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Address is to Absolute.
Omnipotent and Almighty Boundlessness’s, Supreme Deity Absolute!
All admirers of the Creator of our House - Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala appeal to You: "To reduce a transition period for Jehovah's devil before his leaving by Saturn шт 2046 with the army (perverts, swindlers and killers)".
The planet-wide election campaign takes place with gross violations of space laws a satan of the Planet Earth, Jehovah. In the army he applies suggestion and hypnosis to recruitment. Parades of gays and same-sex marriages, fraud and a lie, theft at the state level and reduction to the power of Jewish demons, pseudo-healers and pseudo-fortunetellers, drugs and AIDS, venereal diseases - have turned Earth in the Augean stables. Use of television and Internet for slander on the embodiments from Shambhala, use of black energy for introduction of diseases, slander on E.P. Blavatsky in the press, on television, in sects and in Orthodoxy where a satan Jehovah declared himself false "Supreme, the Almighty and the Almighty and the creator of our Planet Earth" - sow spiritual confusion among the population of the Planet. Jehovah is in a role the foolish at the tsar.
The fate of 50% of the population, the victims of devil hypnosis ranked violently in army of a Satan of Jehovah have to be revised; among them there are persons interested to remain on Earth and to continue evolution of the person in the Golden Age. Time is necessary for resettlement of people to safe places, out of borders of Europe before immersion of the continent in depths of waters as a result of volcanic eruptions.
The term of the phenomenon of God, Michael the Archangel - the Winner on a white horse before the population of the Planet has to be accelerated. Justice has to be restored. Aum. Amen. So will be.


Jehovah is the main biblical character; the author of the false Old Testament and distortions in the New Testament and, using hypnosis, crucified the hands of demons Jesus Christ.
He has many names: Jehovah, Savaof, YHVE, Yagwe. He presents himself to readers as the All-powerful, Almighty, the Most High, the Creator of heaven and earth and repeats this information repeatedly. In the chapter of Leviticus, he repeats 700 times: "I am the Lord" - a suggestion for those who are unable to reflect.
Recently, he had the prophets, before whom he calls himself, the Lord of Shambhala.
As it is known from the book of HP Blavatsky, “ETC.”, that the words All-powerful and Almighty
are directly related only to the Supreme and the Most High Supreme Deity ABSOLUTE!
The Most High is the Logos II, Father of the Universe, the Creator and the Creator.
The Lord of Shambhala - Archangel Michael (position until the end of the cycle). He has now come as the full manifestation of the Father of the Universe, the Most High, the Creator of our Planet, the Subtle Worlds, the plant and animal world, the Northern White Race, the Egyptians and the tribe of Jews.

Jehovah is the moon demon, the lowest in the demonic chain (the smaller the nit, the angrier it bites).
Who is Jehovah? “In Cabbala, the Prince of Darkness is called Samael, the Angel of Death. He is also the Serpent the Seducer, satan. Satan is also Lucifer ... «Cabbala is a book (available on sale and in a synagogue).
Jehovah is a moon demon, in the intervals between incarnations; he is the main DEVIL of our Planet in the astral body and lives on the lower astral plane (his patrimony) above the Earth by 1 km. He is the author of the false Bible, which he calls absurd. Jehovah's Bes began to dictate the Bible to the prophets (demons) 4 thousand years before the new era. Satan Jehovah - Master of the Earth and the rules on Earth 432 thousand years. And what did he do 426 thousand years? Bacchanalia - drunken orgies, accompanied by group sexual perversions. He is bestiality; his monkey children covered the entire equator. He is a breed of oral and anal sex, a homosexual, a crook and a murderer.
He killed the wives, the gods and dismembered the corpses of the victims, cut off the heads and tore out the liver for the fact that no one on the threshold did not let; they closed the door in front of him.

In the body of Caligula, he threw living people to feed tigers. The cook chopped off his hands and hung around his neck, raped his sister, then moved into the common son Nero. In the body, Nero lived with his mother, after she killed her, poisoned his brother, aunt and killed his wife, after he castrated a slave and married him. He is the author of same-sex marriage. He inspired teacher Seneca to commit suicide.
He proudly reports that he is a diabolos-devil, a rapist. He raped the 13 summer girls of Israel - checked for chastity, before the incarnation of demons in the Jewish tribe. Devil Jehovah - author of the Second World War scenario with concentration camps and gas chambers, as a result of which 80 million corpses were buried in the ground, including 10 million people were burned and gassed, including 6 million Jews that they at all times worshiped Archangel Michael and went to Egypt twice during his reign: Pharaoh Ramses II and Osiris (twice).
God threw Jehovah from heaven for incest with dinosaurs and spreading AIDS. He is not born and does not die; he enters the human body during sleep. Being on the astral plane, he forged himself billions, controlling the victims: the sale of unusable weapons, drugs, looting and murder (sea piracy). His army includes perverts of all kinds, billionaire swindlers, murderers, obsessed and deceived spiritual ignoramuses (sectarians), because of them the preponderance of darkness. Jehovah on our Planet sowed all kinds of crime and turned it into Augean stables.
To increase consciousness, read the books on the site:
1. Maria Magdalina, Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan.
2. - “-, the Apocalypse.
3. Catherine Belyh, Reasons are and purposes of World War II.
Jehovah is a cesspool of worms swarming in it. Parades gay - infested worms from the pit. In his bedroom - personal cesspool; worms - his two minor sons and wife. His power over man is hypnosis. About 20 years he is embodied in the body of billionaire Georges Morgan. For all his atrocities, the Law of Karma rewarded to Jehovah (the devil and satan): his face was chewed, about 90 years old, and he was half less, his back, arms and his whole body, from heel to balding spots of the crown of the head, was covered with purulent boils, and on the right eye the thorn - the pigeon pecked.

The Law of Karma, created by the Supreme Divine, acts rigorously. Jehovah is a drug addict, taking large doses. All the women of New-York who have been in his bed after a year and a half of his wife’s absence are recruited to Saturn.
The most accurate definitions for Jehovah are: cattle, ghouls, and Schmuck swamp. In many states, the Jehovah's Witnesses sect is banned, and in Ukraine sectarians roam the city, preaching "dirty, stinking cattle." In 2046, he and his army must go to Saturn, and the Earth will be cleansed of filth.