Agni Yoga's facets, 1956

Records Boris Nikolayevich Abramov, the nearest pupil N.K. Rerich, receives from the High Source, about what there are of the confirmation E.I.Rerich. – Novosibirsk: The enterprise "Algim", 2009 – 640 with.
The book including earlier not publish Records of Boris of Nikolayevich Abramov 1956. B.N.Abramov (1897–1972), who had liv many years (1917–1959) abroad, in Harbin, were the nearest pupil Nicolay Konstantinovich Rerich the source of Records and books of the Doctrine of Live Ethics – are uniform. It was confirm by Elena Rerich, in 40 years acquainted with the first Records. Later Boris Nikolayevich conceiving also messages of Nicolay of Konstantinovich and Elena Ivanovna Rerich: in the book they were not by words of "Guru" and "M.A.Y.". (Mater Agni of Yoga) in the beginning of correspond paragraphs.
By preparation of Records for the edition features of their style were kept.
The book will be useful to readers in search of answers to questions on appointment of the person and responsibility is more it’s before the Universe.
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1. (Jan. 2). Not in personal measures it is made precepted, but planetary-cosmic. And in it is the main difficulty of understanding of process. Certainly, fruits will once taste it everything, and the great patience is required that, having forgotten about itself to rejoice to execution of the Great Plan. And it is executed obviously. Width of understanding will find to itself a place in the future and in the top floor, but it is necessary to wait. When it is spoken about terms, and their speed should be understood in aspect of long evolution. And, if on something the millennium was required and something nowadays comes true during ten years, the word becomes too clear "soon".

2. (Jan. 3). Days go. Question in, whether they bring that experience for the sac, of which go. Life as that, isn't necessary if it doesn't bring due deposits. In total in is consciousness. The ascension is defined by its condition. Surrounding – accompaniment for internal state of strong spirit what it was? The unshakable spirit forces to sound them in own way. But all circumstances and the attitudes towards them are important. The victory over external conditions also consists in understanding of it. Not it is necessary to win against them, but. What external resistance or counteraction was shown by the Savior? Even a hand rose in protection of it, He Ordered to lower. And, however, He won against the world. It shows, as far as internal process of a victory over the world. In terrible intense fight in itself the spirit overcomes and wins against the world. Without a victory inside not is it and outside. Only when it is reached, actions external can be shown. They are otherwise aimless. Also external circumstances are overcome. At first the will inside overcomes them, approving the force, and then already and external actions become possible and successful; for weak spirit even the smallest obstacles are invincible. So everything depends on the correct polarization of consciousness. Not having anything, refused it, overcome desires – the winner because even it is impossible to wish too. The astral whirlwind created by strong desire, destroys possibilities of its implementation. Don't wish anything too. Because too something wishing becomes the slave to the desire, but not the winner, and that loses possible fruits of implementation desirable. It is necessary to learn to own desires because when the desire owns the person, his will be paralyzed. The various natures of desires and that circumstance also are in it that many, and besides very strong desires, are never carried out.

3. (Jan. 6). My friend, the dark strip of life should be waited – it will come to an end. As well lack of fires of burning shouldn't be referred to the offenses and to consider guilty it. On all chain of Hierarchy there is now a sounding of dissonant fires, because focus of perception them for Earth left Earth therefore relatives are filled with grief and care of how to keep Light. The echo of heavy loss rushes on all Hierarchy both up and down. The conceived slight-reaction didn't take place, and the elements which haven't entered into it, but it intended, are in a condition of the broken balance. Situation sharp and intense as if the soil cleaned from under feet and isn't present a habitual support. It is necessary to wait that elements of new combinations of elements were formed in space and were condensed enough. These periods of merge are usually inevitable after leaving of each Great Spirit and concern what adjoin its Beam or are connected with It. Gap very painful. Time – the best healer for restoration of balance broken. The tranquility and lack of actions is best of all. When fires hang, action won't be convincing. Therefore it is better to refrain from actions. Weakness of actions is destructive. Energy is spent for nothing. Therefore it is better to become reserved, external anything fires not the display. It is necessary to allow to them to get stronger and increase time in force. It is necessary to close the lamp of spirit for a while. I will tell when action time will come. There is no show of action more sadly devastated, not supported by fires. In the extreme expressions at very weak and impressionable people heat of action can end with a fit of hysteria. Therefore it is necessary to know a limit of the forces and strong to become isolated when fires don't burn. And still it is necessary to consider that when leaving Great Spirit, which was close, the subsequent expense of fiery energy is huge because it is necessary to replace somehow the Focus, which has gone out for Earth of Light. Tension it is great and devastates a treasury; therefore, the special economy precept in the address with a stock they own energy and in its expenditure.
It is necessary to be content with own resources while the organism got used to receive from the lamp which has left Earth. Situation is difficult. Specify collect inside, densely to close all forces a visor and to show a condition intense, but passive concentration. And, besides, it is necessary to calm it emotionally. The sea of tranquility is set to a condition of spirit. In balance resist! The Teacher Specified a line of conduct.

4. (Yan. 7). My son, how without the Lord, if It the Alpha and Omega? Phantoms of a brain can't be taken for bases of the real. I am the life basis. On Me, creating builds strongly and for a long time. Everything that contradicts it and won't be coordinated with this uniform basis of life is in a false manner. No terrestrial logic can excuse if the stone which has to lay down in the corner basis, is rejected by the builder. Means, all construction is wrong and on a false basis. I should be accepted as inalterability and from Me to precede in everything, rejecting everything, what not consonant to this immutable basis of life. I am what their lives spirit, I – food of a flame of spirit, I – oil for the heart lamp, I – force of heart fires. How without Me can flare up fires? Therefore it is necessary to put fabrications of terrestrial logic aside and heart to accept Me, without philosophizing it is crafty much, because sophistication of egoism leads to a chasm. It is easy to burn acquisition; it is worth plunging only into doubts and denials, but what without them in darkness and deprived even hopes? Because on what to hope without the Lord? On short and fleeting implementation of terrestrial dreams, and what afterwards is? When to dim Image of the Lord in heart, it replaced by darkness; because there, where not light, there is darkness. And the Light was brighter; the darkness under the contrast law will be gloomier. Therefore you hold Me strong. The will is free. Gifts Mine is intangible and on terrestrial scales can't be weighed. But truly and victoriously there are mine howl. The turncoat heavy drags iron chains of karma. Flight is free and easy, but weight of Earth overtakes attracted to Earth and fallen by Earth. Be afraid of terrestrial gravitations: they act even beyond death. The annual Holiday of the birth of Light da will be a symbol of revival of spirit for the following cycle of time.

5. (Jan. 8). Pages of unfulfilled expectations take a considerable place even in Arhat's life. The free will of the person disturbs performance planned, and the arrow of creative thought powerlessly hangs in space. But the Highest Want to give to mankind the best fate, but it counteracts all undertakings of Light. Often for expected reaction everything is prepared, but intervention of will free brings the elements, breaking the course of process, and results of long preparations are nullified. Here one of the main reasons of mobility of the Plan. Then it is necessary to find new and shortest ways for achievement of the same purposes, but in the conditions of new, created by intervention of free will of the person. Therefore we ask to execute our Instructions in the most exact way not to break created reaction. How many the best undertakings were destroyed by willful intervention of the person? Also there will be time when pass personal mirages and anything and remains nobody, except the Lord. It is necessary to repeat that the transient is a condition of existence of the world terrestrial and a condition of manifestation of activity of covers. Reflexes of nerves demand change of irritations, as well as feeling, and thought. Waves of external influences bear in themselves polar working in shifts – a crest and a hollow. But recurrence of waves of time establishes terms, when lifting blossoming – decline is replaced by descend, and passes everything. It is necessary to look at everything and especially at the relations human as on something always the passing – will be less chagrin and, if who wants fidelity, let it be surrounded loneliness. Fragile everything created on personal feelings, and everything is subject to change. One Lord is invariable. It is possible to be approved only on It.

6. (Jan. 10). There is no bigger incommensurability, than to be content with a usual outlook of life, without leaving a hopelessness circle, - only in the future rescue from the power of the present over consciousness. The future gives wings for flight in it. The future contains hope. The hope inspires affairs. The future is the life engine. In the future is all. To them also go.

7. (Jan11). My friend, ways are inscrutable. The phenomenon this, increasing, causes the contrast. On the phenomenon it is possible to judge its antipode. Laws are indestructible. The highest Will wisely directs a current of a stream of life. The future is forged by skillful Hands. It is possible to think of its magnificence, based on the statement of a polar. There are no reasons to doubt inevitability of the judgment. It is necessary to collect to sustain only forces everything adequately to meet it.

8. (Jan. 12). Approach of Light is preceded by darkness strengthening. And when it will reach the apogee, there will go the pre-specified. On this sign also you judge. Victim’s great because the future is great are inevitable. Everyone will bring the on creation of the Temple of the Future, and at a rate of consciousness. That the new was created, old has to die. Fight of the old and new will come to an end a clear victory of the new. Old it will be sacrificed to the new. Many will suffer and suffer. But evolution is considered neither with victims, nor with sufferings. For the sake of an ultimate goal the whole types of animal or vegetable life are destroyed. Races and civilizations perish to make room for the new. The luxury of Babylon, knowledge of Egypt, magnificence and force of Rome, culture of Greece were replaced by new forms of the state life, having buried the past irrevocably under the fragments. The nature is generous, – destroying one forms, immediately creates other, old replacing. And that life of the certain person or his personal interests means in this stream. Certainly, under the life law all live clings to life, - but perishes in this infinite change of forms, getting out of a shape, but keeping essence, which at each change is given new and more perfect shape. The form is anything, essence isn't destroyed. The experience gained by a form, enriches, deepens and transforms essence which doesn't die as an infinite and immeasurable seed of energy of grain. As the potential of essence of the life concluded in a physical form, which in itself anything is inexhaustible also. So, eternal and immortal it is shown in mortal for identification of the essence in infinite process of evolution.

9. (Jan. 13). The consciousness should be accustomed to conditions of the Thin World already here, on Earth. In the sphere of thought all is possible. The World Thin cope thought. Therefore, there opportunities are boundless and limited to only a width and freedom of thinking. If the inhabitant of the Hidden World knows about it, his creativity is absolutely free from restrictions of the dense world. If isn't present, it continues to think and create within imagined, already physical, conditions. Hardly dump from itself clogs the dense world because in order that to make it, it is necessary to know. But the knowledge it was denied on Earth. And with the same denial the person who has passed there, also remains. He stops a way of elevated freedom, having chained it in close conditions of terrestrial vegetation. The strangest, most fantastic fairy tale is anything before bright reality and opportunities of the Thin World. And people and there continue to live almost the same as they lived on Earth. Go, eat, drink, sleep, bear malice and sit on the dark corners of the thought-creative cellars, or pity hovels. And even palaces, and there erected, differ nothing from the terrestrial prototypes. And meanwhile shining plastic substance of a matter of the Elevated World is ready to pour out in any form, and to accept reality outlines, and to become a construction of the reason, which has created it. And, having these inexhaustible riches, people are content with pity remains of unsuccessful and dark products of the poor imagination. That objects of art and types of the nature that give to the person already on Earth a material for creativity in the Thin World also are good. But who thinks of it and who uses it? Process of any construction there can be very fast – everything depends on the clearness of visual representation. But the usual consciousness goes terrestrial ways and repeats in detail everything that it did on Earth. Why to put the house on bricks when it can be done at once, having created a picture of representation absolutely finished in all details. Why, slowly walking, to go somewhere when, having mentally presented itself in a desirable place, it is possible to be transferred there with speed of light. But the person will go there through a door, as well as on Earth, and will go, but not to fly, and everything will do as he did here, without knowing that those conditions absolutely others and demand absolutely other approach. If thought everything there moves, the thought and will be the only engine. And everything that can create thought, can be created there and to become for the person the sphere, him surrounding. There the loved one can present everything that the will want, and to create for him any condition of life if that is wanted by will and if according to it to accept consciousness of the done. The world Thin is the world of boundless opportunities for those who know.

10. (Jan. 14). My son, the winner the one who despite difficulties, strokes of bad luck and tests, nevertheless goes to the purpose, without deviating aside on a step. As also the true love loves, despite everything. This on resistance in itself should be approved in the face of life. Not without reason after all it is said that it will be rescued undergone, exactly, up to the end. If the logic of things forces with something to reconcile, or to lose something, or to refuse something, all this can be made, without changing the main direction to Light. Under all circumstances it is invariable there is a Lord and a way to It. And what the terrestrial can stop this way, if it in the spirit of? It is necessary to refer all doubts, all ambiguities, all misunderstandings at own expense and, but not to the Teacher of Light. Bases are immutable, and therefore it is necessary to go. The way of the lagged behind is dark. But we go to Light which not from darkness, and for the sake of it, for the sake of this Light, we leave Earth to merge with it, which in us. It also is the purpose of life terrestrial. It in Elevated though can be carried out and on Earth, in a body. But the highest merge there, in the spirit of, released from a body therefore terrestrial, of course, no value has, and also the authorities over spirit if it knows the way.

11. (Jan. 15). Yes! Yes! Yes! Useful it is possible to be always and everywhere. Costs only not think of itself, but of the benefit of others. Light radiated by aura, will shine everywhere, where a darkness. And the planet is shrouded in a gloom therefore Service to Light and the light is so necessary for the world. It is possible to tell that the harmonious condition of aura will be to that an indispensable condition. If it isn't reached, all words, the highest and beautiful, will be empty. True service can be made and without words. Radiation of aura works silently. The word it is easier to influence, but on condition of full compliance of the said word with a condition of aura's radiations. Discrepancy generates a dissonance destructive both in space, and in aura of the listener, and in the most speaking. Therefore at a disharmonious condition of spirit silence is best of all. Each disharmony strikes first of all the carrier it. The vow of silence was of great importance for discipline of spirit. If it is reached, vows aren't necessary. It isn't necessary to forget saving impact of silence. It is better to spend some periods of life and even days in possible silence. Well internally to break off when the aura has aspiration to worry disharmoniously. Each withheld word will be a victory over. At clouding words lightful usually aren't told. Therefore it is better to be silent. If are spoken, they are deprived of light, that is the inutile, aren't necessary and even are harmful. Therefore we will arm with silence if the gnash of antagonistic currents destroys space or when the lowest covers worry uncontrolledly. It is a lot of superfluous and unnecessary it is spoken at such o'clock. To what to litter space? Let's show understanding to a condition of reticence – as armor protective or a bridle on feelings. It is possible to move ahead to tops always and at any condition of consciousness, it is necessary to use only it skillfully and elaborately.

12. (Jan. 17). My friend, life it isn't as simple as it seems. It isn't always possible to provide its patterns. And even if prophecies aren't executed, that it is possible to tell about usual forecasts and constructions. Mobility of the Plan is caused by this complexity of life. It is important to know the main direction of evolution and to apply the forces to it, being conformed to place and time conditions and character of the moment. It is possible to show the correct action in any conditions. Therefore any evasion from it will be a mistake. All violent and squeezeed-out efforts will be also useless. Freely there is a spirit. Freely chooses and freely solves, and – for itself. Freedom will be a distinctive sign of following for the Teacher.

13. (Jan. 19). The doubt always follows moral degradation or is somehow connected with it. Falling it means a black out, or light fall in aura when, surrounding, the darkness successfully gets through the weakened protecting network. Roots of doubt should be looked for in instability of moral human nature. In who light isn't strong fluctuates only or isn't strengthened enough. Weakness, shortcomings and crude essence of the person will be always the reason of any doubts. The one, who is pure spiritually, won't doubt. The doubt indicates existence of not gets rid particles of the lowest astral matter in its cover. Doubt of the Teacher in the pupil is of other order. He Sees not gets rid darkness and, Knowing human nature, Expects swaying. It is better to trust in impracticable, than hopelessly to drown in disbelief and denial twilight. Doubts on a way stop further advance. Fight against them can be successful only in case the person finds in himself force to reject them, without entering with them neither disputes, nor altercations, attempts to prove their insolvency. Any contact with doubt even is properly pernicious because before logic of evidence all proofs are powerless. The doubt can be cut or rejected only, without giving it food or opportunity to grasp something, even proofs, it denying. Any contact with doubt is similar to suckers of feelers of an octopus: having grabbed something and having stuck, pulls the victim on a bottom.

14. (Jan. 21). Personal scales are now inapplicable, as also personal channels of desire. On them will inflow nothing; feat precept the contained, and not contained and frightened – all bitterness of the vital bowl poisoned with rage of egoism. Bowl of General Welfare it is necessary to accept (differently a grief to the turncoat) and to enjoy it in the Country New. It also will be a feat way.

15. (Jan. 23). The Teacher Advises courage keeps in readiness.

16. (Jan. 31). Nothing neither obvious, nor secret, that not brings the consequences. The law has no exceptions. As well the address to the Teacher is fruitless if it isn't supported by heart fire, – the same direct link of cause and effect. I am glad to help, but for the Help the wire which keeps from two parties is necessary. Therefore the Teacher Asked: "You believe? » That is whether the connecting thread is fixed from the one who needs the Help. And if the answer was negative, the Help didn't appear because the law of a two-way communication of the consciousnesses connecting them was violated, the receiver of consciousness remained closed, and the Beam of the Help jumped aside from aura of disbelief and denial. And It is told: "And much I Didn't makes there on disbelief them". "I will send all help, I Will send impossible, but you hold a wire strong".

17. (Feb. 2). In the Thin World creativity of the person is limited to his understanding from today. Those who are appointed term can undergo up to the end only. Often the Teacher should spend excessive energy for creating illusion of hopelessness at the pupil to look as it will cope with test. Many psychological receptions are applied by the Teacher to find out up to the end that costs everyone, daring to come nearer too. Character, degree and gravity of tests volunteers and caused by power of aspiration of the pupil. The more the spirit wants, the way is more difficult. A lot of things can seem not denied evidence if that is wanted by the Teacher. Imagined quality and achievements have to be separated of the presents, and severe tests promote it. It isn't enough to want and direct, it is necessary to become an embodiment of desirable achievements that is to be the truth recognized and approved by spirit. Therefore, so few true pupils. It isn't enough elite, though it is a lot of called. For the correct definition of degree of a spiritual condition at present it is necessary to consider a condition of a fiery of aspiration. No matter, why fire went out but if it went out or goes out, so something is unsuccessful. No justifications will strengthen a flame – the only indicator of an inspiration of consciousness. On fires of heart It is judged and when they die away, the way of descend threatens consciousness. The Proximity of the Teacher if the consciousness permits is integral. It is impossible to touch a hedgehog, as and the consciousness throwing from needles. Let heart will be always open for the Teacher and mind isn't saddened. The way is difficult, but excessive tests aren’t given.

18. (Feb. 3). The space consciousness of subjects also differs from usual that it left a circle of the personality. And the personal element any more has in it no taking priority and self-sufficing value. Over time it disappears absolutely and is replaced with the superpersonal beginning. Loss of small consciousness will lead to nascence big, small the pity hovel – the consciousness temple is replaced big. The soul lost it finds, but on the highest scale. So forgotten evangelical Truth becomes life and leads the person to knowledge tops. But fight between the personal and superpersonal beginning is difficult and full of dramatic nature because are hardly got rid thousand-year in rooting habits of thinking. It is hard to think not about itself and not itself, not small "I" to consider as an axis of rotation of the inner world. But the interior is deep and extensive; it stretches far beyond one small terrestrial personality and one short terrestrial life. In spheres of the Highest, Elevated where there is no place of the terrestrial limitation connected with the passing terrestrial personality, the consciousness rises over her a little, and sees itself spirit the Identity carrier on which core certain terrestrial persons are strung as a necklace beads on a thread. Then the personality as that, takes a due place belonging to it in the general scheme of things, and doesn't cover already all horizons of life and life, excluding from the sphere all the rest. It also will be true freedom, freedom from chains of personal consciousness and its restrictions. It will be a victory of spirit over a body – a stronghold and a citadel of the personal beginning.

19. My son beseems you to show more than an advantage of spirit and confidence of firmness of Bases. The unsteady basis can crumble under the feet. And then the chasm shows the face. The free will at all doesn't mean renunciation of the Life Doctrine, and, on the contrary, its recognition in the spirit of freedom, without any violence over. Only accepted thus there will be it not slavery chains, but pleasure of the spirit, which has found release. The freedom of choice always remains for the pupil and doesn't deprive of him achievements even if the choice is made not absolutely successfully. Each decision passed under pressure, incorrectly already by the nature. To follow Advice and Instructions it is possible only in a full consent and the accord with them, but in any way against. It is better to make the wrong action in freedom, than correct, breaking the principle of free will and having obeyed to it against the desire. There can't be violence when following for the Teacher. Freely there is a spirit. The Teacher will help to understand a decision inaccuracy without violence over freedom of the pupil. The throwing from one pole of opposite decisions to another is destructive. Life itself will show the decision the best. The free will should be shown, considering all complexity of time. Only treachery is inadmissible, and made it is cut. It is necessary to have more trust to the Teacher and not to be afraid of inconstancy of his Love and Attention. The Teacher is unchangeable. Grimaces of spirit should be carried into the account. Quietly go to the future if you go with Me. To us anything isn't terrible, if together.

20. (Feb. 5). Even to make the next Record, any extent of self-rejection is required. Anyhow it is possible to concern superpersonal, planetary or Space if not to depart from itself and if over it not to rise. As a stumbling block there are small "I" the person, covering shining distances. Whether it is possible to see them, being entirely absorbed by it? Even the small knowledge demands self-dismissal, at least and it was insignificant. Even simple concentration forces to forget about itself temporarily. And it is in the most usual things. What to tell about the unusual? It is possible to consider that depth of achievements is measured by ability from itself to be released. So self-rejection remains a most indispensable condition of prosperity of spirit.

21. (Feb. 7). (I saw that in a dream talked to the Lord, but He didn't see.)

22. (Feb. 10). Many phenomena pass through the world is invisible to a superficial look. Whose wine in volume? - Phenomena, or superficial attitude to them? Certainly, the thin phenomena exist, as well as the World Thin, but they should be seen, and besides a look not denying. The mood, that is organism mood on immunity is frequent, strongly disturbs. The eye kind and kind is necessary. It is especially necessary at perception Highest Energy. The thin mood is easily broken at the slightest disharmony. It is possible to close easily ears and to close eye a set of moods. The awe of readiness even at perception is hard, and everything is easily forgotten that there was earlier, even the most wonderful, even the fieriest, and the mold of a commonness covers achievement. So fires go out, and the darkness takes up Light; approach and darkness victory if fires of heart went out is inevitable. Fire of heart needs continuous protection. As an inextinguishable icon lamp it has to burn. Otherwise is gloom and bottomless chasm.

23. (Feb. 12). Already I Said that without Me you anything, and with Me – force overcoming obstacles and barriers, force increased, force invincible, force which doesn’t know defeats. Even power of stars is overcome when we go together. But it is necessary to be together, it is necessary to go together. It is easy be to one, in darkness when all achievements are brought to naught because without Me there is nothing. Therefore it is better to be together therefore I Speak: forces I Will increase also the most difficult I Will make the easiest. What from this, what is difficult? After all a lung never I Promised but on difficulties I Specified to temper a spirit blade. An appeal I am ready to answer always and coming to Me I Won't expel. My doors are open always, but force of anybody to enter into them don't force. The creator of doubts and belief is the person. On what the eye of soul is opened, perceives. Nothing can shake devoted inflexible belief. What from this, what burned down the first Christians on fires and tormented with animals? Their belief from it didn't decrease, and, on the contrary, became stronger. Glass under hammer blows splashes scatters, but sound metal is forged. It is time to collect the forces, having concentrated on Me. There is enough swaying. Even the death of the Teacher doesn't avert true from the chosen way. It is possible to burn all accumulation if evidence to choose and prefer it to reality. Can't frightened become lives her winner. With you always I, but a look have be turned to Me feel Me. Where indivisibility of aspiration? Where constancy of prestanding uninterrupted? Where the confidence, what is won by the Name of the Lord everything, when together? So go to lives in the Name My and you will win against darkness. I with you always!

24. (Feb. 14). Loss of a rhythm can serve as the reason of a rupture of a silver thread. The fact, but consequences, and any reasons is important not, whatever considerable "logical they seemed, can't justify the torn thread of heart. Space full the broken beams. The rhythm should be protected if it is established. No reasons can justify its loss. That was approved for years, can't be thoughtlessly destroyed only because something somewhere happened in the outside world. No self-justifications will help the one who itself deprived of Light and rejected the Beam. Loss of a rhythm equals almost to loss of communication with the Teacher if the rhythm entered into Communication. The rhythm has to be approved despite everything.

25. (Feb. 21). My son accompanies the Beam the corresponding spiritual attire if it consciously is accepted by that to which It is sent. Compliance gives a consequence. Also it is necessary that it took place. Key in hands of the one, who knows how to turn it? The full-warm aspiration gives full compliance, or the accord. Therefore, not belittled ardent desire to enter into Communication is immutable will give an expected consequence. There can't be doubts and uncertainty where the Great Law of compliance is put in action. And on the accord Space is constructed by the accord. Harmony of the accord with the Lord is only special case of action of the general world law. Even the most elementary understanding or perception of any kind is based on the accord of related elements in consciousness perceiving, available it is available, that around. We learn that is in us in the accord and conformable that is outside. But the elements concluded in own microcosm, have to be brought in operating, active, or a sounding condition before the process of perception can begin. Sleeping energy won't give an echo. Fruitless there is a perception if energy inside aren't set in motion. The will directing consciously, begins process. It is impossible to count on any happy combinations or accidents, giving on their discretion and will that has to be in will of the person. Not the victim of the accidents even favorable, but the imperious creator – the person. Sad lamentations about failures and those perceptions didn't take place, both messages stopped, and the Silent Voice broke off, it is necessary to leave once and for all, because all in hands of the person to whom it is furnished the clue from doors of the Highest Knowledge. Fluctuation and uncertainty can nest in consciousness, but not in the Guarantee that a gate of the Highest Knowledge is always open for the one who is allowed. Therefore it is necessary to understand that everything depends on itself that the Beam is sent and Works and only the face should be turned to it, approving quality of inflexible confidence of this hidden process of the highest cognition. My son, is unchangeable the Teacher, and the Word It is firm. It isn't necessary to carry the unclear phenomena due to seeming insolvency of the Law. The law is immutable. Therefore safely also it is confidently possible to go further and to enter on a new step of cognition.

26. (Feb. 22). Any effort made for the Unification with Me, isn't in vain. Forces should be applied. So simply it is given nothing. If you want to receive the Help, make at first own efforts. The snowball should be set. It accrues in movement; in the same way and thoughts: they grow in space. Ability of continuous growth is put and in qualities of the person, both bad, and good. It is possible to grow both in good, and in the evil. The first will be the favorable room of the capital, that is energy spent or efforts made. But in good you have our Help. The good is creative. Building is Cosmic. And therefore, operating in good works the consciousness, operate in harmony with Space Laws. As some the essence of life costs behind it, directing it up. It is possible to tell: in good we rise and good we ascend.

27. (Feb. 23). My friend when there come terms, they uncontrollably involve people, to it intended, in the orbit. The merged karma, the general and personal, works powerfully. Then it isn't necessary any more neither to judge, nor to deliberate. The life stream imperiously bears on the breast of the chosen spirits to the planned purpose. As if on wings, to the purpose set for it the spirit knowing the appointment joyfully flies. So the performance of the mission of life becomes possible. Any uncertainty and uncertainty disappear. The way clearly lies down before consciousness. But it is necessary that terms came, but expectation is burdensome. Some don't maintain and cease to wait, that stopping the opportunities. The condition of the expectation, which has been correctly understood, means constant readiness – the quality necessary for the pupil. It is impossible to lower hands in powerlessness, and it is impossible to cease to wait, and it is impossible that expectation overstepped the limits of lawful intensity and balance. It is necessary to wait unexpectedly, having adjusted all organisms on a readiness key. It is necessary to wait unexpectedly, having adjusted all organisms on a key readiness. Excessive expectation also carries away forces and extinguishes fires, as and fulls its absence. But, when readiness shines exactly a spirit flame and expectation becomes creative and creative. Therefore I Speak: "To wait unexpectedly in full readiness of spirit!"

28. (Feb. 24). Today there will be a Record about terms. Terms are inevitable. Terms weave a pattern of karma planetary and human. When term comes, the phenomenon will come. Anything can't stop or detain the statement him in life any more. So time of the birth, blossoming and decline of the countries, the people, civilizations, races, the cities and everything comes that exists under the Sun. The cycle of year causes term of life of many plants, herbs and flowers. But the cycle of manifestations isn't limited for years or in ten years. The indicator of time is precisely connected with stars because stars draw patterns of life of everything that lives on Earth. Both metals and all elements are closely connected with stars internal indissoluble life. Everyone corresponds to the Star. The combination of star beams in the person defines a combination, existence of elements in this organism. Astro-therapy not imagination and fiction of leisure minds, but strong opportunity, which the knowledge can present in, order the mankind. Astro-influence of star beams on a human body occurs not directly, but through essence of the chemical elements, it making. Star combinations define relationship and amount of these or those metals in each this organism and their usefulness at treatment of diseases. The celestial map of the birth specifies, generally on this relationship and defines weak places. The body of the person is a field of a meeting and interaction of star beams and beams of stars, and terms are caused by this or that combination at present. Death of the person or the moment dangerous to it is imprinted in stars, as well as any events of a planetary order. Earth history, history of the person, history of each human life is imprinted in the sky and is defined by stars.

28 A. (Feb. 25). Other-worldly God's kingdom and spirit kingdom not on Earth and not from Earth, and terrestrial it is necessary to leave before to join it. But terrestrial all the same it is necessary to leave at change of covers that is when the person dies. He wants that or not, but to leave all manor, and the wife, both children, and relatives it is necessary inevitably and to pass to the spirit world. If in consciousness the passing isn't exempted from a usual terrestrial environment in the form of things, people and circumstances, splinters of terrestrial consciousness and illusive property will for a long time and heavy block up the spirit which has dumped the body, and in a spirit kingdom, to it not to enter into a kingdom of freedom. It is possible to realize that parting with all terrestrial is inevitable. But not able to come off the terrestrial dooms itself in darkness embraces. Whether parting it is better therefore in advance to be exempted in the spirit of from terrestrial chains, times are all the same inevitable. It is necessary to die, and it is necessary to leave everything therefore it is more expedient to choose a way the best, leading to freedom, in a kingdom of boundless opportunities of spirit. Truly, all not yours: neither things, nor clothes, neither house, nor relatives, even body. It will be easier to that to leave. If all not mine, and you don't grieve when things or circumstances leave from us, being replaced new, – because the end one. So that to come nearer to the Teacher, it is necessary to leave all this and as it all the same under all conditions should be made sooner or later, whether that is better to make it in the spirit of now that to those is closer to the Teacher to approach. If things or circumstances which are today, and leave tomorrow, will prevent, whether that will be it spirit treachery for lentil soup of illusions terrestrial, short, temporary and passing? And among splinters and the remains of not gets rid terrestrial remnants and heaps when the death deprives of everything, whether will be sharp bitterness from the maid and unrecoverable mistake because in the Thin World it is possible to continue only the thinking begun on Earth, but not to make a fresh start. Starting point – from Earth and if release wasn't made on Earth how to be released where everything it is so aggravated and brightness of illusions replaces reality for those who didn't begin to see clearly spirit and wasn't released, being on Earth?

29. (Feb. 26). The plant which has generated a seed perishes, having betrayed a seed all the properties. The form always perishes, dies, having transferred to grain fruits of the short life. As both the personality, and all covers of the person are dumped and die, having transferred identity him in spirit grain fruits of the last embodiment. The essence of all achievements and experiences crystallizes in grain. Such is a life of all live forms embodied on Earth, and everything that is. Results gather round a spirit-monad in the form of growing stratifications. Nothing passes completely. Temporariness of a form – not the damnation, but blessing because gives new opportunities for growth at change of external covers which, being roughly material, wear out, grow old and become useless. Evolution doesn't spare a form, destroying them in billions, but carefully protects deeply put fiery grain of a spirit-monad which is indestructible. The care of evolution of its preservation consists in inviolability of grain on all cycles, - but not know mercy life to the forms. Arise to die, having often passed a heavy and bitter way of experience. According to the Apostle, "all flesh groans together with the person". And in the plaint world, in the world terrestrial where "cry also a gnash tooth" not find happiness to an animal, the person because danger, sufferings, diseases and death trap continually. But realized the Identity is gained by solar immunity and rises spirit over the grief world, being approved in Spheres of the Highest, Fiery, indestructible. It also will be renunciation of the world terrestrial and end of a terrestrial way, dismissal from temporary to find the eternal. So, the soul lost, finds it.

30. (Feb. 27). My friend, true action display fires, and such action are called fiery. Usually people sleep in the actions and therefore they are often inefficient. Can show action of due tension not everyone, but only the one who owns fires. Actions are accompanied by light. Therefore we Welcome joyful, light, intense work. The show of work sad, sad and black out is sad. Not light, but darkness and dark emanations are extended round himself by such worker, poisoning surrounding space. Discipline of lightful work is the next problem of mankind. Too much darkness was generated by work dependent, and too much evil involved this abnormal situation. Accepted the Doctrine has to comprehend secret of work clarified and through work to bring Light in the smoky and gray atmosphere of Earth. It is necessary to learn to work joyfully, whatever work should be executed. After all it isn't to the work which visible fruits will be swept away by time hand, but in the process of tension, strengthening and accumulation of internal fires. Through work fires kindle it is correct, the vigorous condition of the worker plays thus a crucial role. To be joyful – a task difficult for implementation, to be joyful from feeling of fires, kindle in work and victoriously burning in the course of work. This feeling of burning fires already in itself brings feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Work literally ennobles the person because on fires the organism becomes easier and rises over the surrounding sphere. In work we rise. The person inspired with intense and inspired work, changes. It the enthusiasm is valuable. Service to Light happens in work and when it is conscious, a lot of benefit is brought to the world. The person, light to the world bringing, truly, is the benefactor of mankind.

31. (Fev. 28). The person often forgot spatial value of the acts, thoughts, feelings and words. Arriving alone, it shows correct understanding. It are indifferent, people seen or done not see, known or done not know, how the person behaved, the space saw all and all knew, wherefore in it all are embody. And the phenomenon, which had enter into records of space, remained there forever, influence people, on surround and on beget. Therefore from spatial justice and spatial condemnation not to leave anywhere wherefore in space there lived the person. The one who had realize value of spatial life of the person, will protect the terrestrial actions. Action should be undress widely, in its three-planned revealing – invisible and visible. The court human unilateral, are narrow and imperfect, and are erroneous always, but the spatial court are faultless. Force are more its and inalterability it decisions crystallized in a karma of the person in the form of the energy enter into it structure. And results of acts human become inevitable property of beget. Therefore the understanding of the behavior before a choir of space and generate consequences also will be the correct approach to the decision of a question on how the person should behave. People perfectly known, how it are necessary to conduct itself in the presence of others, but, remain alone, believed that all if nobody saw are admissible. Also forgotten that, except space, set of eyes from the Thin World watched closely and seen that the person honored the secret. Secret there are nothing, to this thought it are necessary to get used and reckon it, and to find in itself courage daring to look in the face to the validity. After all there will come the moment when the bar essence of the person, visible for all, became for the owner tormenting shame, a shame, humiliation or, to the contrary, blessing and pleasure. Here then unknown courage before people and space is required to appear, ha show, what person with all accumulation hid in it are. It became obvious. The moment for many is not from the pleasant. The person had too g used to hide the acts the curtain with which acted in film there where there are nothing secret. A Leah to be ashamed lights much under force? Most, process exposures of the internal essence it is painful extraordinary, if hypocrisy and deception strongly entered in use of their owner. It are necessary to think well of the behavior before a choir of space that light and courage to anticipate the moment of spatial test.

*32. (Feb. 29). I Came to ask you to that learned during this time because, truly, it isn't left and isn't forgotten. It is necessary to show still patience small, because already at a limit. Fidelity observes up to the end. It is easier to reach. You will see the Lord the same as sometimes you see yourself before yourself an internal eye. And then at any time, when to want to concentrate attention on far, and at the same time close friend. To see and hear – your immediate task necessary for performance of the Assignment. Veil from eyes I Will remove also the press from ears. Readiness is of a reality. Let Records will be a fruit of assembled experience. I Came not to condemn, but to channelize the correct. It is lost. Rest of indifference or concern stupor is alien to us. Nowadays there is a statement of the new – immutable among changing and hidden among seen (Light among darkness). The awe of readiness every instant to accept new let will be call of the current hour. I send opportunities new – don't pass. On the screen of consciousness it is possible to see more than that knows a brain (more, than knows a brain). I give the chance to develop internal sight and to see a soul eye. On the screen you will be able to see Me. And it will put an end to doubts and your torments.

33. (March 1). The space never happens silent, it has always the note on which it sounds; this notes all the time changes. It is possible to listen to sounding of strings of a spatial harp. Not always it is adjusted harmoniously; sometimes heavy or sad sounds are carried by in it. As salt on an open wound, they affect the centers. Convulsions shake Space, bearing confusion waves. The invisible space around is full of life. Just as in the visible nature it is possible to observe storms, thunder-storms, hurricanes, winds, calm, heat, cold, silence, rest and other phenomena, spatial life, hidden to a physical eye is in the same way various also. The harp of spirit human vibrates on it and sounds in compliance. Mood – depression, lifting, melancholy, ease or burden on heart – all these reactions of a microcosm human on spatial influences. Invisible influences are stronger and deeper visible, and not to disappear from them as it is possible to disappear from a rain or cold in the warm room. People only don't give themselves the report in, how the big role is played by these phenomena their lives. But it is possible to listen to waves of space consciously and, having caught a spatial note, to have the actions and the behavior respectively. So, in days of heavy crossing currents it is possible to strain tranquility or an equilibrium state, or when the rare pleasure in space sounds and the soul sings, it is possible to throw the best grains of the next crops into the Great bosom. Ancient hierophant had the actions on stars by which they defined character of a spatial mood. Each sensitive organism and without stars feels these influences. All feel to some extent. Only on joyful or oppressed faces of people you see consequences of these influences. It is impossible to deny existence of spatial life and powerful energy, it causing.

34. (March 3). Rage of egoism rises in the person against derogation of the personality, against expansion of consciousness and against its growth and transformation in consciousness Space. The personal consciousness grew and developed according to the plan of evolution and it was necessary as a necessary step of the following, highest form of its display. But here this step is passed. The old person strong protects property, acquired with such work. But the life stream doesn't stop. The mankind passes to collective rails, it wants that or not. The collective expands consciousness and acquaints him to more wide range. The collective grows, embracing eventually all terrestrial mankind to become then part of mankind universal. The cricket keeps at a distance behind an oven, in a dark corner. But person not cricket. Its sphere is Space. The worlds are its property and the purpose. But personal consciousness not to concern far stars. It is necessary to depart from it too far. Therefore and protected self-dismissal from personal to concern Space. If to consider the personality as means to the far purpose and an inevitable intermediate step in consciousness development, transition to its following form will be not so painful. But filling personal not will lead to the purpose. In the end result it will lead up a blind alley from which there will be no exit. Having only risen over the sphere of a direct environment, can punch consciousness a shell of aura of the egg, surrounding egoism of the person, and outgrew the forms who already grew from a children's dress and to whom it is already close in past attires. So everything grows, and not a miracle that the butterfly wants to dump the cocoon which isn't necessary to her, wants to straighten the wings and to come to a scope, to the Sun. To closely spirit in a cocoon of gets rid covers. He wants freedom. Means, time came to straighten and direct to an eaglet wings to flights. I was in an egg-shell. Shell I punched. I was wingless and helpless, - but it already behind and ahead freedom and flights. The space is opened to at whom wings grew.

35. (March 4). Restraint, self-checking, ability to own itself, the power over the feelings, emotions and thoughts are the best achievements of spirit on a field terrestrial, necessary to spirit both on Earth, and in Elevated. Control has to be constant. The habit to dismiss behaves to destruction of these, so difficult acquired qualities. Therefore continuous intense wakefulness and patrol of will are necessary the unrelenting. Otherwise squandering of treasures will begin, and fire will begin to leave carelessly protected receptacle. It is possible to call guardians of fires these (above-mentioned) qualities. It they are especially valuable. Dissoluteness is unacceptable; the condition of spirit when hands and spirit powerlessly fall is inadmissible allows that whirlwinds terrestrial carried away it for themselves as dry leaves downwind. The awake will always on patrol, it is ready to stop always each feeble effort of elements or circumstances to break its freedom because the will can display itself in any conditions what they were. Restraint is a constant readiness of will of to approve. It is necessary to be always on the alert because easing of vigilance and patrol involves slackness and leakage of force. Inertness, slackness, indifference is a display of weaknesses of the spirit devouring its fires. Fires are approved in operation. The statement of qualities in itself is the statement or a kindle of the necessary fires. Show the qualities of spirit, which are so necessary for his life because without fires there is no life. Tension of fires of spirit overcomes difficulties of life. And if life is that it is necessary to overcome, force of fires makes this overcoming. Fires are approved in every way spirit. It is necessary to strain forces. Squandering of treasures takes place in spirit twilight.

36. (March 5). The Beam is appropriated to the pupil. On a wave of the Beam there is a perception of the thinnest energy, and invisible turns in visible, silent – into visible forms and words. So there is consciousness saturation by the highest energy. Receiving goes on the Beam. Process is thin and intangible, but results are notable and visible. So far becomes close and invisible – seen for Earth. Therefore it is possible to call the lit consciousness the transformer of the highest energy reduced to Earth in forms, available to understanding of people. Value of these of the few is great, able to apprehend imperceptible for usual consciousnesses and to present it in the form of the harmonius finished forms. In the hidden look these abilities all people, but in working condition they only at the few possess. It is necessary to know the value ability to achievement to show that big care to woken fires. Fires demand care and careful attitude. It is impossible to be negligent to that demanded so long works and efforts for manifestation of in life. Millions years it was required in order that an organism and its covers reached the necessary extent of thinning and depression. But after all it began only also an entrance to area of unlimited opportunities. Care to the achievements is necessary indispensable, constant and conscious. It is easy to lose or muffle a gentle sprout of spirit. It can powerlessly hang in the poisoned atmosphere of terrestrial layers if not to preserve it. I speak: everything has no value, the events outside while internal processes in a human body go correctly and lawfully. Because the spiritual device, the fiery device of the person is his property, but anything outside doesn't belong to it. Fire which collected and has been saved up in life remains with it and after death its integral property. Only person can chisel or increase fires. Squandering and enhancement happens in life and depends on degree of that tension in which it passes. On tension limit kindle spirit fires. Therefore the most difficult and intense life can be blessing and the best nursery for a fiery body, at least and she misfortune and punishment seemed to the person. Space measures others and won't be coordinated with estimates of the inhabitant; because fiery property, in works, struggles and intensity acquired and increased not compare to temporary and passing riches terrestrial. The fiery treasure is conscious and careful in life saved up, display imperishable, enduring essence at final calculation when the last is brought and not able not to be changed the result of terrestrial life. If people understood the value of fiery treasure, which everyone can collect, save up and increase if they knew that it gives to spirit, life human would change in a root. But people don't know and deny without what life loses any meaning and value, and, denying, become about whom It is Told: "Provide dead to bury the dead persons". The Lord to Earth in order that it flared up in each human heart wants to reduce fire.

37. (March 6). The luminescence of an organism is caused by polarization of a microcosm human on a certain wave. Speak:" it shines with happiness ", " his eyes were shone ", «it – as if a cloud ",” the person grew dark" and so on, – speak correctly. Each thought, each feeling, each emotion, each action causes light or darkness in the person. The fiery device of the person with his network of nervous branches and the central knots, a brain big, back are generators and transmitters of the electromagnetic currents, which phenomenon is always accompanied by a luminescence. Tensely working hand is shone stronger and brighter, than the same hand being at rest. Thoughts and emotions are closely connected with a brain and nervous channels. It is possible to see, in an attack of excitement, pleasure or despair of people makes a number of movements. Certainly, movement of a working hand and movement of the hand tearing in despair hair on the head are accompanied by various lighting effects. Fires caused by these or those reasons, correspond to thoughts and feelings, them generated. If person the person darkened from thought, so these thoughts dark, and fires, generated by them, will be not light, but dark fires.
Inspired creativity of the poet or the artist and desperate passion of the player cause fires of absolutely different nature, and an organism, they allowed, is shone or saddened by them. Having generated in itself fires of this or that order, the person space connects him and is invisible with fluids of spatial fires of the same order, degree and the direction which are generated by planet mankind. These streams are very various in characters, to degree and tension. But it is possible to tell that everyone will find in them the stream, to its condition the most consonance and corresponding, strengthening thereby an own condition. So, spatial influences cooperate with the person, strengthening his condition, lifting or belittling it. Spirit harp accord with a spatial harp in that key, on which adjusted the harp of people it is free or involuntarily. The free and strong spirit adjusts it is free and is conscious, dependent, being in bondage at the experiences and emotions, powerlessly submits to the despotic power of an astral and gives itself to influences of spatial currents. The person can rejoice or grieve, but the space takes active part in its experiences if they are rather strong, even more straining their note. It is impossible to separate itself from spatial influences, but to determine by the will their character and the direction it is possible, it is any, conscious and at the will polarizing itself on a desirable wave. The space has no consolation neither for whiners, nor for desperate, nor for vicious, nor for angry because that small particle of light, which it has is taken away from the poor also if it is the victim of the moods. Truly, every instant the person causes in him light or darkness and strengthens them in itself the accord spatial currents corresponding to them. In the Thin World it is simply involved in these streams. And a grief to what usual mood is from darkness or black out phenomena of the lowest order. Approving itself in Light phenomena, the person makes something very useful both for himself, and for people around, and for space.

38. (March 8). Terrestrial wisdom is hostility against the Lord. Whether it means, what small terrestrial evidence – the enemy and the opponent of reality, or the Space truth? The small world of the person embraced by his consciousness can't include and embrace Space in its visible and invisible aspects. Therefore, the world human and the world of the valid truth won't be coordinated. Everything, that knows and then their lives the person,
In Boundlessness, as a grain before the Sun in the limited a little People huddle on the worlds, being fenced off from the world big. Only having left a small orbit of the world, the person can hope to join the big life embracing all worlds human and all Universes. What types are reflected by the Sun, but the consciousness human doesn't reflect, but distorts in the curve mirror the great boundless world out of it. Death! Death! The death around, – exclaims the person. It is lie! Death isn’t present. Around pulses eternal life, continuously and constantly changes the temporary forms. This is the person approves the death phenomenon while the reality denies it. Because in thinking of people proceeds from itself and from itself, but not from the world around, itself puts, the small consciousness, Universe center, forgetting, that terrestrial mind not to capture Boundlessness. We come besides: it is necessary to depart from it before seeing the boundless shining world outside. But on a way of this separation from, this self-dismissal, there is egoism, an evil eye separating light of the Highest Worlds from consciousness of the person. Also it continues to cook in juice of the direct environment, expelling itself from the world big. Way of expansion of consciousness at any cost or way is a way true. The care of a family, of the people, of mankind already brings the person out of his small world, - that the collective is valuable, breaking walls personal prison. That it is significant statement of the New World, in process developments which persons it is taken away not taking priority place. The personality for the person that a cocoon for a butterfly. Not to depart, without having dumped it (it), and not to come to the Space scope of spatial life, from it without having exempted. Release lies in the correct understanding of its role, value and the purpose as steps to the following, highest point of consciousness – consciousnesses Space. Outside egoism the world of boundless opportunities of spirit lies.

39. (March 9). You have to learn to appreciate work. Work dependent can't support body health. If the Beam meets whirlwinds the rushing about an astral and if thus the consciousness is far from being turned to the Teacher, the Beam is useless. Pushing away happens thanks to terrible discrepancy of vibrations of the Beam and vibrations of the discomposed essence of the person. Even in a condition of full tranquility this compliance is necessary, - only tranquility doesn't give the accord. For many years assimilations give the necessary condition of this accord of a mood of consciousness and an organism. And then the tranquility is that condition under which it is possible. But disbalance and astral flashes sharply break it, years the established accord, and interrupt current. Astral storms are inadmissible. They ruin health, they sadden consciousness, they poison people around, they separate consciousness of the pupil from consciousness of the Teacher, they immerse in darkness of sight is awful. Wreckers and quenchers of the astral plan very much try strengthening and supporting these flashes. They eat dark radiations, sticking to hopelessness, and they extinguish light fires and awaken dim, smoky, black fires. The show of the similar phenomena if observe it thin the poisoned aura. To madness of a violent astral cover it has to be put an end. Not bridled, it torments the victim and turns the person into the pity slave to the display and does him by the slave to dark substance surrounding it. Silence and restraint can be a good bridle. It is good to sit silently, without giving to an astral of opportunity to be expressed externally. It affects it, as a cold shower. Silence and simply physical immovability extinguish languages of smoky dark fires, they, without having opportunity to be shown, become deaf, as a flame without air. Sometimes the immovability of a body and muscles has very great value for restoration of the broken balance. And, of course, silence, astral demands continuous control, unrelenting and severe. Even small flashes are dangerous because they are followed by the big. The ardent cover should be kept in severe submission and obedience to will. Otherwise it will tear to pieces the owner.

40. (March 10). The legend of to will of the Lord and the willfulness are incompatible. From here all fight of contradictions. Also heart on part between a magnet of the will and Will Lord is torn apart. The decision lies in full concordant harmonious merge both. Not to reduce the Highest Will to the, but to ennoble and coordinate with the Highest it is necessary. The will, or willfulness of egoism, costs separately from Will Lord. But the will, merged with the Highest, gives pleasure of the accord but if the pleasure left, so merges isn't present. The analysis of current state of spirit will easily find this gap. Can't and shouldn't take a place separation of thinking of the pupil from thinking of the Head, because it is possible to assimilate then to a kitten in a raging sea. Means, over everything, over all accidents it is necessary to aspire to a unification and to approve it. That from this that something occurred, occurs or will occur outside. The Lord and always near is unchangeable, but is notable only when heart addresses to It in desire and aspiration to be with It. Otherwise deaf and blind there is an unlucky traveler of Earth. It would seem, simply, direct to Me and with Me arrive. But winds terrestrial and whirlwinds of an astral will sweep away beauty of a tracing and close consciousness in a dark circle of hopelessness. Rescue I Promised all who follows Me, but it is necessary to follow, that is to seek in the spirit of to be constant with Me. Provide lives to flow and to whirlwinds to rustle with the turn in darkness external, you incessantly in consciousness are with Me over vanity and a life scum. Not about life outside, but about the consciousness it is necessary to show care. Because, that advantage to the person, if he gets the, whole world, will get, and will lose the soul. Care of soul, of consciousness display in an uninterrupted transit for the Teacher. To follow in the mornings, coming off, stopping and stumbling in the afternoon, unconvincingly and unworthy mature spirit. It is necessary to understand, at last, that most important, the strongest and indestructible consists in the person, instead of in the outside world, in Maya passing phantasmagorias terrestrial. On the invisible and internal it is necessary to place emphasis, and then external will be only accompaniment to the never-dying song of spirit. And all external will serve ascension. And any more there will be no terrible destructive dissonance between terrestrial gravitations and an inclination of the Space Magnet. My world I Give you, the world I Send as a symbol of great harmony with the Highest, Fiery energy of Space.

41. (March 11). The spirit crucifixion in a flesh is destiny of each person. But understand it only few. The majority will be blinded by physical visibility. Spirit crucifixion – differently it is impossible to call a plunge to the world dense. The heavy terrestrial way should be passed. And at whom from reached it was easy? Fires are born, get stronger and accumulate in the conditions of counteractions, obstacles, difficulties and burdening’s. And they are more intense and stronger, the reciprocal fires are stronger. Therefore for growing and ascending spirit accumulation and crystallization of fires and development of mental energy goes a foot in step with growth of difficulties and obstacles. Having amplified and having increased on obstacles more lungs, it, naturally, cause on itself waves of more powerful phenomena to become stronger. That is why burdening by circumstances goes according to growth of strength of mind. Can lift kilogram also the child, but to lift unreasonable weight in power only to what muscles are tempered by a number of previous efforts on a rising of weights. Process of strengthening is caused by the aspiration attracting on waves of counteracting conditions of the environment. The quicker the plane flies, the air resistance is stronger. The reason lies in speed of movement of the device. Spirit growth is subordinated to this law also. Difficulties are directly proportional to speed of advance. To whom it is much given, from that much and it is asked. The law of the accord is shown as well in it. Only the hero calls a dragon on fight, and the inhabitant is at war with fleas, bugs and cockroaches." Ina glory to the moon, Inna glory to the Sun, in a glory stars". Tests are given on forces. And if they seem too heavy, intolerable and insuperable, so forces grow. But in moments of silence nevertheless it is possible to feel that that occurred outside, whatever terrible conditions and obstacles were piled up, inside anything can't break spirit. Because the Sun will come, both the Moon will come, and Earth wills come, but the spirit will go always. The feeling of the not transient will help to understand that nothing can nor destroy, nor kill, destroy immortal eternal essence of the person. Waves every day, terrible, heavy, not in forces break spirit rocks, because they from a flesh, spirit over them and out dense. If to connect consciousness with the outside world and the phenomena, it will fluctuate together with them if to lift it in area where don't reach a wave of the lowest, dense phenomena, it is possible to reach a condition of fiery immunity. And then the stream of life will begin to flow before eyes, without involving consciousness in the streams. Dumb Witness in the millennium Looked and will look at a life watercourse, recording its variety, but itself standing outside and with Him Looking from within, should be connected and identified.

42. (March 12). Not words will rescue, but their application. Speak where it is easier, than to apply. The words haven't approved by actions, as leaves dry is. When too restlessly around both the chaos and darkness rush into consciousness, it is necessary to turn forces inside, to the center, without scattering them on the parties. It also will be concentration of strength of mind. People usually spray them on many channels, devastating it. It is necessary to all with consciousness to protect and protect forces. They are necessary for protection.

43. (March 13). In World Mine there are no elements of the passing. At a stream of life we Look Space. The millennia in it are, as days. And all phenomena we Shine with Beams of eternal understanding real. Not Earth, but the Worlds before Us in their ascending aspiration to Light. And Stars Far in it is only accomplices of Life Great. And Earth is only a step to the world to another, the Highest and more perfect. For Us the Space concept of the real is the only decision. The sphere of its display is Boundlessness. The present day is as an echo of the past and an instant unreal, flying by in the future. The future is because the concept of time conducting in it is relative and caused by a cover, in which the consciousness at present is concentrated. In the Thin World feeling of time other and in Fiery (World) is it already out of terrestrial understanding. We go to comprehension of that condition, about which it is told that "time any more won't be". On wings of inalterability we fly to the Future, and nothing can stop a majestic Space stream of World Life. In it the egoism of personal consciousness is lost and replaced new, the highest. Not from Earth of people, but from Light, and Light Kingdom – its appointment. Goes to it! Also will reach, if reaches.

44. (March 14). Evolution of Space takes its course. Not in forces to stop it’s those attempts which become on Earth the dark. Earth is a special case, in Boundlessness not having value. But each earthling, who has adjoined Evolution, joins in a world tide of life. Going against Evolution finally dooms itself to regress and final destruction. Garbage of Evolution is destroyed, passing a long and painful stage of decomposition. With impunity it is impossible to go long against Evolution. It is better to adjoin it. The fate of certain people, and the whole people, and even the races not corresponding to Evolution, is sad – will be swept away from the life arena. Degeneration and decomposition can last for eyelids. We see leaving races and once the great people which have fallen nowadays into a pettiness. Both Bushmen and Australians are the remains once great races. It is better to adjoin Evolution strongly. It isn't limited to one Earth. The way on stars is wide and is infinite. Travelers of an infinite way often don't know the appointment. The destiny of the person is great, but demands understanding. Otherwise it is possible to miss the major.

45. (March 15). And still ghosts of life and ardent Maya can't deprive spirit of its eternal heritage if eyes are open. Maya insolvency is in its transience and end by a circle of terrestrial one small life. In the Thin World Maya are others. It only Earth echo, but even more fragile, illusive and ephemeral. Eternal property of spirit is in its accumulation. Experience with inheritance and, in particular, "for seeing the Sun" is good. The sun of life is the Lord! Who sees Me and My Light accepts has indestructible among a constant and eternal to fall in. The World treasure at Me, and wishing it will come to get to Mine yes. Adjoin heart to the Lord – means to understand all futility of a terrestrial transient and thought, to Me aspirational, to try to pull out persistently itself from a kingdom of deception, illusions and dreams. All terrestrial is good, but only at clear, clear and its deep understanding. Only scales of Boundlessness can help to define the importance of each phenomenon of life and to separate that is that seems. The world seeming to evidence and my World won't be coordinated, because my other-worldly World, not from deceptive Maya world. Life Eternal is Space life in which the person has the part and from which it is separated only by the misunderstanding. I will destroy everything, all constructions which do the person by the victim of these illusions. And on ruins of a kingdom of death I Will erect the Life and Light Kingdom. And a place to everyone I Will give that anybody any more didn't consider itself (himself) unfortunate and disinherited. Children of Earth, Mine time comes, is! Whether you are ready to meet it adequately?

46. (March 16). The care not about itself let will be a key of your actions. Why to limit energy to a circle low-slightest? But when this energy is directed far, taking wide circles, the sphere of spirit grows and the consciousness extends. The wide purpose of aspiration – World Distant, and a limit is Boundlessness. So consciously can expand spirit the orbit eventually to assimilate to the Sun. Truly, it is possible to call by the Sun of spirit the Hierarch, the Driver of a planet, or the Sun of life of the Hidden plan which beams are visible to thin sight. So consciousness expansion will be the main note of life of spirit. After all life also consists in consciousness life, and for the sake of it and there passes the person a heavy share terrestrial. The consciousness can't grow at once, this process, as grass growth is imperceptible. But we see Great Torches of the Spirit which consciousness grew so that brightly shines in centuries and eyelids among darkness human. Therefore about growth and expansion of consciousness it is possible to show care, it and will be action by the most useful among all acts human; circle of this care, big or small, we limit the consciousness. Those, who live not for it, but for people, thinking of their benefit, correctly solve the vital problem. The general welfare or the Benefit of all and care of all mankind will be the best solution of a vital problem and the most useful to the person.

47. (March 17). Yes! Yes! Yes! Among general inconstancy and instability constants still have the everyday rhythmic address to the Lord. This address will be as though an emphasis, or a life basis. These are the foundations of the bridge which are splitting up a current of terrestrial life, the bridge conducting in Boundlessness. They have to be especially strong. If to move away them, won't sustain the bridge of a pressure of spontaneous waves and will fail. Therefore, the current, the furious a pressure is stronger; the firmer and stronger foundations of the bridge thrown from the coast of a flesh in eternity are approved. They can be strengthened and supported in the various ways. The consciousness of constants and the intense dangers generated by power of elements will be best of them. Power of spirit is opposed to powers of elements. It is immeasurable and inexhaustible. People of the force and limits of the power over a matter and elements don't know. If knew wouldn't be slaves to the material phenomena. The matter and elements – are blind also in itself having no will. The matter is passive. Elements are amorphous, aren't impregnated yet and not recovered by fire of human will and understanding. This great gift of creativity and creative will and the power over the nature in all its aspects isn't accepted and not realized still by the person in all its depth. Are given to the person of energy of the spirit, able influence powerfully all kingdoms of the nature. Absorbing ability the matter and elements possesses to perceive fiery energy of will and to pour out in the forms defined and established by it. There is no counteraction in the being of a matter and elements, except inertness inherent in them. It is unconscious and deprived of a strong-willed rationality. Blindly elements submit to the strong trained will knowing boundless opportunities. Truly, the person – the tsar of the nature put by life over it. And if to begin with small conquest of elements and a matter, it is possible to reach and acts great. But understanding and knowledge of that the power of will is boundless is necessary. And this knowledge is Arhat’s knowledge.

48. (March 18). Spatial parcels strengthen relations with Space and are very useful to the person. Each person cooperates with space irrespective of, he knows it or not. The aura of the person represents itself crystal deposits of the various energy radiating magnetic emanations of a various order. Aura Earth is densely saturated with radiations of billions people. These radiations by the nature of, to quality, tension and the character form corresponding and akin spheres and each vibration radiated by a microcosm human, always causes the echo, or movement in the sphere corresponding to its character. On movements in aura human always something and somewhere sounds answer in space. Vibration in aura of the person and a spatial echo on it will be poles of the same phenomenon stretched from the person in space. Dark or light cooperation depends on nature of that movement which happens in aura of the person and affects all who are equally feeling or able to feel. The aura of the person and spheres corresponding to its vibrations the terrestrial invisible amplify mutually. In each action of people not one, but it is connected with all, it is identical or similar to it acting and acting people. Once any feeling indulges, thoughts or emotions, and immediately the spatial response will connect the person with the phenomena, akin to his experiences. And when the body is dumped and the person is exempted from limitation dense, the spatial attractions established by it during lifetime on Earth, start working especially powerfully because already all people impetuously is attracted to related spheres on essence, with which it came into contact and got used consonance on Earth. It belongs to all actions of the person, bad and good. The drunkard isn't lonely in the hobby: all drunkards of the world his employees, assistants and amplifiers of its desire, as well as everything astral generated by them. The sphere of this phenomenon is wide and extensive, and the accord with Bahus's admirers corresponds to intensity of aspiration. Cooperation full, fair and according to intensity of desire is. Each emotion and thought of the person, causing the spatial accord, deserves especial attention and discretion that is control. By pleasure it is caused from space pleasure, a grief – a grief, irritation we attract poison imperil and so on. Consonance with spheres everything, that vibrates in the person, generating various radiations. It is easy to define an otherworldly fate of the person, knowing, on what keys he played the symphony of life. On these keys they also will sound for it and there, but in the conditions of the thin. Therefore, speaking to church language, it is possible to tell: other fate to the righteous person, and other fate to the sinner, that is light or dark spirit. Everyone determines the destiny by the accord of the energy postponed in its aura, with spheres of spatial deposits in aura of a planet. These spheres magneto attract in the orbit consonance to them spirits. Process is fair. Everyone receives to what directed. The person, all life confined to by a bed illness, but directing to stars, in their spheres also will arrive. The aspiration defines an elevated way of the person, and the accord approves it.

49. (March 20). Even in the middle of a cyclone there is a center - complete equilibrium which isn't broken by a storm raging around. In the person the Silent Recorder Looking from depth of the person at the phenomena, rushing by it in a rough stream of time will be this center of tranquility. It is necessary to connect consciousness to it and to merge with it together; nothing cans it neither shakes, nor mention, destroy. It in the person and it is out of everything, the events outside. Its essence has in itself no elements passing and therefore can't be struck, affected or defective by them whatever occurred around or with the person. He, Silent, Will look only, Recorded everything, but Itself Being not mentioned by anything. Everything that worries, feels and suffers in the person, is this entire not He. He only Looks and only Remembers. If to join its Light, Silently Looking, and to come nearer to its Lamp, all external will lose the power over consciousness and the force incessantly to torment the person. From external storms the shelter can be found only inside. On the example of usual life it is possible to see how the tape of vital events is developed before consciousness and it is carried by from the future in the past, leaving the one Who Beholds it, only Looking. The tape flows by, and He Looks. Both five, and ten, and forty years ago He Looked, and life rushed by. Both people, and circumstances of the past already sank into oblivion long ago and left irrevocably, and He still Looks at already new conditions which are still passing before it. He Looking, also is Dumb Witness, without a name, without forms and without the color, inside Staying and not having in it elements passing and therefore not able to be them mentioned. This Highest, that is in the person. This is Eternal in the temporary! It is Light in darkness; this is Agni of eternal life, Condescending in a matter, what to raise them to Itself.
50. (March 21). If the Lord in consciousness doesn't take priority, Put it, both the Words Its, and the Doctrine are overshadowed. The reason it is not in affairs, but in consciousness installation. Each consciousness at each this moment sounds on a certain wave which causes further receipts. This wave is established from a pleasure of will and by it is defined. Certainly, weak-willed beings as a candle flame unsteady a wind, entirely submit to foreign influences which operate them, but will, approved, a freedom of choice of the tonality and the accord reserves. Iron roof can break a wind and carry away, but no wind will lift a piece of iron from the Earth. In it value of concentration and ability to resist to whirlwinds of the lower class. Concentration of energy of a microcosm in itself, the energy which are usually directed to various external objects and the phenomena, gives it durability and firmness of a piece became, and the tranquility turns this piece into a sphere – a balance symbol, – already almost inaccessible to external influences. The balance symbolized by a sphere, the best protection because anybody and will resist nothing against balance. It is preceded always by internal concentration. Usually energy of spirit is directed in the different directions. Even the strong host can be weakened, having divided it into parts and having scattered on the big area, especially strength of mind because everyone, strong the phenomenon attracting spirit, demands costs of it any share of energy. There are moments when it is necessary to resist by all means, and then the dispersion of mental energy is inadmissible. Then the person incorporates everything the dispatched everywhere to energy to concentrate them inside in a uniform monolith of spirit. The main task – them collect, without giving neither thoughts, nor attention, neither feelings, nor emotions, experiences to anything external. "All Mine in myself I bring together", – he speaks to itself, – and becomes indestructible and impregnable for external influences. Passionately becoming attached to things or people, the person sends himself to the power of to what his heart is directed, and puts itself in dependence on them. Given outside energy should return back, differently not to restore balance. Whatever occurred outside, it is necessary to energy should return to the center and to collect forces inside. Such concentration gives the highest degree of a protective and approves balance. Power of action is possible only on condition of such concentration which precedes action and without which true action is impossible. The dispersion of consciousness and its energy can't be the key to success.

51. (March 22). Three times approved in Light the darkness can't seize. Darkness impact temporarily, as isn’t, everything will be for. Give term. From examples of the past we know that the decision to stand up to the end led to the desired purpose. The dark strip should be taken place in silence, silently, without attracting to itself hostile eyes. Everything is good in its season: to crops and harvest, storm and calm, work and rest, to pleasure and grief, hopes and loss of hopes. But they are the phenomena of a deceptive duality. The spirit is higher, because passes through them. Passing and that, through what it passes, is the phenomena of a different order. To identify itself with the passable phenomena is delusion. It is better to be with Me out of transient, because I with you out of it. So strengthen the basis. Terms will come.

52. (March 23). The silent word is stronger than the pro-uttered. The silent thought is stronger than the thought put aloud into words. Therefore you learn to act in silence. There are conditions, it isn't necessary when to speak when words will meet repulse when to them won't listen or when opportunity something to tell at all isn't submitted. And here then it is possible to use force of the silent word. Not through ears it reaches consciousness, but is deeper.

53. (March 24). Will development. The will is fire in operation and in application. Even the person of no character, who has contained at least for a while all qualities of a flame, can show force. Everything put is in tension of fires. The one, who can cause heart fires, that and is strong. The boiler can work only under a press of many atmospheres. Without a press there is no force at steam. As also fires human without tension can't work. Action of will requires a press supporting duration of tension. The fiery nature of will should be realized. It develops application, like muscles.

54. The annual holiday means the birth and the beginning of new affairs. The cycle is started over again. Each cycle is a spiral of approach of the future. In this aspect also it is necessary to consider the current time. Not in personal, but the current of events on a global scale is defined and understood. It is favorable and very successful. Thanks to this circumstance and personal karmas of the people belonging to terms, will start developing respectively while personal and planetary won't merge in a uniform stream. Victories obviously everywhere, and over them is our Hand. There was no time closer to implementation and an embodiment on Earth in dense forms of the precepted fairy tale. But it is necessary to reach it on the ground terrestrial feet and to create her hands human. In it is main difficulty. Not everything, not all consciously show the necessary degree of readiness. It detains Evolution run. But nevertheless victories are everywhere. You look at the events as on a close threshold to judgment and spirit lamps not kindle because terms go. And you, who are subject to terms, show understanding to the events. Not in personal it is necessary to look for the decision and permission of all questions, but generally. The general welfare is included in the spiral course of Evolution. Also it is necessary to join in it consciousness, without separating. Personal doesn't give the satisfactory decision because personal, separated from the general, cuts consciousness from the World Source of Life. The course of Evolution receives the direction from the Stronghold, and at the head – the Leading Lord. Also it is necessary to adjoin it continuously. New time goes. The magnet of the future works powerfully.

55. (March 25). And still condensed darkness of the present is temporarily. It is difficult to get a look out of its limits. From here is feeling of hopelessness. And if in the past there were moments when was light-and it is joyful, there will be they and in the future. Only in their future will be more and more while the darkness won't disappear absolutely. It is impossible to live, without believing in a final victory of Light. Light will be despite everything. Feeling of a presentiment of Light of the future and live!

56. (March 26). Testify to the Highest the one who passed a long way of discipline of spirit and following to Instructions of the Teacher can only.

57. The belief and hope matter not in itself, and are considerable that condition of spirit which they create. Not so important, on what the person, as the vigorous, light and joyful condition of spirit generated by hope and belief hopes. Therefore it is possible to welcome everything that causes light fires in the person, at least expected and didn't justify. The person, as a rule, in general lives among the imagined world of illusions, which have not enough relation to reality. So let the hope these will be better than construction and ennobling character. And they will be executed or not, it isn't important if they play the ennobling role. Phantoms of despair, hopelessness, concern and grief too capture the person, saddening it. They too are unreal. Better to live in the world of illusions by belief and hope of something light and joyful even if they and won't take place, than to drag the vegetation in a hopelessness gloom. So give to people hope, support it and approve consciousness them waiting for the best future. Let this light expectation will be a leading magnet of their life. Everyone wants something and if it "something" is quite good, it is possible to approve it, at least and knowing about impossibility of its implementation. Let the pleasure of unrealizable dream will light up at least for a while a dim way of the person. It isn't enough pleasure in the world. Therefore To be inflamed Teacher in the hearts of pupils a flame of hope and expectation of implementation of the best times. Knowing intensity of the Great Plan and Knowing that its embodiment on Earth will go not on channels of personal aspirations and hopes knowing about it, the Teacher nevertheless Supports personal enthusiasm of everyone, without destroying its personal illusions. Because from small understanding the person to bigger when personal illusions and dreams burn down in severe Light of reality comes. But it is possible to destroy prematurely this planked footway to the future only with great discretion not to muffle aspiration fires. And if something gives someone pleasure, at least and unreal, but ennobling consciousness, it we won't kill, though we Know about its insolvency. Apostles went on torments, expecting close Coming. If knew, what there will be no it neither in their life, nor in life of the subsequent, even during all this time and up to now who from them would pass test and would execute the mission? But the hope was their great engine inspiring them on a feat. Don't destroy enthusiasm fires even if it is based on hopes unrealizable. The future should be, but not in measures of expectation human. These measures are caused by consciousness and extent of its development and containment. It is impossible to break consciousnesses, imposing them the degree of understanding highest and inaccessible still to them. Small it is necessary to spare. Only very high and strong consciousness can dauntlessly look in the reality face. Truth is not all on a shoulder. Small you spare.

58. (March 28). I advise to destroy a gossip. If on mental channels the help so successfully flows, and harm flows freely. In heavy time don't burden relative’s unnecessary loading. As well hearings we Do not love. Why to be a parrot, repeating what is, generally, a fruit of leisure fabrications or reality distortion? Immersion in these splinters of undisciplined thinking is destructive for mentality of the person. Or the fear for current state or curiosity forces to bend an ear to that generates the rushing about an astral of the inhabitant. It is possible to live out of this gray ball of unhealthy generations, without losing the correct relation to the events. From hearings nearby and to gossips, slander and lie; the basis at all same is Ignorance, fear, inability to think independently. Correctly in case of the next absurd ask itself, ask the spirit, whether so all this. Feeling-knowledge can tell the word and whisper the truth word on a nice ear. Among improbable distortion of reality it is necessary to rely on a voice inside. The curve mirror of usual consciousnesses can't give the correct reflection of life. But if the mirror exactly and quietly, is better in it look. And if the next distortion of reality got into consciousness from outside, it is best of all to sit quietly in silence, having provided to internal consciousness to define true nature of the phenomenon. It is impossible to be based on judgments of people. Usually they are deprived of the basis. Also rushes about fainted from one hearing to another, without knowing, on what to lean. And a support one is the Teacher. Not an uneasy scum of the next vanity, but this or that aspect of eternal Truth, which It Shows. The Teacher in the tranquility is invariable and is unshakable. Waves at the rock bottom lap and fight, but it are unshakable and steady. Also the Teacher though rough waves of the everyday, sea also fights at his feet. Not in rumors human, but in the Teacher we will learn to find a support. Because I Am shelter to spirit from everything, that occurs outside. And when Maya rough waves overflow consciousness, to Me address and in Me you will find the world, that world, which above any human understanding, because this other-worldly world, but above. Everyone, to Me coming, I Will calm, I Will warm and I Will give Advice, both the Decision, and Force opposite is Maya ardent illusions. And where to look for decisions, how not at Me? Therefore I Speak: "Come to Me all needing and burdened, and I Will calm you". I Told.

59. (March 28). My son, you see itself as the particle of General Welfare the divided grows thin. The plan of Lords should be accepted completely and heart. At least its process was carried out and was contrary to personal dreams, desires and assumptions. After all not personal, but the General Welfare of all people is staked." To be or not to be" – the question was so raised. So sufferings of one the fate of all planets will bathe and its further existence is provided. Only emergency caused measures unknown. It is already possible to see that the former tide of life without intervention of Hierarchy would lead to inevitable accident. Also it is necessary to make continued and collective efforts that to avoid it. The prayer, or call about the world of the whole world, is nowadays necessary more than ever. In mankind hands such energy, such huge power when only friendliness and cooperative cooperation can create the necessary conditions for their use. Not about itself, but about the world it is necessary to think now, about the world of the whole world and about General Welfare of people. And personal it is necessary to postpone. Teachers Apply great care that on Earth to preserve the peace. And that, who to Them helps with this to great task, is Them assistants and employees. This great and urgent task will help to unite everything even conceiving unequally. The highest will unite dissidence. And if the general and necessary is amicably approved by concordant hands, any more has no crucial importance if the heads about something think differently. Call of the current hour should put all heart, because on the channel of heart there is a mankind association. The heart merged in uniform aspiration with Heart by Great, force has the light to pour out on spheres surrounding it, strengthening them and impregnating them fiery thoughts necessary, cementing space. To me help double. Assistants betrayed and directed to Me heart-full are necessary to Me. Beam I Can send to devoted heart that it shone and shone around. And those, who aren't know but executing Will Mine, Me too is assistants. And their merit, not knowing, but executing is great, and whether no more it that who knows, but executes badly and to whom personal prevents to accept all Bowl of General Welfare?

60. (March 29). Accept a sign of the shown Care of you. Sign true miracle. You aren't necessary to anybody, but are necessary to Me. Degree of necessity I Cause Call. It will sound on a surprise key soon. And anybody, except you, won't see and won't hear intended to you. Yes! Yes! I validate perceptions. Phone of distant perception operates. If the consciousness is entirely concentrated on Me, the perception is strongly facilitated. I betrayed strong silver board. And you whispers dark be not surprised: days them are considered, and rage strong. Through breaks of weaknesses can display. And it is difficult to take cover from them, because always on the lookout that in any crack to make attempt to get inside. And it is good that are noted dark – means, light fires are obviously visible. The beam distant cuts patterns of shining thought in close hearts. It is joyful to Me to Feel far echoes in close hearts. What is the range and distance? Whether Proximity channels? Let's give understanding of the current hour in new aspect of time. Force of comprehension we Will increase and again relations we Will strengthen. If the Lord over all usual terrestrial, it is worth rising only over Earth as the Voice silent it reaches. My guarantee about a victory remains immutable because to the winner the Guarantee Gave. And the gloom monsters, furiously trying to surround burning heart and won't confuse the brave traveler of Light. I Gave the Guarantee, I Gave strength of opposition, and Gave hardness to a hand, and Armed for all occasions. Having realized the forces, it is necessary to keep strong and, without reflecting, to start up in arrow action, remembering a beam and a board. They are strong visible means of a display of the activity, and you – invisible. Who is stronger, you or they going against you, my son and the pupil Approved by Me. Let readiness be shown and in readiness to reflect a hostile arrow. Unless Said, what I Want to let in life helpless and defenseless? The force realizes and power keeps in readiness. Howl mine themselves don't show pity and unfortunate losers. I am the Board the force understanding.

61. (March 30). Who can be charged what the current of events won't change hastily? And who knows the hidden springs of the world phenomena? And to whom secrets of Space Beams are conducted? It is better to seek to understand that the Teacher on a nice ear Wants to tell. The space sounds call of hour, on a note of space the life symphony is played. Able to hear, the nobility is able also. Be able to catch a space voice. It sounds always differently. And if the person fails to hear, all live hears and obeys. Even herbs grow in the accord with space beams. Even animals feel them, though don't realize. But the person can wish their understanding because the way of the person is defined by Beams of Spheres of the Distant Worlds because it is the carrier of crystals of energy of the light Beams postponed in its microcosm. Truly, Light carrier, but not darkness the person is. More widely and more deeply realize intimate inexpressible essence.

62. (March 31). My son, Signs are given in benefit the temporary and each of them matters. Yes! Yes! Yes! Time came. Be ready to meet it adequately and according to its importance. They yet don't know, and you already know. What to do to you? To wait for signs obvious and not denied. Fast messages accept in understanding. Eyes have to be open. Your will think up as in this transitional time to keep the accumulation by not spilled. That, who with Me always, can be absolutely quiet for them. But unsteady, become puzzled and indulged in doubts can lose the saved-up wealth. By belief and hope tranquility approves. Because, faith is the unconscious feeling-knowledge the obligatory! It also goes while clarity of a feeling-knowledge won't be approved. My Beam is with you!

63. (Apr. 1). And new constructions yet don't conclude all of you. They have no contact. You are in Mine plans. To you Proximity is happiness. New circumstances are forced. They will be close and joyful. They have to make this way. I Carried out the major line for you. Doors of happiness elevated are open for which doors of happiness terrestrial are closed. The highest and the lowest, Light and darkness aren't combined. The lord Wants that you like intensity of close terms and consciousness of responsibility.

64. Certainly, everything put – in a condition of consciousness at present. It can be overflowed by a wave of vanity or victoriously rise over the world. And not vanity or height defines consciousness, but internal fires. When they burn with fires of intense spirit, external loses the power over consciousness. Also there is a spirit the self-sufficing center of the statement of the force over surrounding. This condition is especially necessary for the Thin World where all environments of the person and those spheres in which magnetic field the person on compliance is involved depends on it. Attraction laws there act even more powerfully, than on Earth. The attraction is made according to the accord. From here, paramount importance of that condition, in which there is a consciousness at the time of a display of magnetic laws of an attraction. (Laws are of a magnetic attraction). Certainly, and on Earth they have huge value, but on Earth it is easy to oppose to them something and to go deep into something, or to be engaged in something, or even somewhere to go, or to be engaged in work. There the person is provided to own forces and to himself, and big preparation to manage to apply the forces with advantage is necessary and not to appear a straw in the rough river. Therefore the one who is able to own a condition of the consciousness and to direct and adjust it voluntarily, any more isn't the helpless victim of astral currents and surprises. Ability to own itself is necessary and for the Thin World, and even more necessary, much more necessary, than for Earth.

65. (Apr. 2). Already you know that the tranquility is a spirit wreath. And if the belief and hope approved it and it is reached, whether that will be power of hope and power of belief energy positive, the benefit creating irrespective of, whether they brought implementation of any expectations. They gave a consequence obvious on the plan spiritual. Tranquility force found the reflection as well in all organisms because building and health gives tranquility. It was reflected and in acts, somehow affected people and all surrounding. A lot of benefit is brought by the tranquility phenomenon in people. And if the hope and belief in the future so creative are strong, they can be chosen and approved as faithful companions of life. It isn't without reason said that the belief moves even mountains, and furthermore hearts human. Don't understand them and people don't recognize as mighty engines of life them. Rolling up eyes, carry them in any clouds while here, on Earth, they create the great cause of advance of mankind in Evolution. Without belief in possibility of performance it is impossible to carry out any task, any plan. Why only in religion? The belief is necessary everywhere firm, not blind, but able to see belief in power of human spirit and understanding. Everything is available, everything is possible, and everything is achievable. It is necessary to believe and, having believed, to direct to achievements by higher. Time now the extraordinary. Secret behind secret pulls out at the nature of people. And how many still ahead? Trust, hope and know that the most wonderful future expects people on Earth, and you work endlessly in strong confidence in possibility of its implementation.

66. Who thinks to succeed only hope and belief, without having put work and efforts, makes a mistake. About creating hope and belief, which run business, the Teacher Speaks? To trust and hope, having lowered hands, it is inexpedient. It is possible to believe in possibility of implementation of the Plan but if not to lay a hand to that how the planned will be carried out? The hand human manages affairs, even the highest. Hopes in inaction are fruitless. The belief and hope are combined with action and then fruitful Show action and is in spirit tension. The person is born in order that in work, that is in operation, to develop to boundlessness limits the most wonderful opportunities (spirit) the.

67. (Apr. 3). When blossoms tree of knowledge, can't to stop it growth any external circumstances, - they is for the weak. The strong spirit approves from within, reflecting waves of external influences. Each flower field approves the identity among opposite conditions which it overcomes internal force. Viability of a spirit-monad is huge. In the potential it is boundless, because from eternity its flame. But its power on the demonstration plan only gradually and consistently, on ascension steps comes to light. Understanding of boundless and eternal force there ascends spirit human to judgment to it to heights. Therefore giants of spirit don't know insuperable barriers and obstacles, which their will couldn't overcome. Potential of will depends on its fiery or fiery tension. There arrived the person to the city on an important issue, but distracted on trifles, and about business I forgot. I remembered when already was late because terms passed, both remained without a thing, and returned back with anything. Travelers terrestrial, forgotten about the appointment as they are similar to this person, come back empty-handed. To live life and to return back, having got nothing will be great inexpediency. Because talents are given everyone, and from everyone it will be asked, that it made with the wealth. Careless to Sisyphus it is similar, because it will be sent again and again, yet there is no his way fruitful. The task can be changed, having given conditions and tasks others. It will be plunged again and again the person in similar living conditions, yet won't overcome in himself it is necessary what to overcome.

68. We have to think that nothing will concern us. These thoughts will be a strong board. My son, confidence of the Teacher it is necessary to bring up. Invulnerability not in words, but in a condition of a protecting network, if it is in should be. But even words claiming are not without advantage. Words as covers of thoughts matter. But often covers happen empty. My beam is your happiness. And we Will call it – a happiness Beam. Whether you realize Care of Great Heart, in a sent Beam the displays? The Beam fills with power of tranquility. Force it is inexhaustible – the Beam force. Luče-bearing is the next My, bearing happiness of the Beam. Aggravate feeling of vibrations of the Beam. Approving the Beam, reality you approve in the face of Maya. The beam is a communication channel and unifications, but demands understanding. Beam sounding. The beam sounds on the note, because has a tonality. The key of sounding is established Sending. The scale of sounding is wide and various. The mood of the receiver of consciousness helps to enter into the necessary rhythm. The best adjuster is love. Each quality brings the shade, strengthening all scale of tones and enriching it. The fear, irritation and other a disbalance of people can paralyze susceptibility completely. I approve Beam force, but in a new phase of its display. Love its force grows. It is necessary to change the habitual mental atmosphere of Communication. Updating is in everything. The egg-shell – good protection in the beginning, but then isn't necessary when wings grew. The spirit becomes the tsar of space. One is invariable: The proximity of the Teacher is approved by the Beam. That sent in Beams, protect. Understanding of a threshold of the future in consciousness – keep! The Beam that force of firmness of its spirit increased is sent to the son. My beam is with you. I Told!

69. (Apr. 4). My son, accept the statement of sent happiness, - it in the spirit of. In the spirit of also you receive treasures. Over the desert of life the shining thread is stretched. It over all forms generated by time and absorbed of. The thread binding with Boundlessness and Eternity is a life thread. With Me going safely immunity in effect approve. Also whirlwinds and storms terrestrial aren't terrible them. The castle of their spirit aspires over a cyclone storming in the bottom layers. Solar immunity is protected by Proximity with Me. When terms come, the feeling of Proximity starts amplifying. It becomes in order that the expected and come could merge without serious consequences together on the plan of demonstrations It is hard to say, where there are more than reality elements, in unreality of the present or in reality of the expected future because the personal consciousness paints glasses. The Teacher Wants immutable to enter into the sphere of consciousness and to make it a life support. Among passing it is possible to be approved only on the enduring. Therefore I Speak: "On Me claim". Also there will be then the Stone of the Basis put at the center, strong and unshakable.

70. (Apr. 5). My son, many conditions promote Communication, but the main thing from them is fires of heart, that is the lit centers. The centers don't light up at once. Fruits of many intense lives underlie this phenomenon. And nobody knows when time for each this center comes to wake up. But Knows the Teacher, - because Sees! The step of spirit is determined by fires. Fire approved is eternal and integral acquisition. We ascend fires. Without them there is no advance. Therefore on change of races the Fiery Yoga as a judgment way of evolution of spirit is given.

71. (Apr. 6). I bring to your attention that this year will be year unknown on number of changes and external events; invisible and thin already occurred. Who can tell Me why one business blossom and fructify, and others fade and decay? Over the first is our Hand! And you know: the tree of happiness blossoms on Earth for those, who recognizes the Lord. The herd is uniform, and the Pastor is a symbol of a coming Era Is uniform. Better recognized in advance because will enter into Light Kingdom desired and invited. My time didn't come yet therefore you aren't desired, are yet desired. Who will want to show itself listeners of shining life when terms will come? Events on inalterability wings fly. And ahead I am a Leader. As the skilled founder, I Direct the melted metal on trenches and channels to cast then it in the necessary forms. Slags we Will select and we Will remove – pure metal is necessary.

72. (Apr. 7). The thought hidden manages affairs human. The thought precedes action and causes it. Be afraid of senseless actions. Reflex of actions is a sign of a low step of consciousness. The strong will even bring the directing stream in usual reflexes. Subconscious activity of an organism is reflex, but it can be directed. Reflex process takes its course while the will won't interfere with it, able to change its direction. Activity of anybody can either be strengthened, or to weaken will. The will directs thought with a certain task, and the body which has received a task, without having the will, except inertia of the functions inherent in it, executes the order. It is necessary to learn to dispose in the organism. The inert matter of the will has no. The person in himself is imperious over everything. The will can be made everything. Experience and habit to operate the bodies will give the chance to do over time easily that to the ordinary person will seem by miracle. Muscles as well as will, practice in operation the constant. It is possible to struggle with diseases, weaknesses and indispositions will. Fiery energy is in hands of the person. The weak-willed matter is ready to accept it and to be made out according to its instruction determined by will. The thought conducts the person. The thought directs all actions: the conscious – conscious, subconscious – subconscious, irresponsible is both that, and others. Otherwise, if this management isn't present, the reflex condition of sub consciousness prevails. Lunar consciousness is heritage of the remote past. It is a fiery antipode in the person and her enemy.

73. (Apr. 8). Maya! Maya! Of your snare I am not afraid. You with Me everywhere, because you there is a condition My consciousness. But I am not afraid of you, Maya because I start seeing through your covers. Present illusion, evidence illusion, illusion of time, space and things – your generations. But laws of a spiral, circles and cycles are any more yours. This Knowledge of Lords! It is reality. Light doctrine, life Laws is any more your, it from the truth, it from reality fiery. So we will separate your generations from truly real and we will draw fiery line between evidence and reality, between personal and Space, between temporary and eternal. And the world we will build not on the passing phenomena of evidence, but on the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Giving Caesarian to the Caesar, that is terrestrial, we will know at the same time that everything it is devoured with time and therefore he can't be held. But that from reality, with us always also will arrive, because concerns the enduring. The world we will build on the enduring; even given temporary shapes, it much steadier and is longer than the passing. Therefore look for in flashing of days and nights that doesn't come for eyelids. Collector of treasures enduring it is possible to call the person, because the spirit doesn't die, carrying by through time cycles all, saved up by it in lives. Where is your treasure, there is and your heart. And if to bend heart to that is over terrestrial visibility and to changes isn't subject, the reality will start opening gradually watching the face. On reality it is possible to be approved because separate fragments and gleams it will start merging strongly together, forming the firm and indestructible basis of life. And on it will be possible to build consciously. On the Stone I Create My World and zones of times won't destroy it. And you, for Me following, are true builders of life. The fuzz rushes downwind, but to a wind not to shift a stone. Become stronger on the Stone and you keep on it. After all it is necessary to win against vanity, concern and all other inevitability of usual existence. Maya offspring’s are numerous and various. There is no number to them, over all it is necessary to rise and everyone essence to begin to see clearly. Only on Me having approved, it is possible to build to begin the spirit house. And when winds will blow, it will resist because is based on a Stone Put by Me, and has in itself no elements of the passing. Our Stronghold costs indestructibly for eyelids. Why? It is a never-dying symbol of reality on Earth. Means, and in terrestrial it is possible to show construction on reality. The word My lives among people for eyelids and in the millennia, - means, even it is possible to show words of the nature enduring. And you learn to show in the world terrestrial in thoughts, words and acts fiery essence of reality. It would be possible to call it the highest wisdom. But the term of reality is closer to consciousness of the present. And people will direct rather to become realists-active, than wise men. Let's not argue on words if they express the same elements enduring, or eternal, in the temporary. Yes! Yes! I approve the comer to Me in comprehension of uniform eternal Truth of life, old, as the world, and eternally new and young. You, wishing the nobility, come to Me, and I Will sate hunger of your spirit. Come everything wanting knowledge. Knowledge is above all. I wait.

74. My son, danger and Maya strength it is necessary to know. It is impossible to wave away from it in neglect. People are entangled by its snare from head to foot. And so they got used to clogs at all don't notice them. And in it is the main danger. To see, it is necessary to open eyes and to want to see. The person, without the Teacher can't make it. After all it is necessary to depart as though from itself, as though to fly into a rage because Maya entangled both a brain, and feelings, and heart. The doctrine of Life destroys Maya world of blind evidence and leads to understanding of reality. The knowledge of laws of life exempts us from a phenomenal aspect of life that is from those covers under, which the reasons of the phenomena are hidden. Therefore I Speak: "Know, know more". Only the knowledge brings desired release of consciousness from the power of the evidence approved by ignorance.

75. (Apr. 9). Let there will be each received Word a contribution to creation of the future. There is no structure without consent. It is necessary to agree at least in small, and then the consent will enter into the great. It is necessary to deepen consent. Everything which is becoming obsolete is replaced with the new. Measure and the process regulator is consciousness. The tolerance to the bearing has to be shown and understanding. Quality of perception depends on purity of the receiver and a condition of an organism. The dirty food and drink give the reek of alcohol littering the screen. Your fate is special. Communication imposes obligations. Decline and inflow of energy is caused by hope and its fluctuations. Trust, hope and wait, and wait already waited, and too in a consent. Inconsistency on a crest of events can terminate very sadly. In modern life sharpness is necessary. Life reflection on the screen of consciousness should be understood too correctly. I furnish the clue to understanding of events. My hand sees in them. Soon, soon to people of possibility of life others will open. And you knowing be in readiness for Great Crops. There is time My, approved as terms and command of Space Will.

76. (Apr. 10). Whether a miracle what you know the future? Not miracle, but proximity to the Teacher. Going after will read these lines, to be surprised anticipation. Not anticipation, not prophecy, and feelihg-knowledge. The revealing centers catch a cliché of the events which have been already imprinted in the Invisible World and ready to fall by Earth to dense forms. In the same way and My thoughts, getting in opened for them and the ready receiver, are made out in it and crystallize in the finished forms which, thanks to their completeness, it is already possible to imprint in consciousness, and then on paper. Process is thin, but is real and treats psych equipment area. Instead of radio the receiver and the transmitter is the consciousness and the fiery device spirit with its difficult system of wires of fiery energy – nerves and the nervous centers. Everyone has the consciousness receiver more sensitive and thin, than a usual radio receiver. Possibilities of its thinning and range of action are immeasurable. It is possible to tell, they are boundless and diverse because include both phone, and telegraph, both television, and ability of transmission of energy on distance with precisely certain task or an assignment. It is already something much bigger, than simple perception, or transfer of words or the whole messages.

77. (Apr. 11). We Win always. It is a lot of; much you should change the mind before starting action. What can hold a justice hand? Listen: "Study, learning".

78. Indignation of waters is necessary because are as a result released until then connected energy. They also can be directed at discretion. This opportunity should manage to be seized, because this moment the most favorable to action. During revolution possibly construction when a set of the released energy can be to ruche in any direction. This principle is applicable both in big, and in the small. It is applicable and in life of every day. It is possible to allow to the phenomenon to come to light up to the end to suppress a ray of light. Certainly, it is thus important to see that there was no irreparable. It is impossible to suppress will of people, it is better to channelize it useful and it is the best of all at the moments accompanying "indignation of waters". Each action has the time. Seeds of action can be scattered in fixed hour. For this purpose vigilance and sensitive vigilance is required.

79. (Apr. 12). The alarm for the future is inappropriate – it is defined. Life defines karmic conditions. The truth sounds through My Face because I Am Truth. The consciousness is established on Me, and then transfer follows. Whether to Me it is conformable, whether to Me the assistant when mind is occupied by the? Great value of hour of Communication isn't understood so to be given it entirely. It is necessary to accept measures to restraint of thoughts insignificant.

80. (Apr. 14). So knowledge steps accrued. Know, without efforts it is given nothing, as well as desire. Be able to wish, wish all a being without the rest. All energy of a microcosm direct in one direction, like captions in solution of electrolyte through, which current is passed. The correct polarization of consciousness causes the coherence of the centers, which is so necessary for detection of solidity of dynamics of desire. Dynamics of full coherence of all being of the person generates such force of fires, which easily overcomes usual counteractions. Therefore words of belief are replaced with thought. Therefore about the made decisions it isn't spoken to anybody that not to spend energy of their coherence in vain and prematurely. This last circumstance is a little considered. A lot of harm is done by untimely notifications about what it is necessary to keep silence to term. It is impossible to expect work from the boiler which all valves are open. As it is necessary be able to keep secret of decisions. That is why sometimes much it is held back. Not only that each word is the valve releasing known quantity of energy, the decision which has become the general property, loses part of the dynamism and even can be dissolved absolutely in indifference and inertness of listeners. It is necessary to speak in time and knowing, to whom. Wisely told word can even amplify in the energy. But the talker devastates himself, doing harm and to space therefore it is condemned idle words and idle talk. Value and sense of reticence is underestimated. Simple silence it is possible to accumulate a large amount of fiery energy. Be able to be silent, and also be able and to tell a proper word in time, putting in it power of coherence. The person, who is torn apart in on part by uncoordinated thoughts, can't display force of decisions. It is necessary, first of all, to lead itself to unity, having approved coherence unification. Only this way it is possible to show a spirit monolith. Arhat's purpose is show great coherence on Earth.

81. (Apr. 15). My son, good news I Send about close pleasure and I Warn to be in readiness for everything; is more useless, if shock of surprise paralyzes opportunities, at least even for pleasure. Even it is impossible to rejoice too not to break balance. It is very necessary on a chain minutes of special responsibility. The planetary Network of Light shouldn't be broken by personal emotions. Pleasure intense, fiery and jumps of a calf on a meadow is the phenomena of a different order.
My son, prepare for that memory to meet adequately and fully equipped with a spiritual armor. Hour will come, and the veil of the Future will be torn apart, and then it is necessary to be the highest aspect of. As a minute of danger and confusion looks of all address with hope of the strongest, in the same way and during nodal events all address to the greatest spirit. And then it is necessary to show a face, worthy the Stone carrier. You don't hide a message far, relatives should know. It is possible to use a wire, but it is necessary that the spirit was as it should be. Transferring of consciousness to a desirable place has very great and deep value because possibilities of the Place open. It is the same principle of transferring of sensitivity. You vainly realize happiness of the opportunities. Without understanding there is no mastering. Lie down, My son, and have a rest, and I on a nice ear will tell you the fairy tale." Once and somewhere once upon a time there was a Tsar. Also there was at it a servant to whom He Trusted entirely. Once, when hand the sent murderer rose, that to put to the Lord stab in the back, faithful servant, having risen between, I accepted blow pull. And now tell Me how you think, whether the Lord Can once Forget service rendered? And what if you were this servant? So, made once in the past lives in the present; the Lord never rendered to Him Doesn't leave service at the price of the life. I told.

82. My son, if the patience sufficient is shown what waits ahead? Implementation of to what heart is directed. It also will be a long-suffering award. Means, the aspiration in combination with patience leads to the desirable purpose! The aimless and not directed patience is senseless and fruitless. It causes dullness and hopelessness. So, even it is necessary to show patience skillfully and wisely. There is more: who knows, where and when the bird of happiness will fall by a shoulder of the elect? But precepted pleasure, on happiness strings the sounding. Will be, there will be it when its time will come. For now it is necessary to show patience, patience fiery, patience directed, the patience inspired with knowledge and feeling of inalterability. Close time of unprecedented shifts forces space to sound on a note of the ringing tension, preparing sensitive spirits for the future phenomenon of Light.

83. (Apr. 16). Inhabitants of the Thin World know about the events and take in it the most active part. They can be made employees. Enter into communication according to the accord, but it is necessary to call. They either submit, or dispose. Come and begin to talk if the ear and sight is opened. If not, work with thought, but according to the accord. The thought involves employees. Process can be strengthened consciously. Sets crowd about conformable consciousnesses incarnate, strengthening a tonality of the main, attracted them, thoughts. Under the Beam of the Teacher it is possible to reach systematic cooperation. Under the Beam it is possible to concentrate on surrounding space with the purpose to call assistants for performance of a certain task. Or it is possible to charge affairs. Often thoughts and desires are carried out with their help. But more often stir counteractions dark. People don't reckon with existence of two worlds, forgetting or without knowing that the World Invisible too takes part in terrestrial life. Enemies and friends terrestrial amplify invisible assistants. Usually any strongly expressed condition of spirit hostilely or kindly amplifies from the Thin World. It is necessary to consider accurately magnetic property of the moods and conditions, because the call of energy dark or light occurs constantly. It is better to be able to operate consciously the conditions, causing conformable cooperation of space. Existence of spatial life usually people aren’t taken into consideration. It distorts reality, and life becomes one-sided. And attempt to go on one foot, forgetting about World Invisible, leads to ridiculous idea of life with all consequences, from here the following. And they are awful. One recognition of two worlds would make war impossible; - also much other ugliness easily would disappear. The idea of two worlds should be accepted in relation to life." Tell Me, what your thoughts, and I will tell you, who your invisible friends", – so in a new way sounds an old saying. The victorious condition of consciousness is recommended as well because attracts the vigorous and strong spirits loving fight a victory. We "will be overcome", – speaks brave and involves to myself conformable employees. It is impossible to plead ignorance because this ignorance doesn't exempt from action of the law and doesn't reduce force of a magnetic attraction of conformable consciousnesses from the Thin World. Ignorance hides for an ignorance screen, but the situation by it doesn't facilitate. It is better to know and apply knowledge dared. People often complain of circumstances, without having struck a finger about a finger that to change them. I want to awaken sleeping, I Want denying open eyes on reality, I Want to accelerate rapprochement of the Worlds.

84. (Apr. 17). Conditions of elite are cancelled. Invited all, but everyone does to the elite itself. The personal merit gives a spirit wreath, but not something other. So opportunities in hands of everyone, and everything are equal before Light. Both to a stone, and a grass, both poor, and rich is all the Sun Beam. It is possible to take from it on containment force. Й nobody can tell that is forgotten or left, because the Sun over all: kind and angry. And, if the angry rejects light, at what here the Sun is? But even the rejecting can't live without light. The body human as needs light, as well as plants, and absorbs it intensively. The problem of a food is a little studied by light. But already know about force of invisible beams. Space Beams are already open. The science about light has to enter a new phase. All abstract it is necessary to withdraw and approach from this sphere to question studying scientifically and specifically. Light! Light, give more light to people in houses, at factories, plants, in working rooms. And everywhere, where it is possible, open more widely stone boxes of houses and don't interfere with light access. Light – the best assistant to the person. It is necessary to think of Light in all aspects of its display because there goes Light Era.

85. (Apr. 19). Let's give Signs of the beginning, which is very close. We send pleasure of confidence and tranquility. Truly, terms the last are postponed can't already be any more. Everywhere it is good, and it is better than the house. Over the house is Beams. Perfectly is Future. The West has no it. There realm of shadows of the leaving. There burden of fight hopeless. Hierarchy beams over new construction, and even failures will be turned into good luck. The guarantee is given to a victory. The phoenix will rise from the ashes. But ashes are necessary, and slags are inevitable at going process. Then we will move away, but not earlier, than the phoenix will rise. The birth of the New World can't damage untimely intervention. Everything goes lawfully and as it is necessary. Slags and garbage be not confused: they are inevitable. Their fate is defined, and days are considered because aren't necessary and not for the sake of them are enclosed Energy Forces the Highest. Quietly you look forward because the future should be. So I Told the Shambhala of the Lord. But let the personal won't cover world, and a peak – the Sun. Without the Sun there is no life. The sun of Great Heart Shines over the world!

86. (Apr. 20). Listen sensitively to hear steps of events. Time steps are so we will call them. The sower can't come empty-handed to an arable land. Therefore seeds reserve in advance. The new will be ready soon. They will lift that old not in power. Act with the new. To notify about Arrival, without breaking Secret, – it is difficult. Nowadays there is a statement new. The stronghold is a symbol of eternal updating of life. Never we Come back to the old ashes, because New always. Therefore I Speak: "Look for new ways. Old roads leave to the old world". You are waited by new steps of evolution. Incorrectly you think if you believe that something and remains. Anything doesn't remain the invariable. Forward, forward and only forward – our call. And who can tell, than the majestic building of the New World will crown? But I will tell: dome of the New Sky. Also there will be it over New Earth. So wait for life updating, because for it there was a great shift. Also be new consciousness. Like Gulliver, the consciousness strong is attached to the phenomena of life current by strong threads. We Approve inevitability and inalterability of eternal updating, - the Teacher is eternally new. The constant statement new will be a sure sign of correctness of the chosen direction. Only decrepitude spirit goes beaten paths, and behind it death, but We Speak about life. Life is in eternal change of the phenomena. It is impossible to make a spiral of time flat, without having gone down from three-dimensional time to the world of two measurements. But whether it is possible to compare them between it? Us face the World: at all three, but the highest measurements, and approach to them demands new approaches and new thinking, that is regeneration and a consciousness transmutation. It is impossible without a transmutation of the centers and their kindly. So inevitably we come to fire-updating – a basis of everything that was, is and will be. So Fiery Era, bearing life updating, approaches consciousness to the World Fiery, to the World of the highest measurements. Also it is the purpose. The main property of fire – its dynamism and mobility, lands is inertness of a matter. From the earth we go to fire, changing consciousness and adapting the centers and nervous system to fiery perceptions. About fiery transformation of life Tells the Doctrine. It is inevitable space, as movement of stars because it is caused by them. People have to be only conformable to the Era and strong to catch commands of time Knowing that the one who won't be in time behind its run, can become Cronus's victim. It is necessary to fly ahead of time, feeling space Calls. Heavy fate of the lagged behind: address in a dust and become garbage. Keep in line with evolution is a precept all. And you, who have understood, go ahead of it. It is necessary to outstrip life that was what to give those who go after. Therefore I Speak about Crops, about Great Crops after great shift.

87. (Apr. 21). The stronghold is a vanguard of evolution this design bureau, and Lords is planners of planetary and space scale. In total is from Them. Sate space images of those forms, which have incarnation in life. If not dark, life on Earth long ago would become fine. And garbage too we will clean according to the plan and as it is effective as Created, say, the industry. But everything is good in its season. Weeds have to come to light before destruction. It would be time to be convinced already that the approval of the Great Plan is carried out severely consistently. And it is impossible to accelerate, because builders – people. The hand and foot human create life. Lateness and haste are equally destructive. The world ship of a message it is hard, but the most difficult behind because the evil is decapitated. Because now successes of construction so stormy. I speak about construction of new life. Victims brought and brought bikes, but cost an award that is that future which they will generate. The birth new always occurs torment but if could see transformation of life terrestrial, going on change to that was! Therefore I Advise look forward and on current not to stop too, - but it only the bridge to greatness of the future happiness. Also it is possible to work for it, about itself having forgotten. It to them is heavy, ignorant, but you know that again you will come to Earth and you will see fruits of that nowadays in works are created. The magnet of the future is powerful. To them also move ahead in evolution.

88. (Apr. 22). Everywhere counteraction to Light is still observed, - especially that, what, where enemies of evolution dominate. There threat of the return blow hangs. The return blow of evolution is terrible. Nothing can resist against it. The alternative is as follows: or to go together with evolution, or to be it distraught. Therefore it is better to adjoin evolution irrevocably. Evolution finally always bears updating, improvement, thinning and development of forms of life, deepening and expansion of viable forms. In evolution dynamics of Space Power is put. It also is that Highest Will, to which foggy and sometimes unconvincingly religions referred. It isn't necessary to consider counteraction as misfortune or failure. On the contrary, tactics of Adverse provides counteraction as the focus causing tension of the return power for neutralization in knot of resistance. Life is caused by existence of opposite principles and, in particular, action and counteraction. But also action, both counteraction, and all couples of contrasts are involved in the Great stream of Space Evolution and subordinated to its Laws. And Space Laws are forms of expression of the life, that framework in which it comes to light. Therefore there can't be a speech about submission or evolution non-obedience. It is possible to say only that those forms which evolutions follow, remain, and survive and develop, which don't follow – are destroyed. Therefore it is extremely important to catch and define correctly the evolution direction to follow it. The law is universal and concerns everything that is shown – from atom to solar systems and, of course, and mankind. Counteractions to Light are vain because finally always conduct to destruction of knots of resistance. Therefore it is possible to tell with confidence that the dark are doomed and their fate is predetermined. When we Speak about Light victory, we Mean an evolution victory. The spiral of evolution is immutable and subordinates to itself the shown world, because evolution and is a form of a display of life. It doesn't make sense to go against inevitable inalterability but who goes, let knows that it is doomed. And how it was strong, its days are considered. The whole people and races were swept away by the course of evolution. Against Space Laws nobody is strong.

89. (Apr. 23). Only complete equilibrium can give the necessary degree of tension. For any strong physical action the point of support is necessary. For strong action by this point of support there will be a balance. So, before each action it is impossible to forget about minute of rest, or balance, which owes it to proceed. There can't be a true action in confusion. So minute of rest will be the moment of concentration of all forces in itself. And then it is already possible to show and action. It is a lot of concern in the world therefore actions of people are inefficient. Learn to act in rest. It is necessary to understand that it is possible to show strong, vigorous and intense action in absolute rest. Rest doesn't mean fire immovability, but full tranquility, that is possession of all the forces. I speak about tranquility, differently forces not to keep and not to save them from ridiculous waste and leak. What can replace tranquility what can protect better it? The best protection and protection is complete equilibrium. The Lord Specify the highest degree of balance of spirit in operation. It is possible to think of Tranquility of the Founder of a planet among vast movement. Are created just like God's, therefore, it is possible to direct to assimilate to the Hierarch in expression of the essence. Equal – always on the Highest. In volume and the merit of the person that goes feet on the ground and touches by feet it, at the same time by a forehead is turned to the sky. The pig a snout buries in dirt; not suitable if the person assimilates to a pig. Direct on tops, and I to you the Assistant. It is joyful to Me to See the raised heads. To me it is joyful to Light of the Message. To me you directed, a task – in flight from Earth to tear off. I find various ways your spirit to hold in a condition of constant aspiration. The task is hard because, like a bog, sucks in consciousness ooze of gloomy existence. I want to destroy all heaps behind which people hide from reality. It is a pity that my Beams, instead of the direct creative appointment, have to carry out duties of dustmen and hospital attendants. A lot of energy is spent for clearing consciousness repeatedly. Be more careful and protect Energy of the Teacher. The careful pupil won't allow that Energy of Beams spilled in vain. He will try to keep each particle it. Sadly to observe, how the Sent Energy ignorantly it is swept on unworthy actions, not on the direct appointment. It isn't enough care even among the knowing. What then to speak about others? And whether it is possible to complain about them that the help rendered gets to a sieve of consciousness full of holes. Be circumspect when you give to energy yours to the aid that they didn't spill in vain or that is even worse, weren't abused. To help the angry – means to strengthen energy it to the evil. It is impossible to distribute thoughtlessly. A lot of harm is done by the help incommensurable. Whether all the Heal Savior and everything Helped? However, the Sun ascends over kind and angry, but Beams of special function only over attendants of Light. So, expediency is in everything. By it also is guided.

90. (Apr. 24). Life consists in change of the phenomena that is in incessant movement. Otherwise is stagnation and death. The pole of constant variability has the ant situation the immovability center, or constancy round, which the shown world rotates. It is poles of the Uniform Thing. One exists in other, and one without another can't exist. So in incessant changes we see constancy of change of the phenomena, and in perpetual motion of a matter – essence of motionless laws to which she is subordinated. Everything will come, but any iota won't come from the Law. Means, Laws of the shown world and will be that firm basis, or an immovability pole which causes the second pole, a pole of continuous changes and the fluidity of the phenomena. One from another is inseparable, and one without another is inconceivable. Thus, behind each change of the phenomena it is possible to see invariable essence of on what possibility of this phenomenon is based. So eternal it is shown in temporary, or temporary – in eternal, and perpetual motion – within motionless, constant and eternal Laws.

91. (Apr. 25). Live never-dying hope of the future. Wait for world evolution. Such hope is based on reality. Avoid personal hopes and personal constructions – they leave with death of the personality. It isn't necessary to expect future implementation in personal measures or a framework. We speak about world and mankind evolution. It is impossible to deny the Life Law. Let the hope of the future conduct spirit. If the hope gave achievements, it executed the appointment even if it was unrealizable. What wished personally by the person – is unreal, insignificantly and extremely conditionally. Therefore not forms of hope matter, but its motive force. Actually usually expected future and the valid future will never be coordinated. It is possible not to be anxious for the future until hope it is directed conducts consciousness forward. If thanks to hope lifting on the following step was made, already this one hope of justified, even unfulfilled, and, perhaps, in a former form become to the already unnecessary. Not stopping advance is important. Old dreams and hopes can be handed over gradually in archive. Children's dreams to the adult seem naive "and frivolous. They are replaced by severe reality and work. Realist - active the dreams and hopes of the future builds on the base of the specific actions which are giving the chance to a message creation of life by a hand human. We speak about hopes and dreams, which help to compose steps of evolution by terrestrial work, that is enter pensiveness into a firm framework of the creative thought directed on construction of life. Hope we approve by work, work creative, concrete, in full accordance with the Great Plan. Heavenly we Reduce to Earth. Heavenly, that is spatial Fire Is reduced to Earth and his Kindly in the hearts of human that it gave strength to people to construct New Earth and the New Sky. Our Care of ignition is of necessary fires. Passing products of mental activity of the person in the form of hopes are valuable only so far as they assist real creation of life in consent with the course of evolution. All can be considered the rest as the mental garbage which doesn't have any value, it is rather even harmful. We are ready to light hearts of people even unrealizable hope if only to set they forward. In the directed movement the necessary will separate from unnecessary and valid from the imagined. And even the unrealizable hope will play the creating role. Therefore be not tried to inspire heart human with the hope creating aspiration even if and it is necessary to give it in a narrow framework of their limited understanding, - if only moved, if only directed. The benefit to you if you can light it even far dream. Flashed fires will make it close, and there is it as though a pusher for consciousness. You know and you store your knowledge about yourself because in much knowledge there is a lot of grief, and it is impossible to burden small consciousness knowledge, to which it is yet ready and which weight it isn't able to sustain. If many outstanding people to deprive of hope which conducted them through life, fruits of their works and achievements wouldn't see mankind and wouldn't use them. It is necessary to understand more deeply essence of the phenomena and not to be content with a cliché. Hope is the great concept possessing huge dynamic force. And if its form often happen imperfect, it nevertheless has force. And it should be considered. Therefore we Consider that the hope of the future is a great magnet. And if it is conformable evolutions, this, the magnet gains power of the mighty real engine of the life conducting creation of new steps of evolution by a hand and a foot human.

92. (Apr. 26). My son, the thin isn't available to rough sight. Means, it is necessary will refine the device. It concerns both hearing, and all essence of the person. Thinning is reached gradually in everything. As though more dense cover from an electric lamp is removed, and fire of spirit starts shining everything brighter and brighter, shining more brightly at the same time and all surrounding. This circumstance also allows see things around more clearly and accurately and close to the truth. The darkened aura prevents to see through the muddy radiations: like the polluted glass, it doesn't pass pure beams, leaving on received images the dirty prints. The person sees through the aura. It should be kept clean and to preserve against coloring by astral emotions. Certainly, the angry person through the aura and the whole world sees in the corresponding coloring. So, all feelings set the seal to perceptions of the person, and from itself not to leave. Exit only in clearing those glasses through, which the soul perceives world around. So again we come to a problem of clarification of consciousness from unnecessary litter and all that darkens clarity of sight of spirit. The muddiest glasses are glasses of egoism ardent and irrepressible, distorting the world to unrecognizability. Identity doesn't exclude the personality, but their harmonious combination doesn't allow the last to predominate undividedly, covering with itself the whole world. The personality, who has been correctly approved, is the worker, like a bee, collecting honey of experience and knowledge for Immortal Identity of the person. The personality as that isn't end in itself, as well as everything, related. Being on service at Identity, it is obliged to carry out the appointment of the sub office and temporary assistant. If the personality usurped the right of Immortal and Reincarnating Identity and concentrated in itself and on itself all interests of the person, crash of this construction it is inevitable, great and it is full of dramatic nature when after transition of Great Borders the personality and personal small "I" disappear. Great deception of egoism or rather self-deception when disappears also consists in it as a smoke, the illusive world of the person filled with the phenomena of a personal order. Even on the example of terrestrial life it is possible to see that the personal world, say, twenty-year prescription, ceases to matter for the person, and to occupy his consciousness, and to sound for it as strong as the personal world of today sounds. What it is possible to tell about that time when the world dense will be replaced with the World Thin and all conditions will change absolutely and unrecognizably? What then remains from the world of personal remnants and tatters the past? So, approving Identity and the world of the phenomena superpersonal, all-planetary and universal, the person joins the Highest World and leaves the aura's ring of egoism. It is very difficult to punch a shell of aura and to come to a scope of spatial life. But each not egoistical thought of interests of others and surrounding, each superpersonal feeling feasibly punches an egoism fencing that is a shell of aura’s egg of the personality. That is why those who strong live for others, for a long time remain in memory human, as though approving by it the immortality on Earth. Rage of the unbridled egoism is irrepressible and knows no limit. The bridle on it is necessary, and the stronger, the better. Each restraint of an astral is useful very much, even small. Mastering by – a necessary and inevitable step of an ascension of spirit. Always, anywhere and everywhere ability of possession is approved by itself persistently, persistently and purposefully. Life gives to that the mass of opportunities. The people being slaves and victims of the passions, both emotions, and moods – slaves dependent, slaves to casual whirlwinds of an astral, the slaves who are tormented constantly by the egoism and carried away in funnels of spatial whirlwinds, generated by the own unrestrained astral conductor and the same covers of people around are pity, unfortunate and poor. Only great balance can protect spirit from these terrible influences, infectious is awful, - and only ability be self-controlled, or self-control, can opposite of.

93. (Apr. 27). My son, understanding of by My son in many respects will help with life. Many are proud of the notable and well-born origin. But this pride – from the old world. Now the family tree new, on ancestors Space and on the Beam is approved. It is more right, and, the deserved and isn't subject to time. It is a lot of ancestors terrestrial, it is a lot of Fathers and Mothers, but the Space Father and Mother – one. Belonging to the Beam is defined on the whole Manvantara. Even mineral, even the vegetable kingdom and their types are distributed on Beams and beams. Ranges of metals strong confirm it, as well as other elements. Therefore impact of beams on all real is so powerful. By means of beams it is possible to operate consciously the phenomena and people. Each feeling and each thought of the person are painted by the color. Premising known color, we define character of these or those of movement in conductors of the person. The person shrouded in a blue beam can't become angry, or indulge in hatred – pink, or to fear – red gold. So the thought sent accompanied by a beam of a certain color, will be thought, strong creating. All nature submits to beam influences, and all natural phenomena, like changes of aura’s flowers of the person, also are accompanied by spatial fires. To see spatial red sparks, either stars, or spots not to rest, – can precede earthquakes. Certainly, all a disbalance in Macrocosm planets, as well as in a microcosm human, is connected with fire, and fires – with color. The color aspect of the world is wider and deeper, than it seems to a usual eye. Not only has the bull reacted to red color. On color, and besides on all colors, all reacts live and the inorganic nature. Plants react obviously. Stars, planets and stars – all send the color beams to Earth, and all influence it and everything that on it. Beams, spatial fire and magnetism terrestrial and spatial are mighty factors of life. In a microcosm human the same forces work. In a harmonious combination to the same forces out of it cooperation spatial, or Space is established, and the battery of the person immeasurably amplifies. Energy of space can call everything for cooperation and to reveal them through a human microcosm. Accumulation of spatial fire in effect the person does him by the owner of Space power. And then it is possible to tell: everything is available, all is possible. On the basis of these opportunities cooperation with space fire lies. Space forces can be hostile or friendly to the person: everything depends on approving balance and coherence or a disbalance and disharmonies of consciousness. The Lord Speaks about the highest coherence on Earth: about coherence in a microcosm and about coherence of the microcosm coordinated in with the great world outside. Coherence bilateral is so approved. The rainbow surrounding the person is an indicator of the highest harmony and coherence reached. It is the sign of synthesis, which is giving rise to a synthetic beam.

94. (Apr. 28). Even the small victory over is already the benefit. Even small overcoming brings kind consequences. Slowly the person grows. "It became absolutely another", – people speak. And such happens but if there were accumulation. The instant inspiration is possible, but it is impossible without former accumulation. They can be accumulated consciously and constantly. And if conditions or a condition of spirit don't allow to strengthen at present themselves in something, nevertheless it is easy and simple to find something another and in the area of the smallest resistance after all to reach something. The consciousness always sounds on any certain quality more strongly, than on the others. It also can be strengthened. So, the phenomenon of advantage doesn't pass going to Light. If the purpose lying ahead, is realized strong and the ladder of an ascension of spirit and self-improvement is recognized as inevitable need when other exit and other decision isn't present, and the consciousness is adjusted on is defined harmony, using all counter circumstances for approach to this purpose. It is possible to improve something always, as well as to worsen. Results of that and other process, hardly noticeable at the time of commission of small acts of overcoming or connivance, in long flight of time, however, consequences have the obvious: heavy and invincible – in case of consciousness involution, and light, directing and bringing inspiration – in case of its ascension. Therefore even small, but approving self-discipline and a victory over, matter the great. The discipline of spirit, constant and guarded, is remarkable that accumulates Light grains in a microcosm human while dissoluteness, connivance and sloppiness of will Light accumulated, or fire, wastes. The consciousness, which has put in position of eternally awake active intensity of self-checking, not weakening not for a moment, is in process of an ardent prosperity and saves up spirit fires. There is nothing worse than full weak-willed dissoluteness of will and the consciousness living in a stupor of reflex processes, entirely seized the person. Vigilance, vigilance, self-checking, discipline, eternally-see patrol, the condition of consciousness similar to intense onions, is the condition of spirit inherent in the going Arhat. Therefore to behave in rustle and will never be dismissed the decision correct for each person in all cases of life. Dissoluteness of consciousness will be its antipode. She is condemned, and those who are carrying on waves of the everyday sea powerlessly are doomed. So, we will call a new most necessary step self-affirmation of will. Not for a moment it is impossible to weaken a silver bridle of spirit because the horse can turn aside and give the horseback ride on favor of an arbitrariness of accident. I approve the will birth among continuous fight and overcoming of the old, lunar person in myself. Let disbalance and the inability to be self-controlled in others conduct everyone to the statement of balance and self-control in itself.

95. (Apr. 29). The strongest actions of spirit happen in silence and silence. So We Create. Visible efforts, both attempts, and external vanity is destiny of people of Earth. But strong action is always made in silence. Even the order has to be short to keep energy for action. Verbosity of the order is inversely proportional to its force. Silent action is powerful. Could displace a thought hurricane all evil-shift creation of opponents of the New World, but the free will of people remains their sacred property. And that advantage will be from what someone, obeying the order, will execute our Will? Whether there will be in it for it any achievement? Whether it will promote evolution of its spirit? Valuably only the action made in freedom. There can't be coercion where the spirit has to go freely. Spiritual advance is made in freedom and is free. If the pupil feels that he has to make something contrary to free will, so somewhere in his thinking there was a mistake. Freedom of spirit and dissoluteness of the lowest covers is the phenomena of an opposite order. If the astral is so unbridled, that has freedom to do everything that to it will take in head, such freedom is the highest form of the heaviest slavery. Freedom not in it, Freedom is in release from tyranny and the power of the lowest conductors. The slave to the astral can't speak about any freedom because this freedom is the parody to it. Deprived of everything and in the conclusion the person and owning everything and on freedom – the prisoner can be free. Freedom and chains is in the spirit of. While everything isn't transferred to thought and to spirit area, it is difficult to speak about true freedom. Pay attention that the thought doesn't know restrictions time, neither space, nor the lowest matter. The mental world is the world of unlimited freedom. Therefore We Create thought and we Do not know limits to flights it. At this creativity the violence over will human because the thought can be accepted or rejected freely is avoided. When our thought is accepted by the person in the accord and without counteraction, then it is possible to say that harmony, or coherence, or simply cooperation with Us is reached. It isn't necessary to us slaves, but employees, in freedom the hurrying evolutions behind run are necessary. Violence in the end result causes counteraction and revolt. All forms of violence existing on Earth, not from Us, but from people. The evil will creates dams for spirit and detains the course of evolution. Evolution can't be stopped, but to doom masses on regress and degeneration it is possible. Therefore it is very important to catch steps of evolution and to adjust consciousness conformably. It is difficult, because all new, all evolutionary usually encounters the ardent resistance, counteraction and condemnation, and only the very few feel correctly and goes irrevocably and freely.

96. (Apr. 30). Under a will press even the languid flame starts being made out and gives a sound, like a blowtorch flame. Fire song is the phenomenon of the highest order. The flame sounds under a press and strengthens the properties. It is necessary, it is necessary to be strong. All weak is subject to extinction. Weakness itself doesn’t show and you remember that life is a fight for the right to life and a place in the sun. I speak about the Space Right, which puts the person above codes human. The knowledge gives the necessary strength for achievements. Knowledge – force. Knowing victoriously goes through life, burning imperfections force of fires of heart. Arhat beget is so we will remember today.

97. (May 1). The thought is simple: Beams of Hierarchy work. There will be messages about far and close events. A lot of things we Know, because our crops. Due to the approach of terms I Speak: "Leave time for this purpose that is really important. Hastily stock up with knowledge. You hurry to deepen it". Only the knowledge will rescue. Not knowing trudge in the tail. You hurry! To lag behind – means to roll down from a crest of a wave and to get under blow going following. Therefore I learn how to fly ahead of a cyclone. For us this future event – already passable stage, the past because We already Endured its effect earlier when, Creating it, Approved the future in the present. It also is a movement condition ahead of time. Having passed through consciousness reaction of event already existing in the future, we do it already as though last because its manifestation in the world terrestrial becomes inevitability fiery. I speak "fiery", because our construction begins in the Fiery World. Thus details, but the main thing mean not. Details as accompaniment to the main motive can change depending on circumstances. But the main thing remains immutable. It is very important to understand that the fiery consciousness is ahead of evolution that it conducts it. It is possible only on condition of the accord and merge of consciousness of the person to Consciousness Space. And then the Leader Will of the Space Magnet display in the person and it becomes her spokesman. So the Leader a planet is the Highest Will the Carrier. Approving it by creativity of the Spirit, Creates steps of evolution of mankind of our planet. Time veil is for people. The future creating it is opened. And you who are close standing, be not surprised and be not surprised that on pages of the Doctrine and our Messages the future is traced so clearly and definitely. Truly, will come true they Told Us: and will blossom deserts, that part of the world where the center of world culture is transferred nowadays will change, art will be ennobled as a the Highest means of education and people education, the woman becomes eyes and mankind ears in spheres of thin cognizable energy, cooperation will pour out in a brotherhood of the people and harmonious friendly cooperation, the science will open a gate to the world of the phenomena invisible to a physical eye and will approve harmonious communication of two worlds. Work becomes not a damnation and bitter need, but pleasure and happiness of the person creator. And light of understanding of Space Laws will be force conducting to Light. Truly, life will change. So Speaks the Shambhala of the Lord. I speak because I See and I Know. As yesterday, faces Me the future because We Approved it. And you, standing close by, rejoice fully when you see display Approved as us in your days. That Is approved in my days, to that in your days is approved has to be. Therefore I Speak:" Rejoice, children. Truly, time of great Days comes nearer". I Told.
On our board the victory therefore we Call the winner fighting under our board is traced. It is good to realize, it is joyful and deep that defeat, when with Us is impossible. And while the Lord Lives in heart, the way will be victorious. It isn't required any supernatural efforts, or violence over, or any other squeezeed-out attempts. One is necessary: full legend of heart to the Lord. It also is full-devotion. It will be an incompleteness antipode when one hand creates affairs, and another – they collapse. Two forces fight in the person: one – directing up, another – attracting down. It is important that equally effective these two I had overweight in the direction up. Then progress remains. And if it got a rhythm, movement it, that is the ascension, becomes lawful and immutable. The step of inalterability is a victory condition. The rhythm is the main form of a display of life. The example of celestial motion is rather convincing. When the rhythm enters into human life in application to its spiritual advance, the victory permanently and strong accompanies the going. And then it is easier not to spill on sent opportunities. The nature of opportunities badly still is understood. Possibility of achievement still at all doesn't mean the achievement. Opportunities sent should be lifted a careful and careful hand because are unique. Even the far message doesn't repeat twice and, missed, is lost in space. The same and with opportunities. Remember: the missed doesn't repeat again because the spiral of evolution is directed and in continuous movement. The star back, as also an aspiration spiral can't go. Show vigilance and care to that is given. Terms of opportunities are unique.

98. (May 2). I approve balance, as far as possible among spatial explosions and a disbalance of the terrestrial. The person can keep balance planetary only, and he – it to break. That is why it is spoken about coherence. Speaking about coherence, to people live I Address, but not to stubs dead, rotten and turned black from decomposition. People have to respond to an all-planetary appeal to coherence that is to a consent, friendliness and cooperation. Cooperation between people the all-terrestrial will give the chance to approve the world on Earth that is balance and creating coherence between energy human and energy spatial. The person is the regulator of planetary fires. Fire underground is restless. The general disbalance can't counterbalance and it. Storms, cyclones and whirlwinds over the crust, generated to rest energy of microcosm are human, because the same storms of underground fires. And then it is necessary to warn ignorant biped about madness created by them. It is heavy, because the few Strong Spirits should maintain on themselves an emphasis of fiery elements. The next divide these works and burdens, because on patrol together. On the Network planetary and to knots of Light there is a distribution of tension and a discharge it the fires. Therefore it is so difficult to heart. Responsibility for Earth we Bear, for million drones. And you, our works dividing, know that assistants to us, and understand, what not for yourself you suffer and the cross you bear, but for all mankind as Bore it .Psychologies Cain who has rejected responsibility for the brother – heritage of darkness. The slogan of the New World is one for all, and all for one. Such is planetary and space appointment of the person, but on condition of full coherence and balance approved. Just as in a human body internal a disbalance generate painful reactions, instant change of fluctuation of some bodies, heart interruptions, headaches and other, in the same way the highest principles of a planet concluded in mankind as a whole, at collective disbalance create whirlwinds, both storms, and the other phenomena of inconsistency in scale all-planetary. To it has to be put an end because a planet flesh, the body of a planet cannot sustain further. Calling each balance for the statement, I Want establishes cooperation conscious. The person strong also is closely connected with all mankind and with the planet, the house terrestrial. The care of it is obligatory for all. Its basis is unsteady. That is why an appeal to association so urgently it is essential. How long the best will be tormented by the unbridled crowds of the biped? Everything who responded to my appeal the world to approve on Earth, Me employees, irrespective of who they are, where they and as believe, whether and even believe in general. Not recognized beliefs approve cooperation, but actions, conformable with those Thoughts and Calls, which We Send to the world. And you tired of fight of excessive and tension heavy, know that to Me you help in process of the forces, and even sabove-person. Also you remember it when it is especially difficult. So, approving balance in itself, you create business not personal, but all-planetary and universal – in it value of qualities. It is as though better to Explain that everything that is created by the person and that occurs in him, has great spatial value. The battery human interacts with spatial fire. It is impossible to deny existence of spatial life. Denial led people up a blind alley from which there is no exit. Gloomily is in the world. For smiles of the few safe sets suffer. To it time came to put the end. There is the last appeal under happiness banners, under future banners, under Flag Maitreya. Mine is and those, who judgment to Me, on My appeal will unite in the ardent statement of the New World of coherence on Earth.

99. My son, there was no case that the Teacher Violated the Promise. If it didn't take place in certain conditions, so it will be executed in the conditions of others, but will be executed. The Dialogue with Mother should take away time and a place. It is necessary to create readiness of conditions. Current becomes isolated in the presence of two poles. The susceptibility pole let will be in readiness. Elevated freedom, which receives spirit after death, not compare to restrictions terrestrial. I speak about spirits free. They can prove much more widely, than on Earth. The flesh disturbs because it is heavy, inert and ailing. Even refined and rarefied by fire, nevertheless disturbs freedom. The condensed astral – as remedy of release of the person for burden of a physical cover, but this future. While it is necessary go by thinning of a physical body.

100. (May 3). Create conditions in which you want to be (or which you want to have). Will you create the life? Good luck accompanies the one who under our Board. Not from Us this (message), and from It (Mother Agni Yogi). The lamp of spirit is again lit. You will be and to receive from It messages. It is difficult to divide us in consciousness. The Beam is uniform, the channel is uniform. (It) in My Beams incessantly is. Can light and give a sparkling source of opportunities. I send a stream of opportunities and to them pleasure of the promised meeting of consciousness with beloved Mother Agni. She can give part of time of Communication. It will be a victory over death. I will erase sides of evidence and fiery reality I Will approve – it one (for Earth and the Sky) on Earth and in the Sky. In my Beam the Beam of Mother you will feel. You are connected by love with It. Threads of love are happiness threads the binding. Feel its Beam in the heart as reality. Thought indulge in communication with It. It is possible to choose hour evening, to a dream departing.
The son My Boris, time came again to communicate to us, in the spirit of. Good news I send at the beginning of collaboration. The love and here kept. Otherwise not unite, and only through It. I send pleasure of My heart to communication approved. In pleasure of spirit it we will approve. Mother of your spirit, the son My darling, I will remain. Prepare the jugs that were in what to give. A lot of things will be given. Yourself you will replace me with a donation to people. The sphere of Mine is wide. But you in it are. On communication with Mother the right you have the integral. Therefore it will be easier to dismember, where Mine, and where Father. I left to become closer instead of to leave. Accept Mothers gift. To obvious Light of communication with me don't oppose. I tell it because the terrestrial consciousness will counteract. But it is necessary that didn't disturb. Pleasure to communication we will finish.

100 A. (May 4). My son, it is possible to study in public what shouldn't be and that it isn't necessary to do. It is possible to find negative lines in people persistently and persistently to overcome them in it: Often that isn't pleasant to us in others, is in us. Others can be left alone, but itself it is impossible. It is often possible to notice, to what sad result leads indulgence to an astral and it has given the new strength of aspiration to subordinate it in itself, seeing as he cruelly dominates over others. It is necessary to avoid condemnation only. It is possible be reconciled with shortcomings at others, but it is impossible be reconciled with them in itself. Life – good school, and people – the visual aid. Good in them it is possible to follow, but the best example for imitation – the Teacher. It is possible to improve always. Even are in time Pralaya consciousnesses. It is always possible to find something, able to strengthen and advance. Even at the time of connivance the weaknesses and shortcomings they nevertheless can show any extent of mastering. Already I Spoke, what not that matters that becomes or made by the person, but as: in freedom or slavery, from a pleasure of will or contrary to it. The indignation, or spirit indignation, is sometimes admissible. It can occur against the will of the person or with its permission. The second is better than the first because the silver bridle of spirit remains on feelings. So in all ways, in every way and under all conditions it is necessary to strengthen spirit. Restraint will be a good hone for will sharpening. Restraint a bridle of movements of an astral is the best exercise. Any external manifestation of feelings we will consider undesirable, - it in direct ratio weaknesses of the person, only strong can constrain itself. If people knew, how many they lose at the fieriness moments! Open a bottle with aromas or old wine. The more often open lose the properties more, being constantly open, lose them absolutely. Often the person completely opens himself and everything that in him occurs. It is possible to assimilate such person to an exhausting bottle with aromas. The discharge of the human accumulator occurs not so much from contact with people, how many from fieriness and unwillingness to own itself. In the end result it leads to attenuation of consciousness and full exhaustion of the battery of spirit. Restraint has to be constantly tensely hardy. With anybody never it is impossible itself to dismiss. But, arriving as and alone, we show knowledge of bases. The space has thousands eyes. Why to open the essence to eyes hostile? And to anybody, except the Teacher, it isn't necessary to open itself. Internal to energy are necessary for own use. The principle of "the closed casket" remains in force and is the precept of life which is almost necessary always. To give – doesn't mean to open itself for devastation. Be able to give circumspectly and frostily. The donation made in restraint, is more effective than a donation which is accompanied by treasury devastation – because in the latter case magnetism of persuasiveness is lost, and laws of a magnetic attraction temporarily cease to work. The magnet of human spirit loses the force. The phenomenon of harm exceeds then the advantage phenomenon. The return made correctly, on the contrary, strengthens both parties a mutual exchange of energy. This beneficial exchange is creative. Wise restraint is quality very valuable and, unfortunately, very rare in people.