Agni Yoga's facets, 1958

1. (M. M.). To children of Earth I Send in Beams of energy of the New Era. They should be accepted, realized, assimilated heart and then already to approve them on Earth. Let's track as there is this statement in masses. New Beams of the woman of heart concerned, and she woke up, and nowadays on a face of Earth there is an awakening of the woman, and the New Country ahead. New Beams of heart concerned, and art prospers. New Beams of a brain concerned, and the stiffened heaps of the centuries, held down spirit freedom fall. So My Beams change the world, both people, and life the force. People persist and fight against them but where the terrestrial person against space forces to resist. Life, despite everything, on any resistance will change, and the New World will win against the world old. Because My Beams over Earth. It is better to adjust consciousness in a concordant acceptability towards to Beams and to become that on the party of the New World — the New Sky and New Earth are promised people, both the New Sky and New Earth will be given of. And force of powerful Beams of My Star will change life. It already changes obviously, and only not see blind where spirit evolution is directed. The will of heavens is traced in stars, but is carried out on Earth. And to children of Earth not in power break a way of evolution or to stop process of its implementation. But it is better to accept it in the spirit accord, because what should be, inevitably. Forces of evolution are collected in energiya powerful and directed to Earth, they should be accepted good will, differently will break and displace they contradictory. The surf of waves of the space ocean is powerful, and it is possible to direct with a wave and even on its crest, but a grief going against - will sweep away and away from Earth will carry away in space chasms where the space litter jumps out. But those who will go with evolution together, the victory over old life terrestrial expects.

2. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, and you become closer still, even closer, the seeming separation let doesn't confuse you. It after all from darkness, but in the spirit of we are close and merged. Give to heart freedom to feel this proximity, and heart will open to it a way. Neither the cold, nor life twilight let don't confuse you, we are close, and with us love and heat. And the same as earlier, we together, but are deeper, more strongly and closer we merge spirit in understanding of life terrestrial and Elevated. Nobody left, nothing is lost if Maya to reject a cover. As tensely there is a life-giving exchange of thin energiya between us and you, it is necessary to see them only. And, when your heart especially brightly feels this proximity, listen to heart, - the right it. We will so be approved in understanding of reciprocity close, growing in process of expansion of consciousness and spirit ascension. Live, instead of the dead us read, and relatives, here, about you, among life going, concerning us the same as it was on Earth, the highest and the best that is available in you. We are connected by the highest and in the spirit of. Spirit and in the spirit of this communication you who haven't forgotten us among difficulties of life current fix.

3. In the spirit of a victory over complexity of life. They (these difficulties) can be not touched because curve not to make direct, but having dumped the power them over spirit and having become over them, that is in the spirit of them having won, it is possible to win against them and outside. Difficulties of life are won themselves, life is won itself, and the world is won too itself. I Won against the world, without touching the world and without fighting against it outside but only inside overcoming the external. In it, in the spirit of it winning, and externally we win against the world, which around and, without having raised a hand in protection of, the world Won. In itself all is overcome, inside, before overcoming it outside. In the spirit of the victory, in the spirit of fearlessly, victoriously and safely meeting halfway life is hidden. In the spirit of beautifully meet a wave. Be approving always a victorious condition of spirit as the decision with fight life.

4. In the World of the Highest measurements all here and all nowadays for consciousness fiery. Time isn't present, there are no distances also, but there is a space where the eternally real is in process of continuous formation in the present. And where there is a consciousness, there and the Life center, or feelings of the world. The sequence, or alternation of the phenomena exists, but time isn't present because time is a form of cognition of the dense World and in each of the visible Worlds has the special relative expression. It is possible to tell that time is attribute of terrestrial consciousness of the person. Time is a framework limiting freedom of spirit. Time is chains on spirit. Time, distances and things terrestrial is walls of a dungeon of spirit. In the depths can overcome spirit these barriers, plunging in it and as though escaping from close prison of dense conditions to spheres of space freedom. In the depths, in silence full when steps of a material world terrestrial calm down, on freedom channel from restrictions dense it is possible to concern consciousness open spaces of other space.

5. Yes! Yes! In the spirit of it is necessary to manage to come off the surrounding visible and invisible sphere to join Me in the Tower. The consciousness union with the usual direct environment is very strong, and the phenomena to overcome magnetism of things attracting it very difficult. But it is necessary to study. Where spirit, there and I, because I — spirit. To things and the phenomena around the spirit becomes attached consciousness. On what it vibrates, with that and is connected. But if to withdraw all this from consciousness will and to fill with that it wants, will change and received perceptions and thoughts. This freedom in the space, deepened by understanding and experience, today it was succeeded to scent even better. It is impossible to allow to aura to grow to the environment. It has to be free. Freedom from thoughts, freedom with feelings, freedom from feelings of people, circumstances, subjects and everything that around, will be a basis of freedom of spirit. And difficulty that the susceptibility and keenness become aggravated more and more and strong allow in consciousness of a wave of the phenomena directed in it. The severe control which isn't allowing them too to affect consciousness is inevitable. Otherwise not the will seize them, but they — will. So again we come to bases of bases — to a peace of mind and balance. The spirit prosperity is based on this basis. Without balance fire will turn into a fire and into fire of eating, and a current of thoughts — into chaos, and instead of coherence of all microcosm human disbalance will torment. But the solution of everything is at Us. Means and it is necessary to address to Us when something threatens Light phenomenon. Recent concern and clouding — from influence of people around from which the consciousness of didn't protect previously. Now it is necessary to be very careful with people and to remember that the condition of their consciousness is especially chaotic, disturbing and uneasily and it is possible to enter with them communication only under a condition if the reservation of spirit is strengthened, the board is lifted and the visor is lowered. Any openness, thanks to very big difference in radiations, will be very notable and is harmful and will deprive of balance of spirit. Someone helped to forget about patrol. Whether darkness, and thanks to it the treasury devastation was allowed. Silence is the best guardian. It isn't necessary words if it is necessary to pay for them, and right there. Given loses that force which is so necessary to it to resist most in these unlucky days. Doorpost always and everywhere with all is. That is necessary is said only. Harm of excess words at least has to be understood now. Application ardent My Instructions can help so strong. In process of growth of fires and crystals of Treasure fury of darkness grows and increases also. We Do not allow to destroy you, but not to avoid small blows and pricks because they are a consequence of smashing of focus of tension of the darkness directed on you by us, but broken by us. But also small pricks are painful too, though aren't dangerous. Harm on trifles, but it is constant, - from here need of continuous wakefulness, or patrol because the darkness not doze follows. Everyone disbalance spirit at the expense of it carry because the darkness promotes chaos invasion. How to be to you? Together with Me! What to do to you? All to approve by force constancy of contact.
How to be protected? Communication with the Lord that is unification with It indestructible! For that wait? Obvious victory over dark rack and the new circumstances accelerating a way and giving the chance new! On our Board the victory is traced. You go with a board of the Lord, so to a victory. How many attempts were made you to break, and all of you go, you won't reach yet about My Day that in the light of it to see the won and prostrate darkness.

6. You remember that everything hesitates, unsteady and changes, but the Lord is unchangeable. In its constancy find a support for spirit to itself and, if all collapses round you and your personal world, is indestructible the Lord and his world. On it also build the basis of the house of the spirit.

7. (Guru). There is no compliance between aspiration and behavior. The gap is too great. And the understanding which hasn't been approved by the appendix in life, in deposits doesn't give fire energiya that is the knowledge which isn't bearing a fruit. That is why the Doctrine doesn't give abstract knowledge. Everything has to be enclosed in life. The understanding moves only when is applied in life. Energy of thought gives a crystal in the Bowl. Mental process gives adjournment obvious. The abstract knowledge which hasn't been approved by life and in life is useless. It does rather a harm, than advantage, and even destroys mentality rather coordination of the centers. Better, having small, to apply it, than, owning big, to leave it not applied. When winds will blow and whirlwinds, they displace everything that round the person, and everything will rustle that in him isn't cast in the form of indestructible crystals of fire. And niches there can be a person even, apparently, owning brilliant and outstanding intelligence. You know that is told about terrestrial wisdom and its hostility against God that is against the Highest that is in the person. Wisdom terrestrial that is won't give the intellectual knowledge which hasn't been embodied in indestructible forms of crystal educations, immortality to the person and the spiritual pettiness won't make the wise man. Shine of intelligence often happens false. You know brilliant speakers talkers, showing a type of an empty peel, a form brilliant, but deprived of the contents. Fireworks by time are reminded by them — flashed quickly to go out, without having left a trace. Only ardent application of given instructions can rescue. And if covers disturb, they should be bridled, subordinated to the firm solution of will. Repeatedly and a rhythm approve it in the power of it over willfulness and insolvency of covers. Covers will be dumped once, as worn-out clothes. And if by actions and acts it isn't postponed in the Bowl of energiya of life, the Bowl will be empty.

8. If not to be protected from darkness overcome. And it is necessary its turn. Protection not is the purpose, but means of success at collision with darkness. Collision is inevitable if Light flared up because the darkness doesn't recognize Light in anybody and strong always attacks those who has it. Protection against darkness — already attacks because Light at contact with darkness strikes it. That is why the best way of protection will be Light strengthening in itself. Silence — too protection as it doesn't allow dark to be hooked for the aura closed by silence from their attempts. But the main thing is a restraint, tranquility and balance. Balance above others, its symbol is a sphere. Silence gives to aura the closed curve. Balance strongly closes it, without leaving sharp ledges and roughness’s for blows and catches. The sphere can't be wounded. At detection of dark focus of attack it is necessary to put retaliation, a beam sending striking to it. It is very dangerous to represent itself the nonresistance center. Strong snatches darkness on an opposite, if it kept light sparkles. It is better to attack most, than to show vulnerability of an opposite. The soldier who only is protecting from struck blows, but itself their not putting, not the soldier and victories will ever have. The board lifted for protection against darkness, action only a half follows it blow to opposite dark. Light arrow, piercing in the center the forward, causes explosion, and light Agni the creating turns in burning, eating and destroying darkness.
There can't be a mercy to those who wants you to destroy. It is possible to regret the passive victim, but active employees of darkness, to you doing harm and blows, don't deserve pity because you will break if don't show ardent active protection which includes need to use the weapon fiery. It is given for continuous application in fight against darkness. Realize word meaning "soldier Light".

9. (M .W.). Children of Earth, even the creeping ant before himself has the purpose and furthermore her person has to have. The purpose, or appointment, has everything in Space: from atom to stars, both planets, and the whole systems, and galaxies. Especially her person has to have, and not so much have because it already is, how many it to realize. This purpose and appointment it is specified by words, words of the one Who Assumed responsibility for Earth. He Told, addressing to people: "You are gods", Having pointed to a step superhuman. This step means a cooperation step space and it allocates the person with the actual power over a spontaneous matter and four elements of these elements. This power is given to people for creativity. So the purpose and appointment are given and defined by Space Will; for this is and life, and works, and chain of embodiments. Some aspire to the power, to the statement of power of spirit, but the power is the purpose has cooperation Space. The accord with the Highest Will approves it, but not in itself. The Hierarchy of Light creates this Will; her spokesman on your Earth is the Lord Conducting the Planet. Lords and those, who round Them, create this Highest Will. And the purpose of the person who has realized a way and the appointment, with this Will to merge and become its performer, that is the employee of Light. Will Mine envoys of Light, and to you, children of Earth, Specify create a direct way of aspiration to My spheres for association with Powers of Light. In close contact with Me Seven sent execute Will My, and those, who with Them, those also with Me and access have opened to Me. Light center, because I in Them is uniform. "I in you, you in Me, I in the Father and we are uniform" - there is a formula of Creating Light and Those, Who creates Light. It is a formula space. Formidability of spatial distances of value has no, because communication in the spirit of, which out of restrictions three-dimensional. For what we live? - Guest ions ignorance and continues to remain in darkness! I Call to Light that in Light Your light, Lords in you approved, merged with My Light together. The end isn't present, as well as there is no beginning. There is no end to steps of a ladder of power of spirit. When you will come to the Space Scope, possibilities of spirit will be really boundless because it won't be connected by the spheres of the dense world limiting it. At first these dense spheres are Wednesday in which the spirit but when wings grew grows and develops, these spheres become to spirit prison as the egg-shell for an eaglet — won't break it, not leave in space and won't begin to fly. And the Sphere will be the first sphere from Earth for the spirit which has found wings, washing because on My planet people have wings and can fly. You can fly also, but yet didn't realize your opportunities. Children of Earth, to you Spheres My Specify I for flights. You I will meet, to Me directed. To you the Beam I send that on It reached. Beam of Mother of the World for your Earth is Light Bridge in Space.

10. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, the darkness surrounded you and of light seeks to deprive. She wants to suffocate you in the embraces. Native, you keep! Now is very darkly. The darkness surrounded you, and each your aspiration to Light meets ardent counteraction and all of you keep. Not honor if the darkness overcomes and yours will extinguish fires. Not honor if, having approached with us, in darkness address. Not honor if ardent evidence deadens the threads of light binding with us. Not honor if you betray business of the Lord and you will leave the guards. Are surrounded, and the darkness strained in terrible effort of light wants to deprive of you and even in you to extinguish its sparkles forever. Us you keep, the Lord you hold thoughts, feelings, essence all. The last fight with darkness will be furious. To tricks of darkness don't give in. It from everywhere and through all comes on you. You look fearlessly to it fool in the face through whoever it came nearer to you. Not at the person you look, and at darkness which through him wants creep up or come nearer to you obviously, having secretly been behind him, - and, looking in the face of people, darkness of carriers and performers of her will, darkness strike a ray of light. Light weapon in a beam collect and act with this beam. Firmness, fearlessness and understanding show these dark days. Also you strike darkness without mercy. You remember us and the Lord. In the spirit of be with us.

11. (Jan. 28). I approve the phenomenon of Light of the future among darkness of the present. In the present it still isn't present. But, being approved in the spirit of heart fire, it in the present shines among darkness with light hidden. We go future and for the sake of it. Hasten. If reject the future and to take darkness in its real scale, and it would be impossible to live because the darkness would cover all undertakings of spirit. But We Approve what isn't present but that should be. Fight for the future strong goes on planet spaces, and each heart — its arena; so Light of the future struggles in heart human with darkness of the present. Two poles of forces show an attraction of spirits to itself. But focus dark is deprived of head of Hierarchy dark. In it is victory approaching in the world of Light. It is reality, which can be opposed to evidence of the moment, whatever heavy it seemed. In what to find forces? In thoughts of the future! All that, what would like to have either to see, or to carry out in the future, see, as if there was it already in the present. Each negative phenomenon light cover, as a dome, covering darkness that it couldn't grow and extend! It too it cut off possibility of further expansion, as though erecting a barrier before it. It is possible to stop water a day or a dam, darkness — light barriers. To everything with what pushes together life and what not from light, it is possible to put this limit of light limiting growth and expansion of the phenomenon. Process is reduced to that, actually, already in the present in World Invisible the forms which display in the world dense is repugnant for an eye spatially collapse. In the present they can't be denied because they exist, but, having destroyed them the astral double in the present, future manifestation them you stop. In the future to Light the victory, but not to darkness is traced in stars. The darkness has not space, but only local, terrestrial value. In Space Light struggles with chaos for the statement you’re of in visible forms. The chaos means without a form, lack of a form, though is that, from where, or from what these forms of the visible world were born. To create from chaos the shown worlds is space purpose of spirit. It also is a problem of creating Light. Light is opposed to chaos, Symmetry is formlessness’s, and the Law is disorder. Victory is of Light over chaos show in myriads of the star worlds, in boundlessness of the real. With creative Will of Light the spirit in boundlessness of the future can direct, creating in it everything that to Light is conformable.

12. (Jan. 29). My son, the first place to the Lord is in everything and in undertaking everyone. The thought of the Lord that it was successful is premised to each undertaking. Certainly, Light affairs, but not darkness, because my hand in business wrong not with you are assumed. It is possible as well to the aid to count only in right causes. But it is better to be in Light and with Light always then the Help washing it is constant. It is good when all hope, all hopes and all future are concentrated on Me and in Me. It also will be full return of heart to the Lord. So again and again we will begin a memory uninterrupted and prestanding constant. It would seem, all this is known already well but why it isn't applied in life? Why during the day the rain of vanity forces strong to forget about the major? So we will collect again thoughts round the Teacher of Light before the person of vanity and before its face so persistent and ardent with a bigger force and big persistence we will begin to approve again Shape of the Teacher in heart. Live as lived and do everything that life forces you to do, but My Shape in heart you hold above all. And then vague and heavy breath of vanity won't concern you. And then the Face wash with a barrier becomes its celebration. And then the ordinary terrestrial won't muffle the sounding going on a silver thread. And then the Lord will be close. Fight for Light doesn't weaken and doesn't stop for a minute because then the darkness wins and interferes strong in consciousness, with the poison poisoning him. I see that is difficult, both affairs were condensed, and try to cover and separate Light from Me; I See also Specify a heart eye to Me to turn and from Me in thoughts not to separate. With Me, with Me we will reach it is immutable about My Day.

13. My friend, magnitno and heart are defined perception degree. Force of a magnet depends, at most fire and its aspiration. But if the consciousness became entirely concentrated on Me, so heart by the house, in itself divided. What stirs at least minutes of Communication heart entirely to the Lord to betray? But there are so many things before eyes and so many cares, but not mine. And thoughts flow about themselves, but not about business of the Lord. The egoism litters wire sounding. To concern Me, it is necessary to leave it. Egoism Light isn't conformable.

14. I have to Tell the following: now not current, but whirlpool. It tightens even the strong. It is worth keeping improbable efforts, from here constant feeling that pulls down uncontrollably. But the chasm pulls. The bottom isn't present. It is a death way. And many go of. But force of resistance to an attraction of focus of darkness in itself approved reaches for Light and magnitno keeps on a surface of the last field of collision of two beginnings — Light and darkness. The Armageddon came to an end, but the darkness still remained and strong time counteracts Light in remained it on Earth. The last division strong on the world goes in the hearts of the human. Danger that who not with Light, that with darkness. Also it is worth forgetting about Light as the darkness takes up its place in consciousness. And every moment the life each of you is on service to darkness or Light. Very sadly, when, darkness concelebrating, someone considers that it serves Light. Justice scales at everyone in the bosom, and everyone will measure itself, the hand. It is a pity if thus he generously adds to a bowl of service to darkness. But division the last has to be complete. And therefore so uncontrollably start pulling to itself conformable souls of a pole of Light and a gloom. So always happens before the end. Proximity of the end you judge on rage of strengthening of elements of the evil in people. Because the militant darkness takes control of the property and those, who it judgment is. The moment is dangerous rage of a display of hopelessness of the won darkness in the person when the will can't, and the main thing, doesn't want to accept Light way. So there is a process of the last division on a planet, and to heavy sensitive heart from a set of the hearts which have indulged in darkness because with poison of the poisoned radiations they strong fill space. Focus one — Hierarchy of Light. Its top for your planet is the Lord. From It — Beams. In the Beam to keep now will be a victory.
15. Absence of perceptions is a sign of that communication is broken. Certainly, we Prefer realized value of the Beam, both the Silver Thread, and the Face. These are three bases of Communication. Radiance strengthens consciously. For nothing is given. The mystery of life comes true in the person. It is invisible visible, there is (It) on the guard of the world, the Beam is sent same, as It, to consciousnesses standing in patrol. There is no escaping fate: both will find, and will overtake. And the nobility it isn't given where she will be better.

16. The solution of life not in being perfect, and in going to perfection, despite the imperfections and in it a merit, and then the person is more imperfect, and the in him the unrestrained fire of aspiration going, the more merit more strongly burns. We determine by this measure suitability of spirit to evolution. So, not perfection of the person, but aspiration measures its value. Therefore I Speak: "Only direct — and the light of spatial fires will fill in your consciousness". Aspiration strongly power magnetic. It barriers of the sphere pressing, you surrounding closely and densely are distressed. The aspiration is a pusher for consciousness. It moves it takes away it out of limits of the present and for borders of a direct environment. It removes locks and breaks locks at which people in the dungeons sit. To approve freedom of spirit, it is necessary to direct to it. Without aspirations there are no achievements because how to reach to what the consciousness doesn't aspire. Aspiration fire in heart light if you want to reach. And let this fire, as a flame of an inextinguishable icon lamp burns. After all it is told about inextinguishable lamps of temples so much, but people in temples light fires, about the lamp of heart having forgotten. To what the temple fires if heart went out. And nowadays you see the temple fires at the extinguished hearts. Better on the contrary. Dead life became, and dead persons question why it became so dark and the temple doesn't give a consolation. Even the prayer without heart is dead, even sacred books, even the belief covered with ashes of disbelief and denial of light. What life left? Spirit fire! Nowadays life strong is knocked on hearts that to awaken it. And any more has no value, as well as in what form and where and at who fire spirit starts flaring. And it starts flaring, but not where it expects, and not at those who applies on an exclusive selectness. In laboratories, behind a desktop, in work intense, under clothes simple start hearts being lit. And We Look and we Wait when the moment will come and on open spaces of the New Country spirit lamps that the Word of Lords to unite them in chorus powerful conformable hearts and consciousnesses will be lit. We Wait and we Wait the moment of because terms go Steadily and this moment approach.

17. Spirit measures. About the rock of objectiveness former ideas of things will break. Spirit measures others, than at all covers. The spirit is ubiquitous, both out of measurements, and out of distances, out of time, out of top and a bottom, out of concepts far and close, here or there, because everywhere because can realize magnetic itself anywhere. Also he can know over covers. It is knowledge of spirit. Feeling knowledge is attributing of spirit. Division of spirit isn't its division into parts, but presence everywhere, partially and sketchy reaching consciousness. You in the person and God are too, but - in the spirit of it. "Nose the" - learn itself. From within outside the spirit flame makes the way. Bottomless of its depth, the knowledge is inexhaustible. The spirit life-giving, and a flesh doesn't use at all - so you taught once. The flesh — is all covers. The spirit — is God in the person. Will — attribute of spirit. It can is possible spirit. Spirit all is possible. In the spirit of everything it is achievable. When Told "nowadays possibly all", I Thought about spirit. It is possible to concentrate consciousness in any cover, but it is possible - in the spirit of. It is possible to consider itself by a body, and it is possible also spirit. It is possible to read spirit of, in a body living, as in the house. In the spirit of and spirit there is a Communication with Me. When the flame of spirit makes the way through covers, in spheres around it is show Light. When it is show Light in the person, becomes it Light carrier. The spirit is fire. Light is attribute of a flame of spirit. Unfading light of the Flame of the spirit, changed fire the covers shines. Limit spirit of a cover, even though because magnitno gravitates to thoughts conformable. The world Fiery - the spirit homeland, and a fiery body - it’s not replaceable carrier, spirit. The fiery elements consist of the energiya subordinated to spirit. Spirit, them applying, the power claims over them. Covers — it is conductors (or tools) for manifestation of fires of spirit at a rate of the power reached by spirit over them. In principle, this power is boundless, but demands understanding. The belief, moving mountains, is a display of this understanding of boundless opportunities and relics of spirit. "All is possible" is a spirit approves boundless force in the face of an infirmity of a flesh and limitation of the covers by which it is temporarily invested. In Light space, not limited to them, the spirit freely works. To work in the spirit of, having been obese, and to subordinate covers to itself - a problem of the real step of evolution of the person.

18. (Guru) - the Way of spirit is marked out by force. Therefore I want to teach you to be strong spirit. Firmness, firmness, devotion inflexible, fearlessness, hardness, ways a steady — all this is a display of fiery will. To be strong it is possible if the will is strong, and the will is spirit fire, displaying in operation. Action in the spirit of can be externally hidden, but nevertheless consequences have seen obviously. One makes action externally, all noticed which cannot give desirable consequences, another, knowing, externally itself doesn't show, but silently works in the spirit of, and consequences follow it as inalterability. It is necessary to learn to move external actions in inside when it is demanded by living conditions. Certainly not to do without internal process neither in that, nor in other case as differently actions will be empty. But here it is a question of other. Depth of action depends on this internal process because the silence of silence moves and gives to action power. Belief, knowledge put in your actions. How many efforts are spent by people in vain because doesn’t know the correct departure of actions. Rely on external whereas fire giving to action life, goes from within. First of all the invisible prototype of the action, forced to appear in visible forms, is approved in the sphere Elevated, Hidden, approved accurately and is clear, finished and in details, without everyone’s conditional "if". Being approved in space, it bears on itself (himself) the printing of the fiery order of will. Ancient expressed it a formula: Let it be. The word "amen" has the same value though people forgot about it and repeat it, as parrots, without any understanding. Aum has the same value. It isn't to a formula and not in its external expression. It is important to understand approving force it. The prototype approved in space, it will powerfully work if the doubt doesn't disturb it. Rhythm it is possible to strengthen it and to strengthen infinitely or so that force overcame it counteraction of external conditions. Its main property is that this force works silently, silently and silently, and nobody knows that the prototype took effect, and especially those who, knowing, could show easily to it resistance and neutralize its force. If simple disclosure of the plan to strangers deprives of its force of execution, in a case with activity of a prototype it is especially harmful because destroys a basis. The true leader "casket" holds the closed. Truly popular wisdom noted that "silence - gold". In your actions about silence don't forget. Without it is easy to turn into windmills. How many they uselessly wave a hand. You learn to act in silence if you want that consequences of actions were the inevitable.

19. Well future to determine by thought and thought to make out it, as well as future way of achievements. Then, as on the blazed road, direct energy of spirit and pour out in the necessary forms (thus prepared). Otherwise in space it is necessary to punch a virgin soil. Know the way. It in the spirit of and its external forms isn’t important. The spirit pattern, but not dense environment on the way matters. Usually at spirits considerable, big and Great it (way) is difficult and outside too. But to people usual they leave fruits of the life, works and fight, achievements. Also their way is light.

20. Consequences of each thought are inevitable. Their force is proportional to power of thought. These consequences submit to the accord law. The thought, poured out of energy in words, is weaker than thought silent. The word is the valve opening an energy output, concentrated in thought. Therefore it is better to be silent. It is easier to hide thought from essence thin, than words. Not the thought-reading is available to all time incarnate. Impermeability is quality necessary. It is bad if reading you is easy for a foreign eye. Openness in the pupil is unacceptable. Openness endangers it, - because on the whole people are bad. Simply they should know nor your feelings, nor thoughts. And relatives too because stumble often. Usually openness does more harm, than advantage as gives the chance to influence consciousness on the openness channel. Restraint and impermeability is sisters. The word usually causes the answer. And if the consciousness is dark and the answer won't be light. Arhat is the closed book. It is open a little for the next, but it is no more, than it is necessary. Only full-devotion inflexible grants the right to proximity. Through Hierarchy heart has to be open to the Leader, but not on the contrary, and is opened in process of need to subordinate. It is possible to note as on degree of openness of heart to conduct from them received blows when they started being unsteady. It is possible to take for the rule never to give an exhaustive formula. Otherwise - double harm: simplicity of receiving will give rise to neglect, and completeness of delivery makes the exhaustion phenomenon. But worst of all, when thanks to inability to constrain the thoughts and feelings an inner world of people opens foreign to violation, Impermeability should study. As though the protective cover shrouds the person for which it is impossible to get. Reticence, restraint, self-checking, ability to own itself and impermeability — qualities of spirit without which at a known step it is impossible to do.

21. There is nothing about what it would be necessary to worry. Would be, would Warn! Even anything noteworthy, (it is the answer to My question of one unpleasant business). Attention another - disbalance deserves an astral and indulgence to his desires. Think of how to Light to advance it. Readiness for everything will be born thanks to understanding of inalterability and mobility of the Plan. At each this moment to be ready to any combination of external conditions, without losing thus balance, will be a suitability sign to Great Service. I am always ready to everything. To be ready always to everything that allow, or Specify the Lord, there is a conscious application in formula "Yes There Will Be Your will" life. In this consciousness also it is necessary to meet all waves of life, without showing fear, without losing balance, without breaking a rhythm of Communication and a work rhythm in the Name My.

22. (M. M.). Children of Earth, knowledge are the purpose of the person. To create, it is necessary to learn the world, which out of you. Micro and macrocosms are subject to studying. On this way of the end isn't present because Boundlessness has no it. Work and knowledge endlessly - such is destiny of the person on Earth and in the Worlds. I rejoice when I See: consciousness, having directed, goes out of Earth. Not it one the spirit human is live, but we feed from above. Beams and magnetic currents feed it from space, - also they feed and Earth. Also there is a great exchange because both Earth and the person give to space far to the energy, radiated by them. If the far star sends to Earth the beam, and Earth too the beam sends. Its scale is rather low, but people are responsible for its quality. This beam is saturated as well with emanations of collective radiations of all mankind and, mainly, thoughts. The thought rushes far. As also your Earth receives thoughts from the Far Worlds. The exchange of thoughts between mankind of planets is very intensive. To find not pleasure, than feeds space your planet. Energy of planets interacts. The mankind takes their ardent part in this process; on Earth - for the present in masses unconscious, on High planets - conscious. From the Distant Worlds people of thought light send you and that ennoble a planet. With the Distant Worlds it is possible and consciously to enter communication. Thought to them it is necessary to direct, filling up and waking up. And then it will be possible to catch thoughts: fragments at first, and then already whole phrases more. If it is possible to catch thought of the neighbor, it is possible to catch it and from any point of Earth, as well as from any point of space because the thought rushes in space quicker than light. Children of Earth, act with thought, knowing that think of nothing a barrier.

23. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, you in my thoughts, and thought I send you. Consider that is close I with you and strong care I have about you. In total that disturbs, reject to become even closer. Understanding of proximity strengthen, there is no limit to rapprochement in the spirit of. You judge it at least on a negative pole of these phenomena, on obsession. If at dark obsession, we have a merge of consciousnesses in a chord conformable and merge wills, directed to the Lord, to the purpose uniform and light. And if the darkness is strong obsession and obsessed wants to strengthen itself, we are strong a unification and merge of souls and the consciousnesses united by love, devotion and aspiration to Focus of Uniform Light. So be not afraid to strengthen itself consciousness of our proximity and strong it approve in the face of evidence dense. The statement of two worlds in consciousness of the person will be a key of the New Era. So arriving, you work for association of the worlds. It is necessary to transfer your feel to life and to make them life that the World Thin was included into it as other party of the phenomena on which the world is based; too idea of people of the world, denying its aspect invisible to eye became one-sided. But we also testify that the world that is close, and that your consciousness is a field of a meeting of two worlds. Now here in your consciousness your thought is combined with mine and communication between us is approved strong. Not visions, not a voice, not astral feelings in work, but thought and a fruitful exchange of thought - feeling, I repeat, an exchange because in turn I receive from you a number of thoughts and feelings in exchange for my thoughts, you sent. Instead of love, aspirations and devotion, to me turned, you receive a sheaf of my thoughts, and contact comes to the end with record obviously. To relative’s hello and reminder: we remember those who don’t forget us.

24. Balance isn't present in the attitudes towards people. It isn't always identical, as a fir-tree. And here too the astral, Is covered all way not with roses, and thorns and therefore we Call it thorny. Crown of thorns not symbol, but life. My way you go. It isn't easy to overcome the nature of things and it isn't simple. The lit centers allow. We will light the centers, and you them preserve. Also you will see. And my Voice you will hear. Everything will be, give time. We don't repeat you, as well as Mother. The combination skands is unusual, - as I perceived much, but never I suffered from sharpness of perceptions.

25. (Jan. 30). It is necessary to understand and remember well that everything that occurs and happens to the person, aims to teach him to something, to approve or develop in him this or that quality of spirit. Life has no other value. It is process of continuous test and check. On themselves the external phenomena of value have no and therefore all of them go to oblivion, leaving the person experience fruits which they to it bore. Therefore each phenomenon should be considered under this corner and from this point of view. The Teacher Cares of that the lesson given by each event of life, was understood correctly and yielded result expected by the Teacher. When this result is reached, the Teacher Takes away the phenomenon from life of the pupil. And all works with which the person works, make the same sense because in itself all of them, that is fruits of hands human, are doomed to final destruction. What blossoming will be reached by culture, recession will begin and will be replaced new, and from the real culture remains no more, than remained from ancient civilizations. But fruits of culture of spirit remain in the spirit of her builder. In it is purpose and sense of terrestrial embodiments and terrestrial affairs. In the pupil this aspect of life is accented especially. Life for it a continuous series of the most different tests: sustained, are immediately replaced by the new. Balance of spirit and impassivity strong help will be exempted from them, because the purpose of these tests - to approve balance unshakable quicker. The tranquility is a spirit wreath, and balance - wreath stones. So since the morning a thick of life entering, it is necessary to remember it and this memory to comprehend life and each act. And then it is possible to tell that the will takes life levers in hand, turning a current of the counter phenomena everything to the same only purpose to increase knowledge and experience. Strong it is necessary to study as lives, greedy drawing from external events her necessary knowledge and experience. The hand of the Teacher carefully directs a stream external the phenomena and the Teacher Rejoices when meets in the pupil understanding of occurring process with it. To look in hundred faces with limit vigilance not to miss the next opportunity to learn something, will be the correct understanding of an every day.

26. It is correct! If dark whispers access have when the ear addressed to them as easily light contacts can reach spirit when the consciousness is turned to Light and its carriers. It is all about that, on what the consciousness is turned: in darkness or to Light. Are open for the person of the sphere of darkness or Light, and thought magnitno he draws according to the accord from spheres of these darkness or Light and with them fills consciousness. The law of the accord it is in operation constant, at every moment of existence on Earth of the person. And Light or darkness strong are available because the thought magnetic and attracts to itself elements, it corresponding. The magnet of spirit works precisely and constantly.

27. There is more: let any lesson doesn’t pass without advantage, but leaves a certain trace on consciousness because to what to study if the doctrine not for the future. The pupil — is the pupil consciously, and strong, and is constant. And life — is school for spirit which should be passed that the purposes to reach.

28. And nevertheless be careful in the conversations because reach negative ears. Conversations amuse an astral, but uselessly. Over each word control. It will help also to thought to keep under control, both feelings, and moods, that is to own an astral. Mastering by an astral will give balance to spirit. (Behind an astral) it is necessary to watch it.

29. Into the future there will enter and enter quicker, than here, and earlier. And therefore there easier spatially new people will replace the old. New is closer to Beams. In new is hope. Listen to steps - can begin to sound. Thought in space in the future to itself the way you lay; let it will be Mine, with My way merged. Way together, and aspiration too is. And so up to the end. It is necessary to steep in My affairs, but not the. My Business and urgently is great. It is great My Business and builders waits. And everyone will bring the stone on construction. The gift on construction of the New World so important that depends on it all future. What you every day brings to enclose in My Business? I send you energy of spirit for realization them to construction materials. Even the sun apple-tree realizes beams into fruits. And you? In what in your laboratory you energy turn Mine, to you sent by Me? On is what you spend, on yourself, or for the public good? You are transformers of spatial energiya and beams in forms which you give to the New World on construction it. What do you give every day? What descends from the conveyor of your consciousness and then you fill and you cement space? From the space sated with thoughts of light, builders scoop a material for construction. What material you knowing about the Plan of Lords give them? Your responsibility is great because will ask from the one who knows. Both ignorant and not hearing, but the kind material on building brought and the hand laid in work, will outstrip knowing, but work of not brought. Why preference you give to the affairs, but not Mine, and with thoughts of you fill yourself and space? To whom are you necessary with your small thoughts, concern, cares and vanity? But My Business strong needs builder’s kind and knowing business. Let each your word and thought serve as the statement of the New World. Torment he will be born yours to Earth. I call to my World and on my Business, on construction of the New Sky and New Earth. Hand a human, hand you will create New Earth and the Sky, having realized New Beams and spatial energy into New Forms. With old consciousness it can't be made. Therefore, inevitably full reorganization of the World. Tensely there is a process of shift and replacement old - New! Someone tails after the Country New. Not honor trudging behind. Someone disturbs and fights strong against evolution and advance. Confronting to the Plan of Lords — enemies of Light, with whatever fabrications they were covered. Claim strong everything that on advantage of the New World. Claim out of any dependence on that, it is pleasant or it isn't pleasant to you and even if it intrudes upon leisure and convenience of your personal world. In life superpersonal you will find the solution of life. So there lived all Great Spirits, given for the public good and a full Bowl of General Welfare having accepted. Are given you in energy hands fiery not for a humor of, but for life construction. And you knowing the Future and Plans of Lords, you can wisely build. And they, ignorant, will follow you if, having rejected from itself, you will give a body and the soul to My Business entirely without the rest. You will follow because will scent the press of My Spirit over you, and you will be strong Me because you will go to the Name My.

30. (Feb. 1). My son, you have the sign of everyday Proximity of the Lord. In itself, without the Beam, long ago would sputter out. But the Lord is inexhaustible, also I Promised boundlessness. Vessels, vessels prepare to fill with space gifts that were in what to Me to pour from my inexhaustible Bowl. Today you want to write, and especially there is a lot of. Also you will write if you want, and to thoughts there will be no end.

31. Each new undertaking of spirit has to meet the counteraction of the darkness equal to the directed force of this undertaking. It is necessary to this counteracting wave opposite and to sustain its impact. This pressure of darkness is short usually, though is strong. Having met it and having rejected of it pressure, it is possible to see how the darkness quickly sputters out. And if the decision to carry out undertaking is firm, it is possible to continue it. The first impact will be followed by the second and the third, but each time, in process of repulse, its force will weaken, won't be settled yet at all and the darkness won't start looking for new approaches, that go out light, which brings it into a condition of continuous opposition to it. In process of growth of fire and light darkness counteraction amplifies also, but it in the general scale. Separate undertakings are exposed to attacks with a decreasing force while the will won't triumph over them completely. It is possible to note, how many was ardent attempts to prevent records or even to stop them at all. But the will overcame all these attempts, and this undertaking is carried out, and the darkness received defeat. So observe in everything: where the will is strong and doesn't recede, the success, because the darkness against creating light is powerless. Already I Said that the darkness can't resist to the Ray of light and dissipates, as something not existing. And it is right because life the darkness has, and only no existence. It should be meant at collision with darkness. You know a case when the unknown eremite safely and successfully could opposite to the Satan, and that, having thousand-year experience and knowledge and being strong, I couldn't break lightful heart. In it is powerlessness of darkness before luminous intensity. But the Satan was the Eighth and still at War One to him and all assembly dark confront, and all darkness couldn't break courageous Heart. I speak in order that realized power of Light and indestructibility of essence of the spirit which has betrayed to Service to Light. The force realize — it is immeasurable and is inexhaustible when is based on the Lord who corner Stone is. Fight against darkness requires inflexible persistence because, having won one undertaking, it is necessary to be ready to reflect its evil-shift in others. Don't forget about frequency force in drawing blow and a rhythm of parcels. The beam burning darkness will be at the same time and a creating beam. Darkness burning and destroying its heaps, cover perfect destruction by a creating beam. The striking beam is accompanied let by a beam creating because we destroy for creation. Destroying, you create. One only destruction is half work. You act wisely, with knowledge of the Law.

32. The darkness recedes when sees that each its attempt to extinguish light in you causes the return results and the doubled efforts of you to claim that she wants to destroy. And then the darkness works for the statement of light. And as it isn't included into its plans, it recedes, recognizing the powerlessness. It won't want to create to darkness good. It is the best way of fight against militant darkness.

33. My world — the world of My actions: Sheaves of Beams Energy Mine, to the world sent, affect hearts and consciousnesses of people with My Light. My House ancient, is more ancient erected by the person. My Business is widest, deep and great. Scatter on Earth face also it is connected by light wires threads with hearts of people. These wires don't decay, don't collapse, don't rust and aren't torn in the regular way because are imperishable. Are torn and collapse spirit. But on them it isn't enough conscious receivers. Silver Thread is the phenomenon rare. Know Me under many Names and Shapes. But I am One and the same in last and future centuries. And a way My, leading to Me, ancient, as mankind, and a way that is one. My people is the few from sets, Mine is the millennia, because centuries served Me, from life in life. (They) differ between themselves with degree of proximity to Me and furiously execute My Will. Execution is voluntary. That also are strong that their will in Will My show strong, and My Will — in them. Also are combined merged will in the beams self-proceeding from them. Go to the Name My and in My Beams. That also is strong. Go on fires, on tortures, on a feat. I follow, of itself without thinking. The next is on Great Service. Through the Next approach and those, who is farther than them come nearer? Mission of My relatives are great, because to direct, direct, conscious perception of the Beam the rarest people are capable. 0 them we Tell: "know the Teacher of Light". And another, ignorant, it is necessary to look for those who know that through them to approach. But, if who knows the neighbor approach, to it not disturb. But nevertheless proper words about Me find that and here to light. Light gravitates to light, and light merges with light. More often and more long you seek to be in good spirits with Me. And, a body having left and in the spirit of to Me having directed, it is possible with Me in Dialogue to stay fixed time. Spirit division: and there it, where a body, and here it, with Me in the Stronghold, here, in My Tower. Nothing disturbs the Dialogue when the spirit is ready to deliver to the Lord in consciousness first all and above. My friend why you try to present yourself in My Tower either sitting, or standing and in a body? Spirit is out of position of a body, - about its care leave. Merge by light and in light — spirit and in the spirit of. All have bodies, but in the spirit of Communication, So in the spirit of to Me direct through density of conditions terrestrial.

34. (Feb. 2). Why to indulge in doubts about what to be and not to be. Better in trust be waiting in the wings. It will come, is immutable will come; will come as result of the energiya enclosed in creative expectation. Expectation can be on the essence double - destructive, devouring forces and killing spirit, or creating, directed in the future and fruits bearing. The formula "Yes There Will Be Will Your, the Lord" enclosed in expectation, gives to spirit balance and the tranquility which is so necessary for the correct departure of actions because creating expectation is full of actions. The consciousness which has entered into the World of the Lord can't remain inactive. I speak about spirit actions which are possible always and to which nothing disturbs and can't prevent from the dense world if the spirit is ready to them. When hour, the world of actions external will come and the world of actions of spirit will merge, but before its approach the barrier and external actions is delivered to external expression by terms are limited to a framework of the Karma early. It is better to consider a waiting time as time the best for accumulation of forces and life experience. Conscious accumulation of mental energy can devote it because without fire the come terms can't be used. To give, it is necessary to have to have, it is necessary to save up to save up, time which is inseparable from expectation is necessary. So it is necessary to consider expectation as a step, or a threshold preceding approach of terms. 35. To go or not to go? Go, of course, and to prepare itself for severity of days. Not on picnic, not on walk a trip, but on a feat heavy and full of works. At a think about departure all thoughts flow about themselves, but not about Business of the Lord and not about the future of the New Country. It not a feat but if all thoughts and feelings are concentrated on the future and on helping to carry out it, and the personal karma will be other, and the Hand of the Help won't slow down to create the necessary living conditions. The proximity obliges the Proximity promises and the Proximity gives the guarantee to that your destiny will be unusual. But it is necessary to believe and in trust to wait for coming term. About what concern, cares of what? Bowl of General Welfare accepted not of itself thinks, not of personal conveniences. On a feat of the Lord Called, both Calls, and Waits who will respond nowadays.

36. Each material phenomenon has the visible and invisible form. Without the last the first can't exist.

37. (Feb. 3). Let the anticipation and feeling of a final victory fill consciousness and give strength to sustain up to the end. The final, clear victory of Light is traced in stars, a victory over darkness. Feeling-knowledge of the future goes through darkness of the present. Will be, there will be to the best country a great blossoming. The hand to that is laid also by you at a rate of your opportunities. Opportunities will be given. Meet opportunities these benevolence in heart acceptability, with hunting and in pleasure of spirit. Behind them others will open, all are wider, both more, and better. But in head of affairs of Light put My Business, and before your affairs. Heart full-return to My Business demands vigilance, vigilance and ardent desire to serve Me. The purpose you know, the Plan you know and you know, where and how to apply the forces at a rate of expediency and commensurability. And My Hand with you in all undertakings your, approving the World New on old Earth.

38. (Feb. 4). It is good when limitation of expression of the spirit concluded in a physical body is realized. The understanding is deeper better. How to be exempted from fetters if not to realize them and not to wish them to break. As in the dense case having only some openings, the spirit in the cover is concluded. Through openings of eyes and ears he is able to perceive a number of the vibrations limited to the scale of perceptions. Touch still already, than eye or hearing. It is possible to expand these limits, but behind body border. When the spirit starts pining in the case as an eagle in a cage, then it is possible to tell that time comes to destroy to it a cage. In the spirit of restrictions of a physical body collapse; Clairvoyance, clairluhear, clair-smell and feeling-knowledge is a knowledge miracle, spirit vision, spirit-understanding and so on. It is necessary tensely and strong to want to break a dungeon wall to come to a space scope. It is necessary to withdraw consciousness from the surrounding sphere < ... >; possibly more stoutly to perceive vibrations of other spheres. Certainly, the thought because thought it is possible to concern any subject or the phenomenon is closest to it. The thought will be followed by feelings. Sensitivity transfer outside is the direction, specifying a way. Transferring of sensitivity means consciousness transfer, that is full and its perfect concentration on the desirable phenomenon and full dismissal from itself, from small "I", in close prison of the prisoner. Freedom should be wanted before to achieve it. Wish free to become from chains of the dense world.

39. I Distinguish you from others. I thoughts spiteful and strange, to you thoughts sent by darkness hostile streams Light I will cover Beam, in the light of the Beam them burning. You, knowing it, of these thoughts be not afraid. But to Me help openness of heart to Me to destroy them. My son, I am your Lord, the Father and the Defender. I'm saying: "Strong, it is active also the spirit flaring in Light, you guard to Great you entrusted by Me pen visor, of darkness not being afraid. You are a winner judgment, and (darkness) won't be able to overcome you. Me keep, for Me. Me you are strong and invincible. Me also stand".

40. (Feb. 5). Great Mother World, I Know that You started being our planet; I know that their Eight You is Sent on a feat. I know that your Care of our Earth didn't interrupt for eyelids and in millions years. The mankind honored You under different Shapes and Names, You Uniform, standing on Earth protection at the Space Ocean of Stars. And nowadays You Send again the Beams on our planet that it could new enter in New to Ayr the life. Energiya of your Star human consciousnesses to understanding of purpose of life and Life of the person on Earth and in the Worlds, because you’re Beams over Earth waken. That time when the awakened heart will direct to You again as it directed in centuries is close, and will do to You justice understanding of Space your Mission on our planet. You will be read by Lords and people honor You, the consciousness directing to You in desire fiery Your World rather on Earth to approve.

41. (M.A.Y.). Native, show patience due, it is a little still. After all it was spoken about until the end of the undergone. Means, it is necessary to suffer. About patience creative to you I speak, both creating fire, and aspiration inflexible. In them you change and your life which flows in you as the stream directed to the ocean. Reach the ocean, and to join it, and to become its part, itself without losing and having kept the Identity and the accumulation — the purpose of our life terrestrial. To it also you aspire, without forgetting not for a moment that whatever happened to will in the conditions of your, difficult and heavy, the purpose remains to the same. You will reach it and you will leave to the space ocean, because over you Lords Beams. To the public them plunging consciously, Terrestrial and Elevated, because in Beams you unreasonably accelerate a way always, everywhere and in all covers and forms of revival of the spirit.

42. (You) furiously beat off from thoughts third-party. The darkness bulks up in the last effort. (But) My Sun, the Sun of the World, will shine and for you. Spirit-conducting, the feeling-knowledge, or knowledge of spirit when all covers are dumped, it is show is free, full and without barriers. Brain it isn't necessary, its center (learning) — heart. It is possible, it is possible, it is possible both to see, and to hear, and the nobility. Dare, the child, to knowing so, worldly having closed voices. They muffle a spirit song, a life song. You walls of a dungeon break and spirit rise over dead life, as a phoenix from ashes when all terrestrial will be burned by you on fire of aspirations. When the Magnet of My Spirit is directed, your spirit and with It consonance is. You spirit show then secret essence in living conditions (usual) terrestrial. You know, you feel, you understood that means openness of heart of the Lord to reach when the being is adjusted on an accord key with the Teacher of Light. We is together, when indestructible you and great your force. Resist now to one among millions ignorant, it is necessary to be strong extraordinary. In Me your force is. Anything! Be afraid of nothing also of anybody; nothing will muffle Light in you Mine. And so, in unification full, you will reach about My Day.

43. (Feb. 6). My son, steps of new opportunities are carried out practically and in the appendix in life. The instruction should strong be applied and — without delay. If want to see I to hear Me, it is necessary to work. The narrowness, burden and narrowness of external conditions and isolation push their spirit to Me, restricting it up. Stopping opportunities below, life opens them in spheres spiritual. The balance and compensation law - in operation. Therefore rejoice to narrowness of external conditions, rejoice that it is deprived of that nowadays has to have and the person thanks to science and equipment has. You have no, but in the spirit of you receive more than that the equipment of the world can give. I want to arm you without the uniform device and I Arm. And a lot of things in your organism already work and, first of all, a thought radio set. I put in action, but gradually, cinema, both the TV, and the detector of radiations of human auras, and mental wires of a long distance. And you to Me help, from it being released, to bring them rather into a due working condition. You find too much time to thoughts of, without using therefore and losing opportunities to use wonderful opportunities of spirit. The field of consciousness can't be at the same time occupied and (the personality), and research of the phenomena of the spatial or physical far. For this time at least the personal world from consciousness should be switched off. It very much disturbs, occupying a field of perceptions with garbage of unnecessary thinking. It is necessary to exempt consciousness from unnecessary litter. Then < … > is clarity and width of perceptions far and close, but the highest things.

44. (Feb. 7). The ardent, changeable, changeable and chaotic strip of external conditions and circumstances burdening spirit persistently seeks to carry away consciousness in a funnel of terrestrial gravitations and to tear off from the only Abutment - Hierarchies of Light. Darkness external where crying and a gnash tooth, fights for superiority and possession consciousness and for domination in it. But something outside, tranquility it is necessary to store, both stability, and understanding of Proximity of the Teacher, won by so heavy price. Let waves of the external phenomena by rush. But it is everything Maya, all dreams fleeting evidence dense. That is inevitable, should be passed through it, and from it not to leave. Concerns, excitements, fears and a gossip won't help. It is better to be silent, the forces preserving against an unnecessary expenditure. To what are words? Circumstances will specify when action time will come. Not to pass the bridge, without having reached it.

45. It is impossible to enter a dream, being in doubt. It will poison consciousness with poison of the logicality and inevitability of the facts of evidence shown. Truth and lie, reality and evidence are antipodes. The reality seen by a brain doesn't reflect reality. Evidence of truth doesn't show. We invisible and actually real, in your evidence are anything for an eye denying Us. Even the myth admirers and admirers of the obvious want to make the Savior. For consciousness there is only how they see the world. For someone it stood on three foundations, for someone was flat, for someone the Universe center, for someone the sun and stars rotated round it. Many delusions reigned in consciousnesses of people and will reign while the Knowledge of spirit won't appear; you rely on Us knowing and knowing that you don't know, and to us trust if life and evidence dense doesn't want to be slaves.

46. (Feb. 8). Show understanding to the events in scale all-planetary; it is necessary to rise during the Space Stream of evolution. Earth and the people, it occupying, are involved in this stream. The litter, dirt and heavy particles settle on a bottom or jump out of a stream the coast. Everything who doesn't go with evolution, become space litter and will be compelled to leave from a planet because terms dictate the solution of destinies not only Earth and the people, but also certain people. The choice is made by everyone freely and voluntary. The choice will cause selection. Selection is on a treatment of light and shade. Sign of My army billion, and everyone — with the spirit press on a forehead. And from two, left in the field, one will be taken, another is left. But the life field, and all-planet selection is wide. But everyone solve; also the made right choice Be taken. Of a thicket violent I Make grove and you will help Me with that.

47. (Feb. 10). Whirlwinds of doubts, fluctuations and impact dark (because were caused by them) were carried by, and again it is possible to write and be freely again together. These phenomena have to pull together even more because there is no way without the Lord because it is dark without It because it is possible only together. And experience passable will show that only in unification full and without cracks possibly spirit prosperity. The way Proceeds in a unification full, and all separating is rejected, whatever convincing it seemed, as in it death of spirit. As and in a circle association goes round my Affairs, in not the, and to the Name My; everything that is created in the Name My, out of private matters of your small. It is necessary to realize that I with you always, But am felt it only at the full, not darkened and Directed openness of heart to Me. It is possible to move away from Me thousand moods, and then we not together. These breaks of consciousness are sad; better without them, better the rock granite to stand without hesitation and bifurcation. It is a lot of fluctuating about the Lord, but it isn't enough being claimed in Him. The unshakable monolith of each of you that could restore from it a monolith big is necessary to Me. Without this condition there can't be affairs. On unsteady foundations of a stronghold of spirit not create. The circle has to become firm and unshakable basis of affairs. From anybody it isn't required anything, except a unification between myself and Me that I could create a unification through you. Not on casual passing affairs unite spirit, but in practice we wash. Not accidents of a way, but a way - a basis of this unification. Reject unification and you will disperse who were. And when hostile activity will hit about unification armor, the return blow will be heavy. And when it is put to you with enemies, take cover behind line of a circle, in which center I. In a board I Accept those blows — on it is traced Name My! Defenseless don't remain, that is without the Board. Manage to lift the Board of My Name for protection of my Affairs. The soldier protects himself that protection of to protect common cause. By this consciousness be protected also you. Your security any more your personal matter, but the general. Inutile the soldier, not able protects itself from the enemy. The soldier only being protected, but not striking to the enemy of blows isn't fit. Be not afraid to send an arrow of light or to wave a sword. The lightning of spirit trusts only in the one who in perfection seized that is given. At first spear, arrow, sword, and then already spirit lightning; soldiers of spirit is you I Want See, fearless, brave and courageous.

48. My forces spending as required think of how to find for them the best application. Act with a formula: "Not I, but the Father in Me, He Create, and I in itself anything". It is a formula of Lords. It should be made a working formula of day. Itself having set aside and having united the consciousness with Consciousness of the Lord, to use the force it. Just as "The flesh doesn't use a little, but the spirit" as not the, but Strength of the Lord create affairs works. We call such action intimate because it isn't visible its essence (is invisible). Not for the sake of itself and not in the name, but for the sake of General Welfare and in the Name My, My Name creates it. The Bowl of General Welfare in your days is so enjoyed. The Bowl of General Welfare in your days is so enjoyed. Let's distinguish so My Affairs from the affairs and to Mine we will prefer.

49. (Feb. 11). To use the force Mine, to work with My Beam, to work or create My Name, means to move away itself, having provided to Me staying in you, opportunity to show My Power. For this purpose it is necessary to understand that the person in itself — anything, but merged with Hierarchy of Light — force. And when Speak "We", I Lean on the Ladder of Light and Luminous intensity I Create. In the concept "We" is great force. If the person speaks on behalf of the powerful party which behind his back, he feels the force. As the strong can it to be, when for back is Brotherhood. Merge to such Powerful Collective gives the necessary strength. It is necessary to feel as part of this Stronghold of Light itself. One man is no man, not the soldier for itself, but the soldier for Common Cause. Not dissolution small in big, but strengthening of the Identity through a conscious unification with the Highest. Going to Me gets used to this thought and merges with it. It not in itself, but is the representative of Hierarchical Power at a rate of its understanding and merge degree. Unification It was spoken much, it is possible to deepen this understanding even more, But depends on it: both way, and Proximity of the Lord. Having come off Earth and terrestrial, the support should be found in the Highest. And strength of mind will grow in process of deepening and expansion of this lightful communication. They are strong and sure those whom or that they represent, and you — Hierarchy of Light and the Lord. It our Envoys and World Torches were strong, whose names and acts remained in memory of mankind. And those who fearlessly went on fires and sufferings were a Lord and the Brotherhood is strong. It is necessary to destroy incorrect and ridiculous concept of the separate from This Source of Power and Light. When I Speak: "I in the Father, you in Me, I in you and we are uniform", I Approve the Face of the Space Truth. The consciousness combined with Hierarchy of Light, is connected with It the Beam on extent of understanding and Beam force. Solemnly, this communication is penetrating and profoundly approved. Realized it, in each act and action has depth of this understanding. The constant memory about the Lord and continuous prestanding before the Face Great indicates Communication depth. It the circle keeps, on its Fiery Power proceeds, and It increases. By it is show in life the superior qualities of spirit, it is reached unattainable, Light admires it. This Communication is so far from understanding of the inhabitant and multilevel "competent" that to them is useless to speak about It. But among masses there are children of light, children of fire. These words will be close to them and are conformable. They will tremble, having heard, and heart will be lit at them by the aspiration shown to Light. You who have already realized the Beam, to that apply forces that in practice and in life to accept and approve force of given power.

50. (Feb. 12). (M.W.). The person lives on Earth and on planets in the physical bodies differing between with extent of depression and thinning of a matter of a body depending on a step of a planet. Extent of depression depends on a spirit step. As and you have on Earth this difference between people of a bike. Externally bodies at all, but the distance between Arhat’s body and the speculator, the drunkard or market money changer is great. Usually it isn't taken into account and it is considered that the difference isn't present. It can't be caught modern devices and devices. But removal of auras will give proofs of existence of a being shone matter at more distinguished ph. The matter is rarefied by spirit of the person and nature of its activity. From environment particles of a lightful matter are attracted by Magnitno. It is possible to tell that in such body there is more than light, than in usual bodies. There are no two bodies identical. One is filled with light, others - darkness, deposits of crystals of black fires. In a rough undeveloped body its elements are rough, but presence of crystals of darkness - feature of attendants of darkness. To finish the way on Earth and the body to rarefy respectively and to be ready to pass to other planet, the body and all covers have to reach known degree of lightful. Division on a treatment of light and shade is division space. It is caused by the Space Right and points to a spirit step on the Ladder of Life Universal and that height which was reached by it during the evolution spirit-monad. The top of this Ladder goes to not Predicate area, and there is no end to it.

51. (M.A.Y.). Spirit and heart accept the Lord as a basis of all life and all your affairs. People give the heart to various affairs, and you - to business of the Lord. On extents of return is and receiving. This law is immutable. To receive, it is necessary to give heart to the Lord. Many are afraid to give heart or give half. You know such vague attendants of light and even the pupils, who are considered as those. But the pupil in our sense — means given completely and without the rest. Only such given heart to the Lord can arrive on Great Service and accept all Bowl of General Welfare. The frightened returns, not wishing renounce everything, before Great Service isn’t allowed. The heart given to the Lord will be filled with his Light and on Sacred Patrol doesn't become. In the field of spirit commensurability and the accord are a life basis. There is no it in affairs human, but in the field of spirit by what measure will measure, such and will be measured to you. And in life usual too the spirit measures, but on a scale of the dense phenomena. Everywhere the spirit and a measure of spirit is measured life.

52. (Feb. 13). My son, the phenomenon of happiness we will consider. Happiness of spirit and happiness small "I" is concepts not equivalent. Warmly, the full stomach and corporal wellbeing can give temporary and short illusion of happiness because everything that becomes usual and every day, as happiness any more isn't called. Blind understands happiness to have sight. But able to see too I got used to consider it as happiness. So is in everything. But the one who transferred this concept and feeling from area of the dense phenomena to the spirit sphere can be really happy only. Pleasure of life sounds the Upper Class of space! The highest pleasure and the highest happiness, spiritual delight, Samadhi’ is a full separation from terrestrial and release of spirit from the power over it material conditions. Not to be released, without having passed through everything burden of a flesh and without having realized value of terrestrial gravitations. It is necessary to pass through all layers of the lowest matter to learn its highest aspect. And, when Matter Lucida's and Matter Matrix becomes the sphere of understanding, the happiness then is achievable because Spheres of Eternal Light are entered then by spirit. The condition of religious ecstasy and condition Samadhi’ is experience by spirit of the person of a condition of the highest happiness available to it on Earth and in the Worlds. Church language speaks about pleasure of so-called righteous persons. But it isn't names and words. The consciousness invested by Light and living in a body of Light, whether it be in a flesh or out of it, knows that the happiness of spirit, because in the spirit of it, but not in a body means. Anything terrestrial won't be able to give it to distinguished spirit, terrestrial not in forces to find in anything it that pleasure of life which the Highest Spheres sound. May you meet many happy people in life? It is only possible to find them in fairy tales and that not having even shirts it is very symbolical. By order of the tsar in his country found the happy person, but it had even no shirt to appear before the tsar. So popular wisdom correctly notes the main condition of happiness is dismissal from material welfare in the standard sense. The possession things of happiness don’t give. The terrestrial love too, because love by terrestrial many, but isn't present among them happy. In Communication with the Lord Happiness look for and in the light of it! Light the Highest can become a source inexhaustible happiness, but it in the spirit of. But people refused spirit and plunged in terrestrial, and the happiness abandoned them. But everyone wants to be happy, and everyone aspires to it. Aspire all fortunately, but nobody finds happiness because look for not there. If energy of these aspirations to transfer above, having withdrawn them from the sphere material and the lowest, to spirit Spheres, the happiness would be reached. The one who is happy in the spirit of, that will be happy in all living conditions, because its happiness not from a body and not from Earth. Look for understanding of thin energiya, their Sphere — the Sphere of the highest tension, tension Fiery - Fire Sphere. Severe and heavy terrestrial life also prepares for that chosen a spirit way. The way difficult, thorny and heavy directly fortunately conducts and happiness as pledge to you serves. And each particle of suffering, and each drop of tears the guarantee will be that the highest happiness goes a thorny track of sufferings. And you,

53. (Feb. 14). I consider unnecessary loss of time for conversations with the people which consciousness is closed for your words. If the acceptability is absent, silence is best of all. It isn't necessary to convince violently. There are such consciousnesses on which relation words, even the most convincing, even the most true, truthful and logical are useless and powerless. If conditions or karma compel, you speak with them, following in the area of the smallest resistance from their party or on those questions where there is acceptability. During the periods of open Service the Teacher Speaks to people far not with all meeting It at way intersections, but only with in whom Feels the elements of the accord causing an acceptability and understanding. Even if He Demands a full disclosure of heart from relatives and understanding for the adoption of rapprochement, the acceptability is necessary for mutual understanding. How many cases were when the best feelings and thoughts broke about the closed heart? On the attitude of the Teacher towards you study the attitude towards people. Unless Teacher to all it is equal Gives Light, which is in It? No, not all, but on ability to apprehend Light, both on aspiration, and at the request of heart! The closed heart as a stone it is, deafly, stupid and impenetrable for light influences. Needles of a hedgehog or prickle of egoism can though whom to push away. The violence in the field of the spiritual is absolutely inadmissible. When the wall of stupid and stubborn misunderstanding or hostile counteraction meets, it bypasses. After all inside it is possible to get both from above and always there is a silence. Silence is stronger than words, and silent influence has force. Already I Spoke about uselessness of words when it is possible to influence thought. But often it is forgotten, and the person resorts to words, causing on itself the whole streams of spiteful and spiteful thoughts. It is necessary to speak less and to apply words only in case of lack of direct

54. A question I Answer: "Nothing is given by gift". To get knowledge from space doesn't mean to sit having put hands and to perceive precious formulas. No! Each particle of spatial wisdom is attracted by consciousness magnetic. To generate a magnetic wave in consciousness, it is necessary to sate it with energy, counteraction product of a number of strong-willed and consciously efforts that is work. Without effort nothing is given. Each ability there is a result much - century aspirations, works and fight. And if something is shown now, so the corresponding work was attached to that in the past. Someone wants to take so simply, without fight and efforts. Such attempts to have illegal knowledge are vain. It is necessary to pay attention to how even at conformable consciousnesses the wisdom if they aren't ready by spills that is didn't prepare itself for that previous work. Therefore I Speak: "Make effort if you want to receive; for nothing anything it not given".

55. Friends, the Teacher Was tired of your incompleteness. All your aspirations, both feelings, and thoughts, works, work and the efforts directed to It, are vague. There is no completeness of aspiration in anything. And results of a vague are also. And duration of action of the Beam is short and quickly vague lifting and vague aspiration sputters out. If you want to reach and make achievement to constants, fight against the phenomenon of a vague and destroy it. Tiresomely and not fruitful is service vague and for the Teacher, and for pupils. One foot you go forward, and another aspiration back. Marking time turns out. Opportunities are given big, but incompleteness comes to naught zero. Vague service and thoughts does vague. And the forked consciousness — as the house, in itself separation, and destruction expects it at winds and storms going. Both failures, and neglect, and a black outa consciousness- all this depends on incompleteness of Service to Teacher Light. The root of incompleteness is bad, and its fruits are bitter.

56. (Feb. 15). When the consciousness is silent, it isn't necessary force it. It gains strength. Pralaya consciousnesses - so we Call the phenomenon it. It isn't necessary to consider it as rejection and to be afflicted. Waves < ... >; the periods, calming down and inflaming, the life phenomena move; on damage it is possible to think of it about lifting, and on lifting — throwing more seeds into fixed time. The symbol of day and night is very indicative; by the same principle direct in the future and consciousness of the person, making a next spiral. It has four points: two points of opposite poles and two points of a different actions, or balance, upon transition from one pole to another. Cycles are divided on big and small, as time — for days and nights, years and the periods astrological, Manvantara and Pralaya, big and small, about one Day and Nights of Bramah. It is necessary to manage to see the Great Law even in slightest, not only in pulsation, but also in an energy pulsation in the center of atom or its slightest particle. Everything pulses, extending outside and contracting inside. Silence of consciousness is lawful. Anyhow it will be able to collect forces for a new push in the future and new stays. Wisely it is necessary to understand life and the principles of its manifestation. It having understood, it is possible to scent that the heavy strip of life will be replaced by another, light, joyful and opposite the first. The pursued, suffering, to the burdening, deprived rights that others have, to you the benefit, and also looking for and not found, the directed, but the aspirations not sated, the thirsty and thirsting, but the comer to Me. The benefit to you pining in a vice of dense restrictions! The benefit everything, Spirit suffering, because harvest there is ahead!

57. (Feb. 16). If you enter into the future not prepare and unaided, to what then all? In all - weapon of spirit it is necessary to meet it, tranquility having approved, balance having approved and being able to operate fires. The Lord among you wants to see soldiers of spirit, but not inhabitants shy when your time will come and you will leave for crops. A lot of courage should be had to face ignorance planetary. Friends will be a little, but it is a lot of averted stupidly, and it is a lot of inert consciousnesses. If you, receiving very much, so often you look on the parties and back what to tell about those, not known light. Even the signs which have received many escaped promptly in the wood what to tell about not received? So examine the armor and an armor of each other. Not honor to escape before the end. Someone wants to lay down arms, referring on a flesh infirmity. But your motto: пре a reality up to the end, fidelity up to the end, aspiration up to the end, patrol till the end and fight up to the end, to a victory. The eagle on flight won't put wings and the soldier of spirit of a sword in continued and never stopping fight with life won't lower. But life also is fight for spirit ascension to heights, everything is higher and higher, there, where the Stronghold in century of times allows reached, the few and always lonely soldier of spirit, the Earth in itself won. Called many, it is less going but as it isn't enough among them decided to reach the end. To these last are stretched Hands also flow Beams to help them to reach the Stronghold. But the Help receives wanting, and Beams — directed. Why so it isn't enough daring want? As small children try to keep step with toys as called to Light are fond of life baits, carefully of the shaggy paws prepared for them. And then the inexperienced traveler turns aside, or moves back or promptly in the wood escapes. Both words are powerless, and preventions are affectless, both the Help is useless, and the Beam is rejected. Pursued for mirages illusive life plunge into Maya and in it stay, having descended from a narrow track of Light. Light and darkness constantly fight in your consciousness for possession of. And that wins it at present, everyone can see if thinks of that. Closer become it to the Teacher of Light or departs. So on patrol permanent sharp-sightedly you look where your foot, in darkness or to Light goes.

58. The boat which lagged behind the ship and has got to a cyclone perishes. As also the pupil who has left Teacher and in a storm got, loses chance of rescue. On that I Speak: "You hold Me strong". It is a lot of whirlwinds, cyclones and storms it is carried by on Earth face. Don't come off the ship of My Spirit. My Halls for looking for the truths are open. The separation, even temporary, can end with loss only. The separation means the termination of a food of spirit by Light of the Beam. Without a food the fiery flower of spirit dries, hangs and fades. Specify Teacher that fluctuations of spirit didn't break Vibrations on the Silver Thread. And we to you Come in the ardent spring; we Come to Approve in proximity coming change. The period of a threshold comes to an end. Let's not give ото¬рваться if hold communication. The ship Our everyday sea of life leaves. Wait for Instructions, they not slow d own. Today the Decree is given: "To keep vigilance because you will be noted by attention dark". Masks should be taken off from itself. It is given the chance to see itself without covers and it is better to understand. It is better to see not “good” the, than be touched imagined advantages. But over everything we Appreciate spirit fire. It creates great causes. Fire call spaces when you want to show powerful action of spirit. People a prayer called it, the address to the Highest. It is correctly told, to keep a rhythm. Keeping a rhythm, understand patrol vigilant. Hold strong communication with Me. I will surround strong with armor, but direct. I love you and I will protect. Tranquility, patrol, aspiration, rhythm!

59. (Feb. 17). Will approach Light understanding. What is Light which is in the person? All live and all real is shone. Even fishes deep-water, even stub, even worm’s small. But they are shone, and their light under certain conditions while a lightful everything possesses, from atom to the sun is visible. If electrons are shone, therefore, all matter is shone. The fiery aspect of the Universe shows this luminosity. Why should, think, that this luminosity is defined to the eye. Often she isn't visible to an eye though actually and exists. The Reyshenbah established luminosity of plants in the dark. But after all they radiate light and without darkness, and are constant. The astral double of each thing is visible thin sight thanks to the luminosity. Even in the lower class of the astral world everything that there it is possible to see, it is visible thanks to any degree of an exceptions of audible vibrations. Only the absolute darkness merges with darkness, and Light absolute — with Light. Distance between them it is so great that is measured by concept of an absolute non-existence and Life absolute. And somewhere between these two poles is pipel. Its purpose - collect in itself Light to enter and to join to the public the absolute. All thoughts, both feelings, and mood of the person are connected closely with Light and color scale it. There are thoughts, both feelings, and moods gold, pink, silver, brown, gray, red, the black. Dark thoughts don't give light, or feeling hatred — blue radiations, or fear — red gold. Compliance between flowers of radiations both their character and properties is full; bright representation colors, shrouding person, immediately causes in it and the corresponding reaction. Irresponsibility, it is peculiar to people, leads to a space disfiguration gray, black, blood-red, the brown beams of the dark consciousnesses. And beauty spaces are responsible for purity people and light and colors of positive scale will be its best cleanerl. They are harmonious and light-dawn. In a rainbow you see their main of tone. The area of light and color beams is very extensive. It the person has to study the law.

60. (Feb. 18). All people breathe, absorbing spatial fire. When does it the person in anger, red flashes of fires is generated then by the person. When in a prayer is gold, blue or silver; when heart flares love — pink, etc. The transformer of spatial fire in forms of new fires is the laboratory of the person. This transformation happens constantly because physical breath interrupts only death. Pure and stinking there is a breath, burned fire on the character is various depending on property of fires. Besides exhalation, light or dark, aura radiations, light or dark, direct to the sphere around. All surrounding atmosphere, subjects, things, walls, ceilings and floors and everything becomes impregnated with these emanations, for what the hand of the person undertakes. Everything is sated light or dark fiery's it. The transformer operates powerfully. At the heart of color radiations the thought lies. It gives to radiations this or that coloring. Auras human are dim and their deposits on things and subjects are gray. Shining auras are so rare. The sacred places sated with adjournment of an emanation of aura of Great Spirit, living there or their visited, won't without reason be read by people because people know, without knowing that, about power of aura's radiations. In total around, especially in the cities, it is densely filled with deposits of these vibrations. They exist in the form of crystals of different degree of density and stability. Stratifications at schools, theaters, music halls, hospitals, brothels, slaughterhouses are very various. They enter interaction with aura human and give reaction, notable is obvious, but realized not always. Even small supervision could give striking surprises. All these deposits have absolutely certain color character, and this character causes their essence. In prisons not see joyful gold radiations, and in passion brothels — silver tones. Heavy and obviously for thin sight emanations of a human body on everything are deposited that it surrounds. So it isn't enough light auras. Even the “good” person, but is in mood heavy, gray leaves traces. We speak about tranquility and qualities other because they Lightful and paint aura in positive tone. Constancy of qualities gives constancy of radiations. The qualities which have been strongly approved in the spirit of sate an environment of the person with light and flowers of a light scale. Light carrier constantly is blessing for that district where he lives, for people, subjects, plants, animal and the Earth, the space atmosphere, and a damnation - spiteful heart. Black heart — disaster for the people. Its harm is very wide. It is necessary to glance for a veil of the dense world to see that occurs around. The rage, hatred, irritation and all dark properties of the nature human strong fill with poison of its radiations all surrounding, poisoning and destroy what not in forces to resist to these terrible emanations. Day breakers, on patrol standing, have to understand against what they should fight and why fight is so difficult. The conveyor of spiteful heart onstant, without fading, pours out in space The conveyor of spiteful heart it is constant, without fading, pours out in the space venomous energy. Harm done should be realized in all its completeness and depth. Not to opposite should leave. Innocent sufferers and sufferers often appear bedet and nurseries of such darkness and an infection that they should be separated simply from ordinary people. A lot of evil in the world is created, and much it isn't understood and not realized. All strength of mind it is necessary opposite against carriers of the evil and strong from them to be fenced. Half measures won't help. Only the stronghold of the devoted patrol heart which has been strong tied with the Lord of Light, can opposite to them, sowers of the evil. But we will overcome the evil. Its days are considered. You be awake on patrol. It is a lot of stinking hearts.

61. You have the way. Nevertheless you are a son Mine. Decree My: "Dead to leave all difficulties of life. Not follow to immerse consciousness in them".

62. I approve change of the phenomena which have sputtered out for consciousness that is not able not to teach it to something else. I approve necessity of the heaviest, most the hostile circumstances as an inevitable condition of an ascension of spirit. I approve power of spirit in the face of most difficult and hardest. I approve inevitability of tests, fight and victories. I want to See heroes among you, but not rush about spirit in whirlwinds astral. See Want you going safely, fearlessly to Me over life the abyss. If before and after everyone a test you are able tell yourself that became closer to the Lord, so victoriously passed through him. And the one who during test will keep feeling of my Proximity, that winner judgment. But usually at first to be irritated, will at first be afflicted, at first will become gray for fear, at first into a hole will get, having covered itself with a black flame, and then will already remember Me. But it is at first better to remember Me, and the fear won't be, and the scarlet flame won't flash, and the clouding passes, and in a hole covered with black, spirit not will want to climb.

63. (Feb. 19). (M.M.). Too am possible to communicate with Boundlessness. The person is in Boundlessness, and all from it, and all in it. Spirit patterns in space, patterns planets, systems and the whole galaxies in it exist. It is great a space bosom from top to a bottom; from the beginning times up is to the end. And the Eternity too embraces Boundlessness. It is the spirit house. The spirit to concern each phase it, has to clothe in the conductor corresponding to this phase: for the dense — in a dense body, for thin — in thin, for fiery — in fiery. Below chaos not shown, great darkness, and above is light noting this border; further infinity of the shown forms and worlds. Is eternally real Boundlessness in which fire creates eternally new forms of life? Nothing repeats, but everything moves forward to forms more perfect, nothing is limited in the development. Nothing has the end, and nothing has the beginning. But this great immensity nevertheless can be embraced and limited, i.e. to understand. It is possible to conclude Boundlessness in a certain framework and in them to behold that differently would escape supervision. And where the spirit directed the thought, the Boundlessness concluded in this framework, be it is available to studying and a researches. This limit of Boundlessness, its framework, it, the Law because all real lives will be the covering, pulses and develops within the Law and obeys to it. The space Laws causing life of Space and its each particle, are cognizable the person. It not human laws, to it the invented. They existed how on Earth there was a person. They existed always. These basis Laws, moving the worlds, are shown and in micro and macrocosms, in big and small, above and below, in a movement of electrons and the whole systems of galaxies. Let's call some of them: Frequency law, or inflow and outflows phenomena; The polar Law, i.e. existence of two opposite principles causing existence things of the uniform; The spiral Law, i.e. aspiration of development of the phenomena in time from forms of the lowest to more perfect; Life and death Law, i.e. to dump each focus of life gets rid external forms for replacement its new, more perfect; The Law of an evolution real and aspiration of everything that is shown, to more perfect forms of the expression. These laws are called the main because everything is subordinated to them that exist in space. All are brought here not, but even the given give understanding of how within these Laws there is possible Boundlessness comprehension, i.e. those forms of life and phenomena which in her exist. It is impossible to study and understand all phenomena of life taken separately, but, comprehending law to whom their display submits, we are released from need to study all infinite chain of the dankly phenomena. If comprehend the Law, each phenomenon, to its subordinated, becomes clear. That is why studying of the Cosmogony demands, first of all, knowledge of Space Laws. They are uniform for all Worlds as the matter in all the gradation and aspects is uniform. The matter is subordinated to these Laws as life is uniform, the vividly creating this matter. Measure and number also is a framework of the shown Universe. Scale light, a scale sound about their family the main and five the additional elements, a scale of chemical elements, a scale (vibrations) of energiya invisible to an eye and hidden the Beams — all this too a framework in which life is shown. So immensity of Boundlessness is limited to a framework of the Law within which Boundlessness studying becomes available quite, opening the person a way to boundless opportunities of spirit.

64. (M.A.Y.). Hand Driving see that every day the impulse is given also forces for further advance. That is necessary at present for spirit is given. It also is bread our essential, food for spirit without which its ascension is impossible. Only terrestrial the spirit can't be sated with food. It is necessary to accustom itself to this aspiration every day that heart open to perceive food of the present day. The beam of morning sent by the Teacher of Light bears in itself this charge. On fiery requirement of spirit the Teacher the Beam sates Magnetic with those elements, in which need. I rejoice, seeing that it is already realized. Food terrestrial to a body of forces gives, and food spiritual is to spirit. A food by the Beam to spirit gives food and strength to move further. The flower will decay without watering as also the spirit without a food by Light will hang. Derive consciously Beam strength, to you sent every day. In it the new elements necessary to spirit at present are sent. Sharp-sightedly the Teacher Watches that this Luče-bearing diet corresponded to requirements of spirit, displaying in its magnetic directed energiya of heart directed to the Teacher of Light. Interchange by thin fiery energiya between the Teacher and the pupil because it is carried out according to the accord with a warm magnetic inter consistency is lawful. You receive by right. We call it the Space Right.

65. (Feb. 20). "One more mastering by went, the Lord". Itself to seize it is necessary, if can be seized in something, so it is possible in everything. What disturbs? What counteracts? What constantly and persistently fights inside against the solution of spirit? The same enemy ancient, an astral which is getting used unruliness of dissoluteness and not wishing any control. The spirit wants to approve balance, tranquility, mastering, and the enemy ancient doesn't want. His astral will should be broken. She should be subordinated to will of spirit, Will Highest. The will and desire of an astral are crystallized in habits and in a habitual line of conduct. It is necessary to leave an old track. You have an example as the firm not excellent order all consciousness within nine years never allowed irritations in a case known to you. If it could be reached in something, therefore, the same results can be reached both in everything and in anything. It is necessary only irrevocably and unshakably to decide that this or that order of the phenomena never, under any circumstances, for anything not will repeat. Attempts of an astral to break the solution of will, of course, will be, but the slave is afraid of the owner, and an astral — spirit. This cover inside should put an end, a limit a willfulness, a limit to disobedience, a limit uncontrolled itself to identification. Both people around, and circumstances, and conditions, and everything will positively demand and cause an aping of an astral, its grimace, the clown activity but if all strength of mind passed the decision to put to it the end, possibly to consult with it nevertheless. It is worth imagining only to what will lead the further connivance, unruliness and willfulness of this irrepressible cover. On the example of people around you see as he owns people as forces them to rage and as torments them with the violence you see. The majority of people are full slaves to an astral. Forces should be found it to bridle; differently he will stop a way further. And ascension fires, spirit fires will turn in fiery eating. Something, but should be owned. The decision is it is necessary to sustain up to the end. The main thing not to catch an emotional condition surrounding and to whom it is necessary to adjoin constantly. If their fieriness and weaknesses can find a justification, there is no justification to itself and indulgences and there is no apology to any low-slightest flash of astral inspiration. With small it is possible to begin, but to begin resolutely and irrevocably. It is worth thinking of for the sake of what the own spirit, and that this treachery the Highest "I" in the power астрала is inadmissible indulges. What forces to wriggle астрал when the spirit of the person of it doesn't want? It is necessary to think of it. It is necessary to understand more deeply why castigated itself, tortured, chains and vlasyanica* carried, a post exhausted themselves and vigil the people finished to these by extreme measure inspiration of this violent cover. Seeing an persistence it and impossibility to fight usual ways, they allowed extremes that though somehow it to bridle, both to appease, and to seize it. But our pupil conducts this fight by the uniform beginning of spirit. Not the body should be tortured and exhausted, but the astral which stands behind it and pushes it on the next flash. Monkey in itself, the clown, and a doll this constant shame and a reproach to spirit — it is necessary to win and bring in itself to an implicit obedience. How many attempts already were to bridle, and still the persistence of an astral destroys all best decisions, but it is won has to be, and will be won nevertheless. Life, strong testing solutions of will, many opportunities allows with astral to fight. Why laughter to answer with laughter, a smile a smile, after all it is followed logically by the answer to irritation of the interlocutor irritation, on rage, on fear, etc. Why to be a pity puppet in foreign and often bad hands. After all it means that movements of own astral cover someone operates another. Each time, giving in to mood of the interlocutor, his laughter, smiles, tears and all other feelings, refuses person the will and the stranger submits to will. To what can lead such persistent and continuous refusal? Certainly, becoming a weak-willed puppet in foreign hands! It also you observe round yourself when one live only to cause in surrounding these or those emotions, and to obey and them to endure others. It is better to float in an own boat and without the indication of others. The way means independence and freedom of foreign moods, both good, and bad, both quiet, and the uneasy. Whether everything is equal, in what look the slavery of spirit and its dependence on a condition of astral covers of people surrounding it is shown. The slavery is a slavery and shamefully always. Tactics of adversa will show what it is possible to reach, what humiliating condition if a firm hand not to stop a willfulness of the clown. The clown on a way to the Brotherhood isn't necessary. It is necessary, it is necessary, it is necessary to bridle any Price of. Itself without having bridled, in friend not appease an astral. Not appeased, it will torment consciousness until to it by will won't be put an end. It is good that experience the last caused spirit revolt. Spirit revolts against tyranny of an astral this threshold of a victory. The spirit itself voluntary gave the power once, the spirit and will take it. In the itself astral of the power any has no, because anything, a cover, a peel. I gave, I and took - so tells myself spirit, against an astral of the rebel. It is possible to track attentively, in what are shown astral domination over consciousness from outside It is possible to track attentively, in what are shown astral domination over consciousness from a the own astral and from people around and as infected they the vibrations this violent cover. Cold therapy— the best means against movement in an astral cover as the and the stranger. The coldness stops this movement and stops it. Astral feelings submit to cold of restraint. The cold is lack of life. The cooling beam, the direction in the center of a raging astral, slows down the movement which is occurring in it, also stops it both in itself, and in others. Cold therapy — mighty Means of restraint of an astral body. To be given to the astral power — means to lose everything therefore better any price, any victim to bridle an astral and to seize it, having rejected all conventions, any connivance, any accord with its display and grimaces. Strongly in the person a herd instinct and aspiration to arrive and behave as everything, but swimming in the shuttle excludes a formula "as all" in its astral aspect. Not "as all" Great Spirits, not "as all" lived and arrived.
Vlasyanica* - is clothes of eremites from plants.

66. (Feb. 21). Certainly, any concourses strongly influence on aura, degaussing it if special measures of protection aren't accepted. It is possible to be in the world, but other-worldly as it is precisely possible to be with people, but not from their number. Allowing conductors to vibrate in unison with vibrations concourses, the pupil of a track narrow loses and enters on the proceeding road noted by traces of a set of feet. On proceeding ways there can't be individual stays. Fire of spirit grows dim, and the gray cover of a commonness shrouds consciousness. Isolation is necessary. It is possible to protect the Highest Triad from violation it only internally having protected and without permitting to an astral cover to sound in unison. That loneliness of Big Spirits which they test among people also is explained by this circumstance. Many of them intentionally left to the desert, to mountains, in the woods in a solitude and asceticism. But this separate of consciousness is even more difficult at usual contact with pupils among life usual. On the one hand, it is impossible to leave life fields, with another — it is impossible to be dissolved among commonness and to become the inhabitant. The feat among people is much more difficult, than a feat in privacy. It is possible if not to allow that the lowest four submitted to an astral and sounded with it in unison on a key of the environment surrounding. The key for consciousness of the pupil Is given by the Teacher of Light, and only to It to one consonance the consciousness can, not only without losing the accumulation, but, on the contrary, them multiplying. The best measure of protection, the best protection and protection — is severe control holding the astral conductor from its furious aspiration to catch those movements, or vibrations which happen in astral covers of surrounding people. As independent manifestations of own astral if they break symmetry of a way aren't allowed also. Narrow track of life it is preserved it is sharp-sighted; differently it is possible to lose it.

67. (Feb. 22). Not external factors, but movement inside make a spirit Way. External, as that — anything if the Way is direct. But if it is curve, no external conditions will make it to straight lines. And I Speak: strength of spirit makes the Way, but not by force of external conditions. And if external conditions preserve spirit, means it for the Way isn't ready and, so Call on elite wasn't approved. You spoke about Way conditions which were outlined, but weren't carried out and I Speak about the Way unconditional and about an apprenticeship certainly. The unconditional Way is advance under any conditions. The plan of evolution is generally carried out firmly. And if someone appears out of work, not wine in that the Great Plan and not wine in volume of Lords. Carry out the Plan performers, and if you not among them, whose fault in that?

68. (Feb. 23). My Way is the shortest. If separate everything caused by karma, there is a small sphere where the free choice is possible. Karma we will consider as a result of own actions. The Iron Law of the Karma can't be discharged. Having made a choice and having changed something in the life, the person gets to an iron vice of karma. Freedom is illusion. The spirit in the sphere of thought and in an inner world if it is rather strong to be protected from external influences is free only. It is possible to decide to make walk, to go to the right or on the left, but everything that will see an eye, will be karmic an inevitable consequence of the chosen direction. Consequences of a free choice can be expected these. Possibilities of a choice are very narrow and limited too to a karma framework. Where "crying and a gnash tooth", it is impossible to find freedom. Freedom can be looked for in the world of spirit and in the field of thought. People should be considered as slaves to karma. Freedom from this slavery is only in the spirit of.

69. (Guru). It is possible to be strong in misfortune and happiness, and it is possible to be weak and in that and another. Our task is not in that, what to break a karma, and in that, what to remain strong, what it not be. What remaining strong, whatever it was. And care not about karma, and about that spirit not to fall when it (karma) becomes too heavy. Yes! Both at you and at us everything developed differently, than thought. But if to lay down arms of spirit and to hang spirit, it is possible to destroy the way. Therefore, a task it is necessary to the same strong to be despite everything. Let life develop will of a karma (its laws you won't come), but strong it is necessary to be always, even going to death. Nor the karma, nor life, death can't break spirit because it is eternal and indestructible. The most terrible illusion it fear that external conditions what they were, can destroy spirit in the person. All these conditions by will pass as that were earlier passed already, and the spirit remains still their viewer as remained, having passed that already was in the past. Everything was, and everything passed, everything is and will be, and everything will pass, and there will be only a spirit the contemplator of the passable and passable life, as well as that life which else is necessary to pass. Whether it is worth too real considering this constant the current stream of the external phenomena? One transient it would have to force to think that a spirit indestructibility, in its impassability and that it over everything that passes by it as a dream fleeting. Where all what the scarecrow, burdened, disturbed and saddened consciousness five, ten, twenty, thirty and more than years ago? Everything passed! Because everything passes! And it too will pass, will pass all this, the burdening consciousness nowadays is so heavy. It is necessary to be participant more looking less. It is necessary to depart aside as though and to look on it and on the events from outside. External can't affect spirit and deprive of it accumulation. External will pass through the spirit periphery. Let the will over a karma and its current will be transferred to hands to the Lord, and the spirit remains only the contemplator of that a relentless karma prepare in this life short, terrestrial. It is possible even to observe with interest, and then still the new will burden circumstances consciousness. And when the burden becomes really unreasonable, spirit suddenly forces will find to dump it, having rejected dead life of embrace and the center of the Life having transferred to thought. Freedom is only in the spirit of more anywhere.

70. The thought cuts space with a speed the big velocity of light; serves as the bridge for connection with that sphere to which it is directed, or with the phenomenon, either a subject, or the person, or a distant star. What doesn't know restrictions? Thought! What doesn't know barriers and limits? Thought! What uplifts to tops or overthrows in a chasm? Thought, thought, thought. What quicker than light it is transferred on a silver thread? Thought! What with Me connect? Thought is lightful, from heart the going. The thought weaves communication between the Worlds. The scale of a display of thought is wide. Its color tonality passes over all Worlds from Spheres of the Highest, lightful, to lowest astral layers. The thought fiery differs from thought dark and heavy, as Light from darkness. The horse white rushing thought can whirl away to stars, and a crow in an open wide chasm. Who strives for Light that has to the nobility, on what racer it sits down and where it the swift-footed rushes. Thoughts are, as horse’s huge herd on a pasture corpulent. It is possible to choose any. Pasture a field, space of thoughts in it a boundless scope. Sit down on any and rush where you want. Each thought as the horse, bears on himself consciousness. Where the not bridled horse will bring? The reality of evidence is created by thought. The thought ennobles and humiliates. It is necessary to learn to separate it from thoughts current. From thought as it is easy to be released how to get down from a horse. To get down and observe how this thought that just bore consciousness, remains one, provided to itself, without having an opportunity to carry away on it the horseman. Also well to learn to look at the life phenomena, without identifying itself with them, without merging with them. It is possible to note thus as the phenomena slide on external covers, not mentioning essence of spirit. Furiously huge waves about the granite rock fight. They break in splashes, are rolled away in the sea and again seek to break the rock. But the granite bulk is indestructible, - also spirit under waves lives. Let splash and fight, let without restraint, strong they seek to destroy the house of spirit. But the spirit, as the rock, as the granite rock before rage of waves is indestructible. They will again be rolled away in the sea, from where came, and the spirit the way will continue far and urgent, ready again to meet any hurricane and rage of elements, as the rock, indestructibly and with firmness.

71. (Feb. 24). Badly everything, that distances and separates from Me and that disturbs advance. All bad and disturbing is removed from consciousness. You shouldn't hesitate with it because every moment carries back. The stop is dangerous that the person remains on a place, and the Teacher always directed forward, Leaves further and distances the dividing increases. It and is so huge, but it is possible and to lose absolutely from a look the Torch Leading. It in first is. Secondly, anything in the world isn't in a condition of immovability: the stop usually means regress, movement back. That is why it is constantly spoken about aspiration. Well everything that generates it or strengthens. The hope of apostles and the first Christians of fast coming of the Savior didn't come true and wasn't executed. But this hope gave the chance to them to come nearer to It steadily and with honor to pass all tests. They are severe and were heavy. Having passed them it is successful, on wings of hope they reached to the put. In whom the fiery hope didn't die reached. The hope phenomenon already this one is good. And it is absolutely unimportant, whether it was carried out, if thanks to it’s reached the approach purpose to the Lord of Light. Therefore if to consider hope as the spirit engine, having taken its essence, but, having rejected an external form, it is always good because gives to spirit fiery wings. On pages of the Scriptuses it is possible to find a fiery triad belief, hope and the love given to people for advance. The belief in the future and honoring of the future is based on hope of its implementation. About the future It is told much. It is impossible to separate from hope. Having rejected hope, the person of the future will lose. Climbed up people top on a rope and it isn't necessary more, but without it would remain below. And hope as a rope on which it is possible to reach top it is impossible where differently to ascend. Purpose is not rope, but top. From a rope that it sustained all weight of a body and freight, which behind shoulders is required only. Whether also it is possible expostulate on a rope if it helped on heights to get, though not on the top. That is why the conducted are given hopes, though not carrying out in their life, but powerfully leaders everything are higher and higher than them. That is why murder of hope equivalently to spirit murder. Without hope of the future impossible there is an advance. If any hopes weren't carried out, then it is necessary, probably, it is rather to replace new and remote that it was more long possible to go their force. Also it is necessary to remember, what not the hope, but business conducts builders. Business will help to put hope in a framework of reality and to relieve of groundless dreams. From the point of view of the inhabitant, the Doctrine of the Christ is unreal and not vitally, from the point of view of knowing, it is reality. But it, as well as any true Doctrine, as well as Life Doctrine, the consciousness in the future directs and gives it hope of implementation. It isn't necessary to refer only this implementation for these days. For these days it is possible and has to refer those affairs and acts which are connected with Doctrine application in lives as the only possible way of implementation of the desirable future on which the hope is based. Let the hope will clothe in a working dress and will make an everyday a carpet of a feat on which the foot of will step in what heart fires of hope flare. Without affairs and the hope is dead and if glimmers, nevertheless has to < … > it is immutable. That there were no hope pipe dreams, it is necessary affairs dream to support, and then will finish and hope to a meeting desired with the Lord of Light. It also will be hope of all hopes, hope; it is feasible at any combinations of external conditions, hope, and fiery advancing spirit to Light.

72. (M.A.Y.). Those who approached to it with thought not about improvement of and the covers, but receiving something besides spiritual gifts, something terrestrial, material, improving its living conditions usual terrestrial, and, not received terrestrial are disappointed in the Doctrine only, is disappointed in the spiritual. Usually want to shift the karma to shoulders leader, and to follow in sweet rest from terrestrial cares and difficulties; but unless the Doctrine somewhere speaks about release from them and about ease of life? It is told it is necessary to pass the feet, behind the responsibility, the will and the decisions, without being assigned to anybody. Also it is necessary to pass it wisely and in the accord with the Plan of the Lord and decrees of the Guru. It is necessary to be able to combine the Doctrine with Life and in the most difficult conditions to show a face of firmness, devotion and inflexible aspiration. Spineless it isn't necessary for the Lord. It isn't necessary to It rods. It isn't necessary poisoned with doubt poison. It isn't necessary swhisper gray. Devotion inflexible, directed and determination to go to end - here that is necessary to the Teacher of Light from those who want to follow It.

73. (Feb. 27). My kingdom other-worldly, because this world not is coordinated with It is at all. And everything that occurs in this world is in an ardent contradiction with tension of Spheres of the Highest. From here continuous fight in the person between two worlds for superiority. Hardly among dense conditions to keep top-level consciousness as the swimmer with freight standing or a bird fly with freight on wings. Soul of the person as a bird in a cage: also wants to fly up and can't, conditions don't allow. They are curve. And people and people curve ways go. It is necessary to isolate even more stoutly consciousness from poison terrestrial. It is impossible to be discharged of a bowl of poison, from it drank all Great Spirits, but the spirit to separate from a body crucified in a matter, it is necessary. For spirit and for the sake of it the body that it could raise over life goes to bat. Without having risen, not to overcome life and not to leave a dungeon. Be not deceived, the end of fight isn't present. Fight of the lowest against the highest will proceed until the spirit ascends on an improvement ladder. Where the spirit ladder comes to an end? And whether space fight against elements or against chaos is easy? It is necessary to fall in love with a condition of struggle constant. It is necessary to get used to it. Constants should go the winner through life, without allowing anything to break consciousness. Let's not break spirit. Emphasis on it! The darkness directs it to break, tormenting him covers. But even if the body is crucified, nevertheless the spirit is indestructible. Rate is on spirit, but not on covers. It is possible to resist in the spirit of if with Me, But not to resist without Me. Giving a formula "I in You, and You in Me", a unification I Approve the indestructible. To them win, to them make the impossible. For usual consciousness the feat spiritual is impossible. With Me impossible becomes possible. With Me we will win against life. With Me we will make a victory way of every day; but only with Me and in unification full. Otherwise to a victory not be.

74. (Feb. 28). Show understanding shifts. They conduct to acceptability. Unacceptability consciousness of the new detains evolution. Covers should be helped. It isn't enough one understanding, the appendix understood is necessary. The spirit is Fire. The covers deprived of spirit are deprived of Fire. They are empty, a peel, and a form without the contents. Throne of Fire is heart. Heart dies when it is left by spirit Fire. It is a lot of live covers at numb hearts. Them also It is called live dead persons. About them also It is told: "Provide dead to bury the dead persons". If the hope to heart doesn't allow dying, the hope is blessed. Always in everything before you is only the Lord. The belief will light hope, the hope will give the fire, and heart will rise for new victories. Tatter of commonness false is swept aside by will that to fire didn't prevent to burn freely. And if it is necessary to take away everything to estimate a spirit worthiness, everything if it is necessary to give everything that terrestrial to learn a vanity will be taken away, everything because the purpose of deprivation and the purpose of possession to show an ephemerality both, It is necessary to see Maya both poles will be given: abundance of fruits terrestrial, wellbeing and prosperity and absence them. Both conditions shouldn't shake spirit and reject from the chosen way. Everything I Will give, I Will deprive of everything that saw that all is passing as a dream, and all not yours, both everything is transient, and to all there comes the end that in the world sublunary it seems to us life real. This consciousness also it is necessary to go through everything. If, all moment illusion that it is worth betraying spirit in the power to that has to is immutable pass. But even it will pass or that to us seem our and inseparable from us with what we grew together in desires, thoughts, feelings. But also desires, thoughts and feelings all is passing and too not ours, but illusions of an instant gift. There is nothing ours from this that round us both fills our covers and lives and pulses in them. The witness Silent, inside staying, seeing everything, but with itself anything and nobody taking on a way of life in life, from one body, It, only It, our property, because I this Eternal "I" in the person. Here for It as for a lifebuoy at the ocean severe and rough, the lifebuoy which only has escaped from all ship also has to grasp consciousness, as at the only hope of rescue at the boundless ocean of Eternity. Otherwise not reach the coast. The spirit — is a core, round which covers, and in the spirit of, in its depths — the Silent Recorder, the spirit center. If they (dark) act, work not directly.

75. (March 1). It is hard to overcome environment vibrations, especially, when their tension amplifies. It can amplify to such an extent that contact with the Teacher can be broken. Here it of what it is necessary to be afraid. Nevertheless forces should be found them to overcome. There are no to ask for the help From above. Attention it is necessary to tear off from aspiration it down and around and to direct to Me. And as soon as and vibrations it will force out My Face the vibrations going from a dense environment, contact will be come into again. It isn't necessary to forget that a decisive condition there is a will and the direction, it established. Today's experience showed that Name repetition, the Face in heart, representation of in the Beam, representation of the Silver Thread and aspiration to Focus of Great Heart is enough in order that perceptions went in the regular way, neutralizing counteractions. My name wins against darkness. It should be understood in the annex to life, as well as that the darkness of this world directs on Light carrier on purpose Light in it to break and replace it with ordinary twilight. The ordinary shouts, the ordinary growls and strong directs on bearing Light. But the world is entered into heart, so it is possible opposite. Its power over consciousness is so taken away at passing and transferred to the Highest Triad. With It having united and its citadel having chosen, it is possible to meet life waves safely. Their force is directed to the lowest four, and the consciousness is vulnerable while it is concentrated in it. But once you lift it up, having withdrawn from four, there is it impregnable for whirlwinds of the lower class and dense conditions. It is beautiful to meet waves, means to meet them in balance full, with firmness, unshakably and knowing about inviolability of spirit. "There is a Prince of this world, but has in Me no anything". This formula should be understood. The prince isn't present, he is destroyed. But the waves lifted by it, are still strong and very much. Also it is necessary not to have from them in itself anything not to begin to sound with them in unison. It can be reached, having lifted consciousness is higher. Waves can break the ships, but birds flying they won't concern. The eagle in skies is impregnable because highly rose over conditions of lowlands. On wings mighty, eagle, the spirit rises, and lives of the abyss and a wave of the everyday sea to it aren't terrible.

76. It is better to address to Me all heart, than to be unsteady in darkness. At check of understand that the mistake in one destroys advantage in other. Whatever was the atmosphere, it is necessary to wipe eyes from an evidence dust to see reality. Swaying the bad adviser in everything because then the way isn't direct. Harm is great when black out consciousness concern shoots on a field My or - My shoots. I show care of that, what could move. The right to it is granted by the elected when all is permitted and anything won't be able to stop any more nor a directing Hand I wash, or advance. But better it (is necessary) to think and be mistaken less. Quicker than a way with Me when together, anything to us a barrier won't be. Then mistakes are anything. But it is necessary with Me, but it is necessary merge, but it is necessary, that two is as one. Why, being coming before Me, to ask when it is much simpler and it is easier simple to take, having merged with my consciousness together. Then there is available a width of My World. It is possible, because I in you, and you in Me. When it is allowed, then already not sand Lands, but songs of spirit begin to sound on a key My harp. The heart which has been constantly opened to Me, be constantly with Me.

77. (March 3). There is nothing obvious that wouldn't have the hidden, invisible party. And this party has much bigger value, than obvious. To see it, means to see a thing as a whole. Even physical subjects of eyes sees only outside and only one surface and that turned to it at present. Imperfect is sight of the person. But an internal eye it is possible to see a subject at the same time from all directions, and also inside, as well as his astral double, as well as the form stretched in time from taken place in future, and to see it on all plans of Life. The eye sees paper and letters in the book, but understanding opens internal book contents, either pictures, or a piece of music, or any phenomenon of life. This understanding allowing sometimes seeing and feeling the contents of the manuscript or the letter, without looking at it and as well that, on what the consciousness is turned, is called as a feeling-knowledge. We call it knowledge of spirit. Certainly, there is it through heart, the spirit center. If more often to realize that tells heart, and more attentively to listen to it, the feeling-knowledge could develop quicker. Especially stirs this development an astral, filling heart with the vibrations. And then it is difficult to distinguish a low and clear voice of heart among whirlwinds astral, distorting perception spontaneity. From whatever point of view to look, for the developed consciousness an astral only a hindrance. Therefore it’s to silence is an urgent necessity. The task is difficult to that the ordinary person identifies himself with him and considers that it and is it "I". And the astral uses it, giving out itself for the present person and strong sating consciousness it with the experience. Actually, they to nobody it is necessary, and less all to the person. It could do beautifully without them and still to remain itself (himself), losing nothing in the identity. Therefore it is necessary restraint of this violent cover devote all new and new pages. Here something happen, heavy and unpleasant, but the astral is bridled, both the tranquility is approved, and the heavy phenomenon goes to the past, without having done harm as everything leaves there, but puts wounds if the astral isn't bridled. But happen worse. If astral whirlwinds of fear and fear seize people, it magneto attracts to itself what he fears, and that does itself harm still bigger and bitter. Balance of spirit quietly could meet danger face to face and to neutralize it and to win, but an irrepressible astral, representing to itself focus for an attraction of conformable energiya, will cause on itself the blow attracted with vibration of fear. That is why precept courage and fearlessness. It is the best bridle for an astral. Fire of fearlessness of heart burns the directed on its energy of the evil. It is good to destroy the fear phenomena to the root. It is good to lead each attempt of an astral of to approve to silence. Well iron hand to hold constantly it on a bridle while he irrevocably and completely won't obey to will. From two people equally strong the one who is quieter will be always stronger. And the person of no character, but tranquility not lost, will be stronger than the strong, not kept balance. Therefore I Say that balance — great force. This that and does weak strong and strong by the giant of spirit! Nobody will resist against balance. As it is necessary be ready to that, having dumped a physical body, Thin on death to enter into the World in balance full. Also this discipline for spirit is necessary. As wings it for it. As is the pig-iron weights standing, vibrations of an irrepressible astral. Neither to think, nor to think, to work quietly and fruitful the person discomposed and getting under the power of an astral can't. How many is poison spreads around, how many darkness, a clouding, a grief, concern, fears and discontent. Balance, in itself the approved, and cold of restraint it is possible to treat successfully disbalance an astral in people. Its flashes hang powerlessly, having met armor of balance of spirit. At a known step of evolution of spirit the astral conductor becomes absolutely unnecessary. The same as it is possible to go absolutely fearlessly even to death, so precisely it is possible to pass also life without any movements in an astral, losing nothing from its completeness as the hero loses nothing because that will win itself against fear.

*78. (March 4). Artist, actor, musician is builders of the New World. Each person with consciousness new is the builder. It is all about the consciousness. Consciousness updating is task urgent, without understanding of evolution and the Great Plan not to understand and everyday details, leader to its implementation. The personal Benefit and General Welfare always coincide. The personal benefit of martyrs of science and all pursued for execution of Light doesn't coincide with the Benefit the General. The personal benefit small "I" don't hold in General Welfare, But there will be time when it, being in a consonance full with the Benefit general, won't begin to get a stumbling block in the way of the person. It is possible only when all covers will be subordinated to the Highest Triad, they have no will. And then the builder of the New World will move forward with great strides. Backwardness of consciousnesses and ignorance nowadays disturb. Clarification of consciousness is necessary. Light clothes — a symbol of the updated consciousness. Not to enter in an old tatter into the World New. It is necessary to leave them. Updating of consciousness means also its expansion. The Future World is wide, it has no limits. Boundlessness — the sphere of its aspirations, boundlessness in everything, as well as in growth of powers of spirit and opportunities it. Everything is possible, and everything is available — slogans of the New World. They are applicable in the field of spirit, searches of mind and achievements sciences. The science of the future directed by heart, mind and the spirit, merged in a conformable chord, will open unprecedented opportunities before the person. You look there, to the Country New where nowadays there is a statement of the New World because the Leader — it. Reject a grin of the old World. Days it are considered, and in the New Country there is no place to it. Leaves, the World old leaves is immutable and is true from consciousnesses and hearts human, and leaves forever, and memory of it doesn't remain and more won't come any more. New, new, new a gait light goes, a place for it prepare in your consciousness not to go blind from its Light and, having gone blind not to accept Light approaching for darkness. Many so arrive, and then, often without knowing that, serve darkness. From Light everything that in the accord with the Plan Great, and everything that against — from darkness or darkness serves consciously or unconsciously. Great division is deeper and more dramatic, than it can seem in the beginning. The fate of those who, imagining itself on Light service is sad, serves not to Light, and darkness. But the merit of the one who, without knowing about Light is great also, to It already serves.

79. (March 5). (M.W.). Yes! Yes! Billion worlds, billions systems and galaxies, and a name to them Boundlessness, and everyone is a product of creativity of Spirit which once was the person. The same as the spirit on Earth, a flesh, that is a matter, invests itself, the same as it invests itself and being out of a body in the Highest Worlds, in the same way in boundless space of Spirit Creator Creators and Builders, invest the Essence a matter of a different type of density and a sparseness, to Building round Itself Worlds. And the same as bodies and faces of people aren't similar at each other and differ on degree of roughness material and other covers and their refinement and sparseness, in the same way differ among themselves and the Worlds. Also there are no two identical precisely. Similar is as faces of people sometimes are similar at each other, but isn't presenting identical precisely. Because "a star is from a star differs in glory". So, directing to any of them, it is possible to enter into communication with the Driver of everyone, assumed for it Space responsibility. The responsibility is that in Space all is connected between by itself and everything depends on this harmonious a combination, and to bring any planet out of a chain of planets — means to stop on it life and to bring interruption in the general harmonious movement and development of all chain. Everything is common. On health of separate cages depend; balance all body of the person? In the same way and balance of the whole systems depends on health of each planet entering into its structure. The brotherhood of systems means as well the Spiritual Brotherhood of their Drivers, or the Brotherhood of Spirits Planetary; among them there are Seniors. The ladder of Hierarchy goes steps. Space is open for the thought directed in its depths and will answer, that is the echo on the appeal of consciousness to Boundlessness on your Earth from the Brotherhood of Spirits Planetary is the firm Law of space. The accord is carried out by power of the magnetic thought taking from space conformable it elements. The space is opened for thought, and the thought works in it. The thought turned to the sphere, directly surrounding the person, in it both stays, and fights, and pulses in it, is as though small and narrow there was this sphere. But the thought directed up, to high spheres of space, in them stays, constantly acquiring new, but conformable it elements, being connected by a magnetic thread with that who generated it because, having made a circle, comes back again to the creator, fruitful loaded with its elements attracted with magnetic force. The one who managed to create thinking of the Distant Worlds, knows, how fruitful the thought directed to them and as it increases in space. The inner, invisible world of the person is limited by limits of his thought. And if his thoughts are directed in Boundlessness, by it its inner world will be limited. So the spirit is given boundless opportunities. Not everything can be carried out them in a body, but, having dumped it and having received spatial freedom, the spirit in Spheres Elevated can stay, concerning those sides of Life and space to which reached or can reach it thought. Thought not it is limited anything; only ignorance, either ignorance, or absence of aspiration concludes free and immortal thought in that small personal world, in which as in a dungeon, usually their lives the inhabitant. But Sent by Mother World Lord to Earth Came that chains to break held-down thought and to release spirit, having acquainted him to space life. Terms go. The comer Will execute will of terms. The lord of a lifeline Gives, specified to people the Way to Boundlessness. This way Accept as a step new, a step of the Space Life giving to the person Space consciousness and doing by his citizen of the Universe. In it great value of the Era of Mother of the World, in its Empresses the Highest Decree.

80. (March 6). We Win love and therefore we Call her "winner love". Love, compassion, indulgence is Arhat's qualities. Three assume all burdens of neighbors. And then Trans mutating on fires of heart needing, both the burdened, and Light collecting, to Its direct. As also I, Accepting your imperfections, I Pour them in My Tower. Therefore I Speak: "Load Me more strongly". Not about assignment and being assigned I Speak, but about the cross accepted and following Me. Life is difficult. And you dissect lives heart knots fire, to Me directed. Here complexity arose, here the exit isn't present, Me call, and in Light Mine Maya ghosts will dissipate. Also I Go on about Beam force, it won't join yet heart and it doesn't become part. Assimilation of the Beam demands time. Being it is assimilated gives a beam self-proceeding. Beams of the main are seven. Assimilation of Three and ignition of three self-proceeding indicates the going Arhat's step. The beam of the Lord means the radiation of energy of his Heart. Aura radiation has everyone. When under our control of radiation of three, bridled and the subordinated, Beams of the Lord also are assimilated; the step is called beam-bearing. It is necessary to assimilate Three that self-proceeding in to approve three beams. The lit centers give light beams, painting them each thought. The color beam turns out. Force it auras human change. And then blessed there is a way of the carrier of Light. Icon lamp of the Desert We Call him, going heart fires.

81. About a victory already I Spoke, nowadays it I Approve repeatedly. Nowadays again I Speak: against everything we will win if you go with Me. It isn't necessary to come off only, despite everything: neither on thought, nor on feelings, on difficulty of life, strong aspiring from Me to tear off you. And you them overcome constancy of a rhythm. All these phenomena opposite, occurring outside and inside, have the turn: that they appear, disappear, amplify, and weaken that eventually at all to leave life. And if the rhythm is immutable, force it will sweep away sooner or later all these counteractions and then the victory is approved. But the winner is the winner always. And when by law speed of ascension new obstacles in life will arise, a rhythm approved and they defeat; as it is successful, as before. Therefore on My Board the victory is traced.

82. (March 7). (M.A.Y.). When the accord is full, there can't be mistakes in judgment. For you the way to the Garden Fine Lords lies through the native land.

83. (March 8). Failures of an astral happen from a vigilance and control absence. Vigilance and control over itself only then are good, when they are constant. The break in them is similar to the broken-off chain; astral on her not to constrain. Therefore patrol constant is approved.

84. Both the river flows to the sea, and the present - in future. The river can't be stopped, it is temporarily possible to detain. But nevertheless it will find an outlet to the sea. The future it is immutable comes nearer; on it and calculation. After all even today can't be held further the put term or to be fenced of day tomorrow's. Inalterability of the future should be understood and on it to build the life. With an iron steady the present joins the forms approved by us. Inevitably a current of the events approaching to our future in everything: both in big, and in the small. Many considerable escapes eyes. Change goes quickly and in those directions which often aren't visible on a life surface. If the visible is caused and created invisible, it is possible to be quiet that the Great Plan will be carried out. Even in visibility of its dense cover it not to see force of simple grain; as also the currents of life going at a depth. It isn't necessary to apply to them personal measures only. When persona interferes in all-planetary and universal, distortion of reality turns out and the prospect is lost. It is necessary to believe that destiny of the New Country it will be approved in final unknown blossoming. The hero going to death gives life for the sake of the Homeland as also minister of General Welfare refuse from personal for the sake of superpersonal that is General Welfare. Not about himself the Christ on a cross, but thought of people. Not about itself thinks the one, who gave the heart to the Lord, but about his Case and of the Future for the sake of which gave the Life Doctrine. There comes the moment when the personal and superpersonal beginnings in themselves have to face in fight deadly. And должен then to solve the person to whom he will serve the General or to the personal benefit, or Lord? The cult of itself service is developed widely, but attendants of Light aren't present among admirers of this cult. The last the divided sharply will put border meanwhile and another, and everyone will measure to itself share of participation of the in creation of the Great Future and according to this share will reap. The law remains invariable. By what measure you will measure, such and it will be measured to you.

85. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to leave condemnation. Ivan Hundred thousand bears excessive burden. Each condemnation use dark that exactly to do it harms. Not harm who is condemned by the condemning, but bearing all burdens for the World and implementation of it is precepted fairy tale is done to that. Condemn not know that the best way conducting to a victory — it to cover the undesirable phenomenon with an understanding dome, small to replace big, having carried out longer line. And then everything will be understood, as well as sense and value of that heavy burden which was charged the shoulders by Ivan Hundred thousand. We Approve association of consciousnesses on the principles of General Welfare accepted for all. The more common ground and acceptability, the better is. Therefore in our works you won't find disconnected condemnation anywhere. Better and the construction to claim everything that good that already is to strengthen and strengthen the best which won't slow down. It is a lot of good; it is a lot of construction, it is necessary to open only eyes. But someone rolls in heaps of yesterday and on them imagines the future. It is necessary to leave condemnation, as well as all separating. The phenomenon considerably moved forward, and someone tries to condemn it on that was once. The new Sky and New Earth won't hold in such consciousness. Light is future and not darkness ahead.

86. (March 9). Each carrier of Light should pass through treachery through free and involuntary, conscious and unconscious, close and distant. Enemies, but friends in what it is more opened betray not, and is more entrusted, the treachery is stronger. The one who knows nothing, that can't betray; betrays the knowing. Therefore, meeting coming, sharp-sightedly you watch, whether the traitor. To be preserved against treachery so difficult. Traitors noted all Great Spirits. And the more the spirit, is more treachery. Not without reason Judas and Devadat the mankind became history. Dark strong work on that treachery blossomed in all possible forms. And where it was shown, there a dark hand you will find always, at least and it is hidden under a mask of the friend. From there are so much unconscious and forced treacheries. But honor to the traitor even to the involuntary isn't great. Honor to become the unconscious tool of darkness isn't great. And if betray standing near as sharp-sighted it is necessary to be concerning passers, the showing desire of Light to concern. Whether traitor? So the highly experienced traveler wonders, meeting knock being knocked and seeking to distinguish, whether the being scraped wants to get. Unconscious and involuntary wrecking is dangerous that it can't almost be foreseen. Certainly, We Know always, but it is difficult. In the basis of these last treacheries the egoism, itself service and unwillingness to think of others, betrayed unconsciously not understanding lies. But not understanding doesn't facilitate a consequence of treachery and doesn't relieve the traitor of the Karma to be devoted too, and too involuntarily. But your debt warns. After the prevention unconscious treachery becomes already conscious. And a grief branded the treachery press, because once the traitor — the traitor always.

87. (M.A.Y.). Native, I will preserve, but the will is free, and everyone has to come to light up to the end. It is difficult to constrain rage of egoism; mistakes follow one Another, generating a tail of consequences. Harm personal grows dull before the harm caused to General Welfare. Hands of friends the darkness strong seeks to put the Doctrine in a camp of our opposite. For the present not late, it is necessary to correct an error. Responsible doesn't realize it. It explains a debt of the next. Dark are very active. Harm, mainly, from the astral plan.

88. (Guru). Tricks dark can be stopped, but before it is necessary to see and distinguish essence of done harm. Ability of reflection is very valuable. It is available to the little. Without this ability the person grew blind. It is necessary to go on about harm of their evil. I praise for patrol heart. Together we will stop harm, but not to avoid consequences as the wheel is used. Yours to them the proximity and mutual understanding allow to estimate the phenomenon almost unmistakably. Means, it is necessary to explain. Rejected the help accepts on the shoulders all difficulty Karmas. Because won't be able to tell any more that didn't know, and to number not knowing that creates, any more won't belong. So the last division will reveal faces, and everyone will define a place to itself (himself) in the future which goes. The hard time, lately, responsibility of a choice decides destiny.

89. The law of balance is fair. Deprivation in one is acquisition in something another. And you deprived of achievements and improvements of a modern civilization, know that all devices inside. Them improve and aggravate in application constant because all terrestrial devices will collapse, and time will destroy them, but the internal wonderful device of spirit and its conductors put in action and sub office spirit, remain the obedient tool in hands of the person always on plans of manifestation corresponding to them. Thus conductors will be replaced all new and more perfect and distinguished in process of improvement and growth of the spirit. I want to arm you without the uniform device.

90. (M.A.Y.). My son, message of heart I feel. I reply immediately. Break off a strong hand Maya veil, having shrouded your consciousness is dense. We in the light of the Lord live, and joyfully spirit. Maya veil and Light of the Lord not are combined. Reject evidence of the surrounding sphere that to get into our Spheres, - reality of the dense world reject. The reality truth is at Us, in the Shambhala. Seek to merge with it and with it live.

91. (M. M.). All human ideas of things are relative: time representation, representation of space and bodies, in it being. Plunging into Space depths, it is necessary to refuse usual ideas of the world, and the main thing, itself in the usual sense itself in relation to environment. The consciousness, but separated from a body and its feelings and perceptions is transferred. Each heavenly body is focus of the center of a matter in its various conditions and combinations, as well as energiya. The aura of a planet is synthesis of its radiations. Auras of heavenly bodies interact with each other in the same way, as auras of people. To contact with aura of the Far Star - means to apprehend to some extent its essence. It is possible quite by concentration of consciousness on the chosen object. The consciousness then starts perceiving the beams going from an elite star. Character and degree of perception depend on sensitivity of the receiver of consciousness. The consciousness as though contacts with Spirit Planetary, at the head of this planet to which it is directed because the highest principles of a planet are expressed by its mankind and the Hierarch Leading, force of Beams of his Identity. Influence of stars on essence human is great. Contact of the person with his leading Star can be very bright and real, but the aspiration is necessary. There will be time when the Horoscope will know everyone and thanks to it to have at the Space Ocean conformable focuses for aspiration of spirit. The highest Drivers — Hierarches — Everyone is connected with the Star. So are approved ways of Space Evolution of the person by communication with force of aura's radiations of the Distant Worlds. At communication magnetic rather strong spirit, having dumped a body on death, strong directs to the Distant Star with which consciously it was connected during lifetime in a physical body. The person is the citizen of the Universe, and Space — the house of its spirit.

92. (M.A.Y.). The rhythm reaches the unattainable. The phenomenon grows in waves of rhythmic aspiration, outgrowing possibilities of commonness. Also go deep a rhythm and possibilities of the daily contact approved on the Ladder of Hierarchy. It isn't necessary to think in a terrestrial way as it occurs because terrestrial measures they can't be measured immeasurable by them. Measures of spirit show. But compliance between aspiration of spirit and expression of its energy in the dense sphere, that is commensurability of affairs, words, feelings and thoughts for the purpose of final to which the person is directed is necessary. Discrepancy generates destruction whirlwinds, and work should be begun once again. But the rhythm approved will help on turns, and acute angles, and to keep commensurability of the word and business in difficulties of life (when reading all lines became violet. - B.N.A.) .

93. (March 13). Yes! Yes! Yes! The understanding of the Doctrine of Life decides on Me and Proximity to Me by the accord. And if the track is narrow and the way is uniform and it through Me lies how to approach without Me to understanding of life and everything that occurs in the world. Correctly scented pseudo-sophistication of remote people, Me remote am. Correctly noted that is existence of the personal beginning in the works concerning area of spirit indicates a step of development of consciousness. It is correct to understand that the sun shines equally both over kind, and over angry, that is the dome of space understanding of the phenomena terrestrial covers contrast of human one-sided and limited idea of things and about the Life Doctrine. In not judgment Entrusted by ours of that occurs on open spaces of the New Country, the space of understanding of Future Epoch Maitreya and inscrutability of Ways of Space Will, the Wreath of Space Reason, and the Space Magnet affects. Truly, Ways are inscrutable, and not to terrestrial consciousness to understand their depth and value. Therefore the Way specified Entrusted ours, preserve against violation by his ignorance of remote people. And strong see intervention of a dark hand. It was hard to Create conditions in order that the Life Doctrine see light, but is even more difficult to protect the Doctrine from an evil -interpretation Small knowledge — the enemy of knowledge great, also closes it the width of understanding of life as the coin before eyes can close the sun. I claim that Proximity washing gives clarity and understanding depth to everything, on what you turn a look. With Me always, with Me everywhere, with Me in everything - you will ascend so on life steps. And everything, Me consonance, care have only about that to preserve the accord and Proximity to approach because the end isn't present to rapprochement of your consciousnesses with Me. I rejoice to depth of understanding of the events and consciousness of those who strives for Light. All ways, up leaders, take to Me, but it is a lot of curves, towards taking away, it is a lot of leaders back, it is a lot of directed to a chasm. It is hardly to understand a way of directing consciousness, especially, if it without the Lord. Only the highly experienced traveler unmistakably distinguishes curvature of ways, and especially that conduct to a chasm. You stick to Me these difficult days steadily and firmly because My Day not come yet.

94. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, to the accord of close hearts nothing barrier. Strengthen it rhythmically and continued. Sang you will reap from the efforts. On the channel of the accord my thoughts flow and you fill. Today I will tell only that devotion of heart and fidelity to the Decree will hold you close. On crowding near attention don't pay — not they are predicted. But among them don't miss are predicted and small knowledge at heart burning don't take for unfitness. Unpreparedness not a hindrance is worse a statement and arrogance, knowledge false. So distinguish them from strangers. And mistakes aspiring heart in fault to them don't put as the Teacher Doesn't blame of you your mistakes. It turns everything on advantage; turn also you if you feel sparks of fires of the directed spirit.

95. Greatness of spirit is shown in tranquility full.

96. (March 14). My son, you are sent to the world that to win against the world that as to tell how the Teacher Told: "There is a Prince of this world, but has in Me no anything". But the Prince of this world already isn't present, but the world and life terrestrial remained, and it directs and sends the waves on going to Light. If not to win against them if to give in to their force if the consciousness plunges into them and will drown, so the world won. If to find forces to reflect these waves victoriously, I who has Won the world can assimilate then. And life won't stint and, sending a wave behind a wave on consciousness going to Light, will seek to break it. That is why it is spoken about undergone that are stood in the spirit of up to the end. Secret of firmness unshakable that it is necessary to win against life, the world it is necessary to win not outside against itself, but inside. To fight against the world outside, trying all and all to change and make in own way, means to fight against windmills! But, itself having won against these waves and everyone having met beautifully and adequately in tranquility full, balance of spirit storing; also will be a victory over the world. And I, the world Won, Won against it, having done nothing in protection of. Not on that Specify, it is impossible what to be protected, it is necessary to be protected from darkness, and that a victory it is reached by overcoming in itself energiya surrounding spheres dense. But if externally the world to win and achieve from it everything that it can give, having forced both circumstances, and people to obey to it, but not having seized, there is in that from this victory no advantage. Much they Knew, carried out the life in all glory terrestrial, but beggars gone to the spirit country, because in the spirit of a victory over the world, but not in foreign affairs. Not the phenomena the external define a victory, but the attitude towards them. The same phenomenon met by two consciousnesses, can bring one a victory, to another — defeat. I repeat, it isn't the phenomenon, but in the attitude towards him. It is so possible to rush on a crest of waves of life, without plunging into them. Already I Said that our Proximity over everything that happens in life and that it brings daily. I will add that in the spirit of a victory it is reached by understanding of that spirit - over the life, that life which in the conditions of dense, astral and thin the waves directs on the consciousness going to Light. Over three it is necessary spirit and in the spirit of to rise, then the victory is achievable. And, meeting the next wave directed strong, it is possible to tell quietly to itself in balance full: "For the sake of the Lord and Force him and this I will meet adequately". In tranquility full spirit advantage is approved. Tranquility understanding, awareness of balance, understanding of advantage of spirit will give ardent waves to meet the necessary forces beautifully.

97. (M.A.Y.). The feat consists not in external acts, but in the spirit of. Spirit life goes line of the Beam. It (line) it is necessary to pass it is immutable, without changing the step rhythm, whatever obstacles and difficulties met for ways. Whatever thoughts, feelings, affairs and conditions, troubles and pleasures would meet in life, the rhythm of progress isn't slowed down by anything and not put in dependence on anything; as well as fidelity and love to the Lord. They are constant, they are invariable and don't depend on that, in need and a grief, or it is a lot of and pleasures the spirit stays in this life earthly. So selfless devotion to Called in all living conditions will be and is sign of a victory over life. Focus Light is the Lord, essence of life is all in it; because, in truly, It is all knowing, the Alpha and Omega of life of the person.

98. (March 15). The darkness was up in arms not only against you, but also against all our undertakings. Treachery goes wide scale. Dark strongly became stronger in consciousness of some, and those, in dazzle thinking that serve Light, to darkness help. It is necessary to explain everything, to explain and dark tricks to open. And if relatives everything between itself will agree, it is necessary to concede also to them and to agree with you. The darkness manages the affairs, using misunderstanding of the gone blind. You passed severe school and you can struggle with darkness. The main thing expose their tricks and to find out the purpose of their attempts, their value and character. And when frauds will be opened, everyone is free to choose the road any, to Light or darkness, but behind the full responsibility. The logic of darkness is insolvent and full of contradictions. In it is their weakness. To work, as I Will specify, but darkness you and here I surrounded and strong on you comes. Be protected by tranquility full, having quietly accepted a darkness impact, the Name My repeating, first of all you seek to keep balance. They should distract you from Business of the Lord, to separate from heights of Light and then to break. You keep to Me closer. Be with Me continuously. Together we will break darkness.

99. (M.A.Y.). Our force and our victory that We are impregnable, and in it is invulnerability is of the Great Plan from attempts of enemies. Whether from Light darkness? But the darkness liftered everywhere and light does dark. I shared thinking in two and intruded in our Affairs. It is necessary to explain cards also dark to show. In whirlwinds you are dense conditions. The darkness surrounded around. And you direct in the Stronghold, with us arrive and, over life having risen, become over a storm. Below there can be a hurricane, and in an upper atmosphere silence, rest and Light from the sun which hasn't been closed by clouds of lowlands. Or it is possible to imagine that you with Us, and your small "I" act there, among life, meeting a pressure of its waves. You learn to look at this life as you watch the movie at cinema: interestingly, fascinatingly and even experiences causes, but nevertheless it not the real life. The real life of reality is at Us, in the Stronghold, below is ghosts Maya. Those for reality don't take. The Maya is given in the conditions of dense in order that you could understand its essence and from it to turn away. From it being averted, you depart from life dead and you join Light. You stick to the Stronghold — in It Light stronger. Let it is difficult and heavy, but is closer to the Lord. Let the darkness come, but to the Stronghold restricts. Let the storm, but courageous heart can't be frightened growl of darkness furious. The Lord to a victory Conducts; with the Lord we will get a victory.

100. (March 16). The mirror reflects an unprecedented distemper. All grew dull. The darkness goes the integrated front, seeking to extinguish each sparkle of light. Waves of brown gas creep on the ground, seizing all new and new areas, In these waves the consciousness of the person chokes and sinks. There is no light undertaking which would be not surrounded by darkness. Through weak and not the approved in Light it creeps in our undertakings and shakes them to the basis. Difficult few remained to constrain an impact. But a feat manages, on itself accepting blows of hostile elements. Elements and affairs human are connected closely, and nowadays — more than ever because experiences with atomic energy break balance of elements in planetary scope. Disbalance of the nature go deep explosions and all is unsteady. Under these conditions the raged elements will be not included into coast. The chaos rushes into Earth atmosphere, threatening terrible accidents and cataclysms. The era of Fire gave in hands of people its strength, but Fire this, applied for destruction, becomes an eating. Certainly, atomic energy is energy fiery, and its release by explosions generates terrible confusion the rushing about electrons. Waves of chaotic vibrations extend widely, infecting with harmful radiations Earth atmosphere. People will pay for not the reasonable the heavy diseases which will begin to amplify day by day. The destructions made in the world astral, are awful. The whole spheres will be swept away by a blast wave. Release of such huge number of fiery energy tears space spheres, and inhabitants of thin layers heavy suffer. Analogy full with the cities destroyed during the last war. It is broken as well interposition of spheres, and that the chaos goes deep. There is as though a mixture of layers and the darkness spreads in the insalubrious direction. It is necessary to close up huge gaps in spatial creation of the Thin World. Threat of death of the world is always on the mind. People went mad. Spiritual life stood. Few people strive for Light so that their light everything becomes more difficult and more difficult to constrain a pressure of underground fire. Gloomily is in the World. It is difficult to constrain madness. Also people on Earth open spaces rush about, and happiness anywhere don't find, because in the spirit of it. Therefore the happiness is lost. Position of the World is heavy.