Agni Yoga's facets, 1955

1955. Boris Nikolayevich Abramov record, the next pupil N.K, received from the High Source about what there is a confirmation E.I.Rerich. – Novosibirsk: The Algim enterprise, 2010 – 710 pages.
The book included earlier Boris Nikolayevich Abramov not published Records of 1956.
B. N. Abramov (1897–1972) who has lived many years (1917-1959) abroad, in Harbin, was Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich's closest pupil. The source of Records and books of the Doctrine of Live Ethics – Is uniform. It was confirmed by Elena Ivanovna messages: in the book they are marked out by the words "Guru" and "M.A.Y." (Mother Agni Yoga) at the beginning of the corresponding paragraphs.
By preparation of Records for the edition features of their style were kept.
The book will be useful to readers in search of answers to questions of appointment of the person and his responsibility before the Universe.
The Algim publishing house thanks the employees promoting issue of the present book.

Drawing up
Danilov B. A. 2010

The present book grows out of the big work, done half a century ago Boris Nikolayevich Abramov recognized as the pupil of the philosopher known around the world, the traveler, the cultural figure, artist Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich. Records B. N. Abramov which laid down in a basis of the present book, are Thoughts and Will of the Great Mahatma. The knowledge received by Boris Nikolayevich, enriched spiritually not only him, but, through him finished to readers, helps many people to understand difficulties of life and victoriously to stand under the pressure of whirlwinds, vital blows and the various tests arising before everyone on his way.
Time in which we live is difficult and unusual. Many manifestations which accompany our period, cause the mass of questions in people, but ourselves don't find answers to them and science is often not able to help us. Being shown many signs, and recently it is possible to observe their abundance, and besides in different points of our planet, bear in itself the rigid, painful phenomena leading to mass death of people. The nature is rebalanced and accepts not a creative, construction form, and destructive. Both as and when this process will stop, people don't know, one only question.
Records B. N. Abramov 1955, being a basis for new volume of "Agni Yoga facets", were received by it more than half a century ago. But they didn't lose the importance and for our time, keeping the relevance and promoting the best understanding and the approval by the life of Bases of the Doctrine of Agni Yoga. The decree of the Great Teacher that it is necessary not only to read the Doctrine and to reflect over it, but, the main thing, to approve its Bases by the life, accurately defines our course of life. This thought a red thread passes through Boris Nikolaevich Records, emphasizing that holding books of the Doctrine has to not only accept new knowledge, but and to apply them in the life. The person has to rise by a new spiritual step and from the consumer to turn into the employee and the assistant Forces Light. This is new spiritual step and means understanding new responsibility before Space Laws and planet Evolution and its mankind.
"The Teacher attentively Accepts each sign of devotion love and care because there are a lot of taking, but inexpressibly it isn't enough of those who seeks to give. When scales of the Lord for maintenance of balance of the world are strained, gift small sometimes has the great price. But as it isn't enough as it isn't enough of them giving and bringing. Many had a strong and taken roots belief that from the Teacher it is necessary to take, take and take. But about the help to the Teacher, giving, don't think. The one who a minute of need to me helps the Great Burden of responsibility for Earth to bear, I will forget never. <...>Property of ordinary people –come nearer, both to depart, and to leave a minute of need when the help is especially valuable. Therefore so we Appreciate devotion".
Creation of the Future on our planet is in constant attention and care Forces Light. The Teacher Specifies that the Future of our planet will come in the terms, but it should be prepared, creating bases of future Temple of Light. The planet has to change, being cleared of century poisonous stratifications. And people, transforming the energy potential, have to ascend on new steps of spiritual formation. The spirit of the person has to be approved in the rights. And three temporary covers have to recognize all completeness of the power of spirit over them. At the same time the thought as the lever of future fulfillments has to be approved.
"The future is realized at first in thoughts, and then already in operation. Any plan concerning the future, is a concrete, exact and certain notion that has to be made in this or that area. Even the hand and a body won't move if not to premise it thought and knowledge of that has to be made. The future in big and small scale is so carried out. So We Carry out the future for a planet. <...>Thinking light-of the distant friend, thought we concern him and the benefit to him we bring. For consciousness and the thought aren’t present spatial limits. <...>. The spirit isn't limited by a dense framework of life. The thought, the premessenger and the predecessor of achievement, can and has to be premised to the next gain of spirit. Thought you create the future. To think about the future creatively and consciously it isn't forbidden to anybody. Hands and muscles people, but not got used to act with thought. Self-sufficing, independent and regal value, but only sub office to muscles and a body is allocated for thought not. It is necessary to realize self-sufficing value of thought. <...>.The consciousness is transferred to thought. Life is transferred to thought. The spirit is free. I want that this preliminary step of opportunities of spirit was clearly realized before moving further. Otherwise not move. You learn to act with thought everywhere and always<...>. Great causes are made by thought. We too thought Create. <...>.The world Is created by thought. And the world of people too thought creates".
The person owns surprising gift – spiritual heart. Unfortunately, all its hidden powerful opportunities are a little realized today and actively aren't used.
"The way of application of the Doctrine to lives is a way true. Reaction of the correct action can be felt immediately in consciousness through heart. Heart is the center of the fiery energy which is eternally pulsing in the person. <... >.Therefore we Say, that the way lies through heart and through heart can join and the person fire because it is the device fiery, – a basis of the shown world, and to begin a track of a fiery ascension of spirit. Neither the head, nor a brain, feet it is impossible to enter into the World Fiery in which the flesh will burn down, but heart it is possible, the heart changed on the highest fires. The way fiery heart it is specified and mind isn't saddened by what "heart is opened". Let Words of the Savior will set thinking of, how friction a heart way because "pure heart" will see light of the Highest Worlds".
Core on which all Universes are based, all Boundlessness, is Hierarchy of Light. And everyone understands a creative leading and guarding role of Hierarchy through a prism of the consciousness.
"Over everything – I: and lives and death, both the past and the present, and all affairs human which are created under the Sun. Therefore in the consciousness first of all and all it is necessary to put Me. It isn't visible it, and it isn't obvious in days of wellbeing terrestrial but when everything hesitates and unsteady, on Me only one the hope can unshakably be approved. So building of spirit is based on the Stone of the eternal basis of life because I am the Alpha and Omega. Tests and experience are given to understand all vanity and a vanity of affairs human. <...>. And Mine hear My Call and on Call direct. But it isn't enough to direct, it is necessary to keep in aspiration against waves and inflow of the rough sea every day. And already not the storm, but a hurricane, sweeping away everything that unsteadily also has no strong basis. Task now –resist".
"Each offense against itself and the neighbors will cease by the nature. But everything created by the person, is made by him in the microcosm, in the sphere, inside. It is planned inside, it is born inside, it is approved and from within proceeds. <...>. The garden, filled with roots of evil actions, people in the consciousness carries. From responsibility not leave. Sooner or later, in this or that form, but it is necessary to pay, that is to reap it is juicy and sang everything seeded by own hands in the sphere of an own microcosm. <...>. Everyone in the radiations bears on itself this no erasable press of a justification or condemnation, because each judge to itself. Everyone has in itself the judge. But people continue to go counter to reality, heating up the acts going against command of their own highest consciousness. And this phenomenon especially sharply concerns those who already touched the Doctrine. <...>. Everyone should think of harm and consequences of self-poisoning. It is favorable not to have rage, at least its whole tub poured out on your head low consciousness. It is favorable not to generate in itself and not to catch from others low emotions and feelings because harm of self-poisoning is great and inevitable then. <...>. Any desire Conscious Service nowadays is especially valuably also It is especially supported by Us. It is impossible to close eyes to reality. And the help is nowadays especially necessary. But there aren't enough assistants and not enough self-rejection. All are occupied with the cases, and of Affairs of the Teacher of time it isn't necessary to think any more".
"The structure will be finished, but give time, but help, but thought take part in great construction: thought, in word and deed. We it is far, but We Build, to us imitate in construction. The yoga builds thought the temple for twenty transitions, and We are the Country New. And you, to us assistants, too help feasibly. Not criticism, not condemnation, not discontent, complaints and complaint, not rage and exasperation, but thoughts of Light, from heart the going. Don't push and don't make heavier The one Who so long Bears an excessive Burden. For the whole world, for rescue of the world the Great Country, one for all Bears a heavy Burden of the Great Victim. And it should be helped is". Danilov B. A.

1955.1. (Jan. 1). Whether these Records are necessary? Are necessary because are life experience. Why conditions aren't facilitated, and, on the contrary, are aggravated? Oil-bearing grain oil gives a seed under pressure: the more pressure is more than oil. And juice of life experience when burdening by circumstances increases in quantity. Difficult, but it is wonderful is too a life formula. To appear in the conditions of quiet – means to lose possibilities of acquisition of knowledge. None of the reached had any life easy. And it is necessary not to complain, but to take from each difficulty or trouble experience useful. And the main thing not feels sorry for itself. If to see happy, quiet, full and plentiful lives of many people, we won't find among them lives spiritual and fruitful, with rare exception those spirits which too suffered in previous lives, but the general rule remains invariable: it is easier to pass a rope throughout an eye of a needle, than rich to enter into a spirit kingdom. Tests are given on forces. If they are heavy, so the spirit though, perhaps, the force yet doesn't realize is strong. To be inclined and hang under weight of test will mean worthlessness of the receiver for Light containment. Refusal of my work under pressure of circumstances will be a sign of those vibrations of the environment surrounding mastered spirit and extinguished fires. Because isn't present and there can't be such conditions when it is visible or invisible, obviously or invisibly it would be impossible to shine in darkness surrounding. Light the Highest terrestrial is invisible to an eye. Resisted in Me is up to the end as the winner is called. Frightened of tests and not resisted again will return once, but he should make a fresh start. Each test burdens spirit to a clear victory over it. And then it dies as superfluous, - also people. Both each test and each person teach something. To refuse them – means to refuse advance and it is necessary to reconcile spirit with pain. My beloved, take heart among burden life and spirit not go out. Heavy, but ahead Light is. Darkly, but Light of the future yours and you in it.

2. Solemnity we will approve in days of tension special. It as the board will protect from a life scum. People lost solemnity, and there was a life their market. In the person the wave of the vibrations self-generated by will which are contrary to the general mood of usual life is created. It will be the statement of beams self-proceeding, unlike that vibrates and fights around, being a product of human generations. On a solemnity key the only strong can adjust him and cease to be the inhabitant. To be such as all is a requirement of the standard. But the pupil is the complete antithesis to the person has to be what in the opinion of people. But weight of this original the pupil bears on himself one because can't give on worry to people of the treasure. The shrine to dogs doesn't rush. And it even more complicates a way because on - the mankind wants to have recognition and approval of people. But the skilled pupil kills in himself desire of human recognition and alone makes the way. Not without reason in all centuries devotees ran from human crowds in privacy. Contact with people heavy. And exactly thanks to a difference in vibrations. But qualities of spirit, especially solemnity, serve as chain armor protective. Therefore it is necessary to life narrow-minded, senseless and blind fiery to oppose solemnity. It will facilitate a way to a victory much. People in life are similar to the blind kittens, ready to peep at contact with the surrounding. But the hero isn't afraid, only takes away consciousness in the depths more deeply to sustain a life impact. The spirit can clothe in solemnity tempered because the flame of solemnity testifies to spirit fire only. This flame solemn is necessary not only kindling, but also to hold. When fires inside overcome tension of the external Wednesdays, is approaches, the victory approaches. Year new thought of a victory we will begin and a victory we will terminate. Under the sign of a victory over rage of darkness year new and difficult will begin. But the victory is traced on my board. Also know, My children that We will win. On Me keep consciousness, solemnity of effort fixing. Because when with Me, the way will lay down victoriously is. And that disturbs you, burdens you and torments, will die yours and your way to Me won't block. Victory we will begin and we will end year new and solemnity it we will fix.

3. (Jan. 2). Complexity of time is underline and intensity of currents. Let's not avert explosion. The space round Earth infinitely can't be sated with energiya. Reaction of spatial heaps of chaotic energiya will cause crushing return blow. The axe brought will fall upon the heads brought it. Unknown is time. Intense is time. Time is of final payment. The karma prepares accounts, and according to them it is necessary to pay to everything, everything broken and breaking laws of the benefit. The law of causality reigns in the world. Nowadays the terrible reasons are generated on Earth. The return blow is inevitable, and on beget of forces of destruction. Who thinks of murders, of destruction, clouds storm over itself collects also lightning’s of spatial fire. Think to resist in the evil planetary. Hand raise against my Country. Great construction planned to destroy. But not happen to a darkness celebration. We suffer till time. But here time comes, and limits to Long-suffering Space come. Distanced blow, while is it was possible. But there comes a limit. Sowers of the evil and energiya of destruction will cause squall of a hurricane and the first become its victims. Deprived of the driver, power of darkness blindly and uncontrollably direct in a chasm is absorbed by it. From a planet will leave all. Also there will be no oppressors more oppressed. Freedom will come to free Earth on pleasure and happiness of people. Now care of, those threads of karma doomed to separate from destiny of those who should escape. Task the most difficult. Sets will be lost after all. I give the prevention that to meet approaching accident with firmness and the prepared spirit. Our Beams will protect those who will be with Us. Be under special protection. It is impossible to allow further evil distribution because the necrosis of planetary aura reached already menacing sizes. Clouds are condensed terribly. Be to a thunder-storm.

4. (Jan. 3). We magnetic Direct to the phenomena necessary, and they grow in space, expecting the moment for an embodiment in the conditions of the dense. Many forms of the New World are already ready for the statement. They go on change by the old. In it is evolution. All new, even undoubtedly good, is accepted reluctantly and with counteraction. Such is mind human. Old shoes both are convenient, and are habitual and well foot in them. It and is clear. The aura grows to subjects and the phenomena and, getting used, grows together with them. Only the untied consciousness freely walks in evolution. Let's consider not coherence phenomenon. All forms of public life are conditional and all is passing and temporally. All are replaced new and change. All changes: food, clothes, dwellings, utensils, situation, form of government and economic and economic life. Everything goes either uphill, or downhill. The remains once the great people occupy islands and die out, degenerating. Others develop and succeed. But change and replacement goes in both cases: where evolution, and where involution. It is possible to accept the life standard usual and to be content with it, it is possible, having rejected a commonness, to accept the spirit standard, and then conditional forms of the moment of the power over consciousness any more won't have. It is externally possible to be as everything, but internally – weakness of evidence and human conditional measures in everything becomes obvious and not denied, and therefore optional and not self-sufficing. Seeing the dandy dressed in the latest fashion, it is possible to imagine mentally all infinite variety of these fashions at all people in all centuries and to understand, moment requirements how are conditional and relative. And it is in everything. But tranquility, courage and other qualities of spirit in all centuries at all people and at any person, from the point of view of the highest, a phenomenon essence self-valuable. Force and their degree can change, but in it all of them remain values enduring. So fires of the centers lit always will be treasure of spirit, the value not losing never. So among eternal Light all changeable and changing a spark shine among life semi-precious stones indestructible. Therefore there is a standard narrow-minded and there is a spirit standard. One changes eventually, another is immutable and is measured by only force of fires, in it уяare showing in time. Therefore giants of spirit stand as indestructible towers of Light, lighting up mankind throughout the whole centuries and the millennia. The spirit given to collecting of enduring treasures of Light joins Eternity and comes to Boundlessness open spaces. It left a life whirlpool in space, and the whirlpool didn't absorb it. Inhabitants are the people drowned in the present and absorbed of, - but except the present is future and eternal. In the future the spirit to eternal comes and wins to itself immortality. Immortality is approved among life usual by a victory over it and destruction of its illusions. Maya winner is the spirit, begun to see clearly eternal and enduring under her changeable covers. For understanding eternal in the temporary I Call, that the Bowl of Immortality to approve. So not coherence of spirit are show in the statement eternal and enduring among a changeable stream of life terrestrial.

5. Events go; will reach you and any more there will be no place to doubts, denials. Will reach soon! Go, go, go, and go, events go. Bear with it new winds, long-awaited. Who knows where turns a wind and that it will bring. But We Know because we See from the Mountain. And to you we Speak: "Patience has". Even that the cloud became visible, in the atmosphere enough moisture has to gather. But preliminary process is invisible. But We See. Prepare, going to accept the promised fairy tale a wonderful reality. There is implementation time. I interweave threads of new unprecedented coloring. Darkness, darkness; Light, Light! Disappear, darkness! Be, Light! I pledge will put the wonderful future on a threshold of events. I Light Dam strength to reach the hearts intended to happiness. I will break locks of times. And a harvest great I Allow to remove to coming of terms. I Turn a wheel of the world ship in the direction necessary. I – your happiness the Keeper, Will send on you happiness waves. I prepare, I Prepare, I Prepare Light boundless the statement in life. I will give the Beginning sign. Armor I Examine. Into a wave of the Future I will move carefully and inevitably. I to you Traced on a board My gold-forded success and a victory in all that with Me will be managed. I call in anticipation of an Hour of spirit readiness to show.
I will shower with Light arrows, as a circle protective. Also I will get up for you, as a flame column, you protecting. Big Assignment you bear that that is intended to you. There are a lot of them. Wait. Flare expectation. The miracle, miracle goes. Miracle the begun see clearly and waiting hearts. As there are a lot of them, already wakened! Any more is in thousands and hundred thousands, but millions I will consider. To Me through you will direct. Be ready to contain. I will keep, I Will keep about My Day because are necessary because many to Me will come through you. You I Will protect. The space readiness of hour bulked up. Whether you feel? Wings of happiness are ready to wave over you, Me waiting. I will come to create the precepted. Also you will be with Me. Also you will create Me in Mine. The darkness is deep, but and Light of your happiness is great. Arrive in waiting. I Told.

6. (Jan. 4). I speak, leave ways of usual thinking. Time now the unusual. Singularity is show in spatial conditions unusual. The space now other, than was always. It is distraught many creation of the Thin World causing norms of life. Already it is impossible to lean on them in thinking. New only are created. Beams and currents others penetrate space. Many heaps for urgent destruction, and the Plan of the evolution which has been cut down by us in substance of elements were condensed, is ready to fall by Earth as soon as the combination of conditions will allow. A lot of things are already carried out. But new still waits for the statement terrestrial. Now the transitional step isn't finished. Therefore shadows mix up with light. Transitional time is always difficult, and it is difficult to consciousness. But hard times will pass. Put will come true.

7. Concern thought of the Sphere of the Stronghold – already the benefit. Its system so isn't similar to living conditions the terrestrial. Order brings consciousness updating. The attraction of the Stronghold can be very strong. It can be so strong that overcomes an attraction of the surrounding. And then the person leaves everything and goes to far searches of the unknown settlement celestial. It means: the highest attractions won. Sometimes reach on Call. The spirit magnet the Highest is attracted by the Magnet. There it is possible to reach, having exempted from the power of three. Having dumped a body, the person can live, having dumped an astral – too, having dumped a mental body, are live remains. Means, the essence of life not in three lowest is concluded, but above. The stronghold is reached only by those who approved the power over three. The way of end is achievement of this step. Three steps have to be passable before.

8. (Jan. 5). Heavy currents will pass and will be replaced harmonious and easy. And again heart to live opportunities will flare. Pieces of a way happen different. Both those and others should be passed. Because and those, and others only are accessory of the way, but not the traveler. Accidents of a way passable are property of a way, but not the one who on it follows. The way will be passed, and its signs remain behind and will be replaced with the new. It is necessary to attend only to getting under the power of their temporary influence. That movement and is fine that the moving consciousness makes it in relation to by what it passes. Release and separation consists in the essence of movement from the environment surrounding. In it, in movement is rescue. Only stagnation is terrible because holds consciousness connected by attraction threads to conditions temporary and casual which shouldn't keep consciousness on a place, in stagnation immovability. Time moves and too helps consciousness to leave the passable milestones. It is possible to find a consolation in the flight of time leaving passable stages of a way. And as though the present dominated over consciousness, nevertheless the current of time should concede to it and to go to oblivion of the past. In it too rescue. It is possible even to tell: the present is as though heavy or terrible you were I am not afraid of you because you will die mine and you will exempt me from your face. The future will erase you and will dump from the account. You it is doomed to destruction and disappearance how tried to approve you the power it is necessary me. Everything will pass, everything will be forgotten, and everything will be replaced with the new. And heavy currents will pass, Beams will disseminate a condensation, Maya will recede, and the future again will flash fires of new opportunities.

9. The formula "Where Your Heart, There and Your Treasure" remains vital, as before. Heart betray to me, and – entirely then the consciousness will easily come into contact. But if the consciousness rolls in thoughts usual, contact is impossible. Heart directs consciousness to desired object not violently, but love. But if the love dried up, what will move aspiration? The true love is constant, but not on moods, and it doesn't depend on space currents. Therefore, and the Communication caused by love, doesn't depend on them. A lot of things depend on a condition of space, but not love. So we will understand bases of communication with the Teacher. You want to be close and to succeed? Love! Love when you ascend. Both prestanding constant and a memory continuous without love are impossible. When it is, the phenomena follow from it specified naturally and simply. Because where our treasure, there and our heart. Light is reached by heart. And the Kingdom of God, that is the World the Highest, too is reached by heart. Love to It as a magnet, attracts to itself spirit. Love it is possible both to win, and to reach. It is necessary to understand love, than as love for the neighbor more widely. The love to the desirable purpose reaches the goal. Means, any achievement can't do without heart. Therefore the Heart Doctrine that is a way to the Highest the shortest is given. Heart can be brought up. Heart can be directed. It is possible to persuade to work heart in the direction desired. But they should be engaged, but he should pay attention. The most important at least should give any time and care. We give to a stomach, and not the small. Why not to give to heart? In the area of heart goes both an attraction, and receiving, that is perception. Heart in effort to come nearer to Me it is necessary to strain. And heart, to Me intense, will bring the necessary message.

10. (Jan. 6). My son, it is necessary to reconsider concept of love to the Teacher. There is a devotion conditional, there is an apprenticeship conditional, and there is conditional a love. Nobody wants to be the called conditional pupil. As, and the love conditional not costs much. If signs are given if everything is good if heart full the thoughts sent by the Teacher, and flares love to It, it is one.
But if there are no signs if conditions are heavy are intolerable and the Proximity of the Teacher isn't felt, but the same flares love, it is a merit big and incomparable with the first. But if under all adverse conditions the love goes out, and heart isn't filled by the Teacher, and thoughts are far from It, and his Business isn't created, such love which is in dependence from external changing and casual conditions, and will be love conditional. There is a conditional pupil a little, and there is a conditional love a little. It is necessary to check severely itself, to weigh the feelings impartially and to define degree and quality of the love to the Teacher and if it limped, severely and immediately kindle degree of the necessary fires. Without love to the Teacher there is no advance. This love is shown not in words, and in practice. At honest introspection it is possible easily and to define its quality quickly. But according to the accord you receive because by what measure you will measure, such and it will be measured to you. Receiving and in full coherence with its force and quality goes a measure of love. The love – poorly and receiving is poor. The love dried up – the perception receiver hangs also. Through heart there is a perception, and not electricity as in radio, but the love gives it to readiness. Tests of subjects are good that allow the thoughtful pupil to learn itself and to define those data which are necessary to him for advance and achievements. The forces, the abilities, the qualities it is necessary to consider and not to be self-deluded precisely imagined properties and advantages. It is better to list severely the shortcomings and to be accepted to their correction, than to roll in possession of imagined qualities which aren't present. Missing quality can be filled, but imagined – never. It as the started eyesore, won't allow seeing a way. There are more sadly no shows, than self-deception, self-flattery imagined qualities which actually aren't present. But then tests can help to see themselves in the valid light and, having seen, to be accepted to the statement of the limped qualities. So each test can benefit the big. Is love you’re Lord all heart, all your understanding. But the Lord isn't the unknown Absolute without a form and an image, but the Lord, the Father and the Defender, live and real, felt in heart and more than once Testifying to the Proximity. Here about love to It also it was spoken. The savior Called the Lord the Father and about Love to It Spoke to people. The chain of Hierarchy is indissoluble. His Father will be the Father and the Lord of everyone who recognized and accepted the Son, that is accepted the Christ and his certificate on and on the Father, which in It. Therefore, the formula of love to the Father Heavenly, that is the Lord, remains firm. Only not clear and foggy idea of the Father to reduce to live and concrete vital Shape of the Teacher, the Lord, the Defender and Prestanding before the Highest is necessary. It is necessary to ponder upon concept of the Space Father approved on belongings to the Beam and the Star. It is necessary to understand that nobody testified after prestanding to the Highest Beginning of the Beginnings. It is necessary to accept that for the Highest that the person only can imagine to call God, the Highest follows even more and Inexpressible. But the Shape of the Lord is real and is the Gate to the Highest Steps Hierarchical. The word Lord is meant by Mister that is the Lord. There is no such star on which God the Almighty would sit, the Creator of Space, but there are stars – dwellings of Planetary Spirits, Dhiani, Logos shining which knowing Call Lords of Light. We say that is and that we See, and a way to Highest Specify.

11. My friend, to time current inevitable we will oppose themselves looking at everything that passes before eyes. And inevitable, but temporary, we will find a counterbalance in the spirit of the costs over time. Something happens to the person, and he looks, worries, suffers, both looks, and looks from the depth at the external phenomena, with him occurring. Both five, and ten, and twenty years ago he as looked, at the things occurring to it, but others: on other people, other conditions, and other phenomena. But He looked, the same Looking, but from within. It is necessary to distinguish three streams going by the phenomena: stream of external events, stream of feelings and emotions, stream of thoughts – all of them flow, as movie, via the consciousness screen which He Looking inside beholds, the Silent Recorder. And it is all about with what to identify itself: whether with it, the Silent Witness of streams of life, or with one of streams, or at once with all three, to the power to them having sent. It is difficult to leave a stream; it is difficult to identify with Dumb Witness of. But anyhow be exempted from Maya? Only having risen out of it is possible to understand great illusion of life. Logically it is easy to prove it, having imagined as these streams of perceptions flowing through the screen of consciousness are various and individual. There is no similar – everything differ, differ, as the Sky and Earth. The world of the Bushman, the world of a tasmaniec, the world of the miner, the world of the pilot, the world of the philosopher, the world of the drunkard or the addict, the world leprous and the boxer are so various that mind can be lost in these worlds human. Life is and still uniform, the Hierarchy, and still spirit human is and still uniform costs over all personal worlds. For a veil of illusions the Teacher Calls to contain everything, to fill Space with synthesis. The great understanding of life is approved on knowledge of its invariable laws which are a form of expression of Eternal Truth. Laws of life are a framework in which life is shown and to which she submits. Knowing these Laws, it is possible to foresee a current of streams, any of three. The spiral law, the law of cycles, the septenary law – is a lot of these eternal invariable forms of expression of space life, submitting which the Great vital stream, the river of life of the World flows. Eternal in the temporary we will look for in expression of space laws because the law all embraces and all is shown, submitting to it.

12. (Jan. 7). Friends, Day of my Arrival as we won't avert, as well as day tomorrow's. It will come. It is possible to delete an interval of time separating the present from an hour of Arrival, and then its reality from consciousness will rise in all the importance. I will come, and My Arrival will be day of a celebration of Light. Elements of darkness and Light elements nowadays are in a condition of fight and opposition. Elements lost balance, the space is restless, and currents are antagonistic, and people rave. But My Day will come, and waves of victorious Light will fill in aura of a planet, and time of great balance will come. And to the Kingdom of Light there will be no end. Again the Golden Age of mankind will come. Let My Day will be a symbol of Christmas of the New Eyelid, the New Light Era, New Earth and the New Sky. Let's be to read it Light Birthday because Brought to the world my Light. There is no happiness in the world, but it will be. There is no world on Earth, but there will be a world. There is no unification and consent between the people, and there is no brotherhood, but the brotherhood of the people will be carried out, and swords will be reformed on shouted. Satia Yuga bears to mankind absolutely new living conditions. Transition is heavy and is difficult extraordinary. Many suffer thus. But your grief will be in pleasure because the pleasure of spirit will reign on free open spaces of Earth. It is difficult even to imagine as far as life will change. Certainly, people don't become perfect, but time of crucifixions, murders and violence will come to an end. And the wheel will have best. Era SatiaYuga it is possible to call the Era freedoms of mankind. Nowadays the person lives in great slavery at the various restrictions invented by him, prejudices, conventions, customs, traditions, fanatic, opinions, and habits. Many of them were approved by tens and hundreds years.
The person at all doesn't notice them how doesn't notice atmosphere pressure, but they press on his consciousness, depriving spirit of wings. But nevertheless it is possible to imagine mankind free from them. But before the dark have to leave from a planet because chains of slavery are imposed by them. Teachers Bore to the world freedom, giving the Life Doctrine, but dark quickly imposed the hand, and Doctrines of freedom became slavery and violence religions; so dark all distorted. But mutilating will leave. The future horizon is pure and light. The step of its approach is immutable. And Day light, Day of a celebration of Light, Day of my Arrival, truly, will be. I Told.

13. (Jan. 8). Let's write about Inscrutable Ways Space before which the human will is powerless. The freedom of choice remains, but only a choice from narrow and immutable conditions. The humpbacked freak too can choose, but with a hump behind shoulders and the ugliness press on a face. Also the person to him can't add growth a uniform elbow. That framework in which the karma puts the person is rigid and narrow, and the freedom of choice is limited to rigidity of invariable conditions. Lomonosov overcame obstacles of the environment surrounding and became the great scientist; but, if karmic combinations skands be vain. Weakness and limitation of a flesh should be understood. Restrictions consist in three. But receipts of deposits depend on them to the sphere of Immortal Identity. And if they are poor, even the Highest Triad, accumulation a little having, can't widely come to light on the Highest Plans. And still, what conditions limited life terrestrial, scoop experience useful it is possible from life always. It is possible constantly both to study, and to observe, that is to acquire skilled knowledge. The great Law of balance provides everything and if in something one person something is deprived or in something is cut down, thereby it gets opportunity to succeed in something another. Blindness physical – great misfortune, but blind other feelings develop in themselves thin sight to such sharpness, as well as that the law of balance compensates loss and the full recovery is carried out. And so is in everything. Therefore it is possible consciously to cease to complain about destiny and about difficult living conditions. These difficulties and deprivations create those conditions which once and somewhere are obvious blessing with pleasure for tested them. The matter is that one pole of the phenomena always serves in the world of dual contrasts as the reason and causes the birth, or demonstrations, another. Therefore in terrestrial pleasure the grief, in wellbeing – deprivation, in life – death, in youth – an old age, in blossoming – withering, in glory – oblivion, in loss – receiving, and so endlessly is already hidden. And it should be understood well that, being showing on an undesirable pole of conditions, know that the law of balance will surely cause to condition life opposite. So, deprivation in one is the receiving guarantee in something another, and in the degree equal to force of deprivation. Whether it is possible therefore to be afflicted with something if compensation and compensation law is conducted. However, it doesn't relieve of sufferings and grief. But the grief will be in pleasure, and the suffering is the most invariable condition of a kindle of fires, this highest pleasure and the highest achievement of the person. In the world of sufferings the person gets himself and builds to itself a shining armor of spirit, indestructible and eternal, on fire tempered in which and it will stay in the Worlds of the Highest time period, on the extent with lives on Earth the incommensurable. Award to the person is spatial life in Light body on Boundlessness open spaces. But the body of Light should be constructed most of deposits of the Highest energiya generated and caused to life in the conditions of the terrestrial. And in it is the life purpose. It is possible to suffer and it is possible to work because the far purpose is majestic and fine. To grow up fiery fly in Light spaces –this achievement, worthy the made efforts and justifying any difficulties of life, any tests. In the duality world one pole of the phenomenon is counterbalanced by another. But are incommensurable pleasure and possibilities of the Highest Worlds to pleasures and joys terrestrial. Because paints of Earth are dim and poor and its songs and beauty in comparison with magnificence fiery shining World Light are rough. Whether also it is possible to compare to it short terrestrial life of the legless cripple if he, thanks to the mutilation, in immovability’s, learned to fly in the spirit of, and long, for many years in World Elevated carries out, freely flying in its boundless open spaces while others, going on two feet and in wellbeing drowning, can stay elevated life stone idols, motionless and stiffened. The balance law is great force. And any suffering, any deprivation, any damage doesn't remain without advantage if spirit knows the way. Therefore we will be glad lives difficult, we will be glad to persecutions, derogations, infringements and deprivations, we will be glad to everything that approaches us to Light Hall that wings raises that gives the chance to grow spirit by all circumstances counteracting. Let's think of difficulties of Those Who Goes ahead of us, to us a way specified. Remember: deprivation here is finding there and the statement is opportunities new. The great Law of balance operates the worlds. For heavy lives terrestrial the great future expects mankind. The mankind – the orphan terrestrial, great space heritage the successor becomes. Great treasures of Light are foreordained to spirit in Boundlessness spaces. Such is the Plan of Evolution of Space life.

14. In pleasure about the Lord you will find rescue from terrestrial pleasures and gory, alternating but dual by the nature. Earth is ardent expression of a duality and everything that on it. Final release of spirit means release from duality chains. Inflow and outflow by waves alternate. Life waves are same also – flow, being replaced by one another. As Cycles and Yugi, Circles and Manvantara are replaced. And the purpose of everything is release. But it is possible to be released, having saved up, both having reached, and having risen over the sphere of a duality dense, astral and thin. In Light Kingdom where there are no shadows, its power over consciousness comes to an end. But in the worlds all is lower are show on a treatment of light and shade. The mirror keeps secret, giving full, but the return reflection of that is, in what isn't present. That gives rise to reflection, is, but reflection of life has no. The world of the ordinary person, the world of the reflected reality, is Maya world and no life has; dreams of Earth us Call lives terrestrial. The person wakes up from them after death because the death is release from illusions terrestrial. Then illusions astral and mental follow. Only Fiery World, the World of Light is real because the first three it is passing and temporally though are long very much. The lit centers essence bodies of cognition of the Fiery World, the World really real. Time has the beginning and the end that is it is dual. But in the Highest Worlds there is no time. Many concepts terrestrial, limiting, aren't present in the Highest Worlds. My and your, here and there, top and a bottom, it is close and far in World Fiery don't exist. Measures others, modified are applied to Light phenomena: in total here, all nowadays, all in me and out of me, both all I, and I in everything, I, not having a form, color and number, I – It, the Dumb Looking, Silent Witness, the Immortal Recorder which has become the only expression of intimate essence of human spirit.

15. (Jan. 9). Hard times let will be blessed because they give birth to heroes of spirit. Is born from nothing anything is. And during lifetime of usual, habitual and smooth, spirit fires can't flash. Let's understand the conditions, creating strong spirits. If such conditions don’t give life, the strong spirit creates them, changing a current it in a root. Many converters were born in quiet living conditions silent and settled. But the spirit and with it couldn't be reconciled. And they created life anew. Many examples we know from history. It is much conducted lives when the person changed them will, creating difficulties for their victorious overcoming. It is possible to find big pleasure, developing adaptability of consciousness to any conditions and any provisions of life. Even on trifles it is possible to notice how they give in to efforts of will when for everything there is any decision and an exit. Therefore on all questions, problems and difficulties it is possible to look as at something subject to the decision and having any way of their best appendix in practice. Insoluble circumstances aren't present. And if all exits in the world dense are closed, there are they opened in World Thin. The direction of the smallest resistance should be meant always under circumstances which people consider desperate. Except three measurements there are measurements higher, except usual decisions there are decisions unusual. The way of Yoga is a singularity way. The yoga of Fire is unusual by the nature, because Fire nature not in measures terrestrial.

16. My son, My Testimony of correctness of your perception you receive. Therefore be quiet in belief in durability of your communication with Me. Belief – great igniter of spirit. From belief the knowledge is born. Belief in My Proximity I Approve and I Will claim, it yet won't pass to knowledge immutable and unshakable. No doubt it, but a terrible abyss between evidence and reality when the last needs the statement counter to growl of darkness and Maya delusiveness. My son, after all it is necessary not only to resist, but also to move powerfully, fire of spirit winning and go out against the condensed gloom. Complexity of time is extraordinary. Cost one, as hundred thousand, the soldier, as a flame column, as Light focus, my Beams the collected. These foundations of Light, these towers of spirit, among the lowlands covered with a gloom are necessary to me. You are necessary to me. Understand the importance invisible, but powerful action of Light. Value of Great Making understands. Through mine I Send Light and to mine I Send that fed and sated spheres, the surrounding, invisible and visible, space that sated. Space filling by Light is an important and responsible task, though hidden externally, though imperceptible. On the few shoulders it lays down. And these shoulders have to be strong, hardy, and steady. About devotion I Don't speaks – without it there is no cooperation, without it there is no Proximity, without it isn't present and there can't be a Great Service.
About Great Service I Speak, fallen lot of the son. My son, not in volume business that, the future precepted took place, -it will take place not greatly, and in that Proximity I wash in the consciousness to keep, without looking and contrary to the up in arms darkness. Those counteracting, you belittling, against you going is My enemies. By this sign also determine. Not against you, but against Me take up arms because feel blessing Light Mine, on you staying. It isn't necessary to spend for them the feelings because the fate prepared for itself counteraction to Light and to a camp of My enemies was to be ranked. Don't demand from them nor is the help, nor sympathy, understanding because it is open enemies of Light to whom you’re light intolerable. Be silent, both know, and remember that days them are considered and opportunities them to harm My elected are short. Look not at the size or a little the phenomenon, but at its essence, and the hidden darkness you distinguish on reaction it on your light. You are My litmus pieces of paper for recognition of My enemies. Much they still litter Earth. But days them are considered, but their number is counted, but are noted all by the press of condemnation, the last, irreparable. And still Light of the future it is foreordained and still this Light is. And still the darkness will be lost. In the face of a gloom I Testify to Light and before a darkness face – to destruction it’s full and final. I, the Lord of the Shambhala, through the son Testify to a clear and close victory of Light. My son, inalterability of the future let's be glad spirit and in the spirit of. There is Light victoriously and powerfully.

17. (Jan. 10). It isn't enough to realize constancy of Proximity of the Teacher, it is necessary to keep in it. It is always, but on condition of conscious and constant aspiration to keep it, to hold it and in it to arrive not greatly. It isn't enough to reach, it is necessary to hold the reached. It isn't enough to ascend to the following step, on it is necessary to resist. Achievement is followed always by the long test period on durability, stability and constancy of that was won. To keep at height won is the task is hard because the lunar essence yet gets rid completely, attracts back, in the past. Therefore time following achievement, the most dangerous. Many, not found in it forces to keep, recede, losing results reached. So, while with Me while heart is full aspiration to Me, opportunities won not only are protected, but also increase without a measure. We will be saved from indifference and the indifference sent by quenchers of light, fixedly watching each opportunity goes out light. Both thoughts, and people, and a condition send such that your light went out under the pressure of a tiresome commonness. Light approved should be protected sharp-sightedly, watchfully and constantly. It is a lot of enemies of Light, and it is a lot of masks, and it is a lot of backs behind which they hide. Don't dare to approach because know that you are protected, and are afraid to burn. But send conscious and unconscious assistants. Be always on patrol and under all conditions. Light shines all, but the lamp is protected sharp-sightedly and vigilantly from whose that was hands. In a sanctuary anybody isn't allowed, even relatives. The sacrament of Communication of the Teacher with the pupil is preserved in every way spirit. The person is able to store terrestrial treasures and values. The treasure of spirit needs even best protection. The innermost preserve is.

18. My son, Light of eyes of Lords light of your eyes becomes. Eyes – soul windows, its light from its essence via the device of eyes pour out. Eye beam is the phenomenon psychophysical. It as is real, as well as the Sun beam. It bears in itself(himself) light or darkness, life or death, pleasure or a grief, cheerfulness or despondency, a smile or tears, blessing or a damnation, the benefit or the evil in degrees different, on strength of the thinker giving a beam. Under a look kind, life the giving flowers blossom, but fade from dark radiations. Certainly, all auras represents it radiations. But the aura is limited to the sphere, an eye beam, like a searchlight beam, operates on distance of the visibility. The beam of an eye spiritual doesn't know distances and can create and strike on spaces huge. When in our consciousness we represent a subject or the person, to it the invisible beam, bearing is stretched to it emanations, or energy, its directly concerning and on it influencing. It is good to have an eye kind. It creates, but in the benefit. It ennobles people; it does them better in their own eyes. It is better to improve the thin person a look, than good to make is worse. Therefore condemnation is condemned. Thinking badly about the person, we do him even worse. And the beam the hidden mental helps deepen the created evil. But don't try to spend energy in vain for attendant’s dark. Except harm it will turn out nothing. Wisdom and commensurability is required and in light distribution. It is impossible to distribute thoughtlessly. Carefully bear the spirit lamp, from the hands reaching for it from everywhere, it having protected. Even midges fly on light. Light magnetic attracts and attracts to itself both light, and dark spirits, only with the purposes different suitable to it. The innermost we will preserve vigilantly.

19. My friend, Proximity of the Lord is approved by heart. Not the brain, but heart and feeling create it. When heart full the Lord, and a brain obediently follows a need of the heart. And at night when the brain has a rest, heart, to It directed, brings to awake day consciousness the distant messages. The thought easily obeys will when the thought is conducted by heart. Therefore the feeling is stronger than intelligence activity, and the love reaches that it is impossible to reach a brain. Resistant heart and will, and brain do steady. Why it is so difficult to arrive constantly with me? And what disturbs? What fills free minutes? And why I can't devote work? And why I can't devote each thought, each movement, each breath? Why? Really ghosts are preferred to reality and ghosts it is more interesting? It is impossible after all, plunging into Maya embraces, reality to see. Service of reality and service to Maya is that we will prefer? Whether also it is possible at this incompleteness, at this bifurcation of the house that is consciousness in itself when the part of time is given me, and part of time – to the ghosts by floating, to be promoted fast, successful and fruitful? And whether it is possible to resist at vague service? Full-devotion, full-tendency is Wanted by the Teacher. Also Wants not for Itself, but for success of ascension. Because, by what measure you will measure, such and it will be measured to you. And the measure of full-devotion and full-aspiration will be the most fruitful. Means, these qualities should be strained again, remembering that a basis of qualities is their boundlessness. Keys from doors of a prosperity are given, therefore, it is possible to succeed fully and unbelittling. So, we will deepen begun, we will be to improve an approach way to the Lord, we will be, we will be will refine qualities necessary. Not in someone's hand success and a victory, but in own. And even it is impossible on conditions external to blame, because at what here any conditions when the basic is observed and the Lord undividedly reigns in devoted heart. So, it is necessary to become even closer, after all It is told that "except a heart thread, there is nothing". My son, fight against illusions, deception and Maya seductions persistently and persistently, without putting the weapon not for a moment because, won one form, they immediately arise in another and in the dope shroud consciousness. To win against Maya there is Arhat's task. All life terrestrial is great illusion, and the Doctrine of Life gives those Bases of reality on which it is possible to lean strongly to start developing in it wonderful gift of recognition. And then, opening it, the winner can imperiously tell: "The Maya recede! » So My Face as the life basis let will rise forever between you and a stream of the Maya phenomena to separate reality from evidence. I Am the reality of life being the Face Truth. Approving Me in it, Truth you approve. I speak: "Be filled with Me because A (first) is the Way, Truth and Life".

20. (Jan. 11). My son, I Consider that isn't present to serve in the world of bigger happiness, than happiness to Light. Service it is possible always, under any living conditions. Service to Light consists in such condition of aura when its harmonious and light radiations interact with surrounding space, changing it; and not only with space, but also with everything that in it – with auras of people, living beings, plants and subjects. Light particles, accumulating on everything with what the aura of the carrier of Light make contact, the benefit to the world bear. Not so much words, acts and thoughts, how many a lightful condition of aura light not made by hand the benefit creates. Words, acts and thoughts will be a logical and inevitable consequence of aura good, or light, wearable in heart. Stone carriers, having changed the covers, the world surrounding them, power of its radiations change. Create not in itself, but communication with Hierarchy. Therefore the main care is about a due condition of aura. Qualities have powerful impact on aura. If to take, for an example, aura of tranquility and aura of concern and to compare influences them on people, it is possible to see that the first bears in herself the blessing, the second – the evil and destruction to people. And other qualities too influence powerfully. And people among people go, radiating round itself energy of light or darkness. Therefore the statement of qualities in itself isn't business personal, but spatial. Therefore the person before people is responsible for quality of radiations of the aura, for light or darkness, wearable to them in him. Rescue not in words, but in the annex of the Doctrine to life because the word enclosed and applied, generates in a microcosm human energy approved, born in radiations obvious. And as there are a lot of gray around, not their influences should submit, but to generate the, that is to bear the light unshakable dim and disharmonious radiations of people around. Surrounding and people greedy and vampires devour light of the carrier of Light. Therefore wisely it is necessary to preserve the lamp against the hands reaching for it that consciously or unconsciously to extinguish it. Fight for light doesn't stop for an instant. It is possible to call heroes of spirit them, light in the aura to the world bearing. This feat is invisible and imperceptible, but is heavy for heart and is difficult. Painfully is heart from the poison incorporated them in itself for a transmutation it in energy of light.The feat of introduction into Light life is heavy and difficult. But it also is Great Service. Should give the clear account in what its essence consists. Any more fires not worry by animals, but a constant, everyday crucifixion of heart on a life cross. And who can tell where more courage, firmness and patience are required. Difficulty of a feat of the modern carrier of Light is in its duration and that it is made among life, and the hero of spirit makes it without being removed from life. But for that the victory is nicer, the Lord which everything sees is closer to those, everything Knows and Loves the soldier. I sent you to the world that to the world Me Light showed. Your mission is My Light in the aura to the world not black out to bear. The Teacher for you Costs and Looks, as it’s Light in your aura in radiations, already self-proceeding, refracts. Bear; bear native Mine, My Light, your light to the world on transformation.

21. Truly so: To My phenomenon the witness you will become and you will testify to Me is a mission of your life. You have to that confirmation in Records former and nowadays in words of Mother Agni Yogi again confirmation you receive. Here you’re Assignment – to Testify to the Phenomenon of the Lord before Arrival. Such Assignment can be given only by the next. To the son I Give the Assignment. Everyone carries out the task. I let the right speak about My Name and on behalf of mine. Whether you know force of My Name? Forces Name Mine for the dark it is invincible. Can rave, but in the madness to strike no carrier of this fiery talisman of force have. Light for darkness is impregnable. The darkness can harm only when its elements filter in this or that look in a microcosm human. Therefore cracks, even small, in devotion, love and readiness are so dangerous. Light which hasn't been darkened by anything, imperforation also is impregnable darkness. Therefore the benefit if the pupil can tell: "Here the darkness was up in arms against me, but I am not afraid of it because has in me no anything". Dark can harm according to the accord. But I Protect mine while armor the fiery finish. Children My, My dear children, will pass poisonous time, and you, in Me approved, cloudless join pleasure of spirit. Yes! Yes! Yes! I speak about a clear and final victory of Light, in all Worlds of the already approved. Only dense one it yet I didn't approve. Light celebration over darkness will be full and perfect in all three Worlds. To that also I Tell are show a little more patience. Goes, there is a pleasure. Goes, there is a fairy tale wonderful, Light to wind round that terrestrial to be embodied in life by a victorious reality. Let's be glad to difficult living conditions if difficulties approach to Me. You have the sign of my Proximity, both hidden, and visible, Mother Agni Yogi the confirmed. In my Beams you stay and My Beams you eat, and with them you sate spirit hunger. But Proximity still deepens, but Communication strengthens, but all heart encloses becoming closer as it is possible closer to the Lord, to your Father, to your Friend and the Defender. I Told.

22. (Jan. 12). Correctly, My Son, without overcoming of tension of the sphere surrounding can't be Communication. Radiations of heart have to win against vibrations of the energiya pulsing around. They filled all. They create the atmosphere mental districts, the cities, houses. They imperiously influence consciousness and force it to sound in unison with itself. But Communication is the accord the Highest, not with the sphere surrounding the person, but with the World Highest Energy by which the sphere of Spirit of the Teacher is sated. With them also it is necessary to bring the consciousness into the accord, having isolated it to a limit from the outside, dense world. My world and your world in the vibrations different are. Therefore the world before vibrations World Mine directed has to lift spirit. That the accord took place, the effort, and considerable is necessary. Otherwise the song of spirit won't begin to sound and the thought won't pour down. And not the brain, but heart is a pusher in this thin process. Creativity goes through my Face, to heart the entered. Clarity of representation of the Face in Communication has great value. Therefore it is necessary to aspire that the shining Image of the Lord was with you always. For success of affairs it is good to each business to premise shining, victorious Shape of the Lord. Because with Me – the Victory. Victorious also is powerful the Shining Face. Through a dense wall of vibrations terrestrial Rays of light of the Shining Face of the Lord make the way and light the Light heart fires. So creativity on the Beam arises. But its understanding and application conscious is required. The psycho mechanics demands thin knowledge of process. But if it is approved, creativity becomes way of life and the stream of thoughts of the Teacher fills with new waves the betrayed and directed heart. And the brain needs to perceive them and to imprint in the way the best, experience and practice by the developed. Inflexible it is necessary to show a lot of persistence that Communication took place. Unstable and passing moods of an astral are the enemy of Communication. Not on weather, not on moods, but on steady, strong, strong aspiration of heart the live thread of communication silver with the Teacher is created. The one who will move accidents of external temporary conditions between the heart, between the consciousness and the Lord of Light to which they direct won't be successful. If passing to prefer, it will pass and will disappear, and anything from it doesn't remain, but there will be no Communication also. Will be neither that, nor another is. But there will be waves of new external conditions which will be replaced again by the new. And if give them heart, and to Communication not happen. Therefore strongly in Me stand; because, I am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. About life I Speak, but not about death to which everything is subject that your eyes see and feel your feelings. In the world of triumphing death Life I Approve and I Repeat: the comer to life of immortality joins Me, life of death having rejected. Look at them! As there is a lot of them! But they live in death because their all affairs, their all undertakings, and all aspirations their terrestrial is doomed to death and oblivion. But I Speak about life terrestrial, comprehended by Light of eternal understanding of life in which in dense conditions the eternal flame of immortality is approved in affairs human. About the statement eternal in the temporary I Speak when the person becomes the spokesman of an eternal flame of the spirit which is showing in life terrestrial. So Light on Earth is approved. So temporary becomes a form of expression eternal and eternal in temporary becomes reality, truth, is show in dense and passing forms. "I came to Reduce "fire" of eternal life to Earth and so would like that it flared up".

23. My son, store balance any price. Really you don't see how the darkness strains to break it. To them to see pleasure how light hangs and dies away. Light of exactly burning flame is intolerable for their eyes.
The ignorant can give in. But you know and you won't give a reason to darkness to gloat over. Take energy from them stepping on you, and turn it into the benefit and the force on counteraction to darkness to increase. They deprived of the energiya, and remain empty-handed. In it balance force. Kept in it is and it’s remained in force over the opponent gets. Because, nobody is resist against balance. Balance is the superior quality of spirit. It is reached by persistent work over itself. It is given by knowledge. It is necessary to learn to store balance at first in small, then in the great. Even kormaing stings can discompose. But from mosquitoes there are grids. So against everything it is possible to accept any measures protective. To store balance doesn't mean at all to give itself on worry to dark evil-wish. Just the opposite is means to be protected from them so that injuriousness of their heart open didn't strike. Anything is better, than life, won't help to strengthen and temper this wonderful quality. Each time when life surrounding seeks to break it, can be considered quietly how to help business and if it is possible to make, make something possible, having provided the rest to a karma current. The main thing not in avoiding trouble and in that contrary to it keeps balance. Not in that to get rid of them and them to discharge tests, and in passing through them with honor, with advantage and it is beautiful. Are able to quarrel, become angry, worry, to get excited all in occasions various, but to remain quiet, despite all occasions, and the advantage of spirit will be to keep already a victory over darkness. Because dark, coming across a protective circle, work with trifles and through someone's means. Each opponent he should understand and find the correct decision. Otherwise won't release from an orbit of the influence. And the more fair indignation and indignation it will cause, the there will be more strong the threads connecting with it. The exit – in the statement of complete, indestructible equilibrium when the enemy is powerless it blow up. Then spiteful energy to beget comes back and the return blow is inevitable. And let the ignoramus expostulates on himself. Balance is a board not perforation. Friends Mine, balance you store any price.

24. (Jan. 13). In My Tower the mankind future is forged. The next have access to the Tower. My tower is your shelter to spirit. It is possible to be spirit in it and in the spirit of; not in a body, but in the spirit of. Departing to a dream, it is possible to premise thought to visit, having as though channelized spirit. The awake consciousness and will channelize flights night, and the last thought before immersion in a dream is especially considerable. It is good when all being of the person, like a ram in a blow point, is directed on one thought. The leading thought, the last before a backfilling, also will predominate, directing heart on the set purpose. The thought influences heart, heart – on thought. Heart will work under the influence of thought. Heart is brought up by thought. Education of heart isn't violence over it, but aspiration of its energiya in a certain direction. Certainly, the thought has to be disciplined. Express thoughts of each individual it is various; is defined by selection ability of consciousness. So the choice of thoughts, their character and the direction entirely depend on the person. But the majority of people in slavery at the thoughts stay, forgetting that in the world the Supreme power over thought belong of. Meanwhile as thoughts am possible as quietly to choose as book or friends. Uninvited and undesirable guests can be not received simply. But it can be done, having only carried out thought before a beam of consciousness and having shined it with a ray of light as on the screen, that is having subjected it to control. It is possible to accept or reject any thought, but having made it is conscious. The thought easily submits to will if her priority is conscious. The thought temporarily, will is constant, and the will possesses the power over thought. Any special, and the main thing, the squeezeed-out efforts isn't necessary, the resolute order of will is required simple, quiet, but. The power of the person over a mental matter sovereign also is absolute if it is realized. The thought, though is a being, the living being of the spiritual plan, but it is generated by the person and to the person and submits. Some can't operate the thoughts, as well as an astral. But mentally ill people are under complete control of thoughts and the emotions generated by them. And this is only logical end of the transfer of something and refusal of own sovereignty over an inner world; the phenomenon inadmissible, even in rudimentary degree. If to start conducting experiments over thought, it is possible to see how quickly and implicitly it submits to will influence. It is necessary that the athlete of spirit realized the force before he will start acting. To understanding of the force it is necessary to wake up and the power given over three. They can be unbridled and irrepressible while their lord and the lord firmly won't take reins of government in hand, having understood that he, but nobody else, is their mister. Also we rub – to a body, an astral and menthol, it is necessary to obey only. In a word, it is necessary to enter possession of that property which belongs to the person by right and in it the Teacher Approves consciousness of the pupil.

25. Everything is given to the Lord. "There is nothing mine, all yours, the Lord, – so thinks the pupil. – Everything belongs to you: both thoughts, and words, both actions and My entire manor. And my true imperishable property spirit and its accumulation are all yours, the Lord. In the Name Your I go to lives, and everything belongs to You. To you I devote all future my, all affairs my, all feelings, because yours everything. Teach me, my Father, adequately and wisely to dispose of your property to use and put it in the Benefit. You are for my everything! To You mine are directed all of energy, and your Beams fill the sphere of my microcosm. You I live, You I breathe, You I have my understanding. From your Beam is my consciousness because, truly, You are a Father mine, understanding life self-conscious to me given. You I recognize and You I approve in the heart as a life Torch Uniform, Immutable and embracing as I all mine. I in You, You in me, we also are uniform from the beginning of centuries. From darkness of a enrage You Brought me to the arena of self-conscious life and made me by self- conscious essence is the person. Therefore I say You, my Lord that all mines are Yours. From now on all my forces, all my understanding and my heart irrevocably, forever to You I give. Because all – yours, my Lord, favorite, only for me and my, my Father, my Defender and my Guarantor before the Highest. To you I render on my understanding and to You I bring gifts of my heart. Creativity of my spirit I devote You because I create in the Name Your. Your name I go through life and your Name I win. My father, my Beloved, accept my property for its gift on Light altar. In Great Service I devote myself to Your to bear your Light to people not belittles. And your Light before people da will be shining and not belittled when hour will come wash the Name You’re before people to claim. My Father, my spirit to You I betray in your Hands. And let will be from now on and till a century Will Yours in my will to be approved my egoism spotless and not darkened by restrictions. The lord, the press of your Spirit on a forehead my eyes will arrive because yours is. Give strength, the Great Lord, in Light Yours to arrive steadily and to approve Prestanding Constanta power. The favorite Lord, my heart in your hands that You Could issues it according wills Yours. Expression of free my will the spirit to You I betray. Create it, Father, according to Will The. The paternity Approve in my worship because your son a (first) is. Accept, the Lord, gift of my heart from now on and forever. Nowadays and in the Worlds, anywhere and everywhere consciously I am connected with You indissoluble bonds of love and Light because You are my Lord, the Defender, both the Friend, and the Father".

26. (Jan. 14). My son, between everything menacing, disturbing, frightening, uneasy, afflicting, unpleasant, tempting, angry, stirring, entering into deception, sad and irritating, between everything that outside, and you put My Face. Me put among themselves and a life stream. At first I, and then all other is. Through Me, through My Face look at life, and you will be protected from Maya snare. And, if you see something interfering in consciousness to break its balance, Me put between and through Me as through a lens, observe and look at life. People wear glasses to see better. Let my Face will be spiritual your lens through which be accustomed to look at everything. Let through Essence I wash in your consciousness of the phenomenon of life terrestrial refract. Think My thoughts and life beholds My eyes. Merging with Me, yourself you lose and you become Me; and, having become Me and the soul having lost, immortal Identity you find which shines in Light Your an eternal flame of spirit. And if I get up before affairs and your thoughts, that from Me proceeds, but not your generations will predominate. When heart is filled by the Lord so that there is He first of all, predominates in heart of the Lord. Then I Can create in your heart the Monastery. Also there is then your heart, truly, Light receptacle. In life terrestrial in Me to resist and on Me to be kept by consciousness is a task hard. The few succeeded in it. Will sweep away whirlwinds terrestrial of consciousness of creation of spirit. Also it is necessary to show persistence extraordinary. Among unstable and quickly changing phantasmagoria of life of ordinary da there will be My Face to you Gift of life Elevated and the Highest.

27. Let's look at them, Me not knowing and out of the standing. Where go, why live to who can address whom to ask who will direct who will specify – don't know. But you know, and the way you know, and you know how to deepen and expand the consciousness is boundless. In it distinction: you know, they don't. You want to come nearer to Me? You know how to make it and as to establish Communication with Me and to receive Council and Instructions. But they know nothing. And there is nobody it to address, and their way because the purposes don't see is empty. Think to do without Me. But even they, ignorant, the best from Me receive impulses and, without knowing that, my Business creates. So there is a construction of life new, and builders of greatness of a structure erected by them don't know. But why you who have recognized Me, hesitate why your step isn't sure? And what to you disturbs? You have the Highest. Why you don't take gifts, to you brought? You knowing a way, be not late in life gorges. You know, and they don't. From the knowing it will be asked. It is better not to know, than the nobility and not to put in life. Days in vain don't lose because time is short.

27 A. The comer to Me - to Me yes will follow. Otherwise why come, not then to remain the same. Life is that develops and grows from itself. The ear of wheat and plant, but every year million acres perishes becomes covered new because life doesn't stop. Change of forms is process of incessant life. Conscious intervention in this process of a form of expression of life it is possible to improve and improve infinitely, as well as forms of life of people and a form of expression of human spirit in which it clothes. Spirit forms: physical, astral and mental, can be improved and will be refined. The highest form of their expression is shown in principle beauty, on Earth approved, as well as in spheres of their corresponding manifestation. It is possible to call beauty of covers harmony of the elements entering into them and being combined in it is beautiful, as, for example, a smell, color and a form in a rose blossoming. The form of expression of essence of spirit corresponds to its covers. Solve can smell sweet while the discredit lets out a stench the emanations. Radiations of a body can be fragrant or fetid depending on a condition of consciousness. It is possible to improve covers human the corresponding culture and discipline of spirit much. Aromatic value of qualities is great. Their and photo mental value, that is influence on color radiations of aura of all three ph. is great. Speak about any punishment for so-called sins or even punishment Forces Highest, but these are children's fairy tales because the press, or the brand of all the thoughts, words, feelings, actions and acts of people bears in itself in the radiations and crystals of not destroyed deposits which are saved up by it in own essence. Nothing passes completely, without having left on aura of a trace. The person an own the condemning and the payer on accounts. If about the simple motor lovingly to care and look after him, it will run faultlessly. As also the device of human spirit demands care, but more attentive and distinguished. When bear malice, are irritated, indulge in defects – itself poison obviously and secretly. What alcoholics, addicts, smokers ardent and other self-poisoners think? Who deceive? We see on many externally noticeable process of decomposition. In a corpse it proceeds quickly, in them in a slowed-up way, but the essence of process is identical. Only these alive decay, poisoning with a stench invisible to an emanation all surrounding: both air, and people, both subjects, and plants and even animals. The press of crimes against the spirit bears on itself and – it is terribly obvious for those who see. The requital for sins, that is for violation of laws of beauty and harmony, is made right there and immediately by introduction in an own microcosm of elements, to it corresponding which on lines of a magnetic attraction it is attracted from space of a form of expression of, to it conformable. Thin bodies of these violators of laws of life and their physical form, under an old age especially are terrible, ugly, disgusting and are repellent, becomes very ugly. The internal essence sticks out through a physical cover, disfiguring it. Therefore It is Told: "Everyone has the judge in itself (himself)". There is more: "Be not deceived, God we will scold doesn't happen. One will reap what he’ll sow, so not understood words of the Scriptuses become life, are showing in each movement of the person: in thoughts, words and acts for which he bears responsibility a measure full.

28. (Jan. 15). Life is difficult, the way is difficult, and people are difficult. Where it, lung? And whether not there is an ease such condition of consciousness when energy of spirit not are show that is there comes a divergence? The divergence isn't peculiar to Space. In I, in continuous intense movement am all. Life also is movement. And it is more intense, it is more in it than life. The strong person, that is capable giving tension, easily overcomes that not in power to the weak. Not about force of muscles I Speak, but about spirit. Therefore it is necessary to be accustomed to being in tension constant, exactly, as the tense arrow or onions resignedly. It often also is promoted by life, without giving the chance to weaken a string of a harp of spirit. And then its strings sound. And it is good when sounding it is harmonious, harmonious. It is possible to sound and in the upset tone. But the dissonance already in itself is destructive. Therefore, my harps, you sound according to, everyone on a system indestructible, or in the key. And let the key of your system is in your hands, instead of strangers. Key from it you store sharp-sightedly and carefully, especially from foreign eyes. Adjuster everyone itself, but in any way passers, or passersby, or who that there was a stranger, another, close or distant is. Access is open only for the Lord and those whom It Elected the intermediary between Itself and you if that is available. But Communication with the Lord – directly, and – in the spirit of, and doesn't need intermediaries. I Don't speak about Mother Agni Yogi. Here communication strong and direct. As well It was entrusted to Guru to transfer and approach a message to Me. I speak about standing out of a chain below through Hierarchy, but especially about the harming. In hands others, in hands hostile the key can't be given, or even to show it, or even to find out that actions and acts of your ill-wishers in effect cause any movement, that is to find out that your balance is broken. Why to spit poisons to give the power over and a stick in hands to drive you. Identification of an internal emotional state as though provides, or opens a place for enemy blow. Therefore become isolated on all fasteners. Because you don't know where and under what mask the enemy disappears. Vigilance increase; it is a lot of them waiting that to do harm. You store balance because it is the best armor for spirit. By it is protected from the most pernicious dark attempts. The Armageddon came to an end, but dark continue to harm – such is their nature. It is impossible to correct: therefore are condemned irrevocably. In the Thin World of revelry of that have no because there are them no access layers forbidden. Light and lighten, not protected from them here, are strong protected there, if the Hierarchy Law as it should be. Protection and here, but Day breakers battle to darkness, though are protected. At blows from dark first of all At blows from dark first of all it is necessary to track that balance wasn't broken, and then already about counteraction measures. Counteraction at the broken balance isn't effective. Therefore first of all balance. And the Teacher Help to truncate claws, because the return blow is inevitable. The evil, smoking candle adjoins to My torch and starts thawing. It is a lot of harm brings to itself going against you. Especially painfull the return blow of the energiya pushed about armor of balance. Therefore balance first of all. And still life is the best teacher. Nevertheless experience is brought by it. Teachers all: both friends, and enemies.

29. It is necessary to pay attention that the Instruction which has been immediately enclosed, and brings immediate results. It is necessary to introduce only fiery beer for application and in the future, and not just in that specific case for the sake of which the Instruction was given. Unfortunately, the difference meanwhile is very great that is given, and that time - two is applied and forgotten. Forgetfulness is condemned. All sense of the Doctrine is in the appendix of given Instructions in life. It is possible to call application the fastest way of accumulation of crystals of energiya deposited in the Bowl. The statement of thought in operation causes crystallization of energiya in a microcosm human. Therefore action is provided to the person. The doctrine speaks about actions useful, about benefit actions. If you want to succeed and promote, we will agree about actions. Instructions and Councils aren't left. But everything can be aggravated and expanded. When it is necessary to deepen something and to expand, I Cause sometimes such conditions or circumstances which give an object lesson. As soon as it is understood, learned and Instructions are applied, need for it disappears. The lesson played a role. Test is passed. The doctrine of Life is comprehended in life. Therefore so it also is called. And whether it is possible to complain that life gives such wealth of experience under the wise guide of the Teacher. Heart life poison that the lotus flashed bright fires of all petals is tested. Poison gives the most valuable coloring. It also will be a transmutation of fires. It is a way of transformation of the most bitter to the most sweet. Bodhisattva's way is a transformation way thorns lives in the rarest flowers of spirit. It needs to be understood heart because the transmutation occurs in heart, heart and through heart. Therefore poor heart fights, and grieves in a dungeon of the dense world for the fiery homeland, for open spaces of the boundless world. At you who have come to Me, – a way the shortest and therefore the most difficult. Time now special, and hastily it is necessary to prepare for Assignment performance. It will be difficult to prepare when Arrival time will come. From there are so much difficulties, obstacles, infringements and dark influences interfering. Quickly it is necessary to temper armor. Wait. Really sent mine I Will send to them, to waiting, without having examined, without having strengthened, without having tempered a spirit blade? Crops are necessary big, and experience great is necessary. But the most important – a stronghold of heart should be approved on Me unshakably and strongly, as on the rock – the tower basis. In spirit towers rescue, and to them will rush looking for it. Severely I Want to explain about Severely I Want to explain about necessity of strong training. The armor of spirit should be tempered for all occasions. Therefore tests are so frequent and various. But everyone brings benefit, and everyone teaches something, and that the Teacher Meant. Therefore to each event of life, it is necessary to approach to each test with a question: to that does it teaches or taught, what its value, why is given, what from it is possible to take and how to use in the best way? The relation to tests to change in a root is necessary. Not is punishment, not payment for debts, not tortures, but next lesson of life, experience urgently necessary giving, which other way it is impossible to get. It is possible to call this process extraction of juice of experience from the counter phenomena of life sent or allowed by the Teacher for the purpose of the fastest passing of a way. Each phenomenon of life useful teaches something. Forehead, the pupil, also means studying as lives at vital school. It is necessary to show wisdom in the relation to life lessons. The Teacher Rejoices victoriously both to correctly passable test and well acquired and understood lesson. The teacher Observes. The Teacher Sees and Knows.

30. (Jan. 16). And still the accord is understood a little and a little put in life. To receive a message from a far star, it is necessary thought of it to fill consciousness, having excluded all other, and to direct it to the chosen star. It also will be a consciousness attuning in a certain key. As the accord with the Teacher, that is harmonious communication is established also. Certainly, all third-party thinking, and only the thoughts relating to the purpose directed, one is excluded from consciousness remain. Consonance in compliance or harmony with the World of the Teacher – means to merge with It heart. After all the engine directing, the impulse giving, remains heart. The brain bears a sub office role of the watchman and the performer of mechanical work, but only in necessary limits – all other activity of intelligence is excluded. Heart can work, being only lit by a flame of love and the directed devotion, readiness and the other feelings giving completeness of a chord. It is fuller and more perfect, the. Communication is deeper and merge is closer. Also it is impossible to calm down, whatever successful extent of the reached contact, because it only a rapprochement step which another follows, the highest and more perfect seemed. The essence of the Teacher shines, as sides of a multi-color jewel. And if the consciousness of the pupil concerned one side more or less fully, inexhaustibility of other sides remains still unknown. And even to settle light of only one side of consciousness of the Teacher, it is necessary to rise up to its Height, and from this height the Circle or two big Circles of evolution separates the pupil. Therefore it is possible to tell: the Teacher is inexhaustible and is unattainable though He both Sates consciousness and Gives him everything what to contain it is able. From is where richness of thoughts the infinite? From the Teacher! Whether there will be it an end? No, the end isn't present. The ocean of inexhaustible, eternally new knowledge joins consciousness of the pupil who has established with the Teacher degree of the necessary accord. It also will be a wire single, connecting consciousness of the pupil with consciousness of the Teacher. In the presence of direct and close contact it is possible, in case of need, to do and without books. Because a wide wave join consciousness of thought of the Teacher of the channel of the accord approved. The closer, the degree of received knowledge is more perfect, more exact and deeper. Limitation and its insufficiency not in the Teacher and in the pupil are. In case of dissatisfaction a received material it is necessary to look and improve and refine in itself a wire. Extent of development of refinement of the device of spirit and luminosity of the centers has crucial importance. It is impossible to force disclosure of the centers, but it is possible to accelerate, but within legality. Everything is given usually that the pupil if his consciousness from concept of the Teacher doesn't distract is able to apprehend and isn't fond of affairs foreign. It is possible to be engaged in affairs of life usual; it is possible to do that people do, but heart to the Lord having given. And heart will be then not in affairs terrestrial, but in Affairs of the Teacher. But also terrestrial things can be done, devoting work to the Lord. And then the external and internal merge in uniform aspiration to Light. It also will be full-coherence when the house costs strongly and firmly, in itself undivided. And then aren't terrible a nickname and then no storms because everything is given to the Teacher are terrible and there is nothing the. Therefore I Speak: "Give Me everything that Could Melt your property into Light Treasures". Who to me is directed, attention isn't left. Who to me is directed, attention it isn't left. Because even the small to Me aspiration in the area of a magnetic attraction freight valuable brings. Therefore I Speak: "Direct". Someone complains of loneliness. But unless it is possible to be lonely when the Lord lives in heart? Someone complains of absence of books. But unless thoughts of the Teacher can't replace the book, if is Communication took place? After all in the World Thin books with themselves we won't take. Therefore it is better to have access to records of spatial thought and to scoop from there endlessly and a limit. The ocean of thoughts of space opens to the devoted pupil and becomes obviously available. It is better to have access to spatial book-depositories, than to depend on libraries human. The entrance to them is allowed according to the accord. The accord is established by the will directed in contact with the Teacher. The wire spatial allows also independent aspirations, but under the Beam. The Teacher Strengthens extent of rapprochement as soon as the condition of a reviving rise organism allows; the knowledge of Communication is dangerous that the Proximity shouldn't pass admissible degree of intensity of fiery wires of spirit. Otherwise the device will fuse. Therefore the skilled pupil doesn't complain if it seems to him that the Teacher isn't too close at present. Carefully, carefully and carefully the Hand of the Teacher of strings of a harp of spirit of the pupil concerns – so that not to tear off and to damage any string. The pupil helps the full and deep-seated faith in Wisdom of the Hand Driving. But full-devoted, full-warm tendency is necessary to the Teacher. On this channel there is a saturation of aspirations. From heart of the pupil there are directed impulses of spirit. It is impossible differently. Otherwise the free will would be broken. Therefore It is told: "Look for, you ask, you knock". But you knock and look for, the free will. In it is secret of searches; because only the looking for finds and being knocked Open. In it a simple mistake them, nothing found and facing deaf doors. Thought that someone will come and will tell when it is necessary to come and take. The God's kingdom aspiration undertakes, and flaring aspiration finds a gate to shining Spheres of Light. The world of thin fiery energiya becomes available, and the fiery device of the person starts sounding on it, joining the wonderful majestic symphony of life.

31. The son My darling, the Teacher Is happy when Feels the full legend of your heart to your Father, the Teacher and the Friend. Easy as wings, there is a world burden when takes priority in consciousness of the Lord. And then it is possible to cause the world on fight and to feel that a victory over the world not the far fairy tale, but close and possible reality. Because with Me it is easy win. As far as with Me it is easy to win, it is so difficult to be with Me together always to heart, in love and devotion should approved. But when the Teacher is happy, you feel, My son as wings grow the wings which are quietly bearing to tops of spirit. My son, speak about occult abilities, about magic force, about various long and difficult exercises, and these self-shown magicians and magicians don't know that the power of love to the Lord, all strength giving, and all abilities opening, and forcing to burn the invisible centers with wonderful hidden fire is the most powerful force, force which isn't knowing barriers and defeats. Love to the Lord you win against all difficulties and love to the Lord you ascend and to easily victorious heart when the wonderful fire of love in its depths flares. Manage to love if you ascend. Connected by mighty threads of love, we will win against the world. Realize all strength of mind this powerful engine of life. The love, despite everything and contrary to everything, already will be a victory. Because it is hard win against the darkness whispering lie by logic of evidence. Love the winner, love triumphing, winged happiness manages to keep. Not to each house flies up and not to each window sits down; is kept by power of reciprocity. My son, I Send My blessing and in a new step I Claim. To the beloved son spatial Gift in far Beams I Send. And you Gift accept and safely ascend vigorous and ardent spirit. ; Gift of Heart of M in darkness shines. It "is impossible" for those who doesn't know, but the spirit released speaks: all is possible. Really, everything is possible, when together. Whether you feel, my son how wings grow? Wings eagle to spirit I Give that you could fly over the world. Already your beam doesn't know distances because already I won against them. Already close hearts of distant friends obviously feel it. Growing power realize and strengthen. Force of growth of beams of a limit doesn't know. Of particles of the benefit there are mountains of boundless opportunities of spirit. Let these particles of the initial appendix in life of Great Laws will be the guarantee of acts great. Everything begins with small and becomes big, and even great. To the beloved son a parting word I Send all force to realize, force, merged with my force. My son, in force of three beams predicted you I Approve at a new step of understanding of the foreordained shining your future. I Told.

32. (Jan. 17). If the Doctrine and the Teacher are a life basis, and it is impossible do without them in one conversation. Life is understood within the Doctrine of Boundlessness and realized synthetic. Also there is no such phenomenon of life which wouldn't be covered by the Doctrine because everything exists in Boundlessness. So the Doctrine embraces itself all. Someone thinks to do without the Doctrine. But someone even lives without heart because his heart died and decays. Hearts stinking we Call them which have killed heart in. But We Speak about life. Life is sated and spiritualized by the Doctrine and impregnated by it, as an arable land, Sun beams. And if still the mankind somehow moved ahead and didn't destroy itself, it only thanks to the Doctrine which fragments during different eras in various forms supported people. It is possible to, know only the direction. The people which have lost the direction were lost or degenerate, showing the pity remains once great races. Bushmen, Australians, tribes of Oceania are to that an example. It not new tribes arising, but the decrepitude dying out and fallen into infancy. But even they could be helped much if the mankind united. Also help when the Banner of the Lord will fly over the world. So without the Doctrine not pass neither to the person, nor the people. The entrance to the future without the Doctrine is impossible. When was Cali the South, lived, rejecting the Doctrine and devoured each other, but during Light Era uniform rescue will be in the Life Doctrine. The plan of evolution of a planet is drawn up by us, and We Specify ways. On a change of Eras the leading banner is given to the people, which spiritual potential above others. Therefore the best Rock My Dali to the country of the best.

33. It seems simply: the person passed to that world, died, and lives there, without knowing terrestrial restrictions and conditions. But it only seems. If nobody told the person about that world and if he never thought of it, even in case of immortality recognition it will continue to do there everything that it did on Earth. When it will sit down, it will sit down on an imagined chair or on a chair – reflection of a dense chair – its astral compliance, to lie down – on a bed, to eat, drink, sleep – the word, everything that it did on Earth. And it isn't so simple to be disaccustomed to terrestrial habits as it seems. Gait, voice, manners – everything remains same as it was on Earth. It is possible to see an exact reproduction in thin forms of conditions terrestrial, created by creativity of human imagination. Dinners, dinners, cards, smoking, wine – the same and all the same as was once. In life of the Thin World during lifetime of very few people is interested and therefore it is difficult to expect that and there people understood at once essence and laws of new thin conditions. Even the small knowledge exempts there from need to continue to lead illusive life of Earth. Didn't listen here and as don't listen there when to them try to explain singularity of post mortal existence: go when can fly, drink and eat when a food there has absolutely other character, build the house a brick behind a brick when instantly the imagination can create the wonderful palace. The world astral is the world of fantastic opportunities in which as in the fairy tale, magic, strength of mind wonderful it is possible to create everything, using a magic staff of human thought. And as rush with it, with the small interests and experiences, sitting in the shell when the whole world boundless is open for free spirit. How many restrictions here, on Earth, the person has, being in the body. It should not give to drink and feed, dress, to be put, moved, the dwelling, money and other, other and other which doesn’t have the end, nor is edge necessary to it. And there anything it isn't necessary if the person knows it. There he can study endlessly, without paying for it, and – visually seeing an embodiment of studied laws in forms. As it is difficult travel on Earth. How many it is necessary money and documents, baggage and vehicles, hotels, hotels, tents and so on. But there, in this world wonderful, the thought lifts and transfers the owner to any conditions of the country, a place, and even on far stars if the consciousness allows. There everything is opened, everything is available, it is possible to investigate everything, everything to study, to see everything if the consciousness permits if it knows that it can want and receive desirable and if bonds of terrestrial habits didn't hold down it the heavy iron chains. There everything that can't allow or imagine consciousness is impossible. Because each thought of impossibility immediately becomes the reality chaining consciousness in form. If the person, being on Earth blind, will die, and in that world he will sit blind while someone won't tell it: "Open the eyes, see you can see because spiritual eyes don't depend on a terrestrial blindness". In it all horror and slavery of thin conditions, in it all freedom and pleasure of post mortal life. We have on the belief and that, in what we trust, either we recognize, or it is approved in the consciousness. All Doctrines speak about freedom of spirit, but, having chained itself in fetters here, people continue in these fetters of spirit and thoughts to stay and there. Don't understand, don't know, and don’t want to know that the death is a release, great release of spirit from heavy fetters of dense existence. That death -it is pleasure; it is opportunity implementation of the most courageous, most impudent flights of spirit. But people the wingless lived on Earth, wingless remain and there. The regal, mighty, omnipotent thought liberator, the thought which is powerfully creating and nothing limited by nature, is limited to pity, blind and stupid understanding of the former life terrestrial, clings to it and forces consciousness to huddle on pity hovels and cellars of the lower class of the Thin World, in the illusive dwellings being, generally, exact reproduction of the last terrestrial life. Poor and dim existence! And it when all treasures, all gifts of Boundlessness are open and available to the person – the spirit which has dumped from the body prison. To understanding of elevated freedom the Teacher, specified Calls that the border of opportunities is defined by understanding width. To the spirits connected nowadays on Earth, the Teacher that there were they free there Addresses. But clogs they should be removed here because that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected and in Heavens, that is in World Thin, where lives the person after death life full, life long, life colorful and free, if the consciousness permits.

34. (Jan. 18). You create with Me. The creativity sated with my energiya, special force has impacts on people. It is difficult to consider in a terrestrial way limits and force of this influence. But it is undoubted, and on the consciousnesses stills few assimilating the highest influences. On them it is obviously noticeable. It joint, that is the joint creativity with the Teacher especially valuably – force of impact on people. Energy of Light crystallizes in phrases, influencing nervous system and the centers. His singularity and the originality, to the second – inexhaustibility, the third – novelty, the fourth – and fiery the fifth – force ennobling spirit, the sixth – versatility and the seventh – tendency in the future ardent will be the first sign of joint creativity with the Teacher. If these properties got creativity, know that it under the Beam. Certainly, all creativity goes under the sign of General Welfare. The child, approaching to the difficult car, doesn't know its appointment, but Archat creating under the Beam of the Lord and using to energy of the wonderful and most difficult device of human spirit, knows. Creativity goes consciously communication with the Lord. The most important is enclosing fire in products of creativity of spirit. It is appreciated on force of fires, in it put, and on force of fires and influences heart conformable. Creativity and force it is determined by fires. The country new prospers art because power of the woken-up spirit national fiery in creativity will be shown. And not only in art, but also in everything is. Art will be a criterion of height of spirit as the phenomenon the highest, binding with the Highest Worlds. It was already specified, and more than once that reformative value of art is huge. The song influences spirit, than lecture because influence goes not on a brain, but on heart more strongly. We speak about sacred art, spirit human ennobling and lifting it to Spheres Elevated. Power of art that is education of spirit national is understood more few and a little used. But the country which has put art it is high, above others and becomes. It will develop a creative power of the people which will be shown in all types of work. From songs the people will work, and fruits of such work will be remarkable. Creativity will get all life, being transformed from top to bottom. It is possible to find high models of art creativity in ancient religions. The new religion too will give them. The song of the revived spirit will concern all aspects of life. Also it will be shown in creativity fiery. And what they tried to make, everything against them will turn back. Will begin war – will be lost and all affairs will ruin, won't begin war – will be forced to leave force of development of the general course of events. What they did whatever undertook, everywhere they are waited by the end and defeat. Because are dark, and their acts are condemned. And the end of Cali Yugi will be also their end. It is necessary to understand inevitability of the events which have been foreordained by Hierarchy, and it is necessary to understand tactics of Adverse and not to consider as a victory of darkness the conditions generating its defeat. Usual mind not to capture complexity of time. All spheres are involved in circulation of events. Manage to see in everything the Hand of the Lord approaching in Light victorious. Be not frightened by a seeming celebration of darkness. There was after all only its dense visibility. In World Thin she any more has no basis. It is destroyed already completely. The frog in the fable was puffed up and burst as the darkness inflated will burst also. Also remains "anything". Let's not stop before destruction of hordes hellish, at least and there were they in dense bodies. There can't be a pity to those who wanted to destroy a planet and to deprive mankind of the house Space. The darkness and her servants are condemned.

35. I claim uselessness of everything that has no relation to a way of ascension of spirit. In this sense also it was told that "all vanity and spirit languor". That is valuably not in itself, not about itself, but only as means to the purpose. As soon as the goal is reached, that was means to it, becomes unnecessary and leaves. When the mankind will reach an ultimate goal, Earth won't be necessary also. The spirit will need other monasteries. Therefore the worlds which have executed the appointment collapse. Therefore on small Earth we only guests, as well as in any house where we live. Earth – our house, long, but nevertheless temporary. While in it, are obliged to care of it because are responsible for it. The house this difficult, but about seven rooms are of different degree of compaction. To each rest there corresponds or will correspond a certain cover, or a body. Rooms one in other as air in a brick, but are invisible: thinner is invisible to more dense, as the World Thin to the physical. People live in three, the few in the fourth, Lords – above. As the person at deaths door dumps a physical body – death the first, astral – the second, thin – the third, mental – the fourth, and Earth when its hour will come, will start dumping from itself one for another the covers. The mankind will raise everything higher and higher. Density will be dumped by thinning.

36. (Jan. 19). Will leave, will leave, all will leave, all without an exception. Unusable will leave. After all even for generation change only some ten years are required. But if Lords of the Karma detain someone more long, someone will send earlier and someone will move away rather, the field of life will be cleared away. The whole continents were swept away. Really stirring, confronting and destroyers we Be slow to clean when time will come. While are necessary that the opposite and necessary pole of the phenomena could keep and get stronger. Adverse tactics is in application. When necessity of enemies passes, then we Move away. While are necessary. Force without counteraction, as hand muscles – without resistance external won't get stronger. Laws physical operate growth and bodies, and spirit. Laws the physical concern matters, and a matter in everything. Without resistance there is no force growth. And if obstacles aren't present and force can't grow, they should be created artificially, differently powerlessness will replace force. And even understanding it, and even knowing secretly wish obstacles and counteraction to avoid, thereby losing possibility of the fastest advance. Who wants to be strong, that has to always to obstacles difficult aspire and fall in love with overcoming process for the sake of spirit increase, and not in words, but heart. Turning sour before opposite circumstances indicates weakness and unfitness of spirit. The motto we "will be overcome" is motor-victorious spirit. Anyhow to become the winner always if not to understand in what the essence of fight and a victory consists. Believe in power Force Light. Conduct you to a clear final victory. If the Satan is struck, that as will resist his servant? Formerly he was spirit great, formerly! He knew much and was much stronger than the assistants – dark hierophant. Their business is over and is hopeless. And what they tried to make, everything against them will turn back. Will begin war – will be lost and all affairs will ruin, won't begin war – will be forced to leave force of development of the general course of events. What they did whatever undertook, everywhere they are waited by the end and defeat. Because are dark, and their acts are condemned. And the end of Cali Yugi will be also their end. It is necessary to understand inevitability of the events which have been foreordained by Hierarchy, and it is necessary to understand tactics of Adverse and not to consider as a victory of darkness the conditions generating its defeat. Usual mind not to capture complexity of time. All spheres are involved in circulation of events. Manage to see in everything the Hand of the Lord approaching in Light victorious. Be not frightened by a seeming celebration of darkness. There was after all only its dense visibility. In World Thin she any more has no basis. It is destroyed already completely. The frog in the fable was puffed up and burst as the darkness inflated will burst also. Also remains "anything". Let's not stop before destruction of hordes hellish, at least and there were they in dense bodies. There can't be a pity to those who wanted to destroy a planet and to deprive mankind of the house Space. The darkness and her servants are condemned.

37. And here, when you will be able to tell that "not I in itself, but the Father – the Lord staying in Me, It Creates" as the Lord when the old person in you will be forced out in a shining Way of the Teacher Told once, then, and only then "I" will die your small, then, and only then the Lord Will enter into your heart and a monastery in it Will create. Fight for the statement in heart of the Lord – fight not on life, but to death because former "I" really has to die that new light of a dawn «I" rose from his ashes as a phoenix from ashes. But the old person in the person is hardy, and transformation, and the main thing, regeneration of essence human demands time. Thought earlier that the inspiration can be instant and in it and transformation consists. But Agni Yoga points to the centers, to their development, a kindly and starting of fiery charkas. Process of regeneration of an organism is long and painful and is accompanied by sharp and painful pains. Torment gives rise to a human body Light body, shining fires of the lit centers. The centers waken with pain, causing physical sufferings. Special conditions are necessary, rest is necessary, some isolation from life and people is necessary, clean mountain air is necessary, the cold mode, a diet, ablution is necessary. Much that is necessary, and process is difficult extraordinary. Think to get power and strength of mind exercises in concentration and any sideways, forgetting that to top of power of spirit conducts a long thorny road of sufferings, fight and never-ending victories myself that "I" embrace myself small the person. But the way lies through the Lord because the Lord is the Way, Truth and Life, and it is impossible to approve it in heart until all three lowest covers completely aren't subordinated to born mighty will of spirit. To approve in itself light, it is necessary to merge with this Light and to become light. It is necessary that heart was lit on fires of approved Light. It is necessary that heart flared fires of the lit centers. Very much bikes have to be accumulation that process was fast. But the inspiration yet doesn't mean continuous disclosure of the centers. The phenomenon of the opened centers is the phenomenon the rarest in this race. The condition of open treasures is the phenomenon on Earth the most rare.

38. (Jan. 20). Scholastic’s Call We you, because words replace life.
The aura human constantly vibrates on a key which is set by thought. The thought has coloring, painting and aura the color. Colors are distributed on a color scale. Combinations of flowers of aura can be various. Harmonious meet less often. The symphony of aura's flowers indicates achievements of spirit. Usually colors change and vary (spontaneously) spontaneously, without conscious intervention of will. If the thought paints aura in a certain color or a combination of flowers, and visualization of these or those flowers influences aura, painting it respectively. But representation of color has to be live and bright. Thus, very strong influence can be made on aura of the person, an animal and a plant by an object enveloping by a beam of thought of a certain color. Different colors have different influence on nervous system of the person. Color influence is powerful. Laboratory of a human body, generating beams of a various coloring and force, can make strong impact not only on certain people, but also the whole meetings and to the district. The Lord the Beams Yore’s Operates the world; by means of Beams this management is made. Beams are sent both to individuals, and the whole countries. In their root power of their color impact on auras human lies. Blue beam it is possible to extinguish a scarlet flame of anger instantly. Influence happens by the principle: the similar amplifies similar and is neutralized by the opposite.

39. I believe that the knowledge applied is useful only, differently to what to be encumbered. So, it is necessary to aspire to, that all allowed to put on experience though in any measure. The enclosed and tested knowledge becomes the integral property because crystallizes in the form of the energiya postponed in the Bowl. Words in language also remain if aren't applied. Therefore We so Rise against the abstract knowledge which isn't taking places in life. It the Doctrine of Life differs from all abstract and not applicable doctrines to life. The skilled knowledge is irreplaceable. The Teacher, on life experience approved to what teaches, has the right to learn. Otherwise has to itself condemnation. Modern teachers self-shown, occult and other, the life of to what teach, not approved, have no right to learn. I learn because I know and the experience I confirmed. If such printing of the statement lies on everything that is given, will come and will listen. When the fiery seal of the statement is set on all actions of the pupil, his influence on people and surrounding is great. Applied by it force to it will allow to create power of the generated energiya. So the thought approved in operation, is a source of not destroyed energy introduced in a microcosm of the person in the form of crystals postponed in it. It is necessary to accustom it to that instructed immediately to apply everyone in life. It will help storing. Therefore I Demand application of received Knowledge in life.

40. (Jan. 21). If it is possible to begin each Record, keeping before itself in consciousness the Face of the Teacher as it is precisely possible to begin and each work, trying to extend prestanding and to hold it before itself possibly more long. Expanding these periods, it is possible to reach and continuous representation in the third eye Light of giving Shape of the Teacher; as gate opens to its World. And to life spatial, and it is easier to touch world events through It. Promptly events approach. Energy spatial powerfully they force. Restlessly is in the world. The consciousness runs around like mad antagonistic currents. And it is difficult to resist. Many don't maintain. The phenomena of a burn-out of organisms amplified. Many inside are torn apart the rushing about by spirit energiya; in the microcosm of people or the Lord, or slave. If the slave, the internal forces which haven't been bridled by will, under the influence of currents spatial, heavy and disharmonious, tear apart him. If – the Lord, energy raising the will leads to silence and subordinates to itself. This energy is similar to the rebelled soldiers when the military leader can't operate them anymore, and, until then concentrated force of army, decays. So equally effective the internal energiya directed in different directions and paralyzing one another, can become equal to zero. But ordered and turned in the direction specified by will can give as a result strength invincible. So mastering by, internal harmony and knowledge of the chosen direction to the purpose uniform give great strength to spirit. So two persons with an equal stock of internal energiya can show a mental condition opposite: one – powerlessness, another – relics. It is necessary to start mastering by consciously, understanding, what internal force it gives to the person. Each loss of the tranquility, each impossibility or unwillingness to operate itself is loss of internal force and a devastation of a treasury of mental energy. It is possible considerable to devastate at an ndisbalance itself completely. Therefore tranquility is any price. It is necessary to operate by all means energiya, the rushing about inside. Harmless, apparently, something in itself to suppress inability, something to calm, to something not to allow flashing pernicious consequences often has. As well as health strongly suffers. At growing energiya of spirit disbalance becomes absolutely inadmissible because growing forces can tear to pieces the carrier. Therefore with a growth of potential of spirit – balance first of all. Its loss at least temporarily, at least is for a while pardonable for the inhabitant, but is inadmissible in the pupil and is a crime if it is allowed by Arhat. Balance loss would cause violation of balance of elements and accident in Us. So on to Hierarchy ladder responsibility increases before a planet and mankind for internal state consciousnesses. Responsibility of the Lord of a bike is. It is necessary to understand heart pernicious consequences of loss of the power over and inability or unwillingness to own itself. There any degree is harmful certainly. Whatever it was created around how currents were heavy, the tranquility can be stored if to realize pernicious harm of violation of balance. Anything and in any way it is impossible to acquit itself if the due step of mastering by itself isn't shown. Let it will be joyful or heavy on soul, cheerfully or drearily, but let conditions of spirit in tranquility are show. After all that is immutable it is determined by karma, it is necessary to pass all the same. And times of other exit aren't present, it is best of all inevitable to pass through all in a peace of mind. It is given the chance of a shave to mastering by this great quality. Let all actions and sincere movements in tranquility are show. Act, look for, you create, feel and worry, but you store balance indestructible. A lot of things are admissible and a lot of things have no pernicious consequences if the tranquility is kept. The whirlwinds, generated disbalance in movements of an astral cover, it is necessary to bath bitterly in World Elevated. For at least elevated existence it is necessary to store balance. Any passionate violation creates it astral whirlwinds which tear holes in space and involve in the funnels the consciousness which has generated them when the spirit is exempted from a body. Therefore I Speak: "You store balance any price". It is better to lose for the sake of what balance is lost, and to remain quiet, than to lose balance. Lost it is possible to return, but the damage caused to spirit, leaves a glyph on aura and vortex rings in space. The invisible damage is more considerably than the visible. You store balance. There is nothing in the world for the sake of what it would be worth losing it. The power over is the higher authority which is possible for reaching to the person. And this power is integral. And this power doesn't depend on arbitrariness human. And this power fiery force allows managing Business of the Teacher. Without this power there is no Great Service.

41. My son, these Records remain to people a monument and the sign of Proximity of the pupil to the invisible Teacher and the managements rhythmical and constant. It will be difficult to deny richness of the written-down material, its singularity and originality, and also a live and direct connection with the Doctrine of Live Ethics and the Gospel as a step preceding the Doctrine of Life. Let will read and let will think. And if can give nothing, let will listen to those who can. Able give a little. The states of the Future have to appreciate them. It is a lot of any experts. But where they spiritually giving and feeding consciousnesses of masses with fires of saved-up synthesis? Will come to you, both will bow to you, and will ask to take with honor a place beseeming my elite during the Era of a celebration and a victory of Light. And gathered it will be possible widely and to distribute riches freely. Then afflicting won't be. Gate of opportunities of distribution of the Highest Knowledge will widely open. Blessed times will come. For them also I Prepare.

42 A. My son, the Teacher Considers it necessary to specify that the unclear phenomenon should be put carefully aside until an explanation. If each unclear phenomenon gives rise to doubt, so the belief in the Teacher isn't strong. Usual measures the World New can't be constructed. And if the next suffered and suffer if It is called the Victim Great, and nowadays still the crucified, so without sufferings there is no ascension. The strengthened lifting aggravates the suffering phenomenon. Through a gate of suffering the consciousness enters into the World New. To what to suffer what time didn't come yet and who the first won't enter into this gate? Aimless and senseless sufferings aren't present. The purpose reached by them, is great. Gogh's power is shaken in the basis and will fall. The new World will do without gold. Not they, but We Direct events. Not they, but We Won and we will win.

43. (Jan. 23). The doubt closes perception channels. It is possible to assume it in such degree that reception of parcels will absolutely stop. Doubt it is possible to cut off all wires and again to remain deaf and blind. What good it turned out ever from doubt? With it is easy to lose Proximity reached. It is possible to doubt what or anyone. But let doubt poison never will concern the Teacher. Doubt – a quencher of fires. Doubt – the devourer of mental energy. The doubt is lie incarnate because goes against Truth. Not about affairs every day, but about the Highest I Speak. Therefore let the doubt of the Sphere of the Doctrine and everything, related won't concern. It is possible to allow ignorance and misunderstanding, but the doubt is inadmissible. Be preserved against doubts, as against the most poisonous reptiles. It is a lot of the ways which have been excellent begun, it stopped irrevocably. Let the doubt never will concern the Lord. Also it is necessary to understand, what not the external facts, but the worm of doubt causes the phenomenon of mistrust. The facts, already as a result, are painted by its color. At trust always it is possible to find the correct decision, there would be a desire. Both the Lord should begin reflection, and the analysis of the phenomenon which have raised doubts with trust. As well Bases shouldn't be колеблемы, as well as belief in a final celebration and Light victory. If these three preconditions are observed, about them the wave of any doubt will break. Not follow the ignorance and the misunderstanding to attribute Hierarchy of Light. It remains spotless, spots – on consciousness doubt. Through ghosts of doubts it is necessary to pass and them to win. Origin should be looked for them in own misunderstanding, but not in wisdom of the Teacher. It is possible to doubt itself, but not It. Doubt the wings we cut off. The doubt assimilates to a death nail. It is necessary to trust up to the end, having staked. Big consequences follow from small mistrust. The boa of doubt from heart should be moved away. Otherwise the way is closed.

44. Logic it is impossible to struggle with doubt because the lie of evidence is stronger than the reality truth for the reeled consciousness. And that before eyes, will win against that is hidden from eyes. Therefore against doubt of the proof are powerless. Only one is undoubted and obvious: it that fires go out, creativity stops and falling of spirit becomes not denied. It would seem, everything is correct, everything is right, all arguments of doubt aren't denied and logical, all facts it is available, apparently, it is necessary to rejoice that the delusion dissipated and it is possible to succeed, but it only seems. In practice the consciousness is devastated, fires went out also to the unlucky pupil there is no place to move more already. The ships are burned, it is necessary to sit on the coast and to indulge in vain hopes. And for what is? Whether everything is equal now, what weather when to float already more is no place? So is unsuccessful the pupil punishes itself, preferring lie deceptive and petty evidence to the reality truth. Against the Maya I won. The ascension came to an end. Slipping down and loss of one achievement behind another begins. And when everything is lost, there is a broken trough of the shattered and disappeared hopes. There was everything, didn't remain anything. Therefore I Speak: if the doubt in is admissible, the doubt in the Teacher is inadmissible. If the doubt in the forces is admissible, the doubt in power of the Lord is inadmissible. And if it is possible to doubt people, the Hierarchy of Light has to stand out of doubts. But it is better not to allow doubts in anything and in anybody: it is possible to replace simply doubt with words I "know" or "I don't know", I "understand" or "I don't understand", I "will be mistaken" or "I won't be mistaken". Doubt in everything bad adviser. To doubt in anything we Do not run off. Pupils we Bring up, without leaving them to doubts. As a last resort, simply, we Trust or we Do not trust. Friends, from doubts be saved resolutely and firmly and you don't make contact with this monster. Put signs of questions over all not clear and unclear, but doubt don't allow. Don't forget that logic of evidence it is impossible to fight against it because it sits in consciousness, but not in the phenomena which it paints the color. The doubt is simply thrown out from consciousness, as a harmful and poisonous foreign matter. With belief up to the end you will reach the appointed.

45. (Jan. 24). It is necessary to find in itself enough knowledge and wisdom to come off the personal world being the deceptive and illusive world of Maya. Not in it the truth, but in World Mine. Therefore I Speak: "Get out of yourself if to me you want to follow". The soul, myself, the egoism, and small "I", in myself have to lose the personality, the old person of people to find the true Identity and Me in heart it to approve. World Mine not find in the personal world of continuous deception, restrictions and heaps of My Truth, Truth. In life superpersonal it is necessary to look for the decision. So, having rejected itself, by my Days in your days you can join. It is necessary to understand, at last, not in words, and on the life that any personal world is limited by an era, a nationality, a class, a family, education, specialty, a floor, personal qualities, abilities, education. Everything that concludes consciousness in a hopelessness circle out of which The one Who Costs out of it, that is the Teacher can bring it only. And the thread tying heart of the pupil with heart of the Teacher is the only opportunity to escape from a circle of hopelessness of one embodiment and one small temporary personality. How many persons lived on Earth, and everything died, and a trace about itself didn't leave. From the world of death the Teacher Calls to leave, having rejected it, and to enter into the life world where there is no place already small "I", to death condemned by force of things. Died all is. You if you don't understand life of death will die also and life of death you won't renounce, having rejected soul, expressing in the small personality, a temporary and limited one terrestrial embodiment. Therefore I Speak about immortality and about life eternal. Immortality, eternity isn't present in life personal, because it doesn't go out of limits of 60-70 years and with this term also comes to an end. The thread of life should be stretched from the infinite past in infinity of the future and to understand that small terrestrial life is only small piece of one infinite life throughout which its separate manifestations – persons die and are replaced, but immortal there is an Identity of the person which temporary expression is the personality terrestrial. To unite with this Identity, it is possible to merge with it in consciousness, only the personality that is the soul that is, having rejected. To reject itself means to understand sense, the purpose, essence and appointment of the personality as tool, or the tool of Identity sent by this Identity to the world of terrestrial for passing, acquisition and accumulation of the experience necessary for growth and enrichment of Identity. Immortal Identity of the person grows, extends and collects Light Treasure by adjournment in the Bowl of the highest imperishable energiya accumulated in it in the form of crystals of fire. Identity of the person with the saved-up fiery Treasure in the Bowl is reality, truly real while the personality terrestrial dies and disappears, having finished a cycle of separate terrestrial life. The Roman legionary, the dead two thousand years ago, died really because the Roman legionary isn't the phenomenon space. Its time passed, and isn't present to it more on place Earth. In space there are no legionaries. The legionary armed with a sword, spear and the board, living in Space, is absurd. Akasha's chronicle not is absurd, but movie of life of Earth. But it is something other. We Speak about experience of the personality after death. Some worry, having kept all features of life terrestrial, but it is violation of the law and blocking up of the Thin World by phantoms of creative thought. But We Speak about life, but not about the world of the ghosts created by one incarnation spirits. To whom a pity tatter of gets rid forms of life and distraught from Earth an evolution course is necessary. But those, living in peace superpersonal display, in the world of the highest ideas and thoughts, in the spirit world, not limited to temporary conditional shapes of the eyelid, those, Identity the Immortal on Earth displaying, those live and are live as the Spirit of the Savior and the Doctrine given Of is live. Degrees of immortality happen different. Its degree depends on as far as the person departed from small "I" and "I" joined the highest Identity, to the highest. Where is your heart, there is and your treasure. Given heart to the Highest, with the Highest also stays; the highest that is on Earth is a Lord. Heart to the Lord given is the immortality I approved.

46. (Jan. 25). My son, whether you know, what weight is assumed by the Teacher, coming into contact with the pupil? How people burden you, you can judge what this encumbrance happens. At tranquility and balance of the pupil, even at many shortcomings, they don't shake wires and don't bring so many disharmonies as in case the tranquility is absent. It is necessary to remember that everyone passionate the disbalance brings shudder in a fiery wire and hurts heart of the Teacher. Tranquility it is necessary to protect the Teacher from chaotic and chaotic vibrations at least. It is necessary to have always in a look that there are to the Teacher not gets rid feelings in the pupil and as disbalance and concerns still never helped nothing and by the nature are useless and aimless, the it is to be exempted from them rather, the better. It is necessary to clear away a way. The litter disturbs advance. The grain of sand can stop the car. The more thoughts it is given to the Teacher, the there is a release easier. We plunge in dense that to be exempted from the power of a flesh. Also we are burdened heavy by circumstances terrestrial to be averted from Earth. If not it, chains terrestrial couldn't be broken off. Look and know that all vanity and spirit languor. But the stewed oak is especially strong. Even the axe hardly takes it. Therefore we will find one more occasion to be glad to life thorns because everything serves wise for final release of spirit. Learn to pass experience of life in great tranquility. It will be the best way of accumulation of mental energy. Think of possibility of accumulation of the fiery power integral and inalienable neither in life, nor in death if the owner knows it how to protect the Treasure from plunder. The Stone carrier constantly increases the Treasure, and all circumstances, both favorable, and opposite, inure to it to advantage. Any wind can be used for the wind engine, having turned wings under the necessary corner. So, if the purpose and purpose of life terrestrial are known, it is possible to look safely forward, collecting continued treasures of spirit and treasure of the energy multiplying. Not for pleasure and pleasure we came to Earth but in order that, having collected a sufficient stock of fiery energiya in the form of the crystals of fire postponed in the Bowl, in the Worlds of the Highest to approve the life. Earth – only means to the purpose, but not the purpose, as well as all terrestrial. Even one terrestrial life, but rich with spiritual experience and accumulation, in World Thin opens ample opportunities. And as stay terms here and there are incomparable on the duration because terrestrial stay is short, and usefulness of the necessary accumulation can't be denied. The purpose of all and any experiences, tests and difficulties – experience. If experience from them isn't taken, they are senseless and vain and there is from them no advantage. Everything then is endured and tested in vain. Both again, and again it is necessary to roll uphill the same old heavy stones of the not the reasonable. Therefore live, иtesting and making use of each experience, each circumstance, taking from it everything that it can give. For this purpose also we live. Don't think to hide from life in illusive shelters; life all the same will find and the necessary lesson will force to learn. It is better to go it towards, of anybody and being afraid of nothing. After all we go together, and with Me anything isn't terrible. I will help; I Will support and the decision I Will specify the correct. We go to a victory over everything, than it is necessary to seize. Both we will seize, and we will win. In total is anything when communication with the Teacher is strong. Fires of communication overcome fires terrestrial. Much already together passed, storing experience wonderful. Our way, and the pieces of a way which are passed and permanently left is long, we won't consider as end in itself. Our purpose – to achieve the Fiery Peace, having left everything and having left everything that was below, forever. On the Moon lived and the Moon left. On Earth we live and with Earth we will leave too. And the new worlds, new planets, wonderful and the highest, will be destiny of immortal and eternally ascending spirit of the person.

47. My friend, correctly you think, considering that it is possible to rely only on Us. Here before you the life sending the counter variable waves. On an anchor of Hierarchy it is possible to keep quietly. The changeable people and the human relations, but the Lord is invariable. Therefore in Me you can feel firmly among waves of the rough sea every day. Believing in Me, hoping for Me, unshakable in Me won't be lost. No storms are terrible, if the Hierarchy law as it should be. Keys to quality of tranquility you have. Keep in it, what there was the wonderful fire of balance store – great force. But will and when the spirit can imperiously dispose of them. So we will be all counteracting, interfering to break all barriers a balance rams. It would seem, quality of a neutral order, however against balance anybody and will resist nothing. It is so important to acquire in practice and in life that loss of balance deprives of force, anything in exchange without giving. To you I Speak, look at eagle wings, how many in them at forces, are suitable for distant flights, but work in balance because flight if one of wings works more strongly or more weakly can't be direct. In balance of action huge force is hidden. We will win against the world balance of spirit: you and I, which in you. You have to understand secret of power. Raise mighty wings. Let's far fly.
Pay attention to how the external phenomena cause an internal flame, but the bigger fiery potential which already easily wins against waves of external influences. In it is growth of spirit which has to give a flame more strongly opposite, going from the outside, the phenomena. So consciously increase spirit on everything going against, but in balance of a flame of spirit. Blessing I Send.

48. (Jan. 26). Body human, as well as each physical subject, takes on Earth a certain place and time. The spirit untimely and a place aren’t connected. The spirit isn't limited by space terrestrial and distances. Therefore in the spirit of it is possible to fly and move freely. The spirit engine in space is the thought. Before learning to fly in the spirit of, in a spirit kernel actually, it is necessary to get full freedom of movement in thoughts, movements mental, that is in imagination. Spirit flights in thoughts power of imagination, flights in imagination will be a necessary threshold of flights valid. But even in thoughts it is hardly to fly. It is very difficult to imagine itself in any remote point, having entirely transferred there the consciousness, brightly feeling not in the room, on the street, in the city, but exactly there, in other place, in other house and other environment, and from there already to look at that place where there is a physical body left spirit and consciousness. Very difficult is in consciousness to separate from a body and it direct environment. But it is possible persistently and to practice in it rhythmically. But the most interesting that in this far place where mentally in the imagination the spirit was transferred, the people there being, can see or feel, or brightly think of the person, to them arrived in the spirit of and strongly thought of them far. Thanks to divisibility of spirit the sent parts of spirit somehow reach far appointment, and that seemed foggy process of imagination, it appears reality, the confirmed the facts. Means, even in initial stages of this mental flight of spirit in imagination congenital and invincible ability of spirit to have manifestations out of three-dimensional space and usual time is already covered. Spirit movements out temporary and therefore can't be measured with hours in hands, but one is undoubted: somehow and to some extent the spirit of the appointment reaches, any impact on the surrounding makes and even can leave traces of the impressions received from flight on terrestrial consciousness of the owner. The thought, attribute of the spirit, not limited to terrestrial measurements, makes distant flights, and the particles of the spirit which sent to space and have come back, bring distant messages. But process is thin and demands concentration, attention, training and refinement of perception. Often sent parts of spirit create big affairs while the owner even doesn't suspect it about made work. So-called absence in a wake condition is the indication of divisibility of spirit and distant work. It is possible to fly thought about the world; it is perfect in the imagination having come off location of a physical body. This is very useful and important preliminary exercise. It isn't an astral exit, but something much bigger and considerable rather preparation for it. Flights in a spirit kernel, flights conscious are very big achievement. It is necessary to be able to start their implementation. Specified experience also will be a preliminary step. It is possible to watch closely reaction from distant contact with the people having for spirit special value, and with people, congenial. And, of course, in these experiences it is necessary to enclose heart because heart – the spirit monastery, flies. It isn't necessary any special efforts or tension, and especially nervous or physical, it is necessary to feel simply itself in a desirable place and with the desirable person and to present itself in it as we represent themselves in the own room blindly with all conditions around. It is so possible to feel not only mood far absent, but also mood of the cities, the countries and a tone of the phenomena or events, in them occurring. It should be noted only flight reaction in the spirit of on consciousness and to realize the received thin impressions. In the spirit of everything it is simple, but it is difficult to translate spirit language into a rough and abusive language terrestrial. Usual exit in an astral body it isn't recommended because can lead to undesirable strengthening of medium abilities. But flights mental in the spirit of can give a lot of useful, and the main thing; will teach to come off surrounding conditions to which the consciousness so densely grew. These experiences can become a way of release of spirit from dense conditions into which it grows. Flights in the spirit of, flights mental, flights in imagination are desirable because are a necessary step to free flight in aura of spirit and exempt consciousness from chains of the three-dimensional world.

49. So, we face events. They will be they have to be, but not earlier than term. And terms approach everything closer and closer. Also people rush about. Especially heavy heart; there is no pleasure. And it isn't surprising; it would be strange if in the run-up to terrible events heart rejoiced. The alarm and concern cover the world. Currents spatial are heavy. It is necessary to strengthen a unification of hearts. With Heart Great the Unification it is necessary to hold the indestructible. In unification resist also the Unification. These heavy days it is difficult to think about power of Light because it is dark. I give Advice: "Heart to Me strain". On a thread of communication it is possible to receive all immunity and to make is lighter around. Than they were strong, whose names are written down on Light tables? Me. And you study, as Me to be strong. To eat chaotic and uneasy vibrations surrounding long it is impossible, won't sustain heart, it is better to address rather entirely to Me and in Me to look for the solution of everything. During a hurricane of planetary events it is possible to resist only Me and if I with you always, and you always have to be with Me. Otherwise we won't reach. Let all events only approach to Me because it is difficult to consciousness to keep balance in whirlwinds the rushing about energiya. And it is necessary to resist, and – having kept balance. My relatives shine at an o'clock of need and when it is dark. To all shine who needs Light. Rescue only in spirit towers. But that it to show a spirit tower, it is necessary to be approved strongly on Me; both at night and in the afternoon, both here and there, and among these and those, but all about the Lord. All heart, all thoughts, all aspiration are given It. At an o'clock of planetary responsibility it is possible to postpone thoughts and interests usual. It is possible with the Lord be awake on patrol. Crowds human aren't necessary, aren't necessary neither fears, or fears about the future. With Me usual thoughts aren't necessary. With Me mine let fills consciousness, and then communication will be strong. When it becomes dark and the alarm is knocked on heart, it is necessary to be together. So together both we will pass through life and we will reach the put.

50. (Jan. 27). It is necessary to live will. Fear yes won't enter in devoted heart. The fear always means fear something to lose. But if nothing belongs to us, even a body, and if in the final result sooner or later it is necessary to leave everything, and even the body, whether that everything is equal when there will come this moment if time came to that. Inevitable not to avoid and it is necessary to be ready always to everything. The Lord Will allow to come true only to what it is necessary and that He considers useful to spirit increase, but it is no more than that. And if the whole world is up in arms against my elite, nevertheless without Will Mine the hair won't fall from the head. I will lift a board. Attachment to things, conditions and covers generates fear of their loss. But all of them temporary and nothing belongs to us. We are temporary guests in the world terrestrial. The traveler lived in hotel and leaves, having left everything not the. To take with itself only your, to it belonging. Not everything leaves the, though uses it temporarily. And in life terrestrial: we leave everything, what not ours, and, leaving it, we take only with what came. Plus experience saved up and knowledge. Us nobody in forces deprive of our property. And about the stranger, that doesn't belong to us and that with themselves we won't take, we won't grieve. So the main reason of fear for current state disappears. To store life experience and knowledge anything can't prevent because life and is school and while the person lives, it can constantly study, and in any conditions. Therefore mine I Call pupils because study everywhere, always and everywhere, using any and all conditions. The hand Driving stays over spirit, and the best conditions for ascension are created. The best conditions don’t mean conditions easy or what are pleasant to us. Both those and others usually aren't the best. The teacher Speaks about the best conditions which advance spirit. Also it isn't necessary to forget and that the periods of tests on the character alternate. Training of armor of spirit goes from all directions. At attentiveness it is possible to notice places weak and to strengthen them. Amateur performance in this direction is very useful. Know that one, without supervision, I Won't leave, and to you can happen no more than that is allowed by Will Mine. It should be acquired firmly to find the basis for tranquility. Evidence disturbs, but after all we are realists- the operating. The pupil not to all appearances judges, but knows heart. So let everyone knows in the heart that the Lord is close. This knowledge will help to pass through. Constantly we pass through the invisible bridge conducting in the future, and constantly we leave conditions of the current hour, - and how many they, bad and good, dangerous and difficult remained there, behind. And all of us as are whole and safe in the Hand of the Teacher. Children My, beloved children, My Board over you is stretched. It is quiet be in belief in invincible power of your Lord, your Friend, the Father and the Defender. I Told.

51. Yes! Yes! Everything passes, and everything will pass. Also there is no return to anything last. And nothing can stop flight of time. Both good and bad, both easy and difficult – everything, all will go to infinity of the past. Only a future belongs to us. To it also we will give the thoughts and aspirations.

52. (Jan. 29). If the same goal is reached by different ways, and these ways are good if they correspond to character and features going on them. For everyone its special way will be the best, and the Teacher Chooses always a way the best. Two travelers can appear at the same time at the purpose, having come to it absolutely different ways, as well as pupils of one Teacher. The way of spirit is individual. Neither to envy others way, nor it doesn't do to complain about the; because the Teacher Finds the closest ways of approach. Certainly, the way is accelerated if it was given all heart. After all, eventually, life also is a way, - and when it is realized that life is an approach way to Light and statements of Light in it, life and becomes this way. And both of these phenomena merge, more without being divided any more. Transformation of life into the phenomenon of a way will be a sign of the highest understanding. It will be the wisdom approved in application. When life becomes a way of ascension of spirit and approach to the Teacher, the attitude towards her and to all events in it absolutely changes. All events lose the self-sufficing value and become only means of achievement of the purpose final. Expediency becomes the leading beginning. Valuably only that advances, is useful and it is necessary only promoting an ascension. As temporariness and uselessness of things is learned. Values of spirit are of particular importance because they can be held, having taken with itself in a way distant, and to inform up to the end, having carried by through all life. Neither dresses, nor clothes, footwear not to carry by: knowledge, but love, but devotion will wear out and will turn into stuff, but courage, but firmness, but, but spiritual – it is possible for ability, and not only to carry by, but also to increase. It is told: "Don't collect to itself treasures on Earth. . ", because terrestrial all temporary and them with itself the Highest not to take terrestrial treasures and things in the World, but collect treasures in Heavens, that is hidden values of spirit collect in itself, in the highest "I", in the Immortal Triad which is a symbol of the Highest in the person or that is in it heavenly, enduring, immortal and that corresponds to the Highest World, or Heavens evangelical. These treasures of spirit gather for themselves, but not for the lowest, passing and mortal "I", but for the Highest Triad, for the heavenly person who stays in everyone, both to needs and which requirements people so give time and attention because are occupied by the person a terrestrial, lowest, stomach and requirements of life dense a little. Collected treasures and values terrestrial, dying, leaves them on Earth and the Highest goes to the World without everything, the beggar, poor spiritually, empty-handed. Collected on Earth of treasure of spirit and the qualities – carriers of crystals of the highest fires, increased, goes there the rich man, with all the saved-up treasures. * Collected on Earth of treasure of spirit and the qualities – carriers of crystals of the highest fires, increased, goes there the rich man, with all the saved-up treasures. Its Immortal Triad, the heavenly person in him, has in this case a rich material and the invaluable accumulation which are giving the chance to it brightly, fully and consciously to be shown in the Highest Worlds where the terrestrial rich man, but in the spirit of nothing saved up, has no anything for manifestation, that is for life conscious. Life on Earth requires a body and all its abilities as and life on the Highest Plans of life requires a body of Light and its ability. And if on Earth for a body of Light it wasn't found neither time, nor attention, efforts and it wasn't postponed in it crystals of the necessary energiya, Light body after death can't consciously be shown. It is possible to carry out brilliant life on Earth and people to be noted, having postponed nothing in the highest "I» that is, having remained spiritually poor. It is possible to live the most modest and imperceptible life, spiritual treasures having saved up and having increased. In total in the spirit of and everything solves spirit. But there is to the person no advantage if he gets the whole world, but the highest energiya in the Bowl will be not postponed, that is will lose possibility of life conscious in the Highest Triad, that is the soul will lose. The highest without the lowest live can be immortal. But the lowest without the highest can live only on Earth and with death loses the consciousness, entirely limited by terrestrial desires and aspirations to which the place is only on Earth. Laws of crystallization of the highest energiya in the Bowl have the direct and direct relation to immortality of the person, and collecting they are known consciously by away conducting in life. Therefore I Speak: "Collect to itself Treasure in the Sky where the mol, rust doesn't exterminate and where thieves don't undermine and don't steal; in the spirit of treasure collect".

53. What is the terrestrial life? Terrestrial life is a way to Boundlessness of eternal life.

54. And if ask why all the time to the Doctrine of the Christ you come back, you will answer: the steps conducting in the Temple of Life have to be pure. People managed to make them impassable, having blocked up with alluvial stratifications and it isn't enough wisdom.

55. Whether we think, saying that passes everything, that nothing passes, nothing disappears, but that all past always exists about us, but in another dimensions, but being connected with us indissoluble hidden threads of causes and effects. Here again before us two opposite phenomena, couple of contrasts which should be reconciled and harmonize in consciousness. The present differs from the past that in it always it is possible to change something for the future, having generated other reasons. In the past it is impossible to change anything already. The reasons generated in the past by the nature of the bring consequences in the future. The person there is not that other, as crystallized in the present past consequence. In this sense our past is with us always in the present. As also the movie of lives last it is imprinted in the Bowl, from where it can be caused on the consciousness screen. But on the screen of consciousness it is possible to imprint as well the past of people, the countries, the cities and things, in the Bowl of not imprinted. These are the archives of a planet which are also existing in space, but not three-dimensional. In the three-dimensional world of the phenomenon time spirals are subordinated. But time is property of the three-dimensional world rather three-dimensional consciousness. In our consciousness the tree exists in time, but time for a tree doesn't exist. The bodies of the highest measurements which aren't getting into a framework of three, we squeeze in a framework of time and we say then that the tree lives 30, 40, hundred, one thousand years. So is and relatively other phenomena. Time we measure incomprehensible essence of extent of the phenomena in space by conditional measures of hours, days and years and on it we calm down. The secret of time of a bike is. It is allowed to comprehend it to only fiery consciousness. Learned speak: time isn't present that time – illusion, and they are right. Ancient wisdom speaks about cycles hundreds billions years long, and it is right; again couple of incomprehensible contrasts. Criterion of time is the consciousness because the person is a measure of things. Three-dimensional time and time of the Thin World in the identifications differ. And in this world and in that world the spirit possesses sight, but also this sight too differs from sight terrestrial. The plane of consciousness and essence of covers cause features of sight, same the relation to the phenomenon of time and its interpretation is caused also. World Fiery and spirit measures out temporally, because spirit untimely. The world of thoughts and feelings isn't subordinated to a stop watch. In some mental conditions is even on Earth stops for consciousness usual flight of time. But dreams out temporary even if they are harmonious and give sequence of impressions. In a flash on terrestrial hours it is possible to endure the mass of events in dreams. The thin condition of consciousness during a dream vnevremenno also is measured already by other measures. Time as if also remains, but measures his others. Therefore we will consider that any terrestrial statement can be applicable only for Earth and a material world. But the relativity of time is obvious even astronomically. But the current of stars and not repeatability of their angular combinations is immutable. Therefore, movement and a rhythm under all conditions remain expression of life of Space. And if there was a great fiery consciousness which would be able to contain all past and all future extended in time as one huge whole, existing in great and eternal nowadays, the problem and secret of time would be solved. In the words "before beginnings of times, A (first) Is nowadays" separates from concept of time are covered and as though becomes out of it. Therefore last, it is more correct to consider the present and the future as aspects great eternal "nowadays", aspect of Eternity, or Boundlessness in its infinite forms of the manifestation, gradually revealing to ascending consciousness.

56. (Jan. 30). When I Speak: "Spirit not kindles – I Mean continuous burning of heart. Inextinguishable fire in sanctuaries of ancient temples was a symbol of an inextinguishable flame of heart. Kindle of fire of the temple it was punished by death. Kindle of fire of heart means death of spirit because without fire heart though the person and is all external signs of the living being die. Live dead persons, or the people who have died in the spirit of, are a mankind shame. The sacred fire in a sanctuary of heart has to burn always. The camp of Day breakers is a camp of burning hearts. Heart remains a life symbol, and especially spiritual. Hearts concordant, merging in consent with Heart Great, are huge force. Can't to force them integrate flame to resist the separate attempts of the discordant hearts. We go a united front and by it is won. We win the integrated heart. Are necessary to us nucleus’s the integrated hearts. Merged in aspiration with Us, they can show themselves basic foundations of Light where we Can quietly send Beams for maintenance of knots of a network planetary. The more hearts merge in consent, the bigger power they can apprehend Beams. Therefore we Speak about unifications friendly. They are especially necessary spatially. Not about affairs terrestrial there is unification, but about Affairs of the Teacher and spiritual. Not about affairs personal, but affairs of General Welfare, not about darkness affairs, but – Light. So again I Speak about the Unification for Light, for the sake of the Lord, for the sake of the Life Doctrine, for the sake of a going victory of Light. But many are occupied with the cases and of Affairs of the Teacher forgot. But the affairs before Affairs of the Teacher put in Light won't succeed. Therefore I Remind of the Unification of hearts for the sake of the Teacher which is Call of the current hour. In the Unification against waves of going events resist. And if someone at this dangerous moment in self-service dazzle separates, arrives not wisely. It is possible to separate absolutely. Affairs personal, whatever important and considerable they seemed, can't be compared to Affairs of the Teacher. And the one who in life is guided by affairs of the personal benefit, won't succeed and in a unification. Than are occupied, the friend Mine, in the run-up to terrible events: My affairs or the affairs? Now I need a unification of your hearts. I want to see a monolith of the concordant hearts merged in a unification kind. And if in a body you sit on the corners, in the spirit of unite. That time approaches, it will be possible when to resist only in unification. Let a life formula "I in you, you in Me, I in the Father, and us be uniform" becomes, really, life for you; because the Chaos threatens from everywhere. But the Chaos is a life antipode. In unification resist is. Unification is up through Hierarchy and unification is down in the area of concordant hearts. Sitting on corners, think of unification ardent.

57. My son, Showed the sign of My Proximity, and still it to the right degree isn't realized yet. What interferes? Same enemies: Maya of evidence and egoism employment by. That in space there is no place personal and nevertheless the personality eclipses her life horizon is already conducted. Let's consider the phenomenon personal. Even two, nearby living, everyone lives in the, excellent, personal world. How many the heads, are so much minds, and as much personal worlds, and all of them different. But Space is uniform. How it turned out, what Space uniform in consciousness of billions people broke into billion personal and false ideas of it? Root we will look for in restrictions of a physical body, a brain and intelligence, with them connected closely. The matter is limited to a matter, dense – dense. But spirit is out of. If to lift consciousness to the sphere of that cover of spirit which isn't connected by limits of opportunities of five physical feelings and limits of the personality, it is possible to enter into a rhythm of life of Space. Means, a task is in escaping from tenacious embraces of the own personality and her interests, from a vicious circle small "I". Love the real love not closing in, directing consciousness to favorite things, people, the nature, stars, art, already brings consciousness out of a close circle of the personality. The person loving the business, the work, already wins against the egoism, becoming out of it. So each separation from, each oblivion small "I" will be a step on a way of release of spirit from chains of the personality doomed to death owing to Space Laws. The personality dies with change of covers. The personality is the ardent center and the center of all of that is doomed death. Than more strong their lives the person in the small personality, than more loves her and serves her, especially involves itself in a circle of the hopelessness which is liable to destruction and death. It is possible to remember that, we will put, twenty years ago the consciousness strong was filled with any interests and experiences which nowadays were absolutely forgotten. They died for consciousness of today. As today's ardent experiences will die also. As will die and all, components world personal. But there will be a person – the carrier of immortal spirit. There will be a spirit passing through Maya of personal experiences. If consider these personal phenomena "I", with their disappearance it is necessary and to die. But it isn't died, having replaced old clothes with the new. As we won't die, having replaced the world of personal feelings and the phenomena with the world of the phenomena superpersonal, and only small we will make big and, having lost in it small, we will become big. I call to my World that, having accepted in consciousness the Doctrine, to join my World. Therefore everything is good that brings the person out of his small personal world on open spaces spatial. It is necessary to understand the world personal as the death and hopelessness world and the world superpersonal as the life and immortality world. Therefore Rishi ‘care not about itself, but about the world. Therefore the Teacher personal small "I" no Has. Therefore is the Doctrine Our called as the Life Doctrine. Killed small "I", the soul, find it, but, the soul lost, the personality lost and that death in myself won, and enters Spheres Space consciousness and life of immortality joins.

58. (Jan. 31). Can ask how define degree of readiness of spirit to Service. Answer: on heart fires. On Service there can be only a heart burning. Service means a donation, and can give only what fires are lit. The lightful condition of the heart which is constantly radiating the light in space round is called as service. The attendant of Light assimilates to the lamp, always the burning. Whether he sleeps or is awake, speaks or is silent, works or in deep reflection, heart constantly radiates the gifts in space. These radiations are blessing for all and everything who and that adjoins to them. Usually the carrier of Light doesn't admit people surrounding it because they simply at all don't understand in what its difference from ordinary people consists. The lightful aura the phenomenon so rare that already in itself is unusual. Usual divisions human good and bad don't answer a sign of the attendant of Light people. Certainly, in a general sense he is a person good, but the pas it further analogy and comes to an end because many hook of called good people isn't known by Services and attendants of Light aren't. It is all about the condition of the aura sating spheres with thin energiya of spirit. It is necessary to be Light carrier to radiate light and to be on Service. Service is accompanied always by conscious communication with Hierarchy of Light. Communication hierarchical, always assuming the Head, will be an invariable and indispensable condition of Service. The lamp of spirit won't go out and oil if it feeds on Hierarchy Beams won't run low in it. It is impossible to resist against life if behind a back there is no support hierarchical. From there are so much the good undertakings which are coming to nothing. But the heart knowing the Teacher, in Service won't stick. At a due condition of aura all actions are painted by its light, but in the absence of light even externally good acts remain colorless or gray. The value of essence of the person is defined by its luminosity. Auras of people are dim. Attendants of Light make one family hierarchical and are subject to our Care and attention. Their all names at Us, also are written down not one, but many lives. Destiny there is special, other than destiny of ordinary people. Their embodiments are defined by us, and they are under Hierarchy Beams. Come and die on the Beam and under protection special. And there, in World Elevated, communication doesn't interrupt, and, on the contrary, amplifies repeatedly. As the general rule, their life terrestrial it is hard. But the Proximity of Teachers, a condition of aura causes suitability to Service. Due its condition can be supported consciously and will. About qualities it was already spoken. But qualities strain and amplify aspiration to the Teacher. So the Teacher Is a threshold to Light, a way to Light and the purpose final merges of consciousnesses.

59. My son saw intention dark. (I dreamed that from above in a cellar where I sat, the tiger rushed through an opening. I was just under it. I looked to it in the face and repeated the Name of the Lord). Would destroy long ago if could. But My Hand over you is. Even having jumped, will hit about the protective
Beam armor. To claws not to get, I not Allow. To claws not to get, I not Allow. Even we aren't relieved of attempts. But you will be, as in crystal egg. On its smooth stone surface claws will slide. The danger warning we Give that became closer, even closer and closer. It is necessary to enter into the Beam continuously and strongly and protective not to leave a circle. Let all menacing only approach to Me for closer merge of consciousnesses. In close, both narrow, and dangerous transitions when the darkness is condensed, without the Driver not to pass. It is necessary to rise even closer. It is necessary not to be divided in consciousness. Over Me be protected. With Me in the spirit of through many dangers passed, and the hair from the head didn't fall. The Lord is on the guard; the guarantee of protection I Give. The darkness comes everywhere, using distribution of brown gas in Earth atmosphere. I send a protection wave. And incinerate threatening to you. I will raise the Hand. I am power are Showed over force of human constructions. Also I will pull out claws from shaggy paws, and teeth I Will break off. My son, it is quiet be in belief. The Lord Told.

60. (Feb. 1). I show protection on right ways. Swaying to Me doesn't bring in darkness. To be in the Beam – means to be in Light Mine. Light darkness yes it won't be profaned. With Me, with Me, with Me in the Unification close we will pass a difficult strip of life. The doctrine is realized into aura fires by consciousness passing through life experience, and wisdom of the Doctrine becomes wisdom of the pupil. It is necessary to pass and, exactly, not to hang spirit. Where to take forces? In Me. How to resist? Me. In need I won't Leave. And minutes of tests I Will be near. Hands, about the help asking, I won’t Leave empty. I will show My force over affairs human. To Force Board will Show.

61. Because and to heart it is heavy that in the world it is unsuccessful. Doesn't want people understand that responsibility for general trouble is born by heart. The person does work, and heart answers. It feels the poison of bad affairs poured in space. The more such affairs, the there is more than poison and more sick to heart. Attendants of Light always were martyrs for the world because the distinguished condition of their heart heavy reacted to the world evil. The above, it is more and refined heart, the big weight bears. Bearing terrestrial freight for others we Call victims. From here is concept of the Great Victim. Mankind heart a lot of spatial poison enjoys Redeemers
As also people is heavy pay for the acts; became happy people a little. Heart when the darkness is condensed can't rejoice. Also the person can't plead that he isn't a watchman to the brother because it was given heart. Heart it is possible to force to be silent, but only in the world dense and only in an awake condition of consciousness, but also that to a known limit. Only black heart of limits of immersion in darkness doesn't know. But the heart which hasn't indulged in darkness eventually has to wake up. The century Maitreya also is a century of the wakened hearts. It is a century of heart. Heart eats Light, as a flower. When the Sun of life will begin to shine over the world, hearts human will wake up. Lord Light Comes.

62. (Feb. 2). If all dark attempts and threats were carried out, the Camp of Light and his soldiers would be distraught from a face of Earth. But against mine threats dark are powerless. Can harm, but on trifles and being limited. Their purpose –destroy the centers of Light and its carriers and distribution it to stop all measures. Dark blows It is broken on trifles to reduce harm. The dark work in all ways, if only to extinguish consciousness; the fear before them is inadmissible. Beat on it, as on a sore point. On harming it is necessary to look as at the enemy. Who knows, in what the mood human will turn back. We test friends and to the tested hearts we Trust. All is other remains under a question mark, because we Know hearts human. Dark attacks are reflected in aura and in an equilibrium state, breaking it. At this time it is necessary to keep especially close that blows have in the Board.

63. So there is a life, turning the sides and forcing to learn the lessons bringing experience. Every day brings any experience. It is good if this experience serves increase of fires. Everything depends on how to meet it. Spoke earlier about that, what from all life phenomena; from all events it is necessary to take experience juice. Now I Speak about that from everything brings experience, to extract fires. The blow about flint of steel gives a spark. Let blows of life cut spirit fires. But the spirit has to be strong as the stone, differently sparks won't turn out. The same phenomenon in weak spirit causes despondency, fear and a to hand of fires, in other, on the contrary, from external blows the powerful flame of spirit flashes. Everything depends on spirit and on how you meet waves of opposite blows. If to a wet muslin it is similar is one, if, as flint, – another. And then the Stone, wearable inside, fires will shine which lives from repeated blows will inflame everything brighter and brighter. So alternately or all will flare at once fires of courage, fearlessness, devotion, love, tranquility and all other fires of qualities approved on life. If the phenomenon caused fire, so the phenomenon is correctly accepted if a go out of fires and aura attenuation, so test isn't passed and it is necessary to make a fresh start. Fiery reaction of spirit to events of life will serve as a success criterion. Let nothing will be able to kill fires. The hung and extinct aura is a bad sign. Without fire there is no advance. Dead heart doesn't burn. But even temporary go out of fires of spirit dangerously is. By fires we determine spirit value. The person, who has gone out in the spirit of, can't be a pupil. Whatever occurred, sacred fire of spirit has to burn always. Spirit fires not go out also don't allow anybody and anything fading them. It is a spirit matter of life or death. It is better to lose everything, to body life inclusive, but to keep spirit fire, than to have everything, but fires having lost. They can be covered from foreign eyes. But to cover and protect doesn't mean at all fading. And qualities are necessary only so far as they are carriers of fires. It is all about fires, in the spirit of the lit. Stone carriers, the Treasure preserve. Nobody can deprive of it you, except you. Waves of life will direct on you, but from you, and only on you depend as to meet them and under what corner in heart to accept how to refract in itself vibrations of external influences. In who counter waves what they were, the fire of heart don't extinguish, and, on the contrary, force it to inflame, correctly them meets. Whose aura droop under external blows, and its radiations fall, as feathers of become wet chicken, – not the soldier, not the pupil and not the winner, but won and the slave to external conditions. And I Teach you to be strong spirit and in the spirit of. In a body can kill you, but a grief to you if your spirit kills. Because the death of a body isn't death of spirit, but the death of spirit is the worst that can comprehend the person. Therefore spirit and in the spirit of before anything and before anybody don't incline. Caesarian it is rendered to the Caesar, that is terrestrial – terrestrial, but in the spirit of – only to me, and though, perhaps, and invisibly for foreign eyes, but fiery it is powerful.

64. (Feb. 3). My friend if enemies we consider on counteractions, friends – on heart fires. But heart gives a message to heart. Heart will specify the friend. On threads of heart there is a rapprochement. Our enemies – enemies of the New World and evolution but who for, already in a camp of the builders, whatever hardened it seemed. The leopard will jump not now, but on a threshold of deadlines. And they are close, it is necessary to expect quietly and with belief, without being frightened of anything. When quietly inside, whether everything is equal that outside. But when the world internal and balance are broken, even the external silence and the world won't help. Therefore it is better to show care of balance preservation inside, having provided to a tide of life to take its course. In this sense also it is necessary to rely on Will Lord, having betrayed the destiny in his Hands. That depends on us becomes, but all the rest is provided to Will Highest. It is necessary to understand, the reason terrestrial is how limited to see, of how many dangers are relieved thanks to Care. Therefore it is better to rely on the Driver. In case of need of the prevention are given always. As and was recently. The Teacher Sees, and Knows, and on the Guard. On - it is difficult to mankind to present it. But it so. Many dark attempts the Hand washing I stopped. Light quenchers don't calm down. Hard times. But nevertheless we will reach. Let's win and will reach. But where they will reach, enemies of Light? Therefore know the way and dark attacks be not confused. But if they it is moved you closer to Me, feel usefulness of enemies. Both friends and enemies are necessary for spirit advance. Necessity of enemies I Approve as well as inevitability. They sometimes learn better, than friends. But fear yes won't enter in devoted heart. Without Will Lord the hair from the head won't fall. You I Will keep about My Day.

65. Execute fears own astral if it at shows fears. Execute and torment him representations still big horrors while he won't understand that there is nothing more terribly than fear. Heat up fears one on another while heart won't see senselessness of fear. It is necessary to pass through fear, and through of what the person is fraud most of all. There is no power on earth more terribly than fear. But through that, through what it is necessary to pass, pass it is necessary. Whether it is better to pass through it, having kept spirit advantage? The fear because denies the highest that is in the person is humiliating. Fear magnetic because involves in implementation of what the person is afraid. The fear is a quencher of fires. Where confidence of the Teacher if the fear nests in heart? Fear the strongest fire extinguisher. The fear and spirit advantage are incompatible. The echidna of fear should be killed. That frightens the person has no value. Ability, or property of an astral to be frightened, or to vibrate on a wave of fear indicates the nestled ulcer of spirit. It is necessary to give to itself clear the report in a shortcoming the. No self-justifications and self-deception will hide gray emanations of fear. Under the influence of fear heart becomes similar to the wrinkled fruit, and the person the aura defenseless just against of what he is afraid becomes. The protecting network hangs. The proud person, immortal spirit, the lord and the tsar of the nature who was given the power over any flesh, costs, shaking like an aspen leaf, similar wretched chicken, gray the ashy- blue. The fear is ugly. It is better to be lost, than to be the coward. You look how people despise cowards. They instinctively feel that there is something very ugly and unconvincing. Care, discretion, vigilance isn't fear. The fear is an ash-gray condition of the heart which has lost the light radiations. The fear is the legend of to darkness and its power. The fear imperiously skips on many backs, is strong them having ridden out. Friends, in the heart you look, whether it is subject to fear. Even devotees were exposed to insurance because fearlessness is quality of spirit without which further a known step not to pass. With the reason causing this feeling, it is necessary to fight not outside, but inside, because a fear roots in an astral.

66. (Feb. 4). I approve Light among a gloom, I Approve tranquility among confusion, I Approve fearlessness in the face of danger. I Approve these conditions of spirit, will allowed contrary to heavy and opposite conditions of terrestrial life. The smile of the poor is more valuable than laughter of content and prosperity to Us. So, the person, a light face of spirit the winner who has kept, despite everything, already. All the time I Want to specify and explain that the laboratory of human spirit has to develop the immunity from poisonous conditions of the surrounding. Light of the world inside from darkness of the world outside should be separated to avoid clouding circumstances. It is difficult to win against the world outside and to avoid its influences, but I Won against the world and of you I Learn to follow in the footsteps mine. It is necessary to feel pains when torment a body or I smother, but to feel pain and suffering is one, and to be won and in the spirit of to be inclined – something is perfect another. Many tormented, both beat, and burned down, but spirit of mine didn't break. It is possible to break bones, but not spirit. I speak about strength of mind, nothing flexible Life can break spirit. But We Speak about a victory over life, it can be gained in any conditions. And this victory over the world will be first of all a victory over. It is a victory threefold, giving three beams: victory over a body, victory over an astral and victory over menthol – over a physical cover, emotions and mind. All three submit to will. They are already subordinated and at ordinary people, but extents of submission of it are infinitely various – from hardly rudimentary to very high. Even at animals the body submits to their desires. But the will has to dominate over everything. For achievement of it the consciousness over a kingdom of three rises to the sphere of Immortal Identity of the person towering over three, and already from there of shows by the lord three. So become stronger three beams winner of three. It is possible to observe how each new wave of heavy external influences gradually loses in the force and loses a tear the power over consciousness if it doesn't wish to be inclined before it. It is necessary to keep a victorious condition of consciousness always. Let will be that will be, but my spirit before any circumstances won't hang. With a spirit smile to dangers will already face a victory. Not over something the victory, but over will be external. And all external will come and will leave, having decorated a forehead of the winner with light fires, or having deprived won and that had. Therefore not external conditions have value in itself, but only as forces causing reaction of consciousness. Not we will not complain nor grieve if life gives the chance to us to check it and to strengthen the forces in circumstances difficult. Let each failure of cause to win against only repeated attempts and until the victory won't be approved. This life on Earth should be passed victoriously. Otherwise to what live?

67. My son who knows where our help most of all is necessary and what seed gives the best shoots? Therefore when ask to help, help, but help expediently. Not wisely to devastate the forces in vain and the necessary business not to make. Commensurability is in everything. And heart will be a criterion let. In case of uncertainty it is possible to address to the Teacher. But the principle is as follows: help everywhere and always in process of forces.

68. (Feb. 5). Life of consciousness consists in incessant movement. The same movement happens and in all covers. Feelings and thoughts constantly replace each other. The strong feeling or emotion, they are less long. The feeling of anger or fear long to shake a body because covers won't sustain can't. Under the rhythm law, or alternations, they are replaced, as surf waves. The consciousness core all the time is in their center. How emotion or movement in an astral and how it was heavy or unpleasant was strong, it is possible to know well always that this wave will begin to decline, will subside and another will be replaced. It is possible to find force in it, having opposed constancy of the perceiving center with inconstancy of alternating waves. So the spirit the human, plowing ocean of thoughts, feelings and a matter dense cannot connect itself with that, through what it passes. I passed the ship through the ocean and I left it. Both the ocean passable, and waves passers leave from its way, leaving the ship safe. So there passes a spirit castle life terrestrial and life in the Elevated Worlds again to return to Earth behind new experience and knowledge. The separation from Earth is difficult. But it is a spirit step. Not to come off life pleasant and easy. It sucks in consciousness, as quicksand. Therefore in process of an ascension life everything becomes more difficult and more difficult. And then the spirit from a burden flesh and dense existence starts being averted. The heavy and long illness before death for many is blessing because helps to dump easier fetters of the dense world, and the main thing, a body. Who wants to leave a sound and strong body when the process of life delivers pleasure? The same is and with another terrestrial environment. It is correct while on Earth, to separate in itself temporary and current by from constant, staying inside. Eternal and enduring in itself it is possible to give love, care and attention, external – only that it deserves, but it is no more, remembering that leaves are replaced every year. Therefore first of all care of the enduring. Then all the rest will take the place and will find a proper correlation of consciousness. From a course of life not to leave, but true ratios between the phenomena have to be established. Commensurability and scales of Boundlessness can help with it much. It is good to learn to consider the life phenomena in aspect of Boundlessness not in the theory, but in practice. It is good to apply time scale, knowing as change the face of an event of today and an event at least twenty-year prescription. I want to strengthen spirit in awareness of inviolability of its essence. It is possible only under a condition if it doesn't identify itself(himself) with the phenomena by floating life, and doesn't merge with them, and doesn't become, thanks to it, and won't read itself temporary too. Our feelings, thoughts and feelings as river waves, flow moods, conditions of people and an event, and we in this constant stream flow. But spirit is as the rock among the huge river, as the Sun over Earth, as an eagle in skies. So we will understand that rescue in understanding of eternal life of spirit, in Eternity understanding.

69. Write. It is correct while the rhythm won't enter into life, in the work devoted to the Doctrine, achievement will be fragile. Work on moods is near from fluttering of moths. Reading on moods is with them remains, but not with the Doctrine. On a strong basis the spirit stronghold is erected, both casual moods and conditions of an astral in it don't have a place. Great Service is made always, instead of on moods. Slaves to an astral it isn't necessary. We go to Light Kingdom and if to movement stir moods and to stop it, it is possible and not to reach. Bitter experience with beginners is good that teaches knowledge of the person. It is possible to remember how the Guru with the coming was guarded. Pood salts it isn't enough, that to learn person. As and in pupils it is possible to take only on a need of the heart. And if Our fingers on a hand there is too much to count them, that specifies it what the validity phenomenon in the pupil the most rare? And if in life someone manages to have at least one betrayed and loving pupil, it is already good. You look not at those who wants to take, but on those who wants to give. And such it isn't enough, but it is a lot of taking. Life is difficult, and human relationship is difficult, not without reason eremites moved away from people alone to get stronger. Cruelty human is amazing. And still through a system humanoid it is necessary to pass. Pass through a misanthropy system – hard business. The victim is learned by the cross sizes. Show understands of complexity of life. But Light in darkness is switched on. But darkness vibrations are heavy. And still Light will be.

70. (Feb. 6). The meeting with Mother moves away and, perhaps, for a long time. And still and it is necessary to pass through it. With inevitability of a passable way it is necessary to reconcile. Indignation and irreconcilability with karma to anything won't lead, but can turn out destruction. As both stupid and sad submission to destiny – not exit. The correct decision is in a harmonious and kind mood of consciousness, contrary to all and any conditions. And when inside it is unsuccessful, but outside it is good, there is to the person in that no advantage. But when around it is unsuccessful, but inside remains
Balance, way lives it isn't stopped. It is necessary, it is necessary to resist, despite everything. Therefore, decision is in that, what keep tranquility. Let will be that will be, the Teacher Knows and will assume no more than that can sustain heart.
Tests always go on an endurance limit. What advantage to tear a string or to break onions. The purpose – not break consciousness, but temper. You remember a limit straining. It is impossible to break in the spirit of. But if circumstances changed, it is necessary to adjust consciousness respectively. And it is better to live in Eternity, but not in the temporary. Eternal won't change and on the temporary doesn't depend. And temporary let flows the turn, taking in consciousness a minor place. Then expectation of the future won't be painful. After all and the future is temporary, even desired and waited. Only the Eternity is right steadily constancy of the life. And in it – flashing sparks of passing feelings, feelings and impressions which are today, and leave tomorrow from a scene, being replaced with the new. Live in the eternal. It won't change and won't deceive because is over.

71. Except for suicides live all. Whether poorly, whether well, but live. The law of life can't be broken. Means, it is necessary to live. Means, other exit live, no. And it is necessary if to live, whether it is better to pass that through life not hammered, hunched being, but with it is proud the lifted of the head as it befits it is to the spirit storing the advantage. It is better to be identical and in happiness and misfortune, both in pleasure and in the mountain, than to be a weather vane for various winds. And still, despite everything given earlier, the essence of a display of balance in life isn't understood. How to explain that it sank and it was absorbed in a flesh and blood that balance everything keeps that violation of the principle of balance is destructive even for a block that disintegration of a matter comes thanks to removal of the phenomenon or a thing from an equilibrium state. Violation of balance is full vulnerability of aura. No circumstances can excuse losses of this precious quality. Known extent of loss of balance will mean death of consciousness. Powerless there is a person, balance lost. But qualities of spirit in Me are approved also by me. Lost belief in Me becomes a peel empty. It is better to lose everything and to lose everything, than the Teacher. It is necessary to learn trust contrary to and counter to evidence. The so-called facts are not proofs. The truth lies in effect the phenomena, but not on a surface visible to an eye. The belief in the Teacher has to be in heart, but not in visibility of seeming living conditions. Belief in Me has the inflexible. And then it is possible to go safely through life what it was.

72. (Feb. 7). My friend, tests can be very diverse. Everyone reveals not gets rid properties. If test is taken place successfully, need for it disappears. Tests will proceed until then and in different types, the necessary degree at this step of demanded quality won't be reached yet. Steps of ascension have no end, and also qualities potentially are boundless also. Life develops and tempers in the person of quality necessary and if process happens consciously, development goes quickly. The lord is anxious with that each pupil succeeded in accumulation of the necessary qualities of spirit. The purpose of the Doctrine is concentrated on it. Without development of qualities there is no advance. Without development and deepening of qualities life is aimless. Because evolution real in the final itself and has purpose statement in the spirit of the human qualities of the highest fires. Because qualities also are fires crystallized in Ego of the person and burning with fires of the thinnest energiya. Therefore, fiery transformation of the person also consists in a transmutation of his qualities – carriers of various forms of a flame. Each quality flares the color. Character, force and coloring of fires depend on properties and refinement of qualities. Qualities of spirit are show in vibrations of aura and its coloring. In qualities the essence of the person is expressed. The person is the carrier of the qualities and fires, them expressed. Just as the heated metal under blows of a hammer accepts a desirable form, and qualities of the person, will operated, under blows of life accept the necessary forms of a display of fires consisting in them. Conscious work on development in itself necessary qualities are the most urgent task of each pupil. It is necessary to watch closely only what quality seeks to develop and temper the test allowed by the Teacher. The conscientious attitude to tests very much accelerates the process pushed from two parties: from the pupil and from the Teacher. So the way becomes fast, and unnecessary repetitions, and, the main thing, movement delay through not understood next test are avoided. On tests we will look as for the fastest way and a method of ascension of spirit, but not as at the reason for chagrin, despondency and complaints. I want to see you vigorous, joyful and light on fires of tests. It also will be a feat. The way of a joyful feat is a way the fastest. On everything which is meeting halfway, it is necessary to look so: whether I will resist? Whether I will pass the next test? Whether I will give the necessary degree of tension of fires? Whether I will break spirit? Going with Me – the winner always, even in the most difficult tests: to one not to reach. Let each difficulty and test only pull together us. Together we go, my Son, to a final victory.

73. To be together with Me always – means to be heart and in thoughts with Me. When together strong and unseparable, soldered by devotion and aspiration to Me, nothing is terrible, everything is easily overcome and it is visible future, integral from Us and from Us inseparable. And easily fires hold. But only communication as monsters of a gloom creep out of all holes weakens and surrounds consciousness with hopelessness, fears, uselessness and aimlessness of a way, trying to strike blow where fires protective hung. Let's say that the logic of evidence it is right, let's allow, that no Teachers. Let's say that larva's doubts won that they is strong and tenacious hung on aura. Let's say that their logic of evidence is right, let us assume, that there is no Teacher. And further that? Where to go whom to ask for the help and support whom to ask in what to find the purpose of life and for what in general then to live when everything left and anything in exchange didn't remain? And whether these terrible creatures, like the ghouls, hung on aura and exhausting last juice of life will help? 'It becomes empty a circle and it is gloomy. And the future won't be. After all without the Teacher there is no Doctrine also, there is also no everything for the sake of what it was worth living. Therefore I Speak: "In a network, carefully and cunning placed by dark hands, don't get". It is possible to get confused and, having got confused, not to get out. The feeling of simplification after night insurance when larva’s fear was dumped was correct. The statement of the Teacher, contrary to logic of evidence and ghosts of a false commonness, the statement strong, warm and victorious, creatures deprived of force, and they disappeared, having released aura. Many stacked creatures crowd around, waiting whom to seize and whose radiations to feed. If qualities light are light fires, qualities dark the dark substance feeding on dark emanations in aura of the carrier, them allow. And a grief allowed an infection or a spirit clouding. Creatures, or larva’s fear, doubt, envy, rage and all other negative qualities can surround beget with an impenetrable ring of darkness, and a grief to the one who will take up with them. It is possible to notice how dark thoughts sadden and weaken. The thought is phenomenon the Thin World, - pulses about the founder. And if it from a gloom, the darkness it on the force neutralizes a next world which is available for the person who has generated it. And if the person who carelessly generated dark thought or has allowed others in the consciousness, doesn't find force to throw out it from there, it will fight and tremble near, yet won't settle the charge on the beget or on that consciousness which allowed foreign thought to take a field of its manifestation. Patrol from thoughts has to be especially strong. But together with the Teacher any phenomenon it is possible to understand and arm with spirit in due time. But grief is ignorant and grief is of the Teacher the discharged. The aggravated waves of dark influences against which protection already isn't present are inevitable, and there is nobody to explain events process. Concerned the knowledge without the Teacher already isn't presents a way and there is no life. Therefore we Allow in pupils only those, whom back return isn't present. But is about them and care. And though tests are difficult and is heavy way, but the winner going with Me always. It isn't necessary to take difficulties of test for hopelessness only. The exit is always, and it is always open to the Teacher Who, though is invisible, but is close always. Whether the pupil knows about that or not, feels, whether feels it or doesn't feel, the Teacher is close always, at any moment of your life. But the Teacher is close in the spirit of. Means, to the Teacher in the spirit of and relatives should direct and be in good spirits.

74. (Feb. 8). My son, magnet attracts iron sawdust. The magnet of human aura attracts those elements which correspond to character and degree of its radiations from the surrounding sphere and spheres. The spirit magnet constantly attracts to itself something under the affinity and compliance law. Of what the person thinks, and that he feels, is in it a pole of an attraction of the same emotions, thoughts and feelings from spheres surrounding it. The pleasure attracts pleasure, tears – tears, fear – fear, courage – courage and so indefinitely. Whatever thought or the person experienced, immediately his aura amplifies an attraction from space of elements, related to its experiences. The angry aura full imperil as the magnet sawdust, will collect from the environment in which it is the additional infection poured in it an aero handrail. It is so possible to go on the ground, increasing and increasing pleasure, fearlessness, fear, despondency and any quality allowed to existence in an own microcosm. The magnet of aura works constantly and continuously. But he is subordinated to will. The laboratory human allows strong-willed conscious strengthening or easing of any quality, especially if heart is called for the statement or destruction of quality. The magnet of aura works, but levers from its energiya are in hands of the person. Them the will operates. The magnet of the essence can be configured will on any harmony, on any wave, to any accord. So the display of qualities depends on a mood of a magnet of aura. All can either be strengthened, or to weaken. External influences constantly seek to cause in our covers movement, or vibrations, according to the accord. And if the aura is inclined to sound on a note of pleasure, irritation or despondency, it and will sound on a habitual note, taking from space related elements and all the time amplifying them. Spatial influences on weak will of aura are very strong and infectious. Mass epidemics or mass psychosis is the phenomenon confirmed by the facts. Therefore the magnetic condition of aura, its character and a mood are important extremely. It as though network, thrown in space for attraction of a catch according to the accord. Many conscious essence are attracted as strengthen it the allowed condition of aura. In at the phenomenon of negative qualities of people can go beyond all limits admissible and terminate obsession and madness. It will be logical end of dissoluteness of consciousness and unwillingness to take control levers in own hand. The magnetism of aura is shown both in big, and in the small. Therefore any, even the small feeling, thought or emotion, aren't relieved of the property – to attract identical elements from everywhere. So constantly and continuously the person serves darkness or Light as only one condition of the aura for each this moment. All light and positive serves in it to Light, attracting elements conformable, all dark, gray, negative is darkness. And concerned World can't but know to that at present it serves because service is defined and caused by a condition of aura’s radiations. Many speak about Great Service, raising eyes up, and directing to heavens. But Service is made on Earth. Both the condition and a mood of a magnet human either allows Service, or does it impossible, is as though high eyes were rolled up. On aura and its radiations It is judged and estimated coming to Us, and also degree and nature of Service. Neither words, nor acts, character have any value if the light aura radiates light, and dark – darkness of radiations of black fires. The essence of dark or light Service also consists in it. And that advantage to the person, either people, or space if the person speaks about Light, and radiates darkness. Beautiful words, both high sayings, and sacred texts won't help if in the aura the person of radiation angry bears. Because kind from treasure of the heart takes out kind, and angry – angry. So division of people on light and dark is deeper and more tragic, than it seems at first sight: and not everyone, telling "My God, My God" will enter into Light Kingdom because words have no value if they aren't confirmed with heart and aura and aren't sated with their radiations. The lie and hypocrisy words not corresponding to the form tear apart space a dissonance, generating destruction whirlwinds. The harmonious, light and quiet condition of aura is an invaluable contribution to light construction of the New World. I want to see mine builders light. And in each effort to Light I Will help to add. Show care of a condition of your aura. Its magnetism does you responsible before space because, strengthening the light, destroys darkness, but also on the contrary, dark radiations strengthen darkness around and cause its swelling, if rather strong. To that the person serves – to light or darkness – in it has to be given itself clear report.

75. My friend, correctly! Life – this field of fight of Identity, in a matter real, for the life and development. And dangers are weighed, and the spirit isn't frightened. Only such understanding answers moment tension. The Armageddon terminated, but fight for the improvement remains. And danger will be still the satellite of incarnate life. Not about dangers the soldier, but thinks of a victory. And the victory can be only over itself. Because won by the world. The seeming external victory of the enemy shouldn't mislead. The Teacher crucified on a cross Won against the world, but not crucified it and not the one who betrayed it. But even the crucifixion was allowed by Powers of Light. Luminous intensity is invincible. Their power is boundless. The worlds are movable by it. And not to small group the dark on the small to planet to resist Of. The seeming sluggishness of evolution depends on free will of mankind and slow development of consciousness. Steps of evolution are caused by consciousness advance. It is impossible to accelerate excessively: the consciousness can break. The doctrine gives and specifies the necessary conditions without which the ascension is impossible. Basis there is a Teacher and Doctrine application in life.

76. If to be burdened by life at a rate of blows, it put, it is impossible and to live. Therefore it is better to rise over it and to behold, or to look at it from above. As it is better look and at itself who is standing in the middle of it. At a projection of thin body physical remains on a place, and it is possible to look at it from far away. As it is possible to look and at all other bodies when there is only one Looking, separated from them. This office of the highest "I" from performers of a role terrestrial and thin will help to rise over life and will teach to live not in the present and the future, but in the eternal. But experiment shows as it is difficult to separate from a body even in thoughts and to imagine itself, standing away from it. It isn't less difficult to fly thought about the world, rushing with thought and representing itself in any place of the globe as it is bright, as in the room. And it helps a victory over space and division of covers. Everything is made inside and in the spirit of. Internal life of spirit is full of miracles. Doors of the Thin World are open. It is possible to live in two worlds, holding in remembrance World Elevated. At first there will be only gleams, but then they will begin to become everything brighter and brighter while connection of the worlds in consciousness won't be made. The teacher Seeks to turn life all sides that to increase experience. And if difficultly sometimes, but it is wonderful. For each test, each difficulty in case of a victory is followed by expansion of consciousness and acquisition of new knowledge. The payment is followed by receiving. Therefore it isn't necessary to be afflicted that free of charge it is given nothing. Who will want to be a parasite? Difficulties give experience, experience gives knowledge. Therefore life of the pupil is difficult that the knowledge flows in the Bowl a wide wave. But the winner of life doesn't stop before anything if only cognition didn't stop. So we will entrust the boat to a wise Driving Hand of the Teacher. He knows, in what sequence to develop consciousness and not trouble it is excessive. You remember: the victory is followed by receiving.

77. (Feb. 9). The principle of movement in the Thin World is very simple: where thought, there and consciousness. The consciousness follows thought. The thought moves and on Earth with speed improbable, but the consciousness is chained to a body. The thin body easy also moves together with consciousness. Means, it is all about the thought. Let's imagine the person never leaving the village, being content with such state of affairs and not wishing to change it. Let's imagine that he never dreamed of somewhere to go. In the Thin World he never dreaming of movement, also will move there in the same limits as it did it on Earth if the motionless consciousness doesn't make of it the sleeping idol. Having wings of spirit and opportunity to fly with speed of thought, he will be in good spirits as is motionless as was on Earth. Even simple moving and travel strongly release consciousness. On the cliché of people created on Earth will freely move. To well pilots. It is easy to them to fly. But the one, who knows value of thought for movement, is limited only by it and its aspirations. Much help to understand new conditions if at passed there is a desire to listen and trust. Inertness of consciousness disturbs much and there as it disturbed on Earth. But even when in a body, movement in thoughts is very useful. It is good to realize, what even on Earth nothing can interfere with thought flight. And if the consciousness isn't in time, nevertheless particles of spirit depart behind thought, bringing often unconscious thin impressions. One is undoubted: and on Earth the consciousness communicates direct link with to whom or to what the thought is directed. Everything it is easier to move in a mental body because it and is a thought body. Astral – it isn't so mobile. The body fiery doesn't know borders. In the Thin World all aspirations of spirit if they have no physical character and desire corporal can be satisfied. Condition in That World is on consciousness. The rich man and the beggar, the tsar and the slave are equal in the opportunities, which in the spirit of. It is necessary to accustom itself to opportunities of the Thin World on Earth, having studied its conditions and laws. There everything is possible and feasible that allows consciousness. The one who didn't liberate the consciousness on Earth, the prisoner the Highest comes to the World. Therefore it is possible to call the Doctrine Our Freedom Doctrine. It seeks to exempt spirit from all bonds and chains by which it is held down. The most terrible fetters are dogmas, the prejudices which have stiffened, and the mass delusions which have taken shape by eyelids both false beliefs and representations. The mankind lives shipped in them, at all without noticing their power over consciousness. There lived million people and thought that Earth flat. And nowadays millions believe that after death there is no life that the person lives on Earth only once. It is a lot of similar distortions of truth, and consciousness in them, as in a vice. In them lives and in them the World of the boundless freedom which has been held down by his own ignorance goes to the World Hidden. Terrestrial aspirations of the person create to him limits of opportunities in World Elevated. Therefore We Speak: "Direct in Boundlessness and direct infinitely". Boundlessness with all its opportunities

78. It is necessary to understand, at last, that everything, as for the Teacher and Put him, brings consciousness from the sphere of the terrestrial and temporary enduring to the sphere. Over flashing days and nights, over a being replaced stream the phenomena it is stretched life thread, on which are strung separate embodiments, as beads. From century to century, from the millennium in the millennium there is a communication with the Teacher, becoming stronger and increasing in the force. It is possible to call it the bridge in Boundlessness. It is possible to call it a way of eternal life or a way to comprehension of eternal life. It is possible to call it path achievements of immortality. Therefore among all conditions and the vicissitudes of life menacing from everywhere, it is possible to find rescue in Communication with the Teacher. About rescue I Speak because time is terrible and it is difficult. Service in difficult conditions is appreciated by us especially. And when strains communication thread with Heart Great, in space sounds shining string of Light, cutting it through open spaces terrestrial; network Light planetary gets stronger. Patrol heart on the guard then, - and the Teacher to victorious sounding of Light Rejoices. The string can't sound, being not strengthened by other end in devoted heart of the pupil. But when it is connected strong, vibrations of Great Heart are transferred on it. Strong you hold the thread of life stretched by the Teacher. Except it there is nothing. And the gloom of pre-dawn hour before Great Arrival won't master and won't extinguish fires of the heart, flaring love to Called it on a life. It is so important to resist and it is so difficult. The world dense takes up arms on Light carrier. But rescue in Me, but the Teacher is close, and not to win to darkness of the heart, indulged in Light. Among intolerable living conditions you remember: resist the Lord.

79. (Feb. 10). Yes, Yes, Yes, representation before a spiritual eye of the Face of the Teacher has enormous influence for the rest of life the person. But people will prefer to remain beggars in the spirit of, than to think of the most necessary. It would seem, it is easy and simple to follow this instruction, but even knowing, even touched the Doctrine often pass by. The beam sent bears in itself the Image of the Lord. The face accepted establishes connection with the Beam and on the Beam receives. When Came, I Spoke about the Kingdom and treasures of the most precious, but people wanted to see in Me the terrestrial tsar, and thought of riches terrestrial, and terrestrial wellbeing solicited. But it was long ago. And now? Unfortunately, even nowadays many approach to the Doctrine with the mercenary or personal purposes, thinking to succeed in affairs terrestrial, but not the elevated. Many unconsciously look for and solicit wellbeing terrestrial, but not prosperity in the spirit of. And many are waited by cruel disappointment. The spirit way is difficult, and he doesn't promise rest. On the contrary, burdening by circumstances amplifies in process of spirit growth. On force and tests is. The spirit is stronger; it is more difficult than test. Growth of difficulties indicates spirit growth. Also can't wise complain that its spirit grows and that it has to that proofs obvious in growth of difficulties of life. On spirit and life is. Cares grow, and with them and difficulties. Dangers follow close. But the spirit is indestructible and is impregnable the phenomena of the dense world. People believe that with destructions external suffers damage and spirit, but Ego of the person can't be destroyed by changes on the physical plan. It consists of a matter of thinner. Even if the whole life terrestrial to delete the whole unsuccessful embodiment from the book of his life, Ego remains indestructible, it should be understood. The person has to tell himself: "In spheres terrestrial, dense, there is nothing mine and there is nothing strong, from Me integral. In total not Mine. Nothing belongs to Me. I am only the guest in the world of terrestrial dreams and illusions". The dense world approves itself and the importance for the person, but wise says that the physical world with everything that in it, only skilled field for the consciousness which shoots change annually. World dense not self-sufficing and not end in itself. Because will come both Earth, and the Moon, and the Sun. The world dense is only a step to the Highest Worlds, and Earth – to the Highest Planets. But the spirit is eternal and untimely. Wanderer’s eternal, a way passing bitter path Earth, life immortal, fires shining, to you on Earth not to find. Therefore I Speak: birds have nests, and з animals – holes, but the Son Human doesn't take a place where bend head. It is necessary to scent heart a futility of life terrestrial. Evolution consists not in that to construct something or to create, but in that, having created or having constructed, immediately to go further, to go endlessly to new and new achievements, without stopping and without calming down on anything. Therefore We Welcome construction of the New World as a new powerful step of evolution, are showing in new forms lives. Let the constantly old be replaced with the new. Whatever good was this old, it isn't good already on one that it old, therefore, needing improvement. The old step of evolution will always protect, both to defend itself, and to fight for the existence, but we always against the new. The teacher is new every instant, and the statement eternally new in life is its main objective.

80. Indivisibility of aspiration – an indispensable condition of success. Whether the ship if the nose directs forward, and a stern back can go towards the aim? And before immersion in a dream! The ship, or spirit boat, has to have, or choose one aspiration, without being torn apart by thoughts opposite and distracting from the purpose. The thought directs to the Teacher, and different feelings, desires and interests of current affairs distract consciousness to themselves, taking and heart. You receive the house divided in. And the desire to take from a condition of a dream of impression necessary isn't carried out. When the arrow flies to the purpose, it its parts participate in flight, differently it will break on the fly and will fall. As and with our aspiration before immersion is in a dream. If our microcosm itself doesn't show a monolith and the aspiration is broken inside on lines of various interests and emotions of the leaked day, and aspiration, like the broken arrow, breaks in space, carrying away our essence on related them to layers. The monolith of aspiration demands uniformity, integrity and participation in it all heart. It is necessary to direct all heart, without leaving openings for strong sounding aspirations terrestrial. The consciousness thin, torn apart in it, can't reach the goal. So failure in this direction can't be surprised if the condition of indivisibility of aspiration isn't met. This is condition the first. The second difficulty is that transposing of thin impressions by a brain terrestrial demands bigger experience and skill. A lot of things depend on extent of registration of the highest conductors. After all the purpose is reach extent of separate and conscious manifestation in everyone on plans corresponding to them. The Teacher patiently conducts long work, gradually Prepare thin and mental bodies for their separate identification. Many conditions of modern life and especially lives in the cities, strong interfere with it. But in this or that form, the aspiration to the Teacher before going to bed obvious brings consequences. At night We Learn. In the afternoon this knowledge filters into wake consciousness. Conscious cooperation from directing spirit considerably helps. Cooperation with the Teacher is cooperation bilateral. Even simple phone demands cooperation of two consciousnesses before conversation will take place. And, listening, the person seeks to isolate himself from all external perceptions. That to understand the book, it is necessary to concentrate on it. Laws in everything are identical. The perception demands isolation of impressions in the necessary channel. One is undoubted: the wishing reaches.

81. (Feb. 11). Truly, so! All create in the name. And therefore their affairs are unsuccessful. But in the Name My creating is valid executions and my blessing over affairs made. It is necessary to divide mine from the, General Welfare from the personal. And when the when personal doesn't remain and everything will be created by my Name, in the Name My, then a life will become the full. Many go the ways, the ways conducting in death, death ways, but I Speak about enduring and eternal and about a way, in Boundlessness the Leading. It is possible to live so that each step on the way of life, in the Name My made, I conducted to this fiery purpose of the statement of immortality of spirit. I don’t think of that the comer to Me spiritual needed food if the choice is made and the way is solved. The way with Me is a way of release of spirit from outgrowths terrestrial. Everything in itself is weighed on scales of Boundlessness and that is necessary in a way long is selected only. Who is loaded with load heavy, heavy and slowly goes. And others, not overloaded, can easily overtake and quicker go it. It is necessary to be exempted from an insalubrious burden and with itself to take the only most necessary. The way is long, why to trouble itself in vain? If the majority of the thoughts plowing a surface of consciousness, behind their full uselessness to throw out, there will be from that to the person no damage. The consciousness human is littered with unnecessary, aimless and harmful thoughts. It is good to learn to allow only useful and light thoughts. Superpersonal thoughts, thoughts of General Welfare, thought of Light and to Light directed will be such thoughts. A lot of valuable energy is spent in vain while it is necessary for creation of life. Let's think of how it is better to operate the thoughts that thoughts were created in the Name My.

82. Terrestrial it is permitted within legality and observing a measure required. All other is subject to a gets rid. But the main thing that nothing had the power over consciousness. Both the glutton, and the abstinent person – both eat, but differently. In this distinction is all. Both the snake and an eagle on Earth of a nest have and can move on the ground. But the snake has no wings. And the eagle falls by the earth, but his elements – air, and life – in flights. From everything tying to Earth, sooner or later it is necessary to be released, and the earlier, the better. Release consists in a gets rid, but not suppression. The child leaves childish sports in process of the growth. They to it become unnecessary. Any violent suppression attracts recurrence. But indulgence, dissoluteness and connivance strengthen roots of that, what is subject to a root out. And with a root to tear out painfully therefore it isn't necessary to indulge in thoughts in that is subject to eradication. Roots of the phenomenon, deprived of a food by juice of thoughts, will dry and will die. Grows and gets stronger in a microcosm that,that eats thoughts. It isn't necessary to spend energy of thoughts that is subject to a gets rid in the spirit of. At first it is necessary in the spirit of to get rid of the undesirable phenomenon that it from life disappeared. So inside it is possible to set the seal of condemnation or the printing of the statement to all phenomena, and the last will live. We will be circumspect with on what the approving press of spirit lies not to grow up weeds.

83. The phenomena menacing hang over consciousness, like a pig-iron plate, and press. Can into the Earth press. It is necessary to learn to be exempted from the phenomena, stone weight lying on heart. After all the bird even in a cage sings. Whether above spirit? Also there are no those prison walls which could muffle a song of the risen spirit. Heavy press lowlands, but at tops it is easy. In the spirit of risen by tops from pressure of the lower class it is exempted. To rise! Rise Call to heights shining spirit. By them having only risen, it is possible to leave a stream of life usual. Spirit begun to see clearly for Me I Call in boundless heights of the Universe. That Us are heavy years of all life terrestrial, when the Eternity lies before Us. Everything higher and above rises spirit over a minor planet dense. Behind it Boundlessness, behind it the worlds and is star depths Infinity.

84. The one who spirit directs to our Stronghold has to understand that conditions of its life exempt consciousness from a framework of a three-dimensional commonness. The stronghold costs over life current terrestrial, as the lock on the high rock over the river. From Towers the stream of life aspiring below is visible. On the rock of Eternity there is a Stronghold. Waves of the three-dimensional phenomena can't wash away it: to them to It not to rise. From the Stronghold and from Towers can behold spirit of the phenomenon of life, being not carried away by them in vortex funnels of its whirlpools. Free the spirit can realize itself, staying thought in the Stronghold. Stronghold – a spirit monastery. Stronghold – protection against a scum of life terrestrial. Stronghold – freedom symbol. Stronghold – a prototype of far fiery achievements of mankind. Stronghold – the last step and end for those who scores with Earth finished. Stronghold – the spirit house.

85. (Feb. 12). Acceleration of events goes to progressions. The farther, the quicker is, - but all to the same precepted purpose. And who can tell when there will come the culmination allowing tension. It is better to wait unexpectedly. Time when the people will meet under the World Banner, but not wars will come. Also there will be it our Banner of the World. And now about other, about the close is. Destinies of the countries and with them and our destiny, personal everyone is decided. Life is given for ascension. Purpose of spirit –rise. Everything that promotes it is the benefit, interferes – the evil; but solves nature of influence, its degree and the will direction. When I Speak: everything I Turn on advantage, by it I Want specify that any conditions and circumstances can be used in the benefit. There are no circumstances opposite. Everything helps ascension if you go with Me. Both friends and enemies, both good and bad – everything serves ascension. Those who doesn't know complain and complain of life that with Me a victory always, and when with Me, everything inures to advantage. The high is step, when elements and elemental spirits start serving the person. Everything serves and submits to fire. The fiery will rules over elements. Fire of the centers lit gives the power. The power fiery allocates Light the carrier. For phenomena conditions are necessary. Elements can't tempt. Elements can't disturb without extreme need. The vain miracle is equal to a crime. The phenomenal party has to enter into life of the pupil naturally as an inevitable consequence of its ardent aspiration. True achievement is included into life, without breaking balance elements, the organism. I watch normal development of the necessary abilities and to everyone I Promote to times. Easily join to Stronghold life if the personality to leave it behind a threshold. It is necessary to learn to dump an attire personal, when with Us. It is temporary, as a suit of the actor on a scene. We Deal with true, enduring Identity of the person. The personality is necessary to us and We Appreciate she only so far as she is true and directed is ready to serve individual Ego – the lord and the master. Therefore it is necessary to leave the wife, both children, and all property and, having rejected from itself, to reject the personality that in freedom in my Tower by Days of my Life to join. But people prefer to take my words literally and don't succeed. In the spirit of all is left and in the spirit of to Me there is a familiarizing. It also is familiarizing with Secret. But people and from this made an image and a form which lost the contents. Otherwise – would live. But don't live, and flounder in embraces of death and everything that is doomed by it. In the temporary roll when it is fated eternal. It, the personality, with egoism is filled when the highest is immortal only, superpersonal "I". Come to Me, but having left all temporary and personal before a threshold. I am a threshold to spirit, and a way only through Me, but without weight of a burden unnecessary. If in freedom from terrestrial fetters to Me address, your award will be great. Therefore I Speak: "Leave everything disturbing". And you face Me in understanding of the freedom, the benefit to you! In the Tower I Accept and your aspirations strong I Sate. I will give the benefit. But the size of the benefit isn't measured by the benefits terrestrial. The benefit from spirit and in the spirit of is given. Give the benefit, to give good fortune and to receive good fortune – happiness of spirit. Gifts Spirit I Bring to Earth! Where you, wishing to receive them?

86. My son! Detachment degree from itself is perception degree. It concerns equally both objective, and subjective impressions. On what the consciousness concentrated, all other channels of perception are whenever possible closed. Even listening attentively to the song, about all the rest you forget. It is possible to listen to the song and in it to forget about itself, it is possible to listen to heart beat and already to see nothing more and not to hear, it is possible to concentrate on Me, the whole world of other having excluded. The lever of will installs the perception channel, and impressions start inflowing on it. Having turned the lever, consciousness keep in the necessary direction that inflow didn't stop. Full isolation of consciousness from thoughts of the strangers disturbing, is difficult extraordinary.
Therefore purity that is integrity of perception is the phenomenon rare. As if through a forest thicket, should be torn the thought or impression to reach. Process of perception is difficult. Everything it is more difficult to isolate thought in one channel.

87. (Feb. 13). Release in the spirit of. To be exempted from burden of life doesn't mean to get rid of this burden and to eliminate them, but, having them and bearing a life cross, to be in good spirits from their influence by the free. Everything consists in understanding and all process of release – inside. Outside everything remains without change, but the relation to everything that before weighed and saddened or influenced, changes in a root. Floods, collapses, abysses, animals – below, at top of these dangers aren't present. In the spirit of it is necessary to rise and in consciousness to be released from a spirit and consciousness identification with life of lowlands. Do everything as before, fulfilling the duty and the obligation to life and people, but spirit to be low-lying out of life. Be in the world, but other-worldly. But My Kingdom is too other-worldly. And My Days is not from the world terrestrial. And spirit not from Earth. To dump from itself this dense ball of the phenomena terrestrial, captured consciousness, will be a spirit victory. It is necessary to find and consider more carefully those chains which tie consciousness to Earth. There is a lot of them, and big and small, noticeable and imperceptible, but most often invisible to an eye. The house, things, people, books, conditions different – everything holds and enslaves consciousness, as well as habits, thoughts and feelings. All this nests in three lowest covers is. Means, it is necessary to be exempted from the power of three. Having left a physical body, already we feel freedom and pleasure. But as it is great is feeling of freedom and pleasures, when fetters of all of three are dumped. Spirit it is necessary to rise over three. It can make only spirit, and it can be done only in the spirit of. At first the burden of a flesh and an astral should realize, and then already to do attempts to escape from under their tyrannical power. It also will be spirit revival to understanding of extraterrestrial, timeless, eternal essence. It also will be release. To reach, it is necessary to know the purpose to which it is necessary to direct. Also it is necessary to know in what the essence of release consists. Many make a mistake, believing that it is necessary to be exempted from someone or something outside when it is necessary to be exempted from despotic tyranny of three. And heaviest of three is an astral. This is our executioner and the torturer, - and, if one, having lost a purse, cries, and another is quiet and even smiles, unless in a purse business? And so is in everything. The Gordian knot of insoluble lives texture terrestrial can be split only a spirit sword. I want to see free going with Me. When the burden becomes unreasonable and the exit won't be it is necessary to lift a sword of spirit and with one blow dissect a ball of the phenomena which have enslaved consciousness. Dismissal from terrestrial, dismissal from the «I», is showing in three, will be in the same way releases. Sons of freedom I Want you to call, with Me following Light.

88. Gifts and treasures of spirit are weightless and are hidden. It is impossible neither sell, nor to buy. It is possible to have nothing, but to own them, and it is possible to own all terrestrial, but not to have them. Two sit next and even are dressed equally: at one isn't present, and another has them. And who knows, whether you if you hold back them have them? How to determine their size and value? And who has scales that to weigh them? But they can be shown in creativity. And therefore the way of art is a way of identification of treasures saved up. It is crystallization in dense forms of fire of spirit. Also in acts, feelings and thoughts are show spirit fires: also the person from treasure of the heart on light of day takes out light which in it is. The light you shine, and light yours before Earth gloom yes won't die away.

89. (Feb. 15). It is better to look for the reasons of mistakes and the wrong conclusions in own thinking, than to attribute them to the Teacher. The current of events goes not according to your assumptions, but on the expediency course. They are directed by the Hand of the Teacher. Mobility of the Plan channelizes main, but details not changing and subject to changes. And not private matters, interests or lives, but General Welfare is the events purpose. It is impossible to proceed from itself in forecasts for the future and these wrong preconditions to be guided. And better strong to trust and unexpectedly to wait, than to lose faith in the inevitable future. And it will come in ten years earlier or later in the general course of things of value has no. Has this value in private life, but phantoms of private life don't belong to the reality world. It is better to switch consciousness from the personal benefit to the General.

90. My son, smile when it is difficult. Smile – the best weapon of spirit. Rightful benefit smile is. When the child, round it light when cries smiles, its aura grows dull and is saddened. Severity it is laudable, but also the smile often shines darkness. The smile shows on a known condition of spirit. And when dangers in the face look with a smile, after all it already is heroism. Even death it is possible to greet with a smile. To replace a grimace of irritation, rage or fear with a smile will be already a victory. It is a lot of tears in the world and a lot of gloom; when tears will be replaced with a smile, the gloom will brighten up. The gloomy look and gloomy condition of spirit isn't a spirituality sign. Both the animal and a plant react to a smile of the person respectively. To them becomes warmer. Smile – not a violent grimace or a convention mask, but heart movement. To meet attack dark well is quietly, but with a smile – it is twice better. It is possible, smiling, and to strike the enemy fatally, rage on heart without having. When it is very bitter or very sick, try to smile. It too will be a spirit victory. By smile of difficulty it is won. The fool often smiles, but is rare and victoriously a wisdom smile. Maya seeming hopelessness, to evil-make dark, closed the ring round you, smile fearlessly. You study a smile or with a smile to win and overcome the insuperable.

91. (Feb. 16). Cycles of manifestation of consciousness are subject to rhythms. Consciousness pulsation is the phenomenon lawful. Fire not always flares. Burns always, but degrees of tension fluctuate. The consciousness can't be forced. The bird of spirit wonderful not always sings it isn't necessary to be afflicted with it. As feelings and qualities of spirit pulse in the expressions, moving forward on a proscenium and amplifying or receding into the background and in the tension decreasing. The law of a rhythm means also alternation. Alternation and change of the phenomena is the nature law. The monotony generates the monotony lulling consciousness. Change of the phenomena is necessary for maintenance of life of consciousness. Otherwise fire will fall asleep and will go out. As also the Teacher comes nearer in the necessary terms. And in it also it is necessary to rely on It. One can't be killed is an aspiration. The way remains only forward and only with the Teacher. Other direction isn't present. Whether quickly, whether silently, a step or ten, but – in the correct direction. Even it is necessary to have a rest facing rising. Everything will be, everything will come in due course, and with a new force spirit fires will flare.

92. How to keep Proximity? Its continuous understanding! Why the consciousness is filled with everything, anything, except for the self-most necessary, and then when time is strained? All is vanity, except for Affairs of the Lord. All isn't necessary that is necessary for It is necessary only. Light affairs are necessary to it. Everything is called as affairs of Light that in Light is created and by light radiations is accompanied. Without Light – darkness and service to darkness. You shine with yourself, the radiations, and then each your movement will be Light business. What does he think, behind Light to Me the comer when his consciousness sinks in flashing waves of a stream of life? Access to Me isn't closed. Access to Me goes through the heart opened to Me. And how Light if heart is opened in darkness can join? Open heart to the Lord that He Could enter there. But close it for a muddy stream of impressions of narrow-minded life. Life of the inhabitant came to an end. To Me open to hold heart, despite everything – already a feat. Who wants to succeed in perception of our parcels, worldly voices have to break off, at least for the period of perception. Understanding of Proximity of the Teacher is approved and kept by will. The will isolates consciousness from everything disturbing, external and internal. It isn't enough to establish connection, she should be held tensely" in contact all the time. Around not twilight, but a darkness hurricane, and whirlwinds, and the whirlpools which are carrying away consciousness in a chasm. To keep Proximity in these conditions will be a considerable victory of spirit. Shadows of a gloom went down to Earth. Terribly is in space around. And still it is necessary to keep itself about my Day and a wire not to burn through. To you it is hard! But what is Bearing all burden and responsibility for Earth? And if it is difficult to us why it has be easy to you dividing works and the Burden of the Lord. My soldiers become to Me still.

93. (Feb. 17). (At night in a dream overcame dark).
My son, the Teacher, giving tests, Wants not to torment, but to strengthen. Torments are on thoughtlessness. Torments are senseless because are aimless and have in itself no anything constructive. It is possible to order to not to react to a number of the phenomena. If by order of will lack of any reaction, will approved consciously is reaction to any phenomenon, it will be big achievement. The person too got used is reflective to react to everything. And in process of strengthening of reflex activity of consciousness it lost the power over. Many types of this activity are good and positive but when they are approved and are approved by will. Otherwise the slavery at habits and the reflexes, worst of all possible turns out. Mentally ill people live only reflexes, moving in the direction got or accepted earlier. They can't tell themselves why they do something, they simply do because so once solved, and their actions flow on the channel of earlier accepted thought. The power over is approved by will. Reflexes undertake under its control, involuntary and unauthorized conditions of consciousness aren't allowed. Especially it concerns feelings and emotions. It is impossible to allow that they self-willed ally arose and tormented consciousness of the person. These feelings and emotions have neither consciousness, nor will: they arise spontaneously, developing and amplifying in the accepted direction. Will intervention in reflex process of feelings, emotions and experiences is necessary and it is necessary always. Unless it is possible to allow that in the house we wash someone another disposed and I established for me a life order, someone, from outside the comer foreign, casual and temporary. All our emotions temporary and to give them the power over it is inadmissible. Abnormality will be their extreme pole of dissoluteness mental disbalance, and behind it. Because the person is born dominate over it. Why to waste time on the sincere movements which aren't making sense. Expediency in everything, and then it is possible to take pleasure in peace of mind under any conditions, even at the most disturbing and uneasy. Certainly, this tranquility will be tranquility of tension. So, torments, concerns and experiences are left as superfluous. When hunting on dangerous a predator of excitement and experience are excessive. From them the hand and an eye can begin to tremble to lose accuracy. Yes there will be a parting word in life to you tranquility any price.

94. (Feb. 18). The wire is fixed from two parties. If at least about one fixing weak, current can't work. I with you always! If contact is weak and the perception is broken, look for closer, look for about it, and look for in it. The beam sent has to be fixed in consciousness perceiving it. The condition of consciousness can be such is that the Beam only slides on a surface, in it without having got. The paling of egoism can disturb denials, doubts, fear, irritation and all other dark qualities too. Everything depends on purity of the receiver of consciousness. Certainly, the Beam can overcome any resistance and obstacles, but expenditure of forces of a bike and doesn't answer commensurability. The aspiration and perception are voluntary. But when the consciousness opens to the Beam as a flower towards to the Sun, consequences won't slow down because process of perception goes lawfully. The Teacher Insists that in aspiration the free will of the pupil has to be show. From the heart open for the Lord, aspiration threads which are sated with Beams of the Teacher proceed. Therefore it is spoken about aspiration. What can receive sitting stupidly and the chapter the averted? Someone is afraid of infringement of the freedom. Fears are vain. While the free will of the person not is show Light and behind Light, can't be receiving. It is impossible to drag out to paradise. Called in violently is the saddest phenomenon. Usually they start raging and snatching on called in them. Be afraid of violence over will of the person, and especially in spirit affairs. My doctrine is freedom Doctrine. Everything becomes freely and voluntary. Violence will cease strong and it is heavy. Many religions against this law sinned and therefore collapsed. The kingdom of Maitreya will be freedom Kingdom. The affairs made in freedom, fruitful I put, made against will. The kingdom of freedom will win against a violence kingdom. Cali the South was an eyelid of violence. But Cali the South comes to an end. The law of free will is the fundamental law of life of human society, and to his violators there will be no place among free people.

95. Such aspiration when at all conditions of spirit heart is directed to the Teacher is called true. Poorly what there can be a mood? If in one mood of people with Us, and in other - No, it isn't enough from it advantage. The mood of consciousness isn't passable and changing moods of an astral. To the person with moods, to the slave to moods, it is better not to concern the Doctrine.

96. (Feb. 19). If the current of General Welfare doesn't coincide with the personal and personal suffers damage, whether we will rejoice if the General Welfare succeeds? What we will prefer – the Bowl of General Welfare or a bowl of the personal benefit? Subsequently they will merge together and the antagonism won't be. But personal interests nevertheless should be put after interests of the general. The problem of the personal and the general is deep. The great Victim is called that because her Identity always was on Great Service to mankind and was personal nothing in its Life. Everything was made for mankind evolution. Each embodiment had the superpersonal task. This task didn't coincide with interests of the personality. Usually the personality suffered. In this case the personality should be understood not as egoism which is killed but as terrestrial expression as a form human – the carrier of the Highest Identity on Earth. The flesh heavy suffered at execution of some tasks. Body tormented. The personality was sacrificed to General Welfare. The essence of Great Service consists in it. The personality crucified on a cross of a matter, is sacrificed to interests universal. Service should be understood widely. Already shine with aura radiations even at total absence of external activity service to Light. And the most ardent activity at the radiations dark won't be conscious concelebrating to Light. And dark evolutions when that is Wanted by the Teacher serve, but it isn't service conscious. At a known step there is a fight personal to the universal. Further advance depends on that will win. Self-service is cult the most widespread. Arhat replaced service to the personal benefit with service to the Benefit to the General.

97. (Feb. 20). Twenty years waited for the Messenger, and on the eve of arrival ceased to wait. But the messenger comes only to those who wait. The condition of the correct expectation means a condition of constant readiness and openness of consciousness to the Teacher. People, who have nothing to wait, have no future. To kill in itself hope of the future – means to chop off life roots. It is necessary to wait and it is necessary to hope, despite everything. Also it is necessary to understand that exact terms can't be given out. Everything solves Hour of Arrival, but not a message day, hour, "in which Human Come Son». The law of secrecy of terms can't be broken even if someone and doesn't have enough patience. Many know nothing, and wait for nothing, and still live. But knowing would follow are show more stability. It is difficult to wait when fires hang. Thousand justifications will be found to itself by the grown dull mind. Implementation of the Plan of Lords is made obviously. Heavy burden is on the shoulders of builders of the New World; often even not know an ultimate goal and greatness of construction. And still build, and still with enthusiasm and it is inspired. And still create conditions for possibility of Arrival. But justifications waiting idly have no. Expectation means that waiting already something knows. But the knowledge obliges to amateur performance. And if friends tell: "At first waited and did, then both to wait, and ceased to do", – whether it will be convincing? Certainly, will construct and without them. But whether it is good to be unusable and unnecessary? We appreciate comers on spirit fires when they will go out, the criterion for an assessment isn't present. The heavy strip of uncertainty should be waited carefully, without drawing irreparable conclusions and without passing decisions. Again there will ascend the Sun, spirit fires will begin to shine, and again far becomes close and immutable.

98. Our Writing has force because are imprinted by the printing of the statement that is the appendix in life of that is given, That Who Gives. That is told or written, has to merge with that becomes and applied if the writing and speaking wants that listened to the word it. In it secret of that the Doctrine, at different times Lords given, wasn't forgotten by people. Often life they Imprinted the Precept Word. Doctrines, Them given, expressed themselves part of the Truth available to people; and Sami Giving the life Showed this Truth. They Expressed themselves that Doctrine which They Bore to people. In it there was their force. Speak about Truth and to be Truth – the phenomena different. And many are mistaken, believing that, speaking about Truth, they have any right to something. The right is granted by the appendix of the Doctrine or its truth in life. Talking shop doesn't give anything neither speaking, nor listening. But applying, that is the power over by Doctrine application in life approved, has it and over others. It can influence people; it can conduct them for itself (himself) to victorious bright future. Therefore each act made contrary to acquired knowledge and in a contradiction with it, an act not corresponding to degree of understanding of the Doctrine, will be the phenomenon depriving allowed to its to any part of the reached power. If the pupil knew, he how many loses, evading from Doctrine application in life, loses imperceptibly, invisibly and irrevocably, he would began to think over each action strenuously. Each action of the pupil or approaches to the Teacher, or from it distances, as well as each thought, and each feeling. When everything is created in the Name My, danger isn't present. But when life flows in the name and in the name affairs are managed, the separation from the Teacher is inevitable. It isn't enough to find a way, it isn't enough to find the Teacher, it isn't enough to rise by the next step – on it is necessary to keep still. Slipping down is painful and heavy. Following Me and departed from Me a sad show itself show. In most concept recreancy something is covered humiliating and shameful. Weak-willed it is better not to approach. Feeble-minded it isn't necessary. The strong, tested and devoted hearts are necessary. The sad show when the reeled starts strewing doubt and mistrust arrows to Tom, in whose Care is. It is so possible to avert the necessary and urgent arrow of the help. And there is nobody will expostulate. Unless on itself, unreasonable of the most left without protection. I warn: at the moments of planetary tension and a press spatial it is necessary to be together continuously and unseparable. Unclear and false in evidence postpone all for the future. And most to rise, having densely adjoined the Board is the only protection and a support, possible on Earth.

99. (Feb. 21). My son, life doesn't stint providing experience heavy. I See and Know. Would help if it wasn't so urgently necessary is. All learn: both friends, and enemies. And from friends a lot of chagrin happens. The burden of their mistakes bitterly lies down on shoulders. Not to avoid bitterness of life. But after all the purpose of life terrestrial also is experience accumulation. And if the most valuable experience difficult gets, what the valuable is given easily? Carefully also we will postpone elaborately in the Bowl fruits of experience of life. They are necessary forever, and not just on one short life. Deep knowledge of people is a necessary condition of an Arhat-make. It is necessary to know and kind and angry, friends and enemies and to understand them. The knowledge of the person is difficult. Appearance is deceptive. And that the person speaks, and in what trusts itself, and that considers as the truth, still doesn't mean at all that it so because doesn't know itself that will think tomorrow. One can be told: "Don't hope for son’s human because as it is possible to be charged for someone if he can't warrant for itself (himself)". Personal likes and dislikes are fragile. It is impossible to be based on personal feelings. The Doctrine, both common goal, and work can unite only. Dancing of personal feelings breaks a harmony of relationship. Better without them is, remembering that incredible it isn't enough true friends.

100. When I Speak: "Leave the wife and children, and all house, and all manor, and all affairs and to Me you come", – I Mean that you in the spirit of from them, from all terrestrial were free. It is difficult to follow Me if the consciousness is filled to a limit with affairs and interests of the moment. Any degree of detachment or separation from affairs terrestrial is necessary. People so plunge into them that for anything other place any more doesn't remain. But formula: the Caesarian – to the Caesar and богово – to God, that is terrestrial – terrestrial, but the highest – to the Highest remains in force. Terrestrial everything remains, but the consciousness to it is exempted from attachment. To own something doesn't mean at all to be in slavery and submission at things which the person owns. It is allowed to have both a family, and things. It is all about the condition of consciousness and in the attitude towards them. But the main danger when a stream of life terrestrial captures consciousness and it plunges into muddy waves of a matter dense, excepting other worlds. I speak: "Have everything, own everything, but looking at everything through Boundlessness glasses". Only then things, both subjects, and the phenomena of the dense world will take a due place in consciousness. People lost prospect, and the world of visibility was distorted. Reflection, as though in a curve mirror turned out. The same, but proper correlations are broken. The insignificant subject can seem big and occupy all field of vision, and the phenomenon considerable to change and decrease to unrecognizability. It is good to be accustomed to look at the world through my Face: at first the Face, and then the considered phenomenon. Boundlessness scales – our scales, as well as Boundlessness glass. The Teacher is a gate in Boundlessness. If terrestrial to try on, compare and commensurate the phenomena of day and the phenomenon of life with Boundlessness, the power of vanity over consciousness will decrease obviously. Understand: everything that around, and everything that so strong captures nowadays your consciousness, it is doomed to elimination and immersion in the past because will pass everything.