Agni Yoga's facets, 1957


1. (Jan. 1). "There is a lot of grief in much cognition", people without masks also are unattractive. But nevertheless it is better to know that is, than be touched visibility. It is possible to avoid many surprises. From time to time terrestrial evidence starts sounding especially strong. Then I Speak: "Only don't put in it all heart, as well as in people. Only in the Lord you can enclose heart everything, without the rest, but not in aspect of personal expectations of compensations or awards". Heart is given without any conditions; it is simple because it is demanded by love. And when the heap of personal constructions is destroyed, there is a Lord Being above life and over the personal world of those who approaches to It. You bringing personal in the sphere of service to General Welfare, forget that the formula "Be Rejected from Itself" was a following condition for Me, but take all bad, the cross, the karma, the heaps on the shoulders for an gets rid and their transmutation on Light Fire. So it is only possible to reach the put. For that to wait and why to hope for something external when hear it, a way - before you. After all it is necessary to go and it is necessary to reach irrespective of the fact how and what life their lives the world external. After all it only to a threshold, and there the World Other comes into force, but not what for you all. It is necessary to think of the future, about, individual because not to avoid it.

2. (Jan. 2). I give the Help Hand but if it is rejected, the Hand hangs in space. Quality of acceptability has to be constant, without constancy there is no advance. Constancy is a form of a display of qualities that is that basis on which they are created. The pattern of spirit is weaved, and quality of constancy is a fabric basis. Order to a wire of spirit can't be spasmodic - the rhythm is necessary. Not the doubt or mistrust is dangerous, but their consequences which are burning out achievements. Be approved on Me irrevocably. If entirely to rely on the word even those who costs close, the trust will be destroyed because people often, even those who near are mistaken. Be approved on Hierarchy; out of doubt Law and Bases. Everything fluctuates, but the Hierarchy ladder because is based on Bases and the Law is firm. It also you hold.

3. (Mother World). Even if your planet will disappear, life of Space won't be broken; not break it and all that occurs on Earth. The small grain of sand at the Boundlessness ocean, can't be it the Universe center. From it is possible and to begin space thinking and spirit to try to embrace the Boundlessness phenomenon. Where the spirit was, it doesn't belong to that visibility in which its activity is shown. Spirit is from Boundlessness. Spirit is of eternity child. Spirit understands the Boundlessness itself, of concluded in forms limit. And, when visibility becomes heavy and pressing, you remember, that we are boundless.

4. The darkness creeps everywhere, where unprotected or weak places. Protection should weaken somewhere, and pressure of darkness amplifies in this place. Costs in something doubt or to hesitate for a time, and immediately strengthen dark the influence. The unification unconditional rejects everything that disturbs it.

5. (Jan. 3). Give Me in hands of energy the hearts directed from you to Me that Could send on them to you the Benefit. There have to be them from (from) heart. If on you under my Protection the darkness rises and works with thought what to tell about through whom they creep up. Everything surrounding you, serve as tools of impact on you. Close standing protect from darkness the same as would protect it, and, blow striking, not to them you put, but hiding behind them. When you are with Me in the Unification strong, in powerlessness of rage the darkness recedes, without daring to concern. But, from Me moving away, you approach darkness. Therefore always and in everything be with Me, and everywhere. As a matter of fact, all way consists in fight against darkness because it is necessary to win against it. To win against darkness - here what value of that is created round you and with you? It is necessary gradually and to become consistently stronger than each next and stronger attendant of darkness, on you sent by it. On Arhat the hierophant of the evil is sent. What to be surprised that fight goes on a limit. Means, forces grow, and after each new victory - especially. They send thought of powerlessness to weaken. Apply all diligence to that you couldn't see that their next invention and burdening - business of their hands because want that attributed a coma and to anything, but only not of. In it their force because are strong until the source of the evil created by them to you is opened. In it is their invulnerability, - but on the guard the Teacher. Stand guard also you with It in the Unification full.

6. (Jan. 7). Let's acquire the passable lesson of the last collision with darkness. The prevention was given by the strong tiger seen in a dream, and the corresponding record is given. And still, when attack began, and the darkness collapsed from all directions, such approach of darkness wasn't seen. Therefore the mistake, being that thanks to lack of protection against influence on the overlooked channel of approach, it and was rendered, and in very strong degree was made. And having only felt all burdens of the pulled hard darkness and hopeless utter darkness, to its accompanying, it was succeeded to define, the evil-shift from where crept. Everything was arranged so that to close completely eyes to the conditions which have created possibilities of new approach of the dark. Dark made them inevitable, and only heavy consequences of invasion of darkness helped to awaken vigilance and that only thanks to burdening strong and pressing. Everything is good, and all good to what it was necessary to adjoin, only for some reason consequences through this "good" turned out dark and heavy is obvious. So the darkness works, you remember that are surrounded by them from all directions and where addressed, everywhere under different masks and behind different backs you will see them. It for you the Teacher is, and who stands behind those, who Teacher no have? Everyone is open for light and dark influences, but dark usually it is more, than light. When it is necessary to work on you, everyone whom they want to make that becomes the tool of darkness. Many efforts Applies by the Teacher that dark to stop invisible threads and intangible evil-shifts. For ales all is usually, but not for you, because the darkness strong want you to make by the production itself. Through dark rage it is necessary to pass as through an overcoming step.

7. (Jan. 9). My son, condition of consciousness is caused by many reasons, both external, and internal. Everything can't be seen and to anything is. It is important to see quenchers of fires if they nestled. Without fires there is no spirit life. In it is danger of quenchers. Them we know well. Doubt - the strongest quencher, it is followed by mistrust, a clouding, fear. Go one by one, yet won't flood consciousness with darkness, -they take care, they are dangerous, can knock down even the giant.
It is possible to leave all reasons about the world, time, space and things and it is simple to think that a number of the Lord; whether here, whether there, whether everything is equal if It is close. Many conventions of thinking should be overcome before this Proximity becomes reality. It is difficult to accept reality because the reality is a combination invisible and seen with the Boundlessness, connected with the past and future, that was and will be. Without the future there is no reality, and without the past - the present because the Law of causes and effects conducts life. And therefore filling of the receiver of consciousness by thought of the Teacher is a consequence of Communication valid. It is necessary, having rejected everything is positive, contrary to everything and something, to realize extra dense Proximity and Secret of communication of the son with the Lord Father. It is approved over all terrestrial opportunities and reasons. I am close to spirit, kindle fires aspiration obvious to Me. The law is simple: "You ask spirit and benefit heart, and it will be given you". The benefit is Proximity of the Lord. It is necessary to learn to approve this Proximity over any and any external conditions and internal states of three conductors in the face of the most ardent and counteracting evidence. The reality of enduring my Proximity should be realized strongly because only this consciousness and it is possible to pass through life victoriously. Name and Face of the Lord make armor each your action.

8. (Jan. 10). The one who somebody or something loved more Me, not Me is worthy. But the love means aspiration, an inclination and an attraction to that or that, who or that was loved by the person. And if this attraction is stronger, than an attraction to the Lord, and heart is given to object of an attraction, but not to the Teacher of Light. Thus, the person defines the situation to that owns his thought, heart, consciousness. Don't become attached to anybody and nor to anything too. Without a measure it is possible to love only the Lord. The love to people but if it has superpersonal character is possible and admissible. Personal attachments are often insolvent. Indulging in one, usually we lose sight of another, and sometimes the most important. The result brought at the end is essential. We can Give execution at the request of heart but if the desire is imperfect, misses something more important, and it is necessary to pay for a mistake. Before something or somebody to prefer Me, think that you do. Without having thought, you cut with it threads of opportunities which leave never already more to return. The missed opportunity doesn't come back.
9. With My understanding I Will cover you from friends and enemies and everything that outside. The spirit in itself exists, out of space measurement, though in it, that is in space. Conductors, but differently are subordinated to measurements. Measurements for a body, feelings and thought are various. We established extra temporariness of spirit, but temporariness of covers at their form is shown. And time on various plans of consciousness is shown variously. In the World Thin time in its usual understanding isn't present, but there is a sequence of the phenomena in time, having a causal relationship. You are necessary to me!

10. It is possible to judge the generated reason on consequences. If consequences are good, the reason, and vice versa is good also. Endured consequences are heavy, so the reasons, or actions, them generated, were those, though seemed others. Seeds kind will give kind shoots, the evils is angry. And when there is a harvest, the sower of evil grains has to understand that he seeded.
11. (Jan. 11). The knowledge received illegally, deprived of devotion and fidelity, strong will address against the recipient and will serve it in the evil, strengthening each bad property, each rudiment of the evil, will give strength to it in the evil to keep and firmly to take a darkness way. It is better not to concern at all knowledge, than to receive it illegally and fraudulently. In that relation deception of the head has especially harmful and heavy consequences because everything that under usual conditions would inure to advantage and ascension, will serve not to the benefit, but darkness, dooming a treacherous way.
12. (Jan. 12). We approve. We see forces growing powerfully. The opponent is on forces that forces on him increased. The victory will be, but what price? Today in a dream I saw obsessed, I wanted it to beat for that it erased an inscription with the words "Blessing of the Lord". Very much with it was angry.
13. Personal narrows a circle of the visible horizon of thought and limits it to limits of interests of the personality. Personal it is opposed Space. Practically it is possible to approach to it at the Communication moments, leaving all personal below. In our Community a gate of all three Worlds, a gate of superpersonal understanding of life is widely open for her members. Look as life ruthlessly belongs to the phenomena of personal character and to the personality. It destroys that and another after they played a role and gave identity of the person the necessary experience. Take any historical moment, say, to thousand-year prescription, how many people lived then on Earth, and everyone lived the personal world and its interests, - and anything not remain from this world, from affairs its small. Acts of a superpersonal order, only what live remained and live only, than others can use, that is that is necessary, it is useful or regarding more wide range of people. Immortal elements are concentrated in the superpersonal. They can be saved up consciously. All personal can be considered as spirit prison if this personal doesn't concern the general or superpersonal. We fight for release of spirit from coherence all that stops its highest opportunities.

14. (M.A.Y.). I can direct only when the spirit seeks to escape from a ring of the personal phenomena. Try to escape out of limits of the world. In it you won't find the solution of life, strong happiness.

15. (Guru). The formula of life remains indestructible: "Be rejected from it and follow Me". So the Lord Told.

16. (Mother World). The personal thinking collapses the space. All live in themselves and. But the spatial thought can be concerned only when the consciousness escapes from a personal circle on a space scope. Then the Knowledge Ocean is open, and the spirit joins the phenomena of spatial fire.

17. (Jan. 13). There are two scales - a scale of light and dark fires. To conscious application of fires learn. I give Manual: "Accept Evolution gift - Fire". It applies everywhere constantly, with its act; to them live, let it will be consciously entered into all your actions. Benefit the giving is light Fire. Scale of light and dark fires, creative and destructive; learn to distinguish in all the actions. All actions are fiery in essence. Actions habitual are collectors, stores and crystallizers of fires. Therefore be afraid of habits if they aren't light. So distinguish in your actions what are applied fires. Each condition of spirit is this or that extent of the burning happening in effect yours. It what, has to consider. Fire is the movement happening in this or that cover, or the conductor, or at once in all. The fires should learn to be owned. Earlier I Spoke about nervous movements (and gestures), feelings and thoughts, now we Speak about Fires. On Fires all actions of the person - light or dark are made. It seems, at what fires the life mystery is made, to what fire there is a service? Fire is magnetic. Each flash its fires attracts spaces. What? The space is a receptacle of all fires received by mankind, and magnetism of a light or dark flame works constantly. Be afraid of magnetism of black fires. Are attractive extraordinary, that is infectious. Fires all spheres around flare and seek to make contact with the person according to the accord it with them. The attraction goes on affinity and compliance. Qualities, being forms of an display of a flame of a certain order, forms strong and steady, give to fires constancy and establish the long accord with related to them spheres. The destiny of the person is defined by magnetism of its fires, or aura' radiations. These radiations are result of constantly burning flame, the deposits obvious or hidden in crystals. Casual flashes have not enough value. Qualities, deeply and strongly taken roots because their magnetism works constantly are important. The fiery device of the person needs conscious management of its functions which are subject to control. At people these processes usually go spontaneously, often conducting to accident.

18. (Jan. 14). Not for itself, for improvement of people it is necessary to expand consciousness in all directions. The general benefit brought by you to people spatially, though it is invisible to you, will help to comprehend vitally a way of your spirit bearing light to people. Otherwise in Light not to resist and not keep Light in itself. Only the donation grants the right to Light. Learn a donation, be able to give. Let there is this process continuous and constant, as at the Sun. The sun of Great Heart sends the Beams incessantly. So the magnet of Heart of the Hierarch works. To it we will assimilate in a donation, and then it is already unimportant, where and as there is a Service to Light because there is it spatial. And then it is possible to tell that receiving and return happen lawfully. You seek to bring heart gifts to space. Therefore the darkness also was up in arms against you that your light is intolerable it spatially. While was its sphere is small and spatially it is imperceptible also it isn't active, darkness still somehow I suffered, and rage it was moderated weakness of your light. But here you’re light increased, and darkness shined, and revealed faces. And strong nowadays the darkness steps on you. But your spirit rose against it. Remember strong: is honorable to be noted attention and attacks dark. It is the obvious sign of light growing in you. The victory over darkness easily isn't given because it is reached by fire of heart and you pay off with its blood. Stand together, stand strong about my Day. Our task is difficult. Our task approves Light over a shaky infirmity of human three lowest covers. It is possible only on condition of the full address of consciousness and heart to the Lord over three and all that in three (covers) occurs, and without looking, and contrary to the events. So learn to direct to Me regardless of rage of three and, having learned and them having subordinated, then you will lead to silence. So, I Will repeat, mistakes - anything when (spirit) in aspiration fiery to Light grows and gets stronger. So Speak Light Lord'. So Tell Lord Light!

19. Rejoice to the obstacles causing the necessary tension of forces. Overcoming generates them energy of due force and degree. Vitally and in application understand usefulness and need of obstacles. I want to see you kindling powerfully fires. Not to light them in life usually quiet, happy and silent. Therefore I Put my dear on the brink of a precipice or on crests of waves of a rough stream of the phenomena current, possibly when to keep only Me. The dense basis terrestrial crumbles under the feet, falling by death threatens, and it is only possible to keep, having strong grasped Me. You see obviously as props terrestrial leave and departure and the greedy chasm opens the pharynx. And where the look falls, everywhere round you see personal trouble and a destroyed of habitual foundations. All this in order that better and stronger were approved on Me, were approved and understood that without Me not to pass. Let's become so even closer. At first the general knowledge is given, then the combination of circumstances transfers it to area of practical life and does knowledge by life, knowledge skilled, life experience confirmed, checked and tested, and the knowledge thus acquired, becomes expression of essence of the person. Abstract knowledge we Do not recognize. But we won't be afflicted too with bitterness of life. Poison of the world it is necessary not only has to meet hearted fires, but also to realize it to the public. When the darkness of the world fell upon the Teacher of Light, Light it couldn't tear down, but strengthened it repeatedly. The Victory of the Savior over the World because, truly, He won against the World consisted in it. And so and you, with life meeting, the light forces find to win darkness. On our board the victory is traced, you remember constantly a board of Hierarchy of Light.

20. (M.A.Y.). My heart is opened always to heart directing to me. I know, I see, I understand and a hand I seek to give for support. It was necessary to wait less, than waited. After all it is necessary to wait, without having torn a communication thread. It is possible to be kept only by it. You keep.

21. (Guru.). If power of darkness - in your weakness, so the force has to be strained to a limit. Wins against the only strong! Weakness of spirit the shown loses everything. Be strong always, in any circumstances of life. From fire the blade is transferred to water for training. On alternation of contrasts the spirit blade becomes tempered. Be so firm in good luck and failure, in work and rest, in misfortune and pleasure, - in a word, in everything.

22. (Mother World). It is good: spirit and in the spirit of staying with Me in space, to small Earth to a physical form, the terrestrial person in you, My Beams to send for saturation this form terrestrial. It will help when the body will be dumped, in World Mine of to realize. It is important to remember that in space of Light it is possible to direct only in the directions, on Earth the approved. It terrestrial stays because, being on Earth is considerable, the way in Elevated you plan, you define and you claim. A little people think of this party of their terrestrial existence. And I Speak: approved here, at you, on Earth, it will be approved there, rejected on Earth, it is rejected there, recognized here, admits and spheres elevated. So consider: way on Earth - a way of the statement of life your elevated in space, also you remember that the choice defining elevated your future, nowadays on Earth in life your terrestrial is made by you and goes constantly. You forge an elevated fate acceptance in consciousness of that you consider correct, true, and necessary. The choice is made here, and there you reap consequences of the chosen way, you on Earth approved as spirit.

23. (Jan. 15). Each thought of something connects the thinker with object of thinking a direct communication channel and breaks through as though a tunnel in the space, going from beget of thought to its object. So thousands channels, or thought beams, connect the person to about whom or of what he thinks. Channels of connection can be very short if connect the person with his environment, or are very distant, as, for example, with a distant star. On these channels dug by consciousness in space, the spirit which has dumped from a physical body also will freely move. Objects of thinking magnetic also are strong the magnetism enclosed in them by beget of thought. Magnetic communication with darling or hated person or subject bike is. This force is put in attraction subjects by heart. The thoughts thrown into space to objects of aspiration, magnitno connect the person with these objects. In the world of other dimensions where there are no distances in their terrestrial understanding, all to what on Earth the person directed, gravitates to it and is near, that is the spirit of the person stays in the sphere of those phenomena to which it directed during lifetime. If they were material, prototypes, or aspirations them, surround a circle of the person if are spiritual - their essence surrounds spirit. Out of them there is no attraction because energy of an attraction is generated and develops the person. It is possible to add only that there everything becomes aggravated and amplifies repeatedly because heavy dense particles of a matter anymore don't stir an display's of new energiya.

24. (Jan. 17). (In a dream strong fought with dark, repeating the Name).
Rage of darkness is shown on all planets. The darkness before a dawn is especially condensed. Everything sank in a gloom. There is on an attack the last, wants also you to break. Its method is counteraction in all that on advantage, and assistance to everything that to the detriment of Light phenomenon. They can help also to you, but only that to you on death, but strong will rise against everything that from Light. Be sharp-sighted, stand guard and be wise. Distinguish conscious and unconscious attendants of darkness. The second are even more dangerous, than the first because don't realize the service to darkness and under the "good'" often hide great opportunities for infliction of harm because don't know that create. These who don’t know that create, it is necessary to manage to distinguish. Grief not distinguished, a grief assumed essence such in the heart or simply admitted close so that they can harm.
25. (Jan. 18). (Heavy, the darkness gloomily presses. In a dream I flied much, passing many times through the closed windows double).

26. (Jan. 19). All-containment is all- understanding and lack of denials. The real can't be denied. As well no personal understanding of this or that phenomenon (though wrong in view of the fact that it personal, instead of space), however, and it can be denied because it is. Instead of denial it is good to expand it and to add, that is and to it to find a place in the general scheme of things. Let's take the phenomenon of narrow limited materialism. Whatever limited it was, it always can be expanded and covered small ignorance by a dome of understanding of boundless properties and matter opportunities. Denial, in itself without being constructive, doesn't give anything, except counteraction and destruction. Therefore We Expel it the statement of expanded understanding of any this phenomenon. Everything exists, and everything takes the place in Space. It is necessary to define only this place more or less correctly and to connect the phenomenon with in what it exists, that is, finally, with Boundlessness. And then everything becomes on the place, both a contradiction, and discrepancy will be replaced with a harmonious combination of the parts relating to whole, as a drop of water to the ocean. Why to look for contradictions and denials where they aren't present. Because everything is uniform, and there is nothing to argue to separate parts it on the right to existence. The premises are swept, and litter burn in an oven as also evolution destroys forms unsuitable to life, burning garbage for processing. Certainly, evolution has no pity to forms become obsolete, but after all the form is destroyed only - the contents remains and continues to evolve, clothing in new covers for infinite and consecutive their replacement everything new and new, and more perfect forms. Therefore we will be claimed not on external being replaced forms, but that spiritualizes them and moves to the future, leaving in inviolability all experience which has been saved up on this infinite way to Boundlessness. Look at a flying bird. Unless in this movement the experience gained by this essence for long centuries of its last existence in shown dense covers isn't shown? Look at the violinist, the artist, the thinker - in them you see deification of the experience saved up by them and knowledge. The forms which have brought experience, are dumped long ago, the last is temporarily manned to give corresponding to this experience expression. Real it is impossible to deny because it is.

27. (Jan. 20). Now it is necessary to take care that the enemy didn't get in a circle. In case of new attacks the striking blow goes on a striking will of another as the center of dark activity. The mistake won't be. Otherwise all blows will lie down besides the purpose or on victims. And if the terrestrial consciousness doesn't know, thin will be able to find the greatest attendant of the darkness, wearying you and chosen you object of the attacks. They very much don't like to receive blows directly on themselves and usually stop wrecking as soon as the striking Beam goes directly on them. It is necessary to transfer fight to that plan where all is concentrated. It also will be the decision correct. Act with my Light, my Fire, My Name and the Name of Mother of the World. Her name, its Light is intolerable for darkness. Activity of spirit approve consciously. Safely stand - behind you the Lord. The beam of Mother of the World is Force against which any dark hierophant won't resist. With name of Mother of the World be surrounded when you feel that the opponent is strong.

28. It is necessary to proceed from that situation that defeat is impossible. Only one self-defense of a victory doesn't give. As though the collision caused by attack of dark, it at some instant surely didn't proceed has to pass from protection to attack from Day breakers. And the earlier, the better. Certainly, sometimes it is necessary to wait, first, because after the first impact pressure weakens, and secondly, it helps to find out their intentions and to see the blow direction. Time came to move fight to their territory, that is to the sphere of the astral world where they take cover and from where work, being impregnable from terrestrial consciousness of Day breakers. Certainly, it is necessary to leave any fear before dark. The fear before dark is a return of in the power of their influences. The Teacher Promised a victory. The Teacher to a victory Opened the road. Act. It is necessary to remember collision with a striking will of another on the Thin plan and how she was subjected to castigation. It was valid its defeat, and it couldn't resist. I worked correctly. Obsessed from it I didn't exempt because he didn't wish that, and for exile measures others are necessary. But exile wasn't available then in a look therefore I Consider that fight was conducted as it is necessary. Nowadays the darkness surrounded and works with thought. Look how they deeply got and try to raise doubts in everything. It too is their tricks. Everything that distances from the Teacher is business of their hands. Light is and darkness. Any feeling, thoughts or feelings which not from Light, - business of their hands, they as though didn't hide for someone or for something. Therefore you strike blow to the center of dark activity, in this case - to a striking will of another because a lot of evil proceeds from it. Being found and subjected to blows, it will be compelled to depart. Therefore hide as want to remain unpunished and to direct blows on the victims. Very much rejoice when see, something that deserved by them, falls upon for whom they hide. The simple mechanics, and without experience not understand. The will of the militant spirit which has risen against darkness, power of darkness won't be confused and, finally, will get victory.

29. (Jan. 22). The fiery wire of spirit sounds. On it the far message reaches. And whether it is strange, the more widely, than cosmic think, the farther they with small personal experiences, the join they consciousness more stoutly and feed it? Personal it is connected with a karma which can't be broken. Over personal thinking it isn't connected by karmic conditions and restrictions. Easier concerning karma to write the philosophical treatise, than to learn the personal future for the next month or terms of considerable changes of own destiny. Not without reason the veil of the future is lowered over consciousness. Occasionally only it rises, and is allowed the person to learn something about itself, - is also and other reason. The future exists potentially as something mobile and depending, to a certain extent, from will of the person. Mobility of the future doesn't give the chance to feel it precisely. But undoubtedly one is consequences of the generated reasons operating in the accord with them. Consequences are determined by the reasons. Difficulty only that personal karmas and karmas national, universal, and planetary are closely bound with each other, and mind human not in forces to understand complexity of numerous threads. Also it is possible to tell only one: the law hiding the personal future of the person behind a veil of uncertainty because not everything you would hold knowledge of the personal destiny is wise and would agree to settle it up to the end according to the Plan foreordained by Lords of the Karma.

30. (Jan. 23). A lot of things say goodbye where there is an understanding because it is necessary to deal with planetary ignorance. All evil is in ignorance and dullness of not ready consciousnesses. It is hard to accelerate the statement of the New World because of this formidable condition. The best Instructions are distorted in a root, and the gray cover shrouds the foreordained affairs. We want to accelerate everything, but the spirit human rests. It is wrong to think that suddenly, suddenly, all become good. Time for this purpose is necessary. Slowly people improve. And that is not all. Someone goes down and becomes worse. All go either up, or down - evolution and involution. Involution of spirit is a spot on mankind existence. On a planet set involution. Great Arrival will make division between the spirits going diversely that any more didn't prevent to move each other more on the chosen way. The fate chosen a way dark because while they are mixed with light and are among them is awful, the horror of darkness isn't obviously noticeable, though they eat from the light. But, provided to itself and the dark fate, will devour and will destroy each other. This last division because, being among lights is inevitable, pulls all Earth in darkness and evolutions interfere. The next problem of evolution darkness to separate and provide her to itself, that is a self-consuming and destruction. Let's separate sheep from goats and we will Rescue all who recognizes Me.

31. (Jan. 24). Light the Highest is intolerable to an eye. It in the person does the person by the Person. Without it is darkness. You in a hard time aspire closer to It to become. In It live, with It act, to Them win. In Light Mine you will see the light. This light has no name at you, on Earth. We Call him the fourteenth. He knows neither barriers, nor distances. He is available and visible to heart only hearts eyes. It is quicker than usual light. It without time dissects world space. It instantly reaches the farthest star. Thought fiery and this Light are close each other. Thought - Light, thought of Light because there is a thought of darkness, heavy, low creeping, magnitno attached to darkness. The flights in the person are caused by thoughts of Light and thoughts of Light. When it is very dark and heavy intolerable, you think about Light. This thought fiery can connect you to Heart Great on Spheres of Great Light. Marvelously to think that Light Great creates in space everything that with life it is filled and forms of the Universe gives. It is fated to become the creator to the person that the light to conceive the Worlds and new forms to create. Thoughts conceive the Worlds, thoughts of Light. The thought the ant situation has the form corresponding to its essence. The thought is always expressed in shape, even the thought deprived of a form in the beginning. Thought the Highest is creative fire, or Agni creating, directed on various plans of Life. On them it creates life that is its forms. The thought can direct to the world dense, to the world thin, astral, and above; thought in the hidden worlds it is possible to create infinitely. Thought in space creating, the person in it as though creates channels dug, or spheres which serve it exempted then from a body, ways of aspiration to Boundlessness. Truly, the creator is of people at the boundless ocean of Eternity.

32. Specifying on great appointment of the person to be founder Ardent Logos, it is necessary to warn that the person is a born creator. It creates always, at what step of an evolutionary ladder it wouldn't stand, and that degrees and nature of this creativity are so various as creators - people are various also. All create: both light, and dark. Consequences of dark creativity it is visible on those terrible traces of destruction, disharmony and a disbalance, which are observed in life. But not about it is speech. I speak and Want to speak about creativity light, about creativity of Light which is in you. Thought you create light-and with thought you shine always, everything, constantly. Decide how to reach a condition of constant luminosity and it to approve. After the entire device human constantly radiates from itself vibrations, or fiery energy. The aura human vibrates constantly, throwing out in surrounding space light or darkness. Light or dark fires work, but I Speak about light which each of you can radiate from the essence constantly. Certainly, control is necessary, patrol is necessary, eternal intense vigilance that your light was surrounding, but not darkness is necessary. Easily kindle and a dark smoky flame and it to poison space, striking people. You store complacency, you store tranquility, light protect in itself in burning constant that it didn't become darkness. And spirit the lamp lit you seek inextinguishable to carry by. You will meet dark much, and there will be attempts your light go out much. But know: Light the Highest if it is consciously called and if with the Inexhaustible Primary source its contact is approved the constant is invincible. I am Light to the World, I - Light to you. I - unfading Light to you is way Lighting up eternally.

33. (M.A.Y.). The Lord is unchangeable, and we seek to assimilate to Him in this great quality of spirit. And every time when your heart reaches for us in aspiration, can be it quiet that will meet understanding, caress, attention and love. We in need don't leave the relatives and not our fault if they in a pursuit of Maya terrestrial forget about us and don't hurry thoughts to us. We and you can be convinced of it every time when your heart opens to us.

34. (Guru). My friend, approve constancy of communication and contact. Spasmodic attempts won't yield desirable results. Breaks in communication work is destructive and don't give the chance to have continuous inflow of forces. Approve constancy in the aspiration to communicate with us.

35. (Mother World). Light Mine the heart you can instantly concern. Isn't present on Earth of the obstacles, able prevent it. Means, my World is open for spirit always if your spirit is ready that in it to direct. But not to fly up spirit if the terrestrial load burdens wings. At least for the period of flight Earth should terrestrial leave and to come off Earth.

36. (Jan. 25). I ask recognitions of the phenomena opposite. It is as a sign of power growing. One for all and one against all is in it your force. In the same way, as the Teacher - one Came, one Left, left all. Great loneliness is a way of strong spirit. They coil in a paroxysm of personal experiences, but bitterness, cold and power of loneliness tasted them becomes impregnable. Blood of heart imprints a way of Great Spirit. It is necessary to pass through sufferings and bitterness of loss of everything, at least under a sign, and spirit not to fall in despair lonely, and not only not the mouth, but to find force in it to resist up to the end that everything returned again a hundredfold. Wave’s life moves. Take-off and Pralaya consciousnesses alternate. And after take-off there comes the moment when the soul grieves also spirit grimes out: "Vskuyu1 left me, the Lord? ", and it is necessary to pass through it. To leave everything and to be left all, what again to find everything. Everything comes, and everything leaves, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. So you study, having everything and owning everything, to consider nothing. Both having left everything, and having lost, suddenly to see itself the found. But It is already told: "Don't collect to itself treasures on Earth, because treasure in the spirit of". Lost everything we Will read found, and having everything - the beggar. Be not afraid of loss. In the nature there is no emptiness. Loss in one means stay in other. The law of balance works powerfully. But we Will not allow spirit to hang, because not darkness ahead.

37. (Jan. 27). Deadlines approach, but the spirit human is silent. Here terms will come, what will occur at such strong discrepancy with space - the planetary moment of Earth? It is obvious that explosion becomes inevitability fiery. The ready consciousness will be able to assimilate beams and to keep on a planet, consciousnesses, beams not accepted, won't sustain tension fiery. Could, and more than once, to observe how strong experiences as though break off people on part when the person rushes about, c not find any peace. Something similar, but in a measure of the strongest, will occur and then, and the nervous network of an organism will burn down, without having sustained a press of energiya. Any more there will be no question of, whether who wants to accept new living conditions or not, all should enter into them and either to escape, or to be a distraught fiery whirlwind. Therefore I Speak: "Be not afraid of loading, because in it your rescue because by it you are prepared for the fiery tension of the future hour. Limit reached. Wait for certificates of the terms which nowadays are coming into force, and be ready to meet them in understanding full".

38. (Jan. 28). Everything that for the benefit of the lowest, turned into the highest when together, under the polar law when the consciousness passes from one pole to another because everything has the contrast and, being in the light of the Lord, concerns Light pole. The consciousness can choose itself that it wants to concern. All is opened: both the highest spheres, and chasm. And the will is free. But a way choosing the evils it is so difficult to reach for Light. Let's consider better that for nothing is given and it is necessary to apply always efforts of spirit to keep in the Beam. Really yet didn't understand, what without Me - darkness? Why then constantly not to hold Me all strength of mind? All misunderstanding charge to itself, and refer it entirely, with all doubts and contradictions, because they only in your consciousness, but not in Me. My Way, it is light and go. Why so strong you seek to replace my Way with the. Your way - a way of personal and narrow aspirations, a way of personal Ego, but Is light my Way, and Light it don't avoid. You seek to keep in Me in spite of the fact that your lowest reason tries to put barriers between you and Me. There are two truths: truth of the dense world, evidence truth, and truth space, reality truth. Both are equally convincing. Which of them you will elect, depends on you. Which you will prefer, with that and you will live, and that will sound for you the only truth. And to focus of the chosen truth the facts and the proofs, validating the chosen way will be attracted. Because the world out of you - as wax soft for spirit: he in him sees that wants. Who wants Light - Light sees who wants darkness - darkness. And when one This world Me read and saw in Me Light, others questioned Me: Whether "A demon in you? ", because light or darkness in themselves we learn. It is necessary to find all strength of mind to address to Light. The old person in you persistently and persistently will pull consciousness back. Two focuses of an attraction strong will work: one to Light, to Me, in the future, another back, in the past, to small "I", not wanting Light. Also you will be torn apart pro-boundaries of two, yet you won't leave yourself - heritage of the last, old person in yourself which should be overcome. The task is difficult extraordinary because the old person in the person is strong and hardy. It replaces reality with evidence of the dense world; it induces visibility to consider as uniform reality. But it is mortal in you; with death put his face to the person. In the face of death when everything falls, than he lives and then it surrounds. The truth of reality looks to the person in the face, destroying the world of passing illusions or указуя on impossibility to hold it. Take it, the old person in you, with itself out of limits of death and ask it than and as thinks to live it where there is no that, than it is filled nowadays, than is tormented, than worries and to what so strong it is attached. With a destroyed of all dense constructions its kingdom to leave the person before a heap of fragments falls also. No! The authorities to it over itself let's hang in hopelessness hands because the world created by it, is liable to destruction also death.

39. (Jan. 29). It isn't distances, and in a condition of consciousness. If it allows, close there is a range and nearby - the Teacher. The condition of consciousness consists of many elements. They can be classified by a light divisibility. One that from Light, multiply light, others, from darkness, go out it. Also there is a consciousness either being shone, or the shrouded gloom. The accord with Light or darkness will be already resulting of a mood of consciousness. Therefore before establishing the accord, it is necessary to pay attention to a condition of consciousness. Certainly, for success of morning perceptions it is best of all to be exempted from a day peel before withdrawal to a dream. The too strongly apprehended impressions of day continue to sound and in a dream, painting the receiver the color. Release from thoughts and impressions day nevertheless should learn. Difficulty that, on the one hand, it is necessary aggravates and deepens an impressionability and keenness, and with another is it to tear down. Each achievement is two-edged: can become blessing or encumbrance depending on an appendix corner. The dual nature of things is shown and here. Each phenomenon has the shady side, and only Light the Highest - without a shadow, but... not at you on Earth. It is good to learn to distinguish in the phenomenon everyone two of these poles at once and not to be deceived by seeming appeal or a negative side of any of them, without having taken into account an opposite poll. Bipolar sight rather the understanding not is available too much. But when it is reached, it is possible to find a great consolation that the law of balance is equally shown in everything and we break doesn't happen. It means that demonstration of one pole is immutable causes to manifestation and another. Manifestation destruction on one automatically causes destruction and another, and release from any of them consists in it. Plus without a minus can't exist, one is caused by another. In it the key to mastering by any of poles and the authorities over it lies also. If possession than is that delivers pleasure, loss of this thing will cause chagrin in equal degree. This criterion can be applied to everything if we wish to be exempted from the power of the dual nature of things over consciousness.

40. (Jan31). My son if tension of the surrounding sphere too strongly and the perception goes with delays, tension should be overcome it. It is overcome by repetition of the Name and Image of the Teacher in heart at aspiration obvious. It will help to feel itself in the Beam from Focus to the periphery. Ardent visual representation of process strongly helps.

41. Be accustomed each disease or a disorder in any part of a body to treat mental energy, sending it to the struck place by a concentration on it. Let it will become a habit. Before doctors and drugs own fiery energy let will test itself. In many cases the result will be quite satisfactory. Even it is difficult to imagine, what quantity of the most various indispositions mental energy can cure. As a matter of fact, it can do everything if it is rather developed. Keep in mind that at your order there is a magic staff by means of which it is possible to work wonders. You can call mental energy the agent for instructions, or the delivery man, able to execute the most various instructions, without hesitating of any conditions, distances and obstacles. If terrestrial circumstances place before you absolute obstacles in way, you remember that Teros not only a soldier, but also the performer of commands of will. It is possible to call the flying messenger this force. Use it more often and it is conscious. The principle of development of muscles action to it is applicable especially strong. Exercise fiery power, it grows in operation. The person esteeming by a powerless pettiness, truly, to it also will arrive, but the force realized in application, in force will grow. To what there are so many words when it is possible to work silently? The great silent exchange constantly occurs between people by means of mental energy and its radiations. It isn't necessary excess words where it is called. You learn to act in silence, even when you speak. Silence is stronger than words. Really yet didn't understand? Act with silence. The reserved force of silence many times over surpasses force of usual words and, especially, words devastated, which in language at the majority of people. You learn to act silently, words silent, silent, operating on consciousness of the interlocutor. Words said devastate an energy treasury, opening locks. For a short time words it is possible to devastate itself to a limit. Avaricious words preserve mental energy from squandering. Silence is its great store. Stirring language is, as the valve open the boiler. The people, stirring without a measure, are spendthrifts of fiery treasure. At flow of words magnetism of persuasiveness and an attraction is lost, the aura loses the force. Therefore we Approve reticence and restraint as a way the simplest to accumulation of fiery force. Replace words with action of the thought sated with a charge of mental energy. Keep in mind that in World Aboveground this force it will be shown with mighty factor of life for this purpose who managed to save up it on Earth and I learned to work with it.

42. Heart filling by the Lord is an indispensable condition of advance. How can be differently, if the engine - heart, and the Lord - power fiery, giving life to all undertakings of spirit? If it is empty in heart and its fires went out, life of spirit stops. We see them wandering around at hearts numb. It is a lot of live dead persons, in the spirit of the dead. It is much spoken about spirit revival, and the whole world celebrates revival. But the great sense of this concept is absolutely lost. Live dead persons buried him under external forms and ceremonies. Think that can live without fire, but don't live, and vegetate, dragging senseless greyish existence. Don't live, and drag life as a rope, it is guilty for itself. And meanwhile, apparently, it is so simple to open heart to the Lord and heart to direct to it. Everything Is given... Long ago... But fiery Words of the Savior made a dead peel and deprived of them the contents and remained with anything. Nowadays time came to clear Great Precepts and again to give to people that they have for a long time. Have, but don't know how to approach. Go, you learn open eyes them; having told that Arrival time is close. Because the Lord will Come that again revive spirit. Great Arrival will bring to the world spirit revival.

43. (Feb. 1). The dark awareness is amazing because operates on two plans. In it is and difficulty of fight, while the plan invisible is yet available. Without the Teacher it is impossible - danger is too great. The separation from the Teacher does defenseless. Any attempt to separate is pernicious. Dark take death grip, and hardly to pull out the victim back it. All your efforts will answer tausend inventions, and under each of them - the same intention and the same purpose to hold the victim in the power. Under all masks will creep up, behind all backs will hide all with the same purpose: again to seize the victim uncontrolledly. Will inspire hopelessness of fight and thought will send the venomous. They should separate the victim by all means, anyway, and, first of all, to separate her thinking. It will be the first step of their victory. Having succeeded in it, it establishes easily already former power over consciousness. Their care - consciousness of the victim restore against the head at any cost. The consciousness going against the head automatically adjoins his opponents that are to dark and cooperation with darkness, so to it desired again turns out. Two forces, two influences constantly fight in consciousness of the victim for superiority: dark and light. It should be meant constantly. There are the things approaching and distancing from the next link of Hierarchy: on this sign and essence them also you judge. The phenomenon is as though good was but if it distances from the head, so it proceeds from the dark evil-make, whatever good and attractive it seemed on a surface. After all fight goes for soul of the person and dark don't stop before anything to seize it. At the heart of all of them actions deception and an allure is hidden. They will attract with benefits and advantages to this world. But if under external appeal and advantage saw attempt to separate from the next link, so the shaggy last hands. And everything is equal, from what party, as well as under what pretext. You learn to look not at outer side, but in essence of the phenomenon, in a root, and at once to see, from Light it or from darkness. Remember: something, whatever harmless seemed the phenomenon on a surface if it is sent by an edge against our Affairs and (interests) of relatives to us people and tears off someone's consciousness from Hierarchy - it from darkness.

44. (Feb. 2). My son, creativity in the Thin World is pleasure of spirit and isn't limited to anything. Creativity terrestrial demands experience, ability and the corresponding tools, tools or opportunities. It depends on too many circumstances. Even the artist can't draw without paints, and the sculptor doesn't create without marble or clay. Otherwise business is there (in Elevated). From a plastic substance, or a thin matter of the astral world, it is possible to create any picture of the brightest and fantastic paints only one power of creative imagination. It is possible to give to it stability and stability so that also other people could admire it. It can give such resistant form that it will exist centuries. Everything depends from force creating spirit and brightness of his imagination. Material - near at hand, and its elements are combined by power of thought. Opportunities it are boundless, it is possible because to create not only pictures, but anything, to the whole worlds. Certainly, it is necessary to know, and it is necessary to have feeling of proportions and a measure, and to be able to cause thin and accurate forms. Many think vaguely. Even thinking of usual subjects, people imagine not the subject with all details, but only its surface and that only turned to an eye. The same formlessness and illegibility of representations accompanies the person and in the Thin World. The area of musical creativity is interesting very much. In this sphere of opportunity are very wide. The Universe has various aspects: it can be learned in the form of forms, color, aroma, a sound and so on. The sound Universe is weaved from sounds, or sound waves. These waves in their astral aspect can be set in motion by will. Sound waves easily submit to it. When the composer creates on Earth, he combines sounds in a melody and the symphony. It often catches symphonies from the Thin World. Process is sometimes very difficult, and its fixing demands a wide experience and knowledge. In the Thin World where dense restrictions disappear, musical creativity is available to everyone who spirit understands harmony laws. And for this purpose it isn't required neither music education, nor ability to play on any tool. The spirit creates; the spirit gives rise to majestic symphonies which sound sometimes as though performed by the huge orchestra consisting of the most various and unprecedented tools on Earth from space. It isn't tools which aren't present, and in that infinite variety of sounds and their thinnest shades which can be caused will from spheres of a sounding matter of elements. The will channelizes, the will conducts this space orchestra, and the sphere surrounding the creator, starts sounding marvelous, inexpressibly fine symphonies of spirit. In a rhythm to creative will space spheres start sounding, and the creator finds the greatest pleasure in this hidden process. Certainly, to musicians easier and, of course, what have in itself creative fire of spirit? It is all about fire of spirit and in its creative aspiration to creation of new forms of sound combinations. Even sometimes on Earth in the spirit of it is possible to concern these spheres of boundless opportunities of musical creativity. Also the person feels then that doors of the wonderful world of unearthly beauty for an instant reveal before his consciousness. Beauty lives the World the Highest! It penetrated all in its spheres. And the area of the highest creativity is open for the spirit directed to it. All art forms, distinguished and sublimated, are open there for the person. On Earth after all only weak and dim reflection of that exists and is created there. Sacred dances of the ancient turned into dances and lost the high appointment. And meanwhile you can imagine a round dance of souls conformable in the space, making solemn dance of spirit in beams of far stars. The fire spirit can express a solemn prayer of Boundlessness in dance sacred, merging in rhythmic movement with music of spheres and leaving in space a shining pattern of the spirit sated with beauty. Sacred books speak about glorification of spirits incorporeal to the Creator. Understand as this foggy and unconvincing expression fiery creativity of spirit, in space of the expression creating new forms in pleasure of feeling of an inexpressible of the life.
In it great value of art on Earth - prepare spirit human for possibility of space creativity. Without creativity there is no art. Creativity of the person pours out in art in the highest, possible on a planet, a form. Art is a way to Light and knowledge. Art is a fiery way to the highest appointment of the person in Space.

45. (Feb. 3). Was specified isolated internally, - the instruction wasn't followed. Instead the full disclosure of consciousness and heart in relation to the person who has broken trust was established. The result will be opposite to what was expected, and not rapprochement, but a gap will top business if the technique doesn't change. Reticence, restraint, isolation is magnetic extraordinary. Attracts to itself strongly only strong magnet but if it weakens, other magnets can overcome an attraction. It is all about what power shows now the magnet. Even it is easy to degauss strong magnet insalubrious actions. And then not hold the attraction of desirable object. Through consciously constrained force auras human are attracted to us. And if conditions of restraint it is long, it is constant and strong is broken, whether it is possible to be surprised that the degaussing of aura goes intensive, and it loses the attractive force. The question can be raised so: or full indulgence to an astral and loss of everything, or its restraint and control over it and deduction of that wants to hold heart. The mighty effort of will help will close to constrain a spirit magnet, and rushes of an astral, and to collect force inside, having absorbed its radiations directed outside, in itself. And foreign aura feeding on these radiations and sated with them to a limit of pushing away, immediately will scent hunger, pushing away will stop, hunger, or a lack of a habitual food, again will strengthen an attraction which that will be stronger, than more restraint shows a leading magnet. Full opening of heart is under no circumstances inadmissible. It is possible only in relation to the Teacher. It will serve in all other cases only in harm and will lead to loss of that there is a wish to hold. Why own hands to destroy relationship?

46. Yesterday there was a case to be convinced that in repeated attempts it is possible to bridle flashes of an astral and subjects to close a magnet and to stop leakage of force. Magnetization of aura increased immediately, and results weren't slow to affect right there. If knew that you lose thanks to dissoluteness of an astral, truly, would be terrified and would stop energy waste. Fieriness of an astral conducts to loss of for the sake of what it is allowed. To hold desirable it is possible, having only collected force dissipated without a measure because the devastated aura loses magnetism of an attraction and becomes powerless. And then the unlucky self-servige can lose everything that so he wants to hold.

47. (Feb. 4). If long enough to think even of the little-known phenomenon and, in addition, to send the mental energy to the sphere of this phenomenon, gradually essence it will start appearing before consciousness. There are no such phenomena which essence couldn't be determined by this way to some extent. If dense conditions close possibilities of knowledge of any phenomenon or the person, there are ways others, available to the winner fiery (that is mental energy).
You won't be allowed before worry. To the creating spirit living in your cover, obey implicitly. Live always spirit, which in you. Everything is explained easily by the reasons, from you hidden which are visible to us. The world of the reasons is available to us therefore we Know also consequences. I am a Trustee yours and the Assistant. I to spirit shelter and to spirit rescue. Wings will grow, you will raise spirit over life, and obstacles, you the surrounded closely and hidden distances at once will disappear. In total in the spirit of, and spirit fire erases fleshes (life) of a barrier. The limit of tension has to be passable. My blessing is over you.

48. (Feb. 5). In My Beams create; in My Beams comprehend, on the Beam reach Me. Awareness of power of the Beam opens access to it. Secret Beam to understand the little it is given. The accord is established with the Beam. My beam bears in itself part of my Spirit, and the Face - as though a spirit projection in the space, bearing in it the Image Sent. It is possible to derive Beam strength consciously, using the law of a magnetic attraction. Fire is magnetic, heart fire. So achievement goes heart fires, fire of love to the Lord. And when it flares, mistakes - anything, obstacles - anything, difficulties - anything, and the way becomes easy because I Assume all burden going to Me love not belittled. To reach love - it is a way the shortest. The love doesn't know death, the love doesn't know distances, the love doesn't know chagrin of the dense world. You love Me, and Proximity washing there will be your property, a Proximity and Communication. Not I on you, but you on Me seek to equal. Not Me humiliating to itself, but to Me vainly to rise spirit, and, truly, there Will be the Assistant to you, a help bearing. Filling consciousnesses Me and full-tendency to Me fruitful for spirit creativity. My relatives in trouble I Won't leave: I will sate, I Will console, I Will give to drink them which have learned burden of fight, difficulty of a victory and rage on them the directed darkness. You Me win, because I you, and you in Me. To spiritual feat, you created, find understanding. Also you remember constantly that the Lord Is close. On a nice ear today I will whisper: the happiness of Arrival approaches. Fire of heart conducts Records Fiery. Without fire the hand won't be raised to make even a small note. It also is cooperation with fiery elements, rhythmical, constant and long. In this work be refined the centers, and the fiery device gets used to tension of Communication with the Lord. It isn't necessary to look at this process as on something usual, despite its every day. Unusually wonderful entered into life and became part it, opening boundless opportunities to spirit. Not it is necessary to think of that that else very much, it is very far to omniscience, pansophy and omniscience, and that these properties to some extent start being approved already. After all even the Lord the Buddha Said that It completely doesn’t possess them though extent of disclosure of these properties in It was high. Feeling-knowledge in the gradual disclosure conducts to the adoption of development of these properties to some extent their manifestations. Process is slow; it is connected with awakening of the centers. Not important, to what speed it happens, but it is important that it already began. Carefully and carefully it is necessary to treat fiery process. It is impossible to force, but it is possible to promote and facilitate. Many Instructions were given. Whether all are executed? But the main condition there is an understanding of Proximity of the Lord and deduction of this consciousness in life, among dense conditions - as though swimming in own boat counter to elements and against a rapid current of a stream of life terrestrial. Elements seek to destroy a fragile small boat and to drive it back. But elements if the spirit is strong are powerless and fire, in the spirit of the lit is resistant. Fight is long and persistent and proceeds until coast fiery are reached. But on a forehead of the fearless soldier it is traced: winner. So of a set of separate victories and overcoming there is an achievement. With care I Watch, ready to give the Helping hand at the dangerous moment when fight becomes especially intense and rage of elements falls upon a fragile small boat. But we will win, and the Word My let will be bail to a victory.

49. (Mother World). When you in is the spirit of with Me, shape your My Beam refine, strengthening relations spatial. Not in aura of Earth, but on my planet and in spheres it you will find implementation of all the highest aspirations. Mistake is in that, what look for unearthly on Earth and often suffer from impossibility to embody the Highest in dense forms; in My Spheres no this resistance to the best undertakings of spirit. In My Spheres the spirit can freely create, without being exposed to the lowest attractions. The area of wonderful opportunities lies in My Spheres. Area for you is the closest and the most available in space. Star washing it is given you as Focus for aspiration of spirit. It is necessary to master aspiration to it, being on Earth to know a spirit station of destination. The spirit after death - as the shell which has been let out from the tool, - flies in the set direction. But flash the last the fiery energy, channelizing flight, happens on Earth at the time of body leaving. Late think of it in the last minutes. It is necessary to be prepared in advance. Therefore I Speak: "To My Star direct thought. The thought creates the channel in space, and it will be easy to fly to spirit on it to the Monastery of the Empress of the World".

50. (M.A.Y.). About Arrival of the Lord told all Precepts? Time suits Arrival; to abide in readiness of spirit.

51. (Feb. 6). In the Thin World movement goes on thought channels. These channels play the same role, as well as means of communication on Earth. Closest to them airways - fly where you want. The ceiling depends at most and thought heights, that is its fiery and spirituality, and the direction - on the will which has created it, and properties of its magnetic essence. The consciousness moves with thought: where thought, there and consciousness. Time of mental stay in this or that sphere depends on degree of tension of thought and its magnetization. The consciousness moves thought and with it stays. Freedom or coherence of spirit there depends on thought, as, however, and here, but in the degree seen obviously and obviously notable. The thought of fear will paralyze will and movement, as and there. The singer can't sing for excitement as and there thought can deprive spirit of possibility of to express. The thought is a basis. All movements depend on it in the astral conductor. The thought causes life of the person. In the world of thought their lives the person and on Earth, but there is bright, intense and (it is obvious that is) is visible to an eye. The planes of consciousness are caused by thought in all worlds. The mental relations are available to all, but value and their sense aren’t realized, (though even) and in a body dense they go constantly though process aren’t understood. So, for example, thinking about absent, we adjoin to it not greatly, as well as to each thing of which thought. As a searchlight beam, concerning, shines various subjects as it is exact also thought. The thought can be sent to the future, and to feel it, or in the past, and to see it. Ability to read Akasha's chronicle depends on thought training. As for the future, exactly, it is necessary to be transferred to the future, during its certain period to scent its essence at least and in personal aspect. Let's make experience today. Take the future personally the, say, in five years. There will be the same. You be in space with Me. Separation under a sign will take place. You will be in Russia, you will be together. But you won't be happy because your spirit in the conditions of dense conditions to it never will find. The rest will pass all under I am familiar. Many cares should be accepted on the shoulders, and a little conditional happiness. Of happiness don't think, it isn't present on Earth, because happiness in the spirit of.

52. My son, I consider that torments about the future are useless. It is possible to make everything and to take all steps in this or that direction, but torments will help nothing. Therefore I Repeat: "Don't worry". The tranquility is contrast of concern. For it I Call, that it to approve. Karmic inevitability can be met in whirlwinds of concern and smoky fires, but it is possible to meet and on tranquility fires. The tranquility means the power of consciousness over a combination of external conditions. Concern and torment is slavery. Only in full tranquility it is possible to operate these conditions and the will strengthened and armed with tranquility, opposite to karma. Otherwise the damage and, perhaps, loss of everything that is expensive to heart, becomes inevitable. Magnetism of tranquility is great. Disturbing and uneasy conditions have to bring to such condition when any more doesn't disturb anything. It also will be tranquility top. Meeting tranquility any wave of counter circumstances, thereby already we approve the power over them. When the whirlwind of uneasy vibrations concentrated in any person, roughly directs on you, show tranquility full and immediately you will see how as if on wave of a magic staff, concern fires in your opponent go out, and your tranquility wins against it, both your will, and your power are approved over the astral matter of its conductor discomposed by it. This power extends further and on the conditions which have caused these whirlwinds of uneasy vibrations. Because as soon as we refuse to react to external conditions slavish dependence on they and I show a superiority of spirit over them, they disappear and leave our life because are caused by our weaknesses, powerlessness and inability to own them. It is enough to overcome of something in itself that it something, represent in external counteractions, immediately left our life. The karma clings to us, to those weak places in armor of our spirit which are strengthened more not enough. To them is attracted karmic energy. In the aura we carry a victory or defeat, force and weakness, invulnerability or vulnerability. It would be time to understand for a long time that energy of a microcosm human cause degree and nature of the influences directed on it. Degree of resistance of air depends only on speed of movement of the plane. The microcosm human is the sphere of the energiya directed in space in evolution, and resistance of elements will be inevitably always a consequence of this advance. Fire of spirit overcomes inertness of elements. It has to grow, differently elements start restricting consciousness lagging behind evolution. So, Specify: "Be filled spirit with fire on everyone against life going the phenomenon". We consider: oppose force of fire of spirit. So win against everything, having increased the forces. It is necessary to increase spirit on everything that all aspires with bigger and bigger strength of mind fires go out. Retreat is impossible. Retreat means defeat that is recognition of the powerlessness and impossibility to move further, speaking in other words, loss only. Weakness loses everything; force magnitno holds that wants to hold about itself. Therefore be always strong spirit, because in the spirit of a victory.

53. (Feb. 7). Hang in there. The future will be quiet. Look not to grow weak at the right time. For mercy don't wait, neither indulgences, nor pity. Only force admits this fight, - it and reality. Refused - the winner thirst a stupor of happiness terrestrial - won. Kill desire if you want to be the winner. The one for whom it is necessary nothing wins. Show recognition and vigilance because you can rely on yourself only. Cooperation with darkness at them proceeds the ardent. In it difficulty and lie on lips. Pay attention as all your essence rose against what doesn't know a brain, but feels heart. To it also trusts, but not to words, their each word is impregnated with lie, - from where differently these heavy feelings of darkness surrounded and inexplicable fluctuations from belief to mistrust, from hope to despair?

54. Existence of ardent dark influences isn't denied, - the phenomenon of the victim, which has got to a dark snare is also. After each victory - new attempt break harmony of relationship. The lie, concealing, concealment and resistance - is available. And dark hands last. It is necessary to apply a hungry therapy and isolation as short-term means and to look, whether the victim will think again. If lose everything, nevertheless without losing spirit advantage. Dark closed the circle and each undertaking turn against. And strong push the victim with it to be of use. But with logic don't shine. Insolvency of thinking and contradiction is a sure sign of their influence on thinking, and, especially, lie and subterfuges. The decision in becoming strong is stronger than them who were up in arms against.

55. (Feb. 8). Let aren't deceived. The environment the dark means that they from all directions and where activity of consciousness, anywhere and everywhere they went. That is why all your attempts to correct deeds meet counteraction and bring the results opposite to what you expect. You make any act or action, and they crown it with darkness because it is enough to be broken to unification at least on one iota, and poison immediately enters and their influence gets into your affairs. Track some undertakings you’re, poisoned with them rather saddened, the plans overset and distorted, and the pleasure of communication turned into darkness of a clouding. Understand: are surrounded dark, and know precisely and obviously that crowd around. But you don't see them and therefore isn't able to strike direct strokes. But they concern you, besides thoughts, through live people. And here opportunity to answer their intrigues obviously and not also is represented as they want that. If answered correctly, they receive repulse if you are mistaken, cooperation with darkness turns out. At some vigilance it is easy to see, through whom and as they try to influence you. And if good by the form action or the phenomenon brings a consequence bad, so in it a darkness hand because "on fruits them you recognize them, whether collect whether gather from a blackthorn grapes" or from light phenomenon - the dark horror distorting it to unrecognizability. So, on consequences, that is on fruits, you judge the reasons, them generated, and you will obviously see, whose hands and diligence were attached to them. And already be not deceived any more by anybody and anything. Because obvious darkness acts for the eye armed against it. Nor tears, nor chagrin won't help break darkness, - only implicit and careful implementation of my Instructions, and from the heart, will be able to bridle darkness, both to put into place, and to neutralize undertakings them. Your health isn't necessary for them, therefore such ardent resistance to treatment under all pretexts. Your unification burns down them with fire of the force therefore decided to separate and send anyone and anything if only to destroy it rather. The impact amplifies and if it was possible to lie and hold back as though with impunity earlier, nowadays the slightest lie and concealing immediately endangers you and attracts a wave of dark influences. Really for the sake of preservation of from claws of darkness it is impossible firmly and to follow Instructions strictly. I repeat: the lie and concealing gives to the leader unsteady consciousness to the power of darkness and deprives of the leader of opportunity to be protected and protect. But if the lie and darkness is more expensive and lovelier to heart and the will decide to choose a way left, before the solution of will free sadly it is necessary to be inclined because the free will is sacred.

56. Amplifying rage of darkness specifies that, first; your fires grow, secondly, that deadline time on the devil of a limit before final division of sheep from goats that is Light from darkness, light from the dark approaches. Everyone has to solve itself the way definitely and irrevocably because these heavy days only two ways are opens: way to Light and a way to darkness. Dark strong seek to enlist in camp of darkness of all whom can, and light - in particular. Therefore such terrible fight for each soul, fight the last, final, deciding destiny of each spirit forever. That Great Division, about which It was spoken earlier, nowadays pours out in obvious concrete forms when everyone is given opportunity freely to choose the way. Between two poles on a fiery edge the destiny of the person fluctuates, and the free will solves a final choice. Task dark attracts and inclines free will on the party. They can't obviously incline because who will want to rush freely in a chasm. Therefore before it on a dark way, in a chasm leading, baits, seductive and attractive scenery are placed, and lighting favorable is given, and much scattered attracting baits, and almost so light-that the way of darkness can be taken for Light way, and scenery and a allure charm - for reality. And many go of. But you know, you were given signs, preventions and Instructions exact and certain, and can't find to it a justification in that any more that you don't know that you create because, truly, ways of darkness and Light way are conducted to you. Show a unification indestructible, an inflexible and without cracks. Also be sharp-sightedly on the guard because the darkness doesn't doze. You remember hourly about last Great Division and choice, too the last.

57. If danger amplified from darkness, so and possibility of Light was increased also, and in degree equal because the polar is shown in everything. Means, now time such when to succeed in admiration of Light it is possible especially strong. It's true. Arrival time approaches, and magnetization of Focus of Light increases tensely and steadily, increasing and strengthening focus of each consciousness, to its directed. Therefore the appeal of consciousness to Light, the address strengthened and deepened, will cause immediately in it reaction conformable and felt obviously. The fiery tension of space is the phenomenon of an enlightenment of consciousness will make even more intensive. Time of a great harvest when it is possible to collect in the baskets fruitful comes. You look around as the darkness reaps from works of the dark. As also children of Light collect the harvest. But these vague days with darkness be not seduced because it is easy to gather and black fruits, especially if they are embellished and forged under fruits kind. Many skillful hands work on this bad business, and it is a lot of deceived consciousnesses. And there are a lot of the poisoned souls which have poisoned with poison of black fruits, embellished and forged under Light fruits. Show recognition. It is impossible to treat more already life usually - singularity entered the rights, and each mistake strong blossoms the color. Someone thinks of power of darkness. Yes! The darkness is strong, and especially now, but its days, and a grief seduced with darkness are considered. Behind an example it isn't necessary to go far. Look closer, around, and you will see a way of a serpent and sad destiny of the following behind it. Certainly, the karma of obsession is awful is too a way of a serpent and a fate of the following behind it. It is better to think of how spirit to strengthen a light armor for the last test because the highest wave the most dangerous. Then and how strengthen a spirit attire before a victory? Unification, aspiration, devotion and love to the Lord to the Leader of Light-so strengthen spirit armor. And so you will begin impregnable to reject for all dark attempts you from the Way.

58. Correctly, the Image of the Lord fills all aura of Earth. It is possible to feel it anywhere and everywhere present, or in the form of the huge Cloud investing the sphere of Earth because its Beams flow round all Earth and bear in itself it’s Image.

59. (Feb. 9). Creativity of spirit depends on the will enclosed in aspiration. The direction is defined by will. A variety of creativity is connected with a variety of aspirations. When the consciousness is turned to Me, I Sate creating power Force, - means, and creativity goes force of communication with the Lord. Creative process goes in the person continuously, being expressed in words, thoughts, movements and that it does. The energy, radiated the product of his creativity is a microcosm of the person, also. Creativity we will understand widely. The pattern of life of each spirit is a creativity product in space. All create. Creator Kundalini is the initiator. Force it penetrates all actions of the person. Kundalini is fire creates. For its display two opposite beginnings are necessary: men and female. Creativity is caused by them from the lowest, purely corporal phenomena to the highest spiritual. Value of Two Beginnings in the highest forms of creativity of spirit is necessary is immutable. It is necessary it is immutable in everything, up to creation of planets and the worlds. The child-bearing is the phenomenon on a certain plane of the same creative force. Everything will be born it: from an electric spark to the whole systems and galaxies. And everywhere two: man's and female, active and passive, positive and negative, whole (one condition giving, generally,).

60. (Feb. 10). It is necessary to strengthen control over the consciousness subject to influence of the dark. Defeat of will and inability to own the actions are very characteristic in itself as an obvious sign of cooperation with darkness. The logic of acts doesn't maintain criticism. Explanations of why the next mistake is made are ridiculous. Mistakes follow one another, one another is more insolvent. Not distinguished the attendant of the darkness who has got into your circle, and a grief it you nowadays bear a grief. It is possible even to note each next attempt because all this is too quickly forgotten and intensity of vigilance hangs. Night attacks dark, fight against them, impossibility to overcome them in their den forced to look for an exit in consciously to wake up and to be exempted by this way from them. There was all because the channel was open for darkness at the moment of especially tensely established harmony of relationship with the victim endangering again the defender. What to do is farther? Collision with the dark confirmed the correct definition of a perfect act and essence of the made mistake. Means, recognition was fast and exact. The victim with recognition was late, having shown it not to and after the mistake occurred. The dark will was stronger than will it. The trust can't be. About it It was already spoken, as well as about a full disclosure of heart. It is necessary to separate itself at least for the sake of rescue of affected consciousness. It will be means especially effective. Nothing changes in the relations except that the barrier and as though protection against opportunities of new evil-shift is erected. It is necessary to show severity and severity. Spinelessness and condescension are unacceptable. If not to take measures stronger and more severe, mastering dark will of the victim proceed endlessly? From death grip it is necessary to pull out the loved one. Half measures are insufficient. It is necessary to reconsider all mistakes in aspect of mastering by consciousness hostile will at the moments of their commission. Reproaches are aimless, and the full and exhaustive explanation of each mistake with the purpose to cause will revolt against dark enslavers is necessary. It is necessary that the spirit rose against this humiliating and shameful slavery. It is necessary to open all horror of to what will lead further and all becoming frequent defeat of will. Position of the victim is very seriously. She understands it, but doesn't realize depth and danger of that with it is created. Provided to itself, already would be lost, that is would be in their full enslavement without enlightenment intervals, and would consider that everything is safely, -I repeat, what something very bad occurs. It is necessary to put an end created to lawlessness, for the present not late. It is still possible to rescue. But there can come the moment when will be too late.

61. (Feb. 11). It is impossible to fight with dark, without having caused in itself spirit superiority on the opposite; they are as though strong were. Fiery force in itself can be caused any tension because the fiery potential of intimate divine essence of the person is inexhaustible and it is boundless in the opportunities. Hoarseness of weakness human grimes out: "I can't! » but courage of aspiration, courage of fearlessness is quiet, and is firm, and will simply tell: "I can, everything I can do, everything I will overcome and pleasure of a victory I will get". How it is possible to struggle with darkness, without having realized its force? The paper arrow can't be sent on a hierophant of the evil. Still yesterday it was necessary to face power of darkness face to face and to be convinced that it wasn't succeeded to break it. But already heart feels a victory, and correctly feels because there was no fear and in the spirit of it was possible to struggle at least with giants of the evil. The decision is correct. It also gave a victory. The impact of darkness can't be long because sputters out on fires of the spirit which has risen against it. Where display the hardness of the irrevocable decision to struggle with darkness up to the end, there it is impossible, defeat is impossible. Where the victory is solved, it there is inevitable. So decision hardness not to give in to darkness serves as the victory guarantee. Understand: victory in the spirit of, weakness - in the spirit of, retreat and defeat - in the spirit of, so in the spirit of and spirit it is impossible to be inclined before darkness, or in the spirit of to give in, or to hang spirit before it. Let each feeling of power of the darkness which has fallen upon you will cause new powerful fire of counteraction and hardness of the decision to resist up to the end because it and is an indispensable condition of a victory - to resist up to the end any price from a spirit subsoil. To what then fight and all efforts, if before the end, before the victory powerlessness of spirit to show and enemy force to give inlink fight against darkness spirit defeat is impossible. On each trick of darkness, it is necessary to answer each attack with the new tension of spirit of fires. For you is Hierarchy of Light - the Source of Fiery Power. In individual fight with darkness you remember that, combating the uniform beginning of spirit, you have behind the back Hierarchy of Light. Light against it win, because invincible im It.

62. The pleasure of a victory shows understanding. After all it is the next step by which the spirit rises. And whether it is possible to complain that the victory is followed by the new fight, a new victory, and the new ascension is higher, higher, is even closer to Light. Be not confused your imperfections. Perfect isn't present. But rejoice to that and you are proud of that you can battle in the ranks of soldiers of the Lord, in the forefront. A lot of harm to Common cause was done by false awareness of the imperfections, the understanding, preventing to move ahead and killing spirit fires. It would be very regrettable if Day breakers left ranks battling to darkness and indulged in destructions about the imperfections when it is necessary to strain all strength of mind for an overcome of rage of darkness. Therefore think of how it is rather more skillfully a victory better to get and please the Guru with a victory. However, there is one imperfection, inadmissible in fight - it is weakness of spirit. Existence means it defeat. The consciousness of powerlessness in fight against darkness it also is sent. It is impossible to give in to it. It is impossible as well to grow weak before repeated their persistent attempts to starve you out when hands before seeming hopelessness fall to be exempted from their counteraction. But time will come when the darkness in full powerlessness you will recede to strike, and would recede long ago if you fought only for yourselves. But your protection to you rage it calls congenial and smaller you because considers them as the as someone fully I owned.

63. (Feb. 12). The thought cuts from substance of elements certain images and forms. The essence of thought and form correspond. The life plan is less dense, the forms are more mobile, they quicker clothe in a matter, or a matter of this plan. On the plan mental this process is very fast, on fiery - is lightning and slows on the plan terrestrial. But its essence is identical: the thought is embodied in a form. The person - think of the carrier that is the creator because the essence of thought comprises the creating beginning, on whatever plans it was shown. But the thought is shown always - sooner or later. The last word concerns the dense world especially. Consequences of thought are visible not always, but they always are, they follow always steadily each thought. Hence, the lever from the phenomena on any plan in hands of the person, because the thought is a basis of all phenomena and is their driving force. We Act with thought. You learn to act also with it on all plans. Today it was possible to be convinced that in a dream that is in World Thin the thought of flight caused flight, and the thought of the armed protection of and the relatives from darkness really gave fiery protection. As also the combination of circumstances is entrusted to mental energy, the fiery energy, movable thought. It isn't necessary to suffer, it isn't necessary to be tormented, it isn't necessary to worry, it is necessary simply, but firmly and imperiously to charge to regal fiery thought, mighty and powerful, not knowing barriers, confluence of desirable circumstances, without being anxious and without caring of what way it will carry out desirable. It will be carried out by all means if the thought wholly, monolith and doesn't know fluctuations, uncertainty and the doubts cutting strength of her in a root; in this case mighty creating power of thought addresses on destruction. And such thought, putting in a monolith of thought creating, brings the elements opposite to its initial and main essence, and neutralizes its force exactly so, the doubt and other is how strong. Therefore during the using and use of power of thought of doubt, it is necessary to leave uncertainty, fluctuations. It is strong, and it is steady, and monolith there has to be a creating thought of the person. If to accompany power of creative thought doubt of identical force with it, the thought of consequences won't give, and force divided in, is neutralized by the ant situation generated by creating consciousness. Therefore, using thought is unshakable in the decision, reporting the same firmness to the created mental form. Whatever occurred around, whatever was the gap meanwhile that is, and that you * you want, firmly you stick to a fancy of that has to be embodied in conditions wished by you - call it belief, knowledge, hope. Call somehow, but don't break integrity and firmness of a mental prototype of the phenomena terrestrial the fluctuations. Best of all, having image in space; provide it to work independently, not disturbing him the uncertainty, or doubts. So the thought not greatly, if monolith it works. Pay attention that at collision with darkness the dark try to break solidity of your thinking, bringing in it elements of concern, uncertainty, doubts and fluctuations. They seek to bend stability of thoughts, to replace with instability, throwing the dark thoughts. Irrevocable hardness of the decision, accompanying your strong thoughts, deprives of them opportunity to do you harm. It is necessary to resist in the thoughts and the decisions made mentally because while they didn't shake the thought, all their attempts and shifts are powerless against you. So let and dark to you strong will serve - to your ability to own thought and thought to fight with them. On each counteraction or the undesirable combination of circumstances caused by them, answer with the fiery thought clear and accurate, sure and quiet, strong and unshakable, but opposite that they want. If they act with thought, having followed an example Us, with thought we will act also and thought we will fight. Only the thought our Hierarchies of Light integrated with power, will be stronger than their thoughts. The right of the Lord Allows to use the force Lords, strength of the Lord of the Beam and force of the Name of the invincible. You look how the darkness receded, having encountered resistance fiery. Who from dark attendants of the evil wants to burn the Beam of fiery thought of the Carrier of Light. And so also act - powerfully, consciously and firmly. It is necessary to notice that the same as you are vulnerable for black shells as they are vulnerable also for defeat by their power of thought. They act is reserved and because of others backs therefore only that don't maintain and can't sustain direct collision face to face and immediately recede, as only receive blow. Therefore arm to a limit with a fiery armor and be ready both at night, and in the afternoon, in all conditions, and under any circumstances without the slightest delay to start your weapon as soon as you will scent darkness approach. It is impossible to treat her passively, expecting blows. You strike it without sparing if you scent characteristic feeling of any languor, dregs and the burden, sent by them. And it is good that they taught you to point, perfect, temper the weapon previously in fights, - never, whether you hear, never allow slackness passive consciousnesses, late in serenity of calm. There can't be it when the darkness was up in arms against you and against your next. You keep, as on a fire, because on the devil of explosion, or as the captain in a storm threatening with death to a vessel. They are strong your putting sleep. There can't be it, there can't be a putting to sleep even in a dream, even in a dream stand guard actively and with firmness, armed full armor, and a sword on call you hold. The active, fearless and resolute condition of spirit at immersion of a physical body in a dream will be the correct and due condition of consciousness. A lot of harm was done to you in a dream exactly thanks to passivity and your vulnerability. So, we will act with thought.

64. (Feb. 13). (Mother World). It is possible to enter to Me only the winner. Precisely, to win everything attractions of yours planets, that off them to come and a planet to pass .It also will be an end way, a way finishing. Spirit finishing, having ended the way on Earth, can pass to my planet. Your earth is the step conducting to the following highest planet. Means, My planet is the purpose of your wandering on open spaces terrestrial and the purpose of your long and numerous embodiments on it. To the little I Will tell: in intervals between embodiments the Sphere of my Planet you can choose the purpose of the aspirations and in them to stay. But it is possible only under a condition if, still being on Earth; you will dig in space channels the aspirations conducting in my Kingdom. It is necessary to take care of it now, in incarnate your condition because after death and release from a body the aspirations generated by you in an incarnate condition will work energy. Of your future now take care. The law is invariable: that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in heavens. But connect it on Earth aspirations only the terrestrial. They don't have a place in my Spheres, and they won't bring you to my Spheres. Think of how it is better to use your days on Earth to approve your direction in space when the body won't be and spirit will follow the aspiration magnitno attracting it in conformable to aspiration of the sphere.

65. (Feb. 15). At first sight, now everything is well. But it is possible to glance more deeply and to see in effect the loved one element, conformable to darkness. Good, even the best, intentions it isn't enough. Affairs are necessary. On them also you will judge situation. Not by words, but on affairs. The word is the most dangerous illusion of self-deception and deception. And how many it was told words, fruits of the words which haven't born rather kind, but yielded evil fruits. You pay now in health. Instead of will be health, than you will pay? Sadly to see when words are accepted to affairs while behind words dark shadows of opponents of Light fluctuate. Let words and affairs will be unseparable, and let there will be words expression of affairs. Now on the card the future of soul of the person is put. I speak about rescue of the close soul which has got to sharp-clawed paws. To whom or to what heart, with that it and созвучит directs.

66. Situation understood: obsession threat hung. The further persistence will realize threat into sad reality. Process of mastering by will can go either amplifying, or decreasing. The moment demanding the firm and irrevocable decision came what to do with whom to be and how to arrive. It was correctly noted, what even the low-slightest crack could pass a huge amount of poison. Therefore small by the form and the reasons imperceptible as though and events had so heavy and destructive consequences. Let this bitter experience will serve as caution on the future. Cracks shouldn't be any - neither big, nor are small, small cracks especially dangerous because are hardly noticeable and extinguish a protective flame of vigilance and vigilance. It isn't necessary to do now anything that approaches channels of influences, all the same, old they or new. Danger in that at an inclination in darkness embraces that is when the spirit directs from top to bottom, to a chasm, the speed of movement amplifies and can reach that the moment when already not to keep any more. Too easily and unexpectedly were show dark influences lately. Not in volume business, as well as in what they were show and that will - our only protection against the evil - too quickly and without conscious counteraction gave in to them. It is necessary to separate actions usual and harmless from actions unusual, and to concentrate attention on them because blow always received unexpectedly and under a new corner. The conclusion is simple: let all actions happen in common. It is possible to address simply mentally for council and to work together. The mistake won't be because heart will prompt always, the head as though arrived, being asked in the regular way. It is possible to put desire and aspiration from the heart, because ahead either obsession, or release from leading influences to it.

67. (Feb. 16). The future is conditional, that is it depends on conditions of consciousness of mankind. Mobility of the Plan (Lords) also doesn't promote definiteness of the future. The evidence of Arrival remains in force, also words also remain in force: "Not a message day, hour, in which Son Human Comes Son". So among changing and unsteady conditions of the present immutable there is an Arrival phenomenon, but without the Indication of exact Term. For not ready consciousness mobility of the Plan is a stumbling block and can raise many doubts and fluctuations. Exit that it is necessary to rely on the main thing, having left details on will of expediency. In thinking it is necessary to proceed from the main, unshakable, bases, and to rely on them, and not to put at all in dependence on a tide of life of the usual. Everything will come, that is will pass everything, but any iota won't come from the Law, everything won't be executed yet, that is Bases of Life remain unshakable. It is very difficult to combine this stability of the basis with instability of everything that occurs in life. The hierarchy is given as the Basis Stone, as a strong support on which it is possible to build the spirit house. Everything can hesitate and change, but the Hierarchy Ladder is unshakable. It is necessary to scent durability of its foundations in heart. It is possible to lean on the rock of Hierarchy firmly. It isn't necessary to mix instability of own thinking with a durability of the Hierarchical Basis and the current stream of events - with the Plan invariance. There will be everything that is traced by Space Will, but not within narrow personal human representations. It is necessary to raise spirit over life a stream that in the spirit of sees that future which is intended to the person by Will of the Highest.

68. Soldiers I Call you because soldiers of spirit pass all life, without leaving Light weapon. The condition of militant opposition to darkness will be usual for the real soldier. It is impossible to calm down for an instant, either to lay down arms, or to forget that enemies don't doze. They can leave alone the inhabitant, but the militant spirit always will be the purpose of their ardent attacks. Therefore I Speak: "Guards strengthen and be ready to fight".

69. (Feb. 17). Transferring of consciousness of the pupil to Consciousness of the Teacher is that process which the pupil has to acquire in perfection and which has to seize. Through Hierarchy consciousness it is necessary to transfer and aspire above. The hierarchy is boundless. As the consciousness can be transferred to any place of Earth, on any planet if the spirit is rather high. It is also possible to force to adjoin consciousness not only the desirable district, but also any subject. Work and researches in the field of consciousness transferring in the desirable direction and on any phenomenon in the opportunities are boundless, but it is necessary to do them only for the sake of General Welfare.

70. (M.A.Y.). Our world is open for your consciousness when it wants that, but the warm aspiration is necessary. It is generated by love. The love to us is the channel of communication with us. We recognize love constant, but not spasmodic. For strengthening of communication and communication the rhythm - every day, week or on certain days is best of all. Only the rhythm gives stability. I with you also think of you. And you? At you are few close and loyal friends. It isn't enough of them and at us. Especially we appreciate each sign of love and devotion. Also we feel your thoughts because they are incorporeal and we on the love channel always reach. You, thinking of our proximity, everything sweep aside that prevents it to realize. We it is close, but over the dense phenomena, and our proximity is integral for love.

71. (Guru). If to communicate with us on mood, it means to give possibilities of communication to the power of accidents which depend on external conditions. Consequences of such communication too will be sketchy and casual because by what measure you will measure, such and will be measured to you.

72. You will know that is necessary. I find necessary to connect the past to the present to define the future: it grows from the past, as a plant - from a seed. The transmutation comes only when weeds become visible obviously, so, that they can be uprooted. It is impossible to weed a consciousness field from bad seeds while they didn't give shoots. It would be possible if the consciousness could get into area of the reasons not always available on time, for example, in area of last accumulation. One can be told: the lie will give rise to lay, deception - deception, the evil - the evil. The karma of obsession is awful (is terrible) that the evil seeds of the black reasons which seeded and have given ardent shoots in dark consciousness (obsession), thanks to contact are transferred to other consciousness, and the victim reaps that not sow itself, but that allowed in itself thanks to weakness of will. And who knows, what horror is seeded in soul of the attendant of the evil which has seized weak consciousness of the victim. To collect a harvest from others crops of evil grains and to pay someone else's bills, collecting fruits of acts of others karma, - such is destiny obsessed. The darkness of foreign consciousness joins consciousness of the victim, and leans on it, both presses it, and forces it to collect this harvest from others crops, a bitter, poisonous harvest act of evil will. Lawlessness is great, but usually isn't realized. And only (leader) knowing can see him and distinguish, but not the victim. Therefore it is actually defenseless and doesn't suspect about being created lawlessness. Without the Teacher not pass. Without Hierarchy not resist on the Way. Hordes hell threaten both sacred, and to eremites, and Light Carriers, both, especially, mere mortals, and, especially, followed the Way, and, especially, through whom they can come nearer to my children. Ardent degree show oppositions to dark attempts to intrude in the sphere of your consciousness that to affect you and to seize it because the payment paid on someone else's accounts, on accounts of the evil and for others acts dark is terrible. Behind each dark stands another, it is more than it, behind it the third, still bigger, and so up to the depths of a chasm. And horror (consequences) of the dark acts proceeding on the channel of obsession, not in forces will be victim to settle even at the most ardent concelebrating to darkness. Let the understanding it will give strength more strong to grasp a saving anchor of Hierarchy of Light.

73. When the darkness will seize the property, everything that can ascend, will be distributed on beams. Obsessed are property of darkness, and after death the darkness imposes on them the imperious hand. "It ours, it ours", - cries out dark rack also takes away the victim in the circle. On Earth still it is possible to fight somehow but where all becomes aggravated and amplifies - and kindly, and the evil, fight it is especially dramatic and very few people from darkness of use are possible to escape from dark embraces. It is necessary therefore to fight here and here to win, without having left for them anything, for what they could catch and have the right to tell: "You ours".

74. (Feb. 18). My son, time came to realize already on experience that readiness of courage, readiness of vigilance, in a word, means that readiness to be in a condition of wakefulness constant means spirit. It also is Arhat's usual condition. Otherwise it is impossible because the opening chasm, both power of darkness, and proximity of Hierarchy of Light is visible. Power of darkness the winner can show only it. Then the condition of militant spirit becomes a constant armor of consciousness. In it also it is necessary to arrive up to the end.
(Filling up, I am surrounded with armor, and dark don't dare to come nearer.)

75. Today I will Tell: terms approach. Flight of time can't be held. Time means changes when the phenomena of a certain order become own contrast. Its opposite pole consists in each phenomenon. On fury of darkness it is possible to judge the future celebration of Light of a planet. Darkness is now, but judgment Light. Beam I send that in the light of it could resist. Be afraid of nothing. Be afraid to lose consciousness of my Proximity, and the rest will be put to you. Hard time, but full of the opportunities, everyone see and show consideration and it is careful not to miss that, truly, hard times became also blessed. Blessing I Send and to you I Repeat: "Take heart because I Won against the World and a way victorious to you Specify. To them you go victoriously to reach about my Day". So Speaks the Shambhala of the Lord.

76. (Mother World). Life is under construction thought, as also life of each person, as also the future. The future of mankind joins the forms created by thought. The Hierarchy thought Creates the future of evolution of the World and, in particular, your planet. It is necessary to enter into this future, it is necessary to become its integral part. It is necessary, it is necessary to enter into close contact with tracings of Space Will. Only this way it is possible to become its performer that is consciously to adjoin Space evolution. It is necessary to catch the evolution direction to follow it in full understanding of the events. Space terms are in full coherence with a display of the General Plan, and time of each step is defined. Not to understand it, not to adjoin it - means to remain behind. Evolution doesn't suffer lagging behind, they degenerate, be it even the whole people, and leave from the life arena. Truly, Torches of people are Great Spirits, Specifying a way to mankind in immeasurable spaces of Boundlessness. For the Beam of the Hierarch Conducting you, follow steadily because in space of Light it is the only Focus to which your spirit can direct. Merge to the Space Father - the purpose of your wandering in the Universe.

77. (Feb. 19). Who operated itself (himself), to that fire waves aren't terrible. Management of thought is fire control. The thought is that fire which was stolen (people) from the sky. Today you will hear strange messages are the beginning of the end. It is possible to begin today a new step of life, a step of release from dark influences, attempts and influences. Solar immunity is approved. Feeling of pleasure and freedom is. There will be it (pleasure), which has left from you, in your relations. Correctly it was caught - pleasure of proximity without darkness intervention in the morning. It is possible to rejoice, it is possible mourn, it is possible to suffer, but without the admission dark in consciousness, in a circle protective, in a microcosm of the person. It will be a new step of freedom. In the ancient writing it is spoken: "And spirits of darkness receded and began to serve it... «Dugpa (black magicians, sorcerers) is built by temples, but not that, who serves them, and only to winners of darkness. The new step should be met adequately. This (step) gives the power over a number of the phenomena.

78. The Teacher allows proximity dark for term. This is one from the heaviest tests, through which has to pass each pupil, to develop in itself fires firmness
and is opposition to darkness. When it comes to an end, the victory because the environment dark heavy lays down on consciousness can be glad. So we will note one more step of life of spirit and once again we will be glad to the victory phenomenon.

79. (Feb. 20). Tension of the doctrine! It is necessary to pass through tension and a press, but in full tranquility. The condition of tension, but only on condition of tranquility indestructible is allowed. Otherwise tension will loosen an organism and will put it out of commission. If tension isn't accompanied by the tranquility phenomenon, it is better to avoid it. Why to burn through wires of nerves and to burden a brain? The effect of influence of quiet, reserved tension on people many times over surpasses results of tension which isn't constrained by will. As though accurately working device, which each movement it is precisely calculated and it is faultless and strictly considered. At the moments of tension it isn't necessary neither excess words, nor excess movements, voice increase. Tranquility is shown in everything: in movements, gestures, thoughts and words, in the intonation of a voice - everything is saturated and penetrated by power of this reserved tranquility. The sluggard too can be very quiet, but it isn't intense tranquility of restraint. In action tension, in operation it is necessary to show this powerful power of reserved tranquility. Why thoughtlessly to spend the forces? It is necessary to keep it. Whether it is worth paying for fieriness and unwillingness to own the fiery energiya health, fatigue, exhaustion of forces and a premature old age? Save each particle of fiery energy. It is easy to spend it, but to restore in the poisoned atmosphere of the city difficultly extraordinary. Remember that exhaustion is unconvincing and causes the consequences opposite to what wanted to have, and destroys that you think to reach. It is impossible anything and anybody to hold in a condition of exhaustion. Life gives the chance to study on it. Make use of each experience given by it, with advantage. At that tension which was shown yesterday, forces for a long time won't suffice and it is necessary to pay in an illness for unwillingness to constrain the force. Unrestrained waste of mental energy criminally in relation to the fiery device, that is to the organism - physical, mental and spiritual. Show restraint the highest, it will serve not to waste, but accumulation of forces in operation, in that action which earlier, thanks to lack of restraint and tranquility, devoured forces, generated exhaustion and reduced those results for the sake of which energy so generously and uncontrolledly was spent. Influence of control of force many times over surpasses influence of forces dissipated or given out impetuously. It is possible to compare to the mad pressure of water destroying a dam, and to reasonable use of its working wave in dams of hydro stations. Force of destruction is used for creation and construction. Restraint should be approved by all means, differently not to pass the forthcoming step. Show tranquility, restraint and ability to own the fiery force. I Told.

80. (Feb. 21). My friend! If everything that wishes was given to the person, the ascension of spirit couldn't come true. Living conditions of safe existence would capture consciousness and would distract it from the major. Therefore at all those who lived and their lives spirit, karma very heavy. The difficult and difficult life is an indispensable condition of ascension of spirit. And it is more difficult, the three ascends spirit quicker. With this situation it is hard to reconcile. Simply properly there is a wish though for any simplification, and it isn't present. Look as life of was heavy what names are written down among mankind Torches. Best of them burdened the life consciously. About self-flagellation and chains heard more than once. About posts and a flesh murder, about a lock, prayers the night and other phenomena it is much written down in books about devotees of spirit. All this specifies that they understood necessity and inevitability of burdening by circumstances and if these circumstances didn't satisfy them and seemed to them insufficiently heavy, they burdened them and the spirit burdened them voluntary. At known readiness and spirit height all this isn't necessary because the Karma itself will take care of burdening enough, but the jealous spirit wants advance of the fastest and seeks to accelerate karma. The force tests the tempered spirit on difficulties of life. He as well understands that terrestrial and happy circumstances as inevitably will pass wellbeing, as well as difficult, but don't leave on itself and a trace, that is won't bring to spirit any benefit that is accumulation of experience and multiplication of crystals of mental energy postponed in the Bowl. Means passes in this case spirit life terrestrial, without having saved up, aimlessly and fruitlessly. There comes the end, the parting moment with a body and leaving of all of that surrounds on Earth of the person. It is necessary to leave everything and to leave everything. And life is lived, and all is over. Hard times ended, terrestrial wellbeing and when the spirit, in it lost, is included into the Elevated World the beggar ended also, the spirit which has saved up fires, enters it good. The beggar in the spirit of, that is the beggar fires, fires of the dying away, even can't move in World Aboveground, but saved up flies as a bird, and the space of the Thin World is opened to it. Basis of wealth of life and spirit manifestation inWorld Abovegriund are the crystals of fire saved up in the Bowl. If they aren't present, there is no life also because to live there is nothing. As in a body live fire is the life engine as it is the engine in bodies of the highest. For overcoming of terrestrial difficulties it is necessary to strain fires of spirit. From this tension fires of spirit grow, giving deposits in the Bowl. It also is that imperishable richness of spirit which not to get not at any price. Wellbeing deprives of the person of this treasure and in World Aboveground dooms him to death. Therefore understand value of difficulties of life and you don't strive for wellbeing terrestrial. The price paid for it, is too great and in World Invisible deprives spirit of that he looked for on Earth and that on Earth can't find spirit. Therefore I Speak: "Don't collect to itself treasures on Earth because are liable to destruction and the possession them" is temporary. But the treasure of the Stone shining in a breast of the Carrier of Light, above all, that can have on Earth of people. Be not deceived, don't take Maya ghosts for reality, don't chase them because it is deceived, having left finally with anything. And whether costs, the right, primogeniture of spirit to exchange for lentil soup of kitchen terrestrial to remain empty-handed. Therefore be not anxious how you to be and what to do and what your future will be, but rely on the Teacher of Light. Go a formula "The Lord, in Your Hands I Betray My Spirit" and you remember that each evil spirits are overcome in the spirit of, each test passed postpones crystals of immortal fires, immortality crystals in the Bowl, and does your spirit immortal.

81. (Feb. 23). It will be correct to adjust so consciousness that readiness to accept lessons of life and to extract from them juice of experience would be always a constant. To this condition it is possible to add and the knowledge to test own aspiration in application. Knowledge not applied will lie in vain.

82. (Feb. 24). (Mother World). It is good to accustom itself to thought that where our consciousness, there and we. And that our consciousness is our house, the house and a spirit monastery. Arhat reaches a step of uninterrupted consciousness that is immortality; - the house of spirit is built in space. Usually the person, thinking, believes that here he sits and thinks, sits in a certain place, and his thought departs to of what he thinks. It is necessary to imagine, as thoughts, and consciousness come off a familiar spot and are there, far, out of a body and a brain, about a subject or object of thoughts. In the consciousness can be presented somewhere in other place, separated from a body. It demands big training because the usual consciousness is too connected with a brain, both a body, and its environment. As it is possible to direct in Boundlessness to stars far, consciousness departs and consciousness coming off Earth. Mental flights have to be real. It is possible to be accustomed to them on mental movement on Earth bark. It is possible to do it mentally, as well as all people, without coming off a body; - it isn't enough advantage of it. But it is possible to separate consciousness from a familiar spot as it occurs actually when the consciousness moves together with a body. It is very difficult to separate consciousness from a brain and a body and to move in it invested with a thought matter. It will be movement in a body mental. Three bodies (physical, astral, mental) have to be divided and be once able everyone to act separately on plans various; once this division it is necessary to begin consciously. Let’s approve nowadays Arhat’s this wonderful ability in the form of an available step. Let's be, thinking of that is from us at distance, to represent myself about what or about whom it is imaginable. It is possible to get used to it, mentally representing itself in a desirable place. When the consciousness will accustom with this feeling, it will be possible to notice that the impressions received from object of thought, will extend, go deep and arrive more freely.

83. (Feb. 25). Communication has to sound on an inalterability key. It is impossible to approach to the phenomenon of Communication with thought of that, it can take place or not. It has to take place by all means, if only the spirit device as it should be. Everything depends on readiness of spirit and a receiver mood. Nothing can believe barriers between the Teacher and the pupil and nothing can serve as an obstacle to Communication if that circumstance is realized that it depends on a condition of consciousness directing to Communication. Certainly, spatial currents and other space conditions can influence and bring the coloring, but they can't make Communication (absolutely) impossible. The reasons of failure look for closer - in itself, in not co-ordination and an upset of the device of spirit, - especially receiver of the consciousness, the thinnest mental device. Not enough attention is paid to an attuning of consciousness and its reduction in a condition of working readiness. Heart is adjusted on an aspiration wave to the Lord; all third-party thoughts are expelled from consciousness. The beam will connect direct link with the Magnet of Great Heart.
The protecting network strains the protective armor, preserving a perception field against dark invasions. The field of consciousness cleared of vagrant thoughts, is engaged in the Shining Face of the Lord. And the thought directed from above, freely and simply joins the ready receiver. Everything is simple, and everything is easy, but on condition of full-warm aspiration because freely and freely the thought in opened and magnitno attracting it directs to itself heart. Only direct, but all heart, and the light of Beams of the Lord will fill in you.
So we work, without cease. Last accumulation is integral. Тry to understand new division of mankind on a treatment of light and shade - "as though an appeal in new army". The feeling of Presence of the Lord is defined by knowledge of spirit. Feeling is in the spirit of. This feeling of Proximity in the spirit of the Lord is almost integral. Deprivation of the Lord (that is loss of its Proximity), without bringing visible external changes, in a basis changes all karma of the person.

84. (Feb. 26). Term will come to an end, and the judgment will begin. Wait and know: judgment will be. I instruct you who have recognized Me: "Be ready to accept a happy message about the begun shift". It also will be the beginning of implementation of your expectations. The other day there will be a message on the beginning. Consider that day for you not without advantage passed. I will give signs. I will specify what to do. You heard, you know. To you I Repeat: "Wait for desired messages, and a whirlwind wiped.

85. (Feb. 27). In life of each person there comes a turning point when the current of the events concerning only it, takes other turn. Let's call this moment a corner of refraction of karmic energiya. And then as on wings, will incur the destiny you in the sphere appointed to you Lord of conditions. You will feel the insuperable force of energiya, attracting you to the judgment sphere. You will feel force majeure of the energiya attracting you in judgment sphere. It isn't necessary to oppose then to a course of events, but it is quiet and in trust to provide the fate to the Highest Will conducting you through life. The lord Knows because Sees your future and Sends the Beam of implementation of what should be. The next few days will specify the direction of a current of your destiny. Accept in clear consciousness of the Indication of terms and be ready to follow Instructions of the Teacher. Everything will develop better than the best and in the accord with desire of heart. Not darkness ahead, but pleasure and happiness of the hopes which have become the most wonderful reality. So I Told the Shambhala of the Lord to you waiting it at the crossroads as roads, conducting in the future.

86. The lie proceeds. Forms and types of lie have no value, but time it is, therefore, mastering by consciousness didn't stop. It also is obsession of consciousness foreign will. All words and arrangements were powerless before force dark, enslaved consciousness and will. Danger of channels was realized because measures were taken to hold a certain thing out of the room. And still, despite awareness of danger and understanding of the channel and harm of influence, concealing again took place. The web of deception shrouds relationship and destroys them. Threat of obsession not only didn't disappear, but, on the contrary, it returned, and the obsession can be considered as an accomplished fact. It, however, still incomplete, but can become that at that degree of a desire, with what the victim goes to it towards. Situation is very sad. About lie it was already told enough, and still it proceeds, and whether it is possible to determine its depth if one ends it concerns you, and another of a chasm. All moments of an enlightenment and release are extinguished and neutralized by new and next cooperation with darkness. Situation is almost hopeless. Whether it is necessary to warn and explain again if the will is attracted again in embraces of the dark? It is possible to consider itself free from any duties of a debt in relation to the victim because it passed a limit.

87. (Feb. 28). Derogations from the Doctrine are frequent. The few reach only. The majority doesn't pass test of collision with dark and recedes in darkness. It is necessary to understand that (after a known step) back return isn't present. And the above the person rose, the more knowledge received, the falling is more terrible. Everything is admissible and says goodbye, but on condition of a victory over everything. The victory is the obligation of the spirit which has found a narrow track, conducting in life. Difficulties of fight, doubt, meeting with strong dark substance are inevitable, tests - such is a way are inevitable. But only then it can be called a life, Light way, a way light, when it victorious. Otherwise there is it a way of the darkness conducting in death. And the death of spirit becomes destiny chosen it. Everything if the victory crowns affairs is acquitted, and (everything) is condemned, - if defeat. Think of a victory. On this victorious way the Hand of the Teacher the help is ready to give to you to any instant of a severe need. To you the help is ready. It is necessary only heart to It to address and turn away from darkness. It is impossible to serve at the same time to Light and darkness and to cooperate with Light and darkness. Destroy the great expects the double dealer. Be not mistaken because the payment for your delusions is great. But safely and firmly go forward, having risen in ranks of employees light. Unsteady "I" between Light and darkness, think of what terrible harm cause you your swaying and that that was charged for you. Therefore we will think of a victory. The thought of defeat because ways to retreat are barred is inadmissible even. This consciousness also goes that a way only up. And each defeat covers with a victory dome. It also will be a way of the winner. It also will be a way of the judgment winner. Because that, "who with Us", has (sometimes) hour of fight, but knows that it always the winner.

88. Way - in the spirit of. Through restrict lives the spirit way lays. Among heaps of material conditions the shining pattern of spirit, a pattern of life spiritual, a life pattern in the spirit of, going forward is, cutting dense spheres of terrestrial evidence. Well heart to scent motionlessness and stagnancy of dense conditions and the life of spirit going inside. Life the spirit, of other-worldly, out-dense it is. The spirit squeezed in a body and a framework terrestrial, has to pass through life of the dense world. And still, passing through it, it can pass, with it without merging, with it without identifying itself and knowing that the way this terrestrial isn't end in itself, but only means for understanding of life of spirit inside, proceeding far beyond dense existence, in Boundlessness. And then Boundlessness becomes a uniform criterion of life, then on scales of Boundlessness all phenomena of life terrestrial are weighed and all find to themselves the real place in consciousness of the person. The Boundlessness measure, scale of Eternity measures terrestrial affairs, circumstances, conditions and receive to itself a true assessment. Today's difficulties, chagrin and affairs even in the long term get twenty years absolutely other sense and value. As they change in the long term Boundlessness’s. Only wisdom can apply the Boundlessness measure to everything that occurs around and inside. Wisdom goes a formula: "Passes everything and even it will pass". To win against life, it is necessary to rise over life, spirit to rise and in the spirit of. "My other-worldly kingdom", - the Teacher of Light Speaks, in the spirit of over life terrestrial having risen and Boundlessness Having learned. To weigh the phenomenon on Boundlessness scales - means to find to it a place in the general order of things means it to understand, means to find to it a justification and to seize of. Because the phenomenon owns consciousness until its true value understood. Put on the place and not covering heart, the Sun of Life, because the benefit to them seeing the Sun gives the chance to see. Go to life, to the thick, but with Boundlessness scales in the bosom. Then you will assimilate to the mountain stream bearing through rocks, restricts and stones the waters to the far ocean of space life to join it and to become its part.

89. (March 1). My son, the big power over soul of the person is given to leading spirit. It can't be abused. The violence over will of another will be such abuse, first of all. It is necessary especially to a log hut a corduroy road. The management goes on condition of full, coordinated, harmonious merges of two wills aspiring to Light. Then danger of suppression of free will of other person isn't present. The question becomes complicated in case of intervention and influence dark when the foreign evil will interferes. But even here it is best of all to provide a free choice that the free will made it, voluntary. It is difficult to expect a free choice from will which isn't free from influence of will of dark enslavers. And here the leader should solve most for other weak consciousness and to assume its karma. Because the enslaved will provided, unless can make a choice free if it is already subordinated to other, evil will? The will such can't be considered free. Then the consciousness conducted is the arena of collision and fight of two wills - will leading and will of the attendant of darkness. But minutes of an enlightenment of the victim it is possible to appeal to her will free and to try to establish with it the closest cooperation. At the moments of clouding or dark influences it is impossible to think of providing freedom to evil will freely to be shown in enslaved consciousness already. Then it is necessary to work resolutely and firmly. It is possible to be sorry and sympathize with the victim, but at all to her enslaver. They can't be mixed. It is necessary to distinguish sharp-sightedly free acts of the victim from acts, it made under influence. Severity and severity need to be approved at the moments of a clouding of spirit. Danger is so great that usual reasons should be rejected. Let the will of the head, than an obsession better wins, and the victim strong executes it. But it is better to choose this ardent cooperation voluntary, and then the effect will be stronger and is longer. It is necessary, whenever possible, even in these cases to avoid the violence over foreign will; best of all in these cases to work strength of the Teacher, his Fire, and his Will. Then possibility of mistakes decreases. Not honor to give conducted in a darkness charge, not honor to recede before darkness, not the powerlessness before it to show honor. It is necessary to fight up to the end, and all measures, in every way, all opportunities, and all power of spirit. Certainly, blows should be assumed, but for that the victory will be nicer. On our board the victory is traced, and the one, who goes the Name of the Lord, not greatly reaches it. I bless you, My son, on this victory over darkness. With Me you go and therefore I See a victory over darkness.

90. (March 2). There can't be a spirit to the space ocean if in this space it for itself(himself) didn't prepare a place that is if didn't dig thought in space channels on which the spirit can go. We Give the guarantee to inclination of thoughts, but an attraction any thoughts, all thoughts possess, each of which gravitates to relate it to the sphere. If these channels of aspiration aren't prepared in advance, to spirit in space there will be no ways. Ways will be, but only terrestrial, directing to the phenomena terrestrial. Attractions terrestrial seize spirit entirely, and there is it chained to aura of this planet without opportunities to get out of it. But also in aura of a planet of the sphere are various - from the lowest to the highest. Stay in spheres, thoughts conformable, too depends from thoughts. I speak about how to leave to the space ocean, using the law of an attraction of thought. That to follow thought there where it conducts, it is necessary to direct, first of all, it. Following goes after aspiration. Not thinking about the Distant Worlds as can come off Earth? Therefore World Distant is given to mankind as spheres of its aspirations. It isn't necessary to be confused that so is a little known of them. But they are they really exist. Therefore, the thought can be directed to that exists actually. Thought magnetic, directed even in unknown, it nevertheless will bring particles of knowledge which will grow in process of frequency of aspiration. All great minds directed in area unexplored and a harvest removed the rich. Ignorance isn't an obstacle for use of magnetic properties of thought rather on the contrary, knowing the law, it is possible to send thought to the unknown. It is important that the beam of thought pierced space, going deep into it. It will shine its distance and will bring to consciousness something that it didn't know earlier. Thought fearless it is possible to accustom to plunge itself into space depths. Let the aspiration proceed from heart. Energy of heart doesn’t know range of distances. The brain thought isn't capable to distant flights. It should be supported and strengthened heart. Thought, persistently and rhythmic directed to any sphere, it is immutable will bear fruit because the law of an attraction of thought works it is immutable. It is necessary to leave any uncertainty. We know that it is desirable, and lawfully we receive the desirable. You are knocked, and will open to you, by thought you are knocked on a gate conducting to space knowledge, and will open them to you. God answers prayer. Thought look for everything that you want to find, and you will find. You ask, demand knowledge, and it will be given you because the great invariable law of inclination of thought you set in motion by your thought. Everything will open, and everything is available, but direct. Under stone lying water doesn't flow. The stone consciousness can't be recovered water of life of fiery thought if fossilized heart. Therefore we are knocked on heart to awaken fiery though; heart wake up, if you want to enter in open spaces Boundlessnesses. Because will die both the body, and a brain, but heart which eternally and eternally pulses in the center of grain of spirit, you will lead on the worlds irrespective of, whether there are you in a body or out of it, whether it invests spirit or is dumped. Heart you will lead in boundlessness of spatial distances.

91. (M.A.Y.). Where I was, but I am! Means thought it is possible to direct always to me and thought to concern me, thought, from heart going; for thought there not barriers nor on Earth, nor in the Sky. The thought will reach, both the message will bring, and distant will receive the answer. It is necessary to know only and ardently to believe that heart in motion the thought set strong will reach the desirable goal. That from this that someone considers, that I am in spheres far and inaccessible. Everything is available to thought, and everything is achievable, - because the thought is fire; pervasive elements of fire. Over everything the fiery thought rushes, piercing all spheres. Accept, darling, the answer from Mother Agni Yogi far and feel that she that is close to proximity of this anybody and will be able to take away nothing from you, except you. Here directed and immediately the answer received. Here heart was silent, and Mother seemed far, and even left and left you. But Mother is close, whether heart is close to it yours?

92. (March 3). And We Open a gate in a way new a new step.

93. (March 4). Above the head should be held. Strong it is necessary to be. Evil-speech can be extinguished at once, without having allowed it to inflame. The spatial order is very effective. Spatially it is possible to impose a ban on any phenomenon. Evil tongues will wound aura invisible contacts. The slander is harmful. I will protect, you are protected also. Fire of your unification and lifting can be very unpleasant to someone, and someone will want it to extinguish. Want to take (the dark want) by hook or by crook. Want to finish. It wasn't possible in one direction, will look for others. Unification fires to them are intolerable. It is necessary to hold force them against all possible attempts. They should destroy. Of fire of creativity are afraid especially and rise, that it goes out. Act with a beam of spatial thought, suppressing the flashed focuses of origin of slander, and it won't concern you. I arm for all occasions. Act with power of a beam. Justification in creativity is on creative fires of spirit. Force of these fires win. Creative fires of association have powerful force. It is necessary to remember, what strong counteraction of the dark met your creativity when it for the first time was shown. Therefore all the time was suppressed with strong. It is necessary to be protected now. Otherwise again will extinguish. If to creativity of spirit of the Lord Calls, as to darkness this Call is repugnant, when is creativity it from Light, because there is a creativity and from darkness. Tried to shroud and strangle dark asthma creativity fires. But your battery when it is harmonious, so strong what not to extinguish with it power of creating fires. Two concordant auras can work wonders, but only in consent full. Act in a consent. Beam of thought of the concordant, two completely integrated auras, and force has extraordinary, and feeble attempts of disconnected thinking of certain people before it are absolutely powerless. It extinguishes them instantly. Force to you in hands I Allow to act with various unites (the connected efforts) integrated power a beam. Hitherto it wasn't strong because there was no completeness of unification. As it weakened and to affairs damaged your separation and couldn't therefore oppose to your opposite of spirit impregnable and not perforation armor. The unification of spirits conformable is similar to a powerful stronghold. Not to break it to anybody, if a unification monolith and absolutely without cracks. Force of integrated fires should be directed to creativity, to creativity by beauty. It is impossible if dark access have. Protect strong that can be trampled and crushed by darkness, a unification protect.

94. My son, the evolution purpose - go out spirit fires. Creativity without them is impossible. Creativity testifies to availability of fires. Fire is shown in creativity. Ardent manifestation of these fires is joyfully to us. To creativity the Teacher conducts. Whether it is marvelous, what release of consciousness from dark influences immediately caused a wave of creativity (light) and flash of creating fires? So we will shower opponents of Light both big, and small, and everything that from light Agni. Precisely of will and in the spirit of first of all it is stopped evil distribution. Those barriers which oppose to it spirit in space, are as though the dams interfering its unpunished and impetuous distribution. You learn to stop in the spirit of evil germs, absorbing them and imposing on them spatial veto. The pledge imposed in space on any phenomenon, works with force of enclosed fires. It is necessary to consider as aren't strong, thoughts of ordinary people aren't accurate, weak and inert. And the one, who awakened fires, can act with them, knowing that they are stronger than powerless thinking of the biped. But it is necessary to reckon with darkness, because also the darkness owns some fires. It is necessary to remember that the darkness if the unification is indestructible with the Lord is powerless also. Yours - with the Lord, and them following you, - is indestructible a unification with you. They teach with the Teacher unification strong to hold, and too without cracks.

95. (M.A.Y.). Thought beam on me directing, you connect the consciousness with mine, and the accord is born immediately because for many years last existence strong strengthened these hidden relations. Ease of the accord shouldn't be surprised. Ease this is the relative. Someone can the whole day or year to stay, directing, and still accords not to achieve. Accumulation and bonds of communication warm are necessary. It became lighter also close. Don't forget a formula: "Be awake because you know neither day, nor hour... ". This readiness of spirit will give strength to reach about day of Arrival. In the spirit of be ready.

96. (March 5). The unification of two souls conformable is intimate and to invasion from outside isn't subject. There is a life Mystery - association of opposite principles and merge of related contrasts in one. On all plans without an exception creativity will be result of such merge. To create on the plan Hidden, too we Unite related auras. Spiritual creativity too goes association of opposite principles. On the plan terrestrial children are an only special case from the sphere of an immense field of a display of creative energiya of two poles. Let's study on the plan spiritual consciously to use force of this creative power. When creates one pole, whether it is possible to be surprised that attempts are fruitless. But when the Law and both poles is observed work, the demonstration generated two, has to come inevitably. I connect for creativity of spirits conformable, but the different beginnings. Show understanding intimate. A new step enters with understanding of responsibility for your creativity and all strength of mind you seek to hold it because many attempts will be made to destroy creating power of your integrated consciousnesses. The Teacher Warned.
In an astral immersion obvious isn't there is a solution of a question. Anything will be nothing from this of what you think (or: that you think). It is wrong to believe that the phenomenon of Arrival can be postponed. The consciousness let strongly assimilates proximity of the Phenomenon. I will come at dawn. My yours will resolve all. (All yours will be allowed mine.) You wait for signs. My, you and your - everything merges in one bowl of the future events. The last selection - therefore worries spirit and can't find any peace. Signs force will allow waiting. I send the decision: "In full tranquility to wait". There will be on heart all. You will have very unhappy life. The phenomenon of happiness left. To expect misfortune and it to eliminate - a way it will be victorious. In your charge I Give misfortune and happiness yours: you will hold that you wish to hold. You are the winner of life. You from now on decide that you want to have and what to hold, with whom or with what to remain. Not life and circumstances, but you will dictate them the will and the decision.

97. (March 6). From now on silent will the order let will be Light weapon. In it all being, as all parts of the plane - takes part in flight. It also will be coherence of the decision. It is strong equally effective decisions coordinated. Otherwise particles of uncoordinated energiya neutralize each other and the efficiency (efficiency) of will respectively decreases. The same occurs and at action of two or more integrated auras. That is why for success of action I Demand a consent full. Loss of forces then doesn't happen. I can’t pour Energy mine into a bottomless barrel of uncoordinated consciousnesses because there is then a useless consuming of forces. Show completeness of coherence for fruitful assimilation of energiya of My Beam. Show coherence between itself and in the own the microcosm.If knew, how many it is lost forces. As well at perception and my parcels the consciousness completely concentrates on this process. Solidity of action is understood badly. Specify achieve ability completely to focus consciousness on the desirable phenomenon. Management of fiery energy without this ability is impossible. The way of an apprenticeship is (way) of cognition and application of received knowledge in practice of life. As well vigilance let doesn't leave you. It is impossible to lay down arms fight about My Day; it is impossible relax in affection and sweet dreams. Severe time we pass, - severity show. Let there will be it a sword against neglect and spinelessness, weakness and swaying. It is necessary to be strong in everything. Many undertakings were ruined from inability and unwillingness to operate itself. Be strong strength of mind, fire of the seized.

98. Cap - invisible, magic staff, and carpet-plane, the magic mirror and all other is only symbols of mastering by treasure, which inside. Truly, treasure because arms the person with the power not visible to an eye. Accumulation of fiery energy, or accumulation of crystals of fire, gradually enters the person into mastering by these force wonderful Stone treasures in a breast. How to increase it and how to fill it? I will tell: by continuous, every day, tireless and comprehensive application. Apply this energy always and in everything, and it is conscious, - because unconsciously it is applied constantly. But only understanding will give mastering. It grows in application or will atrophy, as muscles without movement. It is possible to save up it. It is possible to put the purpose of life enhancement of treasure fiery. All departures of a body and indisposition can be regulated it. It is required for it long training, as though habit in all cases to use it is constant. They say that some Mahatmas can stay in one body not one hundred years. Means and the old age are won by energy mental. At once not to win against an old age, but it is possible to slow down its victorious procession, at all without being the Mahatma. You see how the face of the person with happiness freshens, or during spiritual lifting, or for pleasure. It is easy to deepen, strengthen and continue the phenomenon, giving to an organism the order for long term. The physical body of the person possesses ability to get that form of expression, which is approved by thought. Look at a face of the person, on which the print of joyful or sad thoughts lies. Apply it consciously, and draw a conclusion, and thought passing make a constant giving to a physical cover that expression which we want to introduce it is long. You think of yourself such what you want to be, and know that in any limits available to you, the body submits to will. This limit can be expanded and deepened infinitely. Not at once this art is given. From life to life there is an accumulation of experience of ability and the power over by means of growing mental energy. All miracles which aren't present and all phenomena of the occult phenomena are made by means of this energy and with its help possibly and available all. The concept "all" should be understood reasonably. It is impossible to grow up will the dropped-out tooth, but the inflammation can be stopped. Mental energy works within the law of that step of evolution which is reached on Earth in this circle. In the far future and tooth it will be possible to grow up, but not now. But blood circulation, a metabolism, functions of digestive organs and so on can be regulated this force. But it is necessary to save up it; collects in operation. The first failure won't confuse the knowing. At constancy any failure will crown good luck. But it is necessary to begin and, having begun, to continue infinitely. The treasure saved up is achievement integral and accompanies the person from life in life.

99. My son, heart breaks a press of darkness, heart fires. Therefore to heart and it is heavy. But, heart, be not afraid, you will win; We always Win Heart. Heart - the victory weapon. Two-polar everything is both to rise and it is possible to fall on identical distance. As is two-polar and heart. Black heart is an antipode light. And heart flares fires. Of black fires be afraid both in it, and in others. Creativity goes heart fires. You heart create. Creativity brain fire is deprived. It is possible to order to heart and for the night, and in the afternoon. Heart which doesn't sleep even at night, will execute an order. You to heart the order give. Heart can fly. Heart in a dream will depart and a distant message will bring. The order proceeding from a brain, in a brain also remains. It doesn't act on distance. Surely you carry out each mental order through heart. It will get used soon. Get used also you, and you will act according to - both a brain, and heart in consent. It also will be a coherence basis. Give to heart work, directly to it addressing. It is your center of Life Fiery. It is necessary to recognize and work with heart.

100. (March 7). The scale of love goes from a bottom up to the top. And its manifestations happen are very various. It is possible to direct them up, and it is possible and down. But everywhere and in everything she seeks for connection and merge of opposite elements that through them to yield a fruit. The spirit, the higher and manifestations of its feeling of love is higher. Ability to create lies in the basis of this feeling. Ignorance limits love to a child-bearing as a consequence, or a love product. At that time as consequences or products this feeling are wide and is versatile extraordinary. If people would see that is made for this feeling in all its forms and types, truly, they were surprised. Life is the phenomenon of creativity and creative process. And everything created by life in all spheres, on all plans of Life, is created under a condition and existence of two opposite principles: passive and active, female and men, positive and negative. Opposite principles are harmoniously combined only when they differently-polar, but are related and common essence in the contrast: related contrasts can lawfully be combined and in coherence. The happiness terrestrial is possible when coherence display in all covers and on all plans that in life happens seldom extraordinary. The vibration key, or formula of a structure of a being of the spirits seeking for association, has to be the same order. And then completeness of the harmonious accord is only possible. Time will come, and people will be combined on stars, by a horoscope determining existence of related and opposite elements of the parties. The love of the Lord to following Him will be the highest form of love on Earth. Pole magnitno leading, magnetically active and - the consciousness perceiving conducted. The polar of each focus is dual - passive is active: both gives, and perceives. Seeing a form of your acts, the Teacher is passive and - is active, sending Beams. As are dual in it and you. The duality is wider and deeper, and is versatile that is just told about it. The chain of Hierarchy consists of links. Everyone - is dual that is in the same situation to standing below it as itself in relation to it Teachers. It too spirit polar. Creativity from the sphere invisible and not shown in creative process becomes the shown -visible: pole one becomes the contrast, that is connects to it, and the new form, a creativity product, to life will be born. Think of essence of the creating beginnings and understand need both in the course of any creativity.