Agni Yoga's facets, 1971 (701-821)

701. (M. A. Y.). It is absolutely unimportant that saddened consciousness and why Light burning inside hung, but the fact of such darkness is important. After all it was told that it is necessary stand, despite everything, the reasons to defeat can be much, and any can't be justified; and not in the reasons affair, but in the stability spirit, inflexible nothing. Spiteful creatures very much try and try to discover sophisticated the most cunning approaches to that the struck blow was most sensitive and fell on the weakest and unprotected place. Their advantage in that, they are invisible and that hide behind backs of the most, apparently, harmless people. By it we won't be deceived and we will remember that dark after repulse departs for a while to find new approach and again to strike blow. So "let the spear over a dragon" doesn't doze.
702. (Nov. 15). Look for here and look for there, look for in sanctuaries and in books, look for at the people knowing something, but look for in vain outside because "God’s kingdom in you is". So I Told. All external searches are justified only, so far as help to reveal internal Light. And even the Teacher of Light not to help with forces if inside there is nothing and there is nothing to put. The beginning and the end of all searches is the person who has understood that nothing belongs to him and that all true, integral anybody and anything, he carries always with itself in itself. After all once it is necessary to leave all things terrestrial, and not only them, but even a body, and not only terrestrial, but also other covers because, truly, there is nothing the. Bowl and its accumulation are integral for the rest of life and on all future. Truly, the eternal property of the person is kept with itself by it on all embodiments and in all worlds. Also will once have to them to all access, and will once see everything being stored in it from the beginning of times.
703. (M. A. Y.). Yes, in Light it is necessary to approve itself every day, persistently and with firmness because "the darkness is great" and the chaos interferes from everywhere. Fight against chaos and opposition to it – a task very difficult. Planetary disbalance, caused by actions human, opened doors to chaos. Decomposition of consciousnesses takes wide circles. Drug addiction, both alcoholism, and many other weaknesses human amplify chaos invasion. It is easier to cause it, than to operate it and to bridle it. The end of Cali Yugi is characteristic that the chaos interferes in life and destroys it (Light) harmonious construction.
704. (Guru). After reading, after reflection, both reasoning’s, and aspirations you come to a conclusion that the way to Light lays through itself, through overcoming in itself everything that doesn't correspond to Light phenomenon. The conclusion correct and is the only reasonable; other way, as across itself, no. And the won weakness or the eradicated lack of eyes of the Teacher is more valuable, than one thousand the finest words.
705. (Nov. 16). Singularity rather feeling of singularity of time starts getting into consciousness. Signs were given. And even unexpected it will be expected. It is necessary to collect all attention in focus and not to be scattered on the parties. When scattering many forces in vain are lost. The thinking has to be monolithic. And if the narrow-minded thinking fluctuates, the pupil of it can't allow. Balance and of the tranquility – the best forms of expression of its condition. It is so many circles of concerns and excitements, experiences and grief that it is difficult to keep balance. The atmosphere is saturated tossing with energy, and ignoramuses think that anything doesn't concern them; but everything concerns, and everything heavy influences. Also it is impossible to tell more already that "I am not a watchman to My brother", that is it is possible to tell, but words won't rescue from strong spatial influences. The bowl of a grief terrestrial concerns and not wishing enjoy it. Therefore there is so much grief around and so much trouble. Rescue of the world is assigned to shoulders of the New Country, your Homeland therefore and it is hard.
706. (M. A. Y). When there are doubts, they should be transferred to themselves, that is bring all mistakes into the account of the imperfections, inabilities, a lack of experience, hasty conclusions and judgments, excessive trustfulness to the perceptions and so on, but not carry at all them to the Teacher and the Doctrine. It is easy to eradicate the first sort of doubts reach a step of faultless perceptions, it is see the Teacher of Light and hear its Voice. Let's already not speak about the other listed above causes of doubts but if doubts concerned the Teacher and the Doctrine, poison of this echidna can poison all organism because it is very dangerous. It is necessary to be careful of it.
707. (Guru). Risk of carotid glee is great. They work on the shells, and above all on the astral. Vibration, admitted in the latest, make its constituent elements that under similar conditions or opportunities will make astral vibrate in unison with them. Because of the possibility of adverse events during sleep should be carefully shield by consciousness before going to bed. Strong order will in this respect is very valid, and it will be guarded in his sleep from all sorts of worthless intrusions.
708. (Nov. 17). Alienate the Highest "I" from the thoughts, sense-knowledge and experiences – a task one of the most difficult. "I" remain under all conditions – to thought, sense-knowledge and experiences come, and leave, and constantly change. In the middle of three great streams of a physical, astral and mental matter there is a spirit of the person, and through his physical, astral and mental covers streams of a matter of three types flow. It is impossible to hold and stop them. They aren't "I" the person and don't belong to him. Nothing belongs to it. Nothing belongs and can't belong to spirit and in the worlds; only the Bowl of its accumulation is its eternal and integral property. The person, being embodied, passes through these three worlds, leaving in each of them covers consistently investing it, yet won't achieve the Fiery Peace in which clothes in an eternal body of Light. To save up the elements necessary for conscious manifestation in the Fiery World in a body of Light, and spirit evolution is made. Registration of a fiery body – process the highest. At many even the mental body isn't issued yet. At each new embodiment all three of these bodies: physical, astral and mental – arise again according to the step of development reached by spirit, and karmic features of the next embodiment.
709. (M. A. Y.). The matter of which the physical body consists, its atoms, doesn't grow old and isn't ill. But the person nevertheless grows old. What grows old if within seven years the matter of a dense body is completely updated? All atoms are filled with others, new, and chronic diseases, for example, remain. What is the illness and aging? How to throw out that is ill, and what grows old from an organism? Atoms change, and wrinkles remain. Atoms others, new, and diseases is old. How the body consisting of vigilant atoms can grow decrepit? About it is necessary to think and look for possibilities of extension of life in this direction. What collapses in a sick organism if atoms are invariable? Sick sections consist from not able to be ill atoms. Where that border when not able to be ill passes substance in able to be ill? And whether the thin body even if it is struck with thought can hurt? And why the thin body of the people released from a dense cover looks younger? Why passed to the Thin World still continue to feel pains? These questions are raised because on them it will be possible to achieve the answer if the thought directs to their permission.
710. (Guru). Waiting me I will tell: the meeting will be. Also everything will come true that Before-indicated the decision of the Lord. But it is necessary to wait. In the presence of belief it is easier to wait. Delay – in a condition of human consciousness. The lord Wants accelerate everything, but as if the consciousness doesn't allow. At not ready consciousness the best can address in the worst, as it is necessary observe? The atrocity human even turns the most amazing discoveries of the century on destruction
711. (Nov. 18). Often even good people also don't suspect that through them work dark, and stay in happy ignorance. Often don't think, what even adjoined the Doctrine can be exposed to dark suggestions. A lot of things in life happen. Savl's example is very instructive. Not from a surplus of Light there was it the persecutor of Christians, but under the influence of enemies of Light. The facts taken without affection and trustfulness, say that in this case not everything is safe. Means, the Instruction "severely the nobility of friends and not be touched masks" remains in force.
712. (Guru). How to arrive when the friend broke the trust rendered to it three times? Again not to open heart, while it won't be realized by the friend. Often similar phenomena tend to repeat. And whether that trustfulness which once has been already cruelly punished, these things speak. Heart pearls in incorrect hands it isn't good will serve.
713. (Nov. 19). So I advise to be clothed in constant prayer and not deviate from that sentiment. To do this or a certain mantra is given a proclamation. When unwanted or aggravating thought plague, can be repeated with the Jesus prayer. But it should attach a heart. Callous repetition does not help. Where is creeping more uncertain? Not through false friends? And it happens. From enemies defend themselves easily; but as from the infidel friends shield?
714. (Guru). Summing up the results of past years, evil bear won't, but voiceless sheep themselves show no good. Experience a heavy and bitter will benefit, because the main thing is to come, and as we move forward along the path of human cognition, it is necessary to undergo possible further.
715. (Nov. 20). Yes, it is right, the amputated extremities or bodies can be felt or hurt. One incarnation of spirits endure for a long time terrestrial diseases and pains. It means that diseases and pains root in consciousness because as the physical body can hurt, more precisely, to be felt in it pain when it isn't present? Not the body feels, but an astral. Except for physical damages, diseases arise in it and through it. When healing of the influence goes through the highest covers. Therefore the belief is required. Auto-suggestion is made too through a thin body which submits to thought more easily. It is difficult to struggle with chronic diseases because they strongly nestled in a thin cover. And still that is improvements of sections can be made a lot of things. Atoms aren't ill, molecules aren't ill, but the chemical compounds consisting of molecules, already influence organism sections, improving or destroying them. The mental energy directed to sick body, helps to restore electric balance of sections. Application of a magnet, electromagnet and elektrolization is useful for these. Blood bears a food to sections with assistance of mental energy. The crude, grown fat decomposition of meat food sated with poison the body is a nursery of various diseases. The pure food has very great value and at healthy mentality serves as a board from diseases. Many people are ill from atmosphere poisoning, from the terrible thoughts prevailing in human concourses, from not goodwill of neighbors. From all this it is necessary to defend. Dark counteractions too cause diseases. The majority of narrow-minded diseases – acquired. Once diseases will disappear from human society and the old age won't be accompanied by diseases and decrepitude. While it is necessary think and work much how to be protected from it.
716. (M. A. Y.). That time about which spoke to the Guru, didn't come yet. But before approach its darkness will reach violent madness. Also it is necessary to be ready to that its waves will amplify. Also they will especially be condensed before the dawn.
717. (Guru). The mankind goes to a gain of everything that it surrounds in all worlds. Way this long, a way this infinite because seize Boundlessness it is impossible. But a lot of things become already made, however, these a lot of things the little if think that it is necessary make still and then seize. But the purpose is, and this purpose – the only purpose of life of the person. The power over any flesh is given, but it should be taken.
718. (Nov. 21). The accord of auras lies in the basis of true friendship. It is brought from the remote past. Full accord, or of coherence, is seldom extraordinary. It doesn't weaken, but, on the contrary, amplifies in time. It has no relation to short narrow-minded feelings which flash for time and quickly die away. The most fragile and unreliable of all is an inclination corporal. When it passes, is usually replaced by indifference, either hostility, or hostility. Feelings of ordinary people are short. We appreciate feelings of duration unusual that is leaving out of limits of one embodiment. The same unusual duration there are also bad feelings. Our enemies came nearer to Us and in the past repeatedly, as well yours – to you. It is good when good feelings have time, but it is very bad – when angry. The love and hatred are carried away with themselves by people to the World Elevated. Benefit the first and grief the second.
719. (M. A. Y.). Love! If you knew and understood the power of these ardent feelings, spirit to higher luminous aspirationyng the Face. There is nothing that would have rapidly moved towards human light. Yes, yes, this is a wonderful sense you can educate and raise consciously and purposefully. It carries a liability or property, on the part of the response, to which it is. With neither time nor circumstances, conditions or age nor position or color of skin is totally irrelevant. All conventions and all constraints are overcome by the power of that feeling. What is the Call so is received. What is the call of love power, so is the answer. Unrequited love is never still. All the most daring are love. Love is the key to all accomplishment.
720. (Guru). Correctly noted that thought focused on a phenomenon starts to grow and enrich them engaged from the tune she touches. Power is growing in his eyes and magnetically attracts from all thoughts of the same order. Synthetic thinking helps coagulate blood warehouse idea and the result is a harmonious, complete unit. Similar observations of mental energy are very important and valuable to note and record.
721. (Nov. 22). With the full integration of consciousness comes the full mutual understanding. Such understanding can only be cordial. Too little space is devoted to heart in trying to merge the consciousnesses. And because these attempts, requiring a lot of conditions, often futile, whereas wire heart is naturally free and simple without them. Similarly, the permanent presence is impossible without a heart. The doctrine of the heart is almost vital. Has a heart. And like no brain, heart. It is sensitive and caring, and compassion. This is it, forever pulsating human essentially transfers the feeling their love across borders and separate incarnations and across borders of worlds-marvelous body, medium 6-th principle, not dying ever again. The cult of the heart is the religion of the future. The heart is a bridge extended into the future and potentially connecting man with luminous heritage spirit, judgments him from the beginning of time.
722. (M. A. Y.). At a loss will be asked: How can live forever heart when it is not in the body of a deceased person is beaten, dying along with the body? Yes, no beats, this is true. But even with normal output of the subtle body feels decidedly heartbeat: body lies motionless, and physical heart beating slightly, while the man himself, released from her tight sheath, carried away with itself and the heart in the higher its manifestation. And if at this point the dense body died, he continued to live in the small intestine and to feel the pulsation of the heart. Even a rudimentary experience highlight the subtle body proves that there body's heart whose life though and relates to the physical body, but the immortality of his unaffected. Yes, truly, so is the heart of immortal.
723. (Guru). The book "heart", the doctrine of life, there is only an introduction to the doctrine of the Fiery heart, which cannot accommodate any number of printed pages, because its essence is boundless. With this thought in mind and that's to approach the study of the heart. You can start learning, but remember that the end of it there is not and cannot be. Why is it so? The heart has a medium 6-th principle human 7-m. Scope identify these highest principles-the Infinity, and merging with them, man enters the Realm of the eternal light, without neither beginning nor end.
724. (M. A. Y.). Changes of colors, shades and hues in the image of the Mother of the world should not be attributed to an external source of light, but you have to understand the phenomenon better. Not seeming the phenomenon, but valid. Spiritual connection with the great Personality of spatial wire transmits the vibrations of beams, and the eye perceives the receipt. Colors are luminous and alive. We should take heart, a phenomenon noticed no negated as a sign of higher capacity.
725. (Guru). Circumnavigate the world thought necessary. These are the imaginary flights in space are of great significance, for when the body is tight, but the thought, mental will operate flights become reality above-ground world. The idea captured immovability on earth does freedom flights. When a certain extent can it turns human stiffness in a still image. Train consciousness in the art of flying. In many of the subtle worlds, but few are flying. How a fly man cans didn't even know anything of what is possible and affordable. Yes, maybe and fly. So deliberate hoarding of Agni in the life of the land is crucial for over ground.
726. (Nov. 24). About the waste and hoarding Agni occur mainly on trifles, and of small, everyday life. For this reason, things deserve special attention. Human behavior is manifested in the way of his life. And constant control over the energies of the body is required to streamline spending mental energy. You can get annoyed and upset and worry over nothing. All of these emotions are jerking off is spent precious power. But you can, and without them, without these stupid feelings. Nothing can crush the spirit, for it is inviolate, and furthermore are shallow feelings and imaginary fears. Maya is diverse and regular self-deception it should be tricked by traveler great ways. No matter how bright and exciting no dense neighborhood, it will instantly disappear and will lose its power over mind, as soon as people from its shell, and tightly into the thin world. So, the reality of a tight world is of conventional. And if that is the case, and the authorities it over them, giving no good, for it can I allow the ghosts captured the spirit. Even gold does not free man from the power of Maya, but rather, on the contrary, involves it in its net. And it would seem it gives and external independence and the freedom of movement and of choice of occupation, and many other features. But also of freedom and of cohesion is in the spirit of. And nothing and nobody will give the desired freedom of man, if it is ignorance of the spirit of life. Fundamentals of embody truth. Long ago it was written, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." So not somewhere outside, but in the person opportunities to live in slavery or freedom are hidden.
727. (M. A. Y.). The most unpleasant, the most afflicting, the most difficult appears also the most useful to spirit increase. But it isn't enough one understanding. It is necessary still to learn to take from all this experience and the lessons of life which are so necessary for the future. And when it is applied practically, that is understood in application; lose then everyday circumstances the usual power over the person. Circumstances remain and, perhaps, even go deep, but the attitude towards them absolutely changes. Sincerely the pupil speaks then: "What valuable lesson I took from this, very unpleasant, but so useful to Me, experience".
728. (Guru). "A true friend appreciates loyal to so few friends." And when to meet similar soul, don't miss May judgment other. Life has shown that met many passers-by and a few friends, and hard-and-fast in its warm friendly relation – even less. So life will find a real friend amongst the many past going and hopefully still coveted meeting with another augmenting.
729. (Nov. 25). Advantage of wanderers and travelers that they constantly change the environment and their aura doesn't grow to a certain place. Their freedom consists in it from the power of the sewed corner over consciousness. The new places, the new people, new impressions don't allow spirit to become numb in habitual conditions. About usefulness of movement and travel It was already spoken. But how to be in that case when owing to the various reasons of people it is attached to the house and can't leave it. Then Chow of movement in thoughts. Mental travel and flights allow come off habitual conditions and is a threshold to flights of a thin body. Eremite’s yogis cannot leave the cave, and, however, it doesn't prevent them to be where the will wants them. So freedom or coherence a place depends on a condition of consciousness. It is possible to live somewhere without quitting the place and still to feel citizens of all planets. It is very important to acquire the situation "where thoughts, there and consciousness", where thoughts, there and we. So mentally it is possible to be approved in the spirit of in far Ashram. The main thing is not to be pinned internally to a direct environment. But it is possible and from this environment rather in this environment to create the Ashram, saying it with the corresponding vibrations. One create from the dwelling a lodge prison which is holding down freedom to thought, others, however, the few, – rightful Ashram. Externally as if everything is identical: both walls, and things, and air. But from the point of view of the Thin World Ashram shines fires. Books, both subjects, and the walls sated with vibrations are shone. The center rightful shines in space and is connected magnet with Light Stronghold.
730. (M. A. Y.). They are former inhabitants on Earth, usually live in the subtle world immersed in their egocentric feelings. Staff of light and Hierarchy are hard work for peace, and time to deal with terrestrial Affairs. In it is big distinction between one incarnation of spirits. In both cases, run by aspiration and free will. Good to dig canals for space-ground work opportunities. Some want to rest with fathers, others – cooperation with the hierarchy of light. Who wants to go to fathers, God be with them, and who wants to go to the Lord will be with the Lord. Each will receive at his vigor.
731. (Guru). Whether the soldier put on a tower patrol, protecting city can, to forget about patrol and to plunge into the even if very sublime, experiences, having left a tower unprotected? No, it is inadmissible. Unnoticed the enemy can approach, and the first enemy blow will fall upon the careless soldier who has forgotten about the debt. But whether it is possible and to tower spirit, and strong to stand on patrol? It is possible if the fiery consciousness allows. Means, the patrol consciousness has to be so strained that enemy not penetrates or not to come nearer the unnoticed. Therefore at Communication, when liftings and spirit admirations, at aspiration to the Teacher or his Envoys it is necessary to remember the Precept ardently: "Let the spear over a dragon doesn't doze", and not for a moment not to weaken patrol, being during every instant ready to see approach dark, both to be protected, and not to delay a sword. In the beginning it can seem difficult and distracting from the main thing. But it is incorrect. Worse much when the spear is lowered and the sword are enclosed in a sheath, and dark, having seized the moment, strike blow and break not only Communication, but also discompose. The damage turns out double and even threefold if because of loss of combat readiness and sharp-sighted protection relatives suffer.
732. (M. A. Y.). The validity of the subtle world is as real as dense, and is perceived as consciousness. Only a fraction of the material world, a limited range of conditions, perceives the earthly man, likewise very limited senses endless possibilities and the beauty of one incarnations the Above-ground World. And only expanded and developed consciousness pushes the limits. Infinity doesn't have them. Because the Teaching life of the spirit and looks human at infinity.
733. (Guru). Division Real on the world dense, the World Thin and the World Fiery is conditional. The universe is uniform in the essence. Actually no divisions are present – the world is uniform. Even if to take simple grain and to separate from it its fiery core, it any more won't give shoots because the life will be taken out from it. The dead peel of live grain or seed itself doesn't show. As from atom it is impossible to withdraw its fiery essence, without having destroyed it. In the ancient writing It is told: "God Is uniform, but in three persons, the Trinity Consubstantial and Inseparable". One might say: The world is uniform, but is revealed in three aspects of the existence: dense, thin and fiery which don't break its unity. And only the limited consciousness of the ordinary person doesn't allow see this great unity of the world surrounding it.
734. (Nov. 27). "How avoid harm of the sent thoughts? Only change strongly aspirations to the Teacher". The aspiration possesses also property of protection. The attention of the person is constantly paid to something. It is necessary that it something was worthy aspirations. The aspiration – the engine, and is very sad if movement is directed to darkness. Even on wings it is possible to fly to a chasm if it is gloom wings. The shadow pole of the phenomena reflects everything on the contrary. Each light phenomenon has the antithesis which serves as focus for the dark activity. Risen highly can fall as it is deep. Dark apply of energy to shady side of human essence. Therefore get rid properties are very dangerous as the base to darkness approach. And only the spear which isn't dozing over a dragon, can serve as reliable protection.
735. (M. A.Y.). Fiery of broken line indicate chow at of aboveground fight. But even this condition shouldn't interrupt the rhythm Communication. Fight will end, but the rhythm remains undisturbed. It is possible to accustom it to that nothing was able to interrupt a rhythm established by long work and efforts. Anything temporary and passing shouldn't receive the power over the phenomenon of communication with the Lord because this communication over everything that occurs in temporary covers of the person or that surrounds them, temporary too. Will cease and will end, but shining communication with the Teacher of Light remains not break anything.
736. (M. A. Y.). Training of spirit happens in everyone’s, and at times evens the most unexpected, conditions. Valuably, learn keep balance, meeting of wave surprise. When training is finished, balance can't break anything anymore. It is worth working over the statement of this most necessary quality because many surprises can meet on a way. The pupil, who falls into confusion at each unexpected combination of circumstances, has in that that began overcome this weakness. Differently as it is impossible call surprise shock weakness. Why lose the power over and allow that something from outside could interfere in a spirit citadel. Exactly burning flame, not unsteady any whirlwinds of the lower class, is very big achievement of spirit.
737. (Guru). Open heart willing to meet judgment time is the key that will open the gate to the commandment future. Trust and devotion this can be added, as well as love. So powerfully armed will reach the winner lie. Someone has carelessly, succumbing to the blows of vortices. Not byline under the wind, but the Tower of the mighty and strong likened want Crusader. So the strength and durability of inflexible add to approved by the qualities of the spirit.
738. (Nov. 28). On the way the aspirations now occur, the intensity of the resistance power aspirations. How much does one have to overcome with yearning to see and hear, see not mentally, but face to face! Each approach has its resistance; opponents same, but growing in of forge. But it is the Lord. But each step is taken by force. And from the bottom up all no get rid and also increased in force and blowing of dared pack. And then depends on the choice of free will that will win: allure whether darkness or desire to light.
*739. (M. A. Y.). The molestation of demons, about which you can read in the biography of the Saints and ascetics, becomes inevitable fate of every entry in the path of light and walking on it. Lamp ignited hearts are clearly visible in the darkness outside, and the hordes of hell shall not spare him before or not, or not to incur will extinguish the defeat; but, if even the Savior Was tempted by, what to speak of those, who follow him? Because, to the inexorable opposition the darkness over be ready. And we should be prepared not only to resist, but is defeated.
740. (Guru). The utter darkness of the city dreamed, serves as an evident illustration of that expects the person who has indulged in darkness. Here it which hasn't passed tests, cast into the lower class of the astral, provided to the fate and left even the tempters to whom it isn't necessary any more as is completely in their power! Let's not speak about other details of the lower class, about their monks and all horrors created by them.
741. (Nov. 29). "I wanted to assign Hands, and it was empty a circle". As also you would like to share that you have, and there is nobody who could apprehend. Therefore valuably everyone capable perceives consciousness. But there is a lot of negates. And then know less, especially strongly deny. Payment for doubtful pleasure to deny the undoubted is heavy. It isn't visible to pleasure in eyes. The pleasure left. Go bent to the earth. Hard the time is for the see.
742. (M. A. Y.). Your love has brought and brings us joy. So someone's love for you hearts brings joy and also together with her warmth. Subtle sensations are real. About many things they say. On the strings they fly far away feelings of consonance and range are not a barrier. What an enormous strength lies in genuine sense! Reciprocity increases tenfold her.
743. (Guru). Why it is spoken about feelings so much? Because what, "feelings are a power of smithy". Feelings can be brought up and raised. The homeland of feelings is heart. Different there are hearts and different feelings. We speak about feelings rightful, ennobling life and moving mankind on the way of evolution. Too there is a lot of feelings dark, rage given rise, destroying life. Let's approve a pole the return – feelings light, directing mankind in judgment to it the future of the New Epoch of Light-Fire.
744. (Nov. 30). It is joyful to feel warmth of heart. Below return, from above is receiving. The rightful is exchange. It is possible exchange pleasure of Communication in the spirit of for ghosts of fancies of dark of allure’s. The love bilateral is a mutual food of spirit. You are very necessary to us, we Will already call soon.
745. Birds fade, the dragon updates skin, animals prepare the skin for winter, the person constantly dumps become lifeless sections, plants – too. Everywhere this process is observed. Something constantly changes, but something remains invariable. Thoughts and feelings change. Three great streams: dense, astral and mental matter – flow through the corresponding bodies, or conductors, the person – dense, thin and mental bodies. Even the body of Light accumulates new elements. And still there is in the person a center – the Silent Recorder remaining not subject to eternal change of a matter of its covers and replacement of covers. Having felt this not changing essence in itself can reliably lean and realize consciousness on something that the eternal, indestructible essence in the person endures everything, through what pass or in what its temporary covers come to light. The thought directed on enduring and eternal, in the passing and temporary is approved on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life.
746. (M. A.Y.). Even the Teacher Asks to help sometimes to Him, rendering these to us the greatest trust. But, as in big, so is and in small. And you too sometimes need support from those who, apparently, knows so a little and to whom you’re help and the management is necessary. What you at times need from following you? Not in knowledge acquisition, not in manuals, but in simple warm warmth, in the kind friendly relation, in a sense-knowledge of life-giving energy of heart, to you directed. Heart at all and everyone can share its warmth without any philosophize and high reasoning’s. Very much we appreciate when the pupil brings this gift even to the Teacher of Light.
747. (Guru). "Gift of heart shines in the darkness"; without heart, without its Light, heat and the love, something to understand all attempts and to reach something – are fruitless. Rational comprehension of the Doctrine of Life of expected consequences won't give. The doctrine of Heart is the Basis, without which all constructions – on sand. Everyone, even from "small these", but bringing warmth of heart, – already on a way. As it is valuable and joyful to feel gift brought, heart gift. Therefore magicians and wizards can remain behind, but heart, warmth, pleasure, Light and love bearing to people, can outstrip them. Words of the Apostle about "copper ringing" belong to them which don't have hearts.
748. (Dec. 1). Book L.Grin's "Last secrets of old Africa» certainly deserves of the attention. The facts of the unusual phenomena given by it are interesting and right, but his explanations and interpretation are often incorrect. Actually the material is very valuable. About an antiquity of the continent and its culture it is right in the statements. The heritage of Atlantis passed to Egypt. The people of Africa once knew a lot of things, a lot of things forgot, but the remains of ancient knowledge live still, sometimes distorted to unrecognizability. And as of the faithful words of the illiterate African - servant of that, how, as find of his mister on other end of the African continent, - him indication the heart. Magnetic attraction of the necessary books thought – the phenomenon quite frequent in life of the pupil. The thought which has been persistently directed in the certain direction, attracts the necessary elements, the phenomena and even subjects in the orbit. The magnetic force of the warm energy enclosed in thought works. The thought purely rational has no these properties. It is so important when the aspiration burns with heart fire. The forgotten and thrown heart starts working when it is called consciously for life, works and without it, but conscious use of its force multiplies its power. It is possible to call the future Era of Fire the Heart Era.
749. (M. A. Y.). It is better to receive Inspiration, without having seen the promised transformation of conditions terrestrial, than to see it, but without having found Inspiration. Because "God’s kingdom in you is" because all external, at least and having huge value for planet evolution, nevertheless remains external while the spirit carries away internal achievement with itself as the integral property. Therefore life of spirit is regarded as of paramount importance. Therefore the one who lives a formula correctly arrives: "Everything will pass, but the spirit will arrive for ever and ever".
750. (Guru). And still, despite the most sublime thoughts, an everyday remains that bridge which conducts in the future. And in an everyday, among the most usual and times of very difficult conditions, the pupil forges the karma. Therefore on little things in life, in a commonness, achievements of spirit are approved, claimed that thought as answered that told what allowed thoughts and feelings. Test by daily occurrence – one of the most difficult. Even high cults hung and died away, suppressed by commonness. We speak about the statement unusual in life usual.
751. (Dec. 2). The person already substantially seized the body. In many respects it obediently his ox. But to the full power over it to it is still far. Degrees of this power at each person are various, also various also the directions in which there is a mastering process. Their body is subordinated to the pianist, the skater, the dancer, the swimmer, the rope-walker, the surgeon, the artist, the sculptor, the mechanic and all other experts in different degree and in the various directions. The yogi too seizes the body, and from the party necessary to it. Can accustom a body to obedience everyone and strengthen what it already reached. The Yoga purpose –approve control over all covers. It is possible exercise will in completeness of its control over a dense body in all living conditions. If the human microcosm is laboratory for all feelings, at known experience and knowledge many processes can be carried out consciously. The pupil chooses ways, to him the closest. Health maintenance very much depends on will. Spirit of the person – mister and the master, and a body – the slave, obliged to obey it. Process of mastering by a body can be conducted consciously and every day. Circulation on fire and water and a body rising on air is result of very high degree of the power not only over one physical cover, but also all three. The slave to the body remains the slave, whatever terrestrial power or the power it possessed. It is better to be the lord of the body and other all covers and not to have any terrestrial power, than, having it, – to be the slave to all to three or even one.
752. (M. A. Y). Certainly, the engine in all achievements there is a belief, belief that this achievement is possible. Understanding of opportunity sets power of creative imagination in motion, and in space the channel to the chosen purpose approved to achievement breaks. At profound understanding of essence of life time of value has no because in Boundlessness everything is achievable. And then at the disposal of the person there is all the time which is and which serves it for achievement even that seems at present not only unattainable, but also impossible. The Teacher Told: "Everything is achievable now". Impossible isn't present. Impossible in the present at all doesn't mean unattainability in the future. The person was potentially given the power over all opportunities which are allowed by his rightful imagination. Unattainable here it is achievable in the Worlds. Restrictions to creativity of spirit aren't present and can't be where everything moves thought and by thought is created. In the Kingdom of Light impossible isn't present. Power of human spirit even terrestrial dry land rarefies thinned and does more plastic and mobile that once entirely to subordinate it to its commands of the will lit up by space understanding.
753. (Guru). It is good, that it has become clear, that if there were no meetings, there would be no records and everything, connected with us. Meet up is the cause, records is of the investigation. The cause and effect - is the only chain of causality that is in the past and in the future. The infinity of aspiring Randomness isn't. So you can confidently and safely move forward knowing, that Law and space forces "now with you invisibly serve." Threads of happiness can be called a long association with someone who is standing on the steps of the Grand Staircase, Staircase Light hierarchy.
754. (M. A. Y.). If to be afflicted in the sizes demanded by chagrin, and energy of heart won't suffice on them. Therefore we will learn constrain the feelings, able to sadden aura. The saddened or extinct aura doesn't correspond to the phenomenon of the carrier of Light. Death, death of spirit, the go out in fire heart in ancient time threatened. Threatens and now. Therefore we will carefully separate deserving expenditure of warm energy from not deserving, and of the last we won't think. In an inner world the masterful man to assume only that he wants. Not external something, but he is the lord of the inner world. If it is necessary to meet the next wave, we will meet quietly it if it is necessary to lose something or, on the contrary, to receive, we will lose and we will receive, storing balance. Because anything isn't present ours. And even the body doesn't belong to us and even the other covers received in temporary use.
755. (Guru). The knowledge drawn from experience of life terrestrial is very necessary and it is useful. Here people afflicted yesterday? But what useful lesson is taken from this chagrin! The consciousness was enriched with new thoughts and drew due conclusions. The school of life works very impressively, from lessons something is taken very useful, and the way of an apprenticeship is covered with new achievements which can be glad. The opposite pole of chagrin bears pleasure of correctly acquired lesson.
756. (Dec. 4). The impulse of accumulation of Agni should be held by all means. Day impressions can suppress it. It can't be allowed, there is nothing in life more important and more necessary than Agni's accumulation and building of crystals of Fire. The treasure of the Stone demands that it was given ardent and full-string desire, both aspiration of heart, and understanding that without Fire of people – anything, a peel empty, a form without the contents. Fire is the spirit engine in World Aboveground. Process of collecting of Agni should find all the time because in life usual, in all movements of the person, external and internal, physical, astral and mental, in all his words, thoughts and feelings, occurs or squandering of fiery power, or its multiplication and accumulation. Continuous control over itself can be assimilated to a dam of spirit constraining fiery powers. It is a lot of empty covers around in the form of people, the people who have spent Agni. Let's not assimilate to these ignoramuses embezzlers. It is pity, both it is sad, and the fate of those who passes to the World Thin is gloomy, having spent Agni. And it is possible to bring together him all the time, without interruption, constraining and supervising movements in covers. Patrol and control are valuable if aren't interrupted. Mastering by the feelings also is control of their willfulness. Only the Teacher Gives to the pupil seizing them new opportunities and new Instructions. Mastering by brings the person to power over elements – at first in the microcosm, then out of it. Key to the power of spirit is in capture itself.
757. (M. A. Y.). Where to find the words that would be persuaded to the fervent, insistent, persistent and aspiring work on yourselves. The notion of self-improvement is so often used that has lost its value and amount of fire almost to the process of education. The Fiery path of Yoga has invested in a conscious self-development aspiration to develop a fiery human entity. Not Ruddy virtue, but the fire is the goal of all developments. Upon reaching this goal is made out of fire, and the man's body takes on a higher level of evolution.
758. (Guru). What there fire to what it and what for? Lived without any fire and without fire we will live – so proclaims of ignorance. But in each line of the poet is the Fire. But in each picture is crystallized elements the Fire. But in a feat everyone, in self-rejection, in great causes – anywhere and everywhere the Fire. Everything is saturated them and everything is set by it in motion. The great elements can't remain in neglect, if the mankind wants to move further.
759. Live Fire is radiated from the person. It is a lot of secrets and in life of the pupil – the future Arhat. Now without extreme need it isn't necessary direct the activity to people. Fire, seeking is shown, –constrain constantly. It also is process of its accumulation. Silence – the store, restraint – the store, control over itself – the store. Any restraint of an astral and his emotions is the store. Balance and tranquility is forms of possession of Fire and the authorities over fiery elements; riches terrestrial and riches of spirit, which we will prefer? Lost everything, not having anything is richer than all billionaires of Earth if Treasure of the Stone owns. Therefore having wellbeing we won't envy. They have nothing because everything that have, – anything or ashes. Rejoice of the each oppression and deprivation as possibilities of rapprochement with Us. Aggravated by wellbeing to Us won't reach. Transfer of focus of the appendix of Fire from external inside will be a new step of ascension of spirit. No be listen that, who no walk of the temptation self-obedience and of the test by self-obedience. The Obedience and obedience, but its highest form – self-obedience
760. (Dec. 5). As there are a lot of people burdening and as a little giving relief! Both phenomena depend on property of their auras. The rightful aura doesn't burden, but to its carrier it is hard because it is necessary to give constantly. Return happens naturally and constantly. It also is Light execution, more precisely, entering of Light into commonness twilight. Continuous return of rightful radiations is possible only at unification with Hierarchy. Otherwise treasury devastation is not reparably. And not only to people, but also the space should give. Twilight of the end of Cali Yugi absorbs rightful radiations of aura especially strongly.
761. (M. A. Y.). As it is difficult hold a morning mood of consciousness and carry by it in all day. We won't be afflicted because not counterbalance spatial trouble any receipts – all the same how pour water into a bottomless barrel. From here is need of protection of aura’s radiations. The lamp can shine and give the Light to environment, but only under a condition if the flame of the lamp isn't given. Protection of a flame of spirit is a duty of the carrier of Light.
762. (Guru). Spatial education begins to crystallize and become sustainable in the long work on them. The process can be made consciously and unconsciously. Unconsciously – in the formation of habits, deliberately – on the understanding of the process, and especially in the application of the rhythm. After the death of the body, these forms continue to exist. Blessed be he who luminary and mount of begets.
763. (M. A. Y.). Everything flows, everything changes and carried away in Boundlessness. But everything continues to exist, imprinted forever in Akasha's rolls. Are so combined passing with enduring and the present – with the past? However, in the past recorded in space, it is impossible to change already anything, but to see it is possible, completely, with all details, and so to plunge into it that there is it again real for consciousness. If the planet didn't move in space and wouldn't change a place, the past would be always under a hand; yesterday constantly would be above it. Movement causes possibility of a current of time, leaving in space a spiral cliché of the phenomena stretched from the past in the present and directed in the future. But spatial distances exist only in the world of three measurements, in the Highest World everything is NOWADAYS and here, and spatial cliches of last events and history of Earth are available to studying.
764. All things and subjects terrestrial possess memory that is ability to imprint and keep the vibrations falling on them, going that surrounds them or enters into an orbit of their visibility. They, these things and subjects, as though photograph everything that around, and developer, as in the photo is required only reveal the vibrations recorded by them. Devices and the developers, giving the chance to read aura of each subject will be once invented. It is possible to present that saw pyramids and sphinxes for all the time of the existence, or, say, the subjects got at archeological excavations, or the ancient stone lying at the intersection of ways. The past exists in the present, but only the consciousness of very rare people can feel and see these vibrations, – in the form of certain pictures, – surrounding ancient things and subjects, structures and memorable places.
765. (Dec. 7). All matter possesses memory, or property to imprint everything that occurs round material subjects. The imprinted vibrations absorb them also influence invisibly everything that comes with them to contact. Especially strongly absorb subjects and things which were in hands of the person. They also influence especially strongly. One are saturated with light radiations, others – dark, the third are neutral. Others old things it isn't necessary to carry as saturation can be harmful. To neutralize former saturation it is possible consciously, thought driving away possible influences. Atmosphere of houses is very impressive. It is easy to feel it, having entered into such dwelling. The atmosphere of big cities is very burdensome, suffocating affects consciousness. Even in the ancient time devotees looked for a privacy to be free from harmful effects. The strong aura overcomes them, and weak falls under invisible influences. Aura of Earth is filled with past radiations, places they is intolerable are heavy. Without realizing the reason, people choke in them. The future will demand clarification of the lower class from pernicious saturation by last stratifications
766. (M. A. Y.). Millions of people involved in a deadly collision. Energy Land Holders are there to help. Can I expect to at such times of personal parcels were going normally and it was on time?
767. (Dec. 11). The difficult situation is in the world. And one cannot expect special attention from Teachers when its Forces are required, as a matter of urgency, in another application. Then from apprentice to stay cannot be separated, because, having detached thoughts, you can get an unexpected blow from the dark, benefiting from a moment of employment of a teacher. Good at these moments to send Him their assistance. This will be a true spatial cooperation. All grievances must be assigned to your account that is attributed to his cause’s undesirable phenomena. Here's one on the grave, laments a painful and long illness. Whether the Teacher's fault or those who want to help him? From the side you can see that suffering itself incurred the disease itself, not the teacher. And in his own fate student should look for the reasons for aggravating it’s in the past, but do not ascribe them to someone who provides him with an invisible assistance, entered a permissible by the law of karma.
768. (Guru). In ordinary times usual everyday sense its existence impossible. The decision looks for deeper. The same thing has to do with trying to understand world events. The latent period must be due to outward and karmic abscesses broken emerge all the poison.
769. (M. A. Y.). The person trained itself the astral body of the some actions and approved of some habits. The person grew internally – both former training and habits were undesirable. That energy, which was spent for training, has to, and even in stronger degree, to be spent for that disaccustom to them. Itself I taught – it and disaccustoms. And, if they take root very profoundly, then and dig them sometimes hardly. But it is necessary pull out because steps of consciousness don't correspond. It is impossible look at them as on something insuperable. Clarification goes by the principle: it I generated – it and I will kill. There would be only full desire from them to be released.
770. (Dec. 13). Memorial Day note especially. High spirit has come into the world and left it a Pearl pattern for ages. The evolution of the planet received a major boost. Hand create a great artist has worldwide recognition. No doubt about it. But the huge field of invisible work of his spirit still will give their fiery investigation over many centuries. This side of his activity is still low, but the veil slightly opens its books and manuscripts. He lived life and interests all over the world and has been involved in movements and undertakings, before indicating us. The idea for the banner of peace, protecting the treasures of art and artifacts, the Pact of peace, unification is the best representative of humanity under the banners of culture – these are the prototypes of those life forms, who will lead the fate of the planet in the coming era of light-mother of the world. He proclaimed the concepts and ideas, it is not recognized by humankind – ideas, recognition which would take time and tackling, but without which the World faces catastrophe. His vision of world events is planetary in nature. Executive Director of the great Light, the Messenger Mission Hierarchy was on Earth this great artist, philosopher, Explorer, archaeologist and man of great heart, who gave his life in service to humanity. We will not consider it dead, retired from the world, but realize that Tierra del Fuego such a spirit and service to his Light is not interrupted by death. Death to those who believe in it and die but thinks the Crown of immortality is the lot of the spirits of the conscious of the great.
770. (Dec. 13). Day memorable we will celebrate especially. The high Spirit came to the world and left in it the pearl pattern forever. Evolution of a planet received a powerful impulse. Need creative the great artist world recognition had. It is indisputable. But the huge field of hidden activity of its spirit will give still the fiery consequences throughout many centuries. This party of its activity still is understood a little, but the veil is slightly opened by its books and the manuscript. I led life and interests of all planets and I took part in movements and the undertakings prespecified by us. Idea of the Banner of the World, protection of treasures of art and monuments, – the World Pact, association of the best representatives of mankind under culture banners – all these prototypes of those forms of life in which the destiny of a planet in a coming Light Era of Mother of the World will pour out. It proclaimed concepts and ideas, to it not recognized by mankind, – the ideas which recognition will demand time and fight but without which carrying out in life Earth is threatened by accident. Its anticipation of a course of world events has planetary character. This great artist, the philosopher, the traveler, the archeologist and the person of great heart, all the life given on service to mankind was the performer of Great Mission of Light, the Envoy of Hierarchy on Earth. Let's not consider it dead, left the world, but we will understand that fiery activity of such Spirit and service to its Light doesn’t interrupt death. The death for those, who believe in it and think die, but a wreath of conscious immortality, is destiny of Spirits Great.
771. (M. A. Y.). Some people live by this, other past Guru always lived the future and in the future. This desire was so strong and fiery, that those who come into contact with it, clearly and urgently began to feel the pulsation of the future as no negative fiery reality. They kind of grew wings, and they received impetus to the aspirations of the spirit in the areas previously unknown and inaccessible to them. The fiery impulse, derived from the guru every sincerely dedicated to of light the man was an individual gift of Guru-the Messenger of light, people who seek help, advice and guidance. Truly and rightly it is called Guru, mentor, for introducing consciousness coming for him in the scope of such developments, ways to approach that have been forgotten by humanity. Luminary of the spirit he can be named is the Bearer of Light, an Arhat. Agni Yogi, he was Servant of Light-Fire.
772. (Guru). Memory human is short. How soon everything as, if anything and anybody and wasn’t forgotten. The benefit that who, in the heart bears an ardent of memory about goes off away. Such of memory indicates their understanding of that the death doesn't exist that anything doesn't come to an end, but everything is intense and directed proceeds in the future. Such understanding already is a victory over death. The great Teacher Promised eternal life to all who will follow Him. Gift of eternal life is the most valuable that the person can have. The benefit that, who in of the heart him feel.
773. (Dec. 14). If the karma puts the person in certain conditions – means, these conditions for it are most useful to assimilation of certain lessons. Conscious extraction of usefulness from the lessons given by life will be a task of the pupil. Not always these lessons are pleasant, joyful and easy. They are difficult to a thicket very much and many efforts for overcoming demand something in themselves. Not roses covered a spirit way, but more likely with thorns. Sharp stones tear footwear and will wound feet. The happiness terrestrial is fragile and short-lived, and to the elevated is far. The spirit way is difficult. The track conducting in life is narrow. And it is so easy to deviate it, having chosen a commonness way. But this, seeming to easier, the way is wrapped in the most difficult. So, the narrow track of life will be also the shortest, and, finally, easier, than ways narrow-minded. But take the cross and follow for Called it appears the decision demanding a lot of courage and hardness unshakable.
774. (M. A. Y.). The Teacher no Approach to Himself the pupils, burdened with karma. At first have to pay off on former debt. It is easy to understand desire to be exempted from it without payment of debts, but it is impossible to carry out. Assignment can be understood as desire to shift burden of karma from the shoulders to others. Of assignment be afraid. It isn't enough to use from wishing to be assigned. Difficulties and difficulties of life of people have to overcome. It is necessary to specify clearly that someone for someone can't execute its tasks. Or remove burden of diseases. It is possible help in many respects, but only with known limits. It is necessary to leave a pursuit of phenomena.
775. (Guru). As also we, meeting on the way of different people, attentively we look, whether the friend old will get among simply passersby. Also we aren't afflicted very much, if at the next contact expectations weren't met. Former meetings and former proximity, if took place in the past, no be slow give the proof.
776. (Dec. 15). On Earth people differ from each other mind, education, abilities, wealth and situation, and so on. In the Thin World distinction is even sharper, but it is determined by a treatment of light and shade, that is by an aura luminary. The space from a bottom to top is divided on layers of diverse luminary, and inhabitants of each layer occupy it on compliance of their aura’s radiations with that layer where they are. Thus from the Upper class it is possible to condescend in lower, but not on the contrary. From the lower class in the Highest it is impossible rise, if the luminary of aura no allow. Justice, impossible on Earth is so approved. In the dense world people can make with various luminosity of auras contact contrary to even to the will. And in Elevated this mixture is impossible. Collisions are possible when powers of light spirits condescend below to protect or protect inhabitants of lower layers from rage of carriers the darkness, from wild boars and dogs spiteful. Under each layer, it protecting, there is a Protege of Hierarchy of Light, allocated with the power. He Guard a layer from illegal invasions.
777. (M. A. Y.). Night attack of the dark indicates how strongly, carefully and carefully it is necessary to be protected from dark attacks and as firmly before withdrawal to a dream it is necessary to establish the provision of thought. "Small cracks are very dangerous". Pure thought it is necessary close them firmly. The darkness doesn't doze. The spiteful rack is ready always to attack if sees, for what it is possible to be hooked and where patrol is weakened. Self-protection is necessary as protection against the evil. The dark don't leave any attendant of Light alone and if can't do much harm in the afternoon, do it at night. Therefore patrol has to be unrelenting, constant and able see. Both the armor, and a board, and the Highest Help can't the force display, if behind them – a weak-willed and pity pettiness. The board keeps a strong hand, as well as Light weapon. The Teacher of a consolation for not having anything has no. Day breakers are obliged to show strength of mind in everyday fight against darkness. Otherwise what they are soldiers? So we will collect all strength of mind for opposition to darkness.
778. (Guru). You aspire to that, was to what put. Even the Beam is powerless if there is nothing to put! So, straining strength of mind and accepting in a board of an arrow of the enemy, the power we multiply. It is impossible rest in sweet of kind rest when evil forces are so violently strained in the last attempt break Light. Leaving shadows, but still terrible and dangerous is in dazzle of the madness. And still their defeat is inevitable. You look attentively as they will receive blow behind blow. No efforts to achieve their victory of fruits will give. Under the sign of hopelessness and failure there will be display of dark activity in days come.
779. (Dec. 16). No reasoning’s and readings will replace of skilled knowledge. But through experience it is necessary to take place in life. Thus experience bitter and difficult especially of enriches consciousness. Experience of knowledge of the person is difficult and is especially bitter. And its main difficulty in that, seeing human essence to learn not to condemn, and besides not condemn, but also is feasible in process of need help them which hasn't begun see clearly yet. It is possible to consider as the phenomenon usual that the person in reply instead of appreciation should receive blows for the done good. From ill-wishers it is natural, but from friends – is undeserved and bitter. However, if go deep into the remote past, the reasons, perhaps, will manage to be found. And not only it is impossible to condemn, but also it is necessary store balance. Therefore Chowing that "it is better known severely friends, than be touched masks" that there were no disappointments. Under the Beam people reveal themselves quickly enough. And when bias isn't present also unreasonable trustfulness too, it is easy avoided mistakes and disappointments because pure cognition and desire feasibly will be the purpose to help.
780. (M. A. Y.). Know how hard time knows that Masters are employed in the bloody sweat in the salvation of the world. Every desire help and divide the exorbitant Burden will be particularly valuable and particularly need. Because instead of having to fill out of fuss, it is better to think about how and what provide much-needed assistance to the cause and bring its stone build the Temple of life and light.
781. (Guru). All are occupied by the end; all are shipped in personal emotions and experiences, having forgotten about the most necessary or at all without knowing about it. And you about it forget. Your Business of the Lord put above all and to It give the thoughts and heart. So you will enter into of life stream, bringing the gift. And, beginning day, enter in it with thought: "What I will be able to bring to You, the Lord?» And to a dream you depart with thought of the same.
782. (Dec. 17). The wheel of cooperation is life-giving interchange of energy from top to down and back. The Teacher is Sending and Accepting, the pupil – too. Nothing having from which that has is taken away also, is nothing giving. The Livebearer exchange goes from the Teacher above and above, and from the pupil – below, on the descending line of Hierarchy. Even animals and plants receive from the person rather have receive, if its radiations luminary. Otherwise from it precedes energy of destruction. The pupil of consciously similar radiations doesn't allow. Life gives can call people with healthy radiations. The laboratory of a human microcosm is very strong. But energy, it radiated, can be both destructive, and creative, bearing life or death. Responsibility of the person for everything that proceeds from him is great; from it not leave anywhere. Even a disbalance of the nature is generated by mankind as a whole. Also it is possible to tell that not only animals and plants, but also Earth, and everything that on it, from it receive. Even the district, at home, clothes and all subjects are sated with aura’s radiations of the person. So day by day, from year to year, from century to century the atmosphere of a planet is filled with generations of weight of people. Than it is filled, find not pleasure. There are light oases; there are rightful Highest Spheres, but a direct environment of Earth seven, sadly and gloomily. Wars, violence, murders, of misanthropy, poverty, and diseases leave terrible stratifications. And in this asthma people already choke. Cain told that he isn't a watchman to the brother. But Kainov's fruits of heritage reap everything: in the form of the poisoned air with which breathe; in the form of the intolerable spatial weight pressing consciousness; in the form of the dark thoughts which have shrouded a planet infecting masses; in the form of the energy of destruction interfering in life. It is time to think and of clarification of a garden terrestrial, of its streamlining, of destruction of weeds, it is time because if miss time, can be too already late that rescue a planet.
783. (Guru). Teacher joy sees each warrior in full readiness and at the post, in the vigilant patrol. Joyfully because not all comply with the Decree on the continuous patrol, and those who observe, is a feast for the heart. This indicates a deeper understanding on the part of those who are on patrol, because of danger from everywhere is threatened by the construction of a new life, and they surround each servant of light. If you don't defend them if baseless, forget about Watch proposal and lay down their weapons, defeat is inevitable. Of course, the Teacher Defends, and even protection cannot be complete unless the pupil "of wet muslin instead of a shield. So let's stay together, inherent, hard on a trusted guard stand.
784. (M. A. Y.). How «go line of the Beam", it is easy read in the book but as it is difficult go this line to lives, – only experience will show. And it is necessary go, both without stopping before anything and without being late for a minute. Some delays can be very dangerous – after all it is possible and come off. Now the unification in the spirit of is necessary more than ever, the Lord rally Calls as it is possible more densely round Light Focus. In unification is of force. This formula demands immediate and persistent application. The Appeal sounding in space has to be correctly understood Lords: "To Me, to Me all go".
785. (Dec. 18). The goal is to master the human body and all the other shells or solids too. Everyone in the process of its evolution has reached a certain level of mastery. For all these stages are different. One is a slave her body and shells, the other is Mr. One gentleman of My body physically, another great command of astral, the third is the body, the fourth is all mental, but in varying degrees. Slaves of the astral shell very much, the student aims to ensure that each incarnation may continue move to subject all their guides will. They do not obey immediately, but his all time that is. You can practice every day in all kinds of learning themselves, from the smallest to the large and Grand. It is important understand that all of interim ruler of membranes judgment is the man himself. But be in the right power over him by his might he gradually and smoothly, without disturbing the harmony of the great complexity of the apparatus. Hatha Yoga fanatics are trying to achieve power over physical body through extremes of invalid. As a result of the excess falls to the dense body, which is one-sided and is far from harmonious? Last attempted master the ascetic’s astral torturing and even the physical body. Many absurdities, excesses and inconsistencies, allow the person to its spirit over flesh climb, but on full, rightful, harmonic development of man who thought little of the microcosm. Life path the Fiery Teachings of yoga, when all the shells, all human bodies are developing and mastering them knowingly comes naturally and evolutionarily, but not forcibly and one-sided. Each day the student is given the opportunity to do something and somehow a strengthened, something to subdue the will and arguing the primacy of spirit over all his vests confidently and consciously go along the path of ascent and the growth of the power of the spirit.
786. (M. A. Y.). For full mastering by it is necessary know much. The knowledge even at the first steps very much helps. For example: the fatigue can be banished the will tension that demands expenditure of forces. But it is possible – having changed work and having caused activity other centers. The result will be the same, but the method is simpler and natural. Waste of forces it is possible itself it is inexpedient weaken. Meeting ardent counteraction, the inexperienced soldier will stop at nothing, and skilled, keeping complete equilibrium by will pass a wave, and the opponent who has rarefied will appear powerless continues attack. So balance can appear powerful converter of hostile energy. If the people understood, what of inflexible power consists in the balance phenomenon, would direct ardently it claim. So, approving balance is winning powerfully. You strive for balance, wish balance, reach balance, and approve it above and over many other qualities of spirit.
787. (Guru). Even in life usual the strong will reaches a goal. But it is possible to imagine that can reach the aspiration approved from life in life, transferred of one embodiment in another. Accumulation of dynamism goes throughout the whole millennia, and results turn out absolutely unusual on the force. Let's not be surprised to Power of Great Spirits. Let's not be surprised genius of carriers of knowledge or workers of art. All this is a consequence of aspiration, work and long experience. There are no consequences without the reason.
788. (Guru). Everyone was against the new Countries in the last world war, however, she defeated. And now, will win no matter what and this victory will be global. The forces of darkness now strongly revolted against her. But don't be confused by their power of a cardboard. Collapse them, because act like the cardboard Bull. "Louder trumpet victory" because it's close.
789. (Dec. 20). Thinking in the past has to cease in the present or the future on thought if in thought enough force was enclosed. And, if during thought return it amplifies in it desire and is supported by the consciousness, new and its new return is inevitable. And it will continue grow in space. About thoughts light, leading, we won't worry. But the thoughts sated with desires and no get rid desires, will show big danger because can seize so the person what to be exempted from them he already will be not in forces. The slave to thoughts of the dirty – the phenomenon very sad, and especially in World Aboveground where all becomes aggravated and amplifies and thoughts find visible reality.
790. (M. A. Y.). The dedication is valuable and that also allows the individual move away from yourself and open thoughts above-person, allows observe a Precept: "let him deny himself and follow Me." There is no time to deal with themselves and their own personal desires and pander to them. To look at the system itself and the most astral as a foreign phenomenon, as a stranger, without which you can get by perfectly well and that harnessing steady hands, without losing any of its integrity.
791. (Guru). Even a small experience in mastering their mood is very useful. Spatial currents can heavily influence, but if they oppose the will and unwillingness to obey them, their power can be much lower. The feeling of spatial disadvantage is one thing, but clouding the invincible permitted without any effort to resist, is quite another. In the domestic realm of its ruler the man He remains, if wants this and fights for the adoption authorities strongly its over yourselves.
792. (Dec. 21). If it is badly to speak about the dead, it is possible to draw upon itself the strong enemy from the Thin World. But it is well if to speak, it is possible to attract and the friend. It is possible even to tie "friendship" or "acquaintance". It is possible to establish the new, kind relations with until then stranger and then, upon transition to the World Thin, to meet there the new friend. The likes and dislikes arising in relation to those who already passed Great Borders are of great importance for elevated stay. Only it isn't necessary to do enemies. From undesirable substance it is necessary to be fenced off simply. But having, and attracting to it, and exciting sympathies, respect or love can be kept, mentally sending them kind thoughts and feelings. Similar it is possible to think of establishment of communications because it isn't guilty pursued much, tortured and murdered leave the world terrestrial. And so it isn't enough knowing who exactly from Earth could help them. And the help such is very real and essential. The words "for my rest pray" comprise deep value. If the praise or condemnation of the dead so strongly can influence relationship of people, the kind memory about departed will be for them blessing. They rejoice at everyone good about them a remembrance. Radanitsa, the day devoted by deceased, too not without value. As a matter of fact, departed to that World is, but there are no dead. The spirit doesn't die, and to look on departed as at the continuator will live in the spirit of an indicator of knowledge of Bases.
793. (M. A. Y.). "About lovely satellites which this light for us blessed with the presence, don't speak with melancholy: they aren't present, and with gratitude – were". It is possible bring some amendment in words of the poet and tell that not only "were", but is and will be until warm feelings to them will burn in heart. Unfortunately, not only good feelings, but also angry, such as hatred, too don't die and too connect people strong hating each other. Therefore we will be very circumspect with those feelings which live in our heart not to burden neither others, nor. Hatred and love don't die if are transferred in Elevated.
794. (Guru). You can imagine, what set of feelings connected live people with departed to the World Thin. These threads live pulse in space. On them thoughts and experiences mutually are transferred. However, obviously they aren't audible mind terrestrial, but the feeling of burden or pleasure is often felt by the person though to explain them he isn't able. The interrelation of the worlds is very strong. The so-called dead at times very close are about live and even influence them. The worlds are connected closely. Time of association of two worlds comes nearer, and the border between them will become everything is thinner and is thinner while both worlds won't merge together in consciousness of the person.
795. (Dec. 22). All terrestrial human life is of preparation to elevated stay where he receives "a rich crop". At a full immovability of a body it is possible to make movements mentally. It is possible to fly, go, travel, and visit mentally any places, people and even far-out planets. Similar movements have huge value for thin existence because the spirit, to them got used and their mastered on Earth, in the Thin World will be free and mobile while motionless in thoughts – it will be connected in movements of a thin body. Even the mental gymnastics is very useful as not only develops muscles of a physical body, but also influences the thin. At mental movement it is useful to note that the thought and freedom it aren't connected by anything, except imagination. And if the imagination is rather developed and is free, mental travel, movement and flights aren't limited to anything, except those barriers which are put by the person. From here is usefulness of full liberation of thought. It is good to get used to fly about the globe mentally. How such flights are real, it is possible to judge on that if to think of the friend far, being on other end of Earth, he will obviously feel a contact of such thought if in it enough aspiration and hearts is enclosed. But the full reality and value of these experiences will be found after release from a body connecting movement of spirit. Spirit division too is based on thought movements. The pupil, who has understood sense and value of movement in thoughts, won't complain any more about the destiny even if it is compelled remain on one place because at any moment of a physical immovability or never leaving stay on one place he can make the mental flights which will get each time more and more reality. Eventually mental visit of the distant friend won't be empty and groundless dream, but real action of thought on the thin plan, action, consequences bringing.
796. (M. A. Y.). Note the fact that the mighty and sincere impulse to discard age old piles immediately brings their investigation. What will they when the solid and steady judgment in that direction to reach the end! Nor is it without regret and hesitation finally part ways with what still binds the wings of spirit and stirs them freely swing! With the load on the wings cannot fly, just not in the spirit of get rid is the responsibility of the student, who decided put her irreversibly.
797. (Guru). Above-person interests and aspiration of the common good, that fill the consciousness of worker-the spirit, do not leave it in the world, resulting in the direction of its aboveground activity. Personal leave and much can be forgotten as unnecessary, but work for the common good is the engine of the spirit and the World Aboveground.
798. (Dec. 23). Sharing knowledge with others, we slow down the advance to the purpose final. Thereof the feeling of the any devastation turns out, as if there was a loss something. There can be it and that there is no corresponding depth of understanding from the listening. Besides, the proverb remains in force: A fly won’t get into a closed mouth. But, on the other hand, the shared knowledge is the victim brought by the attendant of Light, or self-rejection that extraordinary advances giving if only the donation doesn't occur from egoistical desire give. Two poles of a thing uniform demand an equilibration them in consciousness. "The soul believing for the friend the" finds it, and loses – anything to nobody giving.
799. (M. A. Y.). As grieving and rejoicing, if know! But Said, that "your sorrow is joy," that is, what upsets and this cast will be served for future joy. It is true, as the opposite pole of the phenomenon asserts it as a whole, and the shadow is light.
800. (Guru). One is offset by a loss of something else; because nature abhors a vacuum, so do not be discouraged by anything too. Even the heavy brings relief. If people would understand that there is nothing that would deter or even delay the longer judgment time, much would be facilitated. Anyway, it would be easier to move from one State to another. Not counting anything My – can enter.
801. (Dec. 24). How to be farther? Go, without stopping, without shortening a stride rhythm. In covers everything constantly is in movement and constantly changes. But the Lord is invariable, Bases are invariable. It is impossible to stop thought on flashing waves of the stream rushing by. On the river bank of Eternity the Teacher, and with it the pupil sits, and both behold a life stream, without identifying itself with it. Where is of past everything? Everything by flew, and the Silent Witness inside Continues to look silently and only Record (space information) a stream rushing by. And you learn take a detached view as though, without entering into its waves. Everything will come, even the moon and the sun, but spirit will arrive for ever and ever.
802. (M. A. Y.). A definite must assert itself on a daily basis, because dense obviousness before his eyes and her knowledge of the spirit is obscured by strongly. And so goes the persistent struggle in conscience between visibility and effectiveness. At the mercy of the obviousness of it all, live until the moment of departure of the constellations. And then collapsing phenomenon of phenomenal world and another world stands at the front of the stage and superseding world tight. We should be ready for the inevitable destruction of visibility. Yesterday also showed that visibility itself. But where is it now? It is not, he raced in the consciousness by constant stream of changing external phenomena. It has not returned. So it is necessary to be, leave in constant readiness without regret everything that around and that so strongly fills with itself consciousness. And no need to feel sorry about anything, because everything around is, was and will be, all of the temporally, all is impermanent and all will have to part ways. We are of wayfarers the road in of infinity. He flashes the roadside signs and the parties irrevocably a thing of the past as the spirit. Thus, in readiness will fly forward, without sparing anything that, in the past.
803. (Guru). What should be done next? Keep the balance above of all. Balance the spirit is of achievement open. It will help you stay on the crest of a wave. It protect from invasion of opposing energies. It will protect against dark attempts. It multiplies the force and would convey to the victory. Keep the equilibrium of spirit above all.
804. (Dec. 25). Yesterday talked about balance, it now appears to be in jeopardy. If seen at tailed, you who surrounded the lights extinguish, force would find a whole power against them crush the spirit. But the invisible leash, although her presence is felt directly. This invisibility is their advantage, and only the heart can give evidence about how strong onslaught. Gather around a Teacher's thoughts and not assume office. Couple goes wild because that is powerless, she senses, yet in the heart of the Lord. So strain all the energy of the spirit in a decision stand up the end.
805. (M. A. Y.). Here's "the winds blew and the rise of the wave”. Hold out you? But the Invisible Guardian Whispers: "Call Me!"
806. (Guru). When all words are told, there is one: severely, resolutely and immediately to put them in practice. Both the Help, and Protection, and Protection are given, but under a condition if is to what put that is if hearts fires didn't go out. If went out and there is nothing put sent by the Teacher of energy, situation allowed an infection in the heart is unenviable. Only internal firmness of spirit serves in opposition to darkness as a magnet for attraction of powers of Light.
807. (M. A. Y.). Yes, Yes, Yes, "even this will also change" everything goes so tightly that surrounds you at this time and tries to influence you, strongly placing in conditions which are impossible to free ourselves from and through which you want to or not, but must inevitably take place. And when they take place, even the memories of them would rather not come at heart, because they are too heavy, these conditions, and so far removed from your aspirations and all that, as you mentioned. Thought live and hope for the future, coming just as certainly as close tomorrow. What is small according you this is projected happen also in the large? Judgment time is approaching.
808. (Guru). In the place future to that surrounds you nowadays, won't be. Everything will be other not similar to the present, and everything will be saturated spirit another. The burdensome threshold full of severe tests is only a step in a judgment field of activity. Also long, difficult, comprehensive preparation of consciousness that fully equipped with readiness and knowledge could enter into it is necessary.
809. (Guru). Dark attempts to damage the tenacity and unbalance the opposable tenacity standoff darkness and unbeatable Anticipation.
810. (M. A. Y.). Who to whom or to what will direct, that with that and will come. It is the aspiration Law, it works precisely, mistakes don't happen. It is possible to be quiet in confidence that your spirit will arrive with those who lives in heart, – both now, and then. The magnet of heart is mighty.
811. (M. A. Y.). Especially try dark, surrounded you, to separate from Us and to inspire: that there is nothing that are left and forgotten, and to prevent to conduct records. Evidence is on their side. It also tries to influence. In this hard time the consciousness should seek to be kept on Bases. Against them the darkness is powerless. They repeat in it continued.
812. (Dec. 26). You ask why life develops so heavy and why so many sufferings and burdening’s? I will answer: who from following Me had it easy? All heavy suffered, many were pursued, many in dungeons were lost, many were killed. And, if the next test is necessary, it is necessary meet courageously. Lying don't beat it is right. But dark don't recognize any rules. Brutal cruelty is their invariable rule. If not our Protection, would erase in powder. We protect within admissible a karma. But through inevitable it is necessary to pass and that to pay off on last accounts before a karma.
813. You ask why life develops so heavy and why so many sufferings and burdening’s? I will answer: who from following Me had it easy? All heavy suffered, many were pursued, many in dungeons were lost, many were killed. And, if the next test is necessary, it is necessary to meet courageously. Lying don't beat it is right. But dark don't recognize any rules. Brutal cruelty is their invariable rule. If not our Protection, would erase in powder. We protect within admissible a karma. But through inevitable it is necessary to pass and that to pay off on last accounts before a karma.
814. Great Days come. Days against Us going are considered. All we Will move away. All we Will break. Inevitably Fiery Epiphany (that is contact of a human body with new fiery energy and their inevitable assimilation or...). It already began, and weak covers fuse. The confusion will be great because the darkness is doomed. Great time goes. Enlightenments will be endlessly. Light celebration. Will start "The Christ Revived", because Will revive truly in heart. The darkness for sets becomes repugnant, and it will be lost, without having a support in the hearts of the human. Great pleasure of Light and in Light hearts will flare. Truly there is a world transformation. Transfigured of Earth and the Sky, - New stand. Winner light goes. Feel it is necessary essence of judgment transformation of spirit of mankind. Weak in Light, but having it in one thousand times becomes stronger and strong in darkness – will weaken and becomes powerless. And sons of Light will be given the power over Earth, and from sons of darkness – is taken away. In the spirit of prepare by the time of Great Coming that not to pass it. Unless I here or there? I NOWADAYS and here in the hearts of your Is and with you be for ever and ever. It was told that the darkness "as a bull cardboard", and its rush will be great. Sweep all knots of resistance, Light-Fiery darkness we Will burn. Out of time and distances strong with Me in unification be because the world will be shaken to the basis. The unification with Me will give power of overcoming of tridimentionality dense. With Me going – the winner always. In Day of Coming of Light the winner it is thousand fold will increase in the power.
815. My children, loved by kids, hear and know that happiness goes. Light is everything to you for the incoming light. Will the world shine My Light? "The Great is of gulf of your happiness." My Treasures will give food inexhaustibility of spirit. Come to Me forever, for there shall not, in the light of the Rays of My Light touches.
816. (Dec. 28). Hunger and thirst after are sated. And the more spiritual hunger, so much the better, gets better. A lot of hungry spirits now have no spiritual gifts, but will have. And the lack of calls action the opposite pole is the abundance of the gifts of the spirit. We know the Law, and because it is joyful, our confidence in the future of inflexible. This is only a springboard to aspirations for the future. Only for his sake, for the sake of the future is all of Our Labors. Together with us, Call us to it, creating new life forms of their understanding to extend limitlessly. You say: the mystery of the vainness understands, because all future stages of evolution of the spirit are potentially in a person. What untold opportunities ahead. They are not heeded until acknowledged. Awareness has a direct path to mastering. Only strive consciously to the possibilities of the future, and you will flood lights light. If last is the darkness, the Light in the future. Chest immensity of treasures, correctly prepared for man from the beginning of time. There are many things in Our Stores, that mankind is (now) cannot yet perceive. Keep up to date a lot. The mighty forces of cosmic Energies in the unripe "hands" are dangerous. Look forward to distant Worlds, for there the accumulation of spiritual treasures is a whopping and exceeds much of mankind's accumulation. Cooperation with Distant Worlds is possible, but only when the aspirations for them. Heart opens toward the right to engage in lawful heritage of you. Baskets and pots need to be in that gathering.
817. (M. A. Y.). As the great division of mankind into two camps – light and darkness – and to you people dramatically reveal My face. Some fit and become closer, others, on the contrary, alienate or simply take a hostile situation. Litmus paper is valid. Not all of the latest enemies of light but a mean spirited they complicate his future. We will be very attentive to these phenomena benevolence or animosity. For you taking Calling you and you reject yourself deprived of opportunity, maybe the only one in this incarnation, and come close to the Hierarchy of light it is through you.
818. (Guru). And even unrealizable hopes, hopes, expectations and caught word of the future may not kill the aspirations and confidence in the ultimate victory of light. In perceptions can be errors, or more distant future is postponed to the next few days. Mostly of perception is correct, but the timing may not be accurately understood if only because they mysterious. So, nobody and nothing can shake the firmness of mind and will get to the ghosts of Maya and motion occurring in temporary and mortar shells, the Fiery reality. Is Light in the face of darkness and anyone and anything that seeks to extinguish it?
819. (M. A. Y.). Know the times, when not only yours, but also our expectations were, not implemented, so what of it? No expectations and aspirations are, but the affair. What it is and how everyone can give himself a harsh report. If Case the Bishop depending on age: hopes and aspirations, and the main thing, that is to perform the spirit lamp, you can forget. And it's not waiting. Darkness lashed out. The latest attack come darkness. Really forget about that, what is the necessary? The feat required case and actively confront the darkness.
820. (Dec. 29). So, the attacks have continued. Center attacks shifted the World Thin during sleep, when the weakened watch and easier to engage in astral placed net. So, before falling asleep it is necessary to take special measures of protection and harness the astral firm order will of willfulness. Should weaken the watch during sleep or to forget about the order, dark whispers immediately will take advantage of this. The Citadel of the spirit needs a strong and comprehensive protection. Furu is the darkness. All, with no protection, is open to the enemy.
821. (Dec. 31). The mortal personality demands to her attention and imposes itself and the experiences to consciousness, but to concern the 6th principle, it is necessary to extinguish her and force break off at least for a while. But small "I" the person importunately very much and constantly interfere in his thinking, seeking to fill with myself of all his consciousness. That to bridle it and moderate his rage and the willfulness, some devotees castigated the body, tortured it, chains and vlasyanitsa (of clothes) carried. These cruel measures they tried to calm down an astral, bridle it, and subordinate the will, and lead silence. This irrepressible cover is very persistent and persistent, undividedly owns the majority of people. Precept "Be rejected from itself" "I" meant personal, egoistical, small in the person and an ardent self-service in which people indulged. Service to Light and self-service are incompatible. The super personal thinking and service to mankind exempt consciousness from slavery at the astral. All great people, mankind Torches, were in this regard free. And their names were remembered and remained so far as, having forgotten about it, they directed the efforts on service to neighbors. There is no other way to Light, except a self-rejection way. Those who strongly indulge in a self-service cult have the share in life terrestrial, but have no it in life another, it on change of the going.
• The end of Records, 1971.