Agni Yoga's facets, 1972 (251-400)

251. (M. A. Y.). Starts a wonderful exercise commanded tales. Generally speaking, it has long since begun but unbearably even for knowledgeable about judgment future. Now it is poured into the mold, are already available. Shoots the spirit land, green, punch will give rich shoots soon. Nothing will stop the flow of life. Many are already ready to perceive consciousness teachings of life. Terms dictate the will of their peoples. In due course the Judgment Lords of light, joyful and victoriously enters the life.
252. (Guru). Don't forget that the best is the enemy of the good and that, where for a better understanding of consciousness is not yet ripe or it may prevent various conditions, there just might be a good success. And this good, you can choose the best that there is. More of the same high featured in good agreement, not let her wait time, which inevitably will come. Give the best and high unwillingness of consciousness – or – do more harm than good. Correctly remembered error friend, wanted to give the dates that have not yet happened.
253. (May 22). Events are of extreme importance. And for them beyond the control of the human will. What a terrible force against to become new country during the last great war, yet victory was left to Russia. And now it will have to win everywhere, on all fronts, internal and external. All will win and will overcome with the help of our great nation. Faith in the ultimate victory of light keeps the above all.
254. (M. A. Y.). Aspiration is the phenomenon of a double edged sword: on one aspiration to of target, on the other-it's the amount of force that is attached to it. Time - is a minor factor, because sooner or later, but the idea is embodied in a dense form on the Earth or in thin – the world Aboveground. Investigation of life is inevitable. The law accords manage the phenomenon of thought. The condition of the body and thought are interconnected. In a sound body the vigorous spirit, and-vice versa. But the spirit is the host, the body-servant; but not every body and not every of the spirit. But even in the body, whose health has deteriorated the thought this - is it unbalanced and destructive power over the body. Hence the conclusion: the need for control over the thoughts. Let them be they delicate, light and benefit the creating both inside and outside.
255. (Guru). We help current planetary events in accord with the plan of overseers. Help you, acting on the principle of viribus unitis "*. One billion – the number of troops Maitreya. Join of warriors in the spirit– the condition of victory. Because the required conscious cooperation on the side of the forces of light to all, who connected to pole light. In thought or external actions, but cooperation should be conscious, that is a choice and contiguity to the forces of peace and light or of war,darkness and devastation must be made knowingly and voluntarily.
* Joint efforts – (Latin).
256. (May 23). In of all circumstances, even the most distractions, will learn to respect the rhythm of communication. The circumstances of the time and the will go, the rhythm is constant. It is within the scope of the imperishable one must learn to shift consciousness, bearing in mind that "rags" and "the generalities of the deceitful eternal truth of Things" are not comparable in value. The Necessary give a due place in the consciousness. It's amazing how vanity can capture it and divert attention from what matters and most importantly. The question to by focusing to be able overcomes sounding generalities. After all, the time will come when not only normal, but also of all earthly things, and then have to leave the channels dug by an unusual space when life on Earth will become consciously in the higher realms above-ground world.
257. (M. A. Y.). Every victory over themselves will form the addition on the scales of achievement. Because good stubbornly and insist on even small victories. Of them stacked up from seeking larger and larger. The rhythm everyday helps that because rhythm observance, despite everything, is already a victory. Think of the victories, as the Bishop said: "I have identified are among the victorious Learnt".
258. (Guru). Sometimes circumstances are especially condensed to break the Communication rhythm. And here the special effort of will is required not to allow invasion of third-party influences. Certainly, influence goes through those who near. And, if in this case not to make the efforts, of violation a stream of perceptions not avoid.
259. (May 24). Teacher of the deaf, who penned the wall contour door, locked the heavy gate. Then pushed back the bolt and opened the door. Then made a sign of the pupil and Entered with him into it. Because of a dense world He has entered into the world of subtle, and disciple followed him; the door in the World Aboveground, for of usual people, - close. But open it can be if you know how. The new era is marked by the merging of the worlds, when dense hedges will be cleaned. Before, long ago, the World was not so tight is separated from it, like now. However, an insight into that world and fragmentary impressions of him has now some people. If to be attentive, not too difficult to distinguish subtle phenomenon, but one has to be careful not to upset the equilibrium by forcibly. In fact people live in both worlds, though not aware of this report. Both worlds are inseparable from one another. You only need to be able to understand how this relationship and what phenomena are signs of subtle world.
260. (M. A. Y.). An angry person constantly and habitually radiates unkind thoughts, poisoning them, first of all, your own body, then space and everything around, every object which picks up or delivers his thoughts, and, finally, its poison infecting people in contact with him. If they are good, then have some immunity, if evil, it becomes even worse. But good people can easily succumb to the more powerful influences, bad if you don't know how to defend against them. The main thing is not to allow ourselves to be in unison with evil emanations, wishes generated by such people. Sooner or later they will reap and reaping the rewards of its already seeding. Must be resolutely and firmly set in motion the protecting network and not allow ourselves to respond in consonance with the evil influences and thoughts. When approved by the balance and not in tune with the evil reaction to such effects all evil immediately returns to begets and Kickback is inevitable. It is very important not to let yourself get infected other people's emotions and respond to them in their evil tone.
261. (Guru). Now is the time for the apparent turnaround in current world events. And each of them will end with a victory for the forces of light. Cosmic Ray exposure astrologically has changed. Under their favorable impact and will be the cause of peace.
262. (May 25). Sense-knowledge allows knowing that is in the regular way inaccessible. The spirit simply knows and reports this knowledge to consciousness. In space forms of the near future already were defined. The spatial knowledge is available. We speak about a victory which in the Thin World is already gained and its results poured out in steady thin educations. Victories in the dense world – the inevitable consequence of that occurred and are finished by phenomenon in the Thin World. So step by step, consistently the New World also will steadily enter into board, and old steadily to suffer a defeat behind defeat. "Much you blow a victory" because in elevated it is complete.
263. (M. A. Y.). We were always unswervingly confident of final and complete victory Of Light over darkness. Be sure you do. False generality distorts reality. One must rise above her. Everything is good in its season. Resulting time requirements dictate. And the one who should Come and do the will of the Period ", performed by the will of the Supreme. And no force on Earth prevents this Action.
264. (Guru). It is written, "Hand and foot human". The great transition from centuries of darkness to light will be split to a century of humanity on the supporters of peace, cooperation and light and supporters of war, destruction and violence. The first complete victory, the second destined to defeat and withdrawal from the historical scene, and conscious of the servants of darkness and evil to makers – Saturn. You must awake to all the participants and the builders of the new world to realize the values the ongoing struggle between the forces of construction and the forces of destruction. Understood will flock to be light and will have the victory.
265. (May 26). The fatigue is from spatial participation in the events. And you help feasibly. On a chain tension is transferred. Only a pettiness isn't called for participation. If understood need of ant provisions of a thing uniform, disbalance it would be replaced with balance. Conditions for Great Arrival are prepared. Not the sword will be brought to the world, but the world.
266. (M. A.Y.). A little more patience and the horizon of the future become clearer. We too have been waiting for and a lot longer than you; and the Bishop Waited for centuries. Frame fit and expected would become the world's terrestrial phenomenon.
267. (Guru). Just like this nothing happens. And if as and happens, then no so and no simply. Value of the events is deep and great. Performers don't know greatness of the Plan. But Know Those, Who Conducts. Let's be glad to the future.
268. (May 27). As all events out of the person at the happiest combinations – anything if inside it is unsuccessful, to internal state and we will pay the most severe attention and to internal streamlining and we will direct the efforts. Thoughts, the word and action demand control – all thoughts, all words and all actions. Let's not speak about achievements if such control isn't established. It is necessary to use each mistake; each miss, each thoughtlessly escaped word, and everyone disbalance not to allow them again. Let's not forget also the everyday order to consciousness before withdrawal to a dream to be protected from dark influences. Each weakness, shortcoming or dirty thought – a catch for a shaggy hand to throw the shaggy balls. As carefully it is necessary to be preserved against everything that can attract influences of dark rack. Don't doze around, as predators waiting for a gain, ready to use everyone the disbalance. That advantage of all diligence and aspirations if inside it is unsuccessful and the strictest order isn't established. Self the judge, self the rough and self-hard and impartial over itself the controller; both anybody, and anything, also can't in any way help to succeed in advance if the internal lord and the lord didn't take the power over in hand. Is useless to accept approval, praises and recognition of people if the one who inside, considers that they aren't deserved. And how the person behaves before others but as – alone and before a space face is important not.
269. (M. A. Y.). The victory over you is more important and more all other victories over whom and over anything. Of each error, every, every indulgence of permitting its shortcomings, admitted due to some reasons, you can check out the new, twice the force opposing them and get out of the fight victorious. Remember, winners don't judge firmly, but losers are already convicted. Because even temporary or incidental loss be used as a powerful impetus for the new victory. Remember that positively everything: the good and bad, and good and evil, and enemies and friends, and unhappiness and happiness and sorrow and joy, and illness and health, and help the forces of light and dark, all, all, evil of a shift all is judgment the winner steps ladder to light.
270. (Guru). Not among the righteous, Holy, and age, but among ordinary people has chosen His disciples of the Lord. Publicans and sinners, and the robbers were approached. And a man in his eyes, has some drawbacks but ascendant has more merit than the virtuous, but standing on the spot. Measurement of Teachers is quite different than local; they are not comparable with each other.
271. (Entry from the diary of BN). 22 may, President of the United States came to Moscow. Negotiations are extraordinary value and importance of its consequences.
272. (May 28). We had to take special measures for the agreement took place. Who, how and when will My , was unbeaten. "I have overcome the world" – a formula of light. Even the seeming triumph of darkness has already temporarily in out of the temporary. Because temporary darkness. But the light is eternal. Darkness is temporary and in human consciousness. Therefore, the harlot and the thief Brought promised to be with him. Constant aspiration to light is the guarantee of victory, imperfect as the spirit aspires. Inviolability and the eternity of the spirit by having equanimity are immutably leads to victory ambitions. So let's leave all the doubt, hesitation, uncertainty and anything that hampers going. As the leaves fall, will fly the imperfections and trash dust stratifications, and white wings not broken aspirations would suffer it on and above.
273. That's the spirit aspires to the inner sanctums of the rags and deceitful "envelop mind and generalities wish to hold it so that are around. Well, when this is clearly and distinctly understood. With that is realized, it is much easier to fight. Before eyes it is easier to struggle with the enemy, than with unconscious obstacles. Then blow the will is directed straight into the goal. When an entity against clearly palpable, his calm and confident. "False generality" essentially worthless, but as long as nobody bothers strong not understood. And then the pearls of light on the pathetic rags have nothing to trade the generalities do not force.
274. (M. A. Y.). Don't be confused by the assignment of the crafty hands», because the correct its perception gives a rush of new forces and understanding its immateriality. All this will pass, but the spirit of God is with his aspiration, carrying it over the turbulent flow of the current. You marveled at resistance and staunch of our spirit. They stem from awareness of the transitory nature of obviousness and immutable reality of fiery upper world.

275. (Guru.) When the certain step is reached, all supportive applications and addresses it is possible to leave and come into contact directly and directly, without resorting to earlier accepted forms of Communication. The spirit over everything and when it is included into board, a lot of things necessary and helping becomes before already unnecessary.
276. (May 29). If carriers of the power terrestrial, terrestrial power and wealth aren't equal with inhabitants before laws human, before Laws Space are equal all. Laws Space doesn’t do for people of exceptions, and it is necessary to reckon with them. Many go against them and pay cruelly. The fate of debtors is especially severe. The law of causes and effects is immutable. The fate of debtors is especially severe. On one end the reason, on other – a consequence. Trying to evade from action of the law pipe,-dream. But creation of the new reasons, excellent from former, it is possible to create new consequences. In this case the creative power of imagination is set in motion. The devotee is a person, strength of mind creating a chain of the reasons, conformable with Space Laws. What reason, such is and a consequence. And the feat will be the most favorable room of spiritual wealth of the person.
277. (M. A. Y.). The spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak, and strength of spirit to the infirmity of the flesh spirit gradually possesses the body and asserted his authority over them. Even in small things by the power of the spirit, you can banish tired body, many ailments and the beginnings of disease. Importantly, they resist and assert the supremacy of the spirit. Some are become limp at the earliest and fatigue failure or disease, others are fighting against them to the end, increasing his mental energy and the multiplying those forces there. The body will die, and the accumulated psychic energy remains with the spirit in the form of crystalline formations, pending in the bowl. Accumulation of Bowls is inherent in all incarnations.
278. (May 30). Man proposes, and we have. Knowing the time frame we have unmistakable. We will extinguish the hateful Rays which, when outbreaks of new combinations of stars will be particularly effective. If the Flash of pink light will hang up rising, when fostering the astrological great change would soon. And just as humanity came to the brink of nuclear war, similarly, will start and reverse process have already begun. Enjoy bright, opening opportunities before the beleaguered human race.
279. (M. A. Y.). In the past, will put Cross and open doors to understanding of the future. It is already at the door. Do not enter into a new world in tatters and a clutch of old. Consciousness must wash the understanding of new relatives of Transfiguration. There is enough blood, wars and violence. There is enough counteractions and fight against a pacification and construction. Long live the new life on Earth and peace for people and well pleased!
280. (Guru). Appeal under the Banners of Lord Maitreya sounds over the planet, and many reply. Of wakening consciousness’s sound on the spatial Call. Dark world, proponents of darkness haters will stay behind in construction and bright not participate. And they're not, but bright will face at the helm. So there will be change of direction from darkness to light throughout the world, and the promised victory of light would be approved everywhere.
281. How to combine harmoniously Heavenly and terrestrial? How, without coming off Earth, at the same time to pay due attention to spirit? How twilight of the present to reconcile with shining prospects of the future? Constanta of memory about the Necessary! All, that surrounds us, - not ours. Our homeland and the house not here, but there, in World Aboveground Here we only guests, better to say – travelers. "Only the understanding of a way corresponds to terrestrial stay". And then it is possible to become attached neither to a place, nor to the house, to things. Everything is temporary also all not ours. And even to own body the relation becomes another; and it too not ours, and too for of time. And it is possible to treat its diseases and not relics differently. The Maya it is real, and at the same time it doesn't show reality. The perfect analogy with the mirage – also is and isn't present. When the thought is transferred to spirit area, the consciousness receives a strong basis and a support.
282. (M. A. Y.). "What good man if the whole world would acquire and lose his soul?" Because the first of worry - about her, about the soul. If the benefit of the whole mankind has evolutionary value, selfhood and personal, they painted, is like a dream, the end and short passing. Great Spirits the super person Live. Self-profitable investment it’s of the spiritual property- in of region above-person. Therefore by the personal we won't be burdened. He has no place in space.
283. (Guru). Aspiration in the future and stay in it, destroying the power of the moment of consciousness. Great this power and break free from her need to fly. This thought is depicted in the painting "Gesser-Khan". Arrow of thought directed a powerful hand in the future, not a symbol, but in the scope of the coming space perforation or penetration of consciousness in them. In areas of High, where is the future of humanity and is scheduled for its evolution, cosmic fire reality phenomenon in forms, and the combination of consciousness with them in the space introduces his evolutionary stream and in the prophetic insights allows you to see what already exists in the areas of above-ground world. Insight into the future puts a human face to face with the reality of the upper world.
284. (June 2). In contact all consciousness is filled with thoughts about us, so that nothing external can already to squeeze. One has to make and too busy was a subliminal process. Bad when the basic idea about us and the tank is filled with the spirit of flying midge’s conventional thinking or "deceitful with generalities. Full of concentration – with difficulty. But with the love and interest to what is more important and more important of all, it's possible. All counter-attracting so unimportant! When the water tank vibrates spirit thoughts aspirations for Us, the process is facilitated by the very impulse, but the key is love. It overcomes all difficulties and obstacles and overcoming the worlds.
285. How to succeed in "Making"? Only of not broken staunchness to aspiration! How to adopt? Constanta of love and of devotion! How to cultivate these qualities? Understanding of that they give on that "a narrow track which conducts in life".
286. (Guru). It is possible to change a little the formulation and to tell: "Resisted it will be up to the end rescued". Stability in Light doesn't suffice. It is so much doubting, fluctuating, uncertain and rods. Light contact yet doesn't give strength in it to be approved – collected efforts because "Good’s kingdom force undertakes are necessary, and making effort admires it".
287. (June 3). Height of spirit was determined by the seriousness of the cross, which he is. The burden of this world is great for walking to the light. Entrance fee corresponds to the strength of the aspirations. Paying more and get more. And if the Burden is too great then wise rejoices births given these opportunities. The word "load Me harder" contain prerequisite fastest ascent on the ladder of light to the spirit that understands the value of thorns, of Calvary and the crucifixion suffering, leading it to victory over the world. Crucifixion upon the cross of matter not spirit symbol, but the stark reality for someone who found a narrow path leading to eternal life.
288. Through the inevitable anyway, but you have to go through. And if so, wouldn't it be better to pass through it, as befits a Ruler being light. No endless tests. Everything comes to an end. Come time for you both, and, who knows, maybe it is near.
289. (June 6). Before a dawn always be darkly. Not casually close in such situation burdened by circumstances. Not casually so heavy and to you. How to have this hard transitional time, without having lost accumulation and having kept on the reached? How thoughts to hold on the most necessary? How to be protected from chaos invasion? Where anything else doesn't help, it is possible to succeed love. How not to remember Darling! As not to aspire to It! How not to find time to give! What to tell in a consolation to those who needs It? Tell, the Lord Told: "Take the cross and follow Me". The cross is karma. Weight takes it on the shoulders going and courageously bears it up to the end. And before the end, before release it presses is especially intolerable. Also it seems that anything isn't present that the Teacher that is ahead gloomy Left. But it is deception and an allure strengthened dark, and it is necessary to pass through it, without deviating aside and without changing a step. Not to compare these burdening’s by circumstances to a coming nearer dawn and pleasure of release of spirit from a snare of a dense environment. Rejoice, children, Light ahead.
290. (M. A. Y.). If external conditions cannot be changed at this time, the internal State and the attitude toward them, you can always be modified. Thoughts gather inside, manifesting severe restraint of all senses and especially words. The word strongly ummagnetize may apply. Force yourself to keep silent when possible. Will soon notice that confidentiality and restraint reinforced armor. After all each excess word as a hole or a crack in armor through which insalubrious, disharmonious and bad influences get. And, even if they are not dark, but from ordinary people, there is still good in them. Close the visor and lift the shield, and most importantly, words beware made unnecessarily. We should show restraint and rein in all senses. How do you possess, if the language is unnecessary, and chatters feelings tremble under the influence of third party suggestions. Balance strong store, not allowing others to consciousness violated it. Does and doesn't react viscerally to contact you outside, if you still have to conform in appearance. Be given a voice in unison with them means the balance changed to disbalance. To you insistently climb with unnecessary referrals to trigger this reaction. It is not important that they usually operate unconsciously, damage, however, is great.
291. (June 8). The pupil is in a condition of continuous expectation. The present for it only an inevitable step to the future and in itself is deprived of self-sufficing value. If to take away the future from mankind, its existence becomes senseless. Come ended all of the affairs narrow-minded. You shouldn't put in them attention too. Even less his moods caused by experiences of an astral deserve. Only timeless it is possible to be given more stoutly, without being afraid of loss. But all at of rower the present over of consciousness is a great. It is possible to moderate it only aspiration in the future. People and so give the forces to the future, only their future too shortly and certainly. Wisdom consists in carrying out longer line moderating a celebration of vanity.
292. (M. A. Y.). Higher dimensional space doesn't know distances in the earthly sense. There is near what are the thought and heart. Timeless, and the quickness of thought it is on top of the measured speed; where 0f thought, - there and of the consciousness. And if the thought is directed to something or someone, then immediately shifts to a consciousness. Because there man surrounds himself with what are heart and desire. Wanting be with fathers is, wanting with them to be with the Lord is with him; a leading of thought.
293. (Guru). While here on Earth, thought from the heart, is directed to the Lord, that consciousness can enter into direct communication with him, but already on the Higher dimensions. And the thin eyesight it is possible to inspect this bond. Actually the consciousness asserts a genuine link and the invisible aura of His shoop. Dense spatial Proximity does not allow visibility of the Teacher, but the upper world is making Laws Communicate reality. Truly the Lord is close to the hearts of living them. And subtle vision problems can be observed this relationship. Higher dimensional Worlds laws take precedence over terrestrial, not breaking past, but rising over the restrictions and introducing it into the earthly realm of the aboveground.
294. (June 9). The dense world exists and is obviously visible physical sight. The thin world exists, but dense sight we don't see. Both exist side by side, on the planes different and separately from each other, not actually, but in consciousness of the person. The new Era will be marked by rapprochement of the worlds. The border between them gradually will be refined, won't disappear yet absolutely. The thought is expressed in the images visible to a mind of the thinker. But these images are real. The photo of the future will be able to depict them on an equal basis with dense subjects. The person lives in both worlds: on the one hand, it is surrounded with subjects of a material world, with another – thin formations of mental forms. Both worlds are equally real actually and available to an eye of the clairvoyant. Causing before a mind the Face of the Teacher, the pupil actually the Thin World creates real forms. These forms exist, though aren't visible for an eye, but are visible for thin sight. All people – both live and died – are surrounded with products of the mental creativity. It is necessary to realize reality of this environment and to understand how it accompanies the person both here and there. The thought of the Teacher has much more value, than it seems to terrestrial mind. Thoughts as a real factor of life have much bigger value, than it usually admits, and powerfully influence consciousness of the person invisibly, but obviously accompanying his terrestrial way and continuing to influence and after. "The thought – the satellite true", not leaving beget, yet won't settle on it the most put by it in it energy. Therefore about allowed and dominating in consciousness and sub consciousness thoughts it is necessary to think carefully and useless to be preserved against thoughts. The rhythm everyday Communication creates a strong thin environment. Each warm address strong is real, being reality not visible a terrestrial eye of the Thin World. It is necessary to understand that we live in both worlds. It is necessary to realize as severe control over thought is insistently necessary. The mental forms created by the person, can become so powerful that he won't be able to fight any more with them, if they not from Light. With light it isn't necessary to fight. They as on wings bear it to Light. Dense visibility and thin – are real, everyone on the plan. For razvoploshchenny people dense visibility is replaced thin and becomes so real and visible as there was for them a dense world when they were in the world terrestrial.
295. (M. A. Y.). From seductions, both allure, and seducing thoughts it is necessary to be released, for the present on Earth. Then will be late. They will involve spirit in spheres corresponding to them, to escape from which difficult extraordinary. Lie of allure that their appeal seeming: under each of them, behind a visible attracting form – a ball of venomous snakes and sharp thorns. And, when the external cover of appeal is broken, a grief got to this ball. The earthling of the terrible danger hidden behind externally attractive form of poisonous thoughts doesn't see. And this appeal – false, generated by the soiled imagination. Severely and ruthlessly the allure pupil going on the way dumps appeal covers. Much they meet on a way. It is much thrown dark and it is inflated by them in a dirty flame. Each get rid property or weakness is used by them as a catch, either a hook, or a crack to creep. Be preserved against thoughts dirty in every way spirit. They worry both a body and time. They are very hardy. There is no more terrible and shameful slavery, than slavery at them.
296. (Guru). And bright thoughts and their shining forms are real and are a reality. And dark thoughts and their ugly forms are real and are a reality. The two poles of the things themselves in antisituation show single pole Light pole and darkness. And free choice between these two poles of attraction belongs to man. And when the choice is made, that is the reason why the investigation was prompted by its inevitable. Every thought will cause further. Because arguing over the thoughts, should provide responsive care.
297. (June 10). Every object, every plant, tree, bird, fish, animals, people have their astral double. Enjoy it and all creations of human hands: houses, villages, towns. Are the twins of mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, seas and all that is on Earth, and the earth itself? All this exists in a thin world along with forms created by the human mind. All this exists in the Thin World along with the forms created by human thought. Scrolls of Akasha, who showed all the past of humanity and the Earth, are also included in the list of what is in the world aboveground. Just that there exists, it is impossible to list, especially in its Highest available Areas. Well get rendered into that world, in order not to lose its brilliance and diversity. And you have to have strong support. This pillar is the hierarchy of light. The sad situation of the denier's and Never, when he begins to realize that, although its body and died, he continues to live. Knowledge gained in this direction on Earth, there are very useful, because it allows people to navigate in a new environment and a lot to understand. Denial undoubted is ridiculous. For the ignorance has to pay the price. In the thin world all given by of consciousness. The formula "on your faith it shall be given you" is a basic condition of one incarnation people. The thought is caused by this condition. Deniers and never are people who burgled themselves. Thin host opportunities abound. Boundary or limit their use. A poor, dull and hopeless in the subtle world denier stay evil. Some simply deprive themselves of consciousness belief that death ends all body and nothing further. Belief in the immortality of the spirit is sense-knowledge, uâvlenie or the direct perception of truth. Convergence of worlds will reveal the veil that separates the world of tight Thin. – The future of humankind, the shining features learning surrounding charming world, in all its dimensions and depth.
298. (Guru). Really for the person that, what recognizes and to admin in of consciousness. Everything else outside of his thinking, for it does not exist. Therefore, expansion of consciousness in Teaching is very important. The more accepted, the wider my horizons and understanding. Negation can narrow the horizons to pinhead. The human spirit is like an eagle – the higher the rose upon the Earth, the greater and the visible horizon. Aspiration to the tops of the spirit rises above the generalities of woodland, dense.
299. (June 12). Feeling Fine and visibility of the world are not yet accomplishment. Psychics, mediums, and mad him see, and feel. About the crazy talk won't, but psychics and mediums are often victims of attacks and end the sad loss mental equilibrium. The path of Yoga is far from psyhism and medium ship. Contact with the Subtle World is healthy and natural way. Communication with the teacher protects against contact with the inferior layers of the astral. Sense-knowledge will be the result of normal thinning of the organism, and insight into the world of also Fine. Only a total cleansing from all the litters serves as protection from a dark plague, while not exempt from attacks by servants of darkness; much the various inventions by the dark. They need to learn to see, to paralyze the harm. Have to keep constantly on the alert, for use by all, even friends. Vigilant wake cycle spirit is an indispensable condition for the mental state of the student.
300. (M. A. Y.). As the refinement of the organism is strengthened and escalates its susceptibility, - perception to go by the consonance. What is the call, so is the spatial response. And it is not hard to understand how harmful untreated stains on aura and what harmonies they attract. Thought, if foster internally, constantly growing, drawing from surrounding areas of sibling elements. The light-bearer, radiant thought – as armor, as shield.
301. (Guru). "Do know neither the day nor the hour ..." With this likeness and will expect future. And let the anticipation it will be active. Activity may be internal, and externally on the surface not notable. If only thoughts were not to stagnate. Not the running water but in stagnant, decaying, start any scum.
302. (June 13). Accumulation of psychic energy is one of the main objectives of the student throughout his life. Unaltered psychic energy doesn't remains – it builds up or wasted or. Giving her a legitimate issue, quickly recovers. But squandering of precious power renewable in the regular way can't be. If a man has long indulged despondency, then re-assemble the expended on this sense of force is not easy, and not just because the physical effects may emerge as despondency terminal illness. The same results are obtained as a consequence of all sorts of excesses, drinking, incontinence, fear, irritation, etc. Feelings-eaters of mental energy – may be able to not replenishment. Every action, thought or feeling, or accumulates, or consumes the Fiery might. Conscious self-restraint all human movements, and both physical and mental, is similar to a closed dam, stores water for the mill. When holding back "Silver ghost" superimposed on the bridle all the senses of a disciple, he is willing to climbing and getting new instructions. It is difficult to restrain many of experiencing externally, but internally much more difficult. When a person expresses human feelings is an overwhelming victory. When of face no express overwhelming of man feelings – this narrower of victory. Restraint and self-checking in all forms are approved. Lower in the power of the dismissed feelings not compatible with understanding of Yoga.
303. (M. A. Y.). The ardent example of fieriness of feelings is shown by the people who have lost composure and mentally ill people. Disbalance and balance to the antipodes. Own entirely with himself must learn student. Conscious self-restraint is unusual in people. Therefore, it causes even some his unaccountable fear or, at least, respect. A State of equilibrium is unusual. Because she call even some fear, or, during of its exposed people instantly. A State of equilibrium is a better drive. No one can stand against the balance. The most vicious attack will shatter his shield. If the Teacher asks to help him keep balance, He is drawn to student who has already reached a certain stage of the condition. Disbalance in the world, and help students in this direction is very valuable. Quality equilibrium has not only personal, but spatial meaning. Great is his power. Understanding of the balance is the fate of the few.
304. (Guru). Agni's accumulation can devote all the time. After all this process includes both constancy of patrol, and restraint, both tranquility, and balance, both the guarded vigilance, and control over astral display, over all emotions, thoughts, words and actions. Conscious accumulation of mental rower is tins process complicated and hard, only few to rower.
305. (June 15). The condition of internal concentration and restraint can be established at will, and it is possible to do it probably more often, so that there was it habitual and constant. Dissoluteness of all feelings and inability to restrain and own itself will opposition to this condition. At restraint the aura comes to a quiet condition and well affects all surrounding: both people, and animals, both plant, and inanimate objects. After all even things and walls of houses and everything with what the person comes to contact, can be filled with good aura. All people influence the environment. Question only in, how? Don't think incarnate, what pattern of spirit is left by them for themselves, but all leave it. According to biographies of some people it is very easy to make idea of character of such pattern. Gloomy and terrible patterns are left after themselves by the bad people who have indulged in the evil. But even not bad person being in slavery and submission at the astral, can leave after him very not attractive records. Therefore restraint and concentration internal certainly are useful. What fascinating this process of mastering by the feelings, thoughts, and moods at understanding as this way mental energy collects and increases can become. It is possible to live life on Earth, having saved up or having spent Agni.
306. (M. A. Y.). Ask yourself, should everyone that did or does he in this incarnation, so that his spirit can advance further. After all, he may return to the same point from which started this life, not advancing any closer, or even could fall even lower. And then have to start again from scratch, passing all the allotted, but in more difficult conditions. Every move, even the slightest, done in the right way, will bring good consequences. It is possible to put mountain handfuls. And in their lives on Earth amass can be the most valuable treasures of the spirit. It is in everyday life is normal, is picking up or waste of fiery might. Mistakenly thinking of the nonen-tity the human, if from the look it droop and wilt flowers or wasting away light, joyful mood surrounding if poison it can saturate your space around. And the positive and negative energy or radiation person operates on all that surrounds it. How much should be attentive to everything that comes out of his essence. Grows up to good or evil is incarnated on Earth every spirit. And, closely watching the man in the eye, not that to smell the hard something, from the darkness he, or from of light.
307. (Guru). Poison of doubt may have been tossed at any step ladder of spirit. Because It is specified be approved on the basis of consciousness. They are not negated, and the waves dropped thoughts of doubt will split about it. The difficulty is that all the evidence stands in front of the eyes and can serve as strength the self-test as vans black value of Foundation on which to build House spirit. So you can strengthen each Bobble stone. Not it is denied the true. Not will seduce Maya who approved their consciousness on the Lord.
308. (June 16). Enemies are more useful to a spirit ascension, than rotten friends because teach vigilance, to vigilance, sharpness and ability to resist to various counteractions. Enemies learn to fight. Enemies, striking blows, strengthen and temper spirit armor. They exercise the wit resourcefulness. Day breakers approve the force in incessant struggle with darkness and dark evil maker. Soldiers are necessary to Me strong, courageous, and tempered in severe fight. Let's finish appreciation to enemies.
309. (M. A. Y.). Devotion without of constancy, - as a bird without the wings. Devotion is valuable quality of constancy. You see as it fluctuates in those whom would like to consider among friends. Fluctuations and changeability of moods, that is conditions of an astral, generate this instability of the relations; very mournfully, when the friendship put in dependence off inconstancy. The loyal friend you appreciate, true so there aren't enough friends.
310. (Guru). Beams self-proceeding are valuable the originality and not repeatability. Their approved never will assimilate to a parrot repeating someone else's words. True creativity of spirit is always original. "Swimming in own castle" is preferred to others ships, despite all their positive sides and advantages.
311. (June 17). And enemies of Light the same, as and a millennium ago; very strong and organized. They know receptions of sorcery and black magic. Much is known to them from area of Intimate Knowledge. The denying, not beliefs and all other ignoramuses recognize neither mental energy, nor opportunities to use it in the evil and therefore they are powerless against occult and mental frauds of enemies. And at dark there are a lot of allies, and conscious and unconscious. You look how pervert and they distort each kind undertaking.
312. (M. A. Y.). Approving reality of the Thin World, you are approved on an unshakable basis. It is possible to stand and go only on two feet that is recognizing two worlds. The one-sided world view will inevitably lead to crash. In all the undertakings you remember the invisible basis of everything that is visible to an eye terrestrial. To Us addressing and entering Communication, don't belittle that strong is real, though it isn't given dense shapes. When you will dump a terrestrial body and dense visibility will cease to fill consciousness, it will be replaced by the thin. And everything that was created during lifetime by a rhythm of not broken aspiration remains with you to accompany your spirit in Elevated.
313. (June 19). The temptations of every kind accompany walking on the Path up to the highest levels. Fallen Angel level was high, but not height saved him from falling. Dense shell immerses spirit in terms of giving the possibility of a wide variety of tests. Yes, the very incarnation can be seen as another test of the spirit to a specific job. Some pass through this successfully, others do not stand up and over and over again returned to Earth with the same job. Many date back, many descend lower and lower. Each test it is necessary to survive. There is no alternative, is it just the way your descent into the abyss. All efforts to overcome their address to be entered in property records as the achievements of the past, because in the future, germinate best, - at all steps a ladder of life –of fight and of overcoming. And that one was an achievement for subsequent approval could be overcome for qualities of spirit, the better. Student destined never adds impotence or desperate hands, however difficult to overcome may be what it should be. Victoriously Our motto at all times for walking on the trail of life-struggle and victory.
314. (M. A. Y.). When talking about tackling and winning, we mean overcoming himself and defeated him. "He conquers all, who himself will be able to win." Control of external conditions and moving her out was tantamount to fight with windmills and is self-deception. Because "what good man if the whole world will win", and will remain in without clear space thralls weaknesses and vices of their own in power disbanded astral, that is, "his soul will lose"? The Savior said: "I have overcome the world» and this victory was not in the outer victory over His enemies, who crucified his body, but it is in winning the inside on what outside powerfully rose against him. And it is this victory was a stepping stone to a future where comes the Lord of the New World, the world of light and happiness to human kind.
315. (Guru). When solid, strong, not the invincible and steady efforts to move forward on the path of light man begins to be absolutely everything: all of the characters, good and bad, all things considered, favorable and unfavorable, all business is successful and unsuccessful, and grief and joy, health and disease, and the nastiest conditions. It follows the path of the winner. And what the passing and temporary can detain the person if his spirit not temporality and is eternal and if at a steady and constancy of aspiration on this way boundless everything is possible and everything is achievable?
316. (June 20). Here you want to think of the most necessary and to concentrate on it, and affairs of the present day, his care, interests and concerns imperiously demand to themselves attention and, contrary to your will and desire, distract you that are most important. Two in one fight for prevalence and as often vanity wins. What to do and how to protect consciousness from invasion of waves of the everyday sea? To die usual and to be removed in the woods, mountains or the desert it is impossible because the karma put in these conditions. And the debt to people too should be executed. How after all to be? It is once told: "Caesarian – to the Caesar, and God’s– to God", that is terrestrial – the Earth, and spiritual – to spirit, but in balance full that is so that, without leaving from life and being in the middle it, nobility, understand and feel heart, constantly to keep this consciousness that everything that occurs around, there is passing, changeable and deceptive Maya terrestrial; that all this only that flashes in a window of a rushing express train; that today one, and tomorrow another, but that is unchangeable and constant Called, and the Kingdom Light Ego which other-worldly, there is the only reality and the Basis of all on which it is possible to rely and on which it is possible to be approved by spirit. It is necessary to introduce understanding it in consciousness so that flashing patterns of a kaleidoscope passing didn't cover that is more important also perky only. Because everything will pass and passes, but I stay for ever and ever. The consciousness center from spheres of the passing concentrates on enduring, and life is transferred to thought.
317. (M. A. Y.). It is told: "Who is sure for the will, let will enter". "The creator imperious – will" can demagnetize consciousness in the necessary direction. Therefore on strengthening and education of the will it is necessary to pay special attention. Place will in a brain, but the will center – heart. And when the desire, aspiration or thought go from of heart, that they and win. It isn't simple to transfer will to heart and it isn't easy because to be given something or someone by heart – means to fall in love. And the Love is the Winner fiery, and don't think from a brain to fight against it. So, the will movable by love, can overcome everything that becomes a barrier on a spirit way to Light. And even it is possible to win against itself power of ardent love to the Lord. The Lord Told: "You love Me and you will double force". So, a key from all of achievements is of love. It also you will reach there where the Lord Called you.
318. (June 21). After each contact with people it should be noted attentively kind or hostile reaction from contact which happens under the influence of their radiations. The hostile relation is felt rather more sharply. Therefore enemies are better teachers, than friends. It isn't necessary to be afflicted with the hostile relation. It is possible to be even grateful for study. Sense-knowledge develops this way quicker. People determine by the attitude towards you the belonging to a darkness or Light camp. Thin feelings give in to the analysis at the attentive attitude towards them.
319. (M. A. Y.). "Man is something that should be overcome. What did you do to overcome a person? And what is a monkey to man – a mockery or nagging shame? "And the man of today is in relation to what should it be in judgment it the future? All in man is imperfect and subject to address compared to the Supreme Being, in which he will change on the higher stages of evolution. You can rejoice in their accomplishments, knowing, however, that once-and they will have to overcome and improve the development and growth of the infinite spirit, to which no end.
320. (Guru). What luck breaking out of its shell to freedom of aura’s spatial expanse! You smell something small dense body of restrictions and the Dungeon to shoot for the spatial freedom. The body requires, for allowing the spirit to grow and deepen knowledge, gradually mastering the physical body in order to free himself from his restraints and connection into the five external senses. We welcome every step and win in this direction. Bit by bit going and accumulates the treasure of Agni. To victory over the flesh, the Lord is calling. The winner is judged. A player winning bids farewell all.
321. (June 23). What do poor people; their results will not be perfect. And without improvement of the performer it is impossible to improve affairs. And we say and insist on improvement of human consciousness. Without a transformation of consciousness in people a new peace will not come. Our Beams also are directed on this transformation of consciousnesses. It keeps saying the teaching life. Taking place on planet decomposition is a consequence of human imperfection. And not as important a form expressing human activity as the essence of this form, for exterior can hide internal decomposition. Coffins painted, complete all "abominations", and is a very good illustration of this thought. Acceptable external form is acceptable in line with its internal content. Even words are justifiable and acceptable if their outer expression matches the inland. The world is based on the accord and coherence. And our task is to establish on Earth the lost balance. And then there will be peace on Earth is possible and "grace in good will, instead of war, violence, hostility and malevolence.
322. (M. A. Y.). On top of all that is human consciousness, is the deep inner process, not visible to the eye. Even Light which bears in itself Light carrier, isn't visible bearing it. Because of the growth of its aura of apprentice watch cannot but could his teacher. Not much available monitoring student going on in his body. And at times the only inner feeling vaguely could tell about the growth of the spirit and going inside. Because the teacher says: "give Me sadness and My joy about you, you follow after Me, not stopping, not doubting, and not being of inadequacy or fear. Lord said clearly, simply and clearly, at all times, that is: "he who believes in Me shall have eternal life", - this formula and go.
323. (Guru). Why all the attention is focused on the event and on the external surface of their search, when the main course in the depth. See his physical eyes, but no heart can smell something clearly and unmistakably. This is why Teaching Life focuses not on the brain and heart. And there, where the brain remain, of heart say your prophetic the word.
324. (June 24). The growth and development of the immortal incarnation Human Individuality goes on, regardless of the country, places, people, color, family and other external conditions. Of course, they influence, that is, speed up or slow down the evolution of the spirit; but like whirlpools, waves, wind and storms do not influence, even though they are, in the main course of the great river, the focus of the human microcosm, made under the influence of the stars, subject to its laws and does not depend on what events are happening in the world. Strong Individuality tower over the level of the external environment and create your karma to them contrary. So He climbed over that surrounded it. So Plato was ahead of humanity for many stages of its evolution. For the faint perfume of their consciousness is defined by being a strong perfume, but create and transform the surrounding, not walking on proceed and the beaten tracks, old world around them.
325. (M. A. Y.). Proof that spirit by nature is over the limitations of dense world, is the fact that the spirit, having left his evolution on Earth, goes to a higher, leaving the planet Earth and all earthly things, because it is not linked, because the Earth is only a temporary step in the process of infinite ascent and development spirit. The homeland of spirit in the higher worlds, but not on of Earth, Areas where spirit got its granulation, is a loose in the world. Remember the words of the Savior: "My Kingdom is not of this world".
326. (Guru). And still the house of spirit is under construction the person to itself on Earth. For our mankind Earth – an inevitable step of its evolution pass which it can't. Earth gives those conditions which promote development of its properties and talents. Approving a primacy of spirit and opportunity him to rise over a matter dense, it is impossible to lose sight that only the world dense can serve as steps for spirit ascension. To reject dense opportunities – means to lose advance. Necessity, usefulness, need and inevitability of terrestrial embodiments should be understood.
327. (June 25). We say: "everything is achievable". We are talking about the endless opportunities of spirit. In the future Look and thought to Distant Worlds, where already implemented the future that is destined to mankind. Adoption of the "I can do all things" depends on the realization of human marvelous "apparatus". Possible, these elusive, yet not understood and realized what an amazing apparatus is at the disposal of the human spirit. Conscious cognition of the essence of future human evolution shows he treads the path of climbing step by step. Here are it is specified and ignition psychic energy centers. Stage is difficult, but wonderful. Flights in teeth and mental body open of access to direct perceive in the world. Our goal is to "equip the person without a single apparatus. Already having achieved them wonderfully, but express this too requires awareness. And speechless, and the creation of a thought forms, and passing thoughts on distance, and suggestions, and lots of different phenomena are demonstrated and proven, suggests that these capabilities is not a fairy tale. All given, everything is open, but it is necessary to take the hand and the feet to go on the way, remembering a formula: "hand and foot human".
328. (M. A. Y.). As its shadow, all his imperfections and the phenomena of last fulfillments while he won't get rid will follow the person and won't overcome them everything. Because, and of opportunity fall, accompanies it to the highest steps. And if the Tempter offered Jesus all kingdoms terrestrial and the power then, and the temptation is offered on growth and spirit height. And difficulties, in turn, will grow and be multiplied too in process of its ascension. And it isn't necessary to wait for simplification any more. Will ask, whether it is better to stay in ignorance? Easier, both more simply, and more irresponsibly.It can be done, only having destroyed a sprout. Therefore "dead" are given opportunity "to bury the dead persons". Chosen a life it is necessary to go only on it, without stopping before any difficulties. All difficulties – Maya deception and dreams, and it is necessary to pass through them to enter Light Kingdom.
329. (Guru). The new heavens and the new Earth will reap nothing for the children of the world, but not for dark and conscious of their supporters the office "sheep from «goats “goes intensively, and unusable from a planet will leave. The copper roughly boils, and microbes boil away. Earth clarification already happens. The death will move away them from the dense world, and there they are waited by stones of become lifeless planets. Not in will have people to change a powerful tide of life. With spirit you are invigorated, because not darkness ahead.
330. (June 27). Earthly wisdom is enmity against God. Vanity and turmoil of the dense world are hostile to thin manifestations. There is no consistency between the worlds of human consciousness. Fairy tales and the sleeping Princess, dead and living water, good and evil wizards, werewolves, bewitched by the castles and all its attendant, miraculous phenomena, not fantasy but reality of the subtle world. People are feeling it, and the kids are so fond of fairy tales. World of Thin is the world where all possible and achievable, because there reigns the thought and all is going on and is propelled thought. All thin education is real in all areas and clearly visible fine vision. Bipolar vision is achievable. The great Fiery Epoch, which has already reached an all-time, will give people a clue to bipolar, and both peace and harmony will merge victoriously in human consciousness, without breaking its balance. Now the world of Subtle yet is clairvoyant, psychic, medium, and crazy, and drunks in the white passion or some patients with delirium. Glimpses of it, sketchy, rare and random are almost all people, but misunderstanding and rejection of hamper proper understanding of them; creative of fans and of groundless imaginations – antipodes. The first, besides Earth, deals as well with reality thin. Only limited opportunities broadmindedness human activity can if it's dark. True freedom to identify the creative power of thought but there is achievable. If only to understand that there are possible. Much is possible and here and even the impossible can be achieved, but how long will have to wait until the power is in the hands of everyone. For these achievements – the reality of Arhat, undertaken by them when they are still in the body of the Earth, but for each one, they are limited by the degree of his spirit. Fairy tales are useful and instructive, because euphemistically speak of peace and real opportunities people Aboveground. Folk wisdom begins to see clearly in the wonderful reality of fairy tales. Deniers are forced to be silent and blunt, as tales told about the validity of the fine; truth, no all, but only the present. You can welcome the new, true tales, because they really are needed. Are also useful and fantastic piece, if they are based on fundamentals. In the form of fiction you can give real knowledge to people. And the heart will understand the true value of given.
331. (M. A. Y.). Of course, we teach in his sleep, and waking up in the mind of one student received. And it is very good when it conducts records. Otherwise the resulting sinks into oblivion and for future generations are no longer available. The thought caught correctly: it's good to write to, say, narrative, which removed all restrictions of dense world, and what people learn through thousands of years, will be presented in the form of affordable, but either as a legend, or dreams, or in any other, but still acceptable form. People yearned for the unusual. Interest to all types of Yoga is great. Hungry people, for infant food does not serve the spirit of materialism, and to understand the real meaning of true, materialism is not yet mature enough.
332. (Guru). When your consciousness is Blowing ' in the Worlds of higher capacity, the spirit grows wings. When a person is depicted with wings, it is a symbol of a winged spirit. Not all spirits wings have, potentially all but in reality very few. True creativity is rising in its aspiration to light on wings of the spirit. Stand in front of a cloth and when the artist creator and you grow wings. Because, of true creativity inspires and raise man, transferring it into the worlds the highest reality. "Through art have light."
333. (June 29). The disciple is not above the Teacher, no matter how he tried to uplift them. Leadership is defined by a deep knowledge, experience and savings head, if they are there. And then the hierarchical relationships remain, no matter what. Wide experience and knowledge cannot be arbitrarily cancelled. But relationships are voluntary. Any imposition is excluded. An imaginary independence and self-affirmation is self-deception, which dropped from a hierarchical chain link is losing a direct link with the Hierarchy. But why not give a person an opportunity to be in this imaginary independence, if he so wishes. Imposing of the management is inadmissible. Internally it remains, if the spirit Chief above the stage. But the gap between the Hierarchy and the tragic loss for broke away the spirit. Therefore true creativity inspires and ennobles the person, transferring it to the Worlds of the highest reality. Link courtesy of its Karma lifted off.
334. (M. A. Y.). In connection with the timing and internal training is intense. And the characters are given. Everyone has value. It is important to watch out for. Rising spirit accelerated. For the details of life and reactions to them, you can watch the process. External loses its power. It may already be subject to the will, and the ardent the tempered growing and continuous counteraction. We watch and we are close. Reality and our invisible subtle world proximity will become brighter and brighter. Never mind that dark and terms – anyone, but space doesn't sound its note, and invisible setting, which is set to name, is running on a narrow trail leading to life. The Lord is unchangeable in the attitude towards those, whom It Hall-marked the. And our feelings are the same. Just to not let the obviousness of the dense obscuring knowledge of spirit. You can rejoice in spirit despite all that the eye sees and hears the ear of the Earth.
335. (Guru). The lord Told: "Rejoice, children!” But let it will be spiritual pleasure, pleasure about spirit. It is possible to rejoice and about terrestrial, but to remember thus that the pleasure terrestrial is transient and fragile. But the pleasure on spirit and about spirit doesn't depend on affairs terrestrial, short and therefore it is possible to rejoice contrary to and irrespective of fussy and illusive employment narrow-minded. Of joy come from spirit, is from the Highest Worlds. In the Highest Spheres the space sounds pleasure, and these moments can be caught heart. It also will be that "perfect" pleasure about which the Lord in due time Spoke.
336. (June 30). People would be undermined by strife, crises, inter-war period, with all sorts of trouble, personal and public, not to the spirit and become the other. There is no happiness in the world. Technology and science do not give, because happiness is in the spirit. The same few who wrote, suffer doubly and even more as a burden for the rest, the spirit does not have; of burden of this world because there is great, - and easier to be, until rave people. Irresponsible human reached monstrous proportions. The pristine green cover of the planet is destroyed, are being polluted bodies of water, rivers, lakes and oceans, catches air and exhaust gases of all kinds of scum. Human energy is directed at making terrible means of mass destruction of all life. And war is very cruel. Where did go? Dark ruin all the best beginnings, paying them for evil. The terrifying wills Kickback. He approaches are fatal. The elements go out from coast, because the balance of their disturbed. Every action causes a reaction. What is it, if the actions were contrary to the laws of balance and harmony?
337. (M. A. Y.). The highest layers of the patron of the matter and the deepest in the basis are not affected by elemental disbalance and disharmony created by humanity as a whole. There is a space of sustainability. And everywhere reigns and act the law. And whatever occurred on Earth and whatever it was generated by mankind, but "the sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet". The inviolability of the eternal in time we need to understand, to unswervingly stand among eddies of Earth. And the spirit is eternal and is secure, as is the foundation of being. Stone Ground Truth remains Forever inviolable at all times, no matter how raved people.
337. (M. A. Y.). The highest layers of a rightful matter and the most deep in the basis aren't mentioned disbalance elements and the disharmony generated by mankind as a whole. Eat in Space of the sphere of stability unshakeable. And everywhere the Law reigns and works. And whatever occurred on Earth and whatever it was generated by mankind, but "the sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet". This inviolability eternal in temporary should be understood unshakably to resist among whirlwinds terrestrial. And the spirit too is eternal and indestructible, as well as the Basis Real. The stone of the Eternal Basis of Truth remains indestructible for all times how people raved.
338. (Guru). The thought on the wings carries away consciousness to the Highest Spheres. The thought on the wings carries away consciousness to that, on what is directed. The thought works constantly, constantly carrying away consciousness to that, on what is directed. So at each this moment the winged thought connects the person with something: good or bad, high or low, close or far, with friends or enemies, darkness or light. Such is its force. And all people submit to it. Only one are able to operate it will, and others, on the contrary, cope it. One seized power of thought, others – slaves at own thoughts or thoughts of strangers. But the right of a free choice of thoughts bad or kind remains nevertheless for the person, even when it, having this right, prefers to choose thoughts of darkness instead of thoughts of Light. But, having chosen dark thoughts for a combination to them, it bears their burden and already submits to that chose.
339. (July 2). The planet is sick. The illness is caused by balance violation. And not only in the field of elements, but signs of it a disbalance everywhere are shown, and the chaos everywhere interferes. It interferes and in consciousness human, breaking a harmonious condition of an organism; strong the astral rages, pushing people on any extremes; from here and the monstrous height of drug addict and alcoholism. Sadly to see how all is killed live, the nature decays. Poisons, foul and everything all, to what touch lightly the hand of the person. Huge dumps of the poisonous, fulfilled garbage threaten to deaden the big areas of Earth, not to mention reservoirs and the rivers. Herbicides destroy the insects taking active part in life of plants. So, violation of harmonious circulation in the nature came so far that consequences of this invasion into her life will be reflected heavy in everything. But people to understanding of are deaf and blind that they create. Seeing the short and obvious party of the actions, to them necessary, others, long on the consequences and terrible on character, they don't want to see. The principle "after Me though a flood" works with My. But clouds are condensed, and the return becomes ripe blow. There is a violent robbery, plunder and destruction of natural resources, and is frequent not on construction and creation, but on destruction, murders and conducting misanthropic wars. Terrible things are done under the sun in hope of impunity. But the return blow becomes ripe.
340. (M. A. Y.). With rage be will protect balance of microcosm iframe chaos invasion. It exists in every moment of weakness or disbalance. Pillar one Hierarchy. Keep the balance above all. It saved from eddies, amazing space. It protects against evil.
341. (Guru). Even spatial, i.e. at a distance, but the harmonic relationship between the friends have a greater protective effect. Circle and his occult power of space are not limited. When it says "keep unity", this Decree is referring not only to unite locally, but also spatial. Force felt and experienced time and again, especially with regard to confront hostile influences, but then were close by. Now it is necessary to consciously assert effective range in the distance. This requires awareness of this possibility. But this is quite impossible if there is no unity. Understand the value of unity, if only for their benefit.
342. (July 3). Between the upper and deep layers of the matter which isn't affected by the phenomena occurring in the world, there are layers of a matter of different degree of mobility, since high, easily giving in to thought influence, and finishing dense terrestrial beds. Most difficultly thoughts layers of a dense matter of the visible world give in. The purpose of evolution of a planet and all living on it consists in depression and thinning of a matter dense, including here both the earth and a body of the person. In the beginning process was the return that is evolution went by gradual consolidation thin to the dense. After passing of a median point of the Circle it became the return. In the seventh Race of it, the fifth, the Circle thinning of a matter and material bodies will reach the limit, and following, the sixth, the Circle will repeat all process at first. This evolutionary process has no end. The sixth Circle will be followed by the seventh, and Earth will finish the evolution, like the moon. The mankind will pass to higher planet, and the spiral of evolution will lift it everything higher and higher. Boundlessness of the end has no.
343. (M. A. Y.). Movement up on turns of a spiral means novelty of influences received by the person. Doesn't repeat anything because construction rather passing, on the spiral turns, located one over another, means analogy to a previous round, but not identity. Each life, or embodiment, in this sense is new. And the person is new every instant that is not such what was earlier. Worse or better – depends on, whether it moves on an ascending or descending spiral. There are spirits which ascend, and is which all fall below and below. Both the kind and dark beginnings in the person tend to development. On a place nothing costs.
344. (Guru). There can't be the real pupil the devourer of others mental energy, that is the conscious or unconscious vampire. And without that there are a lot of them among people. Therefore, approving spatial activity of a circle, it is necessary to understand that for success it is necessary to come to give with thought that is to bring something with itself. To come devastated, an empty peel – means to take mental energy from someone from the others and by that to deprive a circle of the fiery force so necessary to it. If the devastated all participants, and results useful come will come to naught zero. So, spatial service begins with the decision something to bring and to allow and by that to strengthen a circle and its magnetic properties, at dedicated association of participants. Without dedication and desire to give all attempts of spatial association in the spirit of will be vain. In shabby clothes of egoism spatial service is impossible.
345. (July 4). Communication of the Father with the son can't be broken by anything, because it – over everything. But understanding of this communication depends on many external and internal reasons. It can fluctuate from bright and its close sense-knowledge before blackout and almost full seeming loss. But this of loss – is Maya the deception. Actually communication continues to be. At these moments of seeming loss of communication evidence should approve it contrary to and counter to thoughts darkening it. The Lord is unchangeable, changes happen in the pupil in conditions of his astral cover and thoughts of the present day. Therefore it is necessary to think of Proximity of the Highest overall affairs and the phenomena usual. The phenomenon of Proximity unusually and doesn't enter into a turn of small affairs or triumphing vanity of the ordinary. Light phenomenon outside them. The Light source of doesn't depend that it shines, but to feel it, the acceptability is necessary. The acceptability means compliance, the accord, a consciousness accord with that, on what it is directed. The acceptability means compliance, the accord, a consciousness accord with that, on what it is directed. Why the consciousness can be adjusted on any wave: for example, on a love and devotion wave, on an aspiration wave, on a wave of self-sacrificing desire to assist Bearing an unreasonable Burden terrestrial. Many waves are available for a strong-willed and conscious attuning of a harp of spirit. In what key it is adjusted, in same there are also perceptions of thoughts arriving in consciousness. It is wrong to think that this process happens without strong-willed and conscious participation of the person in it. It is told that it is impossible to wait for inspiration, but it is necessary to take it. "Good’s kingdom force undertakes, and making effort admires it".
346. (M. A. Y.). Special attention should be paid to the n attuning of consciousness on the desired wave. You cannot expect success, plunging with his head in a triumphant wave of vanity. You cannot combine the generalities of the aspiration to vanity higher realms. You cannot perceive vibration of Beam Teacher if consciousness is filled with vanity. To vanity means a turnover of conventionally conventional, such that normal lives now, as she lived a hundred or a thousand years ago to completely forget within the stream of time. Plunging into the traditional ways to oblivion on the guru and His like can count on His thoughts and perceptions of her own. Similarly, tolerance and indulgence for weaknesses to their different and shortcomings impede Communication Strong. The formula "let him deny himself" remains at all times the sine qua non of following the Lord. It is the self crucifies Jesus Life learner, and is going for a relentlessly Teacher of light. How is everything that distracts him from travelling on a narrow trail leading to life! Does not work, do not work, so necessary for the ascent of the spirit, but this is vanity the distracting and destructive effect on the mind. Creative same work, on the contrary, ennobles and inspires workers and is absolutely necessary for a man walking along the way.
347. (Guru). If you carefully follow our lives, you'll see that it was full to the limit and is full of hard-won creative, inspirational, and tense. No words, no high sayings, namely work without end constraints was the engine and the assertion of what can be considered the basics of life. Teaching Life we argued not by words but by their deeds and hard work. Work is the Foundation on which is built the House spirit. Get work as the essential the necessity and precondition of development and success of the spirit. We work to sing hymns are ready. We praise the great toilers in the field life. We are ready to support and inspire students going through path. Labor gets widely – from the simplest to the greatest creations of craftsmen of art and works of creative thought of the great Media light.
348. (July 5). "We appreciate the thought which has generated the decision". The efficiency of such thought is great. Flitting moths of thoughts, nothing bringing, have no price. We appreciate the monolith of the thought which hasn't been shattered by day third-party impurity. It is difficult to keep solidity of thinking at chaotic or antagonistic spatial currents. And that it coasted, but solidity of thinking is necessary. The unbalanced thinking of mentally abnormal people will be its antipode. Control over thought assumes deduction it in a certain vein, unlike willful and its chaotic jumps from one subject on another. The habit to a harmonius current of thoughts can be developed consciously. It will be the ant provision of a reflex lunar. Often not the will directs thought, and willfulness, that is dissoluteness of thinking. Often noticed in conversation with the interlocutor as his thoughts ran up from the main direction in different directions and absolutely digressed. It is very interesting to observe these grimaces of unrestrained thinking in people. The thought should learn to be owned; differently it is necessary to become the weak-willed slave to disorder thoughts. Work of subjects also is useful that demands concentration, especially intellectual. Certainly, it is all about the ability and skill to focus thought the strong-willed order. In it is necessary to approve it strongly. Magnetism of thoughts is great. Everyone attracts to herself others, but according to the accord and, in turn, is attracted by them. Many thoughts interfering in consciousness from outside, it is necessary to drive simply, behind their uselessness and obtuseness. But there is a sphere of thoughts dark, poisonous and harmful. They should be avoided, as a terrible infection. They are pernicious and decomposing affect mentality. People of malignancy of darkened thinking aren't afraid, and it is worse than an illness. It is possible to recover from an illness, but the thought of darkness doesn't leave the person, isn't won yet. The care of thought is a foremost duty of the person.
349. (M. A. Y.). The strong-willed, directed thought leads to communication with us. It – as the bridge binding which handrail it is necessary to hold strong not to lose the direction. In it value of strong aspiration. The thought going from heart directs. It isn't limited to distance, as though brain. The energy of heart directed ardently, perforation Singular perforation Plural or pierces space. It gets freely into the World Thin and can concern his inhabitants. Memory about the dead very much for them it is beneficial if thoughts of the remembering are light and ennobling. Some ceremonies connected with it, are useful if aren't made callously, that is without heart participation. Thoughts from Light are free because don't know barriers and reach to whom are directed.
350. (Guru). There is a quality of spirit, harshness inherent from an Arhat. It is opposite and unfortunately tearful sentimentality. It does not mean cruelty, because no inseparable from compassion. The compassion, in turn, always seeks to help. This is its distinctive property of sentimentality, which is often combined with inhuman brutality. People in the theater, shed tears over the sensitive scenes right there ready to gnaw through each other's throat with a scream "fire".
351. (July 7). We pursue the far-reaching aims, throwing thus "anchors of long voyage". Therefore anything temporary can't prevent Us and detain our Hand. Affairs human are short, - in it weak place. While these affairs and makers leave from a scene and our actions – atop are replaced with new, same limited terms, one only art and its great works have time for a long time. True art vnevremenno and as in it Light, and its influence on minds human and hearts is great. We Call our place the Stronghold, because really the Stronghold it and a stronghold of the best that the planet and mankind have. As also you can share the thoughts, actions and aspirations on temporary, from today, and, is similar to ours, timeless, going far forward, both to enclose consciousness and the heart in them. And, when the phenomenal world falls, the consciousness victoriously maintains this crash because it was approved on the enduring. Destruction of the phenomenal world occurs inevitably every time when the person dumps from himself a dense cover, and the destruction of it can't avoid any mortal.
352. (M. A. Y.). The one, who will build the life on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life, won't be mistaken. Intentionally I speak – life, instead of existence because life is eternal, and existence is temporary. Eternal life is promised by the Lord to the people, following forIt. For this purpose it is necessary to believe It and to accept it. It is told clearly and directly: "The believer in Me has eternal life". The consciousness which has accepted the Lord, after death of a body lives. The consciousness of a denying of immortality of spirit dooms itself death after death of a body. So, recognition or denial of Bases of Life defines destiny of the person in Elevated. It is necessary to add that the good lives in the person even if doesn't know the Lord, but has in itself Light. Affairs terrestrial approve a way of the person in the Thin World depending on that kind they or angry, from Light they or from darkness
353. (Guru). The donation and creation of Spirits Great endure their body. In it sense of Arrival there to Earth. If not They, the planet would sink in a gloom; in literal sense of this word. They rescue Earth. One adjoins them and helps, others, on the contrary, rise and counteract, one – from Light, others – from darkness. So, a sword dividing brought by each Lord, not a symbol, but of severe reality. Now this division is especially dramatic, because the already final; in it and the Court separating sons of Light from sons of darkness. Judge everyone. By the court it will be condemned and by the will be justified. Everyone has in itself the judge.
354. (July 8). Life of the pupil proceeds under the sign of singularity. The victory of spirit over covers is reached by work and not broken aspiration. For nothing it is given nothing. Specific features of spirit and nature of its accumulation put a unique pattern of spirit. Not as everything, but not repeatability and originality put this pattern. Life puts, perhaps, and in very difficult conditions, but they and give the chance of development in the desirable direction. Among all, but not as everything, a particle behind a particle it accumulates achievements. Here people such around that words cause ardent counteraction. Means, it is necessary to send thought of Light and goodwill. Here friends far, so far it is necessary to make close, overcoming terrestrial distance. So, gradually, by a constant overcoming the body and other covers are won. Fight and of victory – the constant sputniks of pupil. To be armed without the uniform device, it is a lot of desire, aspirations, will, work, not broken persistence needs to put to reach this unusual intimate goal. And it is possible to practice in this direction at any time, always, constantly, both in big and in small, approving grains of spatial crops on a field of the consciousness and knowing thus that they will give shoots in due time. Will give it is immutable and on character of the put seed. The huge tree grows from a small seed, but in time. Someone thinks at once to reach – vain thoughts. But when all being is directed to realization of the purpose judgment, achievements won't slow down. And, when it is all consists of the integral accumulation of spirit, consciously and everyday multiplied, the goal will be reached. It is necessary to remember only, what not for themselves and not for the sake of themselves Agni's treasures gather and the Stone grows, but for the sake of Great Service to Light.
355. (M. A. Y.). Force I want to give and strength to increase that it is unshakable and firm to the purpose far it was possible to go. In total and everything, and even the space and evidence terrestrial strong will counteract it and violently to rise. But spirit over everything, and above all, and over all covers and the environment surrounding, dense and thin. And therefore at unshakable constancy of not broken aspiration the spirit wins against all. Courage not broken keeps. The Lord Told: "Take heart, I Won against the world". To this victory over the world the Lord Calls you. Also you remember indelible and for all times that "that wins against everything who will manage to win against itself
356. (Guru). «When being transferred to the thought, "man learns to be thought. As applied to everyday you can learn to master a thought tightly.
357. (July 9). Lords Rule over elements and elements submit. In a microcosm of the person of elements of fire, air, water and the earth are expressed absolutely obviously and completely: each impulse going on nerves, - electric, and each cellular – the electric battery in a miniature. Air their lives an organism and without it can't exist. For 75% the body consists of water. All elements of a chemical scale of Mendeleyev contain in him. Extent of mastering by a body at each person is various. Mastering by a body is no other than mastering by elements. Seized somewhat elements of water can quietly lie on its surface. Seized more – to sit and go, as and the other elements. And through mastering by them in the microcosm the person to mastering by them outside comes. So, the winner of elements in a body will be already the winner of the elements entering into structure of a planet. And who as not bridled thought and feeling, owns also spatial thought, taking from space of treasure of thoughts. The electricity is spatial fire. The person owning power of fires of the organism can influence even underground fire, causing or subduing earthquakes; influences in of known degree and so, but unconsciously and in of smaller degree. The power over any flesh is given to the person, but to the actual conscious mastering by it he comes through mastering by in the microcosm.
358. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to understand at last value of things low-slightest and how of small grains of sand there is a huge mountain. From small it is possible to pass to great, since the low-slightest. Rejecting small, we reject the great. So, from the small actions of the present day made in awareness of their importance for the future, the material for construction of the house of spirit gathers and collects. All build, but what? One – the spirit house, others – beautiful palaces and locks, the third – structures are more modest, depending on aspirations. And someone a stuffy, gloomy cold dungeon, choking within the walls of it, still being on Earth. So, builders – all people, without an exception. Dens and pity stinking hovels are created to themselves by those who are blind and deaf to spatial Calls of Light.
359. (Guru). Despite everything, to all contrary to and overcoming everything that disturbs, there is a judgment pupil to the purpose specified by the Teacher. In this inalterability of a step "Line of the Beam" – pledge and the success guarantee. And, when begin judgment time, among the won, the Lord hear of the elite by Him.
360. (July 10). I Am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end; the Highest in the Sky and the deep unshakeable Basis on of Earth. The highest in the Sky, because, what the Father in Me and I, and the Father – One. Before beginnings of times of I Am. I Am the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. And building on Me builds strongly and forever. Eternal and temporary adjoin on Earth. Earth on ladder of life is a step to Eternal Light. All living on Earth and in the Worlds ascends on this ladder. Eternal in temporary is a spirit in a body. The body terrestrial is temporary, but the spirit is eternal. Through temporary and in the temporary there is an understanding of the eternal; without this step to mankind eternal not to reach, -in this the deep sense and value of an embodiment of spirit in a body. And all events with the personal, while he in a body, makes sense and a justification, as the purpose is realized. Otherwise life turns into nonsense and absurd. And then the person in a vice of a material world chokes and looks for in vain oblivion in various extremes. But the track conducting in life is narrow, and the few go it. Nowadays spatial Call sounds over a planet, calling those who irrevocably didn't betray itself to darkness, to rise under Banners of Lord Maitreya going to the world to approve in it forever Light victory.
361. (M. And. Й.). Each step on Earth can be coordinated with the purpose great and that steadily to come nearer to it. It also will be the highest coherence on a planet; phenomenon her few little by of power. But it’s any degree, nevertheless everyone knowing the purpose, can show. Coherence also means also the accord. Association of consciousnesses is expressed in the accord. From close conditions terrestrial the consciousness rises up, towering over them. This lifting isn't as difficult as it is difficult to keep at height. The gain, than deduction won is easier. All strength of mind should be collected not to lose the next achievement. And against reached everything strongly rises all, seeking to deprive of its results of a victory. But, going with the Lord, - victory always. To victories of the Lord Calls, the world won.
362. (Guru). Importunate brightness dense visibility allows you to see the reality. Merge with the Earth is a prime example of visibility, or obviousness, the visible eye. But people already know that this is a hoax. This cheat is already understood and overcome. In the same way could he overcome and other deceptions of obviousness, since obviousness is not reality. With the deepening of this problem, you can see many examples of deceptive appearances. With the deepening of the Maya appear enough in its entire breadth. Thinking you can consciously take off the veils of Maya, one after another, until the reality will prevail and will not win the terrestrial Maya.
363. (July 11). Desires and aspirations of the highest "I" and an astral often disperse. But it is necessary that the astral submitted and, despite its counteraction, it was won by spirit. The majority of people – slaves to the astral cover. The unmetered astral causes many heavy experiences in World Aboveground, not speak of terrestrial. The consciousness can plunge into vibrations of any of conductors. It is caused by a choice and will. The choice is free, but the will solves. When the bridle of spirit is thrown over all thoughts and feelings, the astral is compelled to submit. Willfulness of covers is unacceptable. The victory over consists in mastering by them. This mastering brings far-reaching consequences. Conscious action on the corresponding plans in the conductors which haven't been subordinated to will is impossible. The skillful operator surely and quietly operates the most difficult car. As the person has to operate and own the conductors. When such mastering is put by the immediate task and by it is allowed time also the attention paid and too big and small actions, especially small, it is possible to move ahead in the decision it successfully. The main thing – to understand, that to be armed without the uniform device it is possible only this way. Except mastering by, there are no two ways about it.
364. (M. A. Y.). What's not to love about you and is address, originated sometime and somewhere by ourselves, by our choice, and free. Therefore in the course overcome in itself useless accumulation it is possible to apply a formula "I generated you, I and will kill you", and to find forces in it, and to strike own generation of the desire and the will. The last solution of will is stronger than the previous. And if the person generated something in the past itself, the will, itself the power he can destroy the generation. Be at the mercy of their creations – the most recent case. And the superiority of spirit over them may always adopt, if realized, that there is no other option
365. (Guru). Villainous tastes, attitudes, habits and perversions of the human only because there once were admitted with the permission of God will. And only the consciousness of their strangeness and that in reality there is nothing attractive there could force people to see their horror and darkness. Food lovers eat decaying cheese (Roquefort), others prefer wild game and fish, which started to stink, and so on. How long did the wild absurdity in such tastes and similarly in all that contributes to the fall of man. This is seduction brings it down. The attractiveness of such enticements as you can break down, disrupting their cover, and the ugliness of their attraction becomes evident in all its nakedness.
366. (July 12). Honest and impartial recognition of own shortcomings gives the chance to use in the benefit even no get rid desire to condemn shortcomings of other people. And, when the similar desire raises the head and there is a wish to condemn the neighbor for the shortcoming noticed in it and any negative property of character or line, it is necessary to look first of all at itself and to think, whether there is this property, or whether was available earlier in itself, and whether showed itself in this or that form. And when it will be revealed and revealed in itself, the desire to condemn another disappears. Usually in other, before all, notice precisely these of forms, which in of blame. The thief sees the thief, greedy – avidity, mean – meanness, cunning – cunning, the deceiver – deception, the egoist – self-love and so on. So, in each case of aspiration to condemnation it is necessary to look at itself at first. It is very easy and simple to be exempted by this way from this undesirable property. Because much in the person is available that, for what he condemns others. In case of own perfection this method isn't necessary. But where they, perfect?
367. (M. A. Y.). The melancholy on unusual, wonderful, fine and unearthly accompanies expanded consciousness. It can't hold in a commonness surrounding the person; from here of the aspiration to lift a veil the compact world and look for it. Also it is some it was possible. Very well Platon spoke about it, giving an example as the shadows giving only vague and weak idea of reality as their lives the person in a kingdom of three-dimensional shadows are reflected in a wall of a cave. And when the Doctrine says that it is possible to set fire to "a tatter of a false commonness", it approves this opportunity to lift the veil. It is stuffy and to closely begun to see clearly spirit "on bark", but it is possible to release wings it for flights, having only rejected itself, and the egoism, and all that so strong ties consciousness to Earth. Flights such are possible, but "not to fly learned of sweetness of Earth".
368. (Guru). The spirit eats thoughts, feelings, paints and sounds. Also the question, with what is very important. It is possible to choose from external impressions desirable, other excluding. The same concerning thoughts and feelings, selection evolving ability of the person allows it to make a choice, being conformed to the identity. One looks at stars of the night sky, another – at show-windows of shops. One notes paints of leaving day both their reflection and modulations on a smooth surface river, another behind a gambling table watches roulette. In many respects the directions depend on the person, and the choice is solved by him.
369. (July 13). "Rags" surrounds the generalities of false consciousness, and are pressing on it and close it. They are not worth to pay attention to them. But they persistently and obstinately loom up before his eyes, making him forget about the necessary. How not permit invasion into thoughts and feelings? At the time of emergence should not be allowed inside them, discarding as unwanted rags, and cannot for a moment spend on their thoughts and feelings. Let them remain outside the permitted into the inner world. Of course, small JABs and strikes cannot be avoided, but their venom can neutralize the will, does not want to come into contact with them; must be internally insulating ourselves from them. Differently off perniciousness of the influence they not defend.
370. (M. A. Y.). "Be filled theis Lord so, that enemy not elbow one's way ". And repeat in the select mantram. Waves of various influences strongly direct on those who goes for Called. These influences amplify and inflated dark, using each opportunity to throw harm. It is possible to resist, only it is strong having protected the Lord. Nobody no strong against you, if the Unification strong.
371. (Guru). Meanwhile that from the outside directs on consciousness, and an internal citadel of spirit it is possible to put the Image of the Lord firmly. And then hostile waves will break powerlessly about of Grad Light. Anyhow to resist if the storm storms around and disharmonious currents of human not goodwill can painfully wound. It is possible to resist only the Lord, holding his Face Light before the mind. You hold the fort the Lord.
372. (July 15). Why the dying person and resets the body to free itself and from the sea and from the tight circle that so tightly adheres to consciousness. Otherwise does not come off. And time and again he has to leave things on Earth to eventually learn not to get attached to them and destroy the illusion of ownership. Owning things is allowed but without a sense of ownership. Ridiculous this feeling, because it’s nothing, and nothing to take with itself cannot be, because possession of the things temporarily. Great spirits were free of this ghost sense even when owned by whole kingdoms. The freedom of owning things and anything not compatible with slave sense of ownership. The death of the body and so useful that is destroying this false sense. Every owner of a servant of the fierce than it has, rather, imagines that one has. In a Testament to "give his of the estate and follow Me" hidden of great wisdom.
373. (M. A. Y.). To each thing which we consider as the property, from consciousness the thread which is strong connecting with it is stretched. The feeling is stronger, the communication is stronger. The more things, the three are more than communication threads. Ardent owners are bound hand and foot by this gloss so strongly that can't be exempted from them anymore; could, if realized this slavery, but it even no notice. And in this neoconsciousness of mental chains of slavery at property its special weight, both utter darkness, and impossibility to be released. Slaves to property are people especially spiritless, lost Light. Their stay in Elevated is especially heavy because to escape from a dungeon of illusive property difficultly extraordinary. After all the thought there reigns. And if thoughts are entirely occupied images of imagined property, it is possible to be exempted from them, having only destroyed these visualizations. And how destroy them, if the consciousness with them unite and count this property - the integral?
374. (Guru). "Don't collect to itself treasure on Earth”, because these treasures no eternal but "collect to itself treasures to Ask", because spiritual treasures, or spiritual accumulation, are integral neither life nor death. What great wisdom and the most profound knowledge consist in these Precepts! The inherence of spiritual accumulation makes their value and the importance. Told "Omnia mea mecum Porto" * had them in a look and knew, something that it has inside, in the Bowl, it carries with itself(himself) always, everywhere, in all Worlds. Accumulation of the Bowl makes true, eternal, imperishable property of spirit. And when it’s all aspirations are directed on collecting of these true treasures, its way is light and direct. Imagine the richest billionaire on a bed of death and understand that if spirit it niches, the beggar will enter it and into the World Thin, despite all the billions. Whether it was worth saving up them eventually to remain with anything! In the Doctrine It is told: "Own everything, but consider nothing". It also will be "possession without feeling of property", that is free from the power of things over consciousness.__________
* All the I carry with myself – (lat.).
375. (July 16). Over consciousness things, but thoughts of them dominate not. And it is necessary to be exempted not from things, but from thoughts. Diligence is useless to reject things if thoughts are occupied by them. It is possible to have nothing, but in thoughts to be obsessed with things and property and to be attached to them. Also it is possible to have a lot of things and still to be free. This circumstance needs to be understood to see that freedom or slavery – in the spirit of. Also the person communicates and released by thought. Means, mastering by thought – first of all. It is freedom basis. We too divide the world into slaves and free. It is vain to dream or speak about any freedom if it is done by slaves to own thought. And that advantage of external freedom if the internal isn't reached. When life is transferred to thought, and force of the last is realized, and mastering is reached by it, the person is free then.
376. (M. A. Y.). Agni Yog can be in far unapproachable mountains, in a lonely cave, far from people and noise and world turmoil, maybe, without having anything, to have everything and to be the richest person in the world, owning all its most valuable treasures. Because all in it, and all in the spirit of. And its spirit dominates over everything. It also is a victory over the world when all its highest gifts in possession of the winner and when time, the space and distances are won, and are open a gate of the Highest Worlds and Distant Stars are close. Possibilities of spirit are boundless. The microcosm of the person is wonderful, and his equipment is amazing. And, when the death of what then higher the person as not about opportunities of the Distant Worlds can dream is won.
377. (Guru). And still the way to Boundlessness lies on the ground, both the principle "a hand and a foot human" remains in force. It means that among the highest take-off of thought it is impossible to forget about Earth because the highest has to be combined harmoniously with life terrestrial, that is be expressed in feelings, actions and acts of every day. At a gap destruction turns out. When the high isn't put into practice and isn't put into practice, all efforts something to reach is vain.
378. (July 17). “Kingdom My no off the World this”; and, that from this world to concern it, any degree of detachment from turmoil and vanity of life usual. It doesn't mean leaving from life, its tasks and requirements in which his karma puts the person, but the contact to the Highest nevertheless isn't compatible to immersion with the head in commonness. Great Spirits, coming to the world, lived its interests, sufferings and pain; and at the same time after all internally Lived in peace them. Their victim demanding immersion in living conditions of usual and contact with ignorance human was great. But the spirit won. As also their pupils in a measure any appear in similar conditions. But they not always win, if communication weakens with the Teacher. The guarantee is given to a victory, if anything can't already break the Unification.
379. (Guru). How complex and difficult the life of a disciple "in peace", yet even in the heavy circumstances, you can find time to do something, if only a small, but brings closer to the goal. Significance of small things is not understood. You can look at them as laying the seeds of light's mind that truth will bear shoots. This is their absolute value.
380. (M. A. Y.). Adoption of the unusual in life is already a feat. By singularity we mean Light phenomena. It is possible to keep consciousness at the level of singularity only a rhythm. Temporary and spasmodic efforts won't give the necessary consequences. And, when there is no inspiration and the horizon of the future is dimmed by a haze, the rhythm approved helps to disseminate a haze.
381. (July 18). If karma is putting in certain conditions, which is almost impossible to escape from, these terms are useful for moving and swinging them no good. On the other hand, to dive into those with his head too. Therefore, you need to find a way to keep the harmony between the external environment and internal State that is giving heaven Heaven, Earth – Earth. Helps firm Hold Face in the mind. The lights of the aspirations are not always obeyed. Love remains as the shortest bridge connection. Concern about keeping that feeling will not let small. "Don't lend a helping garden Quiche."
382. (M. A. Y.). The developed consciousness submits to a rhythm. Artificially the pulsation can't be caused it. Therefore it is necessary to wait wisely when the rhythm calms down. Wisely – means, without coming off that above and most important. Remember Bases more often. They are unshakable, and waves of everyday influences will break about these strongholds.
383. (Guru). Continual mindfulness on the Hierarchy is certainly useful and necessary to the vibration of the current day is not to obscure the very core.
384. (July 19). Fluctuations in feelings of Proximity take place thanks to changes in conditions of covers, but not actually. The formula "I with You Always" is invariable for all times. The address going from heart opens a gate. But completeness of the address is necessary. Incompleteness very much disturbs. How not to find force to show an aspiration full-stringet, at least during contact! That is most important, has display as the address.
385. (M. A. Y.). When the pupil reaches a known step, mastering by thought becomes insistently necessary; because with the height of the spirit the thought becomes especially strong and bright. And, if it is undesirable or insufficiently pure, that and its influence will be corresponding. Thought the pupil has to pass through a step of mastering. Otherwise further advance stops while this mastering won't be reached. Otherwise danger of influence of unrestrained thoughts will grow. The thought conducts the person where the crude thinking can give it?
386. (Guru). If you look at it and focus in our lives, in our creativity and scholarly, it is not difficult to gain a clear and precise idea of what we have left after themselves than people have had our thoughts and aspirations and what images of beauty, and what feelings they filled and saturated we space. And, this understanding might ask themselves: and already have done and do we have to leave behind a people something beautiful and worthy followers of the great Teachings of life, who believe themselves?
387. (July 20). The spirit pattern in the space, left by it throughout the long millennia, is records of the life passed by it in all Worlds. In the House of the Father of monasteries there is a lot of, and everyone it in the course of the ascension to Light can decorate, everyone through which passes. Records of space are no erasable. Care of that they were beautiful. And in life terrestrial one decorate it, bringing in it Light, others disfigure and darken. But fruits of these acts remain with the person forever. It carries results of the accumulation with itself in the aura. And from them nowhere not leave. Building on Beauty builds life in harmony with the Space Law. Building on Beauty it is justified. The beauty and Light aren't separable from each other. The way unmistakably is determined by this sign ascending. The going will be rescued by beauty.
388. (M. A. Y.). Each action, feeling and thought it is possible to consider at angle compliances them with Beauty and that to give them the correct assessment. Action of Beauty is accompanied by pleasure. But oppresses and presses consciousness a disgrace. Endured emotions can be defined from the same point of view and darkening not to allow. If people built life Beauty as far as it would change and became happier and easier. How much of the pains and a grief it would be possible to avoid Even the small sunflower seed of Beauty put in action, gives a fine flower of consequences. Said consciously "Beauty", it will be rescued.
389. (Guru). If to consider past life at an angle compliances it with Beauty, it will be easy to see all mistakes, both delusions, and deviations from Light way. So, criterion of Beauty – the most true. Even mistakes say goodbye where the disgrace is won by Beauty. When people will construct the Temple of Beauty and be it worship, as the leading principle of life, and of life then becomes another. Planet transformation, both New Earth, and the New Sky will be approved by Beauty.
390. (July 21). Yesterday's collision with the person, the obvious attendant of darkness, served as the channel for a night dreadful dream. The allowed indignation of spirit forced it to execute the duties, but it would be better to avoid in general any contact with of similar substance, without entering with them any relationship. Sometimes it is impossible, but in this case it would be necessary to evade from contact because the special need in it wasn't. The nightmare and ardent activity dark, people destroying a set, serve as confirmation that this person – strong essence and is connected with dark rack of considerable force. Indignation of spirit is allowed only in extreme cases when other exit isn't present. Three days it is necessary to take special measures of protection and at night and in the afternoon and to keep inseparably.
391. (M. A. Y.). Ardent helpers of darkness are interspersed in masses human everywhere. And therefore it is necessary to be on continuous not replaceable patrol always to be able be protected from their harmful influences. They by to us can't pass quietly relatives, without having revealed the essence. Light in any form is intolerable for them. It is possible to call a detector of darkness of carriers of Light of all degrees. And the closer they to the Light source, the stronger this property. Not easy it to heart, but Day breakers bears it to the world, striking and disseminating darkness.
392. (Guru). The Light in aura of the person is brighter; the attacks of the dark are stronger and more persistent. These attacks also are the certificate of degree of switched on Light. And if who these attacks and prosecution from darkness doesn't know, so the lamp of its spirit is insignificant. Therefore recognition by the dark we will mark out as light Agni's burning in heart certificate and the growing force him.
393. (July 22). Each movement in a microcosm of the person has the light basis and is accompanied by light color changes in its aura. Each impulse bears of electrolight wave on wires of his nerves. These light movements in the device human are continuous while it is live. Therefore the fiery human nature comes to light in the continuous light-fiery vibrations happening in all its covers. From here mastering by in all its forms and covers means mastering by the fires. Each emotion, each thought – flash of fires. Each of the short or long mood – of the short or long burning of this or that degree of light-bearer or clouding. Light Agni shines, dark – saddens and darken. Different there are fires. Mastering by and silver bridle on feelings and thoughts bring to mastering by the fires. Not to seize fire suddenly. But everyday care, both work, and efforts in this direction, persistent and purposeful, it is immutable will lead to the purpose. The simple morning exercises aren't so simple at all as it seems, and even it establishes known degree of the power over a body; and of gymnastics Yoga, – unusually. When practice of the muscular movements usual way - is one, - and when these movements are made only mentally, extent of fiery movement distinguished. Results depend on will tension. But in both cases, and physical and mental movement, Agni acts. The easy gymnastics is necessary for maintenance of viability of a body. The body needs conscious strong-willed training. Work joyful and lightful life the giving. Work dependent, saddened and darked and especially hated, is the destroyer and mentalities, and bodies. Many opportunities for Agni's mastering are in hands of the person, but that to use them, awareness of their value and sense is necessary.
394. (M. A. Y.). Spatial communication demands first of all concentration on desirable shape. It is possible, and the thought steadily connects consciousness to object or the subject of aspiration. Any assumptions and of the fortune-telling are excluded. Magnetic power of thought works smoothly. And consequences of similar action it is obligatory display itself in this or that form even if aren't conscious, - Thought reaction – the phenomenon natural and unconditional. Therefore communication at distance parcels of thought and a prayer – the facts of spatial obviousness. And if consequences aren't always realized by their person, nevertheless their hidden influence isn't denied. From where of joy or concern, cheerfulness, or burdening, as not from spatial influences and thoughts of a great number of people? The device human is difficult, wonderful, and opportunities it aren't limited, but demand understanding them.
395. (Guru). What great strength are the phenomena of approval or rejection, belief or disbelief, recognition or non-recognition. Generally speaking, they determine the destiny of man. It is written, "He who believes in me shall have eternal life." A simple faith in the words of the Savior has extraordinary significance investigation. Thin recognition or non-recognition of the world decides the future of spirit. Denial of life after being released from the body prevents possible conscious denier stay in World Aboveground. Even to go across the street, you have to be absolutely sure that this is possible. And who would plow and sow, unless there is a belief that the seeds will sprout and will give his harvest. And so absolutely in all, because of faith is the engine of life. The only question is, what to believe and how.
396. (July 23). Having recognized the fiery basis of all movements in a microcosm of the person, it is possible to take the following step to mastering of fiery elements. It is possible to begin with its highest manifestation, with thought. The thought is spirit fire in operation. At the developed thin sight the light-fiery basis of thought is observed. She lives and pulses in the space, loaded with light-fiery. And its impact on an organism of it does beget obviously and undoubtedly. On feelings of the person it is easy to note as ennoble or oppress thoughts. And the thought unexpected, strong and impressive can even kill, not to mention less considerable symptoms of its influence, as, for example, loss of a dream, appetite, a headache, other diseases, depression and so on. But, on the other hand, the thought can ennoble, give cheerfulness and energy, strong to promote recovery and to work well and positively. The state of health depends on a choice of thought and degree of their assumption in consciousness. At the long suppressed thoughts of despondency, concern and hopelessness of a disease are inevitable. The irritation at some people responds at once on a liver. Each thought generates purely physical reaction. Therefore mastering by thought and over it control give in hands of the person the power and over a body. And this power will be a direct consequence of mastering by fire, or fiery elements, in own microcosm of the winner.
397. (M. A. Y.). Every day, constantly, continuously maintained this struggle for the mastery of their lights. Constant severe control over the thoughts, feelings and actions and means this fight is the guarantee of victory. It is not easy, but above that there's nothing that can reach people on Earth and in the worlds.
398. (Guru). In every difficulty is hidden and encased in her ability to fight, combat and victory. In every difficulty is hidden power counter, which you can take from it, and make his, and fiery spirit at every collision of the increase, or meeting with obstacles. Thus, the flame should understand that difficulties and obstacles there are stages of the Fiery ascent on the ladder of life and that there is no other choice but to light.
399. (July 24). Even a superficial observation it was noted how easily the majority and an oppressive Act on the consciousness of chitchat and immersion in human relationships one to another evil strangers. Why would sink into the swamp! To avoid squabbles, gossip and resentments, and convictions, which often seek to drag around to get sympathy and support? Similar feelings to yourself you can't get infected. In case of need to listen to you, but never allowing ourselves to be in unison with the poisonous no disbalance another's astral. The darkness overwhelms and dissipates the only light. And if the light is its own aura is not susceptible to vibration shadiness of strangers, the astral and approved at least and small, but victory over darkness. But people need empathy, seek to tighten the funnel their own no lighten experience. And, when the blind tries to conduct blind, both get to a hole. Light your people are blind and darken have to guard constantly, vigilantly and cautiously, or else hole is unavoidable. Watch need and in the large and small. Through a small crevice of deadly venom may enter unnoticed thanks to its smallness unprotected.
400. (M. A. Y.). Consciousness heights, like top of the high mountain, aren't vulnerable by poison of the infected atmosphere of lowlands. The way of Light lies on tops as it was specified in the legend of Uyghurs on a giant and the dragon of darkness held down by it. Means, the consciousness in every way needs to be kept above usual level of human thinking. As huge columns of Light, Tower Great Spirits over muddy waters of the everyday sea. Rescue at heights, but not in darkness gorges. Gore Mother World not only a symbol serves, but also the valid shelter to spirit. The higher, the atmosphere is purer and is lighter. And at known height the consciousness isn't vulnerable the nasty terrestrial. A lot of madness occurs on Earth. To see all monstrosities of committed crimes and horrors, it is necessary to rise over it rather highly. The spirit is fire, and only spirit it is possible to tower to the sphere inherent in it and to become lightful.