Agni Yoga's facets, 1972 (101-250)

101. (March 28). The wide statement of a name of the Guru has special value. That, was be impossible some time ago, possible became now and timely. Certainly, We Help, but performers often don't know, under what impulse work. And it is good that don't concern depths. Inscrutable ways the Doctrine extends. He should pave the way at counteraction of ignoramuses and the denying. Pictures can accept, at all without understanding their contents, but to accept the Doctrine, consciousness preparation is necessary. The doctrine will be accepted, but time is necessary.
102. (M. A. Y.). "The Sun pass away and moon, but not one jot not pass away of the Law, until not acting all" – that understanding happening on the planet and go over life. And be path you’re straight and it is steady. People rush from one extreme to another, from disbelief and denial to affirmation, from ignorance to knowledge. But wisdom enjoined the middle way. Wisdom does not know these rhythmical swings. The goal is defined by law, which is based on enduring Principles. And no matter what happens on Earth, destiny of mankind is defined by space Laws at all times.
103. (Guru). Performed by foreordained by Lords both worlds, both visible and Invisible take part. Therefore usual terrestrial measures people aren't able to counteract it. Dark, however, can, leaning on the lower class of an astral, but only for the time being in limited limits. To this time there comes the end. The deprived supports from the Thin World attendants of darkness will be given not able not to develop the usual activity. The support from under feet will be at them beaten out. The fate of dark evil makers expecting them with approach of Satia Yugi is unenviable. New Beams over Earth bear destruction of a dark support in the Thin World, and Great Arrival will decide their destiny forever.
104. (March 29). Not Give and not Let the Badger skip and destroy you. Similarly, do not make and will not allow dark destroy your Home, what they want. Strongly Dreadful conspiracy against it, but not as scary as hell it is painted. Do not do this Gave Hitler. And we won't let him; however they may not cover garments. Their essence is the same, and just wants to sweep away from the face of the Earth, the stronghold of the new world. Yes, yes, despite all its imperfections and shortcomings in the hope of saving the planet and humanity is a new country, and through new forms of public life prevail. Not get rid and get rid, and you want an imperfect and precious remains, and will help it, carrying the burden of the world, all peoples of the Earth to come out on a new road. Difficult international situation; mixed among masses of supporters and opponents of the new world, but the victory banner flies over his already invisible light.
105. (M. A. Y.). About a judgment victory of our Homeland over her all enemies it was spoken already repeatedly. It was spoken and personally to you during last war when situation seemed almost hopeless. It was spoken and after when enemies again began to surround it from all directions. I speak about the same and now. Yes, danger is great, but for us the Lord, and all troops of Light, and everything who wants approach of the New Eyelid. Ancient predictions mentioned and warned about time of change two South, Cali and Satia. Again I remind of it that knew that defeat is impossible because all Luminous intensity rose in defense of the New World and the New Country conducting in it.
106. (Guru). Do not think that is a responsible undertaking as popularizing the name Messenger, Hierarchy is done without regard to the exigencies of time. "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Sun. Who can say that he sees the future as his Teacher Sees the light? The leading Bishop Knows deadlines and is guided by them in their actions.
107. (March 30). Even ordinary people send each other beams of the thoughts which or create and bear Light, or strike. A lot of good and evil is created by mental beams and parcels. Arkhat's beam is powerful because it is loaded with energy of the lit centers. When the Beam is sent to the pupil by the Teacher, depends on the pupil – to accept or reject. The ardent egoism is similar to paling or needles of a hedgehog which don't allow the Contact. Thus has to be and the corresponding behavior, is necessary trust up to the end. The statement of the undoubted demands a conformable condition of consciousness.
108. (March 31). Even the best cults grew dull from the ordinary and collapsed. Influence of the ordinary is terrible that it kills inspiration and extinguishes fires of heart imperceptibly for the person. Small everyday affairs, thoughts and cares as a bog, tighten consciousness in the whirlpool and immerse it in utter darkness. It is very difficult to seize the transition opportunity, especially in cloudy day, from light of day to twilight. Also it is difficult to see and the moment, when start dying away fires heart. That is why continuous patrol that is spirit wakefulness is necessary. That is why the Beam is sent. In dark night the captain, having seen a beam of a far beacon, it any more won't miss not to go astray; otherwise not to avoid shallows or underwater rocks. This beam and in a storm is especially valuable at night. Edict on need of deduction of the Beam for consciousness is unshakable. Without it darkness and of invisible dangers, who are difficult for avoiding. Even to see a beacon beam, on it is necessary to look and not to lose sight any more. How still to convince of a most urgent need to keep constantly in consciousness the Teacher the sent Beam!
109. (M. A. Y.). The horizon is obscured by the twilight of this future. They are Dimming, and the memory of the past associated with the Teacher of light and us. But Maya you can firmly say: "Recede". It's confusing the inexperienced traveler it’s a mirage. Only the recognition of the Foundation and unshakable faith in the future can dispel it. Reality then beats the obviousness. And then, despite the latest and contrary to, you could say: judgement Light the future nobody and nothing can prevent being approved on the Earth and in the hearts of aboveground human except the man himself.
110. (Guru). Think of all that has been Said to you personally as a Teacher of light, when you will be at all times an inalienable and belong to you. Relationship with a Teacher is created for centuries and dense obviousness cannot replace a reality and destroy what was and is; Says clearly: "I with you always". In this position, and assert as on the rock of Eternal Life Foundation.
111. (Nov. 1). Light is a healer. I’ll always aura darkened, and lights it’s dim. The struck fabrics aren't shone. Treatment by mental energy makes their clarification. Mental and physical Touch Teachers transmit Light. Medium Light transmits light from the whole surrounding entity: and the people and animals, and plants, and things are a blessing to all that exists. Through the power of lightful radiations aura and character is determined by their level of spirit. Repeat: nature, because dark ierofant are able to be surrounded with flashing. But then the fake stones sparkle. Having eyes may see. Fake Olympia too is surrounded by a deceiving gloss. Open the eyes of the heart cannot be misleading. The spirit of establishing a phenomenon of light is on the right track, on a narrow trail leading to life. In the early stages of Light Sends Teacher in senior disciple said to Light self-reference Treasure Stone present itself. Light auras determine the degree of achievement. Holding a Stone in the hands of the Treasure is the winner. And while more and more and gets paid, the value of the treasure was not commensurate with the paid for it. Thoughts Media Stone particularly strong are spatially. They are particularly important when relating to the common good. Great is the responsibility of the Media World in thought.
112. Special significance of the foundations in that, they not steadfast and not independent of fleeting fortunes covers. In a moment of confusion, and personal, and the spatial, on Bases it is possible to lean and sustain an impact. All the rest is fragile and temporary. Their repetition in itself is not broken force gives of firmness of spirit.
*113. Mobilization of humanity under the Banners of Light goes at full speed. Suitability of the called is determined by a treatment of light and shade. There is an office of sheep from goats; Last division of mankind.
114. (Apr. 2). Fight against a flesh gives pleasure. Without fight no victory. Many spirits stumbled on it. It is hardly to seize Kundalini power. Already a victory if force manages to be lifted it on a column from below up. Astral uses a condition of a dream, that to show itself. It is necessary that the will was on patrol and during a dream. If it manages to be reached, the victory will be full. It isn't necessary to forget only that the chopped-off heads of a monster grow again. When the spear over a dragon doesn't doze, the dragon isn't terrible. The dragon, when in rest because then patrol is usually weakened is dangerous. In fight it is easier to bridle it, than to be attacked unexpected when patrol is lowered. Mastering by I Will, if awake the spirit. Itself on Earth seized the winner will be, and having dumped a body. There is no more difficult and great victory, than over. All other victories anything in comparison with it, - because its fruits remain forever with the person. But, even having won and having won the whole country, the winner can't take it in the World Thin with himself. Fruits of a spiritual victory are integral. Therefore the first place is allocated for internal fight and overcoming of. And that advantage to the person if the whole world wins, and remains in slavery at an own astral. To a victory over I Call and among the won I Learn called by Me.
115. Whether this achievement – to be armed without the uniform device or the weapon. Such invisible arms remain with the person who has seized him in all his conditions. Now imagine the most powerful and richest terrestrial lord, but not seized these hidden arms, and the person who doesn't have anything, even shirts, but seized of. Which of them you will prefer to be? Now or ten, twenty or hundred years, in this world or in what of these two would like to become? The value of achievement is shown in time. Moving the phenomenon into the future, you define its true value. It is impossible to take things in the future terrestrial. The owner of treasures terrestrial can be niches in the spirit world. Therefore it is said about collecting on Earth of that is integral neither life nor death.
116. You will be accused of borrowing from the Teachings; even thoughts will lead foreign words and sayings, not put in quotation marks. Not confused by these accusations, but just say: Yes, that's right. All that contains in these records is taken either from the Doctrine or from the Teacher. Anything isn't present mine because to the Doctrine I didn't write any line. Recorded same thoughts not My Teacher and do not belong to Me. I simply was the transmitter and a catcher of that I managed to apprehend. Anything isn't present min. Who wants to read them, let not reading, but it doesn't hurt to learn from them what there is in a different location, or that is contained there is very difficult. "
117. (M. A. Y.). Psychic energy sent a Teacher is like the Gospel talents and maybe spent a student differently. From experience, observed how, after receiving a gift from you, your pupils will immediately spend it quite differently: some useful and fruitful life, others harm themselves and others. In some lit up by the high feelings in others. Even the light that Brought people to the Savior, one would wake up the Fiery spiritual aspirations, in others the cruelty and malice. The energy is given, but it depends on the free will of man. The energy is neither evil nor good. Evil or good makes her man, letting it’s respectively. Teacher disciple can charge heavy mental energy to send if it is confident that it will be used for good.
118. The general hierarchically which covers the chain of Hierarchy to the top. It has to be every Тeacher. Similarly, students tend to act according to it as its sole discretion. Has nothing also means that consciousness is illuminated with the understanding cannot usurp the spatial thought. Student cancels the ownership of ideas.
119. (Apr. 3). It is amazing how people like to limit yourself to all sorts of conventions, rules, fashion, habits, different absurd rituals, etiquette. It is impossible to list all the concoctions of ignorance and stupidity. Some fudge last for centuries, and all are subject to them without a murmur. Nose rings, tattoos, corsets, caste of India, courtier’s labels and so on without end. Sometimes it is useful to think about the uselessness of these inventions. When and who invented them and forced the people to blindly follow them? How many ridiculous prohibitions already lost its meaning, but not the dare throw off chains of many restrictions? If we add the scientific, philosophical and all sorts of other delusions, the picture is quite inconspicuous and do not honor the mind exists. Century and all other heaps of human delusions need cleaning.
120. (M. A. Y.). Bishop Said: "I am with you always". Dense obviousness strong refutes this allegation. What to believe said by the Bishop or what before My eyes. Until you learn to believe despite the obviousness, not become disciples.
121. (Guru). See how the sky in the horizon merges with the Earth, although this is not the case. See how far Rails while converge. See all subjects plane alone, but know that this is not the case and attach them to bulge and depth. See all in perspective, although in reality it does not exist. So the thought is overcome by limiting the senses and the world is perceived in a more plain form. When driving fast, the whole visible landscape comes in motion and start to run all visible objects, some sort of overtake others. All this deception of the senses and all this without even excite surprise. Many unusual phenomena no longer excite him. Still, you should give a clear account in everything what is happening around. Many wonderful things you can discover the wonder and more. The world is not as simple as it sounds familiar look.
122. (Apr. 4). You can merge with the Beacon "as it’s the continuous part” and be a part of it. And then is nothing left, everything will be Lord. Personal is more important, significant and spatial. Not come out differently on the expanse of space. Merge with spatial thinking thoughts about yourself has been delayed. "Let him deny himself" – Decree of immutable. Psyche, its non-compliance, is exposed to the lowest layers of the Astral, a fervent peace. «In good we rise”. What does, or rather, falls short of medium and where? Hold on tight, but not for him, but for Me, otherwise not kept. Because so much and is given to a place no longer remained. I and My going will reach, but it will not come walking her and him.
123. On the one hand, the need to live in the conditions which put karma and not to be averted, on the other, you must known loss of land. How to combine seemingly incompatible? Have to remember again the ancient Testament: "Caesar-Caesar", that is, earthly – of Earth and Higher to be higher. So, fulfilling the duty of his earthly before people and themselves, are not breaching any karma. After all, even the body of its need to water and feed, clothed and shod. Because to be averted hard to walk the Earth, though holding up his head up. So balancing opposites in the mind is a sign of correctness of the middle path.
124. (M. A. Y.). Why understand only crazy obsessed by where the drunkard is obsessed with his passion, and the gambler cards and nicotine the smoker. Diverse and rich in color form, from the elusive possession almost to express clearly and rapidly. They all have roots stretching back into the past spirit deeply. Therefore also fight against them is difficult. It is important to understand the extent of their slavery a blemish, a weakness, certain thoughts or habits. And then we can begin to fight. The Institute would be established in the future to combat the substance, and the workers will know the basics of the teachings. You cannot fight a, denying the invisible world. Exposure usually goes from there. Denying it becomes obsessed with the helpless victim of dark influences. And understanding the science of life can only give the correct approach to the problem.
125. (Guru). Task of the Teacher in that, that from the habitual, blazed road to bring the worker of art to a singularity way. The beaten road is the majority, not blazed, new-only favorites; the elected in the sphere of the highest creativity, - to be honorable. It is not always easy to get away with a familiar road, but impulse is to be given. And then let him who decides whether to go the same path or choose a new path.
126. (April 6). My children, "poisonous times will be held, but will stay with you all your savings, and close your heart close again and some will. Zoom out temporarily. And since it's remote but not the heart, the relationship remains unbroken. The strong connection of the heart, and that of the external circumstances are independent and they cannot destroy them. True love endures and endures everything. She also is the engine of the spirit. The doctrine of life will give it as the key to all success.
127. (M. A. Y.). Love beyond time and distance is available and understood by very few. This love does not die and do not depend on Shell's spirit. Don't know the other human senses are superior to this feeling. Perceptions are the easiest to transfer takes place via the senses. Small minds, but is able to love, to outperform large, but not capable of building. In which only the extremes not deepened people's achievements! But the most straightforward overlooked. Hatha Yogi, training exercises, formidable body never reaches what a devoted pupil achieves love. Heart of to be averted Lord openly love anyone who rushes to the heart.
128. (Guru). Indeed, the most difficult times came. Misfortunes come pouring out like a cornucopia of far and near, to all who are around. No one can evade the latest calculations. Takes stock of past lives to be exempt from baggage allowances rather unnecessary everybody who is destined to bring in the future. Not everyone is destined to. Why the great Separation. People don't understand the meaning of what is happening, but not eliminates the confusion of reckoning. That's why so much grief, so much about diseases and various trouble. All over the planet is this process, no skipping.
129. (Apr. 7). You cannot touch the subtle energies in isolation from the Us. It can end disbalance mental, and then and the real of obsession.
130. (Apr. 8). '' When stand up at the Western Wall, remember that joy is coming ". According to the law of alternation of phenomena and shifts the opposite after the night always comes a day. Knowing this, do not despair too, because there are no endless tests. Everything that happens in life is and will be. Most should remember the words of Solomon: "and this too shall pass".
131. (M. A. Y.). Defenseless lambs itself don't represent – will erase in powder. And if you cannot defend themselves by words and normal way, proceed silently. Call us for help. Learn to work together. After all, it is they, our and your enemies and henchmen to cause feelings of helplessness and weakness of spirit to those more painful wound. Do not give in. Rhythm, apply and remember that your efforts will not go without consequences. And much can be silently to bring to consciousness the human and a lot of things can be told. But supporters and helpers of dark still persist in using the new invention, which hurt, sadden and harm. Here are the things internally and do not let the remained fruitless efforts. Spear above the lift steady hands and harm the already do not submerge.
132. (Guru). Taking the boom opponents Light shield, do not let they could hurt you, in addition to shields, causing a painful reaction. The fiery board of mental energy is impenetrable if keeps a firm hand. The boom may come back and hit that sent it. Breakout hit is inevitable. Main thing is evil does not want to wreckers because the investigation of their actions they will invite themselves and without you. You can even feel pity for them.
133. (Apr. 9). While obsession isn't found, the beget feels in safety and can influence the victim. At detection usually recedes or moderates the activity. While people around attribute stran genesses and tricks obsessed to anything, but only not to obsession, hands of enrages are untied. But, when the beam of understanding shines the valid reason of these tricks and unbalance singular, impunity and invulnerability of an obsessed come to an end and it comes into the view of the people who are already able from it to be protected. And the relation to the obsessed changes, and opportunities it show themselves under the guise of simply sick, or the unbalanced person, or simply the person with nasty character to which all this easily escapes punishment are reduced. It is necessary to find first of all obsession, and only then it is possible to be protected from it. It is impossible to fight against invisible, unknown, not recognized danger or to be protected from it.
134. (M. A. Y.). Collision with the dark can weaken very much. Therefore to work against them it is necessary together with the Lord, strong holding Him. Their advantage before you, that your eye doesn't see them.
135. (Guru). Feast of the resurrection of Christ also means that the resurrection of the spirit can touch believers in him. Now sleeps the human spirit. But it is judgment the future of humanity, and its entry in the South will be accompanied by an awakening Satia spirit.
136. (Apr. 10). No matter how unfavorably evolved life, improve your mind and approve the quality of apparatus you can always. And even small made in this direction, will be promoting useful, not standing still. Stagnation causes rotting. So, every morning, whatever the mood, you can give yourself at least a small job to gain any quality. All merits certainly are useful. And then, the day will be spent usefully.
137. (M. A.Y.). Restraint is - the quality desired. Restraint of feelings, thoughts, acts and movements means control them that are control or the power over them. If a day without saying a single word, without unnecessary emotions unnecessary, or thoughts, or similar deeds and nervous movements, this will be a very good preparation for future work on yourselves and deepening action useful. Any promiscuity is not acceptable, and psychic – in particular.
138. (Guru). It is good to think also during the day and of others, and somehow and something to help off. It is so much grief around and so much needing the help, in the encouragement and support word. Not only to you, but also another it is heavy, far and close. And any good deed always can be made during the day. So, the day by going, it is possible to carry out with advantage not only for itself, but also for others. Following for the Teacher assumes rejection from itself and the personal phenomena and the legend of to business of General Welfare.
139. (Apr. 11). Having planned for this day the statement of a certain quality, follows at withdrawal to a dream to check how the decision was executed; if it is bad, - planned to repeat if it is good, - to plan the new.
Check is necessary; differently the best intentions remain impracticable and are forgotten in life turmoil.
140. (M. A. Y.). Create a habit every day say the quality is mind over reality, is swallowed up in victory. Routine kills the best aspirations. Do not hold in their hands the thread of Ariadne, if not defeat the bustle of everyday life. Themes and strong evidence, that being in front of the eyes, shining horizon future dimmed.
141. (Guru). It is easy to shorten a stride before a blank wall; it is easy to be covered with visibility and to take Maya ghosts for reality. But Edict to go line of the Beam that is not to shorten a rhythm a stride and not to stop before anything, whatever impassable this visibility seemed. After all moves forward and the spirit directs, and for spirit, of a barrier of the dense world of reality don't show, because it belongs to the world of the highest measurements. Of the spirit no other-worldly, and three-measure earthly not it’s of the kingdom.
142. (Apr. 12). The true character of a man is among life's everyday life on the minutia of appliances and every day. The flow of the spirit is defined in these conditions, but not in moments of special upgrades. Fly, especially under the influence of light, not too hard but stay on the flight and stay at that altitude a person is unable to last long. So, everyday work means a measure of achievements when in daily life are tempering quality of spirit and approved way. About the person judged by what is normal in life. This is why often a person who has committed any heroic act in the life of a normal might not rise and does not constitute a form of hero.
143. (M. A. Y.). The steel chain isn't stronger than the weakest link; as and of person. Therefore harmonious development of all qualities of spirit or the symphony of qualities is necessary. And if all are good, and one strongly limps, lameness won't allow to move ahead successfully, won't be eliminated yet. Spots on aura are very dangerous.
144. (Guru). "If you are the son of God, come down from the cross, If you are really a Teacher of light, do it the way I want. What is the difference between the two cases? Whether they also serve as expression of extreme degree of ignorance and self-affirmation? Not shown whether they desire to overturn the Karma and the failure to recognize the law of cause and effect? Diverse grimaces spirit.
145. (Nov. 14). Correctly would take it that, the world situation is tense. Deadlines and require extreme measures. Your internal State confirms that the planetary situation is tense.
146. (M. A. Y.). Various independent of our circumstances may prevent the execution of our promises, but the basic flow of events leading to the judgment future, are not to be beaten.
147. (Guru). Whether who can stop time? Whether who can deprive future mankind? Whether who can deprive mankind of Light? If the angry put barriers, they will be distraught together with the interfering. Judgement should be, and anything in the world of approach won't stop it.
148. (Apr. 15). Desirable properties, qualities, habits or the actions even once approved within one day can start being shown after a while in it without special reminders. After one-day attempt something in itself to approve it. The same at repeated efforts will approve in itself desirable quality, giving itself a morning task daily.
149. (Apr. 16). Of internal coordination, or harmony, – one of the most difficult achievements; it is difficult because outside it isn't present, isn't present and among people around. And, if it’s any degree nevertheless is carried out; people around the disharmony break it. To establish it in people around often task excessive as the vessel full of holes won't hold water. Noticed more than once, what even relatives, having received from you gift, spent the received it is inexpedient. Influences internal state and spatial not balance, which influence it is difficult to neutralize. That is why It is said that the Burden of the world of this bike. And still the first task is, despite everything, to keep balance, being preserved against any influences and without allowing them inside; heavy influence people, especially angry. But, having approved strongly on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life will resist up to the end.
150. (M. A. Y.). When by the Teacher It is instructed, it should be run. If it fails immediately, on the first day, you have to repeat and repeat it until it becomes entrenched. So, the morning task to apply it is given in practice to the end of life in the body of the Earth. This will be climbing the stairs light, which has 366-speed day and night stages 366. So, the morning daily task you can add a night when the order will give direction to human inner self when it is dense body in the dream state. So, night and day not interrupted progress toward goals a distant but already increased twice due to the extension of a night job.
151. (Guru). What we choose to set the day today? Is it continuous mindfulness about Teacher? The job is not easy, since the first contact with the minutiae of life standard seeks to repay him and makes him forget. What comes out? But what comes out is no nonsense, nonsense and not notable stuff, take out entirely, and for the most necessary places no longer remains. This insufficiency is unacceptable. It has been said, cooperative actions with the Teacher. Why not by doing something, think of the chosen Face? Or It is so unclear and so isn't already that dissipates when first breeze? You should even think about it and Face to approve, because waves coming events can sweep away all the well-established not durable.
152. (Guru). While the existence of feelings and makes it easy to focus on this particular subject or person, it is necessary to be able to focus and without this condition. Successful job, but has at times run over, as there is no interest. In other words, the concentration must possess, because even with feelings can be and there are severe distracting circumstances that need to be overcome. So love and aspiration to a Teacher shall be tested for distracting circumstances.
153. (M. A. Y.). "In darkness external crying and a gnash tooth". That is why it is so difficult to distinguished consciousness to live in living conditions of the usual. And it is necessary to understand and not to refer the experiences and feelings into the account of the imperfections. They are. Who doesn't have them? And still there are simplification moments when harmonious currents replace the disharmonious. It proves that not so much personal trouble, how many
154. (Apr. 18). There is nothing surprising that people continue to persist in the delusions. So was always. But delusions to delusions discord, as well as mistakes. Delusions and errors of this eyelid can easily lead to world accident and death of mankind. We constrain "a madness bridle" but when, at last, people will come round and will replace swords on I shouted. "The world on Earth and goodwill in people” are necessary as rescue. Deadlines dictate also extreme measures. But the human spirit is silent.
155. (M. A. Y.). Even interested-how many times one must repeat the morning job, so it was completed successfully. What is the reason for failure? Does not of it think? Not about whether that aspiration is not all strings, and the desire to not much. So, accurate evaluation of itself provides an experience. And then you have to realize that the rate of promotion and sales achievements are approved only to actions consistent with vigor.
156. (Guru). Target of evolution of the person – is the creative. Executing Space Command, the mankind creates. And creativity it is so wide and diverse what to capture it in all its forms it is almost impossible. And still the highest form of creativity human there is an art. It opens ways to the Highest Worlds, and it lifts spirit on the highest steps of improvement. It is told clearly more exhaustively: "Through art you have Light".
157. (Apr. 19). Any effort doesn't remain without consequences. Therefore, them repeating incalculable number of times, it is possible to achieve success. Long ago It is told that making effort achieves "the God's Kingdom", that is enters into Communication with the Highest World. It is especially difficult now when planetary disbalance reached extreme limits. Improbable difficulty is explained by it to come into far contact. But efforts we won't stop. The fate disappeared, won by this terrible counteraction and laid down arms is unenviable.
158. (M. A. Y.). Hunting, just for the hell of it to kill, – a remnant from savages; in the future it in general will be forbidden, and animals and birds – are pardoned. For the sake of food and on need still murder can find somehow a justification, but for the sake of entertainment – never. Certainly, it is necessary that the consciousness regenerated, and it is process slow. Often instead of regeneration it degenerates, that is involution. One consciousness’s go up, others down. Down - there is a lot of going. These are fateful souls if forces don't find in themselves again to rise. Monastery shining Light and a dark chasm of falling are open for entering and descending spirits.
159. (Guru). Bipolar vision allows you to see both poles of the observed phenomena and act accordingly. Like a shadow behind a moving object, it should be dark pole phenomenon for light. Involve both the law of opposites. Bright consciousness chooses the positive side of things and it strengthens, dark-negative, and it strengthens. So, the best beginnings, establishment and establishments in the dark hands have their shadow side. This is very typical for the end of the Kali Yuga. Southern, Southern Light Satia will stop the lawlessness. And the ultimate Coastal drift erosion of darkness will be great.
160. (Apr. 20). Seen at the time of the awakening branches are covered with grapes, and disappeared as soon as the Recycle eyes show that subjects in his subtle world as very real and have their color and shape, and in appearance little different from tight world supplies. Only the density of normal and they do not have the full weight and normal earthly sight was not detected. Reality of the subtle world for one incarnation’s is as obvious as the dense-embodied. Not foggy and vague something, but bright, colorful world, even more impressive than the Earth’s. Here's to this and we should be prepared when going Great borders. Dreams do not give a complete picture of the world as too unstable. But sometimes they make a very strong impression on dreamers. All that sees people on Earth, is embodied in the subtle world plus own subtle forms that are imprinted in the busy world. There people usually see what is his consciousness and thought and that is conformable with surrounding his inner world, and sees through his aura. Extended consciousness is for beauty, wonderful extended world sees. Limit of vision are our own thoughts, but they limit the horizon in sight. Above ground World itself is infinite.
161. (M. A. Y.). Exercise with morning tasks per day we will continue. Gradually at repeatability and persistence so many it is possible to reach. If only not recede at failure, not to lose sight, and not to forget about given the chance. Tasks can be very various. Tasks can be very various. But it is better not to be scattered in the beginning, and to achieve results in something one if it is rather expedient and purposeful. The big task and efforts will demand the big. If, for example, to achieve success in Before-standing statement uninterrupted – unless it not achievement! Unless the sense of entire this embodiment won't be topped with it.
162. (Guru). It is impossible to demand constancy because the essence of an astral consists in Continuous change of its feelings from astral emotions and feelings. Therefore human moods and feelings are so unstable. The astral can paint appeal the most unattractive phenomenon. And the astral can replace the brightest feeling opposite. From there are so much hobbies and so many disappointments of people in each other. All is fragile based on personal feelings of an astral. Therefore, observing in people inflow and отливы astral feelings, it is necessary to store full tranquility and not to allow that they mentioned and influenced. Ability not to give in to foreign moods of this sort is reached by experience.
163. (Apr. 21). Order to the Highest exempts spirit from the lowest attractions. How to be approved in the most necessary? Remember about It. The thought of the Lord never remains without consequences. If the thought of people usual connects, then as unite with the Teacher invisible of cottons of thought of It. The thought is the united with that, on what it is directed. Think of with what or to whom you adjoin thought (that is you connect yourself magnetic power of thought). Vagrant and aimless thoughts are inadmissible.
164. If you have to give an answer for every thought, then what is its power! And still responsibility for thoughts isn't realized. But you cannot, with impunity, to deny what is. A thought is the "phenomenon of sheer happiness, if understood its power. The phenomenon of thought as a real factor of life as real power is negated, although all the players think. The negation allows trying to evade responsibility. Denial of reality leads to spiritual blindness, but does not release from responsibility. From what people once the Earth flat, it has not ceased to be a ball. So, any distortion of reality is established does not have and does not lead to knowledge.
165. (M. A. Y.). The study and comprehension of the surrounding world is human all the time to go but can never be exhausted until the end, because for it stands Infinity. So, the same phenomenon can be studied endlessly, constantly deepening the knowledge, but to comprehend them throughout their innermost essence is comprehensiveness. Man, evolving all the time opens up new aspects of the universe, enriching and expanding consciousness. The end of the world is learning. Cognition of space leads to Infinity and get lost in it.
166. (Guru). The essence of any phenomenon of living bottomless invariably leads a curious mind to gates of Infinity. And here begins the true cognition, because the only recognition the infinity leads to a correct understanding of things. Matter is eternal and eternal life, and correctly stated scientific formula that "nothing in nature does not disappear nor be born again", changing only the outer forms of its expression.
167. (Apr. 22). The highest task of Mother Agni Yogi was to show the highest coherence on a planet. Coordination’s with Hierarchy of Light double: internal and external. Internal coherence means a harmonious condition and interaction between itself all conductors of spirit, external first of all – with the Lord and all the Family. Any similarity of such coherence has to show and the pupil. As it isn't simple, it is possible to judge how it is difficult to hold coordination with the Teacher even during Communication, not to mention other time. It is so much distracting around. Different weight the spatial reached the apogee. Are sated inconsistency and of the human consciousness’s. It is so improbably difficult to keep balance. We Hold it. Help also you. The help to us - not arrogance, not arrogance, but the valid phenomenon, when the pupil helps to divide an excessive Burden of this world, assuming part it. Because so intolerable to you heavy at times. But and problem of this Making of a bike If you realize, that serious your condition not from itself, and from that, you share burden of the Burden; the consciousness is great force allows to sustain everything. Joy and of the grief, parting with the Teacher of Light, - on a right way. It also is a feat way.
168. (M. A. Y.). Communication with the Teacher of Light and us too is known degree of coherence, and external and internal. Without internal the external can't take place. So, on internal state of coherence it is necessary to pay special attention. The originality and spontaneity is appreciated. Let's seek to hold them, as far as possible, to show so necessary coherence of spirit.
169. (Guru). The success of communication comes before setting up the harp of the spirit for a lad. Of appropriate forms of treatment promote the fullness of Communion. Each sets them itself, not on someone else's track. In this regard the spirit is free to show an own choice. The originality and spontaneity is appreciated. Repeating other people's prayers is not as effective as the inimitability and originality of its own.
170. (Apr. 23). "Both will uplift you and will humiliate", but it only Way signs. And not so much for you, how many for them ennobling and humiliating, crucial importance because behind you there are I has their relation to you, and, you rejecting or accepting, reject or accept Me. Enemies your and My – enemies of Light, friends and employees – the consciousness’s gravitating to a pole of Light. And pass through life, bringing a sword dividing "sheep from goats ". Also know that raising a hand against you – on Me raise. Therefore there is no indifferent and indifferent relation to mine. Everyone, without suspecting, reveals the essence and defines the future. And them, on you rising, it is possible to regret only because their fate is unenviable.
171. (M. A. Y.). For spirit all nowadays and here because of three measurements and time is attributes of the dense world. The true love isn't connected by these fetters and therefore be displayed over them; as also proximity to the Lord and to us. Old communications, both long proximity, and long feelings have both time and a body. And, meeting friends and enemies from lives last, you know that worries not only love, but also hatred. So, in each next embodiment old friends and old enemies usually come nearer; a good few of all meetings terrestrial – from the past. Threads of karma don't interrupt time and endure it.
172. (Guru). Astral emotions have the power over consciousness only at that moment while are endured. Passes time, they go out and are replaced with the new. Happiness of the person, that everything is forgotten, evens the heaviest grief. Not maintain astral monotony, as its essence in continuous change of its feelings. When the astral cover is dumped, the person is exempted from the astral power, without ceasing to be oneself and realizing itself not lost the "I".
173. (Apr. 24). In deepening and Before-standing expansion constant it is possible to be improved incessantly; it yet won't occupy all proscenium of consciousness. Incompleteness here is unsuitable. The Teacher of Light needs completeness of return of the consciousness. Then vital blows and storms everyday won't have any more the usual power over the person. It is possible to endure sharply, say, property loss, either treachery of the friend, or other what adversities but if to understand that, personally belonging, anything isn't present that with what came to this world, with that and we will leave if know that treachery doesn't pass even Great Spirits if to realize that adversities and strokes of bad luck – the phenomena passing and temporary, and the relation to all this can change in a root. Wisdom considers terrestrial human life as Maya illusion. The true homeland of the spirit not here, but there, in the Kingdom, which no off other-worldly.
174. (M. A. Y.). Association in the spirit of always happens over dense conditions and usually to them contrary to. Both worlds, this and that, are connected indissolubly. But the first covers the second. The world dense, in which lives incarnate, is the present while in Mira Thin are concluded both real, and last, and future in its potential. And in the Highest Spheres of the Elevated World – even a projection of evolution of the world terrestrial. Thus, the World Thin is much wider than the world dense and is richer with its contents. The beauty of the Thin World surpasses terrestrial, and opportunities it are boundless. In the World where everything moves thought, creates thought. Also it is possible to imagine limitlessness of creativity of the spirit expanded and released from a body and attractions terrestrial. Light kingdom which other-worldly, is prepared for the spirit which has broken chains terrestrial.
175. (Guru). Care as well how to bring the Bowl to not spill. The poet speaks: "The golden bowl is empty". Yes, "is empty" for spilled it. And correctly adds that "drink in it – dream" and that "it not ours". And drink – dream and not ours it if it is filled by Maya if the reality doesn't make essence of drink. But if the life of consciousness on Bases and the Teacher of Light Borrows in it the first place, - it anymore not illusion, not delusiveness of terrestrial dreams, but reality of both worlds. Because the one who builds the temporary terrestrial stay in a body on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life that joins fiery reality of the Highest World and in it stays, both in this world and in that bearing the Bowl of not spilled.
176. (Apr. 25). It is easier to reject harmful, dirty or unusable thoughts, than thoughts life, stirring to concentration. The first are rejected thanks to their obvious harm, but the second, demanding attention and permission, stick strong and disturb. Therefore to completeness of Communication it is useful there is the exaggerated procedure leading to a known mood of consciousness to contact. Eremite’s yogis are relieved of this invasion of all the small life in their environment. For the same reason Ashrams where narrow-minded, everyday vanity isn't allowed are based and created. Even in the Thin World they are necessary insistently to protect his inhabitants from invasion of all disturbing spirit to come off terrestrial gravitations and terrestrial remnants. And in the dense world the citadel of spirit is carefully protected from terrestrial vanity. Hard it is a task because conditions usual oblige the person to adjoin too many undesirable phenomena and people. It is possible to call it test for release of consciousness from influences of the reek of alcohol terrestrial. Over rack of thoughts usual it is necessary to establish the power, keeping them under control and without allowing seizing all field of thinking. The thought of the Teacher of Light fiery is similar to a board.
177. (M. A. Y.). You know, small fussy thoughts how are insignificant, you know, in general fussiness how is destructive, you know the soon the passing nature it and still sometimes to it you give in. Whether not therefore, what the most necessary is forgotten and fades into the background? It is necessary to go on constantly to itself about pass ability and transience of the current hour and firmness of the basis, the Lord with us always if only the constant surf of waves of the everyday sea doesn't disturb it.
178. (Guru). The rhythm of repetitions of sacred appeals drives away an impact of thoughts life, fussy and small, dimming clarity of the far horizon. Such frequency, than immersion in a narrow-minded bog is better. Words of appeals or the address aren't important, they can be taken the relatives, to heart sounding, but it is important to repeat them, the poisonous fog of third-party influences or an oxide of own thoughts, small and the harmfully everyday won’t dissipate yet.
179. (Apr. 26). The jealous pupil thinks of achievements. It passes severe school of an apprenticeship in life. Much wants to reach. But any exercises, any posts, any prayers and even work it isn't advanced it to the purpose desired so quickly, as simple love to Tom Who Called. Truly so: the love reaches all. Whether it is possible to develop this feeling? It is possible. Care of a garden and watering by the certificate serve it. And even the garden should be loved. People often love individuals unworthy, finding in them something, for what they love them. Can't but yield results conscious efforts to develop in them feeling of love to the Highest Shape. And it is given so much. And as the result of appreciation for all, can amplify love, if to think of it. Aren't left and aren't left because are surrounded with Love. And if it is necessary to be ill or suffer struggles of life, not from a lack of Love from the Teacher there is it but because everything, even relatives, both were ill, and suffered, and received strokes of bad luck. Ways of the Highest Will are inscrutable. But the love overcomes and wins against everything. Carefully, ardently also it is directed it is possible to raise this feeling to the Teacher and over temporariness of dense conditions. Love – the winner of death. Long ago It is told that all should fall in love the heart, all thinking and force all. Learn to love if you want to reach.
180. (M. A. Y.). On a key of love the relations are under construction between the Teacher and the pupil. And then constant before standing comes of the achievable; otherwise as without love to think of It constantly and to hold the Image it before itself. It is impossible to force violently it. But if there is a feeling of love, the thought of Darling will accompany each step. "All searches are vain in sanctuaries and books, if in heart he love doesn't burn".
181. (Guru). Thoughts of love most likely reach Great Heart. On the areal and the Response, and Answer of the Beloved! It would seem, simply. But how many roundabout ways choose the spirits directed to Light, forgetting about the shortest. The most difficult choose and not bringing to the purpose, without understanding that all efforts won't yield their fruits if aren't warmed by ardent love to the Lord.
182. (Apr. 27). The orbit of an attraction of consciousness to the sphere of these or those phenomena is established by thought of them. The communication bridge is established by thought. On it there are receipts of the phenomena of the chosen sphere, thoughts attracted by magnetism. Stay in these or those spheres is caused by thought. People can live in one house or even in one room, but invisible spheres, them surrounding, can be absolutely various. People can live in one house or even in one room, but invisible spheres, the surrounding, can be absolutely various. The person is the magnet which force works constantly. The sphere of the thought created by the person, accompanies him on Earth and in the Worlds. The constant, persistent, habitual thoughts sated with emanations of heart are especially strong. The thought can become so strong what to be exempted from it people isn't able. About thoughts pure and light it isn't necessary to be anxious – their magnetism attracts up. But thoughts dirty, dark, angry powerfully carry away the person in a funnel of the circulation; and of grief to beget there. And, if the angry seeks to involve other person in vortex funnels of the bad thoughts, all forces should be collected not to begin to sound them in unison and not to be involved in their pernicious spheres attracting in a chasm. And, if to resist in Light, without having caught rage of an evil, the return blow, to it this way received, it will be directly proportional to power of thought. So, both kind and angry, everyone meets with the deserts, the first – the good, the second – the evil. Reaction of thoughts good, thoughts light, is beneficial, but is destructive – thoughts bad.
183. (M. A. Y.). Constancy of aspiration is immutable leads to the purpose how it was far and whatever unattainable it seemed. The few can boast of this quality. Not hard and not monolithic of the human aspirations. Hardness is usually found in aspiration to the personal egoistical purposes. But the personality – the phenomenon temporary, and so temporary Positive her aspirations to the purposes terrestrial also are short. Only Immortal Identity can embrace enduring and approve it in the Bowl. Therefore "don't collect to itself" personal treasures on Earth where rust and decay destroy them and where it is impossible to take them with itself in a way distant, but "collect to itself treasures to the Heavens", that is in the Bowl, not destroyed time and death of a body, and your acquisitions remain with you forever.
184. (Guru). It is so possible to concern thought aura and an orbit of thoughts of each person, and embodied on Earth, and one incarnation. At constancy of contacts indissoluble communication is approved. It is possible to connect strong itself with the chosen Spirit or with other people. And their auras and an orbit of their thoughts will influence you on force and nature of communication. Magnetism of thoughts is great. So each person creates self itself the mental environment, which can be projected in the far future – as though a pelting forward the far anchors. Each self creator and the smith myself own future, the fortune, of the misfortune or the happiness.
185. (Apr. 28). Correctly you believe that sufferings, pains and difficulties of life only advantage will inure to spirit increase. It isn't easy to accept this situation in life because rest everyone wants. But only burdened by life and bearing an unreasonable Burden reach to Us most likely. Only to learn understand it and to try to learn a useful lesson from the next loading by opposite circumstances. After all it is possible to reach before to wish still bigger loading, knowing that it is a way the shortest. And that advantage to live with concern and in wellbeing if it gives nothing, except danger of stagnation. At release from the power of circumstances over consciousness the spirit receives wings, and circumstances remain below. And terrestrial won't accompany in Elevated the spirit which has dumped chains terrestrial and cleared by suffering and a grief. Each pupil dreams of freedom of spirit, but not everyone is ready to pay for release joyfully. Put Me above all in your consciousness and in heart, put so highly that the terrestrial reek of alcohol didn't concern the Silver Thread, and having concerned, I didn't make you blind and deaf to that more important and above all.
186. (M. A. Y.). Understand sufferings of a body and spirit as the phenomena which are giving the chance of the fastest rapprochement with the Teacher of Light. All ascending strong bore the cross of sufferings. And to it, instead of in wellbeing staying the Beam Was sent. Whether it is so possible to complain on given the chance by the Karma if other way of ascension isn't present! Therefore permanent and courageous acceptance of burden life and tranquility and fearlessness before them the fiery testimony of readiness of spirit will perceive fruitful the Beam. The benefit understood sense and value of burdening by circumstances.
187. (Guru). Hacker quickly reaches the most difficult. Why be afraid of difficulties, when they are nothing but given accelerated opportunities? Unspeakably thins out the spirit of suffering and pain. And as you can understand others ' suffering, if not try them yourself? And how can you help people, without such understanding? All life passes through suffering and reaches them, even the fallen tree. The tree can be cut down and destroy, but you can't destroy lives by it. And bird and animal can be killed but not the sparkle of life, gave them life. All animals and plants have died, once lived on Earth, but life is not dead, and continues to evolve, enlivening and inspiring new forms, more sophisticated than the ones that preceded them.
188. (Apr. 29). As the ship through waves, cutting them passes spirit through obstacles counteracting. They can't it neither destroy, nor break because the spirit is indestructible, eternal and impregnable. Covers, but spirit – over them are vulnerable. Not terrible to the wave ship, if it copes a firm hand, but without a wheel and management has to be lost. As also covers of spirit can suffer if it trembles or will be confused in fight against elements and waves of external influences. The Ladder of Hierarchy of Light is unshakable. Firmness is quality of the spirits which are standing on it. Strong holding it resists. Bases are unshakable. "As damage of spirit don't consider a concession to crafty hands". All drove, pursued and oppressed. But waves of the relative phenomena of the dense world only washed, cleared and strengthened following Me and with Me. To understand inviolability of spirit – means to win. Life eternal spirit is promised those who with Me. And you learn in reply to attacks, infringements and inventions of rage to store balance of spirit. Both to answer, and to be protected, and even retaliation you can strike only when complete equilibrium and tranquility is kept. Otherwise you are silent because, answering at balance loss, do to yourself sharply and sensitively hurting harm because are defenseless before the enemy when losing balance. With a smile the reciprocal arrow is sent, that is the consciousness which hasn't been saddened by astral emotions and not balance differently justified only silence. However, spirit indignation is allowed, but it wears out a cover. But even indignation of spirit is destructive at loss of balance and desirable consequences don’t give. Tell quietly that it is necessary to tell, to your opponent, performers of dark suggestions, and if nevertheless don't listen; the return karmic blow is inevitable. Also you remember that in collision with darkness I for you. Balance is such invincible powerful force, as the return blow because nobody will resist against balance isn't necessary.
189. Here you see as attacks of enemies and external damage, them put, serve spirit increase as they deepen experience and bring practical knowledge, multiplying this strength of mind. Any attempt, any attack doesn’t take place without advantage if the Unification with Me is withheld. And them, dark - trying it, is possible to regret only because hot coals collect over the concept. Anything so doesn't advance spirit, as lessons given by life if the conscientious attitude to them is kept. As they inexpressibly enrich consciousness! Thus some lessons pass under a sign, improving matters. Also we will be so even closer, so close, that to the enemy not to squeeze.
190. (M. And. Й.). Terrestrial freedom can't be compared to freedom elevated. In it environment counteraction is shown. Both above, and below laws are identical. Quickly flying plane strong is counteracted by air elements. Let's not be confused it and furthermore mourn Infinitive or to grieve. For what to grieve, when all future before us, as well as and the World Elevated with all its inexhaustible opportunities. Let the brevity Singular of terrestrial existence won't darken itself duration of stay in the Highest Worlds. So many depends on understanding of the future, judgement to the person. But the majority of people don’t see anything outside the small patch before eyes, strong limiting itself to a circle insignificant. The consciousness which has rested thought against borders of a small circle, out of its limits doesn't leave.
191. (Guru). Earth's freedom cannot be compared with the freedom of an aboveground. Good understanding of the Earth, but with all the limitations of the body and the infirmity of the flesh. A person born in prison and never from it leaving, it is not aware of the vastness and beauty of out of the prison the world. The man in the street, not realized the greatness and infinity of the higher Worlds, never understand what the hell his spirit is. And a heavy body, exposed to all kinds of its ills and diseases he will wear, unaware of the ease of mobility and ability to fly his thin body. And, fulfilling the duties of the Earth in relation to his physical body around and around what makes life on Earth, will not suffer it essence over ground when no longer needed nor shelter, no food, no clothes, no common passports, nor cars to remove his frail body. Inevitable in the World Can stay, pending a good look and realize in advance to enter this fascinating world armed with knowledge of its capabilities and laws.
192. (Nov. 30). Yes, of course, the consequences of his actions, actions and thoughts do not escape anyone. They settle at the aura and it remains. And causing a wound caused her to another, above all to you; from here so much misery, suffering and misery, because you have to pay. It does not understand. If realized would be kinder. Who would want to deliberately get up under stone rain! Stoning may be physical and mental. It's hard to say which is better because the first results in death of the body, and the second can be very lengthy. Everything that makes a man can be seen as the investigation brings. Because it's good to be careful and diligent in all that makes the man.
193. (M. A. Y.). Irresponsibility is generated by ignorance. If knew, would arrive absolutely differently; denials – from the same nest. "I don't trust and I want to know nothing", – the ignoramus exclaims and assumes karma heavy rain because it is impossible to deny that is. The statement undoubted is Light, denial – darkness. One, the few, lives in Light, others, their majority, – in darkness; Both Spheres, of Light and the darkness, - magnetic.
194. (Guru). Not visible bodily vision world exists; with it have come into contact at every turn. Thought and world of thoughts of everyone already refers to the invisible. But who would deny the thought! It exists and generates countless form. And these forms filled with peace, not visible to the eye. But clairvoyant can see them. Will be a time and will create machines that hold shape, committed the thought. And then the clear will go down in life on an equal footing with forms dense world, albeit on a higher plane.
195. (M. A. Y.). No statement the human, any situation even taken from the Doctrine of Life, can be full and exhaustive. Therefore in the Doctrine it isn't given exhaustive formulas. The reasons to volume two: the first – each phenomenon concerns eventually Boundlessness and can't be captured by the consciousness, the second – it is necessary to leave a place and for own thoughts that the consciousness could grow and extend not others, but own thinking. Completeness of understanding of the phenomena depends on combination of contrasts that is on bipolar sight. Doesn't rejoice wise and doesn't mourn too because knows that there is no misfortune without happiness and a grief without pleasure and that the Law of contrasts counterbalances both poles. Both the most passionate and rough terrestrial love usually comes to an end indifference, boredom and even hostility. Therefore wisdom refuses a duality of feelings and experiences astral. The true love, the true devotion and aspiration fiery any more aren't subject to replacement with the contrasts, because from spirit they and out of time. Instability and pass ability of astral emotions are so excluded from relationship of the Teacher and the pupil. Love to the Teacher – forever, devotion – too, as well as aspiration to Light.
196. (M. A. Y.). Quality of constancy not from an astral, but above, as also true love. These fiery qualities approve inalterability of a meeting with darlings in the future. There is no separation, it only temporarily to give the chance to become stronger to these enduring feelings. To whom we direct, with those and we will be. The pleasure of the Teacher is integral if it is cemented by enduring love.
197. (Guru). Leave any uncertainty about the power of magnetic spiritual attachments. They are not from the Earth, and therefore going through time. Yes, Yes, Yes, a meeting should be cherished. Earthly measures not measured gravity of spirit. The body may die and die but does not die is that of the spirit.
198. (M. A. Y.). The distance between what is and what should be is overwhelming. It is possible to cover only the expansion of consciousness. Nothing else will change the situation. Vain effort, if it's not going to happen. Think that change will bring a welcome change form, but it all depends on the level of consciousness. There have been many attempts to replace the internal inconsistency of external changes, but we need to awake the human spirit. Is it really would prefer to die rather than give up his ignorance. Come to save the world, but they crucified. And again, if it comes, would crucify as once. Invisibly Visible – the principle of the parish. The place of receipt or the great Advent is the human heart. See, understand and accept only awakened heart. Nothing will stop the implementation of the plan, because the heart has anyone and not dead heart to wake up to. Dead, decaying and begun to stink not be resurrected, because at heart are doomed. But even a spark lit flares up. Great time great change in the consciousness of the people is.
199. (M. A.Y.). Everything has its opposite pole, its dark side. The strong are dark, that every good and a good starting point for evil, really try it over a perversion of the good. That's why sometimes it turns out bad from good. If people believed and knew that innumerable hordes of darkness are fighting furiously against each light conversion, could they protect themselves and protect all good. But do not believe and therefore are defenseless. While dark enjoy this and harmed with impunity. And much good becomes bad. While dark triumph and rejoice. So, it was said that the technocracy-dark trick. Is it the invention of the car isn't good; certainly, well. But in cities, millions of people have been poisoned and commonly abused drug chart from the exhaust of gasoline fumes and die as a consequence, from all kinds of diseases, are dying from gas already in the German mobile gas chambers, and on the streets of big cities. At their intersections traffic movements should be stand for in gas masks. This is a prime example of how technology is becoming poisoner rather facilitate and decorate life.
200. (Guru). "If you are the son of God, come down from the cross" is a favorite formula is ignorant. And even now the teacher of light to make much, ignoring neither the law of karma, nor with other conditions that allow or do not allow the desired. Even he did not always, not everywhere and not all performed miracles. We cannot demand that is not permitted by law. Everything is subordinated to him. But the unlearned often want all was done at their request, and that is what they believe. Not as simple and easy as it sound; and besides, now - "miracles for priests".
201. (May 3). Strikingly, hear and see so much grief, misery and disease around. And it's not just around, but all over the world. Go past karmic calculations; all payers. Payment on former accounts means also release. In the new world of freedom must be logged.
202. (M. A. Y.). Cementing space was of great importance in our work. New ideas must seep into the consciousness of a human. Among the masses of ordinary people interspersed among our employees. They fill their sphere of Life Teachings. They think differently than all. Their thoughts are quite unusual, and saturating the environment, they become accessible to people. For thoughts barriers do not exist. Why stop them spreading. Saturating human consciousness, they urge it to act, but in line with the plan of the great. The Transfiguration of the world becomes possible thanks to the deliberate process of cementation of space; the main energy stream of Stronghold.
203. (Guru). Often it is necessary to repeat same. Means, drawing in a brain wasn't imprinted yet. Repetition in general strengthens think of a form ideas. Therefore it is spoken about that Bases repeated. Whirlwinds will sweep away unstable thoughts. Repetition allows them to become stronger. It is a lot of courage and determination it is necessary to resist unshakable in ideas of the Doctrine of Life when all fluctuates.
204. (May 4). Reconciliation with the Karma comes in understanding its inevitability when spirit meets her calmly and firmly, keeping the full balance. Not indifference and apathy, but knowledge. Payment for old accounts is determined by law. That meant we had to pay. Philosophy, sold into slavery, exclaims: "Thanks be to Heaven, can pay old debts". Wise is happy for this opportunity. Dual use: and liberation and hardening in fire tests. Immunity to external shocks produced spirit experiences and is accompanied by a book of fire. There is a quality of fire resistance. Strike-slip along the surface of the ball is the symbol of balance, not penetrating inside. Balance, serenity, sobriety, confidentiality is quality, covering a great power. "No one can stand against the equilibrium". The most vicious attack on the fire breaks a shield. Adoption of these and all the other qualities of the spirit is the acquisition of the imperishable, inalienable, priceless treasure of the spirit.
205. (M. A. Y.). Progress on the road is nothing but an increase in light; because each steps forward - already. Big and small – all come in handy. And small seeds can yield tremendous effect; because we carefully select all. Spatial Light grains have the force of a magnet, attracting to myself feature inherent in the grain. Conscious lying the seed and effect will. Each day includes these features and planting and picking up a spatial harvest. Every hour is valuable. Not to be missed;
206. (Guru). Of course, life and times, and requires attention and care. You cannot escape. Still, the entity is not in it. Meaning of earthly existence is not that surrounds human on Earth, but in what it teaches. Unspeakably enriches the accumulation of a conscious attitude around. If only to understand how ephemeral it is happening, but how valuable is that it gives the spirit! Everything is ours. We are only Bowl accumulation. This understanding and you can go through life without increasing aura to anything that outside. Missed not reparably
207. (May 5). The thought once and for all accepted in consciousness it is invisible, it isn't heard and imperceptibly conducts the person in the chosen direction. But it is necessary that acceptance it was irrevocable and firm. Swaying’s and fluctuations destroy a way. From there is so much not reaching? I speak about Bases. From them it is impossible to evade. It is necessary to repeat about it repeatedly because everything if the thought is unstable fluctuates. The world is perceived through a consciousness prism, refracting in it everything passing through it. The world is perceived through a consciousness prism, refracting in it everything passing through it. When the Face of the Teacher of Light in consciousness Priority, It Protects of the spirit from of doubts, swaying, oscillations.

208. (M. A. Y.). In space thought all is feasible. In the space of mental peace creates and reigns thought, as well as the boundaries and limits of mind's creativity does not exist, and the possibilities of this art is inexhaustible. In the dense world of creation of human hands is clearly real and visible. In the spirit world of creation thoughts are as pronounced and real and even more impressive than the Earth tight world supplies. Of course, the idea should be clear and unambiguous. Not vague haziness, but shaking a full end-to-end thinking. One must be prepared to understand the reality of above-ground world stay there much longer than on Earth, and its properties are slightly different than the world around. For example, at first very confused by the lack of prospects, or permeability of bodies, or the ability to immediately see the subject from all angles, inside and out, or can thinking of moving objects, subtle world. Many features of the world we need to understand explore and learn almost to feel as confident in it, like on Earth. This is possible and it is available, being still in the physical body. How? Having directed thinking in this direction. Books and life give a wealth of material for reflection.
209. (Guru). Get in touch with missing thought. Such contact is always possible. And nothing can stop him, but the man himself and fluctuations and volatility of his thought. But the thought is always the object of his desires. Priceless wealth entrusted to man, but he does not know how to use it and not even understood the value of what is given to him. Even a simple tool it is necessary to learn to speak, the more is the thought. The power and possibilities of thought can be judged, at least by the fact that everything is created by human hands, eventually created a thought, for it lies at the base of the hand movements. But no hands can operate the thought, the thought of. Every thought, being a creature of mental peace, nevertheless has a certain trend or sooner or later take property or result in a form of peace. Not visible earthly eye subtle forms of thought are couched in the dense, couched in the dense fabric of the world. And all creations of human hands are nothing but an exercise in dense forms of thought forms, previously invisible subtle world: invisible-visible, thin is in tight. The Fiery energy, throbbing in mental form crystallizes and is already in terms of physical objects and phenomena in the already tight world.
210. (May 6). Usually the person especially wants to teach and messages of others, than he less has the rights to it. The self-approved instructors and the Teachers don't understand what burden and responsibility is taken by them on themselves, accepting pupils. If knew, would refrain from an invites. The self-willed instructor imagines that if he reads the Doctrine, this one already does it almost by perfection while it actually remains the same. Not the smaller mistake to believe that touched the Doctrine – any special people allocated with various nonexistent advantages. How many blows it is necessary to accept thereof last delusion. The essence of the person developing during many millennia can't change for one life if there is no special accumulation. Therefore it is more correct to know a human nature and not to imagine what isn't present. "The Doctrine about people is short, but the knowledge" is long.
211. (M. A. Y.). Readiness too has to be bipolar, that is readiness as to one, desired, expected, unexpected and good, and to another, it opposite. Thus in that and other case full preservation of balance is supposed. From demonstration of the phenomena on poles of the Basis don't change, remaining strong and unshakable. From understanding of it the tranquility results also. The main thing – a condition of consciousness because any external events will give nothing to the person which consciousness started decaying. It is told briefly and clearly: "That advantage to the person, if the whole world gets, and the soul will lose". Of pearl consciousness– the only treasure, which lawfully owns the person in this world and, which it can hold, and having exempted from a body?
212. (Guru). Sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste there are abilities that earned the spirit for a very long time of its evolution and incarnations into the form. Because each feeling unusually valuable and requires careful treatment. For the health of everyone have to fight if he faces the disease. However, all the senses have their astral doubles, but the last act on the aboveground. Ordinary man destroys the feelings of their conditions of life: food, heavy air poisoned alcohol, nicotine and so on. Yoga leads to a strengthening of the body and keeping the acuteness of the senses. Caring for the health of the body is mandatory for Yoga. Of pure food, water and air – conditions without which health can't be supported.
213. (May 7). Really for the person only that gets to the consciousness, all the rest for it doesn't exist. The inner world of everyone - is individual and other than another. Arches of consciousness cannot coincide at all. The accord will be born at coincidence of arches. Divergences can be very far. The consciousness is broader, the more contains others understanding. The High Spirit requires indulgence to concern an arch of lower consciousness. Often the misunderstanding depends on impossibility of combination of arches. But the Highest Can always enter into understanding with less developed consciousness; because for of the Great Spirits of a shower human - not secret. The main properties of a human nature change even in centuries a little. Even in Atlantis there was too a rage, deception, violence and violation of laws of the nature, not to mention Babylon and Rome. Lifting’s, blossoming and falling of the nations went the periods. The essence of the nature human remains to the same, and only on the verge of Great Changes new wonderful possibilities of transformation and the world surrounding people open before mankind.
214. (M. A. Y.). Everything in life is not as expected and painted in dreams. If you have knowledge of what really happens in your life during these years, the impetus to move would be killed. Personal future is commonly known is not helpful, because it does not coincide with dreams. But the engine is hope, giving birth to the dream. If the disciples knew that awaits mankind over the next two thousand years, did they talk about the approaching forces of the Kingdom of God? Human beings are not. Here's why and gives hope that the spirit of higher and higher. The beautiful future of mankind is inherently, but it didn't happen in those forms as people think when they heard about it.
215. (Guru). And is it important, or not have the dream and the hope of a person if they he reached the top step in its development. They did their job and can go. Moor did his thing, the Moor can go away. Pink dreams can be. But life requires rigorous feat, without any personal benefits. All personal is rejected, because the formula remains unchanged: "let him deny himself and follow Me."
216. (May 8). My kind, which other worldly, in this world in consciousness of the person has to be approved. It is difficult to combine the incompatible: life and business vanity narrow-minded Boundlessness’s with greatness. But even they make sense and value because lead spirit to understanding of their passes and impossibility them to live and in them to plunge after transition of Great Borders. Only understanding of a prekhodimost of the current hour it is possible to go through life, without dragging for itself four wheels of the convict chained to the terrestrial. So, in slavery or of the dense from letters the dense world lives on Earth of people; certainly, freedom – in the spirit. Two can live nearby, perform the same work and to be – one free, another the slave. Many dream of release. Understanding of restrictions of a body prison and slavish dependence of thinking on external conditions will be the first step to it. Even an aura the shell – narrower limited. It is difficult to punch it and to come to the Space scope. But understanding of dense limits will already generate aspiration to leave for their borders. Realizing the slavery in chains of the dense world is closer to release from them, than not realized. Realized as release will consider death and to rejoice to opportunities of elevated freedom. Not realized will pass to the Thin World bound hand and foot because that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in Heavens that is in the Thin World. The purpose of life is self-knowledge the person of properties and the opportunities of the spirit concluded in its depths.
217. (M. A. Y.). The terrestrial threads which have entangled the person as a web, it is possible to break off carefully one for another. The egoism will rise, be indignant and counteract. But it is possible and to win against egoism. She demands and wants things, it is as much as possible things, both property, and money. But also things and money can find their lawful place, without burdening thought a money-making. One everything, but the benefit is necessary to the one to whom it is necessary nothing who is content small and quietly and courageously bears a cross. The cross is born by all – all are ill, suffer and often are exhausted under its weight, blinded by "a destiny veil", without understanding for the sake of what it should be worried. The doctrine helps to comprehend terrestrial temporary stay, Specifying ways to the world of spiritual freedom. The doctrine opens a gate for thought. The doctrine gives wings to the person.
218. (Guru). The thought is torn up, and the earth pulls it from top to bottom. That is why we speak about terrestrial gravitations. Before death it is accepted to bequeath or transfer all manors to someone. Why? That in consciousness to be released from clogs the earthly property and to pass to the World Aboveground free. But, except coherence mental are things, still. It is more dangerous, and it is more difficult to be exempted from it, than from the property power. It roots in consciousness, and it, without having realized, it is impossible to reject. Superstitions, a religious of the fanaticism and intolerance, various delusions, false theories and sciences – all this connects thoughts of the person strong clogs. It is impossible even to imagine, in what mental fetters their lives the inhabitant! The way of Yoga is a way of release of the person from all types of slavery. Everything it is more difficult to win mental freedom. It is necessary to think and work much to dump from itself thousand-year chains. The one Who Told: "I Am the Way, Truth and Life", Specified to people the narrow track conducting in life. I specified a way to elevated freedom.
219. (May 9). Pay good for evil is beneficial for the payer. If you pay for the evil, then evil remains in Aura and fills it the darkness. If is good, goodness is left in Aura kindly doing. The evil and the good, i.e. they are magnetic; they attract the human aura corresponding elements. So is karma. Karma is each in their aura. And you can break free from karmic attachments, only restoring the broken balance that is paying the Bills. For every evil action the angrily doing pays in full. And, if you do not see, the payback, it just means nothing: the sower here – harvesters out there and not only in Aboveground, but and in the future lives. Where does so much unhappiness about disease and grief, and all sorts of karmic blows. Surely those who make evil, think escape the consequences. No, not will. Karmic consequences caused by the evil will be horrific.
220. (M. A. Y.). Selective capacity consciousness allows an infinite set of phenomena to choose equal and consonant and assert their individuality. The choice is free always. As well as the aspiration of the magnetic force has within it, the buildup are consistent with the spirit of the element likeness is complete and in accordance with it. It is freedom of choice provides a variety of human qualities and character. Succession would be if all people were equal. Nature abhors monotony. Even the two sheets in a tree are not the same. The more important it is the essence of human aspirations. They give direction. The direction depends on the will. Therefore we can say that human destiny is forged his own hands.
* Selective ability – (en).
221. (Guru). It is fraught with a consequence not that there is round the person, but that is created in him. External everything will leave and internal remains. Thereof on internal state and reactions on surrounding it is necessary to pay special attention. It is good to learn to be content with that is allowed by karma. The discontent saddens aura and gives nothing, except chagrin. The content doesn't mean self-satisfactions, but more likely reconciliation with a current of a karma and payment on former accounts. And then the pupil understands that the imperial throne and a hut of the poor equally serve the purpose of ascension of spirit. Wisely the Teacher Conducts and this Management should be accepted consciously, being content with that it gives.
222. (May 10). Everyone perceives at a rate of the consciousness and directed its mood. Not contain a vessel more than the volume. Care of that each time to bring jugs and baskets of bigger capacity. How to do it? On your aspiration it will be given you. Means, it is necessary to raise aspiration. Magnetic properties it allows to attract the necessary elements. It is useful to write down thoughts attracted thus. Not written down, they go again to space. The uninterrupted aspiration causes constancy of receiving spatial thoughts. It is told briefly, clearly and precisely: "Only direct, and the light of Boundlessness" will fill in you. But how to direct when there is so much unnecessary and disturbing before eyes? Therefore, all disturbing, interfering and distracting it is necessary to move away. The constant Image of the Teacher before a mind will be the guarantee of continuous inflow of new thoughts, instructions and manuals. The Source Live, while unification indissolubly won't run low. I with you always» and you whether always with Me?
223. (Guru). The images cast by thoughts in forms, remain in the space, connected with of beget their communication live. They aren't visible by a physical eye, but to thin sight obvious. All people are surrounded with the views created by their imagination. These educations can be blessing or damnation for their founder. Each thought influences consciousness. Thoughts others, especially turned consciously or unconsciously with dobra or the evil purpose influence also. From them also are ill and even die. Many phenomena are created by thought. It isn't necessary to be careful of kind thoughts, but from the angry protection is necessary. Angry and bad people at continuous hostility and not goodwill can constantly direct on others streams of thoughts bad. At immunity of spirit of energy of spiteful thoughts, like a boomerang, come back to them, to the sent. But, if they find any catch in on who are turned, harm is inevitable. It is necessary therefore to be protected by goodwill, answering the evil with good, thought quiet and light. By no means is it impossible to afford to begin to sound in unison with the thought sent from outside bad. Storing complacency and indestructible balance, it is possible to reject from itself it is safe waves of harmful and dark influences. And then the received return blow from own thoughts bad expostulates let on itself.
224. (May 12). The prayer about healing from an illness, said with belief, brings healing. Suggestion and auto-suggestion work wonders. Treatment on distance, slanders plots of water and drugs to give the consequences. In all these cases, and also in all others fiery mental energy or the operator or to whom he addresses works set in motion for a definite purpose. Forms of its manifestation are various, but essence one. Conscious or its unconscious application yields results. Agni Yoga specifies ways to mastering by it. The way of mastering lies through it, that is through mastering by. It is a way the shortest. It is good to be able to see unity of the main energy in variety of its demonstrations. Seized it in one of its manifestations by that gets over it control and in other. But understanding of its unity in variety is required. And then sitting or circulation on water, circulation on fire, the healing of diseases, transfer of thoughts, and movement by subjects without a by a contact to them and all other uncountable types of action of mental energy will receive the correct explanation. The unity in variety is the main property of the world surrounding us.
225. (Guru). The stock of fiery energy is given to each person. That it will make or does with it depends already on it. This stock can be increased and increased greatly, or, on the contrary, thoughtlessly to spend. The person without a stock of the mental energy, spent it – the empty peel, saved up it – force. Many actions, acts, emotions, thoughts and moods of the person waste it; simple internal concentration and restraint accumulate it and hold in an organism. Of the complaints, discontent, despondency, irritation, concern, alarm, fear, humility, flattery, condemnation, not goodwill – all this from one of the nest – devourers of mental energy. At least out of self-preservation it is necessary to avoid them. Without the efforts in this direction, - nothing to reach. Great fiery energy "force undertakes", and making effort gets it.
226. (May 13). Sense-knowledge can be developed consciously, paying attention to thin sense-knowledge. So, at a meeting with each person it is easy to note, that it makes the impression, which is easily escaping realization, if to it isn’t paid attention. The thin phenomena love that the noted. Even down the street it is possible to pass, having seen nothing, if to occupy attention of other thoughts. But, having noted reaction of heart to a meeting and having recorded it in consciousness, it is possible to join thin perceptions already consciously. The bad feelings proceeding from people angrily conceiving are especially easily perceived, are especially easily perceived. In this regard enemies are good the Teachers. Without of the words and of the explanations the hostile relation is felt. As also at each this moment it is easy to feel a spatial note as heart because it mourns and rejoices under spatial influence. And here, as, however, and everywhere, it is necessary to put work and attention to reach results.
227. (M. A. Y.). We are stepping back, always feel the thoughts to us by embodied, and react to them, rejoicing or being afflicted. Because of lost in the World of Thin, you should always think or speak sympathetically. Especially painful acts condemned. It is better not to remember, rather than condemn the dead. No wonder the wisdom: "de mortise commanded auto been, auto nihil*". Who said it knew that people who have switched the great border, desperately sensitive to thoughts of embodied. Good mindfulness of them joyfully and pleasantly. Good thinking you can buy their friend or strengthen the former friendship on Earth, or, on the contrary, condemning – purchase of the enemy. Follow the ever-friendly Council have and then the World Can meet more friends.
* about the dead or good, or nothing – (Latin).
228. (Guru). At different and constant good mindful of lost communication with them strongly, is enhanced and they are getting closer and closer. Oblivion breaks the invisible ties. The doctrine says that love and hate are the death of the body. And indeed it is. Bright threads of love and hate are the fetters of dark and even carried over into the next incarnation. So, bearing in mind the testament of wisdom, we will be cautious in your thoughts and feels towards those who switched to another world.
229. (May 14). Known extent of self-rejection is necessary and when conducting records. Personal moods of the current hour are rejected. "Tatter of a false commonness" shouldn't disturb; otherwise not to avoid deviations from the accepted direction. Otherwise the temporary will interfere in the enduring. Ordinary people live mood of the moment therefore their aspirations and feeling are changeable and changeable. The astral demands impressions and experiences. It is necessary to rise above, because communication with the Teacher – over surrounding daily occurrence. No from the world this of the Kingdom of Light. But without Light this world can't exist. Even plants reach for light. Really the person can live without him? However, toadstools live without light, but they are poisonous, and they don't eat. Light and darkness – two poles of display world; and that and another - magnetic. Light attracts the, darkness – the. In soul human there are elements of that and another. And the person possesses the right of a free choice between the phenomena of both poles. That chooses, with that and will arrive.
230. (M. A. Y.). The established rhythm of continuous contact with the Highest in consciousness brings the immutable consequences. The reason and consequences are inseparable; though seem broken off in time. But it is true, these impressions seeming. As it seems that the past somewhere left and it already isn't present while actually it near and continues to pulse in space and to influence consciousness. It is a lot of illusions and false representations surround the incarnate. Dumping a body, the person can concern part of the secret. But many continue to stay in remnants terrestrial. Aspiration to be exempted from them helps to dump clogs the dense world, or "seductions of time, space and things". Elevated freedom differently isn't achievable. Wish to tear clogs terrestrial if you want freedom of the Elevated World.
231. (Guru). Evolving selective capacity * human selective lets him out of countless phenomena surrounding it to select the most consonant and equal and that by building a home for his spirit. Builders – everything, but the question is what and how to build. This extremely important issue, because in an invisible man abides his house here and there. A lot of inefficient buildings, a lot of horrible and evil, but there is also a lovely, enchanting gaze as ornament of the subtle world. Building on Beauty, builds in the accord with the Supreme Laws of Space. Beauty is an infallible criterion. Beauty is harmony and consonant to the combination of the elements that appear in the build. For example, blooming roses can be seen emergence of such accords. The same harmonic and beautiful can be and the soul of man. Aspiration to the Supreme harmony or coherence of the spirit can be considered the highest.
* Selective ability is Evolving.
232. (May 15). If your household is approved by the control over every spoken word, everywhere, anywhere, this control remains in place. Teach life lessons restraint of speech, pointing as it is harmful when unnecessary verbiage. Very much the belief that it is necessary to speak "out of politeness" isn't useful. Right, it is better to keep silent than to destroy yourself talkativeness. Let better said if he cannot keep himself from words unnecessary. Better keep silent mutually, but for this silences requires attunement; and then it beneficially, - restraint of speech especially valuable quality of the Yoga. People suffer for being verbose, and it is necessary to be responsible for word. The interview is not a wise loquacity; fruitful life, unless it was the phenomenon of exhaustion.
233. (M. A. Y.). "My tongue is my enemy", and it happens. Severe control over words is necessary, for each of which it is necessary to give the report once. Even prayer exists to hold the tongue of idle talk. But it doesn't help anything, and the language is still the "nasty space, putting them on the inevitable human investigation. People who have vow of silence, knew what they were doing and why. They collected this way was the consequence psychic energy of spiritual discipline. Loquacity and Yoga are incompatible.
234. (Guru). That's more than thirty years after each visited separation and spoke without interruption until the complete exhaustion of the forces. Think of a useful was this loquacity and whether the results are devastating, although he spoke about things dear and are related to Teaching.
235. (May 16). Before the approaching darkness becomes extraordinary thickening Judgement. And many will need strength to withstand the onslaught of the latter. And so nagnetenie is already high. The feeling of hopelessness is the State space. All were drowned at dusk. Complete space accounts aggravates the situation. Just thinking about the future and faith in him, you can go through. It's hard to know, and what those who know nothing? In the knowledge owing will suffer through; have been saved.
236. (M. A. Y.). Rungs of the ladder of life, where the spirit goes up to the light, he builds himself, with his own hands, and goes back to its feet, as it is written, "hands and feet loss". And no one can do it instead. Understanding of this effect and gives the assurance that no one and nothing the person cannot go on the way or hinder the move. But the Help is From above ready to the one who applied to it all forces and aspiration.
237. (Guru). Could the reason be left without consequences? Can a break causality chain, stretching from the past into the future? Can be interrupted stream or to stay for life luminaries? Can unravel the cosmic laws; the answer of course itself. Because knowing the law, which does not pass away, even if the sun goes out and crumble the Moon, you can confidently fly in future, judgment man from the beginning of time.
238. (May 17). We Don't despair "the writhed dullness and ignorance" biped because we Know that water of life punches even a stone and finds to itself a way out to will; so water of life will pass through all barriers put by darkness. To Judgment future it is necessary to be immutable. That won't enter into it, will be thrown out by the Great Space Current for an evolution board as the space litter, and will go to processing; madly to go against evolution. Finally all going against will be distraught. Change of cycles of manifestation of life shows that all certainly and is limited to a big or small circle of the existence, all – from a short-lived moth to solar systems. It is necessary to understand it and to find a due place to each phenomenon. And then seeming senselessness of human existence will turn into the harmonius and harmonious world view allowing and to the person to find the place in the sun in the great scheme of things of the World Plan.
239. (Guru). Than can be supported by the not to break confidence in the immutability of the Grand Plan? Only use the teachings to life. There is no other way but to its application in practice, something innocuous theorizing ill-founded. "Not the words, but they will save. If the small kernel can plant trees and shrubs in the whole planet, what immeasurable power is hidden in spirit grain? The thinnest are incommensurable energy to material forces. And if the great power of an active volcano, it is even more great moral courage, could it put out. The human machine, the human microcosm is endowed with powerful energies. It is incalculable, and there is no limit to their growth and expansion. Even what has already been accomplished and demonstrated by man in different centuries, amazingly and wonderfully. Even more strikingly, that promises him a future. Present to him only. And the farther will throw anchor understanding consciousness, the closer it comes to this marvelous future that expects mankind in future centuries.
240. (M. A. Y.). Understanding moves. In this case, the magnetic power of thought. The idea, known in, merely brings to his other, richer, but in my own way. This is due to the growth of thought. Thought in space is growing. But, it is not man-made interrupts the communication with him and its growth is reflected in the growing and expanding the mind of its creator. The danger is that growing up and light and dark thoughts, and the choice must be error-free, or else mount thinker evil.
241. (May 18). Constancy of watch needed to be in constant readiness to repel the constant activity of dark and their attempts to harm. Innocuous in one, they immediately come up with something different, unexpected. And because their actions to the plane, the eye is not visible, the only constant alertness and readiness can help them capture without delay. Ordinary people often become perpetrators of dark suggestions; and watch need to be ordinary or regular performers. Both children and animals, and insects at times are getting their guns. And if patrol is absent, then and the careless consciousness can undergo bad suggestion. Following the precepts of the teachings not only does not free from danger, but, on the contrary, it reinforces it, because rage and hatred stirs up opponents light. Following to Precepts of the Doctrine not only doesn't exempt from danger, but, on the contrary, strengthens it because raises rage and hatred of adversary of Light. And only constancy of patrol can protect from evil of shifts of violent rack.
242. (M. A. Y.). If tell: - “All you’re of admonitions us are long ago known, all this we know”. Answer: -“If you know why you don't execute and you compel to repeat them again and again?” Human carelessness and persistent unwillingness of continuous following to the Doctrine even are surprising from those who consider it as pupils. We speak: danger around, be awake and stand guard. Also we will go on, these Instructions won't enter into a flesh and blood yet and don't become part of your essence, that is won't be acquired in application. The weapon of Light should be kept in readiness always.
243. (Guru). Gun world: blow struck by the enemy in equilibrium fully, simply irresistible. Blow struck by the different weight of feelings and emotions, it is ineffective. Because only in the restraint of the senses and calm of an unwavering arms of light because of its represents. And spear and swords, and arrows, and shields (spiritually), but you have to use them must be skillfully. Can the fear elevate the fearsome sword? Can an unbalanced mind send dancer Ray? Can a disturbing, restless and shaking the thought sent an arrow of light? Can the spirit, has mastered her feelings, not to use the protective power of the Fiery energy? Even the usual sword owned by the rich and a steady hand; shaking hand does not even let a normal arrow. Neither sword nor mail nor shield can protect themselves or fight cowardly Warrior. We must learn to possess Light arms. And this will be the first condition of fearlessness and balance when in tranquility and realize its full invulnerability Crusader City takes his shield and weapons of light.
244. (May 19). Our target - to arm the person without the uniform apparatus or of machine; the only device thus is the human body in all its complexity, with all its opportunities concluded in it potentially. There are no two identical organisms. In the course of long evolution, during many millions years the device of spirit develops and refined incessantly, gaining new properties and abilities. In some cases at different people these or those features and achievements came to light. If them to connect all in one organism, it is possible to imagine, what heights will be once reached by the person in the future. Both circulation on fire and water, and a raising in air, and flights of thin and fiery bodies on far-out planets, and everything that was ever reached in the past by certain people, becomes property of all mankind in one of the subsequent Races or even Circles. But also now the task of the pupil includes conscious thinning and development of the organism by consciousness expansion. This way is difficult also medical flax. It is impossible to force an organism. Therefore mankind advance goes to the future naturally and on steps. Each Race puts forward and develops any party in the human device, rarefying and refined a matter investing a body. Process goes in coordination with depression of a matter of the planet. In the seventh Race, at its end, many considered as general property, and matter density now becomes wonderful, as well as bodies human will reach the limit put by it by evolution for this Circle and its last Race; But it not of all. The following Circle will put forward new tasks, and the person will rise everything higher and higher on steps of a ladder of life, isn't present which end.
245. (M. A. Y.). Will ask, whether it is achievable. Answer: yes, it is achievable because the spirit of the person is eternal and we won't destroy, and in Boundlessness everything is achievable, even the most unattainable. And if once mute races in the course of evolution started talking, it is possible to imagine, what huge jump was made by the person in the past centuries. And now new tasks and new steps of achievements are put by evolution before mankind. The next and quite achievable is a movement of women, cooperation, or the cooperation, all people and mental energy. Having reached these steps and having carried out these tasks, people will move further. So, through achievable to unattainable they will raise everything higher and higher, isn't reached yet heights representations about which at this step of development can't even be imagined. Precept boundlessness that is a condition which isn't putting, any borders to development of human spirit and its power.
246. (Guru). The greatest problems of evolution, the most impudent aspirations of the person are carried out by it not in transcendental dreams and soaring, but here, on Earth, in life and in a daily by assimilation of Bases of Life and their application in practice during its terrestrial stay, that is by the principle "a hand and a foot human": hand – in works man-made, a foot – in advance in evolution the future. So, on the ground the way to the future, to the Distant Worlds and all achievements of spirit lies.
247. (May 20). Here as simply everything in due course will be carried out that is planned the Plan in the Stronghold. However, a lot of things depend on free will. But also she acts in the accord with command of terms. "Somewhere pink Beams flashed" and the current of events changed. Combinations of beams of stars and stars powerfully influence people. Now the spatial pressure upon consciousness is great. As the heavy plate, presses at times are intolerable. But, when it will change, and the pleasure will begin to sound spatially, and winner Light will approve the power, judgment time will come. The darkness, both the New Sky will dissipate, and of New Earth becomes reality of the New World.
248. (M. A. Y.). Still, most importantly for the man is not something that comes out of it, but is inside. He has no any good if the whole world – and the Earth and the Sky is more compelling, and it will remain the same. But if it happens the transfiguration, and the world will not change, then it will be a great achievement. But it would be great if the transformation will be a double one – man and the world. The great Epoch of the mother of the world will be marked such double transfiguration – and of mankind and of the world in which it lives. And will it cover and dense and subtle worlds. When Told about the new Earth intend world tight. And when indicated the new heaven intend the world Thin. Great destruction not conforming the builds are already in its evolution has been done. World of old roots in the world no longer has aboveground. Devoid of reason, he shall perish and of life go away. And the truly old world will leave, since convicted, and never more than recall will not and will not come to man at heart. And with it will be gone from the planet of evil, the destroyers of evil [ye] workers. Kingdom of light will come, and it has no end.
249. (Guru). When you look at the person standing in front of you, you see the reality of a tight world. When you think of distant and not visible, but people close to your heart and vividly imagine their faces before him, you see the reality of the world, where the sky train are tight boundaries and fire the validity of display itself. It is as real and more real as a world phenomenon is not limited to them and links human consciousness of subtle energies. We need to understand and assimilate the validity and reality of the subtle world builds and images by consciousness, and his relationship with those who brought the aspiration. Not the baseless hazy dreams, but reality both worlds, being approved by the power of his spirit and desires of the creative imagination, weaving silver thread, inextricably linking it with those to whom it is directed over the sight of dense.
250. (May 21). Wisely and as planned will include Teachings of Yoga in the New Country. Give all - means to destroy. We need consistency and gradual, approach to consciousness resulting material and to adopt yet sufficiently assimilated it practically. This is under the sign of the association with science ancient Teachings would merge with it and become a part of it. It should give the consciousness – neither more nor less, but gradually deepening and expanding given. One will follow from another, and no negate actual data obtained from experience, will lead to knowing where they are based. Without the factor a will is unthinkable no Yoga. Without a keyboard controlled thought and will fail to achieve it. Control over thought and mastery of it will lead to demonstrations of higher order than that found in the lower yoga.