to mention plants, animals and the person, has the aura. Aura’s vibrations can be harmonious and disharmonious, kind and angry, light and dark. Two subjects sated with opposite vibrations, being nearby, enter interaction, and stronger vibrations win. It is possible even to speak about the fight happening between subjects and things. Things, subjects, clothes and everything that long was in the immediate environment of the person, are sated densely with its radiations; atmosphere of dwellings very resistant, and especially aura of clothes. Some subjects will remain in force impacts on very long time, and subjects bewitched – especially. Bewitched – means sated with emanations with a definite purpose consciously. As a matter of fact, we live in peace where everything vibrates energy of this or that order. Emanations of the forest glade which hasn't been profaned by the person differ from emanations of a gambling den. Sensitive organisms distinctly distinguish nature of vibrations of various places. Even blindly they will tell, whether are in the
692. (M. A. Y.). Images of people, their portraits and photographs also have their radiation and also affect consciousness. Even the visualization of such portrait conveys this invisible vibration. In this regard the importance of icons and sacred images. A person is under the influence of all that surrounds it and what is it, especially in a conscious, contact.
693. (Guru). Artist creating his paintings invests in them due to their radiation, the extent and nature of which depends on the strength of its creative fire. These stratifications accompany cloths and stay with them for the duration of their existence when the lights attached to them, quite resistant. The effect of such battery is vibrations very strongly. The fiery creativity is the stronger the effect. You can imagine what the power of the great works of art, if they are created in close association with the Hierarchy of light and if their creator himself is Hierarch the higher step.
694. (Nov. 12). After release from a body of people strains on a key of those experiences which were especially intense in its last embodiment. In his ox to accept them or to reject, but it is necessary to meet them face to face nevertheless. They come back and during lifetime of terrestrial, and immersion in them or rejection approves them its relation and in a post mortal condition. For the yogi in the past everything is burned that doesn't correspond to the way chosen by him. And therefore in the past it doesn't allow immersion. Immersion in the past is meant as such process when last astral experiences and get rid properties seize again consciousness, tightening it in a hopelessness circle, in from what it, apparently, has to be exempted for a long time. Each such experience of the past serves for it as though as examination of its valid achievements. Than connects itself on Earth, the same connected it and in Elevated from what it wasn't exempted on Earth, with that and will arrive and after.
695. (M. A. Y.). The usual mistake is that approached to the Doctrine consider as any special beings while they remain same as were earlier, and it is a lot of time, efforts and works it is required before in them there will be valid changes to the best. In the beginning the person even becomes as though worse, than was because to touch of Light reveals everything the no get rid properties until then hidden and dozing in it. Therefore to rely on words, decisions and opinions reading the Doctrine it is the share no more than of ordinary people. It will help to avoid many bitter mistakes and experiences because the often approached use dark for the influences.
696. (Guru). And treacheries are made by those who approached more or less close. And the closer I approached and it is allowed, the it is more and treachery. Not knowing anything and there is nothing to betray. And that too it is necessary to consider at contact with followers of the Doctrine and its admirers. Even without treachery especially heavy and bitter blows were struck not through strangers, but through them which have touched the Doctrine.
697. (Nov. 13). Unusual tenacity against darkness indicates the presence of a dark “ierofanta” . This shows that the lights are not portable to heart of darkness the opposing. And the question is whether the Light will dispel the darkness of heart, or spirit lights the darkness shall quench them. Thus, the preservation of a balance goes out over the limit the personal interests and acquire of the spatial significance. In the name of winning World struggle.
698. (M. A. Y.). Of enrages the dark, around, is a sign of a very demonstrative. Collision with darkness painfully, but is no other way for victorious on her. Viciously watching and waiting, goes out there and does not flood the aspiration to despair. But which went through the struggle to the end will be the winner.
699. (Guru). Assistance is given when there is what attaches sent energy. For one, having no taken away and what has. But having given, if is to than make efforts. So, can a Teacher spend precious Power is wasted. But if you have a lot to do, Care will not slow down.
700. (Nov. 14). Yes, yes, it is very important and very indicative if willfulness and inspiration of an astral are won a dream by adoption of the worthy decision. It means that the victory over it approaches becoming final. Not get rid of property, having hided in depths of consciousness and without having opportunity to prove in an awake condition, try to make it in a dream. But if the dream is won by will – means, restraint of an astral cover approaches end. After the next fury the dark tried to do harm during a dream. It is necessary to remember that fury and unruliness of darkness, having reached apogee, fly lower. In it "cardboard properties" come to light it. You remember, the darkness – as "a bull cardboard". And when Light burning inside, maintains such violent impact and remains unshakable, the darkness is compelled to recede. The main thing – it is necessary to sustain and not to give the chance to it spitefully to triumph. Such collisions with darkness are hard. Many forces leave on this fight. But for that the victory is nicer. So the spirit on the narrow track of Light conducting in life becomes tempered.